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WE RE LOYAL TO YOU ADA HIGH' The 1944 Viking Pub11shed by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1944 ADA HIGH SCHOOL Ada Mmnesota Busmess Manaqer Verona Mlllef Editor-in-Chief ................................ Violet V. Gill FOREWORD Although work1ng under many wartlme d1ff1C11ll16S the class of 1944 has 1ssued th1s book known as the vlklng the staff of wh1ch IS mdebted to the student organ1zat1ons and faculty for ass1stance Wllh the publlcatlon It has been the alm of the senlor class to QIVG an account of act1v1t1es and to present the Ada H1gh School as 1t really IS so that a rev1ew of these pages may recall to m1nd the lntellectual athletlc and social events of the past school year 41" HEP DEDICATION To Ieep Irv1n and Rrp the three fellows who have left our Sen1or class to frght for our country we dedlcate lh1S our 1944 V1k1ng To us they symbollze one of the many ways ln whlch young people are puttmg forth contrlbutlons 1n the present human cr1s1s Wrth slncere apprec1at1on and grateful hearts for the1r bravery and patr1ot1sm we do them th1s small honor Anchors Awezgh my boys' Anchors Awezghl Untzl we meet once more Here s Wzshzng you a happy voyage home' 2 ADMINISTRATICDN ,- s 1 ADMINISTRATION ..4g SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL A C PEDERSON DAN H RUOFF BOARD OF EDUCATION A Nelson Preszdent F F Zunmermcxn Clerk Leonard Olson Treasurer I L Roesch Chester Ingberg 4 Fi A A er ,mul mf FACULTY A C Pederson Supermtendent B A Luther College Mrs Helen Steffen Phys1cal Educatxon 7 12 Glrls B E Moorhead State Teachers College Dan Ruoff P11nc1pal Sr Hxgh Boys Physlcal Educatron Coach B S UI11Ve1'S1lY of Mmnesota Mane R1ste Math Prmcxpal Ir Hrgh Enghsh 8th B E Moorhead State Teachers College Ethel Saarr Home Econom1cs 712 B S Umversrty of M1nnesota Lucy Passe Ir Hrgh Hrstory Geography B S Wxnona State Teachers College Mrs Lenora Iohnson Sr Hrgh Math General Bus Ec Geog B S Moorhead State Teachers College N5 Mrs Agnes Faragher Sc1ence B A Umverslty ot Iowa R Albert Matteson Musrc B A Umversrty of Mmnesota Blanche Olsen Llbranan and Secretary Moorhead State Teachers College Audrey Zube Enghsh Art B A Concordma College Betty Rolth Sr Hrgh Socral Studres B S Umversrty of Mmnesota Ethel Symons Sr Hrgh Enghsh B A Unxversrty of Mmnesota English vm ' ' CLASSES R' SENIORS 'C' 'Dos QW? .avi YJ XA A-- I - Du ZOLA HAALAND Punky DONALD SANDERS Don VERNA NASH Nash ROLFE TEHVEN Buddy VERON A MILLER Nome VIOLET GILL Squeaky PATRICIA MACK Patty KENNETH BENESH Kenny ALVIN PETRY Curley WAYNE SAMUELSON Sammy IOYCE IACKSON Icxcky MARIORIE SMITH Smitty PAULINE DITTMER "Pony" DONALD OGAARD "Donie" VERONA FETTING "F etting" SENIORS WILLIES GRIESE A Wzlly EDNA STRAND A w- Y- St d mn YE: ,la DOROTHY KROSHUS Kroshus GLENN LARSON Lars LEO MERCK LIPPY ELEANORE KROGSTAD Krockze VERNON PETRY Pete WILMA MOE Wlllze -uv IEANNE VOLLAND ean L. MABIORIE BREMER Marg 1 ,Q IARL GILBERTSON Gzlbert 4:7 PHYLLIS BEZENEK Phyl BETTY LOU OLSON Olson J f N DOROTHY IACOBSON I W Do Wi I . 4 ' Y ,, ,, 9 L . s ,. " Blk ' ' I 1 Q I V at "" 2' - 1, . ,, I 5' ll.. vm' Y, "" 1- rt 4' ii A A -',, ,, . i Q .lf X, K HI ,, X YE ., 1, fc- 1E T -T -L W ,, F ,- . l if A 1, . ,I if -sf ll ll It X Hfffff 'fflf x ' Af '9 C' 1. .J O N f A 3 s 'Ax I ,, tu N 2 1 SENIOR STARS 3 g if af 'U"!!'V EDNA STRAND SALUTATORIAN an 'W VIOLET V GILL VALEDICTORIAN flF""? ' x if 5 l V 5 zki !k,.uvvHA-ak? 10 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY What we are to be we are now becommg Twelve years ago SIX httle shavers ran up the steps of the Ada Pubhc School to be welcomed by M1ss Youmans It was our frrst day 1n school Donald Sanders was there wrth hrs short pants and brand new harrcut whrle Zola Haaland always showed her cute l1ttle drmples whenever she srmled at Glenn Larson who sat across the arsle from her Verna Nash came wrth a brg red apple for our teacher hoptng she d be asked to wash the boards Wllma Moe came to school wrth her trghtly bralded prgtarls rn red rrbbons and Patty Mack s auburn harr hung rn r1nglets We remember Betty Lou Olson was always helplng Eugene Hadler drstrngursh between hrs blue and green colors The thrrd grade brought Ieanne Volland 1nto our cla s as M1ss Bells No l pet W1lhs Grrese started school here as a frfth grader only to leave us rn our Sophomore year but returned agarn as a Semor to frnrsh the home stretch Malcolm Rrpley was our only new seventh grader He was followed by Verona Fettrng who came from the country to jorn us rn the erghth grade In our Freshman Class we have fourteen new students and rt rs here where we catch our frrst ghmpse of Leo Merck When we were Sophomores we burlt a huge bonfrre for Homecommg And do you remember what happened to our 1ll fated tank whrch was our entry rn the Homecommg float compet1t1on'? Takrng on more responsrbrlrty rn our Iunror year we have the extra help of Phylhs Bezenek and Donald Ogaard That year after many tedlous practrces we presented the humorous comedy Prrze Prgs On May 17 under the drrectron of M1ss Renner we entertarned the Sen1ors wrth a turkey dmner followed by a prom Because of the flood condrtrons at the trme boots were used to get 1nto the school to decorate the gymnasrum for commencement exercrses Regardless of our many drffrcultres large quantxtres of fern and lrlacs were used to make 1t very beautrful although the Senrors were too exclted to notrce that We were all more than proud of our basketball team when they recerved a pnze of War Stamps for defeatmg the Semor Class rn the Inter Class tournament last year Now drawrng to the close of our school career we have twenty nrne mrghty Sen1ors rn cludrng Rolfe Tehven who came to frnrsh hrs Senror year w1th us The boys rn our class seem to be very partlal towards the Navy as Rrp Ieep and Irvrn who would have graduated wrth us enhsted wrth Uncle Sam last year Dur1ng basketball season Patty Mack was crowned Homecomrng queen and our deco rattons won second prrze We were entertarned by the Iumors wrth a banquet and Prom to help make thrs year a grand frnale Our b1g effort of the year was the publrcatron of the 1944 Vrkmg Oh how we torled and struggled to get those erght tons of waste paper but rt pard to the tune of S103 O4 Wrth Mr Ruoff our advrser at the helm we wrote the f1n1sh to a grand school year and now we a1m to conquer greater realms SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Iarl Grlbertson Donald Ogard Treasurer Vrce President Edna Strand Verna Nash Presrdent Secretary ll 11 - 11 1 1 , . . . . 1 , . . . . ' . . . . . 1 . . . , . . S . . 1 1 - 1 - - 11 11 - - 1 - - 11 - . 11 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 I . , . - 11 - 11 11 11 11 - 11 1 1 1 . ' . ' 1 . , i ri-. I UN IORS FRONT ROW tleft to nghtl Alrce Ford Betty Lou Benesh VICIOIIG Drxon Eva Mae Iohnson Mav1s Horn Flonne Vxsser Bernxce Dekko Iune Schackle Alta Iohnson Helen Arel Rosella Wagner SECOND ROW Geraldme Burley W1ll1am Zrmmerman Ardella F ettlng Kelth Forsythe Iune Davrdson Ivan Fletcher Beverly Tehven Beatr1ce Lern Wallace Beneheld Alan Olson Mrs Iohnson adviser THIRD ROW Leo Baker Iack Evans Robert Nelson Robert Poehler Alrce Neumann Donald Dyrdahl Lowell Storms Rxchard Malakowsky Lo1s McCune Hey wa1t dont forget us we re the Cherubs of the school D1d I say Cherubs of the school? Did I say cherubs""P Well ' We Iumors are represented on the football basketball and track teams band chorr pep band STC declamanon soc1al comm1tte war stamp commlttee V1k1ng Log and annual Two members of our class Eva Mae and Bunny add zep and pep to our basketball games by leadmg the cheerrng That s not all' Last year we bu1lt an enormous bonhre for homecomxng fwell 1t was a f1re anyway? a group of us acted as warters and wa1tresses at the Iun1orSen1or banquet that year and decorated the gym for baccalaureate Th1s year we had a wonderful trme presentmg the play Brother Goose We sponsored an old fashroned basket soc1al and last but not least the banquet and promenade' So we have completed our Iumor year and are lookrng forward to stepprng mto the coveted role of the senror class of 1945 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS rmsiwas Medi rlml-'lzskl Mx.. WMU! il an mum Ivan Fletcher Rlchard Malakowsky Presldent Vrce-Presldent Mabel Smrth Bermce Dekko Treasurer Secretary 12 SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW tleft to nghtl Duane Torfrn lames Schultz lane Dullum Royal Iohnson Lorrame Carmen Helen Rueblce Elame Wagner Ada Mae Teters Betty Chrxstensen Hornet Sprung Arne Aasland Chester Bartz SECOND ROW Leslre Ness Eumc Rrste Ila Rassmussen Florella Iohnson Yvonne Peterson Lors Mrller Valerxe Skalsky Lola Mae Horn Betty Mxller Ilene Geryets Rarma Kloety Mrchael Merck Mlss Rotth advrser THIRD ROW Ierry Scot W1ll1am Frscher Duane Foster Rhoda Olson Glorxa Moon Allce Krogstad Barvara Her nnger Wrlham Storslee Marvm WllllGmSOH Duane Shelland FOURTH ROW Noa1mHovland lamce Omdahl Raymond Iacobson George Grlbertson Norman Brantl Ronald Grothe Arne Garness Russell Onstad Donna Mae Fynskov Murrel Ness H1 Folks Here s the rnsrde story of the Sophomore class We are very proud that we have the largest class 1n the h1gh school and also the largest per cent on the honor roll The members of the Sophomore class partrcrpate 1n almost all the varrous act1v1t1es of our school They are rn band on the V1k1ng Log staff on the Vrkrng annual staff and on the basketball and football squads Peppy Vonnre Peterson IS presr dent of the Pep Club and also head of the cheerleaders Donna Red Fynskov IS charrman of the Servxce Comrmttee and Garne does the art work on the school newspaper and smks baskets too These are 1ust a few of the talents we Sophomores possess At Chrlstmas when Santa peeked h1s head around the corner all the members of our class contrrbuted a n1ckel so we mrght have a Chnstmas tree Through the effort of a group of g1rls the tree was bought and decorated Yes we are a peppy cooperat1ve group and lrke to be thought of 1n that way SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Donna Fynskov Arne Garnass Secretary Presrdent Arne Aasland RC'-IIIIICI K10efY Vrce Preszdent Treasurer 13 e .... . h . 9 . , . . . . ,... , . . lr 1 n 1 1 n . . I 1 ' , l I o l H 4 4 l , . f . E ' f M , . T ,r at - , l X I V 7 ' I ' I RJ ' 5 ,. . FRESHMEN CN FRONT ROW Clelt to nghtl Darrell Herrrnger Tenny Aasland Theresa Ambuehl Martha Schlenz Irene Hasz Delores Benesh Clarabelle Ellmgsworth Lxlltan Holm Eleanor Eakle Alvm Peterson Wzllard Helland SECOND ROW Norman Rushton Norrme Lundon Shlrley Rasmussen Wxlham Neumann Herbert Monson Gray don Larson Robert Shelland Marvm Anderson Norma McCune Donna Drake Dwcnn Ness THIRD ROW Elmyra Fettmg Glorla Grxewe Darleen Haaland Delame Warnsholz Dorothy Tomhave Veromca Berray Elaxne Storms Ioyce Hammerback Mrss Rrste advxser FOURTH ROW Marvm Tehven Paul Holte Rxchmond Matteson Marvm Olson Serenus Larson Ronald Iohnson Eldred Ambuehl Donald Larson Meet the F resh1e L1ttle Freshmen who are tryrng hard to learn Our class although 1t 1snt as large as most freshman classes has representatmves rn most of the extra curncular act1v1t1es our school offers Members of our class are rn basketball boys chorus g1rl s glee club band pep band pep club V1k1ng Log Staff and S T C That super salesman and all around boy Bob Shel land IS on the war bond commrttee and Cactus al1as Rrchmond Matteson the great tuba or Ambuehl 15 on that famous g1r1 s basketball squad of Ada and Gret and Dorothy Mae are largely responsrble for our vrm vrgor and v1tal1ty The frrst year of our h1gh school career has now ended and we feel we ve a good start to keep the ball rolhng rn our next three years of h1gh school Soph1st1cated Sophomores here we come' FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Dorothy Tomhave , N Graydon Larson V1ce Preszdent Treasurer Shrrley Rasmussen Secretary effmf Robert Shelland Presrdent 14 l II - - v ll I I I I I ' ' ' - - I - what-have-you instrument player, hails from our class, too. Strong, robust Trisha "Tootie" I 0 I ll ll - - - ll - - .--:tif -1 x - I ' C r I wi . if 'E 'A ' fx Wg. I E Rt B . I jg ' 2 ,- . y M4 EIGHTH GRADE 'V 96 N ft Q FRONT ROW Cleft to rrghtl Robert Balzum Ioe Murphy Beverley Kraulrk Mary Moe Ieanne Habedank Flo Haaland Carol Olson Harrret Krogstad Marcelme Ambueht Wxllram Scott Donald Tehven SECOND ROW Dwrqht Hovland Eugene Dauner Wallace Muhonen Wxllrarn Lundon Vrrqrl Fettmg Betty Chns transen Robert Merck Iack Spmk Ardrs Vrsser Donald Smrth Frank Schultz Ioe Ullman Mrss Passe advxser THIRD ROW Lorrame Kloety Renee Ruch Bernard Landro Noel Haaland Manan Logan Walter Lystrom Iohn Grrvno Myrna Rae Fettmg Neola Babler Rrchard Schultz SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW Cleft to rrghtl Edward Merck Betty Naugle Allen Ogard Betty Tamke Clayton Drake Iean Qurrk Vxrgrl Anderson Ioyce Sjorday Rrchard Mattrud Arlene Olson Stanton Dekko Hope Holte Marland Kloety Myron Sanders Wrllram Larson Mtss Saarx advrser THIRD ROW Ieanne Hubbell Lorrarne Ellmgson Mary Ann Hunt Angelme Fettmg Dons Evenstad Darleen Holtman Elorse Larson Beverly Roesch lack Helstng FOURTH ROW Ben Frscher Evelyn Kroshus Francxs Nrrschl Nrna Erstad Dorothy Warnsholz Donald Gronvold Ramona Lren Audrey Hetland Ronald Baker Lowell Rasmussen 15 Q 1' C 'T ' fy SECOND ROW-Daniel Dullum, Leslie Olson, Duane Olson, Allen Anderson, Ronald Rasmussen, Donna Nash. ' 1 S fx l ' as " x, ffir v ig 0 L , 5 5 l R , A V e K, - A , . A ,K 2 1 1 if ? 9 1 0, H 1 5,1312 Q ,fbi A ff, fY' ' NL 21- fi : u .ur les -I lv ? ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT TEACHER COUNCIL FRONT ROW Cleft to nghtl Duane Olsen Marvm Wrllxamson Iune Schackle Dwrght Hovland Bernrce Dekko Robert Shellancl Betty Lou Olson Verona Mlller Vxolet Gxll SECOND ROW Mxss Olsen Darleen Haaland Wxlham Z1mmerman Barbara Herrmger Robert Nelson Leo Merck Ioyce Hammerback Mxss Rrste THIRD ROW Mr Ruofl Ivan Fletcher Kerth Forsythe Russell Onstad Arne Garness Wilma Moe Lowell Storms Glenn Larson Mxss Symons If you were to step 1nto a Student Teacher Councrl meet1ng on a certaln Thursday afternoon you would flnd Betty Lou Olson conductxng what IS known as the govermng body of the Ada I-hgh School B111 Zlmmerman IS the secre tary and the V1Ce pres1dent IS Lowell Storms of th1s the most lmportant organ 1zat1on rn the school The pr1nc1ples of the STC are those of student government further1ng co operahon w1th1n the school and promot1ng school sp1r1t and conduct The members are chosen as follows each class pres1dent rs a member of the counc1l along w1th four representatwes from the Sen1or class three from the Iumor class two from the Sophomore class and one from the Freshmen class the e1ghth grade and seventh grade The mus1c department has two members the athletrc department two the pubhcatron department two The ed1tors of both the V1k1ng Log and the Vrkrnq automancally become members Others are the Pr1nc1pals of both the Sen1or and Iunror I-Irgh Schools the School Secretary and the Dean of Women The STC put on a very successful party th1s year carrylng out the football theme rn the1r plans They also appomted commxttees for publ1c1ty lost and found soclal affarrs servlce flag and a war bond comm1ttee Certa1n pnvxleges for the honor students have been brought about through the work of the councxl 18 - -M r 63 ,V , V ' I Sf' gr, . . 4 r va, ,Q A 5 V lr k' Q NE f 'px - 5' O ' . y -. f .. a , I ' . x v -' " L.. v' . 3 1 Q --J' - , , . , , ' I I J I y I' ' I I l I I 1 1 - I - L I - , . 1 1 I I I - 1 1 1 I - ' , . ' I - 1 I 1 1 - GIRLS CHORUS P00 FRONT ROW flelt to rrghtl Vrolet Grll Helen Arel Royal Mae lohnson Irene Hasz Delores Benesh lane Dullum lla Rasmussen Yvonne Peterson Theresa Ambuehl Horn Helen Ruebke Shlrley Rasmussen Lorrame Carman Mr Matteson cllrector THIRD ROW lamce Omdahl Elcnne Storms Mavxs Horn Thelmona Healy Alxce Krogstad Dorothy Tomhave Alrce Neumann Ardella Fettmg Ioyce Hammerback Valerle Skalsky Florme Vlsser BOYS CHORUS FRONT ROW fleft to rxghtl Graydon Larson Robert Shelland Marvrn Tehven Leslxe Ness Wrllram Neumann Dwam Ness SECOND ROW Rrchmond Matteson Wlllxam Zrmmerman Duane Shelland Lowell Storms Ierry Scott Donald Larson fp -r- 19 I Q I Q J f ' 1. t" I 1 ' 5 D V - ' 4 , ' - - ' ' . for , iv ' SECOND ROW-Alta Iohnson, Bernice Dekko, Eleanore Krogstacl, Florella Iohnson, Darleen Haaland, Lola Mae I . G 7 b if K-2 .. ,Q G." Q1 ' T ' z .4 F N ., X , . If T ty 5 ,: Xi f Y T J gi il 5. J '7 K VIKING STAFF Flash! Flash! No not a news report but just our two photo editors ' shooting" by. When you are domg your very best to dodge Leo you tmd that Wally has peered around another corner and snapped your p1cture In order to escape you rush to the Press Room whrch you flnd packed wxth k1ds Someone 1S saymg Soon done wrth the type- wrlter Glenn? or Hows th1s for a wnte up Vy? Yes th1s has all been a part of prepar 1ng the 1944 V1k1ng Say dld I hear someone say they stlll had blrsters from typmg waste paper that they had gathered to earn money for a bxgger and better annual? You know the busmess places dld therr b1t too by placmg ads ln our book and the pubhc by commg to our Inter Class Tourna ment And by the way Nome dxd a swell job rn ptckmg out Th1s Land Is Mme for the V1k1ng mov1e All th1s has added up to what we hope IS the best annual ever to be edrted by the stu dents of Ada Hxgh l Edztor Busmess Manager Vmolet G11l Verona Mlller FRONT ROW tlett to rxghtl Betty Lou Olson Rarma Kloety Vlolet Gtll Edrtor Ieanne Volland Edna Strand Bernrce Dekko Verona Mrller Dorothy Kroshus Lors M111 r Paulme Dxttmer SECOND ROW Mrss Rorth Maryone Smrth Wrllxes Gnese Mavxs Hom Leo Merck Wallace Bennetreld Verona Fettmg Phyllrs Bezenek Ioyce Iackson Marjorre Bremer Miss Saarr advrser THIRD ROW Rolfe Tehven Donald Sanders Alvtn Petry Robert Nelson Barbara Herrmger Zola Haaland Dorothy Iacobson Eleanore Krogstad Kenneth Benesh FOURTH ROW Alrce Neumann Lowell Storms Wayne Samuelson Iarl Grlbertson Ame Garness Donald Ogaard Wrlma Moe Glenn Larson Vernon Petry N I I 1 ,, - 0 . N 1 v- . I - I ' ll ' ll . - ll - 1 . fl H 1 - - , . ' 1 H - f . I I . I 1 - I 1 ln' . . . 11 f - ll - M., .1 - '- . . . . . , U I . , . . , , I I 1 1 .1 - . ' ' I I I I I Y 1 . . ' ' Y I I I 1 . . 4 ' '-V' I 9 ' 4 w . g 1' . 21 Y-R ,b K5 ' .. x, J .-. - -N 32 L. - ' 1 " A - - . s . v - - I ' ,.. 4' .. L ,, fn. v K f . , Q f A K 2 J A , , . ,. ,. - - M Q ,, - . . , f - , , g. , THE VIKING LOG Af 2' FRONT ROW Cleft to right? Iune Schackle Betty Lou Ol on Violet Gill Yvonne Peterson Leo Merck Eva Mae Iohnson Flonne Visser Verona Miller SECOND ROW Iamce Omdahl Ieanne Volland Geraldme Burley Mavis Horn Verona Petting Bernice Dekko Miss Roith adviser THIRD ROW Alta Iohnson Betty Benesh Alice Neumann Donna Mae Fynskov Thelmona Healy Wilma Moo Lois McCune George Olson FOURTH ROW y eromca erray Russell Onstad Arne Games: Iune Davidson William Zimmerman Richard Malakowsk V B Editor Editor Edna Strand Iune Schackle Coming up the httle auditorium stairs you spy a door marked Press Room and of course your cur1os1ty is aroused and you go in Upon entering you see a group of quret industrious students working on the paper but when they discover that you are not a teacher they once again go back to their original positions of being sprawled all over the room Then they rescue the gossiplng arguing and what else have you that goes on in an ordinary press room This IS the typical atmosphere rn which we put out our four paged mxmeographed bi monthly newspaper The procedure we use is articles assigned written handed in corrected rewntten rough drafted cor rected typed on stencil proof read and finally run off on the rni'neograph. The equipment we use is two elite typewriters, two mimeoscopes and a mimeo- graph. The "Log" staff is composed of about thirty members of the senior and junior high school. The joumalism lt x students are awarded letters when they are seniors if ' V they do outstanding work in some certain field of our work. 1 t' 21 HONO BABY CIRCLE gli V1olet G1ll Ahce Neumann Glenn Larson Lowell Storms The Ph1 Beta Kappa of Ada Hrgh School has taken form 1n the orgamzatxon known as the Honorary C1rcle Wh1Ch came about through the efforts of the 1943 Student Teacher Councll The student body th1s year has come to reahze that the a1m of th1s honor group IS to foster trad1t1ons of scholarshrp frne school c1t1zensh1p and conduct contnbutlons to school l1fe and extra curncular act1v1t1es W1th the llghted candle as a symbol of one who lets h1s lrght shrne where 1t w1ll beneflt the most each student honored by selectron to th1s group w1ll stnve to uphold those rdeals A typxcal honor student mamtarns good grades and besrdes part1c1pat1ng 1n any of the school UCl1V1tleS athletrcs muslc publ1cat1ons STC makes some worthwh1le contnbutxon to school l1fe Of the group 1n1t1ated last year only four were undergraduates V1olet G111 Glenn Larson AIICS Neumann and Lowell Storms Graduatma semors were Ruth Austznson Irene Carman Fay Chr1st1anson Palmetta G111 Ardrs Horn Lyla Larson Odell Olson Betty Remark and Marette W1ll1GmSOH Presentahon of cert1f1cf1tes at the graduatlon ceremony th1s spr1ng w11l 1nd1cate whxch students are worthy of th1s fme honor rn 1943 44 22 lr Y 1- . V' 'Q I X 0 4 Q v'-'s ' I ,Q . 1 Q W ,by ., 1 1 9 J Qi. 1 ll . II ' ' L I .. . ' . . .I I .. . . I . I .I , ..., I I -I I I . I ' , I . I I I I . I , . F ' , r f, S X KN vf M ff iw l 6 J if FOOTBALL WV FRONT ROW Cleft to nghtb lack Spank manager Leslte Ness Donald Sanders Rolfe Tehven Kerth Forsythe Mlchael Merck Iames Foster Eldred Ambuehl SECOND ROW Duane Foster Duane Shelland Glenn Larson George Olson Eugene Hadler Wxlham Ztmmerman Wayne Samuelson Ronald Johnson Leo Merck THIRD ROW Noel Haaland Robert Nelson George Gxlbertson Donald Ogaard Iarl Grlbertson Russell Onstad Dennts Ambuehl Leo Baker Alvrn Petry Wednesday October 13 the Vrkes lost therr 1943 opener to Mahnomen 6 to 0 The opemng day proved to be the coldest day of the season An Ada fumble 1n the second quarter wh1ch was recovered by the Indrans proved to be the wrnnmg margrn The teams were evenly matched w1th Mahnomen havrng the edge 1n exper1ence and werght Thursday October 21 the Vxkes swamped the Halstad Pxrates 36 to 0 The Halstad team lacklng expenence was eas1ly defeated by the V1k1ngs Coach Ruoff gave the entrre squad a taste of the gndiron 1n the game Thursday October 28 the Tw1n Valley Ttgers tnmmed the V1k1ngs 46 to 7 Iarl G1lbertson s lone touchdown and the con versron by Bob Nelson were the only bnght spots of the game Donny Moe of T V led the passmg attacks for the Txgers Thursday November 4 the V1kes made a sweepmg vrctory over the Borup Bronchos beatlng them 61 to 7 Thrs was the best played game of the season Borup showed a good pass- mg offense but were outclassed by the v1keS who 1ntercepted several passes for touchdowns Ada played stralght football throughout the game The sen1ors who played most of the game were able to end thelr football careers for Ada 1n a blaze of glory 24 i :Iii , - . . . . - ,.,. , - . , . , . , , , , , I I GRIDIRON HERCES ,rx X LTO RUSS LAR5 swans 2 :Mm IENNY L RIB DO N H V FUZZ LIPPY fi. KEITH DAN TACKRE JUNIOR The Army the Navy and Ada Hlgh Step on the starter Never never w1l1 say dxe Put er rn low Well frght f1ght frght Come on gang W1th all our mlght Let s go' The Army the Navy and Ada H1gh 3 cheers for the Army l 2 3 4 who are we for? Crah rah rah Army'l 5 6 7 8 who do we apprecxate? 3 cheers for the Navy A D A frah rah rah Navy'J Thats the way you spell It And three cheers for Ada I-hgh Here s the way you yell It frah rah rah Ada'7 ADA' 25 l' " X 1 V .J ff ' I I T9 I 1-I u ,, .1 If U :- .. . ' 5 W 1 . ' N lu 1, g ao ' -.. 1 "5 I I . E L W- ,mm ..,,.. ..A .. .4 N 'I In ,Q 4 , will Y' I I - - V J I f du T " " UI as .Q ' l 'W Nm' I . ' 4' A ,Q .Q 1 I ' n v- n 0 " 'F H . . , . I 1- - - I I . . , 1 1 1 - "" ' . 1 . I I , - I I n I I I ' ' Leo Baker 'T Yng- The Basketball season started off wrth a lme up new to Ada fans srnce only two lettermen returned Arne Garness and Leo Merck Eugene Hadler and Malcolm Rlp ley both senrors and regulars on last year s quad entered the navy durmg the summer months Desp1te the1r lack of herght and IIIGXPGIIGIICG the new team played as seasoned veterans The addr t1on of Iack Evans at the begmnlng of the second semester gave spark and rnsprratron to the boys Playrng 15 games and wmnmg 5 the boys scored a total of 884 pomts to the1r opponents 487 mak mg an offenswe average of 263 pomts aga1nst a defensrve average of 32 7 pornts The hrgh llght of the season was the upset they scored over Tw1n Valley The V1k1ngs ended :th 1n the conference stand mgs The V1k1HgS can be congratulated for play1ng good clean basketball and g1v1ng every opponent a hard frght as the scores lndrcate Tvxo of the Team Sanders and Merck are graduatmg but Coach Ruoff rs left w1th good prospects for 1945 SEASON S GAMES e Opponent They Gary Cherel Waubun Halstad D Lakes therel Ferttle Cherel Borup Crookston T Valley there? Mahnomen Crookston there! Hendrum therel Fertrle T Valley Gary fherel Mahnomen Pl 1? 1944 VIKES IV! 1: rn. 7 TRACK wr st., HOMECOMING Prrates bums fat men old ladres and some other we1rd lookmg creatures were all part of the openrng feature of our btg gala home student passed 1n revrew the judges marked them for ongrnalrty performance and the elaborateness of costumes They chose Stan ton Dekko as the frrst place wrnner Betty Naugle second and Lowell Storms thrrd Later 1n the evenmg amld the cheers of our basketball fans Patty Mack was crowned queen of homecomlng by Iarl Grlbertson the 1943 football captam Lowell Storms vrce presrdent of the Student Teacher Counc1l then presented her wrth a beautrful charm bracelet The queen attlred 1n the tradrtronal coronat1on robe was attended by Verna Nash Betty Lou Ol on Ardella Fett1ng and Iune Schackle gll wcarmg wh1te formals Iamce Omdahl Eva Mae Iohnson and Yvonne Peterson presented cr novelty tap and twrrlrng combrnatron after the coronat1on Followmg the game we were entertalned by the splendrd carnrval prepared by the sopho mores The fortune tellrng by Mlss Bryant was especrally popular The wrnners of the decoratrng contest were Sophomores Ftrst pnze and the Senlors run n1ng a close second Thrs party brought to an end our mrd wmter homecomrng wrth everyone sayrng lt was a huge success Although they entered a large rnexpenenced team the V1k1ngs were able to mass a total of 42 po1nts at the d1stnct track meet held at Ada on May 14 1943 The two outstandrng men on the V1k1ng team were Hadler and Iohn son who scored 10 and 7 poxnts respectrvely Hadler placed frrst 1n both the 100 and 220 yard dashes whrle Iohnson took second rn the pole vault and thrrd rn the broad jump Hadler was the only man to place tn the Regronal where he took frfth 1n the 220 yard dash Other members who placed were Storms who t1ed for frrst rn the 880 placed thrrd and fourth respectrve ly 1n the mrle run Noel Haaland who was only a seventh grader placed fourth 1n the hrgh jump whrle A Petry and Rrpley both placed fourth rn the shot put and pole vault 184- . r r' 'S-1' coming, Friday, Ianuary 21. As each costumed yard run. Smith and Iamison who C . I l 28 FEATURES I UN IORS PRESENT ,s wg Remember November 309 We do for that s when we presented our Iumor class play BROTHER GOOSE The thr1ll of openmg mght backstage and the fmal curtam all serve to remrnd us of our efforts as thesplans Long remembered characterxzatrons are those of Brother Goose CLowell Storms! Hy Uune Schacklel the younger srster who would rather play football than eat Carol fFlor1ne VISSGIJ who prefers to eat and prune herself Eve lBermce Dekkol the southern charmer and lovely Peqgy CEva Mae Iohnsonl who really knows her busmess Others 1n the cast Wes lB1ll Zrmmermanl Lenore U-Xrdella Fettmgl Mrs Trxrnmer lAl1C6 Neumann? Helen lLo1s McCuneD Sarah Uune Dav1dson7 and the drrver fGeorge Olsonl THE FACULTY PLAY An outstandmg event of the fall dramatlcs season was the presentatron of The Imag1nary Invalld a three act farce by the local school faculty on November 5 The play whrch was a b1g success revolved around Argan lAlbert Matteson! who rmagmes hrmself a very s1ck man How Tomette lAudrey Zubel exposes th1s preten e and makes Argan 1nto an agree able old gentleman formed the plot of th1s old French comedy Other characters were portrayed by Orpha Burud Fred Lar son Robert Larson Lucy Passe Lester Roesch Danrel Ruoff Ethel Saarr Hans Sethre Alrce Thompson and Sh1rley Zrm 1T1e1'I'1'1CIl'1 The proceeds from thls comedy were used to pay for the new stage curta1ns and cyclorama of whlch the school IS justly proud 50 ' . l 2 3 Q X.-in v 2 sz, , ' K 1 , . 3 1 5 l . 5. 5 , . X . I , . , . , : . . I I I ' ' I I - I . ., . . ,. . , . I . S . - I , - I I I I I I .I I . . . - FRONT ROW tlett to rlghtl Ada Mae Teters Ioyce Syordal Stanton Dekko Beverly Kruhk Carol Olson SECOND ROW Mrs Johnson coach Mrss Byfant coach Donna Ma Fynskov Dorothy Tomhave Alrce Neumann lanrce Omdahl Mrss Zube coach THIRD ROW Lorrame Carman Rrchmond Matteson Lowell Storms Francrs Ntrschl Yvonne Peterson DECLAMATION Qs Learnrng to speak before a aroup w1th ease and porse IS one of the arms of the srxteen students who competed rn the declamatron contests held rn Ada on March 6 March 20 at Halstad and March 27 at Fertrle Mlss Zube Mlss Bryant and Mrs Johnson coached the students who competed rn these d1v1s1ons lnterpretrve Readmg fDramat1c and Humorousl Extemporaneous Speakmg and Oratory Those competrng 1n the Interpreuve readrng were as follows Ada Mae Teters Persecut1on Ianrce Omdahl Wh1te Cl1ffS Ahce Neumann The Moon 1S Down Yvonne Peterson Blttersweet Donna Mae Fynskov Lrttle Dub Bernrce Dekko The Button Eleanor Eakel M1ss1ss1pp1 Magrc Lorrarne Carmen The Mortal Storm R1chmond Matteson Pharaohs Daughter Dorothy Mae Tomhave Lauqh Clown Laugh Ioyce Sjordahl Gertrude the Governess Carol Olson Sabotage Lowell Storms as the only person takrng part rn the extemporaneous d1v1s1on Two orat1or1s were g1ven These were g1ven by Francrs Nrrschl whose pzece was Keep Our Dreams Ahve and Darleen Haaland who gave There Was a Man THE PEPSTERS FRONT ROW tleft to nghtl Bernrce Dekko Yvonne Peterson Eva Mae Iohnson SECOND ROW Ioe Murphy Betty Nauqle Donna Nash Ioyce Syordal-, Arlene Olson Beverly Kraulrk Jean Qurrk Allen Ogard THIRD ROW Allan Anderson Carol Olson Robert Shelland Rrchmond Matteson Gray don Larson Ieanne Habedank Angehne Fettmg FOURTH ROW Lorrame Kloety Neola Babler Dorothy Tomhave Eleanor Krogstad Vrrgxl Fettmg Audrey Hetland Ramona Lren Mary Ann Hunt FIFTH ROW Loxs McCune Robert Poehler Thelmona Healy Beverly Roesch Donna Mae Fynskov Alvm Petry Iamce Omdahl ADA HIGH SCHOOL BAND it i- 4" FRONT ROW tlett to rrghtl Robert Nelson Iune Schackle Lowell Storms Betty Chnstenson Mary Ann Hunt Audrey Hetlond Lorrame Kloety Ramona Llen Duane Shelland SECOND ROW Florella Iohnson Shrrley Rasmussen Duane Olson Murrel Ness Leslre Olson Ranma Kloety Elame Storms Wrllram Zrmmerman Barbara Herrmger Betty Lou Olson lune Davrdson Darleen Haaland THIRD ROW Carol Olson Bermce Dekko Myrna Fettxng loyce Syordal Arlene Olson Allen Anderson Arne Gar ness lack Helsmg Dwarn Ness Walter Lystrom Leslre Ness George Olson Ronald Grothe Ivan Fletcher Rrchard Maltrud Wrllzam Storslee Ronald Iohnson FOURTH ROW Lorrame Carman Thelmona Healy Ioyce Hammerback Donna Fynskov Rrchmond Matteson Allen Ogard Alan Olson Donald Dyrdahl R A Matteson dzrector One two ready playll No 1t rsnt ct baseball ump1re startrng the game 1tS the Ada Hlgh School Band begrnnmg the overture to the Un hmshed Symphony Thrs selectron was one of the h1ghl1ghts of the concert whrch was presented on Ianuary 26th Mr Matteson the band dmrector and the entrre band are to be congratulated for the splendrd yob they drd on such d1ff1cult serectlons as the V1ctory Overture and Marche Slav whrch made up part of the program The success of the concert was due to the varxety of numbers presented The Three Bears a comedy sketch whrch was narrated by Florella Iohnson brought many hearty laughs and told the old famrlxar story 1n song Durmg the year the band also added color and gayety to pep tests and sports events On March 29 the band accompan1ed the patnotrc pageant As Amenca Sang presented by the grades They played an overture Amer1cana and several other short numbers at th1s program The spr1ng concert whxch was enthusrastlcally rece1ved was entertamxng and demonstrated the mus1cal progress of the orqarnzatron Wrth th1s last formal appearance of the band the end of the overture 1S tmally reached A loud blast from the trumpets f1n1shes the number and Mr Matteson lowers h1s baton bnngmg the mus1cal year to an rmpressxve close 32 1 7 v - , X , , ' 1 1 1 1 - ' -1 - 1 1 gi 1 1 1 1 . , - . . . . r . 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 A I 1 I I ,, ,, . . 1 . . 1 1 1 -- 1 . , . . . 11 . . 11 - . . . - - 1 1 t ' ' 1 I ll u Ll ll ll ' Y 11 11 - - 1 , 1. .. . . . . 11 . 1 11 11 - 11 I I 5 I ADA HIGH SCHOOL GOES TO WAR ARMY Harold Austrnson 33 Henry Austrnson 34 Robert Aamoth 40 Lester Benneheld 38 Morrrs Bennefleld 32 Otto Herbert Bartz Col A I Betcher 05 Conrad Boddmg 35 George Carter 31 Howard Chrrstenson Arch1e Chnsuanson Loren Chr1st1anson 42 Cllfton Ellson 28 Floys Ellson 27 Allan Erdsmo 38 Robert Elleraas 36 Elmer Fletcher 39 Selmer Garness 37 Adron Garness 31 Severen Hauge 41 Merton Iohnson 39 Alvrn Iohnson 23 Rufus Logan 22 Iarl Marsten 30 Loren Nash 41 Rrchard Nrrschl 41 Earl Ogard 30 Norrrs Ogard 31 Leland Olson 40 Loren Olson 39 Francls Olson 35 Russell Olson 43 Stanley Olson 40 Reuben Onstad 35 Walter Petry 3 Iohn Pfund 35 Oscar Ramnes 29 Op1e Rmdahl 17 Kenneth Roesch 33 Lambert Roesch 31 Leroy Redland 39 Louls Remark 42 Robert Remark 42 Melfred Roragen 36 Thorwald Roragen 24 Rod1n Salverson 31 Harry Schwartz 31 Anthony Srpe 35 Lester Srtes 39 Gerard Spaeth 42 Donald Storslee 38 Clement Strand 30 Ioseph Sulhvan 31 Donald Threl 41 Curtls Torfm 40 Kenneth Torfm 41 Earl Tvedt 39 Bernard Volkerdrng Rlchard Weber 35 Manon Wr1ter 40 Iames M Whalen 37 Iohn T Whalen 34 ARMY AIR CORPS Iesse Alexander 37 Ronald Bang 40 Bertram Bro 31 Glenn Enger 34 Eldred Fett1ng 39 Eldon Foster 41 Iohn Foster 39 Wallace Gr1ewe 41 Robert Herrrnger 41 Norman Iaros 29 Clarence Iohnson 39 Delford Iohnson 43 Gerald Malakowsky 40 Donald Mlller 38 Donald Ness 42 Fred S1mpson 33 Clement Sanders 31 Alvln Schubkegel 36 NAVY Merlyn Anderson 38 Beverly Barnes 43 Stanley Barnes 35 Chester Dekko 43 Thomas Farragher U G 33 43 Alv1n Glsvold 36 Lester Gunnerson Lowell Haaland 42 Euqene Hadler U G 44 Floyd Hovland 43 Edward Iamrson 43 Rxchard Ienson 39 Howard Larson 38 Marlon Menge 34 Donald Nustad U G 43 Erwm Olson 22 W1ll1S Pngge 40 Malcolm Rrpley U G 44 Quentm Roesch 40 Iohn Sanders 41 Homer Thune 40 Irvrn Tommerdahl U G 44 Ierome V1lmo 43 Rrchard Weber 35 Roswell Wlchern 37 NAVY AIR CORPS Marvln Hammarback 43 Anthony Merck 42 Donald Pederson 40 Rerd Z1mmerman 38 MARINES Robert Mack 41 Davrd Scherf 41 lack Scott 23 Donald Wrlkens 40 Cameron Grma 31 WACS Sylv1aG1lbertson 31 Marjorre Iackson 39 WAVES Harr1et Peterson 41 Mlldred Syordal 39 ARMY NURSES Ardrs Anderson 37 Myrtle K1tche11 33 Beatrlce Ogard 36 Mable Rage 23 Valorxs Wrlkens 39 U S CADET NURSE CORPS Marjone Gerjets 41 Margaret Nelson 42 LuVerne Olson 42 Ruth Syordal 40 Margaret Strand 41 Betty Remark 43 Those k111ed ln act1on . . 1 1 '39 - 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 I 1 I I . . I 1 . 1 Y " 1 1 ' I . . 1 1 I . 1 '35 ' I 1 1 1 . . . 1 - I . 1 1 , 1 1 1 - - I . 1 ' '36 ' I . . . 1 - f-4 - - 142 1 I . 1 . . 1 I . . I . 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I . 1 1 I . . 1 - I 1 1 1 - I 1- I 1 I . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' ' I 1 I r 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 . . 1 1 . . 1 l 1 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 I ' ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 . 1 Orvtlle Onstqd '18 COAST GUARD 1 1 1 - 1 1 , J 1 1 I 1 1 . . 1 I 1 I I I 1 1 1 1, I I I 1 I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' - 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' I . 1 1 1 1 I . . I - 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I . 1 - 1 1 I 1 I . 1 - 1 1 I 1 ' - 1 1 1 I 1 ' ' 1 1 1 I 1 ' - - 1 1 1 I I I . - 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 I I I . . . . 1 1 I . . . 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 , ' - I . 1 ' 1 1 ' ' - - 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 1 1 I 1. . . . I 1 1 . . . Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb. ,Q ff' flfisiv' TO HELP YOU RECALL 21-Homecoming and "sweet victory for the Vikings." 26-Band Concert. Hats oft to the Ada High musicians. 28-Freshman Class Party. 5-Seventh Grade goes to a party. Sadie Hawkins gets her man! 29-"As America Sang." Colorful and tuneful. March 4-Sub-district basketball tournament. May the best team win! IF if- l March 15-16-Inter-class tournament draws a crowd. 'fm March 27-Declamation Contest. April 7-9-Easter Vacation and the first touch of that old malady-Spring Fever. April 21-Senior Class Play. April ?-Skip day !!! May May May May May Iune 18-School Exhibit and Style Show. 20-The Viking appears-hot off the press. 6-Iunior-Senior Banquet and Prom. 22--Exams.-now for the S64 question! 26-Baccalaureate. 2-Graduation. "We made it!" PATRONS Thank you. With the circumstances that 1944 has put before us, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in making our annual possible. ADA BAKERY ADA RECREATION PARLORS AQUA'S PHARMACY BANGS MARKET BEN FRANKLIN STORE BLACK HAWK CAFE BODDING LUMBER YARD CLOVER FARM STORE C R ANDREWS AND CO DeMARS DRUG STORE FETTINGS BEAUTY SHOP HADLER SIORDAL HARDWARE I C PENNEY CO L B HARTZ STORE MODERN BEAUTY SHOP NORMAN COUNTY INDEX DR A NELSON OLSON FURNITURE STORE OLSON S CAFE OLSON S MEN S WEAR PEOPLE S HARDWARE RED STAR CAFE ROCHAT S JEWELRY SILVER INN CAFE SIMPSON GARAGE SITTKO DR H SKAURUD PHOTO STUDIO SWIFT PRODUCE THE 1944 VIKING STAFF Edztorzn Ch1ei VIOIGI G111 Bus1ness Manager Verona Miller Photography Leo Merck and Wallace Bennefleld Art and Make Up Arne Garness Copy Ieanne Volland and Betty Lou Olson and Mav1s Horn AdV1S6I MISS Saan 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . l 1 I 36

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