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1 9 s s i ACKLEY HIGH scHooL ACKLEY, lowA FACULTY Robert V Formanek Superintendent l 2 Helen Bath Business Jeanne Peterson Home Economics Clarence Carney Physical Education Coach William Bowers Social Studies Robert Helland Speech, English Douglas Mortenson Vocational Agriculture S X' 3 A A a l X Bernard Pelleymounter Principal Gerald Carlson Science Agnette Kelley Mathematics Dorothea Jacob Library, English Franklin Bice Instrumental Music Kent Boyd Industrial Arts James Nelson Driver Training Coach Loren Tinkey Vocal Music ing., H 0 C E N E Marlene Greenfield B111 Boelman Darlene Wbitson aug 2, J 9, 5 llll rs'--ii.:-1 Ill 5-ng IFB infin -ef ' yr. ,Q , MARVA JO GBEENFIELD A wink, a giggle, a dimple, temptation, temptation' Marva Jo, Homecoming Queen in 1956, belonged to Teen Club 1,2,3,h 1ts president as a senior sang in Glee Club 1,2, 3 14 and in Mixed Chorus 1+ served on Student Council 2,3 and in Pep Club 1,2,3 Dhrva Jo was :Ln the Junior play and made a big hit as the maid in the senior play WILLIAM O'HABE work is a wonderful thing, but I like the girls Bill knows what a friend in college can do for you B111 was in football 1,2,3,l+ DHS ketball manager 3 Glee Club 1 Mlxed Chorus 1 F F A RONALD SCHACHTERLE My main interest was hobbies, not girls He had pets of all kinds he sang in Glee Club 1,2 Mlxed Chorus 1,2 and was a faithful FFA member l,2,3,h RUTH LINDAMAN 'There's a little bad in every good little girl ' Ruthie represents the glamour of the senior class Homecoming Queen M Glee Club 1,2, 3 M Pep Club l,2,3 She was a very willing worker in many activi ties especially Teen Club 1,2,3,h Student Council 1 Ruthie enjoyed being an actress, especially in plays She was Mrs Glaven in the junior play and also participated in the senior play KAY KING li A quiet girl, at school or the right purpose Kay always had an answer for everything She had time to lend her voice to Glee Club ,2 Mlxed Chorus l Kay enjoyed being a member in Teen Club l,2,3,h Pep Club 1,2,3 Kay's interest in books led her to be a librarian 3 GAB! MILLER 'I punched the clock for four years, but now I'm laid off Gary spent his after school hours work ing at Weber's Garage with this and his trips to Illinois every week end he didn't have much time for many school activities, but Gary did find a little time to take part in the senior play. ll ll J one ooo t sooo o o s 3,140 plus model airplanes. During school 1 I , CO0 OO! f ll 1 DOI . OO! ll This page sponsored by BALLARD'S GAMBLE STORE LARRY WILLIAMS nAll the world's a stage on which to act my comedy." A football and basketball player l, 2.. a front-row baritone in Glee Club and Mixed Chorus l,2,l+...and in boys quartet 2... larry also helped make the decisions in school as he served on Student Council l,2...He was good at livening up play rehearsals, too JANICE JANSSEN Taken, but isn't it a shame Janice had her life s partner picked out long before she graduated She was in Glee Club l,2,3,M Teen Club 1 2,3 M Pep Club 2,3 She made the cutest dinosaur in the senior play that the class had ever seen RONALD BOELMAN What ever it is, I am against t All of Ronnie's classmates had to endure his pestering He enjoyed playing football l,2,3 basketball l,2,3 Ron sang in Glee Club l, , Mixed Chorus l,3,l4 He also had a part in the senior play JERRY REWEBTS It may be a short life, but this is the longest way to look at 'wilt the Stilt' came in very handy when playing basketball 3,h baseball M Glee Club 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 F A 3, and officer h Jerry was Mr Bagley in the junior play and a con vener in the senior play TERRILL DeBERG nI'm not as bashful as I loo ' Tamo was another fine athle e rangy football end l,2,3 U He also played basketball l,2,3,L baseball l,2,h track 3 He portrayed a convener 1D the senior play MARLYS BENNING 'A blush is beautiful but some times inconvenient Marlys sur prised no one when she was elected to National Honor Society lent her soprano voice to Glee Club l 2,3, Mixed Chorus l,h Sextette and solo M Played tuba in Marching band and Concert band 3,h Dance band 3 Teen Club l,2, cabinet 3,h Torch Editor Ass't director for The Skin of Our Teeth if This page courtesy of TH TIP TOP Marvin and Jean Walters Q 5 ,Q -35' ,VN 7.414 3-Q.. CECIL DRAKE The good die young, but that doesn t bother me Cecil s main interests were sports and girls liked football l,2,3 Lb basketball l,2,3,lz baseball 1 track 3 also liked Glee Club 1 3 Mixed Cho rus 1 3 is Cecil s speaking ability got hm a part in the senlor play as a telegraph boy and as a convener This book is not the place to colmnent on where Cecil s interests led him pertaining to girls LADONNA DeVBIES Never let school interfere with your education School didn't seem to lnterfere too much but Ladonna did find time for Glee Club 1,2,3 ls Pep Club l,2,3 Teen Club l,2,3, MARIAN TOOMSEN o be quiet is to be content Harlan used most of her time study ing but :Ln her spare time she parti cipated in Glee Club 1,2 Librarian ,3 Teen Club l,2,3,h She also contributed much time to the Torch ALLEN SCHLEGEL Guys like me happen to the best of families Allen seemed to be the All Star of the senior class Football l,2,3,l+ basketball l 2,3, 1+ Track 3 Glee Club 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,la Quartet 1,2, 3,5 All State 3 Marching band l,2,3,l+ Concert band l,2,3,l+ cornet trio and quartet 2 3 14 also contributed his booming voice to the senior play ICEINNETH WEBER lead me not into temptation but show me where it is Kenny held down a class office in his senior year donated his farming talents to F F A 1,2 played basketball 1,2 Since he was such a good talker, he was made sales nnnager of the Torch He had a romantic lead in the ,junior play and was a chair pusher :Ln the senior play NANCY HABBINGTON "Nancy is just another way sa ing 'pep She was one of our peppiest cheerleaders l,2,3,10 Glee Club l,2,3 Teen Club 1,2,3, and cabinet la Pep Club l,2,3 Nancy practiced up on twirling so she could be one of the twirlers in the senior play This page courtesy of F W Houllhan, H D WILLIAM SCALLON "Live wires need no charglng " B111 will be remembered for holdlng so many offices during hiS senior year Senior president FFA l,2,3, president 1+ Student Council 2,11 Glee Club 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2, 3 ls All state 3 Quartet 3 Football 2,3,l+ Senwr play B111 won the honor of going to Boys State as a Junior FLORENCE DOBBS May her future be blessed with the man she loves best Most of Florence s time was spent writing letters to a certain Coast Guard man but she found a little time for Glee Club 1 Pep Club l,2,3 Teen Club l,2,3,h She also had a role in the senior play ROBERT MURRA A conventional lad who lives his own life, unworried, umhurried, unbothered by strife Bob carried the football for Ackley for his full high school career His six foot height helped him in his senior year in basketball and he was especially fond of baseball in l,2,h He served his class on the student council 3 h had a role in the senior play LaVEDA JANSONIUS 'One way to get ahead and stay ahead is to use a head An active senior was she Marching band 1,2, band 3 M Pep band 2,3,h Dru solo 2,3,h Drum ensemble 3,h Glee Club 1,2 3,h Mixed Chorus l, , Solo 3,L Sextette 3,h Pep Club l,2,3 Teen Club l,2,3,h in cabinet 3 Freshman vice president and Junior president Student Coun cil 3 National Honor Soclety ld brarian b Torch staff Dramatics 3 M Speech contest 3 LEON ABBAS 'Man of many thoughts and few words H A marching he did go with the band in l,2,3,b. .His trusty trombone also sounded well in Concert band 1,2 3 h .trombone trio 3 H solo b He also marched to the baseball field 1,2 football field 3 H basketball floor 1,2 . track 3,5 He served the Torch by his work on Photography. He carried out duties of the vice president as a senior and played the part of Henry in the senior play. , ... ' Hs' 'f" ! 3,h... Concert band l,2,3,h... Dance I OOO OOO 3 uses ooo one , OOO l , .. , ... ..... ... , ... This page courtesy of Dr B W Gresslin, Dentist DUANE THOMPSON If I feel llke exerclse I just lie down untll he feeling goes away ' Short, dark brown, curly ha1r and a low, low volce are the charac teristlcs that d1StiHgUlSh Duane from the rest of the eniors staunch F F A member l,2,3,h football guard as a senior and a member of that famous senlor play PATRICIA BAKKA I would like to be a man ha er but I haven't the heart. Pat was a cheerleader 2,3,h Glee Club 1,2, 3,u Mixed chorus 1+ Quartette 1+ solo M Class Treasurer M Pep Club l,2,3 Teen Club l,2,3,h SANDRA WITKIN All that glltters is not gold, SOF8tlKeS it's a diamond Sandy was class president 1 Student cert band 1,2 added her alto voice to Glee Club l,2,3,h Pep Club l,2, 3 soeech contest 3 Iabrarlan and publlcations M She was uenxor Editor for the Torch and acted i both Junior and senior plays FRANK BOHEMAN He is always good and kind, his friends no fault can f1nd Whenever there was a Job to be done, Frank could always be depended upon to do it He was a powerhouse as left tackle on the 'ootball team 1, 2 3,h basketball l,2,3,k Glee Club l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 JANET JONES ll snappy gal from the country Janet transferred from Cloverdale, Ind1ana, to Ackley second semester her junior year She particlpated many sports and other activities Indiana In Ackley she found tins join Teen Club 3,h Photo Club M Since Janet was a twirler ln In diana, she was chosen as twirler in the senior play JAMES WILLEMS NA regular guy, he l1ves t have fun, Yesterday and tomorrow, to h1m are all one He practically wore out the road between Ackley and Wellsburg but he did have a few smiles left over for Ackley. im played football 2,3,b...and belonged o F F.A. l,2,3,h. s . A o o c econ B n - t If - Il Council 1... Marching band.and Con- lli n - ll , ooo sooo A .H in . ' in in . to can ' o - ll J t . This page sponsored by the ACKLEY CLEANERS GARY MOSSMAN A young man with a horn Gary transferred from Eldora to Ackley in his sophomore year His main inter est was band Marching band 3,4 Concert band 3,h Pep band 3,3 Dance band 3 Select band H tru pet quartet 3,h trumpet trio 3,h solo 3,h His interest in sports led him to football H basketball 3 track 3,b He was elected to National Honor Society served as senior class secretary edited Ath letics for the Torch He made good as Mr Jones in the junior play and was Mr Antrobus in the senior play BAZETTA REINTS The girl wlth astrange giggle Short hair and giggles add up t Buzzy A faithful member of Teen Club l,2,3,h Pep Club 2,3 She sang in Glee Club l,2,3,h Buzetta enjoyed dramatics and took part in both the Junlor and senlor plays MARVIN RICHTSMEIEB I want to do my work today but We don't know what Marvin did with his spare time but we all have our suspicions Being a faithful farm boy, he found time for F F A l 2,3,h JUDY RYKEN Her heart is 1n her work ' Judy was in Glee Club l,2,3,b Mixed Chorus 3,U Sextette 3 Marching band l,2,3,h Concert band 1,2,3 1+ Flute quartet 1,2,3,u class president 2 treasurer 3 Student Council 2 Torch staff senior play LARRY BULTEN What makes girls admire me so? My hair' Red was in football 3 and baseball 2 He spent most of his time pester1ng the teachers also had a role in the senior play ELEANOB PHHHKE nSmart, but doesn't advertise it.n Ellie was quiet in class but made plenty of noise with her flute in Marching band l,2,3,U.... Concert band l,2,3,h... Flute quartet l,2... Flute trio l,2,3,h... Flute solo 3,h ...Teen Club l,2,3,h... Glee Club l, 2,3,h0ou Mixed ChOI'US 3,,4q l 'xxx i , , ,K . -Lx' Vt Su. x This page sponsored by the WEAVER DRUG STORE ,335 T15 B111 Scallon Kenneth Weber President Social Chairman leon Abbas Vice President Gary Mossman Secretary 13 F? Mun-a harms Benning Pat Bam Student Council Treasurer This page courtesy of Dr E E Linn, Veterinarian w 5 N r 4 9 'Q 1' X ik Bob Back Row B111 Witt, Dale Harrington, Merlyn Cordes, Dale Brass, Gary Harke David Pries, Larry Baber, Dwaln Betten Second Bow Dixie Cockerham, Bob Coble, Ivan Kreimeyer, Dennis Botgers, Leon French, Elgene Heltland, Mary Wolf Front Bow Mary Knight, Bonnie Hours, Julie Stauffacher, Sydney Schweizer, Estelle Janssen, Patricia Hosch, Barbara Brooks OFFICERS President Jim Miller Vloe President Sharon Huebner SeC'y Treagurer Elgene Heltland Chairman of Junior Stand Linda Bear Student Council Bob Coble, Sheryl Groninga, David Pries Sponsors Miss Peterson, Mr Boyd Mr Helland, Mrs Kelley Back Bow: Georgia Green, Sheryl Grcninga, Duane Spieker, Joe Green, B111 Meyer, Robert Lindaman, Jim Miller, Mary Steding, Doris Humke Second Bow: Carol Weber, Marjorie Humke, Berniece Betten, Thomas Ubben, Harlan Abbas, Thomas Fahey, Linda Bear, Sharon Huebner Front Row: Bernard Betten, Marlyn Neymeyer, Carl Guldager, Trenton DeBerg, John Muller, Russell Hinders, Larry Beving Absent: wayne Wiese This page sponsored by GIESE'S STATION 5 CAFE 14 5. , ' - ',, J Q . jfx K V . X f Y l 9 . , v ,.. ' g Y 1 ax. I U., . . . . C O O I C U 5 U Q . . . . . 1 I O O I O I C O Q o 0 ' Q l 7' lbs. .si-T-X This page sponsored by MGNABCH FOODS 15 SOPHOMORES Back Row: Bernard Boekholder, Sharon Abbas, Carol Wolf, Russell Sinow, James Engelkes, Francis Janssen, David Lindaman, Marlys Rewerts, Marlys Jansonius Gretchen Abkes ' Third Row: Darlene Kuper, Clark Muller, Paul Wlarda, Carol Lenz, Clinton Poley, Della DeVr1es, Harley Murra, Sharon Houllhan, Mary Benning Second Row: Steven Kurth, Thomas Miller, Patricia Thompson, Linda Greenfield, Janice Cobie, Janice Shugar, Dick Rldout, Paul winters Front Row: William Abbas, Paul Brass, Kathy McGough, JoAnn Boelman, Sharryl Homan, Pauline Bohlen, Dennis Bentley OFFICERS President ....... Carol Wolf Vice President . . . william Abbas Secretary .... . . Nedra Abbas Treasurer ..... Gretchen Abkes Student Council . . . Steven Kurth Margery Miller, Delmar Benning Sponsors . Mr. Carney, Mr. Tlnkey Mr. Rice, Mr. Carlson Back Row: Virgil Harms, Larry Voy, Frederick Maifeld, Francis Fritz, Eugene Wagoner, Larry Eisentrager, Jerrell williams, James Growden, James wessels, Robert Ubben Third Row: Floyd Heetland, Ferrell Peters, Tom Hofmann, Delmar Benning, Henry Drake, Verle Bohlen, James Svec, Barton Hanig, Richard Roelfs Second Row: Lois Williams Nedra Abbas, Jane Harken, Rosalie Meinberg, Arlene Brandt, Linda Houts, Irene Lewis, Linda Abbas, Ann Christiansen S h hterle Patricia Klatt Front Row: Carole Dobbs, Susan Carstens, Patricia c ac , Margery Miller, Marcella Kromminga, Linda Flessa, Andrea Heffelmeier, Karen Wilson This page sponsored by DICK'S FEEDS !. 5 fa .J This page sponsored by WEBER MOTOR COMPANY 17 FRESHMEN Back Bow Steven Muller, Ronald Brass, Dennis Homan, Dennis Ubben, Wiliiam G1-gffel Larry Burkley Leroy Kuper Rex Humke, Charles Roelfs, Terry Wit 111, Second Roar Robert Formanek, Rodneyaiindazan, Bliighgyn FPCNCUS, CHPO1 Abbas. Janet Linn James Woodley Jerold odama er, u UPG? Front Row Sharon Wolski, Joan Weber, Beverly Abbas, Barbara Abbas, Patty Miller Dennis Lindaman, James Stoner OFFICERS Vice President Patty Miller Secretary Treasurer Marlys Wiese Student Council Joan Weber Bill Griffel, Jim Stoner Sponsors Mr Bowers, Mr Nelson Miss Jacob v Back Row Gary Lindaman, Robert Schafer, Robert Fistler, William Muller, George Bartling, Lynn Bangasser, James Hofmann, Caroline Hisius, Newlyn Miller Second Row: Melvin Mudderman, Sheril Steding, Gordon Fritz, Linda DeBuhr, Mary Moats, Dick Kroll, Robbye Schultz, Beverly Spieker, Marlys Wiese Front Bow: Richard Heltland, Wanda Bangasser, Karla Eichmeler, Sharon Folkers, Fred Bentley, Jim Schweizer, David Quegg, Ruth Harms FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY, A Good Place to Buy 18 President ........ Dick Kroll W i PERSONALITIES DISGUISE THE FBESHMEN yu?" X 91 era new ovse three 'A AS THEY ARE INITIATED Oh, those pretty girls' go bbye and Jo an Don't miss the apple 1 cowboys Due x Slpl X Steve or Abbe Lane? F Our mls f1ts Courtesy of J W Carruthers, D C , Chiropractor 19 H DA Now, kids, sand w1th tie gram of the wood' Relax That's the important thlng gb' f" .P tv ll ok straight ahead and hold in your stomach " Eyes on the copy Ready Unonlt let Leon do all the workyv '1Now, yOU had better Write dowm." This page sponsored by HOFMEISTEB'S FORD SALES AND SERVICE Z0 S C O O L Z E S S 5 f . ' fn f 1 5 N . n . - , ,km no - -.'Aww'tf ' S q ' 4 , if fm 'fi' - , S5 L S V D V 'Y 1 i. S ,. 'L' 1 V .qw i A et 1110 ' " . . Go!" , 1, 'D V I ' L Q 9 4 ' , , i Q . ATHLETICS CONCERT BAND I5 CLABINETS CORNETS BASSES Barbara Brooks Linda Greenfield Pat Hosch Sharon Houllhan James Hofmann Jean Tjepkes Leigh Bice Carol Johnson Judy Jones Ben wichers David Kuper Lavelle Huebner Gordon weber FRENCH HOBNS Marjorie Humke Julie Stauffacher Gary Mossman B111 Meyer Sharon Huebner Allen Sohlegel Sandra Knight Dennis Bentley Joan Nlenoord Jerry Fessler Robert Formanek Jim Lawton TENOR SAXAPHONE WBPPGH WSDSP ALTO CLARINET Lorraine Wubbena Betty AdamB BASSOON Gretchen VanHove Elaine Shugar Estelle Janssen Marlys Benning Larry Haber Mary Wolf Drum Major This page courtesy of the RUTH ANN BEAUTY SALON ZZ ALTO suuxpuonzs PERCUSSION Sharon Growden Gloria Meyer Pat, Linda, and Sheryl Twirlers LaVeda Jansonlus Dennis Mossman Linda Bear Linda Boelman Mary Wolf Jane Harken Sharryl Homan BASS CLARINET Bobbye Schultz BABITONE SAXAPHONE Bernlece Betten DIRECTOR Mr. Frank Rice FLUTES Sheryl Groninga Judy Byken Carol Abbas Doris Humke Pauline Humke Janice Shugar TBOMBONES David Pries Mary Ann Knight Leon Abbas Duane Weber Dennis Hofmelster BABITONES B111 Witt Bruce Ballard Sammy Thielke Stanley Neymeyer This page courtesy of the ACKLEY WORLD-JOURNAL 23 . I 1 I V . Q i f Q ' 5 I .V ' W- H-, S, ' ' ' 4 .- PEP BAND ,H Back Row Laveda Jansonius Jerry Fessler, Linda Bear, Leon Abbas, Gary Mossman, Bruce Ballard, Larry Raber, Stanley Neymeyer, Marlys Benning, Warren Weber, Marjorie Humke, Mary Ann Knight, Barbara Brooks Middle Bow Dennis Mossman, James Hofmann, Sandra Knight, Sharon Huebner, Gloria Meyer, Judy Ryken, Julie Stauffacher Front Row Bernlece Betten, Jean Tjepkes, Sharon Houlihan, Pat Hosch, Linda Greenfield, Sharon Growden mfffne, Back Row: Dennis Mossman, Eleanor Humke, LaVeda Jansonius, Bill Witt, Linda Greenfield, Julie Stauffacher, Mary Ann Knight, Pat Hosoh, Estelle Janssen Front Row: Marjorie Humke, B111 Meyer, Judy Ryken, Sheryl Groninga, Gary Mossman, Barbara Brooks This page sponsored by BRANDT'S FURNITURE 5 FUNERAL SEQVICE Z4 D f if ' is Q- J: , , V fy in I' C!! Al ' Y ' . ,rg 1 M 'px l EN r L li N .3 i 3 , 1 A QL: a K K Q 4 2 . .,- s 1, . , " 15 Back Row laVeda Jansonius, Linda Bear, Berniece Betten, Carol Lenz, Marva Jo Greenfield, Ruth Lindaman, Sharon Abbas, lvarlys Jansonius, Marlys Rewerts, Carol Wolf, Gretchen Abkes, Sheryl Groninga, Sharon Houlihan, Georgia Green, Dor1s Humke, Judy Ryken, Marjorie Humke Third Row Mr Tinkey, Pat Bakka, Mary Wolf, Beverly Spieker, Carol Weber, Darlene Kuper, Pat Thompson, L1nda Abbas, Marlys Benning, Iadonna DeVr1es, Mary Bennlng, Jane Harken, Ann Christianson, Linda Gre nfield, Mary Moats, Sharon Huebner, Janice Cobie, Nedra Abbas, Second row Kathy Frerichs, Joan Weber, Julie Stauffacher, Janet Linn, Wanda Bengasser, Andrea Heffelmeier, Patty Klatt, Margery Miller, Sydney Schweizer, Bazetta Reints, Mar cella Kromminga, Bonnie Houts, Linda Flessa, Pat Schachterle, Eleanor Humke, Carol Abbas, Estelle Janssen Front Row JoAnn Boelman, Janice Janssen, Barbara Brooks, Karen Wilson, Pat Hosch, Sharon Wolski, Karla Eichmeier, Ruth Kuper, Barbara Abbas, Ruth Harms, Sharon Folkers, Kathy McGough, Mary Ann Knight, Sharryl Boman, Sandra Witkin, Pauline Bohlen ? Back B William Scallon, James Miller, James Engelkes, William Meyer, Ronald Boelman Ronald Schachterle, Bernard Betten Second Bow Gordon Fritz, Larry Bevlng, James Growden, Allen Schlegel, William Griffel, Dick Kroll, Mr Tinkey Front Bow Fred Bentley, James Stoner, Robert Formanek, Paul Winters, Dennis Bentley Dennis Lindaman, David Quegg This page sponsored by DBEW'S D X STATION 25 w it it T . 2 21 lf " l h 3 , 5. . 4 I , . A- Y 5 . Q' -, ' I ' T335 fi Q w z.. 5,1 ff 'SV' 'i5'Hf 1 A333 1 fi' B M s , l, ,, Z Z jsf' ' r L 'E"T :fc 3 ,Al .-Q x ., Y I gg API. S f dl I .- 3 p u y Q K , MS. , A . A . .- ,A 1 ,,. ,- - 1 4 1 . I ,5 L .,l ys-f ig 5, z .' V 1' . .. 'D ' r x y 5 ' , .. . V' A f- ' . A . 9 up ' "' 3 2 'I ' 1 "'l , , . - I, V I , .- X , V 4 1 5 I 1 5. I OW! 9 . . Z . ' 1 MIXED CHORUS Back Bow Gretchen Abkes, Marlys Jansonius, Merlyn Cordes, Bernard Betten, Cecil Drake William Scallon william Meyer Robert Schafer Ronald Boelman James Miller, Allen Schlegel: James Growden,,Larry Beving, Marlys Bewerts, Carol Wolf Third Bow Sharon Houlihan, Berniece Betten, James Schweizer, Robert Formanek, ggck Krgll, william Witt, Virgil Harms, David Pries, William Griffel, Rex Humke nnls entley, Fred Bentley Ruth Llndaman Shervl Gronlnza Second Row Eleanor Humke, Sharon Huebner, Jane Harken, Linda Abbas, LaVeda Jansonius, Linda Bear, Judy Byken, Marjorie Humke, Patricia Thompson, Marlys Benning Patricia Bakka Mary Wolf Mr Tinkey Front Row, Mary Ann Knight, Patricia Hosch, Janet Linn, Carol Abbas, Carol Lenz, Marva Jo Greenfield, Estelle Janssen, Julie Stauffacher, Kathy McGough, Barbara Brooks, Wanda Bangasser Each year the music students participate ln ALL-STATE QUARTET the State Music Contest. Large groups, en sembles and soloists work hard on their num bers during the spring and are a credit to Ackley when they perform One quartet and one lnstrumentalist parti- cipated in the All State Music Festival in Des Moines on November 29 and 30. Marjorie played in the All-State Band and the quar- tet sang in a massed chorus of a thousand voices. One quartet of five that auditioned from Ackley attended the festival. All State Band QS Marjorie Humke , Ser B111 Meyer, Sharon Huebner W Barbara Brooks, Dennis Bentley , I I This page sponsored by DBEW'S SHOE STORE 26 f LA h 1 0 --Q LSIVSGG J8!1S0I11US, H9-PY Wolf Judy Ryken, Marlys Jansonius Sh8P0I1 HUSUHGP, Barbara BPOOKS Berniece Betten, Julie Stauffacher rlys Benning. Carol Lenz Pat Bakka, Estelle Janssen Robert Formanek, Jim Growden Allen Schlegel, B111 Meyer CONTEST SOLOISTS LIHITCI Allen Schlegel, baritone Mary Knight, soprano LaVeda Jansonius, alto Sharon Huebner, mezzo soprano Pat Bakka, soprano Mary Wglf, alto Marlys Benning, soprano Bernlece Betten, mezzo soprano B111 Meyer, bass Estelle Janssen, oprano Barbara Brooks, alto This page sponsored by TOWNSEND Q MERRILL LUM ER COMPANY Z7 4 Ma ,Aki ,' , s woodwind Chamber Group Marjorie Humke, Robbye Schultz, Sheryl Gronlnga Barbara Brooks, Linda Greenfield, Estelle Janssen T Clarinet Trio Flute Trio Brooks, L Greenfield, P Hosch J Shugar, P Humke, C Abbas Trumpet Trio Robert Wormanek Jim Growden Denni Qentley Q Trumpet Trio Gary Mossman Bill Meyer Allen Schlegel Trunp't Quartet Gary Mossman, Bill Meyer Allen Schlevel, Sharon Huebner This page courtesy of the ACKLEY REMINDER Z8 4 Flute Trio Flute Quartet Eleanor Humke, Judy Byken Eleanor Humke, Doris Humke Sheryl Gronlnga Sheryl Groninga, Judy Byken Trombone Trio Brass Quartet Leon Abba-Sf David PUBS B111 Meyer, Sharon Huebner Mary Ann Knight Julie Stauffacher, David Prles Drum Ensemble Dennis Mossman, Linda Boelman, Mary Wolf Laveda Jansonius, Linda Bear This page sponsored by GOETTEL'S STORE 29 I N S T R U M E N T A L S O L O I S T S s 1' in V 4 xx. A Lf at 'f 1 Bernieoe Betten, Carole Abbas Julie Stauffacher, Marjorie Humke Eleanor Humke. Sheryl Groninsa Linda Greenfield Paz Hosch Estelle Janssen Barbara Brooks, Allen Schlesel. B111 Meyer B111 wuz, Laveda Jansonius LSOH Abbas, GBP? Mossman Dave Pries, Linda Boelman Jane Harken, Mary Knight This page sponsored by the FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOB 30 V21 1 , x 4 .fi-' xx , ' . nQHf .' '-'J X' " 7 'z Y ex' H O M E C O M I N G 108 51m?1e Lovely in between JESUP' Compliments of Teen Club M E M O R I E S Ne gnlfloe Ut res U1 ts whale gf a tale It was a direct hit! A Drake production How now, UPOWD GOW7 This page courtesy of Dr. E. H. Witt, Dentist 31 QUEEN AND ATTEN DAN TS f H11 1fJ""'j 45, , 1 ', - I X' , ' I ! Q I 1- 1 , 4 . , VIAA 'Q-if P J' JW HM IUNIOR SENIGR Qoad 1 im Xjevenad 1 Yfick, N 34 STARLIGHT SERENADE, the Junior Senior Prom, swung into step on May 17, 1958 We danced to the dreamy music of Keith Killenger and his band Notes and stars Spangled the walls and ceiling Juniors blasted off to the moon :Ln "Moon Madness" to seek unusual entertainment for the occasion The food tasted out of this world We lunched on Moon Mist and Angers Delight W' ff X! 35 ..l Last minute U The theme Dancing in the dark N They're necessary C L Food to the last drop S33 U-i Q of nw L0 S ge 36 Senior Party Bingo! f Fl I tell the future Yes, Duane, don't be a flirt! B T I Frosty watches the dancing How's your aim? Three's a crowd Wr'Cb end up? 37 PA 1-:s B-9-- 3 E rf! FF 'HL ll all lil Fl VH El Ili I r -,1,,, I REMEMBER MAMA varcn lh, 1958 Katrin .... Mama . . Papa Q o Dagnar . . Christine . Mr. Hyde . . Nels .... Aunt Trina . . Aunt Sigrid . Aunt Jenny . . Uncle Chris . A Woman . . . Mr. Thorkelson Dr. Johnson . Arne ..... A Nurse . . . Another Nurse Soda Clerk . . Madeline . . . Dorothy Schiller . . . . Mary Wolf Berniece Betten . . larry Beving . Barbara Brooks . Julie Stauffacher . Merlyn Cordes . ..Larry Reber Mary Anne Knight Sheryl Groninga . Sharon Huebner . . . Jim Miller Estelle Janssen . . Robert Cobie . Bernard Betten Dale Harrington . . Carol Weber 0 0 0 Linda Bear . . Dvain Betten . Patricia Hosch . . Doris Humke Florence Moorehead . Marjorie Humke Uncle Elizabeth . . . . . . A cat Directed by Robert Belland This page sponsored by VOY'S PHILLIPS '66' STATION THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH I vi 1 , April 25, 1958 Mr Antrobus Gary Mossman M s Antrobus laVeaa Jansonius Henry, their son leon Abbas Gladys, their daughter Sandra Witkin Sabina, their ma1d Marva Greenfield Dinosaur Janice Janssen Mam oth Bazetta Reints The Refugees C 8 Announcer Bill Scallon Stage Manager Allen Schlegel Telegraph Boy Cecil Drake Usher Gary Miller Drum Majorettes Nancy Harrlngton Fortune Teller Pat Bakka Chair Pusher Kenneth Weber Doctor Ronald Schachterle Professor larry Bulten Judge Robert Murra Poet Frank Boheman Muses Marian Toomsen Eleanor Humke, Judy Ryken Janet Jones Defeated Candidate Jerry Rewerts Y ! is D 00000000 N ,V ll 00.0 Ol A X Th . . . 1'. The oooos w 1 1 The quo coo 1 Th ...CCC lv ' The sconce M I Directed by Robert Helland a s 1 Q 1 Z" . , ' L 1 2 I 'V , Q Si . sf . , 'A W, I 'il ll I U g - 2 E- s 1 , v ' , A ff ' 1 ' r ,., 3 . , , I ' i I I. J 1: Q A ' 7 x f ' J's : 'ally . , xx 5 Q A "f'.:lE. 'Ll 'hu N'-u-6 This page sponsored by CARSTENS BROTHERS HARDWARE 39 EN I R PLAY TEEN CLUB 5 h N H 1 to Sheryl Groninga Marlys Benning, Pat Hose ancy ?ggn3gBo2lman, Marva Jo Greenfield. Linda Bear CABINET President Marva Jo Greenfield Vice President Sheryl Groninga Secretary Pat Hosch Treasurer JoAnn Boelman Program Chairman Marlys Benning Social Chairman Linda Bear Service Chairman Nancy Harrington Adviser Helen Bath The Teen Club this year numbered 97 all the girls in high school The high light of the year was the annual Teen Club formal, 'Christmas Paradise,W which about sixty couples attended. The Teen Club Nut Sale turned out to be a great success--all the girls helping to finance the c1ub's activities. The theme for the Homecoming float was nLet's Beet Jesup.' On it rode four girls dressed like beets. They were JoAnn Boelman, Nancy Harrington, Linda Flessa and Janice Janssen. The programs this year were varied-- all the way from 'How to have a successful party' to 'How to pick a career.' This page courtesy of CUTLER'S BEAUTY SALON 40 e , W s g I . 2 -1 . Q 5 ' . ' 1 E 4 . I, . - . K TT V . X 'Z - 35, , 3 l : N ' QQ O . 5 S .e, S . V ,L -- , - PHOTO CLUB 'WS Back Row J1m Schweizer, Joan Weber, Janet Linn, Pat Miller, Kathy Frerichs, Bobbye Schultz, Virgil Harms, Doris Humke, Larry Haber, Mary Benning, Jim Svec, Nedra Abbas, Marcella Kromminga, Barbara Brooks, Susan Carstens Seated Delmar Benning, Bernard Boekholder, Carol Weber, Julie Stauffacher, Ferrell Peters, Linda Flessa, Patty Klatt, James Engelkes, Francis Fritz OFFICERS President Ferrell Peters Vice President Carol Weber Secretary Julie Stauffacher Treasurer Linda FISBSB Adviser Mr Carlson Through the Photo Club, these people have been learning how to take good pictures, velop their own negatives, and print thei ictures They also have learned to make en P largements I' Own Bernard Boekholder received an award as an outstanding member of the group He was given a gold guard and chain that will be at tached to the pin he was awarded last Year This page sponsored by FBITZ FUBNITU 41 RE and FUNERAL SERVICE . . . . 0 Q 0 O I I O '-fy . . . . . f . , . . . . el 7 ...lille -gf .Zi -me ...api de- QQWIT 'M Q ,.,..,, , S "weve-V., ' I . I O O ' - O FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA Y Back Row Delmar Benning, Dale Brass Francis Fritz, Eugene Wagoner, Robert Ubben, Frederick Maifeld, Larry Elsentrager, Barton Hanig Second Row Edwin Roelfs, Dennis Ubben, Leroy Kuper, Verle Bohlen, Newlyn Miller, Gordon Fritz, Rex Humke, Ronald Brass Front Row William Abbas, Paul Brass, Steven Miller, Dennis Rotgers, Floyd Heetland, Leon French, Gerald Rodamaker OFFICERS President Bill Scallon Vice President Jerry Rewerts Treasurer Dale Brass Secretary Thomas Ubben Sentinel B111 O'Hare Recorder Joe Green Back Bow: Robert Schafer, Joe Green, Francis Janssen, Jerry Rewerts, william Muller, B111 0'Hare, Ronald Schachterle Second Row: Harlan Abbas, Thomas Ubben, Jim Engelkes, B111 Scallon, John Muller, Marvin Richtsmeier Front Row: James Willems, Lynn Bangasser, Gary Lindaman, Paul Wiarda, David Lindaman, Melvin Mudderman This page courtesy of SHUGAB'S SUPER-VALU STORE 42 Bird watchers They run the show Green, Ubben, 0'Hare, Bewerts, Scallon, Brass 3'-wjllfw lwlmimt FFA 44.lY Last year the F F A took their annual trip to the Lake of the Ozarks which is lo cated in the central part of Missouri The Future Farmers of America this year sold 140 bags of potatoes to help pay for their annual summer trip l A party, 'The Haymow Hop,' was sponsored They don't do this often by the F F A and held on February 15 in the school gym The delegates to the State Convention this year were Thomas Ubben and Dale Brass The meeting was held April 24 at Sioux City John Muller placed the highest in a Pick the Winner conte t which was sponsored by the Pfister Corn Company There are twenty five boys who are par ticlpating in the annual Corn Yield Contest Various companies are providing the corn for these entrants what happened to Jerry's flag? This page sponsored by STONER'S CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH 43 1 Q, Q A V VE. ,Q .. n - gr , f .75 , I l X .5 . x V . . . I ... ofx 'Q .UA ' fc Wobad r ' 1 .'- U 'JSQ-pf-e . f .lo:aTFifJ . V ' ' A ' Y f W , - 1 I , ': Q Q Q - l O A C 0 Q Q 0 G 0 - " O Q Q 1 ,YU- o o Laveda Jansonius, Mary wolf, Gary Mossman Sheryl Groninga, Marjorie Humke, Marlys Benning NATNNAL 1::2fsoT::v X Cl -0- .SL The principal objectives and ideals of the Wational Honor Society are scholarship, character, leadership and service Those who rank in the their class in scholarship are organization The integrity the responsibility he assumes d the cheerful willingness to give of his time nd effort comprise the qualities required for upper one third in considered for this of the individual, in guiding others, Senior Members SP3-.r'S 39 ning, LaVeda Jansonius, Gary Megaman Junior Fembers Sheryl vronlnga, Marjorie Humke, Mary wolf This page sponsored by the TOT AND TEEN SHOP 44 A C an . u. gl 3. - -' - membership. ES? t I ' nl A . ----L---.- lk Back How Joan Weber, Dick Kroll, B111 Grlffel, Jim Miller, Carol wolf, Steve Kurth, Marjorie Miller Seated Robert Cobie, Robert Murra, Sheryl Gronlnsa. B111 Scallon, Miss Jacob, Marlys Benning The Student Council consists of two elected members and the president from each high school class The Student Council acted as ushers at the dedication of the high school on April 27 Conducted a check room at basketball games . . . . Planned all the Homecoming activities .... Sent four members with Miss Jacob to the Student Council Convention in Ames . . . Started a drive for a record player for the school . . was host to the eighth grade at a party on May 23. OFFICERS President . . . . . Bill Scallon Vice President . . . . Jim Miller Sec'y-Treasurer . Sheryl Groninga Adviser . . . . . . . Miss Jacob This page sponsored by HARKEN'S PHILLIPS '66' 45 . V 1 1 . 4. ,I , , 'jf I , 3 . 1 Q 1 - F 2 A 1 V. ., K0 ' Q -4 C A a .- 'S s , 5 , ., K, 5' . f ff 4 1 . . . . . O - . . - 'N-an CHEERLEADERS J 61.9 This page courtesy of BRICKEB'S JEHEIBY 46 W5 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL he Beck Row Steve Muller, Bill Griffel, Cordon Fritz, Dennis Lindamn, Charles Roelfs, Robert Schafer, Nevlyn Miller, Jim Stoner, Fred Bentley , Robin Formenek, Dick Kro11, Rex Hurnke, Fourth Row Trenton DeBerg, Francis Janssen, Gery Harken, Ron Boelmen, Dave Hartman, Duane Thompson, Ferrell Peters, Steve Kurth, Tom Hofmann, Jim Willems, Duane Spieker, Gondon Heitland Third Row Duane Betten, Ken Heber, Dennis Bentley, Delmer Benning, Dick Roelfs, Wayne Wiese, Dale Harrington, Ivan Kreimeyer, Dick Ridout, Larry Williams Second Row Coach Carney, Richard Heitland, Bob lindeman, Henry Drake, Dave Price, Bill Scallon, Jim Growden, Dennis Rotgers Gerv Mossmsn Jim Miller Coach Nelson ont Row Bob Murra, Cecil Drake, Bill Meyer, khrllyn Neymeyer, Carl Guldager, Terrill DeBerg, Allen Schlegel, Bill 0 Hare, Frank Boheman, Larry Beving, Leon Abbas bf Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Aokley Ackley 26 Ackley 13 HICL Bunnerup 1957 NICL Champions 1954 Hon 7 NICL Champions 1955 The Senior boys figured in the winning of these three trophies This page by Tsomvs 51 to S1 sroan 48 SEASON'S RECORD Hampton Grundy LaPorte Jesup Beinbeok 13 Greene 6 Lost 2 'N - - A 35 'r' T -3 .. 1 ' 3 "',zf f H, - Y 6 19 19 13 33 6 26 'r. c. 33 19 o Co Captains DeBerg and Schlegel Cecil Drake B111 O'Hare GRUNDY CENTER 13 ACKLEY An underdog Ackley team upset a Grundy team that was ranked No 2 in the state by one touch down Ackley took charge from the opening kick off and completely outplayed Grundy Center in spite of their determined efforts One of the The 1957 football season was a most unusual one The squad opened the season as a very inexperienced unit with only seven returning lettermen Because of this, not as much was expected of them as of the usual Raider teams But spirits were high and there was a heart warming turnout of fifty four eager athletes Whatever the squad lacked in experience, they made up in desire, sportsmanship, teamwork, and good coaching By the second game, the fans decided that here was a team that was not going to be conquered easily Hampton, with a veteran team, found the going against the Raiders much rougher than the score indicated and Grundy Center, in spite of their state wide prestige and rugged play, fell before the Ackley onslaught Competition in the North Iowa Cedar League was especially keen this year and Ackley emerged in second place, suffering only a defeat by Teachers High who took the conference championship Toward the end of the season, Asiatic flu which had been disrupting schedules all over the state struck Traer and Eldora forcing them to forfeit their games to Ackley These teams were at the bottom of the league at this time and Ackley was disappointed over having the games can scalp this year HAMPTON 19 ACKLEY 6 Ackley lost the sea son opener in a hard fought game on a wet and rainy night Ack1ey's mistakes, due to inex perience were very cost As the game went along,the big difference was Hampton's massive fullback Ack1ey's best showing came on the hard running of Cecil Drake and the outstanding de fensive play of B111 O'Hare Cat, Houndog and Rabbit outstanding features of this game was the very fine team effort turned in by all the Raiders. Senior Charging 8 This page sponsored by COBIE HARDWARE 49 celled. Ackley was really primed to go after Eldora's ly. 19 LA PORTE CITY 6 ACKLEY 33 Ackley's powerful offense com- pletely overpowered the LaPorte City Rams and Ackley was called on to do little passing as they were so suc cessful on the ground. The outcome of the game was never in doubt as Ackley scored the first time lt got the ball Every man on the squad got into the game Seniors Bob Murra and Duane Thompson in their first start ing roles played outstanding ball for Ackley Marlyn Neymeyer and Dave Prles, jun1ors,reeled off some ood runs, Prles picking up sixty Duane Thompson Eix yards on one sprint for a touch Bob Murra down TEACHERS HIGH 33 ACKLEY 26 Ackley spotted T C to a 20 to 0 first quarter lead as Northrup and Hardin went on a rampage But on the kick off after their third score, Neymeyer fielded the ball, fell in behind perfect blocking, and went all the way to put Ackley back in the game Starting the second half in high spirits and with fine teamwork, Ackley scored again on another kick off return In spite of terrific defense by the Ackley line, Teachers managed to keep one touchdown ahead of the Raiders Nevertheless, Ackley scored a third time on a pass from Schlegel to Pries and a fourth time on a 22 yard run Ackley, still in high gear near the end of the game, Gary Mossman managed to shake the ball loose from a T C ball car rler Bu he ball bounded rest beneath a huge pile of T C and Ackley players who both vig orously claimed the ball As the referee unraveled the pile, h made a close decision and awarded the ball to T C Then the Little Panthers held possession for the remainder of the game and fore stalled any possibility of a tie To quote Coach Carney, Frank Boheman and Gary Mossman, while turning in their usual fine per formance, led a stout Ackley for ward wall in a great second half comeback Frank Boheman llen Schlegel This page sponsored by the FARMERS ELEVATOR COMPANY INC 50 O t t O I through many hands and came to O ' e A 1 0 Terrill DeBerg Leon Abbas Jim Willems JESUP 0 ACKLEY 19 The Ackley Raiders made a com plete success of Homecoming by beating a previously undefeated Jesup team Terrill DeBerg's fine reception f passes sparked the offense while B111 Scallon, working from the tackle spot, was a constant thorn in the side of the Jesup quarterback Perhaps because it was Homecom ing, the team seemed to sparkle with spectacular plays A bootleg play on a faked punt worked twice for long end runs And on defense, the Ackley line always stiffened as Jesup neared the goal B111 Soallon BEINBECK 13 ACKLEY 26 After coasting to a 20 to O lead, Ackley emptied the bench and went on to score an easy 26 to 13 victory over the Reinbeck Rams Allen Schlegel had an excellent night at quarterback, his passing was spectacular Jim Willems made some vicious tackles while playing defensive end and bottled up most of Be1nbeck's attempts to gain along the sidelines Again Ackley teamwork, depth and overall power proved to be the margin of victory GREENE 6 ACKLEI 19 Ackley beat Greene in a battle of two extremely strong defensive teams A defense lead by Kenneth Weber and Leon Abbas contained the Greene ground attack through out the whole game This was the last game for twelve senior boys who along with the rest of the squad showed the tremendous desire and teamwork that marked the season PM NORTH IOWA CEDAR LEAGUE Final Standing W L T Teachers High 6 0 Ackley U 1 Grundy Center 5 2 Jesup M 3 Eldora 2 4 LaPorte City 1 M Beinbeck 1 5 Traer 0 U Kenny Weber This page courtesy of H. H. Griffel, Veterinarian 51 Q O -im 1 YW R .fb I, J ' . I i . U . O e I ' e U Q O o O BASKETBALL Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley SEASON'S RECORD Grundy Center Eldora Geneva Hampton Beinbeck Alden Traer Hampton Jesup Aokley Aokley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Apllngton Iowa Training Teachers High LaPorte City Grundy Center Eldora Jesup Beinbeck Traer Sectional Tournament Ackley 50 Apllngton Ackley 36 Dlke Won 13 Lost 7 f1P9 Back Row Coach Carney, B111 Hitt, Harlyn Neymeyer, B111 Meyer, Bob Hurra, F Russell Hlnders, Carl Guldager, Coach Nelson ront Bow Larry Bevlng, Hgr , Allen Sohlegel, Terrill DeBerg, Frank Boheman, Jerry Bewerts, Cecil Drake, Dave Pries This page sponsored by ZACHARIAS SINCLAIR SERVICE 52 Back Bow Barton Hanig Harley Murra, Clinton Poley, Virgil Harms, B111 Griffel, Gordon Fritz, Dick Kroll Second Bow Jim Schweizer, Fred Bentley, Rodney Lindaman, Dennis Bentley, Paul Brass, Steve Muller, Robin Formanek, David Quegg Front Bow Jim Engelkes, Russell Sinow, Henry Drake, Jim Growden, Dick Ridout umm V211 SIIV Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley SEASON'S RECORD Aplington Iowa Training LaPorte City Grundy Center Eldora Jesup Reinbeck Traer Ackley Ackley Ackley Aokley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Hon 8 Lost 12 Grundy Center Eldora Hampton Beinbeck Alden Traer Hampton Jesup This page sponsored by ACKLEY PRODUCE AND FEED 53 bo 17 50 M8 B6 102 Ackley 30 Teachers High 5 Ackley 42 Geneva 35 37 25 19 36 29 33 33 32 51 66 27 35 33 3'-V Terrill DeBerg Jerry B9"e1'ts Bob Murra Frank Boheman 7-'f"" Cecil Drake 'XT si iv' Allen Schlegel This page sponsored by QUEGG'S DRUG STORE 54 . 9 fi Q 1 U Q ,f q 4 , h nl L- . 2' M QS 4 D ru C-' A 1, , -- - cv -EQ p fb' '5- .!-'T V Q Q 2- - wg C h C Bob Murra M Richtsmeier, J Bewerts ToageBe?2neg' Willems B Murra, T DeBerg, J Willems I M Bichtsmeier D Bentley, D Bidout J Growden, D Benning F P 1: e GPS T Deaerg, D Pnes, B wut D Quegg, F Bentley B Formanek, C Boelfs Carney! They don't fit! This page sponsored by the Aokley State Bank 55 ewlyn Miller Freshman weightman will be outstanding if his present rate of improvement continues through h1gh school gy Mossman Senior we1ghtman Was always wllling to work a little longer rgil Harms Sophomore weight and dashman Should de velop into one of Ackley's best trackmen Steve Miller Freshman pole vaulter A T 6 vaulter now Shows promise of 12' as a senior Ron Schachterle Senior hlgh jumper Scored many wel comed points Jim Schweizer Freshman runner We wlsh every freshman had his desire Clark Muller Sophomore runner Had our best mid season mark 1n both the 100 yard dash and the half mile Dick Kroll Freshman quarter miler We will always be able to count on Dick for an outstanding contrlbution Bill Griffel Freshman dashman and broad Jumper will help the freshmen become Ack1ey's best track class ll Meyer Junior hurdler and broad Jumper An out standing hurdler who will have medals to go with last year's ribbons Leon Abbas Senior quarter miler Contlnued all spring to break his own school record TRACK RECORDS TE S YEAR Discus lO3' Virgil Harms 120 High Hurdles 16 2 sec Bill Veyer 180 Low Hurdles 22 8 sec B111 Veyer Broad Jump 18' 3 leon Abbas M40 Relay 148 3 sec Neyer, bbssman, Abbas, Schlegel 880 Relay 1 ho 5 Harms, Muller, Aobas, Meyer 2 Mile Relay 10 31 2 Kroll, Schweizer, Griffel, Wuller This page courtesv of B B Sherman, M D 56 N - , Ga - ' . ' Vi - . - - , n 1 . ' - , - ' 0 Bi ' 0 ' . 4.7- - - . . e My h K 0 Xl x - -uv -. . - A p , , I A X Q We eat in high style 1 Nz" I' fy Lost and lonesome Oh, those tall buildings! waiting for Dick looking for a good shot ix X wistful watchers Money all spent, t:Lme for posing This page sponsored by the ACKLEY CHEAMEBY 57 SENIOR TRIP 1-.fir en? 0'9-sv. 5'Hi.- Auf? sep oe Sep Q8 ct Oct Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. 3 i-ai YOU WILL RVMEMRER 2 ..... 6 ..... 16 ..... lo ..... 22 ..... 26-2 lb.. 9.. Valk nl, throu h ne long lalls or the t lme Preparlng o Labo Day vacat o labor Day V cation' Not1c ng the ew people ana welcom1ng them to the tudent bod old Ackley ulgh That unlucky day los our p1FSt football awe to Hampton Jhen Freshmen found out what Teen Club wa all abou No school' On lucky us' eache ' meetinv e rox nec 'or Homecom n Queen Ru h, h ly a d JOY 1 The fun of inltiating the freshmen and our homecoming a success with a victory over Jesup This tmme just FIU Big epidemic! Torch Staff named. Senior party, or weren't you there. Senlors play their last football game at Greene. Eldora and Iowa Falls g1T1S join Ackley for G1rls Play Day. Moms and Pops visit school for PTA ViS1t8t1OD Nlght. School one-third over. End of second six weeks. Turkey time. Thanksgiving vacation. ...The socialites of A. H. S. enjoy the Teen Club's uChristmas Paradise.H 15.....Tired students try to entertaln at a Christm s Concert. 21... ..Taking a good supply of books home last night and then settling down for a long Christmas vacation. 3l.....Boing!!! Hubba! Hubba! Happy New Year! 2.....Coming back to the old grlng an seeing all the new Chrlstmas presents the students and faculty were sporting. 58 I '-- - - -- A L' 1 - .-1.:1gv'Ifi-?Iff'5"'i23?15 -1 1 ' - --f - fe-f':,-5.31, Al' ian RL'- - ?"i'3iEEEi? .n. . J. 3l.....! i T g t ' F s f firs t' . A A lo o o s o . f I' 1' V oi I1 0 O p. 2..... ' e . Sep. 3..... ' i .. n .' ' . ' . . . s y of x -u . O Sep. l3..... 't .X -- t L' g J -- .. We 20900092 '- A S to ' p. 30 .... . . ' . T rs . J. O . E.....Th . ii -Ns . . ui 5 , -- t. F'r 's fn F'-ry . . 1l..... ' 4 ' - I Oct. 20-3l..1 ' -- . Oct 26 Jan Jan an Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb r r r Apr Apr Apr 22 23 Music groups go all out for Jailhouse Rock Sweating through semester exams Report cands Were you satisfied with your grades? Seniors getting all prettied up for M Cochran. The three seniors installed as members of the National Honor Society The teachers when they let their hair down and gave a smashing pep meeting The F F A boys gave a roaring barn dance at "Haymow Hop The seniors looking to the future and taking Iowa Employment Tests. That the first installment of the 58 TORCH left on the evening train The Ju iors giving a roaring production of 'I Remember Mama Al Bell making another stop at Ackley Teen Club el.cted officers for next year. Seniors present Broadway hit, The Skin of Our Teeth ' The dedication of the new high school The band taking a One at Nora Springs Ackley or Paris, a real sharp style show Getting up for a M 30 take off to Minneapolis for the Senior trip "Starl.1gh Serenade," the beautiful Junior Senior Prom. Big daylf Field Day, then Class Day The Juniors won the trophy Allen, the Activity cup, Frank, the citizenship Award Final torture' Semester tests. Spring Frolic Student Cou cil entertaining everybody Everyone getting solemn at Baccalaureate Thirty five proud eniors marching to the tage for their diplomas 59 . ll ..... " .U . l7.. .. . J . 22 ..... . . 5.. .. . . lk ..... 1 . . lb ..... . lh ..... . . . .H . 18 ..... Ma . 7 ..... ' . Ma . lh ..... ' .N Ma . 18 ..... . . 18 ..... e . 25 ..... " .' . 27 ..... . May 3 ..... ' . May 9 ..... The Teen Club Tea that was a Punch. May 12. .... " " . May 16 ..... : ' ' - May 17 ..... ' ' t . -' May 19 ..... .. U - . 5 May - ... ' . May 23 ..... : ' ' . May 25 ..... ' t . May 27 ..... - ' S ' S - NAn 'N . Back Row Kenneth Weber, LaVeda Jansonius, B111 Scallon, Leon Abbas, Hlss Rath, Pat Bakka, Sandra Witkln Seated Nancy Harrington, Marva Greenfield, Marlys Benning, Gary Mossman, Judy Byken BUSINESS MANAGER B111 Scallon SENIOR ACTIVITIES Sandra Wltkin Janet Jones, Marva Greenfield, Janice Janssen OTHER CLASSES Marian Toomsen Kay King, Florence Dobbs MUSIC Laveda Jansonius Eleanor Humke, Allen Schlegel SOCIAL- Judy Byken Ruth Llndaman, Cecil Drake, Duane Thompson CLUBS Pat Bakka Ladonna DeVr1es, Bazetta Beints, Jerry Bewerts ATHLETICS Gary Mossman B111 O'Hare, Terrlll DeEerg, Kenneth Weber, Ron Boelman SALES- Kenneth Weber Jim Willems, Ron Schachterle, Larry Bulten, Gary Miller Marvin Bichtsmeler, Frank Bohemen, Bob Murra PHOTOGRAPHS Leon Abbas, Nancy Harrington CALENDAR Marva Greenfield Sandra Wltkln, B111 Scallon, Cecil Drake, Leon Abbas ADVISEB--Helen Bath This page sponsored by MERSHON'S STORE 60 EDITOR--Marlys Benning .1 rv

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