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TIYQHR S08 9,i3XGYW5 ibxwof K1 v.0x2Y-Sbxwxvx Bopxoese VBDBEP XXGQXQ SCA OH SQXB 690960 wvaxcw affix-LY' M- gbmo g-34 8086 Yeamxre 65350 'SLP-'S x Same SRX 1564 Seixxof 95x gbxwo vox! CX gb-,zo 0 00990 51, SSW SQ '06 aosexm.-L sax-510 gb powmwxee V00 viva? Socun 9656 P-?-9335 YQXXN VXXGYN 6 me Mono If 41 Q1 Q f Q w f swans .UO 6 If waiwax so Y ..... 90 same inn: 00 5 e f s 1-:Y of Y no If 9. E-NWOT 1. '- The Senlor Class of l95M would like to introduce to you, 'Jake , their 1nv1s1ble classmate For four years he occupled the empty seat 1B every class and when some m1SChlef was done, Jake d1d it He threw the eraser, he slammed the door, and he missed the wastebasket Whenever the boys found a mistake in their llven it up He would slide a book down the a1sle, Snap up the window shade, crack h1s knuckles or g1V8 a deep throated cough Before graduating, Jake would like to present to you a picture story of his hlgh school days He Jo1ned the seniors ln part1c1pat1ng ln many 8Ct1Vltl9S He had the loyal spirlt that surrounded them all with them he now looks back with a llttle nostalgia on the good tlHES he had ln hlgh school He hopes that thls wlll remlnd you of all the experlences that you have had here too I, Q 0 tn.: workbooks, HJake did itu. If any class became dry, Jake was there to Senlor Hlstorys we started our high school career on September l, l95q with the search for vic tories and honors before us Thirty five students enrolled, eighteen of which are in our present class The new members were JoAnn Rops, Dorothy Aswegen, Eugene Beving, Bernard Murra Vincent Scallon, Jack Croker, Harvey Abbas, Nevamae Beving, Edward Ubben, Charlene Roth, Norma Hanlg, Charles Abkes, Jean Ryken, Darlene Freese, and of course, Jake, our non enrolled friend The majority of the class entered the clubs and activities open to them Surely everyone will remember our initiation so convenient for us, as we were to have the privilege of wearing our pajamas to school The Only drawbacks were that the girls had to wear their hair in pigtails and wear buckled overshoes, while the boys had to wear heels all day long You should have seen Jake, he was a scream! lil We entered our Sophomore year well accustomed to the discipline of the teach ers and pranks of fellow classmates This was the year Jake became aware of the fact that he was to take everyone's blame Most all the girls will remember the time some of the Sophomore Home Ec class snltched underclassmen's tempting fudge to think of what to say in our apology note This year we got our revenge on the Freshmen by having the girls wear shirts and overalls backwards and the boys wear dresses inside out All Freshmen had onions around their necks which they all had to taste often Our class was proud to have Donna Wolf elected as our homecoming queen at tendant Also this year ten lucky guys and gals were chosen to serve at the Junior Senior banquet Dressed in Hawaiian cos tume, they helped carry out the theme of 'Club Aloha N Jake says our class picnic was at Clear Lake with Mr Carney and Mr Creger as sponsors It rained all day, but we had fun rollerskating We lost Shirley Timmons this year iii' Juniors at last! Our financial cam palgn began with the operating of our Junior stand at the football field Under the capable guidance of Miss Rachut and Jake, with Norma Frerichs and Jack Croker as chairman, we pocketed a little money This page courtesy of F To further add to our bank account we pre sented the play 'we Shook the Family Tree ' A misplaced scream and a loose headed fish caused a rio We blamed Jack instead of Jake with money from the play we presented Wnvening in Par1s,' our Junior Senior Pr m The gym was transformed bywaromantic wish ing well a realistic park, a Gay Pare e sidewalk cafe into an exact city After palls, it was provide the and of course an art gallery, replica of the famous French e found flashlights and a relatively minor task to dark like background The tip y 1amDP0St with the snow on top shed its light on the park bench below Every one danced to the divine music of Eddie Allen During our Junior year two of our mem bers were elected to the National Honor Society They were Vern Achtermann and Donna Wolf This year Jean Hyken was chosen Home coming queen attendant we gained ialph Drake, Caroline Eoel man and Marjorie Boelman and lost ordon Sietsema, Doris Smith, Berdlne Toomsen and Donna Bergman lil' The Senior girls intra mural basket ball team also took honors this year by winning the intramural tournament for the third consecutive year Honors go to Jo Ann Hops, Jean Ryken, Harriett Schultz, Norma Frerlcns, Darlene Freese, Shirley Heltland, Darlene Wlller, and Donna dolf for keeping the class of 5U out in front Jake showed his stuff by proving to be a good manager for the girls Under the direction of Mis Jacob, the Seniors resented 'The Man on the Stairs,' which proved to be very success ful This year three of our classmates were elected to the National Honor Society Norma Frerichs, Charlene Roth, and Jean Byken On May 5 the Juniors honored us by presenting 'Neptune's Parad1se,' with the music by Vance Dixon The decorations gave everyone the feeling of being under water as the theme suggested There were fish, mermaids, a treasure chest filled with fascinating jewels, a sunken ship and a lighthouse Skip Day for the Seniors was held at Des Moines The day was spent touring places such as the fire station, NEO, the Coca Cola plant, the airport, and the Air Guard hanger After the tour each person W Houllhan, M D 0 0 O ' , , , G Vg ' 1 ' - o . - ,., l . W ' C , G candy. How we racked our brains trying , . . - s . . p 0 - A 7 . . h 7 0 0 O O spent a couple of hours on his own either shopping or getting into mischief. During the evening most everyone attended a movie of his choice. Jake, especially, got a charge out of the WHO Buckaroos' singing 'Baby Dol1,' as did everyone else Of course, the big event of the year was the publishing of the Torch of'5'-P advertise our Torch, the Seniors, put on an almost true to life Arthur Godfrey show Vern and George made a very life like Arthur Godfrey and Tony Marvin The act which really caught the audience eye was Holeloke impersonated by Ralph Drake. we are still wondering who Ralph took les- sons from. It has been rumored that Jake great lnstructor. After our was the campaign skit, very serious work began to complete this great book But our high school days are now a thing of the past and all we have left are the memori What started out to be a long four years of hard work turned out to be a short period of fun and enjoyment and it is with regret that we say 'Goodby Classmates Friends, Teachers, and Jake ' K 1 This page courtesy of Dr H L Probasco ,rnmf 443,-. 43:4-m 4-uv--:gh 5164 11 2 141 18 19 "9 2526 S6 Km BS ' ' . l"" f If '-H-VJ' 1 , ' ' M, f 5 Hmm k "-We N A 'S 'r 'gpg ,gm ,, , :K -fy. ' , sf Q K 1 vw" . Y :.:9q,,,.,,' . , I M" " . .4,, X, V .' ATA. ' 1 , - 1 5.0 .Q M .1 241' 1rl?""'V 5 X uxXfXwnlu11l.l V xxx xx X , . If ' k , , Semors HWITH THE ROPES OF THE PAST, WE WILL RING THE BELLS OF THE FUTURE' CLASS COLORS GREEN and WHITE CLASS FLOWER WHITE CARNATION NORMA FBERICHS l 'She's fun to be with, nice to know That s why we love Norma so Band Drum Ensemble 3 Pep Band 3 U Glee Club 2 3 U Mixed Chorus M Officer 3 Pep Club Junior Class Play Y Teen Class Officer l Officer b Torch Editor National Honor Society BERNARD MURBA HI will lf I want to but I don't want tO Baseball 2 Football 3 VINCENT SCALLON ot a worry, not a care, I have a Chevy that will take you anywhere :, A Club 3 U Torch Staff U Class Officer 2 Football l,3,4 Junior Class Play Basketball l Senior Class Play Student Council A 1, , ASWEGEN Our snappy gal from the country W Y Teen This page sponsored by FISHER'S CIDTHING Q Q l ll r 1 H Y , It l Q 1 -- ll F. F. A. Q "' 'N 1 7 3 O .' - F. F. . 2 3 .4 a 'Q 2 'M '-R: X l kORMA HANIG 'She holds the key to mu knowledge ' Glee Club Tr1O 4 Y Teen Mixed Chorus All State Chorus GORDON SIETSEMA 'Women are cheats! They cannot be trusted,but gee aren't they cute?' Junior Year at Kemper Football Baseball 2,U Basketball Torch Staff A Club Student Council 2 BOSEMABY BIEKEN 'Her ways are pleasant ways Glee Club Torch Staff Mixed Chorus 4 Junior Class Play Y Teen Senior Play Staff NEVAMAE BEVING 'Tomorrow's life is too la live today Y Teen Pep Club Officer M Junior Play Staff HAROLD BURMA 'It's much better to be a redhead than to be without a head ' SHIRLEY HEITLAND et thee behind me Satan and push Band Y Teen Glee Club Torch Staff Brass Groups Junior Class Play Pep Band Senior Class Play Marching Band Librarian 2 Mixed Chorus All State Chorus U YY mNW,f 43 H' This page sponsored by TEGEN'S 5d to 81 STORE , .u I f A i , I ---- --.- X ' te ' F. F. A. Y '5 HG -- 'I .t,,, iw , 'Th - - 7 9' Sextette 3 Cheerleader 3 I Ch X ' ""x'Ky- - f . X .N ix - - U in " ' fl ,idx N --" """" Q , J' , DARLBNE FBEBSB 'She's small but so is dynamite Glee Club Vocal Solo 3 M Officer M Madrlgal 3 Sextette 3 All State Chorus U Mixed Chorus Junior Class Play Pep Club Senior Clase Play Trio U Y Teen Cheerleader M lf!! L LAWRENCE VAND HHEHF kr fool you ' Basketball 1,2 1 EDHABD UBBEN 'Here's our Eddie, so tall and K strong we'll hear of his fame before very long ' A Club U Football U Officer DABLENE MILLER 'Taken 1sn't it a shamel' Band l,2,3 Mixed Chorus Pep Band 2 Pep Club Glee Club Y Teen Play Staff 3 U Torch Staff Marching Band 1 , 2 DONNA WOLF 'Men are all alike yeah, men are all I like too N YQ? Band 1 , 2 Pep Club Drum Major 2 Y Teen 'N Pep Band 1,2 Class Officer l Librarian 2 Play Staff 3,b Accompanist Nat'l Honor Society Marching Band 1,2,3 X Student Council 2 Queen Attendant 2 This page sponsored by JUNE'S BEAUTY NOOY I' - f I .6 pk ' 'U if- Q 'Don't let that innocent look X - F. F. A. A fo' U ' ,3 J 5 Rl ACHTE1 All in IU- He siw a vision and blew through his tuba K if Pand Cfflcer 4 ni solos rd s Sextette e Band arching Wand i xfldjllv TdmdCmmm Boys Choru Officer l Torch Staff Junior Cla enlor Cla lay 1lay Cla Officer l,L,3 4 tudent Coun ll l,J U Officer M dt'l Pono society wg 4" new 4' 12. fu+ fl 'wc' e1l1F "Y 'TI7' X Col ,'mwv N1-ff K RALPH DRAKE 'M girl said she'd be true to end, ut I play guard Terre Haute l,2 A Club Baseball Football LOBRAINE VANDEBWhRF 'Lorraine is a girl who does her own thinking and needs little advice ' Y Teen Class Play 3 CQAQLENE BOTH 'There's mischief in her eye Band Y Teen the Drum Solo 3,k Nat'l Honor Society Pep Band 2,3,N Torch Staff Glee Club Junior Class Play Sextette N Senior Class Play Mixed Chorus N Class Officer 3 'qi Drum Ensemble Student Council 3,M FOLKEBTS HHe's cultured agrl cultured. Boys Chorus 1,2 F. F. A. Football l,2,3 xrtesy of R. W. Gxoe-lin, P.D x, VE Y .N7II N I! L? I 1 Q Y nn 1 V . W , H V S iNr:" Ea 1 C . ,U E ,S f xi1'St7t9V6f , K V 1 k.fW ss ' C ,' ,,:3 ' S C U f' 'L ' 1 - " H I r ' 221, ' Y ' b ." 'Q W 4 3,L+ Q , s . N' , E xf W, ' 4 if ' 3 I if I s.ll 45l -R . 'W' . N. CHARLES DOBBS nThere should be more time for sleep in this 1nst1tut1on.H Librarian 2 HARBIETT SCHULTZ nThe girl with a g1ggle.H Band M Mixed Chorus U Officer M Pep Club Pep Band M Y-Teen Glee Club Officer U Librarian 2 Senior Class Marching Band 3,b Play Staff 3 PATRICIA MEYER 'It's nice to be natural and she's naturally nice ' Glee Club Mixed Chorus U Y Teen Librarian 3 Officer 3 Play Staff 3 4 Torch Staff HARVEY ABBAS 'I go to school to get a general ldea of things ' F Class Officer 4 Senior Class Play mf - X1 '1 1 erbwr X . 'IP CFARLES ABKES HYou'll find him just an hone man Football 2 Senior Class Play '26 JEAN RYKEN U pleasant mixture of fun and I1 serlousness " band Y Teen Officer U t'1 lonor society Band Solo 3 U Toro? Staff Wand 2 Senior lass Play Glee Club Student Council 1,3 Officer 3 U Officer 3 Sextette U Cheerleader 3 M t'iM Iixed Chorus 3 M Homecomlnt Attendint 3 L This page sponsored by BRICKLR'S JENELRY ' ! ' ' .5-E 1 1' K , :Z , F. . A. st .II F. F. A. aw Y A JF' I "W ,'. Ne A ' l ? g Vx ' woodwind Groups Junior Class Play X i . P . R ' A .I A ep .J x, Vf1 Q V, - C A wig ' L.. g 4 Q f A , A ' 1 EUGENE BEVING e is remembered because he cannot be forgotten H Basketball 1,2 1 4' JOANN BOPS millng face, twinkling eye You simply cannot pass her by Y Teen Pep Club Officer 4 CAROLINE BOELMAN peech is great, but silence is greater U Wellsburg 1,2 X Teen 3 M DONAVON SCHLEGEL H Oung man with a horn H Band Baseball l 2 Officer 2 Football 3 Cornet Solos Basketball 1 2 M Brass Groups Golf U Marching Band A Club M Pep Band 3 Junior Class Play Mixed Chorus Librarian 2 Officer 1,2 Student Council M Boys Chorus Class Officer Officer l,2,3 Boys Quartets Vocal Solos Madrigal 3 All State Chorus 1,2 DAROLD SPBAIN WL1ncoln was tall and slender, too Basketball Junior Class Play Football 3 U A Club Q Baseball 1,2 Student Council l 1,, JOAN HEINZ WA smile for all and all for a smile Y Teen This page sponsored by the ACKLE! WORLD-JOURNAL HH 1 Q F. F. A. 65 y I x IIS M 1 .I Y , - V X 1 . 1 Q f 9 , 5 H HS i Q v - ' 'lg -.i- Y . z ' . . 1 I o ' 'V f,,..f 1 0 5 ' h 1 - .ll 11" x ' I F. F. A. 2 3 E ,f ,f C X ! I ' ,w Ruth Anderson John Green ,Qi Maxine Benning --.Q Rita Heitland Berllne Too Sen artqa JanHove ,cf ih- Juniors norxalne Roeqner 1 -af 91 Darrell Gleken Laurettn Humke 'fl 'bfi Stanley Arlene Weber Huebmer Aa 7 william u1ra Uulne Abozs Norleta noordman Janes Pre lient Vice Pre oecv m eas Iolf 'sex' A Shirley Pies 1Hlr lOb6Pt King 1.L4l.A Jerald Mary Ann Reece lnters gp T " 4 I Mildred Benning Donald Aich smeler :- if sandra nlslng aherman Aldin er 49 in Jay Kurth A kenneth uronlnra AA Malte lrie Cf U J Q'1' Donali Harken Shirlev Vanderwerf ohlrley Muller Donna Berrwan AUiPeV Kanle ..f Josephine Mulder Norma Hafkeq Leloy Benning 4,15 uavii Kaus LaVo1u1e H ND uene Noble is 4-9 Janes Belr IJ, Alice Ann O'Hara 1' .ll nary Ann Boelman J" orace smith Anna Johnson L . Q svlm x 1 E. l ..-lr .K D L Vool 3,15 . N is! I 3. W . , - i, .r j 3 fi A? - 4.4 QfQa I f x" Q wvs K ,'- sy! t k ff, - ... 'b ' wa x . Ak ' . ., N ,qs , Q 3 3 J A. X ,Q ef 'fe' eff 'if -9 of ' W - LQ A E S I f i - f- Q I r -a 7' X ' A , tg mf ':d i C , QQ? fx Jn i , 1 f s .V -,5 Allf ' ll, V ' M! H ' I , g Z. 1 L 3 . - L 4 IP g 5' ' KA L , 0 '4:f' wi I I X. lf ,'f'IuIl ,srl 'g? W ' Qi? 5 N L 4mQ!. 'dh ' f ff X I X j C A f fe? A 4 .. " A, 3- I, r- 4- l , tl' rnss 1. 1.7, r,on x IL: ALE? ' Ll -f , I A '.' 'HQ H I Q 1 V - 4 za ' A ' l 1' X ' V- 1 - ' U A ,Z ' 1' fl. wer- 'A J A X x ,rt gg ff , xM'f Lf ,W -- ,F e 9 ' ' 1-1, 'ffl 12 ,d , , - 5 V, 11, 1 xhlg I JAM. -942 ii ik MA '. Ji 5 This g:'v S onsorf' bf Hvrrlell C2 :ing jo fmml WK! '4 TPB TW5 F94 if 1. -V 5 2 i iff" I ri 1 1 Thi p ge sponsored by tl AACHARIAS SINCLAIR SI' TION Sophomores QF 'uf v,gn .lv X rw.:- f if ,C V L 1 fn 225 .rf ,K Q va 11 J ffm V if FIRST ROW Darlene VanHe1den, Marvin Saathoff President, Marlene Greenfield Secretary, Gordon Ploeger Vice President, Myrna Miller Treasurer, Marvin Clawson SECOND ROW Janice Harrington, Jack wessels, Joan Munier, Richard DeVr1es, Mary Humke, Newlyn DeBerg, Charlene Harms, wllbert Ubben, Virginia Clawson THIRD ROW Lester Muller, Rita Ryken, Dale Krelneyer, Donna Heffel meier, Keith Burman, Dorothy Wubbena, Duane Hosch, Beverly Fischer, Richard Stauffacher FOURTH ROW Roger Reints, Merlin Meyer, Carol Murra, Josenhlne Dobbs, Paul Christlanson, Darlene Llndaman, Sharon Dlemer, Frank Bartling, Robert Woodley FIFTH 30d Gordon Heetland, Richard Huwke, Delbert Kreimeyer, Sharon Freese, Rodney Kreimeyer, Marilvn Coble, Junior Fre rlchs, Fred Saller, Gene Muller SIXTH KOW John Schafer, B111 Bissell, Robert Ryken, Donna Abbas, Larry Hofmann, Alan Fedge, Dale wagner This mage soonsored by DEMTEL'S, The Quality Store 5 yi ' ' ' .3 5' .'f " lv .21 'M 'S X P QL, :K Y X ' i M .9 x R 'ix Q Y"' :f, ' o 'M I ' WJ Q Rfk . 0 1 Fi' V' - V FT-' 4 A 5 3 -A ' ' Q h vw 'HQ ,,a Y, A' 4 - 1 6 lr ' R YQ? 1, - ,ggi 'id 1:f X . N X . N . if V NWI 1 "' 1,5 '-T , 5 , , A ' , IL 4. , M v 4, ,f 915: ' 1 .3 f 0'3" Lis: Q 1 ' -,- Q' nf , 1, Q7 V,-, df ' Am -,X .. 5 e- I ., . ff Xb ' Y Q A eQ.- , -. '-3f ,g ,- , , a,,, :, . gn- A 4 f , -- . v , Q j A J, . U I ii . X., - T! lui - v f 1 M ' 'Q ' u , :V 5- ., cj, y 'D' -.' I I., '- ' , .gf T, 1 z 5 A ? s Qi: f 2,151 1, A , " 'K ,CS 1- Q.. ' . ' ' 1 S. 5' - h x I 4 P' . K :Q VL ' ' ' -I ll., b 2: . N . lx K, . W ' . I 7 H I 1 Freshme 4-49 P0 ,J A 61' 'lyke JJ' 'wJ I K 1 4 Q? '? E '15 ,J I, t JZ uinmzf 437' ' I pa ,vb ...- M, iwvfk 4,6 v IN " FIRST ROW Alyce Burns, Larry Woodley, Dean Wolf President, LeAnn Boelman Vice President Patricia Houlihan Secretary and Treasurer, Larry Wagner, Norrell DeBerg SECOND ROW Harley Hembd, Harriett Ricksmeier, Barton Goble, Patricia Kroll, Rlchard Bakka, Carol Spieker, Robert Llndaman, Luella Benning, Gary Shugar, Elaine Vanderwerf THIRD ROW Joyce Miller, Gary Roegner, Joan Richtsmeler, LeRoy huesman, Marjorie Puller Harlan Greenfield, Eunice Rotgers, Ronald Meyer, Karen Muller, Vernon Krelmeyer FOURTH ROW Raymond Smith, Delah Harms, Judy Hofmann, Bay Piersol, Doratha Ploeger, Herman Aldinger, Jacquelyn Miller, Floyd Miller, Roxie Harken, Meint Huesnwn FIFTH ROW Marlene Fritz, Ronald Devries, Ramona Lindaman, Larry Miller, Zola Siedschlag, Harvey Meyer, Sherryl Neymeyer, Gary Homan, Barbara Heitland, James Aswegen SIXTH ROW wayne Brass, Rosalie Roelfs, Robert Schlampp, Marlys Kalkwarf, Dennis Fear, John Lewis, Larry Stedlng, Shirley Adams, Richard Boger, Lena Coordes This page sponsored by R A WFBER, THERVOGAQ DFALFR 2 ' , 3 1' Q 0 .A I - 'Q u '-3, ',, 1 f' -r +5 ' A 4 rNJ f .. 'iii I , ' 4 17 I I . V f. 42' 5 , 4- ' f t T ':' R 7, I - - ' A-J J ' 4 5' 44 ., n an L Kg -QL J '-Ai :g 4 f " -4 " , V W-um W H qi ' ' a s '-f' 'E 4 1 2 4 , -'J -X K' 49 , 5 Tx .gf M V E-fl! 1 Ki fi U M , ,fl ., A ng , I: " . ' 7 ' X 2 'V' - P A A 5, 'a 4' Q 1 3 , z 5: L 1.-4 an-3, is ,- ' ' 44 2 , ' B M . Q33 ' ' '. , ' 4 ui- . ,k , , l - 1 'g j K I, .. I . R 'Ai ' .f Z.. , 5 f Q ,J . 75, ,W 3 ,M 1 ' '- are Q -9 'L . R . X- l . I 9- k A ,Ji ih,r -wx' ?,j' 'N' 'kL, 1 v , 1 ', 11 lx? ZA , 'i 1. 4 - ' X' .,f y CQ Yi ?'v 'if' p Q ' X ltirraii a if ,-, r VA' r 3, mel' 57' ' 9 V R Q EQ K 5 f ,Q K .1 by . B... x f : - - . ' , ' ' c J.: 0 ' 'I . U . , 1 I A , A . Q . H ' 5 J Junior High Wx 1 6 RI ST DOJ Nancy Harrington, Larry williams, Sandra ltkln, Marva Jo reenfleld, donald moelman, Bazetta Rlents RECORD HOV Irvin leyer, Anna Mae Brower, Narlys Cchoon, Vleanor Humae, Patty Lakka Jelvia Sakker Cecil Drane THIRD lOl Ronald Schachterle, Terrlll Deuerg, Ga y Filler, Donald Noble, Robert Purra, Larry wright, Allen Schlegel FOURTH HON Kenneth Jeber, Jerry Rewerts, Franklin Boheman, Iarion Toomsen Florence Dobbs, Stanley Holcomb, Romalne Janssen, LaVern dlarda ullrti FIRST ROW Dale Harrington, B111 Witt, Russell Hlnders, Patty Hosch, Susan Carstens, ary Ann Knight, Leon rrench, Ivan Krelmeyer SECOND RON Larry Haber, Barbara Brooks, larlyn Nymever, Donna Schultz, Carol Web r David Fries, Sharon Huebner, Robert Coble, Julie Stauffacher THIRD ROW Tom Fahey, Doris Humxe, mrenton De3erg, Estelle Janssen, Duane Eetton oordon Heltland, Delores Riexen, Ierlvn Poordes, Dixie Coccerham, Joe Creen, Dennis Hotgers FOURTH ROW Mayne wiese, Duane Splecer, Mary wolf Charyl Gronlnha, Tommy larda Varvln Glmer, Georgl Green, Xarv tePl , '1 l 1 c r Ma r Ium e, ll Ie This page sponsored by CARSTENS BROS ,A A 3 .3 A '5 fv- ' Y . 1 Us L 1 ' , X F 4 S , .. ' v , X 5 -. lr , I Y ' , . ,- I. -in '-' '- , V ,. x V .- ., , I K ., X , ' ' . 9 ' Y I I 4 , A - , -4 1 7 'V' A Q' ' , 1 y M , 1:-nv Q Z4 1? J A - . 1 . - A I R .., , V v D M - n .. .. .J N J . 4 ' 1 g T - ' v V 4 AJ ' 1 I . 'A L.. .J 4 1 A ' x , r ' ' . ., , . . I V: . , S r 1 . ' 1 . . : . 1 , ' 4 , V . ' E . '9 T Q' , - - 1 - ' 2 " 1 1 4 J . v 1 ... W X.- . 56? a , . - '11 1 . - 1 ,,, 5 1 v -4 5 t . ' . - .. - - 1- 1 -- - - V ., , Y, .. V V Q X J , . . , , Q - , ,L 5 , Q , .L ,q - 3 lx- -L T so - if H : , , I. . E n . ' . , ' H , - ' Q . , . , . - V , , ' . l - . W A . : l H A A , A H 4 t S , 1 ' A f . . . Z ' S ,la ' ' , S f ' 'f ..' H L, I 41 l S ,l nv a r Gvloe e , T rjo le 5 k D 1 Q yer. . Admlmstratlon B b c F ek Principal Charles Hahn, Superintendent O er Oman ' efx BOARD OF EDUCATION Ralph Griffel, Ralph Fear, Karl Kaus, Robert Dean, Bueben Weber This page sponsored by GOETTEL 8 SON Facu X1-W 1 J Top Frank Rice Clarence Carney william Scrupbach Left Irvin Bippentrop Dorothea Jacob Right Douglas Mortenson Gerald Carlson Bottom Helen Rath Margaret Wolf' Band Pathematics Social Science Vocal Music English Agriculture Science Business Homemaking Kent Boyd Driver Training Helen Welch Speech 1 4 , ,Z .lip ,al This page sponsored by DBEW'S SHOE STORE .gf :wins IA., ,', CSA 5, 5 wud .Sf ' 2155 D , 'M L f'fJ D N . e I AV ,YV ' 4 ,, . on-4 X! 'Q u Q X! -N! x Q ff 'f , ' . . I . - x C ' c N mx L, 1 .,...... Mx? 'i MMS - X t 1 , . X Q . 1 . . fqbf fJ4 P 1 f I J. 0 -' . Xa" .vo mx K ' V z W ,A W, -'gh 1 f fy -. iv " ,J fa S A . , V1 X . x ' lr , J! I - ,,'3v:,' ' J 3541?-at Student Council- ' Freshmen: Seniors Juniors: Sophomores. Dean folf Vern Achtermam Bin mrra i11a:1vhgcii??Q-Off Dlck gakka D Schle el David Kaus 0 U Cggrlene goth Lduretta Humke Darlene Vanpeioigr Linlggoiitgers Alt Harvey Abbas, Alt Don Plcrtsmeier, Alt Sharon Diemerv ' President D9V1d Kaus Vice Pres Vern Achterwann Secy Treas Lauretta Pumke Adviser Dozotrea Jaco! The Student Council, under fre watchful eye of Jake, was very active throughout the entire school ,e r He ,ent Q vention t Ames in October, but because he rot into mi chief with girl of otler tcvrs, was banned from going to any future out of town event Jake acted 2 rrferee t the lntr mural basketball games, and also set up a ping pong tournament We Vp 1 Q the shuffleboard and noon movies when Homecoming time rolled round, J e Q fir to cllmo the goal posts and wrap then with crepe paper :hen the Christn t s beinf decorated, Jake insisted that he sit on top and act as an angel, b f tie ide w s voted down Represent tives vere sent to ham,ton to attend S C Convertion P S JAP DID NOT GO' A party schedule was set u 1th Jake as crlef dancing instructor and also assistant bouncer Two more re resentatives were sent to Des Moines to attend a Safety Conference Jake, with the azmrofal of the S C , was perrltted to go along and be a special guest at the luncheon given bv Gox Beardsley The last main event was an dll school party, ol Hancno, with the incominv freshmen as guests The in coming group looked like a swell lot of klds, so with your rermlsslon, Jake decided to stick around for another year This page sponsored by the ACYVEY PPrAWUFV s 1 1- 1 A, 'V , A.: 5 a . . A 1 D . . . . . v - O 0 Q ' ' ' o o o - ' ' 1 'I . . . . - f , . fr ' . . ,Q M , , J a . H olonr to the Stat Con- E ' ' - - S . ' .U N s 1 :'- he ' ,1 ' . 1 , ,S f' , .. fi .. .-pn- -L' ' -' 1 . . A A Tf9L th S,C, Hdvlse L 1 - ' C ' . ak ,ncis YPA? sr ' " ' ' ' '- . 'J rec we L . ' u, 1 w:'z 1 -' - C - I J a S.-. - '. . .-.-- is . 2 p w e.e . .K , A, , ' 1, ., N, V L V ' , L31 ff . . . U . , , , . . - . .t . f ' N , M . g ' 1 . . 1 ,., S . . . '.. I. ational Honor Society Vern Achtermann walter Kreimeyer David Kaus Norma Frerichs R k Jean y en Charlene Roth Donna Wolf Charlene Roth Norma Hanig This page sponsored by the ACKIEY CLEALERS V s AL A 5 LU D fr I A C T T o 0 B R 1 I A A N N W ' Y 'FFA CFFIFWRS Pre idfn william Yurra Vice President Duane Abbas Q 3 J Robert P,Pen Treasurer James Bear Re: rt r Marvxn Saatn ff Sentinel Sherman Aldinger Hvi er Douglas Nortensrn ,,. 'W Pnl' .mn fx v' cn rol 1 r rd Plrce, 11lbert Ubbeq J n+ Be r, John Green, Edward Ubben, William Murra, Gordon r Rerz rd Hurra, Don ld H rten, Roo rt Ryken Third row Robert doodley, rvey rvln Saafnoff Du HP Abbas Georte Folkerts, Kenneth Groninea, Delbert rreimever Rlcrlrd Qtauff cher Secand rov Ja Kurth, Gordon heetland, Robert King, Fred wall r rrin hejer Eufene Beving, Harold Burm Fir t ron Darold Geiken, John Schafer, arvin C11 son, Lenoy Denning, Sherman nld1n5er, Dale J gner -.1 GRUENHahDS Baca row Robert Lindaman, Hermar Aldin er, Ray Plersol, Larry Steding, John Lewis, Harlan Greer'1e1d, Gary Ho an Front row Larry Woodley, LeRoy Huseman, Harley Hembd, Vernon Krelmeyer, Melnt Huseman, Harvey Deyer Absent Robert Schlampp F1 is s orsor d by FRUDDLH LTI rw PL O l 0 J, fs 2 . . . . ' . . . . . . . Sfrg'tr',, ,,, - .", ' .......... .XG V . . . n 1 HC . . . . o n . P PI -J 0 i 0 I A 1 ,N bv 4 . A ' p . A' ' QF 48 X Q Q' 5 5 , , 1 , " n- X Qfl, 'I ' YJ ' 4, ,- is 4 ' fm ,n 5 is K ' f, ' , I .x' ' 251 . . .3' ' ' I fa , . Ay an 7 - X ' . - - ' 0 1, , f Y.: , 'n Ne v G an N Nfl - . . L- . 5 . , , . - . I , ' A 4 .1 ' ' Q nity c .f- fi . 5 , v , .4 W . . I . a-. -, H ' A Q ia 1 eb ' 7 ' ' k f H . -- ' 2 Mn, Q "' V X' - va 0 , 3 . ihxd , . .- ' 'J S- ? 'il L L' "' I, , . CHAPlER FARMERS .51 ' v: R c'1v iv xl D' , . , a, zs u Iloe e , s. 11 ' 'a 2 P . 'G . 2 . l ff . AhblS, H5 - ',' , 3 , , , D , .,l, , . if ' ' 2 . . ,. 1: y ' T e', Ke ' , V ' , 5 f a, 5 ': m. fvg , " ' 'W Da' . , J K K. " .Q ar - , , C .,,.., ""'l-'f ' as Q 1 - .....1...-. 4 .Q R fr 2' 1' , . . ' n 3 4 p -6 -- .. 4' uv' ' " A il :L V . . X I l . 'B '. -I ,A N. - . ' U: n - . l 5 ., .L If q I ' 3 . .. , T ':'1?ge , Q 1. e ' 'H' JJZTM , . The Future Farmers have been quite active this year in their numerous activities Last summer a group of boys and Mr Mortensen went to Lake Okoboji for a summer trip This year they have planned a canoe trip to Nor thern Minnesota along the Canadian border Last fall a judging team went to the Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo The Judging team consisted of five boys, Marvin Saathoff, Robert Ryken, Merlin Meyer Dick Stauffacher and John Schafer, which won high honors Athletes also were given a chance to prove their ability, either on the F F A basketball team or on the softball team The pictures record numerous other events Ray Piersol, Larry Woodley and Robert Schlampp, freshmen, test milk as part of their classroom work ...Marvin Saathoff took blue ribbon honors in the Junior and Open division at the Hardin County Fair with his hybrid barrow. ...George Folkerts with the beef calf which he showed at the Hardin County Fair. ...Gary Homan is demonstrating seed germinator with which over 100 tests of various seeds were made for ger- mination and purity. ...Herman Aldinger with lamb which was a part of his project program. ...LeRoy Benning with beef calves which took blue ribbons at the Franklin County Fair. ...Bob Ryken, playing with the state F.F.A. band, in a parade at the state convention at Davenport. This page sponsored by DICK'S FEEDS I ,-4-v 41? 3 35 W if 1 cv 'V CABINET Norma Frerichs Lavonne Mooi JoAnn Rops lauretta Humke Harriett Schultz Nevamae Beving Virginia Clawscn Viss Rath President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman Scc a' Chalrman Service Chairman Sponsor Yffeen At the beginning of the year the Y Teen re cruited new Freshmen, making a total membership of 83 Seven girls attended the Y Teen Fall Con ference which was held at Marshalltown Norma Frerichs was District Secretary at this meeting Some of the program topics this year were Sportsmanship, Good Grooming, Hobbies, Music, and Careers To raise money, candy sales were held during the noon hour and a very successful holly wreath sale was held in December The Y Teen promotes many social activities Again this year the club sponsored a semi formal dance 'Frosty's Frolic' in the Gym on December 22 The annual Motrer Daughter tea was held on May lb New officers were installed at the tea Two girls, Mildred Benning and Sandra Elsing, will attend the summer conference to be held at Central College in Pella This page s,onsored by the AChLEY STATE PAIY ff '-i ' , da - 0 w f" . 5 J 1. V Z K Q . - e. gg 3 23 J.. , .V x , I , . ' m' - Q fa. ll! - hx ' LJn 5: I ' . X 1 V . . . . s, L : A . 1, A? , N fi 5 1 . . . 'i .L l fri, 4 , 1 ' - S ,.r T ww SM 1 w 1 , 1 . 1 r 1 i 1 .' 1 1 1 1 , ' 1 . ' 1 1 V 1 I .' 1 , 1 1 1 1 I , 1 ' 1 Band ,M Leda Coordes D rlene Llndamin Marlene Greenfield Sharon Freese W' Hn'-1 mack rov M rlene Fritz, Carol Spieker, Patricia Kroll, Patricia Houlihan, walt Kreimeyer I rvin Clawson, Virginia Clawson, Dennis Fear, Vern Achtermann, Alan Fedge, Robert Ryken, Harriett Schultz, Ramona Lindaman, Judy Hofmann Third row Norieta Noordman, Alice Ann O'Hare, Marilyn Cobie, Charlene Rotr, Iauretta Humke, Jean Ryken, Martha VanHove Alice Burns, Dick Stauffacher, Don Schlegel, Norma Frerlchs, Shirley Heitland, Luella Benning Second row rrancls Fritz, Joan Munler, Sharon Diemer, Doris Humke, Harriett Bicksmeier, Sherryl Groninga, David Kaus, Marjorie Humke, Rita Byken, Arlene Huebner, Maxine Benning, Alvin Koenen, Mr Rice Front row Dennis Bentley, Allen Schlegel, David Pries, Eleanor Pumke, Estelle Janssen, Linda Greenfield, Julie Stauffacher, Mary Knight, James Growden, B111 Meyer This page sponsored by HOFMEISTER'S, Your Ford Dealer a . C L . I , - ...- L Q l .. , 1 5 r' vo 8 'V '13 f . . 2 . . . , v. ' . . : Glee Club ack row Judy Hofmann, Roxie Harken, Audrey Kahle Rosemary Rieken, Harriett Schultz, irginia Clawson, LaVonne Mooi, Mary Humke, Norma Frerichs, Leda Coordes, Ramona Llndaman, hird row Shirley Heitland, Alyce Burns, Norma Harken, Patricia Houlihan, Sandra Elslng, atrlcia Kroll, Carol Spleker, Jean Ryken, Ruth Anderson, Doratha Ploeger, Lauretta humke atricia Meyer Charlene Roth Marlene Greenfield Second row Darlene Freese, Lorraine oegner Darlene Miller Darlene VanHe1den, Blta Heitland Josephine Mulder, Donna wolf ccompanist, LeAnn Boelman, Darlene Llndaman, Janice Harrington, Maxine Benning, Harriett icksmeier, Luella Bennin Mr Blppentrop Front row Norieta Noordman, Alice O'Hare, Grace Smith Mary Winters herryl Neymeyer, Eunice Botgers, Arlene Huebner, Rita Ryken, haron Freese, Sharon Diemer, Norma Hanig, Charlene Harms GIRLS SEXTET Harriett Rlcksmeler, Jean ken, Lavonne M001, Pat Kroll, Ramona Llndaman, Charlene Roth GIRLS Sharon Norma Darlene co, l QC Cl- k E ALL-STATE CHORUS De I lf B k row Lavonne M001 Malt hreimeyer, an 0 n D22 Hichtsmeier, Stan Weber Front row Pat Krolln Harriett Rlcksmeler, Dave Kaus, Darlene Freese, Shirley Heitland Alsent Norma Hanig and DGHHIS Fear This mage sponsored by ANDkHCOV'S FID'PhS Jp- TRIO Dlemer Hanig Freese I B 1 , V T : P A P 1 1 0 : R ! I l a R g, . . : 5 . S . i . . .fgig-A - n ',' r, 1 1 ' ' -, c' ' K ' DL ':. x Y' 1 ' , A, fk A - 1 By- ., N- U J if l K lk: : rfg I. 7 5- -Q ' 'Ng - 1 il? K' ,R - xx' f'-1. A .X N ,a, -'Elf M H ' ' S GroupS FL TQUNP T QU dnb CLARINFT QUAhThT H ly? H init ro Allen schlevel, Dick atmf' my-the Vanllove, Maxine l flcher' Jim GP0159111 B111 Benning Dennis Bentley, eryl rouin le11or r ' Beyer Jgan Munler AN: FHAQS .LUAITET Shirley Heltland, Marvin Claw BOYS .LUARTET son A1 n Fedge Don Schle el walt hreimeyer, Donald Blchtsmeier Don Schlebel, David Kaus ,os 1-1 5 121 CU -L Fen nl ,Son DOUBLL QUARTET riere Frlt , N lt hreineyer Back row Malt Kreimeyer, Stan Aeber, Dean Jolf Front row Don iichtsmeler, Bob Ry ker, Alan Fedpe, Dave Kaus Absent Don schlevel Thi aa e snow cred by wA!VE'C FOOL STORE and JOMA' MAHFII W Q I F I . h " - D f 4 ' f N 'W -. Q X j X4 xy. il X X A ' 5 dey. , y ' fn y ', I .Jda-' .A ' q 1 X , nl!,-- 44' A. ' .- 1. . MJ: xi' A Q ' X . , Q , Q W ,H y D. A Q 11 U Q y D A :YQ 'E M A W4 y , M i jeg P Xt 'E If 11 N ' 'Q M l ' f 5 Ja, M f.z Nunke ' 1 ' ' AW kg, 4 . ' .J ..' r.,-3.3. . g rm- ' Q A ,fi Neff h S '. is D Q-,pi -Aalisfi X nu- -A A i 3 7 I V' X 5 LV ' 1 x . , X n t Y 6' V tw. 1 1 ' K 1 . ' ' . n 7 sv , ' ' '64 Ib A 9 TECH? ff.. .1,'.79f1TI'lT H V Alan 'ge, Marvin D as ff? '..1. ' Z ' .' I ' I ' Q 5 , . . 5 L j : -S H 'N Q ' ' " S ' .nn NOODJIND QUIHT F BHA55 5Lf Standing Narjori humke, Joan uunier, otandlug lqn Fe J pl J Sibtlnf Sharon Dlemery Jean RYKGH xamond Linda an itt 1 hi le Y Virvlnla Claw on ueltland, Narjori hu ke, Jon QQu1e 5. HUB! lkw VOCAL SOLO OO D K CL R111-P OLOI LS TH 13UNE T Darigie ggiese lirriett Rlclsmeier avid prius, 1 Don Dch1e,e1 Lauretta Humke MarvLn Claw HHFOH Dlemer f 4 4 - 30" fdilblli if-Q-.. f U 1 1 on DRUM bOLOIbT PIUTL bOLO BAQA bOLOIbT Y LBOL ROLO Charlene Both dc n Ryken Vern Achtermann reinl 1 Pit hroll This page spon oroi by HOFNL1bLL1 , 1 Ux ln LxO 'x : 1 Y E .w , ludn . 1 v f. , .A-'ALu.A . , X- 1 D Z A f QfC, 'e . Acute? .... 11L, 11 - : ' m . 5 115: J r Q S Y .il T, -x, 1:61. ,' 2 5 . ' M ' 3 rp f X X w ' O , . ' 1 f ' , - Q--5 J' "- Q 'Q' . Q , L ' 7 V ' Q9 T 1 f. ' 0 ' Ecl H I! K . 'QL V- Y L: .sO I I K . lg 41 ' xiii ' x Ldf L ah! 'V A 1. 5 SM 'X,-,, AIX i f D ' 1 A in Fexj i FJ S lv 5 ' K . x . KX . T Af KW, I 4 K -. ,- y '. h."'Q 1' 'N 'LE 1 . - ' 4 5 l . l 'A Ho h 5 U Z iff ' . 'E f g ' N f .' O n yy. f I , ,li l , .A Wig J I.: ' . ' , f 'f I? ' ..X 4' - '. ' .FLW -AHA M v -LggQS A .,,,,,,- ' ' -:L q, . - Q , by 3 ' ,. . . w Q Q ,', ' X1 ' C O Exxon AC ' S I, S "PQ5 'O F "I 7 DEAIEA 'Q er Choruses un" di, xrrz. 'Q CN ,na ri' Pi Back row Don Blchtsmeier, Dean Wolf, Robert Ryken, Stanley Weoer, Larry Steding, Gordon Ploeger, Marvin Clawson, Walter Krelmeyer, Dennis Fear, Alan Fedoe, Richard A kka, Ronald Meyer Second row Richard Stauffacher, John Schafer, Gary Shu ar, Lester luller, Vern Achtermann, Richard Humke, Gary Homin, Paul Christensen, Roocrt Lindam Raymond Smith, Barton Cobie Front row James Aswegan, Don Schlevel, LeRoy Huesman Larry Miller, Gary Roegner, David Kaus, Melnt Huesman, Harvey Meyer, Floyd liller, Mr Rlooentrop F49 r- r' fain.: Faq "fl"-an Back row Dick Stauffacher, Paul thristenson, Gary Shugar, Don Ricntsmeier, Dean wolf, Robert Ryken, walter Kreimeyer, Gordon Ploe er, Stanley Weber, Larry Stedlng, Marvin Claw son, Alan Fedga Vern Achtermann, Dennis Fear, Robert Lindaman, John Schafer, Richard Humke, Third row Lauretta Humke, Shirley Heitland, Donna Wolf accomaanist, Norma Frerichs, Roxle Harken, Ramona Lindaman, Harriett Schultz, Virginia Clawsor, LaVonne Mool, Mary Humke, Rosemary Rieken, Pat Kroll, Carol Spieker, Sandra El ing, Jean Ryken, Pat Meyer, Charlene Roth Second row Grace Smith, Norleta Noordman, Rita Ryken, Mildred Benning, Darlene Filler, Don Schlegel, LeRoy Huesman, Larry Miller, Gary Roegner, David Kaus, Meint Huesman, Harvey Meyer, Floyd Diller, Darlene Freese, Darlene VanHe1den, Janice Harrington, Leda Coordes, Mr Rippentrop Front row Harriett Ricksmeier, Rita Heltland, Arlene Huebner, Luella Benning, LeAnn Boelman, Marlene Greenfield, Lorraine Roegner, Darlene Lin daman, Sharon Freese, Sharon Dlemer, Norma Hanig, Charlene Harms This Dage sponsored by the SOUTH SIDE DAIRY Egg . an Ya QE? Q. r' " V Q ' A , - sh u'n QTL , L , X Qsavi yp v rd 1' 5: 4 N :- H X. YL ivy .. ' Q ' hr, '1 T - . A . , -Nw S W 5 ' ,,-- V' A hu 7 ,Jil L .r x Y A V l l : 4 , w C fa I . 2 C , 5 , If , C L ' C an, ' ' I . 'Q .. 5 , .- A' f A A - : ,ra 3? 12 A V A -' A' I.. I 'I X-'K " N , , l ' or ' A - O : -- Lf s A . . I . , . . S M565 Football Back row Keith Burman, Vincent Scallon, Gordon Sletsema, Gene Noble, walter Krelmeyer, Darold Spraln, Gordon Ploeger, Stanley Weber, Edward Ubben, Larry Stedlng, Sherman Aldlnger, B111 Bissell, John Schafer, Dale Krelmeyer Second row Coach Carney, Jay Kurth, Kenneth Gronlnga, Ralph Drake, Alan Fedge, Robert Ryken, David Kaus, Dick Humke, Bay Piersol, Gary Shugar, Dean wolf, Newlyn DeBerg, Coach Schupbach Third row Rodney Krelmeyer, Jack Vessels, Larry Hofmann, Harry Osborne, Bob Schlampp, Gary Roegner, Gary Homen, Lester Miller, Robert Lindaman ACKLEY 9 DECORAH 0 This was the opening game of the year and all the boys were ready for anything that they might face during the football season Alan nThe Toen Fedge kicked a field goal in the third quarter to make it 3 to O Sietsema plunged over in the fourth quarter making the final score of the game ACKLEY 13 ELDORA O At Eldora, Dean wolf, our freshman quarterback, did a fine Job in relieving Alan Fedge, who was injured in the opening minutes of the game Our team went on to win with help of our high scoring lineman, Jay Kurth Noble counted for the extra point ACKLEY 12 GBUNDY CENTER 45 O OUIIII ACKLEI 19 LA PORTE CITY O The Raiders again proved they have what it takes It was 259 yards on the ground and Nb yards in the air that gave Ackley their third victory Sietsema was good for twel ve points and DeBerg seven ACKLEY 26 TEACHERS HIGH 6 T C High scored first in the opening oeriod Ackley came back to score once in the same period, twice in the second and once more in the third Noble and Sietsema each contributed two touchdowns. ACKLEY 26 JESUP 14 A Homecoming victory for the Raiders made it five wins out of six starts. Again Noble and Sietsema were good for two touchdowns on some flashy running plays. All the members of the squad saw action. ACKLEY 13 REINBECK U1 By getting off to a slow start and never catching up, Ackley lost their chance for a second place tie in the conference. Newlyn DeBerg scored in the first half on a screen pass. Sietsema came through for 6 Dolnts in the second half. ACKLEY 13 TBAER 18 Ackley lost a heartbreaker to Traer to end the conference games for the season. De Berg opened the game with a 60-yard run touchdown. Fedge counted for the extra point. Sietsema made a 5- a d f t y r run or he second touchdown, with Noble making the extra point. The half ended with Ackley out in front, 13 to 12. Traer came out strong in the second half to hold Ackley scoreless and then go on to chalk up the winning touchdown. ACKLEY 7 GREENE 19 Ackley closed the football season with a loss to Greene. Sietsema scored on a two- yard dive into the line in the second quarter and Noble plunged over for the extra point, with the half endl with G ng reene ahead 12 to 7. Greene scored again in the last quarter. This page sponsored by ROTH'S REXALL STORE EDWARD UBBEN One of the fastest men on the team strong rugged and in excellent con ditlon RALPH DRAKE A hard charging guard excelled at downfield blocking Co capta1n and a fine leader' GORDON SIETSEMA One of the best H1s leadershlp was an lnspiratlon to h1s teammates VINCE SCALLON Outstandlng on pass defense tackled hard always dependable DAROLD SPRAIN Good offenslve and defenslve end outstandlng blocker sorely mlssed after h1s pollo attack Thls rage slonsored by KNIGHT'S POLAR BAR backs in Iowa . . Co-captain . . Basketball Back row Coach Carney, Duane Abbas, Darold Sprain, Dean Wolf, John Lewis, Stanley Weber, Dale Kreimeyer, Bob Woodley, Don Schlegel, Dave Kaus, Coach Schupbach Front row Alan Fedge, B111 Murra, Gordon Ploeger, Newlyn DGBSFS, Gordon Sietsema, Walter Krelmeyer, Keith Burman, Gene Noble SEASON'S SCHEDULE Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Grundy Center Iowa Falls St Mary's Jesup Beinbeck Traer St Mary's C H Iowa Falls LaPorte City Eldora T C H S LaPorte City Eldora Traer Sectional Ackley 38 nike INDIVIDUAL SCORING Gordon Sletsema 178 Alan Fedge 12 Walter Kreimeyer 106 Newlyn DeBerg 70 points points points points per per per per game game game game SEASON'S HIGHLIGHTS Ackley won its Jamboree game against TCHS 24 to 19 to start the season they trailed one ooint at the half with Iowa Falls beat Jesup 5U-toU2 for their first win in 33 starts played a thrilling game to beat Traer 38 to 36 took revenge on St Mary's of Mar shelltown by M3 to Ml and TCHS by 41 to 39 d1dn't quite make the grade on the college floor at Cedar Falls and lost to TCHS in hard fought game no to U2 led Dike 72 to 18 t the half in the Sectional, then folded fn the last three minutes to give them the victory This page sponsored by the FAHMER'S ELEVATOB, INC 36 5? bo 52 37 - 68 515 14,2 . . 29 39 38 . Q - Q3 , U1 bl T. ...S. Z9 Ackley gg 53 .... trailed Relnbeck one point at the half u M bg . ... . Z2 ' ' ' U9 55 51 . . . . - 55 69 U8 . . - a lb 7 10 8 6 . This page sp onsored by ANDERSON MO TOR COMPANY Chrysler G Plymouth Gof SEASON'S RECORD Ack 1 here there Eldora here M 1 2 1 2 Iowa Falls Eldora 1 2 1 2 1 H there here Iowa Falls Iowa Falls M 112 the District Eleven teams entered Tournament at Fort Dodge Ackley finished in ninth place with a team l-sin Coach Schupbach, Don Schlegel Dave Kaus YOVB1 of 431 D1Ck Bakka WHS medal Ronny Neyer, Dennis Fear, Dick Bakka 1St with 101 QQ: Ji Ralph Drake, Coach Carney, Dean Wolf, Duane Abbas, Alan Fedge, Gordon Siet sema E111 Murra, Newlyn DeBerg, walt Krelmeyer, Dale Kreimeyer, B111 Bissell Don Blchtsmeler, John Moats, Duane Hose Ray Smith SSW h 1' Baseball Ackley Ackley Achley Acnley Acxley Grundy Geneva Grundy Geneva Alumni Center 5 Center 3 Conference Tournament Ackley 11 Eldora Ackley 2 LaPorte City Sectional Tournament Ackley 20 Ackley U Batting Pltchlnv Hansell Dumont Sletsema U Sietsema W2 L2 The Page sponsored by HABKEN'S 'Phillips 66' PEP BAND CHEERIEADERS Darlene Freese Sandra Elslng lorralne Roegner Jean Ryken CO CAPTAINS Gordon Sletsema Ralrh Drake Tha ,age courtLsy of WEAVER Q DRUG STOQP Junior High CHEERLEADERS Nancy harrington, Linda zoelnnn, Marvw Jo Greenfield, Patty Rakka, Mwry wolf, Sheryl Gronlba FOOTBALL BASKETBALL 1 E Hin Top row I 5 Hunt, Veri Gnulke, Engel Branstnd, Ralph Welch, Maurice Gdulke, Myrna Kuper, hrlen .ch hon, Qecond Pow M r aret hamilton, Shirley hnnsen, Christine Rich, Louise Ubben, ern Bailey, Paxlne Renken This sage sponsored by wILSON'S HATCHERX 3 K ,X A X Y 1 6 C ' A A. l , , Av R - 'T x . Y X 1 I f- gg - Qi., 'Duval - X ' N . x X Q 8, Kd, 'I Af, 3 : 1 fx A , Ljtia G ' gf- , J , ,g f f ' 1 vU, vfl. f A nj QV- V 'L X., 'A . ..,Mg,.- t. - ,X ga' y E : 3 - 4' , 1, , 1 pwxu W, 060-n S-an-A io" ss 'wyifv A-. Jqrf .mr s.. x 'Ls S ix u ,.N -n- wq i ,-.:,x,, Q 5 so . R 13 1 ,ww xfi .,,4v' an-'N WSWWS iz ,..A,.f,i.? J 0 S, A1 Q. . I 1 K Y . A. ww . , -1 - fy., nw.. , " ff- if , ri ' V , . " , ',,p.z:2L.. g r r i .. .fi tr I ' ' V." Q'-'t ', ,- - W M ' v w q- .' "' ff 5' 'A---A -3 1. QT-x - gc. mi , 546 I .51 id . mx--. .qv V. - u ' ., uf nf f. , - ' ,BV , -1 ' ', Al qiyfggi , -. ,,. - :I .. N ,. fl" v ' ' .gf J", V- 'fin 9 , L-5 . 3 'PJ' lgfq-.' "WX" Y . 7 '1 ' 1. . ,.:. , ,J a., - .. .. ' -.qvwlfegh-, 0 .- . ' ' ' ' -'ff -3. '32,-Ji: - ' ,I 7,11 L" Q-, .k 3111--' -Aw. -ff - ' "' 4 ff r ' 5 ' , - . -, r -.51 "x '- 4? s J, ' A . 4 . -, ,. f, f. ' I ' X' -11 K s , ns i I .V vf. -. t'- Y' W . ., . Q , f QW.: X 'nz ' , -51 - '- 1 ' '.: 5 . . V. Q, - -M gy. c 'Q K QQ. ' ' , 3 I . ' .1 . ,A , ..- . f' :G ' L " , I ,,g.JS' 1 . . -A .inf N. - ' Q ' Q .kv Q 1 ik my ' - .f A ' V lk - V -I .A . M X I ix' pf f Nl., f"- . -- .4 V 'A , s A I I kg .., , K.-. r:-A ' 75 I W . V 1 f ' vrv-A 1 ' X 4 A M h ', Q X Q ' ' 'f 4. 1.7 A ,- 'fn 'QR .43 'V lv-8 N111 wav' 0 T1 e C 0 m 1 n Q u 1 c. PATRICIA HOULI -IAN t n MARLENE GREENFIELD LAURETTA HUMKE i-'AN X, I. Jigs" I I-Iomecommg 4 1 'J Q -A ly' PARADES 1 CD-ll-l7:cn .Rx A"'5 W if CD 'U SD CQ CD fl! 'O O 5 UI D1 D' '4 '11 IU I-I f-3 N 'TJ E l-I I-'-I C1 DJ U1 R0 5 F1 SU IP L" U3 lf! IU 4 '5' rn D1 We Shook the Fam1ly Tree Presented on November 21, 1952 C CT Vincent Scallon Jean Ryken Charlene Roth Vern Achtermann Norma Frerichs Darold Sprain Lorraine Vanderwerf Darlene Freese Jack Croker Shirley Heltland Rosemary Rieken Don Schlegel Freddie Shermer Flldegarde Mrs Dolson r Dolson Hrs Shermer r Shermer cF"9 Qally Jim Ellie Jill Mae ST FF Director E Dorothea Jecob Sound Effects Nevamae Beving rooerties Donna dolf Publicity Darlene Miller romiter Harriett 'chultz Pat Meye ..f This page courtesy of GAMBLE'S Mr and Mrs F J Frerichs I' O f Ac, ..... . ... .... ... .. . ..... FIV V ... .... .. -.. . ....... N . . . . . . . . . I DA ..g.,..... .. c .... ..... . X.. ....... .... ... ....... . Eob........ ... . . F1 .. ... A . ... rf v 1 A .. .... .. .. w -. :IJ ....... U . '-c G" Q 'Q 5, '. uf .01 - ' 'Hr ,Q ,u ,- .,f,,givff . N git., ax . . - O IDD Man e Aunt Molly . . Mary Jane . Jed Stuart . . . Mike Moran . . . Richard Humphries Victoria Trouble Philip Magnin . MPS- Murdoch - Gwen . .... . CAST tr . . . Jean Ryken . Darlene Freese Vincent Scallon . . Harvey Abbas Vern Achtermann . Charlene Both . Charles Abkes Harriett Schultz Shirley Heitland Stage Manager Lawrence Vanderwerf Publicit - y. . . Darlene Hiller Sound Effects . . . . . .Donna Wolf Properties . . . . . . Donna Wolf Prompter ...... Pat Meyer Tickets . . . . . . Rosemary Bieken Director . . . . . E. Dorothea Jacob This page sponsored by SHUGAR'S SUPER-VALUE Partles At Frosty's Frolic, the Y Teen Winter Formal, Jo Yuldfr was chosen Queen Frosty the jolly snowman, made by Parri tt Schultz, was also on hand to help celebrate Ualgh Drake and Marilyn Cobie, Stanley weber and Lavonne Hooi were just a 'em of the couples who attended A party was also held for Rip in honor of mls lrfrc v The picture shows Dip about to e ls b r'rd v c1ke P c rr wita 4 is shown serxlng t e lu h The there for tie Cophonore rtg a e Guests are lining um to receive refreshnynts of g n Xunrh and sugar cookies tk r pic r w u att iv Je r ynen and Elll Nurra, ane Nlldrev r lr? and lerz roninra were just a fem that attend Q tr ' r 'er or r :snr 'M ,ul K7 This page smorsored by P. WI- Ah' M 'ly SALO, 0 ' . . , , V X 1 . p . . 1 k l'e , - ' .. at h 1 .. Q' f.l en' 1,e rea.. T ' E. . ' h. nc . M 1 - . Pa ' w s Green Horn Ga:b'l. Q 5 , -. .H ,ri'- 'v Ao, Ann .e ty' al pw ty rith a tyg1c'l oo'yle was Nexican Fiesta. bob and Harlene are shown feffni below. .T ..' l,EEe.n gf. 'Q 115' 3 X ' ' .N ' A' .e Jur.c -- .le F cm K 7 , A sf-M Q A .1 A t ,vii K- N ,I K x . -1 , A X M q.. ' --. X x 'V , r r J" . iv- N,, I. A , , p J I ' :er 4 il 5- N ,5 x X1 , r'1 Qu f. 1 g. I Evenlng Parls H+ i Q, If Neptunes Paradlse Y-,fri Y mm Mmm-wuwwi img This page sponsored by IOWNSEND 8: MEARILL 'nun' 4 3 we Y "wr-mf" f -.. lwnngm .A Younger Days First Bow Pat, Charlene, JoAnn B , Darlene F Second Row Jean, Jake, Harold, Charles A Third How Don, Nevamae and Gene, Charley D , Harriett Georve Fourth Row Ralph, Joan H This page sponsored by W B ARTES WAYNE I qyr fx "un l 1' l-+ .4-""' of 3 Q1 R NUTHENA FEED 1 -Af --ff' - - fl? ' em' Ms 5 W- 4 2 3 X 41' ' V - SG t ' -,,- . V - M3 -A .K I .- iii, , "' ' D A us, ' 4 "'j7'fCf f D Q sf' F ' 'f Q04 -gw3w+.q . . 4. 5- U A wwufw m - J Z! f 7 H. .im is .J I ' ' K ., . - I an N I ,,.J,.gB fit ,s xi A. K., . , .. , . h E00 I , .z q 'ii' . Q . , , QMS g 'V ,' ' ..- .' " . A 1 G' - , 4 f.a!"13,,,. ' N D it if xi g 4. ' xv- - 'ffaff fm J is u, ,f"' 4 - -.,ggJfQ'.V4 J . L 1 , 5 . f , I -- 1 -- 0 - u A 4 1 ',1:'?L:A h h 4 anim' ,S W - ,gl , N 4 ,- i e - by ,J 'is .F .K mths' Q 1' 43 Pj .1 . . a - , I Q u Q I x D "Pi- E as as ,.......--- !s"ia- Nl , ml. f-F sv 'im 4925. 45 .IU I ,wil HEWM FIRST Bow vmce, Norma H , Eddie Lawrence J and Lorraine SECOND ROW Dorothy, Bernard, Darold, Donna "N Darlene M , Gordon THIRD ROW Caroline, Vern, Harvey, Norma FOURTH HOW Shirley, Rosemary we 'ilbnfxx V Y fi D :r n A A hi ... . 5 ff ' J' 1 ' Nr ' ' 4 Q " 4 , j ' r H D 1 H -1 lx I ' , png- U - 1 ---- V ' 5 , N' - -an V O I ,Zvi-2,2 f- - - Axe-: Lv 1 1 Y ' . N X453 'y,-.Va-1-il , ,'.. ia K S 4 h -r.. , n"'f"f: , - ii - . .Y B 'I ' I , , ISD , 'V' 4 gg, ' A K L - N 2 -o . . ,WE if v 1 - ' 5' .Q ' ' ' ... ra , , . ,W ,, ,I 5 ' f tt o i - . . a -his X - W 5' .ff xx : F. ' P ' ' : . 'V YY' M ,. , 'xx W i -rar.. , 4,4-,ax . 'Q - 'fwf- Semor Wlll we, the Senior Cla s of l95b, being of un ound, In ans nd lnulswoslnb minds and memorle , do mike, execute, vuoll h and de c re this to be our fir t nd list nl 1nd Te t nent I, Darold Snr ln, leavf lys with 1 cer t in emlor blrl to I l u1r1 You seem to h ve 2 h d start amyway I, Darlene Fre- e, leave my so rano voice to Dxvld A u It'll LS quite a change E v ' I Halnh Drake, lexve my southern drawl to J m Ye r dltn my dravl nd your curly hair, m ybe you can get 1 girl from the outl like I dia I ilso lexve my f mous nul d not to Jan Richtsmeler lou've got the 'Inow fowu and the ukulele, Don, ju t keeo DPlCt1ClHb I Fuxriett Schultz, leave my L15 le to Jim ol If vou oan't be seen at least vou will be heard I, noseriry lleken leave my boyfriend to drey Kahle Boys can come in handy at tlwfs I, Nevin e Devine, lewvl my much used ulck and ontimc to Doln or m n They don't rlttle s much as Nw h and they're muon 70m dlCI' I orma Frcrlch , le vt ny lndu trlous nwnner to Gerald Heecf You h ve it out lu of scnool, anyway I, george Wolkerts, leave my Church solo to haxmne Lennlng You d1dn't know I could ing, did you? Joxn Ie 1 , 61 y tele hom' ystem to orletta nord n nd Arlene 'unbner look t ll the fun you could h ve 11th it 1 rat Ieyer, leav ny valuable secret ,os sessiar to Illdred Benning Yee, horlng, Vlldred Maybe this will give him some thing to think about I, Gene Bevlng leave my tendency to be hful to We ny Groninga Do you think you could get used to lt, kenny? Don Schlegel, leave WY arguing ability hirley Vanderwerf Just state YOU? lnlon nd stick to it loudly Caroline boelman, leave my dances t the r n to P rth rove As long as you u t , lou night as well EO in and fl XFACP Ch rle Dobbs, leave my technique ttlrp v bookkeeping done in c11SS fnra Iokr n It's easy All YOU have 1 sit DV the right ,eople 56 Ihis page sponsored we Vince Soallon and Gordon Sletsema, luctantlv leave our rubber ball to Don Har ren and Walt Krlemeyer It's good for 11s lng test answers and it llvens u, class I ylnce callon, also leave my driving ability to Bob King Now you should really keep the ledestrlnn jumping I, Bernard Wurra, leave my naps and squeaky semt Now keep lers in Amerie n roblems to Leroy Benning you can stay awake everyone else aw ke in Study Hall and in American Prob fondness for one Winters Just be out the right one oAnn Iops leave my rierd to Mary Ann careful in glcnlrs box' r al Par ld furra leave der o T red ' my rel hair to Ruth good this year I, Norma Hanlg leave y sudden urge to follow my n,ulses to Grace Smith It's fun, Grace but be careful lt can be em Q rr sslng along with D rlene Wlller, also leave y many answers to inquiries about wh0's in the show or in town to Rita Heitland Vou' e got a start nov Rita, and vou'll need lots of 1nswers to carry on next year I, Darlene Miller, also leave my ability to get to school and classes just as the bell rings to Norma Harken It's fun and case s reone has slne work for you to do be fore class you manage to do it during class I, Ch1rles bkes, leave my height to Duane Abbas with ny height and your looks, you ought to go places I also leave my dra matic ability to hy notize to Joseghi Vulder Tr, hyynotizlng him for awhile You night lewrr some secret thoughts I, Ch rlene Roth, leave my horse to Alice g'Hare Vou t ok such good c re of her be ore I, Jean Ryken, will my vit lity lr cheer l dlrg o orraine Roegner Yours and mine together should really bet the Cpgwd yell1nP I Do na wclf, leave U1 flirting ability to Shlrle, Wuller It's rot hxrd and the re ults re m nderful I, Harvey Albus, leaxe my witty s,eeches to hermsn Aldlnger I hoge they receive the n 1 1 stic res n e they did t s year I also le1ve my unfinished cigars to L urett lumke It's about time to start fad ro nd school, Lauretta I Ed ard Ubben, leave bility to keel out of trouble to Gene Noble It 1sn't s h to llv wltlin the law, Ge e r e t's H the WEPER IOTOR COMPANY 0 0 ' C , c S Q , pe- s s 2, a ' s T . C L - - .. . is . . I ' 5 - 1 L A 0 lu s a 5' H ll 5, S X ,- W , f ff fu v f: , , ., n.- . , J , , W . H I N mv ,. L , R - I -ff r S A . Q S 1 r :'l' A ' Q. a , . en - s r - '. , , ' r A a E . , I ,s t A F h W ' S . , ' . K , Ji A - V1 C. U , , . I ' I - 1 Z, J .1 , I. I 1 1 ' ' " ' 'L 2 ,7T"' , . ,I ,I . . a' . Q -e , , - H .j . o 1 '. Q T 3 3 - Q H 2 V .' . ' Y ' sw A Y -. rn Vt. U 11.1.1-1 1 J. , .X , -1 . , . .- - '-. ' , D An , s n. ry . It S , . , , Q 4 Y. l-. 1 m I , - U A N -5 1 K 1 N . N f. A ,e , he U , , . -- , - " . 'Q a c . I, L a I . m . N J M . , . . . Au , 1 . . V . , . . g . .g., . V Q ' , A I. . ' ,.a V C 1 U ' T 1 . z x 2 ie e.n . -i------ , ,, "'--E 7-Tf'-- . . , a . .f.. , C , ...... .L.....- in s - . lu . U 1 1 C Q s I A V ' 'Y K ,' L------Ji lu I U lnstead, Saves extra strain. A C , - 9 1 - 4' IQ ' S o . I . 2 M A e , V s , 2 . , I A X .' ' '. ' . - . . . S , ' e ne A . 3 ' A , I, 1 I 11: l :ve mx Y. x- sv. " A ' " ' H Th - ni '- ' .Z 2 . 3 V a fl " ,, a 1 . , , A 9, , ""j . - f , e ' A z . ' - I -..- ' , H f I 4 1 . I ' ' f H , , - ' eq I. t r J A ,. . n , , . , - I J " ,J ,q J. iii ' 4 bas n n . , K fy , -I W -- . I f - s C' 'o , I1 ..- to S -,........' 5 ' A L ' - ' Ci 3 . I , It . ' , . , A c ne e thvs a . if S hi - 3 , , 1, V' - - -f . ,S - ,. N- QQ in a Van I . Q , a A . . ' go p ,here 1 1 , a neu 1 Q . . f. 43 10 , wf ,, a c my Q J I' fl S ' , , , L of V A o V A U , z to .o -rd , e 1 . , ,n,. It 1 A ,',,Sq , A My , to just r-was g ectic---:nw ell, do S - 'K I , ' ' . . , . by I 4 I, Shirley Heitland, leave my accumulation of class rings, pictures, and other senti mental souvenirs to LaVonne Mool and Ber dine Toomsen I know you are starting a collection and I'd like to contribute If I cln be of further assistance, phone M891 I Shirley Heltland, also leave my former boy friends to Shirley Pies You have some of them already I Lawrence Vanderwerf, sadly leave to Darrell Gleken the names and addresses of Variety ls the spice of life but that's no news to you all mv cast off girl friends ability to to Stan y Weber You're doing pretty well, consider ing that you have a lot of territory to cover and so many social obligations to ful fill I Dorothy Aswegen, leave my look well groomed at all times I Vern Achterrann, leave y beloved tlba to John Green, knowing full well that you have the wind for it 1, Lorraine Vanderwert, leave my quiet ran ner to Sandra Elsing and gay Kuxth S1 lence does, leave Keep soon golden, you know At least Jay those naps in study hall I a so diamond ring to Vary Ann Eoelpan him He' bound to get you one e the Senior Class of 1250 leave ou in visible classmate Jake to the Juniors the blame for things for you We hereby agpoint Stan deber and Jay Yurth to carry out this, our last will and testa ment You two have the should s for lt Semor Prophecy The gates swung shut as the last truck rumbled through The Green and Wh1t9 Circus was on its way After six months of rest and training in the beautiful Florida sunshine, we were all very glad to be on the road again for our summer tour I sat back against the seat watching the scenery go by thinking that as wardrobe mistress, I ha a lot of sewing yet to do on the costumes for our coming performances Goodness, I thought to myself this is my eighteenth year with the circus, and it seems just yesterday that I graduated from dear old A H S I began to wonder what had happened to all my classmates course, I knew that Chgrles bkes had been elected president of the nited States this year Everyone said that lt was his resemblence to Abe Lincoln and his honesty that had won him the election Before I knew it, we had arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, where we stopped at Edward Ubben's studio to collect our side show posters Since graduation, Eddie had gone into the advertising field, and did all the art work for our circus As our first performance was to take place in Atlanta Georgia, this was our next stop. Arriving early in the morning, we began at once, with the elephants' help to put up our big top. As I sat in the main office discussing some new costuming problems with the manager, we heard a great deal of shouting and commotion at the end of the circus grounds. Just then Bernard Murra, our elephant trainer, came rushing in and announced breathlessly that his prize elephant had strayed off and was now standing on his head in the middle of the highway blocking traffic, and that some man was threatening to press rhnrZ9S This page sponsored by FRED J. against the circus unless immediate action was taken Suddenly the door flew open, and in stalked none other than Verg Q htermagg, who, much to my surprise, was an outstanding lawyer in Atlanta Vern was furious because he was late for an important appointment, but after recog nizing us as two of his old classmates, he apologized and bought tickets for all the members of his family Our first show on the road was a great success On our way to Washington D C , we stop ped in Norfolk, Virginia, to pick up an addition for the show He was a new kind of wild man, which Donna Wolf, our explor er in Africa, had caught and tamed with her special technique Before reaching dashington, however, we had a terrible catastrophe Our fat lady no longer would fit into hex specially built trailer, so we were forced to stop in Richmond at the Reducing Farm, owned and run by Darold grain Upon entering Washington D C we were delayed due to a huge parade honoring the nationally famous jet ace, Fugene Bevlng who had just completed a trip around the globe in the record breaking time of 10 hours, 39 minutes, and 155 seconds. After our second show, Caroline Boelmgn, our lion tamer, began complaining of having some trouble with her cats. This difficub ty was solved with the purchase of a new book entitled nPretty Pussy' written by Madame Lorraige Vagderwerf, world famous animal trainer and photographer. While in Washington, we went out to Leesburg, Virginia, to watch the telecast of the Arthur Godfrey show. Tony Marvin, who had grown too old for his Job, had re tired and George Folkerts, one of our old classmates, had taken his place. After the show, we asked George if he would take BOHEMANN, your John Deere dealer --- ---- - , , 5 m e . ' ' U ' ---- is """ . -"- --' ln ' . 1 ' my . --.-. I at .. s rTi.....1.l' . . ' - V W , nh- . r - ' - - A . B9 real nice to him because he'll always take ' - ' le A I4 V 5 . 0 c O O " . Of , S . over the ringmaster's job during our two weeks run in New York City George said that it would be a pleasure doing some thing besides commercials for a change Toledo, Ohio, seemed quiet and peaceful after the busy city of New York During the matinee on the second day there was quite a disturbance during one of our side show performances A little boy in the audience kept squirting his water pistol at our fire eater, causing her fire to go out The manager was summoned and he told the boy's mother that she should make him stop because he was ruining the show, otherwise he would be forced to ask them to leave Angry words were exchanged and the mother got up to leave with seven small boys trailing along behind her she approached the entrance where I sat watching, I recognized her as Charlene Roth She was just surprised as I chat was quite brief due to the antics of her seven young sons, but I learned that Charlene had meet and married her husband during her college years at Drake Need less to say she is now a pharmacist One of our members of the troupe was seriously clawed by one of the baby bears during our trip from Toledo to Deroit In Detroit we located a lady barber and had her trim the cub's nails and the lions manes Much to our surprise she turned out to be lgg Byggg, who had opened a shop in that city We left Detroit in fine shape but as we neared Chicago, we began to have engine trouble with our largest semi truck, which finally gave up 31 miles from the city limits We walked to the nearest tele phone booth and upon looking in the clas slfied ads, came across 'Han1g's Trucking Norma Hanig who came to our rescue' Our truck was repaired while we gave our show in Chicago Des Moines was next on our route When we stopped at a toll bridge to pay for all of our vehicles to pass over the Miss issippl, a miniature Buick rolled up along side of us and who should pop her head out but Darlene Freese She was on her way to the Kentucky Derby where she had entered her favorite mare, Giddap Just as the circus left Des Moines in the wee hours of the morning, we saw a cloud of dust approaching us, topped with what appeared to be a flaming red banner side of the amazement as the cloud took the form of a person, run I gasped as I recognized another old classmate, Harold gugga who was taking part in a cross relay from Los Angeles to Washington Pulling our caravan to the road, we watched in silent ning for all he was worth After calming our frightened animals, we continued on to Minneapolis We had been assigned a large field to the south of the city to set up our tents Arriving there, we found that Dorothy -Aswegen, Evangelist, had to take down the tents from her revival meetings before we could set up ours In Sioux Falls, South Dakota our next stop, we were honored and pleased when the Dean of Sioux Falls University, none other than Vince Scallon, brought his speech class to the circus grounds to collect in formation for an symposium on nLife In A Circus H As we continued our travels, we began reading of the epidemic which was spread ing among the armed service in Denver Arriving there we weren't surprised t hear that Patricia Meyer, head of the F B I , was making a special investigation Sabotage was suspected Since Private rdog Sietsegg had been promoted to Mess Sergeant the sick list had risen sharply Leaving sunny Denver and crossing the Rocky Mountains we were unprepared for the blizzard which struck about 4 p m that afternoon Reaching the summit of a peak, we found the road completely blocked and visability almost zero This time it was Harvey Abbgs, mountalneer, who rescued us with his new breed of snowshoe rabbits He had developed them to take the St Ber nard's place Leaving the mountains behind, we started across the desert It was 5 in the morn ing and I had almost fallen asleep when a terrific explosion shook our trailer A I looked out of the window, I saw a huge mushroom shaped cloud form in the sky A few miles further along we came to a road blockade supervised by M H P's They ex plained that we would be forced to take a detour as experiments were taking place on the Q bomb conducted by Atomic Director Ang Rops through a ghost town tucked away in the corner of Nevada As we were passing through Main Street, a little white figure danced out of the deserted hotel shouting 'what the dickens is going on here with all this noise? How do you expect a soul to get his sleepo' Rubbing my eyes in dis belief I suddenly recognised Jake Th caravan stopped briefly and I chatted with Jake who told me that upon graduation he had come here to haunt the dead Rolling on we headed for Walla Walla, Washington, where we were scheduled for 8 three night stand So far during our joxu' ney our boxing kangaroo had been unde feated, but on the second night there he suffered his first and last defeat -9 Q--gggl, U S lightweight champ, won by a knock out The next day our kangaroo died of heart break The local paper carried the news story with the announcement that -gglggi Sghgltg, taxidermist, had bought the carcass from the circus for her collec tion of stuffed animals From Walla Walla we decided to fly to Fairbanks, Alaska, where we were asked to put on a special performance for the armed services stationed there Boarding the plane that was to carry my costumes, who should we have for our pilot but Neva g Bevigg' I was pleased to learn that she Through The Courtesy Of Dr E H Witt 5 Go . . As . . Our , . ' . s ' Z JO - . Service.u Yes, it was none other than Because of the detour we had to go - . e . . Do chl . . , - Ha ma also had part interest in the airlines Our planes landed at the airport without any misfortunes Rosemary Rieken, an old friend of mine from school, had heard of our expected arrival and was there to meet During the unloadlng of the circus equipment she told me that she had been working for a bathing suit company, test ing the durability of their suits by wear ing them when swimming in the Bering Sea From Alaska we went back to the states, to San Diego where we stopped for our annual supply of pink dye for our lemonade from the Circus Supply Company operated by Darlene Miller On my day off I took a bus to Hollywood where I visited the Brown Derby, the res taurant where the stars congregate I had just ordered my dinner when I heard some one stop behind me and say, Wdhy Joan, I havent see you since SN ' Then I turned around and saw Norma Frerichs During our dinner together she told me that upon her graduation from nurse's training she mar ried a doctor from California and he was now head of the medical staff at Alca traz where she was his assistant Our train moved on and headed for Al buquerque, New Mexico, where we pi ked up some trained white rats from Ralph Drake's Rat Farm While in New Mexico we stopped at Carlsbad to vislt another classmate, L.!gence Vagderwerf, who was caretaker of the bats in Carlsbad Caverns From Carlsbad we moved on to San An tonio, Texas San Antonio was celebrating their centennial, so we decided to stay for two weeks Me were very fortunate to have as our star attraction, Charles Dobbs a famous bull fighter, who had returned from spain As our summer tour came to a close, we headed back to Florida On our return to Miami I learned that Shirley Heitland, now Tommy Manville, had just been crowned Mrs America she had gained admiration from the Judges with her watermelon pic kles seasoned with gin Resting on the sunny beaches of Florida, I had time to think over our latest tour And it was then I suddenly realized that I had come in contact with everyone of my classmates School Da Q ,ri nuns' WORKING HARDY? PAY ATTENTION CLASS' GET To WORK GIRLS.. .man - I- it 'i fl TORCH PAGE 1 THAB SPn ELO S' GENIUS AT WORK MC KING CE Jq MPI G This page sponsored by the SCHOENEMANN INPLEMENT CO F us. b ' 8 ,... .... Q 0 ' NJ - 1, 9 . . , ' Mrs. "" 'N "' . 0 . - A , - I I ' . - C . ' '43 'i I KE: .4 ' F 1 , . 2 ti, 5 A ' X :,K, . -lbw. , , . - I' I X . . ,, - - , Q . V , . 1 va X m . . ' s X - 4 4 w X 4 ' a tix. ' Q, 1 O I.. I R 'H - - YQ '-EA 1 rc ? III-US LY' 5 I :QW-f 'Ein 5 ,F-P' This page sponsored by VOY'S TEXAOO 8: LUNCH W? l x ---- 9 l 5 V ' - 0 5 .- . . L' ' .1613 X . tg? A IQ 4 , 4 1 TLXH Q rvfss Q W- 'L Qiikxbw 'I -f 4:3 -af- my . ' ' I h A lx X H Qff. Y , " sh' "M '25 f . ,QA?'ag "-"If g.,. - .virvql X I ' 41 N .K A 1 YQ , il ,, N - 55 i ' T 5. 1 ff, ' A H, ' ' fx Q f s . A-1 D 1 - . 1 H .. . If 'Iwi . i by w X '-4' O x L A Qty ' - 5' 'N up in I N, ., xl X QV 5 A ,, A. 1? Musicians !2, ll" Sponsored by ACKLEY UALES PAVILION Sale Every Friday 1 -'51, Q..-- ,. ,., W ws, " x 2 . ,..,......... M.. T TASTE GOOD GIRLS? GET GOIN! AT HOME? 'fs .8 ' Ll in Q' pf 3 THREE MusKETEEBs" PROFESSIONAL GAMBLEB? AIN-T LOVE GRAND' WHAT'S NBONGQ Sponsored by FRANCIS X HOSCH District Sales Manager Moorman Mfg Company MR ALL ABOARD' SO LONG TILL NEXT YEAR! Doze Parties D my vITE 1 CONTORTIONIST MAKIN LIKE GYPTIANS POKER FICFT 4uni::::a5 Ill 4:1 LOOK AT THE CLOCK ONE DONN 01? TO L I f PpT'C SO FU ACROBKTS GOOD IGIT, LADI This page sponsored by GIhbE STANDARD SERVICE 5 ,48 5 -Z HK ' - i 1 .grub A- 1 .1 x 1 Goo IQCRIIQLG SIG. I, FHL mm I' m " - I fig-gf, I , , f . . if 47 1 KL , P' :W 1,1 I . , I 1 ' Q f , ,WT ,nib f A - . - .KY .. ' f ri . ' - ' 3, GO :una .IOPFET , A fs. f fl 'h , 215 1 'fa ' aw r F' ' . 1 N e , is . ' 5 4 , ' , -5. . I, A .. HV 1' 1-511 ., TTIY? , ' :f 'S Torch Staff Vern Achtermann, Darlene Miller, Gordon Sietsema, Charlene Roth Vincent Scallon Shirley Heltland, Pat Meyer, Jean Byken, Norma Frerlchs, Rosemary Rleken, Donna wolf EDITOR NORMA FRERICHS BUSINESS MANAGER VERN ACHTERMANN SALES MANAGER VINCENT SCALLON Darold Sprain, Charles Abkes, Charles Dobbs Harold Burma, Harvey Abbas Bernard Murra, George Folkerts, Shirley Heitland, Charlene Roth SENIOR ACTIVITIES JEAN RYKEN Norma Hanig, Dorothy Aswegen, Gene Beving, Harvey Abbas OTHER CLASSES DONNA WOLF Nevamae Beving, Harriett Schultz, Charles Dobbs, Darold Sprain FEATURES CHARLENE BOTH Joan Heinz, JoAnn Bop , Darlene Freese, Nevamae Beving, Gordon Sietsema Norma Hanig, Pat Meyer, Ralph Drake CLUBS ROSEMARY RIEKEN JoAnn Rope, Caroline Boelman, Vern Achtermann, Edward Ubben PLAYS AND PARTIES DARLENE MILLER Darlene Freese, Harriett Schultz, Lorraine Vanderwerf ARTWORK PAT MEYER MUSIC SHIRLEY HEITLAND Don Schlegel, Donna Wolf, Jean Hyken, Vern Achtermann ATHLETICS GORDON SIETSEMA Ralph Drake, Edward Ubben, Lawrence Vanderwerf, Vincent Scallon ADVISER MISS HELEN RATH CHAIRMAN FOR CLASS CHAIRMAN FOR CLASS CHAIRMAN FOR CLASS This page sponsored PROPHECY PAT MEYER HILL NORMA HANIG HISTORY DARLENE MILLER by the ACKLEY REMINDER

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Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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