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u xazn.-tiki--5.7 .- ,1..1wgil--1---iQ+i1-1322-- ' 1 " ' V'-4 4 ' ' " ' " ' . . .- .-......, ..' A., .r f -f--- -.4sz...:" 'A' 'hz' " " '-fn 3 2 1 -Q 1 g,!K,. ,vxpff ,- favs., 7' '. -' -1 1- ---Q --er' u.:-'. .. - Up, w 1 f . V.., .., . - - -, f ,,.. . ,. 3.31- . , .,, H x 5. , , 1, ll l P! ,rf J f vyncu scyro 5 .l g ROBERT V. FORMANEK BERNARD J. PELLEYMOUNTER Superintendent Principal GERALD CARLSON Science Mathematics FACULTY ""'-lc... P.. .-av """' 1 i JEANNE PETERSON Home Economic s Biology MRS . AGNETTE KELLEY Algebra Geometry FRANK RICE Instrumental Music LOREN TINKEY Vocal Music This page courtesy of BRICKER'S JEWELRY. Z ,N it ' DOUGLAS MORTENSON ' 1 , . -LQ. Vocational Agriculture HELEN RATH .ty I E Mn, B sness Education ff Q' u 1 .H 5335. ? ,A """vi S, , .. 'x . I l Q Zfiltffe-, . '-Q - ' I H 'Q ," KENT BOYD Industrial Arts IRVING ROSHEIM History Athletic Coach IC -- - RICHARD MARTIN English Speech :P - DOROTHEA Library English JACOB CLARENCE CARNEY Physical Education Athletic Coach DALE DAGGY Social Science Driver Education Athletic Coach This page sponsored by BARTLING'S RADIO 81 T V. 3 Kindergarten 11 6 Barbara Butzloff l' 1 . 1 fr rx ,P J, rx Billy Witt I X ds Y Q 4 Q a J Ronald Schoorman 0 ,,. ..Q.' W X I l ' 'nz 1 Dale Brass and A at Doris I-Iurnke V. - I X .- .' l O N-4' Jerry DeBuhr Qs. A. ,1- -1 Tb. X David Pries ' A ' 4 9-,gi I Julie Stauffacher '70-fu' 4' 'J'-' N., Carol Weber 4" i Estelle Janssen 1946 Q L I as 0-J ' x f Dixie Cockerham ,P . Jack Bayse -v- av' . I Patty Hosch .Y : Sheryl Groninga 4' i I xl Leon French ,-0 vvg Q. Tornrny Pilcher of .cv fr I Y Arlyss Janssen Q U' ,Q Carl Guldager 4 4' Jane a Timmer 7 A .uuvQuQ Gladys Vandave r "N Stephen Neitzke I -1 1 ' wp--v , K -' 1 Bill Meyer -Q Q I V K 1 I ,,t Trenton DeBe1-g .61 -1' ,Q " fin ' 1 my DeVries 5 Harrington , .r-4. .1 1 S A. 4- Pr. f-.- V Y .5 P-71:1 9. .mm A., Igyfq 1 vg ' gig , ij- .1 I. r 'ir' -'gal 1 if' E55 . Q ' i if ' 5 N015 -ww-x 4 'aff 5. W1-' H . . "- 4- - ' 1 , . ' x., " :mf K ' ,ff- .J1 -35,-th 44-V. '- 5 . 1 ' 1 c, ,F-My P W., , , .Hb ., A Q V. f ex . ' 1' This SHARON HUEBNER Glee Club Mixed Chorus Suxtette Vocal Solo Band Small Groups All-State JOHN MULLER F. F. A. BERNARD BETT EN engineer. Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band ESTELLE JANSSEN Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Sextette BERNlECE BETTEN Glee Club Mixed Chorus Vocal Solo Band Band Solo Small Groups DUANE SPIEKER Six foot one. Every F. F. A. page courtesy of DR. R. W. GRESSLIN, DENTIST 6 Efficiency is the key to progress Teen Club Junior Play Cheerleader Torch Staff Librarian Class Officer There never was a saint with red ha Big worry--to be a farmer or an Basketball F. F. A. Golden hair like sunlight streaming Teen Club Junior Play Pep Club Band Solo Vocal Solo The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. Teen Club Junior Play Senior Play Torch Staff Pep Club inch a gentlema Football SYDNEY SCHWEIZER Sydney landed a job before she landed her diploma. Glee Club Band Photo Club THOMAS FAHEY There's room at wants to climb. Glee Club Mixed Chorus the Teen Club Pep Club Librarian top, but who Photo Club DALE HARRINGTON Never a care, never a hurryg just one girl is his main worry. Basketball Football MARY KNIGH T Cheerfulness is the Cvlee Club Mixed Chorus Band Band Solo Small Groups Vocal Solo Golf Class Play sunny ray of life Sextette Teen Club Class Plays Torch Staff All -State Accompanist ELGENE HEIT LAND Love is a dream. Gosh, I'rn sleepy Band Teen Club Class Officer Pep Club DAVID PRIES An athlete that scores in more ways than one. Cvlee Club Mixed Chorus Band Band Solo Small Groups Student Council Basketball Football Baseball Track Class Plays Class Officer Courtesy of BRANDT S FURNITURE gl FUNERAL SERVICE This page . I I LINDA BEAR A light heart liv Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Pep Club WAYNE WIESE F. F. A. Track WILLIAM WITT Band Band Solo Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Photo Club X LEON FRENCH I 335, 1 F.F.A. Why. Glee Club Pep Club pe ople of tonight Football Basketball Baseball Track sponsored by TOWNSEND 8: MERRILL LUMBER 8 es long. Teen Club Teen Club Offic Student Council Librarian Assist me up, and in coming down, I'll shift for myself. Football I'd rather be right than be president. Basketball Baseball Track Golf He's short and he's wiseg he's a terror for his size. GEORGIA GREEN Track Heaven sent me downg Heaven knows CARL GULDAGER Teen Club The young people of today may be set tling down, but what about the young ? CO. F. F. A. Class Officer Student Council DALE BRASS Full of fun and mischief, toog doing things he shouldn't do. F.F.A. F. F. A. Officer BARBARA BROOKS She is certain to be and mischief beam. Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Band Solo Vocal Solo Accompanist DORIS HUMKE A changeable mood, humorg if you hear that she's shirk- ing, it's not just a r Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Band Solo TRENTON DEBERG School breaks up my Basketball Football GARY HARKEN Beware, I might so s tional! F. F. A. Football PATRICIA HOSCH A quiet charm, a ple always a friendly word to say. Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Band Solo Class Play seen where fun Teen Club Photo Club Class Plays Pep Club Librarian N. H. S. All-State a gay sense of l11'T1OI' . Teen Club Photo Club Pep Club Class Play whole day! Baseball omething sensa asant way, with Teen Club Cheerleader Class Officer Twirler , if 1 I' ' ' This Page Courtesy of S1EM's DAIRY BONNIE HOUTS Big, brown eyes sonality . V K Teen Club f' Y I' 18,5 It LARRY RABER 'Sm , a question. -r 'Qi Band I, ' Photo Club T 7 ,' Librarian fi: 'PL .f HARLAN ABBAS The harder I try worser I am. F.F.A. JAMES MILLER angel. Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Class Plays DWAIN BETTEN great. Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Band Groups Band Solo This page through courtesy of ACKLEY PRODUCE gl FEED 10 His hair is too dark for him to be and a sparkling per. Pep Club ' He'd stop St. Peter's roll call to ask Torch Staff Class Plays the gooder to beg the al'1 Basketball Football I-Ie is going forward to something Football Manager Class Play MARJORIE I-IUMKE Wherever she's needed, she'll be 'thereg ever ready to do her share. Teen Club Class Plays Torch Staff N. H. S. All-State MERLYN CORDES Wine and women, fun and laughter, serrnons and soda the next day after. Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Vocal Solo MARY WOLF She's little, but from tip to toeg she's brim full of life and Glee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Twirler Vocal Solo ROBERT LINDAMAN I never think of the future, it comes soon enough. F. F. A. Class Officer Class Play THOMAS UBBEN Blue eyes, brown hair, the answer to a maiden's prayer. F.F.A. DIXIE COCKERI-IAM Diamonds are a girl's best friend. ' Band Photo Club WILLIAM MEYER He's a sports-minded fellow with a real quick mind. Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Vocal Solo Band Dance Band Small Groups Band Solo Boys' Quartet F. F. A. Class Play go. Teen Club Cheerleader N. H. S. Class Plays Torch Staff l Football Basketball Baseball F.F.A. Officer Teen Club Teen Club Officer Football Basketball Track N. H. S. Torch Staff Class Play All-State This page sponsored by CARSTENS BROTHERS 11 Jr 1 sy v 5 N54 SHERYL GRONINCIA Laughing eyes and pretty hair pro- nounce her a girl beyond compare. Crlee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Teen Club Cheerleader N. I-I. S. Student Council Band Solo Class Plays Twirler Librarian Accompanist Torch Staff All-State RUSSELL I-IINDERS The less I learn, the less I have to remember. Basketball LAWRENCE BEVING Never a care, never a hurryg just sleep is his main worry. Boys' Chorus Football Mixed Chorus Class Play IVAN KREIMEYER If money is the root of all evil, I must be a saintg because I sure don't have any! F. F. A. Football Band MARLYN NYMEYER A boy is, of all wild beasts, the most difficult to manage. F. F. A. Football Basketball Track CAROL WEBER There is no wealth like a quiet mind. Glee Teen Mixed Chorus Pep Club Librarian Photo Club This page sponsored by GIESE'S STANDARD STATION gl CAFE. ROBERT COBIE Good humor makes all things tol- erable. Football Manager Class Play Track Manager Class Officer Basketball Student Council JULIE STAUFFACHER Who hath a book, has friends at hand. Cxlee Club Mixed Chorus Band Small Groups Band Solo All-State DENNIS ROTGERS All the world may not love a loverg but all the world watches one. F. F. A. Basketball JOE GREEN Be a live wire, F.F.A. Teen Club N. H. S. Class Play Torch Staff Pep Club l Football not a dead weight. 7.3. f :nf 1 .J Linda Bear Pat Hosch This page sponsored by COBIE'S HARDWARE 13 3 1, OFFICERS Dale Harrington .... .. . Stude nt Council David Pries ........ President Bob Lindaman ....... Vice President Robe rt Cobie ....... Treasurer Student Council Secretary Grades SECOND GRADE i ' E ' 1 v J' A 4 FIFTH GRADE ,L-ZW! I ,Y M Sharon Mary Ann Eugene ,W A. v Huebner Knight Heitland ff 6,159 -' ilu. WN. , . "' :QQ 6 ., Z vb 02?- Puma. Merlyn LJ 4 D ' Cordes Georgia Waln Green Betten Bonnie I-Iouts V i J ffl .. ,zzggi :'s'Q:' VV A ' 45?-"il is' -I - !?i"'-iff, rl vi Sydney Marjorie Linda John Schweizer Humke Bear Muller This page sponsored by DEBERG PORTABLE GRINDING I I ,it ......- I A-...., 1 .it 1 I ,....-1 i f 5 1 5 I c 9 f 51+ 5 1 . I 7' Back Row: Marlys Jansonius, Paul Wiarda, Clinton Poley, Francis Janssen, James Engelkes, Jerrell Willems, Harley Murra, Second Row: Larry Voy, Delmar Benning, Gretchen Abkes Jim Growden, Mary Benning, Thomas Miller, James Svec, Virgil Harms. Third Row: Linda Greenfield, Arlene Brandt, Jane Harken, Henry Drake, Ferrell Peters, Paul Brass, Rosalie Meinberg, Dennis Bentley, Front Row: Lois Williams, JoAnn Boelman, Linda Flessa, Nedra Abbas, Patricia Thompson, Linda Abbas, Linda Boelman, Patricia Schachterle. UNTORS Back Row: Sharon Abbas, Carol Wolf, Bernard Boekholder, David Lindaman, Clark Muller, Eugene Wagoner, Robert Ubben. Second Row: Della DeVries, Francis Fritz, Frederick Mai- feld, James Wessels, Dick Ridout, Sharon Houlihan, Carol Lenz, Barton Hanig. Third Row: Susan Carstens, Janice Cobie, Janice Shugar, Steven Kurth, Tom Hofmann, Dick Roelfs, Paul Winters, Darlene Kuper, Ann Christianson, Front Row: Kathy McGough, Karen Wilson, Linda Houts, Irene Lewis, Marcella Kromminga, Margery Miller, Sharryl Homan. This page sponsored by ZACHARIAS' SINCLAIR STATION. 16 we-Q. ' 4 A profit-making Big Chiefs Francis Fritz, Stand Chm.g Delmar Benning, Alt S. Councilg Dick Ridout, Presidentg Sharon Houlihan, V. Pres.g Marge Miller, S. Councilg Linda Greenfield, Secy Dennis Bentley, S. CouncilgSharryl Homan, Treas. ll" ' 4 rs 'lf' li lik.-' 'uv l No wonder the sales are so good! YOU made a mistake! Then sh Sitting pretty. Riding hi This page sponsored by WEAVER'S DRUG STORE. 17 41 U L if . ZW . ' . , it organization ? This is what we'd better do. e tried to strangle me gh. Back Row: Terry Witkin, Gordon Fritz, Lynn Bangasser, Gary Lindaman, George Bartling, Robert Schafer, Ronald Brass, Dennis I-Ioman. Middle Row: James Stoner, Rodney Lindaman, Marlys Wiese, Ruth Kuper, Beverly Spieker, Sherill Steding, Caroline Risius, Dick Kroll, Steve Muller. Front Row: Sharon Wolski, Barbara Abbas, Sharon Folkers, Gerald Rodemaker, Richard Heitland, Wanda Bangasser, Carole Abbas, Kathy Frerichs. SUPHOMORES Back Row: Rex Humke, LeRoy Kuper, Melvin Mudderman, William Muller, James Hofmann Newlyn Miller, Bill Griffel, Mary Moats. Middle Row: David Quegg, Linda DeBuhr, James Woodley, Dennis Lindaman, Dennis Ubben, Robert Formanek, Robbye Schultz, Charles Roelfs. Front Row: Ruth Harms, Joan Weber, James Schweizer, Fred Bentley, Janet Linn, Pat Miller, Karla Eichmeier, Beverly Abbas. This page sponsored by the ACKLEY REMINDER, 18 3 , Carnival i - Snaps al B-17 G-34 Bingo! Oh, wheel a ticket. .A L Where the money went We got ya covered. On the rim and flying away. X V . ess XX" Sv Pin boy--Jim. New wishing well '? It's Pat ahead by a tricycle. 5 umm? 0. . Big Six Steady, aim, droP! Steve Muller--Secy., Mary Moats--Treas., Bill Griffel--S. Council, Robin Formanek--President, Carole Abbas--V. Pres., Joan Weber--S. Council This page sponsored by QUECICHS DRUG STORE. 19 Q A 5 l Back Row: Larry Mulder, Pauline Humke, David Hovenga, Leonard Spencer, Paul RotgCI'S, Gary Ploeger, Warren Weber, Ronald Abbas, Steven Groninga. Middle Row: Roberta Catlett, Donald Sailer, Meredith Stubbe, Dwight Hurnke, Mike Kurth, Barbara Beving, Sandra Knight, Betty Adams. Front Row: Donna Boelman, Darlene Diemer, Lowell Schultz, Keith Roelfs, LaVelle Huebner, Gretchen Vanl-love, Gerry Janssen, Sandra Drake, Sharyn Growden. PRESHME Back Row: Lawrence Wubbena, Sharlene Harken, Jean Tjepkes, Lester Maifeld, James Scallon, Sam Thielke, Duane Harken, Leland Keninger, Jerry Fessler, Middle Row: Dianne Flessa, Terry Janssen, Gloria Meyer, Linda Meinberg, Karen Lindaman, Barbara Ridout, Judy Jones, Carol Johnson, Front Row: Keith DeVries, Arthur Wolski, Sandra Williams, Gail Morgan, Darlene King, Lorraine Wubbena, Stanley Nymeyer, Gary Bonewitz, Mavis Kreimeyer. This page sponsored by the FARMER'S ELEVATOR, INC. Z0 1 M I I lgv, ,V Rf' - ,.' I . 5, .,,x 'g: It I X '. . Q. XN vm, :J s Big wheels! All dressed up and no place to go President ----- Vice President Student Council Sec'y Treas. -- Student Council ------Mike Kurth ----Duane Harken ---Terry Janssen --Barbara Ridout --Sharyn Growden an I H ,H gba I rv' ., uf, 4. :3 xxx ' 1 K KS XM: an ' N 'Y-Annan... KKK Grin and bear it. On the job. Pin-up gals '? Your wish is our command. Guaranteed moth-proof. This page courtesy of F. W. HOULIHAN, M. D. Z1 ' Zi' EQ. H 3 1 ' . Oh, lookee! a bunnlel -E J YZ? I I M, Q vavf' n Calm before the storm. I could have danced all night. Back Stage loafem Richard and the Party Dolls W :Ulu llx J ' w Big Wheel! Make a noise like a doorbell F ll! I 'H We polish more than apples. F-ive Rosebudsl ThiS page Sponsored by SCHOENEMANKS IMPLEMENT ZZ CO, Big Noise! 1 '-'L-...Q Standing: J Miss Jacob, Crriffel, Ma. ""Qb.1+ ri Weber, Gerry Janssen, Mike Kurth, Dave Pries, Dennis Bentley, .obert Formanek. Seated: Sharyn Growden, Dick Ridout, Bill ery Miller, Bob Cobie, Linda Bear. STUDE T COUNCIL . . . Each class sends two representatives and its presi- dent to serve on the Student Council. David Pries is tne president, Dick Ridout, vice president, and Linda Bear, secretary. Miss Jacob is adviser. . . . The Student Council had complete charge of the Home coming festivities this year--initiation and the nomination and voting for Homecoming Queen. . , ,They improved their financial standing by operating a check room at the basketball games and at other school functions. . . . When the decision was made to get new graduation caps and gowns, the Student Council was asked to select the color. They chose navy blue. . . . To make the incoming Freshmen feel welcome, the Student Council again held their annual spring party on the last day of school. This page sponsored by the ACKLEY WORLD JOURNAL. Z4 JoAnn Boelman, Barbara Brooks, Julie Stauffacher, Mary Wolf, Marjorie Humke, Sheryl Groninga, Bill Meyer, David Pries, Francis Fritz ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY . . .Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service are the four principles on which mem bership in the society is based. . . . To be eligible for membership, junior and senior students must rank in the top third of their class. The integrity of the individual, his cheerful willingness to give of his time and effort, and the responsibility he assumes in guiding others, are important qualities in the se- lection of members. . . . Members were elected at the close of the first semester and were installed on February Z7 at a high school assembly. As is Cugtomary, gold pins and certificates were awarded the new members by the Student Council. S enior Members Barbara Brooks, Sheryl Groninga, Marjorie Humke, Bill Meyer 'igwga' David Pries, Julie Stauffacher, Mary Wolf ls if Junior Members JoAnn Boelman, Francis Fritz This page courtesy of Dr. E. H. WITT, Dentist. A u 25 The Teen Club had another sucnessful yt ar x 1th all the gurls un hxgh sfhool p1rt1n1pat1nf,, 111 the club dCll'x1l1l s Var1ous subjects from Dat1ng t Cookxnv werq nrt sented at the meetxngs The annual Chzxstmas formal presznted by the Teen Club proxed to be 1 grand Success Tha theme for thc evemng, was Roses ln the Snow and the gym was beautl fully deporated to f1t the theme under the superv1s1on of Llnda Flessa Mothers were xnwted to a Spr1ng Tea on May l3 The offlcers for the Lomlng year were lnstalled at th1s fneetlng Presldent Llnda Bear Because of a w1ndy I-Iomegomnug afternoon the hard Vice Presldent MarJOr1e Humke work of the float comm1ttee was ru1ncd 1n a few short Secretary Gretchen Abkes mxnutes But leave It up to the Teen Club to saxe the Treasurer Bonme Houts day' They ran the float anyhow saylng Let's make a Soc1alCha1rman D1X1S Cockerham WO!-Db mess of Relnbeckl Program Cha rman Barbara Brooks Servmce Cha1rman Carol Wolf Adv1ser Helen Rath Th1S page sponsored by DREW'S SHOE STORE ze Q .. . ,- . . . C , 1 x, 1 ' 2 ' y ' , . , ',. ' ' . vr A vw , vw 4 vv B I L ,L . .- U U I 1 1 ' 1 ff - fx 1 - ' , f K -- 1 4 x , . ' 7 , vw ' .vv . I . '- , ' ,' ' , ------ - A, , - - ' . ' , ' f - -- ' ' 11 , . 1 . . ., 4 I' - .A . I 1 c ' Back Row: Mary Benning, Terry Witken, Larry Raber, LeRoy Kuper, Jim Svec, Rex Humke, Dennis Lindaman, Roberta Catlett. Second Row: Sharlene Harken, Gloria Meyer, Jean Tjepkes, Robbye Schultz, Barbara Ridout, David Quegg, Diane Flessa, Margery Miller. Front Row: Mr. Carlson, Sandra Drake, Pat Miller, Joan Weber, Bernard Boekholder, Kathy Frerichs, Janet Linn, Darlene Diemer, Sharyn Growden. PHOTO CLUB . . . This year the Photo Club has twenty-three members. The officers are Bernard Boek- holder, president, Kathy Frerichs, vice president, Joan Weber, secretaryg and Janet Linn and Pat Miller, treasurers. Mr. Carlson is the club adviser. . , . The Photo Club has its own darkroom and equipment in the school. Besides facilities for developing and printing, an enlarger and a drier, the Photo Club has flood lamps and tri- pod for use in taking pictures. Two new cameras were given to the club this year by the Argus Company. . . . An important project of the Photo Club is to take pictures for the Torch. The president and adviser were responsible for all the football, basketball, track and baseball individual pictures. They also took pictures of the plays, parties, music groups and Homecoming activities. . . . Members of the club had individual projects throughout the year. They took snapshots of friends, made Christmas cards, printed billfold size pictures and made and sold enlarge- ments of school activity pictures. This page sponsored by BEAR RADIO 81 T. V, 27 ei HQVQ Back Row: Harlan Abbas, John Muller, Francis Janssen, Jim Engelkes, Dennis Lindaman, Joe Green, .Terrell Willems, Tom Ubben, Wayne Wiese, Second Row: Dale Brass, Carl Guldager, Marlyn Nymeyer, Gary Harken, Robert Ubben, Frederick Maifeld, Barton Hanig. Front Row: Paul Brass, Ivan Kreimeyer, Dick Roelfs, Paul Wiarda, Francis Fritz, Dennis Rotgers, Leon French. 'F'--ii' - , FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA , , D9 t 1 -,,.q,, XJ. Ili Back Row: Paul Rotgers, Melvin Mudderman, Lynn Bangasser, William Muller, Robert Schafer, Gary Lindaman, Jim Scallon, Gary Ploeger, Dennis Ubben. Second Row: Lester Maifeld, Steven Groningi Duane Harken, LeRoy Kuper, Ronald Brass, Warren Weber, Leland Keninger, Dwight Humke. Fr-ont Row: Gary Bonewitz, Stanley Nymeyer, Jerry Rodemaker, Donald Sailer, Jerry Fessler, Gerry Jan- sen, Keith Roelfs, Terry Janssen. This page sponsored by the FARMER'S CO-OP ELEVATOR CO. Z8 15.2 The Judgxng team of Melvln Mudderman Ronme Brass Leroy Kuper and Bob Schafer competed 1n the Daxry Cattle Congress Cattle Judgxng Contest Offmcers of the Ackley Chapter attended the D1str1ct Off1cers Tra1n1ng School 1n Eldora FF CE John Muller Sentmel Ronald Brass Secretary Tom Ubben Vmce presxdent Dale Brass Presxdent Joe Green Treasurer Franc1s Fr1tz Reporter 41" At the Pf1ster I-Iybr1d Seed Corn Day Ackley s Judg1ng team conslsted of John Muller Harlan Abbas B111 Abbas and Joe Green A lot of new equlpment has been added to the Farm Shop and the Farm Mechamcs class dxd general weld1ng machmery repa1r bu1lt a load1ng Chute and other equxpment and worked w1th the drxll press Delegates to the State Convent1on at Davenport were Ivan Kre1meyer Francxs Frttz and Barton Hanxg As usual everyone took part 1n selhng seed potatoes to help pay for a summer trxp Qf ,fJ?"',.""'4 Us IW ' X' , ,, 4 -w ,W Am- '9""U' This page sponsored by J. M. HUNT 8: SON. 29 Q S 'QQ E 2 F President - Sheryl Groninga Vice President - Sharon Houlihan Sec'y-Treas. - Marlys Jansonius This page sponsored by RENBAR LANES, 31 PEP CL B unior Play DOWN TO EARTH November l4, 1959 Agnes, an angel. Pilone, an angel. Wilfred, an angel Augusta Applegate Diana Clump . . . Orpha Teel . . . Ruthie Teel . . . Millie Bromsley . Baxter Bromsley . June Brornsley . . Richard White . . Herman Howell . Robert Hanley . . has . . . Marlys Jansonius . . . . . Barton Hanig . . . Dennis Bentley . . . . Nedra Abbas . . , Linda Boelman . . . . . Carol Wolf . . Sharryl Homan Linda Houts . . . William Abbas . Carol Lenz Jim Engelke s Francis Fritz Paul Winters ix 'fini ' K ya- -R -: i, Wmfx' .Q 49. 1255 1 ie- . ! ,wiki 4 iv M l , -"""" 9 'll' si 'Uv::n ll ll lgftvi .vb ' 'i ve' g'f ""5if"" . A 5 M ' in J as , x 1 i 'Q W ugh lg-U ' It Q ,- pi I .5 Q AA This page sponsored by SI-IUGAR'S SUPER VALU KIND LADY April 17, 1959 Mr. Foster . . Mary Herries . Lucy Weston . Rose ..... Phyllis Glenning Peter Santard . Henry Abbott . Ada .... Doctor . . . Mr. Edwards . Mrs. Edwards , Aggie Edwards . Larry Raber Marjorie Humke Sheryl Groninga Berniece Betten . Mary Knight . David Pries . Jim Miller . Carol Weber Bob Lindaman . . Tom Fahey . . Mary Wolf Barbara Brooks Gustav Rosenberg . . Bill Meyer I Senior Pla qi? J my S li s M if " 5 0 Thxs page sponsored by CARTENS PLUMBING AND HEATING. 33 RY SENIORS HAVE A CLASH PARTY Merlyn cuts a rug. l Km g Elfld Queen Cl x ash A , Q Junior s clashmg H1656 Are in ' ' f fi Ji :iq ' HOMECOMING DANCE The Queen and Attendants No clash here. FRESI-IMAN PARTY 3. Hung Tom Dooley Ate Tom Dooley Cookies Heard Tom Dooley sun This page sponsored by the SOUTH SIDE DAIRY. 34 ROSES IN THE SNOW Teen Club Christmas Formal Q 7 H. M af... X -'S+-Q., T. 5 'K -.J at f w w It's all a dream. ff i .1 4 fx 1 Sarmta's little helper. Give the lady a flower Don't pick the roses. P , x. ny- Blow out the candle. 35 .uf 4. A 4 - X Eat, drink and be merry. Hark! 'I hear bells. , 'X if H1 King Dale and Queen Gloria But I'm allergic to tlowers I JUNIOR -SENIOR PROM PACIFIC PARADISE It i..l'.l. . HaPPY fOgether. Something's fishy.. . Bright eyes and smiling faces. Gee, I'm handsome! A pearl for his girl. This page courtesy of Dr. J. W. CARRUTHERS, Chiropractor 36 R ffffg EX . f I K . ivfrf f ' X I If 5 . r 1 ,F xx A .N V 1 A 4 My Hero!! Waiters, Aloha style. Oh' those autograph hounds! 535' 2321.1-.f ? si -I ' 'I 'J '-lf - 'L' '-' e ,. ,., A AN, aqxdqjlj Mg Why aren't they dancing? "A Sad State of Affairs. " Who, us ? This page sponsored by STONER'S CHRYSLER 81 PLYMOUTH 37 HOMECOMING QUEEN -fu., f SHE RYL GRONING ATTENDANTS SHARRYL HOMAN IJNDA BOELMAN .51 -vw! "W, M ,H . na- nj- fggk: Y L..4 ' Q ' I -,wry 1' g gl, QE: 155 Parade . . f I 7.1 ' V 4.4 fx x 4p:N 'UUQII i say" T J. Hams '? '? ""' ---cu-Q... 2.1 an M5-sm , ig HGMECOMING 85 Initiauon From the land of sky blue waters '? if-e 4'- 1 . N S. .IAQ ,fl S Whew! What a job, sophomores! ETSDEHDRN 4 r 3:3 , L'-' f5'5r 1 'Q EL-Zfa J ',f,,,r, f' 'Tye' wif? ' -1 XO W9 ERA ga 1 'O 00 C66 all Freshmen lead Rams to the slaughter. Are the Juniors Dragon? This page sponsored by DREW'S D-X STATION. 40 Kx 7 ,I - C C" rift "" 'XE -A 4 Af- EL A4 .. J I .V rr 1, C5 . A.. QE , - ' .g,.Q E - gffnfv , BN .'t -15 . ' ' R' ' :1'C-- x 'Y ' NY T-tif' , KW fi -f A f.1-1 ' J 'W ff V ' ' , V .O I' . ' 7 .f ,A .f gi? QP ity 0 A - ' E' ' ' . EM im :nt ft ,. ,4 'lyuE. ', , .l'fAt M, 4 if K fit t X t A, A X .lf X Blix i 5, I SVS" -A ' I 1 S W X A I ' '.-gt ' Aren't we peppy! Spooning A H S style. G .I ' T' 1. , t uf. + fe F X ,eq I '98 'Rx 1 ., ,-4 . .5 irc ' Don't just Sit there, do something! "Tyson-'F' '4 'I , E . V. xy .6 , A - Q . , ,- . 1 iw AP... x ' A - A, ff , A 5 , uf 1 A - i , . sal . I Q X Q A H x.. 7 C4-1 f- S BB gun, anyone? I 'X 2' X D gd Says my tummy. ii- if . ,"!ff ' fam I .r"' l . - 17. ht! traig ' C39 You walk a S 1116 Yummy yummy, They don't have dxshpan hands Courtesy of ROY 8: WALLY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE ,i UNTIL ANNUAL STAFF ,ff EDITOR--Julie Stauffacher BUSINESS MANAGER--Mary Wolf ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER--Jim Miller SENIOR EDITOR--Mary Knight Dixie Cockerham, Georgie Green, Gary Harken, Dale Harrington OTHER CLASSES EDITOR--Berniece Betten Elgene Heitland, Dale Brass PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR--Larry Raber ART WORK"Ca1'0I Weber CLUBS EDITOR--Sharon Huebner Doris Humke, Leon French, John Muller SOCIAL EDITOR--Sheryl Groninga Linda Bear, Tom Fahey, Dwain Betten, Merlyn Cordes MUSIC EDITOR--Marjorie I-Iumke Barbara Brooks, Pat Hosch ATHLETICS EDITOR--Bill Meyer Dave Pries, Bill Witt, Bob Cobie, Bob Lindarnan, Marlyn Nymeyer, Carl Guldager SALES STAFF Mary Wolf, Bonnie Houts, Sydney Schweizer, Jim Miller, Trenton DeBerg Tom Ubben, Harlan Abbas, Larry Beving, Joe Green, Wayne Wiese Bernard Betten, Ivan Kreimeyer, Dennis Rotgers, Russell Hinders This page sponsored by the ACKLEY CLEANERS 42 lv' . gsm ,-.,A n 1 v s, ,,,. 1 2 'S-1... - ,I iq ,qs- K N953 ff if! ,NB-rzw ff! . y, we ALTO CLARINET Lorraine Wubbena BASS CLARINET Robbye Schultz SELECT BAND FLUTES Sheryl Groninga Carole Abbas Janice Shugar Pauline Humke OBOES Doris Humke LaVelle Huebner Bill Meyer, Sheryl Groninga, Linda Bear, Dennis Mossman Marjorie Humke, Mary Knight, Sharon Huebner, Barbara Brooks CONCERT CLARINETS Barbara Brooks Linda Greenfield Patricia Hosch Sharon Houlihan Jean Tjepkes Paul Brizzi Jim Hofmann Leigh Rice Carol Johnson Ben Wichers Judy Jones Gordon Weber David Kuper Gary Noble Clarence Sherfield BASSES Larry Raber Keith Hansen This page sponsored by ANDERSON'S FLOWERS. 44 I nr" is ew BAD CORNETS Bill Meyer Sharon Huebner Sandra Knight Joanne Nienoord Jerry Fessler Jim Lawton Terry Witkin Elaine Shugar FRENCH HORNS Marjorie Humke Julie Stauffacher Betty Adams Gretchen Van Hove Avis Fedge BARITONES Bill Witt Sam Thielke Bruce Ballard This page sponsored SAXOPHONES TROMBONIES Sharyn Growden David Pries Gloria Meyer Mary Knight Warren Weber Duane Weber Bernie-ce Betten Dennis Hofmeister PERCUSSION Dennis Mossman Linda Bear Mary Wolf Jane Harken Sharryl Homan Linda Boelman Judy Voy TWIRLERS Mar Linda Greenfield Sheryl Groninga Patricia Hosch by DENTELHS, ' 45 'T HE OUALITY STORE i MARCHI G BA D Carole Abbas Janice Shugar Pauline Humke Doris Humke LaVelle Huebner Sandra Knight Joanne Nienoord Jerry Fessler Jim Lawton Elaine Shugar Sharyn Growden Gloris Meyer Warren Weber Berniece Betten Lorraine Wubbena Jim Hofmann Jean Tjepkes Sharon Houlihan Barbara Brooks Paul Brizzi Marjorie Humke Larry Raber Douglas Boyd Greg Voy Leigh Rice Carol Johnson Ben Wichers Sam Thielke Keith Hansen Judy Jones Bill Witt Mary Knight David Kuper Gary Noble Duane Weber Betty Adams Mary Wolf Avis Fedge Linda Bear Judy Voy Joe Fahey Jane Harken Bruce Ballard Mark Mortenson Patricia Hosch Elgene I-Ieitland Julie Stauffacher Dennis Hofmeister Sharon Huebner Gordon Weber Terry Witkin Clarence Sherfield Greg Roosevelt Sheryl Groninga Linda Greenfield Robbye Schultz Gretchen VanHove Sharryl Homan Linda Boelman Carol Greenfield Beve rly Vande rwe rf Dennis Mossman Raymond Tapper Sharlene Barbara Enslin lv 954. 1 l A l l -4 4 l l F , 1 I 4 -I This page sponsored by the ACKLEY CREAMERY. V' Q 46 D eimeye Pep Band Dance Band First Row: Berniece Betten, Warren Weber, Gloria Meyer, Sharyn Growden, Barbara Brooks, Linda Greenfield, Pat Hosch, Sharon Houlihan, Jim Hofmann, Jean Tjepkes. Second Row: Gretchen Van Hove, Betty Adams, Terry Witkin, Jerry Fessler, Joanne Nienoord, Sandra Knight, Sharon Huebner, Bruce Ballard, Sam Thielke, Dennis Hofmeister, Mary Knight. Third Row: Julie Stauffacher Jane I-Iarken, Sharryl Homan, Marjorie Humke, Linda Bear, Dennis Mossman, Larry Raber. First Row: Berniece Betten, Sheryl Groninga, Warren Weber, Barbara Brooks, Gloria Meyer, Jim Hofmann, Sharyn Growden, Sharon Houlihan, Linda Green- field, Bill Witt. Second Row: Bill Meyer, Sharon Huebner, Sandra Knight, Joanne Nienoord, Marjorie Humke, Dennis Mossman, Jerry Fessler, Larry Raber, Terry Witkin, Dennis Hofmeister, Mary Knight, David Pries. This page sponsored by MERSI-ION'S STORE. 47 1 HORIN QUARTET Adams Humke Stauffacher Van Hove 2 DRUM ENSEMBLE Mossman Harkerx Boelman Bear Wolf TROMBONE TRIO W1tt, Kmght, Prles CHAMBER GROUP OF WOODWINDS Humke Gromnga Humke Schultz BRASS QUARTET Prxes Stauffacher Huebner Meyer IHIHHIIIIHI Brooks W! TRUMPET TRIO Kmght, Meyer, Huebner Thxs page sponeored by DICK'S FEEDS ' , V , N J V . s V I V, l 1 . .1 ,rl if ' , W ' , R33 O E 'lf' ' 5 ' 1 .w ' V ,, f ,vs f , 'Phi ' is T.: IDE: ' - f ' f x I xl B - - ' T M2111 ,O 4 st' t , I Y 1 I l ' I D I - - fri ' ghzf' - ,, ' . ' . .0 P 1 - I " .V T .' "Q Q", Q 1 AN ' x . K i X , , 3. 1 A lg ,, - -- A. , , I vig? ' ' 1 F LJ kg X :fu ' ' ' - "Mfr . I I I ! Y Y I cs , , I 48 36 CLARINFT QUARTET CLARINET QUARTET Jones Johnson Tjepkcb Hofmann , be Ii?" NN Eff' CLARINET TRIO Brooks Greenfleld I-Iosch SOLOISTS Meyer Schultz Growden FLUTE QUARTET SAXAPHONE QUARTET Gromnga, I-Iumke, Shugar, Abbas Growden, Meyer, Weber, Bettee Th1S page sponsored by HARKEN'S PHILLIPS "66" STATION 49 Brooks Greenfxeld I-Ioullhan I-Iosch H iizwg W ' glen- t. -. 3: yqgj, , ' ' 1 I TV: I " ,A I " f , . V W ,ws .ir 1-3.1 I-gggig it - fm . i A I - 4 i. ,4..f. , U ' 4 lv ' "1i3Lgf:w - V 'wifi V' Lg, 1' 1 4 XL' I I je- V 1. I 3-.""pv I -- Q I I ' K rf' I ' I , ' 7.3 ! I I eg ' 7 f ,. ,jp ,, ,., . - I . A ' 1 ' ' X1 . I 2. I - Q- -1 , I ' ,L ' 1 - ,-, . 1, ' - fi , x , H - 7 :X ' , I , s Q 1 EJ Q v 1 A A aff Q I U I ? , ' , I . " ' , I 1 A , A , 1 Q ..r',yw,.YA! If - I ' I ' I WT? .FW mga 3 ffm - . - .mg .1 . Q - I I . lx-xiii I A I A , . I .. 54-gs' - 1,3 I- 53 .3 , 4. ' va' U 4 , 'Q' 1 . ,I . " V L 1 , 2 4 N f ., ,am ' .Q 4 I ' ' ' ' .5 i ,A " . ' ' mp- ' I ,' f - Q' 1 ,' ,T A 1 Q 6 9 f Q Af- 1 , 'C 1:7 wi l I. ! . fi If In fl 'Y' , N' 7, M, -Q -I I .'. ., . 9.1 ,HY UVM , . ,wx ce 4 15. ' I W , 'AI ' N, of 15:51 Q .. ' A X ' , , If' -. f :' .,!I5c'f- I ff A I I A fr 1- , me ' I I - I jf' ' 21" 'iff I A ' . .H K H I ' I 1, 3 . Y I ' , I a .. y I BOYS' CHORUS Back Row: Jim Stoner, Robert Formanek, Gordon Fritz, Dick Kroll, Dennis Lindarnan. David Ouegg, Fred Bentley. Front Row: Dennis Bentley, Rex Humke, Bill Griffel, Jim Miller, Robert Schafer, Gary Ploeger, Merlyn Cordes. MIXED CHORUS Back Row: Doris I-Iumke, Sharon Houlihan, Sheryl Groninga, Bill Griffel, Larry Beving, .Tim Miller, Bill Meyer, Gretchen Abkes, Marlys Jansonius. Second Row: Carol Weber, Marjorie Humke, Linda Abbas, Rex Humke, Merlyn Cordes, Jim Growden, Carol Lenz, Berniece Betten, Jane Harken, Third Row: Barbara Brooks, Kathy McGough, Janet Linn, Jim Stoner, Dick Kroll, Robert Formanek, Dennis Lindaman, Sharon Huebner, Mary Wolf, Carole Abbas. Front Row: LaVelle Huebner, Joan Weber, Julie Stauffacher, Dennis Bentley, David Quegg, Fred Bentley, Wanda Bangasser, Pat Hosch, Mary Knight. This page courtesy of RUTH ANN'S BEAUTY SALON. 50 1 .5 Back Row: Doris I-Iumke, Mary Moats, Sheryl Groninga, Gretchen Abkes, Carol Wolf, Sharon Abbas, Marlys Jansonius, Sharon Houlihan, Paule Humke. Second Row: Carol Weber, Carol Lenz, Pat Thomp- son, Linda Bear, Berniece Betten, Jane Harken, Marjorie I-Iumke, Darlene Kuper, Linda Abbas, Ann jhristianson. Third Row: Nedra Abbas, Judy Jones, Sharon Huebner, Ruth Kuper, Linda Greenfield, iathy Frerichs, Diane Flessa, Sandra Knight, Mary Wolf. Fourth Row: Wanda Bangasser, Julie Stauf- iacher, LaVelle Huebner, Carol Johnson, Sydney Schweizer, Janet Linn, Carole Abbas, Gretchen Van Sove, Joan Weber, Linda Boelman. Front Row: Mary Knight, JoAnn Boelman, Kathy McGough, Pat Schachterle, Linda Flessa, Pat Hosch, Darlene Diemer, Sharryl Homan, Barbara Brooks, d GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 3 Barbara Brooks, Berniece Betten, Sandra Knight ,V r, Marlys Jansonius, Mary Knight. Sharon Huebner Kathy McGough, Linda Abbas, Julie Stauffacher Sharon Abbas, Wanda Bangasser, Carol Lenz i This page courtesy of THE TOT AND TEEN SHOPPE. I i ' 51 ALL STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL French Horn - Marjorie Humke Flute - Sheryl Groninga Quartet - Bill Meyer, Dennis Bentley Barbara Brooks, Sharon Huebner SOLOISTS 4 fi 'v 31' v I 1-L, f ,+4"'f'f ' ,, ' Q U fl 'W 935- ,T , f ,'IT'r""- . M Pr .1 f ' ev iff lst- I? 1' -.EK :A gym Eg , im, A.: : i WTTAQ . - T we-f '13 , ' F Wa- is Barbara Brooks, alto C l L , Dick Kroll, baritone arc enz Soprano Bill Meyer, bass Marlys Jansonius, alto Merlyn Cordes, baritone Berniece Betten, mezzo soprano Wanda Bangasser, alto Sharon Huebner, mezzo soprano Dennis Bentley, baritone Mary Knight, soprano I Linda Greenfield, clarinet Bin Witt' barltone Barbara Brooks, clarinet Sharon Houlihan, clarinet Carole Abbas, flute Doris Humke, flute Pat Hosch, clarinet Sheryl Groninga, flute Mary Knight, trombone Bill Meyer, Cornet Sharon Huebner, Cornet David Pries, trombone Sandra Knight, Cornet This page sponsored by TEGEN'S 5C to Sl STORE. 52 sa ..... 4 'K . , "l,VL if in , P bf ,4 vu 1 V '- -, N' - Mw:fs,pa,fmf, aww?-MvJv 05' A s 5 5 L'ws s f I' lif I4 ,r.J' .zpg"f"-"TR-l K 4. ' 4 Y' Q J . J , , " - ,' bw W ' ' M i , g 14 H g5 Qfxggiiig 'ln I 'N i952 G '10 4 f.. Q 3 , -7,131 0 i -KZ: :is A ,, . 12, gt - ' Q , - 8 gmt... :A 'fr' "I-I' Back Row: D Betten, Mgr., R Heitland, Mgr., R Cobie, Mgr. , M Kurth, G Janssen, T Janssen, S Nymeyer, M Scallon, S Groninga. Third Row: Coach Rosheim, Coach Reysack, W Griffel, J Scallon, G Ploeger, R Lindaman, D Harken, V Harms, P Rotgers. Second Row: F Peters, W Wiese, D Spieker, J Miller, R Kroll, M Kurth, S Muller, First Row: G Harken, D Ridout, H Drake, L Beving, D Benning, W Meyer, D Pries, C Guldager, R Lindaman. ACKLEY 6 HAMPTON 13 Although Ackley outplayed their first opponent statistically, they couldn't put the ball over the goal often enough to produce a win. They were neck and neck with the Bulldogs going into the second half and Hampton had to pound out the yards with great difficulty, but they managed to come out a touchdown ahead. The foremost player for the night was Nymeyer, who chalked up 123 yards in seventeen carries. ACKLEY 7 LA PORTE CITY 20 The Raiders had an unfortunate night, Teachers barely kept them from an initial win. Al- though Nymeyer was not able to play because of injuries, the fullback slot was well filled by Bill Griffel who played one of his better games. ACKLEY l3 T.C.H.S. l4 O The first conference game, although played with plenty of fire, was lost to slightly stronger opposition. Here again the Raiders outplayed their adversary statistically, but LaPorte somehow came out on the long end. The sturdy backs punched out yardage with surprising regularity, showing the fans the power of the Ackley line. ACKLEY 19 JESUP l8 , With Guldager setting the pace on the first play from scrimmage, Ackley broke the ice and wonuthejp first football game of the season. Although they were two touchdowns behind at one timg Qifhe fourth quarter, they didn't give up. They punched out one touchdown after receiving Qavpmlfand with only a short time left to play, Dick Kroll intercepted a pass and went 63 yards for the winning TD. This page sponsored by THE FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY. 54 FOOTBALL Q9 Back Row G Bonewxtz W Weber L Kemnger Thlrd Daggy Second Row R Humke T Hofmann D Harrxng ton C Roelfs Coach Carney Front Row M Nymeyer J Growden N M1ller T DeBerg D Rotgers ACKLEY l3 REINBECK 7 The team really rolled 1n the f1rst half to honor the Alumm They were out 1n front by two touchdowns before the Rams got the1r feet under them The th1rd quarter was a d1fferent story as Re1nbeck waged an assault on the Ra1der's l1ne and scored what proved to be the1r only touch down Nymeyer was the leadmg ground ga1ner wxth l22 yards ACKLEY 32 TRAER 7 Traer's homecom1ng was marred by the Ra1ders as they refused to let the Redhawks take a vlctory for the1r alumm After a fa1rly well balanced f1rst half Ackley turned lt on to show some of the1r gr1d1ron prowess Some of the younger boys had a chance to show the1r mettle here ACKLEY 6 GRUNDY CENTER 46 Ackley met one of the strongest teams they ever encountered when they clashed w1th the Spartans Although they showed plenty of f1re to start the game and d1d play a f1ne fxrst quarter they Just couldn't stop the onslaught of Grundy's f1ne team The l1ne play was ferocxous through out the contest D1ck Kroll w1ll vouch for th1s as he came out of the game w1th a broken leg D1ck R1dout unl1mbered h1s pass1ng arm 1n thls game to ga1n l34 yards through the a1r ACKLEY 25 ELDORA l9 Ackley's conference games th1s year were f1n1shed w1th a w1n over the Eldora Tlgers The Ra1der's sw1ft fullback Marlyn Nymeyer p1cked up l93 yards through Eldora's l1ne to put Ackley th1rd ln the N I C L th1s year Ackley's defens1ve squad put on a good show 1n the fourth quarter by keep1ng Eldora from scor1ng the one touchdown they were look1ng for ACKLEY 62 GREENE 7 The Ackley sen1ors wound up the1r h1gh school football careers mn a blaze of glory Beh1nd the1r well formed blockmg, the speedy backf1eld slammed to a. 4l pomt lead at half t1me Nymeyer ran rampant over the oppos1t1on wh1le Pr1es and Guldager p1cked up yardage whenever called upon Long runs came often for the Ra1ders Nymeyer chalked up 276 yards and Tom Hofmann 1n the second half ga1ned 84 before the f1nal gun Th1s page sponsored by KURTH SALES AND SERVICE 55 I f 1 5 L sy is gg Row: Plbfiarda, RSchafer, GFritz, DUbben, Coach ,3-1. -nu f"? JQ i 41 'J DUANE SPIEKER he was always ready when you needed h1m A dependable defenswe l1neman DALE HARRINGTON a tough l1ttle guard He kept hxttxng as long as the other man was stand1ng BOB LINDAMAN a hard blocker and a very f1ne center A good man to have rn the lxne WAYNE WIESE they couldn't throw enough men at h1m to keep hmm down DENNIS ROTGERS our center pos1t1on was always fxlled wxth an able man when Denms was there A tough guy to handle ln the lxne MARLYN NYMEYER we bel1eve he was the fastest man 1n the conference I-hs swtft runmng pxcked up well over a thousand yards for the Ralders Thms page courtesy of Dr R H GRIFFEL Veterxnanan 56 -.1 '-- Av- ' . 'sw xl -1 '5 F 1? " :f.?'.,t 'V 7 f 1 I 5 E' A ts- eb- - E -f - 71' 7 37 "' i BILL MEYER GARY HARKEN TRENTON DEBERG JIM MILLER DAVE PRIES CARL GULDAGER Z i iv Wu.- hxs speed and block1ng abxlxty proved very helpful At offensue left end he was always a threat to the opposzng team a boon to the defens1ve team Led the defensxve lme IH tackles one of the hardest f1ghters on the squad D1d a devastatmg Job defense and played well at offenswe end he d1dn't l1ke to lose and d1d h1s best to see that we dzdn t Co captam and the most versat1le player on the squad A good yard ga1ner who also worked 1n at defenslve lxnesman abru151ngha.lfbaCk wxth plenty of runmng power One of the co captamns A flne leader Th1s page courtesy of voY's STATION AND CAFE 57 l Av- 0 . 'Q lu g l i , , 9 x - f LARRY BEVING ....... like to open holes for the backfield men. Was a good team worker. . . . . ' . ' ' ' on . . . . . , in w Back Row: Carl Guldager, Bill Witt, Jim Engelkes, Bill Meyer, Virgil Harms. Second Row: Ferrell Peters, Mgr., Dale Harrington, Marlyn Nymeyer, Steve Muller, Henry Drake, Harley Murra, Mgr., Gront Row: Mr. Daggy, Coach, Dick Ridout, Trenton DeBerg, Bob Lindaman, .Tim Growden, David Pries, Charlie Roelfs, Mgr. 01 .. if X' 2- mag I 7' fum-. Ackley Z8 Ackley Z6 Ackley 42 Ackley 48 Ackley 40 Ackley 43 Ackley 35 Ackley 32 Ackley 31 VARSITY Aplington 47 Ackley Jesup 51 Iowa Falls 51 Ackley Reinbeck 55 Eldora 68 Ackley Grundy Center 56 Jesup 66 Ackley T. C. H. S. 43 Hampton 69 Ackley Iowa Falls 75 Reinbeck 61 Aflkley LaPorte City 69 Traer 42 Ackley Hampton 86 T. C. H. S. 65 ACk1ey Traer 69 LaPorte City 47 ACkley Dows 4Q i Courtesy of THE TIP TOP, Marvin and Jean Walters. 58 Back Row Gordon Frltz J1mScallon Newlyn M1ller RobertSchafer Jlm Hofmann Gary Ploeger B1llGr1ffel Second Row Mr Roshemm Coach Leland Kemnger Robert Formanek Rodney Lmdaman Jlm Stoner Dav1d Quegg Denn1sI..1ndaman Charl1eRoelfs Mgr Flrst Row J1mSchwe1zer Fred Bentley Stanley Nymeyer BASKETBALL Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley SEASON'S RECORD Apl1ngton Iowa Falls Eldora Jesup Hampton Rexnbeck Traer C H LaPorte C1ty This page sponsored by ' 59 Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley FISHER 'S CLOTHING BASEBALL xx! 3 i 5-QT 1 s. V1 N " at v H , 213652 6 SWE? Carl Culdager Dawd Prles B1lIVv1tt J1rn Groxwdcn Dxck Rxdout SEASON'S RECORD Ackley Iowa Falls Ackley Grundy Center Ackley Iowa Falls Ackley Iowa Falls Ackley Grundy Center Sectxonal Ackley O Geneva 2 Batterxes PTICS R1dout Growden Baseball Coach Clarence Carney Mlke Scallon Ferrell Peters Ivan Krelmeyer Charles Roelfs GOLF STATE QUALIFYING TEAM Blu Cvflffel 91 Ferrell Peters 103 Vlrgxl Harms 93 B1llW1tt 111 Dave Quegg 116 Placed second at D1str1ct Meet Hampton, Iowa Golf Coach Clarence Carney Denms Bentley, Dave Quegg Robm Forrnanek, Fred Bentley Thxs page through courtesy of GOETTEL'S 60 . - X iz' , if in -. Q Y V A N .A I' ,, N u 'X-Q ' ' I . ' xl . ' ' , TV Y' u A .41 I Q "' Q N. I -b lg W f X' I ' .... x, , , I 4 I I ' 1 . 4 J ' A , xx l 3 5? x 75' . I F I - N , : X 3- 2 'T N , A 5 . - :I apes -5 A41 '19 . -. r -, gc , F 'H' , x - V -'A A V --fm 1 If- - i -gsm 1: '41 - , .a A 'MQ -E, N- ., I ' I 1? '77.4..gLin'i,-'.jV A ., ,Ji .l,, 53.3 y V- ,fl- ff: f. -, - t W nil" f., ' A 3 . W 1 , 'I ' l . 7 Z 1 12 5 ' 3 Z 4 ' If , . Vx, , yr vy X A I N I QQ ' , , ICI ' tl . 1 A. A . - - - . st - - I n A Xl .-7' TRACK "" A2 J r " ..'. u-..-io ,fr gh .P - 1 0 Vi 1 .. Q -V., 'A' " 1 . -bk dv Q H -4,42 , A - B'll M l959 TRACK RECORDS M1 eyfgr' Tom Hofmann , arlyn Nymeyer, Wayne Wiese l0O-yard dash Marlyn Nymeyer, Time: 10. 9 sec. 220-yard dash Marlyn Nymeyer, Time: 23.8 sec. ' l2O high hurdles Bill Meyer, Time: 15.8 sec. l8O low hurdles Bill Meyer, Time: 22.5 sec. 880-yard run Clark Muller, Time: 2:12. 5 880-yard relay Bill Meyer, Wayne Wiese, Clark Muller, Marlyn Nymeyer Time: l:38.6 Mile medley Dennis Lindaman, Bill Meyer, Clark Muller, Wayne Wiese Time: 3:49.5 Shot Put Newlyn Miller, Distance: 38 ft. 5 in. Gerald Rodamaker St M H , eve u er Leland Keninger, Harley Murra, Mgr, Track Coach - Dale Daggy i.--, I I , Y? Y Jim Stoner' Clark Muller Jim 5ChWeiZe1', B017 Ubben Gordon Fritz, Newlyn Miller Bi11Griffel, Terry 581155611 Dennis Lindaman, Dick Kroll Gary Ha,-ken, Jim Scauon This Page Sponsored by FRED J. BOHEMAN, Implements and Repairs. 61 A Busy Da Checking the announcements - - tting out the horns 5-J .41 . lu. A A n 1 5. 5. -L J .. n 4 Talking Sharon into an excuse - - I 4. .R 'z I I 5 gl .'. .'. I ,K .g. -,- S ... .'. .5 i ., if Signing out of study hall I Tracking down an author - Goofing in the hall Winding film 'for Problems This page sponsored by the IBELING INSURANCE SERVICE. 62 1 7 V lc."- Watching the birds at noon - - '4 .,f ,. .fi L , y Reading data accurately - - Raising the batting average - - 7 .2 , Explaining geornetry fm NH ll sv vi ,qv M 1 ,J . .vv -4 .i , 1 1 0 .1 ij? projects - - lu:- Comparing "Accounts Paya 'Q Balancing those chemistry equations - - This page sponsored by the CUTLER BEAUTY SHOP. 63 Keeping in condition for track - ble mwwyu UW! -M.,,,g..zrv. 319. 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Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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