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W-. ca., t ,- ' 1 THE 1946 VIKING 'A' i' i ADA HIGH SCHOOL Ada, Minnesota ofzewotb School days, good ol' school days! What memories those words bring back as we think of the days gone by. Some of the Seniors will remember the days spent in physics and those beloved social science tests. The Juniors will think of planning for the prom, and the Sophomores of the work spent in getting the bonfire ready. The Freshmen won't forget the task of cleaning up after the school parties. We hope that these pages will bring back to your memory some of the incidents that happened to you and your pals. AO 3fc ANTHONY MERCK U. S. Navy Air Corps Ile graduated from the Ada High School in 1942. He entered service on July 10 of the same year, and was sent to the Great Lakes Naval Train- ing Station, where he received his training. He died in Fernandina, Florida, in an airplane crash on July 2, 1943. I IAGICJICF love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. These words express our appreciation and gratitude as we dedicate this annual to Selmer Garness. Clarence Johnson, Anthony Merck, and David Scherf, graduates of Ada High School who gave their lives in World War II for the country they loved so well. These boys were young and loved life. but more than this, they loved their country. free- dom, and God. For these reasons they worked, fought. and died for their fellow Americans. PFC. SELMER A. GARNESS U. S. Army A graduate of the class of '37, he entered service on April 21. 1941. He was a member of the medical corps, receiving his training at Camp Clai- borne. La., after which he was sent to the South Pacific, where he was shot November 22, 1942, while aiding the wounded. 2 The 1946 Viking PFC. DAVID D. SCHERF U. S. Marines He graduated in 1941. On November 10 1942. he joined the Marines: and after his train ing was completed. he was sent to the South Pa cific. He died on Peleliu Island, Palau Islands, September 18, 1944. We can not repay them for their sacrifices, but we can show our respect to them by living a true American life, striving to do our best in all we do: and by upholding. in peace, as they did in war, the torch passed on to us. God grant that they shall "not have died in vain" but that their sacrifices have helped to bring about a peace that will last, so that we and future generations may live in security and freedom in a world where all men are friends and comrades. CAPT. C1 Avnrvfits O. JoHNsoN U. S. Army Air Corps He graduated from the Ada High School in 1938. He joined the National Guard in Moor- head and left here with that unit on February 10. 1941. He completed fifty missions in Italy and North Africa. After a trip home, he volunteered for service in Europe and was shot down some- where in Germany on September 23. 1944. The 1946 Viking 3 CLASS OFFICERS l. Seniors: Arne Aasland, Presi- dent: Velarie Skalslcy, Secretary: Michael Merck. Vice President: Marvin XVilIi.imson. 'l't'e.isuret'. 1, Juniors: Darleen llaaland: Secretary: Dnruthy lomhave. 'l're.isurer: lilaine Storms. Presi- dent: Shirley Rasmussen, Vice President. 3, Sophomores: Robert Merck. President: Bette Malakowslty. Vice President: lilo llaaland, Secretary: Betty Scott, Treastirer. 4. lfreshnien: Benjamin Fischer. Vice President: Williaiii Larson, Treastirer: Joyce Sliordal. Secre- tary: Audrey lletland. President. 5. llighth Grade: Gerald Cirks, President: Dtinna Mae Larson, Sec- retary: XVilni.i Johnson, Vice Presi- dent: Joyce Olson, 'I'reasurer. 6. Seventh Grade: Vivian Km' shus. President: lfaye l.ohmier. Vice President: Richard landsverlt. Secretary: Arlie Aaskelscm. 'l're.isf urer. 4 QV, 7 5m .Q c , ,Fi -,Q 6? The 1946 Viking S 4 -N A I 1' El, 01 ggdvfaf X XJ f ' W Q ,r 'IH .. 77 s at Q 5 m , f f 1 - - 4' L 5 1 Y- 'A ,, ' , ' -' " V 5 , - , - L ,, ' xx X. ,,4P ,mx . W Xgria. Z 1 wf' .V N11 WF Ai ' S: 'if ' 25. "'f f k if 4 f 5 , 1" m, VQMIJAJ7 J 1 gg Um , I --,, - 0 5, FACULTY l Rmltlllltl lull Io riiirlvt' Nlarie llisle ---A .lunior high principal. patient persevering. ellicient. .incl lair lo all: partial In none. A. Cf. lletlerson - Our superintendent, iiniler standing and ltinillxx .1 competent teacher anl es ecutive. Arnold lid --Our elli cient senior high princi pal. social science and American historv instruc tor. Senior class advisor. ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION Rtdltlllhl lull lo !'Ii.ll7lf Chester lnglierg, l5retl Jamison. lfarl Volltercl ing. Anton Nelson. Blovd Bodding. l eonard Olson. Dr, Nelson is president of the board: l,. D. Olson is treasurer: and Pmloyd Bodding is clerk. Dr. Nelson and Mr. Olson are the oldest members in years of service. having been on the school board since l935, Jamison and Ingberg were elected in I0-H: Pmodding and Volk- erding are the newest members, having joined the board in ll?-H and l9-+5 respectively. Vwle appreciate tbe many hours of time that these people give to the school and its affairs. fy '1'ht- 1046 imng FACULTY Reading across from left to right: MISS OLGA GRYDE Social Studies and Geography. B.A., Minot State Teachers College. MISS SYLVIA NESS Girls' Physical Education and Health, and World History. B.A., Macalester College, St. Paul. DANIEL H. RUOFF Athletic Coach, Physical Education and Health. B.S.. University of Minnesota. MRS. MARCELLA DAHI. Home Economics. B.S., North Dakota Agricultural College. MRS. HELEN AUSTIN Commercial subjects. B.A., Bemidji State Teachers College. MRS. ELIZABETH HETLAND English. B.A., Gustavus Adolphus, St, Peter. Reading ucross from left Io right: MRS. AGNES FARAGHER Physics, Chemistry, and General Science. B.A., Uni- versity of Iowa. R. ALBERT MATTESON Music. and Biology. B.A., University of Minnesota. MISS ESTHER EFTELAND Seventh Grade Mathematics, Science. English. B.A., Moorhead State Teachers College. The 1946 Viking MISS ETHEL SYMONS Senior High English. B.A., University of North Dakota. MISS BLANCHE OLSEN Librarian and Secretary. University of Minnesota. MRS. LENORA JOHNSON Senior High Mathematics, General Business. Economic Geography, Senior Girls' Health. B.S., University of North Dakota. 7 X22 '? 8 gmmmun 1. Quito u snake vharnwr, Mr. Math,-sun! 2. 'l'hv ond of n lll'l'l-0L't clay for Austin :xml Johnson. 3. l'm'tia's Plea, Mrs. He-tlzlnd? 4. Burk to work for Dahl, Eftclanml, and Ness. 5. Th:nt's what we likv to see, Mr. Ruoff. 6. Nut ton much humcworlc, Miss Gryde. T. Wh:-re's your secretzxry, Mr. I'cd0rson'! 8. Mzlkv it hut for 'em, Mr. l"1-Ming! El. A smile and Mr. Eid. 141. Mr. Bum-s and Mrs. l":u':u:lwr. ll. Miss Symun's lnmls. 12. Chilly, Lzulim-s'I 13. Our pal, Miss Symnns. 1-1. Wow: Or Miss NL-ss's lugs. 15, 'l'hut's rixrht. lmys and girls! lMiss Risu-y. 16. Overdue again, Miss Olson? xx The 1946 Viking CLASSES SENIORS CHESTER BARTZ4Chet: comical and boyish. CORNELIA BURRILI.-Connie courteous and brilliant. LORRAINE CARMAN-Carman: likable and carefree. JANE DULLUM-Janey: joyous and dancing. Wll-l.lAM l3lSCl-IER-Bill: Willing and friendly. DUANE FOSTER-Fuzzy: daring and funny. ll.l2NE GERJETS-Gerjets: impulsive and girlish, GEORGE GILBERTSON-Scotty: generous and good-natured. DONNA EYNSKOV-Finnyg delightful and feminine. ARNE GARNESS-Garnyg active and gay. The 1946 Viking SENIORS l,OI.A MAF HORN-Ole: lady-like and honorablc. NAOMI HOVLAND-Naomi: nice and helpful, THIEL MONA HEALEY--Tee Hee: tricky and happy. RONALD GROTHE-Spike: reliable and gentlemnnly. BARBARA HIERRINGER-Barb: bright and honest. The 1946 Viking RAYMOND JACOBSON-Jake: retiring and jocular. RAlMA KLOIETY-Raima: respectable and keen. lfl.ORl2LLA JOHNSON-Flo: friendly and jolly. ROYAL MAE JOHNSON-Royal: romantic and joyful. ALICE KROGSTAD--Krocky: agreeable and kind. SENIORS Qs. Q' nslifixaa 12 LOIS MILLER-Louie: laborious and merry. LESLIE NESS--Les: likable and Norske. MURIEL NESS--Myrt: musical and noisy. GLORIA MOON-Glo: glamorous and modern. MICHAEL MERCK-Mike: mischievous and manly. YVONNE PETERSON-Vonnie: young and pretty. RUSSELL ONSTAD-Russ: remarkable and optimistic. EUNICE RISTE-Eunny: eager and resourceful. ILA RASIVIUSSEN-lla: innocent and ready. RHODA OLSON--Olson: relaxed and obedient. The 1946 Viking SENIORS Vl2l,ARllf SKALSKY-Val: vivacious and sweet. .lAMl2S SCl'lUl.TZ-Jimmy: jolly and studious. Hlfl.l2N RUEBKE-Helen: honest and reliable. DUANE SHELLAND-Dewey: dandy and sportsmanlike. JEREMY SCOTT-Jerry: jaunty and sportive. The 1946 Viking ' X we CLARICIS WERMAGIER-Clarice: conscientious and willing ISLAYNE XVAGNER-Elayne: earnest and wistful. MARVIN WIl.I.lAMSON-Willy': mirthful and witty. HARRIIET SPRUNG-Sprung: hopeful and spirited. ADA MAE TETERS-Teters: agile and talkative. SENIORS Senior Class President ARNE AASLAND-Aasy Ambitious and able. CLASS HISTORY Bright and early one morning the beginning of the Senior Class of '46 trudged to school. There were seventeen: Arne Aasland, Lorraine Carman, Jane Dullum. Bill Fischer, Arne Ciarness, llene Gerjets, Ronald Grothe, ThelMona Healey, Barbara Herringer. Naomi Hovland, Florella Johnson, Raima Kloety, Leslie Ness, Yvonne Peterson, Duane Shelland, Har- riet Sprung, and Ada Mae Teters. Remember the old phonograph and how we tried so hard to keep in step as we marched behind Miss Youmanns? ThelMona and l.eslie left us in the second grade. "Tee Hee" came back in the third grade. Muriel Ness. Russ Onstad and James Schultz became members of our class in the third grade. Carman and Vonnie won first and second awards in declamation. Miss Bell, although not our teacher, bestowed her affections upon all of us. In the fourth grade the girls joined "Girl Scouts." What a time they had that first year at camp! lla Rasmussen was our new class member that year. An eventful year, that fifth grade! We tried very hard to get one hundred in our spelling test. Reason: We got to slide down the fire escape from the top! That was the year Garney liew Carman's kite with their string and Fischer's all tied together. They won and split the profits-fifteen cents. Our new member was Gloria Moon, who came from Thief River Falls. She soon learned her way around. We began spattering with ink. Of course. an ink bottle or two were spilled. "Rumpelstilskin" was the operetta put on by the grades when we were in the sixth year. Florella was the queen. It was all very exciting. Leslie came back and l.oIa Mae Horn, one of our brainy members. joined our grade. Bill Fischer got his glasses that year. And we couldn't forget that wonderful picnic out at l-arson's and the fun we had swimming. Were we thrilled when we finally got to the seventh grade! So many different teachersl Remember R. B. Johnson, of whom we were so deathly afraid? We now had three more members, George Gilbertson. Mike 14 Merck, and Rhoda Olson. Was Barb ever mad when Miss Strand gave her a zero in her history test for talking. We will never be able to forget those memorable days we spent in the eighth grade. especially those spent in the English room with Miss Sad, our class advisor. Donna Fynskov and Lois Miller, two new studious U3 students, added their two cents, too. Ten more joined us in the ninth grade, Chester Bartz, Duane Foster, Raymond Jacobson, Royal Mae Johnson. Alice Krogstad, Eunice Riste, Helen Ruebke. Jerry Scott, Velarie Skalsky, and Marvin Williamson. Some girls got together and decided it was about time the boys knew how to dance, so they gave some parties to teach them. Finally we took our place in the Senior Assembly. Our desks were really something. Everyone swiped each other's drawers and passed them all around- what a mess! We had a hayride that year on a Saturday night and drove 'way to Hadler and back and all over town. Remember Miss Roith's and Miss Saari's shoes? Our carnival was that year, too. For the second year we won first on our inter-class tourna- ment decorations. Elaine Wagner and Clarice Wer- mager were additions to our class. lt was really fun putting on our Junior Class Play. "Wind in the South." "Mat" directed it. and at dress rehearsal he gave us a party. The money we made on the play helped us to put on our Prom. which had a Dutch theme, with loads of tulips and a picket fence. Connie Burrill made her appearance in the Class of '46 that year. At last, we were SENIORS!! Jimmy, who had left after our Sophomore year, returned from out West. making a class of forty-one. Yvonne Peterson was chosen home-coming queen. Our class presented the play, "What a Life." directed by Mrs. Hetland. Our graduation pictures finally arrived. and everyone was madly exchanging them and then hurriedly send- ing for more. We finally got our annuals out and filled them with scribblings. And last. but not least. we got our diplomas? Good-bye. Ada High! The 1946 Viking Rl'1llf1l7il Irll Io riillrl' lim! rom' - Xyillaril l lvlland. 'lilicrvsa Am huvhl, Cilaralwllc lllings worth. Uaircll lli'iiingi'r. Sworn! mu' .Nlvm l'i'Ii'ison. Klaiiha 3xl3lx'I1l. llonna Nlar l5ralw. l illian llolm. lrnnv .-Xaslaml. llmil lull' Norinan Rllfslllllll. llrlainv XVarn Nllklll. Marvin .Xmlcrson, Ciloiia Ciiii'wc.llaul llollc, Nlis Dahl JUNI O 'l'his yuar our class has hi-un licadcrl by our prcsidcnl. lilainc Storms: vicc-prcsinlcnl. Shir-- lcy Rasmusscn: sccrctary. Uarlccn Haaland: trcasurcr, Dorothy lomhavu: and advisor. Mrs. Dahl. Aflcr many wcarisonic, ycl inlcrcsling, practiccs our class play was givcn. lt was "lcv bound" which was pri-scnu-d huliorc a pacl-lcd auditorium both at thc niatincc and cvcning pcr liormancc. 'lihu play was dircclccl hy Mr. lVlatlcs Oli. Our lwiggcsi task ol' thc ycar was thc hanquut and promcnadc al which wc L'I1ICVl.'llI'lk'Cl thc scniors. lfvcryhoriy sccmccl Io vnioy il. Uvcorations and ushers for coriiiiiciiccriivrit cxcrciscs wvrc lalscn caru ol' hy our class. VVL' haw thoroughly cnxioycd our .lunior ycar and arc looking liorwarcl lo thc tinic whcn wc will lx' thc "S-cnior Class of lf?-l7." lihv IU-In Yilizrrrl ,'lI.Xl lllll' -- l'laini' Slornis. lliilccri llaalansl Shirlrv Rasmusscn. Dc lorvs limi-slr l'lmvra l rlling Suomi IHKLL - Dwain Ncss. Rolwri Shrlland. Marvin 'l'cliwn. XVilliam Nvumann. Donald l,ar 1011. 'I hull row- Ciravdon l arsi rn. Riclmioml Mal Icson, l7oroihv lomhavc. llonalil .lohnson Svrvnus I arson. No! in 1m!L1rv+Not rim' l unilon. lilclrcd Am hllvhl. 15 OPHOMORE Rcudrrztl le!! lo rz'gl7!.' lfzrsl row -- Beulah Rehcler. llarriet Krogstatl. Doris llenesh. Marlis Siol- seth. lilaine l'elrx'. Caro- lyn Nelson, Suomi rou' 7 Beverly llellerutl. Marv Moe. .loe Ullman. Anna Jensen, Verona lfortl. Uorothv XX'illtens. 'lihrrtl rou' -- - Mvrna Rae letting. .lo Ann ilihompson. Noel llaa land. Virgil lielling, .lack Spinlt. Xlarion l ogan, Alice l,7.lllllll'l. Vw'ell. being sophomores it seems we passed our so-called "green" reputation on to the presf ent lireshmen. We have been very well represented in athletics and music. Our class ofheers were: Robert Merck, president: Bette Nlalaltowslty. vieefpresident: l'lo llaaland, secretary: Betty Scott. treasurer, Our honure was a great success, being the largest in many years. and our float was very sen- sational. Miss Ness has been our very patient and capable advisor. llere is the way we estimate our class: Reutlrnq lt'll lo rztfhl. ltrixl nut'-fl5etty Scott. llo llaalantl. Rohert Bal- lum. Donald lehveni Xvlllhllll Scott, Mareeline Amhuehl. .lo Ann Bal fum. Set om! roit' f Carol Olson. l orraine liloety. William l umlon. .loc Mtlmlly. Vernon Sand. .laequeline Scherl. Yvonne flntlerson. lhtrtl lou' --- liohert XX'ichern. Miss Ness telass atlvisorl. liohert Merck. Pretlv Cfhristiansen. Dwight llovland. .leanne Ann ll.tht-tlanlft. lugene .l.tcluon. lhost- not in pztltut- - lielte lNlal.iltowslw. Renee Ruth. Verna lingellte. S soeiahle Off fr overwhelmingly stutlious Ph'-persistently punctual happy and humorous -f-ohliging others H O Nl- mischievous O ssordinarily obedient ll ---really romantic lf' endless eflicieney S- superh students 16 The If?-16 X'1ki'nq Reudmtl Ielt lo rruht: I-'irsl rott' - -v Stanton Dekko. Allen Ogard, Ar- lene Olson. .loyce Siordal. lfvelyn liroshus, Pretty Nattgle. leslie Olson, Richard Maltrud. Second rott' -- -- lidward Merck. Beverly Roesch. .lean llulwhell. lsalwelle lfkluud. Duane Olsen, Cilavton Drake, Marland Kloetv. XVilliam l,arson, .lack llelsing. '1'htrd rott' 4 Oliver Sorenson. l.owell Austin- son, Graydon Storms. Dttane Olson, Ramona l ien. Angeline lietting, Audrey llelland, Nliss Riste tclass atlvisorl. FRESHMEN Now as we have reached our height in the Junior High we will strive to reach the waiting heights in the Senior High. Our class is very well represented in all extra-curricular activities. We have one letterman. Ronald Baker. in football already. We also had members participating in football. basketball. band. choir. declamation. and track. Peppy .lean Anthony was elected as a cheerleader for the year. and Ramona l-ien. Aud- rey Hetland, and Joyce Sjordal were on the Viking I.ot1 staff. lldward Merck and Beverly Roesch were on the annual staff. The curriculum of the Freshman class this year consisted of general business or home eco- nomics. algebra, English. general science. physical education. and health. We elected the following to serve as class officers: Audrey Hetland, president: Ben Fischer, vice-president: Joyce Sliordal. secretary: and Bill l,arson, treasurer. Miss Riste was our class advisor. XVe had two grand parties during the year. Both were full of fun and eats? Our homecoming float consisted of a jeep. decorated in orange. black, and white. Although we have had very much fun as Freshmen. we are looking forward to our Sopho- more year. Remlmq left to right: l" rott' 4 .lerome Pinske. De l oris Bartl. .lean Quirk. llavel lion dermari, Donna Nash. .lean Anthony. Delores XVilkens. Virgil Anderson. Setorzd rote -A Myron Sanders, Betty lanike. Ramona Ballum. Verneil Anderson. .lanice Riggers. lorraine lzllingson. Doris lfvanstad. llope llolte. Daniel Dtilltim. ilihirtf roic' 4 Dorothy Ciilsoul. Ronald Rasmtts sen. Benjamin lfischer, Ronald Baker. lfrancis Nirschl. Delmar Psenesh, Dorothy XVarnsholl. Ar at-ii Vv70ll,lt'V i 'Iihose no! in pitture- Oral Bioretii. Cirayce .la l cobson. Harriet Rockstad. 'l'he IU-I0 XVIIQIVIUI 17 Rt'll!lI.f7tI li-ll lo right: 8th Grade lfirsl roru?l.a Moyne Johnson, Joan Running, Kenneth Iverson. John Anthony. lirlin Gerjets, Allan llrstad, Avenelle Landro, Lucille Drake. Charles Amhuehl, Clinton Sorenson, Sanford Sorenson, Richard lngberg, Arne Strom, Bonnie Jacobson. Second row-Patricia Tehven, Lawrence Peterson, Loren Rushton, Hazel Teters, Harriet lillingson. Roberta Anderson, Alice Brantl, Donna Holte. Jeannette Hovland, Joyce Olson, Williitt Johnson, Morris Sprung, Donna Mae Larson, James Murphy. Third row-Maxine Miller, Lorraine Logan. Betty Hahedank. Vv'alter Books. Dwight Rector, Charles Schroeder, Alfred Kirchmeier. Gerald Cirks. Burton Rockstad, Philip Nirschl. Yvonne lke. Phyllis Lundon, Ardis llllingsworth, Miss Gryde lclass advisorl. Those not in picture-Verona Hasz, Hilda Stene, Alvin Vakoch. 7th Grade I8 l'.l4l'-Sl rote'-Burtis Amhuehl, Ronald Nightengale. Helen Hagen. lfugene Mielke. Billy Varagher, Dale Bjorem, Arllie Askelson. Joe Roesch, Paul Maltrud. lilly Ann Iverson. Roherr Bang, Marwood Moe. Set-om! row-Alice llinske, liay Lohmier, Vivian Kroshus, Alice Larson, Daryl Anderson. Richard Landsverk. Delores Olson. Mary Riepe, Marlene Hahedank, Curtis Lee. Marjeanne lehven. Third rorr'-4.ltwinae Rasmussen. Joan Rasmussen, Janis Anderson, Laurena Xxi.ll'l'1Sl'l0ll. Marvel Moon. Donald Lee, Marlow Moon, Joe Books. Marvin NVallman. Duane lfournier. Jerome Rage. Susan Matteson, Miss lifteland Cclass advisorl. No! in pztfureflklyron Adkins, Ihr- 1040 Yrltmu fi 'F' ff , j X 19N V SX-'J 7 ' J .,.x 14 f X " 4 31 Z K I 0 'fffw N 'Q 2 UW '- l,- 'eg I JN ei, aff 19 ff FOOT The opening of football season saw the re- turn of seven lettermen, Ron Johnson, Noel Haaland, Russ Onstad, Capt., George Gilbert- son, Mike Merck, Les Ness. Duane Foster. However, the Viking team was greatly handi- capped by the lack of practice due to potato vacation. The Viking season opened the 8th of Oc- tober with their strong rival, Mahnomen. The Vikings had not practiced for three weeks, and the strong Indian team proved to be too much for them. Score: Mahnomen -44: Ada-8. After another short vacation the Vikings tangled with the Tigers. The Vikings showed much improvement, but still could not come out on top. The Hnal score was Twin Val- ley-20: Ada-12. This game was the Viking Homecoming, and at the half time Capt. Russell Onstad crowned Yvonne Peterson queen of the l945 football season. On October 25, the Viking squad traveled to Fertile. The first quarter found the Vikes at the small end of the 6-O score. Fertile scored again in the second quarter, leaving the half time score 14-0. The third quarter saw the Vikes march down the field to the 20 4 5 BALL two-yard line only to lose the ball, which resulted in another touchdown for Fertile. In the fourth period there was a nice pass from Garness to D. Ness for the only Ada touch- down. Final score: Fertile-20: Ada--8. October 30 found the Vikings in Borup, Borup had a nice team and forced the Vikes to work for everything they got. Every- thing seemed to work in this game, and the Viking defense was in its prime. Final score: Borup-6: Ada-22. November 2 brought snow and cold wea- ther, and another football game with Hend- rum, but the people that braved the cold were rewarded with a very good game. The Vi- kings came through to wind up the '45 season with another victory. Score: Hendrum-6: Ada-20. This game ended the careers of seven sen- iors: Capt. "Russ" Onstad, Duane Foster, Arne Garness. "Mike" Merck, "Les" Ness. George Gilbertson, Duane Shelland. Next year will see only five lettermen back. They are Noel I-Iaaland. "Ron" Johnson, "Ron" Baker, "Seny" Larson, and Dwain Ness. There are other fellows that did not make a letter, but promise to be valuable men, so the '46 season should be a good one. The 1046 Viking FOGTBALL 1.4-fl. rvtulzng litJLL'H4-RKISSCII Capt.: Ilocl Haalnnd. Sercnus Luslic News, George Gilbcrtson, Shclland. Riqht. rrtnltnq dotL'n-Du.1nc Onstad. Larson, Duanu Luster, Arnc Garncss. Dwain Ness. Ronald Baker, Michael Merck, Ronald Johnson. Iioliom. Ivfl to right-Dan Ruoff, coach: XV.1ltcr Books and Allcn Ogard, 1945 FOOTBALL SCIIEDI ILE Oct, 8 Mahnomcn Oct. I7 -Twin Vnllcy.. Oct, 25 lilffltlf , Ort. 30 Borup . . Nov. Z Hcndrum t' 1040 Vik! Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada , 8 8 .,8 20 20 'W 21 1. as l' 0 H In ,K J, V '17 fi 2 , , . n,... . 5, Q? ' X' X 'W ap . 1:. G21-hey 435 A V bu.. 1 ,Q 3 A Kim X ' , , 1 , 1 lx , A:': I :IQ M 'Ike A . A as A 1 g-11 Coaek Rv.o47P ,Lx L-S K 1 Q ' ag y X ' Ne.ll1 SCHEDULE 1: jfs Ada Opponent Ada Opponent if-' in Z7 as Alumni Z4 Twin Valley 52 ll G 27 If '1 . N555 Z7 21 Hcinidrum sz Cigtiifsmn . 31 32 F. Gr. Forks I0 Det. Lakes 1 1 so Z8 B 32 1-11 11 y 3, , 25 30 Cixtiiifsron Z7 T2i1vii1aVallcy A GV'-at ' 43 I2 Mahnomen 26 Mahnomen ff V 56 23 Waubon 21 Alumni ,ig ' Bal' ' t 3 ' ff, whim ffeww , g fi. . ' 1' v'1' 81 D ' I 3 me ..,, Rau 1945 12 1946 BASKETBALL The Ada Vikings gOt off to a good start this year with their fine coach, Dan Ruoff. and the return of several lettermen: Arne Garness, Mike Merck, Leslie Ness, George Gilbertson, Dwain Ness, Noel Haaland, and Ronald Johnson. James Schultz returned from the west coast to join the team. Ada had a very prosperous season, winning l3 games out of the 18 played, and a 1,000 pct. standing in the subdistrict. 22 They won the Halstad invitational tour- nament on December 28-29, defeating Hal- stad, 47-18, and Hendrum, 40-34, and Win- ning a line trophy. At the subdistrict tournament at Fertile on February 27, 28, and March l, Ada de- feated Gary the first afternoon, 49-22. On the second day they defeated Mahnomen, 34-25. In the final game which was packed The 1946 Viking 65 l Sl l t'WX ILP, fs" ws , Q J. l- ' I s Q f is ,Sign l 'M The 194 6 Viking BASKETBALL with thrills and excitement. they won the subdistrict title by stopping Fertile, 26-23. At the District. Ada met Erskine. who had a very fast team, and defeated the Vikings, 'il-24. At the Regional at Thief River Falls the Vikings played Bemidji. the regional favor- ites, and lost the game, 44-36. The last event of the basketball season was the interclass tournament on March 25-26. This revealed some very good material for future basketball teams. The Seniors won the championship title and the Junior High received the award for their decorations. The prospect for next year looks good, with six lettermen returning. Left side, reading down-Arne Garness, Michael Merck, Noel Haaland, Graydon Larson. Robert Merck, Ronald Johnson. Right side, reading down-James Schultz, Leslie Ness, Dwain Ness, Virgil Petting, George Gilbertson. Marland Klocty and Allan Ogard, Managers. I-'irst row-Leslie Ness, Robert Merck, Arne Garness Capt.: James Schultz, Michael Merck. Dwain Ness. Second row-Marland Kloety, Manager, Graydon l.arson, Ronald Johnson. George Gilbertson. Noel Haa- land, Virgil Petting. Dan Ruoff, coach. -1 . , 'F 0-Q Srtlmgfllobert Merck, 3 manager. y V lfronl rote' - Dwain Ness. Jack Spink, Gray- don l.arson. Marvin Teh- ven. l.eslie Ness. Michael Merck. Keith l7orsyte. .lack llvans. Setoml rote' - Duane Shelland. Raymond Jac- obson. Jerry Scott, Arne Garness. Noel Haaland. l,owell Storms, l.eo Bak- er. TRACK May IZ. 1945, was the day of the track and field meet held in Bemidji. The Ada con- testants. with their coach Mr. Ruoff, took an active part in the contests. l.owell Storms was captain of the team. In the shot-put and high hurdles Bud Garness placed fifth. In the one-mile run Storms placed first. He ran it in 41515, setting a new district record for the mile and the fastest time for the track at Bemidji. Scott and Shelland placed fourth and fifth in this event. ln the 440 Jacobson placed fourth and Forsythe came in fifth. Forsythe also placed fourth in the pole vault. In the 880 L. Ness placed fourth. Ada placed fifth in this meet with a total of 18 points. The regional meet was held May l8 at the Bemidji State Teachers College. The boys that placed first, second, and third were eligible to participate at this meet. l.owell Storms. the only Ada contestant to place first, set another new record. l.owell also went to the state meet at Minneapolis and made a very nice showing there. 1 Trophies 3 ln the wall cabinet across from Mr. Pe- derson's office are f the numerous tro- phies won by stu- Q dents of Ada High in years gone past. Stu- dents are frequently i seen standing before the case, admiring i the contents. gg 24 The 1114 is iwkmt, left Io lltlhf-'-X'YUIlI10 l't'terson. .loe Nlurphy. .lean Anthony. M Cheedeaders Ever been to a basketball game? It' so, you probably have seen Yvonne Peterson, Pat Murphy. and .lean Anthony in their orange and white outhts. vigorously leading the enthu- siastic spectators. Yvonne has been doing her part in cheerleading for a number oi' years but as she gradu- ates this year. Ada High will lose an efhcient and well lilted cheerleader, Pat took his stand among them this year for the first time. and has been doing a good ioh. lt is also .lean's first year cheering for Ada, but she has been cheerleader before at Glen- wood. Minnesota. She. too. is doing her best to lead Ada on to victory. Pep Band ilihe pep band. directed by Mr. Matteson. played at all our games during the year. and did much to encourage the players and entertain the spectators. l Rt'tltfIl7tl lt'!l In llllhl i larsl lou' - Muriel Ness. llotella Johnson. Shirley Rasmussen, Duane Olsen. l orraine Kloety. liatol Ulson. Ramona l ien. .loyce Siordal, Myr na letting. .Sttonti rote .loe Ull man. Stanton U e li lx o , l.laine Storms. .lack llel sing. .-Xllen Ogard. Betty lihristiansen I7 a r l e en llaaland. l'marhara Herring ei. Ioriaine Cfarman. Mr. Xiatteson. lhirtl l11lL' -V Richard Nlallrud. l eslit' Olson. .leanne Ann llabedank. Raitna liloety. Marvin Iehven Richmond Mat teson, liratdon Storms. Dorothy ilionihaye, 'lhel Mona llealv, Iihe V740 lillillftl J. .kg f K 1 I, .mx 3 794, A7 f in Y' ky' x l ! , ATURES l.Ol.A MAI: HORN Assistant Edrilor l.OlS MlLl,I4R lfdztur-rin-thief ClJliNlil.lA BURRILI, IgLlSliI'll'.YS Manager' 'VIKING STAFF On the Hrst floor of Ada High School in a little room off the Biology room you could usually find Connie, Lowie, Lola Mae, and Mrs. Johnson slaying over the '46 annual. Else- where in the building, if you saw a flash, you would know that it was Mike and Bob tripping over the electric light cords, getting a snap of some school activity. These people have worked hard with our Annual, and they really had a hard time getting everyone 'Alined up" for the class pictures and the informal snapshots. The members of the annual staff did some scampering around town to sell tickets for the annual movie, "Music for Millions," which was presented on January 17, 1946. All in all, I imagine everyone gave a sigh of relief when the '46 Annual was Hnally completed and distributed. Reclcling left lo right lfirsl row-lla Rasmussen, l,ola Mae Horn, Robert Shelland, l.ois Miller, Mrs. Johnson, Connie Burrill, Michael Merck, Lorraine Carman, Beverly Rocsch. Second row-Ada Mae Teters. Elayne Wagner, Clarice Wermager, Helen Ruebke. Velarie Skalsky, Donna Fynskov, Thel Mona Healy, Yvonne Peterson, Betty Scott, Jacquelin Scherf. Third row--Darleen Haaland, Royal Mae Johnson, l.eslie Ness, Jack Spink, Chester Bartz, William Neumann, Arne Aasland. Betty Christiansen. Fourth row- Jerry Scott, Russell Onstad, Ronald Grothe, George Cilbertson, Arne Garness. Duane Shelland, XVilliam lfischer, Marvin Williamscan. No! in p1'r1ure4lidvvard Merck. 28 The 1046 whiny Ns . N, IDOROTIIY TAOINIIIAVI' Eff!-l0F'1iI7 thief I Enix: gm RAIIKIA IXI.OIf'I'Y . if Honoruru Iztiilor 'II .IACQUIiI.IN SCIIVRI .-Issismrr! lfilztor I i VIKING LOG STAFF "Please help me rough draft?" "VJho's writing humor?" "Remember the deadlines" were just a few of the remarks that were often heard coming from the typing room. It didn't take much effort to guess that the paper staHf was hard at work trying to get the paper out by Friday. Raima Kloety headed the staff the first half of the year. and Dorothy Tomhave took over during the second semester. Jacquelin Scherf was chosen to be assistant editor. Mrs. Austin was always present with suggestions and help. Many new features were added this year. Among them was a page of fashions where all the latest styles and fashions were exhibited by original drawings by the art editors. This added greatly to the paper. ' The staff was composed of members from both the Junior and Senior assemblies. They numbered forty-seven. which was one of the largest staffs the Log has ever had. These stu- dents acted as typists. reporters, feature writers. mimeographers, distributors. and artists. Rernling from It-'fl lo right: Ifirsl rotu-Ada Teters, Iilayne Wagner. Helen Ruebke. Shirley Rasmussen. Raima Kloety, Mrs. Helen Austin. Dorothy Tomhave. Jacqnelin Scherf. Ila Rasmussen. .lane Dullum. Theresa Ambuehl. Secoml rote'-Jeanne Ann llahedank. lllaine Storms. Andrey Iletland, Joyce Sjordal. Clarice XVermager. I.illian Ilolm. Yvonne Peterson. Ilene Gerjets. Gloria Moon. I.oIa Mae Horn. l,ois Miller, Betty Scott. 'I'hi'rd rote- Velarie Skalsky. Delores Benesh. Gloria Griewe. Donna Ifynskoy, Tliel Mona Ilealv. Donna Drake. Royal Johnson. Ramona I.ien. .Io Ann Thompson. I.orraine Carman. Muriel Ness. Connie Burrill. Ifourlh rott'-Joe Murphy. Robert Shelland. Virgil Iiettf ing. Ronald Johnson, Jerry Scott, Arne Ciarness. Russell Onstad. Richmond Matteson. Duane Shelland, I.eslie Ness, Donald I.arson. No! on picture-Mary Moe. Naomi I-Iovland. 5" Lx. 1.1 " W as W" The 11140 tmnq 29 Reading Iefl lo right lfir.sI row-Muriel Ness. Vlorella Johnson. Shirley Rasmussen. Duane Olsen, Audrey Hetland. .lack llelsing. Dwain Ness. l.eslie Ness, St-com! row-Joyce Sjordal. Arlene Olson. Betty Habedank, Myrna Rae lfetting, Carol Olson. Betty Christian- sen, l.orraine Kloety. Darleen Haaland. Jovinae Rasmussen. Barbara Herringer. Jeanne Ann Habedank, l.eslie Ol son. Raima Kloety, Graydon Storms. lflaine Storms. Stanton Dekko. Susan Matteson, lawrence Peterson. Third row-Ramona l.ien. Robert Bang, Arne Strom. Delores Olson. Alice l.arson. Richmond Matteson, Richard Maltrud, Ronald Johnson. Arlie Askelson, Richard l.andsverk. Ifourlh rotc'-Dorothy Tomhave. Mr. Matteson, Marvin Tehven. Allen Ogard. Thel Mona Healy, Yvonne Peterson, Joe Ullman. l.orraine Carman. not in picture-Renee Ruch, BAND Three cheers for the Ada High School Bandf It continues to be the outstanding music organization of the school. l.ast year the band numbered forty-one members. This year, even though eight members were lost through graduation, the membership has increased to forty-five. This year we again have eight senior members who will graduate. However. we have seven sixth-graders in the grade band who will enter junior high next year. So you can see how our number is growing. Next year we look forward to a band of hfty members. The Band Brevities of l946 was well attended and the large audience was thoroughly pleased with the program. The stage was so arranged that each row was on a different ele- vation. The girls were dressed in formals and the boys in white trousers and suit coats. Th: effect was really lovely to behold. Besides several numbers by the band. there were four vaude- ville skits. The Toreador Act was the favorite of the kiddies. "Coronation," a musical episode by Joseph Skornicka, was the most highly acclaimed num- ber presented by the band. This number has been selected as one of the contest numbers to be played in the State Music Contest this year. Other outstandinf and favorite numbers la 'ed b the band this 'ear are concert 3 P V Y V arrangements of "Oklahoma," "My Moonlight Madonna." and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." "Emperor Valsef' and "Overture Erociaf' 30 The 1040 X'r'k1'r7tJ S Reading' from left Io right First row-Harriet Krogstad. lla Rasmussen. Jane Dullum, Florella Johnson. Delores Benesh. Jeanne Ann Habedank. Evelyn Kroshus. Darleen Haaland. lilo Haaland, Dorothy Gilsoul, Carolyn Nelson, Theresa Ambuehl, lilaine Petry. Del.oris Bartz. Second rott'-Verona liord, Yvonne Anderson. .lo Ann Thompson. Dorothy Tomhave. Thel Mona Betty Naugle. Isabelle Eklund. Third row--Allen Ogard. Dwain Ness. Duane Jerry Scott. Richmond Matteson. Marvin Willi.imson .lean Hubbell. Angeline Fetting, Marion Logan. Ramona l.ien. Healy, Verneil Anderson. Audrey Hetland. Joyce Sjordal. Olsen. Donald Larson, Duane Foster, Raymond Jacobson, Duane Shelland. Leslie Ness. Mr. Matteson. Not on pirlure-Yvonne Peterson. Renee Ruch, Bette Malakowsky, Grace Jacobson, Beulah Rehder, CH OIR The Ada High School Choir of forty-two voices sang for the Christmas program and furnished numbers on various occasions in the spring of the year. The choir. as well as the band, will take part in the State Music Contest this year. The contest number for the choir is the popular Negro spiritual by Nathaniel Dell. "Listen to the Lamb." A mixed ensemble from the choir sang three numbers on the Band Brevities' program. These were A'Serenade." by Romberg: "Lullaby," by Brahms, and MOI' Man River," by Jerome Kern. The latter proved to be one of the outstanding numbers of the year. Solo parts were sung by Marvin Williamson and Donald Larson. Other popular numbers of the year were 'Come to the Fair" and Schubert's A'Serenade." The year's work consisted of patriotic music for Armistice Day and the Memorial Day program. sacred numbers for Commencement and Baccalaureate, and secular numbers for school programs and other occasions. It is hoped that in the not too far distant future choir gowns can be purchased so that the choir. as well as the band. can be uniformly dressed for contest occasions. The 1046 Viking 31 RAIMA lil.Ol-TY liclleiili lUI'IllI7 l,Ol.A MM- HURN Sululumrzun Honor Students Raima Kloety, Valedictorian, and Lola Mae Horn, Salutatorian, are to be congratulated on their achievements in scholarship. They not only kept up their grades in their studies, but they also took part in various extracurricular activities. Raima was editor-in-chief of the Viking Log and she has been a member of the band throughout her high school course. Lola is assistant editor of the Viking and has served on the Viking Loy staff. Others ranking high in scholastic records are: Elaine Wagner. Barbara Herringer, Cornelia Burrill. and l.ois Miller. ,wi Honorary Circle The 1045 honorary circle was composed of three Sophomores, four Juniors, and four Seniors. These students have maintained high grades and have taken an active part in the extracurricular activities. The students of the 1046 honorary circle will be presented certificates of award at the Commencement exercises on May al. Reading Iefl lo righl Ifronr rote' - Beverly Teliven, Cornelia Burrill. lilaine Storms. Mavis llorn, llaima Kloely, l.ois Miller, liurlz row - Darleen Haaland, Dorothy Tom- have. l.owell Slorms, Al- ice Neumann. lola Mae Horn, 32 The 1040 Viking liirxl mu' 7 Stanton Delclno, Carol Olson. .lean Quirli. Del oris XVilleens, lfdward Merck. Setontf rou' - - .leanne Ann Halvedanlx, A l i c e Krogstad, Cornelia But'- rill, lilaine Storms. Duane Olsen. Third rote - Doro- thy lomhave. lhelaloua llealv. Richmond Matte- son. Donna Mae Ifvnsleoy. Mrs. lflilalvelh lletland. Not on pitltue ? Isa- belle lfklund. D a r l e e n Haaland. Joyce Siordal. Jo Ann lhompson. Declomation An unusually large number took part in Declamation this year. Mrs, Hetland coached the entire group of l8 students participating. The winners in the local contest in the various divisions were: Drainaticf-!l'helMona Healy and Donna Mae lfynskov: Meniorized Ora- tory-Carol Olson and Joyce S-iordal: Original Oratoryv-Isabelle ffklund: Humorousf4 Dorothy 'l'omhave. Ada students winning in the subclistrict contest, which was held in the Ada High School, were ThellNlona Healy. Cfarol Olson, and Dorothy Tomhave. 'l'hey participated in the Dis- trict contest at lfrskine. 'I'helMona and Dorothy won in their divisions. so they participated in the Regional contest at Bagley. Dorothy won superior rating at Bagley, entitling her to participate in the state contest. where she also was rated as superior Future Homemakers of America I-i1'1'.sl rot! 4 Royal Johnson. llorella .lohnk son. lla Rasmussen, .lane Dullum. Donna Nash. Yvonne lleterson. lor raine lillingson. .lean An thonv. llafel Cionderman, .leanne Ann llalwedanlx, Cfarolvn Nelson. Suomi lou' -4 Nlary Moe. llatriet Kiogstatl. Shirley liasniussen. Vel arie Sltalslw. Ilene Cier jets. Donna Drake. .lo Ann lzhllllllll. l 1 l l i .1 n Holm. llM'llX' Oli a in lx e. Clarice XYeimager. Helen Ruehke. lois Kliller. Iitnlz ron' A Martha Silllelll. Donna Mae livn sltov. liarlura llerringer. Ciloria Moon. Dorothy 'Ii o ni ha V e, 'lihelMona Healy. Muriel Ness. Ra niona l sen .Nlice l1i.llYlll11 lorraine Carman. lflaine lletiv, Mrs. Nl a r e ella Dahl. Noi on prtlurevfprey' erly Hellerud. Renee Ruth. The 1040 lakrrrg lqt'Lldll7tl le!! lo right lfirxt iott' -- Yvonne Peterson. Russell Onstatl. Barbara llerringer, Thel- Mona llealv. Arne Gar- ness. Donna Vynsltov. Si'iiw7i1 rott'7Ada Mae leters. Arne Aasland. l.orraine Carman, Royal Johnson. Michael Nlerclt. lleleii Ruelvke. lihiitl i'otU4Mrs, Het- lancl. l.eslie Ness. Jerry Scott. Ronald Grothe. XVilliam lfischer. llcne Cier jets. 34 93"-s Una Senior Class Play lt was the cold night of Decenif her ll when the Seniors presented their play. "XVhat a l ifef' a three' act comedy. portraying the goings on ot a typical high school, Russ Unstad was the leading mischief malter. and Yvonne lleterson was his girl lirientl who tried to help him escape the punishment ol' his cruel teachers. lhe teachers were por- trayed hy NVni. lfischer, Ronald Cirothe. 'I'helMona Healy, lleleti Ruehlte. l.orraine Carman. aml llonna livnslxov, The assistant principal. Arne Ciarness. seemed to be the only understanding person on the faculty. Barbara Herringer was the worried mother of the story, l.eslie Ness. Michael Merck. Royal Johnson. Ilene Cieryiets. Ada leters. Arne Aasland, and Jerry Scott were the other characters in the play, Mrs. Hetland was the hard-work ing coach and director of our play. and Miss Magee helped inalxe tis look like the people we were characterizing: in other wortls, she put on the make-tip, XVe can't forget the party alter the play which all the characters of the play and their hov and girl friends attended. Ohl for foocl' Boy! what a lifef il he IVQHJ laftivriq Junior Class Play Ml!Cl70llllLlH w.1s thc ll.lI11C ol' thc pl.1v givcn lw tht- Junior Class, lt written bv Owt-n Davis and it is .1 llttlitlcr llrilc winncr. 'l'hc pl.1v w.1s tlircftctl by Mr. M.1ttt'st1n .md hc is tu he congrnttt- l.1tt'al on l1is hnc worlt. 'l'l1c pl.1v was given tm April ll .intl ll with .1 tliflcrcnl 6.191 c.1cl1 night. lhis was tltwnc so tl1.1t ntort' people could t.1lw p.1rt in this cxtr.1t'urrict1l.1r .1ctivity. 'l'l1c CARI ol' ch.1r.1rtt'rs was .1s follows: llcnrv .lortlnn Norman Rttslntsn l5n1n1.1, his wilc l3.lflCx'l1 ll.l.1l.1l1kl Nctliv. llI11l1l.llS kl.llllll'llL'f hy .1 lortncr m.1rri.1gc - Sllirlcy Ras' mnsscn. 'lillCl'CS.l Amlutit-l1l Sntlic licllows. once S.1tlit' .lt1rtl.1n. .1 widow 4 Dorntlw ilLUI11ll.lYC Orin, hor sun Bttrtis Al11l5llClll lll.1 .lortl.1n. thc ttnm.1rrictl sistcrillclorcs l3cncsl1. Cll.lf.1lHCllt' lfllingswtxrth Bcn .lt1rtl.1n lVl.lfVll1 il.CllVL'Il .lttdgc Br.1tlIortl -- Marvin Antlcr son. Ricl1t'nui1tl Nl.1tlt'st1n l7.1yc Crosby' Cilt1ri.1 Ciricwc ll.1nn.1l1. .1 srr1'.111t H- l,Cl.ll1C XX'.lfl1Sll0ll .lim .l.1v, .1 tlupttty shcrilliglcnnv A.1sl.1ntl, XK'ill.1rd Holland Thi' I0-lb lvlklrlltl Rutitlirw lvl! In riuhl I'll.Nf rutt' V- - Shirley Rnsiitttsscn. Dnrlccn ll.1.1- l.1nd. Us l.Jl1L' XXl.ll'l1Sll0ll, llortulhy 'l't1n1l1.1vt'. llittrtis lxl11l7llUlTl. Svttmti mit' -- XVill.1rd llcll.1nd. ffl.1r.1lwllt' llll ingswnrtl1, 'lillt'I'CN.l Am htichl. Drltwris l5t'i1csl1. Cilor1.1 Cirit-wc. l cnnx' i'X.lSl.lI1Ll. 'I hm! IHLL' -ffXlt'. M.1t tcson. lVl.ll'Vll1 Antlcrstiit. Ntwrnmn litislntm, Rith mond lN'l.1ttcsun. ll .1 tt l lltvltc. Marvin vliCllYCl'l. 35 X X 3 , ,L- Homecoming On the night of October lo, the Sophomores prepared the liiggea honure we have had in yt..-s. 'Nhat a night we hadf There was the snalo: dance led hy the cheerleaders. lhis ended around the bon- hre where speeches were made by Mr, lluoll and Arne Ciar- ness, and the cheerleaders led the group in a pep rally. October I7 was Homes coming day and all the classes were represented with their floats, The Seniors made the flrat for the queen and her at tendants. Between the halves of the foothall game, Russell Onstad. Captain of the foot- lvall team. ofhcially crowned Yvonne Peterson Homecom- ing queen. She was attended by Royal Johnson, Velarie Skalslxy. lflaine Storms, and Cflariee XVermager. On the following l3ritlay evening tl party was held at the sehool house. At this party. Yvonne was presented with .1 gilt from the student hotly. -l ti.. .m',Aj,,xNQ.sL -4-' Q 7 T, . 11 W. ' N site 'B J' - a we f ' ,, ' 4 f K - ,K 4.,:, " Q tv' 'N 'WM 5 ..-1' --1-f' XXXWYX . ' N X 'w ,Va 2. x , I A 5 tx ,xxx X , V rv 'Y 3' 4.,,,11 4 J The 194 6 Viking September 51 School opens-Hello, teachers! 25-Spud vacation starts-backaches. October 8, 8.- School reopens-back to work. Mahnomen here for football. 9-Spud vacation starts again-more backaches. School reopens-now we can rest! 15- 17- Twin Valley here-more football. 18-lVl.E.A.-teachers go to school. 19-M.E.A.-ditto. 25- Z6- Football game at Fertile-we lost. Nathan Ciist assembly program. 30-Football at Borup-we won! November 2-Football at Hendrum-we won again! 13-C. E. Carlson, lecture. 20-Ben Fairier-assembly program. 30-Alumni game - first basketball game. December 4-No school-aches and pains! 7-School reopens-back to work! 7-Gary at Ada-first victory in basketball. ll-Sr. Class Play, "Henry Puts lt Over." 14-Hendrum at Ada - basketball game. 19-Ada at East Grand Forks-hard. close game. 21-Ada at Borup-more basketball. 28-29-Halstad Invitational Tournament. January Ada brings home another trophy. 7-Ada at Crookston - defeat for Ada. ll-Ada at Mahnomen-another vic- tory for Ada. 1l-Chansonettes--assembly program. 15-Ada at Waubon-triumph for Vikings. 18-T.V. at Ada-Vikings do it again. 25-Ada at Fertile-it was a hard fight. but we won! The 1946 Viking SCHOOL CALENDAR 25-Seventh Grade party-lots of fun! 27-Crookston at Ada-Crookston on top. February l-Ada at I-Ialstad-sweeping victory for Vikes. 2-Band concert- sweet strains of music. 3-Fertile at Ada-another battle. 8-Detroit Lakes here-surprise win? 12-Halstad at Ada-we took it! 15-Ada at T.V.-another Viking game. 22-Mahnomen at Ada--ditto. 23-Soph party-more fun! 27-28 March -and March l-Subdistrict tour- nament-Ada wins! 4-Final local Declam-such elo- quencel 7-District Land o' Lakes Conven- tion at school-more noise. 8-District Tournament - Erskine wins. 12-Movies with new machine-Ah. relaxation! 14- l 6-Regional Basketball-more vaca- tion for the boys. 18-Subdistrict Declam-Ada gets su- perior ratings. 22-Short play contest at Ada-Borup 26 April 2 5 1 2-1 3 2 6 May 2 wins. -District Declam at Erskine-two winners from Ada. -Regional short play contest at Crookston. -Regional Declam at Bagley - who'll win? -Jr. Class Play-last but not least. -District Musical Festival. -Sam Rosen-assembly program. 4-District music at Crookston. 10-Jr.-Sr. Banquet and Prom-lots ee- of manners. but fun! Skip day. 31-Commencement! So long. Seniors. 37 l. Merry Christmasf Z, l.oolx at Billy hlushl , Paul Bunyan lioslcr 4. Tummy Ache. Grist? 5. Vvlhcrds Russ? O. lVlurphy's growing! 7. Hold 'cr up. Russ. 8. llow many bushels today. gang? 0. XVh.1l a rcvoltin' dcvclnpf ment, Dwightf IO You tell 'cm, Matlcsonf 'hy can'i they all look liki this? ll. Como hither ll. lflainc Storms ' frcnch. Cnr- nay? l5. Wlidcr. plcasc. .limmy. lb. Duane "lVli1mps" Shelland. 38 The IV46 Viking X K-Aa Ahf Rcl.1x.1liun. lor .lan quclinc .im Bcllv S. l l 1. l:0fjLL'l somcthing, Ciuorgcf' V - , l, Xlhnl .1 ride. 4 l'sli-ck icni. l'munlw 5, lwo .lunior lligh Misscs. ti Smimls lI1lCI'YNlll'1Q1. '. Hii Milly. H. XK'hv. Scr crsuiik officc, moi 0. Cilcnning. girlx? lll, Smiwlmll hghl. Virgil? cnus. in Mr. llul ll. llcvi lhis docsnil look Ihz' 1040 l'!filV7l1 right. ll. lntcrcxting lio.irLl.' ll. Dorf! lvl hcr get .1w.ix'. Bill I-l. Gloria .ind Naomi. I5. Viwnnic .ind Russ. l 6. l'ru1'L'Ll, livllows? lf. Rcnl liur. lNlvi'n.i PATRO Aalgaard's Studio Ada Bowling Center Ada Cafe Ada Cleaners Ada Co-op Creamery Association Ada Elevator and Bodding Lumber Yard Ada Feed and Seed House Ada Implenlent Co. Ada Oil Co. Ada Transportation Co. Anderson Beichart Oil Co. Andy's Service Ben Franklin Store Black Hawk Cafe Bluebird Cafe Books Produce Co. Bowyer Food Store and F Food Lockers Burrill Implement Co. Chas. Gunnerson Coast-to-Coast Store C. R. Andrews and Co. C. J. Lofgren Co. Deep Rock Service Demars Pharmacy Dr. T. Loken Dr. A. Nelson Dr. H. G. Sittko Dr. J. H. Quirk East Side Barber Shop l'0Z0ll Farmers Lumber and Supply Co. First State Bank of Ada NS Gamble Store Glenn's Radio Shop Hausten Hardware Hartz Agency Herman's Grocery Hetland, Lloyd, Attorney-at-Law J. C. Penney Co. Larson Motor and Co. Lowell's Standard Service Modern Beauty Shop Nielson Blacksmith Shop Norman County Abstract Co. Norman County Index Norman Larson Olson Furniture Co. Olson's Men's Wear Pantry Cafe Orpheum Theatre People's Hardware Ramberg's Pharmacy Rainbow Cafe Red and White Store Red Owl Store Silver Inn Simpson's Garage Sjordal Hardware Co. Skaurud's Gift Shop Swift and Co. Teters Oil Co. Valley Produce Co. Vaule, Olav, Attorney-at-Law West Side Blacksmith Shop A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinois

Suggestions in the Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) collection:

Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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