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Fl si I I H 1 I 1 ii 23 if 3.4 Q 1 I 17 .,? 2 I f'x f X Q X X If A ifiX r X X X , ,.., ,N .Q 3 3-T1 .Qi .-.F ug ' 1 I 5 v c .p',tlR vs 12,1-. . - , A . Q25 XYZ' Q - 1 , , ' 3' 'ow 1 - 'N . 'yvf 7' ?' l AMW 13,1 .,,q,.x, 1 I ' 4 Lai' 5, .ai Q1 ' A v L, 4:31 , I 7afac!L .?Z2ff Seated: Frances Schoeneman, Marjorie Weber, Frances Kaus, Marvin Abbas. Standing: Gene Scallon, Lowell Borchers, Jerry Thaden, Dorothy Kuper This energetic staff started work on the Torch in January. The group pictures were taken February 1 and the individual pictures of the seniors were taken February S. The sales campaign was opened February A with a skit. The salesmen sold 180 Torches during the two-week campaign. EDITOR--HARJORIE WEBER BUSINESS MANAGER--MARVIN ABBAS Sales Staff Joe Oppold, Alvin Miller Don Lindanan Russell Richtsmeier Albert Abbas Eleanor Peters, Priscilla Lauterbach Eunice Clawson, Betty Neyleyer CLASSES EDITOR--LOWELL BORCHERS Albert Abbas Priscilla Lauterbach Dorothy iuper, Don Lindaman ACTIVITIES EDITOR--FRANCES SCHOENEMAH Eunice Clavson, Marvin Abbas, Gene Scallon Marjorie Weber, Eleanor Peters ATHLETICS EDITOR--JERRY THADEI Don Steffen, Joe Oppold FEATURES EDITOR--FRANCES KAUS Betty Neymeyer, Frances Schoeneman erry Thaden, Gene Scallon PHOTOGRAPH EDITOR--GENE SCALLON Keith Knoll PRODUCTION MANAGER--DOROTHY KUPER Eleanor Peters, Betty Gardner MM TR AWGN rpm f 1' N R ff' H Lxf A ,L ,., -Q M R H A H N M R F O R M A N E A K - M I S S R A T H M I S S R f A C H U T 1 .xy l A f A 1 If , rf -4 u , I O 4. av , A .,A'1.-fu MR DEAN MR BOYD MR CREGER ,.. 4 4 gm .al . F3 M R H A M R R yx 0 L D S O M 0 R T N I N S O N M I S S 0 U S H M R S 2' . . MR SEVERSON HR CARNEY Mrss JACOB J H7 N X . E P ' A S T +.. .., S-I fa U 1 gow- X. TIVI JZ, ff Q N'x1,f 1, , I, , X xfl ' --' 1 vi ' XQX xx N l,'l.::: Y X Q! S I ,R N pi! NK Y Tl QI- 'fl X XX I '- N XQMA P' 'Q X ' u N - X . 0 l S25 f ff xxx x i ' i ui fr :-1:3 If' X X X N 2 v f Q3 Z7 1, Q ,BL Lu. N All y . 3 f 'lxpfkxxi ' W xg 2 A ,5-u9o'.x,Q y X 'X La I 'iff f , - Q. wx ,f XX 1 j fi- lf? 'A ff i f A-. X , , f wx X , If .RK fPv vv ,f X . , N I I j ff f'f! iriafwglgx Q ! , N ,Z -U Q , If fl x -X xxx! flfp In 4' U, XY x X , A A X4 A 9 My! J V AX XA f' ' F H ' f X x ff' 5 Af' N A X Vixx .Q T ff Xin I 'yx 1 X f N, x X , W il 2 2 Z! .Ti Y.-1 'il -1 uf 9 63 ' OFFICERS President: Lowell Borchers Vice President: Robert Rotgers Secretary and Treasurer: Barbara Clawson ,:f Wr ff'fa'f 1Q ' 1 Back row: Robert King, James Bear, Gene Noble, Don Lindaman, Gene Muller, Gordon Sietsema, Kenny Muller. Second row: Vincent Scallon, Norrell DeBerg, Patricia Kroll, Frances Schoeneman, Donna Wolf,x Alan Fedge. First row: Corla True, Barbara Clawson, Lowell Borchers, Robert Rotgers. ' 791 faded! . - . U lu., A K 1-fu' . v 1 ' ' of V Back row: Barbara Hofmeisterg Gene Scallon, secretary-treasurerg Lowell Borchers, presidentg Eleanor Peters. Front row: Marjorie Weber, Barbara Clawson. i 1 3 ff! 'E . A x , ' Y-7 Standing: Ruth Lindaman, Dorothy Kuper, Frances Schoeneman, Darlene Oelmann Seated: Shirley Sessler, larjorie Weber, Barbara Clawson CABINET President e e e 0 e Vice President . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer e e e e e larjorie leber Barbara Clawson Shirley Sessler Darlene Oelmann Program Chairman . . . . Dorothy Kuper Social Chairman . . . Frances Schoeneman Service Chairman . . . . Ruth Lindaman At their annual Y-Teen Mix on Seztember lk, the Y-Teens made a lot of new friends. This club year a total of 6 girls joined, making it a very active organization. Some of the program topics were: Music, Good Manners in School, Party Planning, Sports, Dating, School Etiquette, Fashions, and Dramatics e club held meetings twice a month. The North East Area conference was held at Ackle on Oct b 1 y o er 3 There were about 125 girls and adults present. Marjorie Weber was area secretary this year. To raise money this year, the club sold Holly Wreathes, had candy sales and ran the stand at two basketball games. The Y-Teen promotes many social activities This year again the club s o . p n sored a semi-formal dance, 'Tinsel Twirl' in the Party Room on December 22 The occasion was invitational--ea h 1 1 b ter Tea was held on lay 16. c g r ringing a guest. The annual Mother Daugh The Y-Teen promotes the publication of the Argus, a worthy school paper A different editor was assigned to each issue. X.-1 if .. I 1, . 1 Pr fs' 'la r-N - f.5 f.5 fly CHQ EE., Kms -6? 'Q :Army Back row: Robert King John Green, George Folkerts, LeRoy Benning, Bernard Murra, Darold Sprain, Virgil Heetland, Donald Harken, Vincent Steffen, Donald Richtsmeier. Second row: Carl Risius, Gene Noble, Edward Ubben, Stanley Weber Eugene Harken, Charles Abkes, William Murra, Billy Humke. Front row: Kenneth Groninga, Harold Burma, Marvin Abbas, Robert Rotgers, Vincent Scallon, Eugene Beving, Harvey Abbas, Duane Abbas. Zcliwe? 74 . OFFICERS President: . . . . . . . Harvey Abbas Vice President: . . Eugene Beving Secretary: . . . . . Marvin Abbas Treasurer: . . . . Robert Rotgers Reporters . . Vincent Scallon Sentinels . . . . Harold Burma Advisor: . . . Douglas Mortensen ' PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES The FFA handled the sale of a carload lot of seed potatoes. Seeds were tested for germination and purity for farmers in the com unity. A gudging team consisting of Harvey Abbas, Vince Scallon and Gene Beving Ju ged cattle at the Dairy Cattle Congress. Boys entering the Speaking Contest were: Stanley Weber, FFA Creed, and a Parliamentary Procedure team composed of Marvin Abbas, Gene Beving, Robert Rotgers Vince Scallon and Harvey Abbas. Virgil Heetland entered Extemporaneous Speaking. Last summer seven of the FFA members spent a five-day vacation at Clear Lake. Tggy enjoyed doing their own cooking and cabin cleaning, fishing, boating, and s mn ng. ag -T21 t V, ..r' , 4-ft vi GZM OFFICERS President ..... ......... Marjorie Weber Vice-President . . .' ........ . Dorothy Kuper Secretary-Treasurer ....... Barbara Hofmeister Social Chairmen . . Ruth Lindaman, Frances Schoeneman Librarians ...... Verlyn Weber, Barbara Clawson Back row: Elaine Rozeboom, Jean Ryken, Donna Wolf, Delores Benning, Rosemary Rieken, Barbara Clawson, Eleanor Peters, Shirley Schafer, Dorothy Kuper, Verlyn Weber, Frances Schoeneman, Lavonne Mooi, Ruth Anderson. Second row: Darlene Miller, Grace Smith, Shirley Pies, Ruth Lindaman, Shirley Heitland, Barbara Hofmeister, Lenora Koenen, Marjorie Weber, Lauretta Humke, Norma Frerichs, Rita Heitland Pat Meyer, Eunice Clawson, Harriett Schultz. Front row: Miss Housh, Lorraine Roegner, Norma Hanig, Irene Krise, Darlene Oelmann, Norma Harken, Norietta Noordman, Darlene Freeze, Frances Kaus, Shirley Sessler, Myrna Knight, Charlene Roth, Arlene Huebner, Lorna Knight. area! 6' Back row: Jack croxer, Lee Fisher, Kenneth Muller, Billy Humke, Glenn Boheman, Stanley Weber, Russell Richtsmeier, Keith Knoll, Willard DeBerg, Gene Scallon, Frances Schoeneman, Shirley Schafer, Lavonne Mooi, Verlyn Weber. Second row: Donna Wolf, Shirley Heitland, Marjorie Weber, Delores Benning, Barbara Clawson, Dorothy Kuper, Marvin Abbas, Vern Achtermann, Lowell Borchers, Donovan Sohlegel, David Kaus, Walter Kreimeyer. Front row: Miss Housh, Shirley Sessler, Irene Krise, Darlene Oelmann, Ruth Lindaman, Barbara Hofmeister, Elaine Rozeboom, Eleanor Peters, Darlene Freeze, Lorna Knight, Frances Kaus, Myrna Knight. 5' l' Verlyn Weber, Frances Schoeneman, Marjorie Weber, Elaine Rozeboom, Ruth Lindaman, Barbara Hofmeister, Barbara Clawson, accompanist The Trio and Sextette were chosen early last fall and performed a number of times during the year. The Trio sang for the Y-Teen formal and P. T. A. The Sextette sang for Eastern Star and a county meeting. Both groups sang in the Spring Musical and entered contest. The Sextette sang at Commencement. 7271.5 r f f' ' ,. T. 'Z-'J-TL alll!! alllt4 1'-QL -.1 'Nl l wallll sv Lorna Knight, Irene Krise, Myrna Knight 1 f-I4 x1 .Hn .rx . fm . Q, ,K-A.. 4 . ,J '- L... Hand OFFICERS President ..... .... . . Frances Schoeneman Vice President . . . . . . . ..... Ruth Lindaman Secretary-Treasurer ........ Barbara Hofmeister Social Chairman . . . Lowell Borchers, Shirley Sessler Publicity . Clarinets Bar5ara Ulawsonw Sharon Diemer Dennis Fear Harriet Ricksmeier Martha Van Hove Joan Munier Estelle Janssen Maxine Benning Arlene Huebner Lauretta Humke, Alton Shirley Sesslerj Bassc Trombones Ifan Fedge Walter Kreimeyer Marvin Clawson cF1ute and Piccolo lean Ryken Patsy Kroll Bassoon VerIyn Weber 4So1oist Saxa hones o er y en, Alto Marilyn Cobie, Alto Norma Harken, Alto Barbara Hofmeister, Tenor! Jimmy Wolf, Tenor Stanley Weber, Baritone Cornets DEHEVBE Schlegel Shirley Heitland Frances Schoeneman David Kaus Alan Sohlegel Richard Stauftacher French Horns Frances Kausw Eunice Clawson Darlene Miller Donna Wolf Oboe Vlrginia Clawson . . . . Barbara Clawson Tubas Verne Achtermann Lowell Borchers Shirley Schafer Baritone Marforle Weber! Drums IBFEI Knight Ruth Lindamann Irene Krise Charlene Roth Norma Frerichs Lenora Koenen Twirlers Iorna Knight Irene Krise DorothinFinger Myrna ight Drum Major Donna o wg Q3 1 1 'H ', y BOYS CHORUS ms I' .. AI '41 ,- ..,, 117 in 1...--n ! I 1 ., -4.- , n .,. ,.,' ZW ' q4 4x81 ,SS 1 ., ,l...x. N. 'A ' - E: 'C ???, iff 994 'lf L La, T sf s 4. 4 U ' , f - ' 5 S 4 1 X! X 7 X L SOLOISTS LMLZQZ wi Sv 'Mp ,Nun 0: - 'f -,- . ,.. .a,...'- v vu- 'Ji u I 4 4 -5 Q 3,14 E u io ' ' I. - - .i- DRUM ENSEMBLE 0 0 o L. ., B S 1 R E A X S T S E T MQ- if Ii lg- ,Av--.. SOLOISTS ,S . M, X f . as PIEHU3 435 fx HQ? 'x xu A MH ti' ,AQ L A 2 Wg ' X y f X 1 v Q J 5 x X f 01515 mtl? 4 x . 3 X ! 1 CX I s X-mf 5 x : ' -15 -.1 .' I ff? rv- .' rl 'z 4 A'e UD H Mgr. Fedge-Kaus-Groninga-Kurth-Abkes-weber-Murra-Kreimeyer-Folkerts King-Mgr. Roth--Asst. Coach Carney-V. Steffen-Lindaman-High-Rotgers Richtsmeier-Noble-Boheman-Muller-Coach Nepstad--Scallon-D. Steffen Thaden-W1arda-Mi11er-Oppold-Abbas-Borchers The Raiders ranked fifth in conference play this year with a 2-2-3 record. They racked could just up 106 points against 79 by their opponents. Their three tie games as well have been wins by virtue of yards gained and touchdowns called back. The Raiders had six T Ds called back in their eight game season. A classy Jesup team outplayed the Raiders in the season's opener, although not as badly as the 33-13 score indicates. The two touchdowns came by passes from Sietsema to Thaden and Scallon. A penalty nullified a touchdown by Steffen. Ackley with Ackley Steffen and were called and Iowa Falls battled out a non-conference game in a steady rain coming out on the short end of a 7-O score. In this game a T D by a long run by Scallon, either of which could have meant a tie game, back. When Steffen's T D was called back in the last minutes, La Porte City escaped defeat and we had to settle for a scoreless tie. This was the first home game and the first game on the Raiders' new field. The Raiders went down to Traer and all that they could return home with was a 6-6 game. Raiders' The unbeaten early in downs to go The and ran all Two regulars, High and Scallon, sat this one out which weakened the offense. Raiders became one of the top twenty teams in the state by tying the Spartans from Grundy Center in a 6-6 Homecoming tilt. Ackley scored the third quarter and had the ball on the six-yard line with three when the gun ended the game. Raiders, after seeming to be neld in check all season really let loose over T. C. High, racking up the highest margin in the North Iowa Cedar League play this year with a N1-6 victory. Steffen was not to be stopped and scored 36 points, gaining 210 yards. ' Ten seniors played their last football game with their traditional rivals Eldora, on October 26. The Raiders hit fast and hard and had a 20-0 half-time lead. They took the opening kickoff for a TD in five plays and kept pouring it on. Final score, 20-7. The Raiders ended the season with a heart-breaker. They lost to the Rams, 20-21. Because of the win Reinbeck took the 1951 N.I.C.L. title with a 5-1-1 record. This made the loss even worse for the Raiders to bear. Psi! -1 Ja, 4 A . i DON STEFFEN--team captain--played fullback-- a mighty fine football player---very good tackler and ball carrier--excellent in pick- ing his holes--his ability and willingness to give and take will long be remembered at AHB. DARWIN WIARDA---end on offense--guard on de- fence--hard worker--strove to do his best. sf' JERRY THADEN---played end and was target for most passes--played very good football espec ially on defence--good hard tackler--JOSEPH OPPOLD---played tackle--very dependable and rugged--good on both offence and defence-- good tackler--ALVIN MILLER---big and rugged --Alvin improved with each game--spent a lot of time in opponents beckfield--biggest man. I X K F4 :Ti Jf, GENE SCALLON---played very good football at fullback until injured in La Porte game--was - M team pepper-upper and signal caller--good 'Q team player who had his heart in the game-- MARVIN ABBAS---blocking back--did good job of taking big opposing tackles out of play --small but vicious--good second year man at regular-- ig, . . DON LINDAMAN---defensive end--very dependable reserve--worked hard--showed steady improvement all season ---- LOWELL BORCHERS---small but mighty --gave a big smile with every block he threw-- played end and guard--nThe Mighty Midget from Clevesu ---- RUSS RICHTSMEIER ---- very dependable player--faithful and conscientious--a bulwark in the line--worked hard-- 'S 133' '.-. 5 PHYS V Y if fi ty Wir' Back row: Asst. Coach Carney, DeBsrg, Richtsmeier, Wiarda, Boheman, Johnson, Sietsema, Thaden, Coach Nepstad. Second row: Kaus, Van- derwerf, Scallon, Muller, Steffen, Schlegel, Abbas, Manager Fedge. First row: Croker, Kreimeyer, Sprain, Noble, King, Beving. Q RACK UP 'mo Mons jf ! Aaa' - Q gi' X STRETCH nm.. ' 3 - iwfa ans, f as 4 A 3 f n,.arn .S Y 'b'f 'S A m as 'fb' S M- Q as .S I K ti fy- f H ,Q 4 5 'K M ' H -. -QQ ,QQ I ' V -1 A' .A y f 11 xqik THE SEND OFF Y V '+4?ff .hwli HERE'S HOPING HARD COURT BALLET ON THE THE FIRST EIGHT DeBerg--Boheman Thaden Johnson Sietsema Scallon Muller Steffen Q ll Ei 3' 1. P P , . lll' I e H ,S 4 , - 84 f - .9 ' 6 rt ---.!1,Y V ,S , cw X xxx The.Pep Club was on hand at all games both home and away to support the Raiders. Ackley had the best cheerleaders in the League--they were Shirley Sessler, Irene Krise, Lorna Knight and Myrna Knight. The officers of the club were Irene Krise, president, Myrna Knight, vice president, Ruth Lindaman, secretary, and Barbara Hofmeister, treasurer. The committee heads were Shirley Sessler, Objectives, Frances Kaus, Pep Skitsg Verlyn Weber,Mater1alsg Lorna Knight, Activity and Social, Frances Schoeneman, Membership. Mr. Creger was the adviser. 1-equi. -WIC! ,fx The A-Club really got organized this year. Don Steffen was elected president, Gene Scallon was secretary-treasurer and Mr. Carney was the faculty adviser. Team Captains At the beginning of the year the members were Gene Scallon, Don Steffen, Darwin Wiarda, Keith Knoll, Alvin Miller, Marvin Abbas, Russell Richtsmeier, Jerry Thaden, Joe Oppold, Robert Rotgers, Glenn Boheman, Vince Steffen, Don Johnson and Gordon aietsema. At the end of the foot- ball season new members were added: Lowell Borchers, Don Lindaman, Kenny Muller, Walt Kreimeyer, Paul High and Gene Noble. The A-Club gave two all-school parties, 'The Foot Brawl,' at which the four Can-Can dancers made such a hit, and 'Let's Dance.' 1, 1, 14 'E . via. ul 1 - ,- .r- - -W -:ff xzi 2 b. Kgs Z, vpega-V 4 ' 1 .ae ,-will K, I 1 ' u. an-2 emu ll! if c - 1 -13'e--I . 1... 'I fa A. .-f.4!-.,-Q9 T-'I W1 3 e l all W L.. - ,,, ,,,.,,,-M D wafai ' ' , , ',-nrt' N er' tl Af C W' vit?-' I , -1 -na , M, 7111 xmi. -P ,,. I .-54. .za 'lil Q a-35? . ' Q 9 af 0 A '?Z':'W'5' 'FS ' rj . Q' he , ... i' .5555 f n ,1 .s '-'K I mm- - ' Queen Elaine and attendants 7337.5 01 vfq Marge and Donna were our v-Ad.. ' beauties, they an dia honor to their duties. , . 5 il ' ,- I v I -it 191525 , A -A The band in their colorful .t 4 1 . ' -. 'f ' 'G red and black sure did put 'I 'V on a wonderful act. Wow! did the Seniors ever have ' a terrific float. Plow'em -:P-f5f's1 N .. Q, 'W -- . '-' , Under was the theme and was L -: -j1I? e- ' 'j .. it ever keen. H - .. , ' f 9 , ,. ' f 5 . , 5. . - . gm ,, '11 xg , The Sophomores were next with 3? J' -A N ca if ',fg. an 'Udder Defeat . It was ' 1. -in-g'xi.r e I- one which was hard to beat. 1 , l 1 ,rf N --. . P N 2 - -fo-ef. - I X M Jim U'fgt'1 NYY- v. 'Wash Grundy Out of our Hair' ,. ' , - . ' '1 did the Freshmen justice , 1- 1,-:f l ' ' In ' ' . -.41 1 beyond compare. 4,'.f. . '-I 'g.r. ' , - 7 I , '.:!5fQ1 , . .K-T ...ul 5 ,L 4? 13?-A , . ' ' ' A A E -L, . Q' I rigs: ' -.L l-.I-mai ' -1 I E 13' A .1 r F -. Nz k '. tt...fe - 0. f if . ' 5' e ,.- Jeff '- vi? v '2:'.- fi '5 , , .Ji ww., 1 ' t fy' ' ' - . ,-,Q - 1 1, r - . Q V lv v ' !, . -hi.. ,. 1 I Tm X NI LQ 'ze f NL,-pf fl 9 ,Q l .4 . , is gp S .- Y ' f:5 Wx f. I 4 xt, ,y-Y Qi K Y. 1- -v 'N' x 2 3 , .I We , ,,J,,a MARVIN ABBAS Vice-President LOWELL BORCHERS President HA laugh that's infectious a heart that's large, a long list of friengships, our description of Marv. . . . HAbbieW pilots a green Chevrolet . . a fine blocking back on the football team 2,3,k , , , , track l 2 A Clu prize'of,th' E E A- 1 b 2'3'h ' ' 0 e ' ..Pep Club 1 2 3 . . . . Bu'1' ' M of the,Torch. S ness anager 5 1,6 Q, Q Q has iw ' GENE SCALLON Treasurer NThere may be better Americans but not a better Irishman.W . . . . everyone runs for shelter when Gene comes along with his maroon Chevy . . . class president 3 . . football 1,2 3 M . . high scorer on basket- ball team . . . track 1 2 . . Boys' and Mixed Chorus M . Nol1ono1 Honor Society M . . . a Harvard graduate in the Junior Play . . . Photograph editor of the Torch. NEasy going, nice to know, he's a friend wherever he goes.' . . . . nBorchersN plans to go into the elevated shoe business . . . guard on the football team 3,U . . track 1,2 . . tooted a tuba in band 2,3,h . . Mixed Chorus N . . Pep Club 2,3 e 0 M' 0 Q 1+ 0 0 Council President N . . NPaulW in HJanuary Thavn . . . Classes Editor for the Torch. '!!? MARJORIE WEBER S60r0t8r7 'Posaessor of personality, abil- ity, tact. She's engaged. How could she help ig'be1ng like that.' . . . Y-Teen 1,2 3 N and president N . . Glee Club 1,2 3 M . . Mixed Chorus 1,3 M . . . Student Council 1 . . . Band 1,2,3 M . . . Soloist 1,2,3,N . . Brass gextet l,3,N . . . Home- coming Attendant k . . 'BarbaraN in NJanuary Thawn . . NHS 3,N . . cap- able Editor of the Torch of '52. Motto: UThe door to success is labeled WPush.' Colors: Maroon and white Flower: White carnation 'E 4 -5 - v - I v . fu W Ava. 7 'H 4 x lf, x X 1 X N X Q t' M ,, x L Q I X I , ll V J i v. 'NI ' X, 5- 1 . ' an PRISCILLA LAUTERBACH 1 'I tell my thoughts 1 to no one.' . . . faith- ful four-year member of 1 Y-Teen . . . Girls' Glee 1 Club 2 . . . played the 1 role of NSarahN in Jun- ior class play, WJan- uary Thaw.' 1 N. ' 'vi nv, - x:,,, , ..' RUSSELL RICHTSMEIER 'Zi ,, SQ gh 1 . ei Q B.'a Nlfqf .fJ.. lx -Mr?fif fhi NI take things as they come.n . . . NRudy' endured the constant pestering of his class- mates . . . football 2, 3,k . . . basketball 1, 2,37-+ o 0 o track 2,0 0 A-ciub 3,u . . . F.F.A. 1, 2 . Q . Boys' Chorus and Mixed Chorus 3,k . . NGeorgen in NJanuary Thav.n BETTY GARDNER 'Being a woman is the worst thing that ever happened to me.n . . . . ardent salesman of her Father's business and the WAVES . . . temper- mental politician . . . Pep Club 1 . . . played the role of NMati1dan in Junior class play. VA -TE . 'fk ' - v. V 'A tg, 1 ggffig A, A EXE- Q up ,,,, rp.. 1 K 2 -f' 1, X -,I JERRY THADEN nl'm going to tell that Einstein a few things.N . . . HJTN will be remembered for his romantic interests . . . basketball l,2,3,N . . . reliable end on football team l,2,3,h . . . track 1 2 3 . . . baseball 2,3 student Council 3 . . . Boys' Chorus . . sopho- more president . . nJon- athann in class play . . Athletic editor ofTorch ' L 1 avr- en ka JA i A i X fl X ALVIN MILLER uTry to argue, if you can, I can beat most any man.n . . nSheepN spends his Saturdays delivering ice cream for Hadley's . . substitute bus driver- -found the bus was wider than what he thought it was . . . big Alvin was a tackle on the football team 2,3,b . . track 1,2 . . baseball 3 . .A-Club 3,k- -. Q Afga -cf.f FRANCES SCHOENEMAN WThere's a little bad in every good little' girl.N Frances repre- sents the glamor of the Senior Class--Homecoming Queen 3 and Attendant 2 . . Y-Teen, Glee Club, and Pep Club l,2,3,N . . Mixed Chorus 3,4 . . . Student Council H . . . played a cornet in band 2,3 N . . Sextette N . . Activities Editor for the Torch. FRANCES KAUS HI'm not a musician, I'm a whole band.N . . . Band l,2,3,l+ . . . Fran- ces and her French Horn were in Brass Sextette 3,u . . . Quintet 1,2,3, U . . . Soloist 1,2,3,k . . . . Pep Club l,2,3,H Y-Teen and Glee Clubl,2, 3,h . . . . Mixed Chorus 3,h . . . Features Edi- tor for the Torch. KX s- n gf, 9, es 'r' Q - w-- , 41 , , DON STEFFEN UAthletic ability, ways that are winning, if being handsome is a crime, then Don's sin- n1ng.n . . rugged, hard- hitting back on the football team 2,3 N. . . many an opponent will remember Don . . basket- ball M . . . A-Club 2,3, H . . . Pep Club 1,2, 3 . . F.F.A. l,2,3 . . . played the role of Uncle Walter in NJanuary Thaw. Y -in fa. I ,...V' 1' 1' I WILLARD DEBERG WA regular guy, he lives to have fun, yes- terday and tomorrow, to him are all one.H . . . nwillyn found that trees and Plymouths don't get along with each other. . reliable end on football team 2 3 . . .basketball N . . track 1,2 . . sang C?D in Boys' and Mixed Chorus . . . Pep Club l T V43 ,.. . , +-. ' .mig- 6 M. .I .'-4 Z? M 'MV7 X4 fp,f' deff ' 5 I rv' ,-v, , 'Tic' P n U x DONALD LINDAMAN nNever speak when nonsense will ans- wer the purpose as weD.U . . 'Lindy'sH always got or wise- 561136 another joke crack up his sleeve . . guard on the team 3,H . . football . F.F.A. 1, 2,3 . . . Pep Club 2,3 . . played UMattN in the junior class play . . . Student Council . . . A-Club M. 1 EUNICE CLAWSON NI'm here--even if I don't tell everyone.n. . Eunice was the maid in NJanuary Thawn . . four- year member of Y-Teen, Glee Club, and Band . . played the French horn in Band . . . loaned her voice C?Jto the Pep Club the last three years. aww DOROTHY KUPER nPeople fascinate meg I can sit and look at them for hours.n . . . UKuperN isn't afraid to say what she thinks . . Y-Teen 1, 2, 3 N . . . Glee Club 1,2,5,1+ . . Mixed Chorus 3,b . . . Pep Club 2 3 . . NMargen in the junior class play . . . Production Editor for the Torch. I -R Us I X g6,,..f f . 1 Q Q ' x K A JOE OPPOLD ' HI cannot bear to be awakened so early.N . . tackle on the football team l,2,3,N . . basket- ball 1, 2, 3 . . . track 1,2 . . . baseball 3 . . A-Club 2,3,H . . fresh- man class president . . portrayed his fatherly abilities Vin HJanuary Thaw.H 7- Q 1 'fl 'P I ' an use Q 'H 'F-N '.. y a, W .I X .a mfs' 31 ALBERT ABBAS NA conventional lad who lives his own lifeg unworried unhurried, unbothered by str1fe.u nBert'sN an innocent looking lad but don't let that fool you. . his activities were limited to the FFA for the first two years and Pep Club when a Sophomore and Junior. BETTE JO NEYMEYER Wvariety is the spice of life--don't try one, try them all.n. .HBetteW contributes her two cents worth to what ever is being discussed . . . Band 3--found the snare drum boring and tiring . . . . Pep Club l,2,3, s o e Glae 1,2.. 0 Y-Teen l,2,3,M. .9 ' H ' Fx, Av WW ,V ' 5 'fix . g V .X . .4 Y ' ' q, . i.,-l -C 24 b lv, V , 44155. 1 :.' .0 In .ib M1 44 , .M N .uw nf' -vw Ax 'fl i ,z K Lowell lar Boy Our Most Popu 'ET L,-Z, ,H vw . X - ' .-WN x u our WS Exegofto 59,0 'Q Like 0 U1- x. ,I A 'X r f ' E 1 Q3 xg 1 Best -47zGeh9 Q00 lthlete our F1- aes-in K Z' G Q I Eg-1 er .,.. I M Our Most ggxasome Boy our Mbsf5Qn S P0pu1kr G lpl .441 7. Ill-' 19' f ' 1 an I 51-:M 3 4: h V '15 - GW X Q .ff 71'- S ll' 3' L ' Q : I H ll' 1 Af.. 1 - 7 W- . .f W ' E 'i'.'. ' ff' W H H E? i il H u I in li L u L L L V 300 310' 1, Biggest' Marge 1141! Ou Our Most Glamorous and Best Dressed Girl fr! a. I A . 1 ,H 5 . w,- ! 3+ ' . 75 lj wr '1 'lltui 4' .Q . . 4 74.45 'Wa E , if A ,- '-- lx 3. i .4 A 4 4 4 I-, ' v. C-.. WT VX x as Q 'Fr X nf I ' lie 1aN CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Rotgers Vice President Glenn Bohgmgn SOCPSCBPY Ruth Lindaman TPBHSHPOP Elaine Rozeboom Student Council Barbara Clawson, Kenneth Muller Sponsors Miss Rschut, Miss Jacob, Mr Formsnek I an LS-1 3 I Robert Rotgers Elaine Rozeboom Glenn Boheman -I l Kenneth Muller Barbara Clawson Ruth Lindamnn f Myrna Jedn Knight Shirley Sessler Harold Meyer f Virgil Heetland Verlyn Weber Shirlene Binders Arthur Miller John Bumke Frances Meyer I- f' 2 1 f lsib A gi' Kenneth Meindera Irene Krise Darlene Oelmann Shirley Schafer Dorothy Finger Eugene Harken Delores Benning Carl Risius Marjorie McCown Vincent Steffen Bernice Van Eschen Lenora Koenen Barbara Hofhmister Lee Fisher Lorna Jane Knight Donald Woodley Thomas Roth Donald Johnson V ve' ,.- at df + x ,a if -1 l ,QQ Q 31: 'lg , ,A - . J ,-, 1 - , ,1- tj 11 f . e '. I l Z 'J I ,.. QL, :J .95 F . H f ' ,, :. Q .4'- P' ' , ,, 4 'IL- Y X .e r , .O C r4 ,nu ' . ,fa Q A-we n V. A ' ' 13 Q Q 4 ,W , , X I ,I ' S ,QI J , f u - 'i -1 .5 , E E fi -I 4 . L ff' ' ' ?EOMf X f ' . wa. X, m. ...N I-4. K5 N A x N I F5713 1 J -A:-if 37- f 4 f I fhf? 1 a ta F N ' P 41- ' ,' .,.-fs .4 W' W' ' B ck row: Don Schlegel, Vern Achtermann, Jack Croker, Vincent Scallon, Harvey Abbas, Eugene Beving. Second row: Nevamae Beving, Jean Ryken, Joan Rope, Shirley Heitland, Dorothy Aswegan. First row: Berdine Toomsen, Bernard Murrs, Edward Ubben, Charles Dobbs, Rosemary Rieken. Absent--Joan Heinz OFFICERS President ........ . Vincent Scallon Vice President ....... Harvey Abbas Secretary ......... Vern Achtermann Treasurer ....... . . Harriet Schultz Student Council Gordon Sietsema, Donna Wolf Sponsors ...... Mr. Carney, Mr. Cregar f 'tf'3 A ff' Q x YfA 'Fr' Y 5 1 F ix? -P C U V X J e ' lg ff' f W X 1' VA? -- - Q. h ' bf- GSZ 4+ 1 ., ' ' , V X I' ,s 1. YEL :ia ff: X Back row: Lorraine Vanderwerf, Donna Bergman, Harold Burma, Lawrence Vander- uerf, Darlene Freese, Norma Hanig. Second row: Charlene Roth, Gordon Sietsema, Charles Abkes, Darold Sprain, George Folkerts, Darlene Miller, First row: Doris Smith, Donna Wolf, Harriett Schultz, Norma Frerichs, Patricia Meyer. SEEN QW my re K1 A . ,QI . LF? 'sax .ff h 1- 'aIx4.y X '.' I 1 x 36? ' f I 12. C . , . l I 'Lil' +3 I qu' ' A 2 ' Pf ':' Ear A 1 H Back row: David Kaus, John Green, Donald Richtsmeier, LeRoy Benning, Walter Kreimeyer, Duane Abbas, Larry Neal. Second row: Josephine Mulder, Lauretta Bumke, William Murra, Gene Noble, Anna Johnson, Rita Heitland, Lorraine Roegner. Front row: Shirley Muller, Arlene Huebner, Ruth Anderson, Sandra Elsing, Grace Smith, Norietta Noordman. OFFICERS President ......... . James Bear Vice President ..... . James Wolf Secretary . . . ....... Jay Kurth Treasurer .... ...... Duane Abbas Student Council . . Robert King, Gene Noble Sponsors . . . . . Miss Housh, Mr. Dean X, Back row: Kenneth Groninga, Mary Ann Winters, Audrey Kahle, Martha VanHove, Mildred Benning, Maxine Benning, Jay Kurth. Second row: James Wolf, Donald Harken, James Bear, Stanley Weber, Paul High, Sherman Aldinger, Robert King. Front row: Alice Ann 0'Hare, Shirley Vanderverf, Lavonne Mooi, Norma Harken, Shirley Pies, Mary Ann Boelman. J I L I' Z ' ,ma DN' '50 EIGHH GRADE hek row: Beverly Fincher, Sharon Ireeee, Alvin Hubbell., Riellrd Stanffecher, larry lcverng, Duane Hoech, Josephine Dobbs, Jcen Mmier, lhrlene Greenfield, Dorothy Hubbell., Beverly Hoare, Shu-on Diemer, Cocrh True. Second row: lhrilyn Cobie, Dale Kreineyer, Jenice hrringten, Donna Heffelneier, Donm. Abbee, lhrlene Venlleiden, Fred Seller, Alnn Yedge, Delbert K1'01X!ll', Richard Humke, Rodney Kreineyer, Billy Biuell, Robert Byken, Lester Maller. Prnt row: Revlyn DeBerg, Phrvin Cleweon, lhry Hnnke, Shirley Schueerin, Virginia Clnveon, Gene lhller, F1-enk H1-tling, Gordon Ploeger, Frederick h-eriche, Roger Reinte, Keith Hn-nn, John Sehler. Absent-Deen Roelfe :'1f'Nrv -N 'WA i '-JY V SEYHIHGRLDE hot row: hrvey Meyer, hrtarn Goble, larry Hiller, Rlld Beyer, Q'v1J.1e Sietex, try Shnger, Joyce lhller, Iainn Bcelnn, Jecquelyn Hiller, Verna Ireineyer, liehnd Hager, Floyd Hiller. Second raw: bint henna, Ury Boegner, hrlnn Greenfield, hrley kid, Jelea Acvepn, Rey Piereol, Rhyme Bren, llrlene hits, Ish Ceordee, hrleme Seized, krriet Rickneier, Rmom. Limhnn. Firet ren Deen Half, Gu-el Spieher, Patricia Kroll, John Iavie, Bunn Lldinger, larry Steding, lerrell DeBerg, Iouelle. Benning, Zell Siedechlag, Raymond Smith. Abeent-Jelnn leel, Dennis Peer tal 2 , fx ' if - s 1 an f ,. -1 Qs ' Q B7 -'MN 'N Find her number? A slumber Fine fit Don't take it 5. beautie f Homecoming 5 ' ' gi 4 Busy lunchroom cooks. Q I V A 1 . f -1 . w, . F, gg' is ,gl K, QQ u' b',1eAoJ'W f Alva lfxvqgfyei ?. nf Z' mi' ' ' Comfy? night I-A 'Q- M ji, 1 it . ' lD1CQ! Frightened? The blue streak. What are you doing? Senior members- 'fm Q , 2 X Q' ?- 'I S tudyi ng ? ,lg 2 V, iw' N -. xil VV: N 'N1 ...Q Ji. -' .' .f' ,,' X , ag ,ff Q fr? .K X rf q u: I. I h , ,, Sf- I X I ,mls Busy? Groucho Relaxing i UMC .,, 53ffanuln N 3,1 Q Sl0kiH8? COCK? Strike! A convertible? We two baritones v-,, . - 1 ., , .J f ., V g 1 gf- Nbeflf' .1 1 Progressing fast. At work? FBJIOUS Four A1n't 1 cute? 'Ns J '11 'ilu Having a good time? 1 x Had a wonderful time. L- . ! . 4 ,. Hllllis M Q., . H.. Working hard? Little I Smile Pretty All around athletes. 3,5 5 f we Xa x gf FG. X453 5 Qx Q, P35W,1s1N XA 1 :X H. .I xxx .. Z X .A 1 V. i- ' f' r i , ,. ? . Q 1 1 I 1 li . 6 hi X T' 1 J O X ff gfjl ! ' , If Z i 5 ' A u Z C' X 1 J 2 1:3 ' F f 1 ff 4 J 1 A.4V, QU IQ X 5 S -F! T QQ' 9 J 4 ,Q gf-fx We wish to express our appreciation to the following business houses and business men for their cooperation in helping to make the UTorch of 5 possible Boyenga Hatchery Merston's Store Carstens Protters Ed Boyenga Dry Goods Variety Floor Coverings Hardware Ackley State Bank Bill Strassburg Barber Shop Lynk s Cafe and Party Room will L Meyer General Contractor South Side Dairy Grade A Products Bob's Place Uwhere Friends Mee H Anderson Motor Chrysler Plymouth Super Valu Market Schoeneman Implement Co E H W I H C Pontiac Dentist Radio Q Television Service NCorner Shoe Store Ray Bear C J Doepke Mart's Tire Shop Townsend Q Merrill Co You Flatten 'Em We Fatten 'Em Gamble's Marshall Canning Co F J Frerichs F S Harrington E A Coordes Phillip N66n Products GI'OC61'i8S df Me8.tS Harken's Phone 6081 D E E L nn Dr Pobert Gresslin Dentist Fisher's Clothing Giese Standard Station Veterinarian Wayne's Food Store Phone 5112 Ackley Cleaners Quality Cleaning Ruth Ann Beauty Salon Expert Service Sietsema 8 Fritz A D Weaver Furniture and Funeral Service Drugs Zacharias D X Station Highway 20 Aldinger Machine Shop Dentel'S Massey Harris Parts 8 Selvice The Quality Store Weber Motor Co Chevrolet Oldsmobile Tegens SQ Sl Store Ackley Bakery Variety Merchandise Fresh Rolls 3 Pastries R L Probasco, D D S Pries Grocery Q Market Fred Althouse Croker's Cafe Barber Shop Quality Foods Roth Rexall Store Soda Fountain Candy Cosmetics Kahle's Place Fred J Boheman Your John Deere Dealer Ackley Reminder oegner's D X Station Complete Coverage L D Roegner F W Houlihan, M D R A Weber Ackley Creamery Hofmelsters' Thermogas Gas Dealer Butter Ice Cream Ford Drew's Shoe Store Ridout Oil Company Frudden Lumber Co Quality Shoes for the Family Texaco Products A Good Place to Trade Farmer's Elevator Company ShU88T'5 W B Artes Produce phone 3321 Quality Clothing Wayne G Nutrena Feeds Dick's Feeds R H Criffel, DVM Brandt G Son Funeral Home Dick Betten Furniture Funeral 8 Ambulance Service Photographs by National Studio, Waterloo Towa . 2 ll . Dr. . . itt I1 r. . . i t Clothing-Furnishings-Shoes I I R - 333 ill!!! Q. mi' QKXR' You've seen familiar 'ff faces While lookin t g hrough this b ook But after w orking long and This is ho hard we look I The Torch Staff I 5 . f TRA M26 ea 5 if 1 ly ,N

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