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ll w W »..,• -•-V Table of Contents edication ports 69 17 Jli nderclass men . ... 106 c lubs 35 iiperlatives 726 s ' ne Arts 45 eniors 128 ctiviti ties 52 Ji I rec- tory 176 Acton Boxborough Regionol High School Acton, MA Dedicated not only to teaching, but also to helping the students of the Class of 1985, Bill Noeth is a major reason why we had such a successful four years. Affectionately known by his students as " Wild Bill, " Mr. Noeth has been an invaluable asset to our class. He has spent countless hours with our projects and nearly sacrificed his thumb in the process, but he has persisted when a lesser man would have given up. If not solving equations or yelling at day-dreamers, he often could be found getting students and faculty to buy A-B tee-shirts and buttons to " improve their figures and appearances. " Some will remember him for his proclamation that " Math is Life! " and his denunciation of " Jock Junk " ( " Who needs that when you can do math? " he asked.) We 11 also remember work he put into activities such as the maga- zine and candy sales, the talent show, prom, and senior banquet. Mr. Noeth, we respectfully and affectionately, dedicate this edition of the TORCH to you, our class advisor, our friend. « m I 10 12 13 14 15 16 c - " FACULTY 17 Administration Dr. Robert E. Kessler Superintendent Dr. Lawrence E. McNulty Principal :7r. Dr. Gary G. Baker Assistant Superintendent Mr. Francis L. Riley Vice-Principal i Mr Donald . . MacLeod ice-Principal 18 Foreign Language Mrs. NaiKV l injioiu ' Mis. Carolyn Ininan French NHS Miss Janice Nardone Mrs. irginia Skinner Mrs. liH-aii I.){)iiLTt ( " nairperson Mrs. Claire Dix Spanish NHS Mr. Paul Davis StiKlcnt .Announcers Miss Patricia DiPillo Utin NHS Miss Martha Thelin 19 English Mr. Neil Murphy Chairperson Miss Catherine bhadd Russian NHS Mr. David Snelson Mrs. Jane Stan Yearbook Junior Class Advisor It Mrs. Frances Hearn Mrs. Lorraine Lewis 20 Mrs. Carifiif Piiiilip Mr IJfiinis Ka aiiash Literan, Magazine I Mr I ' aiil NkDerinutt Girls Basketball Mrs. Conme C. ' atanese Mrs. Mm Sorxari Equestrian CHiib Mr Jerr MacDonald Mr. John Chateaiinerf Student Announcers Mr- II 1.1 lii ' i kmeier 1 ( UjtLS 21 Social Studies Mr. Winslow Smith Chairperson Miss Laura Morrison Mr. George Frost Senior PowderpufF Mrs. Gun Gatwood A.F.S. 1 Mr. Bruce Oetinger Football Ice Hockey Mr. Jack Schofield Assistant for Athletics Softball; Summer School Miss Pamela Lynn Student Interns Miss Mai Sullna .Miss Barliara Parker NHS . ailBE;:. I: Miss Joanne Slu ' clian Student Interns 22 Physical Education Mr. Mark iiiiitl Football. Track Ml bcil B.-aiir.i;.iril li h rank Calort- J ' Mr JanH■ Citlorcl Track Mr. Dan Bn lcn Mr. Robert . squith Girls Swjmmine F ' t ' x ■c? w - ♦=■1 J m 1 iB 1 ' . 1 ' m Mr K(l Lcar Team Leader Football Mrs. Dar l ollevball Mrs. Joan BraclU ' X 2.3 Math Dr. Stephen Foster Chairperson Mr. Wilham Noeth Senior Class Advisor, Math Team Dr. Patrick Morton Proscenium Circus Mr. Daniel Dion Softball H Mr. Paul Yansak m Mr. Riibert Mahones Miss loan i ' ( iisit 24 ' ■7 i Mi limotln Butlt-r li (.(.-or c Munrof Kresliman Class Ad isor Mrs. Eimiui Catahiii i Miss Janet Laiiibtrt Mrs. Nina ' elev Mr Tonv Papas Miss lanit Bartli ollevball. Clift-rltadin Miss k 1:, 25 Science Mr. James Dadoly Chairperson Mr, Charles Ciittins Mrs. Catherine C apone Mrs. Carol Miirphree lr. Winslow Russell Mr William Betoiiriie Senior Pouclerpilll Nil William Beriidl 26 Mr, John Nacke Junior F(nvcl ' rpiiH Mrs. Roscmar Bitzer Mr Arrnaricl Suajian SAD 1) Mr Kdward Clionika I III Mr I ' clcr Kccnaii I Mr Ji)st]ili Mara.shio Hcallli ki- HcK-kev . ' Mrs. Charlene Golden Lahorator .Aide 27 Business LA. Mrs. Mary Janet Paisley Team Leader Mr. Gerry Duggan Work Study Sophomore Class Advisor Mr. Richard Dow Mrs. Donna Sims Mr Ke ni Kane Mr. Joel .• ntolini Track Mrs. Linda Desrosiers 28 Fine Arts Home Ec. i I Dr. Jon NiilioUuii Music and Performing; Arts Mr. George Revelas Band Director . li,s Mar ' Krancts b i.i. Home Ec-onomics Science Miss nil Colpak LiDrarian IS I .. Mr. Donald Gilherti Audio-Visual Instructional Media Mrs. G;ul Livingston L llv lirlrn Ulluil,.. Nurse Mrs. .Anne Thornton Career Education Mrs. Karen Collins Nurser School Specialists P.P.S. Mr. Andrew Palmer Chairperson Counseling Mr. Daniel Madden Junior Powderpuff Miss Carol Kenyon :a:M s u Mrs. Helen Volkmann Student Council Mrs. Linda Murph Mr. Robert Clever Student Council Mrs. Nancy Cohen liss . m D ' Agostine Cheerleading, G mnastics Mis |.ui Rosenherg Resource Room . ide 30 Mrs. Nancv Farrar Mis. .siliiilts Dayton Resource Center Aide .Miss , I..MU.ii DniK Mrs. Beth Mc. ldii(t Student Announcers .Mrs Marcia Alfieri Mrs. Anita Dodsun M ' I .■ ' . ' I i I Iravne ( I; 1- Aide Ms. Elizabeth Liapanov Mrs Elsa CoMins Enghsh as a Second Language .31 Secretaries Mrs. Therese Sliwa Principal ' s Office Mrs. Gladys Cady Bookkeeper Mrs. Barbara Oldenburg Main Office Mrs. Patricia Haras Main Office Mrs. Rene Counihan Records Mrs- Kay Gates Records Mrs. Mary Cases Records ,11 f J Mrs. Alice Castelline Counseling Office Mi .. Jail inal Department Mrs. Sarah l.awloi Librar Mrs. Jane GallaKher Librar 32 Custodians Many thunks to our custodial staff for keeping our buildin g clean and for coming to our assistance so often during the year. (1-rl innie Buscliemi. Julie LeSage. Bill l. ncli. tflumiiliieiii lHIIIHini The smiling cafeteria ladies make lunclitime and snack bar isits a pleasure. Thank you lor vour hard work. Cafeteria Who ' s Who AMEPvlCAN MELLD SERVICE; STUDENT COOKICIL CABL TELLEIVISION PROM COMMITTLE STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1 (1-r): J. Varno, S. Campbell, D. Darbv, M. Raso, J. Hohenemser, K, Oldenburg. Row 2; C. Tedrow, D, Darbv, L. Pomianskv, S. Watkins, J. Connors, C. Ashmore, J. Rowe, Row .3; P. Hodges, L. Farrt ' ell, S. Lukaez, B. Flowers, C. Farrell, V, Gould, L, Mittleholzer. iTUDENT REP RESENTATIVES TO THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE: tow 1 (1-r): G. Carnev, K. Bullwinkel. Row 2: P. Hodges, D. Guay, E. idvb. REGIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL: (1-r) S Bukowski, S. Bonk, C. Ashmore. Missing: E. Keaney. J. Dunlap, L. Terris. 36 BANQUET COMMHTEE. How 1 il-r): T Connell, M. Harrigan. A. Sgohbo. S. Campbell, K. Hose, D. Fhilbin. Row 2: B.J Holt, P Gallarid, K. Shubert. PROM COMMITTEE: Row (1-r): K. alade, E. Palmer, C. Merrill, S. Gulley, S. Brentzel, B. Massarelli, M. Rehnborg. .37 tin ii4iT iiTXLi rl STUDENT ANNOUNCERS: Row 1 (1-r): B. Weiher, B. Coffey, ]. Urda Row 2; D Quay, C. Flockton, L Willis, Row 3; R, Mahotra, J, . tkins, K Bullwinkel, R , aronson. C, Armstead, M, Dunphy, J Doran, J. Lafors CABLE TELE TSION: Row 1 (1-r): D, Foley, C. Flockton, J. Nazarian, G. Carney, J. Snell Row 2: B. Weiher, B. Stefano, J. Jacoby, ]. Beveridge. J Olsen. Row 3: P. Brown, B. Lugo, S. Beveridge, S Metzger, R.S, Berrigan. WHAB RADIO STATION: Row 1 (1-r): M. Witmore, D Harris, J. Snell, G Carney C. Flockton, S. Smith, B. Wieher, D. Schmitt, M. Rando. Row 2: D, Aranova, J West, J. Owen, J. Olsen, C. Witmore, M. Belliveau, R. Bullard, B Karwin G Dietrich, C. irball, P. LaRocca. Row 3: T. Lennon, D. Foley, K. Bullwmkel, J Jacobv, K. Stefano, M. Edrv, B. Erikson, S. Metzgar, J. Nazanan, K. mal, U Manning, D. Bielski. Row4: D. Cronin, K. Malakian, ' C, Lenicheck, ]. Mozer, ., J Lenicheck, E. Plutchak, ]. Huettner. ], Cunningham, D. Humphreys, B. Selano, J Scott. LITERARY MAGAZINE: Row 1 (1-r): R. Collins. M. Jerenic. Row 2; C Fitzgerald. E, Fisht-r. D. Masson. L. Mann. TORCH YEARBOOK: Row 1 (l-r): Heather Wright. Editor-in-Chief; VViMian J. Holt. Business Editor; . ndrea Guay. Sports Editor; Michelle KoeniR. . rt Edi- tor Row 2: G Carnev. S. W ' atkins. K. Rowse. K. ' ral)lik. K Biillwinkel. P. Curley, M. ORell. H McElroy. Row ,3: K. Barnicle. J. I ' into, .M. Lord, S. Moriello, K Brunnick. J Heitnbach, K. Lorenzetti. A. Davis, T. Connell.J. Lancia. Row 4; L. Hnethner. Potts Grallert. S. Litzenburg. J. W ' oHolk M Martin. J Ailing. A Appleton. D. AV AIDIOAISLAL AIDES Row 1 ,1-r , L. Martin. S. Gunderson. D. Bielski. Row 2: T. DiChellus. G. Nazarian. J Kranz. E. Tsao. 39 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIE-n ' : Row 1 (1-r): L. Bauer, A. Gaetano. B. Nlorgan, ]. Doran. M, DunpliN. H. McElrov. V. Strethabhakti. C. Kulsick. Row 2: C. Fitzgerald R Collins D. Masson M. J " " - L„N - ' n. . M- Koenig M. Evans, B. Barn.cle, E. Fisher, A. Kelly Row .3 T. Campbell, A. f , A Sgobbo, T. Connell k. Shubert. L. Luke, D. St. Lawrence, A. Tuffln, L. Barn, G Dietrich, k. Rose, Row 4 P, Galland. M. Evans, T. Bouvier, K. Oldenburg, J. Hohenemzer, N. Keith, P. Resor, T. Mackey. ]. Ailing, M. Edry. SADD: Row 1 (1-r): C, Wiilson, J. Browne, ]. Worfolk, K. Barnicle H Wright .V W " Vtzard ' L ' H! " eUnei ' Rosenfeld, K. Golembeski, J. Hannon, T. Bauer, ]. Herpst, A. Jacoby, L. kettel. Row3: N. Gozzard, L. Huettner, S. Orphanos, M. Renborg, J. Ailing, S. Martin, J, Heimbach. 40 FRENCH F0REK;N EXCHANGE: Row 1 (1-r): K. Barnicle, N. Gozzard. J. Pinto, J. Goss, K Kett Row 2: K Pesik. E. O ' Brien. J. Beveridge, C. Rand, T, Mackey, S. Northrop. . MERIC. N FIELD SER ICE: Row 1 il-r ' : U. Foley, K. BiilKvinkel. . 1 Duhamel. B. Weiher. G. Dietrich. L. U ' orner. Row 2: L. Richardson, M. .Nalion. J Lafors. T. Brizani. K Trainor. H. Merrill Row 3: J . tkins. M. Edr , C. Flockton. S. .Aaron, G. Dietrich. M. Whitmore. PEER COUNSELING: Row 1: M. Sliwa, C. Hanson, J. Beaudoin, S. Louder, J. Antonelli, D. Grallert, S. Litzeburg. MATx ' ' HTEX -r An -HTci J HTE -H(nAT)(An) HfmiiEm MATH TEAM: Row 1 (1-rl: J. Rosenfeld. B Shubert. Coach Bill Nueth, M. Malnati, V. Srethabhakti, J. Kuo. Row 2: M. Rehnborg, P. Resor, A. Dingle, S. Mackey, W. Roberts. S.T.O.P.: Row 1 (l-r). T. Campbell, J. Godlev. J. Urda, L. Willis, B. Coffey, P. Hodges Row 2 U, Uarby, C. Lauzon, J. West, C. Flockton, D. Foley, J. Lanichek. Row 3; M. Koenig, L. Mann, S. Wyss, V. Srethtabhakti, E. Fisher. 42 COPE: Row 1 il-ri: L Paskavitz, N. Austin, K. Lorenzetti, M. Manning, M Uawson, G L )nil)ardi, C. Reedy. K Costello Row 2: S. Bartlett. J. Cohen, J. Irdan. C .Ashmore, S. Florio, A. Tamset. T. Bersani. D Masson, D Spreen, J Theller Row3; A. Stevens, K. rablik, M KoeniK, K Could, J, Thornton, C. Flockton. M. Wlntniore, C. Cormier. K Rand, D Edmunds. Row 4: A. Sorkins, C Loren .etti. K Sing. B. Weiher, C. Lauzon, D. Kole , S Martni. L Kettle. E Fanton. S Baker. Row 5: H. Yates, K. Cuccaro. N. CJozzard, P Kimball. K Barnicle, C. Wilson. (; Dietrich. D Oarbv, J Koeller, F. Pinto, J. Monroe. S. Schafer. C. Capra, L. Brown WORKSTL DY Rowia-r);K. Blunk. H (;arren. L. Arabia. D Mever. C: Ventola. A Sabbes. P Kelly. E C.allagher. S. Loewenguth. Row 2: L. Giattino. H Wolfe, S Lane, K Murphv, D Snreen. K Pmk. S Brunell. L. Smith C. Mires, L. Campobasso. Row 3; C. Shearer, C Cormier, L. Mevers, L Kildeveld, L Watson, F. Hennessey, K. O den burg, C Merrill, C. Wilkins. K. Bullwinkel. L CIrifiin. Row 4: A. Tompset, L. Wisner, B Rasmussen. D. Duggan, ]. Cohen. M Belliveau. G. Nazarian. C Cormier. J Rogers. R. DiNapoli. 43 BIG SISTER; Row 1 (l-r)T. Connell, A. Poppert. Row 2; K- Petkewich, C. Brannon, M, Jerenic. S. Northrop. EOUESTRIANS: G, Dietrich, M. Whitmore, L. Mann, G. Gallagher, K. Bullwinkel. D, Folev- a NURSERY SCHOOL: Row 1 (1-r) K. Gould, J, Coss, A, Harrington, F. Berg, D, Random, D. Lane, S. Jones. Row2: L. Testa, E. Dietz, L. Giatinno, S. Vloriello, J. Pinto, G. Houle, D. Hi rsch, C. Merrill. TineJTlrts j c :!2!ZID) 2 45 PROSCENIUM CIRCUS Row I (1-r); S. Demaster, C. O ' Roarke, B. Weiher, J. Doran, M, Dunphy. A. Reed, J. LaFors, K. Finneran, Row 2: S. Kosicki, K. Rotundo, K, Lowman, J, Bayne, K. Whoriskey, R. Quigley, J. Wang, A, Hutchinson, M. MacCracken, Row 3; J. Atkins, L. Kelley, A. Eldrige, A. Stevens, A. Guertin, C, Armistead, R, Aaronson, L. Richardson, David. Row 4: J, Owen, J. Olsen, j. Snell, J. Emerson, B, Ericson, C. Whitmore, J, Jacoby, L. .Moriner, ?, J. Kav, J. Pitts. PROSCENIUM CIRCUS: Row 1 il-r): A. Tuffin, G. Dietrich, B. Weiher, J. Doran, M. Dunphy, A. Reed, E. Fisher, J. Beveridge, J. Thornton. Row 2: J. Rutledge, M. Duhamel, K. Kett, D. Folev, K. Bullwinkel, B. CofiFey, N. Gozzard, G. Monroe, K. Barnicle. Row 3: L. Willis, M. Koenig, R. Malhotra, M. Knoke, G. Dietrich, M. Whitmore, S. Aaron, M. Edry, S. Beveridge. Row 4: D. Pino, S. Watkins, T. Lennon, J. Tracey, T. Campbell, R. Berrigan, H. McElroy, C. Flockton, S. Smith. Missing: B.J. Holt 46 w Fall Play FQ)KY CAFL TS, Directed by MAHILU NOWLIX and assisted by BETHANY ERICSON, was presented on November 16th and 17th to an enthusiastic crowd. The production centered around Anne Stanley (TARA CAMPBELL — top right) a forty-year-old realtor who subconsciously falls in love with a twenty-two-year-old named Peter Latham (JEFF SNELL — top right). Problems occur when Anne ' s ex-husband, Billy Boylan (CHRIS FLOCKTON — top middle) arrives to complicate matters. A client of Anne ' s, Eddy Edwards (ANDREW REED — far left middle) eventually falls in love with Anne ' s daughter, Trina (CHERYL ARNHSTEAD — left middle). Other supporting cast members included JAMES TEACEY as Mr. Latham (top left). ROSEANN BERRIGAN as Mrs. Latham (top left), JAMES OLSEN as Pat (bottom left), AMY GUERTIN as Maud (left center on couch), KIM KENT as Mrs. Margolin (above — behind desk), and JESSICA K. Y as Mrs. Adams (above). 47 The 17th Annual Competitive Class Plays, held on January 1 1 and 12 proved to be one of the most competitive evenings ever. Each show was outstanding in its own right. The Freshmen, directed by LAUREN WILLIS, presented " Blindspot, " while the Sophomores, directed by ANDREW REED, presented " The Bathroom Door. " The Juniors, this year, presented " Once Upon A Playground, " directed by B.J. HOLT. Finally, the Seniors produced " The Ugly Duckling, " directed by TARA CAMPBELL The six judges concluded that the All-Star Cast would be made up of MOLLY McCRACKEN, ABBY HUTCHINS, TARA LENNON, NAT GOZZARD, CHRIS FLOCKTON, JENNIFER DORAN, and DENNIS FOLEY. The Juniors took the Best Play Award for their presentation and The Best Director Award this year was received by B.J. HOLT, Junior Class Director. All casts and crews should be congratulated for their fine performances. THE INC A OF PERU SALEM STATE PUY " The Inca of Perusalem, " the 1985 state play, took the stage to enthusiastic audi- ences. Directed by Marilu Naulin, and assisted by Amy Geurtin, the cast included Lauren Willis, Tara Campbell, Chris Flockton, Ben Emerson, Dennis Foley and Andrew Reed. Districts All State-Band Choir 50 Row 1: P. Hodges, D. McCord, K. Stephanos, S. Watkins, M. Evans. Row 2: J. Campbell, L. Maguire, M. Evan, J. Tracey. S. Watkins, D. McCord, M. Evans STAGE BAND: Row 1 (1-r): K. Moore, J. Treacy. M. l.Nans, H. McElrov. S. Svlvester. M. Jorrcns. M. DfVino How 2: J Elder. M. Dt-FU-r. T ONeill. L. I.sans, D. Eironola. T. Sher. T. ONt-ill. D. Ruber, 1) McCord. Row 3: K. Thomas, A. O ' Brien, P. Por- l.mte, B. Stover, S. Webber, D. McElroy, I. Lee. S. Crossland, T. Chadayne. .Missing: A.M. Eldredge, S. W ' atkins. MADRIGAL CHOIR: Row 1 (1-r) E. Knee- land, S. Watkins. D. Pino, J. Atkins. M Evans, .A. Heinrich. Row 2; Mrs. Living- ston, J. Treacy. C. . rmistead. K Stefano. C. O Rourke. S, Beveridge. M. Doiuduie CONCERT CHOIR: Row 1 (1-r): S. Watkins, D. Pino, E. Grotte. M. Evans. B. Wieher. K. Rowse, M, Evans, S. Beveridge Row 2: Mrs. Livingston. T. MacDonald. L Richardson. J. Snell, j. Olsen. K. Stefano. J Treacv, E. Tsao, C. ORoiirke. I. Atkins. Row .3: T. ONeill. L. Progin, S. Kilty, L. Snelling, L. Bayne. R. Quigley, A. Guertin. C. . rmistead, P. Gulley, . . Diemert. l Ellis. H. Nordstrom. Row 4; M. McCracken, B. Apple. D. Hathway, H. Heinrich, E. Kneeland, L. Terris, C. Diemert. Missing: T. Dhar. .51 Prom — Sheraton Boxborough — 1984 Senior Victory: 28-16 54 Under the bright, sunny skies of October 7, the twelfth annual PowderpufF game between the junior and senior girls was p]a ed. The seniors stomped the juniors bv a score of 28-16. The juniors were the first to score with a touchdown by Paula Thornton in the first (|uart(T. The seniors bounced back in the second ()uarter vvith touchdowns by Jenny V ' arno and Kerry Lynch. But Heidi Reichart scored another touchdown for the juniors to leave the score tied 14-14 at the half The seniors were down by two after the juniors scored a safet ' in the third cjuarter. But the seniors came back in tlic last Pne minutes of the game with two quick touchdowns, made b ' Jenny ' arno to win the game. Senior coaches were Mr. Bill Betourney and Mr. George Frost. The junior coaches were Mr. Dan Madden and Mr. John N ' acke. Referees of the game were Mr. Paul Yansak, Mr. Tony Papas and Dr. Larrv- McNulty. Announcers included Mike Monahan and Maura Harrigan for the seniors, and Erin O ' Brien and John McNulty for the juniors. — Kathv Lxjrenzetti i,; ••» .J " ' I ■. jn .-, " .. . 4 0 n fk " A . ) u : -2i. i .VMiiiiuX 55 N.H.S, Fashion Show Flag of Excellence — ' 71 it - Mm .u :3fVst, nil; w iini. iioi si M st||S(.| (» November 15, 1984 Dear Dr. McKulty: Nancy and I want to express our sincere thanks for your thoughtful letters und the varsity jackets which you prosentf.d to Andrew Card for us at your school ' s flag-raising ceremony in October. We very much appreciate the special remembrances of friendship from everyone at Acton-Boxborough . It was .1 pleasure to greet you and everyone who attended the Secondary Scliool Recognition Program at the White House last summer and to award your school with a " Presidential Flag of Excellence " for its educational achievements. America is dedicated to excellence in education, for it means a better life for our children and fur- ther secures the liberty which we cherish. I ' lcnse accept my deep gratitude for your granting me an " A " on my " report card " for the past term. To know th.-.t I can count on your support throughout the next four years is indeed a source of encouragement. With my best wishes to the entire faculty and Mtudent body for the promising years ahead, Sinrcri ly , S - ' i " — Pr. Lawrence E. McNuity Principal Acton-Boxborougli Kegional High School Acton, Massachusetts 01720 1« % Rally — Senior Dress Up Day ■ . 4F i. Ik 58 59 m . f r ' n ' r r 60 SENIOR TALENT SHOW 61 ABRHS once again welcomed Dr. demonstration of hypnosis for psycholo- of the audience, there was a variety of played his vocal talents by singing " Born ton with her rendition of " Like a Vir- cellent imitation of Mr. Noeth and " breakdancing " as well as regressing to did an " eggbeater " with her hands, re- Moses clapped. Stephanie Bukowski without instruction. Lisa Scrivan and movie through which the - cried and a almost fall out of their chairs laughing. Kranak stepped down from the stage, so however, was still h pnotized and pro- promptly stretched out full length much Becky ' s dismay since Nicole occupied end of the performance, as Kristin and seemed to be the rule of the day. 62 Ferris Moses on FebriKir 1 in a ff - students. Much to thr dcliiiht entertainment. Steve Gaebcl dis- in the U.S.A. " as did Jenn Thorn- Uin Kristin BuIKvinkcl (hd an e. - Dawn Hirsch ga e us a pi ' i ' k at her the first grade. Charlene Cormier versing direction each time Dr. also began to do an eggbeater the other volunteers " saw " a sad comed with caused them to . s Roseann Berrigan and Becky did Nicole Mattison. Nicole, ceeded to her seat where she to the audience ' s delight and her seat with Becky in it. M the others will agree, " I feel great ' — DH 63 1985 Magazine Drive Kickoff 64 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kevin Vrablik, Terry Bleiler. George Carne . K 65 66 m S ' ' ' ' mmm 68 SPORTS 69 k Varsitv- Football Team: Row 1 ( -t): M. Monahan, M. Magliossi, J. Bochenek, R. Ballou M. Martin, Captain M. Vecchione, D. Broseus, S. Downing, P. Forsvth, P. Dov™ing. Row 2: K. Clasby, N. Harrington P. Vanaria, D. Wrig ' .; M. Mitrsno, J. Megan, K. Kosicki, B. Meyer, D. Harrington, M. Clark, T. Brown. Row 3; R. Lopez, J. Romeo, A. Patil, J. O ' Connell, G. Booma, J. Knox, J. McNulty, A. Jacoby, B. Mehigan, J. Mischel, E. Pierson, C. Gallo, D. Garrity. B. Lukacz. iiiiii. Those Who Stay Will Be Champions 9, V m Junior Varsitv Football: Row l(l-r); T. Campbell, T. Lyman, S.Hill. J. Bortz, E. Krusen. M. Carpenter, K. Shea. M. Taggerl. Row 2: J. Doucette, A. Colwell, J. Ludovico. T. Bernier, M. Fahertv, B. Salerno, D. Roge, M. Hazzard. A. Patil. z CjiDk-J---- ' -j .ista Lj V «p irf ' f t ( r • Freshman Football; Row l(l-r): S. Smith, M. Quiet, J. Butman, D. McLean, M. Taylor. R. Krug. Row 2: Coach Maver, J Harris, J. Hefele, B. Allred, K. Forsyth, S. Guenard, J. Weigold, J. Pagnozzi, Coach Oetmger Row 3: S Bassett, ]. Philhin, K Heffernan. B. Collentro. M. LeBel. D. O ' Brien. K. Murphy. Missing; Matt Hicks. 71 Band: Kow 1; 1. Campbell, R. Reade, P. Fana, S, Richards. C. McAdam. Row 2; T. Saw -er, L. McGuire R. Morrison, B. Hutchinson, S. Feener, C. McCarthy, I Nichols, L, Dietz, A, Brown. S. Sylvester, M. Banko, J. Staple, E Kim. E. Grohe. G. Lonibardo, k. Moore. G. Fanton. S. Kilkenny. ' B. E ans. K. Granberg. M. Dawson. Row 3: K. Meslener. D. Reynolds, D St. Lawrence. H, McElroy. H. Uo, H. Shea. J Reider. G Kuenzler. M Doerfler. S. Vrablik. K Leggat. M. Evans. J. Atkins. D. Huber. L. Ev ' ans N Spurr J. Treacy. U. McElrov. M Slivva. Row 4: T. Chadeaxne. M. Calnan, E. Haugsjaa, T. O ' Neill. M. DeVivo, P. Rusconi. S atkms M. Manning. U. Huber, A. Eldredge, D. Manning, R Huber, R. Pasquarosa. A. O Brien. B. Stover. Row 5: N. Grondstra. J Elder. S. Weber A Guay, J. Lee. G. Hayes. S. Crossland. K. Thomas. T. O ' Neill. T. Sher. C. Camelio. D. Hymes. P. Cataldo. D. Holway. P. Cataldo. C. Drew, D. McCord. Pom Poms: Row L Gapt, S. Martin. Row 2: K. Pesik. T. Dhar. K. Connell. A Baker. J. Brown, S. Rubow. Row 3; K. Knoulton. K, Lynch, K. Higgins, L. Kettel, S. Nelson, S. Larson. 72 = ♦ i -S« ' AUW Ji V U wmtm Mi mM Majorettes: Row 1: C. Kidd, J, Stokes, H. Keener, Capt. K. Rose. J. Jacobscm, . Beaiidoin, P. Edmunds. C. Labadini, S. Bukowski, S. Campbell, K. Resor, C. inal, A. Merther. Missing: J. Turner. C :l . -viw c Girls ' Swim Team: Row l(l-r): M. Hobson, A. Falcione, B. Norton R. Quigley B. Bauer, R. McCarthy, K. O ' Gradv, I. Swenson. Row 2: M. Yates, N. Zdenek, E. Zdyb, T Fanve D .Tighe, J. G.vens K Hembrougb, D, Chase, J, Dunlop. Row 3; J. Urda, L. Riordon, k. Riley, W. Whor.skey, L. Shaefter B. Bochenik M. Pilippini, K. Meleedv. Row 4: M. Leary, Coach Asquith, co-captain B. Morgan, co-captain L Bauer, M. MacLeod, J. Brannon, K. Murphy, A. Poppert. J. Norton. COCKY? sure CONCEITED? a bit WINNERS? DEFINITELY! Only Team To Win States Three Consecutive Years y v Bovs: Row 1; ]. Borte. B Barnicle, J B roii. D Dormer. Row 2: J. Dormer, A. Dr er, P. Maroney, J. Rosenfeld. G, Simeone, S. Morey. D Whitehead. Row 3: P. Whorisky, B. Fog, K. Meleedy, S. Rasso, S. Gaebel, N. Wishart, D. Duhamel, D. Carlman. Beware the Diamond Dogs Girls: Kow I J Rosenfeld, T. Rotolaiile. (co-captains). Row 2: K Miller. A. Teagan, S. Morgan. D. Giiay. M Mot ka. . . Stevens, E. Orcutt. Row 3: L. Luke, C, Puzella. B. Berrigan, S. Sandman. J Godley Pinky Power VarsiK Field Hockey: Hou 1,1 i , 11 lLtin.-i, 1 ' . Mjiljuka, co-cjptam A. SgubLiu, i i .-Lapt.UTi (. Perrv, co-captain M. O ' Brien, M. Harrigan, C. Brannon. Row 2: C. Conroy, S. Morey, J. Hodsdon, S, Smith, L. Brown, E. O ' Brien. Row 3: Coach Galore, C. Diemert, G. Houle, H. Groener, K. Polsonetti, J. Rowe, T. Connell. ■§ ;■ .. l.«» i ' 4-- ' . ' ' « ' Our Team Is What? — Red Hot ' - U-- I V W ' ' ,N Junior Varsity Field Hockey: Row l(l-r): K. Cuggino. J. Hickman, M. Hayes, co-captain C. Hanson, co-captain T. W ' orfolk, co-captain C, Harris, N. Gozzard, J. Polcani, D. McHiigh. Row 2: K. Kenneson. P. Bilafer, K Latshaw, K. Rogers, J. Hopne. M. Hodsdon. T. Lancia, S. Lukacz, .■ . Diemert, C. Kessler. K. Hudak, K. Oberlander Row ,3: Nl McLaine. M. Ellis, J. Kelly, S. Kitzenburg, L. Farwell, J Brown, J. Morris. J. Martone, P Wespiser 79 Bovs ' Varsitv Soccer: Row l(l-r): T. Malnati, S. Colby, co-captain M. Ivanov, co-captain T Bouvier, D, Weier D. Darby, M. Antonelli. Row 2: G. Wood, T. Birsinger, D. Evan K. Slusser S. Gately, C. Lauzon, D. Keith, N. Iran. Row 3; Coach Kapstad, J. AntonelU, J. Beaudoin, J. Madison, A. Loigren, S. Jones, C. Brewer. Missing; B. Gable. ■f Eastern Mass, Champs, - .-w: ;--? s iC " ' . ,,i.,:-? av- . Al III !f II ;i ;i II 81 Varsity Girls ' Soccer: Row l(l-r): M. Hodges, A. Potts, co-captain L. Nelson, co-captain N. Keith, D. Huber, K Connolly. Row 2; L. Labadini, J. Leonhardt, K. Wessel, T. Sullivan, C. Keith, C. O ' Donahue, Coach Dwinell. Row 3: M. Bush, J. Herbst, J. Greim, K. Golombeski, E. Keaney, L. Lankford. Missing; P. Galland, J. Brown. Lefs Go Crazy! iO » m I T me I r. x 83 Golf Team: (1-r) M. Shetsiek. J. Ronis. K Morey, P. Lancia. J Marluiit-, co-captain J . Lancia, k. Maccabt-, B. Fowler, M. Hassett, T. Willson. missing; T. Latshaw, Coach Lane YC COLONIAL qOLF BAUU On Par with A.B. Golfers 85 • A3 VARSITY Row 1: M, Keough. M, Nahon. M, Evans, A, O ' Mara. J. DalPonte, W. Batteiitart. Row 2: C. Bankert, L, Gaydeski, T. Bersani, M. O ' Rell, Coach Prendergast S9 ' Joepie! a t !i H ]. . Row 1. 1 Staplf, I.. Politanm, B tvans. G. Lomhardo, J Kvaiis, K Kim Ko v2: T. Steiiiiiian. C. Hammell. D. H mes. K. Argcnio, K. Landir, Coach Bruth , M i fd s 1.4 1 ff 1 L ' - 87 mmammmmmm !nr jfcir f tk S e %X - A.? ARSITi ' SOCCER: Row 1 (1-r) L. Connors, S. Peterino, K. Weir, M. Yang. Row 2: K, alade, B. Johnson, M. Cooper, K. Krayer, E. Stutman, L. Connors, P. Rennacio, P awr ' . 88 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL; Row 1; C. Hosmer, J. Kett, S. Paradise, S. Kilty. Row 2: S. Clark, J. Hitchens, J. Lewis. Row 1; C. HoMiier. IV Bfrrigan. C. Labadini, J. Hitchons. Row 2; L. Lahadini, J (Jibhons, N. Austin, G. Dietricb. L. Massarelli. C: ORoiirke. S. Gullfv, Missing: U Douglas. Row 1: Co-Captain — G. Lvncb, Co-Captain — K Pesik, Row 2: A Tanisct. T Dhar. W Bettencourt. C. Policani. Row 3: I.. S(|uatrito, J Rowe, K. Fbgg, K. Rogers, H. Paskavitz. Winter Cheerleaders 89 o GYMNASTICS TEAM ROSTER: K. Connell, K Hertz. B Bauer, T. Edwards, T. Burke, J. Brown. K. Finneran. H. Nordstrom, P. Lowr , P. Renaccio, B. Johnson, P. Lucas, K. Krayer, L. Brown, E. Rusconi. K. Riley, L. Wisner, A. Beaudoin, K. Kidd, B. Morgan, K. ' alade, M. Coxen. Dancing our way to the Top! D.C.L. Champs, North District runner-up 91 f - ' T Varsity Ice Hockey: Row 1; J. McBreen. C, Dennison. M. Collmer. B Ree es. Row 2: S. White, M. Sliwa, C. Cormier, co-captain L. Squatrito. co-captain D. Phillips, E, Lopez, S. Lauder. Row 3; G. Dennison, T. Bouvier, C. Patrick. Row 4: J. Rogers, D. Spurr, P. Flanagan, T. Crowley, W. Lopez. V X 0 AB — Old Time Hockey — Undefeated! J A " . TEAM ROSTER: J () (;racly. Spiirr, S. McBreeii. C. DennJMm, M While. D. Golden. J Bortz. G. Kane. S. Campbell. S Humphries, J. O ' Connor, , Oavis, E. Page, M. igliotti, D. O ' Brien. M Best, K Uihadini. T Werner 93 Girls ' Indoor Track: Row 1: T. Rotolante, E. Gallagher (co-captains) Row 2: E. Orcutt, L. Luke. J. Varno, H. Do, M. Leary, S. Raftery, J. Look. Row .3: M. Nau, E. Grohe, B. Norton. R. Young. B. John. H. Reichert, K, Nliller, A. Stevens, D. Gua . H. Groener. Row 4: M. Motyka. C. Hammond. J. Hannon, S, Lukacz, E. Keaney, L. Langford. Row 5: A. Laughlin, ]. Wang, C. Meleedy. S. Morgan, C Kessler, A. Teagan, M. Bush, G. Bragdon. Row 6: Coach GifFord, Coach Antolini. Cant Beat These Feet Boys Indoor Track: Row 1:M. Ivanov. D St Uwrence (co-captains) R()« 2; J. Biron. P. Moront-v. B. Pitcher. M. Dow, R Powell, R. Malnotii, L Ricri, J. Diinlap, D C;ill crti, B. Barnacle. K Meleedv. S. Gaebel. Row .3; L Powell. S. Carson. J Beaudoin. D Uuhamel. . . Bodendorf. E Cadv, J. Knox. M Cozzard, M Widemever, N WIshart. J. Snider. Row4: B FoK, K. Kivimaki. D Whitehead. .M Page, . I Hassett, , Bernier, M. Costich, M. Dessani. R iscerello. Row .5: S andolman, J. Worfoik, Coach J CifTord. S Silvester. Coach J . ntolini. A Lofgren. .Missing: M. Rasso. 95 Row 1 (1-r) E. Alusic, S. Campbell. K. Lvnch, S. Finn, M. Mitrano, L. Wood C. Harris, M. Hodsen, k. Bennett, C. McCarthv, S. Hurd, S Paradise. K. Cucaro. Row 2: E. Creed D Edrv. K. Higgins. J, Pierce M Kildevald ' , D Darbv, T. Marchant. D. Darb . P. Fletcher. ]. Hadley T Hadley. P. Oetting er D Heint? P. McGovern. E. McGuire, J Clever. C. Rivenburg. Coach Nosvokunski. Downhill Snowed the Competition r- - •-» ' %ft 97 K ' i » ' h (% ■ In » in r r%| , % . ' A f Rowl; I. Olsen, A. Field, B. Martin, Co-Captain — E Linnane, Co-Captain — P. Bennett, Co-Captain — S. Flanagan, P, Linnane, R. Fifer. Row 2; J. Kopelman, S. Senatore, L. Stuntz, M. Folgebruck, R. Gilberti, J. Fairbrothers, C, Cinchella, B. Cluck. Row 3; Coach Johnson, R. Gizzy, M. Bennett, M. Groelnic, J. Bortle, P. Ellis, Missing: C. Batman . . mA ||iJB ajSlk;. ii Boys Swimming •» 99 • V VARSITY Row 1: S. Smith, M. MacLeod. M. O ' Brian, S. Morey. Row 2: M. Hayes, J. Herbst, J. DalPonte, D. Grallert, K. Gembeski. Mr. McDermott A Season For Rebuilding J.V. Row 1; B Wilson, J Hirkman, M. Monohan, J. Leonliandt.T. Evan. K. Kaeine.T. Sullivan. Row2: K Gallant. ] KelK . C Ttdrow. J. Gricm. K. O ' Donahue. M McUinc. J. Quebec ■ P H BR K£s ■H g pVt ' r r - " V 101 VARSITY Row 1; M. Tuffin. Capt. M. Monohan, J. Connors, D. Busse. Row 2: Coach Regan, J. McNulty, R. McLean, B. Kanvin, G. N ' onderlinden, D. Harrington, T. Birsinger, D, Evin Coming Back! Exn ' ' K ' Junior VarsiU- Team Roster: Coach. J. Flanneir. Captain. B. Lukacz. S. Mackev. J. Dunphv. M Tapgart, R. Lojjez. D. Garrity. D. Leonard, P. Lofgren. E. Herbst. M. UBel. J. Lynch. NL Hicks. J. Marlow, M. O ' Neil. D. Yocom m 103 » Itfi ; ' W ■ %I 104 105 Freshman Officfrs: Kciu 1 Presidi-iit l.aiiru Laiikford. ' ice President Kevin Fors ih. Row 2; Secrctai " F.lma Kim, Treasurer F.riiin Walsh. Row 1 (1-r): D. Tabaczynski. B Kellv, C Policani, L. Wood, I. Swenson. R. Naiia ati How 2: T Smith, T. GiUis, A. Seifer. L Laiikiord, B K.H Row ;V B. Buswell. P CviUy, J Brown, J Pamioz i. R. Levansaler. Row 4: C Farrell, S. Glass, B. . pplc, J. Zaborowski, K. V ' eier. Row 1 i|-ri; J .Mull, S. CloMiih. J Wood. R. McGarthy, D Chaisson, S. Smith Row 2: . er . D Hymes, J. Donnely, J. Young, M. Lambert, H. Thorton, J. Harris, S. Ba-sset, K. Forsyth. 107 Row 1 (1-r); M. Miller, S. Ginn. Row 2: R. Newcomb, D. Dormer. S. McXulty, ]. Lee, C. Brown, D. Page, B. Sunberg, D. O ' Brien. Row 3; J. Wells, A. Clapp, M. Halcl. J. Larson. K. Rodgers. L, Swartz. Row 4: R. Reade. D. Stell, M. Greenlee, B. Bennett, F. Kneeland, NL Porter. Row 1 (1-r); H. Paskavitz, P. Harding, M. Calnan. R. Weissman, H. Shanahan, D. Reynolds. P. Cunningham, T. Edwards. Row 2: S. Kosicki, R. Smith. T. Spaulding, J. Scott, M. V ' igliotti. C. Nessman, C. Maslen. Row 3: J. Shoneman. G. Bragdon. B. Flowers. K, Fuller. K. Leggat. S. Gvenard. Row 4: L. Haughom. B. Towne. C. Lyman, E. Benjamin, S. Howell, Row 1 (1-r): N. Davis, M. Summers. M. Richardson, B. Herlihy, R. Pasquarosa, Row 2; J. Weber, L. Beardsley, T. Boswick, K. Nutting, M. Pichette. J. Mahanev, J. Kett, Row 3: S. Sanford, E. Heldmen, P. King, ' S. Flynn, M. O ' Neil, J. Portante. 108 Row 1 1-r H. Donahue. J. Martone. K. Szahiin. P. VanX ' alkenberg. P. Linnane Row 2: L. Kero. T Lancia. D, McLean. S. Baczkowski. Row .3: D Sussman. C. Groves, J. Cronin, S. ' anI)olman. B. Fogg. Row 4: B. Smith. M. LeBel. K HefTernan. T. Crowley, M. Hutchings. Row 1 il-r): L. Sqiiatrito. V. Tiittle. G Evans. R Standley. J. . she. L. Saganich, J. Hannon. K Oberlander. Row 2: C. Vadlon. . Tedrow. K. Nolan J. Robinson. S. More . L Ricci. Row .3; J Lynch. 1 Perrine. R. Gizzie. E. Lane. K. . lfieri. S. (;ummini; Row 1 (l-r); R. Krug. Row 2: M. Alex, G. Lockett. I) Hart. D. Holway. Row 3: D. Martin. I) Mills. B. Farrell. R. Hopkins. 109 Row 1 (1-r): E. DiPrizito, D. Agin. Row 2: J. Stapel, L. Massarelli, S. Sylvester, J. Worfolk. Row 3: K. Montagna, C. Hosmer, L. McGuire, R. Mishra, E. Bauer, B, Hart, C. Bauer. Row 4; B. Wisely, C. Talbott, J, Philbin, R. Cochran, P. Friedman, M. Best. Row 1 (1-r): K. Latshaw, B. Snider, T. Ciorciari, J. Hitchens, J. Hickman, M. Riendeau, C. O ' Grady. J. Canfield, K. Cuggino, J, Schneider. Row 2: J, O ' Connor, C. McCarthy, K. Granberg, L. Dunham E. Kim, D, Ailing. Row 3: A. Hutchins, K, Rotondo K. Meleedy, A. Thomson, E. Walsh. ] Benson n. M i M SL - w i tel 4 11 1 wFr = w " vjF r vl ' 1. Row 1 (I-r); C. O ' Neill, L. Vickerv, H. Gundersen, E. Lvnch. D. Humphreys, K Whoriskev. Row 2: C. Drew, P. Faubert, B. Allred, J. Ridley. K. Campbell, Rovy 3: J. Kay, R. Morrison, M. Dezzani, K. Labadini, L. Dietz. Row 4: . Loughlin, B. Coilentro, T. Sulli an, J. Kelley, K. Buteau. 110 Row 1 (1-r): S. Wallace, E Paee. E Gormley. Row 2: E. Une, L Bickoff. K. Arnoia, K Kelly. Row 3: J. Reider, C. Somemlle, T Millett. M. Quiet. K. Jenkins, J. W ' eigold. Row 4; K Roop, T. Keaney, J. Flerra, G. Niemi, J. Huettner, P. Brown. Row 1 (1-r): J. McLeod, R. . damson, K. Trump. Row 2: D. Murray, E. Lewis, ] Morris, T. Werner, P. Wyndham, M. Martin, T. Xiarhos. Row 3: . l Mitrano, J. Rosen, k. Stravlev, H Murra . S. ' arma, J. Brunell, K. Dirstine, S. Eckroth, R Huber, D Giroux, P. Bilafer, M. Chapman Row 1 il-ri: B. Heller, P. Cataldo, .A. Gaetano, . Diemert. P. Cataldo, J. Kuo, H. Shea. Row 2: J. Hefele, J. Nichols, K. Connell, S. Moncsko, M. McCracken, J Lord. Row 3: A. Pieper. J Wani;, M Hodson, J. Quebec, A. Betts. Row 4: P. Loferen. G. Kuenzler, S. Kinzie. T. Burke, G. Goldman -SMISi w 111 Row 1 (1-r): K. Hedberg, C. Keith, J. Snell, J. Butman, R. Pfeifer, S. Luctag, R. Chaskelson. Row 2: M. Haves, L. Farwell, T. O ' Neil, M. Donahue, K. Goss, B. Stefano. Row .3: R. Testa, K. DiNitto, B. Willson, K. Lowman, S. Adam, Row 4; A. O ' Brien, S. Wvss. M. Monahan. I. LaV ' oie, M. Hicks. Row 1 (1-r). K. Kennedy, . . McLaney, E. Barry, P. Ly, E. Paolucci, Jm Greim. Row 2; M. Taylor, J. Viviano, M. Hoagland, R. Freeman. Row 3; K. Murphv, K. Labant, J Jacobv, E. Herbst, K. Hertz. Row 4: C. Prohl, J Pitts, P. Colvin, S. Masson, D. Manning. Row 1 (l-r): T. Welch, D. Shepherd, L. Madison, E. Haugsjan, J. Steinman. Row 2; K. Finneran, R. Norton, A. Brown, L. Ba ' ne, K. Spinner. A. Heinrich. Row 3: T. SawTer, A. Falcione, A Guertin, M. Sharp, M. McClain, K. Shripps. Row 4: C. Camelio, C. Sackman, S. Blasi. C. Ciehella, B. Glutk, J. Lenichek. 112 Row 1 (1-r): L. Marcalo. J. Tweedy, D. Florin. A. Lawton, K. Bennett Row 2: K Kranak. H Merrill. S. Lukacz, J Manalan. Row .3: T. Ellis. . . Crowley, K. O ' Donogliue, K. White. K. Weiner. Row 4: M. Valade, N. Salehi, A. Gifford, J. Bortle, J. Mozer. Sophomore OfRcers: Row 1: Vice President Deidre McHugh. President Carolyn Hanson, Row 2; Secretary Phil Oettinser. Treasurer Devin Ciolden. Row 1 l-r: K Hiidak, N Wisert. S. Larson. L Conner, S. Pittorino. K. .■Vreento. S. Campbell, N KelK Row 2: C. Cronin. R. Reed. . . Gorman. S Rubow. M Huntwork, L Kelley. Row 3 M Tighe. J. McDonald, M. Ratta, E. Benson, E. Krusen. D. Grallert. Row 4: J Fairbrother, J. Clever, D. Riordan, M. O ' Neil, C;. Vavruska. 113 Row 1 (1-r); T. Hadley, K. Gormley, P. Lucas, L. Coughlin, K. Kenneson, J. Fredricks, T. Murphy, S. Brae-Bedell, B. Gilman. Row 2: R. Viscariello, M. Carpenter, C. Witmore, M. Kasvinski, K. Price, J. Simes, Row 3: J. Bortz, Y. Miquel, T. Nagey, P. MacDonald, D. Darbv. Row 1 (1-r): R. Kulsick, C. Deimert, S. Hurd, C. Brewer, J. Heimbach, L. Chang, L. Evans, T. O ' Neil, J. Lafors, T. Dale. Row 2: L. Stunz, A. Teagan, P. McGovern, T. Steinmann, M. Lord, ] Cunningham, T. Sher. Row 3: D. Duhamel, D. Leonard, A. Fields, B. Saw er, K Thomas Row 4: R. Lopez, C. Donahue, T. Chadeayne, D Whitehead, B. Schneider. Row 1 (l-r); T. Bourke, A. Rulf, K. Daley, E. Riordan, R. Gilberti, R. Rossignal, J. Hodges. Row 2: S. Bartlett, M. White, C. Wilson, E. Creed. Row 3: P. Flannigan. G. Papas, C. Rooks, J. , M. Gozzard. 114 Row 1 (l-r): K. Miller, L Moriner. M, Rutledge, J. Hurd. B. Soule. S Fran. Row 2: M. Doeriler, D. Simione, S. Beatteay, S Humphries, E. Manchester. Row 3: T. Fanvell, H. Nordstrom, P. Oettinger, S. Lowe, lohnson, J. Hamihon. Row 4: A. iktgren, . Easterday, D. Yocum, P. Fariar. I ow 1 i]-r): K Chang, L. Corciari, P. Guay, A. Potts, 1. Brunnick, B Ericson. R. .Aaronson, S. Donahue, J. Barnes Row 2: B. Mann. M. Moytka, A. Davis, S, Morgan. S DeMaster Row 3: J Kopehnaii, K, Hembrough, T. Bersani, J. Lee, B Stover, W. Shubert. Row 4: S. .Mackey, S, Merther, S. Sawyer, R. Angenstein, H. Kim, D. McElroy. Row 1 (l-r): S. Gunderson, M Dawson, D McDononough, K Random, C. Leggat. Row 2: J. Springett, D. Chase, J Harlem, M Martin, D Johnson, D. lanelli. Row 3: S. Feener. . Roberts, J. Dunphy, M. Banko. K Polsenetti, T. C;lenu Row 4: K. Trainer, C. Mahoney, C. .Miller, B. Salerno, C, Tedrow. Row 1 (1-r); M. Yates, C. Harris, A. Steele, M. V ' illoughb ' , P. O ' Brien, K. Anderson, T. Mac-Donald, J. Leonhardt. Row 2: N. Young, J, Dunlap, S. Louder, C. Conroy, S. Roth, K. Royal, T. McDonald. Row 3; J. Romeo, K, Shea, J. Abbott, M. Wiley, E. Stokes. Row 4: P. Maroney, B. Oman, J. Olsen, R. Johnston, J. Ellis. Row 1 (1-r): S. Anestis, K. Hammell, L. Connolly. Row 2: N. Roche, C. Burg, L. Levansaler. 116 Row 1 (1-r): J. Antoneili, J. Rowe, S. Smith, M. Cooper, C. Pomianskw C. Kessler. Row 2: P. Lancia, K. Goff, P. Lowry, T. Dhar, C. O ' Rourke, E. Hulstrom. Row 3: J. Snell, J. VVierman, N. Caizza, M. Bu.xton, L. Curlev, D. Maxwell. Row 4; M. Grolnic, C. Rand, J. Ericson, D. Garrity, P. Fletcher. T. Bernier. 3 =» = Row 1 il-r): K. Resor, D. Collins, ]. Ronis, L. Terns, K. Schofield. K. Kivemackie, M. Shefsick. Row 2: D. Babcock, P McKnielit, C. Lorenzetti, P, Golando. L. Sullivan, ]. Reid. Row ,3: ]. Givens, J. Jacobsen, D. Busse, B. Marshall, E. Schneider, M. Bush. Row 4: P. Stormen, M. Faherty, M Tripodi, T. Garrity, M. Dirstine. T. Tabazynski. Row 1 (1-r): A. Ells, J. Wisner. K. Hebert, J. Benjamin, M. Norton, J. Eiranova, S. Kiltv, S. Kellv, . Colwell. Row 2 D Walsh, J. Quinn, G. ' .Anderson, S. Litzenburg, G. Houle, S. Vickery, J. Kranz, S. Carson. Row 3: J Kranz, C. Noret, J. Mickey. M. Barbadoro. Row 4: R DiNapoli, S. Parker, B. Shepherd, M. Oliveto, J. Doniette. Row 1 (1-r): D. Taylor, .M. Blake, V Patil, T. Evin, P Renaccio, K. Kraemer, M. Costich, D. Wheeler, D. Neff Row 2: B Pitcher, N. Grondstra, C. James, K. English, K. Wessel, . Calhoun. Row 3: F. Keogh, J Ludovico, M. Haughum. J. Bachus, T. Campbell, G Gershun. Row 4: F. Gulla, D. Smith, D Spurr. S Hill, S Shelton, J. McCarthy. Row 1 (1-r): D. Bielski, S. Richards. M. Groppi, S. Roberts, J. Ogden, A. Robertson, K. Knowlton, S. Taylor, J. Martone. Row 2: M. Taggart, C. Beers, S. Jenson, S. Oliveto, J. Taylor, ]. Fleishman, B. Lukacz, Row 3: F. Pinto, D. Ruge, T. Cooney, K. Lyons, M. Foglegren, J. McWater. Row 4: N. Zdenek, C. Bankert, G. Lavely, N. Nau, J. Walsh, T. Lvman. Row 1 (1-r): D. Blaker, D. Nguyen, L. Michalowicz, L. Richardson, S. Calimpong, ]. Cohen, R. CaUinan. Row 2; L. Progin, B. Hutchinson, C. Jones, M. Wilson, J. Atkins. Row 3; E. Tsao, K. Murphy, L. Connolly. L. Wise, M. Ellis. Row 4: R. Potter, M. George, C. Rivenburg, G. Mason, A. Mclnnis. Row 1 (1-r): C. Puzella, S. Paradise, K. Rasmussen, S. Cully, D. McHugh, J. Montagna, C. Gallo. Row 2: K. Landrv, J. Madsen, A. Jones, A. Westphalen, S Clarke, K. Beardslv, L. Gerhardt, A. Eldredge, 1 Calderero, D. Golden, K. Wiederhott, J. Bruce. 118 Row 1 (1-r): C. Armistead, M. Culmone, K. Sing, G. Woolner. Row 2: E. O ' Halloran, L. Snelling. E. Maguire, S. Winroth. J Keves. Row 3: A. Packard. H Groener. J Hoppe, J. Owell. B. Gaffke. Row 4: A. Stevens, B. Ruscoe, G. Kane, S. Srivastava, C. Lingamfelter. Junior Officers; VICE-PRESIDENT MIKE SMITH, PRESIDENT ERIN OBRIEN, SECRETARY SALLY NORTHROP. TREASURER COLLEEN CONROY Row 1 (1-r): G. Dennison, D, Stern, K. Rilev. C. Coumou. R Puri, J. McLean. Row 2; M. Manning. M. Tuffin, J, Perkins, P Olio. Row 3; M O ' Rell. D. Huber, S. Martin. B. Martin, E. Cadv. Row 4: K. Lorenzetti. L. Connor. E, Stutman, N. Brooks. G. Va.sfv. D. Lee. 119 Row 1 (1-r): L. Cohn, J. Madison, A. Baker, M. Malnati, K. Finkle, D. Lane, A, Morgan. Row 2: J. Gaffke, P. Peirson, C. , shmore, S. Watkins, L. Testa, R. .• ndelman, K. Moore. Row 3: J. Andrews, E. Plutchak, M. Hedlund, E. Linnane, P. Hodges. Row 4; J. Conners. J. McN ' ulty, D. Evin, B. Mehigan, T. Birsinger. Row 1 (1-r): H. Reichert, K. Barnicle. D. Ferguson, A. Stevens. Row 2: D. Ridlev, S. Baker, ], Policani, S Morev. Row .3: K. Kett, D. Hvmes, G. Lynch, K. Fligg, T. Daigle. J. Thornton. Row 4: K. Gulley, K. Stefano, C. Patrick. J. Kno.v. Row 1 (1-r): J. Dalponte, C. Bennett, W. Bettencourt, P. Thornton, L. Shaeffer, H. Hirsch, E. Granberg, B. Brandon. Row 2: D. Keith, B. Kastelein. G. Wood, J. Norton, T. Browne, G. Hayes. Row 3: G. Carney, D. Harris, D. Schmidt, P. Keaney. 120 Row 1 l-r): R. Murphv. H. Friend. S. Hills. . .Xghili, J Diprizito. J. O ' Connell, R. Miizzioli. Row 2: M Hasset. C. Wilson. K. Cool. K. Orso. B. Bequarl. J. OGrady. Row 3: H. Wright. T. . ndfrson. Filippini. D. Cvitkovich. G. Goller. Row 4: B. Saunders, D. Disciullo. M. Widmayer, P. Portanle. J Jenkins. Row 1 (l-r): M. Millett. D Brooks. C. Howard. Row 2: D. Goldberg, D. Cooper. J. . sh. Row ,3; S. Calo. S. Jones. T Mackey, C. Gargas. Row 1 (l-r): R. Nott. D. Maxwell. J. Canstantini. D. Moller. S. Florio. D. Robins, K. Kraer. Row 2: S Kilkennv. H Yates. N. Gozzard. C. Vinal. M. Mehigan. S. Hebert. Row 3: B. Evans. L. Ketlell. J Hodsdon, J. Mills. L. Gavdeski. J. Meagher. Row 4: P Delreal. . . Cochrane.!. Willson. J. Mischel Row 1 (1-r): B. DiLorenzo, M, Spinney, A. Swerdloff, D. Mulbarger, S. Driscoll, L. Brown, G. Nazarian. Row 2: K. Cooper, N. Austin, B. John, J. Worfolk, M. Hawe, S. Weber. Row 3; D, Edr ' , F. Lugo, J. Winfrey, C. Cormier, N. Spurr, S. LaRocca. Row 4; M. Page, C. Brunnel, S. White, R, Reeves, S. Flanagan, P. Flynn. Row 1 (l-r); C. Kelly, S. Brunell, J. LeDuke, L. Wu A. Longaker. Row 2; . . Tamsett, J Hannon, L Faria, G. Lombardi, S. Smith. Row .3; K. Bayne, L Mvers, M. Keough, A. Crossland, T. Bauer, J Herbst. ' Row4: A. Beaudoin, A. Drier, D Putonen R. Rosenfeld, D. Carlman, J. Dormer Row 1 (l-r): J. Reed, S. Ells, G. Spineeli, D. Rosenthal, D. Pino, N. Parris, C. Stover, B. Lawton. Row 2; B. Lyons, K. McManus, A. Murphv, ]. Nau. Row 3: K. Karkane, R. Lane, M. Smith, S. Freeman, J. Pinto. Row 4: G. Lilly, D. Beaudette, C. McKean, L. Bono, B. Glennon. 122 Row 1 (1-rl: C. Conroy. K lohn. E Pierson, K. Nguyen, S. Gately, B Bocneneck Row 2: L. Scriven, K. Meslener, C. Jacobscn. B Hurst Row 3: P. Harris. D Lanter. K Kidd, T Kaher. S. ' rablik, C. Lockett How 4: J. Rogers, ]. Bridge, . Jacoby, N. Harrington, S. Crossland, B, Calhoun. Row I (I-rV D. Hicks. F Meleedy. L Griffin Row 2: B. Wespiser, S. HeFoe. J. C.ianetto. S McBrcen. Row 3: B. McKean, R. Pappas, S. . Ia well. T. DeChelles. Row 1 (1-r): J. Stuart, G. Hadley, K. Connolly, W McClennan, K. Cuccaro, . . Bartlett, L. Brown Row 2; C Capra, C. Chapman, N. Cochin. S Hedlund Row 3; E. Lopez, C. ( " ormier, C. ' olkmann, P Kimball, D Edmunds. Row 1 (1-r): V. Whoriskey, K. Curley, L. Mittelholzer, L. Labadini, J. Urda. Row 2: L. Riordan, C. Fanton, J. Goss, ]. Kay. Row 3: M. Fiedler, W. Roberts, A. Dingle, S. Beveridge, S. Schafer. Row 1 (1-r): M. Rotondo, A. Sorkin, S. Harrison, B King, E. Schwartzmann, D, Burrows, C. Virball Row 2; R. McLean, B. Fowler, M. Ceglowski, M Bennett. Row 3: K. Johnston, C. Batman, A Forbes, J. Steinmann, C. McAdam. Row 4: L Paskavitz, J. Brown, E. Keaney, S. Robinson, J Koeller i6i- Ui.? Row 1 (1-r): J. Godley. L. Willis, L. Huettner, S. Sandman, R. Doughty, K. Quimby, E. Rusconi, M. Yang, Row 2: N. Tran, S. Korde, A. Bodendorf, G. Booma, ]. Lenicheck, J. Monroe, J. Murray. E ,S .L. English as a Second Language (B Period): A. Nguyen, P. Lv. J. Hsiao, K. Nguyen, A. . ghili. English as a Second Language (A Period); D. Nguyen, .A. Toth. Row 2; M Knokc. M Nahoii. I. Haughom. O.D.P. Occupational Development Program: How 1 il-r ' ' . hittaker. L Br ant, P Lancaster, C Gillii;aii. I. Brown. M Connollv, S. Cliacobozzi. Row 2: H Wolf , T. Storment, B. OConnell. J amo ' . D. Douglas . D. Rav, Ms Liapunov. Row 3: L. Knee, Mrs. Chadeayne. ( Special Education .■Videsj 125 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Torri Connei: Brendan Barnicle CLASS COUPLE: Lou Flerra, Chris Warren DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL: Maura OBrien, Mike Raso FRIENDLIEST: Dave Kosicki, Debbie Douglas CLASS FLIRT: Marney MacLeod, Danny Peterson CLASS CLOWN: Gretchen Pasanen, Keith MacCabe Senior Superlatives BEST LOOKING: Rod Powell, Jenny arno MUST STLDIOIS: Jeniulfr Doraii. Victor Strethabhakti NU)- i Sl ' imiKD; Maura Harrigan, Joliii Lancia MOST ATHLETIC: Maura OBrit-n, Tom Bouvier CL. SS PARTIER Chris Dunlop. Missv Perkins BEST DRESSED: Gina Boccadoro. Mike Vecchione (missing) MOST ARTISTIC: Jim Ferguson. Michelle Koenig MOST VNFORCETTABLE: Sean Walsh, Brunhilda Lugo (missing) BEST MUSICUN: Miodori Evans, Mike Whitmore 127 : £QNOIUtTm. ATIQNS ORADl Officers: President Chris Flockton, Vice President Maura O ' Brien, Treasurer Brendan Barnicle, Secretary Michelle Coxen. SENIORS 128 I iier v ' 1 ' V 1 129 ,f ' «iw ? tarofi Sue It ' s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder. — Lennon McCartney Jo People living in competition, all I want is to have a piece ofmind. — Boston A ship is safe in the harbor, but it was built to go out to sea. Andy, Appy You will be the captain and I will draw the chart, sailing to our destinies, closer to the heart. 0 Yy 7 y . Urn Rikker If you think the way you are is all right, you ' ll get better naturally. Mickey Learn from the mistakes of others you can never live long enough to make. Lis The days go by like a strand in the wind; in a web that is my own I begin again. S. Nicks Cork ' Love can ' t be bought or stolen for it is something that is of no value to anyone until given away. 130 The most beautiful thiriRs in life can ' t he seen or touched but must be feh with the heart. Some see things as they are and ask why? I see things as they could be and ask wh ' not? Rick Cot to make it through the tunnel; got a meeting with the man on the other side. — Springsteen Mike Through the fish eye lense of tear stained eyes I can barely define the shape of this moment in time. W ' e are no other than magic shadow shapes that come and go. great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for. Pete The mistakes are all there waiting to be made. S.G. Tartakower {iSr vit a . Wc ie e ySerrt an Bark! Be somebod ' , act like somebod ' because you ' re somebody. 131 If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. Jim If everything seems to make sense, then you obviously overlooked some- thing. I ' m not afraid of tomorrow because I ' ve seen yesterday and I love today. If at first you don ' t succeed, conceal all evidence that shows you tried. He who knows his limitations exceeds them. Jonny They said I would shine like the light in the city. I hoped it would be like the moon on the sea. Kathe How long I have wanted this dream to come true and as it approaches I can ' t believe I ' m through. — T.S. • ena ' tBaccac ora Everybody sees what you appear to be Few make out what ou really are. 1.32 i (S( axtrt ( c y A It is to W, then it is up to me In the sunshine are my highest aspir- ations. I mav not reach them, but 1 can believe in tnem. Remember, we all look the same when you turn off the lights. S. Silverstein ( 7tcric . i£ofi cu This is but a moment in the flow of eternilv. The most beautiful things in the world can ' t be seen or touched but must be felt with the heart. ,z?.. U. A, Bouv Hey. you! Don ' t help them to bur the light, don t give in without a fight Cind If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can never buy. The most beautiful things in the world can t be seen or touched but must be felt with the heart. 133 Dave The spirit in man is godlike, eternal, indestructable. Never give up on a dream. Roam the world, walk the miles — no- thing works better than a smile. Ron Sleep, sleep tonight and may your dreams be realized. U2MLK Jerry Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime — these are the best of times. — Styx Stef This is the time for celebrating; this is the crowd that ' s fascinating. Kris Two roads diverged into a wood, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Liz If you never see my face again, think of me as a permanent friend. 134 i o6erf 5. Ga e Bob Ousan { in G ' (i n e A winner never quits. A quitter never wins. i cTara Ga n M " Exposition} ' " Expedition, sillv old bear. " " Oh! " said Pooh. " I know But he didn t reallv QRrace " Gar a ) a v i ( a i oe I dream of my future, good times gone past, friends lo remember, memories will last. ' ' S ' isfen CmM f ic Looking back. I ' d be the first to say I wouldn ' t have done it anv other wa . u artn {r ene Garro Good bye. stranger, it ' s been nice; hope you find your paradise. S.T. ia5 You believe in things, but you don ' t understand; you gotta ' sufFer; supersti- tion everyway. — Beck 0aM (5. Gi l iotil Cig Life is a game and you must play to win. . ffauAew- . (I. 6 arA When I leave, I don ' t know what I ' m hoping to find. When I leave, I don ' t know what I ' m leaving behind. «?s. Ste ie i G arA And someone said, " Fair warning. Lord will strike that poor boy down. M.H. Steven i G arAe Clarke I ' m sayin ' those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul. — Seger St( € i Ga a Steve I see a dark sail on the horizon, set under a dark cloud that hides the sun. iTlacAe Ga Zi iA Although its the ox that pulls the cart up the hill, it ' s the dove that builds the nest in the trees. 136 . (fatt ieta 0. Go ntr Malt Man friends I have gained; tears are shed; I feel pain, I look forward and hope. arrt atiw Cwi te Be as you are as you see as I am I am. J.T. Char We use to wonder where the world was going; Now we wonder when. — Salada Tea Bag N . flicAe Ze . f Goaxn Mich Mav the road to our future be lit by a smile and paved by laughter G . . Go y A generation without name. Nothing to lose; nothing to gain, nothing at aJf U2 I( life gives you lemons, make lemonade. y( uHir . Grofi n After four years of A.B., It can rain on my parade any time . . . There is no- thing like a good school. 137 There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there is still time to change the road you re on. %atA een GmiAiWtc i 0afiaA W. Q)aAi Katie Darbs Everybody sees what you appear to be, If it moves, kick it; it if doesn ' t, ski on it. Few make out what you really are. Billy D. Why not think about times to come and not about the things that you ve done ... , , — Fleetwood Mac JIicAae !S. 06 00- I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. 4;7 138 f u u f . (f. A-:: uit We are secrets to each other. Each one ' s hfe a novel no one else lias read — Rush If love is your path, the process will have heart. — Leo Buscagliu ' Ut:u{ i ic . l ar i ' [ J(w e » Sue Li e for toda , for yesterday is but a nemory and tomorrow but a dream. Of all da s. the dav on which one has not laughed is surely the most wasted. 139 Debbie To be without some of the things you want is an important part of happiness. — Mom ' s Fridge JMae W. Q)ou So you ' re scared and vou ' re thinking that maybe we ain ' t that young any- more. Springsteen Darla Immature luv says: I luv you because I need you. — Mature luv says; I need you because I luv you! ifteuen (S. Q)cn(wui Steve What we have here is a failure to com- municate. Fighting soldiers from the sky; fearless men who jump and die. Green Beret Sweet Pea Peas and Beans are as dank as a dog. — Henrv IV Speed Stick Every day we make it We ' ll make it The best we can. — Jack D. In dreaming the greatest dreams and seeking the nighest goals, we build the brightest tomorrows. 140 Joe. Tex For so long ha e we looked to this mo- ment. But now that it ' s here, we wish it would last forever. ( ' in.s o6 icr ( ' . {.On i a t I ' m Koing to heck in a bucket so I miRhl as well enjoy the ride. Grateful Dead Missy If you are foolish enough to be content, don ' t show it. but grumble with the rest. — Jerome Phiz Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot flv. When I ' m feeling lonely and beat, I drift back n time and I find my feet down on . Iam Street. oi x:e . Sle er- Yo i iii t u s 141 Missi Beyond the wall and the paper smile . . . Oc uMir eA i .Tcirrf We crawled and then we walked, and now we re running. An we ' ll keep run- ning until we fall. e ( (j. ,7ce cr Yes, loving is a painful thrill, but not to love more painful still. ' nci cFe y( £tw Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in vourself 7(e u . i in c7m iera i ' (9 Kel In this life things aren t as easy as in the afterworld: in this life you ' re on your own. — Prince (Si een U. 5 E 6r He who laughs has not yet heard the bad news. — Bertold Brecht The love we give away is the onl love we keep. 142 Ml lovers art- deranRed. Chrip I hope ou know that this will go down on your permanent record. Howie Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh eggs. o( .K . . . 7 crr i Lx)uie Clean shirt, new shoes, and I don ' t know where I am going to. ZZ Top Denguard Let me go. M e es are hungr ' to be- hold the great work of m - forebearers. — f2 I have become comfortably numb. Steve Are you tough enough to play the game or will you just do your time and fade away? — Springsteen y flartf ffa na uic . IJarfc ■ ' ■ aefa jo I ' m onna run down to the oceai; and cr -. ' Hey, Its me! " 143 1 Step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream came true today. iSa n a {. a am I ' m sittin ' in the railway station, got a ticket for mv destination. tfaroA ' J. ffan e ier- I don ' t care where we go; I don ' t care what we do; I don ' t care, pretty baby; Just take me with you. i y . , eorae 9(iatAer G. arra i Everybody has a place in time, A chance to live, a need to find. Jlic ie Ze ■ffatjc e sA Keep one dream that won ' t come true. — Cars X ' t-io . 11. ,9(aUuio So your scared and you ' re thinking that maybe we ain ' t that young anymore. — Springsteen Don As I leave, I know I ' m leaving my best friend, a friend who taught right from wrong, weak from strong. 144 W ' eeble Likt ' a true nature ' s rliild, we were born to be wild, gonna fl so high. I never wanna die. Uon ' l find out, when dawn first breaks, that yon missed the golden moon. I1 the world ' s a stage, and we are mereK players. — Rush You know that «hen the truth is told, you can get what ou want or )ou can just get old. 145 If you don ' t know where you ' re going, you ' ll probably end up somewhere else. Guch Anyone prepared for defeat is half de- feated before he has commenced. ?io na (S. ! iihr(cA The heart of a melody can never be put down on paper. — Pablo Casales It is foolish to believe that someone who cannot be seen or touched cannot be loved 146 ■ Tra icci (k f ic i ici e (i n. ' tf !) ier Y. f (errfna i i Hfrmie. Chris Some are born In live their fantasies hut most just dream ahout the things we ' d hke to be. — Rush If I keep going, maybe I ' ll get there somedav. You don ' t know what you ' ve got until it ' s gone. Krissi, Hil-bug You re always free to change your mind and ch(«)se a different future or a differ- ent past. — R Bach Listen to me — I ' ll sing you a song and the time will go by till you never know where it s gone. I labor mv sinein ' light, not for ambition or bread but the common wages of their most secret heart. There ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. — Cat Stevens 147 BJ If you do not hope, vou will not find what is beyond your hopes. Scott . OtM ' Nothing is easy, but nothing is so hard that it can ' t be done The power to finish the race comes from within. e fTfi . eco e 5? y s 6 tnsto er ' . Sa e Deb Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. All the flowers of all our tomorrows are and I took the road less travelled by . . . in the seeds of today. — Jack Lord There are those who make things hap- pen, those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened. The mist is rising, and I ' m chilled to the bone. — Joe Perry His eyes seemed so glazed as he flies on the wings of a dream. — Iron Maiden 148 . (farta yert u ' c Even- man ' s life is a fair ' tale, written h God ' s fingers. — H.C. Anderson - i Mtl l . II. y wos Susie One of the best things in the whole world is a friend. . afa c . f a A Nat With a chance to make it good somehow — He , what else can we do now? I . n invention of the mind is useless, unless your hands are connected to your imagination. . ll that we can do is just sur i e; all that we can do to help ourselves is stav alivi — Rush V ' ia u ra ' . fj ii Zet To find success one must not only act but dream 149 If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, then you can achieve it. (Satrtcta {. 5 Patty When two elephants fight, it ' s the grass that suffers! Never measure the height of a moun- tain until you ' ve reached the top; then you ' ll see how low it was. Don ' t take life personally. Let me be free to think my own Capt. James T. Quilty, Quilty Off on thoughts, to choose my own way to be your wa ' ; hit the open road; there is mv own person. magic at your fingers. — Rush We would have more room for changes if we didn ' t design portraits of each other. — Max Frisch Mich, Michelin One ' s closet full of anxieties is never complete without an MX missle. 150 Sick A lliite without holfs is not a flute, a doughnut without a hole is a danish Beckv Working hard to get m fill, even.bod - i wants a thrill; don ' t stop believin ' ; hold on. ' " 4- CArtstine , (I. huA u Sparkv ' Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to vou! ' ja6ra . ane Sabe It ' s time to move on ... to a better place and time . . look to the future, not the past . . . We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again . . . Take it easy. — The Eagles 151 I used to think the world revolved around me; Now I know it does. — David Lee Roth . f a ira e - It ' s easy to lay down and hide; where the warrior without his pride? — Adam Ant (j uH to er G. uzofi If the bird has only one wing, what will happen when it jumps out of its nest? I- Jess In a world of too much choice, I only need ' our voice; Tell me you care — 1 11 be anywhere for you. Yo A smiling face is an earth like star. A frown can ' t bring out the beauty that you are. What we love to do we find time to do. Wayne It ' s better to be small and shine, than big and cast a shadow. Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. — Truman 152 on . . aAe Time is not measured 1) - the passing of ears, but b what one does . . . feels . . . and achieves. Fim grows with happiness, sunshine, laughter and hves as a smile in your heart ever after. r ' " Mac Maccabe How do I know what lies in the future? I haven ' t been there vet. My footsteps vanish in the sand, .My memories stav forever. y77 w M- ' . . IJacAay tfarfiaj ' . . ffmi an Mac, Sac If endings symbohze beginnings, then Education is just a progressive discov- shouldn ' t goodbyes be easier to say? ery of our ignorance. Yo i l . ILl lonti {ra 5fr . (Jti aA a i Jack Sometimes you gotta sav: what the © ?!. 153 6fe . (Ia iotra When the people hving in the world agree, there will be an answer . . . — Beatles It ' s time to go to the front of the line. — ST. Marchy-Dan Rippy I vam what I vam. Nick Standing on a hill with a mountain of dreams, telling myself it ' s not as hard as it seems. — Led Zep i£aAne a . . . llas cuiAa Pam A kind word never goes unheard, but too often goes unsaid. 154 BAM All ()u touch and all ou see is all ()ur lilc will ever be ... — Pink Fiovd Debbi Foday is tlie tomorrow you worried iibout vesterdav. Girls want wood. I took and that has Gus It matters not how long we live, but When I feel like e.vercising. I just lie how. down until the feeling goes away. jlane flc SetA Take on the situation, but not the torment; now you know it ' s not as bad as it seems. Take your time . . . don ' t live life too fast; troubles will come and they will pass. 1.55 Smokie The hardest thing in life is being your- self. (jarrie flerri Care Just you and I sharing our dreams together and I know in time we 11 build a world together . . . ,4m ji:l€rfAe Aim Life is like a river; it flows on until it comes to an end forever. jtlait jflifra ia Live for today, for y esterday is but a memory, and tomorrow is but a dream 0igzWfZ . 2 2 race aum jPIi lett Debbie Trai Songs we use to sing; times we use to A smile is a curve that helps to set know — so hard to hold in our arms things straight, again — so hard to let go. Seth Just when you learn to make the most of it, most of it is gone. JiicAael . jiiofuiAan Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. 1.56 . nila . . (fofise i I ' m standing at your gate, just out of the reach of the hands of fate. — Tom Petty I found the simple life ain ' t so simple when I jumped out on the road. — Van Halen QRi .(ilore ioase Play for me , play for free, and play a whole lot more. — Led Zeppelin ft ,Ul l . (j. . (lofTi Z o ' If you see someone without a smile, give him yours. ' Jteoe i . {Joret (Son t C ' artt .dorian Steve Bon If you tell the truth, then you don ' t have Keep passing open windows! to remember anything. (JiicAe l ,{Ju 6wy€. Smurph, Kath I see my future at the rainbow ' s end, happy hours timeless friends. — Billy Squire 1.57 Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday. S «5 €uzzio The good times are the best times; the bad times fade away; the good times are forever. — J.Geils raca €. jSe sman Trac They who go feel not the pain of par- ting; it is they who stay behind that Lyd Smile and everything will be okay. To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life. The way out of trouble is never as easy as the way in. Jer Quick to judge; quick to anger; slow to understand; ignorance, prejudice and fear walk hana in hand. 158 . t Aio 0 ffara Tame me and ou will be unicjue in all the world. To vou. 1 shall be iinicjue also. — Saint Exupery Mo Tr ' to always remember the time when yoii truly felt the gift to be alive. Krissy Friendship always benefits; loves sometimes injures. 1 never did believe in miracles but I ' ve a feeling it ' s time to try. — Fleetwood Mac Love is the magician, the enchanter . with it. Earth is heaven. ' fcoU Of ianos Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes; I ' m afraid it ' s time for goodbve again. Billy Joel If it ' s getting harder to face everyday, don ' t let it show. Keep it inside, don ' t give m. 159 EL Just one last Idss before I walk out the door. SretcAen . Sa,ianen Gert Y B Normal ni i }£af( Chubei OnK ' those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible! ;v Missy Memories will last a life time. Take the best forget the rest, and find these are the best of times. Ever ' thing you desire is within your reach. ' " ■ i Dream what you dare to dream; be where you want to go; be what you want to be. Enjoy life! Kim And so, my friend, we ' ll say goodbye, for time has claimed its prize. 160 L « 7 f 6?. i f f VSOfl Dan-O Wlierf ' s the beach? ' Tferry y. i clAeu tc i You can have a milHon dollars and be poor, but if you have a million memo- ries, vou are a millionaire. Kel t s alright; I think we ' re gonna make it. — Christopher Cross J imet l£i Uo You ' re shining star . . . shining bright to see what ou can truly be . . . — Earth Wind and Fire 161 4 memane S. Bo f rt Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. . { I ,T. lAttf.i Dreams are but the touchstones of our characters. The world is but a canvas to our imaginations. Those crazy nights I remember in my youth; I do recall those were the best times most of all. — Journey ■verart K i iam iSatot Rod To be good is not good enough when you dream of being great. ' i fe y?Oiaer All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free. — Beatles A H?fw e iA SiV ch c J2uin i A beautiful time might pass very quick- ly but the memory will last forever. 162 fSa iRa rr Ridicule is nothing to be scared of. — Adam Kris The close ups can get rough when you ' re walking in the wild west end. — Dire Straits Debbie Life is a celebration! One of the greatest gift-i of being human is the ability to do things for the first time. . l u iae . •:Aaso The door is open, but the ride, it sure ain t free. — Springsteen Bob One thing I ' ve got to tell you is you got to be free. — Aerosmith DP Vanderbilt Let yourself be guided by the stars, for they have seen much, yet keep their twinkle. — DPV Col I believe in the love that you gave me and it believed in the faith that can save 16.3 y yyf Q). iReA i wiy It ' s not how you play the game, it ' s that vou win. Look with your understanding; find out what ou ahead) ' know and you 11 see the wav to flv. G-bye Mary; G-by Jan; will we meet again ' ? Feel no sorrow, feel no shame, come morrow feel no pain. Rolling me down the highway; movin Larry ahead so life won ' t pass me by. Reflections spark m memory — some Jim Croce happy, some sad, I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had. The road is long; there are mountains in our way but we climb a step everyday. rance St. ' Jlolnnson 164 ir S sfa . (fane fo-tc Give me the beat hoys and free my soul; I want to be lost in your rock and roll and drift away. Jen This world is a coined) to those that think and a tragedy to those that ieel. Tu Zn ' . I don t know w hut Im going does. i fcArrra ?(Whie Kathy hat lies around the bend to believe that the best — LM Montgomery Ive always been a dreamer, spent lite runnin around, it s so hard to change — just can ' t settle down. .Tcn ' .itr . [ {(Uo ti i c You can laugh and ou can cry . . sure is a crazy ride. lo t not Rubarb It s your turn, step up and take it. If you ' ve got the guts to hang on, you can make it. — The Who And if the band you ' re in starts plavine different tunes, I ' ll see you on the dark side of the moon. 165 inn . (I. ' Ja € Don ' t let it be forgotten that there was a spot for one brief moment. — Camelot SWW ' fco€ fJara ' Sc iuHirtz What ' s it all for? Better live now before Grim Reaper comes knockin on your door. — PRN There s no use in quitting when the world is waiting for you! i )iiiMc . (I. Se er Dave And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. — McArtnev AR (Scoff • )maforr The best thing to hold in this world is each other. Katie Will this take me where I want to go? , art . Sun£one Sim. Sima I tip my hat to the new constitution take a bow for the revolution . . . — The Who 166 fneiH i )7a.vifr whatever you believe alxjut yourself is what ou will become. Oenne A friend is that warm, ijiiicling light at the end of life ' s cold dark tunnel]. ir Walk into splintered sunlight, inch your way through dead dreams to another land. — CD. " B " If I told ou what it takes to reach the highest high, you d laugh and say no- thing is that simple. — Who I m the one that ' s going to die when it ' s my turn to die, so let me live mv life the way I want to. — Jimi Hendrix Debbie Our memories of yesterda will last a lifetime; We ' ll take the best, and forget the rest. — Sh-x 167 . o- Si iuifrtto- Squat. Squatv As we drift in time, we endeavor toward the future, live in the present and trea- sure the past. True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. H tctof Sre iaMaAt Vic Mediocrity is one who adds two and two and only gets four. G iar es HC. rfw w e v Charlie Such a long time — I think I should be going — but time don t wait for me; it keeps on calling. — Boston S -cza €f i { i ie . f ar Me Beth, Sully It s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Jilly-Bean Cause we ' re the party people night and day; living crazy, that s the only way. 168 Slaa oome Woke up this morning and Rot myself a drink, well, the future s uncertain and the end is alwavs near . { i Ao cTofA . nna The mountain is high, the valley is low and we re confused on which way to go. — Edgar Winter (.tm i y. ,-7ow ?e . { ia c TiM i When the fire dampens the spark of the water, then will dawn the past Kesist your lime — take a foot hold outside it. — Lord Acton hen mountains crumble to the sea. there will still be you and me. — Led Zepplin Kathy. aldo Is a dream a lie that don ' t come true, or is it something worse? — Springsteen l£au . ' Pa iarta 169 Fuff In order to find your limits, you ' ve got to do one craz - thing after another! WAe ' J ecc iione Vecc To love the game beyond the prize. Garo H ' e )fo o What is . . . and what should never be. — Led Zep r rmori if. ' I hfic er t u e i Vondo, Kiki If you won ' t plow in the cold, you won ' t eat the harvest. — Proverbs 20-9 You gotta live life and be yourself; you can t live life for anyone else. — Kinks Y r ' I ' o zAe Zkee Some say it ' s holding on that makes you strong. Sometimes its letting go. Kev The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. (jArmtme Wa sA Everyone has a place in time chance to live, a need to find . . 170 Ji-a . WcAae WaM Wallv Work hard and be a leader — be lazy and never succeed. — Proverbs Time to look back and laugh cuz better times are ahead! . l art ' l t y ua ' H ' afA m l ' atriaa i i ie H ' e er !VAy, a. ' U ' a Jnr In the end. you ' ve got lo go. l(X)k before vou leap but don ' t you hesitate at a ll. — Yes Weierv .■ nd all you touch and all you see is all vour life «ill ever be. I ' ve gotta keep on chasing that dream, Patty or I may never find it. friend is someone who comes in when — Boston the world goes out. 171 Good isn ' t good enough when your dream is to be great. All is well in Gotham Cit , but who knows what evil lurks in the penguin ' s lair? QetJi . ' 1(y €r Life is what happens to you while you ' re busy making plans. — John Lennoii GAeri Q). H ' M m Spaz, Pee wee K rose is a thing of beauty and love, so are the friends I ' ve shared. 7 cAiW G. 7 % California, here I come! I ' d rather laugh with sinners than cr - with the saints: the sinners are much more fun. If you tell the truth, you don ' t have to remember anything. — Mark Twain 172 Trina Turn me loose; I gotta do it m - v a or no wa - at all. Qa iu ' f. if yA Dan Know who you are. there ' s a world deep inside you. Trust, if you can. there ' s a friend there to guide you. Mwk Not pictured lu i€ ' Gu oer- Q)aMu Jilatt 9i:y imc A an jS a ' e ' % Juju A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts the way you are. 173 Senior Directory A AARON, SUSAN — FWAB. XC SKIL-4. PP .$,AFS. PC G D-S. ur-dad-can-drive.COodo ll.ur mom ' s rt (village idiotsOShakesperian tennis Rosa, Tan Q Sadt-y 4 tunatrecipe N Mrs. Yett ' [those lovely cab. erolls) Min.Men.Mun crean.CrUISamoset, sports car??? 4detailslook in YB 4 MUCH more MD spec pal 84 CCDont worry, u Look FINE ' BW-Coma Coma DowTi HR ' ai NWSmenge: CFit ' sno vamaka. it ' s my hair cl + nte TO Ur great, hmt don ' t drive into traffic. TanQ.MD, JD. AR. Marty,SS.KL.MW(FUNEMNX)I wont rite. Ill send. coffee, ME-TAN)QUSD CAKE + DIS H. DF, DL-ILU MUCH. + D Fab4+DB ALBERTELLI. JOANNE — I MADE IT " ' With A Little Help From mv Fnends LisaC. Nancy C Connie V KD LM Garth L. DON NY D AEROSMITH BOSTON There was somethmg about you DK ' s B52 ' s Dancin ' in the streets!!!!! Halloween 83, GoodTime Connie, Litt Beach LC.NCCV, SKIN " e TRIP Heart Sunglasses, Coughlins Garden. MEANIES, Andv Gomez Tonio Little HOODSIES ' Hows your ' ! " Dead Kenne KILL. KILL, KILL, the JOGS NANCYS Grad Party the KEGGAMISSYOU MR McCleod Concord New Lon MALAKA NAT and SUCA. SUCA, SUCA. LC. slam dawn h. and ill take hollv b Go For It!!! It ' s a death trap It ' s a suicide rap, we gotta get out while we ' re young. Cause tramps like us. Babv wewere BORN TO RVN JOANNE LOVES DONN Y Thane Mom and M Dufh Thanx for nothin ' ABRHS Later!!!!!! ALUSIC. ERIKA — ski 234, sptrck 24, PP 34. Doyle 2 nice shoes. RING a ha ha ' chalkfit (ABEDRCAB) K G Uni can I sit here? C Re nice choc donut JULIO ' RU open Imean insd we r comin ' in. J.L chip- munks Moira oh boy a 2 10 cant drve 55 MP hide in agrav yrd. J.S. wlcm2ActBoxRegSumCmpFrJuvDelq84 ' J A 4yrs +1 still dnt no my combj V B -dav in a field. KG SHHH! eat thse m + ms quiet- CRUNCH Arewein RckPrt ClefTWhatPwevendowar B-dayW what knd of meat nice hat-LittletnWhosAudr G P PPbombom Iranoutof pepl-THE WART LI ES nicemag -weresMass Ave Ok wres93 6.36-go Pam backfr piano GR trget pctceon the Nssan Spdyshds Ms S nomoon. BYE + THANX MLJLKPRBBB-PickumupGVPROM«84JV LAbio RBWIPEOUT Idont want to frget any ' Ino iwill Sr GB Dnf Wd Frmsumday EA + ■ ' K C + ' ■ ' G P + ' • ' C R + ■ ' ohwellgirls gonnabea long yr THANX MOM + DAD. + Sopia.Lonn, Chris oh and the RUFERhe he I mite amount to something watdaya think ALLING, JOHN — Soccer 1, YOLC — 2,3.4 Thanks to Jeff. Tom and Joe Scott-Billy Joel and Strawberries Romanoff — thanks a lot for listening Dadoldrum-Whiff — Can ' t you see it, it s right there!! Saunie- 2V5hrs to Marlboro — next time use the door " Hoppe-Blueberry, it ' s casual, four more years! Andrea, thanks for Prom ' 84. English 2.3- tchure, dead ' coon. Wild Bill, Math is life Bwruce and zut alors (re- member Mike and Dave ' - ) Kinzie the Red. Mac on the back seat ' Bye TH.DH,SO,PR,TM.KW.JR.JR.CK.KF Applenose-thanks for the locker Chem thanks tuTvT and Mrs C Erika-excuse me Do you want your locker open? Many thanks to Mom. Dad. Jane and David. Bye AB! APPLETON. ANDREW H — SHYF 1.2,3.4 bst. expenence. Barnet 2,3.4 balz, Onway 83,84 (Franko. Slick). BSA Eagle. MD, CH. JK simply amazing. VH = I.Zep-close. Dazedandconfused trip, JW. love you. T. , GW. ES. DB couldn ' t ha%e done it without you. catenng bovs. What the hell is that thing ' - , JB, you too, hun ' - ' , Why What time is it ' , thanksM D.JC.SE — my first choice. Why did you put .stifTDK has no conscience, NF. SD I thank you. Allison, sexual flavors; every- thing under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. See ya. 4-everv ' thing, T ' ERONE thane Mom DAD 4 hanging in there, I love u.85 l good luck 86 ARABIA, LISA MARIE — " Pook ' , Thnx T.C. I love vou!! ' Best of friends KB LB KG HG KM DM BR CV.JV.JW.MW. THNX.LUV YA ALL!!! Summers-Maine. Thnx-Mr StMrs. C. I love you! Pow. Puff ' 85. KC ' s partv!!KB-I didn ' t do anything!. We believe ya. LA CV-Life of the party ' " (HA,HA) K-Mart-Yeah " Apr ' 85 LA,KC,KB,HG Flor- ida " Nite g ' m ' 85 KC.KB ICECREAM " " Meet me (a the Engcrnr " Thnx Km Spcl memories! " little sis " I ' ll always be there ' ! Love ya lots ' " Pancake House, great brkfsts! Lunch time,H F , Macs(kaka!) HG 7yrs Luv ya!!! ' Prom ' 84 LA TC HG SL KB BO nice table ' ! Beach, is it cold? ' good time! CV where ' s the champagne? KB.JW wanna beer? KG HG Women ' s World! ' NM spcl fnends, still luv ua!! ' Spcl Thnx. Mom. " I still need va " . Dad. thnx for evrvthing! Hove vou both! ' Best of luck ' 85 ' ! This girl ' s graduating! " " ' " " " WE FINALLY MADE IT " ' " " LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! AUSTIN, LIZETTE — Corkv-Hockey Gheer-2,3.4-capt4-GTs ' Thanx everyone GP, JP, KS. LG, KK, SM. LM, DD. LC, MK, BM. PC. JG. CHARLIE — 3 14 83 and ALWAYS memonesofyou more to come Lng Lke-83.84-GG wkends and everything we ' ve shared, UR my bes- test fi-iend I Love You JP-CALIGULA FOREVER ' w Gorkula ficjanigula! wh ' ss ch ' s home fr Hampr ' i ' ' Thanx for being there be chkin ya ' KS — Big Sis-gd Ick at Bentley Still got blck ears ' - ' ' LG- Rasberry! Caligula wmn rle the men ' KK-N Y vacations. SM-rem CUCHUNGAS ' : ' LC-I miss U Thanx for the talks, PG, Stevie Carne- GD LCK!! if I can do it U can too U2R vry special 2 me Mom and Dad-thnx for putting up w me — Couldn ' t hve mde it w out all of you. I Love You, Austins! ' ! Tk Care. Everyone. Look out, world-here I come! B BAIRD. HOLLY — P-P-3,4.Cheerl,2,4.HMPTN,BCH- " Look U guys! " S D " wanta mic? " oops PC — Martha ' s Vin. " you left cushies! " - Cap ' t Bob Kris Slusbrry ' s-can ' t 4get Mboxes 3 in morn store 24(cheetoes) WORMS-Sud! lawn jbs. signs, pmkin SD-cant 4 get 1 lunch SD KO-G perds Dicplins!! sleep-over hot tubs (S Dawns 4 in a dble bed (a SColby ' s(6 2) thnks Leo 4 the ride Nylons on MV ' s truk.- B.B " Pe-Pe " New Years fS MV ' s " gotta go home " Drive-in w EK.DH " DS ' alies RLclint dam-all in white-ice cream . ' Stu.when do I get house " Never! HH-shots DH.SD.KO.RH-thnxs you guys for being there caring. Dawn-thnxs for putting up with me(9 yrs) I Luv U gu s PM 2 25 84 I Love you!! Thanks mom 6: Al couln ' t do it without vou. BALLOU. RICHARD III — Rick— Lukie, Football 1-4. Baseball 1-4 Gapt 4 " Those who stay will be champions " THE LOCKERS — Mono. Harry, Bro, Gus, Jeff, Ml, Meegs, Kent, Wally, Vec. Trano, Rod, Howie. Sick-U guvs R the best. New Year ' s Eve-Hotel Hornet, coot- raids. The Rez-MB is good good for nothing, welcome back Mono- tunnel rats. Bud the only one. ' Hawken " , Foxies.Fifer ' s4- ' inil ?eek.Defogger,Feb4 " Hey boys where ' s Harry ' ' ' " Tobacco Truck, I WANT NAMESlIzzy lMeegs hitch to scitch-Hugos,Police Con- cert. MMspets take the wagon, dad Hiesler pays. Eric K ' - " gd Ik to. Mo, Pam. Lyd.Guch,GR. Scoop ' " DG-thx for Fr, Mo-Capt ' s chair is histor . what a CLASSIC Vooduin thx Coach would have made it w o you. Whoa baby ' thx Erin, NFY. Mom. Dad, Jeff.KrislLY! Go for it beana " Your the best " Gd Lk 85! All my life ' s a circle, we vtill meet again. BARNICLE. BRENDAN — X-C Track 1.2,3,4 Musicals, 1.2.3,4Trea- surer. 4 Co-Capt with jonnv B. Great Ivncs ' Great team. Best friends. Good luck all: SG. KM, GS. MD, SM, MR. PW, JB, SK KeepA-Bon lop: Dewey, cunta, Gone. Foggy Babba O ' Reilly and Michael Jackson on the Bus ' 83 Comandos, Sledding and Hockey (Trouser Stad ) Fun time with Musicals. Thanx PC. Election ' 84-1 vote: Hawajr85 MI long talks, late nights, parties ulth Bill. Thanx for being a friends Tough Eng KW. BK TM. Honors Bio NHS Fun. Politics " Kern, won " Goal. US Prez-2004 Priest ' : ' ' : ' K-group MD, PH.CC. KLYouth Croup Thank A-B. great times, great friends! Thanx Mom. Dad. Kris, Jerm. Col, Do-JN, Thanx rides acc Steph. Montreal van RC!! Maine 1,2,3— DW, Cape Cod 2-SW, Marshfield 3-SM 40-1- us. Bay Games " mustard ketchup anyone ' - ' " — KZ.Prom 3-PK. Bathrobes Filenes Base — SG, AG. NYE " Who took champaign • ' " " — AP. AS. What did AP do Gun- stock — TC.Bug Bites — LL. Hill. Dig — AK. Cruise food rt Action Acton, Headbutt — SG Trcktm bowling discovered. Amoco saves nite, stripe trivial — KR, Cookie day — PWPJB. Be good Nat, LS pool-crazy, mall " Good job ' " crash — flat. Lacrosse — SH. fredos cldck. Let the good times roll — Quebec Bahamas. I ' ll send S$$ Mom Dad. BELLIVEAU. MICHAEL — BOXBOROUGH 1-4, Sue Mroz 1,2- Gumby of the Week(not Bouv again ' : ' !)Slide show.CFGt or bust,TF.3am,Mr Policeman{breathe in my face , . . oh,girls-I get it!)JTM short but sweet, JC-Police overnight at Burlington Mall. Tri- umph (Wot? Nolicense- ) Brant Rock-Hev Rand, was she 12 or 14 RB DW, POLICE, FIXX,R Coke on beach, pier-Dan " Mv hat ■glub-glub. 6 4 83 «I get the wayback window(SMASH),BB glove. pepperoni,AAA-what gummybears.Tom Oh. those 9 22 84 Ron " got a virus " Ms Mollv-vour first time Crank the tunes POUCE,V2,XTC,ULTRAVOX,FLXX,Kim!uir. (Straw ore o frappes). Mr Swaj (headhoncho at the bayof plus just didn ' t work IF THIS AIN ' T HEAVEN. IT MUST BE SEM( )H YEAR, SO RELAXX ' ! ' coming soon Fl, Mo, Tx. Ca THANX MOM DAD for not killing BENNETT, PETER — J.V. spnng track, varsity swimming.captain of swim team BERRIGAN.BRENDA — X-C1.2,3.4spr,track 1,2,3,4 PINKIES. Go flyin ' on my feet Work that body to its bones No pain No gain Nautilus , . . Janie babie wanna do badness? wo Thousand zero zero party over out of time!Pnnce Morning and afternoon Ritu JGE whats the story?? ' ? Maria, chivalr) ' lives!Best o ' luck to you Pam.EPfie Tammy keep smiling! !Deb,M, hold on to the edge of your seat we ' re going to school!! Make this place shine like a dime Roans rare ralways right ran ' Saman. " howcan you do this to me!? " Thanx Mom, Dad. And Ed the cat. Be cool amego BERRIGAN.ROSEANN — HOWDY!Activities? Well, let me put it this way:isia.afs,p c,,p.pufI3),b.b vars, chee rle ad ing. cable station. what more can I say ' i BONGOS Jimmv DEAN. MM S.S, and of course- SSG. -GOTTA LUV YA ALL ' Competitions GOOD TIMES- Cape(J N )B-52 ' s. BowielJ B D K D iBack Stage-J M. ' What a seen. Man Who Came To DinnenlsOC C.P Zannies6tfallplay6forty carates) HEY Cousins-M K D F Bones your loo strong, OUCH! Cameo Workshop-Sincerely JilKwho me )LUVED IT ALL STH-it ain ' t coca-cola its nee Janie Baby your a great friend Hey Guys:D M P D ED R M SD Nothings going to touch ya in these golden years!Mum, Daddy, Nannv, Gram, MufFin-Luv you all. Well CIAO BABIES WHERE YA GOING TO NOW?? BEVERIDGE. JIM — PC 3,4 Radio Stations T ' 3.4 I leave to hiture classes Miss Sheehan ' s tests and Mr Dadolye ' s explanations. JL — Where ' s the hex key ' : ! GF GO NUTS And then what happened ' " , . , PS — A httle ping pong mavbe VS 11 — Just BS it ' . , . Fiddler on the RoofT(Beach ' r ' )BW,JD.PW,SD.AE,MK.CA,JH,LK " Where are the candlesticks ' : RUN SCRIM ' " Mazeltov to all ' Advanced Chem — took 12 years, but we made it JR,MR — Nantucket ' ! SM.JL — MPSTB MD-fTN No more sneaking Remember AGC! . . , Thanx Mom and Dad for all the help (Pick you up at this hour???) . . . Good luck to all BIGKOFF. LAURA A. — Majorettes 2. P-Puff 3.4. FRIENDS FOR- EVER: C ' .KO.KB.LA.MW.J ' .KC Srry if I frgt anyone ' Shortee, so much to say but nl engh spce. frm T.M s prty (baby.bbylto slrp pkj+ Waldapnd.voure tan hre and hre ' Wanna smkea bne- ' SKIPPYlm- vies) How hot GB-hMk so lng ago. weve learned ' luv ya kid!SUN- SHINE ' ' wanna go cmping ' - ' hey m ike y ' hide the ax H C tnps(P L Ivdka = punch Juc Prties KB, But I didn ' t do any- thing! Eddie mv locker buddv Ilu va!Thanx, and,len GOOD LUCKCLASS OF 85 BYE BYE ANTONELLI, MICHAEL G— laxl.Baseballl234.Soccerl234,dblse- z. initiations, sik parties, giglus pmpknsds. sqsb mnky, CHCKN dust. slugger. SWINGER, bfTr. TUX, stance. BOTON. SEGER, drct kick scked. James is ugly. Tilus:shazam. pops concert, doves. Hello!Hello- !!mom its a moped. RobNH. -MA record Jen Lee thax 4-O.SS no Stieny Bestos.Suntory.O ' toole pzza hut,JEN:ctchn air, $75.BMW2x55.1GD55t.v. dinners, cbgeass-btchmy name is Ian! YOUR THE BE ST I LOVE U ooh la la la poon Thank Miss Farrar BARRETT, LOWELL— Freshman track. Gerry ' scloset.Higgy parties. Wingersheik, Ml. Wachusett. Long wait for Scamp, truck runs to beach. Duke of Earl, catch a wave I LOVE ANDREA ' BAUER. LIANE — Swim flash macs, Eckerts ABC. clambake. Aiace, " Its snowing " — CR. BM — co-thing, Cuda 1.2,3 Marriot Dip BILLINGSLEY. JOHN THOMAS — toast, Tbill, bov Tom LAX34 Ptmdscum! Bleeks, Emo (when does Ben get home- ' l DL, u improve dailv ' (ohn nu vrs daw ' ) DF what can I say ' - Sunapee, K-Hiway. Kilhngloaf. Cereal (yes, another bowl), REAL MUSIC I miss the Z but u r still Motorking WIT, youre talented CONDON, your spine is greasy. Beware of Chucky, Funkysundial sweet apple pie! Recall PGrove DHurst? Beam Me Up Scotty ' s! til nxt yr An urgent mes- 174 sitCi ' (tw CHl ' BEI ( iH|! VAN3 — Knwt i-Ub. Sut cI Lihi RcmrmtK-f. (•(H ' li and Frtf lii ii ' ( ' IIKIP, voiivc Rot lot ttf iirrvi . Kul Yitn ' ll urt you thni thr fiiiiil KillliiKton FI K ' koti( tphiTc ( ( Cliih, CWtt ' d, Cormtili. (lOndoUlt ' ss window ' ZIP, ii rthrdi ' iilcr — plV ' ' ' ' ' (winKimheok) BIP, vour kitchon is windv ( ' omplrmcnts to BC ' rt-M ' SiMl. wtwlchaKOl BOYLOW. drip. Ina. kUi. ptv%. Sl ' DS TKIM ' ii r spt ' nl Ldirr AB BIRON. JONATHAN — XC 1-3 Co-Cap -VBrt-n Track l-A P Man SuninuT BinKo BBS Hhovt ' me ' % stupid Hey. wtiiil timr is it? V to ki. Lnu liiim-Scr ;c Mikt-.lcjvr Rusi alonr-Ein-Worsk I ' FO Smokic Sky Spinning Bron S K M 27 Flash S C Boat MiIKr V D TAP, Sim-z-jjo rarts B Bni ' s how a Hoingi W ' orsk.M I) At Norms I ' NH Capo Runs Ths Ma. Pa.Norms. Miss Sctitt.Tom. Bub. Mr C Giff. JM C. Boy Ceo W B N Thx Roto, Ust huddy I) Crew. Jim. Bani. Hughesv. R Littht hi- s behind us Mookie Street BB bowhn ' Mix.. MO (;. (: 1 Ktrpus l kunta Cone P M D D Coach A Tb, I ' helped a Ion 6c made it fun 6,30 runs sledding BYE A-B Tlix Bud hes. Run Fiul forever but tH ' ' are the Diamond Dogs J K M(Kd limes w you Ruys) GET SMART — Fri I3lh(-1 Wfwh«l a nite and mornin! A S M-DC ' i lil()woul ' 3hrs (what a record) XMAS BASH H3 . NYE . Wknds at mh Ducks Jr Prom- B .bby Hey Frira ' " JOHN A LYA ' H 12 H3-(y!blilw) H■ of luck ' ! L F hasop ' : " Can I come " ' Nancy. rolliiiK jays ) ehind G R.-lhp nuicli Amy, what ya %mokin (femabian) ' Sharon. koihI luck w Emma. meniba the J B A B ' " ' r ' iin Maine) 82 ' Summer H4 ' good time w you Keith, baby " (TWINKIEl MIKE KRISSY gl (11 6 82-: ' CmiR. deiisAcRC don ' t mu " iwhalavasmokafor ' " " (NONIH (ha. ha. ha) LL ' ' YOL ' , CUZ ' ILYBilly III miss ya Thanx MoMfic Johnny ILY biRbro ChxmI luck JayAcLynn L. TER BONK. STEPHANIE — X-C Ski (slates in rain 2,3) S- track 1.2 Field Hwkey 1.2 Student Govt 1.2 SAC 3.4 SADD 3.4- pres(w KB,VPl X-C Running 3.4-Frit ' ndIy ' s runs. Equid. Messiah. Banquets(3:00AM ninl Pohcc Europe 8.1 " Come Dancing " Cars I w; El) V , D. Shop[h " . Bio. parties, Jacu .i parties Lunch.upor down,3 , Mr. K. SO. JR. PR. MR, DH. HF+PC Best Times MDlBig Bros. Me, BIWlucked outi. ADlalll2!. SB. EVV. AM, HF, TM, SS. JG FBF MM. PD AD. SB. HF w CC. JR. Me w Lit (Ref 2 AD. SB. EW. JG) Thanks Mom. Laura, and .Melissa- Thanks and Good Bye A-B High! BROSEUS. DAVID— Fwlball 1234.BjMph«lll234 Indoor Tmtk 123, " Those who slay will lie champions " Mono, Rick, Jeff, (ait, Har- ry , Meegs. Kent, Vrn. ML.HowIe, Mighly Rod WallyTHE LOCK- ERS The Few The Proud Tin- Oipcnhagrii Dip[wrs IV Re Meitltr Brau IS good-good for nolhin BID i Best Harr . U ' alK s.Ritlty ' s, Ki-nls. MineGm d Times InrmiteSlevr and Scotl-Luiiih Time ' The Owt-you guys are nuts Creeilenc - lives Wolly ' The TruckFirsI things first. mark of a runner JefT+ VECC R THE BEST Tlunks c i»che4 and pan;nts later AB IT was great-Greater thmg to come BROWN. JENNIFER J — Horsesl234 Poms234 Tliis is il JB- Lilchsl43 Mies tthhrhs LS JHrh ' KL-Mr TJD SC livfrsr ' ( rA- swampedil ' TWAwnl5yu ' 128-netsnkr ' Magms ' JT-QLTCK ' FUsh ' con- gress ' BstnRodBaby " 816( ' 84 DS-Brghm s unfrgttble ' T S sprlys KK6tTFfr r ' SB-sis LnisScT) )i)a Mrs C nls ' Face ' Frshmn prtys- glffthlwn ' brs what ' CC; prtys prm 83 Liiiguinc Jtieils eyeballs, snss-flks sipng ' Spac Cowb iy ' HiIlbusled ' LS MM-bslwshsThe IksI Io all my fricndslKLK-Macs.socs.HB.HenieslThank you for evcr ' lhing ' -Lovc you alwayslFF-Addicted to you babe- ' SN-Toast to our fnendship ' Bcsl- Fricnds Forever! MficD-I can ' t thank you both enough. 143 ' Juhe-I ' ve leH you to carry on-be good ' Goodbye ABRHS! BL. KER.SPENCERM — Rfl l-2.Laj( 3.4 OBM2 — youllget your ' s- TB ' D School Lax Keep your head out of the cooler, SC Can you stand up BP you can Bonk ' TM Tent ROAD trip to U-x Killington — SL tnp-N Gumb ' weed.Luv those Gondolas DK, " Whats mine is yours " Dump. Cout. Grossy ' What Sparrow " ' ' Swim in April Ive got an ardvark ' JC ' s car " But ofilcer. he ' s nevr l()iie a thng wmg in his life " " ' Cool parties (KL. MB. DAcCL. JC. KH (Jerry nice x-mas tree! Remem- ber the Aubrs mobile L»mcll, friends for lif ' leant believe " JT. Rixidsign MMPtKilhoppinDF, DL, MW, PB, ME. Poker ' EKB. Its been different " LF. Think wickers R BP, LB, DK, JC, CL, TM, JN. SC. Bouv. DN. TB . . couldn t base made it without you Weve had some fun times more to cxime! KH, EO, .M.M. SN, JB. EKB, EG, you.JT, Love you all so much, Thanx for being there. Well mom dad. I made it! Dave, all I can say is " Keep Playing! " Later AB . . BLINK. K. THE - 1-4, p pfl " 4. prm3.4- ' B S 2. N L,2. K-M 3-4. H F 4. JOE-3. BRlCE-4. thx Bubbles! PRiNCE-4 C A " ths isn ' t B-K ' all g s prfcl ' J (FNAMW AGGWWN) " i sed yeyos " C V .D M — C Lnge BSTED " c iwdin) iDM SLOW ' , I wnt th 1 in thred! ' MW. Ralph dies! fog M ' scr., u like tht mosc2 ' " " J.W nmco-dn. LA. our car? sleepy lately - " T C s prtc w JW. Iquid fight! K C gd prte (1 1 nxt tm anthrtu-n ' H G no ' idn t ndl " BillM = red wer2 gdafmds ' red. B M . D S. lhAs2mking 1st smmer thbst ' ' E T uvgrnup ' J O thx4smtling 2 look at in Eng 3 " B J thxs — J G call that frndshp ' - ' ' : Jim G = I DDNT DO ANYTHING!!! THX, cv, la. kc. dm. hg. br. km. lb, dc. jv. mw. JW Ll ' ' JC, O broths. , bm. bo. dan — op, jw. bj. nin. cv. ce. kw. ds, rb. sd, MORE ' " ft 1 florda, loon. gazeelM). pitts. cliffs. Roach ' s. q. PARTIES ' DTH N R DIES ' ' THXS TO EVERYONE ' ' SP THANKS LOVE MOM GPA ' " " " GOOD-BYE A-B HIGH! I ' M GONE!!!!! BOCVIER, TOM — Bouv.soccerl-4.Capt 4, finIst ' 83-LS lics.hockevl- 4.lax2-4 Garden 85-S(iuat. Dan ' Bwlng ' 84-BG.KS.CG.DW- " He got it Johnny ■■ Clapton POLICE. 38-Special.RUSH-BW-Pty in Vt -Bar hoppn-Horrow shows w BW.RR.Awds Day-Spencer ' MV-New Yrs bash- " Wheres my hat ' ' " ' -KK.LC,ES- Tm Dancin w mvsetf " HMP Crew-BG,KS.CG,DW " Look at the lizard crossing the rd ' ' -BG- I ' MASS 4- " 0nly if she ' s amazing " SC, DN-Haloss-n-chased SCN Lax + dmkng doni mix.JB.DBMMRB B ! DM IMMM- ' GOT ANY DIP ' MAGNT-Clones BR.ANON. JENNIFER L - Swimming 1-4. Track 1.2. Lax 3.4. SCI. 1.2, thanx Mr . u r the best Grt tms w ' all m buddies! Geits. Cull. Club Klyiich — get out of mv bniwssfickeep you earing off m sock!. Spmghll ' Spoofa ' ' . Cnmchberries ' Grt parties Ker i% ' 2 Rez " Tar an " " . Cld. Dck Halen. Wngshk5 85 Rt 128nice sneaker ' .Sooz K-12 SPawesome bash! Duck! Twinkle toes 2 Weitz ' nice lawn ' Litch ' s ilu ' wl- kntflsh.L a runs thanx berlMam- ' hey bud ' lc ftbll gm ( ' ud;is Dd end 2 cniz Lm Beth 5ani doniit ninsS.C - " oguniiiiit " lus a K P look oii for run away cars ' JTDSSB-MallTm serious " SN. KL. MM. KP. L D callin aunt B ' s Halloween 81-8.5, Prom 3-8.5. T B my lmost ng fmd, WIdbst fa 2am Amazing ' Gd tins w the Bud Team ' . RickIO 21 82. couldn ' t have made it w out you. thn 4thbsttmsof mylife!ilya U R the Best!thnx momAcdad your Mip[M rt helfied ' k k s.Ilovc you guys.takc care of mv blaz These were the best of times! ' ! BROWN. STEPHANIE — FEEF; 52 P-PufT 3.4 Tennis; 1.2,3.4 Skiing; 1.2.3 Klynch: Biff, Tuna. SOS. Wp , Macs. The Do. Nashoba, Jatlars. Rudi. Bacardi Conspiracy ' . N. SN JB: Scoopa. L " nis. Chad- vsicks. Happy B-day LnisflcFeeP JP: Herman. Mrs Cs class RiolCity " Lanahan: Shut I ' p ' •C(X)WELL ' }U IWR. SIl B. Pretts Lancv ' Giraffe Camel Mouth IWWISFYAl " Mccabc: SHIT IP No more brawls, please ' ANME:He s such a l al« ' Yes Stcphie ' DS.JT.JB X-Mas shopping. Ma ' s. Blank. I ' m senous ' JB Tnck-ortreal ' Reedy: Don teat that tape ' Tlianks for evtrv thing ' J B.J B-K L. SN. DS. JT, LA. CB, GP. SL, JL, KM, JB. PW MR Thanks for piittin up w me ' ) Love Ya ALL! Sta Safe and Happy ' Thanks Mom-n-Dad ' Love Ya; j flc R. No Songs Quote, No Poet ' s Phrase Can Descnbe The Happiness Of My High School Da x- ' See Ya ' BROWNE. GERALD P — Jerrv-Kid ' AFS l-4.Yrbk 4. SADD 4 Bio w KC.KW GS Best of times-CritIa Cards Ac Smigger iLAl ' GHl D period on the hill. Homeroom w ' KC C " B " Late again, Spaz? ' " CB at Macs — Are va mad at me " . KKI-Ma ' 84-1 need a Bl ' " Parlies at KC FH ' s FH — Ihaven ' t forgotten L 6c our memories Lunch w the gang 4t Dork Latin w TD,MD6c Ms D-Keep selling those buttons Ms. D Be specific and nocrumbs-BJH 6c GD CBrths ie-Did they print our picture ' - ' ML — S. Ts 6c hot chix -CO N AN ' ' ' Car ssash 6c hot tub w, ' SM SADD Summer 84 wTD fit CPiSexy-n-StudIv i-Thanx for the great times, r2R great fnends ' " To all the great friends I ' ve met along the wav: •ILUVl ' ALL ' — KC. KW, CB, FH, DE. PK. AS. KP. LE, SM. TD. CP Thanx Mom 6t Dad. Chirs. Mike. Pat 6t Robin Special tlians to 1 Bro 6c Fnend. Tom CiOOD LI C:K CLASS OF 85 BOCCADORO, GINA — CyTiinasbcs3.4 Pom-poms3 PP-4 Summer 84 — W . G. CW= The B-Bunch! Best times 5 25-8 21! 7 27- snk.outw-AG Its3:00pld over 2wise! " Watch out 4 the step! ' What step?ra " Gimme that SOC ' AG = CONFL ' SION ' ! 7 25= Res Iner tbes. I thnk were lost ' ' 15 Gotcha- VECC cute pose ItsstlN 6c the " ' s ' We luv you RR ' . G.CW.DII= SI(;N BW.RR Free Whati ' MJar- lene-my twi n ' Thanx 4 evt-rything ' Lu Iters in the sand ' .AG.CW, How do I " get out of this Driv in ' " ' TW = Reflex Flying! AG , Were on the bwn ' R C alrite ' - bwiwbw a = gQi iitdo ' DN = sti — my prm dte " ' ' ' RC. DN. BP. TC. r guys R great ' AG. CW. = shcr + titpapr ' Hampt beach slop liles .AG. CW. TW. BW. M.M. MS. SL. Gd luk JM. MH. FP. PO. NH. PAIGE ' Voices in the nite AG Wait c-ome back! U go home! CC-retum. Party Thanx momAtdad. beth AG.CW Uguys R the best " Gd Luk 86 85= 1 ' BOCHENEK. JEFF — 19.Footban, Swim 1 Hah ' Those s hostav will be champions. WHOA BABY ' DH.JM.RB, MLTrano, MM.DB.WALLY.BM-The big boy.M ' .SC.RP.-The lockers, sou guys are the Best Cope nhagen -The few proud. Meegs can dip with the best, Colby ss-anna dip? Bud the only one. Sat, Nite Talks ssith Mike H Thanx ' Hey vecc are you a gold back? Harn have you killed a gook today?Shos ' pride Acton. fish ' n Foxics. Po- lice concert. Hey Mono lets take the wagon, Wally ' s truck. vckkIoo Ram- hoop. Izzy l.Ballou Moon Chapin.JMcomedy hour. He ' s going live a n.Lukacz:. BouvSTlu- line To the dudes Ileavt- my map to theres GCK)D Luck-Happ Deb. Mo.Pam. Dawn. HB, mlv the past cant be changed Thanx Dad. Mom. Beth. Love YOVThanx. coaches for every thing. Thanx. AB ' 85.Cood luck ' 86 BONICA, CHERIE — P P 4. Pty2.3,4,R S 1.2,3 Summer 82 Best ' MEw Shanni FF SD. NP. SB, AG, KB. AC, DS ' crashi. LB.TK. MH. AN, JA, DA, AM, KG, LP, CM. CS, KE BR, thsr not mntd-loveyou all (Thnx .AN CR a true friend. S6. ' H4 ' Bummm ' Dase ' s-sleep tgt Andv " Ply van-D V.s house TRASHED! Jump much.J. ' AS w BRANNON, C;YNTHIA — Fu-ld Hockey 1-4. Softball 2.3.4 Mcxj.remembcr, Kilt s ' here are you? Mst bedwn this road or mybe this road. chipmunk. Is it snosiing yet? We had some great times SM. you are the best, thnks for g period and g m BK gang-Hill. Merlie.maeve. everyone CB dont forget ,A6tPwedid it veah, von area super friend, 1 luv ya, CB.SM,NA,MN.NC.KH,MK.PD.JM.S.M.SS I svill never forget all you guys Thanx MOM BRATHWAITE. CHRIS — Soccer I. Intern 3.4 A.AA3,4 ZONE 3.4. m: DC, ha it .indsyilER ' Duke the Human Toast ' Locker buddies; MorL ' . SLE. Bout and Kini Mann do a J ' Senior Powxler I uff .Announc- er. Puss ' cat bar and grille So Co. Diana, Helena. Loena. the A team Dow-get some friends ' Judas Preist ' Latshaw- " Can I go home " Down to the Hairs ' Mom and Dad-thanx for H.ALEN " Bahamas 85 ' Sue-grt friend 6c tvpist ' X ' olare ss and Honda Will alwavs remem- benCC,DD,SC.KM.MP.LV,KC,JL)guintand Janice — thanx for ev- ervlhing ' " BOO KITTEN. hat can I sav I Love vou and alwavs ssill DeloresTAKE C:aRE OF YOI R SELF Why don ' t you settle down and have about a hundred kids To theclassof EIGHT ' -FI ' E. in svhatevcr cndevors you ch H)se to go for. stive for the , Imean STRIVE for the best ' SLATER. I Mlate BRENTZEL. CHERYL — Sotx-er 1.2 Tennis 2.3,4 Powder Puff3.4 LE TN TM BM MC AO LB JB YOl ' RE THE BEST Cruism wCL and DD Where s the party ' Mich-stop the car- whew ' C V-DB,SW what memories Not to mention him Prtys at Krits. Mac ' s Chi-Chi ' s B ' s games -Best of Times ' Boston-ouch ' Watch those hands ' Phiz-BuII Leg- ged Woman-my stomach hurts BA.M-How ' s M 6( D " Hc |tball wrong Ct -6 pak JB 6c LE arc vou mad 1 con ' t see TN I ' m sorry 200x. The flashlight ' Real Dark ' Nosey neighbors, beer drop JY ' B. LE nice face! Isl s-isit-what a time ' Phone convo ' s. ABC ' s . in the bushes KLP ' Nickie (gag, Trio you bles ' iti()iieeri too liad MK couldn ' t cut it ' Hey. he ' s cute-cruisin. bad habits .AO 6c the Cape LB6csmilie Sak-tap, lap. tap Thnks GCD Mr, B • Paranoid? TN-is it mouse or moose?! Y ' ou ' re sensitive ! Luv u mom. dad. Marie. John, Debbie. Thanks for the memories. Bl ' KOWSKI. STEFANIE L. — majorette 11.12. lacrosse 11, student adv council 11,12. AFS 10, Al. Steph. Aim. Hi-gd limes. JM-best fmd. QUEB 84 w JC,MW.RL,SM(his Ioss ' ).WSS,CC cruises wht Ines . KS-thnx4 evr ' thng.dd w GD.SM. " we ' re on drRs " . .AD-vou won ' EK?. SB-2Pls. SAC. Aim-hand. HF-PCslill smurfette, pn.m 84andbch.up or dos n. CC guys (I give up ' i.TM. .Inch w NP. KB-hah hah ' Ref 2 AD. AM.SB.HF.KS Thnx Mom, Dad. Jean. ILL " CL Rob! La. La, La, La, La, La Later AB BILLARD, RONALD — Hoop 1,2.3.4, Party 1-4, 64 ' 83 loti disastr. MB keep hands to yersif DW. SCROUNGE lanslhingon your mind?) Concerts; ASLA 2. FTXX 2lConnJ, ' an Halen, Cheap Tnck. Rush. Yes. Jon B -Axis. The Who 1 ' 2. Policf Good fnend dcpl DW what ' s for dinner ' , MB, EC; ithe (.x)pst, RL. DF, ido we base typing next ' " ' ' . L ' (relax. I m laid hack} JTiChico). MR tOkla-late nites 6c golf. JW DW dept: Feb in C.A. Dan 6c Ron Show (a pedestrian with -K no more bik BMW ' s ll ' m her mother ' Macs drive thruinever again) Noonics flc hadoogies. 9 22 84 severeK lost it D Bullard — how s C -rmany You taught me a lot -1 think ' Solo trip from LA to Okla i dammit. Dan. where An- ya-l and back PPuff cbeerleading AVOW ' ABRHS one of a kind, but enou is enough. Thanx for being there. Mom 6c Dad. you ' re special! See ya — I ' m Cal bound , BL ' LLWINKEL. KRISTIN — 1-Who knows ' 2.3-koI moving. 4; Joe Perr ' ia ' 2lS3 Arrogantx- Aerosmilh " — 8-4 84 Liz B — " What can I savi ' " Do you think so " ' Love vou ' Ellen G — Was-v Shoes ' ' an Halen! Steve S — THANKS FOR E FROTHING ' BASF-YLCK ' Sue A- Ducks! Fred Barneys. STRATTON ' There was music? Ice cream men.In the rain ' Dennis, so much to say ' HEROS ' 12 ' 83.1 l 84.a ' 2 84.Prom ' 84,,S ' 2I ' Horseneck forever ' Love you ' Tom L — Together always ' Miss you ' Don Joe — NO CHECKS ' Chns B Boo Kitten always ' Phil w -frozen food. Canobie 6c pizza — you owe me ' Peter- Fmast-.A.A.AH ' Sb — BAH HAH ' Karl-nwm floorl QUEBEC Rm 1606 ' Door is open ' Dusl ' MUSTANGS FOREVER Expecially silver 175 ■84 convertibles! S.F-LYA F! Friends Always — S.A.EC.C- ,B.P.W.S.S,K.M.M-E,C.F,J.T,A.D,S.B. Thanks for all the good bnies! Thank you Mr. Gifford! Love to Mom, Dad. and Aaron. Thanks Mom. BURNS. ELIZABETH — E.B.K,! We ' ve made it! Paul forever. I love you! We have many special memories, none will be forgotten. The proms, beach parties, rum coke! no more before finals! " I Beheve " , Miss Freddie, Sept. 29th. Natasha, thanks a lot!! This says it all you know the rest, Cheryl-Lynn! When are you going driving? KB. — " Do you think ... " Could it be ... ?■ " no way! " " How many yrs. 4,5,6? " T-Shirt shop, good luck with D . F , I ' ll be here for you ! E . G .— best fnend now fbrever! where do I start? " Friendlys " , " Bo. N.W. " " yes sir " , " bang! bang! " " need any gas? go to texaco! " " Look at the stars lately? " " horses! " ILV. H.F.-P.Town, let ' s fly the kites!? Good Luck — SB. (oj), L.F.,C.W,,D.M.,T.B..R.M.(positiveness),K.R. bye Mr, M. T.F.and B.S. forever. I ' m sorry T.F , keep smiling!! Cape Cods the best!!keep in touch.thanks mom, dad, JBII, JBI, ANDI, Donna and Paul, Miss ya AB!! SMILE!!! c ROBERT. CALI E. — Lacrosse 3.4, Dons 3,4, 76volare. Larry Good luck K.N SH, DR. L.F. JS. New Hampshire is great except for SOB Sheradonna. Bass 21 " 51b 8 83 ST. 30-351bs, PPP, Ski Nautique, Inner- tubeing, ANT, Jack. EM R.P NFTTWGDIO Thanks Mom and Dad, Mike, I FINALLY MADE IT . . . CAMPBELL. SHARON — alias rt. chic. Majorettes 2,3,4 prom 3,3,4? P.P,3.4 B-K 2,3,4 Best Times 1.2,3,4. Skating hves-Tyogs. Tours Granite with Lvcras.WConcord Kids esp.BF Nvr. 4-get theT.B.M. 38 Special Geils.Sals, Hamp, Beach Jeffo, THAT was the dumbest thing U ever did ' Canobie w Marc, Drome, Lamehead Chic-Kweit get diem outofmytrailorThanks4the great timesT. V. B.F. K.K. R.M. JG AC MM. C.L.TS. CD, EG W— In the Cist?) U R Special) but what about Paul ' s? — Krissy EG U R Both so fg, ADORABLE Best friends 4-Ever - E.T. J T. K.K, MS, K.H (U Guys R AWE- SOME) Thanx MOM DAD for everything! Love U Scott Lynne!!! It has been GREAT!!!!! CAMPBELL, SUSAN — Suey-Ski team 1-4 (capt 4) Softball M (capt 2,3) P-puff 3,4 (capt 4) Flutie 22 S.CouncU 1-4 States I-J? Easterns 1-4? Olym 88? Ovrnghts R grt!Hunter Mt-TH dn ' t touch me! FYSD0(MK,JP,MG)4ever a team! Nashoba Valley. WVBBTS — KK bst friends 4ever!Things to do.when the vans rockin — DWD — I luv u Ike my bro! KS where is my pizza? TB. CB. KM — ILYA.lckr Dghbors!JB gd Ick in swim, luv ya! Guch — Bandaids =Spkl eyes! Soccer games — AP! GP, CR, KG, EA — stay crazy! OGUNQUIT MAINE IS THE BEST!!!MC — ILYA, sum 83,84, SBK — I LOVE YOU 4 5 84 " ? Prom 84, Wally. Gwna, com flks, Marg. Way! Mr. D. Jock Yan — 3 grt guys, thnx! WiU miss (GS. GV, CC, pretty GH,BM JD,SG) Ightwt, Nautalis(FW) KL, DWD. MK — QUADS! " The thriU is not just in the winning but in the courage to jom the race. Karen. Tom-gd luck, try Sc be good! Mom Dad thx for caring all your advice! I LOVE YOU — CUBUSHKA!!! CAMPOBASSO. LISA — Joanne, Nancy, Connie, Stoney, Lisa, Katy Freshman " 82 " BHs Sci. Bath room. DAVID PALAZINI Class of " 84 " Eddie " 84 " Peter Forever!!!! Miss Duffy. I would not have made it without you!! I owe you alot, Thnx!!Miss. Shadd. We started offbad But Tm glad I got to know you. C you Next Tuestay. Lingus, Skid Bona. The Four muskateers will never die. Herby and Nancy FOREVER JO- ANNE and Donny Lisa and Peter Garth. we " d never forget you. Mr. aranon, you teach a good class This town is full of JOCKS. Freshman year, third day. Busted being ' " CAOUETTE. KBISTEN — Krit.Spaz. riding 4-ever{Tanner Lives).lax2-3,Prom3 PP4,Ptys l-4-l-,l 4s dads,B-day pty dads,ptys moms,J.R,l-2,A,L.2,Ptys F.H. van-Bch trips. K.W-membr-Akki-f- bud w B.M.,J-Kid,cop chasew F.O DH.FO.s Tonic.D-Per on ftbl hill w J-Kid.Bio,?J.K?.bstfrnds 4-ever,WE DONE IT!Mynd ptys 3-f,F.O (8 21 83- ?)bst times w U ! C r u z ■ H a m p ■ 73challenger6t6Scamaro. Hamps brdg ptys!F, O. — I Luv U!L.E.- ME trip— I cant drive 55!K. P. — Keep Smilin " Thanx 4 the talks ' G S, — keep in touch!Crt bmes w K.W., P.K,, L.E,. F H.. D.E,, AS.. E.D..T.M.. B.A.M.J.B.B.M.. P.T.. G.S.! — Thanxs! Mom Dad — Thanxs 4-everything — cldn " t have done it w out U! ILY!rM MOBILE!SEE YA LATER — Bye!! CARROLL. KAREN A, — " " KINKYPOO " -P.PUFF 3 4. CR yr th bst QB " PROM 2 4. almst. 3. RR yr a snake! K.C.C, 1-4 " " MONEY " . EOF. LA, KB, KM. MW, HG, LB, CV, DM, BR, GB, JV. JW, AG, GW " CW(I W. G. W, I, L. B.T, S, L. M !!; TJC THX fr th ADV !! LA KB nght gym FRED. STASH. STRIPES! AN yr stl a QT! PF, AO AG F,HiU(drugstore)AG, nerv. " " WE " LL MAKE HIST, TNTE ' " Party " " 84 " LB - Lets mingle!! (snob). KB QIM G)-I DDN " T DO NYTHNG! " DC nice legs!! KB keep th C. brzs cmn! KB.LA F, Mikes, pck upany old men Wy??TC — H-Bday 7 l 84(WHT A PRSNT) MOM DAD thnx yr th bst!! thnx to all the rest! BYE, BYE AB-HIGH!!! I " M GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLARK, STEVEN — , . . and someone said fairwamingTO MacLeod Lord wiil strike that poor boy DOWN, And Steve turned from hunted into hunter and hunted him downl -LEFT. Hay Am we didnl do noth- ing, happy trails to you unbl we get out of here, I think your right that cop owes me a new gun, Concerts;AC DC, Aerosmith, Ozzy, Rainbow, Scorpians,Roit.Def LEp, Iron Maiden, Judist Priest. Hey BUFFY how " s It goin. Dan what did you wish for on your birthday? OH, by the way crash you can drive my Rolls Royce anytime. Hey Linda will you teach me how to wistle ' ?{jk) HOWED you hke your Birth-chnstmas present? Joanne lets party! Got the munchies? Favorite saymgs: Elhot why donl you just OFF! and Check it out. complements of " Hamp- ton " " — Let " s go to Boston. Thanks for all the good times;DS.DS,AS,A- J. DW. DS. DO. JO. PEKODO. LM , Peodro lets get Phil Bythe way hows the Monte? Hey Sam. is it going to be party CLARKE. STEPHEN P. — CLARKE. KENT. 0 " nS — hunting 11-4, Fishing 1 , DAN, MEAGS, MONO. RICK, GUS, WALLY, ML, BRO, JEFF, MATT, HOWIE, KOSICKI, weve been diru a lot. You guys are the best. MB is good for good for noth ' in Feb4 — " wow, Mr, Chase, " fish and dip, COOT RAIDS. " I ' m go in back to NAM ' " war games — " I got used D,H. and J.M " Rez trips — BUD. defineUy rules. Bear Hill excursion, " " Hissler will pay, R,B. " widder. DE- FOGGER. Walsh is engaged, Wally " s Truck VAN HALEN. ZZ TOP 38 SPECIAL are 1!! ' DM, DA. J.C. B,M. YOU " REaall deal- ers, ■ " PRE " nT TIGHT! " , " ' SHAMA LAMA DING DONG " ANIMAL HOUSE 1, MOM and DAD. thanks for everythmg. 1 LUV YA. PETER. ANN. BARB. RICKY. LISA, and SEAN OWEN, I OWE YOU ONE. All the luck in the fiiture.I ' m Gone!!! College, here I come! COHEN JOHN B — BASICALLY DEAN:GOD:CIA;LUG0 PENITENTIARY ACID RAIN:JTM:CRASH:RADAR: GROUP AC- TIVITIES SCAMPBOUNDMcNUGGET SET UP HAMPTON BEACH:(94mph )oh sht ' !MY CAR IS ON FIRE.GAY SISTER ' s FRIENDS FIRE IN THE WOODSBODY GLIDDERMINOR CHORD:9451TH TRAVELER l,RUSH:POLICE CONSTANTLY PARTYINGiFLABADO SLUSH PUPPYfcherry only)CAPS ABSO- LUTELY SOFORTH:OFFICER NADEAU WHITE ' S PONDWAR- REN RENTALSKCUS A ELPIRT: MPTF.DW, DSFL. ATK- CCCGLDLLF, MACADOSP.JKCW GENETICS (SPOTS) PACKY RUN THURSDAY CHILEE%WILLEE.WPRS LIVE FROM THE F-250:STORE 24 FRISBEELIVING IN A DREAMHB: PEPSI TRUCK F PERIODIN THE NIGHT:$50 off with the roof!: BURL- INGTON MALL. GOOD BYE AB JN.JH.GP.CR. COLBY, STEPHEN — Soccer 2,3,4, " 84 " State Finalist, Ski 1, La- crosse 2,3,4. " 84 " Semi Finalist, MGN1FICENT7, Clone run, Ivo state team, Bouv Bay State Games, Jen longest and best times! Great time at the prom and beach. Fetus thumb home. Parquet party at douglas school, J.B. dip It up dude, sorry and thanks to M,D EM, Hi Becky! TB. walk to school 1 to 4 S,D. 4 ever, Bouv Lax and Soccer competi- tions, I always won, thanks to Mrs, Norton 4 all die help. Low. Darbs, Bouv summer job w lucious, Jen great first date?See ya!? COLLINS, RACHEL — The rooster crows atmidnite, when we danced around the monument at midnite. Cindy always remember C B and lambyect , , Maria thanks, inyears to come remeber our story-Amalie cape was frin. Michelle mail for cats?tennis? Liz, Hackers are forever! Midori, IS that a beer oragronolacrumb Debbi,dontstudy,lourdesrais- sedyaloads,BJ,HOJOs?HISUE,Jeff,really? What is a snow day? Lets watch RAIDERS ONE MORE TIME bye ABRHS COLLMER, MATT — Matty Hockey 1-4, Races home from Pract, Bouv stuck push. Brawls on ice , D-nuts m snow S-Ball fights, (Garden " 85 " ) Danno, Squatman, Foxy-1, Good luck Puss, Crash, Mayn, Red, EL, Whitsy, Got to Boggle ROCK . Thanks Girls Lacrosse 1-4. Gates, Billv " s, Great Times, Colbs, Tom, Sickie,6t Gary " s Kids. N-s Semis 1 next Thanx J J. . . . Foxboro Police " 84 " Amazing Sluss — Weiry.Philbo later Dudes (S,P) Hurry up - , , Bagle. Butterfly, Howe J, Hodson,. SAT NITES LOU And Maccabey — lawn chairs — Tin can cooler Stiff- beach and loon soon, MO AT the Cape, Mr, M(kids, bang!) No H-Work IVO Bye J.D And Pal " s Hill gang CONDON, RICHARD — Soccer 1, lax 2,3,4, pnq for rae- U,but rodarb is better, doyl, somf, utp = S,P find die bippa = guest house, so CO for B. P. meet the pavement, fkn nixon trixon,etc. Private P- D.N,B P- stohl = 4 till 6. boxboro drive-I win, pay up: Cambodian punk for B. P, D. N gts frnt seat, res - wingarsheak-more than a dip. 440 six pack-t-shwack: u wiil b scared to drive it! Suds-f trim-skim. skim. S.C.T.B-clone fr life; scared bulb -I- glove, M.M " s-I got the bed; shut up.gina your better off dead. B-balls -t- water plants at tacos. breakin lo.spaf timbuck too bufii b-3 to 1. S.C hrd day at douglas-head ill die cooler. Prsn(snap)oooh. subaru " s-f stonewalls. Aub mobile -I- pt " s at T.C " s.p stock for EC-inlo " s sink. Vt rd trps to come K.Lpt " s;dief gis rolling in. T B-canada is place to be-pn grove. pit.dr hurst-what more can u ask fr. boston mugs.g- turkey. was up, suit cse-whls-chkn,etc. skylarkn - crapi. parkil Parquet . . C.H, grounded forever, but ill never forget you , , , C U later AB CONNELL, TORRl — ROOT CANAL??FH BEST MEMORIES!! NFWI Sgobes, Guch, Pam, Mo, Gaylee, EOB, SS, SM, CC, LB = FOOD-ILYGll AS-BOUGS coffee-CPAINI wk9-5, BIKEIO HERSE-hlp! Wanna follow?BOCKY HORR OR wt a prom! AP- POSE, fone ring, CHEM! IGFT= QMacs MH-355 " s, Sat. TJH. SCOOP, BBBowling (Lance-I got my shoe!) Ohh-FISH KKT-UMA, HYATT, Hwian! HiUdg ' SS " Ht dk Guch! " BRUCEllER SavasP! JT " SHAEFGDxLY ' DD-Xlrahlp.k ' psmilin!(SM-U2)Anat Reunions JB MH, SW MOO! AS IgWKEND! SPfi FR! DFact,3HRS! GRADPTY ' 84-Bday VIN -H50! Lckers-DONUTS-THE HALL Get outta my way! Hcky ' 84-get the AREA Guch!PG-l Beer! I BROKE IT!!LY! LB — rmbrDave Csmic Wmpout? TPursuit! KR-SHIRT ALERT! KM, AK 33PUMPK1NS! soiy MrsH ' SG S16! ' SW.WEASELC! GUNSTOCK! Marlboro Fball-CARAVAN! Marshfield-Allnting All die gang — you guvs are the BEST — ILYA!! I ' LL MISS YA!!GD Luck!Mom, Dad Kris. Ker, BL. AC-THANXUNSTANDINLY!THE SUN IS RISING OVER THUNDER ROADI CORMIER, CHARLENE — VFBcheer3,4 Lax 2-4 PPuffS Charmin, NY prty (mike-u-lsh) whres M6cK? Prm83. MAINE endlss mems! smking cm hsk! fog? dwn w org! Thnx to all my friends luv y ' all!!J Geils.KP-Bubbly women frevr! JL.Bad bear, LN-fce, not so friny! " To light " prmblues KL-wht a wst of spec DD-NYprty, skeptcl! MC- Jr,cheer, USShel, trva gme! CL-Jack dancin, SN-eyes T D, CC-FIa, dinx!-HCL. " 0-abot-a-quart ' " Fresh Bash!JP-Bst friend, gd tmes un- limted!!! SUMMER " 84 " Beach Bums — MC. SM, KD. DP, KP.bechrns, bostnrns. " nee wrpin w ya " CUDDLE ! sknydppin wIdn.Sntry cntr. GD TMES. Luv-u-all! DP-]7b-day. hig Uk bopin, bostn. slpvers. FTBLL GUYS, friends? missyall! PF -Prom, dinx, DAN-MAA ' ! Thnx Mr P.Thnx fr evrythng Mom Dad, I LOVE YOU!! Hang in dir Al!Ms-u-Deb " Thts gong in th dirctry! ' " Boop ' n, KR,DE-Deli girls, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF " 85 " !!!Life goes on , , . COSTELLO, KERRY — L-E-M-O-N-A-D-E; EA, GP., CR. P,W,; we had some good times, 7-4-84, die beginning of die gd " WSN " S " , Hi Dave, your amazing, B. D you know my c-ousin I love you " Sure we 11 go weighdifbng " " " " I got a milkshake-boom-smoodi move CR, " The cha( - lains what! " " Whats that, diats just Wally the breakdancing Weasle, GIGGLE, Bug Joice " " Would you believeT, P " Tennis in Me.G. P.that s the third shake vou " ve had. Owatona-sneak, dive. You better slow down: but Im only going 15 mdes an hour OH H , ONLY 29 miles. diat " s not bad. MP-Rest stop. Ohh excuse me I diought this one was empbed, Mufiy Courtney Get her out of here she looks green, Mrs. D- " " shut up EA, you " re fluncking. " " Boy you did well on your F. E. in math (ABEDECAB) " Clean that basement " Concord Library, " throw my ring " , Maura; " " Let me give you some advice. Micheal. drop Brookee. " " Thanks Dad, Mom, Rj BiUy. Maura, Jim, Jen, YOU BIG SHRIP ' s , , . COXEN MICH — Cheerl-4, Capt, 4, Gymnasticsl-4, capt, 4, P- Pua3,4, Hea Lyd-Wha Mich? The BUGS! Wet Pants, Wher dres rm? Hey Fat Ldy!10 7.we try? Stages. LAFFSIUS- Friend (coun " t do it w out you)! CC-Maine, sm. cm hsk! HCL, KP-Luv yr wallet. MO. LN, KP-Foot Ig frank— PH mn, SN -I- JB, JNR Lunchrm w LN -f JL-HAIR! e e DD-pp bhnd rck-CB ' too(4ever frends). NLSP-crush EV - J! Madi- DH- (claws) luv yr, accent. KLL?V4V4jL-DIP! CL-sweebe-Foot s O.K. CC — US.S, ELlchmes, fire d.oral gel! Cheer 84-EL UR the best! Thanx HB-Thunder. ftball guys ML ur beaubful, MV-thanx. DW- Ineighbor-gd talks, DE-eBM ' -luv y. buddies! JC sFLS!UR sexy. S A GYM-BM (bubble) ER. LB. KK. PL, KV, CS-DANCE! Miss ySN ' we luv MJ! Soph yr. SC-s. healing!TJlVLB«PROM ' 84 BEST (coulnt make it W out you) Midnite bike ride — swim Hold M Now! N. Bridge. Summer 84. Cape 84, Pillar H,, T Hub, " ■cuddle " " -luv S, B, B,! M D Family-love y, (star smdy)-Shelly, Thanx fiiends of 85! Bye for now! CRONIN, EDWARD — King Edward-luv Cape -I- girls-school what awaist abme-T B,C,81-?grahiity when will it come-K,W. T.W. H,D. Whats up-Be MY valenbne CR. SC. JL, KC, BM, TF, CC, CC, KP, -(-all die odiers, 3AHA, TA, TB, SP, -f ANYONE ELSEAT3AU will work for me soon-centerstr, BAHA-CF Thanx4 Guitar — 176 LI ' beach -fKirlsontt-iomrproplcamtupid ' JCIELSalmosI Dow- wiMS. JS. JR. PC. LtTS GET SM. SHED ■•■ OTHER-PCIaiiif hiR bn till L ' jtniw up BC,E Ml ' biR su till I ' tum I ' bnun + bov fncnd PK-prom H4-prom-H5? I hopr to «rc I ' in FU nxt vcar-AcnAgony- Thiu4SU l-l lo lo judKr (Qrls-JK thank l ' D. [ tTB c-Katrina I luvL ' -Dnvp flunk t-noldird I vtas tioni inchar cr-If I ' % iAnt tofif(hl I will kill I ' -SMOKINC TOKINC; AFTEH H5 CULVER. JUUE — IF YOU LOVE IT LET IT CO IF IT COMES BACK ITS YOURS IF NOT. lU ' NTITDOWN ANDKILLIT Semvc anoth«T yrar can. for I ixiuldn ' t have made it with out ynu aiid Dad. Dad allwayi hu fong int- utxnil humt- work and you to cheer me up. Thanks . . JuIkt Culver, no sports, no time CURLEY, P. MEL — Parh-1234 C-Bvtoall. Friend 4ever KEMM LOOK OUT HolK-wood-here comes Curlec Harry 1 US VS THEM Smec- Play the giunv tonite Lets g,o CR -ZEE Sunday Mom at Macs — Would U like a DANISH with that ' Live fri-e or DIE The p ist stop Boston 3 85 Doing some RISKY BUSINESS Owner of a lonely heart. V: The Final Battle How do U spell Comp Prog " BASK: " Dont forget to logK off . h the .Mohawk Master — InlerestinK to have known U- To the future of Amcnca — it ' s m your hands — Dont Splash. Life — Ijust dont know Finding Airwolf is your first Priority — END OF FILE BYEF Confirmed OTTKOVICH. KATHLEEN — Hove you Mom. David. Donna and John Mom. you helped to make it all happen, Graduation, other Wishes can come true Great times with the Potter ' s, thanks for every- tfamg. Thanks Mrs V Thanks to all who t-ared The best is vet to come!!! Bye AB D DARBY, DONALD W — DARBS — Soccer 1.2,3-stale finalisls-4- DCL? Sbing + state champii! Student Council l-Hreas Summer SH= Lets part ' w C L . T M . T B . R C , B P . FETUS. C H . K K , M M . K H , S L . K L . + cversone else Pounders 4 ever " SIDS + TRIM, beach lo van Pitch a tent ' Whites = dippin ' + swingin ' - AG ' s = buzzin boat ride + aqua pee!- thaiu .Amy Sailin ' in Manch -(in nghbrhd)-w Lo + Bouv = Chev- - scooter-almost ate it ' Bufii ball at K P ' siwet chajrs -C L -I made it! Stasin ' w Lu cious-Lo.Bouvs.S C , Sweens-Know what I mean , bsa- flai-lutely ' dip wick ' V Valley = thanx for being there Sue C -fnids 4 ever ' M,K J P = tuck runs Chris= great times ' knarley, bitchin ' bash, itchy scratchy. BONUS! rIu + larval, domf. vart. etc -keep in touch! Steph-Vaw ' Klynchs. drive-in + mall w C L + D .M . Q S M- ' . lyz at T.M. ' s as Lo breakio ' . D.W at L DAVIS. ALUSON K — TennU 1-4. XC Ski 1-4. states 2.3. 4». Puff3-»!!! Isaac. Spain-3 Sra Dii «c H F disco Fla Ca dont tell PC.!!! CC H S-3D D 6e] M -4PO TheOriginalJack idonuts cream) Mr K thanks «t b-good ' I 1 " C L in N H Jack 3»l Prom M 12) w CL JM BEACH ACTION!!! Up or do •n U re a Dick, he s a Dick, evls a DickDlck Gazebo. Dnve-ms iSorrv Phiz, I fell asleep) Stef, Amy, Bonkers 12 yrs . Smurfette. . nn. Phiz. El. Trac-e, MD in Me . PW-t AM, .VIRforPres PR your cauldron or mine ' TM 11 or 12? SO, )R2 KF, CK. DL, DH, TH, LW. SW, u re the BEST!!! Good Luck! BY O 6 (Polar Bears. of course Aym Ann Chipdahn + Chulugin ' = PARTY! 10-s-n-e-l ' Bye all. Mr Swaj iBio parlies til AM . Mom, Dad. .Anne ' " LA-LA-LALALA-LA LATER A.B, HICH!!!l!(Ref. lo SB (2). HF. A,M. , S.) DERMODY, WILLIAM J — Football 123 Jerrys Kids 34 Than» .MlH.PtL,CI =Bad Influences, Who me Parts ' June30,19!M also Bud W, OPEC. CR, Bip, DW. MC, J BLNGO SG. SCHLINC, CT, BILLYD4DOSTS M Gang Mia my beslest fnendBM, with Brk leatin Rampi the TlFFA.that was a COP ' FthatS MO FO ' Harvey s gonna be npped ' Just tell him were sorrv-. BR = Seat bests Evervone. SP-Fwd MaciS Sicks Forever Helloooo Steve, LD, TS, DB, SW, KBis so BEALTIFUI7A year is a Long lime ' J Kids VelLTura the bghl on. blue rays. How high is a doorway? How you gor best bmes in there, thanks Dickey ' Ijtcr Fnendhes. Miss you Caily - She ' s Psyct - •No Shes Not ' Someday, she ' s gonna get it " Special Tharu. Mr Munroe. Stu. BTayk r. BigBroJimbo. esp Brk 6(Tiiffor being fnends in hard bmes You waol me to do what with this can? DEVrVO, MIKE — Buid c Stg Band 1-4. trips lo D C (the Hyill Regency? ' Wow ' ) and Florida iWrt Wild Whee ' Disney, Epcol- whcrc do sve eat ' . Circus Wrld. C;hip n ' Dalcl Forever thanks for the fun Felkiwshipto. TerryOespeciallvi.Anne MarieE, DodgrM, JimmyB (for the job too), JohnR 6t ViclorS for all the help), all my other fnends. anyone who knows me, and my family loo. Love loTerryO — sou made it worth while. MarkB — More Power lo YA ' All yours PaulR. Hi to Tracy " . Bye lo HarT ! the Trunkator lives! Don ' t PanicktHitchhiker ' i Guide hn; Petra(all of em). Rez band (Elevator Muzik!;. 7T(Ping Pong!), Vector (to GA). Vt (thanks BilM). Beep Beep Wieid M «c Dr D (Stay Demented!); Cosbv Karlin(Iceboxman)), Remeber those from be- fore Mike] Sick = Yes) BillMia Scottsman clad in kill:. SonghuiN, Kris M, AmyD; CSLewis. JHRTolkien, Douglas Adams. Frank Herbert (Dune)- GOOD R EADING, also, SNAFU!!! to ALAC Youth Croup Stand Up Run for the Pirze ' It ' s been great ' Bye, ABRHS DEZZANl, MICHAEL— LAX 3 4.Awesome! ' ,(9354I-93472) 1,2.3,4 C H , J K , A A , J D . fnends 4-ever!! K F , U R special 2 me, N H plusTncia= FUN . . Suzi — yercule! . - Oct 3-5:1 nc-t-ded a few davs off anyway! ' C C . D W . K S BHs3 4. D W -BONKERS ' RUSH 2«c4. " She is amazing Herman ' ' . the PROM ' 84. bigger car DEF! KP (the model) we shared a lot— FM N ,C Y J U pen Kim!! ' ! " Our first stop IS in Bogota, To check Oilumbian fields The nahves smile and pass along a sample of their yield Sweet Jamacian pi[K- dreams. Golden .Acapulco nights Then .Moracco. and the East. Fly by monimg light. " DIETRICH. GRETCHEN G — (blondei activities. PC. AfS. RS, Intm Prog, eating, sleeping, laughing 1-4 P-puff ' S5! I!! S A.Rosa, Beades 4-ever, Cape. 7 10 ' " Pig Eyes ' ' ohTay ' " . " oh Cod " " J.B W ' Yalways " LuvU " ,MD.K-grp l, Your Hair Looks GRE. T ' " Nice Un- dies ' HA ' A,I,0 !? ' Wsptzs ' PG-Torch " Did Your Mom Make That ' F.AG ' TOU SMELL " ,MW,POOKIE ' GRIKE ' Luv U.Gerbil " HEE ' Go Sal " JAZZ. JAZZ, JAZZ " K C rule ' Algiers «t Yang-C, DOWN ' T, HOW ' D ME " N C fiin-joggmg " ' : " N Kisses ' I ' m better than BIO!! PROM ' M i ' 85 ! LETS CRUISE i4everi BW. Mr T Fooooool ' HA! Talbots is l " Lewie ' Sleep Overs ' " CEMETARY (cough, ct)ugh " )CF, Nice Rug Bums ' SICK " 111 always be J,ACK1E " K.ACK. pass the Camels! Good Morning Mark! .Martie, welcome 2 the USotA " Bee)., SSSH ' Dr Ed was FUN " JB. I m not THHAT fiinnv ' SS. REAGAN 4-ever ' " JD, .ME, SD,lheHRni — GANG " KB, Tap ' tour Teeth " DF, — You re WEIRD ' MD, BW, KB — THE BO. T ' ,AA H " Beach «c Boston — Best of Times ' Any and Ever, Body Else, I LOVE YOU ALL! " ' Thanks for everrthing! HEE, HEE, HA, HA, HO " LETS CO CRAZY ' !! ' !!!! DIETRICH, GRETCHEN S — cheering 234, Ppuff 4.Torch 4, PC 1234, musicals 1234, AFS 134, student announce 34. R.AINBOW ' 1234. Grand Service 3. NHS 34. DanceK- 12 ' HEY DUDE ' Kim-U knw Ihe plans o makes crewing ispbily gd ' ILY ' Elsa- Dutchpp ledn ' t plytnns. but IS bd mttnok " - thnk so much ' ILY2, -Ada ILY much our the best sister in Iktkcr. ' when did Gretchen Bcome uch a [xip name? Cindy HUB asuper Irud — BOO " nE ' -TF — thnks 4the bally chickens. Adita. Wendy s " HEY,I know that guy S " n " X " . nvbodv4T ' ' Thnks Mrs Fnz- zell BULE FOOTED BOOBIES ! GSD " old " Special frnds AB RH SL DH. DP. JD. MD. CS. JHEtc ' Johann the Aucnboy-the ivy twines ' HOLL, .ND Dove gray thorn bu-dv ' ICan Build . Bridge of Love " cuz U " ll Never Walk Alone SMILE 12 vts prfcl altndce! knock on svood, W " OW " ' Pal-w nting U has been 1 of the best things — over 7 yrs! Mom. Dad, Scott — thanb 4 everything! ILY ' The Class of 1985 passes behind the curtain These are the Best of Times! " BR,AVO " ' DIETZ EILEEN — thanks Mom Dad, I love you Genyawe " se spent aO our good times together 1 kjve ya W " e " ll always be gtxid friends Knssy you ' re a good fnend to everyone specially the locker mates B K has been an expenente Cambell your the best no matter what anyone saya E G ' s good for you Babe Tlie Kidd your the best Dingy your the best sister anyone could have Cath I ' ll never forget ya.Steve your loo good for me. but I ' ll love you always We ' re out coool DO HIEU M — Bands -4 PC Musicals I-J P-Puff3.4 AE. NC, TO, EC. DH, HMSW it 5 bn real in band SR, KP, NS, CW love those lunches ML. SR THANX for the rds ' Summer " M — awesome ' " P. fi " nES Yeah " ' Guys — Yummy Cilv ' — LOVE them bunsi ' ML, SR, LM, LF Parties H-4-Ever Eldreges- Ihanx- Love Yus Romeos Toujour LAmour-llalian PwrlH ' HDl YU bnrllomoi JF(M)yu1lbinm my mmry ahvys 1 " Bonjour toutes ' " " ! ! . + + + DONNELLY. SUZANNE M — Volleyball 3 To D M glad I moved back to .Action luv ya, BOF, Remember the hot air balloons To C F weve been through aJot C B Lamby, Science 1 ,3,4 ' Science partners forever PR, C F , M D , B H «c M J OHM " M D tenms halls! B ,M L M New shoes? B M almost 900 ' Homeroom 203 G D . MD.MD.JD.fcCSD Was tJie best, well ml.iya R C enjoyed ct mpuler programs and bagels C F I just failed it " K P Where " s the ice coffee ' ll " s been a great 4 years 1965 Special thanks to .Morn and DkI K C and P P P Us been great Good Bye AB • ' ?? DORAN,JENNIFER — Band 1-3, PCM, CB4, NHSpres, stdnlanncr 4-COD ' Mtchmkr OfVr? MD- Quebec, NH- " T«pi " " (o7am? am shmpoo ' Ihans. twin ' AR-DP ' PARANOID ' EH ' ILY ' BJH-Bob MailLY ' VS-tishn show-ugh ' math-dble ugh ' EF-frmrs ' CA-Sis ' We need a sheltLY ' HM- " Hes sooo gorgeous (CRASH) ' " FLORIDA ' JT-vacuum in Cokc?gravily a Antvka ' ' ' " I known miss me " ILY ' TC- SENIORSI Fkinda pomopics ' GASP ' LW-Ups ti Dwns (c Prvng Gmd! KS-PUDS!lovesick mooie ' ME-MSii MAINE ' MC- Don ' t drop your hat ' Nrth Brdge? H Lewis ' ILY ' JPT-lam not argumentative ' ILY. Roy MK-mascara ' Mlhr Teresa RdStwrt ' ILY ' CA-BRO ' But what about NAOMI??R U flippin me? ' ILY ' AC-You walk on the wild side ' walks ic talks-ILY ' DS-Boo Voo ' Fknda i54hrs-ughl ' Dan. Danny. Daniel ' His nostnls connect!BIOIILY lou ' BM-BAMMO ' I mill u! M D R L ILY all-thanx Yaya-I love you ahvays. you re always with me Good Luck All!SMILE . . DOUGLAS. DEBORAH L — Maj I.Capl 2,3CaplJV BBal2VBBal3 Capt 4 Lax 3 Capl 4 SADD 3.4 PP 3.4 = DW HR rep yea ' TTianks lo all my frnds. grt fun llu allAt gdlkLE frns beg-end gt punch alys fiin Hey Lyyyyd gri but prt ' MC Mrlyn ' l bm ol N L J E ' Charabit skepl?me 83 ' CC aw shut up a fee ' KP bula des aBUKALA!! Jo supz BD DF ' NA a£igdlkiluLGJeMM = FUN SHINES " MM«rco laxforlhefungdlkall ' HFplrs. what fit fings BUDTEA.M 4 = 6bgbros txs guys " PM whaU up ' Ms Lbt « Mr BET = gri teachers " Best Wishes odp ' DDafagdlk CL frnds 4 eva ilu grt tms alys " dot tail off u char ' Mr rev yr the bst ' TOM = C:OUBAL = ILU Icdn.l don it w o u ' hon W28 S2 ' u fc me = grt tms alys log unl 2 2 = 7 HEY ' Iit bro go gel em " it " s your turn now ' I know U can ' Rich txs for ev " TH, NKS Mom Dad yr the Greatest bye cocoa Pumkin " I love ya all!!! so long ABRHS!!! " DOU " RIS. DARLENE — W " H ATS GOING ON! THINGS R HAP ' N! CHRIS-I m glad we met ' " deal w it " Luv Ya ' KRIS-My 1 Pal. GINA- LUV YA. Jamie-W HOODS Buddy-PSHT Jenn Unforgetable French! DK Locker Buddies ' Hey Scotter. Kurtie. Jamie Pool Chase-Bacon ' Schmed. AF. PC. SM-M ' M ' Bubba — II s Been Real — Delons " 8 SAC. — MED hawh-joi-awnte wambam MR BUDM.VN ' NIB- BLET. Pufster DNPTS4 ' •FL. MBE " BCN BASH ' SX " W " KD " hare cameia " " Cufi. ARNLDS jail 1 K.NOW WH.ATs CWING ON ' Daii Side Boston O Nile " Haah Whoo WHAPSLAP ' Hamplon All Niters ' Sleph, Peler-Luv YOU ' THANX MOM i DAD ' I LUV YOUTOO Much to sav. loo LITTLE Space ' Hi To MV — WHATEV- ER!! — BYE YALL — 1 DID IT ' " !!!!!!!!!!! DOW. MIKE — X-Cll-I2mgr . W-track9-I2, S-track, X-C great limes. In ends, SG, JB KM. MR. BB. Ml, CS, TR, EO Serge U R my idol only kidding. THA. P HLONGRPLS Steve it was real, many memories. too much to put here T Fcamp S3 ' .Maine iSeba- go) Ihanx 4 being a freind I ctiuld rely on fnends always JAB Roxanne . JB-UNH ihanx. can .Normie be my sis too ' XC I s«)n the wreslling hlle I deserved the belt JR-sorrv it didnt work out, my (aull U meant a lot lo me . Rich, goodluckinthearmy, comebackinl piece code word SURF WHEN I GROW UPI W A,STTO BE JUST LIKE JOED thanx Coach U made track fiin Mom Dad U put up with me. Ihanx 4 the help and Eailh ILU Cousin Kev next year is your year good luck i will miss U Oh Joy N. MBL President-elect ,Mr. Noeth . . - keep up our reputation, thanx 4 the memoncs- DOW. RICH. RD E — soccer 1,2 how bonng,beer lovers of amenca 1,2,3,4, grtytms-TL, its all vou,KM.-oh do il morey.JS.-DUKE HOW YOU GETTIN TO HALEN. MJ. -great while you were here.CB.-Shen you gom to dnve ' Donna W " -You will never really know how much I care, ' Ran, Van Halen, Kiss 2,3, $4 ' . Marties san-Duke well buy yt u a new sneaker. Chopper pikits do it better ' , Europe here I come, open campus rules, what do you mean you have lo be 20, Ron-lets tr ' them all twice ' . Love you kim Ihats all I need to say ' . .Mom Dad Love you, ,Mike-we may not have got along very much but you were the besi I could ask. Green beret sve may meet ' , Duke Yukcrwfio just yuked?, oh. LV — il was not worth the effort at all ' , Il was bogus AB, Livm in an OP svorld! DOWNING, PETER - Football 1,2,3,4 Lacrosse 2,3,4 Track 1.2 Spectrum 2,3 P P Cheerleading 4 " Those who stay will be cham- pions ' " " " Get to your victory stations ' " " The Fist, Grunts. Wolvennes, Narly-B, Pros 2 Hall Blinky Moose Jahman " On Ihe dark side " P R on Sat Jonah, Howie. Sick. Mags.Wambal, Bro, Bo, Vech, Mono, Dano, Rodney, Bouv, Billay, Piercey, Patrv at Mags 1,2,3 (Mac ' s 1.2.3.) Thanks — ,MD, JD, ,MC, MM, MH, M, D, fc F,C study 177 DUCGAN, DANIEL M, —Thanks Mom and Dad. Trish. Pat, Kelly. McDonalds (goodtimes,), Mr, Douglas. Ragster. at MD,. Drivers Ed,, My friend Deb. P-Puff Cheerleading. Tons of fiin, •:•:+ x s for rides, C,P- and R,B, Just call me a ladies man,, or cute as CHIP and DALE I ' m not conceited am I?? Helen thanks you ' re the greatestlHclen. Helen. Helen. Helen, Helen, you ' re the 1! Flowers for the ladies- !STOMPERD!Thanks for everything — Lori C. Lisa I., Mrs. Chadeayne, Mr. Leary, Mrs. Asquith, M. Smith, Mr Butler, Ms Russell. Ms. Boyle and lanie and Mrs D I knew you in 1. I lost you inbetween I found you in 12 Dawna. ED. and Family. J.D.. and all the girls! THANKS A-B!! That ' s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUHAMEL. MONIQUE R. — Ski 1-4. S-trk 1-4. PPuff3.4. AFS 1-4. PC 1-4. Hey KB SA BW — Was the car moving!! , . CD — W Sptzs. AIO, PC-Torch. July 4. middle aged hunk. K-Group. KB — Samoset, doghut. boltville. chipmunk. Horseneck. SA — ski team joke! Nat. Sea Shore. Army Navy, upperloft . . . Hey Butt-bombscare. teddies. Hojo ' s . . Oh no. the shelf fell!! Mike W you ' re an awesome friend. How do you do this problem?? Hello Missy Goo. JD. SD. GD. ME. H R CF SD PR Ten B Hi Cherry Chunk Thai For the answer. Hey PR. What ' s 3? Tara dnnk any light beer lately? TC SA. how are MK TB? — Great legs . Awesome slumber party Butt GD SA " Sex — fondue . . . The Boat, almost raped at Cranes!!! Want some clam chow Den?Than)(— DF KB AK SS ME MB DL BW JD TC MD CF KS Etc XXOO-I-4-3. GD M W SA BW — yes we re friends!! Good Bye AB. P.T.L. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUNLAP, JOSEPH M, —Tex. Pro. Josephine, Track 2-4, P-PuffCheer 4 -t- flowers too! Hey dude let ' s party! Hey boys 12-f $24-f Gazebo = Busted!(P,F) No more squares (DG.K.BI MP. L,R, DW. C,G. KS, B-G, — good fr-nds. great times, B,H ' salwysmk me laugh! BAM-yesyou are. Prom 84 wild, Prom 85? Cadi (party mobile) MP, your the best! I luv yaDo a Dobbie NWLDN-sausage, L,R, MD. bst fruds. SS. E.R,-nvr wrkd out. Summer 84 — drive ins, frin -h games, putt-putt, partvs DG. -little man M.I, -lawn job? D W,M.P,L,R,-Rush cncrt LRi-CapeCod,P-Town(gays), MP. L,R, D W, M D, C H,K.S,C,G, B,G, J,V, B,M, J,L, B S, ML, C.R. K,P, G,W, B,K. K.F. SS, ML, E.B, DC, ME, (Sweets), CD, and all my other friends, my love, rriendship, and best wishes, go with you wherever you may venture in bfe!! Mom, Dad, and Jessica, I love you guys, I couldn ' t have made it Jvith out you!!! Goodbye A-B, Thanks and thank you to Doc McNulty!! DUNLOP. CHRIS — SHOWS " HC,AM,SN,WC JERRY SAVES DM ' FR DEATH SICK JAMS must HAVE BEEN THE DROSES RAS ' TAFRARIAN JAH SRV ,PARTi ' ING UNIT DJ, SACK HF, JK, ING, BH, SLAM, BFD, BASH? SLASH ' CRASH! SLASH DM, MY RULES, CC, NISK PH, TOO. DEADHEADS IN SPACE. TAKEN OVER. AB-f JOCKS NARROW MINDS DEHUMANIZED. THE TEST. FEAR AND LOATHING ON TOUR SICK!! SICK ' ! SICK!! SP. ' CE MUSIC . SCREAMING DISTORTION AND FEEDBACK JH. BM.GOOD WEATHER AHES TO ASHES THE KIDS THEY DANCE THEY SHARE THEIR BONE THE POLITICIAN ' S THROWING STONES BOUND TO COVER A LITTLE MORE GROUND. FUEL. BORTTOS DUNPHY. MEUSSA A — PC 1-4. GB4. NH S V P . SA3.4. Dmner Parties — Miss Astor. We love you Drew — Pooh! JD 12yTs Wow! We luv our piggies ,., DM.TC.HM. PR. MW , , BH where do I go? EF - - , how radical! Christmas Party . . First Night brr , MJ rich husbands nght? EH — the plants! PASSIONS OF AMOROSO 1 all star ensemble we deserved it! plastique? " I ' ll sleep on it " all plays-all fiin . , . wozzles , , , under-water birth? We love H R — SD,GD,MD,JD,GD,ME ... BW — four yrs, of Enghsh " I am not paranoid! " — right Drew? bunnies . . . teddies , , smuifs TC — Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep EF — Don ' t pout! My name is not Jennifer and her name is not Missy! Miss you LW, CA, DM, HM. TC, EF, MJ, PR, BH. DR. JD. KS. ME. CF. VS. MK. GD, Dr M. Mrs.N We ' re finally SENIORS and it ' s been a long four years! Thanks to Mom. Dad. and Jody , - - I love you! So long AB!! E TM ' s " surprise " party (5 Pizza Hut, Locker w FH-I ' m a slob! Confirm w FH. CB, AO. MC. LF (ij ' Hennessey ' s. Mom. Dad. Deb-ILY! Thanks all. EDMONDS. LESLIE A — Phiz Lax2.3.4 PPuff3.4 Girls ' b-ball mgr 1 Party 1-4 you guvs are the best ' DD TM KC PK BM AS AD HF AM EW CB(2) TN SB(2) BP PW KW JT DS CR NA SM DD- sis 4-ever crab pnch sand ILYA! AS- Chi-Chi ' s Bstn Bnd ILYA! TM-too much to say yr the srtst ILYA ' Godzilla Alpha! BP- SPLASH ' KG- Ws prts crusn who bhnd us?! ILYA ' CB- BRUINS! 1 pnchrldark ILYA! BAM-treem-bxs ILYA! Cape Cod NY. summers ' " VAL- sis 4-ever ILYA! H20skiers l JS-luv ya babe! MIC! SM-otmlcks ILYA! NA-race ' ILYA! ROD Jgeils 38 Spec NgtRngr w VAL wanna dance? Cayuga Lake = 2ndhome AD-cldmbck! ILYA! PK-whchcar? ILYA! JT DS- mnygdtms! ILYA! Thnc MOM DAD TOM gd Ick ' 86 ' 85 1 LOVE YOU ALL! I WILL MISS YOU ALL! Thnkx for the memories A-B catch va later , . , hello world!!!!!!! EDRY, MARK — What did I do these past 4 years? Radio Station 2.3.4 AFS 3.4 NHS 3.4 Mono 4 Kinda sorta maybe I guess I suppose PC possibly AAA the Acconcia Family uber alles! Jump up and down Goodbye to the ATZ Hola: DF SS CF AK-17 KB SA BW MW GD PB. Gone already DL. Longdistance toCW in AUSand KH in NY But what will the neighbors think? I wont miss many of you Vette: powerful machine What more can I say except it ' s been a slab o ' heaven, really. Thanks for the visits, all. during my extended state of ill health Did I say that? I meant to say Well I gotta make like Tom and cruise (cliche) See you in Hanover NH (I hope). More; DF KB; Pepsi ' s under the oven, BW: swell prom, DF -I- SS -l- CF - Me - 45MPH + AT T = Where ' s my glasses? CF: Homo . , , Flash! Whirr! Ahhh! (Hojo), Bye Acton EVANS, MIDORI — Band 1,3,4 Stage Band 3,4 Choir 4, NHS, JAPAN 2-pen pals! Fla CM, IV, LV, NW-Disney Epcot-Horizons- Yes Know-bus ride CM-Alg2 outnmbrd, apple-picking, talks SM-band, Wetn Wild AB-lockcrs. geom LE-Do I look alright ' - ' Cluck, cluck(? ' ) Kumbayah, Carry on. JD-since 2nd gr ' Maine, May KM-what ' re my colors? sleeping over- Kimballs- chem- tennis- 2redheads JG- hangman, hist, talking. GBYSO camp-food rots! sleeping bags-ntr walk RL-falling out of canoe(!) LG-carrots, sleepyhead, Beautifril Mom LM-what ' s so frinny? (perfect timing)- duets, auditions, French Horns 1 ' RCEF, MJ, MK, DM, HM, LM, AT-great lunches parties ' I ' ll miss you HM-band lunches. to math, blueberry picking, good friends! MJ- Harvard Sq, waterfights(!) see ya at T party-ambassador ' s wife BSO musician-Thanx Mrs. Capone.Mrs Murphy. Mrs Livingston (Pink, pink) Mrs. Merrill Miss Telfer- Thanks so much for everything! trips to Maine being friends. Especially the Evans clan -I love you all, Gd luck to band Bye AB EVANS, MISSl — V,BalliJVcapy, uh! capt, 4-3,Var, capt- 5;Choir? Lost count! PC-4. NHS 3-4. Young Editors: " Hey kid! Give the mike back ' " , Quebec or bust! — So sing us a song of the deh girl . . . AO =SWINE! ' Mrs. L,- " No scoopmg!This is not Friendly ' s! " ,Oh . . , royal bummer,E (a P,D-Acton ain ' t Too bad Van Halen Lives! @Mrs, P says: Never turn the net to your back , , About Bill the Cat?, Aack!- (J,B I ' ll miss you) Yale?! ' », V,B, team- Get it together! (PAAA- RTY ' ),YA ' guys are the best. I ' ll really miss most of you , , sob! Mom. we ' ll do all rt.AB ' s 1-By u all! EDMUNDS, DAWNA M — P Pu£r3,4. Hockey Mgr 2,3,4? FH-BF ' s 4-ever! Fran ' s prty ' s! Drive-ins 84, EMD-rem we ' re opposite! Brums w TM,EW,LE, Norm Barry! Quig ' s 4-ever! Littleton? MB-thanx. guess lALY in a way, KJ-this would ' ve been our yr, IMY " ! Salisbury SF-you ' re the best. Sugar Twins! KC-KW-summer prtys Donelans, Kimball ' s nins SAM FRODO BAM-M 2? FH-Boston trips? bbq ' s, yth hockey, deUs. rem DW MB? PT,SM,JF-keep in tch Crashin ' prtys, LN-puUed over, Kimballs? Deb UR the best! Charmin!! AS-rem Boston? JB-Big 3! Lets keep it going! BM-ears! AD-Frosh leech, sorry! BAM-rem TVJ. DP LS? Bio-lOth. B-day cakes DE, KC. KP. JO. LP. NP gd Ik nxt yr! " Keep ' em in ruins. Bruins " Littleton Prom. Acton ' s? Alphaw ML. AD, BAM.PK, etc rest of PP85 " Bite the big one! " FARRELL. EDWARD J —Soccer 1.2Trackl. party Beta3.4. MP-Bst Bud.Klha Mlk fght w JC-You hr the dr SLAM ' Rsh hole- gd stuff MB-Bk rdes.old " -ec stores and Ig wlks w r and c- Mail Anyone! Bstnw JC Pepmnt Scnps- in the bag! ' LB- Kmbls. swings, swimming. Peprll. 8-ball. KEEP SMILING- Yove alwys got a frd ' JC-frds frevr 84 in a CVETT AAA spaz . -Mas pty-what a BASH! Geils. Jouriiey. Genisis. oh yea Petty. I kp frgtng. Puff n Stufl ' hves! Scamp, JTM, Brlngtn mil, Wt ' s pond Hpln Bch. HI Elaine! DK-lg tme frd, Hptn, RH ' s ciths fatty ' POLICE RULE ' BS-Apr 20, Feb 5, Bstn Sept 14 . RI-84 in Scamp- Chry Slush, Marvin, Tndr yrs, Y AKO ' Rkypt w D W LR Hptn Bch-Wnna go Swiming? NH Police-Late n SeptWht ' s that? -REX! Qrtrs w D6tC-Hows Knee? Gd frds-MI, TB, KB, LR, DF, DG. LR. CP. GP. EP. JL .SiDAVE W G- Bye ABRHS ' I LOVE YOU BETH! FEENER, HEIDI C. — fh 2.3.4, V-4( 6),JV capt 3, lax 3,4( ' ?). majorette 2,3,4, w track2 Spain Africa-3-disco, sra Dick, Fla Ca, CCHS guys!! AL-JM.DD.DE.PO , MJ, EK. (9-22)GL(NH)Steph-S. GD. PO ' B!! - - , m m. Aym-Steve!? Steph-mm? httl-PD! Sleph-n-Stef. 4-2 Peter 2 Paul AB CCProms-AL GL JM! ' HF PC! ' SB SM? beach 84. I lost. Al won. who got 2nd ' Peter C. Nov 3(1 luvyou ' H3) Did . 1. Stef Aym get goal? ' rockport. drive-in. d-dates. up or down ' ' ' Stef-NH-canoe, smurfette. AL-where ' srecord?MB(iddn ' tmntotmuon) . . , Lunch(4)- AS. DH.JR, AL. Stef-n-Steph. LE. TM. EW. TH. . , . Thanx Mom. Dad Suz. Good luck everyone! , , , Skip, Max. refer to AL. AM. SB. SBU. , . MW-Hi! , . . And the winner is . , , FINNERAN, KELLY — Powder Puff 3, Banner Carrier 3-Friends- J,R , C,K,. SO, J,R,, MR, AM,, H F -Memories- LOON- Funs- kiing and stufin! Christine, you made it down! S,H. what a feg! Right, Jen? Girls watch out for IZZI ' The sticky peanut! J, R 6; K, F, ??? What a nose! Thanx Mrs. K S ister Problems! Good luck in high school, Kristen! YES -Blaaaah! YES -concert (SO, -my bodyguard) Beach- SO . ie they still there??-Thanx Mom Dad for everything-B J -Y ' ou are the cutest brother! John R- Thanx for the memories! Party animal! A D - M,R,? ' Jen, Boys sbnk ' ! Jen, puff, puff- Oh no the car is in the middle of the road ' Christine- Life is great!! Jenni and Christine-my VERY best friends!! Scott-You are a very special guy! I love you alot! Jen, Christine. Scott-I love you all!!!!! S.O, -I need a hug! AB-Good-Bye. I will miss you! FISHER. EILEEN — Surprise. Surprise!! I got my directory in!! M.J -don ' t forget Adv Chem! or should I say do. and the sooner the better: Will it be aspirin, a bridge or a bullet?! M. D and J D, -I ' ll try not to pout! Tut, Tut, It looks like rain. D P V J D -meow meow (slobber- t p ) MJ and M D, - tea for three? Come over once I ' m nch and famous, and hve in Marble House! (not the Breakers; it ' s just TOO gouche-sorry D,P.V )B.W, and G.D.-I have my gasmasknow! when ' s the earthquake ' ' Hi to D M,,M E ,R.C,.A,T.,L.M.,M.K.,H.M.-a ker afte school? I thmk I ' m out of room, bye! FITZGERALD. CINDY M. —yearbook 3 literary magazine 4 NHS 3.4. R C. Cake decorating. Crisco Yuck! Ring Dmg lunch, musically in- clined, Saturday night expectations, morning walk, soaking wet?! PJ MaxiNummies!! S D perpetual partner, what did ya get? SC MsK, same sweater, WHTT-Lots in common, but twins?! Look its Wook, Lamby, C B, yellow Pmto Good luck with R in NY ' Gold Seahorse, L, F- Movies, Take my advice, forget thcTwinkie DM, S,D, (Kim- balls) behind the big tree MJ. always the romantic, remember JMV, MD , Stranger called!! You Lizard woman. Tennis Pros-S D , B,H,, MD ,PR , M,J-OHM!! ' DC-t-LollyPops. Purple Teddy Bears, Bran- dy, ET, JR-Snookies! RC SD you ' re the best, friends forever!!! 85 is the Best Alive!!! FLERRA, LOUIS A, — Loaf 1, work 2-4 ' freshman night adven- tures, J, S, your crazyC W :l-4!!l LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!Thanks Mom -f Dad .Jim (FRESH.) Sharon + Paul (1st yr, college) Senior Yr, ((BEST))) — party with JS, BC, JN. JCS-fd-Bkr, DS. SP. ET: •• VAN HALEN ••• ZZ TOP ••• chevette + honda: B.C, finally gets a girl,$$$$$$$$$$ON TO COLLEGE$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FLOCKTON, CHRIS — Chrip PC 1234 WHAB 1234 TV 4 Senior Class President!! Britain or America, you chose!! SCD Wed, 2-6. Life is a donut. it is also a tennis ball. What ' s your nickname? BASF! Unity, A blessing from the lord! GD-Heath bars and McNuggets-Go fly a kite?! Five minutes Mr, Whiteside Passions-we win. Matchmaker- PUDDINC!! Off me wench ' Wicked orange!! GD, MD, SA, JD, MD, AR, OG, AP, MC, EtAl-Thank you all! DEN, STEVE, MARK, AK-47, UNCLE MIKE- You guys are the best, I love you. JENNNNN-Thnksfr beng U-ILY!!! The Swajian bunch. Zoe, Rabbit Squad, Susy A, -Thanks for all! Ski KiUmgton-Gnight Spence. Gnight Bippy- WHAKA WHA- KAl! Flockout,puck ofT BW-ILY. even when I dont want to! Thanks, C ' mon Den. Bread mobile. Eat raw red meat-enuf to be your mother. Loose ' n Willing (UG)TC-You ' re no rat!! DMcH?? Flash, Whir, ARCH! Carohne-miss you! ATZ, Ghoul, If any one wants me I ' U be in England- Cheers!! FOLEY, D. — Zephyr 1,2.3 Chateauneuf 2. Scapin 3. D D 12 8 83 DF -f KB LYA! Clash (CC).Jam ' 82. Ultravox " I want 2 c every 1 dancing! " . U2 ' 83, Condon! Billingsley Whitmore! Task members reunite! Enduro tests(ooO White Mts Forever! BP-rock on head (good catch RC!) Mustangbeachcar- Horseneck- What dunes! Kris, your so cure! Poker Dave? Hi Drant! Reunite!? ' MW-Pete G ' 82 ' BASF! Ski Sugarloaf usa W. Pond-Kns.our httle secret K.O? The JP Project?(ACK) XTC Rules ' Caaaroline! Mark E -spont Boston, Vette Powa! Steve S. -Triple A, Nagog Pond (Noggy hves!), Cruelly that dove! GRR Chris F -X-Mas Party, 10 day excursion, CF for pres. God be praised! ZIP- BANG! Miss i] Tom L, U 2 Paul O Kris-best Prom! (sleepover, redcarpet, 6am Dave, beach-yon looked beautifiil that nite-you always do!) Gearheads ARCO suk! X-Country ski treks Loose n Willing (ABG) Bobcat T Polee (ouch) Luv miss U Pink! JT-Use your CD. 178 nnuii , ni! AK-47 pcc sh x ' s. S|WKf oim , Hrrjil Muhitf, F ur vcll ' Kris. I lovf yon ver - much! FORSUH. PAIL R — Foolkall 1.2..1.4. BiikfllMll 1.2. Spring Innl; 1.2,3,4. Viclorv Drills THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAM- PIONS " PC WiKwII Bal y " lli MiiKv rmnul .i wlu.luv Kaliuss, TC s. Capt- M Kosiik, . lihli .Mi Crisp. J F . Siwiik. M J , Mono, S W . tv. Mags. Cos. OJ " BM Jonah. M C . Bro. love the grunls- D H . MM. J B . Tnuio Hampton J J . D C Caddy 117 miles ' ? ' ! " ' Alyssa-thc pond-. oK. 25. ' S4 thiinx for thr In-st tinifs Ixisc. .Mom Dad. 71 list ' s ' Ktfp smilin G CABLE. BRIAN — D-hoop FLOYD Im M Jordan 11 Bros; BC. TB. KS. D V. CC: SneakyWccslins F Uo Scholfii-ld (Santa). Piit it nit if its mist r -. PONG Taco, Rush-burnouts D-Hcx p MV. MM. MM. Dll. DB. BM. JM-Rivtusa M. Ba alaiidjun. MaiTIf Gri-cn tiilK ' S . LC-6 6 Hf Bouv-Doublr ssinRi-d flarebacks Philosophisi ' Dippm The ,i TB. DW. SC. Ml. BC, Purpli- Elite.4 on the llwir ISOs m Pat s Hill Bl LLETTE Yes Cordii-, the SAABs m hand Lets Bo clay The Frani All St;u 5 PHIL C:hillies Airjam Theones at kitchen table KS-Tlians for the game Dad Frisbee-Face Potato at LS M . nton.chicken dust, squash monkey Cireg Tracy GriBalis BuiTChips You should base eoness ' ithC F in the first place Sluss, Wheelie in third. Hey ' dude-He Rot it Johnnie- sac. ' eeh-collision Cacklmg-nKient Hamlet Conant Marsha 3S-BM Spark-plug 111 always love you LEIGH-closet. slimed Good luck-KS. TB. CG, D V. See you on the dark side of the moon CAEBEL. SETPHEN — X- 1-4 DCL 1,3, Winter Track 1-4. Relay w Ivo, Spring Track 1-4, DCL 1, Gdl 2 Steeplechase, NET F. S3.4M D . ROX. NNE. Smokes 3ft long . X-C. M D ,K M , J B . B B (; S , P W , M R . T R . You guvs ARE the Inst ' Weston Scks! CAMMANDOS. H R .CJcils Springstcen. ss M D . KM. M.R. ' Bom in the USA ' , Prom ' S4 Whosvas my date- " Plum J B , Thans for driving. Smokes ss-e scressed up. but itsvasfun Fina-st ' S4 Hey Dude. Mt. Washington W ' e need ga.s bad ' Spring Hill Gnid thft ber w: W PW. T R Is Dracut near N 11 ■ " Em. Great limes. Sorry 1 seressed up. 1 Love Y ' ou ' M D Best of friends Your great J A States soon ' Soph girls luv ya Esp K M , Ho|x- this works LB.Thanx M D. M Gforall the support ILY Cher special Thaiix Tree " Baby we were Born to RUN " , — Peace AB GAETANO. ARIANNE — bnd9- ' DIP pic In Can ' icvfsh ' PpuffSt Liic, MSHFLD 4esi l.D Bowie 6c PhColvcr The Bst July 4 DoUrem KS AP Phs Ed Elvs ' KH6tBK • AddaPearl ' - ' LL mos(| bite AKno $S hunch NKacr Keep Passing Open Undows (.AP wait Tilit Opens LBbrk Ms Chair ' KR. AS. 6t main M fairAiking ' St: InchBst apS grade Famly AMGIl Sleding Ainifti UMa Fresh Engfti lunch SW (ly Kite ' eat zuch pezaW ' CL ' SG the Tel Calls Gdfight fa Wngrshee SF rem Betsy Tacv ' JH tnv Pur PC;smdav We II JAM ' BM 6t chreh 6t i:pe Cod IT FLOATS ' Love U.All RC meet Uon .MT JK PN GED PABTi ' ' RaMs Wet Pants ski» LD LW " idonch know " TCright the SUN nevr sets Dosvii THUNDER ROAD ' KSsee BRUCE ' SfWP ves ' Hope I didn ' t 4get thugs HEY ' my Keen SENCE of The )B lOlS tells me III miss U All ' iwhere am 1 going ' } M D « Jules ANDrew 6c Jeff (my gen now) THNX 6c xxxcxxis hug Ihr ' FRNDLYSIL SW ' !lcp in Ichw ' JS (myfavl CpCd-7 23 »4.w RCKY 6c N V A Rib TwnCrier, " builin ' makes me feil good! ' TEXA, NauslK-h cmtrs-chch, haha 16th iKl-clinipiie iii hrm ' Fiily md it to Pep-it 5 go agn ' Sdyfr SAT ' S-Rmem gysl ' RICKS ' G l. wPF Im nre ' ILV KO-tips nicte W kh w guvs Priv ' Dniir w SB tt FtifoW WHLE WTCH ' Seey»(a BC! KR-bst fmd YellenBEATLES wir ' HjO fght ( yr hse! no classes btfzzy apis! Evryhod gni ' Ms lir Itody SCi ' Uveva ' lUicLw, TF. CF. DF.-stp rgging ' P« WEBAH lliiix M6 b BYE GARDNER. SARAH S — Babysitting 1,2.3,4 I LOVE BILL TONOODLES ' " THANKS Wvndhams Emilv O. BILL, SYF. Michelle. + kim BRENT ' Clxss of M Plum Island Cluhus day week end Jeff mv guppies are lonely ' What the hell is that thing? David T kick your but! Lots of hugs ' BN + SG, JS -l- SL.DT -1- KP, TT -t AB, MG - ■ JK, MS -t- JQ Remember Ally pepermint purps! It tickles my nose! Sugarloaf. stosse. December 2, 1982 Y ' ates biking with Canadians ' yournot ageek ' Earl the In-st ' Merniim! Nautowoman Y ' ates Mr L car ' Oh my GOD ' Bobby " s Rancy michelle ' Thanks to all my teachers ' parties with the gang ' swahmslll kifak!!!swcet dreams! Michelle the salt meeting Bcarhillpond. (ian s [wirly leather did you hear that srjueek ' ' dcKKUe- hurv Bara babv goose bakerhead PnesI cleaners Thanks dad mom tad laura linda 1 LO ' E YOU BILL BP BO SAHAN Good luck to the rest of the class of 1985 vour the best ' C. YDESK1. MICHELLE — I Love You FET ' " Sept 23. 1981 Esther my best friend. Ik lioii vaiijc. altyd. KP! Lake house!! Plan ' H4. Prom ■S4,Marcelo ' :old HjO. French Fries FMN KP6cDT ug Hamp- ton Beach Plum Island ¥ awesome summer Reunited FKT ' " " FFFFFMMMMM Oct 13. 12.39am Conim Classes with KPand KR SAT nite classes Miriam Nahon. ANOTHER Dutch fncnd!!!!!!! Ara. Martin. Miri. and 1 in Harvard Square ' English 4 . . open my mind . . . Jason- terronzes us continuously EXTK.A Can U relate ' " Prince. Laura. Mv Pig Hitachi rules, Sarah Gardner S. LT MEET- INGS ' ! ' MOM 6i DAD -LOVE EM ' TALL, DARK. AND MASSIVE- LY (;E0RGE0US " " BEEG ' ALYSSA ' KARL ' MIRIAM ' LISA you damn BR- IN OHIO 1 GlATl INO. LISA — Ux 2.3.6c 4 Powderpuff Sam-ODs party ' s were great MH is m favorite candy Where ' s my )acket6cLax ball ' 7-Up bottles 24 hrs a day. where am I ' Jan-Caligula party ' s nile ONITIP Sleeze 16c2 You your new toy Chuck 6c Glen (ft Wiiipske Thanx for evthg Your family is great, ey-bro Dan-3 hr trips-Oh Ixiv You re a great kid M ' . LS WL 1 L-Y(H ' ROB AND ALWAYS WILL I wont forget the tin»es(4IY-rm KP you ' re alnte ilioohtxji James I can ' t wait till YHFG, ILl ' KL-race ya to the diKir. pic pic Rush. Ml. HL. 38 SP. Eury. Chicago Hatliy-we tried C:hris-luv that lemon jello MN 6c the " 99 " crew Thanx mom 6l Bill. ILl ' Ixith Dad 6c Mo. ILU Mem. ILU too Corkula 6c Janigiila 6k Me forever Bye .A-B, see ya in another life. GlLBER ' n. DON — F.mlball 1, indoor track 1,3,4, spring track 1.3,4 dnims forever, Ruch 2.4 bst fds L.R. and Tex Its always be that way, .AA, 1,2.3,4 gd tins B t: Thnks for lieing a great boss 1 cxjuldn ' t have done it without you Mrs F and Mrs D. No more checks J D .K B .K P . glad were fds 1 love you MP and J D (Goofvl for being there when I needed you Capt Bud team. Busted 20 S 2 sixes gazebo P F L R . Tex. Mags Powder Puff 4 Ginger C ' feedback forever. Yogi and Boo boo brothers, J B 2, M Washington Water skiing 4 at B F s cottage L R and J D Cape 4. P-towii (irad parties 2.3. gd tms Mustang all the ssas Thanks Mom and Dad 1 lose sou Little man with the big ball Hi Mark get down D G on the dark side Hi Cwubv 4 by 110 weight man race DG P F T A. J D Shot put Class of ' 85 bye 86 — MrD ♦ the CORNA. LM. Kg. CF. MF. JU. RD. (Mad) SIsta Kniten — ILL MISS U (;UVS " LU ' U ALL " Muni. Dad, Soph. Steph II r the hit fmly ' " I Ll ' V U C;l ' YS •• 111 mis. everscne ' WRHE ISIT ' Off to London GORDON. CHRIS — Tennli 2,3.4 — Chrltlmiu Vacation ' 83 and Summer " 84 — Bash CdlSa — US, D B H " i, lt " i spent. Q P of cense, J.N : thanx for starting me — Bowling " 84, B C . K,S,. D.W , T B . — BUSH fximxrl " 84 — Chilly Willy — Road Trip — Jam Sessions. Halen. Boston. Rush. D W + (Guitar and J N ■♦■ Dnims — Floyd Sessions Mellow down dude — N L S P Sucks — Snack Bar. K.S . J N,. D W " pudding pops — Jim, Try the reckroom next time — Camping in Nil .K S . Bad experience — Rents are gone, lets party — Shngshot ride. JS . K S , D W " how many? — M.D Too much in R.I. no. just kidding — i " m burnt out, Let " 5 crash — Bulette Road — PONG; K S - TENNIS: B G — No more prison ' Later A B GRINGERI. ANN — P P 4. Work Study 3.4 Johns Const. Thanks for the mems U lafs — CB. CW 1st at Res with TW. BW. RR. CW, GB, TCSS = JASON FloridaS4withCW-JJ-4317-LateNgU UnfBTRtn frm CC Pis at Walshys C U , 6am T V - The Rellex S OutwGB. What Steps ' " P () 2 " GB-Get the gises — wht ' — go out the porch dr ' GB-NDR = Lwn Jb were on there law R U all nght ' CC-Thks 4 Evthg = ILY MM SL PF + A ; = 310. 6 5 DP-URTB TFBT Black Ugn w CW. GB. MN. TW. DP We love u BR " i U NTT) DII.CW.CB-Free? ' ? Sign Trash Rtn DB-mem last 4 ever CdUk — CB. SL. NM. PR MH. BW " . Wht Russnwkeds GB. CW " = Bst Ends, Tfe. UguysR The Best Thanks M 6c D (. x)d luck M 6 E ijan 19) Thanks— M E J A L D Spcxialrhanks to .Nancy C. Good Luck 85!! GUAY, ANDREA — Tennis l-4(capl 4). Soccer 2.3. Band Play it again — D M .B S m s . S W — NEVER forget WBZ ' Sledding ' 82- ' 83 — thanks KR..Art " D R.N K. B C — It was the shoes ' M I . you owe meat m ' Last mm touch ups W, ' ,A K . Psycho w ' K R, . K M ., Hey Dude ' Midnight walks, hoop, Row, Row, Row. SG . K S, ' r, S C . B C — what a canoe tnp " We sursived DC, D R , B C , Fla what a ride, B.C, and S D parties w my buddies Thanx all for visits at pond " Paper Ljid ' 2 BOBS, B C ! Pub beach after dark. O S C ' Umb- da Chi ' Italians — Fests — MM., o solo mio. . S . Hwy MM . can I have a bandaid " Let ' s go crazy ' Trips to Boston. Bruce parties ss ' the girls, if all else fails — BuUettes ' THUNDER ROAD ' TTianks Mom. Dad. Dani. Steph — Love Y ' all " L,M love those croissants ' What isa grunt sipiad ' Chow! Class of 8.5 — Co Hawaiian! Bye A-B, Reach the Beach and not too many more nights in the cellahiK,M, and B.C.) CRASH ' ! GU. ZZO. JENNIFER — LM WM J W . C . N M . K B . D M . thanks for being there, I love ya!! M,W, — puppy awkies • ■ puppy brownies, cabs to Nagog. 83 prom w M C «c P D REAL FUN!! J W " — Easter 81 it all In-gan ' it " s o k . Ju. the fireplace tasted real good! " eavning brawls 6c b-lines ' C A " — I can ' t even begin: Just keep you ' re toes out of the mavo ' DM 6c MM, — cookie " banana " " barf ' gUICK " " ' GETTHE VACUUM ' AC HI sis S E talks at lunch — Will I glow ' Have fun 6c relax ' P D W ' e had it all. thanb ' Hev shkmee " YOU RE SUCH A GUINEA What do you mean no MSA ' Well this is it. Its finally over! Thanks to all ins best friends — please stay that way!!! 1 couldn I have maih- it without vou ' THANKS MOM 6c JOE FOR EVERYTHING ' 1 LOVE YOU ' Leigh, have fun in the " REAL WORLD BY EVERYONE " " " GALLAND. PAM — soccer 2-4. luv ya team ' . Tom Petty. James Taylor-US got a fmd. amtrack. inbnd-out? whose rhythmics? wts the commons ' dance fctry ' -3 hrs-l(x:k dcKirs ' metro-gourmet ice cream theres a hearse behind up! ME,-prdisebydshbdlt-lst timeT C, ,., MT SNOW. Gunstock. howling, drive-in. frishee. Softball, hacky-sak. pizza hut-is draught beer good? . , , rcxky horror-besrt pnsm grad 84 don ' t j no u ' S P at fmdlys K P -apple-pickin AGS A T day-fit tire-c-all KR JH-sunapee TC-i cant hive i brke it ' AP-wy were ii gmdedin 9th grd ' DP-yoiire the greatest, love va ' Thanx for the best of times ' — as. AP. TC. KR JH. AG, AK, LB. BM. At;, DP. KS. SG. MQ, LO " E Y " .A mom. dad. smash!, , , For long you live 6c high you fly, 6c smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry, 6c all you touch 6t all you see, is all your life will ever be GALLAGHER, ELLEN — XC-1.2. wimp-3.4 ' W Trck-1-4 cx-pt S Trck-I-4 ctpt Ppuf4-schme lb " Idyl GBTC-1-4. SL. JP. CS-FUN oBce wTk ' " CSgd Ik JP-Bnt lyBr " EM-ra ' ng pal it exclnl fmd ' prtvs (M) «t Gd Tlks Fryr-MR-lhaha)crshonJM " " TrecR -L 16cllvila est bona " grt fmd 6c ccpt Lt ' s prty " IL BUT) GUYS " Fsh-bugman ' Trck-bsl hrdlrvr ' MI. MD. DS-we gt the gd hrdls-u always brk thm ' DS-2m Ip agn shn splnts 4 vr ' KRIS B VAN HALEN- 6c nvr 4gl wavy shoes! Bsin w Brent- WOW " LIZ-bst frad-so many mems! Thnx fr CODBOUT. STE " E — Party 1-4. never forget the great tim.s M H. CI. PL. AS. PL watch out for the slump. MH. CI PL. Reincmlx-rcat fights. Bergsons great times, iwhitpbits) l -ft mv kevs at Talsors. Hampton 8.3-81 Concerts ZZ Top. .Aerosmilh. AC DC;. KISS MH. CI Remember Rasberry Danish I LOVE YOU CATHY ' always and forever and remem- l er June 8. 1988 KG. KB. JG. I love you guys thanks for your support Special thanks to Mom and Dad I love you Gcxxl luck next year C ' and when s the wedding ' CODLEY. JENNY — . C 24. WT 2 XCS: 4, SADD, STOP. Whihppnd to 3 " Dance. Run. Bike — NYC to Quebec sum 84 — IlusTiguys " VINEYARD SUMMERS ARE THE BEST ' Feb vaea 84 — party at WHOSE house " STB-HS " Dogdish HI of a pARls Wht A bahgin ' — I H.ATE YOU LEMONS ' Signs Missing!KARI — Vnyd to Hrsrd — Ri-dalert ' J.-cp ' The Police ' — LO E YA ' Mrs P — Thnx for everything ' ! SUE — XC trbis etc iHW ' l Messiah iFirslLady ' Filenes wkng women ' Phn txmvos. Tlie Police — LON ' EYA ' " L. UR-ALL the way from ND to Ph ' BEACON rales ' Slay Gold.OK ' — LO ' E YA ' Lap uccauTapa-pycckuii 82-8.5!! ME-laJce some classes nxt vr. OK? " XC " : SMi.X-Life IS ITi MM (Slonski rales ' ) AD (bsl mgr ' EO, BB. JR. AT. KM. DG, TB, LL. SB, CP. AS. (-l-CB.CK)- LOVE YOU SMURF! ' Class GUENARD AUDREY — Audi, powder puff, 84. Giovannis-M P . 1. R . D G . J D Who wears shorts with herman survivors -f sox? Thanx K F -♦- N M for everything, Thanx PSD for everylhmg finally making sense Drive-in — L F . S,R,. all the boys — being followTxl by you know who " MP — doobies and kahlua all the way! ' What a weird summer — %4 was! Good Luck Scott you ' re gonna need it!!!!! Tlianx Mom •+- Dad for everylhing I ' m outta here ' Later!!!! GULLEY. STAGEY ELIZ.ABETH — Space Field Hockey 2 Basketball cheer 2.3.4 Football cheer 4. powderpuff 3.4 (alpha forever!) Ljicrosse 3.4!! K.S- craising. black paper. Concord guss. Na ma yo ko regae kyo? pocket incident BSS.X .Mai Tais. Italian Behinds C T too small. Thanx hon, AC, guy problems alwys ' THNK U officer I won ' t chase him anymore, Nice clothes Str spng Isammer B M nvr frgt the Grants fms? " Lab prtn forever Where ' s the party ' .A G Marshield forever. .Andy ' i doni know DS Washington lives forever DH just an exp of cm bin fmds " MB K Filenes bsmi, Wheres the dressing room? ' rHUN- DER ROAD ' KS. . G. BM. AG. AP. JH. DH. SW. KH. LB AK. LL. DP. AS. TC. PC. MG. AJ I LO E U Cl ' YS " GD LUCK " Thaiikz Mom AND DAD I love you ' Its all Yours Kcv 6c Pen ' Adios AB ' " 179 GAETANO. ARIANNE — bnd 9 ' DlPpicInCan icefsh ' Ppuff Uc. MSHFLD 4 evr LD Bowie PhColycrThe Bst Jui 4 Do U rem KS AP Sc Phs Ed EKs ' KH BK Adda Pearl ' LL mosq bite Aki]C$$huch NKacT Keep Passing Open W ' ndows (AP wait til it Opens) LB brk My Chair ' KR. AS, me (a Mfair iking? SC Inch Bst apS grade Famlv AMC 1 1 Sleding AIM (S U Ma Fresh Eng (a lunch SVV fly Kite: ' eat zuchpezaW CL! SC the Tel Calls Gd fight (a Wngrshee SFrem Betsy iiTacv ' JH k tnv Pur PC smday Well JAM ' BM chrch Cpc Cod IT FLOATS Love U All RC meet U on MT JK PN GED PART ' RaMsWet Pants ski ' LD LW T donch know " TCRIGHT: the SUN nevr sets Down THUNDER ROAD ' KS see BRUCE?!e60 ' yes ' Hope I dodnt 4get thngs HEY ' my Keen Sence of the OBVIOUS tells me 111 miss U All ' (where am I going?) M D Jules ANDrew Jeff (my gen now) THNX xxxooos H HARDING, STEVE — Football 1,2 Kneeball 3.4 Mech Drawing 1-4 (seriously 1) Acton Supply and hard core K-12 Deering is the beans ' Drop ins? Mole bowl. SKATE (P L G.T ) Hey little girl would you like acandy ' GreattimeswithSHYF. ihanx ' C F Ihope Jerrys Kids(M H B.D ) sorrv mr Dow Bang I Stang. Bang 2 Stang. ' Good parties at Taylors (New Years) I HATE THE BEACH " Oh Well, Thanks every- body , Mom, Dad, Pam, Jim, Frank Gotta Go — dyea. HARRIGAN, MAURA — GUCH FH 1-4, S-Ball 1-4, 19 FH-State Champs 83 Mo. Pam, Gayle, Tor, Sgobes, E OB, LB, SM, SS, CC: We did it! 37 seconds Wbm, Mo, could you please turn off the camera? Wple, frntir! NFW, AWKWA, MAC, DS on TS , Ain ' t Nobody ' Thanx Coach C Ptv at Bougs, S-Ball bench — Thanxx Coach Scho DD, UR THE BEST, ILY ' NK, Homeroom area, play FH TC, AS, 3 55s, Happy B-dav Spooch! Tor, 31 p-kins didnt see Hill Dig 85 — MO, PAM, tor ' , SGOBES (AKA BROOM) Ou.ja, Hit the Deck ' LANCE MACCABE YAN, the battle, HE.WX, to ORG. exp RB-I-Gus Mo. Hex. portraits. B-bunch. Dadolvlvly! Pammy Gaylie be good Nat. rhymes w hat SGOBES = RESPECT Tor. THE FJSH ' Thanx .Mom. Dad. Enn (Hiii) Be CHARITABLE. Baby we were bom to run! HEMBRO UGH. TODD — lacrosse 1.2.3,4 SAK — always loved — never forgotten. Lax ' ! ' states, my damn knee. DL. PR. SK. The human Pore Drive in SAC. ralph ' " spikes car peuw! " Dave H Seven Samuri. Mark R RI to AB 40mins. John R Those shoes KH. SW HF-fPC 4 years! ' Isaac Dave — friday pizza, control the head — control the body, it ' s casual. Wrapped around my finger. Jimmy lives DH, JR. MR. ME at Hops. cops. West Action What a blast! ' ! BK — you call killing burgers work? Kristen thinks so!! Philmont, Frosh what beauty! ' Pool with Scott and Phillip June 16 a day never to be forgotten, Frosh — rock garden, Soph — where are the lines? still no lines!! SHYF — new friends good times Tara. PaulT — thanks for the help .Also JW. CB, JL. JGW. BB. AL Plus KB and her little sis JR. BSA-Spl two years ' Dwight its vour turn kick but " Cuba lives " Tab takes over. DD eagle bound " Good luck SAUNIE STAND UP!1! KH who loves you ' ? ' THANK YOU MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YOU!!! KABEN AND SCOTT I LOVE YOU TOO!!! bye now!! HERRMANN.CHRIS — Lax3.4M D.J.K. A A . K.F .J D . D G . G W — you guys are the balz M D " she ' s amazing ' " J K Nash whatta joke! Wicks Chet what a %.$ head C S makes up for it! A A you stud, onway " 83- ' 84 the best summers J.D Prom night, football K F , G W Only one more year in that $% hole M D A A J K T.A RUSH AMAZING! D G " little man " . Fort Pond Rd , the Rez. whatta " blast! S W your not short just unporportional to the rest of the world ' Momfic Dad Thanx, vour the best Rob Amv you guys are great! I ' M OUTTA ' HERE!!!!!!!!!! HIGGINS, KRISTIN M — Majl, 2: B-ball cheer 2, P-puff Poms 4, KLYNCH, BEAN, MARN — THEBESTTIMES W YOU! " PEMS . I1YRS STILLG " NG! ' — Howw-illievergetnd ofyou ' Tomanymemor- ies, notenough room Ilovevoii, goodluckinhfe " BEAN, youaregreat! goodluck w everything " I KNOW TH, T YOU ENJOY MAINE (LA?) seeyouthissummer. i ' msure ' KERRY (Blanche) you Mt Maniac!! Wild- cat. WILDTHING NGTess rules, forever! Iloveyou. Martha! MARN. F-men ' never, rgt ' ' DP AE. goodtimes. over nighters w D.B.R.E.K.U, ME " 24 runs ' ! kllingtontrips, grt times " thanx BP. JTB. RC. ON. SB. X-tramuch Chns Timmy. Iloveyouall. best- guysiknow! ' MI, thanx for everything, loveumuch ' ! SNcanappriciate — SMMRINME —82.83.84 JAN. THEBEST. SOMUCHFUN ' LES- LIE. CAROLE — greattimes ILOVEYOUNAPLES " SUMMER ' 84 thebesttimes. moretocome " ILOVEYOUALWAYS. DARREN PAUL. UARE IT!! g(xid luck Lance. Maccabee. baby TS ' MattHed. uwllmkeit w outmemissutons ' Matt Harris, loveu ' Gdluck Pat. Bon. lyr 1ft. gdluck LV. JB. JB. SN. MD. SG. PW. SD. BW. DD. KO. DH. HB. DD, KP, JL EVERYONE!!! THANX MO.M 6c POP — I LO ' E YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT!! TOODLES. AB I ' M OFF . . . HODGES. MARILYN — Soccer I234v. BBall jvI2,3v Track lv.23.. NU place. TWSW n ' ver forget ya. JD " member Scott MD fire " n sqod. spring track ML.SB.TM - EW ' AN mosabee. Kimbals PM.PV.MG ft = ball. BBall B K Buddies, snoballs. wter shv fights, shucrm K H shean uggh B-Boro aristocrat No B-fast CB hoky Jock. Micd, ya putin him dwn, hope no tht. Rouse why ' ' RH miss ya CHCHRH (ya not so bad) dh (you are H H (keep think in) JH Thanx, gd Ick AG thank evrythng. Mom. Dad. wish I ' d done more, yu did plenty, thanx HOHENEMSER.JULIE— 10 16 67 Powderpuff4 — Volleyball 1,2,3 — Skiing I — Ucrosse 3,4 — BONCHKINS 84 " — Student Council 3,4 — yeah sure, well go to Aruba — Hey Dina dya wanna get h— 3 s- or somethin? SUGART ' ' youre the bestest Harvard Square Is he really in alpha state? look at the deaf girls dancing . . Pami-Sun " pee ally . . . don " t tell all my secrets?? Katie . . grasshoppers. I LOVE YOU . . . who? EVERYONE HOLT. BJ — PCM. AFS3. SG3 ' YB4; HVCI-4, All, BONJOUR! Any- bdv 4 T?. Brkng Up. Mttrss. Mtchmkr. Passns. Bwlr Ht. 3FG-M. EH. Plygmd: THE BST OF TMS? Bg 5 6t a swil guy ' Mom N: Thnx 4 evr thng U R vry spec ' Hugs! " 1 vce at a tm " " ILY Dr M, U R the bst! Cn I ordr these — only 10! Mrs.S Thnx 4 evrythng! Am I hidng U fi-om leaving? JD: Cn we goovr thelnsagn? Wht? Huh ' BW: Bonjour Alice. CaVa ' AR U-Brkrs, Me-Rsclff) Cyathr ' MCTddy Brs! U Ragrtdmk ' MK, Rd hm ' RC I ht psci! Mr. M ' s clss ' CF. Beacon. Tennis. Gr Snkrs? MJ:everythngmstB mem ' Somesnos ' RUN!no GSD:Cn I C your tab? GD: Gen WHO ' ' Qz " HW: " Heatha " Mr $!AG A pair sttng nxt 2 U? CF: Its your In ' JB. Anthr llmstrp? PR Fla! Me ' Eng ' Bonjour ' Wht? Wht? Who? OK ' " »bsdrvr ' Fmky ' Vat Ve gonna do ' Who tkls in halls ' Ohm ' Dnt go! Thnx 4 the gd tms! TC: Columbine ' Whrd U go? KH: Ins frm? DH, Shut Up ' LW: Frnch ' JT. HOPPE. DAVID C — X-Country 1 Football 2.3, Tennis 1.2.3,4. Friday Night Pizza. Homework in homeroom Miss Sheehan. sorry. Mrs Sheehan, " 1 dont do notes " " Stay gold, Saunie Springsteen Spnngl ield Affair of the Heart. Heidi Peter 4 more years Same for Reagan Bush Young Republicans. New Right ' Weve never been wrong. The Seven Samurai. Suck it up. Hembrough. Movie Milk- store It ' s Casual! Doit. Spike Maura Ellen — you were always on my mind They are waiting in line Scott Andelman. do the Shuffle. I " m sorry I hit you. Mrs Bradley Honest! Sweetness and McNasty — watch out ' If It flies, it dies Its been real. Too much of a good thing is wonderfuP HARRINGTON. AMY — Nursery School 4. Work Zayre 3 4 You ' ve been grt Mrs F Mrs D Will never forget ya D P you ' ve been a grt friend gd luck next yr D H kp in touch gd luck in Acton Aux. Thanks so much Mom, Dad, Carol, Steve and DAVE I luv ya all! 10 12 84 — I ' ll never 4-get U .Mike Bsl of luck class of ' 86! Good Bye, A B RH S It ' s been great HARRINGTON. DANIEL L — D-Day F-Ball 2.3,4, B-Bafl 1.2,3.4. (combat zone. JM. JB. RB. MM. BM. SC. MM. MM. DB, SW, MV) " Those who stay will be champions " " NY,seve-hotelhornet, rez, Miester Brau IS good, good for nothing welcome back Mono, tunnel rats RET TO NAM mmi bikes. Might lets carrv ' meags home, foxies. the Org (X), fishin and dipin, war games (human sacrafice) COOT raids, the Pesik brk, in, St, Hockey, Feb 4, Bud is good, Copenhagen Satifies, JJemploy me, walsh is engaged, h-Chapin, tangerine, widder, Ballou Beth, luv va thanx mom and dad and family of 9, we all made it ' THOSE ,ARE THE MEMORIES THAT MAKE ME A WHEALTHY SOUL, HILBERG, KRISTIN — Soct:er 123 (and we did win some " ) Student C 124 Powder P 4 BK 34 Oye Connie ' Bleah ' Betty, Pickup!! Lil yellow raft — stop waving ' More bovs ' KB YOUVE DONE TH.AT SINCE WE WERE 5 " DH Lets get casual ' but dont tell you-know-who ' Lockers — JTKKEDSCMS HEY " MOVE " I HEAR YA ' MRPRJRTH SO DH YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! MR. SO and me singing m Lexington ' Sorrv I forgot you Joev ' 6:(X)am from Pauls — me Shari and EG ' Unfg believable " I didn ' t mean to hit it Don ' RG AW PC RG (21 SO JS WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES ' leave my car alone DONT DO THAT! ' I STILL LOVE MYTORINO! ' KRISTA — YOURE MY BEST FRIEND ' QUEEN, is it Supertrarap or Yes ' Yeah, you THINK youre perfect ' SW SG BM AG AS AP AG PC JB and THE GANG yr the best! WEBAH ' " BR KC and Mr Duggan CR GP EA MP KG RMBR ME " BOBBY A I LO " E YOU " EG AND SHARI YR THE BALLS " KK. we won t Irgt vou at AB ' M D THANKS!! Cynth and Max . . , MY RICKER ' " I LOVE YOU ALL ' " HOWE. SCOTTJ — B S 8.1. Dons 2.3.4 R M. J J. H C. D C. Jack. Thanks, K M no M M M K M good luck H L forever T B Good luck K N B C. Lie and Reg Sick, Mr M pine trees Bruin brawls, ticks ElC.Sat lunches N H W S Wolf. UN Barrrrv. Ant Sue 6t chitlens. Thanks alot. Bye C. B Thanks Mom Si Dad. Rick Sher. Ira finally gone HUBER. DEBRA — Soccer Gov ' t intern fire police 3.4 Band 6, TJH Washington D C 1982 Florida Tour 1984 RAP, Mr R, MIDORI, HIEU, KATHY R , AM, JOYCE On Broadway — best times, marching 1,2,3,4 the machine, below right Mr P ' Memories forever. Best Def Soc 1 P E Award 2, Tiger, Mom, Dad Di, Rob, Pete: love always Figure Skating. Ice Dancing. Steve. Jeanne Tenor Sax Clarinet. Mr Wegiel Thanks for four great years! HARRIS, MATTHEW B — Football I.2V6. P.P Cheer 3,4, Party 4,3,2,1 Twi-hghtzone, ZZ TOP 82 C.I., SG . AS. Squats w S G,, LS , Fruitloops - Conant swings C.I , Rez-5in5mins M Heds house, Hamp. Bch C I , S G , P L , Whiphitsat Berg,sons ' WHOCAN BUY ' ' C.I Cry with laughter, red in the face, I cant breath ' Insd jokes were funny Parties — all were great! ' ! Me-Monte, Chris-Subaru, Steve-Toyota. Pat — BMW " (you wish!) Munchies Str 24 Proms 83.84,85, A G S. Yours. Ours. .Mine, all grt Good Luck 85 — CI. SG . PL . B.D,. S,H , M H,, LN , M C, K H . S,L,, GP,, CB,, Oh No Pat — POOL HOPS, Cat fight ' B D,. S H , turn the light on! Anything else? FACED Ind Arts —Thanx Mr O AG S — Babe U RTHE GREATEST ' 111 never forget the fantastic times, proms, parties, fun. you made me laugh, you made my happy ' I LOVE YOU!!! Mom -t- Dad, Dave, Eric, Cin, Jon, Thanx Luv ya!! HEINRICH, THOMAS E — Northeast district and Massachusetts .instate orchestra, musicals in " 83 and " 84. Seeyoulater S O, Goodluck m iowaj (F) K VS., too bad you didnl win the election, Y ' oudidagood job anyway, good luck m life Every breath you take, M D Wish it could have worked out, " " Your Time is Gonna Come. " — Led Zeppelin HIMMELSTEIN. RACHEL — OY ' To evenone I have met here — thank you especially Megan. Tom. Dawn. Holly. Sudie. Krissy. Pam and Nicole D H. and H B 3 musketters (hot tickets at bashes) Well hello ,Megan, G B fry chicken Tommy it is so concentrated it scares me Nicole and 1 at Michaels w Mike the bartender Grendel, Smoot. Dawnie, and Foster we have the best times whenever were together I Love You guvs (who else can I D I E-Twith) Newton friends — your the best ft-iends m the entire world I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, I know youll be with me for life Finally to that someone special I will never forget you XO HIRSCH, DAWN — p p3,4 cheerl 2,3,4 ' 2 my bst fmds you guys made school worth while ' Holly Sudie Krissy i luv u ' Mrthas Vin. cpt Bob. chusie pmkin sign " is any 1 coming " New Yrs( MVs — H B " im gonna puke " K O — Siusbrys S D — all nite in car Lawn jbs. smk bom. dbl trak, BOOM« ! 4 in a bed ftt s c Flor w HB SD DH HB gve HHshots i m gona die " BG, RP SD spin botle (sory Jen! AC GB — Ron isnt wrth it! SC — dont no what hapen i still luv u! Lyd ,Mich my mistkenot vrs .MVcorprt hous LS cont strksagin Ellen — frndsagin RH — luv u ' JB,M,M,DP all u guys — fun times Sweets, hil jen. beth good luck SUDIE lake care! ' mom dad i luv you. thanks for everything. I ' ll miss everyone ' Its Been Great , , I lANELLI, CHRIS J — LAUGH 1234, Party - Friends 1234, Cross- country ' A. Bergsons 234 " Best Times ' MH, SG, PL, BD (whiphits IVO, here boy ' — Its Friday " 8th w Hubley — awesome class? ' ? M Hed — Thanx, never forget the times ' (Burned pancakes) Sterns " parties, the best Newvears — BennyHill " (at Heds) HYDBOX " GP party- LN hooters " RES 5 in 5 WOW " Pat, the dog bites " MH-e AS (grt cple-kp It up) SMURF ME ' " Gret -f Col-Tlianx, goodluck ' GP, hows Maine ' FlaggHill Fireworks Powderpuff chrldr 34 " KO, Blizz " 84 yourloss wench " Prom 84-courti (Thanx S ) Brgsns-food H20 fights! Munroe-fSchofield — greatest! ' (CM treefarm) TM, fd prep- Ogdf Ujut KHLNSGSFKSLG Steve (weebs), you owe me $$ (ha) ' Hrd tms. glad were friends (good tunes -t- cruisin SoCo-Fair " 83! Tara, never thought it would come to this ' Thanx. ILY " Wakeup KO " — (stogey), MH — the best III ever have! ' conantssvings. parties EO. I tried (3x)! poolhop ' fTHE BEST AS. SF. SG, MH. PL. MI. L " . MH. TB. BD. DK. GP. CR ' MOM -I- DAD — ILY. THANX 180 IVANOV. MARK N —SOCCER l-3aipt4.TBACK»-iii (pr 1.3ciipl4. MUNROE ,1-4. M S-M-o-PB. SC. MR. JB. TB. BD. C:S. CI. IB " Rood limv Jl buolnl. KH il »tu fun, SC? ' ?? BG, Smokii ' LL. MR mJif 1 l»l C.DLK lU " K V. MB. DL, DR. DD, SD. RK. FI " , DEtt itr.- l linlil . f BOWLing. SIM mcrcv BB BEST FRIEND. TII.WKS MDcvt-n uses commit TroustT. juice-. %trcr(. Mm sCTiop Luv va ES. miss -a DD SO.EO. KM «olo mall - Bl ' STED. plni:hp»rtv DW. KS. BC. SC. TB. MA. RM. DICE TACOcan I havc-a ride. Sm ocl 15. DK. SK. JK-HR 1-4. DC. LR D al G. TF. )L. KP + good times at TF. THANKS pippy. Riff, coach gorge DK = ktllcr pmg pong MOM + D.AD thanks 4 evcrs ' thmg . bye A-B MIKE ARBEZ J JAMES. BRIAN — PatUvs (1,2.3.4) U.S.2 ' s (3.4) The Carlo (3t. the B210 (4) TTie Cuddy next ' Mc. N,M .] C , P D . C D . A W C penod (3) " SflcM parking W ' OW Me aiid N M dnvmc around Bathany P H s or — BH — or rollers after school J W s Party one freshman day Hey piys im over here? MS? LATER A-B JENKINS. ARN — WHAB-2.3,4.: Hey BL ' FFYremember slave day 83 " ? How did 1 get home that day. all I rememtnT iv a shoppuiR cart ' ' Hey Steven, what did you thmk of those weird girls up at Hampton . , " .Mount!!! " OH YAH! ' Hampton forget the beach. Uwk at that ' " !!! I think that that cop owes you a new squirt gun ' What.s that! I think that is a S225 fine! where are you boys from? ' " also get nd of that, the stabes won t like that at all ' " Hev Sctitt MOOOOOOOWWAV ' " " LEFT " " " " Where ' s Phil ' - " " ' ' ' r ' dO K III admit it I finally made my mistake . . but its not as bad as Sam ' s. Phil ' s, Jim ' s, or Keilh s. or Steve s! ' «in«-rts DEF LEPPARD. THE POLICE. ZZ TOP. OZZY. AEROSMITH. DIO HEY sieve, Big O Gumby. do you remember the smith cdncert HACK HACK. WOOPS. SORRY. SSSZZSSZFFPPBRR. WOOPS SORRY ' " THANKS FOR ALL THE GOODTiMESSC. KP DW. PG, KM, RM, JB, CM. DS. DA. JO, SS. MP. LM. JL. TL. BM. MS. DG. KK GP. SC, GG. PERDRO " !! Steve are you still awake- OH ' Happs trails to you . . . JERINIC, M.ARIA — Paperl-3. Lit Mag 2-4. (ED4) NHS 3.4 Tallnits 3.4 Diet 1-4 etc . .A Chem cram sessions w EF " let ' s go find our highway " A Andrews it R Steele 4 ever ' TC dont 4get the taste of champagne BB weekend phone calk ' ' Who wants to be the ambassa- dor, ni be the wife " " Strangers in the Night " MD teaat Ritz 10 yrs DR. Ball at Breakers. BJ. Some snobs think RUNV RCbest Eds ever ' MK LM, Is there [ en on my face ' .AT still need my RficR JD adv bio MJ prom ' 84 MD brought a little class to class (gourmet dinner parties) SD CF good gyms. HM, DM luv Missu HK bestest friend KM PC 4i Mum Tat Viv Kat OLG Ahx BL Thanks luv u all Au Revoir AB ' JONES.SI ' SIE— Suze — Pre-schooU Hey Lisa, remember Mike H . MikeS Rich, MarkW . Mark M. Seananda]ltheothers: They were all so Gorgeous!! Thanks for all the help along the u-av SPEED BALLs ith all GUYS ' " Thanks to all mv teachers Good luck to all. JORRENS. MARC — (actisities track (spring fall), stage band Itenor sax), flying ultralights ' working at Chez Claude Restaurant, hiking. driving fast, popping, plavmg the hands i and now a quote ' THE JIG IS UP! Hey " ic. thats backwards for civilization Paule7.- " ous francias. oui. jesuisalle ' .A toast to the future ' Hey Gary, got yourCB in yet " Work ' in tonight Steve ' Your mother is calling Sneak out of the house and lets partv ' Bobby K for twoTn S fouled loffcnsivt-i. OH HELL What are those reflectors for ' RAD. R " You fl one of those things Are you crazy or what My brother ' s name is lars, just call me george for short Maird Alors! What the hell are ou doing. Stop the talking, the work starts now ' Math IS alsvays life ' !!!!!!! You. no you! You only live once so make the best of It Don ' t work loo hard and hev! LETS BE CAREFl ' L OUT THERE " " " K Me in H-right What ' i a cubit ' Hey Paul, where ' s the sound ' - Redneck 4 prez Hey G-period. I love ya ' Must (h- in the frtmt row ' Thanks for the Mcmones Mr M-pme 4 me always (ha). I see a pattern emerging A voice on the air RfitR radio S D = David Lee, you re the best kid Gel It up Acton ' L -t ' s give the Id a chance S,M,. once around the block ' Counirs Bob stnkes back, check your maillKJxes guys MB how ' bouta milktodav ' S D. P L — seeyouonvynalcue mine upfirst, Thanks AB, the check ' s in the mail. (Case? What case?) KEANE. THOMAS P — chem clorine. Swan J K Skylark hamond. SKID, attic roof. J C Biard J R D P J C — RUSH, concert Uw pickiting SKI! " , sail wind-surf skalelnjard, Sunnapec rock crona drive- way sled WALLY CGX. fort shi , Canada bike back svith vac Thunder carrols 4 wel drive back yard BB Highway window BILL-SCIBBS phone spcetnim service. H5 RULES GRADUATION!!! A B- isover KEITH. N.ATALIE — SoccerI-4 Capt 4 Hoop 1.2 The clickJL (miss ya). PG. JH LN. SN. MQ ' Uts go crazy ' KC.LW.CK — Pancake House — What. noS? Hoop-rotation (MO. MS J Me-never forget Salem 82 Guch-Hex. assume positions. I ' m cm a missKm PM. CP-get wstd (MTs I Funnel, Bonfire. GP-got the munchies ' Eastland Rules — Blair. Jo. Tutti. Mrs G. Bates Swim GASHOUSE GANCi-Flipweed, Gardner Gazette (KF.AD) Good Ts (5 HL — Woody Zueller AG.DM.DR — IT WAS THE SHOES ' BM.AG — Keep passing the open windows BRUCE C )NC:ERT HA ILY BRUCE ' Tanner iJC. Meegs, Piper. Dwnsey. Dude mail w JF.SH Lockers— PM. C;p. MO. GH, MS.TC. AS Starsky Hutch. Busstop nins Mod Squad " I strolled all alone throu a fallout zone, came out with my soul untouched ' KELLY. SANDRA — LAX 3.4 POW PUFF 3.4 Py. 1-4. LGM: BTFDSFER. M D.Awv .MM BKIoz Oh No 24hoursaday FH. Py (My .Ankle) OD P MMMMMMMMMMMM.M Forever we love you Where is my Lax ballaiidjacket ' ' ' Concert ' ' ' Can you tell me how to get to Acton ' Thank god for store24 Slimy worms are the best Especial- ly with Spaghetti and Meatballs Dunkin Donuts parking lot. S W 6tD B why us never again ' Beach Bound Oh No we got caught but we had hin No more high seh(V)l to get in tn)uble with Thank god HR. Kelley9(y SK LK. PK AK GIRLS YOUR 1 SECOND LATE No more comrades. Dee take over while I ' m gone GOOD LUCK (you will need itl Thanks mom and dad. Bill II I ' m out of here. Thanks AB. I ' m out of here . . . KELLY, ANNE K — Tennis 2.3.4 Softball 1.2 Basketball I Track 3.4 Powderpuff 4, The brd ' s got to go Marshfield bugbites sunrise or jst a hunch " ' LB p-mint schnps my coach will kill me SW Don ' t gel lost! Where ' s Piel zero hero . G should ' ve taken the bcxith .AP.. S You aready saw these movies ' TC.KM 33-a record SB Yes. steflfie, he ' s a babe Mac " s B-4 matches LL Standard Eng Grd Another 76 ' He was FORCED! Richard is life PG La Bama 6t UMass ' BM Nw York pits KS You made the bs . G (juick touch ups MG Love them Columbians PK finally quit MP RK m-ble sis CK feel the shirts no. not a nun pis Lunch-lugo .All USA Isl. PW fizzkeks w Pete a 99 ' still beat you School St- ' RIGHT. McCabe. CRa280ZX. really ' JH I was not turning around SG song brk ' I hope DS You can make that turn ER,BK I hate the range drill Thanks for two great ye-ars. .AB KELLY. PATRICIA — Patty. PPuff-3.4 (defense) Prom3.?4. LAX2 3 (2-brakcankie-limpv) Ptvs w FH eyelashes " Ican ' l see! " B-ptys McD ' s cakes ' KC ' s (Itnt KW SURPRISE " l 4s wK C.T W. A Fly " K C s Bam " Wheres the horse " " ' F B Mic MHead. heini ' M SATs WRONG School " locked in " 3yr B per W F H, E D oh no, not again " T menue ' St Paltvs Davl 4 GREEN ALL THE WAY " BF. T KC. LE. AS. FH. good tms GP. CR. MH. CI. HH. 4-R AK. SK. LK. PK. thaxDMACEEBMPKCOODTIMES!Goodlucktoeveryone Pty it up! Go crazy! ' KENDRICK, STEVEN — tennis 1-4. Goulds 2-4 ' Kenslick. Wally to some Thanx for saying yes. Sue! Ogunquit was great. little talks, I ' ve got to go to bed. Uaily. falling stars GWNA + GWCA ' Sim — Ue re Ogunquite-bound. Hermit Island, Atan, ]nv Flagg Hev JB S M C S KM + B B — SUNDAYNIGHTFL. SH ' NicechestMorey ' Wesaw Jason! Sim-Mrs, Phillips — Did we ever listen ' You bad to pick Carry. Wild Bill Noeth — I love math. MATH IS LIFE ' Mohamed Rinaldu. Dirty Downing — spoiled cheese Sim ' s all-powerful Scout — 1 ' Too bad you had to move, .Maura — good 15 years- Thanks a lot .AB Take care. Sim! I love you. Sue! Thanks for everything Mom + Dad. BYE! I won ' t go home T F all ihow malU rem R H as • ciirtun kerp fiit« off c p Kahl milk — alll you drink what ;i guy — Thank you L K ArG tby now) I appreciat the help At understanding — my b -sl fnend — be happy — All my fnendi — T F, B S. M I, M P. P R. S K. and everyone else thanks for making it bearable Also E F — we had » lot of fun — Thanx Mom fit Dad for Everything 111 never forget any of the people here especially the fnends Bye ABRHS KILTY.JIM— CH The other school. MD waking up to BH. Probe ' . TA CW Stevcy!!. TA. ES, JK Tent. Amazing " DL. oh no Dog Chains! ' . DS. FL were Dead. AM Boy was Dead, Sweet Lou. Sw«l Pete ' DP What a way to spend Sat 10 13H4. eh ' DS, FL, JC, JN. TA. MD. AA. ES. MC. BR. MB, DF. CH. GW KNOKE. MARTIN — Alleslicbe fur allcmeineFrcunde Merkt Eveh Naehts isl es kalter als draussen und manchmal ist emmal aJlcmaJ keinmal KOENIG. MICHELLE A — ART, TorchM. PC3.4, NHS, ODT. etc turgid chocolate I CAN HANDLE IT no problem LISA Bubie ' How ' s yer f b ' JT don ' t know what he miss ' HIDE SEEK ' steak hoagies! S ' ERIGE — I ' ll l e watching you AM throbbing gearshifts and necrophehacs unite ' HAH AHD ' RACH MAIL FRAUD ' c an I steer ' LIZ Welcome Home ' THE RONALD ROOM ' You can never go down the drain .MIA HloDahling-Di ' saslobnext tovous ' HEATH- ER lunch discussion ' Patience. Chief ME I luv yer green name ' PR I never knew what LUGN A F was BJH nenous ' CAYDESKI Staple MyTempleACK ' Davefl(Dancops r(.bbers? — CANDI 3 10 83 CAT SALUT. AMIE! JD.AR.MD.TC — I LUV ACTORS! hugs ' SUZ PA UL— LUV U KIDS ' " Peace, folks MOM At DAD — ISN-T GOING FAR — I LOVE YOU 4E ER ActionAtABRHS — remember this: THE ANSWER TO THE ETERNAL QUESTION IS YES! KOSICKI. D. VE — sick Football 1-4. Ucrosse 2-4 Capt 4 Those who stay uill be champions Great year guys MM. DH. RB. JB. MV, ML. RM. AND the rest of the gang Lukes Lilau Hut at Prov with Howie Jonah Mag keep the Lu Bug m good shap e no Saab ' Little Wheelie action for you Meegs " .AOH BABY ' " Youre a madman pete Clones Live forever Cape escapes ' Tr ' explaining this to the Yarmouth Police son " Yes sir Good luck in the Marines W " amby ' Lets go to the beach — Paul. Jill, and DarsI Cool Raids ' oo Doo Lane Breaking at Mags Smashable Chaz Blinky Elliot Say good-bye to the war wagon guys! Its been great Take care Sabe good luck in H6 .Meegs. RL, JR. EZ. ME. JJ, BL. TC. AND OJ Hang m there Knuckles Thanks for every- thing Darvl .And good-bye AB Thanks for the good times! KR.ANAK BECKY — Mom ' s trip to PR. the bash was crashed Hamp- ton, will you oblige me ' Pink chamiwgne. yellow toy rolled to rest Roundi. go jump a horse ' AC, JN. RP At Glad ' s fl Igth, Store 24 aK-ays came through ' Nicole, would you take a look at your shooz " Canada walerskiing. Flonda breaks. Blow through the nose not the mouth! BHuth Ac BWalter Ac their BRaisin is still stuck up there ' Jogging at Janet ' s! Good luck to Karen and Palncia. Lose to Mom, Grandma. Tard Ac Punkin Pie of course ' KULSICK. CHRISTINE — Colonial234 Thnx DM. esp Bill. John, my basement needs a scrub. Boyscout Weds and KT long distance; Jen. Paul B. Mr Moped Homecoming JR. SH. KF. JR. MR. SW. SO, John ' s coming out partv " RIP! " Lcwin Ac MR Do. Jen, wrong turn. Scott, wrong turn Kel. BUSTED BLOOD VESSELS Billy Graham. Ski Patrol At LOU. Gondonlaand " the view " . Chelmsford bowling (a 27). Jen. nice glove compartment Any foreign diplomats? NURSE WE LUVTONEE " 23 tngonametnc identities. .Vlath is NOT life! Jen. sooo immature ' Kel. no small noses allowed. John, let ' s get wasted . . . PARTY " ' ThnxtoJR.KF. JOHN[ ' ). MR (square headlights;, esp Scott, ILU, thnx for prom. Billv Joel. El Torito ' s. Boston Ciood luck RK. DK. JK. CK, JK ISABEL RULES ' " Most of all thmi Mom Guatemala C nal IS a FB.K ZER LINE) and Dad (POLISH POWER) ILU BYE AB L KARWIN. ROBERT K — Hoop 3.4 Baseball 2,3. ' l. CV -sum = the life, death 4m = B K C ' dream, see you in NCAA(]). B.C. vs Rollins, My oh my ' Quith Urs Letterman . Phil — poor efTecl 3.4 (204. nght A D ' lovcya kid ' Key Pete — UBI ' K W — Syracuse vs BC — right KERRIGAN. DONALD — " Donny ' . ssork study 3.4. 4 yrs of lun — well some. Sum 84 — its beach time. .M.I. S.K. my clothes do match so UABADINI. CHRISM —Band I- Maj 3.4- J V F Ball Cheering 2- Capt J B Ball Cheering 2- ' B Ball Cheering 3. Capt 4- Lax 3. Capt 4-P Puff3.4-Sands nchCifi. K P J L SN JB JB KL DD C C M C L N C C — Been Fun ' Love ya ' — J M LA ' P M — TKuks for alt the fun! — John, Suan, Cooch — Dr. Sparky Dint lives 181 forever! Run Saunie! — Luv ya Lester ' — No Saunie Syndrome! — Char — Do Jackson Lynd — Are you thinking what I ' m thinking ' — Mich — How ' s that foot ' — Cath — We made fair deal! — Deb — I ' ll clean it uppp. Hey Buss what do you thmk ' Kimmy Don ' t Grow ' Buccala ' CC Aud L. And Karen Thanks! Sue. Oppy, Buns, Charm, Mamie. Pimm, and Liz. Maj. Fri. Nights! Deb Lunch I fell under the table! — Mike Sc Co. — You ' ve been great! Ann B. — Your Super ' Deb Tom Y ' our the best! Luv I ' a Mom. Dad Lori. Kevin LANAHAN. PATRICK — HELLOW mattericlostit OH NO " ' IM SCARED Chns you look MARVELOUS • I know where Im going ahhh!(a»» l Sieve — vou jerk ahhh ' S " ' HA HA. SMURFS. WHIPHITS AND WAITRESSES BMW. GOOD TIMES U 3. eric 9th GRADE look older SKISKISKI • • If you move this car i will puke deputv dawg sorrv bud THANKS FOR U NO WH.W R C + T B WASUP BUCK • TWK ' PAT, • SAT • RAF • Breaken LOWE. Rappin SP. T headspin 1234 ' • ERYN DINNER WAS GREAT " THANKS AFAIN ERIC GREG wanna skate ' W PIPE MR ZZ TOP — THE CARS — THE B-.52s SICKness WHAT was her name •(afi ' S D N I CR. CKED YOU UP STEVE HARDING THE CLASH COOL (water illeO) M H CI. S.G PARTS HILL CAT FIGHT " ! ' Hi . nne Kid long time no see Chris she lost not you (Tara is better anv wav) Steve and Cath say nn more OH BABE " ' Matt and Anne ERYN M. YBE WE WILL LASTTILLTHE PROM (definitely ' ) Ive done that twice Thanks eric LATER ACTON BOXBOB- OUGH! " " " " " LANCIA. JOHN — Hockey 1-4, Golf 1-4. Hex. Van Halen. Headbutt. Toast. BTI + BT2. Twisted Sister — I Wanna Rock SL + KH rem Lauper. KH — fur burg Litz-Summer " S4 " . party in the crops. Boop. Boop. Boop, The LIZZARD, Bud. What a bake EL. Quarters J.D . SKUNK. P-VUS. LIGHTNING. BEULA. Potatochip. UCLA. Izzy KM rem Pal ' s stutf. the brawl, pumpkining. I ' m Picky , Hill Dig I ' ll miss U TE. SL. DG. CH. KG. KH. KW, DM. MC. JR. Let ' s tell BURNS Pitt. Suck It up seniors. Steph — 10 10 84. The " c " Guch-Yan s Math. Sp. Fnendly ' s. Miss ya— MM. LS. DP. WL. AP. KH. KL. LS + KM CC — Butterflv. " The Foxv One " , Willow. Legend. TC m a tree. Bean — SHTnWLKMNFND Thanks MOM + DAD. Cheeks. O ' Chard, Mountain Maniac. Love always " 85 " . SLyr Ik my Sis. I hate to say bye to all my friends I ' ll miss vou all Keith your the best friend anyone could ever have. PETE TRACY IT ' S YOUR TURN . BYE A-B LANE. SABRA — Judy Good Times huh ' The Best, Julie, Rdnt. to life ' Kny get caught in wnrl wnd Wht bm ' Rmber? Sifistaction. ballns. Bstn. Hi mom. Eric. Betsy. Steph. thnks. life saver. Jose " What a B. BE! Too much beer. wine. guvs, and fun. dep it up! Never too much Actus gone B-H . Munch out ' gnwt Good Luck ' FBNDS FORVR! HMMORL99. LIN. H T GT HI AGN ' Meld tn, to catch me now ' " f)n with fn and prtys! its only jstbgn Iv it up! Bob. thnks for ride, gdlkSS ' Lsa dve. gl, cpl. shpng. drk. and everything else, always other side of fence ill learn. How man does that make it now ' : itl end sn, ill fnd it, mbe I did. Betsy dnt gt cred away, you to Eric. Julie end it w.m. to, tw, rses. fms pms grass is greser on other side. Bye A-B forever! That ' s all she wrote. LATSHAW,TOMMY—TennisI,2. Hockey 1.2. Gold 2.3,4 Gd tms — RD. JS. KM , CB. TL. AT. CC. MP, MJ. What ' s up Al ' ' Kurt. I miss you. ir would have been ouryear. AC DC, Kiss Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ratt, Pretty Duke that ' s it , , thanks LV — it was good for me too EVH and DLR are great Zone — bar and grill Great tms at Flag Hill and Boxboro Ski Area, Sheraton — NW, BVI, AM. CC. LC. DO Bes u sck! Prom 84 — Craines beach nxt day — pretty Morey for getting the buds taken away Back of MJ van To Van Halen — Snider where ' s your sneaker ' : Thanks mom and dad . . . thanks BAM for typing this for me . . . LAUZON. CHRIS — low (crispy cakes?) Ski 1-34? soc3,4X.C. 2 H-sack 3 SUP " QUE DONNER ' diddlysht-B-dozer.etc. — A B, what a ride — DARBS, MARSH E — ONE MEMS nevdie!! ' 10-5-84 myhodwn (nevagnl T W K, ' ' ' : ' bipbashw rappinspat breakinlow — i smell bolony (T, B bunt) BREW CREW Ll ES 4EVer — how boutthemred- sox?boMF DOYL ' vertsmle — K H Thanx4Me memlLYBudlbs rule — MARSH — cruzmt4ilcksinS — Flre:82mdntscivvyridew olsur- aclassic — SUDS «t TRIM BUFU BBEWHAIIS — DARBS TOmphw lucious co so AG buzznboatride — scoot 2 Man w l ouvalmst8it (J,Gordoni " K,K CH IF T C ) luvyaboth ' ! (kk-nailedatresi CHAFE " WETSHORTS WINGSH eek, WHITES (scivvies) RES w boyi, fetes, parkit, ribbed — T C, dnve thru gard fued w L, B D N aub thinks wees dead, larva, paindives — dippnwhile aubsnoozes ' D M dnvein luvyaalwya — MM iou I KL S L.K P (2i J B SN M M nagoghop UB40 E,A O, ilvalwvs! Andy— it ' sall vou now ,MO,M DAD THANX 4 E-THING!!! TALLYHO A B LEARY. MAURA L, — G Swim Mngr 2-4. St, Chmps! Pwdr Pfr3-4 Capt WnterTrk 1-4. SmgTrk 1-4, SR, JLyn. KW. EG, EA. DG. JD. Bam. SG made it bearable! ' JLyns Flea Mrkt crussin. c c coos blast ' Pwdr PIT Kel — miss ya ' see ya later. . dam! Enca gd Ik ' Sue — Adam -n-Stulf were grt ' Sal (the pal) best is last ' 9yrs 69 more ' Fnends ' stuck on island ' Drvins " " What ' s goin on in that car • " Pumpkin ' — your the best Adam gd times! B C! Luv va much! GD Luck ' Mom and Dad. the best, thanx 4 the help and support ' RauKSean) — GO NAVT — BEAT ARMY ' Non. Cramp. IVan Luv yaall Steph. gro up dude. Senior yrcum ' n fast ' GD LCK eh! JD-Scramble — Kazoos " Hey LEHMAN, JOHANNA — Ppuff3.4 Ski 3. Tennis 3.4 KP-Ur the best ' Fmds since 7th grde Luvya4ever ' Blloon. Blu. Boots Mne Ben ' Pmp hsejive GW. MS — Quik hide! BL dudes great vintnes ' F study Ml. TF. Lke Plcid. Red. Jacuzzi hoppin. ski mobiles, tabog Seeweed summr 83Spaztoga. Ny Ny Ricks ft. Jp — I nowhere I am JB — space head SN — thnks hun. 101384 Char — 8 to 12? Gia. Fic Pm — 99lckd. ra keys. PC — cosmos, jonas M Coopur a sweethrt! Jr Lunch. JL. MC. LN. hairEE JLs I6th Fn DF JP. KP. JL — celeb 18yrs. Tennis BBdbIs partnr ILY JA — dyelmtwily? Bud Ream 84. bad influence Snght tele SSTL frosh AB 85 ' Thnks M and D Love You! ' Ciao class of 85— U R the best alive!!! LOEWENGUTH. SABINE — P-Puff3.4. Wrk Stdv 3.4. Knstin. Ker- ry. Marn — bst tms ' JB. MM (S ftball gm —9 14 84. How do we get to Marlboro- ! ' 6 21 84 — a classic all-niter ' ! ' KL— KH. MM. SN. KP — THE HILL .3am ' Anolherclassic — 9 15 84 — hill cops sht ' KL — WId Prtys! NTO ' Prom nite 84 a JNs mt house ' Wingaersheek!! PromS3w Mike.MMthnx4thegrttms ' ILY.AG -l- PF - SL -f MM. 3 10 82, 6 0,5 82, Idylwilde 3.4 — Alan. Steve — grt g s— LYB ' " Rd Sx w AC 7 03 84! Maine — summer 83 — LA ' 84— KH -I- DP. Kerry — Camp Cedar! Jennifer W-summers fa the pool — u r a grt fmd luv ya! Simmons — 9 22 84 w J W. VH . JC. RF. SC — all niter ' Ginger — thnc 4 the gm ' Chem w GL. LB. BB— gdlckuguys! Schmelby — yregrt ' LM — gd Ick (S KUA ' JB — UMASS here we come ' Cherie — tkcr tis bn a Ing tm ' Sallv. Bob. Adrian. Olisia — u r the best ' TM — thnx 4 the rds to wrk ' Take care— KH. KL. MM. JB. KP. CL. TM. DD. BP. RC. DN. TB. JL. KM. LS. WL — i love u all " I Love You Mom — thnx 4 everything ' GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 85 ' " ABRHS — Tham 4 all the memones!!! LOOK. JENNIFER L. — Jess. PP3-4. so physical! B.S. Dis is God ' YourTimesUp!7-Up. Tubbv4-eva!44yrs Rugbies. UM Yuck! Shake- Cups! Gotta like it — GTB ' S All PRZS 2U ' Dopted. KRF — Bears and Swords — Luv va ' S H — R COO ETC Gummies ' TRP-N — TSM n ways ' ! PUTS. FFF-NJZZ 2 cool ' He pked-ldied . Big Hug ' AK 2 vears WRK — WHO ME " R. IN CADDIE ROSES Spoiled much ' THNK " M Lee. PdPff . The BEST UR AWESOME " Gramma BST CK. MY LIFE, punkins. Fleas, JD Kazoo! Scramble member. ' C-C, Coobes. Bill-n-Lisa. HM 10 5 84, Thnx2D.G, KP. KR. EC LOPEZ. R WAYNE — V-Hoekey 3.4 DP. LS. MV Thanks Guys DP — big footing on LS ' s hood LS — PS — was great MV whiplash m the caddy HB — hot tub at D H TZ remember the good times S.M — thanks for the memones RR. SW. JR. CC — keep AB alive, EL. SL. BL — good luck next yr SL. MM. KM. JL. KL — homeroom MOM and DAD Thanks. I Love You. LUGO, BRUNILDA AMARILIS — International Club 1.2. Newspaperl. SADD:2.3.4. Class V P .2. Literary Magazine.2.3.4. Musical:(Fiddler)3. Cable Station:4. Thanks to the Library Staff for all their help, Mrs. Phillips. I couldn ' t have made it without you. Mr W, Smith, who needs John Marshall when we ' ve got you ' : Ms Sheehan. in twenty years don ' t forget to tell your Poll, Sci classes that you gave me my start. Long live the History Department ' Fran — just think that ABRHS got the next Picasso before anyone else. .My love to Mom and Dad — long way from San German, huh? Maureen, what you are doing is quite necessary, but do it too properly or the kids will take you into Psych class as an example of a nervous breakdown. Brandan. I have the first crack at the White House. LYNCH, KERRY B—KLYNCH, Kerr, Blanche Imartha ' ) FH 1-3. Ski l-4cocap4. La.x.3-4. Puir4. Poms 4 THE BEST TIMES Wn " HE BEST FRIENDS ' ZIP-wld cl. wId thg. TESS. the gos-wrs the car ' Pim c-cwmn. mbl Ip ' s p-twn. bch gfti. CUTENESS ' 4-cHats. wlthm (gak ' ) 2lfi " mrt. uta. qtc. — SW, BBY ' linguine, samclam frnds, magruns! brando — sat outa my b-w s 6: kp ur ft outa my ears ' R128 my shoe! SPOOFA ' Pems-smr84grttms ' bzdonbks ' CLEO 9 ' Maine Igtahng! dn r r camp cedar INTO THE BSHS ITS HENRY ' nadine. latrine — what gvs- " wake up! Marn — bng ur hd ' Sus Irznpzza tx LAmenrule ' LDxprncAntB " : ' feef — ahoyWP ' fic gia chomp ' THE FACE ' i smpd it JP ' 6 21 84 — a classic bash ' hill ' 3amspklrs ' Sco-sincelst ' LG — iryttd Ca RM " s ' bp — (spill ' I rc-dn (my thumb! ' tb-tm-cl-dd (crt rns ' ' ) sb; UGuvs RThe Best! luv u miss u ' p-cake res runs, klgtn. pitchtents! ' mmsovrntr — st24: slm-jms ' BUD 1 ' Lance Mac MTNMNIAC ' BW-LYA ' 5 25 84— -2am ' ' missu 7 ' Ceils 82 is 3 ' GdLk 2 bkccjcch the class of ' 85! NTO!! Ihanx M D ' I4ptngup w me ' ) THANX A-B 4 THE BEST TIMES! ALOHA ' M LUKE. LORI — spnng track 1-4. winter track 3.4 Its been a great 2 yrs ' Anne — Its been real Real what? BA-HA. remember Richard (prev mem fact) Eng = standard grade, was Dickens pd by the word?. " Lori. Anne, don ' t look at him ' " . don ' t forget who followed us after class Track = us. run ' ' 2 mi loop, you know who Marchfield = just a hunch, bug bites, shortcut thru Boston Fry Queen thanx to Kevin! ' . nanne. Amy. Bonny — the mall. " Where ' s the car ' ! " J G — all-nite fun winter " 84. the Messiah, wht a bahgan. good luck w school A D (Mgr) — hurdles get 3. camp + M K,. have fun D.H — is luv an art + are you a bargain Liane, Anne — where ' s the shovel Thanx for 2 fun yrs — AK, LB, AG. AG. SG. KS. AP, AP, SW. TC, AS, PG, BM, JH. DP, EW. TM MACCABE. KEITH — V Hockey 3.4. Golf 2-4. DLC Champs 3.4, Win track 2. Powder pufi 4. T S Oct 24 .84 " . I wanna rock, 85 1. Headbutt, Hex, TCP L Guch Halen 1, Prom 84 85 ' ' - ' Thnx A B, Pretty Unce, S.B.CC. Butterflv Thnx JL. DP. LS. MV, . C. BM. TC. MM. SL. KL, KH, Foxv WL, and the rest of the Class of 85, BK runs Rock G ' perf DB best Sun Man LS, WL Z-28. Must, Pul, Vette, Sunbird DP leave earl c-wash 1 FH sped 9 15 Hill dig. Mono (Leg 3) how ' s the FR ' Buddy You ain ' t got a hair on your ' • ' $ Pal ' s stufl ' Lance Z-28 looks good DP JL Fn nght at Friendh Pump, Ik Apple pick. Knee inj OP? ' Lizzard Prom night at DP AG Shoot Hoops ' JL the best fnend I overbad I ' LL miss ya. DP sou were always there when I needed you, Thnx. Love ya Mom Dad, MC Good-bye A B Miss ya all I love ya Acton, your my town Bye Hockey team And to all my friends I love ya and svill miss you all. JH didn ' t forget you F H. buddy. Yell will ya. See you soon A-B, MACKEY. TOM — xc l,2.3.4(ouch ' l B-ba.. spr track 2.3.4 SHYF 12 Math team (hah!) DD-you ' re the best Mr Noeth — greatest BB — bio H RB b-ball best and worst teams ever — ' SIuss — Tom V — the best — Lus Martha day — Phil, you are the best friend ever!!! KR — best friend sister ' JR — breakdancing — b-ball hoop (slamdunk) first and last — MR — Id vide9 (hah) Spike — sorry (drive ' ins) — Math study parties — hot tube (Ma no know) — DM — great times (popcorn) (wrestling, you wimp ' ) best of friends — SM — good times idter school (ASB) — JR — good memones (prom, bowling, etc ) HC JM — ease up, bigguy! PAT (don ' t you svish) DL — pat bufued you, hah! JGW — what is a wasfy — July 4 (wow!) AD — go get him — HF — too bad about DC. could have been good — luv ya — Spic — haven (boo) Creed — KR, KS.JD. SW. JD. LN — thanx all Thanx Mom and Dad — Good luck Stu and Craig M. CLEOD. MARNEYL — Mam — Swimming 1. 2.3. 4(AFACE) — ST. ' TECHAMPS I.ThanxMr A — ILY. Basketball 1. 2.3.4Co-Cap4 (DUSTY). Spring Track 2.3.4. KV, KL. KH. SL. JB — Best tms. Jem " heyBUD " , Cudas. d-end.2cTuz. 1 Cor 2? Kath — ex tms Send Matt 4 ice cream. Thanx Jim bhs pks. PK ' s snk out in. Krayer ' s 10 8 83, Quarters, Thanx Al El 4 putin ' up w me. Gd Ik Rach Higas hs prties. Prom84— Thanx MI. Wingaersheek. f-men-MACA-UR GREAT! SL JB ftball game (S Marl. 6 21 84 — Klynch — classic. 3am Hdl. Wake up. FU-FU. " Bang Your Head " . Marc Romeo — NVR FGT U. Swim tm. bash 81. UMASS-KV-bacardi hardy. Funshine Debbie. Miss U LG, Phil Collins. Segar, Genesis. POPTARTS. Bill. Darryl. Chns. Spence Grt Sum 84. Whiles. Rez-runs. pool-hoppin ' . Love ya all. Rich. Tom, Tim 2 2 67 ' Maccabey Babev. Lance. Wayno (locker crew) Police — P O ' G All-nighters. Pammy — Gd Ik. Knstin — " Thank U 4 bein ' a fnend " " EASY KILLER " Gd Ik 85. see ya in 90, NTOIl Thanx Miss DufiV — ILY College bound, I LOVE YOU MOM 4i E I MISS YOU SCOTT ' ABRHS —Thanx — Best of Times MAGLIOZZI. MARK j — Mags Football 3.4 Spnng Track 3.4 PP Cheerleading 4 " To your victory stations " " " Those who stay will be champions " PC-blinky " Pete, there ' s a pizza on your feel " Please P. P. R Sick- Howie. Jonah — thanks guys. 6 people in the L Bug Hi BAM. luv ya, Dave, you ' re so ridiculous No weaving at 8pm-lam that s you Howie, Surfs up! Can " l forget — DK. PF, PD, MD, and the rest of the guys See ya " 85 Thanks mom MAHONEY. JOHN — . . , Jack who ' . . Football 1.2.3 Baseball 2.3.4 - Varsity 3.4 . Bill — WOMEN, skiing. Cannon, windsurf- ing. Maine, golf Katie? Finnerty ' s. Becca. Dartmouth sweatshirt. Moms lasagna, Beth W? good times. BEST fnends!! . . . Stace — 182 2 1 H3 N II liiiick. « ' i rvc%. 3 2fiS3 ' CM AHI.IHmiiiiiiut S3. (• ! ■ %kiink%. c)H-t«. ItiU. 12fi ' kiiD . KikhI link. Ut .iImj s Suunit- — ilnlhr lim . DlCM " Ph Mo. IIELI " NOTblS. HU. MOl ' TM. U) t liM ' v, ChiChi ' v, luvffiiii. hihkI luck Bip — iikx- miIe!!auTi. nioti-s. (o Bon SifVf — PHYSICS. C. riNillull. inUnw . . KIM — STEPHEN — HA " DC— YOl RE A Bl M ' PINK ' . Rood luck in b-lull .ui M-j Bon-ntrtint! in Chrm . 99. " Slop KiUniK tin- ' " . Sui- — 6SW. CLYDE, Caar knw . N M 42. 99. summir M. briich LAtT. hnppinK. S6cS. C6c " nd XUX " wjimmir Sii vantl- wK hes. futurt- drt ' . !!! , prcwnisfs bmint ' swi. $$$, LO ' E FORE ' ER ' Mr Mr H FOOD " MANY THANKS MOM DAD — (hiuik-s for fviT (hin);. rsixvullv tht- iiew t-ar . LON ' E YOl ' ! . . Chris ■ CROW IP " . hixhI luck . Thaim for cvt-nthing A-B ' ! ' MASLANKA. PAM — 12.NFW F H Hivtr Mr» C Than for t-vcntKinK Mo. (•jvIc- ( ' Uch. Tor. Sitobt ' s. Enn , LB. Jillun. Sliauiij, Stt ' pii. C:ot, i ' .uw. Suck It up Bo« B» Biwh 2 hr jxit- w MS CP. dciidlv Brds " Wvrv ok LB SS. M)rr we dmtik it Shall JC (p imkjn . DD ILY BEACH BOl ' ND ' C.r d ml.- M I Bel You Can t Chot milk . HYDRNT BK Pumpkin DKi H5 llil IT Lukir, (iu-t, tUrrv. ML, Mttxv j 1 . Mono. Dt-h. Micli. Lvd. AWslev SC. MR. ICMYA l-MaN% AVhcjtKNanvont ' LBt;ol«lMd.22flUup. mtntKol It noicood ES ' kx ' onliK ' s ' " Di h " ' lial up ' NK fictiPttt-t w ld. ml Jo " I lokd ke s in car ' " Mo, Jr yr siiinoff, wi- had it all ' iSorn. Enn ' COOD LICK DC; w out shorts ' Bn thanx for Prom M. iht- BEST limt- Sorr ' almul your foot ' MOM DAD, thiinx for all your LOVE. Mark. Still hanK ii m. huh? (iuvv. Tl Thr F ' amous Tinal Sctrnc! " (a PF 7 ' ' 4 Hampton Uh - TL. JS — prvtt ipiy ' CaKana action Launi.- — kft . haihi.-%. Iilu laKoonin. rmp apt. hall MUfcm. cltnrj. PoPuf 2-l. mataltaiks. AB F-ball— ROWDY ' ML, RB, LNC TALKS. Fron Pond 4-L ' vrr, up» n ' downs — we niadt- it thru. thaiiK 4 all, luv -a. Julie. — DIAZ, thcjr + more Canohic. la Krandr H, car Kamr« — Bl M ' Pam — map ' CRA pool =. great, TH. DM. WL. SM. Keith, pnnct , niclu, taluna. probi, K " ' dv hro. L ' were nte bout ABH. much lux PRETH ERIC U HAT pea t- DL ' DES ' life a bitch n t die Cforbo. Munrow, Gene Kelly — old but good AB Un n ' thrir ilnR) AB takes no uKhjiw JL ' MT. MC. THM RH CL. SL DM KF. EL. TB. JK fie RL - gd Ick wABH RO m — p t mem - ISIA. tiks. rod n ' gun. dreams Crew (n GRA. I ' Kuvibrout mcup — thani BB. LS. SC. MS. KP. MP. CR. KM. JL. DD. PF. PM. CF. DK. RM. AC — we ' re outta here ' 2 all I 4Kot — sry. Thnx mom. dad + APE — luv ya Suiie my frshmri l — Keep L ' R HEADhlfth Kd tck ' Gd « ' i2come AB — we are alive ' fun bunch ' MAU kl N. ARA K — AFS 3-4. C F and AK-47 mei conned this Krhtwl D F and S S vou re both well, never mind M Ci . . .0 and I can underNtand vou M N and M K ' L(K)K OLT FOR THE SCHOOL CHOl ' L ' " To ever one else don ' t waste vour life MALN.ATI. T ROBER — Socc -r 1-4. lacrosse 1-4. Mario. MISH. tacii Workinc for the witch 2-4. Fnday nieht shift BP. MH The Ex Lu men Thanks May-T. sun-stretch That s mv nlove Sunday nifiht scamp nins. 109 BP LB TB SB RC What turn He J N AL s cot an electric one This soccer team part ' s MITB lets go to the football came. Iblewoifan Audi DD MA TB can i please have mv shoriv back DK if shes old enough to go to the store MaUnte- ' " ' Budinobile Don I worn. I m good for three tnps across the I SA Dieit head TB TB BP no BCi vou cant have my lab M H where d you get those beers! ' DD CO Dr M rules BC MA Ml DW puinkin seeds and DK chicken dust at Grigalus ' s MARCH. DANIEL — Marianne Mv Endless Love Urn- ' s (XtofK-rfesls Hampton Beach Jetty with M P Pit Parties, we did it alt night long The Cranolla and Squinto . Party w-agon . . . shows on North Street Horror Showing Tunas. MERCH.ANT. TIM — bippy (melon-headi. marsh, ugly a43Bl ' M) A.B- COOL BUZZ — low. riblx-d. parkit. fetus, Ixniom, darbs. spat. sweetums — memories will live forever — BREW ' -CREW-TWK- bologna tombunt — 9 ' 2l S4 — myiie-ilaBl DLBSRl LE break in low rappinspat — l(V5 84 — lowsbash lattweek ■ happ b-day Z " li ' G7 mam — hugs — thnifence — ging — DITTO — math4wl( 1 — LOW — swave fie daboner — cat chz ' sin foundation ' pucki Ki dumbfounded — ILU ' Y ' .A(goodtimesiOLS — take it easy sum ' 83 hitnightinskivieson- bikes iw lowl KRJSTINC — my first love iforeveri ME 82- S3 — klutz — showxiff— party (a acton = charlene — MRS H ' POLICE — BONNIE (gorgeous so much to say ' sum ' S3 — evrvbrethutake = cry reser ior = all time high BONNIE fit TIM 4 FR I ' M IN LOVE W ' OU. BON — sue. kim = gnxivychick iCINDA (sis II.LATA (gonna miss yal RED iBKi is hot any-time nadine DEB — take-off. ch STARFIRE igone — STANG = YOTE MIKE — u fit me = popsicles in the summer MOM. DAD 6c (.OD THANKS I LOVE YOU — soAB— TINE IN NEXT WEEK SAME BATTIME. SAME B.AT CHANNEL MARTIN. MARK — ML — footballl. 2.3.4 baseball — lockers DB. JB. RB. DH. JM. MM. MV. BM, MM. SW. RP — prt frads THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS — SFQ 1. parties w frnds 1-4 Buds Best — welctime l ack mono " fel 4alll right, koot 1-4. RHisengaged ' mallmnswBRO—1 1 83 wbpt poos " giup—DK, PF pwdr-pff cheerleader 3,4 ( " .APT 4 ' " hill dig w fr giny — BM " sweets " ihgtu- tftm — DE " tillis " . foxies 1-4. sh 1-4. DH 6c jm lost in snowstorm DH « JC thans 10 — NFI i MV. JB GBF " thanx 4 believing in me coach!! YTB coach b hydhmgwhsgt! ' " Idylwilde 2.3.4 grt people ND tpip wdad-higj ' JM — fkis, ovi — DB stuck on LOl ' . give em hell 45 (laamoar JMRATTWAVOWCR ' " ha-ha-ha SDIWBB-KW . jr prom ' NFTCiLYF thanx 4 evryihng grandma ILY ' ' thank-you every- one for making these 4 vrs special ' ' ! your the best MOM and D.AD CHMIWYB — grt fmlv " I LOVE YOL ' MOM. DAD fit SAM ' " CLWEYD — REEKAN ILL MISS YOl ' ALL!!!!! MASSARELLI, BKTH — BAM Best of limes — TMPKDEBP ispecl fnidsi LA [I told you so ' i SD jabbaTLiput u ' ra)llar upi CB i pinch ' KC tpink — srr ' l JD(DG — not mei LE (trees) SC (mailboxes i Libbv imiss ya ' Mark — dinner 10 ' 12 84 . . V ' hat ' s in u ' r hrt wll nverchnge Pnim 84 — thnks Dave il In-leive yal Dan (brol — u wll alw ' s b spcl 2 me. thnb 4 caring ' Lisel — BSTN. cape. He can do bttr ' ' — SPLASH. BALLOONS, blck ptch. rses-n-pnk champgne, h« w- mmaiitic. Halt, pnk-n-blck. many more Cape Cod — bbmflbsb — Roj. we wll nvr forget uii.rhrts . , . ' ech, did vou know this is pnvtepropr ' : ' ? . , . LY — M D. L M MASSON. DEBORAH J DEBBL — N P 1.2. Lit Mag 4. P C 4. NHS 3.4. ITC 2.3.4. lean t believe we made It ' It all started at Merriam Followt-dmvjr H then of course good old ABRHS CONGRATl ' LA- TIONS 85 TC. RC. ME. MD. SD. EF. CF. MJ. MK. LM. HM AT. We were a great group Mill of Mrms. lunch. SAT fit .ACH — Concord. Sr court yard igourmet style ' Don ' t forget the movies all in pink ' pool party 84 MD - - SD - RB + BB waiting for the bus. Especially in snow storm at sch(X)l Biolog ' parties — best of times — thanks TC. MD. HM. — Miss Ts wed — ME Clon ckiss French yuk right AO fie LB I couldn t have made it w ' o vou Math at AB veah. rememWr MJ 9-oh that Imy ' ficll SD 6e RC lOwMr B and 12SD6c BB Sue BOF " .A ipiz a. popcorn and of cxnirse DP i Scxitt no more fights for the shower Th;uiks Mom fit Dad for evervthtng I won ' t forget ,AB — Thanks teachers and .Adm GOOD Ll ' CK IN THE FITLRE ' M.ATTISON. NICOLE — Losers Good Luck ' Becks you are the biggest loser and tardof them all ' Thanks for 10 11-12 84 and for more to come Two different shoes at SIhkj Somebod must love us ' Greg ' Danny ha ha — Jen — no Visa — no money — help — Mom. Skhniee what to do RcK-k no more bartenders for us! Nice bum — You pig ' Gning w out you what would I have done Been in school a lot more Thank.s — much love (o Mo and Po for your patience ' Leia. Eve I love ou too David I didn ' t forget you GockI luck to my w;iste product fnends ' R )ndie take care of Bill! Becks don ' t forget the man in my hinise Thanks M and C Look at all of the hues Becky ' Let ' s go. Ka - See Ya MAYER. BRIAN J— Gus ' —F Ball 1-4. B Ball Ifi«2. B Ball M. Coots Raid. Foxies, Jam hoop. Wiffle ball. Sled team, Those who sta will be champs — beach. BUG lives ' NY Eve Hotel Hornet. Walk ' s truck. Whoa Baby. LB tree Feb 4. Well Dick. Hissler scks. Police S3 .MM. Mono, BG, Mighty — Where ' s Marcia ' : Rez. Meister Brau. Good, good fornothin B(i. Rous. 3S Spec Izzie 1. Fish 6c dip Grapplin, Bohen. Going live ' JJNH, Cliaffin, Girls. Guch. Pam ' 84. Lvds. DD. CR, MO. E. Neighba. Beth-Dp MO — she ' s special, Defoffer, the Loggers. Voodoo Rd. Conant. MficM raid Bubblewisers, Ballou job. Bro Jeff — the big boy. Kent. RP. Howie. Harr . Mono. Might Dog. ML. Meegs. Sick -oh oh. Vecc. Wally. You ' re the best! Thanks — Coaches, Teaches. Bohens. Bros. 6c Mom Dad. Miss you. Love U all! So long. MCCORD. DODGE N — Band 1.2,3.4. Choir 1.2. Orchestra 1. Swimming L2. International School of Geneva, Switzerland. 1.2 ToJB. JD. MD. ME. PR. DHJE. KM. BETO. AME. NG, DH. SO. and all the others too numerous to mention, thanks for a great year and a half at AB ' MEGAN. JOHN — Megs — Bball 1234 Basketl all 2 F-ball 4 ThoH- who stay will be champions ' Koot 1234 Harry, ML. Jeff. Dog. LU. MONO. Cus. Bro. Trano. Kent. Welcfjme back Mono, tunnel rats. jp» on ' Htl Hornet, minibks. fxiesl-4, st hck 1-4. War games F S Dv -htabt ' E " Lst fryrssnwstrm. D-fogr, Hkcrscmlx-t zone, fish-n-dip. Sprdout. Widder, Walsh IS enggd ' Feb 4. Store 24. Francais. TB wgn. snw F-ball. Die VC. Sled team. Bud for the 80 s. The bgs blck I lukie lets htch to swtch! Nam, grenade. Jungle wTolt. C etD conslr. Sophs yre all nte! I adore, thanx frcariyng me hme Harry ' Ballou moon, grenpukeon Kent. Howe Pads, Lobes ' Scales. E K. , JB, Pesikgate ' udu Ln, My hse is on fire ' The Tex. nice np HarT . Stogies ' SN-B raid, MM raid. P-pufr3.4 Thanx Mom and Dad and family. 5 down 1 to go! Good Luck ' Tara " MELEEDY. KEVIN — X-C 1-4. W fit S Track 1-4 Hey. its been real Pulm Is , IS the sky spnmg: " 3284. SG. EO. Ml. busted biglimc 9584. SPRINGSTEEN Summer ' 1984 a Finast summer Go-carts on thcCape.whatw sshe(;ar r ' BBB.SG.GS. We climbed Ml Wash, fit got ripped off THE Dead End. Sprint ill. Bulette. mans times Feb. ' ac at UnGodlyvSteve your tires flat . -i pals Good luck Jingle Bell Run CAMMANDOS Sledding at nashasMic Oh Buster lie quiet Suimming — suitlessr at Nashoba CXK)L TR — ali -ays my lab part- ner MD. EO. PW. Gggggpcnod. BB JB. MD. SG. MI. EO. LR. MR. TR. GS. PW All Good Friends. Not forgotten fnend TvJ Tos n-hall Flasherv don ' t hit them BB Same nighl Scared 10 fiic I5less in the woods LR wh did summer end before it started ' - ' I C W T T Good luck Francis fit Kathleen Thanx .All 6c Good Luck Class of 85. See Ya Later. !(a 5% fic ' MERRILL. CARRIE — Powder puff 3.4. cheerleading 2. David. El. Shaun. Pal. I wish I was a fish. U S S L . Just 2 aite — EL Ther ' s a monstr in mv nxim. Michaels — Bain-. Care he left ' " face down, whata view, strechv somethins. URL Freds ham. Ml Sno seasid best e T. Journey. Csndi. B-day 83- M Rush, CMDG. EPPM. PGKH. SCKO Good Harlx r, Tiki. Ixixrtie. dipin (a C C, Smdpt Lo. Mel. Shcr. Lich. Lin. Dan I ' llnevrtel. whatcolor El. your specal l et ' s nesr 4 gel — I luv u Pam fit Keen, Mom, Michael. Dad. thanx 4 evervthin. 1 couldnt ' s made it w.o u. I lus ya all David guess what Your kinda cute, huh! I LO E YOU Well this girls graduating — it sytiursnow Heath!!! MERTHER.AMY — Ma]orette3.4chr2.4: ' Wefinlymadeil TliksAD. HF. SB. AS, SB. KF, JR. TM. EW. LE. PK. MC = BESTfrds Al — u 6t MJ. whr.s the whpdcmi ' - ' dounuts. ' PssionFrtMtnLotn rules, what fun!?Sabs. French was fun, parlevous francais ' : = grtfrds ,Al6t Hichcm w .Mrs. C Adv Bio — Al. Bonk, what a mistake Ftlpig. ham anyone ' Thks4pssingme Mr S License rules, i got it 1st = Cruisin ' . toCC-bc4. after school Al. party w CCguys = DD. ' JNlc ' Stef — Sean fit PauP Proms (a CC fit AB. not this t .Ann thks 4 bein there 2 talk 2 BG + 2 — i will alu-ays luv u Stcf sorr ' i splld the food on -ur cpt. clean though (a Knob ' s M. glad iir not fat HF fit K: = 3 yrs Ann. Anatwasablast. WT passed " MOM . I do luv u. Dad. u hrt me much, imissu ' Invention of the Smurfs ettesi. onK kidding HF Al. C.ABB.ACE PATCH E.V TERMINATORS RULE!!! Ref AD. HF. AS. SB. ;2 L.A la la la la la la la la la LATER AB HIGH MASI. NICK C — THANK GOD I ' M OUT ' " TO BJ. RJ. JG. BG. PD. AND all vou other guvs Thanks for making it In-arable Omni needs a curad! SORRY B G Hank shot down b enemv pole Weekends in Maine. BUD CANS 4 EVER. Aerosmith in N H J P P rules 7 times over. Especially at A B Lowel ceiling. WOW " New Year ' s at the Apt, Drive — Ins Close! crashing from SO M F Pits, cliffs, fit parking. To K.F I couldn ' t have made it without you ' Thanks for evers thing! To everyone I couldn ' t fit. Thememones are still there Thanks N(om ' LAT E R M U C H !!!!!!! To Nick; stop pinching J. W. Good luck to vou and KF. Have fiin! Luv Jennifer. SEE YA " MCELROY. HEATHER LEE— 1,2.3,4 wonderfil, wild. s earisome Bandl.2.3.4 — football everv Sat RahRah Wash fit F la Hoorah ' NHS — 3,4 CANDY • S 6t ' PC —2.3.4 FUN. Fun. fun Thanx MD6t JD for m ' encourage K S — fun on Mt. Wash! See you on .AT ILY TC ILY Mum 6e Dad, For being there III miss vou: TC. MD. JD. DM. ME. MJ EF. MK. AT AR. VS. RC. EM WH. KS MCNULT ' . JANE — 6 ' »4 — 1 grt rti lifi garti. bonfire bash svds action — RL — patience sux! Rtx: n ' rollage — kisick. .AB fair Swimmin MEYER. DEBBIE — Part 1234 pp 34 — 3 m ' Pmm 234 llolror la la land brth out 1st " N;..hoba KB who gets red: ' H 84 360. 360. 360. CR.ASH ' ! ' CV r we turning 6-8-M bye bye stang — 8-21-84 hello slang2 Where r u going ' Wk study " pits, quarrss, bashes ' 2 do Russles ' Grad 84 CV SHIFT ' Hampton DatonaCs 9th bio J V prom 84 your 1st! ' J ' whcre ' s the cork in CL ' s bug NM whites wTC is hv bleeding?? Ayer w CM — C ' it ' s 2am u ' re time sleepy head " trippin " ' ! Shrooms at Emerson. JP Summer W at PH BFD COKE IS IT " ' Buddies — I can ' t dnve 55! JC cookie. Itannana. lurf, lurT ' Maine runs CR. CP - - Bergsons a nice place tossork ' ' ' C skiing, freezing, in Los ell. home sknng again " PH. CM. CV. KB, U . JV JC. JW. MW. LB. HC. KC. DB. JP. JH. KM. NM. BJ. U R THE BEST! ' !! I luv DB Tan.x Ma. Dad. Doug. Luv Ya Uter AB " I ' m gone ' !!! ' !!!! ' 85 ' s alive ' " 183 MILLETT. TRACEY D. — Trai Lax 2.3,4(; ' ) Bt CC 4-3 ' PPff3 4 F F 2.3.4 ' Luvuall — EGW. LAE. SLB. BAM. KEC, SJB, AM. AD. HF, AS, MH, JR. KF — lunch 1-4 Dave ' 82 TWccc. Yelln — windw strng! DE{Bstn) CB TN LE Krush BRUINS 4 ever ' Cup 84 ' EW — Adamm2 84, Huey 8 21 84 SLB — stckrc = vak! Bio— DE SLB EW — yuk ' Chm: SG SH CS ect, = fun " Mr G — uggh ' AM hmrm ' U?hzJme — WATERSKIING = 1 ' Lis of gd times tog ' Phz — extrcts,,Vmas eve comm.. PAla 5 83 = yuk! Mimbu 64-83 » ' Iluv Maine. Moose Pd,. Bridgton = 2nd home ' S 20 S4 MAX — my PHOENIX! So who is it nnw? ' NASCAR T A — I iuv the races! 10 5 — TMx2 drvin!?? L-NU ccold ' Whr r u HEZ ? RINHMA ' - ? Gd luck Natalie Ehzabeth — luvui ' Gd luck Paigo- ' 88. Guido — ' 94 — Iuv u always! Thx so mch M D Cass — Iluvu!!! Bye AB — u rawesum!! MORGAN, BONNY C — Bon, BC. " Muscles " Gvm 123 Capt 4 Swim 23 Capt 4 trk I NHS band 12. DC ' 2am Ohno ' DR. AG, SR. LOVE U ' AG, LB, SG, AG, AP, KH. PG. JH, AS, KM, TC. DP Cape Cod 4-ever " Wdsfmg ' BB ' LvU ' Muonmg Wht r dunes for Ar- Engl84 Msu Marg Da ' Relax Dit ' 01 Pimms NY eve 84 shtfcd ' Bin my sht Seger AG, Ar 6 hrs bum! Skol gl hi onit Lee! Krsts mr, pw Bren love your M ability! Is math really Iife Hp nt ' Gvm pties — need those carobs ' SheetsNord, El. Suz(thnx )TIIIfdrunsnocalcake WHERESTHE PAHTEE! 13.5 JB ' Iftovrs — JLsprize ' Thanx Space the Grunt ' OSC P-ears Amaco Saves ' Fnst runs Lambda Chi, tnlmg Mich gymPT (a Sands! Hpchk ' Hawian TE pte States Smtms ya gota say " ?theefeck " ! When in doubt — lafT My Wheels .MD ' - " Love V MOM. DAD, JEFF. WEND 6f ALL ' When vou see a chance, take it. find romance, fake it. becuz Its all on YOU ' " NELSON, SUSAN B — Poms 234, Events-Lawn Doc ruls! Do I want my what evalutd An( Bea ' Bashes-Litch ' sprtv SHHH ' 14u ' It wdn ' t fish ' Tor prtv JLB nccslde 6 21 84 — A classic allmter ' Kl prty- ncednip Isved the B U D Cprtv — gu s thrw the wndw ' JJBprty — Get off the Iwn ' P-prt , pnckthse runs KL Ive the crs hre ' nodoz LK.KC, take ere ' MR T, Mr jns. Iinguine LA men rune! rtl28-nce snkr ' Mag runs CCME T D Is KP-TB-UD ' We agre on all men EO. IwntS! KH, MErls ' Jason LN — fill m th hill ' DDNYprtv chmpgn bath, Rod-xitmnt alwys DB — best wishes ' JJB-hill, bsted ' .50ftlng, etc NY, We II be back ' Iblls. snwflks r sipng ' Spcecwbv ' Pom crew — good luck! JLB, KL, KP.CC.JL. MC. LN. DD, KH. SL, EO I Iuv uall ' JJB. best frndsfrevre! Hang in there ' Good luck ' Mom, Dad, Geoff. Jenti — I love You thanks for evervthin Lester — One cool cat!! Goodbye, adios, aurevior. and Ciao " MITRANO, MATT — Football 1-4. Ski Team 1,3,4, good games at Foxes, " Whoa Babv ' " DH. RB. Megs, Gus, ML. S V. DB, Mono. JB. Vecc. SC. RP, The Lockers Megs can dip with the big boys " Police and good bashes with Gus. 83! Don ' t forget good games at Guses boy ' s. The Coot Store 24 2 3 Megs. Bud is 1 " Let ' s carry Megs home Harr ' . sorrv ' about the bed Ricky ' Good luck TB. SC, BG Hey Cheecks I ' ll make sure 1 wnte Hang in there and good luck, JM BW MH, keep up the party ing! ' Thanks alot coaches. Leary, Gallant, Smith. Let ' s see a good season in 85 ' Well friends it ' s been real, Catch you later A-B! ' MLEZIVA.SETH- Soccer 2.3. Skiing 2. 3,4, Tennis 2, 4, Swimming 4, SHYF 2.3.4. MYC-HFH. CCC, satisfied BB ' - ' . Wild Bill 23 FTl, MATH IS LIFE. P. A.T., Campmg anyone ' ' , 104 ' , (I, ), Youre turn P R (typo): AD fill MRs quota. DL get JL. GB get some Haff 16. nice outfit HF. GG the PCF. SPA Parties, thanx PR. HC how do you define we ' - ' TM ralph again, GW another good story, nice ego DH, MR nice AUDI. SH drive around the bottles. Drive-Ins; JR DOWN SHIFT " , JL write your own programs!! MR don ' t down shift ' GOOD LUCK ALL MONAHAN. .MICHAEL J — Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1.2,3,4. Cpt 4. Baseball 1.2.3,4. Cpt 4, " Those who stay will be champions ' Rick. Bro, Harry, Meegs. Jeff, WalK , Vech, Mighty. Howie. ML., Gus, Kent, Rod, New Years Eve — Hotel Hornet. " I ' m back " — tunnel rats. " Coot Raids " , " the Rez " . Meister Bran is good. — good for nothing. Defoggers, " Walsh 1 want names ' . Izzy 1, Ballon Moon, " Gus. wheres Marsha " . Voodoo Lane, M raid, Lyd, a night in the room. 1 syllable nicknames. Good luck Mich. Deb, Cath. Char, Jo. Kim. Well. Dick " . Summer " S3 Police — lets take the wagon. Walsh is engaged. Love ya Lyd. Good luck MB. thanks Mom Dad. Later MONSEN. LINDA — Swimming States 2.3.(4 ) Miss you Diet, Curt. Dave M.. Willy. Glenn. Brian. Kelly W Etc Liz Thanx for the hip in Acct I! El Pastoed Marc ' r " Kelly " s corrupted! ' Grt drivin ' Cheryl! Sally life in the Lst Lane .Vlarc, Blow it off ' Pizzahut, Wellfieet. CONCERTS " " Summer 81 Even the LOSERS . Thank- you everyone. AG. KP. SR. MS (Waldon) ' Don Rush Forever Hi Cuz ' is ' S LoveyouWilly " Thank ' ouMom Dad HiMr G LOVEYA ' ready Freddie? When ' s the Wedding??? (C ' ) So this is Uive Good-Bye A B H T. P Forever!!!!! Your the best friend Marci. ever! ' !! May U live to see the DAWN . . . (P.R.N ) MORRIELLO. SUE — Zoo. Soozie. ABRHS 1-4 1 dont feel tardv ' End 1-2 YrBk PPuff 3-4 Prom 83 GG-84 SR-Shrp dressd man ' GOODE EN- INGlHeyGCBGBSMK PART ' ' YOW ' Spreading Sunshine w JP ' Excrsns, chopping, goody goody gumdrops Partys A toast 2 Prince Charles Nites on the town — Lets go Bowling! I got m pink fuzv dice crazy straws ' J S philos CUCHUNGAS ' Thnk U so such. ILY Yeah, best friends fever! I Iuv stargazing, stogies. ' FLASHDANCE ' Lizette Thnx 4 gofy Xs help. 1 wont 4 get U! On the rd again w Bob L — I only want 2CU laughing in the Purple Rain ' MC BG CL SR CM CB JD BL ET DW U R AWSU.M " Bryon — Whats up DUDE 1LU2 David Lee R — Fun Xs in snatch — Hey I brought mv pencil ' 1 wanna ROCK! VH — Vivaldi AOOOW — Willy Nelson YEEHAW ' ACTN CINS-Hi 2 the crew Dave S — Thnx 4 help ' Craig — Je t ' aime! 1 Iuv classical music! ILY MOM Thnk U so much! U2 Jeannie! Tins. Elaine, evry 1 else — ILY2! ' DAD III Iuv U 4 ever — I wish U were herew me! I finalK made it ' !! I ' ll nevr 4get these years ' BYE ' MURPHY. KATHLEEN — P-puff 4, Ldrshp 2-4. spec fmds: LA. KC. KB. HG, BR, MW, DM. JV. CV grt tms. mny yrs tgthr ' Lis-bg sis. ILYM!! thks4bngthere Lngtiks — Ingnts " Make me eggs " fires 6t wtr fghts ' LUNCH RUNS — mr HF 7yrs. more 2cm thksagn ' KC — ckbttis, hills, trees, nvragn ' wnt sm Isnga ' - ? ' HG — 1 wrr ' bout you ' en 1 bemdofhnr Bus. Engw KB — nice attitde ' GRT TMS. ILYGM " DM — Acct nghbr (I wnt a baby!) grt tms w lunch buddies " ' St B ' s gng ILYG!! • BILL — I LOVEYOU ' my bst fmd, 1 C H D I W O.U! SMILES! ' T S — ice crm ms — STVS ' T-do Idts w GUIDO JULIO (hoolio )!S bb gms — 3 hrs to " NA ' " ' " vea petie " Prvt jks — TEX ' ILY2SM " BR. car rides w Lis kair STOP SINGING ' ! " Hoove crmi " ' Ma, Moe. Tom. Eddie ILYA ' Thks 4 pttng up w me! Thks evryone 4 the memrys — they are always in my heart!!! remember me w smiles! BEST OF LUCK " 85! THIS GIRL IS GRADUATING! ' MUZZIOLI. KEITH — Hey . rn rem sive dy w j,k. j, getting cced in sen sec next to playboy bunny s h study carols, op. locker. A leave 1. St b PER PTpaper, snack bar 200-72dgd city loouve ' RSR ever ' FRI- DAY NIGHT ' FISH HEADS ' ' LOCKERS? Ice-csCC FireBird Cons fgt w s frm sue. LS. atyd MR s 5 disc. 20 disc, 20 dis CRUISE dper t-om els GAMES pt. kh. jm — flw rm in — gr SX ' hagst 1 nht std HJ dty t. pbmag. SH dude. CaRsqer DB 2nd lunch iledu Math w fog UP. down, eh? pep-shps in Iker audi rings. bttr on 495. splinters, epiiticfitstaty first tme bked at Mcdonalds DB. AJ, MB, Me. ice-cream cone no time. sns. it wasn ' t PT it was SN, ohs, fsl tme 7-UP to PEPSI NESSMAN. TRACEY A. — " Mouse " " — Softball 2,3.4 ' ? Ppuff 3,4 Finally made it ' Grt tms at B " s gms CB LE TM, Dnt frgt 25. he " s AWESOME! Trn around nxt tm. he could of had possibilities. R-ball — will we ever play again ' " " Dnt know w Nak around The 6-pak is coming NH orSBB this summa ' - Maybe Hawaii Do drms really come true? Well see Wed make grt detectives OBrien Rocky ' s hs . JS CN KP SS almst BIG T. well nt try that again CRIMINALS SDS — thnx for listnin when I wanted to talk, y ' ve been a grt friend! Make sure to write, Ml miss ya. ML — gd tms at Fball gms ADAM ANT{2) w SR KW. Ill buy you a supply of woofie ctwkies JL — Shall ws fun, thnx for all the snkbar trips. Sak — tap, tap. tap, CB — sorry. I DNT THINK Y ' LL EVER KNOW Thnxeveryoneforall the good times memories. Later AB ' NICHOLS, DARRYL— Soccer-1.2,3 Lax-2,Vt! of 3. and 4 Junior-x- Lax — (Boot ' ) — Png forme and you K L. thanx for the fat lip Parkit, the boys know the bad mobile Brew Has. Brew Crew, and Bufu Ball Pounders rules — 3 cheers for the all nighter. Rich — 4 til 6. Mam. — slim Jim at 3-00 — party at cochins Aiib thinks were dead chns sphmr. lax, clones, Doc ' s office, tiles — Pool hoppin swimmer r4-DM. I won " t 4-get how I treated you. wish it had lasted — BREAKIN Low and RAPPIN SPAT-Beach parties, Wingersheek and Hampton — VART. DOMC, DOYL, DOMF — Suds-N-Trim — C L Id walk a mile for a virticle mile-split P-cruise chicks and suck face, Tim ' s Wind kitchen, T M.%G.B. Lets face it, we all want to gtt L D. Gonna miss your sence of humor Higy-Jns. — Gonna miss ragging on you sabine — NORDSTROM. JERRY — RUSH. Peart, Lee and Lifeson. Amazing, We ' re on " the train to Bancock " Delorean sunglasses HamptonBeach, Marley. Why the fog, afternoon sessions ' lets jam, purity parties, B.B.Hs My rental units are gone. Vt run. Day old zep. Headlines. The Civic, Empty house parlv air lam vssions with K S B G. T.B, B,S. CC, DW REAL JAM SESSIONS with K S DB A L. P M D S. F.L. Aub ' sareyoudrmkiTigsdnu ' wlutc wine ' you mean we finished it? Ah - - oh man ' water tower Bodv electnck. nothing spansv. chillie run, D B P M A L SB LB S P J C D S F L H N (MY TWIN) J. H, K.STB B.C. E.A.O. C.G. DW, And my only two brothers Rick and Bryan youve all meant alot to me MOREY. KEITH B— Soccer 1.2. Golf 3,4. 3A 3. 4, Zone 3,4 AC DC ' an Halen Duke. How are you getting to Halen. Scores Rat, Pussy Cat Bar Grill, SoCo Slrohs. Revvolskiecan I go home pretty Tom L. Don t throw snow balls at cars with men m them J S How about these incidents C B. Locker friends Bouv, Kim, Chris. 6c Sue The Bahamas ' 85 The Volare sports coup Mom Dad thanks. Rich thanks for the window " Most of all class of ' 85 always remember and never forget when you play the game of life play it for all it ' s worth — its not weather you win or lose it ' s how good you looked " D L, Roth EVH. MA, AVH, DD. SC. JL. ANDwhocouldforgetMeMe(SH Jill miss you Steph. Danville and Joe MOREY. STEVE — cross-countr ' 4. track 4 sim. how about a ride home? bingo, smokes, slick, bb. sim — xxx show Whorsk — " you spit on me! " roto — your dead ' cone!! i must be in the front row! pee-wee — bring me to H20 Skip — " that ' s what she said ' TC for heine andmich Dow-brew stor, Raso-St p girl " ' Ben dnnk up Donuts — scrappy, t c poptart. katie — hdbutt Dirty, knock, kunt. davis — S Acton crew! . BALLBUSTERS " Dew-comdos, Ivo — 25ff Moroney Sim-prof-pd hockey. Meatballs — bud! Jason ' s in the woods Miller — psycho killer Donna, Gin-Sue, patches — Slush puppy and 16 catfood. Ghetti party ' State constr, sign with yellow light Puke — Friendly ' s is looking for help! Litt, to acton — 8 minutes Dirty — may " hooker live forever " ' Sue — slowdown!! Gilberts — BB, Sim. and Dow — straight up! Roto, Sim. g per cruise. Sim, Smokey. Whorsk, and Dow — shooting at the o.k. corral Kenslick — How about Webster ' s g period. Thanks Mom. Rose. Sue, Donna, Dave, Sim, X-C. and everybody else. " class of 85, good luck!! " N O NAHON, MARIAM — AFS 4, Volleyball 4(!) — the pin! — Joepie!! Food IS good — L.G. A O. iseenzwyn. M,G, i.c.h.j. 8 Hope to see you in Holland! ' ! Sept 2.3, Heaven on Earth M«tM( ' s|. A.O, and L.G. go answer the toilet! German party; A. K M ' s life story( ' !!) nobody under- stands me??l 1 really had fun in art B.J.B. M L.G., A.O., S.G.. A-K.M-. K.R.. J.D. and all others — thanks for making my year!!! NELSON, LYD — Lyds. Smiley, Happy, Flush. Soccerl-4, Capt -1, W.Track 2-4. Lax 3.4 Hea Mich. Wha Lyd The BUGS ' W et Pnts. wher drs-rm Hev Ft Ldv ' 10 1-Luv the Accent " stages LAFFS-l. ' S Chars Nys Ply— THE FACE ' Nvr 4get it KP KL. Pncke Hs Run l. ft Ing frnks w .MC. KP MO Run 2 w ' sccr clik " — What ' NO $ " NK, CK KC — LuvUguvs ' KPs ptys-lng rid frm KPs to CCs huh MM CC " MC — U wdnt kn ' Dinners for MM JM w KP MO. DEEEB " Wht en I say? ' CL-rmbr SNs bsmnt? Spit it out " DD CL — Tnx lots 4 B-day ' DH-thin. whts tht ' Whpls. CC-cape w MC-Bubba. MnWmn! HCL Car-moped ms 4 chow! Wht else? ' jnr Inchrm w JL SL-HAIR ee Kerry P. UR a sweetie ' Thx 4 t grt talks! PROMS4 w MM ' THE BEST SMMR84 Mdnt rds We played tht nt prty cl. huh?! ' URCrt " ILUVU ' ! GdNt. RB. JM DH gotenufrm MM ' RM, JM,JB. DB. DH. ML, Mity. Gus— Luv U guys ' Gd Lck BM. DE JC — Dougs Bar? Whr ' s tht? Cnt wt t wtchcble. JM!! Whers t. pty?In ni bg! Thx T all m frends frm ' 85! Luv y M D, EN, MN EGG Thx AB!! O ' BRIEN, MAURA— FHl-4. HOOPl-4, S-BALLl-4. Capt. VP. 9. FH = BEST OF TIMES! STATES 83CHAMPSI! NFW-Boog ' s Bash, wheres MS ' GUCH.FAM.GAVLE, TOR. SGOBESLB-food.SS.SM. EO, CC-Grt frnds!! MrsC Patty-MOM ' HOOP = DUSTY: Utaught- meso much, inh " DO IT DELLA ' NAT-YSHP-ROTATN PEEVAS: JT. NEW YRS., MT ' S,CRE ' ISI.VIY ' RR — little bro— LY ' JM. PROM 84 — the best ' HUGOS, SCIT — thni for the grt . s-INFY " SCHO 6c DD — ILY ' LYD. dinners w .MM JM RB Dna gt the yrbk ' PAM: Choc Milk. Hvdmt. I BET I CAN, 1st dav JR YR " GUCH: HEX, PORTRAITS. LET IT GO. DS ON TS W AS GP, WALLY = MY 1PREZ B.M. U R ' RY SPECL GD LK TO MONO. MIGHTYBM.JM.RB. DH.JB, M.L,.DB,BIRON-MOO ' 9 15-HILL DIG-HIT IT ' FRNDS PM, MH,TC, AS. GP, NK. LN. KP — GDLK TO ALL ' THN.X 2 ALL ' THN.X MR MADDEN! M D. ILYSM!! t THANK YOU-ER, DICK, MIKE, BUSTER, PAT, GIG — the best family " Dill-NFY ' THIS IS MY HOMETOWN " OLDENBURG, KRISTEN — JVFBallchrldng2, PPuH3, StdntCounc 3,4. Best frnds (SDHl The 4sm HIT SQD! Thanx 4 niakng ABRHS Fun! ILuvYouGuys! ' GD LCK: rhcmeplnjlgp SD-CAPE (ihatejambrees) DUM Blonds! Ds twisties on Bs crtchs -Miss you soo much DH- Jen Lulu pntdut ck ' Wht smlls so Gd ' CAPT BOB LURCH! Accent Kitisit HB-Smoot Stay away from .Mboxes PCs Slussberrys! RH- cake bake, JL-com pek. PPUfl83 nite day. Smokboms. (vinyd) Rd. 184 dwn iCiivdl frnD r d Daii " , Mo| (ls. Spnil ' I)r ln WHS 2Tnu ktojIi ' Roln jl wllHllM «t.l ' s l| crl la WW llill li : KW -llandThi- UK (Sitin»«il M 4AM llirii|i ' HC irriuK ' i mil liki- llll %rn Ct. 6c RJM S»ni!.|UA( KV iirN|Mxial P«tl ' Tlii%. ITijI tc SiimlhnR Cmpins IRIPnmmP.Bke ' r4 ! l " v CM — ik«- ll SiiimrM PriiiM{nl liml Slnh S,.m(luicli:lMM, R ' MPS IMV Thiiiiih )Ol JOl ' CradM MaiinI M.iiii|)ln W -Ui ' (U ilnnij Hnii - 2as4Biill KCifMiii yilET " tiiMRIIv l)i!M.v Cmllilf TFATC.T iK .KC.xidLiKk SC TBBC MVDPLS VVLMM SecYA — SwitIn. Diapv Di . I LlWOl ' mom and LR CG DL L Sla — miss you! Byv AB O MAR. . ALYSSA — Volleyball 2.3.4, capl 4. APS 4. Lil M.ii! 2.3. LC M l.ux VjllSWIM;S " ' Kai:HacF.I .ii!ii M .V Ihanlivforjll BJ lidikn up ' M C K M I II Tu Yuu " B Icim llunkN ' DP III J B S X: C B KullibU- ML HouunKim Iniu- ' L.G B J C ' J H doublf hit! No knuckles!! ' M N Denmark?! CAH ' MM call!! WHAM ' A O PS K O AH keep il up! Me and mv camera! " L C shag ' R O Ninja " L C M N Back in BOWL!!!! ' !! My sincere thanks loo all!!!!!!!!! ONEILL. KATHLEEN— workin ' for the weekends 1-4 Talbolsjrjr et belh sal morn talks in basement than.x for listening modsJLsd luk HC RM freshCu soph ihanx lor the limes Hampton h-irlier .5-S- 82. gd lasts forever kid limes fade away VHSl HM.S2R.M, WTre go ahead Ac jump Loon Ml feb 84 gondola Inps " eirl scout cookies Ness ' years eveC. ' harles car where the lile LB, halloween ply Wc-al desil an angel Halloween ' S4 ' prom ' S4 a nite to forget, better luk ibis car road tnps to ssingaer sheck sun ' s in May " 84 DP flt PK. wasted time. check out I i s sweat ' s " how ' bout lonitc. babe ' " molson ' s isvarm) on old sils ' cr " ss-anna stick em in our cooler, girls " EG forgive me fair ' 84 possible BC roomies ' ' LB July ' S4 (4th eddie john. pawluck away. jason .we murderers nantuckel S5 ' RJD Ibanx for luv support pauluckaway. 8 6-84. north conwas 10-6-84. PEPPER- kid gd Ink Ihant MD. M «t D ORCl TT EMILY - . -C 1-4 W Trek 1,3,4 S Trek 1 Bdfrd Invil S2 Frstplc ' IX.L champs ' CCL Sept 24-nec fiSmnir 82 Whos Ini2call ' 8 pg nis CLEO Scrss-up so srn. ' lA Tl LW AB NCI, ' Kristin — Il+yrs still goin ' Endlss memories Bsl of times. I ' R i Luv ya! Fmds4evcr. Klynch-ME, dwTi nver, (. " mpCdar, B.B 9 Ellen — thnx 4 bein ' there. U R grt. Sieve frshmn vr iha.hal X-C guvs — I ' R crTv! PW, JB, BB, SC, MR, KM, GS, MD I ' guys in college ' Lk out wrld here we c-ome ' JB PW the V F () Hot dsh ' PW, KM SC, the Gallena I don ' t have an 1 D ' Ml, SCi, KM it the mall Blue yllw Nike jckts SAG-S mos WOW ' C;odley slpovr. Bucket w KH Ml, Dnse-in {what about Jrr ' ?l Makah idon ' t whstle at the waitress ' 1 I ' m drs ' ing, dm dsvn ' L ' R grt ILY ' Keep nmnin ' -Monroe ' s clss is splivsy Spenc jer — gd fmds LY Pnim ' SS? Rent-a-dale. Smokey — ihnx 4 ear fie advice Srrv 2 btch Tbnx Coach — I ' made it fun Stp rggin POLICE Thnx Mr Mom Dad 1 more Orcult 2 go! Gd Ick Go 4 it X-C! See va AB ' ORPHANOS. SCOTT J — PC 2 ipelrificationl S Track 2 .X-Countn Track 3 Extreme Pain 3 " There is no subslilutc ' — POWERED BY OUZO vrooooooomm ' Memories — MR hammnv in the car w ' Eagles, Huey, joel, KILLINGTON TO THE LINHT ' Beach — 1 Hows the scaler saun ' ' Kel ' LOON — ski fast , BOOM ' tcheap fencxM no other commentsJEN SKI Bl ' NNY BOO BOBS! ' love you Kel, I ' -Too ' Youre special John — where is the finish ' Remember Maine — doors hurt! Christine, so do locker doors ' Worth the pain — S ' , C;,APO 4-ever B JOEL CONCERT 1, YES — Kel dont breathe ' It s Casual Dase We can lak em Mark - HIT IT oh my ' Jeannine f Sis X. ()0 Luv the whole bunch ' YAN Rl LES, FRENCH DONT Luv vail Little hug Christine? THANKS IS THIS THE END ' Tough to go bve AB LS, WL, KM )y, SH, MP. MB, LR, NN-Thanx Office, Seabreeze, Lsnn Hall, Wore In Michaels " tHi mv god, Ciare, he ' sgone ' " ' Where were m- ' " Men s rtxim ' OTEY DOTE BANKY, off the roof N ew Year S3 I ' SS EL, Orajel hits. Me, Mich, Ling, Cbiiiky drills. Secrets that u keep I wish I was a fish, " Just too cute. Care " , DIET. Shtv-Cty Hi summer — Best Ever. YAGAHOYA. Luggage HNIB. Wea ie. " Don ' t humor me ' , FP Dan (TEL C ' alvi s. ( ' ap -,dippiir, shower ' " El, whalcha doin ' ' Boxer 6c tie, eye rake, H . hill, ttips, sht PP ' K4 ow Care, You ' re mv bestest buddy! Dan, I luv u more Thanx Mom, Dad, Win. Nate for paving the yellow brick rd PARQl ET T WILLIAM laxli34, pn |1234, Mag7 SC, DN, Clones RC DK, SC: Boos, BOTTFC Hay Spat ' btl JD, wosips, hglitsout ' Killnins.TB. KH.Zipi, KLiKlvnchi, TM, BE, ITPipuckofTi, DB,JE, RC, CF (dotkoutl bingoB9, gondola-gumbyweed iwindow ' i BP.X-C: bacLscratch, Snap ' O-no Mario (bang! I xlax ' 83. SCdoug. pt ' top. gak btm, DIFLS DK " Idnn t c-are bout you FKl " " SIdmp, SW, SB, DK, COOT My ply, TB, B igak, bilge, chair, 1120- 100» ' . RC TINA! RC ,M sec fair ' , biifu, larsa, RS, nball, vart, iSl ' DSficTRIM ' , buldise, skylark, capri nitrous shwack. aud i. uno. doyl. domf. -smile, appler- uns. U-ok Fetus? Y ' up 1 Just puked! " soc gm Squat-Tora Tora Tora. BstG shtup-blch ' Sr Steve FightRC. sht-iip-cr-il-brk-yr-(kn-pnck- nk-prsn ' pt s Zip, Klvnch, Mamialntrl, Blisht, CT (paindivesi RCgh, bippabll Ids 12hrs4casesRC, DN, DS, DawiiOfThe Dead ' DN- GN,A svnts hr dbl doiis of vr BB! W " eoo! nt agn. 27busted, i okey. Tnks fr pkss SW PASANEN, GRETCHEN - GERT, nert alert ' CR KC 5 21 82, thnx B! Kbsmmgd iPi Rhondas NYEwht geese ' 3msktrs z " s chunke cheese, arbor day, casimes, fie wrstr. BSTD? iiojie ' H.AMPTON ' i.E MK: ihule!- siininlN ' B6 AAA ' " J.() — cape;S.P2 nng ' ResiewdiiB Florida (St.P) Boston! WackyT ' grad nnghtCMCX;. mini " P " iNt KRwanna ran- ' M P , ' idtp3ntp sleep ' S, AB icrashl. SMMR ' 84 ' Narly N C Baby shakeil ' il Bks idubco ' l Owatana DIVE ' mainel 00am ' G M nice is ' S55 WlhllRsse ' iS! echo ikeg 0-, T-KA ' 4th84 ' HI, his ii ' Ift igggl! Bungalo BH ' DBKC shh crash ' sv.illy Amondle, bdVndlght ' CDC, 2w7s, Ixjth incredible " lafs WART Twlght Zn ' Pbbliis (; Canii RAlPi Sulgrase ' THORKED play tennis in M obda, clefalel ' JIDgnslits Bubb ' scar ' 3 (X am ' 4LC;fnsCR, cubb! ' CW irag) 2.ALL mpals. luvl ' " Mom. Dad. .Mark, Sue, babv Zach, THNXS 4 everything ' BYE. ABBHS!!!! CO CRAZY!!!!!! PEIRCE. GABY — Lacrosse 2.3.4 Basketball 2.3.4: class officer 2,3: student council 1 thanks J Jordan. O ' Bnen. Regan. Flannerv. Noeth. Dr McNultv «c mrs Volkman ' " Fncnds KW. MC. SC. JM. DH. JB. DK. BM PD. SD. BP. GV. AND MORE Gym and Falmouth for ever 1-a.s all-star was great Thanks Gert (9 5 84) for BC. foosl. rides and fun Hard work does pay oflT! ' Thanks MOM and DAD + palo and cindy Thank-s ABHHA for everything! PERKINS. MELISSA. MISSY — fid hcky-2. pwdr plT.4. doob sis 85 ' . PRTi ' JD— DO A DOBBIE. CAPE COD 84 -CC.LR. MAINE-CAMP OAK,A ' WACKY T ' CR.AD PRTY -mini skirt ' Gret-S nighters. Bl ' BAS BACK — luv ya ' DDTT 1. E BSTS FWEND. DKY. — bsl fmds alw-ss — 6 yrs. GP n DL alwavs. MP n LR-1() 2I M-M7,84. 3,31 84- ' " " 1 LUV YA LARRY ' bst frnds — GP LR. JD. DC — luv ya guys, prom 83 ' -LR. 5$ ' " — srn dg. — wlcm h-!. CAR A 83 ' — LR. BS. KP — srrv grls, LORETTA JOSEPHINE! NLSP — sausage! ' ! BUD ' ,A.AA-KP, DC, JO, DG-soco, MA — luvya ' — thaiu ' GSJCCC, LC, SK, BMJJ, TF-kllh n mlk ' DG-12vrs, CC-mecco, bovd ' BG n MFFN ' BKD-BKs ilanish, C1-17 B-day prt , PAUL ' PJ ' BNN 5PLTS ' BEAVER ' JD — they ' re strng ' MEN! — CC — 7;4;84, HA,MAS MN ST MARIO ' JD-prtv kiignqn,GTOUTTHEBRT! — DH, AL, SP, GP, KFmkh- bml ' AG-Gvnns — whr s my sh ' YOU MGHT THNK ' BR- 13 vrs-kndr grdn-hair ' GP-clst ' JM, L -prtv grls, MD GW-prtv guvs ' CARRIE C-HOJOs, THTs WHT HESHE SD ' CC-HB median ' " 75 mph ' THANX MOM DAD SUE Bill, JOHN I MADE IT LATER AB ' PESIK, KIM — (bcheer 2, bbcheer 34 poms 34, lax IM Thnx 2 all my frnds 4 gri limes ' Uiv + mlsssaall ' JL well, ] t ii + me kid, we mde It ' Bst fmds alss-ays mike + gw, (|wk hide ' LK Plcld, Red, Ski mblin, lobaggin ms, jcuz i liopptn ' cmp seaweed, spa ' s toga ' NYNY nek ' s ft ' BL dudes. Nine , Ben, pmphs ' JVC, crkd plttr ' hshes Uippin 4 ever ' ILY ' Klynch culeness, tx-wmn, ptown, lich graTltli (ft 7ani. mble FP ' s ' 6 ' 2I ' 84 classic all nilr, hill diggin, spmklr, oops ' 4C; his, 2ain rndez vu? rC (swabby), Lyd the FACE ' JLB wich out 4 m away crs ' SN. pom prty + no do , jittrs nxt day ' JJB. punkinin w Gates, omigd ' Char. Bubbly semn rbck ' Smmr84 w beach bums, liesi times ' Thnx guys, iluv 11! JP. do u gl hnis when ii r dmk ' celebrin whre r we ' ' MO,LN,MC pcake house rn, ft lug frnks ' KC,DE,SG,BM ( xk1 luck guys, miss ya lots ' Bye, mum, dad ■♦- lam, 1 Ins u ' have fun pom crew ' i m gonna mi» u, 1 really m ' Farewell AB ■ ■ Class of 85!! PETERSEN. DAN — O ppuff4 smmrS3 SM,MC,KD cape wkend md-ups where, sthe boat gdtimes — river, buick, midg, spridg. mav. obsprtics, alcoll, ss-alden, e ct unforgetable memones jr yr lalwr ' gper study, hack prom w MQCDTMES W ' M( , P(; tennis smmr 84 ac chev. gdlmes w friends at mspool, RS KD ' S, DaveP ' s, gingers, nicky ' s. ah pnieipoor. CC ITbday. insecure, cnda dnrs. etc. salsbeach — never afsain, senlrV ' CTitr, boston, thoreau. ccrd. Lyd " s CCwht hppn to pins for ME THE VAN — girls, prt , taxi srsce, garenleedFUN JEEP ' " one large za logo " Kirk ' ssbelfs who knows what els ' ' tkuiks to all Mr CLEVER, TEACHERS THANKS MOM, DAD AND SIS Ro- land, FRIENDS kee| in touch CHAR M, A good luck to all its great. PETKEWICII, KERRY J - LHS 1, Track 1,2, PP3, PPf4, YB 4 . . , Tlks w KM on OH Fun w DW-GE cit etc Mac ' s W AC , , Bom to Run , . Cmmbcheck Bodacious tatas CR GP . . . Tlks w KC Mrf " FC-Thnxx Well hello Mr Hurdle LNJB The candy wxjman KMJL . . I lus sou SBK.589 Sorrs Cif you are not a goof . Hey Gorgeous bacon fit Scalhips Mr M, Im blowinthispopsiclestand, for good - - - Jan. Al 6f Mrs C I owe ye one , , . Steve, .Maureen, Doc fit Mr Madden words svill never be enough to say TH.ANKS , , , Mrs, Starr you are great . , , chinup , . , Thanks Evervone . . . Mom, Jim. Paul, Jan. fit Bob I Love ye , . . Daddy Hove you and I miss you — This one is for you. PETROCCHI, DINA — Powder Puir3fit4, Marching «c Concert band l«t2 AC (a Wash DC — I thought you had the key! APand KS -i- Smashiield - rocklobster! CKs muscle car . . , 7 4! LK (a the df grls dncing! So Yo fit Hyannis , , , How did I get away with that? Ju-ju — thanks for 4 great years , . . friends for ever — Harvard Square (Hurri- cane Dennis! Let " s get h or s or somcthibg Store 24 vacation in .Ariiba , . - SC, DT, DA, CL (Is them alli fireworks parties , , , coffee shops, Luv you Bobo, Eric al, Italian festas , , Prince , , , ap-bumout 1-4 ' , , . body temp . . . fetal pig . . . ,An air hockey table can make a great bed ' The Barn , , freudian slips , Kudzu fit Scott fit who else? Be:Kh Partiev ' ninning away can be fiin hitchiking across the couiitrs tonite Im on the loose , I cant say no . . LP — you taught me evervthing I need to know thanks M.D,M,M,6tL ' POTTS, .AMY ' — soccer 2,3,4 — " e had fun anyss-ay Jane F ' s forever ' Changing in Eilene s B SC,AG haha ' MP - RK I hate TP s ' Girl, Matt s loss FFF GGG Dina. I can I take this (Mass road PG.AC RD never forget chem with JM - - SR ' Moming doughnuts, locker prtvs grasshop- per ckies ' Great neighliors Whos got the duck ' JD.DP.JV CF thanLs for the memones Love you all — AG. JH. HD, DP, DH, SW, KH, KS, AK, LB, BAM , KC Uls take my car ' RD,,AC,KS,. AG thanks for being there MS — good luck, you deserve Ix ' tter CT-skl much ' K + G trike is still in the garage ' Mcs LA, KSLPD, esp Jon F — I Love You, big guy Alligators in thefrv machine " Prom 84 JL,KS,EPiGermlinsi Clean up that mess! Gamp N-FS. .Arch? whs me? Canoe in the sunset SN, Much love - - thanks Dad, Lynne. Mom. Bob. Mandy. -l- zoo. PACNOZZI , CHRISTINE — T F - snw in yre pckts wet, Ime flys whn yrc high in this desert, etc, jerry hartford. BS. — santas cookies. IkIs flrs. bacon, hello — g-bye! flyng dorts, 2 beds, i lus u i knovs ' , wld thing — smack ' ch-ch chilly, etc, yoyo, (special), spearhdng, everthing sticky, slcy-bnna. blub, police " 84, gangs, deep, smthng wddlng, youre the scientist, LR-pgpse, ismdged ' ' blah blah, wldlrkv, thystppd!, L " srev , 6 mce, slw dng crse, wTng sd rd so? tim, ptwn, cape ' 84, tlon " t analyze, gabsgor, waming-life-dog, wbipit, softsi-a. gotta getta gund, MPss-rong turn ' B.M de, tags, prtv CW " mac hats, hppy mis L - B youre the joke. BS " rN 84. hes gm " w ctinc rich prt. thaiix open door, artie, Bowie, hugnie, pow-1-frt scrdrvrs. b-igt it bd- i know, 1 + B-damo. good, well. allnght ' , coke-abb ' imstill standing PALMER, ELLEN— Chrldg2,3,4capt Pow Puff3,4ouch " ' Dannv4 (Finally), C are I-4 Hi DP, CM. PM. Davey. .MC. DH. KO. MX " . HB. PERRY. (;aYLE — Field hockey 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Softball 1-4, prfss 1-4 F H Tncapl w M o, A.582-St Quif Chmp. M-St CHMPS NRV! T.B. prtv, P M6t,M.S " Lixik out for the bridge " " ' Sorn M D gd scoop D L Ickr gangthxgd luck " Mac IvesCuch ' ICEincdnt G H L B K K Camp 82.83 IWANTOUT ' " PMNK get WSTD ' N K I got mnchs ' D L N K Bin Bfire prtvkeg " M PB RB sinsms Bst Ims BR — VH BRSPR Ins ' S (is lldsUSCK " Dan — Prm84Cd tme MP llwTS. MP 7-I2trbl mkrs DKY. DK. E iRSIsfrwend " . Duddctte Miss fmds4ever BR GUM-budspt. bnch. tnnKBSTDIB R nvrforgelu M p S P D H A L : " Get Out the BRUTE " B R MP Alantbxguys ' Dr BUD ' C W " T B W SC ms T B br Indcr. Hwrd Jnsns. pullover " Igottapee " " ' DAN ( 1 1-19-8.3- " ' GDSlaveDBH ' Beast ' Rver Side Sas- se YEA ' " Faithfully ILU Ualwys N 4 ever i Ilus m I wiiURlhebsll D W K W " M P B R Da S HHwtiSI, pigs Rcmng " RUN " M P fell in rser, PIMP, BRCC M P dig dav Bmall ' SC M P frkNspnBB SCR MTLF D L Dn insF UP ' " , Hmpt, Bchms Sew Drsrs ' B R PapaGsOW " N K fund ,SH F) SSS P — THX MOM, DAD, NE, DOUG. SHERYL — LUVUALL ' !! THX " POWELL. ROD — Foollsall. W t 6c Spr Track . Pretty Boy. Bro. Dan, .Mono, Bollou, Wally, Vctc, Mell ' s, Meggsie, Teddy Bear, Howie, Clark remember the times , " SUCK IT UP ,A-B! " Long lives the purple face , " Whoa Babv here oimes the big world ' " " , Voodoo Lane, Dump. , Bno-Dr Ed , Jeff- Flag Hill , Fn night pizza and Mr BUD ' , BobSeager — Mono, Sean L , Sum 83 — MM, JB, DB, RB, BG, SC. SL. Sudie. Dawn-alias Count. Cabber. Cheeb. • + ' " . I LO E YOU HILARY HIRSCH. IwiU alssavs remember our times we spent together HIL + ROD 82-85 POWER. JANICE — " Anus " P-poms 3-4 Thnx evrvone for all the gd times LA. LG. CC. KP. JL. JB. SN. JT. DS. SB. LC. KL.JB. LN. MC. DD. CL. KB. KP DE my vrv bst fmd H-caligula 83 84 ZZ top. drmming at dps in, Cxirkub fit Janigula rie the men ' Lthr idys, whips fit 185 chns Its find our vn frm hptn bch thru Bstn ' LG-sleeze sisters booka. actng rtard while we drve Chck Glen at Winn warp spd x lake RA. yr Islng love Friends 4-ever KP-wait, stop, shut-up, which way- ' Do u gthrnvwhnllRdrnkr ' Bubbh-wmn rule ' Ight wghts of Amer CC — I SWAMPED IT ' thnx 4 being 1 of my bst friends MAINE Id like 1 sm fn pise Prm of 84 -Ik at the pfi- cl can u b-livedlsmthrfngsht ' C-1-L-L niv landlord. DAWN-OF-THE-DEAD pmkning. J-Geils 83 ' Phil, I love u always. No, but 1 do! Thanx mom and dad for evrythng. Thnx Kerry 4[ Bob. the dnkless grew up! Bye A-B. I ' ll be checkln ya! PRESCOTT. KIMBERLY — Mikki. Cal. Philippines?!? BOSTON! Katums (B. F. F. ) K K KS, RP. AP, LF, JE — miss you all. RM (oct 8. lollipop). KC (SO like me ' ) — MM Kris.B B = K K. Gazebo (Moran- do. P Backoff). White hen iHernng. DuflVl. N H. Pounders ' " Lets hit trees and dogs Kris " " Street Streaking. .Michi-BB " F M N.. CM J . L.F.M.N.. R.L.A A, Extra JASON " Personal excort for Kim Chelle by cops! ' Pnnee — " Can you relate ' " BQ FQ — Don t steal my reign ' Prom 84 (DT). Hampton, Plumb Island. Cape Nice B-day Michi — Oct. 13 1984 (12:29)— " We can get away with it. no problem! " JT-Twin Prom (St. Johns, 84) M D, history talks, so glad we became good friends! Darlene — " Where ' s Drummer Rd ' " — (2,30am) DW — my GemenI Twin! . . . " listen to me, what did I tell ya? " — I lu ya!! " I have to go to BOSTON . . . NOW! ' " Southie, Dot. Newburi ' Eileen-HART (sum- mer) D.M.S.R. (essentials of life) PRIEST, BONNIE — SKATING 2-10 (INSTCTR) 10-12. DCs 1-12. Dibba. bst fmds 4-ever ' Thnx 4 alwys bng thr! PRETTi ' times — sip ovrs tlks sitns Lttle dt ' bt Jck Dne — gd iccrm pitch Journey (4 83) — cndv cigs and 6th grdrs ' The Garden — $10. sng it ' Dnce Fctry on fi-dy nght — No — rollerskating- " — Celebration — OH 18 ' NO LOITERING ' Circus(10 83)URGH ' SMLLY ' Pizza Hut — SPLASH — wsnt moi DIET-tmrw-KIMBALLS hr we cme ' YES (.5 84) srry. cldnt hip It FUTURE " " ' " BAM — Whts fr Inch ' Ring-Dmgs, MG-Algbr w Mearle — OUTBURST — Ite 4 english — nt agn, JW — LAKE PLACID SPEEDSKATERS (WOW)! D G — Thnk god 4 THE LEMON TREE — you will always be so special to me ' SPRINGSTEEN ' 84 — Sharen — thx-u r more than a sister u r a fnend Ron — your memory is a happv one that will last 4-ever Mom and Dad — I Love U both Well, AB, see ya — GOOD LUCK TO ALL! DAVID PHILBIN — Lax 2,3.4 Resevoir whites, Wingearsheek. TWK Rich how ' s Bnan ' bill ain t comin ' home. He ' s 27 ' " Did you dance ' " Sort of G ood parking job, Mush ' " BAMM ' DOYL. Suds n ' Trim.TCvs LB ' The Hood! Creed likes the rug. BS — I ' d wear a shirt but I ' m a sak! " How ' s the purple tape, Saun ' Hi mr Officer. Why ' d you have your brights on ' 17, OH! Sorry about the mattress, guys, POUNDERS, Gin fizzes bile with uot taste! Thanx for the lift home Bill and Char Hey, Mista potato head! Didn ' t think we ' d make it home alive, did you, Babs ' Mike and Robert surf the world The Blue and White Budmobile LBG Never pay a pro for what you can get free in the morgue Good life. Huh ' Hope vail don ' t party too hard in coll ege BP DN RC CLTM DP DF CC KL KH SM JK SB ET, hope you ' ll join the millionaires club with me! Thanx for everything Sis-Kaluah Milkshks, Lbstr, SFB, M,F C.C.C !! Col — Miss U Lots! Mrtha ' s Vnyrd — Joe M.. Yatze! Jen, Elise. Jes Ja — Luv U ' s!! " MOPS " Gary. Mom, Dad, Nanna, Sas — Luv U All a Lot. Take Care! ' CLASS OF 85 ' BEST ALIVE!!! GOODBYE . . . never means forever!!!!! PINTO, JANET— Marian HighlVi, a-b Vi-f 3,4, Ppuff3 Yearbook4 Idylwilde3 4. Prom " 84 " Wingershiek FROM SUNRISETO SUNSET Good Evening!! Sozzie, " We ' ll be friends F ' rever won ' t we Copper! ' " Yeah F ' rever ' " Look out world here come J S to SPREAD SUN- SHINE ' Cuchungas MMMM Let ' s gaow chopping! GOODY GOODY! Hairsprav I don ' t feel tardy ' Excursions College? Wha? What ' s that ' Hi C.S. S.L A B OUTING! C K — SAGA ' Shmelb. I ' ll miss va! C Z. — Thanks for the talks T.N 6;S C, — Where ' s Bungie ' Brian. Know what? I love you ' " (F A) 4-29 7-30-84. Remember 5-1- 94!! ' You ' re the best MarianHi ' J.R.C C K. KH FISHIN FROSH??!! CAMPS84!A.B T.M. P.P. CL. M QBC. —Cheeks! " Thanks Mum AN D Dad ' I LOVE YOU Good Luck, Frank and Greg May 31 . 1985 — 18 and freeall in one dav " OOWW " P T L. TA! TA ' POPPERT. ANNEMARIE — Pop-Tart. FHmgr 1, SWIM mgr 2,3.4 Lacrosse 2,3,4 P-PufT 3,4 PW, SC Bahamas ' Maine DaDaDaDa Marshfield Scooping, Katie Sean Bells? We can dream, Lori bugbites, arianne — where ' s your earing ' Dma-grizzly encounters M ACS LA CM JM FavRD Tor-Piper pink rose, Tom Petty, jt, Elvis, FacetoFace, SPRINGSTEEN CR srry Krisla Pat ' s Hill, Wanna Follow ' D-In good plah, Anne it only comes in one flavor, Mr dion Lin ILY Deeds-be goood TC AS, AG, AG, LB, KS, DP, AP, KB, BM, LL, AK, JH. KH, SG PAMI ILY ' all THUNDER ROAD JB PW cookie days forever, Andrea we ' re pullin outa here to win ' THANX MOM DAD REGINA PETE ILY LIZABETH ' R RAFTERY, SALLY — Swimming 1,2,3,4, States 2,3, (4?) 82-0, eating, sleeping 1,2,3,4, living 3,4, spagetti. Florida — Toyota, orgasmic. My SIS Lis-Gavid D great concert! Linda — Life in the last lane, Marci — Don ' t park on hills, Maura — The island — wanna swim ' 1 almost ran over a pothead ' KP hmoeroom, p-puff weekend — ya we won ' KP KW LM .MS ML DG LF HD, missing link I luv you, CAR — we had good times, .MADA — Itouched his leg! JJ-JOLK. where ' s the chanel ' Mr YO — you drink?? Huckfin, the bum, Kelly Belly-Mar ' Pary 1 love you both! back flash, she ' s fine she won ' t puke. Mars M D, it takes 13 1 2 min, Andy, Mr MOJO forever! All men are , Good luck Travis Otto — Thanks for a funky time ' Just remember this is just recless driving down a dirty back road! RASMUSSEN, BOB — ABl-4, G P Chasing rabbits from panama " It ' s raining " BS , bch, but tunnel WTB DTSP CAPS WAR Eng, Cr Crew KB DM LA H.G CV. THE DELINGQUENT Youre all the best. Maine K.M S.L S L G B T B DC SB YOURE ALLLLLLL RIGHT!!! ' Centrum: Smith 2.4. Halen 3, But k B BRUCE had to be the best. K C sBASH KB. " I DIDN ' T DO ANYTHING! ' ! ' ! " GP MP. All ofthe good times LBOS and go to BOSTON. KM iStG.B. where the il L% is Steve (2 am.) Bashing at the fire pits and kennedies. Gayle you ' ve been a great friend LKIT Mom. Dad, Krista I love you all and thanx for everything I ' m gone, thanx AB?, LATER RASO, MICHAEL — X-C 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 2,3,4. Spring Track 1,2,3,4 SC 2,3,4 — Pres Jonny, Ivo, Dwza, Smokes, Gabes, Brend, Worsk, Simma your all the Ion best, Wendy, WAHINE always forever — to many promises, thnx — 1 tried. Boy Munroe GWP, PBS, cake-a-walka. PeeWee Ore ha. ha. Hey Weston tap. tap. X-C bus rides, good lyircs JB Simma go-carts. Have a donut Serge. Mrs. B keep anion Russ. " 1 want to run for FC . " SG lock your truck doors? Sorry SH Feef you Brut Sleding Springsteen 84 Pope Rd. lives, booowl- ing The fat ladv will never sing Thanx Coach A ix Giff Mrs. V your the best! SN thanx for being U I ' ll miss you all MOM DAD I love U, thanx. Bve A-B!!! Mark Arbez. REED, ANDREW — PC 1-4 GB 4 NHS 3-4 Bad Seed, Tea, Axe, Man at Dinner Breaking Up, Matchmaker, Passions!!! MonmHat, MYSISTER FRIEDA " Forty Carats, BIG ED I Heart EH! ' Sophomores ' " My Dear: M Astor Plastique. cold change, Woozles!! Underwater Birth J Belmont Who me? Excuse me? Melody ' BJ Wilson Any Body 4 Chem?T Fumess Hey baby, plum and aubergine scene! BW What ' s in the purse? LSFish Y ' ou gave me my looks HM Orange, purple, and black MK Frieda!! EF Meow ' MJ Royalty Roses and Vanderbilts ' VS Edit edit edit JS Pene- loupe? Dr. Swell GuyMommieN Can I please have the ball? JT KK CA RA BE SA GD MW CW CF JO JK MK PR JR Drewportian Society Mom Dad Peter Jane Samantha All of my teachers I LOVE YOU ALL!! The Breakers or Bust ' For Ever DPV REEDY, COLLEEN — Col, Greedy, Bubba, cffe acheevr ' s 1-4, swim 2, pdr pff3,4 twlght znc 1-? Sadd 2-3 aaa, brg ' s 4 GP, KC, JLD = 1! MP GP = Trble ' BKprknlot(oops)SA.AB, Fla84(GP)Me,-duzmr Giff wrk hre? OATKA-lv it, (DC BD bug J) Bj-mebhee bee Grad84-JS- BICMSTK ' DOOBIES " P " -RR (CCGPMP ,ME) Ronda BRUCE concertAP ME GP-trn ht up! Math-PDR (undrarm) " ths is hrsht! " PE»IS Wht!! GP MP-hrng aid. JR CKthanx 4 evrthg ' SW-locr budy. SB? JL.SB LVluv ya lots. KM JL — my bros KM-pnchble. NH Me =van of moons-brk into cmp. My car? sniff. Hvrd bch-fel ' sleep ocifer? Bstn-sht up MP ' All ntr ' s-yawn. Chuck cheez arbr dy- SNAKE! Chasms-snv in mth ' nwyr ' s-GPKCME-l-ZZZ. Clbus83 ThxGP! (JA ICK ' ) Ltln-GP " I ' m styn! " (2am trble ' ) gn shts-GPJLD. Pmkn-frm who ' ? JD-sry ' WOMBAT!! Mom. dad, geo-thx 4 bng thr! JLD-Upukd whr? GP-ff-me. HULLABALOO! Thx 4 luvn me — L V P WSBKPMCEASCLEPKMRYMISLetc! Gbye Cruel world PHILLIPS, DAN — V Hockey 2,3,4, Capt 4 MV, LS, good time in 280Z and N ' ette. What ' s up Big M, New addition WL, What ' s up EP. CM, JL, KM Rocky. Housley Mike great design Z28 Ellen Cape , Summer 84 . Squeeto amazing rides in 280Z Thanks EP. Big M. LS. WL. MV you ' re the best. Thanks Mom and Dad. DH, BH, SP. CP, TP, LH, Biff, Mr and Mrs, V., LF. MV, DP Always, " Hang loose " PiERSON. STEVE — ski 4ever. Colo 2,3,4, Vail 1 thx mom + dad. Concerts who, Bowie 2, stg, moody blues, animals, simple minds, cars, RUSH body electric-jam at jer ' s, thxforsumof84aubandjer munchie run to 1 hi g,c thx c,c, j-j, wingersheek jerr what a tree sorry gordie, how many people in the civic, dismiss to headline soap stone 4ever, zep 1 dav old what movies did we see, aub sand storm at over night rush tickets, jer lb =toes . dont $ 6t with my head D and P are 1, party behind puntv ' zapped. Yes-4ever 4am house of pancakes, water tour tradition v t 1 hij n. a.l d.b. p.m. dp. d.g 1 r. If. c.w. d.s. f.l j.c. b.s. s.b. g.v e t the human wind shield wiper, a. 1. g 1 t m j.c l.h. . . . dont fight k and g b-room fight g and u at k ' s aubs delorean sunglasses, hampton beach WHY THE FOG bt get story straight hi kara. ging, ucla, kim luvyaj-t-d thx bros. love ya mom and dad and thx. — later — ,, PINK. KELLY — Powder Puff 4, 89 " PINK-N-BERRY " . Summr of 82 ' — CW., S.R,. KW , DC.. MS,, LM , 83 ' 84 ' , Wot a Blast ' MS %Ththpste Fite, Elctrnc Bttlshp, Jst Cn ' t Wt, Lola. L.M-Drv Drnk! F.P. J.P -Ben Bodies, Luv U Guys ' Frank, I ' m Not Mad At U! ' C, W — U R 1 of a Knd, But I Luv Ya! H,C — A Frnd Forevr ' E,G, — Glad we are Frnds, Gd Luk ' M P , D G , J,D , L,R., Lots O ' Lafs! S.S, — Lat nites. erly morns! ' .AAA Bakry Cru. Yah!! DW,, Luv U RAKAUSKAS, PETER — 1-4P,C,, 1-4WHAB, 4Yearbook, passions, PASSIONS!, they never had a chance against Amoroso, WPH — I ' m driving, SD — Hi, what else ' , Adv Bio. 83-4, to Mr S. MD. MW. TC HM. — Piggy forever. AT — see ya in Greece, were did all the Seniors go?, to CF — all my love, nomatter what the$. LW. J W — What a show. MD.JD, RC. MK. etc —The Courtyard Gang. FINAST-l?! — am, Cv. KB, SA, — What fun ' , KB — Licorice in the office, OUCH ' , AR,MK, — Dnv -Ed —Oh No, NAPAUM and MK ' s shirt, Zannis— " My Bologna " , SPH, MD, CF, SD, — The Worids Greatest Tennis, WPH — Florida, 83, all of it, RC— " No ricks! " , to Do ' B, BYE, MD — " number one is , , , " . KB, AM, — " My BIKE! " ' , to everyone — Good Luck! — SPH (BH) AT, MK, JD, MD, MW, BW, SA, MD. CF. DF. GD. SD, CF. TC, ETC. — " And thats the way we became the Swajian Bunch ' . I miss Olivia, . a lot . . . T — ain ' t it all been said?, all beware — Tickling is forever, you ' ll allbe missed, till RAND. KIRSTEN-Kns — Soccer 1 2. Russia 84, Good times w new old friends , . . Lotsa hinnn ' Daria — Sum 84, Early start! Media Medic, Sunoco, Niblet the TOOTH, " We are the Nagog Woods Hoods! " N ' eal, Gandy, fit Baretta, Prom Airpt, Limo, Sackin ' at Hamp- ton w Killer K Crew (2am Runs), Dennispt Cottage, Miniscule Flambe Kits, CStJin Boston, Puffster C — man lock (20 from 95mph). Drunk Golfing w CiStJ, Tuna ' s Bthse. Prty. Douvy 6c Steph, Dali77T. ILYLOTS ' ! Carhn Eddie M , Shtt nooo ' Kim-Gazebo, K K RULE ' Street streakin ' , Rob in Dot, Tanka JAY!, Hit the trees dog ' , DMSR%PRINCE . . . Good Times ILY ' Gret-BFF E, Wanna Take me on ' Race ' NV 83 , Broken leg — YUCK " Thx for everything , , , Bergson Woman Jenn — Russia, 36 hrs, , No SLEEP ' Circle of 3, Sexy Vald the Greeks, Thankyou Miss Shadd, Thx BJenn for always being there . ILY ' Jamie — the CRAPI someday. Bunt like a dawg ' DBH Hershey style. Cranes BCh. Woodmans , Springsteen 84 , " I ' m on fire . ., " Kayakin ' on the Rez, Schlekys Bar Cnll, ILYLots " Gd, Friends , , , Lydea Lou, Spreen, Char, Cath, DW REHNBORG, MARKD, — XC, Ski: 3,4 J,R, —You ' re WELCOME Mr No Car, Weekends were made for LOON! Chill out DUDE P,B, — Great mmds think alike Keep your lights on! Volvo, there is no substi- tute S,0 — Best G ' s at Hamp Chez Clyde elite Hotubes forever. See you at Killington T M — 1 Ralph STY ' X in W DH. — France is ours High Cab. Pressure K H — Tonno Power. Steve ' s Eagles rule T H — Use the doorknow Bruins K F — YES in the Garden. Calf. loves you J.R — Pow. Br no work HI Bernie CK — Life ' s tough; Melo S. W — Stand up ' Who this week ' ? A D — Sorry Math lives for Willie Nice tie Old Mr. Dad. We love you Ms Be Specific Sol. Chem =96» 2 of 3 laps = 2nd Speed limit 85 Dead Audi Good After- noon Officer 9 Warn Liq Outlet loves MR. JR, DH, TH SPAIN ' 81- MR, PR, KR, ME, AR Nopat suits DH WAAF l Hot, Calf, in Brook B and Hotdog at Hop ' s, The best times are ours Keep in touch. RESOR, PHIL — X-Countryski-2,3,4-Cpt, Lax-3,4 Amigos-2,3,4— It was really fun! study parties — JR, MR,TM-SAC! we really should study Skiing — JR. MR, KR + friends Good friends — JR, lets party, dude, hands off sis. SAC, DWF, thanks for the rides mocha fribbles, MR you maniac, AD -f the party, the Audi SM, SHYF, x-c skiing, DR, fnends 0-now, fishing, KR — ,All three, Knsta, make life whatever you wantit to be. How about dinner?, kristen, good friend, sister, and counselor, Karen, good time argue over nothing, mom dad thanks for help -f trust, Mr Noeth — it ' s only math DL, BS — sorry I quit, SHYF-.XXYL ' s, lax, SK — I had to mention him, pool FINALLY — thanks and good luck guys! keep intouch, and remember like atracts like REYNOLDS, DONNA— 1-4 party, 1-4 band, DC and Florida WOW! AG read the Bible Wheelchair, thanks guys! NM BJ, BUSTED, diciplines, points off " Not ME " Sorry Thanks for everything, CJ, HI Sis ' Do your math. GOOD LUCK ' KS homeroom 3 yrs. Thanks for 186 listt ' iuiin and niv moods. Hm 2I1-Mr FRi» l Hci( (ablf. " niinlt wv should mi him .1 pusfnl??? ' ?? ' K) I l.() E YOl ' " PartU-s? many!! JCNM.BJ.RJ Thanks lo o.-rsonf! ' Lalt-r AB!!!!!!!I!11I1I!II REICH LAl ' RIE — FnHh = iip:Soph=A YC KB — " Ihey ni-vi-r iull«l in. ' Imk ' ' ■. Rah Rail Blali L C — Buslid $1 79. C B -Fair PiK C:h.i5c-. C PO J ofniurv, 1) 1) L M B P — Boston. Bv - D M . Junior ' M P — Sumnur NiRhls. — WH. TTREE ' ' — . B S -l yt-ar blown Counln Kilchi-n. C P — DrinTS Ed? Colta Cclla Cund, T F — High!!. L.. . — Lunch ' Charlie. Senior = finally. . . . split end , , biR sisler . NoL M boohoo.C P — C. R " !. B P — Exlnut Angora someday. J E — neesi a ride. . D K. — " where for lunch ' ' . J R — Keep Smiling!. B.M. — Party! ' . T M — " maehines broken " ... B.S. + T F C P + Boston. ' Cape A B R H S = Frog Face Sessions. " Is a teacher coming? " , bathroom, forgery, what assamblcy?. C.P. — Gyni?? . " Were gomg this way " , disciplines. ' These girls can ' t be trusted " . E A — Sex Maniac. Isn ' t this GREAT ' ? . it » punk, and I like it!!! HtchHkng-pros and csins . . . forever in blue jeans . . . KIICI. HIRENCE — URRY — TR.ACK1. LACROSSE-3. PWDR PFFCHRLDR-4. C.AZEBO-BSTD ' — UG . J D . MM. P F. CP CD —W— MP P TOWN— J D. DC MP —10 2183—1 17 84. — Ml 84 — ' » " . ALWAYS LO E YOl ' — MISSY " BST FRNDS — DG.M P.J D. — FRIENDS FOREVER HKI) ' - ME " " — D I S UTTLE-MAN ' DC JOESEPHllE ' J D MELISSA ' M P PROM-3- M PPR0M-4-M P! " !DG— l.WRS ' TE.V — LNSTR ' — J D 3 .1l ' 84 — thus MISSY " , bnit! ASIA — 8 19 83. DC. MP. L R. M G.-EAR- PRED! B-CASE!! FRESHMAN — LB THANXS MOM + DAD LR.M R. LOVE YOU!! RIDDLE. JASON — E Carona Delux. sssan. kas ard. Mas... Billcrica, SKID. BONEhead meathcad. Pozai-nian. Lugan-nova KC. " IK D.R R W SG woikIs parts Whites Pond. Cailiaro. Mopcr. J C +H B Allies. Fire POwer. CR. DU. T10N!!! RINALDl. JOHN — Juan Timoteo Soccer. Run. AB I tried, wait 4 89-90 Dan. will take charge. Goulds 3.4 62X-fi073 BCSXXliM 9 :My nose, ttlnfusion Ginafcjini sorry Calls . untr BS 10?? ' Cold bike ridesfanitecemet A ghost ' Billgt friend 79 FIHI-.BIHI) 2 HI what I(K) HI Koll ' X-ma-Ssshopin BostsvTM JT BP Tim u smell prty 1 1 1 Chevt boom N Y.C .N.J 9-1 . nitrak X-press 111 Gigi. what not home ' Psyche. Psyche S2 FIREBIRD. I hate 128. 11-18-1 M DlmSorn no do2 nts Hell I has simp taste. 1 want bst ' SO WH.AT " Merc .380SL Calvin Klein. BS. MEL ' , no chojokes. GQ. siimday. belise ii (; h1. selffitniKlne touch a ' llianx Mr B, Chns my In-st friend los ya. wll ya mary me " U ' ingoshk players ugh!. Paula tim aflr tlm. Mag 7 grow up. NVR 4get Gouids Co. Grace Chapel ijared. Lisa. Riek. Doug. Paul. LarrylTim. Chrissie. Chris. Paula. Jill. Louie. Dasid. Flynns. party was gt. Good luck Steve LeeO s great, my Beatiful sisterv. Koll. Kathy. Kell. Dan i the jot .Mom Dad ilEdrofbandl luvyamocans.A. How did you deal w me? Novs " to the real world! W ' ill miss va all ROSE. KRISTA — MAJORETTES 2.3.4 leapt 41 P-Puff .3.4. Tres 2. NHS 3.4 Swi Ft (a Fr — Me embrsd " Lus mking fools of ourselves ' TP 4ever ' JT ' Frisliee 6t dancin iii pkiiig lot .AS orgnl BRl ' CE bddy ' camping — E.Clouster " The res ' You cant pick my nose " PC appi pckin w out apples. Pervert ' Me Iihi ' WANNA FOLLOW- " AP Wich the maillMix ' Prom Predictions ' M.MNE ws the best — thnx TC ' Ix-os Irowr ' SHIRT ALERT ' .AG 6c AG sledding ' BOYS ' YELLEN " Ukr Bddy ' " luv you ' H;0 fight ' BE. TLES 4E ER ' Cape Cod sunrise JEZ LQl ' ISE " 8 in Itll wht rabbit — record ' Hall Bddys great donuts ' DSt: !thurt5 " HngrFnd ' PR Spaprtys ' JthroTll AS. PC. AP. T-T. TC. LB. AC. AC. .AC. AP. JH. DP. SW Great Times " MM igreeni 1M9 ' S.V10 84uwTmv Istlove HiKids ' CJ thnx4chnipgii SOl ' AD urthebesl a cap! could has— Thnx " JT.KK.SC HiD.SB AM Comxird prlys ' Fri niles! KH BEST FRIEND. BOSOM BIDDY LIFELONG PAL " 12 vrs ROSENFELD. JENNIFER — .X-Countrv 2.3. Capt 4 K F. C K. C. R. M C, K C, SO, PW. J B MR T R. BR. B C. L R. A R. DG = FRIENDS 4-E ER ' " FMO-J B SG LiKiks hke a [xanut ' P.B - - moped. Dana-istical Mucho thanks to Mom and Dad. Rachel and John — the ' . I. P. in my life! ' !! X-Countr ' girls — keep on running ' Karate lessons -♦- T. R. " s gms! Col. I ' ll never forget ya! Loon " The best of timcs-Ha ' Ha! Ken. Trent. Kev, .Alanfic.Andy, Sandy. Karate-Mike. Spud. Jake " Si itt. luv ya bro ' Chris Kel. YOU ' RE THE BEST " Canadadi Ksle ' FINE! ' J R — you ' re a party animal, but " live it up. DUDE! ' Bam-Bam, Benny lOr whateverl. I lus va " You ' re airlxlme ' ' CVS-Y ' UK! C.K.. my gise-comprtmnt is much better ' Bigger tim! ' No more Spanish please " Ever ' ' Jr sear was the best BUTSr. year will be BETTER " I se made It THIS far ' Ms boat rules ' AB. I miss ya already " !! CL SS OF 8.5 IS THE BEST ' SEEEEEE YA ' !!!!! ROSENFELD. JOHN R — x-c troc2.3,4 x-eski 2,3,4 S True 2,3, SO Best ' L(K)N!! ' — ski buiinvs. Cars ' (92H1 M R ixkiI, dude ' Wild Bill tog -23 rii P R (;0 FOR IT ' Totalis, hot tub ' sis — WOW — It ' s OLSiial, PARTY HEARTY ' " C K STILL LUV ya B,M: Never forget, walt7vrs J R Rest twin sis -CAR, The Fkime ' K F YE S — Fun, calif girllB B B i Moin, Dad, M R THANXTli.inksfor the ride every- one WLOC, Mohawk C OKI DAD M ; — It s a iKiy N G — ,Adams lucky S W — CJuess who ' A D — Still after him, ch ' ' n " M • bd to Aerosmith, S,C, — Moongkiw fnim CARS, What Eyes " ' d h, — Hot Dog! ' SM — niarrv me? (Just Kiddingi C K 6e J R K F — Lixisen up, eh? — COOL ' SB, K H , K R , J W ' , K S , — Slay in Touch " ' You ' ll find me at ' LOON ' ! ' Seriously — Good Luck Every- body!!! ROTOL. NTE, TERESA — Tre, Roto-X-C, W trk, S-trk, 1-4, Co rapt w J,B.. E.G. — (Geek) Survival-ya dead! Birons " 83 " Simma. take a r1. it ' s quicka Ha Ha, Johnnv B Luv ya bro! S G. — {Pee Wee) whr ' s Drcl " nicx- duck huh ' Tee Hee ' 1 LO ' E 1-SCREAM (CONES) EC. Mlh ' s the best, tliaiix Miss ya Haiiilit Lus sa Smokey. max Bstn Mrthon — " 83 " — Yea Gill All nglit liig Thaiix lots Drewby — Luv Va! Pinkies 4-ever. D.C-Butt-kicks ' Gd, Lek team, gonna miss ya 11 KILL Bstn Ltn. S.S.-ex. pvch elss — that ' s gross MM see ya at the bashes IM STUCK ON CHOOP " ' D D — kinda like it ' R C — no way Donna Donna do ya Do it in ya Ickr caugh-txiugh B-B sit any time Babv we were Ixsni to run ' Prom " 83-84 " . " 85 " — here I come ' Bom Bell — JR. MM, S M , J G Robby H — " ello " Plm Isld it was grt Magz, Smokes, M.D. See ya coach! Luv ya ROW SE. K.ATHY — chr-4. s rbk-4 DH — " Cubic " . we md it ' Inch-bnd rni-No snx — Inch tni ' Mr P-rag ;int ' l-sgn blsh ' wlkng w ninstr. hngng Crt. Mr K-shs ' PC-J sr-liich. l.VL lisog wht ' JB-pa ' Dosvll ' BS-C- artrm See va Itr ptitr. BUS ' JL-gd Ick nxt yr ' DP-poiit. Id. knee, its ok ' JE-DFTCCO ' MK — luvyaalwys ' HM — wshgt-knwvabttr Cdick — KS.JS — wsh eld knw ya bttr-bth cute ' Thx to Teachers — PL. BJ P. WN , CP, JD, CG, W S ' Thx AMA, Polly! Thx blgbros Doug, Josh, real sis El, and Mom and Dad! Cherubs, we re outa here! p.s. RM-anthr therm! mth bk-yik! HI HOW. BRIAN — mot Hubarbi SE.ATBELTS ' •CR. SH . . . SHIP: MD. CH. JK. S JM — Thebus locked emiip ' . " Ikllil kds " . " Mike. where did it go ' — crap, the Librarian " , she ' s alright; Ftball — " line it up ' " . .Mrmn buddies — Billy ifigl 1 1 -f 1 =0. 4 = fun), Tif il ' m sorrv I, BP ibmx pro , DB (Dniugi, SW ipoiitiac cruisen EJW .5miii briiout ' ). LD lanotlicr dent " , SP I paid, I paid extra , hi Krisss, Whiff — Y ' OU SUCK!, Bob?, DANNO, Ron, Peter (dedic-ated finast worker M C (Why — that ' s BS) (non!), DP Ian ommverous blob of jellyl I. . . the bumper (what a nice a BP KPl Wachusett — " this is the top. yon fags ' Don ' t you want to hide sinir face When going through your teenage Inxiks And read the kind of crap you wrote -- THE WHO .A winner never quits. A quitter never wins but at least doesn t k)se — BR Nickerson. Robinson — flag football all-star RUTLEDCE. JOHN LAWRENCE — Uwreiice John. J L L J . the CPD OF B K Skinnv P G -1234 ,1 build sets . r.idio 23 PINK FLOVDTHEWALLCioodoldS 1 M S Life. Universe and Eserythmg is 42 and mice rule the world does aiivoue reallv care ' good people — P R. A R , B W . AT, J B , M K and wishes T C , J D . H M Bill math is not life Stop stating statistics, and the U LTI MATE question — .Are you liasiiig bin ' SABBEY. ANN M —Tenms 1.2,4 ' Prty 1-4 ' HAB l,2(l gmstkl! SADD 4, PPUFF 3 TONTO " Sumr ' 83 F ' ill luv u 4 cvr= ' ?i:Nai R 1 the ocean state rules HjO shed surfrs 1 Beh prtics at nite S4w 4ILVA Ciidtmesplyn ' l03w al007)r hi lOSmr Bemdt ' gelyansk duggie Thnx aim 4 Iisiiin ' bst fni fmds Phi we mdc hm frm chi-ehis " ILY ' A Cud tines in bio w pak H sesrts C ' lions G cheni NG . ESP trina (Goss smdas ill tri ' it ' .Aim sse had a gild 3 srs . anat was a loaf haha mr Sw-aj U R awesome ' Jeiinr kin I c vour paper ' DE. U ssed me in BSton! GP. V sNcpsURasvesome " CsaAM, AD. IIF. DE. LE. KF. PK. KC. KW. GP. FHTH. GUD LUC FRANNIE ILVA Krit. thnx (a U wenve gotcot blowin ' offe ' 83. Lunch always rulc-d. 50(a aTable! ' Mom. D.AD. Camillc N georgi-. Im finally DONE! " Class of 85 we are the BEST alise gud luc take it away " 86 " C ya ,AB we has a lot of gud tins SCHWARTZ, MARCI — No more AB BS " U guys made HS bearable — Thans everyone Lm, Kel, Sal, .Aud. Kel, in Den, Laurl, Dad At Jeannie, All the guys BM CR DM Mike G Don DC; for parties, and Bn for 2 grt yrs — J L bn grt g ' ttii to no u agii — Laur glad we becine fmds — Party 1-4. Waldon, Cape, Freddie brings us everywhere, EL PASTO! — Kel chalk, tnothpst. Pi Isnl so bad huh ' ' — Sal Drink Milt, dni prknn Ills— And Knirt scks, burlington Ml 4 hours — Kictinirrts VH TP6. J Cecils ifrOMi row! the Ih-sI and siMin PRINCE ' — Thanx Mr G — Whipped (ream Cheryl - LED ZEP. PINK FLOYD STr)NES. DOORS. WHO. KINKS 4 ever ' " Its luen interesting Let s look for the purple banana till they put us in the triiik PRN SEIFER. DAVID M —Traveller Living in a Dream In the Night. Its just m debt J BC , J T M PARIT WATER TOW ER PHLOX, ACA- WAM, THURSDAY genetit-s, I M l TE, IM DEAD SPIRITS IN THE M.ATERIAL WORLD IlMnez Artist 50 Radio Station 1.2.3SEEYALATER HoopA. AA ' Flea. A B H.Kkey laisons Family Tnickster. Cherokee. Escort. SC.AMP. Wheresthe nKif ' Teehnitallyor is it Basically ' Burlington mall M squared. DciiU-d. JC. JN. FJL. DL, DB. GL land her friends. . = hrmp. slush puppy, chilly wlllee. TF and who ever else I partied with ' THE RUSSIAN FRONT, ran I liave a weekend PASS? NO ' OH MY GOD I ' .M ALI ' E " SEN.ATORE. SCOTT — Ski team 2.4 Dirt bikes, skiing. Mount Nasho- ba. Rick 3 suntory pnmpkining MA, GS, TR. GH, DD, LN, LV, JM miss ya all MA — labupkins, liquor store, chicken lieast CS, It ' s our best, let ' s go to Stow, take any gtKKl dumps, TR. Stop it. it ' s gross. psychology, ticklish. DD see ya at Bcntley LN still owe ya a ride GH FP rule, nice due. F(Kit. nice collar L ' nics- ssseats let ' s go to Mac ' s. J.M nice socks. Thanks a whole lot Mrs. Farrar. Mrs Dayton. Mrs Rosen- berg for getting me through Mom. Dad. Su .ie. thanks for evervthing. See va AB SCOBBO, ANDREA — FH l-4Capl SB2,3, FII Slate Champs ' 83 — Boog ' s Bash, Mo Cuch, Gayle. DS on the TS ' — LB. Erin, Shana. Steph, Col — ILYA CiLNY ' DEFENSE ' PM — Please don t hurt me! FHTeam — UR Great ' NFW ' 3-55 ' s. ME is a slate ' Hearse PS I want my mommy! Gunstock — TC. LB ' Bowling. DDAY E ' ln AP great plan ' Frisbee. TP 4 ever ' Shirt Alert ' KB camping ' SATs PC; FT c-.Ul KR ' Wanna follow ' PH What is dralt ' Rocks Horror Pic Show — Best prom ever!! Grad ' 84 ( " hampagne ' C;ourmel kv cream, lOm! BR - Shape JT-BRUCE 1 ' " SPat FR ' MF — Sunrise ' Deeds, Linda — Love ya! HD ' 85, MBFB, Lngwkend ' You can ' t pick your friend ' s nose ' KT. CS. SM. TC — The Comer! GL lo the Gang — ILVA ' Thanx M D and family! It ' s a tosvn lull of losers, I ' m pulling out of here to win!! SHUBERT KT— PC1.2. .MT3.4, .XC 1-3, .XCSKI 1-4 Capt 4, Lersse 2?3,4 JD-PUDs, Eliza, Harl. repas fi mcais MD ' tvpe. sophs go cruis- ing. PARKING — GD SHAKES 82 — Wish Darcy «t NORM SB — SM CD — tm luv dwn sirs dancing r u smoking sthg ' tent incaf — 85 CM ecus luvs DP ' time cpsle 2000 Mrshlld — the liesi ' IM thnx.Ar NVB4 getSR. nvr Alvin RobRobb BRUCE 4th July AP — nxt time open the ss-ndow ' 2 scoops .Ar — where r yore eamngs? Mrshfldair. rght ' Fri donuts C;rl naybr — C;S. SK. SM AS — mission. AP — mxd dmks Hilton RUC;BV " ' AR — love ya ' C:oke machine Si E ' s- JH — Boston fit MBK. Bad movies, sledding. TC — mm Dubonel. UMass. BCw MrC! Pizza Skip 83 Ninjaman RH DH RISK Day 3. LL-bug bites ' ? ,AK — wht natlily r u? .AP eats worms — luv talk men - . SC — MBK — many more . ? I count 12. BSicJM — Fnnerly ' s — CChs crew, pekt incident, wat s on the car ' ? psh car uphill, vt. of scan, wal s a prk? Prin brde 87 luv 2 all! SIMEONE. GARY- Dmd Dg54-ever. C:p C:d Cut . UncleCuido — 1 wilt u shid get us a lane " Munroe — abadiHibadah. Kenslick — How ' s Marvin Hml Isl ideep-ct 82-83. .AgunqlM ' Hi Sue. Morey — Sish PuP Run. Teresa — W ant lo go 4 l-scream ' (;helli at Mike s — MERCY!! 27Skn Flck . Jorens- Jigs up ' ' Donuts — KS. AMP. AS. TC;. Bingo ' s B-Dav s-Hill — Get the hell out of here ' . AB X-C 81-84. « hi Mis. — SG. BB. KM. Ivo — THL. IT . + ANGUS Lives. Whorsk-Hp FIsk Shotic. Cabes — UR in the h2o " Chez Crew — " What the hell r u doing ' " Do-E = Cmdos. S M — Pnif Pd Htky . Monini ' DowTa — CRE. T SAVE ' . Smokey — " Y the skv spinin ' . DC: — SCUM ' " . Cone ' B-Ball. Dnv-ln. PS — Rose-donuts, Miller — 3 liltil Be-ars, Special Thanx to; The Kendricks, Birons, Mrs, Morey -♦- Carlman meatballs . Dawn — " Could ii do me a favor? " . Jay — " Think u could look at ms Scout ' " , Deb — U2 Lives, Bipsia — " ' CkM sum pantson. " " Knt + Kat. Mom Dad. and THE CLASS OF 1985 for making this possible. PPS. Oooorc!! SLUSSER. KE " IN J — The tieginning. Hcdberg. Nordstrom In Dey-Go Out Dey-Go ' Up we went ' BJ cm yeah " 2 BC: Phil, party ithe speaker . CG. claylsalls = rooftops, attic TB. CC. DW . JN bash BUM- TI.ME Cordie 3 00 m the morning. TfTUPl ' Prediction Screw)ob 82 " 83Thanx Reags D W meanstreet. amazing CHRISTMASN AC ' Air Jam Pipes BG Tinnis and Lunch. Logan record time CO Flonda. Tammy. Poug. Harley " s. Hemp C;inger. Jill Thanx BC; thanx for lift. Ripped bag. Back mbs. to bad Nov 11 thanx JD kitchen table theory. 187 STATES. DW great great timesGBCWy missed out. Doit JN big tree Very Bushy BS house w-bed party. EG. RH house, almost long haul LINDSEY " about 70% " GSllOO. power MISSION TONIGHT ' CG square room, green lorever TSSWLM = FLOYD. ZEPP. RUSH K.R sucks- Wern Nagog. Pigs long walk K w Fathers house Dons porch. CG Jimmv = snow fun hiture. Compulsive liar = ■; ' toBG.CG, TB. DW, good memories, fun times. BEST OF LUCK. THANX MOM DAD GOODBYE 85 those left behind! ' " ! SMITH LISA — Cher l — Best friends always ' Hello in Ga Miss ya much ' SPAZ ' METRO PROM 84 KENT— LO E YOU GA 4 13-15 84KO-4 15 84ZEEK — friends forever. THAN.X. ESS3-4 SUMMER 84. -BRULES ' CW—RUMNEY, Vermont DAWNNE. CG, SK. RT. IS ED THANX MR C SPECTRUM 81-84 JV CHEERLEADING 83. Youth Group TREAS. VP. POEMS. FOREVER THE RAINBOW Pat.. Love. Faith. Hope. Chantv-. W. A. WA KO-5 4 84 SPECIAL REMEMBER Thank you friends Love you all Serenity. Courage. Wisdom — Until we meet again — SNIDER. JON — Parties Hockey 3 Lax 3,4 LF. — 1,2, r ' ber Flagg Hill? Crazy Sat. Nights BC — Bs all the way. TAL— it ' s all you RD — she wants you CB6t KM — get toasted JL. KM Pumpkinen ' . Fri Night Football Thanx LA — III miss you Good Times Summer S4, Powderpuff 84. N ' ermont 84. Bahamas 85 Bye LC. MK. KW. KS. — MTW Hang loose CG. KS. SK — you squamous, GS. SK Thanx AB. Family. Friends, Seniors of 85 — See you in 25 years MV WL TB SP. KM. JL. AND EVERYONE ELSE. ITS BEEN REEL " ' TOABHS.ANDTHECLASSOF85,GOODLUCK,SEEYA LATER SRETHABHATKI, VICTOR SUTHIRAK — Orchestra ( ' ), Lit Mag-. Newspaper (where ' ). Math Team (PIZZA — 18). NHS ($$$!. Treasurer (I pt ). Cable (Melody?). STOP (War), what else ' — Math!, JD Melodv . AR yes. edit MD III get a car MJ The plane, the plane KW Im sleeping ' JK TH Get involve JC LW Yes. STOP WN Calculus III I ' God help me JD in science, computer uh ' BP Money Money Monev PK I made it. I think. ST LAWRENCE. DOUGLAS — W Trek 1.2,3,4 capt Sp Trek 1.2,3,4 capt. (March) Band 1.2.3,4 JD — a best friend ' Movies, talks, priv- joks(millions|. On Brodway, " Lady ' s Nght " (oh what a nght ' I. Edgr Nose. We R so crtcal. Pops ' Ms Return of Jedi (hmmm) 42nd St " Hi Dan " DR — best prtnr ' BZ. Fidlr. Disl — laughing Sat F-ball gmes (Moms car) JD. HM. DR— 1 rnk FL DC— no more buses pise Zdamn! DM — all idenls. all sayings (Judy.zzz) " I cant stay mad. " AsmelDelinbelkel BK Wanna see bdrm ' luv always Hiii KT ' ( hand wave) Oh pretty MI — (hi dougie) my nval Resist Resist. Ack ' SB — Ing talks, mixers. Recally EG — this is it. no more nxlyr Belays, meets, practs — I ' m dead ' TM — driving. Inch (we r on TV) Col House lluv U JILUmylckrswethrt Cluless HELLO SG — espanol en dred KS — shhh ' TC (prom) the wrsl thng hapend KB — Emmy, " It hurts ' " , Trek team. PW-stp hitin ' me. Math wall. Coach. SW — adios mi querida. Band. Dzk Ight, Great Fun! E(X) — mk luv evryone Thanx M D:ILY Gd IkA(sumrtmetnJs), yourcrzybro.GbyeABRHS (Godgmt TUFFIN. AMALIE — P C 1 2 3 4 and assorted others W F A ' HSS- Yeah ' Hi 6t love to Mich Liz, Lisa, Rachel, Peter. Heather. Tara BJ. Maria, and everybody else The wh ite VW Bug — good going Mich ' Porquat ' Switzerland — Italy — Greece PR — I love you ' (Had to throw that one in and alarm you. per usual) R M at I 30 A M One though before 1 go — Definition of a kiss. " The anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis ons muscles in a state of contraction " Good luck everybody V VALADE.K. THY— Gymnastics2-4,SccrChr4BESTTIMES — KK, BB, CS, MM. ES. LB. etc Gymnastics = AWESOME ' (KK. CS. BB. KB. LB) KK-B F ' Spr Hill. Skiing w cs — FUN ' Snking out ' Luv ya always, hnginthronly 1 mryr Tonsgdxsmny mr 2cm! MM-B ballw a ct hnger " Qtrs ' UMass ' PKs prtys ' CAR-BUSTED ' Grt frnd (Thnx DL) BB — Thnx 4 beinga frnd. vou F idiot ' CS — U R a grt frnd BB. MM-B Per Snk Br MM. KK-Maslaiiks k Nortons-Ck 1 " KK. ES. LB — Pdstnan ' Kners — 10 8 83 PCd ' BEST prty hs ' Gym Show ' 84-sick much ' JFH ' Cape 8 18 84 " U R my pal! ILYMTAE so mny mr Xs 2 come. 4ever ever ' — UMass in ' 85 — cant wait ' Luv ya! Thnx Mom, Dad El Dave, Jim, Matt(CU -UMassJ6iD)GdlkMalt Rach — l SIS — luvva ' GdIkYOGSeSKK, LB. ES. LC. NB. BB. etc ' 87 — PR, PL MC BJ, HN, etc GO FOR ir85! ' IM OUTTA HERE " !!!!!! SOAR, BETH — b, bess pp34 — ' Hampton B. — awsm xz ' " " Jess, ths is GOD " pool = lOOprf. (LMNaid + ) Farminglon 82 — Bubba 6c the rope bov ' " (cool my what " " ) Many awsm xz! ' UR the Best " INCHMI- WOY ' " ' Canks b-da brwns (rmb hckv tik??) (sorry Kath) Thanx 4 bn thr " (U2 Deb) = OFMATM ' " (LTR PTR( - - . TM. SM. BG — hang in there ' Billyboy — UR2 cool ' IGMYBT ' . Mickey D sk-cps! (umh — YUM " ' ) " BUTTING " . Jess ' dTS CASUAL!) HC-wshuwrhr! URN awsm frnd ' IMY ' ! Kath = BUS (Ik out ' l KB U DH-u2r2 cool ' Hey Bnckah — whats happenin ' JD — theres nol nicer ' JLz hot 4 tch ' (gotta like it ' l GTBs = PBIZES " ' HEO(x3) do u thnk hell shw up ' idntnobt 44vrs TRACE-GDLK — only 2 more " KRF. he wzahrybear " " HMOOOOOOOOO Thanx Ms B-ur the greatest ' " My thanx 2 evei 1. I LUV U ALL " " 8- " BEAUTIFUL LOSR ' " - • SEEYUHAB GOODBYE YELLOWBRICK ROAD . ' " " " SPAULDING, DEBBIE — Partv ' 1-4 ' DM WHAT A SAC BASH AT LB WNDOPN B-HITS FOREVER ' K C HAD GD TIMES, SLOTS OF BAGS S HEINES SCHIMRNOFS " MRLBRO AT N, P. CHINK FD " WHAT THE FCK ' " LK, LM. LB. SD. GD LUCK ' TS ITSALL YOURS THIS IS THE ONLY PARTY I AM GLAD TO BE LE.WTNG! " SPEARS, WARREN — ' alias H EN DRIX cause you know Im aVodoo Chile Jerrv Garcia of the Grateful Dead. The Dead in Main Best Board Haze play the Haze (A) Your people I do not understand so to you must come an end. Never here surf music again Hey Hey Mr. buisiness man don ' t you wish you could dress like me White collar conservative flashing down the street don ' t you point your plastic finger at me Capt Beelhart and his magic bend YOTE ' The wheel is turning you cant slow down if the thunder don ' t get you then the lightning will, jerry saves we don ' t have to suffer sick James totally sick jams SPREEN. DEBBIE-Ski 2,3.4. PP-3.4 LAZY 1,2„3.4. ITTFTB ' SB xmas shop JM snake. BRUCE — BUFF KP— Frch gossip— HOCK — CMS — AB 1 Frshptv thx Jen — Frdys? Rodsings, HUB — bustOH j%« Rod. JG, RUSH 84, CC. ERTH Hyatt thx JT 143, jims otm SOf ajoke, RINGS, hit w shoe JB, SB, JT— e%$ IMSEBIOUS BngsJudelLY — satopen. Chars — M Sours, TF— remem. ILY, G B tms OOPS no pillows . Babson hunt, Sals runs. Summer 83 84 L SF — 143 UR 1 thanx. MN. BGIuv ya. SP ice ' nogas ' thx 4 alwysthre 143, WW, CWnevr 4-get U2 M Fid 1 HTBT. drv-ins MicProm84 = 4everw meTF. dance gov sq. SMthx 4earsi 43TWIN PARTIES 1 . harvd bar-hops stay? Wtham — HELP. Java Macs, SUM- MER MTESSF dn ' tcry, p, fickYUCKKKK Chnse Drills HAHA — SF To ALL my fnends 143 SP, DF, TF, TN, JB, SM, SF, MN KW — meniors w me THANX — Ma Pa, sis — its your turn sweets — I Luv U ' s 2 much LATER AB ON MY WAY SyUAlRITO. LEO J — V-HOCKEY 2.3.4 V-TENNIS 2.4. NO init o d A B Parti W DP, MV. at DP. old house, oh man " OC — 83, Here ' s the plan MD. W DP. MV MOUY WOWE. DH -I- HB thanks for (he memories LC REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES " P Stale W WL Thanks MOM + DAD. LINDA, SUE, LISA U TOO, DP, STOKES lAMIE LEE —THINGS ARE HAPPENING! handcuffs D, " Bud " g ' March 9th Boston o ' nite CCHS WHATS GOING ON ' SX-WKD bare camera Chester Dark Side WE ' RE GOLDEN Woods Hoods - PIvev Bebooper, Nibblet, The G T , Tooth PSHT ' FLAMBE Lemon Tree runs Betamax HUMOROUS Samelio ' No Brow-MINISCULE BOHEMUS YUCKY ' DEALW IT MANY A TIMES Gazebo Russia ' 83 Bogka ' SHTFCD I luv u Skip, 4am 84 gradnite ' 84 prom pix party DM beach burns ' Miss Starr — your boy is fine Riverside — CM BRANDY, riding — majorettes — V-ball Gert SAC Em Brad JD Pvro SB BAM T -l- W Rim EC PW Teresa LK LW TB LS CW CR KG EA KP Michelle JT LB MP, BS, CP LR S P D.Mrs V Mrs Munphv This is for Gallic. SULLIVAN BETH— CP — 7-12. nobll but, til kdshrtkd, ' 4bm,saw u acrss wm wrld, nt me bby-2 prec, NH, cup of cff, whie ting, frrll frrll kids tails, hd2bg, sipsldeawy, vctrv-, RI ' SS, fglv, wreinacr, sou hte me grt mnds thnk aike, DW. RW. LR - RI ' 84. cass rv ton. htch-n-dtch, smke a bne, chlly, LU, cntn ' ktchn, ths is Ife, nvr hrd thm died pockts b-4, LR. CP-hblts. Iflts. Iiz ry . kns hoff. lorr muell. dmn gti — wll alrght. cdne, sartga. dm chwder. smoke mgs. fmds 4-ever MP-mnkey fee CW — gtta wdge. hffnffrs. ol tme r-n-r. TF — LB. btty. pol con. r-miri. bstn - sept 84 sept 14, thermo. apr 20, feb 5, RI 84 ncedy-dmn,ifthsisit.odd-difr.bkerdefrmc ' s,e + champ bch — swm?, rex, cnt stnd Ising u. my tum, 6.58. whle wrid out of znc— I love you!! forever!! ' THELLER. JILL — PP34. Loaf 1234. theres no problem. ITTPTB. roadsigns Im hangin out. F Imserious, sum S3, fireworks SN HTBT MOM?????? ' We dont Cigars D W.G. Served Hit with a shoe ' Chinese Drills M C she knows. Al 143 always. J T hicks T N Bill nickles ' dancing on G S SP lets dance JJB QUICK IT WAS SO GROSS " " Hub whole in wall . Jim otm 50c for joke KL nice shoes ' HYATT Babson nins BRIGS Is This Bedford " dnve-ins I WS H Rings SFPMM S Rod. Rush J. Giels. E. John, CC, B.Bovs TwinParties JOYOUS drive illegally ' me ' JJB. SF. TF. MN. TN WW DF. CW. SP. JB. LE P Flicks — YUCKKK Cake fights. Mr ' Bunnv THANKS MOM. DAD. JOY. STEVE. DEB. ALAN. I LOVE YOU ALL LATER AB — HELLO WORLD VANARIA. PAUL L — V Football 3.4. ' Baseball 3.4 Thanks Mom and Dad Thanks for all the good times AN.. H " .. M.G.. P.H.T B.. M.H.. J H . P M, We ' ll make it S H , you ' re special. Stepha-erb, 84. Nadeaue Nadeaue stool Hey. Horace, let ' s goon a B run Later meech! VARNO. JENNIFER — Track 3.4 P P 3.4 So here I am looking back. It s enough to make me crack, from freshman blues to lovehfe coos, and braised left knees from running track. Jhyme Rhymes and biscuits as friends. I hope life ' s party never ends! M W and N ' s Flying saucer things. Walkman ' s forever, who us? ding-a-hngs ' taking oft ' to the mall, my friends and I. no worries at all. Lunch at the rocks could nol be beat, nor the happs sounds of G. ZEBO feet, my makaha B-day. what a surprise, us walk out ' at least we tried ' CV + KB our raisin time peanuts were everywhere, mouth catching skills are very rare. So many memories I ve made to keep, I can ' t name them all, the pile ' s too steep, fnends are so special and I love you all, if ever you need me, just give me a call. High school was our time for ranning VECCHIONE, MIKE — V Football 2,3,4, Capt. 4. DP LS M.M. great times at D P s Cruisin in the 280Z. Maryland DP LS. Florida D P Birthdav Bash MM DP Boat ride from Cape DP. LS. 135. Sorry Ellen I ' ll never forget vou Sudie Foursome MM. T H. RD. M V great times M M TH J A RD. M.S. R.L. J.N. D.P.M.V. forever Thanks Mom. Dad, Thanks Mr. Mrs. P. Where we going tc school DP.? VENTOLA. CAROL — HS 1 2 ( ' ) 3 4. P P. 3-4, Sim Sessns 1-4, Grt times w KB DM LB. MW JG JV LA. BR HG TOWMEE. F PITS! Loon 84 w Krplunk Seabreze rm to rm 2 that wild nite Bxr shrts, (heh-heh)DBCMPHBO(a P RI VH " ' " R weturning " " 360360360 CRASH ' " (Buzzzin n Beaminn in) LA-LA Land looks good 2 me! Brth out 1st MW — there R mirrors on the walls ' OH " " ■»• SB JM! Dads ponty Ivs old men ' NT MI FALT " JG-GOIP! The Cinema Clb ' Seabreze table 2 tab le D-BOP— fake ID Opps! JW. Quaries blow schnapps. Va. was an exp later Carl-e Ivs Will-e ' 6 84 I LOVE STEVE " " Thnx mom. I ' M FREE, LATER AB!! ' ! ' ! ' " " " !! ' VOGEL, GREGORY A. - YEARBOOK 1. LACROSSE MGR. 2. E.G.M 3,4 Thanks K,V, — I owe you . . . FIVE (?) Garage doors and ladders forever ' " Musters and biere forever ' ! ' . Thanks — Jay. Carta, Marianne Sue, and Mr. P ' " PI and all the " skids " and Wends nights!! DE EE SE J E.,J.E.,RL.— THANKS ' " Thanksmostof all ' — MOM TODD, and -. BRENDA!! ' !!!. So long A.B.R.H.S.!!!!!. TOWNE. EMILY — Max trips CS. BM. SD. CB. JD mistake ' Monte Tech 2 curbs. 3 hrs, Probs DC. DA Great times Kimbals. drive ins, Bk ' s, Hampton, Friendlies, Alleys Wanna go swimming? Look out ' L. Shirley — V W Nagog. Flag Hill PARTIES! Speeding down 2 A BUSTED ' Where ' s the reg ' Friends forever JS. ES. CS. DS. MC, TS cute bums ' Suburban — chevel trip, peaking through window Disci- plines — Light it up ' Years to remember! Thanx Mom, Dad, Gouge, Gary, Sue, Mark 4 everything! I Love Ya! VOLZKE, LAURA— Uurie, VOLZKE: Vo 12, pp 4, Alcyonains, GAA, Lu fav frshmn. Peace Sr PP; We were awesome ' Lance Cabe. TS Head buts luv ya, Cabe Bro Thnx 4 all CR. Lng talks. KM. PP. U R the bst ' Bets: Jr. Mnis! JD. MEMS OF WNTR 83 JO Nice 1st name 188 KM Ml I ni-w «.i d b. EiiR (:t« k» KC: Thiu -1 .ill DDT ' jy B bikxI M HOLOINC: Sorn |L NvrOMup ML AI»av».iil.i«K OunIi KH. KK, Ul). S(;. 1)D MM,1:L. SC, MCi.CC:, TL CB, KM. MP. BS. TC;. .Mall Im iftiiiiij iiiiiv I ' mi ' Tlu Kids B KikhI, hvr fit ' EL. BR Prrtl itiiy% ' Janf BIndv. I 4uhr cilii vtipK. Inos, KruK Pnd, emptv a }1 . scrt%. dn II tip litt;ulk . ntfins 2ct ntt-. ihiiK. Iiiv vj Jiilir H ( [ul . Ml, JL 61 the mill! SF 4lJI ' . du(» Inns Dtvr !trK I)K KM I T 7 4 M Stpilrr Iddt. ilosfs. fndrfaix-. Um rtri-s. Dott. Dliu On oitr rncndslilp. InR lilts, tt-ars. y us?, brvlrt ' at Hads, fit sti much more ' Thiw 4 till. I lu yj, kid Cd s 2 come ' ! BMs 4 i-srr Hon C l)N DEB LINDEN, GHE(: )BV,S — vtmdo. KiKi. B.isktll)all 1,3,4. Benlly b-ball ctimp 1-3, S MSH 4. Y, N 83-84 " n man isn I a man until hi- has had Y.AN lbs sum 3, all 4, R, P fit J.A.M rulf, sixtir. fotilball W= 1, n-st fix»oI2, lwski--tbalIS4, KiKi cos(atr champs ■ " Ibanx SB ' KS.BC + tttht-rs u know htiss ti)[ arlv, Mt-s . B.iiiiithfr Dallutiseat, SW u got robbfd, tltxxl luck. SP Ibanxs hi ndes, DP kfcp tl extol, BK ssc twvn (his placv. u cool, thanks DOC " 4 everything. J tbans. n4gi t. MONO SMFFD. CBF UR so cool, good luck . B. miss u, llcri? I come NHS! ' !! VR. BLIK. KEVIN A — COPE3.4 Yearbook4 Mrs Tliomton s iiU- 2.5. 3,4 TOPFl NDRAISEB MAC AZINK DRI E CAKEERCOAL — To becxtnif a neuro-surReon. BEST TE, ( ' HERS — Mr Cittens, Mr, Yansak, Mr Kecnan, and — Mrs Catanese U ' hasup Don miter ipi pele ' 20 vnicVyr ' ! assesome " »»SIN(. + Vo + SIN . COS Y + COS X SIN Y P. SSTIMES: skiing, photography radio control flying, Emerson Hospital, goldfish lexotic ' Neser Forget — RB. JK. SC, T( ' , JC, BW BM, DH, AB, D(;, DS, SV M V, LV, CV P V PR El) RM CF,PF Mv ' leelhrkilhu mm " CANON T70,277r,«rR,CB70 LSF, G F S A fic» ' + Scandal, MAW, MJJ, Journey. VH. EC MTN ' — friday night videos CAPE COD 1 Class of Sj, the In-st alive, we fiually made it " Keep on tickin Mr Revelas " Thanks Mr. Clever! RememlK-r succr-ss is not a destina tion. it ' s a journey. Thanks MOM. DAD. SCOTT. POP-POP. HELEN + DUWAYNE!!!! w WALSH, CHRISTINE— PPufr3 4 BEST OF TIMES SIM OF .S4 ».A C + C B The B Bunch " all those partys,CC= bst I 2 many gd times more to come Fla " ' S4 ' w . C .Ken ' oh T C N " " gawking " iha) BW " = " " sick " " lhanj ' Res wO " W " B W H R = " " LOST " July 4 gri rd r.r.Flymg wT W " Hamp b w ' M M M S S L B N T W =5tp lites Sun + Hock Cs M F +traclor(i29 + 712C Prk Beeping=B + C, Attack by TC +S S Feuds w D H H B K O S D gld its over K.C. = N Yrs ■ " 82 " " Cd. times w. ' K C = L Placid = Cand Boners ' ! V ' ?ch — gotcha ' grt, pose L.S =lft behind ■ 35-u " ll neset know • B WR R J M =vc in nite D B lit girls = yr still a grt frd ' •JT =S Drm • T D -l-CC. — yr the bst For those left behind — J W P M T H M C Kara. Rock. C C E L (Ft Bud J M E P B W " etc. hopcu mk it ' K M J L — u guys md mv [ artys " L G + J P — I ' m gld, 1 got to know u ' . .B. thanx for the memories — the best is to tsjme!! WALSH. SEAN M — WALLY, ss-allydog, wombat, etc Bseball 1-4, f-ball 1-2 shot I Junior prei w. ' vic. cheeks, duck 8, Grand Babs ' " The Doc — The Best — COOT ' " pork chop hill, torch, — Gl S, SICK HOWY " , JONAH, BRO HABRY MEECSMO.NO HELLS JB AND ALLOL " " Y " NILBH GEEK my shorts — pttv Ed — GO BSS TE IRISH . V c cong LE FROM LS dd is a bozo prom blew right JICGS ' also tank. r bo. etc 74 pnde. coach allou is a GOD. B Rl ' TH is summ DIE HISSLER ' . Wait ' chaw w Bro. BLD The men, truck, trout, shark. Itaca MOSTat DH s Celt s, B " s, Ms Sully, weir HROOM, ZZ Top, Skyn. SR , CCCCRRRR, Walt 5 b.uise. Pros , fat crew, liRm wall, comlips bash, the fog, red man, THANKS MA fit DAD I ' SMC HERE I COME ' GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OR US — 1985 WALTHER, ELLEN — Yellen P.puHI28-161 ski, track SP 12 years BFA cndy run Nokomis spint Phillips Acad-CT-WCWE Squam Lake Windsurfing, water skiing 1 ' TM boys camp dump (13 yrs ' ) SLB. SJB s parties ' SB Europe 83 awesome ' MVR fnsbee AD AM HF MH TM IE lunch 1-4 the best ' fit prties Time to hit Boston Bniins games ( ' ) Wdvale 84 no pool parties MM ' PD, Littleton Adam, Car. — Wang Chung, l ' 2( ' l, Huey Lewis fie soffball game vs WBCN dont run noss ' Dnvem Ihahal J Ceils — we will ' JL fireworks Nl ' wkend in Boston SLB a4 yrsi knit for JW ' BAM, DE, MD Mainei LL AK TN SO DH CS (purplei SHiniee laughi ML CF inext summer ' l IWFTS iHl " i TDM- VA ' ' (c-chip), BH syndrome! Cti times DF horses Summer " 84 sail- board. Wingaersheek Beach Canobie Lake, M.D. bigbro Fete, thanks ' May 31 , , ' WARREN CHRISTINE — WebbahTHXIilrever •lhlng — Sen Pose- der PiilT great - B, M, D, PE, PA, lots of fun in Fla Miss ya ' ll — M D ' FaiiulyTlI. Luv ya great parties 4 yr " I More To Come) — Lou Sory for the bad times glad for the Rood, ILY (JN JC S + DB. DS, ET. SP. THE PARTIERSi SEE CLASS 85 AT REUN- ION . . . W. TKINS, MARY — JW, KG. JC. JV, CV, LB, KB, D,M, LA. CM. Y " a ' ll are great ' Js ' , drive-ins neva again — thanx for being there — can ss ' ecscr stopeatiiig C fit L Bzzz, C no more choc milkor floats . ny you Rliys member NUTTY " B.ABS, or the Finast rock ' KB, C:ape — no more thumb sucking dreams ' Jefl " , do you wanna a botdog or a hamburger Saratoga ' s ' K(. " th.lnx for the w b it was greatly appreciated — tap, tap on the window — dizzy much ' mem s peestjuat JV you girls go liack — BUSTED ' LA, KB, C , wanna go to Boston again ' FOREVER fit ALWAYS Daniel — Prom 84, h j lets do it again ' Tbanx — " 1 1 09 84 " LU " YA!!! H II S Thanx M fit D w ; love Now you guys we can lease and not have to t iine back for discies ' GOOD-BYE!!! ' !! WEBEB PATRICIA L — PatK. Duck. Web.ih, Sftball2,3,4t4 P pulT 3fit4 Band l,2,«c3 Florida tnp 84 (iOOD TIMES ' " Billy — need a nessdmg, ooh ' ' " sp ml x-mas party ' 83— LAFS ' " THANX SO MUCH AD " " I owe ya tons ' " •5 25 83-8- 84 ' BEST YEAR OF SIY LIFE " " Owe It all to you Artie " ! Flipper Prom " 84 — BEST OF TIMES " " Flashdance Prom " 85A M ' Thanx Mr fie Mrs M, and Rose fit Kath Lusya ' AD — AF period " 83 — CHJOKE! ' ! DS — Yaus class — dont touch that wall ' ! " weekend ftball games drive-in — Extinguisher II Gd luck PWfit DL! ' , Bfi(CK — lockr buddies — gonna miss you guvs " Thanx to everyone — es(H-ciallvC " - NABBIT " Cd luck w LF " KEEP IN TOUCH ' " GONNA MISS YA MEC;a MUCH " " — Poptart, Ziggs, Isaac, Phiz, Slielb Shmelb " , Bubba, fx-moiiade. Hillbug, Cert, Bick- er, JR, KF Bonkers, BS, MS, DM, PP SMOOPY, Red-GPenod- Tennis ' TM. EW " and the class of ' 85 Good luck ' 85 ' " LU ' YA FOR- EVER AM ' ! ' " U R MY SUNSHINE ' " M fit U. SW. PW " . CW. fit SW " LOVE YA " AM PW FOREVER ' " " BYE AB!!!!! WEIER, D. VIDL —Varsity Soccer2,3,4 La.x 2,3,4 Partx 82 US I. — BHS, CHRISTMAS ' ,ACATION 83. Road Trips Bowling 84— KS, BG. CC;, TB, SC: Chicken Swinger Prom 84, Rush 84, Mission KS, JN, RD Hog in honiertxim States 83, 84, first year " - Air Jamming — KS, TB, BG, CG, JN, MD Psych parties fit initiations 82, 83. 84 Snack bar KS. JN. CG Double suck — Tom Sawyer — Slusser The final cut Summer 84 FLOYD SESSION Halen. Rush. Boston. Eagles Chillies Jim. try the basement " The Lucky Guy " " SMOOTHY " . hhhh- niazing! Thanx Darbs — Y " eah Kim Prescott — Gemini twin KS. KP. CG. TB. BG. JN. GW " , J D — True friends Good luck to KS, CG, TB. JN TheSKS, BC:,TB, CC, DW " Erin you " 11 ..Iways be special Thanx Mom and Ciro for everything Good luck BC Taylor ' s House BBs 84 " Thank you for everything EDDIE C: Mono and Bruce, English 84, To the 3. friends forever Hey Bud, lets PARTY LATER WHIFFIN KEVIN — WhifT- Soccer 2.3 Student gov 3. H R R 3.4 NHS» Thanx M Rsl . tell me about TB. Do FT " Vondo " , Fr Scandel: Darbs, MD, Hopp, DW, KS — Amazing ' Hey " Wild Bill " , " Sit up " (jck talkl. Little Help Res ' . The mirror J d . bB K — .No prob ssith SvTa- cuse. Bight " Me Matty. " What ' s your problem " ' " " you were in my w-ay! " Its all yours VS BR — " your gonna fail " Good Luck C of 1985! Thanks a lot AB and esp Mom and Dad. WEIMER BETH A — PC (iov B AFS 1.2 Sec.3 Prez.4 Stu .An 3.4 P Puff Butt CC 2.3.4, Mad 3 WHAB 2,3.4 , , MD — W " as the ear moving " ' , Are we fnends now ' DasBoat GD — Louit ouch my leg Forest face Buzzhead, Ellen-melon Fuzzyi DM " ) SA — What Ho Girl from Iponema, New Wave Schmengy — eh Yosh ' Flame, what IS flame ' Film rights KB — Tape talks Long walks Beach " ' Coff ColT W " .inna buy a calendar C:F-Mur h ' Mr Blislex Amorella fit Amoroso. (Carolyn ( Redeamations fit Christinas axikies Spaghetti dinners Sean, Love you (cant shake It I LG — Cruel Summer ME — Prom Feel the power ' Mr Nitx-guv DF — Someone here smells like gasoline, MW. SS, KM, BJH, AR, MD, JD, TC, JO. CW, JT, LW, JS (forever). PR. JLR — Good luck you guys ' SA fie GD (I Love You. YEAH. YEAH. YEAH), It dont get much better than this July II, 2000 WILKINS, CHERYL — Spaz, Peewee JV cheerld 83 Best friends: LS. NC, DS, CC, RT. KM, SK, SP, BM, CM etc LS — T , 8(M, Rumney same Best friends 4ever Denny, Metni, Gd Ik w MZ or KO " ? (iolden " Thanks 4 every thing ' NG — Miss va much SP,AZ 4 ever THE K)W " ER ' Party ' ALWAYS ' Uve ya ' Good limes 4«ser Roger — I LO E Y " OU " ' ShowT, youre wet Cute! Its been an experience — thanks 4 even thing DS — thanks for RT Its lieen great DS + TM= " Maybe ' Get lost much ' Ha, Ha SD, SO — thanks for lending ears You " re great SO — rememlier " " tuesday " ' " " PR — didn ' t forget u Mrs. Volkmano. you were a life-saver ' Thanks! MO.VI fit DAD — Love u 4 everything you ' ve done 4 me Best parents I cxiuld ask 4 Chuck. Tim. u 2. You ' re great brothers ' Uive va both Tim. did ya we " " Peewee " ' " " Juft 4 you " THANKS ABRIIS " ' BYE WILLIAMS, SAUNIE — Soccer I 2,1 PowderPu(r4, Lacrosse 3,4 KM — Plik up Betty ' , " The Wave — Rigli ' Little Yella Rafting KR — I need a helmet ' JM — Watch out for clothes lines ' DH — Slay gold CH — NSJ Unproportional AC, KH, KR. AK. LL, AG, LB, TC, AP. KS. SC — THUNDER ROAD " PW- Tutor. C |Kriod JB. TC, MH, iSparley?) — Anatomy Parlies MC ' " ' ' HULABALOO ' TC — Weasel Creek, CC AK — PIEL " O mv hero TE — lus sa sis AG — Hold on to that kite " JH — Spa temetary PW— P Puff, Webbah, G, CL — Sarendipitv ' MR. SO — YES ' " CR — Bubba. drink. U- merry and EXIST ' THE ZONE FOR 2, thane Big Guy ' , G — Bill!? " " ' SC — Walden SO — SS class? Mom, Dad, Vlimp — I Luv Ya Always ' , Thanx for evervthiiig KEEP SMILING EVERYONE ' WIIITMORE, MICHAEL — PC 3.4; AFS 3,4, WHAB 2.3.4, Hi. I ' d like you to meet my car. Sal I knoew I ' m late. Poobe, Hockey games, jogging. I got windbumed too We are the merry- ipanemians, our haunts are many The greatest times, much Itrse to you ' Fn nite (a Den " s, Can I have a Ixiwl of cxreal, T-A-S-K, Waumpanaug, MJB tlad (hal GOLDEN YEARS See ya Sienna Quartet, the BEDWET- TERS, funky chick, do me righteous, shwap, wahh No-sc.eum. siinapee. sugarloaf, where s Ben ' 81-85 produced by TB ( LEGSl. DF (BEACON). ME(MAHKl. KM (KAHLl. SS (SMYTH). SA(UFM.N. 2- WOOI, MD Yes. you can have a ride homei BW (BUTT). MARTY. POOPERSiCarolynei. GDieverything) Hello Sydney, hopetoseeyou some time , , , (1,16 am 10 l(v84 — whew!) VS ' OLF, HOLLY — bcky, 2-4 inch fii BG thx, bt no thx DB u-2 Bm MS who " ' ' Dev fit vllge dnt, mch In trps 2 host, w evry 1 bg w SH fit PF KB thx Fl vac tn eld evrythn sun hocy gms fit wed fit sat w A B SB w evry 1 um ok ,AT, bst of Ick. never frg TC Lan, LS hockey tm um mg, aln. cris, dv, snic. gm260zx . mushed in mg . hrt brks , wp, mn u fie ds , or was it cw? ' bk, rd to evrs-svhre , . ouch k-w fit inw in hm rm. unblable JR. no wrds 2 desc u. WOLLAM K.ATRINA — Trina. Spike ME + DW. 1.2.3. fie Jr H N vr frgt th gd tms Dave ' NH fit 4 — whlin in th wds. singin to th alpine fit Rush ' 82 fit Ixh nins — blast ' Ptys w th gang 2.3.4 + Mshd bsb in Litln Friskies — mm Me t Knl Ix ' stst fmds 4-ever Cape ' 83 w PM + the Z28 Knt + Frt.d 4-ever Beaver hunt any 1? Lift 4-ever ' Haw-aii ' 85? Akki in the F-bid wKC. BM fie J-bd I solly ' DBH (a FOs Dnve-ins w P,M — stny wdws. whatch guys doin» Ut- fght ' Police 83; Bush " 84. hck - gme (11 Bstn " 82 — blast Prince rules ' Wana grow va hair " FH fit the pty van. bch trp w BM. FH. DW . KC. FO, JK. Cop chase in Mnrd-wds pty Strp pkr w DS fit KS Babies ' Nah ' Prm " 84 w DW " + slip over (11 KCs Nvr frgt th gang PK. LE. DE, .AS. JB, BM, P, T, DM. FH, ED. GS. GC, and esp KC. I stl luv U Chns ' Kim Jolley U live 4-cver in my memries, Thnx Mom. Dad, Kib, Erika, fit Mike La-ather + Chains 4-ever ' Bve AB WRIGHT. DANIEL— Football M, Victory ' Soph lunch: LC, SG, PF, SD, JV, etc — remember, BilP Hola Suzana ' RB SCROUNGE, stogies, noonies, dadoogies, doohies. (i 4 83. (bad sc-enel RB. MB. BS. LR. CP, KC. MQ — inonecar ' RB. MB beach. RfieC. go fish ' Conn. Ft Devensioops ' . EC ctips. the W " .dl. W " he re " d Denise go " ' Sieve sear. stories, W " isk ' !. missya Sw .t home .Alabama ' Wally — Creedence ' RB Feb in CA — Ron fit Dan Show — Jump ' thump-thumps, garbage trucks won ' Mai s Malibu bik BMW girls are bibcmatingi. Ron fit Dan Golf C:lassic Randall! M B JM — log flumes ' Sty x. Asia 2. C:heapTnck. Jon B . ais. Halen. The W " ho. Police. U2. Fixx 2 ..not til niidnite ' " ). JW. golf. ES Softball 2.3. leek ihey. sports fans ' ). Bob. Cork-y fit Bert Thanx Mom. Dad family for everything, and thanx AB! W RI ;MT JUDY - MW . JC;. SL. J . C . KB. DM U. you re all great , . " This is it " " MW ' don ' t hide behind that rock ' Oh. we had cLiss Shut the alarm off JG DENMUTHA ' SENIOR TRIP " Not the clutch again Mom fit Ctxti. I LO " E YOL " ' Quick, go to Fnendlss " Thanks John, your the Ixst July 21. 1983 — forever " " WISDOM TEETH Evining Brawls B- Line " Dead Frog " Left mv I Dm the car DIET BIAHH ' " Pool hopping " WBICHTS TER sing. BROOKS St Tom Clollins J , MW. JW, gixxl directions JV(vailst Sun Bum OUCH ' " 1000 Macs nm MW and me ' " DB BLAHH ' ! ' signed, E ERY-ONE ' " But 1 want to be fat " 111 start tomor- row Dad fie Binb, I only hope 1 can make it all up to vou, thank you for understanding ' I LO E YOl BOTH " Thank (; xl it s over ' Now. only 4 more years!!!! 189 y 5TAT 0MtRS 60 FOR IT CXo y { 25 " A.G. BISHOP JEWELERS INC. Acton Mall Nagog Square Acton, MA 01720 263-1295, 259-0148 MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY V. r Congratulations to the class of 1985 A k % jk S 132 Great Road Cr Acton, Mass. 01720 Consu 263-1141 Health and Happiness in the Future to the Class of 1985 A.C. Chevrolet, Inc. 171 Great Rd. Acton, MA 01720 President, Treasurer Robert R. Moran 263-3381 V 190 FRED VILLARI ' S SfUOIOS Of SELf OEfCNSE C ()urtes ' of 69 MAIN STREET CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS 369-2561 Best Wishes Class of 1985 Jenks-Kinihall Realty Trust 422 Liberty S(}uare Road Boxborough, Mass. 01719 Phone: 369-1157 One and two bedroom apartments r James V Cerchiaro ROSE OF SHARON Flowers and Gifts J V (617) 264- 675 1 26 Great Rd. Acton. Mass. 01720 CLINIQUE Est6e Lauder CmdMIu mi fftgiincai Colonii([c totos. 24 Main Street Concord, Ma. 369-5000 LOCAL STORE SERVICES WITH DEPARTMENT STORE SELfCTION VAr ITVFAIK 191 r Farewell, my friends, my path inclines to this side the monntain, ours to that. For a long time you have appeared further and further off to me. I see that you will at length disappear altogether. For a season my path seems lonely without you. The meadows are like barren ground. The memory of me is steadily passing away from you. My path grows narrower and steeper, and the night is approaching. Yet I have faith that, in the definite future, new suns will arise, and new plains expand before me, and I trust that I shall therein encounter pilgrims who bear that same virtue that I recognized in you, who will be that very virtue that was you. I accept the everlasting and salutary law, which was promulgated as much that spring that I first knew you, as this that I seem to lose you. Mv former friends, I visit vou as one walks amid the columns of a ruined temple. You belong to an era, a civilization and glory, long past. I recog- nize still your fair proportions, notwithstanding the convulsions which we have felt, and the weeds and jackles that have sprung up around. I come here to be reminded of the past, to read your inscriptions, the hiero- glyphics, the sacred writings. We are no longer the representatives of our former selves. Love is a thirst that is never slaked. Under the coarsest rind, the sweetest meat. If you would read a friend aright, you must be able to read through something thicker and opaquer than horn. If you can read a friend, all language will be easy to you. Enemies publish themselves. They declare war. The friend never declares his love. — Thoreau ' s Journal Best wishes from all of us at RALPH JORDAN Textiles of Acton 192 (:()N(;hatulations (;HADUAT1 G class of 1985 Colonial Irdvel Service 502 Nagog Square, Acton. MA 01 720 (61 7)263-8763 V ;)H4 VlimSlreet, Winchester. VU 01890 (617)729-4700 C Mim 4 WATCHES JEWELRY 250 GREAT ROAD ACTON, MASS 01720 PHONE 264-4884 DIAMONDS 150 MAIN STREET MARLBORO, MASS 01752 PHONE 48S0551 r CONGRATULATIONSHTO THE CLASS OF 1985 Colonial autilus Fitness Center Welcome to Fitness — the practical, effective NAUTILUS wav! 9 Keefe Road " ACTON, MA 371-0693 193 Congratulations to the Class of 1985 V 77 Great Rd (Rt 2A) Acton, Ma. r (617)897-2542 A PouC ' a Jood Skoppe and ' Ja ' A eedezjf THE LITTLE BAKE SHOP AND RESTAURANT ON THE CORNER FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1926 THE POULSON FAMILY 47-51 MAIN STREET MAYNARD, MASSACHUSETTS 01754 263-9377 THOMAS M. JACOBY, D.M.D. 411 Massachusetts Avenue Acton, Massachusetts 01720 Hours Daily 9-6 Emergencies Saturday 9-1 Anytime Evening-until 9 V. r miscellanea gifts • accessories • fascinations The Mall at Center East • 77 Great Road Acton, Massachusetts 617-263-1064 " A Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Leon E. Thompson General Contractor 422 Liberty Square Rd. Boxborough, Mass. 01719 Phone:263-0629 Residential and Commercial Construction 194 r COMGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 85 Citizens for J ulti-cultura! A wareness cP) 6? (617) 263-0797 O U6tCM 6 BED. BATH, TABLE LINENS CURTAINS 264 GREAT ROAD CENTER RT 2A -ACTON. MA 01720 Monday thru Friday I PM to « AM W« k ndi O Holldayi 14 HOURS 164 Great Road Z63-I74Z Acton, MA 0I7ZO r LEMON TREE FOOD STORES. Inc. 586 Mass. Ave. 75 Great Rd. West . cton, M. Acton. MA Bear Wares V. MARGOTMARTENJ (617) 264-4560 60 GREAT RD . RTE. 2A ACTON MASS 01720 195 r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 from: Jack B. Flanagan D.M.D. Gilbert E. Carley D.M.D. John S. Golden D.D.S. Victor Pinanskv D.M.D. Paul J. Connelly D.D.S. Franklin D. Roth D.D.S. The Dentists at the Acton Dental Building r CHARLES KIMBALL DESIGNER - BUILDER - DEVELOPER Charles Kimball Realty Corp. 49 Crane Road Littleton, Mass. 01460 Tel. (617) 486-8834 281 CONCORD AVE CAMBRIDGE, MA 02138 876-3988 425 GREAT RD (RT 2A) ACTON, MA 01720 263-7268 337 BOSTON POST RD (RT 20) SUDBURY. MA 01776 443-5709 FUPniTURE 196 Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 TriplGA SUPERMARK E T S THE y4 • WflOI OpenF,, T,»8P- ' ' ' ' ' ° ' t ' I " Te cr-wi OpeToaTg a m -9 p m -Sun Noon.6 p m .N«rtlh.m-OpenMon-Fr, 9 a m -9 p m " S- " " " " - P ' •.%° °P ' " " ' p,, % 30 a m -8 p m .Closed Sundays • Concort-Mon, Tues, Wed Sal 8 30a m.6pm .Thurs 6 30a m.7pm H, B JU a op PEOPLE May the Future be Filled With Success 197 r Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Clatli L re S T-ERs STAT10 198 ctaw 321 (MoinSt, jTLcton (617) 263-1131 592 7(ing S ; Liiiieton (617) 486-9255 V 199 r IFrae Large Cb«e«e Pizza or Any Lai]geSub mi Mon Sun 1 lOOAM lU.OOt ' M V. .- ' - JuolorPixm 481 Great Rd. Acton Ma. 263-0267 Fresh Oven Pizza, Hot Grinders. Syrian - Pockets Salads »• ' J SpaghetU Congratulations to the Class of 1985 °: , , NWTHEL0 s . 1 DIET CENTER " A V CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 J + S Sports Nason Street Maynard, MA 897-9752 A r V. Route 2A North Acton, M«$« V ' 200 ACTON GARDENS INC. Green Houses 362 MAIN ST. ACTON, MASS. 01720 t TEL. 263-4456 ' " oo s p o 201 r Serving Customers and the CommunitX ' r f ACTON C ARPET SHOP A • Imported Wool Rugs • Residential Commercial • Design Rugs • Wool Braids • Vinyl Flooring V. 469 GKEAT KOAC (2A) ACTON, MASS. OI72e PETEK OO r MOOE)T 263-7536 A Acton Bakery 481 Great Road, Acton Congratulations, Heather Garran the rest of the graduating Class DONORS The Minor Chord Nimrod Sporting Good Acton Video, Inc. Nathaniel ' s Children ' s Wear Congratulations, Beth! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and Lvnn Debbie Huber: Wherever you Journey, Our love goes, too. Mom, Dad, Diann, Robert, Peter Best of Luck, Kathy, from Sasha and Burgo Congratulations, and Best Wishes to you ALL. Love from BJ ' s Mom Congratulations, Kathy! You did it. We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Bill, Mary, and Chrissy Thanks for the memories, and best wishes to all of you in the class of 1985 — Linda Martin Joseph M. Dunlap May you enjoy a Life of Happiness, Love, Adventure, and Good Fortune. ■ Love Dad, Mom, and Jessica 202 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 V. JOHN PALMER MOVING STORAGE, INC, Concord, Massachusetts CONGRADULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1985 (NICE GO ' IN,MATT) PEG . JIM COLLMER V Congratulations Class of 1985 from A Gretchen S.: We are proud of you. Ma ()ur dreams lead to our pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow . Love Mom, Dad, Scott Kevin, Watching ou grow into a special, sensitive, and good young man has been a joy. Proudh ' , Carol and Ed Nrablik 203 V, qouLd ' s r:j t»a Lf men ' s shop 1 5 South Street Hudson, Massachusetts 01749 (617) 568-8752 Great Road Center Acton, Massachusetts 01720 (617) 263-0374 .5 .b G .o P House of Wallpaper Complete Interiors Acton, Mass. fill IN MAYNARD Maynard Outdoor Store 24 Nason Street 897-2133 The Book Emporium 452 Great Road Acton, MA 01720 617-263-4414 ' NOW OPEN IN ACTON 264-0292 SWEtf CUDDIES 2352 Mam St-, Concord. MA 01742 Fine toed and pastries prepared m our own kitchen tor you to enjoy at home Never let the struggles of life ruin the joys of living. (617) 897-5966 452 Great Road Route 2A Acton, Massachusetts 01720 263-9008 204 UclotceCaee. Northrop Travel The Collage Mall 452 Great Road Acton, MA 01720 lS)H;i liunloht- rr.i cl (liilfni.ilioiuill liic " 1 M I u i-nscfl I radcm.irk il fiuulcibf Tr.iM-l Itu Each agency independently owned and operated. r ; Ba Bank Middlesex offering 2 Hour Banking with BayBanks X-Press 24 y V 205 McDonalds Sahites Our Senior Graduates We at McDonald ' s congratulate the graduates of Acton-Boxborough High School for twelve years of successful studies. These young people are tme examples of the calibre of youth in our community. We would also like to commend our student employees whose hard work both at work and school makes us proud. Join with us in congratulatmg tliem and wishing them continued success in their lives. Keith Muzzioli Annemarie Poppert Lori Luke Pam Curley Amy Potts Andy Appleton Todd Quinn Jim Sleeper Danny Duggan it ' c A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE 256 Main St. Acton MA «i98 McDonaiQ s Co ' P 206 Movie Store n$ Best Wishes to the Lovely DARLENE and the Class of 1985 meDin meDC 427 Great Road Acton, MA 01720 264-4660 also locations in Sudbury Waltham r 1 yksjij ki ; ji ' f li- j V i ' H Acton Boxborp Field Hockey- 1984 thanks for the memories. Special fove to the seniors: I ' am, Guch, Andrea, Torri, Gayle, Cindy, I leidi and our Maura. Nancy, Dick and all the O ' Brien ' s. r CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 85 The class that ' s fashioned for the future BLUE HORIZONS 99 MAIN ST MAYNARD MA. — Welcome to the Grand Finale — Heycut ' ms — thnks 4 Bingmy ' bigbro ' . I ' ll miss U. Big S littles. O. 4thse mnlit nites ins dea snw plw — winter dreamin JL. UAF 1 ESCAPE — Foreigner, music, dance — poems KAR. M MS, gummybears, Swedish fish — YUM . . . GREEN! . . . Munchkin 4 life! Hey Big T — I prmse U ' ll nver BA grbge can again. ILY! FLAMINGO! BJH — B crful o fires in apartmnts!! Santa — mk me his brde 4 Xmas Blck Pnters Tgers . . . Dream . . . The last Encore — then the standing AB — and the lights fade and history is made. ff rroit Reed SKI :zJ SHOPS 440 Great Rd. — Acton, Mass 01720 Julie Travers Manager 263-3784 263-3785 208 To the class of 1985 . a Td : (I ( A ' A ' a f a o .s o aV o c orf . O - W Congratulations on your great achievement Agon Corporonon One Acton Place • Acton. Massachusetts V 209 FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK Good Luck Seniors! r Congratulations Colleen Reedy Class of 1985 YORK 492 main street (rt. 27) REALTORS lAssociatg V. acton, niassaclntsetts 01720 ol7- 263- 3552. 259 0020 — SADD flowerwagori Fmn CUT FLOWERS CUSTOM ARRANSEMENTS FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS WEDDING DESIGNS DRIED FLOWERS FRUIT BASKETS GREEN PLANTS Tfeicnora . BALLOON BOUQUETS •SPECIALIZING IN SILK ARRANGEMENTS- W( WIIE FlDWEtS t FIUII WOILO WIDE ACTON CARLISLE BOXBORO MAYNARO CONCORD STOW ALL CREDIT CARDS HONORED 263-2721 • DAILY DELIVERY Carol Barton Dorothy Rey 465 A GREAT ROAD (ROUTE 2A-1 19) ACTON Mrs. Starr, Thank you so much for everything! You are the very " Pine-apple " of perfection! We Love You!! — Heather, B.J., Andrea, Michelle 210 JU o oItuo . X xeii V a oj Q V oq W,v )i v l tmlT Vila. , X cS, 6; .. so X yc - -r-- — V--S - tcx C, cu. ,.v. . q ..T, VV c ()f l- ( r.L A r 0 wA f ' ' j T GLm|E|cmj -for +hi5 suryrer at -B e pod . Did Uou sautm.i- up o go all tJ-e tirvx ? x am cping to do Ute a TerV w T ' cfx , cHns did seem oSr raS ofer rr. ■ % " C yr ( . r , X - 7i .j- e ? " g ' zx - vc Sut - -n oc c+ V :: » W " C cxss lil " 2.+ yo:xr lo Fngl.sK H • Winston Salens HUNT ER PUBLISHING COMPANY Dick Lowe 5 a t ' , Uicd u j ' t ' ' luclcy tx- ho ,c in a I CiUt: tc. x. ; -tht p CjCc ' )S( u nc cY ' ■ ) u i( -fCCc cky) ' l Ct nil 3- S dck cci ci. a ,...,..c. -J— 7;;jr;.. cv .r.c..; - -- . .. v . ,s y oh ' f- CAr ' arc CCDO -r.aht ■ 0J A Que -to q t irc, J€.th st. nnrr, r- cxr d C O Lac, c,.: S Cc O In awe CL QrCo-t " SL.5mrY£y J j " Ws 4n.P.3re .ooc( D oC rrcc.orc m .X heel c -J ' l r - ■niA iki

Suggestions in the Acton Boxborough Regional High School - Torch Yearbook (Acton, MA) collection:

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Acton Boxborough Regional High School - Torch Yearbook (Acton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 47

1985, pg 47

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