Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA)

 - Class of 1955

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Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 21 of 72
Page 21 of 72

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Page 21 text:

On a br1ght sunny day 1n September of 1942 twenty l1ttle cub planes entered the hangar f the Ackley school for fl1ght tra1n1ng They were Mary Ann Boelman Kenneth Gromnga Norma Harken R1ta I-Ie1tland Lauretta Humke Aud 1-ey Kahle Dav1d Kaus Walter Kre1meye1: LaVonne M001 Gretchen Green Joseph1ne Mu der Sh1rley P1es LOTTZIHC Roegner Wayne Bra John LEWIS W1ll1am Murra Robert Persons James Bear Martha Van Hove and Marlene McCarthy The1r head 1nstructor was MISS Becker All were well behaved llttle planes except for a m1sch1evous few who we re pun1shed for the1r pranks by be1ng sent 1nto the dark closet In f1rst grade the planes were pretty good except for a few who rece1ved occas1ona1 passes on the w1ng by the po1nt of MISS Ubben's penc1l In second grade lt was qu1te a sxght see 1ng all the l1ttle planes pushed up the ramp of the tra1n to learn more about tra1n travel as M1ss Tool's k1SSeS on our l1ttle propellors In th1rd grade our p1cn1c route took us to the Clty park where we cru1sed around f r a short t1me and f1nally landed 1n a clearlng M1ss Olsen led the way Through the descr1pt1ve explanatxons M1ss Waalkes lt seemed that 1n fourth grade the p1pe cubs traveled around the world Because many of the country tra1n1ng cen ters closed our squadron grew 1n number the year we were 1n flfth grade MISS Jaggs sa1d she could take It and we found that the more the merr1er In s1xth grade our tr1al run mcluded drop- plng stra1ght pm bombs on M1ss Steffes' rubber plant The bombardment was hlghly successful and the plant was completely demollshed In seventh grade we reached a h1gher es chelon and were allowed to soar up to th1rd floor Th1s year sxnce we were becommg more accustomed to axr travel we were allowed to take a longer Journey to our PICHIC s1te Eve n though the re were qu1te a few trees we landed 111 B1ake's Grove For some unknown reason a few of the l1ttle bombers got bombed wlth water And so the llves of these l1ttle planes con t1nued through the years and occas1onally a new bomber or cub plane came to J01n the squadron Of course a few of the squadron were trans ferred to adlfferent group and some just s1mp1y dropped out of the troop The members of our squadron when we reached n1nth grade were Duane Abbas Sher man Ald1nger Ruth Anderson James Bear LeRoy Benn1ng Max1ne Benn1ng M1ldred Ben n1ng Mary Ann Boelman Sandra Els1ng, John Green Kenneth Gromnga Donald Harken, Norma Harken R1ta He1tland Arlene Huebner Lauretta Humke Anna Johnson Audrey Kahle Dav1d Kaus Robert Klng Walter Kre1meyer Jay Kurth LaVonne M001 J0seph1ne Mulder Sh1rley Muller Gene Noble N0r1eta N001 dman, Lorralne Roegner Grace Sm1th Shu-Ley Van. derwerf Martha Van Hove Stanley Weber Mar Ann W1nters Joames Wolf and D1ane Kelly As we entered h1gh school we were also met by some eager Sophomores who were very anxlous to lnltlate us 1nto the1r fllght group We ended up wear1ng shorts heavy work shoes long black stockxngs and around our necks a cucumber' It got smaller as the day came to an end because of the b1tes we took every t1me we saw a sophomore Funmest look1ng bomb e r s you ever saw' Thls page sponsored by MARSHALL CANNING COMPANY I5 5 0 I : . , . A . h , , 0 . 1 I 1 ' I I . I I - . J I Y I I A - ., y . - 1 , A I I U , . . I SS. . Y . . Y 3 . - , , . , - . . v , , . I , . , I - . , ' , Y . . . y . , . . . . . , . . , I ' Y 1 , . . . I - ' - I . , . . , ., . . . ' Y I 1 - Wen as air travel. We will always remember Alice O'Hare, Shirley Pies, Donald Richtsmeier . . . . ' , - , , ' Y 1 . Y . . - , y . . . O U . . . of . . . . . . U . , . . - ' - . . , , . . . 1 N x . ,., , y. - A ' ' 'J I I f ' ' - 1 ' 9 ,

Page 20 text:

36: .Ju Through the courte sy I DAVID KAUS Cla1med to be the world's tallest m1dget Dave was short but that d1dn't stop hlm He was a four year member of band boys chorus football and basket ball He was 1n boys quartet and a vocal solo1st three years He was Athlet1cs edxtor of the Torch and Natxonal Honor Soc1ety member LAURETTA HUMKE "She s very s1ncere 1n whatever she does Lauretta was qu1et but she had such pleasant ways She played alto clar 1net 1n band and was IH glee club for four years 1n m1xed chorus for two Laur etta was Y Teen treasurer and student counc1l sec'y treasurer as a semor She was Homecom1ng Queen attendent and starred 1n dramatxcs RITA HEITLAND She knowsa llttle bxt of everyth1ng Sophxe always had a sober face 1n govern ment class but we knew she could smxle She sang 1n glee club and mxxed chorus Rxta was a Y Teen g1rl As a senxor and Jumor she was class soclal cha1rman Also as a semor she was named to Nat1on al Honor Soc1ety She was 1U Cheaper by the Dozen and Harvey EUGENE SCHOTANUS He hold the key to much knowledge Gene transferred from Steamboat Rock as a semor He d1dn't know rt but all the g1rls mn the class adm1red hxm H sang ln mlxed chorus and glee club and was ID the boys quartet He made a name for h1mself 1n Harvey JAMES BEAR He's a volume wxth1n hxmself .hm was famous for h1s gum chewlng especl ally 1n speech He was a freshman rrem ber of student counc1l and freshman pres ldent He was 1n FFA three years servmg as treasurer as a sophomore SHIRLEY MULLER True to her work her words h frxends Shrrley was a f1ne student she bel1eved 1n gettxng her work done and then hav1ng fun She was one of the four red heads mn the sen1or class Shxrley was a Y Teen and m Pep Club one year of Dr E H Wltt

Page 22 text:

The boys took over when lt came elect1on t1mc and fmllcd all the off1ces .lxm Bear was presrdent Jlm Wolf v1ce presldent Jay Kurth secretary and Duane Abbas treasurer Boys represented us on student councll too All students 1n h1gh school flew tn to play at the Greenhorn Gambol our f1rst h1 gh school party M1ss Housh and Mr Dean gave us some f1ne polnters and we showed every one a good txme The last few months of the term were full of act1v1ty on the ground and aloft Seven of the group were sent out on a m1ss1on to br1n back some baseball v1ctor1es Dave Walt, Jay B1ll Duane Stan and Paul Hlgh Ruth and Norleta took awards 1U sklrt desxgn and Lauretta rated h1gh on her alto clar1net solo at the state musmc contest In the sophomore year frve members of our squadron took a wrong route and ended u takxng Latrn All of us became 1nterested rn great hterary works such as Jul1us Ceas and under the leaderslup of B Z9 R1ppent r op we managed to ghde through the sophomore Engllsh course Don R1chtsmexer was chose rw squadron leader w1th Mary Ann Boelman Lauretta Humke and Dave Kaus as other off1 cers Chartrng the course was Mr Wrddell Ten of our tra1nees gl1ded over for 'Evenlng 1n Parxs " Of course they had to work for the1r supper but be1ng able to go the Prom was worth lt Ruth Anderson and Mary Ann Wxnters must have been tra1ned 1n Par1s for they made perfect French crgarette g1rls When the class met for maneuvers rn the fall of the Jumor year they chose B111 Murra pres1dent Duane Abbas as v1ce presmdent Norxeta Noordman as sec y treasurer and M1ss Wolf and Mr Boyd as sponsors Dave and Lauretta went to serve as offrcers of the student counc1l They d1d a good Job help1ng wxth Homecom1ng, whlch saw Lauretta Quee n attendant and VEL TIDE and LUX rrdrng so proudly 1n the Homecomxng parade Wxth Norxeta and Stan as Mom and Pop the Jumors produced the play "Cheaper by the Dozen The boys 1n thexr kmckers and the g1rls 1n themr plaxd g1ngham Jumpers made the most of th1s comedy of the l920's Many of the planes flew up to the North ole for the Y Teen party Frosty s Frohc 1n the week before Chnstmas Jo Mulder was named Queen of the Frohc and danced w1th the snowman A qulck tr1p "South of the Border ' to the mus1c party was a pleasant excursxon On the day of May 6 durxng a pract1 e fhght a strong wxnd developed and the Junx o r bombers were forced to make a crash landlng 1n the center of the gym They found them sclves in Neptune's Paradlse Beautiful murals by Ruth Anderson and mus1c by Vanc e Drxon made them feel they really were unde r water down w1th the f1shes At last the bombers reached the1r f1nal year of tra1n1ng and they really started fly1ng h1gh Four transfers Jorned the squadron Donna Caton Betty McDowell Arlene Raska and Eugene Schotanus Stanley Weber was chosen commander of the group wlth Bxll Murra and Mary Ann Boelman also xn exec u t1ve posts Mr Formanek and M1ss Rath were dlrectors of operatlons The fall of '54 was a memorable one It was the year the football team won the league champlonshlp and rece1ved a beautlful trophy Walter Kre1meyerand Gene Noble were chosen to be OH the 1954 WMT Colleg1ate Honor Roll for football The squadron soared 1n for a g1ant Pep Rally for Homecomxng and put on a spectacu lar sk1t ent1tled Shotgun Weddrng You could hardly tell the boys from the g1rls' Ruth and Lorraine Queen attendants rode 1n a Jet propelled Pont1ac to lead the parade As wmter arrrved the g1rls were bus1er than ever prepar1ng for the Y Teen formal The Srlver Bell Ball and the boys were prac t1c1ng basketball under the1r new coach Bxll Plantan They had a pretty good season w1th the support of the newly organlzed Pep Club and the cheerleaders Mary Ann Wrnters Sandra Elslng and Lorralne Roegner earned the1r letters along w1th the boys A prev1ew of the Torch of '55 was gwen by the Sen1or fl1es 1n a sk1t ent1tled "Th1s Your Torch Then the staff found themselves busy flyxng back and forth gather1ng xnforma txon tak1ng pxctures and flllxng out sale S receipts for th1s wonderful productlon Th1s year many of the bombers were g1ven the opportunxty to fly to other c1t1es to part1c1 pate mn speech contests Nhldred and A l 1 ce Ann d1d 1nd1v1dual work and f1ve g1rls presented the one act L1ly F1ve others entered The Valxant mn the Iowa Clty Play Fest1va Twelve flyers were accepted for the semor play Harvey ' and flew through therr l1nes unt1l they had the xnvxsxble Harvey fly1ng wxth them As they rece1ved thexr d1plomas from Mr A H Ra1der the beaut1ful Jets could not help th1nk1ng back over the years of tra1n1ng and of how much fun they had work1ng and play1ng to gether Th1s page courtesy of TOWNSEND 8: MERRILL 16 . X. . 4 A ' ' 1 ' 3 ' - 1 " A ' ' - ' l 4 , , , ' ll ' 11 ' 1 1 1 . . Y ' . , . , . . . I . ll ll ' ' ' ' ' 1 . . 7 - . ' . V I 1 1 1 ' V -- , - . 1 1 1 - Y 1 . ar . . . . . H . H . , , ' I Y ' ' an - 1 I ' ' ' l - . , 1 ' , ' to 1 ' I , . - 1 . - Q 1 . ' ' 1 S 1 ' ll . 1 - . . ! I ! . - . A 1 , - 11 - ur ' lu ' 1 - ' I l ' ll ' lv ' ' - 1 ll I ' ' I H I I H . . . . P - 1 1 . - - I . . . ' , l I 1 , C Y

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