Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA)

 - Class of 1956

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Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1956 volume:

'Ps J 5 QQ Goff 4402 33,4 QQ' qylspffw Www Q OW gg wwf 77Z2Mfm7q17,,Q r yy fa.1, WWff HWR MQW 323 W MM if MMM JW S Wwwwwqilh WI N gm' 0,3 24,34 WMWVJJ Oiwmwgf M wwwwaz me ff My wsvwgkm ala 'W WW MQ QMA wwf 5,25 "'l"""'Z1M 9' V9 MQW! QR , ' F 1 uwlli, q my . X9 . UMA W jj ' ,,,e,e,4,2f if Qj, , A GX . ., gd 0 QE A? ,V N WD' A ,, Cf X M 8 QW, KY! My N G1 10 - I 1-:JE M 6 404 fi Ycnclm 50 'M I 9 56 2lJ'iLfSh5Igl A an A 'Q X acwif Robert J Formanek Superintendent ii 'Ria 5 4 it Q12 sY?""' This page sponsored by the 4 Lowell I Wedgbury Principal Clarence Carney Physical Education Agnette Kelley Mathematics William Bowers Social Studies Gerald Carlson cience Helen Bath Business ACKLEY REMINDER T ,,,, A ii TR ' Y' I K . f ut f - -z S K x X Margaret Wolf Home Economics w'X -a-'M Kent Boyd Industrial Arts Dorothea Jacob Library, English fax -1? Ellis Anderson Vocal Music Franklin Rice Instrumental Music 'hu-.-Q, Douglas hortenson an Vocational Agriculture Kathryn Klscher Speech, English QR: 'L nk 11? li Yi i lk QR liggbvs -f- william Plantan Driver Training, Coach This page sponsored by TOWNSEND 8 MERRILL LUMBEB CO 5 X XV! f A . .' I p ,D J '1l' , 1 L. ' Q 3 f' K X - t 1- A L , '!.A , li 2 1 , . vi Uoceuefa Q' Norma Johnson Rosemary Slcard ,.-wer' B111 HOU ooia LaVera Boelman Bernice Lindaman Gladys Diemer This page sponsored by QUEGG'S DRUG STORE 6 qyfl Bl 8-fcu,a, .NL GEMM llI 1 '5 wg, ! x 7 N 0 eniord President ..... Vice President . . . Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman . . Sponsors . . . Miss COLORS Royal Blue and White BEVERLY FISCHEB , those dark brown eyes! Y Teen 1 2,3 M ROBERT RIKEN A little nonsense he enjoys which is true of many boys Band l,2,3,M Pep Band L2 Band Soloist 1,2,3 U Mixed Chorus l,2,3 U Boys Chorus 1,2,3,U Off 3 All State Chorus 3 U Boys Quartet 3 H Madrlgal D Accompanist l,2,3 U S010 U football l,2,3,U A Club 2,3b Junior Play Senior Play MOTTO OFFICERS . . . Robert Byken . . . . Sharon Dlemer . . . . . . . Virginia Clawson . . . . . . Marlene Greenfield Bath, Mr. Wedgbury, Mrs. Kelley Glve the world the best you have and the best come back to you will FLOWER Bed Rose hi' 36 Student Council Pres 14 Torch Staff 'C' AE ' Wu., He likes fun and he likes iokes Even as well as other folks SHARON DIEMEB Shes easy going and full of fun Band l,2,3,U Officer 4 Pep Band l 2,3,U Dance Band U Band Groups and Solos l,2,3,4 All State Band M Mixed Chorus 1,2 3 M Trio 2 Glee Club 1 2,3, Sextette 3 Accompanist 2,3,M Y Teen l,2,3 4 Cabinet M Pep Club 3 U Cheerleader l Photo Club 3 U Officer U Torch Editor Class Officer Student Council 1 This page through courtesy of Robert B Sherman, M D 8 Oh ' 1 1 f' ' Q A x ' 13 ,Y I M L f I -M , 3 I I N. H. s. M M' '-------- ' 3 M S Basketball l F.F.A. 1,2,3,b W , X 'r lt'N 1 1 I ki , M lx A - 2 ' fl, , F 1 ,L ' v R my 0 ,Q fftx , U JANICE HABRINGTON There's always a good time when she's around Mixed Chorus 2 3,b Glee Club 2,3 u .am lima Y Teen 1 2 3 M Pep Club 3 U Cheerleader ,4, Photo Club M Officer M Junior Play Senior Play S: Rauf' NEWLYN DE BERG On the football field he' king of hearts Basketball l,2,3,b Football l,2,3 U Baseball 2,3,b A Club 1,2 3 Class Officer FRANK BAHTLING School breaks up the day much Stage Mgr Junior Play SHARON FREESE Nothing worries me, I have my if vwjzy man Band 2 3 M Pep Band 2 3 Majorette 3 N Twirler 2 Mixed Chorus 2,3 U Glee Club l,2,3 U Sextette, 2 M Vocal Solo Y Teen l,2,3 M Pep C vb Junior Play Student Librarian 2 Queen Attendant 1 U EDNABELLE UMBAUGH I'd rather talk with a man than an angel Lakeville, Indiana 1,2 Y Teen 3 M Pep Club N Cheerleader RICHARD STAUFFACHER lillf' Let the loud trumoet soun ,1k.. 5 Band 1 2,3 U Pep Band 1,2 3 Band Groups 1,2,3,U Band Soloist 3 M F A Mixed Chorus l,2,3,U Solo 4 Boys Chorus 1 2,3 M Quartet U Madrlgal b Photo Club 3 M Officer U Junior Play Senior Play This page sponsored by the ACKLEY STATE BANK 9 ,' A 1 A 1 1 ' 1 v'., ,1EE::L:5 3 ------- .xx g ' S 'fn Lffl.: 1 Qi uf f 1 1 ' 1 nu F.F.A. 1 SO Y A 5 Photo Club 3,u fi' J xl ' 1 1 9 1 1 al , A - , 1 3,U f 1 ' 1 . :Ey- ' 1 U V , , a. , -of . 1 1 F - 11114 , v Q 3 , F. . .l,2 ui ' 1 1 ' .Sf CAROL MURRA She seems quiet, but don't let tnat fool you Y Teen 1,2 3 M Cabinet 3 Pep Club 3 Student Librarian 3 Senior Play WILBEBT UBBEN Whatever else in life you are you'l1 always be agreeable Boys Chorus L+ A 1, , VIRGINIA CLAWSON 12? fil .mf Questions never bother her, she always knows the answers Band 1,2,3 M President M Band Groups and Soloist 1, , Mixed Chorus 2,3,b Sec'y M Glee Club 1 2,3 M Madrigal M Sextette 3 Accompanist 2,3 Y Teen 1,2,3 M Cabinet 2 M Pep Club 3 M Dance Band M Class Officer 1 3,b Torch Staff N H S 3 U Student Council 1 FRED SAILER I take things as they come A 29: ll"' lm ixs. BRUCE BENSCHOTER "lh ull IWN5 fum Wi AH!! 1r'1J' This page sponsored by BALLARD'S 10 Like gravity he haS the DOWGT of attraction Iowa Falls 1,2 Mixed chorus 3 4 Quartet 3 M Boys Chorus 3 U President 3 All State Chorus 3 U Vocal Solo 3 U Madrlgal U Basketball 3 U Football 3 M Baseball 3 4 Junior Play Senior Play student counc11 u A Club 3,u LESTER MULLER I'm not lazy, I'm just not in a hurry Football 1 2,3 N Boys Chorus 2 A GAMBLE STORE Q . :D l 5 ' ' ' 2 3,u 'Q' . ' We-r , 3 .5 .L+ N-J V - I , s :4 , 1 F.F. . 1, 3 u . 14W Hwxiqf - K' LM 1 1 U Q 'wr U F.F. . 2 3,u ' , I 1 " 'Wx 3 I ' ' JD qs 2 x 1 14 f - f5 1:::' ' ' ' Rica -I 'X - ' ' F.P. . 1 CHABLENE HABMS Just watch her go by Little, but oh, my! Mixed Chorus 2 Glee Club 1,2 Y Teen 1,2,3 4 Student Librarian U Pep Club 4 HEBLIN MEYER Give me a car, a pint of 893: and I'll be happy Football 1, 2,3 '+ A 1'2,3 M Officer g-ll' MARILYN COBIE As restless wiper Band l,2,3 Y Teen l,2,3 Pep Club U Student Librarian l Junior Play RICHARD HUMKE A young man flirties S5 xv' '-,xi fin if nvu "' n ROBERT WOODLEY After four years of faithful service, I get laid off! Football U Baseball 3 F F A l 2,3 N Reporter Vice President M MABLENE GBEENFIELD Not very tall, not very small But fair and sweet and liked by all Band 3 M Twlrler 2,3,b Mixed Chorus 2,3 Torch Staff Glee Club l,2,3,h Officer 3 U Cheerleader l 2 I Teen l,2,3 Cabinet U Junior Play Class Officer 3 D Queen 3 Queen Attendant 2 as a windshield Senior Play in his early Mixed Chorus l,2,3 U Boys Chorus l,2,3,U Football 2,3 A , Photo Club 3 U X he 1 This page sponsored by SHUGAR'S SUPER VALU ' Q -n ' , A C ,A . . ' ,X FQFQ 0 2 , u ! I ' ' ' I 9 3 fr WL. - i........... ,. 5- .W , V E, gk, ' ' . fgayf. gg Ir QQ' . .' fa., Pep Club 1,2,3,u ' I ' 'L' K ' fd N X ' ' - A . .v X 9 l ' a X . F.F. . 1 2 , ' 11 xl, DONNA HEFFELMEIEB For what lslove w1thout,alover? I Teen l,2,3 U ALAN FEDGE Such looks, such manners, and such a mind Band 1 2,3 M Officer U Band Groups and Solo 1,2,3,u All State and Dance Band U Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 u Boys Chorus l,2,3 Off M Quartet 3,'-P Madriga-1 1' Vocal Solo 3 M Class Officer 3 Basketball 1,2,3.L+ Football 1,2,3.U Golf 1 M Baseball 2,3,1+ A Club 1,2-3 Junior Play Senior Play 5 Torch Staff R Env inn' DARLENE LINDAMAN Here she comes, there she goes Where she stops, nobody knows. Band 3,N Twlrler 2,3,b It 2 T' ' Mixed Chorus 253,11 Officer lv Glee Club 2,3, Sextette U Q' Librarian 3 Cheerleader 3,b iQ,w,f5 Y-Teen l,2,3,U Junior Play Pep Club 3,3 President U Student Council l DUANE HOSCH They who from study flee-- Live long and merrily. Football 3,M Baseball 3,M Q.-Ks LAWRENCE HOFMANN I'd like to be bashful, but a Fresh girl won't let Basketball 2 Manager Football l,2,U 7 Baseball 3 .,, DARLENE VAN HEIDEN blue of her eyes 'Q' if The gold of her hair crowns the Fixed Chorus 2,3 Glee Club 1,2 3 M Y Teen l,2,3, Cabinet 3 Pep Club 3 Senior Play Student Council 2 Student Librarian 2,3,b This page sponsored by ANDERSON'S FLOWERS IZ ' 9 . ar N B 5 a 1 Q ",'N5 b , y P ,l - 1 5 fl N.x-1. . 3,0 . me. ' 3 vii? j f:It Q Q! ' uf MAB! HUMKE Lovely charmer, tell me why, N So very kind and yet so shy. Mixed Chorus l,2,3,b . A Glee Club l,2,3,l+ Madrigal 1+ -' W All-State Chorus U Sextette M Accompanist U ur' 'rv Y-Teen l,2,3,U ilu.. Pep Club M Senior Play DALE KBEIMEYEB Beware! I may do somethi desparate yet! Mixed Chorus 2 Boys Chorus 1,2 3 Basketball 2,3 Football 2,3,U Baseball l,2,3,b JOHN SCHAFEB Overflowing with harmless mischief Band l A Club 2,3 N Mixed Chorus l,2,b Boys Chorus 1 2,3 M Football l,2,3,L+ F F A l 2,3 U Officer N f 1-' I Student Council 2,3 S MYBNA MILLER It's nice to be natura when Y Teen l,2,3,b Pep Club M Class Treasurer 2 RICHARD DE VBIES The proof of ability is action Mixed Chorus U Boys Chorus 3 b Basketball 2 A fa 1 Football 3 M Senior Play H S U Photo Club 3 DONNA ABBAS She was born a talker and has lived up to it Y Teen l,2,3 M Pep Club 3 M Senior Play Librarian 3 1+ This page sponsored by the FBUDDEN LUMBEB COMPANY 13 I WX A Nu- , QQ ,L - X ' 1 D 9 'Xi' 4 l Q ' U O C , , V N.H. . u j4?m 1 you're naturally nice. ' F.F. . 1 J - a 'V , No O O 'Lg xr- . " 9 , , 1 'Q rf' 'PC' 4' ,169 Alb' .. - .glau- BITA RIKEN She thinks before she speaks but doesn't say all she thinks Band 1,2,3 U Officer 3 Dance Band 4 Pep Band l 2 3 Band Soloist 2,3,U Mixed Chorus 2 Glee Club 2 M Officer U Y Teen l,2,3,4 Senior Play Pep Club 3 4 Torch Staff Photo Club 3,0 Officer 3 M Student Council 3,4 Officer U FBEDBICK FREBICHS Pleasure and more pleasure, with just a dash of learning Football 3,L+ A Club 3 is Esc. MARVIN SAATHOFF The word impossible is not ln my dictionary. Boys Chorus M F.F.A. l,2,3,U Treasurer 3 Student Council 2 N.H.S. 3,L+ DOROTHY WUBBENA Life is one darn thing after another. Band l Y-Teen l,2,3,b 'WMU 'Sy K 'D-its NY as , 4-',b XV' x'vn- "lIi BODNEY KBEIMEYEB He stoops to nothing, save the door Football Manager 2,3 Basketball Manager 2 Photo Club 3 M PAUL CHBIQTIANSO thinking Mixed Chorus 1, Boys Chorus l 2 Photo Club 3 4 Senior Play This page sponsored by CABSTENS BROTHERS 14 I W u 4 'A A A 3x'w..,x ., D 1 I U in A' r- I y - ., A Q a 'f 3 ' sf s , rewi ' Q gl 3 I , A ' 0 ,X f x7 , ' a If ' - 1 N X We He is one who does his own JOAN MUNIEB Her heart was caught before she thought. sand l,2,3,'4 Pep Band 1 Band Groups l,2,3,U Band Soloist M I-Teen 1,2,3,U Torch Staff JOHN WESSELS I never let study interfere with my education. Basketball 2,3,U Football l,2,3,U Student Librarian U M GORDON HEETLAND worry and I have never met Basketball 2 A 1 2, GORDON PLOEGEB My only books were women's looks and folly's all they've brought me Mixed Chorus 2 Basketball 1,2,? U Capt U Football 1,2,? U Baseball L+ A Club 1,2,3 1+ F F A l,2,3 U President U Junior Play Senior Play iss. is Oak- jib as il!! im M1 fi'f.44f4a'Ul s MARVIN CLAWSON Nothing seems to cause me any trouble Band 1 2,1 N Secretary U Pep Band 1 2,3 U Dance Band Band Groups 1 2,3 b Baud Soloist 3 A Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,b Boys Chorus l 2,3 Ls F A 1,2 Photo Club U Senior Play Torch Staff ABLENE MUDDERMAN The better you know her the better you like her Steamboat Rock 1,2 Y Teen 3 M Rt as x fha' , This page through courtesy o B H Griffel, D V m 15 4 R I 1 I , 9 9 - I i III' , , -,df .FQ s 1 X 1 'y F' ' ' 3: X X mm f - " 9 F.F. . , 3,M F ---- w ' r 4 v j . :'i?5:f5' , L4 4' rflig' . Boys Chorus l,2,3 iwigwgggg ,, . QQa.fgqfu .. il - 'vitgif ! 11- -:-R, o o 0 , F. f . . . . . unions First Row Ramona Llndaman Gary Roegner Leda Coordes Ronald De Vries Roxie Harken Barton Coble Second Row Marlene Fritz, Gary Homan Carol Soieker Dean Wolf, Luella Benning, Richard Bakka Alyce Burns Robert Lindaman First Row Harley Hembd Melnf Huesman LeAnn Boelman, Harriett Ricksmeier, Joyce Miller Larry M11 er Second Row Bay Piersol, Keith Burman, Marjorie Muller, Pat Caton Patricia Kroll, Patricia Houllhan, Gary Shugar, Herman Aldinger This page sponsored by 'I'EGEN'S 5d to S1 STORE 16 Z' I 44 .6 5 , -5, , . 'x " , ' - 'G' 5' V x, x A 1 5 ' ' ' ' 2 S , k 4 fi W N x R A 1 lei K V xg!! w" 7 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 .. 1 1 1 I 1 - ' Q 5 Z -. " , . R fri?-. f V A Q 1 : ' L ' " fr b f fggfiefl - ' A 1 5,3 1 :Q . : , , , 1 OFFICERS President . Dennis Fear Vice President Pat Kroll Secretary , Rosalie Roelfs Treasurer Norrell DeBerg Social Chairman Pat KI'Oll Sponsors Miss Wolf Nr Boyd, N1 s Yischer First Row Ronald Meyer, Jake Hemmen Raymond Smith, Judy Hofmann Doratha Ploeger, Dennis Fear, Joan Moats LeRoy Huesman Second Row Larry Stedlng, Zola Siedschlag, Norrell DeBerg Joan First Bow Elaine Vanderwerf, Eunice Rotgers Marlys Kalkwarf Shirley Adams, Jacqueline Miller Rosalie Hoelfs Second Bow Wayne Brass Richard Boger Larry Woodley, Robert Schlampp, Vernon Kreimeyer, Harvey Meyer Floyd Miller This page through courtesy of Dr E H Witt Dentist 17 , . , . . s . J -, K. ' ' 1-"1 -rf S K 1 X Q X, PH : ! 3 1 , ' 1 Rlchtsmeier, Sherryl Neymeyer, Harlan Greenfield 5 Q. V ,"" cf, ,Rv Rh, , E nv ' , ' Qff ig- 8 Q fa : I i 9 ' i 9 I I O I , Coke t1mP I a marshmallow world Pat and Pat Sleepy tlme gals Camo '1 SW TXaQi mic. 3 ,451 ,Q l F i' Feudin , fussin' and a fightin 3 x Jhat shall we sing? He nando s Hldeaway 18 lk I 3 Q rr ,wzva .Q - sl v-.E A N! , u., ' 3- .. 7 ' M W' -1 -' ,N sf 'I' . x'i,'V. Y ' if 1' , . 1 X . , gl . t'S I - f fl . - . A A -I ' -: - 1 Z' gl -1 5 . .. V1 I.-gf A . -Xo"I. I . X V5 FN- 'V e 5 .. . W 1 I i ..-' Q h 1555 g'pi. -a : 222. f gvht M 1 'Z gf 'T l ,. ' l 4 Q. if :'- -"JL ' ggi A A T. ,- J. M -, L Y V . -rf ll-F f 1 ,Lf 1 'K A i 'Q' x vi g A I 1 Y I 1 v I r ' ' S 5 OFFICERS tl, ltzlkpqldzllatg President Judy Ryken Vice President Nancy Alberts Secretary Treasurer Judy Roelfs Sponsors Mr Carney, Mr Anderson First Row Ronald Schachterle Janice Janssen Larry Mllliams Nancy Harrington Marvin Rlchtsmeler Sandra ditkin Second Row Nancv Alberts Irvin Meyer Bazetta Reirts Cecil Drake Carol Norris Allen Schlegel Third Row Judy Ryken Donald Noble Robert Mu ra Leon Abbas Gary Miller, Terrill DeBers, Ruth Llndaman I X First Bow: Kay King, Ronald Boelman, Nelvia Bakker, Duane Thomp son, Eleanor Humke, Laurence Bolton Second Row: Patricia Bakka, LaDonna De Vries, Marva Jo Greenfield, Marian Toomsen, Florence Dobbs, LaVeda Jansonlus, Marlys Benning Third Row: William Scallon, William O'Hare, Kenneth Weber, Jerry Rewerts, Frank Boheman, James Willems, Larry Wright This page sponsored by the MARSHALL CANNING COMPANY 19 0 I I 0 O I C - . . . . , C w,., S - v ,V ,. 2: X Q I A A - Q 1 1 ' -. r 1. ' 1 I I 4 ' , -I I 1 - 0. 9 f i N 5 a 1 V Y 2 n a v Z t M I n s ' U 1 a 1 T va u A , , L , ' 9 .3 F5 Y' ef' f' 4. C I' ' ' H ' - X 4 f L . - 'a Y 1 'L , 7 as 1- - Q v ., - S at Y 1 , Q ' 1 , I I. , 4 A . S It's so interesting f r-X4 Ter ry Hatchlng a plan The all look u to They go wild simply y p wild ovef me. It'S my lazy day the Sophomoreg, nap it' Nancy Stood up' Resting from the Mombo! Buzzl tells 8 tale Z0 OFFICERS President Carl Guldager Vice President David Pries Secretary Mary Wolf Treasurer Sheryl Gronlnga Sponsors Mr Plantan Mr Bowers First Row william Witt David Pries, Susan Carstens Donna Schultz, Barbara Brooks Dennis Botgers Russell Hlnders Second Row Patricia Hosch Dale Brass Leon French, Ivan Kreimeyer Trenton DeBerg, Dwaln Betten Estelle Janssen Mary Ann Knight Third Row Bernice Betten Marjorie Humke, Harlan Abbas, Carl Guldager William Meyer Marlyn Neymeyer, Gary Harken Mary Wolf, Sandra Fairweather First Row Robert Cobie, Dale Harrington Sidney Schweizer Dixie Cookerham, Sharon Huebner, Julie Stauffacher Larry Haber, John Muller Second Row Linda Bear Doris Humke, Bernard Betten, Merlyn Coordes Arnold Enslin, Thomas Fahey, Verle Bohlen, Carol Weber Elgene Heltland Third Row Lawrence Beving, Wayne Wlese, Thomas Ubben, Thomas Wiarda, Mary Stedlng Georgia Green, Sheryl Groninga, Duane Spieker, Gordon Heit and, Joe Green, Walter Raska This page Sponsored by COBIE'S HARDWARE Z1 - ....... . .. ... ..... ...... 0000 ' O J'-'i R S' g E- W , . ' f at ' IN 5 3 -Y 2 , -1, - n n 3 9 s 1 9 ' : n 9 9 9 , ' 1 N y 1, 'ff' V' .U , 1 . , E.. V , o . , ' 2 9 a 3 , 1. s D Russell, Dennis JN Tim out for lunch I' f and IVHII Dharon, Doris Tom and Dixie Larrv, Harlan and Carol Ready for the parade F? Iii Mary Ann, Pat, Bernard, 99999, Dale, Sheryl and Mary Sidney, Carol and Dwaln ZZ Q N 4 'ui ,I ,Tia gh 5 ' Q Q Q- 3979 'if 9 ' , 5f"'t"'9 xx ' e ' e ffl E A A by ' xx 1 .i'xX A7 , , 5 . ' M . J X 1 X . v , I ' x 5 df' ' V A i f 4 Ln . :T E, Pl 'A ,ki ' I I1 I I ,, .' 5-1 N 4 , R OCUA, ,VL Wluuc, W W4 ' A . A , 1. Q ' - - I 1 it-A 1 ' . r ,LLL 1 ' 4 5? l ofwce, Bam 'WW OBOE Virginia Clawsont Gloria Meyer ALTO CLARINET Barbara Brooks' BASS CLARINET Joan Munierf BASSOON Estelle Janssen BABITONVS Romona Lindaman' Sharon Freese B111 Witt Stanley Neymeyer BASSES Linda Abbas Arnold Enslin Bernard Betten TROMBONES Alan Fedge' Marvin Clawso David Prlesf Mary Knight' Marlene Fritz Leon Abbas This page sponsored by HOFMEISTER'S CLARINETS CORNETS Sharon Dlemerf Dennis Fear' Harriett Rlcksmeierf Luella Benning Alyce Burns Linda Greenfield Pat Hosch Jim Hoffman Sandra Witkin Jean Tjepks Carol Johnson Lorraine Wubbena SAXAPHONES Robert Ryken' Sharon Growden Bernice Betten Rita Ryken' Pat Houlihanf Marlene Greenfield Leda Coordes FLUTES Pat Kroll' Sheryl Groning Judy Ryken Eleanor Humke Doris Humke Carol Abbas Z4 Richard Stauffacher' Bill Meyer' Allen Schlegelf Gary Mossman' Sharon Huebner' Terry Wltkln Francis Fritz Sandra Knight Robin Formanek Dennis Bentley FRENCH HORNS Marjorie Humkef Julie Stauffacher Darlene Lindaman Dixie Cockerham Sidney Schweizer DRUMS Laveda Jansonius Alvin Koenen Judy Hofmann Gary Shugar Carol Spieker Mary wolf DIRECTOR Mr. Frank Rice 'Soloist Ford Sales and Service cwnae, Zauld 79 Famd This page through courtesy of the SOUTH SIDE DAIRY Z5 Waxed mah' '1""'or'N First Row Carol Spieker David Prles, Thomas Fahey, Donna Schultz Darlene Lindaman, Julie Stauffacher Mary Ann Knight Floyd Miller Larry williams Mr Anderson Second Row Jilliam Scallon John Schafer Sharon Diemer Harriett Ricks meler Janice Harrington Bernice Betten Sharon Freese Robert Schlampp, Ronald Schachterle Third Row Richard DeVr1es Dean Wolf Richard Humke LeAnn Boelman, Pat Larry Mr1ght Allen Schlegel Richard Stauffacher Back Row Richard Bakka Dennis Fear, Jerry Rewerts Marvin Clawson, Doratha Ploeger Alvce Burns Pat Kroll Virginia Clawson Mary Humke Pat Houll han, Sheryl Groninga, Luella Benning Bruce Benschoter Frank Boelman Robert Ryken Alan Fedge ALL STATE SELECTION Back Row Mr Anderson, Pat Kroll Dennis Fear, Bruce Eenschoter Mr Rice Mary Humke Front Row Sharon Diemer, Luella Benning, Alan Fedge, Dean Wolf Robert Ryken This page soonsored by MERSHOV'S STORF Z6 a . 1, if as -J , L L . ' X P ' 3 '--. , , . . 1 , g 0 V 1 3 1 1 I 1 1 1 Z Y' ' 1 A 1 U 1 ' 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 ' 1 C3tOI1, N8.I'jOI'le Humke, ROXIS Harken, BSEDOIIS. Llndaman, Eunice Rotgers, V '- 1 - 1 X 3 .. , , 1 ' V 'v 1 ' -1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 , . 40-4 Q 1 1 -J 1 ' 1 L l ,. - wiki x , 1 1 1' A I I . ,. , . , . , nl' ' V . , I V90 'B First Row Barbara Brooks, Sandra Wltkln, Donna Schultz Nancy Harrington, Carol Norris Mary Knight Pat Hosch, Janice Janssen, Nancy Alberts, Estelle Janssen, Julie Stauffacher Bazetta Reints, Sidney Schweizer Second Row Mr Anderson, Sharon Freese, Sharon Huebner Eleanor Humke Harriett Ricksmeier, LeAnn Boelman, LaVeda Jansonius Bernice Betten, Dar lene VanHe1den Marlys Benning LaDonna DeVr1es, Pat Bakka, Sharon Dlemer Third Row Darlene Llndaman Rita Ryken, Janice Harrington Marlene Greenfield Marva Greenfield Marjorie Humke, Doris Humke Pat Caton Judy Byken Eunice Rotgers, Sherryl Neymeyer Carol Spieker Roxie Harken Back Row Luella Benning, Alyce Burns, Judy Hofmann, Doratha Ploeger Marian Toomsen Mary Humke Virginia Clawson Pat Kroll Leda Coordes Pat Houlihan Ruth Lindaman Sheryl Groninga, Hamona Lindeman Absent Nelvia Bakker, Judy Roelfs Mary wolf extedw Humke Harken Lindeman Spieker Ricksmeier Diemer Clawson Freese Kroll Llndaman Benning Knight MADRIGAL V Clawson, P Kroll, M Humke, R Lindeman, R Ryken H Ricksmeier, D Fear, L Benning, D Wolf, R Stauffacher This page sponsored by the ACKLEY CLEANERS Z7 f1 f : s 9 n 9 3 ' s 9 , - 1 1 : n - 1 1 p 1 a 1 s 1 v s 9 s v s , 7 n 4 ' I -I x ' ' ' - p T- Q 'vb M V R 1 cn t , S R " P C P D H Q L 3 M gui hm r-1mf"C"f1f'Ag,p Front Sow Merlin Coordes, David Prles Thomas Fahey, Robert Schlampp, Ronald Schachterle, Floyd Miller Larry Williams, Mr Anderson Second Row William Scallon, John Schafer, William Meyer, Richard Bakka Richard DeVr1es, Larry Wright, Allen Schlegel, Richard Stauffacher Marvin Saathoff, Back Row Richard Humke Dean Wolf, wilbert Ubben, Dennis Fear, Jerry Rewerts, Marvin Clawson, Bruce Benschoter Frank Boheman, Robert Ryken Alan Fedge Absent william O'Hare, William Witt gage: Fm 'wwf Bruce Benschoter Dennis Fear Robert Ryken Alan Fedge Dick Stauffacher Dean Wolf Larry Williams David Pries This page sponsored by DREW'S D X STATION Z8 ' I 2 , , 0 . ' a 9 ' 9 1 n . . 9 fi " jr ff. -J Qw AJ . ' .., -ks , Q A 5 ,WQ. .x m . yu , an t 53 V - 8 . fa: do aio, -Q B BRASS SOLOISTS M Clawson R Lindeman A Fedge, M Knight, D Pries R Stauffaoher M Humke A Schlegel S Huebner W Meyer WOODWIND SOLOISTS Fear Bicksmeier Diemer Brooks Gro WOODWIND SOLOISTS nlnga V Clawson P Kroll I WOODWIND VOCAL SOLOISTS H Rioksmeier, L Benning, R Lindeman, P Kroll M Knight, S Freese, B Betten Z9 SOLOISTS Byken Ryken Houlihan Munier C ri Q, .Q ax fa A' o or H ... 5' 2 ' r fi" ff 'D ,I 'ix " 3 g V Q ' 3 lea ' 5' i .' t vA ' ' 1, x l If E ' 41' ga . r 5 I 5 . I Y Y 1 D 9 9 Z W X . 1, 0 t , .. l D Jie x4 H H -- R 2 P J S , , 5 malt 941 CORNET QUARTET R Stauffacher A Schlegel W Neyer S Huebner TROMBONE QUARTET M Clawson, A Fedge, D Pries M Knight TROMBONE TRIO M Clawson, A Fedge, D Pries This page sponsored by FIS 3 -Q 0x BRASS QUARTET W Meyer D Fries J Stauffacher S Huebner FLUTE TRIO Gronlnga P Kroll E Humke FLUTE QUARTET S Groninga, M Ryken E Humke D Humke HER S CLOTHING STORE .f O' 6 ' 1 L - 4 6 ' eg T , S c - f F4 N gs' ff- 1 N A S , . 'O v x ' ..," x YE ' K ,ff Ps Vx: MIXED CLAHINET UUARTDT L G CLAEiNfig' TRIS J Nunler P mrooks D Fear reel e urns S Diemer' L Benning CORNET TRIO CLARINET TRIO B Stauffacher A Schlegel q icysqelpl D F , J Uiemcp W Meyer WOODWIND QUINTET CHAPQFR GROUP OW JOODWINDS V Clawson, M Humke, E Janssen V Clawson, M Uunke, J Iunier P Kroll, S Dlemer P Kroll, Q Diemer This page sponsored by VOY'S STATION AND LUNCH 31 N an ,s'2. - . A i i ',::,v , -.. 0, H.: 1 A , fx wi: inf ' , , V I . if L! Z. ' A 'V ' -ff A 3 . A .: ' 5 N. Y , - , 4 F Q U 'L , A H . , M , f ,', , 'ffl . . -A rin 31 V o We ' 4 -'V . Q h f i ' 1 E, n I , . R . .. 2 ", - ear' " 'N 2 : T5 A' fl . N L4 ' I ' b an. . . T. ., "X . ' . L . .L ul 'Z , 'Iwo Quo. i' Majorette Sharon Freese Twirlers Darlene Lindaman, Marlene Greenfield, Leda Coordes This mage courtesy of F W HOULIHAN, M 32 A fl 06644. 0 .WL imma X 'X if? Q X - -,J Q ,Ji X WY ofmvvuu ,M em ,pf .fs Wallflowers How'd they get in? ref 're when fs ,mat the h Page OW? 'We A lik w lf and P 1 1' BZnSGYl0ter r es H A0116 Qfma ffl: gh a d This page sponsored by WEBER MOTOR CO 34 andy mme, sf '50 ,x Where are our men? Troubles! e ready is Bakka Me and My Gal The only on Dancin' round the Candy Cane Greetings to Mr Snowman Big Bock Candy Mountain This page sponsored by RUTH ANN'S BEAUTY SALON 35 I UI - Darlene Lindaman, Pat Kroll, Ednabelle Umbaugh Nancy Harrington, Pat Bakka, Mary Wolf Nancy Alberts -6 Nancy Alberts Mary Wolf P8t BBRRB Mary wolf Nanci' H8!'1'1l'18t0Y1 Nancy Harrington Nancy Alberts Pat Bakka This page sponsored by the CLUB CAFE 36 391 'Wl',r- if "Queeg- NNW K4 'wang This page through courtesy of the TOT and TEEN SHOPPE 37 f"' ev 44.20.904 , wiawti ,. This page sponsored by BBICKEB'S JEWELRY Y 2 5 1 AVA 'N . qi M S Ag . ' 6 'i ' ' Q 2 if o ' f' L ' Q. I 38 4' gfo-wteco-wxdvx 1-ceaw aww' , ' A 1 . ,W , V ?- '. if f 'D U 'H ,rf Wm This page sponsored by ACRLEY WORLD JOURNAL 30 I -1 it 2 A i 5. sf' ' J , ' H ,.' , r :,.' w , 5 I' 1 vig' 1 A" THE SKELETDN WALKS November 17 and 18, 1955 Dr Ferslg Elaine Blair Mrs Embrey Bobby Embrey Kathleen 'Kink B111 Clayton Anne Rowell Mrs Donahue Mrs Hubbard Ollie Hubbard D1I'8CtOI' This page sponsored by BABTLI Burman Roelfs DeBerg Miller derwerf Gary Homan Boxie Harken Harriett Bicksmeler Gary Shugar Pat Caton Miss Kathryn Klscher NG'S RADIO and TV Um Hcafnis blefcf, GJILUIJJN Presented by the 5 CLASS of 1956 April 12 8 13, 1956 CAST Steward Richard Devries Mrs Skinner Virginia Clawson Cornelia Otis Skinner Carol Murra Emily Kimbrough Darlene Van Helden Otis Skinner Purser Stewardess Dick Winters Admiral Harriet St John wlnifred Blaugh Leo McEvoy Inspector Therese window Cleaner Madame Elise M De La Croix Director Marvin Clawson Gordon Ploeger Donna Abbas Robert Ryken Bruce Benschoter Rita Byken Marilyn Cobie Alan Fedge Paul Christiansen Janice Harrington Dick Stauffacher Mary Humke Marvin Saathoff Kathryn Kischer --. This page Sponsored by the ZACHABIAS SINCLAIB STATION Gam CNC '90 e e Tb Comparing notes Vu, aef Prom Promoters MN Q 1 Fashions of the future wer ow This page sponsored by DBEW'S SHOE STORE 42 I 'L' 3 'lf' h X 1 0 , , f p o ' ' 'x I X3 X Q v ' Q6 qu ' a -.-td, f '.- 'EiE, ' ,2 Ar- n 75' T5S5'L 1 R x 4 iv L , , . if , f r N f , 3' 4 '- ??7' -5 5 r o " A2 J 7 n WS . :xx 9 qi 'Q' , - f ,J 4 n 5 v K . B e do T ,fn and S Futurama Centerpiece e an Dwi I2l waitin' for the Rock and Boll teh S f S Altar bound 311.15 bib 01 'lego This page sponsored by JUNE'S BEAUTY NOOK 43 Cv 6604 CABINET President Virginia Clawson Vice President Rosie Boelfs Secretary Elaine Vanderwerf Treasurer LeAnn Boelman Program Chairman Marlene Greenfield Social Chairman Patricia Kroll Service Chairman Sharon Diemer Advisers Helen Rath Margaret Wolf Marlene Greenfield, Sharon Diemer, Rosalie Boelfs Patricia Kroll, Virginia Clawson, Elaine Vanderwerf LeAnn Boelman ABGUS EDITORS Carol Murra and Joan Munier 'See you at 12 50 for Y Teenn was often heard on Y Teen days since the new 7 period day forced us to have our meetings from 12 50 to l 30 We were happy to have the 88 girls in high school Join the club this year The Argus, a semi monthly school news paper, was published for its twenty first year under the sponsorship of Y Teen Every other Thursday, at four, students could seen rushing to their lockers for a look at news, features and sports This year we dispensed with our usual sale of holly wreaths, selling mixed nuts instead We used part of our profits for our Y Teen Christmas formal,'Candy Cane Caper. A tea for Mothers and installation of new officers closed the year. Two members of the group attended a Y Teen conference at Pella Central College in June. This page sponsored by WILSON'S HATCHERI 44 1 'Pr . X., ' of I Q, x al r Y X J h C gg f' I I t 'A -.. :W 1 5- ' I' , 7' I -I O be f . - . n ,M Back row Susan Carstens, Harriett Rlcksmeier, Carol Weber, Rodney Krelmeyer, Paul Christiansen, Larry Raber, Frank Bartling, Marvin Clawson, Thomas Fahey, Dick Humke, Dick Stauffacher Front row B111 Witt, Janice Harrington, Sydney Schweizer, Rita Byken, Sharon Dlemer, Mr Carlson, David Pries This year the Photo Club arranged a new darkroom in the projection room Here they developed and printed their pictures A light meter and three flood lamps were purchased by the club Members learned how to use them at club meetings and practiced taking pictures with each other posing pictures at the Sock Hop and Sophomore party They also supplied many pictures for the Torch Officers of the organization were Richard Humke, president, Rita Byken, vice president, Marvin CIBWSOD and Janice Harrington, secretary, Dick Stauffacher, Dick Stallffachel' treasurer Mr Carlson was the c1ub's sponsor This page sponsored by DENTEL'S The Quality Store 45 I A group from the club were on hand to take I Www? ng,-4 ' Front Row John Muller, Leon French, Marvin Saathoff, John Moats, Gordon Ploeger, Robert Woodley, Merlin Meyer, John Schafer, Dale Brass Second Bow Ivan Krelmeyer Verle Bohlen, Merlin Cordes, Gary Harken,Bernard Betten, Joe Green, Vernon Kreimeyer, Harvey Meyer, Larry Woodley, Duane Thompson, Dennis Botgers Third Bow Ronald Schachterle, Irvin Meyer, Carl Guldager, Marlin Neymeyer, Harlan Abbas, James Willems, Duane Spieker, Kenneth Weber, William Scallon, Wayne Mlese, Thomas Ubben, Larry Wright, Marvin Richtsmeler Back Row Gordon Heetland, Meint Huesman, Delbert Kreimeyer, Harlan Green field, Wilbert Ubben, Jerry Bewerts, Larry Steding, Jake Hemmen, William O'Hare, LeRoy Huesman, Fred Sailer, Thomas Wiarda OFFICERS President Gordon Ploeger Vice President Robert Woodley Secretary John Moats Treasurer John Schafer BeD0PtGP Marvin Saathoff Sentinel Merlin Meyer Sponsor Douglas Mortensen 34? FFA Animal Husbandry cS0phomores7 Scallon, Mossman, Bichtsmeier This page sponsored by the ACKLEY SALES PAVILION 46 N . . 5 y I A Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xg ' "fK , .5 ' 'w -f'A f - I I 9 .I f - X f 51 I al l I . 95712520 , . Ni vp I ' 1 , fl? 17" ' w - , of X L U50 1 xl I M Q' f I THIS YEAR IN PICTURES Bill Scallon, Gary Mossman and Marvin Rlchtsmeler were the three top hog judges from the Ackley chapter at the Hardin County Spring Barrow Show held at Iowa Falls. A typical day of classroom work for the Sophomore class. Here ls one place where the boys like to sit close to each other--helps with the answers, you know. Mr Mortensen, Ag teacher and FFA adviser, looks doubt fully at heads to see if anything is soaking in Hilbert Ubben is showing the trophy he won with his Grand Champion Ten ear P A G corn sample which he exhibited at the Regional Pfister Associated Growers corn show held in the high school auditorium His was best of over 50 samples That's a shorthorn heifer with Marvin Saathoff He will show Bessie at the Hardin County Fair this fall They are sure to win for Marvin was named an Iowa Farmer at the FFA Convention held in Waterloo in April The Dairy Cattle Judging Team that went to the Waterloo Dairy Congress was made up of Kenneth Weber, Larry wright, B111 Scallon and Jerry Bewerts They re ceived a Silver award Gordon Ploeger has shown his Aryshire dairy cow It rather slows Gordon down to take a cow to the fair, but 1t's one way of getting there Another team of Judges Harvey Meyer,Marv1n Saat hoff, Larry wright and Gordon Heetland They were the Reserve Grand Champion Corn Judging Team at the P A G show. They represented the Ackley Chapter atthe state show held in Newton Those are spotted Poland Chinas and that is Leon French hiding behind them Hogs are popular as proj ects for FFA boys, but they all aren't as pretty as Leon's ,fk.""w This Page Sponsored by Fred J Bohemann, Your JOHN DEERE dealer 47 , - . 1 I O I . . O U . , - O . -- - Q 0 I O O . - . . ,N , A v M 1 -"4.,-, . WMMS H XJ Standing Dean Wolf Richard DeVr1es, Dennis Fear, Robert Ryken, John Schafer Sitting Alan Fedge, Rita Ryken, Virginia Clawson, Patricia Kroll, Marvin Saathoff Standing Robert Cobie, Carl Guldager, Marjorie Humke, Patricia Caton, Judy Ryken, Richard Bakka, Larry Williams Sitting Bruce Benschoter, Rita Ryken, Robert Ryken, Dennis Fear, Marva Jo Greenfield OFFICERS President Robert Ryken Vice President Rita Ryken Sec'y Treasurer Dennis Fear Adviser Dorothea Jacob This page through courtesy of Dr E E Linn, Veterinarian 8 I I It R vnu t 5 l A ' 5 fx xi ... - X 4 A VN 5 n 0 'J ., nf . 'N' J N 1 ' , N I J JS 'Q - K Yr 4 rx 3 . . . . . . 0 O I 0 4 SW! 3 .rf -nf? Sharon Dlemer, Marlene Greenfield, Rita Ryken, Marvin Clawson Virginia Clawson, Alan Fedge, Robert Ryken, Joan Munler EDITOR SHARON DIEMER BUSINESS MANAGER RORERT RYKEN SALES Robert Ryken, Frank Bartling, Robert Woodley, Donna Abbas, Marilyn Cobie, Gordon Heetland, wilbert Ubben, Merlin Meyer, Larry Hofmann SENIOR ACTIVITIES Joan Munier, Mary Humke, Charlene Harms, Arlene Mudderman OTHER CLASSES Marlene Greenfield, Darlene Llndaman, Donna Heffelmeler MUSIC Virginia Clawson, Janice Harrington, Sharon Freese ATHLETICS Alan Fedge, John Schafer, Bruce Benschoter, Fred Sailer Rodney Kreimeyer ACTIVITIES Rita Ryken, Paul Christlanson, Marvin Saathoff, Ednabelle Umbaugh, Myrna Miller, Beverly Fischer PHOTOGRAPHY Marvin Clawson, Dick Humke, Dick Stauffacher, Carol Murra Art Work Darlene Van Helden Adviser Helen Rath This page sponsored by GIESE STANDARD SERVICE 49 I N ,ai , -. " 1 1 A ', N' ' 4 - 'iv-, ' . x 'gh 'E-,Arab I, Kiki. , ,V U 'f 1 , '- f , . -- U 1 Nice to have known you Then you put in the TNT Bill Kearney ,,, PZ Are they sad books, Larry sells another Torch .1 T' Q--L fin- If Fourscore and seven years ago 1' I could bust out laughing 'T Charlene? i.?- I1 No, Dick, like this Uh huh' A lull between erasers S six, ff What's your excuse? JN Bock and roll This page sponsored by FBITZ FURNITURE and FUNERAL SERVICE 50 ? 137g A f' ' ' ' 1 'XA ' 'r -7 'bf' I I ni A .rl 4 ,- ., y X 1 f , , N , ' ziflfiif 'T A e EU fi.: I . A pf l :: ww I 5 gi ' V g igg 1 A, R i s ' ' N ' I -N -M, :- :f Q,-:I ,I ll I , .iz I Q I Eg , ' Qs h 'O , 1 fi ' H P V , " x ETi x Lk , I If Wifi , n , A YA V .iff-7 In ' A f .. ' ., I 35 ,g t . . K s V - , r l f- " . i ,. P D kr. lr ,i I Y,. . i A y 5 g Q is l 1 D I 9 I I Q xx " 1 gA'h kf'i!? F H ' I ' V: . ix V Q ' ' I I 1 '. 'O 1' - . J. ' L ' 4 . 1 1 7 0 f4f4f6k64 ie f UWM fi? Q is QQ S3 Owe I Ba 9'4H4'5QE,, 23 l'2?6Q,6 leafy flalalnl 1 wqdg r w t Nw qwqvauvw ?'h WRJHWFME f' nr 5 4, Back Row Bob Schlampp, Bob Murra, B111 Soallon, Nerlin Meyer, Bob Woodley, Les ter Muller, Jack Wessels, Bay Piersol, Jim Willems, Bonnie Meyer, B111 Meyer, Terrill DeBerg Second Bow Coach Bill Plantan, Duane Hosch, Gary Boegner, John Moats, Bob Eyken, Bruce Benschoter, Fred Frerichs, Gordon Ploeger, Larry Stedlng, Jake Hemmen, B111 O'Hare, Frank Boheman, Allen Schlegel, Cecil Drake, Coach Clarence Carney Third Bow John Schafer, Dick DeVr1es, Dale Kreimeyer, Dean wolf, Newlyn DeBerg, Alan Fedge, Harlan Greenfield, Gary Homan, Bob Llndaman, Larry Hofmann Front Bow Bob Cobie, Dale Harrington, Carl Guldager, Larry Beving, Dave Pries Dennis Botgers, Larry Williams, Trenton DeBerg, Marlin Neymeyer, Bon Boelman, Floyd Miller, Mgr , Duane Betten, Mgr Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley This page sponsored by SEASON'S RECORD East Waterloo Traer Grundy Center LaPorte City Teachers High Jesup Reinbeck Eldora Greene 52 Sophs 0 GOETTEL'S STORE '55 T: Isa Z JS: Ji: u V m Q' 1 A ! Y M Q Q' V , i in 4 ,- , 'Z 'a D " 1 , - 41 X 5 ,- ', . L x ' ': n 5 F ' ' X f' H .- Fx!-. pyro,-I .-G 1 , Q W . ' A bye, - ' H. - 1 ' -+ -, ,, K A- , A , ." I N Y . VN ' ' x - .U J, - Q , V X Sf' F- W B 4 9 , ,U ,tggzyrzgzm , . f I X . 1, ' 'Jul ' Q ? , b , .xc A . +I " - 'fx ' , ' 4 , , .als ' x . E ' T . 4 .gr - AA I ., A ' : I lb - lb 13 27 13 29 lg 2 39 lb 32 1? 0 O I was a poor start for a The Raiders turned in their second consecutive unde last game spoiled entire squad of bb of the nine games another successful This squad won the North Iowa established itself as one of the Ackley High truly deserved from everyone who saw it perform season in 1956 ACKLEY lb This game feated season although a scoreless tie with Greene in a seventeen game wlnning streak men had the opportunity to play in as Coach Carney groomed his team the The six for Cedar League trophy and best teams to come from the respect and praise EAST WATERLOO SOPHS O good season Tackling and blocking was ragged and signals were crossed but the final score rang out Ackleys tenth consecutive win Alan Fedge and Bruce Benschoter got the first T D's of the year Number one came from sixty yards out and the second came on a short plunge The ragged playcM'the squad merited an hour and a half of tackling practice the fol lowing Monday Co capt Newlyn DeBerg ACKLEY lb TRAER 13 Twice the Raiders were down and twice they came up fighting and as the final gun sounded the new score board registered an.1mportant win for the defending champions Traer scored the first timeit had the ball in each half but Benschoter and Wolf provided Ackley with their two touchdowns It was two successful place kicks by Fedge, plus a Traer extra point attempt that struck the left upright that provided the final margin ACKLEY 27 GRUNDY CENTER 13 Gordon Ploeger Another scare was thrown at the home team as Grundy scored the first time they had the ball but with Newlyn DeBerg hitting his stride with three T D's, it was far easier than the week before All of DeBerg's runs came from more than thirty yards out The spectators in the new permanent bleachers had a perfect view of all the action Co capt Alan Fedge Dale Kreimeyer Bruce Benschoter This page BPOHSOPSG by BBANDT'S FUNERAL HOME 53 1 I . It 0 A s 5' "'A. ' 0 o . Q ' 0 0 vp ,, l . . , x N - - . -f-11i1.-1 arfiu neyvr t'I"F'd DPGPLCYIS Bob Woodley ACKLEY 19 LAPORTE CITY O The blocks and tackles were hard, the holes were big, and the Raiders were unbeatable as another conference team was sent home defeated. LaPorte City used a large variety of defenses in an attempt to stop the defending champions but all was for naught as the Raiders simply ran and passed through the Rams weak spots. This marked the third time in 3 row that Ackley had beaten LaPorte by a 19-O score. Dale Kreimeyer led p the line to its best performance in l the first four games. ACKLEY 32 TEACHERS HIGH 13 The tone was set on the first play as Gordon Ploeger raced 76 yards to the first touchdown. As it turned out, the Raiders scored three touch- downs on their first four offensive plays and everyone on the squad put in a lot of time on the college field The varsity played only about one- third of the game Duane Hosch high lighted the offensive show with some beautiful downfield blocking The line slay of Ryken, Muller, Steding, and Kreimeyer accounted for much of the Raiders dominance over the Little Tutors John Schafer ACKLEY 39 JESUP lb Homecom1ng'!' The Raiders set some kind of a record when they reeled off two touchdowns in less t an two minutes DeBerg ran 50 yards for the first and Fedge passedto Wolf for the second But that wasn't all! On the fourth play of the game,another score for the Raiders Everyone on the squad had an opportunity to perform before the homecoming crowd The Ack ley Homecomers were jubilant indeed when the third and fourth string teams played on almost even terms with the Jesup varsity This game was a very successful end ing to a big day Bob Byken This page sponsored by the ACKLEY PRODUCE CO v 0 -' A 0 . - k . 'I '1 - . . h D . O . , - . - 0 I,A3V 5sgfinfiH. g ,V . -h - T H 54 I ACKLEY 33 BEINBECK lb A spread offense sent DeBerg 65 yards on the first play and a pass to Wolf provided the second score as the tune-up for the big one against Eldora amounted to nothing more than a substitute fest. A goal-line stand in the last quarter proved that the Ackley defense was ready. Ploeger did some beautiful power running, accounting for two of the Baider's T D's. Wolf scored the final touchdown on a pass from Fedge. ACKLEY 35 ELDORA 7 The stands were filled, the weather was crisp, and Ackley had its best night on Friday, October 28. when the fireworks had subsided there wasn't any joy in the hearts of the Eldora rooters for the Raiders from Ackley had swept everything the home club was able to offer right off the field. It was figured to be a close game. Both teams were tied for the top of the league with perfect 6-O marks It was the championship game DeBerg scored twice in the first quarter, then Wolf in the second, Ploeger in the third, and DeBerg again in the fourth Fedge converted five times But it wasn't the backfield that broke this one open it was the fury of the line play which constantly forced Eldora into the hole or pro duced a fumble or tore the line to shreds The names of Krelmeyer, Hosch Devries, Muller, Byken, Schafer, Sted ing, Frerichs and Benschoter will long be remembered when fans look back on the Eldora game of 1955 Yes, if Ach ley ever had a finer night, it would be hard to remember when Jack Wessels ACKLEY 0 GREENE O Still gloating over the success of the preceding Friday, the Raiders met an aggressive team from Greene which was primed to get revenge for the bl O pasting received the year before Greene, champion of the Corn Bowl Conference, got to the nine and the Raiders got to the two yard line, but neither team had what it took to put the ball over the line Duane Hosch Dlcx Devrtes Larry Hofmann Lester Muller This page sponsored by B L PBOBASCO, DENTIST 55 O O . . 0 l . 'Q 0 - 0 - I P , ' n I Q 'J ' , ' l C 4 ' 0 fmsi I A FI.. I '. O I fl afwxlq? FW Back Row Coach Plantan, Harvey Meyer, Dick Bakka, Raymond Smith, Dennis Fear Allen Schlegel, Mgr Gary Roegner, Mgr Ronald Meyer First Row Alan Fedge, Bruce Benschoter, John Moats, Gordon Ploeger, Dale Kreimeyer, Newlyn DeBerg, Dean Wolf Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Greene Eldora Jesup Reinbeck Traer Teachers High LaPorte City Grundy Center VARSITY BASKETBALL Ackley Ackley Ackley Aokley Aokley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Sectional Ackley 55 Aplington 69 Season's Record won 8 Lost 10 Reinbeck Traer Nevada Greene Teachers High LaPorte City Hampton Grundy Center Hampton This page sponsored by DICK'S FEEDS 56 Back Row Mgr Ronald Meyer, Russell Hinders, B111 Meyer, Coach Carney, Leon Abbas, Ronald Boelman, Mgr Gary Boegner Second Row B111 Witt, Dennis Rotgers, Don Noble, Trenton DeBerg, Larry williams First Row Carl Guldager, Terrill DeBerg, Cecil Drake, Frank Boheman, Kenneth Weber, David Pries Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley FBESHMAN SOPHOMOBE BASKETBALL Reinbeck Greene Ackley Eldora Ackley Traer Jesup Ackley Nevada Reinbeck Ackley Greene Teachers High LaPorte City Ackley Hampton Grundy Center Ackley Hampton Traer Ackley Teachers High Ackley LaPorte City Grundy Center Ackley Season's Record won 5 Lost 12 This page sponsored by ACKLEY CREAMEBY 57 medal! Ploeger, Benschoter, Meats, Fedge, Weber Krelmeyer, Schlegel, DeBerg, Murra, Abbas, Carney Schlampp, DeBerg, Guldager, Bolton SEASON'S RECORD Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Iowa Falls Aplington Geneva Apllngton Sectional Tournamen Ackley 3 Apnngnon Ackley 3 mke 'rik- -963.9 This page sponsored by B W GBESSLIN, DENTIST l Aokley Acklev Ackley Ackley Ackley fqkn Hofmann Hosch Boegner, Fear Meyer Bakka wessels williams, Pries, Witt SEASON'S BECOBD Wh 10 Eldora 10 Iowa Falls Hampton Eldora Hampton District Tournament Aokley lb Ninth Place -n 1 This page sponsored by FABMEB'S ELEVATOB CO., INC. S9 This page sponsored by 60 WEAVER ' S DRUG STORE K' ' , , . xg. v-nf , A . X A.. - - 11' Q., 1-1-in-'-rv v- if - - - -..N - 2: ",.' 4 . 1 W, . , 1 . .

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