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11.1 Aww, WWASM AMW ffflwg f A Cf9ffz,C0ffzIA Spffwsvw w Akcwaaw Hmmaw 6 44. 'f we Q! WHER- Mm' I nv, If ,gl 'N 1 if I Maw 9 Max! 'WM '54 'P ff 1 1, JH f"x lv MQW ' 6'Y 14 1 Y 'I .JS 1 '51 ,14 41 ,ly +1 f gi 'S 9 7' !1"n y 0 MMF' Ir 'Hi-P X-125341. S1-X1 i'Kh XY 1,4 sin ,fl 'W"" W' my 'WW' 7 MWUIN N gf x 4f""gg'lYi., -Lk -M KI.-5-,QA 1 x 14?-3, 9 A ik f -- W . Y :U .1 -' . ,fix ,- 5 V M F. , X X I I, f 1 , i 55 I Q- B K ,M -, . ' ., 'f N .- Q , K X ' -,Z Q' -iii '-464 f LE". "6 , ' -'-g-,x- - .. nb 1 V. V N6 Q, fi wa, L Q 'wh gr"' 'L' ' M" ' M' ' ,vf ' J. ' ' ' , YA K 41 , A -2 11 4 ff! mfg' 171' Q , , V V 1 fr. , 'Y af. f 1 X, L- 1 W ' ,Q - , W 3' W 'Fi 1 "vm ' A 744 ' .Q . . 1, Z ' ,, Q- ff, " , 1 . ' f .- l 1 , 1 , ' fs 37 yr Tv? 'fi . 9: ' 'rv I F 2 4 1 ' , 4 ' 2 ' 1 I J 1 I7 " 3 It W f nr , ,T , A , - 1 f ' . i 7,4 ' ' ' ,W I , , . , I, , , A ,7 ll A ,5 -A F ' f L I. , 'I X it mf,vf'n'I" . . - . , A NWN5dwlmJ'b' . . .-JH -"f V .1 1' z-- .. UV. ",31q"I ."- 'v.'ng1..a V 'V' 'xigu-A':H. :W , ,U , . 1 X ,, -- - J ' f , . . '. rl. r v , '., ' 1- A' V- ' . , . ,N " 1' JE'.'fw'rf1 ' . . ,' if f, 3 A L .f ' 1 ' ' ' 1 P gy' X, IU' I4 A V' un. W -,' yy- , VH., " fx H , . , l'. 1 V X' 1'-' , ' V . 'I I Vu .5 f' .mffql NUM. x , XI, . 3' 5' 'A ' ' V' " I 'UM H' ,I . , I ' W. l. " V. , --, -nv Q xi xv K ' t 1, mx xy I, - X -N M ,N I,"1IL,v I lu I. - I Q g V 4 fr K. nu ,fp hu!! I' I' Y ,'A-- ::,inl,. , U K ' " -:x -., or- ' ' V 7 F 'I T.,-' ' ' I4 ' A , is A-.,:,,,,t7A -, gd , "' 2, :I V xg- "'3i'gi-ciir '-iz -. ,- .fu 5 :-- H F ,-Q .A W 4-A 1979 Charle s Hahn Superxnte nde nt 4 'I Gerald Carlson Scxence Irvln Rlppentrop Vocal MUSIC Dorothea Jac ob Englm sh Lxbrarlan Helen Rath Busxne s s Wxlham Schupbach Athletlcs Soc1al Sclence Clarence Carney Athletxc s Mathe matxc s Frankhn Rxce fa G. Instrumental Muslc Robe rt For manek Pr1nc1pa1 Margaret Wolf Home makmg M11dred Rogers Speech Enghsh Douglas Mortenson Vocatlonal Agrxculture Kent Boyd Industrxal Arts Charles Papousek Dr Tra1n1ng, Bus1ness W1111am Plantan Athletlcs, Soclal Sc1ence I R A N.,-. 'Y' .Za iv Lena Meyer Bob Pr1es Gladys Dlemer Hulda Roegner LaVera Boelman Rosemary Rieken Jo Ann Beurer Bill Boelman Ray Homan This page sponsored by SHUGAR'S SUPER-VALUE 1 we' h H 'f. . ' ' ' b Y" . . V v D I I -,,J.K-J."'T1- E as O ,Q ' lug-, ' N . . . ..-rl . w Aw 1 OFFICERS Pre s1dent Stanley Weber V1ce Pres1dent Wxllxam Murra Secretary Treasurer Mary Ann Boelman Sponsors Mr Formanek M1ss Rath Motto A qultter never wxns and a w1nner never qults Flower Amer1can Beauty rose STANLEY WEBER "He loves bu one at a tlme S n was our Jov1al senxor presxdent Maybe that was why he got by wlth all those brlght remarks He was 1n band two years m1xed chorus four and boys chorus for three He l1ked sports as well as muslc play1ng both basketball and football was busxness manager for the Torch and put on the grease pa1nt for the plays LORRAINE ROEGNER What's the use of worry1ng when the world 1s full of fun " Lory kept the teachers watch1ng her for she could be w1tty and yet act 1nnocent She was rn glee club four years m1xed chorus two Lory was a Y Teen and a cheerleader for four years a semor she sang 1n gmrls tr1o and served on the student counc1l She was also Home comxng Queen attendant as a sen1or MARY ANN BOELMAN I m engaged but not to my books Mary Ann was the only semor lucky enough to have an engagement r1ng She held many posts of respons1b1l1ty she was edxtor of the Torch Argus edltor one semester and student lxbrarxan for three years She be longed to Y Teen all four years She was a cheerleader two years and 1n Pep Club WILLIAM MURRA "Stately tall he stalks the hal The semors have someone up and above the other classes Not only IS he strong, brave and 1ntell1gent but he 15 very easy to get along wxth Blll was a member of FFAfor four years 1ts presxdent for one H playedfootballfour years basketball three I-Ie d1d a grand Job as Jumor presldent Colors Turquo1se and sxlver Thxs page sponsored by the ACKLEY CLEANERS 1 -- ' ." ta I ' , in '. , He ll ' l I ' 1 ' ' I . As ,, . ' , ' 2 .4 ll I II ' - 5 J I ls . H . ' ' . e 7 'I' 3 'WY 9 Q T9 JAMES WOLF "He doesn't say, but he thinks." Jim was an expert on Cars--maybe that's why he changed quite often. He was also one ofthe best dressed senior boys. .Iim was an FFA member for one year, played in the band one year, and sang in mixed cho- rus and boys chorus as a senior. He was good at sound effects for the class plays. SHIRLEY PIES "We're not sure, but we think she has outside interests." If .someone is unhappy, Shirley can always fix it up with a joke, She was cheerleader for two years andin glee club two years. She was a Y-Teen for four years and in the junior play. DONNA CATON 'She has much worth though she hides it beneath a bashful exterior " Donna. seems shy but when you get to know her oh boy' She spent her first three years at Iowa Falls She was a member of the Photo Club and Photography editor of the Torch She also belonged to Pep Club and Y Teen DARRELL GFIKEN Not a wor y not a care I have a Chevy that will take me there Darrell always had a great faculty for getting along with the girls how they loved to listen to him Spent his first two years at Iowa Falls He was a member of FFA at Ackley DONALD RICHTSMEIER 'Angels are perfect bu I'm a m Don kept the teachers Jumping for he usu ally had some bright remark or found some mischief to do He liked to sing boys chorus three years mixed chorus two years boys quartet two years and all state chorus two years He was in FFA one year Don made good in Cheaper by the Dozen and Harvey SHIRLEY VANDERWERF "lt 15 not well that man should live alone Shirley made some wonderful speeches on girls' basketball She was willed Donovan's arguing ability and she put it to fine use in speech class Shirley played guard in noontime basketball games She was a Y Teen for four years This page Sponsored by the ACKLEY REMINDER DONNA BERGMAN 'I never th1nk of the futu lt comes anyway Donna uscd thc Seventh pe rlod study hall as her V1S1t1Ug hour She was a member of Y Teen for four years and of Pep Club for two She had the ab1l1ty to make fr1ends easxly and always had a sm le for everyone SHERMAN ALDINGER Igo to school to get the general xdea of thlngs Sherman spent s1x hours IH school and the rest of the t1me at the skat1ng rmk He was a good FFA mem ber all durmg h1gh school He was out for football and basketball one year NORMA HARKEN ' g1rl not afra1d to say her say Norma stands up for what she th1nks and 1sn't afra1d to argue for her r1ghts She was a member of band for one year and contrxbuted her second soprano volce to G1rls Glee Club for three years She was a member of Y Teen and Pep Club MARY ANN WINTERS Not very tall not very smal but fa1r and sweet and lxked by all Mary Ann was always telllng the glrls about her troubles wxth her llttle blue Chevy She was a cheerleader for tour years a flag tw1rler as a freshman and 1n Pep Club thxs year She belonged to Y Teen and sang IH the glee club for two years RUTH ANDERSON "ls she as qu1et as sh s9" Eve y one knew Ruth's papers because she cov ered the back wxth sketches Ru h g1ven much credlt for the fasc1nat1ng mu rals for "Neptune's Parad1se and for the art work on the Torch She belonged to Y Teen G1rls Glee Club and Pep Club She made a beautlful Queen attendant at Homecom1ng 1n 1954 JOHN GREEN Hop 1n my car What've you got to lose 9" The 1955 Sen1ors w1ll remember John for h1s contmuous drwmg around town The semors had a hard t1me keep mg track of h1s cars because he got a new one every year John was a member of FFA for four years 380 Th1S page sponsored by the ACKLEY CREAMERY 6' WZ!! 514445 N .ar'4' 10501 -Q4 has ax fi' p l LEROY BENNING 'Im not lazy Im just not 1n ahurry Curly wxll always be remembered for h1s brlght remarks mn speech and law Class and who could forget h1s g1rl1sh glggle' LeRoy was ln FFA four years and was on the Judgmg team as a sophomore He was a member of Pep Club as a semor JOSEPHINE MULDER I l1ke to study men .Io was alway lookmg for fun and exc1tement and enjoyed addxng to her str1ng of boy fr1ends She loved to play basketball She also l1ked s1ng1ng ln glee club and be1ng a member of Y Teen for four years Dld you ever hear her holler wlth the Pep Club? ANNA JOHNSON She puts her worr1es 1n the bottom of her heart S1tS on the 11d and smlles " Anna spent her spare t1me wrltxng to certa1n guy 1n the serv1ce She was one of the few semors who kept her worr1es to herself but was always w1ll1ng to help others She was a Y Teen for four years ROBERT KING Noth1ng worr1es me I have a grrl " Bob ran a taxl mornlng noon and nlght for c:erta1n gmrls But they d1dn't keep h1m from bexng 1n FFA for four years on the football squad for two years and play 1ng basketball for one year He served on Student counc1l one year too DONALD HARKEN He may know xt but he doesn't s y t Don't let Doc s bashfulness fool you Outwardly he seems bashful but he really IS w1tty 1n classes Don helped lead the sen1ors to the xntramural basketball Cham plonshlp He was an FFA member four years vxce presndent one year BERDINE TOOMSEN ' Ou1et You should know her better Berdme seemed to be the qu1etest g1rl 1n the class but she was the gxrl w1th the answers even 1f she d1dn't say them She was always w11l1ng to help Berd1ne was in glee club one yearg in Y-Teenfor four years. This page sponsored by FRITZ FURNITURE 8: FUNERAL SERVICE 960 MILDRED BENNING Nature has glven us two ears but only one mouth ' M1ll1e wlll always bc remem bered for her fast talk1ng both xn class and out She was a Y Tern forfour years xts prcsxdent when a semor She was also named to thc Honor Soc1ety She sang ln glee club and m1xed chorus two years The Pep Club named her treasurer She was on the Torch staff AILENE RASKA No lndeed you w1ll never be an old mald Axlene had a frxendly greetlng for everyone she met 1n the halls or on the street She spent all her spare t1me r1d1ng around w1th a certa1n guy A1lene ca me to Ackley as a sen1or and -1o1ned Y Teen gxrls glee club and mxxed chorus GRACE SMITH "Vl hy take l1fe serxously you'll nev r get out of lt ahve ' Myrt's sweet sm1le and fr1endly manner attracted many young men whmle she was enjoymg herself at the Marcon She was a member of glee club four years of m1xed chorus one She was a four year Y Teen gxrl AUDREY KAI-ILE 'S1ncere charmxng and sweet a gxrl everyone l1kes to meet " Audrey was al ways wr1t1ng letters was she pract1c1ng her typlng or her letterwr1t1ng'7 Audrey was aY Teen a member of Pep Club as a semor and mn glee club one year NORIETA NOORDMAN You can manufacture blondes but th1s red hamr comes natural Lu was a gl rl who was always help1ng others She was a Y Teen four years 1ts Soc1al cha1rman one She played barltone 1n band and sang 1n glee club and m1xed chorus Nor1eta was sec'y treasurer as a Jumor and that year had the part of Mother ln the play SANDRA ELSING 'Generally speaklng she's generally speaklng Sandy w1ll always be remem bered for her contxnuous conversatxon She was a Y Teen for four years one year as Program chalrman She sang ln glee club two years and 1n m1xed chorus for one Sandra was cheerleader for three years head cheerleader as a semor She played Mxss Brxll ID Cheaper by the Dozen CM-aw 1.9 6' Q' Th1S page sponsored by the WEBER MOTOR COMPANY ,as 'CN' Ni MARTHA VAN HOVE I was born to glggle and g1ggle I must Marty's glggle could always b heard above everyone else's IH secretar1al practlce class was lt 1nsp1red by those noon r1des IH that gray Ford? Marty player clarlnet mn the band four years 1n clarme quartet for two years She was a Y Teer and for a year and a half a l1brar1an MAXINE BENNING "Never trouble trouble t1ll trouble troubles you Maxmne took great dehght 1n argu1ng rn law class but her good humor wxll be remembered longer She was a Y Teen member treasurer as a semor a four year member of band two years 1n clarxnet quartet and one year 1n Pep Band You also saw her ln Cheaper by the Dozen ARLENE HUEBNER "l know a lot but I just can't thxnk of lt now Her flash1ng sm1le and qu1cx fr1endl1ness were her trade marks She sang 1n glee club and m1xed chorus and played a clar1net 1n band Arlene was an actress one acts Cheaper by the Dozen and Harvey' And she added pep to Pep Club LAVONNE MOOI "What IS lxfe wrthout a song?" H great del1ght was s1ng1ng so she added her alto vo1ce to glee club and m1xed chorus She was 1n sextette and all state chorus for two years LaVonne was v1ce presx dent of Y Teen one of her four years as a member She was IH the Jumor play ALICE O'HARE "Those w1nkable bhnkable merr1ly tw1nkable s1mp1y unthlnkable eyes " May be lt was the Irlsh 1n Ahce that made her so fr1endly and happy Alxce was 1nY Tee: and band four years 1n glee club two and mxxed chorus one As a sen1or she was mn Pep Club and Photo Club She was ID one acts Harvey and Cheaperby the Dozer BETTY McDOWELL "The world 1S as you take 1t ' Betty came to Ackley as a semor and Joxned glee club and m1xed chorus She could really h1t that h1gh note' She belonged to Y Teen and Pep Club The gxrls were happy to see her dr1ve up for she would always g1ven them a l1ft back to school This page sponsored by BALLARD'S GAMBLE STORE flaw GENE NOBLE 'It's a great plague to be a handsome athlete The power package of the semor class' If anybody wants to d1sagree w1th we'll be glad to do t won't we? He sparked the Ra1ders football for four years w1th h1s power dr1ves Also earned h1s letter 1n basketball He was 1n FFA two years and served on the student counc1l DUANE ABBAS 'Every man has a devxlmsh moment Abby's speeches about Mar1lyn Monroe w1ll always be remembered by the 1955 speech class Duane was on the basketball squad all four years He was presldent of FFA dur1ng h1s sen1or year and vxce pres1dent when a Junlor Duane also played the part of "Danny' 1n Cheaper by the Dozen JAY KURTH "He 'll try anyth1ng once and sometxmes twxce ' Jay spent all h1s spare t1me t Waterloo wonder why' H1s pantomxmes ln speech Just came naturally to hrm H was a four year FFAer and played foot ball four years Jay made a f1ne cheer leader m Cheaper by the Dozen and was 1n Harvey too WALTER KREIMEYER "He can prove anyth1ng w1th f1gures Although full of fun Walt could be ser1 ous too He was an outstandlng athlete a four year man 1n football and basketball He l1ked musxc playedatrombone 1n band and sang 1n the chorus for all four years Walt made Honor Soc1ety as a Jumor and appeared 1n both class plays KENNETH GRONINGA A hero 1n the parlor aswell as 1n e game Kenny w1l1 always be remembered for h1s h1gh school romance He surely llked those noon Joy r1des He was a mem ber of FFA four years and on the football team four years He made actxon m the two class plays GERALD REECE "I stud1ed once but I don't remem when ' Jerry came to Ackley xn hrs Jumor year He chnched h1s spot 1n the Ra1der's Hall of Fame by mterceptmg a pass that led to our trxumph over Eldora He was sure a handy man to have around' Th1s page sponsored by BRANDT'S FUNERAL HOME Y 2 159 36: .Ju Through the courte sy I DAVID KAUS Cla1med to be the world's tallest m1dget Dave was short but that d1dn't stop hlm He was a four year member of band boys chorus football and basket ball He was 1n boys quartet and a vocal solo1st three years He was Athlet1cs edxtor of the Torch and Natxonal Honor Soc1ety member LAURETTA HUMKE "She s very s1ncere 1n whatever she does Lauretta was qu1et but she had such pleasant ways She played alto clar 1net 1n band and was IH glee club for four years 1n m1xed chorus for two Laur etta was Y Teen treasurer and student counc1l sec'y treasurer as a semor She was Homecom1ng Queen attendent and starred 1n dramatxcs RITA HEITLAND She knowsa llttle bxt of everyth1ng Sophxe always had a sober face 1n govern ment class but we knew she could smxle She sang 1n glee club and mxxed chorus Rxta was a Y Teen g1rl As a senxor and Jumor she was class soclal cha1rman Also as a semor she was named to Nat1on al Honor Soc1ety She was 1U Cheaper by the Dozen and Harvey EUGENE SCHOTANUS He hold the key to much knowledge Gene transferred from Steamboat Rock as a semor He d1dn't know rt but all the g1rls mn the class adm1red hxm H sang ln mlxed chorus and glee club and was ID the boys quartet He made a name for h1mself 1n Harvey JAMES BEAR He's a volume wxth1n hxmself .hm was famous for h1s gum chewlng especl ally 1n speech He was a freshman rrem ber of student counc1l and freshman pres ldent He was 1n FFA three years servmg as treasurer as a sophomore SHIRLEY MULLER True to her work her words h frxends Shrrley was a f1ne student she bel1eved 1n gettxng her work done and then hav1ng fun She was one of the four red heads mn the sen1or class Shxrley was a Y Teen and m Pep Club one year of Dr E H Wltt On a br1ght sunny day 1n September of 1942 twenty l1ttle cub planes entered the hangar f the Ackley school for fl1ght tra1n1ng They were Mary Ann Boelman Kenneth Gromnga Norma Harken R1ta I-Ie1tland Lauretta Humke Aud 1-ey Kahle Dav1d Kaus Walter Kre1meye1: LaVonne M001 Gretchen Green Joseph1ne Mu der Sh1rley P1es LOTTZIHC Roegner Wayne Bra John LEWIS W1ll1am Murra Robert Persons James Bear Martha Van Hove and Marlene McCarthy The1r head 1nstructor was MISS Becker All were well behaved llttle planes except for a m1sch1evous few who we re pun1shed for the1r pranks by be1ng sent 1nto the dark closet In f1rst grade the planes were pretty good except for a few who rece1ved occas1ona1 passes on the w1ng by the po1nt of MISS Ubben's penc1l In second grade lt was qu1te a sxght see 1ng all the l1ttle planes pushed up the ramp of the tra1n to learn more about tra1n travel as M1ss Tool's k1SSeS on our l1ttle propellors In th1rd grade our p1cn1c route took us to the Clty park where we cru1sed around f r a short t1me and f1nally landed 1n a clearlng M1ss Olsen led the way Through the descr1pt1ve explanatxons M1ss Waalkes lt seemed that 1n fourth grade the p1pe cubs traveled around the world Because many of the country tra1n1ng cen ters closed our squadron grew 1n number the year we were 1n flfth grade MISS Jaggs sa1d she could take It and we found that the more the merr1er In s1xth grade our tr1al run mcluded drop- plng stra1ght pm bombs on M1ss Steffes' rubber plant The bombardment was hlghly successful and the plant was completely demollshed In seventh grade we reached a h1gher es chelon and were allowed to soar up to th1rd floor Th1s year sxnce we were becommg more accustomed to axr travel we were allowed to take a longer Journey to our PICHIC s1te Eve n though the re were qu1te a few trees we landed 111 B1ake's Grove For some unknown reason a few of the l1ttle bombers got bombed wlth water And so the llves of these l1ttle planes con t1nued through the years and occas1onally a new bomber or cub plane came to J01n the squadron Of course a few of the squadron were trans ferred to adlfferent group and some just s1mp1y dropped out of the troop The members of our squadron when we reached n1nth grade were Duane Abbas Sher man Ald1nger Ruth Anderson James Bear LeRoy Benn1ng Max1ne Benn1ng M1ldred Ben n1ng Mary Ann Boelman Sandra Els1ng, John Green Kenneth Gromnga Donald Harken, Norma Harken R1ta He1tland Arlene Huebner Lauretta Humke Anna Johnson Audrey Kahle Dav1d Kaus Robert Klng Walter Kre1meyer Jay Kurth LaVonne M001 J0seph1ne Mulder Sh1rley Muller Gene Noble N0r1eta N001 dman, Lorralne Roegner Grace Sm1th Shu-Ley Van. derwerf Martha Van Hove Stanley Weber Mar Ann W1nters Joames Wolf and D1ane Kelly As we entered h1gh school we were also met by some eager Sophomores who were very anxlous to lnltlate us 1nto the1r fllght group We ended up wear1ng shorts heavy work shoes long black stockxngs and around our necks a cucumber' It got smaller as the day came to an end because of the b1tes we took every t1me we saw a sophomore Funmest look1ng bomb e r s you ever saw' Thls page sponsored by MARSHALL CANNING COMPANY I5 5 0 I : . , . A . h , , 0 . 1 I 1 ' I I . I I - . J I Y I I A - ., y . - 1 , A I I U , . . I SS. . Y . . Y 3 . - , , . , - . . v , , . I , . , I - . , ' , Y . . . y . , . . . . . , . . , I ' Y 1 , . . . I - ' - I . , . . , ., . . . ' Y I 1 - Wen as air travel. We will always remember Alice O'Hare, Shirley Pies, Donald Richtsmeier . . . . ' , - , , ' Y 1 . Y . . - , y . . . O U . . . of . . . . . . U . , . . - ' - . . , , . . . 1 N x . ,., , y. - A ' ' 'J I I f ' ' - 1 ' 9 , The boys took over when lt came elect1on t1mc and fmllcd all the off1ces .lxm Bear was presrdent Jlm Wolf v1ce presldent Jay Kurth secretary and Duane Abbas treasurer Boys represented us on student councll too All students 1n h1gh school flew tn to play at the Greenhorn Gambol our f1rst h1 gh school party M1ss Housh and Mr Dean gave us some f1ne polnters and we showed every one a good txme The last few months of the term were full of act1v1ty on the ground and aloft Seven of the group were sent out on a m1ss1on to br1n back some baseball v1ctor1es Dave Walt, Jay B1ll Duane Stan and Paul Hlgh Ruth and Norleta took awards 1U sklrt desxgn and Lauretta rated h1gh on her alto clar1net solo at the state musmc contest In the sophomore year frve members of our squadron took a wrong route and ended u takxng Latrn All of us became 1nterested rn great hterary works such as Jul1us Ceas and under the leaderslup of B Z9 R1ppent r op we managed to ghde through the sophomore Engllsh course Don R1chtsmexer was chose rw squadron leader w1th Mary Ann Boelman Lauretta Humke and Dave Kaus as other off1 cers Chartrng the course was Mr Wrddell Ten of our tra1nees gl1ded over for 'Evenlng 1n Parxs " Of course they had to work for the1r supper but be1ng able to go the Prom was worth lt Ruth Anderson and Mary Ann Wxnters must have been tra1ned 1n Par1s for they made perfect French crgarette g1rls When the class met for maneuvers rn the fall of the Jumor year they chose B111 Murra pres1dent Duane Abbas as v1ce presmdent Norxeta Noordman as sec y treasurer and M1ss Wolf and Mr Boyd as sponsors Dave and Lauretta went to serve as offrcers of the student counc1l They d1d a good Job help1ng wxth Homecom1ng, whlch saw Lauretta Quee n attendant and VEL TIDE and LUX rrdrng so proudly 1n the Homecomxng parade Wxth Norxeta and Stan as Mom and Pop the Jumors produced the play "Cheaper by the Dozen The boys 1n thexr kmckers and the g1rls 1n themr plaxd g1ngham Jumpers made the most of th1s comedy of the l920's Many of the planes flew up to the North ole for the Y Teen party Frosty s Frohc 1n the week before Chnstmas Jo Mulder was named Queen of the Frohc and danced w1th the snowman A qulck tr1p "South of the Border ' to the mus1c party was a pleasant excursxon On the day of May 6 durxng a pract1 e fhght a strong wxnd developed and the Junx o r bombers were forced to make a crash landlng 1n the center of the gym They found them sclves in Neptune's Paradlse Beautiful murals by Ruth Anderson and mus1c by Vanc e Drxon made them feel they really were unde r water down w1th the f1shes At last the bombers reached the1r f1nal year of tra1n1ng and they really started fly1ng h1gh Four transfers Jorned the squadron Donna Caton Betty McDowell Arlene Raska and Eugene Schotanus Stanley Weber was chosen commander of the group wlth Bxll Murra and Mary Ann Boelman also xn exec u t1ve posts Mr Formanek and M1ss Rath were dlrectors of operatlons The fall of '54 was a memorable one It was the year the football team won the league champlonshlp and rece1ved a beautlful trophy Walter Kre1meyerand Gene Noble were chosen to be OH the 1954 WMT Colleg1ate Honor Roll for football The squadron soared 1n for a g1ant Pep Rally for Homecomxng and put on a spectacu lar sk1t ent1tled Shotgun Weddrng You could hardly tell the boys from the g1rls' Ruth and Lorraine Queen attendants rode 1n a Jet propelled Pont1ac to lead the parade As wmter arrrved the g1rls were bus1er than ever prepar1ng for the Y Teen formal The Srlver Bell Ball and the boys were prac t1c1ng basketball under the1r new coach Bxll Plantan They had a pretty good season w1th the support of the newly organlzed Pep Club and the cheerleaders Mary Ann Wrnters Sandra Elslng and Lorralne Roegner earned the1r letters along w1th the boys A prev1ew of the Torch of '55 was gwen by the Sen1or fl1es 1n a sk1t ent1tled "Th1s Your Torch Then the staff found themselves busy flyxng back and forth gather1ng xnforma txon tak1ng pxctures and flllxng out sale S receipts for th1s wonderful productlon Th1s year many of the bombers were g1ven the opportunxty to fly to other c1t1es to part1c1 pate mn speech contests Nhldred and A l 1 ce Ann d1d 1nd1v1dual work and f1ve g1rls presented the one act L1ly F1ve others entered The Valxant mn the Iowa Clty Play Fest1va Twelve flyers were accepted for the semor play Harvey ' and flew through therr l1nes unt1l they had the xnvxsxble Harvey fly1ng wxth them As they rece1ved thexr d1plomas from Mr A H Ra1der the beaut1ful Jets could not help th1nk1ng back over the years of tra1n1ng and of how much fun they had work1ng and play1ng to gether Th1s page courtesy of TOWNSEND 8: MERRILL 16 . X. . 4 A ' ' 1 ' 3 ' - 1 " A ' ' - ' l 4 , , , ' ll ' 11 ' 1 1 1 . . Y ' . , . , . . . I . ll ll ' ' ' ' ' 1 . . 7 - . ' . V I 1 1 1 ' V -- , - . 1 1 1 - Y 1 . ar . . . . . H . H . , , ' I Y ' ' an - 1 I ' ' ' l - . , 1 ' , ' to 1 ' I , . - 1 . - Q 1 . ' ' 1 S 1 ' ll . 1 - . . ! I ! . - . A 1 , - 11 - ur ' lu ' 1 - ' I l ' ll ' lv ' ' - 1 ll I ' ' I H I I H . . . . P - 1 1 . - - I . . . ' , l I 1 , C Y Well here I stand outs1de the Hollyvxood Playhousf 1n New York Ive heard that some of my old classmates have struck It mth on th1s very stage and I hope that I can touch a few for a hand out Inc1dent1lly my name IS Eugene Schota nus I was a member of the class of '55 fact Iwas tht one voted most l1kcly to suc cet d I wanted to bc a bum Inotlccd by the publ1c1ty on the outslde that the great team of Caton and Aldxnger was makxng 1ts debut w1th 1ts Swxss yodcllng act They were to be followed by the all star sup portlng cast wh1ch 1ncluded James Bear and h1s tralned bears the Amos S1sters QC1race Smlth Betty McDowell and LaVonne MO01, who were rapldly rcplaclng the Andrews s1s ters and Bxll Murra and h1s tra1ned gophe r g1VlDg a close range exh1b1t1on of sharp shootlng w1th h1s IZ guage shot gun It became cvldcnt as we went backstage that all fortunes arc not made on the stage but some come from beh1nd the scenes For 1nst1nce thcre lb Shlrley Muller who IS the chxef ha1r stylxst for the Canmbal Hour wh1ch stars Jay Kurth and Sandra Elsmg who IS In charge of sound effects for the Hour of S1lent Med1tat1ons Flndxng myself not a dlme rxcher I de cmded to head for Coney Island Here I was greeted by more fam1l1ar faces Duane Abbas and h1s perpetual mot1on hula glrls It IS rumored that Duane taught the g1rls everythxng they know I-hs act IS headed by h1s most prom1s1ng protege Maxlne Benn1ng Ineed I say more'?J I then encountered Nor zeta Noordmann who was bus1ly engaged 1n unravel1ng cotton candy She certalnly was wrapped up In her work Darrell Cvexken really had a snap I-Ie got S5000 a year for just s1tt1ng around and be1ng an 1nsp1rat1on to the bearded lady 1n the srde show Snake charmer Arlene Huebner 1ntroduced me t her snake I sa1d 'How do you do The ake repl1ed 'Charmed Im sure As I strolled down the M1dway one vo1c e seemed to stand out above all others was Don R1chtsme1er who was barker for d0g act xn the s1de show All I got from Coney Island was one half of a hot dog p1cked up at Audrey Kahle s hot dog stand F1nd1ng nothlng 1n New York I hopped an express fre1ght for sunny Cahforma One Of my fr1ends whom I faxled to look up 1n New York was LeRoy Bennzng who rlght after Thls page sponsored by R A school had cloped vuth a teacher I hear they are gettlng along f1ne Wlth thelr on Harvey Later by l7Z hours I crept from my lowcr berth beneath the cattle car and headed off through the smog of sunny Los Angeles t thc Metro Cvoldwyn Maytr studlos H rc I was bound to secure my hand out Inxcst1gat1ng mystermous no1ses I found Bob K1ng tw1st1ng the tall of the Metro Gold wyn hon M11dred Bennlng had also gotten IH to the movles She, bought a t1cket It was then that I made my fxrst progress 1n the llnc of free merchandxse Ruth Anderson gave me a tenms racquet w1th no strmgs attached I wandered over to the Walt Dlsney set where they were shoot1ng a new p1cture mn volv1ng Alxce O'Hare who was play1ng the part of Uncle Remus Feeling the need of a gulde I located the ma1n offmce and was here greeted by secretary Anna Johnson who lntro duced me to a Studlous looklng fellow wlth horn rlmmed glasses I recognlzed .Ie r ry Reece who was work1ng as a chronologlcal stat1st1c1an for a h1stor1cal movre Wh1le Jerry's offlce he got a call from the m1ll1on- alre muc1lage magnate Don Harken, who sa1d the secret of the glue bus1ness was to st1ck together Leavmg thls xntellectual atmosphere I contlnued my Journey through Hollywood tak 1ng 1n a few mght clubs I Stopped f1rst at Raska's Rendezvous formerly known as Axlene s Place My eye al1ghted on a glamorous hat check g1rl and was pleased to greet Marty Van Hove They say she has done real well and now has sea blue Cad1llac I quxckly recogn1zed Ken Gromnga as the head wa1ter but really was attracted to the performer on the stand the re was Lorra1ne Roegner s1ng1ng"I Dldn t Know the Gun Was Loaded " I was glad to learn that her vo1ce hadn't changed Kenny gave me the best table 1n the house so I could watch Mary Ann Boelman and Donna Bergman xn the1r bubble dance The act was xnterrupted momentarlly when John Green a. spectator produced a safety p1n and well never mmd Decldxng that perhaps I had had enough mght club l1fe I headed for TSISVISIOD C1ty where the rest of my former classmates had gramed the1r fame and fortune hopmg that perhaps here the bus1ness of mooch1ng m1 ght be more lucratwe Not be1ng able to afford a tax1 I was forced to r1de 1n one of the may rxckshaws to be found here 1 Chlna Weber, THERMOGAS DEALER , - I 1 1' ' Y , gl I I ,, I I S , , ..s , , . ' 1 , . - . , I ' . , Q I - . ' - 0 V ' 1 - - I 1 ' I 1 -- ,- , . . e I .' I :ln ' - , h lx 4 - 'I ,Y . . . 1 e,, t .1 ' - - 1 x ' l , f 1 ' l f , . 2 . . . X. - - -T . . - 2 ' I , 1 - 1 4 1 ' ,- I - . xl' Y ., . .. - , . w ' ' f ' , , - I . - , u 1' - ' . In C y . . . . . , . . 1 ' - . ' 1 I - i n 1 - ' I . . . , . S 7 , , ' . . " 3. ' , ' -- . . . V , O ' I ll . , , ' 1 I uv ' ' ' Sn 1 r - ' , 1 . It " 1 - a . I , I u , Y . . ' . . n - . . town My riekshaw boy turned out to b Gene INoble who had the only rickshaw III town that was equipped with duals and fender skirts As we were passing the twelfth Cadillac I got my first look at TV C1ty The f1rst thing I saw was an armored truck hauling money away from Harken Hall the off1ce of 'Nlorma Harken one of the few who had sense enough to stay out of show biz She made a fortune buying old wells cutting them up and selling them for post holes The only reason she Ines in TV City IS that she gets good re ception on her set there The chief TV engineer Lauretta I-Iumke offered to show me around the place This I accepted First I watched the broadcast of a film of a recent Globetrotter game in which Shirley Vande rwerf gave a br1ll1ant dr1bbl1ng exh1b1t1on Many of my former friends had their own shows for instance there was James Liberace Wolf I noticed h1s custom built candlebra of a statue of Ruth Anderson w1th candles sticking out of her head Walt Krexmeyer had a show that gave h1m a chance to use his greatest talent He was a marriage counselor who also gave advice to the lovelorn At the present t1me he was lectur1ng on the subject of Going Steady While we were walking to another studio Ivxas sorry to learn that weatherman Stan Weber fa graduate of Iowa Statel had been forced to leave the a1r because the weather d1dn't agree with him In this stud1oI was introduced to the singing physicxan Dr Dave Kaus who was famous for his 'Dr David' Dandruff Destroyer ' Berdine Toomsen had lost her head over it completely when she tried it for the first time We stopped for a bite to eat at a place that was noted for pies This proved to be right for it was here that we met Shirley Pies The last show we v1s1ted was asoap opera starring Mary Ann Winters and her assistant Jo Mulder who cleaned the tub after the show I also found that not everyone was a star Rita Heitland had made a success of playmg the horses She was recently promoted to the front part Having completed my Journey and survey 1ng my souvenirs fcigarette butts etc I I and heavy feet headed for the nearest pool hall HMQZWZZ We the Senior Class of 1955 do hereby bequeath the follow1ng possess1ons to the members of the Class of '56 my pitching ab1l1ty to Marvin Saathoff It's much more fun than pitching hay' I Lauretta Humke leave my quiet d1spo It's much better to I B1ll Murra leave sitxon to Mar1lyn Cob1e be seen than heard' I Don Harken leave to Lester Muller Now worry when you say 'I didn t do lt I Walter Kreimeyer leave Ina to my brother Da1sy At least we'll keep her the fam1ly I Audr y Kahle leave my unused airmail stamps to Marlene Greenfield They might come in handy next year Marlene' I LaVonne M001 leave my Job as ass1st ant to the music teacher to D1ck Stauffache r Now you can sing whistle and blow Dick I Mary Ann W1nters leave my dat1ng my clear conscience you won't have ability to Dorothy Wubbena Variety is the SPICE of life' I Norma Harken leave my short hair to Joan Munier Now it won't tickle his face I Shirley Muller leave my quiet ways B111 Bissell The teachers will appreciate too especially Mr Papousek I Donna Caton leave my half days school to Virginia Clawson It's fun to m1 once 1n a while Virginia David Kaus leave my bass voice to Bruce Benschoter Th1s will bring a whole new set of admirers Bruce I Bob King leave my ability to stick to one girl to Junior Frerichs All you have to do is pick the right one' Betty Jane McDowell leave my flash bulb camera to Carol Murra It's better to have a picture than not to see h1m at all I Duane Abbas leave my curly bangs to Gordon Heetland She'll love to run her fingers through lt Gordon This page sponsored by FRED J' BOHEMAN your John Deere Dealer 18 I Y , V ' 1 ' X - V I . , . v x I rl ' l I X 7 7 Y . Y x . 1 ' . , . L Y I , . s . I Y I , . . . . , Y . . . - , . x in I 1 . . 9 ' , ' . . . ' D l J ' . ' , decided to call it a day and with a light heart . , I 1 f ' , 9 1 . r - 1 . D I ' , ' ' , , , to ' ' , ' ' . ' ' it, Y , . . - 1 I Q . . - A . , I of . . . . . .SS 1 1 Q ' ' l . , to I1 1 I ' 1 - ll , ' ' ' , . 1 I I U ' ' ' , in 1 s 0 K . . . . ' 1 V I . . . I, , , . Y .7 l I - ' 1 ' ' I l ' J . Y ' I l ' ' n . 1 . I ' j u I Sh1rley Vandervxerf leave my energet1c basketball playmg to Myrna M1ller I'll leave you my speech on basketball too I John Green appomt Roger Re1nts and Frank Bartl1ng to take care of the town after I leave You do a pretty good Job already I Sh1rley P1es leave my ab1l1ty to catch a man and keep h1m to Sharon D1emer F or further detalls 1nqu1re 1n person I Sandra Elsmg leave my h1ghly devel oped g1ft of gab to Beverly F1scher Keep the breezes blow1ng Beverly' I Martha Van Hove leave my hablt of chewmg gum 1n class to Robert Woodley and Jan1ce Harr1ngton When you get caught don't sp1t It all out at once It's more fun gett1ng caught three or four t1mes I Jay Kurth leave my ab1l1ty to confuse the teachers to Rodney Kre1meyer and Duane 1-'osch If you get them confused enough somet1mes they even forget the questlon I Darrell Ge1ken leave my sense of humor to Merl1n Meyer It's always more fun to look on the br1ght Slde of th1ngs sleeplng 1n all classes to R1chard Humke That way you can stay out later at n1ght I Arlene Huebner leave my one l1ne 1n the sen1or play to Darlene Van I-Ie1den Y ou don't have to work hard at all and you st1ll get to come to rehearsal every nlght I Joseph1ne Mulder leave my class r1ng and bracelet collect1on to Jo Dobbs You have a pretty good start already I R1ta I-Ie1tland leave my Job sellxng pop corn at the show to John Wessels It'll be a change from Shugar's Jack I Sherman Ald1nger leave my sk1ll at row1ng out of the rap1ds to Sharon Free se You never know when It m1ght come 1n handy Sharon I Kenneth Gron1nga hope that Delbert Krexmeyer w1ll take over for me and keep the noon Joy r1de" an AHS trad1t1on I Anna Johnson leave my he1ght to Charlene Harms Now you can see the world I J1m Bear leave my wavy ha1r to W1l bert Ubben You'd be surpr1sed how the wave attracts the attent1on of the oppos1te sex I Don R1chtsme1er leave my ukelele to Gordon Ploeger Serenade her sweetly Gordon' I Max1ne Benmng leave my bug collec t1on to Mary I-Iumke Be very caut1ous of the love bugs they mlght b1te you' I Nor1eta Noordmann very generously leave my red ha1r to Donna Abbas Do you th1nk you can handle two crops Donna I Stanley Weber leaxe my Goxernment teach1ng ab1l1ty to Robert Ryken 's easy all you have to do IS keep talk1ng You may not know what you are talk1ng about but no one else w1ll e1ther I Eugene Schotanus leave my famous card tr1cks to Alan Fedge and Newlyn DeBerg They can really l1ven up a speech class boys I Gene Noble leave my athlet1c ab1l1ty to Larry Hofmann You can tote the ball 1n stead of a F1rst A1d k1t I A1lene Raska leave my soft VOICE to my brother B111 A soft XO1C6 IS the one that w1ns affect1on Just look at what It d1d for me' I Grace Sm1th leave my collect1on of men to Ednabelle Umbaugh and Darlene L1n daman Change off once 1n a Whlle g1rls you may get t1red of Just one I M1ldred Benmng leave my ab1l1ty to be seen and heard to Paul Chr1st1anson Be I Ruth Anderson leave my art1st1c tal ent to Marvm Clawson Now you can work 1n the llght 1nstead of 1n that stuffy old dark room' I Berd1ne Toomsen leave my ablll to always get to school just before the bell to John Schafer It's fun to IIVC dangerously I Gerald Reece leave my box1ng ablllty to R1chard DeVr1es Now you can defend yourself under any c1rcumstances D1ck I Al1ce Ann O Hare leave my pool table to Rlta Ryken It's more fun to shoot a game than to study I Mary Ann Boelman leave my wedd1ng plans to Donna Heffelme1er Or do you have some of your own? I J1m Wolf leave my blg cars to Gene Muller You won't have to double date any more' I Lorra1ne Roegner leave my argu1ng ab1l1ty to Arlene Mudderman Stlck to your guns Arlene and you'll come out on top' We the Sen1or Class of '55 also leave one f1ne unused tr1p to MIHHCHPOIIS to see the Ice Foll1es Be sure that you go' In conclus1on We the Class of 1955 here by appo1nt Newlyn DeBerg and B1ll B1ssell to carry out th1S our last w1ll and testament as they have carrxed out so many other b1g deals 1n the past Th1s page sponsored by HARKEN'S "Ph1ll1ps 66 1 ' - I fx , 1 ' ' ' I , A , 7 I 1 3 I . 3 , . ' , , '? , 1 , ' , I , 1 v 1 . I H . . . - It , y Y I . , . . . . . . I I I ' ' ' . - , . I I . 1 1 1 I I . I I 3 I - I ' ' , l . 1 I , . 7 . . , , 3 I l I A ' 7 I - . . ' I Q I I D J 1 ' ' , I . . y . . I, LeRoy Benning, leave my habit of ing noticed has its advantages, Paul. . I It I ' l D I I - Y J ' . y . , . .ty ' , - ' I , , . . ' Y 1 I . . y . . . , . i ' l ' I I , . . l I ! . ' - , , , . , I I ! . 3 . ,, . . . . , Y I Y - 7 . I I 1 . I ' 1 s ' ' 7 - , , . . , . ' i ' v l x 1 ' , . , , - . , . y Q ' ' . ' . . . . ,, 19 if -A' 'gl 2' .4v.v X Cor1centrat1ng'P 5 Studylngv Wnlanket party' 77 1 I Oh what a nxght' The studlous type if T K' We three X 1 F 5 -5 dv' , We buddles The old hangout "il il S NOW, let me See lttlng Pretty Pretty as a p1cture Th1s page sponsored by RUTH ANN'S BEAUTY SALON Z0 . T an T 1 , A ' ' , L0 W .. - ' ,' " - f' 5 9- Qf . , -R 5-F I v K l " ' X F' A, I if , A A-mm-' . 'N -f T ' X X . I X .. v, 64' X T 'L J 1 V' N y ff, . 'L 4, 1 , X , gr I 'ne "fn: - I I w ' . . if ff ,. -1- j I 'Fe I A f ' T I M S l "Tl-Q I I I Ugj 1 , , Q . 1 Q . 1 T fff, f Q x ' I V f Z f' I . . yrn, f ' . . , , fl T , T f, X' Q .4 ,T X , T ,, 'fp E o .H gifs :NM an L lv' CheCk1UgZ up Aren't we p1g,,S9 NBA 4' Omar? 5mf-ZLV5 9 7 9 Aren't we va l'-K X Wow what legs' Why SO Semouso What do they see 4 Oh those mox 16 days' ARGUS emma to press Thlb page sponsored by BRICKER S JEWELRY Z1 " Q, 1 ' 401' EA. H' h I, H 2 is ,. 1 5' X f tix -Lf , Q, - fp . ,, X 1 r lx Q 1 W 1 .., 4 J ' . ' 1 , . . . " ' ' W' 'WLT 'K 4 Q , I , Y , 'f .' I g ev - , ' 1 ,,, . ' s Q ' , W n , . 6,1 ,Hx ' u X as . X kv, , " -' Q n-. ,4 Q ' ilu? A 1 x 'f Q' C-I 1.5 sz . X Q A -- A 'I' ' f ' 7 ', . , , ' f. ' ' ggi- 5 , , V.-Q., I 0 - V, f 3: IIA , I . sl , . - . A' .Q I , Haxe you seen my fr1end Harvey? She s ln thou' clutches Portra1t of a Jealous man Elwood' s my name Dr Chumley and hxs wmfe CAST Myrtle Mae Sxmmons Veta Lou1se S1mmons Elwood P Dowd M135 Johnson Mrs Ethel Chauvenet Ruth Kelly R N Duane Wxlson Lyman Sanderson M W1ll1am Chumley M Betty Chumley Judge Omar Gaffney E J Lofgen D D Th1S page sponsored by the ACKLEY STATE BANK ZZ Ruth Anderson Al1ce Ann O'l-lare Eugene Schotanus Arlene Huebner Rxta I-Ieltland Lorra1ne Roegner Jay Kurth Kenneth Gromnga Davld Kaus Nor1eta Noordman Don R1chtsme1er Stanley Weber we may 1 M mimi H Z w D , . .... w ' T I I I Eatxng the profltb Wa1t1ng for customers 'P if Progress IS our most 1mportant product hat's Gordon not a statue Pretty arentthey The new formals that The Curlous Savage wh1ch one IS xt? Th1s page sponsored by VOY S TEXACO 8: LUNCH Z3 - e h r '- AQ , ' x - y , .is. ,W 5 . I 9 'M lf ,, gi, ,'x' Y R Y. - f' Q I. ' 14. ' X .. 1 4' ., 1 , - K X mh- Qp buri Q W Aav-6 Du ine Hough iff Brube Be nsc hotm 1? 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Pat Kroll Carol Spulxzr Yo 1 Su ds hlaf, Me mt llul sm 11 D1ck Bxkka Joan Ru ht'-,mm-,r Mlrlm ng Frm! S cond rovw Leda Coordes Alynl Burns Dm an Wolf IVJAIJOYH Muller Ramona Lmndlman Robq rt Luxdaman Llrry M1lllr Larry Wagner Tlnrd row Eunug Rotcc Gary Roe ner Elaxne Vande we rf Wayna Brass lNorrell DeBerQ John ing Judy Hofmann Rayrnond brnmth Shcrryl Neyrneyz r He rm an Alcl1ng,L r OFFICERS Pfhbldl nt Dxek Bakka V1ce Presmdent Pat Caton Secretary Treasurer CarolSp1ckLr Sponsors Mr Carney r Carlson Back row LeAnn Boelman Gary Shugar Gary I-loman Denms Fear Jake Hemmen Ronald DeVr1es Luella Bennmng Second row Barton Cob1e Slurley Adams Ronald Meyer Leroy Huesman Rosalxe Roelfs Bob Schlampp Tlfnrd row Floyd Mlller Karen Muller Doratha Ploeger Larry Woodley Marlys Karkwalf Rlchard Borer Jacquelmne Mlller Front row Vernon Krelmeyer Harrwtt R1CkSfhL16T Harvey Meyer Pat Houlmhan Ray Plersol Barbara Hextland 26 . 1? V, P '- iff. ig . f' . 'I A 4 J 1, - " N , Q ' , 11 W V U 3 K :, 1 r Ac, 'V,,g1 X N ' 4 5 L Q . r 1 1 ' H 1 ' ' i B ' '1 , 'w'?'. ,li '- N' lv, V x il ' Q ', 'X 5 z r- 'e' 'z xl '- , w , 'z , ' 4 2 , J A 5 l '- ' , ' - I 1 2, :VI-5' ew: v ', I-1, ' r , K-V, T , x, Moats, Joyce Miller. Front row: Roxie Harken, Harlan Greenfield, Pat Caton, Larry Sted- ' 1 , , ' ' , f 2 , 1 2 ' Y? . ---- . f , M . 'A S1 . Wi'-J' A Q x I- . 1 ' xy -X . 4 A' u l I , v -I lk X . U,-JY' v J 9 ' 441 L : , , , '- , , I , I - 3 ' , V - , y , , , ' 1 , ' ' . 2 I Y I ' ' ,I Y V I U 'B 3 Back rovx Carol Norrls W1ll1am Scallon James W1llQlT1S Erun Meyc r Terrlll De-Berg, Nelv1'1 Bakkm r Judy Roelfs Sem ond row Jan1Ce Janssc n Duane Thornnson Pat Bal-:ka Ronald Boelman Larry Bulten Marxa Jo Greenfxeld Larxy Wmght Front roy. Sandra W1tk1n Ronald Schachterle Nancy Alberts Larry W1ll1ams Bazetta Re1nts Marun R1chtsme1er Nancy Harr1ngton OFFICERS P esldent Sandra Wltun Secretary Treasurer Judy Roelfs Sponsors Mr Papousek Mr Plantan Back row Robert Murra Kay Kmg Cecll Drake Gary M1ller Donald Noble Eleanor Humke Allen Schlegel Second row LaDonna DeVr1es Romame Janssen Mary Ryken K enneth Weber Leon Abbas L.aVedaJanson1us Laverne Wlarda MarlysBenn1ng Thxrd row B1ll O'l-Iare Florence Dobbs Stanley Holcomb Ruth Lmndaman Franklxn Boheman Marxan Toornsen Jerry Rewerts 27 J- :.V J fx. , 7 A 1 . Q S' - ,g, ,, . ' fx ' l , " 4- ' . 1 , N , 4 W' ' ,I f 'T 1 1 1 ' 7 1 hy 1 ' , . 3 1 ' fl , A , ' 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ' ' - '3 ' I ! i ' I ! l 7. . ---'----------- .1. 1- - ...... - --- . , . :H-' l J' r L " .- M A . Q 3 -.. ,. I F 1 ' f V . 3 1 1 1 1 1 . ' ' , 1 - . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 . Q EIGHTH GR 51DE B 11 row Julm St 1uff1Lher VN 1111 R1-1141 Eddu MCDoxx11l Bermcc Bettf n Dn1ne Spu er IL 1 Mey1r M1ry Wolf M1rJo111 Ilurnlxg Gordon H11t1 1nd Caro1V11Lb1r M1111n Coorres ' 1 1 oe Grern Mary Ann Knxpht Su ond row 11ron H111 bm r Daud l rn s 111111 111 1 .1 11 M ll r Marl n We 1r1ey1r Harlan Abb1s D1x11 Cocknrhun Duang Bnttc n Arnold on u e y 1 y Enslxn Dolores R11 ken B1 rnard Betta n Tr1nton DCBQ IL, Denrns Rotgels Th1rd row Mr Welgh Dale H1rr1n1,ton Dale Br L59 Bazbar 1 Brooks L 1rry R1bLr Donn1 SC11111t7 Robert 1 P tt 11 sch Susan Cirstcns n K 1r11 B1 V11 Mrs Ham1lton Front row Estelle Jmssgn Dorxs Humkc Gunrge Grun 1yI1L y Gromng 1 Carl Guldager Mi1rx1n G1mf,r Tom W1ard 1 Larry Bexmr, B1 xerly K 1pp11 Mary Stedxng Leon Frengh Q 4 l SEVENT H GRADE Back row Darlene Kuper Mary Benmng M 1rlys Jansomus Do1x1d L1nd 1man J1m Enpclkc S Jayne Harken Pat Thompson Sharon Abbas Carol Wolf Rosahe Mcxnberg Marlys Rcwerts L1nda Abbas Jamce Cobxe Bob Norr1s Bernard Boa kholder Second row Delmar Benmng, Clxnton Pole-y Je rrell W1llems Paul W1ard1 Alvxn Kos nen James Growden He nry Drake Marcella Krommlnga Carol Lena Margery M11ler Nedr1 Abbus Andrra HLffrln'111c1r Bar ton Hamg Je rry Hovenga A1v1n Alfson Franms Fr1t7 Th1rd row Mr Br 1nstad L1nd1 Boelman P1tty Schachterle Larry Voy Jerome Howonffa Clark Muller L1nd1D1Buhr Carol Dobbs L1nda Greenheld Irene Lew1s Lynn Banpqasser Jamrc bhugir Patty Klatt Arlene Brandt Harley Murra Fred Ma1f1eld Me1nt Wubbena Beverly Boclrnan MISS Wxrds Front row Paul Wlnters Floyd Heetland Denms Brntlmy Paul Br 1ss Farrell Peters B11ly Abbas Jxrn Svec D1ck R1dout Ne11 B 1kker D1ck Roclfs Tom M1111 r Lms W1ll13TY1S Lmda Flessa JoAnn Boelrnan Sharryl Homan Th1s page sponsored by DICK'S FEEDS Z8 511' - 1 ' - 4 L 1 Q" 'Z '1 . 2' ,Xa z.'z,. . 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Roqnner n P Krou L M001 B MCDOWQH L Benmng R Harken S Dxemer Ewa Zuwztefa D R1nhtbme1er A FedgL B Bcrwchoter R Ryken E Schotanus R Stauffdghcr W Krmmeyer' D Kaus i B McDowell R Llndaman S Weber, E Schotanus Thms page sponsored by the CLUB CAFE 29 . ' n fin- il E - .Q E X wg? in . ia' . . , S X, , ' Q Q .y S V ' .x , 5 I A F I ef-. ' n N ., . 5, N , 4 . , - A J S . 'rem CLARINETS DRUMS TROMBONES Shmron Dlemel Martha Van Hoxe Haruett R1CkSIYl616FV Denn1S Fear Arlene Huebner MiX1R6 Bennxng James Hoffman Llnda Cree-nf1e1d Alyce Burns Sandra Wxtkln SAXAPHON ES Robert Ryken Marmlyn Cobxe R1t 1 Ryken Marlene Cvreenfxeld Leda Coorcles Pat Houllhan FLUTES Pat Kroll Sheryl Cromnga Eleanor Humke Judy Ryken Carole Abbas Solomst Nancy Albe I ts I..aVeda Jansomus Gary Shugar Judy Hofmann Alu 1n Koenen Lauretta Humke BASS CLARINET Joan Mume r BASSOON Estelle Janssen OBOE V1rg1n1a Clawson BARITONES Ramona Llndaman Nor1eta Noordman Sharon Freese B111 W1tt BASSES Lmda Abbas Dav1d Kaus Th1s page sponsored by TECvEN'S C 30 Alan Fedge F Walter Kremrneyer Marv1n Clawson Marlene Frmtz A11Ce O Hare Mary Ann Kmght Leon Abbas FRENCH HORNS Marjorle Humke Denms Bentley Darlene Lxndaman Robert Formanek Julxe Stauffacher CORNETS Allen Schlegelff B111 Meyer Dxck Stauffacher Sharon Huebner Ivan Kre1meyer Marlyn Neymeyer Terry W1tk1n Francns Frxtz James Cvrowden 1 .' ' I Lneun Benning ALTO CLARINET David Pries . E 1 if ' 5 HA. Darlene Lindaman Marlene Greenfield Leda Coordes Sharon Freese This page courtesy of DREW'S D-X STATION 31 7fu30 I FN '71 av 1 I Humbn Ivkymr Sn hh ELI Stiuffac hc r TRUMPET OUARTET Hurrmkn S Gronxlmgd KroII S Gromng 1 'VI Rykn rx Hurnke Hllmke FLUTE QUARTET FLUTE TRIO Vin Hox B4 nmng nrung Hur bln I' S Dxemg r D Fear CLARINET OUARTET CLARINET TRIO Dxemer R1cksme1er Humke ' Mumer 'lt' K 5,-I x 1l I I Meyer P rle S Huebner Stauffacher vxooDw1xD OUARTET BRASS OUARTET Thls page sponsored by the SOUTH SIDE DAIRY 32 ff W , S I wx aifzlz W , - -- .X fr' A .N ll? 2 Q R I I - E 2 " ' '3 ' .' 'I -5, - I P " .1 Q4 -T A I ' I I ' I I . . .I ' XI i 7 , ' , .Q ' Vx K X fu A E M C 'e I Y . L M 3 7 . - - ' L Bt- y N A , , K . I I "'I H 'lv' I l tj' , H Riciksmeiex' 'I Zi' 'gf S . 4 M 1 . L R .rq . - - - J ' Jw? I xg. Y 7 :., J ' . -fl I wi I f N 'f ' ' W -If f D I I I4 a I If J 4 1 614541 Glam Back row Pat Caton Leda Coordes ROX18 Harken Pat Kroll Florence Dobbs Ruth L1ndaman Darlene Van He1den Alys Burns V1rg1n1a Clawson Mary Humke LaVonne M001 Mar1an Toomsen Carol Spleker Pat Houllhan Ramona Llndaman Ruth Anderson Judy Hofmann Lauretta Humke Second row Sharon Dxemer Sharon Freese Eumce Rotgers Lorrame Roegner Judy Ryken Betty McDowell Axlene Raska Marlene Greenfleld Luella Bennxng Norma Harken Jamce Harrmgton Sandra Els1ng Grace Sm1th Harrxett Rlcksmeler LeAnn Boelman M1ldred Benmng Josephlne Mulder Mr R1ppentrop Front row Jamce Janssen Judy Roelfs Nancy Alberts R1ta Heztland Pat Bakka Nelvma Bakker LaDonna DeVr1es Arlene Huebner Kay Kmg Darlene L1ndaman LaVeda Jansomus Eleanor I-Iumke Marlys Benmng Nor1eta Noordmann Ahce O Hare Carol Norr1s Marva Cvreenfmeld Buzetta Re1nts Sandra W1tk1n Nancy Harnngton ALL STATE CHORUS LaVonne M001 Walter Krelmeyer Pat Kroll Roxxe Harken Harr1ett R1cksme1er Marlys Benmng Don R1chtsme1er Bob Ryken Stan Weber Ruth Anderson Bruce Benschoter Dave Kaus Mr Rlppentrop Th1s page sponsored by ANDERSON MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler 8: Plymouth 33 . I I ' ' I I I I 7 I 7 b I I 7 I I I U I ' I . I I I Y I I . I , ,,,, . . , , . . . I 1 7 I I 1 , f. ' rl I 1 ' ' , . Back row D1ck Bakka Jerry Rewerts Bruce Benschoter Walter Kre1meyer Stanley Weber Pat Kroll Carol Sp1eker L01-1-a1ne Roegner Ruth Anderson Lavonne M001 V1rg1n1a Clawson Mary I-lumke Roxle I-larken Ramona L1ndaman Pat Hou11han Marv1n Clawson Denn1s Fear Robert Ryken B111 O'Hare D1ck Stauifacher Second row Gary Roegner Don R1chtsme1er Eugene bcnotanus Dean Wolf Alan Fedge Luella benmng Janlce 1-larr1ngton LeAnn Boelman Darlene Van He1den Betty McDowell M11dred Benmng A1lene Raska Lauretta I-lumke I-larr1ett Rwksmexer Marlene Greenf1e1d Garv Shuvar J1m Wolf D1ck Humke Larry M1ller 1' ront row Floyd M1ller Ronald Boelman Robert Schlampp Dav1d Kaus R1ta 1-1e1tland Arlene Huebner Marlys Benmng Sharon Freese Darlene L1ndaman Sharon D1emer LaVeda Jansomus Nor1eta Noordmann A11ce O'Hare Memt Huesman Allen Schlegel Larry Wr1ght Larry W11l1ams Mr Rxppentrop Back row Alan Fedge Raymond Sm1th Frank11n Boheman Bruce Benschoter Walter Kre1 meyer Stanley Weber Gordon Ploeger Marv1n Clawson Denms Fear B111 O'Hare Jerry Rewerts Bob Ryken Gary Shugar Second row Robert Lmdaman John Schafer Dale Krel meyer LeRoy Huesman D1ck Humke Dean Wolf Eugene Schotanus James Wolf Donald R1chtsme1er D1ck Stauffacher Gary Roegner Larry M11ler Front row Larry W1111ams Ronald Schachterle Larry Wrlght Cec11 Drake Allen Schlegel Mexnt Huesman D1ck Bakka Rlchard DeVr1es Dav1d Kaus Robert Schlampp B111 Scallon Ronald Boelman Floyd M111er Mr R1ppentrop Th1S page courtesy of Dr R L Probasco 34 - l l f L , f I I I I ' I . I V I I I Y I I V I , ' . ' . : , ' ' , D I I I I 1 I I Y Y I - I Y I I V . . ' - . I y . g , 3 : Y I I I V 3 i I I ' Y V I 1 Y I ' I 1 . y ' Es . , " , I 1 D 1 I 1 1 ' , , , , , , , , ' . z , , - I I 1 I I I l I ' I ! l : ' 7 1 I I 7 ! I I I Y 7 l I 0 0 x 4 Q Standrng Ruth Anderson Maxme Benmng Stan Weber Don R1chtsme1er Rrta Hertland Seated M1ldred Benmng Dav1d Kaus Donna Caton Mary Ann Boelman LaVonne Moox Walt Kre1meyer Lauretta Humke EDITOR Mary Ann Boelman BUSINESS MANAGER Stanley Weber SALES MANAGER Walter Kre1meyer ART WORK Ruth Anderson Al1ce O'Hare A1lene Raska ATHLETICS Dav1d Kaus Duane Abbas Walter Kre1meyer B111 Murra ACTIVITIES Don Rxchtsmexer Norma Harken Josephlne Mulder J1m Wolf Mary Ann W1nters CLUBS Rlta He1tland Grace Sm1th Lorramne Roegner LeRoy Benmng Don Harken SENIOR ACTIVITIES Max1ne Benmng Shzrley Vanderwerf Robert K1ng Donna Bergman OTHER CLASSES M11dred Benmng Sh1rley Muller Berdlne Toomsen Ken Gromnga Darrell Ge1ken PHOTOGRAPHS Donna Caton Norxeta Noordmann Audrey Kahle FEATURES Lauretta Hurnke Martha VanHove Sh1rley Pres Sandra Elslng Jay Kurth Jxm Bear MUSIC LaVonne Moo1 Arlene Huebner Betty McDowell Eugene Schotanus This page sponsored by the ACKLEY WORLD-JOURNAL 35 Back row B1ll O Hara LeRoy Bennmg Wllbert Ubben Donald Harken Gordon Ploeger B111 Murrx Larry Sttddlng, Jake He mmen Jxm Bear Jerry Rewerts Kenneth Gronlnga Front row Sherman Aldxnger Robert Kxng Gary Homan Marv1nSaathoff Darrell C1e1ken DelbertKre1 meyt r Fred Samler John Schafer Duane Abbas John Moats Leroy Huesman Presmdent V1ce Presmdent becretary Treasurer 1 'fi Reporter 'Av Sent1nel gg., -ve--r Advmser 4 OFFICERS Duane Abbas Don Harken J1m Bear Marvm Saathoff Bob Woodley Jay Kurth Douglas Mortenson Back row Ronald Schachterle Duane Thompson Larry Wr1ght Ervln Meyer Jay Kurth Bob Schlampp James W11lems Harvey Meyer B111 Scallon Marvmn R1chtsme1er Mr Mortenson Front row Harley Hernbd Larry Woodley Robert Lmdaman Gordon Heetland Bob Woodley Merlm Meyer Dale Wagner Kenneth Weber Memnt Huesman Vernon Krexmeyer Laverne Wxarda Thxs page sponsored by CARSTENS BROTHERS 36 O O . 1 1 . 1 g V I . t S", 1 471'- . 4 :Q . Q' 4134 . wr N N . I I . . . 1 - -1 1 1 1 1 'Q , Q F 7, F , , , . K' 1 1 1 1 1 ' X 1 l I I 1 ' 'QX' 1, , dx 11- ef ' , , , . . . . . . ' " .I ' l . 'ty 1 11 1 .3 ' ,,",4,,s l . . . . 1 44 .rg 1-1 ' ' ' ' - :L-U -4' Q -1- , . ' 1 fi' ,234 A17 .1 . -. Q. A 1 ,- . 3 1 . 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 14663 43.1 -:ai UQ 4 " BASSW sl 'if xv.. e A week at Ely M1nnesota was a lot of fun and adventure last summer fourteen members and Mr Mortenson made the tr1p they dxd f1sh1ng camplng and canoe1ng had a great tlme makln a sallboat out of two canoes sh1nny1ng up trees l1ke Larry d1d sat1sfy1ng thelr enormous a petltes Duane IS always tryxng somethmg new here he IS malung a heart wxth h1s g1rl's name on lt Jay IS makmg a lot of no1se as well as a ch1se1 for h1s dad That wagon box of B1ll's w1ll see a lot of use on h1s farm LeRoy has a great t1me tammg Bess and Bonme for the1r tr1p to the faxr The boys 1n F F A are always after money they sold seed potatoes rat pomson and the Farm Journal also tested seed oats for farmers The Judglng team went to the Daxry Cattle Con gress placed 1n the bronze group 37 T -41" P f .4 235, mx I i , '1 J Q x , lv-0 v V x'. The shutter bugs got together thw- fall and started a new and d1iferent organ 1Lat1on the Photo Club Club aCt1V1t1CS consxsted of study1ng correct ways of taklng and posxng plctures Photo Club members also managed to have money for they dexeloped and prlnted thelr own plctures Offxccrs of the orglnxzatlon were v1ce preslclent Sharon Dlemer secretary R1ta Ryken treasurcr Mr Carlson was the club s sponsor Back row Dlck I-lumke Paul Chrlstxanson Rodney Krelmeyer Marun Clawson D1Ck Stauffiqher Front row Allce O'Hare Sharon D1emer Donna Caton Mr Carlson R1ta Ryken Harr1ett R1cksme1er Hey all you Ralders was one of the song yells the Ackley Pep Club xntroduced thxs year Two sets of cheerleaders were up front at games puttxng a spark of sp1r1t 1nto the team The Pep Club followed the team to most out of town games Ackley became known for purple and gold pom poms wh1ch were the club s 1ns1gma Pat Kroll was the club's presldent Luella Benmng secretary M1ldred Ben nxng treasurer and Alxce O'Hare pro gram chamrman The club was sponsored by Mlss Rogers Back row Darlene Lmdarnan, Nancy Harrmgton Nancy Alberts Front row Jo Dobbs, Lorra1ne Roegner, Sandra Elsmg, Mary Ann W1nters Thxs page courtesy of WEAVER'S DRUG STORE 38 ,-,ll '-" 1 ' " - .r , , . A NV ' V LY - A K .1 ' Q - K ' ' 1 Marvin Clawson, presidentg Dick Humke, Q ' , Q , 2 . . ' I : 3 . . , 7 V , A L , : V Y A I , . , , . qv ' II C , . X It ' x . I , . . I . g ' . ' , 9 ' - ' , Q ' , - ' The Student Count 11 stlrted out the 1054 school year wlth 1 party for the lnc ommg freshmen Dude Ranch proved to be a suetess and many new fI'1fIlClSl11PS that were made at the party lasted throuffhout the year Be sure you re back at l2 15 to collect th money for tht moue thxs noon was a famxllar sound to some ofthe student councll members on Frldays Exery Frmday noon dur1np tht wlnter season tht Student Councxl provxded thrr e comm al ITlOV1CSfOT thc g ade school chlldren There seemed to be qu1te a few hlfwh school students pm sent also ln the fall the Student Counc1l was very uusy pre parlnf, for Homecommng, Councml members decorated the front of the school and the goal posts at the foot ball f1eld A new plan for nomlnatlng tht queen xx a s lnstalled and s1x Jumor and semor plrls were voted on under the Student COUHC1l'S eagle eve What would school be llke wmthout rule S and regu atlons 9 The Student Councxl sets up new rulesfor the school each year thxs year they set up a school conduct rule and a sportsmanshlp code The lockers were also checked by members to ste that they were kept clean and neat Each year the Student Counexl makes a contr1bu tlon to the school Thls year the members xoted to buy letters for the bulletm board wxth the balance hand from last year Weber Ryken Bakka C' Pat Kroll Sec Treas Davxd Kaus Pres Vlce Pres Alan Fedge Y SX f' x Weber L1ndaman 1 1 Schaefer Bl W1tk1n Fear Roegner Th1s page sponsored by HOFMEISTER'S, Your FORD dealer 39 H... 1 2 , z' 2 A , ' 2 ,' .- ' vw H w ,. ,. 4, ' , 4 I ' ' 3 ' ' 4' , r ' 1 , H , lv' 'E S Xt' uv 1 . A , Q U 4 , I y, , . . . . 1 K ii 1 v 'll F. , G', v 1 1' A X ' f ,, V I I A Y i Q x , " ' 2. . At ' ' 2 r . h . '1 3 - ' 2' ' ' U 7 I 7, I ' 1 2 1 - - ' . 1 ' ' . 1 f - I K! ' ' ' ' ' f - ' i :V i . , A . . T V f ff- "4 :bf s - S ' 1 , , 1 , - - ' V ' . Cl x 1 on , e v, ,I , I .".,f a S- - I Q Q 'w-" , i . ' ll , ,- A i e K' Q 10" - X 5. r ' x. I- p -,V 't ' ' ' ' CABINET PI'6SlClE. nt Mxld red BL nnlng Vxce Pre smdcnt Lauretta Humke Secretary Carol Murra Treasurer Maxme Benmng Program Char rman Sandra Elsxng Soclal Chaxrman Nor1eta Noordman Se rvrce Chamrman Darlene Van Helden Nor1et1 lNoordman Sandra Elslng Mlldred Benmng Carol Murra Darlene VanHe1den Maxlne Benmng S Lauretta Humke Ponsors Margaret Wolf Helen Rath When a Y Teen gxrl walks down the street " the straxrs of thxs the trad1t1onal Y Teen song were a fam1l1ar sound around A H S th1s year Many new frxends were made when the Y Teen held 1ts annual Mxx on September l0 A total of 175 g1rls Joxned the club thxs year The programs were var1ed all the way from how to have a successful partv to how to plck a ca reer The Y Teens were happy to take part ln the Centennxal year of Y W C A At Oelweln on October Z3 th1rteen gxrls part1c1pated 1n an area conference dedxcated to th1s anmversary Four gmrls presented a slut as a part of the program and all proflted from the workshops and dxscussxon groups The Penny Parade 1n February was another event of the centenmal year What would Chrmstmas t1me be wxthout the Y Teens sellxng holly wreaths? They dld t agam thls year and very successfully too And of course Chr1stmas t1me means the annual Y Teen semx formal dance Thxs year the S1lver Bell Ball' featured abeaut1ful Chrlstmas tree around whxch the g1rls and t'he1r escorts danced and a cozy rexndeer drawn sle1gh whrch was the object of much pxcture tak1ng The Argus a semx monthly school newspaper was publ1shed for xts twentxeth year under the sponsorshlp of the Y Teen Every other Thursday at four students could be seen rush1ng to the1r lockers for a look at news features and sports Candy sales were part of Y Teen lmfe thxs year too Large crowds always collected at the Home Ec room door and great were the walls when the candy was sold out before the crowd was sat1sf1ed A tea for mothers and mstallatxon of the new offlcers closed the year The semors could look back on four years of fun and frzendshxp and be proud of the way they had helped Y Teen prosper at Ackley Thms page courtesy of F W Houhhan M D 40 ' l A I x v X k A R A 1 ' ' 1 ' L . - , Q ,, - . . . .. "1 - I ' , . . . . . , - Y - - - - A I 1 1 4 I , . . . . U . Q . i ' 1 ' I U - .- . ,, . , . . Y - I - I - , ' , . - , , ' ' I l 5 lt was a b1g surpr1se to mght Jumors and semors when they were named as Nat1onal Honor Soucty IT1tl'1'1be!'S at 1 spec1al assembly held on January 28 Thls year's soclety conta1ns SIX new members and two hold overs Lauretta Humke was elected presldent of the organ17at1on and 'vmrguna Clawson secretary All members were 1nstalled 1n a flttxnp., ceremony on Class Day Two senlor studen s Mlldred Bcnmng and Lauretta Humke took an apt1tude test m applxcatlon for the Honor Socmety scholarshlp Elec U rr to the SOC1Cty 15 based on four prxncxples scholarshlp leadershlp char ehgmble or membershlp Teachers prepare a record of students' attltudes durlng the four lnph school years and elegt honor soc1ety members accord1ng1y Membershxp the orgamzauon 15 nat1onal as well as local for NHS covers the entlre Umted States Only by exhlbltlng the four Honor Soclety pr1nc1ples IS a student conS1dered worthy of membersh1p Hard work w1ll1ngness and enthuslasm are f1nal1y rewarded by the honor of wear1ng the symbol1c gold pxn MEMBERS Semors Mtldred Bennlng R1ta I-Ie1tland Lauretta Humke Dav1d Kaus Walter Krexmeyer .Tumors Vlfglflla Clawson Alan Fedge Marvm Saathoff Sponsor Dorothea Jacob NATIONAL IIONORSOCIITY wt ly Back row Dav1d Kaus Alan Fedge Walter Kre1 L 4' meyer Marvm Saathoff Front row R1ta He1t1and 5 z Lauretta Humke, V1rg1n1a Clawson, M11dred Bennmg V E Th1s page sponsored by DREW'S SHOE STORE 41 0 . . y I . , 1 y . 3 . . - - L 1 v V: ,L 1 3 . . . . Z . , . V v acter and service. Students in the upper one -third of the junior and senior classes are .Y K i I N . . l . in - , - , . . Y . I -H , , . 3 Q 1 , .- 5 4 , ' . : ' ' MARLENE GREENFIELD Homecomlng Queen RUTH ANDERSON Attendant 'QS WN, LORRAINE ROEGNER Atte ndant X ' Ag. 1 113 42. In i' 'S T un t Eastgx fix ll' x N Leadmg the parade Lf LJJEYUH Ill It's a Lulu' Ackley Hlgh Beautles Hou To Go .J xx Four Aces Three Roses I Thee Wed XX AUX do Can t wxu c ver tune O -qi Mar exif' wif Homeward James' As I was say1ng Bathroom bautone 5' S COM! 1 beaui Y low! R h X100 Ulirn 228 Team fxght' g- N19 f' T1me out for a snooze I love labor Ido 44 u f3Ef'1'F"v , Cecll Drake Robert Murra Larry Back row Bob Schlampp Jack Wessels Terrell DeBerg Wxlhams Ronald Boelman Donald Noble Allen Schlegel Blssell Larry Stedlng Fred Frer1chs Bruce Benschote Duane Hosch Lester Muller Alan Fedge Gerald Reece Roegner Coach Carney Second row Stan Weber Dale Krexmeyer Kexth Burman Gordon Ploeger Newlyn DeBe rg Gene Noble Walt Krelrneyer Dav1d Kaus Jay Kurth Robert Ryken Front row Floyd Mxller B111 O'Hare Robert Llndaman Gene Schotanus Ray Pzersol Gary Homan Jake Hemmen Rodney Kre1meyer mgl' VARSITY RAIDERS Ryken O'Hare D Krelmeye r B1ssell Kurth Weber Ploeger Schotanus Wolf Fedge DeBerg Frer1chs Burman Gromnga Kaus Hosch W Kre1meyer Sted1ng Noble Reece Benschoter Schafer Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley R1chard DeVr1es Th1rd row B111 Kenneth Gromnga Dean Wolf John Schafer D1ckHumke Gary SEASON 'S REC ORD East Waterloo Soph 0 Traer Grundy Center LaPorte C1ty T C Hzgh Jesup Rexnbeck Eldora Greene Th1s page sponsored by the FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY i 1 f X 4 ' I- ff 5 D 5 , ' 5 ua Q 1,1-.Q J ' 4 J 1 I , x Q ' . y . 1 I y T, .1 v Q 1 LE ' LT 19 . . ' LG ' 6 0 C 31 14 RG I 19 . 0 RT . 26 . . ' o RE 26 6 RH Z1 ' o LH 6 o sz 41 0 V 45 Ackley completed xts s1xth undefeated season and won the North Iowa Cedar league trophy had an offenswe average of Z0 5 po1nts per game a defens1ve average of 3 Z kept Eldora from ever havlng an undefeated season and put a man on the second All State team Ackley started w1th thelr usual Waterloo opporents th1s year East mnstead of West Sopho mores W1th DeBerg and Noble ree11ng off 30 yard runs Ackley had no d1ff1culty w1nn1ng 19 O The Ralders started the long hard conferenc grlnd w1th a v1ctory over Traer Most of the game was played xnslde Traer s 30 yard l1ne and It was a pass from Fedge to Wolf that fmnally pa1d off In the flrst quarter at Grundv Ackley opened up wmth three touchdowns DeBerg eve ry tune on the same play' Grundy came back wlth two touchdowns to keep the game exc1t1ng Noble scored twmce w1th Jarrmg l1ne smashes putt1ng the Ra1ders on top and ru1n1ng Grundy's home comlng' Next the Mudhens I mean the Ra1ders took on LaPorte Ctty 1n a game that was played 1n a downpour of ra1n and 1na sea of m1re Th1s v1ctory at sea saw DeBerg sw1mm1ng sxxty yards on a punt return for the fxrst score and shthermg 12 yards for the second Noble ducked through tne l1ne for the th1rd Ackley broke T C H1gh's sp1r1t Z0 0 at the f1rst conference game on the Ackley fxeld Wolf Fedge and Noble each made a touchdown the f1rst quarter W1th the game on 1ce Coach Carney used every man on the squad 1n the second half Jesup handed Ackley 1ts b1ggest scare of the season when they 1ed6 to 0 at the half After n 1nsp1rxng talk at ha1ft1me the Raxders sent DeBe rg and Noble across tne goal l1ne to w1n 12 to 6 Ackley chmaxed a joyous I-Iomecomlng on October Z9 by takmng Rexnbeck 21 O One score was due to a fumble recovered by Walt Kre1meyer 1n the end zone Eldora and Ackley long t1me rwals were both undefeated when they met for the NICL champxonshxp For 47 scoreless mxnutes they battled before Z 500 ch111y fans although lt was evxdent that Ackley was the better team As the tensmon mounted Gerald Reece a safety man snatched an Eldora pass on thexr 40 returmng lt to the 15 w1th a tremendous d1splay of broken fmeld runn1ng Three quxck plays later the ball was over and nobody cared about the conver sxon Sxx to nothmg was fxne' Ackley ended the season xn perfect form w1th a 41 0 v1ctory over Greene Ploeger, DeBerg and Noble each got two touchdowns and the reserves held Greene scoreless 1n the second half 46 . 0- rv, u wx ' ff ' 2 ! 0 Q . , 4 S " ' 1 . . 5 v ' UL ,-f . , ' . Q ' . 5 4 , U . . VI y . . - . ' ' , . - . , G . . . . V . . V , . . , , 1 ' I . I I - I I - Y i ' ' I Y l 1 ' I Y ' l I I . . , - 07" 'WN' SENIORS X GENE NOBLE co captam ax a work horse that 0 I pe rated from ht half ' r1g IX or four years named or f North Central f1rst team and WM'I ik Colleglate Honor Roll STAN WEBER s largest man on the squad earned three letters a good man on defense GENE SCHOTANUS d1dn't see too much ac tlon was always ready to buxld morale JERRY REECE came from Eldora sent them home defeated rellable safety man JAY KURTH regular r1ght guard a speedy llneman had h1s best n1ght agamst Eldora DAVE KAUS every play started w1th httle Dave ' 1 three years as a regular had the lowest center of rav1ty on the team KENNY GRONINGA depend able substltute lmeman came through mcely when called on WALT KREIMEYER probably the most versat1le player Ackley ever nad made the second All State team at tackle played eleven pos1t1ons on th 11k e team ed hnebacker best swf 47 Km! , , ., Q u :DX t"'-JVAR F , I - L 35,4 .'.,. K V, . p Q M y-ix . I I 'f '-:ax -qi. "Q . - ,.,,,:hAz:L-. 3' b I -A ,K , xr' Q ,,,,, ii 60, .... - . .. ' X ' ..... leading ground 4 , gainer f . . . X 3 .... ' l .... 1,1 0 . . . . . - :,.V' J ...... u. " . 'I .... ' ..... J J "' I . u . 1 n Q fl -' If . - . . . ,A 1 I . l . uonv ' l ' -. g ' - .. . D . . . - V nfl I 2' ' .ffm Q' X 1 E N V' I, f I Back row Coach Carney Allen Schlegel Donald Noble Gary Homan John Moats Dean Wolf Jake Hemmen Larry Stedxng Denms Fear Franklxn Boheman Dxck Bakka Larry Wagner Harvey Meyer Coach Plantan Front row Daxe Kaus -Xlan Fedge Duane Abbas Bruce Benschoter Gene Noble Stan Weber B1ll Murra Gordon Ploeger Walt Ixremmeyer Nexxlyn DeBerg Dale Kre1meyer Jagk Wesslls Larry Hofmann manager Ackley VARSITY Opponents Iowa Falls Eldora Jesup Rexnbeck Traer T C H S Iowa Falls LaPorte Cxty Nexada Traer Jesup Grundy Center Reuxbeck T C H S FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE Score Ackley N Sectmonal Tournament Ackley 48 Parkersbu g 40 Opponents Iowa Falls Eldora Je sup Rembegk Traer T C H S Iowa Falls LaPorte C1tw Rex ada Traer Jesup Grundx Center Rembeck T C H S Thxs page sponsored by FISHER S CLOTHING 48 Score 'Q . T 66 Z6 ' 40 55 72 Z7 32 52 60 38 Z5 57 ' 48 Z8 ' s 3l 52 LaPorte City 57 30 LaPorte City 40 41 46 ZZ 44 56 .... 46 45 .... 30 41 ' 46 45 ' 33 33 3 40 37 ' 5 ze 52 - 63 34 I ' 52 '74 61 36 38 76 66 36 34 40 64 5l I' 34 52 ' I4 32 ' 27 52 .... 51 32 .... 28 . , . Y if-3 X Thxs page sponsored by ROY 8: WALLY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE 49 5 .fclxn K L. XHUNJ5 SC HI' DLLE l D XX I bh,ASO'N 5 bl HILDULL OXK XX ll S AL klc V An Rh N 171 f Lklqy I RJ L E Chr Vw P rx 1 Jw F1 J UTI Btwn 1 1 L ll! 1 1 ill K 1 W mW, 141-va GOIP TE M 1 L DakBLkh1 x rikx m N11 X I Thw pdsfv S Junsure rl by GIESE. SI f'X'NDfXRID SFQRVICP, g kk l3,X5I'Il'fxl I lIl.NxfN.1 QI - C1,,"",X:'C1.4"!1x ilxmxu- fXhh.1s lA 1'4, rw .Nl Rmb -1 4 V 4 4 iivi VNU x'4- IU:-um zz L-.' ' ' x ' ! I J Nvulyz, Ilvll-vt'g Ir'I'Y'i,. IDLAU--t'4 Krlilm-3 " Wm'1l4but'4 I 51.111 l'Xf'lf:w An klwy .. 5l'.1!I1Umm! Rm ' t'f DL dm' NUM il 'X"'1'y Z Hzlrfwptkm 1lJ with KV Ilmvwxr Abklvy -1 Ag Ilrlgtmx I WKVIMNV KVmII'H.YvY- .'XL'k1l'Y A1 IU ,1 Yflll- U JUHH ,wwlmg X Ackl 'y 15 Aix frm. L Bill Mllrrll Hub N1 'rua Allvxx Ssl1l1'L11'1 Em gvru' 5x I ul. Us Kvnm-111 Wvbvr SI1I1lL'y 1-111-I' Dm-2 k ll' ' 1. Q ."i ' 1 w 7 'f - ' A I '11 Falls ll .xt .-Xc'kh'1. 4 lu .A Fi-1, U tit A,xM.k1,X- 'J Cs zu in - - - Wi'lxn:r1P1.mIarx ' 6 at 2.1 A W ' 11' 4 :lt In '11 walls ll i" 9 E1 is .11 7 ,lt A.Xl.'.h,y 7 IVJUHYIIS F1-.1t' 1321 'x 'Q us T:'m::gv.11z1:' Niwt R' -' ITV SL'u!'m'fi?DYUvIf1l scum- nf tvfim G' VY R"L'!n'V X' " -04 I ' '21 2115 ZOE Hz. Q .210 50 Whit S mn thi nungh D uc Whit happm ned to tht presc nts ' We-'re off 1n Santa's slexgh' .Q Xb' L k h If 1 d h ' Oo W it Cum un Cr t L tree The Marxnes have landed' Where's Santa Claus? Is that Marlene 'P 51 no x V 1 Q" XI ', eff? Y 's l. 2 0 1 'Q Q ,J .1 ,L -uixf r A fi ' X 'ff ,L A A V - I 'A i! Q gf, Homa ofthe Se-xen Dwarfs A A 1 LB' S -I' -K S Three colns by the fountaln Prmce Charmumg S Lastle . 1- F, Virginia's friends. It really works! This page sponsored by .TUNE'S BEAUTY NOOK 52 I. In .l, . 45 I ' . -4, N i t 1. Wirwted four gentlc men SHOW Whl1L and Qnccw, He 3 31- 1 xflg hte t S de sun Q0 Sw What qumt and dLl'T111I'C9 Fun fancy a. Thls page sponsored by ANDERSON'S FLOWERS nd free Four beiutlful 1rls' Ceml DTIRQ Larry W1IlI1U15 Ronald Boelnfun Irxln My yn r Comm Chiractez S' Ron Sehachterle Lirry Bolton .hm Wxllems Duane Thompson Ma me lRon,xld Boelmanj and JI gs IMHUFIUC I-Ixattj 'viuscles sllppmn Popeye '7 Mama .Io Greenfxeld Dollar-pinche rs. The Schupbachs 6 - FM.. ,, --f""""- - .o This page sponsored by BEAR RADIO Sz TELEVISION 54 Good teeth! , s ,, IL... vi 1 U Labtr11yofSchOO1 Whit happenc d1a5t n1g1ht7 Super Salesman Don't suck any 1n your pockets Scene from L11y Workmg hard'P Am t I cute 'P Seexng double 'P We mechanics 55 9 Wr1tten cspec1ally for the 14155 Torch Campa1g,n by Irv1n R1ppentrop Sunf, to the tune of Th1s Old House We are gett1ng the new Torch ready to go on sale to everyone We are gettlng the new Torch ready and lt really w1ll be a hon Thxs new Torch w1ll contaln some pxctures of you and pract1cally everyone We are gettlng the new Torch ready and xt really w1ll be a hon Th1s new T o r C h w1ll be a treat 1ndeed It has all the classes ln It It has all the dope you need Thls new T o r c h w1ll go on sale to everyone So come on and get your two and a half And 1oxn rxght 1n the fun Th1s new Torch w1ll surv1ve the thunder Th1s new Torch w1ll surv1ve the storm Th1s new T o r c h w1ll go a flmgxng out 1tS arms We old semors are a gettxng weary from gwmg th1s Torch some brand new pamt And Jumors Just mark our words get hp Or you'd better get ready to meet your sa1nts T o r c h T o r c h 15 our recommendatmon for you T o r c h T o r c h, and Mlss Rath recommends xt, too T o r c h T o r c h, sponsored by the class of '55 S1mp1y fabulous and sensatxonal and tremendous man ahve' 56 X., ,xh-J W.- 11 . . .,.. X , ' ---j-L - 4-v---- X .-in , .-- ,R V - , ,....,,,-,,,,,,..XYN,YYY7 Y MW, 4 ., . U V s? ,Kb Y. xxx. UH , f, ,,... UA- -K - -W

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