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( V 1 r. :- ' i ' It -,( i V 1 X Actis Junior High Bakersfield, California Co-editors Shannon Shearer and Melanie Waltz Introduction Editors: Raquel Stone and Nicole Mendiburu Wu. J I (1) Natalie Easton says, " t am quali- fied for the job of president. " (2) " Please vote for me. or I ' ll cry " (Nicole Mettler) (3) " You ' re right. She is cute. " (Brian Hall) (4) A triumphant rooting section yells. " Jori for vice president. " I f imk (1) Everyone cheers noisily for all the candidates. (2) " I better win or else. " (Shelley Goodell). (3) " How dare you take nny picture, " Duke seems to be thinking. V V jt -. V . s Sj . • ' p. 6 (1) Amber Grider concentrates on the game. (2) Brad Hibbard strains to avoid Russell Heasley. (3) Flags wave at drill team practice. P. 7 (1) John Walker keeps the football from Greenfield. (2) Stephanie Arthurs spikes the ball. (3) Actis volleyball players Amber Grider. Lome Wood, and Jori Apsit. fr I ., ¥ I w w t 00 : X- . 5 • S P f ' ■ " p. 6 ( 1 ) Amber Grider concentrates on the game. (2) Brad Hibbard strains to avoid Russell Heasley. (3) Flags wave at drill team practice. P. 7 (1) John Walker keeps the football from Greenfield. (2) Stephanie Arthurs spikes the ball. (3) Actis volleyball players Amber Grider, Lome Wood, and Jori Apsit. , " .-t ,. ■ -v. •V ' » P.8 (1) We ' ve got the beat. (2) Take it easy, guys. (3) Monique Cherry takes a quick break. P. 9(1) Careful! (Kim Lee and Erin Keavy) (2) Mr. Morrissey gets with it. ■ ii r ' r i X....„.j Ir3 l K! Jtm 3. i 1 mw S P ' ' !SC H Mi 1 A ' M ; M . " ' hH H B i { 1 H V|H| r .. JHHi .V i St i ■ liiiTiiliriTiTTriT innitiir .■awa— i r 5 1 - mj ' dt i It ' C " f ' itl Pk¥ H lis si I 4. v l. Gvf (1) Johnny Lang learns to type. (2) Steve Kang is into his work. (3) Shaun Knutsen takes a locker break. P. 11(1) Making tjeautiful music is Megan Manion. (2) Actis trumpeteer Greg Husted. (3) Steve McGowan molds clay. mg0tT EDITORS SCOTT VAN HORN NICOLE MENDIBURU DANA JACKSON Top Rockers This year the faculty editors asked all of the teachers to choose a song that goes along with their lifestyle or something that they like. Below are the songs that they chose. Mr. White: " Born Free " Mr. Morrissey: " Please Don ' t Talk About Me When I ' m Gone " Mr. Ludwig: " Twilight Zone " Mrs. Hibbard: " Heart Attack " Mrs. West: " 9 to 5 " Mrs. Young: " On the Road Again " Mrs. Arburua: " Take Me Home, Country Road " Mrs. Eddy: " You Light Up My Life " 14-Faculty p. 14 (1) Mr. White, Mr. Morrissey. (2) Mr. Ludwig, Mrs. Hibbard, Mr. Jones (3) Mrs. Thrasher and class. P. 15 (1) Mrs. Young, Mrs. Arburua, Mrs. West. (2) Mrs. Eddy (3) Mrs. Arburua helps Brett Piccolo stay out of trouble. (4) Mr. Poteete helps Tony Josue during drafting. Faculty- 15 Far-Out Faculty The Faculty ' s Favorite Songs are: Mr. McMullen- " What the World Needs Now " Mr. Sacchini- " Dream On " Mrs. Snider- " The Rose " Ms. McCreery- " Happy Days Are Here Again " Mr. Kesler- " As Time Goes By " Mrs. Buller- " AII The Way My Savior Leads Me ' Mr. Barker- ' Telestar " Mrs. Thasher- ' These Boots are Made For Walking " Mr. Graham- " ! Get By With a Little Help From My Friends " Mr. lngram- " Memories " Mrs. Kenney- " lt Ain ' t Easy " Mrs. Burrows- " Slip, Slide and Away " Mrs. Kendrick- " l Gotta Be Me " Mr. Heasley- " 16 Tons " Mrs. Fankhauser- " Hungry Like A Wolf " 16-Faculty p. 16. (1) Mr. Winter. Mrs. Kenny, seated. Mr. Grahm, Mr. Irigram, Mr. Turk, standing. (2) Mrs. Burrows and Mrs. Kendricl . (3) Natasha, from Egypt, was a visitor in Mrs. Buller ' s 7th grade History class. (4) Mr. Wolfersberger, Mr. Poteete, Mrs. Fanl hauser, and Mr. Heasley, P. 17 (1) Mr. McMul- len and Mr. Sacchinni. standing. Mrs. Snider and Mrs. McCreery, seated. (2) Seated Mrs. Builer. Mr. Barlcer, Mrs. Thrasher. Mr. Kesler, standir . (3) " The Thinker. " (Mr. Kesler) Faculty- 17 Funky Faculty Some faculty members listed the fol lowing songs as being special to them: Mrs. HImenes - " Twisting by the Pool " Mrs. Ellis - " Look for the Silver Lining " Mrs. Green - " Day by Day " Mrs. Miller - " North to Alaska " Mrs. Richmond - " Rainy Days and Mondays " Mrs. Borel - " Could I Have This Dance? " Mrs. Fields - " She ' s Always a Woman to Me " Mrs. Warren - " Lovely Day " Mrs. Hallum - " Tomorrow " 18-Faculty Faculty- 19 EDITORS LAWREN EVERINGHAM NATALIE EASTON ADRIANNE ROBERTS MAYES p. 22 (1) The melodrama actors are introduced. (Rus- sell Heasley, Shaun Stiles, and Brice Foley.) (2) Mr. Morrissey talks with Santa. (3) Santa calls up willing people to sing " Jingle Bells. " P. 23 (1) The crowd awaits Santa ' s arrival. (2) Santa greets Tony DeMario (3) Denise Muxlow tells Santa what she wants for Christmas. p 1 ■t M||| 4 M wv b m l| t aw« " — R ft 4 L- -rMB H k =3 B t JHH 22-Rallies y Outrageous Rallies The ' 82- ' 83 school year was filled with many high-spirited pep rallies. These rallies included a melodrama featuring Shaun Stiles, Brice Foley, and Russell Heasley. Santa and his elves also visited Actis on December 17. Santa remarked that Mrs. Burrows could only be forgiven for her bad behavior by giving him a kiss. Mrs. Burrows commented, " Kissing Santa Claus wasn ' t bad, but I was so embarrassed the rest of the day. " Page sponsored by Tony and Ruth Cockins Activities-23 Roller Boogie The fall skating party was a big suc- cess. There were 156 people who attend- ed. Mr. Morrissey commented, " That was one of the most successful ones. " The goal was 150 people. They made it with 156 people and because of that Mr. Mor- rissey said the students could have an ice cream sale. " The skating party was a lot of fun, " said Stacy Goad, 8th grader. 24-Skating Parties Skating Parties-25 Dandy Dancers " Modern Dance is the most popular elective for girls, " commented Mr. Morrissey. There are 30 girls in Modern Dance. The theme for this year was the beach. All of the dances had to tie into the theme. Natalie Easton said, " The reason I like modern dance is because there is no homework. " The Modern dance group performed three times, twice at Actis and once at Thompson Jr. High. 26-Modern Dance p. 26 (1) Mary Kay Ritter concentrates on the steps. (2) Robyn McCoy does the Stray Cat Strut. P. 27 (1) " I knew I was going to win, " said Nikki Assaturian. (2) The four musketeers. (3) " And that ' s the truth, so there, " (Marissa Arrache) Super Speakers The public speaking class went to many con- tests such as the Oral Language Festival and the Bear Mountain Festival. Mrs. Hallum cemented that " on a scale from 1-10, they all are 10s ' . " Public speaking is a class to help build up confi- dence and poise. Jori Apsit, seventh grader, com- mented, " The class is very beneficial. " Public Speaking-27 Daring Dancers The place was Skateland, the time was 4:30 to 7:00. What a night! This was the one and only dance, and what a dance it was! There were 281 people who attended the skate-dance party. It was skating for an hour and a half and then dancing for one hour. Some of the popular songs played at the dance included, " Mickey, Should I Stay or Should I Go, " " Goody-Two-shoes, " and " Rock Lobster. " Denise Muxlow comment- ed, " It was a blast! " 28-Dances p. 28 (1) Raise your hand if you ' re sure! (2) Cheri Mailer, Megan Marshall, Jori Apsit, and Becky Durham try to show their stuff. (3) The waltzing duo. (4) Brooke Garmon and Crist! Collins punk out! P. 29 (1) Julie Fox and Brenna Boulware look for fun. (2) Natalie Easton and Kelley Lucas say, " Love those 7th graders! " (Brian Enge, Brian Bass) (3) James Smith says, " Where are the odor eaters? " Dances-29 CTIS jHB ■ ■ ' t % r-n Awesome Americans The members of the cadet and varsi- ty bands played at the Veteran ' s Day Parade and the Oildale Christmas pa- rade this year. Performing at a Christ- mas concert and a spring concert is a yearly production for the band and or- chestra members. The varsity consists of 82 members and the cadet band has 40 members. Mr. Wolfersberger said that, " the hardest part about di- recting a band is keeping track of the instruments and the uniforms. " If mon- ey were no object, Mr. Wolfersberger said he would " like to have a new band room. " 30 p. 30 (1) The Actis Junior High Varsity Band for 1982-83 (2) Here we go! (Mia Turner) (3) What were those notes again? (Michelle Suderman) P. 31 (1) Mr. White leads his army to victory. (2) What a mess! (Mr. Wolfersberger) (3) Cadet Band members are from left (Row 1) D. Chiaravallati, W. Laily, C. Berg, J. Tricl ey, A. Hall, S. Yoh, J. Waller, L. Carton (Row 2) M. Burrows, S. Castro, L. Herrera, K. Har- rell, S. Nelson, B. Bass, J. Pletcher, J. Minot (Row 3) B. Hicks. R. Barton, S. Kirschenann. K. Hazel, K. Seibly, H. Wolfe, M. Erwin, D. Gafford, (Row 4) J. Lauria, M. McKibben, G. Ontiveros, P. Allen, J. En- gle, B. Harris, M. Williams, S. Acl erman, S. Odom. (4) Where ' d they go?? (Debbie Hamilton) Band-31 Music Mania The O. J. Actis Orchestra, consisting of 42 students, was " Our best orchestra group to perfornn for our school, " stated Mr. Wolfers- berger. The orchestra performed in the Fall Pops Concert, the Christmas program, the Spring Concert, and, of course, the graduation production. The first-chair performers for the year are Mary Burke, violin; Stephanie Olson, viola; Rob Hopper, cello; Tom McKie, base; Kelly Cross, piano, and Kristin Neufeld, flute. — ;iiM.. fi ■h- nr--v - " ' - 32-Orcheslra p. 32 (1) The 1982-83 Actis orchestra. (2) Carol Doremus plays a solo. (3) This year — the Christ- mas concert. Next year — the world. (4) We are family. P. 33 ( 1 ) Chorus members are (Row 1 ) K. Shah, B. Waltz, D. Wiggins, L. Tennant, D. Spies, A. Wayts. (Row 2) Mrs. Warren, C. Carey, K. Parker, C. Paglia, J. Mezzles, L. Camara. (Row 3) J. Phillips, M. Pidgeon, N. Johnson, J. Bran- non, S. Knowles, C. Stafford. (Row 4) K. Woods, S. Scott, J. Swift, D. Villa, C. Doublet. M. Myers. Vocal Vibrations The chorus consisted of 23 vocalists for the year of 1983. There were 21 girls and 2 boys in chorus. Mrs. Warren, director, stated " When they worked, they worked well together. " The chorus sang at the Christmas concert and also at the Spring Concert. Page Sponsored by Joan and David Backer 33 Arousing Spirit Cheerleaders are chosen every year at O.J Actis to bring school spirit to Pep Rallies and after school games. This year the cheerleaders that were chosen are Nicole Mettler, Lawren Everinghann, Shel- ley Goodell, Shelly Borgsdorf, Lori Prit- chett, all eighth graders, and Tisa Meek, the only seventh grader. " There are frus- trating times to being a cheerleader such as the times when our team was going for extra points and all the cheerleaders made a pyramid right in the in zone. Were we embarrassed! " stated Lawren Ever- ingham. The head cheerleader, Nicole Mettler, said, " The hardest thing about being a cheerleader is having everything organized and everyone doing the same thing. " The drill team made up of 32 girls marched in all the parades along with the varsity and cadet bands. Michelle Backer, one of the drill team members stated, " It ' s hard keeping everyone organized but we do very well. " This year new rifles were purchased for some of the drill team members. The drill team performed in the Veteran ' s Day Parade, and the Christmas program, where they acted out a special skit to the " Parade of the Wooden Sol- diers. " 34-Cheerleaders p. 34 (1) Kathy McQuiqq, eighth grader, " What ' s going on? " (2) Drill Team members are from left (Row 1) A. Madsen, K. Bergman, D. Deathridge, L, Bohannon, M. Belmore (Row 2) L. Rickard, D. Spies, D. Wiggins, K. Parker, J. Comstock, S. Juhl, Mrs. Wolfersberger, (Row 3) B. Durham, N. Karber, M. Backer, T. Jandayan, H. Mitchell, K. Lee, S. Wilson, (Row 4) K. Banducci, M. Oiler, S. Shearer, C. Dunham, D. Tidmore, C. Mailer (Row 5) K. Robertson, K. McQuiqq, K. Mitchell, A. McMillin, R. Branscum, M. Cohen. (3) All right girls, charge! (4) " Please take our picture. " (Lee Rickard, Shelley Juhl) P. 35 (1) Cheerleaders are from left (Row 1) Shelley Goodell, Tisa Meek, Shelly Borgsdort, (Row 2) Lori Pritchett, Nicole Mettler, (Row 3) Lawren Everingham, (2) Hamming it up are Shelly Borgsdorf, Tisa Meek, Nicole Mettler, and Lori Pritchett. (3) " This can ' t be happen- ing. " (Tisa Meek, Shelly Borgsdorf, Nicole Mettler, Lawren Ever- ingham, Lori Pritchett, Shelley Goodell). (4) Sheri Trout is jumping for joy. Page Sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Garret Apsit 35 Honor Groups Honor Band and Honor Orchestra are two organizations for extraordinary young musicians. " The kids have to audition with the hardest piece of band music called ' Toccata ' , " stated Mr. Wolfers- berger, band instructor. This year Actis sent 22 students to the Kern County Hon- or Band and 29 students to the County Honor Orchestra. Student Council consisted of 26 stu- dents selected from each first period class. On a regular basis they met to dis- cuss various ideas and problems to be solved. So far this year they have started a tradition called " Dress Up Day " which was a great " success. " Mr. White said, " The student council this year has been very dependable and hard working. " (1) student t ody officers are (LtoR) N. Mettler, pres.. A. Grider, treas.. L. Prit- chett, sec., and D. Dodder, vice-pres. (2) Officers make important announcements. (3) " How long must I wait? " (Ruthann Spears). (4) Council memt ers are (Row 1) A. Grider, N. Mettler, D. Dodder. L. Pritchett. (Row 2) M. Arrache, C. Mailer, S. Arthurs. A. Webb. S. Stiles, S. Oesch, R. Heasley, B. Hibbard. K. Mayes. M. Kohlbush. R. Spears, J. Walser, P. Tull. Mr. White. (Row 3) B. Waltz. C. Sever. B.J. Rehkopf. G. Ontiveros, K. Lee, T. Bouse, S. Velvick. C. Nelson. D. Odell. 36-Student Council (1) Honor band members are (Row 1) D. Morgan, A. Taussig, M. Arrache, M. Manion, B. Clad, G. DeWitt, S. Beaudoin, (Row 2) M. Cox, K. Hoeltgen, C. Minot, K. Neufeld, D. Hamilton, S. Goad, (Row 3) B. Barmann, C. Doremus, (Row 4) B. Winter, R. Johnson, S. Weaver, T. Rankin, M. Amenta, A. Curtis, J. Kuss. (2) Rob Hopper, Christine Johnson, Stephanie Olsen are three musketeers. (3) Chris Kliever practices his trombone. (4) Honor or- chestra (Row 1) T. Arm- strong, K. Cross, S. Olsen, A. Hall. N. Karber, R. Hop- per, C. Johnson, D. Gil- reath, (Row 2) K. Carter, L. Lennant, A. Prado, (Row 3) J. McKle, R. Hanson, J. Jer- din, C. Kliever, B. Bass, S. Robinson, (Row 4) B. Goad, S. Combs, S. Keiper, J. Phillips, M. Burk, C. Mail- er, M. Backer, K. Mitchell. Honor Groups-37 t (1) Rodger Cole, Chad Rudnick, Eric Spradley, and Stephanie Rodgers, editors, make plans for the school newspaper. (2) Petreva Baugher, Mi- chelle Clegg, and Steve Pitoni deliver the Actis-at-Large. (3) Newspaper staff mennbers are (Row 1) Chad Rud- nick and Stephanie Rodgers, co-edi- tors, and Ginny Walsh, (Row 2) Kristin Bruce. Rodger Cole, Steve Pitoni, Robbie Dull, Eric Spradley, Russell Heasley, Aaron Barnes, (Row 3) f i- chelle Clegg, Denise Metz, Petreva Baugher, Derek Hayes, and Ron Rai- dor. (4) Sports editors, Russell Heas- ley and Robbie Dull plan the sports page. 38-Newspaper (1) Yearbook staff members are (Row 1) J. Poeike, P. Rit- chie, M. Marsfiall, M. Backer, S. Shearer, co-editor, M. Waltz, co-editor, R. Schneider, D. Tid- more, R. Stone, (Row 2) S. Van Horn, G. Mayes, L. Lee, (Row 3) K. Brown, J. Apsit, N. Eas- ton, N. Mendiburu, L. Ever- ingham, K. Seal, and A. Rob- erts. (2) Raquel Stone crops pictures for the yearbook. (3) Nicole Mendiburu, Lawren Everingham, Jori Apsit, Renee Schneider, Shannon Shearer, and Megan Marshall sort out the classes section. (4) Melanie Waltz and Shannon Shearer, yearbook co-editors. Writers Excel Journalists went to work to prepare for the 1983 yearbook. The yearbook class sold 522 books and sold extra ads for special effects. Mrs. Kendrick, Yearbook Advisor said, " This is an unusual cover and I think the students will like it. " The Actis At Large newspaper staff pub- lished 7 issues. Mrs. Kendrick, newspaper advi- sor, said, " This year ' s staff contained quality writers, and they were interested in finding un- usual things to write about. " Page Sponsored by Villa Riviera Apartments Yearbook-39 All Americans A very surprised Shaun Stiles and An- nie Madsen were chosen for the title of Americana Boy and Girl. They were no- minated by the teachers, then selected by an over-all vote of the student body. Annie was born on January 7, 1969, in San Diego, CA. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Burrows, but her favorite subject is reading. Her grades are good, and she hopes to keep them that way when she goes to B.H.S. next year. " I really didn ' t think I ' d be chosen, " commented Annie. Talking on the phone, listening to the radio, and swimming are among Annie ' s favorite things to do. On May 9, 1969, Shaun was born in Berkeley, CA. A true animal lover, Shaun has a dog, a cat, and a fish. He enjoys playing soccer and track and eating piz- za. " I was very surprised to be nominat- ed, " says Shaun. Good grades are what Shaun works for and gets. Public Speaking is his favorite subject while Mrs. Burrows is his favorite teacher. " Actis is a good school, " stated Shaun. Other candidates were Mary Kay Ritter, Robin McCoy, Laura Aronson, Than Pham. Carol Doremus, Eric Proffitt, Brad Hibbard, Tony Josue, Jeff Tensley, Jarrett Jamieson, and Steve Ruiz. 42 ' mmmH mm. ' . Mmf : Grant Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Laura Aronson Steve Austin Michelle Backer Randy Bailey Eileen Bark Kathy Bark Brigit Barmann Aaron Barnes Petreva Baugher Shaila Beard Steve Beaudoin Shari Becker Jerry Bell Melodie Belmore Kerry Bergman Chris Berry Bobby Best Brian Bezdek Chris Billingsley Steve Blackwood Chris Blum Lori Bohannon Shelly Borgsdorf Lisa Boschman Brenna Boulware Tracy Bouse Heather Bouton Attilah Bradley 8th Grade-43 Ricki Branscum Robin Braze Jeff Bremer Tammy Brewer Carmen Britt Stacey Brocaille Gene Brown Kent Brown Thomas Brown Kristin Bruce Mary Burk Chris Byrum Lisa Campen Chris Carrisalez Gina Castaneda Sean Castle Chrissy Cervantes Mitch Chambers Monlque Cherry Matt Chiuppi Bobby Clad " Messing Around " 44-8th Grade Paul Claridge Michelle Clegg John Clements Melanie Cohen Frank Cole Rodger Cole Kim Coleman Chris Colvin Mary Corson Beth Cotta Tammy Crabtree Shannon Crenshaw Stacy Crooks Jill Cruse Andy Curtis Tracey Dailey Kenny Davis Patty Davis Heather Davison Claire Day Debra Deatherage Micchelle DelRio Tony DeMario Greg DeWitt Terri Dillingham Carol Doremus Charlene Doublet Lori Douglas Bryan Dritt Robbie Dull 8th Grade-45 Tonya Durbin Natalie Easton Debbie Edwards Linda Ellis Craig Enge Michelle Erwin Julie Escandon Lawren Everingham Paul Ewing Bobby Fallo Michelle Farrell Maria Fernandez Joey Ferra Jeff Ferris Wayne Figg Jimmy Fitzgerald Brice Foley Emma Ford Julie Fox Lonnie Freeman Tammy Freeman Jack French Sabra Friedly John Fugate Anna Fuhlrodt Sean Gahan Michael Galagaea Steve Garcia Susan Germanetti Daryl Gilreath 46-8th Grade Stacy Goad Shelley Goodell Thomas Greenhaigh Derek Greer Paula Gregg t }a -L Amber Grider Chad Hoggard Brian Hall Debbie Hamilton Russell Heasley Michael Hein Diane Helton Brad Hibbard Jimmy Hickle Laura Hildenbrand Gregg Hill Travis Hill Julia Hilliard Michelle Hilton Tom Hoang Kerri Hoover Robby Hopper Rulea Howe Scott Hughes Erik Hurkmans Greg Huston Quan Huynh Michelle Imke Scot Irwin Kim Jackson 8th Grade-47 Even teachers can have fun! Jarrett Jamieson Doug Jauch Ruth Jawor Sherry Jennings Steve Jones Warren Jones David Jordan Tony Josue Brent Katzer Erin Keavy Kim Kelt Debbie Kelly Shelly Kennper Brian Kirkbride Jason Knight Shaun Knutson Melinda Kohlbush Johnny Lang Tonn LaPerle Keith Lawless 48-8th Grade Steve Leach Everett Lee Kim Lee Lori Lee Todd Levesque Lissa Lingo Efren Lopez Kelley Lucas Anne Madsen Glenn Marston Mike Maxson April Maxwell Greg Mayes Kenneth Mayes Chris Maynard Alberto Navia Chuck Nelson Jayme McCoy Robyn McCoy Michael McCray Steve McGowan Mary McKibben Brook McKnight Lisa McMahon Kathy McQuigg Ken Meeks Nicole Mendiburu Greg Mercado Nicole Mettler Denise Metz 8th Grade-49 Mitzi Mitchell Les Molina Bernell Moran David Morgan Brian Moseley Denise Muxlow David Nelson Scott Nelson Kristin Neufeld Patricia Neville Jennifer Noble Seth Oesch Stephanie Olson Christy Ontiveros Loretta Ortiz Brent Osborn Sylvia Ouellette Carrie Paglia Caria Parsons Kathleen Peters Kelly Peters Candice Pfeiffer Thanh Pham Mary Pinion Steve PItoni Misty Pizzino Jimnny Poeike Sheri Pond Lori Pritchett Eric Proffitt 50-8th Grade Page Sponsored by Robin and Darrell Tidnnore Tim Rankin Diana Rasmussen Jeff M. Reed Jeff S. Reed Christy Rines Paul Ritchie Mary Kay Ritter Tracy Robancho Adriane Roberts Kristin Robertson Stephanie Rodgers Paul Rodriguez Chad Rudnick Steve Ruiz Jason Russell Tania Rutherford Matt Sage Mark Sandy Stephanie Scott Wayne Scott Vicki Seabourn Bobbie Seal Karra Seal Lana Sellars Kevin Shafer Shannon Shearer Melissa Short Chris Smith James Smith Jamy Smith 8th Grade-51 Tiffany Smith Chris South Jennifer Sparano Ruthann Spears Dave Spence Eric Spradley Michael Stephens Shaun Stiles Mike Stillion Kellee Stokes Raquel Stone Kenneth Stubblefield Tami Stump Michelle Suderman Tina Tatum Michelle Taylor Alex Taussig Matt Tennison Jeff Tensley Mike Thomas Jim Thompson Darreh Tidmore Rodney Townson Chau Tran Lisa Trevino Tracy Treaster Joey Trevino Jerry Trickey Sheryl Trout Hanh Truong f ll4 7 1 52-8th Grade Mia Turner Jason Tyner Joel Valdez Michael Vaiek Ray Van Bruggen Ray Verdugo Deanna Villa Brandon Walker John Walker Ginny Walsh Melanie Waltz April Webb Chris Weiner Todd West Brandt Wilk Haywood Wilkerson Beth Willianns Charity Wilson Tina Wilson Lome Wood Jason Wyatt Kristi Yoder Alice Yoh Eddie Zuniga 8th Grade-53 Top Students The seventh grade Americana Boy and Girl for the ' 82- ' 83 school year are John Kuss and Chris- tine Johnson. These students were first nominated by four or five of their teachers; then the student body voted on all the candidates. Christine was born March 13, 1970. She came to Actis from Stockdale Elementary where she played on every after-school team since fourth grade. She enjoys basketball and volleyball. She also played on the eighth grade basketball team. When Christine is not busy playing sports, she enjoys listening to the radio and watching televi- sion. She also plays the cello for honor orchestra. When asked how she felt about being Americana Girl, she replied, " I ' m so excited; I ' ve never had anything like this before. " John was very excited about being nominated for Americana Boy. John received a 4.0 GPA the first quarter and did very well the second. One of John ' s favorite things to do is read. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Richmond. John has a wide variety of activities ranging from basketball to fishing to collecting stamps. He plays French horn in the Kern County Honor Band. Other nominees were Michael Lasarev, Todd Green, Kent Carter, Renee Schneider, Diane Spies, and Nicole Karber. mII I I 54 -ais S ' -s? Steve Ackerman Jim Alexander David Allen Tricia Ames Eileen Anderson Susan Annis Jori Apsit Stephanie Arthurs Nikki Assaturian Marissa Arrache Shannon Austin Bobbi Bailey Brian Baker Kristi Banducci Lincoln Banyelos Devon Barefield Chris Barton Robbie Barton Brian Bass Loree Baxter Todd Bennitt Brent Benson Todd Benson Carolyn Berg Kelly Bills D.J. Bivens Eric Blomberg SheaLea Bomboy Tim Borel Tina Barnes 7th Grade-55 Glenn Bowles Tina Boyd Chris Boynton Jeana Brannon Angie Bridgewater Kevin Brock Tammy Brown Kevin Broyles Ron Bruckemyre Mike Burrows Alan Buther Jamie Buttell Carrie Byrum Dennis Caetano Lori Camara David Campbell Marc Campbell Craig Carabajal Chris Carey Brandi Carlon Jeff Carrick Kent Carter Lori Carton Shannon Castle " They caught me again! " (R. B. Contreras) 56-7th Grade Stephanie Castro Tony Caton Melody Chen David Chiaravalloti Jill Churchwell Dawn Clarke Michelle Clingan Cristi Collins Sheoling Combs Jannie Comstock Richard Contreras Laurie Cousineau Mike Cox Kellie Cross Troy Cullivan Lisa Cunningham Monique Darquea Kathy Dean Jim Degiuli Jerry DeLaurie Erika Dewey Duke Dodder Tyler Douglass Amanda Drath Cecily Dunham Becky Durham Danny Easton John Edmunds Royce Edwards Brant Eggers 7th Gracle-57 ' Barf out! " (Dawn Hughes) Traci Elias Russell Elkins Dana Ellison Jessy Ely Brian Enge Joey Engle Blaine Errea Nicole Etue Scott Fisher Susan Fizer Scott Fleischer Natalie Fletcher Trent Ford Paul Fugate DeeAnn Gadbur Scott Gaede Dana Gafford Gina Garcia Jason Garcia Jose Garcia 58-7th Grade I Brooke Garmon Dan George Lisa Gerke Robert Gibson Genie Gidge Gina Ginkens Sandy Giroux Brian Goad Kathryn Golledge Todd Greene David Greminger Leisa Halbohn Adam Hall Michelle Hall Sherri Haney Rob Hanson Ken Harrell Staci Harrell Bryan Harris Sabrina Harlan Derek Hays Kim Hazel Dustin Henderson Valerie Herrera Shauna Hickey Brad Hicks Brian Hicks Kelly Hoeltgen Greg Holland Dawn Hughes 7th Grade-59 Dena Hughes Christi Huhn Tony Hume Dave Hungerford " I know it ' s in there sonrie- where! " (Brian Enge) Jerry Hurst Anthony Jandayan Tonia Jandayan Jon Jessee Shelley Jensen Jeff Jerdin Charles Johnson Christine Johnson Nanette Johnson Robb Johnson Becky Johnston Beth Johnston Dawn Jordan Shelley Juhl Kim Justice Steve Kang Nicole Karber 60-7th Grade Stephanie Keiper Ellen Keller Brenda Kelly Jeff Kennedy Heather Kenoyer Chis Khewer Jeff Kimura Jeff King Marl King Scott Kirschenmann Kelly Kloth Sheri Knowles Andrew KodI Jenifer Kresha Amber Kummer John Kuss Kelly Kyles Li Lacey Wendy Laity Kyle Lamas Christine Langston Janice Langston Mike Lasarev Jennifer Latta Ronny Laughlin Jeremy Lauria Tony Leal Celeste Lee Mike Lester Michele Liebel 7th Grade-61 David Llewellyn Steve Ludwick Cher! Mailer Megan Manion Brock Marion Megan Marshall Krista Martin Twain Martin Monica Martinez Robert Martinez Megan Massa Michelle Mastelotto Reika Mayo Jennifer McClendon Tricia McDuffey Kim McGuire Thomas McKie Don McKinty Annika McMillin Tisa Meek John Mello Lisa Mendez Neil Mendrin Mark Merrifield Julie Mezzles Charles Minot Julie Minot Hanako Mitchell Kendra Mitchell Tim Mitchell 62-7th Grade Joseph Moallempour Rod Moore Chuck Morey Eric Morton Mario Moyer Dean Mudford Wendy Vaughn gets help from Mrs. Green. Nicole Mullenaux John Munn Alice Munoz David Murphy Jill Murphy Cathy Muxlow Michelle Myers Sassan Naderi Shon Nelson Danny Odell Sean Odom Melissa Oiler Adriane O ' Neil Greg Ontiveros Sean Otto 7th Grade-63 Eric Oxford David Palmer Phil Paris Kim Parker Brian Patrick Melissa Pedroza Juanita Phillips Tammy Phillips Stephanie Pickett Nicole Pidgeon Alan Pierce James Pletcher Jason Portell Debie Posner Ryan Powell Andy Prado Paulino Prieto Julynn Probst Ron Raidor Wade Rasley Kelley Ratliff Michelle Reed B.J. Rehkopf Lee Rickard Jon Ries Diane Riley Carmen Roberts Ron Roberts Scott Robertson Shelley Robinson 64-7th Grade Stephanie Rodriguez Tami Romanini Rick Ross Anna Ruiz Mike Runnels Pete Samples DeDrie Sauter Renee Scl neider John Sciacca Kim Seibly Chris Sever Tricia Shaffer Kalpesh Shah Adam Shaw John Sherrod Adrian Simpson Tim Smith Greg Soliz Dianne Spies Curtis Stafford Stephanie Steele Mike Steelman Terry Sumlin Juli Swift Bryan Taylor Laura Tennant Patrick Tero Tommy Tharp Dave Thomas Troy Tomlinson 7th Gracle-65 Robyn Touchstone Jacob Trickey Forest Troutner Lance Troxel Hau Truong Paula Tull Angela Turner Steve Urner Ericka Valenzuela Scott Van Horn Wendy Vaughn Steve Velvick Tammy Verdugo Heath Walfe Karen Walker Missy Walker Walt Walkup Jerry Wallace Jennifer Walser Bonnie Waltz Tracee Warwick Steve Watson Angela Wayts Scott Weaver Melisa Weingart Toby Welch Jeff Weller Jim Wensley Terry Werdel T ina Wheeler 66-7th Grade Tracy Wiebe Debbie Wiggins Monica Williams Timothy Williams T.J. Williams Susan Wilson Jennifer Wilson Brian Winter Gary Witcher Kristin Woods Jo Yang Simon Yoh Joey Zachary Kristina Zuber Dan Zuniga 7th Grade-67 Editors: Paul Ritchie Kent Brown Girls Sweep County Actis ' ' A ' team volleyball has long been the accepted Kern County champions, and this year was no exception when they had a 17-0 season under Coach Barker. Actis has played 94 ' A ' team volleyball games without losing a single one. Coach Barker commented, " The most tense moment was when Greenfield won the first game in the best of three. " Actis went on to win the next two 15-1, 15-6. El Tejon and Norris were said to be the other tough oppo- nents. The ' A ' team star players were Nicole Mettler and Lome Wood, who was the best server, according to Coach Barker. Mr. Barker was disappointed that Actis was not in a league which was cut after Prop. 13 was passed. Actis rented the West High gym with parental sup- port and invited teams from around the county to play. Mr. Barker is planning on going to Fresno State next year to earn his Master ' s Degree. He plans to be the assistant basketball coach at Fresno State. " The next year ' s volleyball team will miss him, " said Jori Apsit, seventh grader. ( 1 ) Volleyball B ' Team members are (Row 1) Melissa Short. Tisa Boschman, Denise Mux- low. Heather Davison. Robyn McCoy (Row 2) Brice Foley. Mary Corson. Kerri Hoover, Diane Helton. Mr. Barker. (2) Jori Apsit pre- pares to spike the ball. (3) Volleyball ' C team members are (Row 1 ) Lisa Gerke. Becky Dur- ham, Tonya Jandayan. Susan Wilson, Christy Banducci, (Row 2) Jill Churchwell, Cathy Muxlow. Megan Manion. Christine Johnson, Kelly Kloth, Dawn Hughes, Mr. Barker. 70-Volleyball ( 1 ) Nicole Mendiburu returns the serve. (2) Volleyball ' A ' team members are (Row 1) Laura Aronson, Megan Marshall, Amber Grider, Nicole Mendiburu, Laura Hildenbrand, Lome Wood, April Maxwell, (Row 2) Megan Massa, Jori Apsit, Nicole Mettler, Beth Williams, Natalie Easton, Stepanie Arthurs, Mr. Barker. (3) Natalie Easton puts the ball in play. (4) Jori Apsit and Lome Wood take the heat from Coach Barker. Page Sponsored by Linda Mayes Volleyball-71 Actis Goes 6-0 The ' 82- ' 83 Actis football season was one of much excitennent. The eighth grade team coached by Mr. Turk, went 6- defeating Thompson twice in close and dramatic games. The first game against Thompson was the closest game all sea- son and was decided on one play. The whole game was a defensive battle until the fourth quarter when Eric Proffitt caught a bomb thrown by Steve Black- wood which set up an Eric Proffitt touch- down, and Actis won 6-0. The depressing part of the season was that Actis wasn ' t in a league. Coach Turk said, " I don ' t like having to arrange all our games, because it was hard to get teams to play us. " Coach Turk felt " Tony Josue and Eric Proffitt were the best players on offense. Russell Heasley and Brandon Walker con- tributed much effort on defense. " The seventh grade team went 2-1-2 with Mr. McMullen as coach. Coach McMullen commented, " Greenfield was our toughest opponent because they are bigger than us. " He also added, " We played like a team all season, always hav- ing a good attitude. " Scott Fisher and Jerry De Laurie were the team leaders. Next year Coach McMullen and Coach Turk hope to be in a league. (1) Eighth grade football team mem- bers are (Row 1) P. Ritchie, J. Wyatt, J. Jamieson, T. Josue, T. Brown, Q. Huyhn, E. Proffitt, (Row 2) S. Ruiz, J. Thompson, J. Walker, L. Freeman, S. Blackwood, S. Pitoni, E. Lee, (Row 3) C. Rudnick, B. Hibbard, L. Molinas, B. Walker. R. Heasley. B. McKnight. M. Chiuppi. K. Davis, S. Jones. (2) Lonnie Freeman gets ready to block. (3) Eric Proffitt eludes an opponent. (4) Steve Blackwood takes the ball on a blast up the middle. Agjj L -■ r j% J a Wb m L-E? 7 W ' Pw. " ..jJflB fi m 72-Football (1) Seventh grade football team members are (Row 1) K. Shah, J. Lauria, T. Bore!, E. Oxford, B. Patrick, G. Witcher, J. Edmunds. (Row 2) A. Prado, B. Eggers, D. McGinty, S. Fisher, D. Dod- der, J. Kuss, R. Moore, T. Douglas. (Row 3) J. Alexander, S. Velvick, T. Welch, R. Powell, J. DeLaurie, S. Fleischer, J. Trickey, Coach McMul- len. (2) Jarret Jamieson uses foot power. (3) Actis breaks out of the huddle. (4) Russell Heas- ley and Lonnie Freeman pick out who they ' re going to hit. Page Sponsored by f ike and Mary Poeike Football-73 Boys Have Balanced Year Mr. Turk, coach of the eighth grade boys ' basketball team, pinpointed Russell Heasley and Eric Proffitt as his star play- ers because " they nnade all-tournament. " He added, " We are a well-balanced team and use all of our players. " At mid-sea- son, the eighth grade team had played ten games and won seven of those. Russell Heasley, the first-string center, said, " Our sole play is the fast break. I would rebound the ball and feed it out to Quan or Tony. They would then give it to Jarret or Eric who would shoot. " At mid-season, the seventh grade team was 4-0. Coach Sacchini ' s favorite play is the overload on the zone. " We drive up the middle and shoot, or we pass it out to the baseline and shoot. " 74-Boys ' Basketball p. 74 (1) Eighth grade basketball team mem- bers are (Row 1) S. Stiles, E. Proffitt. T. Jo- sue, J. Jamieson. Q. Huynh, (Row 2) Coach Turk, T. LaPerle, B. Hibbard, R. Heasley, B. Walker, and S. Blackwood. (2) Seventh grade basketball team members are (Row 1) D. Dodder, J. Carrick, J. Trickey, B. Todd, P. Paris, J. Jessee, B. Marion, (Row 2) A. Prado, R. Martinez, G. Ontiveros, 8. Velvick. P. Samples, J. DeLaurie, and Coach Sac- chini. (3) Russell Heasley goes for a lay-up. (4) Quan Huynh and Eric Proffitt set up a trap. P. 75 (1) The tip-off! (2) Quan Huynh shoots a jump shot. (3) Team members take a breather. (4) Russell Heasley shoots a jumper. (5) Eric Proffitt corners an opponent as Jarrett Jamieson looks on. Boys ' Basketball-75 (1) Actis 8th grade basketball team members are (Row 1) M. Massa, C. Johnson, A. Maxwell, N. Fletcher, Coach Barker. (Row 2) S. Scott, M. Turner, A. Grider, J. Apsit, L. Aron- son. (2) Laura Aronson shoots a jump shot over opponents. (3) Sherry Jen- nings goes for two points (4) Amber Grider shoots a free throw. P. 77 ( 1 ) Laura Aronson out jumps her oppo- nent (2) 7th grade girls ' basketball team members are (Row 1) D. Clark, J. Churchwell, C. Banducci, M. Man- ion, B. Durham, Coach Barker. (Row 2) S. Arthurs, M. Moyer, K. Huhn, A. McMillan, K. Seibly. (3) Sherry Jen- nings gets double-teamed by two op- ponents. • si • iH V -I- I P HI f A IBhhh yy 76-Girls ' Basketball Unbeatable To no one ' s surprise the Actis girls ' basketball teams went undefeated this year in five games. Actis ' most challeng- ing game against Norris Jr. High resulted in a 29-11 Actis victory. Coach Barker commented that the team ' s best play, simply put, is " to give the ball to Laura Aronson or Sherry Jennings and let them do their stuff. " The girls were not able to join a league this year because the team was too strong. Barker explained, " We ' re too good; that ' s why they won ' t let us into the league. There ' s not a junior high around, we couldn ' t beat. " The seventh grade team has gone un- defeated diso. They won every game by at least ten points, except against St. Francis whom they beat by only two points in a close match. Girls ' Basketball-77 Boys Get Even " They cheated, " replied Mr. Turk about the faculty student football game and the teachers ' defeat. The fact re- mains it was a 21-0 victory for the stu- dents. He continued, " They bought the referee and ran illegal plays. " He pro- ceeded to tell the teachers ' strategy: " Kill, maim, and destroy all opponents. " The referees were members of the facul- ty. Mr. Turk credited their defeat to a lack of speed. " We ' re going to football camp for next year ' s game. " 78-Student-Faculty Game Page sponsored by Linda Mayes p. 78 (1) Eric Proffitt sweeps past Mr. Poteete. (2) Eric Proffitt stops Mr. Barker. (3) Eric Proffitt throws a bomb. (4) Mr. White tries to catch Steve Blackwood. P. 79 (1) Students and faculty prepare for battle. (2) Steve Blackwood catches a pass. (3) Mr. White appears to be fouling Tom LaPerle. (4) Mr. White sweeps be- hind the blocking of Mr. Barker. (5) Mr. Turk starts the game. Student-Faculty Game-79 Sports Shots p. 80 (1) Actis girls win the jumpball!! (2) Mr. Turk gives some " friendly " advice. (3) Megan Massa dribbles the ball down court. (4) Actis girls warm-up. (5) Actis boys line up in formation. P. 81 (1) Scott Irwin attempts to cross the monkey bars. (2) Steve Watson, Dan Zuniga and Twain Martin play football during P.E. (3) Russell Heasley battles opponents. (4) Mr. Turk takes command. 80-Sports Candlds Sports Candids-81 L ' ' " »•■■■ ■CJP — 84-Candids Candids-85 r ¥ WW w w w w w w w w w m w (1) Did I really win? (Shelley Borgsdorf) (2) Ta Dum (Tisa Meek) (3) I Can ' t help it, my foot hurts. (Nicole Mettler) (4) And the sixth cheerleader is . . . (5) To get to your classroom, follow the directions on the 86-Candids (1) Hang in there (Steve Pitoni) (2) What ' s the matter with Jannes? (3) Flying High Now (Jayme McCoy) (4) The Varsity Band marches in the Veteran ' s Day Parade. Candids-87 n --• ... ' •■»»« -• ' I Kj a W S . «|V Hk. i BiSlv f w ( 1 ) Brad Hibbard looks suspiciously at the camera. (2) Steve Blackwood charges at Mr. Barker. (3) Working with the comput- er sure is easier than doing it in your head. (4) Todd Levesque and Jeff Tinsley study for the upcoming test. 88-Candids ( 1 ) Now don ' t everybody go for the ball at once. (2) Santa and his elves visit the classrooms. (3) What is Tom LaPerle do- ing? (4) Eric Proffitt says, " What did I do now? " (5) Charlene Dublet learns sign language. Page Sponsored by Linda Mayes Candids-89 90-Candids p. 90(1) Kim Kell and Tonya Durbin pose for a picture. (2) Smile! (Melissa Short, Amber Grider, Megan Massa) (3) Snack time. P. 9 1 { 1 ) Actis Drill team getting ready for the parade. (2) John Kuss, Brian Bass, Blaine Erea on Dress up Day. (3) Brian Bezdek watches as Bobby Clad gets help from Mr. Potette. Candids-91 Ads manager: Greg Mayes . - COME IN and meet our enthusiastic and experienced staff -FULL SERVICE AGENCY- 6651 MING AVE 831-7743 WE PAID A DOLLAR FOR THIS? Mrs. Burrow ' s 6th Period CEASAR ' S 3 Italian Delicatessen Sandwiches Foods to go Salads Party Platters Beer and Wine 4701 Wilson Road 832-6112 Corner of Wilson and Stine ' SVN V 930 WIBLE ROAD Bakersfield CA 93304 Phone 834-7277 —STORE HOURS— MON-SAT 9:30-6 FRI TIL 8PM SUNDAYS 12:30-5:00 -4»K dxaaft: CONGRATULATIONS! Larson ' s Dairyland HOME OF " MORNING FRESH MILK ' LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED DRIVE-IN AND HOME DELIVERY 2800 LARSON LANE 831-1166 msTiaES Alpine Pastries " FINE SWISS FRENCH PASTRIES " . . . SOUTHSIDE SHOPPING PLAZA . . . 2500 NEW STINE AT WILSON 834-8414 Congratulations Class of ' 83 Wixt 3aknsfiM diintnmn INTERIOR PLANT DESIGN Alice Enge • (805) 397-6302 SALES LEASE MAINTENANCE COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL MRS. MILLER ' S SECOND PERIOD Party Hardy Cool Class jTlftl AREA FOR LOCATIONS 34th And Union 5051 Stockdale Hwy. Good Luck To the Class of ' 84 FROM MEGAN MARSHALL m. dsss 85 We Special i Orthodontics Exclusively ROBERT G. OLIVER, D.D.S., M.S. TERRY G. LOEFFLER D.D.S. 5600 California Avenue Suite 4 Bakersfield, CA HARMAC Southside Pharmacy 2500 New Stine Road, Suite 102 Phone (805) 834-7080 Stockdale Fashion Plaza 4823 Stockdale Hwy. Off the Wall The 1 Cherokee Sibicca Baretraps Candies NEVADA BOB ' S GOLF DISCOUNT 4717 Stockdale Hwy Bakersfield, California 832-4115 PAXTON ' S PULLOVERS Custom Silkscreening Caps, T-Shirts Jackets and Uniforms 399-5400 Von ' s Olive Dr. 5400 B Olive Dr. Bakersfield, California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 83 PETRO LEWIS CORPORATION Oil and Gas Producers Western Region 5500 Ming Avenue. Suite 300 Bakersfield. California 93309 805 398-5100 T.A. Cyclery Raleigh Peugeot Nishiki 1 DAY SERVICE MOST BIKES TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU IN BAKERSFIELD TOM ALVAREZ GARY SUNDBERG, 325-6211 397-4149 321 California Ave. 4643 Wilson Rd (2 Blocks West of Union) (Corner of Stine Bakersfield Bakersfield MGR. @ On " JkcRun SPECIALIZING IN FAMILY ACTIVE WEAR % OUIIKSILVEIR I Z O D. u ft,. OWNERS LOYD DICKEY SHARON DICKEY (805) 831-4631 STOCKDALE FASHION PLAZA 5001 STOCKDALE HWY. BAKERSFIELD, CA. 93309 Way Of japan •. MCN • WOMCM ' CHILOIIEN yij, Shotokan Style NO Contracts Visitors Always Welcome CALL ... 834-5871 4717 District Blvd. No. 4 INSTRUCTORS: Abe Belardo. Jr. Marcos Resales, Jr. 7 COSMETICS in M|)en leni wsm Restaurants Louise Zellner, Beauty Consultant (805) 871-4998 2517 Silver Dr. 631 18th St. Downtown 327-3861 3303 Niles-E. Bakersfield 366-4436 5601 California-Stockdale West 327-5201 Bakersfield, Ca. 93306 E I« ' V- 1 R O »« IM u: i« 7- Building Maintenance Company Beef is Best MIKE FRIEDMAN Owner Manager P 0. Box 9325 Bakersfield, California 93389 (805) 833-0488 TAKING AN ORDINARY JOB AND ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING WITH IT. Sundance Cattle Company t High School Juniors Seniors and College Students Earn a grade every quarter in Work Experience at school. 100-Ads Congratulations Class Of ' 83 Fun Factory 4619 Wilson Rd. Bakersfield, California Congratu ations graduating cass of ' 83 STOCKDALE WEST from Nuhoms Linda J. Mailer Owner The Klassy Kid Butch Boynton 5432 California Ave. Bakersfield, California 93309 Stockdale West Shopping Center Ads- 101 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 83 ' Saigon Restaurant Family Style Chinese and Vietnannese Food 5416 California Ave. Bakersfield, CA 324-0477 SHAKEY ' S PIZZA PARLOR Mike D ' Amato General Manager 323-6074 2100 Alta Vista 832-0750 3611 Stockdale Hwy. Bakersfield, CA BIKE STATION (805) 832-7948 6647 Ming Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93309 Service and Repairs All Makes Pick-Up and Delivery inDUSTRIM in$uinTORs suppixmc. Jerry Roberts Vice President and General Manager Bakersfield. CA 2305 Fruitvale Ave. 102- Ads SUN FRESH CARPET CLEANING Sam Clement Residential Commercial 2301 Westhaven Bakersfield, CA 93304 324-8804 Ads- 103 Compliments of IRRIGATION Supply Co. 4311 Rosedale Hwy. Bakersfield, Ca. 327-9632 A division of I. S. Industries 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Closed Sunday Phone 327-5391 Maria ' s RESTAURANT MEXICAN FOOD Your Hostess MARRY ADDINGTON 1656 Oak street Corner of Truxtun Bakersfield, Calif. JULIE GAEDE Associate Broker LLOYD PLANK Real Estate 5501 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, CA. 93309 Phone: Office. (805) 397-5323 104- Ads ROLLER SKATING Excellent Maple Floor LOW RATES Skating Party Experts For Groups And Birthday Parties PRO SHOP Instructions By World Champions Teachers Omar and Dolores Dunn and Natalie Dunn Taylor 831-5567 415 Ming Ave. Bakersfield SANGERA BUICK— MERCEDES ® MERCEDES-BENZ MARION BOW Sales Manager 1201 24th Street Bakersfield, California (805) 325-0736 DEWAR ' S CANDY SHOP INC. Best Wishes Class of ' 83 We make our own Chocolates, Taffy, Chews, Ice Cream Ice milk, Party Punches Hutton 1120 Eye Street Bakersfield, California 93304 (805) 322-0933 5300 California Ave. Suite 450 Bakersfield, California (805) 327-9141 Ads- 105 SiocMii! RfflilD® Sales Lessons Rentals Repairs " The Friendliest Service in Music " In the Stockdale West Shopping Center 5474 California Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93309 Main Store (805) 323-3063 Pro Sound (805) 325-2732 Hey Bud Let ' s Party Mrs. Borel ' s First Period Class c£e.J Bamboo C«opsr cKS 1203 18th Street Bakersfield. CA 93301 (805) 324-94441 106- Ads Glenn C. Cole Partner Fox Company Certified Public Accountants 5225 Business Center Drive Bakersfieid, CA 93309 (805) 327-4232 Service Transport Inc. Congratulates the Outstanding Students at O.J. Actis JR. High JCWNi Space Cadets Mrs. Richmond ' s 2nd Period Class Ads- 107 PRESTIGE PLUS INTERIORS Blinds • Woods • Carpet • Wallpaper Custom draperies • custom bedspreads All your decorating needs at one location 3542 Ming Ave. 831-7015 108- Ads — H f— h C ) 03 wpUS CO -I— » CD CO CO DQ CO c JO CL 3542 Ming Ave. (by Chuck E. Cheese) 831-7015 Ads- 109 Select Copy Systems :a COPY sfircMS " AUTHORIZED C 9 DEAIERI 2436 Oak Street 322-5053 Ice Cream Sandwich Shop Jim and Martha O ' Connor 6633 Ming Avenue Bakersfieid, Calif. (805) 831-3182 Sew Original Sharon E. Wainwright (805) 832-9276 6423 Ming Avenue Bakersfieid. Ca. 93309 1 10- Ads Mrs. Burrows ' 4th Period Class We live for weekends! greg kendrick architect aia architecture planning 2120 24th Street Suite 3 Bakersfield, California (805) 322-1863 Tom Coleman Company 4301 Stine Road Bakersfield, California 832-1131 Congratulations class of ' 83 Call 327-7284 Free Parking 11 AM To 9 PM Daily Fri. Sat. 11 AM- 10 PM Sunday 4 PM - 9 PM Individual Or Family Style Dinners BARBECUE SANDWICHES CATERING NEEDS? Let Us Cater Your Party 1230- 18th St. Corner of 18th L Downtown Bakersfield RASMUSSEN ' S DANISH BAKERY One quarter of a century serving California Specializing in Danish pastries and custom cakes 5470 California Avenue Bakersfield, CA 323-9449 11 2- Ads Congratulations Class of ' 83 sun Ginnx There ' s something good under the Sun Ads-113 For your cycling needs go to Bicycle Warehouse Sales, Repairs, and Parts Ming and Stine Bakersfield Columbus and River Blvd. N.E. Bakersfield 1 14-Ads Tenneco West DEDICATED TO THE FUTURE OF KERN COUNTY HOUSE « FINE CALIFORNIA GIFT FOODS STOCKDALE Land Management and Development sun Ginnx There ' ssomethinggoodundertheSun. ATenneco Company TENNECO Bakersfield, Ca. 93309 Ads-115 Ritchie Realty and Investment Co. 1603 Calif. Ave. 327-5793 Arc Fan City Valley Village Shopping Center 3528 Ming Ave. Bakersfield Calif. 93309 Old Jackonville Hunter Casablanca Energy Saving Ceiling Fans 398-5551 Jim Canaday Marilyn King Canaday Master Pods by Neudeck Neudeck Pools, Inc. 509 Ming Ave. Bakersfield, Calif.. 93307 831-6673 Bob Hamilton President General Manager The Garden District Flowers for all occasions Southside center Wilson at New Stine 834-9200 Vons Shopping Center (5400) Olive Dr. 399-3319 11 6- Ads 5201 Business Center Dr. Bakersfield, California 93309 327-4163 Daniel L Downs Asst. Manager Mrs. Burrows ' Party Hardy, Totally Tubular, 2ncl Period English Class We would like to thank . . . Ken Heasley- Photographer Mrs. Kendrick- Advisor All Patrons and advertisers And the 1983 yearbook class for making a great book, working hard, and having fun! Shannon Shearer Melanie Waltz Co-Editors Ads-117 ' 82 - ' 83 Record 118 ( ( Autographs Just For The Record " im Autographs " Just For The Record " Jl 120 J- t 1 i- 1 f i I 1 1 Ik... • t: 1 ' 1 i • [ I 1 - • ! 1 £iS

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1983, pg 24

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1983, pg 125

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