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Q v 5 D' xg? X may : .6 gg! YL M91 03 7 AN THE 5 f!?q 'uiifs X - Wumhmgmg MX N " v Q. 1-qi 1 SE' W' VXI I q jv I QF? 'fi3P1, A -nfui 41", -- X 1 .Q - H' x Ng5. h Xl' X X lx -1 S K 'fb VT"-ghsj , Y: XA Ext .I L.-1' 'QL-5 ,.. 0 A- 4 '-- f"' vzzjgg- V " ..' ' ...E-'Qi YYY FFF Y V' V' PVP VFP' Y FFF F' Y f V V' Y HR "' -ae -ESX -L, -H1-K xx? E if ,L -iz ,A .fe-f Y Y " - iw 'Liar ZQM fx.. AA'x...- ! 'bl 4-gif' 4-5- lc, A4 e "' -, V,,li,..,,fX g W '7"i-f A W' fax- JOHN C. ROSS Editor ,ff A .l 1, FOREWORD This book could not have been produced without the help and co-operation ot the student body, faculty, the kind people who loaned us valuable material, and a wonderful staff, My deepest thanks go to all ot these people. The aim ot the Cougar Staff of 1957 was to pro- duce a yearbook commemorating the Golden An- niversary ot our great state, Oklahoma, one that would show the progress ot the public school system of Ada since statehood, and one that would tell the story ot the school year l957. We sincerely hope that we have succeeded in these aims and that you will enioy every page. DEDICATION When Oklahoma as a state was yet a dream, countless men and women suffered in poverty and died that we might today enioy free public schools. They died that we might live and learn-and learn to love those noble qualities that originate in the heavens of God They died building a fountain of youth where we might Q 93 P17 drink freely of the Pierian Spring of Knowledge. As starlight of Heaven lights the pathways of the world, so does the starlight of their deeds illume our hearts and minds today. To the pioneer educators, our forefathers, and our parents vvho gave and who give the supreme gift-their all and all-to make the public schools of Oklahoma possible, we, the COUGAR staff of 1957, humbly dedicate this Golden Anniversary COUGAR. THE COUGAR STAFF OF 1957 J I4 EARLY HISTORY OF THE ADA SCHOOLS In 1890, the Daggs brothers, J. M. and J. B., brought their families to what is now Ada, and built their homes in the southwest part of the city near the cement plant. Coming with them was Jeff Reed, who is credited with being the founder of Ada, who liked the place so well that he brought his family too. He built a store in the northwest part of what was to be Ada, and 1893, the post office was established. The first school was opened 1892 in a 20' by 30' log structure located in the northeast corner of the old cemetery at Second and Hickory. John Crowley was the first teacher. ln 1896, the school was replaced by a two story build- ing. When the town moved to the new townsite in 1900, the only schools in "new town" were one room subscription affairs. Miss Villa Wilson opened the first school on a lot at Fifteenth and Broadway. Another in the 100 block on East Fifteenth was taught by Professor Wilson. Miss Grace Smith opened one on East Sixteenth, Mrs. Dicey Sinclair taught a private school at Twelfth and Town- send and A. B. Curtis taught high school grades at the old building. ln 1901, a two-story frame structure located on the site of the present high school building was opened as a private boarding school run by J. J. Scarborough. This was purchased by the city in 1902 and Scarborough became the first superin- tendent and principal. In 1907 the first class, seven, was graduated. East Central State College Cthen a normal schooll was awarded Ada, and until the present Science Hall was completed, used this building too. The growth of the city has been reflected in the growth of the schools. In 1903, Irving school was built, and as needed Willard, C19081, Glenwood 119151, Hayes and Washington C19191, and Napier C1939J, were added. Too, these buildings have been, and will be rebuilt as the need arose and funds were available. It was in 1928 that "Oklahama's most modern up-to-date" high school build- ing, Ada High School, was occupied by grades nine to twelve. Peak enrollment came in 1937-38 when 866 students were in attendance. When the iunior high school building was occupied in 1939, the ninth grade was moved into it. A band building was added in 1954 and a cafeteria in 1956. Thus in a brief span, the schools of Ada have grown from a one-room log cabin with one teacher to a 552,500,000 plant with a faculty of 128 to keep pace with all of Oklahoma's growth. Former Superintendents: J. J. Scarborough ......, 1902 1903 J. B. Adamson ..,.. 1903 1904 J. R. Hendrix ...... 1904 1906 M. L. Perkings ....... 1906 1909 T. W. Robinson ..... 1909 1917 J. E. Hickman .... 1917 1927 l. S. Hinshaw ...... 1927 1933 B. R. Stubbs ...... 1933 1937 C. Dan Proctor ...... 1937 1943 Rex O. Morrison ..... 1943 BOARD O JACK FENTEM Member MILLARD LAWSON Member RUTH COLLINS Clerk F EDLICATIO W4 ,W .veto 6 A07 oo, V foe p I' CHARLES THOMPSON Treasurer l l l l L. SLIPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS N OVXXSO NX vii O' To Ada High School Students . . . Then and Now: With the book we commemorate the fiftieth year of the state of Oklahoma and tell in part the story of the growth of education in Ada. Among the thousands who have passed through the halls of the Ada Schools, the lives ot many attest to the value ot the education they received here. For twenty-two of the titty years it has been my privilege to be connected with the educational system of Ada. One of the richer opportunities in my life has been the deep and lasting pleasure of association with the students ot the Ada Schools. l hope that in some measure I have been able to add to the enrichment of your lives as you have . . . and continue to do . . . for me. , REX O. MORRISON Superintendent of Schools Ada, Oklahoma f -f.. V--1k,..a!l...Q. V , ' . mm A LW F H . -,Www-.w...,..-...wp ,W vf-, W., 9 I w Twp -' 'QW '31 H f 5 5 ? H k. .W 3 E f 3 ,Q 4 'WK al W Z QQY' .:: iw. 5 2 as 1 14 ' fm Q i 1 4 W' K, ? mu f . kL,,. M. , M mf' 'R ,,',,:rj2" , - 3 - I .ig Jfgyfqg, K N 4 1 J fa vs, i W Mw,,.e-.MW-,.-ff-iL,?,-,..f.. , ,gi gm .. .,,, iw S NICE-R HIGH vxfifgedi Q s WN BUILDINGS I IQ IAOO A SC IMG HIGH S QI HIGH SCHOOL I928 BAND BUILDING 1954 CAFETERIA I956 ""'f'nI-'l -Mha...mm11A,- QQ, 1 M-Y .-A. HISTORY OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL In 1907 the first high school in the Ada Public School System was organized and housed in a rather small building known as the North Side School. All grades, from the first to the twelfth, attended this school. Then in 1912, the high school division was moved into its newly constructed building, and the name Ada High School was assumed. Many changes have been made in the fifty years from 1907 to 1957. The enrollment has increased from 60 students to the present 463, the graduating class has grown from 7 in number to 142 for this year. In the beginning, four grades C9, 10, 11, 121 were included, now only the last three are included. The nineth grade was moved to Junior High School in 1939. There have been seven different superintendents and eleven different principals as administrators to the school. Four outstanding organizations have been organized and sponsored, namely, the National Honor Society, the International Understanding Organiza- tion, the Contnahomas, the newly organized Student Council. Through these fifty years, Ada High School has been outstanding in scholastic, musical, and athletic events. For a number of years the school has been In- terscholastic Meet Champions, for three years, State Football Champions, for one year, State Basketball Champions, Conference Champions for numerous years. In fact, there are 235 trophies in the trophy cases that have been won in different scholastic, musical and athletic events. The 1957 graduating class will be the fiftieth consecutive graduating class. These graduates, along with the ones who have gone before them, will always remember the symbols which represent the ideals of Ada High School - the Cougar, whose stout and courageous heart represents "their school", the colors, Maroon and White, which stand for clear and strong ideals, the Flag, designed by Harry Nelson of the class of 1937, which flutters in a breeze of victory. Yes, Ada High School is proud of all of its accomplishments, but is proudest of the student-citizens who have gone from its portals. To have been a part in the molding of some of the finest citizens of the community, the state, and the nation, is, indeed, Ada High School's greatest success. PRINCIPALS OF ADA HIGH J. J. Scarbrough ..,... ..,.,, 1 902-1903 A. L. Fentem ....,,, 1917-1922 J. B. Adamson uuuu. ,.,... 1 903-1904 w. A, Hill uuuu..s, 1922-1924 Mr. Brandon ,.,, ,A,,,A 1 904-1906 K. W. Harris ,,,...,,, ,.,,,, 1 924-1927 Mr. Berry ....,,,a ,.,,., 1 906-1908 B. S. Stubbs 2.......,,.. ..,,.. 1 927-1933 B. N. McCurry .,,.. ,,,.2, 1 908-1911 Rex O. Morrison 1933-1943 J. W. Shipp ............ ,..,0, 1 911-1915 Trice L. Broadrick 1943-1950 W. A. Henderson 1915-1917 E. A. Williamson 1950- ..,.,... l l l i l l l ig- E . "k' r1a1Fg4i4i-y-Q-bam-,, fii",1.,.. f ' , A gr -.'- 1. . , A.,,. 5 " J, F1 :gif ' i - i --f-- , .I ,K., , 'Q I Ag,. 4 , '- Q t i 6,5 . - r . :1,Z5:5?, i5a2fg::Eia:Q5f., , i .. H m y . - . Z , 5 Mfg. . ' M . A- I - if ,, Ln., , , .1 i f 1, f ' ' M ff : Msgs - .1 K wg, .. -. , fiwiisc L ' L '.-, . ,,-.L.- LL'L . . . r -aj.f.,if:f:f,,x:2s,'e'Q21' -' '.f?5gi,,f1g11w,:e 1 . . xi up ' 1 73' A DAY WITI- 'l. At eight o'clock the halls are deserted. 2. Then, the students begin to arrive. 3. The bell rings for classes and students get books from lockers. 4. Some are late and go to Miss Sneed for admits to class. 5. Mr. Williamson makes the announce- ments for the day. 6. Reference material is checked from the library. N COLIC-EAR l Classes begin and continue Throughout l the day. 'l. Students develop their talent in Art. 2. ln Homemaking, girls learn skills in cooking and sewing, 3. Practice, practice to increase speed and accuracy in Typing. 4. Bookkeeping may be used in later life. 5. Useful things are built in Shop. 6. Prospective architects take Mechanical Drawing . ,Mk-.., . me 5, PM " ll' . if ' . f f. rs' ll' ll s xt 1 Q51 my is K 7 lerQ' .5, ' HP I Q ":i s. - f ,, f ' :-: v-111 QI., . -.f fr. " .. Lf' . ., ,.., ,., :.,- 1 it :-' -b W F ry H . , '. . f A n A i' - -' if ,Q Il g , 9 , rg gg . ,-. ...-:sw V Y' ,M i. Correct English and literature are re quired. 2. The study of Andrew Jackson in A merican History is a must. 3. Will we ever learn to decline and con- iugate in Foreign Language. 4. Budding scientists bloom in Chemistry. 5. Future engineers are born in Physics. 6. Biology is knowledge for everyone. 1. Lunch hour is the best part of the day. We eat and relax. 2. Math, math, we study, study, study. 3. Vocations are discussed and chosen. 4. Devotion calms and soothes the weary mind. 5. Speech gives the world new actors and actresses. 6, Drivers' Education makes our highways safer. ---.,....., I. Editors and reponers come from Journa- lism. 2. American Government 'reaches good citizenship. 3. Sing, sing, the choir never finishes re- hearsing. 4. We are proud of our Maroon and White Band. 5. Visual Educafion is used in all class- rooms. 6. Student government is coniroiled by The Sfudem Council. l. Assemblies are always enjoyed. 'swf' i kA 'H' 2. Physical Education increases the physi- cal fitness of our students. 3. We back our Cougar with yells and songs. 4. Many Basketball laurels have been won here. 5. Sincere practice developed our state champion in Football. 6. The last bell rings at 3:15 and the students leave for home - or the Zesto. al x ii' lf, is ,E . 1 i J in F '1 1 it - .. M ,M W, Q Vi 4 ' .3 q M mx Q. KAW? fl ,F . y 1 my W V 'Rv .jr f M. .1 L zjstru' M' , " ' V. N ,X Anqff'-1.'+'Nq1 . ,fllbfai-.iff i H v K R ' 1 v li' - hsrtip, t a 1 M 'WW 14:5 as K 'K ' W ','- as . f . ' 42' A W r , , ' wi-1.1431 Wiiwgtff fm, so fi ' 2. .is I 91 x 4 W en ' R A H JN 'f 1 , :Q Ellis . .. .1 .Ns ' wsaisw " t' iw it f .I 7 ' Q. M H, . . 8 lv IQ , 1 A Q i i ' 1 f' at we l I FACU LTY DAISIE BRITT English IMA LORA CAPPS World History LEWIS G. COLBERT Mathematics LETTIE CURTIS English MORJORIE DECKER Spanish English MAUD DRAIN American History e A. WILLIAMSON Principal wg-.. LENA ADAIR Librarian Counselor of Girls -.vs-L,-mania Drivers, E NAGHEY Assisfam Eggfgiw, a BENNY Coach Biology FLOYD ELVA Arhl GEORG eflc Dir E Football eCf0r and Track Co Bch "r 'wmwfss ARTHUR D. HARRISON Chemistry Art Psychology AUSTIN KIDWELL Instrumental Music LEON J. LANDRITH Commerce PAUL O, LANDRITH Physical Education Basketball Coach SYBIL MOORE Cafeteria Manager LELAND O. NEWTON Industrial Arts CECILE SMITH Foreign Language ELTON STEWART Vocations BILL SUTTER Vocal Music MATTIE B. WARREN Commerce RALPH WASSON Speech English GEN EVA WOOTEN Mathematics Physics -i OND XNEZ RXCHNQ Democfaol O Pfobxemfiwenk Govemx, Sm mama ' PMAN STEE SW S-AVgiE2makin9 D EE NNORAORXE SN Reoisuar X 'awww ' ny 3.3 Q4 V 4 if? am can ,, Rug ,V K M iw ,, A, .-4 ff IWW. '?'i4f . Tif e, GERENLQLBERT GEORGIELLEN ALSBACK VERN E AR O CH JCE rg ARCHEE AKER GROV BOBBJLARD BETHUNE ROSS BORN C. P resrdenr N SUTTERFXELD esrdem BOYN Vice Pr PNN STXDYNPNN Secretary pryxgi VME ST P-MCU? Treasurer N FLOYD der Y eXX EET Yekr Lea Ps ERC: BXLXX BOB P Leader MYRTLE JAMESBQACK SHAQ LANK OLQ7 ENSH BLUE IP AUC 'QYJ E BQ A N PA TSY BAC? 805W . HEARD BROADRICK HORACE LEE BULLARD LESTER CLARK SALLY LOU COVENTON WALTER COKER KENNETH CORVIN JOHN CRIDER LOLA CUNNINGHAM WARREN DAGGS NANCY FLOYD JOHN FORD JAMES FRAZIER SANDRA GLUCKMAN VELDO GOINS DIXIE JO GRANT KENNETH GRANT NEIL GRIFFITH FLOYD GURLEY N ENSO QI OBERI 240 RXIEEWI 5 ER pR?3IL IEIEPNTI D IINSEQGIAS LLQyD PAY GUQLEY O HA SARA JQ YH HA UG AMES HA YES -au? -432 ,ag ,IQ JUDITH HAYES MARY HENDRIX LYNN HODGES ETHAN HOKIT JERRY HOWARD SHIRLEY HOWERTON KENNETH HUDSON GLENN HYDEN GALE IZARD INIE5 SON El-PRIX JOHN QNE5 R I 3 JIM KINGERY MARY ANN KIRKHUFF RICHARD KRAUSE LORETTA LANIER CAROL LAWSON KENNETH LEERSTANG NELDA LEONARD BOBBY LEWIS CHARLES LOMAN Ffh.. ibm gms 'K an L END PM ALM XIPX IL RENO GENE NOFX XNEU QLE T X00 IGN Nw, SHEILA MEADERS RICHARD MEDLOCK WANDA MELTON SANDRA MIERS BECKY MILLER CLARA MITCHELL BETTY MOORE RITA MORGAN ARTHUR MORRIS RANDEL PATTY WILLIAM PEEK ANNETTE PAULSON DONALD PEERY FREDDIE PERKINS NORMAN PERRY LINDEN PHERIGO JOYCE PHILLIPS RUTH PHILLIPS ORRISON ITT WX LOU H955 QR? ARR NS B AEECXL E 56 9 FINA 934 N XN. P- 91:8 PPM OQVA DA L V PUT GL STO I9 ANCIEIQ ID ID MER W TT , MA y L Vw . JOSPPOWER PE Af A A TOMMY REDMAN JAMES REECE LEON RUSSELL RONNIE SALES LEONORA SAWYER iw. L -A , -Q DON SCOTT MARTHA SHIPE MONTY SIMPKINS MARY NELL SMITH CARROLL THRASH DRUSILLA VAIL LESSIE WALSTON VENITA WALSTON EARL WATERS GEORGE WILCOX NORMA WILLIAMS EDDIE WOOD SCHERIE WOOD ..--.413 ON 5XNX?S XXYX 3QYXEI31xDRP'v?IiXIxIXYU'X E9 5 S 5-KE EN IPNIEPQEN SKS STILL'-5 QO v .1 in 'iff' ..g,... 5 A2, ,::, i ,A 3 In ,,,,,..., ,,-. A W A, -W Jn in f F NJ " is xml- ,D , ,.+--H-'u , ad! , -f I XD ,. . :2 , ,2. 'll Q .. 4 M : .E g,,,,:g,l:g,.5: i an ?ifg2QiHe , , Q Q W, r 5 -2 .L ,, P1 Q wk- L .ix I V fls-.....wW-- W-W-""""'? 9 3 JLI IORS lls t-tefWYPtlZ3den1 Lois Anderson ,wm- Ruth Anderson ,oo.V Wg? Dale Andrews Janie Andrews Bob Archer James Ballard Linda Barnes Margaret Bentley Pat Benton Jackie Berger Virginia Berry Phyllis Bollinger Yi If A it f 2 2 4 WW . l4 . Phil Blige pfesifilelll S Spe3T5 Sandal tart' cre e Alice l-each Nxalxl Tr Suref ea Qre .laflel an Leader James TerfYYeH Leadel' nd Tofgcifxgi Allan Joe Bob Wayne Br 5 BQVVIS Cliffordcbwn ml Xa - Charye Wanf my X A W f . X'KXXy A .wxiff ".k il ry f A Carol er ' r r yn A F ' Linda ggffngeff s Q Mule Burn ' .. J fi' esley Butler I 4, ax X 1 X lg " KW! wi ,, i Z . 'WS 115, 2 -.....-f-if Qu? wi' Q 'W . , 'li 'S' R1 is? ,. Yf- V in i . V h C -"' ix f 4-uf ,QL . Z -v-.. ' l y 'f--...N .3 Charles Buston Mary Calliban Eddie Canterbury David Caperton Bob Carroll Gary Cartwrigbf Pat Chapman Marie Clark Ruby Clark Quinton Cobb Preslie Cole Barbara Cook 'Ns 7 1 4 '91 .3 4 N-S5 J 'Na .- Y . m,,J, ,W .,Ah:g J A 2:5 , Q ,Q L HMB? ,S e K yy XM , ' My aw' ' - ff ' W ' ' Y Eg! Barbara Esfes Dennis Esres Dewayne Fisher Jimmy Fleming Jimmy Folger Gerald Ford Don Forfenberry Harold Frantz Mary Galbert Susan Garrison John Glance Jimmy Graham Barbara Holland Dale Holman Jim Holt Carrie Lou Hudson Tommy Hudson Donald Ingold Nina Jones Euel Kennedy Nancy Lambert Johnny Lane David Lee Jerry Lee edwa' ham y Martha C-Elves n O Glen Gudefla. Gene dGUm endfbl da l'l Wagax Hens-xxlAe,flnQ cha' W xmafl Lal' TY vgiigggwzg .e B ll' 4 an 2 S Q' QQ Q ESQ +1-V ,mf 15, 13 I J' 'lil' K l Cel Mar' l Paula . flflarmlller ral T Ogmy Love lvgefd LU"On B.MCGill lily MCNSNI 9 flfliller yA4O,ey ' a Paul Morgan Johnny Munfz Don Murray James Murray Beverly Northcuft Jane Oliver Judy O'Neal Ann Parry Donna Patton Don Paulson Glenda Phillips DeWayne Pitt Q54 tt Gerald PO ,ice jimfml ?RepasS I M5500 loylflluevlxlrxe Rlcln XS wi Woe' adv Spa Xena RU Pat Sabatini Karen Scott Jean Shook Charlotte Smalley George Smith Hadden Smith James Smith Frantz Stevens Margie Stick Martin Stringer Eddie Teclcler Bob Thompson I1 cha' -1-saga l Lynne T LeOn lfiglpsort W 7-Om D.r7.E3Of7 i M Om "Well 7-- Bev lmmons Dgrly Todd Una Todd On Tuck 5 Dso fy ANU 3 ., Nancy Upton Radford Van Zant Joe Walker John Watson Bill Whitaker Anita Williams Tommie Wilson Tommy Wilson Eddie Wood .ye-or-'f . My 3 Q r... wort Ewlai 'f'41 J- . 1 o 1 . V mwah: v ,Q Wye AN! 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A, if-1"'K' 5 me' wiv Jimmy Conlee Kenneth Cook Travis Copeland Dennis Corvin l d Lyle Curtis Jackie Darby Jimmy Dicus Haskell Dighlon John Duffy Martha Dunham Lamont English Jackline Favors Stanley Goodman Tommy Goodwin Thomas Granger Linda Graves Leslie Greer Joe Griffith Bobby Jean Hager Linda Hagan Janet Sue Hall Mary Hartmeyer John Haugen Juanita Hawkins BeverlY Ferguson Sue FGFQUSOH Desta Forlenberry Betty Fowler Orice Frazier Larry Fredrick Mary FYYS I Glenda Gamrmll amy Gam' Gilbert Gardner Georgeianhe Gash Lloyd Gilly 'f f ilfi' A ,i , r fm g Q My 2 '32 Q fa Q Q SS Q is Z QW .W Wm. ,ew Busrer Hays Ted Hedrick s James Henry Katherine Hill ui 'l X aww ,1 ""'--ug. Marv Hill Barbara Hillman Ronald Holmes Wilma HGH NOrma Sue Hood Jimmie Hunsucker Cecil Hufclwingg Roberr Hutchings VH? N ae i wwx All' J J " A ' gi in Q ..-- ,Q 5 I it Q, 15 nw V i 2 ,WM Q 'W if fx 1-H Xe ,f X ar . VK 2 W ' 4? 1 -..., 'J if J in 'Muni , Qi" i ' ' my 5 . l-52: rl - ' is N - - fil?lllz.fft?iii - J James Jenkins Roy Jenkins Charles Johnson Glen Johnson Donny Jones Glenda Jones Pat Kelly John Kelfner William Kluber Julia Krause Farrell Large Jimmy Laxton -'-' Ronnie Mafheny Bob Means Delores Melton Nicky Miers John Miller Sta-nley Mitchell Lois Moore Kendell Moran Ronnie Morris Kent Morrison Roby Munfz Dean Newman Charlene Lee James Lenehan Karl Lewis Bruce l.on9 Judith MacDonald Beuy NlcCarlY Donald Mr.Cor1neY H0130 Mcintire Rum Mcliaskle Victor Nlcval' Pa, Mgwhirier Dinah Main 85 mg,-emfa-V-slew-M,,vA w,mfsNsi.s.ffL-,msg mzvmwuxwefa-Mwmm-mf-li1wwQMw fr "'r U we-W"A+M'WcwW-fm'tIl1-evf W" WM V1 - ' ,. 'K N K 6 , 'Y sax 154+ ,Q U arker fx ,g Q 1 S F .v ,X X 3 q S 1 -Q Florence Pollock 0. vs swam M ew .wx ,i ,X ,. ,.., ,,, f .,, www P Viv l 1.3, First rovv: Nellie More Linnie Alred Hazel West Maude Brents Callaway Harbert Bernard Howard Walter Oliver SOPH omoize cmss 1916 Second row: Beatrice Kight Clara Laxton Andre Adair Martha Bingham Lester King John Keltner Third row: Bessie McBroom Gladys Meredith Mamie McElreath Joe Tobias Lee McAlister Miss Norwood Pat Roach Hobert Curtis Ronda Simpkins Barbara Simpson Jerry Simpson Linda Simpson ' id? E, N"-an . S rms Migs if Q x 9? M gf at .I g Lou Jean Simpson at John Skaggs I V Richard Slaon I 'il 3 Harley Smith A' T -W i - t.rr. wfeifsi ' ,. 4, Q., w fi - . K - I - I , ' i.,' BIN Smith -r i l S .,.,V t Jerry Don smith 'ii' H f f A JimmY Smith 1, Mm? ' f ax 5 B Gayle smith gfigiiw B B """ S . ,, K A V. I B Q. V- , I! X. M, YA-np, s,e.g1, ' f if First row: Lenox Roddie Earle Fentem Wilburn Hope Meaders Jones Second row: Arnold Mallory Paul Carter Royal Milstead Hardy Roach Vern Walters Roy McKowen Third row: Ada Pennington Alice McLachlan Meriam Spawn Pearl Little Millie Jennings Miss Brents Linda Spann Walter Spears Betty Steen as-.. warg I5 an ggeijtffg fits Dickie Stephenson Nancy Stephens Delbert Taylor Ann Tennis Don Thompson Janet Thompson Virgil Tipton A 'Wife E: W, 'W Eugene Spencer Chauncey Townsend Roberta Allen Lula Branscome George Bowman Russell Bowd Leo Brico Walter Brown Hulen Burk Monette Byrd Jeanette Bobbitt Weston Cain Willaim Crawford Jessie Cales George Carr Annie Lee Coe Homer Cowart Charles Cunning Opal Deen Sarah Daggs Tyree Derrick Vay Duncan CLASS ROLL Maurine Evans Lottie Faust Harvey Faust John Fleet Dolly Gay Catherine Griffith Alice Gowing Verna Graham Geraldine Hale Manson Hawkins SO Carolyne Van Bebber Myrna Walston Ronnie Webb Gary Whelchel Carter Williams Robert Williams Audie Willis Bill Willis Jesse Wilson Alton Wood Barbara Woods Ronald Young PHO MORE O-A55 1 920 Renfro Herndon Annie Laura Hill Anna Woodward Bessie Hill Georgia Howell Suzanne Holman Markle Heady Edgar Hunter Pauline Knotts Cleo Lowery Terry Manville Oleta Montgomery- Fannie Mae McCain Louise Meaders Eva Mattison Clara Mattison Edith Moore Gladys Moore Jimmie McKoy Orpha McCurry Amy McDaniels Connie Parker Leo Pruitt Etta Mae Qualls Harriett Roach Neal Rock Charles Rushing Inez Schmidt James Statler Burgess Steed Dean Spencer Msseoweufs-noo.:m4:uiawaetiwgsM.f"N-'m'l:2sa1m2Mmit, Lle1:.a1,,s:esrftA 1 ' - . 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Agfa -1 1 1 4 1 W i -if , ,, ALL AROLI D BOY ETHAN HOKIT -tl' ,.,. . ,, W VALENTINE SWEETHEAIF PAT MCCARTY awww? Q A4 ia' V fn if VALENTINE SWEETHEART HARRY LUNDGAARD VALENTINE QUEEN BARBARA Lou NESBITT VALENTINE KING JIM HOLT BAND QUEEN REBECCA MILLER hu-Ill-"" ',,h 4 LL L T A ,F ' ,Ei P 'Ll , fr- 2. gh- f . v , Yi W'-V fy g 59 5 2 . A TX 75' - X., X T? ' 5 S A? :U .W f -1 V f , M ,L 17. f 25 ,1 . . W. L- 5, ..-Q5 5, :aa af' .iiizarvf x T K fy 4, . 1 '1 ' f S .5 :., E W. Q T Y 5 31344 1 lf 5 eg - 3352, :Q 351 ?25?5?L,,4f ,A ,I , WX .Lf KM.- ' :Fihi-gkfiifi 5352 .215 QF ' S' Tw 5' .WL Q My WM ,, A -an ' ,- ag,-gk - ' MH: -f , W, V L11 . -"' in . '- V I Kfflai A'Y,lE?KI?ff15l.',Li5f -'I " ,, f :af - , Q V W, 1 Q' -- ' '-gi-ii-jL:g1giQfi'fQw1g22iS'i 55 , 5 5 if ", f ' , ,,5g.gffy,. ff 11:--5,1 X 'T 1 LL STATE ALL AMERICAN CENTER JAMES FRAZI ER Www . 6 T ANDI SWEETHEART GLENDA GIPSON EDDIE WOOD RUNNERS-UP MISS AND MR. COUGAR Jo GRANT RUNNERS-LIP ALL-ARouND BOY AND GIRL BETTY FLOYD EDDIE WAYNE WOOD RUNNERS-UP EDDIE WOOD VALENTINE SWEETHEARTS AND QUEEN AND KING CARRIE LOU HUDSON 1"f"'N""""?" GIRLS STATE AND BOYS STATE A LOU MORRISON ,mm Most Valuable Senior JOHN C. ROSS HONORS Massey Scholarship Award JOHN SUTTERFIELD HO ORS fVlosr U f I PA TSYSg5j4f5'XAcgr li! :Ei Citizenship Award JOHN SUTTERFIELD ' I . Q g,:3 . .,. Highest Ranking Senior Girl SCHERIE WOOD 1 ' ' SHT - ' 22 Highes YL as f Ranking Sen Dim ior BOY HER H0 Se LO CRS d 1 Y AWB' QQ-H LANIER XF Rotary Award JERRY HOWARD Hfflhesr CARROLL THRASZvle-re Scholastic A if Gutstanding Athlete ETHAN HOKIT Qi g""-Tl? I I , JAMES STEED Business Manager ""3?" ORPHA LOU MORRISON Organization Editor BILL WHITAKER Assistant Business Manager JOHN ROSS Editor COUGAR I DAVID LEE Assistant Editor LINDA BARNES JANE DAVIS Assistant Organ. Editor Assistant Circulation Manager NEIL GRIFFITH Athletic Editor BETTY FLOYD Circulation Manager ,i" PHIL BLACK Assistant Athletic Editor VERNON ARCHER Assistant Editor wal I t"""""i A if ia-5 'tht fi' ii 5' V F? , ' , Wigs MARY ALICE BOND Activity Editor ARTHUR D. HARRISON Advisor TAFF BILLY BOB PADBERG Assistant Business Manager PATSY BOTTOM5 Assistant Editor HEARD BROADRICK Assistant Business Manager MAYO POWERS Assistant Editor JUDY HAYES SANDRA GLUCKMAN Assistant Activity Manager Assistant Activity Editor BARBARA NESBITT Assistant Business Manager LOYD GURLEY ETHAN HOKIT :Why RICHARD DVENEY JAMES FRAZIER RL1 RAY HAMMOCK TOMMY REDMAN w. "FPsm.4. mfwf'-Q.,,, 'Q-...,..plK JAMES REECE CARROLL THRASH JAMES STEED VERNON ARCHER HEARD BROADRICK DARRYL HSHER NEIL GRIFFITH JERRY HOWARD Q KENNETH HUDSON wi' MAYO POWERS JOHN C. ROSS JOHN SUTTERFIELD .f-up LY aw" DOUGLAS FLEET KENNEY K I 1 GRANT Qing 'fue' A A TT A KENT KIDWELL CHARLES LOMAN "f.',.""" KENNETH LEERSTANG HARRY LUNGUARD RICHARD MEDLOCK DON SCOTT MORGAN THOMPSON ORGANIZATIQNS NATIO AL H0 President Vice President Secretary ,, Treasurer Historian Mary Beth Alexander Gail Allen George Alsback Vernon Archer Huelene Bishop Mary Alice Boncl Carrie Lou Hudson Mary Ann Kirkhuff Nancy Lambert Wayne Lee Bruce Long Linda Luton OFFICERS JOHN SUTTERFIELD OR SOCIETY 1 BETTYE FLOUD LORETTA LANIER PATSY BOTTOMS , DAVID LEE MEMBERS Mary Jane Boswell Pat Chapman Carol Childers Quinton Cobb Jane Davis John Duffy Don McCortney Judy Macdonald Dinah Maines Shelia Meaders Richard Medlock Barbara Nesbitt Dennis Estes Darryl Fisher Nancy Floyd John Ford Ted Granger Joe Griffith Beverly Northcutt Jesse Pickens, Jr. Ronnie Platt Mary Redman Nancy Stephens Ann Stidham Linda Hagan Sarah Haugen Juanita Hawkins Wanda Hendrix Barbara Hillman Barbara Holland Ann Tennis Lynne Thompson Henry Wells Scherie Wood ,wr , I I I I I I I A ii gl ,V .M I .134 ri I -'Q-I. ki V .mag i :Ly twhtiwkwwmu 'MWMIW M,y,'i ,Wm M FIRST BAND OF ADA HIGH ALTO SAXOPHONES Denver Davidson Donny Evens Dean Newman Pamela Pitts Barbara Young FLUTES Jeannette Dean Gayle Foster Carol Jo Holmas Mary Ann Kidwell Rebecca Miller Sandra Whitaker BASSES James Ballard Neil England Kenneth Leerstang William Peek TROMBONES Bucky Buxton Forest Goodall Dell Howry Kent Kidwell Arthur Morris Don McCourtney AN DRUM MAJORS Jerry Howard Kent Kidwell Kenneth Leerstang Arthur Morris Monty Simpkins NIAJORETTES Virginia Berry Jill Etier Charlene Rushing DIRECTOR Austin Kidwell PERCUSSIONS Connie Allen Bob Archer Jimmy Emory Mike Cook Kathy McGann Glen Stephens ALL-STATE BAND KENNETH LEERSTANG ...... ...,,..,.,,,,.,,,.. , ,,-,,,.,,,,,, T uba KENT KlDWEl.l. ,.,,,,,,.,.,.. - ,,,,,,, w,,--- T fgmbone TOMMY WILSON .,.,..., -,,,, S axophone BAND OF 1921 JERRY HOWARD ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,A,,,,,,-.- ,,,,- C omg, CORNETS Walfer Coker Preslie Cole John Bob Couch Donnie Estes Jerry Howard Don lngold LeDon McAnnally Don Murray Gene Newman Monty Simpkins Tommy Thompson Larry Walker Sammie Wes! Luke Watson Dickie Wilson TENOR SAXOPHONE Hughlene Briifain Tommie Wilson FENTEM QUARTET Lomgley, Dad, Whitman, George BASSOON Randy Standridge FRENCH HORN Janice Gilnert OBOE Jill Etier Linda Gash Jones President ,,,,,,.A Vice President Secretary ,,,,,,,,, Librarian . Bobby Archer Neil Griffith Tommy Love Leon Russell Bill Close Jerry Howard John McKoy DOH Scott Joe Coker John Paul Jones Dean Newman Earl WBYSYS Joe Griffith John Keltner Davy Owens Tommy Wilson Kenneth Leerstang Charles P0li0l'nY Superior State Superior District ""'.112f:fwesiiistf1r".:-tf',f,.l:ie f.-ink GIRLS GLEE CLUB I9I8 President ,,,,,,,,., Vice Presidenr Secretary ,,,A .. Librarian ,,,,,,,, Lou Ann Anderson Rose Ann Black Donna Beiscoe Janie Bush Peggy Campbell Doris Cass Lucretia Chapman Superior Superior CHRLS GLEE CLUB GIRLS TRIO OFFICERS K. Roberts, L. Graves, F. , ..,....,,,, , . .. LINDA GRAVES . .. SANDRA REEVES ... ........ DONNA BRISCOE .. ........,..... CAROLYN VANBEBBER MEMBERS Desra Forfenberry LOIS NIOOFC Befty Fowler Sandra Reeves Linda Graves Judy RUIJGI Bobby Hagar Janet Hall Barbara Hillman Glenda Jones RATING Ronda Simpkins Gayle Smith Marioria Stick Carolyn VanBebber District State Roseberry I L Presidenf ,,,,77..., ,,,,...7,7,,,777,...,,,,,,, J ERRY HOWARD Vice Presidenf Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, Librarian ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,A,Y CIF1CDIIZ MIXED CHOIR 1916 I- as Umf 15" " mv' m 2. c -. :x U. 51' !' '12 PES '55 !-Z0 255411 om Jw E11 55' -.:r-4 O- -0-O :rc 5 f1:: 2 5 Q. .. P Fl' X17 Uv -I -m Tm?-L F4119- H O-. M mo' ,zum-'U ,-uzzm omff' fvolg mm-. 115: SS-5-' EE. om 3: ri 312 o 2: Sf' o o 4 Q. ..... more :nm Z-43 3:4115 O3 'D"' cg ID G13- C O mm -50.3 31 A 0- 939-m o ms- 3 FOI C3 'U " X President , Vice President Secretary ,Y,,, A Treasurer , Scribe , A 9 A 5 E 3 'ii R xv s f , I I. Ll. O. OFFICERS MARY ALICE BOND O JAMES Steen ffl if SHARON SMITH RUTH ANDERSON RICHARD MEDLOCK MEMBERS Gail Allen Lou Ann Anderson Lola Cunningham Barbara Estes Vernon Archer Linda Burns Jerry Howard Loretta Lanier Carol Lawson Nelda Leonard Bettye Floyd Nancy Floyd Linda Luton Connie Macsas Judy Macdonald Bill Peek Ann Parry Betty Flowers Martha Graham Juanita Hawkins Lynn Hodges Joyce Phillips Sandra Reeves Charlene Rushing Scherie Wood 0 wal' v ...p- 31 gy--e .sz-S1 """"z T. President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, District Reporter ,.,,. ADI. OFFICERS Sergeant-at-Arms ., , MEMBERS James Blankenship Buell Crow Cecil Owens Charles Bundy Joyce Hawkins David Platt Wesley Butler Barbara Johnson Lessie Walston Jerry Cathey Wanda Melton George Wilcox Clara Mitchell GALE IZARD FLOUD GURLEY ,, RUTH PHILLIPS JEAN PARRY GLENDA GIPSON JERRY LEE dn ,ff -R 'i V f Lqciw. W 4. I fi J., hd' Ja.-' -J ed' 'L 4... z Mary Alice Bond Mary Jane Boswell Patsy Bottoms Lola Cunningham Sarah Haugen Judith Hayes F CONTNAHOMAS OFFICERS President H N ,.,, 7 ,f,ffffff, ,---V-- - JO GRANT Business Manager ,.Y,YY,, ,-f,,,,,,f,fffffffff-ffff NANCY FLOYD Yell Leaders ,,,, Lenora Sawyer, Mary Ann Kirkhuff, Norma Williams , t 3 l li 3 4 5 1 A Y sr if fi , W, 3 W ,Y 1 it .f Betty Floyd, Sandra Gluckman MEMBERS Lynn Hodges Pat McCarty Shirley Howerton Rita Morgan Loretta Lanier Orpha Morrison Carol Lawson Barbara Nesbitt Linda Luton Joyce Phillips Connie Macsas Sally Plummer Scherie Wood Glendeen Rancier Martha Shipe Sharon Smith Alice Fay Stalcup Ann Stidham Drucilla Vail ,xi --., 34 Y 1 11: 4' Q if 3 2 X if 'ws y . 42 ,pm MEMBERS FOREIG LA GUAGE EL CIRCULO ESPANOL G. Alsbach M. Bentley L. Burns N. England N. Upton LOS AMIGOS G. Allen L. Anderson B. Blue M. Burns L. Chapman D. Corvin K. Carvin B, Crockett TRI-V T. Ahrend M. Alexander E. Bentley H. Bishop R. Blake J. Braly D. Brinkley H. Brittain J. Bush P. Campbell PHI EPSILON J. Ballard G. Barnes L. Barnes P. Black C. Burnett M. Callihan P. Chapman B. Holland C. Miller M. Morey M. Thompson OFFICERS Tri-V, First period .. . .. Tri-V, Second period . .. .. Phi Epsilon . .... ...... , ,, El Circulo Espanol . .. Los Amigos, First period .. .. .. . Los Amigos, Second period TED GRANGER TOMMY WILSON JAMES STEED .. BARBARA HOLLAND . BRUCE LONG .. GAIL ALLEN J. Darby M. Hudson J. Norris L. English C. Hutchings J. Pickens J. Favors J. Keltner F. Pollock L. Flatt C. Lee J. Richardson T. Goodwin B. Long G. Roberts L. Greer L. Luton J. Smith H. Harper J. Macdonald A. Tennis J. Hays L. McGill D, Thompson J. Thompson R. Webb C. Childers B. Hillman D. Maines H. Smith W. Coker J. Howard S. Mitchell J. Smith L. Curtis S. Jackson R. Morris L. Spann J. DlCUS J. Krause K. Morrison B. Steen M. Dunham W. Lee L, Northcutt N, Stephens T. Granger W. Lillard Y. Penington C. Van Bebber B. Hagar T. Love R. Platt 1. Wilson J. Hall B. McCarty C. Porkorny B. Woods Nl- HGVTYTWGYQY D. McCortney M, Redman J- HSUQSV' R. McKaskle S. Sachs J- Davis T. Hedrick J. Moore B. Rogers J- DUHY C. Hudson J. Muntz L. Simpson J- Em0"Y D. lngold J. Murray S. Spears H- Fffmil N. Lambert J. O'Neal W. Spears G- GUCJSVJGVT M. Leach D. Pitt M. Stringer E- Gwin D. Lee J. Repass B. Thompson J- Hawkins L. Luton J. Roberts L- Thompson J. Steed T- Thompson B, Whitaker -3 'iff V -fa iff S -.- CCUNCIL g f S, . NEIL GRIFFITH PAT CHAPMAN Secretary Treasurer GENEVA KENDALL Parlramenfarlan ,,,,. DAVID LEE Heard Broadrnck Mary Harlmeyer JON" ROSS Linda Burns Barbara Holland SYIVIG Sacks Jane Bush Wnlma Holt JBHWGS Smlfh Carol Chulders Pat Kelley Sandra Spears Lyle CUTflS Nancy Lambert James Sfeed Jane Davis Wayne Lee Dick Stephenson Nell England Judy Macdonald LYNN Thompson John F0rd Janet Moore HSVVY WGHS 'Q' 5 gl :E R Li' fi TUDE T ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE CARROLL THRASH President JOHN C. ROSS Master-of-Ceremonies MEMBERS Linda Barnes Mary Ann Kirkhuff Marie Clark Nancy Lambert Sandy Gluckman Bruce Long Linda Graves Richard Medlock Barbara Hillman NBHCY Sfephens HK Lynne Thompson gp-P -4 I 1 Q 'ffrfri I. 37. , Ez 15 is y 'fs qi, Y Q! 99 OFFICERS Presidenf H 1 ,---YVVf, --f-,VVY,, VYVYVVVV . . .. JAMES FRAZIER Vice President ,,,,,, ,, VYVY HENRY WELLS ge Secretary-Treasurer .. ,..,, PAT CHAPMAN MEMBERS D. Brinkley T. Goodman J. Lane D. Piff B. Carroll J. Graham B. Long T. Redman Q. Cobb E. Hokit J. Muntz D. Stephenson J, Crider L. Hillman J. Murray B. Thompson GA Ford D, Lee K. Morrison J. Smith N. Griffith W. Lee C. Miller R. Van Zan! K. Grant F. Large B, McNeill B. Willis xv, CHARLEY S AUNT Director, Mr. Wasson Act one: Jack Chesney's Rooms in College Act two: Garden Outside Jack Chesney's Rooms Act Three: Drawing Room at Spettigue's House CAST OF CHARACTERS Stephen Spettigue 77 77 Sir Francis Chesney 7 Charley Wykeham 7 Lord Fancourt Babberley Brassett 7 ,,,c 77 Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez Amy Spettigue 77 Kitty Verdun 7 Ela Delahay Jack Chesney 7 7 7 Ken Hudson James Steed Neil Griffith Richard Medlock John Ford Sharon Smith 77 Bettye Floyd 7 7 Pat McCarty 77 Mary Kirkhuff Heard Broadrick I wwf' I to 5' f' s-f 1 3' if it X Mr I 5 THE NUTT FAMILY Act One: Late afternoon in June Act Two: A few minutes later Act Three: The following morning CAST OF CHARACTERS Orestus .,,......ccc,...A..,.cc.ccccc E so ,,..,....cAcc.,...... John Roberts Bea Wise cc,ccc Sylvia Gaylord Cerise ,,,.,,,,,.,. Linda Barnes Lynn Thompson Sandra Spears Larry Smart , cccccccccccc, P at Chapman Mrs. Nutt Phineas ,.,,,cc Ima Nutt ....,,, Lila ,,,,..,...,.,,,.. Mary Alice Leach Neil England Virginia Berry Margaret Bently Wall Nutt cccc..... ....,. J immy Folger Vivian Tepper , .....,, R uth Anderson Charlotte Neal Helene Shelton Linda Burns Phyllis Bollinger Q 12 ' W' A as ,wg A W is E Q f if 'W' f 4 M sw 4 jg, 4 N9- " 11, I '37-. A K Misa' ff? gwgg Q' pu. 'Qin 1 ,qu 13? Q Wa-if 'A Q-....,., - MW-w ww 'aww Aw, Q, . amy' D ""'b-44, fxw, . '5 1 4 5 ' Hn s ,X 1 w 'fw' vi' Q o awww fl.: za: K ' g m 1 H WNW 'Eg 'Q .as- Q 62 ff 4 fix M vw...-4. - 5.5 FRN? 1 X Html? 'V4'-Wye Afqt, .w N- rw if ' 14405. 'N QQMWIHMM ,M ., K . ,. 'sig "EQ W , CLA Pi,-Fifi wsu.. 1 mamgw, 34,4 ff 1 ,xl 'S 1 -- 4154: V-iff:-'14 'EFX ' ,, .sk r ' ' I ' 'Elm - J. MURRAY G. ELY H. WELLS B. MCNEILL R. DVENEY K' GRANT N End End Tackle Tackle Guard Guard J. FRAZlER D, PITT E, WOOD J, WALKER B. WILLIS J. HOLT Cenlef Quarterback Halfback Halfback Fullback Fullback C. TOWNSEND E. TEDDER Tackle Guard L. CLARK T. REDMAN End Halfback L. THOMPSON R- Al-BERT Halfback Halfback FCQTBALL CLASS "A" STATE CHAMPIONS SCHEDULE Ada ........ ....... 4 l Hugo - ...... .-- ----- O Ada ........ ....... 3 5 Chickasha ..... ...... O Ada ........ ....... 2 0 Durant ........... ...... O Ada ........ ....... 3 3 Capitol Hill ....... ...... 6 Ada ........ .... 7 Ardmore ....... ...... T 2 Ada ....... T9 Wewoka .... ...... O Ada ....... ....... 2 3 Seminole --,---T3 Ada ........ ....... 3 l Henryetta ...... ...... 6 Ada ........ ....... 3 2 McAlester ...... ...... T 2 Ada ........ .... 7 Fort Smith ..... ...... 6 STATE PLAY-OFFS Ada Ada Ada ------.52 -------33 ALL All-District-J. Frazier, R. Dveney, L. Clark, R. Albert, K. Grant Sulphur ............ Broken Arrow -- Cushing .......... STA RS All-Southern-J. Frazier, R. Dveney All-State-J. Frazier All-American-J. Frazier 0 6 0 G. Wilcox P. CHAPMAN S. ROSE G. WILCOX J. CRlDER B. LONG 'A L. RUSSELL Halfback Guard End Halfback Quarterback Tackle J. ROSS W. LEE L, HILLMAN J. LANE K. MORRISON F. LARGE Tackle Center Tackle Center Fullback Tackle FIRST FOOTBALL TEAM-1914 D. STEVENSON T. GOODWIN Halfback Halfback From row: A. Duncan, O. Houpt, D. Stewart, J. Tobias, A. McKeown, C. Sturdevant, G. Kane, C. Roach. Back row: R. Enloe, H. Man, C. Bobbitt, F. Guinn, S. Roland, Bill Gay. FIRST TEAM TO PLAY AS COUGARS-1926 B. THOMPSON C. MILLER Tackle Guard 1. T. Broadrick, 2. J. Smith, 3. G. Boyd, 4. T. Floyd, 5. H. Ford, 6. C. Dorsey, 7. V. Choate, 8. D. BRINKLEY Q, COBB E. Canterbury, 9. Lee Brians, 10. D. Petty,' 11. H. Butler, 12. D. Conley, 13. R. Duke, 14. Z. Guard End Norman, 15. C, Allen, 16. B. Van Meter, 17. H. Overstreet, 18. W. Thomas, 19. H. Ramsey. VW- ,,,. . l l l l i i i L T R. METHENY J. COKER J- SMITH Quarterback Guard End J. REPASS Tackle Guard J. FORD si AME l l922 COUGARS First row: E. Choate, L. Malloy. Second row: T. King, C. Krieger, I. Choate, F. Burk, J. Hargis, Taylor, J. Baker. Top row: J. McCoy, V. Willoughby, P. Ray- burn, C. Cunning, F. Potts, Morrison, A. Nettles, J. Wright, J, Carr. J. GRAHAM R. REYNOLDS Halfback Tackle T920 COUGARS l f wzsu ' RAY HAMMOCK Forward BRUCE LONG Forward SCHEDULE Ada Duncan ,....,.,.. ...,.Y. 6 4 Ada Pauls Valley ...... ....... 4 4 Ada Ardmore a..,... . Ada Shawnee .a,,. Ada Ardmore ,a,,, Ada .,,. ....... Durant Ada ....,,, ,,..... D uncan ,,,.... Ada McAlester ,,,,,,,.. ...,,., 7 4 Ada uuuu,,. ,AAu.,a H oldenville ..,,..., ,,..,,, 4 8 Ada Wewoka .,....,. ..,,... 4 6 Ada Seminole Ada Henryetta ..,... ,...... 4 4 Ada Durant ,,,,,u, Ada McAlester ,,.... ....... 5 l Ada Holdenville ..,.... ........ 3 5 Ada oooooo ..o.,.o 5 6 Wewoka ....,... Ada Seminole Ada .....,, ,,,,,,. 5 5 Henryetta ..,... ...,.., 5 l Ada ....,,. ,,.....,,, 5 4 Pauls Valley ,..,. .,.,,,. 4 3 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Ada 7o,,.. 4 5 Seminole ,oo..,.... .....,. 4 8 ALL STARS All-Conference-C. Thrash, H. Lundgaard, R. Ham- mock SOONER STAR CONFERENCE CHAMPS DAVID LEE Forward BOB CARROLL Forward WAYNE LEE Forward 1916 TEAM First row: J. Tobias, C. Mallory, H. Dickert. Second row: E. Stewart, R. Stegall. Third row: O. Houpt, C. Jones, R. J. Wolfe. ETHAN HOKIT Guard a GERALD ELY Guard CARROLL THRASH Guard HARRY LUNGAARD Center GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1923 Cecile Smith, Vera Azlin, Edith Frye, Pearl Harrison, Stella Ra Y, Nora Keithley, Snead. 1921 Harvey Neely, R. C. Cox, Bill Crawford, Floyd Laird, Cly New- ton, Comadore Southerland, Mike Derrick, Don Evans, Earl Copeland. JOHNNY MUNTZ Guard RADFORD VAN ZANT Guard JAMES MURRAY Center "B" TEAM First row: J. Muntz, J. Smith, L. English, J. Ely, B. Carroll, C. Herring, M. Hudson. Second row: F. Large, B. Long, J. Ballard, J. Ross, W. Lee, K. Lewis, Coach Newton. SCHEDULE Ada .,,,,, ,..,, 29 Duncan ........... ....... 3 4 Ada .,.,,.. ...,,,, W ewoka Ada ,.,,,, .,...... 3 O Pauls Valley ...... ....... 3 4 Ada ....... ...,... S eminole - Ada .,.. ........ 37 Ardmore ......... ......- 4 8 Ada ....... ....... H enryetta - Ada .,,-,, ,,,,,,,, 4 3 Shawnee .,.. ....... 3 3 Ada ...,... ,,,,,,, D uranf ,,,,- Ada ..... ........ 3 8 Ardmore .... ....... 5 2 Ada ....... ......, M cAlester Ada ......... ........ 3 3 Durant ..--- ------- 4 2 Ada ....... ..,.... H oldenville Ada .,....,.. .,...... 5 O Duncan ........ -f4ff-- 5 5 Ada .....,, .,...,. W ewoka ,,, Ada ......... ......... 4 l MCAIGSTGI' ...-eee -4-A--- 4 5 Ada ..... ....... Seminole . Ada ,,,.,,,,. ....,... 4 2 Holdertville ..... ......- 3 5 Ada ,.,.,,. ,,,,,,, H enryetta , Ada .....,. ....... 3 4 Pauls Valley ....... ...,.. 3 O l9l6 'l924 Maud Brents, E. Nolan, E. Kight, B. Kight, W. McLachlan, W, Front row: G. Burkhart, Miller, D. Page, D. Proctor J Sneed Stuart, S. Taylor, C. McLachlan, K. Braly. J. Baker. Back row: Mr. Cox, V. Willoughby, B Kerr G Fuque H. Floyd. First row L Thompson, E. Wood, D. Pitt, S. Rose, J. Walker, P. Black, E. Waters. Second row M Cook T James C Miller T. Wilson, B. Willis, H. Smith. Third row: J. Graham, E. Hokit J Holt J Frazier P Chapman J Crider. Back row: B. Whittaker, J. Murray, J. Ross, B. Long, J. Smith E Tedder Meet East Central ...,.,, Murray College Stillwater AGM O. B. U. .,..,..,.,. Sooner Star Regional W State .... First row O Houpt E Stewart C Bobbntt J. Tobias, Mr. Stone, Coach Second row A Duncan G Word R. Stegall, B. Howard. Place , , First ..,,, First Second Second Second Second Second BASEBALL TEAM T916 First row: R. Deaton, V Auld J Braly P West Second row H. Constant, E. Roach C Jones O Houpt Third row C Bobbitt, J. Tobias, W Smith R J Wolfe coach at . i, .. .J NANCY FLOYD NEIL GRIFFITH CHARLES PoKoRNY TENNIS SCHEDULE Ada ,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,, 5 Wewoka ., ,,,, ., , 2 Ada ,,,,,,,,,, , 2 Seminole ,, ,,,, , 8 Ada ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, 4 Wewoka ,,.,,,, ,, 3 Ada Girls , ,. ,,l Wewoka ,,.,,,, 2 TOURNAMENTS East Central - Griffith - Pokorny - Runner-up - Doubles. Sooner Star - Griffith - Pokorny - Semi-finals - Doubles - B. Floyd - N. Floyd - Runner-up Doubles. Not in pictures: Jim Folger, Gene Guderian. 551175 FLQYD MARY ALICE BOND No. One Doubles n,iX,,,,,.l,.,.w:LmsQFjW.Nlit-,W ,L Yi ii.:-LM-M,r, F L. G. Williamson, D. Scott, W, Daggs, P. Black, B. Padberg, Mr. Landrith, coach GOLF Ada ccc,. c,,,, 3 Seminole Ada ,,,,, ,..,. 9 V2 Wewoka 2V2 Ada ...., ,c,,, 7 Wewoka Ada ,A,,. ,..., 7 Seminole SOONER STAR CHAMPIONS FIRST GRADE i909 Miss Harden, Teacher First row: I. Regional Cotton, 2. Theodore Cotton, 3. Maurine Evans, 5. Elzie Cummings, 6. Truman Bennet, 9. Guy Meaders, IO. Minnie Cox. Second row: Clara Rayburn, 5. Harvey Neeley, 7. Edward Mosman, 9. Don Evans, IO. Bernice Roach, Il. Edgar Hunter. Third row: I. Robert Wilmouth, 3. J. D. Bennett, 5. Omar Brandon, 6. Violet Moore, 7. Furman Hargis, 8. Magdaline Reed, 9, Bill Crawford, II. Sam Cox. ,kg M ' V -s , V H V5 ,.-' k . - VVPQMQKA -L4 V J ,,,,-M .,., .. , , V K .-,V ,. ' -' I Q! VNV-V V . A Vx Q wg 'N -V51 V :EH f-'Ed.-fV:-.,1.- 3 .. ,.,, I- ,V V -VV -V N A V - ' h I ,P 7, , ,... . W' -V ' In , Vi I V La 23533 ,LL. ""W . ,,,,,a,,,,,.,,.MM I I In 5' V' ' . . , ' ' 88 -" ',,,. rs - ,:- ig-V-xg V M K A ""'Wwff"""? VQV,,,,M,W g A' ' ' EWS an sl Q. Za -- V ,.., g 5 ,. S use V, L - - 'F' up , V ,- MVh,,,,VV., W wi I 4 My fs A . A V, V It I, , M., JV.VV,,,,,.,,0,, 1,,,ym,,h M: A kyyy WML K V M, , iw , A: ,mV, V. Y 3 we gl W . I iH nl -V - 'U .1 .., M, ,,,,,,,, snug. I in an-an nun was ' V- -V 'S ' 'E " "' .. xml J b J.. in irq, 211, Klum 1 V1 ' - . V ...JV k in 'lun -' , 1 V X "W A - F318 3" , 1 M 1 H :f H- M 19 ,I .,....i..,i4jj K ll ll! 3 Q 5 11 F 4- -alla I , U , , llllupl H "" A , g.. !' 3 111 if 955 1 rrp, ,Vg 3 3 'I K' gli? 5 - HSV- . .,.,, I 3 1 1. V - . s if ? , ' ,gg, ' .,L ml .VVL i k 2 A ' .-JV SX M VV 7 ' iq V - A--' X. KL KVVA ,,,,,i5r,,A,,. 6 k K :g.q,:-fig . . I VV Z M gg KL.7k W ,V.,V..V. . M K A -V 15,4 ',.' V K s I A -- - TV , V 'K L' -... Vw':'V1fgV-1.-V ,.,, 4QV112?'iSmV1,g1V,5i V,.5,,v-VV-, k'k' 'mf-'-if! f-" L' ' ' +.f,M , If ,L vrkv, A - V- - , M, H , , .,,, r . S W A V ,,.,.A...vL, 'M ' 'D 2Mg:3,gna,afTQ,:Q2.QZL : .,'., V f ,3 .Fl A :J Q V . ., . .. H"- " 'K 'Tim Nkgk 'V' - ,,.. g W M- W ' V- JU IDR HIGH 4 r..,,, ,,,, P w P i i N w X W N BUILDINGS 'f"'E"Y" 1939 HISTCDRY OF ADA JUNIOR HIGH SCHDDL The board of education ot The City of Ada approved plans Tor The beginning of a iunior high school in the Tall of 1928. Thus, The new department met in September, 1928, in The old Ada High School building which originally stood at The end of Stockton Avenue on Eighteenth Street, approximately occupying The same ground ThaT The new music building now covers. The original plans called Tor The seventh and eighth grades To be housed in This building and Thus relieve The overcrowded elementary buildings. The enrollment That first year was 340. The original Taculty consisted of Edna Mae Gregg Cnow Mrs. Lester Kingj, Likie Wauson Cnow Mrs. Renfro Herndonj, Mrs. W. P. Lee Cnow deceasedj, Donnie Hughes Cnow Mrs. Finis Morrisonj, Daisy Britt, Mary Orr Nelson, Pearl Perry, Herman Hamilton, Leonard Callis, and Renfro Herndon. The first principal was Mr. H. M. Zimmerman, who served in that capacity Tor Tive years. Mr. Zimmer- man had been principal The previous year aT Willard Elementary School. He was replaced by The present principal Mr. A. R. Wallace in 1933. Mr. Wallace had also been principal aT Willard. The school was moved into The new and present building in The Tall of 1939. This building is composed of Twenty-Three classrooms. Included in The structure is a general science laboratory, little Theatre, industrial arts department with a well equipped shop, a home economics Iab- oratory complete with sewing room, kitchen, and living room. The gymnasium is well equipped with a seating capacity of approximately 1200. The infirmary is equipped with Two beds and necessary steel cabinets Tor Tirst aid supplies. The library is housed on The second Tloor of The building. There are 4104 volumes of all kinds Tor use of The students. The reading room, in connection with The library, is used as study hall. The auditorium in This building has a seating capacity of 1027 and is often used by The High School and civic organizations because of its size. The building has been added To only one Time when a repair shop was built adiacent To The middle wing. There have been rearrangements of interior in The Industrial Arts rooms and Home Economics department. A large room in The basement has been improvised Tor use as a Gym Annex. Also, here is Tound electric kiln for use by The ceramic classes. In The Tall of 1939, The Tirst year To use The new building, was also The peak year Tor enrollment. There were some 720 sTudenTs enrolled that year. This was also The year for The ninth grade To be incorporated with the seventh and eighTh. The enrollmenT Tor The year 1956-57 is 552. The Teaching staff is composed of 22 Tull Time instructors with supplementary Teacher from Ada High School in instrumental and vocal music. To round out The staff is a Tull time registrar, and the principal, Mr. A. R. Wallace. FACU LTY H. V. BURROUGH Social Studies JOE MAC FLOYD Industrial Arts RUBY S. FORREST Registrar IRIS FAYE GAAR Vocal Music DOREEN GEORGE Physical Education FLOSSI E GROGAN Speech EDITH HUDSON Journalism and Literature WILMA LAIN English ADELAIDE MARSTON Librarian DAISY L. MOORE History and Literature DONNIE MORRISON Math BERNICE MOWDY Math C. L. ROBBERSON General Science VERA SIMMONS Math BONNIE STEWART Social Science JIMMY THOMASON Physical Education ANNA TINSLEY Math and Latin PAULINE WHITSETT Home Economics ENID OLIVER EngIISI'1 vIoLA PEM Engiish FRESHME President eeeeeeeee . Vice President Secrefa ry .....,,. Song Leader Song Leader CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN MIKE CHAPMAN SANDRA SMITH MARILYN BLACKMON JEAN CLEESE JUDY BEESLEY E Gene Aberqfomb. Jack Allen le Mary Ellen Aneta Sharon Archer 9 Jager Barber eflnis Baker "'f'S. ,fr mmm H02 gi FRE HME wr? 'Wausa- Maffly B Davhli Blggsman Ken,-,em B 66 Judy Beesgy Roy Bell Gary Belle, WOR 'Q' lf Jls l J J , J of M J e 1 x ' . 4 " - . W Q J 5 'ar "umu- f fo rf' N1 A ., 4. , -fn ,5- R ., .M , Xia if ,V 45: ,vw JIQ 2 of l . 'ii i ,M ':ff"'Q:: li ...Qi 2 ' ...M " 'S' l?f2.z'?Ew, r ilk' . wr f, 'vs Q-gf, .... .gs Q- A- J sf 3 is . b Y A ff ,h ,gre Lx -f' e J Ff"'l'fW9rf'?r , limi siege, Jerome Benton Joseph Blankenship Hinkle Blevins James Boles Curtis Bond Richard Bradford Mary Ellen Brady Karly Brashear Darrell Briscoe Lester Brown Linda Carriger Jay Carter FRESHME ?f W' N 'M 1 rf'k..,...-ml" u ' , 1 ir sf . W is Nunn-IN!" C? . . -my if .- xx virginia Cane' Karen Casilebimf r f 4 asf' 25 ai wf"'-swim' ,Q 'K if s. c d 9 Melia?-xroguchambels ampagne B th Ch elulia Cllapmallian Mike Chap dark CarolY"' "..' rw- , ,,4x X M,- CZ.. .mf Jean Cleele ibefr er- C C r K i C0 K L ' ,X L fin 7 Vegisnacomerl . i i" Don ColliriS x 5 fl -. . ' ji? ' r is! '51 H - W... as rr, , ! , x Ark f gg "hs l Leon Collins . L, r f O. B. Colvard W. I fxfszrr Jerrilynn Corvin QR l I L C f d af Wm 4 anny ran or H -1 A my rgiigniif gi . Q ff V ff ff :fig . ' f, Y , ' .,"' Jlll V - Q if f ,iiiiiiilii i i E Q :il r . ""i W "" lll 5 ' tra C Jim Craven Berry Crawford v V W i V . - James C. Daggs W -V sf A? Lewis Danile Aa H A' X 5' f 1 r 3 3 F-KF! 1' , P rm 5 J if f C Janesse Deering Mary Dickerson Bill Dillon Nancy Domyanovick 'Q 950. yn -'Q fir x FRE HME Virginia Gardner Janice Gilbert Stuart Gluck Forrest Goodle Willie Mae Green Sharon Gregg Dick Guinn Judith Hacklen Michelle Handley George Hanson Danny Harlen Vera Harper FRESHME .fi 411, Q, i 'gp JOe Keuey John Kurag ,Mwv W i U . ,Www ew "" 5 x wi, 3 was J . ',1:,1lw g ,,1lL "- ' if 5 X? . gf-,Fi N. S Jackie Hawkin James Hensier 'nda Hensiey i Brenda Henry Don Hiii Jerry M b ary Haicom Caroie Jo Hoimes Jimmy Howe Deii Howry Boyd Jenkins J. B. Jennings Caroi Ann Jobe ,1iA I: R E S H M E Lillie Jo L Be' Ong . L , eslgcgn MCAUEHY 'V T55 by MCCurle lv McCO,d L y .,. 4 Ca Jegy McVay0Sh HB Malvina ,ner rolyn Mtlnf Qtr. Macsas , W. Nr.. 3 'V 1 A-P Charles Ma ' A rh Jack Miller ue R 'im K Ralph M- 1 i 3, A PM I L lrchell Q. fx, 'W X , awanda Moo,-,ey shim m y Mnrfxr 4 N fx . ' ' ' ' fl y M PPXX X , Y - A 'TW . , -we Q - Ax- A 5 ,live X y f W 'S 'vi Qin wwe -1 - . ,,,.p Q n- , " Carolyn Morris Bill Myrick 1 ,A A .ff ' V Mike Nease Hr 3 y NNW Q A Glenda Morrison L J 3 my W Ll: r f K f K A ,X 1 liiell. ,Q ls' as 551 55 ' fu . 'an ,..,, "P ' A 1 ' Y . N l on l 3 5 . 1 fjgg Jerry es i i L, 5 , ' , Robert Norwood .ahh 1 A 'xi i ggi it SWL, fi wr,,3,, Q Ny! , .1 Q' Vi no Billy Owens jf N- if Ronnie Padberg Y jmykwgf piggy x y eg f M - is M le- K Q. I ' 5 ll 'P YV fi iff' me QI Q 2 . ' ll M. , sr X 1 V Q: ' I .WV if , :Q "lf" A f Sandra Palmore . in A, -va g Helen Ann Parrish use , ' ' Q 3, Carolyn Pearson 5 I is.. ... Doris Peters i lx L., FRESHME l xl ivy, vw mm" K' -vw-A? - ' 'L if ' f " i - 4 .NN W M y d Philips L Sobefl Plcklns Earlene Poll e Pmman . .x , F- Waxlvlendell Rape' ' Gary Reed ed ylsl 1 ,ai ww A Glenda Re i ! Q my W it A A wg, xr , . gi ids L y y 14: CarolY2xl'E3Z:: Richardson rs . y .levgleax Roberts n on 4 I y Q Holley Robins it 'B ,A - .W N A lg: L EX n 64 431 adm. 'Q LL N' if A Wi ' 'VA' , if A I V . A ,., L ,W 'V " l""?',-aol f 'Nh M if YL is I, i Fred Roden ' f ' 1 Larry Rogers S ll I L M X- ---- Donald Russell ww 5 Lynn Ross v ' - ' - ri 3 Mi I. J he YK ev ,f ZX ,Q- I M i ' ' if rs . Fonda Ryan mi Q 'xr 'QQ ' fm- Jewel Scates "Af" If ' 1 1 Johnnie Scrivner 'I L """' 4 ' S Bill Shelton 1 K Q . All 51 1' gr f : ff' mf ls. f f ' -R' W J lr A y L .4 --3 - , .Q ' Wilma Simmons W hw, W Benny Sleigh 1 Linda Smalley Anna Lee Smith l R AE C k will ww Yr-wr Diane Smiih Dougias Smith Jeifv Smirh Grry Smirh Philip Smfrh Phyllis Smith sandfa Smirh Gary Spears Richard La'fY sian- ing Sue Sfidharz Vesril gmes Silencer FRESHME 'Da F . -QM 'K N N., .y s R, uf 5:7 r' as R. pi 'wi Z5 a a fjwggyf' i -- -1 fig T 1 T Q , T ,K W ,H Y . .' M Vw. f i , 1 f ' rx 4 of "Y T C657 1 Alf V H W 113 - 1 T T, ,rm y i '34 , . Q V. ,ug E T A , Y m ' . , 74. 5-'Q A X ' 3 . K I i gy Qi J W W " :E ' 12 X mu ' or ' :" X x ' 5 .,....,, ' ' 1 IW ii, as V N 1- in 7 pq, ., ' '.,, 3 ' Q' . I - Yam Thail- J A '- A 'IW fi V ,ff l xml L ,ia 'QF ,, . 3' , 4 s an I X Hg D! 555: X.: LL.. .,,.-. 2.41. ,ss w ,. , 'v-, 1 Ted Stout Sidney Sudberry Bob Taylor Stanley Taylor Richard Teel Judy Thompson - Richard Thompson Judy Timmons John Paul Thrash Carolyn Trimble John Turner Louise Tyree FRESHME First row: Buelah Stone Willie Cole Ada Pendleton Ruby Wheeler Nola Lancaster Osie Lewis y Waggoner Doroth Clay Wilmoth ,sv ,Q Jean Vail Ann Walker Glen Walker Glenna Walker Jackie Walker Kenneth Walston Q0 ,QW FRESHMAN CLASS O Second row: Willie Suggs Bessie Neely Edith Guyer Bertha Bingham Mayfair Ramsey Virgil Weir Mary Waggoner Paul Carter Ralph Adair Third row: Rignald Shroud Ray Wilmoth Wade Vaughn Carmen Jones Fielding Guyer fl- .si if Q Eillmzifsma A 5 ,fif2g.Us1:5"i ,S fww. W , M , iii, Q - : 'V V K it l ?2f'i " i l if gi 4 if 5. V' if 'A W Q 5 , 'ff J ,1,V D 4 LN , ,-.' 'i."i9il1i2if5fzi i. ' X an -wx? Hs, X, ., M 'ww I Xlkailllxxt KJXK i ' .K FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1918 Kenny Walston William Watkins Sammy West Ann White Berl Williams Darwin Williamson 'Z ff Ei-ti -2'-1 , if ,V - gi? 4 gf, 5' iv N FRESHME FRESHME V. Ab W. Chilcun V. Bess P. I. J. R. H. U. A. R. M, Emory Coffman I. C E. Choate B. Iii! I I IE! FRESH C. Gregg C. Guest R. Gatlin E. Horne Z. Hayes C. Hanie M. Howard D. Hughes M . Huddle Harrison Jackson Jared Jones Jackson SS OF 1920 M. Jackson Z. Kiethly O. Kriegar A. Kerley J. Kerr T. King K.,Krieger F. Laird V. Laird E. Lasafer K. Love M. McRae T. McKendree R. McAIister I hill Il ll! lllllilllilfllllll Illlllll B. Mitchell I. Mallory L. Malloy C, Marshall G. Mooney C. Morrison P. Norman N. Norman G. Norman J. Price M. Qualls V. Reed O. Robison R. Roquemore tx Y. i . W . .f J. Randal E. Rogers P. Rayburn L. Sloan L. Scott A. Shaw R. Simpson C. Smith W. Smith G. Spencer R. Taylor A. Thomas C. Thomas F. Tunnell I ... . y I ilsi T Z T1 -1 1. l I 6- wi S r Q . Hi A ,3'f1zLi 'i . ,AQ ff:-, P , Wa EIGHTH GRADE GRADE CLASS OFFICERS EIGHTH ESTES President .,.E.-.,,,,,,,,---,, Vice President Secretary ...,.. Song Leader ...... Song Leader DONNIE BUCKY BUXTON TERRY HARRISON MARY BLANKS LINDA THOMPSON 'Q---ur R DOU9las Abbot, ,M ll Thelma Akins , 4-, ' . Velma Akms l Thomas Alqom a J, ff N., a X il l hm li? 4 SUE' Alexander lg Andarson ' QA 2 , ajnmie Anderson , , f: K alene Archer B 1 Q . ',.,,.r , K xl -.. Ab Jaquera Ame, N N Laqliira Baldwin Q .Lg Mlkg Bellef - ,. f 'S Billy Bishop ,Nw 5' fm Q 'K ww, nm, 'E' A M , N 1' if " 'N . ra K - X -exif N 7 , I -- , 1-an f' ,fi B ' - M ,fl fl? E , X i , ,fx - of ' ' :fra if .V ,af fs: an 3 'P ' Kris 'll. nm 25 il ll,. . 'V fi 4- v in ' 4 'I M" if 4 7 3 I ' , J- 1 Q N5 L - all - " ' A -- -1 7 -va My 5 J X 1 9' ' "' - ' W 1 t skins, V, K K V1 . fa W,' Q Qt ,gg gk...-f H M ,..: 'X ' N ,lv i :-- A A Ql- Z 'B News I B . "'. 1 -I 3 A 5 ,H1 , my B 41:7 ' .4..' A ' Y .asf M l , l,1,lW,.-,,, 65 . ,I f ,, -Q . ,efaerlii T- ' IGHTH GR DE YW? 2 1 ,,1 B -'19 arg 5 , 'V rfb' fl: I W X 'Fl 5 Q if N I 3 . Y s '90 B 4 B. X 3 .N f F My ml .l.,- l,,' B , ...fw .i 195, Mary Blanks Gene Boiles Randall Boles Slnelia Boyd Billy Brooks Peggy Brauen Ronny Bryan Shirley Byrd Bill Buxton Clarence Buxton Cathy Caldwell Jimmy Dale Campbell l EIC-JHTH GRADE rms, 1 1 'Eh Cf 7 if .Y A f JW y N, H if W 'ff f i -i f 3 5 'K' -in wi- I -wa' - -War D ml A mm bf Q ri 3 Jeff Carle' C 5 . ue :Rd Chnsw COOPBV is Torxgyy Corbin ' f ,,L, , Creek chili? Crisweii Tamafa ' My ,..k Trudy Cr ! RickeY Coleman Nlariorie Conlniham Marian CWC C iswell umb Kenneth Curtis Donald Davis Janie Davis Shirley Davis Denver Davison Tony Caton Dee Elkins Tommy Erickson I gn ni flfasun- -1+a.,s.,,..f-f' 'wi S.. ll sf P- Q., N 1 :Qs- Donnie Estes LaWanda Faine Kay Farmer Gail Foster if is 4.-45 D 5 , ff new ig X. of .ii .in . isv. fail i N-. ,ii ,J E ii E W' 1 W ' if V S Q 12 sy ,,, , ew 5 , 4 E Nei l E iisi, s A 'f 9 Q f 4 f , ii -i is f ali EIGHTH GR DE 1., - lm-wxixsf-wzWM Steve Forster f Udlf F0wler 'Nm Mike Freeman .Q Danny Fre f' - rich ' -vrqx LV - , ,. 1 3 la, , so 4 'N M' , f N- Sv g lx ...,k K3 I a A fi ' A, L' d A l Sandra Glove, fl V 6 V, K K I . Ruth Grindsraff , Q , ff , . ,M -'X'6'l:" A A , K y.,,M-5' X xi, K an ef - .f.1 y Y i 'N Jllu. ,. .., l Wm as W' A Judy Hammond Levelle Harlin Jon Harper Terry Harrison Charles Holt Don Hood Billy Hoover Larry Hutchings Charlotte James David Jones Mary Ann Kidwell Ronnie Kimrey aiu Grisham Bonnie Gwin of Bllly Hagar Y Pansy Han it ' M ff' N - fps . ,,. ,i H 3 W 'gf 'fr' . an 5 X a , 'lt X 0 L N fl l 'JN l 4 L W L, xx WM I f X i.,, h Mui l 'Pk H ful' Q Y QA ' ,L in . . ,ff , . M QEZQQX H A " ' ' ff latlirrru D Riff' fi 1-3 8 122 ,V me , W , in My-5 eff 7' , an 9' I 5 Sl sl ' ' - ff I -we H li ai ig l M """ .I ive N.. i , - E V vw? X- M H' a a W i h e ' l l 5 F, i . A EIGHTH GRAD E Thain Marston Carl Mayhall Lana Mayfield Walter Mayes Bobby Mercer Wayne Miller Lawanda Misenhamer John Moon John Moore Judy Nabors Kenneth Neal Jerry Norfhcutt : Aw if. .. Jr, 11' f' , Wa? Lim 'fi 015 cf' V We J J X' K! 74 ,iff :S A K r C ,m,.A,aL,w.L.... ig lm. taxa y.,-fry, 4 " Q 1 52' K EIGHTH GRADE Beary , J ank Orebau h re , . Jeanin 9 A S e Popjneau rr At- h im 1,55 Ue Patrick A 'A K, 'Qt Carol Peek Cagflyfl Phillf eeman phiu. W'9Yf1e Phila? Pamela Pins Pat Price Nolan Pursivme Roge, Reed Y f x 3 i 1? V gf? fe S,- vd wh 'W. 2 'J lmw " J me Janice Roberts Ronnie Roberts Carolyn Roden Linda Roseberry Paula Scott Stanley Scott Johnnie Shook Ruberta Simpkins 7 M-1 r eeii J A -gi fr 4 if A Ziigs, ,ik w A -if r . .ks 0 ' Forrest Simpson Johnny Sluder f-wmv Daphue Smith Philip Sowatds . -4- Nw W 1 f . V as - it S ' S. S 5 . I ll? a' l l S we .k . :gt-11? 4 K 1: ,- K Q fi nf A' 4 ' M-- . " .Q V S A, ,, . ... 4 EIGHTH GRADE ,, I ,Wi f RandY Slandxige ' h f J0YCe Sl? k V .nh 1 3 Bob SNC k 2 , l If , -J' .rf Joe Sm I A l l r ea., A X , ,, 157 0 ii' - X f 'SM ,,,, ,, w -,,,, I ff kv V ,V . ' H , rg li 1 f'A' ,, : if .. ,. . ,L Q H f, I I A . 'T W W new ' ,f-' 1, 1,1 f l ike Mig 5 ...M-1-W 1 H l --ML we eff if ' , wwf V .. . li "" my ,, . .1 fr , -' . . I ' i n ,WJ .wh . ' '-'- , v . . 5 W 5 , if gggawx rrfy' , 152 ' 'X M lv 1 Q. its .. . 5 I ,, , N H ,V , ,xkkr C f. . I , 2 fi .K V 'V ky f ki I ,. , i we 139 , W' ,lxlifgll jf -72' l A ' . W S Nl- ff f C: ,V gf.-Q ilk V . a X "1 ,. Af M -Z ,mn I , i E Ro hem, simon jim Loll Clareflf-e Teelel David ThomBS arles Thompsom Ch on - d Th0mP5 . Lmnjih Ellen ligne' muy JO VPN" . Sieg e fn f .. ' " K ' A 5 s A K at .I Q, 7.4, Vkk 4 ' . Q. f f Neal Trobaugh ' "' 'W Virginia Turner Carolyn Walker l . l Larry Walker f. ,ins 1 PM Mike Walker , J' Z June Wallach ' ' ' Charles Watson 'Vg' jf ' Pat Wheeler haf E , A-fl K K r W f .Y V f f. up " W e .i. ..eifgrfiffifrferee ...A Sandra Whitaker Charles White ,Q Q Riia K ' ' ay Williams 'ya 7-3, ' .W Barbara Young A ,fy Q ...A -4. af 72 C J +- ' rf- R I vt Q9 f . . ., ,nf xx ..m...m f'be . ax, , 1 5 4 AI. my 1 4 '. 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Bobby Bradford Bobby Brown Ruby Burge Clayton Campbell Marvin Carter SEVENTH GR DE Candle Alfglgi Childersk L' da Clal' mcharolote Cobb y Cole Jvlzrllglnia Couch Sylva CfUmP Bill CUf'f""'9h Gwin Davis janelle Dean Kenneth Easl Paula 506 am Edwards Hazel Ellis Jane Carol Emerson Jane England Ricky Eiler John Forley Eugene Farmer Kenneth Flower Anthony Floyd Larry Floyd Jerry Folger Doris Fortenberry Peggy Free .JL iw l s EVENTH ca RAD E 'l 1' 9 flfimrzawzx Wm.. . .. .,,...,., ,,.WX,,.w. 1 . ew X ,. V ..,,, " ik lg+x""l is 'X'-4 wi 3 4 VM' M' .Q G "my .AA W V ' -me 9 'HN xi , .. V- Q f 'TL ! " in-H .R -sy ' I J ,,ffff",, X yn sw ,W 7 A , fn , l Q f xl I 0 i . 5' A 'W' Jane1Griffi1h e,0,,, Nm ff I ff A " , L t m W' , 'Mme 'Higgfmw Q' t w final, 'aw X g " 5+ ls x 'X K X K dd Q n , 4 f v V, Q L X , ,Z 1 X, 'I- ""'-k sefffif . l y K Lrkh ae. mf W " ll M H 99" L Q 2 'Q Ei 5' is-W l l sl K , f ' I W X 5 W Q XL , 6 ., K JK wmwy , ,xi i f 5 g . Tamara Hair Cheryl Handley Bene Harden Eugene Hawkins James Hayes Eddie Hennigan Leslie Hensley Belly Hisaw Jimmy Holley Trent Holman Jerry Hapkius EVE TH GRADE ,. V, . Q-get Y . 1' l'l0Wald ,nr N 01' if . ,f -lanfsxargha Howad , 'f - hard Howe 5 'nth' V, Q , VV HK RIC ,ggi W' h og g Ray I-190 'la L, ff A5567 - fi Ay ll" :, fx ,fi , U7 wa ' "'4f??'Li! -R E' .' by I, , iv? f I :J , jf . , fl' L f K mi f'f"'k" , W' ' E l L ,l e -Q i.f Ji l l if ,E N i' 5 , ' . 'T 2 f R257 L 0 ,V if ' M Dogharon .lolwnsion LK K . .... H A Paula jones f E ' I I ""f 1 , L 555 0 Lghi All 1 fl I ,,f, L ff S my Qyv Vvkl xi k,E,s, , , :ir ,,,.,T , ,L M-'gf . . Harsy Kelton Anita Killian Judy King Ann Kingery Richard Lamb Jack Lambert Pat Lancaster Sammie Larriniare NF' Bill Laughlin ' Bedford Lawson Stanly Laxion Fredrica Lee ld, . ,. I NJ' 1 e,,,., ' 91223 Q4 i 1 -sf Y' TorT1mY -l -.., ones Woodv Jumpe' k 'fl 57' Degnna Karilcgllng I ue Ann J N K . - :.' Y I Hr My ll' E A ix SEVENTH GRADE -'CX 13" sw: N Q -, J,k,, Q Q EK, l x 1-E Joyce Mayhem Marilyn Melton Sue Melton Duane Menefoe Kent Meeier Jo Moats Charles Mohr Gary Mooney Jana Morelock Billy Moreu Keith Myrick Beverly Newton SEVENTH GR DE Jimmy Perham Verna Mae Perkins William N. Peterson Ann Phelps Anette Phillips Nancy Platt Carolyn Pollock John Ramsey Anita Raper Kenny Rhoades Ray Lea Rigsby Linda Robertson ph ills Oliver lsonnetta Orebol-'bl' Osborn ,lerrY Owen LarfY Owens .iufilfl mmy Palmore 0 John PaPi"eaU Eugene Parllef ' 'Q Kav Pame . piinnp Pafflsh Larry PeerY "' A ii .V y ii i GUY Pate f Q, L L ISIN!! IIAJZI Q. SEVE TH GRADE SEVEN1 H GRADE QF ,925 HAYES SCHOOL f W ' Roger Rye " MM xy Sandra Ryan yr ' S vm 7 La Nelda Sales M V 1 Carole Scovt w 'Va"x'v f ,' -fzqfk f 1' A 1 7 in l xl Q, .A oi., W il, My Jw V Barbara Shilling .fu we ' j Rosemary Shape M1 S' T' J, l I - Kenneth Shiplet W S 'W' 'W' , Jauies Simpkins xx 'A f ws! X ii l A 11, Z ,,, , James Simpson fi VVLV v 5 f b S' ,nf Eugene Sires F-J S' gs ' ' Y H V ' V ' Carolyn Smith 1 "ly, 'X X f i""" MN, , Dennis Smi1h fig! A Q - 'lf I E 1 ,AffXr'-'piers ,g in C S 1 10, 75,2 V Q1 1 . If" Zf.fil.f'fff I I X f ya y nf A rv A Paul Smith 5 , V Sharon Smith jr, A 'X 'fi Gail Smyth I ' A Mary Loreise Snider kg , ,ggi iv , Q f 'tl 'H' 'ff' , fv Uv ire is B K ...ry 5' H ng ,Q Edward Stevens r A, 2 S "X M ?ma N5 Barbara smiwen l , Mf'5j r m g S y ..,- f John swrdivam l MM, l -. if . i'7'f"' , "'l Wayne Sweet G i .. JA f " EQ, 9 :1 3 ef., l i V I w,.. , S S l if , Q A ill if S S ,Q ' 'li . 'V I -- if M , if 'L L l.i EVE TH GR DE 26 DE OF lg SEVENW gg, SCHOOL Linda Tate Eva Taylor Lola Teel Carole Thompson George Thompson Jim Threlkeld Eric Todd Frank Turner Janie Turner Jean Turner Radonnah Van Ness Johnny Vaughn Tommy Ward Thomas R. Willis Edward Wood Mike Wood Donald R. Williams Jimmy Wilson Archie Wright Sandra Wyit GLENW so , 'Z as i. 1: 'f-'i Hi, f - ' 'I f 1 1 f 1 "X , 2 N L yi e Vx -W , W 1 - M 5, ,J A is xx V f is - "Nw ' W i , Af' , -5 , , M My Q23 E, ,E y fe W .1 5 ,- X "f ,., V ,lb,, , A- . a Z WN al lr K r it , .99 L " ai' give' " ! ' .ygxw K 'xt .ff- f if as - ff: ff, "'ii"51r 'Q ' wif . I , , M ' "Fe fe S'-2 1 Y ' 3 9 QQ is is Q - Q ' .. f. i Q -Q? 4 i Q33 ,fi i ur .k if . Z3 Q --Mr' l 5 ,L Y I 25 ,,...a-M' ' 2, ii 7 l it il ,. R 'giifififiizfii' i" gin" , is ' .. . L, ji if xy' I A 33155 gf 'HE Arn LETTERMEN'S QUEEN JANET BABER JERRY SMITH Escort Coronation Ceremony S American Legion Award JOSEPH BLAKENSHIP American Legion Award ZUDA WRIGHT Danforth Award RONNIE PADBERG Danforth Award LARNA WITT Tanfi Study Club ANN WALKER 4 MICHEAL CHAPMAN GLENDA MORRISON SCHOOL SERVICE RICHARD THOMPSON l -fb 2 AWARDS JANET BARBER MARILYN BLACKMAN JUDY BEESLEY NANCY DOMJONOVICH MARY ELLEN ALLTAG WILLIAM DILLON JERRY DON HILL HELEN ANN PARRISH SCHOOL SERVICE AWARDS CAROLYN MCINTOSH CAROLE JO HOLMES HOLLEY ROBINSON JO LONG ge OFFICE ASSISTANTS J. Baber N. Dornianovick M. Handley G. Morrison H. Parrish C. Reynolds H. Robinson S. Smith S. Stidham J. Timmons L. Witt Z. Wright PROJECTIONISTS Trent Holmes GSYY Reed Le Don McAnnalIy Bob T3Yl0' Thain Martin Jimmy Wynn John Moore LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Thelma Aikens Jolene Archer Ruby Burge Mary Dickerson Eugene Farmer Earlene Poff Judy Thompson Glenna Walker INFIRMARY AIDS Beth Champagne Shirley Davis Sandra Farnham Jackie Hawkins Melvina Macsas Lawanda Mooney Sue Patrick Glenda Reed Johnnie Scrivner Carolyn Trimble Jackie Walker Sandra Palmer Infirmary Queen JUNIOR SCIENTISTS OF AMERICA J. Blackenship J. M. Blackman L. H. Blevins J. B. Champaine J. B. Dillon B. J. Gilbert G. E SE ' iii. 'ei zgki N' , Mi sys ep -x wie I 5' ...M ., . M595 Hensler Hensley Howe Long McCurIey Morrison HOMEMAKING CLUB R. Grandsfaff L. Baldwin J. Cleefe J, Long M. Couch J. McGaha J- Deering S. Palmore D. Elkins S. Sfidham B. English L, Tyree J. Etier J, Vail J. Wallock . PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEADERS Carole Ann Jobe Carolyn Reynolds Linda Smalley Jean Vail Ann White Mary Alletag Judy Beesley Virginia Carter Nancy Dveney Michele Handley rt J. Allen D. Baker J. Ballard H. Blevins B. Carroll D. Collier J. Cobb L. Daniels x RADIO CLUB D. Fox J. Howe D. Howry T. Hudson L. Luton L. McAnnally B. McCurley B. Myrick D. Smith V. Stiles T. S1ou1 B. Taylor R. Thompson J. Thrash G. Wright V ,, CHEERLEADERS CLUB Sandra Smith Larna Wilt Holley Robinson Mary Alletag Nancy Domianovich Janet Baber DRAMATIC CLUB Mary Ellen Alletag Judy Beesley Marilyn Blackmon Beth Champagne Julia Chapman Mike Chapman Bill Dillon Jon Krause Glenda Morrison Carolyn Mclntosh Wayne Puiman Halley Robinson Anna Lee Smith Dickie Wilson Saudra Farnham in A ax' .Q RADIO SPEAKING CLUB Linda Carnger Janease Deering Sharon Gregg Jackie Hankins Brenda Henry Jerry Hill Carol Jobe John Kuras Linda Smalley Larry Smith Phyllis Smith NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,A.,,, .......,.......,... R ICHARD THOMPSON Vice President ..... ........,.... S UE STIDHAM Secretary ,,,.,.,.... ...... J ANET BARBER Treasurer .,,,,,,, ...,.,. L ARNA WITT Historian ,.,,Y .... J AMES HENSLER I MEMBERS Laqueta Baldwin Mary Blanks Joseph Blankenship Hinkle Blevins Darrell Briscoe Bucky Buxton Mike Chapman Ricky Coleman Marian Couch Nancy Domianovich Donnie Estes Janice Gilbert Ruth Grindstaff Zuda Wright Billy Hager Carole Holmes Carol Jobe Lilly Jo Long Thain Marston Walter Mayer Mike McClung Judy McGaha Helen Parrish Pamela Pitts Jimmy Taft Ann Walker Jane Wallace PRECEPTORS Holley Robinson Bill Dillon Sandra Smith Larry Smith Marilyn Blackmon 2 0 Triple Trio Girls Glee Club aaa fi 5 0 Boys Quiniet Orchestra BLUE SKIRT OFFICERS First Semester Back row: M. Blanks, M. Kidwell, D. Elkins, L. Gash. Front row: R. Stand- riclge, M. Handley, C. Reynolds. Blue Skirts Pep Club BLUE SKIRT OFFICERS Second Semester Back row, S. Whitaker, J. Wallach, J. McNinch, M. Cottingham, K. Kirkhuff. Front row: A. White, J. Vail, B. Guinn. l . e ,J ,..?,,, I Lettermen's Club Band Queen CAROLE JO HOLMES TROMBONE T. Floyd M. Matheny B. Moreau P. Parrish G. Logsdon DRUMS S. Geddie C. Thompson D. French J. Macdonald OBOE R. Ness CLARINET A. Ballard C. Cobb M. Couch V. Couch T. Hair J. Howard H. Kelion B. Manuel K, Panell N. Plaii A. Raper C. Smith B. Stilwell L. Teel L. McClure E. Taylor B. Cunningham BELLS A. Smith SAXOPHONE J. Briscoe A. Caudle J. Popone N. Couch J. Taft CORNET B, Brown L. Floyd L. Graham l.. Osbourne G. Pate L. Peery B. Willis QUEEN CORONATION FLUTE A. Phillips C. Phillips BASS J. Scaies L. Stallings FRENCH HORN B. Newton R. GUINN B. SHELTON J. CARTER Guard Fullback End FGOTBALL SCHEDULE Ada ,,,,, . 0 Seminole .... . .., .... 13 Ada .,,,,..,..., 26 Holdenville , .. . ... Ada 7,..,,,, O McAIesTer P Q Ada .,x, . .,,,,,, 13 Madill ..... .,., 6 P2221 ii? 6 26 Ada .,A.,,,,, Ardmore ,..., .....,ve Henryetta .....w -J 3 Ada .,..7.,..eA, 27 Ada .A,,,.,,,,e, O Wewoka ..... ..... 0 L. COLLINS C- MAYHUE Halfback HalfbSCk J, FLOWERS K. WALSTON M. CHAPMAN End Guard Quarterback .-..1-,,, .1 V, i ws. M g 'Q K W 'R 1 D. MCINTOSH H. BLEVINS J. MILLER End Tackle Halfback R. PADBERG D. HOOD W. JUMPER Guard Quarterback Fullback 'iiiiiiiiiil -. di, 55 'fl if . J. JUMPER J. SMITH K- CURTIS Halfback Center GUGFCI M. BELLER S. GLUCKMAN L- BURTGIS Halfback Tackle Cemel' , mfg! B. TAYLOR O. COLVARD R. BOLES Tackle Halfback Fullback D. HOOD M. WALKER D. GUINN Center Guard Guard Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada A M. BELLER da Guard Ada """"'A" 47 Ada- Ada G. HANSON Ada Forward Ada D .....,...,. 24 Ada: .....,,..,. 35 BASKETBALL Latta --.-,-,-,,-l8 Byng ---------- W--- Norman --.----.---5l Latta ------- Ada ........... 42 Byng ....... ...... Ada ........... 36 Norman ......... ...... Ada ........,.. 46 Ardmore ..,.. ....,. Ada ............ 62 Wewoka .... ...... Ada .....,...... 33 Madill ...... ...... -----------33 ,---l 6 Holdenville Seminole ----- McAlester ..... ...... Madill .....,.. ...... Seminole .....,. ...... McAlester ..... ...... Ardmore ............,... Wewoka ................ L. COLLINS Forward J. FLOWERS Guard Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada ............ 46 Ada- Ada ........e... 36 Wynnewood .......... Davis Tournament Duncan -------L---4l Norman ------- County Tournament ------,----4O Latta -------,-,-3l Byng ---------- -------,,--42 Allen Sulphur ...... ......... D. MCINTOSH J. MILLER M. WOOD Center Forward Guard First row: O. Colvard, R. Boles, L. Rogers, J. Miller, D. Hood. Second row: M. Chapman, J. Smith, L. Collins, C. Mayhue, D. Mclntosh, J. Boles. TRACK SCHEDULE Meet Place Ardmore ,,,, ,,,,, T hircl Muskogee .... ,,.,., S econd Shawnee ,.,.., Second ADA HIGH TRACK TEAM ADA HIGH BASEBALL TEAM T918 T921 Top row: Allen, Roach, Cunning, T. Keer, Riddle. Bottom row: Top row: F. Harrison, B. Williams, J. O. Vernon, coach, F. Potts Suggs, Foremen, A. Keer, Evans, Reading. E. Copeland, D. Evans. Bottom row: C. Gregg, J. Carr, C Kreiger, B. Shipman, J. Deavers, F. Laird, N. Norman. mv,5-5,......,w,-..,f.w.f J... f.ff...,f,.......v,.,, --.,..,,.,,. T .,-..,. .1-W, -'-,., ,. , ,-'.. . ...-,-. 7.1f,11,,a-.-f -. M--A -- W ,. , . , .. . I 'f tfi z U A W N f . K k wif? S zafgvfgiq- K A 1' Fw' x Q. 1 X 1 Y 1 1 W.. , X t s X K X X L x . 21.,,,. i ,,1'?52Jf3?Phf-355 N ,AIV A , xi-7 K 4 Qfxi., N self- , i i gras- B ,W A yy: 2' 2 in xii , Q Y , K f Egg g ,. 'V' f -QM - - A --W zm"5fJifm i A . i - i5S92i'2fifis: fn- .?4jQ1s5. Q1 . 52- E-Qief.Ai ' 4, A M ,.,A J, Q, , , ugly ! f M.--f 2 , 2 2 M Y ' X325 1 1 "L: ff ygispg .4 W, M32 2 -Qlmf E ,Hi ' iff: iffflwzfw W ' - 2 f X r :L A ft iklfiif-ll ' E W ,.l:L, , V 4 - ' f ES1q,,Ag-mgassafzs-if . Y, f743:iE?f"'H PVJG' g'VP:5?f2ff+.V,. rv: . Q twelff , - si prwygjw 2 mf 'rf 7 Vfvfm-'53 "YB itil Sq -WM, -MJ gs. ' 51' - A Z wi 2 5 E .wifi M XFN? Q31 ' : L gf'1flg,.'fAAfLw' V. TV- k . ' uf Claws 2 A U - saelsivaiiiifff-f K , . i"5EL-Vffg "-Wifffii A 251 ,SWESQ w X' "' ' K 2??'4.ST- J Q 'ffl 252546 wsikifaxlg E Wk, A A , ,I 55'QJg:MMgsm?mf Eg .v E jig ' A f, 5' . i A ff . I 5 ' :L Sf' I . 5 f ii . 1 1 X ' Q' KH' V fin? E M Q in 7 ., -. . in 5254? :':.5':" ' fl - Ji" il 'L .V h- K it '5 E 5 BUILDINGS W Hlni-'QM V.-., mimvmgwm-, 41' fw f-iff" 1937 WM'-w'LHW""WNA'W'f'QffM ' W 'M'A"'M"fm'3"' WW ' " 'Y-'E-"",f-"WMM-"1a"'W' WM"-f"W'M-5-N-'fm HAYE HISTORY Hayes School was opened in January, 1920 with E. E. Emerson, principal. The following clipping was taken from the files of the Ada Evening News, pub- lished in 1920. "Hayes ward school opens, 350 enroll, women of vicinity serve lunches to teachers and children: faculty-E. E. Emerson, principal, Miss Beulah Smootz, Miss Patton, Mrs. Edwards, Miss Eunice Bills, Mrs. Luther Harrison, Mrs. F. E. Gray, Miss Ina Gray, and Miss Grant." Also taken from the files of the Ada Evening News, published April 8, 1920, was this article. "The mothers of Hayes School are asked to meet at the school tomorrow after- noon to organize a Mothers' Club." Mrs. John Scales was elected first president of the Hayes Parent-Teachers' Association fthen Mothers' Clubt. Others who have served in this capacity are: Mrs. L. A. Braly Mrs. Fred Oliver Mrs. Milton Keating Mrs. John Merrick Mrs. W. C. Guest Mrs. Frank Meaders Mrs. M. M. Harwell Mrs. J. C. Hynds Mrs. Louis George Mrs. B. R. Johnson Mrs. A. L. Bowles Mrs. O. H. Miller Mrs. H. E. Morris Mrs. Tom Staton Mrs. A. R. Sugg Mrs. Joyce Miller Mrs. E. H. Schraeder Mrs. R. W. Plummer Mrs. W. O. Freeman Mrs. Charles Thompson Mrs. R. A. Watts Mrs. G. Wm. Lee Mrs. B. G. Anderson Mrs. James Chapman Mrs. H. G. Story Mrs. Paul Marston Mrs. Milton Arnold Mr. first man to serve as P.T.A. president. Roy Young served this current school year, making Hayes history as the Mrs. Ross Warmack has been elected to serve as president next year. Mrs. Louis George, early day Hayes P.T.A. president, has the unique distinction of being the only patron to have had a child in the school since the doors opened in January, 1920 until now. Before her youngest child had finished the elementary school, Miss Ann, a popular Hayes faculty member, had begun her teaching career, where she still teaches. The principals who have served Hayes are: E. E. Emerson 1920-1924 J. R. Hughes 1924-1925 Harvey Faust 1925-1927 Clyde Ross 1927-1928 Jessie W. Bagley 1928- The present enrollment is 259. The faculty is: Jewel Arnold, first grade Charlotte Oxford, second grade Ann George, second grade Josephine Goddard, third grade Fannye Stalcup, third grade KGr. 4, 5, 6JJoe Holmes, Arithmetic, Science, Health Q1-6 Gr.J Carmen Turley, Art CGr. 3, 4, 5, 6D Ruth Hager, Music, Soc. Studies CGr. 5, 61 Jessie W. Bagley, Reading, English The new addition which includes the auditorium, two classrooms, office and library was completed in 1937. L., ,, , FACU LTY JOSEPHINE GODDARD Third Grade RUTH HAGER Music, Social Studies JOE HOLMES Arithmetic, Science CHARLOTTE OXFORD Second Grade FANNYE STALCUP Third Grade CARMEN TURLEY Art GLEY e 55 3E5SgririciPal JEWEL ARNOLD First Grade AN N GEORGE Second Grade FACULTY OF T926 Front row: Donnie Morrison, Mary Fischbeck, Mary Nelson, Gertrude Smallwood. Back row: Jessie Bagley, Parrie Britt, Harvey Faust CPrincipaIJ, Kathleen Grant, Eunice Johnson. .K ' W-, q i, F V- illl if--L f,Elk' x lqlilll' TV? L .1 N 1:6 . W fr- fi--X . , Q-wx T . L as I V ix, I 'ii A, , ,fl E 2' 1 'I M J I . .32 ' Jsiigjti, f it 7?"'5f-Ahh ,a it , , V Lilili l k , . , 1 1 M: . of L--:kv .. sc W , x.. FIRST GR DE Jimmy Baker is if il S S S 'S Karen Belrz if E, V A M CYnfl'lia Blevins A , -sl, A ' P Terry Brunkow ' Q M -B I Q, 1 - ' S .ye 4 ' Am 2 1 af' + a . ""' A ' ' f' ,..., Na M 1 ' i 2 Sv ,I s 5 -llflll ,.'g - - Q , 4 A if i M' 5 f' f Laffy' Cavener y V David Clary , , sq so Y ' U va Pamela Cleere M f 4 1 " Q, . 1 Terry Dean ' by . K - is in A ' 'L'LL my I i A W. gr XVLL fl ,W r 5 I F so S ' Q.5r,,.f,.ii,aa,es 1 Q l xxx " .zz mx rx ,3.FP':i:gg. Julian D vrhr 2 A W .5 J 'Q' 3? -tr Mich eese y 2 . Y t , sk i . . R ael Hammond . - 1 A ebecca Hazlm fi ,y W iw ,ni T ,S A X .., David Henley it . . 2 J .,,,. ,Q i . VVL- Qi Q! "uv Q I a ' Q' as if ,li , M W fa S e f i X, ,Q ,,' If 1 X 4 lx A rv X - 1 my if 2 J, K L S. Ronnie Henley Kay Karschnik Karen Kluber Frances Lupinski S M, in , I 1 , s L L ,,,:- in '- 53, , 1 ,V A fi, 'V Michael Moore 5 in , . P f 4' xl ' fil m ' ,5 Janie Painier ,SQ 3 ' M . ff. " W' iwmf Terry Raper .M sfjmrfq 51-M 15 1' ,V R rg- ROY RafZl6ff f w f 'X 3 xl X V kj, ,SL 7 Z, .,.,k. Z ii as--,i,.lel.s igrwz E ,....., 1 if M s 0 6 , ,Al Y, , 'S Susan Sims M .I LAN A ' Z in Y 'li' y,', Vs Marsha Smith 'V i ':' z ' Pamela Taylor gk . lc, Michael Thomas , O ,i . , Alai ' , ,. , ya A t ' 7,T,Q1: ,-W .ffqfxw 4 "l'.f-f:f2f: ' is ,SF11 S s we ...JH K S -.1-vifgilin M cica A ll ' A , -'K pm Marie Thompson , , 4'-S l " - my EEA, Louise Trantham A N-.,g. Q ,V K-lk, WTS Judy Walker Z """ A yy Q M V Russel Whisenhunl A ,,,. - fi , .--,. as if fs c S g s N. .H .A... ......,, , - ,W , .JV rf " , " SECO D GRADE .im 'A Q jge Badgen ,V 5 I o Randy Carlton , fi V A Qdig Carter L ' ' -vw V Glenna C096 ski 'H i vf-f " QQ.- f .Q x nv :- VY . s- f 4 ii? 7 ,fi .. .,,, - 12 . V V L d f John Dow Y 5 ':" Nlarauita Green. 'l M Q Johnny Ha'9'5 , r . . VVV, gs Ann Holmes .. V .L V , V . . VVV V Vu , fm: f Al f 7 Af M 5 s , 3 Jane Moon , . Virginia Noah , omg Bill PTUS11 ti Cynthia Rollow ig 'E aall ' f' initial ' s se? W, .l J wi N.. 9 ' VV ,V Frances KBY f 4 owne Mae Howmd Alice Johnston Richard Little fs I it -on Y it if s Ima W, fi . X, V 1 fx if 'df 'Q L d Q . ,V A in 3 S R , , VV VSV . I - V Vg gi- .t,. V X1 VVV VV V P lue oss , au a Scott - H .o., 3,5 , V 1 5 Jean Simmons A A all F' V Don Stout ' , ' 1""Q VV V fs: ,. SVN . ' V Vi 1 .5 .,,. , V V VV ,V -. x V' 'T "" ' ill f vs ' . , To to o to t LYnn Sweet t Vf fig V, ,K V . David Turner - ' 1' fi VV ,af ,K 5 fi- j V., V M- '- T0mmY Wimamson F A Carol Wilson gf I' . V ,tai qsjw n -V . Vo .ef 4 at ii,,. W V I , Xufgil f ' Q? . I. 7 , .Q . ' . A ' L lo N. A A ...., ,,.,.-.-i, -as-.f i - THIRD GRADE st 4' Paula Ann Cass he' Ai" Mary Lynn Champagne Rebecca Cobb ...qmk Jimmy Curtis 'k 'iq 4,5 Q Janet Davies ,W Meredith Etier 1:-:gif Weldon Flanery may David Forester Arley Gray Donna Griswold Jo Ann Hall Margaret Hayes THIRD GRADE K' Din.. 3 "" fa ivlww It 5 get .ff W Mx, wav Lindeii Eugene Low fence Ka'W,i:1rri: Loaguganv AnNXaureen Mc ' 'www f i fl f fY W A S - Gare Nxmawn A Jangeve Ntiies ,avi-f L Miue' 2 Terwverw Moore no -f ft ii" Be .Am 4 no 1 Louise Noah E -mx gi T- my ,a Vincent Scaufus iii as John Clyde Simmons W4 Jerry Don Simms RS qw ,Sy Micheal Stokes L L V Christine Stout A f Gregory Scott Taylor iff lf? Larry Tipton '- W' 1 I' -. 5 I 5, F' , Gloria Todd Nancy Trantham if' ' 'Q Q ' ' " David Waldschmiclt k V N ii Sandra Wilson V5 X ' V VV W . j,:ii1'iYf" K . W V Vw "i'i- .-ill r 5 . QW Z mg J Q, gr 4., 'NA 'X U 71 7 if i , if 1 N136 W, Q ,. 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James 3:5575 Ham 7770,-,d ,Blix , .V,v',aEal,, FIFTH GRADE Lonnie Green David Eaton Norman Duncan Jamie Dowdy Mike Dial Carolyn Davies Rolanda Champagne Jerry Carroll Sherry Carlton Carol June Cope FIFTH GRADE I PeflQ9Y .lnrvggxcy price Smhh pmlonda ' ld - slarwfle X , Nlafcla. kes ,fy " , 'kk' Sm t ,x,. A Nl Swee Mff I si f l Wlnofla Teliornas Helen T Son s I Bllllhornp " Hgh J 'A Z W Ak A, an i ut , :Lge 1,1 . me ., Tom Truett Betty Turner Paul Waldschmidt ll ,it 5 V ft'-'W' t t V Q 'iii' Byron Walker H gy Doris Kay Walker ' V C. W. Ward 7 '......Qg e 1 qyyy y my Q, -,E W Clydene West , - V A L Elizabeth Williamson ff- --K ' 1 Q il Mike Wolfson L l f 'Wi ly Dianne Van Ness ' u flm V 'I ff. 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AL. i An Operetta Early 1920's ORCHESTRA 1926 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 1924 , mum 5 " Vj' BAND 1931 V. ,...., W"'WH"'1 ' Wann . Ag CHRISTMAS IN SCRIPTURE AND SONG An Operetta Zi Fourth Grade Chorus First Grade Chorus Fifth and Sixth Grade Chorus Auld Ballard Bowers Box Butler Carlton Carter Champagne Clark Clary Cochran Coffey Cooper Cooper Cope Davis Dees Dowdy Dowdy Evans Davis GLEE CLUB Green Green Greenwood Greenwood Hammond Handley Hayes Howe Howe Hucldlesion Jernegon Jordon Kennedy Kidwell Kroth Moon Mowdy Orebaugh Pegram Pennington Price Sales l. P. N. J. M N. C. Stout W J. A. Thrash H. Thomas B. N. P. M D. P. C. E. J. L. HAYES ORCHESTRA Early 19205 r...,---Y----V - - ws- A- V- - ---W F P. P, l L BASKETBALL First rowz, J. Hawkins, J. Carroll. Second ow A Ma ers R Badgett D Akins P r : . y , . , . , - McCarty, A. Hall. Third row: D. Stout, A. Rich, W. Thomas, K. Perry, Mr. Holmes, coach. FOOTBALL First row: B. Sweet, K. Perry, A. Hall, J. Hawkins, J. Cooper, W. Thomas, L. Cald- well. Second row: T. Hillman, D. Smith, J. Carroll, A. Myers, A. Rich, P. McCarty, C. Nance. Third row: N. Trobough, J. Hammond, D. Akins, D. Stout, P. Morris, R. Badgett, Mr. Holmes, coach, TRACK First row: J. Carroll, M. Etier, D. Eaton, D. Matthews, J. Stephenson, B. Warmack, D. Gwin, D. Deaton, J. Cochran. Second row: L. Greer, J. Perkey, J. Hawkins, J. Hillman, J. Cooper, B. Sweet, D. Smith, L. Green, D. Luton. Third row: R. Badgett, L. Caldwell, A. Myers, T. Hillman, K. Perry, B. Walker, D. Henry. Fourth row: D. Mur- phy, W. Thomas, D. Akins, A. Hall, P. McCarty. Fifth row: Mr. Holmes, coach, Mrs. Bagley, Principal, D. Stout, J. Ham- mond. 'TE' 55, if it , f if f 43?LfF?f'vbQ? , PM Q, ,ww , -Zig 711- -357, ' ,, we W ,W ,W,W ,,,,,,,.. ,WW-.W W fig, , Q ff? 55, Qi- - . f A A- . - ,gy--Q f i ik K' X ' " 'fig W ,,-4 ,,., . ' W IRVIN ies? we V32 W F gf ii 1. ae 3 fc 3 Q 25 in S -is E fs i 7 S ' K. 2 Q- , -r f' Q 2 -- 'SZ .L yi 5 1 4 W K E S' fm Q if 'nf 5 H 'T 5 ' ,- wgghgk ', SGS 1 333 af. ? in M Ji 51 11 an 'if BUILDINGS 31 , . 4: 1- 1935 .,,. .,.K-f,,W...,.,1,,., ,M ,. ,, ,, ..h..... ..,,, A., 1+ . ' . , . - HISTORY OF IRVI G Irving School was built soon after Statehood. Located on Fifth Street between Johnston and Oak Avenues, the building was a two-story red brick and quite modern for that time with steam heat and modern rest rooms. The lower floor had five classrooms and the upper, five. Two adjoining rooms had folding doors and could be thrown together for auditorium use. When the Methodist Church burned, it was used many months for their church. Irving has always had a large attendance. During the time the grades one through eight were taught the attendance was 500 to 550. This school has always excelled in athletics, especially when we had eight grades. The girls and boys basketball and football teams played many high school teams such as Roff, Davis, Francis and other, winning many trophies. Under the direction of the late Mrs. Hidges and Mrs. C. O. Barton, a Mothers' Club was or- ganized and came later to be known as Ada's first P.T.A. During the depression, l932, with the help of the Kiwanis Club, the parents and teachers fed underprivileged children two meals a day and helped clothe the needy. Many women served days making and fitting garments. The P.T.A. has always been a very active group with its work and donations. It is instrumental in our having one of the-best elementary school libraries in the state. It purchased the first movie proiector for grade schools in Ada and also the pianos. It sponsors the Camp Fire Girls and the Boy Scouts. During the scrap drive to help our government in World War Il, under the direction of the President, Mrs. Lee Higginbotham and Mr. Higginbotham, Irving School won the second prize in the state. Bonds purchased with the prize money have matured and the newest spotlight and electric water fountain were bought with the money. Many people in all walks of life started their education at Irving. One of these is an outstand- ing educator, Dr. C. Dan Procter, president of Oklahoma College for Women. Today, we have a faculty of fourteen, a well-equipped, and modern building with gymnasium combination, kitchen, infirmary and a beautiful teachers' conference room. Several former Irving students have come back to teach in Irving. Among them are: Ida Lee lHigginbothamD Dickey, Jessie Belle IEllisJ De Moss, Ida CClarkJ Meaders, now in California, Vera Hodges, California, Valera Keefe, California, Leo Massey, Viola CWestJ Elliott, Veala ICOXJ Roland and Bonnie CMitchellJ Allen. Children of many early day families got their elementary and iunior high school work in this school. Three of these are still leading citizens in the community: the H. C. Hodges family of ten, the Lee Higginbotham family of ten, and the J. Henry Collins family. Irving would like to pay a lasting tribute to J. Henry Collins, for through his ability as a leader during his many years as a member of the Board of Education and later, many good things came our way. Outstanding was the great help he gave us in getting this building in which we now operate. Some of the early day teachers were Mrs. C. O. Barton, Miss Alice Long, Mrs. McKay Peay, Mrs. Birdie Sims Gwin, Miss Catherine Edmiston, A. Floyd, A. F. Watson, Arthur Vernon, J. O. Vernon, Mamie Mims, Robert S. Kerr and Oscar Kimbrough. We are very happy that two of lrving's young men are members of the present Board of Education, Roy Young and Wayne Pitt. Another, Joe Hodges, is now city mayor. Our present faculty consists of Bonnie M. Allen, Principal, Annie Lee Stall, Jimmy R. Salyer, Virginia Evans, Annie Bolding, Viola Elliott, Dorothy Benson, Loretta Wise, Retha Magruder, Stella Reynolds, Esther Calihan, Blanche Bartlett and Doris Pegg. BLANCHE BARTLETT First and Second Grades FACLI LTY BONNIE ALLEN Principal DOROTHY BENSON Third Grade ANNIE BOLDING Fourth Grade ESTHER CALLIHAN Pen., Art, English JESSIE DEMOSS Music VIOLA ELLIOTT Fourth Grade VIRGINIA EVANS Third Grade RETHA MAGRUDER Second Grade DORIS PEGG First Grade STELLA REYNOLDS First Grade JIMMIE SALYER Fifth and Sixth Grades ANNIE STALL Reading and English LORETTA WISE Second Grade IRVING FACULTY Front row: Mrs. White, Mrs. Nelson, Evelyn Rogers. Back row: Robert Williamson, Mary Green, Bonnie Allen, Edna Wallace, Edith Fuller, Mrs. Waddlington. ,xiimwmmsgmwas ,1vma2smm.,f..m,.s,mwg LLM ,ww . m,,..L., W. Ro - ante Alexander udy Afwell Charles Byrd B bb o Y Cadenhead Ri f, Zard Carson Cheek Orlflfe R051 Cheek ayna Clark ff f 1 3 4' tw' 5' 'W K A it ,VP if -,,. ..,J FIRST GR DE ' ' X lm . I X J t Y Kidd lj? Glen Corvin . A , Kay Deaton A if Tommy Elliott 'l" all Monty Frantz "" , TQ 'ii , fig V. I I N WN -k,Vk I ,Q was A P' , . A. A Z-M1 - .5 Q. .yi . E . ..,, , all ., ,,, 1 SN ,X , its X Q ,L 'S ,.:,,,.,g W l,,, ,, ,wgpmtggi 121 .1'fI.fLbQLsi4.a: W' M.,-w 'g.,,f,,V MM Shirley Giles Judy Gennis Ann Hamernik Dewith Hauchen Fay Hilton Kay Hilton Paula Holderfield Barry Hunley l t t f 4 Q 5 f It t 5 i B , L 4 7 QM 7 I FIR T GRADE Z , MW' B 'f E "L. 4' 1 all S W, xi , 2 tiff? f if W s 1 y +0 is W i H qw? 4 Q an , f wx Ls -i , x,-, as ., ., mrmf I X , H Q.. Burl Oliver Mary Jo Overton Clifford Owens Leland Pettigrew Freddie Phillips Georgia Price Eddie Dean Reynolds Oliver Ryles Larry Stiles Clinton Sturdevant Barbara Sullivan Douglas Turner Billy Vanclegriff Phillls Williams Danny Willis + S A i 4 fQ: -if ' 4'-'f' ' '51, f- fi? . fa 1 f , iv 'ini B Lui' i 5 an f " fn 1 4 , 1 . Q if tt, A- s 5 . 4 l ieei Q - ., , i f- we t ' ', f- f. . fwsf.1-f-q-.5-,awe siff'-,:'.f3-Qiiags ' i N 32 K . Qf,-In-,j,-YQSZQ-JT' . , - 5 f V , 2 Q ., kwa T r- i" -' f I : Vhwn, 'jp w,fU:,, owls. gggi 7 , M K . , I ' if , ,. 'v G mr? + .V Ht ,-f., any s QQ lf ,S is - - sip, s L ,,.l 4 ., WV M'- I J ' w fwwg M . 56 H wiv? W ff 4 'S 1 Q4 U59 iii Q 7 ' f gi K W6 7 7 v Eg h S S v Q if 4 v - b vc ,, 4 " , . 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I . Vi, . Wm por vs I 31, , A 1 I I5 5' Janice Pal I 0 fi , J , ' ' 1. "3 ti ' gm X ' ' 'f 1 1 L, W A W -Y , V ov L ,i W 'M - N Q M, W F W gl Pwman i, 7 L"'e"Sby Rewoldslds ' if - '57 Bo bed ReYno R0 d R1ggS . " in Ran Y Rxsnel' f S I is I f Carolyn 5 1 A f ii X in Sl i s - 5- W Y vi-.05 W' " 51' Y . M , ,K A A 7 asf -- , 4 V, ' i ' 1' X ' 2 J I f-' i A H ii lf fs T W if- , K 1 X N in . Q 1 - A '--"' " DOTIUB Robens ,g' y d?" - 3 , f 353555535 fi"--' Hefschel Robens " " P J gf' gf, " i Gary Sadler . ' -.4 -lx 5 fi W i u Vicki Sape V5,Tf.?a s W i Donnie Smith A , 'V' - J, ., ,, ' YM-fall H f' iff? , ig? V, it iffy 'mm 'lllQ'53l?k5?l3x?HZ2Zi W H2535 H , ---,.f:f: X Wmwm-f" ' if S - Ronnie Sfandfidge if 5 Ronnie Smith H 1 . 4 , R, 1 'igg igzf-j f : if Wanda games 1 P ii -V ' . . ', ,Q ' Wig-.Viz . '- f E I mn. ,yr . . 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Maui.,-,,fi,,M.m,i, -lf3Ckie Ad Richard yllen Sh' 1 ,Ley Andemon SEV Cadenhead ge' Canfrell Lind C a Kay Cafsgn harles Chamb A er Uvefv Collins S a Yne Covemon Rebecca C UdY Davis Paulette Dew Linda Wa rds JOhr1ny Epley Charles E, ier Owarr THIRD GRADE ff f' G is 'N a 7 1 Wflf R or , i :2,f ' 'L ' ' he y Q1 - yr h ' kg ,.., A bv ,, ., A4 R f Mike French Christena Gardner Steve Gee Elaine Gillam Fred Gilley Jimmy Ginnis Rosetta Golden Bill Greenwood Gloria Grogan Rita Haynes Steve Hopper Shirley Ann Horton Jerry Don Howery Bob Jeter Carl Johnson HIRD GRADE Diane Robbins Bobbie Roberts Sheryl Rowell Jane Rye Jack Sape Glenda Gail Sardis Jerry Scrivner T. A. Sfarritt Eddie Tipfon Dorothy Younis Beverly White Dennis Williams Barbara Williamson Carol Willoughby Tommy Willoughby H23 g mis' 1 Bm ,1 1 Q X, 3333 l e?.,f.u, ,tvs af 5 3' M 5522 1' 9 .2.., - D A 15 - 1 1.1 Qt fftassvxs :.1 453533 w iv - A ' gif! -1 EE:'5:::ii. 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Evanz BPO,-1 Fisher T ommy Foster rfon fl n Cooper FOURTH GRADE Inez Gibson Clifford Gilliam Charles Goen Gene Gregory Edward Grissom Linda Grissom Alice Hammond Diana Haskins Lois Horton Robert Houchen George Jones Mike Lamb Freddy Lamport Rita Lamport Tommy Landrith '-1 FOURTH GRADE - -sir-Wizx as Nxcglureddox Mawammv Nia nuex 5 Nia his 'lfog auxa NNE! . aihls Ronnie Mwosxerl mov da Nmlef n Wan Ima Nels0 D23 Yes . el 05 .W s NXlChzbed PHX: sqmygs yqenftelda phxXXiP5 ma' iii if K Estelle Price Karrie Raplee Joyce Robertson Charles Scrivner Carol Standridge Joyce Terry Jimmy Tipton Thomas Turner Eva Wallis Marleene Watson Joline West David Williams Mike Williamson Billy Worcester Carolyn Wright QM.. zmstasigtwwxmmiz .wmstmsaxwaux fe.,- 'lrmqmt i.i, -inns I--I I' I I FIFTH GRADE Danny Cowart Linda Creek John Crumb Leon Efier David Floyd David Frantz Billy Jay Fr Donnie Fuller Gene Giles Michael Gilliam Jesse Ginnis Linda Henry FIFTH GR DE , 2i f ' f'f'mf1if fn f mn:-nys'-f " " "Wy H 11 14 f , f ol!V"" f lf - ' my 'I L Earl Hcxsrild Johnson 7 " ' -V RBY ' ' -.449 I , Nealha Lee , at ' V , , VL I ,V , ,VVV . 7 rl ,, , xg: -. 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SlXll'l GRADE lton Leon Hodges u Nlamn Nole Bottom row: Wayne Pitt, Sonny Carson, Woodrow S anks Second r Hugh ,losre Grlmore Merle Sun Ru y Harold Bevel Baty Daggs Srmpson Strles, Fheta Strles, Carl Richardson, Dora Opal Moran, Bill Clark, Wlnte .loe Hodges ' Allen, Prlncrpal Rrch, Bonme Jim Randen La"Y Rowell JUdy Reed Valerie Richard Connie Self Dvljlghr gmhh mgmle Siames ng Stevens a'g1n:lY Taylor h'rleY Terry Dogsey Tgmble ean Tyler Pauline Underwood Cam-Walham -mr mdell Wilmoth M iw 'WW' Dale A d U EFSOFI S . hlrley Anderson Vickie Barron V eldon Baxley Jeanerr B B Sammie L ou Carson Sharon Cur is Phillip Duty R oland Fowl Dwight French Karen Hamernik Gloria Harmon Judy Haynes Bob Lamb obby Burrows YELL LEADERS Sharon Castleberry Sandra Matthews Paula Landrith Shirley Terry Judy Reed Billie Misenhimer Anderson Anderson Anderson Beams Beams Benton Byrd Anderson V. Barton Beam Benton . Bishop D. Bray D. Byrd Carson . Carter B. Castleberry A. Carter B. Castleberry R. Cowart S. Curtis N. Deaton K. Hamernick L. Henry GIRLS GLEE CLUB S. Curtis S. Hamyston K. Hamernick G. Harmon L. Henry K. Holderfielcl P. Landrith N. Lee K. Leonard K. Lewis PEP CLUB G. Harmon K. Holdertield N. Lee K. Leonard K. Lewis W. McGuire G. Myers S. M W. B. G P. G J. C. J. Matthews McGuire McGuire Misenhimer Myers Norton Pettigrew Pittman Price Reed D. Nelson G. Pettigrew C. Price V. Richards J. Rye J. Pittman C. Standridge Reed Richard Starnes Stevens Terry Turner Turner Underwood Underwood Walker A. Stevens J. Terry C. Turner B. Walker L. West B. White C. West ONE CHRISTMAS A Christmas Operetta by All Grades 'ii-W GIRLS BASKETBALL 1928 Pauline Pitts Ruby Hill Letha Richmond Idalie Higginbotham Maggie Gunter Cenderilla Allred Bernie Hargis, Coach Kiwanis Junior Police FOOTBALL TEAM Bill Clark Leon Hodges Fred Barringer Tommy Hoyle Sammy Smith Lois Chatrell Kennet Wood Joe Hodges Beller Baty Daggs V,,-W--- . . l- l k. gd BASKETBALL First row: R. Clark, W. Coventon, D. Floyd, M. Lamb. Second row: T. Matlock, J. any as if Wilmoth, J. Alexander, D. Williams, T. Landrith, K. Simpkins, G. Self. Third row: J. Randel, T. Manuel, B. Worchester, R. Fowler, G. Phillips, D. Northcutt. Fourth row: W. Wilmoth, B. Lamb, J. Randel, D. Cowart, D. Nelson, J. Salyer, Coach. FOOTBALL First row: D. Williams, D. Frantz, R. Clark M. Lauch, T. Landrith, W. Coventon, J. Alexander, G. Self, D. Floyd, R. Johnson. Second row: B. Warcester, G. Ragland, D. Williams, K. Simpkins, J. Wilmoth, R. Fowler, C. Self, D. Trimble, J. Randell, D. Northcutt. Third row: D. Cowart, L. Rawell D. Nelson, B. Lauch, J. Starnes, J. Randell, W. Wilmoth, G. Phillips, J. Salyer. 1 TRACK First row: M. Lamb, D. Williams, B. Moran T. Adams, M. Click, G. Corbin, J. Scrivner Second row: P. Duty, R. Burnett, G. Lamb T. Starrett, L. Hickey, R. Garrett, C. Ham- bers, R. Reynolds, F. Gilly, H. Roberts, W Coventon, R. Arter. Third row: G. Ragland K. Phillips, J. Ballard, J. Brassfield, H Phillips, T. Landrith, G. Jones, B. Greenl Turner, D. Williams, B. Fry. Fourth rowi S. Taylor, R. Mathis, J. Bailey, J. Crumb, D. Bell, D. Frantz, K. Simpson, D. Williams, R. Clark, G. Self, D. Floyd, D. Barrett, J. wood, M. Oakes, S. Gee, T. Foster, T Alexander. Fifth row: D. Taylor, D. Fuller R. Fowler, G. Phillips, T. Manuel, C. Self, J. Randell, B. Worcester, Mr. Salyer, coach. Sixth row: D. Northcutt, B. Burrows, L. Lathum, C. Green, T. Matlock, D. Cowart, D. Nelson. I 1 GLE WOQD H YNZW' 23 1 K V ' ,1:Wf'W,5v, 7. -A if G , 'R I BUILDINGS 1917 1914 1953 M., W, ,Afffff Eff' nk,-ff' V, mf" sm+s:.:m.wssgwfwM -f 1 HISTORY OF GLENWOOD Glenwood School, now located between Bluff Avenue and Glenwood Park on Tenth Street, was called Park School. On September 9, 1914, the contract for the first building to bear the name of Glenwood was awarded to S. L. Van Guron. It was a two room frame building, built at a cost of 51200. The building, still in use, now houses the Board of Education on South Stockton. October 5, the building was ready for use and Mrs. Lida Herriott was elected principal. Mrs. Mary McCoy, who had been teaching in the high school, transferred to the school as primary teacher. Two years later, William E. Branch became principal, and was succeeded by Mrs. McCoy the next fall. Mrs. McCoy continued as prin- cipal until 1925. ln September 1917, a new two story brick building with a full sized basement was occupied. There were eight classrooms, and later a room in the basement was fitted up for a classroom and an auditorium made also in the basement. This building was located on Main Street south of the present building. The faculty that year included Mrs. McCoy, principal, Buenos Phillips, Mrs. Will Gray, Katherine Brooks, Leona Chauncey, Pollye Stanfield, Lena West and Callie Mae Swaffer. Other principals at Glenwood have been Charles F. Spencer, 1926- 1928, C. W. White, 1929-1934, Howard P. Rice, 1935-1945, and Mrs. Nicey Vickers since 1946. ln 1953 the present one story light brick building, the newest and most modern in the Ada City School system, was occupied. It contains nine classrooms, an infirmary, office, conference room, and an all- purpose room which doubles as an auditorium and a gymnasium. The school enrollment stays between 250 and 300 and there are eight mem- bers of the faculty and the principal. A balanced curriculum including art, music and physical education is provided. The school has an active P.T.A. and sponsors Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. FACU LTY FACULTY 1927 FACULTY T928 Front row: Likie Herndon, Elsie Felton, Front row Marusene Evans Lee Marlorie Hazel Hansard. Second row: Ann Lip- Hatch Hazel Hansard Faye Laird Back strue, Lowell Turner, Anna Laura Hill. row Elsie Felton Anna Llpestrela Third row: Lula Branscome, Charles Charles Spencer Mrs Harris Pearl Spencer, Mrs. Madeline Larmer. Overturf MYRTLE FARMER Music LORENE GRAVES Second Grade IRENE HAGAR First Grade CRAIG MCBROOM Arithmetic, Social Studies ORA MCKENDREE Third Grade RUTH OPTON First Grade ELELINE PARRISH Second Grade JESSIE SALYER Art NICEY VICKERS Principal FIRST GRADE wwf L ajgzfqngelly D155 ld Beech Carol . F Bobll: Sue Butler 5 H3961 be V V Canis ,-,- + Oynrfie - Q ce Chadwi k , C Nw Q Q Ny 5 ,. 2 "ru E "'N-up ""-'-,Fl -1 ik v-'R N-:Q W x Na, x w.-.ry s "' N. fl QT P 'CGW V M 5 is any if --f y 'fxxmi . . yi Patricia Chism Frankie Cope Patricia Fletcher Nancy Fulsom Norma Gayle Henry Cecyl Hooser Ronald Henry Laren Jolley Alicia Lynn Kazimir Lynda Carol Keeling Ronda Kimrey Sharon Laxton Wanda Lmdsay HeXen Lycia M121 4' wi! Vfggfnia Allen Grol Ed lin A-rbluckle dig Blsh Ca ,Glyn gp Xfne Clira gurls' 655 Fer ' me Le e Ke 'x nnefh C Cass offey Llllard 3 Q MU! N'--...A 5? ECOND GR DE W .1 ,JF 112 W 1109 Rita Evans Mary Ann Ficklin Andrew Fowler James Frick Mike Gray Judy Ellen Gurley Michael Bert Harrison Eddie Hayes new sd? Jerry Hemingway Reba Hensley up Donna Hill Larry Huffman SECOND GR DE 50 M ri' I Hman . ,, Um-la Hllfnn Hufley ' , ' 'dw , Leekafen wllegee jordan L f va L f 94 ' ' f v l fa I, 7 x , 3 ll x Johrm v4 aa- gt:-xg . 3 ,J5f,,W V "'I h' W v i l V nfl, j E i f 9, - Lamb C Khenyye - A' . I -I Oil 6 ladle minion 1-. " Bob Ma Nlayhafl y c ,icjiff M Sharon L iw Q M' A 1 'JL l 1 41 vi' ,-is Glenn McCraw Jerry Don Moss li? 5 wwf? Sandra McNeil -ug, James Morris Richard Odom Howard Rutledge Larry Rutledge ..-gn ik Tony Sarrett Michael Lee Skaggs Deborah Taylor Larry Waters Danny Williams pf' wg-audi is THIRD GRADE Wd' if , fl ,,, L 'N il' 'Wil Jerry Dewayne Duty Linda Kay Ellis Rex Ellis Jean Ficklin if fx Nelda Forehand Susan Furlong Larry Gentry Dryl Henry Colleen Hodges Patricia Jones Henry Lindsey Lonnie Lyda THIRD GRADE ,, W W , In fn, 2 ,,,....-H!" Dale Riggs Hobart Roberts Sue Roden Carolyn Sue Ryan Jimmy Sampson Janea Beth Stephens Connie Alene Siuard Bobby Sweet Joe Tatum David Thompson Karen Vandegriff Pat Wood of 4 f , n,. I "'iH,,. 7 , A M K Q .4 1 . , if M lk 4 M-ly WR' Qs W- TTT' A X wwe Sue d a xNo0 OOYSQYN NNaxNXCNXas1erS Donna Moore Eiaine ooh Od om yarn' page Tommy paxnief I ., fi inn , 'I , 'TGIF AY .,,. , Jeff? kie vmxuvs XC yn, RX, I W -4. '-.J " iw. ,wg 3 WX , I i ,Wa M 44 ff' my 2 x , j ':" I , as " af- K 'Q Q ff -af lf ew .,,, U am , 2 FOURTH GRADE RZ: Allen M l Z'Zr1ArbUckfe P a Archer eggy si 'wi " l Jager Bishop A exif Brechean J .. fe Canis l 'W MRL lmmy Choefe N www N fl x X l f ,Y XR C . .H V- J 8 J 1531: 5 ,L L Q -we my 5 ,G 'Wu - a 'Tl g i g , f ,, if in V W 4 ' , Vg N g f A V L,,. Ku, F .ff -ww K 4'-V fx 1 6' Sherlyn Eaves Jerry Gentry Wanda Goodman James Gore Ronnie Houston Jimmy Huffman Albert Hurley Janice Jolley FOURTH GRADE , fl? , il , my Gd I if M 'H Eg? f wi my X w Judy Newton Bill Painter Carolyn Phillips Craigy Pollock Jerry Roden Bill Shope Gary Vanzant Jerry Don White ey Brown W 1 y Bundy A rie Callis Max Cha a ricia All y Arpel Jack e N xv., Www. 1' Ric ard Bone J -f 'WMQ iw Pt en 1 1 'K Shirle ar ' B II H -ah- dwick IEY MIF3Zr?'OC00Pe' 'ix if hh. :,' ' in P, -Q, 5 . 4 1. F Q-ac ,buf 41 FIFTH GRADE I J 'H U A ffv lam- l ,aw e,Omgi1Q,eda num M Ju Patrllila MCCO M.. JM' ,M ff-:ff ww 1-mr .. llirlfv Francizygljyurray S Be Paula -lo Nwer Xl jimmy Pmke Jimmy Powell Harris Ryan Jerry Shilling Ki' Sandra Standridge Jn i x Billie Sweet e Q' 5 if :-. an 55 Palsy Sweet 1 l1,. ' Diana Taylor V A H 4 ,Z -lUdY TaYl0f ' I . 'll - ga .Y y if mm Louis Welch Billy Williams Eula Vay Johnson David York M, lrll In -.ff-Mfr' 'V my 1 we 'M if , 1- if 3 ? M Z7 Allen L5 Qllen . 'Beach Ffgd J SVIQ' B. J 'Sh oe Blakeqp fN"?Wllw IXTH GRADE Jo Ellen Blish Behy Jo Bolin Barbara Brown Bruce Brown Jo Ann Ellis Bill Grubbs Doris Faye Harlin Glenn Henry Stella Hill Donna Hodge Janis Johns Billy Johnson SIXTH GRADE X Jr ,QW -S 9 if sf,1,f,v7g in 'ww I vifieliz fo- xv' 'df' 'Y Bill McNeil Patricia Monroe Deanna Newton Mike Redden Leon Rhoades Richard Stegall Bobby Trench Bobby Van Schuyver Jerry Yarberry jpr' 'X Q, -Q E' :Q , Y , lr, . BarbHfahiTZ111mif Sie? Laxqgn Q LBTLY ggv Levefei 9 . UndS9Y virginia. Manuex Bonnie WiiZGU3fe BAN Kaskie ,ierrv MC avi '4"9' Q ,I 5 .,,., THE CHAPEL WINDOW Christmas Program QQ' LQ? RWE' THE UFE OF STEPHEN FOSTER IN SONG An Opereha ,WW , .EM ,. W, ,. ..,. Q0 fi? AN UNHAPPY KING An Operetta GIRLS GLEE CLUB Arplar Blish Brown Cope Ellis Harlin, Hodges Johns Jones Levereft V. Lindsey P. Monroe P. Myers D. Newton K. Ryan P. Sluder S. Standridge B. Sweet P. Sweet D. Taylor J. Taylor -1 aah' ,QM wh ,- , GIRLS BASKETBALL First row: D. Newton McBroo Johns. J. Ellis, P. Monroe. Second row: m, coach: B. Jones, M. Allen, J w is his , P. Harlin, P. Leverett, Mr. A54 'Qfd-awk 'F' PEP CLUB M. Allen Levereft J. Bishop Lindsey J. Blish Mann B. Brown Monroe C. Cope Myers S. Eaves Newton J. Ellis Phillips D. Harlin Ryan D. Hodge Sluder J Johns Standridge B. Jones Taylor Taylor ,H- r--lf'-W '--' iw- --fi ------ - - -vf----V - ., Q. W . .,--vf BASKETBALL First row: J. Wood, J. McKaskle, B. McGuire, D. York, J. Powell. Second row T. Brown, L. Rhoades, G. Henry, J. Yar- berry, B. Brown. KM wsrfifiith " .sw-P 'M Mfr 14- Jsft:if"f'5 iff? T. Z J jfjlfnf V H gf", 7 AQ if 754 FK ,by-1514 9, ,,",f fxvkliasldik -1, iw. " xIfFf..'-'h""AJ4,.1'a'f' 11 sfgsy.. 1 1.14 .. Q Mx' Arwen '- gy y 7.'..+- 3 .,. 4 ., Ag it 4. FOOTBALL First row: B. Bundy, B. Brown, L. Rhoades D. York, B. McGuire, J. Davidson, B. Fisher J. Wood. Second row: T. Brown, J. Pickett B, McNeil, J. McKaskle, J. Powell, J Shilling, B. Van Schuyver. Third row: B. Murray, M. Redden, R. Stegall, M. Coley, G. Cooper, G. Henry, R. B. Beach, Coach, Craig McBroom. " ' - I .' ,141 . - Y-L' , .gif- 1' :Taffy " f. , ' ii," Qu A-LL.. A JS 'M V , 1-'YN -- . , rf , f ,W . s . I - .1 . hy , , gawk Ly-4 .H I V f PL in . g TRACK First row: F. Bletz, J. Ryan, J. Roden, F. Fugerson, D. Riggs, J. Wood, M. Skaggs, G. Van Zant, R. Ellis, P. Wood, J. Choate, D. York. Second row: R. Houston, J. Gen- try, C. Pollock, M. Coley, B. Williams, R. Christy, R. Allen, B. Fisher, M. Callis, W. Beach, L. Oclarn, T. Odam. Third row: L. Rhodes, J. McKaskle, T. Brown, L. Laxton R. Beach, J. Davidson, L, Ellis, B. Atkinson D. Newton. Fourth row: Mr. McBroom coach, B. VanSchuyver, B. Trench, R. Stegall, T. Boyd, M. Pruitt, B. Murray, G. Henry, J. Yarberry, B. Brown, M. Redden. 1 1 V , . J, ,, M ,, M li Wm! lim PWM 15 mam li will 5 ww ,ie www ' ? Q, W new is ' me - www H Www A .,., ,.,,L , . 1 J is ana- '-fk.. Lag. EM gs fa: , 7 ':2: ,.g- M. , - H f ,Egg L 5 . 15, nw as px N W is sm H Z,-M45 u' Q .Q 2 SEN H N an 4 will .A P ,Q v.L,,.L, A. ww: M : ,"-- f- ., ,: W ..,:. 3 f if l 9 Hz ..,. , uuuulluuuf ,K ' V S 1 Q Q 2 In El, mf 1 v mga 7 f ill! WA HI GTC .un Af... Hum gg. W... BUILDINGS M . mg? in-.. WMM 'iw Ulm 532551: aww! 1938 M- muzyrwi' WSW .:.LL:-'NU pl. z f v ,zhiwffiflc-V' -yn J .wx-Wlfwf A MW' w?vA:M92?'QszzJs5a:z.1ax.4wi25i7Ef?-i?if?!S3' iXS4fM1-' 'W i""W6'Wi1 HISTORY OF WASHINGTON SCHOOL Washington was adopted as the name of the ward school in the fourth ward on October 3, 1921. The first faculty-elected June 3, 1921 for the 1921-22 term included: Jim Hodge, principal Mrs. J. W. Marian Miss Mabel McKeel Mrs. Jessie Bagley Mrs. Annie Byrd Miss Irba McCullach Mrs. Nona Pickens Cresigned 9-6-21, replaced by Miss Mildred Derr, resigned 2-6-22-replaced by Mrs. Paul Payne.J Mrs. Grace Van Eaton Miss Lela McCallister Mrs. Grace Tolbert was added to the faculty at the beginning of the second semester. Mr. Hodge served as principal through the 1922-23 term, resigning 9-3-23. K. W. Harris elected 9-3-23. He served as Washington Principal for 1923-24, then was transferred as high school principal. James O. Seger elected as Washington Principal 6-20-24 but resigned on 8-4-24. A. D. Patton was elected 8-4-24 and served as Washington Principal for one year C1924-25j. A. Floyd was elected 4-13-25 and served as principal fifteen years. W. Burgess Steed became Principal September 1940, resigned in December to take a position at East Central State College. Finis Morrison came to Washington, December 1940, and has been Principal since that time with the exception of sixteen months duty in World War Il. In this sixteen months period the principals were Ray Stegall and Miss Neva Kennon. For the Year 1955-56, the faculty were twelve in number with an enrollment of 388. FACU LTY Principal RUTH ENGLAND Second Grade VELMA LEE GRIMES First Grade LOIS HOLMES Music EVELYN HOPPER Third Grade NELL K. JONES First Grade JEWELL LITTLE Second Grade ELO RA MATTH EWS Fifth Grade VERA MCREYNOLDS Art and Penmanship PEARL SCHENCK Second Grade HELEN SMITH Third Grade BURKE STANDRIDGE English, Math, Science FACULTY OF l925 First row: Atfie Kimbrough, Vera Grant, Susanne Holman, Frances Skerritt, Beulah Timberlake. Back row: Harvey Faust, Mrs. J. E. Garrett, Annie Byrd, Pearl Overturfj Opal Little, Kathleen Smith, A. D. Patton, Principal, Lee Hargis. f .,..- E by A ,S-1 kgkiy ..-,. 4 if kg.. 2 a if If 3 .. stat., 11' it FIR T GRADE M., Judith Akin m,.,,L VL,.: . La,., , 4 ? Gin? Aus" ' J? ' X , Te 'Wen ' K no amfs Beesle ,Mi ' ' ea J, . Grlbe,, Br Y ' J J 4 I 4 a"d"" 4 , M-5 ' 1 ex In mx A I I ,I A A J Q A2 1 .1 Y A , ?" kY'if 'Z Pagfsfeeden 1251 i fa 'J . C. 5 X X N Ever? Brewer zz '- Xu A awd Buxr , Tomm on w e X X Brent! Cason 5 1 A J 3 Caudle " 1 , ,E Q-W., S XT f P , J -'UI cook , J 'J Joyce Corvin A ' egry Glance , , UI? Ann Haley K LQ f affy Half yy J. 1 L 1? L ,.,. y XLLL- X J an E65-gglfxkygv 4 I 'HQ ga n I v " fl M? . ' W I fs 5.- -'-- Q A 1 4 gy K K J ,- . ' mAA' A K -I iv . are J ,ra I K Ronald Harp 'V jg : 4 , l H .L r V 1 U 'Y A my V Ricky Henderson ici , J W no J ii Caxndy Hssmi-TH hl ii: -'59 5 W V ' AA" J A a'Y U' 0 N4 'A I Larry Hooper ,.., .kg 5, X Q , 5 , 1 "1-"f 5 if W I Johnny Howard .. '-5 Kenny Howard ,igg, zq, Y - - -4, is f - gg '1 A M-ke J h 'K i r ' 0 'Bon i Roben Kennedy ' N IV lr 7 Ki'--. James Kifer if-L" ' A f ' . ff ,f, ' 'L . gi K 3? IFJ' is e si 5 w if 'VR z i Roger Kitchens Diane Lefle11 4 A David Lester V 1 Teresa Little if S 33 Judy Lungard L2 J It f fm? i f ' Jikerwgsvl 1922, .. J ,iffamag -.or r.i.,7,,,, HRST GRADE f rf ww Carl Smith David Smith Eddie Smith Sharon Smith Robert Span Judy Teel Robert Tharp Sandra Thomas Karen Thompson Gary Threlkeld Judy Vandever Jerry Whittle Cathy Williams David Willoughby Richard Witherill D , 'ht f f. Qggggzfsity :gl X .gears i ,- t rw. is Q - - fp 4 i . ,E .wi . A ln. .. , ip i 4 1 w ".,,,,.?V ki f HNCY Carol 2JXcCNC:cCormeY Cm YW Mcgahil Nlounda MC-Nlnch on Lisa Nl'-Pham U t 3' si it 4 X W V7 .ng 'wmv Nlanm Y ll Cav0lYn,M:AnOr:is l' 5hirleY Rama yyly,y y M ' 2 2, E ot- R bins0f' DOQXY :OWEN n 8 immmf mia shamblm 4 M , w t. A R R i "3-N in ,a if up Lf lk L....,,Q,'F E 5 r h H 2 to I W 'f i elf' e l 2 W liie iw ii Q 4 44" . 'K VA S , , " f V lf l ff 5 t ,V . 3 A ,. . ,Q lk i X 2 12 Z l at ,Q R ' K V if ' S ' V H VT if gg? l A l' L My . ie. 3 fi' , 'f W E M Y a l' if :gi ..., 7 K E xi, Vi ,I w H K H at 1 W Maw N W .-at H ta ' wi R '5 . it 5 iQ 'gl' 53 " l W f' . it 5' W X, . X X Q3 fs T R Y X f PM 2 , X X XQXX , 1, X,,YA.X? ., fv Ava K XTXXX. ,, .X,. ,E X X Q Y xx or M X ff, 1 X f . X . x X Q X D GRADE F ' "' 09 XnCiffx'x,ffX X Q: QXWXQQ 'A 9' sf X X X X zap? ' 2 -' - 1 46. If rf yf ' V ., K ,-,Xfw fx L., , - X, . fx fy, ag-4, . ' fix? fffk ' as Q X' 1 V fo 'f . ., ,ww - f X f , f ,. ,,,, ,M fx 4 .Xj V, ,935 ,, -V XX, nw ,, we fl XX n X ' 1 1 f ,, a , a Fax , N, ,Y f ,Q c 3, Q X r K fy? 3 x X gm Xf 2 X in W? 'X 9, as Xa X ,X K W 2X x Q X a 3 XR, MKMQQX .aww 9 ' 2? ,,, f iii? wi 1 Sharon Hampton Jackle Harris Carol Sue Hnckey Randy Holman Jerry Don Hooper Brenda Knrby Alan Lamb Pam Leighton Q' fx ' " , x. x, wx , X5 .X f 6 - X Xi X 9 i wma X w V f Q X xb 'XXX YQ X 5 'HE X' A f Y , Q 6 ,, ., C A 'Ya J 'Y 2 'K Q x 5 A 4 Wfl9fiQ.:"iif , " ' z f Xma ,f ff. M, A ,A 1, -ze Q31 Q f 6, J W fy! 9 09 A J ,Y W X, X V , , , 4 4 Q ff Q fi ,,, SECO D GR ADE Mike Schwartz Tommy Scroggins Alan Smethers Mack Smith Judi Stiegler Betty Taylor Gary Teel Ricky Tharp Diane Theimer Jana Vallery Richard Vestal Pam Voss Bobby Waters Diana Whitney Patty Whitney Dennis Wilson Suzan? Lrgnahan ' A. Barbara Manmng Judy Nloals ia NxurPl'WY Palfecoe Owlvrage Breiwdjdy Pendergrass o W we 'lame' at-larr0ll Rhoads ds oil Rh0a Kargdana Roberts L. ww.awwrmmww,-wee.wtmwA11wm,we, pawemwwwaewl. James C?'0l Allen egfv Allen any Bailey Abbot: Terry Gylene Befhune '38 Jo Black ar biifa Bradford THIRD GRADE Belly Bryan Beverly Bryan Pam Cane Karen Cason Marilyn Cass Lynna Gail Chapman Nancy Childers Karen Collier Davey Collings Gayle Corvin Vicki Dillion Linda Dveney THIRD GRADE n .Kal I f aw- an s h ' 7, X, - ll. WW? sf W ' ,wg ' H 3 WW, K, y 1 rrry W To ll""nmy'W9 ' N s ,s Mike CJYBY HargfaVeS Sue l-Ynn ll 'ff A Houston 9' anna d l Lind? Hogfkphfev RickY Hume, J ne . U Sharon Kin!! f W in-M' . wig xx 1 if " -wr. ,ZW ,. 'ew ,Iv X , w . . renew ,on a-..M ll xfxlix' ' ' f Nlelvln 'ne l-elglq fl fl I A A Roglgzliron Leslel ' 5 M 'il' xaffxf levlhi Lufidgal f 5 W3 G Nxaf9a .ai :. H,,,,, K ,,, g, M i .s l I H iw, s W' 5 Jia' 9 ' , "Q -iz f V 17" W Q I T .ww Don Mavch -- ' 1 i"'i -Q ' 1 DannY Meadefs W' 'V ' ' ' "4 'W i"is'w,,2, I .J 'R M Brown Morris 1 5 N ,Q , Rickey Mvskev .- "" A W 'fi ' Peter Paul Peek 1-iff s 44? " , , W V - Q mf W ,ff if ,. f K ,A Q ,f V ,, L ,yr M X, yr is .A-. M ' X ' Mary Ann Ross Phyllis Sca1es Johanna Smiih Mary Ann Thomas Bobby VanBuskirk vw "iv Joe Vandever Sherry Walker If ' Greg Watson -rm Y Q Susie Whitehead , Ronnie Wilson g 1, 1 v, I . ,Q of - 1- is N X -40 rv' W A FCLIRTH GRADE Sue Gray Sandy Hagan Lynda Hall Owen Haney Chris Hankins Rita Harp Laura Howard David Kelley Dale Lamb Janet Lee Diane Lewis Richard Little , ' ' H5 LV- ...if FOURTH GRADE fr X ff? Q +f..'M'1' ' 41" t , zfgfxv f':w.1'i'11 1377552 M fy, Www? Y., F, " K -I J 7, wif f s, 1 L c l. A iff ,A Q f 4 , 1.1 of ' - 1 t 1 f C ' ,lm f 1.4. , X . ef' Bobby Ramer Darrell Rhoads Farrell Rhoads Geary Schwartz Donna Scott John Scott Warren Scott Paula Shiplett ix f , S MW M 4 K y fl MM! . y Q, M 4,5 gp cc 'SN M1 Q, A , ,a wir 'f 4 5 MW 7 Katl'1Y Nl cD3nlel Mil: razosllzders acandv Menasco Janls Nl l.arrY oore Nlort0f' Charles Murphy 1' f , M' M Tommie Neal 1 ,gl Null X . A "' ' gg' QW rc W' P if K I-1 ,W - Neighbm Eddie . Sfeve Nlmmc? U ,W-MQ papmea Hamgry Penner '32 X ,S X -ak ' ls? nf 5 i "' 'Sify l Qc if l X 'fllil J- Sifllj -5. l "5 1 451? "', :5f: ,fj:: I -fl pg , L .A,., . A I Jvwsmw -gr l p 1 fd? News e FL :ef- Ronnie Smith " we ,, ff 1 of .-' 2 l M. 'K ' - r..e- 1 P Q rar., Paula Taylor I g ,l'r or ll 2 . S J ' - Paulme Taylor " S . ,. - -- J- aya? . fj?Q eL'f lah' . 'S . 4 ':- -, 'lf ' , Karen Thelmer I A -5- . 4132 " . ' K Russell Vestal F ' fi ' , 3 T355 1 J -we Valerle Wooten 'L j gi A . ff - . f , Q - 2' - ,W 1 :Qi ' ' Y W, Bull Young H K v"'? QQ, my , Wigs .e.. L :': . "",I.:':f,5 . l - . gl g Hgfiif -' . 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X 5 -V2 W ' ii ,.,. Q' .A 5 I A Lge fi, W, ' , t on l ":, ,V w , ,Qs A ge -wr f 1 ' L 5 f "M f ft' , L k 'Q 'iw , if JS N3 ...A ' V: ' any 4 4? 1 4' xy Q 3 ff P' .M X f M , if Osborne Leonard ' -' 'L - , 'AY fa -'ff gear , I I, 5 QL ie Er in ,. ,kk A , are f 1 Becky McPherson K -L.. . nl av Betty Melton V "-. V V' 'I' , ft -,,..::f:muaQr.,5 :Q .es fr he ji 7 meg Sa A ,L K, K A 4, If-if in 5 Q, ,B 5 'Q X l 2 1 H . j , f lerr , L f r eere I Q43 il, Z y, . ,. . L X N ag L ...rf J .rky - rlry f Jack Nimmo Carroll Nix Steve Smethers Marilyn Smith Donna Soward Lynn VanBuskirk Jack Whitehead Gloria Willuams fur , L - , X 1 -Pa f,.f KING AND QUEEN of the CARNIVAL Jo Ann Corbin Gary Hensler GIRLS GLEE CLUB E. Abbott D. Black D. Brandon B. Bryan C. Campbell L. Campbell A. Chailders S. Cooper S. Cummings M. Dicus L. Dunn J. Ebey M. Gouge J. Granger S. Gray L. Hall S. Howard BOYS GLE Allen Burns Capps Clawson Collings Emory Fulton Gibson Hink Hoover Jones J. Jones L. Lanier L. Lundgaard N. McClung B. McPherson B. Melton J. Norris C. Scates C. Smith M. Smith D. Soward G. Stephens G. Tingle L. Van Buskirk S. Wallis G. Williams M. Wooten E CLUB T. McCarty D. McCortney J. McKeel W. Moore J. Nimmo C. Nix J. Owens W. Scott S. Smith G. Williams E. Wheeler FIRST GRADE OPERETTA R. Bennett B. McNeil M. Mattock D. Parry G. Hyden D. Wood O. Morrison J. Jenkins B. Jones J. McKoy G. Grisham J. Shaffer T. Berch S. Shaft A. Kline B. Neal M Potts 1945 B. Floyd P. Sams S. Rose J. Peteson N. Jones N. Guest V. Walston C. Allen D. Hickey V. Goins K. Boyd L. Cunnungham J. Reeves B. Morgan C. Lawson P. Harris FIRST GRADE 1945 CSENIORS of 19571 First row: W. McQuaid, J. P, Jones, J. Bills, F. Lewis, D. Tucker. Second row: B. Wood, R. Morgan, B. Roper, C. Macsas, S. Walsh. Third row: J. Emory, J. Howard, K. Hudson, B. Peek, J. Cantwell, D. Scott. Fourth row: C. Buston, D. Barlett, S. Gluckman, G. Stephens, K. Berry, C. Jones, R. Anderson, N. Floyd, J. Ross. Fifth row: G. Alsbach, G. Stephens, G. Allen, H. Broadrick, Teacher, Mrs. Evans. FIRST GRADE OPERETTA 1946 Scarecrow-C. Buxton, McGregor-J. P Scarecrow - C. Buxton, McGregor - J P. Jones, Beans - B. Roper, D. Tucker, W. McQuaid, J. Cantwell, F. Lewis, B. Peek, G. Allen, Carrots - S. Walsh, J. Bills, J. Emory, J. Ross, K. Hudson , J. Howard, G. Alsbach, Lettuce - C. Macsas, R. Morgan, N. Floyd, C. Jones, G. Elsom, D. Bartlett, C. Parker, S. Gluckman. FIRST GRADE 1913 AN EASTER PROGRAM Don Scott Barbara Au1en Kay Cheafwood Ruth Anderson Heard Broadrick KING PUDDINHEAD THE FIRST CAn operetta by the fifth grade, Feb. 28, 1950, now seniors of 1957.1 J. McKoy D. Scott J. V. Goins B. Padberg J. Preston B. Mullins L. Lanier G R. Morgan D B. Floyd C. J. Ford J. G. Wilcox G N J. Emory A B. Nesbitt O H. Broadrick McDaniels P. Jones Lundgaard Cunningham Macsas FIa11 Hyden Fleet Loman Howard Izard Floyd Stidham Morrison FOOTBALL Front row: E. Brandon, T. McCarty, L. Morris, C. Hoover, J. Hoover, W. Moore, B. Gibson, G. Williams. Second row: J. Owens, L. Collins, G. Capps, S. Smethers, E. Wheeler, D. Jones, D. McCortney, L. Murphy. Third row: Mr. Standridge, coach, C. Nix, J. McKeel, M. Wooten, O. Leonard, J. Nimmo. 4' it'i4'4"4'V"tL""fL"'.4,"i4, ggggfjszsggsifg .. J. . . . VL, , A 'xv D cs 1" 4 . A. ,. W ,. .. . . . . 1 'N nn. gl .., Q., TRACK First row: B. Blanks, T. Neal, D. Lamb, H. Popinean, R. Vestal, S. Nimmo, M. Gray, J. Scott, B. VanBuskirk, G. Watson, D. Collins, G. Fain. Second row: L. Morris, C. Hoover, D. Dering, J. Abbott, K. Conn, P. Free, E. Neighbors, J. Allen. Third row G. Williams, J. Nimmo, E. Wheeler, J Hoover, W. Moore, L. Collins, J. Owens B. Standridge, coach. Fourth row: G. Capps T. Criswell, D. McCortney, C. Nix, B Southard,- B. Gibson. Fifth row: T. McCarty, D. Jones, G. Gonge, J. McKeel, O, Leonard ki.. 'fjt-Q, BASKETBALL First row: L. Collins, C. Hoover, J. Owens, B. Gibson, W. Moore, E. Brandon. Second row: L. Morris, S. Smethers, M. Wooten, J. Hoover, D. McCortney, O. Leonard, Mr. Standridge, coach. Q K YQ . .Y , W , - V' A ,Ai K I f. 5 A 59 , ,I 21 f 'L ' -? f I ii as S Hi 2 5 , 'Hs 'fm ,f , 1 +5 , I - f Mff,,, Av . - 1 A . 4595? 2 ,gym " Lmw Mfylfw 'Al E X Y N? wM '- 1 my 5 V ,gf 7 ,, X W 5 Q 'NW 5 ig 1 Q Q , fm, ,LQ M WMM 5 , , kwkk as f-K . . wr 5 ' gf' f Z. 5 fl' 1 a -,Q-ska' Q M vel' 'lf -nf 9546: ' ' Zf7:iff- K' A' f M374 H? -.1:- fri :if-f":f: 21,5441 ap-1-,F 5:Wi,.,i 9 P M Y , . Z, y I ,L., K V f , -- ai ' , ' K ' smzlifwufwifia' 6 , XIJMQ4-aww.. ,gi W i,,'j i L v'.s i-12251-Qffgv, f,afm .V , ., - -' 4 'Y ILLARD E' Eu 2 Q ?l Q LY 3 5 E rin, BUILDINGS o 1953 KYWWQW W W1-fmuwef1Wggw'QM.,Jg,1,,v,.:1g5fsQgs1.-wfswgvwfwzgmy.7as W. 1 MQW ,.,,. MMM-w , .W,4,,.M,,m, M ,,,M,d.,,,,.,,W .M .,,W.,,1f HISTORY OF WILLARD It was the East Side School when built in 1908 until the end of the school year 1912-1913, when the name was changed to Willard on petition of the Patron's Club. The present Willard School building is located at 830 East Ninth Street in the Northeast corner of the block. When the first building was built on this site it faced the tenth street side, and was located in the southeast corner of the block. It was a small frame building. In the beginning they had the first eight grades. ln 1928 the seventh and eighth grades were included in the Junior High and only the first to the sixth was left in Willard. The water supply for the first school came from a well located half way between the southeast and the northeast corners of the block. The old Willard building was built in 1908-1909. lt was the second building erected on this site. The new Willard Grade School building was built in 1949-1950 and was occupied during the first weeks of November, 1950. On November 21, 1950 we held open house. This first unit contained nine classrooms, infirmary, teachers' lounge and principal's office. In October 1952 construction was begun on the second unit which added three more classrooms making a total of 12 classrooms. Also a music room and an all purpose room. This was open in the school year of 1953-1954. At first the East Side School had four teachers. Later when the Wil- lard School was built there were eight teachers. Then when the' seventh and eighth were sent to Junior High there were only six teachers. After the present building was finished the enrollment reached an average of 300. We now have 12 teachers. Names of the principals of Willard building since the school was established: 1. Miss Nell Rees 2. Mr. Robert Bradley 3. Mr. George Sims 4. Mr. A. D. Bolton 5. Mr. L. S. Wright 6. Mr. H. M. Zimmerman 7. Mr. A. R. Wallace 8. Mrs. Antoinette D. Huff LT Ya a ri GEORGIA MCCORD First Grade FLORA MCREYNOLDS Art, Fifth Grade MAVIS QUINCY Third Grade AZALIA REEVES Third Grade SELMA SMITH Special Education WESS SMITH Physical Education Sixth Grade ANNAGAIL STI DHAM Fourth Grade EDNA WALLACE Sixth Grade MABLE WILLIAMSON Fourth Grade FIRST G RADE B abby Baile J. y C2,B'aCkb fy Bmnd I Mona Browe Urn fl Rosemary B B Y rglji pate: I lip C-limo cynrhfa Cog 6 Hg...4L u i . eQ . zW ,f i?i2l i a a Q .M,iQ' af Hai1Z.iQ,,i.,.ff1 kia 'Wik Su :Zn Accra UI All Lefifiaezrm Sffong elf ILE Mike Copeland Randall Cox Norma Culbertson Micheal Fredrick Marvella ,Gentry Peggy Ann Hamilton Alice Graves Harri Robin Horton Danny Howard Gary Kramer Donna LaRue Ginger Lawson S FIRST GRADE 'M - lc v Lead? V , V L, , I RlCDZvid Livingston 5 r or W lil -'v Q KemeihL0QSfl0" I new Lrrf , , 7 A ,M I :U ,qxmyr 1 'U ff J , , 'Q N ma .lean McConnell in .fn X' "N , Ollllar Ann Mcllhee , f , Y we 40? X' 3' K Billy Mafmmg 5 N I . w-42' k xx fl ,M W f Arilla Norris . 'ln' fi 3' f -K as V A. k 1-"- -wi' ' Z ,if P' QQ, - af Elmer Smith gfflf' qv f Dale Snow ' " 3 Willie Sfinneli 'Ji "' N Jesse Sullivan 1 l 5 Michael Teters Q . Floyd Underhill 9 Don Whelchel l Keith Wilkerson V Jann Norlhflp Phill Pills Carolyn Power N-Q .sr K or l do fx JN . - g,. ' Q Q k. k J M K A 1: , :V ' Mk . .W .. Donald Ray Williams "' 1 all 1 Karen Kay Wood ll, Z Q W X l William Wurtz Jr. Z I l Janis Younger W MMM' J' K . -l,.- 5, I ,N :Q . l' - X W lx: ,L C' K Ja 1 Q an Mil? . Y, wwf' K , ynafsk. Zvifi ,WN "HEY 1 H Qi a Q Q 1. x i 2 J S ,Q Q X S v L.d.4.m....L.-.. BlllY Carl Acord Bart Vincent Appgemn James Bennett SECO D GRADE -'Udy Gail Bl - hv z f Jognny Blige Um ES Q 'E A J 2 alfglyn gue Brown , ll Zi ' rry ,Yam : - . f N . Jane Bumpers David Bush Randall Chapman is Raymond anne ' I -W 3 la Me q. -it V, .M- X ' Q' . 'W , F ax M' in Shy f A' . V I K .Y Xxx w-...... Li ,L g J V? .N l 5 I '..V :fa 2. 49 A if I N, , ? 'f if ' S , Q nnn y we on - f ra' f Q, , ,' - '21 x g 2 , -W 4-up L -.Wa :.Q f ' , ,. V ,V KA .1 w,..assw1 - 'K , Barbara Core Lee Dodson Louis Dunlap Martha Jane Gann Cynihia Hartmeyer Harriette Hayes Dane Stephen Henry Jacquelyn Heweff Jerry Neal Jones Bruce Johnson Laura Lynn Johnson Carol Ann Kelly SECOND GRADE . S S J 1- f i N rl r 4 . I Q ,.,,.,,wr g Linda Carol Philpot Bruce Parker Paula Richardville Bob Sherbert . K ylor Cyllgllliv Sovelace ell . Corin jackie MC - d Larrell Niilfor Nackerson Daga gag jan Norris O X 3 . if , if x W' WLr1L" S S' . ,we 'K Patry Kaye Shelton Jeri Lynn Shipley John Stinneh Mickey Sinneit 4'--M im. Wesley Sullivan Rebecca Tate Carol Sue Tatum John Tsoodle I , , p David Baker Micheal Bark Larry Bell srel-The V7 Blackburn THIRD GRADE ! i , 2 .Q D J : ea.. 'W f f ' 1 '-urv+,,, ,f 'N gm Phyllis Brown Q , , Greer Boles MS., Y0n,-ye Ca Ze , M . 'feio 6 .. V . W, ,W e Jamce Chilcoap V , a V 1 b ,V XL-L C ' C 4 rm gh d? C ,, i4 '4 1, 3 M , ' 'NNW'-1-. .. 5 J ...,. A I Q W' L A.-'- Auz, Charles Copland t ' of :,, r Joy Cooper ,...,,,.,, VM, m y 5 Beth Ann Deskin 'z Carol Dodson P E f ! to r --fs o D A - I ' f 5 SF' j W r I ,rf W, v . : r r , N 5 CK-h 4' , A E ' ' ,rg wi, 7 wrzlffi J ug, -Z-ll -f 1 ? f , A Ax-M,,y - :kk A- , -7 U,'- we ft ' w 151313 Wyki A if 5 v,:',3iqy , YZ?-N, , nf - r f.., lr, ' Steve Domianovich IW Danny Douthitt I ' Charles Dunigan A 1 Linda Jo Eames Douglas Farmer Martha Harris Cynthia Harrison Judy Isom 1 l THIRD GRADE 5 Y Jamal ' 'K L' W' Gal1reddY'loneSler ' Janice Kee .A L HU Vw WMM' , . I if 9' N if X - ek ..,.: 5 S ,, ,Wm I ' 7,4 we , . V DON amer f Llivv ' ' 4' lem' n we Kr Ye 5 f Sieve Dean les' . e ww F ' a r rrrr W W . 1 'bf' ' I . V Qhw nplve "ww, l gk e I 1errY lfanptlzf as 3 5t63'aiYPearson Q 1 ,M ER i if Q. le Jimmy Carl Platt A ,El LL V 'L ' 62 Gary Sanders '33 N3 . 5 'WE L ' Saudra Slaton 2 MickeY Sinnett A 'Rfk p Shelia Stinneh Mary Ann Tati, Linda Sue Fowler David Ray Fowler Elizabeth Tsoodle Suzanne Underhill Amhony Walker Michael Williams r ft: lv.:-p,, in an fm if u Rv 3 36 'M ,,, . 1 wall' . Birch I6 Blackb 'Ve DciilZB'YfhZ'n Digg! ggown 6 J oVce Caljihan Kelly Car,-,aha Q.: B. lgafilcorn We Al . f sin Ba d Philli 'Q' . P Bjddy 1 X 5 FOURTH GRADE ' 12414436 A JK K M fd, 'Maw if me-. ai' ,f ya- Rebefrca C n . W WJ John .Grf-elo K ri- 5 Ho Cin-,yon I , W X ard Collin J 4: Qs 4 ye r M, J ,V Xa qv' if .K L x ' L": 2 P51 " ,, f. .if ,A S, ., i' f K sf Z ? f,,,,,E ,, g ins ,Q Q A , V J ' ' 'J 'f -5 c e- ss? V,-k I 2.1, 751 I g 5 7 . ,meow bv , f a J J . G L,LVL ' or y J we 1 1' F K is -7' . 1, .f ,re- in A in 'W ' i Q' I, if Y 5 J h" 1-, .- , VVAA an , Ai V , V 3. M y 3 . f ,. gil : , A M I M -, ,.. XA Nw 1 5 :af 'N , ' 5 or K .J A if by 'iv is pw KX , Carol Lynn Core Joe Coulson Judy Cowiing Richard Frederick Ronnie Frederick Linda Goodill Glenn Groom Terry Hayes Jack Hisle Shirley Howard Charlene Howerion George Isom Byron Johnson Janice Johnson Jerry Kearby FOURTH GRADE ,, ff ce Kexw 4 f - Clareft X X-eglte f ' wi XNQDCN dOn J. A , , - was ,, t 'iff .- ,l . Cla!-ldla . Mann ,,L, f . ,leanftte f ' -, ' w V 1 , .V .. , . 'rw we M bt. . Q I j 'W -sf ' r - r C -I ll tg ' , 51' lim A Q " J J 'W W . Linda Nt Uel , su fgif Q n MBU f 5 ff' -it Leo . Nease in 2- , ,- . I " Gail wC0m , if up ,Wi i r 2 I Meme N:1'ckers0n 44952 C on W r Q f-ew' 'a . X L -eil "Q ' C at , . l yw, yy in Ofuelle Qlnvamef Rlchalgy Lee Plattn S , ' Rugavid Rowe Shafp ' ' jacqultfle ,, MN as V 3 f f , ' . , Q S ff I M, is If 2 , My L W""T- Joe Gale Sleigh Bobby Shelton Gary Sims Mary Jo Simpson Catherine Smith Charles David Smith Stephen Stone Carolyn Sowarcl Micheal Soward Pearl Tatum i f S ' , V jg Jim Thompson V l Louise West 1' H in ,, .. Kenny Wilkerson rf! C 'A 2 Larry Gene Williams 'il ,r IM i Sandra Wurtz ,R LL, ,,.. N I rL.,' M J , Ai 1 ., , M Q' 1 an 'N -'Udirh A L "fi All affy Baldwien Edward .n Ch Micheal arlorre Bro Jill Byrne De Plgiey Choafe Cay Cooper r ol Copeland Wn FIFTH GRADE David Davis Moriorie Jane Dean Jane Domianovich Wanda Sue Douthitf Karen Fisher Daniel Fleet Freemen Donna Kay Frye Lynda Sue Gann Mary Lou Gann Barbara Spencer Harris Sandra Harrison Jan Tamara Haynes FIFTH GRADE i , uf i'l ' I A io d , ' Ca'EaCN2nL'LanlrumMcC3ULeY Q HM sandfa W - N...- Vaughan Pamplin Lynn Ramsey Jack Ryan Donna Kay Saint Larry Don Sanders Stephanie Savage Nancy Sue Smith Earl Stinneh Laura Lee Tate Lucyiean Underhill Jimmy Wright Sharon Rae Wood ..,.f" d . varian Ni-ave' BM Nxigarek Maw nuei NxaSue Nm Ma f A :mmifv av Mafia A A - ii 6iu,s1,fg ' :Q K , ' fi-elif iii 1 K' -A ,.,. 353 Ki :Qf.,Q,, f ,Lv L ff w A ., , K, I . H y - ', 3' f" .i ffy M, -,-, fn ,W e.v, , 5- 9 ,k .,,: an . A I it ' N 1-L '-- 1, A g ' . V : ,: :55 ' L Zu 'ii7"':7i":'f fi "EEE-ffgi53ff:f' - "if 5" 1" ws? ,W ' ' 'ua " K W ' , 1 Q . , " . . JF ' "ai , 5 is Y' I N igga 53 gfzff . 7 xsgrqlg . . ,- 1 Q, -gf L y QM AYPVWIQ .qu-R iv. .0-...F 52, ir ' lg.: V . SIXTH GRADE o , cigon: Baker 4f'f lliiwbxgwy . Sana Kay Black ' Y kk gndra Brown VA X ary Clinton S . V A A K f f ,, 5 L. V f -N.. 3 -.M X . wp, . " ' ,M 1? . :..-i.:.rf--w ,wx - xg D Q ' Znald Collf,-, if? ally Cooksg -k3v.31fQ. Bill cfabhei r g Patricia Cra 5 - . ne 1 1, wily J i . E is-M . .1 f tg, . xg 'l Ffa K V, ' 'Wy ' Q K' " f .1 .Q Q KMA it N! GFX . Larry C-ra Q Q ,L - V 1 dd. D: on W .. V '90 'Ck 2' X 'Q , . Fan, ' 'fa E f , Axyky ,. V X. i iff K , S Tflg e'7s JW g 4 E Davfds 1 19 bef' en 5? ' N 63 ' WK X .X xx A Q x ,I K X' . '-ff J iff i f J .K k i ,zi k k f W it i'f"w 1 K i 15 a if 41- , J .35 FU- 3 J s fax A 5 J s - V X 3 5 rg -wav ' 'Ugg . 1 f Vrk. L K K, . , . 5, ,JB xii J ,E .S is ' Qi? f ' ,. ,su "E f ss is if l Q . J - 1- , S -.2 Q Dona Estes Richard James Jimmy Lee Gibson Paula Kay Giazier Paul Heckler John Harris Ed Richard Hartmeyer Eddie Howard Judy Hutchings Earnest Isom Virginia Lane David Logsdon va McConnell e ,S-H. , S Fav d Ma,-gon SIXI H GRADE g K El 'V W ya I T W ' -, S S, "'5L f L ' 3 I A 3.1.3, I ' S l 11 , Y Vrkk V' 5 f-, 1 e rr! fig, ' 5 tit t K . . AN: 55, , A K . , f ill X - .Y ev K XF I ' A U Kay Ellen Ryan Jerry Shelton Linda Sims Anita Smith Kathy Stiles Sucldy Sudberry Jo Ann Tsoodle Marcia Tucker Carol Upton Elizabeth Walker Joy Wallach Douglas Williams Alme 3 ff' y Janet Mews iw-M Sue Nxillel. ii , 'gg 1 ,V Doris Nlitche N V, QQ Karen Nmche -wr y f ' nfl? mb Janice Newco LarrY Paclberghgmps 3 Lawanda We nclell Ross A 3 -is ,-:Q-,.4, A.: ,i:-- -- L , "'-all I'-'kfE'7IZ'i"I5..:. "" wif' 5 Vlfeiisiiimv ' ' ",:. !?f:qH- ,ws ft- L ' ' 1'-safeiw V: 7 I - ie., , -- W Valle y! T I ll-5 Q Q. if 9' . li fig. , 44 K MW! K , l A, kV :ll 'v iz 1 Y ,..k. K . S 55 4 if A9389 My A i if LIGHTING OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE An Operetta ,, I I,,.. I, V, 4 An operefia in the old auditorium A Christmas O pe retta www ,,...--f--W' dime' - ' P.T.A. Q 1 Meeting J. Allen P. Allen R. Allen D. Baker D. Black G. Blythe C. Brown S. Brown J. Byrne A. Cooksey P. Crane M. Dean T. Davison J. Domionovich W. Douthit GIRLS D. K. D. B. S. J. J. L. V. C. E. S. F. S. A. C. WILLARD BAND 1926 GLEE CLUB Estes Fisher Frye Harris Harrison Hayes Hutchings Landrum Lane Lloyd Lowry McCauley McConnell Manuel Marion Upton M. Mayer C. Miller D. Mitchell K, Mitchell J. Myers J. Newcom L. Ramsey K. Saint S. Savage L. Sims A. Smith N. Smith L. Tate M. Tucker L. Underhill An Operetta .qi fm --Y----i FOOTBALL First row: J. Wright, E. Howard, D. First row: R. James, G. Clinton, L. Pad- berg, E. Howard, J. Whitehead. Second row: E. Dickert, L. Craven, J. Harris, D. Logsdon. Third row: B. Crabtree, Coach, Wess Smith, E. Isom. Freeman, V. Pamplin, P. Hockler, E. Blackmon, L. West. Second row: D. Choate, J. Shelton, R, James, L. Padberg, R. Hart- meyer, G. Clinton, E. Stinnett. Third row: E. Dickert, B. Crabtree, D. Davis, D. Collins, J. Harris, S. Sudberry. TRACK First row: B. Johnson, M. Williams, D. Doughitt, J. Platt, J. Leslie, J. Frye, T. Koontz, W. Sullivan, D. Wilson, G. James, J. Jones. Second row: J. Pearson, R. Farley, H. Collins, D. Williams, R. Jones, L Padberg, S. Sudberry, R. Hostmeyer, J. Bell, B. Crabtree, M. Holey, B. John- son, K. Williams, L. Craver. Third row: L Nickerson, D. Davis, E. Howard, L. West D. Freeman, M. Newcombe, R. Brown, T Hayes, V. Pomplin, G. Conditt, E. Black burn, B. McFarland. Fourth row: G. Isom F. Bell, J. Harris, P. Hackler, G. Clinton E. Isom, R. Smith, D. Logsdon, W. Ross 35533: 'E-'Z ' K Q Q Axixvi- . ,R xx in X X' 'E K 'ki XVI- g 2 as Y x A Q Q 1 . ..:4.:-Q f. . -ff WW,,.X,Wm ff 1 1 1 N 1. Q 14 Q a A , . ., Ml km .K X Ax 1, x. x f. . 'f ws., V Q '1g'f3Md5.A ,F??1131fa5n2:s ., ...i ,.k 5 .,V ,,V , A yi SQ. X if x 1,.Mwww-W1-fm-EM,-4-Www l APIER .dk ug ,K P:fY5??' ' . F 1 n V FXRST NAP XER SCHOOL BUXLD XNG 1940 HISTORY QF NAPIER The name "Napier" originated in The early years of this century during the administration of J. B. McCutcheion, who gave The name in honor of J. C. Napier, a noted lawyer in the State of Tennessee, and who served as Recorder of Deed in Washington, D.C. The first high school graduates were: Leslie Williams, George Roe and Joe Roe, in 1940. For 17 years Napier continued as an accredited high school offering 23 units of credit. The death of S. S. Bradley, in 1946, who directed the growth of the school from one of four teachers to ten able teachers, brought about the selection of C. R. Buford as administrator. Buford served ably until his demise in October 1954, when Robert Johnson was elected Principal. The 12 graduates of 1956 comprised the largest graduating class in The school's history. With This class, a chapter in the history of Napier School closed. The opening of school in September 1956 saw the high school students absorbed by Ada High and Byng High School. At present Napier is a unit of the Ada School System with an enroll- ment of 135 and a faculty of six, all of whom have completed at least five years of professional study. ACU LTY ROBERT JOHNSON Principal and Music L. Z. BLACK Social Srudies J. MAE BUFORD V Second and Third Grades T. E. ENGLISH Arirhmeiic THELMA L. REID Fourth Grade T. D. SINGLETON First and Second Grades Del ois Ca Cherie rrerhers Da ve S Alb Joh,-,nie 'JL V0 Ode? Da Vis 1 Gfayson FIR T GRADE Margie Hearndon John Hightower Alfred McKinney, Jr. Barbara Ann Lucky Martha Nell McKinney Alvin Randal William Russell Stella Louise Ward Paul Watson Ensie Watts Walter Whitney, Jr. Wade Wright SECOND GRADE n A 1 xy' Q I F ' X N ,LL 1 Ronnie Dean Grant Beverly Hearndon Deloris Johnson Ravern Lowery 1 l 1 Eugene Miller Harvey Richardson Glenda Fay Roe Dianne Sharon ji i James Don Walker Larry W. Warren Odie Lee Watson Lesley Williams lf ,L A f Alben Lesie Sion Brown HOU Jerry Broan ,X wn ShirleY Ann alll:-lush PerrY Ann . Daniels Galslarvin Baller a. S2 sa warm .. ..,. .. l M5 THIRD GRADE ,an 4 'QW Sharon Colbert Ray Gean Frazier Roy Dean Frazier Terry Glen Hightower Glen Oral Pickens Dorothy Mae Russell Mary Ann Walker Lois Jean Ward Barbara Ann Watson -f FOURTH GRADE Thelma Frazier Wilma Frazier Kenneth Grant Earnet Johnson Miles Hearndon Bernice Miller Shirley McKinney Diana Watts Frank James Wright 'ZF Jewelsnne Bleak Patgiafegugarruxhers Clark Jo Psfln ,X b on 3:3 banlels Shirley Anthony Calvin Afkins Vlsllll Broan Freddie Clark Le-Fora Ann Cla k . r ouise Colbert FIFTH GRADE Gloria Jean Craven R, L. Doil Rosetta Eloise Green T. C. Hill, Jr. Leroy Miller Vernon Rankins Lindalyn Sue Richardson Morna Ruth Carolyn Watts SIXTH GRADE Barbara Frazier Curtis Highfower Howard Johnson Jerry Johnson Leonardllohnson Beity Lucky Roosevelt Miller Alphada Nero Bertha Seals wr-A., . Nord Ffanus A k MaZharNeS E' Oar H C,oXbeY' Marv :3nCrawEordrY Emlohn Dewber 'X 'ff 'L LE Joseph earns xggogy I' 5h leon Clark runner irley Kaye B a0,, ,-'11 Pi if-'fi '09 . 9 airy SEVE TH GR DE , Y- Q -ai ,inf Norma Faye Craven Mary Francis Frazier Betty Jean Gordon Emily Mae Harper Freddie Herndon David James L. V. McKinney Lovetfa Nlae Russell Willie Seals, Jr. EIGHTH GRADE Robert Lee Daniels Agnes Lee Dansby Deloyce Davis Ola Mae Frazier Jane Lou Galbert Joype Marie McKinney R. C. McKinney Betty Louise McKinzie Margret Pogue Martha Pogue Vivian Louise Starr Rhittie Louise Watts Biatk miie M31 moan Nxag'-3 Coibeif fbefil Ok eimfmu CO ,H , , in ,ea wei:h:M,x.x.a.iaMa.,a, .....,... ,. 4, .,,.s.. FIRST AND SECOND GRADES SECOND AND THIRD GRADES SCIENCE CLASS SOCIAL STUDIES CLASS THE NATIVITY A Christmas Operetta THELMALlNA'S HOUSE PARTY An Opereiia First, Second, and Third Grades NAPIER HIGH SCHOOL BAND 1942 ,A-ff' 51 Q fw,zjx,b An., Li- ., E CLUB GXRLS GLE C. Brown 5. Bruner N. Craven A. Dansby D. Davis M. Frazier O. Fraimer J. GaXbert B, Gordon E. Harper B. Mdlknzke J. McKinney NX. Pogue Pogue L.. RusseN nom row. E Cook BASKET R. Da"'e's,'o 'J R . MCKinne Sme s, H. Carb Y, J . Ammon eff. Y, L McKinney M r. Black, C 05 ch. Second rc W: I., Clark Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada THE COUGAR BOOSTERS CThe following business firms donated to make this COUGAR possiblej Sales and Service Army Store Coca-Cola Bottling Company 's Frozen Foods Greenhouse lron and Metal Company Lumber Company Mattress Factory Oil Company Steam Laundry Top Shop Typewriter Eicchange Adams Lumber Company Aldridge Coffee Shop Aldridge Pharmacy Anderson Grocery Anthony's Asher's Ranch House B. F. Goodrich Dealers Bayless Drug Barrett's Cleaners Belew's 5 and iO Bennett's Van and Storage Bill Wood Grocery Black's Men's and Boys' Wear Bob's Bar-B-Q Bob Cason Motor Company Broadway Motor Company Brown's Children Shop Bud Ruble Standard Service Campbell Furniture and Decorating Carl's Drive-In Carl Stephen's Conoco Service Station City City Cafe News Stand Cities Service Station Clark Oil Company Clemen's Thrift-T-Wise Cochran Auto Service Coffee Pot College Shop Collier Brothers Furniture Colvert's Dairy Products Consumers Service Station Cook's Paint and Varnish Company Criswell Funeral Home Culligan Soft Water Service Cunningham Furniture Cushman Motor Scooters Dairy Queen Dean Wellington Studio Dicus Cash Super Market Don's Steak House Donaghey Greenhouse Dr. E. J. Hewett, Optometrists Dr. Pepper Bottling Company Dutch Boiles Grocery E and M Clothiers Ebey-McCauley Real Estate Emerson Sheet Metal Works Evans Hardware F. W. Woolworth Finley and Lollar Real Estate Firestone Dealers First National Bank Folger's Drive-In For-Get-Me-Not Floral Shop Gem Credit Jewelers Gifford Monument Company Glen Boley Insurance Glover's 5 and iO Gluckman's Department Store Grant Supply Store Grimes Hardware Gwin's Rexall Drug H and M Diner Halverson's Shoe Store Hamburger King Harbert Motel Hardin Printing and Office Supply Harold Byrd Service Henry and Son Used and New Furniture Hensler's Drug Store Herb's Electric Service Home Federal Savings and Loan Homer W. Peary lnsurance Agency Hooper Furniture Store Howard Sheet Metal Works Howard-Thompson Agency Hovis Lumber and Hardware Company Jay's Electric Service Jim's Drive-In KADA Broadcasting Katz Department Store Ken Brady Motor Company King's Market Kit-Kat Drive-In Lawson's Grocery Leo and Pop's Recreation Hall Lester Platt's Service Station Lucy's Ready-to-Wear M and R Record Shop McCormick Machinery Company McClure Bakery Company McCurley-Bayless Drug Company McSwain Theatre Matthew's Juliana Barber Shop Meaders Service Station Menasco-Haley Tire Specialists Miller's Beauty Shop Mode-O-Day Ready-to-Wear No-D-Lay Cleaners Oakley Gale Music Company Oklahoma State Bank O'Neal's Jewelers Pat Ray Used Cars Pendergraft's Restaurant and Cafeteria Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Perry-McGee Furniture Phillips Feed Mill Plumlee Grocery Public Finance Corporation R. B. Evans Candy Company Richardson Buick Company S and Q Clothiers Scott's Department Store Service Chevrolet Shipe's Shoe'Store Sinnett-Meaders Motor Company Smith's Footwear Smith Funeral Home Southern Ice Company Spann Motor Company Spec Young Motor Company Standard Humpty-Dumpty Grocery Star Loan Company Stetten's Ice Cream and Dairy Products Steven's Feminine Apparel Superior Clay Products Swanson Supply Company Terry's Drive-In The Leader Shoe Store The Smart Shop The Sportsman Therkheld Brothers Pickle Company Thompson Book and Supply Store Thompson Typewriter Company Tip-Top Cleaners Tom Fullerton Tailor and Men's Wear Violet and Gregg Garage Whittle's Electric Appliance Wickham Packing Company Wilson's Hollywood Hat Shop Wilson's Jewelers Young's Oldsmobile Motor Company ' W' . i,gN,.."' ' " "'x' ' ' L :Ease x -fn f-1'-F -. - ,-1 --1, -nf-fggwfngf, '-,,3,?-pf -gf W? 9, - --V 1 v Q

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