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, k: ? " tf iA, 9 . -O p c sO -VK v VV - L]3 V- to:vA J ' t-O-S . - Yh Jf " ' vJC ' :g r(5Vj.L re .Hjr bio bcvdt- o H: .c ' U CS- " cins: gtt : (. v-V(xl Ho i ' bee oo-5V ' " ' ' - T-V rooc V ex oV. v- A- p oA vrv (LVAe r, c -6 feM ec. oCi -Vow CO, V c-. i h ,-, c .T vW- vw - - i fvieoj (. cc, . ' . vocv cjo ocix-Nt. -« uv.i v( o-o y vio Sr; ' " " ' ' oj; ' - 7 c, ■ o " ' ' - i-i tl ' ■ rv- ve v ear - Vh: be oi o TaceeOOo -e ecx -T-VMV v: CK r kjv ( Table of Contents Dedication Senior Class Senior Section . Underclassmen . Faculty . Sports . . 2 Clubs ... 131 . 8 Activities . . . 146 17 Superlatives . . . 160 66 Smile and Say . . . 163 81 Trends ... 170 99 Directory ... 185 " Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans . . . ' Mr. Schofield . . . , not only an advi- sor or a teacher, but a friend. Through- out our four years, Mr. Schofield has brought the class of 1984 together. As an occasional administrator, supportive advisor, zealous coach of powderpuff and Softball, and a superior class enthu- siast, he has been the motivational force behind us all. This one ' s for you, Mr. Schofield. Thank you for your friendship and sup- port. We wouldn ' t have made it so suc- cessfully without you. We dedicate the 1 984 TORCH to you, Mr. John C. 5cho- field. ' 4i My memories are dancing upon my future, blinding my view. ■ ■■ ■H ' ? ' ' ' •r BfiiMp 1 LtJ 1 W Blx. ' ' «7 I E ' ' ' - ' ' . «4 1 1 fT , 4 1 i M ' PE» ' M ' r ■L«| •i TMii ■J li flf T M » f BBBo ]Wki fiifc 1 Hp ' BBtIi. ; b B I i V-l Take your time; think a lot; Think of everything you ' ve got; For you will still be here to- morrow, But your dreams may not. — Cat Stevens And you want it to last forever, But you know it never will; The good-bye makes the jour- ney harder still. — Cat Stevens ifc-::v NoFoOOORDRItIK AlLOMD intheN[wGym The door they knew was standing there, Upon the hill, dead and bare; A double door with gilded post. Through which might pass, A mighty host. Oft they wondered what would be. Through opened door what they ' d see; The hill beyond, or something more? What did lay beyond that door? M.M y ' V From miles around the people came To look upon the door in vain. It never moved, So with saddened heart, one by one Did each depart. Looking back, the door ' s still there. Though now the hill is golden fair. The door lies open; It ' s now unlocked. Someone finally thought to knock. — WM i Co placidly amid noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence . . . speak you truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others ... be yourself . . . you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace . . . and whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul . . . 17 Thomas Abare Tom I ' m not afraid of tomorrow be- cause I ' ve seen yesterday and I love today. Joseph B. Alex Bake Someday we ' ll look back on this and it will all seem funny. — Spnngsteen Caitlin Ann Ahern When the nuclear dust has extin- guished their letters, will turtles wear peopleneck sweaters? James A. Alexander Jamie, AU-V To be good IS not enough when vou dream of being great. Picture Missing ¥ Donny Alexandrian Don ' t discourage the other man ' s plans unless you have better ones to offer. Jane H. Ailing There is no harm in taking aims, even if the target is only a dream. John M. Andrews John Once a rocker, always a rocker — Joe Perr - 18 Christopher J. Arruda Chris Stray just a mite from the straight and narrow; Shoot through the night like a flaming arrow! l David F. Baker eave this rule for others when I ' m dead — Be always sure you ' re right, then go ahead. William J. Anzenberger Willie The opera ain ' t over ' till the fat lady sings. Andrew J. Bachman When you get a chance in life, best you take it, for it may never come again. Caroline Barnes Success IS not measured by heights attained but by obstacles overcome Mark Bauer Well, sure, o.k., they ' re outcast buy hey, man, where did they learn to flv like that? Shayne Balduf No problem . Kimberly J. Barton Kim Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. 19 Picture Missing Michelle Bauman Mish There ' s got to be more to being so great, to looking first-rate and staying out late. Rebekah Lee Beardsley Be-Kah You have your brush; you have your colors; you paint your para- dise, then you go. ) is) Joseph H. Bayne III Put your hands over your eyes. Jump out of the plane, there is no pilot. You ' re not alone. Lon Becker You find ten days have got be- hind; No one told vou u-hen to run; you missed the starting gun. John Bellamy All the great things are simple, many can be stated m words: hon- or, justice, duty, friendship, hope. Marcia A. Berg Some say it ' s holding on that makes you strong; sometimes it ' s letting go. Amy Joan Best .• 11 that I am 1 will not deny. — Joan of Arc 20 Michael W. Bishop Mike The skies are the hniits, but dreams pass those limits. Michael R. Boisvert Mike, Bovy Friendships that have stood the test — time and change — are surely best. Lisa F. Bickoff Life is a moment in space; when the dream is gone, the world is a lonelier place. Jo-Ellen Blake Only the names have changed! Elaine Boyden Everyone needs a hand to hold on to. — Cougar Laura M. Bonk Look around. The grass is high; The fields are ripe. This is the spnngtime of our lives. Edward Bouvier Bouv Guess I was born with a travelin ' bone. When mv time ' s up, I ' ll hold my own — Skynyrd 21 Kimberly Brannon 1 can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. — Phil. 4:13 i: -ni I Jennifer Brewer Sometimes 1 can laugh and cry, and I can ' t remember why, hut I still love those good times gone bv. Debbie Brentzel 1 think ot childhood friends and the dreams we ' ve had. — Styx Charles G. Bridge Thank you, Mom and Dad. Lisa Briggs Brigzy Life is only worth living if you have someone special to care for — that ' s what friends are for. Linda Copley Brown It matters not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. — Rice Katherine Parker Brown Katie To succeed, you have to be willing to take everything as it comes and do your best wiln it. Mary Johanna Brown Mary Jo If you stick with the herd, vou may end up as a lamb chop. 22 Coleen Marie Burke Ween Take time; think a lot — for you ' ll be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. Michael P. Brunnick Why look here tor the joke " ' ItS a around us Suzanne Buffet Sue Helen L. Bushnell Lynnsie Live for today, for yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow but a dream Donald L. Cady Don The past is gone; the present past; only the future is left. Alison Jane Campbell The most 1 can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. — Thoreau 23 Nancy Campobasso Jeanne M. Carney Yciu don ' t know vvhjt you ' ve got till It ' s gone. Thev paved paraclise and put up a parking lot. — ]oni Tracy Cannistraro Words can have two meanings but true feelings need no explana- tion- Mike Carpenter The race is not alw ays to the swift but to those who keep running. David A. Carroll Kathleen A. Casey Kathy In dreaming the greatest dreams and seeking the highest goals, we build the brightest tomorrows. Mark D. Carvalho In the long run, men hit only what — Thoreau John B. Chick they aim at. 24 Jill Cole Mrs. Jill Sail on; sail away; may all your dreams come true one day. — Allman Brothers Suesan J. Connors Suey Still waters run deep. Karen M. Clasby Well, 1 have lost some tmie but 1 have won and if you make it through, you know you ' ve just begun. Jeff Collentro Don ' t plan anythmg that will hurt your neighbor, he lives beside you, trusting you. — Proverbs 3:29 Mary Catherine Cooney The present interests me more than the past and the future more than the present. Suzanne M. Costich C ' est la vie! Linda J. Conquest Lin Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Thomas J. Coppola Tom I get by with a little help from my fnends. 25 Michael Coughlin lubby I live (.-ach day as it comes, and hope that I will be able to learn from it. Rosemary A. Daley Rosie Friendship is love vvilhoul the wings. Peter J. Cronin Life would seem so easy on the other tack but even a hurricane wnn ' l turn me back — lc vvnshend Douglas j. Darby Darbs Some say it ' s holding on that makes you strong and some say it ' s letting go. Picture Missing Kirsten S. Davidsen All things are possible to one who believes. Leslie P. Dawson Dawn Marie Davis Idgit Is love so tragile ' and the heart so hollow, shattered with words? Impossible to tollovv. — Nicks Alfie F. DeCesare Your stairway lies on the whisper- ing wind. — Led Zep 26 Edward Dewire, Jr. Ted It ' s the chance of d lifutime; don ' t let it slip away. Jennifer Marie Donahue First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Dennis T. DeCosta Only time will tell Sandra E. Dickerman If we had the chance to turn the clock back, who knows how or when, would it happen all again? Richard M. Douglas Life ' s truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way. Wendy Lee Dreier All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Katherine Douglas Katy Memories never die; they |ust fade away. Maura Kristen Downes O never did give nothing to the tin man, that he didn ' t already have. 27 Carol J. Driban Time wounds all heels. Christopher Dudley Studly Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: if you are alive, it isn ' t. Tracy Dudevoir Spacy The beauty of friendship is the love we find within ourselves to share. I love you guys! Paul R. Duhamel We should all be concerned with the future for we all will spend the rest of our lives there. Alexandra Lee Duncan Sandy Whatever you do will be insignifi- cant but it is most important that you do it. — Gandhi Susan L. DuPont 1 tinalK madi ' it. .. f f Dawn Duperault Stop the world; 1 want to get ofl. Paul C. Duren The vears were long; the times were tough, but now itS Imie to think. 28 Vincent EUero Dream on — dream until vour dreams come true. — Aerosmith William F. Durkin Always believe m yourself, be- cause if you don ' t, you ' re de- feated. Jonathan Egstad Gel your fingers out of the trans- mitter! Cory Ericson W. Payne -„ brother is watching me, but I ' m watching him back. Jill A. Fair Willis If they were right, I ' d agree but it ' s they that know, not me; I know tKat 1 have to go away. David J. Ellis Shower the people vou love with love; show them the way you feel. Tom Evans Don ' t get depressed; live each day as if it were your last, because one day you ' ll be right. 29 . Karen M. Fairbrother May you find what you want in life, know it wfien vou see it, and have the good luck to get it and keep it. Stewart Ross Fenniman Dewey . . . People living in competition. All I want is to nave my peace of mind. — Boston Sally Fitzpatrick Sal Circus life, under the big-top world, we all need a clown to make us smile. Jeanette Flannery Time passes; people change, but memories never die. Kathryn E. Fleming Flemink Now a new generation has arisen to inhabit the earth, but the truth is not vet known to them. Kari Fleischmann If you can imagine it, vou can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. — M. Ward Paul L. Flerra, jr. Is a dream a lie if it don ' t come true or is it something worse? — Springsteen 30 Mlj ' Paula Flynn Walla I am not afraid ot tomorrow for 1 have seen yesterday and I love today. Ann Lisa Fogarty Ain ' t you ' shamed, you sleepy- heads? — RLS Sharon Ann Flerra Meanwhile these three things re- main: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love. — I Cor. 13. Josephine C. Fock Joser Don ' t hurry; don ' t worry. You ' re only here for a short visit, so stop and smell the flowers. Picture Missing Christi L.M. Friedrichs A good beginning makes a good Sean Galligan enaine, turned. leave no stone Rosemary Foley Today well lived makes all yester- days dreams of happiness and all tomorrows visions of hope. Lois Anne Gallagher Flo And a rainbow held out its shin- ing hand so what could I do but laugh and go? 31 Pamela A. Geaslen Bailey F. Geeslin Freddi All the world to me is a stage: we are merely players. — Rush Glenn C. Gerhardt Gumby Lull one ot us, a cell ot avvaa ' riess, imperfect and incomplete. — Rush 32 Olivia Goldberg Livy There is no such thing as " best " in a world ot individuals. S ' Catherine Ann Gordon Cathy Whatever you believe in yourself is what v ' ou will become. Dave Goff This song is over, but the music lingers on. P. Catherine Goller Kermit Friends are what make the world spin around, and mme tlevv right off the axle. Christa Grancey Face Don ' t stop thinking about t ' mrrw; it ' ll be here better than before — yesterday ' s gone. Elizabeth Ann Gorman Beth (Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. Brian Granberg Pools of sorrow, wa es of |ov are drifting through mv open mind, possessing and caressing me. — Beatles 33 I Marjorie Gratz On ne voit bien qu ' avec le coeur. L ' essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. Amy Kathleen Gray One thing is for certain — that nothing is for certain. Gregory L. Hadley Hads You can ' t ahvavs get what vou want, but, if vou trv sometirhes, you ' ll find vou get what vou need. Jason Wynne Hamilton Jay Come on, you poor child, you winner and loser; come on, you miner of truth anti delusion and shine. MaryEUen Hammann Mel No straight lines make my life; a my roads have bends, no clear cut beginnings, so far no dead ends. Tracy J. Hamilton Make the best of what is yours but don ' t waste vour time wisiiing for what is not. Todd A. Hanna Tennessee This above all: to thine own self be true; thou canst not then be false to any man. 34 Ateque Haque Almost anything vou do will be insignificant, but it is very impor- tant that vou do it. — Candhi Patricia Ann Hannon Pattie Life is more beautiful when shared with a friend. Richard Hanson Dick They can change their minds but they can ' t change me — I ' ve got a dream. — Croce Anne Marie Haynes Give your love, for a heart with- out love is song without word and a tune to which no one is istening. Timothy P. Harrington Tim The door is open, but the ride, it ain ' t free. — Spnngsteen Darrin L. Hawkins 35 Michael Healy Take it as it comes; don ' t move too fast. Well, you want your love to last; you ' re movin ' much too fast. Joseph D. Hebert Christof Heinrich Chris To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die. Sean Herlihy Herls All the world ' s indeed a stage and we are merely players. Carolyn Hickey Time is not measured b ' the pass- mg of the years, but by what one does, what one feels and what one achieves. Michael J. Hertz Christina E. Hill Chrissy The snow turned into ram 36 Carl F. Holman, jr. Jabbar The door ' s open but the ride ain ' t tree- I 1 Tracey E. Horan Alison M. Hills Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to vour own. Yong-Joon Hong Susanne R. Houston Susy Give the world a laugh and smile; show that world you ' ve got style! Kenneth G. Howell Life has just started, so don ' t give up now! Maureen E. Houle Moe This old world keeps spinning round. It ' s a wonder tall trees ain ' t laying down. Comes a time. David J. Howell 1 will choose our purpose here; I will choose free will. — Rush 37 Mary E. Hurst Live everyday to its fullest, for ev eryday is a new beginning. Michael W. Jack Scott Jacobsen Jake Only time will tell Michael David James No bird soars too high it he soars with his own wings. David O. Johnson DJ I ' m just a player and this is the show. — Outlaws Jeff Jones 38 Daniel L. Keene Dan Li ' e close to the edge, but far from the end. iiV ' Eric D. Kennaugh Maura C. Kane No one can see inside of me; thev only see what is in their own fancy. — Kinks Amy Kelley A beautiful time might pass very quickly but memories will live forever. Picture Missing Phil Kicelemos For all you do, those of you who didn ' t make it, this one ' s for you. Holly Kim The important thing isn ' t belong- ings but belonging! Scott L. Kessler Footprints in the sands of time are never made by sitting down. Peter A. Killian Petes How should I know? 1 just live here. 39 . m Soo M. Kim There is no beauty so great as beauU ' shared. A Terry Ann Klee The journey, not the arrival, mat ters. Laurie E. King And now these three remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. — 1 Cor. 13:13 Kevin E. Kostro Let It be. Beatles 50K to Debra Lee Kough Butwheat Here I am on the road again; there I go, turn the page. — Seager Daniel Krason Flow river, flow; Let your waters wash down; Take me from my home To some other town. Paohua Kuo It doesn ' t hurt to be optimistic ■ you can always crv ' later. 40 ■ John G. Laighton Jacquelyn A. Lane Be vourselt. Who else is better quaiitied! " ' aa« Kenneth Kyzer Kyz Somewhere out on that horizon 1 know there must be something better. — Eagles Molly Russell Laird They that have roses, shall not want bread. — Parker Brian Lauzon Swallow all vour tears, my love; put on vour new face; vou can ' t win or lose if you don ' t run the Mark R. LeBel Drome Take vour time; don ' t live too fast; triiubles will come and thev will Janet Larkin Love not what vou are but only what vou may become. Sean Leary Man was not made for defeat — he mav be destroyed but never defeated. 41 Laura L. Leone Chip Linton We need someone, something new — something else to get us through. — Morrison Jennifer Longey Jenny All the great people are dving. don ' t feel so good myself. Todd A. Lorenz Disco 1 dream of the future and good times gone past, friends long re- membered and memories that last. Shelby E. Lowe Shell Do it with style. Edward C. Lowry Ted You gotta be yourself; do it wel and do it unique. 42 Thomas J. Lukacz Luke Wasn ' t tomorrow vvonderfuP Theresa Anne Ludden Singen ist leben — To sing is to he. Jose F. Lugo, Jr. Sing away sorrow; castaway care. — Cervantes James Francis MacDonald Not fare well, but tare forward, voyagers. Carter Lyman Zeppo The art of living is to en|oy a lot and to endure just as much. Linda Dawn Macaulay When you remember me, if you remember me, where ever you go, my love goes with. 43 " r 5» Philip J. MacGovern Phil Being dead don ' t hurt; no — only dying. — Beatles Tammy L. MacLeod T, Panky The past is to remember The present is now; think about it- The future is onlv what we make it. Sharon Arlene MacLeod Sha Live each day to the fullest for time steals away each day and all that ' s left are the memori es. Afshan Mahmoodi Life ' s an arrow; you must know the mark to aim at, how to use the bow; have it to the head — let go! Kai Weil seewt Picture Missing Brian Mahoney Let the music do the talking Sean Maloney Benjamin H. Malcolm Male I ' m |ust beginning to see, now I ' m on my way. It doesn ' t matter to me, chasing the clouds away. Christopher W. Manhoff It ' s much easier to ride the horse in the directum he ' s going. Ifvoi impj 44 Karen Marie Marshall Ride along the winds of time and see where you have been, — Moody Blues Mark A. Maslanka Our destmahon is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things. V Denise McDonough He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much. Colleen Merna Bean The path is straight, deep and wide; break on through to the other side. — Doors Mary Elizabeth McPadden Mary Beth The screen door slams; Mary ' s dress waves — a vision, sne dances across the porch as the radio plays. Matthew B. Merod Matt Uuhhh . , Ask Craig. Uenise Kay Milacci Memories mav be beautiful and yet, what ' s too painful to remem- ber, we simply choose to forget. Jerri E. Miller Lite is only what vou make of it, so make the verses rhyme and all the pieces fit. — Kinks Matthew Evan Miller Matt The other line always moves faster. Paul Richmond Miller Lop Ever) ' day we make it; we ' ll make it the best we can. — Daniel Cynthia Moore Cindy What is essential is iin isifije to the eye. 46 Gayle Moriner Too Short Susan J. Morrow You can drtMin but vou can never go back the way vou came. Kenneth A. Morehouse Ken Winter, spring, summer or tall, all you have to do is call, cause you nave a friend. — Tavlor Scott Morris Jeanette Eileen Moscone Jan ' ou truly appreciate what you have in lite when vou lose it, for absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kristen L. Murphy (S) Murph To be happy ourselves is the most effectual contribution to the happiness of others. Julie Ann Morse Onlv time will tell. Arthur L. Murphy Murph Somebodv ' s said: Fair warning! Lord strike that poor bov down. 47 Steven Murphy Murph In this great future vou can ' t forget your past. — Marley David F. Nadwairski Dave E er - generation must be as free to act for itself as the ages and generations which precede it. — Paine William Murphy Bill All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost. — Tolkien Michael S. Nagy B.C. Off on your way; hit the open road; there ' s magic at your fin- gers. — Rush Ultin tall Craig E. Nelson Egg Uuhhh Ask Matt. Juliana E. Newton Jules It ' s so nice to be insane; no one asks you to explain. DoD ' t 48 Wendy J. Nohmer En|oy each day and the people in it. For time passes swiftly as do they. William J. Nickerson Bill Getting out is more confusing than being in. Lisa Noble I will choose a path that ' s clear; 1 will choose free will. — Rush Stephanie Norton Don ' t you ever lower yourself, forgettmg your standards. Pat O ' Grady Joe Bob All of the seasons and all ot the days, all of the reasons why I ' ve wanted to say ... so long! Kerry O ' Donoghue Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is to you. 49 Karen Michele Page No vegettiblt ' grows in vain. — Priestley Lauren Amanda O ' Regan Alwdvs leave them laughing when you say good-bye. Eric Paige Spud California sunlight, sweet Calcut- ta rain, Honolulu starbright — the song remains the same. — Led Zep Krista Marie Papas We ' ve seen some changes but it ' s getting better all the time; there ' s nothing you and I can ' t do. Michelle Paradise And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. — Beatles Sheryl A. Perry That which is ditticult to endure ma be sweet to remember 50 Lauren Elisabeth Pfluke I ' m as f rt-c as a bird now And this bird vou cannot cage. — Lynyrd Skynyrd ■ m- ' Charles R. Pinnell Lori A. Peterson Life is tor Ining, lakers never giving. — The Who Kevin M. Philbin If vou love something, set it free; If it doesn ' t come back to you, hunt it down and kill it. Joyce Poklemba Fortune is a prize to be won Adventure is the road to it Chance is what lurks in the sha dows. Anya Puri Don ' t let the tears linger on inside now, because it ' s sure time you gained control. Suzanne P. Plummer Everybody sees what you appear to be; few make out what you real- ly are. Lisa Anne Powers Run for the roses. 51 V V I Maria Quadri Take your time . . . don ' t live too fast; troubles will come and they will pass. Jean C. Quinn eannie Shower the people vou love with love; show them the wav vou feel. Heather Quinn Those move easiest, who have learned to dance. — Pope Stephen J. Raso Take vour tmie; don ' t live too fast; troubles will come and thev will pass. — Skynvrd Tcb tomi Christine L. Reeves Chris It ' s the laughter we will remem- ber, whenever we remember the way we were. Marybeth Renaccio It seems like the end, and vet it i only the beginning. Ronald R. Reeves, Jr. Ron I lappv trails to vou until we meet again. Steven C. Reynolds 52 y Shana E. Riley Shanus Never criticize another ' s point of view; there are no wrong opin- ions. Mark Roder Why run any longer when you ' re running in vain; you can have the truth but you must choose it. Scott Riddle Ritz To be what you are to become what you are capable of be- coming. — Spinoza Lynda J. Robinson Ling If you can imagine it, vou can achieve it; if vou can dream it, you can become it. Laurie A. Rowe Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Jane Elizabeth Rusconi Do not look tor the purpose. Think of the way we came and be a little proud. Susan Lee Romeo Sue When love is great, there is no need for words for even in silence love is heard. Patrick D. Runk 53 George Sabbey Fighting soldiers from the sky, fearless men who jurnp and die — Ballad of the CTreen Beret Ikuko Saeki The sun will come out tomorrow, so you gotta ' hang on till tomor- row come what may. Carolyn Haines Salsgiver Lyn You realize you ' re not the only one trying to make some sense of it. — Spht Enz KenT It is a lone way to the top, when you gotta rock! Dawnne T. Santos Shortis To dream now is to dream forever. Daniel J. Sandman Dan Don ' t give me no hand-me-down- world — I ' ve got one already. Karen Sawyer Never wait or hesitate: get in, kid, before it ' s too late; you ma ' not get another chance. 54 Picture Missing Wayne T. Scire Michael D. Sharp Matthew Sexton Matt I said get out of your grave ' cause It ' s time tor you and me to face reality. — Hendrix Christine Seward It IS only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Thomas P. Shimkus Looking back it seems so strange. Kriss Shriver Give me wine, women, whiskey, and rock ' n ' roll, and let me sleep my days away. Richard Shuppert 55 Susan Elizabeth Shutt Sue There are three things that remain — faith, hope, and love — the greatest of these is love. — 1 Cor. 13:13 Kristin Lynn Slusser Things are as they are until you decide to change them. Jeffrey J. Simes Jeff School is over but life has just begun. Allan H. Smillie Smiles Happiness is nothing if if is not known, and very little if it is not envied. (iesi( Peter Smith To live with grace, to ride the swell, to yet be strong of will. Mark E. Somerville Spork Savini; m nione dreaming of glorv ' , , twitching like a finger on a trigger of a gun. — Simon Steven Snyder Jusl act like vou know what you ' re doing. Jessica L. Spann Forget vour kisl lor the rich man ' s gold; all that vou need is in your soul. ive; KOI me! 56 David C. Spratt Pooh-Bear He who loses money, loses much he who loses a friend, loses more Susan Steele Time passes; people change, but memories never die. Bryan A. Spinney Spinner Be life long or short, its complete- ness depends on what it was lived for. Sheryl A. Spratt I may run fast. I may run slow but there is one way 1 never run — alone. Andrea G. Stern Anne I have seen the sun that ' s behind the rain; I have felt the joy that ' s behind the pain — Chapin Caryn Elise Stires If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we? Could we? Tracey A. Steele Seasons change with the scenery, weaving time is a tapestry — won ' t you stop and remeniber me? Dan Stern Watch the police and the taxmen miss me — I ' m mobile. 57 Laura Stone Stoney I mav be crazy but I ' m alright — just fiving everv ' day like a Satur- day night. Sonia A. Straker Sharon Summers The galleries of our Ines are tilled with painted memories and sketches of what is to come. Them Sinead Sweeney Friendship always benefits; love sometimes injures. Krista A. Tabaczynski Kris Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. David R. Taylor Heti lea 58 Marcelo Teixeira VVIicn the pi ' iipk ' living in the world agree, there will be an an- swer. — Beatles Ngoc Nguyen Thai The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep ana miles to go before I sleep. Jens-Peter Teagan Jens The mass of men lead lives of quiet desparation. Khang Thai Ken Next to acquiring good friends the best acquisition is that of good books. William J. Tighe Eric G.P. Thomsin Het maakt niet uit om met errste te zyn, maar wees nooit de laatse. Margaret L. Thorp Live not for the past or for the future, but only for the present. 59 9 Todd Toler Zepp Most men employ the earlier part of life to make the other part mis- erable. Tien Tran Is this a road that has no end? or will we find our hopes, our dreams, around the bend? Kenneth J. Totas There ' s a reason for all that rhymes; it ' s the fact and the way of times. — Kansas J. Gregory Treacy Knowledge is the key to everlast- ing pleasure. Xott vovie Picture Missing P Tracy Troupe I could go east; I could go west; it was all up to me to decide. — Seger Sharon Van Dolman Sail on. Silver Girl; sail on bv; your time has come to shine; all your dreams are on their wav. Krista Marie Turner Kweit I ' ve laughed and I ' ve cried and I don ' t know why, but I still love the good time gone by. Connie Van Kleef Lingi Flv on vour wav, like an eagle. Fly as high as the sun. — Iron Maiden You 60 Lynda A. Viviano Bean Drifting in a sea ot old heartbreaks in a lifeboat heading for the one you love. Inge Barbara Vervoort Ing Not fare well, but fare forward, voyagers. — Ehot Lisa Vingerhoet I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world. Adam Weare Forget about the past, Baby; things ain ' t what they used to be; keep straight ahead. — Hendrix Jeff Walker You don ' t know what it ' s like to win until vou have lost. David V. Watkins Watty While getting old, onlv look back on your past as a reference of what was; the future holds hope. 61 Daniel A. Wells Mark Wessel Hold fast to dreams tor if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. V U Scott Wells Support your brother in his time of need whether he be just or un- just. Caroline West Westy Be always as cheerful as ever you can, for few will delight in a sor- rowful man. — Tupper Ifctl t«hiii( Matthew West He that loses his conscience has nothing left that is worth keeping. Kurt Wetzell We grow neither better nor worse as we grow old, but more like ourselves. y Susan West It ain ' t easy living like you wanna ' — it ' s so hard to find peace of mind. — Aerosmith Wendy Lee Wiley 1 kimw ]us| w hrn (o t.Uf the truth and then 1 know |ust when to dream 62 Tom Williamson Zack Train keptroll ' n all night long and I ' m on it! Later, A - Karen M. Winchester This has been my tantasy, now here it is reality. Jeanne M. Williams What lies before us and what lies behind us are tinv matters com- pared to what lies within us. James P. Winchester Jim We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again so take it easy. Donna J. Winroth Future ' s knocking at t)ur door. Take your time and choose the road you want; opportunities are yours. Kimberly Withrow Kimbi What are you thinking Nancy Winnett You ' ve got one life to live so live it ively Cliff j positively. Paul Wisner When you reach the top, prepare yourself for the fall. You re gon- na ' fall It ' s almost predictable. 63 Picture Missing Jill E. Wood Kinky hair and dark complextion do not alter nature ' s claim. For perfection dwells in black and white. Scott Wright Brian Yeuell One man can make a difference and every man should trv. — Kennedy Edward L. York, II Ted In my belief you cannot deal with the most serious things in the world unless vou also understand the most amusing. — Churchill Katrina M. Zaccardo Wenis Beaner You can sa ' 1 want to be free; 1 can sav someda ' will be. — Tavlor i Katherine M. Zaborowski Kate Ihink I ' ll pack it and buy a pick up 64 Senior Class Officers Officers (1-r): Knsten Murphy, Susy Houston, David Watkins, Caryn Stires Late Additions Carolyn Sheehan Pamela Hicks Jennifer Pfau 65 W ' DAVID ANTHONY PALAZINI Withacheery smile and a wave of hand . . . he has wandered into an unknown land . . . and left us dreaming how very fair ... it needs must be, since he lingers there ... so think of him faring on, as dear ... in the love of There as the love of Here . . . think of him still as the same . . . — James Whitcomb Riley DAVID ANDREW HART " Harty " Only those who risk going too far can possibly find how far they can go. MATTHEW BENJAMIN 3 eoi unt ores men 67 Juniors Class of 1985 junior Officers: (L-R) Secretary Gary Walsh, Vice President Maura O ' Brien, President Sean Walsh, Treasurer Victor Srethabhakti. Row 1 : S. Bonk, J. Browne, S. Campbell, S. Burowski, T. Campbell; Row 2: C. Brannon, S. Bonica, L. Burns, K. Buliwinkel; Row 3: S. Brentzel, S. Campbell, J. Branon, S. Brown; Row 4: G. Browne, B. Call, D. Broseus; Row 5: B. Carley, 8. Bulloch, C. Braithwaite. 68 Row 1 ; H. Baird, L. Au- stin, K. Blunk, L. Bickoff, L. Arabia: Row 2: G. Boccadoro, B. Berrigan, S. Aaron, M. Belliveau; Row 3: E. Alusic, R. Ber- rigan, J. Biron, B. Bar- nicle; Row 4: ). Ailing, M. Antonelli, S. Blaker, P. Bennett; Row 5: A. Appleton, j. Bochenek, R. Ballou. Row 1 : M. Coxen, K. Cvitkovoch, C. Corr; Row 2; M.Clark, P. Cur- ley, R. Collins; Row 3: E. Cronin, E. Christensen, D. Darby: Row 4: G. Pasanen, W. Costello, G. Boccadoro, A. Davis; Row5: S. Colby, M.Col- Imer, S. Clarke, M. Antonelli. Row 1 : (L-R) D. Douglas, M. Evans, C.S. Dietrich, I. Elder; Row 2: D. Douvris, R. Dow, M. Devivo, I. Ells; Row 3: S. Donnelly, M. Edry, S. Downing, M. Dezzani; Row 4: G. Dietrich, M. Dunphy, J. Doran, P. Downing; Row 5: M. Dow, M. Duhamel, L. Edmonds, J. Dunlap, D. Edmunds. Row 1 : L. Fleischmann, D. Foley, C. Fitzgerald, S. George, J. Ferguson; Row 2: C. Flockton, D. Cilberti, K. Finneran; Row 3; S. Gardner, T. Farrell, ). Gianetto, M. Evans; Row 4: P. For- syth, L. Flerra, E. Gal- lagher, S. Gaebel; Row 5: H. Garran, A. Caeta- no, H. Feener; Row 6: M. Caydeski, S. God- bout, L. Giattino. Row 1 : A. Gringeri; Row 2; BJ. Holt, C. Ventola, L. Bickoff, K. Higgins; Row 3: L. Bauer, J. Cuazzo, B. Himmel- stein,C. Cordon; Row 4: M. Harrigan, M. Hodges, S. Howe; Row 5: T. Connell, A. Guay, A. Harrington, C. Her- mann; Row 6: K. Hil- berg, S. Galley, J. Hohenemser, T. Hein- rich. Row 1 : C. Labidini, S, Jones, L. Ludivico, A Kelly; Row 2: M Koenig, F. Berg, M. Jeri- nic, C. Kulsick; Row 3 N. Kieth,S. Kelly, J. Kin- zie, C. lanelli; Row 4: P Kelly, D. Huber, B Karwin; Row 5: A. Jenk- ins, D. Kosicki, S. Ken- drick; Row 6: P. Lana han, M. Kildevaeld, T Keane; Row 7: C. Vento la, D, Meyer, C. Ker rigan. Row 1 ; (L-R) 8. Lugo, E Mann, L. Luke; Row 2 R. Malnati, S. Lane, K Malakian; Row 3: S Loewenguth, K. Lynch M. MacLeod, J. Lehman Row 4: P. Larocca, M Martin, T. Mackey, R Malhotra; Row 5: T. Let shaw, ). Lancia, K. Mac Cabe. Row 1: S. O ' Meara, L. Neri, E. Dietz; Row 2: S. Nelson, E. Palmer, T. Nessman, A. O ' Mara; Row 3: M. O ' Brien, K. Oldenburg, L. Nelson; Row4:E.Orcutt;Row5: C. Pierce, C. Pasanen, R. Malnati, K. O ' Neill; Row 6: C. Lauzon, ). Nordstrom, T. Mar- chant, B. Parquet. 70 Row 1; T. Millett, C Merrill ; Row 2 : A Merther, D. Meyers, D Mason, H. McElroy Row 3: M. Mulbarger, B Morgan, K. Murphy Row 4: K. Meieedy, L Monsen, S. MIeziva Row 5: M. Monahan, M. MItrano, |. Megan; Row 6: R. Ballou, M. Martin, D. Harrington, M. Mag- liozzi. Row 1 : A. Poppert, D. Randon; Row 2: M. Rehnborg, D. Philbin, S. Pierson; Row 3: D. Phil- lips, ). Pinto, A. Potts; Row 4: M. Raso, D. Pet- rocchi, B. Priest, E. Rakauskas; Row 5: R. Powell, ). Powers, K. Prescott, E. Redard; Row 6: C. Reedy, K. Pink, K. Rand. Row1:(L-R)J. Rutledge, K. Shubert, A. Sgobbo, K. Rose; Row 2: |. Rosenteld, P. Resor, L. Smith,]. Rosenteld; Row 3: K. Rowse, ). Rinaldi, C. Simeone; Row 4: F. Robinson, ). Riddle, S. Senatore: Row 5: T. Rotolante, D. Reynolds, L. Ricci, D. Seifer. Row 1 : A. Toth, ). Stokes, D. St. Lawrence; Row 2: V. Srethabhakti, C. Summers, B. Soar, E. Torppa; Row .3: ). Varno, A. Tuffin, I. Theller, D. Spreen; Row 4: J. Snider, M. Smith, K. Valade, P. Maslanka. Row 1: K. Welch, M. Witmore; Row 2: R. Winfrey, G. Vogel, L. Volzke, H. Wolf;Row3: D. Wright, S. Williams; Row 4: C. Wilkins, B. Wieher, E, Walther, K. Wollam;Row5:B.Wes- piser, B. Mayor, C. Ven- tola, P. Weber; Row 6: D. Weier, C. Warren, J. Varno, S. Walsh. 71 Sophomores Class of 1986 Sophomore Officers: (L-R) Treasurer Colieen Conroy, President Erin O ' Brien, Secretary Sally Northrop, Vice President Shana Smith. Row 1 ; K. Barnicle, C Ashmore, N. Austin, W Bettercourl; Row 2: A Baker, A. Beaudoin, C Bennett, E. Bishop; Row 3: E. Adamson, M. Ben nett, S. Beveridge, S Baker; Row 4: G Booma, T. Anderson, C Batman, A. Bodendorf Row 5: B. Bochenek, L Brown, T. Birsinger, | Barrasso. M 1 foit llBfH " . Row 1 : L. Brown, S. Hedlund, L. Myers, N. Brooks; Row 2: T. Bow- er, G. Carney, K. Clasby; Row 3: I. DiPrizito, C. Brunell, B. Calhoun, C. Capra; Row 4: D. Bur- rows, T. Browne, H. Cig- notti, E. Cady; Row 5: M. Ceglowski, D. Carl- man, B. Brandon, D. Ferguson, j. Brown, S. Brunell ; Row 6; ). Bridge, P. Cheney, C. Chapman, M. Bruce. 72 Row 1 : C. Conroy, j Connors, T. Daigle, L Connor; Row 2: C Coumou, L. Cramer, N Cochin, K. Orso, ). Wor folk, C. Lynch; Row 3; | Constantine, K. Cue caro, K. Connolly, K Gould, C. Johnston Row 4: R. Davis, M Filippini, K. Fligg, G Dennison; Row 5: B DiLorenzo, S. Florio, | Lavoie, C. Cormier; Row 6: S. Coyne, C. Cormier Row 7;T. DeChellis, D Disciullo, J. Diaz, E Coffey, I. Dewey; Row 8: S. Defoe, C. Berg, K. Cool, K. Cooper. Rowl:(L-R)J. Lavoie, K. Fligg, M. Filippini; Row 2: C. Conroy, L. Kramer, S. Florio, D. Edry; Row 3: P. Flynn, B. Fowler, A. Forbes, ). Dowries; Row 4: J. Dormer, S. Fla- nagan, T. Faber, D. Eira- nova; Row 5: W. McClellan, S. Driscoll, L. Faria, S. Ells, D. Edmunds; Row 6: K. Doughty, K. FInkel, C. Fahton, B. Evans, M. Fiedler, A. Dreier. Row 1: G. Coller, C. Gargas, M. Hawe, K. Culley; Row 2: D. Har- ris, D. Golberg, S. Hebert, H. Friend; Row 3: N. Gozzard, ). God- ley, S. Harrison; Row 4: G. Hadley, L. Gaydeski, ) . H a n n o n , K . Golembeski; Row 5: B. Glennon, R. Harris, El Granberg; Row 6: N. Harrington, R. Dolan, C. Gallo. Row 1 : E. Lopez, D. Lar- ter, G.T. Lilly, K. Kidd; Row 2: K. Krayer, R. Lane, T. Lewis, S. Laroc- ca, B. Lawton, C. Lock- ett; Row 3: ). Koeller, P. Kimball, B. King, T. Len- non, E. Linnane; Row 4: L. Kettell, S. Korde, D. Lee, S. Gately; Row 5: M. Quiet, S. Kilkenney, D. Lane, G. Lombardo, L. Labadini. Row 1:C. Kelly, R.Hult- strom, J. Kay, L. Huett- ner, E. Keaney, j. Jenk- ins; Row 2: C. Jacobsen, D. Huber, K. Ketl, S. Kennaugh; Row 3: B. Kastelein, j. Knox, B. Mehigan, D. Evin, D. Keith; Row 4: |. Durkin, K. McMannis, D. Mehi- gan, ). McNulty, S. Jones; Row 5: ). Herbst, D. Hymes, K. John, H. Hirsch, S. Hedlund; Row 6; S. Hills, M, Keogh, B. Martin, B. Hurst. vAason, K. ..iii i.-K,, V. . McKean; Row 2: M. Manning, S. Martin, K. McDough; Row i: B. Lyons, D. Luke, L. Marsh, R. McLean; Row 4: R. Mackey, D. Maxwell, i. Madison, S. MtBreen; Row 5: C. McAdam, |. Meagher, M. Malnali. Row 1: ]. Nau, R. Mos- chetti; Row 2: |. Mon- roe, M. Nau, D. Mul- barger; Row 3: L. Mit- telholer, J. Mills, S. Northrop, S. Morey; Row 4: G. Nazarian, D. Moller, R. Murphy, R. Nott; Row 5: M. Millet, D. Mushen, Row 1: C. Mischel, P. Olio, R. Puri, L Paskavitz; Row2:E. Pierson, LShaef- fer, E. Stuman, L. Myers, |. Norton; Row 3: E. Peter- son, M. Pelletier, M. Oliveto, K. Riley; Row 4: J. Perkins, I. O ' Connell, J. Pinto, C. Patrick, M. O ' Rell; Row 5: C. Pishko, S. Florio, K. Johnston, K. Orso; Row 6: P. Portante, P. Pearson, A. Morgan; Row 7; D. Pino, N. Parris, D. Pinkham, M. Page. 74 Row 1 : D. Putonen, M. Quiet, D, Robbins; Row 2: D. Schmidt, L. Rior- don, H . Reichert; Row 3 ; J. Stuart, J. Perkins, M. Tuffin; Row 4: R, Rosen- field, M. Rotondo, S. Sandman, K. Quimby Row S: S. Schafer, C Schmidt, R. Murphy, B Sanders; Row 6: P. Nau E. O ' Brien, E. Rusconi S. Robinson; Row 7: | Rogers, B. Reeves, S White, W. Roberts; Row 8: J. Murray, C. Wood, E. Schwartzman, D. Ridley. Row 1:(L-R) I. Thornton, M. Spinney, M. Yang, S. Smith; Row 2; M. Tuffin, J. Stewart, J. Perkins, M. Smith; Row 3: S. Shel- ton, M. Pelletier, A, Swerdloff, L. Testa; Row 4: C. Spinelli, K. Stefan- o; Row 5; J. Steinmann, J. Treacy, E. Sohe, N. Spurr; Row 6: C. Shear- er, C. Stover, A. Tamsett, L. Scriven; Row 7: A. Sorkin, C. Stires. Row 1: I.Wright, L.Willis, ). West;Row2:C. Virball, j. Winfrey, C. Volkmann; Row 3: M. Pelletier, K. Vinal, M. Widmayer; Row 4: S. Weber, S. Shelton, |. Stewart, S. Vrablik; Row 5; H. Yates, L. Wu, M. Tuffin, M. Smith, J. Per- kins; Row 6: S. Watkins, M. Quiet, C. Wilson, W. Ware, 1. Worfolk. HaBmaB¥ JiHii!jsaa 5sa £- Occupational Development Program Row 1 : C. Cilligan, L. Bryant, L. Brown, D. Ray, V. Whitaker; Row 2: Mrs. Chadeayne, B. Yenell, T. Storment, Mrs. Lane. 75 Freshmen Class of 1987 Freshmen Officers: (L-R) Secretary Phillip Oettinger, Treasurer Devin Golden, Vice President Deidre McHugh, President Carolyn Hanson. Row 1: ). Abbott, S. Bart- lett, S. Beatteay, K. Beard- sley: Row 2; E. Benson, ). Beaudoin, M. Blake; Row 3: ). Beniamin, C. Ander- son, D. Babcock, D. Blaker; Row 4: S. Anestis, D. Bielski, J. Antonelli, C. Beers; Row 5: j. Backus, C. Bankert, K. Argento, j. Barns; Row 6: J. Atkins, T. Bersani, R. Aaronson, M. Burke. Row 1; D. Chase, A. Calhoun, L. Ciorciari; Row 2; L. Chang, N. Caiaza, M. Buxton, R. Callahan; Row 3: M. Caldararo, ). Bruce, J. Bortz; Row 4: D. Bus- se, S. Carson, K. Chiang, S. Campbell; Row 5: C. Brunnick, S. Clarke, ). Clever, T. Bourke, J. Cloutier; Row 6: M. Broenland, D. Evin, M. Carperter. 76 Row 1 : A. Coppola, K. Daley, M. Cooper; Row 2: C. Diemart, M. Dawson; Row 3: M. Dirstine, J. Cunningham, S. De- Master; Row 4: A. Davis, D. Collms, T. Dale; Row 5: C. Cronin, T. Dhar, L. Coughlin, C. Conroy; Row 6: A. Colwell, D. Darby, R. DiNapoh, C. Denn- ison. Row 1: (L-R) B. Ericson S. Donahue, K. English Row 2: M. Ellis, ). Dun lop, ). Eiranova, T. Evin Row 3 : S. Finn, ) Drowns, J. Ellis, A Easterday; Row 4: L Evans, A. Eldridge, J Fairbrother, A. Ells; Row 5: I. Dunphy, M. Faher- ty, P. Faria. Row 1 : J. Fleischmann, M. George, J. Fuller, L. Gerhardt, T. Glenn; Row 2: C. Goodrich, N. Grondstra; Row 3; M. Grolnic, M. Gozzard, ). Civens; Row 4: P. Flana- gan, B. Golando, P. Fletcher, B. Gershon; Row 5; K. Gormley, H. Groener, A. Garmon, D. Grallert; Row 6: M. Cogelgren, D. Golden, T- Garrity, S. Freeman. Row 1 : J. Hodges, C. Hammell, M. Hunt- work; Row 2: S. Gunder- son, S. Hill, J. Heim- bach, E. Hultstrom; Row 3: K. Hembrough, S. Hurd, D. Guay, ). Har- lem, j. Hurd; Row 4: K. Hebert, N. Caiazza, M. Giroppi, K. HursI; Row 5: T. Hanna, C. Hanson, C. Harris, M. Bush; Row 6: S. Humphries, CI Houle, K. Hudak, G. Hadley. Row 1 : C. Armstead, F. Keogh; Row 2: M. Kos- tlch, K. Knowlton, K. Kraemer, L. Kelley; Row 3: J. Emerson, C. lames, M. Kasvinsky, R. )ohs- ton; Row 4: R. Gilberti, S. )ensen, K. Kendal, S. Kilty, H. Kim; Row 5: ). Kadlec, C. Jones, ). jacobsen, A. )ones; Row 6: K. Kivimaki, S. Kelley, K. Kenneson C. Kessler; Row 7: G. Kane, D. lanelli, B. lohnson. Row 1 : (L-R) G. Lavely, S. Litzenburg, B. Lukacz; Row 2: R. Lopez, T. Lewis, R. Kulsick; Row 3: ). Lee, P. Lowry, A. Lofgren; Row 4: M. Norton, M. Doerf- ler, E. Krusen, J. Ludovico; Row 5: P. Lucas, J. Lewis, L. Levansaler, S. Larson; Row 6: C. Zeggat, ). Lafors, M. Lord, J. Leonhardt; Row 7: P. Lan- cia, D. Leonard, C. Ling- amfelter, C. Lorenzetti. Row 1: E. Manchester, C. Mason, S. Mackey; C. Brewer; Row 2; B. Mann, |. Madsen, ). Mc- Donald, P. McGovern; Row i: T. MacDonald, D. McDonoiigh, S, Merth- er, S. MMcWalter, M. Martin; Row 4: T. Mc- Donald, K. Lyons, D. McElroy, ). McCarthy; Row 5: B. Marshall, D. Maxwell, P. McKnight, T. Lyman; Row 6: P. MacDonald, D. Mc- Hugh, A. McCuiness. Row 1; N. Newman, S. Melzger, C. Miller; Row 2: 1. Ogden, C. Noret; Row 3 : P. Oettinger, P. Maroney; Row 4: H. Nordstrom. L. Moriner, T. Murphy, K. Miller; Row 5: D. Neff, J. Micherson, P. O ' Brien, M. Motyka, S. Morgan; Row 6: L. Micha- lowicz, M. Nau, K. Mur- phy, Y. Miguel. 78 Row 1 : B. Oman, C. Puzella, I. Owen; Row 2: T. O ' Neil, C O ' Rourke, L. Progin, B Pitcher, K. Price, A Patil:Row3:J.OIsen, S Piltorino, ). Quinn, E O ' Halloran; Row 4; S Paradise, S. Oliveto, K Polsonetti, S. Radford; Row 5: R. Potter, M. O ' Neil. ?ow 1 : (L-R) C. Rooks, C. ivenburg, C. Rand, R. ossignol; Row 2: S. Rog- ?rs, K. Rasmussen, A. Robertson, K. Resor; Row i: E. Reardon, K. Random, j. Richards: Row 4: R. ?eed, S. Roth, E. Reetz, K Roberts; Row 5 : M. Borneo, P. Renaccio, |. to we. Row 1 : T. Sher, M. Simon, D. Simeone, A. Fulf; Row 2: K. Shea, S. Scully, S. Bartletl; Row 3: M. Smith, M. Ruth- ledge, L. Snelling, K Sires; row 4: j. Sneli, B Schneider, S. Smith Row 5: B. Soule, K Schultz, D. Salerna Row 6: M. Sliwa, B Sawyer, S. Sawyer, E Schneider; Row 7: D Smith, B. Shepard; Row 8: B, Shubert, K. Sing, S. Rubow. !ow 1: T. Tabaczynski, .. Tsao, I. Taylor; Row 2: .. Sullivan, L. Stuntz, T. iteinmann; Row 3: A. iteele, E. Stokes, D. aylor, D. Spurr; Row 4: .. Terris, K. Trainor, R. t. George; Row 5: S. " aylor, |. Springett, M. " ripoli; Row 6: A. Ten- ;an, D. Tighe, C. Vav- uska; Row 7: S. ' ichery. Row 1: L. Wise, M. Wil- son, J. Wisner, R. Viscar- iello; Row 2: D. Walsh, N. Zdenck, D. White- head, D. Wheeler; Row 3: K. Wiederholt, S. Wilson; Row 4: D. Yocom, S. Winroth, M. Willoughby, N. Young; Row 5: C. Witmore, N. Wishart, |. Walsh; Row 6: M. White, K. Wessel, E. Zdyb, A. Westphalen. tAciin ' ' 81 m " A o UK. K( )BLRT E. KESSLtR Superintendent MR. WILLIAM I. PETKLVVILH Director of Personnel and Pupil Services MK I K ' Nl is I kll n Vice Principal V - 1 5 s3 TnmglTailon DR. GARY C. BAKER Assistant Superintendent DR. LAWRENCE E. McNULTY Principal MR DONALD A WacLLOD Vice Principal 82 MARK ERHARTIC BETH McALDUFF NANCY COHEN lANICE ROSENBERG ■■0! r M - .! O. SHEILA LANE V i -I EVELYN CHADEAYNE : (( c I O WINSLOW SMITH Chairman •% ti ' gaBy IIM CIFFORD FRANK CALORE GUN GATWOOD AFS Advisor H i 1 GEORGE FROST Powderpuff Coach PAM LYNN Student Government Day Vi LAURA MORRISON Cheerleaders ' Advisor BOB BEAUREGARD AL SMITH .C. Baseball ( oac h 84 85 Counselling w. S Vi TOM CHRISTIE LINDA MURPHY ANNE THORNTON Career Planning HELEN VOLKMANN Student Council ANDY PALMER Chairman P f STEVE DONOVAN Coordinator of Special Education RUTH PROCTOR TEAM Counselor U BOB CLEVER Student Council Peer Counseling SADD DAN MADDEN Powderpuft Coach LAVONNE WRIGHT ALICE CASTELLINE Secretary 86 V ' r IILL COLPAK Librarian ' . .■■■■. DON GILBERTI Audio-Visual Media Director v MARCIA ALFIERI Speech and Language LLSA COLLINS ESL ANITA DODSON Reading Chairperson • ,j i: " HELEN RHODES Nurse KAREN COLLINS Nursery School I! A SARAH LAWTON Library Assistant 7 i ' i SUZANNE McGUIRE Library Secretary V 87 El r» lERRY McDonald .. i lOHN CHATEAUNEUF Student Announcers CARLA BROCKMEIER V: --[t£ CARLENE PHILLIPS LORRAINE LEWIS L 0 1 CONNIE CATANESE )IM LAMB ts NEIL MURPHY Chairman CAROL NU ALL 88 CATHY SHADD Spectrum ANN SORVARI PAUL McDERMOTT Freshmen Football Coach Girls ' Basketball Coach DAVID SNELSON JANE STARR Torch Sophomore Class Advisor Senior Talent Show DENNIS KAVANACH . J. DICK DOW )OEL ANTOLINI Track Coach Cross Country Coach v 89 m ROSEMARY BITZER o 1 ARMAND SWAIIAN BILL BETOURNEY Powderpuff Coach Vi V JOHN NACKE Powderpuff Coach CAROL MURPHREE t AKniLJK C.OODALL CATHY CAPONE PETER KEENAN 90 CHARLtb GITTINS )IM DADOLY Chairman EDCHOMKA 1 i- BILL BERNDT CHARLENE GOLDEN Aide BETTE |0 BETZ lOE MARASHIO Hockey Coach : 91 frp v DAN BOYLEN Girls ' Soccer 2 DARYL PRENDERGAST Volleyball ED LEARY Team Leader Football Coach BOB ASQUITH Girls ' Swimming : JOAN BRADLEY ISSY STEARNS Athletic Director Intramural Coordinator 92 e§ U ' C r- 4 m: BARBARA OLDENBURG GLADYS CADY DOT HARDING PAT HARAS I NANCY FARRAR SHIRLEY DAYTON Aide 93 lOAN FENSTLR » lUDY FISHMAN BOB MAHONEY V: - BILL NOETH junior Class Advisor Math Team Coach V GEORGE MUNROE TIM BUTLER PAUL YANSAK STEVE FOSTER Chairman MARGARET LONCO Intern 94 95 NANCY LANGONE International Club c s o V: PAT DiPILLO International Club CLAIRE DIX lOEAN DOHERTY Chairperson Torch KATHY RUSSELL Spring Track VIRGINIA SKINGER CAROLYN INMAN PAUL DAVIS Student Announcers 46 LORNA RUSH Spectrum DONNA bIMb MARY lANET PAISLEY Team Leader GERRY DUGCAN Work Study Coordinator Freshman Class Advisor KEVIN KANE Soccer Coach RtCORDS KENEE COUNIMAN MARY CASEY KAV GAIts J) 97 O-A p Girls ' Swimming: Row (l-r) M. Culmone, D.Tighr, K Mciiil.r..u , I l)unlj|),L ScKh, D Cha e, N. Zdenik, |. CIvens, T. Farwell. Row 2: M. Filipini, L. Shautter, B. Bochik, |. Norton, H. Hirsch, K. Riley W BorowskI, I. Urda, T. Lewis. Row 3: B. Morgan, S. Vandolman, M. MacLeod, S. Raftery, L. Munsen, K. Murphy, L. Brown, S. Romeo, L. Bauer, K. Riley, K. Valade, C. Reeves, Coach Asqulth, Co-Captains Stephanie Norton and Kristen Murphy, H V Wayland 55 28 Burlington 128 28 Bedford 111 61 Newton South 126 46 Latin 59 24 Lexington 129 43 Lincoln-Sudbury 124 47 Gardner 113 59 Winchester 62 21 Melrose 54 22 State Champs Again 100 Win State Championship bx; One B ;v..j.mww.w i.. i j. ' I ' .JU O f ft f f iff ikkl y Varsity Field Hockey: Row 1 (1-r); |. Flannery, |. Williams, M. Hammann, W, Nohmer. T, Bourgeois., L. Rowe. Row 2: M. O ' Brien, M. Smith, P. Maslanka, C. Perry, M. Harrigan, A. Sgobbo. Row 3: T. Pinnell, S. Marrey, L. Brown, E. Smith, S. Smith, Coach Calore, " ir H V Concord-Carlisle 3 Weston 1 Newton North 6 Lincoln-Sudbury Bedford 5 Newton North 5 Wayland 3 Concord-Carlisle 2 Weston Newton North 6 Lincoln-Sudbury 1 Bedford 2 1 Newton North 2 Wayland 2 Lexington 1 Arlington 1 Woburn 2 1 Walpole 1 Frontier Reg. 1 ' . - » ■ -ys - ' mS e i |V Field Hockey: Row 1 (l-r): C. Houle, C. Brannon, P. Thornton, K. Lynch, C. Conroy, H. Feener, Rowe, K, Huddk, S. Finn. Row2:C. DIemert, M. Ellis, S. Kessler, C, Kenneson, C. Polsinetti, |. Hoppe, C. FHarris, D. McKue. Row 3: I. Seiki, C. Stover, H. Groener, S, Litzenburg, C, Hanson, N- Causer, ). Wort ' olk, Coach Lane. ■ ■ ' to We ' re Still Kicking Varsity Girls ' Soccer: Row 1 (l-r): M. Quadri, S. Flerra, K. Dyer, K. O ' Donahue, D. Brentzel, S. Nyberg, A. Potts. Row 2: K. Connolly, L. Nelson, S. Williams, M. Hodges, K. Hilberg, N, Keith, |. Brown, P. Gallon, D. Huber, A. Beaudom, |. Herbst, Coach Boylen. Missing: Terry Klee H V Concord-Carlisle 3 Bedford 2 Lincoln-Sudbury 3 Newton South 1 Croton-Dunstable 3 Wayland 2 Weston 1 2 Concord-Carlisle 3 7 Bedford 2 1 Lincoln-Sudbury 7 Newton South 2 Croton-Dunstable 3 Wayland 4 Weston 2 Medway 1 Girls ' )V Soccer: Row 1 (l-r): C. Coumou, D. Maxwell, H. Feener, ). Mills, K. Gould, T Daigle, S. Oliveto, Diane, C. Hammell, Row 2: C. Lombardo, |, Hannon, L, Labadini, A Teagan, H. Cignotti, A. Morgan, M Martin, K. Huether, C- Brunnick, |. Leonhardt. Row 3: Coach Nyberg, R, Kulsick, M, Bruce, E. Cranberg, K. Golembeski, |. Leonhardt, B. Brandon, E. Keaney, A. Calhoun, R. Doughty. Loose State Championship by One Goal Boys ' Varsity Soccer: Row 1 (l-r): M. Miller, C. Treacy, M. Teixeira, W. Anzenburger, E. Bouvier, A. Cachman, M. Wessel, R. Hart, D. Darby, T. Iran. Row 2: Coach Kane, ). Madison, S. Colby, M. Ivanov, K. Slusser, D. Darby, D. Weier, T. Iran, T. Bouvier, N. Iran, K. Philbin, Coach Kapstad .•«v «.3 - 1 -•t «c: r " — ' •- , g H A Lexington-Christian 4 Concord 3 1 Bedford 2 Lincoln-Sudbury Newton South 2 Boston Latin 8 Wayland 1 I Weston 3 Concord Bedford Lincoln-Sudbury 2 Newton South 2 Boston Latin 8 Wayland 2 Weston 1 Division 1 Tourney Sommerville 2 Wakefield 1 Waltham 2 Lincoln-Sudbury 1 • overtime -i „.. Boys ' )V Soccer: Row 1 (l-r): D. Putonen, E, Peterson, S. Mliziva, M, Mjlndti, |. Stuart, G, Wood, S, Calely, D, Keith, Row 2: D. Edry, A. Forbes, S. )ones, C. Lauzon, A. Bodendorf, B. Kastelem, T, Birsmger, R, Malnati Row 3: T. Marchant, P. Keaney, D. Lee, E. Reddard, D. Evin, R. Lane, K. Whitfen, M, Ceglowski, Coach Kane, X t? ■ • ' " HK 20th in Eastern Mass. -: « A t Girls ' Varsity X-Counfry: Row 1 (l-r): |. RusconI, K. Cordon, L. Bonk, L- Salsgiver, B. Gorman Row 2: Coach Antonlini, E. Orcutt, S. Sandman, S. Bonk, E. Callagher, T. Rotolante, I Rosenfeld. Row 3: K. Roberts, D. Cuay, K. Miller, S. Morgan, K. Shuberl, S, Codley, A, Davis. H V Weston 19 47 Bedford 32 27 Boston-Latin 40 21 Wayland 00 00 Newton North 00 00 Lincoln-Sudbury 00 00 Concord-Carlisle 36 20 c • League Champs ioys ' Varsity X-Country: Row 1 (l-r): ). Dormer, N. Poser, M, Merod, E. Thomsin, D. ' aylor, M, Dow, S. Caebel, S, Mackey, A. Drier. Row 2; Coach Antolini, T. Wilson, D, Duhamel, M. Raso, T. Byron, K, Meleedy, W. Roberts. Row 3: |, Rosenleld, D. armen, R. McLean, S. Grace, T. Mackey, G. Simeone. « ;; isi • «-. ¥J ' HS i. H V Weston 22 33 Bedford 28 29 Boston Latin 20 38 Wayland 27 38 Newton South 16 47 Lincoln-Sudbury 25 31 Concord-Carlisle 22 33 Victory in Spirit ! ? J « 9$ i 7 ' :J0 l} ' i r md Varsity: (L-R) Row 1 : P. Parris, R. Holmdn, |. Bellamy, K. Kostrow, D. Johnson, |. Saganlch, C. Lyman, S. Leary, M. Maslanka, T. Harrington, M. Senatore, R. Douglas, T. Abare, C. Hadley, M. Brunnlck. Row 2: P. Veneria, P. Forsyth, K. Clasby, S. Downing, M. Veccioni, D. Broseus, R. Powell, D. Kosicki, B. Mayer, M. Norahan, |. Bochenek, D. Harrington. Row 3: R. Harris, A. Jacoby, M. Quiet, N. Harrington, J. Mitchell, B. Mehigan, M. Clark, |. Mahoney. H A Marlboro 17 Don Bosco 34 12 Concord-Carlisle 18 21 Bedford 28 7 Lincoln-Sudbury 14 26 Boston Latin 21 Wayland 14 23 Newton South 13 36 B.C. High 28 Maynard 7 10 mis i l ilrlir unior Varsity: Row 1 (l-r): S. Walbh, M. Mitrano, M. Magliuzzi, D. Wright, P. LaRoccd, T. Hembrow. Row 2: B. Dermody, S. Culley, C. Boomer, C. Gallo, |, Dowries, S, Flynn, S. Robinson. k ' low 3: B. Rubow, D. Hoppy, E, Pierson, |. Brtjwn, |. McNulty, R. Ballou, Freshmen: Row 1 (l-r); K. Shay, A. Petile, ). Montagna, D, Bussey, D. Roge, U, Nett, M. Carpenter. Row 2: E. Holstrom, C. Mahoney, S. Hill, T. Campbell, R. Gilberti, R. Lopez, D. Carrity, Row 3: Coach McDermott, E. Krusen, ). Ludovico, M. Faherty, B. Lukacz, ). Romeo, B. J Bullock, C. Lavely, P. MacDonald, Coach O ' Brien. - - • . Varsity Girls ' Basketball (L-R) Row 1: C. Reeves, T. Hamilton. Row 2: T. Connell, K. Gallant, S. Perry, T. Bourgeois, M. Hodges, S. Vandolman, M. McLeod, M. O ' Brien, G. Perry, K. O ' Donahue, Coach McDermott. Infant — Julie Gallant • ■ i % 112 Dribble to Second Place in DCL Junior Varsity Girls ' Basketball IL-R) Row 1; D. McHugh, N. Gozzard, S. Morey, S. Smith, |. Dalponte, D. Thornton. Row 2: K. Gallant, ]. Herbst, L. Gaydeski, I Rowe, C- Tedrow, T, Evin, D. Gralier, J, Leonhardt, M. Keough H A Hudson 50 25 North Andover 29 46 Wayland 40 29 Lowell 62 34 Wilmington Chelmsford 65 38 32 56 Lincoln-Sudbury 39 40 Boston Latm 41 35 Weston 54 32 Newton South 41 38 Concord Carlisle 54 30 Bedford 46 33 Wayland 40 25 Lincoln-Sudbury 40 48 Boston Latin 54 35 Weston 48 38 Newton South 44 28 Concord Carlisle 52 38 Bedford 55 45 D Boys ' Junior Varsity Basketball Team Roster: Coach lohn FLinnery, |ohn Conners, Deniz Evin, Mdrk Miliett, Ron McLean, John McNulty, Mike Smith, Mike Tuftin, Dan Busse, Tim Campbell, Matt Carpenter, Jody Dunphy, Dave Leonard, Brian Lukacz, Stuart Mackey, lohn Ronis Boys Basketball Team: Holy Name Worcester Bellerica Xaverian (Westwoodl Wayland Univ. of Lowell Invitational Lincoln-Sudbury Boston-Latin Weston Newton-South Concord-Carlisle Bedford Wayland Lincoln-Sudbury Boston-Latin Newton-South Concord-Carlisle Bedford All-Star Came Xaverian (Westwood) Outdunked to Next to Last Concord Carlisle Lincoln Sudbury Seekonk Leominster Newton South Weston Chelmsford Beverly Lexington Bedford Boston Latin Wayland Winchester H A 89 83 100 65 38 45 86 67 106 61 78 94 57 174 90 82 96 76 105 52 46 35 45 38 37 46 Boys ' Swimming IL-Rl Row 1, A. Field, M. fugelgren, M, BL-nnrtt, K ejilbuiti, D. Taylor, L. Stuntz, R. Shuppert; Row 2: A. Ellis, ). Copalmin, M. Bennett, E. Linnane, | Fairbrother, M. Crolnic; Row 3; Coach ). Johnson, D. Stern, A. Smilie, S. Flanagan, E. Page, P. O ' Grady mm y -r y Nw A X ■■■i Place Second in DCL Chelmsford Milford Stoneham Braintree Lexington Lincoln-Sudbury Wayland Lowell Algonquin Newton-South Bedford Concord-Carlisle Dan vers H 113.2 112.5 120.35 122.65 113.25 123.9 126.6 128.15 120.8 119.95 115.5 120.65 119.7 A 108 105.8 93.75 130.45 100.5 95.5 89.1 108.9 121.4 105.85 71.75 110.3 134.1 Gymnastics: Row 1 (l-r)Capt. S. Nyberg, Capt. K. Barton, Row2: N. Norton, E Kum uni, K krjver, C. Seward, R, Beardsley, R. Lowry, M. Coxin, P. Renaecio. Row 3: Coach Sandock, P. Lukas, B. lohnson, L. Brown, H. Nordstrom, K. Valade, B. Morgan, Coach DiTullio. Stretch to First Place in DCL Varsity: Row 1 (l-r) ). Alexander, B. Tighe, D. Hanson, Capt. A. Bachman, T. Toler, R. Reeves, S. lacobsen, S. Kessler, Coach Drisel, Coach Henry, Manager H. Wolf, |. Lancia, L. Squatrlto, M. Collmer, W. Lopez, T. Bouvier, D. Phillips, Manager D. Edmunds, Coach Marashio; Row 3: C. Cormier, R. Reeves, |. Rogers, E. Lopez, J. Barrasso, J. Downes, C. Patrick, S. White, F. Louder, G. Dennison, D. Spurr. Missing; K. Dyer. x H i Lowell 3 3 St. Peters 14 Lowell 1 Westboro 2 4 Boston Latin 2 3 Bedford 1 4 Newton South 5 2 Wayland 10 Concord Carlisle 5 8 Lincoln-Sudbury 1 1 Weston 5 2 Boston Latin 1 6 Westboro 3 Newton South 4 Wayland 5 Concord Carlisle 3 2 Lincoln Sudbury 5 1 Weston 13 1 St. Peters Bedford .- i] No Net Gains This Year mnmBP Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Team: Row 1 (L-R) S. Humphries., M. Howe, S. Campbell, |. O ' Crady, N. Spurr, S McBreen. Row 2: Coach Henry, C. Dennison, N.White, D, Golden, |. Borlz,|. Perkins, ), Snyder. Row.3;M Sliwa, D. Neff, B. St. Gorge, M. Gorge, P. Flanagan 121 " m e Downhill Ski Team: Row 1 (L-R) G. Hadley, D. Spreen, K. Cuccaso, N. Cochin, S. Fenn, |, Lehman, M. Wiley, |. Batkis, W. Nohmer, Row 2: Coach Nowokunski, D. Darby, |. Hadley, M, Kildivald, S. Paradise, K. Connely, E. Kennaugh, D. Darby, S. Campbell, T. Hadley, E. Music, P. McGovern, P. Fletcher, M. Mitrano, B. Wespiser, C. Harris, M. Cooper. Ski Team: j|j||Mi| ' H A Slalom " ■ ' " Cross-Country — Wayland Slalom Cross-Country — Lincoln Sudbury Slalom Cross-Country — Nashoba Reginal Slalom Cross-Country — Concord Carlisle Cross-Country — State Championships — Com- mington Slalom States — Mt. Wachusetts Slalom Easterns — Hunter Mt. . 3HT5 fr Cross-Country ski Team: Row 1 (L-R) A, Morgan, Coach NowokunskI, |. Taylor, Row 2; K. Royal, |. Bridge, S. Bonk, K, Coull, P. Resor, J. Rosenfelt, S. Kennaugh, E. Walther, A. Davis, C. Fanton, M. Cratz, C. Barnes, S. Aaron, |. Falk, B- Pappas, S Melezeva, D. Darby, T. Hanna, C. Lingumfelter, I Saekl, Downhill First In DCL, 123 M Boys ' Winter Track (L-R): Row 1 : Capt, R. Lippert, Capt. T. Abare; Row 2: E. Redard, S. Caebel, M. Dow, T. Cooney, S.Carson, E.Manchester, D. Spratt; Row 3; C. Helnrich, E. Thomsin, B. Barnicle, P. Whoriski, K. Meleedy, D. Sandman, K. Totas, D. St. Lawrence; Row 4: |. Dunlap, D. Gilberti, M. Raso, ). Biron, M, Merod, D. Duhamel, M. Ivanov, K. KivimarkI, D. Weier; Row 5: |. Gianetto, K. Schuiz, R. Mclnnis, R. Lopez, M. Cozzard, C. Rand, B. Fowler, A. Bodendorf; Row 6: M. Senator, D. Broseus, S. Leary, D. lohnson, |. Bochenek, Coach Fitzpatrick, Coach Antolini. Missing: E. Bouvier H A Lincoln Sudbury 40 46 Bishop Fenwick 57 28 Newton South 68 18 Marian 67 19 Boston Latin 46 41 Weston 4 1 44 Wayland 37 49 12th State Class Championships Harriers Pound the Boards to Second Place Girls ' Winter Track (L-R): Row 1: |. Williams, L. Luke, A, Kelly, S, Kessler, H. Reichart, M. Motyka, 1 Codley, L. Macaulay; Row 2; H, Craner, P. Cheney, L. Nelson, M. Harngan, C. Warren, R. Doughty, K. Miller; Row 3: M. Bush, J. Varno, E. Orcutt, T, Rotolante, E. Galagher, E, Grohe; Row 4: W. Drier, A. Davis, iK. Fleishmann, S. Spratt, S. Romeo, M. Leary, D. Guay, S. Morgan; Row 5: Asst. Coach Fltzpatnck, Coach Antolini f H A Lincoln Sucibury 55 30 Bishop Fenwick 37 49 Newton South 50 35 Marian 61 24 Boston Latin 44 42 Weston 34 52 Wayland 36 50 3rd in state relays 6th in State Class Championsh PS Off To A Net Gain Girls ' Volleyball: Row 1 (l-r): T. Dale, M. O ' Rell, N. Parris, H. Kim, M. Evans, W. Bettencourl, |. Foch, L. Gaydeski, T. Bersoni, ). Hohenemser, ). LaFors, L. Scrivon, 1. Dalponle. C. Banker!. OCioldberg, M. Berg, S. Donnelly, A. O ' Mara, Coach Prendergast. 126 f H A Maynard 2 Newton South 2 1 Stoneham 1 2 Lincoln-Sudbury 2 Newton North 2 Gushing Academy 2 Gushing Academy 2 1 Lincoln-Sudbury 2 1 Newton South 2 T Cjs ' U7 Fall Cheerleaders Varsity Football Cheerleaders: hront Kou il-rl; iLo-capt, ' J. CJuinn, (cu-Lapt.! b. Houston. Kou ra 2 C() fii, W [ ' .it.idise, Mr McPadden, L. Robinson. Row J; C. Cormier, D. Kough, ,M Brown, E. Palmer, ). Morse, G. Dietrich JV Basketball Row 1 (l-r): S. Martin (Captain); Row 2: L. Labadini, W. Benencourl, A. Bai er. Row 3: K. Barnicle, S. Clarke, K, O ' Rourke. Row 4: M Yang, K. Quinlan, N. Austin, C- Kappa, L. Kettle. Varsity Basketball Row 1 (l-r) S, Houston (Captain), K. Slusser (Captain). Row 2: I. Moscone, A. Haynes, K. Page, K. Pesik, R. Berrigan, C. Labadini. Row 3: |. Morse, M. McPadden, K. Papas, M. Paradise, M. Brown, S. Gulley, D. Douglas. Winter Cheerleaders Ice Hockey Row 1 (l-r) T. Zaccardo (Captain), L. O ' Regan, M. Downes, S. Morrow (Captain). Row2: S. Plummer, L. Austin, D. Hirsh, M. Kane, L. Gately, J. Longey, M. Bruce. 129 |pM ' . ' v M ' - % " , ' ■ Hb .:?!■ w 1 - ' j mltlgl „ •»• yt M ♦ ♦ 131 CO MP Tl STUD STUD STUDENT C M M fWdent Council: Row 1 (-pL,,-, ., Nyberg, T. Hamilton TO l-r): M. Bauer, M. Raso, T York, President Tom Lukacz, I. Quinn, Row ,2; C. Ashmore, S. Mackey, |. Durkin, D. Darby, J Connors, B. ' Lukacz, S. Campbell, Row 3: A. Stevens, K, Oldenburg, T, Lewis, I. Hohenemser, G Litzenburg, P. Hodges, D. Darby REPRESENTATIVES STUDENT REPRESENTh: :OMMITTEE STUDENT R SCHOOL COMMITTEE ST TO SCHOOL COMMITTEE o REPRESENTATIVES TO SC STUDEi REGI REGI REGI REGI REGI REGI REGI REG REGi REGI REGI REGI REGI REGI REGI ONAL Student Bonk, K U l l H L ONAL ONAL ONAL ONAL on,!- ' ONhu ADVI50F Representatives to the School Committee: Row 1 (In L Mittelholzer, L Papas, M. Hammann, 1. Most one AD ADVISORY ADVISORY Luui ' ADVISORY COUr HUViiUKY L Regional Advisory Board: S, Bonk, L S.ilsgiver, B. Gorman. i I II II II II I! T I I ., . , I SORY COUNCI I I I I I I Y LUUNL -. . RY COUNC ■NAL ADVISORY COUNC ' L ADVISORY COUNC n T T n h. I n I u n I r i c c n t c t y NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR NATIONAL HONOR ' ' NA ' ' HONOR SOCIETY HONOR CIETY HONOR CIETY HONOR -CIETY L HONOR SOCIETY HONOR ouCIETY L HONOR lTY luNOR CIETY L HONOR NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL SOCIETY NATIONAL c n m p J Y TNAL L Suu oc: at: National Honor Society: Row 1 (l-r) H. Kim, R. Daley, J Haniien, M, Kulsick, S Snyder, B, Gorman, L, Salsgiver, C ' Stires, L. King. Row 2: C Moore, I, RusconI, K. Page, D Sullfvan, D. Milacci, C, Barnes, W. Drier, M. James, C- Heinrich.E.Thomsin, M, Paradise, M. Mclnaney, S. Vandolman. Row 3: N. Wang, L Vingerhoet, P. Kuo, L. Bonk, K, Thai, C. Arruda, D, Lynch, C, Nelson, S. Kessler, W, Anzenberg r,- Df Hartson, J c; Q r- T C - ' - Y NATIONAL HO A. A, .A, A. .A A A A A A A .A .A .A .A A A A A .A A .A A A A A LA .A ,A D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D. D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D D.D, D.D D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D D.D, D. D.D D.D D. D.D, D.D. D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D, D.D S . A . D . D . S 5 S S s s s s s s s s S.A u D , D.D D.D D.D, D.D D.D D.D, D.D, D.D D.D ,D S . A . L S.A.D s s s, s s s s s s s s M . U . U . A . D . D . P, . L . . A.D .0, A.: A.i A . i, . A. D.D. S.A. D.D. % S.A. D.D. S.A. D.D. S.A. D.D S.A.D.D.: Row 1 ll-r); C. Reedy, A. Poppert, I. Motyka, L, Salsgivei, S- Bonk, Row J L Conioy, J Hdiniun, l . (Wuttner.K. Barnicle, B. Lugo, E, O ' Brien, S. Smith, C. Wilson, Row i.j.Godlev, k, (jolembfski, I),, M. -Smith, -S. Watkins, T. Dudevoir, M. Paradise, I- Collentro, T. Klee, F. Robinson. D. S. ■ fi .A 1 T T L " IT n D n v p n f,, t . PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE PROM CC ppQ Prom Committee Row 1 (1-r): D. Watkins, T. Hamilton, J- Hanson, L. King, A.M. Haynes, K. Page, S. Snyder, M. PROr PROM PROM Paradise. Row 2 : M. Laird, A. Fogarty, K. Murphy, J COMMITTEE Fr PRON: Quinn. C. Dudley, T, Hanna, S. Houston, T. Dudevoir, K. Papas PROM PROM PROM PROM BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET BANQUET PRON: PR Of Pi- PRUf. B COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMUTE COMMITTc COMMI COMMUTE COMMITTt COMMI i BANQUET COM BANQUET CON ' BANQUET COf BANQUBT4 CON HA Kin I IF J C0M;-,x Banquet Committee Row 1 (l-r): K. Philliin, K Murpin, I lairbrother, A. Pun, M. Haiiimanii, S llduslmi, D Watkins, K, Casey, M.|. Brown, ), Ailing. Row 2: F. (■allci, I. Mosrone, S. Vjndolnian, |, Morse, M. Kulsick. W. Anzenberger. M. Wessell, S. Nylierg. u - rj l U U i DH INg U n I UU! " L- U I ' i I ! 1 I IDC . u : o uu, AB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB :,R WHQR WWOR WMflR WMflR VJUAR WWOR U WA R liJUAR WUAR (.lUAR AB AB AB AB ,R WHAB WHAB WHAR WHAB WHAi WHAR WHAB WHOP WHAB: Row 1 (l-r): C. Vinal, C- VirbaH, D. HicksTM. Ralston, |. Collentro, J. Egstad, C Mala P, Wisner, C. Nazarine, R. Campbell, T, Lennon, D. Cotf Row 2: B, Cilman, T. Wilson, |, Cu L. Gallagher, t. Snell, L. Wllirs, K. Withrow, P. Rakauskus, I. Hansen, |. Bevenrldge, D. Spratt Ericson, K. Morehouse, M. Edry, P Fletcher, D. Lynch, D. Lowman, C. Ericson, D. Foley, C. C. Dietrich, G. Gerhardt, T Lowry, A. Jenkins, J. Teagan WHAB WHAB WHAb WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB HAB WHAB WHAB u i-i p R Y! h( A R kia, R. Daley, S- Smith, nningham, L. Rutledge, P. Colandcj- Row 3: B, Flockton, M. Witmore, WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB ' ■ " ' AB WH " ' - ' ' " ' AB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB HAB -lAB -iAB iAB IAB AB ' iVHAB WHAB " HAB ,AB AB HAB iAB HAB -IAB HAB HAB HAB HAB v.HAB WHAB ;HAB .-(HAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAB WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE Whl ' " Wri WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WHAE WH, " , ........ ,,...,.. ,. .., L CLUB ,, .0 VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL :I0 VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO Mnrn rqi;fli PLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL CLUB [0 VISUAL AUDIO VISUAL CLUB AUDIO VISUAL 10 Vi 310 J 10 JIO 5UAL CLUB AUniO , AUD: UAL CLUB AUDI: Audio-Visual: Row I (l-r) R, CampbeW,iilTsbo, I(SW(feisonUl),ldi8sk ?t. Decheles. feSiW At. Naiai:iHe, |. Egstad, t. Ericson, K. Morehou .j ft | i r T o ' Ci i ;i i .--■ , i m ' t ;: i 0. | CLUl. 10 VI " ) VISUAL CLUB ' " V J ' 1 J i r U 1. V ± O U . ' " 1 1 i -L o V I - j u r- i O L. U LJ ' .UUX L.t ,. umL CLUl ARBOOK YEA ' r -npRnnu ' vF ' j YL YE- YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEARBOOK Y Yearbook: Y E Terry Klee Y p ■ C. Ptshko, ' ' - ' Barnes, )u YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YF EARBOOK YE Row 1 (l-rl: Art Editor Shdron Summers, C Fitzgerald, K. Tabaczinski, S Houston, Editor-in-Chiet, Business Editor Dave Watkins, J. Wood, M. Paradise. Row : L. Macaulay, S, Watkins, J. Collentro, H. Wright, Row 3: Sports Editor Dave Nadwairski, D. Tallone, A, Best, T. Dudevoir, W. Drier, C. nior Editor Johanna Lehman. Missing: P. Kuo. YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY LIT E R AEJte ' rary ' Magazine Row 1 ' (l-I) B ' LugnrA ' ' Fogarty, M AGAZIT- Horan, K Tabatzvnski. Row 2: O. Goldberg, ). LITERa ' ' " ' " ' " ' " ' T ' lTERARY Li I lha kY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE YEAr YFfl ' YEARS V r fi R p. MAGAZINt LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY MAGAZINE LITERARY YEAr YEAi- YEA, ' LIT MAGr.... LITERA MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITERP MAGAZ LITERP MAGAZ: LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZ LITER MAGAZliNt L 1 I L K H h. . . r ' j ti Li SPECTR c S PLC 1 ECTRUM SPECTRUM ' ■ SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUN SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECT Student Announcere: Row 1 (l-r): H. Kim Lowman, M Dunphy, M, Kulsick, L. Gallagher, K. Withrovv, 5, Snyder, B. Murphy. RUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM . C. Oretrlch, I. Hansen, R, Oalev, R Malholtraj. yyi)l(S.iRpyv SPECTRUM TRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM ;m jM M SPEC SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM ' S TEA ' SPECTRUM SPECTRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM TRUM iPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS STUDE NEWS NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE NT TE SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM CTRUM , ECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUK: SPECTRUM SPECT= " SPECT : SPECTRUM O I U ' L ;ws T SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRU SPECTRUr. SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPEC SPECTRL c n : ' :■ : t n i SPEC AM NEwc AM STl NEWS AM STuuL NEWS TF AM STi Nc AM o I uuL NEWS TE AM STUDENT NEWS TE " " AM STUDF NEWS " ' ■ " " CJULNI Nt TEAM ST AM STUDENT NEWS " " " ' ■ AM ST NEWS AM STlJlJ N i Nhw. S T F fl M Spectrum: Row 1 (l-rl C. Kelly, A. Tuffin, M. |ernic,,L,,Cohn, M Sprati, S. Smith, B, Karwin, P, Downing, L. Smith, ) Chiang ■Taherty, M, Laird, S. Summers. Row 2 J. Lee, D. 1 t MM .S I IJIJI- N I N[- Wh ! INTERNATIONAL CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB INTER: INT AL CLUE ,L- L.LUD INTERNAT.ur. International Club: Row 1 (l-r) M. Mclnaney, M. lernjc, M. Koenigy M. Thor| ,|. F.ock,,-S»-Riley, M. Laird. Row 2: H. Kim. O Coldberg, ' T. HotSh, A . Best, K. Turner, W Drier. ' I NTFRNATION ' I I I -•,L CLl INTER ' NTER? ;lue M I IP ;RICAN FIE! ICE lELC American Field Service: Row 1 (l-r); S. Duncan, I. Saeki, M. Duhamel. B. VVieher. S. Reynolds. ) Doran, J, Fock, L. Richardson. Row 2: M. Whitmore, C. Dietrich, J. Snell, C, riockton, B. Malcolm, L. Chiang, M, Gratz, I. Atkins, G. Dietrich. Row 3: ). Brown, K. P?ge;;( . V eg, Rfj qnrjar, E. : fetersor(, «. Ntalakianpt;.: yVjUis, S, Buffet, D. Folev , L [; Moriner, R. Sorkin " .T " ' " .J ' . . ' " 7 -■ ' - - ' -- ' - ' ; " " . ' ' " l.JU lELD ' • FIELC " LC ' . ' T!-; TFAM MATH TEAM MATH TEAM TH TEAM 1 ' r-i i ' MATH MATH MATH TEAM TH TEAM MATH TH TE ' TH TE;,,, 1 1 i i 11 i L ; 1 1 1 TH TEAM MATH TEAM MATH TEAN ' MATH tf Math Team; Rehnborg, J. R ' owiQi-Trrj. CuFir1tWghaM -ST;ilacl f, feMhubertlt-rViffgirfioet, P; ftubiH o ?:? . Rosenfeld, D- Sandman, P. Resor, V. Strethtabakti. ABRHS Students and " Little Friends " : Row 1 (l-r) |. Mobcone, D. Spratt, ). Brewer, M. Thorp, G. Moriner, S. Nvberg, S, Dickerman, K. Brannon. Row 2: M. Berg, ). Flannerv. M. Renaecio, A. Bachman, K. Fleischman, A. Campbell, I. Carney, L, O ' Regan. P, Ceeslin, Mrs. Srolt ( » O 1 1 U " l ! NURSERY 5CH00L N ' SCHOOL NUi oui NURSERY SCrmwL. ERY SCHOOL NURSERY : ' SCHOOL hi! i D C C O V OOL f R L NURSERY SCHOOL WRSER iOOL L . u . r C.O.P C.O.P C.O.P O.P O.P L .U f)P Row5 (1-r)). McNulty, if Vrftltc?, K. With Row 2: C. Brannon, L. Smith, M. Paradise, T. Du Lehman, T. Evans, B. Yeuell. row. A, Best, S. Houston, R. Berrigan, A. Hayfies devoir, C. Stires. Row. JJC-ffajitPn, E. Palmer,!. , E .P.E. C.O.P.E .P.E. C.O.P.E, .P.E. C.O.P.E .P.E. C.O.P.E, C.O.P.E. C.O.P.E. C.O.P.E. C.O.P.E. C.O.P.E C.O.P C.O.P. C.O.P.E ..0 CO c C.O.P E E E E E .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .E .E, .E, .E, • E .E .E .E .E .E .E .E, .E .E .E, .E, .E .E .E .E, .E .E .E .E .E .E, C. C. C, C, C, C, C c, c c c c c c c c c c c c, c c, c c P.E P.E CO CO c c c c c ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E ,E C C C C c c c c c c c c c c, c c c c c c c c c c c c c c, c c c STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WO WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WO WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WORK STUDY W STUDY WORK STUDY WORK ST • ' RK STUDY WORK STUDY W " DY WORK STUDY WORK ST Work study: Row nl-r): R. Peterson, a. t.rinneri, |. Gua zo,). Wright, T. Troupe, i in V W - ' ' J- Larkin. |. Ailing, C. Stires, M. Coughlin, C. Dudley, M. Kane, L. Bickott, JUT " Cannistraro, T. Moncsko, K. Brannon, C. Oman, S, Fitzpatrick, D. Tallone, T ' ' ' " " Caouette, B, Rasmussan, C, Venlola, D. Wells, K. Turner, L. Nelson. D. Santos Smith, C, Hill, S. Fenniman, K, Morehouse, T, Dewire, M. LcBel, D. Baker. P. Saganlch, |. Jones, P. Miller, T, Fenniman, C. Crancey, ). Cole, S. Morrow, 1. WORK STUDY WO STUDY WORK ST UDY WORK RK STUDY UDY WORK RK STUDY I4U ■ K ilLJUY WUKK . lUUY WUKK Hodges, R. Potter, A. Neft, B Yeuell. STUDY , WUKK b 1 UUY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY UDY WORK STUDY WORK .MiJiJY wllRK STUDY WORK STUDY WORK STUDY WO STUDY WORK ST WORK STUDY WO D. Milaca. Row -.Tq-. .r-iv MacLeod, I, Fair, K. ' UUY Row !: K, Fleming, Pr ' K Flerra, B, Clennon, |. . Noble, K. Savk er, P. U Y RK STUDY WORK UDY WORK STUDY RK STUDY WORK UDY WORK STUDY RK STUDY work ' DRIGAL CHUiK MAUKiUML UHUIK N ' .MUKiUML LHUiK :hcir madrigal choir madrigal " ' ' ' " " drigal choir ir madrigal ::hoir -. I ' iMuRIGAL rigal choir IR MADRIG. RIGA ' ' " ' IR ■ ■L CHO MMUHiUML UHUiK MP J CHOIR MADRIGAL C MADRIGAL CHOIR Mhu CHOIR MADRIGAL CHO MADRIGAL CHOIR MAD CHOIR MADRIGAL CHO MADRIGAL CHOIR MAD DRIGAL CHO Hl ' oAL K1L,AL IR RIGAL IR RIGAL IR " IGAL p Madrigal choir: Row 1 (l-r): E, Becker, M Kulsick, I. Ver- voorl, S Watkins, I, Hansen, M. Cr.ilz. Row 2: j. Focrk, J- ' ' ' bi M ■ ' -.f [ MAORI ADRIG Concert Choir; Row 1 (l-r): T. Dahr, L. Richcudson, M Kulsick, I Barnes, I, Vervoort, M. Perkins, B, Wieher, Mrs Livingston. Row 2: D. Pino, L. Terns, E. Becker, ), Kranz, I Treacy, S. Beverldge, . Hansen, T. Campbell, M, Gratz, C Tedrow. Row 3: H. Norstrom, C Armistead, |. Fock, I Lugo. I, Ellis, E. Tsao, B. Murphy, C. O ' Rourke, C Diemert, I. Saeko, M, Ellis, Row 4; S. No, T. Ludden, L Macaulay, S. Snyder, D. Yocum, D. Eirenova, K. Stetano J. Olsen, K, Chapman, K, Withrow. CERT C pNCERT CHOIR CON STAGE BANC Stage Band: Row 1 (l-r).C, Moore, i. Ver or)it, K kncjwItMii, L, Gallagher, P, Weber, S. Warren, M. Gratz, D. McElrcn, M. Sliva. Row 2: H. Murphv, A. Eldredge, S. Watkins, T. O ' Neal, B, Stauer, P, Portanle, R. Evans, K. Moore, M. Evans. C, Fanton, Row 3: B. Murphy, S, Smith, J, Lugo, D. Watkins, A, Cuay. 5. Snvder, I, Lee. S. Crosslands. M. lames, M, Devivo, 141 iU STAb . :. Z. bANL Marching Band Band: Row 1 (1-r): S. Vrablik, M. Doerfler, E. Crohe, N. Wang, K. Meslener, M. Banko, C. Fanton, K. Moore, C. Lombardo. i. Nau B, Hutchinson, S. Kilkenny, S. Feener, B. Evans, S, McCord, Row 2: M. Manning, S. Watkins, H. Murphy, D. Ltuber, D. Reynolds D. St. Lawrence, H. McElroy, ). Doran, C. Moore, L. Vingerhoet, M. Cratz, D. McElroy, L. Evans, M. Sliva, P. Weber, C. Warren N. Spurr. Row 3: M. Dawson, A. EIredge, D. Huber, M. Nau, A. lames, M. DeVivo, I. Vervoort, R. Portante, B. Stover, K Knowlton, M. Evans, |. Atkins, T. O ' Neill, T. Chadeayne, Row 4: |. Lugo, |. Elder, D. Watkins, A. Cuay, S. Snyder, D. Ridley, I Lee, P. Portante, C. Hayes, R. Callihan, C, Varuska, N. Grandstra. Row 5: E. Kennaugh, C. McAdams, P. Faria, M. Jack, S Richards, B, Murphy. Majorettes Majorettes: Row 1 (l-r): F. Gallo, S. Campbell, K. Turner, K. Rose, D. Douglas, A. Beaudom, K. Brannon, C. Barnes, C. Kidd. Row 2: W. Drier, H. Feener, N. Austin, P. Edmunds, S. Bacowski, A. Merther, C. Labadini, ). Turner. .f«J A ' Sw ' Pon Poms Pon Poms: Row 1 (l-r): L. Kettel, K. Peskik, E. Rusconi, S, Plummer, 5. Martin, A. Baker, K, Page. Row 2: G. Boccadoro, L. Cately, L, Cringeri, A. Kelley, L. King, k. Papas, |. Powers, K. Tabaczynski. Row 3: C. Corr, S. • Ne lson, L. O ' Regan, T. Hamilton Fall Play: The Matchmaker Proscenium Circus Proscenium Circus: Row 1 (l-r) M. Kulsick, L. King, C, Arruda, R. Daley, S. Snyder, |. Lugo, Row 2: L Richardson, E, Becker, S. Buffet, |. Atkins, K. Chapman, C, Dietrich, K, Withrow, H. McElroy, T Campbell, J. Rutledge, M. Koenig, A. Tuffin, Row 3: |, Munroe, |. Bayne, K. Page, D, Watkins, B Murphy, J. Hansen, P. Rakauskus, C, O ' Rourke, A. Sorkin, B. Wieher, C. Flockton, Dr. Morton, B Ericson, P. WIsner, |. Egstad, C. Ericson, D. Lowman, T. Teagan. Row 4: A. Reed, M. Dunphy, | Doran, P. MacGovern, K. Sing, M. Whitmore, C. Dietrich, C. West, R. Berrigan, |. McNulty, S Watkins, M. Banko, S. Demaster, j, Owen, L. Gallagher, L. Terrls. Row 5: E. Fisher, C. Armistead, K Knowlton, C. Lorenzetti, ). Beverldge, D. Pinot, T. O ' Neill, S. Aaron, M, Duhamel, D. Foley, R Bonnar, L. Willis, |. Snell, D. Yocum, B. Coffey, C. Moore, I. Vervoort, |, Treacy, R. Aaronson, H Nordstrom, STATE PLAY The Man in the Bowler Haf Mrs. Marily Nowlin — Director Chris Arruda — Assoc. Director Cast and Crew Pat Morton — swell guy Rosemary Daley — Mary B.|. Holt — John Tara Campbell — Heroine Cory Ericson — Hero Steven Snyder — Chief Villain Andrew Reed — Bad Man Steven Smith — Man in Bowler Hat Heather McElory — Set Design and Construction Chief Michelle Koenig — Logo and Asst. Set Design Jennifer Doran — Costumes Inge Vervoort — Make-up Chris Flockton — Lang. Consultant Maria Kulsick — Dinner Theatre Missy Dunphyand Lauren Willis — Props Paul WIsner — Lights 145 146 The Joe Perry Project " Joe Perry told me during supper that he would play that set for Dave and that Dave would hear it. I thought he was talking about some spiritual communication. I didn ' t realize he meant he was going to play it loud enough tor David to actually hear it. Ear plugs saw us through it just fine. " Janet, Alan and Bronwen Hart The 1 1 th annual POWDERPUFF GAME was played under warm October skies on October 16 at Colonial Field. The senior girls romped over the juniors by a score of 28-14. With the first 23 seconds of the game senior Kari Fleischmann with support by Sheryl Perry ran 80 yards to put the first score on the board. Sheryl Spratt, who was aided by blocker Karen Marshall scored the second senior touch down, followed by a 2 point carry also by Sheryl which tallied the halftime score at 14-0. The senior defense team also played a ma|or role in the victory. Superior plays were made by Jessica Spann, Lauren O ' Regan, Jill Wood, Lisa Briggs and Linda Macaulay. Spratt ' s third quarter TD and extra points were matched by junior Jenny Varno ' s. jenny also received another 8 points in the last quarter but with 1:43 left to play, Fleischmann again carried the ball over the goal line to secure the senior victory. Senior coaches were Mr. Madden and Mr. Nacke; junior coaches, Mr. Betourney and Mr. Frost. Keeping track of the action on the field were Mr. Bohac, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Yansak, and Dr. McNulty. Most valuable players were Seniors Sheryl Spratt and Sheryl Perry, and junior Jenny Varno. iK3 . Senior Dress-Up Dai; Thanksgiving Ralli; Given From the Heart 152 iauoml ryonor yocie presents i FASHZO ' 7 Feel Great! yy H K H K] B. . B K l H bB H H B.fl l H H np ' ' .JI H Hi ' W ' ' H l Hr ' iP 9 ABRHS once again welcomed DR. FERRIS MOSES in a demonstration of hypnotii- techniques on February 10. Several students performed for our enterlainment. Lynda Robinson ' s vocal rendition of " Flashdance " was superb, as wasjan Flannery ' s version. Tricia Bourgeois " boogied " for us all, and Krista Turner proved uiue again her baton-twirling skill. Dave Baiter displayed his excellence in skeetshooting and fames Alexander scored tfie winning goal against Matignon. Theresa Ludden not only sfiivered when Krista Turner became cold, but also sobbed when Dr. Moses attempted to raise tears in Ron Reeves. Christie Friedrichs regressed to the first day of school, and Afshan Mahmoodi dipped her hands Into buckets of water. Although this was all excellent, the performance of Cretchen Pasanen far exceeded all else. When Cretchen, sitting In the audience, " went under, " Dr. Moses programmed her to rub her nose whenever the word " Acton " was mentioned. To the delight of the audience, this continued through the rest of the performance. Krista Turner summed up the emotions of the ma|orily of the group when she jumped up at the end of the session and yelled, " I feel great! " 154 Over eighty people from all four classes participated in the COMPETITIVE CLASS PLAYS on lanuary 13 and 14, making this weekend one of the most successful ever. The freshmen opened the evenings with The Day After Forever, directed by Maria Kulsick. Second on the program were the seniors, presenting God, directed In )ennifer Doran. Lois Gallagher directed the sophomores in their presentation of The Other Other Woman. FinalK ' , the juniors closed the evenings with The Passions of Amoroso, directed by Christopher Arruda. The juniors emerged victorious on Saturday night, winning not only the award for the best play, but also the award for best director and an ensemble .Mi-Star Cast award. The lunior cast members receiving All-Star awards were B.J. Holt, Tara Campbell, Chris Flockton, Beth Wieher, Dennis Foley, Missy Dunphy, Andrew Reed, Roseanne Berrigan, nd Peter Rakauskos. All-Star Cast awards also went to the members of the senior cast — Steve Snyder, Rosemary Daley, and Cory Ericson. The freshmen received a special commendation for set design. Sheraton Boxborough Prom 1983 Senior Talent Show Superlatives: Most Unlorgflt.ilm- ' mim lugiirly. Ujvid Howel Best Dressed: Maura Downes, Mark VVessel Most Friendly: Jeannie Quinn, Tom Lukacz Most Artistic: Sheron Summers, Mike Brunnick Best Looking Maura Downes, Joe Alex Done Most For School Terry Klee, Dave Watkins Most Studious Lisa Vingerhost, Steve Snyder Best Musician lenny No, lose Lugo Class Comedian Stephanie Norton, Ted York Class Couple: Tracey Hamilton, Dave Watkins 162 C ) %) ) e A ciSau... 163 1984 Trends. Crew-Cuts lean jackets Army Pants Striped Pants Docksiders " Moccasins " Turf " Shoes More lean lackets " Sweats " Above: " Tretorns " Below: Peter-Pan Boots Current Events. Music Videos, Cable TV., Olympics, ' 84 Presidential Elections, Nuclear War Weapons, U.S. Soldiers In Lebanon Beirut, Legalization Of Abortion, Recession. Lingo: Wicked Good, Bummin ' , (to) Rag, Go Fo r It, Psyched. Rag-Wool Sweaters " Spiked " Hair Male Pierced-Ear Mini-Skirts " Walkmans " Chuckles Attack of the Boogie with Bach! I can fly »a Fly like a birdie Thank you, Terry Bleiler, our photographer. Seniors, show us your untleralls! DONORS: David V. Watkins, You ' re the greatest, and we love you. Dad, Mom, Susan, Rich MARIA SIOBHAN KULSICK, Congratulations! We love you! Dad, Mom, Chris, D.|., Sissy John. BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 84 Mr. and Mrs. |ohn F. Nadwairski Take kindly the counsel of the years, slowly surrender youth. — Dori Duperault V J r A special thanks to those who helped to raise money for the yearbook. Your efforts were deeply appreciated. David V. Watkins Congratulations Ikuko! We ' ll miss you. Love your AFS family, jean, Jake, Chrissie and Amy. Don ' t forget to write! PATRONS: Mr. Mrs. Vincent Rasso Ronald and Mary Wang Mr. Mrs. Joseph S. Collentro Jay and Paul Shaughnessy Mr. Mrs. Gustav Dreir 175 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 LIFE STYLES UNLIMITED INC. Hot Tubs • Spas • Sauna • Whirlpool Baths II (nviit Koad Acloii, MAoiyao (()l7)2()4-4242 li!iiBli!;!Sltf if»!iM mM:Vm¥mmmmm I J Furniture Accessories Design Services One Keele Road On Route 2A Acton, Massachusetts 01 720 369-8387 M W%T1IE. A.G. BISHOP JEWELERS INC. Acton Mall Nagog Square Acton, MA 01720 263-1295, 259-0148 MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY J D ' s ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS Classes tor Men, Women ili Children KARATE • KUNG FU John D. lames — Chief Instructor 282 Central Street 263-51 1 1 Pat Oram Acton, MA 01720 President COMPUTER CENTER 427 Great Road Acton, MA 01720 J V Best Wishes Class of 1984 WHERE SERVICE, QUALITY AND KNOWLEDGE COMES FIRST 211 MAIN STREET ACTON. MASS ()ir20 TELEPHONE Jb3-7J ' 54 176 ■ Congratulations Class of 1984 from CtvxtiLX?» e«; S TERs srmov THE AREA ' S LARGEST MOST COMPLETE STATIONER OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE SCHOOL — ART — DRAFTING SUPPLIES PARTY GOODS SOCIAL STATIONARY DATA PROCESSING SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE 285 MAIN STREET ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS 01720 263-2117 177 N -V c Congratulations Class of ' 84 178 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Colonial Butilus Fitness Center Resistive exercise to help you do what you want to do best. 9 KEEFE ROAD ACTON, MA 01720 (617) 371-0693 r NEW LONDON STYLE PIZZA 1 1 Spruce Street West Acton, MA Telephone: 263-3033 qouLd ' s ■q ; i;,|. men ' s shop 1 5 South Street Hudson, Massachusetts 01749 (617) 568-8752 Great Road Center Acton, Massachusetts 01720 (617) 263-0374 cmenddif. restaurants 4 TWEEN FARMS WATERFOWL 92 Martm St. Acton. MA 01 720 Specializing in Wigeons, Teals and other ducks, Pheasants, Doves, Chickens, Pigeons and one horse. 179 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 From: Jack B. Flanagan D.M.D. Orthodontist Gilbert E. Carley D.M.D. John S. Golden D.D.S. Victor Pinansky D.M.D. Paul J. Connelly D.D.S. Franklin D. Roth D.D.S. The Dentists at the Acton Dental Building $irroll Reed SKI c SHOPS CI. assic Fashions for Men, Women Children 263-3784 440 Great Rd 253-3785 Acton, Mass 01720 " % • 4 Tracy T " Hold On Tight to Your Dreams " You did it His way and we are so very proud of you. ' . love success and happiness, Mt om Dad 180 The Great Movie Store ?? CIO !, scllSS Acto5 AvA " li ts ri (t t e 427 Great Road Acton, MA 264-4660 • •§••• 181 r There is no glory so bright but the veil of business can hide it effectually. With most men life is postponed to some trivial business, and so therefore is heaven. Men think foolishly they may abuse and misspend life as they please and when they get to heaven turn over a new leaf. — Thoreau ' s Journal Best wishes from all of us at ' WJ4« TEXTILES, INC. of Acton 182 James V Cerchiaro ' ' J: - , -;, ROSE OF SHARON Flowers and Gifts (617) 264-4675 126 Great Rd. Acton, Mass 01720 (617) 263-0797 BED, BATH, TABLE LINENS, CURTAINS 264 GREAT ROAD CENTER RT 2A - ACTON, MA 01720 FLOWER 5 TELEGRAPHED 161 7| 263-2721 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CAROL BARTON DOROTHY REY 465A Great ROAD iRte 2A) ACTON MA O 1 720 307 Nagog Square Rt 2A Aclon, MA 01720 Sat 9-5 Tues thru Fn 9-8 (617)263-8391 Brewer Lord IVrsonjI Blisiiicss liisiirnnLf simlc 1SS4 New England finds security in our experience. 40 Broad Street Boston, MA 02109 Tel. (617) 426-0830 Branch (.)fficcs: Acton, Franiingham, Falmouth (Lawrence and Motta) ; Bedford (Gail Aviation Insurance) 183 To th e class of 1984 . . ' sA task ujuiAout 0 ulslon is cbiudae ; 0 iMsiofv uuiAaui a task Is w a ieanv; w task vuMi 0 uision ts Kudanu . «■■ " cpf, nommianS ' uunc 1 Congratulations on your great achievement. One Acton Place Acton, Massachusetts 184 SENIOR DIRECTORY ABARE. THOMAS — Foolball 1,2,3,4, Winter Spring Track 1,2,3,4 ico-capt ) (41 Rich, Tim, Sean, Mike S . Rick, Baker, Couk. " PUNKININ- Bud = NO WAY ' Oinnefi = Football Feed, Howy. Sick, Pizza. Pit, Mud ■BAZE ' OOOOH ' Rich, BOMBER. " Love Palace " . Who ' Winnie or Timmy ' T.H. ' -POUNDER " Beach (Prom) DEB = LOVE YOU " " COUBAL " Great Times ' Ver Special ' Fanuel, Bumpers Cars, Bost . Brums, R-Port, Prom Vt , NH , Etc , " OHicer Cent ' (5X ' s), Drive— inna = sleep " ZZZ " studying =hscenses; + MANY MORE! (Sorry YEAT) T H . R D , S L , M M , M S . ) A , R L . Good Luck = College ' (Parly it up ' ) Mom Dad Thank you tor everything ' I needed it ' AHERN, CAITLIN — X-C skil, 2, Capt, me ' , gag trudge, trudge, SueS remember GB the Semi-Formal, M.W ' s party, " The Empire Strikes Back? " Shana, no more spring outlings, " cut- worms " , snowball fights bye K R I know you ' ll make it , Tina, separate the men from the boys conformists, us ' , pKilice, growth. thanks 4 standing by me Greggles I miss U N P not to mention K C LI, AH, CM, and more AAA will I come back? Kate, nothing needs to be said Neil Y forever, seeU inN Z (neighbor), Nova Scotia SCREECH!! skid lid, muscles, mustaches, forest, climb- ing, hats, shoes, style, Perry Ellis, " earthy " NO Nukes, anli-Watt, (theearth will end not w a bang, but a whimper IS Eliot), I love U M D Look joe I ' m still ahead ot you! ALEX,)OE — F-ball 1,2,3,4 Winter Bud Team ].2Capl 3.4YZASS 1 ,2, 3,4 always |unk, MM, RD, MS. RL, )N, SL. TH. EB, MV, CL, IS, — you guys are the best TEAIM Bob Seger ' 83. pool hop. wears on the fence The bomber teel the power ' Punkins the Norton influ- ence, Cushing Connection, Take me home, I S M P ' The Seward- CURSE Who ' s in the attic ' BRAWLS, hands leffrey. All night long at Mark ' s, snake Toad, tnplecrown, cooked on the beach " SICCKk " my eyes are always red, mailbox sign removal, officer I ' m bleeding to death, snake Jeff, run Timmy, sukmiwut, |A TK, RL, IB Busted ' lust one of those things, Terry " Not again Rick, talk wrestle, Thanks Mary, 24 of my best friends, gotta love those early starts Future Pres E|A ' Good luck all you sick pups. Mhomeyem- waslid RichieistheF P K Yupe, Yupe, Yupe Andthosearethe memories that make me a wealthy soul. ALEXANDER, |AMES — Hockey 1 .2.3,4. S Track 1,2.3,4, Boston Garden 3. — hopefully 4 Louckes Track -i- Field Games 3,4, Football 1 — what a joke Cross countrv 4 — not my style Math w Wi!dBill — exp — daydreamer — you better believe it HR — Sorry I ' m late but Please don ' t give me disciplines H team 83-84- Spirit. Calc w Mahoney nice to work— MW . D H , KP, DW. SN, WA Summer of 83 ' — |L — " We ' ve got suction " Yo adnan jL — rent some muscle KS, GS, rent a g fnend, ) kidding AAA — It was a job Good times at bakery w CC, LC Coll was nice while it lasted, biwng me off this w end hunh , Flashdancc dan- cers Macs runs — CC, TD, CP, — No ' " PF — wish I couldve driven S F — hopefully CG — like the all-nighier Little Red V,W, — Don ' t rag! Awesome. Friends |L, DW. GS. MW, KP, MB, TL, AB. DH, TL, CG. SN, MjB, SH. PF Hey whafs up— WN, MH Thanx all. Mom + Dad — sorry I was a pain CIdn ' t have done it w out U It ' s been real, AB ALEXANDRIAN, DONNY — Our |ourney has |ust begun Good times A — B Softball Labor Day ' , K at Conant Firw pus Cliffs Quarrys, Windcliff, Drive-ins Get trashed 9 2 83 BFD at M H Roasted Rastalanans, Yea ' Store 24 beefs Best bash, 81 IPP at AB H S 10 21 83 )oe Who ' So, Co 80, 81 B C Per L S RS, TT PIsw RF Crash ' Captain 1 YVY MOY F Y H N F AY S Rush, Van Halen. Centrum Great I Geils C C C Bit the big one. S-T.J C- Thanx Mom, Thanx N.C. Good luck A-B ALLING. lANE (Janith) — Gym 1.2,3, SocCheer 34. PPufl 34, Friendly ' s 234 Awesome frnds: TK. MH, KB, WN. FK, |M, )W — luv ya ' Qncy Mkt OINK " Brktst la PC Hse. Plains, Ga, |Q ' Life is strange " Friendly crew (TK, |C, )Q, SW) The grtst — thnx KN. MH — driving lesns, Gym prtys — frosh taxi ser " Where is CorpHse ' " DW ur vry spec, nvr trgt u, take care ' Marilyn M cc cookies, 8 prtyBB — an exp! ' Mel — what did ya rip? ' dig 84, Thanx BD Prom ' 83 limo frnds tkn awya ' " Even Now " TK, |W, WN other2(jA MH|, CS — thebed, sry! ' Thnx guys MW (SO cute ' luv that of ' ) Rh (wski — I tried!) TL (Advice, advice( )W (miss ya) GR (thnx tor letrs. calls, Mrthon), Ctail Trty — thfsclass! SEGER w TK 4 guys " , the Punch the " mark " ( to thpste?) KB KF — Giovanni ' s cheer much ' Thanks M«,D May 25 will be here before you know it — Best ot Luck ' 84 ANDELMAN. DAVE — Tennis 3,4, Radio Station (major mistake) 1.2, Paper 2. Fnendly ' s — where ' s that ' , deliveries PLEASE, Sun- day night bowling ' 83 — Quartet lives on!, .007 the Happy Home where flows like water and fog tills the air — they ' re coming to take me away HA ' HA!, ZZ + laser 26 1 awesome shoe, KT, jB, |C, SR, DM, SC, BM. DG, etc , — some good times. Abes your full ot it. DB try not to shoot yourself or anyone else, radio stinks, teenybop- pers and punk rockers should be sentenced , " You can run, but in the world ot living dead you can ' t run fast enough to escape — the reality ism mind, the truth lies in front of your eyes- what you believe is not true and the truth you do not believe ' Take care AB — The best is yet to come. ANZENBERGER, WILLIAM ) — (Willie) Soccer 1,2,3 v. Soccer 4, V Track2.V Golf 1 .2,3,4, D C L I . Mac runs4. KPMN BH, DCL States ' TELE = my claim to lame Mad Maxx. Road Warrior, Eddie the Cruisers MB, DH, WHEELS, Mott, MP, |Q, M|B, SH, •KW + Cd Times Bruce. Wild Bill = in the head, Brun m Fr class Calc + ZZZ Wake up time to die " Sym to the hilt To all seniors — C F W Thanks for the memories College bound — ridm ' out to case the promise land (Batmobilei The Fat Lady has Sung ARRUDA, CHRIS — PC 1 -4 GB 4 NHS Director — )uniors ' Eagle Scout 83 Roar Cod spell. Mattress, Matchmaker AMY — singing a love song ' tea, proms, beaches, memories ILYFRED!! TC — MAMA ' artsy ((J SU. huh ' CL — Godspell memories ' SB — FLUNCH ' |PT — behind in Eng ' YES, lens, H does matter, REALLY ' GT — It must be NICE ' store 24 Serari Funs?! MC — Mts! Oh. cracy, we ' re being followed! DRIVE ' RD — exposed! oops ' CASCADING EFFECT!! GGG orll — GRAD NITE ' cackle ' dirty geom ' LK — DEEP ' redheads KK — Fnendlie talks! keep the taith . MK — wifey CW — ACCENT! see ya down under ' IV — BEAR w me ' in out ' TDF — TFM for me! S5 — sucker ' |L — play It Sam BM — next door ' buslop blues and B|H. CF, |D, MD, BW2CD, AR, LW all my friends, I love you guys " Mom, Dad, Bro Sis THANKS ' BYE AB " ' been real B BACHMAN, ANDY — Bach — Soccer + Hockey 1 to 4, Capts, psych bashes 1981 St Champs, 2 gis ' Soc ' r Bud ' s are 1 Garden Bound again ' ? Matgn lies, Flem too ' Weston bit T Dust. TaT-tld bash, Mr Dan ' ls — no mre Poker nite. Toobies Rd trp to Cape w TC — " C H " (Jig ' ) Bouv-smep ' Whte eld at Carpos, Saggy!! Zeppo, what not ' Gil Fam — Thanx Guys — 7 P,K. — TTT m!! Turtles — liv on! Cano corp Hly Cw Tree R. — Srry, I biw it — Bandit (SLY) TaT — ' TAZ " Rush, Cult, Fog? Thomas, Carpy, Head- ly, O E s wimp! Zep, Waggy ' Mel, yr a swt hrt ' sal, your a chkn! lules, wht path ' Ftbl-Dbag! Hcky bashes RED (BK) is Hot K B " I T Y S " Doc McN — Thanks — Seniors — will always rule! " Hey wild Bill — no more BH ' s, ' Milt Hart ' zCara — your Super — Thanx Mom + Dad, CIdn ' tofdne it w outya! Forlhose left behind. Good luck ' — Catch ya on The Rebound!! BAKER, DAVIDF— Cross Country Track— 1.2,3 Riflery- 1.2,3 Lacrosse — 3,4 Wori. Study — 4 67 Chevelle New ENglarvd Drag- way r d ' s Mohawk club — Brother ' s Four, Ice fishing let ' s go shootin |C and the BP Gas lockey blues — I don ' t have to work to 2am — Mercs make big bucks — playing cards again? a nice swim at Nagog BARNES, CAROLINE — Track 1,2; X-Country Ski 2,3,4, Maforet- tes 3.4, NHS 3.4, PPutt 4-Sately. Key Q.B ! j W — corner 2 interceptions ' Y didn ' t you tell me? ).W , A.K AB,, Recuerdan Expanol IV ' (El Dragonlady se vive ' ) AB, — NY. w DP.. Y.T . M C, R A tyuck) say what ' Parties in Sp. V. AB., C T, — Never use " to be " verbs (Mrs O ' W D Fenny 2 yrs. — talk much? Miss A -I- Then Dr M w K K — help ' PC — 2 yrs ' I way him first Psych — bable drool. C S., U,C S Rmbr F-Ball w S F . T.F . D L.,S,S . SR.I W— Block Rush ' (My poor linger ) Granite = KK.KT.IT KK.SC —Concord — Wfidt parly ' Just drive )P . Bugeyes. P B , Rick — creepo Plateau — say what ' Mark — Mom ' s home ' SB — Rmbr Farmer Brown Perfume ' SS — well hello there ' S R — same B-Day. never forget if [) B you ' re next ' BARTON, KIM — - ' Barto " Gymnastics 1,2, 3,4 — capt, P-Puff. 3.4 Soccer Cheerleading 2,3,4, Good limes w |W, MH, WN, KF. TK. |M,TB,|A.LR,CR — Season opener " 83 " Marl Pump -t- Eggs, Dig hill84 X-masspar TL par. par 4 |M — pool dipnMH what ripped ' Bui no Nips IWFrshyrbagd Liki — Tower, Beach — whafs wrng w fhem ' Lots grt tms PSB — tri 11 (devine acci thnV tor evrythng Cape cod Sum 83 bch nitus + espML prom 3.4 Hrse -i- Bugluvd it sionwall (wtchout) Thnxgiv will grt Val 143 always spec to me PS LUV YA 4-ever, KF SC SB dipn n pool (wimps) Fla FP, — cant move 2 many trps 2 Bos I feel sick FF cidnl mde it w out you — 2 thnx watr-sausg Big Ordeal AB — so( bang only tyme will tell. times to rem Ice Caps, Cir, Segar, NO NAMES N-YrsiW KF smack ' Tuck thse thngs in POON-TANG CS-URI Mr Clean BAUER, MARK — 4, Student Council Gimpy " .v ADAM jnd BOWIE and U2 and S-kG Yay ' And. ot course, the Ledge, a band tor all lime Waaah Ricky Liquid SIty, ils memorable lines and lis oh so meaningful truths Hi Emmy-P ' eep ' V " I ' d rather stay here with the madmen than perish with the sadmen roaming tree " Thanks SO much Classes of ' 83 (yes, the true gimpy group) and ' 84 (the obnoxious ones) tor all the great times Here ' s to many more — (clink ' i. Take care and farewell m the future S8H F! " " ANY DAY NOW. THE YEAR OF THE DIAMOND DOCS THIS AINT ROCK AND ROLL, THIS IS GENOCIDE Until then . . ? BAUMAN, MICHELLE — Basketball 1,2 Softball 1.2. lennifer, I ' m really glad I got to know you, Your really great to be around and someone to help me out Tracey, we ' ll have to go up to Shirley to see Brad running one day Lauren, you are one wild and crazy WOMAN!! Sean, " Hey Bud " . It was nice meeting you POPS ' " BAYNE, lOSEPH — Whab 2,3,4; Drama 3.4; tennis 3; Steppin ' Out 4, Boston 3,4, mohawk 3, To my special friends — I chose them well — I wish them the best of luck Karen tor sharing my attitudes, lane tor sharing our g " d — like qualities, Phil for achiev- ing brotherly status, lens for being a fellow dissecter and compan- ion — you ' re all the best ' Racheal, you ' re such a f g. but I love you anyway Prey to Omnivorous, RD ' The quest. Lois, the quest! GB ' s to MC, GT, GO, CE, DL, AB. (nice initials), all my friends — you know who you are DK - X - PiL - who ' — ignorance — I hate it Thanks B ' gly ABRHS — Crow up!!! Hasia Luego BEARDSLEY, REBEKAH — Shmekah, Reputa ' YEO BOUG " BHS 1.2 5 ABRHS 2 5, 4 Trek 1 SccrChrlding 3,4 P. P. 3,4 Gymnastics 3,4 Lacrosse 3.4 1 BUDLIGHT T.B, CS, K.W,, A. P., P.F.. .C.B.. K.M, L.R., L.O,. CS,, S.D,. S.N., ).Q., M.D. — PARTY!!! Hey Krayer — Freshman!! (loveya) Whomm! Co-Go ' s 10 15 82 ' 9 26 82C W,,C,S,, L O,, SloeGn Fzzzz DFw CD ' Bye Petie ' ? " Thnx — C W ' Spring Hill — WGI ' ) W — IWNFYLA. YR THE BST KATHY V ( HNG IN THRE. PLS " ) BK. w Trish — YABBILY! WHATEVER Ur stppngon my fee! Yeold taxi sir, (M S CF)SconM. — Is in Eng DO I L U!! ' SrryE N bt heh ' C.S — Dst Bstr n ' yr Ds Golf shs ' Oh. Hallnght ' IWTRTBG — T. MB — Res (awesome) Thanks Carbo ' M H NHB " C.B kicks rocks ' Dpng Whis Pd —MB LC SPAGHETTI -t- 2 Thank You Miss Duffy U R 1 in a 1.000,000 ' " PROM 83 — I W , I | . — Pud QUAR- TERS!! ' Bashes at Gn Rd Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you both " Flashlight " Later AB Hello world BELLAMY, |OHN — V. Football 3.4, V. Track 2 ■ 4. Winter Track 3 — make way! Spew King!? Concerts 1-4 Ceils, Van Halen, Aeros- 185 milh, and ZZ Top — Don ' t hil thjl vjn! Summer 8 1 — gone mobile with -The Dart " Fnbling 2,i - whip hit. forever, the dealer fudged il.SAT ' i + Achievements a real exix rience. Hey T L what are you doing with that map ' T.H. at Orseaus what ' s thai? OH NO " 8J ' Slang! Wahat a dud. Prom B5, Turkey day 82 ' — I see trips! — no more! " But more weekends + Parties. 83 Summertime weekend bashes r- my house? No way! 5,40 nothing else please " ' Thanks D,A,. T,H,, T.L,. S,R,, T,A,. M,B,, 8 M, -its been great Friends made ABHS much better, Thanks. I ' ll miss you all! " Thanks Mom + Al + Ginny. BERG, MARCIA - A.F S - 1 , Loaf - 2-3, Volleyball - 4 L N — Summer of ' 83 was great, trips to Boston were good Clad we got out of the hospital, D studies were good MR, — Nurserv school was okay, F period was the pitts P W — We had some good times together, I ' ll miss ya next year M D — Thanx for all your help! S-V, — walks were okay, kimballs and boat trips were great, T.V,K — Missedyouthisyear, thanxagainforgettingmefob LP D D — Lunch last year was great, I ' ll miss you guys, Thanx lor every- thing mom dad, love ya! BEST, AMY — Aimless — AVCH (girls do play Ice Hockey! 234 P-Puff 3, Spr Track 34, XC 4. CS life, COM 234 CB HR w Noelh ' The 1984 Painl Fights, Try drive on the right! LV Long distance friend. The BEACH «, 2nd ' bums, DL It ' s been 7 yrs The BFS Rebels, RD Prom ' 83 w ' RH Chuch, THE TRIO DL RD Me The Dabalu ' s. MW, BE, AB, Id - Ego - Ego. Store 24, Fruit of the Loom, The Vegmen, ILY both ' WW Fun w CrDINO LG Rowdy lunches ES WWW, Look out BB AB Spearchuckers 4-ever! The Goat Otiowa Spiccon Ice, Babson (4 Brown MM ME locker buddies MIML IB, IT, CT, MM, PM, CA, RB Lusts URLs, etc Thanx Mrs V Mrs R Mom «, Dad THANX S. ILY " ! Michael is coming GOOD BYE ALL ' " ONWARD i UP- WARD BICKOFF, LISA — Powderputf 4, (Dimples), work study 4, prom 2 (never forget It Mk I, I Geils, weekend parties ' » ' ? N E college I think where a little bit lost " No doubt ' 2,3 love those Finast pizza runs Labeeepartner whereareyou?! M Goiorit!!l!!|,C, ' sa cutie ' . Concord detours. Hey Lyns where ' s Slim? Never forgot good limes at K-M thanx Bubbles, LB, LD, GM, TM, and the rest of the gang, Lyns when you ' re ever down and felling blue always remember " GLOWING LIPS " PE (memories never die I IM DM SM, LB, MK, TS, CH. SS, THANKS for all the good and special limes, I ' ll remember them always. Good Luck Everybodyi " bve bye ABHS! BISHOPMICHAEL W, - Football 2 3 Scouts all my life Get your books out of my locker leH Mike Dolphins don ' t have it good lu ck Thanx lor the good times T D, V S M| BD W K M MS MO T R T.T KT NT TB KB Good luck Sheryl thanx 4 4 great yrs, ThanxAB lacultv Good luckjuniors. Good luckCLASSof84 Mr, Schoe WE ' RE FINALLY OUT, Love you MOM DAD 2 more yrs, sis, BYE? BLAKE, lO-ELLEN— IV soccer 3. Powder Putf4. SkiClub 1,2, CD, no shine, lets compare notes KS, Chi-Chi ' s, no more I 00 runs CC, parties always a good time No more supnse Supnse parties AC no shelf but thanks anyway PH, Holo ' s need a ride Girls thanks for the good limes MB take care, you can make it I ' m on my way , BOISVERT,MICHAELR,-Mike,Bovy-(DS,)-Track4 ' Could be , " Whaldoyouwanttodo " — K,S, C,C. — " Girls, please be quiet " — K S, C S, — Dinner — When?? DM, — P B W ' s I won ' t forget you when I go to college— L B — " fashion designing — Thanx for coordinating my wardrobe " !! — What a tashion designer " GREAT WHITE WHALE " IHHALMFWALOOP FALLM — Think aboul it — PROM " I D — GREAT WHITE WHALE — " she ' s such a liar " — Don ' t you agree???? P,K — " I ' ll take all day if I want " . " pram — what a waste " — |,M — FLORIDA " Fly Eastern Airlines — You go for free — lest ' s go see the Cigarette boats — " When are we going? " Dolphins Finast — PS— Bets — l " m gonna win — SB — " bros spastic wave strap his hands to his legs — |ust stop him! ' ! ! ! — " Warp — 7 " " W-M gun " — IB, — Thanx for help in comp THANX — to everyone who has given me support to go this far, and to everyone who has BONK, LAURA — Crosscountry 1234 Capt4,XC Ski I234Capt4 Sludentrep, 234, Commandoes, NY NY, apples LS IR BC -t- me Quads? Eros yr, BONKERS! thanx DD 2, ID, SY, KM You missed DY prom + Irac Great times Mane, mud , MD Cape bike = hey IR where the hell is Bsboosit Lk? Soupto VD w KP Lifeguards - signs SVD? Bio parties ' ML -i- T Party, but BG gets T KP kept smiling - my 17th Bday. No not the book ' Me -l- LS together always |AM w cuds -I- smile Oleguys — MB, WA, KP, Dw, KS, IB, Cg, Who ' s got the oregano ' Greal Greei e + Dr David (love) ThanksMom, Stephanie, -I- Melissa II I had to do it again itwould be the same, Esp, thanks LS, IR. |M, KP, KP, ML, BG, , CN -i- MM Goodbye and good luck AB BOURGEOIS, PATRICIA — iBoug I Fieldhocky 1-4 TriCapl B- Ball 1-4, Soltball 1-4 TriCapt, Marlboro opening game w | M W N, MH, KB, CR, LS,l ;time w S p, D H, papa ' s 82 C W beacfi runs?SlwGnFzz ' h5shppngw B K,l B " ' B HFLA 83, Springhill I got It? C W, B B S-Sling CP nghl ule Ta«i, |IM WATERS 74, prom 83, srry, 5?27 83 best weekend, many mre 2 cme ' " lune 87 " I.LU M T Y,C E ' lOMac W n Nckrsn 82, R - Port 83 prtng w HmpnBdds — C W B B Summer 83 Thebestw SD, CS LR K W, A P— Hows E T , — Nver 4get IcobI w S D, A Pand I facd mch!K W, best tme was at yr house " CWSknPtrol? ' B Byeo ' Kp yrshson Pises. C,W Toga Prty w sssssshh? " ?? New Yrs 83 D L u were BUSTED ' L R 2 am Drive In 4 on 1 Another I Bites the DUST ' B B IWrri 2RTBG ' Mrs. W srry about the Car S C this is my bro ' A P, K W Ding DngDtch ' Ice crm cone nice sht HUH ' Big Bro u r the Bst! Hey M ii D I ' m the Frst Girl ' ILU2 cidnt ol made ' t w o U Thanx A B BOUVIER, EDWARD -Bouv, soccer 1-4, Capt4, hockey 1-3,4 ' track 2-4, P Puff Cheer 3-4, Raiding the B-Scouts w RC RL TW CH, MS, Spring Hill Boys — TW, |W, IS, ||, Hey bud, let ' s party ' Skifchmg in Twilight Zone w |C, CC, |S. Summer 82 w TW party in Pat Hill w TC AD, Busted INadeau), picking up trash Ad throw il All niRhter at Watt ' s Krayer ' sw MS, MV MM RD lA Soccer 81 Stale Champs, 82 Weston fell, Bach-Bay State Games — Cold, Pool hoppin 4, climbin on I High w MM. |A, MS, MV TH Tim hit the rock, |oe, Mike i Mark at Paula ' s Coppola — OKAVFUMBYE, TL Cuz liz, maybe someday, 38 Special | Slarship, Seger, almost Del Lep w Geez, Frosh lunch w TL S, |G break in the eastern wall LB, thanks 4 everything dorry Good luckMB, KP, DH, T ,MW, MB, TL, WN,MH |M KB KF SL BS TS, RH, SN, m, T8, SD, CS, MPM i all my other friend ' s Thanx Ian i Mr Galore TAKE IT EASY BRIAN, NEXT YEAR IS YOURS! Thanx Mom i Dad, loe. Steve, Tom ILY ' La-la-la-laler! BOYDEN, ELAINE - Party 1 -4, Skating 1 -4, P Pull 4, Blunker and Carol — typing w Sims, poems! Ted, stop poking me ' lM, LA, LB — ASIA! CC, keep up the hockey IM, goto Snack Bar ' SH MP TD Schof tests were brutal! Lisa and Eddie made H R a little more interesting LM, IP, KB, CG, SH, P Putt was excellent Mrs F thanx lor the help Keith, you have a big mough " KB -l- me next door locker pals, for 4 yrs DK, KD, -l- SD, good luck, I ' ll ' miss everybody!! ILY guys Good-bye lor now, AB. (Ha Ha 85 -f- 86 ' !) I ' m outta here BRANNON, KIM — Maforetle 3,4, Powder Putt 4, Hey T M remember tennis ' over fence, on head. Does your tummy ache " don ' t cry ' Its not that bad ' Hey Maforeftes, whatcha doing " ' Fnday nights were great ' party, 3 points Hey S C Busted " Hey D D S,N A nicetry — bran — next time ' ? F C Hour on curtains how come? Hey CB, you ' re in the spotlight ' B,K on Friday eves ' Slap Happy?! 10 games ol football Thx D D you ' re great Thanx mom!! I ' m grateful BRENTZEL, DEBBIE — soccc r2,3,4sottball2,3, KO D TK KD LN soccer great limes Softball |W, CP, SM, SP, ' sF I ' m gonna miss u guys DK, CP-BOB SECAR, unreal MAC ' s and lAMES TAYLOR you gotta like it D DK Math, SP, " Roxanne " II was fun CP - Hows the BIG D " , OR DA The mall - its raining- whala mess " BIG D ' s sock, disgusting Summer was awesome BR house, ill never lorget If Thanx lor a great time " BUDDY " EINSTIEN com prog — what a joke Thanx everyone lor all the great times and memories BREWER, lENNIFER - Ski Team 2, i,4 P-Puft 3,4 Fun times at GR 1,2,3 Summer nights " 81, BL it |G, famous fall " wheream I? ' 11 I ) forever Lynns no dancing! KH E ' s bird, here it comes! Bright orange — very tacky, KH in English the best! E ' s picture — ugly Bike rides, X-mas shoping it ' s cold! Cameras on , , hubbys cruise. Outfits in windows. Cilly Hutton always Tree, swings playground Fantasy lives on ' RL I ' ll never 4-get vou, BL. Those wild and crazy times Tike— no courage Slim — L whereareyou ' Knock knock F-ball LB care bear, LC camping «, breakfast. MT - CFA Tennis laugh attack ' The Bruins awesome! SC ' 84, deliniately, SK LB pictures. ( 10 1 1 1, lourney — it goes on on S-on . Special thanks to all my friends lor those good times — and those yet BRIDGE, CHUCK — soccer 1 ,2 cc3 ski 3: The old gang MZ SK SD, BN, PR, PS, BA, LR, DT It was a Great year bul this one is better! ' ! ' ! Hey MZ Swamp meneauvers ottos gone lets party Bn Where d ' d Ihat go ' ! MC, Mz, SK, PR wheredid that tree come from SK great bonhres, thanks for the |ob MZ still best Iriend Bp didn ' t think I would forget you hope things stay awsome: you II always be special to me BRICCS, LISA — X-Country ski 2, PiPuff 4, Flammy, LETTUCE HEAD — RA,LisieUR all GREAT SL we will work things out Had a GREAT time in MAINE " SURPRISE! ' 40 BDAY PARTY I will NEVER FORGETZ What a BLAST! ' CM — New London, Makaha runs Mr C with his red pants MB the WHITE WHALE is coming " EB — your a BEAST ' H-Ruom was FUN kb -l- abU, HOPE keep at ' 1 DM - YRU so shy " U tell me IP, ID, MR n what a BODY " CC-UandvourCUYS ' !U-FOX DONTdoanythingI wouldn " t |B cruisin lookin lor MB, DM THEY don ' t no what there missin C-MEN R more FUN ' They no MORE ' RIGHT ' LM-URA SWEETIE lUSTIikeme FRIENDSCG, CM, PD, ED, TM, LB, MB, LM KB |P ID, AS, DM. SS, SL, DW, IB, MW, AB, EB, KD, KC, AS, DM SS, IB — We have to go to the P-— Not my fault, I ' d warned to IB -(- MB maybe If will happen I will miss you all LM, |P, |D, LB, DM KB you made this year GREAT ' Mr AUGUST looks the BEST to ME BYE! ' Luv YA — MOM. DAD. SAN, |AN BYE ' BROWN, KATHERINE P - Katie - Spring Track 3,4 Student GovtDay 1,3,4, PowderPult4,Horsesl,2.3.4 -I- -I- LB.MH AB IF, KF, KC, DB, SS, SL, PF, EB — vou ' reallferrilic, WW— I ' ll never lorget ya ' Thanks MH for all your support during the rough times of ' 82-83 " Remember soph History A|B! " 83 Vermont, Kentucky Tetrathlon — great sport — ! Mangs, I LOVE YOU ' Thanks for everything Mom, Dad. CB. LB. SB, IB, Bumpa, you loolN ' Bye all be seeing ya ' The best of luck to ya " BROWN, LINDA COPLEY - Special Olympics, Swimming, Bowling, Track and Field VW, DR, BY, CG, TS, LR. DD, LB, SI, TR, PH, KO, PC — III miss you ODP friends. Firday Night Fun Club, Sunday Fellowship, Square Dancing, Crucifer COGS MrP MD, DrMcN, NY, BK, ML, MV, HD, MM, LG, EC, SD — Thank you for your help. Thank you student aides Mom, Dad, CB, SB, KB, IB, Bumpa. )N, MV— I love you all Good Luck Class of 84, ' BROWN, MARY lO — Scary |o,Po:f-fb-ball cheer 234, ppuff 34 Iitmag34, sh -I- milckrmts 1234 56 , me -l- po. hi loquko 1 -t 2 whooska. speed bump, ossipee nocho ochoo donuts, HERMIT. N,H! shell ma bell — get organized Asia 83 mmmdsa runth ' reds JT 83 aw 4 sometab + nail polish rem 6 some? dont make me laugh 2 hard! sagapo sinead -i a kssmissu ' snBCB! NICE ' jq 271 steps, TL?8thgrdtl ' ily ' kev, waguitar 2 MBwhoR U? ly! bananas were 2 green, waspreLzel overcooked ' 2 much trench cooking? guard ' ang, 4 ever KC daycare Waltham DFea, love?mr + mrs -1- Kev 2 )A (PC) 10th grd blues, |C thanx 4 MONO ILOVEYOU, Oct 2 ' thnx pf, Ir, mopey. fk, ap, kw, wn, boo, TD: DWX math hip gdick dk, pi, mc, cl, tb. mi, d + sb, den its been a wonderful day in my neighborhood , I, Lv LA NY ' Stur camp ' Lange vins ILY Tim. ily Annie!! KA-KA. u = best. Susy + Shell -1 others; I LOVE U ALL. bye AB . . . b,s u r u c i n j n I REALLY m BRUNNICK, MICHAEL P, - Soccer 1,2,3, F-Ball 4. NHS 4 NMS Semi 4, Finast 3 DICK Phillv (gangly). Luke, Bowel. Spar- ky. Disco, Wildoloh mvl. Ml (HRshrink), Bouv (butcher), Bobby, Murph, leannie, Mr Bill, |r Murph «, the whole Horrors crew. Hi Mom (bye Anyal Spence, Couge. Kev. Case (Haw, shirts (screaming holes), LR the SS, Delcon (video). 3-Brgs) , , COD SQUAD (thnx chrldrsi Hampton ( ' ;■ ' ;). Lake Bonne (whaps). Cape (moonrays) TL (body by Nauti) LukesBCtails S. ipc, (Freddie, Harry, Dennis) Sub Runs, Hall Climbers, Monty p. ' Lydia ' , (lunch madness) Guidance C (no fun) (Alg, or Math?) Lkrs (Chris, Scotto, Cal, etc! kmz (I never told) HF Inever know how much) , lee, terr-thnx, coil-carry on, M D — dont lei go |ust yet Bye AB, III miss you, C ' mon Dick, they don ' t need us any more. 186 BURKE. COLLEEN— C- 1-4 Cd times w SS, KD, SM, CIS. —SS — scanners. Dopey -♦- hungry SOS your my pal. Fig hill swim. Evelyn, how to beat Fran + the A-B system — bad scene, happy toursome — manygd times. 0 y — totaled HVH, Firpit w CL, BT BM pitch w SM till 2 00. Soma is that my horse ' ' KD — Bronco, snowbanks, lunch, shed, roast beet, riverboatHBs house WRECK- ED, thanks Kel Mustangs lorever BM your cat nvr lirgive you. guerillas ' ' take care Bri CIS saved best for last I yr. + still going, Love you( " " Thks, tor helping me grow up- CTO tever ]40mph down 1 1 1 beats a red one (u C + C lorever ihks M + D esp D have lun Tn, LATER MUCH A-B HIGH. This is the famous final scene. BUSHNELL, LYNNSIE — Cape tennis with Rob. 3.4, sailing, Gra nite Rollo 1,2,3 Fun times at GR, many thnks + lotsof luv to BP, BL, DP, IC, SK, RM, IF, MS Smmr nights jC + BL Famous tall, WhereamR " 11 + 13 4-ever jen, " No dancing! " KH. E ' s bird, eng with u the bst X-mas shopping, " It ' s cold " Cameras on! Gilley + Hutton always Ice cream, " Hello, down here " Trees, FANTASY ! swings, me Wave? Never! KP mny thnks. luv u 4-ever! SLIM,thnkstormakingme smile! Football, L — Y — N — N — S — I — E ' Robsmmr ' fi3LyFEAE. Luv the Bsalwys. SK ' lourney, j, Geils MEMORIES 4-ever MT + LB -t- LC lly. thanks 4 bemg there ' Special fondness to ALL my friends I luve u ■+ will nvr 4get u |en, BFFE ' BBS ' Luv u. Dad, Tito, Isy. Healhey. Shanny. Good luck ' 64 I ' ll miss u ' CADY, DONALD L — Don — WTrack 1 Uh ' STrack mgr I. RStation 1, X-Country 2,3,4. Ski Club 4 Michael stud ' , Deek brown nose it! BK — do burgers ' — the good times, the bad times LM I likes you ' — special yittle friend Slick — Slicker Zowie " Guys? ' Uncle, Prol, Philos, Father Everything changes but remams the same MC " Kram ' good friend 26goodtimes — We don ' t serve people here " IB unique, |T Zbig plan BG ' Mr, C 1, 10-25-82 SANDD frever, special times, a special dream. Sue?? I love you. THANX YOU GUYS!!! CAMPBELL. ALISCJN |ANE — Softball 1,2,3,4, P-Pull 3,4 Student Gov ' t, Vrbk, Bst Frnds 4 ever Tracey K M, T | apt H H, w | S at the lockers look out 4 Mr R Rush socoing m Armist at D F K D Where ' s the jeep ' Trips to York Beach w T S B S College w-ends Dag me B G a weekotf ' New Vrs. Eve where did we go after that ' BoatcruisesT S MCH w K O occifer what ' s wrong ' R T April I9th ' quad Lac dancing H. F ball R I, C T , K ), Britt. " Sweet Dreams ' I ' m Frightened ' FRIENDS Thanks tor everything Mom Dad Good Luck in future Claa of eighty-four. CANNISTRARO, TRACY — STEVE June 30, 1983 ILYSM Kim, Kim, Mary the contest Noonc special |.F IHYDP Hamp- ton KL, KM, ML senior year with sue Capew LL thanks special times w melody Michelle best of friends PIGS I finally made It Don ' rush the good things in lite STEVE ALWAYS thanks Mom Dad luv ya CARNEY, lEANNE M — Hey. hey what can I say? 1 .2.3.4, that ' s what It takes and I ' ll be out that door, Mo-Mo darlin What ' s doing ' Blue light? Kmart ladies do better Sweet baby James on the V Common Party at my house SWING MELLOW, CHICKS Walks on Cape Cod, times I felt odd Slammers. party at the pits. Willies in N.H , run away from Dave. Sunday, N,H. runs — got to go ' )im and Die and B-B, 81-83, Deb and Villbur, see you at the recept ' Love you Ma and Pa Kettle and the rest of the crazy fools ' I C . M H , D.F, K F , D,S , A S,. P O. V E . P M , P K , B M . S W , never play leapfron with a unicorn! CARPENTER. MIKE — Sharp — ELZA scheming 1.2.3,4 Hoop 1,2.3 capt 4 Hashing with BC. 1 tab rack ' o swillers 4 doobs aw narley! bluing with yola and zeppo POP " EYE " — summer 83 thescrole. drive-ins. Maura D Blow Itonous) bashes at Head ' s w BgT T, and Zep(- ' ) THE LOFT — P D B G DBH ' Dunn ' s party % 2 much — 161 — I hear ya drew! N H w P d, then Head I ' ll bet a quaker PUFF!! 2am think about it! Swaggy and B G weirs H o water slide. Bud bowl all in the Grand Am — Slump, keep tradition, but don ' t knock them up ' HAVE A GOOD ONE!! CARVALHO. MARK D — Radio Station 9-12. Boxborough Bicentennial comm 9-12, Eagle Scout 11, Ski club 12; Last ot Carvalholine TC — Blanchard Buddy, Are you sure those aren ' t see through? C A — Rotten timing in English. Are you geing Facetious? It goes " wishhhct " P M. — Zowie! Don ' t whine j T — Frolic America ' The Troopers World Tour ' 80 Summit Exp ' 83 You diplomatic tyrant, you Guys — Portugal ' spractically a World power, It makes cork No more In night Risk CM — (alias, the Hobbiti Let ' s hand from a rock. L K. — At least stop laughing long enough to breath From ' 83, fun BG — Sugarloal, great time But what a scene we made ' Advice There aren ' t many gentlemen left sobegrateiul To the clan, to bad it all has to end HavCARAMBA ' CASEY, KATHLEEN— Fid Htky 1-3, S Trk I-4.Stdt Gov ' t 3,4 PP-4 K F |F triends tor how long? Thanx lor always being there Uguys Facts gang — Edna Hey friends — ihanx tor all the gd times — swt 16. hllwn, supnsc ' . p.s ' s at my house (Kristin — great swimmer) ) A T Snowbank 180 Unique horn Me ' Back up? Summer 83 ' best times S D in at Flan ' s Res Quarry — Fri 1 3 part tour Consumme — don ' t point ' Thanx B.S Dece — p c ' sluly 4 — be there! S S shots — how many ' U wale h walls, me the trees. |F where ' s your ski ' NU — Bear, St rw D ' sw M.H Typeof gals ' M D — YW NK HM YM TM TF EB Love ya ' M D, U 2 C T Bye-Bye AB!! CLASBY, KAREN— Wasby,pp-FTball3.4 10Me + You " AR. + MH + MIB -h DT -t- AS -t- DF + LV - AH + KD Thans luv ya " Beth RR I need a pass — Watham, DF Every Weekend ' " Hopp- kies, MIB + KC, Mom We need the Car " ' " Dtwo years t MjB % f I need Butts " Camping W the Browns DAVID Nad Friends Love Always 7-12! ' ! ' GH need some help m the kic hen " Andi I Love You " Havard, how can we, well Forget — Firbird, mean marroon Machine ' " Is this the one. Nope DTallone KR parting in the beat up Iruck DT we have been the rough Alot Luv yastill Dave L FIRST, Last, Love, Hurt. I ' m scared. Me too!! I ' ll never torget, will you ' I want to go HOME!!! Time — 1 30 am Kevm — FTball You ' ll makethepro ' s ' HITYAL LAST! I LOVE YA Bun-Bun!ZeekYou ' reaGeek ' BarbT TimeWillTell M Dllove You ' It ' s OVER ' COLE, JILL — Finally outta here ' " L S M H I wish you happi- ness always Stoney rmbr all those wild trips ' ! tray ' summer 82 N H fried FROGGINNN lean best buddy, I ' ll alwys rmbr all the prim time slammingsessions at the wild crazy Carney house! ' where ' s all the cnterias ' Thnx Beans ILya!! S.W.. B M , D S , ASPOVE,LV..D.N, F, It was a party friends and I love you all " Rmbr EM Lews Bn ' ! WHERE DID YOU GO bazaar " Thnx tor all the fun times ' ZZ Top, Tull, Garcia, Clapton, |oe Perry, lames Taylor summer 83 Plum Island — Wingersheek, PRI- MO " Vin the Vitaman CLASBI wemadeit " casms, pitts, coll Bash sessions other memories live on not on paper CENS Its not the same w out ya A M GRADUATION Here we come COLLENTRO, |EFF — Football 2 ' WHAB 3,4 FRIENDLYS Yearbllk Pysics 3, what an experience! I ' ll never torget the penguin " You get out at 2 " " Wanna buy a shirt? " Hey Sue. youdave I are all on together, what ' s wrong here ' GRILL PLEASE Deliver yourself Terry, you only have one slip EXCUSE ME, I torgot I was talking to TK. Hey Mark. SQUISM ' " |A. yo want my body Q, I have to tell you something 9 dates tor the prom and counimg CROW UP the beach A bit chilly, eh ' Hurrv up. the flights leaving lasten your seat belts HI|ACK " ' Stop over in Pans Thanks for everything j,j,h You all made it easier DM Thanks pal the best BFF EILUK HI |A|QMDTKSRMWTDLK|MKF WNSWTSCH (FOX) DA S5 SC DB MRS M SM And you kiddo. SEE YA LATER! " CONNORS SUESAN, | — Senior year work study " Fmast " . Thanks to sk. ds. Ic. lb. pf. ar. as. rs. ao, bl. tv. [C. se, " special thanks to BS " Prom 82 ' , 83 ' , 84 ' , Summer Splash Lake Shirley, waterski. Weekends cruisin, pa rties, concerts. Tachers thanks to M Starr. Paisley. Pacelt, Smith, Bradley Word Processing Thank Mom and Dad tor all help in school and other Volleyball after school. Thanks to ng also ' CONQUEST. LINDA |, — Flakey and Lm, Powder Puff, lunior and Senior, Thanks to Mom and Dad for all the help. Thanks to SK, SC LB SM MT IB C.G I P ) D JP L N. L M. C F M B A-S. and to every one else Thanks to the teachers and the counsel- ers A SPECIAL THANKS TO D S, (LOVE YA KID) Good luck to the Kinsley Road kids. Have fun all! LovetoTonyaandall the tun down inNorthCarolina ThankstoMrs FarrarandMrs Dayton tor all the lelp thanks to my brother A | tor all the help thoughout the years Thanks lo Bill and loan tor the help in school and with the family Love y ju Pete and Brett Good-liye to everyone COONEY.MARYC — Student Gov ' t 1. Finally a senior ' G-Penod nap lime in Mr Mcd ' s class Hey W W want some gummv bears? Do you think we can get him lo smile ' |en we survived trench lor 4 years, always triends in my fjook ' Colleen brktst at macs, pancks sasauge to go ' 543-668 needs a new what?? KM friends forever Friends " KM. C R. K C. | D, I R. K C. K B Fmast whataioke " 5 7 63 dte BIG letdown! 7,17,81) D C THANKS — Mrs McNlly for all your help, K T | T, DAD, MOM 1 sis Susan, love you all ' Hey Becky T you are a terrific kid never change, okay? It ' s all yours now 5 25 84 ' " Later A B MUCH " " " COPPOLA, THOMAS — Soccer —1.2-4 loaf Bach road-tnp cape, AB LC car me NB beach AB, AD. MC Goodtimes AD party N H.MCbrawlSpr Hill SS, DP, DT DP duck (a DT house. RR bd sen w dad AB, Fairs, SS 2am Cape after KB bsh Mobil Keith thanx4advc MBBlhankx CS. AD, LO, MW, Party w |ackD (sckl RL Hampton, Nice Day (ha. ha, ha) AB nice nert NB at SDs. Prom " 83 " NB Thankx Mrs T Mrs W Bouv. TW. MS R , GH. Crashing 8-Scouts camp-out (Firecrackers, Bottle rockets) AD EB Busted iNadeau) pickm up trash Ad , I told you to throw it ' AD.. Manacum Baagin PM. my gums r numb Keep in touch AD, AB, MC. Bouv. RL, MS. DP. LS. PD. BG, |G, |F, TM. LL, LO Please remember me CS. PC. RT I LOVE YOU NANCI, FOREVER 5 18 92 I wish you were here Mom, thankx Dad, Good luck class of ' 85 " , " 86 " , I will remember. COSTICH, SUZANNE M, — " Lite IS like the coldest winter; People freeze the tears I cry Words of hell our minds are into Ive got to crack this ice and fly, " Boston — Hitch a ride CRONIN, PETER — Activities, man I knew I was torgetting some- thing but I have my work AAA 2,3,4, All good times Don ' t fire them BC, TB, PG, PS, CD, BL, SV. SK. jM, DG All helped, arf great Christmas parties The Who Want can I say? I got my mug Hey Mom, Dad, Beth. Emily, ED, Carolyn, |oe, Tncia. Katnna Love you more than you ' ll ever know Beth what ' s going lo happen ' Couch knows more than she ' ays Hey Kati, love you too. Thanks Pat Sorry An, Prom 83 Glenn This one ' s for you — I ' ve always wanted to be iust like Sean Leary Must be fizzed tor tiz but don ' t hurt the skull. Pulucykc Ted 1 2 long years. Matt more to say to you than room for in the book I ' ll love you forever, Kriss too few good times One cool pyccku class 82-84 specially you Kweit, Love you too Nothing like school if you get help during AB periods MB, |W, GC Gingerale don ' t mix but St, Pauli Girls never can you have too many The Cape 74 D DALEY, ROSEMARY — iRM Rosie) PC, WHAB, NHS + AH (my ITwin) DL (Pardon me, are you communist? I ' ll take it!) |H (keep calm cute)AB (DaBaLus. PLU, cosmic) |en D (P, P K) |T (Ml Marmota ' ) PM (Zowie ' Dididida) IB (tood is better) MC (Kill a cat kicker) jL (don ' t whme) PR (Who pinches ' ) BG KP (NH?) BM (Rocky lives) MK (GodspelP Med!) LG (take a nutty!l PW (sorry, you ' re blond] BH (the name is rhoda) BC (inhale your hand) CE (you ' re tigger) AR (a Rockateller in the pond ' ) SS (Sth dimention? ANSKAVISKA) CA (Stop tollowing me Cascading effect) TP (snarked) TF (Timmifins) Goodluck Roo, LK, BW, KW, ID, KB, MD, A|, FR, CF. LW, IV, GD. GSD. SA SO Everyone (you know who you are) Piddittles to all, KIT, DARBY, DOUGLAS I — Soccer 1,2,3.4 soccer party at SDs bummer Brian, next year is the year tor you Skiing 1 ,2,3.4, states 2, DCL all-star -i- state champs 3, co-capt 4 and states? partv CH. thanks coach ' Hey bnan, how about catchm some moon rays By the way do you have a permit tor that ' Well then lets beck it out ot there son carry a pillow around much!! summer ' 83 wmler ' 82 and NH. I will always remember giggles (ping-pong), Caryn, what would the neighbors think? Torino power! KS + CS you are great triends SS they ' re there!! what are we going to do w out bnan? Nobody to talk in front of See you in the future, it ' s bound to 187 happen. THANKS everybody esp. BL and SS ! DAVIDSEN, KIRSTEN S. — Af S — 2 Powder Puff 3,4 Fla. w;LI, sluclc in SNOWBANKS lately? M.H. Ttianks! Lisa «, Karen NH was great! (B-t)ends lately Lisa?) Allison oops sorry al! Good times at SMU Halloween Party, Jimmies — pep musfi you bet! bcrmuda fiere wecome! some!! Hillstarts in Boston. Mom you drive!! ' I W, look out! DN — we fiad some good times KI, PC, Kelsup on EGGS? YUCK!! Sack out my fiouse anytime! I love you Ted! Best tiling fiappened to me! Fun times in N.H, tfiis summer, SKI mucfi??? HTCOF — ILYVM Your Moms dream will come true, j W , RW only twenty min. — awesome!! All night Drive — In — Cripples!! CPtake It easy. Good times talks. Co easy on the R ' nity next time. KC — The Red Book. Home Ec ' ers Keep Cookin ' Dwight — Best Bro. Love ya Mom dad — THANKS !! Beth could not have done it without you!! FINALLY OUTTA HERE! DAVIS, DAWN — Parties 1,2,3,4. MIKE — 10 21 80— ? I LOVE YOU!!!!!! N.H. runs. The J.D. clan and passing out at johnny ' s. FLAMBA — sisters forever!! Give me a cigarette my lips are numb! N F T.F ' LAUREN — being scared of 1 As driving, champagne at the rink, rag session with Bill, and our favorite table in the corner — common? TAMMY V — dinner at Flams and flying chicken canoeing with vou and Ray, and scared ot tipping, lots of great memories and more to come! Hey guvs — massive muchies after school! NANCY — To bad we started on the wrong root, but we should be proud we ' ve come this far! I ' m glad were friends again and lackies gone Thanx mom dad, I love vou! See ya ' AS — Have a nice night. DE CESARE ALFIE — Finally Conei! ' Good to be outta There ' III always remember good old A B High, with all the late ones at Headley ' s, along with M C T T , C L , IS, and any of various females. The good old C P was great during 3 4, — 60 T.C 1,2,3.4,5 always will be great friends! — how ' s the haybail? C.S. — likea light switch!! 2,3,4. Ted — shll up about $20. Keep Betting. PARTYING PARTNERS: T.C, A.B., T.T,, C.L. IS., PD., B.C I G P.M AND ESPECIALLY M C — late night talks, cruising the C P , LETS BEFF ' totally coll T C . M C . A B , Deli Runs — CHOW! Acapuico — 4 " NO CREDITA " thanks to MO for every- thing. " Good Luck, Yeoman " see va in b Underclassmen — " You ' ll Survive " !! DECOSTA T. DENNIS — 72 (Moparl The Green Machine, " gone but never forgotten That hurt Thanks for your advise Mark it helped alot Best friends to have D K M K PR S.L. thanks dudes I bid larewell to the following Snelbaby, and ol course Walter, Jack (gentlemen), and to the guv with classy ties and suits Fran. Hey dudes! theres been to many parties to remember and list, but I know they all have been good ones, from 10 degree weather or to 90 degree weather they all were classics. There will be plenty more to come so brace yourself boys. HEY, Pat were still the best but your still a little better than me. Lots of luck guys. DEWIRETED — Track4 Gstudy . George S.C. M.SCG K.F S.H S.l What A blast remember powdermi 11 Road in Maynard? bummer . G.S + K.Satpowerglide George + CherylwhatA 2 some . POOPERS T C. + N.B stop fighting limbo lets party . . . later alt it ' s fjeen real weekend parties and cruises awsome . . . M.S + S C fun getting to know you this year later Sammy .. . bye AM PC 5 PP KC D M.C A L D T and Spud K.F stay out of trouble Sunday scub football games what A bore . . . Sean you tennis pro P C get rid of that queer hat Fred we ' re almost there it ' s about time SEE YA FOR NOW DICKERMAN. SANDRA E, — " SandraDee " Sccr, Cheer. 2, Cap 3,4, P. Puff 3,4, Pty 1-4! Co-Cos! Police — MD, IQ — Chw-Chw ' |r. Yr. KW, RD,MM Cd. Tms. I ' llnvr frgt! ' Truly NY ' s 82-83 — KW — " PO-Satin Shts! " Chnkldrns — sht. fed! 151 — KAdrnks! MP — Attc. Adv, a PC ' s! Fla. 83 " Snbrns + RmSrvs -I- CrmasIC! •Prom 82 + 83 Smr. 83-7 14- Cape — MM, IN! 8 1 3ourhouse " RD-styoffroff! SWKS — BIC! IG, ur2 spcl ' MM9 20 82 — ? I WALY -t- rvry. spcl. tms. " Prmses " MM ' s pty — CIM! Thnx 42 mny. gd. tms. — MM. RD, TH, IN, SL. |A, MS. RL, BD, MV, — Miss U! LingLckr. 2,3,4. FT FM. 2,3 — Fr Yr Skpdy " It ' s dietcake ' " Sp Hill-Bud -1- Cruisin — AP-Rt. 9! TB, CW, SN. BB, MD, IQ, PF, LR. CS-N-12- " Harold " URalthebesf! Prov FWKP. KWBFF. BstLck. KK " Pyt! " SD, ES, LC, LB — gonutslDH. HB, SD — u guys r grt! Tnx m -F D 4 ptng up w me — I ' ll be good! Sane — it ' s all yours!! ' NEVER HAS THERE BEEN BEFORE A BETTER CLASS THAN ' 84!!!!!!! DONAHUE, lENNIFER — Donahoe, losefa Powder Puff 1.4 def great ' ! morns (o lockers, Waterboys, WW., air heads. Hey Alfie summer o ' 83 (a N.|.!!! B W., A.B. is the pits w o u !! ' Squirrelhide ura VIP G R., B.B.E., Shout, coolettes, Spiro Mafia excellent times. Miss ya sweetie! Lynn remember LA IP how about soup in a tree sometime?!? Gum socks required 4 C. chem. Alfie, lavce, Briggs. The Fox Rose, THE BEST mb, mc, dw. In, sw, si, ss — cool dudes! Oh well, in a few lavce!!! Put some wax on thetrax and slide on outa here!!! DOUGLAS. KATY — Blondie. Rocko. Party 1234 Prom 81 WHAB OR Maine 82 Camping 83 3-14-83 — Scott S, Sweetie — What a trip ' twinkles, save your cap! Rusty Scupper brownies. Andy Capp Crunch Crunch. K.O, Roses. David Dave, VERDI, Boston Cindv Don ' t forget the DREAM! Mavnard guvs — Hugs FRIENDS FOREVER! lones field FOREVER WE SWING ' Midnight Madness My House, BE THERE ' 1 can handle it! Store 24 runs Gulf Dad, Uncle Pete, Cramps, Mike Good Morning! Confer- ence room. M.O IP — N H for worms other good times SPANKY. CUTIE. BUMP. BLONDIE. CHAUFFER. S N — Yourea buddy! Swimming w M S Lisa: Let our fantasy live on! D.B.H. Schnapps. Great times w L.M, DA., S, G. SD, MIP, |.P. C.C. OK, L.S, M.H. F.H, , G.B: WHGTAMTC ILY SH: WH FT ET YC MIS LY SFF Thanx — Mom, Don, everyone else. I made it! OUTT ' V HERE ' DOUGLAS, RICHARD — What s up ' F-ball 1-4, Lax 3,4, Winter Bud Team 1-4 Pals — TH. MM, lA, MS, MV, IN, RL, EF, BD, IW SL, TA, SH, EP Where do I start? How about Hey Moe, The " BomfDer " lives, Grad party " 83 — you owe me one Toad Rick got sick ' CC IS It MM. lust roll over and die Baker PC with EF? — Pumpkining A quick FP You don 1 need an early Stan with left SDsNYEs party — good book IN, TH Watt got shot down — I was under the car Nice smile souz Scgerwith Duges, TH vou HA Bless you IQ Strike up the band Great bed MV Good luck KW Get me oft the roof Sandra thnks for all the great times SN. SD. CS, LR. KW, IQ, MD, AP Lets make a CVS run " Goof " . About a handful Parris? Someday Susie! Exxon visits. Your the best Vecc. thnks MOM, DAD, DEB, SCOTT. Take care Duges. Later AB High. " Yoop Yoop " . DOWNES. MAURA — ' Mopev " — thnx Ling + Susy! V hcky cheer-der ' 81-84 V fball cheer-der ' 82 leannieQ Iding + dong ' l ill B in rn 3! whn r u g ' ing 2 gt ur lins " soon, realsoon! Croozen 2 Wenl$i hwdo u spll relf BACAR IQ, SM. LR, SN, CS, KW, SH. AP. MIB, SD + SD. PF, LRO, CR. BB-U guvs R. the grtst ' Thnx LR. BB.SM-lOthgrdsum blues run. run, run! IQ. CR, LR, .AP, LRO go 2 NH " entry bumpkins — 83 ' " " Harwich — int that Mr A acokeplse ' BA-HA " The Police— BEFF-AT-LARG ' cHow, Chow ' Ling-wht r the stats? (KLM) — Til nvr 4 get it! Hey PF i thnk its a rite! huh Mm " Dear TAK ' T " , U R 2 TAK " " Y " 4 ME. tons-o-fun (« S Nybs rec.hse! (Michael - U make lovin ' fun ' l SM, we tinly mde it! IQ, thnx 4 always b ' ingthr ' Boots, Dad, Katy + |ay -u guvs r O.K.!! inmy twok! Time makes you bolder even children are getting older and I ' m getting older too. Good luck ' 84 DRIER. WENDY — W-trk 1.2,3,4; s-trk 1,2,3,4, x-cntry 3; mai 2,3.4, NHS 3,4; p-puff 4 began but hospital (deepthrt) - 1 lesssfty. Summer ' 83 — THE BEST " Mynrd — eggmacs up — GB SB S Savoy (Savage) 1 doz r r Burl Mall chase — Yuk — we ' re outta here! GAZEBO — Scott Tie-Man. Fun Games please F G! ' Scott what can I say? Nvr 4-get U ' GWIL Marlboro C-bve ring, sorry I F. U took 2 long 4 KD, had chance. Mynrd pants oft uh-oh! Snr yr Scotts galor ' Ogunq " OP " still guilfv no i-crm 4 (Flan tannery) Kimballs. Granite — Kwcit 4 more " oh. Marc Rvccku — wa sa matta vazik ' Cncrd pty more Ik tour of C-C. Plateau (where?! walk-IP DS PC -DD- |M S. Pretty Boy — jen Kris, f-ball nxt dav-burn! CB babbl S. drl SS CB SR (Brothers!) KT JF CC Kf AK SP FC-U R All Great ' Mom Dad «, Andy Thnks! DRIBAN, CAROL I — Dribbles; W Track — 1,2; NHS — 3.4, Powder Putt — 4; IB (Joel Babyl, K.S (Slushy). BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS! IB — " Deep " talks at ole ' V.D.S. — Want a brownie? K.S. — Cards n ' boose |ust don ' t mix — UGH! Sic Pic!C G — Hey doll face MB, — I miss you! CS. — Munchie runs — What pigs! N H summers are the best!! Love them college guys! UNH — Oh yeah! Andre ' and WED mmm! Oh no — here! go! I love you P B.!!! DUDEVOIR. TRACY — (Spacy) V. Gym. 1 YB. 3,4 PP 3,4 (almost!) Basil ' s 2 ' i, 3,4. IT ' S BEEN GREAT! MP, KP, MW, SH + gang — UR the best! Shell: It strfcd in LvrpI (Bio) " St, D- H20 ' sS I L C ! FB — Cm! HStppr ' Tapioca ' SD — I can shldr-rll I ' m sppsd 2B cute, not athltc ' Eng: Pt?Thm? — 20! WB-slvs. " shooz " 8 chns, no neck-CSCH! Wht, abt. CD. Sun? Remm-off? T E ' s I.e. pies! Bunny! B-mania " Lk Mabl. a qrtet! " lt ' s a (-bby! CLICK! Mini (a Chat-undr. tbls. thru chrs ' Askus anthg sz. 34 w gidfs!Lifeis 1 Ing F-attck! 143 A. yaknow! ' SH Shppng sprees 2 spags + Stacy ' s! Scrmbid R-Stones! MW what a OF ' Rem D. Mo ' s loud shrts! F-trips 2 Kmblls! UR SPECIAL ' AP " Flyin geese! " Herds of B-shnmp-they don ' t! K(BDF)S Fut. SD ' " Lv it 2 Bvr ' " Don ' t chum the fish! Luau! No spkee! Harpsys HI ' 143 - UR the best! M -(- S: 1,4, your supr.vsts! F-prnts-ILY " || DD RL " 82 ' Rem beach adv! APProm ' 83-14 iA " Thanks Mom Dad for always tieing there! I DUDLEY. CHRISTOPHER — SHYF 1,2.3.4. Deering 1,2,3,4 Ves- per hill, BARNET. Explorers 1.2, AAA Backroom, Eric ' s house, DEAD, MARLEY, T. KE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Fogelberg, folk concerts, Val, THANKS MOM DAD. good times KATO. MURPH. NANC, DAVE, WOODY, F N , IB , ROLLY POL- LY,Shanty, W DC , Love you S.M.. IP . Hawaii Spud. Tubby, limbo, racquetball — OOH!, ILLUSIONS, off to Florida, TOTO- CA, goodbye )EFF, whereare vou BS., LP,, |.|.. |. Wales. I HOPE YOU ARE THERE!, I GOT TO BE WHERE MY SPIRIT CAN RUN FREE!! ' !!! TAKE OFF, EH! DUHAMEL, PAUL R. — 2,3.4 X-Country Skiing, 3 Rifle Team, Whe els Spinning l,2,3 ' 5. In Gear 4 — Wild Bill " Do Math Hits " — $$$$$$ Sheraton Inn Dishdoggin: Breakage $50 Night, Food Fights, 3 30 AM — Buss " in: MuchosS — Resevoir — Sand Pit — Cape Cod — New Hampshire — " ' 3 On The Tree " — Over 90 M P H — Shooting 1,2,3,4 — Camp Raids— Walter Mixture " — Work Crew Pete. Bnan, Tom, Dave. Chris— BAKO— Si Sa Ma Ka — Park The Boat — AC 4 X 75 — Freshman Applesause — BS. Wed — AWESOME Cobra 427, Alpine. Brador. 50K -i- $, Lg. Mouth 10 + lbs. — Ankle Bender — Back Row Warm Sprew — Four Wheelin -f Engine Seizure -(- Outside Pass — Life is Math Math is Great . . (use transitive property). DUNCAN, ALEXANDRA — Peter Pan, Sandy. Alex: Rainbow 1-4, WHAB 1, AFS 3,4 Linda MC -u-n-Do KD-u-n-CB. SH. MO SN, DL, MO, Ml, SB, )B, SB, DB, PM, RH, DM, RH .CM, CT, MA, CA, AB, IT, IG.. All our men CK. CW. KB, CD, 8W, GD, MD, SA, CF, — GOOD LUCK IN THIS PLACE AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN — (ONE ' S FIELD — LATE NIGHT AT KATVS — SLEEP- ING IN THE HALL WAYS ST SL. LP. ID. KD. L.M, DK. DA, SG, DW, RM, SS. MC. IF, EB. CG. |P, CE — THE LIST GOES NO WHERE BUT ON THANK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT TIME MIKE ZOUNAS — BROKEN HEART — CANOE TRIPS TRHPS — KEITH + R0CER-4WHEELINC — ROLLER SKATING — PAT BO ' S — PMintheAM — 89 l-SPAIN 81 AUG«i 20, 1983. whit ' spond-ck- WHALOM P.ARK MICKIES — GRAND ASSEMBLY — FLY OUT THE EAST WINDOW NO " DRIVE INS — IIM C-PRISON-|im p-HONEY F RMS,GULF STATION-MO RL-SET ME FREE!! ' fa fa te te ta - lessica " PE-CONCORD MB 521 83 GOODBYE WORTH ADVISOR 1 9 83-9 10 83 — FREEDOM AT ALL? TOTHE REST OF YOU GOOD LUCK WITHOUT THE REST OF US. LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, IAN, PAM THENK YOU!!!!!!! DUPONT, SUSAN — 8-20-82 Sue and Mark! Camping at wild river almost AX — WHOLE! Right to the bone " FROSTY KOOL Parties at Marks house. " COODTIMES " racing in the streets, BS. let skiing, you guys are NUTTS! 65 GTO nicest looking car around D.S.Y A.A H " SKIING " P.W your a H.S Learned alot these 4 years L.S AD BRO, 7-10-82 GREAT DAY Neighbors down stairs are fried, 1 could not of done it with out you Mom and Dad LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Mom. Dad. Mark, Steve. Cindy. Rob Kristen. See ya later Acton Boxboro! DUREN, PALJL — The Rock home room what a blur weekends winter with the bug look out for that wall BANG that away F,T,D n.h. bash It begins wuth a " Q " N.H Bash 83-84 Blades. Dobbies Excuse from P F B H Rush Summers in N H Busted in a towel 8 Ball weekends Dont forget your keys 1 Q B I FireBall Co get em shep In the loft Don t let em take those - - Look out for the woods. Busted WE FREE DURKIN, WILLIAM — BASEBALL 1,2,3.4, SCHMEALLE; Coach B -I- Mr K thanx 4 all your help; SK lawncut cum " 83 ■ ■ bpu 2 AN, AN or RM " SAY IT AIN ' T SO lOE " + SIGNS: EF Prom ' 83 CTIATK: NORTHEASTERN MMLRSN, LOBSTER,?? Lynda?? love va,$$$$ 188 " CONTACT " , San + Ling thanx 4 dinner Good luck I Rice 8 Flynn; thanx COD — COD, RD-HR isn ' t same w ou, RDMM SD " .DT-EF-HS,LINC ANHS ' Good luck BOV + SCHMELLEJoe DZ = BAT.IWEST + LUKE )OHN CONTINUE ■ ' LB . i STOOGES SCHMOE, BONNE, SCHMEALLE, DAD + MOM LOVE ALWAYS ' ' BUBBA DE " DUPERAULT, DAWN M — Extensive travel courtesy ul the U.S Air Force Welcome lo my world I have friends in the Twilight Zone and on several other planets. I travel quite a bit from svsteni to system getting into all the usual trouble Aside trom that I spend a good deal of my time hereon Earthan Why? I got kicked oft ot mv home planet for several unmentionable crimes George Bunny and Roger Mouse on the scene again. Banana Boats forever ' To Twilight, Rinita. Tenia, Tatiana. Thanara, Palika. and especially Mikil, all the best. DYER, KELLY— Hockey I , J,3,4tield hockey 1 soccer 2,3, capl 4 track 3,4 powder puft 4. D T. and MA. look out here comes the bucking Bronko! hav C.B and S S its snowing lets go Kelly ' s halt way house watch mv Mustang fly E period class where should we go today ' Smiley you are a cutey Bn I want halt price tickets! S F, AS, D S. L V. |.C.,R L V E, P O the gang, you ' re great. O D, T. k keep kicking Deli people are h s the rink crew is devinalty cook, " lERRRRKS " JJ M I will alwavs love you, " you are always on my mind ' The " A " team, what a powerful team, canada is a great place to party To all the people that put up with mv sarcasim. THANX TAKE CARE ALL ELLERO. VINCENT — Later A-B. I ' m not weepin ' ME ' — (Oavel C S : DS.. P.O.. D.K., K.R , T.L., V E ; Beamin ' — TMOl. Hey Pat, CYCO + P? — Hampton — " What lime does the sun rise around here anyway ' " — Sick ' (|oe lams) Grossman — " I ' m bleeding ' " , M D. EUNOADYM — Purgatory — Pickle! lammin ' (Fire pit) Dan, where ' s your keys? S.W., ) C — tra la " Who are you?! " — ' Idon ' tdnow! " : Fri 13 — thrash i — Boone Lake — " We got things to do and places to see so we ' re there! " To all my (riends who helped me through thanks ' ELLIS, DAVID I — Rangley Main, Yelling itnn to the ecoe crowd. left vou rummv S Church spilly milly THE SKI MOBILE SLID INTO THE TREE. Steve och PAT 7 cars you mad man the power of steel Woodman cut your hair. |eff dont ruin the spoon Frank stop laughing at Chuck . ERIC Dead, Marley, basmeni, fun We must meet at TERRIPIN STATION |im for pres Nance, Cat Stevens and I both love vou Chns Dcook killer leant tit vou all but I wish everybody good luck I love you SUE T, S, 3 to PAT WOODY STEVE FRANK IIMIEFF CHRIS NANCE KATHYERIC AND whoever else I forgot I wish our friend ship will last forever I love you all . , , expecialySUE PS Be earful I want vou around lor a longtime ERICSON, CORY — RKFC is the way of the future ' RKFC 3,4 WHAB 1. 2. 3. 4 General Manager 3, 4 AV 2, 3. 4 Lighting 2, 3, 4 PC 4 Ambrose — The Mate hmaker )el aime Debbie, vou can tatoo me anytime! LNDA4-ever! Cruise chicks w PW, SS Alternative Dinner Music w D,V, us Deb Hello to: DL, PW. SS, TF, LG. RD, PR, KW, KB, GD, BW. LW, )D, IE. GG. (H, SD. DC, and Gypsy. It seemed like a good idea at the lime! FAIRBROTHER, KAREN — Soccer Cheerleading 2,3.4 Powder PuH i,4 Grt times w MH, WN, KB. |M, TK, jA Fla — Blast. Disnev World, dinner, FP Parties — TBs MH barf, AGs pssd out. PF Oct 8 1 dateMH, PG costume (bunys), sweet 16 ' s. See, home keg, x-mas home KB, |M. MH. WN. |A. TB, CR, LR. TK. N Y COOKOO lUICE, bubbles, TL Ccklts lAB), |M ' s bye jC, Val SB, KB. MH, Meh skd pool — SC. SB. KB, |C — slap, ouOits jW. BT. KB, SB. |M, |C, MH WN tnks DH tor Mic alwavs memba ya, skate St up , Lake w Meh. srvd Scup , saus -f HjO, punk n + eggs. KB, |M trnds 4 ever, trips to Boston, thnks being there I ' m always here. Ice CapadesMH. KB, SB, jM. |C. )W, BT, Bare 151, luv ya Meh, MH — 1.4,3 alwys, thnks good times, alwys there, prom, Canbe Lake PrkLA. TC, 1 1 ,30, AG ' s, club, Honda. Cii. Wagon, Spank. Grad, Lake D|, wine. Strw Daq.. Littleton Pond. G-Round DH, NC, Sylvesters. Later AB it was SPLIVVY! FENNIMAN, STEWART — Tennis I, Party 1234!! Don ' t worry about il ' Opels, Busier Walk this way ' KK T.N OD, DF C R DS IT BC WW CW SM BUTCHIN I love Ya ' Dnve-lns, NEGP, Salisbury!! Molsy and Arrow-Chase it! Sometimes you just have to say Harvard parties!! Summer Nights ' ! Are you zood? Daaaaa Bnghams = Home ' judes — Thanx for all your help and understanding ! love you ' Rush, Geils! I TT PTB ' Maand Pa Kettle — It ' s been hard — but ihank you — I love you Are you going to eat thoseor GREY — The color ot Kweit — I luv u, always!! I ' m going to miss you all! Good luck 84!!! FENNIMAN. TODD — Tod the Bod ' — Diving 1,2 loaf 1,2,3,4 CVS ass ' l m Bnghams ILY java ' Macs for cot ' PIC! ' Chris T F M ILY genius Party ' 1,2,3.4 Bonneville WICK ITTPTB ' Ral- peph a-yeah KK, MN, DF. IT. DS, TN Wayne ' Chuck ' Shaun ' 2 OE Cloie Olga G D.G Ma B and jcff ILY Mrs Liv — I tried ' Salisbury kitty hunt ' ! RUSH " " Mich and Mols. vou bet ' Pam, try for a fourth ' MN BK c d ' OK ' Baldwin Wallace, Mavbe Da a MH SF thanx Drew haaaaaaa BUTCHIN, spill a coke? PAM BEAUPRE ' ILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! ' lourney — open arms (Hard to say I ' m sorry) ludy, Judy, |udy Moo What the ?ML ' s! Oct 1 5, 1982CRIM lUST here I come! ' THANX Bill, Andrew Baba Bama Mana Auntie M Mom and Dad lloveYou always, don ' t forget it Bye ' Class of " 84 FITZPATRICK, SALLY A —9-12, Friends, Fun.PP83 Deli ' 82— ' Giveaways ' US! (L,L,),|,R, Bouv? (nice name ' ) S,5 isis) ' WW LL 80-4-EVERi " Will B-Bird ever call? " Willis — Rapids ' 82 ' ! Lot ' s w T T ' L L .B.B.Idgr ' L U SM (1)1 Z. U ' re AWESOME ' Gd times evrywhere F ' s4ever. (5 1 ) Beanzie I can ' t tell you what you think ' U R. gn — thanx |OLY Anne, I know, u ' re lired, nght ' D T — OA !ives(HRT)Vin.keepstruttin ' PO ' SLY ' KD DN — Eprd wuzgrt " TM welcome back! Pat, SAB ' (Ul Wht Min ' s — besttms ' joe G — 18wheelerdale ' S W I C .C B,S S. gd tmes TUNES — Charlie, ZZ, Neily. C.S.N.. WHO else ' S Cross land — gd tms bgn w u.Hlwn ' DebT ' sfPutnamchats — lotsof tun. gd. frnds) (Let ' s keep itthatway Nvr4-getU-Thnx)C I — BB LYA MH, kpsmilin! MD|| BS N cidn t make it w out U Rmbrme w lghter smiles, that ' s how I ' ll rmbr U GL — GOING MOBILE ' FLANNERY, )EANETTE — Field Hockey 1-4, S-Track 1-4, Stdt Gov ' t 3.4 P-Puff KC K F Friends4-ever Thanx friends tor all the great times. Good T ' s at Geil ' s Rush w KC, KF, SH " Mail Girl " Thanx Sha, MB M K F It ' s snowing out ' Snowbank 180. Great Summer at Gazebo, S R Keep your pants on SS never forget baton ' s W D. Long time friends ' D T , I W , T.B., Keep your hands oft those silk ' s. Dece Acct ' s honor, S.M.B. )at, Netta. Shiek, Bucko, lanery. Chipmunk, Blair Warner (Facts) Bates Fore- ver OH the boys ' SD ' s w MH, Mrs G, Fun at NU — Bear. Bulushi Pleasedon ' ttouchthedoo ' NEW Sweet 16, K C Where ' s my Ski ' Tootle Dclewibble. Good T ' s in hi w 5H, SK, NK, DK. Never Forget tJompy, trom Doompy whrtlacaree LT Chestnuts, Never 4-get jA, TH, |R. Luv ya Dave 1 Thanx Ma. Dad, Loveya! So long AB!! FLEMING, KATHY — I say to you the time is coming when the entire world will pass away Be ready, seek the Truth Someday you will Iw accountable for yoursell N P ST WW — ILYAAF . I swear I ' ve seen everything with you. Moe-Moe, Keep your laith, you will always have hope You ' re Cod ' s child Bye St Steven, D E , C H , I C , Smokey. Thanks Mom and Dad Sean, my other half, we go on without boundaries. Thank God for you. for you are the greatest gift ot all FLERRA PAULL — (ootballl .2, 3 — DT, RD, PP, MC — remem- Ijer fx ' hind goat ' s house ' " things have changed from then! we ' re talkin multiples ot three — DAVE, thanx for being a friend! ' me N you MaNy WILD tImEs thats tor sure ' RD sorry bout everything, maybe someday we ' ll be friends again HERLS the big guy dont alwavs win ' what teachers say don ' t mean " LIZ, (EBK) I LOVE YOU ' " " " ALWAYS ' " " " •Prom " 83 ' GREAT ' ! summer of 83. beaches, party ' s, GREAT TIMES!! important dates ' sept 29 ' oct 18 ' 1 mom, dad, sharon, louie, |immy, the most important date ot all ' may 25 ' thats the day my sentence is up see ya on the dark side of the moon! ' GOOD LUCK 85. Youll need ii " ! " ' " " ! ' FLERRA, SHARON — (HACKIE. FLERBIES, SAM ) Soccer 234 CAP., B-ball 12J4CAPT , Softball 1234 , lO-Sec, 1 1 -Vice Pres., Govt Dav9, lU P-puff man 12 SR — I LOVE YOU PUDGY — 10, 11, 12 TNUTL 1 and 2 ' " " CAPE-times, meadows, S 24, makaha. CHUMLEY " ' proms, hd Its, first! ' Stone Con YOU ARE THE BEST " ! " 4 5 ' " " HEY CECILIA— GREAT TIMES! ' — 10. 11, 12 Hamp ' 83 ' chablis — chablis, K-balls, Ln |obs, ID-nope Cumbies " H20 skiing Mr H-drmk to that ' BAGGED " LOVE YOU ' " " LLOYD — NHS Ihal ' convos. great ' thanx " OD-muffler. pizza, everything " BEST KID — LOVE YA Nomemo — nice!!! NOvote " Thank you DO — GO FOR IT " THANKS FOR ALL!! MISS YA ALL — CR. LR. MH, WN, TH, SV, )S. SP. OOMPY. KC, TY. EK, DM, KF, etc TAKE CARE! ' THANKS TO — MOM AND DAD.MR MRS R.MR MRS B. MR MRS, H, MR MRS. OD, MR MRSP ,MR MRS,G. HeyTY — I -t- L, Hal, cut? ' ???? FLYNN, PAUIA — Wasia — Soccer, Cheer 2.3.4 — Hockey Cheer 4 PowderPuff. Student Council! party 1 234 ' TOSOCCER CHEERLEADERS STAY PEP ' |F my first best buddy. SF Did you count bibles? IQ TWINKIE THE KIDS IN THE TROPICS ' The distant F ' YOU DO THAT VERY WELL ' 82 PROM BK you the year ' San. la Cape, get the b oil, VA. slims + tab + . it ' s summer ' cruises in the spit WOW. dorry MD -t- CS. A period snack bar w CS, MD. LR, CR, SD, YOU GUYS R GREAT ' 83 — prom. Buy a Bekah Thanx -never torgt TZ, RB, SD, m bathrm dng C ' 83 — summer w SEAN ' BEACH BUMS, I LUV YA KID ' Bestest buddv RUFF TO RR ' lak care Ml B , WHEEBS. ) BRAIN, AP, MP. TD. Locker Gang ' Hey TB — keep those sweats up ' POLICE ' " |R. U, Ma.,TAKCARD, SD. RB.TB. CS KW LR AP jQ MD, THANKS Talbots stck girls, exp. MOM DAD lEN STEVE, BEST OF LUCK 84 " EEEEEEEE YA LATER FOCK. lOSEPHINEC— Volleyball, 4 WOW, is this year already over? If has been great. Miss Lynn, get psyched for next year ' s wonderful seniors ' Mrs Prendergast, you were the BEST — every time I needed a shoulder to cry on you were always there And your volleyball was awesome Alissa, stop teasing me, it ' s not fair. Remember I ' m a stranger. Everybody join the AFS Club and help sell calendars ' Garfield, my one and only My bike and I and the crossing guard ' My motto for the year " Youdont have to be weird to be here, but it helps ' " Yates ' I would never have made it wiihoul you I ' ll miss you all, 1 love you, and I SHALL return. FAIR, |ILL Soc Cheer. 2,3 Stud. Coun 1,2 Parly 1 -4, TM, SF, LL, TZ TM; OR Itchy! BBC. 3.2.1 ? Surprise ' ! BFF ' SF. BB will call, Thanx for your LL. GTBWY, SNOW ' never forget ya TZ Sm. TT Boston great times TT, MC, AD, MB, DA. |S. TC. SM GD TMES ' TT, cal dtes , 240x. TP, C. SMAN. " T, IGS FTY " PR; rocks, New Year ' s, I ' ll never forget ya I love you Stuart ' Cone Bid . M ' s room. Thanx tor everything Ab. big bro. got a buek ' jules. I luv ya ' What more can I say?! Does that thing always smoke like that ' ! Take care everyone ' !! Mom Dad thanx for the support. D D great summer! I ' m outa here!!! FLEISCHMANN, KARI — W-Track 2-4 Spring 1-4, Gymnastics, White Plains 1-4 (1; weird encounter 2,3rd Relay 3,4ih Dash). Favro, Rose, Williams, Fleischmann — Swee , p. Liberty, P-PufI (hurray ' ). Mithel — Andre ' , (Md ). I puppy, Boys-boys, " Oct 2, lai — Friends. Cape Cod 82. Ski-Sip, 2(E) + H + B Resevoir. Snowbank 180, Poker, Grad Part 83. DOC, Mann, Chill out mom, lust the type of Gal I am! William, Consume. Gazebo, Party till ya drop, Foster ' s, Loved ya AB. " Garden " Dele Wibble, Prob- lems — solutions. Heartbreaks, PS — screens. Ell Me Broad- way Feb NY, Parties, Concerts. Work, New York Thx Friends, Mom. Dad. Bird, little Bro, Dave, we loved vou ' Whrttacree " . Pinkies, Thx tor the concern. Coach. FOGARTY, ANNL, — G.S. 12yrs!L.M 3.4; I.C. 1-4; BC, 2,3,4, THANX MOM + DAD! Father Andy — thanx for holding me together; I ' ll never forget you Roberta B — Thanx for the good times, good laughs, rides, help B W here I come!!! B,E , M P,, A L , CO FOR THE GOLD! D H, — Did you know we were made for each other ' K T. — Math NO WAY! Tracev. Thank-you for being a friend Remember — H R s, inseparable, lunch, fr. eng, com. ' s You go to the city. I choosetostay athome! Who would ' ve thought It? BUT , , Best of friends we ' ll always be. FOLEY, ROSEMARY — Dungeon and Dragons, Swimming. Soccer Enjoys music, animals, and being outdoors 189 GALLAGHER, LOIS A. — PC. 1-4; RS, 3-4; SB, 3-4: SA, 3-4; Sophomore director (wow) Flannery ' s, Hands. Raikes. Roar, el, al Thanx all, ILY! MK -- Alhena, Do tell! CA — grad nite ice cream et. al. RD — Take a nutt : DL — herbs, male the LIB, IB — RIX, and Ihequesi for more- KW — sept, 57THO! LW — massage a face THO! CE — thanx! 2 PLUMS! IT — cynics realists UNITE! OMV — fav- foods, M Ms, FRED! BZ — coops, et. al. TF — doughnuts (a Cape Cod PW — Blondes ' Special thanks: DMV. BZ, AB, CN, be happv ' BAAAHAAHAA! Ive been trying lor years, right, AMY? RKFC! OOBS! Its been soooo bizam?! See y ' all 7 n 2CX10 ILY everybodv! especially MOM it DAD ' GATELY, LAUREN — " Gates " A.FS I . BB cheerleading 2: ldy 1 wilde 3,4: P-P 3,4; P-poms 4. Yanus, Kimness, Yo-vo, Ina, Lis, Nana Mam, Beenee, Char. Private talks — GEEK!! lo-Straley ' s 1 hang-out, bring your balloons. How old are we????? Marn — ME TOO, 10 pg- notes ' ?! Burlington mall adyenlures — to NH ' could you tell us how to get to Mass.? Poor Cindy I ' ll have a case of 63 ' s please — 51, Summer of 83 — goforthegorm ' s look. PC. and r + C on the beach " Invasion of The P-pom Girls " we shall be remem- bered! IK P.) Thanx Alan for the prom 83 w CM. + P F The fair- it ' s expected Alby QTO — GYMAi ! MM — Waterville 13 05 831. BB 19 01 83) I will never forget you ALREETI! Bippv — IIYa ' BNY (1 981 1 Thanx — Mom. Dad, Bill, Steve, Dave, and last but not least my linle Bro, Scott ILY It ' s all yours Skit, Good-luck! GEASLEN,PAM — Powder Puff3.4 Besflriendsince4 — Kate U R l Thurs- PMsare Bad news Right ' T,L,K,I All nighta w KH, KL, Kl I ' m glad you slept on the couch. Date Summer of 83 THE BEST " ! 35onRT 2 KATE I live here W W inWA 3rdgear Visit to cumbies Stuck in Br, at di K D s at 5 30 am Kate got the pillows. How bout a III W -i- D. Nohow bout a III F + S Racing in Nova. Macs at 8 00 Steal stang W A bound Spanka — THANX Shaun my 2 big bro ad luv ya ' Ctails w L O 3 1 1 83 THANX TRACY -I- TIMi KEENAN HALEY ' Weenan. Socks I will always be your copilot. Howard, My B-Day, Lake Winn (12:00 Boat Ridel My love 4 — ever Looking at " Cate and Rach Good Luck. Mom. Dad. Fram THANX Luv va ' Sorrv I scared y ' all C L I ' ll NEVER forget you. The best of luck to the best class. 84! I LOVE YOU. KEENAN! GEESLIN, BAILEY — AB 1 234, Baker Boy 34 )oe Rules Summer jam. Columbus long weekend NH hope the rents dont find out P. Swillers, till It hurls B F D adn Gonzo crank. 5 30 dinner break, grab a rack Shernondo! Andy H " were on a HUNT " Nick the vack man! Hey Rich 5.0M F in the fill YEA! The poor Skawk, shal Im sorry R lames. Lets paint the house Sharp! Sag and Sharp in NH where is Ski ' All night at Headlys YOW! Dec 6, 82 RUSH was unforgetable! Two inches aint squat out of my life, to all ol my dear friends who were left out, thank you tor the memories I shall never forget you all. GEESLIN, lOHN — activities ' I partied, does that count Wheres Bn ' UH-OH Mernas D and D already ' SOME 4 eva but not on the hill! Twue Wove " The closer you get to the meaning, the sooner you know that your dreaming " POOKY, U were the 1st and the best- U stole my hean, U took my pride, U went away, pan ol me died. But 1 thing that you cant take ever, is the love we shared 2gether, this memory is mine 4 ever! " NO ENEMY CAN HURT YOU LIKE A WOMAN CAN ' " Wheres Bn? lamesee partyin in the carlo, you made school and work awesome, thanx tor everything hold on to that girl! Luke, Cape lives on 4 eva DINKY your dad said 1 could my hearf says i should! i wuv ya always and 4 eva Kidd, you saved my life more than once, I ' ll neva forget ya. Stare, U R an awesome little babe Kweit, Sharon, Mish, Anne, Donna DR, Lauren, Robin, Kane, and all my friends THANX, Wheres Bn? IN THE F P. where else! CERHARDT. GLENN C. — gumby. Clearance, or whatever radio assault force 1-4, rktc 3-4, gbia 4, and other moronic activities Hey Pete (Nemp) — the skul protection force! hey Ice Pik (heybud- dy hozitgoin). Yo a,| — Audi meets gia. Ritz buddy — nice face. SHUT-UP GOFF!! stones ' 81, ZZ top ' 83, I. Perry. Triumph ' 82 83.Heycorky— lndalive!!lwantmyCtvHito ID R.B AlCliplo CE TL AH SR PC BM DC and anyone else that has helped take pan in the coruption of my now 1 00% unsound mind — I couldn ' t have done it without you!! and I luvya tor it. I ' ve always tried lobe |ust like s. Leary. COLDBERC. OLIVIA — V T . SeniorBve, Guys! Lit Mag Hev Grits Give It to me! Bish the Wiffer! PR, lules, T.H., lets go to the big M OK. Demadoor Welcome to the library! This is true (egad)! " To the Frog gonna get ahead — need one! Beautiful dreams and water! Hey, Sherlock ! No, moron! The answer is 4. Memtx-r Schofs U S Hist ' ! (Kill)! Moo-moo cows, ivanhoes, here we come!!!! Oh Alvsa! Thanks all COLLER, PAULINE CATHY — Powder Puff 3,4 — A B you hd mr mmts, DK, LM, KD, IP, I love ya all, DK remem bridges, hres, MOM I ' ll nver 4-get that dy Segar nghl? |P, DK, remem Ben + Abe ' bye, bye 4-ever you guys ya hoo! len the kitchen window OuchiK-mart -l- Russ! Thel-Path, PARTY. Pst 7. LM, MC. LN. |P. RCgdLucklCG. you ' re a gd Ir lend, loveya, missva Deb— Doyr Do ' s, what a gwowch!. Be vry vry quiet. Buckwheet 16. Kermit 111 We ' re the best Dan I love you. always remember that Keep in tch I don ' t believe you gt a Monte! Miss ya already LM. KD — Scupper! loveya guys EB, skateaway ' A5SABET I II bebck! IPand Dk my 2 best frntfs, nvr 4-get me Nt enough rm to write evlhing I wnl 10 |A and DW keep the cars on the rd, PLEASE? More gd times 4 everyone ' See ya Chester ' Love you! DK, |P, LM, KD, |A, DW, EB, DB, CC, LM GORDON, CATHY — Tennis 1 -4. Cross-Countrv 1 -4; Cheerlead- ing 2.3: Slu Govt Day- 3.4. Skiing 1.4; — Hey K P. |.R. — Canoeing into Boston — Bop. Bop Hey Pa ' They ' re driving ducks ' BG —The last skater and the best ' -KS |B— Mickey D ' s and dancing — Gotta love those college men! CS — Kimball ' s runs ' I.M. — Coke hits on Flagg Hill?? ML — Where ' s Bubba! N Y E. ' 83 L S — Pat Shawn in ' 82 — What a pair! — Grad Party ' 83 — We want Andy! L.B — Watch out for those Greek guys! C C guys — You ' ve been great ' — MR, SG., MO, BB , S,K M —Hey EM, DoesE O, -I- M.I = P B.I?L 5 — Where ' sthe Europeans ' T M — Quaders, Tennis, or a 280ZX? B K Double Dating and Burlington Mall runs. CD — Ping-pong and Archie?? LK — llorgot ' T R — Roto— Like, let ' s chowi Well allright! Stood up by D.T. M R wnkd parties! Tara — friends from Day 1! B.B, G.C.. Mom Dad — You ' re the greatest! Good luckC G KS! Have a great year ' 85! GORMAN, BETH — aka egor XC 123capt4, SprTrk 1234, CFSC 1 234, NHS 34 others 1 234 Aie ' CC — animals wpaint BOS IBell — who ' s got the kid ' STrk — HI 5th a Loucks ' pass 5 2 " ' BigSis — skktgshows — Sun7-45am = UGH ' Angeloi ISHIMdnlRbow inc. PLACID — outsdzz me — ma skirt ' Take a menu! ML — Maine ' s so god damn — see sunset correctly, please LB — cats skunks! LS — what ' s DAD doing now ' CM — downwindsurfing " MC — T-barsi CUMBIE — Lguarding not same w o u! CC — what lime is ,11 |PT — FRIENDS always — 5000ft ILYSA 60 ' s cnvntion — wheres the tent ' ? pins -t- guysi Misc - beware the plane ' chem ' s lor NaCl The Big T! Honorary F ' s Bye MASH ' Those WASQUE blues! Here ' s to the Motits lugglers — u ' ll get it, kP ' Thanx Mom -F Dad — Good Luck limlohn Meg + bomb To all — SMILE -i- don ' t worry too much about it! Bye AB GRACE, SEAN — Football 1 ,2,3 Track 4 Led Zep Rules ' " Hey Dude ' Heba Huba Farmer Brown MIDNIGHT BIKE " ' U S II lib Town! 1 1 Lap rember the purple haze ' Hey the sick and crazy win the race Take it easy everyone . . . CRANCEY. CHRISTA — Christaface S ' phmre ys — THE BEST ' D.B., S.M., I.L., M.C. CO., ECT . Witnessing the WId Brz Hello Goofy w S.M. T the lair. MBF — S.M. ILY! AM Stuck in the mud! Bowie ' Nghtv grP Day trips to NH M D , L H , S.C. Z — jnr yr Mr Dggn BIw it otfi Cape cod ' — insanei Elvis. Clash. Who, Fleetwood, Rush, Bowie, Police + many. many, more ' SB ' s many fun times ' MEXICAIN. EVERYBODY DRINK ' White N.Y- I.K — the messy — one! ILY! S Mviteminson the door Beep Atnause — shrms — hackyi AM , K,K., S.M. The tppn house! the animal! Wahaa ' — Skunkville LM. — WABWTCB! Same pace, hon, swoosh, cheers, twirll, twirll, Chp punch Store 24, limes + ellios! CWFTSOTC! Thank God Outta Here! CRANBERC, BRIAN — Bungee, Idylwilde 1-4, a REAL |ob, thx TN, SHYG 1 -4 Craigville the best, Alby, DeBuke, Gales and Reach — YDMIWB! thx, 83 SUMMER— Hamptio — chcs! NH excel- lent. Thanx M H . c and p. and Prom, lay — B-ball. Rush and the WHO. you rethebesti THXMufka, S C I hope you make it. S M. andCW crazy but tun LUVYAs.m |.P — SH 1 and SH 2. Flashdance — WAF!, NET B.S — sorry!! about rag-ons, didn t meanthem,you ' regreat,IGAMY!Aloha — E.P.,C.D.,I.W.,T D D T . MC . T L.. T Y.. I love you Dad, Mom, Erin, Kristin, and Seth — not you Babe! Later DE and K W T T FN CLASS OF 84 — BYE NOW — GRATZ, MARIORIE — AFSl — 4 Band 1 -4 candles, m m ' s, UGH! Washington — Pentagon Florida — Disneyworld Chorus 4 Mrs, L: It was maahvelous! C F. Imintchip, Ifudgeswirl S.S Penny ' s bowl. sock. April Fools ' SOLO 8.18 82 ' " I M.. S S . ML. see you al Wimbledon ' M M MFA anytime (KD x-.MAS 84 — see you then ' WW MM Eng F, DC? who ' s that? S.C.C.M. NO MORE CHINK FOOD PLEASE! S.S. S.C, SO, H.Q, CM: WRITE TO ME ' Goodbye all and COODLUCK! GRAY, AMY — 1,2,3.4 no participation — Prom 2,3,4, party 1,2,3,4 we dont do these things in here, lohn sleepovers whoops bagged I love my little rican baby, RED-RABBIT — WHO. ZZ TOP, CREATFUL DEAD, rudabega Rhondi RPs motion lotion, juice Newton VROOM halloween 81 CM, CG, Groton Sessions, RPs deadly driving, bruno stop light highs, we don ' t have to stop do we— longtieach. Thanksgiving ' 81 " Colleen is a bean!! ' K.H U- .H.O.R FEB 12. Gladys full lengh mirror — RP. IN. BK, AND ME!!! IP 2,3,4 I ' ll always love you johnny P.K. Mart ha ha bagged. Duds, Cranes Beach, funny phonecalls, love ya. Ma and Pa — It ' s been real and it ' s been fun, but it aint been real fun!!! LATER MUCH!!! GRINCERI, LIZ — Pom Poms 2, 3,4, Powder Puff 3,4 IDVLWILDE FARMS2,3,4 NHS 3,4 (Yippee ' ) 77 LeSabre Apr 10, 1983. David 8. Liz TLA David Yesto Wymm ' !! Dave Hart — Thank you for the Lobster dinner — 2x — excellent — DH, SP, TH, DW, TL, DT, LC Florida bound 1984 Daytona Beach! ' Nermil — Remember I ' m always here tor you ' Take it easy Luv U thank you for every- thing! Hi Myrtle! Thanks lor everything Mary, you ' re a great fnend " Prom 83 W David excellent Plum Island W DH 4 SP Sunburn no school Monday tor DT LC — Aloe Vera Summer 83 unbelievable! ! Best times — Maine, Hampton, long walks SD jim Dandy runs, TV Kimballs, Laconia, Mall, Lacross 26, 1 7 Bthday, Thorntons party — Boogie Box — journey tapes! Gazebo — danced night away — cold pizza in trunk Dave! Flagg H HADLEY, GREG — Football 1 -4, Ski 1 234 Capt 4 B-Ball 1 34 82 crewBH, MH, DN,TB, EP, NH, SD THE LOCKER CREW LIZ, MEL. WEN. CRAZY (LAMBERT) THORTY BOBY LUKE MURPH Heather, CWOOD (party Sandock , Tanks, SCHNAPPS RALF CHUCK PLAY IT COOL BILL, HEA.D LATER CABINE JACKIE HAYES I LUVE U 81-83 NASHOBA iD. ' WE HART I LL MISS YA BUDDY YOU WERE A CRL T FRIEND THANX THORTY FOR EVERYTHING, PIERE CONNECTION ILL WEAR IT TOMORROW HARTY F L O R I D A F — BILL GANG BRO lEFF, BALU MONO WALLY HOWIE POWELL MIGHTY NO MORE VETTS CUUT RUNS STOW DUMB BUD LIGHTS RUN THE CUUT UMASS I LUV U MOM, DAD TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SABINE, KIM YOUR THE BEST A B HAMILTON, lASON — Golf 1-4, SHYG 1-4, Great times B G, BS., TS, D.j., C.H., B.M., C.B., M.Z.Andy. back to work breaky lime ' s over! MUSICAL YOUTH. Party CB. ' s Bubbles, ha. ha. what a rush Hey Cert, how s Bergsons ' RUSH IS 1!!! Ann Mane don t lorget to " be specific ' I B AND E K don t be such snobs, only ki dding, inside joke, very inside, ha, ha ' Watch those icy roads, cement posts, bummin! Hey Ben, got any donuts ' THE WHO and PINK FIOYD RULES!:!Hey Bn let ' s go shopping Thanks Mom and Dad and everyone, BYE HAMILTON, TRACY I - basket 1-4 (tri-capt ) But Sheryl, I ' m so out ol shapei How win summer league exp w L rowe Peeves helped a little Dusty isn ' t so bad guys Pom-Pons, NHS, student coun. Powder Puff crunch (don ' t dump Sheryl, we need the QB), Dave, you ' re late ' It ' s ok, always love you anyway. Eng. w Shadd. X mas eve, merlin. Col. day. apni. The Kings Forget your camero work, come to the beach! Lobster good pals tdw,sp,liz,thort. tom) We luv u Hartv ' Coctal Ji Hawann Party ' Great. Sharon. I like the wound of trees Where s my dug ' Thanx Mel for homermchats. Excuse me, my locker please! Swue, Shewyl, Twacy our eng FWEET! ZZZ Sheryl ' s teet? Where? Sue, illegal verb What? How ' s Mick? Take care Gayle. lUVE YOU GUYS! Thanks tot all support MOM. You ' re the best ever ' 190 HAMMANN, MAKY ELLEN — F H l-4Capt B-BdII 1,2 yball l-4Capl F H 1 Champs ' 82 ■ ' 831 DY downloscnd " NFWiLV ALL ' IhnxCoachC lo-B F VI 4 ever ' Chcknsoup, EARS. W P , tar, LP, horses ' SomnvKdx ILY 4 EVER ' Matlboto- nile — season pen ' WN, TB, |M. KB, LR, CR, IW klee s — evnnow ' |A, |W, TIs, WN lanilh — GusswhocjII " GR ' CAR ' Teek — bl. beast, bckydlol ' TheHill hrdwrk LR — (ran, TIC ILY ' Thorts, lo-Hartv ' spond-skd-bagged ' ILY S, MY DH TB, WN — BK, COM, ashncul " TL, EB, MW, AB, DH, DT, DT, - UR best ' MW — orang Scho-Somoa? " PARTIES TB ' s house CW ' TEE — the Mark " SkD inmy pool ' " rppdmy AMH, LC. TRACER. ASTALAVISTA — ILYall ' Meg, Pam. Caylv Sgobbes, Guch — III missvas — gonutsnxtvr ' Mo — whtcnisay ' ILY — Ittsiderul Yarmie. grtx ILY lise. sare. ki — lya bob — bst browhleonu ' LATER!! ' HANNON. PATRICIA — Pame — OUTTA HERE ' party lor Krislen 3-B. Brillo s apt What a loke REOw steve sessions, Good times w SL, KG, IT, SB. CB. CM. RP, IN, 5L, KG PARTY in Dav ' s truck ' BH s in the grisrm w PW, HONDA 400!!! PENNY TRIPS to the Cape w Cat|u Krislen AC DC w CB, FF, DF, Giels w Susie Parly at Battens, much " Sonsume ' Snow ' KAWALSKI " Thanx Mark Gary, your the best " Tern your a great triend I never would have made It without you Billy, I LOVE YOU 4eva " ' Thanx lor all the great times PARKER HOLISE " RUSH — Van Halen — The CO-COs, sorry babe " TRIPPEN Your 20th f. my t7lh were awe- some Drive — Ins Winclifts Remember you broke your ankle you could have called ' Flying ' s a rush high I hope were together lorever B O C w Knsten, I tell down ' Thanx Wl tor the rides LOVERBOY was a rush ' " Toasted Almonds and PC s HANSEN, lULIE M — PC 1,2,3.4. WHAB 2 3. 4 Student Announcers 3.4. Concert and Madrigal Choirs 1 .2.3.4. NHS 3,4 Powder Putt 3. Pipeline 2. Steppin Out 4. District All-State Choir 3.4?, Band 1,2, Europe 1-4 " Thanks Miss Marker! Assabet Savings 3.4 AB — Kermit Piggy RL — What can I say ' Bio-leff and Dave Mr A — the trio ' s late as usual Robin — ILY big sister ' D S I -4 " KissMeQuick " — S D thanks lor the stick DL + EE B|H — got the huh hmm bug ' Stay sweet PR something new " Breaking US IN Two " . Boston miniskirt episode, snack bar 3,4, Debbie-Fnck or Frack? Phil — thanks ' MBM, SM, AT. PC — ITALY!!luge, lozer. polo team, Fred Beth — trips to U Mass. Rose — for 4 years you ' ve stuck by me — THANKS ' Best friends always ILY ' DP TF, NW, PR, BZ, AB, SP, SL, MV, LR, AC, U, IS, MC, TR, |T, SV, TC, IB, ILR, KS, CSD, SE, PM, CE, SS, PW, |L, MK, KW, TP, CK, BM, KS, SE, MW, BIG, SRK, IH, DR, TC, LM. CF, GD, SA, KB, MT, AT, IT, IT, CT. MC, MC, DS, KP, ETC 5K — Scon, ILY (7;5 ' 83 — ?! ' Class of 1984 — CHEERS!!! HANSON, RICHARD — Football 1,2 Hockey 2-4 NHS 3,4 BFS 3,4 CAPE 1-4 dah fahm 3,4 Mike, you screamer KL, |S, CC. IC. good lob w boards Great Cape Escape — Fanbelt, Luke. Anne, las GOD SQUAD KL, TL, KP, MB, MW, IS, AC, TB, BH — The Ret Is Old SENOR SPLOABE LETS! Nachos — Sleph, Wildo, Michelle, Kes- slerbrain Sub Runs — T. MB, MB Slates at Garden. Litch ' s. Tim + Sean, CCE, Idylwilde Outing — WHAAP5 Dressed Up ft ' LUKE ' S, Go Hawaiian w Thompson B-Breakfast, Mark The Girl In The Movie Place (Darlene) When, Mel, Ion, Chris Good Lockers (sorry Lori) (Laurie?) Thanks Mom, Dad, and SUE (Biggest One In The School! It ' s Your Turn, Carolyn, Make Bro Proud HARRINGTON. TIMOTHY — F-ball 1 -4 B-ball 1 -4 Injured 1 ,2 |R foursome TH RD. MM. MV Watt ' s parties, lA don ' t look at the stars. Go Get-em next year Vecc Teach em EF SL-Hanson ' s car The " Bomber " lives Toad-carefor a mint N H bound HAgetoft the ground we gotta go, Bl ' s party-good throw SL |r Prom shower alone MM Close call al the beach RD Wknl powerdips NYE at SD ' sBjN fake this book Bud team starts before 5pm Seger ' 83-MM we were a little late RD sorry about the vent LB thnks for everything SD, CS, LR, IQ, AP, SN, KW, MD, IM, KB, TK thnks for the good times |A, RD, MV, MM, SL, TA, BD, MS, RL, IN, IB, SR, Good luck Thnks bros and sisters — good luck next year Dan Thnks for everything Ma PA, Talk to me later AB HAYNES, ANNE MARIE — Cheer 3,4 Pputt 4 Thnx 4 grt |r yr — |.B., AC P F MM (tllw dinqenfs — VH ileanupl MUF, gd kk n ROTC, luv u ' Neal, Ip za at gcjit +- towr. Bos - wc«jps, Thnx 4 New Yrsif Chris iNrth Brdg, Pkng Grdn, playgrnd-nice srprs ' ) NOW — Grt Cape Excp w D H A P T L 12 mch Bac -i- eke, tub talk w TomI Moe " frnd n need is trnd ndeed " swstka, fzzy green face jim = pssout New Yrs ' Page = $ 4 Mike B ONSET (Clash. Banio. M-Anfnvl drv Issn w Dave, bOmph bckwrds ' SWEET-BASH 81 BED LIZ, DAVE, GREG TOM = FLA BOUND ' loeP P is on ' MARK, LUV U ALWVS, I WAIT. Thnx PAGES 4 all ur luv, HARTS, WE lUV U. Mom, Dad, Mween, Mike — luv u ' " 2 ALL — KP N TCH -f BST OF LCK " " DAVE, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART " SPEC FRNDS— Kim Wiz Mel Wendy SherylLaurTracy Daves- DickMike ToddBob TomMrwDalh Amy Sue JillVanD jimGreg KAREN LUV U GUYS " ALOHA EVERYONE! ' HEALY, MICHAEL — Finally it ' s over, but it ' s only |usf begun LAURA f LOVE YOU, 2, 3,4 and for ever more Jill Kaly and all the rest, keep the high style and keep in touch!! HEINRICH, CHRISTOF — 4 years Northeast District Orchestra, 3 years Massachusetts All-State Orchestra, Concertmasfer 1983, 3 years Greater Boston Youth Orchestra Years Winter and Spring Track 1 year Soccer NHS member How ' s it going Vocabulata- rian ' Hallo E T Wisconsin rules ' HERLIHY, SEAN P — Herl ' s Soccer 1,2,3 Ted don ' t forget Maynard!!! H L with |F, NK. SK, DK Gotta love IF always have, always will yeah AM PK, GS. KS — FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS. GOHA LOVE IT, NATALIE ZUELLER " I ' ll never forget |R and AB THANX FOR THE MEMORIES, IRTZ U STUD ' HEY RD NICE HANDS ACE DD how ' s TA KS — N — CS, G — study lAKE, MICH , CATHY, SUPIEPOOPS Never forget DAVE H , LUV YA CS, HEY DUCK, COL CK. CF, AH, CW, HW. SP, AK, NA, SM, |M, ANZY, KEV . MB, EP, MC. TH. BD, TIEN, HS, BUCKWHEAT- ,Shrockey with the tioys — Birch Ridge, Duck Pond Football MURPH — HOT CROSS BUNS ' WOODY ZUELLER GOT IT NAT ' SO SO LONG FROM THE CLASS OF 84 , WONT LIFE WITHOUT US BE A BORE ' " HILLS. ALISON M. — Karen 2 years, Gina EG Forget it Sheryl spying. Tent Oh No! my knee Kirsten — all the SMU limes — Halloween party, the record skipping Kevinl ' Nice Necklace ' T C A D A B K C M C S H Kim — Skiing in Canada AWESOM! Kevin 3 4 best years HTCOF — ILYVM had awesome times — the wedding KD Bottle Oh No!! the car Happy-Sad, What ' s wrong with her ' Where are the rabbits " K O, F P Anniv First Time — let ' s get out of here! " Bentley Weekend " awesome ' K D , T S , K O , BERMUDA HERE WE COME " HOLMAN, CARL F |R — Soccer 123 FOOTBALL 4 Thanks D I BS TSGP KM for the good times PARTY AT RICKS THE SUMMER OF 83 applewood Radar Ralph HEY I COT A MUSTABHE VER- MONT 83 The MDav heist 82 CELL 4 THE BBA DB. Wedding The Sheraton CS To the Class of 84 fake it easy HORAN.TRACEY — I C 1.2.4 BC 3,4 L M 3,4, GS 12H5 1,2,3.4 WOW ' " Best years of my life ' Alt-Fresh Yr Mr K . G- period Vocab test today ' No Way ' Gen Momo. Old marshmal- low LH Typing w Rush — Charlie groan! Homeroom confer- ences Soph Yr I ' M STILL LOST " ' All-Mrs L , BOSO. Quebec — L -I and the ticket Fumez " MAGGIE— Rat, Liver, lules — Scof KILL " Liver, I H ,P R , —Mac ' s ' Will lever seethe snackbar?KT Beowulf. The Speech, Oed , Wake me up! |en ), Gym — whiffle- ball, tennis, always a fashion model Liver, another last period study NO giggling ' P W — The Great Supermarket Wars G M Garfield lives ' M R . P R 3 Live if up and rub it in ' | H , K C S M O Buck up — you ' ll make It I W G S , D C , L N andS.).— Long live Donelans Thanx to L M staff, Mr K Fun " THANX ALL ' " Watch out world, here we come ' fains, 3 00 am K F Thanx Mom and dad. love ya. B A. ) C . N W , K F , C H , K ( , A H , D E . S M . Okev Dokev. Bye bye HOUSTON. SUSY — Fball cheering 1234 — capl 24 Bball cheering 1234 — capt 24 CI Sec — 3 V Prez — 4 St Govt — 1234 P-Puff — 34 Yrbk — 34. SKATfNG K-f2 CR — ZX ' s « ' o lA BHIGH — 1 234 567 — Y EVER " LUV All YOU GUYS — To, Shell, Ling. Beannie. Mopey. PreLzel, Sooz, Waula, TLDWKP WASNTDCSKWEB " M|B— n — SOOZ Ikr mates— 1234 Me Polmhi2low PBI QKO 1 2 ' Choo — Choo Ossipee N,H iptv this yr ' ) Hermit WOOSKA! Bsl Ids ' Shell-co-dirs, wr diflpm 83-84 ' Nyrspfy(SDl4B + C + 4P ] gnl! Nyrsres— HeyKev — hvn ' t bknif MtheS — tp5 ' 2mny 2Si = ckdins! Ling — Tops- tldnxlyr " Lbstrmn F — gms airplane, sivs ' Tablivesw n prmvr aw 4 — somelives — wtabouttheb-some ' MB — wl mrg-plv-3 19 83 ' Sum ' 83-Asia- ' DW — Sago po ' SwIHnsly Nvr 4 get — Bl PI Cr CI PA p ' TK i. IE Ihmrmbdys ' l YaSue SS AK ' AT 4 DB — luvu ' 143Mr " D " — thxMr " 5 " U MADE IT — M D ' Gd Lk 2E — 1 la AB! Kp Sm ' Time 2 BOOGIE ' !! HOWELL, DAVE — Football 2 period! Party 12 34 |P«, |H Party on ' Great times in tonno and Opef — BOUNCE THE FAfRMONT Skiing 4-ever ' NH EP You losers ' Sleph — summer 83 happy daze DAH parthardy but dont get caught, FLORIDA! BB shoot a deer ' CN MM Sat was made 4 you Thanx all for the partys. Ram and the cars we destroyed Af female counterpart " RUSH ' anyone wanna goto the Dnveins ' DM what did I ever do to you friends ip, |h, pn, and the torts lets build a portch 1 52 M P H " " TN thanx mom FLIRTIN ' WITH DISASTER " HURST. MARY E — FH 1.2.3, Yearbook 4. pp4. FRIENDS 4EVER = SF. LG. KB. KD, IF, KC, 55. DM. AC. TS, SR. CS, |L. SAM: Cecilia ' n Wets (guess noil, admit it!, bike 2 kimballs — good tunes. ' ;%, rotary ugh. FRI 13, 1983! " , lawn lObs. lollipops, D HEIGHTS ' " , muffler, bowling (we ' ll get there), gazetx). knives n spoons, honeytarms — FORWARD " REVERSE " , hamplon — Xmas, WHAT RU THINKIN ' " — BAGGED! " NY, CONN, we ' ll never say goodbye " " " ' THANKS " " " Liz Lloyd, Myrtle, Nermil live on ' , Harry ' s Tavern, h20ski. slide, janery. Kathy. Deese — FH quartet, Sound of music, KD — Africa, DM — plastic bags!! Forest Glenn, KB — Burke, SG — Thanx. never 4gel Celtics: TF. SF. MN. KK — UR THE BEST BERMUDA here we come ' SM. KH. TH — it ' s all yours ' ! ' Love ya Mom, Dad, Katie, Tom ' GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 84 ' " j I ACKSON. KATE — Pam we made it and still remained best friends Rmbr our unexpected visit to Cumbies 35 down Rt 2. K D s at 5 30 AM , pillows Trapped in BR at D I How embarrassing B K at 1 1 00 Pam don ' t look at me ' WW in W A- 3rd gear, bad news DAVID PRENTISS, YOU ' RE MY FAV and I ' ll love you forever ' " Class of 84, you ' re all right! ' lACOBSEN, SCOTT Hockey 2.3,4 ' , Baseball 2.3,4 ' . Spring Track I, Akk the practice time tor track, P P , Runk, " What ' s up for the weekend? " , Teddy D, Forget Maynard 10 7, How ' s breakfast Mrs Capon ' , Later locker gang, MB, TL, CR, |V, Take it all " 84 " , Like those Brums seats TO, AL left in the mud, Softball " 83 " , Friday hall brawls, Team PR, P ' Old 306, Later AB, Thanks for the memo- nesi JAMES, MICHAEL D — Rifle Team 1,2,3,4?, another one of " Uncle Willie ' s Snipers " , Band 1-4, Stage Band 1-4, it ' s been tough Harry, International Club 2,3, Cracias amigos: Ried A Eric T PH.K Peter K Chris H. left C Mike D Rich W. KenT |oeB,. Beatles — I Am the Walrus, Bowie — Space Oddity. ELO — Fire on High, Styx, U-2; Mr. Noeth (alis Uncle Willy, Wild Bill, Beatle Bill) — Math IS life, so why not die??? Advanced Bio??? See you all later HART, ROBERT — Rob — Soccer 2,3,4 Hoop 2,3,4 Baseball 1-4 Waterskimg 1 Good Times fa Camp . Thanx to All, T S.. M W. A B. E B, M H, I M. | A, B S, D H, BR, DP " + all the Rest — Thanx lor the HUG Ian!! Dave ' ■88 " . DOOTII )eanGood Luck!! LOVE ya Mom ' ' It ' s a tch Bob it ' s a tchi! " — DAD — Wish You Were Here!! ' — See Ya When My Time Comes; Love Always, BOB HOULE, MAUREEN E, — Let ' s slam them down )ean. Kmart ladles sipping the gocxJ stuff by the pool " Sure " , with a flick of the wrist. Blizzard of Oct lammin ' C H , Space shuttle — ' |usl another Tricky Day " AH, wron house " Your hairy face is moving so fast " . Summer ' 83, parties, POLICE Do it on the lawn K.F , NW,, VT. camping, " Might as well pull it on up! " Mountain springs. Simon and Garfunkel, the Rotary Dragon. White moun- K KANE, MAURA — Hockey Cheerleading 3,4 — Boston Garden, Par, (o T-Z, O.M,, N,H, 3 Joe ' s and Quincy from Tom Friendly ' s!! Grt, friends, DM,, S.M., C.H,, T.S,, S.S., I.M, L.B,, and all the resi V Halen, |. Ceils, U2, POLICE w S.D., MD., IQ., — Beef at 191 large, Chow-Chow How did we get in the cape? Prom w Reards — landing on the telephone pole, never rorget that- Summer 83 w R.H. FlaggHill ILYA. Denise, spv on D.H .i party fa Corporate House. Humpa you snake R.M-. M.C . M.W,, T.E-, super guuys S.M. you went through a lot, we all love you tor stickmg it out so well. S.S. party DM. have a nice shower? joev E.T I A , Its ply cards. Corky hve. a grt. SR. yr. Lynn, you ' re a special friend Cd Lck. w AH Cum, Come, some, Tom get your mind out of the gutter!! thnx mom and dad, good luck Gary and Greg, it ' s all yours now. ARMP KEENE, DANNY — Freaking butter knife. R T Two Bruise Cruise later, Adu, good luck In life R I P DP Saturday night with the Harlev, killer |ib, and oldies but goodies Sunday morning Boy do 1 feel sick at one Ashwood R D The Wall. Speed ball with Mr A Mark, how many cars have you owned this week? Glenn, thanks for being there You too Den. Ot course. How could 1 forget Wally, GET OUT CRITICAL MASS. KELLEY, AMY — Winter track 1, Pom-Poms 234, PowPtf 34, Volleyball, NHS 34, New London Pizza 234 Prvted Grks— MIB Sagapo ' Susie — Help the customers |A — Trapperlohn PR you ' re cooool MIKE you ' re a Lloyd ' You are different, that ' s why 1 love you so much No bad times — onlv the t)est ' " WHEN " " BA " How ' s It goin ' dud ' ' |W Math IV HELP ' SS what a flirt, but what a friend ' Find a man ' Spots, stwbrry shrtcksndaes, bog water SP college intvws — mom makes traffic, tardies, thank Cod lor monarchs RD gd lck w fast women ' LK hr our favorite class — texettes LC I left my mark at Baker ' s KP cow w hips made im- provements PP ' s my Buddy Mom, Dad 1 love you AB thanx lor a great time. Keep in touch! KENNAUCH, ERIC — Too much to say, to little space! Hi to all ' Ski 1-4, B too many years ' Go Hawaiian! Watty, lets not change the oil, undo what bolts ' you must cut (sheet) EmanuelM. remember Chinchilla?, Will A-B Hero evr put windows in? River side road trip. CYC. will evr get a Flamingo? Lunch, thanx + be good! DRUMS " ldontplaythedrums!.M I DW thanks Dave, Bdump Pshhh! lets go swimming ' Wht a yr !d,uh oh, better get Maaco! M movies ' Best of luck to all ' Keep m touch! KESSLER, SCOTT — Baseball 1,2,3,4 Hockey 2,3,4 ' N H S 3,4 Thankscoaches D C L BBChamps 83 BB 84 lelsgoalltheway ' Bab Ruth — good times Bill and Andv thanks for all the pitches Steve- ADIDAS, the only thing to wear ' SATs fun, tun, fun ' |ohn — Wakami and fishing (or weeding) Schmeal D k — lawns and Brad ' s apple ' The Beast " the onlv way to get around Good luck Cheryl and Mindv MOM and DAD thanks for everything ' A B it ' s been great ' KHANC, THAI — (Kenl I hereby leave the following messages to 1). Mr Noeth and his grand mother (Emily Noether) Keep it up math man and woman, rememtier to learn the laws, and DON ' T YOU DARE TO FORGET TO " DO MATH HITS ' " " COS (Y -i- S) = COSYCOSS — SINYSINS 2) Students who have the CUTS " to sign up for Advanced chem , Advanced biology. Honor Physics Always remember that you are dealing with Mr Swajian ' s " picky " tests, Mr Dadoly ' s " impossible " " tests, and Mr Kennan ' s " ab- struse " tests. Good luck to you all (youaregO(ngtoneed (t) CLASS 84 1 ' BYE YA!! PS, " I SHALL NOT RETURN " KICELEMOS, PHIL — Glen, we got to get out of her. No, Mr Saarinen, I haven ' t got a pass. But Mr Rilev. I wasn ' t leaving school grounds What s that atrocious smell ' Gym class — who has gvm class today ' Where ' s the party tonight? It ' s raining out, let ' s cancel practice Mrs Starr ' s homework list is insane (I meant Miss Shadd inplaceofMrs StarriMr Noeth IS Out on the prowl What time IS it? I have to go get a cold one. KILLIAN, PETER A — Rifle 1,2: Tennis 2,3,?4; Markas — the iig is up ' . Alee, pick up goddamete, not so load you, il ma la put, fern tigert. Skip— That ' s what she said! ' ! ' NO PAIN NO CAIN — TO MUCH PAIN — NO BRAIN " " Yo Adrien Yo, Take it easy army man Sabbs, remember desk in geom Hang loose Murph Man, crossed cheeks Hey Kenrov — feel good after Canobie. remember Walter, get out, extra point Yo Hurls, How ' s lite? Hury up Mike — while we ' re young. Hey Theador — how ' s your transportation of ' ? ' S. Rit2 car garage Yack, Yack, Yack, B.N, — math is life !! To the two girls in F period — Phusics for ever To all my beloved friends — keep in good health!!!! KIM SOO M — Thanks teachers for great four years!!! N.G.. a good party! C C , " What ' s up ' " L C . grow much " D 5 , a short studd and vou ' re great!! IB. no more H S . and no more BD. Shelly, remember S.K and HomeEc , I ' ll never forget you! ' S.l.C, BF, remember parties and R W from fohnny ' ! Let ' s have a blast in ourC.L.!! (Yah) Sue and Dawnne, Psy with Mr. Smitty was great! It ' s been great in AB and good luck to the class of " 84 " 1 love ya!! ' KING LAURIE — PC 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Pom Poms 3-4, NHS 3-4, St Counc 1,P PUff 4 — IW— Hey Babe ' We ' re Partners Varsity Material — McLure Blues ' Many Movies, Best Friends AK — Homeroom ' Late Again, Texettes, Delinquents, CA — Deep, Suck — face, Open Arms (CM, SP, AK, LK) — " The Fearsome Sour- some " 7-8 DW — My first love IV — Lots of memories (box wagons ' ) LV — Thumbs Down Club. MC — Prom 83 Good Friends — great parties, drive — ins, tipped bleachers, good times RB — Summer 83 Hey, PC — I deserved if — Thanks Mom, Dad, Wiener, Buzziel, Bart, Amelia — Bedelia, and God! I love you all! KLEt, TERRY — trek 1-4, socr, |V capt 2, var 34, st cncl 3, yrbk ed 4, SADDpres 34, ABIbreeythdit 3,IQtBne Swyrprtv " Ppl wr lev ' g 1 " " Pzza (a hme ' , Vnyd ' Hot T Roof, Lich prty ' drl Bne ' s tbi, cps-n-run ' g fact, 3D mvys w ' wne. tncpsf, lyBA 1 nt engh, drts, " a hcky? " , crcus, QMrkI, Brnnons bggd ' Cger tpe n " whr r my — ? " , Thnx 4 shr ' g mems, IWACFARUB cz URS pi 2 M, InM vctms-o-KW, Hydrpln ' g.bdrmbng ' g, pi prtflio, dptrtrs hme ' , Hvrd ' Rusl -n- ta2s ' , hgsmbile; IneA PC Hse, Wknd opns, dnr w mom, Mlyn Mnro, sailg, colgshtpl. LO smr 82 — rbnd, 83-2 " , chmfrd myys,rds hme, 2 15 bsfd. 111 dppr, Ihfield, RdyWhp, " totally " , NFUO socr prty 82 th bmp, |W, Prov Rl PC, QMrkt, " oink. WN MH lA " , Whrtfacaree, KF 4 |F ' " ; Klees ' EvenNow ' w MH |A |W WN, Prm 83 , swt dt EF, crt ' , |W — 2mny btwn I rcks. SN bygys, Cger w lne rgys ' , MHs th pnch, th mrk; ThBlu Beast " Hngon, WN 4 MH " . 1 xpckyrn f KB 1W Me; KCs vsf th Bst: FndlyCr " cnlhlpU ' " . |kv thx 4bfnd. " Wl 2 MA? I Ike It ! Mm Dd, Thanx, I love you ' ' Hill Dig 84 ' KOSTRO, KEVIN — Football 1 ,2,3,4 — Caamps 2 — DT Fooball It ' s been good " It ' s been a long and winding road ' FINALLY DONE ' KOUGHDEBRA — Cd — byeABHigh ' CG LM IP KD, AR Your the Best ' CG remember the house ' Rt — 27 Bdg ' HaHa Micki — D ' s 1-4, busted again Cumby and Pocky Shesh what a gwoch ' Ra-Ra 1-4 Powder Puff 3-4 The Stones DL. NS. LB PS SEACER 1 MK C CP LA DB lamesTavlorAA CM |M DBCd Times 1 -4 Best 3-4 ' Calhy remem Marc (Ben) Dave (Abe) ' Ha Ha Senior Year The Best ' Keith Cramer 1 Mr Mom 4-wheelen, dinner, parties, cinema lounge ' 1 will always love you! Your the best! Senior Talent Show, DB CC IP LM KD Senior Trip ' Get Psyched! Mom and Dad, thanx for everthing! Your both awesome The Best parents anyone could have Cathy, len, Lisa, Katy, Sandy your 1 lor friends Keith your the best friend, txivtriend anyone could ask for I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, AND FOREVER ' Kurt, your the tiest little bro anyone could have, loveya Cheryl — Al, Mark — Georgia, Allen — Laurie, Mom — Dad, Debbie— Keith, Kurt—? Bye, Gd ol AB High ' KRASON, DANIEL — FRESBEE 1,2,3,4, Bh ' s (a MC Always BEAMIN ' DS, VE, PO ' G, DN, and everyone else used our com- mon sense ' All the goodtimes to tie remembered DS - AS, always the night time HIGH ' s Can ' t sleep w out if KR, meetin in the neighborhood When ever the STERN ' S rent ' s are gone )IM1 HEN- DRIX ' Missed him by a long distance Concerts — ALLMAN BROS , THE WHO, AND ALL THE REST WERE GREAT ' Hiddin in a closet BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF COMON SENSE, AND ALL THE REST ' KULSICK, MARIA SIOBHAN — PC 1 -4, GB4, NHS Set 3,4, Choirs 2-4, DistI, AllSt 3, SB 2,3, Stud Announ 2-4, LK — Mommy! Is it settled yet? OOBS " ILY ' LC — Athena, Boiling, ILY ' IV — Boogie Woogie WHAT? Thanks — ILY! CA — GODSPELL LIVES! My husband — sit down and shut up — you walk tunny! ILY! SS — Stupid Steve, $25 next summer? Who ' s the Pres here ' Thanx! ILY! fL — Play it again, Sam — You " reflal! Good Luck, ILY ' RD — Long live Men — UGH! ILY! ID — Dolly — You re wondertul ' ILY I love my freshmen " ILY AC, TC, LR, MV, SB, SP, IP, SH, B|H, KK, AT, LW, PW, BW, KB, RB, IB, PR, TC, )T, IS, AR, |R, GSD, GD, DL, PM, |M, KW, CM, BM, MD, MD, CE, TL, CF, MC, |H, ME, HN, TD, ILY Mom, Dad, Chris, Rose, Dl, lean. Sissy, lohn THANS ALL " ILY!! KYZER, KENNETH L. — Hey AB — deal with this ' Thanks Us been real Horses 1,2,3,4 Skating 1,2,3,4, Party 3,4 — ever! To: T.F. M.N KK S.C IT, couldn ' t have made it with out ya! Especially S.F K T ' 1 IB thanks (HOFLAND) " Brighams — 1 B D S IT. D F you got bs ' M K good luck ' Accidenl 3 IWHATS UP " K.C.I G L remember B-town! C B W D. you two are the best! B- hopping skiing, t)each days YES! ' ! One thing leads to another! Mand thanks for the support! LOVE YA ' Good luck to everyone! Class of ' 84 LAIRD, MOLLY RUSSELL — Diddley — Squat 1-4, SoHarp 1-4. Asst to Pres 34 ny Eve " 82 Boughs of holly, MRL missiles, burn that tape ' MASH BASH, sniff Do u speak Pa pas ' Eye of the taiga. Tacky to-do at Mo ' s ' NYC field trip— what UN? Picnic in the court, on the bridge, Zayre Vacuum fantasy — a ziploc? Lynnick — k! Ergum! So Harpswell ' 83 girls all here, pulling mussels, don ' t pat kitty, Bonk ' ZIPZIP — lUMPIUMP ' SALT ' CQ ' Mel ' MEN ' Where is that essay, lane ' We were tiorn to shovel ' |EY KRISTAIANEL LAURALYN IULIEKAREN8ETH-ITS BEEN CD " Dumpy we will never B you!! ork David, PeepingHal, Mr Red, R R lookalike Cuz (Owowow ' Unos, Brother ' s Welcome to Brad, Indian foil- booth, Elvis, Squeeae, Bruce the best is vet (Yvetta) to come Garden Party, VCR, NH, SoHARP 2, Tea at the Rilz ' Important I love you guys but please — WHERE THE $% IS BUBBA??? LANE, lACKIE — C 3-4, Soccer 2-3; miss " The Click " (esp. Natalie) What ' s A-B ' s record? Sad! ' Hey Lid, hang in there " U R the best, BUT I ' m Miss P E ' " No Way ' " " " " Yup, it ' s true " " MATILDA MATILDA (she take my $ run V ) 3 spys on a hill a PIC w a flshlghf " (Mario Snort) T E Cheech Chong much? ' ? " Yes Caryn my mon DID like if " " " ART lives (along with her teapot) M Q Fla ' 83 w G C T K right on thru together, Iriends always! ' HR w S H T K (sorry Mr M for all the T ' s) to S E " Slam that door one more time 4 U R dead " Thanx for the bestest of friends ME " " Hey Mom 4 Dad do 1 get the car ' " " Tia, Han, 4 Ian, What " d I do w out ya " GOODBYE EVERYONE " HA HA HA HEE HEE " " ' LARKIN lANET — I ' m finally out ' " Thanx Maureen you are great Hang in Bee onlv one year left ' lanet + Ion since 4 18 82, Best limes were The Vinyard 62. 83, Prom 83. THE POLICE 83, Xmas 82 AND magor partying ' " Never forget the VOLARE ' (especialK alter New Years) Also parties at Becky s when Myr was away and at Ion s many times Good luck BK, RP, AC, |N, TW, BT, CL, TT, IS, DA, and grads like KS, CG, DB, PF, and of course IH. Well thats all lolks! LAUZON, BRIAN — " A knife, a fork and memories, a light to see it all " Psych Furs, U-2, Tears for Fears DOUG: moonrays, check- ers, prob s me? WEEOOW, you got a license for that, son? Water- ville, drive much? HELP " THANX ' SUE THANX " " " Love my way " " Even dreams must tall to rules " never gonna vote for modern love they re there GYPSY Fleet Mac REMEMBER ME by it KIR- STA prom, summer 83, Elvis ' change, trust, try, many more tears for fears, you can change ' LOVE always " KS ping-pong in cur- lers " WA lammin " MB BLUE DOC see va ' K B C L D D good luck ' " What s so funny bout peace, love and understanding? " LOVE YOU ALL " ! LEARY, SEAN — Football 1 ,2,3,4Capt4, Baseball 1 ,2,3,4, Capf4, State Champs 2, No Knee 3, Good Times T H R D, I A, MM, M V, MS, R L, MM, B C, I B, D B, R P, Tim, Acton R B, D H, E B, watch out. Hand diggen 83, R D you tool. Rick Toad lets throw, 1 II run later. Good luck with the knee Rick, I did ilsocan you. Bandits 83 Seeger, Police, MM lets lake the wagon, Bink -l- ? B G I L Thanxs lor movin in, Indian whals ' Vecc lirst total. Mom 4 Dad thanks lor everything, vou loo Moira ha. ha Coach, never would have made it without you. First Things First, timing, do you understand ' No more SSB tor me 192 LtBLL. MAKk K — Drome — FOOTBALL 1 .2. J W TKA( K 1.4 .. S TRACK 1 TAYLOR IJ WARREN i.4 Bcsr Friends. B|. CARBO, TANK. ETHAN. KYBO. B-DUMP. WATT. FLERWOOD, FATTY. HOWIE, MEEGS. LIKE. K-TOOL. GUS Carbo. best Inends sinee I can remember — Tank. I2 li. ' fl2. 1 1 83 total horror The Great Cape Escape part 1 2. B|. SC. SR, )F, |W. CG, SM ' I 5 ' lb best Best Chicks, CHICA. KWIET. S-R. SF. )M, CT, CS, JR. TB, MS, SS. L). PS. SLR ' ILYFEV 5;7.83. was special. imsorry, Kwiet, Chica, Dump, the beach CL F G. WAS AWESOME Ethan remember that real TALL rnend ot ours hey Fatty or should I sav daddv whats up ' Howie fiotta love those Prov runs hev dump, lemme drive " ! Flerwood musn- nuch the TRUCK )im will kill you " TANK THANS tor everything, vouve been great! " Thn to all the Warrens. Carbos, Smiths, Romeos, Forsyths, esp mom ■ - dad Carrv on Mike Latter AB " LIPERT, RICK — Football 1,2,3,4, Wiinter track 3,4, : Spring track 2.3.4. Whafs up? MS, |A. MM. RD. TH, MV, SL, |N. We made ii Lite tails My parents are Rone — Party. |A St %» his pants i.ike me home |N, I did that once loo I kuI sRk Mike iToad), Vec. Whafs track practice? Poolhopping, MM pick up MS, he ' s on my dnvowsay Toad, rurned carpel TH. where are mv poptarts ' Endof my road TH wanna dip? Skichen I ' m iunk FPK. DOLJG Bom- ber. Segar was awesome |N ' s binoculars. Thanks for taking me in , you guys corrupted me |en. Thanks tor caring, you ' re the best ' L Y A Mom, Dad. luliane You were there when I needed vou Thanks, Talk to me later A ' B- LONGLEY, JENNIFER — Activities at Gar-Field High School Varsih Gymnastic Team 1, Honor Roll 1-2, Football, Basketball, and wrestling Cheerleading 2, junior Civitans 3. Indianettes Drill Team 3. Thanks Tracy. Lauren, Michelle. Pam, Kate Vail have (jeen SUPER-SPECIAL HEY ALL VOU PENCA S ' Rod remember the contest beside the car ' ' Michelle you realK have been great ' ' ou have helped me bunches with all ot our talks I ' ll never torgei vou Lauren thanks tor keeping mv secret about " P " . Sean, " POPS " Hev Dude! I ' m really glad Hound ya. You ' ve made this vear very special to me I ' ll never forget you babes and ' love you always LORENZ, TODD — Running ' w ihe devil — Football 2, Lacrosse 2,3 (capni. 4 ABLAX — Magnificent 7 Live! good lucktoH ' sboys CMLCamp— DK. BP — IDparties ' BYGTTG " Jim, Neal, Andy — Alocha Deck action, UNtorgetable Beach Boys — What Hap ned ' Vm, Pat, Dan. Dave — PARTYING (a Dans Ken ' s, Ski Trips (Wups — snowed in), Nads — Killington Gondola (I can ' t see!). Concerts — WHO, VH, AERO. BOC, ZZlTBi, etc — What Now Mike, |immv — B by Nautilus — " hip watch " GOODTIMES Kev. Mike. Dick — BOONE BASH ( S, crash). Hampton bound — TB, MB, |QM KP c ' tail party (a Tom ' s, Go Hawaiian ' Monty P forever TB Beach runs, runs, grate memo- ries — THANKX AND GOOD LUCK — )Q, MB, KP, BigDick, Luke, MW. DK, $Ted$, Oedipus, Fanbelt, Ds, Ve, PO. DN, Sal. SS, Ann, Deb. LV. WW Thanks Mom Dad — Later AB DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TURE " " LOWE. SHELBY — This yr I ' m cruisin! ' Flashdance!! lournev Cncert C| ' HeyBabe " LB — Blam Sch? Tellos ' Where are the guys in Maine?? White Whale Reeses — I ' m on a diet ' Kimballs — you pig! Carbutt 1 30 party — your pushm it Dad " |S — MY skiing can only improve!! I ' ll do mv hmwk w ' you anytime! ' Yoursogood w motorboats!! SS — sell contdnce. plese try — vourworlhit ' this time t was sick another lournal? DW — Lockeralway available ' B-mall: IhaveplentyofSleft!! SL DM I ' m leavin this place to you " SL — I ' ve broken mom dad in, take advantage ot ilkid ' Good-bye doesn ' t mean forever!!! LOWMAN. DEBBIE — WHAT 2-4, PC 1-4. etc Well. ADD IT UP ' While you ' re at it, GIVE ME MONEY GIVE ME FOOD AND CIGGARREHES ' Virgin Prunes ' RM D — Oysters, peaches, aspar- agus — a salad ' The veg-man lives PR — Best to vou, my pinch- able squeaker A B — Garden raid, |Ock fixation, zunchinni, M.W + W A HA ' I P — Bet the Noxemabottless still there ' SS -I- P.W — THANKS FOR THE WHIP L G — ' Lileol Brian " with something extra ' CORY — I love your earlobes Can I write on you arm? THE STUPIDS STEP OUT. HI Tim. Good luck everyone! Remember — MYRA LIVES LOWRY, TED — Band 1 ,2 RS 3.4 Studying — life ' Chlsfd mvs in a whit WV ID ' HERE? whafs the world coming to ' |r B Luch Prettv cold today, huh ' Sorry SL BrOTESTBIOTEST — NO SLEEPING " NOIXV Mr S ATEEEEEEQUE!! gcla bike ' lls sgncntr in tin- ' l the Sbblh selfcln olday be?.Ozzy — nue voiic Piglab ' Me either. RS! (bag) , Shertn: MMMMMMM RRRRALPH! MathMan + Miss Dec, " HELLOrAH. TH, LB, PS, K + NT, DV, Ml. EK, AB, I moryr. RM, DW — Chinkland trips Bye Snrtfy Sbblh! KP quit laughin at my shirt; lets do a show GG, A| TOP!! cool liteshow, no ' SEE V ' LL IN SUMMERS TO COME + GOOD LUCK. BYE LUDOVICO, STEPHEN — 1 vr squash washer. Ism Y C C , 2 mo construction, 2 days Digital maintance, 9th-burnout, !()th-tires, 2 yrs of 1 yr algcrbra; WALLY ' 1 Ith — WALLY ' get out. QUIET ' . hahaha " , rem the rat walk, GRANT SWEENAR ' 12th — s|X-d doublshot. Ireacken gonna down pour ' " Pink Flovd ThcWall " lUc bag " Oh my lungs " , Mr. Director, FRAN S.M.P. the grate blow off " Pat rem Ihe4l)disc studies; the lunch room last yr Dand and Mr Mr Monrow ' Mr sweenor grant " I heard ou the firsltime " STAIN ' Whitetloud rem all the tun " YHERRKR " DBH, Sec Ya Later ' " LUGO. IR , lOSEF — PC 1-4, Choir 2-4, Band 4, District. States, Easterns, Etc |H, RD, ID, MK, TL, Boiled Hamburg, C + A ' Sorry Dave! Tuba sure ' s big, huh? OUCH!! Where are vou tonight, Steve ' I ' ve searched all over, but you ' re gone ' Can I play the piano, PLEEZE ' MT, I L Y ! Yes. ' tis wet, and No, it ' s not a bnllo pad " SEAOTTER BREATH " I ' m amused As Time Goes By ' Tenor rule ' Where ' s the sopranos " Altos AOK. IV — STOP IT " (Whine) Where ' s the Roman Baths, CA ' Many thanks and love, Ms Now- Im, Ms v.. Mom + Dad. See ya in Carnegie Hall! A long note of love to everyone! As Time Goes By LUKACZ, THOMAS — hoop one, four cat 4, trk, one, 4, Fhall one. 3 S C one, four, prez 4 freshlunches wgeez, bouv Mr G w Peeves, L O getnin loston halloween w D.H. geez hmrooni- buddies, R.. S . ML. CL. TL. soph wrst ivhoopteam. Mack, Sluss sumr 82 Capecod duneprry, funandbunsetc Geez wordrwhtthe- gaysr doing ' grttimesw jG. |r. histclsses D W, SLN. ).A. nmiss S k.e o whfevrhppnd. imrealsorrybuddy White Plains. N Y gabel. edipus, rodney, lip,, rickwhererwe, midderdBborong- grballs U.NtrpVorkyyouredrnk Slephervescence, U2, promnvr4 geluevrgrttimes BOWIE thnxs MB, Em wargemes Dick, Philly, Anzy. Schmeal stogies n mygargae. gdtime. Cape Escape D H Anya, Annie, Spence God Squad we resttll young and cluless, mr mike R. Cata formal Ct. party, the besttime w all my friends I G edipus, mb. mw. mrmike B. dh, wa, kp, watty, harty, ace, lip, wndomie, mh. sh. mp, m|b. jq, sn, mq, sIm. murf, |.. Ted, Todd, th, MnDILV LYMAN CARTER — Foot (. uadge 1,2,3,4. The Klick. Swaggv, Zepp, Shep. Spanky, Willie and Bill — till you drop! Lots ot bashing Zepp one out each side Hev Zepp can ' t handle Torch in mimsie house. Don ' t forget the kit ' Swaggv lost vour cookies at waters, ha ha. There ' s slewv hope has got it ' How va doin Scottie Little white lie ' s Disk naroilv Fish on the dock at the oasis Zepp how ' s your babie rash ' Carp lets get three eight bows Zepand me purched on Triple A. Scottie how ' s your sign post ' Billy, Bn, Reaken, Kelly, Ween, H V H Soma the neatherlands. Zepp. Caryp, Willie, Swagg. Allmghter at headlys, Willie wiped out, why did you call me? bash last day Hey Will fake ID in Bean- town LYNCH, DAVID — Football 10. National Honor Society 1 1, 12, John Ponozzo Worship 9,10,11,12, " HO " Destruction 11,12, Drums Forever. Percussion Ensemble? Dennis Foley (He ' s |usl tired) S.K. ladidasH.K, + C. (Who ' s C.).) Latin. Zzzzzzz Uhn Nu Yars Dahh ' Domo Arigato! " Screwdrivers " Poker (Big Money) ME TM R.C TB " Sure Shot Blaker " Twitty N C isalB STYX RUSH Death. | D is sophisticated, Spece deserves an award (Awards Day), Die Horribly In A Pit " Oh. really! Den, learn to drive ' Only remember the bad times long enough to learn from them, but always remember that lohn Ponozzo Is the World ' s Greatest Drummer!!! M ' A ' S ' H Why don ' t you cry about it? Good Luck Everyone, Bye lellv, Thanks Dad and Mom for encourage- menl, money, advice, and plenty of support I won ' t let us down M MACAULAY. LINDA DAWN— Altie Wntr Trk 1 .2.3,4 co-captian sprn trk 1,2, i.4 tri-i.apt YAHOO! such fun, such memories |P UMASS, study whir lun wa had. ID, Psych?! Sncjopv 4 ever Chris G whiafox Ik)wsK S ' P Puff ' 84 " You can ' t ignore Ihe i lass of ' 84 H B whred usgo ' I missus Sh S gym soo tun loc ker nvr the samegrt BK Brds ' frnds.jiwavs Ms L thx 4 everthng Mr Smith thx 4 help pise don ' t 4 get me 4 quit k U big lug ' I W — lag Ml kp throwin ' smilin ' j P , K G wtt h nose ' M C HEY PRe Tubby ' cute Prjsi 7 4 ever LB whi trble we caused, l)ut it was tun Kp sniilin ' 5 R SOOSAN ' Good frnds always Doc I ' ll Miss u I W ASPEN Mom. Dad. Sandy, |ill. Pei)(X ' f, I luv you all " ! L S kp fijnnn ' ABRHS u were the BEST!!! Good Luch 2 u all. I ' ll miss you all! (M»b) BYE!!! MACGOVERN, PHILIP— Phil. Flip— HAB— 1 .2, 3; PC — 2.3,4, joeB — facial expressionscannot bewrittendown. SeeyaBro IT — ZOWIE! how juvinile. MC — Given that I get an F. RM — Rosietace! You r not fat! you r my fav ' GD — Grelchies ' KB — 7th row ' U2! Sirrah — llyou sersly M D — thanks. I Love you B-52 ' s — Bit crowded? Lys — Wicked! BK — crew — about time i get EOM SS — Nice locker. AC — Nicename Wanna ride ' GT -♦- MC -f DC + IT -t- JB — RISK ' phtlkeieg, von leagen plan cindv — hmrm chats, bye Cnmestoper, SC — Ogunquit Nice " Boston runs. Hampton and wingerwhatever. IR-PDP-1 1 PORSCHE!! lane — I ' m God. not vou. Hove fun little kids, I survived . why can ' t you ' BW — thanks for Ihe first! Thats all folks, turn off the lights , I am ready to step out the door, whatch out. here I come ' MACLEOD. SHARON — Sha — Thnx tor Ihe memories 1-4 .MB McP. DM, MK. CH, TS. |M. LB. |F . and all my friends. Wrkn w DM. KC. AS, MP, ALDC) BILL at CInl Valet wrkn at Dr Flans Italy m April 83, w MB, RL, jH, AT, R IR " Vino deCasa " What Ms P doesn ' t know won ' t hurt her " | Geils, Van Halen wDM, MK. Freda what can I sav " RISKY BUSINESS w im Vstn S-L-A w Emmie, At the Cape w Lou-Lou. Nips, The THING, Richie Snk bar w,JF MB — A, C periods, E period at SS Dept Weekend Parties " Drvn w ' MB ' ! Greece m April 84 ' MB I friends 4 ever CHOWCHOW ' s, Luv va ??. Maurene vour memory lives foreverin my heart, Shane, Luv ya Mom, Dad, Susie. Good-bye AB " MACLEOD, TAMMY L — NH 8r-83 ' ; SC 2,3; VB 2; WC 2.3; Willis— BFF ' l.l. 1 , BBG. Itchy OR; Surprize! |F — tapes; |K — Co For It ' SC — heh bro wtch thm crbs! DN — sn btch! Also PF — bad girls; never to forget SF. LL. JW, (woodsl, AD (head), AB, TC, MC, TT, IS, DA. PD, PM, + more: BADMORAL5 CREW " YL — wht happnd? SR — thnks 4 prgrms! Mom Dad thanks -t- luv ya 4 everything! Vou too lohnny! Lil ' Missv, take care hun! luv T; BEST FOR LAST 74 82 " Seasons " . Lis go make Potato Salad! the Boatel, Mdnf Vsts. the Crptrs ' FR|Q. Stardust. MC ' s house! ' We have to be quiet " Sure ' ! much, much more, 1 luv va Gary ' You ' re all I need, thank vou for so much ' T-N-ODE 4 ever ' Best of luck Class of 84 ' . this is it! Take care! MAHONEY. BRIAN — SW, DS, PO ' G, Wiz (Find out why) DN. SS. )C. AW. NM, BT, CL. TW (sick) Gnmm Facts, PC, Imx. Purgatorv, P.B. B And Metal Gods! " ' Chasms, Boone, TEFT ' CVS, HVH H B , H.B for L, Cutlass (Got any money for gas ' ) " Falling " at the Pits " Oct, ' 83. Gene??!! loe, Alice, Scorps, Smith PITZ — definite M C C The bumble bee, RB is G Some things are belter left unsaid A per gym class, Bn, Dan, Willy, Buddah women! ' Ya all owe me! ' " EEYA LATER MALCOLM, BENJAMIN H, — XC Skiing 4, AFS 3,4, Biking 1,4; Great times, |H, SR, PS, AM, CM. CH. Lefties unite!! Yo Ritz — night disc. Nam. NH slate cops. PARTIES, Framing ham quarter- marts Pink Floyd Rules!! Icepick lives chuck disk, hardball on the asphalt mope, mach mobiles. Party Anne ' s house " ! Bve VDS Karen, Carol, Clarence, etc. Die Lenny + Kenny " ?! lason — tunes, road rubber. Doughboy ' !! Luv Amhersi parties Locker youth BS, TS. 01, AK|. GP — Bring Ihe donuts!!! No more ball!!! Steve — Igor speed bumps!! Chico vs. Acid. Thanx, mom -f dad. By the way. which one ' s pink ' ? ' MARSHALL. KAREN M — P Puff ' 3,4 — Summer ' 82 — E.C. L.l, S K — Drvc Inn w Pete, )im Sue ' M G s B Grdn. — EC. SS. D,B. L.R. S.K, AC — M G ' s. Wendy s — HELP! — Deb, C per. " •! less Rob, Rush ' Al less Gulp C« Ickrs. Ahh! New Yrs. Eve — AC. EC hip. me! L.T + R.H. over nght. Remember? Sure! Prom ' 83 — Seabrk. Cops? Ahh!! bashes! Ricks grd. night. — Bry go to bed! zzz . . Sleep? Quarry Prtys Len ' s — TS. Tub? Comfy? 193 Hampton — I, Mooradd — sand + water = Ugh!! )abaar ( " |ims — bag ' d, " I have a mustache! " Apptwd Splash! — Busied ' •License Bry has 1! Dart flat am. Gemalk 3 am ii Hmptn — " A little burned " " Nice Machine Hoser!! " | W — water tight, wet-towels Coach smokes il what ? COZ — lost — NATE — Gert-kingers. Back yd. " What ' s unr your bed? " Takecareyou guys, you ' re great! MAKTIN LISA — Bum Living lite to the tullcsl 1 ,2, i.4 Whatever you do, don ' t close your eyes! Spanky and Cutie, the tantasy will never end, Maynard guvs give great hugs Can I kill the cat? CM. — OTWC 3-14-83 — shadows Srck people in the cemetarv Lett on Red Sandv ran over a toad D A S D K D D K M P S C D W SB LS, M.H AH,, vou ' re all the best of friends. BC KR D| B,L. you ' re the best family anvone could have Mom and Dad, thanks lor putting up with me. Love you. It ' s snowing, brownies Midnight madness Fred and Wilma — lorever See you in mv next nightmare, Outta here MASLANKA, MARK A, — " What ' s Up " F-BALL 1 -4 capt B-BALL I.3,4 ' PP CHEERLEADER3 + 4 The Holy Cow — |N. |N, |L, RL, LT, DC — " FRAPES " — " DOUG " Who ' s next? " LET ' S TAKE A SHOWER " — Pool Hopping— |A, MS. EB. " PUMPKINING " I. G I WON ' (sorry) Northeastern BD, LR, 5N. YOG ' -83 " thanks EF, |W. BS. DD. IG, YOG " 84 " the gals LR. SN. KW, PF, AP, CS. SD thanks for everything, CS. 1 friend, or- ' the guvs MV whv " 85 " ? RL rick got sick. TH Seger ' MS grad party BD nert hoop ' RD try it once, EB wrestling! )A you sick pup. IN our cushmg connection, left your the best. Sandra vour my dream come true But all those promises, (ha-ha) CLASS OF 1984 and the FPK ' s To My Family Thanks FOR Everything And I Love Ya AB RH S SEE YOU LATER!! MCDONOUGH, DENISE I — FIdhcky 1,2.3. p-puH 4, SMB when ' sthebigconvMuly4 P C ' s KC — DoU sm a skunk ' Nat Hat Day — KF It ' s Fn — SSscr rendezvous— BTD frLibriKF U started It) Netta don ' t 4 get Ace Hon ' AAA today Ted Y? Eh Noma wanna a smack? SP I owe U one — LG Lil USSR spies? crk knuckles — MH notes in For Glen — Heyguy Ik out 4 theMole — F H Quarter — Bermuda!! Thanks Guys!! ' U are Great ' ! Mom Dad 5 down, 2 togo — Gd Lk Dorkv K my L I will miss U all! ' U2 Dr B, S|irl, Mona the Pooch Good Bve A B R H S MCENANEY,MAURA — WHERE ' ' ' Action, MA ' " ' Never hrdol It ' Hey. lime 4 a chng Sprechen sie Deutsch? ' Oops, wrong time I miss U Newport, MHO?0. but t go home again (and again j Cougar 2 Colonial tacky but I don ' t mind Shy quiet? No, no, you ' ve got it all wrong! Laura, hun, vou tell em the truth (,)k ' Fantastic experience, tho Ohio — ' 82 phenomenal New Year ' s in Fbry?! ' CCCP ' 84 don ' t cht my pin II dn ' t want 2 play in ur yard it you ' re not good 2 me ' i AUSTRALIA Cup ' 8b — down under " RP what Ru doing in Vt?)H " Fdm, do you mind? Clancy ru still alv ' B gd PLEASE!!! So Michael am I an aunt or what ' Siobhan Tom gid u ' re setld (?) — just might nd your assinc. MCINNIS, ROBERT — iMo-Mo) Football 2,3; LaCrosse 3,4; Noeth 3 Math Team 3,4; " Emmy Lives " Powder Puff Cheerleading 3.4 Ugly!! heh DD who is it this week ' Both hands?! PP. how ' s vour ribs? Remember Gallo ' s? The worst of the best Pinto bomb 4 " Slowdown " Watch it!! " What a street machine Heykidremcm ber BS and M " WT m California " . Take care kid CD and night raids on Macs. Miss you CG (Bermuda!!) Hi to the donut shup gang ' Math IS life " RIP, Bill the Cat. ' Keep Smilm ' Hey K S winter night KKK radio on parked cars. Cold feet after that night Thanks to M D tor the backing, love always Good luck all Outia here. MCPADDEN. MARY ELIZABETH — Mary Beth, MB, B-B Cheer 2,3,4, F-B Cheer 3,4, 5G Day 1,2,3, Police Chief 3. Greece Bound 4? Italy 3. ' Vino De Casa " POTIENT STUFF!! Gumbi, Pretty-boy, Richard, |oe Roth • What Miss P. Doesn ' t know won ' t hurt her! SM. AT |H You guys are great! Pam. my buddy! Sharon MacLeod — Best Friend 4 EVER! Sorrv I locked you in the room! Cape Weekend w Sha-Sha. Lou-Lou. FrcnJa. Richie, NipsA. THE THING ' Risky Business w Tim. Sometimes you |ust gotta say ra %• II! Com ' over Sheri Lane ' s to manda Rah-Kah ' s S DLT! I KNOW ITS GONNA BLOW UP! Dunk Bubble — Nichole, Rick I you drove me nuts sometimes but I ' II misya! Jan the mail man, good luck w |A or DP! Freda cheering was great! Thanx Mom . Dad I love va! )im Lisa — Ellen Brian Good luck! Bill I5eb you too! Kathy Thankx tor making me take geometry ' ! The last of the McPaddens, MEROD. MATTHEW B — (Matt) — Cross-Country 1.2,3.4 Captain 4, Winter Track 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 1,2; LONG LIVE THE WALDEN Experience!; XC it has been great )B 8B GS PW KM DS ' , Magic busses vs Dave, gotta love it ' . Spirit of Armenia The Mole. Iron w DH as bit at CW, great. Winnebago Lake Fu ! ball ' , Summer ' 81, wrong place, right people, Dan Atari madness, C| NOOOO!!. Street-hits in the Merod Dome ' , Post 1 , blast while il lasted ' ; AMCAC Flower Children ' 84, hopetully, What ' shappenin ' LB LS Co ' You druggies ' , Doodlin ' , Postertime dragontlv, hands, testtubes, Ind park, I say Yesss ' . I say, IsavBov ' . Dave, ride over w a ratk or 2, huh ' , Bofferization brawls4 Your gonna die, die, die (FS), The Slouches! partv negns supreme ' Later ' MERNA. COLLEEN — 1-4. PARTY ' 2,4, Prom RUnkd ' ( ' ,4ect FABS!!! Halloween 81 , Crazy. Cri. Waino, NICE HAT! ' lean s. HELLO? CLICK ' ! HA! RP , many good times remembered, strawberry. Boston, eci What Happened " Gd L ck In Future! C V .K B .) V ,DM . Lunch Crews, MISS YA " ' P H ,C B ,S L , A M , A G , Luv Ya " ' 82 ' BEAMED " ACTION PARTIES 1 ' " Walks wCrazv, SO-CO, Good Times " Summer 82. Cutlass, WH(K)PS " $800 " 83 seniors, Thanx for new windshield 1! N H runs w P F , Where ' s the HEAT " Beach runs, N Adams, ect MANV GOOD TIMES REMEMBERED, AND MORE TO COME ' ! YOU ' RE THE BEST!!! Thanx All ' Ma. World, here I COME! LATER AB " FOREVER ' " ' MILACCI, DENISE K — YRBK 4, P-Putt 4, NHS 3,4, Frnds 4 ever SM,CH,TS,LB,|M, MK.SM.SS.CK, DM. |{ NH — Does anyone want mv cherry? BullFrogs! Quincv Irom Tom? ' ? Pizza inlhebthtb Mr R HANDS OFF! FINAST — pizza, m ms etc |S late smmr nghlsinPhillv ||M = THE BEST! Caps nvr agn Sean Bent Col prtv w Chris, Bob, Mohn I 00 A M pizza — Cruisin ' AK MANIAC I ' m shakin ' — almst bggd ' Tracev where ' s loan ' Sha nvr 4get evrythng we went thrgh — trnds 4ever ' PROM 83 Thnx Kevin — IWNFY — alwvs gd mems irnds alwys ihopetuUv ' i Police — " EBYT " Thnx )oey Spence4 alwys being there P S. |C thnx 4 the shwr Good times last forever, bad times fade away — Memories torever I Iinally made it ' Bve AB ' MILLER, lERRI — Bst trnds SB, LB, DM i oth SB — grt times Summer 82 ia WSS Rem |S, SS. MM, DB, DH. DA, AH ' |im Morgan " , " Oye. Oye " BBMC Fat gut at the rink ' Hit lasts ' Summer 83 fa Rl, loe Ifgrd, music to tan Sorry abl GD Oh, he told me he meant to call The A-Team (|M GD. PC, HF) Bentley Bob. Chris, lohn! " Grt limes always ' Take care lean, Paul. Rob Takecare Ginger and remember. " He is saving himself " Lb — Too many grt limestorem Summer 82 w Paul Grt shoppingsprees Didyouwin the bet ' Call It a truce DM— Never likeKL Bentley 9-1 5-83 Bob, what a babe ' " Is it going to rain? " Fun times w |M You ' ll have to visit me at Bentley ' Thnx for being a trnd ' MK — Toga party in Concord ' We should have gone in ' Prom w Tom ' Movies w )C I was supposed losit by him not you I gel stuck w the gross cousins!! Grt times this summer " Mike and Peter good luck! Come visit me wherever I am accepted! MILLER, PAUL— OP. ME 1,2.3,4 soccer, 12 " MY ' %«$ LEG " LAX,24CAPE,I23 DBH 1,2,3,4 brtst my jAH 4 vrs FAM ' 83 thxs FRENCH girls ] A8 Ball tor All, AB, MC, TT, TC. CL, PD. BT ZAC 3rd — GRAD, ILY BB. )Q K — GRAD 15I 8LIZ ki P Puff, " YOU THINK SHE ' LL TRY IT ' ' ' FER SHUR ' soc chrldrs are bir srvl CARS. |OE ac dc. ZZ. CLAPTON 2, FOGHAT, CSN IHSAHI. crulchs in SHEA w THE WHO, CLASH, VH, NEIL, RUSH POLICE, BOWIE Iw E), heads gotta blade SLADE BFDpreGRAD ' 83. THE CLUB bash, sauna sess DWN BY THE SEA, I END YR HIDDEN TREASURE. DWN BY THE SEA WE OVERDOSED ON PLEASURE jc, kf. mm, |m. bk GOILS CA, ILY. KZ-PUP LV-DUKER MM, VOV 25AVHT, A LNG. STRANGE TRIP IT ' S BEEN R A M B L I N we ARE entering Admnsion ol THE mind HAPPY TRAILS I lUST WANT TO SAY THANVUNTIL WE MEET AGAIN GOING MOBILE ' BYE ' " MONCSKO. TAMERA — Tami — Powder Puff ' 82 (mouse) Prom ' 82 (JjO Ix xhmpgne Prom 83 (DC) All nighter beach — CW had the same dress but didn ' t realize til at prom Driving, Dancing, grad party — Amv Grant 83 - Fla Feti, fi i Boston Pops with orchy ' 82 Fanuiel Hall — Wiz, Vic, Beth " Miss Massachusetts TiH ' n USA Pageant ' 83 " Going to miss tennis, KB! Sorry I hit you on head with tennis ball first day. Don ' t hit the ball over the fence!!! No more left at locker! " Colorado, Aug ' 83 — DCi tOVE YA! ' ! Miss you, Don Best ot luck MS+BM, LM + GV, KP + SS, MP. AJ, Lunch was always extiting with Diet G Thanks lor even thing Mom. Dad. Sharon, Brian, and Lisa I luv ya ' ll. It ' s tmallv all over ' GOOD LUCK Class of ' 84!!! MOORE, CINDY — Band 1 2,3 4 Stage Band 2.3.4, PC 3.4 DC — Hyatt gift shop! IV — Gd pillo LV — ketchup! Great ranks; gd luk MN SW, HM. ID AAAAIg 2 ME — puzzled looks; matsua. BG — CC-t-Vnvrd windsurf ' KM squeetie — I luv u! Can I borro? Wanna tlk ' )T — long tlks, canoes; What ' s ICT ■»■ Coprez " PM — hr chats, zowie ' MC — Mt Monad, ski! GT — confsdclub. breathing rox. friends? Thanx for roses! Matlrss tuntuntun! |T (frshmn) peacock (I don ' t get it) Span Panic +Sar Brawl I cant Ik sexy! Thanx for gd times LK, SL, AK, DW. SS, BH IV — the singa- gourmet meals, swt 16, 17 frshmn bio! LV — harmnizng, Clarns + babys NW — SW 123 + Raiders x4 ' HF He ' s soooo cute ' 007 movies. " Anything on face? " HELP — chem test! AP wkend, gd luk jewlry " Let ' s trade instrmnts ' " " loined at hip " etc Gd luk everyone. I ' ll miss you all. MORINER. GAYLE — AFS 1-4, Powder Putt 3-4, Ski Club 4 .. Powder Puft ' 83 I was bummin ' Ats ski trip, Gerrv don ' t hit a tree! Hayrides we were so blitzed ' Riverside, this is your year lor the rollercoaster, Gerry ' Surprise Lisa ' BAHA ' Pizza at New London lunior year, everyday ' I ' m GOING going to be ill! DE|EHSVCVEMKOR4MMA l ' Thank You ' I LOVE YOU ' Chuck! DWSTORPAHAIBAOMS ' OH NO ' GMGBCP vou and me ' Never! Thanx Mrs Santord tor being there when I needed someone To my adopted parents. I love vou Mr and Mrs M, On to bigger and detiniiely better things MORRIS, SCOTT — 2112 OH Narlev. Hev Todd. Still got thai Bottle ol Taken It Easy Pink? ZEP How ' s the sack ' CLICK, SWAC- GY, ZEPPO, Not too bad Self? D — Math. BEKAH. Duffv ' s. C. GOOD THING Beautv Q I hope I don ' t hate her after Drive In — I am losing it I ' m losing it Itsgone Mindy ' s wedding What a time! " Swaggy — Back ot my mothers car ' Come on BYE END OF LINE MORROW. SUE — iSuagel Swim Team 1.2 Hockey Cheerleading 2.3.4 Co-Capt 3.4 (vou me, Wenis) HevChnstaFace, weekends ((i the Cape, how many concerts? beep-beep, " my dog ale vour ounce " G Ts KAWOLSKI " Maura, where have all the good limes gone? ' Hockey Bashes Tina, Boston trips U 3 00 a m WAAAAAA off D H Pam you helped me slav wild and insane through It all, terrorizing TIMMY — time flies when your having tun Miss ya Anne Mane Thanx T Luke. M.C. " OK, Fine. Bye " MORSE, JULIE ANN — Skating 1-4. Cheenng 4, " Tomorrow, lomorrow. I love ya tomorrow " MAINE — mud. Pulling Muscles From A Shell, DIE B{(i $ " , TACKY — smurts. Rocky Horror. pyramid pic ROCKPORT — Fido, Who is in the sleeping bag ' nice jumpsuits ZAYRE ACTION — associate burnout, jumpers, smurt slippers BRIDGE — yogurt raisms, lantasies. pineapple on the statue 1 7th — blindfold, pump gas. obnoxious but great ASHPEE K S in a sheet, doughnuts from VD — tlamingo hunting. Kimball runshayride, MASH partv, ASIA all were great Mo juanita. Karen. Bonkers Bink. Eegorc, and Hopalong — vou are the L)est buddies, SPUNKY BUNKY — I would never have made it without Go get em tiger " and Freds Taxi Luv you Even now 70% ot the suns rays are reaching us Bink-pig taces 4ever Thank vou Good- bye to everybody MOSCONE, IAN — Fid Hky 1 .2.3. P-Puft 4; B-Ball chr 2.3,4. |EFF C 1,2,3 87!!! TK — frnds 4 EVER ' Harv w, ' Lee+Russ (OH NO-HELP ' I dm fgt -RDY WHIP ' Vctims-o-KW. hydrplng, bdrm bng ' g + HUCSMBILE GdTmsW KB. KF.TK. MH,|W, TBWN, LR, CR. Seas Opner. SMACK ' . What va rip Mar? Pum + Eggs. Butno-Nips! HILL DIG ' 84 ' RH — spc Hug. nvr tgt U! KB + KF — Mny GdTms: Fla — (FP) Bos trps. SAUS-fWTR! " SIS " HARD — VERY ' Spc Frds ALW S! " BO " — Whats in vr MOUTH? Gd Tms w ' HUBYS Cir, Ice Caps, NoNames, Prom 83, + )PC — MST SPC Cldni hv made it w out LI " Mems 2 last a LIFETIME: Prom ' 82 83 84 ' Hrse + Bugi ' 1st -t- ONLY at KB " Sun dinners. Pier 4. Maine: Bon fire, island SQUIR ' US-NAVY: U MADE IT! X-mas in Flat cant wait ' ITS ALL WORTH IT SIR ' " I LUV MY MIDY ' " Alws b spc 2 me " THANKS 2 BARTCJNS + COLWELLS 4 Ix-ing «xx) GREAT ' Gd LuckAndv ' DrM — spcthnx2U ' Bob lane Woll — NEED LUV YA ALV S!! M+ D — ILY — it was 4 4 the BEST ' Luv Ya Kath -f Ken ' SUSIE-Q, gonna MISS U MOST! ILYASM " GOOD LUCK 84 ' MURPHY. ARTHUR — murph thanx to all my friends, p k.. s h,, k.s.g.s remember polker, 7 7 Atri night videos, i can count on my friends mv strohs, Herls Ritz greal snack bar action ||wow)l yo adrian hev male your beutitui i love vou man. R K your greal. xcl 194 4. wt4. sl-4. hevted, ) ingle balls ynsjbbs, hole rosscd buns In, Sw, H 1 . T W .Tc S R . I R.. DM . i ' s[XH idllv p.invwebtv. duatf, your, the best hey dick S W tP W C W, Hows lite ' Hev Stony beam me up. HEY DUCKIE VOU K MY SUNSHINE ' HEV PKC THAT ' S WHAT SHE SAID ' H[V PETE C. MY ROOSkY PAL RAkpLJl upyourdookelsKENNYremenibcf riR irson ternswhoels ' FOR ALL VOU DO THIS FOR YOU ' GET LOOSE THE MOOSE ' " " " BBDE, BBDE, BBDE, THAT ' S ALL FOLKS " " AM-t PM ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!! " !!!! MURPHY BILL — PC U4. Hand 1 4 (Trips lo D C +DV )-To those wht)lftrlx ' torc = Doug P BM SI HZ DS Yes Reto vmi to ' ROBIN ' - ' Reniembenng Vermont (Dthi Rotkv Horror ' Dejth. Cre.imed Snakes Nick W the w.idon exix ' oente love to Julii- lyou did what ' ' " ) Kusemarv lyour wondertuMl Kim Ithanx i J top ' t PW. DL , Peter K (WHERE DID YOLJ LEARN TO WRITE ' ) I L L I, The band that never was, Hair. Putk rock live ! Cast par- ties, Drama testivals. Rakes Cross (YEA ' ). Musicals, Percussion power ' Wild const crews, ect et I Love to all and remember thai blonds are better leven it I cant spell) What am i going to do with a harem ' To everyone I torgot to include, please torgive me I have sinned. MURPHY. KRISTEN L — Murph Smurl — 1 i ' SWIM ].2.i. c-cpt, 4, s-ball 1-4; b-ball 1,3 ' hckv rara i.4 ' ' . pres I , VP 2. hmrmrep !, sec4,stdlgovt 1-4, GOOD TIMES " AB HI ' ! prties! Swm STATE CHAMPS 3.4 ' bmbadeeda hppy iris, CR. sht-in-a-bskt, Ooi . I tnllvgt my shptgthr. IQU atevv THANX. TZ (tishdncc) 1 7 b-dav parly, how do pgs IT rn 4 tram, Suage FAT ' , bick r ' s, Prom 82 ISH), Prom 83 iTTi, 84?, Pam (CLAM) luv U ALWAYS ' ! ' MF (Gcmn) U R2 COOL 2 B4-gtlni, Clark, T-birdchnktd: Schlep U R a CLAM. 2. irnds 4 ever ' PEEEVES U mak ma laf. Hi. SOW. Mellie Fran Roopie Beran, Scranya Anis dnglbrryddpfls 4 sle per-er-er-vl WN SPAM ' , " Murph, I of the guys " LUUUKE. URTB, MB(U Rsomn2me(, KP, MB,GH ' , TE. DH.MW. DT PDWCKR ' , CB U pnchdme W. CS rmbr gd 1ms. SC wlk 2 scl, BST trnds, I luv NH (CL), PC wanna gowmeemcen ' ■ " Tav, TT + CL - toot, PM, rcks-n-flkes, PGOC srr 4 hring U. prtly, org. MR A THANX ' " wll mss ya. )ett MURPHY. STEVE — Fun 1,2.3.4 Shanty parties w PN DE EO CD NW IK WOODY, WDC at MC what ' j a bagle ' YARMO old sqakers and caps Erics parties. Dave in a cubby and on a freezer X-mas vacations ai ihe Zoo DONT TAKE THAT OFF MY HEAD ' Jammin Marley Dead. Hiking While MTS O-Canada Eat paste Strange American custom NW make me smile Sieve Chin Havana day dreamin Rangely ME Hi whats your name? Colorado?? is this wamco ' THANK MOM DAD KAREN )OHN thank GOD good bye AB s[xM M B , P W , LI W I D . L M C.G . D K,. AND EVRV one else thanxs for evrythng SUSAN WELCOME BACK TO USA. HOPE YOU LIKE IT AN ACTION AGAIN — BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER " gd luckclassof 84 itsl eefi real, it ' s fx-en nice, but not real nice ' GOOD « F A H " " NEWTON, lULIE — Nothing, no go. Summer school (I,2i No license ' Can I blow mv noM- yet ' Going threw- the window A pentxi Mac runs Boslon getting ballons nd candv S.L vou are so stphisticated ' ihednve-ins. MM (3.4 etc! I love vou. Is there any tandv in the bag? Getling my license. Limo Minuteman Prom. Atnca — will vou marry me ' NO ' No leant I got a class Why aren ' t thelighLsonR P ' R.P, + B.L. (notthe)anater)lslhislheone?Beachruns You can ' t partv in our carl L.N, lets be sneaky B.K never sav anything sariasinK Saturday Night Fever ' - LL THE WvM ' AND THEN SOME NICKERSON. BILL — Tennis 1 .2,4 Baseball 3 Soccer I super bug vs. the tox I LOVE SARAH TOONOODLE5 bo. b p , trash bags sailing leff, tten. dave mark the s h y.f gang Van Halen concert. SUCARLOAF, Ixjwling fixing the tox. dipping (Gary ' s) BEAR HILL POND PARTIES retreats Bath tub swasllhwwpnmvsk B O C D G, CR. skinny belink dribbles, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING. GUY II BN + SG GOOD LUCK TO THE GANG keep in touch NO, SONGHUI — I thought I will never gel here but here I am Traveling with the time full ot good memories and unforgelable experiences I do not have regrets ot what I have done and what I am doing Thanks to everybody who shared a pan of my lite Mr. P. I will drop by again. Thank you Mr W Mrs L tor the encourage- ment to reach the goal IV. we ought to get better balls More questions are coming PK HM MD hang on there Thanks for the chance to squeak together to both H Safe trip lor IS My vision wilt dwell in this school and it will come lothe reality and I will seethe fruit in the neretuture Than I will know that I planted Ihe seed LK. we both know the work that has to Ix ' done NOBLE, LISA — Party 1 ,2, 3,4 Chapel Hill— BUSTED ABRHS — snaked One big party in N H allsummer everysummer " I don ' t remember, " Do you Karen or Kirslcn? " Oh wow, noway, I ' m flippen ' out " Curt, Mark keep the partys going! Thanks tor every- thing Karen, we ' ll always be good friends! ! Get skyed for our trip!!! ! get railed " What? Right Linda ' ! U V.M road trips! Good luck always slay in touch, K D., K.S , AH , | N etc Being sneaky f period with lulie Kirsten keep up lane, get syked for Johnson and Wales, you too AI Thanks Mom and Dad, sorry about the hard times I ' ve put you both through SEE VA ABRHS Frnds, Ling, Mm. Win. Mopev, Twink, Onion, San, S »u. KW LR3 I3 82 bagged LR — UR — Best — NU Big sis Budg. shts Broken home " Min-Lmg-Suc. wrestling. Fame. Snow stnis,. Fly rd , KEYS, singing! Underwear Pack Red Sox " nuile ' Beach Bvs " my knee kills " Brainlree( " .in Dave Thnx Summer (amp Tm mates S3 (SB. SN. SC) Ft jr Natis Gym Nest 1 Thnx Tr)m Steve States Reg HSgvmn l Bovs tunes 5 partiers iLB, KK, CS.MC) " clique " IH LNgd x ' s mw Parlvat Nylx-rgs ' WN B.T 82 Whos Underwear ' MM, TH, RL, |A, MV my 1 frnd Richie- res — cant swim Europe 83 Thanx " MOM XXOO Mom Dad. Gd Ick — David, Deb UR the greatest ' Goodbye Good Luck to all ' O ' DONOGHUE, KERRY E -Soccer 2-4, Basketball l-4.Sotiball 1-4 Boy (O ' D) Dust D D and Scho awesome Reading S-4 psyched, headcase Thanks guvs Rockford. T. Brad.. Nicky idol Good times, good friends, never forget. S.F, A.C . S.P . ) S . S.V , K D . D B , T H , And everybody Detour, and Ihe movies we will get there M.G D.-my buddy H R. Russ Gilbv. " Old Time Roc k ' n Roll " T D and Cork. Thank You O ' GRADY, PAT — I ' m out and out for good. Time lo party! ' Beamin " (SICKl Hampton sks when the sun don ' t rise Let ' s hit Maine, were bats live tor years. " PEPSI " ain ' t no calling card Dan, " tieastnng to your finger " Vin. try and up your mind one day Keeponjammm ' ,|PP rocks AB (can ' t believe) Freddy Frank, this is loe Bob sayin g, lb, them cans ' til you drop. Later people, see you. O ' RECAN, LAUREN — Fid, Hckv, 1. Poms 2-4. Hky Clirldr 3-4. Powd Putt 3-4, Laugh n 1-4. " Camp Bernie " CR, BIk Btv — Midnite Spec 2 ' 6 ' 3 ' . Resvr bad news Seg 7 Thanx TB, TW, CS, RL Hcky Cmp (TS. IG) Bstn Mrtbn — Bourvra-Lmnde. EC ' S Spec . SO, CS, PC, IN, RL, (a )A ' s RR ISl LK RM. Grdn Prtvs, All Ntrs w CS PFs Bsh Attn Ccktis w. ' PG. Hrtbrkers: MS, |M, TS, AD, |A, RL, BG Sht we missed the tram ' Rd. Sx. U guys I |ust bght (PG. BSTNi Mrngsff; Mac ' s Corn 2 W A, W.TT, PG, CS WAB KH, KL, MD, CL 7 30 Miss va Cratg ' Summer of ' 83! Sht Fed Evry nile! MC wanna race, AD lailbird, Lwa Dnve-m, Miller, G A B s PG, TT, CS Keenan Spanka. Whr gom 2 gt sm Ig 2 nite 4 sure ' iP G ) Cinema KL, TN. TT. Dnt bck dwn exl Hampln Bch — BP MI ' in babes. 7 1-7 4 TT.BW.HC, 7 21 |H Gdmmsw ' CS. TT, PG. K|, |L, SO, PF. CS, SN, SB, TC, AD, RL, MC, |A, MS, RR Sty m tch Hev Rod P-R ' Who won ' NAGV, MICHAEL — Buttchin Wick Bull ' Aaa Va ' Brig W C P I C ChkWne,Bil,Ccake, Pet. Paul. StewieBabvboy.Toddwick, Quazar. judles, Shmaun, Sue, ShortFlelch, Clowie, Bean 1 Love You All ' !! let ' s hit the beach! FERRARI The face, Ihats, funny let ' s go It ' s OUR car! DAAA, Book of Daaa ' s that ' s not Donna ya ' know, wciner she ' ll get over it. Olgi how are you? good, Flint Rd in Chelmsford gym? what.s that?! I didn ' t forget Dave, Ahh Haa, we gonna ' get some Harvard fire Escape, thanks Mom and Dad. teeny bopers, I ' m going to French now. A special thanks to all of you who have made these the best years ot my lite, love Mike (Butt) NELSON, CRAIG E. — lEgg Man) — LONG LIVE THE WALDEN EXPERIENCE! ' DH BH good times! Forever? Co Ask Alice! You ' re going lo carry what on your bike ' ! How ' s it going LB. LS, Etc? You druggies! Doodlin!WinnebagoLakeFUZZBALL!DS BY Yours truly from LAOA Post 1 GockJ while it lasted ARMENIA LIVES! Never forget the MOLE! Bon Vieux American Chat ju! Cleveland has Balls ' In the Pits with KD Poster time ' Anytime ' Summer ' 81 — wrong place, right people! Hey, Dan Atari hits? Merod Dome Street hits! Look at the leaves! Boffer Battles! Dragonflies. hands, test- tubes, ind park? Hey RG it was fun! Thanks Mr M Want to buy a stero ' Cabin Tron starring DH as bit — What a blast ' AMCAC Flower Children ' 84 (?) Seeya m London! MmmmmmmBOGUS!!! Later. NELSON. LISA — W study 2.3,4, pp football 3,4, Acton Explor- ers. 4 MB — thanksforgd. timesdurngsummof " 83 Hopelostay good friends, d.w. — should ' ve given the pic. of Jeff and the bunnies to the yr. bk. oh well! we have had gd times in and out of sth(jol. |.D. Hrvrd Sq, ' 83. deb— let ' s go to see Keith now in our NOHMER, WENDY — FH 1-4 Capt. Ski 2-4 Capl, SB 1-4. St. Council MM-6? 9-l]-83 Dave Hart — UR the Best. ILYA, Dip — DH, DT, MH — my clothes? Roof Prtys. SN — BT ' 82 B— had your chance. M Party. Even Now— TK, MH, |W, )A. Ckn Soup — MH ' Laursk — Rob Tim CC Cadets — HLF Party ' S-S-Si " ' Westpomi — M C — Lima! Bookem Dano ' LR — The Bomber TK — Blue Beast- Wood Runs — I cant find it Bch-gng rpe— TK, ready to lump! JAT, QMark-omk-omk ' Hcky games. Eh McDonough! Drive-ln-Bse BN Ply ' s ' Day oft — Busted ' DD—UR the best I P Hut runs — DH, DT, MH — you ripped your what? CCJM, |A — Gd Times, Eggs Purnpkms — MH, LR, KB, TK, IM, )A? The Polite — SIWYB Plymoth — He ' ll call — LR. WeCant ' ! Mono-the worst RM — Give It up! Thnx guys — EB, TL. SL, DT. AB, MW, DH. RH, TB, LS. GH Horses, earmuffs Thnx Mom, Dad K Rick — Your the best ' Let the good limes roll! ' Bye Now NORTON, STEPHANIE — Schlep, Swim, 2,,3,4 . Cot 4, Slate 3,4 Celebrate — Anya ' sPickles-n-Mi Ik? dance Mar-ha — , |RM buddy Sandys M -t- M n Mustard England lives — Nigel (M)B SSi AP again — 1 st is the best — AB? ' OR w ' Shana — Hop on. Mayo jar. Pals, Sophie, See you spies under a truck (Mario Wackie) Matilda Hppv Iris I wonny pleecze. Asbt drvng (C this hand Chris) Bruins ' Lex Lib $50 00 Kev Grnd Cntrl 2 Mjr Tom — Celt. U2. Prom U no 1 do Fla w Jen, Spud, Chimo, Chiz, Walden — actually Yoop Groop, Tom ' s ties tor tails. Lighten up Murph Nacho Adam rules (the lokr sez so Mark) Hawiian. dry 10 — |rm and Spud- 3rd lunch — one of the gals Thx to those who kept me sane by being insane (2MB. DH. 2TL, MW, KP. WA. DW. EB. TV, VT + Ant) Luv MDIBY. Luck )B Miss you all. NYBERG, SUSAN — Susie. Gymn 1-4. Soc 3,4 S C, 2,3,4 Bst PAGE, ERIC — Tubby. Dud, lames. Road Trip . Penn 180 ' s Strawberry Hill. Pine Hill, grill. AAA ham 65 Busied. Aloaha Deck, N H Westy. lail Bait, BY OB. Pumkm Hunt, Towga, Miltord. Sept May 25, 1984, Stet Bye 84 PACE, KAREN — pompoms 2.3,4 basketcheenng 3,4 NHS 3,4 Dance 1,2 musical 3,4 Krisia — aerobics? swing those hips — TACKY " She ' s a maniac! " Hey Pa! Goodbye MASH Thanx locker buddy lane — X. Feb 1 1 ' 83 Scout House " I ' m a poseur and I don ' t care " blond wrestlers (le Lawrence Acad dudes) .Adv Bio — where it all began Dead Kennedys — slamdance — OLJCH! icc cream dead cats. Mt Watatik hike. T-heads. Rocky Horror " I ' m coming! So is Brad! " Love ya thanx, Joey-the closet door opens. Pseudo punks rule! take care. babe. Anne — great party! Rollers- kale, Onset, Centre — dancers. Clash, lab partners, " the air bag ' s deflated " Stroke! |oe Perry. Donl forget me — love always. Love to Molly, Lyn, lules. Beth, Laura, Jens. Greg, Eric, Sheryl, Pam, Chris. Al. the Village Donut Motifs gangs David— I love you, I wish you were here " Kiki ' s babies are dogs! " 1 5 yrs. of you — the best. Love to Mom, Dad, Keith, Kevin. Mr Mrs Hart and Bronwen. PAPAS, KRlSTA — pm-pm 2-4 B-ball cheer 2. 4 X-c ski 1,3 student rep 3,4 Freakies live " F " K P soph yr thnksMB. — grams Make- up, M ' A S H. Tacky — parties Picnics — Ashby. courtyard, bridge 2 11 — popcorn bowl, Thunder RD, shovelling carrols. " " Where is Bubba? ' Me. — pulling muscles, lilacs Bri-prom HI! love ya + thanks NY NY crunch Love va all + thanks jane — canoes, puzzles. Hey Pa! Mauli — ZZ.M , window, poptarls |ulio — S 70% tomorrow Laura — VfJshop. boys Lyn — dinasoures. Brute?! Kar-pms wiggle ' Also — BG S.R, C C, K,S, W.A, E.K. M I C A. S.R. CM (frisbee at 3 a.m. in cinema lot) We ' re all going on a summer holiday Twisting by the p K)l 195 PARADISE, MICHELLE — iShclliV Ski 1. FBall Cheering 2,3,4. B-Ball Cheering 3,4, Powderpuff 3.4 NHS J, 4 Yr. Bk. 3,4 Si. Govl 3,4 Ifs been a great 4 yrs! TD SH M|B KP WA TL MW LR CS SD IQ IC . . S ' ago Po KP 9 + counling. Boozv-to-dcaler! new yi ' s •83-14 + 4 + 1. MTS ' STF 2 much Tab. 25cs = cooked lens. 2 cool. WW + FF. ST5. Wht Mrg, Ply? Pep Rally — Dye the Sly Iwth 1 though?) Whooshakal Cratemobile runs Spacy — BEATLES FOREVER! conv, mama, Boston runs. ic. rules. RC. locker 2 14 Sclf-D, iggys + gilas, dizzy? OH NICE ' a last fast, blue bugs. T42, l + s. YEAH! Oh. Phenomenon! What paper ' WA — the next Bruce? trueisms. Po — shrink talk, mediating Awesum 4sum IK + M + M + SI Rules BB2 much nail pal Asia M M + M + M + S + DI00On 210. TY B5 5R never 4gel Wally SD — attic ady Morn, hikes LR CS. PERRY, SHERYL— B-ball 1-4, Softball 14, I ' pulf i,4 Tracy NYE snow wee Asta la vista mon amie Laursk, Peeves bowling Papas. TB. WN Marib, halffimc IS, sslgtMacs, VU Hillpwt, SR CTEF- WEET Prom iV DH, TH, DW great time LV get lost SF get ARI lunior Gang YCAC, CPCNYIFH or else KO ' D, TD, SS, DT, LC, KM, DB. IF. KF YCA great freinds Dusty NSB, KP, BH, IN, AH, some of the nicest people I ever met I ' ll never forget you all Mom, Dad,Gayle. Doug. Ne I love you all DD. Scho you guys are great I love you too, David I feel as if you are here w ith me every day , and I know some how you are We had the best of times, I ' ll love you always. PETERSEN. A LORI — Powderpuff. 4. Padving 1 -4, Ex-Day 3.4, Fla, 1.4w, ' K H..I E .D.G,.I,T,,G B ' l.T — RmbrN L «i |,Mall ' Cod He ' s so cute " G,B, — don ' t frgt our trip to the Bahamas, I still wanttogo CONCERTS; I Ceils 2- ' 23 82w DG ,C P .K F ,k C , and I F Co-Cos O O O, Bob Segar b I2 83 w C B ' IT, don ' t wn u ' ll fnd hm smdy WM. — TAN — S B or what ' NM — hwrya ' Hampton days w, ' | E S M — I LOVE YOUR NRCT!!! M.C, — I ' ll Luv U 4-ever!! D. hang in there only 1 more yr IE, — Fla , mybe we ' ll gt svd thistmo W M, — I prmse we ' ll seethe B-52 ' s, Nomre IS-! THE WHO! • PGOOB • M,D, — THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Mom. Dad. Dan — ILUA!! BYE AB PFLUKE. LAUREN — Partv, allthegreatmemories.RB — I ' LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU " " Bob Seger lives on. D D — Never forget all our great times together, like G period — woods D D M.C FOREVER TVK —I miss you, keep in touch ' M B —Psych was a rush I A Icrashl — We had lots ol good times together j V K — What a mistake C M (wet noodle) I Never again ' " Straight from the Heart " Sue ' s parties were a blast CUETO ' Aerosmith ' 82 NATE ' All the boys — 11 , RL,CM.BS,PM. R D .ID. Nels. P B Riley ' s office to well known Thanxdad tor all the support, I love you! Finally out ' a here — later much AB PHILBIN. KEVIN — Fball 1 ; Soccer 2.3.4: Hoop 2,3,4; GS 3; Lax 3.4 Willie. Michelle, Mike, Wess, Kick Luke, Todd. Mott. Bouv (father, you ). Wheels, Bob. Steph + Mom — Dumb Row ' Murph. Kristin. Mary ) e. Sooz. Sue. and everybody — thanx for everything Nice pant. Winslow SN, KS. DD Nazichem w ' the Molester Good stuff barefoot golf. 1 Boon, not Hampton; Luke ' s Partv — damn cat — I ' m an octagon! At least noMaryMollies. L S Dog ?; laimie at DK + Houde — what a night ' Michelle, save me a seat. O K ' What can ya do ' Thanx. Beautiful Bagel + Batmobiles; Leenie action. C — day = dayoff. Shank? |K - DB. Don ' t be cocky! Hairpies rule! Stay cool. Wild Bill, GS The ref is old ' Thanx Mom for all. Good luck Dave, )ohn, and everyone . , - Good night. Irene PLUMMER. SUZANNE — Pom Poms 1,2.3. Capt 4 HlwnCstms. Prily. Trch4 Stdtgvtdy2- L K,R, Strngfid — grt sts, huh ' LkeWin 82! w ' A.K wtrski. Up! Dwn! nxt tme Gstn, cte guys! DrvrsEd, Whplsh! CS sning! I ' l wet? A,K ,, CS gym. " The Moose " . S. Swny. grtprly R.M. wht hpnt!? D, MIci. Brmda! whtablst! TIbts. P r.M H— I W simbrprtys LC, Qubec — " It ' sCold " ' Hw ' dlg- finthsbd?RlrsktngL G.grttchr A,K. DC, — L K, «, ME + Rtrd! Wnnadnce? Prom 83 thnks |im. Amy 3 — Fmdstorevr, Poms Pizza w L C. Dn ' t bpcky w npkns! CpeCrxf. pctre pise? Lckrneet? Srprise! Eric who?. B ' dydnr — stknghaf Dn ' twetpnts! Loded Sdnin 15. nghtintjthrm hndsm. TrpstoVT — ngf swm, widths Mny thnks M MKIIy;6;83whtanight PL I P wemde it I Iv U len ThanksllvU Mom Dad POKLEMBA, lOYCE — " Pokey " 1-4 cn ' t put it into wds PPuff iA. B4-84-84 BREAK! Mr. N , , DL — gd limes since 6lh gdc Nox btle. Newt 2 20-25. cirvw, PC kids alright We made it! ID — josefa, Soph.rm. 19. Hist. 3 brutal! The W by ' s jokes, Goodole rink. In a few! LM — Thanx Aspen. Stud, nev sfudin w CG, Foxy Idy LB — B-day, one wild wmn! mamasmrt Lnch — chow down, MB — pals, BW — Rembr 1 -Boyle ' GP, MP, As, M| — Its yours now! Ml — 8 yrs, ago SS DM DF CK LB |H PK CF TN ' ? ' MOO, U-Mass Cman, Chadborne wknds. The best times w everyonc espc DP and SA Coff hse prtv. classes DP Ix- ' st S is around! thnx MP HB glad your here. Summers in N.J Mom and Dad couldn ' t have don it without you. Goodbye DL, ID, LM, LB, MR, CG, Ml, The Stones 1 Icn I ' m slidin ' on, GOOD LUCK 84!!!!! BYE — BYE AB ' PURI, ANYA — Onion, Scranya, Fanbelt ' thx MB. DH. KP. etc . Swim 1-4— STATES!! DM— I.Hckyrara 3.4— BstnCrdn; Mat, ssilst gov 1-4, P-Puff 3,4 84 Rules! wrk Coi inn Macs, The Cow, thxMr Mrs N, Sr, CW, Crdnr wMcg! PARTIES! Mine — ugh! BBB, pcklsS. mik. Genesis, A B " (Steph): hcky — MD, LR, IQ, — PEDS ' IVQ — wlwdldow oU ' prclnasolonely, Mr N, Citations, sex appeal, 405, Go-go ' s, N, Young, IR , Fh w Mope; Cape w.DH, Min. SMMR 83 ' ! KW. CW. TB. SD — FT is DEAD " RRUR- APD. crftmfc bd. dngdngdtch KWs attic, foot, b-ball net, CC — AH Rt. 495. Sp Hill — cruisin. Bud Its. Mr my RC. Bac «. KA: X-mas (a Nybes ' — Iv ya Susie! Bsfn — Ling! CW — IG ' IDWTTAI ' Hppy Tris ' BrdIrd, NH. Rt, 9, San: Walden — Steph ' NwYrs 83, Hmptn,Mr M, — thx; bst of Ik BB, KK, LB, SD, HH, DH. |M, |N. EC RP ' . Tomytriends. ILVU ALL. SD. SN, KW. SN MD, LR. CS, ICQ, TB. CW. BB, CR, LR. SE. KM DH, MB, MB. MWIbbstl. KP. TL. EB SH. MP, MB. TD. Rob. Begood , S. R, U 2 R the best! M D. ILV! Friends and Fun forever ' ! QUADRI. MARLA — soccer, tennis. Nephews, cvs sometimes you just gotta say " ' the feck " PC in the mood for allay ' wicked bad see ya at U-Mass thanx for all ' SN. |L. wrong house, stain in road, me spoiled ' I hated ihe verdict ' Steph. sorry about the tcrie Makah. lapanise seweed. VT. — birthday Smackie. Florida — pictures in paper lenn, Love that per due ' soccer click — SN, |H. PC. LN. NK. Me Tom L — you are the best! I ' M CUTE ' semitormal. hawaian.adya 1 physics deli run — TL, MB. DH. KM. DP beam me up SCOTTIE " MARSHFIELD!! (mike) DH Klinky — always rcmemtjered. Thanx T Y Luv ya M,D.M,D,L,A,C QUINN lEANNIE — St coun 2-4, vp 4; fball cheering 1-4, capt 4, hockey cheering 2-4. powpuff 3.4 Thanx to the people who kept me goin MD. LR. AP. SH, SN, CS, M|B, KW, TL, DM, SF — Mopey kid ' Ding Dong! — Bin (ti 3, how d ' usp relief? Bacar Croozin 2 Went $ Ling Dan, Marge, Henry, " upside down " Mr Nacke ' Cape 82 — CS i. LR, The Clash, CR, LR, MD, AP, LR — Bradford, " country bumpkins " MIB — 271 steps, thx Cape ' 83 — CS, LR,MD P — town,|ustacoke, Mr A ' Onion — lockers i 405. " soloney ' . fheHmo Porco Hamplon — TL.MB.KP The Police — MK. SD. MD — Beef (ti Ig. chowchow, TK — S ' yers partv. t " ing ling. Vyard Hot T Roof, Zelda — Canada U 4-ever, PF — fyvinkiesin the tropics ' Friendly " s crew — (C, CH. TS. DA. |A — is life strge ' ' CBWBM the best times: Thanx ' MOM . Paul. Beth. Dickie — Luv U All Thanx AB. and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road R REEVES, CHRIS — Sw 1.2,3.4 Hoop 1,2,3,4 Tn Capt Trk 1-4 ' AB swmng 1, States Marn. len bst tms in In 2 Steph. Murph. Scranya. Happy Trails ' Hoop is the best — Mo. Peryl, Tratv. Thnx coach McD—Dustv, V D — Kbn N F BH.T Bst Frnd— Laurs — mny grt tms! Fatty, policy, run — ride home W.A.M, Prowler ' ORG — WTFWOB? Rowe family — ILY ' AT. LR, Q. MD. LR — Bradford — country bumpkin — u guys f 2 mut h C S tall down Ling. Mm, Run from Onion — Duck! ' )A s house LO. Camp Bernie ' GH, DT, MH. WN, DH. LCKR Buddies ' Luke — u r the best ' HARTV rembrd 4ever — BBB with Laurs Pervl, C andgrl U TK GD CR OF DT at my house, Luy ya Per l ' ORGANIZATION — Meegs, Harry, M L, Gus, Rick. Mono. Mighty — Gd Tms Bad — U guys hurt me many tms But u r my Irnds ILY Mark — G L in eyervlhing MO. Ram. Meg, Gayle— HDTFNY — MO ILYA plans ' G L Rock ' Thnx Mom — ILYVM Dad ILY too!! Ron???? Good Luck class of 84 Laurs, thnx for the memories. Later AB!!!! REEVES. RON — Hockey 2,3,4, Bye AB The res was tunny. L.O. Hows Ihe rocks? 2 Partys my house Slecpover. Bad time , . DT. DP. S.S. T.C. 24 CBL K.P, can I sleep over buddy? MATIG- NON The Garden Party at Flans. BB it was fun. Sorrv SN never meant to hurtb you. Thanks Mr and Mrs, I, I wish I could play football. Fun time S D, L:)anny ' s BMW. I L. how ' s Ihe lACUZZI ' j.P. my momor even more ' DF Metro PYT Space Cowboy Red Rose for |o SS Sick at the Prom Sleep at |L house SABAM DYS I love you I always will DGH or BH I WK and I WN BIWNRN Sorry Mom and Dad Bye Rock See you in College Chris Talk to va LATER RENACCIO, MARYBETH — Stew R 1,2,3.4 after school at the doughnut shop. 1.2 big Sister i. Nursery School 4 Habysitting, Work, MR Associates 2,3.4 Work Study 4 Marcia RR 1-4 Traccy H, 1-4 MaurcK ' n RR lunch. Ms. Rosenberg. Food Service 4. " What ' s Cookin? " )ovce 1-4- Homeroom , , " Keepworktng " Psvchologv. Mr Smith BYE TIME TOMOVE ON ' " REYNOLDS, STEVEN — |V TRACK — 1; STUDENT GOVERN- MENT DAY — 1 -2-3-4. AFS — 3-4, CO-VP — 4; AFS SUMMER 83. TURKEY: TOP FUNDRAISER CHRISTMAS SALES — 2; TOP FUNDRAISER MAGAZINE DRIVE — 3; SKI CLUB — 4: SENIOR TALENT SHOW, RIDDLE. SCOTT — thats all she wrot en? Male — nice 360-495 summer cruisin — mope ma-ch rents keyed, lets partv p.s. Lets go hunt gukes " PS, 67 ' cuda lets fly — nice road there goes the coils— I 1 30 cops in NHlirst ticket backto school B N — Math IS lite ' be real — brothers four Gumby livesG-BL.A, we ' re there — disk in dark — Ice Pik lay (J H.) nice life keep shovelin (dogs) — Bake nice care lets drag — merkrule — murph — livyababe — yo guito whats up? sab — gung-ho lets |ump l2Ct — splat — Hoffa — tennisnicemide — luck ' YOU GOTTA BE KIDDEN ME!— off to college " lets make money — Im broke RILEY, SHANA E. — Swimming 1-4. Traek 1 The Mr A Team Rules! States Champs ( ' 82- ' 83)CR,k M,, S.M , A P , vou ' reall a bunch of stiffs! (Any DB.D.P ' s tor sale?) Thanks Mr A! Can ' t say the same tor " Cudas — iGoodbve and Good riddancell , Reagea nights at Hly Cow wAP. we ' ll nevfr work again! C,A What am I going to do w o you? I could never hope for a better friend Weekends w |,K- (The Aherns, Kates Riley ' s — BAD NEWS!) . . Hey lulie. Wanna be roomies w me ' Smelly and Smevm, there are no snobs at Harvard, they ' re all on Martha ' s Vineyard Karen, can ' t you graduate two years early ' I can ' t live wo my baby ' Mom, Dad. Karen. Kellv. Caitlin, lulie and Evan. Thanks for everything ILY. ' ROBINSON, LYNDA— ling ' rah. 1-4. min-fl. 83 ' futura, s-gold. SN. tame. Nu, boston, 3-13-83, KW, SN, busted. )Q, |oan. cape, 84 ' clash, marge style, dan henry, cape 83 ' CS. |Q, MD-p-Iown " coke " mr A?MD — kim — SH — tops lobster, r — buddy airpi bram — t. peeves, laurs. IQ. MD, AP— NH — ■fatstutt " san.lokr 2-4, p,) ' s morn ' s, tt-1-3. lennete — bk, hmof w " mm, SN. KW. und-pck, red sox — mute, ' kneehurts " b ' boys, go-go ' s, onion. Nup-nxt yr grad, prtv. KW. mm, AP, T c, mm-ling-sue, wres- tling, BB, minp-boatsMs E IR. BD-gdxs. contact. MM — prv, RD — witchy, advice. jA — thumb c u(a cri TH, MS. MV— many gd times wu guys TE — P day. TL my lav — Ms M 1 — S D boating. MC. gd Ick Thnx tnendsl cidni made it w ' outu |R — best, CR — gd, Ick. M D — THANX, miss ya AB, Love ME ROMEO, SUSAN — Swimteam 1-4. I S Track 2-4. P-Putt 3 — GUYS — GREEN. FC — Tfft — Hockey games. B-ricca Forum. CC — maroon pants, Hey Gorgeous. CG ' s tight pants, solid gold dancing, tootball games — camera. FC, SS, WD. jF — Gazebo — pants oH (whoops ' ) Macs — Wanda. |C, FR — voure great, MICK — always love U nvr 4GET U — photos otU! LV get lost ' CS — lobster, 5 1 lbs gumbv bears, nights in van — let ' s go inside. CG — ILY!! SS — good point, thanx. SP. TH — Don ' t miss the Engwish tweet. ML — Prom 83 BM — burp louder— DR. AG — tun time in DC Pudgie — good luck — I love va SF — green lello — Tllgetvou KS — 4 yrs math — missed U this year. KP— look at 76 Sw imteam — State champs. Rome — over — )U — love mv picture ' Mr Noeth — check your tlv, thanx. CB — we ' re so much alike 10 17 LB — great slave. Ml, DG — quack, quack SM — watch GL Fredo— nvr4get U. EG— DLs party BN, SG. Is. — you ' re great Rodless — is it growing? Neal — love ua! Charle- magne Elaine — thanx for everything! ' Mr A— you ' re the tx-st! A-B is I — I ' ll miss it. Bye all! 196 ROWE, LAURIE — FH 1-4. SB 1-4, Thnx 4 being tht-rf WN, MH. SP. )W. )F, HM. DT, GH, KF. elt . especiallv CR Craz — WTFWOB ' BM — It was good while it lasted Mom, no onu was over ' W B Russians! Wrestling tun ' NYE, Bougtall the cops ' Raisin, no go NH good times — MD. IQ. AP. LR. CR — Hows the crevis ' Slop running well make it in time: Who just tell out ot the tree ' WUTP ' Wensk — Rob TimCG Academv cadettes •S ' l R r Best Deal! Book Em Dano! SO, ' 82 " Hurts So Good " B B BowU ing— SP. CR, Hadv ' the best ' ) Gutter Bound — Gino ' s ' Cape — Fattv — LDOBH! Thn Mr Siho tor vour help Ttianks lor everv Ihtng mom, dad. |itl — ILV " SABBEY, GEORGE — Chetkedioard rules m 83.84 Chetker- board has the power Hey thervl I love you . , . Sex Wax The one The only The ultimate , in Wax R I the biggest smallest stale in the union HiO shed Rules G period study TD, |M, MS. CG, The best ol all the rest Airborn thats the answer I 2 i lUMP JUMP WHOOO — waiia minute The American paratroopers give the enemy the max- imum opportunity to give their lite to their country Thanks G period tor the help To rny good Iriends KS. PK, AM, TD, SH, PC, BM. SR, IL. )A, DV. MB. GOOD LUCK Lets party harly and gel this year over as lasl as possible Ann vour m tomniand R.I then Airborne here I come so get ready SAEKI IKUKO — AfS student Irom Japan ESL Thanks. Mrs Collins Bye, Hoa! Bye. Marcelo! U.S- His Thanks, Mr Smith Thanks. Heather! Bye. everyone!! Comm. Art Thanks, Mrs Betz. That was my favorite class, Psych Thanks, Mr Smith ■ Developmental Reading Thanks. Mrs Dodson Gvm Health Ed Fantasy Basic Prog Concert Choir Thanks, Mrs Living- ston i V tield hockey Thanks, Mrs Lane. I love tield hockey! Thank you and Good bve to all the AB tield hockey players! !! AFS Club Thank you. everyone ! had so much fun Bye, Grechen ' Bye, Laura ' Scc you, Midori ' Thanks you, Songhui ' Good luck. )ose! ThankyouMom Dad, Chnssie, Amy!!! I had ahesomeyear in here " Good bye, ABRSH " Good bye, USA ' ! ' SALSGIVER, LYN — (Hobbies. Gimpyl XC 23 capl 4 All-Star 23. WTRk ]234AII-Star2, SprTrk 123 capt 4 record 1 5004 x400 rules Allsts (ha). Reg, Advsy 34, NHS Treasurer 4, Band 12, SADD 34, XC mascots, dancing, angels, glaze (blechi, TACKY and DUMPY forever, Sr crtvd lunch and C — a pink llamingo Me 83 — awesome (the ocean, the ocean) Bonkers — what a rag ' T-party — watch out Mooso, he ' s got the camera! Rock horor. Bridge — vacuum kssg ' Me, lane. Peg, Lisa go to BOSTON — dead bodies, accents, Andy — Heck ot a time ' studs dinosaurs, hayrides, trk parties. Egor, Me. Mooso live together. Bonkers — study much w me hospitals aren ' t much fun in the summer w o Inends — Ihanx guys, I ' m gonna miss you much — Mooso. Binky Bonkers, Egor, Mo, Bowie. Karen, CG, CD LK — MB, GT, MC, SS, LV. NW. XC RUNNERS, NHS goes to Quebec — gd ettori us, watch out NH Canada, Luv ya — Mom, lay, MB. When does the sun come out SANDERSON KEN T — Sando. Guido Baseball 1 ,2 GoodLuck To my Friends FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS! CS, PK, SH, AM Power- glide, loe Perry with the — boys and PW PC not till THANKSGIV ING ' RITZ YOU STUD ' Nice dew — TD ' )H. )L, jA, all good guvs AS. AD, time to play tennis ' Love ya — IDYLWILDE CREW — CS, KB, BG, DH, FP, |P, LG, SL. SC. DG, CZ, LC. LM, CHUCK " , AC, MA. SCOTTY. SG, KZ. MO, O, especially Rich, Dave and Tom, forgot jim TD IN M ' My freshman year was not so bad. making honor roll made me glad My sophomore year was the same, but making honors brought me no fame But as a junior, I learned new ways, which brought me my — better days In my senior year, good triends AB AND THE CLASS OF 84 ' are the best ' SANTOS. DAWNNE — Powder Putt 3 and almost 4 SHORTIE AND FLAKEY LIVE ' Kriss, thanks tor all the times you drove me home Your a sweetheart Glad I got to know you. I can ' t believe I made il It onlv took 12 years ' left who ' He ' s history! FINAST FOREVER ' It sure looks like it ' Party MUCH ' On my own now Good-bvesmokmgtorner. Mr. Riley.andMr, Health teacher ' Hey lO! Don ' t forget Studly ' Thinkot what he ' ll look like lUvearstrnm now ' Best triends. B M , S K . L C , N G., C.j , KS,, R M , T A , YOYO ' .C S .CLARKIE, B M , S CJ . ) P , PT GENE AND L(nJ ' I LOVE YOU GUYS " Chrisli my little sister, your great ' Bye every body ' Hey MOM ' Can you fx ' lieve I made it ' I ' m HISTORY ' !! So what hapiK ' ns now ' SAWYER. KAREN — Hoc key Cheer. 3 4, Thnkx, everyone lots of tun ' Hockey parties Garden ' 83 — Cheer, me ' Bermuda ' 81 I C — 1 1 ' 2 alwys care — Angle AH — We had G T AC) Never torgelya ' svrnif you wouldn ' t let me drive ' Chem. w T M, i S C G T ■stoo ' Mathw Sue2 3 Pam — U undrstnd, TP ' ■I ' mllying " ' " We ' re in NY " Walsh Boys ' Math l,2,.l. Thnks. tor evrything, ILY ' L N —ski trps visits to N H Awesome parties — Pounder FindKD! The Farm! Fnnklys Bermuda ' 84! U area special friend, L A. — Lil ' sis " BIckears ' Notcs. CheerMalks. TakeCare— I Wuv Ya ' ' MATT — 12 22 81 4EVER ' Future plans Prom ' 83 ' 84! Semi — form Zoo trps ' Hampton. Newprt. Bev Cove. Saco trps Scupper. Mak Dynstv. Phone bills ' Shopping ' Drive stndrd ' Swim meets, Kimball ' s Patt ' s Hilt ' U-2, police Bowie ' U mean so-omuchtome ' Mom . Dad — t never would have made it w ' oul you — all my love Thnks forbeingthere Mr Scholiled — Thanks tor a good )r, yr the College SENATORE, MIKE — Football 1,2.3,4. Track 3,4: Party 1.2. i, 4 WhatsUp ' RL, MV, jA, MM, RD, TH, |N, CL. Mighty Guys made it tun. We need more cactus Rickgot sick Bake and Gook — Pool Hoppin Doug — FPK. Bomber — what a pig, JN, Cusmg Connection, Bmoculars TH, Care for a mint Vec — I want a new car Oldies forever, Pumpkinin. Bouv — Talk wrestle. On My You bum — you ' re junk Skilchen. You too Hey, CS, SD, SN, KW, LK — Thanks lor putting up W ' lih me SAG. how was BOC Comman- dos — Water ballon raid. Harry S, — Always with a rag. All Nighters We corrupted who ' Hey Pete, get a job, Segar was sick Carter — Flagg Hill bashes Mom, Dad, Scott, Suzie — Thanks tor believing in me. So long AB, It ' s been great. SEWARD, CHRISTINE — Mm — Cymnas 1-4. Sccr 3, Trek 2 — Mm — ling — sue! TH — prom 83 — Cape — thnks 4 evrything FTBOMH ' KB -URN lldrnks — Mr Clean! LR, M D,| Q. — P — town 83 ' Coke " Mr A — CLASH! SD, -Nvr4getu2 ' x tmes ' M D, P F — I thnk its a rite ' huh Mope ' K.H — denyd ' B B — Icse — d buster — sckup eggs ' L R. C R. s d. Gd xs at ) A s — shvngcrm ' RD —superman ' GO — GOS ' MM —on the rocks " K W — I L s bash — BAGGED ' L R — FL 83 — FUTURA ' t ' lyroad ' K.K. L.B.M.C. S N — 5 partiers ' M.C — 2 am ' L R, T.B , A P, K.W — smr83— 1 V — mums car. TCs hse ' BB, S D — myMAP ' — Macs — chow time!! — 5,N, LR. — grad party! Beach boys my knee kills ' A per -run to Macs ' close calls ' L R. B B — Con river — swim much " SD— NY. EVE!— ex tme ' Redsox gme— KW, —mute! B,B,, AP — P G ' s prty — green peppers I A. M S. T H, RD, M.M. M.V. Gd tmes! Gd luck " S.D. M,C, M V, K,K. L B, K,V, K.R, — have fun (ii AB ' Thnxs mom + dad, Mr, Mrs. Rob + Steve + Susie — Love va ' Later AB! Thanks seven C ' s ' Love you guvs ' GDLUCK Trevor ' SHIMkUS, THOMAS P — Soccer 1 ,2, 3,4-1 wish, work 7. ' ' 28 82 — Lets live ' Ice Sin Zbra, mph ' Nate the Bxboro All - Stars — always nxt yr jim I. L,T s Bthrm Quarry bashes w fires Blondes forever R H D,),, B.S., G.P., K.M., L,T , M F , j S , K.D.. S S.. M W . L S , T.Y., P.F., L.C. Rick ' s frplce — but now mnkdh. B.H,, B M , M,W , (T.W , E.S., N.B) — gd, whi. Isted Cuido K P , W A , T A , V H . M Z . Shrtn. zone— Nate! Huge HdotSkn, 5 10 83, D I . Roland, me, jerry Ceo ' s P T ThnxMom Dad, Dave, Jack, but you ' ve still got it!! mistakes I ' vemadeafew. buti ' m still trving! kp 2369 — you ' re the best locker neighbor anyone (ould ask lor ' good luck, mb — ILYVM — don ' t torget it " pd — you saved my lite, tfianx ' Mi ' iPTLA ' jC ME ' ! He gave His life so It ould live — what a guy! I just wanna be a SHEEP " ! Well, I guess that ' s ii, It ' s been real! (fun ' , maybe ) thanxmom — ILOVE YOU ' See, I made it " Told you I could do it!! SEE V ' ALL LATER ' GOOD LLKK 84 ' SIMES, lEFF. I —fox. no substitute " $ 84 ' rules, sl3, hyl. ' bn - - sg, js best man shy f — gw, jl, hy, hs, ab. bb, bn, sg, dt, tt. al, ,me, framingham ' 83 ' . AAA — cr.dg, Ir. tl. jz. Bake — mp, kp. Cash — jl. sw A A sat ' s rule, hey spork soups, nic, cakes, dribs. Harvard l each forever!!! ' Mass murderer! " bn + sg + tt + ms + dg + sk + dl + js + cr + sr -t- |a( k = good times, " go nuts " , " get psvched ■, curt ' psych up. eh ' " GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE!!! BYE BYE SLUSSER, KRISTIN LYNN — Slushy, Giggles, Ping-Pong (?). Soc cheer 2.3.4. capl 3 -f 4 B-ball cheer 2.3.4. capt 4, P-putf 3 + 4. Soccer 2,3,4. Skate 1 + 2, Bst frnds 4-ever, |B. CD. CC, CS, New yrs IB, Chi-Chi ' s, hitchin ' Thanx 4 evrythg CD — how ' bout pker w |S, BN, MS CG — wknd prtys. Cars, |rny, P — Town bikride ' You loaf ' CS — ' lelus enmies ' " nah best frnds, GD crys, talks, GREAT laughs — lax brnies AM, " SmI Prln " uh on, were caught New yers., red spread Prtys + concerts w WA Awsm 4-sm, nl plshrmover + lal PK + MB, retrctn what? owe ya dinner. SR — 4 yrs in math " To mch f ' rndly convo " SC " those Dabr boys " gd tck w DD Bowl w KP. BL (prom 83 — Tolo ' s got the beat) and DD — luv ya always, frnd, gd x ' s — NH midtield, + banqi 3 ' ' m w |S, mum ' s the word " RM — Ihanx 4 advice frnds always. Thanx mostM + D, Kevin + Beth You mnevrythng2 me ' Thebest yet to come The best has already become ' Later A-B, You ' re one heckot ' a place ' SMITH, PETER — rillcry 1.2. S P N H , motorcycles, water, won; en, P D -chemistry Do Math Hits, Noeth May 18, 67 barratud. ' , blue smoke, dishrals, 3 30 AM nightcaps, movirs — przza, D h — fiungho, destroy, bald tires, " I want her " , S R — flipped col Ur. Framingham, " what the— ' " B,M. — " Hey dude " , mellow, AH — tinalexamL B —concerts — P B ,C B .C K ,) K .goodtime, ' CO., LO , — Bedford Hockey, K.S.. C.S., | Q,, P.F.,nice MOHAWK, BROTHER FOUR — MATH IS LIFE. — So long. SNYDER. STEVEN — XCC. Track 1 ,2, Chorus 1 -4, Band 2-4. Stage 1-4, NHS President. Governing Board PC 3 schools, count ' em. SHSW Fredipus. HS Ds AS chainsaws. Brooke, bricks and 2 Sou ' s, .EGHS. Thanks Met, Alf and Vin. Love Mr Mrs Mike and Lou, )ohn, keep in touch! Dinosaurs MC PH CLDC BF ABRHS Thanks for a new home Scared TC AC Yes TF RD KW LR DVM AB Love you Laura. LNDA lives TF CE BW DL RD LW. Thanks for being there K PW ZebG to NH a blast Hey rockhead CA MK CW DP P C UR Great MK LS BC CA RMD |L Do yourdo ' s Davd and Andrea Heppv trails PMc Bw CF Gd SA LW KB LG |T MC CM CS SV Live long and prosper to you all ' SOMERVILLE, MARK — Gun 1.2,3. more tun 4 Swim 1.2,3,4 (thanx II I D T u o me 200 fly. A A — 58 26, pull team pull NE Cuda memories Snuft n Spud; Games, Flor (icetighi), Montreal (smeg — . gumme bear war le metro). GazimGazam ot — 57 19 see ya there S N I ' m queer, are you Sure. Nali Luv va Penn St. road trip w Spud S. Animal kickin the keg " ooohie, a rabbit ' Audi problems nice stero ($320 tor 85 , . ssshhh! ' ) rumbles w |S, BN . T T — Good Times " ! ' Sept 20 (s. pok w | S . B N . C D Giggles w moosel Hey WW,, barn problems ' " Fri NiteF-Ball w Dancin Don LR. Pafshillpool hop, not us! Yo. Cher. Chill (get the message), nice guy??? , I ' ll kick ya , OK, fine. I luv the leigh, Shel. H, Hawk, good times stay, red ears much? Laughs at Walllly ' s — " yyaaass " — Nick, gandi, spud. I ' ll missya — barbie, )ack, al, lenn, dribbles ( " sail on " I. etc May 25. 1984 I ' m a vapor!!! SANDMAN. DAN— Crosscountry 1 ,2,3.4 — Winter Track 2.3.4 — Sprint Track 1,2.3.4 — Math hits 3 — WBN you are something else, but lets let modern science find out Street at the Merod Dome all the time MM, CN I ' ve got the Atari but you supply vour entertainment Hdy Dave, hwat if your middle initial was B? PS — letslry to keep entertained m Physics — The Article ! MM)am hoop discussions — the imagery of Darryl Dawkms. Led Zep wails and prevails Enough of this! ' My sentence is up May 25 — good luck to all present and future inmates. SHUPERT, RICHARD — Swim Team 1-4. SHUTT. SUSAN E, —st. gov ' t day 2.3. xc ski 2 ' ?4 ' PTL 3,4 ' ! ca. bl. dd, WW. eg, ILY all!! eg — wanna go cow tippin? (arlmgton st,!!)dd bl — They ' re dtill There!! I luv vouguys! we ' ve had some good times, there ' s more to come " " ww — how do i what? ' oh, in cars! ' good luck, i know you ' ll make it!! bl — who ' s a hippie gypsy?? dd — maybe tomorow. maybe someday, i think it ' s a great idea! I ' ll miss you, you too bn! ca — thanx tor all the help, ILY! SPANN.IESSICA — b-ball, 1.10. sftball, 10, powderpuH. partying 9,10,11.12 SHERYL —Mac ' s, day 5 — Mr d " Leave my locker alone, huh. Per ' " Late to D per. Let ' s shoogie " You ' re the best " " Good friends T.H,, OB,. KM., AC. (Red and Garll S,F (Hack- le). K O . S V. (Homeroom), W,C, " How ' s your face? " Love and miss Dave H KIM — Kegs, intense talks. G Per. study. Seger, what a |oke ' " Kim? She hates me. Al ' You ' re a gr triend and awesome partier MIKE — Lil ' Buns. IL Y.F. BoonNOR — party, fun at your place, ' " snow for x-mas? " , friends 4-ever, love ya sis. Love you Dad You too, Mumpa. BYE DUDES!! 197 SPINNEY, BRYAN A — Baseball 1,2.3, co-capl. 4. Stdle Chdnips 2Af Summer 82 — Parties at KH ' s. Applwd Pool — RH. KM, BUSTED BPO — what a jokf ! " Hey Boancr " TS, 0|, RH, )W, LT, ID —Best friends forevof 7 28 82 - TS " Let ' s Live " COZsoftball — BLNY. Hampton Beach KM, wallet what?? PP — What a Boo Clint ' s Auto. Quarry bashe ' . Shrtn 3xbrgh — C.S. Hey Gert Muler — ILY. TS GP — KBIC. jW — NATE TS Frbrd — license?? — lucky. KC — cliffs. All nghtrs at RH ' s — wild! ID Bash — RH — mstche — bagged. MZ — " let ' s Party " TP — " Rock in Mud " " What a long strange trip it ' s been " Thanks Mom. Dad, Michelle, Kim. It ' s off to bigger bener things! SPRATT, DAVIDC, —Winter Track 2-4, Spectrum 3, Sorry Scoti, I have no money, grad, party ' 83, behave yourself DeChellis, love those vegemite sandwhiches Matthew West, Monahan, you drive me up a wall!! niceeftort Dennis Conner, Mr, Kane, " l have to go to the M-E.N.S- room " ,. Beacon — great place to work?, " cool it Heimbach!!? " , thank ' s for the assist Mr Combs — driver ' s license 5 12 83, thanks Mom. Dad. Sheryl, you ' ve all been great, see ya later A — B i ' ll missya, its all yours ' 85. 1 ' moutta here, good nighl evry-body!!!!. STIRES, CAKYN — Band 1. Musical 1. SGD 2, SCheer 3.4 ' NHS 3,4. Cd. xs 1-4! S.F.—CC cookies! K.S. — X-lax brownies! CD. — Munchie Runs! SLEDDING ' 83!! Ouch. THE Grn, Mchnc! Art gab sessns. w Wackie Jackie (tea|XJls?) Chem w ' Df, G! BM, AG I cidn ' t have md it w o you both — Bl. Mscra ' Suebie — Lobster! Prom ' 83 — Thnx DD — ILYAAF — ASIA — 8 19 83 — Hw bt 4.1 83 ' Mr. D-bst. mlh Ichr evr! (D pert Sat. Lunch w EG KB — HEE HEE! DANCIN! ' GREECE ' 82! ' ! Ca. ' 83!! Toronto ' 83 ' Sem Grad w MB!! ' SIpng in van — SR. SV. |L tphntmng! ' ) Canoeing, Mr McD — " Mr. Jangles " . DE Thnx — best friends BEST OF LUCK — SF. MH. CD. MB, KS, SR. SS (hm rm 3vrs ' l, jL, Petah K (dnnr w MB?i. DD. BL, KP. LS (elctns ' l, BG. EG. KB, SV, X-C guys. V-Soccer Teams ' KS — wht a swtlhrt! — Thnx s ' mch! — tgthr Irvr ' SR. SS— NUTS!HeeyStiyahsi 7 21 83! MH. LG. SP, AK — Prom " 82 ' KK — we got the pwr lo weeen! ! Co C-C!! OSH KOSH KID ' 6 AM Sem! FRBBLS W DRBBLS ' ThnxM + D ' Chris — y ' re Ikn gd! Bye AB — Thnx Ir the gd times, gonna miss vou ALL, take care!! STONE, LAURA — Thank God its over Its been a long walk Thanks tor everything Mom I LOVE YOU DAD |ill. your the greatest. WHERES ANNE and LISA ' Lisa P. 1.2,3,4 Michael. I Love You, 2.3,4 AND MANY MORE Be Good, Be Happy, TEAGAN, )ENS — WHAB 1-4; PC 3.4; Orch 1,2; Tennis 3,4; BS 1 -4 And now the Troopers , Mark, there ' s a car following us! GT — COPREZ. |CT. Cape Cod — CA — double dates. Damn vour eyes! What ' s behind the Post Office? Ans; What we bring to the mtns (only on cloudy days)! Then again, DOES IT REAL L Y MAT- TER? IB — tennis anyone? Miss Elly? Where? RISK Philkrieg, ZOWIE!! Ay Ay Marmota — CWM — most likely to succeed — KT — be quiet in math — LG; crazy. |ust crazy Eventually. Beth Adi — every night is cloudy! I ' ll never forget you! I ' m NOT cynical. Bye Mom and Dad: Take it away. Andrea TEIXEIRA. MARCELO — Marcie. Tex, etc Inot Carmelo please). Soccer 4, great fun What am I supposed to do? Well I ' lKindoul someday (hopetully). US — a great experience ! learned a lot Irom It I ' ll never forget you. Mrs, and Mr Lee. Darrell. Kirsien thanks for everything. Thanks mom and dad SHYF BARNET. Warner farms. Framinghan — What a great time 1 love you all! What a thing ' Whashington, Pittsburgh, summer camps, couldn ' t be better! SHYF peopleees, A BHRS, Thanks for the support. I ' ll miss vou Brazil I didn ' t forget you; see you later (be ready for me.) SPRATT. SHERYL A —W-trk 1-4, S-trk 1-4. PPuff 3,4 — KF. KC. KF, SR, AH, IF, WD, LUV — U — ALL ' KF. |W, CF. Swee-P (CO STICK), Ifinally made It — NY. dancin with guys — KF. lights out in the BL basemt — Sue put on your pants — AH. trip to Maine, lobster traps ithafs a no no) — MF. ILY — YS5NGYOHMYNTN — Nice Buns! — Fri, nts at Gazebo, KF. )F, KC. WD, SR, TH — Kathy watch out for the trees — MH, best parties— Bermuda (get psych.) DM, for the scretrondevu — KF, because they love me — AH, SR, ThdnxProm82,83— WD, trkcamp,|ohn, Chris, — Good ptsSR, SP.q-back — SPEEDY 22. GOTTA LUV IT — Type of gals weare — DB. MATH (Roxann) — Split end up — MH, walk during SS — KF, speis4ever — KC, shots Consume — MOM, DAD. DAVID, you ' re the best. I LOVE YOU — Thanx to all good friends Dave Hart never 4-gel -u!! Bye old AB, look out COLLEGE!! ' ! STEELE. SUE — Student Gov ' t Day 2. AFS 4. P-Puff 4, Great limes C S . L M-. D,F . W G , D S . never frgt D S parties. S D , DS runs to Mac ' s C.S, " member rm 36 what a Rush! (HaIHa!) great slushes D.F., C.S. sheets vans forever, Thanx 4 everything Luv ya C.S., ].B.. L.M., W.G., Mom, Dad! NeVr frgt ya Woody ' STEELE, TRACEY — P-Puff 4, Yrbk, Rdng. 2-4. Alison — bst frnds 4-ever. Best times prtyng— 4 19, Tom L ' s. Sineads, BSC, quad-p lacrosse, where ' s the party ' What ' s the problem occifer ' ' Sweet Dreams " , trips to York Beach, Me Boat Cruises, ' Carolyn, I quit ' " " Denise, Tm scared! " Hntng K and R, Mrs C ' s classes. Thnx to all my frnds. Good luck to all! MOM. Love and thnxs. nvr frgt you!!! )udeand Ken, thnx for everything! Happiness to you Kerry and Kara always Roads Clear! STERN. ANDREA — Thnx 4 the G, times: LV, DT, SF. SW. IC ' a. PO " G, VE, TL, CI, SG. MH. KC. KD, SS, DK, MA, kR, AR, SV. BM.DF Winter ' 82, WAF ' Prnts gone, prty! LV, nvragnto FL, OUCH ' ! Wanna H cut DN? OOPS! DT. smr 82 ' (SAB). SF, when ya gettin u ' license? ||K bk to CO. LV+DT, thnx for sprt 1 0 81 DF PARTIES! Who ' s got some? SW. HAMP 82 ' , The TANK — Thnx 4 gas $. LV. where ' s u ' re )B? CA, tlks in the fids. LV. ween 8] ' . CL, a few pes of BAZOOKA? RUSH w LV IBM, sorry didn ' t enjoy). Cncrts — THE WHO IN NY, DT, alwys showing up BS, alwysintrbleinH R, CP, thanx 4 the shoes! Prom82 ' w KR, Prom 83 ' + 84 ' w MBH SF -t- DS. give us our binks! SG. the cars alriie! Scrd to dth, (a VE ' s Mnin — SF, LV, SD. (nt, enuf fd) MBH, U ' RE IT! LUV YA Thnx 4 1.4 bein ' the grist ZZ TOP MORNIN ' Too much, nvr agn. In my hrl 4 ever, |U, WAR. DAN. DEE, U ' RE THE BEST! SPECL THNX TO MOM + DAD LUV YA ' ALL LV. BFF ' BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 84 STERN, DAN — Swimming 3.4 Fnsljee 1 65 gm rules! Football 1 — " Get off my field " . Good Times 1-4. Beam ' m — Pat, can you come out and play? Maine bound — where are we gonna hitch next? Bh ' s atMG . K R , D K , D N . V E., P O . T L — We used our C.S, 3,4 — Driving the ' pariv mobile " Fire Pits — B M., S.W., ).C., J.C.S.F., D.T.,L.V., " letsparty " ! — Sal, thanx for the good times, Ann, thanx for being there. Vin, don ' t hurt yourself! Dan — " Para- noia the Destroyer " , Pat, just a drag? KR — " killer " — thanx. Concerts — THE WHO " 82 " — psyched! " )oe " (Channel), CSN, the DEAD, " Neil " — Good summer ot ' 83 ' — looking forward to " 84 " ' summer and Grad parly. Hey. it ' s only TEENAGE WASTE- LAND!! I ' m outta here, later!! SUMMERS, SHARON — (Charl. Yearlxxjk — 3,4 Newspaper — 1,4 Linda, tootsie bank Backboards Art, Art, Art Thanks, SL, SS, MH, KB, LB " The Group " Good luck future Artist, MK I will always remember you DW ' Sparenbs, Lisa ' SS, behind the sheet SL, moms party, drink up Linda, how did we plav tennis today? LM, thanks for locker 2. Work. Sheraton. 4 guys, Hearn Starr love ya Giff, thanks for everything, your a sweety. Good Luck Class of ' 84- Thanks ABRHS for everything! SWEENEY, SINEAD — Pwdr Puff-4 Brilliant limes at AB High Scholamonay N.L SP — Mavlhelpvou ' Sooz, I HAVE TO FIND A MAN!! Aim, — nic blue Make me a sub — ill and rb! MIKE — help me find a man — a non prvt one. DM would you shun up! —body loves you. TS U — R — wkd cute ' M W, Wht a babe. M|B Would you stop looking at my spots. A K., what a tnend ' RC NAN MEE — LUV YA ' PROM 82 — sorry N. w MK, CH, SP, |W, LK, TS — InendslLPizza Mrs Eathere CC, CZ. TS. — Love ve all I A keep your hands to yoursell THE IRISH RULE SLAN LEAT, Cm going home but I ' ll miss ye TABACZYNSKI. KRISTA — pom pons 3.4 lit mag 3,4 England 1 Hey O G have vou heard the story ol Agnes and the Irog? The one about Agnes and SH was pretty tunny too ' K H andOG remem- ber Super moo and Water woman, the cow dives, and the seal drops Remember the lunky chicken ' Don ' t forget our world record Did you hear the one about ?| H remember the Queen mugger and how well we kept track ot our key! T H gummy bears forever! ).W and O G shopping was tun and I didnt act weird. I always kick people in department stores And remember our plan We buy the gun and then we go hunting. Agnes I love the name of your tlorist ' welcome lo the library. TALLONE. DEBBIE — ptv 12i4. pp 34, 4 20 who knows? as Iv df kc kd SS sf dn ds dk pxj ve tl mh ci sg ar kr — couldn ' t have made it w u u luv u all, good luck luv always! bashes ( " stern ' s, fn. nites (II df ' s 1 82! nads — go bk 4 as me, triends 4-ever guy! hwen 80 — eggs! safs — chuck truck, the Ix ginningof the end, kr, prom 81. in my heart 4-ever. as ss thanx tor takin me m ' ss, ti make beds upside down much? have a mooseHEAD, tl mc what a guy? grad 82 scene, me tirst! river boat kep attion, kinks ginis snake! as hampton playgirls 82 SAB! blow u ' re top. who — bst times hwens 3 ( " ve-hwen 82 jamin, NO blondes! MA 12 1 oaf. fitchburgprom 83, 1 only, sunrises 4-ever, nice right cheek, luv u 4-ever kd u can have mascalvins now ' pf, Iuvu2 ' kc sped friends, luv u mom, dad, greg, the very best, thanx iS. all my luv! niikie A. ken, it " s my turn now! NOBODY ' S BUSY 9 20 86!! later ABRHS! TAYLOR, DAVID — Fish 1,2, i. 4. party 1-4. Favorite pasttimes — Dontos, hoi sauce, 69, Wherd you get it? Skiing. Synthisizor She ' s vacuum sealed, Ghandi, Jeffry, B S, Marky. Mexican food. Me love Rota, SHYF. (fuzzy wazzy was a Ix-ar). Party people — T D,. I W. Ray charles, E.P T.F M.C., Studly D E , A S , lail Bait Amazingly cool Taste ya later! Haha! THAI, NGUYEN — I ' m here to leave for other students Mr. Smith " achtung " . Ms Morison uncle, Mr Noeth crazv class To all ot the guys land gals) that survived A BIO. and the fetal pigs To Mr. Schoolfield I leave my " X " , to Mr Beauregard " nicetrv " and to the DOC McNulty, " Whatever you say, DOC " THOMSIN. ERIC — G P. — X-C, the best! 2.3. capt. 4; Winter Track 2,3,4; Spring Trace 2.3,4. Commando ' s. " Champs " . It ' s a longwalkhome He-Hehe, form Phil | A keepon coaching " Tfie Police torever CH hope to sec you in Europe, or in US, We should plan a long bike tour ' Kt Ch |l Mm Sg Bb Lb Eb Tk etc thanks to get me started ' Till we meet again. Well this is it ' MB, still love THORNTON. DAVID — Loal 1,2,3.4 EF Acct Part , Kimballs, Wats parties Maine, work, everything go ' s! Wendy . Mel, me, vou Harty dip in his pond ' But Officer we have no clothes on! " Mel ' Where ' s my watch " No cop beat. Thank God! Mrs. H m tears Me in Dave ' s undies ' Nice face Mel! WN Harty me P-Hut run at 1 1 00 Dave Hart I will never forget vou and your family, we had the best time together! Store 24, Mickey Dees. B-King. other beverages. Party, Party. Good talks. High speed chases, I will always miss you ' Liz Gnngen, 4 10 83 you are evthingot me, Hampton. Clift ' s in NH. Maine, Salb Wat — Slide, FlaggHill — room, lourney Concert, walks, |Ogs. swings — rip shorts, good talks, 83 prom ' Plumb Isle! Dunes — next day kip— burnt Luv U, slaeyswill ' W V M M after college ' Thanks Mom, Dad. Sis, Bro for support, Mr Mrs Hart. Mr. Mrs Flan ' s. DH THORP. MARGARET L, — International Club Member 1 , Secretary 2,i President 4? — Granite! DO IT UP! ' Thanx to LB. )B, BP. DP, SK, RM. And everyone else! Let you good times roll!!! Lynns — Shake It up! — Thanks to mom and dad and bro tor all their help, and to all my triends good luck ' !! Thanks to Ed for all his help in trying to straighten out my lile And all his support. Good Luck to LB. IB. OG,|H.|T, GT. DT, |D. jH. PR. BH. To all the people who work at Finast- and all mv friends who moved away To Lisa Dont Stop Believin ' we ' ll always be friends Thankx for everything H. Volkmann . TIEN T, — Soccer 1.4.2 SHYF " THE BESTEST " Bill, Dave, left takecare , youguvsOK " HEY DUDE, " ' love those good times AEE . . party, beach " NAVY " Heather C. keep it up Alli slowdown circle live in SHYF Barnet Youguys ' re the best Tonya, GW. CC, TL. IW ' .CB, PP. andthoreto Thanks tor bear with me Thanks Bro. Mom, Dad TIGHEBILLY-FlaggHill. D B H , P- RTIES ' ! ' Swilly, Zak isback! M T chakora yukon ' The Flagg Ripp — off! BEAM to Hampton!! Grown Hockey Faced Bridge the bridge Rapp ' Got any?! GRALERTS SPRING SNOW!! WHO, AREOSMITH, IGIELS!! ' N.H. Drag " THANX FAMILY! SEE U LATER AB, TOOT! TOOT!!!!! 198 TOLER, TQDD — TheKltck. Blondie. Swagv. Zeppo. Bath, Shep- po, Spankv Toomanv good times too tew! Hew Swag, DtX ' BAC — I 5 busted Hev Bach howabout C. noodle soup and ch milk! Zeppo a. t,p blueing out, is it him! Sheppo — Elza Rib ' s too tunnv. Todd shut up Scott. Hi How va doing, OE, OE, OE, ha ha ' Foot ( uadge k-Mart Swag remember Mamc. couldn ' t hold it Xepp how ' s the middle piece, The Kit IF, calendar dales, the ball ' s MiMcr High Lite Zepp couldn ' t handle the Nova, Field parlies. Blondie, them Key ' s! ' Hev Paul M, Awesome toga Hev Bach, are VOuaturtle ' Y.B.Y.S.A.EYEAM ' Oneouteaside ' HevScott.round house Hev Borny. Kibbles and Bit ' s, College twund now. keep in touch buddies. Showsheye! TOTAS, KENNETH I — Soccer 1,2 W Track 1-4 S Track 1-4 Victory 3 ffiendlvs4 Finallyoutot here!! 4yrs toomany MC — We made il, (riendslor 18 vrs — done alot of stufl Camping trp : Plymouth, V.T. New Years ' 82 — party Cu Coughlins imy jacketi New Years ' 83 (a Disnev Wrid w Evelvn " Champagne " King Summers at Humarock, AC DC 12 14 81 HearliCougar 10 11 82 ET, — trips, to Boston, Holland is 1 B-52 ' sCar5. Kansas, Prince, U2 ' Rock Lobster ' C.G. — keep jamm ' . J, U |.P ; rmbr. " E,Y,M " our phne, calls let. C M — mnv, trps to Littleton cuz of u Green grss and high tides frvr D S , Ing track prctces, keep hurdlin, Louces 3. Echo Beach tar awav in time Thnx ' Gd Luck MC, ),P., C.G, DA.ETCM.KH.DS, M D, Pam Later A-B, it ' s been real TREACY. I, GREGORY — Soccer 3,4; Spectrum 2.3.4. Boxboro Bicent, MC — " All you really need are windpants " — CA + AC + — Mr Sweatshirt says thanx for the summer — CA — NO EGO PROBLEM ' yellow flutty .hirls, strbrry frp — IV + CM — " Coke is il " musci — BG — still like red phones? — LS — When I get my license . x-country tour, drive through Nova Scotia. Europe? — IT — thanks for being a tnend — jC T. Boprez, cycling IN H Cape Cod), ND, BC. Tuf. Vill — where ' )AMEYS big brother, Risk and Makaha team, Adv Bio — we ' re prepared. " Sharks " , AB Sat nite videos, movies (?) Thanx for calling the Littleton Flick, First Night — Last Nite, Does it really matter? thanks Mom and Dad, thanx lor the memories AB TROUPE. TRACY — Field Hockey 1,2. Powder Puft 4 ' TN, Re- member BG. SM, Les,. LL. WPIThankx DN, stone walls. Henley Brox May 14, ' 82 Never 4-get KE, KO, KH, MD. TG. CK, drive- ins CL never 4-get U Westtord gang BS. BW, HC, LO, wanna pitcher. UNH.CK.KA.LO FLA ■■83 ' ' Summer or83 the best BA. HBTraceyN KSOTWB PG thank me. Mac ' s in morn. Thurs, niles BN — You ' re the best GD Ike LO, PC. K), |L. SF, F], TM, SN. SO, TK, TC, AD. MC, |nrs — RH, RP, DB, MM, MV, IB, SO, DH, HB TAKE CARE PM " BILLY " Luv U Mom Dad, Pam Randy, Karl Nvr torget Sept 24, 1983 Thanks DN, LO. TN Thanx lor being there Lauren ABBE See ya later AB. CD Lck JC, |w, SL. MW, behind Kiens w C. Dnve-ins |L R U all right ' Hey Rod P-R? Thanx KH tor the Nova PG, K| wanna race? Thanx lor everything . Cram TURNER, KRISTAM.—Maiorettes — 234. P-puff — 4. PSL— 12. B-K-34, Prom — 3,4 Tyngsborough — 34. Soom — ' 78 — ' 83, Meehash — WVMLTMOTC? ' I ' m in oneot my you know what ' s " Friends — Kyz, Stewy, Cenyz, Kris, Mich, Dee, Eileene, Care, Bri, lohnny. Eric, Mike. Peter. Wend was it nice??? You guys are the best! ' Hey CHIC your awesom! B-lets go see Steven ' (don ' t let Marc Mimknowl ILY Wet Val! Mom — vour the best there is! SC, KK, IT. KT, CO — Salisbury Slide! Smuris are real Beth ' Romes — there ' s no one nicer! Marc what ' s the suprise?? Dave — IMYVM, Carol — He ' s coming home soon! B-SYAIWBT Mr- WYMLTMOTCWTP? Chic ' 85, ha. ha ' Do you really know the way ' " IWACFY — jS jctto — T Tours. LTD Lazel. Kaziero. Admiral Thouest — together forever! Soon Paunnie! Later Dudes " I love you DAD lest B ' ball — good ole car pool |S don ' t worrv I got il ' CRASH ' Slirres what s up ' L ging — Mischiel SIGNS — loeys idea Gum- bie, what ' s up! Prtv in Sp — Sangria zS AY! Caramba! Bergie — CC walks? Kimballs! DH: vou are never lorgotten m our memories Good times to come. Thanx mom " and dad. VAN KLEEF. CONNIE — L.M . Ca(X ' Cod — skin. I love M D . Maynard, Escos — " It ' s going to blow ' " Beat box, snow banking, Mascar, " Oh no! ' Buds. B.L P Cd; VAN HALEN, BO C : Drop Out, MD , P D,, L.C. N C. |.A , B L . P.W . N.F., K.L., IF, L L,, D,5 , LS. R S., FB. NW. BU. Salisbury, Hampton. Lamans — CRUNCH! Charger. Del Leppard, tront row. cranking, Staties. " slow down Mark ' ' BUSTED ' School St, , LINGUS, L azzar- os. field. Mike and Bear. Whites. " Ooh Baby! " L C, N.C., ) A . Gotta lighl ' Baked, Molsons. C.P s, Kegger, Sudbury — " GET OUT ' " RUMBLE ' ., Gales. Rope Swing, Doves. Co For It ' Blown away, ludas Priest. Iron Maiden, Good Times I M A D E I T ' THANX — Ma, Mark, Diane. Lisa, Mrs D.. Miss D VERVOORT. INGE B — Band 1 -4, Chorus 3.4; Stage Band 2-4, PC 1-4, Musical 1-4; CM Love Pling. Pling Our Dilemas Cynthia Merrill The Ego; CA Remember the Bear FI Macey Concord Bridge; NW Our Similar TV Likes, LV Clarence Kids; LK Kingface Our " Wagon " , MK 2nd Sops Piggie Woogie Boogie, SW How are those Soottaces?, IN Powder Fights. |L Ourfavonie warm-up Your Oom-Pas. B)H My Toyman Square Dancing, |D Sorry for hitting you Mop, Mop; GT Great Partner Homeroom Dick Treacy, IT laimie ' Sweet lnnocence ' ' ?|T Loved those rag sessions Is this Pinecroft ' . SS Bend your legs!. RA Keep those letters coming!. Mr R. Thanks from Giggles; Thanks for all the great limes ABi I will miss everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL " PS, KEEP SMILING ' VIVIANO, LYNDA — Bean — PP 34 I ' ll nvr tgt u guvs the grt times AS, SF, DT. AR, DF, SS, KD. KC. DS. VE, PO, DN, TL. MA, DK Tmmbr the prty ' s (a Stern ' s ' The light w PO 2 82 Hockey gamesfa Garden, ' ween 81 w AS a clill BthrngDSiKR w glow in drk fgrnis glasses. When AS flics er bic u listen. DT ween party Fr. nraVin ' s Fl w AS SVOUCH ' Prom 83 give us r binkt SSSSF Looked 4 gowns n N|, ind 1 baked 6 83 dbl dalin w Sal, Ice, Rich They weren ' t kiddm Turned out grt w ' Rich Luv your rig |oe Looked 4 u guys n Hampton, no luck WhlMts AS, SD, SF ranoul of food, Thanx DT, R) 4 ride Thnx Sal 4 evrythin " I ' m |ust askin u what I thmk " DT I ' m not busy 9 20 86 ' DA I LOVE YOU! Where ' s your pants ' Special thnx to Mom, Dad, Steve. lelf Love you all ' Ann B F.F " Where ' s mv IB ' ' W WALKERIEFF.L — To W A , M B , K P And D H thtragtedni champions of 1984 DH is also the biggest MotI Mcelur, lunior rag team member. Bang vour head L B no longer a Rainbow member? O W The classic case ol an overworked undcrachiever B G Thanks lor the book Mr B I miss the donuts WANG, NANCY — 1 = LV, Band 1-4 flute 1-3, Picc 4! Eng 1 =CM. DC 2 — Hyatt Reg shop — MAC, Smith ' s essay, " D ' s FAULT! " . L weds in slip, ketchup, IV — pictson bed 2 — RAIDERS XINF " CIN: " He ' ssoooocute ' !i IsighhhlSW 1,21 I, 3 " Indiana, Our Indiana " KuHF Lis spina bifida I ' ), 3 — MASP Mllton ' Comp ' s fried. Chip ' s Chump Pj ' S, serenade — Un AS, pasc, chem, TOGA, CLASH, LUAU, moo|uice: GOODWIN Girls and AIS ' THNX lor the summer AS, CC, BS, PK, SC, IC LV (AIR SUPPLY 31 Beach Bovs4 «. MAINE! NHS 3.4 " Space, the final frontier — Trekies at MASP, COSMIC ENCOUNTER, Star WarsH Cape Summers 1 4,2, TCIF,MD, HF HI KIDS ' KM — havetun w picc — patience ' Thann KM, EG, GL, IN, CF, PP, BE, LK, AB i4 nbr NIKI T I ' LL NEVER forget — MC, CC, IV (Keep Smilin), CM (drifting I and LV (olio, jerkohla) and Mom, Dad and )W. SN, EKldont change the oil I, Ml Ithe master ' s choicel, DK + TElwe will go to the Gazeboi, Susy pizza kid (you make a good V P., + friend, BE PREPARED SS THE WHITEHOUSE NEEDS A GOOD ARTISTI, Good luck TK, Good luck in band AG + SW, Love va MOM. DAD, RICH. SUE, + WOOF Trai y Hamilton Trace - I can ' t imagine life without vou I luv va always , Col Day Conant + C " iates , Thanks for being there — MR SCHOFIELD, DR MCNULTY, U2MR NOETH, U3MRS STARR, U4 MISS SHADD, U6 MR CI EVER Thanx for every- thing school I have grown with vou WEARE. ADAM— Bashingl -4. BOC 9.19 81 CH. 8 K -i- ' 82 beaming with Mr T K R. T W , Flop. B T , Teft, Bingers — henry, jr , U S WHO ' 82 G H , Boone + Tree. ChnstmascveS W , New Years eve Watty ' s 10 11 82 wax bash I got the K = R ' s again " loe P 2-4 snowing with Glen Ugh — T D , I Y . R W , School ' s Out " Hev, rememfx ' r the coop Bashing w Smoke, S V , I Y , R W .Slinky, A H Don ' t stop partvin ' Sc e vou later " ' After Halen at Ben ' s, WESSEL, MARK — Soccer 34 (states?) Golt 234 AH — dont know what to say w out you? sad to think cant thanx enuff MV CC2x — AS Same for rest Cimpy Gang Real — Especial Thanx 2 much Never 4-get ya Chowda ' IC — Thx 4 put up w me TL — Dr. Bcoll Tail party ' Great times great friends EB — Butcher DH — t-t-Cw Mr Mzzzzz Me-t-M-feM sing " — 3 cliffs, cheez, beez. WA, KP. BH — soccorn N.S. Bach ' Stuff it Bouv! ' MB — Nice lackel! BH — dc.ytb.L A B ' SN — ygth, isyw,s Ml — FF + H4— EokSH — salad head me ME — great cooks, great — MB — YSE OOAK ' a — less thnx CSEev 9 6 1 si Day ' Oh my ' Sum ' 83 C T IT. S -t- G, S., DB2x, U2, SD, DS, F EAGLES LIVE " 1 Thanx everyone, very much Great 2 ' ' . years You guys made this place one hell of alot easier Good Luck, Take Care Good Luck Kristin, Scott. Kate Thanx MOM -f DAD I luv you Dreams — Ocean Someday I Promise " You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave " WEST, CAROLINE — PC — Australia, Asbestos Buddy LIBBY ' BF4E, websy, picalilv chow-chow, bats wings. Newsflash News- flash " ! GHC HONOUR, Madness, MODS, Punk, ska and NUTTY boys ' AlABBO AP COCR IR CM ST KS and MS,NVdB, luv ya all ' Knox Boys TL(u KNOX ' . Pnatho TLK — I luv YOU always! Sooty — Begootv.Tiggi — MEH ' USA " — G DAY VEGEMITES!!!!! Hiya lanet, thanx for being a great friend fyou still arel soozte " Good Evening ' Kathy, Thanx (for the ski lessonl Hi BrIllan.Bungie — Chris A vou aurc are a CUTE BOUl, luv ya ' Chris F — YOU POMMIE YOU — thanx for being YOU ' Love YOU ' Don ' t torget CF " you ' ve got to be in It 10 win It " HELLO TO: CASMMMPMfB GDSABW AND OTHERS " ' Dinomatt, love you MUMS, DAD not much room (eft soo, everylxjdv PLEASE write to me Chris I will ALWAYS SAY and AUSSIE " HELLO " bye WEST, SUE — 1-4 Bash 2 HVH Ozzy, There " s a whole in the floaty wall, but it " s gone New year ' s eve — Here Bri ' Sin Sity. 3. Thanks for the case, sorry Ididnt leave. V H and the Staties. X-mas " 82 Wild ' Pretty sneaky Tad Chasms Watch out for the lights, Who tell? Daves not here, wheres the pnt buner.s« 4 Party ' lOE — Reach the beach Bye Len BM IC VE PO C DN DS SF AS LV DT SS KD CB AW Keep Partying! " ! LATER PS — IC DA TK |A Fly the Friendly Skies!!! WILEY, WENDY — mark 2-4 ever, riding 1-4 ■!■, wf. 1-4-1- . . gcxjd friends thanks sw ss sf dd eg kb km. tt. sh. bm. In bg. " MW " BAM — good times cape socks . ss -r- Id — awesome steph — wt — havetun menomore iq — NY u flirt — gas? sueandiane — love ya both much thanks for caring MOST IMPORTANTLY MARK MY BABY DEAREST I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH. PROM 83-84 ' 6 NOT 18 (pervert) COME AGAIN IVtARRIACE SOON NY ZOO SIDE ACTION BEST DRIVEIN LOVE YA " PEN IS LEAKING TOGETHER FOR EVER " till dcalh do we part MEd ' SCH?? who CARES AS LONG AS WE ARE TOGETHER AND HAVE A " PILLOW " " ROOM I.L.Y. VAN DOLMAN. SHARON — Swimming 1,2.3.4; B ' ball 1,2,3,4, S ' ball 2.3,4, NHS. 3,4; Class Treasurer 2.3. Swim Team.St Champs ' 82 — superrr, great, parly! Super seniors KM, SN, SR, SR, CR. SV. Here s to good friends esp. SP TH Also, IS, SR, OD, SS, CS, SF, AH, AC, MB, LB Let the gd times roll. SP— HillPrly What ' s shakin ' Speed bumps — oh no! Peryll! Wanna go to the gym? NYE ' 82 Wow I like that crashing sound! TH — oh no! A bio WATKINS, DAVID V. — " WATTY " Class President 2,3,4. Band 1.2,3,4, Yearbook 3,4, News paper 1,2,3, Soccer 2,1, Lacrosse 3,4, Tracy 2 5, 3,4, GOOD LUCK IN LIFE — DT, MB, DH, Dl, RS, TS, Dl. BS. TS. SK. RD, MS. PM. IL. KP, WA, |W, TH. SL, M|B, SN, EG, SR, TY, DD, BE, KS, CS, TL, — ESPECIALLY — DT, SP, K, TL, WILLIAMS, lEANNE —Swim 1,2 F-Hockey 3,4 W-Track 1-4 co. capl S-Track 1-4 Tri.capt. BINK 1.4 ever " Prom 3,4? MSO ' 82 Hurst So Good ' TB. MMMMH, CR, WN, LR, |M, KB! " !W — OUT ' ! HEC, quick get crew ' ! CR, SG B — fights — Ur the BEST ' " Klee ' s — Even Now " 83 wdwtga ' TK, I A, WN, MHdestry picture! Wen, Ihristv? Terr, throatcul! Good fs! lA, MV — SNOB TRACK — pinkies, SWee . P! kneecrack, Kan (TM), Spratt, Fav ' s?, Rose, 199 RELAVI! DCL ' J! U guys R special!! N.Y. — KF, SS, MS. EB, MV, MD TR — leave CHUBS alone ' Kari, NY. expcrs IMgetw il! CEEK!! TK — muchics, F-hall. parlies. -FOODV Swims! ' ! COONIES!! Cl. IWAIY! ' W.A. SP, PIA. Prm 83 — bcsltimc. TERRY — I havf lo Now!!! NY 82 ' Map ' sorry!! B-2 tonxon. KB. been through a lot!!FRIENDS4EVER!!ss — we know MSian DO!! KF KCdon ' t. lelMBARTO — (B + B) + A+B + (A + ll + S+B + (S+DI + M = (S+B)foreva!! NFW— F.H. gang. AB has •learn ' Sp Hill — Bano Nips!! Skank. sp. im. kb. lusl a walk, ' U-MASS ' lUV u ALL, TK. KB. KF. |M. lA. MH. WN. LR. CR. IB. SS. KF. IF. KC AND EV-ONE!! Thanx Mom and Ditk. ILY!! SEE YA AB!!! WILLIAMSON, TOM — Senior 2nd lime BUMMER! The ZZ Top snake wilh IT. Lines after lines all.H. on B-day.SS.vou missed It. T.W, SS. Sept 171h Busted T.W.M.N M.H.. massive debts. English With Zeppo. Toilet. Aaliff, and Swaggy. The N.H. flag run with B.T.. M.H.. T.W. YUKON! 5:30 am on Mt Chatorawa. The ropesick session! Too many speeding tix. 2 much 2 pay! Party 1234 . . sessions before school C-M.?M C.C. T.W THE WHO mobile. Beem Bash at firepit. too funny.. |oc Perry snake — prestone. prostone premium. lOE mayday festival Bashes FVER- WHERE ' !! SNIFF! B.F.D. Gigs, CL, TWqaurler til 4am thanx 4 Ihe headache Bill, Getting up with DB cverytime. loc comes to AB SICK! " I ' m going down on a crazy train. " " OZZY " , See ya A.B. WINCHESTER, lAMES P. — Windshield? Mag 7 + 1 rules! TL at BB ' s. 12:10toAtm. HoWdwegethere? — Heffs + Steel on the hill W PP+ the gane. A — deck + 4 — whing w ' BB. HS. TE. DK. AF + NW. Hawaiian f-days; great party Tom E . Spud. Macho. Studley. love the shirts + coconuts. Team Parris rules, get FR back from SWISS tor a rematch with team PR, lailbaiting 3.4 Hey. why not. Sickle, if she ' s old enough to go to the store, she ' s old enough to buy the bread! lust like you SC. 1 know you would AMH. great New Years parly, but what happened ' Ted Y brown eggs, that ' s socommon- But Mr, Ref. I wasonly wiping the snow oil my stick. 30 days for that? I don ' t know where I ' m going. I ' m not sure where I ' ve been. SN, 1 question, how did you get home from Holo ' s. Hide those pictures. Stiff No younger sisters? Only kid- ding. mayf e. 1 don ' t want no satisfaction. I )ust want to get some action. Fear. Well, it ' s time to ramble on. ALOHA ABRHS. WINCHESTER. KAREN M. — " Winnie " , fid hcky 2,1. putt. 4 ' 3-13-82 ' BSTD. = LR + SN, undrwr. pck, rd, sx, = mute ' Thnks, 4 th, gd, tms, CS, LR, SN, Co-go ' s |r, yr, SD, MM, RD, fn. tms, i wnt 4get. ' TRULY " ' new years 82-83 " PO sat shts ' TH + CS • -Cape -I- " tainted love -I- lobstr, Hmpton. in Ian SD — Fla. 83 " snbms. -i- m. srvs. + grmas. i.e. " ' prom 8i ' SMMR 83 ' hip. AP sws. grt. — crftmtc. bd. = TB, 2 mny. prtys 8- 1 i our house " |A. MS, RD.pls. gl. off my rf. - ■ of. of my alt. ' RMD - 10-16-82 = 7-8-83. IWALY. we hd r gd tms tlxl, 1ms r vry sp, tms, Thnks, FTBOMH, ' Providner e " f w t -i- p. MM ' s prly CIIM -f M Ickr ws, fn MV, b gd, ' " Sprng, Hill — St signs BB CS. rmbr. RD ' scr??nvr 4-get. Ling. E-Alg. 2.IB - RP. ha ha ha ' MD-l-ballnchs. + In nilednrs SD = B.F.F. " fake frnds ? ' ? " MM. Sudie-b gd. SD SC LR SN MD Q AP TB BB - thnks gd Ick DDMMIB. C - I. thnks ILY ms us mch AB WINNETT. NANCY — Absolutly nothing 1.2,3.4 MH KF Svenson luvsyou!81 Res dipping, yogurt runs, bikinsincro fall Bar HKiS 82 Florida Cape P-Towne Vinvard RH. IG. CC eel 83 MH ' s scot, in VT. water talis, NPSTWW LOVES F ' and |-Peak Bert and Ernie had cooperation can you spell it Moe? How do my hands look? DE. PN. SM. Shanty rubs beer lahls WDC B Marlev Buffet t Coniston road trip bummed falky Pat I didn ' t sway parties at Erits. Toga. Beach and Punch SM Canada Lynn here. Green acres is the place to be- hikin head wall your my special one. Decting 82 83 KF. MH. DE. SM. MY BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS Calif, here I come thanks Smutige. lazz. Cret Mum Whil I love you all Never again ABRHS WI5NER PAUL — PC 1234 Radio 2 !4 N A .i These arc some of my friends |H LC |LR CD MW BW SA PR FD MD — I can see! LW CFMTKBCory — Nue + snooper live!! Steve — What do boys do wilh girls ' Kim — Right now? Wish I saw more of BZ LM LR TC MV SL AC AB and TFI Thank you — Dl Inevcr forget KSI PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS. Blood, IX ' jth and Gore pi 2 " rktc RKFC RKFCOl) kills hamsters L.N.D.A. ri|)Otition repetition ex- cuse ' DnD DnDDnDSpooflSBPMIBRF. Boomtown Rats 1 SEE U ALL AT HO lO ' S lULY, 2000, (see Withrowl Die in a pit! Don ' t be a wise guv The world out— abandon Earth The Cure and New Order and Ice house Well. I ' ll misseveryone Ihopeldidn ' l forget WITHROW. KIMBERLY A. — Kimbi. PC, 2-4, STUDENT ANNOUNCER 2-4 (GOOD MORNING, THIS IS KIM ... 1 RADIO STATION 3.4 iPETER. NOTHING IS GOING OVER ' I CROSS- ROADS. (I ' M SUCH A TRAMP ' I L W — LET ' S GET SOME C 14 D ' T HO, FOREVER ' PETAH — LUCNAFl! CAKE MIX! IMMM I DO YOU HAVE CAS ' D 5 — THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES ' YOU ' LL ALWAYS BE MY BEST FRIEND L G REMEMBER SEPT i ' THO ' I IL — PLAY PEANUTS! " PW — WHERE ARE MV GLASSES ' RIGHT NOOOOOW ' " DO YOU HAVE ANY RECIETS?! L LI, PINK FLOYD FOREVER " WHAT ' S YOUR MID- DLE NAME?CD,— TEE HEE HEE! ' KEEP SMILIN ' BM — HAIR!!! SS. — MY SEAT IS COLD W OUT YOU ' HELLO - I D , R D . C,E,.D.L.,B.W..|.H .K B .C.F .ANDB.I H RKFC THE WAY OF THE FUTURE!! SEE YOU ALL lULY II. 2000 " LOVE YOU ALL!! WOOD. IILL — TENNIS 1234 PPuff 4 GREAT TEAMS! GREAT FRIENDS OW. AK. SP. SS. OG. KT. CB. -i- NEW ONES LM. SS, THANX FOR RIDES LM. AD. CB. + CB. AK, -(- |W — SURVIVED EXPANOL 4 sin gran T ' s ES EMPOSIBLE!!! CG (SS) — HELP ME, I NEEDITI ' SR — SALLET IN GYM? DW, GOOD SNACKS + OUR ESPANOL 4 sin gran T ' s ES IMPOSIBLE!!!! CG ISSI — HELP ME, I NEED IT " SR — BALLET IN GYM? DW, GOOD SNACKS + SOAPS " LAUR DON ' T FORGET THE BIG G, FRl S T, C.C. N S OUR TALKS. LK — BEST FRIEND. BEST LAUGHS. BEST TIMES - WILL MISS YA, BK - LOV THM MUNCHKINS! THANX MOM. DAD. lEWLS LOVE YOU TOO!! GOOD LUCK REST OF YOU- FINAL YR I ' M OUT ' YORK. EDWARD — G ML B FD Izods. ol course. AgentTomL. — I live in Acton but I love U.N. Tom E. — ALOHA. Sue B. — Never Again LoKey. TYF B,S — YA, YA, QUIET! Ferry you ' re great Ben Ball AAA SUX Fish. $6.50, R,L — F 5. S ' AH, — porsupuesto D, W - SAT PANTS M BM SM, SKOFY DOC. RB— TENNIS? Todd L, i V E — lESU M-Q — GNAW, aunt Fran MLM —broken homes mashed SS — neat mom- Padies MIT. Tom L " ! D W.. TE (N M H 1 M I B S. SUUZI I.W, - MMM, ZABOROWSKI.KATHERINE — Snoopy Lucky Molly Ducky Hobo Neil Young New Zealand green pick ups Pocahontas Chrissie and all the Z ' s, ZACCARDO. KATRINA — iTinal: Hockey Ch, 2,3.4 leapt. Suage) Chldr . = Excellant ILO Twilite Zone) TB never forgotten IF SF LL " Does thai thing akvavs smoke like that? " Gertrude Q4- 1 Canada U 4eyer Prom 82 TW IMH chucking rocks) Prom 83 decent PF SD BB in bathroom MK le t ' aime Grt Rd Pharm B -► B love you muchly iDTing pizza ' ) SM and KM — Boston at two mo license?) my birthday SM TC KM MF PB MF AB its the real thing. Alb OMIGOD; IT best YGAF Elvis rent-a-car (KM so sorry) The Pitts you ' re all great and missed. Adam = sodium ScM 9-12 iwonlsayit DS Love you lorever MARTY HALLO ' ? HUMPY — BH ' s CALIF?? Mom how sweet it is Thank you. Z ' s. for all your love and support You ' re the best. SHOWER THE PEOPLE Yearbook Staff Staff Adviser: Jane B. Starr Staff Adviser: Joean T. Doherty Editor-in-Chief: Terry A. Klee Business Editor: David V. Watkins Art Editor: Sharon A. Summers Sports Editor: David F. Nadwairski Special Thanks To: Caroline Barnes Pao-hua Kuo Christine Pishko Ikuko Saeki Krista Tabaczynski Debbie Tallone Jill Wood Heather Wright 200 fHA oj tea l Oid M -iu. y Jdli ' ' ff - ■ ' h ' .•) - k. v. i ,11. L, ' V I { S " v ( « L 1 " V • o U- A - ; ii , K " f S H. S l rll s p o , - d;dn ■+ 5 % - W?, -G S - P ' . ' " 1 cfs. - c . :. rc crre cto ea- -ti ' trP -j % o c c " Q d % i-f TVv. o. JcO a ■.r -nv - ' ' , v . vO ' ' " ; eP ' t

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1984, pg 66

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