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,id , Yf'f2I,.. ...ff A "'l,':., , ,,,-n xu fu, f f 1 I 1 l l E FS 1 I A i 1 4 E ' 5 Q' 1 YT, 5 K X - ' - ,X tx XX X ' s ' 'W ' , ' 'Ji E ag f 1 . . AQ ,. J . Q 4 M 5 fp f . I .F x 1 'W f 9" ' EX il 4 K IL , sf r , f " 1 M ,, ' i ff-n 'Q l 5 u P Ap. Q Pwck 4' K . ' Q .mf , L Mr fx., : J J' p,CKLE Y HIG 44 I Q i s -R 1-sl 5 s L X ' f ,xlxxx N ADMINISTRATIDN R , 2 ,QB A A H- ' Y I , ff" Y K6 I 4 jak xX X X K 'X N, I 1 K' , ,'11f5Q,5, '. fx ,gf 'H A X' K f Illl llll of IEIIUCATIIIQ n l x ' P -I .F nv!! E if 1' f, I e ' 5 ji Nfflg-,A K C ,fa -g NX, Q t , Nia in Q 'X - n v ?--no an Reuben Weber, Jack Schlegel R. H. Griffel, Ralph Fear, Mrs. George Weber WA genuine interest and devotion to public education should be the first qualification of a school board member . . . A really good school board mem- ber is broadminded and open-minded. He is willing to give substantial blocks of time to discharge his responsibilities as a school board member. He is willing to give his devotion to a cause and a program of activities that is directed by someone other than himself, namely, the superintendent of schools. . . . A good school board member has a sense of humor and a capacity for human understanding . . . He knows that his interest in the welfare of school employees is one of the best ways to make sure that the employees are de- voted to the children . . . The good school board member likes people and sees many of them . . . He believes that the future welfare of the community is closely tied up with the success of the school system . . . He exercises a leadership that comes as near being unselfish as human beings can attain, for the promotion of public education means the furtherance of all social institutions in a democracy.N--Twenty-first Yearbook of American Association of School Administrators F l'UlTY , Rosa Engel--Junior-High Principal Don Stark Senior Hi h Princi al 6 "E: -- ' S P Wayne Pos--Superintendent Helen Rath--Business Education E. Dorothea Jacob--English Cleta Buzicky--Vocal Music, English Haralyn Lister--Vocational Homemaking Marjorie Carmichael--Science Kent Boyd--Industrial Arts, Science . Driver Training Richard Bowen--Math, Physical Education Robert Dean--Instrumental Music Everett Halstead--Vocational Agriculture Dean Creger--History, English Jr. High 'fi . TllIH'H .' TIF N.. Seated: Francis Kearney, Marilyn Meyer, Thelma Weber, Shirley Klein, Ronald Sietsema Standing: Darwin Munier, Don Achtermann, Verla Janssen Early in the school year, work was begun the group pictures were taken in November and seen working on pictures and copy during their tures and other group pictures were taken in earnest. The sales campaign was officially opened on the Torch of 1951. Some of members of the staff could be spare time. The seniors pic- February and work was begun in at an assembly on February S, when a television broadcast was presented to show the magnificent changes which have occurred in the Torch during the last fifty years. The 1951 Torch was distributed on Class Day. EDITOR--DON ACHTERMANN BUSINESS MANAGER--VERLA JANSSEN Ronald Sietsema, Merlin Janssen, Daryl Becker, Darwin Munier Irene Pohlman, Mary Lou Kahle, Louella Devrles CLASSES EDITOR--DARWIN MUNIER Daryl Becker, Patricia Reber, Darlene Noble, Marvin Fritz Louis DeVries ACTIVITIES EDITOR--THELMA WEBER Norma Oelmann, Marjorie Sessler, Maxine Sailor, Darrell Dass Don Achtermann, Lorraine Oelmann FEATURES EDITOR--SHIRLEY KLEIN Peggy Burma, Louella Devries, Francis Kearney, Darwin Munier SPORTS EDITOR--FRANCIS KEARNEY Darrell Dass, Lavern Muller, Russell Beving, Edward Boyenga PRODUCTION--MARILYN MEYER Lucile Claassen, Norma Schachterle, Lois Murra, Norma Arends Elizabeth Arends, Norma Ubben ' my A ,Sy Q he-'L1 I V' SENIDRS I rf' ,,,b1!fQ-V X Xsx Q K I. A W f' Rx , QIQIIAL X All rx: ,fxxkb . Y 1 f x , l'Iuss ul 95l Flower--Red Rose Colors--Blue and Silver Motto--HOur glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.N D r l Becker Officers President . . . . . . . . . . Daryl Becker Vice President . . . .... Shirley Klein Secretary-Treasurer .... . Mary Lou Kahle Social Chairmen . Darrell Dass, Thelma Weber Underlined numbers denote office Hier he a mlghty man must be who picks a fight with me.N Class Officer N Basketball 3 Student Council M F.F.A. 1,2,3 Class Play 3,h Shirle Klein uSHe climbs the ladder of suc- cess, with every rung an 'A'.n National Honor Society 3,U Class Officer 2,3,H Glee Club l,2,3,E Mixed Chorus M Pep Club 3,2 Student Council 2 Torch Staff Y-Teen l,2,3,N Class Play 3,4 Mary Q93 Kahle Her very existence makes the world r1ch.' National Honor Society H Class Officer M Argus Editor M Y-Teen l,2,3,k F IG: . JU' -s X , xx, fl 55' f ' , - 1 U If f fi 9-.45 mf, bl f" ' 1 ' air 'ci 1 xl' I dn 4 U l . Class Play Darrell Dass X X F 9 Q Q NI Miss is as ood as a m1le.n X '1 ' E Class Officer 3,h A Club 3 M Basketball 3,h Baseball 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,N Class Play 3,h Lorraine Oelmann m Niappy am I3 fro care I sg, am free." my-y - Glee Club l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus l,f,3,b , Sextette 2,3,U Trio 2 3 M Vocal Solo 2,h Y-Teen l,2,3,k - A ' gms ., Q f M IA VA T ,ul gf, . .LQ "'! Z 3 - ei K Thelma Weber nUmm! Shugar-coated dynamiten National Honor Society Class Officer 2,h Band 1 2,3 E Glee Club 1,2 gag Mixed Chorus 1, sextette 2,3,7+ Quartet H, Quintet l,2,3 Trio 2, Solos l 2,3,H Student Conducting 3,H Student Council l Torch Staff Y-Teen l,2,3,2 Homecoming Queen 2 Peggy Burma he is like a cork, you can't keep her under.n Class Officer 3 Glee Club l,2,3 Pep Club 3,h Y-Teen l,2,3,H Lucile Claassen HNot all blondes are light- headed.' M Bandl23 Glee Club 1,2 3,u Mixed Chorus 2,k Pep Club 3,k Y-Teen l,2,3,k Class Play 3 LaVern Muller uCet thee behind me Satan--and push.n Class Officer 1 Band 2,3 A Club 3,h Football l,2,3,k Basketball 2,3 Track 2 F.F.A. 2,3 Class Play M Elizabeth Arends WTo be quiet is to be con- tent.W Glee Club 2 Y-Teen l,2,3,H Norma arends NNot much to say but plenty to do.n Glee Club 2,3 N Mixed Chorus 2,h Y-Teen l,2,3,4 Russell Beving WHen are not all measured by inches.N A Club 3,k Football 3,N, Cap't W F.F.A. 1 I R nald Qiegsemg Hay conduct in school is the geacheri' del1ght.c l sleep all ay so can study ? all night ' Class offioor 2 -ll U' Mixed Chorus M Boys Chorus N A Club 3,l+ Football 1,3,l+ Basketball l,2,3 Track 2 Torch Staff F.F.A. l,2,3 Maxine Sailer 'Efficient in a quiet way.' Band l 2,3 M Glee Club 2 Y-Teen l,2,3,h Norma Oelmann u5ur three-fold girl ready to laugh love and live.n Class Officer l,2,3 Glee Club 1,2 jah Mixed Chorus 1, Pep Club 3,h Y-Teen l,2,3,Q Class Play 3 Homecoming Queen 3 Patricia Raber NK gal so very mild and meek, even her shoes refuse to squeak! Dumont High School 1,2 Glee Club 1,2 3 M Mixed Chorus l,2,h Y-Teen 3,N Class Play 3 Irene Pohlman "5estined to be a farmer's wife.N Glee Club 2,3 1+ Mixed Chorus 2 H Sextette 3 Solo 3,h Y-Teen l,2,3,k Merlin Janssen uwhen joy and duty clash let duty go to smash.' Band l,2,3,b Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Boys Chorus 3 M Instrumental Croups 3 M A Club 3 u Pep Club 5 Basketball 3,k Baseball 3 F.F.A. l,2,3,k Class Play 3,h aging Ubben ey always think who sel- dom talk.N Glee Club 2 Y-Teen l,2,3,b 1 Marilyn Meyer g r not afraid to say her say.' Class Officer 1 Bend 1 2 3 Glee Club 2,3 2 Mixed chorus 5,3,u Sextette 2 Sax Quartet 2 3,b Drum Major 2,3,k Instrumental solo 2,3,h Pep Club 2 3,u Torch Staff Y-Teen l,2,3,5 Class Play 3 Homecoming Queen 1 Haig Murrg he seems quiet but don't let her fool you.' Y-Teen l,2,3,h Donald Achtegmann 'I Enov that knowledge will never be wasted.n Torch Editor National Honor Society 3,N Class Officer 1,2 Band 2 3,k Mixed Chorus U Boys Chorus N Small Groups 3 N Student Council 3,N Class Play 3,k Edward Boyegga 'He doesn't dare be as witty as he can.' A Club 3,k Football l,2,3,k Track 2,3 M Pep Club 5 F.F.A. 1 Norma Schachterle Hlim engaged but not to my books.n Pep Club 3 Cheer leader 8 Y-Teen l,2,3, Class Play 3 aggellg Qevgieg Men annoy me, but I like to be annoyed.' Argus Staff Y-Teen l,2,3,k Class Play 3 Ma vin Qgltz 'I get a ick out of l1fe.n F.F.A. 1 2,3 Judging lean Class Play M 'fg.4'., 4. x :,- 1' HI - 1 MNA S0- 4 r ,Q -,-44 "fe .' 5? Q 1 Wu' M Francis Kearney WIII great men come from the farm. National Honor Society N Class Officer 3 A Club 3,h reecbell 3,u Track 2 3 F.F.A. 2 3,5 Student council 3,5 Class Play 3,h Verla Janssen N30 wise, so young, she can't live long--single. Band 1 2,3 5 Glee club 1,2 3 gixed Chorus l olo l 2 3 Quartet 3,a Student Council 1,3 Torch Staff Class Play M Darlene Noble uHer heart has gone to sea! Pep Club 2, 3 ,1+ Y-Teen l,2,3,h Queen Attendant H Darwin Mugler 'There may be a better man than I but I will have to get my glasses.' Pep Club 3 Class Play 3,k Torch Staff Marjorie gessleg A mile a minute is good speed but a smile a minute gets more act1on.n Class Officer 2 Pep Club 3 M Argus Staff Y-Teen 1,2 3,2 clee Club i gean ee 9 No one can enioy life alone.' 2in'1512e31'2 3 1+ ee u , Mixed cnerue i,2,3,N Sextette 2,3,k Pep Club 2 3,u Y-Teenl,2,3,N Louis Devries "'I'5ov a lofg I just can't think of it now.' Class Officer 3 Basketball 3 FQFQAQ Class Play 3 b wg, qll. Qllll I . in J ! , P1 ' I 7 F Fil N -f 2- 1 4? ig .We fzfzeaenfafizfe Thelma Weber Is our gal, Glamour is the title She fits well. ,I -Q- zx af Y H' e We im J The seniors were curious To see what the who le school thought So they gave them a chance to vote When their Torches they bought. These are the representative seniors In the final bout. They are of good choosing Without a doubt. :savannas seven Po ular Darlene Is her name. That's where she Gets her fame. x-i cu Do you often Ronald Sietsema A joyous sound? Is date bait, Then our pggt e Most o ular and handsome Marjorie Es around. Ee Hoes rate. ,Q J ,4 1 .ff , -5:2122 F 5 -if' 1:::L.-ndl1::ll--L 1 'M , , ' 11 fg' ,. - r-gij, 6 ...-:.-:r-1'- I . , A-v , , :.".2'-" -1 -:rr .,f ll ,gF"' k d I gl : -in " ' - 1fnJf?1 ':Q A ,fihEl- X 5, ' ,"' Q" Being the best sport We didn't know , That Marilyn Meyer also Is the biggest blow. The bggg ageggeg ggi A Is Lorraine. She should consider That 3 great gain' Here's a good guy to know For every lass. He's the best s ort . . That's Darreff Dass. To school Darwin Never wears jeansg Thst's what the name , , i . . D ' Best dressed means. 59138 8111119.21 and H911 HXQI SLD. 119,919.4 3h11'10Y, what more ' Do you need? u -.1 1 f 1 41 i ,959 V? X ,4-if 'fl sw., X. I' 9 -X :K ld Lf- ., X "7 Z' lUNI0IfLg - - L . X 1 "X j Q ' I '7 V I , X 2 , v x le' Q1 ix S 'Z . 4 41 "2 in Jr. 33 5 W 2 'v- J - ' wg, I 5'l'7 A 7 . o I 4F4y 45 - ---v ,ao 'K 'M .L President Vice-Pres CLASS OFFICERS - - Gene Scallon Frances Schoeneman Secretary - - Lowell Borchers Treasure - - Marjorie Weber Student - - - Dorothy Kuper Council - - Jerry Thaden Sponsors - - Miss Lister Mr. Halstead Mr. Creger Albert Abbas Eleanor Peters , 1 1514? I " !' ,A Y v. , .. Ronald Nevenhoven Russell Richtsmeier Frances Kaus " N? pg, .1 1,5 .5 3 Alvin M11161' ,, A Gene Scallon , . id ':7 'T "' I f Frances Schoeneman Willard DeBerg 6 Bette Ann Gardner , Joe Oppold f, 1 , o. '. --f ' 5 'Q' "K y . I-0 J ' HA e fn, as n , . W ' 4 f y Donald Lindaman ,.J ,f ' to !' .-v. lib lac! '-f J . A -,K Q, ' Marvin Abbas Betty Neymeyer Jerry Thaden 'li jjj .,, Keith Knoll D 5 Marjorie Weber X Donald Steffen f ' I Eunice Clawson ' 'J f I L 'xi ,-.. an k Mi I L - Q F Dorothy Kuper 4' D .15 '77, Darrin Wiarda 3L ,, ' Priscilla Lauterbach ' A 'H' v Lowell Borchers 1 ff- 4 A 1 We d., Q - dkQm!Q!q fl Ji 5 fi Illllllll hlqhllqhls ,Z H? sw gg egffi,.f'iiff'?1 5 v'-se - .. .QA il qt 3.s,g.MQw5lh,f1 , This . history . . teacher left to make history .... Working or loafing? . . . Is it a bear? . . The Russians are coming! . . . Happily settled . . . . Doing what comes naturally . . . . Don't wreck it, boys . . . Are those thistles? . . . Sleepless night in the Gage mansion . . From Oppold to Thaden . . . Frances's big moment . . . What for you peer1n', Jerry? 650 W J IJ xx X f 'W if X,,X+sX I , l A V .. ,, ,,,,,,,,,-,.,, ,-.- ,.-,,i.,,,l-,W RSM, Wy .x xQ11QQtQ2 r 'Q . ' x 1 ff 41 ,B qi 13 5 CLASS OFFICERS President - - Barbara Clawson Student - - - Sh1rleyJSg-Legler Council - - Dona d o on Vice-Pres. - - Thomas Roth Sponsors - - Miss Carmichael Sec.-Treas. - - Barbara Hofmelster Mr. Bowen ABSENT Donald Johnson 1 I - 1 D - -. , J Eugene Harken 4 Frances Meyer rl Myrna Jean Knight of xv cv fs yr -f , 2 fr Q -1 ' -- " K' " " Virgil Heetland S Lenora Koenen 2 4 I ,.. Kenneth Muller . fi H' 1 e S A l ' 'X A Q A M. "' "' P' My Ruth Lindaman :'i, J Q , -av John Humke J, "' ' JN Dorothy Finger f u I V .K ff 0, , Vincent Steffen 5 , ff' K Bernice Van Eschen cn' F ' 0 J Q " -J Harold Meyer .11 si it ... Q! Q ,bl , N.. ' if .I 1 QE Verlyn Weber Thomas Roth Barbara Clawson P -. , 4 ,,,6 1 Q In 11.5 f'. iii vw' f 1,-Q , " f 1 A 'X N , 1 Q3 ,A I , , A fx :Q -4 ef ,f A S ,- V , - S, .3 J f, en, ' 'I' JI ? in cg Ax- -L, X 1. f-gi -if 7 N I "vI, ,5 -V I .g-, Lg- 1 '-K ruin' K ' ,!, 'W v,,, f S , N Q Q Q N , -, .A M: f -7 A rv. Darlene Oelmann Cecil Rotgers Shirley Sessler Lee Fisher Marjorie McCown Glenn Boheman Shirlene Hinders Arthur Miller Delores Benning Kenneth Meinders Shirley Schafer Barbara Hofmeister Irene Krise Robert Rotgere Lorna Jane Knight H4 Mx ? 41 fi? ,Asa kg Wx ffl 'ji L ,'N '! ff "'7 'WI HHH I lL 1 x xLlll'lliLU1lil FRESHME Q 5 ' I V-X1f- ' N 5' w 1 f Y. NL .., ' 1 . . K. Q 'Q X I 1 - Q S S 4 14 .11 I ii f . . President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasure CLAS Vern Achtermann Donna Wolf Norma Frerichs Donavon Schlegel ilu- 4.Vf V-FB. ' , , . 5 A 'J :N 1.0 . X, ., S , 1 "' 'Wu . 4 K ' ,wif 44- I -f 7:90 Q o is ,",'fq2-' N V I R . 'Q f E' 'C 7 w to ,Z ' .v Q ' x 2 F... I -.H Nqa Q 'ff S OFFICERS Student - - - Jean Ryken Council - - Darold Sprain Sponsors - - Miss Buzicky Miss Jacob ABSENT Jaan Ryken - - Darlene Freeso Norma Frerichs Joann Rops Dorothy Aswegen Eugene Beving Donna Bergman Charles Dobbs Joan Heinz Lawrence Vanderwerf Donna Wolf Harold Burma Nevamae Beving Edward Ubben Charlene Roth Bernard Murra Shirley Heitland . J .F Hn 1-as W I., :L 5. Q- f Z . N , e ' 6154 1 sy' Q , , 3 .NM A ,, ' L ,P ., Li X. 43 qc 5 -35' s n 1. 4 A! I H- - .. ,. W wi , I: QQ K W , W 41, tiff! ." :Ft -' ,LOA " v' 4 T " ' - cl ,nl 11-.4 , F' , ,... 1 1 ,' - ,1 Q' L .... fig all fa A .-Zn qv 1 f Darlene Miller Gordon Sietsema Norma Hanig Vincent Scallon Lorraine Vanderwerf George Folkerts Rosemary Rieken Charles Abkes Doris Smith Donavon Schlegel Berdine Toomsen Jack Croker Harriett Schultz Vern Achtermann Patricia Meyer Harvey Abbas Shirley Timmons Darold Sprain ai F5 IEIUHTH UIIAIIE fr' as AL Top Row: Donald Richtsmeier, Norma Harken, LaVonne Mooi, Sherman Aldinger, Stanley Weber, Gene Noble, Anna Johnson, LeRoy Benning, Darwin Miller. Middle Row: Jake Koop, Grace Smith, Shirley Pies, Mildred Benning, Lauretta Humke, Shirley Vanderwerf, Mary Ann Boelman, Josephine Mulder, Walter Kreimeyer, Jimmy Wolf. Front Row: Lorraine Roegner, Maxine Benning, Duane Abbas, Mary'Ann Winters, Rita Heitland, Audrey Kahle, David Kaus, Larry Neal, Martha VanHove. .' ,VIENTH an IIE .XZ fl Top Row: Darlene VanHeiden, Frank Bartling, Marvin Clawson, Newlyn DeBerg, Junior Frerichs, Rodney Kreimeyer, Keith Burman. Middle Row: Donna Abbas, Dale Kreimeyer, Richard Humke, Jean Stowe, Wayne Brass, John Schafer, Joan Munier, Sharon Freese. Front Row: Herumn Aldinger, Robert Ryken, Dean Roelfs, Freddie Sailer, Delbert Kreimeyer, Alan Fedge, Billy Bissell. Schweertman. Middle Row: Alvin Wubbena, Meint Hueeman, Janice Barrington, Josephine Dobbs, Donna Heffelmeier, Lester uller, Marlene Greenfield. Front Row: Floyd Miller, Duane Hosch, Richard Stauffacher, Dorothy Wubbena, Marilyn Cobie, Sharon Diemer. Top Row: Mary Humke, Gene Miller, Virginia Clawson, Gordon Ploeger, Roger Reints, Shirley M ai ,X ' I , ...S-. ...L ACTIVITIES C, I '1I,.N ,X Jyv N ,f - X, , 'myff Qkix ' ,M MVQ N' Y J f xx K 4 I it glxlb ,W 'Nh y' 25 ..+ L si alional Honor Society ' A 'NA' 'ff G Mfv' 1 'X' f-31 -1, we .5-I . ry Q 'fir I ca ,eg 'vu avr' Back row: Shirley Klein, Francis Kearney, Thelma Weber Front row: Mary Lou Kahle, Donald Achtermann, Marjorie Weber Itudonl Council fu Q1-rag. C3 T Z7 Q' wk W5 Gall Back row: Duane Abbas, Shirley Sessler Vern Achtermann Jean Ryken, Rita Heitland, Alan Fedge. Middle row: Shirley Schweertman, Darold Sprain, Jerry Thaden, Daryl Becker, Gene Scallon, Donald Johnson. Front rows Gordon Ploeger, Barbara Clawson, Donald Achtermann, Francis Kearney, Dorothy Kuper, Stanley Weber. 3 'b Y-TEE S , wi C7 L Marjorie Sessler, Marilyn Meyer, Marjorie Weber Norma Oelmann, Shirley Klein, Thelma Weber OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . Shirley Klein Vice President . . Marilyn Meyer Secretary . . . . . Marjorie Weber Treasurer . . . . . . Marjorie Sessler Program Chairman . . . . Thelma Weber Social Chairman . . . . . Norma Oelmann Service Chairman . . Frances Schoeneman The Y-Teens made a lot of new friends at their annual Y-Then Mix on Septem- ber l5. A total of 66 girls joined the club this year, making it a very ac- tive organization. Some of the program topics were: Dating, Makeup, Music, Good Grooming, and International Y-Teens. Meetings were held twice a month. Many social activities are promoted by the Y-Teens. Again this year, the club sponsored a semi-formal dance, 'Frosted Fantasy' at the Legion Hall or December 22. The occasion was invitational--each girl bringing a guest. The annual Mother - Daughter Tea was held on May M. As a money-raising project this year, the girls sold personal stationery. The Y-Teens also participated in a Y. W. World Fellowship Drive and sent a gift to a foreign Y.W.C.A. On October 7, fifteen girls attended the annual fall conference held at Mason City. At this conference, Marjorie Weber was elected district secretary for the coming year. Also in October the Y-Teen homecoming float, 'An Old Woman in the Shoe,' received first prize. The Y-Teen financed and published the Argus,asem1-monthly school newspaper. Mary Lou Kahle was editor and Marjorie Sessler acted as business manager. The Argus appeared promptly at four o'c1ock every other Thursday and had a circu- lation of 200. -ff Future Farmers Back rows H. Burma V. Scallon E. Bevin F. K A. Abb B. nnrr V. Steffen, D. stefan, K. Muller H. firms. earnaiddle reefs' M. Abbag: L. Fisher, J. Humke, D. Sprain, C. Abkes, M. Janssen D. Lindaman, V. Heet- land, G. olkersb Mr. Halstead. Front rows K. Heinders, H. DeBerg, E. Ub- ben, E. Harken, . Wiarda, D. Dass, B. Rotgers, C. Rotgers, R. Hevenhoven. OFFICERS President' . . . . . Darrell Dass Vice President . . Donald Lindaman Secretary .... Francis Kearney Treasurer . . . Willard DeBerg Reporter . . . . Kenneth Muller Sentinel . . . Albert Abbas Adviser . . . Mr. Halstead PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES The F.F.A. handled the sale of a carload lot of seed potatoes. The boys made cement hog troughs in shop for sale to hog raisers. Many soils throughout the community were tested for lime content. Seeds were tested for germination and purity for many farmers. A number of corn yield tests were made using corn supplied by a hybrid corn producing company. Albert Abbas had the highest yield--99 bushels per acre. A Dairy Judging Team, consisting of Robert Rotgers, Lee Fisher, Kenneth Muller, and Virgil Heetland, placed high in Judging cattle at the Dairy Congress. Boys entering the Speaking Contest were: Lee Fisher Public Speaking, Francis Kearney, Extemporaneous Speakingg Vincent Scallon, FFA Creedg and a Parliamen- tary Prooedure team composed of Darrell Dass, Merlin Janssen, Albert Abbas, Marvin Abbas and Donald Lindaman. The Ackley FFA Basketball team met teams from surrounding towns and won three games while losing none. On the team were: D. Steffen R. Rotgers, M. Abbas A. Abbas V. Steffen F. Kearney, and W. DeBerg. The FFA also had a softball team that was active ln the summer. For the first time this year, the chapter bought several gilts and gave them to members to feed and raise. Members in return will give the chapter first, third and fifth choices of the litter. Last year 15 of the FFA members spent a 5 day vacation at Clear Lake. They en- joyed doing their own cooking and cabin cleaning and fishing, boating, swim- ming and skating. 1.4 Jn ' rs Pl Y' l UNCLE FRED FLITS BY Presented on November 17 and 18, l9h9 Pongo Twistleton . The Crumpet . . . Uncle Fred . . . A Maid . . . . . Julia Parker . . . Wilbur Robinson . Mr. Parker . . . . Mrs. Parker . . Judge Basher . . . Lady Duff-Wilson . Mary . . . . . . . Miss Dougal . . Miss Spencer . A Policeman . . . CAST 0 0 Donald Achtermann . Merlin Janssen . . Daryl Becker . Patricia Raber . Norma Oelmann . Darwin Munier . Darrell Dass . Lucile Claassen . Francis Kearney . . Marilyn Meyer . Louella DeVries . . Shirley Klein Norma Schachterle . . Louis DeVries Uncle Fred gets his greatest pleasure from dragging his age nephew Pongo through one bewildering scrape after another the length of introducing Pongo, as a deaf veterinarian come of a parrot, to Julia, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. It is love at first sight for Pongo who has to contend with Julia's obnoxious suitor Wilbur and her parents before this romance comes to a happy ending. with the aid of his dramatic critic and vides the romantic that three o'clock Officers Brophy and understand. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Presented on April 18, 1951 Abby Brewster . . Rev. Dr. Harper . Teddy Brewster . Officer Brophy . Officer Klein . . Martha Brewster . Elaine Harper . . Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs . . . . Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein . . Officer O'Hara . Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon . CAST o Q 4 o . Verla Janssen . Darrell Dass . . Daryl Becker Ronald Sietsema . Russell Beving . Shirley Klein . Mary Lou Kahle . Don Achtermann . . . Ed Boyenga . LaVern Muller . . Marvin Fritz . Merlin Janssen Francis Kearney . Darwin Munier reluctant, teen- He even goes to 'to pare the claws Abby and Martha Brewster are two rich spinsters who kill lonely old men out of sympathy. Teddy their nephew is just certain he is Theodore Roosevelt. Jon- athan, Teddy's brother is a hardened criminal, who escapes the law for a time plastic surgeon, Dr. Einstein. Mortimer Brewster is a the only normal Brewster in the bunch. Elaine Harper, pro- interest plus some varied comedy when her father decides is not time for a decent young girl to be brought home. Klein think they know the Brewsters. But they don't know about unsuspecting men like Mr.Gibbs and Mr. Witherspoon who are offered elder- berry wine. Lieutenant Roone and Officer O'Hara mi ht t a but O'Hara is too concerned with his prospective novel, a2dPRdggg?njggtn5gegg?t 4A HIGH QUFIETY Dear Jane, I got to looking through an old scrapbook the other day and found some pictures of the good old days at A.H.S. Wasn't '51 the class? Remember our banquet, NCinderella Balln? Peggy, our artist, drew and painted Cinderella and Prince Charming and all the little birds and mice. Remember how the rest of the class slaved over gardenias, pump- kin-coach programs and chandeliers? Will you ever forget that last-minute rush? What finally did hold the castle up? We drove and drove for violets for the castle-One lonely clump! The night came and so did the seniors of 1950 Were they surprised! Hal At least the meal was a surprise. No one expected a tree in their desert. The meal was served by Cinderellas and Prince Charmings. Entertainment during the banquet con- sisted of the usual speeches, a dance by Two Fairies the Knight Twins, and a song by our Three Little birds, Norma, Thelma, and Lorraine. Lee Baron furnished the music for the dance. During the evening Marjorie Sessler and Ronald Sietsema, as Cinderella The next the rest of washed dishes all afternoon I must get back to work now. Write and tell me what you remember of A.H.S. fn! Sfgd Whkomg and Prince Charming, led in a dance. day some of us went to Vieshea while us dismantled our masterpiece. We all morning and carried our rocks -- no classes, ah! Yours truly, Judy Dear Judy, Your letter really brought back memories! We certainly were the classl In my mind the Y-Teen Formal, NFrosted Fantasyn, was the high-light of the year. It was a time to dress up and have fun. The Legion Hall was surely disguised with the snow all around the snowmen, the evergreens and little animals and the main centerpiece. Wasn't it fun working on that center decoration and trying to make that house stay together and appear as if it had electricity? Charlene Roth was crowned queen. Remember the punch? Something not so formal was our high school parties. Not many danced but we did have fun, aiamt ve? Especially doing the decoration! as seniors, we put on a Valentine's party. Everyone made cupids and hearts but who covered that lamp! The last Y-Teen function of the year was the with the old and new presi- we were the class! I wonder ever had such good times! Mother-Daughter Tea, dents pouring. Yes, if any other one has Your classmate, lailillg Jane 4- - IA, '91 GIRL' UlEE l'lllIl f,2HHXdHlllll Back row: Shirley Heitland, Delores Benning, Rosemary Hieken, Barbara Clausen, Lucile Claassen, Irene Pohlman, Shirley Schafer, Dorothy Kuper, Verlyn Weber, Phrilyn Meyer, Frances Schoeneman, Harriet Schultz, Middle row: Jean Ryken, Ruth Lindaman, Barbara Hof- meister, Norma Arends, Lenora Koenen, Frances Kaus, Eleanor Peters, M rjorie Weber, Eunice Clawson, Pat Meyer, Donna Wolf, Charlene Roth, Front row: Hat Raber, Norma Hanig, Irene Krise, Darlene Oelmann, Shirley Sessler, Darlene Freese, Shirley Klein, Lorraine Oelman, Erma Freese, Norma Oelmann, Lorna Knight, Thelma Weber, hiss Buzicky. OFFICERS President . . . . . . . Marilyn Meyer . Vice President . . . . Norma Oelmann Secretary-Treasurer . . Shirley Klein Social Chairmen . . . . Thelma Weber Barbara Hofmeister Librarians . . . . Marjorie Weber Barbara Clawson The Girls Glee Club of 1951, under the direction of Miss Cleta Buzicky, appeared at numerous occasions this year. They presented two numbers at the Christmas Program and two at the Spring Musicale. They also sang for the County Council meeting on March 8. The Girls Sextette and Trio are always popular groups. The Sextette sang for the Women's Club, the County Council, and took part in the Christmas Pro- gram and Spring Musicale. The Girls Trio sang at the Thanksgiving Program. All three girls vocal groups entered the State Music Contest. V. Weber, E. Freese, L. Oelmann T. Weber, R. Lindaman, B. Hofmeister V. Weber, L. Oelmann, B. Hofmeister .-.1 ixvd l'h0rus J. .lv f. A .. Q - vie Back row: Delores Benning, Iucile Claassen, Irene Pohlman, hrbara Clawson, Russell Richtsmeier, Ronald Sietsem, Merlin Janssen, Donald Achterman, Stanley Heber, Phrilyn Meyer, Frances Schoeneman, Dorothy Kuper, Shirley Schafer. Middle row: Miss Buzicky, Ruth Lindannn, Barbara Hofmeister, Ienom Koenen, Norm. Arende, Donald Richtsmeieg Dhlter Kreimeyer, Kenneth Muller, Kenneth Meinders, Eleanor Peters, lhrjorie Heber, Thelna Heber Frances Kaus, Verlyn Weber. Front row: Patricia Haber, Ihrlene Oelmann, Shirley Klein, Shirley Heitland, Jack Croker, Verne Achternnnn, Donsvon Schlegel, Ibvid Kaus, Lorraine Oelnnnn, Ernn. Freese, Norm Oelnnnn, Lorna Knight. The Mixed Chorus sang for the Christmas Program and the Spring Mu- sicale, and also entered the State Music Contest. Although the Boys Chorus did not enter the Music Contest, they performed at some programs at school. The Mixed Chorus of 1951 proved to be a great success and the boys and girls had a grand time working together and practicing their numbers. Buys l'h0rus hck row: Verne Achternnnn, Donovan Schlegel, Kenneth Muller, George Folkerts, Lee Fisher, Walter Kreimeyer, Donald Riohtemeier, Jack Croker, Ihvid Kaus. Front row: Billy Humke, Kenneth Meinders, Don Achtermnn, Russell Riohtsmeier, Stanley Weber, Ronald Sietsene., Merlin Janssen, Miss Busicky. OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . Merlin Janssen Vice President . . . . . Donovan Schlegel Secretary-Treasurer . . Russell Richtsmeier Librarians . . David Kaus, Verne Achtermenn A Cornets HA Il Clarinets TE31Eif1W5ber Barbara Clawsona Shirley Sesslera Lucile Claassen Sharon Diemsr Dennis Fear Harriet Ricksmeier Maxine Sailer Joan Munier Allen Risius Maxine Benning Martha Van Hove Lauretta Humke, Alto Verla Janssen, Bassa Flute PETE? Kroll Oboe Vliginia Clawson Bassoon Verlyn Weber Drums Irene Krise Merlin Janssen Ruth Lindamana Dale Kreimeyer Bette Neymeyer Charlene Roth Lorna Knight Norma Frsrichs 4Solo1st ,ff-' OFFICERS Pres. --------- Vice Pres. ---- Sec.-Treas.--- Soc. Chairman- Publicity ------- Saxa hones Don Achtermann Marjorie Weber Thelma Weber Frances Schoeneman Lowell Borchers Verla Janssen ar yn eyera Merlin Janssen Robert Ryken Barbara Hofmeister, Tenorw Jimmy Wolf, Tenor Don Achtermann, Baritone Donnie Schlegel Shirley Heitland Donna Wolf Frances Schoeneman David Kaus Trombones 31-5136 Walter Kreimsyer Erma Freese Marvin Clawson Baritone Marlorle Weberi Tubas Verne Achtermanna Lovell Borchers Shirley Schafer French Horns Frances Kansa Eunice Clawson Darlene Miller Marlene Greenfield 1 X 'I W JD! SMALL GROUPS Clarinet Quartet Thelma Weber Barbara Clawson Lauretta Humke Verla Janssen Saxaghone Quartet Marilyn Meyer Merlin Janssen Barbara Hofmelster .kin N1 Don Achtermann Woodwind Quintet Patsy Kroll Virginia Clawson Frances Kaus Shirley Sessler Verlyn Weber Drum Ensemble Lorna Knight Ruth Lindaman Merlin Janssen Irene Krige TWIRLERS Lorna Knight Myrna Knight Dorothy Finger Irene Krise Marilyn Meyer, Drum Major ai PW on Q. A Q-s"'2-115 gi ,yn iw +W- ,Y G Q ' 1 ' . gli ' v EAM JW- B k . 4 ff' ' lkh. X 3 1- Q g gli' f .Jn fm f lf' , I f ffl: .1 1.1 in Il .1 Ladies in white . . . Contest brasses . . . Sax solos . . . Music Maestro . . . Woodwind quintet -- a little of everything . . . Two Bb's and a Bass - to contest . . . Music for games with student conductors 0 ahanahanahg... wearums.. Sax Quartet. Missing -- Clarinet Quartet. ..-,-.- iq llll 1 ale lllll vf!"la FQ:- ma Ai' QA ?x ,AYQN-Ax X N :xx uv '- ' 4 ,I ff f-'7- X1 'X ,1 A9 f X.. X f 1 lllllllllllll 11 .1 HUilLlLUlll ATHLETICS Q 8 ff - . ,. K X 'I J N 1 Xtf Q X Q .,,. X Q X 1 1 x K Q 5 x X ll3"bxx, X. MA - . r , . , 7 , v H an - f 1 he 'ggi :Ei g 4 I f g a A -J' 34iP?x .i, i fi 5. 1 X ' 7 44 fit: aa, as L52 e in ll?.'i:lao.gB04.129, Back Row: Ass't Coach Engel, G.Folkerts, D.Lindaman, G.Sietsema, G.Scallon, M.Abbas, V.Steffen, D.Kaus--Mgr, Coach Bowen Second Row: J.Thaden K.Knoll W.DeBe R.R t D.Wi d . A.M1ller, G.Boheman, R.Nevenhoven,rE:DeVriegsfigr. ar a, R Richtsmsier' Front Row: D.sserfen F.Kearne R.s1 t L.m 11 R Be E.Boyenga, L.Borchers, K.Muller, v.scii1on 6 sem' u er' ' ving' FIIIITI! ll With ten returning letter winners,the Ackley Raiders could do no more than win two games. Although the breaks went the wrong way, many thrills and indi- vidual stars highlighted the football season. The Raiders will be looking to next season, to many experienced veterans plus some promising prospects. Ackley lost its first football game to a big Hampton team. The score was 27-6. The second half was played on even terms, each team scoring once. R. Sietsema scored Ackley's touchdown. At the League Jamboree the Raiders defeated the Reinbeck Rams, 7-6. Siet- sema reeled off a long run which was the highlight of the game. Ackley came off the field with a victory over the West Waterloo Sophs. The scoring credit goes to Scallon, Sietsema and Steffen for a 20-6 victory. Oppold DeBerg and Steffen were stars on defense. In an afternoon battle, Ackley defeated LaPcrte City by a score of 27-19. Knoll's 60-yard touchdown run was spectacular and Scallon scored twice. Playing their first conference game, the Raiders bowed to Traer, 13-O. Don Steffen played a whale of a game on defense. Beving was a standout in the line. Ackley's conference hopes were shattered by a determined Grundy eleven. They passed to a 19-O victory although Ackley outgained them on the ground. A large homecoming crowd saw the Raiders lose 19-O. The Raiders did every- thing to outbattle the Teachers High team in the second half, but their fu bles kept them on the scoreless side. Kearney intercepted a pass as the game ended. The Raiders lost a hard fought game to the Eldora Tigers by the score of 13-6. G. Sietsema scored for Ackley. Kearney, Muller, Sietsema, Steffen and DeBerg were tops for Ackley. The Ackley Raiders wound up their season with a 26-13 loss to Reinbeck. Long runs highlighted the game. Kearney's 80-yard touchdown came in the second quarter. G. Sie sema scored late in the game. 'G DARWIN WIARDA--L.T.--Big tackle . . . every game brought improvements. ALVIN MILLER--R.L.--Biggest guard in conference . . . rugged on defense. JOE OPPOLD--R.T.--Husky tackle . . . . best all around game against W. Waterloo Sophs. RONALD NEVENHOVEN--R.T.--Good capable lad . . . showed lot of fighting spirit. JERRY THADEN--R.E.--Signal caller . . . . small end who ustolen passes from de- fenders. DONALD STEPFEN--Q.B.--Elected co-captain . . . bearcat on defense . . . fine blocker and linebacker. MARVIN ABBAS--Q.B.--Small but powerful . . . good Raider possibility next season. KEITH KNOLL--L.G.--Came thru when the chips were down . . . . speedy open-field runner. GENE SCALLON--F.B.--Small nifty fullback . . . ranked top in yardage gained . next season will see a lot of his fight. GLENN BOHEMANN--R.E.--Good capable reserve . . . has two more years to show his stuffs ROBERT ROTGERS--L.T.--Sophomore member of squad . . . terrific on defense. VINCENT STEFFEN--C.--First year iron man . . . took part in most games. GORDON SIETSEMA--F.B.--Freshman fullback . . . suffered a first game injury . . came back late in season to exhibit great possibilities . . . . . will be a triple threat to opponents next season. RONALD SIETSEMA--R.H.--Scatback who was hard on opponents all season . . open field running was terrific . . . one of two top ground gainers. FRANCIS KEARNEY--L.H.--Tailback . . . probably led conference in kickoff returns . . . best defensive game against T.C. . . . lots of spirit and hustle. WILLARD DE BERG--L.E.--Good pass receiver . . . strong defensively . . . will be one of top ends in conference next season. RUSSELL BEVING--L.G.--Short and rugged . . . a bone crusher on defense . . . . , elected co-captain . . . one of top guards in conference . . . . will leave a hard-to-fill gap. LAVERN MULLER--R.G.--Small but mighty . . . . . . agile movements gave opponents a rugged time . . . keen on knocking down short passes. EDWARD BOYENGA--R.H.--A terror on defense . . . . . best all around game against Grundy . . . will be missed in the defensive spot . . . the memory of hard and rugged tackles lingers with T.C. . ye 4 , 1 Q , . ai ' " , as , A .L . , , 1 . 1 Kearney Sietsema Beving Boyenga Muller Il .'l4ETIl ll A gil-45 Back row: Donavon Schlegel Vincent Scallon Keith Knoll, Jerry Thaden, Merlin Janssen Gordon Sietsema Gene Scallon, Kenneth Muller Don Johnson, Jack Groker, Eugene Bevlng. Front rows Mr. Engel, David Kaus, Lee Fisher, Glenn Boheman, Russell Richtsmeier, Darrell Dass, Joe Oppold, Darwin Wiarda, Darold Sprain, Mr. Bowen. Merlin Janssen, Glenn Boheman, Darrell Dass, Gene Scallon and Gordon Sietsema had the task of carrying the burden of Ackley's basketball season. Ackley played a lot of good ball for a young, inexperienced team. The lack of material proved to be the big factor in Ackley's unsuccessful season--one vic- tory and fourteen losses. Darrell Dass at 6' 3U was the tallest man on the squad. He favored pass- ing the ball instead of shooting, had a deadly long set shot for a center, and rebounded well under both baskets. His best game was against Eldora. Merlin Janssen was the blond forward who had lots of ability to score. His specialty of one hand push shots from far out helped Ackley along when the chips were down. Gene Scallon maintained a 7.2 point average for the season to lead all scorers. He proved himself a reliable ball handler who had plenty of speed to match. Glenn Boheman was the sophomore lad who was tough under both boards with his rebounding power. Glenn hit his scoring stride against La Porte City with a total of 18 points. Gordon Sietsema was the freshman guard who played like a veteran in every respect. His scoring punch and ball handling was a decisive factor at times when Ackley needed a boost. Keith Knoll proved to be a dependable substitute. His ball hawking and rebounding kept the Raiders rolling. lntra- urals This has been a real year for champions in the intra-mural sport program at Ackley High School. Students saw some good ball games and some potential ball players in the noon basketball league. The program has been designed for three basic reasons: C17 to promote good sportsmanship among players, C27 to provide entertainment for students during the noon hour and C33 to build up the physical strength of the players. took top honors with a 5-l record, bow- . Marilyn Meyer was top scoring leader can't be overlooked are Erma J. Freese, Schachterle, Elizabeth Arends and Louella In the girls league the seniors ing to the juniors in the final game on the team. Others who certainly Verla Janssen, Irene Pohlman, Norma Devries. There were many players from the other classes who showed up well. To mention a few: Ruth Lindaman, Myrna Knight, Lorna Knight, Shirley Sessler Jean Ryken, Harriet Schultz, Betty Neymeyer, Frances Schoeneman, Marjorie Weber. ,In the boys league the Juniors and seniors ended the season with a 5-1 record to tie for top honors. The seniors boasted such players as LaVern Muller, Ron Sietsema Daryl Becker, Russ Beving, Don Achtermann Francis Kearney and Louis DeVrles. For the juniors it was the little mighty mites-- Lowell Borchers, Albert Abbas, Don Lindaman, Marvin Abbas, Don Steffen and Willy DeBerg. STANDINGS Boys Girls w L W L Seniors 5 l Seniors 5 1 Juniors 5 1 Freshmen 3 3 Sophomores l 5 Juniors 2 Freshmen 1 5 Sophomores 2 M Career Da The second annual Career Day was held at Ackley High on February 15 under the sponsorship of the Ackley Rotary Club. Seniors from Aplington, Steamboat Rock, Parkersburg and Geneva attended the program as well as seniors, Juniors and sophomores of Ackley. Program Address--NThe Ladder to Successn . . G. E. Holmes, Iowa State College Engineering . . . . . J. K. Wakup, Head of Gen'l Engineering, I.S.C. Home Economics . . . . . Miss Beatrice Donaldson, Ass't Professor of Institution Management, I.S.C. Agriculture .Louis Thompson, Head of Farm Operation Curriculum,I.S.C. Merchandising and Salesmanship . .James A. Sartin, Penney's, Waterloo High School Teaching . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald Howard, I.S.T.C. Elementary Teaching . . . . . . . . . Miss Rebecca Baker, I.S.T.C. Business Office Workers . . . . . . . Walter Obele, Office Manager Rath Packing Co., Waterloo Nursing . . . . Mrs. Dean Creger, R.N. and Mrs. F. W. Houlihan R.N. Skilled Trades . . Lowell L. Carver, Head of Industrial Educ., I.S.C. Work in the F.B.I ........ . . . William C. Hopkins, Mason City Armed Services for Women . . . . . . . . . Miss Beatrice Donaldson Armed Services for Men . . . . . . . . Dr. Louis Thompson 7 lluh Letter winners in Raider Athletics automatically became members of the S':' HAH Club. Gold sweaters with purple nA'sU shine forth as a badge of mem- bership. The WAN Club honored Don Steffen and Russell Beving, by choosing them honorary co-captains for this year. The annual Football Banquet was given by the Commercial Club on November 30. Mr. Dick Claussen, Coe College football mentor, was the speaker. Letters were awarded the team members at the banquet. l'l'p l'Iuh The Pep Club starte 'D - 3-,3 the year under Mr. Bogart, who went into the service after the first six weeks. Mr. Creger was named new sponsor. New cheer leaders were elected: Lorna Knight, Irene Krise, Myrna Knight, and Shirley Sessler. The officers of Pep Club are: president, Shirley Sess- ler vice president: Lowell Borchers, treasurer: Frances Schoeneman, and secretary: Shirley Klein. The Pep Club bus accompanied the team to out of town games. Does everyone remember the unscheduled stop at Grundy, after the Reinbeck game? Somehow those hamburgers didn't taste so good swallowed whole. The club also had They sold emblems and Their originality ating was shown when a money raising project. Ra1der's signs. and capacity for decor- Homecoming rolled around. Although the float d1dn't win first prize every one agreed it was different. Don furnished the car for the queens but Mr. Boyd, because of his driver training experience, was chosen to drive. Queen Frances and Attendants Shirley and Darlene enjoyed leading the parade for Ackley's Homecoming on October 20. . . . The Seniors, relying heavily on the girls, produced a mock wedding where the football team married Victory. Peggy made a blushing Victory and there's Irene as the football team. Norma Arends tied the knot . . . The eighth grade were ready to put T. C. High in 'Acklecatraz' in addition to cries of 'Crush .,-, V . 'em W nGas 'em.n The Sophomores UL' lk ,MK ' N. were not so violent. They parked Teachers on an orange crate and ,Q kept them there ..... The Y-Teen won first prize with the N0ld Woman in the Shoe.n Here are Louella and Mary Lou putting on Pts' the finishing touches. Norma Hanig was the Old Woman! -V .971 1 'I 0 X Q, 4 I A 1 - 'Q I . 1' an f I X , I . N A fs' 4- . f ! 'Ea' N ' A 'LVL -,Q 7 Q q . .g.,. .'...., ACKUCA WAX if 11.11 ll fl Jfcaf filly . . 0 f J! Greet your friend To every Open the Starting girl and door and time the and say hello every fellow. I enter in. bell says when. ,-fl English class begins at nine o'clock. Pleasant dreams must be then under lock. Thoughts turn to authors, prose and poetry. Without a thought to where we'd like to be. Noon hours are tiresome and long, That's the senior boys's song. So away to their cars they fly. But harkl here comes Stark on the sly. Four o'c1ock and time for the busy Away we go without much fuss. Our day is ended, but where did the teachers go? Oh yes, it's lunchtime for them you know. Pix of 2 lhv Past 1 ...K Q 3. fm- 7 . Q34 Q 'iff W X N , fr lywgx XJ JMR xg! LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma U, Daryl B, Norma S, LaVern, Maxine, Norma A, Louis and Louella, Don, Darwin, Shirley, Ronald, Darrell D, Merlin, Darlene, Pat, Mariorie, Francis, Peggy, Ed, Verla, Elizabeth, Norma O, Irene, Russell, Luc le, Erma, Mary Lou, Marilyn, Lorraine, Lois. ON RATTLE: Thelma, Marvin XX I X f,' L- P-Q .AX 'W , 5 X- QQ QRS, 1" 1. N N A AN XJ X ': xjf x' - J Rx NNN ff ADVERTISING .f V as . , A X Q 1. X "1 YK ix ' K 1 -5- Q ,f--Q: AA We wish to express our deepest appreciation to the following business houses and business men for their cooperation in helping to make this 'Torch ol' l9Sl" possible. Schoeneman Imglement Co. Farmers Elevator Company I.H.C. -- ontiac phone 3321 R. A. Weber Jolly Mi11er,s Thermogas Gas Dealer R. H. Griffel Tavern D.V.M. Gardner's South Side Dairy Diamonds watches Je'1ery Roegner's D.X. Grade A Products L, D, Roegngr Hofme1ster's Ford Shugar Food Store Drew's Shoe Store Quality Groceries R Meats Quality Shoes For The Family A. D. Weaver Drugs Boyenga Hatchery Fred Althouse Ed. Boyenga Barber Shop Giese Standard Station Roth Rexall Drug Store R. L. Probasco, D.D.S. Mershon's Store Dry Goods-Variety-Floor Covering Rube Fisher D0nte1'g Billiard Parlor The Quality Store Ackley State Bank Bolexi1der's Barber Shop Tegens Sf - 10 Store Bil St b M . V 1 t I handi rags urs' gr 'Corner Shoe Store' ar 0 y are so P 1 Ba C. J. Doepke L ' o ar r ynk s Russell Knight Cafe and Party Room Aldinger Mach. k Repair Shop Massey Harris Parts Service Will L. Meyer H. W. Ricksmeier General Contractor Kash R Kary Lawyer - Tax Service Groceries Weber Motor Co. Sletsema k Fritz Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Furniture k Funeral Service Wilson Hatchery Croker's Cafe Goettel k Son Quality Foods L1mburg,s B iardale Store Shoe Repair k Leather Craft Carstens B others Dr. E. H. Witt Hardware Dentist Ackley Cleaners Quality Cleaning Ackley Bakery F1sher's Clothing Fresh Rolls a Pastries Clothing, Furnishings k Shoes Bob's Place Townsend R Merrill Co. where Friends meet Ackley, Iowa Pries Grocery R Market Millggbsgpaifligrviee William Marschall Quality Clothing garghaggrggggtgg Ridout 011 Company Zacharias D-X Station . Texaco Product. E. A. Coordes HarkE:?2ogg1?Q?ggnnb6n Your John Deere Dealer Ruth Ann Beauty Salon Expert Service Frudden Lumber Co. Ackley Remin er A Good Place To Trade Advertising Photographs by Hollett Studios, Waterloo, Iowa 4 .H a S in "4 gf. ' , .. -.07-.,:7 ,Jr :p-..5--.,. vfffx 'iqiffiff :fl -ff :rg--111511 ,.l..lf:.. - E1 . .ff , N -,:Qf' x-ff.-5. s ',-" 5,1 x

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