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.ylczdzzw CSM IQ-42 ES Z? ACI-HLLES I-HGH SCI-IQOL AQTHLLES VIRGINIA PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF I g, 0TCl4f0'C6 The stoff of the l942 edrtlon of the Achllles Shleld hos mode on honest ond sincere effort to reolnze Its privilege of recordmg o truly represento trve hustory of our olmo moter for one yeor of nts exustence No greoter treosure hoth no mon than mem orues so we the stoff present you fellow students wtth thus fourth volume of the Achnlles Shueld Moy the p1ctures ond words herem keep olert your love for Achilles Hugh School T O ,.- , . . ,, , . ,, . 1 1 1 - A 11 V - 11 -1 .t 66ZLCdfL0n Snnce thus book represents c school whos wotchword hos been progress It as alto gether flttmg ond proper thot It be deducoted to one who hos been cmd IS ever alert for any possubrluty to furthur the progress of Achllles Hugh School Therefore we the senlor class of Achilles Hugh School dedlcote thus fourth volume ofthe Achilles Shield to our prlncl pol Mr Moynord W Berryman os o token of our respect odmnrotuon and offectlon which he so securely holds THRU: I I D . . - "' I r 1 I I 11 - - 11 - - 1 ' ' I 1 1 ACHILLES HIGH SCHOOL ACI-IILLES VIRGINIA Gloucester County School Board J W KENNEY, Supermtendent MRS M ELSIE KEMP Clerk E B BROWN Chairman S D BUNTINC- JOHN F WIATT FIVE . J 43 M W BERRYMAN Prlnclpal MRS M T HARRIS Instructor un Mathematics Lnbrornan Washmgton College MISS AMELITA LINTHICUM Instructor un United States Hlstory Socual Studles and Bnology Mary Washmgton College MISS CLEADA MILLER Instructor In Home Economics Madnson College Faculty :IX Instructor un Government and Chemnstry Hampden Sydney College MRS M S JOHNSON Instructor un Unuted States Hnstory Geography and Scuence Mary Washnngton College MRS JAMES ROWE Instructor nn Englnsh and Latin College of Wlllnam and Mary MISS KATHRYN ROWE Seventh Grade College of Wllllam and Mary MRS S F CUNNINGHAM Seventh Grade Central State Teachers College MRS CECIL PAGE Suxth Grade College of Wulllam and Mary an Harrlsonburg College MISS MARGARET TUCKER Fnfth Grade Farmvnlle State Teachers College MISS ELISE BRISTOW Third Grade Mary Washington College Faculty Q1 SEVEN MRS HAYES HOGG A Suxth Grade College of Wllllam and Mary and Farmvulle State Teachers College MRS MARGARET CHEWNING Flfth Grade Farmvnlle State Teachers College MRS CARYLE BROWN Fourth Grade Emory and Henry College and Farmvnlle State Teachers College MISS BERTHA HAYES Second Grade College of William and Mary Student Body Officers ESTELLE CARMINE Presldent IDA MAE JENKINS Secretory , Q gifiiaff EIGHT VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD ,,,,,,,,,I ,II,,I,w.,I...I,,I,,IA.,I, I,.,.,..,I,,I I . Vice President X, , .Xia 'T' Staff of the "Ach111es Sh1eld" ESTELLE CARMINE RAYMOND HODC-ES VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD BILLY ISHKANIAN H B ROBINS Edltor In Chief Business Manager Soclal Edutor Assnstant Editor Assistant Editor WATT SEAWELL Assistant Business Manager NINE ,Xi 4 JACK POLAND ,.sA,s,ss...,s..s.,s,,.s.s..,.....s,s,.,.s.,...............,.Is... Sports Editor CLASS ES Sen1or Class Senior Class Offlcers ESTELLE CARMINE President NANCY BLAIR Secretory Treasurer MOTTO Moy we nex er have on endlng quest for knowledge COLORS Red Whlte ond Blue FLOWER Forget me not ELEVEN ANNE EDWARDS LLLL,,LLL,,L.Le.,e..4,...,uL....L ,LLLL,,LLL,LLL.L.,LLL,,LuLL,,L.,...... V ice President NOLTON ROBERT AMBROSE Pete A I want In this creation a luttle wnfe and o btg plantatuon A Presndent 40 Baseball RUTH GWENDOLYN ANDERTON Gzlznea A rare meloduous volce wnth a hurnng Interest ln everythlng Freshman Class Treasurer Or chestro Drummer and Sololst 39 ee Club 3 4 42 ep Club Presldent and Cheer Leader 4l President 42 Basketball 42 Engllsh Club President Popular Song Club Song Leader 4l mem ber 42 Home Economlcs Club 39 40 May Court 41 NANCY BLAIR Shorty She stops and speaks and smiles and fairly twtnkles on her way ee Club 39 Sophomore Class Vlce Presudent Sensor Class Secretary Treasurer Dramatic Club 4l Basketball 4l 42 Popular Song Club 41 42 AUDREY ESTELLE BROWN Doris How admirably she lives the proverb: Perseverance wins . Engish Club' Home Economics C or '39 O. my J TWELVE DORIS CLEMENTS BROWN Audaey Demure consclentlous unttrlng ln her efforts to master knowl edge Home Economlcs Club Vlce Presl dent 40 member 42 AGNES MARGUERITE BROWN Mm guerzta Happy go lucky Frank ou t spoken tn manner and speech Basketball 42 Pep Club Vlce resldent 42 EVA ESTELLE CARMIN E Essze Gifted hands that Interpret wtth rare understanding as lf she were the muse of musxc Orchestra Planlst 39 Glee Club ccampamst 3 O Popular Song Club Presldenf and ranlst 4l PIOUISI 42 Basketball 39 40 Captam 4l Co Captaun 42 Sophomore Class Prestdent Senior Class Presldent Annual Staff Asststant Editor 40 t erary Soclety Prestdent 40 Pro gram C alrman 42 S C A s tract Secretary I Newspaper Staff Managing Editor 4l Asslst ant to staff 42 Engllsh Club State Muslc Festlval Class A Plano ecflon 41 42 Annual Staff Edtor an Chtef Student Body Pres: dent County Literary Contest 39 4 DAVID BYRON CONNER Stooge No I It requures more good Judgement know when to talk than what to say . Safety rol: 39 40 ' Football: 40 415 Monogram Club. DELTA BEATRICE DAME Della Confag ous laughter bubblnng over wlth galety Glee Club 41 42 Basketball ROSELLE DEAL Blonclze Even tempered contrlbutmg to all with a smile Home Economics Club 40 Vice President 42 Softball 41 42 KATHLEEN ELIZABETH DUDLEY Kztty She takes from every second at least sixty mlnutes of happy llvrng ee Club 39 PopuIaESong Club 41 42 Basket b MARTHA LOUISA DUTTON Mopsy l-ler alry wltfrclsms and her lively dlsposltlon are like a daily tonic ee Club 42 News paper Staff Feature Edrtor 2 Basketball 40 41 42 Popular Song Club Secretary Treasurer 42 Dramatlcs Club 40 THIRTEFN VIRGINIA ANNE EDWARDS Wouter Vlvacro.1s un manner always cordnal Norfolk and Edltoruals her delight ee Club 42 Popular Song Club 41 42 Basketball 41 42 Newspaper Staff Edltor an Chief 42 Semor Class Vice Pres: dont Engllsh Club LUCY GWENDOLYN HARRIS Lucy Chang ng moods sudden gllnt mg humor and sincerity that IS not strained Gee Club 40 41 42 Bas et ball 40 4142 Lrterary Soclety Secretary Treasurer Popular Song Club 41 42 Secretary Treasurer ROBERT EDWARD HARRIS Sfooge No II power to get there conslsts In t ablllty to stuck Football La In Club 40 Baseball 41 42 Mono gram Club GEORGE RODN EY HAYES Rodney Oh love' Has she done thas to me? What shall alas become of me7' Safety Patrol Lieutenant 42 Football 39 40 41 Englnsh Club Vlce Presudent gnpgular Song Club 42 Monogram u 1 l CK !! ,, . . I . I 1 I - 11 GI : '41, ' 5 . 1 1 . , 1 I - 1 1 V- I 1 1 1 ' ,' 1 I 3 ' 5 . 11 11 11 , - I I 1 1 11 I A I I ' I I I 41, 42. .1 1, 11 1 - . , - 1 ,1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 . I - I , ' . I . , , - . 41. lt ' 37 11 - - 1 - - 11' , I, I . - 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KI !9 "Consider the postage -stamp-it's us .. , ,, 1 1 '39, '40, '41g t' ,1 . .1 1 . ' I ' I I ' ll ' !7 11 - - - - 11 GI : ' , '40, '41, '42, , 1 . GH 14 . ' ' ' u rr 11 1 , . A 1 1 1 '39, '40, '41, - 1 . 1 1 1 I .1 1 , - 1 1 1 - 1 .1 . - 1 ll !7 ,, . . . . 1 11 Gl : '40, '41, ' 5 - 1 1 . I 1 4 1 . 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 I 1 3 - 1 I - . 1 JESSE RAYMOND HODGES JR Stooge Ao III Dashing Mascullnity mingled with earnestness and common sense Football 2 Dramatic Club 41 Annual Staff Business Manager 42 Popular Song Club CHARLES MATHEW HOGG Kmg Bzlly Something naive about he boy but he will surprise you by de ttly thinking through the difficult problems F A Reporter 40 News paper Staff Art Editor 41 Foot a O 41 Baseba LAWRENCE CHRISTOPHER HOGGE 1 1taI1s A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning Football 40 41 Baseball 4l 4 MARGIE IRINE HOGGE Little Kate Constancy ability and a e- freshing friendliness. Basketball: 40 41 Co-Captain 42' Dramatic Club: 41' Glee Club: 425 Newspaper Staff: Sports Editor 'Sottballz 39 40 . onu- FOURTEEN ROSE MARIE HOGGE Roselle Much that is distunctive about this rose Home Economics Club 1 VIRGINIA ROBINS ISHKANIAN B1ll1e Honest amiable plus a knack for the unusual Freshman Class President Glee Club 39 40 41 42 Basketball 41 Dramatic Club 41 Literary ociety President 41 Popular Song Club Vice President and Song Leader 41 Song Leader 42 Annual Staff Assistant Editor 42 State Music Festival Class A vocal section 42 May Court 40 Paper Staff News Editor 41 English Club 42 Maid ot Honor IDA MAE JENKINS Susze Smartly Dressed twinkling eyes and attractive in manner Freshman Class Secretary Glee Club 39 40 41 42 Basketball 40 41 42 Student Body Secre tary 42 ALMA RUTH KING Red A storehouse ot facts already but still seeking wisdom with un abated energy Sophomore Class Secretory Treo surer Glee Club 41 42 Literary Society President 42 JENNINGS CLINE PHILLIPS Duck Taulored bnskness determuna hon a good fellow and a hard worker Latln Club 40 Vlce Presudent 4 Safety Patrol 4l Literary Society Secretary 42 Popular Song Club 42 JOHN BERNARD POLAND JR lackze Arsenw Good wall to all frnendshup to few love to one Football 39 40 Captm asketball 39 40 aseball 39 40 4l 42 Junior Class Presudent Popular Song Club 42 Newspaper Staff Business Manager 42 Annual Staff Sports President 4l Monogram Club WALLACE CLAYTON ROWE Sh elk Ambition rules my braln and love my heart Football 38 39 40 4l ase a 39 40 41 42 Basketball 39 40 41 Captaun 42 Dramatic Club Secretary 41 Popular Song Club 42 Junior Class Secretary Treasurer Sensor Class Reporter Monogram Club GEORGE WILLARD ROWE Railway Let us endeavor to so lnve that when we due even the undertaker wall be sorry Football 39 40 4l Baseball 40 4I 42 Popular Song Club 42 Monogram Club FIFTEEN DOROTHY SENORA ROWE Dot Modest tranquil and self suf :cient Softball Llterary Contest 39 O EDITH MAE ROWE E Mae Taking responslblllty In a quiet thoughtful sweet manner Home Economlcs Lubrarlan O eporter 42 Latin Club Treasur e 4l English Club Secretary ALICE VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD Gmny Beauty accented by a pleasing personality ee Club O Director 42 Basketball 42 Dra matic Club Buslness Manager 41 Pep Club Cheer Leader 4l R porter 42 Llterary Socnety Vlce Presndent 41 Program Chanrman Llterary Contest Sen or Class Hlstorson Annual Staff Social Edltor Freshman Class Vnce Presldent Student Body Vice Presndent Newspaper Staff Ass ustant Edntor 4l Assustant to staff 42 English Club May Court I May Queen 42 FANNIE BET WEST Be Sedate and quuet pursuing Knowledge an a graceful gludung fashlon Home Economics Club 40 2 English Club ll 97 fl I N f 1 ' ' Z '39, '40, '4l, '42, - , , - 4 . , . CK !Y l - . , ., I . I 3 I 1 I, l A4 I l, , f . I ll I! H V , . . . . , : 4 , . R ,' g ' : - r,' 5 ' : . , . n - , ' rr ,, , . 2 38. , , , , , , 41 - rl '4l, B . ' , ' , '4l, '42, B , 1 l . . r E V 1 1 1 I " V I .1 , - , - lf, ' I, I ' I GI : '39, '4, '4l, '42, . . . A I Edltor, '42, Luterary Socuety: Vice P9PUl9' 5999 Club- 4lf, Sludenf . , , . , . - f ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' 1 . .' I I I . , , e- . ' 5 '. 1 - ' I 1 1 ' 425. V H: 40, 41, I - I l rc ' H A ' - I ' I , ' . ' ' H 4. - H 5 A : - , , , , , , B : I : , 4 1 I -I fl 1 1 1 ' I , PHI, 1 1 1. ,f 1 I I, J . , . - I 3 I ll t!! ' ll I , ' 2 ' , '4 I U - ry ' - 'H I ' , ' , ' : I I f , , - , . ANN THOMAS WILLIAMS Tommzr' Laughter as good wholesome humor us better but to be even tempered IS best Gee Club 41 42 Basketball 42 Popular Song Club 41 42 May Court 41 gin ,HHe111uue11n Bernard Lee Robms Born August 14 1922 Died December 27 1939 SIXTEEN LOUISE CLEMENTS WILLIAMS Pate Sunny In cllsposutuon and friend ly ID manner ee Club 9 Home Economics Club Club Cheer Leader 42 May Court x A K4 1 YY J . Gl 173, '40, '41, '42g ' 1 '41g Pep '4o.' ' ' ' X H -yy rf' I 1 ' , ' 5 1 ,Ml , Z I , I , xl A YA Wifi c' Q , 4, , iv- I "- 1 Class Hlstory PROLOGUE As we the sensors of Achilles Hugh School face graduatuon the Important event for whxch we have eagerly awalted four years we face It wrth regret Looking back over the years we vlew the past four years as a play IH four acts the members of the class of 42 talang the leading roles Vte are remanded of Jaques In Shakespeares As You Luke It who sand All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players e have had our exits and entrances and each In has tume has played many parts our acts beung four ages ACT I TIME September I938 SCENE Achilles Hugh School CHARACTERS BILLY ISHKANIAN Presldent VIRGINA SHACKELFORD Vice President IDA MAE JENKINS Secretary GWENDOLYN ANDERTON Treasurer Freshman SYNOPSIS We soon learned how to adpust ourselves to the new courses passing them wuth flynng colors C75 We also took part ID extracurricular actlvntles belng represented In the annual county llterary contest by Estelle Carmune as reader and Dorothy Rowe as speller Durlng thus year we lost two of our cast Lewls Dunnaway and Bernard Lee Robins ACT ll TIME September I939 SCENE Achilles Hugh School CHARACTERS ESTELLE CARMINE President NANCY BLAIR Vlce Presudent ALMA KING Secretary Treasurer ALSO Thlty nune wise Sophomores SYNOPSIS Havnng successfully passed through the rat stage our members now began to branch out becomnng affllnated wlth the various arganazatuons In the school An outstandxng event of thus year was our attendance at the annual Wullnam and Mary Home Comung Exercises In Williamsburg Vurgnnua It was thus year that Estelle Carmine won the popularity contest and was crowned Mass Achilles of I94O lt was thus year also that Wllllam Conner Wllllam Jordan and Dorothy White dropped from our cast SEVENT EEN . , , , , , , - - , , , c,,,,,,,,.....,,., .,,c,,,,..,,.... .........,.,,c,,,,,,,.....,,,...,..... , , ..Y,,,.A..,,l...,........,.,,V,, ,,.Y,,.l.,Y.............,.,. . , .,.......................Y,.,Y.l...,..............,..,v....l............v,.A.,. . , .,.....................,,A,,,Y,.,,.......................,.,..,,.... ALSO, ....,, ....,.......................... . ,. ..,. .,.. ...................,.,,tt,,.,. F o rty timid , , 1 . , ,,.., .,.,,,, ,,,.,,,,,., I . ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,.,,,,,,,,.,,c,,,,,., ,.., . ,. , .,..,,.,,t, ,,c.,,,,.. ...,, ,,,,,,,,..A., , ..,c,,,,,,,,,,,.,....,.,.,,, , . , ,,,,.c,,,... ...,,. ,,,,, ,,,, , , , . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..... ,,,,,, , - , L,,,,,,.,c,....,,,,,,,,s...c..........,,.,,,, ,,,,.....,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,c, - , , . , . , . AC III TIME September I94O SCENE Achalles Haah School CHARACTERS JACK POLAND Presa lent WALLACE ROWE Vace Presaderat JAMES EARL Sl-IACKELEORD Secretary Treasurer ALSO Numerous Seas ned Junaors SYNOPSIS Amona the many anterestang e ents of thas year were our ts to Rach ond C attend the Passaora Play at the Mosque and thc other to compete an thc annual State Musac Eestawal We began to realaze our real amportonce when we placed our order for our class rangs Thus xear we lost Betty Mae Belyar We were laraely responsable for the organtzang ofthe Popular Song Club all otttces beana held bx Junaors ACT IV TIME Septcmber I9AI SCENE Achalles I-lagh School CHARACTERS ESTELLE CARMINE Presadent ANNE EDWARDS V Ce Presadent NANCY BLAIR Secretary Treasurer ALSO Thartx tour dagnafaed Senaors SYNOPSIS We are n w well on our way toward attaanlna our aoal graduataon Thas yeor tands our members holdang responsable ottaces an everx oraanazataon an school Thas year The Voace ot Achalles our chool paper mode tts debut The Englash Club was also orgonazed Cupad has already robbed us of two of our members Florence Grecn and Susae Rowe who elccaded that they preterrcd a weddaraa ccrtataccate to a doploma Bally I-lall I s I f L 'falac a bustne s posatton EPILOGUE It as too early to gave a complete reccrd cf call the out tandang events ot thas year causarag Act IV to be Incomplete We all are looktng forward to cur trap to Washangton D C and Our annual May Day Ee taval When the curtoan falls on Act IV ot the graduatang class of 42 at wall be wath tender mcnworaes ot the past four years at dear old Acnalles l-lagh School that the cast wall dasband to seek thear rcles on another stage VIRGINIA St-IACKELFORD, Htsaoraan Eaomiea f , ,,,,. . , ,, ,, ,,,, ,, , ,, ,, , , ,, , ,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,., . , ,, ,, A'- , ,,,, , A, , ' o ' s , y , ' vasa ' , m 5 on , tra , . If 4, I . . ,V I , . , I .. JI ' a a , ,. , , , , a 'X , , , , ,, , V'- L , fi . a , o ' f -4- , ' a F , a , S , , I . . E V N' a ' Y ' , f wa et as to 1 , s , . V . ' ' ' 5 a W I ' f s . A , . I ' ' U . 42 Class Prophecy Having returned to my home In Gloucester after an absence of ten years I decided to go to the Edgehill Theater which I last attended In i942 The theater had been destroyed by an air raid In I945 but I discovered It had been rebuilt to a modern building by my old classmate Byron Conner During the news reel I saw Gwendolyn Harris giving curb service to Mr and Mrs George Hayes fthe former Miss Ann Williarnsl who were touring near Hollywood California on their honeymoon Gwen once The Oomph Girl of A H S should soon be taking Ann Sheridan s place as a star A special feature was a very surprising one and I was Indeed very much excited Ray mond Hodges who had been traveling since graduation had taken snap shots of nearly all the Seniors In the class of 42 and had mode a short movie This was very startling First I sow Gwendolyn Anderton In a neat white uniform as an experienced doctors nurse In Newport News Virginia Audrey and Doris Brown were doing a big business at A H S attending to theur new bakery shop Next I heard music Why of course It was Estelle Carmine now playing with a famous orchestra She had studied at Peabody Institute and was well on her way to success with the puano I saw a college and recognized the boy as Wallace Rowe The handsome sheik was now training for a basketball coach at Hampden Sydney The tall buIldIngs were recognized as New York City and as the camera flashed I saw a tall dark and beautiful girl none other than Billie Ishkanian a model there A flying field appeared lt was Langley Field where Robert Harris was a sergeant In the U S Army A car stopped before a large building and Edith Rowe and Fannie West with Red Crosses on their white caps got out I knew they were now doing work for the Red Cross As the movie changed again I saw Margi Hogge and Marguerute Brown In spotless white Next a young lady was seated behind a typewriter In a very elaborate office of a large firm I Identified her as Ido Moe Jenkins A school room appeared with typewriters and desks I Immediately knew the teacher as Alma King teaching commercial subjects A very familiar scene was next I recognized It as Poland s store where I saw Virginia Shockelford and Jack Poland who were recently married busily keeping store A little blond neatly dressed In a blue skating dress and white skatang shoes was seen instructing skaters at Mineola Skating Rink IH New York This girl was once one of Old MIII s best skaters Nancy Blair I recognized the next cIty as Richmond Virqinna where Delta Dame was seen doing secretarial work for a very prominent business executive The last picture was one which did not surprise me I recognized at first sight Willard Rowe who had spent ten years In Gloucester since graduation When I heard the musnc of Here Comes the Bride at once I knew he was marrying Alice Marie Newbill As I left the theater I was greeted by Mrs Carlton Heywood lLouIse Willuamsb who was once a Iolly member at school I also saw Roselle Deal and Dorothy Rowe who were still living ID Gloucester doing welfare work Almost a week has passed and I find my vacation will soon be over but before I leave I shall spend an afternoon at Achilles HIah School where Jennings Phillips has taken Mrs Harris s place as math teacher Tomorrow as I leave for the West Coast to resume my duties as Navy Nurse I shall stop at Norfolk VIrgInIa to see my good friend Anne Edwards who has become head surgeon at Norfolk General Hospital But wait I see two boys dressed In U S Navy uniforms Why they are Nolton Ambrose and Lawrence Hogge leaving on the next bus Suddenly some one spoke to me As I turned I was greeted by Kathleen Dudley who was going to California where she had taken G position as a singer Having looked into the future of each of my classmates I feel a sudden Intense desire to be alone with my thoughts MARTHA DUTTON 42 NINETEEN 1 I I , . I I I I U I - - I I II . II . . , . , . . ., 1 - ' I . I I . . I I . . . , , I , g , I I I . II . II I I I - I I . . .e . . . uniforms, leaning over a patient in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland. I .I . - , . . I . I . , , . . I . I r , . . - . II I II . . . . , . I . , ' I , - , I I I I I , I . . I . , , . . I I I I Last Wall and Testament E the Senaor Class of l942 of Achalles Haah School beang of sound rnand and memory ,B , QL feel at as our duty to declare thas our last wall and testament We gave and bequeath to our beloved faculty our sancere affectaon our deepest reverence and the unlarraated wealth of our eternal memory lda Mae Jenkans walls her tube of lapstack to Alice Mcarae Newball To Carey Manor Raymond Hodges walls has love for redheads Jack Poland walls has art of sleepang an class especaally math to James Earl Shackelford Estelle Carmane walls the paano stool to Edna Haynes Anne Edwards wills her place an the Senaor Room to anyone who can fall at George Hayes walls to Hugh Rowe has penny panchang obalaty llt has a way wath the garlsl Martha Dutton walls her abrlaty as a flapper to anyone who can get around as well as s e Gwendolyn Anderton walls her vocal chords to Louas Shackelford Charles Hogg walls to John Brown hrs absent mandedness Nancy Blaar walls her tatle of Shorty to Esther Wallaams Lawrence Hogge walls has bottle of Vatalas to Johnny Nuttall Audrey and Doras Brown wall to the seventh grade boys the fun they had an hagh school To Bertha Ambrose Delta Dame walls her gaggles and occasaonal hysteracs Wallace Rowe walls has tatle The Sheak to Harry Jordan Jennangs Phallaps walls has powder and perfume to Clevard Daggs To Mayme Hogge Gwendolyn Harras walls ner oomph lYou better collect Mayme for every garl wants atl Margae Hogge wrlls her tatle of Lattle Kate to her saster Lorraane To Jennae Olaver Ballre lshkanaan walls her dramatac abalaty plus her costume jewelry Kathleen Dudley walls her marror to anyone who lakes to pramp an class lPlease dont push garlsll Roselle Deal walls her chewang gum to Dorothy Green llt s stalel Rose Marae Hogge walls her patraotasm to someone who can also keep up the morale of the army boys Nolton Ambrose walls has wase cracks and huntang abalaty to Maxwell Jordan Wallard Rowe walls has football fame to Freddae Green Edath Rowe wslls her quaetness to Nellae Jenkans Dorothy Rowe walls to Edla Tevepaugh her soft ball abalaty Varganaa Shackelford walls her pleasant dasposataon to Dorothy Hogge Ann Wallaams walls her gaft of gab to Ruth Newton Robert Harras walls that smale to the aarl who most apprecaates at Louase Wallaams walls to anyone who can make as much noase as she can her place an the Pep Club Fonnae Bet West leaves her place an the cafeteraa to Mannae Quallaan Morguerate Brown walls her complaants to Ordale Brown ln behalf of the Senaor Class I Byron Conner wall to the Junaor Class the Senaor Home Room and all the hard knocks and fun wath whach we have come an contact as Senaors BYRON CONNER 42 TWENTY l .L .'. J. ,, ,L , - r I A I l 1 1 a a , . 1 1 - - -- 11 11 , . . ,, ,, A . , , . , . . ,, , ,, 1 1 - - . a 11 11 1 - 1 1 . . . ,, . ,, . , , . , . . . . . , , , . . . 1 . . 1, . ,, . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 The I unior Class OFFICERS Pres. ......,,. Lucille Kemp Vice Pres. ....,. Maryus Rowe Sec,-Treas. .,,A Ordale Brown Reporter . Carlton Heywood Historian .,,, Louis Shackelford Sponsor Mrs. Miles S. Johnson MOTTO: "Impossible is Un-American" COLORS: Green and Gold FLOWER: Daisy Lucille Corr Kemp, Pres. Muriel Ordale Brown Margaret Sarah Coates Clevard Leafrice Diggs Edwin Lee Hall Carlton Wendell Heywood Nellie Lee Jenkins Maxwell Kernan Jordan John Carey Minor, Jr. Herbert Billups Robins, Jr. Hugh Riley Rowe Maryus Jones Rowe, Jr. Watt Washington Seawcll, Jr. James Earl Shackelford Louis Hall Shackelford Edla Mae Tevepaugh TWENTY-ONE 0" The Sophomore Class Horry Randolph Jordon Pres Bertha Christine Ambrose Dayid Edward Anderton Doris Acro Blake Ben Elias Borden Preston Elmo Bradley Waldon Decatur Carmine Gene Kinsel Conner Mildred Anderton Conner Charles Freddie Green Dorothy Marguerite Green Doris Ellen Hall Edna Maclein Haynes Leon Herbert Hicks John Franklin Hogge Martha Moy Hogge Milton Stephen Hogge Edith Cavelle Jenkins Delliah Rebecca Kemp Martha Elizabeth Mattson Alice Marie Newbill Ruth Casey Newton John Samuel Nuttall Jennie Estelle Oliver Grace Mae Rilee William Victor Rowe Irvin Christian Rowe Jesse Raymond West Charles Douglas Williams Poderlck DuVal Williams William Lee Williams Esther Marie Williams TWENTY TWO CLASS OFFICERS Pres Harry Jordan Vice Pres Lee Williams Sec Treas Milton Hogge Reporter Alice Newbill SPONSOR Miss Arnelita Linthicum MOTTO In he way of honor truth prevails COLORS Blue ond Gold FLOWER Marigold Historian ..., Waldon Carmine ' , Jr. ,r 1 I Freshmen OFFICERS: Pres. ,,,.,,,., ,,,, D ouglos Smith Vice Pres ..... Bernice Williams Sec.-Trea. .... Mildred Robins Reporter Elizabeth Woodson Historian . . ......., Lavinia Ash SPONSOR: Mrs. James Rowe MOTTO: "The elevator to success is not runningg take the stairs." COLORS: Yellow and White FLOWER: Dogwood Douglas Smith, Pres. Lavinia Harriett Ash John Augustine Estelle Sadie Belvin Hazel Christine Belvin Hazel Marie Belvin Oscar Huges Belvin Virginia Lenora Belvin John Hennion Brown Clements Nathan Carr Thomas Earl Dame Mary Rosalyn Harris Evelyn Ann Haynes Martha Anne Heywood Virginia Mae Heywood Dorothy Mae Hogge Harold Jerome Hogge Junius Nelson Hogge Lorraine Virginia Hogge Louis Herbert Hogge Mayme Winifred Hogge William Howard Hogge William James Green Elizabeth Jenkins Kate Elizabeth Jenkins Reathia Mae Jenkins Ella Mae Jordan Minnie Jewel Quillian Johnny Howle Ransone Wilbur Hugh Riley James Rogers Robins Mildred Estelle Robins Samuel Marion Rowe John Henry Seawell Ella Lucille Seawell Lois Lorraine Seawell Edna Marie Setterholm Emma Estelle Setterholm Herbert Frazier Shackelford Raymond Bland Shackelford Calvin Joseph Smith Mabel Blanche Smith Mayme Ann Stubblefield Jeanette Mary West Lewis William White Bernice Louise Williams Elizabeth Joyce Woodson TWENTY-THREE U FIYST Row Estelle Carmlne Marglc Hoqge Second Row Della Dome Gwendolyn HOTFIS Ida Mae Jcnklns Mcymc Hogge Thlrd Row Edla Tevepaugh Martha Durfon Anne Edwards Ann Wllllams Achllles Achllles Achllles Glrls Basketball Team Syrlnga Poquosorl Poquoson TVVEN December 5 January 30 February TY FIVE l94l l942 l942 Achllles Achllles Poquosorl RESULTS OF l94l-42 SEASON A 42, ' ,, ,e.,r.,. S eeee lO--- , eeeee,ee ' Achilles 32, Alumni Seeeeeeeee E ,...e.eeeee ,NIS-f7D9C9fT1bCl' l2, l94l eeeeee eeeee.leee. S erfxclllll-as ' za, .,e ..eeeeeeeeeeeeeee E 7-- , eeeee,er eeeeeeeeree S . A A , ,,ee,e.,e,,,e ,eeeeeeeeeeeeee l 5a-ee 6, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S Achilles Achnlles Achulles Achulles Achnlles 'R'- Fursl Row Wallace Rowe Jack Poland 'v' Second Row Maxwell Jordan Clevard Dlqgs Edwin Hall Louns Shackelford Third Row Hugh Ro ve Preston Bradley Boys Basketball Team Syrmgd New Kenf West Pomt Poquoson 23 Poquoson RESULTS OF 1941 42 SEASON December 5 December January Janua ry February 6 TWENTY SIX 1941 1941 1942 1942 1942 NN Achilles Achilles Achilles Achnlles Poquoson ef 1' , fp S 1' ' 17, ' ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......... 1 1-f-- , ..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ' ' 30, .........,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Zil 12, ..,,..,,,,,.,,,..,,.,, ' Achilles 25, Toano ..,.,,,,,...,,..,...,......,,,,,. 1 14-December 17, 1941 .A,,,,.,,,,,Y,..,,Y,., Achilles ' 11, ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.....,. , 18-Y 23, .,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,, ' ' 27, ...,,,,,,,,,,,,.A.,.......... 284- 30, ..,,,A.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ' ' , .......,.....,,,..,..,,..,,., 26- , .,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,. ii" 'Vw if 3 Flrst Row Jack Poland Wallace Rowe Willard Rowe Maxwell Jordon Second Row Clevard Diggs Hugh Rowe Edwln Hall Lawrence Hogge Thurd Row Nolfon Ambrose Lharles 1-:ogg Robert Harrie George Hayes Fourfh Row Louis Shackelford Preston Bradley Achllles Achulles Achulles Achnlles Achulles Achulles Achulles Achulles 12 New Kent Syrlngo Botetourt Poquoson Botetourt Mathews Syrmgo Poquoson RESULTS OF 1941 SEASON March April Aprnl May May May Moy TWENTY SEVEN 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 New Kent Syrengo Ach: Hes Achnlles Mathews Achulles Poquoson 2, f V S , 1 rj he i Q' 9+ V Q- we 1 A 2 , gf 2 'Z . . 1 - iqi Baseball Team ' 8, ,,...............,........., 2--- 28, .e,e,.V...,.1....e 2 27, ' .....,,,..,...,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1--- ' 9, ....,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.... ' ' 24, ................,..........,. 2---4ApriI 18, 1941 ,,,.....,,..,,.,..., Botetou rt ' 13, ............................. O-- ' 25, ..AA..,,,,,,...A,,.... ' 4 7, 4,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,.e,,,.,,,,, 3,44 2, ,.,,,.......,,2,.,,,,, ' ' 5, ............................. 4-- 9, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 2 14, ' ................................ o-- 16, 4.,,,.......,,2,.,,,,, Q ' , .,,......V...V....,V.V...Y... 2-- 23, .....,..,,.,.,,.,,. . "The Voice of Achilles Newspaper Staff Cheer Leaders TVN! NTY EIGHT W . . A, X, ' A Q " . - i """"""""""""" Q . 1' A nk 4- 1. . . is. d .1lMvg,,,A,u 3 . . ., J .,.. Q Y , gy , f , I . . k ' h , X .X.......Em .W-mm? Glee Club """"12w"" The Swlnqctroos TVN E QTY NINE K1dd1e Orchestra The Iunior Choir Lahn Club Home Economlcs Club Ti-'IR YY-ONE Oihcers of the Llterary SOCISUGS Safety Patrol Seventh Grade Familiar Scenes 113 There goes our football star 123 That Ilpppp Down bus dr ver 133 What could we do without do wlthouts 173 Teacher 9 9 9 7 183 What is It? 193 Three athletic stars 1103 Now the day is over 1113 Please identify 1123 Playing for keeps THIRTY THREE her?. 143 Our assistant librarian poses, 153 Our new cafeteria contractor' 163 Another of those nQ-could- Fcrmillar Scenes 1l3 He makes the athletic stars 123 The scene of many a vlctory 133 Glrls Basketball Coach 143 Hugh School fnre drsll 153 Football captain 163 The Edrtor Business Manager and Assrstant Editor take tame out to laugh 173 Achllles oomph gurl she wunks 183 Entrance to the new cafeteria 193 Get set Go' 1l03 The Independent newspaper man 1ll3 Old Glory goes up 1123 Grade School fire drlll 1133 School paper editor THIRTY FOUR n - - 1 1 . , . . THE QUEEN May Day 1942 THE COURT Gwendolyn Harris Ida Mae Jenkins Gwendolyn Anderton Margaret Coast Ordale Brown Edna Haynes Aluce Mane Newbnll Lavunua Ash Grace Rnlee Hazel Belvun Nancy Blanr Elnzabe l'1 Woodson MAID OF HONOR Vnrgmla Shackelford Brllle Ishkaman Cast of Mama s Baby Boy Semor Play BYRON CONNER as Shepherd McCIean Jr and VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD as Jullef Long MARGUERITE BROWN as Mlnme and .IENNINGS PHILLIPS as Max Moore ESTELLE CARMINE as Mrs Shepherd McCIean and RAYMOND HODGES as Luther Long BILLY ISHKANIAN NANCY BLAIR WALLACE as Mrs Carlotta Anglln ROWE and LOUISE WILLIAMS and as Sylvia Wilbur and Cynthia MARGIE HOGGE as Mrs Blackburn THIRTY FIVE ' ' lf ll I ll . ,,,, W... , . ' . 5 s 4 H - - H FS -Ear: 1 ', . My V Al Manu.: 1 ' ' . . . 1 1 And Now They Are Senlors First Row Delta Dame Nolton Ambrose Vlrglnla Shackelford Jack Poland Estelle Garrnlne Bnllle lshkanlan Second Row Jennlngs Phnllnps Louuse Wulllams Robert Harris Kathleen Dudley Lawrence Hogge Roselle Deal Thlrd Row Ann Williams George Hayes Ida Mae Jenkuns Wallace Rowe Gwendolyn Harrls Raymond Hodges Fourth Row Gwendolyn Anderton Rose Marne Hogge Byron Conner Martha Dutton Audrey and Dons Brown Nancy Blair Anne Edwards THIRTY :lX fg7 . W,-' K. ' w. A . at 4 Y we W, A K .fi I ' , W' 4 Q wi I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I , . I I I I I I HALL Q91 W t S Best All Around Curl Best All Around Boy Most Popular C-url Most Popular Boy Most Handsome Best Athlete Curl Best Athlete Boy Most Studious Best Dressed Wittiest Most School Spirit Best Sport tA k tA hl W 1942 Elect1on THIRTY SEVEN ESTELLE CARMINE JACK POLAND NANCY BLAIR JACK POLAND WALLACE ROWE ESTELLE CARMINE JACK POLAND DOUCLAS SMITH NANCY BLAIR BYRON CONNER ANNE EDWARDS MARCIE HOCCE 15 sl Q. 1 ' 3 ill "Essie", Bes ll-Around and Best Athletic Girlg f2I "Shei ", Most Handsomej Q32 "Ginny", Prettiestg C43 "Jack", Most Popular, Bes Il-Around and Best At ete Boyg CSI "Stooge No. l", ittiestp C63 "Little Kate", Best Sporty 173 "Doug", Mos Studiousg 181 "S orty" st Popular and Best Dressed Girly " outer", Mos School pirit. l Prettiest ,...LL...,L,.....,.s,,.u....u,,..,,,,,ss,..sss...........,......., VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD Comphments Qlmcmiea Qcvwjcm Wang 24 HOUR SERVICE ' W yff3 WE MNH UE ELUUEEEHH Compliments f e Bellamy lee Cream Co Inc THE CHGICEST ICE CREAM QXVE Delivery Service at C111 Hours The Chesapeake Corporauon mm' Albemarle Chesapeake C0 , Inc West Point Virginia ., . Dial 5881 Hampton, Virginia GRAYVS DRUG STURE iREbCRiPTTCNS A SPECIALTY CANDIES TQBACCQS H ful C Gi iVq Gloucester, Virginia Compliments ei The Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal zgh , ass wommercia! Printing Trl County Furniture Store FURNITURE PCR EVERY BCCM Westmqhouse Electrlcol Apphomces Gloucester Vlrqmlo Comphments of RULAND F SMITH Eleetrzcal Contraetor YQRK SERVICE STATION Gloucester Point Vlrqmlo 0 0 1 -,,. , .oo, ,, e o oem, o, ,, I . .1. o 0 I Compliments of WHLLHAM AO CCCDNNER ELOGE SERVICE Gloucester Pomt Vo Phone 54 E 5 I E HOGGE 6: SON FUNERAL HQME ACHILLES HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CALLINC CARDS W C SAUNDERS I17 Rh avg 1 - ' ' O O , I Wicomico, Vo. Supplied by: 211 Nort th Street ic mon , ir inio Yorktown Tce and Storage Cor Ice Coal Bulldmq Materials Farm Machinery Ice Refrigerators ICeeIeraIerI HAYES STORE OFFICE PHONE 77 F 3 CLOUCESTER STORE PHONE OPTICAL C0 Med c I A ts NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Congratulations To The Graduatmcg mass of 42 The Broadway Department Store nc 7 9 W sh gt A e P NOLDES American Maid Bread Cakes NODLE BROS INC 310 N th 26th St e t C Q p. O I 0 I I I 0 r Building 95 , 0 6' AT ALL GOOD DEALERS I .I O I ' or r e 300 ' 0 in OH V "We Ri hmond, Vir inici New ort News, Virginia - o Athletlc Supplles Sportmcg Goods :sf Harms Brenaman Incorporated 211 North Seventh Sf Rnchrnond Vlrglnla Dual 3 2241 EDGE HILL THEATRE BROWN FARINHOLT Mgr GLOUCESTERS ONLY THEATRE Gloucester Vnrgunua The C-raduatung Class ot Achnl les Hugh School IS indebted to the tax payers of Gloucester County for a splendnd hugh school educatlon We are proud to be one of the larger tax payers In the county affording you this opportunlty V1rgmlaEastC0ast Utllztzes, I nc East Coast Telephenes, Inc. Hams Garage HERMAN E HARRIS Proprietor Greosmo Accessorles Expert RSDCIIIIDQ Phone 91 F 11 Hayes Store, VIFQIHIO FORTY FIVE i s 'Q 11v 'Tx TTTTTTTT li tI.1ctus lrlrr Ie11 I 5 3 oooo Movtes unma- GLOUCESTER MEN S SHOP Bzmlzzy and Sons IEWELERS CERTIFIED GEMOLCDGISTS 2Whgf With Best Wlshes or Contmued Successes Chesapeake Dalry Products Co Inc ICE CREAM AND BUTTER Mh Vg BERKLEY FEED CORPORATION A BETTER FEED FOR EVERY NEED 6621 Compliments of I Gloucester, Virginio 291 os in on Avenue N wport N V' g' ' P Compliments of ' Ph f S ' Ph ll O GI P ' V' g' ' Phone 50 ot ews, ' A ' C onzplzmcnts of e Sportsman s Shop ll2 W Freemason Street Norfolk Vlrglnla For True Living Comfort snst upon Noland Company Plumb ang Fixtures and l-leatzng Equupment you ll be so proud Electncal Supplies Shallow and Deep Well Pumps Flre Kung Cas Ranges Plpe St Fittings Palnts and Supplues NOLAND COMPANY INC 27th 8. Vlrgnnla Ave Newport News Vlrglnla YORK WHOLESALE COMPANY Wholesale Grocerles West Point Vlrgunla Phone 86 Coco Colo ln Bottles Dellclous and Refreshmo GLOUCESTER 60465 BOTTLING WORKS Phone 74 F 2 Gloucester Vurglnla FORTY SEVEN 'rh C Y A M P Drink A A Y lll B. B. ROANE Unlted States Fidellty Guaranty Company U S F' G G Representative E1ahteen Years Buy U S Government Bonds and Stamps Compliments of MORGAN S DRUG STORE The Bexall Store GLOUCESTER PHARMACY DUVAL 61 DeHARDIT Beal Estate Brokers GAVE Souths1de Insurance Agency AUTO FIRE MARINE INSURANCE AND BONDS OFFICERS J M L W A R b CI t Vg Q I and I . I . Gloucester, VIFQIFIIO Clgucegferl Virginia Old -3- Experienced -1- Reliable W Old Line Standard Stock Companies . . ewis George E. Cary . . o inson R. B, Field Phone 94 Gloucester, Virginia . . . ouces er, ir ini Glo Mat EIGCIIIC Store A complete lane of General Electric kitchen cabinets sinks and all other electrical applnances used In the home Gloucester Vnrgunua I Clean em Glecm H S HOPEWELL CLEANING AND DYEING Deluvery Service Phone 752 Gloucester Vurgunla I L OLIVER Dealer In general Merchcmcllse Wncomuco Va When You Want the Best Eat and Rest at the TIDEWATER INN Gloucester Vlrglnla N O SUTTON Mgr lMCl7IllfCICtLlI6l s of ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER Dzsflzlmtors of JOHNS MANVILLE ROOFING and BUILDING MATERIAL Prompt Dellvery Phone 422l general Merchcmcllse Manufacturer of Corn Meal Maryus Vlrglnla Phone 66 F 2 The Nahonal Academlc Cap and Gown Co Gaps and Gowns for all occaslons 82l 23 Arch Street Phlladelphla Pa I W WILLIAMS Farm Produee Broker Seafood Short Lane Va Phone 29l2I FORTY NINE S. C. Lcrmberth 6 Bros. I, T, WILLIAMS White Marsh Service Station TIRES AND TUBES GREASING, ACCESSORIES L. H. Rowe Phone 66-F-3 White Marsh, Virginia Compliments of H. K. Taylor Motors Mathews, Virginia "RELIABLE SERVICE" Complzmeizts of THOMAS PIANO CO 2IO 28th St Newport News Virginia M0 Conzplmzents of L F PHILLIPS C mnplzmeizts of I C BROWN Dish zbufm TEXACO PRODUCTS HEATING OIL Gloucester and Mathews Virginia Phone Gloucester 20 F 2 Complmzf nts of C I HOGGE Denim IN General M9TChGHd1S9 Wicomico Va ROSEGILL FARM HUT!! 567 Z Z' I 'f'fq,j""'w, IM Af' x 1- BEN TEMPLE owner Urbanna Virginia John Where can Mary and I have the most fun to a dollar? banno of course There you can skate for an hour and a half bowl for halt an hour and dance Yes aII that for just SI OO FIFTY C I O O . 3 '. O I ,l L. c . . . I I - - 1 ' I ll - . , - r Cl . ,ILL duff 4 ,, . I t""7-zifif . 'Se BIIIZ "The RIVER RINK at Ur- " if wrt" 'tif I ' ':7:,,' ff- .f,,V'x, Mfr, - , ' gi" 4 Kyi 4: ' - up if-' m x I, K , L 5 K ' 1 ' I ' ll l . . I G D ASH 6. SON General MerChcmd1se Tame wull Tell Wear SUNDIAL SHOES Perrun Vnrgunuo I B POLAND GROCERIES MEATS ond VEGETABLES Gloucester Pount Vo Phone 971 l l R C Shackelford Planter ond Shipper of CLAMS Severn Vurglnlo Compliments of The Countess Beauty Shop Countess Bristow Operator Complzments of I H WALTHALL Complzmeuts of Thomas E Hoqqe Compliments of I B Shackelford Complzments of Spencer Clopton Complzments of W A NEWBILL Complzments of A G CHARLES Conzplzments of Iohn W Campbell Conzplzmenfs of Coll1ns Cleanlnq 6. Dylnq Co Mathews Vnrglnuo FIFTY ONE 0 0 0 0 v I I ' Y ' . 0 0 ' 1 - . . . , I . I . D I , f ., 0 Q 0 o o I 1 A, 1 ,, , , Q 0 0 o Y 1 l' h I , V ', l - I I ' 0 I Complzments of Complzments of H M SMITH A FRIEND Dr Iohn M Coleman DENTIST Gloucester Vnrgmuo Complzmenfs of Hershel Shackelford Complzmenfs of Dewey W Thompson Complznzmzts 7' I C HUDGINS Meat Market Gloucester Cmnplzments ff IOHN S LUNCH Complzmenfs I N C WILLIAMS Conzplzmenfs of I R WEST E B BROWN Schley Vo C omplzmcnis of W T FARY Complznzenfs I' Ac:h1lles School Cafeterla Complzments of Georqe Marshall Complzmenfs T Long Brldqe Coffee Shop Complznzents of TWIGG MOTOR CO Complmzente of W E Shackelford FIFTY TWO I O w ' I o 0 ' . I . j . ' I of I O I , Vo , ' .' 1 Y ' I .' ob' I I O . A Compliments of O I I O , , L' ' .1 0' I O . t . 'L O.. I O O Fannie F Waddell General Merchondlse Tudemull Vurgmlo Texaco Cos Hovolme Motor Oll New Method Cuoronteed Pomt ond Vornlsh BUY U S DEFENSE BONDS Complzmeuts of KLATTE S Sc TO S5 00 STORES INC MATHEWS VIRGINIA est Wishes FROM Franklln Prlntmg Co Inc !8Y.4 C' lil J Newpom News VA Complzments People s Llfe Insurance Co W ROBBINS Representotlve Gloucester County School Board Complzments of T IEFF THOMAS Hoyes Store Vnrgmlo FIFTY THREE O , I O I I I u I . ' J. . , ' . . S Compliments of The ., . A. 1 1 ij! of HT Jill!! f ' 0

Suggestions in the Achilles High School - Shield Yearbook (Achilles, VA) collection:

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Achilles High School - Shield Yearbook (Achilles, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 55

1942, pg 55

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Achilles High School - Shield Yearbook (Achilles, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 8

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