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, ,J -H 'Q 1 x I I .2 .. uv, . ' F. ' U 6 x., QQ V V ' ix X: . Y xx 5 X Xiu' Q3 w M L J, 1 "-4 x 45232 QT N. m , NV.. I L - j ,jf KX? 1 if 1 iff ,VX Qi My of J k . X ' 'Sly R AJ K ' , ffx' 1 X.. fx x xr-1 I I Nl f t -t XY mn Yirv , A I Wtxgyxs , I A I l. ' x, kk iffy , NK' X' lk - V N- folk U X , YV , Y ki .X X' XJ ' ,f N Xcdlif' Wxyf if' J X, A Q1 .sv f xx ,GV 'Sy f . M w. f f' C' QV' f I 5 1 . fx , I , , I 1 fl'P!' 1' x ... 1 . T7 I, ,Mft fy , X- ,Arj - A f J ', Qi A. wi . 3 T' . , QED ,JJ X2 5 Q, I , f fgggvybay Q51 53?fm 5 - J Q 7 3,1 XENIBN FQC' U 7 5 419 Q H X Nb' f 33 Q U9 Av QQ V f"N xx 1 1 as LBDN if H X .bg XJ BEER 32 ,B 23, Xbf' K, fb Q L., '? XAQQQKXLXEI 58211 g U15 72? fa 5 . ww P H, fQYM X P31 N NHC HL 4' Cx 5 'N J X Cx 22 1, 25 AIN 2 ml 17 O51 Q50 LED-ED X , 7 ' gg 177 iQ, 'EDJ CN Q Lx X iq--3, QQ ATPBKDQX A1222 , f-4, l N x My X il Y wwf? K F535 g,--- gi-. A- A? x ' '-gg, wx .4 - , N X fx! 'AWD 1 in gi xt A ig L i A 5 'ED Z7 if N +ff H,S R Q RJ B, 52, 2iff'23 lf? W NL, 5 gifgpjubx '75 2 Q, h d- A 3 Q L1 19, X, '-e , L QD mx ' I 13 is P 'Dv 'Qv'x92 f Aw Q , ' N ff M J., ... A , . . -. T- Q., A,,,,.-? 15. x 1 ' X A . P: ix ww , .- J 1. ,,,,,, W -1 'MA 5 2 K' Q A N , - . Qgx A qv- Q 02? 'E MJ 2 J J, ii :K+-., fix ' ' A D fffxw .1 xx 3.4 4 F' bw - X A N 9 r,,,f" Y - N, J ' A Q ...2 4 if ' ,- 4 1 - L, F2324 COUGAR '62 TE? ffii M L :ras 1 , -, wi' Q 'iii S - -1 'f ' ' V . - If 1 -g fm -Hum fv- 'A 4-. ' as ff, -1 Kf,fg,1gs, A A , .1 V, A . - -. 125- Q" , A- .. ,,,-. ' 1 - .9 wiigrhm k , V fy, UM V - ,-W 'W -sf , , - , W' , f .. - . - N V f 4: . ., . - 1' Q i P 'A ' ' 'A 1 21- - -' FHM"- T1 if-w, . " ' 'fry ' fee . Vg T ' - 5: Volume 32 . Pubiicorions Department Ado High School 1400 Stadium Drive , Ado, Oklahoma 74820 GOOD TIMES 6 MAKIN' THE GRADE 18 LOOK WHO'S GRADUATING 44 CONTENTS TEAMWORK 98 AFTER HOURS 136 SUPPORT 164 The COUGAR is published yearly by the Ada High yearbook staff, 1400 Stadium Drive, Ado, Oklahoma. Editorial opinion and coverage in the COUGAR '82 does not represent that of the Administration or the faculty of Ada High School: Membership is held by the COUGAR in the Oklahoma ln- terscholastic Press Association. Staffers who qualify are members of the National Quill and Scroll Journalistic Association. CUTC' N, Qing, .LM PLL LQJfLC Q3 of ,UML ' L ov4dq m1,cLgC5 ,Ulf hmmn? SG 'wmilfk JSC? Vvug lpmfvwjlp J hcqau UZSCLA, Lfxowa my CBMLJ' Shwwwuzfm fl Hip up Spmfwk. M J2 Q 43Ld VxGfglQfL, cm f nga 'bmflfkd lfXa QLfL wtmml MIM, swf A iimxops Q Q3 .4 MEL g f,1Mf,f15f?,5,w My www, X , ,SQJ1 If ' A ,ri F ff, :of 'Wm' ' IW ' Pr 4 ,"".f'Wf K Y MA K tx ,j'-"4"'-'77, 66 --,NNW-.W -QW... ,,,, ,, . ,, ,H .Jr--" If 1 A ff' ff' Q ' i ,M ' I 2 H 1 'M' 'Q fly glrsu, BQ. K i 4" .+- .f A Af' "V 4' ,W , 9 H is A , K me 4 -.., ,....,,,,,. W. ...nn-W " 1 . Ni, 0 if is Shonnon Folger, David Guriey Shormon Bowers Teddy Carson, Klm Hoymes, Ron Monon, Jlmrny Eppler, Keren Wood, Evelyn Finer, Sherrl Cotllns, Gronv Gary Jovernlck, Senior Class President Clem. . . . ond o sense of ontictpotion, students swung to the rhythm of o new school yeor. . . Theme - 5 o - Theme Pride hod become trodition plus something extro - something thot outsiders sow ond odmired in the people ot Ado High. They sow it in our studies - sports - music - thot plus wos US... Jock Wiley guy. g .., ,s- 6 x Q, "NW .1131 xr Viv. 'X Q ' Q35 "ws" V' ' W ,ff .1 s y s, . 1 . 4 'A A fm. 4. l . . . ond we 're proud fO soy Now loolf whor if we've done. . . Summer fun in '81 Fun in the sun was somewhat hampered in the summer of '81 by many clouds and frequent showers. Students did manage, however, to get in almost a full quota of tanning as they par- ticipated in tennis and golf com- petition, attended swimming par- ties and took extended vacations. MOWING LAWN5 was a summer pastime for Mike Collins, 5 Summer STUDENTS TOOK part in an AIFS trip to England and Scotland. EQUESTRIAN COMPETlTlON played an important part in Kathy Howard's summer Crop? i 2 or 5 A W2 TAKING A break from tennis, cooch Bill Nelson ployed "catch" with eggs or Wintersmith. PAULA BEARDEN enjoys eoting pie in July 4 competition fleftb. A PART-time job in o post office or Folls Creek occupies Dorlo Dovis' summer Cbelowb. LORI DENHAM spends her vocation "in style" ot Los Vegos Cbottoml Summer - 9 Whor's moroon onol whire ond yells oll over? Why, Moroon ond Whire-clod Ado High students, of course' Thor's how we showed our splrir - our pride in oll our occomplishmenrss lr rodiored or Ado High more rhon just obour ony school in the store. You could feel lr when you wolked by someone wirh on Ado lerrer locker on. You could feel lr when rhe bond performed during holf-rime or when the crowd jolned ln on "Two-Bits" or boll gomes. Now rhors whor we colled l'Spirir.'l 10 - School Splrir ADA HIGH cheerleoders show rhey're or the top JUNIOR COUGANNS show rhelr smiles Clefri. CONTNAHOMA PRESIDENT Paulo Beorden gers Big Moc reody for Pep Rolly Crop, lefrb. COUGARS MASCOTS, Sheilo Jumper ond Morsho Korz, show thot ADA is No. 1 Croprightb. STUDENT BODY welcomes the Cougors tothe smoke pir before rhe gome Cleftb. SENIORS SHOW their spirit on hum the Tigers doy Cborromb. School Spirlr 11 626 When the lights go down on this Olslohomo town, people ore out for the evening - go- ing on dotes, meeting ot the movie, or just stopping to tolk on moin street - the overoge Ado High student olwoys hos something plonned. A generotion on the move, we live doy-to-doy, moment- to-moment. We hove dreoms ond ideos, but mostly we think of "living now, while we're young." SWINGING TO the beor of JOURNEY ore Jeff Thompson ond on out-of-town guest, Liso Gendein. 12 Night Life A FAVORITE postime , . , Moin Street! JULIE RAY ond Coro Overton enjoy the county foir CtopD, A NIGHT TIME look ot the ferris wheel Crop, rightb. "THE STUDEBAKERH is decoroted by Sherri Collins ond Evelyn Fitter Crightb -13' 0, , T f ...- 1 J' A ' '8 5 . 5 41 , fa 1 0 V 'J .l ,I I. MJ' if 4 x.x..' xx.. ,n ,,,. 'ul f. I wx if 1- K f 'K jf., -Q New Polling students in September wos o "fun time" for stoffer Angelo Mohle, who spent hours tobuloting results os follows: Super Jocks Seniors liked: Sugor Roy Leonord Robert Quortermon Juniors liked: Eorl Compbell Keith Brown Bjorn Borg Sophomores liked: Eorl Compbell Donny White George Brett Freshmen liked: Eorl Compbell Donny White Tony Dorsett Funky Sooring Super Stors Wheels With Appeol Actress: Seniors chose: Brooke Shields Porche Bo Derek Mozdo RX7 Goldie Hown Z 28 Actor: Burt Reynolds Corvette Alon Aldo Juniors chose: Clint Eostwood Z 26 Robert Redford 280 ZX Bill Murroy Porche Comediong Richord Pryor The Studeboker Sophomores chose: Steve Mortin 280 ZX Pee Wee Hermon Porche Bill Murroy Trons Am Teocher: Mustong Mrs. Corroll Freshmen chose: Cooch McBroom Mustong Mr. Mopp Z 28 Mr. Boettcher Porche Mr. Dotson Trons Am 14 - Student Life Pick of the Flicks Seniors picked: Endless Love Roiders of the Lost Ark Stripes ' Juniors picked: Endless Love Roiders of the Lost Ark Stripes Sophomores picked: Coddyshock Endless Love Stripes Freshmen picked: Endless Love Airplone Heovy Metol i FASHION - Polos, sweot shirts, sweaters, wool skirts with socks, knickers, boots, loofers, ond printed shoe loces ore mony of the foshions shown here by - Mork Von Tassel, Michelle Cou- dle, Mory Miller, Alesho Hill, Glen Wolden, Gront Fowler, ond Stephonie Stick. F o vorires Excuses, Excuses, Escuses Iwos tordy becouse . . . Terrorists oftoched my locker. I wos kidnopped by the PLO. ? l Keeping the Beot Seniors selected: I Endless Love XVho's Cryin' Now Journey Styx REO Speedwogon Juniors selected: Who's Cryin' Now How's Your Love Life CDoting Spot? Seniors preferred: Movie Home Rob's Hideout Juniors preferred: E dl L My bicycle wouldn't 520:25 Ove Zzlilgeob stort. Journey Pork , ACXDC M Ask Coro! I was Senmg ods' 50Ph0m0fe5 Selected: Sophomores preferred: Endless Love Movie M . W l . mit logren ef Us Stroke Are you Kidding? ' REO Speedwogon Ken- I-ob ACXDC Confidentiol I h d b . :HOC me Y O 00k Rldge BOYS Freshmen preferred: 9 ' Freshmen selected: Movie Endless Love pork You wouldn't believe Stroke HO e . m "' REO Speedwogon How Would i Know? Styx Oh, YOU know . . . Tops of the Tube Seniors wotch: Mosh Hort to Hort Benny Hill Juniors wotch: Mosh Three's Compony Dynosty Sophomores wotch: Mosh Greotest Americon Hero Freshmen wotch: Mosh Dollos More of todoy's foshions ore worn by Tommy Gibbons ond Pom Abbott. Seniors Choose Advonced Broin Foctory Are Going ............ 117 . . . . .10 Not Going .... Eost Centrol .... .... 4 1 Oklohomo ..... .... 2 5 Oklohomo Stote ........ 21 Other College . . . . . . . 30 Student Life - 15 Glflohomo HAPPY 75th, You've come o long woy, boby! Your 75th birrhdoy hos coused o yeor-long Diomond Jubilee celebrorion - November 16, 1981, ro November 1o, 1982. Olslohomons hove come o long woy since 1907. Weve hoo mony occomplishmenrs ond our genero- rion should be proud ro help corry on our srore's rrodirion. KEITH NAlL shows Oklohomo Anniversory Spirit Cropb. "MUNCl-HES" roke o lor of students' money Cbelowl. TLJNG NGUYEN demonsrrores his skill on one of rhe populor elecrronic gomes Cborrom, righrb, 1' 4 .113 ii? . ' 1. 5"W4Wf0s all N . A M, ' 1 X 16 Srudenr Life ilIlB.0 1 QQ: ,,,, A, ', Y A Z , , 4 ,I My 1 Illlllid lil lr AMERICA'S NEW Spoce Shuttle, Columbio, poses in the sky over Tinker AFB Cleftb. JEFF ADAIR keeps our "Chips" on their toes Cbelowb. CINDY MOORE is helped ot the bonk by former student, Pot Porsons Cbottomb. I' ....-H. ec, .5185 Rv...-T libs Z lf.. X- , --tt E V E - Nmqlh.. R. L ...ig O0 ae SJ' Z I Yeorbooks Senior rings , AA': Cops ond gowns Rc Club dues Game tickets is Designer clothes unch ondjunls food "'--...N Bond instruments , t g j bons . ,,,, pictures Clei i',- ' bond unifor .ar . if Gus for W . ,Electro 95 t".."-: 7 ,1 t...r 1. tt... E ix: E AQXGS K. 1 ki S Student Life 17 ii "W - 'X i E EQ Speeding tickets X23 3 -Q Qyfyfvgkb MN Bwwggx fig? sw A Qwooivf QQ QP Ox Q93 W by MQQWK Askew W Q50 Q63 jbdwcbgf 5 amd i Wg wr wg? xr Udalff M26 Jfiiiyal 0"fLl'l bfflff INK? Wuxi 019 5 Jffff J'5fff,7rf,V Lgqf' CSD M Vfx Jfp Wy 5 Maw KJfwffOCh'Ab 5 bgfwwwb if fuk Mwywj fmgff' fi' Ulm n Zqfk 56 Off jfgdmg hD!Y6C.f,5!X f fy 6 bg I you fnp pf' , Wifi 5 V10 Lxfwf .J . My-pf CLD YOJVQ fffff f jf ,J 0 A + Al Q 61 V0 A LNG M5 L pk W A W W QJTW RUP P ok WL f YQ 6 LW ' 5 W W f fall- L6 5 W CL I Q 6 QW L QUAD fgfp-fflf lAKii' mf ' ' S THE NEW Rifle Corps consists of Angie Dovis, Bobbie Jones, Deidre Benson, Andreo Borrick, Dono Cooper, Lourie Dovis, ond Ellen Von Tossel Cropb. 20 - Rifle Corps THE RIFLE Corps leods the bond onro the field for their holfrime performance Ccenrerb. Morching onro the field, the flog corps gets reody to enrerroin the crowd Coboveb. 9 DEIDBE BENSON finds thot holding music is onorher port of being in Rifles. N ifles Add Fldre A NEW ouxiliory unit wos odded to the Cougor Bond this yeor, the rifle corps. The corps hod seven members who worked during the summer to improve their skill. They ottended comp ot Eost Centrol ond mode up oll their own routines. The new ottroc- tion pleoses mony people. 1 ANGELA MAHLE tokes time out to pose for o picture. FLAGS UNFURLED brightly os the Cougor Bond performs Ctopb. MEMBERS OF the Ado High Flog Corps include Bonnie Stiewig, Debbie Smith, Stocy Johnson. Mory Poscholl, Kim Sounders, Rhondo Byrd, Angelo Broy, Annette Witherow, Holly Dovis, Mondy Foust, Tommy Porlser, Morilyn Ross, Angelo Mohle, Foy Knouse, Stephonie Stick, Denell Highfill, Cindy Moore, Denise Witherow, ond Kim Tribble Ccenterb. RIFLES SPIN os the bond morches onto the field Cleftb, Flag Corps 2 I I 'if s S MARIA BENSON enjoys o hotdog while often- ding o bosketboll gome. DRUM MAJOR Jock Wiley turns to the crowd ofter o glittering perforrnonce Crop, leftb. THE HIGH notes of "BirdIond" ore given o reol going over by Mork VonTosseII Crop, rightb. MEMBERS OF the bond bow ot the end of their holftime show Clefti. Bond R 24 -- Band PERCUSSION SECTION - Front Row: J, Mayfield, P. Hudspeth, C. Linker, D. West. Back Row: M. Milsap, R. Gilcrest, S. Folger, D. Gurley, W. Griffin, J. D. Ep- pier, J. Wilson, J. Fentem Crightb. MEMBERS OF the percussion section get "up" during pep assemblies Ccenter, rightD. JIMMY EPPLER and Dan West perform at an Ada football game Cbelowb. COUGAR MARCHING BAND - Front Row: S. Folger, J. Wilson, J. Fentem, R. Gilcrest, J. Stone, J. Mayfield, W. Griffin, D. Gurley, M. Milsap, C. Linker, P. Hudspeth, D. West, J. D. Eppler, C. Frederick, M. Coudle. Second Row: D. Kendrick, K. Duncan, W. Turner, T. Balch, B. Cusher, C. Bozzell, A. Nix, R. Urlaub, C. Melton, S. West, S. Lynch, K. Cochran, E. Henman, L. Nehman, M. Cox, V. Harris, A. Reynolds, R. Duncan, A. Stephenson. Third Row: S. Speed, M. Haymes, M. Brenholtz, J. Thompson, J. Hordcastle, W. Pettigrew, R. Sanford, C. Fisher, M. Benson, M. VanTassell, S. Allen, D. Copeland, G. Fowler, M. Gonul, R. Leonard, K, Kerr, M. Lohman. Fourth Row: A. Mohle, M. Harris, B. Balch, P. Quinten, R. Shorman, M. Cobb, G. Enfield, S. Danley, S. Green, E. Thys, T. Lehman, D. Hornbaker, S. McMahon, T. Carr, B. Hunsaker, D. Smith. Back Row: C. Moore, T. Parker, M. Faust, D. Witherow, K. Saunders, M. Ross, H. Davis, R. Byrd, S. Stick, J. Howard, T. Cobb, K. Bray, B. Stiewig, S. Johnson, D. Highfill, A. Bray, F. Knouse, K. Tribble, A. Witherow. 5 Choir on the Move The Ado High Choir spent onother yeor on the move, storting with Little Dixie ot Eost Centrol. Christmos Vespers wos held ot the Trinity Boptist Church, followed by concerts ot the middle school ond the high school. Contests included All-District choir ot Edmond District in Tonlsowo, ond the Stote Meet ot Centrol Stote. V7 Lourie Applegote tokes time out to check bocls home. GIRLS' TRIO - Shelly Hayden, Mory Hor- rison, ond Julie Roy smile for the comero Cleftb. MEN'S QUARTET - Kevin Broy, Tim Cobb, ond Eddie Vondewolker give Jeff Howord o lift. Wally Borbee does her impression of Richard Nixon. fx M QV ,wg ,WO MIXED ENSEMBLE - Front Row: Kevin Wolloce, DeeAnn Hooker, Dano Cooper, Showne Sonds, Julie Roy, Shelly Hoyden, Jennifer Crider. Bock Cobb. XX Row: Kevin Broy, Jeff Howord, Eddie Vondewolker, John Murroy, Tim Chorol M usic XXXXX WANITA DANLEY receives ci gift or Vespers fright? OUR LOYAL ACCOMPANIST Wonito Donley Cbelow rightb. HARD WORKING Second Sopronos demonstrate their tolents. Cbelowb. . 'J rx I--nn.. W .y vd gn " 42. VJ i ADA HIGH CHOIR - Front Row: M. Harrison, D. Cooper, D. Dovis, K. Wolloce, J. Murroy, E. Vondewolker, J. Roy, S. Hoyden, J. Crider. Second Row: B. Ford, D. Hooker, D. Tollett, B. Shorrnon, T. Lehmon, M. Cobb, R. Hunsoker, D. Witherow, S. Sheors, A. Broy, K. Cooper. Third Row: W. Borbee, S. McForlone, L. Cooper, G. Lehrmon, J. Horne, G. Wolden, J. Howord, S. Sonds, B. Jones, E, Jockson, L. Atkeson. Top Row: J. Hunter, A. Goge, M. Oxford, A. Toylor, K. Broy, D, Copelond, R. Loxton, T. Cobb, J. Mock, S. Orebough, S. Grohom, W. Donley. Not Pictured: L. Applegote. M. Orebough, E. Goge. 26 - Chorol Music J MRS. HUNTER objects to o sour more Cbelowb. GIRLS' QUARTET - C. Cooper, S. Orebough, D. Dovis, L. Cooper, BUBBLES BREAK the boredom of o bus ride Ccenrer, Iefrb. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE - 5. Wade, D, Hooker, J. Crider, 5. Sonds, B. Ford, G, Lehrmon Cleffl. Business Curriculum E ponds Business os usuol? Well, not exoct- ly! Accounting ll wos odded to the curriculum to moke offerings in the business deportment even more ef- fective os it prepored students for the work-o-doy world. THE BEAT of the typewriter goes on ond on in Typing II Cobove ond center? ond Typing I Ctopb. 23 Business Education A iii ss Tig .,:, , ,. 5 Si .. t.q Q ik ig? B X , ' tc .fffm fs. : c. --"' ' K+ -l r-.1 , X , sf ,1-' t v lll l llll ' X! Q llklllll l X T' llll if 1 'f,3',!gi!ll,Qli 'liz , Q 1 lllll X BUDDING STENOS toke dictotion or ever-increosing speeds Coboveb. BUSINESS MATH problems ore solved eosier by Terry Brown with Mrs, Anderson's ossistonce Ctopb. ' 'iwi GETTING INTO sewing ore Robert Willord ond Chip "Coptoin" Rodgers. The interested onlookers ore Mike Smith, Kent Moore, ond Jock Hordcostle Coboveb. DECORATING for the Chrisrimos dance ore Rhondo Byrd ond Cindy Bozzell Ctopb. ond Bonnie Stiewig, Cindy Bozzell, ond Stocy Johnson Crop, righrb. Bochelor Survivol Added Added to the olreody voried cur- riculum wos the Bochelor Survivol Closs. Boys leorning to cook ond toke core of themselves wos the objective of this new closs, lr is o long-needed closs which prevents the molnutrition of college-bound or work-bound young men who would otherwise be condemned to o life of burned grilled cheese sondwiches. K" -. as-was TURKEYS AND pilgrims, con you guess which is which? Sitting down for o Thanksgiving dinner given by Mrs. Townsend's Foods Closs ore, left to right, Mory Lofon, Vonesso Brooks, Leon Londrith, Mike Smith ond Donny Looney Coboveb. Mike Smith leorns how to stir up o botch of chili Ccenterb. Home Economics 29 N tudents Moth ond science ore prominent ports of the curriculum ot Ado High. While only two credits of moth ore required, mony students chose to study more, in preporotion for col- lege. After defeoting geometry ond olgebro with eose, those students stu- dying trigonometry, ond colculus found thot colculotors were essentiol. Students ore olso required to hove four credits of science: physicol science ond biology. However, those interested in more knowledge con take odvonced biology, chemistry, ond physics. ,QT ,f JEFF STEEN finds on olgebro test to be chollenging. BEARING DOWN on complex numbers seems eosy to Drew Johnson Crop, rightb, HUYEN LE explores the world of biology through o microscope Crighti. 30 Science ond Moth colculote observotions xl 1:14-lL -- E--11 Q.. KELLY REED enjoys roking o science test? CALCULATORS ARE useful tools, os Teddy Corson illusrrores Ccenrer, Iefrb. sl wifi i SCIENCE TEACHER, Mr, Floyd gives odvice to Kevin Ritchie, on eoger student. KERRI MYERS, "The Thinker," concentrates on some rnorhernoricol principles. Students Sovor Longuoge Everyone knows thot the librory is o helpful ond interesting ploce, but the teochers ore porticulorly enthusiostic since they found the perfect recipe for their closses: MIX: 1 cup of literoture 2 cups of grommor 2 Tbsp of composition ldosh of spelling Stir together ond serve in one hour closses. NOTE: Feeds opprox. 600. World events ond underston- ding people were olso on the menu of the yeor with oll kinds of history, Sponish, French, psychology ond sociology being offered. KEITH BROWN, Dionne Alford, ond Chris Murroy prove to be ottentive in their Senior English closs Crightb. LORI WARD does some reseorching in the Iibrory Cbeiowb. COACH JOHNSON'S sociology closs studies hord for on upcoming rest Cbottom righrb. 32 Language, Sociology JACK HARDCASTLE fokes his finol exom Crop,iefr7. WORLD GEOGRAPHY Todoy is obsorbed by Mork Duffer Crop, rightb. WAS COACH Byrd's Americon History closs excited obour the doy's lesson or the comero Ccenrer, Ieffb? STACY SHEARS concenfrotes on her cioss work Cleftb. Hisrory 36 N OUDQ CJl'TlSTS creote YTWCJSTGI' pieces Ah, the feel of wet ploster ond the sotisfoction of creotivity. Art students found this experience most grotifying os they developed their own projects. This wos in oddition to the study of bosic principles of ort involving drowing, pointing, silk-screening, ond sculpture. GRANT NAYLOR ond Greg Nester ore pic- tured with o cloy sculpture Crightb. MR, BOETFCHER demonstrotes his ideos to Lynn Porrish. TUNG NGUYEN, Keith Stewart, ond Steven Broy keep busy on their projects Crightb. 34 Art 0' NATHAN GUNN shows his pointing tolents Cleftb. PAUL KAMP tries to beot the ossignment deodline Ccenter, leftb. THE PLAY Production closs shows the extent of their dromotic tolent Ccenter, rightb. WAYNE HARRISON ond Byron Dixon give Julie Roy o lift Cbottornb. The Ploy Production closs, under the direction of Ms. Birney highlighted its yeor with the All School Musicol Review. The presentotion took ploce in eorly Moy. All school musicol highlights yeor Dromo 35 P.E. Classes Shape Up Most students keep in shape during the summer, but what happens when school starts again? Most of us begin to get out of shape! The solu- tion to this dilemma is taking physical education. While most of usjust go to class and never get any exercise, Mrs. TayIor's P.E. classes were playing volleyball, aerobic dancing, learning first aid and various other activities, while Coach Johnson's guys were playing football, basketball, archery, and taking CPR. ' ,. 4. 1 i L 4 S ga DAVID PEAY discovers that gym can be fun Ctopb. GYM GIRLS have fun with dance Caboveb. 36 P E Drivers Ed new .K 'M STUDENT TRIES out his version of the slam dunk Ctopb. SUSAN STRAUB prepares herself for another day of driving Caboveb S ,af q4,- V: , guy -4. 2 ' MRS. TAYLOR'S girls get in shope with JAMES MAYFIELD should hove poid more oerobics Ctopb. ottention in his driver's ed course Coboveb. river's ed no crosh course Everyone dreoms of the doy thot they turn 16. lt meons thot driving ond oll the responsibilities ore ciround the corner. But first comes Driver's Educotion. lt prepores o new driver for the dreaded driver's test. Driver's Educotion is not driving os most students think it is, it's lots of reoding driver's educotion booklets ond tok- ing tests. But don't worry, it's oll worth it when the officer honds the new driver his license to toke on the world from behind o steering wheel. PE- Drivers Ed 37 N Deadlines Haunt Publications Staffers Making layouts, taking pictures, checking print type, and cropping photos took most of the time for the yearbook staffers, but the results are clearly excellent Cnot editorializing eitherlb. The history of this school year will be preserved forever in the yearbook. The newspaper journalism class also did a lot of work to keep the students informed about current events. Many "after hours" were spent printing the 16 issues of the Cougar Call. LINDA DICUS finds that being editor of the Cougar Call is all work and no play Crightb, vi H' WLUUF J 'Q 3 S SQ Xe S 38 Publications ww. We , slim if is F lm ,aff in fx I xi I es 5 . I MIKE TODD ponders his next assignment. KIM FULTON looks at pictures In 4' 'QQ WORKING DILIGENTLY, Brian Balch sorts through senior cards Ctop, leftb. COUGAP. CALL staffers Carmen Harlan and Melinda Oxford sort through several papers Crop, righrb, JAMES PASCHALL and Drew Johnson seem to enjoy making layouts Cleftb. ENJOYING a momentary break are Ron Aguiar and Jeff Adair Cbottomb. Publications 39 Are Included idewollss, Remodelin in Projects The CVET students hod o very busy yeor. Along with o successful Holloween Spools House, they put in o sidewolk ond built o new porch for their building. In oddi- tion, they were octive in Ieother- work ond remodeled one inside woll of their building. STUDENTS MAN o Ieother-tooling booth ot the county foir Cbelowb. ERNIE HALLMARK ond Joe Jussely do some remodeling work Crightb. I 4 ..4 CVET MEMBERS proudly disploy their new owning. SHOWING OFF their freshly poured sidewalk ore the CVET students Crightb. 40 C VE T Classes W gig at Q. x 3' S T sa fx., Srudenr 3 Q eff QR Sa 32 FD In FJEOSXQ 02209702 353-5'S'fD"' Qfn:r?.Lo3i x-.,3, Q., 2-330-QQ2 5512222 3:0-,Qussq Qggn' 33 5-29 :f"f-lm fD..5"3O3 5'3'3r:2N44O' FDFD-f fp 3- :.:.'O-Q- mS'32.gf4 252. o2E gmngogi 3234132 QEfD'Q,Dg.g 'L858f?w0e 2.3-103 o3mL0:m DEOQQSQV-' iw, T... ,- we 4' . CARPENTRY STUDENTS unlood rods for their house building project. JACK FOWLER, Mointenonce Supervisor, ossists corpentry students os they move finished shelves to their new home Ctopb. MR. BODINE supervises the cutting of rods Cfor Ieftb. STUDENTS toke o short breok from their busy activities Clefrb. STACY AHRENS wotches os rods ore being meosured for cutting Cleftb. Carpentry - 41 n-job Troining Educotes 15,32 --If s Y i , 3' , 9 K' 144 7V f W DENA GRAY studies hord in I.C.E. Coboveh. MRS. NELSON ond SANDY HALL discuss a project Crightb. 42 - D.E., Marketing, I.C.E. XXXXX D.E., directed by Mrs. Nelson, helps cope with every-doy experiences ond more complex problems thot rnoy occur in the future by working Qt vorious jobs. I.C.E. gives on-the-job troining ond experience. This closs, tought by Cooch Don Hutchings, gives four credits to enoble students to leove the cornpus eorly to go to work dur- ing school hours. X ix.. L4 c ,w f ,,....-sv' 4 h L, 1 "Ym- rojects prove useful The crofts ond lhdustriol orts closses ore olwoys involved in new projects. Even though closs situotions ore more reloxed thon mohy more "structured" closses, procticol projects ore completed thot ore useful os well os ottroctive. if HAI NGUYEN disploys o belt he mode for boord member, Chorles Moyhue Cobove, leftb. 1 4, CRAIG POLLOCK dyes leorherwork Cobove, rightb. LARRY ROBERTS ond his fovorite crofts closs ore busy for the comero Cleftb, m DAVID DENNY osks Mr. Wood for help, while Brett Myrick looks on Coboveb. Q-51932 CFA L J, 'jjfwx S095 wt, I N Q 'pc SUS 33 wwglm GY Qui QJJAQA Mg car. 1 N195 vfascd auf MQMQWK xcxcui 'XO SLLXQDOX 'qC5Q,A'x'XQ,Pn gag? Sow!! 9 YM' KW bm mix W Afsawmff vwmavxg 31-o mc, LPN vxcsfonw Yorejqgf ww, 5655 JCL walk Qmwfkd ami 'L would Kmavxks WMM ww wo fvfvhohs Rasa. +0 PDM evil fall W5 Rf GMC MCL xmgpQ,L6tb5UU hmm QCA' Wah 5:3152 Qwmvvsrf, Yew Fa, 'a CCLHI egwgai pqgvsaidca? mow 50ml 50 M eww Q vkcfkf- G, Q! YDXQIBSQL bxifgmxvx XQWLNXQ VX H-C3 EFBVXA LCDUCI, 'Shaggy Lgvfxgv 3155 5DMwK Qwflmgmmwgmwwwwfe KQUKXQZUEX M551 my W MW W LUCK 'Q hai aww!! L 9 ef' Go, 0 inane 3 Y E5 f f lf Y .1 PAM Anson ntnohomos 4 Yrs., FCA 1 Yr., Mm Molds 1 LOURIE APPLE Yeorbook1 Yr.,f 1 TAWNI AGAN - Spanish Club 4 Yrs., 1 Yr., Choroleers 4 Yrs,, Choroleers 1 Yr. ond Scroll 2 Yrs, 1 ., Quill ond HURST homes 4 Yrs., Chorolaki 3 Yrs., BRIAN , -1 Bond 4 Yrs., Scroll V .1 ' eorlgbbksii rs. ""r SH D M Bond ,,., , DIANE Molds 1 ., rcs Yrs C .J Mos I 4 Clu P s., FCA 1 Yr' Cont 4 Yrs., Trock Sponlsh Club 1 SQ, Q-N Pom Abbott Lourie Applegote Towni Agon Brion Bolch Sheilo Akehurst Cindy Bozzell Dione Alford Poulo Beorden 46 - Seniors i 4 1 Yr. BRENHOLTZ - Band Holly Bennett Dovid Buelow Morio Benson Angie Bunyord Mory Koy Brenholfz Rhondo Byrd Vonesso Brooks Lois Coniff FCA 4 Yrs. Yrs. Yrs French Club 3 Yrs leers 1 Yr. Com- r., Trock1Yr. 4 Yrs., FCA 2 Yrs,, Mor Molds , i r FCA 4 Yrs., Honor Society 8 Yrs., Conlnohamos i Y L Z Seniors - 47 Qi Koy Cormichoel Shelly Corpenfer Shelly Corroll Teddy Corson xv Jeonerre Coldwell Sherri Collins Poul Coldwell Normon Colquirr Keleigh Cole Dono Cooper Mike Collins Kevin Cooper Seniors - 49 ,, in JENNIFER CfilDERB-- Yr., FCA 1 rs-rrrrrs WCA 1 1 Yr. ,LANDIS Dggfis-French B - V ---'- g ' 3HELLY Cal! i1 ss 1111 rs. Co wresflfng A + 11 1 11 BOBBY s 8 Yrs- Trd Wfesfflfgf, 4YfS- 1.L DERRICRX B Yrs., Tre 1BB1 B1BB1 DARLA FCA2Yr5g5g B1B B ,1-' i LAURIE DAVIS - Bond 4 Yrfg., FCA 1 Yr., FIOQSKQQU Rifles 1 Yr., Af French CIub1 Yr., Comnohornosl3 Yrs. HOLLY Burfgr sscougorrns B Yrs., FCA 1 Yr., eers 3 Yrs., DE 2 Yrs., tnohomos , ' BYBBB rsssr YBB " ' . ' BBYBB QgA sQAfl A-L-ChoroIeers1Yr.,DEA-1Y1f+ - ,,,Br DAVIS - Arr curb 2 yrs., Rebels 4 Yrs., ' A -'--' ,Arr NJQEETYYS.. T0fW s,s1r Yr., Trock , rr ,s B. ,,.. .... .s A rrrrr , - rsf1rYr., Cougoamrlfiiifflcerb 3 .. , 3 Yrs., Mor Tonfer- rw A 11 .rr. A A 4 YB" SP - r . -A . ....... f-r 15441 r...r r . 'B 3 ' B A... s A ' JACK . Yfsw Te""'5r??BYfis A JOHNNA A m r r 5 MARK 4 Yrs., soczerys LL 3 Yrs., Mm ?gg'g3Q55ponish Gub 3 V ref . 1 Brrrr STEPHANIE 2 Yrs., A1 Yr., ICE 2 ABYBAB 'ff' r r f r1'hh 5 Ti 'EVSLYN COfficerD B Y Y Yrs., Socrery 4 Club 1 Yr., rQrrrerres .g.ff1? f B 0nrsh C1951 fmhomos 4 Yrs., ssrs 1 .A r.. Quill and 5Cf0ll WQYB: , ,Q :V-,L rsr, r...i .k.. HOW 5OCiefY 2 Yfifi C'U!?F?2 Y 1 A Br 3 ' Jennifer Crider Londis DOVIS Dorlo Dovis Lourie Dovis Jeff Dovis Lindo Dicus Johnno Dovis MOFI4 DUff9" 0 1 1 50 - Seniors N...-f Shelly Dunbor Jonet Fousr Holly Duty Joy Fisher Coro Ehrlich Evelyn Firter Jimmy Eppler Bobby Roy Frozier CN me? - Q Aniro Goge Jeff Groy Liso Green Derrick Holcomb Sondy Holi Srephonie Homes Jock Hordcostle Corlo Horlon 'l "l 1 - q Seniors - 51 All-l Around BOY and Girl CARA EHRLICH was elected by the Senior class to be Ada High's All-' Around Girl. This is the highest honor an Ada High senior can recelve. Cara was elected to the All-American Drill Team and plans to attend O.U. to further her career in the field of dancing. She has been active throughout her high school days in several dif- ferent organizations and activities. GREG RUMLEY was elected to the highest honor an Ada High student can receive, All-Around Boy, He has also been an outstanding wrestler for the past four years. Greg has been a faithful member to many of the clubs and organizations in Ada High. Senior Who 's Who NU. cond IWES Cougor LYNN PARRISH wos elected Miss Cougor, the second highest honor or Ado High School. She wos secretory for Ado I-ligh's FCA ond o member of severol clubs ond orgonizotions such os Art Club. Spanish Club, Tontettes ond Cont- nohomos. Lynn olso hod the very time-consuming job of being the Cougonns' monoger. RUSTY LIVINGSTON was elected by the entire student body to be Mr. Cougar. Four yeors of footboll ot Ado High hos token up much of Rustys time olong with FCA, the Cougor Coll, ond Trock. Mr. Cougor is the second highest honor on Ado High Student con receive. Senior Who '5 Who - All Around Boy Runner-Up, Jock Wiley i wos o four yeor member of Bond. Jock wos Drum Mojor his Senior yeor. He olso quolified for membership in Sponish Honor Society, ond wos in Honor Society for two yeors. Michelle CCIUCHG wos elected runner-up to All-Around Girl . Being o twirler in bond for four yeors took up much of her time, but she olso found time to be o member of Contnohomos for four yeors, o member of Honor Society, ond wos olso ossocioted with trock for four yeors. if 54 All-Around, Mr. ond Miss Cougorllunners-Up M r . C o u g o r Runner-Up, Mike Johnson , wos involved in mony orgonizotions such os footboll, boseboll, trock, in oddition to being o four-yeor Rebel. Equolly importont, The Runner-Up to Miss COUQOF , Poulo Beorden , wos involved in mony importont oc- tivities, She wos o four-yeor member of Student Council, being President her Senior yeor, ond o member of Contnohomos, olso being president her Senior yeor, She wos olso ossocioted with Quill ond Scroll ond o member of FCA. In oddition to these octivities, bosketboll took up much of her time. Carmen Harlan Shelly Hayden Shannon Harper Kim Hayrnes Marc Harris Cynthia Herndon Tracy Harron Alesha Hill S555 X . CARMEN HARLAN - Cougar Call 1 Yr., Spanish Club 2 Yrs. SHELLY HAYDEN - Choraleers 3 Yrs., Couganns 1 Yr. SHANNON HARPER - Contnahomas 2 Yrs., Choraleers 1 Yr. KIM HAYMES - Spanish Club 2 Yrs., 2 Yrs., FCA 4 Yrs., Mat Maids 1 Yr., Rebels 2 Yrs., PY MARC HARRIS - Bond 4 Yrs., Speech 1 yr., FFA 3. CYNTHIA HERNDON - Couganns 2 Yrs., Math Club 1 Yr,, Quill and Scroll 1 Yr., Yearbook 1 Yrs., PYAT1 Yr. CVET 2 Yrs. 4 Yrs., Tanfefres 1 Yr., E l - R. . :-1. 5: .gr .z Q .9 . it rs- N X mx if f-3, L ... . -7 ,.-- R W Q W5 ff' il? C 2 RCW' xi .E E :KI 2 , 5 ..-, WVCZ S' .S Seniors - 55 CHRISTY HINESLEY - Choraleers 3 Yrs., FCA 4 Yrs., Cougor Call r'lYr,, Tcnfertes 1 Yr., PYAT 3 Yrs., Contnohomos 4 Yrs. JSTACY JOHNSON - Frogs 1 Yr., Honor sorrows: Yrs., Cougar Coll 2 Yrs., Track 2 Yrs., PYAT 4 Yrs. GARY JAVERNICK - Bosketball 4 Yrs., Computer Club 1 Yr., FCA 2 Yrs., Foorboll 1 Yr., Honor Society 2 Yrs., Math Club 4 Yrs., Rebels 3 Yrs., Art Club 3 Yrs. DOUG JONES - French Club 1 Yr., Rebels 3 Yrs. CHERYL JOHNSON -- Cheerleaders 1 Yr., DE 1 Yr., Conf- nohomos1Yr. STAN KAMP - Football 1 Yr. MIKE JOHNSON - Baseball 2 Yrs., Basketball 2 Yrs., Football 4 Yrs.. Rebels 4 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs., CVET 1 Yr. RANDY KNIGHTEN - Choraleers 3 Yrs., Rebels s Yrs., ics 4 Yrs. 'Ka W X- Christy Hinesley Gary Javernick Cheryl Johnson Mike Johnson Stacy Johnson Doug Jones Sron Kamp Randy Knighren 56 - Seniors Cm ff .,v::.:- r Q sgxxg Semi fx. so QQ W .1 ,mi or jg fx X i:Q: Q C sg iss Ross Kroeker Michelle Monn Jim Loxton Corol Mortin 7 Rusty Livingston Heother Mortin Gino Lunsford Beo Koy Motthews 1-Sm ROSS MICHELLE CAROL MA Yr., Mot Maids 3 A Society nohomos 4 Club 3 Yrs. RTIN UVINGSTON Society Spanish Club Tontettes 2 Yrs., Seniors - 57 Doug McCIoin Kent Moore Angie Murphy Gront Noylor Trocy McKnight Ron Morton Chris Murroy Rob Neol Mory Miller Denise Motes Mike Murroy Lindo Niles Julie Mock Eric Mowinski Bret Myrick Coro Overton 56 - Seniors DOUG McCLAlN - Boseboll 2 Yrs., Computer Club 1 Yr., FCA 4 Yrs., Foofboll 4 Yrs., Frendw Club 1 Yr., Honor Society 6 Yrs., Cougor Coll 1 Yr. KENT - Sponish Club 1 Yr., FCA 3 Yrs., Foorboll 1 Yr., AT1 Yr. 3 Yrs., ICE 2 Trock 4 Yrs. af-fr Lynn Porrish Angelo Pherigo Mory Poscholl Kelly P001 Kevin Poyne SheIlY PCO' Benny Perry Porricls Powell FCA ' Yrs Club 1 - FCA 4 Yrs., Club 3 Yrs Trock 1 Baseball 2 4 'YG Rebels 3 Yrs., Wresrling 4 Yigfweorbook 1 Bond 2 Yrs., FCA ?Yrs.,11Elogs 2 Quill ond Scroll 3 Yrs., DE 2 Yrs. Yrs. 1 Yr., Cheerleode Coll 1 rs, Yrs., Trock 8 Yrs, 2 Yrs., DE 1 Yr., ICE 4 Yrs., Trock 4 Yrs., Yrs. Club 1 Yr. 2 Yrs. Seniors - 59 is Ronnie POWELL -efBoskerbOll 4 Yrs., FCA 1Yf,,Q 4 Yrs., Golf 4 Yrs. . E i - - .ff' " JOHN mrcHlE + 4 Yrs., Honor iT5E5eIs 2 Yrs., Ye ZQffY'r.' 1 ,- LEAH Puus - nosrikfuaii mfr.. cougorms FCA cl Yrs., Tonrenes 1 Yr., Coqmohomgis 3 Yrs. R ACHIP RODGERS Yr., Foorbou 1 Yr.. Track 2 Yrs., -11'A,, A - Off rsrr MYY. i R 1 . rYrYYY rrrr T JULIE RAY - Yrs., Cougonns 3 Yrs., FCA 4 Yrs., Trock 3 Yrs. KELLY ROLLINS - 2 Yrs., FCA 2 Yrs., Cougor Coll 2 Yrs., Mot Moids 1 Yr., Yrs., DE 1 Yr. GARLIN REED - cverz rsss 1. JANOTA RONALD - French Club 1 Yr., Mor MOids1 Yr., Yrs., COHEQONOFTXOS 4 Yrs. .. K f ' "'- H 1 H3535 :GT Robbie Powell John Ritchie Leoh Pulrs Chip Rodgers Julie Roy Kelly Rollins Gorlin Reed Jonorfo Ronold 60 - Seniors 1 Q'-fs CLASS OFFICERS, VALEDICTORIANS NAMED A 4.0 grode overoge wos mointoined throughout these students' high school coreers. This quolified them for the honor of being voledictorions. They ore Coren Wood, Morio Benson, Teddy Cor- son, Poulo Beorden, Joy Fisher, Sherri Collins, ond Worren Suffridge. "Rebels without o couse" get reody for Senior Week, keeping in mind thot they will be in chorge of the ten-yeor reunion. Senior closs officers ore Jeff Dovis, Secretory, Rob Neol, Vice- President, ond Gory Jovernicls, President Ctopb. Seniors - 61 MIKE COLLINS, our yeorbools editor, enjoys comping ond wotching M"A"'S"H, His greotest moment will be knowing more obout o comero thon Jeff Adoir. SHERRI COLLINS stonds obove the crowd in boslsetboll, doncing ond morching. Her greotest moment wos be- ing one of "Our Little Misses" in 1974. Senior KEITH BROWN'S best time wos his eigh- teenth birthdoy. His hobbies ore running, working, fishing ond portying. ANGIE BUNYARD hos been very involved in high school octivities. She enjoys ploying Poc Mon ond getting lost with Joy Fisher. STEADY TEDDY CARSON is one good fishermon! But - his greotest moment wos intercepting o poss ond runn- ing it bock for o touchdown. SHELLY CARROLL keeps quite busy with the drill teom, but occosionolly hos been seen on the orm of her "best buddy." CHRISTY HINESLEY hos been involved in oc- tivities from Student Council to Choir. When she finds free time, she spends it with her friends. LINDA DICUS, our leoder in school spirit, enjoys snow skiing. Her greotest moment wos the Cotholic Church donce. Who's Who sw--f--pg'-gs GARY JAVERNICK hos been president of his closs for two yeors. He likes ploying bosket- boil, frisbees ond be- ingoRebeI. MICHELLE MANN is o noturol othlete. She enjoys snow skiing, ond going to church donces. MARY MILLER'S greotest moment wos going to Florido with the cheerleoders. Her spore time is spent with her friends, sleeping ond bollet doncing. RON MORTON'5 greotest moment wos being soved. He spends his free time reoding ond listening to music. BEA KAY MATTHEWS, on ovid "All My Children" fon, enjoys doncing ond drinking strowberry sodos. DOUG McCLAIN'S greotest moment wos when he cought o seven ond o holf pound boss, He likes fishing, hunting ond ploying footboll, ' ' .r ,,1 CARA OVERTON'S greotest moments were winning the Byng ond Mid-Americo Tournoments. Her hob- by is skiing. GRANT NAYLOR en- joys building models, hunting, ond reoding. His greotest moment wos winning the foot- boll stote chompionships. Senior Who's Who KANDE VAN METER wos occupied with cheerleoding. Her free time is spent roising horses, bobysitting ond swimming. MIKE TODD'S greotest moment wos when he got his cor. His hobbies ore swimming ond skiing. 'T I 1 J' A 5-X .2131-.4 JULIE RAY'S hobbies ore eoting ond dieting. She spends her free time getting "Coolies" ond wotching Borney Miller. JOHN RITCHIE, vorsity Rebel, enjoys sleeping ond running oround. His moment to remember wos the Moore Tournoment. WARREN SUFFRIDGE likes to spend his free time out- doors. His greotest moments were spent in Woshington, D.C. with the Close-Up Progrom. DAVID TAYLOR'S greotest moment wos breoking our school high jump record. He spends his free time sleep- ing, eoting, ond wotching TV. ROBERT WILLARD en- joys working on mochines ond ploying footboll. He thought leorning to spell might be his greotest mo- ment until he mode the oll-stote footboll teom. CISSY YlN is quite on othlete. She spends her free time ploying tennis, but olso likes listening to music ond eoting. ROPPEL - Carpentry, SANFORD 3:9 Poul Roppel Robert Sonford Greg Rumley Noncy Sims Karen Sonders Debbie Smith Showne Soncls Mike Smith Seniors - 65 WA lhhAhhh T. , , TW STEPHANIE STICK -- Band 4 Yrs., Choraleers 1 Yr., FCA 2 Yrs., Flags 2 Yrs., Tennis 3 Yrs, DIANNE SWITZER -- FCA 2 Yrs., Honor Society 2 Yrs., Mat Maids 3 Yrs., Rebels 3 Yrs., Yeblbook 1 Yr., Contnahomas 2 Yrs. MIKE TODD - Spanish 1rYr., Yrs., Football 1 Yr., Cougar Call 2 Yrs., Wrestgggg 2 Yrs. MARK VANTASSELL - 4 Yrs., FCA 3 Yrs., rerrrrrs 2 Yrs., Track 2 Yrs., Spanish ClubiYr. MIKE WINGO - Art Club 2 Yrs., Baseball 3 Yrs., Basketball 2 Yrs., Football 1 Yr., Rebels 3 Yrs. LORI STINSON - DE 2 Yrs. ,.,, A X DAVID TAYLOR - Basketball ZtYTrs., Football 1 Yr., Rebels 2 Yrs., Track 4 Yrs. PAM TOWNSEND -- Cheerleaders 1 Yr., Couganns 3 Yrs., FCA 3 Yrs.. Contnahomas 4 Yrs. SHERI WADE - Choraleers 4 Yrs., Honor Society 2 Yrs., Year- book 1 Yr., DE 1 Yr. REGINA WEST - Chorageers 4 Yrs., DE 2 Yrs. ANNEUE wm-iERow -4 Drama Club 1 Yr., Bond 4 Yrs., com- nahomas 4 Yrs., FCA 8 Yrs., Flags 3 Yrs., French Club 4 Yrs., Yearbook 1 Yr. r MIKE STOKES - Baseball 3 Yrs., Computer Club 4 Yrs., Golf A Yrs., Rebels 4 Yrs. JEFF THOMPSON - Band 4 Yrs., Computer Club 2 Yrs., Honor Society 1 Yr., Spanish Club 1 Yr. KEVIN WALLACE - Choraleers 1 Yr., Yearbook 1 Yr. JACK WILEY - Band 4 Yrs., Honor Society 2 Yrs., Math Club 2 Yrs., Spanish Club 2 Yrs. V CAREN WOOD - Band 2 Yrs., Computer Club 2 Yrs., Couganns 2 Yrs., FCA 1 Yr., Honor Society 4 Yrs., Mat Maids 1 Yr., Math Club 2 Yrs., Rebels 2 Yrs., Conrnahomas 1 Yr. WARREN SUFFRIDGE -- Computer Club 2 Yrs., Honor Society 4 Yrs., Math Club 2 Yrs., Spanish Club 4 Yrs. DAVID THURMAN - Baseball 2 Yrs., Basketball 2 Yrs., Foot- ball 2 Yrs., Track 2 Yrs., 2 Yrs., Carpentry 2 Yrs. KANDE VAN METER Society 1 Yr., Tennis1 ROBERT WILLARD Wrestling 1 Yr. 4 FCA 2 Yrs., Honor 8 Yrs., Foorballzdsxrs., Track 2 Yrs., CISSY YIN Computer ,,1,Yr., Honor Society 4 Yrs. Tennis 4 Yrs. nish Club 1 Yr. f ...,.... -mmol Stephanie Stick Dianne Switzer Lori Stinson David Taylor Mike Stokes Jeff Thompson Warren Suffridge David Thurman 66 Seniors Mike Todd Mork VonTosselI Donny West Mike Wingo Pom Townsend Sheri Wode Regino West Annette Witherow Brett Tribbey Kevin Wolloce Jock Wiley Coren Wood Konde Von Meter Michelle Wolston Robert Willord Cissy Yin i Seniors - 67 One Hundred Fifty- Toke Another ot Ado High Jeff Adoir Ron Aguior Srocey Ahrens Thornos Akers Richard Alexonder Mike Allmon Kevin Anderson Brion Armstrong Tereso Beol Bo Beor Brod Beller Eddie Bock Borboro Bolin Morgie Bonor Chris Bowles Steven Broy Liso Breeden LoShown Brown Misty Bundy Kelli Burke Blone Collen Mike Coors Mike Coplin Srephonie Donley Holly Dovis 68 Juniors five Juniors Shot 4 l 3 Jeff Howord ond Dee Ann Hooker ore " unk rockers" ot school dence, .. P .- Lori Denhom Dovid Denny Kelli Dickerson Kenny DiMombre Byron Dixon Leso Dixon Debbie Dorsey Koren Duncon Rolondo Duncon John Eggleston Potti Ephroim Jeff Fentem Rich Fleet Scotti Floyd Shone Foster Shonnon Folger Chris Fredrick Kim Fulton Mike Gonul Kevin Gore Deno Groy Whitney Griffin Jim Grube Nothon Gunn Mork Hogor Kerry Holcomb Eric Horgrove Juniors 69 70 - Juniors Woyne Horrison Kelly Hoskins Shelly Hoskins Dovid Henderson Eric Henmon Dorren Henry Denell Highfill Dorin Hilsobeck Lindo Holron DeeAnn Hooker Shonnon Hooks Jeff Howord Pom Hudsperh Annie Huneke Jomey Hutchings Kristi Jockson Jonetre Jolly Honk Jones Tereso Jones Mortin Jussely Poul Komp Morsho Kotz George Keeler Rhonda Ricord ond Porri Lorge oppeor os nuns or the Holloween dance Jocquelynn Keeley Fred Keller Mike Kemp Patti Lorge Tino Loyne Cindy Leoch Steve Little Lindo Luke Angelo Mohle Michelle Monn INN Donno Moson Jornes Mayfield Liso McNutt Aoron Millicon Kellye Milner Cindy Moore Becky Myer Mike Noll Greg Nester Tung Nguyen Melindo Oxford I Tommy Porl-ser Moria Porl-ss ARRIVING FROM bond proctice ond heeded for second-hour :loss ore Eric Henmon, Mike Gonul ond Keith Philpot. Juniors - 71 Lindsoy Potron Woyne Pettigrew Keith Philpot Pebbles Plurnlee Shelley Roglond Potricio Reeves Rhondo Ricord Dorlo Roseborough Mox Ross Tondo Scolf Dovid Servois Henry Seymour Stocy Sheors Eddie Shelton Andy Srnort Scott Speed Belinda Stephens Shown Stephenson Dovid Steworr Keith Stewort 72 Juniors ,7 Zi A P I I IRA I' ""'f rrysr Gi 'ef " ll 1 R- Cindy Moore observes os Lindsoy Potton ond Albert Bore "pose" for comero Steve Stick Bonnie Stie-wig Jeff Stokes Koilo Thetford Chorles Thompson Kim Tribble Eddie Vondewolke Glen Wolden Karen Wolket Don West Brett Willioms Dorin Willis Juniors 73 Junior Jewels i f .J F J is if e J ' ' f ,M A ,, f immoral 'W , il 5 v-'-7 I -f"'-A, fi fiiff-'1 gil JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS were Rich Fleer, vice-presidenr, Kristi Jockson, secretory, ond Richord Alexonder, president. gi f-wif' X 1 - 'GX .us H 'E 'R me Shonnon Folger shows her sruff. Eddie Shelton works in office. ww gl' 5- i nvnwr Junior counselor oides ore R. Fleer, L. Denhom, T. Jones, 5. Donley, not in picture, A. Huneke. Junior Librory oides ore M. Gonul, K. Philpor, ond A. Smorf. Junior Office oides ore Y. Brown, D. Servois, K. Welker, G. Wolden, ond S. Brown. One Hundred Forty-rwo Sophomores Step to the Tune of rm 'Our Second , ,I 13 S, ff f Yeor 1 .l , iii Y 'iii 'kf N' my., . Five Sophomores "stride" ro school on enrollment doy. fr, 4' ll 1543 ,ff ,.g' ..,,VV-- 1 Vyrfl- 32- M' ., YH-72557 will A U .. fly- 'S ,J . 4 , ,vi "'-, 2143 fi Q , , fm '- aa Brod Bolch Tino Bolch Andreo Barrick Kim Borron Sandy Bennett Deidre Benson Brendo Blonkenship Bruce Boone Wade Booth Chod Bowers Gorrh Bowmon Angelo Broy Kevin Broy Rondy Brogdon Jim Brown Melonie Brown Mike Burrell Doniel Bush Diono Conody Angelo Corson Dovid Cossovough Liso Colclosure Jerry Cowort Lori Curlee Angie Dovis 76 - Sophomores Don Davis Wayne DeLozier Tanya Derwiler Jay Duty Mandy Faust Cindy Fenton Raymond Ferguson Cori Fisher Becky Ford Alison Foster Gayla Garriort Lisa George Perry Gillum Deresa Gray Susan Green Chris Gurley David Gurley Ernie Hallmark Brian Harrelson Vicki Harris Mary Harrison Melissa Haymes Teresa Hays Sophomores 77 Jock Hilligoss Bill Hobbs Shelly Hoover Joy Horne Jeonetto Horne John Joques Drew Johnson Kevin Johnson Mike Johnson Bobbie Jones Trocy Jones Sheilo Jumper Ed Keeley Doug Kennon Foy Knouse Greg Knox Brigette Lomb Tereso Lowson Roger Loxton Huyen Le 78 Sophomores Koris Quiett, Stocy Moore, Kevin Ritchie, ond Drew Johnson show their spirit on the first doy back to school I 2 Robby Leonard Renee Lillard Lhorlotte Linker Trey Long Shelly Lynch Kelly McCabe Mott McCord Keith McDaniel Shown McMahon De-Ann Miller Ronnie Miller Stacy Moore Greg Morrison Tammy Mouser David Muse James Myers Keith Nail Forrest Neal Hai Nguyen Mimi Orebough Shelly Orebaugh James Pascholl Craig Pollock Julie Pryor Karis Quiett Kevin Quinren Patrick Quinren .Sophomores - 79 Lorece Rice Leno Rich Kevin Ritchie Joy Ryles Eddie Sollee Kim Sounders Dovid Scott Brondi Shormon Rick Smith Brett Spencer Louis Sroggs Jeff Steen John Stone Suson Stroub Rusty Sweoringen Debbie Thorton Poulo Townsend Wendie Turner Ellen VonTossell Korlo Vick Melisso Wogoner John Wolston Jeff Word Curt Worren Brion Wotteou Eddie Wilson Denise Witherow Trovis Worcester Scottie Worrell Debbie Yoholo 60 Sophomores Jonno Roy Kelly Reed W MANDY FAUST "goes for ir" during mogozine soles Cupper leftb. "BQ" OFFICE oides ore Jim Brown, Moody Fousr, Shelly Orebough, Melissa Wogoner, ond Brion Worreou Cupper righrb. SOPHOMORE LIBRARY oides ore John Wolston, Shown McMohon, Roy Bell, Jeff Word Ccenrer leftb. CINDY FENTON shows sophomore spirit Coboveb. KEVIN QUINTEN, Debbie Yoholo, Mimi Orebough, Roger Loxron ond Rusty Swear- ingen ore Sophomore office oides Clefrb. Sophomores 81 'Wham WAN- as .nw s.. x .. .., - I T Ns,.,- . , ,nw N.- r if 8 ras ,A 2,432 I W ! MH. aww A !,4T,,,4-sf' R 41.. R 4 SOPHOMORE MANAGER, Kevin Ritchie shows his topeing skills or o .I.V. foorboli gome Coboveb. phomore Shors -4 If S x MR. FLOYD 510th grode biology cioss gothers oround in onriciporion of rest scores. AH Cholks Up Steve Allen Dovid Anderson Jonie Anderson Mike Anderson Liso Atkeson Robert Beorden Thomos Bell Brion Bledsoe Kelly Bock Anne Boettcher Kothy Bowers Shormon Bowers Seon Boyd Vikki Broy Weston Broodrick Keith Buelow Kelly Burnes Theron Corr Scotty Corson Jimmy Corter Billy Covener Tombro Childress Tommy Choote Mork Cobb Kim Cochron 84 Freshmen Christy Collins Kylo Cooper Lori Cooper Dcivid Copelond Dorin Cosby Missy Cox Chris Crowford Brent Cusher Scott Donley Steve Dovis Shoun Dovison Angie DeWolt Joel Dickerson Yul Dotson Bobby Driskill Dono Edwords Joy Emory George Enfield Christie Former Andy Filbeck Angie Fischer Kelli Flonogon Gront Fowler Freshmen 55 Aretha Frazier Lisa Frazier Edie Gage Ronnie Gilcreast Toreno Gilley Thirza Graff Brenda Hagar Jill Hagar Jennifer Hanson Kim Harris Joe Don Harrison Michana Hayden David Hefner Missy Henry Jerry Hilligoss Jenny Hodge Judy Hodges Liz Hoffield Karen Holloweli Denise Hornbaker Kathy Howard Cordt Huneke Robert Hunsal-ser Mike Hutchins Elaine Jackson Jay Johnson Jerri Jolly Cherie Kamp Tommy Kamp Beth Katz Matthew Keeling Deanna Keith DanAnn Kendrick Darla Kendrick Kelly Kerr 86 Freshmen THIS IS freshman STUDY haIl?? Bryan Kingery Brad Klepper Mike Knowles Rob Lane Troy Lehman Gina Lehrman Maria Lohmonn Trudy Lurnprnourh Billie McCullar Regina McCurdy Lesley McDaniel Sue Ellen McFarlane Cathy Melton Vickie Melton Mary Millsap Kerri Myers Lynn Neman Angie Nix Joe Noonan Billy Owens David Peay Ann Perre-rt Kelli Pizzino Debra Pokorny Sharon Quarrerman Freshmen - 87 Tommy Roy Dovid Reogon Claudette Reed Robby Reeves Anne Reynolds Stephen Riley Stephonie Roberson Melito Ronold Morilyn Ross Debbie Sonders Joe Shelton Trocy Sherrell Roy Shormon Noncy Simpson Scott Simpson Tino Sires Suson Sloughter Brondy Smith Rick Smith Shelly Smith 65 - Freshmen MISSING ON picture doy were: Bruce Willioms, K Whitson, Joey Treodowoy, ond Karen Keene, im Smith, Dorrell Cook, Jo Anne Stick, Dovid Reogon, Stephen A x in -Q. , ,of .. iQ Dove Yorbrough Liso Young Scott Young 'if-. 'V' 4. Q if" Dovid Spencer Debbie Springsteen Morsholl Stephens Amy Stephenson Tino Stick Jimmy Stinson Liso Stinson Cristino Stride Dorrell Sullivon Steve Sutton Angi Toylor David Toylor Terry Don Teel Mott Thompson Eric Thys Mork Todd Deonno Tollett Lorionne Tumlinson Rheyso Turner Jeff Tyler Bronon Updegroff Ronold Urloub Lindo Veosey Cormen Weover Lorno Webb Curtis West Mike West Sondro West Tommy Willett Joe Wilson Freshmen 89 FRESHMAN Flicks 4 I 5 "' if u -'vi , BOBBY DRISKILL rokes time out from his hord studies to pose for the comero. vig! get eejfi FRESHMEN WAIT to get their schedule for their first yeor ot Ado High MEMBERS OF THE ADA BOARD OF EDUCATION - Chorles Moyhue, Por Bonor, President, Richord Coworr Cropb. Gory Rhynes, Mory Ann Deen Crightb. 92 - Board of Education r L . Zone Bowmon, Superintendent Jock Roy, Principol Leon Londrith, Assistont Principol honges morls yeor of progress One would expect to see chonges in every school yeor, ond this one wos no exception. For exomple, "split lunch" ceos- ed to exist ond students with few obsences found thot they were exempt from semester exoms, Four new foces were seen os foculty chonges included Betty Neol, who took the ploce of retir- ing Lorece Richg Lorry Bodine, who filled the voconcy of Wolter Wlnterg Suson Birney for Gwynell Moxwellg Ronnie Brendle, former- ly o foculty member, who ossum- ed the position formerly held by Koren Somple. New courses finding their woy into the curriculum included Bochelor Survivol, World Geogrophy, ond Accounting ll. Corpentry closses constructed o residence just north of the compus os their project of the yeor. Administration 93 94 - Foculry WYNEMA LUCILLE COLLINS ANDERSON English I Accounting Il English I CVET Business Moth DON BYRD Typing Il RONNIE BRENDLE Amer, History KEITH DOTSON LARRY BODINE Physicol Science Soc.-Psy. Comp. Science ELAINE BEARDEN Corpenrry, VICA Bosketboll Foorboll Physics Moth I CVET Moth V Moth I JOHN BOETTCHER TRENT BRIGGS JUDY CARROLL Algebro Il English I Arr I-IV Counselor English III, IV Moth Anolysis RON ELKINS DONNA LANDRITH Civics - Ok. LUELLA FOWLER Secretory Hist. Typing l Cheerleoder Government Yeorbook DON HUTCHINGS Sponsor Amer. History Journolisrn SUSAN BIRNEY l.C.E, Student Council Journolism l-ll ERNA LEACH CHARLES Ploy Production DARRELL World BEN FLOYD GOLIGHTLY English ll JOHNSON Geogrophy Biology Oth Footboll Psy.-Soc. Sponish I Phy. Science Supervision JOAN HUNTER Phys. Educotion World History Biology CVFT Footboll Choroleers Bosketboll French l MR. ELKINS greets Lois Coniff before closs. LOURIE AP- PLEGATE discusses English rnotters with Mrs. Souer Cleftb. MR. DOTSON hurries to closs Cfor Leftb. MRS. WARREN is in her usuol spot between closses Ccenter, leftb. MRS. ANDER- SON checks over her notes while teoching Accounting ll Ccenter, leftb. Faculty - 95 LEE ROY MAPP fphjfobfog Civics i3iLLNELsoN JOEPRYOR OVW' e Football Tennis siiopii-iv Biology Adv- Biology JERRY NAYLOR Chemisffv oil. iiisf. - LARRY Tfodf MCBROOM MARTHA LARRY Algebra I BEUY NEAL NELSON ROBERTS Football Rem. Long. D.E. Crafts FCA Sponsor Arts l - lll Careers EMH RUTH SAUER English lll - lV DEENE SHERBERT English ll English Il - CVET Spanish l Alvis Miller receives grammar instruction from Mrs. Bearden. JIM STINSON shows affection for his "favorite" teacher, Mrs, Collins Crightb. Faculty PEGGY TAYLOR Phy. Education JOHN Couganns BRONSON STRICKLAND WARREN MARJORIE Dr. Education BETTY Band SNEED Wrestling TOWNSEND MARY WINTON Registrar Fash. Merch. MATTIE L.D. JAN Foods WARREN BONNIE STURDEVANT Bach. Accounting I ED WOODS STEWART Algebra II Survival Shorthand CVET I-ll Counselor Geometry Clothing Off. Practice Crafts GUESTS LISTEN as Coach Strickland explains assets of the new wrestling building, KIM HAYMES points out test score results to Counselor, Trent Briggs. PHYLLIS YOUNTS Librarian ALTHOUGH RETIRED from teaching, Lorece Rich often helps with school activities. Faculty - 97 'je-P'-F Cskfgyi-2 ll H-3 affa vwntnrmf- UQ 504' mov S'fi'f! A544 O7-If Paag 21509 H, wake 37 Qff OJLJX-Gln, Jarman? fyqg Mvvah ri5Affl.C::eQ3s few. fdcffn TIA 1 W WCIK McBroom Gets Second Consecutive in District L- Chompionshipl The Ado Cougors lost to No. 1 roted Tulso Kelley in the stote quorter finols, end- ing their seoson with o 7-4 record. Cooch Lorry McBroom won his second consecutive district title. ADA 14 - NORMAN 20 Ado opened their seoson ogoinst 4A powered Nor- mon. Ado got out to o 14-6 leod with two scoring TD's from quorterbock Shown Stephenson. Nor- mon mode o second holf surge scoring twice to give them the victory. ADA 34 -- WEWOKA19 The Cougors offense socleed up C34 points in the first three quorters, Robert Willord ond Keith Brown leoding the woy. Wewol4o's third quorter rolly wos not enough for the tough Cougor defense. ADA 35 - DURANT14? The Cougor offense proved their power ogoin os QB Shown Stephenson hit on 12 of 1o posses for 254 yords. Robert Willord scored 2 TD's ond rushed for over 100 yords. Tight end, Jomey Hutchings, hod 4 receptions for 108 yords. ond 1 TD. Duront scored only o field gool ogoinst Ado's first teom defense. ADA 21- MOORE 14 With the score tied ot 14-14. Ado chollenged Moore in the overtime. On the third ploy, Jomey Hutchings scored on on eight yord poss from Shown Stephenson, Moore foiled ro score on on interception from John Ritchie. 100 - Vorsiry Football Goin Quorterfinols ...A 1' Y' all 45 .5 sb N ., ..... ."tW"'f.fifi ROBERT WILLARD throws o key block for toilbock, Bobby Roy Keller Cbelowb. DOUG MCCLAIN ond the rest of Adds defensive line ore reody for the snop Ccenterb. JUNIOR TIGHT end Jomey Hutchings fights for yordoge Cborrom, leffb. THE OFFENSIVE line fires off the boll Cbor- fom, rightb. ,v A, gg' ss - ws S i - . .. K .Sf F Vorsiry Football O ADA 7 - DUNCAN 21 Duncan jumped to a o-O lead at halftime, then scored two unanswered TD's in the se- cond half. Ada finally scored on a 1 yard plung by fullback, Robert Willard. ADA 28 - SHAWNEE O Ada's defense dominated as Fred Keller, Greg Griffin, and John Ritchie all had intercep- tions. The Cougars 4th quarter goal-line stand enabled them to shutout the Wolves. ADA 11- ARDMORE1Q Ardmore jumped out to a 16-O half-time lead. The Cougars came out in the second half scoring on a 43-yard run by Robert Willard. Ardmore then added a FG as did the Cougars. ADA 38 - BROKEN BOW O The Cougars needed a district victory to have a chance for a playoff berth. Ada scored on their first two drives. Shawn Stephenson hit Mike Johnson for one and Robert Willard ran for the other. The second half the Cougars scored with various plays. The defense had their second shut-out of the year. ADA 17 - MCALESTER 7 Steady Teddy's first half FG gave Ada a C3-O lead. McAIester kicked a FG to tie the score. With three minutes left, John Ritchie caught a pass from QB Shawn Stephenson at the two yard line. Robert Willard then scored. Teddy Carson then intercepted and scored the winn- ing TD. ADA 16 - OWASSO 7 Ada scored first on a oO-yard scamper by Soph. Ray Ferguson. Owasso then scored after an Ada fumble. Steady Teddy kicked three consecutive FG's to give the Cougars a playoff victory. ADA 7 - TULSA KELLEY 35 Number one-rated Tulsa Kelley came to Ada with a 9-2 record. Tulsa scored twice in the first half. The Comets then scored three more times in the second half which made the score 35-O. Ada then drove the ball and scored their only touchdown. 102 - Varsity Football "Nt- ROBERT WILLARD, Teddy Carson, John Ritchie, ond Kerry Holcomb show officials and fans who has the boll Crop, leftb. SENIOR FOOTBALL players sing to the student body at o pep rally Ccenter, leftb. TWO "ANIMALS," Grant Naylor and Hank Jones, get congratulated by coach Go. Cbarrom, lefth. KEITH BROWN eludes a tockler Cbottom, rightb. BOBBY KELLER tackles on opponent as Stacy Ahrens helps Crightb. SPLIT END Robby Powell mokes o reception Cbelow, IeftD. FLANKER JOHN Ritchie makes o key reception Cbelow, centerh. INJURED LINEBACKER Fred Keller and Cougor fan show their spirit Cbelow, rightb. w f . '14, N K I 'us 1 . r Y 7 -' p : I I ak-A an-W manly., VARSITY FOOTBALL - Row 1: D. McClain, T. Carson, B. Roy Frazier, K. Brown, R. Powell, R. Willard, R. Morton, G. Rumley, J. Ritchie, M. Johnson, G. Naylor. Row 2: K. Holcomb, M, Henry, S. Stephenson, S. Ahrens, D. Servais, S. Little, J. Adair, B. Collen, B. Bear, F. Keller. Row 3: W. Delozier, T. Long, M. McCord, M. Kemp, H. Jones, J. Hutchings, M. Ross, R. Ferguson, R. Fleet, K. Stewart, P. Kamp. Row 4: J. Cowart, J. Poscholl, C. Bowers, L. Stoggs, R, Quarterman, J. Horne, K. Noll, C. Pollock, B. Boone, G, Bowman, T, Brown. Row 5: F, Neal, S. Worrell, C. Gurley, G. Griffin, T. Jones, E. Keeiey, R. Loxton, J. Jacques, R. Miller, K, McDoniels, R. Jeffers. Vorsiry Football - 103 J.V. Gets Vorsity Experience The JVers hod severol people thot got vorsity ex- perience this seoson. These ployers were Mox Ross, Mike Kemp, Poul Komp, Greg Griffin, ond Roymond Ferguson. The J.V. ended their seoson with o 2-4 seoson. The Cougors defeoted their first two opponents, McAlester ond Wewoko, while being downed by their lost four opponents. TIGHT END Trey Long goins yordoge ofter o reception Ctopb. ADA defense prepores to stop Ardmore Ccenter, Ieftb. TACKLE Jeff Adoir blocks o punt ogoinst Duncon Ccenter, rightb. 'F akin... . . 9, Q V lr i T 4- M L 4 . 5 A " ,' it Q, T 3 . T g A . ...Q . l A . M, 1' 5 A :1gs,,,..-we-.f1qs:s..f.g . W2 , 5' 'sit , M yt . ,ffflgfiw A, L' i,.tt,, .. . Q X-fr -its" 'X g, . . .egg or Nl' . ,ll 'll ETC . 'Y' 4 - . ' ' , 5 N 1 A 0 2 - . .'i,it.,,- ,ut K . . f - -t A, . R , 1 . A - - . 4 g . . . ' ' 1 ' M. E- V 1' Ado Opp. 14 McAlester 18 20 Wewolso 14 O Duront 6 O Moore 6 25 Duncon 28 12 Ardmore 14 J.V. FOOTBALL - Front Row: P. Komp, B. Beor, K. Stewort, S. Little, M. Ross, M. Kemp, J. Adoir, T. Nguyen. Second Row: K. McDoniel, J. Joques, R. Loxton, T. Jones, J. Poscholl, F. Neol, R. Jeffers, L. Stoggs. Third Row: G. Bowmon, G. Griffin, J. Horne, C. Bowers, M. McCord, R. Quortermon, R. Ferguson, K. Noil, S. Worrell. Back Row: B. Boone, J. Myers, T. Long, E. Wilson, T. Brown. 104 - JV Football NEW FRESHMAN COACH Fronk Kennon gives o holftime tolk. Coboveb Freshmen Hove Good Seoson! '81 FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Ado Opp. 7 Normon 12 7 Duront O ' " 21 Wewolso 14 14 Ardmore 6 .7 Moore Cen. O 14 McAIister 20 2 Choctow 6 41 Shownee 12 The '81 Freshmen Cougors hod o new cooch, Fronls Kennon. He brought his teom to o 5-B seoson. The Cougors goined victories over Duront, Wewolso, Ardmore, Moore Centrol, ond Shownee. MIKE SPARKS goins yordoge for the Cougors, Crop left? CHRIS CRAWFORD freshmon punter gets his punt off. Crop, rightb MIKE WEST gets the pitch from quorterbock Bronon Updegroff. Cmiddleb IIE FRESHMAN FOOTBALL -'Front Row: S. Corson, K. Buelow, J. Ccirter, M. Hutchins, B. Owens, B. Covener, M. Todd, B. Bledsoe, T. Teei, B. Updegroff, M. Sporks. Second Row: C. West, S. Whitson, Y. Dotson, K. Bock. D. Toylor, C. Huneke, W. Broodricis, S. Riley, J. Johnson, M. West, C. Crowford, D. Cosby. Third Row: K. Woshburn, G. Fowier, B. Kingery, J. Tyler, M. Stephens, R. Beorden, M. Thompson, R. Lone. J. Emory, R. Smith, R. Reeves. Top Row: A. Filbeck, J. Dickerson, T. Komp, B. Klepper, S. Sutton, S. Dovis. T. BeII, D. Hefner, M. Anderson, W. Runnels. Freshman Football - 105 Achieving the highest honor - this wos the gool of the vorsity boys' bosketboll reom, ond ochieve it they did! On Morch 18 in the foir grounds oreno in Olslohomo City, the Cougors won over Millwood 56 to 45 ond took their first store chompionship in twenty yeors. Other gornes in the Store Tour- noment included Skiotook 68-58 ond Wewolso 81-50. Regular-seoson ond ployoff gomes ore listed below. ADA OPP. 72 Okmulgee 69 Hugo 55 McAlester 62 Byng 57 McAIester 71 Byng 53 Wewolso 61 Choctow 64 Duront 68 Byng 66 John Morsholl 76 Ponco City 55 Lowton Ike 74 Choctow 56 Stor Spencer 65 Okmulgee 47 McGuinness 72 Duront 57 Wewoko 64 McAlester 58 Stor Spencer 86 Sulphur 84 Tishomingo 60 ldobel 59 Tecumseh - Vorsiry Boys' Basketball S- 5 2 Stote! DERRICK HALCOMB goes up for two ogoinst the Irish of McGuinness Cbelowb. COACH DERRELL JOHNSON gives the Cougors the gome plon Cbottomb. O1 3 O LJ ERIC MOWINSKI drives on o Duronr ployer Cbor- rom, IefrD. GARY JAVERNICK goes up for two while Eric Mowinski ond Derrick Holcomb jockey for re- bound position Cborrom, righrb. i Varsity Boys' Boskerboll I I! . Ill rl . ft I 1. rvQU61fJv Z3 ERIC MOWINSKI puts up o shot ogoinsr o Byng defender Crighrb. DRIVING for two points is Ado Cougor Mork Duffer Coboveb. M4 0 QW Ai gX'll3A,p 'ca GSE! I , A BA ' QUIZ XSS me-Nxigfili .RWM Wir All A is 'Y---' VARSITY BASKETBALL - Front Row: G. Bowmon, M. Duffer, R. Powell, K. Holcomb, J. Stone, J. Horne, Bock Row: R. Alexonder, D. Holcomb, 6 Jovernick D Toylor E Mowinski C Worren. - Vorsiry Boys' Basketball DAVID TAYLOR goes up for on eosy rwo poims Clefrb, PULLING down 0 rebound is Richard Alexander Cborrom, Iefrb. DERRICK HALCOMB skys os he drops in o ioyup Coelowb ,Q ,N r I Vorslry Boys' Boskerboll 109 The 1981-82 Cou ar ' ' ' Girls had a very tigrn- pressive season. They ended up as consolation champions in the Mid- America Tournament. ln the Byng tournament the Cougarettes placed third. Michelle Mann and Lori Denham were named All-Tournament players. Two of Ada's biggest op- ponents were Byng, and C McAlester. Ada and Byng .- split while Ada beat the Q' Buffs twice while falling once. The Cougars were coached by Bill Johnson and assisted by LouAnn Helleland. Three seniors started for Coach Johnson. They include Cara Overton - for- ward, Michelle Mann - guard, Sherri Collins - guard. Lindsey Patton - forword, Lori Denham - forword, Cynthia Sparks - guard were the star- tingjuniors. The Cougarettes won the District Torunament by defeating Sulphur 48 to 29. ln Area, they won over Tishomingo 54-40 and Atoka 68-34. ln the Regional, they fell to Byng 88 to 87. To ad- vance to State, they then had to pull out a win over Tuttle. The game went in- to two overtimes and finally Ada pulled it out 57-55. At State, the girls beat number-one ranked Jay 41 to 39 byt lost in the semi-final game to Mann- ford 47-48. GUARDS SHERRI Collins and Michelle Mann close an Okmulgee player Ctopb. SGOSO0 LINDSEY PATTON shoots for two Crightb, FORWARDS PLAY defense too, shown here by Cara Overton Cfar rightb. Varsity Girls' Basketball J BASKETBALL GETS every one's attention GUARD CYNTHIA Sparks tries to block an oppo- Ccenterb ne-nt's shot Cbelowb. V WHEN THE ball is ot the opposite end of the ADA FORWARDS work their offense Crightb. court, the forwards rest Cbottomb. M. X,..... Varsity Girls' Basketball - 111 i-37" r- A ,,,,...,-W, Y , 'ff +7 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL - Bottom Row: Brigette Lomb, Pom Berry, Annie Huneke, Renee Lillard, Poula Beorden, Dereso Groy, Julie Pryor Top Row: Whitney Griffin, Angela Corson, Lindsay Patton, Cynthia Sporks, Sherri Collins, Lori Denhorn, Michelle Mann, Cindy Fenton, Lindo Dicusl Caro Overton. Varsity Girls' Basketball Girls' Vczrsity Bosketboll Ado Opp. 47 Okrnulgee 20 51 Stroud 89 25 Northeost 47 29 McAlester 40 35 McAlester 32 39 Byng 45 48 Joy 39 44 Lotto 26 32 Colbert 43 42 Choctow 35 56 Duront 45 40 Milburn 27 47 Colbert 46 33 Byng 26 37 Choctow 82 37 Stor Spencer 47 34 McGuinness 26 50 Duront 14 45 McAIester 36 45 Stor Spencer 25 40 McGuinness 88 Opposite Page: CARA OVERTON shoots o free shot Crop, leftb. ADA GUARDS show tough defense Crop, rightb. LORI DENHAM posses to o teornmote Cmiddle, rightb. This Page: SENIOR FORWARD Coro Overton looks for o spot to poss Crop, leftb. GUARDS CYNTHIA Sporks ond Michelle Monn show tough defense Crop, rightb. ADA'S GUARDS were o strong port of their suc- cess Ccenterb. JUNIOR FORWARD Lindsey Potton mokes two of her mony points Cfor Ieftb. SHERRI COLLINS brings down o rebound Cleftb. Varsity Girls' Basketball 3 The '82 JV boys looked very promising this yeor. They competed in the Strot- ford tournoment ogoinst New Limo's vorsity ond others. With o predominote- ly senior vorsity teom, this experience wos very voluoble for next yeor. Wins over Okmulgee ond Duront highlighted the JV girls' yeor. The girls ployed the Wewolso vorsity twice ond gove them some,stiff com- petition. The boys hod o record of 1-12, while the girls' wos 2-8. BRUCE BOONE shoots for two dur gome ifor rightb. ID 4- ing o JV KERRY HALCOMB disploys good form while shooting free throws Crightb. ANTICIPATION IS shown by Joy Horne Cbelowb. . f -V - ff? Q 1 ' " lin rfg. . V Q . A 1 . ,w 114 JV Boys' Basketball show promise B 'I Nl 3 jx ' J i Q X X 5 s i "' " 1' N 1 .5 . i I e A 3 . JV BASKETBALL - Front Row: B. Boone. J. Horne, J. Stone. Back Row: Cooch Brendle, E. Wilson, C. Worren, G. Bowmon, K. Holcomb. J 5 M.,..M.,.. . , . x... Y S . ,,..,...--'-" ' is ,. ----.,,-My JV GIRLS' BASKETBALL -- From Row: J. Pryor, B. Lomb, D. Groy, S. Jumper, K. Bor' ton. Dock Row: 5. Lynch, P. Beorden, R. Lillord, C. Fenton, A Corson, T. Mouser I I BRIGETTE LAMB purs up o jump shot Coboveb. JULIE PRYOR shows her quickness while guarding on opponent Crop, left? CINDY FENTON Concentrates on her free throws Crop, right? JV Girls' Boskerboll - 115 Freshmon Boys Scores Ado Opp. 53 Duronr 31 20 Konowo 22 36 McAIesrer 41 43 Ardmore 35 49 Wewoko 42 43 Shownee 38 54 Pouls Volley 43 36 Ardmore 84 35 McAIester 41 41 Ardmore 80 32 Shownee 28 36 McAlesrer 38 60 Wewoko 87 50 Duronr 49 SOCIT SIMPSON looks for ojump shot ffor right, borromb. GOOD FORM is shown here by Steve Dovis Cfor righr, ropb. MICHAEL SPARKS fights his woy to the bucket Crighrb. BILLY CAVENER puts up o Ioy up Cbelowb. uni winning seoson CD P C5 .C GD sh Fre- FRESHMAN BOYS' BASKETBALL - Front Row: S. Simpson, S, Dovis, R. Smith, M. Sporks, B. Owens, J. Johnson. Bock Row: D. Cosby, T. Bell, J. Dickerson, A. Fillbeck, J. Horrison, B. Covener, Cooch McSwoin. Freshman Boys' Basketball Fresh mon Girls' Boslserboll Ado Opp. - -ll - - AO Duront 38 29 Konowo 22 25 McAIester 23 21 Ardmore 34 32 Wewolso 23 30 Shownee 19 36 Pouls Volley 28 38 Ardmore 27 35 McAIesrer 24 27 Ardmore 25 85 Shownee 28 28 McAIester SO 42 Byng 21 41 NVGWOKO 20 Duronr BYOQ , X n FRESHMAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL - Front Row: A. frozier, S. Borrerr, L, Frasier, S. Rober- ""' It K ,K I ' son, J. Hodges, A. Nix, D. Edwords. Bock Row: T, Sires, L. McDaniel, K. Pnzzino, J. Hogor, " -- 'fll M " ' , A T. Wood, R. McCurdy, L. Webb, A. Penerr. A j H, 'i wb L- - I- - Vvvrf N, '4 4 ' at 5 Ura K f 4 N , 6 11' HQ , Stephanie Roberson cleors the . A I ku V woy for Dono Edwordsioboveb. ' by Judy Hodges ond Tommy Wood g . 7 drive for the bucker Cfor Iefrb. Lorno Webb drives down the .F W' 5-A court Cleftb. W I Xi Q... ,, Q. Freshman Girls' Boskerboll -- 117 Once ogoin the Ado Wrestlers entered o rebuilding stoge in 1982. Fill- ing seven of the thirteen spots on the teom were sophomores. Getting off to o bod stort in the eorly port of the yeor, the tough wrestlers come bock in the loter port to win four in o row. The wrestlers won five of their seventeen rnotches ogoinst Sulphur, Southeost, Tecumseh, Corl Albert, ond Tulso Kelley. The wrestlers did hove severol people compete in the regionol tournoment. They included Shone Foster, Brett Spencer, Jeff Groy, Dovid Muse, Bobby Keller, Greg Rumley, Joy Duty, Kevin Broy, Chip Rodgers, ond Trovis Worchester. Of these, three went on to Store. They were C1015 Shone Foster 29-5-2-, C1155 Jeff Grey 21-6, ond C1865 Greg Rurnley 24-8-1. All three hod ploced third ot the OA Eostern Regionols ot Pryor. Shone Foster ond Jeff Grey ploced fourth or the Store tourno- ment ot Lloyd Noble Center. restlers SHANE FOSTER works for o foll ogoinst o tough opponent Ctop, rightb. JEFF GRAY scores 0 tokedown on the edge of the mot Cbottom, rightb. 118 Varsity Wrestling send three to Stote! K A gt A W Pi L. L- Q, ..,., , , .: -- ' GREG RUMLEY ortemprs 0 breok down Cbelowb. MATMAID OFFICERS ore. C. Ehriich, J. Roy, P. NOW UP on mot 1, Aliso Srricklond Cborrom, leftD? Reeves, D. Switzer, M. Korz Cbelowh. AHS CJ! MATMAIDS - Row 1: K. Hoymes, D. Yoholo, W. Borbie, J. Ronald, P. Reeves, J. Roy. Row 2: L. Young, S. Roberson, D. Luke, M. Korz, M. Bonor, D, Switzer, C. Wood, H. Bennett. Row 3: B. Morrhews, W. Griffin, P. Ephraim, L. Holton, C. Ehrlich, S. Hoyden, C. Morrin, G. Lunsford. Vorsity Wrestling Ado Opp. 25 Choctow 47 29 Ploinview O6 21 Sulphur 31 17 Newcostle 50 22 Duncon 45 18 Pouls Volley 40 41 Sulphur 25 SO Horroh 35 20 Ardmore 51 51 Southeost 22 37 Tecumseh 27 57 Corl Albert 16 19 Noble AO 27 Shownee 88 48 T. Kelley 26 26 Pryor 48 18 Bortlesville 55 l COACH STRICKLAND looks on onxiously Ctop righrb. If 'fl' 'U' I , RETURNING TO the center of the mot is Bobby C Keller Ccenter rightb. is. VARSITY WRESTLING - Row 1: Jeff Groy, Dovid Scott, Brett Spencer, Trovis Worchester, Dovid Muse, Rondy Brogden, Greg Rumley, Shone Foster. Second Row: Cooch Stricklond, Kevin Johnson, Greg Morrison, Chip Rodgers, Joy Duty, Kevin Broy, Scott Hoines, Keith Noll, Hoi Nyugen, Cooch Johnson. Varsity Wrestling Freshmen show FRESHMAN WRESTLERS were B. Bledsoe, B. Klepper, S. Allen. '-It '-It Three freshmen wrestlers show promising tolent for the vorsity next yeor. Although Steve Allen C1455 ploced 4th ot the Con- ference Tournoment, Brod Klepper C1085 ond Brion Bledsoe C1253 will olso con- tribute to the Cougors in their loter yeors. BRAD KLEPPER works for o foll Crop leftb. BRIAN BLEDSOE finds it difficult to turn his mon Ccenter, leftb. STEVE ALLEN finds o little time to rest during his motch Cbottom, rightb. Ibfffmvv Freshman Wrestling v This year's teams looked forward to the challenge of continuing Ada High school's fine tennis tradition. Repeating last year's state cham- pionship was the ultimate goal. Returning from the 1981 State Championship team were Cissy Yin, Lindsay Patton, Cindy Moore, Whitney Griffin, and Stephaine Stick. Patricia Reeves, Margie Bonar, and Jennifer Hanson challenged for the varsity. Returning starter Richard Alex- ander led a young, inexperienced team of Eric Hargrove, Rich Fleet, Drew Johnson, Brian Bledsoe, Kelly Kerr, Weston Broadrick, and Branon Updegraff. PLAYING 41 for Ada High is Richard Alexander Crightb. 122 Tennis .QNX-Q.,f 4' .I ., .. ,, . -Q, - . H - . - . .1-If ,, he ' Y A f 5-' . X V .. 'L' -N Wm..--,.v. ....,.,M. I Q , .f N wf-'Q f - gh "fr L -5 -w WHITNEY GRIFFIN follows through on her serve. CINDY MOORE prepares for her firsr spring morch Kropb, v'4.w,,,....-1 PILE IN!! VOLLEYING IS Rich Fleer CrOpD. Tennis - 123 ERIC HARGROVE concenrrores on his forehond Cbelowb, SLAMMING AN overheod is Cissy Yin Crighrb, STEPHAINE STICK onricipotes her next volley ibortom, lehb, WATCHING HIS shot is Jeff Howard Cboftorn, centerb. MARGIE BONAR bundles up for the cold Cbot- tom, rightb. 1 Q I g I mu , ' Q Q 124 - Tennis ,,,,,,.,.. ..,.. M.. sqihwwx-V L- J -aw xvswmesf f ELLEN VANTASSELL eyes her next shot Cbelowb. CISSY YIN and Cindy Moore carry Kevin Ritchie through tennis Cleftb. 53.5 5' ' S si A s . L ik. Q ,. C X ' Sn X 9+ Y 'N 1982 Ada High Tennis Schedule March 2 9 11 19 20 28 26 27 26 27 29 30 31 April 2 3 6 8 9 10 12 13 15 16 17 20 21 22 24 26-27 29 May 3-4 - 10-11 ' fr5f"':' GSH Tues. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Tues. Fri. Sat. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri. Sat. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sat. Mon.-Tues. Thurs. Mon.-Tues. Mon.-Tues. Duncan Ardmore Tecumseh Ardmore Tourney Seminole Tri-Meet Casady Casody Midwest City Tourney Durant Seminole Shawnee Ada Tourney Norman Tecumseh Shawnee Tourney Ardmore Duncan McAlester Seminole Tourney Durant Shawnee Henryetta Metro Conf. Regionals Regionals Girls' State!!! Boys' State!!! ri 5 ? -.......,.g9,,.,. .. TENNIS TEAM -- Front: Stephanie Stick, Kelli Burke. Front Row: Patricia Reeves, Whitney Griffin, Lindsay Patton, Cissy Yin, Margie Bonar, Ellen Van- Tassell, Jennifer Hanson, Debra Pol-corny, Cindy Moore. Back Row: Kelly Kerr, Drew Johnson, Jeff Howard, Wade Booth, Richard Alexander, Eric Hargrove, Rich Fleet, Weston Broadrick, Kevin Ritchie, Coach Bill Nelson, Not Pictured: Brian Bledsoe, Grant Fowler, Branan Updegraff. Tennis Dropping from 3A to 2A should be eosier, but the trock teom found out in o hurry thot it wos not necessorily true. Competing with teams like Idobel, Modill, ond Purcell wos o tough experience. Still the Cougor boys monoged to grob o second ploce finish ot the Indoor Winter Relays in OKC. After o fifth ploce finish ot the Cooches' Indoor Gomes, olso in OKC, the Cougor boys looked for- word to the outdoor meets ond regionol ond store. SENIOR TRACKSTERS - K. Brown, D. Holcomb, D. Toylor, J, Dovis, G. Noylor, E. Mowinski, I3. Keller, M. VonTosseIl, K. Moore Crightb. BRIAN ARMSTRONG kicks it in during the two mile reloy Cbelowb. RUSTY SWEARINGEN ond Kent Moore fight for position in the one- mile run Cbottom rightb. ,, ,,,,,,, - f A 'WWV ,dive I fl Trock 4- .LC U L- is movin' on AS FAST os Kent Moore, Brion Armstrong, ond Mork VonTossell ore, they oren't quite fost enough to ollude the OKC police officers!! On the other hond, some people will do onything to get their picture in the yeorbook Cleftbl BOYS TRACK TEAM - Front Row: B. Beor, C. Pollock, T. Brown, R. Beorden, R. Ferguson, G. Keeler, J, Poscholl, R. Jeffers, R. Quortermon, D. Kennon. Second Row: R. Miller, E. Keeley, C. Crowford, B. Collen, R. Sweoringen, R. Lox- ton, D. Bush, J. Adoir, F. Neol, S. Athens, B. Arm- strong, M. Noil, S. Worrell, H. Jones, N. Gunn, K, Noll. Top Row: G. Noylor, J. Dovis, B. Keller, D. Holcomb, D. Toylor, K. Brown, M. VonTossell, K. Moore, E. Mowinski Cbottomb. Track ROBERT BEARDEN wotches os Chris Crowford goes up Cobove, right? ond over the bor Coboveb. STACY AHREN5 storrs to moke his move in the eight-lop reloy Crighrb. 126 - Track ir 'Q , , Q get -trv,,.','R 'Z' YR' .f W Q , 0 A , ,2 1 K Wiilffihe U wr , y :.g:f:swfafehf-- , ee,,, A. - ff -f , WWW. r X i 1 ! 5 , ,vga Q mug, Agiix ITSK' fem ---'. f 1 K In iii - u .rr sf: R . -w www, .W W M .,, 4' WVU P, Jr 4 'M-ZX. I E W Q V 'f MN 1 in w if? 45243 ZS! The '82 girls hod 0 smoll number, the teoms' success. Under the Ieoder- but lots of dererminotion. Experienc- ship of cooch Jim Cooper, the girls ed trocksters were joined by o were very competitive in '82 number of new foces who odded to COACH COOPER discusses the two mile run with Cindy Leoch Cleftb. CARA OVERTON demonstrates perfect hurdling form Cfor leftb. FRESHMAN GIRLS TRACK TEAM - Front Row: Debbie Sanders, Christy Collins, Rheyso Turner, Kelli Pizzino, Tonyo Det- wiler, Regino McCurdy, Judy Hodges. Top Row: Christie Former, Lesley McDoniel, Shoron Quortermon, Cormen Weover, Trudy Lumpmouth, Lorno Webb, Melito Ronald Cbelowb. VARSITY GIRLS TRACK TEAM - Front Row: Dono Edwords, Aretho Frozier, Liso Frozier, Tommy Willett, Renee Lillord, Angie Dovis, Shelly Orbough. Top Row: Julie Pryor, Melisso Homes, Coro Overton, Angelo Mohle, Cindy Leoch, Sheilo Jumper, Tom- my Mouser, Shelly Lynch Cleftb. Track 129 Losing only one senior keeps this yeor's Ado High Golf teorn in high hopes for repeoting bode-to-bock store titles. FRESHMAN GOLF - Morsholl Stephens, Bryon Kingery, Brod Klepper, ond Joy Emory Cbelow, centerb. ROBBIE POWELL shows his driv- ing technique Cbelowb. Jock store rifles VARSITY GOLF - M Stokes, R. Kroeker, M. Duffer, J. Fisher, R. Powell, E. Mowinski. CHIPPING our of the rough is Ross Kroeke-r Cbelowb. Entering into the '81-'82 season, Coach Nelson Mc- Swain had high hopes for .C V1 L-. this year's ball club. The -1. team had o 17-19 season last year. With five returning starters from that team, coach and players looked forward to a much better record this year. U1 COACH MCSWAIN demonstrates a style of bunting Crightb. Baseball Schedule March 6 Wewoka March 12 Lotta Morch 13 Tecumseh March 16 Coalgate March 19 Durant March 22 Latta March 25-27 Duncon Tournament April 1-3 Moore Tournament April 6 Konawa April 8 Wewoka April 16 Durant April 17 Asher April 22-24 Byng Tournament April 26 Coalgote 132 - Baseball experienced team 'A . .' Sak, VARSITY BASEBALL - Front Row: S. Carson, D. Peay, G. Walden, G. Griffin, J. Ritchie Row: M. Wingo, C. Bowers, P. Kamp, J. Hutchings. JOHN RITCHIE shows superior bunting form Cbelowb. FIELDING o grounder is Shown Stephenson A FLY boll finds the glove of John Ritchie Crightl. Cbottom, rightb. '95 0-'5 'EQ F' .-,519 1,1 fl, S. Stephenson, D, Looney, M. Johnson, T. Teel, C. Murroy, D. McCIoin, J. Dovis, T, Corson, Cooch McSwoin. Baseball ,rf L 4 3 2 ,W W WZ fr A 'W , ig ,E ' " ya f, My 5 -Q ff wh - ff n 2 , 'nf - i i f Llp H' lv- . ,gg Nelson's Souer s Krour 1 Q' Z 2, aww . ' , - Q WQMZNW 'WA-W ,,,,k in 5, x f """kv.,,, M6 ,, J 4 WL5' If U W ,. 135 X fm Q ,L K Um y CML, , Wim Wim WM? ffm WM N 0 'JY , ' , miNmL G'OJi, 1Qa1mQ QLLWUWMUL CWM 1 QKGCKQJQUQOSLUQG MQ Qi 'fm QV dk SM awww MM Qum 'YVUUX QUUWJ Aff' I i ' 'trx Stuco Iseeps busy Stuco hos been kept busy with severol different projects ond oc- tivities. Showing the film, "Every Doy Heroes," ond giving finonciol oid to the buying of the speoker system, which wos put in the Stu- dent Center this yeor, ore some of the projects which Stuco orgoniz- ed. Sponsoring two donces, send- ing students to Close Up Progroms, ond stote ond notionol conven- tions were omong the other oc- tivities sponsored by this orgonizotion. Student Council officers ore: Pouio Beorden, presidentg Coro Ehrlich, vice president: Christy Hinesiey, secretory Crightb, Pouio Beorden ond Coro Ehrlich led the meetings while Mr, Elkins expresses his point of view Cbelowh. Shone ond Kristi ore olwoys very ottentive during meetings Cbottom, rightb. 138 - Student Council SPONSOR RON Elkins keeps o core-ful wotch during the meetings Cleftb. THE "VOICE of the Student Body" con- templotes the next move Cbelowl 1 .Q-sd V limit ui I 1. 1? fax STUDENT COUNCIL - Front Row: P. Beorden, C. Hinesley, C. Ehrlich. Second row: A. Bunyord, M. Coudle, L. Dicus, G. Rumley, L. Porish, M. Monn Third Row: L. Potton, L. Denhom, R. Alexander, R. Fleet, S. Foster, K. Jockson, Fourth Row: B, Lomb, C. Fenton, S. Jumper, C. Gurley, S. Worrell, D Johnson. Dock Row: T. Roy, K. Flonogon, L. Young, B. Bledsoe, R. Reeves, B. Klepper. ti J rophies indicote obilities Winning five trophies ot SMU Drill Te-om Comp storted the ye-or for the thirty Cougonns. These trophies were won in donce, pom pon, morching, creotiye night, ond the Gussey Nell Dovis oword. Entering creotive night com- petition for the first time wos o new chollenge for the Cougonns to show their style by performing to o fun routine thot they mode up themselves. COUGANNS PREPARE for opening notes of music Crightb ond show how poiniess splits con be Cbelowb. if 9 ,,r""" A ,Y COUGANNS ENJOY performing with the bond DECEMBER CHRISTMAS porties ore fun for Cougonns - Cougonns 1 r V MRS. TAYLOR odmires her new eorrings Clefth. COUGANNS PREPARE for 0 jozz femme under the brighr Iighrs of Norris Field reee il Cbelowh. vu X HI EVERYONE! Cougor1ns!ove comeros. Cougonns - 141 hrlich Nomecl to All-Americon Teom Coro Ehrlich mode All- Americon Drill Teom ond per- formed ot o professionol bosketboll gome in Dollos dur- ing the Thonksgiving holidoys. Sherri Collins won o trophy Of Drill Teom Comp for her mor- ching obilities, Mony others olso won rib- bons for their tolent. CARA EHRLICH performs ot bosketboll gome Cbelowb. COUGANN OFFICERS Leoh Pults, Coro Ehrlich, Evelyn Fitter, ond Holly Duty Crightj. ' K ' I 4, I , h 4, A ,gf in mr ,, Z 5 ,r ' "' , M. , i . W. ,,.,,-n-'ff ,W A i"""+-sg. .-gx ,,,,.,, ' "WERE NUMBER one," soys Julie Roy ond Cynthio Herndon Coboveb. JENIFER CRIDER, Shelly Hoyden, Donno Moson, ond Cindy Leoch show their style Crightb. 2:7 19'- 'rs TH' diff A .xqp J s.. ' .4 L.-5' SM""" PAM TOWNSEND shows off her new heod- bondfleftb. COUGANNS COLLECT money for Lori Smirh's Medicol Fund Cbelowb. M -N..-1' I 1 OUGANNS - Front to Bock: E. Firrer, H. Duty, C. Leoch, P. Townsend, K. McCobe, B, Mofrhews, L. Pulrs, C. Ehrlich, C. Herndon, P, Reeves, D. oson, K. Fulton, M. Brown, J. Horne, S. Donley, J. Roy, D, Hooker, K. Hoskins, S. Collins, S. Hoyden, J. Ronold, K. Jockson, P. Ephraim, S. Corroll, S. oskins, T. Scolf, S. Roglond, J. Crider. Cougonns - 143 Cheerleoders Inspire Spirit Inspiring spirit ond pep for Ado High School othletics is the rnoin gool of the vorsity cheerleoders, Their hord worls ond proctice resulted in winning the "Aword of Excellence" for the second consecutive yeor ot Thunderhowk Comp ond ploc- ing "First" ot OU clinic in the toll. Tereso ond Konde pose before o foot- boll gome Cbelowb. Cheerleoders cheer during o timeout ot o Boslsetboll gonne Crightb. Cheerleaders Nw r . I Future cheerleoder, Aliso Striclslond, performs with Rhondo, Stocy, ond sherry Q . .P :gal v g,,' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - First Row: Stacy Moore, Kellye Milner. Second Row: Kande VonMeier, Teresa Jones, Scorfi Floyd. Third Row: Shelly Hoover, Mary Miller, Rhonda Ricard, Karis Quierr, Cori Fisher. V I, . . ' , ,. ff fn Y ' .lp Yi . f 2 ss. .. CHEERLEADERS SHOW their spirit, CHEERLEADERS RECEIVE flowers from Senior Football players Crop,lefrD. Cheerleaders rake a break ar a football game Crop, righrh. Comms Fight Off Apathy The war against apathy will never be lQ5f QS IQQQ QS there gre Conf- PUTTING TOGETHER the weekly spirit nahomas at Ada High. Those girls in 990 is 'he dU'Y of Undo Dlcusf C0 president Crightb. maroon and white keep enthusiasm, Spirit ond School UVWY Olive ond CONTNAS DON'T miss a move while Thriving. watching the Cougar team Cbelowl g ---'mul HUA .fig wr A CONTNAHOMAS - Row 1: D. Smith, K. Burke, T. Layne, J. Ray, D. Miller, B. Shoreman, L. Horne, A. Faster, M. Katz, P. Plumlee, M. Harris, P. Town send, N. Sims, M. Bundy, D. Roseborough. Row 2: M. Caudle, A. Carson, D. Gray, J. Pryor, S. Jumper, B. Lamb, L. Patton, L. Denham, C. Overton M. Mann, C. Fenton, R. Lillard, D. Davis, S. Akehurst. Row 3: A. Mahle, T. Scalf, D. Hooker, M. Brown, J. Horne, P. Townsend, S. Haskins, S. Danley P. Ephraim, E. Fitter, S. Collins, J. Ray, C. Ehrlich, L. Pults, J. Ronald, L. Parish, C. Jackson, B. Matthews, 5. Carroll, P. Reeves, C. Herndon. Row 4: S Orebaugh, T. Parker, D. Yahola, K. Haskins, H. Davis, P. Abbott, A. Bray, F. Knouse, D. Benson, A. Pherigo, H. Duty, K. Carmichael, D. Mason, S Ragland, C. Hinesley, A. Bunyard, S. Hayden, S. Johnson, J. Crider, C. Leach. Row 5: M. Haynes, E. VanTassell, B. Jones, D. Cooper, T. Gibbons, D Witherow, S. Johnson, A. Witherow, D. Highfill, C. Moore, K. Sanders, A. Hill. Row 6: L. Dicus, M. Orebaugh, T. Mouser, S. Hoover, K. Milner, C Fisher, C. Quiett, R. Ricard, M. Miller, T. Jones, K. VanMeter, S. Floyd, S. Moore, B. Stiewig, S. Pool, D. Dorsey, K. Pool, P. Bearden. 146 Contnahomas i DARLA DAVIS wonrs the crowd to yell Cleftbl RESPONDING TO the "yell" sign, Alison Foster shows her spirir Cbelowb. I l :ff K gs fe an , A ' ' 'H Q' , 4 ,W 'gg " 'ls ' " Q , v l 2 A K ' i Q . 1 251 , l I , ,v :V I n PAULA BEARDEN, co-presidenr, onnounces me winner of the closs competition Coboveb. SENIOR CONTNAHOMAS offend pep ossembly Clefrb, Conrnohomos - 147 Freshman Spirit Shines Showing up in large numbers at all sports activities, Freshman Contnahomas were the inspiration for much of the spirit that was exhibited this year. Freshman cheerleaders prepared themselves for their first cheering year at Ada High by attending Camp Thunderhawk, located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. They helped on several bake sales and other fund-raising activities in cooperation with the Freshman Contnahomas and traveled to several out-of-town ball games. Mrs. Elaine Bearden was the sponsor of this group. FREHMAN CHEERLEADERS - Shelly Smith, Kelli Flanagan, Angie Fischer, Kelli Pizzino, Dana Edwards, Shaun Dovison, Brenda Hagar, and Lisa Young Crightb. DANA EDWARDS proclaims "we're number one" Cbelowb. 1 i . s A 1 r ' 1 , f' .X L Jw lin Freshman Cheerleaders THE GROUP has it all together as they FROSH CHEERLEADERS show their spirit lead fans in yell Cleftb. pep assembly FRESHMAN CONTNAHOMA Officers for 1981-82 are Jill Hagar, president, and Kathy Howard, Business manager Clefth. The Frosh know howto show their spirit on Secret Pal Day Cbelowb. X .C wk FRESHMAN CONTNAHOMAS - Front Row: Kyla Cooper, Sharman Bowers, Christina Stride, Charlotte Cradduck, Deanna Tollert, Kelly Burnes, Debra Pokorny, Angie DeWalt, Melito Ronald, Tambra Childress, Jenifer Hanson, Beth Katz. Second Row: Elaine Jackson, Tina Sires, Tamrny Ray, DanAnn Kendrick, Lorianne Turnlinson, Missy Cox, Tarena Gilley, Lori Cooper, Gina Lehrrnan, Debbie Sanders. Third Row: Rheysa Turner, Cherie Karnp, Cristie Farmer, Missy Henry, Amanda Barbee, Tracy Sherrell, Tarnrny Willett, Sue Ellen McFarlane, Kerri Myers, Edie Gage. Fourth Row: Leslie McDaniel, Janie Anderson, Terri Stephanie, Michana Hayden, Regina McCurdy, Lorna Webb, Judy Hodges, Ann Pettett, Karen Hollowell, Nancy Simp- son. Top Row: Kathy Howard, Angie Fischer, Brenda Hagar, Shaun Davison, Kelli Pizzino, Dana Edwards, Kelli Flanagan, Lisa Y ,Sh ll S 'th,J'lIH , Omg e Y ml I Ogor Freshman Contnahomas- 149 FcA H05 Fellowship, Fun FCA meons fellowship ond fun for mony Ado High Students. This yeor's ottendonce wos high ond oll octivities were sponsored well. One of the mony octivities spon- sored by the Fellowship of Chris- tion Athletes wos the Rolly in which speciol guest singers ond speokers come to tolk to oreo high school students. Pregulor meetings were held on Wednesdoy nights ot 8:30 ond led by Lindo Dicus, president, Rich Fleet, vice president, ond Lynn Porrish, secretory. This yeor's spon- sor wos Cooch Lorry Mcl3roorn, THE SWEET INSPIRATIONS perform during FCA Rolly Crightb. ?'w"l"lWiW? LINDA DICUS, President ii l RICH FLEET, vice president, ond Lynn Porrish, secretory. 150 - Fellowship of Christian Athletes JUNIOR - SENIOR FCA - Front Row: L. Parrish, T. Scalf, C. Moore, S. Collins, M. Caudle, L. Denhom. Second Row: C. Ehrlich, J. Crider, C. Overton, K. Moore, J. Ray, K. Jackson, S. Hayden, L. Patton. Third Row: D. Highfill, A. Mahle, S. Danley, S. Stick, C. Leach, K. Milner, L. Dicus, P. Bearden. Fourth Row: J. Ritchie, M. Todd, R. Fleet, S. Foster, M. VonTassell, R. Morton, R. Powell, M. Ross, G. Naylor. Last Row: T. Cobb, J. Wiley, J. Eppler, T. Corson, D. McClain, K. Holcomb, J. Hutchings, H. Jones, M. Kemp. FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE FCA - Front Row: J. Pryor, S. Moore, A. Fischer, T. Mouser, C. Fenton, P. Townsend, K. Sounders, S. Green, M. Hayden, R. McCurdy. Second Row: T. Lehman, S. Jumper, K. McCobe, D. Gray, E. VanTossell, J. Horne, K. Pizzino, D. Edward, S. Roberson, K. Flanagan, J. Hodges. Third Row: S. Worrell, B. Updegroff, C. Crawford, K. Quiett, D. Kendrick, L. Staggs, J. Ray, B. Lamb, A. Carson, D. Witherow, G. Fowler, K. Kerr. Fourth Row: G. Bowman, J. Jacques, K. Ritchie, J. Johnson, R. Lone, C. Bowers, J. Horne, C. Worren, J. Steen, J. Emory, K. Nail. Top Row: M. Cobb, D. Kennon, R. Bearden, S. Davis. F.C.A, Alegria para todos translated into English means "Fun For All." This year the Spanish Club was involved in many fun and educational activities. The traditional dinner at Polo's Restaurant was in September, followed by a hot dog roast at Wintersmith Park. As Hallo- ween approached, the spoolss came out and entertained at a barn party complete with food and games. December brought a trip to Tulsa for ice skating and the annual Christmas party with pinatas holding candy. During the '82 semester the club participated in Pan American Day, an interscholastic contest at the Universi- ty of Oklahoma, and a second con- test at East Central University. In oddi- tion, the new members of the Na- tional Spanish Honor Society were in- itiated. Alegria Para Todos really did sum up the year! SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS - L. Parrish, class representativep K. Milner, secretary, J. Wiley, president, E. Fit- ter, class representative, M. Caudle, vice-president Ctopb. CINDY LEACH and Kelly Milner prac- tice ice skating techniques Crightb. GOVERNOR GEORGE Nigh and Mike Collins discuss politics during dinner in Tulsa Cbottom rightb. Spanish Club -- fs . , i y I K ,K M A it A "" sf W. 2 si 4' y E . ' , R V, . ROSS KROEKER ond Worren Suffridge "munch down" on hot dogs or o picnic Cbelowb. ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS seems to pleose Brent Spencer, Kelly Milner and Lynn Nemon Cleftb. 5 fig' 52. PANISH CLUB - Front Row: L. Cooper, M, Lohmon, B. Shormon, M. Kotz, K. Milner, S. Orebough, L. McNutt, P. Plumlee, M. Horrison. Second Row: L, Stephenson, C. Horlon, J. Jolly, S. Sheors, L. Porrlsh, K. Corrnichoel, M. Miller, K. Flonogon, A. Bunyord, M. Orebough. Thlrd Row: M. Todd, D. lornboker, C. Horlon, T. Agon, K. Jockson, M. Monn, L. Dicus, P. Beorden, D. Benson, M. Benson, D. Cooper, D. Dorsey. Fourth Row: M. Ross, T. AcKnight, J. Wiley, J. Fentem, R. Leonord, K. Poyne, M. Coudle, E. Fitter, J. Eppler, J. Fisher, R. Powell, J. Thompson. Top Row: E. Sollee, D. West, J. Suffridge, R. Kroeker, M. Duffer, G. Knox, S. Speed, C. Worren, D. Stewort, R. Alexander, M. Collins, K. Moore. Sponish Club Club odds 28 new members Gerring ocquoinfed wos the impor- ronr thing for twenty-eighr new French Club members who offended the get-ocquoinrecl picnic in Seprember. Ar Holloween, it wos Ugerring ocquoinfed' oll over ogoin when club members oppeored in costume. A Chrisfmos porry, ice slsoring, French Doy or OU, ond Mordi Gros were other ocriviries. Some were inducred inro the French No- rionol Honor Society. WITCHES AND clowns ore ocruolly Debi Rooch, , A 'ifv Srocy Sheors ond Liso Breeden or the French L G Clubs Holloween pony Crighrb. , DARLA rzosruoraoueu concemrofe-5 on fr' ' O ,uf French Cbelowb. 4 QM? MORE WITCHES ond clowns oppeor or porry including Kim Tribble, Pom Hudsperh with Mrs. Ronold, hosress. 154 - French Club , , f 4 : A , ' SMOKE AND oshes occompony otherwise rosry hor dogs when prepored by French club members. F " I I , my FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS - Deno Grey, president, Koilo Thetford, vice-president, Cindy Leoch, secretory, Cindy Moore, rreosurer, Jonoro Ronold, represenrorive Clefrb. I Mrs. Leoch ond Jonoro enjoy o picnic Cbelowl 1 N Q xi Q ai S .fx S ...ssl Embr-asse ying parlen, 'rf ,. .K- IVHIICB 5 , til . . -ss ,, K gg. . .'i"'W' FRENCH CLUB - Front Row: J. Jolly, L. Breeden, S. Sheors, D. Rooch K. Wolker, A. Foster, M. Brenholrz, B. Morrhews, D. Roseborough, D. Grey, L. Nemon, T. Groff. Second Row: K. Thetford, C. Leoch. D. Grey, L. Holton, P. Ephroim, H. Bennett, A. Wirherow, J. Ronold, L. Dixon, B. Korz, M. Ross, A. Reynolds. Third Row: G. Keeler, P. Hudsperh, K. Tribble, L. Dovis, B. Worfeou, T. Corr, R. Urloub, B. Spencer, H. Le. Bock Row: S. Stick, D. Servois, C. Moore, T. Scolf, J. Keeley, S. Komp, B. Dixon, W. Horrison, D. Sullivon. French Club onor Students Porticipote in Service Project Hove you ever collected 1600 cons of food, counted the cons, ond delivered them to the Solvo- tion Army to be distributed to needy fomilies? If you hove, then you know the job this wos for honor society members who undertook this project ogoin this yeor, Members were initioted into this orgonizotion ot the onnuol initiotion bonquet in the spring ot Eost Centrol University. The initiotion included oll juniors ond new seniors whose grode points merited membership in Honor Society. , NO, , -4' S' " xy E Lancs L I C- 'I ' ,. x ,ff I 'Q NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: T Akers, R Duncon, E. Hennmon. Second Row: M Benson, R Ricord, A Huneke, K. Thetford. Bock Row: J, Howord, R Mor- ton, R. Alexonder, M Ross, T. McKnight. fc' ,Af NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: B. Motthews, H. Duty, K. Hoymes, A. Bunyord, C. Yin, JAY JOHNSON receives his Junior Honor A. Witherow, P. Beorden. Second Row: D. Cooper, D, Hooker, L. Potton, L. Dicus, C. Wood, C. Society membership certificore from Lind- Ehrlich, A. Mohle, D. Highfill, A. Smort. Third Row: C. Horlon, T. Corson, E. Fitter, S. Collins, M. Cou- soy Potion Coboveb, dle, J. Eppler, J. Wiley, E. Horgrove, Bock Row: D. McCloin, I4. Poyne, J. Fisher, M. Collins, J, Adoir, W, Suffridge, M. Duffer. Norionol Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS - Jock Wiley, Poulo Beorden, Coren Wood, Worren Suf- fridge, ond Angie Bunyord Ctopb. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS - Kelly Pizzino, vice-president, Brigette Lomb, president, Cori Fisher, secretory Cleftb. MADAM Choirrnon Lomb conducts freshmen into Honor Society Cbottom, leftb. FRESHMEN tolse the pledge into the Junior Honor Society Cbelowb. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: J. Roy, A. Borrick, C. Fisher, D. Scott, B. Lomb. Second Row: E. VonTossell, H. Le, D. Miller, B. Shormon, M. Hoymes, K. Borton. Dock Row: D. Benson, L. Stoggs, R. Leonord, B. Spencer I , I C. Fenton, D. Grey. I .. W- M4 M JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY -- Front Row: K. Cochron, S. McForlone, S, Roberson, J. Hodges, A. Pettett, K. Pizzino, B. Kotz. Second Row: B. Hunsoker, G. Fowler, T. Lehrnon, L. Young, C. Melton, A. DeWolr, J. Tyler. Third row: J. Dickerson, S. Allen, S. Dovis, R. Beorden, L. Cooper, A. Stephenson, A. Reynolds. Bock Row: M. Thompson, T. Bell, M. West, J. Johnson, B. Bledsoe, D. Cosby. Junior Norionol Honor Society - 157 VICA OFFICERS include: P. Lorge - Historion, D, Gray, S. Ennis - Treosurer, D Motes - Choploin, D. Alford - Secretory K, Cooper - President, C. Bowles - Vice- President, G. Nester - Porliomentorion Kleftb. OMITTED FROM group picture ore Lori Stin- son ond Mory Poscholi. Mory Poscholl wos elected Treosurer or the Store Convention Cbelowb. A-FQ! VICE Front Row L Jones D Alford S Ennis J Coldwell D Groy L Word P Lorge D Motes Second Row.H Reich, W Petri rew G. Neste C. ' , . g , r, Bowles R Knighren J Fielding B Wiliioms Top Row D Hilsobeck B Myrick S Speed B Perry B Groy, K. Cooper, M. Hogor, M. Coors, T,Akers. THE BANNER thot represents the Ado DECA chapter Cleftb. JODI MCNABD ond Cheryl Johnson toke port in the DECA doughnut sole Ccenter, leftb. DECA OFFICERS include. B. Coffmon - historion, J. McNobb - treosurer, C. Johnson - president, J. Dovis - reporter, S. Holl - vice-president, ond D. Willis - . . porliornentorion Cbelowb. if 512 J' nw i Jadif' S i 2 up-W..-, S E JECA - Front Row: S. Brown, K. Wolker, M. Bundy, D. Corruthers, S. Wode, R. West, K. Cole. Second Row: S. Akehurst, M. Poscholl, C. Ehnson, J. McNobb, L. Dixon, K. Rollins. Third Row: S. Holl, D. Rooch, B. Myers, J. Dovis, L, Niles, S. Sonds. Fourth Row: J. Foust, M. Box- r, D. Souls, C. Sparks, R. Aguior, H. Seymour, Fifth Row: P. Coldwell, R. Sonford, J. Corter, J. Eggleston, S. Coiip, D. Willis. DECA - Placing speakers in the Student Center was a main pro- ject for this busy club, The speakers, used during assemblies, were installed with the help of Mr. McFarlin and financed by the student council. An assembly line of bread box construction helped finance a trip to Silver Dollar City. Ada High's CVET was also in charge of CVET Day this year where eight schools were represented with a total of 120 students present. The meeting was in Shawnee at Carl Albert Votec. Other activities included the second annual Thanlsgiv- ing Banquet with fifty in attendance and the second an- nual spook house at Halloween. Club members were involved in these classroom ac- tivities1 building cabinets for Glenwood Schoolp lowering ceiling in the football training room, pouring concrete for athletic department, finishing brick work around track building, remodeling CVET building. CVET and club activities were truly projects to help students make better decisions for what they wish to do in the field of work, A GROUP of ghouls gathering on Halloween for CVET spookhouse Cbelowb. li 160 CVET VET projects improve school Nguyen, Joe Jussely, and John Walston. .-,M ...qc- ' i ,f ... rcc. so , l J .M ' , uf' , vf""""' va' ,.-.. CVET MEMBERS - Front Row: Joe Treadaway, Roy Cowles, David Anderson, Mike Hutchin Jimmy Stinson, Bobby Driskell, Kelly Bock. Second Row: Joe Jussely, Rick Smith, Bruce William Joe Noonan, Danny Bush, Ernie Hallmark, John Walston. Top Row: Shannon Marsee, Rand Hatton, Hai Nguyen, Mike Sparks, Joe Lyda, Bryan Jenkins. FRESHMAN REMODELING CREW Cleftb. if tu Nt. VICA STUDENTS investigote the Army's Cobro Helicopter itopb. VICA MEMBERS - Normon Colquitt, Lloyd Burk, Donny Filippo, Mike Murroy, Stocy Ahrens, Trocy Horton, Poul Roppel, Steve Brogdon, Koven Griffin, Benjomin John Cbottomb, C- Hoi Nguyen looks over equipment on o trip to Ado Auto Supply Ctopb, VICA STUDENTS hard of work Cobovel VICA 161 Club lobeled Addressing moiling Iobels consumed time for Computer Club members who undertook this service ogoin this yeor os o money-roising project, This oc- tivity teoches students to operote ond progrom computers. ,r ,..,.---ur 'FN CARA OVERTON ond Noncy Sims progrom the computer Ctop, leftb. WORKING on his ossign- ment is John Eggleston Crop, rightb. "Doh, Computer," soys Potrick Powell Cobovel, MIKE STOKES gets into the club discussion Coboveb, 162 - Comoure-r Club COMPUTER CLUB - Front Row: J. Eggelston, J, Ritchie, F. Keller, C. Overton, N. Sims J Hutchings B Collen Second Row R Neol, P. Powell, S. Foster, S. Stick, J, Loxton, M. Stokes. Bock Row: D. Jones, S. Stephenson K Holcomb D Stewort J Adoir D. Henderson. l uill ond scroll initiores rwenry- three Twenty-three new members were in- itiored into Quill ond Scroll, o notionol orgonizotion, during the onnuol ceremonies in Morch. The thirty-six member club wos compos- ed of students who excelled in journolistic obilities ond worked on the yeorbools or school poper stol-fs. QUILL AND SCROLL OFFlCERS - J. Adoir, vice presi- dent, Lindo Dicus, president, Stocy Johnson, secretory-treosurer. Ol gli xi' QUILL AND SCROLL - Front Row: T. Agon, M. Oxford, K. Milner, S. Johnson, A. Witherow, M. Poscholl, G. Rumlef C. Overton, M. Bonor. Second Row: K. Jockson, D. Hooker, B. Ford, B. Bolch, M. Collins, J. Eppler, A. Mohle, L. Dicus, M. Monn, N. Cornes. Bock Row: J. Poscholl, E. Vondewolker, D. McCloln, K. Cortmell, J. Adoir, C. Moore, S. Stephenson, R. Fleet. Quill 6 Scroll -163 ygfnw X 5ffw wQfNs N Ffylfiffgyfywfp K, wwf 5 ff yi, W W ,wfff ff Wiwyof WQQGYMW Mwfffwww ww Eff U15 53M52fWMQyw fig? Xlqxwvbwood Q,xvQl6 Novvn Hxyxeom ,Tam 'BNIBWD 'O qv lf 1 N N 0914 gk ' Q 0 Q JV Www J BYSXQ9 U QV N my M W .Q Af af U 43651 bk M IM 6 KW if M N ,ff gm W ff' W MM WNW WW Mb L QLWNQQBQSVNSC ,gf NM WM QWQJWKQU QQ? Q1 LOOP .yy QQ QP 5' vb X21 Q73 Q W W- Q9 Kofi Jgpfiitfbodwf M QW UU QW +9 is bi' G, fb Sf S Xmgf K! .wx my ff x5 X0 NU 6 QQ? W U' Q PELQQSL bf J E 81 M CLOTHIERS J,D,'S CAFE 110 East Main Street 911 N, Broadway ' Ada, OK Ad QK 332-5518 332 9759 RAY'S TRAVEL SERVICE 730East Main 405-332-7462 "We're Goi g Pl World Wide Airli R t Richard and Ann Lane THE CAMPUS SPECIALTY Music SHOP 105 W. Main 1006 N. Miss. 332-4234 332-4133 Stereo Headquarters 332-3894 109 N. Franci Ada OK MCCORTNEY DRUG ADA FITNESS CENTER 332-5611 730 E. Main 109 E. Main 436-3430 Ad OK Ada, OK 2 sour:-lwEs'r BUSINESS PEPSI SYSTEMS, INC. Computers for the Advancement of Society 436-0577 119 N. Br d ay - Suite 1 - Mini Mall 5 A D A LE N. V ..,..Vh w A I ,,,...1 1 V X mx M" Q Q ,-- X 1 ,V 'f .wwe .Xp ,fx enp:nwwm3nT 4 W1 4 e , ae nw uiui ile OKLAHOMA or your converwienee Complete Drive-In and Walk-up Service at 12th Street and Rennie Avenue ,AJ , f .- ,,., ' X X EUW Q .. .X W ,im x n J ! grg :V- L e "Q ' " ' LIZ 111 . fn x1'1' P 1 n I 'M A ff ' A -' um A My , -wg f A X ' ' : iw,-e,.,,. , 1 45" I Y E .- Ju, .3 I x-.A 'QQ A,-"veg " -we ' '2 'V .' LW' "fi .. YL- ' ' Y.- 4 -pm" 7W -- ' 'rag-1 - , ,j'2Ufw-- m n 'Mel":f.i.f W elm 1, ,',-f'f"',-,175 if fl. 3- .iz .FH '4 4 Ads - 167 ANDERSON MUSIC CO. 925 Arlington Blvd. 332-3702 Coin Operated Music and Games Gronr Fowler, Kelly Kerr 1 ,NQQZXTJMITW GLQRIA ' 'WJEWELERS CORPORATION 100 East Main Ada, Oklahoma 332-5078 T. E. Kemp President 830 North Broadway Ada Oklahoma 332 4050 SEQKO S Congratulations Class of 1982 Mike Kemp I A B. H. TODD SON'S COMPANY mm! INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL PIO- Box 879 Kent Moore, Mike Todd, Coro Overton, Rich Fleer 332,311+ Ada, OK 74820 Charles A. Todd - Presiden 170-Ads Joy Johnson ond Mike Johnson caches zoo west 12th Qrner 332-7599 lf-IWALTER MONUMENT P1 COMPANY Walter N. Gifford QIQHHOMH STFITE BHD! Hon, OHLQI-coma 1805 N. Broadway Ada, Oklahoma 74820 4051332-7301 221 West 12th, Ada 332-4020 STATE FARM INSURANCE sur: FARM COMPANIES . Home Offices - Bloomington, TES J I C I P E N N Illinois IN SU R A N C E ' Lloyd L. Jack Agent 108 w. Main like 3 Good Nei9hb0"' State Retail Store Catalog Center 603 E. Main Farm 'S There 332-0421 332-3466 Ada, OK 74820 332-4644 CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Automobiles, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes AUTO SUPPLY CO. ADA TRIM SHOP 301 E. 12th 332-3223 Chuck Ballell Bus. Ph. 1405, 436-1075 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Home Ph- 4405! 332-4731 3 Milos West Hwy. 3 Ada, OK "Drill Bits Are Our Specialty" im .--1gl.,f,..-15, I l I f -.'-6 fy- www.- J C8lHTOOLCO -1 -6 ff on- Ph' 332-1929 Res. Ph-332-5270 OKLAHOMA BASIC ECONOMY CORP. P.O. Box 481 Gerald Current phone 332-4710 Ad' Mike Cantrell 2313 N. Bdwy. President Ada, Okla. 74820 N I-D GO DRUMMOND'S I C0 SERVICE ELECTRIC CO., "" C 5 8 "' m I1 3 H gy 's 804 East Main Street ul E o Ada, Oklahoma 74820 3 Q Ads if - gs 123 1 West 12th 332-6100 Mffveef CITIZEN 0 F D I C BANK 8z TRUST CO P.0. BOX 1468 172 - Ad Ada, A Oklahoma Q - Q' " fi 74820 an .4 ,mv - D F-fi I ADA TYPEWRITER 81 SUPPLY fs 1- .mei 332 5588 201 N Broadway Ada OK Angola Phorigo, Holly Duty, Karon Sandora, Kay Carmichael, Aloaha Hill -ET! ' J i' 'Q I c H E VROLETI Ada, Oklahoma 65 Heidi Warren 332 4141 1301 N. Broadway Keep Fit With Indoor Exercise Equipment! Cycles, Treadmills, Etc. Plus Home Patient Care Aids. FLOYD'S MED-EQUIP PHARMACY 1300 Arlington 436 2727 Ada d-73 930 Arlington 436 1131 ng gohn Im A suaslomnv or Jsnmco, mc. it Zum!! 'xv mggw Clothes tor the Entire Student Body Clotlxiers 101 W. Main 332-0400 c""""ls"""""""' Fi5h'N Chi 5 ADA MEN'S 1 so-tK0"!U0kv 233:35 ' ks, Service STORE -5-.,f76hieken. 120 W- Main . 501 N. Mississippi, Ada 332-3094 332-7544 Open Daily at 11:00 a.m. Harold sprodiing 405-436-2772 Janie Spradling 405-332-3445 5 J. C. GRISSOM Hlerrex, Zlith. F FURNITURE s. CARPET LEASING a. exPLonATioN 221 west Mam f Ada, ox 74820 1405, 332-1665 P.o. Box 417, Ado, oic 74820 NYU f' ff' PUMP a. sUPPLv, 1' G gly 'NC' I I I FA M I C E N R P.o. Box 1547, 2205 North Broadway Ado, ox 74820 726 Arlington Center Randall and Shirley Pogue Ada 4051332-7030 Stroud 9181968-3506 3326642 Seminole 4051302-0644 Wilson 4051650-2071 Ratliff City 4051856-3636 L . 4 C Lo DAY Now Serving Breakfast V Ada Plant A.I.D.C. Industrial Park Bu Rc Door Products Division 2300 B. Street N G Clopay Corporation Ado, OK 74820 3 609 N. Mississippi Ada by R if-. if Q? HHQHSWQH? , BLUE BELL, INC. BOX 578, Ada DUKE 81 AYRES VARIETY STORE 104 West Main 332-9888 Ada, OK Ads - 175 SENIORS OF Voiley View Employees - Konde VonMeter, Regino West, Dionne Switzer, Cynthio Herndon, Joy Fisher, Mike Wingo, Kim Hoyrnes, Paulo Beorden, Kendoll Cortmell, Good Luck Seniors VALLEY VIEW HOSPITAL Buster SHOES 176 -Ads 106 East Main 332-5682 Coro Ehrlich Weddings ,4 Seniors Portraits Schools Social Events Teams Passports 1327 Latta Road Resumes 332-9552 Photographic Equipment and Supplies, Kodak Pictures Robbie Powell, Cindy Fenton, Renee Lillord, Sheilo Jumper MARION FENTON PONTIAC 1001 Cradduck 332-4911 ADA TRAVEL SERVICE Q 119 NORTH Y 1 405 436 0133 ADA OK 74820 In the Mini Mall Reservations and Tickets for All Airlines Special Group and Charter Bus Arrangements Sabre Equipped - The Better Way in Travel Service "We Want You to Have a Good Trip" MARK LANDRITH MANUFACTURED HOMES 178 - Ad Konde VonMerer, Tereso Jones 1430 N. Broadway 332-6788 Ada, Oklahoma 1' Alesho Hill, Keith Bueiow, Brod Klepper, brephonie Stick "Keeping You Well Makes Us Feel Better" Jinfs Prescription Shoppe 116 East Main Ada, Oklahoma 74820 E. Q. DENTON 4 X Realtor ' Home Phone 332-5391 A V ka J E. Q. DENTON Real Estate 332-5395 430 East Main Ada, Oklahoma WW Congratulations to The Class of 1982 mlizadkion In Downtown Ada In Downtown Ada SPENCE MUSIC CO. 530 N. Mississippi Ada, Oklahoma 436-0838 Angelo Mohle 219 W. Main Ada, OK The Place to Stop for Great Mexican Food. 332-2710 'S ' X lx DEPARTMENT STORE 121 West Main Ada, OK 332-61 1 7 Rick , Ro , Yolin ond Rose Morie Vo uez Cindy Moore 180--Ads D P I E S R C M O A U R N K T E 806 Arlington Center and 314 West 12th - Open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 7 Days a Week 805 North Broadway Open 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week AMERICAN FEDERAL 606 F. Main 332-2910 "Wake up a little richer every day." 79- V' it 5 f A 1 Suson Green CARMICHAEL-KEELING, INC. 515 E. :ggngron TQYQTA Bo' 1258 Q ESLEXSEEE Koy Cormichoel, Angelo Pherigo, Holly Duty, Alesho Hill. Ads -151 162 BRDCKWAY ' GLASS CDNTAINER DIVISION Pom Abbott, Dono Cooper, Lourie Appiegore, Chris Murroy Glass Container Division 300 East 4th St., Ada, Okla. 74820 Brockway Glass Company, Inc. Telephone 4051332-0415 -Ad Al'lil19f0l1 MORRIS SHOE 81 Drive-Thru Call-in Orders 219 East Main Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Frank Griffin 1001 Arlington Austin Morris Phone Owner Phone 436-0166 Owner 405f 332-9713 : Bill and Judy Mahle ' Owners 3 L For the Individual You . . . HH E , Coast to Coast E Housewares Pl b' V El::iriTj 'Q 801 North Broadway Paint K 3- Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Gifts SM, g: 332-8038 Hardware 0 : H OKLAHOMA FA R lv' FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY AG sscunlrv INSURANCE MEDICINE COMPANY C HEST aE:2.'2f'l',L?L. PHARMACY Office: 1027 WN' M'-'in 131 W. Main, Ada, OK Phone: 332-0203 Home Phone: Ada, Okla. 74820 1405, 332-8619 Phone: 332-6583 SOUTHERN BEAUTY SUPPLY TREAS CAR WASH The Grime Fighters We Sell to the Public 1004 N. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma Bill and Joyce Simpson Phone: 500 N. Miss. Ada, Oklahoma Owners 332-2365 HUMPTY coLLlNs SUPERMARKET yo 14th and Broadway, 332-4681 0 9 Mon.-Sun. 7 AM-12 Midnight ff y ,N 'F 'S' 3 Ni' -Q 3 at Q 1 - 1 BER nur. so-A - v , ", ' I A HUMPTY PHARMACY , f :a---- -fa . 9130 AM'9100 PM Mon-'Sat 1131 Sandy creek Dr. 332-5576 10:00-7:00 PM Sunday Ads -183 Stuart Ronald, President Box 1506 Donald H. Kitch, Vice Pres. Ada, OK Alva A. Shortes, Sec.-Treas. 1405i 332-2300 BUTLER'S MINIT MART CHEROKEE PAVING CO. Robert Wlliord, Grom Noylor ond Ron Morro enjoy o gome of pool. These employees ore woiting ro serve you Cexcepf Angelo Mohle, sroff memberb. Drive-Up Window Game Room ' Gas - Food BOB'S BAR-B-Q 320 South Mississippi of Ada Phone 332-1078 2004 North Broadway 1405i 332-9803 Mike Babb 164 - Ads 0A lenseg Jn O 5U!A!1 U3 Jag 3:l Bugmle q.aa3eM P6 e1 's 109-2- -'H Ao 'Il!H 98 gs THE SHCWCASE - where., ll 221 East Main 332-5401 2 Michelle Coudle eff- THE OTHER STDRE 222 Easi Main 436-3110 pao6 pue Au agse paau you angsuadxa aq 1 C 1 1 5 m oounoqs .mg aug 'w 'SIRI :B 9. I Q S 216 Fast Main GIFFORD A...,oKm20 MONUMENT WORKS Phone 332-1481 900 N. Broadway, Ada, OK B a M co' One Location Phill - u Lawrence Joe Gifford Lane Gifford 332-4629 -1' 1 71 1' fA' r lil. . . i' ' X 7' ,lx 'f'gir'i!!r3 'Iii , I W M ' M' i' 'if 'ffff "r"' L mmnwnns stones 0 J. D. BRANSCUM s iz LUMBER AND HOME CENTER " Jeff Branscum Bus. Phone 332-6656 Ada 332-7555 Complete Auto Glass Service Bfacgj' MENSWEAR .BOYS WEAR I 109 WEST MAIN I ADA. OKLAHOMA 74820 X Bob McNutt Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Polo Ralph Lauren 401 North Broadway Phone 4051332-as99 L M up M, . Ralph Evans BONAR Auro -, SUPPLY EVANS REALTY "Complete Real Estate Service" 530 N. Broadway PD' Box 627 Ada OK 74820 Phone 405-332-6666 104 East 12th 352-4488 Home Phone 405-332-1757 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 V Arla iron 5 Metal Cforfwpang, lnr. -gf. req0rll if 'BEST C R m 326 East 9th Bus. 332-1165 . Ado, OK 74820 nos. 332-6452 301 East Mem Phone 4051332-0806 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 166-Ads Phone - 4051436-4164 GUSHER EXPLDRATION Glen Walden I N C I P.0. Box 2028 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Lee Horne Member Million Dollar Roundtable , Life ltadlo mm Disability Group Insurance , - Annuities E Box 1355 Bus.: 332-6818 Ada, OK 130 E. 14th Q SAN Yo Res.: 332-4260 SONY5 Fisher For Individualized Service See: Jan, Wendy, or Robin 213 E. Main 332-3848 Joy Home, Chris Gurley, Gorrh Bowmon Ads - 187 W. H. "Wink" Kopczynski President 'FW Teddy Corson, Doug McCIoin, Bobby Roy Frozier 955 --'ae B. L' Q F ll! P ., 1 QL Lg 2 .W :fir -2 M- lf- ffl 7-' f Phone 332-2652 P.0. Box 938 McAlesler C9181 423-5848 Ada, OK 74820 Midland-Odessa 19181 684-7108 188 - Ads FOLGER'S DRIVE IN ADAMS LUMBER 406 E. Main 81 SUPPLY Famvus fOr 118 N. Rennie Hamburgers - Cheeseburgers - French Fries 3326123 BROWN'S SHOE FIT Shoes for the Entire Family 113 W. Main Ada, OK Phone 332-1464 528 East Main Concert Tickets Personalize Your Lite and a Shirt With a Custom Design From Our Collection CENTRAL BOOK 81 SUPPLY CO. Books for School and General Reading 926 East Main Ada, OK 74820 Have a Cqke and a sm1le. ADA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 1205 Cradduck Rd. ROYAL DRILLING, INC. 2313 North Broadway 1' efvy 5 ?1c. P.O. Box 1971 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 116 W. Main Robert R. "Bob" Cantrell 436-1811 President 1405! 332-1426 Ada, OK TIFFANY'S ff tl PEOPLE'S ELECTRIC Gift Shop ,XZ ig vu 731 East Main f Y Lfgiwjggf 332-7944 g gig!! if Open 10-5 Mon.-Sat. Free: Bridal Consultation Free: Thank You's wllnvitations Invitations - Gilts - Bridal Registry Ads - 189 RRDIO Ada's Best Music in Stereo 2 :,, at 4C9? llwt 6 FM 3 if R' 119 N. Broadway Mini-Mall 436-2056 Pom Lorge, Donna Moson, Rhonda Ricord lvl CFA I-A N D OBERTSON me MAGNAVOX parking New Location 332-1988 231 E. 10th, Corner of 10th and Constant Congratulations, Class ol '82 190-Ads OIL COMPANY 332-7788 500 N. Broadway Ada OK Sheri Wode, Kelly Rollins, Dionne Switzer ROLLlNb Qfs..--my -jg ?"""'K-. 4,1 ,f" xg Sen McANALLY'S service i si CORNER Gasoline 'J L Highway 99 North ' A Open 24 Hours S :Iii IIJ: ' I 332-5884 1 'if """ ' fi- 7 Days a Week 6 1 ,Q ,Q . f- f--.' " -X LEED:-M f X XJ Vx- H, ,. 1 aff A, ...LXR - S8iH WELL SERVICE Box 2024 Ada, Oklahoma Shown Stephenson, Jomie Hutchings, Shone Foster, Dovid Servois, Gory McNurt. Phone 436-0371 Quality and Service on Sportswear and Athletic Supplies .s?1'?4,f-Q ' 1 E THE W di 556. SPORTS VILLAGE 1003 Cradduck Road Ada 436-2828 Ads - 191 WELLINGTON is Uffr gg PHo'roGnAPHY AND GALLERY 1 OKLAHOMA OPTICAL 332-2796 301 S. Townsend - Chris Gurley BASIC INDUSTRIES 'DEH' Cement Division Ad MW QWWJWMMUQH 95f OG-0.iZ1o,fUL9-Q, Mm ? www' ake Pumps, But We Sell Satisf?2::oL EW 13:3 W M , WM mmm QQ,f'QQi1,3'QHf,3ig3i Qfi 25:-V ur-fab -Cjfgu Uwwr Qfwjf KERR MACHINE co. Ugmffg Wwvolgk P.0. Box 91 - North Broadway - Phone 4051332-3708 M Ada, Oklahoma 74820 kZ Larry Wileman - Pastor Holt Sodeman - Assoc. Pastor Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:50 a.m. Youth Choir 5:00 p.m. Church Training 6:00 p.m. Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. "A Place for Worship" f. . ,A y n had 4: ' y'-gina sf- ,'X H1 !F,l4"1'v'i r l Donnie Voss - EducationlAdministration Pete Butler - Music Les Ledbetter - YouthlRecreation Wednesday Midweek Prayer Service 6:45 p.m KTEN - Sunday 11:00 a.m KTEN FM - Sunday 11:00 a.m KADA Radio - Sunday 11:00 a.m 7:00 p.m an 5 1.--mfr: "A Place for Fellowship" There's always a place for you at TIHIE FIIFIZYST TNS GHIUITECIHI QFADIMX us+h AND BROADWAY Ads - 194 FISCHER 81 NElL'S SANDERS sHoE CENTER IN S U C E Family Shoes - Computer Age Fitting Ada ,AWA ,,v, ,,,w,W,, V., ,., f f M, ,M M ,m,-,,,,,, yu., ff -for -, M V, W- My ,V -V, , . ,V My VV ,,,,.fnw, fry I ,V ,, . ,A ., ,'EI:-"j::'f'-'- fr s ,S gig---31 1- M H' L ' Paul Alford Real Estate Dr. Larry W. Cartmell Conn, Mayhue, Mayhue, 81 Axton, Attorneys at Law Dr. 81 Mrs. Gary A. Cutler Deaton, Gassaway, 81 Davison, Attorneys at Law Dr. 81 Mrs. Gordon H. Deen Dr. 81 Mrs. Benjamin F. Edwards Mr. 81 Mrs. Jack Fentem Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank T. Fleet Mr. 81 Mrs. Andy Fowler General Tire 8- Rubber Company Dr. 81 Mrs. Jerry B. Gwin Dr. 8. Mrs. Carl T. Hooks Dr. 81 Mrs. Jack B. Howard Dr. 81 Mrs. John Huneke Dr. 81 Mrs. Earl Johnston Lamb, Stephenson, Buxton 81 Davidson, Certified Public Accountants Lambert, Roberts, Jaques, Landrith 81 Lowry, Attorneys at Law Lee's Truck Equipment Service Dr. 81 Mrs. Wayne K. Matthews Polar Bear Ashburn's Dr. 81 Mrs. T. Z. Ramadon Shorman Brothers Mr. 8. Mrs. James Speed Dr. George K. Stephens Dr. 8. Mrs. W. F. Starns Dr. 81 Mrs. M. L. Stokes Sun N' Fun Shop Dr. 81 Mrs. C. P. Taylor Mr. 81 Mrs. Bud Throne Dr. Bruce Van Horn Dr. 84 Mrs. Charles R. Vest Dr. 81 Mrs. J. B. Wallace Dr. 81 Mrs. Gregory L. Watkins Ads - 195 ii iff! ..i, AA--A g ',-A,.:,.-,-, ..,,A g if 4 A f A A F 6 0 p up so 6 . A A Ado Amo Su? --P171 Form Bureou Muruoi lnsuronce - 168 Okg1homo 13:Ssic Economy A . - L.-"-L 1. V ' Ol' .'- Ado Frrness C rer The 179 1 Oki hp O not 192 A ' 177 0 Omo P' '- AdO1I'Ol'1 C7 M4-5561 . A111 Ormoc - - L LL'Lk 51 ::Lf rf! iilr Lmmm. Oklohomcr Store Bonk - 171 Ado so rig i khlfsf ss me Store The 185 ' ' "'1',L.- - -L" .L,, "'- W ' zzz PWR! 1"L 1 5T1 V 1 -' .,2 ssy FWS' A sssse yrs W l uuuu ssr rysssss 1 1 rssss ren Pees i Ado A Ada True PZPA ms Ad0fnSLUfnbefG5UPPlY-169 . ' 8 166 Amencon Federal Savings ..,. 1 1 ,,:: PM zzz Anderson Music - 168 Gifford MOOUWPFWTE EE N 3? . . nnnnn Anderson Phorogrophy -- 177 Glorlo Corpororron - 169 A Iss rss: rrrs. rr., 1 S Arrow Pump 6 Supply - 175 Gregory Pest Control --186 MARGARET MOUSER prepores for lunch fleftb. BERNICE MILLER gives chonge to o student for his lunch Cbottom, leftb. CAFETERIA workers ore Robert Quotermon, Bobby Roy Keller, ond Derrick Holcomb Cbelowh. AUSTIN HENRY ond Joe Whelchel ore chief custodians Cbottom, rightb. 111111 K 511111 , ,:,,,,, 3 I 1 - was El u xx vi S -owl.. Cooks, Cusrodions Balch, Brad 76, 163 Abbott, Pam 15, 46, 146, 182 Adair, Jeff 17, 39, 68, 103, 104, 127, 162, 163, 165, 202 Agon, Tawni 46, 153, 163 Aguior, Ran 39, 68, 159, 202 Ahrens, Stacey 41, 68, 103, 127, 128, 161 Akehurst, Sheila 46, 146, 159 Akers, Thomas 68, 156 Alexander, Richard 68, 74, 108, 109, 122, 125, 139, 153, 156 Alford, Diane 32, 46, 158 Allen, Steve 24, 84, 121, 157 Allman, Mike 68 Anderson, David 84, 160 Anderson, Janie 84, 149 Anderson, Kevin 68 Anderson, Mike 84, 105 Anderson, Wynema 28, 94 Armstrong, Brian 68, 126, 127 Applegate, Lourie 25, 26, 46, 95, 182, 202 Atkeson, Lisa 26, 84 Balch, Brian 24, 39, 46, 202 Balch, Tina 24, 76 Barbee, Amanda 149 Barbee, Wally 25, 26, 119 Barrick, Andrea 20, 76, 157 Barton, Kim 76, 115, 157 Baxter Misti 159 Bazzell, Cindy 24, 29, 46 Beal, Teresa 68 Bear, Bo 68, 103, 104, 127 Bearden, Elaine 94 Bearden, Paula 9, 11, 34, 46, 61, 112, 115, 138, 139, 146, 147, 151, 153, 156, 176 Bearden, Robert 84, 105, 127, 128, 151, 157 Bell, Roy Jr, 81 Bell, Thomas 84, 105, 116, 157 Beller, Brad 68 Bennett, Holly 47, 119, 155, 174, 202 Bennett, Sandy 76 Benson, Deidre 20, 76, 146, 153, 157 Benson, Maria 23, 24, 47, 61, 153, 156 Berry, Pam 112 Blankenship, Brenda 76 Bledsoe, Brion 84, 105, 121, 139, 157 Bock, Eddie 68 Bock, Kelly 84, 105, 160 Bodine, Larry 41, 94 Boettcher, Anne 84 Boettcher, John 34, 94 Bolin, Barbara 68 Boone, Bruce 76, 103, 104, 114 Booth, Wade 76, 125 Bonar, Margie 68, 119, 124, 125, 163, 202 Bowers, Cathy 89 Bowers, Chad 76, 103, 104, 132, 151 Bowers, Sharman 5, 84, 149 Bowles, Chris 68, 158 Bowman, Garth 76, 103, 104, 108, 114, 151, 187 Boyd, Sean 84 Bray, Angelo 21, 24, 26, 76, 146 Bray, Kevin 20, 24, 25, 26,76 Bray, Steven 34, 68 Bray, Vikki 84 Breeden, Lisa 68, 154, 155 198 Index Index Brendle, Ronnie 94, 114 Brenholtz, Mary Kay 24, 47, 155 Briggs, Trent 94 Broadrick, Weston 84, 105, 125 Brogdon, Randy 76, 120 Brogdon, Steve 161 Brooks, Vanessa 29, 47 Brown, Keith 32, 62, 103, 126, 127 Brown, Jim 76, 81 Brown, LaShawn 68, 75, 159 Brown, Melanie 76, 143, 146 Brown, Terry 28, 103, 104, 127 Brown, Yvonne 75 Buchanan, Nolen Buelow, David 47 Buelow, Keith 84, 105, 178 Bundy, Misty 68, 146, 159 Bunyard, Angie 47, 62, 139, 146, 153, 156 Burke, Kelli 68, 125,146 Burk, Lloyd 161 Burnes, Kelly 84, 149 Burrell, Mike 76 Bush, Daniel 76, 127, 160 Byrd, Don 94 Byrd, Rhonda 21, 24, 29, 47 Collen, Blane 68, 103, 127, 162 Canady, Diana 76 Caniff, Lois 7, 47, 95 Carmichael, Kay 48, 146, 153, 168, 173, 181 Carpenter, Shelly 48 Carr, Theron 24, 84, 155 Correthers, Donna 159 Carroll, Judy 94 Carroll, Shelly 48, 62, 143, 146 Carson, Angela 76, 112, 115, 146, 151 Carson, Scotty 84, 105, 132, 203 Carson, Teddy 5, 31, 48, 61, 62, 100, 102, 103, 133, 151, 156,188 Carter, Jimmy 84, 105, 159 Carter, Johnny 48 Cartmell, Kendall 48, 163, 176 Cassavaugh, David 76 Caudle, Michelle 14, 22, 24, 34, 48, 139, 146, 151, 152, 153, 156, 185 Cavener, Billy 84, 105, 116 Choate, Tommy 84 Childress, Tambra 84, 149 Coats, Mike 68, 158 Cobb, Mark 24, 26, 84, 151 Cobb, Tim 24, 25, 26, 48, 151 Cochran, Kim 24, 84, 157 Coffman, Bobbie 159 Colclasure, Lisa 76 Coldwell, Jeanette 49, 158 Coldwell, Paul 49, 159 Cole, Keleigh 49, 159 Colip, Scort159 Collins, Christy 85, 129 Collins, Lucille 94 Collins, Mike 8, 49, 62, 152, 153, 156, 163, 168, 202 Collins, Sherri 5, 12, 49, 61, 62, 110, 112, 113, 143, 146, 151, 156 Colquitt, Norman 49, 161 Cook, Darrell 88 Cooper, Dana 20, 25, 26, 27, 49, 146, 153, 156, 182 Cooper, Kevin 49, 158 Cooper, Kyla 85, 26, 149 Cooper, Lori 27, 56, 85, 149, 153, 157 Copeland, David 24, 26, 85 Coplin, Mike 68 Cosby, Darin 85, 105, 116, 157 Cowart, Jerry 76, 103 Cox, Missy 24, 85, 149 Cradduck, Charlotte 149 Crawford, Chris 85, 105, 127, 128, 151 Crider, Jennifer 25, 26, 27, 50, 142, 143, 146 151 Curlee, Lori 76 Cusher, Brent 24, 85 Danley, Stephanie 68, 75, 146, 143, 151 Danley, Scott 24, 85 Danley, Wanita 26 Davis, Angie 20, 76, 129 Davis, Darla 9, 26, 27, 50, 146, 147 Davis, Don 77 Davis Holly 21, 24, 68, 146 Davis, Jeff 50,61 Davis, John 126, 133 Davis, Davis, Davis Davis Johnna 50, 159 Landis 50 Laurie 20 50 155 174 ,sieve 857105, 116, 151, 157, 203 Davison, Shaun 85, 148, 149 DeLozier, Wayne 77, 103 Denham, Lori 9, 69, 75, 112, 113, 139, 146, 151 Denny, David 43, 69 Detwiler, Tanya 77, 129 DeWalt, Angie 85, 149, 157 Dickerson, Joel 85, 105, 116, 157 Dickerson, Kelli 69 Dicus, Lindo 38, 50, 62, 112, 139, 146, 150, 151, 153,156, 163 Dixon, Byron 35, 69, 155 Dixon, Lesa 69, 155, 159, 202 Dorsey, Debbie 69, 146, 153 Dotson, Keith 94 Dotson, Yul 85, 105 Driskill, Bobby 85, 90, 160 Duffer, Mark 33, 50, 108, 131, 153, 156 Dunbar, Shelly 51 Duncan, Karen 24, 69 Duncan, Rolando 24, 69, 156 Duty, Holly 51, 142, 143, 146, 156, 168, 173, 181 Duty, Joy 77, 120 Edwards, Dana 85, 117, 129, 148, 149, 151 Eggleston, John 69, 159, 162 Ehrlich, Cara 51, 52, 119, 138, 139, 142, 143, 146, 151, 156 Elkins, Ron 95, 138, 139 Emory, Jay 85, 105, 130, 151, 203 Enfield, George 24, 45 Ephraim, Patti 69, 119, 143, 146, 155 Eppler, Jimmy 5, 51, 151, 153, 156, 163, 224 Farmer, Christie 85, 129, 149 Faust, Janet 51, 159 Faust, Mandy 21, 24, 77, 61 Fentem, Jeff 24, 69, 153 Fenton, Cindy 77, 62, 112, 115, 139, 146, 151, 157, 177 Ferguson, Raymond 77, 103, 104, 127 Fielding, Jimmy 156 Filbeck, Andy 65, 105, 116 Filippo, Don 161 Fischer, Angie 65, 146, 149, 151 Fisher, Cori 22, 24, 77, 145, 146, 157 Fisher, Jay 51, 61, 131, 153, 156, 176 Fitter, Evelyn 5, 12, 51, 142, 143, 146, 152, 153, 156 Flanagan, Kelli 65, 139, 146, 149, 151, 153 Fleef, Rich 69, 74, 75, 103, 122, 125, 139, 150, 151, 163, 170, 203 Floyd, Ben 31, 95 Floyd, Scotti 69, 146 Folger, Shannon 5, 24, 69, 74 Ford, Becky 26, 27, 77, 163 Foster, Alison 77, 144, 146, 147, 155 Foster, Shane 69, 116, 120, 136, 139, 151, 162, 191, 202 Fowler, Grant 14, 24, 65, 105, 151, 157, 166, 203 Fowler, Luella 95, 203 Fredrick, Chris 24, 69 Frazier, Aretha 66, 117, 129 Frazier, Bobby Ray 51, 103, 120, 126, 166, 197 Frazier, Lisa 29, 66, 117 Fulton, Kim 36, 69, 143, 203 Gage, Anita 26 Gage, Edie 26, 66, 149 Garriott, Gayla 77 George, Lisa 77 Gibbons, Tammy 15, 146 Gilcreast, Ronny 24, 66 Gilley, Tarena 66, 149 Gillum, Perry 77 Golightly, Charles 95 Gonul, Michael 24, 69, 71, 75 Gofe, Kevin 69 Graff, Thirza 66, 155 Graham, Shirley 26 Gray, Billy 156 Gray, Dena 42, 69, 155, 156 Gray, Deresa 77, 112, 115, 146, 151, 157 Gray, Jeff 51, 116, 120 Green, Lisa 51 Green, Susan 24, 77, 151, 161 Griffin, Greg 77, 103, 104, 132 Griffin, Kaven 161 Griffin, Whitney 24, 69, 112, 119, 123, 125 Grube, Jim 69 Gunn, Nathan 35, 69, 127 Gurley, Chris 77, 103, 139, 167, 192, 139 Gurley, David 5, 24, 77 Hagar, Brenda 66, 146, 149 Hagar, Jill 66, 117, 149 Hagar, Mark 69, 156 Haines, Scott 77, 120 Halcomb, Derrick 51, 106, 107, 106, 109, 126, 127, 197 Holcomb, Kerry 69, 103, 106, 114, 151, 162 Hall, Sandy 42, 51, 159, 201 Hallmark, Ernie 40, 77, 160 Hanson, Jennifer 66, 125, 149 Hames, Stephanie 51, 156 Hardcasrle, Jack 24, 29, 33, 51 Hargrove, Eric 69, 124, 125, 156 Harlan, Carla 51, 153 Harlan, Carmen 39, 55, 153 Harper, Shannon 55 Harris, Kim 66 Harris, Marc 24, 55 Harris, Vicki 24, 74 Harrison, Joe Don 66 Harrison, Mary 25, 26, 77, 62, 146, 153 Harrison, Wayne 35, 70, 155 Harrelson, Brian 77 Haskins, Kelly70, 143, 146 Haskins, Shelly 70 143, 146 Hatton, Robbie 160 Hatton, Tracy 55, 161 Hayden, Michana 66, 149, 151 Hayden, Shelly 25, 26, 55, 119, 142, 143, 146, 151 Haymes, Kim 5, 55, 97, 119, 156, 176 Haymes, Melissa 24, 77, 129, 146, 157 Hayes, Susan 95 Hayes, Teresa 77 Hefner, David 66, 105 Henderson, David 70, 162 Henman, Eric 24, 70, 71, 156 Henry, Gustin 197 Henry, Missy 66, 149 Henry, Moose 70, 103 Herndon, Cynthia 55, 142, 143, 146, 176 Highfill, Denell 21, 70, 51, 24, 146 Hill, Alesha 14, 55, 146, 166, 173, 176, 161 Hilligoss, Jack 76 Hilligoss, Jerry 66 Hilsabeck, Darin 70, 156 Hinesley, Christy 56, 62, 136, 139, 146 Hobbs, Bill 76 Hodge, Jenny 66 Hodges, Judy 66, 117, 129, 149, 151, 157 Hoffield, Liz 66 Hollowell, Karen 66, 149 Holton, Linda 70, 155, 202 Hooker, Dee Ann 25, 26, 27, 69, 70, 143, 146, 156, 163 Hooks, Shannon 70 Hoover, Shelly 76, 144, 145, 146 Horne, Jay 26, 76, 103, 104, 151, 167 Horne, Jeanetta 76, 146, 151 Hornbaker, Denise 24, 66, 153 Howard, Kathy 6, 66, 149 Howard, Jeff 24, 25, 26, 69, 70, 124, 125, 156 Hudspeth, Pam 24, 70, 154, 155 Huneke, Annie 70, 75, 112, 156, 207 Huneke, Cordt 66, 105 Hunsaker, Robert 24,.26, 66, 157 Hunter, Joan 26, 27, 95 Hutchings, Don 95 Hutchings, Jamey 70, 101, 103, 203, 132, 151, 162, 191 Hutchins, Mike 66, 105, 160 Jackson, Elaine 26, 66, 149 Jackson, Kristi 70, 74, 136, 139, 143, 146, 151, 153, 163 Javernick, Gary 5, 56, 61, 63, 107, 106 Jaques, John 76, 103, 104, 151 Jeffers, Ray 103, 127 Jeffers, Ronaldo 104 Jenkins, Brian 77, 160 John, Bennie 161 Johnson, Cheryl 56, 159 Johnson, Darrell 95, 106 Johnson, Drew 30, 39, 76, 125, 139 Johnson, Jay 66, 105, 116, 156, 157, 170, 203 Johnson, Kevin 76, 120 Johnson, Mike CSr.D 34, 56, 100, 103, 133, 170 Johnson, Mike CSoph.D 76 Johnson, Stacy 21, 24, 29, 56, 146, 163 Jolly, Janette 70, 153, 155 Jolly, Jerri 66 Jones, Bobbie 20, 26, 76, 146 Jones, Doug 7, 56, 162 Jones, Hank 70, 102, 103, 151 Jones, Lesa156 Jones, Teresa 70, 75, 144, 145, 146, 176 Jones, Tracy 76, 103, 104 Jumper, Sheila 11, 76, 115, 129, 139, 146, 151 177 Jussely, Joe 40, 160 Jussely, Martin 70 Kamp, Cherie 66, 149 Kamp, Paul 35, 70, 103, 104, 132 Kamp, Tommy 66, 105 Katz, Beth 66, 149, 155, 157 Katz, Marsha 11, 70, 119, 146, 153 Keeler, George 70, 127, 155 Keeley, Ed 76, 103, 127 Keeley, Jacquelynn 71, 155 Keeling, Matthew 66 Keith, Deanna 66 Keller, Fred 71, 103, 127, 162 Kemp, Mike 71, 103, 104, 151, 169 Kendrick, DanAnn 24, 66, 149, 151 Kendrick, Darla 66 Kennon, Doug 76, 127, 151 Kerr, Kelly 24, 66, 125, 151, 166 Kingery, Bryan 67, 105, 130 Klepper, Brad 67, 105, 121, 130, 139, 176, 203 Knighten, Randy 56, 156 Knouse, Fay 24, 76, 146 Knowles, Mike 67, 160 Knox, Greg 76, 153 Kroeker, Ross 57, 131, 153 Lafon, Mary 29 Lamb, Brigette 76, 112, 115, 139, 151, 146, 157 Landrith, Leon 29, 93 Landrith, Donna 95 Lane, Rob 67, 105, 1561 Large, Patti 70, 71, 156, 190 Lawson, Teresa 76 Laxton, Jim 57 Laxton, Roger 26, 76, 61, 103, 104, 127 Layne, Tina 71, 146 Le Huyen 30, 76, 155, 157 Leach, Cindy 71, 129, 142, 143, 146, 151, 152 155 Leach, Erna 95, 155 Lehrman, Gina 26, 27, 67, 149 Lehman, Troy 24, 26, 67, 151, 157 Leonard, Robby 24, 79, 153, 157 Lillard, Renee 79, 62, 112, 115, 129, 146, 177 Linker, Charlotte 24, 79 Little, Steven 71, 103, 104 Lively, Mike 67 Livingston, Rusty 53, 57, 174 Lohmann, Maria 24, 67 Long, Trey 79, 103, 104 Looney, Danny 29, 133 Looney, Vicki Luke, Linda 71, 119 Lumpmouth, Trudy 67, 129 Lunsford, Gina 57, 119 Index 99 Lydo, Joe 160 Lynch, Shelly 24, 79, 115, 129 Mohle, Angelo 21, 24, 71, 129, 146, 151, 156, 163, 179, 184, 202 Monn, Michelle 57,63, 110, 112,113,139, 146, 153 Monn, Michelle D. 71 Mopp, Leroy 96 Mortin, Corol 57, 119 Mortin, Heother 57 Moson, Donno 71, 142, 143, 146, 190 Motthews, Beo Koy 57, 63, 119, 143, 146, 155, 156 Moyfield, Jomes 24, 37, 71 McBroom, Lorry 96 McCobe, Kelly 79, 143, 151 McCouse, Cloy 77 McCloin, Doug 58, 63, 101, 103, 133, 156, 163, 188 McCord, Motthew 79, 103, 104 McCullor, Billie 87 McCurdy, Regino 87, 117, 129, 149, 151 McDoniel, Joy McDoniel, Keith 79, 103, 104 McDoniel, Lesley 87, 117 129, 149 McForlone, Sue Ellen 26, 87, 149, 157 McKnight, Trocy 58, 153, 156 McMohon, Shown 24, 79, 81 McNobb, Jodi 159 McSwoin, Nelson 116, 133 McNutt, Liso 71, 153 Melton, Cothy 24, 87, 157 Melton, Vickie 87 Miller, Bernice 197 Miller, DeAnn 79, 146, 157 Miller, Mory 14, 58, 62, 146, 145, 153 Miller, Ronnie 79, 103, 127 Millicon, Aoron 71 Millsop, Mory 24, 87 Milner, Kellye 71, 145, 146, 151, 152, 153, 163 Mock, Julie 26, 58, 201 Moore, Cindy 17, 21, 24, 71, 72, 123, 125, 146, 151, 155, 180, 202 Moore, Kent 29, 58, 126, 127, 151, 153, 170 Moore, Stocy 78, 79, 144, 145, 146, 151 Morrison, Greg 79, 120 Morton, Ron 5, 58, 63, 103, 151, 156, 189 Motes, Denise 58, 158 Mouser, Morgoret 197 Mouser, Tommy 79, 82, 115, 129, 146, 151 Mowinski, Eric 58, 107, 108, 126, 127, 131 Murroy, Chris 32, 58, 133, 182 Murroy, Mike 58,161 Murroy, John 25, 26 Muse, Dovid 79, 120 Myer, Becky 71, 159 Myers, Jomes 79, 104 Myers, Kerri 31, 87, 149 Myrick, Bret 43, 58, 158 Noll, Keith 16, 79, 103, 104, 120, 127, 151 Noil, Mike 71, 127 Noylor, Gront 5, 34, 58,63,102, 103, 126, 127, 151, 184 Noylor, Jerry 96 Neol, Betty 96 Neol, Forrest 79, 104, 127 Neol, Rob 58, 61, 162 Nelson, Bill 9, 96, 125 Nelson, Mortho 42, 96 Nemon, Lynn 24, 87, 153, 155 Nester, Greg 34, 71, 158 200 Index Nguyen, Hoi 43, 120, 79, 160, 161 Nguyen, Tung 16, 34, 71, 104 Niles, Lindo 58, 159 Nix, Angie 34, 87, 117 Noonon, Joe 87, 160 Oxford, Melindo 26, 39, 71, 163, 202 Owens, Billy 87, 105 Overton, Coro 12, 58, 63, 110, 112, 113, 129, 146, 151, 162, 163, 170,202 Orebough, Mimi 26, 79, 81, 146, 153 Orebough, Shelly 26, 27, 79, 81, 82, 129, 146, 153 Porks, Morlo 71 Porker, Tommy 21, 24, 71, 146 Porrish, Lynn 34, 53, 59, 139, 146, 150, 151, 152, 153 Poscholl, Jomes 39, 59, 79, 103, 104, 127, 163 Poscholl, Mory 21, 158, 159, 163 Potton, Lindsoy 71, 72, 110, 112, 113, 125. 139, 146, 151, 156 Poyne, Kevin 59, 153, 156, 202 Peoy, Dovid 36, 87, 132 Perry, Benny 59, 158 Pettett, Ann 87, 117, 149, 157 Pettigrew, Woyne 24, 72, 158 Pherigo, Angelo 59, 146, 168, 173, 181 Phiipot, Keith 71, 72,75 Pizzino, Kelli 87, 117, 129, 149, 151, 157 Plumlee, Pebbles 72, 146, 153, 207 Pokorny, Debro 87, 125, 149 Pollock, Croig 43, 79, 103, 127 Pool, Kelly 59, 146 Pool, Shelly 59, 146 Powell, Potrlck 59, 162 Powell, Robbie 60, 103, 108, 130, 131, 151, 153, 177 Pryor, Joe 96 Pryor, Julie 79, 82, 112, 115, 129, 146, 151 Pults, Lech 60, 142, 143, 146 Quortermon, Shoron 87, 129 Quortermon, Robert 103, 104, 127, 197 Quiett, Koris 78, 79, 145, 146, 151 Quinten, Kevin 79,81 Quinten, Potrlck 24,79 Roglond, Shelley 72, 143, 146 Roy, Jonno 80, 146, 151, 157 Roy, Julie 12, 25, 26, 35, 60, 64, 119, 142, 143, 146, 151 Roy, Jock 93 Roy, Tommy 88, 139, 149 Reogon, Dovid 88 Reed, Cloudette 88 Reed, Gorlin 51, 60 Reed, Kelly 31, 80 Reeves, Potricio 72, 119, 125, 143, 146 Reeves, Robby 88, 105, 139 Reich, Herbert 158 Reynolds, Anne 24, 88, 155, 157 Revls, Deno 202 Rice, Lorece 80 Rich, Leno 80 Ricord, Rhondo 70, 72, 144, 146, 156, 190 Riley, Stephen 88, 105 Ritchie, John 60, 64, 78, 102, 103, 132, 133. 151, 162, 202 Ritchie, Kevin 31, 80, 83, 125, 151 Rooch, Debi 154, 155, 159 Roberts, Lorry 43, 96 Roberson, Stephonie 88, 117, 119, 151, 157 Rodgers, Chip 29, 60, 120 Rollins, Kelly 60, 159, 190 Ronold, Jonoto 60, 114, 143, 146, 155, 184 Ronold, Melito 88, 129, 149, 184 Roppel, Poul 65, 161 Roseborough, Dorlo 72, 146, 154, 155 Ross, Morilyn 21, 24, 88, 153 Ross, Mox 72, 103, 104, 151, 155 Rumley, Greg 52, 65, 103, 119, 120, 139, 163 Runnels, Williom 105 Ryles, Joy 80 Sollee, Eddie 80, 153 Sonders, Debbie 88, 129, 149 Sonders, Koren 65, 146, 168, 173, 201 Sonds, Showne 25, 26, 27, 65, 159 Sanford, Robert 24, 65, 159 Souer, Ruth 95, 96 Souls, DeeAnn 159 Sounders, Kim 21, 24, 80, 151 Scolf, Tondo 72, 143, 146, 151, 155 Scott, Dovid 80, 120, 157 Servois, Dovid 72, 75, 103, 155, 191, 203 Seymour, Henry 72, 159 Sheors, Srocy 26, 33, 72, 153, 154, 155 Shelton, Eddie 72,74 Shelton, Joe 88 Sherbert, Deene 96 Sherrell, Trocy 88, 149 Shormon, Brondi 26, 80, 153, 157 Shormon, Roy 24, 88 Simpson, Noncy 88, 149 Simpson, Scott 88, 116 Sims, Noncy 65, 146, 162, 201 Sires, Tino 88, 117, 149 Sloughter, Suson 88 Smort, Andy 72, 75, 156 Smith, Brondy 88 Smith, Debbie 21, 34, 65, 146 Smith, Kimberly 88 Smith, Mike 29, 65, 169 Smith, Rick Soph. 80, 160 Smith, Rick Frosh, 88, 105, 116 Smith, Shelly 88, 148, 149 Sneed, Morjorie 97 Sporks, Cynthio111, 112, 113, 159 Sporks, Mike 105, 116, 160 Speed, Scott 24, 72, 153, 158 Spencer, Brett 80, 153, 155, 120, 157 Spencer, Dovid 89 Springsteen, Debbie 89 Stoggs, Louis 80, 103, 104, 151, 157 Steen, Jeff 80, 151, 30 Stephonie, Terri 149 Stephens, Belindo 72 Stephens, Morsholl 89, 105, 130, 203 Stephenson, Amy 24, 89, 153, 157 Stephenson, Shown 72, 100, 103, 133, 162, 163, 191, 202 Stewort, Bonnie 97 Stewort, Dovid 72, 153, 162 Stewort, Keith 34, 72, 103, 104 Stick, JoAnne 88 Stick, Stephanie 14, 21, 24, 66, 124, 125, 151, 178 Stick, Steve 72, 155 Stick, Tino 89 Stiewig, Bonnie 21, 24, 29, 73, 146 Stinson, Jimmy 89, 96, 160 Stinson, Lisa 89 Stinson, Lori 66, 158 Stokes, Jeff 73 Stokes, Mike 66, 131, 162 Stone, John 22, 24, 80, 108, 114 Straub, Susan 36, 80 Strickland, John 97, 120 Stride, Cristina 89, 149 Sturdevant, Jan 97 Suffridge, Warren 61, 64, 66, 153, 156,207 Sullivan, Darrell 89, 155 Sully, Clayton 73 Sutton, Steve 89, 105 Swearingen, Rusty 80, 81, 126, 127 Switzer, Dianne 66, 119, 176, 179, 190, 202 Taylor, Angi 26, 89 Taylor, David 64, 66, 89, 107, 108, 109, 126. 127, 202 Taylor, Peggy 97, 141 Teel, Terry Don 89, 105, 133 Thetford, Kaila 73, 155, 156, 207 Thompson, Charles 73 Thompson, Jeff 12, 24, 66, 153 Thompson, Matt 89, 105, 157 Thorton, Debbie 80 Thurman, David 66 Thys, Eric 24, 89 Todd, Mark 89, 105 Todd, Mike 38, 64, 67, 151, 153, 170,207 Tollett, Deanna 26, 89, 149 Townsend, Betty 97 Townsend, Pam 67, 143, 146 Townsend, Paula 80, 146, 151 Treadaway, Joey 88, 160 Colophon Five hundred and thirty-five copies of '82 Cougar yeorbooks were printed this year by Toylor Publishing Company. This was the fourth year Taylor has published the Cougar and their representative for our area was Phil Baum. The cover was silver Mylar with silkscreened graphics in white and maroon 09343. The diecut endsheet circular pattern was repeated throughout the book. The book was Smyth sewn and printed on Matte 804 paper. Most body copy was Serif Gothic with cover, divider pages and other letters done in Shotgun style copy. Captions and row identifications were eight point Serif Gothic with standard spacing, Folio tabs and page numbers were eight point Serif Gothic. Most of the Cougar '82 was designed on a three column page, 12 picas per column. There were eight color pages and eight spot color pages. Tribbey, Brett 67 Tribble, Kim 21, 24, 73, 154, 155 Tumlinson, Lorianne 89, 149 Turner, Rheysa 89, 129, 149 Turner, Wendie 24, 80 Tyler, Jeff 89, 105, 157 Updegraff, Branon 89, 105, 151 Urlaub, Ronald 24, 89, 155 Vandewalker, Eddie 25, 26, 73, 163 VanMeter, Kande 64, 67, 144, 145, 146, 176, 178, 207 VanTassIe, Ellen 20, 80, 125, 146, 151, 157 VanTassle, Mark 14, 23, 24, 67, 126, 127, 151 Veasey, Lindo 89 Vick, Karla 80 Wade, Sheri 27, 67, 159, 190, 202 Wagoner, Melissa 80, 81 Walden, Glen 14, 26, 73, 75, 187 Walker, Karen 73, 75, 155, 159 Wallace, Keven 25, 26,67 Walston, John 80, 81, 160 Ward, Jeff 80, 81 Ward, Lori 32, 158 Warren, Bronson 97 Warren, Curt 80, 114, 151, 153 Warren, Mattie 94, 97 Washburn, Kevin 105 Watteau, Brion 80, 81, 155 Weaver, Carmen 89, 129 Webb, Lorna 89, 117, 129, 149 West, Curtis 89, 105 West, Dan 4, 24,73 West, Danny 67, 153 West, Mike 89, 105, 157 West, Regina 67, 159, 176 West, Sandra 24, 89 Whelchel, Joe 197 Whitson, Stephen 88, 105 Wiley, Jack 6, 22, 23, 34, 67, 151, 152,153 156 Willard, Robert 29, 64, 67, 101, 102, 103, 184 Willett, Tammy 89, 129, 149 Williams, Brett 73, 158 Williams, Bruce 88, 160 Willis, Darrin 73, 159 Wilson, Eddie 80, 104, 114 Wilson, Joseph 24,89 Wingo, Mike 67, 132, 174, 176 Winton, Mary 97 Witherow, Annette 21, 24, 67, 146, 155, 156, 163, 202 Witherow, Denise 21, 24, 26, 80, 146, 151 Wood, Caren 5, 61, 67, 119, 156 Wood, Ed 43, 97 Worchester, Travis 80, 120 Worrell, Scottie 80, 104, 139, 151 Yahola, Debbie 80, 81, 119 Yin, Cissy 64, 67, 124, 125, 156 Young, Lisa 89, 119, 139, 148, 149, 157 Young, Scott 89 Younis, Phyllis 97 SENIOR OFFICE AlDES - Sandra Hall, Julie Mock, Nancy Sims, Karen Sanders. Index 201 202 Angela Mahle Sophomore Class Section Organizations, Student Life, Ads Cindy Moore Student Life, Ads, Freshman Closs Section, Sports Shawn Stephenson Theme, Sports Editor, Ads Ron Aguiar Student Life, Organizations, Darkroom, Ads, Academics Dena Revis Ads, Organizations Margie Donor Organizations, Index, Ad Editor Linda Holton Index, Ads David Taylor Darkroom John Ritchie Organizations, Sports, Ads Shane Foster Sports, Ads Photographer Freshman Class Section Yearbook Staff N-9 O -. , 23 IM? ,M ,V-v""" ,Q wi , Q Qi Pi? , if W Qi mf , I .,f, 5, f ' K Jeff Adair Associate Editor Darkroom, Student Life, Sports, Photography Mike Collins ' Yearbook Editor, Photography Brion Balch Associate Editor, Organizations, Senior Class Section, Ads, Photography, Student Life Cara Overton Associate Editor, Student Life, Academics, Senior Class Section, Ads, Sports Kevin Payne Academics, Student Life, Ads Lourie Applegate Student Life, Index Art Work Ads, Academics Dianne Switzer Student Lite, Ads Academics, Index Lesa Dixon Student Life Academics, Ads Holly Bennett Student Life, Photography Academics, Ads Sheri Wade Student Life, Ads Annette Wirherow Student Life, Index, Faculty, Ads Melinda Oxford Student Life, Ads Academics ...A- P 'zz' in f Q1 1 5. Luella Fowler Yearbook Sponsor with Phil Barm, Taylor representative Freshman Photographers and Darkroom assistants: Jay Johnson, Grant Fowler, Steve Davis, Scotty Carson, Jay Emory, Marshall Stephens, Brad Klepper Rich Fleer Freshman Class Section, Ads Organizations, Photography Jamey Hutchings Student Life, Sports, Ads David Servalis Junior Class Section Organizations, Ads Student Life, Photography Kim Fulton Junior Class Section Organizations, Ads Student Life X -lr Acknowledgements Production of the Cougar '82 began in the summer of 1981 with year- book staffers attending a workshop at OU with "Chucky Baby," one of the countries' top yearbook authorities. He gave us ideas and inspira- tion to develop the book. The staff began the selling of the ads in September to our very supportive local businesses and Cougar Boosters. Help From Our Friends - Senior pictures were taken by Anderson Photography, Wellington Photography, and Lois's Portrait Studio. Blunck Studio took the freshman, sophomore and junior pictures and the groups were taken by Anderson Photography. Most of the pictures in the Cougar '82 were taken by staffers but help was given by: The Ada News, Jimmy Eppler, Kent Moore, The Cougar Call Staff, Mrs. Roger Ben- son, and Jerry Todd. A thanks is due Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rumley, Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Taylor, and Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Philpot for the use of their lovely homes for the Who's Who pic- tures. Thanks to the faculty for dismissing various staff members to allow them to work on the yearbook in its last hours of production. A very special thanks to Mrs. Fowler whose persistence and ability to drive students Ccrazyb kept us going all year long. - Mike Collins, Editor Yearbook Staff -- 203 if 5 W? 35355 'N-I N.,-, 'fs 5332535 if-1-g"ZT5'?-'Q 'Q 5 Sz N SDN W 1255-Ewsqii L 'gives-sg M-'43 ook'oXx.X-r5a?.Q.S -x EQSQL Egplg Lpgsdkig Q- ., SEV! , F3 Lgam ak? 5633555335 SW S NE 53+ NQQWV Q wiqixgiixx, RX Eijigxix Q S QSXX QE X -SQ xx EQHXQ NSN ifwg A qx X wa 5 Kg X i 205 LST N LL Fifi? .7'Lk , I si' Seniors who hod ir mode ond morlfed rime unril Moy 18 Juniors woiringjusr one more yeor ro be rop of rhe forum pole 206 - Closing COUGAR FANS show their "interest" in the opposing reom Copposite pogeb. ANNIE HUNEKE, Pebbles Plumbee, ond Koilo Thetford dine or the Mogic Pon, Tuslo 4' Ctopb. SILHOUETTED AGAINST the winter sky ore Mike Todd ond Konde VonMerer Cfor Ieftb. WARREN SUFFRIDGE was occom- A spirited sophomore group rhor wos l4indo'stucl1 in the middle ponied by his two companions ofter o trip to the slopes Cieftb. +-..,, THE KATT club Cbeiowb. 'Bbw-i Freshmen rhot zipped onro rhe scene with unusuol vim ond vigor - with rhe messoge, "Now look whor we've done - We 've only just begun" Closing - 207 X thot to ser record 1981-82 . Now x Q KVX5 you ve Seen IT , W 2 3532 5 igigq wufmwj 2332245 WQMQMMM Yi -27 I W Eff? K f W WM 223,629 1 f ,gf Q? H 5532125 E, Q1 J N 'Om as-Q3 ig 3 5 .fa Q T5 5 f 1 QQ Q 1 A 1 K . Q4 3 J 4,1 ' A 51 up 6 3? T mf' 1 X M J Aw g 3 f5,'+fa-jgggqdw NN- T1 I 5 ,M v W , 3 . - -f 1 , 04 'J 5 ' A F' 1 -1 ,ivmgi 'Qf C1 QL Q5 U5 Ei f if Aol T ' Q A ,, . 1 ET E2 -, A 1 QU . 1 .4 pg! 3 fi Q Ocwa-Qll W ' Q45 f of 4 if, A 5 Q ' 23 71 'Q fl 5 .Qin ,v3y5Q 3 1 X Q 4,y E Q 'I D Q tf 1 ia O! N, --1 xx I 'J Q ,Q Fw 'S -43 f 1 if ' ' 55 5eUSww,wfw 5 'fi Jf fi 51 A , 151255 1 W W QANJV-D1 .1-fvyf, WWKQJ QLMQQMLQK, QTMV wif Qfgifnq by ' M fy in 31 wt 905 ro 0 LW W Qw 101 1 Jfeivwg N5Ui,L'L'Clfi 'FQQLULI C algal QM NN vUQQO.L,q,QL, JCIQQQA A u X LTIFVWIW WCLf,l,Lv-Ll ' as Qf:ww M f bv' pg NJi,X A MDX. d U1lq,142XiQjQ4jJQ1 I Q 1 Nyfogll kr! 'NLQQQ ycwld 'nm . C99' gfsggfg Q QQ! n 'TlLsctLmCX LLQCLU 10 -I M-Q9 X gy 'VYXGLL L 'XL .' LJJLU' IDLQVM, ' vJL1Ljg3L3 Cube, OMC .gm fy! Y Hmgfw mud Mm bpm Ajbllind bw M' Olwovbiz QLC - 7156532 MH -- f 100 Amalfi ww wiping + 'img NFYNQAAUQ MVMWM Maw 90496 fwfim 1 A ' -631' MM Cffwqfflwvvgli A 5 'Z if w C'-fum Maw: fic M4 , Zfwox mm ,, D315 fmfieriilmi ' H ., ww M Mwfmsgwfw 1 vf Wi- 35 A " .3 Q if f 0'-f WHCMLWVC A J 1' 'W Q .' V' .- a'flM4.7QA H- CQ? x t 1-. 57, WM 70 .

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