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W rr 5 FS P: fi ,E 51 I Q4 , Q 'i fs E 5 if E 2 e s 3 E 51 gm? A x x 1. Q JN. '-: LN ' V H x Q5 .I 7 1 Q, 1 , THE ECHO of I954 Edited By The Senior Class of Acme-Delco High School . Delco, N. C. Anne Singletary Editor-In-Ch Bobb Harris B s' ess Mana 'y' u 1n g Mr. A. J. Jackson, Jr. Spons DEDICATION I To Mr. Wortman, principal: For time unselfishly dedicated to building a school spirit andrnoulding lives of others in his unassuming and understanding wayg For integrity, for intelligence, for nobility of character,for accomplishments of mind and spirit, we the Senior Class of '54 de- dicate "The Echo" 2 FACU LTY I. A. Wortman Mrs. W. A. Pierce A. J. Jackson Principal English, French, Geometry Typing, Bookkeeping, Econom ics, History, Civics J. B. Waddell Yvonne Waters I. G. Long Agriculture Biology. Home Economics Science, Physics, Algebra 3 SENIORS Bobby Babson Sidney Lanier Societyi Class Secretary lg Beta Club: Class President 2,3g Citi- zenship Medal 2g Baseball lg Busdriver 3,4p Advocate Staff 4. Joanette Connor Sidney Lanier Societyg Class Secretary lg Beta Club l,2,3,4, Vice -President 35 Student Librarian l,2,3g Co. Editor of Advocate 4g Future Teachers Club 4, Reporter 4: Friendliest 45 Associate Ed- itor of Annual 4. Charles Howell, Jr ....... . ..... . . . President Kenneth Medlin . . . . . . . . Vice -President Anne Singletary . . . . . Secretary -Treasurer Neresa Myers . . 4 . . , ..... Reporter 4 Irvin Connor Sidney Lanier Societyp F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Reporter 3,45 4-H l,2,3g Art Editor of Annual 4. Julia Rea Evans Sidney Lanier Society, Recitation l, Medal l, Declamation 3, Medal 35 Fu- ture Teachers Club 4, President 4g Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Class Poetess 45 Most Athletic 4. SENICRS Paul Fowler Hallsboro lg O'Henry Society, Vice- President, 4-H Club 2,3,4g F.F.A. l,2, 3,4g Class President lg Baseball lg Foot- ball lg Bus Driver 2,3,4g Best Looking 4. Bobby Harris O'Henry Societyg Beta Club l,2,3,4. President 4g F.F.A. l,2g Baseball 2,3,4g Football2,3,4g Annual Business Manager 4, Most Likely to Succeed 4. ix Graham Johnson O'Henry Societyg Future Teachers Club 4, 4-H Club l,2g F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2,3,4. Bessie Kelly Sidney Lanier Society: 4-H Club l,2,3, 4, Secretary 4. Charles Howell, Jr. Sidney Lanier Society, Sergeant-av Arms lg F.F.A. 1,25 Class President 4g Football 2,3g Sports Editor of Annual 45 Friendliest 4. Wanda Hufham O'Henry Society, Sergeant-at-Arms l, Secretary2, Vice -President 3, President 4g 4-H Club l,2,3,4g Beta Club l,2,3,4g Class Historian: Class Secretary 1,25 Cheerleader 3g Most Studious 4. 4 Hilda Marks Sidney Lanier Society 1 ,2.3,4, Secretary 2, Recitation 3, Society Play 2,3g Future Teacher Club 4g 4-H Club 2,3g Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter 4, County Reporter 3gClass Testator4g Student Librarian 2g Jr, Marshall: Basketball 2,3,4g Athletic Medal 3g Best All Round 4. Kenneth Maultsby Sidney Lanier Societyg F,F.A. 1,2g Future Teachers Club4g Student Librarian 3,4g Bus Patrol 3,41 Jr. Marshall, Most Stu- dious 4. .ninaqm SENIORS Victor Larkins Jr. Sidney Lanier Societyg4-l-l Club2,3g F. F.A. 1,2,3gBasketball 1.2.33 Football 2: Baseball l,2.3. Charles Lennon O'Henry Society, 4-H Club 1.2: F,F.A. 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,23 Busdriver 4, Kenneth Medlin O'Henry Societyg Beta Club lg President 1, Vice-President 2,3,4: Annual Typist 43 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Advocate Staff 4g F.F.A. 1.2.3. Arrell Moore O'Henry Societyg 4-H Club 1,2.3,4g F. F,A, 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4. SENIORS Neresa Myers O'l-lenry Society. Sergeant-at-Arms: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, President 1, Vice- President 2g Class Reporter 4g Student Librarian 1,2g Cheerleader 1.2.35 Prettiest 4. Horace Reaves O'l-lenry Society F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Ad- vocate Staff 4. Beatrice Williamson Sidney Lanier Society, Sergeant-av Armsg 4-H Club 1,2,3.4. President 4g Student Librarian 13 Cheerleader 1.2.3. Thomas Wehrhahn Sidney Lanier Society, President 4: F.F. A. 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Football 2, 3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Advocate staff 4. I Anne Singletary Clarkton lg Chesnee 2: Sidney Lanier Societyg Future Teachers Club 4, Pro- gram Chairman 4g 4-H Club 3,4p Beta Club 3.4, Program Chairman 3, Secre- tary 4g Annual Editor-In-Chief 4g Class Secretary 3,43 Most Likely to Succeed 4g Advocate Staff 4. Grant Skipper O'Henryg F.F.A, l,2,3.4g 4-H Club 1.2, 3.4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1.2.3, 4g Football 2.3.4. ...fl JU Ellen Lennon . . . Mary Ruth Lennon . Merle Pittman. . Noah Hufham . . . Joseph Bordeaux Sara Frank Bordeaux Bonnie Brown Magdalene Champion Faye Coleman James Cook Myrtle Heath Noah Hufham Oretha Justice . . . Vice -President ORS . .... President . . . .Secretary . . Treasurer 'I-1-...M yrr 1, 'NF-s..,., me rs it .IU Elaine Lennon Ellen Lennon Carolyn Merrit Meailene Merrit Bobbie Lou Peterson Louise Peterson Merle Pittman R. C. Sherill Ivo Wortman, Jr. IDRS Faye Kelly Mary Ruth Lennon 9 SOPHOMORES Billy Bordeaux, Presrdent Lawrence Heath V1ce Presrdent Lourse Malpass, Secretary Barbara Anne Peterson, Treasure Norwood Bollinger Billy Bordeaux Sonny Bordeaux Philip Connor Bertha Lee Creech Annell Dale 10 Rachel Dale Saundra Hardison bowrence Heath Myrtle Johnson Sherwood Johnson Helen Little Louise Malpass Floreine Maultsby Edna Mills Mildred Mills Morris Parker Barbara Ann Peterson Sylvia Reeves Darlene Rice Radford Rich Berkley Squires Olive Watts Fitzhugh Williams Betty Allen fcamera shyj Charles Allen Qcamera shyj 11 FRESHMAN Earnest Allen fCamera shyj Jackson Applewhite Jerry Babson fCamera shyj Jennie Ruth Bello H. C. Blake Shirley Bollinger Hildred Bordeaux Maxie Bordeaux Tim Bordeaux Brady Brown Nulon Bullard Eugene Carroll Horton Clayter Dallas Coleman Jack Cole Jimmy Cole Lewis Connor fCamera shyj Allene Cook John Dailey Myra Dailey Dorothy Edwards Durwood Edwards Margaret Fowler Luther Freck Barbara Glisson Johnny Lennon ........ . .... . .... President Nancy Jarman . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice President Rachel Ann Peterson . . . . . Secretary and Treasurer NancyJarman...... ...........Reporter f ,ma ff a 'L-. ---'ur 12 Louise Hufham Nancy Jarman Eva Jordan Rosa Lee Kelly Betty Larkins Bobby Lennon Johnny Lennon Barbara Ann Little Geraldine Little Alfred Malpass Becky Malpass Mavis Millinor Bob Moore Saddie Norris Virginia Norris Donald Parker fCamera shyj Mabel Parker Hubert Peterson Joann Peterson Rachel Ann Peterson Jerome Pittman Ike Reynolds Earl Smith Hollis Simmons Charles Stephens Charlotte Strickland Emily Sykes fCamera shyj Lonnie Sykes Charles Wallace Merle Williamson Thelma Gore Earline Harrelson Evelyn Holloway SNAPSHOTS 'fs 1 4, , 'fii - W - :Y 1 54 4 . 6 +1 - -4, K' 'S W sl Q so . 5.2 .mg 5 if W fa., . QA. qgwsis sag' is cc Q s V 5 s f A N X 5 'E .g gi Q mlm ,,,,....,,..elrg:wvnn1l'Wfj,pX-:M f fs. ,'k. 3 k,!iLv3.,,...-f .1 L N .. A, - . - . -3 1 XS it e? 1. SENC Tobacco Queen. 2. Keeping a slim figure, isn't she? 3. "The Big 4" 4. '53 Graduates. 5. "Million Dollar Mermaids." 6. Re- semble sorta! 7. Happy,isn't she? 8.Reckonthey'llmake the team? 9. "Choo-Choo Justice." '10. Always as pleasant as she looks. 11. "Cuties." 12. Give us a pose. 13. Let's play ball. 14. 1-2-3-go. 15. How about a ' 0 wink.. 14 iw c c .3 QQ. -. 1 ',,' f ffm 'Q MQ IQVZ 1? f X 2 4 4 ,rr E xr .I ,ull A x D X nfl If 1' Pd yy Q bf AN MIL' 3 , A' 2 .1 E, , " 23Q1Qfg,12Z'f E fb C99 995 PRIMARY GRAMMAR First Grade Mrs. Eunice Moore 1 :lun , -,Si 3 'i wa ...L V LL- Zi? A yn-a nr' First Grade Mrs. Lena P. Strauss --'-'aamz I4 l Q as QQ Second Grade Mrs. Blanche Long 1 - A---4.-M. llllllll 5 a i 3 fr in Third Grade, Mrs. Valeria Tron dsen Second Grade, Annie L. Vareen 'FI-3-4 Liu SSN wil -.quo :anna :run Inns ith Intl' a .r ,, 5, 212 5 , , ',,-Q an f A -r4fdQ?ig55ak 525 W .ti ,M , I-QQQM 'i fi , 'armani r Q Fourth Grade MRS. I. A. WORTMAN Fourth and Fifth Grade MISS MILDRED POWELL Fifth Grade MRS T.OI.T.U-TT Pa FKOSWELL Sixth Grade MRS. HELEN MARROW Sixth Grade MISS THETUS MCLEAN Seventh Grade MRS. DELLA GREGORY 19 Seventh and Eighth Grades, Mrs, Rose Byrd -.v-. Eighth Grade, Mrs. Dovie Jackson MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Zara Butler 20 Mike Rawls W SUPERLATIVES CLASS HISTORY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT MOTTO COLORS CLASS FLOWERS POEM MASCOTS ,.f""""' e Y n nn n Most Studious Wanda Hufham and Kenneth Maultsby SENIOI Best All Around Hilda Marks and Grant Skipper Most Likely Succeed Anne Singletary and Bobby Harris 22 LIPERLATIVES Best Looking Nere sa Myers and Paul Fowler Friendliest Joanette Connor and Charles Howell Jr Most Athletic Julia Rea Evans and Thomas Wehrhahn CLASS HISTORY In September, 1950, we the class of 1954, made our first appearance in high school. For almost eight years we had looked forward to the time when we would be high school students. We were a class of twenty-six when we were promoted from the eighth grade. Beatrice Williamson, Paul Fowler, Charles Howell, Jr., and Bobby Harris joined us from various schools. It was a pleas- ure to welcome these four students to our school. This made our number thirty. Mrs. Pierce was our Freshman teacher. We elected our class officers and got to work. Before we knew it, the year was completed and we were Sopho- mores. We lost several of our classmates and were now a group of twenty- eight. Kenneth Medlin was elected as our class president. Our activities were a bit numerous this year. Another added to our class was Horace Reaves. Se- cond semester Paul Fowler was elected president. In the fall of 1952 our Junior Class was a happy group of twenty-two. Four of our classmates failed to return to school, but it was a privilege to wel- come Anne Singletary to our class. Mr. Jackson was our home room teacher. Bobby Babson was elected president of our class, Kenneth Medlin, vice-p1-es- dent, Anne Singletary,secretaryg and Bobby Harris, treasurer. We had numerous important activities during our Junior year. Among them was the ordering of our class rings. The event that almost everyone looked forward to was the Junior-Senior Banquet. The banquet was held at the Gym- nasium on April 4. Everything was grand, and those who attended will long remember this festivity. Our final year began in August, 1953, with Mr. Jackson as our home room teacher. We were glad to have him again for our Senior year. Charles Howell, Jr. was elected president and we dignified seniors began working on the many tasks that were before us. It was a great pleasure to publish the school annual. Let's hope everyone will enjoy and treasure it in the years to come. The outstanding ventures of our Senior year were the publishing of the annual, the presentation of one class play, the participation in the O'Henry and Sidney Lanier Literary Society contest, and the preparation for graduation. We will forever be grateful for the privilege of attending this school and for the guidance and encouragement of our parents, teachers and principal. When we receive our diplomas, the history of our class as a group ends, and each member will write his own history by his future deeds. Wanda Hufham, HISTORIAN LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the graduating class of 1954, realizing that the close of our school days are near at hand, think it wise to leave something to those who in the future will undertake to fill our places. In the course of our high school days, naturally,we have accumulated var- ious and valuable possessions, our years have been fruitful. We have acquired a vast store of knowledge along with other things that will help us through our lives. After twelve-years of hard mental labor, and realizing that an end must come to all good things, do hereby make and ordain this to be our Last Will and Testament. 24 To our faithful and long suffering principal, Mr. Wortman,we will the Jun- ior Class hoping they will be as co-operative as we have TRIED to be. We also will him our joyous voices in the halls, study halls , and classrooms, so he won't be lonesome in our blessed absence and the absence of our chewing gum pap- ers. To our sponsor, Mr. Jackson, to whom we are very much indebted for his leadership and guidance, we leave our wishes thathe may have ahistory class just as he wants it to be. To our teachers, we leave our trust in them and the pleasure that is given to them each year, of molding the Senior Class into agroup with our high stan- dards and loving dispositions. To the Juniors, we leave our privilege to go to lunch early and also other privileges, we didn't have. We also leave them our dignity, hoping they will succeed on their road of life. Departing individuals do bequeath as follows: I, Bobby Babson, do will and bequeath my ability to play football to R. C. Sherrill in hopes that he will someday make "All-American." I, Irvin Connor, do will and bequeath my ability to sing to Carolyn Merritt in hopes that she will someday become a great singing star. I, Joanette Connor, do will and bequeath my blonde hair to Oretha Justice so she won't have to use anymore peroxide. I, Julia Rea Evans, do will and bequeathmy ability to be late to Joseph Bor- deaux. I, Paul Fowler, do will and bequeath my ability to soap windows to Buddy Truesdale. I, Bobby Harris, do will andbequeath my cars to "Cooter" so he won'thave to ride in the "Model A." I, Charles Howell, do will and bequeath my quietness in history class to Bob- by Lou Peterson so she won't talk as much next year. I, Wanda Hufham, do will and bequeath my ability to cheer to Sylvia Dew in hopes that she may someday become "Chief Cheerleader." I, Graham Johnson, do will and bequeath my talent of playing the piano to Merle Pittman. I, Bessie Kelly, do will my enjoyable attitude to study history to Faye Kelly. I, Charles Lennon, do will my ability to drive a car to Ivo Wortman. I, Hilda Marks, do will and bequeath my "good looks and divine figure" to Myra Dailey in hopes she will someday become another "Marilyn Monroe." I, Arrell Moore, do will and bequeath my ability to cut up to Radford Rich. I, Neresa Myers, do will and bequeath my curly redhair to Mary Ruth Len- I'101'1. I, Horace Reaves, do will and 'bequeath all my girl friends to Fitzhugh Williams. I, Kenneth Maultsby, do will and bequeath my ability to crochet and em- broidery to Louise Malpass. I, Kenneth Medlin, do will and bequeath my ability to play basketball to Bob- by Lennon. I, Anne Singletary, do will and bequeath my ability to drive to Myrtle Heath I, Grant Skipper, do will and bequeath my flirty ways to Luther Freck. I, Thomas Wehrhahn, do will and bequeath my curly hair to Burkley Squires. I, Beatrice Williamson, do will and bequeath my ability to skate to Ellen Lennon. In witness thereof we, the senior class of 1954, the testators, have set our last seal, this Zlst day of May, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four. Hilda Marks, TESTATOR 25 f QXWQH 5 x VL!! ff 2-2 ggi? 12125 ki: .f 47 FEATURES Mono MAY OUR FOOTSTEPS BE IN THE SANDS OF TIME. CLASS COLORS GREEN and WHITE CLASS FLOWER CARNATION CLASS POEM SENIORS' REVERIES QApologies To Tennyson, Seniors, rest we here a little, while our life is at its morng Pause and voice the glad emotions of our graduation born. We have labored in the classroom, we have won by efforts newg Each achievement is a promise of the things we hope to do. There's a blessing in our souls, friends, Welling from their deepest part Voicing here the deepest, truest, longings of every Senior's heart. MASCOTS 26 +9114 WZYML :iff V' fa, 1 Sli?-5 I Zf' wi 'f I jf! wg N X .ya,f 1 WW ' 42 W if'-'I r'Q"i The Annual Staff Beta Club 4-H Club F. F A.. Club Band Sidney Lanier Society 0. Henry Society Future Teachers Paper Staff Bus Drivers Lunch Room Staff ' THE ECHO Anne Singletary . . Joanette Connor . Bobby Harris . . . Charles Howell Jr. . . Kenneth Medlin . Irvin Connor . . . Neresa Myres . . Merle Pittman . . Darlene Rice . . Nancy Jarman . . . . .Editor-In-Chief . . .Associate Editor . .Business Manager . . . . .Sports Editor .........Typist . . . . . .Art Editor . . .Senior Reporter . . .Junior Reporter Sophomore Reporter .Freshman Reporter Mr. A. J. Jackson Jr .......... Sponsor BETA CLUB Bobby Harris, President, Bobby Lou Peterson, Vice-President, Anne Singletary, Secretary, Joanette Con nor, Reporter, Hilda Marks, Program Chairmang Wanda l-lufham, Pianist, Miss Yvonne Waters, Sponsor 4-H CLUB s Beatrice Williamson, President, Buddy Truesdale, Vice-PresidentgBessie Kelly, Secretary: Earnest Allen, Jenny Bello, Shirley Bollinger, l-lildred Bordeaux, Sonny Bordeaux, Tim Bordeaux, Brady Brown, Nulon Bullard, Eugene Carroll, Jack Cole, Dallas Coleman, Joanette Connor, Lewis Con- nor, Allen Cook, Dorothy Edwards, Julia Rea Evans, Paul Fowler, Barbara Glisson, Thelma Gore, Myrtle Heath, Louise Hufham, Wanda Hufham, Oreatha Justice. Rosa Lee Kelly, Betty Larkins, Ellen Lennon, Bobbie Little, Geraldine Little, Becky Malpass, Neresa Myres, Sadie Norris, Vir- ginia Norris, Donald Parker, Morris Parker, Hubert Peterson, Joan Peterson, Rachel Peterson, Merle Pittman, Radford Rich, Anne Singletary, Berkley Squires, Charles Stephens, Emily Sykes, Charles Wallace. 29 F. F. A. CLUB 4230 Ill ,ij Ill , jj G, Skipper, President, H. Reaves, Vice President, A. Moore, Secretary: D. Edwards, Treasurergl. Connor, Reporter, P, Connor, Senortorg Mr. J. Waddell, Advisor, C, Allen, B. Babson, J, Bab- son, H, Blake, B. Bordeaux, S. Bordeaux, T, Bordeaux, B. Brown, N, Bullard, E, Carroll, H,Clay- ter,J, Cole,1. Cole, D, Coleman, I, Connor, L, Connor, P, Connor, J, Cook, J. Dailey, D, Edwards, P, Fowler, L. Freck, L, Heath, G, Johnson, S. Johnson, B, Lennon, C, Lennon, J, Lennon, A, Moore, B. Moore, D. Parker, M. Parker, H, Peterson, J,,Pittman, R, Rich, R, Sherill, H, Simmons, E, Smith, B, Squires, C. Stephens, B, Truesdale, C, Wallace, T, Whehrhahn, I. Wortman, BAD B, Brown, M, Lennon, H, Marks, Majorettesg R, Babson, B. Bordeaux, N. Bordeaux, S, Bordeaux, S. Bordeaux, A. Cook, M, Dailey. J. Dailey, A, Ellis, B, Glisson, E. Gregory, L. Heath, H. Hodges, N. Jarman, M. Johnson, B. Lee, B. Lennon, O, Marrow, J, Merritt, F, Odam, J, Owen, B, Parlatore, G, Parker,S, Parker, L. Peterson, R, Peterson, R. Simpson, A. Walker, G, Walker, B, Ward, and Mr, R, A. Hodges, Director. 30 SIDNEY LA IER socltrv iii ,W ne, T. Wehrhahn, President, M. Pittman, Vice-Presidentg D. Rice, Secretary: I. Dailey, M. Dailey, Sergeant-at-Arms, A. Singletary, J, Evans, Program ChairmengM, Pittman, Pianist, E, Allen, B, Babson, J, Bello, H, Blake, B, Bordeaux, H, Bordeaux, S, Bordeaux, T, Bordeaux, B, Brown, B, Brown, H, Clayter, J, Cole, I, Connor, J, Connor, L, Connor, J, Cook, J. Dailey, M, Dailey, A, Dale, S, Dew, D. Edwards,J, Evans,T, Gore, E, Harrelson, L, Heath, C. Howell Jr,, N, Jarman, M, Johnson,S, Johnson,B. Kelly, R, Kelly, B, Lennon, E, Lennon, M, Lennon, B, Little, B, Malpass, H, Marks,F, Maultsby,K, Maultsby,M, Merritt,B, Moore, V, Norris, M, Parker, J, Peterson, L, Peter- son, J, Pittman, M, Pittman, D, Rice, R, Rich, R, Sherrill, H, Simmons, A, Singletary, E, Smith, B, Squires, A. Strickland, C. Wallace, O, Watts, T. Wehrhahn, and Mr. J. Waddell, Sponsor. O'HE RY SOCIETY W. Hufham, Presidentg E, Lennon, Vice-Presidentg L. Malpass, Secretary: J. Lennon, R. Peterson, Sergeant-at-Arms, B, Peterson, F, Kelly, Program Chairmeng W, Hufham, Pianist, Mr. A. J. Jack- son,Jr,, Sponsor, B, Allen, C, Allen, J, Babson, J, Bordeaux, M, Bordeaux, S, Bordeaux, N, Bullard, E, Carroll, M. Champion, I. Cole, D, Coleman, F, Coleman, P. Connor, A, Cook, B, Creech, D, Edwards,P. Fowler,L, Freck,B, Glisson, B, Harris, M, Heath, E, Hallaway, L, Hufham, N, Hufham, W, Hufham, G, Johnson, E, Jordon, O, Justice, F, Kelly, B, Larkins, C. Lennon, E, Lennon, J, Len- non, G. Little, Mr, I, G. Long, L. Malpass, K, Medlin, M, Millinor, E. Mills, A, Moore, N, Myers S, Norris, D, Parker, M, Parker, B, Peterson, B, Peterson, H, Peterson, R. Peterson, H. Reaves, S Reeves, G. Skipper, C, Stephens, E, Sykes, B, Truesdale, I, Wortman, 31 FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Julia Rea Evans, PresidentgChar1es Howell Ir., Vice-President: Louise Peterson, Secretaryg Merle Pittman, Treasurerg Joanette Connor, Reporterg Kenneth Maultsby, Librariang Hilda Marks, PianistgEllen Lennon, Parliamentariang Anne Singletary, Program Chairman, Mag- daline Champion, Ivo Wortman, Graham Johnson, Ellen Lennon. DVOCATE CLASS Wanda Hufham and Joanette Connor, Co-editorsg Mr. A. I. Jackson, Sponsorg. Thomas Wehrhahn, Sports editorg Faye Coleman, Social Editorg Anne Singletary, Gossip editor, Kenneth Medlin, Editorialistg Bobby Babson, Variety editorg Horace Reaves, Humor editor. 32 , BU DRIVER Charles Lennon, Mike Rawls, Horace Reaves, Bobby Babson, Paul Fowler, not pictured Fitzhugh Williams, and Buddy Truesdale. LUNCH ROOM STAFF Mrs. Homer Bordeaux, Mrs. E. H. Jarman, Mrs. D. I. Peterson, Mrs. R. L. Brown. 33 Q gr K .., Q ie - , W 'SWG M , QW' SNAPSHGTS L A-a w 4 5 w .ff pd "fu , - ,few 155' gl u f -4 I . ',-,, A 5 4 's - , 5 3 , N . Q J ml' I nf "" 'J '1 an J f 2 W 4 fm th My Nix? 1 A 8 Q 34- .fi Q11 iii! T' Basketball Girls Boys Baseball Football GIRLS' BA KETBALL TE M First Row: Olive Watts, Geraldine Little, Hilda Marks, Nancy Jarman, Merle Pittman. Second Row: Mrs. A. J. Jackson Jr., Coach, Faye Kelly, Louise Peterson, Myrtle Heath, Julia Rea Evans, Myra Dailey, Oretha Justice, Betty Ann Larkins. BCDYS' BASKETBALL TE M First Row: Horton Clayter, Thomas Wehrhahn, Buddy Truesdale, Joseph Bordeaux, Lawrence Heath, Billy Bordeaux. Second Row: Radford Rich, Jerome Pittman, Graham Johnson, Mr. I. A. Wortman,Coachg Ivo Wort- man, Sherwood Johnson. 36 BASEBALL TEAM A First Row: Billy Bordeaux, Radford Rich, Thomas Wehrhahn, Buddy Truesdale, Bobby Harris, Kenneth Medlin. Second Row: Horton Clayter, Bobby Lennon, H. C. Blake, John Dailey, Lawrence Heath, and Mr. Jack Waddell, Coach. FOCTBALL TEAM First Row: Luther Freck, Jimmy Cole, H.C. Blake, Jerome Pittman, Jack Cole. Second Row: Bobby Harris, John Dailey, Bobby Lennon, Philip Connor, Lawrence Heath. Third Row: Mr. I. A, Wortman,Coachg Berkley Squires, Radford Rich, Ivo Wortman, R. C. Sherrill, Thomas Wehrhahn, Buddy Truesdale, Grant Skipper, Manager. 37 CHEERLE DERS Bobby Lou Peterson, Darlene Rice,Charlotte Strickland, Sylvia Dew ADULT TYPING CLASS Mrs. Floyd Flynn, Mrs. Wilton Justice, Mrs. Mike Rawls Jr., Mrs. I, A. Wortman, 38 XNWN, CONCRA TULA TIONS Acme-Delco Senior High School Class rgillhlgi' Office Plant Wilmington, N. C. Acme, N. C. ACME STORES, INC "Your Little Department Store" ACME, N. C. STEDMAN, N. C. Wishes A Most Successful Future To I954 SENIOR CLASS Compliments of RIEGEL CARCLINA CORPORATIGN Acme, North Carolina QA Bog, Csjag gts... Z' The Flavor of the Month , ma f i' s 'amde 3 f rf ' J! Hostess 1 Koji Q BUTTER PECMI ICE CREAM Now gn Sale at Your Fillzforito SI F 1 ' ' B ,H to - mr-wa. Pi... .ZL'Ih'l"E..ZZ2,M'A'l.+l',. Hiif' G2'n.... 'gg,,'g,'::C4g':,' '?,',:'f:" TRY rr ronAYl W,1,',,,,,, ,.,"' ron sum! mga:-fggzcl ocusxou ICE CREW Compliments of MAOLA MILK S ICE CREAM COMPANY, INC. I 6th S Queen Street Wilmington, North Carolina EW is Q, ICE CREAM THE MELLO FELLOW "For Guollnvss' Sakeln The Young Fry adore it! It's wonderful food for the grown-ups: Dad. Mother and Grandpa, too. Liked by folks who have fun eating, select- ed by those concerned wvith food values. favored by calorie-counters. The neatest package of wholesome goodness and nutrition on earth! Buy it from your neighborhood dealer. Keep Some In Your Refrigerator! Compliments of MAC'S HOME SUPPLY COMPANY Woodburn, North Carolina Compliments of MARKS TRUCK AND TRACTOR COMPANY Whiteville, North Carolina and MARKS MACHINERY COMPANY Wilmington, North Carolina COMP LIMEN TS HILLS ICE CREAM COMPANY Whiteville, North Carolina TYPEWRITER INSPECTION COMPANY E. N. SMALL, Manager R. C. ALLEN BUSINESS MACHINES AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Wilmington, North Carolina COMPLIMEN TS RIEGEL WOODLANDS CORPORATION Bolton, North Carolina BLADEN COLD STORAGE and LOCKER SERVICE Meat Curing Elizabethtown North Carolina Compliments of CLARK BROTHERS INC. Elizabethtown North Carolina Compliments of CRUTCHFIELD WAREHOUSE Whiteville North Carolina Compliments of MANN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Whiteville North Carolina Compliments of COLUMBUS COLD STORAGE COMPANY Whiteville North Carolina Compliments of HOWELL MOTOR COMPANY Wilmington North Carolina IN WHITEVILLE ITS - LEDER BROTHERS, INC. WHERE YOU SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE AND WEAR WITH PRIDE Compliments of CLARK MOTOR COMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 275 - Telephone 3330 Elizabethtown North Carol ina Compliments of MAC'S AUTO PARTS COMPANY Wilmington, North Carolina Compliments of woon's s s. 104 STORE Whitevi Ile North Carolina Compliments of COLLIER GAS 8. APPLIANCE CO., INC. BLACK'S TIRE SERVICE W. CROWELL BLACK, Manager THE MAN WHO KNOWS TIRES BEST whilevillel North Comlina Whiteville North Carolina BEATY-GAINEY APPLIANCE FOR THE HIGHEST MARKET PRICE, COMPANY BRING YOUR HOGS TO THE COMPLETE WESTINGHOUSE FREEMAN HOG MARKET. APPLIANCES , Operated by . . no North Tlmd Street . M. L. White and L. O. Stewart Wllmlngton North Carolina WE BUY DAILY Compliments of Compliments of COLLINS-MORGAN H. C. SMITH DEPARTMENT STORE' INC' CHEVROLET COMPANY, INC. Elizabethtown North Carolina Elizabethtown, North Carolina Compliments of ROBERT G. LEE MUTUAL INSURANCE Wilmington North Carolina Compliments of CITY OPTICAL COMPANY C. E. SIMPSON Manager Wilmington, North Carolina SPORTS CENTER AL K SPORTS - L 'NDS - SPORTS II4 Market Street Wilmington North Carolina Compliments of HARRILLS MUSIC STORE HOME OF BALDWIN PIANOS Whitevi Ile North Carolina COMPLETE AND DEPENDABLE FINANCIAL SERVICE WACCAMAW BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Whiteville, North Carolina MEMBER F.D.l.C. Compliments of LEA'S WAREHOUSE Whitevi lle North Carolina Compliments of WOODVILLE MERCANTILE Compliments of A. .l. HARRIS COMPANY Groceries, Meats, Feeds, Hardware Gas 8i Oil, General Merchandise Acme North Carolina Bolton North Carolina Compliments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY Wilmington, North Carolina Compliments of COLLIER'S JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS Whiteville, North Carolina 1932 1954 Cvmplimmsof SIMMONS DRUG coMPANY MYRTLE HILL Fl.oRlsT "Friendly Drug Service" whlmvllle Noflh Carolina Whiteville North Carolina SCUl.LY'S Compliments of General Electric Appliances and DELCO SODA SHOP Home Furnishings R. G. Hobbs, Manager Delco North Carolina Delco North Carolina Compliments Compliments Of 0f KRAMER'S HOBBS and DEW OIL CD. Whitoville North Carolina Delco North Carolina Congratulations Class of'54 WAN ET'S SAUSAGE COMPANY "The Taste Tells" Wilmington, North Carolina MELLO ICE CREAM COMPANY EAT CR EAM Wilmington, North Carolina if L, S 1 8505 .K "QR 'V R, S Q' is , xx if 3 I my SNAPSHOTS 47 Q .fm 554 ' an 'vu 'W EQ 555 ' " .Wfuff Q." We N' uv 'V Ta 'A 'Q' I . 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Suggestions in the Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) collection:

Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 21

1954, pg 21

Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 10

1954, pg 10

Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 36

1954, pg 36

Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 20

1954, pg 20

Acme Delco High School - Trojan Yearbook (Delco, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 32

1954, pg 32

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