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Ackley High School - Torch Yearbook (Ackley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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u, 5-Q v, , 1 aclffedu 675 Ach oof C' 04.4 The army that was organlznd 1n beptember of l9-40 was happy and plavful but was ready for tts thuteenyeartraxmngperlod Thesquadron eonsxs ted of Clenn Boheman Harvey DeBuhr Franklxn Gabby Iohn Holcomb John Humke Gordon Sxet semw Donald Ubben Darlene Lapp Barbara Llaw son Marxe I-'lrrell Barbara Hofmexster Lorna lxnxght My rna lxnxght Ruth lxramer Marjorle lklt town loyu. Sokaltk Bermce NanEshen and Xerlyn Weber Mxssulecker put the squadron through thelr maneuvers and the eorporal punlshment was the dark tloset Most of us remember the spxlled paxnt The government under Mxss Ubben swtftly chan ged to a republxc platform We could not reslst talktng whtle we sat at the tables Because of that some of us went to the naughty eorner for the fxrst txme We were beglnmngto get our first taste of the three R s Barbara kellv and Bobbxe Stoltenberg Joxned the ranks We lost Marte Farrell Durxng second grade we were under two govern ments ltfe seemed to get more eomplxeated Mlss Lbben put up wtth us 1n the mormng whxle Mxss Becker endured usm the afternoon They were ex eellent eommanders but poor engmeers because wedxd not get Mxss Tool s tram rxde The new en lx tee were lean Rogers LeRoy Mtller and Ber mee Rush Barbara hells Margorxe McCown Don -X we marched mto the thxrd grade our goy ern ment quxeklx ehanged to a democracy On leave we marehed ou tothe park for a hobo pxcmc Lal. onne lbben retgned upreme as lung of the hobos lkew recrutts were Joan Lulp and Mars Thompson Jean Rogers Franklin Gabby and John Holeomb dropped ou of he ranks L ndera hree leader hxp got ernment we adwan .ed tn c-'our hgrade and osetond floor NhssX okt Nhs lkamkes and Nhss Xarce were our generals L nde h. rt t osernmen reeesses were abol AIA for xshed and Ln thexr place our regxment took tests Whata system' Delmar Ptes LaVonne Ubben and Maryorxe McCown Jolned our reglment We lost Harvey DeBuhr LeRoyM1ller Bernxce Rush Joyce bokalxk and Mary Thompson Our mxghty army pushed on to the f1fth grade Our Commander and Ch16fW3S M1ssWaalkes We d1d our best to sxdetrack her tnto telllng usthose thrtlltng storxes Not everyone can fall off a cllff and l1ve to tell the tale We lost Ruth Kramer and Joan Culp Dav1d Barber Norma Boor Carolvn Brower Joan lxrull Conme South BarbaraAmund son Mary Thompson and Martlyn X andaveryoxned the ranks The march was taken up agaxn and we entered sxxth grade Durmg the year we had one casualty ln our dlvxsxon when N erlyn Weber broke herleg Rxchard bcroggxns ShermanAld1nger George Fol kerts Raymond Meyer Arthur Miller Kenneth Niul ler Leslxe W1erson lrene Krlse and Vlartlvn De Buhr were the new members of our army Dax 1d Barber Delmar Ples Gordon Sxetsema 'Vlary Thompson Norma Boor and Barbara Amundson dropped out Seventh grade we were vers proud of our selves now We were grownup Just Lhmk studs changedtoananarchy 'Vhss Gtngles was our home room offtcer By thetlme we left thatyear we were all experxenced mountaxn clxmbers The new re cruxts were Kenneth Ackerman Shxrlene Hxnders Delores Benmng kenneth Mexnders Harold Wolt Jer and Cecxl Rotgers Dxscharged were Sherman -kldtnger George Folkerts Raymond Viewer Rxch ard Scroggxns CarolynBrower Jo Ann lxrull Les he Wxerson Irene Krxse and Vlar lvn X andav er We began arother wear of basxc traxnmgxn exghth grade Gollw we were really movxng up fast Just thxnk nextwearwould be htgh school' We cer Q- f:'.z:eH'r.,vrfs:enz:..g,!:lv'1nP'C.n4f'.a.M9, x'.a..4r O Y ' Q b - I I I I I I i U I A I ' I 5 ' t , . , ' ' , b. A . V . A . , v G A t - I N . I o ' . ' b - . V I I , I I I - , . . - , . . . . I h I 4 V . I ' V . ' ' A ' , 1 v U b Q. - - V i . I ' I - I I I I A - . Q I y , - I . . ' . A . - s - ' ' v v - ' 's s . '. j ' , - -- ' ' 5 - ' s ' v ' ' - - - ' I ' h- . . , .... , ald Ubben and Bobbie Stoltenberg dropped out. halls -- but how' we used them! Our government A . . A S - Q ' ' I 1 - ' A - ' . , . . , . I F . l , V . , A , ' , , I r - . . , - '. A ,' N - ' I , ' A v' I Q ' v Q ' - e ' , ' : I S ' . v - ' : . 2 : f . . A ' , . ,' A ' ' ' . 'S ' ' ', . A - ' ' . ' . ,' ' ' ,' ' . ' r : is st 'c g ' t. ' ' - ' , ,' ' ' . ' - .Q A ' ' 4 V . ., G ,,, .., . J.. - v 4 - I. Ia- 1 A '- 4 I ., In . .- f X 2.4 - , . 1 N V T . , - 1 -. U fa: :.L-. :A 'pls - .. ' 3. ' Z Lar. ::' . taxnly got to know the sc1ence book from cover to cover smce we had to make a duplxcate copy General Boyd s orders' Wtth Major Jacob sguxdance we for med an Engl1sh club that held tts meetxng each Frxday W1th Mr Engel as our dtrector we acted out some one act plays We never d1d fmd out who salted the soup' Wasthat calf leg bo hard to get out of the smokmg oven Myrna'7 Well that s lxfe you never know what 15 gomg to happen Our reg1ment also went onaptcmcthatyear can you guess wher'e'7 We packed our lunch 1nto the sacks along wlth the cold pop After our march by the tombstones we succeeded 1n reachmg our destmatton Cemetary Hxll where we beganto explore butneglected the fact that the shade doesnt always stay on one s1de of the tree When we came back todevour our lunches we had nxce hot pop baked apples and toasted sandwxches We 1nvaded Hxgh School ln September of 1949 Our new recruxts were Bob Rotgers Vtnce Steffen Shxrley Schafer Tom Roth Darlene Oelman Harold Meyer Don Johnson Frances Meyer Ruth Lxndaman Lee Fxsher V1rg1l Heetland Eugene Harken Doro thy Fmger and Anna Mae Clawson When we were xmtlated we deserted the army and became babies of 1949 We were embarrassed but Lt was all 1n fun W1th Mr Engelas Commander 1n Chxef we gave our f1rst party Fallxng Stars whlch really fell The and our treasury was depleted Nxnth was not wlth out tts trxals and trxbulatxons We especlally remem ber the algebra class Besldes the fundamentals of algebra we learned that we shouldn tdxspose of our gum by throwmg xt out of the wxndow It seems that Robert dlsposed of h1s gum ln thlsmanner He soon found that searchxng for the gum was qu1te a tedlous task At the end of the year we herded our regxment mtoa cattle truck and were off to Pme Lake for our class pxcnlc The rac1ng1n rowboats was fun but oh the blxstersl We lost Donald Hartwig Anna Mae Clawson Conme South and Kenneth Ackerman We marched 1nto our sophomore year ready for revenge We got xt Changxng the Freshman gtrls 1nto boys and the boys 1nto girls was really somethmg Our army was proud to have Shirley Sessler elected as an attendant to the homecoming queenand tnhave the cheerleaders plcked from our Shirley Sessler Lorna Kmghtand Irene Krxse At the Junior Semor Banquet this year ten of us were chosen to serve We were dressed as gypszes and plrates tocarry out the theme Treasure Island grade These were Myrna Knight Our new recruits were Lenora Koenen Carl Resius and Alan Restus while Cecil Rotgers drop ped out Decisive battles with glorious victories made our Junloryear one of great significance Our jun ior stand followed by our play BrotherGoose, successfully opened the campaign V1rg1l found out that refrlgerator doors don t work wxthout handles We also learned to dr1ve Jets under the capable dlrec t1on of Mr Boyd and Mr Hahn How does xt feel to be In the dltch w1th Mr Boyd g1r1s'P Now people twtst xt twtst tt' Our squadron on leave traveled to Hawau for our Junxor Semor banquet and spent a mght at Club Aloha Our d1v1s1on was honored to have Elame Rozeboom elected Homecomxng Queen We ga1ned Don Woodley and Elame Rozeboom and lost Harold Meyer Dorothy Fxnger and Irene Krxse The class of 1953 advanced 1nto thelrsemor year mlghty and powerful We were proud to hold the queen honors for two years by havlng Shirley Sessler chosen as homecommg queen The superb mg under the batons of Mr Rice and Mr Rxppentrop A record breaking crowd turned out to see the best play of the year The Tangled Yarn Even the mxce backstage came to witness our play and mbble on the rolls And they msisted on staymg too Flf teen hard workxng semors under the dxrectxon of Mr Severson went to speech contest It was nerve rackmg but fun for most Qf us A few exceptlons were two gxrls who fell and came home wxth bruised knees and blistered heels fWas it their zdea toli quxdate themselves before thexr turn to speak 'Pl G1 Apr1l 'lat 6a m our sleepy eyed regxment pzled tn to our chartered bus and was off to Mmneapolls Some of the htghlights of our trip were going to the axrportand watchmg the passenger planes come xn The mam event though was the Ice Folhes in the even1ng You should have seen our male dlvtsion whenall the pretty gtrls came out' We got home at 4 in the morning and were glad we dxd not have to attend school untll noon As we marched through high school our class can claxm a hst of victortes We were the first class to go out of state for skip day first to go to speech contest and have padded covers for the torch We also had cheerleaders chosen from our class for three years The final parade of the 1953 army has now rea ched tts climax with its victories xtsdisappomt ments and its gratitude to the General s staff who have helped make this training posszble . , 1 e ' . ' . . . . I I A I U . . ' - U I I I . . . I I I U I U Q h I D I I I - 1 U . 1 ' I u ' -y ' - decorations were breathtaking, the food scrumptious talent in band' and vocal groups climaxed its train- I n - . . - . I ' 1 - ' ' . - I 1 5 1 . . 1 . D I I 1 . ' g o . 1 ' A . - ' . . . . , D - - ' 1 . n . ' . . . I nl , . A . , - . . I - ' 9 I Il I , . 6 cz cu z' 1' uzafa, 414, flrou A ffzc: ala HHH LHKMTH Charles W Hahn Superxntendent Robert Formanek Prmcxpal Helen Rath Commercxal Dorothea Jacob L1brar1an Enghsh Stella Rachut Hornemaking Douglas Mortenson Agnculture THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY R. A WEBER THERMOGAS DEALER wx .l A . ew von ALL N.: 'CD . . . , Irvln Rlppentrop Vocal Mus1c Frankhn Rlce Instrumental Mus1c Kenneth Severson Jr Hxgh Prmclpal Speech Waldo Wxddell Math and Sclence Engel Branstad Jumor Hmgh Kent Boyd Industr1a1 Arts Drxver Tramxng George Nepstad Socxal Sclence Athletlcs Robert Hxgby Soclal Sclence Ath1et1cs U L THIS PAGE THROUGH COURTESY OF DR. E H. WITT K nam' of ealuca zlzbrz UQFZCZIA A 61600 f x00 fc' 5 V 'V' . -y I ,4 lL T332 Wswp Ralph Fear Ralph Grxffel Karl Kaus Rueben Weber Mary Weber 6 7 1 13 14 19 20 21 26 27 28 'LIL V'-A 33 The new grade school building THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FRANCIS X HOSCH DISTRICT SALES MANAGER MOORMAN MFG COMPANY ABHZOA, e aaf oreaer OIZB, L! CZIZCLFG A-Zllll Odl' OUIZ is Presxdent V 1ce President Secretary Treasurer Socxal Cha1rman OFFICERS Glenn Boheman Robert Potgers Colors Ba rba ra Clawson Sh lrley Sessler Sponsors Lorna Kmght Don Woodley CI ElNN BOHEMAN C uys l1kL mc happc ntothe best of famllu 'Vluced Chorus I3 xsketball I ootball A C lub Sllll IILY SESSI Fl Tumux C11-ss 1 Semor C lfiss 1 Class Offmer '3 4 Hoys Chorus Here s to a glrl vuth a heart and a smllel Y lgcn C C L C b Mlvcod C horus Sextette 4 Hand Pep Club C heerlewder Ioreh Staff Speer h C ontc Nat l llonoz Son lety Student C 0llIlK11 P Homu OF01!lgQUC 1 n 4 Class Offucr 34 JUYIIOI Classl ay Semor Class l xy lwa-ss Q1dI1l ll.l5Cl1O Clar1nLtQu1rtrt Qulntet Ste-IC Hand 4 IEARB-HCA Cl AVN SON She IS h xppw and 1 fl lf nd of Oat h Sul 1 ess Ln the future IS Vt.1tlll1'1119F xeaeh H Teen Pres Clee Club Vllxed Chorus Hind Clarxnet Solo Clarxnet Trlo Clarlnet Quartet Speech Contest ROBERT ROTGFPS The more I see of gxrls dog Torch Staff Speech Contest Football FFA Qulnttt Jumor Class l lay Semor Class l la Class Offzcu Nat l Honor Somety Student Councll l 3 Torch Edltor State Band the better I lxke my Semor Class Play Class Offxcer 3 4 Student Councxl A Club Flower Red rose THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY TEGEN S 50 TO Sl STORE Turquoxse and Sllver Mr Hahn Mxss Rath HARHAI X IIOI' 'NH ISTF li dst st 1n failtldflilllll ln h 1 nd 1 PLL 1 XIIXLO C llill c C IS Jn S11 lhnd Svctettt bm: Solo Xl1dr1g1l l J L 1tL C TOHN lll Nllxl U K 1 1 rn1st1kt 7 Sax Quixtet Student C ounc1l Sptu l1 ' ontest Cl1ssOff1c er Torth Staff lun1ortl1ss l' ay Serum Qlass Stxte l'and 3 Q Nat l llonor Soc ll ty 111 tntt llllttldlfni vt Nl11cLdKl1o1 s Boys lhorus l A DOIN IOHNSON Vth t1kt l1fQ serwusly you never get ou lllkl l1o1-.kethall Student Lounul 1 I- oothull TDI ch Staff A Club l OIUNA KNIC Ill' A blush l1e1ut1fu1hut somet1mes moon ven1Lnt X Teen Glee L lub MIXSO C horus Tr1o '3 4 Band Baton Solo Toroh Staff Drum DEI ORES BENNINIG Tvurlu Qheerleader Pep Club Speech Contest Class Offmer 4 lumor Class Play Semor Class Play Ensemble The purest treasure mortal t1mLs afford 19 a spotless reputat1on Y Ilan Semor Class Play Glae C luh l'orz.h Staff M1xed Chorus Speech Contest DOIN WOODI EY 'Ihere are enough ser1ous thlHgS 1n the world w1thout cons1der1ng yourself one of them M1xed Chorus FFA Band 1 Basketball Class Off1cer 4 A Club Boys' Chorus THIS PAGF SPONSORED BY DREW S SHOE STORE Goo . rn: -1 tl f z -Atr:1vell1: d in '-' -11 Trio l,L,-'l Glro fluh .' - . 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Mtxed Chorus Football laskptlull Manxgu 4 nl ll Spf Q 1 h C ontest C he Q rll adm C II ned ln sux c ess Clm'-.s Offmu 1 Nat l Honor Soemty Football Vlanagcr 5 Full of glggles 'Ind fun IS she I1 Xlxxed Chorus Scxtetto C LL C uh 'kladrtgal lv3l ld Pap Club SIIIRLEX SC HAFEP In knoxxmg her you ll chance to fmd vxorth and fuendlmess Comhmcd H Teen 'Vhxed Chorus Clee Club Band Speech Contest ELCENE HARKEN loxsa ls noted 'or 1ts tall corn I mtend to keeox ha wax FFA Semor Class Play LENORA KOENEN Nhe smlles on the world and the world smxles back on her X Ter-n Drum Fnsemhle Vlxxed Chorus Iumor Class Play Glee Club Speefh Contest Band Pep Club Drum bolo Drum Ensemble Class Offxrer 3 Toreh Staff bpeeuh C ontest State Chorus 4 THIS PADI' SPONSORED BY ALKLEY BAKI' HY 1 I '. fi LN rn I'L'ViillISilJ1l' lain Y-'Ven .' ' ,V ' 'us l'L-p 'lull Trio 3,4 Tu' 'lvr 5 L 1 .' H I ' if Q' ' f M' ' :ff A l 1 . ' ' 1 2,4 KVIN 1Jbl9iMflE K ,.,,, ,W .V Y-' len ' . .l H - 'l ' 'VI Xh TORIIL Ms C OVW IN My own thoughts ug my L0l'Tlpdn1Un'5 Y Teen ki' NNETH Ml- INDEI S My Jmhltlon IS 1ll3t around thm LOXDLI II' A Boys C horue HERNIC IL VanESC Ill- N A :mg on the fmger 15 worth two on the phone' 'X Teen Pep Q lub SHIRI EINE. HINIDEHS Somet1me's I s1t and thxnk and sometlmes I 1uQt mt X Teen Glee Club 1 X IRGIL HEETLAND Beware' I may do somethxng sensatxonall Nhxed Chorus Boys Chorus FFA 5 FRANCES MEYER She does thmgs wxthout much noxse Y Teen 1 THIS P-XGE SPONSORED BY GOETTEI I ,ON mx-Q ,,e , m 1 ,' r' . .. . ,. .. '-' xx ,.., .. .,, 4A. .. 'IL V. .. .,'.k V ?'v!.' 4.. ,, . ,' YAEWA 1.1. .-y ' va - - ,I I Sv ' i, O 5. YA A Q' I . Lv . ,.. ,aenior 4660 a'cz It wasabeautiful but chilly mornxng when 27 of the Seniors Mr Seversonand Miss Rath boarded the chartered bus for Min neapohs The class had voted to send Mr Severson to Maine durlng th1s excursxon but he felt It was necessary to l1ve up to hxs obhgations to the Semors and decided to go along to keep us company The t1me was only 5 30 a m and the usually brlght and snappy Semors th1s once showed themselves as 27 sleepy people But each of them was wide awake enough to realxze that this bus was quite superxor to the usual puddle Jumpers that many of us are accustomed to rxding on dally Dux-mg our stopat the bus depot ln Mason C1ty some of the daring Sen1or girls got the Coronet magazine wxth that uncouth outer wrapper Finally with few m1sg1v1ngs other than some antics by the boys who were at last awakemng the bus rolled into Minneapolxs Fxrst wasa trip to the axrport where we watched the bxg lzners come xn Thls was also the place where we ate Vince Steffen wxll never forget those herring cutlets nor wxll we forget M1ss Rath as king the waxtress for a fxre extmgulsher after she had completed her splcy barbecued beef But on from the alpport to the Ford plant fThough we stzll think thata ce:-tam Ford dealer s daughter had something to do with getting us therelj But we all enjoyed ourselves a lot And each of us even the Chevle owners looked a b1t env1ously at the Custom line Convertlbles as they rolled off the assembly lme From there It was shopping down town for the girls and a sport show for the boys that they re stxll talkmg about The gxrls were rather flabbergasted by many of the prxce tags and the boys were enthralled w1th a certain seal or something At the concluslon of a rather txring day the bus took us out to the Ice Folhes show All of us really were quite awe str1cken at thebeaunfulshowmanshlp ofthe many performers and also at the l l ' I l -1' gorgeous settings It seems that coming home was almost like goxng in that most everyone was txred and fell asleep wxth very pleasant memories of a super Senior Sktp Day' 11' THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY SOUTH SIDE DAIRY I l b I I I . . . . . . J 1 F Q ' qi' - 1 - 1 1 1 ' - ' ' 1 I A , 4,-.t 1 O I' 1 4 4' . ' . . . v' I Sl - I ' 1 , . . . 1 -ru. h .1-1v.-1-Q--:gnu v..- 1 11. ..--.-v. ...H .. , .,,, . . un,-.'..... --r A f H. vt ,.- X 'nv , . , , , . , ' i L ' t . I . l , f ! l . .l M- toon. we .Q tif? ig: V .- I ' xv. 9' . ' 1 I K vp - 1.42 Donovan Schlegel Aswegan Charles Abkes Shlrley Hextland Carolme Boelman UIZIOFA 200014 orwaraf fo 0116 m0f6 SCU' OFP ICE. RS Presldent Charlene Roth Vlce Presldent Harvey Abbas Secretary Don Sehlegel Treasurer V ern Aehtermann Sponsors M1SSli8LhUt Mr Formanek Donna Wolf Dobbs Joan Rops Bernard Murra Lorrame Vanderwerf Frerlchs in Lawrence Vanderwerf W' 5 Harr1ett Schultz Rosemary Rxeken Spraln Norma Harxg Ralph Drake George Folkerts lv Darlene Mlller Iievlng Jack Croker X xneent Qoallon Hevlng Patmcxa Meyer Marjorxe Harold Boelman Burma Edward Darlene Ubben Freese Harvey Jean Vern Charlene Abbas Rykgn Ac-hterman Roih Heinz THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HARKEN S PHILLIPS '66' O I Q 'f Q Q 34 ' L Q3 Q Q Q f V -9 ai , x - . V M5255 v ' . .r .x . ,vu-1 Dorothy Charles Norma Darold Nevamae hugfwe L? Q Q' ' 1 . , . V 7 , x :L x I Q. . 71' W 'Q ' ., Q O l Q bl ' U, 5 ' . 4 rl, rd rf . .I n A I n or Afaghfi 214 x' ' 04 .--zfffff-ia v:v:4':'.- v' , dafvyf n'p'a ,- THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FRUDDEN LUMBER CO A0 AUNYUFEA PMA jgrwaraf MM foefo ana' CHZZAUJZQADZ C 4 Back row Duane Abbas Kenneth Gromnga Walter Krelmeyer Murra Sherman Alduxger James Wolf Jay Kurth Second row Davxd Kaus Josephme Mulder Arlene Huebner Alice Ann O Hare Mary Ann Boelman Shlrley Muller Robert King Front row Lauretta Humke Norma Harken Ruth Anderson Anna Johnson Dxane Kelly Norxetta Noordman OFFICERS Vxce Presmdent Mary Ann Boelman Secretary Lauretta Humke Treasurer Davxd Kaus Sponsor Mr Waldo Wldell Back row Gene Noble JohnGreen LeRoy Bennmg Stanley Weber Donald Harken James Bear Don Rlchts mexer Second row Rua Hextland Grace Smlth Mary Ann Wmter M1ldred Benmng Maxlne Benmng Lor- ra1neRoegner Front row Sandra Elsmg Shxrley Pxes LaVonne M001 Audrey Kahle Shlrley Vanderwerf Martha Van Hove l THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY WILSON S HATCHERY .. . ff' , 1 . ' . ' . ' ' . ' . . ' . ' . 1 . . , . . . President Don Richtsmeier 1 , , ' . . . . ' ' ' , : ' ' . ' . ' . ' ' . . ' , : ' , ' ' , '. , . . reabm en Afarf flcfeur year cfmf Back row B111y Bxssell Wllbert Ubben Roger Remts Gordon Ploeger Marvxn Clawson Robert Ryken Delbert Krexmeyer Second row Freddle Sazler Rxchard Humke Newlyn DeBerg Dale Wagner Lester Muller Merhn Meyer Third row Robert Woodley Myrna M1l1er Beverly Fischer Sharon Freese Dar lene Lmdaman Sharon Dzemer Gordon Hextland Bottom row Marlene Greenfmeld Jamce Harr1ngton Donna Abbas Carol Murra Marllyn Cobxe Rlta Ryken, OFFICERS Presldent V1rg1n1a Clawson Vlce Presxdent Robert Ryken Treasurer Robert Woodley Sponsor Mr Kent Boyd Back row John Schafer Rodney Krelmeyer, Frank Bartllng Frederlck Frerxchs Gene Mlller Kelth Burma Second row Paul Chrlstenson Richard Stauffacher Marv1nSaathof1' Alan Fedge Rzchard De Vr1es Dale Kre1meyer .Tack Wessels Thxrd row Charlene Harms Beverly Moore Larry Hofmann, Duane Hosch Joan Mumer Josephzne Dobbs Bottom row Dorothy Wubbena Shxrley Schweertman V1r g1n1a Clawson Mary Humke Darlene VanHeiden Donna Heffelmeler, THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FRED J BOHEMANN YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER I : . . I . ' . ' ' . , , . . 2 . . I . ' ' I I . ' . 1 I . I . I I - . , . ' . . I . , . . , a I . . I . Secretary Janice Harrington Z , . . . . . ' . ' . ' Z . I J . ' I . - . I . I . . l i ' , . I . I Z I . I . - . . ' ' , . . . llfZl0 Al A ff A Acloaf mf one Jfcfo aaa EIGHTH GRADE Back row RaymondSmith Dennis Fear Wayne Brass Ray Piersol Larry Steding John Lewis Dean Wolf Herman Aldlner Harlan Greenfield James Aswegan, Third row Ronald Meyer Richard Boger Harley Hembd Orville Sietsema Robert Woodley Gary Shugar Harry Osborn Gary Roegner Larry Miller Rich ard Bakka Meint Huesman. Second row Floyd Mxller Barton Cobie Jacquelyn Miller LeAnnBoelmm Sharyn Vogel Harriet Rlcksmeier Joyce Muller Elaine Vanderwerf Vernon Krelmeyer Harry Meyer Zola Siedschlag Romona Llndaman Luella Benning SEVENTH GRADE Back row Irvin Meyer, Gary Miller Jerry Rewerts Franklin Boheman Stanley Holcomb Romaine Jan ssen Kenneth Weber, I..aVern W1arda Third row Marlys Schoon Terril DeBerg Ronald Boelman Don ald Noble Ronald Schachterle Cecxl Drake Nelvia Bakker Second row Nancy Harrington Bazetta Raelnts Marva Jo Greenfield Allen Schlegel, Larry Williams Sandra Witkln. Front row Patty Bakka Anna Mae Brower, Florence Dobbs Marion Toomsen Ruth Ploeger Eleanor Humke THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY THE ACKLEY CREAMERY O Q Q I Front row: Carol Spieker, Norrell DeBerg, Marlene Fritz, Darlene Sclhoon, Leda Mae Coordes, Pat Kroll Olll' Azlucfenf coancz za fend Me ua The Student Councxl members acted as guxdes for Lareer Day and the Hardm County 'Ieachers Con ventxon sponsored the noon movxes to the delxght of all for mne weeks attended the State Conven t1on at Ames ln October set up a party schedule for all hxgh school socxal events made arrange ments for lntramural basketball as played at noons durmg the wmter quarter sent representatwes to the county conference of students counclls at Iowa Falls enjoyed trlmmmg the Chr1stmas tree lxked the xdea of regular rneetxngs on school txme wrapped the goal posts and put the Welcome s1gn up for Homecommg OFFICERS Presxdent Robert Rotgers Vlce Presxdent Barbara Hofmelster Sec y Treasurer Sponsor Jean Ryken Mxss Jacob Achterman Roth Rlchtsmexer Llndaman Humke Kaus Claw son Fedge Boheman X Rotgers Hofmexster Ryken THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ACKLEY STATE BANK O , . A 9 . . . A K . , , T4 . A flf Q HA, OFFICERS President Barbara Clawson Secretary Treasurer Tom Roth National Honor Society Members Shxrley Sessler Tom Roth Vern Achtermann Barbara Hofmeister Verlyn Weber Barbara Clawson Donna Wolf Barbara Clawson Delores Benning Valedictorian Salutatorian THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FISHER'S CLOTHING QA' C reco 117:24 acffzfaem 8026 cfeae 6,04 a rzcazffara zeeaafef-.Maia CHAPTER FARMERS Back row Bernard Murra Daro1dSpra1n Eugene Harken Charles Abkes John Humke Gene Noble Thlrd row Kenneth Groninga John Green LeRoy Benmng W1111am Murra Donald Harken Kenneth Me1ners Lee Fxsher Second row Donald Woodley Duane Abbas Robert Kmg Vmcent Steffen Eugene Bevmg Harold Heetland Mr Mortenson. F F A OFFICERS Prcsxdent Vmncent Scallon Vxce Presxdent Stanley Weber Secretary Harvey Abbas Treasurer V1rg11 Heetland Reporter George Folkerts Sentinel Edward Ubben Adviser Douglas Mortenson GREENHANDS Back row James Wolf William Bissell Robert Ryken Sherman Aldinger James Bear Gordon Ploeger Roger Remts Marvin Clawson Newlyn DeBerg Wilbert Ubben Marvin Saathoff Front row Jay Kurth Dale Wagner RichardStauffacher Lester Muller Richard Humke John Schafer Delbert Kreimeyer Fred Sailer Merlin Meyer Robert Woodley Gordon Heetland THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY THE FARMERS' ELEVATOR INC O 0 Burma, Front row: Stanley Weber, George Folkerts, Harvey Abbas, Vincent Scallon, Edward Ubben, Virgil , , The mighty five of the Ackley F,F,A. basketball team are Edward Ubben, George Folkerts, Vince Scallon, Virgil Heetland and Lee Fisher . . , Scallon was high point man with an average of 12 points a game. , , , Delegates to the state convention in Des Moines on April 16, 17 and 18 were George Folkerts Nirgil Heetland Harvey Abbas Lee Fisher and Vince Scallon Virgil and ' ee won awards at the district speaking contest at Eagle Grove and I ee went on to the state Bob Ryken also spoke on the F F A Creed at the Sub District at Hampton On the Parliamentary Procedure team that went to the contest were Vince Steffen Darold Sprain Edward Ubben Harvey Abbas and Vince Scallon Over 100tests of various seeds were made for germination and pur ity in the seed germinator that Wilbur Ubben is demonstrating The Judging team of LeRoy Benning Stan Weber and Don Harken competed in the Dairy Cattle Congress Judging contest at Waterloo Gene Harken and Billy Humke look like two happy and enthusiastic farmers both are semors Billy Lee and Virgil help handle the sale of 550 bags of certified seed potatoes THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY DICK S FEEDS - 6612 .4fre44c4 .iefazce ana' aaa! fefiuaffzfo X x Standmg Shlrley Sessler Patrxcma Meyer Delores Bennmg Barbaxa Hofmexster Seated Harrxett Schultz Barbara Clawson Verlyn Weber The Y Teen Club was composed of 80 members all the gxrls 1n hxgh school sen seven g1r1s to the Y Teen Fall Conference at Waterloo on October 25 was proud to have Norma Frer1chs elected dxstrxct secretary entertamed at the X Teen semx formal entxtled Moonhght Wh1r1 at Chrlstmas tlme party was held at the clubhouse conducted two lxvely and successful candy sales wh1ch went over wlth a bang sold holly wreaths xn December as a servxce quarter brought by each member went to make up the K1t forKorea entertaxned the mothers at a Mother Daughter Tea on May 8 mstalled new offxcers two representatwes attended the summer conference June 7 to 13 at Lake Okobojx THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY THE ACKLEY CLEANERS BARBA RA C LAWSON Presxdent DE LORES BENNING Vlce Presxdent BARBARA HOFMEISTER Program Chaxrman VERLYN WEBER Secretary HA RRIETT SCHULTZ Treasurer SHIR LEY SESSLE R Soclal Chalrman PATRICIA MEYER Servxce Chairman MISS RATH Sponsor X A 1:1 .. x -3 fe W A ' x ' G A . X, r x 1 1 X7 ,xx Y t K ,st ,A X - A K 1, I Q C SX , ,N l 4 X X X X l - '- ,4 f N Xl X -, X X All A X C Q, is . ' bf I . . . ' , . . . , ' --a muah' OLU' band fain Me afoofzf' Af BAND OFFICE RS Presxdent Barbara Clawson Vxce Presldent Norma Frer1chs Secretary Ruth Lmdaman Property Managers Dav1d Kaus Shlrley Sessler Clarxnets Barbara Clawson Sharon Dxemer Martha Van Hove Harrxett Rlcksmeler Estelle Janssen Denms Fear Arlene Huebner Maxme Benmng Denms Bentley Luella Benmng Ruth Ploeger Sax oghone s Robert Ryken Marllyn Cobze Barbara Hofmelster Rxta Ryken Stanley Weber Basses Vern Achterman Shxrley Schafer Flutes Jean Ryken Patrxcxa Kroll Cheryl Gromnga Eleanor Humke Trombones Alan Fedge Walter Krexmeyer Marvm Clawson Marlene Frxtz Allce Ann O Hare Mary Ann Kmght Dxrector Franklm Rice French Horns Donna Wolf Darlene Mxller MarJor1e Humke Cornets Don Schlegel Davld Kaus Alan Schlegel B111 Meyer Rlchard Stauffacher Drums Lorna Kmght Ruth Lmdaman Norma Frerxchs Charlene Roth Lenora Koenen Alto Clarmet Lauretta Humke Bass Clarmet Shxrley Sessler Bassoon Verlyn Weber THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HOFMEISTER S YOUR FORD DEALER Joan Munief David Pfies Shirley Heitland f e azr rm 4 wzfff z 4 mane 'fm B gk-shi . f Always at the head of the parade TWIRLERS M Kmght B Moore L Coordes L Kmght THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HOFMEISTER'S, YOUR PHILCO DEALER A Q S 'f' S ll I ' K , 1, , aff: ' J: , O S rg ' 2' . M 5 ,s 5 A :. . ' Q . ff- :E - . . 3 Ek? Q I ,,,,,- . ' , . , . , Ama! 1, HFOU fain our cz!o,0fc2u.4e MIXED CLARINET QUARTET BRASS QUARTET L Humke S Sessler A Fedge W Krexmeyer S Hextland D Schlegel S D1emer B Clawson IIatPre11m1nary Contest II at Prehrmnary Contest Q-an TROMBONE QUARTET -X I-'edge W Krexmeyer M Frxtz M Clawson DRUM ENSEMBLE C Roth L Kmght R Lmdaman L Koenen N Frerichs I at State Contest III at Prehmxnary Contest avi' 1 ff- TRLMPET TRIO CLARINET TRIO FLUTE QUARTET D Sfknegel S Hettland D Kaus B Clawson D Fear S Diemer S Groninga E Humke La PreI1.mmar'yConiest II at Preliminary Contest P Kroll J Ryken II at Preliminary Contest THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ANDERSON S FLOWERS 1 Y I j- xc. IN ,N -O . IQ .,4j, l w ? N A 1 I 1 I I 0 I I f lit .s W' ' ' v -- - A ' Q ' G- Ns if , ' . 5. -5 1. , ,- ' a - 1 ' rx , I 'J F 5 . . N ' ' s , ' -1' 5 I . A , ' A Y V ' . In C 3- . ' I .1 ff 3 ' 'YI 4:1 1 , z ' 'Q .7f:'f'3' V H Q ' .,1- V , ' : ' -' ' v-.N I' , - v 5 1 . . 1 . . , . , . . , . , ' 7 . . . 4 026 Zltd, brm AOHOI' fo HH BRASS SOLOISTS D. Schlegel Trumpet II at Preliminary Contest A. Fedge - Trombone II at State Contest V Achterman Tuba I at State Contest DRLM SOLOISTS R Lmdaman I at State Contest C Roth Hat Prehmmary Contest WOODWIND SOLOISTS L Humke Alto Clarmet lat State Contest B Clawson Clarmet II at State Contest V Clawson Oboe II at Prehmmary Contest J Ryken Flute I1 at State Contest SAX SOLOISTS ALL STATE BAND R Ryken Alto Sax BATLONKi?I:l?IST S Sessler Bass Clarinet Iat State Contest H at State 5 t t V Achterman Tuba B Hofmelster Tenor Sax on es B H0fme15ter Tengr Sax II at Prehminary Contest THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY THE ACKLEY REMINDER C190 ali ZA ZIZIZBOOFGZZ our reef z 2' o muazc MIXED CHORUS Back row Lee Flsher Marvin Clawson Tom Roth Billy Humke Stanley Weber Glenn Bohernan Walter Krexmeyer Vlrgll Heetland Kenneth Muller Billy Bissell Third row Paul Chrlstenson Rlchard Stauff acher DonWoodley AlanFedge Don Richtsmeier Robert Ryken John Schafer Dale Wagner Rxchard Humke DonSchlegel Dale Krelmeyer Second row Mr Rlppentrop Sh1r1eySessler Darlene Oelmann Jean Ryken Barbara Hofmexster Donna Wolf accompanist Lorna Kxught Myrna Kmght Darlene Freese Davld Kaus Front row Ruthle Lindaman Elaine Rozeboom Verlyn Weber Sh1rley Schafer LaVonne Moox Barbara Clawson Delores Bennxng Lenora Koenen Shirley Heltland MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS BOYS CHORUS OFFICERS President Verlyn Weber Pres1dent Don Rxchtsmexer Secretary Alan Fedge Secretary Lee Flsher Lxbrarmns Barbara Hofmexster Lxbrarlans Davld Kaus Alan Fedge Shzrley Sessler Elame Rozeboom BOYS CHORUS Back row Lee Fisher Tom Roth John Humke Stanley Weber Glenn Boheman Walter Kreimeyer Marvm Clawson Vlrglllleetland Second row AlanFedge Kenneth Muller Billy Bissell Robert Ryken Johnschafer Donllichtsmeler Richard Humke Frontrow David Kaus Paul Christenson Dale Wagner Don Woodley Dale Kreimeyer Richard Stauffacher Don Schlegel Mr Rxppentrop THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY KNIGHT S POLAR BAR . ' 1 ' . ' . . . . . . ' . . I ' . A z . , . - I I I I I I I I I 1 ' . 2 1 1 . 1 1 .1 ' I I I . I . I I I f 1 ' . . . ' . '. I . I I ' . 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 5 1 1 1 , , ' ' Z 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 ' 1 I :ra fee cfub rame uozcea an flarmon Back row Barbara Hofmelster Mary Humke Harrxett Schultz Rosemary Relken V1rg1ma Clawson Bar bara Clawson LaVonne Mooi Shtrley Schafer Verlyn Weber Delores Benning Donna Wolf accomparust Third row Darlene Mxller Darlene Van Helden Lauretta Humke Norxeta Noordman Pat Meyer Ruth Lmda man Marlene Greenfield Arlene Huebner Charlene Roth Darlene Freese Mr Rzppentrop Second row Knight Myrna Knight Shirley Sessler Sharon Diemer F1rst row Mary Ann Wmters Grace Smxth Jean Ryken Shirley Pies Norma Frerichs Elaine Rozeboom Shirley Hextland Lenora Koenen GIRLS GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Pres1dent Barbara Clawson Vice President Ruth Lindaman Secretary Treasurer Delores Bennxng Lxbrarians Norma Frerxchs Jean Ryken Girls Glee Club 'Ifca s Castle Czechoslovakxan Round You ll Never Walk Alone Hammerstein and Rodgers from Carousel arranged by Ringwald Boys Glee Club Old Storm Along George F McKay Mixed Chorus Give Me Your Tired Your Poor Irving Berlin from Miss Liberty arranged by Rxngwald 0 Rejoice Ye Christians Loudly Bach Russian Picnic Endus Mad:-igax Dancinl and SPFUKUIZ Hans Leo Hassler 'Oh dear! Whit Can the Matter Be? Gail Kubik Robert Shaw arrangement THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY GAMBLE S MR AND MRS F J FRERICHS O . - . 1 . ' . . ' . ' . ' ' ' . - I I l I I I I ' u 1 ' . . , ' . . ' - 1 1 1 1 p . l . I 1 Charlene Harms, Rita Heitland, Norma Hanig, Sharon Freese, Darlene Oelmann, Lorraine Roegner, Lorna . . . . ' : ' . ' . I I I I l I ' . I I1 ' I I ri I n I ll I u - vw I Il I VI . . an Mme r0u we fake f-mfs GIRLS TRIO L Kmght B Hofmexster N Kmght Clouds Pohlman Three Lxttle Ma1ds Ellxott I at State Contest BOYS QUARTET W Krexmeyer D Rxchtsmexer D Schlegel D Kaus Ride the Charxot Negro Spxrxtual arr by Wm H Smith II at Prehmxnary Contest SEXTET S Sessler R Lxndaman, E Rozeboom S Heitland V Weber D Freese We Sxng Thy Praxse Bortmansky Tkack Thank God For A Garden Teresa Del Riego II at Prehmmary Contest MADRIGAL R Lmdaman, A Fedge D Freese D Rxchtsmexer B Hofmexster D Kaus E Bozeboom D Schlegel V Weber III at State Contest THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ROTH S REXALL STORE I l . . , . 4 1 . I .. . .. eu ' - In - I 'f S I 4' o D I 1 . . it 5 - - n - ' I' . I A Y. .s ,D I I ' . , . ' . ' 4 . , , . . ' E I I , . . , . - , .. .. J T ' E t . . J -.IMF Y . . . 1 . , . , . 5 1 z Q . C'0f22l6Alldl2ZlAf rin QCCZIQUIZ. Zlo UH S ALL STATE CHORUS D Rxchtsmeler R Lmdaman V Weber D Kaus SOPRANO SOLOISTS D Freese II at State Contest B Hofmeister I at State Contest Y ... BASS AND BARITONE SOLOISTS ALTO SOLOISTS D Kaus II at Preliminary Contest E Rozeboom II at Prehminary Contest D Schlegel II at Preliminary Contest V Weber II at State C0nteSt THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY SHUGAR S SUPER VALUE . i f , . 1 ' - ' 9 K ,' Mr, 7 4 , , . .fi , uv, WN . X rf' t X I ft' . -' x . I ' ' . . I ' ' XU and C'A66fd. BIZ Zquen ffze 4 irif of HHS. Pep Band stnkes up wxth Let the Spxrlt Kmght S Sessler M Kmght CHEERLEADERS J Ryken L Kmght S Sessler M Knlght S Heltland WAYNE S FOOD STORE 81 JOHN S MARKET afrf fe ACA Me fdltdeffdf 044 242 cfefermmafzon Back row Dav1d Kaus KennethGron1nga Darold Spra1n George Folkerts Stanley Weber Bernard Murra Roger Rexnts W1ll1amMurra DonavonSchlegel Second row CoachGeorge Nepstad Ralph Drake Vxncent Steffen V1ncentScallon Newlyn DeBerg Robert Rotgers Gordon Ploeger Gene Noble Walterlirexmeyer Kenneth Muller Alan Fedge Jay Kurth Coach Robert Hxgby Front row John Wessels Larrylrloffman Dale Wagner Robert Kzng Kelth Burman John Barcus John Schafer Lester Muller Duane Hosch Dale Krexmeyer Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley Ackley 1952 Record Jesup Iowa Falls LaPorte Ctty Traer Grundy Center Teachers I-hgh Eldora Rexnbeck 0 Greene SENIOR RAIDERS VINCE STEFFEN Our plungmg fullback the team s leadxng ground gamer madea spectacular use from center to fullback ln one year his hard tacklmg made h1m a standout on defense KENNETH MULLER A small but rugged blockmgback on offense also called slgnals was a defensxve malnstay as a leftszde l1ne backer GLENN BOHEMAN A tangy 6 2 end mam target for passes played mostly on offense but was capable of playxng hard defenswe ball ROBERT ROTGERS Hard charging hne man was the team captaln stopped many plays through the lxne a mamstay on offense DON JOHNSON Got a late start played defensxve halfback and turned mn a fx le performance on pass defense JOHN BARCUS A fazthful substitute didnt play too much but was able to get Ln there and fight THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY CARSTENS BROTHERS fo 7 I A . 0 19 - - ' ' '- - 0 27 -- ' ' 13 5 .... ' 7 0 ' ..... -- '- - 5 21 0 I 7 ' .... Q ... 1 14 ' - - 5 ' 7 -- ' ' 31 , ' , ana' efz o ZlA6j6'l6l20l2, comfoefzfzofz Vmce Steffen Don Johnson John Barcus Kenneth Muller 801865 Glenn a Sched Oheman THIS PAGE THROUGH COURTESY OF F W HOULIHAN M D M e 6046 ezlba flceam Afrjuea or agbllor Back row Duane Abbas Delbert Krexmeyer Darold Spraxn Walter Krexmeyer Stanley Weber Gordon Ploeger W1l11amMurra FrankBart11ng JackCroker Sherman Aldxnger Mgr Donald Rxchtsmexer Front row Coach George Nepstad Don Woodley Newlyn DeBerg Glenn Boheman Kenneth Muller Alan Fedge Don Johnson Davtd Kaus INDIVIDUAL SCORING BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS Total xn 12 games Scene stealmgby the second team who brought Don Johnson 168 I4 poxnts per game Glenn Boheman 125 ll pomts per game Kenneth Muller 102 8 5 pomts per game home three vxctorxes 36 32 over Eldora 35 34 over Rexnbeck and 38 21 over LaPorte Ctty Hxgh Pomt M Don Johnson 8 agamst Rexnbeck Alan Fedge agamst Teachers LaPorte Cxty ond semester after all semors had trxed out tn the Kenny Muller takmg over as captam durmg the sec Kenneth Muller agaxnst Glenn Boheman agamst Grundy Center first How we led Iowa Falls and T C Hxgh t the half' our 3 pozmt loss to Eldora two freshmen Fedge and DeBerg maklng good on the Varsxty the loyal followmgby the underclass men fervent hopes for next year THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY y SCHOENEMAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY I ' ' en 2 . . . . . - 17 ' 20 . . . . . 17 ' , . . ' --a I THIS PAGE SPONSORED xi ANDERSON MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER 81 PLYMOUTH fl! 8 f'0lC!8l'Af AJIZOLJ ZIAB 6.162 Back row BartonCob1e Allen Schlegel Gary Mlller Stanley Holcomb Frank Boheman Rorname Janssen Donald Noble Ronald Boelman Larry Wllhams Romame Meyer Second row Coach Kenneth Severson R1chardBakka Raymond Smxth John Lewxs Larry Stedxng DeanWolf Ray Pxersol Orv1lleS1etsema Coach Robert Formanek Front row Gary Shugar Rlchard Boger Gary Roegner Absent Cec11 Drake Coach Engel Branstad 1952 Record Ackley 0 Eldora Ackley 0 Eldora Ackley 6 Rembeck Ackley 27 Rembeck JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Leda Coordes Sharyn Vogel LeAnn Boelman Marva Jo Greenfxeld Mxssxng Ruth Ploeger THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY THE ACKLEY SALES PAVILION SALE EVERY FRIDAY F. f , 1 I 7 0 ' 7 I 'im x ' ' 7 czcfz az 211 64 Om ECOIHIH uggn Abirfey A 6AAf6l ffere cornea alle ,oar-aczfe The parade stops for a moment 4' nf Jean bharon and Shxrley queen candldates 'Q Elame queen of 51 crowns Shlrley new queen N1 Semor boys bu11d a rocket Y Teens prove they are shck chmcks This page sponsored by The George Weber Motor Company 0216 er owe Jeff, 'Brother Goose Carol, who loves contests Wes, who loves girls Cast Hyacinth, who loves football Helen, who quits Peggy, who comes to the rescue Eve, a southern charmer Sarah, her colored maid Mrs, Trimmer, of the Wee Blue Inns Truck Driver, who is plenty mad Lenore, who has plans Glenn Boheman Lorna Knight Lee Fisher Shirley Sessler Barbara Clawson Barbara Hofmeister Irene Krise Lenora Koenen Verlyn Weber Vincent Steffen Elaine Rozeboorn Director Stage Manager Prompter Properties Chm. Ticket Chm. E. Dorothea Jacob Kenneth Muller Myrna Knight Shirley Schafer Tom Roth Dark Star Judge Carrington Glenn Boheman Dora Carrington Shirley Sessler Bessie Lenora Koenen Hilda Elaine Rozeboom Helen Darlene Oelmann Peggy Lorna Knight Joe Tom Roth Little Oscar Henry Lee Fisher Josie Ruth Lindaman Fred Robert Rotgers Gussie Delores Benning THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY BRANDT'S FUNERAL HOME--STAN AND MARGE 7166 fan fed am fr! ffle 1-So 0-Mem .441 at ,J N ,.. , if, 'J , '-1,93 .qr 7, Cm' A. .5151 4 1 iJ.:,v, , 53 1- ,. .Ju ,Q . - If ,N 5 - - ,- A f' 'r15'Qfi,7 -4. . . ' ' ' 5 I '- ,.1f-Wh A M I ,, AM .tw-tg ' ' f . , , . . . - : - 5 ' . . . u - 1 N I 5 ' . . ' , ' 5 I 1. tv i ' I . - - . I , 'I . ' . , an 5 Q an : A ' I . . '9 ' N 6 X. n ' no . N. w mv, L, . 4 . 4 , More tangles' Camxlla falnts when Joshua clalms he IS her long lost husband CAST Camxlla Page a young lady wxth 1deas Shxrley Sessler V1v1an Page her cousxn Elame Rozeboom Cora Blake who shares the1r apartment Lorna Kmght Stuart Brand an unpublxshed author Glenn Boheman Mr Morgan the landlady Delores Benmng Mxchael Morgan her husband Eugene Harken Sadxe Strmger an 1d1e roomer Verlyn Weber Alexander Lawton a magazlne edxtor Robert Rotgers Joshua Page alxas Claudxus Strmger Sadle s errant husband Kenneth Muller Mrs Page Carmlla s mother Barbara Hofmexster 'Speed Martln a newspaper reporter Lee Fxsher Mrs Brand Stuart s mother Barbara Clawson Dlrector E Dorothea Jacob Prompter Lenora Koenen Sound Effects Myrna Kmght Propertles Darlene Oelmann THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY W. B ARTES PRODUCE WAYNE AND NUTRENA FEEDS CZ!!! CZf0flld EUBIZIIZ UZ CZFIA CIAA U! We the Class of l953 be1ng of sound mmd fwlth 28 excepttonsl do hereby bequeath the follow mgpossessxons to numerous underclassmen Thts wxll belng 1llegal and wttnessed by saxd tntellectu als may not at any txme be overhauled unless the operatxon tends to mfluence the ltves and huslness ofthe persons concerned Thls document comes 1n to effect on th1s 20th day of May at wh1ch ttme the Senxors of 53 evacuate the bulldlng of A H S Ruthle Lmdaman gxves her gxggle to Pat Meyer It sure got her a lot of attentton Pat She regrets to g1VE up her assocxatxons w1th the Jumor gtrls Now you ll have one less member 1n your gang k1ds nWoodley s naps tn Study Hall are left to I' ugene vmg You can keep her out later 1f you get caught up on sleep durmg school Eugene lores Benn1ng leaves her ab1l1ty to argue in Eco nomlcs to Norma Hamg lf you keep talktng long enough he w1ll gtve ln She also leaves her log rol ltng technlques to Shlrley Heltland But you wtll have to stay unttl the flre 1S out He1tland Vlnce Steffen leaves hts grease monkey Jobat An dersons to Jack Croker You ll have tosubstltute Lava for Sweetheart Jack Lenora Koenen better known as Koonxe leaves her drxvtng ab1l1ty to any poor sucker who wants tt To Lorrame Vanderwerf she g1ves her dramattc speeches Just put plenty of omph beh1nd xt Lor ra1ne Don Johnson better known as Amo gladly leaves h1s abxltty to get along w1th the teachers toliaggld Burma At least they won t call you teacher s pet Harold Don also leaves h1s basketball abxltty to yt eSca1lQp Now there won t be any excuse fora defeated FFA team -13,Le,B,9-Le-b,Q,Qm w1lls her angehc behav1or to H33- y Abbas See what you can do w1th that Harvey ,I n 'Bglly Hgmkg SIVGS h1s hog calling abtlxty to gn Schlegel, But thxs work makes callouses Schlegel r3or1e McCown has no more use for her short tnps to school so she g1ves them to 3-lg135 You can sleep later now Darlene Shxrlene Hznders gxves her frequent excursions to the Margon to Rosemary Rteken, but I m afratd tt wxll destroy that quiet nature Rosemary rgl Heetland sadly wills his casanova like quali ties to Qgrlgg Qghgs That means looking at more than one Charlie Barbara Hofmelster wills her assortment of Jalopies to Harrxett Schultz lNow you can provlde transpor tatxon for the ne1ghborhood Harrlett To Bernard Murra Lee Fxsher leaves h1s famous speech on soxl conservatlon Now you should be able to get straxght A s tn Ag Ben After dodgmg the mckname of Red for 4 years Kenneth Memders bequeaths h1s red ha1r to Carolme Boelman, Now you can keep up w1th the others Carolme rna Kmght hereby rellnquxshes her drum major ette unxform to Donna Wolf She w1ll be gone next year Donna Tom Roth extends h1s soda Jerkmg to Vern Achter mann Cleves General Store wlll really have a thr1v 1ng buslness now Vern Bermce Van Eschen g1ves her t1me spent ln dally letter wrxtlng and her Chevte to Charlene Roth You llhave transportatxon to the store too but make sure you don t k1ll any dogs on the way Roth yrna Kmght leaves her tendency to l1ve xt up t 1ous Barbara Clawson leaves her straxght A s to Georg Folkerts We ll be looklng for you to be class vale dxctortan George gene Harken leaves h1s helght to Lawrence Van derwerf Now you can compete w1th the b1g boys Pete ances Meyer glves her qulet dxspos1t1on to-Lima Frertchs It's nlcer to be seen than heard Norma Kenneth Muller fL1ttle Ellardj leaves h1s captain- shxp of the basketball team to Qrold Spgaln Now you can lead them on to vxctory Spraln ToRa Q Q age Kenny glves h1s abllxty to stay awayfrom women Put that to good advantage Drake Darlene Oelmann gwes her ambxtxon to plan the meals at the hot lunch room to Dorothy Aswegen Then you can eat there Dorothy Robert Harry Rotgers parts w1th his democratic authority tn Student Counctl meetmgs to Charles Abkes You ll get practice at Boy s State Charlie 1rley Schafer parts with her mzniature horn, Lu labelle and gives it to Darlene Freese Now let s see you tote that around Freese V rlyn Weber leaves her character parts xn both the Jumor and Senior Class Plays to Jean Ryken. It may not be the heroine type role but youll get plenty of laughs Jean. . . . . . . . 1 Lo . . . . - Do ' ' I Be ' , ' ' -' ' - De ' ' ' - l . - I . . - . - M ' u - ' u O '- I - ' Joann Rops. Just get the kids started--it'scontag- I ll ' u I ' e ' ' A ' Eu ' ' - 'nc , ' E .n . . . - . I . ' 1 h ve , ' , . I' - ' oh , n , , - . . . D ' ' . . . Ma ' ' ' I ' ' ' , an -1 - ' ' ' ' Sh. . - . - vi ' - - ' . I e ' ,, I To Neva Mae Bevxng Sh1rleySessler gwes her wm mng smlle lt s the only way to wm frlends and 1n fluence people Bevmg To Joan Helnz Shxrley gwes her shorthand speed Thxs wxll go mcely wxth your typmg speed Joan Glenn Bohemanbequeaths h1s yellow Pontxac to Ed d1e Ubben Now you can catch the gxrls eyes Ed xe The Senxor Gxrls have robbed thetr pxggy banks tn order to collect the amount of S2 95 to g1ve to Mar JOFIC Boelman We took up th1s collectxon so that We hereby appomt Harvey Abbas and Vmce Scallon to carry out thxs our last wxll and testament as they have carrxed out other rubbxsh In w1tness whereof we affxxed our seals as orlgmators of thxs w1ll THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Wltnesses The Gym Mlce and Home Ec Centxpedes BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES May 24 1953 May 26 1953 8 p m Processxonal March Mrs Franklm Rlce Invocatxon Rev Frank Kroll O Man Thy Grtef and Sm Bemoan Wxllxams Mtxed Chorus Scrxpture Readmg Rev Frank Kroll Baccalaureate Address Rev Rlchard Emery 'Glve Me Your T1red Your Poor Rmgwald Mlxed Chorus Benedxctxon Rev Rxchard Emery Recessxonal Mrs Franklm Rxce 8pm Overture The Prxnce and the Pauper Johnson Processlonal March Hxgh School Band Invocatlon Rev Harold Wagner Cherublm Bortmansky Trlple Trxo Delores Benmng Dr Donald Howard I S T C Salutatory Address Commencement Address Barbara Clawson Charles W Hahn Reuben Weber Glenn Boheman Rev Harold Wagner Hxgh School Band Valedxctory Address Presentat1on of Class Presentatlon of Dlplomas Response Benedxctzon Recesslonal March THIS PAGE THROUGH THE COURTESY OF R W GRESSLIN. D D S . I . . . Q . . 1 1 l , ' , . Z 1 . I ' I - d' . you can have a professional tattoo, Marjorie. , . I - ls ' n I ' ' 'F ' ' I ' an ' ' . . , . . I C CIAA !0 ?UA6C7 X SuN I On my regular day off from work I declded to goto Mars for a short VlS1t w1th an old frxend The ye xr was 1968 and the mode of transportatwn was m unly space shxps I arr1ved at the sp ace statlon 1n New York Llty where I boarded the space sh1p to V1 s1t Eugene Harken who had been sent to Mars fora much needed rest It seems as though Eugene had been workxng too hard as prestdent of the Chrysler Corporauon In Detrolt I had Just gotten seated when the stewardess asked lf she could be of servlce to me I was about to reply when I looked up and was astomshed to see my former classmate Barbara Clawson We con versed for a wh1le and she told me that th1s space shxp was bexng plloted by Robert Rotgers I trxed to reach h1m but he could not take txme to see me as pxlotxng a space sh1p was a full tlme Job I fastened my safety belt as we took off Bar bara brought me several magazmes to read on the way lpxcked upasports magazme and on the cover was a p1cture of Vmcent Steffen who had Just won the txtle of Mr Umverse Vlncent always d1d llke Wheat1es' Leaflng through the magazine I recogmzed a famxllar face Shxrlene Hlnders The headlmes read 'New 1968 Roller DerbyQueen Shxrlene must have taken her skatmg serxously On the oppos1te page was a plcture of the famous basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters Upon carefulexammatxonl recogmzed Glenn Boheman I was curlous to know what Glenn was do1ng wxth thxs famous basketball team solread the art1cle and d1s covered that Glen had just been sxgned as head basketball coach H1s salary was reported to be S30 000 a year Ihearda strange buzzmg sound and glanced out the porthole Iwas amazed to see a welrd object ap proachmg As It neared I notxced It was none other than Don Johnson xn h1s famous 'Flyxng Cup Don had been makxng headhnes recently on h1s darzng explorattons on the planet Pluto ,,-- Zz! 2791! 'I 3 16 , o V 3 Jvrlfil ' 'UNV5 NSATIIIN 1 The steadyhum of the Shlp made me so drowsy that Idozed off A short whlle later Barbara woke me and told me we were arrzvxng at the space statxon on Mars I gathered my belonglngs and stepped off the space sh1p Eugene who had been wa1t1ng for me took me to h1s home ln h1s new Jetmobxle We drove by the Jetmoblle testmg grounds on the way to Eugene S home Eugene sa1d that Kenneth Muller was employ ed there testlng Jet bxcycles and klddle cars That evenlng Eugene and Iattended a concert glven by a famous orchestra composed of Afrlcan natxves As the conductor stepped upon the podium we were shocked to see that lt was Barbara Hofmex ster Barbara had been tourxng wxth her orchestra thr1ll1ng audxences throughout the umverse After the concert we went back stage to congra tulate Barbara on the f1ne performance She was happy to see us and we sat and talked for quxte a whlle She sa1d that Verlyn Weber was smgxng 1n the famed Stork Club back on the planet Earth Ver lyn IS sharmg top blllmg w1th Don Woodley who IS now a famous movxe star 1n Hollywood He hasbeen thr1ll1ng the gn-ls w1th h1s latest song IGotP1e In My Eye Over You Barbara sald she had just recexved a letter from Elame Rozeboom who was stxll l1v1ng on Earth It seems she was quxte happy because she had just won the Women s Nat1onalBowl1ng Champxonshxp for the 3rd consecutwe year Ela1ne must have put to good use that practlce she had when we were 1n speech class at A H S E1a1ne also sa1d that Myrna Knlght was travel 1ng to the North Pole to open another branch of her popular Polar Bar I guess she IS domg quxte well as a busxness woman In her prevlous letters Elaine had beenqulte worrled about a vxcxous convxct who had just escaped from Sxng Smg and was terrorxzzng the Umted States But she said ln thls letter that they had caught the murderer and he had been sentenced to die IH the electrzc chalr after k1111ng 19 people Just a few re porters were bemg allowed to cover the executxon and amongthese was Ruthle Lmdaman whose da11y column appears 1n the New York Herald Iguess Ruthie was qulte thrxlled at belng the only woman reporter present I f ll 4 f 5 ' 9 -. ll ns---ti, S 1,0 '--- I S s I ' 4 1 x X ' O D v X ' ' 9' . I . Q 0 . . ' l. P l ' I . . I Q ' ' I 1 as ' 4 4 N M li, N Q NNIUI hx SUN gunna JRUP HR l' I' 0 Q 5 wiv Nm K XL Q x Q I -X x 1 NH: UI' 'NL X 1 Sn-.Q ill' Ny X Uv 1 .xxx 9? 1 4? ,f fa I K 5 5 sv' 1.- 43 J - ar wi , . . 4 lv.u'lv.u':1 X545 szxrxuu' .xi mi '-H141 Pmd E, 'w 'Shui Q ' 0 v L ' f 1 Zu .111 nur wth 'V wh.. . IFN, Lund .u'1'i!1.xt EW:-gp -- 5 . , , . . . , X .m svhcrxlnui 'uv 1..uiv th !lt'.ld.1IX'S Doivzw- I loft M uni, ' ,' xxx . , . . . - -- X thu' bmtcw. .. ' Fllxi just xx .the . WO :lux lz1d1.'r.x- . X f , . , n u 'h 'wi'-may HHN IS .1 :misc I .' just ifivrt Ji 9 5 ' ' jf '1'lc'Y1'iKi kiT'I's!'Z'b 1gzzmwstkwpzuqtxsv flovtiicv . . , , ' , . . - U ' gut Xiurmzxg Iwi' fungi: 'ham .Lys :rl-.pai qxgzw .1 rx: ' 1 F vrxsc Nh wx .v XYXTAUkh'11I'4k'c'f'OZ'c' iw Qvcutui grlggv xxx mm-1' N.lT't'.lI',l,lNklXi what lhtfuftu Uul:11.1t1:t'.s.x4 doing, fi 444 3 my-QF'-1311.-3' 5 Q79 53, 5,. ,kip gn L., 14, ,. 5 5- l1vhihc:'ZYi.a' Qw :-- :ww its wuil' ut' its I-'levi Ustti- E-g.j'j'1 ,X '-kpgyyg jg-g-,KI gpg 1 gf, ,1-nut.. -5 .gl yt Q txmxndvi' vf Zim' I S X.axj. lu ECI' Nztarv iirtzv Qicw ggi g.yNj-'y?,'Q- M1133-A N535 3- -xg'-fi-f 39. N-31 551- gif 7991 3-1:-'P 5l'51i33fYS -5T'r'SSvN fat' C?1:'1f'1,a::IN1.'t' of E'Y'. .11EIffT'.CiS Nlars s..:fL1r1: is- Riff, I Q -'- E'.u':m ei sz: the uf:'t?1.'1s,1f.1'.NZ'1:' :gl 1 ii ' 1-1 2-gtgf-ff, 'vkl1x1f1g.. f?1iTAIYI11 1'1.:':'1f-.i 1 i' T 4 Zigl 11'v1xw:11Ew1'u.i f?1.ifC!2YXif Laftx.a.'.1:1s:1t':1:'J1.g:t- 3111.5 idk i. ?1L:t: .L .N 'f1lf2L. N iff i.1+-- ff. .wt Viv I S, 1 1 .p11 ,aczxww v .ct'.a. fi tiij- fv1 .z ixiN 1 .a.i true' I ZTQL1 i?:'r'f.,LTIxi .xsv :fc us 17- 5 X71-, 1 3-N..-LA 31 Q -5-5-. 1 1- A. 3 i f.'L1f'1I15:'ALf ,iNx1j.iNk1'Nf Els-.iv '. 1t',gLI ' ki xff' '.1Qx ' EXIT -'Ti x 1- 1 333- - -,-,LV 355-. c-.vm Euzwv ',T:'1 if:'- nv' px '- , ' -- 7' M 5- 3' '14-Au 4545. 5 1'-X - 4' f 1- L. ' .f 1'..:1r'.-' ' -' luv E-'1O'az' Lx it wx '1g'1sX' :X 111' '- xg ,,- L, 5 'la' 3- .. , X I-, .xacsu .:.'.1:C:.'ttcci'N 111250 '. 5 igxmrs J rf: Q -'Q :, QL..-x.L.Z11.'Sf.L'Tf-Qiiz' Ut-. :tix -,Lax f'k Sl.:1'1N:'3N N Wx QLZQ-. ' ai tix' '.' 1-35 'lv f ..-- 17 -Q4 - 4' ,, - '. ks:-rs .vii 1a :t.a k 1g 'i .Cf ,mrs ..1'.xLfig .5-- -Q-jigyL,- 5' Q 5.5-' --14, -5- gg-5 4 .i.'.x:'.iL'c Nitwci ' .x.1- r.1'1':'.2.'AL'ig gi'-'1.iLN Yi S.1...1.tx'U.v'.iu'-Ani 'ner 'E-'.1..q.:.7.-.1 '-'xsa v2.1.1 it f. 4, --X CIT' i' 7' +1 1. fi' 1 xx .:'.1'.is 1. -Vik' cr ' Fw i' aii . . - -4 -- . . vzi +.1 'i'.2.'f tv wi w'.'.1 3137-5-',,1, gi ,A gg 557-.5 ,L I -, .xii .yu .i L.sLT'.g Q.grCf7i'.9:'N 1'-.-,,:,:1is if ,455 53,13-'3 gf N-gm '1 'Li'- Y inc :N is g',L,if.?.'fQ:' :ft-i1 .1:1s ,at .11' '.'.'.Lt'- ty 1 :'..: ii :J 1 -1-.4 ' 'L -L: 1'-F' 37' X'1 'i N 'W 5375 'zlfiiitti-' ..s1ffiiLf1f 'fkmf 4'-J 'N 14 '.---z :- 4 1-as .12 .1T'-f-- .Q -- Q O 5 f' i'..f 'Tix' Hi '4 4z'. 1',' - 5 ...Lg gif'-55005 O 'Q wf f'-ti''..4.jf 'LQ' '-1'.- iwtelg 41. sw: 1'T', i 1.1.1. L -1 ff,1 1 .'f-fT'n11.', if 4 X Ti'.2.'L:-:'L5i . Ti.z'L4 I' M i G S o'. X 1 ' 5 I -if .Z f.L' L .-' 5' .4i t'f.' x . ,,..k I Nl.:-N wr. wi... l.'.. ' ' A ' ' 'x ' . ff,-1..i :-+i ..i 1' - 4 . 1. '-,.-v.... '.,-.., -. -..-. -3 f I - .' .. . Al F. INQ -Ii, ' -. - -: ,vis i..l-I ' .. X, 'NX - '- - fv' f-. ' f-1 F - N ., . x . ...S N . .v... - .. ,,. ,sw . ' . K N X E 4. .,.i,.. . . fx., . i,.,K1V..,x ., -. 4.11.1-.,Vv..v.- ff . . f V ...N. V4 . -.i -.l Q , 1 '. -. 'five ufyg- ew '51 '31, X QQ 4' U ff.. 5 gf., ' -I ' an ' f ' - -f A A - F- --+ 4 1 i- : uf Q Our' BFA we Goa! zl ef C2017 wzffvouf Zlfzem 1ll lioelman and gy Homan ourbuswjamtors flrst ones hc rf ln the mormng sweep the floors and p1ck up after us lock the doors at mght always ready to set up chalrs or lend a ham mer Verla Janssen our efflclent offlce glrl keeps the re cord s checks the lunch count swabs mercurochrome on skinned knees and chemlstry casu alt1es sells PCDCIIS runs a lost and found gets us ou of class wxth telephone calls Hulda Roegner Lena Meyer and L.aN era Boelman dlrect our hot lunch program they keep busy preparlng meals and washm dxshes serve coffee to the folks down stalrs endure muslc lessons and prac txce hours don t lxke bean soup exther Our patlent bus drzvers Russell Kmght Fred Hofmexster B111 Boelman Hank Arends W111 Hof mexster and Ra! Janssen faithfully take us to and from school wllhngly dr1ve us to contests and football and basketball games put up wzth a lot of racket and late comers THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY DOEPKE S SHOE STORE AND COORDES GROCERY fl of ' If ' B. A .i .P , A - L' , 5 4 v -- A A It D ,. 1 ' Y 7 Q K . dlnl , , l lg .fi , -1 I .... i eau Af zrz Me QC I ree bxg th The Ai le? hm A seek ae an D A we xx haf 'Q .. .an lim mls 'lil' It s my o you understand t 'VY' Oth Uestl A J OWS 1 lazy day me Wh: the frowns girls W e re fighting mad 17 g'e17t1e hat 'P me SWG vwfv IESE STANDARD SERVICE THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY G F' b ysld Co fnlng or going, ' ' ll C! , M? 1 ' K-: Ql - '-441 ' - , X ' D i, ,ywxx z' eg x . . Y if v lf? ' T , b Sa d D . U Y x d 3 , g I 7 L At: 'mx '1 . ' i . J S Y i . px f F 'V K . .v 3 .Y ' ., E A tix. K x . ' 8 ' 1 5 rf . - ' K x 4 X QQ A la ix X 7 Tusf a little tum bc.. 9 cf' Wofna Q who dxd 1t'7 Did We look ss like fhzs 'J H Salwa .Vs mg The C rlmmal hlmself MxsS J acob S hobby Just two bxg f1she5 Could they be tW1I'lS9 x ' 0000000 Oh legs Having trouble? THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY LYNK'S CAFE S19 epy time gal S .W 9 Oc Nov Dec cakrzdar Vacatxon over and students open thexr books for the new school year Students close the1r books for the rest of the year Fxrst football game of the season and Jesup wms The band under the drxect1on of Mr Rmce shows 1ts stuff Our band and football team travel to Cedar Falls for the annual Jamboree Another loss to .Iesup Put on your best sm1le' All students have plctures taken Football game wxth lowa Falls How s the stand com mg Jun1ors Sophomores throw a party for entxre school Partxes sure are fun Good tlmes are commg Ackley beat L.aPorte Cxty 13 to 6 Vacatzonanda day of Cattle Congress Oh my achmg feet' We beat Traer' Swell game fellas Homecomlng draws near as h1gh school pxcks f1ve lovely g1r1s for queen candldates Football team travels to Grundy Center We lose FFA throws a hayrlde Cold wasnt lt k1ds'7 Everybody brought thexr pep and enthuslasm to the snake dance and Pep Rally Are you ready for em team? Best Homecommg ever Wasnt the parade swell'7 The game was a thrxller How does lt feel to be queen Sh1r1ey'P A sleepy gang of vocal and band students go to Eldora for All State try outs A loss to Rexnbeck but lt IS Hallowe en It you don t get caught Hallowe en IS fun Senxors play thelr last football game at Greene Oh lucky us' No school' Teachers meetxng Basketball season starts w1th the Jamboree at Cedar Falls Jumors show actmg abxlxty by presentxng We Shook the Famlly Tree Freshmen show what they can do by g1v1ng a hlgh school party Vacation begms early thanks to a swell blxzzard Several students travel to Des 'Vlomes for All State Band and Chorus The flrst basketball game of the new season, lowa Falls wms over the Ralders Another defeat for the Ackley team as Eldora over takes us We lose to Jesup A vxctory for Rembeck Everybody 15 thr1lled by the Messxah gxven by the com mumty chorus Weren t the guest vocalxsts wonder ful? Vocal department spreads Chrlstmas cheer by gomg carohng Traer overtakes the Raiders The soclalltes of AHS engoy Moonhght Whxrl gwen by the Y teen Band and vocal departments show thelr talent at the an nual Chrzstmas Concert Snow Storm we can now settle down for two weeks of Chrxstmas vacatxon THIS PAGE THROUGH THE COURTESY OF R L PROBASCO DDS an Fe Mar Apr May 2 26 euenilt Back to school agaln and to our books ltaxders go to lowl Balls We re stlll trylng for a vu. tory 'ICHS comes down and overpowers our team Semester tests' D1d you pass'? Grundy adds our name to 1ts lxst of v1ct1ms FFA glVLS a party afterwards School dlsmxssed at ll 15 for mauguratlon of Ike Ack ley lost to Parkersburg Several band students travel to ISTC for select band Wasn t the massed band beaut1ful'7 Graduatlon draws near and sen1ors get thelr p1ctures taken Now smxle pretty klds' Speech Conte t at Hampton Who s nervous'7 Group pxctures taken for the Torch Last home basketball game for the semors LaPorte C1ty has a tough tlme takxng us Basketball tournament at Iowa Falls The mght of the b1g Mlnstrel show Ilurray for e Jug band' Last game of the season and Grundy proves too power ful Semor play cast chosen Twenty exght semors saw how good looklng they were Basketball boys take the day off for the state tourna ment How lucky can you get'9 Speech contest at Mason C1ty Semors really show thelr talent around Superb talent and splendld actmg tell the story of The Tangled Yarn We made lots of money too Nervous musxcxans play thexr contest solos for frlends and relatxves Another break for Easter vacatlon Semors skxp and go to Mmneapolxs' Isn t lt n1ce be a senior Choose your career' Today 15 Career Day Muslc students pack thelr talent and go to Waverly We came out fme and some of us even learned how to play pool' Entxre school was thr1lled by the splendxd concert g1v en by the Drake Cholr Vocal department throws a party Wasn t the floor show good' Several lucky students left for Iowa C1ty and State Musxc Contest They even got to stay 1n motels overmght Musxc groups gave thelr annual sprmg concert Do you th1nk we ll get a One? Musxc department shows 1ts ab1l1ty by comxng home wxth a II and three I s Jun1ors unvell the1r work and everyone enjoys h1m self at the best banquet ever Evenxng 1n Parls was the theme Y Teen Mother Daughter tea held today and all new offxcers were mstalled A Cxrcus party given by the Student Councll who even came up wlth an orchestra For us Semors xt s all over Four glorlous years summed up ln one afternoon at Class Day Baccalaureate Servxces Commencement and dxplomas for 28 semors who made the grade Good bye and have fun next year THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ACKLEY WORLD JOURNAL -I. l 5 . . . . ' t, 6 ,. , 2 . t , , . . 1 .i- 9 ' -, ' . . 15 S . ' . 16 . ' ' ' '-' , 20 . . Z ' . I 7 . ' 26 ' . , b. 3 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 9 , s , , 'I . 10 ' . 13 ' ' . 16 ' . 25 ' ' ' . ' th 27 - - .12 - ' ' - ' when their pictures arrived. 19 - 25 ' ' . ' 27 I ' ' 29 . . . . . 1 , 2 ' . 7 ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' to 9 A . ' . 11 ' ' . 14 ' h ' ' ' - 18 . . ' 23 ' ' 29 ' l ' ' . 6 . . . ' - . - 8 - - . 13 ' ' l ' 20 ' , ' ' , I ' 24 ' , ' Q at MW rec'or0Q fffe EUKXZZZA, V0 Me ear Standlng Darlene Oelmann Elame Rozeboom X erlyn Weber Ruth Lmdaman Lorna Kmght Shxrley Sessler Seated Barbara Hofmexster Delores Benrung Barbara Clawson Robert Rotgers Don Johnson EDITOR BARB-XR-1. CL-XWSON S-XLES Robert Rotgers Tom Roth X xncent Steffen kenneth Vluller Glenn Boheman Don Woodley Gene Harken SENIOR ALTIX ITIES Xerlyn Weber Lenora Ixoenen Lorna hnlght Francea Niexer Niargorle NicCown OTHER CLASSES Darlene Oelmann Shlrles Schafer Tom Roth Kenneth Niemders -KRT WORK 'VIL SIC PHOTOGR-XPHX Lorna Knxght Vlvrna Kmght Barbara Hofmexster Shxrlene Hxnders FEATL RES Ruth Lmdaman Lee Fxsher Shxrles Sessler Bermce X anEschen Nivrna Kmght Elaxne Rozeboom ATHLETICS Don Johnson, N meen' Stexfen Kenneth Muller Glenn Boheman CLLBS Delores Benmng, F ances Niever Xia:-Jorxe N1cCov-n Xxrgxl Heetland Lee Flsher PI.-XXS -XND SOCIAL. 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