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,91- of194Z N-1 Z GONE TL ii? Ed to 111 Ch ef 5553 gi-3 4893 www- xl , gf Ei' WU ' 5 J: 7 gf, I h 1 . . . 5 , 1 1'- - 1 P- gi W Li. X I C. AH K qsx '-rf :X-I ' 9 -Q' " 1 - N -454' 2-an ' Mfg 51W Business Manager Published by the Senior Class of ADA HIGH SCHUDI. Ada, Minnesota DEDICATICDN FORWARD Well, dear friends, we. as seniors, have come to the close of our high school days. Do I hear a few cheers? Surely no one could be happy at the thought of Finishing school! fOr could they?J Don't you remember how glad you were when you practically broke a leg racing up the stairs only to have the door slammed in your face and how you beamed with joy when someone would spring a test on you? I'm sure you all remember the night you wanted to see a movie in the worst way, but you had to study for three tests. You just went into Hts of laughter. fMaybe it was just plain fitsj But seriously, we've had a good time and just to prove it, we present our '42 Viking. WALTER DRENGSON We seniors hope that by dedicating our annual to Walt we are giving a little of the honor due him. Each year he has brought the attention of many to our school by the outstanding organiza- tions which he has pro- duced. fsxclmlmstratlon A C Pederson Supelmtendent Norman M Wxdsten Prmclpal B A Luther College Latm B E Bem1d31 State T C BOARD OF EDUCATION Semor H S Sclence Mathematics Flrst Row Mlke Roesch Clerk O N Boddmg Treas urer Carl Volkerdmg Sec ond Row W M Aschbach Leonard Ol on Dr A Nel son Presldent 6 I l I . ., . . . . . . . , 1 - - r ' v - ' c ' - ., , . . , . o Top Row Cleft to ughtj Walter Drengson Ada Mlnnesota B Mus Concordla Col lege Mus1c R B Johnson LaCrosse WISCONSIN B A Carleton College Bookkeepmg Hlstory X Soc1alSc1ence Publlcatlons Guy W Long Mxlnor N Dak B S Umverslty of North Dakota Ind Arts Genexal SCIENCE 7th and Sth Blanche Olsen Ada Mmnesota UH1VeFSlty of Mlnnesota Llbrarlan and Secretary A C Pederson Superlntendent Ada MlnD6S0t3 B A Luther College Latln Second Row Florence M Renner Pel1can Raplds Mmnesota B E Moorhead State T C Art Econonnc Geography Engllsh XI Hlstory XI Marle A Rlste Hendrum Mlnne sota B E Moolhead State T C Jumoz H S MHthCm1tlCS Myrene E Ronshaugen Roslyn S Dak B A Augustana College Gen Sclence Gen Busmess Physlcal Education Dramatlcs Damel H Ruoff Ada Mmnesota B S Unlverslty of Mmnesota Physlcal Education Blology Couch Athletlcs Glenna Sad Valley Clty N Dak B A Umverslty of N Dak Jumor H S Enghsh Socl'1lStud1es Declamatlon Dr'1mat1cs 1 Thlrd Row Marjorle Strand Fargo N Dak B E Moorhead State T C 7th Geogra phy General SCIGHCO Art Engllsh Hlstory Ethel Symons Ada Mmnesota B A Fargo College UnlV8fS1ty of North Dakota Sen1or H S Engl1Sh Joye Whltten Mlnneapolls Mmnesota B S Umversxty of M1nDQSOt8 Art Home Economlcs Norman M Wldsten Prlncxpal Ada Mlnnesota B E Bemxdjx State T C Senlor H S Sclence Mathematlc Evelyn W1ll1HmS Wadena Mmnesotx B S Unlverslty of Mlnnesota Shorthand Typlng Faculty 2f1lOl'S Top row Qleft to Flghtl Vlola Bloom Archle Chrls t1anson Loren Chr1st1anson Neola Dlxon Second row Murlel Eckhoff Myron Eldsmoe Jesse Elhngworth Daphme F1scher Thlrd row Arllne G1Ul6T Esther GllSOUl Robert Gnadt Alm1ra Grothe Fourth row Lowell Haaland Ahce Harms Jams Larson Anthony Merck f l . , ' Q s f . , , , . ' D 1 1 , . - 1 F , . Top row fleft to mghtj Margaret Nelson Donald Ness LuVerne Olson Phyllls Plckerlng Second row Robert Remark Bette Scherf Helen Schubkegel Robert Skalskv Thxrd row Gerard Spaeth Alta Stadum Ela1ne Stennes Esther Stennes Fourth row Ela1ne Thompson Orleen Warne Jas per Wells Leona Wrlter ZNIOTS - v 1 v ' - v - v , - - 1 v , . - - Q ' ., . 5 I 1 ,r , Honor Students Margaret Nelson Esther Stennes Valedictorian Salutatorian Senior Class Officers Robert Remark .,e, ....... P resident Lowell Haaland .s,, .... V ice-President Leona Writer e .,... Secretary Orleen Warne H - ,,e, Treasurer Hustory of Class of -42 Thinking back over the past twelve years 1n Ada Public School we sen1ors would like to leave these remembrances for those to follow and as a page of memories for ourselves These years fit 1nto a story that goes l1ke this Once upon a time twelve years ago twelxe of the present SGHIOFS Viola Bloom Neola Dlxon Daphine Fischer Alice Harms Lowell Haaland Margaret Nelson Donald Ness Lu Verne Olson Robert Remark Bette Scherf Gerard Spaeth and Leona Writer were march ed by their dotlng mothers into kindergarten one of the first lmportant experiences of their young lives The cries of three unhappy tots were heard ln the first grade when Viola LuVerne and played the plano We were all careful to keep our legs out of the aisles because MISS Andei son d1d not use her ruler sparingly Almira entered our proud class of second graders Her bright answer that the cavemen probably first obtained fire by lightenmg won her our admiration Our modern casxnovi 1n the second grade was Lowell with h1S beauti ful umbrella may baskets for all the girls Miss Bell s frequent show of affections was not lost on us in the third grade especially on Gold Tooth Remark her pet name for Bob Loren made h1s appearance that year and Gerry spent part of the year gomg to school in St Paul but Joined us again 1n the spring When we were in the fourth grade we all got such a thrlll out of watching the pigeons bu1ld1nff their home in the chimney cornei outside the w1ndow On belng called out of the room one day kisses were bestowed on 1 few of us by our kind teacher MISS Houge for the maybaskets we had given her Were we em baxrassed' In the fifth grade we must have been whispering bunch because the teachel kept 1 chart of the whisperers Jasper jolned up and entexs into our stoly whlle Bette Hoes out Un to the coat hall for whisperlngj Soon after entering the sixth grade a sad experience to occur 1n our young l1ves was the death of lVIar1lee Garness a classmate of ours one of the main acts in the Christmas progl am that year Fox and Goose was the game we all played that wlnter No more lining up IH Stl"l1 ht rows and followlng the teacher for we were finally in the sex enth grade Archie came into our class that vear We all sat bew1ldered in the as sembly one day because we d1d not know where to go In the meantime Miss R1St9 was looking for us and we then had our math ematlcs lesson We also struggled through oui first state board examination geography And we do mean st1 uggled' fCODt1DU6d on page 125 Just before we dlg 1nto the turkey All lmed up fox the Grand Maieh 11' . I . . . . V , ' P D , . . . 2 . L , . Y . , . K 1 . y . 7 U - 1 1 9 ' . . - f -' g ' H - X a . , I . ' ' ' - ' 2 . . S . . L ' . , Q y , D , 1 L 11 ' fi 1 'a ' h H ' ' eona got t ,eu ngers S appe because t Gy since the first grade. Our flashlight dance was 1 ' . A ,v . 'w ctw '11 D Q '- .. 1' 5 . . qui . . ' ' i w ' ' uc g w ' ' Y -. . . . 1 . ' V ' , l A ff o YK V. - . Q . Q. V a I .fini l A c ' . . - 1 ' . 0 - KC 97 y I . . ' A I l Muriel Eckhoff, Myron Eidsmoe, Arline Gig- ler, Esther Gilsoul, Robert Gnadt, Janis Lar- son, Phyllis Pickering, Helen Schubkegel, Ro- bert Skalsky, Alta Stadum, Elaine Stennes, Esther Stennes, Elaine Thompson and Orleen Warne increased our number of the freshmen class to fifty. We were all kept one noon be- cause one member of the class whistled. We all gave out with our best whistles to help the teacher tell which one of us had committed the crime, but it remained unsolved. We were excited taking our new places in the senior assembly as sophomores. The new member in our sophomore class was Jesse. We built the bonfire that year and had a hard time but with Mr. Johnson's assistance and after scouring the country side and vicinity of Ada, we produced the particular edifice, and our bonfire proved to be one of the biggest and best ever. For baccalaureate service our class decorated the auditorium. Our annual class picnic was held at Twin Lakes. It was rather cold for swimming so we decided to have a wading party, but might just as well have gone swimming, for after engaging in a water fight we came out soaking wet anyhow. As juniors we won first prize for our float in the Homecoming parade. We showed our dramatic ability in our junior class play, "Mountain Mumps", which was a great suc- cess. A trophy of which we were very proud was won by our boys in the Inter-Class Bas- ketball Tournament. Anthony joined our class that year. We must not forget to mention that ours was the first class in recent years to have a prom following the Junior-Senior Banquet. Our decorations for commencement were con- sidered to have been very beautiful. We used great quantities of ferns, lilacs, plum and ap- ple blossoms. It was truly a bower of beauty. As thirty-one high and mighty seniors we are now drawing to the close of our story. Our senior year has truly been a memorable one. Our Homecoming Queen was Viola, and our float again won a prize for its beauty. In the spring we were entertained by the juniors at a banquet. In the past years our class has not had to take a "Back seat" in any of the follow- ing activities: band, choir, football, basketball, publications and dramatics. Our Annual has been the biggest undertaking in our senior year, and we are proud of it. 1. Bob, our class president, has a later model now. 2. Those knee pants, Dutch! 3. Sixth grade-We had a good idea some of us would finally get here. 4. Our Montana cow girl, Phyllis. 5. Muriel, you've still got those dimples. 6. "Baa". They can't pull the wool over your eyes, Orleen. 7. Scalp 'em, Margaret. 8. Vi and Bette, still dreaming? 9. Toot your horn, Lu. 10. Wipe that scrowl off, Leona. 11. What do you see, Elaine? 12. Vi, still a cyclone, huh: Who's the cute little girl with the dog? 13. Could it be Almira? ' 14 . Gerry whatta man! 15. Esther, still sweet and shy, 16. Our farmer lady, Bobby. Juniors Plan Banquet and Prom . . . This year our class of 46 members has been headed by our president, Betty Remarkg vice president, Chester Dekkog secretary, Fay Christianson, treasurer, Jerome Vilmo and advisor, Miss Renner. In November when homecoming took place. our float brought us a first prize of three dol- lars for its originality. After many wearisome, yet interesting practices came the exciting date, October 17. Our class play, "Miss America", was present- ed before a large audience for the matinee and a full auditorium for the evening performance. The cast of 12 members was directed by Miss Renner and Miss Ronshaugen, During practices the cast was entertained by Ruth Austinson, Fay Christianson and Mavis Sorenson at Fay's home, Betty Remark at her home and by Miss Renner and Miss Ronshaugen at the school house. Other mem- bers of the cast brought apples and candy. Of the 33 contestants in the spelling contest in February, 16 were juniors. Donald Nustad was awarded second prize of a silver medal and Marette Williamson the third prize of a bronze medal. Our biggest task of the year was the ban- quet and prom at which we entertained the seniors on May 18. We carried out a "Keep 'Em Flying" theme. Our class is well represented in the extra activities as basketball. football. journalism and music. First prizes in both the essay contests held this year were taken by juniors. Ardis Horn received first prize on her essay "Education For A Strong America." Betty Remarks essay "Characteristics of a Good American" rated First and Fay Christianson's second. Decorations and ushers for commencement exercises were taken care of by our class. Front Row: Cleft to rightj Elaine Eckhoff. Elizabeth Dittmer. John Jamison. Ruth Aus- tinson, Jean Bohl, Odell Olson, Floyd Hovland. Mavis Sorenson, Hildegard Dittrner. Second Row: Albertha Crompton. Lucille Ness. Francis Whalen. Charline Drake, Bert Smith. Palmetta Gill, Edward Jamison, Chester Dekko, Elizabeth Vilmo. Third Row: Betty Remark, Delford Johnson. Thomas Faragher, Irene Carman. Bever- ley Barnes. Esther Jacobson, Marvin Gravdahl. Arditt Loftman, Margaret Ingberg, Miss Renner tadvisorh. Fourth Row: Lyla Larson, Michael Nerdahl, Charles Herman. Eileen Ike, Anthony Praxel, Marvin Hammarbaek, Jerome Vilmo. Melbert Eidsmoe, Marette Williamson. Fifth Row: Charles Bremer, Russell Olson, Fay Christianson, Gerald Magnuson, Bloyd Benson, Howard Anderson, Donald Nustad, Ardis Horn. Not on picture: LaVonne Moon. ophomores L..-ian-1 7 F1 ont Row Cleft to rightp Glenn Larson Sandra Spaeth Shirley Thompson Betty Lou Olson Wayne Samuelson Verona Miller Elaine Hovland Betty Kiabbenhoft Kenneth Miller Second Row Donald Sanders Lois Johnson Vernon Petry Myra Lee Eleanore Krog tad Violet Gill Willles Strand Verona Fettmg Ernest Holtman Marjorie Bremer Fern Davis Thnd Row Kenneth Benesh Zola Haaland Ruth Johnson Dorothy Dauner Pauline Dittmer Joyce Jackson Dorothy Jacobson Marjorie Smlth Leo Merck R B Johnson Cadvisorb Fourth Row Edna Strand Betty Jane Olson Malcolm Ripley Jean Volland Robert Ericson, Verna Nash, Eugene Hadler, Doris Clayton, Alvin Petry. Fifth Row: Patricia Mack, Wilma Moe, Donald Franz. Frank Perkins, Willard Harms. Jarl Gilbertson. Irvin Tommerdahl. David Schlenz, Elizabeth Onstad. Bu Id Bonfire for I-lomeoommg We, the class of 44. have for the past nine months been under the leadership of our pres- ident. Malcolm Ripleyg vice president, Betty Lou Olsong secretary, Elaine Hovland and treasurer, Shirley Thompson. Our class ad- visor was Mr. Johnson until January when his vacancy was filled by Miss Mary Jean Bowe. Our curriculum consists of the required sub- jects of English, physical education and world history and the selective group of biology, geometry, home economics and industrial arts. Many of our class members also take part in the extra activities. Eighteen students take part in the music activities, four in football and basketball, nine are on the paper staff and two of our girls have been cheerleaders for thc past two years. In order to have a good homecoming it takes a good bon-fire and we sophomores had an excellent one this year. Although we had the misfortune of our float being destroyed before the parade, we feel it would have taken a prize for it was a huge military tank with a V for Victory and Vikings. To help our country, we began buying De- fense stamps as a class project. The rest of the high school followed our policy later in the year. Our class party was held on February sec- ond. It was a farewell party for Mr. R. B. John- son who was our teacher and class advisor. He resigned to accept a position in a defense in- dustry. As is customary. the six highest ranking girls and six highest ranking boys acted as waitresses and waiters for the junior-senior banquet. We also had the privilege of decorat- ing the gymnasium for the senior s baccalaure- ate services. '14 15 FI'2Sl"IlT12l'l Try to Grow Up and be sophomores As freshmen of the Ada Hlgh School we feel that we are somewhat looked down upon by the three classes of the senlor assembly However we have our 1mportant dut1es and studxes to prepare ourselves for the next step ln hfe Our currlculum 1S rather l1m1ted as we are requ1red to take Enghsh mathematxcs gen eral busmess general sc1ence and home econ om1cs or 1ndustr1al arts We are not entxrely depr1ved of the pleasures of h1gh school fox we have representat1ves 1n almost every ac tlV1ty Ten freshmen take part 1n band 'und part IH paper work and declamatxon Allce Neuman who IS a newcomer to thls school thls year brought two honors to our class She won f1rst prlze IH our d1v1s1on of the spellmg contest and on her essay Character 1St1CS of a Good Amerlcan For homecommg we decorated M1ss R1StQ s car for our float and portrayed the four steps to success Among other excltlng thmgs that occurred durmg the year were our weekly act1v1ty per lods wh1ch were spent readmg or presentmg programs to the class and class partles Sep tember 21st marked the date of our first party colxseum Front Row Cleft to Tlghtb Ardella Fettmg Renata Schubkegel Donald Dyrdahl Ahce Neumann George Olson June Schackle Robert Nelson Florme Vlsser Wallace Ben nefeld Second Row Ivan Flecher Alta Johnson Lorrame DeW1tt Rosella Wagner R1chard Malakowsky MBVIS Horn Robert Poehler Robert Smlth Thlrd Row John Jackson Mabel Smlth Ahce Ford Vlolet Krabbenhoft Allan Olson Vlctorla Dxxon Eva Mae Johnson Elllng Holm MISS RlSt8 f8dV1SOI'D Fourth Row Ruth Scherf Leo Baker Geraldme Burley Lowell Storms Betty Lou Benesh Bernlce Dekko Helen Arel Beatrlce Lem F1fth Row Lawrence Ramstorf Roy Aasland W1ll1am Zlmmerman 1015 McCune Herbert Grleve June Davidson Donald Arel Dennls Bloom Not on p1cture Betram Aasland Rlchard Lundon f r 1 9 C . . . y . 1 1 ' . . . Y . ,, ' ' . . - 7 . . 7 . Y - H U , - , , . . . . . . . I , 1 . seventeen in choir as well as those who take It was a roller skating party held at the I . . y I 7 U Y . 1 1 1 1 v ' I . 3 7 . ' . Y 1 I . Y , .Y . I . . . . I Y . y 1 -Y - Y l 1 y l 1 ' . . y Y , I I . . - . . Z . Y 7' Y 7 : , . l 7th and 8th Grades SEVENTH GRADE Front Row: tleft to rightl Norman Rushton. Donald Dauner, Donald Lee. Ardis Visser. Donald Larson, Duane Thiel. Darrel Herringer. Tenny Aasland. Second Row: Darrel Aasland. Shirley Rasmussen. Donna Kloety, Martha Schlenz. Robert Shelland, Norma McCune, Norrine Lundon. Dwein Ness, Donald Smith. Third Row: Graydon Larson, Katherine Schultz. Orabell Rasmussen, Elaine Storms, Constance Lechleiter, Darlene Haaland, Richard Rosevold. Miss Strand Cadvisorb. Fourth Row: Hilda Hauge, Dorothy Tomhave, Paul Holte, Allan Gerjets, Joyce Ham- marback, Ronald Johnson, Veronica Berray. Not on picture: Marie Boutain, Wesley Holtman, Willis Loftman. Donald Strand. EIGHTH GRADE Front Row: Cleft to rightl James Schultz. Ada Mae Tetcrs, William Fischer. Yvonne Peterson, Ame Aasland. Ila Rassmusen. Michael Merck. Lorraine Carmen. Jack Ericson. Second Row: Leslie Ness, Jean Lee, Ilene Gerjets. 'Ihelmona Healy. Florella Johnson. Rhoda Olson. Harriet Sprung. Jane Dullurn. Calvin Hovland. Miss Sad Cadvisorj Third Row: Audrey Olson, Raima Kloety, Barbara Herringer, Ronald Grothe. Arne Garness, Duane Shelland, Donna Mae Fynskov. George Gilbertson, Delmar Hellerud. Fourth Row: Verona Grosnick, Gloria Moon, Kenneth Redland, Russell Onstad. Ken- neth Baker, Clifford Aldrich, Harlan Nygaard, William Storslee, Naomi Hovland. Not on picture: Norman Brantl, Muriel Ness. PART II Quin? J4!w,WIL7!Z0,1f CQA00! 1 .xx- ,M vol r ,.....t-............,,,,. at . .19- This page: 1. Cooking up the noon lunch. 2. Why, Booken, This is a sur- prise! 3. Going somewhere? 4. Do you have to crank it? 5. How about a little HZO? 6. Why not grow up? 7. Careful, Tony, it may be TNT. 8. More brain work CWe hopeb. 9. Doubling up, huh? 10. What's this mess? You, Howy? Opposite page: 1. Don't work too hard, Frank. 2. It can't be Elaine absorbed in studies. 3. Something tells us its the prop- erty of the physics class. 4. The limousine line. 5. I'll bet you made an error. 6. Are we to consider them Christmas gifts? 7. Proud of our new backboards, Mr. Ruoff? 8. We'll say "ouch" for you, Chet. 9. Whatcha doin', Ness? 10. A little of the industrial arts brain work. Nlusic ln AHS.. A Capella Choir C Front Row: Verona Fetting. Mabel Smith. Robert Smith. Glenn Larson. Allan Olson. George Olson. Robert Nelson. Chester Dekko. LuVerne Olson. Elaine Hovland. Betty Lou Olson. Second Rowz June Shackle, Phyllis Pickering. Beinice Dekko. Verona Miller, Arditt Loftman, Dorothy Jacobson. Eleanor Krogstad. Alice Neuman, Lucille Ness. Victoria Dixon. Margaret Nelson Third Row: Zola l-Iaaland, Ether Stennes. Irene Carman. Odell Olson. Jean Bohl. Ruth Austinson. Donald Dyrdahl. Florine Visser. Shirley Thompson. Margaret Ingberg. Walter Drengson. director. ill Patt Mack Maiette Williamson Eli7abeth Onstad, Viola Fourth Row: Palmetta G . y . ' , , Bloom, Elizabeth Dittmer. June Davidson. Jean Vollancl. Helen Arel. Violet Gill. Fifth Row: Lyla Larson, Esther Jacobson. Orleen VVarne, Marvin Hammarback, Almira Grothe. Eileen Ike. Geraldine Burley. Mavis Sorenson. Beatrice Lein. Sixth Row: John Jamison, Charles Herman. Elaine Stennes. Howard Anderson, Lowell Haaland, Alta Stadum, Lowell Storms. Melbert Eidsmoe, William Zimmerman. Not on picture: Charline Drake, Betty Jane Olson. and Verna Nash. During the course of the year the various organizations of the music department have played a large part in the social activities of the community. On February 3 the choir sang at the Winter Shows Pageant at Crookston. They also appeared on a Meet Your Neighbor program at Perley and at several Legion and Farm Bureau meetings. The most outstanding organization of the music department this year was the pep band. They appeared at most of the sub-district bas- ketball games and at both the sub-district and district tournaments. During the first week in August they went on a trip to Yellowstone Park. a tour they'll always remember. They. too, have performed at many community func- tions, including a Farm Bureau meeting at Hendrum and the Meet Your Neighbor pro- gram at Perley. Band Brevities proved to be the highlight of the year for all musical groups. The band opened the performance and were followed by a miniature minstrel completely costumed. A picture album constituted the third part of the program including both modern pictures and pictures from the gay nineties. A choir of 80 voices concluded the performance. '20 S y. Band: Front Row: tleft to rightl Duane Ness, Duane Thiel, Michael Merck. Yvonne Pederson. Ivan Fletcher, Leslie Ness, William Fischer, Ronald Johnson. Second Row: Duane Shelland, Ronald Grothe. Paul Holte. Walter Voje, William Storslee, Elaine Storms, Florella Johnson, Shirley Thompson, Margaret Nelson, LuVernL- Olson, Barbara Herringer, Donna Kloety, Betty Lou Olson, Fay Christianson, William Zimmerman, Arne Garness, Robert Nelson, Allan Olson. Third Row: Darleen Haaland, Sandra Spaeth, Marjorie Bremer. Betty Remark. Mar- vin Hammarback, Howard Anderson, Lowell Haaland, Charles Herman, Robert Remark, Melbert Eidsmoe, Lowell Storms, Muriel Ness, June Davidson, Jean Volland. June Schackle, Shirley Rasmussen. Fourth Row: George Olson, Francis Whalen, Walter Drengson tdirectorj, Delford Johnson, Donald Dyrdahl, Chester Dekko. Pep Band: Front Row: Margaret Nel- son, Fay Christianson, Betty Lou Olson, LuVerne Olson, Jean Volland. Second Row: Betty Remark, Shirley Thompson, R o b e rt Nelson, June Shackle. Third Row: Howard Ander- son, Paul Holte, William Fish- er, Leslie Ness, William Stors- lee. Fourth Row: Marvin Ham- marback, Lowell Haaland, Charles Herman, Chester Dek- ko, George Olson. Melbert Eidsmoe. Banc! Brevities CENSUREU BY AC PES' Q I Opposite page: 1. The dancing doll. 2. Two in love. . Norske. the sailor. 3 4. Woo! Woo!!! 5 This page: 1. When Pa was courtin' Ma. 2. Which had the castor oil? 3. School or Hollywood? . The daring belle of the gay 4. Knut-lar-ben-john-ol - ne nineties. son's family. 6. Little sleepy head. 5. The Golden Rulefrb. M-M label' Junior Class Play is a Success A three act comedy, "Miss America," was chosen as the junior class play and presented on October 17. It was the first public entertain- ment of the year. The cast and characters they played are as follows: April Fulton, fBetty Remark, a small town girl entered a contest to please her fiance, John Halliday, fAnthony Praxelj a newspaper editor who wanted to increase the circulation of his paper. A talent scout Uerome Vilmoj is sent to April's home and she makes her sweetheart jealous by paying a great deal of attention to the talent scout. This causes the plot to thicken. Finally everything works out well for April and John Halliday. Others in the cast were: Otto, a German plasterer, who plays the tuba in the town band played by Marvin Hammarbackg Hester, Mavis Sorenson, the Norwegian maid who is always quiting but never does, Fanny Witherspoon, Fay Christianson, a gossipy spinster who lives in mortal terror of April's Uncle Milton, Mi- chael Nerdahlg April's Mother, Ruth Austin- song her Father, Howard Anderson, her sister, Arditt Loftmang and the young brother, Ches- ter Dekko. in Dramatics . Lyla Larson Takes Part in District Contest Eight students partook in the local declama- tion contest held this year on March 3. All selections were interpretive readings. Those taking part were: Lyla Larson, giving The Tell-Tale Heart, Arditt Loftman, The White Cliffs, Dorothy Dauner, Three Are Strongg Geraldine Burley, The Trooper, Pal- metta Gill, Ulrica's Revenge, Russell Olson, The White Maiden, Eileen Ike, Elizabeth the Queen, and Alice Neuman, The White Lilacs. First place of these dramatic pieces was given by the judges to Lyla Larson, second to Eileen Ike, and third to Palmetta Gill. Lyla Larson represented our school in the sub-district contest held at Hendrum on March 9. She received a Hvery good" rating there. On Monday, March 16, Lyla competed at Mclntosh, where she received an average rating. '24 N? nnntn ' 1.11. ,X www Q3 lik 2 Fl A. X 75 lgil ' Sn -,mfg 'Q if W4 M95 .W . OTE HH .4 . . - il A fl x A , we ir ,ewil , E ' . 3' N ffwkih l. Part of one of our Ia- HW :nous bulletin boards. f- 'K liihnu 2. All going swimming, or just you, Lu? 3. Something couldnt be interesting? 4. The minstrel show of Band Brevities. 5. False front, huh. Mavis? G. Looks like a picnic. T. Remember when Jczm wcnt to the library so much? 8. Windy. Lyla? 9. A little back-yard foot- ball. 10. The Vikes are still go- ing places. W-6 ft. PUBLICATICDNS Leona Writer Editor of 42 Viking Viola Bloom Viking Business Manager Orleen Warne Editor of AHS Bulletin Esther Stennes Editor of AHS Bulletin Get A THE AHS BULLETIN We ve done It at last' The name A H S Bull et1n suggested by one of our more industrious staff members has taken the place of the age worn Ada H1 H1 This name has been in the process of reformation for several years and we feel mighty proud of our effort But ln order to have a paper we have to have more than a mere name so let s take an inventory of all the stuff and things lt takes to put out our four paged mimeographed b1 weekly newspaper First we have to have mater1al and to get that we have to have a staff This particular staff is composed of about 40 members of Jumor and senior high school students The material we get IS varied some good and some otherwise but all has to be corrected and proof read 1n an effort to get It rlght Then comes those small Jobs of rough drafting typing the stenclls and running off the paper. And finally the paper is out on the desks and in the mail submitted for reading and criticism. Now that you know what we do perhaps you are wondering what we do it with. We have a typewriter with extra-small elite type two mimeoscopes fone in running orderj and a new mimeographing machine. We also have other small equipment. Rating at N l P A THE ADA VIKING At the N I P A convention held last fall at Grand Forks the paper rece1ved an A rat mg foi the first time IH its history Esther Sten nes and Orleen Warne attended the com entlon as delegates We haxe many problems but here comes our biggest one Putting out a paper costs more than most people imagine and with the small amount allotted to publications It IS often hard to keep It out of the red Regardless of all th1s we ve liked trying to give you the best service we can in giving you the news of what goes on 1n good old Ada High Your editor has Just heaved a sigh of relief' The 1942 annual IS completed and with It is completed the story and pictures that char acterizc the year 1941 42 and that will make you remember 1t as a year of fun and work in Ada High School It has been a hard Job especially for the responsible persons but we all feel they have done their work well con- sidering all the difficulties they have encoun- tered. Their biggest problem by far has been in the securing of necessary funds to make this annual. Of course the business manager did solicit subscriptions but that wasnt half enough. The rest was gotten through the sale '26 l Front Row: tleft to right? Jean Lee. Fatty Gill. Ardis Horn. Margaret Ingebcrg, Violet Gill. Verona Miller, Wallace Bcnnefield, Ruth Scherf. Second Row: Janis Larson, Verona Fetting. Elaine Thompson. Viola Bloom. Beatrice Lein, Ilene Gerjets, Lois Johnson. Third Row: Myra Lee, Betty Remark. Edna Strand, Ruth Austinson. Mavis Horn, Odell Olson. Edward Jamison. Fourth Row: Esther Stennes. Leo Merck. Malcolm Ripley. Eileen Ike. Leona Sand. Bette Scherl. Donald Ness. Fifth Row: Robert Ericson, Lois McCune. Almira Grothe. Robert Remark, Elaine Stennes. Lyla Larson, Orleen YVarne, R. B. Johnson. Advisor. 27' of the activity tickets, the two movies sponsor- ed by the staff and by the interclass tournament of which the seniors were the victors. Another problem was the securing of snap- shots. This was done through a senior snap- shot party and by student's donations. Most of the pictures, however, had to be taken by our photography editors to fill the extra snapshot pages that are in the annual this year. At the Northern Interscholastic Press as-Q sociation held in Grand Forks last year, the Viking rated "A" and was the best printed annual in its division. It also was the best Min- nesota annual entered. Viola Bloom, Leona Writer represented the Viking at the conven- tion. This is the sixth Viking published and is the fourth to be printed. The other two were mime- ographed and planographed. As you probably have noticed, this annual has been improved as much as our limited resources allowed. The new, streamlined cover is different from any- thing used previously and the editor has tried her best to make the make-up of the book varied and interesting. Front Row tleft to rightj Jesse Ellingsworth. Phyllis Pickering. Elaine Thompson, Viola Margaret Nelson. Neola Dixon, Alice Harms. Janis Larson, LuVeine Olson, Anthony Merck. Second Row: Almira Grothe. Donald Ness. Leona Writer, Esther Stennes, Bette Scherf. Schubkegel. Daphne Fischer. Alta Stadum. Arline Gigler. Mr. Widsten tclass advisorj. Back Row: Elaine Stennes, Robert Gnadt. Esther Gilsoul, Jasper Wells, Gerard Spaeth, Remark. Myron Eidsmoe. Robert Skalsky. Loren Christianson. CNot on picture: Archie Christianson. Muriel Echoff, Orleen Warne, Lowell Haalandj Bloom, Helen Robert A Letter About Homecoming .. wwk, Viices Played a Victorious Game October 11. 1941 Dear Folks, The day after the night before the bonfire that wasn't, and the sophies had done a swell job of getting fuel, we all came back to school to discover that we were having homecoming after all, cause it didn't rain enough to make the field wet. So we didn't have our funny paper characters either. Well, to start off with, several of us seniors were excused from school to prepare the first prize float, the Statue of Liberty, the part taken by Leona Writer, and boy what a float! 'We used Sprug Remark's t'Chevy,' and what a car. The junior float had to push it three- fourths of the way in the parade. Well, the parade was supposed to start at one- thirty, so by two it finally got underway. As usual the band strutted out in front, then came the noisy fire trucksg you might say they took the place of the usual trumpets or bugles that hail the coming of someone of royalty, because following them was the Queen's float. The Queen was perched on top of Mr. W'idsten's car and the four attendants were riding on the fenders and such. Behind the Queen came the famous senior float. the Statue of Liberty. 1, Queens float. 2. Senior float. 3. Junior float. 4. Sophomore float. Following this was the juniors' float, I don't remember what it was, but it was given the prize for the most original float there. The seniors want to thank the juniors for pushing us in the parade, of course if we had had a car it wouldn't have been necessary. Well, after the juniors was supposed to be the sophs, but they didn't get very far cause as the huge white tank turned the corner, BANG! Y I ! Y it smashed into another car. It sure wreck- ed the thing. You know if all the tanks are built like that we sure won't stand a chance against Germany, but I think it was the people who made this one, of course it might be that they hit a better car. On second thought I know it was. Parading behind was the freshies, and the seventh and eighth grade floats, I didn't see them, but I heard they had Hoats in the parade. And of course, as usual, along behind the floats came cars and all the kids. Well we paraded down the streets of our big town and then the bunch kinda split, some to the fairgrounds, and some to the school house. I went out to the fairgrounds and sat around until the game started and what a game! Nothing much happened in the first quarter, and we thought sure we would shunk 'em, but during the second period something happened, cause gol-darn those Indians, if they didn't score two touchdowns. Personally I think the girls were the inspiration, cause from what I hear Mahnomen girls aren't as good-looking as us Ada girls, course I wouldnlt know. Well, during the half came the crowning of the Queen, I couldnlt see much of that because of all the kids running around there, but Viola was crowned, not the way she should be, but that's O.K., we took care of that later. The Queen marched out onto the field, with the two Betty's holding her train, and the other two attendants carrying the crown-it was so heavy with jewels, the ten cent kind, that it took two to carry it. Betty Remark set the crown on the Queen's head, then the Queen gave out the float prizes and things and all marched back. I don't know how Viola carried the crown on her head when it took two to carry it before, but she did it, I guess maybe she's stronger than we gave her credit for. .29. By the time the third period rolled around I had yelled myself hoarse and to top it off it looked as if the Indians were out to beat us, but we fooled them by taking the ball away at their one yard line, course they fumbled the ball, but anyway we got it, and then Hadler ran 78 yards for a touchdown. his second of the season, and then the Indians got mad and they tried to make passes, but all the wind from their bragging kinda helped us to inter- cept their passes. At the end of the game we were clear down on our twenty yard line again, and we beat the Indians 38 to 18, of course everyone knew we would. Well I guess that's enough about the famous Ada High School Homecoming for now. Be seein' you soon I hope. Love, Bette 1. Our Homecoming Queen. 2. The bonfire. quarterback This past year the nine south sub district schools organized a six rnan football league The Wild Rice Conference with each team playing six conference games A schedule was made out for a period of three years and a trophy shall be given to the team having the highest percentage at the close of each season Starting the season with five lettermen Cap tain Dutch Haaland Eidsrnoe Don Ness Ruoff came up with second place in the bers of the squad Bikey V1lmo Lovey agher Jeep Hadler Archie Christianson Bud and Bob Remark Coach a team tied by Borup for Conference Other mem were Hovs ew Anderson Christianson Tommy Far and Malcolm Ripley Bob Skalsky and Punky Johnson new members this year also earned letters. On September 12th the Vikings opened their 41 season with a bandhdefeating their hosts Hendrum by a score of 51 to 0. An odd incident about this game was that although Ada scored 51 points they made only one first down with Hendrum also making one. This can be explained because whenever they got the ball they either scored, fumbled or returned punts for scores. In the second quarter a pass play, Ness to Vilrno, clicked for a touchdown. This victory greatly encouraged the team and as a result they edged out Borup 24 to 12 the following week in the First home game at the fairgrounds. In this game Dutch got his touch- Wearers of the A Top Row fleft to rightb Howard Anderson end Ar chie Christiansen end Lowell Haaland captain and center Second Row Loren Chris tian on end Myron Eid moe G dCl2I'S W down by intercepting a Borup pass and re turning it for a score At the beginning of the second half Bob Remark following some nice blocking ran the kickoff back for a touchdown A little while later a forward pass taken by Hadler connected for a tally Although Ada was outweighed they were fast and shifty for they continually out guessed and out gained their opponents for scrimmage The next week the team traveled to Fertile and won by two touchdowns 20 to 7 On the opening kickoff Hadler took the ball on the two yard line and raced 78 yards for a touch down A few minutes later he scored on a quick-opening play to completely baffle the Falcons. But not for long for they immediately buckled down and held giving up only one touchdown the rest of the game. From then on the game consisted of smashing advances by both teams with Ada batting down the op- ponent s last desperate attempts to score. Un- der their new coach Fertile cut loose with a razzledazzle style of play that caused the Vikes plenty of trouble. This win placed us with a first place tie with Beltrami in the Conference standings. On our homecoming we played Mahnomen. Although outweighed, the boys were not out- fought. Using pile-driving tactics and showing plenty of drive for a light team they continual- ly broke through the opponent's line for long '30 Top Row: Cleft to rightj Thomas Farag- her, center: E u g e n e Hadler, halfbackg Del- ford Johnson, fullbackg Donald Ness, fullback. Second Row: Robert Remark. quarterbackg Malcolm Ripley, half- back: Robert Skalsky, end: Jerome Vilmo, quarterback. FOUI' 6I'1Cl Lose Two gains. Loren Christianson opened the scoring by picking up a lateral and out-racing his pursuers to tally six points. The score was pretty close at the half, 19 to 12. with the In- dians dominating the play the second period. But the team came to life in the second halfg scored three more touchdowns, and were camped down inside the twenty yard line at the final gun. Final score: Ada 38. Mahnomen 18. Next on the list was the unbeaten Waubun team and the Bombers swamped the Vikings 46 to 0. After ten penalties in the first quarter which amounted to the total of Waubun's 30- yard line, a series of penalties followed which Vikes showing their stuff in the Borup game. QQ put the Vikings deep in their own territory for the remainder of the game. It actually turned out to be more of a referee's exhibition than a football game. This game blasted all the team's title hopes as they were now down in second place. Somewhat disheartened from the Waubun game the Vikings bowed to a hard-charging Twin Valley team 24 to 0. They were con- tinually stopped by the Tiger's line. When their running game failed to click, the boys let loose an aerial blitz but their scoring chances were blasted by interceptions. This year's trophy was presented to Waubun the only 100W team in the League. Action in the game with Twin Valley. Basketball Team Has Hot Season Prospects for the 1941-42 basketball season looked very promising with nine lettermen re- turning. We had a total of 19 wins and four defeats out of our 23 games, which included such teams as East Grand Forks, Crookston, Bagley and Detroit Lakes. The Vikings scored 634 points to their opponent's 428 points. This made an offensive record of 30.2 points to a defensive record of 20.4 points per game. For the first time in the history of the new sub-district, Ada closed the season with 100W and then came through with the sub-district championship and second place in the district. In the first game of the sub-district tourna- ment, Vikes met strong opposition in the Fer- tile team, but won 31-17. In the second game Ada took Mahnomen 44-28 and won from Wau- bon 34-27 in the championship game the fol- lowing night. Waubon beat Borup in the semi- finals which put them into the championship with Ada. Borup won from Mahnomen for third place. Friday, the thirteenth, proved a jinx to the Vikes for they played Bagley for the District championship and lost by one basket 20-18. Bagley's Flyers outplayed the Viking team in this game and went to the Regional at Fosston March 19-20. They edged out East Grand Forks 30-28 in the title match for the Region 8 Crown after upsetting the favorite Bemidji the previous night. Ada won the Halstad Invitational Tourna- ment held January 1-2 when they defeated Halstad 33-9 in the first round and Hillsboro for the championship the last night 33-27. The Vikings have won two championships in the three years which the tournament has been played. The fourth annual Inter-class Tournament was won by the seniors for the second succes- sive year when they defeated the junior high 36-17 the first evening and the following night the juniors for the class championship. The sophomores downed the junior high 34-16 in the consolation game for third place. 1. Another basket for us. 2. Take it away from 'em. 3. Who's got the ball? 4. We did it again. 5. Swing it, Kids! v X ,. ,,i '11 RQ 'I Vfja 7 0 -1. 7- 1. A' 9 Q ,A Top Row: Cleft to right! Bloyd Benson. center: Arehie Christiansen. guard: Luren Cliristizmwn. forward: Eugene Hzidl-Jr. guard. Second Row: Delford Johnson. forward: Donald Ness. 1LOl'XV2l1'dI Donald Nustad. eenter: Robert Remark. guard and captain. Third Row: Malcolm Ripley. 1.U1'VVil1'ClI Gerard Spzieth. center: Jerome Vilmo. guard: Dem Runllf euaeh. SUMMARY OE THE REGULAR BASKETBALL SEASON: Date Opponents: VVhere Played January '30 234 Detr. Lakes 139 Here FUlDI'L1Ell'f' I3 17 Hendrum 11 Here February 0 28 Tw. Valley 113 There Febru iry 10 223 Borup 21 Here Febru try 123 230 Fertile 213 There February 17 230 Tw. Valley 10 Here February 90 20 VVaubun 27 There February 27 , 37 Nlahnomen 20 Here November 28 December 5 December 12 December 18 January 0 Jzimiziry 123 Jzinuziry 10 Jziiirizim' 20 Jzinuziry 213 Burup 21 ,There Halstzicl 113 ,There Bzigley 20 Here Fusxion 18 ,There TV.1Zll1I10I710I'1 20 There 1'1.Gr. Forks 267Here Cruokston 20 There Gary 0 , Here Fertile 16 , , , ,Here Front Row: tleft to rightb Jerome Vilmo, Donald Ness, Robert Remark. Myron Eidsmoe. Herman Dittmer, captain: Anthnny Merck, Eu- gene Hadler. Melvin Rocker. Back Row: Coach Dan Ruofl. Gerald Magnu- son. Gerard Spaeth. Loren Nash. Severen Hauge. Wallace Griewe. Thomas Maass. Entering a large but inexperienced team, Ada took top honors in the district track meet held in Ada May 10. 1941. Ada's team massed a total of 56Vz points with Nash and Spaeth outstanding with lllfi and 15V2 points respect- ively. Spaeth, Ada's outstanding man, placed third in the 440 yard dash, second in the 120 high hurdles, the shot put, and the pole vault, and fifth in the discus. Nash gained second place in the 100 yard dash, second in the 220 yard dash, third in the broad jump, third in the high jump, and was on the half mile relay team which established a new record for the district by surpassing the former record of 1-44.1 by completing the relay run in 1-43. Hadler placed fifth in the 100 yard dash, and third in the 220 yard dash. Wal- ly Griewe placed third in the low hurdles, fifth in the high hurdles and tied for fourth in the high jump. Dittmer. Ada's track captain, placed second in the half mile run. Other outstanding men on Ada's team were: Hauge who placed third in the half mile: Ness who placed fourth in the 440 yard dash and fourth in the low hurdles: Vilmo also placed fourth in the low hurdles: Remark, fifth in the pole vault and Bob Mack, the fourth member of the relay team. 1. flaeft to rightb Delford Johnson and Mal- colm Ripley who took first place in the senior boys' tennis group: Betty Remark: Sandra Spaeth, first in the girls' event: tin frontj Arne Garness, first place in the junior boys' contest: and George Olson. 2. Betty Remark. second in the contest: Charline Drake: and Sandra Spaeth, first place. 3. Others who partook in archery: Charline Drake, Margie Naugle, Shirley Thompson, and Betty Remark. -l-raclc and lntramural Thru the Year SEPTEMBER Enrollment Elect1on of class officers Football game at Hendrum M1ss1onary Mrs J RlggS Brewster spoke about A513 Mlnor Football game Borup here Football game at Fertlle K1lty Trumpeteers assembly program Homecom1ng Queen was chosen OCTOBER Homecomlng Mahnomen football game here F1rst fire dr1ll Mantoux test Semor glrls held a party for Dorothy Strand Football dame at Waubon Snake dance and bonfire Football Twm Valley here 23 24 M E A gram 30 Senlor annual benefit show Howards of V1rg1n1a NOVEMBER Wllllam Munch spoke about conselva t1on Mr Dlckenson spoke about safety on h1ghways Chorus sang at a county Red Cross meetmg Amer1can Leglon Program Armlstxce Day Basketball mterpetatlons meetmg Amerlcan Educatlon Week program All hxgh school party 20 21 Thanksgwmg vacatlon 28 Flrst basketball game at Borup 29 Senlor snapshot party DECEMBER Payne Jubllle Qu1ntet assembly p1o gram Basketball game at Borup Sen1ors attend M S T C play Basketball game Bagley here Faculty Chrlstmas party Grade Chrlstmas party Basketball game at Fosston Chrlstmas party and Jun1or hlgh play Chrlstmas vacatlon began Alumnl basketball game 1 tleftj Bored B1key" Punk lsnt 2 Can we have a rlde Buster or hall we ask Tony? 3 The door about 2 m1 nutes of 1 pm 1 Has It got tlres Don" 2 Why Lyla thls IS sudden' 3 Ardltt d you need some advlce to the love lorn" September October 2 . . ' ' , 10 ' . , S ,- 12 . ' ' 15 . . 7 . g . , . 1 . . U u . . . - . , , ' ' so 19 , , . - U 26 ' . K ' 3' 0 30 ' , . .H 3 ' , 5 ' ' ' . 10 ' O . 21 . 22 , ' . 27- George Nissen, a physical education pro- 6 . . ' - 7 .' ' 10 ' ' 11 . I n 2 i . . 13 ' ' ' ' . 14 ' ' . 15 ' . 3 . . , , - 5 ' . ' 6 ' .... . ' 12 , , 13 ' . 17 ' . 18 . 19 . . . . I . V . ' a 29 ' . , I 5 Am -4-- One of our peaceful winter scenes. All ready for school. Gettin' ready for whats outside. Giving us the lowdown on 0L1I'SlLlI1g? Find Sprug? Just waitin'. We knew we'd get it taken. Schools out Cfor todayj. Just sittin' a spell. Ain't that a sweet smile? Going somewhere? No connection with school life, just cute Why! Tommy! Nothing to do? This is so sudden-like, Mavis. Pretty good picture, Georgie. November December ,mu .rr tv i Y we .4 g fiwifiwi Things N Stuff JANUARY School reopens Basketball game E Grand Forks here Basketball game at Crookston Basketball game Gary here Mar1onette show Uncle Tom s Cabm glven Basketball game Fert1le here Conservatlon film Mr Fred Wesler Basketball game Detrolt Lakes here Prel1m1nary spellmd contest FEBRUARY Band Brev1t1es Chorus sang at Crookston Basketball game Hendrum here Basketball game at Twm Valley Spelllng contest Seventh grade class party Sophomores farewell party for R Johnson Walt Everyman assembly program Flnal spelllng contest R B Johnson left for Mlchxgan Basketball game at Fert1le Freshmen party Basketball game Tvx 1n Valley here Evenmg sewlng classes began Basketball game at Waubon M1llard Jones gave a temperance talk Basketball game Mahnomen here Elghth grade class party MARCH 3 Chlef Wh1tefeather sang here 5 7 Sub dlstrlct tournament at Fert1le 9 Sub d1str1ct declam contest at Hendrum 13 D1str1ct tournament 16 D1str1ct declam contest at MacIntosh 20 21 Reglonal Tournament at Fosston 23 Reglonal declam contest at Bagley 24 Symphony Orchestra at Moorhead 27 Easter vacatlon began APRIL 7 School began agam 10 Chorus and pep band perform at Perely 13 Rev R M Cross m1ss1onary spoke 25 Invltatlonal track meet at Fergus Falls MAY M S T C track meet D1Str1Ct track meet at Ada Guy Greene Llncoln assembly program Annual school exhlbxt Senlor sklp day Banquet and prom Baccalaureate Class day exerclses Graduatlon GXQPCISGS 1 Cleftj Punk practlclng h1s free throws 2 Why all the books glI'lS7 3 Havent we seen yoube fore? hy all m one place? 2 Lot of cute company havent you Aaslando 3 Dont be bashful H ward Apr11 May . I 5 . 9 , . . , . . 16 . - ' ' 20 , . . , 22 . , , . . ' , 32 . 1, I - I 1...W sit ' 30 , ' . . y O ' . ' , . , o- 2 " . ' 3 . 4 , . 6 ' . - 7 ' . 1 " 9 . B. , M 10 Basketball game, Borup here. 3.1.5. 11 ' " l . ' L 12 . . ' ' . 13 ' . 14 . 9 17 , " . 18 ' ' . 20 . 24 ' . 27 , . ' 28 ' . . . . , , ' , . ' U 2 .... . 'Q Li 9 ' ' . 11 - ' . 12 ' ' . 15 ' ' . 18 . 24 . f 26 ' . M Rt. K i 'Qi Y x fs -Q -,M 4.5, C7111 H " 2 3 S TQ" x Some of our more in- dustrious students. Who are you after, Leona? Hey! What goes on here? Learning something? Glamour girls! Look at the feet! It says Remark. We wonder. Must be a picnic. Making something? Well! Well! Well!!! Beautiful legs, Mr. Long. We got your picture, too. Is the sun bright? Look at 'em work In case of Fire! Guess who? Hmmmm!!!! Delightful! Just a little advertising! All posed pretty-like. Thats an old. old story. Chrlstlanson Loren S d G7em77 Where s Your Plcture Aasland Darrell Aasland Roy Aasland Tenny Anderson Howard Anderson Roberta Arel Helen Aust1nson Ruth Ashbach Wllllam Baker Kenneth Baker Leo Barnes Beverely Benesh Betty Lou Benesh Kenneth Bennefeld Frank Bennefield Wallace Bloyd Veronlca Dennxs Vlola Benson Berray Bloom Bloom Boddmg O N Bohl Jean Bowyer Mrs W1ll1 Brantl Marte Bremer Charles Bremer Marjorle Burley Geraldme Carman Irene Chr1st1anson Archle 13 19 0 25 30 32 20 23 24 193 Z0 28 29 0 Harms Wlllard Hauge Htlda Hauge Severen Herman Charles Herrlnger Barbara Ann Herrmger Darrell Holm Erllng Holte Paul Horn Ardxs Horn Mavts Holtman Ernest Hovland Calvm Hovland Elame Hovland Flovd Ike Elleen Ingberg M argaret Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson J amtson Dorothy Esther Joy ce John Edward Jamlson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson John Alta Lols Delford Eva Mae Florella R B Ronald Ruth 4 16 J Chrtsttanson Fay Clayton DOFIS Crompton Alberta Dauner Donald Dauner Dorothy Davldson June Davls Fern Dekko Bernlce Kloety Donna Kloety 11111111 Krabbenhoft Betty Krabbenhoft Vlolet Krenzke Theodore Krogstad Eleanore Dekko Chester 13 8 Dewltt Dxttmer Dlttmer Dlttmer Dxttmer Lorralne Elxzabeth Herman Hxldegard Paullne Dlxon Neola DIXOD Vxctorla Drake Charllne Dy rdahl Donald Eckhoff Elalne Eckhoff Mur1el Exdsmoe Melbert Exdsmoe Myron EFICSOD Robert Elltngsworth Faragher Thomas Fetttng Ardella Fettmg Verona Flsher Daphne Flsher W1ll1am Fletcher Ivan Ford Allce Franz Donald 8 7 Larson Larson Larson Larson Larson Jams Donald Glenn Graydon Lyla 1 8 Lechlelter Constance Lee Donald Lee Jean Lee Myra Leln Beatrlce Loftman Ardltt Loftman Sandra Long Guy Lundon Norr1ne Maass Thomas Mack Patty Magnuson Gerald Malakowsky Rlchard McCune Lots McCune Norma Merck Merck Merck Mlller Mlller Anthony Leo Mlchael Verona Kenneth Garness Arnold GerJets Allan Gerjets Ilene Glgler Arlme G1lbertson Jarl Gxlge Mrs E A Moe W1 llma Naugle Margle Nash Verna Nash Loren Nelson D A Nelson Margaret Ness G1ll Palmetta G1ll Vl018t Gtlsoul Esther Gnadt Robert Gravdahl Marvm 0 Herbert Wallace Almlra Ronald GFICWE Grlewe Grothe Gorthe Haaland Darlene I-laaland Lowell 19 20 30 33 Haaland Zola Habedank Betty 1-Iadler Eugene Hammarback Joyce Hammarback Marvm 20 24 32 Harms Alice 27 31 32 39 Nelson Robert Ness Ness Ness Ness Donald 18 Duane Leslle Lucllle Murlel Nerdahl Mlchael Neuman Allce Nustad Donald Olsen Olson Olson Olson Ol on Olson Olson Olson Blanche Allan Audrey Betty Jane Betty Lou George Leonard LuVerne 12 20 5 2 21 20 19 20 32 35 Olson Odell Olson Russel Onstad Eltzabeth Oxastad Russel Pederson A C Pe1k1ns Frank Petersen Yvonne Petry Alvm Petry Vernon PlCk6I'l1'1g Phyllls Poehler Robert Praxel Anthony Rasmussen Or :bell Rasmussen Shlflty R rr-storf Lawrence Remark Betty Rem trk Robert Renner Florence Rlpley Mllcolm Rlste Marte Rocker Melx II1 Roesch MIRC Ronshaugen Myrena Rosewald RICII 1rd Ruofl' DWII191 Rushton Norm tn Samuelson Wayne Sand Leona Sanders Donald Schackle June Scherf Betty Scherf Ruth Schlenz Davtd Schlenz Marth Schubkegel Helen Schubkegel Renata Schultz Katherme Shelland Duane Shelland Robert SJordahl Joyce Skalsky Robert Smlth Smlth Smlth Sm 1th Bert Donald Mabel Marjorle Robert Sorenson Mavss 13 20 Spaeth Gerard 9 Spaeth Stadum Stennes Stennes Storms Storms Storslee Storslee Sandra Alta Elalne Es her 9 10 Elamo Lowell Mary W111'WU1 Strand Dorothy Ann Strand Edna Strand Marjorxe Strand W1ll1s Symons Ethyl Th1el Duane Thompson Elame Thomp on Shlrley Tomhaue Dorothy Tommerdahl Eral Vtlmo Vtlmo Vlsser Vlsser Ellzabeth Jerome ll 19 4 Ardxs Flor1ne V011 Walter Volkerdlng Carl Wagner Rosella Warne Orleen 9 2 Wells Jasper Whalen Francls Wh1tten Joye Wtdsten Norman Wl11l3mS Evelyn W1ll1ams Marette Wrlter Leona Zlmmerm an W11l11IH 121 23 24 2 12 20 1 9 21 2 3124 .J D . I A , 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 14 , . 13, 20, 27 .1 . ,,,.. ,.l,,, 1 6. 38 , ' , ,,,,,,,s , ,,,,,16 , . 13. 28 , ,,,s.. . se,.,., .sssesssl 1 5 , e,.s . L ,ee,..e...-.- 34 . ' . . ffft 14. 20 , , ,,,, ,,,,, ,L 16, 36 , esesseee . 13, . ,21, . . . 16. 24. 38 . -. , , ,2.21,24. A . ,311 p . , . 36. 38 , , ,,,,, 16, 21 ,,,V 1 1 YYYY 1 1 76, 7 . . . ,,,,,,,,,., 23 ' . .16 -- 1 .. ......., .. , ,, .-.....l5. 20 . ' ., .-- , , ,,,,, 2,2215 '. H ,H 16, 21 , 1 13, , , .27, 36 , L... ., . . eeee 16, 21 , - 14 . ' ' . eees 1 sseeseee . 6 , . seeese .1 1. 13, 27, 28 h Y 1 14 B 25 - rY-ff- 2.15. 21 ' 7 , 9. 12,211.27 - --- - -- ---15 - - , -- -- - 18- 37 . , 13, 24. 25. 35, 36 . , 7 . L ee,1 13, 25 . , . ,, , 1 ,14, 20 R - 7 eeee -7 13 - 1 77 13 .1 1- , . 1 1 . 16 ' 7 7 18 , 1 , 1 .1 . ' -7 16. 21, 25, 36 - -- ff , , 1.1. 10, 20. 24. 27 H 1 V , . 15 A - 1 N -12 32 gg , 1 . 13, 10, 20, 27, 36 1 y 11, - ' 24, 27,18- 7 ' - " " " .1 32.34,33 ' U' -. ' 77 12 . ., 14 1 , - , 0, 12, 16. 21, 27. , ' . 6, 12. 19. 4 , 26. 27. 1 - 13- H 31. 112, - ' '37' 32 . 77 15 ' . 1 - ,, 14, 11-1, 27, 31, 32,7 33. ' 7 7 7 71. . ' , . . 13. 25, 27 34, 36, 38 . '. S. 4 lam 13.718, 20, 22, 23 K . ' M 13' u C . ,E 7' ' 'V ' 1 , 1 so ,7,,14, 27 ' . ' ,, 6 ' ' ' Y 14' 21' 23 1 2, 13. 21. 31, 32, 33, c . ' 1 7. 25 1 . 3 . 35, 36, 37 : - . 4 . 16 ' ' 7 7 75' 20' M , . , 15. 23 . . ' . 7. 16, 25. 33, 34 C . . . , 1, H 21 . , 1 ,, 16 ' - - 13- 20 - , . . . 7, 14, 27 S 4 , , HS. 3 , 32. 33. 38 C 11 21 25 13-1 , 'A '. : , 3, 27. 30, 32, 33 f ' ' ' ' '13 7' 7 77 7- 16 7. 7. ,1 ,, 13. 21. 23, 24, 32, 36 " K 7 ' - ' 7 7 591 '. 7 . L 777' 7 1 -7 -15- 21 1 1 1 -7 77 7 77-714 D 7 ' . .7 . ,e,. . 36 . , , 15. 20. 21 16 . t ., ,, . 14 . , . 9, 12, 27, 38 7 . 1 7 77 -f ffff 15- 20- 21 . 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' . ,,,,e,,, 15, 20, 21 urchasers of the BANKS Ada Natlonal Bank FIFSI State Bank of Ada BARBER SHOPS Bro s Barber Shop East S1de Barbe1 Shop Lasha s Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS Fettmg s Beautx Shoppe Modern Beauty Shoppe WIHDIC Ruth Beautx Shoppe BLACKSMITH SHOPS Nlelson s Blaclxsm1th Shop Nlrschl 5 Blacl sm1th Sho DOCTORS Bohl Dr G M D Loken D1 T M D Nelson D1 A Dentlst Slttko D1 H Dent1st DRY GOODS STORES C R Andrew and Company Olson s Men s Clothmg Store Penney J C Companx GROCERY STORES Banff and Company Clover Falm Store Independent SIOIC L B HSIIL SIOIC Red Owl SIOIL HARDWARE STORES Bloom s Hardwzne Coast to Coast SIO19 Ou1 Own Hardware People s Hardware LUMBER YARDS Boddmg Lumber Ya1d Howe Betche1 Lumbe1 Yard Vik 9 PHARMACIES Aqua s Pharmacy De Mars Phaxmacy RESTAURANTS Ada Bakely and C'1fe Ada Recreatmn Parlor Blueb11d Cafe Gleen Lanteln Cafe Olson s Cafe Pantry Cafe Red Star Cafe and Rushtons Photo Studlo SERV ICE STATIONS Andy s SGFVICG Farmer s Garage Larson Motor Company N01 thslde Mobllgas Statlon Slmpson s Garage Tetel S O11 Company MISCELLANEOUS Ada Bowllng Center Ada Ada Dry Cleaners Co operatlve Creamery Ada Feed and Seed Company Ada Hotel and Gr1ll Ada Ben Frankhn Store C J Norman County Index Olson Furn1tu1e Company Implement Company Lofgren Insurance Company Onstad and Hawkms Orpheum Theatre Rochat s Jewelry Slxauruds G1ft Shoppe Skaurud Photo Shop The Fredora Freda Ramsto1f Ward s Produce 40 I I In . . 7 1 . . , . . . ,s V x Q . , M . , ., C 'x K, p ' , . .. . . 9 , . ., . . 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Suggestions in the Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) collection:

Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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