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■o J T- ' j- 4- • ° Crv 0 VM ' - yy jj -j ur JU) ' V v CX ij tL- JL - I-ULi — |4 A rv lv 4-C £v i a -ia vo trjA.. (Q. l ( v X wnjl - iAj e ' A - - j W kp V, ' M - ox - 3 Z- -jpXsus f C, Reflections and memories, all as meaningful Live each day to the fullest, get the most from each hour, each day and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence and back without regrets. LV as the years, so long; yet, . . . If you have a goal in life that takes a lot of energy, that requires a lot of work, that incurs a great deal of interest and that is a challenge to you, You will always look forward to waking up to see what the new day brings. So short, pass away. But most important, . . Listen gently. We must feel. Simple moments are so real. Haven’t you noticed the days Keep getting longer. . . The “Spirit Sun” is stronger, And a “New Day is dawning For us all. Reflecting on ourselves, Unity of feeling and affections makes the strongest relationship. We know better who we are, Appreciating more, others, . . People going • in and out „ of your life Touching ■?7| here and 1 there, bringing joy, friendship, compassion, frustration, and love. V Do they go again? Their memories linger. I Some stay by your side always, 1 Some go and return to touch and linger again. Always remembered, sometimes regretted for loss, but never regretted for what was Jennifer Moore Growing up, relaying our feelings, We cannot “make our mark” for all time — those concepts are mutually exclusive. “Lasting effect” is a self contradictory term. Yearning does not exist in the future and neither do we. Nothing will have meaning “ultimately.” Nothing will even mean tomorrow what it did today. Meaning changes with the context. Our meaning is here. It is enough that we are of value to someone today. It is enough that we make a difference here. we share a smile, There is no such thing as “best” in a world of indi¬ viduals. And just become a part And then graduating And even if we are occupied with important things, even if we attain honor or fall into misfortune, Still let us remember how good it was once here when we were all together, United by a good and kind feeling which made us better than perhaps we are. — Dostoevsky m i of the whole, with these images and reflections. And we remember all these as the years, so important things, so long, yet so short. . . pass. fcSSG When someone cares it is easier to speak, it is easier to listen, it is easier to play, it is easier to work. When someone cares it is easier to laugh. The memories of the past, Encircle the laughter of today. Together they are golden sunlight, Beckoning the future on the horizon. May your future be bright, As is the love we feel for you. May your days be full of happiness, Remembering all the times we’ve shared. The Class of 1978 dedicates this book to Mrs. Fran Hearn. We appreciate her endless help and tireless patience. KAREN ABBOTT Yabbs I do my thing and you do yours. I am not here to live up to your ex¬ pectations and you’re not here to live up to mine. You are you and I am I. Bad Co. Fleurs; Seabrook moons 4; KDJ; URI; ColPuff; PI203 KM 2BJLDS; MY B P-Puff; gymnics MB. CLAYTON P. ABRAMS Duke Clay Dream what you dare to dream. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. LIVE! Thank God I’m a country boy. FAP out. Thank you, Ms. Farrar and all those who made my di¬ ploma possible. Thanks to my best friend, Joe Morgart. SHARON JEAN ADAMS Adley, Ad I wish you good spaces in the far away places you go. If it rains or it snows, may you be safe and warm . . . And if you need somebody sometime, you know I will always be there. Jack, Barbo, Good Times. STEVE ALBERTELLI JAMIE AGULE Live life to its fullest! Take Care; JM DQ MK CG AS DP JF; Forgotten Never; Cape Cod; ’78; Track 1; B-Ball 2; Work 2,3,4; Sr. Social Comm.; Sr. Tal¬ ent Show. Vermont. MARY B. ALEX Time passes, people change, but memories never die. 1 5 — PIC 2 ; K 3 ; MBLJDS; Ber¬ muda ’78; Chillies; CS N; SSLLHILL; Elm St. PC on ice; URI; Nantucket “CARL” 7 ! Fleurs ’77; P-Puff; Sentry Gym¬ nastics 1,2,3,4; WWGSA!!! Marsy dotes . . . CYNTHIA JEAN ANDERSON Cindy, Cin, Sib Wisdom is a tree that grows in the heart, and its fruit appears upon the tongue. P-Puff; Ftball 3,4; Intrmrls 1-4; Sen. Soc. Comm 4; Macs 3-4; Nat’l. Hnr. Soc. 3 4; Fun 4; Stud. Cncl. 3; Spr. Trk 3 4; Spear- chukr 3 4; Parties 4; Goodbye, my friends! CA JONATHAN ANDREWS ROCCO ARPAIO Smoke and fire, thunder and lightning, nipped in the bud of full bloom, leaving memories and magic ringing across the years. CAROL ATHENS I have no yesterdays; time took them away. Tomorrow may not be, but I have today. Foot loose fancy free 02 77 2 cars 2 many; PAF ABS; ROWE it’s been real; Te quiero mucho Roberto; Bueno suerte hermano-V. MARIANNE AVRIL The most wasted day of all is one in which we have not laughed. Swimming 1,2,3; Co-Capt. 4; Track 2,3,4 BOZ Kelley Dog Champs 3,4; England 4. MICHAEL BACHRACH Mike Touchin’ down in New England town, feel the heat cornin’ down . . . I’ve got to keep on keepin’ on; you know the big wheel keeps on spinnin’ around . . . Summ; JS, MIZ-HSE-PAR! Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Track 2,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4 — ONEIDA-78. ROBERT F. BAKER, JR. Bakes Don’t you understand? This is life; this is what is happening! We can’t switch to another channel. Sports — Cross Country 1-4; Golf 2; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 4; Work Study 2-4. WALTER S. BACHMAN Scott You can’t be at peace with others until you’re at peace with your¬ self. Think about it. Thanx for all your love; you’re all just super. Thanx K, RS, J, P, P. Hockey 1-3; Track 4; East St.; Teams 3-4; GBY A. R. SCOTT BAILEY (Nick) Wailey After twelve years of school and learning, the last four have been wasted time. Have a good time, you all. HILLARY BARRETT Now that our 12 years are over, what do we do next? With past regrets come future hope! Social Committee 4; AFS 4; Food Service 4; Drivers Ed 3; Bakery 3,4; Musical constr 1,2,4; FUN 4; Skateboard 2; Foods 1,2,3,4; BTS 1,2,3,4; Released 4. DAVID BEAUDOIN Beau Football 1,2; Winter Track 3. - BRENDA P. BELMONT Bel, Gabby Take my love, take it down. Climb a mountain and turn around. If you see my reflections on snow covered hills . . . well, the land¬ slide will bring it down. Football 4; S.A.C. 1-4; Maine 1-4; Redsox! AFD-G-4; JK-Thanx. CHRIS BEN Benbo We all want to change the world, but when you talk about destruc¬ tion, don’t you know that you can count me out? Don’t you know it is gonna’ be alright? Beatles “Hey, VEG, dunk it” Basketball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . GARY BERG Bergermister The time has come to see; the chains are gone — I’m free. Soccer; 1,2,4; Hockey; 1,2,3; ROTO — “78”; 3 “Teatime”; 4. ELLEN J. BERGERON Ellie Enjoy yourself; this is one of the good old days you’re going to miss sometime. BB Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; FB Cheerleading 2,3,4; Crazy 10 28 77; Sen. Soc. Comm.; Sen. Pow- derpuff; Lockerroom posters. BRIAN BENSON ANDY BERGER If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, it never was. Skiing, vans, Motorcycles, snow, clean air, Colorado, Lizanne, Am¬ bition — Ski Teach Out West Ski¬ ing 2-4; Soccer 1-3; Rugby 2. DAVE BERLAN THERESA ANN BERMAN Terry Don’t walk in front of me — I may not follow; Don’t walk behind me — I may not lead; Walk beside me and just be my friend. Bermuda 4; BB-DRIBBLE 4, Goodtimes LC 1-4; Work Study 3-4. MARK BEZANSON Mick Here I am who whiles away morn¬ ings. The minute they leave, a visit I pay — and does it pay!? I know what I like, and I like what I know. Once having his foot in the door, but now for never more. BURNMISSIONDR1 BBLE 4 Hockey - 1, Work Study 3,4. MICHAEL S. BLANKINSHIP You can say I want to be free; I can say someday I will be. Soccer 1,2,3; Tri-Capt. 4; Skiing 2,3, Tri-Capt. 4; Mid-night Carvers 78; A.F.S. 1-4; Skiing! WOW! SUSAN E. BODDE Pix Life, not according to plan, is a better life, always has been . . . always will be . . . Tennis, 1,2,3,4; ATCBR, Yrbk; Soc. Cheering, F Hockey, C-brk, PC’s, JS P’s, ATC, R C HJ’s, Penna, tiki, SUE - 4, Cape, sg TMF turnys, TVSF L + L always, SP + G @ D. TYLER BERRIER KAREN BLAISDELL I left yesterday behind me; you might say I was born again; you might say I found a key for every door. J. Denver. CHERYL BOBIK Cherie There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone; all that we put into the lives of others comes back into our own. Softball 1; Majorettes 3 4; COPE 3; Summer 77; SJ, AAA 2,3,4; JP; 4. KIMBERLY A. BOOTHMAN Kim, Boothy . . . I think of my life that has grown from those days and the beautiful friends I love so today Hockey Cheer 3,4; FNR - Perk; 2 B LP2CJ3KMSDI-L + L URI - Yabbs; MYB, Seabrook Moon- ers; Nadni; Dobe bro The Who; Good Luck — 1978. LAURIE BOYDEN PENNY ANN BRADLEY Nick I have no yesterdays, Time took them away; Tomorrow may not be- But I have today. PIC 2 K 3 MB JLDS Saratoga STB Me Nite 2:42 SSLR PC ON ICE Pizza Di’s BERMUDA Fleurs ’77 1 5 Gymnastics 1-4, P-Puff CR F. Hockey 2;3 WWGSA! SB NANCY BRANDON When I sit here deep in thought, the world goes on around me . . . when I take the time to think about all these wonderful things god has given me, I smile and enter the world again. GREGORY JACOB BROWN Greg His quiet mind was quite content, because he was himself, where’er he went. Football 1,2,3 Co-Capt 4, 2 19 77 S.B. 3 10. AMH J. THOMAS BROWNE Live for what you believe in and make it your life goal. SUE BRIDGE SUSAN E. BROWN Sue, Balloons The world is but a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Concerts + Parties BAYP RPJWMCCS I LOVE YA ALL BYE CUDA MEG + the BOYS T + S THANKS — FROGGY Bye B ITS BEEN FUN! NANCY BURGESS JEFFREY W. BURNHAM Jeff Life is a voyage. The winds of life blow strong from every point; yet each will speed the course along. If thou, with a steady hand when tempests blow, can keep the course and not let go. Ski team 1-4; BAND 1-4. LAURA ANNE CALDWELL Laura The grand essentials to happi¬ ness in this life are something to do, something to love, and some¬ thing to hope for. Work study — 3,4 “THE BACK POCKET’ Basketball Dribble 4 BERMUDA4 Good times TBO 1-4. CINDY CAMPBELL MARY CAMPBELL Here’s to the songs we used to sing; Here’s to the times we used to know; It’s hard to hold them in our arms again, But hard to let them go. ND Ski club 3,4, Bike club 3,4, MV 77 Keep Dancing. KATHRYN DIANE CAMPBELL Kathy Be glad of life, Because it gives you The chance to love, To work, to play, and To look at the stars. Pompom, PP ’78, SKI 2,3,4, NH Plym Lishar BB Luv Friends Dorit Mako Booth bay Chimp 1C Peach Mayd MV Good time SPIDER LOVE MD Buck Miz R2. PETER A. CARBUTT Bumper Here I am just waiting For a sign, asking Questions, learning all The time. It’s always Here; It’s always there. It’s just love and Miracles out of Nowhere. Track 1,2,3, Capt 4, XC 1,2,3,4 — Tucket 1,2,3,4, EGLS FLT WD MAC 76! MACS CBRK BY. RICHARD A. CASSELBURY JR. Rick So often it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never knew we had The key, me; I’m al¬ ready gone. Football 1,2,3,4 Track 3,4 Baseball 1,2 COPE 4. DAVID CENTAURO Mini, Minzo It’s been a long time and I’m so much better now, that I’m looking back and seeing it all . . . Though it’s a long hard road that I’ve gone. Soccer; 1,2,3,4, Hockey; 1,2, Ski team; 4, MIDNIGHT CARUERS — “78”. VALERIE CHAPSKI Best day today. Biggest fool ... the girl Who won’t go to school; Greatest comfort to Know you have done Your work well; Greatest mistake . . . giving up. VAL CHEEVER The problem, my friends, is not to avoid death itself, but to avoid unrighteousness; for it travels faster than death. 11 Ski club 12 Molson’s Golden. PETER J. CLARKE Clark I think that the quality of imagina¬ tion is t o flow, and not to freeze. River running right over my head. " Yes indeed " All along the watch- tower J.H. I wanna see ya’all again. Ba di, Ba di, Ba di, That’s all Folks! MARGARET C. CHARTER Meg Living is O.K. But Living it up is better Aerosmith, Anyone? Dean, Parties, Concerts — 3,4 H + W, " Our Boys " , SB, TFTC " Jane, what can I say? " Memories, 6 3 77, 11 5 77 BY U GUYS ELISE MARIE CHENAIL If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Ski club 2 34 Drama 3 Party Always CANADA! WAYNE CLARK Goat Life is short unfortunately not like myself. So give it your best shot. CBS The best names in the busi¬ ness. STEFANIE ANN CLOUTIER Stef, Clout I’ll never regret the things I’ve done; I’ll only regret the things I’ve never done. PC 2-4; PCGB — P 4; NSPR — 4; NHS; Choir, Mad; 2 SoM; BM; BS — W Strom; LONDON; Love to TG SF RS Feshy Nee BVZ Mom et al. TERESE COANE Trace By the way we live, in our confu¬ sion; and the way that we mis¬ spend our youth; by the time we’re stripped of our illusions, we may find illusions are the truth. Love ya friends Take care! Mad Corp. Sub 4 Bean Machine. STEPHEN EARLE COCHRANE Steve My life is now filled with tomor¬ rows in which I will spend many a lonely day thinking of the times I had, the memories I gathered, spending time with you . . . YRBK; BUS. ED. 4; S. SOC S. GOVT. 1-4 Family!?! LAURIE COLLAGAN Bean So many things remain un¬ touched; for time would not per¬ mit it. Then I look back, and find I have gone a long way. But I look ahead, and find I have many miles to travel. Love ya, friends: Take Care! Sub 77 Mad Corp. ROBIN ANN COLLMER My heart is warm with the friends I make, and better friends I’ll not be knowing; yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, no matter where I’m going. SKI CLUB 1,2,3,4; AFS 3; PP. FOOTBALL 3,4, BAND 1,2,3; SHYF. AMANDA COBB Cobbles, Skirk For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky. Student Gov. Day 1; Intramurals 3; POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL 4; Skipping 3 Obnoxious 3,4; Par¬ ties 3,4; Goodbye, ABRHS . . . It’s Been Real Thanks, Mom and Dad. STANTON JOSEPH COLLINS III Stan Many time I lied; Many times I listened; Many times I wonder How much there is to know LED-ZEPPELIN CONISTON 1,2,3,4,5,6 A ship in harbor is safe but that’s not what ships were meant for. W E R K A WMNTCDDJG. PETER COOKE There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. SUSAN MARIE COONEY Sue, Coon Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet ’em on your way down. Pigeon, No one could have a bet¬ ter friend. Jane, Mom and Dad, you are all very special to me. Spring track 2,3; Field Hockey 2; London 4. DEBORAH COOPER CHERYL BETH CONNORS I’d rather be flying. STEPHEN M. COUGHLAN Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity. (1 Tim. 4:12) JOHN CORRIGAN ANNIE MARY COUGHLIN Strive to be happy, for happiness has many friends . . . and no enemies. Orch. 1,2,3, musicals, AFS 3, BAYS 3, SHYF, Barnet, Deering 76-78, “Make Every Day Count” “Movin’ On” STEPHEN COUGHLIN T.B. These days of success have now been realized and all of us seem to be well prepared to accept them. Soccer; 1,2,3,4. CINDY CROSBY y THOMAS R. CROWDIS III Tom The greatest accomplishment is not never fall¬ ing, but in rising after you fall. Drama 3-4. LISA D’AGOSTINE In chasing what I thought were moonbeams, I’ve run into a couple walls; but in looking back at the faces, I’d sure be the first to say, “Wouldn’t a done it any other way.’’ Di — 32 Ski; F. Hockey co- capt 4, Gymnics; Track; WWGSA! JOHN DAGDIGIAN If anything can go wrong, it will. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Left to themselves, things run from bad to worse. See? I am intelligent. JOHN DANIEL Jack We never know the true value of friends While they live; we are too sensitive of their faults; When they are gone, we see only their virtues. Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2. CHRISTOPHER DARGIN Samu I am sorry for the things I’ve done; I’ve changed my way with lies, But now these things are overcome, and can’t be recognized. KIM R. DAIGLE S.L. The sun sets and our high school days pass, yet, fond memories Linger, The sun will rise again, and we will pursue our future. Orch 1-4; musical 1-4; NHS 3,4; NE Dis 4; st council 1-4, pres 4; st gov’t 1-4; swim team 1-3; p-puff 4. JEFFREY A. DANNEKER Jeff I’m finally out. But I’m not sure if it’s just started or is all over; if it’s true, like we say, I know we’ll last. ILYKAIBB. DEBORAH A. DAVIS Deb, D.S. Warm is my morning sun; Red is my Rainbow; Soft is the cool summer breeze when I saw your face — BG. Softball 3,4; Maine 1,2,3,4; CC 4 20 75; Cape 3; Buzz 4; DE Con¬ cords S + S + All the guys RB, JP (Firebird) 77 Duba SMIRK!; Hey, Butts!; Oct. LEMUEL DAVIS CAROLYN DAYTON Carrie, Car There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mir¬ ror that reflects it. E.W. FRIENDS 11:11 Dr. R. PK laugh tears C-Brk PC 1,2, Cheerleading 3,4; Track 3; Ski 4; P. Puff 4; France 2; Guitar tennis Crusin’! LINDSAY ANNE DAVIS Legs Everything must change; Nothing stays the same; Everyone must change. No one, no one stays the same. Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, P-Puff 3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3, PC 3,4, musical 3, AFS 3, MAC’S 2,3,4, BAYS 3, SHYF YPC Deering — Movin’ On! ALAN P. DEACON Deac Dreams are for those who sleep; life is for us to keep And if you believe the things that I do, then maybe it’s true. hockey 2, soccer 1,2, Band 1,2, Golf 2,4, Basketball Dribble 4. DOREEN DEAN Deano In Friendship lies the key. Ski Club 1,2, Field Hockey 1,2,3, Co-Capt 4, Ski Team 1,2,3, Co- Capt 4, Softball 1,2,3,4, Oneida 78. WILLIAM D. DELZELL Lone Wolf, Bill All that and all the next, Swam without looking back, Made for the western pools . . . . . . Silly Fools Hoop 1, Swim 2,3,4, CoCapt 4; PBOC; coch 1, BTW, vp MMC 4, Micky Small; Nina Marina Awe¬ some. Trower Live 2,4. CYNTHIA LEE DELOURY Cindy We learned together, Talked to¬ gether, and laughed together; I Hope the future is as good as the past. BHRL Pom-Poms 2,3 — capt. 4, Tennis 1,3,4, Ski Club 1-4, Powder Puff 3,4, musical 1-4, Prom comm 4, Milton, Sorry, Kath. ELIZABETH J. DEVEAU Liz Flying high, Touch the sky, Going to Places I Never Knew, So goodbye And hello, Long Ago . . . CHICAGO AMBER L. DEWEY Bruce Be lions roaring in the forests of knowledge, whales swimming in the oceans of life. PC 2,3,4; PCGBS 4; NHS 3,4; NMSS FHA HA 4; PLS-ILY; AFS - 3; The sp 3,4, Thanx Sir Norman’s Mormans; Hey trash, the crow and the blue jay; CD 2 — FOREVER!!! DOREEN MARIE DOUGHTY Dee, Dought If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, If you can dream it, you can become it. Track 1,2,3,4, Prom Comm. 4, Powder Puff 3,4, Pom Poms 2,3,4, Cheerleading 3, Soccer 3,4, Ski Club 2,3. CHRISTOPHER DOYLE Chris When the dream came, I held my breath. With my eyes closed, I went insane, like a smoke ring day when the wind blows. Soccer 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; PBOC 2,3,4; NHS 3,4. flL JAMES BLAISE DUDZIAK Dudz, Bear I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day, satisfied I’m on my way. YESS Football 1-4, IN track 1-4, OUT track 1-4, YMCA, Great ME, EATS, SHORT-CUTS, US. SCOTT DICKINSON Ubi eratis heris? “Odds and ends, odds and ends, lost time is not found again.” Cras ubi eritis? “I’ll meet you in the next world; don’t be late.” “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” Vale JULIE DOWNING I haven’t seen you in a while; I ha¬ ven’t spoken to you recently. GOOD friends must not always be together. It is the feeling of one¬ ness when distant that proves a lasting friendship, thanks M, D NHS P Puff. BARRIE ELLEN DRISCOLL Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. To HJF: Thanks for the memories. M D, Mr. S, Mrs. H; Pipeline 4; DTS 4; minuteman 4; SMILE. JOHN DUPONT Dew Rah! Rah! Yippee! I’m out and I couldn’t be happier. See ya’ in life. Football 2,4; speedball 1-4, track 1 , 2 . KATHLEEN MARIE ELLIS Kath, Kellis, PB Before you can understand a rainbow, You gotta’ go through the storm. Right, Kev? Explorer Post 7 NHS 3,4, P-Puff 3,4, “Betsy” AJkmwsrbckbbl — Thanx — maa! Milton-s’ al¬ lright Cin. York ' ll CH-PB peanuts? Catch ya later— Ace. ROBERT EVANS Rob Happiness is not a goal; it’s a way of living. Band and Stage Band 1-4, NHS — Pres. 3,4; Math Team 2,3,4. BRADFORD LEE FELTUS Feetus For long you live and high you fly, And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry, And all you touch and all you see is all you live will ever be. Hockey 1,2,3,4, ILY, Alison Tull 3 Saturday nights alright for fight¬ ing! MARCIA LEIGH ENGLISH She was made from the rib of man, not from his head to top him nor his feet to be under him, but from his side to be equal, from under his arm to be protected, near his heart to be loved. Good Times, Bad Times 1,2,3,4. STUART EVELAND WILLIAM FENNIMAN Fern, Willy We used to laugh; we used to cry; we used to bow our heads then, wonder why. But now you’re gone, I guess I’ll carry on! ROTO 78; Tennis 1-4; E Saratoga . . . Shang I will walk am — Teapot Bless this mess 1978. FERRARA Kathe, Leen It’s tough to be an angel when your feathers get ruffled. Track 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1; Ma¬ jorettes 3, Capt. 4; Colorado 2,3; England 4; East St. 1-4; Springfield 4 . .; L.P.J. Innis Free; L.J.P.T.L.A.! O.J. ISO. K.! OKLA 22 10 . JUDY ANNE FIFE No matter who you are or what you do or how much you’ve ac¬ complished in life, the truth re¬ mains the same. You came into this world alone and you’re going out the same way whether you like it or not. Bill 3-4. DOUGLAS FISCHER Doug Life is what you make it, so make it great; Your future is ahead of you and there’s still a lot of time. Soccer 1; Ski Team 2. MELODIE ANN FITCH Mel Love is something which comes with time and friendship. Without that time and friendship Love can never be apparent. Basketball: 1,2, Horses forever Thanks, mom. CAROL A. FINNEAULT Finna Finny To know things as they are is bet¬ ter than to believe things as they seem. Main 76 + 77 PARTY! The pitts! Crusin’ Cut me a break! Bogus! HIPUDMCMANUSP HILBYBOYDBOOZERDA NBAQBCOHLGL + L Looks like we made it! LISA J. FISHER Fish Friendship, like the tide, can rise and fall; but Love, like the sea, is constant. BB Cheer 4 Maine 10 21 77 DN LBM. L and J remember BBB. Wammy SB W.A.R.? YF Y F L L T M A A nothing!? JOHN E. FLANNERY Bugsy The difficult we do immediately; the impossible take a little longer. Football 1,2,3, Co Capt 4, Basket¬ ball 1,2,3, Capt 4, Baseball 1,2,3, Co Capt 4, PPC 3, Co Capt 4. SUSAN FLANNERY KEVIN OWEN FLYNN Never before have we had so little in which to do so much. Spring Track 3,4, Math Team 3,4. MICHAEL FLYNN MARY ELIZABETH FRANZ It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. HDT Cards and cakes; Mand M Sur¬ prize! Oct. 30 77 Grama B. and Grampa H. Football, You bet! Powderpuff 3,4; Swim 3; Good times, thanx to my friends and family. MEF NOREEN ANN FRENCH From the past I’ve lived and the friends and memories, never long forgotten ... To the future I’ll live and the friends and memories I’ll build. Workstudy; 4 Backboards 4. KENNETH ARTHUR FRANK Wank Life is a test and this world a place of trial. Always the prob¬ lems — or it may be the same problem — will be presented to every generation in different forms. Football 1,2,4, Indoor Track 2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4. SCOTT FREDRICKSON Fred Fortune Knocks at every man’s door once in a life but, in a good many cases, the man is in a neighboring saloon and does not hear it. Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, PPC 4, Food 1,2,3,4. ROBYN D. FROST There are no good guys; There are no bad guys. There’s only you and me and we just disagree! Dream on! 1,2,3,4, Ski club 1,2,3,4, Acton never again! Party for ever! HEATHER J. FULLERTON Accept me as I am — only then will we discover each other. P.S.’S To Barrie, Thank you, To Ron, Good friends last forever. Band 1-2, Workstudy 4. DUANE GAVIN Gavs A dreamer lives forever. Soccer 1; Baseball 1-2; Hockey 3-4; ROTO 78, Beer Here; Cat. LISA ANN GILMAN Lee It isn’t necessary to blow out the other person’s light to let your own shine. Swim - 1,2,3; FB BB Cheer 2,3 Co-Capt 8 4; (Plan A — flunked . . . Plan B — help!) 10 28 77 Crazy! Fence Post! What? What ya thinking? Good Luck 78. PAMELA GODFREY Pam Good-bye . . . is a soft sound with a hard meaning Yrbk St. Govt 2 Ski club . . . 6=4=2; Copley Plaza; 9 17; Deer- ing; Barnet; SKIING! sis; yes; HOJO @11; SFK; always; tree forts; 4 9 76; Rockathon; beach Pbody; rob; hugs kisses! SUSAN GATWOOD Bruce “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink, I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is.” H.O. Thoreau Ida Amin, Dada; PC. orch and The Terrible Trio. LILLIE GERVIN PATRICK J. GLENNON He who walks in other tracks leaves no footprints J.L. Brannon 1,2 Mountain 3,4 Mole-Hill. AIMEE B. GOLDMAN Time passes much too quickly when we’re together laughing. Pom-pom, Powderpuff, Student govt. Day, Social Comm., Year¬ book It’s better to be loved a short girl than never to be loved at all. ELIZABETH CAROL GONZALEZ “Gonzo” Memories and emotions surge and swell within me ’till, like a volcano, I erupt into a cascade of sadness, a spattering of anger or a shower of joy. Gymspastics 2-4; Capt 4; Diving 3-4; Powderpuff 3-4; Explorers 2-4; HA 2 —Rob. SUSAN GOODALL Sue We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are. Tennis 1-4, Pom-Pom Girl 3 4, Nat’l Honor Society 3 4, Madri¬ gal Choir 3 4, Concert Choir 2, 3 4, Musical 1-4. SHERILYNN M. GOUDREAU Sheri The World is Like A Looking Glass That Sends Back to Each Man His Own Reflection. Cope 3,4; Figure Skating 1-4. GREGORY MICHAEL GREEN Greg Is this the real life — is this just fantasy — Caught in the landslide — No escape from reality — Queen 11 12 Swimming 1,2,3,4 Tennis 1,2. TRACY E. GRIEMAN Bruce Wilderness — where body mind feed each other until limits are transgressed — when the earth bound soars; when I hold the un¬ reachable in the palm of my hand. Pcthespian; NHS; AFS; NE Dist 1,3; YCC; Bob — Amora, Mia Amico; Friends = Love. RICHARD C. GRACE Dicky, Deg As you pass stages of life, there will be the love of goodness and the evil of tragedy — experience both; you’ll be a better person — Soc 1 Xc — 2 Ten — 2,4 Hockey — 1,2,3,4 Cal-GT Orca Vig-wt Hoov-sit Murp-GI RB-EM Doreen — Love Forever LW. JEAN A. GREKULA If anything strengthens the bonds of friendship, it is said they have walked in the shadow of a rainbow. Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2; NHS 3,4; Senior Social Comm.; Rainbow 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . EDWARD J. GRIFFIN JR. Ed This is the year I get out. Next year is the year I go in, into the Rat Race to make a quick buck, and without my education I’m sure I’d be stuck. NANCY GUIDOBONI I’ve given up trying to find the truth and am now looking for a good fantasy. Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; NHS; PH weekends 4; KLN: TB: MG, us 3. JOHN GUNDERSEN Living is the best part of life. SHYG 1,2,3,4; Cape Cod 1-4; AAA 3,4; Curiousity Birth-?; NHS 3,4. RAYMOND GUILBAULT Ray I understand about indecision, but I don’t care about gettin’ be¬ hind people livin’ in competition. All I want is to have my Peace of Mind! Okla 22 10; K.G. M.B.B. TK. ANDFHS KMF LISA MARIE HAEBERLE Lisa Where am I going? The high rooks call: “It’s awful fun to be born at all.” Where am I going? The ring-doves coo: “We do have beautiful things to do.” A.A. Milne JAMES PATRICK HAMILTON Jim These were the times that tried our souls; and the experiences, misfortunes and satisfactions of these years are n ow placed care¬ fully into the preconsciousness of history. MPSNLFSG CATHERINE HAMMANN K.T. . . . for every dandelion dream that dies, a thousand are sown by its seeds. Tennis AFS ski SHYF, 1-4! Runaway — Kolle Boston — Kkam, Hen Pdart, YES . . . sum¬ mer of 77 . . . CC! PM. cones, V-My, L S . . . always! J Dubbs . . . bidgaff!! . . . remember?! LINDA MARIE HANCOCK Lynn, Linder At times I need, to wander to distant lands and new experi¬ ences but life would not be com¬ plete without the memory of home and the ones I LOVE Whoa! Swim Div. 1,2; PPom 2-4; Track — CCIGI, PPuff 3,4; VP-OMA AFS S. GOV Beach. BARBARA ELLEN HANSEN Barb Someday, we will regret being glad that these days are over. Track? Yrbk, AFS Fritz; G.l. Joe; Don’t go, Di! SCOTT EUGENE HARRIS Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. E.L.P. Swimming — 1,2,3 AV — 3,4 Yearbook — 3,4. SHIRLEY MELANIE HATCHELL Melanie If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. W.A. Ward Cheerleader 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Drama 1,2,4; Junior Class President; Varsity Gymnas¬ tics 2; Ski Club 2,3; N.H.S. 3,4. KEVIN B. HANEY When you believe, your mind finds ways to do. Cross country V 2,3 Cross country skiing V 2,3 Wrestling V 3 Soccer V 1 Tennis V 1,2,3. ALICE MARY HARRINGTON Licia A memory means nothing unless you have someone to share it with. W Track 2,3, Co-Capt 4; S Track 1,2,3, Co-Capt 4; MJL 2-6-76 MON AFt LA. Prom of 77 Powderpuff CC = IGI SK SC Sb. UM SD Grad 77 SN-SLOM E-Per. CAROLE ANN HARRISON Casserole Human feelings are frail; the ways of the world are rugged. Ten 1-4, Ski 3, Stud gov 3,4, Yrbk 3,4, NHS 3,4, A-A-H! KOH NUGS, TRINE, HENN, RUBS, J MOM, JAM, EFH, DGM, BoB, DP, SV, PG, RH, SE, BF, Cutesie Lizard — I LOVE U! SHYF, YPC Deering IALAC IT WAS ME. LORI L. HEDERSTEDT Lore I now want to know all things under the sun; and the moon, too. For things are beautiful in them¬ selves and become more beauti¬ ful when known to man. Knowl¬ edge is life with wings. Work- study; 4 BB; 4 BMW8 22 76 NCM — goodluck. ANN HENNESSEY Henn When looking to the future one can only speak in hope and, hopefully, with vision " What can I say?! " ABC SB: QB - L - J - AS Andrea: P4 Critty Coon Leslie — K C California NHS Dr Vis RJJ — Meow PP — Katy SSC Audi D’ S B’s Kel — ROWDY. WENDALL HESS SACHEVERELL HOAR Norman; Bruce A Green felt hat, faded overalls, and one last smile to seal our friendship, YES. I am ready to leave. PC: 1-4 NHS ’77 JVSFBLL 1 Greenaura lives on!!!! SUSAN HERSKOVITZ JANET LEE HICKS A beautiful time might pass very quickly but the memories will last FOREVER! ‘Summer Volleyball Track, Ten¬ nis LP Party Senior Tal S. Soc. Comm. CHICAGO Good Friends MM, GG, KH, — Starry nites Great Destinations . . . PAM HIRSCHFELD BRETT HODESS Lock the doors, stoke the fire, close the windows, don’t let the cold in; I’m gonna’ try to sail away for the rest of my life. Sailors have more fun. Swimming 1-4, Soccer 1-4. LINDA L. HOLLY Often a sigh, escaped from your harp, a sweet solemn chord from you, has opened the heaven of better times for me — music O sublime art, I thank you for it! Concert Choir, Madrigals AFS Musicals BIG 9! MD! CAMMY T. HOLWAY With a friend to call my own, I’ll never be alone, and you, my friend, will see you’ve got a friend in me. Concert Choir 2-4; Madri¬ gals 3 4; Big 9M! Musicals 3 4; Intram 1-4; Districts PP Football 3 4. MICKY HONE Limey See you later Baked 1-4. JOHN HOOVER Hoovy Show a little faith; there’s magic in the night. — B.S. Hockey: 1,2, Capt. 3 and 4; Cape shower — Summer of ’77, plus good times, bad times, and many worthy experiences. KENNETH HORTON ROBERT J. HOOPES Bob How often things occur by mere chance which we dared not even hope for. Golf 2,3,4. LISA HOPKINS Lees Kiss today goodbye and point me towards tomorrow. Wish me luck The same to you! Cheering 1,2; Co-Capt. 2; West Coast 77; The Point; Chips 1-4; Dennis — URS — FRT — LUP!!!! Good Luck, Karon MARK W. HOUSTON The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn. Rifle Team — 1,2,3,4; NHS — 3,4; X-Country — 3; Spring Track — 2,3,4; Treasurer— 1,2; DS Rep. — 4. J jr i ELIZABETH SARAH HOWE Liz If you smile at me, I will understand, for that is some¬ thing everybody everywhere does in the same language. Skiing Sailing Always Fore 3,4 Ring a Bell Pagbo in the Pines Shmuck V 2 myT Benn Oulie. ELLEN F. HUEBSCH Exhaust the little moment; soon it dies. Fid. Hey. 1; AFS 2,3,4, Tennis 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Yearbook 1,2,3, Ed. 4; NHS 3,4; BB Dribble 78; Teacher’s Aide 4; Big Sister 4; PP Hey 3,4; PP 4; 6 2 78 ILY AJ! Thanks all, and SMILE! MARK HYNES Come fame, or fortune, I will never, ever forget my friends in the Class of “78.” DAVID C. INMAN Innaskrin We are only young once; That’s all society can stand. Hockey 1-4; Golf 1-4; Football 1; XC 2. EDWARD A. IVANOV Ed Learn as if you were to live forever; Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Soccer — 1,2,3, Capt 4; Winter Track — 1,2,3, Capt 4; Spring Track — 1,2,3, Capt 4; NHS — 3,4; AFS — 4; Class Tres — 3,4; Band — 1,2,3; Std Gov Day — 1,2,3; 4 Unit LYA THANKS ALL GAIL MARIE JACQUE I live my life the way that I choose; I’m satisfied nothing’s to lose. Irish eyes, GRDTN, TIHIC DF, AFJ (AOTIME), eye spy GITTWR, FSmmrs, ODRS, IBB Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. PATRICIA ANN JAEHNIG Trich All t Takes Is The Faith Of A Mus¬ tard Seed. MARTHA ELLEN JAMESON Marty, Moosha, Ason Summers at Kennebunk Beach, E.C. 2 5 77 good times, OCHS dancers, J.H. Port House, Parties at Jacques, Seabrook, Ason, Un¬ dercovered Angels — TR FLORIDA, The Lion, SDipn Ham Egga, Powderpuff 3 4; Gymnas¬ tics 1-4; Cheer 1-4; Tennis; Soc¬ cer 1 2; AFS 4. GEORGE W. JAMIESON If you think life is complete con¬ fusion ’cause you never win the game, Just remember that it’s a grand illusion and deep inside we re all the same, STYX) Track 2. KEITH E. JENSEN Gather ye rosebuds while ye may; Old time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. R. Herrick Baseball 2,3. DANA JOHNSON LINDA ANN JENSEN Lyn, Linda If you wake up, And don’t want to smile If it takes just a little while, Open your eyes and look at the day; You’ll see things in a different way. SHYGL, 2,3,4 THANKS. T0 r ALLISON L. JONES Al A friend is one who knows you are as you are, understands where you’ve been, accepts who you’ve become and still, gently, invites you to grow. Workstudy 4, John 3,4. INGER KAALSTAD Friends understand each other’s thoughts even before they are spoken. Gymnicl — 4; Tri-Capt 4; PP 78; Track 1,3,4; Yrbk, VP 4; Bermuda 4; PI 2 C 3 K 2 BJMDS! friends forever Di Judy Ly URE — K K! bridge memories . . . ‘Bob 5 21 76 you know what? . . . PAMELA B. KALLIO Pam, Pami People live from day to day, but they do not count the time They don’t see their days slipping by — and neither do I . . . JT FUN, ten¬ nis, 11:11, PC RC -ing, C-brk, Sp G, E M, 6 3 78, Pix, Penna, Jack, Carr Cruisin’ !F 4-ever! STEPHEN KALMS Steve Determine what ’it’ is and what is required to get ‘it’ and then, ' go for it’. Life offers many choices. Math Team 1,3; Stud. Counc. 2, Treas. 3; Bike Club 1-2; NHS 3, Sec. 4. ERIC KARKANE High School is over, But I say welcome, my friends, to the show that will never end. Football 1; JV Hockey 1,2,3; Mac’s 2,3,4. WAINO WALKER KANGAS Football 1-4; Track 1,2. PHILLIP KELLER KEVIN L. KELLEY Kell’s . . . And here is a sunrise to set on your sill; the ghosts of the dawn moving near. . . They pass through your sorrow And leave you quite still, Sitting among souvenirs. CRAIG KELLOGG Flex We, the willing, led by the unknowing, doing the impossible; we have done so much with so little we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. EDWARD L. KELLY JR. Ed With beginnings come ends; With hellos come goodbyes, yet good¬ byes are the hardest things that anyone can say or accept. Student Gov’t Day 1,2. MICHAEL JAMES KENNEDY Mike Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong. Some¬ times it’s letting go. Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; YMCA. NANCY L. KILLIAN Nanc All I ever want from life is for everyone to be happy. HHD Friends 2,3,4; Montreal 3,4; 1976 Olympics. PETER KLINKMUELLER MICHAEL H. KOONCE Mike, Kooncey At last, when all else is done, those who have endured, will conquer. F’tball 1,2,3,4; ROTO —78; Base¬ ball 1,2,3,4; DG - 1 - TS GAVS - HA! FBYB! FREO’S! EFH - LYA! - PATS - WOW!!!! Lw - GET SMALL! RINGO. m r KATHLEEN MARIE KIRBY Kirbs True Happiness consists not in the multitude of Friends, but in their Worth and Value. Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Softball 2; Ski Club 1,2; Fluckers, Sr. Talent Show; France — 2, Florida — 4; Place in the Sun. KATHRYN MARIE KOELLER Kathy True Happiness Consists not in the Multitude of friends But in their worth and value. JONSON Band 1-4; NHS 3,4; Ppuff 78; Pep Band 3,4; Soc. Comm. 4; Cope; Mac’s 4; Maine! Dream on. JDC A N C V T 1978. JEFFREY KORANDA j JULIE KREIDERMACHER If you wake up and do not want to smile, If it takes just a little while, open your eyes and look at the day. You’ll see things in a differ¬ ent way. Fltwd Me Thanx, Mom, Dad, CBCKL, freinds Andishen Shesh Iran Rin MT Take Care. MARK KRESGE Bruce To all the friends whom I met along the path: The way was long, but the way we came is the way we are. The good times, the bad, it couldn’t have been any other way. My gift to you is the memory of these years. GumballH CHARLES HAROLD KRYSIENIEL Chuck Happy this day that change oc¬ curs, but sad that we must leave our past joys behind . . . Band 1,2,3,4; Student Govern¬ ment Day 1,2,3,4; Proscenium Circus 2,3; Musical 2; Martha’s Vineyard 2; Yearbook Staff 4. DENNIS KUNTZSCH We’ve traveled here; We’ll travel there; Will we ever be satisfied? JEFFREY LAKE Jeff In this world you must be oh, so smart or oh, so pleasant. For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. Elwood P. Dowd DENNIS KUIPERS SIGNE B. La FRANCE Love is patient and kind; Love never gives up; its faith or hope, and patience never fails. My friend, the world is a lot better because you are in it. Cor. 1,3. GLEN LaPIERRE All that is Gold does not Glitter, All those that wonder are not lost The Old that is strong does not wither; Deep roots are not reeached by the Frost. J.R.R. Tolkien Ski Club 2,3. TERRI J. LANTZ Terri Jo Nothing stands as a bigger chal¬ lenge than making the most of yourself. FH 1; SB 1; VB 1; Spring Track 2,3,4 — CC = IGE; Powder-Puff 3,4; NHS 3,4; Yrbk 4; S. Social 4; WT 4; BC 3,4; P. 1-4; AMM; MIC; TFATGT! Missouri — Worsh! MICHAEL JAMES LEMERE Miguel, Bruce Time is forever, and you will be with me always. In the years to come, I will see you again. Thanks for all you have done. Goodbye, my friends. Drama 1,2,3,4; Gov. Board 4; AFS 2,3,4; SPANCL 2,3; Trout; NSP 4; BAND 1,2,3; gumball 3,4. ELIZABETH LIDIAK Betsy, Bets People ask for advice, but they really want praise! MCCESHH PARTY Gretch, Pam, MJ, MR, M Thanx — Mom, Dad, Family Good Luck Jeremy Sue Boots, Sad¬ dle, To Horse, and AWAY! Leah SIMMSCOTT — EBF Forever! England, Here I come! WRENDY LEIGH LOWRY Wren Some men see things as they are and say, why? I dream things that never were and say why not? Explorer Post 7 What’s up spanky? Maa Thanx a lot Deb! Dokay KESMRVAF KM77 Giggles — Hermie Powder Puff 78 Bs ’78 Hi Rob! cb — cutie. SCOTT LATAVALLA RICHARD A. LEONE JR. Rick Recently I’ve been thinking about what I am, and where my priorities lie, Getting it together for future plans, deciding what I need to get by. R.E.O. SW. ANDREW LONG My Mother wanted me to be pres¬ ident; Or a doctor, that would be my part. But I know for these I was not meant, A bum I’ll always be at heart. Tennis 1,3,4. JANNETTE A. LYNCH Jan My heart is warm with the friends I make; to each I give, from each I take; I may love but one. Yet keep those friends ’cause friends live on even when love ends. Food service; Learning Center 1-4. SARA LYON Bruce The boldest and most ridiculous hope has sometimes been the cause of extraordinary success. Vauvenargues Hoopla! Mt. Eisenhower Tanglewood, Plum Island Wench-of-the-week, so? magnif- cat, CD, GumballM SANDRA LEE MACAULAY Sandy, Macrawly Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true Misc. 1-4; Pow Puff 4; Exp post 7 Good Times! sat nites; rollskat¬ ing Gumbi — 5139311577 — seth! . . . Yesterday’s gone. BARRY RAY MACAUSLAND B-Ray Can it be this sad design could be the very same? A wooly man without a face and a beast with¬ out a name? There’s nothing here but History. Can you see what has been done memory? Rush over me. Now I step into the sun. PATRICIA ANNE MADISON Patty Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the differ¬ ence. Band 1-3; musical 3,4; AFS 3,4; Skiing 1-4. CHRISTOPHER G. MALCOLM Chris Bari Sax, etc. (Oh, my neck hurts!), “Ladies and Bruces!). Wish I knew everybody better. Jeff — Who’s on first? Bike club 1-4; band 1-4; stage band 2-4; pep band 3,4; Dist. 2; PC 2-4; Russian Club 2-4; History Club 4. JOHN JAMES MacDONALD Jim, Mac There are faces I remember from the places in my past, . . . Sometimes I can laugh and cry. And I can’t remember why, But I still love those good days gone by. James Taylor Spring Track 3,4. MAURA LYNN MAHONEY Bubbles A wonderous woven magic in bits of blge and gold. A tapestry to feel and see, Impos¬ sible to hold . . . Swim Track 1,2,3,4; Cheering 1,2,3,4; Oneida 78, Sec Jr Class P Puff 78; CRAZY 10 28! — ron M M. MARK MALEC If I make a mark in time, I can’t say the mark is mine; I’m only the underline of the word. Tennis 1-3, capt4; Ski Club 1-3,4? Midnight Carvers ‘78” MAUREEN JO MANNING Maurie It is time for a new generation of leadership to cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is a new world to be won. JEANETTE MARCHOCKI JOHN MARSHALL KIMBERLY M. MATTISON Kim I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd when they said, sit down; I stood up ooh . . . growin’up B.S. Cape shower LRSS Hill P. Puff 77 Ski Club 1-4; Ski team 4; PIC 2 K 3 mB 2 LJD . . . and dozey dotes 78. m LINDA MARKIND Linney I know that you believe that you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. Kronblad! I love Norm! swimming 1,2; Funky funny fan¬ tastic — party! Toodles. CYNTHIA M. MARTIN Cindy, Cin I’ll walk in the rain by your side; I’ll cling to the warmth of your hand; I’ll do anything to keep you satisfied; I love you more than anybody can. workstudy — 3-4; ILYBVM 2,3,4 — ever good-luck NPDJLT, Everyone. DAVID E. MAXWELL Max I’m a man of Simple wants — All I want is my share of the best there is. William Feather THOMAS E. MAZUR Tom Life is like chess. It is a game of deep concentration, of intricate and ever changing strategies, of infinite patterns and moves. WILLIAM McBRIDE COLLEEN L. McDONALD Plan ahead; your future will make the difference. gymnastics; 1,2,3,4; soccer cheering 4; social committee. KENNETH C. McKAY Love when you can; Cry when you have to; be who you must . . . and one day we’ll all understand. D.F. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT WORLD J.H. JANE M. McNUTT Nutty, Mupp Graduating is like climbing a lad¬ der; when you think you’ve reached the top, it’s only just begun. Thanx— Mom; Dad; Betsey, fam¬ ily Bye: Tracy and Sue I’m gonna miss ya! Luv ya — Syzygy Nomad; GPC; SHO. ABRHS —1978 you’re great. karen McDonald Stop the world — I want to get off; I want to step off and view my life in a new perspective, to behold each person whom I hold dear, And to step back on to live things I’ve never lived. ERIN McNAMARA CECILIA McPHEE JODIE MEEHAN PETER J. MEGAN Pete, Big Meags All good things start off small. Spring Track 1,2; Cross Country 2,3,4; Student rep. 2,3,4; Student Gov. 3,4; Short 1,2,3; Capt. 4; NHS Torch 78; Rallying Florist Gang 2,3,4!! 6 2 78!!! JOANNE MELEEDY Jo, Jojo Florida never enough; England great times; Chi. always remember. Cath never forget you. Chris see you soon. The GANG! All the good and bad times always remembered and more to come. It’s been great! MICHAEL A. MEGAN Meags, Mike A man surely can do what he wills to do, but he cannot determine what he wills. Cross-Country 2,3,4; Indoor-Track 3,4; Stu. Counc. 2,4; Intramurals; Soc. Comm. Yearbook; NHS? Phwkends; Grd Boys; Mich + MG; Summer camp. SARAH MELAHN Moving is meeting all the new friends and people, that soon be¬ come as good as the old ones, only to find you have to repeat the act of moving on again. S 77 D L — GAWBIEHAB SV? Aspen. Sports 1,2,3,4. MD. My thanks to all!! RENEE MEYER Bruce Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time — Tagore MARIA T. MICCIOLI STEPHEN MIKENAS r SUSAN ELIZABETH MILLS Hey You . . . In your head is the answer; let it guide you along; let your heart be the anchor, and the beat of your song. — Rush Hockey cheerin’ 4, “O.K.” DRIB¬ BLE P.P.H. 3,4, N.D.M. 1 space cadet " It can be arranged!” BARBARA A. MOODY A man who works with his hands is a Laborer. A man who wo rks with his hands and his mind is a Craftsman. A man who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an Artist. Tennis, Ski Club, P. Puff. GLENN A. MINNICH There are places I remember, all my life, Though some have changed. Some forever, not for better. Some are gone and some remain. In my life, I’ve loved them all. PM JL Football 1,2,3,4; Ski Club Party 1-4, ALWAYS Y W S Y L S. JENNIFER L. MOORE JOSEPH MORGART Joe To conquer without danger is to triumph without glory. Thanks Mr. Boylen C. P. A., P. C. B. H, C.O.B. S. MARYANN MORSE We’ve walked both sides of every street, Through all kinds of windy weather, But that was never our defeat, as long as we could walk together. DRIBBLE ’78, memories, Cheer¬ ing 2,3,4; PPH 3,4; AJP 2 68, WSC 12 12 75. to win, But rather take part. The essential thing is not to have conquered, But to have fought well. Mountain Man 4 Ski Team 1,4. LYN M. MULLEN Courage to ask questions; Cour¬ age to expose our ignorance. Field Hockey 2, Swim Team 3, AFS 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; COPE 3,4. KEVIN P. MULLIN Just a thought before I go, a les¬ son to be learned. Take in only what you can handle, or tomor¬ row you’ll be burned. Golf 1,2,3,4; Ski team 2,3,4; Ski club 1,2,3; treas 3; J.D. 3; Chamonix 3; WWWD; Stereo. THOMAS D. MURPHY Take life as it comes And hope it takes you. Who? In the middle! SD, Soccer 1,2,3,4; 1 capt — 4; Baseball 1-4; BBall 1,2; SQUIDS. JUDITH ANNE MUTTY Judy I find the great thing in this world is not so much where I stand, but with whom I am standing and in what direction we are headed. Jude; memrys; Dave 74; Love ya JR JJ; Inger K. Frnds; Art; ssl; JANET A. MURPHY Bananas, Murph Anybody who says life is a bowl of cherries is bananas. Intramurals 1-4; Band 1-4; JV B-Ball 1,2: N.H.S. 3,4; Powderpuff 3,4; Lunch 4; Chrissie — Prayer meetings Good times. WILLIAM J. MUSTOE II Bill The essence of power is the abil¬ ity to make things happen. Decision 76, 1 5 77, 5 6 76, 5 9 77, Wasting Time 1,2,3,4; See you la¬ ter. DENISE A. MYERS Dennie A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. band, field hockey, softball, in¬ tramurals, powderpuff, yearbook, Nat. Honor Society. M Okay, dominoes, rainy sats, YCC, Japan, Lyn and O’Fallon, Maria — paddle! JUDITH A. NADEAU Judy, Jude Treasure is not always a friend but a friend is always a treasure. Russian Proverb. Work Study 4; Orchestra; Intramurals 1,2,3; Track 3; Senior Social Commit¬ tee; Senior Talent Show; Maine, Florida, France; Gary. ERNEST NELSON BETH A. NEWCOMBE Hey, tomorrow, where are you goin’ Do you have some room for me? ’Cause night is fall’n and the dawn is call’n I’ll have a new day if she’ll have me. S-Ball; P-Puff; Ice Hockey; NHS: Battery Steel Whale Back Peaks Is. CBL David. MAUREEN NELSON Mo Driftin’ on an empty ocean, no wind to fill your sail; future your horizon like searching for the holy grail; feel there’s no tomorrow as you look into the water below — only your reflection — you got no place to go. NHS, AFS, WS. KATHARINE L. NINTZEL Camel, Pud There’s a leaf in the wind that don’t know where to end. Chasin’ days and ways and wishes and dreams . .Dawn Breaks! Lowland L PGERTRANSAM Phil B Y Q B Cath Dan Baney Fred Finna McManus JGG BOYD. ALAN E. NORDGREN You haven’t tried this before, but begin now. Ask, using my name, and you will receive, so that you may be content. John 16:24 Thanks Mrs. R and Jr. JD; JC; MK; BD; RF; PG; MJ DEBORAH LYNN NORDSTROM SNORD If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful Being in the world YRBK 4; Party 1,2,3,4. TIMOTHY PATRICK O’ROURKE Tim If I don’t have friends, then I ain’t got nothin. I feel I’m fortunate; Thank you, Acton. Football 1 2; Swim Tm. 1-4; Track 3 4; Int 1-4; Fun 1-4; Yrbk 4; Stu. Gov. Day 3 4; S.B.L. 3-? Eternity. JOSEPH J. O’LEARY Joe Man is distinguished from all other creatures by the faculty of laughter; By nothing do men show their characters more than by the things they laugh at Football 1. CATHERINE MARIE OLSON Cathy Yesterday is gone, leave it behind. Tomorrow will wait; don’t be impatient. But today is here, so treasure its beauty. People need love; People need trust; People need one another and that means us. 3 25 76. KEVIN PAGE I get by with a little help from my friends. Football 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Free Bird, C.S.N. C-Brook. DIANE L. OLDENBURG I will always look forward to wak¬ ing up to see what the new day may bring. Gymnics 1-4, Track 1-4, Cheering 3,4, N.H.S. 3,4, URI Crazv 10 28 77 — ron Bermuda 4, PI 2 C3 KM 2 BJ L D S L 9 L, MyB. CYNTHIA L. OLIVER Cindy, Cynth, Livy Cherish yesterday Dream tomorrow Live today Hockey Soccer Cheer 2,3, Co- Capt 4; Track 2-4; CC = IGI; Schmuck; Lkds; MYB; My 3 Sons; DG; M T URI; Orchard; ice cream; GLB; smiles; musketeers; donuts; RW 2,3,4 — LYB. ELIZABETH C. OSBORN Beth (Clinker 1) Drawing is discovery; painting is experience. Each separate stroke of the brush produces a value even words cannot express. Find this value in art and you have found one of the many values in life. Orch Musical 1-4, Yrbk 3-4. CHRISTINE J. PANETTA Chris, Crit Swam for the sun as it was sinking i can’t stop thinking i can never Lose my dream. Leslie — We did get it straightened out — 74 . . . HENN!! . . . great friends deli Train roll on. Tuesdays gone LS. JEFFREY S. PAPPAS Pap Do you throw out your gold teeth? Do you see how they roll? PAULA J. PAQUETTE Parkit If I wait, surely I ' ll be given my own special ticket to the land of dream, for a dreamer lives for eternity. Basketball 1,2. Softball; To CH + TH Pretty Fysty — 78. BURTON PECUKONIS Burt Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead; Just walk beside me; and be my friend. Yearbook — 3,4; Driver Ed. — 3; Senior Social — 4; Framingham, Salem S S D L C. JAMES PENNIMAN RAYMOND A. PAQUET Ray What has a man profitted if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Matthew 16:26 AFS —2,3,4; SGD — 1,2,3,4. JOHN F. PASIEKA Big John, John Boy Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true OUTLAWS — THANKS Rocco, JDW, Carol; never forget ya; babe; you’ve touched me. King Edward Relax Field rd. Pam F + L Between Us ssalc tog u. PALO A. PEIRCE A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird? Skiing 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Stud. Gov; NH — CW — NYGS — GRBS. BONNIE L. PERKINS Perk Reach for the joy that rises with every morning sun ... A friend is — PPuff ’78, FNR — Boothy! MBY! TTFN; Doobies, 11 76, P.A. Pic 2 K 3, MB 2 J L D S See Bros Wool; Bubbles . . . Macs Good tms to remember— New Yrs ’77, CBRK — the present you give yourself ... 78! ROSEMARIE POLSELLI Rose, Froggy The only way to have a friend is to be one. Thanks: JWMCSBCS Love Ya Catch ya later mutt; what a way to go! MC DM “Our Boys " Concerts 3,4. See ya Sue, Parties 3,4, Bye Cuda; REALLY! A KENNETH G. POPE Bruce, Opoe One must not tie a ship to a single anchor, nor life to a single hope. Band 1,2,3,4; Orch 1,2,3,4; Musi¬ cal 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1-4; NED 2,3,4; Allstate 2,3,4; Tuba 4; Gumball 3,4. MADELINE PORAZZO Lost and found, I’m still that Same crazy clown faded dreams, Faraway people Are much alive In our memories Star star R.S. Good Bye MARIANNE PRATT I heard the Lord call my name; Listen close; you’ll hear the same; And take His hand and we are Glory Bound. Proscenium Circus 1,2,3,4; His¬ tory Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pipeline 3,4; Con. Choir 4; YCC 76, 77; NH 3,4. DAVID A. PUTNAM Put People submit advice to me and tell me how they know I should be. If they were right, I would ag¬ ree, but it’s they they know, not me. X-C Track 2-3 — Cocapt — 4; Track 2-3-4. SUSAN MARY PORTYRATA Sue I can smile when the sun comes out; I’ve got something to smile about. I feel good in a special way; I’m in love and it’s a sunny day. JDB 10 16 76 — TPPE MICH W M A G 0 M — OH WHAT A NITE! PIC 2 K 3 MB 2 JLDS; McGuin PC on ice; URI: TFC-TTFN. ALISON JANET PRESTON A.J., Al I am not afraid of tomorrow; I have seen yesterday I Love today. YRBK 1,2,4; PP HOCKEY 3,4; HOCKEY CHEERLEADING 2,3,4; EL and MM, Thanks for all the special times. BLF, you give me all the love I need . . . DEBORAH LYNN QUADRI Debbe Cherish that which is within you, and shut off that which is without; for too much knowledge is a cu rse B-ball 1,2,3; Clubs 1-4; work 3,4. SANDER QUIST I’ve been there before and I don’t think I want to go back. Out of Here Cope 3 Good Luck J S B R E D N 77 ELIZABETH REEVES Lizard Never w out: Carole (you had to be there) — Sue (Cutsie-new years!) — Stu-Rob (!) — Sharon (I think I understand) — Nancy- Sue-Pam. IT WAS ME! Barnet 76, 77, what a time — retreats: good friends (church-wow!!) Ain’t it, though!!! TIMOTHY J. REGAN Reags, Woody Aim at the stars. If you don’t hit them, you’ll land pretty high any¬ way. Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,3,4. CAROLYN REIDY Reids We had a time, a beautiful time and in my heart it will always be — memories may keep us alive, but dreams are what we live for.. VP3HC 13, 4 Pick 3MB 2JLDS, McNite 2:42 — IMYB — PLBF O K F R A M P T 76 ’DB .. forever HR, BR — Lind — Di — Fair. . . GL PETER JOSEPH REID Bubbles Don’t look a horse in the mouth when he’s got a gift for you. F-Ball — 1,2,3,4; B-Ball — 1; In¬ door track — 2,3,4; outdoor track — 1,2,3,4; Track capt — 4; Brothers of the wool — 1,2,3,4; EATING — 1,2,3,4. JUDITH LEIGH RENACCIO Judy Looking forward to the rest of my life. All the good times! Judy M, Jodi, Duds, LYJ, C B J Always. DOROTHY A. RICHTER Dorry Think of it this way: Time drags when you’re bored, but when that time is through, then it seems as though it flew! DGTH . . . FIRES Party, Party down the tracks or in the Depot where its at. Its not too late for 1978! MARGARET E. RICHTER Peggy Good times have gone by with time, with friends and memories to keep in my mind. These forever of all the good times we had to¬ gether. TM 4, the hills, beaches; Thanks Rowdies, Dribble, Woo!! Mad Corp — Catch Ya Later 78’s. MICHAEL J. RING Mike, Dingo . . . And here’s to the good times we used to know; it’s hard to hold them in our arms again but hard to let them go. Neil Diamond. Soccer 1, ICE HOCKEY 1,2, VARS. 3,4, YEARBOOK 4, Sports Ed. MARGARET ROSE ROBBERTZ We never live so intensely as when we love strongly. We never realize ourselves so vividly as when we are in the full glow of love for others — AFS, TEACH AID — YEARBOOK — STU. GOV’T — SEN. SOCIAL SEN. CLASS SEC. 78 EE! BETSY E. ROBBINS A good friend is a tower of strength; To find one is to find a treasure. Field hockey 1-4, Spring track 2,3. GEOFFREY DORNING ROBERTS, JR. Geoff To be accused of being a real wizard when I’m not, is a slander I will not tamely submit to, but I am one of the greatest humbug wizards that ever lived. By F. Baum wiz oz. Magician Equestrian. BARBARA JANE ROBINSON Jane, Barb If there’s something on your mind say it while there is time because I’m leaving when I see the morning sun. Horse 1,2,3,4; Steve 3,4; Camaro 3,4; workstudy 4. MARK ROOD AMY K. ROESLER A, Aim Yesterday is but a dream and to¬ morrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. AFS, RP, Majorette, Stu. Gov’t Day, O.M.A. Pres. Jr. p. PATRICIA EVE ROSCOE Patty I hadn’t lived until I learned to treasure every mo¬ ment given and to realize that the slightest touch may hold a hidden heaven. Orch, 1-4, PC, 1-4, PCGB-H, CA, PS, BH thanks pals! laugh tears, Dr. D! SR, BY! MEREDITH ROSS Merrie For mem’ry has paintecj this per¬ fect day with colors that never fade and we find at the end of a perfect day the soul of a friend we’ve made. Student 1-4, Hawaii 73. DEBRA L. ROULINAVAGE Deb, Rolo In time of distress friendship is stronger than steel or stone. Field Hockey 2; B-ball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Powderpuff 3,4; C.G. 1976; DOKAY! Hey Jude How Ya Doin Jude!?; Cockeroes Dino!; Thanks Mom and Dad Js. PETE J. RUSSELL Nipsey, Russ Aim high and though you may fail today and may fail tomorrow keep pounding steadily away Who would win honor and applause must want to be the best. Soccer 1-4; winter and spring track 3,4; Snow plowing 3,4; AFS 4. PAUL T. SANFORD Stanley Knowledge — The key to all doors. JAMES E. SCAMMON Moon Life demanded acceptance from me of many things which I did not understand, many wonders and seeming miracles. I accepted these things and I sought no meaning from them; they just were. Roto 78, FB, BB 1-4, Chm. B. Wool , JT. BRIAN J. SAIA Smoke All too soon twelve years have gone; tests have been taken, each one a bomb! I’ve lasted these years, with joys and sorrows, but look out world ’cause here comes tomorrow! Ftbll 1; Bsbll 1,2; Wk study 3,4. KELLEY ANN SAVAGE A touch of gold across the hori¬ zon is reaching out to us. Time fades; although we have ac¬ complished a lot we have many more episodes to complete our Destiny . . . AND LIFE GOES ON FROM SUNRISE TO SUN SET — LOVE YA ALL LATER! JULIE SCHAEFFER Jules . . . Destiny is a rising sun . . . BDCO . . . Tuesday’s gone . . . LS £rM MICHAEL J. SCHMID Mike, Mit We should all be concerned with the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. Baseball 1,2,3 Co-Capt. 4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 3,4; gurrrr Irlsga ouya etba. LISA SCHMIDT I call out to the ocean, and it has no answers . . . And the ocean calls out to me, and I have no questions. Gymnastics; 1,2,3,4 Majorettes 3,4. IRINA SCHWARZ Irene I was a stranger in a foreign land; Teachers and friends gave me a hand; Each rose to the task. What more could I ask? Though gradu¬ ation tears us apart, you’ll always be in my heart. FT BLL, Soc. comm, Teacher aid. JENNIFER SEARCY The journey may be long, but with patience and determination you will eventually reach your go¬ al. Nursery Sch 3. Musical 3,4 ATC 1,2,3,4 Rainbow 1,2,3,4. BRIAN ROGER SELLING “But what good came of it at last?” Quoth little Peterhin ‘‘Why that I cannot tell,” said he; “But t’was a famous victory.” Robert Southy Soccer 1, Football 1,3 Rifle team 3,4 Spring track 1-4 v KARON L. SCULLY Wouldn’t it be great if the only thing which was contageous was a smile? California 77, Me and Lisa at the point 74-5, J.C. 1,3,4 Luv ya Friends — always Catch ya later. CYNTHIA E. SECOR Cindi It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Pom-pom, Yearbook, NHS, Se¬ nior Social, Powderpuff. SGD. RICHARD A. SETTE Swetty He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much. Baseball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Football 1, Hockey 1, Brandy Midnight ”78”. ALEXIS R. SGOBBO Lex Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking, or keeping, if it were not. Softball, Powder-Puff, Band, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Stu¬ dent Gov’t, Student Council. Prinny, The Touch, M-OK. BRUCE SHAEFFER ANDREA ROBIN SHACKFORD Robin, Bruce What a time it was! A time of in- nocence, a time of confidences. Long ago it must be; I have a pho¬ tograph. Preserve your memo¬ ries; they’re all that’s left you. PC ITS 1-4; NHS 3,4; Pipeline 1-3; Musical 1-4; St. Gov. 1,2. CATHERINE ANNE SHEA Cath If only you believe like I believe, We’d get by. If only you believe in miracles so would I. Majorette 2-4; Aide, S Gov Day 2-4; SG 10 6 75 DS, SC; DK, TC 1 23 77-4 12 77 1-4-3! Good Luck Lynne Thanks, Momma and Daddy. GAIL MARIE SHUTTLE Sometimes you have to moan when nothing seems to suit ya; nevertheless You’re locked to¬ wards the future so on you go; seconds tick time out; there’s so much left to know and I’m on the road to find out. Mac’s II, III, IV. DAVID SHUTTLE DEBORAH J. SMITH Debbie 4 years of growing; 4 years of learning; 4 years of knowing; 4 years of turning; Yesterday’s gone . . . Tomorrow’s here; Drift away these Golden years! Band, Orchestra 1-4, Stg Band, Pep Band 2-4, Ski Club 2,4. MARK E. SMITH Success is being at peace with yourself. Thanks — Good luck to all my friends. Soccer 1-4 Drums, 1-4 Takin up space, 1-4 See ya later Ollie . . . BEOWIP! Ay Bruce. RONALEE SMITH Knowing that somebody loves you is the loveliest feeling known. Any time’s a good time to spend some time with a friend. Deering “76” (77) SHYG 1,2,3,4. STEVEN SNOOK Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow .. . PROBABLY Rifle Team 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Football 1,3, Math Team 4; NHS 3,4. IRENE SARAUNCHALEE SRETHABHAKTI There is life; There is hope. Math Team 4. LORETTA M. SOAR Lori If I were meant to be like everyone else, I would never have been given the gift of thought, because to follow the crowd takes no thought at all. Bye Everyone! ILYT, AIAW Remember that, or else, I’ll Hafta Kill Ya!!! LESLIE STANLEY Hope is a thing with feathers; That perches on the soul, and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all!! E.D. Band 1,2, Pres 3,4, SC 1,2xC4, NHS 3, BYE! PC. CYNTHIA GAIL STARK Cindy “Happy Grad” To the rest of the nine Musketeers. “I’ll see you when I git there ’ Special love and Thanks to Steph and Sue Faces, CV CS, S M, S R. WILLIAM MICHAEL STANTON Bill The future is not a gift; It is an achievement: “SKDDRLWRSKBLA” Post 7 Acton “MOLSEN” v WILLIAM STEVENSON Well, I saw your sign and I missed you there. I’m taking the chance to see the wind in your eyes. While I listen, you say you can’t reach me but you want every word to be free. BRIAN K. STEWART Stew Hear my song, But dreams live on; Still think of me the way you’ve come to think of me. Dream on . . . To the best.. . Doug, Sis, Sherry, Mark, M D, and especially Sue . . . Cha! Soccer 1-4, AFS 4. DAVID M. STRAUB Berry, Straubie Sweet emotion. Does Anybody really know What time it is? Shout it out loud. It don’t matter to me. Color my world. Magic Carpet Ride. Feelin’ Stronger Every Day. Yesterday. Yrbk 4, NHS 3,4. JOANNE SWEENEY Jo Spread your wings; fly, glide over the mountain’s horizon. Forever arrives a dawn, so spread your wings and fly high to the peak of your destiny. Luv ya Ma, Dad, M.B., Nan, Aunties and friends, L, C, T, K, J, P, D, M, A, L, A. MARK TAMBLING VICKI LYNN SWANSON Vic Live life to its fullest. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Enjoy life because it is the only one that you will have. Yuck, I can’t find it. MICHAEL SWEENEY Sweens Hockey 2; Co-Capt 3,4. Tennis 1,3,4, C.B.S. the best names in the business. GRETCHEN A. TARKY Gretch, Turkey . . . and to the many great times never to be forgotten . . . Spring Track 2,3, Co. Capt. 4; Winter Track 4; Skating 1,2,3; Cheer 1; CC-IGI The Unit — MW, JC, MF, CO; Bets I’ll always re¬ member. YOSHIKO TASHIRO Yokko I spent an excellent time here in Acton. Thanks for the help. I don’t want to say “SAYONARA” (Good-bye) You guys, I’ll be right back!” Intermrl. Basketball 4; AFS student from Japan SUSAN DeCHANT TATEM Sue, Tates People come and walk beside me — But few stop to look inside me. My cocoon has opened to a but¬ terfly, waiting to be seen. JV Soccer 3; it was me! Choir 1-4; Yrbk 4; SHYF, CH, LR, SV, PG, MS, I LOVE U KARL TAUB KAREN TAYLOR Kare (Clinker 2) Like a bird in the wind, like a tree in the storm, like the breath of a child from the moment he’s born ’till the very last day when the cur¬ tains are drawn, we’re children. Fun 1,2,3,4; Art art art thats good! Do ya wanna dance! CLIFTON THOMAS DEAN ALLEN TAYLOR Juan Beniquez The time of our time has come and gone; I feel we have been waiting too long. MARJORIE A. TAYLOR Margie Love one another, but make not a bond of living. Fill each other’s cup, but drink not from one cup, even as the strings of the lute are alone, though they quiver with the same music. mjts 3,4; sgda 4; pp 3; kw. CONSTANCE ANNE THOMPSON There is no single day or time Within the life I’ve so far lived that I’d have changed or altered. DEBRA A. THOMPSON Deb, Debbie I say goodbye to you, to all the people I knew; Time will quickly pass I’ll even miss the days of Mrs. Bacon’s class. I’m not sad to go; I’ll miss it, though. Social Committee ’78 Goodbye to the Gang. DEAN THORNBLAD Don’t believe it Till you’ve held it; Life is seldom what it Seems, but lay your Heart upon the table, And in the shuffling Of dreams, re¬ member Who on Earth you are. — Greg Lake Riflery 2; N.H.S. 3,4. JAMES A. TIERNAN Jim The older I grow, the more I listen to people who don’t talk much. Swimming 1-4; S. Track 3,4; SGD 1-4; Dist. Sen. Youth Comm.; AFS SKI! Good Times 1-4; DHAGS 2E; Arab 4; G R TOS M 21 L Y!! PUF Luck Always ’78 PHEW!! BRIAN TORNELL Torsmell I’m glad to be out, but I’m going to miss it, too. Football 1; Speedball 3,4. R. WINFIELD TRAFTON Win For my life still ahead, hope for me. Queen Football 1; Golf 1,2,4; Riflery 1-4. LYNNE TOLAND Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might ap¬ pear to others That what you were or might have been was not otherwise that what you had been would have ap¬ peared to them to be otherwise. Carroll ERIC H. TOWNE Flea The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle Football 1-4; Track 3-4. DAVID WILLIAM TRUMPOLDT Trump Here I am just wai ting for a sign, Asking questions, Learning all the time. It’s always here; It’s always there; It’s just love and miracles out of nowhere. Kansas Advisory Council. JOHAN VANDERMEULEN Travel if you must; Find your highway; Do what you want, but Don’t forget what you Have been because what You are and what you Will be cannot be Separated from what You were before your Travels began. G. Betts. SHARON LEE VANDERHOOF Acquaintances are made throughout most of your life, but a good and true friend is a friend forever. Senior Life 3; Powder Puff 3,4; Softball 3,4; Social Comm. 4; Rainbow 1,2,3,4; Summers 76- 77 GFAE Take it easy 78. BOBBY G. VIGLIOTTI Vig Hockey 2,3,4. Cross Country 3. PETER A. vonJESS Pete, von, v.J. The moon turns as the tides rise and fall, and Life goes on . . . Forever. RWB Feelings 2,3,4 Bye; Friends TJW, DP, PC, GE, CD, PW, track 1,2,3,4, x-country 1,2,3, Spd Ball 1,2,3,4, Officer 2, Seab- rook 2,3,4, “take to the road, commander.” ROSEMARY VANARIA Don’t have a psychiatrist; don’t want one; If he listened to me long enough he might get dis¬ turbed. Explorer Post 7 3,4; Orange, Ma., Mr. Mac, Mrs. I and Fam., Post! AJ, Mario, Charles, W L L P B S C N 2 K M, What a rush! KARYN H. VASSELL K.V. Old friends: Memory brushes the same years silently sharing the same fear. . . S and G Cheer 1-4; NHS: P Puff 78, Soc. Comm. 4; P Circus 2, Chem. Give me a break! N.Y.C. LG, PR, CD, KC, EB, DJ, KF, Dust, Nugs, Thanks. SUSAN F. VITKAUSKIS Sue May you find always, while He is close by, No wish is too lofty — No dream is too high . . F. Hockey 1; S. Ball 1; Majorettes 2,3 Co-Capt 4; Ski Club 2,3,4 ... A time it was . . . Track, YF, AFS, OMA?! Fun! luv lafs, Rainbow, Friends 4-ever. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT WALKER I have only placed one piece of a life long puzzle into position; I await the placement of the rest into a clear picture. They must be done with as much care as the first. Indoor track 3,4, Spr. track 3,4, Mac’s 4. JILL ANN WARD Follow your dreams For as you dream, So shall you become. Tennis 1-4; Cheer 3,4; AFS, NHS, K V K C K T, Dust, Nugs, TR, Yups! awwh . . . Give me a break, Mr. G. Farquar. . . K V K C K T yups! Bye! PETER SANFORD WARREN Peon Cars, money, and girls . . . That’s what makes my world go round. Other people’s worlds may fall with mine; if so, the word suc¬ culent sums it up just fine. One good thing death shows us— life is too short; use it well. I luv L B N J P C C. JILL VANESSA WEBB Jillian, Webber Never let yesterday use up today — Now is the only time we have to do or be — to love or grow. Cheer 2,3, Capt. 4, Crazy 10 28 77, Spain, Roses Pumpkins, ’78 P’s Pep Lckr Rm Friends: May life al¬ ways be gentle with you Bye! STEVE WARD Zorba Those crazy days are over. Just got to learn from wrong things done. I came off the rebound, started looking around, figured I was gonna’ have a little fun. AMFISOM5AWNE Hockey 1,2, Assn. Capt. 3,4. PHILLIP COLMAN WARREN Phil Looking all around me. What do I see? Lots of Changing faces and lots of things to be. But I’m happy just to be a part of all I see, as I turn around to look at you and you look back at me. D.M. 1,2,3,4, Paula. LESLIE J. WEINER Smedley Unforgettable Irreplacable, valuable but ecstatic to move on. You’ve got a friend AW, Don’t sweat it. Life is just a temporary thing, 8 76, 1 76, 11 77, 18th cat Goat, BC THE BW Beach!! CP 74 ever Hen Comfort 7. MICHAEL WELCH Everytime that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face gettin’ clearer, the past is gone . . . Backboards 4, Afroism 3,4, Bruins SLS 4, ALS, S L S P D 4. PAUL WELCH What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate. Cross country Track 3,4. KAREN ELAINE WELLAND Life can be long or short and we should make the best of every single day that we live. Prescenium Circus 3,4; Band Manager 4; Banquet Committee. JOAN TRACY WESTCOTT Joanie Take your time, think a lot; think of everything you’ve got, for you will still be here tomorrow and your dreams may not. AFS; ski team; PP Doobies, Ber¬ muda; s b r k mooners; PA, W W GSA;PIC2K3MB2JLD2S; B.D.P.? ? ??; TT F N . . MYB. JANE MARIE WHITEHEAD Cuda Distance sometimes endears friendship, and absence sweeteneth it — for separation from those we love shows us, by the loss, their real value and dearness to us. To my friends — Love Ya All, Party 3,4, Wrecked — R,B,J. WENDY MARIE WELLS No one can tell me, Nobody knows, Where the win comes from, Where the wind goes. MILNE SHYG 1,2,3,4, WFTY! Concert Choir 2,3,4; Tim 9 17, Thanks — CBC, CG, HH, LJ, LM, Rev, SW, TW, DAW GAW. DEWEY T. WHITE, III The faith to move mountains is the reward of those who have moved little hills. Marching Band 1,2, Concert Band 1,2, Orchestral 2, History Club 4. CHRISTINE H. WILLIAMSON Tina Persistence is the major ingre¬ dient of victory. Gymnastics 1; Track 1,3,4; Ski Team 4; Powder Puff 3,4; I W N F Y; T F E T J; I L N Y. PETER B. WILSON Wils If we really want to live, we’d bet¬ ter start at once to try; If we don’t, it doesn’t matter; we better start to die. Soccer 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3, Co-captain 4. a PAMELA WINFREY Pam Dream what you dare to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be . . . Live! Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. ELAINE MANETTE WITHROW Tomorrow is for those who are too much afraid to go past yes¬ terday and start living for today. Joy inside my tears S, Wonder Peach — I hope all your tomor¬ rows will be better than your to¬ day. England 4. SHARON LEE WOOD It is in loving, not in being loved, The heart finds its quest; It is in giving, not in getting, Our lives are blest E.B. Michaels STEPHANIE DEE INEZ WOOLDRIDGE Wefers, Little Whamie We have changed like seasons, tho’ now we see through a glass; then we shall see face to face, abide faith and hope the greatest is love. PTL; Love to All N.M., Drama PH H, RG, TB, JR, EL, DD; Prayer CS, LH, SD, CH, AP, SG, SM. GERALYNN M. WOJTKIEWICZ Gerri If you wake up and don’t want to smile; It it takes just a little while, open your eyes and look at the day; you’ll see things in a different way. Fun 1-4; Sumo, Babs, Adley Pudge, Sticks “Stache.” DAN WOODRUFF Weeble, Woody The man who rows the boat doesn’t have time to rock it. Triple A 3,4; California, Here I come! Bye . . . DIANE M. YOUNG Di It is not down on any map; true places never are. “Kissi”, Baboon, Adley, ‘‘Nudge!’’ Don’t hit your mother on the head with a shovel, it will leave a dull impression on her mind. Work Study 4. - ROBERT YOUNG It’ll shine when it shines; you might think I’m wastin’ time but I’m just a good old boy that’s learned to wait. BBPHILBYQBBOOZERD ANBAMCMANUSG — BAB ESDYJMAX oldest friends L. P. Bluebomber THANK GOD nuts putzeler. BARBARA YOUSE Someday when we’re dreaming, Deep in love, Not a lot to say, Then we will remember Things we said today. r NOT PICTURED JACQUELINE BURG MARLISSE DAWSON DAVID FISHER JOEL GATES ROBERT JOHNSON SCOTT LOISELLE THOMAS LUDDEN JOHN SCHROEDER MIKE STRAKER WAYNE UPHAM Row 1 (l-r) Brian Walsh, Mike Lemere, ?, Scott Bachman, Jimmy Baker, Ted Nelson, Ed Ivanov, Sander Quist. Row 2 (l-r) Carrie Dayton, Martha Jameson, Liz Howe, Jenny Davis, Cindy Oliver, Heidi Grosse, Doreen Dean, Sara ?, Sue Mills. Row 3 (l-r) Ellen Huebsch, Julia Wat¬ son, Russ ?, Anne Sutcliffe, Cindy Deloury, Tom Wilder, Bonnie Schad, Kim Boothman, Eric Sin, Betsy Lidiak. Colonials Seek Beacon Bowl Win vo Over Tigers on Thanksgwteo COLONIALS WIN TURKEY Colonials ABRH ' .nmers intimidate sir «rt ' ?tiford 99-72 Tigers team splits pair Seascores thrice as C c e Aiials whip Newton V AAo eps Beacon Bowl iris Swrvj?victory koRHS outswims SPORTS w to ABRns Milford in fits! meet jg? • ,eR ’ ' J1 Dudziak, Koonce, Latvalla i vWials Team AB RHS track te v jut A-B, Weston vie Matignon,731 ' ' 1 1 2 r dcl title Schmid par jlonic Awesome Acton past Wa wn — outs Concord Colovpoix Steamro ' ABRHS swimmers N V jn South. Rorlfo ready for Easterns r.iltnnrlc Dn. L ABRHS outswims Lincoln Sudbury Fall sports ROUnuup Trike basketball ACTON ABRHS soccermen win four contesf Spotlighlt lOCKEY ABRHS girls ' track team Hockey defeats Bed ford- All-Star Tigers-Colonials . clash for Colonial hoopsters icemen win on Saturday r Blizzard shuts valley sports scciie V ' FOOTBALL We started the season with hopes and with dreams Last year we had gone two and eight. But this year our talent they told us was awesome; They told us this year we’d be great. When we ran over Marlboro, and trampled the “Reggies,” We thought that perhaps they were right. But then we hit Concord and ran into Bedford; We’d hit the ground overnight. Then something happened, all can attest. We knew that we weren’t going to slide. For within eveiy senior that something arose, That something they call senior pride. It started with Lincoln and then it hit Cambridge and stopped them both dead in their tracks. Wayland was next; it conquered their fury And deadened the Lions’ attacks. ’Til finally on Turkey Day, we clawed the Tigers. They felt the Colonial attack. And the chant rang ’cross town, from Hayward it spread. And it sang out “YES, ACTON IS BACK!” by Mike Koonce FRESHMEN: Row 1: (l-r), G. Pierson, J. Fitzpatrick, N. McDonald, M. Minnich, T. Watson, B. Baker, K. Smith, S. Calandrella, T. Russo, T. Roche, C. Kangas, R. Valiton. Row 2: (l-r) S. Dudevoir, W. Ryon, B. O’Connor, D. Day, T. Cadle, J. Dugan, K. McLean, T. Barton, R. TeDuits, A. Peterson, R. Daudelin, A. Hoover, J. Ellis, P. Licari. Row 3: (l-r), Coach Gallant, I. Dickinson, R. Bissell, D. Day, R. Raso, T. Marsh, W. Pizzano, B. Rhodes, P. Dudziak, J. Ridlon, A. Sheehan, P. Thomas, M. Paskavitz, T. Smith, D. Myers, K. Muscone, S. Bryant, K. Fischer, Coach McDermott, Missing: J. Moroney. SOCCER They started real fine, at one heck of a pace but had a hard time, and wound up in 3rd place. The refs were poor; the fields were rock; the season was plagued by people seeing the Doc. Today we wiwl wun hiwl spwiwts weawy fast. Wedy Gow! Awh-awh- awh-awhM! Thanx, Mr. Boylen. ■■ ■■ ■ — ——.i J rTT r ' i • Row 1 (l-r) P. Wilson, D. Centauro, P. Russell, Tri-capt. T. Murphy, Tri-capt. E. Ivanov, Tri-capt. M. Blankinship, M. Schmid, S. Coughlin, G. Berg. Row 2 (l-r) B. Hodess, B. Stewart, P. Berger, D. Pierre, R. Makin, S. Sandock, L. Mutty, D. Shimkus, D. Murphy, Coach Boylen, missing: D. Leonard. POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL The 78’ Superstars — what a mighty team We pummeled the juniors Till they were black, blue, and green. Over on the sidelines Frost and Schofield stood Coaching the girls To play as they should. Finally the day came When Concord rolled in We knew without doubt That we were destined to win . . . CROSS COUNTRY An Olympian distance runner once wrote of Steve Prefontaine by saying, “He discovered that he could run well; all it took was being able to stand the discom¬ fort of effort . . Prefontaine knew what distance running was. Those of us who also know what the late Prefontaine stood for made this a very successful year, with the help of a fine coach. by Mike Megan Row 1: (l-r) D. Linton, R. Kashooba, D. Esser, J. Kaiser, J. Bouvier, J. Falvey, C. Megan, M. Stevens, C. Spann. Row 2: (l-r) J. Gilespie, F. Joyner, P. Welch, B. Baker, Co-capt. D. Putnam, Co-capt. T. Weir, P. Carbutt, M. Megan, P. Megan, D. Doskasil. Row 3: (l-r) Coach Calore, J. Weir, A. Rajewski, B. Gately, D. Smallen, B. Smith, P. Sullivan, S. Gately, G. Groulette, M. Mullin, S. Fannery, K. Southerland, Coach Smith. GIRLS’ SWIMMING It would be an understatement to say swimming has been a lot of fun. We’ve experienced more than just fun this year. Because of our team spirit we have become one big happy family. At all the meets, whatever the result, each one of us felt important. There was always someone at the end of the lane to cheer you on and give you sup¬ port. None of this could have been made possible without the caring and support of our coach, Bob As¬ quith (alias “the gorgeous hunk of walrus " ). Thanks for a wonderful season filled with success and beautiful memories! by Sue Herskovitz Marianne Avril (l-r) Row 1: K. Stanton, J. Clapp, K. Fauvre, L. Morgart, K. Shupert, L. Herskovitz, S. Norton, K. Murphy, J. Fairbrother, V. Taub, S. Kelley, K. Riley, S. Berg. Row 2: Mr. Asquith, E. Sullivan, K. Shaeffer, G. Salzman, K. Olsen, C. Bohne, K. Steves, S. Harris, J. McHugh, J. Finley, S. Lopez, J. Griffith, C. Crane, N. White, M. Lyons. Row 3: K. Kirby, W. Volkman, L. MacAvoy, M. Avril, S. Herskovitz, L. Gonzalez, C. Kilpatrick, K. Duren; Missing: S. LaFrance. FALL CHEERLEADING n i ijihoOF ' to — =0 4 - tuSTUU, cv€ - VARSITY FOOTBALL (l-r) Row 1: L. Gilman, Capt. J. Webb, E. Bergeron. Row 2: D. Oldenburg, J. Coxen, M. Mahoney. Row 3: P. Plitt, K. Cronin, R. Harrington. Row 4: C. Dayton, J. Ward. J.V. SOCCER (l-r) Row 1: K. Flannary, D. Dearborn, H. Doyle, D. Quiet, T. Monter. Row 2: D. Glencross, S. Penniman, L. O’Brien. MAJORETTES (l-r) Row 1: S. Vitkauskis, S. White, M. O’Clair, L. Stone, K. Shea, C. Bobik, L. Coughlin, K. Ferrara. Row 2: M. Taylor, T. Ferrara, S. Longaker, C. Lynch, J, Spurr. Z jj - irfl-J=oHr 3 .. Zril -U L sLu. - cjl ' M X.M S75U VARSITY SOCCER (l-r) Row 1: S. Stewart, Co-capt. I. Kaalstad, Co-capt. C. Oliver. Row 2: C. MacDonald, P. McDonough, D. Paskavitz. Row 3: K. Alexander, P. Sutherland, S. Bodde, C. Goller. POM POM (l-r) Row 1: A. Griffith, L. Turner, G. Grotheer, C. Deloury, K. Campbell, M. Tiernan, A. Goldman. Row 2: C. Secor, S. Goodall, K. Branon, C. Jones, L. Hancock, C. Duren, S. Pasieka, K. Alexan¬ der. Row 3: D. Doughty, F. Blackshaw, H. Hinds. J.V. FOOTBALL (l-r) K. Shea, M. Bodde, J. Ellero, R. Beattey, K. Leone, N. Ben, K. Moscone, S. Gilman, M. MacDonald, S. Oliver, K. Leone, D. Richards, S. Hoopes. BOYS’ BASKETBALL Row 1 (l-r) J. Cooney, M. Oman, K. Smith, S. Jefferies, D. Murphy, D. Esser, T. Watson. Row 2 (l-r) M. Paskavitz, C. Kostro, K. Moscone, B. Bush, J. Matson, P. Sullivan, G. Birsinger, M. Anzenberger, D. Day, Coach Oldenburg. The A-B Varsity Basketball Team enjoyed a fine season, finishing with a 14-7 record and qualifying for the state tournament. Acton’s many zone defenses, traps, and all over the court hustle brought many fans to their games. Although losing their final game of the year, the cham¬ pionship game, A-B showed the pride they have been displaying all year long. by Mike Schmid ybo " P ' S n 7 y»t f+ - Sr, end, best ...., r,r tjjQ ' sl-drG vooc$e s V yco CK.ce. £ 45 C 9t?r bll 9 -r J3 rs Ldl(( fllCk (£€, 40 ce cOe- s y rfc.A(C ' £? ejjery hme sc you e c fncvb ' Vhrs ye j? K (4c»p 2 4-£ s .e. c c ec -em 77 z?er r r oc i ' fif ' y ocC. ecy ' risc (l-r) Row 1: Capt. J. Flannery, Coach McLeod. Row 2: M. Dow, W. Anzenberger, P. Kevill L. Hesch, M. Schmid, K. Mur¬ phy, C. Ben, G. Gustafson, T Regan, J. Anderson, T. Schmid, D. Gavin, S. Leary, R. Dow; 9L Missing: K. Evin. ' oo n t ttoSfceJM ! a bt snore. Q sn on l-btz Penob jl epf yexi c co. U e. sen b cir L a S r C Row 1 (l-r) S. Harrington, E. Freidman, M. Bachrach, J. Burnham, M. Blankinship, D. Centauro, J. Westcott, D. Dean, T. Williamson, K. Campbell. Row 2 Coach Asquith, C. Higgins, P. McDonough, C. Crane, T. Smith, D. Leonard, V. Herring, C. Michaels, K. Nowokunski, S. Dudevoir, J. Sweeney, M. Harrington, D. Sironep, M. Lyon. Missing; K. Mullin. j W 7 c ' - Or W P T v o , f 9 4 r £ , . 4MK S% " i SKI TEAM There was a X-C ream From Acton, Their league they placed Second to last in, The training was intense, Their failure immense, So don’t expect to see Them at Aspen!! The Alpine Team was a Different story, Their super season ended In glory, With some flat on Their faces, They still took first Place, For they hit the slopes In a fury!! GYMNASTICS G is for the gratifying, yet grueling sport it is. Y is for yearning towards your goals. M is for the motivation which it requires. N is for new stunts and tricks. A is for ability to do the sport. S is for striving to do your best. T is for the timing you need in your moves. I is for ignoring the bruises and rips you have, saying you CAN do it! the sport itself . . . SUPER! Inger Kaalstad C is for S is for If Row 1: (l-r) M. Alex, D. Oldenburg, I. Kaalstad, N. Guidaboni, C. McDonald, L. Schmidt, K. Abbott, L. Gonzalez. Row 2: (l-r) D. Rulf, C. Alvanos, M. Doherty, L. Oldenburg, S. Stuart, H. Clark, K. Beason, C. Bachman, H. Hinds. Row 3: (l-r) D. Paskavitz, E. O’Rourke, S. Burg, K. Blankinship, A. Griffith, S. Oliver, K. Guba, Miss Pacelt. HOCKEY Row 1: (l-r) V. Tarky, G. Nicoll, J. Davis, E. Karkane, M. Sweeney, J. Hoover, S. Ward, B. Feltus, B. Vigliotti, M. Ring, D. Mahoney. Row 2: (l-r) Coach Donavan, G. Plakias, J. Karkane, P. Johnson, B. Kelly, B. Brooke, J. O’Neil, D. Barton, D. Coffee, Coach Emery. The 1977-78 Hockey Season has been a suc¬ cessful one at Acton-Boxborough. This, how¬ ever, is nothing new. This winter was the sixth in a row that our hockey team has won the Dual County League, and in its first year in rigorous Division One tournament pla y, the club won re¬ spect by winning one game before bowing to the powerful defending state champs. Anyone who has played with a perennial winner, like our hockey team, knows the difficulty of trying to stay on top. Our hockey has always risen to this task and should be considered an intergral part of the pride which we all feel as students and citizens of Acton and Boxborough. by John Hoover INDOOR TRACK Boys Row 1 (L-R): D. Putnam, R. Casslebury, G. Davis, P. Russell, E. Ivanov, J. Dudziak, P. Carbutt, R. Sette, W. Backman, M. Megan. Row 2: D. Emmons, T. Marsh, M. Harrington, N. Weare, D. Sutherland, J. McGowan, F. Joyner, D. Doskocil, D. McAllister, J. Smith, K. Schwartz, A. Scribner, P. Megan, G. Grallet, P. Cooney. Row 3: C. Spencer, P. Linton, S. Roulinavage, T. Weier, J. Ridlon, C. Marsh, B. Smith, R. Koshuba, G. Bielsky, B. Dayton, J. Falvey, M. Stevens, B. Gately, J. Keizer. “Tri-champs!!” That’s what the jackets will say. “Hey, at least we’re get¬ ting there, right?” This is how the Blue and Gold finished up in Indoor Track. “Thank-you Newton-South but it should’ve been all ours.” Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Indoor Track Teams showed their Colonial strength this year. Be¬ cause of the devotion and hard work of many, the boys suffered only one loss, due to tea m illnesses, and the girls ended up in third place. A special thanks to Coach Calore and Coach DiGioa, team supporters and those who made us champs. by Mike Megan GIRLS TRACK Girls Row 1 (L-R): M. Fitzgerald, C. Kilpatrick, S. Vitkauskis, S. Flannery, D. Quist, A. Harrington, Z. Kangas, M. Cash, K. Alexander. Row 2: G. Tarky, M. Walker, J. Colvin, N. White, J. Hedlund, T. Alexander, J. Nixdorf, N. Biron, K. Sutherland, A. Rajewski, J. Griffith, E. Kelly. Row 3: Coach DiGioia, M. LaFr- ance, K. Flannery, G. Salzmann, M. MacDonald, K. Shea, M. Smillie, L. Hull, C. Jones. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Rumbles on the bus . . . Third Lane . . . Oh, come on, girls . . .tap and first basket. . . My way! Our way!. . .Out to lunch . . . Close encounters to Carlisle . . . Naughties. There’s not a better team around when Acton plays its own ball. Good times, laughs, frustrations, and tears. But what great team doesn’t have these qualities? We ended up second in our league, but in our minds and the minds of our followers, we’re No. 1 ... With such tal¬ ent, nothing will stop us next year . . . Stay Tuned . . . Row 1 (l-r) Co-capt. K. Cronin, Co- capt. D. Roulinavage, Co-capt. P. Trainor. Row 2 (l-r) C. Wespiser, J. Finley, R. Harrington, W. Volkman, J. Waters, B. McClean, J. Gerhardt, K. Shaeffer, J. Weire, Coach Titus. RIFLE TEAM Row 1 (l-r) Co-capt. W. Trafton, M. Houston, G. Grotheer, T. Crowdis, Co-capt. S. Snook. Row 2 (l-r) M. Bowe, G. Pope, P. Joyal, D. Ring, C. Palazini, Coach Noeth, R. Mulkey, G. Nelson, S. Houston, K. Hunter, R. Ahner. The Rifle Team has been a rewarding experi¬ ence for its participants. Out of the sixteen mem¬ bers on the team, the ten best compete in the meets. Of these ten, the five best scores of the day are added for the team ' s score. The shooters fire in two positions, prone and offhand, each consist¬ ing of ten shots with the best individual score being 200 and the best team score of 1000. The Rifle Team not only offers a chance to re¬ fine one’s marksmanship and coordination but also to obtain a sense of team spirit. This is one of the few sports where one competes as an indi¬ vidual while strengthening team spirit and pride. BOYS’ SWIMMING Row 1: (l-r) G. Green, P. Glennon, C. Doyle, Capt. B. Delzell, Capt. P. Wilson, T. O’Rourke, J. Danneker, B. Walsh. Row 2: (l-r) Coach Johnson, D. Barrus, S. Cheney, J. Dudley, W. Donald, B. McPadden, J. Gil¬ lespie, P. Claesson, T. Hamil¬ ton. Row 3: (l-r) T. Ludovico, G. Mischel, M. Sanford, G. Goudreau, A. Saganich, J. Valleley, N. Whoriskey, D. Metsky, D. Fontaine, P. Loomis. Uo-. lo X r. SU U-, v, w? t-jaVfc- Xvf U ‘ V 1 • ov y-y - s cs. si JfT W ' S‘ -.—y v J A i (ft - c t« A S The ABRHS Boys’ Varsity Swim Team stroked to another fine season this winter, sur¬ facing with a respect¬ able 8 and 3 record. The swimmers adapted very well to the new coach, Jeff Johnson, and broke the water with good, propelling efforts for the duration of their season. The team will suffer a loss of several aquatic se¬ niors, both divers and swimmers, but the years to come still look promising. Thanks to all who have supported the swim team in the past, and congratula¬ tions to all the boys who put in the time and effort to partici¬ pate. by Pete Wilson WINTER CHEERLEADING VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1 (l-r) K. Duren, P. Plitt, L. Fisher. J. Coxen . K. Vas- sell. Row 2 (l-r) K. Alexander, J. Ward, J. Webb, L. Gilman, E. Bergeron, P. Suther¬ land. HOCKEY Row 1 (l-r) C. Reidy, Co-capt. K. Boothman, Co-capt. C. Oliver, K. MacDonald. Row 2 (l-r) S. Mills, H. Heyner, K. Oakland. Row 3 (l-r) M. Mahoney, A. Fairbrother, A. Preston, M. Morse; Missing: L. Leone. L ' J J.V. BASKETBALL Row 1 (l-r) R. Beatteay, M. MacDonald, S. Gilman, J. Ellero. Row 2 (l-r) K. Shea, K. Leone, K. Mascone, N. Ben, K. Leone, S. Hoopes. J)3C. : tbsW S dl ss 5tiur w €, l cpi£j . i CM. lCp - xvfiJA lQ-.4 VVl duuxe vozad " iot( e. 3v 0. -tao. KamIx UiHlv 5- LfcmiL. Lu£.f3, ( +( 5 dLWfnuneJr v 0 5 d x 3- WO0 irtf. Sctad !(jii x (» fi Jte » . • (xm o roM of » OSVUUM 5bv Ujoa b do s Uicfi. (jl iw |£ j tfLllAWf® a. K2Jf a WSP ' W-I :C ©L vjOKo viotos M OO K- i • aJuL £uLito.N C (X oujsKst to fY 6j, lo isci v ' jZjOI ' UZ uotll • ‘ Aft ' i cd k u» X dowx ' il (X OUJ3K5T to iSOl VV OI ' UZ 03Ul • rto W A icot a ' G yfe- uep a v 2i Aa -ct ' 1 1 • r X UOUL C-c vu . bflGxtftl S?.- 2l • X OjHll V srv6 s V o u v ' A tC ■pDlvi 2 ok wJ • IS W?lV tX CL 4o lc 3£ • WU-ScxX b jrT £L£ . x ' l v ft£ K- £r ■ C jc i £ w " bgJjH. W £ OOa $ xo %opx . TSokoB. SENIOR SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row 1 (l-r) M. Robbertz, L Gon¬ zalez, C. Harrison, P. Winfrey, G Wall, C. Panetta, D. Thomson, T Grieman, I. Schwartz, K. Vassell, E Bergeron, C McDonald. Row 2: S Pillion, A. Goldman, C Secor, H. Barrett, S. MacAulay, L Weiner, A Hennessey, P Richter, C. Thompson, L Collegan, L Davis, S. Vanderhoof Row 3: S Herskovitz, S Grekula, W Lowry, K. Ellis, D Richter, L Hancock, S Vitkauskis, E Withrow, S Cooney, K. Mattison, S. Cloutier, C. Olson, K Shea, M Taylor Row 4. J Hicks, P Pierce, L Haeberle, M Megan, J. Vandermeulen, E Ivanov, S Cochrane, B Pecukoms, B. Mustoe. G LaPierre, S Woolridge, G Jac- que, D Smith, J Nadeau, J Meleedy, J Mutty, J Renaccio, C Campbell Row 5: A Coughlin, K Daigle, C Dayon, P Kallio, S Tatem, M Jameson, M Franz, S. Portyrata, C Oliver, K Boothman, C Reidy, T Williamson, M Campbell, T Lantz, A Cobb, J. Downing, K Koeller, C Anderson, B Dricoll. A.V. AIDES T. Dunn, P. Bowe, J. Hamilton, K. Shutt, H. Machamer, S. Richter, P. Penniman, R. Sgobbo, C. Crane, J. Andrews, S. Harris, 3. Gray. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Row 1: R Robbertz, V. Krabben- dam, D. Paquet, M. Blankinship, W. Donald, Y. Tashiro, J. Van¬ dermeulen, J. Westcott, R. Paquet, C. Driscoll, M. Robbertz, E. Huebsch. Row 2: B. Perkins, P. Russell, H. Barret, M Nania, M. Savage, B. Stewart, L. Hancock, S. Vitkauskis, M. Jameson, D. Be- Ison, K Blankinship, L. Jean- jequet, S. Sones. Row 3: P. Car- butt, M. Ordway, K. Lopez, L. Flynn, P. Mills, E Ivanov, H. Clark, M. Mullen, M. McBride, M. Nel¬ son, S. Latvella, K. Wood, A. Duhamal, M. Sullivan, K. Ham¬ mond, B McClean, P. Kallio, T. Lantz, T. Williamson, L. Mullen, P. Winfrey, R. Poppert. UNDERCLASS OFFICERS Row 1 G Vorce, E O Rourke, L Herskovitz, L Ryan. Row 2 J McHugh. J Finley, D Courtright K MacDonald, R. Makin, S Mckay STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 (l-r): J O neil, M Petrocci, J Cooney, P Carbutt, P. Reid, M. Megan. Row 2: M Falvey, C Brown, A Sgobbo, K Wood. J. Sweeney, D Richard, K. Branon, P Duren, E Sullivan, K Moscone Missing: K Daigle. J. Falvey, K. Bra non, S. Norton SENIOR OFFICERS STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: S. Reid, M. Houston. Row 2: D. Trumpoldt, W. Donald K. Flynn. Row 3: P. Meagan, K. Daigle, L. Stanley, C. Harrison. E. Ivanov, M. Robbertz, I. Kaalstad, L. Stanley MATH TEAM Row 1: K.O, A. Fenniman, D. Dos- kasil, D. Trumpolt, C. Strethabhakti, I. Strethabhakti. Row 2: Dr. FQSter, T. Evans, S. Snook, K. Flynn, R. Evans, D. Fischer, A. Gratz. HISTORY CLUB Row 1: M. Pratt, C. Malcolm, M. Buffet, A. Gratz, W. Donald, R. Puri, K. Stone, J. Lane, L. Pasik, K. Sayre, B. Hall. Row 2: K. Flynn, C. Rich, H. Clark, Miss Parker. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: D. Myers, M. Petrocchi, K. Daigle, L. Gonzalez, P. Winfrey, R. Meyer, M. Pratt, S. Lyon. Row 2: B. Hodess, M. Welch, G. Tarky, D. Oldenburg, Mutty, C. Anderson, E. Huebsch, J. Moore, R. Shackford, J. Ward, A. Hennesey, L. Stanley, C. Olson, R. Evans, T. Lantz, S. Kalms, J. Downing, SPANISH CLUB Row 1: H. Schmelzer, J. Lydiard, D. Courtright, P. Trainer. Row 2: N. Palizzolo, K. Lopez, B. Hall, D. Sanford, C. Cobb, Mrs. Cullen, A. Glover, K. Clayton, P. Derie. RUSSIAN CLUB G. Maratti, H. Shell, M. Buffet, L. Birt, C. Campbell, I. Shwartz, S. Dobes. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: M. Morbeck, C. Campbell, K. Shutt, B. Cobb, B. Cronin. Row 2: A. Doran, P. Berger, J. Kalms, P. Coughlin, L. Pasik, A. Mcllhatten, Mrs. Inman, Miss Taschner, A. Duhamel, P. Sawyer, A. Runk, P. Bushnell, M. Buffet, K. Fauvre. DISTRIBUTIVE ED hnw I I ( oinydii t ( haiidil H Veneria. L II Nelson .1 Pemmnan Row 2 C Kel l.ajy (i l.iikey H I msl G Wohlkiewiez D N »idsti« i 11 I Ham m k Row J 0 Woodnff, D Kot Inane Haitwell V (hoovers 0 Chasen. T T eim ai WORKSTUDY Row 1: F. Joyner, D Berry. B Moody, R. Collmer, S Goudreau Z. Kangas, J Downing, D Belson K. Kirby, C Berry Row 2 Mr Donahue, S. Cochrane, B Pecukonis, K Blaisdell, A Gratz J. Searcy, J. Gillespie, D Mag nussen, H. Clark, J Friedgen. B Hall, C Krysieniel, J. Tiernan, C Malcolm, P Hoey, J. Morgart, B Hoopes, M Lemere, K Koeller, L Mullen, J Corrigan, N Cassel bury, C. Olsen PIPELINE M Higden, B Driscoll. L Teich, B Gooding. B Steiner. S Cloutier, L Schmidt. P Huntley. H Lydiard. M Poklemba. E. Coumou. C Backus. T Devine, S Dobes. J Miller. B Foster, C Crowdis, M Pratt. P Derie. M Buffet. B Ivanov, P Dewey, P Garran, K Fouve. H Clark. M Schafer YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 A Preston. D Straub S Cloutier. 1 Gneman, C Hopke. H Kaalstad I Kaalstad, C Oliver. M Ordway. M Robbertz. T. O Rourke, M Ring M Megan Row 2 H Clark S Briggs. F Pope M Miccioli. T Lant . M Nania. J Moore. E. Huebsch. R Popped,S Bodde. D Myers P Kallio. C Olson. W Donald P Megan S LaF ranee Row 3 M Cash, Z Kangas. B Pecukonis. C Krysieniel. C Harrison. S Tatem H Claik K Taylor I Haeberle B Osborn I Gon alez Row 1 M Ring. A Preston, M. McBride, M. Campbell. L Horne. S Cochrane. Row 2: S. Siefer. E Huebsch, J Mutty. K Vassell. MIXED ENSEMBLE Row 1: C. Marks, D. Hall, C. Palizola, M. Aruda, M. O’Claire, J. Farrell, S. Lyons, T. Vanderivont, R. Puri. Row 2: C. Howes, T. Devine, L. Toland, C. Look, S. Higg, M. Bortz, S. Desmond, L. Holly, C. Holway, J. Ratliff. Row 3: P. Gauvin, S. Tatem, W. Wells, S. Goodall, D. Mahoney, C. Duggan, S. Cloutier, T. Klinkmueller, M. Pratt, H. Lydiard. ORCHESTRA Violins: K. Daigle, C. Kelly, J. Nadeau, B. Osborn, L. Schneider, P. Roscoe, W. Dale, T. Grieman, D. Kenneson, J. Walker, Viola: L. Hull, Cello: P. Coughlin, Bass: H. Lydiard, Flutes: C. Hamman, L. Ziemann, J. Roscoe, D. Rulf, J. Westcott, D. Andrews, Oboe: D. Chick, Clarinets: D. Smith, P. McDonough, A. Sax: B. Cobb, T. Sax: P. Sawyer. MIXED CHORUS Row 1: D. Mayr, F. Alexander, A. Higg. Row 2: J. Conroy, M. Morbeck, T. Devine, S. Janssen, J. Miller. BICYCLE CLUB K. Linton, K. Loeschner, W. Donald, T. Lantz, K. Madison, M. Bachrach, D. Ab¬ rams, K. Flynn, J. Morgart, M. Lemere, M. Nelson, C. Malcolm. MADRIGAL Row 1: S. McCann, T. Devine, L. Holly, S. Wooldridge, R. Puri, T. Vanderwort, S. Lyons, S. Desmond, C. Look, Mr. Weigle. Row 2: T. Grieman, T. Klinkmueller, S. Cloutier, S. Goodall, D. Hall, J. Ratliffe, C. Marks, C. Stark, C. Holway, M. Bortz. BAND STAGE BAND JUNIORS (l-r) L. Birt, R. Bernstein, D. Belson, J. Carroll, R. Anderson, M. Daudelin, T, Bergquist, P. Day, M. Cash, E. Deveau, M. Bowe, C. Brown, C. Brown, M. Clary, K. Branon, S. Braidman. (l-r) K. Alexander, C. Cadieux, F. Blackshaw, P. Bowe, S. Briggs, C. Breer, J. Ciervo, P. Claesson, J. Coxen, I. Clark, K. Cronin, S. Bowers, R. Coutu, C. Byers, M. Conoby, B. Cobb. rl (l-r) S. Dobes, K. Connelly, M. Burke, J. Caldwell, B. Glode, L. Clerico, E. Friedman, M. Arruda, L. Flynn, M. Durben, M. Flynn, M. Doyle, R. Hall, J. Prendiville, C. Goller, C. Gonzalez. (l-r) C. Strethabhakti, C. Fisher, R. Gray, J. Evans, E. Ferrara, S. Rhodes, D. Forester, K. Schwartz, K. Gerhardt, K. Duren, S. Connor, G. Blocher, D. Emmons, L. Petroules, B. Farrell, J. Campobasso. - - ‘ K (l-r) J. Garabedian, E. Gustafson, G. Grotheer, L. Hesch, K. Grieman, B. Fitzgerald, D. Phillips, W. Donald, M. Green, D. Glencross, S. Penniman, D. Donovan, C. Newcombe, E. Kinney, A. Gratz, T. Friedrichs. (l-r) M. Harrington, A. Harrington, S. Burns, L. Trow, S. Kerr, D. Valentine, L. Horne, M. Falvey, S. Hill, D. Pierre, C. Jones, J. O’Neil, V. Hunter, D. Quebec. (l-r) B. Guerette, K. Hammer, D. VonBush, E. Farley, B. Bender, M. Nania, D. Trotter, P. McDonough, K. Lopez, D. Johnson, L. Jeanjaquet, K. Murphy, E. Johnson, M. Keohan, C. Driscoll, J. Stockton. (l-r) L. Manning, B. Kelley, E. Kendrick, R. Mallard, Z. Kangas, J. Dudley, C. Lynch, P. Licari, B. Look, K. Linton, J. Nelson, K. Krason, J. Montrym, C. Kough, C. Moritz, S. Nelson. (l-r) R. Lanahan, L. Leahy, C. LaPierre, S. Mecomb, C. Jones, D. McAlister, L. Mitrano, K. Luongo, M. King, K. Loeschner, S. McKay, C. McPherson, D. MacDougall, S. McBreen, F. Joyner, S. Nelson. (l-r) A. Malcom, D. Hall, D. Ludovico, L. Mutty, M. McBride, R. Makin, H. Clark, K. McDonald, L. McAvoy, E. Kress, R. Mulkey, C. Kilpatrich, J. Miller, T. Musser, B. Kramer, H. Grosse. (l-r) L. Oldenburg, G. Perrault, D. Pell, R. Franz, T. Doyle, D. Doskocil, P. Patterson, M. Downing, A. Pray, G. O’Neil, L. O ' Brien, G. Fullerton, C. Pierce, J. Farrell, W. Gogolski, K.O. (l-r) S. Richter, S. Smith, E. Taylor, J. Sweeney, B. Winnett, C. Ryan, D. Robertson, J. Shaffer, P. Rood, M J. Kida, M. Gringeri, C. Hill, A. Worthley, B. Steiner, C. Conroy, B. Veazey. (l-r) D. Hubbard, P. Morrow, D. Sutherland, C. Nordstrom, S. Sandock, J. Spurr, R. Rhodes, S. Stewart, C. teDuits, P. Sutherland, P. Johnson, B. Segota, C. Trainor, M. Savage, J. Vanderhoof, L. Rosenthal. V (l-r) J. Pappas, C. Coughlin, D. Thompson, R. Jeanjaquet, D. Tracy, S. Squatrito, A. Inferrera, C. Howess, R. Silva, S. Sargent, S. Tyler, K. Trunca, D. Sanford, D. Quiet, M. Stevens, M. Reed. (l-r) M. Wilson, M. Travers, J. Taylor, N. Weare, M. Sullivan, C. Stutman, P. Verchot, B. Westgate, K. Batchelder, A. Metsky, C. White, K. Wood, K. Walsh, G. Vorce, J. Smith, J. Friedgen. (l-r) C. Walters, L. Watkins, W. Winfrey, N. Warren, H. chell, D. Nelson, D. Roberts, S. Janssen, J. Waters, J. Gillespie, W. Volkmann, R. Brooke, C. Wespiser, D. Schaefer, M. McGuinness, P. Whorisk$y j . k • (V v .v ' P 0 O O O ' • j v w » sgi-z ;V ' V 0.jux UyL - J c olxa SXo o | j cu!ajl Q. jJsA- -UKjl CL bij Jn -rruoL cf C Q -tt-rusu , Oo Ojuxn J CocC. J f UL J c-Oj rrv o o cL J r voLo gjJUlxxJ- I ca - jocx X odoO ciAOJ W i£. vh rL i rvc a -GaX .. A ; w r I V‘ c°W -j ' : ' Ml u - ✓L yj, ' vr vcsi:tSi Y 44m K A O £ (l-r) L. Alexandrian, S. Holt, J. Fink, B. Gately, D. Fenton, J. Goodemote, S. Drozda, J. Hunt, M. Brentzel, T. Durben, K. Clayton, M. Foley, P. Coughlin, J. Flynn, C. Berry, D. Gavin. (l-r) M. Buffet, M. Bodde, S. Gordon, R. Beatteay, G. Dayton, J. Cooney, C. Bohne, J. Burke, M. Courtright, M. Bourgeois, S. Albertelli, B. Bush, N. Ben, R. Benoit, P. Derie, M. Higden. (l-r) D. Carbonier, D. Brown, N. Biron, S. Cumming, A. Blackburn, S. Hennessey, J. Doyle, J. Cooney, C. Backus, L. Carlson, S. Appleton, J. Dickinson, K. Baker, D. Barton, M. Doherty, C. Barnes. (l-r) T. Toler, R. Cady, S. Cronin, M. Bungard, M. Coughlin, G. Burg, S. Beardsley, S. Caouette, K. Coleman, S. Desmond, M. Cloutier, T. Devine, C. Bachman, C. Claflin, J. Colvin, E. Coumou. (l-r) L. Cary, J. Coxen, L. Cadieux, M. Anzenberger, S. Goodall, J. Cummings, C. Donaldson, R. Brandon, L. Cotter, M. Bortz, G. Bielski, F. Crosby, P. Huntley, K. Crane, P. Allard, J. Chenail. (l-r) J. Fisher, J. Hedlund, S. Jeffries, T. Franz, C. England, J. Griffith, P. Herlihy, M. Gravette, C. Hale, S. Jackson, T. Hartwell, D. Fontaine, S. Hoopes, D. Glina, J. Hynes, E. Ferreira. (l-r) P. Finn, E. Gooding, M. Grace, L. Denapoli, M. Gundersen, D. Carney, C. Kelly, A. Gervin, M. Ordway, S. Harrington, J. Gerhardt, S. Houle, K. Flannery, B. Horne, K. Beason, T. Ohryn. (l-r) C. Gerhardt, R. Howe, J. Hess, J. Hryniewich, K. Farrell, J. Hill, P. Duggan, B. Huettner, K. Giacobozzi, G. Geisenhainer, L. Corrigan, J. Gringeri, C. D’Amore, R. Hansen, F. DeCosta, D. Kenneson. (l-r) M. Fitzgerald, B. Gray, L. Francisco, R. Fultz, L. Hickman, B. Mackenzie, K. Howell, S. Houston, H. Hinds, M. Kendall, L. Kerr, S. Lauritzen, H. McHugh, M. Kennedy, C. Kellogg, J. Lane. (l-r) M. Klinkmueller, V. Krabbendam, B. Lester, C. Marks, A. Mcllhatten, D. Mills, E. Moritz, J. Morgan, L. Keane, R. Lewis, S. Lopez, J. Matson, K. Lucey, G. Johnson, L. Lipari, P. Joyal. (l-r) M. Lyon, M. LaFleur, C. Marino, G. Litzeisen, M. Lorencic, M. March, T. Mills, K. Evin, E. March, M. Sawyer, M. Jones, P. Loomis, L. Kadison, K. Kallio, K. Moscone, C. Wooldridge. (l-r) B. Krusen, S. McCalmont, D. Jamieson, P. Megan, T. Alexander, J. McLean, K. Guba, C. Marsh, L. Paquet, G. Pope, H. Kaalstad, V. Mendez, J. Finley, L. Nichols, J. McHugh, J. Keiser. (l-r) M. McGuinness, M. Gregory, M. Macdonald, D. Ring, T. Lee, W. Kalms, R. Lyons, B. Keizer, T. Monter, M. Mullen, E. Kelly, C. Palazini, B. McLean, B. Moye, H. Menezes, J. McGowan. (l-r) J. Jones, M. O’Rourke, J. Markind, C. Ormsby.C. Oskirko, D. Murphy, N. Palizzolo, T. Hamilton, D. Roman, F. Padilla, A. Laporte, R. Lennon, E. Sands, D. Nelson, A. Phillips, M. Orio. (l-r) L. Kreidermacher, R. MacKenzie, L. Loring, M. Reynolds, M. Matthews, S. Saganich, R. Keane, E. Paulsen, D. Poklemba, K. Russell, J. Kerr, F. Richards, C. Lahar, M. Schafer, P. Kirby, D. Schmidt. (l-r) M. Roulinavage, J. Reynolds, R. Robbertz, J. Nixdorf, M. Pallies, C. Segall, T. Nichols, A. Smith, T. Schaefer, R. Flannery, K. Shaeffer, T. Schmid, D. Richard, M. Harrington, T. Ohryn, M. Oman. (l-r) H. Nelson, K. Olson, K. Shutt, S. Rey, D. Rulf, C. Kostro, C. Reich, D. Shimkus, S. Gilman, L. Alvanos, R. Santos, V. Tarky, J. Ratliff, D. Cuevas, M. Royle, C. Benoit. (l-r) P. Shea, C. Page, J. Roscoe, D. Rajewski, A. Rajewski, V. Raso, L. Pasik, D. Turner, L. Schneider, S. Pizzano, E. Ward, P. Sweeney, J. Valleley, R. Popped, J. Richardson, J. Williamson. (l-r) K. Stone, S. Roulinavage, J. Snider, K. Olsen, E. Sullivan, K. Steeves, M. Zaborowski, V. Spann, J. Murphy, D. Sironen, D. White, J. Stone, L. Vagias, D. Quinn, D. Simeone, D. Viola. (l-r) B. Mustoe, P. Vinal, K. Sutherland, N. Whoriskey, D. Nordstrom, J. Vega, K. Plakias, M. Stanton, M. Zaccardo, B. Steiner, G. Salzmann, P. Sullivan, C. Mahoney, J. Reid, D. Smolen, P. Trainor. (l-r) B. Schad, M. Stevens, D. Sughrue, J. Weier, G. Smith, S. Wilson, C. Ziemann, D. Wright, R. Thomas, P. Weber, J. Wesley, D. Studer, C. Wells, P. Thompson, R. Johnson, J. Taylor. (l-r) V. Harring, D. Paskavitz, S. Pierson, B. Geraci, D. Malden, L. Kerrigan, N. White, L. Sylvia. (l-r) A. Walsh, R. Towne, K. Schwartz, G. Maroti, M. Taylor, S. Therrien, A. Ulrich, G. von Jess. r } , Kj V.-, T ( f t iM i 1 L l y f l: 1 1 Vvi nn 0. $l •f’WSH ' i fv«-5)invTio-v , Cwn imffU ' im :JliW 3 -WM cfhvne-uL. -r J V rAI ,A i ' wi aiad i madsL - -iaxwi esijua i eus-t -to pvo -i 3 T n ' J X+ AW. liul(l»cl m. a oO wte -Ha e€iU ac 6 a 3 omrhvius • Au Ua H A 4-Lt too-u, »iru.vaA CMq-ed g ' Teinms ' Oa £W£ OAid iaouj { ?Cuv pt q u ‘4tA ycor ELV. ' TVio-vi k .u i. . 3 ( 6 1 l atuicu s Hotd v cu scavuJIJhv T KVt i 6 3“ w MflO Tc rm mtovJT or rCjtt iHWWS. VocV e -t v«M rac a d Tt? $11 »uvm W + you, to ' c ui. FRESHMEN f|au£. 4a uif-Ho Kro, jcua cjci ous uJ 5 (l-r) G. Nelson , D. Killian, M. Murphy, B. Kerrigan, A. Magnussen, M. Murray, G. Lauzon, W. Murphy, M. Minnich, D. Mayes, K. McLean, E. LaFleur, G. Nelson, M. Morbeck, K. Michael, H. Lockett. (l-r) D. Myers, E. Mattison, P. North, J. Macaulay, P. Mullany, D. Macausland, P. Nadeau, A. Miller, M. McDonald, G. Mischel, K. Murphy, R. Puri, K. Shuppert, S. Yett, C. Krason, B. Hoopes. (l-r) D. Plitt, C. Meagan, M. Ring, N. Macdonald, C. Palizzolo, P. Keith, S. Perkins, B. Mchugh, N. Nicholson, K. Leone, M. Morris, S. Haney, R. Hudgins, D. Johnston, S. Hong, E. O’Rourke. (l-r) H. Anderson, D. Andrews, D. Andrews, D. Archambault, N. Athens, J. Austin, S. Baird, W. Baker, D. Boccio, D. Boisvert, J. Bouvier, B. Bowe, K. Branon, J. Briggs, C. Browne, L. Burke. (l-r) V. Barbadora, T. Barton, C. Bender, G. Birsinger, R. Bissell, R. Blackshaw, K. Blankinship, M. Blocher, S. Bryant, T. Blackshaw, A. Campbell, J. Campbell, P. Ceglowski, J. Chalupa, L. Carroll, D. Carroll. (l-r) D. Coffey, P. Connelly, C. Cobb, B. Corcoran, M. Cuggino, K. Dauphinee, L. Coughlan, H. Clark, L. Davies, B. Christensen, E. Cronin, D. Day, D. Chick, C. Crowdis, W. Dale, P. Davis. (l-r) S. Davis, N. Cohen, J. Clapp, H. Doyle, S. Dearborn, C. delReal, P. Duren, K. Dobes, J. Drozda, R. Dilorio, J. Falvey, S. Dudevoir, T. Evans, D. Esser, I. Dickinson, P. Dudziak. (l-r) J. Durkin, J. Dugan, W. Everest, I. Duncan, D. Day, J. Ellis, D. Darby, A. Griffith, J. Fairbrother, A. Ellis, K. Dugan, C. Dietz, A. Doran, P. Duggan, R. Elder, T. Dunne. (l-r) K. Fischer, L. Guazzo, A. Fenniman, L. Hartigan, M. Genest, P. Fletcher, J. Farley, K. Favro, K. Travers, P. Glover, S. Moore, P. Cooney, M. Grallert, J. Kalms, L. Job, D. Vickery. (l-r) P. Fitzgerald, P. Hawe, J. Huber, G. Grieder, E. Gundersen, P. Grondstra, J. Hershberger, J. Gaetano, K. Fauvre, K. Hunter, S. Gately, G. Grallert, R. Harris, J. Gauthier, P. Gifford, R. Gillis. (l-r) S. Harrison, E. Fowler, T. Ferrara, K. Ferguson, E. Isenberg, L. Hull, S. Hanson, A. Fligg, J. Farrell, S. Kresge, C. Watkins, M. Slepetz, J. Theller, G. Husbands. (l-r) M. Jensen, L. Jorrens, R. Kashuba, P. Kadlec, C. Jones, D. Jones, S. Howe, A. Johnston, W. Ivanov, K. Kaalstad, C. Hopke, P. Garran, K. Gale, S. Foley, M. Geeslin, C. Gamble. (l-r) M. Keiser, J. Goldman, T. Ludovico, B. Foster, C. Kelly, C. Gaebel, M. Mitrano, A. McDonough, S. Houde, J. Jeffrey, L. Morgart, K. Hamke, T. Griffin, G. Goudreau, C. Kangas, T. Jackson. (l-r) M. LaFrance, D. Linton, C. Newton, D. O., C. Look, J. Manning, M. McCluer, K. McGinty, S. Norton, S. Kenney, M. Morris, D. Kidd, K. Nohmer, K. Moscone, E. Morgan, A. Kough. J (l-r) L. Herskovitz, A. Peterson, G. Peterson, G. Peterson, S. Pasieka, M. Patterson, N. Hall, C. Spann, L. Searcy, G. McAvoy, M. Reynolds, D. Metsky, L. Perrine, P. Oka, C. Padilla, F. Nania. (l-r) G. Russell, S. Oliver, M. Walsh, K. Leone, A. Sheehan, E. Turner, W. Oskirko, M. O’Clair, K. Smith, P. Penniman, M. Robinson, R. Sgobbo, W. Ryon, K. McPadden, T. Roche, A. Pilsbury. (l-r) K. Rinaldi, R. Ahner, K. Shea, P. Dewey, S. Priest, B. McHugh, A. Runk, D. Prentiss, M. Day, M. Sanford, H. Stockton, D. Pfau, P. Wespiser, D. Robertson, R. Beausoleil, D. Paquet. (l-r) L. Ryan, P. Reid, C. Pallies, W. Rhodes, A. Shippen, A. Sagawich, M. Schmidt, H. Schmelzer, P. Sawyer, W. Pizzano, J. Smith, G. Pierson, M. Ross, J. Salsgiver, R. Rotolante, N. Sanjana. (l-r) C. Sughrue, M. Verchot, H. Machamer, A. St. Lawrence, J. vonJess, M. Pierce, B. Williams, R. Daudelin, M. Smillie, J. Ridlon, C. Smith, T. Russo, B. Smith, T. Smith, K. Sayre, K. O’Neill. (l-r) R. Valiton, D. Summers, P. Thomas, L. Webb, E. Sullivan, L. Stone, D. Wood, K. Stanton, D. Viola, D. Quinn, C. Vervoort, J. Fitzpatrich, M. Ullmann, R. teDuits, C. Herzig, G. Pierson. .uLlm (l-r) S. Wood, L. Richard, P. Totas, J. Powers, C. Spencer, J. Walker, D. Gott. L. Teich, S. Reid, M. Tiernan, T. Watson, M. Wood, R. Waterhouse, J. Worthley, D. Sullivan, V. Taub, (l-r) S. Hill, D. Cheever, L. Walunas, K. Guilbault, S. Viscariello, R. Taylor, M. Hong, G. Hannon, B. Cary, C. Maccabe, D. Umbsen, C. Kelley, N. Birch, M. Srethabhakti. (l-r) E. Orcutt, R. Williamson, V. Keizer, R. Shepard, T. Mullen, S. Vassell, M. Paskavitz, L. Keene, T. Marsh, R. Raso, K. Koranda, K. Filippini, T. Sette. (l-r) S. Berg, S. Bridges, M. Bush, I. Bushnell, P. Bushnell, S. Calandrella, M. Calderaro, C. Caldwell, L. Carpenter, B. Dayton, C. Clarke, L. Ciccolini, K. Coull, J. Conroy, M. Day, B. Cobb. To the Class of 1978: Early In your high school career it became apparent to the administration, faculty, student body, and townspeople that the " Class of 1978 " was going to be a very special class. Collectively, you made it known that the " Class of 1978 " was determined to be the best class ever to graduate from A.B.R.H.S. As high school prin cipal, I want you to know how much I, personally, respect and admire your vow to be the best. Your spirit, permeated with positive attitudes and tireless effort, was bound to produce an outstanding senior class. Needless to say, your spirit did produce great results. Your achievements in academics, athletics, fine arts, social events, fund raising activities, and senior activities will be long remembered at A.B.R.H.S. I certainly hope your collective quest " to be the best " becomes a model for all future classes at A.B.R.H.S. to emulate. Furthermore, I sincerely hope each and every one of you adopts this quest " to do your best " and " be the best " as your personal models in life. On behalf of the entire faculty and student body, I wish all of you success and happiness in all future endeavors. FACULTY Karen Collins Jill Colpak Donna DiGioia Anita Dodson Alice Castelline Maureen Duffy Irene Counihan Bill Donahue Bob Clever Jim Dadoly Gerry Duggan Steve Donovan ' r Pete Emery 9 Roberta Doyle Don Gilbert! Stephen Foster Mary Fairchild Chris Franzeim Nancy Farrar Jane Finnimore Gun Gatwood Jim Gifford ;a Folman Judy Fishman Newt Saarinen Fran Pratt (l-r) Helga Handrahan, Nancy Harriman, Corinne Merkh, Hildagarde Chiasson, Maiy Dill, Mary Spencer, Kay Travers, Maryann Brooks, Meime Fullerton, Eileen Jansky, Jackie Brooke, Mary Troisi, Mildred Finan. (l-r) Hobie King, Julie LeSage, Frank Handrahan. eog crj XCQF- vfe v N to O o XMwGLtVto aX AV-CZk+vX, Uftfs ' ? ' • . ' ££■ $ j y, Sflafl 3o m % , S. ’ oav-e AXiwe lS TH.E. j® F.C. Grv HEWN!!. 1 yS- O V CUU. ' -T ' •+ • • Z-isa- L.. bi tnf. 6Yf 5T cw tS t . fWt c qWi ' V Mur C-citifor iia f Vvtre X Cotrr . - . A»S 3 Tut. r sne oA«tn •• Hiu i ■t T}t4 UAl " y+«?‘ A- ' Xle C t ' TpZSEZ Jt dftMHSa v A ' i l ' °i 13+hEJ . $A M:«te ?? $v 71 WB) S v 0,,” ti . h - jou. r a Uiild fa im 0( b % • • mooo .»a- ha ' tv.m. «s Rent KIM rf. ' {L l „ FUST! YUorsh " ? L .- -jn ° r - r kAn xnft» -ii — t» i nr« SSftSStn ' 4fft C-brk. HIMH MO - H6 -♦ v T ! ■ ;f n m. §H ? g i % Ocr.«,icin KVte ' n‘ ... loads Paul of loot ) i v ?r g - • ' TAKE IT T X v . IVw c | 6 r -J ' j 00 x ffiEiSSi CR Oritftr A P ?HEU. U5 M € »« « ■• Ki«x Lije DriVi " paXnt mu coT ■ « Hv tlcckAj- 6rbX I on 4 VKSL H W%. ' CO Tgm HP JK uJb .JLH Hp t - £ ?-A- ' tXjLo L LGC4 . - i H -fn c 2- 3 n o aLO A JL J l a LjiL, Pvjl rv r, - - 0 cil-bLjjL K 1 o —ajaJLKx-. v O£Jija-crn-Cjk K. gnt nJi A Lf U. ' AJL ULMusyZaL] ( neL w ± (Xj3 n 4- °fe? lfr U Q fUHJLO, ,, -P- J J — " 4 fo •r uo ui , k. 3j£ fo-£luy±jLfry () S ja UXfcU . 72 s-o F ' -°°- £V aa 7 Lyu -U(. r UJI c c ocu (XrLx 5UJ ” uLve if Ssh -fV) otu •k -Lr - tH (W- £) 1 " ... ;— O-O L, LOcvd . 2 • lO-O-tv " Tricycle Gome...® j CIqss Ploys ' " ALL STAR CAST Doug Brown Felicia Crosby Greg Dayton 1 Katie Stone Mark Kresge Rob Silva Seniors — VOICES Juniors — SHAM “Sophomores — INTERVIEW Freshmen — PROMETHEUS BOUND Jl ' Pnoscenium Circus PROSCENIUM CIRCUS (l-r) Row 1: D. Schmidt, J. Powess, R. Puri, L. Horne, S. Cloutier, P. Roscoe, M. Lemere, K. Stone. Row 2: Mr. Buswick, S. Richter, J. Andrews, D. Brown, S. Hoar, H. Machamer, M. Hatchell, R. Shackford, B. Hall, L. Paquet. Row 3: G. Dayton, S. Gordon, M. Sleppetz, K. Lucy, K. Wellend, A. Fenniman, L. Birt, S. McCann, S. Woolridge, B. Lester, A. Runk, T. Klinkmueller, S. Beardsley, F. Crosby, C. Marks, H. Lydiard, R. Meyer. Row 4: A. Graty, M. Foley, L. Lipari, R. Mulkey, M. Nelson, C. Pallazini, M. King, M. Poklemba, M. Kresge, S. Lyons, S. Gatwood, T. Grieman, M. Pratt, C. Malcolm. Bfood Mobile NosiQns Whims te The Happy Haven y , a ■, Mwv y v V ' Pep rallies, football and hockey games, raffle tickets, powder- puff, parties and friends — old and new. Being with people you like, even teachers. “Are you going to the talent show?” A time for fun and friends. Long hair to short, homely to beautiful, quiet to rowdy, kinky to and fro, friends — kids to young adults . . . r . . . Looking at elementary school pictures. “Remember when we were in sixth grade?” A time for looking back. SAT’S, achievements, financial aid, applications, deadlines, job and or college- acceptance (?) Talking with your guidance counselor. “What are you going to major in?” A time for looking ahead. By Dave Straub HJttfiM If i uroutfctn it you .„nA ) !,. . JU) A Mx me aAC u .. f J5o trt t’s how they do JChJAJt UOIW , snouJ cd rjtyidL k£) Imn 3 - cXi Lh rnc t JOIN THE PEOPLE WHO’VE JOINED THE ARMY For new places and new faces Call Sgt. Phil Hale 1-894-9289 collect WALTHAM ARMY RECRUITING STATION Education Come Tip, Here Tip Koodies Pick up your feet Two people, experiencing Friendship Cramming for an exam Frustration Senior Year Dress up Day Guffrappnel Knowledge is like gold, ever increasing its value I graduate, It’s great. By Ed Ivanov TACKNEYS EXPRESS INC. 274 Great Rd. 5-K TRANSPORT INC. 274 Great Rd. Little bits of Magical Dreams A dusting of dreams poof! ... it disappeared Billy tried to fly. tears to sunshine How would you like magical Powers? i wish .. . snowflakes to sundrops crazy seniors underwear men and martians Dear Fairy Godmother, Dreams never die. Liz Gonzalez A.G. BISHOP JEWELERS INC . 250 Great Rd. ACTON AUTO BODY 5 Railroad St. S. Acton " No, No, No! The Irish jig goes ‘one, two kick!’ And don’t watch your feet. " " Good thing face masking doesn’t count in powderpuff. " POST ROAD II Carpet Center 240 Arlington St GCA CORPORATION Precision scientific group Acton Plant 530 Main St. NOTARS PACKAGE STORE 391 Mass. Ave. You understand my tears although I haven’t told you of the pain that tortures all of my being. You understand my laughter although I haven’t told you of the joy that sings in my soul. You understand my silence although I haven’t told you of the guilt I experience. ACTO COUNTRY PROPERTIES 201 Great Rd. MAKAHA RESTAURANT 255 Great Rd. ACTON SUPPLY INC. American Hardware AUSTIN’S 264 Great Rd. .. . You understand my outbursts although I haven’t told you of the confusion running wildly thru my head. You understand my reaching arms of the loneliness I know. You understand all of these things never crawling rudely for reasons. And that is why I love you . . . my friend. by Susan Tatem S V GOULD’S MEN’S SHOP 260 Great Rd. PETER FLAGG REALTORS 138 Great Rd. COLONIAL FABRICS 436 Great Rd. 263-7574 ACTON BICYCLE Division of Van’s Power Parts 134 Main St. NURSERY SCHOOL CLASS Row 1 (l-r) R. Smith, L. Rosenthal, B. Robbins, C. Holway, K. Nintzel, M. Avril, C. Stutman, B. Youse, K. Savage, S. Wood. Row 2 (l-r) S. Frederickson, J. Flannery, G. Jacque, L. Harrington, R. Young, J. Spurr. STEREO WORLD ETC. 501 Nagog Sauare Rt. 2A Acton, Mass. 01720 263-1956 ALLSTATE POOL SPECIALTIES 781 Main St. Acton ACTON TWIN CINEMA LIBRA ENTERPRIZES Great Rd. CENTURY 21 (Forsyth Realty Inc.) 263-8318 Reflections on the Blizzard, February ’78 Now just a memory for the most, neatly catalogued under Winter ’78 with photographs and news clippings. No long term effect, only a fleeting identity with our forebears in a harsher age; a momentary awakening of some hazy instinct for survival long thought dead through the evolutionary process. Dorothy Athens ERIKSON GRAIN MILL Box 262 Main St. DONELAN’S Acton, Littleton, Lincoln MCDONALD’S OF ACTON We do it all for you T.M. 256 Main St. PEDAL POWER INC. phone 263-3197 Acton 772-6133 Ayer L Q . -JuL t uj-c - La oe -to AjJ tfjusn-. u m-«cu 3 u. cu-c t-.j uxx-virii ® - L ‘ -lvr x 1 vXil . ' fe’QXSH VO c {LOuQsO -XlXLO ( uJk - XSiA!UOXM . ' -t J! - ' fJ ' " What’s the matter with bologna and whipped cream on pumpernickel? " •. iPuDutLc fcn X CUHuCcUl- ' U. f tof AJ 1 { ) HXj jck3 - Aji - xiKa - afaj. - k a.- oJLcl- A. UrvtXAC lAi -too COLONIAL BROKERS 263-5813 TNT 65 Great Rd. ARTHUR’S OIL CO. INC. Main St. TAYLOR RENTAL CTR. 133 Great Rd. CONCORD BOOTERY 262 Great Rd. COLONIAL VALET 252 Great Rd. If I watch the sun rise and see it whisk away the haze along with the troubles of yesterday to begin a new day, and fire me from within . . . All I ask is that the shadow I cast be felt ever so softly by those whom my life will touch this dawn, this brand new day. by Tracy Grieman ACTON PIZZA HOUSE 481 Great Rd. 263-0267 TOWNE DRUG Donelan’s Plaza WICKES LUMBER Main St. N. Acton ACTON OPTICIANS 77 Great Rd. Acton ACTON CARPET SHOPPE 469 Great Rd. N. Acton STAGE STOP 440 Great Rd. ACTON BOWLADROME EAST ACTON SERVICE CENTER 44 Great Rd. Acton DUD’S CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS Acton Plaza Shopping Center 263-4313 BOOK BARN 303 Nagog Sq. THE CALICO CORNERS 444 Great Rd. THE TALBOTS 448 Great Rd. FLOWER WORLD 465-A Great Rd. THE BACK POCKET — LEVIS Nagog Sq. Rt. 2A Acton, MA MISS MASTER Children’s Clothing 203 Nagog Sq. 263-7160 Office QUILL AND PRE SS office Supplies 285 Main st - Acton Furniture MASS HARDWARE HOME CENTER BURSAW OIL CO. 275 Great Rd. Acton 94 Great Rd. BEEF N’ ALE Rt. 2A Acton MIDDLESEX INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS 315 Main St. Acton FACTORY SNEAKER OUTLET ACTON NURSERY and FLORIST INC. RELIANCE CO-OPERATIVE BANK 395 Mass. Ave. Acton COLONIAL KITCHENS ACTON PHARMACY CO., INC. DESIGN-A-STYLE II MclNNIS AUTOMOTIVE HOUSE OF WALLPAPER CHRISTIAN BOOK SUPPLY CENTER CAMPERS INN NASHOBA VALLEY TRAILERS THAT LADY CONCORD ACTON MUSIC VILLAGE FOOD STORES — Not only on tests and with my teachers But I’ve had to “make it” with my peers. And now that the struggle is over I feel like shedding tears. I’m going to miss my classmates And the teachers’ constant calls. I’m going to miss the notes and such We passed along the halls. With the diploma comes a sad thought — My adolescent years are gone — Now I must face reality. Lori Soar NASHOBA VALLEY TRAVEL AGENCY THE PEOPLE FROM WAITE RD. DONUT DELITE GAIL CHARLES JACKSON COLONIAL TRAVEL -lar) 3 q,y j aC ' - ' j t +VslaJ«jO t ujjl Ko (. ' QAJ ' -CW per oi-u -ucck KL£jua Ou ch a o xu U vA 2aAi£ Ow ' JUl oXuj(L j s WoouU. AjooCJa. (IajJ -A. ' t. W • | AJOvjU oJofrvJz ' YV r I) . ' J LOVuz (ov u KfictjeAJ-a Lj ujCL jt to ca-flJL irkfUc VxxAflrvk. °- vxola ) 3 4tKa a Ic ' ' ttoofc. (jJjl oV HruJi(L W Q-toU " to fi CXWSL V a w Os! JLV lX- CP WQJL QU) LjCKJk V AO aJ j) CrajsM- Vtowi jx d Z -Hv ia t. o- -a 3nr " txro 4ru- M TlOvU JP foCKto, lfK J| r SULVVKSUU). -P t, CXw Cnn Jc . uo-t " ' VKCXA J 7V AJL " V " V vwxo x9 stfM Ziff A? Wi The Yearbook Staff would like to offer special thanks to the following people: to Dr. Lawrence McNulty, Mr. Donald McLeod and Mr. Francis Riley for their support and tireless interest. (jLAjJ . Mrs. Jane Starr and Miss Joean Taschner for their constant advice and assistance. yj to «4- Y)qia Mr. Donald Gilbert! for his advice and photography work. - . W - A “ Mrs. Frances Hearn, senior class advisor, for her assistance. V yv-a- vQK- Mr. Terry Bleiler, of Purdy-Vantine studios, for his suggestions and photographic talents. JLCr 3 uuu 252 Mr. Richard Lowe, of Hunter Publications, for his time. u ) o ' (! SI Mrs. Pat Haras, Mrs. Pat Barry, Mrs. Helen Worrall, and Mrs. Gladys Cady for their patience. . UJ{ The faculty of ABRHS, coaching staff, club advisors, and student body for their cooperation. Yvo Uji q The following students deserve special credit for their extra efforts in the publication of this book: 4c v »tAX OJ i 4-4 a Crusk, h-KjU ' vti (Jj o V u Cru VSUL ) S 3TSL y S Ellen Huebsch for being editor-in-chief. toLC WnJi j 2 Ju 44Kj) , .o o — naaS U a - Missy McBride for doing more than expected of a junior editor. -wo 1 a-xyv , Steve Cochrane for raising the necessary revenue to finance the book. uA. T}Q- vtovA, to Mike Ring and Dave Straub for organizing the sports scene. VVvj2 CMmA Beth Osborn, Sue Bodde, Karen Taylor, and Heather Clark for their artistic talents. ' i ( n o n o k- Mindy Ordway and Holly Clark for their endurance and manual dexterity. 3LX. -vyc , Pete Carbutt, Alison Preston, Dory Richter, Gene Pope, and Pam Kallio for their student photography. CT: - - jCL jrs dSL KLy 15 OLq LO Cj ysaSL OV -dv. ■k r ' ' to- - Ko -jajL Z) ceon rr o4- L| ct a (yO-kjun M UJ Ka J) J ' ££ QjfrY X 0 U K jQJbnOlP ' VUL ZjD 0 oa-0 OTA. - j VXCKyJ - . ncvuo wo-ncjLG •pO JL - Lj i Q-Ao qjla So Po A vu rv -Wt vaaajl C vi JboP ft 1 . A A- t- . A V I oj S-4a L- Ji UPJLe-do , Ld Wla 00 • Xrtc FINE ARTS WEEKEND OKLAHOMA!” GIRLS’ TRACK SOFTBALL BASEBALL TENNIS SENIOR CLASS PLAY AWARDS DAY “If” — April 28, 1978 3F V c Mil Senior Banquet — May 31, 1978 Graduation — June 2, 1978

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