Acalanes High School - Aklan Yearbook (Lafayette, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Acalanes High School - Aklan Yearbook (Lafayette, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 92 of 160
Page 92 of 160

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Page 92 text:

1. ROW I llefl fo righll: L, Jones, M. Wehmeier, A. Perlman, J. Funk, V. Kelsey, S. Scorf, M. Pendlefon, B. Sadler, P. Underhill, J. Giguiere' B. Collon. ROW 2: S. Hamlin, K. Barllell, J. Parfland, M. Palmer, J. Hoedel, Pub. Chm. M. Rambo, Sec. M. Bryanl, Pres. D. Freeman, Prog. Chm. K. Brown, K. Barnum, S. Jaques, K. Anderson, L. Kilbourn, L. Parshall, S. Srephens, 6. Bafchelder. ROW 3: S, Weisberg, S. AI- brighf, L. Behencourf, P. Tharsing, W. Rebscher, D. Campbell, J. Clark, S. Glolfelfy, B. Jelleff, Y. McCall, D. Olberg, P. Myers, E. Kley, D. Franizich, M. Nipkow, C. Crosby. ROW 4: T, Hefle, J. lsmail, A. Anaclerio, L. Buchanan, C. Laleana, S. Schneider, J, Fredman, V. Laveui, A. Lynn, K. Lund, B. Johanson. ROW 5: D. Tessler, K. Wayland, B. Piazza, R. Hermann, C. Ferry, E. Gogsfad, D. Godel, J. Church, S. Macduff. ROW 6: J. Poullcn, J. Hosford, S. Adair, L. Van Ummersen. ROW l llefl Yo righll: J, Murphy, S. Delancey, C. O'Lea'v, L. Wadsworfh, P. Martino, C. Morrill, S. Barr, S. Bleiler, C. Wood, V. Rebscher. ROW 2: D, Johns, S. Thompson, J. Whitehead, B. Robinson, L, Whicher, B. Hodges, M. Pickering, L. McGaHey, N. Waldman, J, KenneH, S. Jones, E. Steele, C. Roberrs, J. Har- mon, L. Faqundes. ROW 3: L. Turner, J. Eberle, B, While, N. Noack, D. Peabody, P. Richardson, A. Lorn- bardo, J. Rechfiene, S. Geandrol, D. Fullerfon, J, Poullon, P. Lee, S. Ferro, C. Rodebaugh, L. Delker, S. Underwood. ROW 4: L. lnqharn, N. Kunfer, C. Annis, L. Fraumeni, D. Buchanan, D, Cherry, J. Whalen, D. Q ln oriva n Fivlll Svrvil-0 The American Field Service Clue al Acalanes is only a parl ol lhe greal organizalion all over lhe world, yel ir is one oi lhe largesl clubs in our school. The purpose ol AFS. is The promolion ol world peace and beller undersrand- ing among The youlh ol The world. This year lhe annual 'lChange lor Exchange Drive," pur on by hard-worlcing mem- bers ol lhis club, collecred over 5900, more 'rhan ever before, ro bring for- eign exchange sludenls lo Acalanes again nexl year. As usual 'rhey also senr lwo lorlunale srudenls lo loreign counlries during lhe summer. Wall: logelher, fall: logelher O' ye peoples of lhe earlh Then and only lhen Shall ye have peace . . . . . . Unknown Rofh, J. Busch, C, Ansley, S. Cashion, L. Swanson, P. McCardle, P. Mefcalfe, B. Mayfield, R, Perry, L. Gads- by, J. Miller. ROW 5: 8. Harris, J. Fieminq, G. Anderson, R. Johnslon, N. Holland, B. Roberlson, M. Thompson, M. Clapp, E, Benson, H. Abboll, M. Hawkins, L. Belaque. . r. Slalvslnon Using The slogan, 'Male Democracy Worlc," lhe Junior Slalesmen ol Amer- ica has become a siale-wide organiza- lion. This year's inreresling program drew many sludenrs. lr helped rrain lhem in lhe use ol democraric proc- esses used in +oday's governmenlS bv debaring and passirg resolurions re- laring lo every public issue imaginable. Membership is open is ai: s'udenis who are inleresled in governmenl and lavv vvilh no less lhan a l'Bf" average. Brealhes lhere lhe man wilh soul so dead, Who never himself halh said, This is my own, my nalive land . . . . . Scoll 88 ROW l lleil lo righrl: C. Echols, Pres. S. Markey, C, Suczek, C. Jones, J. Bacon, M. Clapp, M. Hawkins, P. McCardle, J. Fredman, Y. McCall. ROW 2: P. Tharsinq, C. Crosby, M. Brafren, G, Bafchelder, J. Rech- liene, D. Fullerron, J, Poullon, Sec. M. Bales, Prog. Dir. B, Bransfad, D. Olberg, J. Sommer, W. Rebscher. ROW 3: P. Dein, Pub, Dir. P. Monralbano, B. Williamson, D, Baleslini, J. Morrison, B. Wisner, D. Freeman, E, Romascan. ROW 4: R. Dielz, P, Anderson, G. Abernalhy, J. Kelly, J. Poulfon, S. Mclnlyre, S. Holland.

Page 91 text:

. I va I la 0 n 0 rs Acalhonors is lhe Second highesi honor Sociely al Acalane. Peouire- menls for membership are iive BY of an A and 'rhree BE. Membership is off iered lo all members oi C.S.l:. auro- malically. Acalhonors serves as a sleppingeslone 'Q higher academic iuccesses. Knowledgeis power . . . . . . F. Bacon ROW l lleff fo righll: R. Kingsley, P. Tharsing, S. Macduff, C. Soulf, M. Bryanl, S. Schneider, P. Underhill, J. Giguiere. ROW 2: S. Holland, R. Hawk, M. Palmer, D. Rcfh, S. Blaise, S, Barr, J., D. Broad- head, B. Roberlson, G. Lapachef, 6. Abernafhy, J. Kelly. ROW 3: D. Silliphanf, R. Rinne, J. Sfead, D. Cherry, J. Porler, S. Bleiler, S. Gidley, K. Desch, Y. McCall, J. Sommer, W. Rebscher, J, Fredman. C. Schwarlz, S. Haley, J. Gueldner. ROW 4: F, Gandel, J. Fleming, G. Garfield, C. Morrill, M. Rambo, M. Edwards, S. Jordan, C. O'Leary, T. Spragens, S, Thompson. ROW 5: R. Harlman, B. Pedder, J, Allen, M. McCracken, K. Miller, P. O'Toole, A. Evans, B. Jellelf, J. Parlland, S. Glollelly. .21 .wwf ROW I lleff fo righfl: S. Sfengel, C. Mack, D. Godel, C. Soulf, Bryanf, P. Tharsing. ROW 2: K. Barflell, Y. McCall, S. Markey, D S, Thompson, A. Hughes, M. McDowell. ROW 3: K. Emerson, V, S, Lacy, C. Annis, Treas..B. Perry, Pres. J. Sommer, A. Furguson, .Paduclc J. Slarn, B, Plaua, R. Hermann, C. Ferry, J. Murphy, Sec. R. Kingsley, M. Befes, J. Hoedel, M. . Olberg, D, Rolh, D. Cherry, C. Schwarfz, Pres. D. Senger, G. Manske, S. Schneider, E. Fossali, J, Edwards, J. Lulloy. ROW 4: D. Fullerlon, J. Poullon, D, Franfzich, B. Clucas. ROW 5: L. Kingsley, L. Swanson, K. Lund, G. Lapachef, D. Broadhead, E. Key, M. Thompson, M. Lea, K. Lueblreman, L. Parshall, T .Spraqens, ..E. . The Acalanes Educalion Club is nol only lor Those inleresiecl in leaching bul for all lhose who are inlereslecl in children or any lcind ol worlc where edu- carion is involved. ll exhibirs 'rhe wonders of 'reaching lo members who Hpraclice laughin al Springhill Grammar School and il bears wi+ness lo rhe 'lawful lillle lhings' which leachers musl learn lo face. A leacher affecls elernilyz he can never 'fell where his influence sleeps . .. . . . H. Adams Our Edifor? Tall, dark and handsome. Rally round fhe Hula-Hoop Oh. Y05l"l

Page 93 text:

Exchange Sluclvnl Viours The TirsT Thing ThaT surprised me wifn This school was The consTri:cTion, This school is so spread ouT and I Thinlr iT loolcs much more friendly Than our school wiTh Tour sTories. AnoTher Thing ThaT I Tind very diTTerenT is ThaT you can choose your si..biecTs. We are noT able To do ThaT. In Norway we have six years oT high school and in The TirsT Three years we Talre all required subiecTs lilce English German. maThemaTir,s physics, chemisTry. eTc. ATTer The Three years we can choose a 'lmaior ll There are several To choose beTween: naTural science, maThemaTics and physics LaTIn modern y . -anguage, and Old Norse. I have chosen modern language Tor my sTudy wiTh Nore wegian, English. German. and French in special. BUT besides The languages we also have To sTudy maTh, science. and social sTudies. I Think Acalanes is much harder Than I ex ecTed The Teachers give more Tesfs much: The Teachers and lrids p . Than They do in Norway. BUT I lilre This school ve-ry are very Triendly and always willing To help you. The re'aTionship beTween Teacher and pupil is more inTorrnaI here Than I am used To. AnoTher Thing ThaT I do lilre wiTh your school is The To school six days a weelr which can be preTTy Tough weelc-ends! In Norway we go someTirnes. Tove I-IeTTe Norway The biqness, The beauTy and The wellveguipped Acalanes School as compared wiTh my school in Indonesia, did noT surprise me aT all. The Thing which is really amazing To me is The way The school is run, by The Teachers and The sTudenT, Through sTudenT council Because I never imagined such a coo r- . pe aTion among sTudenT, Teacher. and parenTs To accomplish a Tremendous job Such as Taafball games. where The sTudenT parTicipaTes in arousing The school ispiriT, Teachers as The guides, and parenTs as The TiclceT buyers. Also The exisTence oT clubs, such as Chess, Bloclr A eTc All oT These are new To me, and I am sure. ThaT I have learned a oreaT deal Trom ThaT. In some respecTs Acalanes is diTTerenT Trom any school. In Indonesia we go To school six days, and in a year we have sixTeen subiecTs, while in Acalanes only six subiecTs. In Acalanes, each period The sTudenT moves Trom one class To anoTher class: This does noT happen in m sch I. Th d Teacher moves each period, y oo e sTu enT remains aT class, and The i Muhammed JusuT Ismail Indonesia ' ParTicipaTing in rhe summer exchange program can mean Tun disappoinTmenT educaTion. or all of These Things. IT depends on The individual. For The person who is willing To Thinlr a liTTle biT, The experience gained can be invaluable. The oppore TuniTy To experience new environmenTs. To live and Tall: wiTh people Trom all over The world and To see and observe diherenf culTures and TradiTions of diTTerenT naTionaIiTies or even To meeT Americans Tr d'TT T T ' Tor ThaT maTTer, is very challenging. om i eren pans or our owa coi.nTrv For some, The experience oT living wiTh a European Tamily and Traveling in a Toreign counTry will be assimilaTed inTelligenTly. Some will realize ThaT diTTerenT environmenTs deTermine separaTe culTures. OThers. however will Try To compare The UniTed STaTes wiTh a European counTry7 This is boTh unrealisTic and unTair. For The playboy, The summer can be one big blasT. For Thcse who are unhappy wiTh Their European Tamily andfor are homesiclc, The summer may be a greaT disapp-cinTmenT. Generalizing abouT The Danes ThaT I meT, I can say ThaT, as a whole, They are a very proud and cheerTul naTionaliTy. They geT a loT ouT oT liTeq They lrnow when To worlr and when To play. All in all, I was very impressed wiTh The Danes. They sTruclr me as being sensible, level-headed people. There. are:-'T Too diifererill sTanding. The opporTuniTy Tor me Tc :peno a summer in Aosvia vlas a v.crderT'..l ore. IT was an exciTing and rewarding experience, And as I reTlecT baclr upor my summer I realize more Than ever iusT how much iT meanT To me. BeTore my Trio iT was diTTiculT Tor me To believe ThaT The people of A,sTr' iusT The same as I. In TacT aT Tirs' l was a liTTle disapooinTed ThaT 'hex fTrenlT Too digerenh only Their cusTon's are diTTererT and 'oday even Treir C ' I hope ThaT in some way I have been able To 7mparT This realizarion Tc The peop e wiTh whom I have spolcen. To me This is The mosT irrporTanT sTep reward Someday I hope To go baclr To ThisTed and see mx, Tamily and The Ti-lends I have Dan Funlr VisiTed De-nmarlf 5 were weren ' Sewage and diTTerenT. ATTer my renrr- home I realized ThaT cTner people have The same misTalwen ideas as l had. Many people have aslred me iT AusTrfars wererlT diTTerenT Trom Americans subsTar'Tially diTTerenT and cThers who havenl' spolfen have been mer'Tally asking The same guesTion. And my answer To all is llNo They US'OmS under' Donna I-Tun' VisiTed A,sTria

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