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 - Class of 1959

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Q X fxf 1 I I If Q! K In 4 ft ' f 1 1 - 2 f ' ' ' - ,f ff , K-My-ki! Z , jf 1 1 vf " 'QP A ' N52 V7 M f c' ff., , - 5154, fy , ily' F xc ,- . , if 7 .f 4-,.f,,, , 4 4,2 pf 'fc' X '1""f ff -f, Zyf 1:1 pf ,, , lf' ZVJAJ lqcf' 1 if V Z 1 ' " . -15,1 1 2 Q ' .V . I 1 A V Aj 7,10 'gvcj X "Af -- 74' fL44f .'. af' 4,11 ' C751 , ji, ,. 6:1 - A . ' ' X J 1: 274' 1 v' C. 113 QJINJ- 124 W ac, 4.4 dx ' , ,Y U a 14,4 .41 4 -aff. 1,55 F V, 2 JL!-,L bl fa GL wwf!! EQ, Q,-,K OQC:..A-1 Z A 1 , . I, I " 4 L 1 ' 5 'I I . 1-1 AV 4 ,,,, wb., J. 4,14 f - - 404' . -' V ' 'w,!nf'L,y, ,, 'Ze .1 leaf! AA44 f NX 1 ixjin ' L ' V- :af ' A Q ,X-be fy Ve 'ND F 1,294 7,41 M ws!! XX L I 5 x fa Q! i-'K X 4 , xx , I K X M It Q, Y V N N 1- K fb ' mf QU , Y. ,V I f , x 8, . ' -I Nj ' ,, , AM X 3 1- . XJ F 4, V , 1 Ix. ' V .' Q A ,V w A M 1 -J ix x , . A K ,, Xia, ,AX Q! X XQL KN X XX , ' - 4- x ,1 Y ,-X, Q V J f Sz' - N J' ' I , X! XX, 1 C ' 'Y uri K x ' X' ' A ,ff X, ' f 1 ,F J - Q IW' M' Q 17 . AV - Qt, js -.Q N - K 4 'fo - , xi x , 1,5 . 5 ,X 5 X fx -- N' 'J f-f . "H 1 fQJ Q ,Q '-XB ,, -- x I, XJ' L , x 5 f-A. A x ,j , 'ga X x A D-5 .N K-- xv '62, , .J S J ,Q 42N , z.. V 4- . Qbiisx .5 55 4,1 'xx X-1 ' Xi sl- .1 'P' 4 1 Taz. P - jf, V ., NP 4- 3 W -it -f:gL..- ' ., ' W . , Wv, X I u 1 A. - y klan I , ' ,f- V V . , , b , A fx! , L ' K 1 5 , XR 5, ! - L ",' f '7 - ' L ' W" x L-47-'f Lfii qx- . ' l X ' ' 1 Q x ' Y- A M 1. -' f x f I X I k , f L 1 ' W, I ' 4 ' xx. J L ' , X ' ' V I V I I I I L J' JL, . , f . . V 1 f T 4 X ' L fx ' - ,. X ' ' ff ' , , I 1 L f 1 L 'x . I - L xy. 1 , . X Y - N A 1, ' 5 Q I , ,' A - 1 A , ' ' ' I X 1' 7 7 , V V V , , . K 4 f 4 ' I ' .- " ' ' ,L I , 'Q2,3:3.f13:-.3fi"E2f.,f, Q: ' I A 4 5 ' ' ,. .... '-:-.f:':3f-:3, . ff L 3:52-'-I -23' . 1-.M"'7:3:f:3,i:f:f:f:f:Q..Z.. 1 ' 1.1:55g5g1g5g1g,g55s1f ' '.1:::ff" ' "f'11?153ff.1.. "fri55fsf535E55555:... ' " .-.f:f:j:f:j:Q:Q:f:3:i' ,.g":f:f:i i:Q:f:5:5.- ':1:3fIEif:f:Q:f:f:f, g gf?ffffffffffQfEf?fEfEg:,. I-,,..g:fffEff:f:-, ,,q52fff55" 4'55fQff5E1f,jf. b - 5555555555555555iIEf55ff5E2i55lf iq as5?55i5?5:?52E555f5:, , -Effffffzfiiii .:j?ffffffff'fQIfff-1:" ff, 'Efffffff:fffffffQffE:f'j5fj31'1' N X N5 xi 3 is x 5 L, sw 'L f7 5 Jffff' I x Q KB Q fi i R x X M 1 N X x Q w'X M i m L3 3 A tk WR wx N U Q Y No 5 3 v x il Xl! N ,Y ' 1 " LL fd-V' r ,4 A ff' X, A' L ff ly rr ,,, g . ,r f rg VY! ki! I if 9 ,ft I, is Ji v Vjm LLL -157 LL ff Lil LTA!! irilbki wiki!! jii W 4 , l N . in -M-4' , 'All ,Fld of CO yr W 4 M if J A jwrrtr me or 3 keys itoif ZH ,914 JM ACALANES IIIGII Leadership . . 8 Accomplishment. . 14 Knowledge . . 34 Teamwork . . 46 Activities . . 74 Enjoyment . . 98 Friendship . . 108 Community . . 140 X Cf Q Dedlcatlon Tlwrouglwoul' l'11s len years of unfanlmg lnferesl' an sluclenf achvnhes he has been an msplralron 'ro flwose around him He offers supporl lo 1'l1ose who faller He offers enllwusuasllc praise 'ro fhose who aclneve As +l'1e Rally Commullee aclvlsor he has pul In lhanlcless hours of exlra work and spurs? As llfme Dean of Boys he has been a lusl luclge We of 'rhe Alclan slafl are proud 'ro deducafe +l1e I959 Alclan 'ro ALEXANDER WINCHESTER And nofhmg grahfles one more fhan fo be ad mured for doing whai- he likes Sayers ,ff ff Foreword Place your key in fhe loclc. Now open The door and enler a world of memories. l-lere is your Alclan +he foolball games rallies dances and undernealh all lhese lhe spiril of you rhe Don Perhaps you were a freshman or was lhls your lasl' year al Acalanes'7 Wha+ever I+ was a year full of memories Now whenever you place your lcey rn lhe loclc you wall fund your memories recorded here fo be lived lime and 'hme again To fell fales oui' of school J Heywood ffm Jo' fl ' Lf! jj , fl l iff err l Lf' J MJ yy , f ' l fffrf-lf r ,, W A+, ,wt ' Q 'ine I 'igh .gfW,iW'5 W I W . M. ,WK him, st N 4 wr . 1.. M, N, K Q v pm V. f if 43 " sniff ,L W Q an bi' M"3'v-:ff h m ' 'QL .,,,,,,e.. . fx WJ- V ,vi M- 4' AA xr wfig' X' ,X Aw .v .. vW3'mG'?'vi'WAf1 "" 1,3 wa- W w -'WTAM ""'Y., wwe: Q - 'va .A V , A1 ,.. ff - - A HX xv., .N gm AZQQAQ! ' xi, .QQUF-?"f . W Aiif frm 5 Va. . "" p ,,1-W" , Q -:ff--' ,M A 'Bk -f .:.....a-.. , , , inf!! QAW'-9 -. 5 vfa M, ww ww " ff 3 milfs, Mit, i , 1-,aa stiff' 50 ,Ng-':!'1AEi"' H, sq. AM 'W .,.. fi t .,,z.' wl HQ' w . -1-Mm " s ve' 'n ,s is my " of -df 1 . g. ci' Y .41 il 4 C' , L- ,A I2 air, bflf' B ., f . f- - .' , . ' v fir gg H ,Nr s--N i. , gk n Wk t'0 fl' 9- V gg- - bm, A"fa.,,, bw, :+A A ' ,,.,,Mw , , ww Q..g, '- , -yah . ' '-0 -..-L: 46 L' T?-5 -Eff:,,,lW5STTY'J'g" w'l",,w, , All-Q-,ILL-Z'i:L "H"f""ifK""--i V, WW' wan, 4 agN:i'hlW.-5JM!,7'Kl?W, , Q ,, B Q' K K, " Qxmgpu .,, QQKLQQHE. ...WJ ' Q-.,:'w ww 'L' .,,s.-N ,dw-b, fig si 45-A 4. TW? - ' ' ' WJ' "THU 2-f .ul az:-ff' ff, I ,H ff 4 , -. uillgahjjyfw ' mf 5 . if -asf ab 4' 1 l L ,A A. W , K7 K, 7 ,5 xv-1" U W Q if lx Z?-Ya li vas Uj ov -e , y I . 'V .K 'V i.: K' ' W -,. ikohkbi-v?M.A,P.Qb 54 XL M! XACJLX-vw lie i, f Ulolx Gvnyuzifalf Q7 u:fl9l' jfs' Lxk.97!a"?l ina' Of 55,751 'A . l 'I fl ff? 5, K-754 144' fi? f1f'1fi7fZ' i Vyyy , X, 7 4 1 M if J ffl Af . , I yV'V7C7'l 01,7419 J' , f yf,r , i f Leadership is an aclive ingredienl in +oday's world, every organiza+ion, no malfer how big. or how small, musl have i+s leaders. Leaders who falce an aclive inleresl in Their jobs, and ones who really go all oul' for Their "cause." Acalanes has been forlunale fo have such leaders our in fronf rhis year. Following in 'rhe loofsfeps of previous years and se++ing flue sfage for 'those fo come, our leaders rhis year have done an oufsfanding job . . . noi soon fo be lorgoHen a+ Acalanes. ii 3p'5j.y5'ft4S-il":'!j1i Y 'ig vxg N Q, . 'X-X Xxaxg ,xii so Q s. fs essay 1 'N X-sf ss . saws ss -gx AJ Rx, F XXX jsgk CJ K Xb xx? 'Ti ai .s sim -- XX mil i xx fs a W RN S Sex y ,X RQ X x f-X xg . XB Nix A N N xi 'JN 'fx wk 'xg -, Q , we A s X XP W Pi , N -X Sb i y . V k Y 213 JAN N iw. 1, ' jf R s 'Xe Q A3 X'-V Q, - , Q 3 i as 1 Jes is , ,r as NX X . ee, N - ' s 4 on b Ti Y , xi F- N f S RQ XX " "Nr A 'W 'S Y X J Q-R F5 Kb .XV N FJ - may 'ks X . X of ..., xz . 5 B T170 N59 e s ,S-,Q -Q We 's as XX X -s 's -.-5 N is XX 1 as wx l' , f X ' Q fi of aw ,X -s x "4 '-bl. .N -Q X , X ' X T'-' 'IJ s 'i -ef -s he are 1 'E sw Q is 9 H , X .M Q -if ox 5 ..,,x Kg s , r- 5:11 fa 'N s -Q - 5, Xxx , fe N s JT , ,Q -s. - , J . . xx ' . ' 3' Xa ,Q wr V -,J V ' ffx ' X i 1 'E ss 35" Q i ' i -, A , - ' 4 ' QI, 'is -1 N sys xg FQ X N Xb Qx 8 'X S xl -Ne-X 'xg 'Q 5 5 , I - , . ,AJ XX X, lx i 3 as, aft' wx N, Student ody fflcers +071 PHIL CONDIT P es d nf The sludenl body omchcers al Acalanes are no+ 'iusr chosen buf are elecied by 'rhe sludenl' body for lheir personaliiies and job qualilicafions. Above +his however lhey are elecied for iheir spirif and sincere desire lo malce ihis year The besi ever. ll is you lhe sfudenis +h + fhey repre enl and I+ ' 'rhrough you Thai lhese leaders carry oul 'rhe plans and proiecis which make sludeni life ar +he home of Don whai if is. The final +es+ of a leader is +ha+ he leaves behind him in ofher men +he convlcfion and fhe will fo carry on . . . . . . Lippmann T ees 1251? FRED SONNTAG Club Commissioner DAN FUNK e P esd JOAN WFSTPHAL cal e W? , "", r,,irr 5- W O i ' JOAN BAKER JULIE SANDERSON is N Secrefary r ure V Y , 1 gs , wigmx. ,., i s ,X i, 'X M H - l i l s l.i -L- 5 W . X s Q r f i lf l Vic r i enf r I e Soi S crefary ff ef l 1 . 1 i . Q , a S IS I I gi Cltlzenslup omnuttee The chore 'ralcen on by 'rhe elecled class omchcers who serve on rhe clhzenshnp com mvrlee as Thar of defermlnxng your cnruzen hlp grade The members musl be arnfhme hc whrzzes lo add and sublracr fhe numerous recommendahons for pounl' galns or losses and Jrhey musl be responsible CIl'IZ6V1S who an wlsely choose 'rhe Dons and Donnas who wall recerve CIlIZ6I'1Sl'1Ip awards Shakespeare Advusors MR WINCHESTER and Miss RICHARDSON Juniors PEGGY HANSEN JIM ALLEN Sensors PAT THARSING PHIL CONDIT MIKE KRITSCHER Sophomore PATSY RICHARDSON 0 o 0 o To +hine own self be +rue . . . Stud nt Fall M! - Q 'mx - . on ROW l, Ieff fo riqhl: W. Rebscher, L. Ingham, D. Wiseman, J. Shaw, C. Kiesel, L, Hammarberg, V. Tronoff, L. Senger, T. Helfe, P. Marlino, P, Dickson, J. Neuman. ROW 2: S. Markey, D. Olberg, M. Bates, J. Sommer, M. McCracken, B. Gallagher, R. Kingsley, S. Ferro, C. Laleana, T. Connor, L, Wadsworlh, S. Weisberg, D. Campbell, K. Lein, J. Porfer, C. English, P. Couden, S, Hall, C. Rinne. ROW 3: E, Emerson, B. Gillham, D. Burke, L. Pelers, M. Calderon, K. Miller, C. Whifnell, M. Hawkins, J. Lee, C. Scalinelli, K. Chrisfianson, J. Sommers, A. Arfslen, C. Couch, P. Colin. ROW 4: J. Rinne, B. Allen, B. Wenschlog, R. Hufff, J. Allen, T. Hanscom, S. Fox, D. Freeman, T. Hall, C. Dreyer, M. Krifcher, J. Hosford, D. Slulh, B. Rinne, R. Diefl, B. Pedder, F. Lercari, D. Toll, B. Jenks, L. Cosso, S. Mclnfyre. Debafinq upon such varied subiecls as lhe Senior Parking Lol or why 'lhe hol dog relish lasles 'rhe way il' does, lhe elecled represenlalives guaranree each slrudenl a voice in lhe school's governrnenl. Under rhe direcl conlrol of 'rhe sludenl body officers and lhe cen- sorship power oilhe adminislrarion, sludenl council works as a spiril' and lun-loving body whose ideas spark ihe key lo democracy. Accomplishing much each year, lhey pave lhe way lor 'rhe years lo come al Acalanes. Governmenl of 'lhe people, by +he people, for +he people . . . . Lincoln V' y 'ri U-gave Conn il S ring Rick Dielz, Paul Colin, Slew Fox, Brian Allen, Marcia Bales, Marilyn Calderon, Kay Chrisliansen, George Hunl, Pal Dickson, Doug Freeman, Lani Ingham, Mike Krifcher, Dianne Olberq, Roberf Rinne, Carol Scalinefli, Ju ie Sommer, Dewaine Sfulfs, Sue Ellen Markey, Link Van Ummerson, Donna Hunl, Carol Echols, Sieve Mclnfyre, Tovi Heffe, Joe Ismail, Margarer Hawkins, Sue Schneider, Rich Arne, Bill Albert, AI Arfslen, Terry Ambuehl, Don Andresen, Sharlene Blaise, Marsha Brahlen, Luanna Buchanan, Dale Campbell, Diane Cherry, Tara Connor, Carol English, E. J. Emerson, Sandra Ferro, Roberf Gillham, Don Glover, Sherry Granl, Susan Hall, Linda Hammerberg, Nancy Hauskens, Jean Heiser, John Holman, Bill Hoyl, Marfha Howe, Bob Ingham, Tom Hall, Sandy Johnson, Corky Kiesel, Vicky Lavezzi, John Laylon, Karen Lien, Gerald Martino, Val Marchus, Terry Moore, Barbara Moore, Peler Monlalbano, Claire McDonald, Mike McAulff'fe, Roberf Nadol, Doug Nichols, Bill Pedder, Cheri Peterson, Penny Place, Chris Rinne, Carol Reiven, Diane Rofh, Guy Railsback, John Shaw, David Schwarh, Diane Senger, Bob Scoll, John Sommers, Vicki Tronoff, Marqaref Thompson, Sheri Thompson, Bob Williamson, Marfha Wehmeier, Jeff Warner, Rich Cherry, Sharon Gloffelly. The spring Srudenr Council accepled Rob' errs Rules ol Qrder and appoinled a Parlia- menrarian lo insure rhal lhese rules were fol- lowed. A homeroom period belween Sludenl Council meelinqs was proposed and accepled. Une ol The mosr imporlanr bills brouqhr before +he Council rhis semesler was a revision of The Cirizenship Code. The Council failed lo pass rhis because of lhe opposiion ol lowerclass- men. For four years we've been working, yelling, playing and going all ou'r for Acalanes. Our firslr memorable evenf was our Frosh Frolic, "Baclcwood Bounce." As "experienced" sophomores we presenfed "Sa+elli're Swing,' giving il a sfrange afmosphere of ouler space. As "lower-upperclassmenu our accomplishmenis were grealer. "Garden in fhe Rain" and "Down Sou+h" were rewarding resulfs of much 'rime and Trouble. We had an opporlunily fo display our falenl as performers in fhe Jr. Assembly. Our 'ralenf again showed 'rhrough as Senior Thespians presenfed 'rhe Senior Play. The Senior Ball provided an exciling climax fo our wonderful High School years. Now i+'s lime +0 leave. The dances, assemblies, games. Brunch periods and Jresls are all behind and The lulure is wha? we malce il, So li++Ie done-so much +o do . . . . . Rhodes ACCO PLIS ENT +R , I Senlor Leadere Presldenf R ck Dueh The experrence of flwenr years al' Acalanes has grven flue ollncers of fhe class of 59 +l'1e abnluly lo lrlbufed 'ro Tl'1e beffermenr of llwus class rn hrs or hen own way by assnslrnq an nfs varied funcluons l-low ever a group needs guudance and 'rlus year s class officers have fulfilled +l1rs need fo 'rl'1e fullesl Tlwev deserve a vofe of rhanlcs from all concerned I wnll carry ou'r according fo my ablllfy and Iudgemenf Hnppocrafes Socnal Secrefary Karon Emerson V ce Preslden? George McMeans Secrefary Marilyn Tnmoney Treasurer Sue Emerson 0 Q I . ar ', 91 , successfully lead llwe Seniors. Everyone has Con- I ADAIR, BARRY SCOTT --"SCott"' Band 2 3 AFS 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 4, Likes music,.math skiing, Dislikes homework on holidays, Goin c college. ADAMS, BURTON WARREN' 'lWarren Math Science major, Rally Comm. 3, Chips 1, 2 3 Block "A" 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Countr 4, Likes Fridays, Chevies, Dislikes stuck-up girs College bound. AGENO, MICHEAL EDWARD-- Gino Business ma jor, Swimming 2, 3, Likes cars, girls, swimming Dislikes snobs, Sr. Problems, Going to Golden Gate College. AGUIRRE, PETER ALFRED-"Pete"' Science Math English major, Med. Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4' Like sports, Dislikes know-it-alls, Going to USF AMIDON, PERRY Art major. ANDERSON, KATHARINE Nl.-- Kemi ' English ma' jor, CSF 1, Spanish Hon, 1, AFS 2 3 4' Jr. States- men 3, Acalhonors 1, GAA 1, 2, Likes horseback riding, swimming, Dislikes science, Going to college. ANDERSON, MERRILYN-'lMare", English major, Jr. Red Cross 1, Chorus 1, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Likes horseback riding, swimming, hiking, Dislikes neigh- bors, conceited people, sr-akes, Going to college. ARDEN, ELIZABETH ANN-"Betty", English, Lan- guage major, Transfer from St. Barnabas, N.Y. 3, Fleur de Lis 2, Student Council 1, Likes friendly people, Dislikes decisions, Going to college. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT EDWARD--"Bob", English, Language major, Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4: Likes money, Volkswagens, girls, Dislikes jazz, marching in band, Plans to be a retired billionaire. ARRIGO, PAUL MICHEAL-'lPablo", Architecture major, Block UA" 3, 4, Chips 1, 2, Football 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Likes girls, sports, Dislikes Aca- lanes, Going to college. ATHANSON, PAUL ANTHONY-History major, Cho- rus 3, Swimming 1, Likes working on guns, Dislikes homework, Future undecided. AULD, SUSAN JANE-"Sue", History, English ma- jor, Acalhonors 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, Likes ballet, last summer, eating gloves, Dislikes Frederick, English 4, College bound. BAKER, JOAN CAROLYN-English major, CSF 1, 3, 4, Acalhonors 2, Rally Comm. 4, GAA 1, 2, Comm. of Playdays 3, 4, Student Body Sec. 4, Class Vice Pres. 2, Girls League Rep. 1, 3, Student Council 4, Girls' State 3, Likes Sat. nights, happy people, Dis- likes boredom, Going to Westmont College. BAKER, PAMELA CHRISTINE-"Pam", Spanish, Art major, Student Council 1, Senior Play 4, Likes people who have the strength of their convictions, Dislikes Conformism, gossips, Going to travel, then college. BALAAM, CHRISTOPHER ROBERTil'Chris", Span. Hon. 2, Treas. 3, Ski Club 2, Senior Play 4, Likes 2:45 p.m., Dislikes 8:10 a.m., Going to college. BALAAM, MIKE GORDON-English major, A Cap- pella 4, Senior Play 4, Likes reading, plastic models, Dislikes work, wise guys. BANKS, JOHN STEWART---"Bugsy", Business major, Transfer from Pennsylvania 1, Track 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Likes sports, Dislikes weekdays, College bound. BARDEN, ROBERT EARL-"Bob", Science, Math, History, English major, Ski Club 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Likes food, cars, parties, Dislikes getting up early, Going to college. BARNUM, KATHLEEN ANN- x'Barnum", Science major, Acalhonors 1, 2, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 1, A Cappella 4, Chorus 3, GAA 1, 2, Ski Club 2, 3, Med. Club 4, Class Treas. 2, Student Council 1, 2, Pompon Girl 4, Likes Tahoe, Pescadero, "The Group", Dislikes kissies, Going into nursing. BARTON, GAYLAN PAIGE-"Gay", History, English major, Transfer from Oxford, England, Music Apprec. 1, 2, Likes people, books, being in bed, Dislikes smoking, chewing gum, grcaners, Going to Cal. BATES, MARCIA JEANNE-Spanish, English, His- tory, Math major, Transfer from James Lick, San Jose 2, CSF, 1, 2, 3, 4, Span. Hon. 2, 3, Pres. 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesman 2, 3, Sec. 4, AEC 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Chess Club 4, Likes collecting matchbooks, Dislikes snobs who say they don't like snobs, College bound. BEATTY, THOMAS MCCOURY -l'Tom", Social Studies, English major, Senior Play 4, Mascot 4, AFS 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 1, Block "A" 3, 4, Track 2, Tennis 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, LikPS SDOHS, parties, Dislikes people who play hard-to-get, Going to college. BEHM, BONNIE -Likes Al, after school, Fri., Sat. nites, Dislikes school, Plans to be a housewife. BELL, DIANE LORENE --History major, AFS 2, 3, 4, Rally Comm. 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, Water Ballet 2, 3, 4, Likes sports cars, swimming, Dislikes Detroit iron, Going to college. Senior 33: . - Mi... .qs BETTENCOURT, LURLINE BARBARA-"PonyIaiI"3 English maior3 Mixed Chorus I3 Senior Play 43 Pep Club 43 AFS I, 2, 3, 43 Medical Club 43 Likes waier-skiing, Corvelfes, horseback riding, mood musicg Dislikes "bad scenes," small bOYS: Going lo college. BIASOTTI, CAROLYN ANN-Business maior3 AFS 33 A Cappella 43 Chorus 33 Ski Club 43 Maiorelle 3, 43 Likes almosf everyIhing3 Dislikes snobs3 Going Io business college. BIASOTTI, DAVID ERNEST-"Dave"3 English I'TldiOT: A Cappella 43 Senior Play 43 Pep Club 43 Likes cuslom cars3 Dislikes sruck-up girls3 Going fo college. BILLINGS, DIANE ELAINE-"De":bie"3 Transfer from Norlhside, Georgia, 33 Malh maior3 Spanish Honorary 23 Ski Club 3, 43 Y-Teen I, 23 Likes boys, clothes, skiing, "The '5roup"3 Going Io college. BOLSTAD, DAVE CHARLES-"Pee Wee"3 Likes '32 Fords, parlies3 Dis- likes all solids and English 3, candy3 Plans Io allend iunior college. BOOTH, WILLIAM LEWIS-"Bill"3 Arts and Crafis I'T13iOT: Block "A" 3, 43 Chips I3 Foorball 3, mgr. 43 Baseball I3 Track 33 Likes sporlsg Going Io college. BRADSHAW, CHARLES PHILLIP-"Chuck"3 Maih maior3 Transfer from AusIralia3 Likes foolball games, dances, parIies3 Dislikes PE teachers, long books3 Going inlo the Navy then college. BRANSTAD, BARBARA-Language, English, Social Science maior3 CSF 3, 43 Fleur de Lis 43 AFS 2, 3, 43 Jr. Slafesmen I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, Rep. 3, 43 Wafer Baller 43 Senior Play 43 Likes week endS: Dislikes sfanding in line3 Going fo college. BRITOS, BRUCE CLARENCE-Engl'sh, History, Malh, Science, Shop rnaior3 Block "A" I, 2, 3, 43 Chips I3 Foolball I3 Swimming I, 2, 3, 43 Wresrling 2, 3, 43 Likes swimming3 Dislikes English, lilfle broIhers3 Going fo iunior college. zglli S Q n i 0 r .9 Mos? lnlelligenl BROGDEN, SHARON LEE-English, Hisfory maior3 Chorus I, 23 GAA I3 Sfudenl Council I3 Likes records, cars, Cokes3 Dislikes school, Sl'IObSj Going Io work. BROWN, KATHERINE RUTH-"KaIhi"3 English, Science maior3 CSF I, 2, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur de Lis 33 AFS I, 2, 3, Pr. Ch. 43 Senior Play 43 Young L'fe 4, V. Pres. 43 Likes people, showing horses3 drama, i958 Fords3 Dislikes spirifless car, horses, and people3 fha? dull washed- our feeling: Going fo college. BRUDNEY, LINDA ELAINE-"Lyn"3 Drama maior3 Sen'or Play 43 AFS 43 Likes Iiifle cars, dancing, snowball fighls3 Dislikes big cars, Mexican i00dj Going Io college. BRYANT, MADELEINE KAY-English, Spanish, Hislory maior3 CSF 23 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary 23 AFS 3, Sec. 43 AEC 3, 43 Jr. Slafesmen I, 23 Senior Play 43 Likes pina3 Dislikes people who giggle while fhey Talk: Going Io college. BUCHANAN, JANICE LEWISE-"Jan"3 Chorus I, 2, 43 Likes dances, independence3 Dislikes schooI3 Going Io work. BURKHART, BARRY KARL-"Eurk"3 English maior3 Transfer from El Camino 23 Ski Club I, 23 Likes skiing, gambling, sporfs CBFSQ Dislikes loudmoulhs, idleness3 Going fo college. BUTLER, CHUCK U.-"Jesse Lee"3 Cralls maior3 Likes cars, car clubs, parlies3 Dslikes feachers3 Going Io iunior college. CADMAN, DIANE DORIS-Chorus 23 Plans lo be a secrefary. CAMPBELL, CAROL DALE-"Dale"3 Language maior3 Srudenl Coun- cil 43 CSF 43 Acalhonors l, 2, 33 Chorus I3 AEC 43 AFS I, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Slafesmen I, 2, 33 Spanish Honorary 3, Sec. 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes being bUSYf Dislikes essays, hurry3 Going fo Cal, CHAMBERLAIN, SHERRY CAMILLE-"Cammie", English maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, French Club I, 2. 3, Dance Group 4, ASF 2, AEC 2, Jr. Statesmen I, 3, Likes friendly people, chocolate, good times, Dislikes essays, homework, Going to college. CHRISTIANSEN, KAY-Spanish maior, CSF I, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Spanish I-lon. I, Z, 3, Pub. Chair. 4, AFS 2, 3, Los Amigos 4, Jr. Statesmen 3, A Cappella 2, Chorus I, Student Council 4, Likes music, clothes, Dis- likes loud people, College bound. CHURCH, JANE ANNE-English, Language major, Student Council 3, Medical Club 3, 4, AFS 4, AEC I, 2, Jr. Statesmen I, Likes water ski- ing, swimming, Balboa, Dislikes math, conceifed people, short boys, Going to Oregon State. CLARK, JUDITH-"Judy", History, Science, English maior, Acalhonors l, 2, 4, Library 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen I, 2, Med. Club 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross I, Girls' League Rep. 2, Likes camping, Marty's, eating, Dislikes people who go on long trips, Fredric, Going to college, CLARK, LARRY EUGENE-"Buddy", Transfer from Berkeley 4, Likes "my one and only in Richmond", Dislikes not being with her, Going into Air Force then college. CLUCAS, BONNIJEAN ELIZABETH-"Bonni", Language, History ma- ior, CSF I, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AEC 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Likes Brighton, Utah, Tahoe, people, Dislikes first period Monday morning, College bound. COLWELL, WILLIAM ANDREW-"Willie", Math maior, Block "A" 4, Chips 3, Football 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Likes skiing, swimming, football, good times, Going to college. CONDIT, PHILIP MURRAV-"Phil", Science, Math maior, CSF I, 2, 3, f', AFS 4, Rally Committee 4, Los Amigos 3, Block "A" 2, Sec. 3, 4, Citz. Committee 4, Student Body Pres. 4, Student Council 2, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Track 3, Likes people, fun, Dislikes snobs and people who don'f have fun, College bound. CONDIT, THOMAS WILLOW-"Tom", Transfer from Robert Louis Stevenson 3, History maior, AFS 4, Block "A" 2, Chips I, Ski Club 3, Senior Play 4, Student Council 3, Swimming I, 2, 4, Likes swimming, dancing, cars, CatfIemen's Association, Dislikes certain people, Cola lege bound, Most Intelligent COOK, RON J.-Transfer from Mt. Diablo 3, P.E. maior, Baseball 4, Likes Porsches, Ferraris, Dislikes Corvettes, Scarabs, College bound. COOPER, ROBIN LYNN-English maior, Ski Club 4, Likes Siamese cats, parties, Dislikes alley cats, Going to college. COUCH, CHARLES CARDINALL-Math, English, History maior, Acal- honors 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, Blueprint 3, Ed. 4, Jr. Siafesmen 2, Sr. Play 4, Student Council 4, Likes riding, dancing, home-cooking, Dislikes Sr. Probs. tests, flat pizza, Going to college then Air Force. CULBERTSON, KATHRYN SUSAN-"Kathy", Music maior, Chorus I, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, GAA I, Likes football games, horseback riding, dancing, old cars, Dislikes stuffy teachers, snobs, studying. DAVIS, HAIEL ANN-English maior, Chorus I, 2, GAA I, 2, Med. Club 4, Likes school, Dislikes dishonest people, snobs, Going to college. DEHAAN, SUZANNE MARIE-"Dee", Home Economics maior, Acal- honors 2, 4, Future Teachers, Jr. Red Cross 3, GAA I, Likes people, mu- sic, sewing, Going to work. DICKSON, HENRY SARGENT-"Hank", Art maior, Audio-Visual l, 2, 3, 4, Stage crew I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Track l, Likes small girls, parties, Dislikes snobs, teachers who don't like to argue, '56 cars given to kids, Going into Air Force then college. DIETRICH, JOHN PAUL-Transfer from E. Denver High, History, Eng- lish, Math maior, Blueprint 3, 4, Audio-Visual 3, 4, Football 4, Wres- tling 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Likes school sports, cars, vacations, Dislikes get- ting out of bed in the morning, Going to college or Navy. DIETZ, FREDERICK CURT-"Rick", English, Math, History, Language maior, Cifz. Rep. 3, Class Pres. 4, Student Council 4, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Citizenship Comm, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, Likes people who smile, Dislikes messy campus, surprise tests, Going to college and law school. DAN FUNK 8 E 0 r DINWIDDIE, HELEN-English, Science maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, AEC I, Jr. Slatesmen I, 2, Medical Club 3, Likes Air Force, school, neat people, Dislikes insincerity, iau, and conceit, col- lege bound. DONELSON, ROBERT LINDER-"Hairoil", Transfer from Berkeley High 3, History maror, Likes Valerie and money, Dislikes not having enough money, Plans to goto college. DRESS, KATHRYN MARILYN ANN-"Kay", English, Art maior, GAA 2, Ski Club I, Likes school, pina, Dislikes spiders, going steady, show- offs, Plans to go to college, be a iuvenile director. DREYER, CARL HENRY-Science, Math, English, French major, CSF l, 2, 3, Fleur de Lis I, 2, Audio-Visual I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, Block "A" I, Chips I, 2, Student Council I, Wrestling I, 2, Likes girls, sports cars, parties, Dislikes stuck-up girls, too much homework, Plans to go to engineering college. ECHOLS, CAROLYN-English, Math, History, Language maior, CSF I, 2, 3, Treas, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, AF-S 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4, Dance Group 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, GAA 2, 3, 4, Class Sec. 3, Chess Club Sec.-Treas. 4, Pep Club 4, Likes reading, puzzles, dancing, Dislikes getting up in the morning, College bound. EMERSON, KAREN LYNN--"Karen", Transfer from Glenn County High 2, Language, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 4, Year- book 2, Rally Committee 4, Water Ballet 3, 4, Class Vice Pres. I, Class Soc. Sec. 4, Student Council 3, Pep Club I, 2, Latin Club I, 2, Likes dancing, boys, neat cars, Dislikes snobby people, social climbers, Go- ing Io college. EMERSON, SUSAN LEE-"Sue", Transter from Glenn County High 2, Class Officer I, 4, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 2, Girls League Rep. 4, Pep Club 2, 4, GAA 2, Latin Club I, 2, Water Ballet 2, Science Research 4, Likes football games, Acalanes, San Francisco, dances, some of the terrific teachers she has had, and "The Group", Going to college. ESELIUS, DONA MAE-Music, Business maior, AFS 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, A Cappella 2, 3, Librarian 4, Chorus I, Music Club Sec, Likes boys, pink dresses, Dislikes French tries, snobs, Going to JC and then into the field of music. EVANS, LARRY E.-"Lightnin' ", Art maior, Track 4, Likes cars, girls, Dislikes black Thunderbirds, red Cadillacs, Going into the Air Force and then to college. JULIE SANDERSON FERRY, CAROLE ANN-Transfer from Holy Names 2, English, French maior, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Rally Committee 4, A Cappella 4, GAA 3, Senior Play 4, Student Body Yell Leader 4, Student Council 4, Likes water skiing, spirit at Acalanes, snow, Dislikes snobs, V, W., people who don't smile, conceited boys, Going to college. FREDMAN, JEANNIE CAROLE-"Freddie", Spanish, English, History maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, AEC 4, Jr. Statesmen 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Water Ballet 2, 3, 4, Likes swimming, water and snow skiing, horseback riding, Dis- likes to be late or rushed, Will attend Stevens College or go into modeling. FUNK, DAN COOPER-Math, English, History maior, CSF I, 2, Pres. 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Exchange student Denmark 4, Rally Committee 4, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, Block "A" 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Class Vice Pres. 3, Student Body Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, Baseball I, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Likes tennis, sports cars, fishing, money, leisure time, dislikes work, poverty, hunger, Plans to pursue a serious academic education. FERGUSON, ANN LOUISE-"Animal", Clothing maior, AEC 4, Chorus I, Likes parties and Fred, Dislikes snobs, History, people who don'I like fun, Going to Diablo Valley Junior College, GAVEY, PAUL BRENNAN-Blueprint 3, 4, Block "A" 4, Cross-Country I, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Likes cars, sports, people, Dislikes snobs. GATES, HILARY ELAINE-"Hill", English maior, A Cappella 3, Chorus I, 2, Likes parties, cars, music, Bishop boys, Dislikes school, being away from Bishop, Going to Bishop, then to Mexico and to college. GELHAUS, JOYCE MARIE-"Squeaker", Business maior, CSF I, 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, Spanish Honorary 2, Maiorette 2, Chorus I, 4, GAA I, 2, Water Ballet ?, Likes people, animals, Dislikes conceited snobs, Going to JC, GENTRY, JIM PAUL-A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Track I, Likes girls, Dislikes Spanish, Plans to go to JC then. Davis. GLOTFELTY, SHARON LYNN-"Share", English, Business maior, Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Aklan 3, Los Amigos 3, Sec.-Treas. 4, Audio- Visual Sec. 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Likes people with loads of personality, Dislikes cliques, snobs, Plans to go to college. Most Likely to Succeed S 9 U 8 r GODET, DIANA JANE-Transfer from El Cerrifo High 45 Science, His- Iory, English maior5 AFS 45 AEC 3, 45 Chorus 25 GAA I5 Senior Play 45 Thespian Play 35 Medical Club 45 Sludenf Council 35 Likes Ioolball games, dances, school5 Dislikes exams5 Plans Io be a Ieacher. GOGSTAD, ELAINE MARIE-Science, Music maior5 Spanish Honorary 25 AFS 45 A Cappella 3, 45 Chorus 25 Ski Club 45 Sludenf Council 35 Likes fo be happy, Dislikes people who spread rumors5 College bound. GOOD, DON CORNELL-Mafh, Science maior5 Audio-Visual 45 Slage Crew 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Likes skiing, girls, money5 Dislikes Ihe smell of hydrogen sulfide5 Going fo college. GRAVES, JOHN WAGNER-Malh, Science, English maior5 CSF I, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Slaresmen 3, 45 Block "A" 2, 3, Sec. 45 Sfudenl Council 25 Foo?- ball Mgr. 2, 3,45 Baskelball Mgr. 2, 45 Track Mgr. 2, 3,45 Likes sporfs, science5 Dislikes excessive homework5 Going fo engineering college. GREBLO, GARY ANTONE-Mafh maior5 Block "A" 45 Chips 2, 35 Slu- denf Council I5 Foolball 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Likes sporrs, people, cars5 Going Io college. GREEN, BILL H.-Block "A" 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Likes hunling, fishing5 Dislikes school5 Going info Navy, GREENEICH, EDWIN WAYNE-"Ed"5 English, Malh maior5 Audio- Visual5 Slage Crew 2, 3, 45 Likes amaleur "ham" radio5 dislikes home- work affer 2 a.m.5 College bound. HAIL, JOAN-Spanish, Hisfory, English maior5 Acalhonors I, 2, 45 Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 45 AFS 45 Jr. Slalesmen 45 GAA Z, 45 Medical Club 45 Likes hamburgers, week ends5 Dislikes Monday mornings5 Go- ing fo college. HALL, THOMAS MARSHALL-"Tom"5 Math maior5 Acalhonors 45 Spanish Honorary 35 Rally Ccmmiffee 35 Block "A" 45 Chips I, 2, 45 Track 45 Likes fishing, hunling, and JP5 Dislikes windsprinfs and hard guys5 College bound. Mos? Likely Io Succeed PHIL CONDIT o x ,Y kxsg I HALLSTONE, DAVID-"Dave"5 English maior5 Block "A" 45 Chips 2, 35 Foofball I, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3. 45 Likes cars, money, girls5 Dislikes bums, wailing in long lines5 Going lo college. HAMM, KAREN LYNN-Business maior5 GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Wafer Ballel I5 Likes week ends, Chuck, "The Group"5 Dislikes snobby people, rain5 Going to work. HANSEN, GARY WAYNE-Malh maior5 Block "A" I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 45 Basketball I5 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Football I5 Likes girls, cars, buf moslly baseball5 Dislikes homework, candies5 Plans lo go inlo Marines or play baseball. HARDY, BRIAN WASHBURN-Language maior5 Chips 35 Ski Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 45 Foolball 45 Likes loolball and skiing5 Dislikes AIgebra5 Going fo JC. HART, BONNIE-"Bon"5 English maior5 Transfer from Olympus High School, Sall Lake Cify 35 Chorus I, 2, 35 Ski Club I, 45 Arora Girls Club 25 Pep Club I, 45 Likes blue eyes, skiingg Dislikes snobs, dirly shoes5 College bound. HARTWELL, KAREN JUNE-Business maior5 Likes Don, dancing, parIies5 Dislikes snobs, gossips5 Plans lo go 'Io work and ge? rnarried. HAUSKINS, NANCY ARLENE-Hislory maior5 Chorus I5 GAA 3, 45 Likes happy people, "The Group"5 Dislikes homework or work of any kind5 Going lo college. HAYMAN, RICHARD ELWOOD-"Dick"5 Mafh maior5 Block "A" 2, 3, 45 Chips 2, 35 Football I5 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Cross Counfry 2, 3, 45 Likes fasf cars and spending money5 Dislikes snobby girIs5 Plans lo go lo col- lege. HEDOUIST, TIMOTHY ALAN-"Tim"5 Marh maior5 Spanish Honorary 25 Likes sporls and mafh5 Dislikes having Io run cross counlry in PE5 Going fo college. 'E I-IEFTE, TOVE-"Toby": Echange Sludenf from Norway: Sludenl Coun- cil 4: AFS 4: Likes skiing: skaling, ice cream: Dislikes snobs: Plans lo sfudy Language al the University ol Oslo, Norway. HELLIN, KAE MARIE-Transfer from Claremonf Jr. High 2: Business ma:or: Chorus I, 2: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Likes lo waler ski: Dislikes con- celled people: Going lo denial school. HlLE,.JUDITH ANN-"Judy": Transfer from EasISaI1 Lake Cily, Ufah: Clolhing maior: Ski Club ?: Likes dancing and going lo lhe beach: Dislikes: sluck-up people: Plans lo hand pain? dresses or be a denial Iec nlclan. I-IOEDEL, JUNE ELLEN-AFS 2, 3, 4: AEC 4: Pep Club 4: GAA 2, 3: Likes horses, Young Life, converlible sporls cars: Dislikes snobs, no school spirif. HOLLENBECK, DALE KENT-Shop maior: Likes cars, club meelings: Dislikes Senior Problems: Plans Io go lo JC and work. HOLLISTER, STANLEY ROBERT-"Slan": Malh, Science maior: Block "A" 4: Fcolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2: Likes ho? cars, girls, music: Dislikes mosf Acalanes girls: plans lo go lo college and to serve Uncle Sam. HOPKINS, JUDIE Nl.-Transfer from Anglo-American, Alhens, Greece: French maior: Fleur de Lis 2, Pres, 3: AFS 2, 3: School paper I: Jr. Slafesmen 2: Jr. Red Cross 2: Class Sec. I: Sfudenl Council I: Likes sleeping late, fahening food: Dislikes being in a rush, slicky gearshiifs: Going fo JC or fo business college. HOSFORD, JOHN P.-"JP": Transfer from Yokohama High School, Japan. 2: AFS 4: Rally Comm. Vice Pres. 4: Audio-Visual 4: Block "A" 3, 4: Chips 3: Sfudenl' Council 4: Chess Club 4: Baseball I, 2: Swirn- ming 3: Wresfling 3, 4: Likes advenlure and old cars: Plans Io be a plastic surgeon or a morfician. HOWE, MARTHA P,-Transfer from Weslern High, Washington, D.C., I: English maior: Chorus I: GAA 2, 3: Likes food, friendly people: Dis- likes waifing and clams: Going lo University of Washinglcn. Personality Plus JOAN WESTPHAL HUNT, DONNA KAYE--Mafh, Language, History maior: CSF I, 2, 3, 4: AFS 2, 3, 4: Exchange Sludenl lo Auslria 3: Edifor of Lil. Mag. 3: Jr. Slalesmen I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Chorus I: Likes classes which require lhinking: Dislikes posiliveness based on ignorance: Going lo college. HUNT, GEORGE MARTIN-Malh, Language, English, Social Sludies maior: CSF 3, 4: Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4: Blueprinl 3, Assoc. Edifor 4: Chips 2: Swimming I, 2, 4: Likes swimming, dances: Dislikes snobs. conslanl falkers: College bound. ISMAIL, MUHAMMAD JUSUF-"Joe": Malh maior: Foreign Exchange Sluden? from Indonesia 4: AFS 4: lnfernalional Relalions Club Pres.: Plans fo refurn lo America and become an engineer afler going back lo Indonesia. JACUZZI, KENNETH ANTHONY-"Ken": Science maior: Likes flying, student nurses, a girl in Sanla Rosa: Dislikes biased leachers, people wilh one-word vocabularies: Going fo JC and college. JANZEN, PATRICIA ANN-"Pal": Library 4: Dislikes loud people: Plans ro work, JAQUES, SUZANNE CLAIRE-"Sue": Malh maior: CSF I, 2, 3: Acal- honors I, 2, 3: Blueprinf 3: AFS I, 2, 3: GAA 2: Spanish Hon. I, 2: Likes a cerfain boy, pizza, Tahoe: Dislikes snobs, cliques, no school spiril: Plans lo go lo college and inlo Ihe business field. JELLET, BARBARA ANN-Language, English, Hislory maior: Acalhon- org 3: 4: Rally Comm. 3, 4: AFS 3, 4: Dance Group 4: Spanish Hon. 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Likes having fun: Going lo college. JENSEN, GORDON HENRY-"Gordi": English, Malh, Science maior: Pep Club ?: Likes people, good firnes: Dislikes Yhe low grades: Going lo a college of pharmacy, JOHNSON, MARCIA SUZANNE-"Marcin: English, French, Science maior: Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 3, 4: Chorus I: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Likes pizza, vacafions in Aplos: Dislikes drive-ins, dismal wealher: Plans fo go fo Cal and fhen lravel. KAVERT, RAE EARL-Social Studies and Business maior, Basketball 2, Swimming 4, Likes Las Lomas girls, l950 Fords, Twain Hart, Dislikes Senior Problems, Plans to go to JC or into Army. KIESEL, OGDEN MILES-"Corky", Math, English, History, French ma. lor, Acalhonors I, 2, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, Los Amigos 3, 4, Audio-Visual I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4, Block "A" I, 2, 3, 4, Citizenship Comm'ttee 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Football 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Likes girls, football, Going to Naval Academy. KINGSLEY, ROBIN BORDEN-Transfer from Arcadia High 2, English maior, Student Council 4, Acalhonors 2, 3, Blueprint 3, Business Mgr, 4, Los Amigos 3, 4, AFS 2, AEC 2, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4, French Club I, 2, 3, Pompon girl 4, GAA 2, Class rep. 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Likes laughing, having fun, Dislikes people who are never happy, Going to Santa Barbara College. KNOX, PAUL-Transfer from Berkeley High 3, Science maior, Chorus l, 2, Medical school after graduation. KNUDSEN, PEDER D.-English maior, AFS 4, Band 2, Chips 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Likes sports cars, sw'mming, Dislikes Ameri- can cars, quiet girls, fast music, College bound. KOSER, KAREN DAWN-English, Business maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, Span sh Hon. 2, 3, A Cappella 4, GAA I, 2, Likes Tahoe and beach parties, Dislikes snobby people, Going to colleqe. KRITCHER, ANDREW MICHAEL-"Mike", Transfer from Mt. Lebanon, Penn., I, Math, Science maior, Acalhonors I, 2, Los Amigos Pres. 4, Block "A" 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Citizenship Committee 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Football I, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Likes sports, people, College bound. LANEY, HENRY JOSEPH-"Hank", Science, English maior, Senior Play 4, Jr. Statesmen I, 2, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, L kes sports car racing, skiing, Redding, Dislikes foolish questions, Plans to be an aviation cadet then college. LANEY, JUDITH LYNETTE-"Judy", Science, English maior, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Medical Club 4, Likes eating, camping, skiing, Dislikes snobs, test cheaters, Plans to become a dental assistant. LINK VAN UMMERSON LAVEZZI, VICTORINA ROSE-"Vic", Transfer from Oakland High 2, English maior, Blueprint 3, Editor of Lit. Magazine 4, Girls' League Rep. I, Likes to write, men, parties, Dislikes snobs, Going to college to be a iournalist. LE CLAIRE, DAVID-Art maior, Senior Play 4, Football I, Likes art, two-door '40 sedans, Dislikes stuck-up girls, Senior Problems, Going into service then to art college. LEE, JOANNE LENORE-"Jo", English rnaior, Student Council 4, AFS 4, AEC Z, Dance Group 3, 4, Likes week ends, chili beans, Twain Harte, Dislikes snobs, Mondays, Going to Westmont College, Santa Barbara. LEGG, RUSSELL CARL-"Leggs", Math, Woodshop maior, Likes girls, cars, good music, Dislikes snobs, people that get a car from Mommy, Going to JC or into service. LELAND, LORING FRANCES-"Lori", Math, Science maior, Chorus 4, Medical Club 4, Likes school, boys, trips, Dislikes Algebra, English, Plans to be a nurse. LERCARI, FREDERICK ANDREW-"Fred", Science maior, AFS 4, Rally Comm. 4, Senior Play 4, Yell Leader 4, Student Council 4, Cross Country 3, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Likes track, girls, science, Dislikes wres- tling, English, Plans to go to college. LEWIS BONNIE JEAN-"Bonners", Business maior, GAA I, 2, 3, Senior rep. 4, Water Ballet I, 2, Sec. 3, 4, PE Assistant 3, Likes swimming and sharp cars, Dislikes to argue and be bored, Plans to go to business college. LIPPOLD, JOE C.-"Jim", English maior, Likes money, Dislikes "wise guys", Plans to go to army, then further schooling. LITTELL, JOAN BETTY-Art maior, Acalhonors 3, Spanish Hon. 2, AFS Z, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 41 Student Council 2, Likes pizza and football games, Dislikes snobs, Plans to go to art college. Personality Plus Q U 6 'Q LOHDEN, FRED CHARLES-Transfer from Kansas Cily, NIiSSOUl'IZ E719- lish, Mafh, Science maior3 Chips ?3 Senior Play 43 Foolball 2. 33 I-IIQGS girls, money, CaflIemen's AssociaIion3 Disllkes Senior Problems dic- Ia1orship3 Plans Io go fo college. LOMBARDO, SALVATORE VINCE-Malh, Band maior: Drum MBIQY 47 Likes people who laugh3 Dislikes doing a serious fhlng for a long Time: Going Io college and planning fo manage a grocery and be a bulcher. LUNDBERG, CARL NORMAN-Mafh, Hislory, English l'TI?i0ff Chips 33 Ski Club I, 2, 3, 43 Foolball 3, 43 Cross Counlry I3 Wreslling 3, 43 Likes cars, swimming, Skiinqf Dislikes caIs3 College bound. McAULIFFE, MICHAEL JOSEPH-"Mike or Spidefui TY-illifel' ffom Bishop O'Dowd High School 23 English malor3 Aklan 43 Baskelball I3 Baseball I, 3, 43 Track I3 Cross Country 33 Likes fasf Fords3 Dislikes snobs, foreign languages, quief parfies3 Going Io college. MCCALL, CAROL YVONNE-"Yvonne"3 English, French maiori CSF I. 2, 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 43 AFS 3.,4: JY' SNES' men 3, 43 Chess Club 43 Pep Club 43 Likes horses, swimmIng3 Going Io Cal. MCCRACKEN, MARCY ANN-Spanish, Science maior3 Head Yell Lead- er 43 Sludenf Council 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Aklan 3, Bus. Mgr. 43 Rally Comm. 43 Spanish Honorary 3, 43 AFS 43 AEC 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes skiing, sporfs cars, enfhusiashc people, "The Group"3 Dislikes spiders, opera, Iiver3 Going fo college. McDONALD, CLARE ELIZABETH-Transfer from Oakland High 23 Art, English maior3 Waler Ballel 43 Ski Club 3 Likes swimming, sewing. skiing3 Dislikes sauerkraui for breaklasl, girls' gym clofhes3 College bound. McFARLAND, SUSAN CAROL-"Sue"3 English maior3 'BIueprinI 3, 43 PE Assisiani 43 Likes happy people3 Dislikes cllques3 Going fo college. McKEEGAN, MICHELE MARY-"Mike"3 Social Sludies, Language ma- IOP: CSF 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 AFS 23 Blueprint 33 Jr. Sfalesmen 33 Dance Group 43 GAA I, 23 Ski Club 3, Class Rep. 2, Pres. 43 Likes rainy days, sporfs cars, skiing3 Dislikes American CBTS: College bound. Besf Alhlefe JOAN BAKER MclNTYRE, STEPHEN CRAIG-"SIeve"3 Mafh, English maior3 Sfudenl Council 3, 43 Audio-Visual I, 2, 3, 43 Slage Crew 23 Slage Mgr. 3, 43 Sr, Play 43 AFS 43 Jr. Sfafesmen 43 Likes amaleur radio, sfeak, Fridays3 Dislikes people who do no? fry Iheir hardesl, deadbeafs3 Going Io Cal Po y. MCMEANS, GEORGE B.-Mafh maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Blueprinl 3, Sporfs Ed. 43 Rally Comm. 3, 43 Block "A" 2, 33 Pub. Rel. 43 Chips I3 Class Pres I, Vice Pres. 43 Siudenf Council I, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Slale 33 Foofball I, 2, 3, 43 Baskefball I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 43 Likes drag racing, SPOYISQ Dislikes giggling girls3 Going Io college, be a hermif. MACDUFF, SUSAN JEAN-"Sue"3 Transfer from Porfola Jr. High 23 English, French, Social Sfudies maior3 Acalhonors 2, 3, 43 Blueprint 43 AFS 43 Jr. Sralesmen 23 Jr. Red Cross 23 Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Sec. 43 Medical Club 3, 43 Likes people, sIeeping3 Dislikes chicken livers3 Going Io Mills. MACFARLANE, LEO KEVEN-uspeedynj Rally Commiffee 33 Block "A" 2, 3, 43 Chips 33 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Cross Counfry I, 2, 3, 43 Likes hol cars, women, parfies3 Dislikes people who drive in Ihe inside lane3 Go- ing fo JC Ihen UCLA. MANSKE, JANE-"Gig"3 Transfer from Las Lomas 33 English, Lan- guage TT1diOV: Acalhonors I, 23 Rally Commiflee 33 Girls' League Rep. 23 Pompon Girl 43 AEC 43 GAA I, 2, 33 Likes swimming, laughing, sleep- Inq: Dislikes people fha? don'1 COOPGFBTEQ Going fo Cal. MARAGLIA, FRANK LOUIS-"MeaIball"3 Malh, English maior3 Spane ish Honorary 33 Chips I, 23 Baskefball I, 23 Baseball 43 Wresfling 43 Likfs girls, cars, SPOFPSI Dislikes girls Ihal Ialk foo much3 Going Io co ege. MARCHUS, VAL RAY-English maior3 Ski Club 43 Pep Club 43 Likes girls, sporls, CBFSQ Dislikes cross counfry, snobs, cais3 Going fo JC. MARELLO, ROBERT EUGENE-"RomberI"3 English, PE, Shop maior3 Block "A" 2, 3, 43 Chips I, 23 Sludenf Council 2, 3, 43 Foolball I, 2, 3, 43 Track I, 43 Wreslling 2, 43 Likes oufdoor sporfs, par'fies3 Dislikes bid iooking, rough guys fhaf won'f figh13 Going fo college or Irade sc oo . MARKEY, SUE ELLEN-English, Social Sludies, Language maior3 Siu- denl Council 43 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Treas. 43 Chorus I3 AFS 2, 3, 43 AEC 43 Jr. Sfafesmen I, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Fleur de Lis 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Dance Group 3, 43 Likes reading, sewing, schooI3 Dislikes infel- leclual snobs, cabbage3 Plans Io go fo college, maybe govf. service. SS' ior ei is I'- MASON, DENNIS ROBERT-English, Math maior, Student Council 3, Likes sports cars, girls, Dislikes lazy people, curfew, Plans to make a career ol the Air Force. MATTSON, JORGE O.-Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, Block "A" 3, Wrestling 3, 4, MAZAIKA, MICHAEL WILLIAM-English, Spanish maior, Band, 2, 3. 4: Likes eating, fishing, Going to college. MEIMA, ANTHONY FREDRICK-"Tony", History maior, Likes business and history, Dislikes forced learning, Plans to go into a marine con- struction business for himself. MEINBRESS, ROBERT LARRY-"Minor", Wood Shop, Social Studies maior, Football 4, Wrestling 4, Plans to go to Diablo Valley College. MERKER, ALFRED DARRIL-"AI", Language maior, Baseball 3, 4, Chips 3, Likes sports cars and girls, Plans to go to college. MITCHELL, ROBERT CLEVERDON-"Bob", Transfer from Berkeley, Srtage Crew I, 2, Likes baseball, cars, Dislikes school, Plans to go into I e service. MORGAN, ELLEN REA-Transfer from Chadwick, Calif., English, His- tory maior, Chorus l, 2, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Base- ball 2, Tennis I, Likes sports, Plans to go to college. MURPHY, PATRICIA JANE-"Pat", Transfer from Miramonte 2, French, English maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Water Ballet 2, Student Council 3, Pompon Girl 3, Likes beach parties, "The Group" and Corvettes, Dislikes school buses, snobs, cauliflower, Plans to go to college ot nursing. Best Athlete GEORGE MCMEANS Lx MYERS, PRUDENCE ELSIE-"Prudy", English, Spanish maior, Asst. Yell Leader 4, Class Sec. 2, Student Council 3, CSF I, Acalhonors I, 2, Blue- print 3, 4, Rally Comm. 3, 4, Sr. Play 4, AFS 3, Spanish Honorary I, 2, Jr, Red Cross I, 2, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes Pescadero and Tim, "The Group", Dislikes people who think they are meat, Plans to go to Stephens. NISSEN, BARBARA ANN-English maior, Spanish Hon. 4, Ski Club I, Medical Club 3, Likes sleeping, tun, records, Dislikes mayonnaise, school buses, short hair, Plans to be an airline hostess. NOACK, JOHN R.-Math maior, likes golf, coin collecting, Dislikes English, College bound. NOBLE, JAMES MICHEAL-"Mike", Math maior, AFS 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, Likes parties, football, Dislikes sack dresses, College bound. OLBERG, DIANE ILONA-French, English, Social Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, Pres. 4, AFS 2, 4, AEC 2, 4, Jr. Statesmen I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Group 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President Girls' League 4, Student Council 4, Likes most everything, Going to college. OLSON, SUSAN RUTH-"Sue", English maior, CSF 2, 4, Spanish Hon 3, 4, AFS 4, Aklan 3, Dance Group 4, Chorus I, Ski Club 3, Likes people, Dislikes many things, Plans to attend college. PALMER, SHIRLEY KATHRYN--"Kathy", Music maior, A Cappella 2, 3, Sec. 4, Chorus I, Likes watching football, Dislikes losing a game, Go- ing to iunior college. PALMER, MARGARET LOUISE-"Susie", French, English maior, Trans- fer from Dorsey High, Los Angeles, 2, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Blueprint 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Drama Club 2, likes Corvette: and the beach, Plans to go to UCLA. PARKER, JUDITH DARLENE-"Judy", English, history maior, Acalhon- ors I, 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Spanish Honorary I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Likes grapes, Nashes, and Pontiacs, Dislikes blue cars, strawberries: College bound. E 8 r S MADELEINE BRYANT PARKER, SUSAN-"Sue", English maior, Transfer from Anna Head's 4, Spanish Hon, 3, Wafer Ballel 3, Swimming 3, Likes lennis and parfies, DisI.kes lima beans, l2:00 curfew, fall boys, Plans fo go lo a college in New York. PARTLAND, JUDITH ANN-"Judy", Science, Math, English maior, CSF 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, AFS 2, 3, 4, Aklan 4, AEC 4, GAA 2, Medical Club 3, 4, Science Research 4, Pep Club 4, Likes friendly people, wafer skiing, happiness, Dislikes social-climbing snobs, Going lo Cal. PERRY, BONNY GRANT-"Bon", English maior, Transfer from Brook- lyn Park High, Maryland, 3, Spanish Honorary 3, AEC I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Likes skiing, Dislikes people who gossip, Plans lo go lo college. PETERSON, RICHARD HERMAN-"Rich", Mafh, English, Hisfory rna- ior, CSF I, 2, Spanish Honorary I, 2, Pep Club 4, Tennis 3, 4, Likes fen- nis, dances, girls, Chevies, Dislikes cars fasler lhan his, difficull courses, Plans fo go fo Cal or COP. PETERSON, ROBERT ROY-"Bob", Transfer back from Roosevelf High. Honolulu, 3, Ski Club 4, Likes hof cars, good looking girls, food, Dis- likes girls fhaf lhink lhey are if, Baskefball 3, going info fhe Marines. PICKERING, DENNIS ALAN-"Denny", Social Sludies maior, Transfer from Fremonl, Likes roadslers, foolball, and 4-bangers, Dislikes '42 Plymoulhs, chemislry, Plans lo alfend college. FOLK, RICHARD KENTUCKY-"Rich", Transfer from Clear Lake 2, Block "A" 2, 3, 4, Wreslling 2, 3, 4, Likes hunfing and oufdoor sporls, Dislikes norhing, Going fo Sanla Rosa JC. POULTON, JAMES CRAIG-"Jim", English, Science maior, Transfer from Lakemonf Academy, New York, 3, AFS 4, Likes fishing, girls, easfern colleges, Dislikes rock and roll, Going To college and fhe Navy. PULLMAN, VALERIE-"VaI", Spanish, English, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Slafesmen I, Jr. Red Cross I, Ski Club 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Sfudenl' Coun- cil 3, Dramalics 3, Pep Club 4, Science Research 4, Likes ocean swim- ming, skiing, Dislikes insincere people, hopes lo go lo Sfanford or Riverside. Class Fllrf RASMUSSEN, CONRAD-"Ky", College Prep, Ski Club 4, Likes blond girls, wafer skiing, snow skiing, ealing pizza, Dislikes snobby girls, a closed campus, Plans fo allend Diablo Valley College. REBSCHER, WENDY GINIA-Social Sfudies, English major, Sfudenl Council 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Slalesmen 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Wafer Ballel 2, 3, 4, Going To Cal. RENNER, BARBARA JAN-"Barb", English, Ar? maior, Senior Play Prop. Mgr. 4, Ski Club 4, Bowling 2, Likes King's Beach, Gordy, "The Group", Dislikes people who fhink lhey are neaf, Plans fo go lo College of Arfs and Crafls or JC. REUTHER, PAM KATHERINE-"KiNy", Transfer from Sain? EIizabefh's 2, Swimming 2, Plans fo be an airline hosless, or iusf gel married. RICE, STEPHEN MERRIT-"Sfeve", Block "A" 4, Chips 2, 3, Foolball 3, 4, Track I, 3, Likes cars and sporls, Dislikes school, Going lo work and info service. RIDDELL, RICHARD WALLACE-"Dick", Social Sfudies rnaior, Fool- ball l, 2, Likes girls, 34 Ford pickups, 69h-period PE, Dislikes snobs, flalheads fha? miss 2nd-period PE, Plans lo allend college, RINNE, ROBERT LEE-Mafh Science major, CSF I, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, Q,Spar1fsh Honorary 3, Los Amigos 4, B ock "A" 4- Cl-ips 3, Chefs Club Pres, 4, Sludenf Council 4, Track 3, 4, Likes foofball, sporfs cars, Dislikes English and foreign languages, Plans fo maior in Science af college ROACH, ROSEMARIE-"Roachie", English, Home Econ. rnaior, Jr. Sfafesmen 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 4, Senior Play 4, Fulure Teachers 4, Likes foofball, clolhes, happy people, Dislikes snobs, rude people, bad school spirif, Going lo college. ROBERTS, BROOKE ABBOTT-Ski Club 2, 3, Foolball I, 2, Likes wine, women, and song, Dislikes Senior flroblems, Going inlo Service. ROBERTS, VALERIE LEE-"Val", Band I, 2, 3, GAA 3, Wafer Ballef 2, Likes Bob, wafer skiing, Dislikes homework, Plans fo go fo business college. ROBERTSON, THOMAS SCOTT-"Scof1", Malh maior, CSF I, Spanish Honorary I, Band 2, Likes cars, Going lo Cal cn NROTC program. ROMASCAN, EDWARD ARTHUR-"Ed", Malh, Science maior, Transfer from Berkeley 3, Acalhonors 3, Fleur de Lis 3, Jr, Sfafesmen 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Chess Club 4, Likes "Ies femmes," skiing, Dislikes sfuck-up girls, mixer dances, guys wifh hor cars, Going fo insfifufe of higher learning. SALO, ROBERT WILLIAM-"Bob", English maior, Aklan I, 2, Ski Club I, 2, Likes sailing, skiing, cars, Dislikes people who fry fo be somefhing they aren'f, Plans fo affend college. SANDERSON, JULIE ANN-"Jul", English maior, Sfudenf Body Treas. 4, Class Sec. I, Treas 3, Sfudenf Council I, 4, CSF 2, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Aklan Z, 3, Rally Comm. 3, 4, Spanish Honorory I, 2, Social Sec. 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, Dance Group 4, Likes non-conformify and color TV, Dislikes escalafors, one-way sfreefs, College bound. SARRA, ROSEMARIE-"Roey", Business maior Likes friendly people, Dislikes boys wifh no fufure, sad movies, Sundays, Plans fo work in an office. SAUNDERS, GEORGE-Science, Mafh maior, Ski Club 4, Senior Play 4, Likes skiing, sporis cars, week ends, Dislikes Delroif cars, unfriendly people, Plans fo go fo college fhen info business. SCALINETTI, CAROL HELEN-English, Spanish maior, CSF 2, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, Rally Commillee 3, Sec. 4, Dance Group 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Girls' League Pres. 4, Srudenl Council 4, Likes wafer skiing, Dislikes Chem., snobs, Going fo San Jose Sfafe. SCHNEIDER, MARY LOUISE-"Louie", English maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Wafer Baller l, 2, 3, 4, Likes foofball games, every- body, Dislikes cars fhal sfall on fhe way fo school, Plans lo go fo San Jose Sfafe, . Class Flirf ' f 4 LS n 1 0 r 6 SCHNEIDER, SUSAN JANE-"Sue", Lerfguage, Hisfory, Homemaking maior, CSF I, Acalhonors l, 2, 3, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, Sec, 4, AFS I, 2, 3, 4, AEC 3, 4, Jr. Sfafesmen I, Publicify Chairman 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, Pres, 4, Medical Club 3, Sec. 4, Sfudenl' Council 3, Likes fo analyze people, Plans fo affend Whifworfh College, fhen be a social worker and housewife. SENGER, DALE-Language maior, AFS 2, 3, 4, AEC 3, Vice Pres. 4, Ski Ski Club 3, 4, Likes cars, Dislikes Senior Problems, Going Io college. SHAFTER, LINDA LEE-"Linders", College Prep, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, GAA I, 4, Likes people who laugh, Dislikes Spanish, Geom., boys who are afraid, Going fo DVC, Yhen Hawaii Universify. SHAW, JOHN C.-"Claude", Mafh maior, Chips I, 2, Sfudeni' Coun- cil 4, Fooiball I, 2, Likes CaffIemen's Associafion, Jud'e, Dislikes dic- faforships, '54 Chevies, Going lo college. SHEEHAN, PATRICIA LOUISE-"Parry", Business maior, Library 2, 3, 4, GAA l, 2, Ski Club I, 2, Likes skiing, parfies. "The Group", Dis- likes gossips, conceifed people, fighfing, Going fo college. SHELLEY, JUDITH E.-English, Homemaking rnaior, Transfer from Bishop High 4, Chorus 2, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, Likes fo work, College bound. SILKITIS DAVE J.-"Whi9ie", Shop maior, Dislikes nofhing much, Plans fc go fo elecfronics fechnical school in fhe Navy. SILVEIRA, DICK OLIVER-English maior, Transfer from San Diego, Wresfling 3, Likes dances, having a good time in general, Dislikes be- ing bored, Going fo college. SINDAHL, JEANNE ANNETTE-"Fran1ie", Music, English, Hisfory ma- ior, A Cappella Z, 3, 4, Chorus I, Senior Play 4, Jr. Assembly 3, Senior Play 4, Likes swimming, boys with black hair, '57 Ford converfibles, Dis- likes boys who lhink they know everything, bleached hair, Mafh, Plans lo be an airline sfewardess, SMITH, ROBERT A.-"Bob", Auto Shop maior, Transter from Los Angeles, Likes last cars, girls, Dislikes stock cars, English Ill teachers, Plans to be an attendant in a gas station. SNYDER, ELIZABETH CAROLINE-"Betsy", English, Language maior, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, GAA I, Medical Club 3, Likes custom cars, water skiing, boys, horses, Dislikes Chemistry, Plans to go to Davis. SOARES, CLARICE PATRICIA-Art maior, GAA I, Likes Lloyd, parties, football games, Dislikes walking home trom school, Going to College of Arts and Crafts. SOMMER, JULIE-English, Social Studies, Foreign Language maior, Student Council 2, 4, CSF 3, Sec. 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, AEC 3, Pres. 4, Fleur de Lis 4, GAA I, Likes Volks- wagens, horses, and hamburgers, Dislikes bad table manners, Plans to go to Davis. SONNTAG, FREDERICK HENRY-"Fred", Math, English, Journalism maior, CSF 2, AFS 3, 4, Aklan I, 2, Editor 3, 4, Rally Comm. 4, Los Amigos 4, Block "A" I, Sr. Play 4, Comm. of Clubs 4, Student Council 3, 4, Track Mgr. I, Going to college. SOULT, COLETTE CHARLOTTE-Transfer from Judge Memorial High, Salt Lake City, 3 English, History maior, Yell Leader 3, Acalhonors 3, 4, Pep Club Z, 3, 4, AEC 4, Ski Club 4, Likes Brighton, skiing, Dislikes rain and cliques, Going to Santa Barbara. SQUIRE, THOMAS GRAHAM-"Tom", Social Studies, English maior, CSF 4, Library I, 2, AFS 3, Likes to read, Dislikes biased teachers, Plans to attend college. STRATTON, ROBERT HASTING-"Boppalina", Science, Math maior, Audio-Visual I, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Likes water sports, girls, and parties, Dislikes snobby girls and drag parites, Going to college. STRELLO, WILLETTA JACQUELINE-"Jackie", Business maior, Likes Mike, parties, dancing, and food, Dislikes Sr. Problems, snobs, gossips, Going to college. Most Talented STUBBLEFIELD, GEORGIA JEAN-"Stubby", Art maior, AFS 4, GAA I, 2,, Water Ballet I, 2, Likes Louie, black '50 Olds, people, Dislikes lima beans, snobs, Going to business school. STULTS, DEWAINE ERIC-"Big D", English, Spanish, Math maior, Student Council 4, Rally Comm. 4, Block "A" 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Likes sports, Dislikes oil- burning cars, Plans to attend college, TAGGART, ALGIN HENRY-"AI", Math maior, A Cappella 4, Foot- ball 4, Swimming 3, 4, Likes hot cars and wild parties, Dislikes green "Olds" with black prime, Sr, Problems, Going to Cal. TAUFER, JEAN-"Jeani", Transfer from Oakland High 2, Business ma- ior, Jr. Red Cross I, Chorus I, Likes men, swimming, group trips, Dis- likes boys, snobs, tests, Going to college. TESSLER, DENNIS EDWARD-"Dennis", English, History maior: AFS 3, 4, Likes music, Dislikes food, Going to JC. THARSING, PATRICIA NOEL-"Pat", History, English maior, Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, AEC 2, 3, 4, Aklan 3, Sr. Ed. 4, Los Amigos 3, Vice Pres. 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Water Ballet I, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Sr. Play 4, Citizenship Comm. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Likes swimming, people, Dislikes bugs, Going to college. TIMONEY, MARILYN JEAN-"Meir", French, English maior, CFS I, 2, 3, Acalhonors 2, 3, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, 4, Rally Committee 4, Chorus I, GAA I, Water Ballet I, Class Sec. 4, Student Council 3, Maiorette Z, Pompon Girl 3, Likes all sorts of things, Dislikes people who don't think and bebop, Plans to go to college and continue ballet. TINKER, LARRY WILLIAM-Math, Social Studies maior, AFS 2, 31 JV- Statesmen 2, Tennis 3, Likes sports, cars, collecting records, Dislikes people who think they are big, Going to college. TRANSANO, VINCENT ANTONE-"Vince", Transfer from Las Lomas 2, History maior, Plans to go to JC. S Q n 1 0 r TREFETHEN, BRENDA GAYLE-"Benni", Art maior, GAA I, 2, 3, Water Ballet 2, 3, Likes "glass loater," Corvettes, friendly people, Dislikes groken-down cars, rainy days, snobs, Going to College of Arts and rafts. TYCER, BERTINE CHARLES-"Bert", Science, English maior, Blueprint 3, 4, Likes hunting, fishing, Fords, Dislikes Chevrolets, Plans to travel to other countries. ULRICH, WILLIAM CHARLES-"Bill", Math, English, Social Studies maior, CSF I, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, 4, Band 2, 3, Senior Play, 4, Football I, 2,, Track 3, 4, Likes Dixieland, girls, dogs, Physics, Dis- likes popular music, Plans to go to college and work as a research scientist. VALORY, CRAIG WALLACE-Math, Social Studies, English, Industrial Arts maior, Plans to go into engineering and to business college. VAN UMMERSON, LINCOLN-"Link", Transfer trom Pleasant Hill I, English, History maior, Boys' Yell Leader 3, Student Council 3, 4, CSF I, 2, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Rally Comm. 3, Pres. 4, Chorus I, Senior Play 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Fleur de Lis 2, 3, Track 2, Swimming 4, Ski Club 2, Likes! enthusiastic people, Dislikes hot weather, Going to Cal or tan or . WALKER, JIM-Rally Comm, 3, Band I ,2, 3, Block "A" 3, Sgt. at Arms 4, Chips I, 2, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 4, Track 3, 4, Likes duck hunting and fishing, Dislikes windsprints, Plans to go to college. WALTERS, DIANE CHRISTINE-"Dee-Dee", Math, English, Language maior, CFS I, 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 3, GAA 3, Likes parties, Dislikes cliques, His- tory courses, Plans to go to Cal. WARREN, STANTON RICHARD-"Stan", Shop maior, Likes shop, Dis- likes school, Going into the service. WAYLAND, KIRK EDWARD-English, Math, Social Studies maior, AFS 3, 4, Rally Comm. 4, Assistant Yell Leader 4, Tennis 3, 4, Likes lively spirit, good fun, Dislikes dull people, Going to college. Most Talented Q I 0 sos Anmsrnoncs na., ual WESTPHAL, JOAN-"Idiot", Social Studies, Math maior, Student Body Soc. Sec. 4, Class Social Sec. 3, Student Council I, 3, 4, Acalhonors 2, Rally Comm. 4, Senior Play 4, Los Amigos 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, Likes air, fun, people, Tahoe, Dislikes hot weather, cold weather, Judy's foot, Plans to go to college and around the world. WIDEL, LOLAINE-"Lo", A Cappella maior, CSF 2, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, Medical Club 3, 4, Likes music, good-looking boys, Plans to go to a school ot nursing. WISEMAN, BRUCE DOUGLAS-Journalism maior, Acalhonors 2, Span- ish Honorary I, 2, Blueprint 3, 4, Soph Class Pres., Football I, 2, Swim- irig I, 2, 4, Likes CattIemen's Association, Chevy sixes, Dislikes Fords, telephone poles, Going to Oregon State. WOOD, SHARON LYNN-"Sherrie", Business maior, AFS 2, Likes dancing, dramatics, speed boats, Dislikes crowded places, Going to college. WOODARD, JOLYNNE LOUISE-Transfer from Sequoia, Calif., 4, College prep maior, A Cappella 3, Chorus 3, 4, Plans to go to college. WOODS, GAIL ANN-Transter from Neward Sr. High, Ohio, 3, Chorus 3, 4, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 4, Medical Club 4, Likes Tahoe, "The Group," Carmel, Dislikes society snobs, absent-minded people, Going to San Jose College. WYLIE, RICHARD PATRICK-"Rich", Math maior, Chips, l, 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3, Football I, 2, 3, Wrestling 4, Likes Cattlemen's As- sociation, Dislikes '58 Oldsmobiles, Going to college. YONGE, WILLIAM EDWARD-"Bill", Science maior, Student Council 2, Acalhonors 4, Rally Comm. 4, Block "A" 3, 4, Football 3, Basketball 3, 4, Likes basketball, minor sports, a certain girl, Dislikes running cross country, Plans to go to Humboldt State. YORBA ROBERT ALLEN-"Jesse", English, Business maior, Football I, Basketball 3, Baseball 2, Likes wild parties, Dislikes Fords, Sr. Prob- lems, Going to Diablo Valley College. Senior all . . . Those who ellended The Senior Ball lound lhemselves wandering llfrcugh an enchanlinq garden ol qiganlic flowers. As lhey danced in llowing peslel lormals, lhe girls closely resembled The exolic bullerllies which iloaled above lhefr heads. Th's greally enlicipaled evenl was rruly a "Midsummer Niqhls Dream" come lrue. ll looks like the las? dance for Karen Emerson, Dick Wylie, Fred Lercari and Diana Godei, bu! June Hoedel and Jim Walker are slill full of pep and ready for TTIOYE. Phil Condi! and Madeleine Bryan? sfop lo fall: wifh Sue Emerson and Dan Funk. A good lime was had by Fred Lercari, Diana Godef, Jim Walker and June Hoedel, . . Mldsummer an NJ lght s Dream Among those enloynng ihemselves af Midsummer Nnghrs Dream were Karen Emerson Duck Wylle Carole Ferry Llnk Van Ummerson June Hoedel Jnm Walker Dnana Godef and Fred Lercarn Karen Emerson and Duck Wylne dream Phu! Condi? and Madeleme Bryant refle a Midsummer Nlqh? s Dream romanhc mood of fhe Senior a U -4 e Emerson and Dan Funk relax before the last dance r 0 0 9 Q . V! Q f , fx cg, 3 -V-A ,F4L .1 ml , Zvi - f 5-'1 A 1 ,ii ,K '. f ' S? 'wg . . ,, . . , ,, . . r . . . . , - ' ' of ' ' ' ct ihe " ' ' ' ' ' B II. 4, . ul ,K V , . .rf 4 X., g K I., . . ' 3 ' A' 'J' . A .l.,' . .- Al' ,F ', I - , 2 4, , S . . Senior Extra Scotland never had boppers like Linda Brudney and Bob Slraifon Lads and lassies donned fheir plaids 'ro come lo fhe High land Fling. A huge Moorish casile, brighliy colored cresls and danc ing Scoismen broughi a wee bil' of Scolland +o Acalanes. The gaiely oi ihe couples al ihe dance added To fhe afmos phere 'ro make if a very enioyable evening. With rhe help of Karen Emerson, lhe band played on Pu! your Iiflle fool, pui your Iilfle fool . . . Looks like lhese Highlanders are really having a fling. Svn ior A ssvln blg On Qhe plains of fhe old A.E.C CNQO Acalanes Educafion Club? We Serum Allembfv Wai the ian? opoorfu' 'Ty for fhe ,e-More if dIe,p'ey fheir fderh io ilwe smdenf bodv, The fafefy 'J HCV fafvqeo from The WING We5+ ways lo We Curfew Bemfl faqs-, TH: effcffaimen' Him aomefblwc f"+r3rQf' lfv fi . Y "Lingerie Depar?menf?" Joe gives us his Amer-Icaniled version Oh, bu? fhaf's no? ALL he's of! of an Indonesian son . 'Bu0, Mr. Drillon . . 9 9 I+ is impossible lo give full credil fo The members of our splendid lacully who llwrouglw 'fheir hard worlc and devolion 'ro duly have been responsible for llie success of our sludenls and The mainfenance of llie nigh scliolasfic sfanding al Acalanes. Oul of our appreciafion lo llwem, we dedicafe flnis Key 'ro Knowledge fo llwem. And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly1'eche . . . . . . Chaucer KN 0 WLEDGE 'T"'1 oard of Trustees LEFT TO RIGHT Mr WIIIC Hall Dr Ralph Hall Mr Wllluam Lee Mrs Aluce McBride NOT PICTURED Mr Wllllam Freeman The Board ol Truslees were a grear service To our commumly Thus year They gave generously of a good deal ol lhesr own prlvale 'fume 'ro advnse lhe Acalanes School D STFICT nn The plannlng of lhe school calendar and school pollcaes One of lhe mosl' nofable achlevemenls ol 'rhe Board rhls year was rhe adophon of The seven period day forlhe comlnq year ff. Here a dunce fhere a dunce S mm f Confe ence Mufi and Jeff Rehearsinq for faculfy Chrisimas. Big fhree If Q, r 4' W, 4 X, X, . .W 5 I . u l r :struct Admlnlstratlon MR NEIL PARSONS MISS LILLY LAHTI MR ROSS REAGAN D sfrlcf Supermiendenf Cu lculum Coo drnaio s ess M a e The Board oflrusrees elecled Mr Nell Parsons as Dnslrucr Superunlehdenr ln Thus pos: 'fron he advises +he Board rn all Dmslrncr mafrers recommends appornlmenrs assnqns ern ployees and submrls a budger for rhe Acalanes School Dnsrrncf Mnss Lrly Lahh coordunares all rhe rnsrruchonal services of rhe Dlsrr cr schools She rs an efhcrenr worker who w1'rh fhe help of Dnsrrncr members develops he basic course of srudy and recommends rexrboolcs Mr Ross Reagan Busnness Manager rs responsrble for rhe Duvrsnon olBus1ness Servuces which Includes supervrsnng lhe school bunlclungs and grounds purchasing all supplies and preparmg rhe dnslrrcr budqel' The Admlnrsrrahon organizes Jrhe polucles 'ro be carried our by The schools LEFT TO RIGHT M s F- Upiegrove Mrs E SflkkersSMrs H Frrberg M ssP Pefersen Mrs G Confer Mrs R prowls Q C C C C I' ' rr' r' r Buin angr I ,I I - , . I . . . - I I I r 1 r. . , .. ' , .. , I . , .. , .. g,fm,.0w . f 4 Mr Walgren Prlnclpal For fhe sensors gradualuon day as fasl approach mg l hope +ha+ lhe years spenf here al Acalanes have been lruullul and enloyable for ahead of you lfes lhe greaf challenge of lxle ulself The facully and aclmnmsfrafuon feels exlremely conhdenr +ha+ +he preparahon you have receuved here wnll help you meef 'rhal challenge w1+h vngor ano responsubuldy and excellenl 'rraclnfuons esfablushed by pasl grad uales wrll be consrsfenlly mam'ra1ned by you In +he fulure So lo all of you besl wushes and good luclc I m sure no human heari' goes wrong Thaf s +old Good bye God bless you E Fueld Mr Walgren supporfed fhe Don afhlehc p ogram ndoo s and out of doors' 0 0 o 0 o We also feel confidenl fha? The high slandarcls Mlss Rlchardson and Mr WunchesTer are always on hand when The sT.1denTs need qurdance counsellng correchnq ohTrol Mr WnnchesTer has been The nnspnrahon Tor many Rally CommuTTee TuncTlons l-le has qxven generously of hls Tame and eTforT To assusT varlous members wuTh Thezr responsubuluhes The gurls have been very TorTunaTe un havlng The compeTenT a slsTance oT lvhss Rncharson who ss always ready wnllnng and able To lend a helpung hand lT as also Thanks To her ThaT we have an orqanlzed sch ol calendar Tor she spends many long hours co ordmahnq The schools many acTlvuTnes We value The advrce oT These Two members oT our TaculTy and apprec1aTe all They have done for us We respecT Them boTh and know ThaT we can depend upon Them To helo us IU all our endeavors Those who brxng sunshme To The llves of oThers cannoT keep :T from Themselves Barrle l oun solar? Any sTudenT nn Acalanes can avail h:mselT oT The conscuen Tlous servnces oT The counsellng deparTmenT Planning courses oT sTudy Tor The Tollowlnq year eduhng progress reporTs as presenhng vocahonal panels and gnvung educaT1onal gumd ance are all parT oT The duTues oT The acTuve counselors W1Th ouT Thenr assusTance we would aT Trmes be compleTely losT CerTann ThaT a fanThTul hand wall Take and suTT Them, keep whaT us worTh keeping and Then wlTh The breaTh of kindness blow The resT away Crank lhfa n s MR ALEXANDER WINCHESTER Dea of Boys MISS VERA RICHARDSON Dean of G rls MR BRUCE HANDLEY MR KENNETH BAILEY MISS BEATRICE BETTENCOURT MRS HELOISE CORR Head Counselor -P 13 yr' MISS MILLICENT HAMBURGER MR HAROLD OXSEN MR ROBERT STEVENS V t V.. I . I . ' - ii -E A A X . . A 1 4 . . . 1 - t . Y U f I I X . I . . . I - A slshnq members oT The Senior Class in choosing a universiTy, 'fi I ,J 'F x ., T My . .ll 1 A r SEATED Ilefl Oo righllz Barbara Lee, Virginia Wood, Lelia Smilh. STANDING: James Muldoon, Vicfor Widrner, Richard Mayes, Wilson Sanchez, Bert Trulsson. Language Wilh our Wflfld shrinking more very day. a Thorough knowledge ol a loreign language is becoming a necessity lo The well-educaled oerson. The Acalanes Language Deparlrnenl 's dedicafed fo The lask of leaching sludenls she keys lo proficiency in a language. ll is 'rhen lhe hope of This Deparlmenf lhal The 'ludenl will use lhese keys lo become a per- son cl Iwo languages, and Thus a boiler world citizen. Speak 'lhe speech, I pray you, as I pro- nounce il Io you, frippingly on fhe 'tongue . .. . . . Shakespeare English If is fhe goal ol fhe English Deparlmenl al' Acalanes io leach you, fhe sludenf, fhe cor- rect means ol using English. ll is hoped lhal each boy and girl will use This lool lo become more keenly aware oi his nalrive Tongue and lhal he will be more able lc express himself in our world sc full of misunderslanding. Dear Iiffle child, lhis Iiffle book is less a primer 'fhan a key . . . . . Hughes SEATED Ileff fo righflz Josephine Ochoa, Elsa Sifuenfas. STANDING: John Kahnerf, Rolfe HI Williams, Charles Donna, James Garvey. SEATED, left fo right Mrs. Barbara Glines, Miss Rulh Dyer, Miss Belsy Pembroke. STANDING: Mr Thomas Sfamper, Mr. Richard Dobbins, Mr. James Nelson, Mr, John McLean, Mr. Kenneth Bailey, Mr. Roberf Wilde. s0l'llll Ytucluss if v. ...Mi li 0 I T by - ie The Teachers in ine Social Sludies Deparl- menr have The responsibilily of acquainling smdenls wiln The world they live in as il was in The pas? is in fhe presenr, and may be in lho Besides geography school crienia- lion and driver educafion are included in The lreshman SOcfalSll.die3pr0gram.lr1 U.S. His- 'ory The iuniors push lheir way Through The delais ol The yery ol our nalion. Seniors learn fo queslion The old beliefs and io accepl new ideas as lhe-y snuggle Through Senior Problems, Those wishing lo learn more, supple, menl 'rheir course wflh California I-lislory or World I-Iislory. Once fo every man and nafion comes fha momenf fo decide... zlla th li ever, Juden' e' Acaiafez cciud cod Ubfracf, m ,iripiy dfde scive ' 1" and prove 'har fhccrcn' rho Marv Deoarffnfwr smifi ,Wi r-Q' bc safigied, ir- cg,r rvcdern wmfd gi space and sc5ence 'Y '1 esseniiai sc have a hide baciczrcund V rnafhemafia. Whefhef .ou -ff? dceidf 'iirefenips cr pour-d in rho 'ife's ma'hc'rr-QVC, wif aid you and xcrw vm. fhrouqhrmf you fic, Mafhemaiics possesses no? only frufh, buf supreme beaufy . . . . . . Russell SEATED: Heloise Corr. STANDING lIeH fo riqhric Harold Oxsen, Oscar Busch, Mike Hawk Roberr Wicks, James Thorron, Rolfe Williams, , 4 Science Since we live in a worid of scienriiic ex- aiorafion and discovery, if is ihe Acaianes science deparfmenf fha? holds fhe Key fo rhi- wonderful and fascinating worid. The door sfands open and ii is cniy for fhe s'ruden+ fc cross ihe +hreshoid. Our science feachers are here 'rc give fha? ui'ra boonf across info c worid of wonder. Books musf follow sciences, and nof sciences books . . . . . F. Bacon LEFT TO RIGHT: John Annis, Margaret Nicholson, Niels Waidilow, James Garvey, Alberf Thurling. usin oss T'eB.s'f'e1iDeca""'ec'nf: os yuoenfz oe- 12 co Y'fda"'e"a 3 55 'heir ?m.r-2 Dfciesgfzr by 010 dice? ara 'eachicq business DViV7C:DiC and fhecriez. They a so guide sfudenfs ir' ai- 'J .Yong rabffs of accuracy and nearneaz. I dream? and dreamed ihaf life was beaufy. I awoke and found fhai life was dufy . . . . . . Hooper LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Roger Smifh, Miss Anifa Anderson, Mr. Roberi Lord, SEATED Uefr fo righfjz John Carhari, Erwin Mahson, Charles Eaton, STANDING: Marilyn May, Beafrice Beffencourf, Mary Caburi, ? 3 -wanna-w-M W wma Industrial 1 rls ii'1s:1i'1i:rninq" fu fr--i 1 'vvf 1fr'1 11r' f-'mfrau air: '-,L."G imrri 1 1 Yr-L+ .-.hi Cifviqnfiio 'Wnf"' - 1 54 Qhf-y rm? How Of. , 11 VH- i ii dnctrfa arff. irrs'rur"ra hfid f1n 1 Hucih quexiinrvs di 'rv '-':- Ln' -,-C1 t, ' ,v 1 mirdi 'nh'-rfrxfed 'fo 'QL-f1v ry 1 Liilil and '1r"d. Tow rr: r' - V-fl 'hesre 'une-' arf- mad, " ' F ' .r 'Y'Cr.'w1niQeC Z1' 'X . - ' rhnfir ,ft-d runrini P' rrfwhre- ii Y ' fhanffal wonderiand, lndusfry Hseif has come fo hold a posifion of exciusive predominance among human inferesfs . . . . Tawney if 'll 3 s iva I 111110111 ion 'r 3y,-- frvfrg-r' ' 'hr-r 3 as f.f,- a 'A 'iw 'foil :Wd p'v"' 'iw D .-."f:ii" Tw- Ara nr 11 f, is fJif3'i,x'r1d. UW- of-.1ifr'vYs"' A 'ff ri 'fy 'i""L.'1" rv' film '1iV'r- Vi yp , 5 ry, '- rvrrrvirmy fvd "Hr nv' 1 ' 1"'f'r11' " V- v" ' fi ' "rv 'W ,' 1 rf-'1i1'1'f-1 ph, 1 1 1- iw '. " di'Var'mrr", ii 1'1i'f'rf"r'f1? Hi. f imidr: wvd Honra fir dw.c'i'r'rwri 51' main ' " if K . wo'-U kr' Him- .-,i'c' ,+C A53 - rw, .,-,Y ,1 f1-f1i-fn. ,- Win wiihoui boas+ing. Lose wifhouf excuse ?C is . Terhune Q : i , i .mul W, ,x LEFT TO RIGHT: Rex Kaufman, RoberfS1eyens, Sfanley Black, Roberf Thom. SEATED fIeH fo riqhfjz Millicenf Hamburger, Richard Hansen. STANDING-i Pafrica Lucero, Shirley Frazier, Pairicia Fifzwalfer. -.v r., .f 1 V "il, 1, "N- Wo , Inv Arts SHG- 11-K in ' md The eww hu in 'r JP' vfrtw "VY f'ii for" "' drawing 'Ml f awi f-."-' r 1' n ,., ,,1 . Magi' .,.' 1 1' rr: F, 51.01-nr fr 1 'ifvfr U1 '21 f 'f1'-W' a'-1 farcii, , ri. 'wil iv. 'hh 4 nf- 2 4 ff-nfhf r' in' uri: 'P 1" "f""i. i 'U U '1 U , , L . " 'f 1 fy -rn 'r - ' vw- n - rf- rf-, ' w- 'ff 1 -. rin: 1 f1'fT bv, 1rr'1'r'- ,115 im n,,- f' QM' '13-. The human body is an insirumenf for fhe producfion of ar+ . . . . . Whifehead CUSTODIANS: Arthur La Fond, Sfanley Black, Mike Krokoviki, Joslph GARDENERS--LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Isaac Yolrum, Mr. Norman Alcorn Flanagan, Edwin Olsson, and Paul Pierpoinr, Mr. Herberl Fields, Mr. Douglas Werfman. lg I BUS DRIVERS-ROW I, left Io riqhl: Mrs. Dorolhy Geer, Mrs. Lucille Maker, Mrs, Pal Sheley. ROW 2: Mrs. Mary P. Bradley, Mr. Alex Mc- Knight, Mrs. Mildred Fagundes, Mrs. Middlelraufl, Mrs. Pearle Barcrolf Mr. Al Gridley. Have you ever lried lo imagine wlwal llne Ace' lanes campus would be like willwoul all llwese serv' ice-able people? Trash llnrusl everywhere, weeds sprouling up in presenlly lrim flower beds, slu' denls rired from walking, imporlanr papers lo be filed, and a slewing srudenl body would be Ilia general piclure. We owe llnese people a sincere llianlc you lor rlneir ellorls and services. SECRETARIES-SEATEP: Mrs. Margarel Butler. STANDING, lelf lo CAFETERIA STAFF-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Ann Pool, Mrs. Dora Bishop riqhl: Mrs. Belly Krpan, Mrs. Joan Donnachie, Mrs, Madeline Long- Mrs. Emrnie Barlaluui, Mrs. Lena Serpa, Mrs. Mildred Trelur, Mrs alrer, Mrs. Marly Gillespie. Irene McNichols, Mrs. Terefha Chisum. 7 'ffli 3 ca X ? N XN XX X XXQ Ah, carefree lad with cheeks so tan Soon you'll grasp a hoe in hand. Your bfide Shfiek lin pear-shaped tonesl Shake the lead from those old bon " Today your studies you may shlrk Tomorrow get ready for garden work X 'X XX X X When that clay comes, X XQXX X X XX make It easy on yourself ex e Semi A X iss? X X X XX X NX ,f-17' ,Z with VITA PEAT the orgamc soul conditioner best suited to the West II ES. t Ex o o t st YS - t .. Qif x 523 . ' 3:5 . 1 gt- Q N X X , X X 1? S X X 6 X' ,ET X-'O .Qt lu swvi- 5 QNX X 2X osx K X xw sy X X X X' S ESX s X X Xm 0 Mi x xg X X . ,,,oot , me so 1 i1111:1iiiEiT'-7-7-ff X 1, , ef N 'N 'fffff ,,,,, A-X ss. -----f me - 1 a X -. x Wm. 1 Ns? Q fgggqsss sq.: gm Q e2:r'ft:35gZ iigggfxxcw. Skwfs xggg ,,,,,,,,,, X3 F sxitx ' XTSTWX Q 15 so o 0 0 0 vw " ' .. Xvss, ix ssidsxt X X XX ,QsS'5"' ' Slualvn l III 100 vlp L., x I .-if an COUNSELING OFFICE WORKERS-SEATED, Ieff Io righl: C. Saulf, S. Wilkinson, K. Lein, D. Orr. STANDING: B, Johanson, B. Gallagher, G. Sfubblefield, L. Madieros, S. Heiser. GIRLS' DEAN'S OFFICE WORKERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Vale, M. DeLancey, S. McTavish, S. McFarland, E. Kley, J. Hodel, M. Hawkins, P, Silva, D, Paulovic, J. Porler. BOYS' DEAN'S OFFICE WORKERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: T, Hall J. Wooll, L, Greblo, V. Mor- rison, A. Evans, B. Piazza, S. Jaques, E. Enca- Iada, B. Nissen. MAIN OFFICE WORKERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: J. McDowell, K. Hartwell, M. Mossman, G Mahoney, K. Hamm, B. Lewis This page is +he gafeway fo hard work, long pracfices and 'reamwork. For fhrouqh fhis gafe lies fhe success and glory of 'rhe Acalanes Spor+s World of '58 and '59. Some are born greaf, some achieve greainess, and some have greafness +hrus+ upon them . . . . . . Shakespeare TEAM WORK f ,kf XX Ak , i X ,Q1 -N ,UN X U Qf 3 ' b f W X ' -gy 1 , r-'vu' f Q x, Ek, CRM T X, -ix fa x ' f X KJ V, my X X of , , N L' 426-,V I K - M 47 Don Gridiron Condif, Phil Hall, Tom Cosso, Lou Hallslone, Dave Dielrich, John Har'dy, Brian Dodge, Iruce Holden, Jim Greblo, Gary Hollisfer, Sian l Jenks Bull Krrfscher Muke Larsen Dave Lnenh Sieve Lundberg Carl Marello Bob Nelson, Don Picard, Jeff Skulls, Dawame 48 Dynamic spiril' ran high 'rhis year and if was fell by our learn as lhey slrived roward vicrory. Even rhough our won-loss record doesn'+ show lhe close and hard-foughl games, we will always remember one of 'rhe fines? spirired and mosl hard-fighling 'reams of Acalanes. JOHN CARHART ROLFE WILLIAMS Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalames Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes 6 . . Alhambra 6 . . Pleasanl I-Iill 6 . . MI. Diablo 27 . . . Pacifica O . . Pieclmonl' I3 . . Las Lomas I4 . . . . San Ramon Won Losl' Tied 2 6 0 6 i gi? I 4 I 4 Toll, Denny 20 Turner, Doyle 2 20 I3 Walker, Jim 'riday 1 ight-Sept. through Bee Le1"s go, you guys, lef's go! Krifcher rarnbles down field. Ge? ihaf bell! Come on fellows-Block those Dons. MareI!o sweeps end. J. V. oo tball FIRST ROW lleff lo riqhflz D. Diefrich, D. Inman, S. Fox, A. While, D. Neller, B. Clark, B. Walker, T. LaRosa, B. Her- nandez, G. Baird, R, Cherry. SECOND ROW: T. Grifzer, R. Rossi, C. Threlfall, C. Rohshein, D. Sfulfs, L. Pegavich, B. Crouch, T. Griher, D. Nichols, T. Sfrain, D. Wiseman. THIRD ROW: Coach Wai!- Iow, D. Morris, J. Warner, D. Dornsife, G. Marlino, C, Anderson, P. Jensen, D. Herrick, J. Anderson, A. McMeans, D. Sulch, T. Smilh, D. Andreson, M. Ward, Niels Waidflow, Richard Dobbins Wind Sprinl' aiier wind sprinl paid oiii for lhe J.V.'s lhis year as ihey lied for lhe league championship. Mr. Waidllow and Mr. Dobbins led ihe leam on from lhe sidelines. These Iwo coaches deserve a voie of ihanlcs for lhe fine J.V. leam lhey helped make a winner lhis year and which ihey have molded for lhe lulure varsily squad. SCORES Acalanes 26 . . . . . . Alhambra O Acalanes 26 . . Pleasanl Hill 7 Acalanes I4 . . Mi. Diablo I3 Acalanes 6 . . . Pacifica 6 Acalanes 20 . . Piedmoni I2 Acalanes 7 . . Las Lomas 7 Acalanes 2 . . San Ramon I2 All lhe way? Come on, fellows, block! Get fha? ball! Go Dons, go! F rosh Football Acalanes 34 Acalanes I4 Acalanes 37 Acalanes 44 SCORES Piedmonl Las Lomas Mira monfe San Ramon FIRST ROW lleff fo righll: B. Johanson, M. Terry, R. Bufler, S. Garcia, M. New- man, D. Bierk, B. Gilliam, M. Felix, E. Dade, B. Hays, J. Squires, J. Burns. SECOND ROW: A. Roozen, J. Quarle, G. Louis, P. Knox, K. Blaise, L. Enca- lada, B. Lafone, J. Coons, D. Lenard, D. DeVarona. THIRD ROW: W. Hen- ning, R. Bafh, J. Pangborn, J. Hassay, E. Emerson, F. Krifchor, D. Ray, B. Ingham, K. Angola, J. Podder. FOURTH ROW: D. Peregoy. J. Rlnne, L. Pefers, D. Glover, B. Hoyf, L. Logan, L. Hol- Iisfor, R. Prih, M. Mafhews, P. Suchek. FIFTH ROW: D. Dodds, B. Winchlag, M. Young, D. Dalhgran, J. Hull, N. Fon- laino, D. Money, B. Allen, M. Husbands, D. Sandberg. ERWIN MATTSON Using lheir new wide-open offense, Coach MaHson's brainslorm, lhe Frosh girls' idols wenl unbealen in four games. The mosl spirilecl Ieam ever coached al Acalanes won 'rhe mylhical championship of lhe "big4li'r'rle" men's sporl world. These young heroes have broughl a Iouch of glory lo Ihe class of '62. Bob Gillham goose-sleps the olher feam. Look al lhose freshmen block! Lef's go down thai fieldl was Y. Q2 iv K MIAA Q ross-Country LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Jensen, B. Big- nami, M. Roach, R. Beadlel B. Pedder, S. Whife, W. Adams, J. Rohrscheib, T. Cooper, B. Pinkux, T. Scoft, Coach C. Salon. SCORES Acalanes 30 . . Clayion Valley 39 . . . Diablo 59 Acalanes 33 . ......... Pleasanf l-lill 26 Acalanes 47 . . . Pilisburg 38 ..., l-layward 43 Acalanes 26 . ...... . . Piedrnonr 3I Acalanes 32 . .... . . lvliramonle 23 Acalanes 36 . . .San Ramon 22 Acalanes 20 . ......... Las Lomas 4l y COUNTY FINALS CHARLES EATON H Division Meel' ....... 3rd Place DVAL League Meer ..... 4'rh Place Norlh Coasi' Preliminaries . 4+h in our heai While 'rhe foofball players were lcnoclcing 'rheir heads logelher, anolher phase oi lhe Acalanes alhleiic program was going on on The roads and hills around The school. Running over hill 'n dale, ihe cross counlry boys ran lheir way lo 4+h place in lhe counly finals. Considering 'rhal ihe depih of The 'rearn was noi as good as il has been in ihe pasf few years, ihis look much hard worlc, and Mr. Ea+on deserves a vore of confidence. Leo McFarland way out in front. And +hey're off! The end of a Io Don Hardwood C pf wi GEORGE M MEANS C K Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes i958 1959 SCORES Las Lomas Mrramon+e Pnedmonf San Ramon Las Lomas Mnramon+e Pfedmonf San Ramon Las Lomas Mnramonfe Puedmon+ San Ramon LEAGUE PLAY OFF Las Lomas TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS Second Place Poly+echmc Sacramenfo McClymonds , , s. - ' 4' 6 ' 1 L ' L 1 A A Q A . " ' 1' A 4 a ain xg VI I 'A if gt 8 553 5 tk C In ' A V f K 2 ' I Pau! olin DonConners Rick Dish Da Do f D H ck Mike riicher S1eveLamphere Don Nelson M IS p T Sf 35 .,........ 38 ......... ' 24 .......... ' 48 .......... 4l .......... 24 ......... ' 56 .......... ' 5I ......... 44 .....,.... 30 .......,.. ' 67 .......... ' 52 ......... 52 .......... 45 .......... ' 52 ......... 24 ......... DAN GLINES Playing s?eady consus?en? umprovlng and de?ensuve baske?ball ?he Dons backed by dynamnc school splru? and our es?eemed coach Mr Gllnes fough? ?helr way ?hrough ?he league Our e?For?s paid oh? as we upse? Las Lomas ?or ?he league h?le and earned an mvn?a?non ?o ?he Tournamen? o? Champlons l? was ?here where our boys earned some ?hrng ?ha? wall never be ?orgo??en The hrs? nigh? we dumped Poly rn ?he hnal ?wo mnnu?es nn a comeback hgh? :ng way ?ha? ln?erally shocked ?he Bay Area hugh school baske?ball se? As I? ?ha? weren ? enough ?he nex? nigh? we ?ook on Sacramen?o and ?he1r 24 game wnnnung s?reak Agann In ?he hnal momen?s we shook ?he baske?ball world and bea? Sacramen?o The hnal 'nl+ was a brd for hrs? place agalns? Mcfflymonds who had no? los? a game In 3 years Frghhng w1?h scrap and ?remendous spurs? ?he Dons hnally gave way fo de?ea? ?o ?ake second place ID ?he ?ourney and placed Bull Yonge on ?he T O C all s?ar ?eam We will never ?orge? ?he long ba??le ?o ge? ?here nor ?he s?unnlng upse?s we gained We wall always remember wu?h prade ?he Don baske?loall ?eam o? I959 l-S De anne Sfulis Doug Tnetar Jrm Walker B II Yonge The team's ahead, bu? PauI's behind. Kiss him quick, George. Q v K? Second place, Tournamenf of Champions Sparky Colin cufs loose Acalarwes AxcalaneQ Axcalanes Acalames Acalanes Rcalanes Fkcalanes Acalanes Acalanes 'Xcalanes Pxcalanes Hcalanes . . Las Lomas . . lvllramorlle . . Pledmoml . . . San Ramon . . Las Lomas . . . lvliramomle . . Pledmonl . . . San Ramon . . Las Lomas . , lvllramonre . . Piedmonl . . . San Ramon JOHN CARHART B Basketball I ., ',... . jeg- - ,,:. g.g,,:2.':' . Q it M 6 LLLL . el ROW, leff of righf: Coach J. Carharf, L. Logan, J. Zanofli, B. Albert, G. Abernafhy, D. Sfegrnan, ein, B, Allen, D, Glover. BOTTOM ROW: C. Rlnne, N. Fonlaine, M. Felix, B. Gillharn, J, Rinne, S. Fox, J. Allen. Scrambllng lor every polrul as if il meant The game, lhe B's loughl 'rheir way lo a lie for lhe league championship. Under Mr. Carharls aslule leadership, lhe B's showed a will-lo-wlm allilude and came oul' wllh a 7-5 league record. Look ou9 for fha? bar! Varsity T rack Somebody is ahead, and somebody's behind 1 My fee? hurf Look, Mag no hands! COACHES Slrong in many everuls and wilh good deplh, lhe Don lraclc leam of '59 is fa- vored lo lake lhe league. Fasl runners, luurdlers, and sprinlers combined wilh slrenglh in 'flue 'Field evenls lells lhe slory of why we should be successful lluls year. JOHN CARHART CHARLES EATON ROW l, lefl' lo right D. Balesferi, D. Such, T, La Rossa, D. Sfulfs, J. Walker, P. Hein, P. Knox. SECOND ROW: J. Marsala, S. Sheu, B. Dodge, M. Reed, F. Lercarl, B. Rinne, L. Macfarland, P. Monlalbano, M. Young, D. Money, Coach Eafon. ROW 3: B. Donaldson, A. McMeans, J. Max, B. Jerucks, A. Corse, S, While, D. Wehmeier, J. Banks, B. Paraquoy, J. Dielrich, J. Graves. ROW 4: J. Anderson, B. Scolf, D. Halslone, B. Williamson, T. Smifh, T. Scofl, D. Turner, J. Curran, M. Mazaika, L. Jensen, E. Alexander, G. Marfino, B. Pedder, G. Vansfone. TOP ROW, Ief? lo rlqhfz B. Boofh, K Ingraham, D. Slulfz, F. Hile, J. War- ner, G. Railsback, J. Effinger, D. Leon- ard, J. Hassay, G. Harfwell, B. Graves ROW TWO: Coach Carharl, N. Fon- taine, D, Kell, M. McCallis1er, B. Burk- harf, O. Morrll, W. Anderson, W Adams, K. Anqella, R, Huff, D, Ray, J Downey, D. Good, T. Graves, D. Diel- rich.THIRD ROW: B. DuFosse, S, Smith J. Cooper, P, Gavey, C. Howland, D Carey, B. Bruno, R. Ames, M. Roach J. Squires, B. Sundsirom, C. Rinne, B Hernandez. BOTTOM ROW: B. Lafone T. Sherry, J. McPherson, T. Hanscom C. Roshein, B. Pinkus, D. Schwarh, J Rinne, R. Beadle, B. Smyfhe, M. Minefia Sporlnng one of norllwern Callforma s lop B leams Acalanes can look forward lo a lremenclous year and can eye llwe league lllle wullw enllwusuasm l-lavung bealen lwo of 'llne lop leams so lar llwns season llney can look lo success JOHN CARHAM Kuck Hn Dave Spread your wlnqs and fly .A AV., Wrestling WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW lleff to righflz D. Belveal, R Bufler, C. Roschen, P. Gavey, C. Dryer, R Polk, D. Edwards, J. MacPherson, B. Mar ello. SECOND ROW: C. Lundberg, B Brifos, D. Toll, P. Arrigo, J. Holden, B. Col well, J. Maffson, M. Noble. THIRD ROW L. Egland, J. Hosford, D. Dodds, J. Web sfer, J. Rossi, D. Knudsen, B. Nadol, J. Polk D. DeVarona. FOURTH ROW: S. Schroder, L. Brifos, M. Young, T. Pelerson, S. Garcia D. Jones, J. Shaw, R. Cherry. FlFTH ROW J. Booth, B. Clark, J. Dielrich, C. VanSfone B. Ulrich, D. Nichols, D. Morris, S. Holland G. Lundberg. Picking up inleresl as each meel progressed during lhe lasl Three years, wreslling has grown info a popular sporl al Acalanes. Fans loved lo see conleslanls lossed in lhe "Salad Bowl." From cross-body rides lo half nelsons lo guillolines lo bear hugs, our ERWIN M,-,TTSQN lvlaHson's fine poinlers, guidance, and rugged lraining schedule paid ohf, as we look lsl place in lhe divisional meel. Our league champion wreslling leam in action! muscle men slrong-armed lheir way lhrough spiriied dual meels, losing only once. Mr. -H --f gimra Varsity Swimming M44 -5.1 TOP ROW, IeH io right B. Dodd, A. Arfsfen, T. Sly, D. Brownlyl B. Brilos, G. Picard, J. Layfon, B. Harris, L. VanUmmerson, T. Glimme. BOTTOM: M, Downey, J. Hosford, L. Briios, R. Cullen, T. Condif, M, Chaney, B. Green, R. Brandi. Undergoing an exiensive rebuilding program, lhe Don swim Team has done exceedf inqly well ihis year. Coach Kahnerl has his mermen pracficiriq hard for each meef. They are splashing lheir way lo a very successful season. Two hands for beginners Don'f splash so muchg you'II scare rhe fish, Whaf'II I do now, Co . Y Zb ..rry JOHN KAHNERT ach? TOP ROW, Ieff fo righf: D. Eslinger, J, Boofh, R. Hunf, P. Bransfad, 8. Ingham, B. Klrkham. J. Deqroaf, B. Hoyl, J Fisher N. Busch, B. Andreson. D. Pere- goy, C, McAuliffe, BOTTOM ROW: G Miller, R, Harfman, B. Eldridge, B lnoedel R. C' err , B. Clark B. Arnold B. Underwood, B. Franklin, -ng, ffl RICHARD DOBBINS QI .4 Br, . N K 'fag 44 x wg , "H ' i Swimming Slrivlnq lor a place on next yeans varsily and 5 place ln llwe divlslonal rneel. Coach A Dobbing puls lvis "B" swlmmers llwrougln an exlensive lrainnq program each day. SO lar his ellorls look as If llwey will bloom nexl year. Don'f drink il all. Racing dlve? No. my back hurfs. Look,Ma1fW0 Wlflqil A A i, , M , I Q 'Hume M A I "' n-.R - pi V ,,,,,.., on ulmond 1552 Gary Hansen Gerry Brekke Lou Cosso Jlm Holden Make Krofscher Bull Foley Bob Marello ,JJ yu Siew Fox Bob Glllham George McMeans Don Nelson Speed shnff To fhlrd by Marello Wham' Thg ghgkgr 3' ' ,mv ' 'ls f . 'ig . 4 N V ,M A Q, ERWIN MATTSON ,- Lou Pelovuch Fme pnfchmq helclmg, and consuslenf hlfhng shown so far by fhe Don baseball 'ream will axm Them 'foward The league baseball crown The feam has spiral and co operahon which ns necessary for a wznner and a lane ball club Lou Peiovich sforms firsf. You fell him, Maif. v ' - ' XX ,K A ,, ' - .Q gg, N , u, 1 I , fm We M 4 Y I J 1,-K , .5 ,A - , AJ, W V ,, h, .MVN . ,X K ,f?9'f+vrZ, , X Q ,fa -, -gn: M 4 V l U, ,I .-f -.LN , ,, ww , ' , fg-.fy ,9":. xg 'fag' ""2'f'f26'i'e5lT'.21?, f. 4 f 'J'f'l:ff'5'L'4iif" 3' " ' g,,f2ff..uL 1, Q' f ' ."? 'ff my ,lf , ffv:,,:-'- K Q, ' ,f ff' az'g:5f.5'M1f,2"5" -' " 'V 4' 2 ' ff slid, ,f1wLf?35Jitf'i'ff1-- - rf-.S .:'a?f:7T2+1' f V .N .L H" 'X'i"" A B Q' 'I' ff"1J?f'ffvff'v ,.,. 1. ,Q V-fffYff1'f'.., . in Denny Toll Tom Sfram Make Ward J. V. Baseball fag Z A U fa Worlcing hard on lundamenlals willfw llwe dream of varsily ball in llie back of llweir minds, llwe iunior varsily improve every clay. l-laving llwe necessary lalenl for a J.V. winner, lliey could go all llwe way lo lake a championship. Puf if over and I'll lose if. Playing wirh yourself? cus - 9 hm.s l TOP, leff io righl: 6. Snyder, G. Ross, S. Chiles, D, deVarona, B. Allen, P, Goodman, J. Silva. BOTTOM: L. Som- merlon, D. Belveal, L. Pefers, D. Bierk, P. Leal, M. Felix, R. Balh. ""'x If , 1 fx, 1 ', , Egg . DAN GLINES Race fo firsl base. 0-A Mi? J.-.M nu... Gal ROW I, leff To righf: D. Davis, S. Lamphere, J. Holman. ROW 2: B. Mckay, G. Heavener, P. Jensen, R, Fry, J. Noak, D. Riddell. 2' Driving ouf of sand Maps, frees, and ofher such obsfacles, Hfie qoii Team has done real fine so far This year and should conlrinue. New NEILS WAIDTLOW faces as well as oid indicaie Jrhe inferesf each year in 'rhis sporf. The sand irap kid is af if again. The green . . . finally. Bad form, Sfeve? 4.6. A.. .,, Tennis Trying io build up io Jrop form again, The Hrackei squad" is working hard 'ro gei on 'rhe winning road again. Their efforis shouid pay off in coming maiches, and we look To The fuiure for a greaf ieam. ROW I, Ieff to righf, A. Col- well, R. Peterson, J. Allen, J. Shurfleff, D. Ageno, R. Rocca, D. Funk. ROW 2: L. Logan, K. Blaise, L. Egland, M. Freeman. K. Waylan, D, Connors. ' more c, 'gg vm on row ii , sums Rfoiii f 'fr ROGER SMITH Cha-cha-cha Come back here. Hi? fhis one for Kafhi. Abou? that ball . . . Bullet Beaffy sfars again? Ooh, l'm so mad Y., -,.,.'- ...YN .X J .GM X. -,J iv C3 Q g wi ROW I, leff fo right B. Yonge D. Nelson, L. Peiovich, B. Marello, L. Cosso, T. Beaffy, B, Brifos, D. Hallslone, N. Freeman, B. Jencks, P. Arrigo. ROW 2: E. Hardy, T. Sfrain, G. Hansen, R. Polk, D. Toll, D. Hayman, G. Brekke, M. Freeman. ROW 3: B. Green, S. Lamphere, C, Lundberq, B. Pedder, D. Edwards, D. Freeman, R. Rossi, J. Holden, J. Dlelrich, G. Picard, B. Dodge, P. Colin. lock Before membership lo llwe leHerman's sociely is granled, a boy musl iirsl conlribule a helpful service lo 'me school, besides earning a varsily leller. Block "A" worlcs all year lo earn money llirough volleyball games and noon dances lo allend The Nalional Col- legiale Alhlelic Associalion Regional Finals in March. ur World of Sports QQ ,E V ' 4... Yvl I Loaflors LEFT TO RIGHT: Prudy Myers, Fred Lercari, Marcy McCracken, Kirk Wayland, Carol Ferry. Lileral yals ol energy, rlney sllr up llme sclnool spirll wlllw rhelr gay blue and while pompons. Learnlng dance roullnes lo perlorm lo llne music ol llwe band and lrelp- lng llwe yell leaders clmeer our learn lo ylclory, rlwey add muclw lo llwe clamor and ex- cllemenl olgame day. Wlmal would Acalanes be like wlllnoul' our enllruslasric yell leaders 'ro urge llwe Team on? We would be in a prelfy sorry srarel Tlne yell leaders lwaye llwe lerrillc responslbllf ily ol bringlng up a delecleo le-am llwrouglw llglml yells and urging on wlnnlng reams willn lusl plaln, lols ol yelling, llwls year's yell leaders deserve a gold medal lor llweir erlorls and successes in lceeplng Aca- lanes sclnool splrll alive. Pompon Girls LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Simms, Penny Place, Gig Manski, Peggy Hansen, Kafhy Barnum, Rob n K ngsley S 122 1',.'.,1 ,,.3,. ld TFAQ, . . X4 ao., ,J N 'I . .X ' V 1 01 .21 , LDV Q iff' ,iff L g 2 Xi, b jgyggf. wr: g 1 ,M , V :fx " - X N ., 2 .- " , ..-,, - . ,Q ., t. q...x ' 'ff if-,.: ,, PQ 2. J 3 ni K S Q X ff 'Q if ,wa D f -:-:-:, X M ss, 5 .,, f,Q, , V 1933 1 5- gm: 3 5 rl- .V , k a 5,25 in 5-3? :gear QUE, EW! V K 5 fl' , :Y W f V-wwf 2-Q f sr 'S vw,-b, c.' fe X42 ., - ,ww , MEM Nfiw 31' 1 f f W , ,z1:,i',?f' YN W4 vs i Edin, V 4-1- I fs 'lt X F 5"Q 4, hir, Q -4 QT' -1 Girls' s thletic is ssociation M. Calderon, Pres., L. Clifford, V. Pres., J. Peckenham, Sec., C. Whifnell, Trees., M. Bralien, Comm. of Playdays. B Lewis, Sr., B, Meinbress, Sr., K. Barllelf, Soph., J. Kelleher, Froshg Laurie Swanson, Fresh. The "sporl'y" girls al Pxcalanes belong lo lbe Girls' Allwlelic Associalion. Besides volleying, bowling, and running 'rlieir lwearls oul al "play- daysf' llwey organize flue year's aclivilies. Cabinel meelings, banguels and an awards as- sembly lo honor oulslancling members keep olli- :ers busy planning and members busy from Fall +o Summer. A member of G.A.A. musl be an aclive one willw a love of all sporls. p-v Q, m N. Holland, Volleyball, B. Fa- gundes, Baskelballg H. Davis, Baseball. x .,.A ,,, ...H - 1- 'aw Sw - G. A. A. Activities NT P ,., 1 X -U., - 5. K ' If 'H W-1-I' 4 1. Jo-Q 'n y .. 'ar -W.,-f. '-Q., f 1-Q les ua, NV'-1 tfliffh 1' 'UW V 'fvdiv , Q ' Sirike One! Look, fhey floafl lf's a home run . . . Everybody is ouf of sfep buf Wendy Rebscher. Whaf a iargeil Safe! 73 Remember The dance wifh fhaf cerfain someone? Remember The "fun Things" of life a+ Acalanes? These ac+ivi+ies depided on The Tollowmg pages have helped fo bu5ld your characfer and round ouf your oersonelify. They have been an infegral parf of your year. This is +he key To +he sparlde of your sfudenf life. Dos++hou love life? Then do no+ squander fime, for +ha+ is +he s+uH life is made of . . . . . Franklin A CT I VI TIES Glrls ' ,vague ROW l llelf lo riqhfl: S. Emerson Sr Repg P. Hansen, Jr. Rep.g N. Waldman, Soph Rep.3 S Granly Frosh Rep. ROW 2: Miss Richardson, Advisorg D, Olberq V. Pres.: C. Scalinehi, Pres.j S Macdufl Sccq S. Markey, Treas, With hall lhe sludenl body as acfue members, Girls League is one ol The biggesl and besl organizalions in our school. Among lhe very successful proiecls carried on by Girls League lhis year were 'rhe lvlolher-Daughler lea and Fashion Show, lhe Freshman Girls' lalenl Assembly. and lhe Senior lvlollner-Daugh- ler lea. Girls' League prornoles lriendship among Donner, and aids in developing a malure and womaniy zgurlool' on life, Woman is woman's nalural ally . . Euripides Whaf a game' 'Doin' wha? comes nafcherlyn af fhe Frosh Girls Leaque Assembly are Bonnie Breklce, Carla Gudnason, Laurie Swanson, and Jill Kelleher lell Tara Conner, Jean Fleming, Penny David, Mona Ouer, Luanne Buchan- lhe girls of The assembly "How dwy I am." an, and Sue Paquefle. oys 9 'edera tion 'HN' The parficipanls in lhe sporls world ar Acalanes have always been honored wilh Bloclc Ns for lheir parlicipariong however, There are some who do more Than iusr parlicipale. These boys are honored wirh special recognirion. The following awards were given lo oulslanding players on six reams, four of which were league champions: Varsily Foolball - mosr oufslanding, Jim Walker: mos? improved, Milne Krilcher: mosl courageous lineman, Tom l-lall: J. V. Foolball-rnosl oulsranding, Slew Fox: mosf im- proved, Dave Jonas: rnosl courageous lineman, Cher Threlfall: Frosh Foorball-mosr oursranding, Bob Gillham: mosr improved, Lowell Pelersg mosl courageous lineman, Don Glover: Baslcelball -mosl oulslanding, Bill Yonge: Cross-Counrry-rnosl oursland- ing, Leo Maclzarlandq NrVres+ling-mos? oulsfanding, Rich Polls. These boys deserve our sincere congrafulalions. A K Mike Krifcher receiving his award Mel 5 mpscn geis conqrafulafions . l A from Coach Glines. The Varsity and 8 Baskefball learns af fheir awards assembly. My, but fhus is embarrassing Lo s 4- I rn i gos Los Amigos, which means iilhe iriends, i is Acalanes' Socielv oi Friends. io aid ihem in lheir campaign ol friendship, Los Amigos held The annual Gel-Acquainied Dance, which provided a congenial place lor people ro meel new iriends and see lheir old ones. Los Amigos members also inlroduced new sludenis lo The cusloms oi Acalanes in an elllorl 'ro pro- moie belier friendship lhroughoul ihe school. This year, loo, ihey under- loolc lhe unwanled chore oi a Mclean-up Campaign' which cerlainly improved our campus' loolcs. lhe Friends," oi course, published ihe annual sludenl direclory which enables Dors and Donnas lo iind Thai Hceriain someones phone number, lhis Cub has led lhe resl in Friendly spiril produced ar Acalanes. Laugh+er is nof ai all a bad beginning for a friendship and H' is by far Yhe besf ending for one . . . Pai Tharsinqg Mike Kriicher President, Shaion Gloffelfy. Advisor MRS BARBARA GLINES ROW I, left fo righf: R. Kingsley, B. Wiseman, J. Busch, S. Gloffelfy, J. Pariland. ROW 2: J. Wesfphal, K Chris- fiansen, P. Tharsinq. ROW 3: L Cosso, R, Rinne, M, Kriischer, C. Kiesel, F. Sonnfaq. Dons and Donnas ge? Vhe dance off fo a good sian. G01-Acqaulinlvd llancv . . . . . . l'0llsa-Ilol ,Polka L The 1958-59 school year was ohf lo a bang when friendly Crowds larnnned lhe Acalanes gym lor Jrhe enlicipaled Pollca- Dol Pollca. Lively muslo Clever name 'rags and arllslic pollcaf dol decorallons carrled our fhe colorful theme. Lols of credil goes lo Los Amigos lor Els presenlanohs of lhe lradifional gel-acquamled dance. Whaf are Mr. Garvey, Miss "R", Mr. Glines, and Mrs. Glines holding a secref conference abouf? Here's your chance io mee? fha? girl. Geffinq To know you . . . Ge? with if kids-fhis is a dance, V. L, J I, JO N lf .. T N V K, .D Cl . X V P yy A 1 N, L XXX i X 3 J rib C yy LJ TX x lf '- J hill' LEFT TO RIGHT? J. Hosfofdyv, es., j C. Scalineff Sec., LN1Van Urn son, fi I il VPD? T ' l ci M H A T' ul N lf Q , 1 0 ' , .. N nf G X K , 1 ' I ll l : ' l f .. l X i P r T ' .i . , y, . VV ll llijxll' ll l T D Q V LT L .6 N My X5 r ll ky V X .N im Ly' lqvlfi Aj X.. lfkli Tllx V ix A yi ly A Nb N ,J I, X i Pi gil, " i Xl ffl! illf .sk lx JEV lv , A uw Xi , Y i, , , w ' , 'fy ' CN J W X T . Q4-Q Rally llomnullov ,if gy UM ll f , N, J N 5 I N fy j lx LUN Nlfiv wllll UU I , N fy rg lf D3 Jil, i The Rally CornmiTTee, composed oT TwenTy-eiqhT blue and whiTe "rally capsf' Ten Senior, Ten Juniors, and The STudenT Body Qflicers, has The chore, Taslc, responsibiliTy, and Tun oT promoTing school spiriT and supporTing The Teams. To This end, They sold sTudenT body cards, dec:oraTed goalposTs and The gym, invenTed rally slciTs, and creaTed The new Pep Club, These ever busy, never ceasing Dons and Donnas deserve The adnniraTion oT sTudenTs and The praise oT TaculTy Tor a iob well done. Hail To Thee our Alma-MaTer, Royal Blue and WhiTe . . . MR,wrNcr-igsren ROW I Kleff To riqhflz J. Baker, K. Desch, M. Timoney, C, Scalinehi, K. Miller, P. O'TooIe, A. Evans, B. Jelleif. ROW 2: D. Bell, M. McCracken, J. Sanderson, C. Ferry, J. Wesfphal, P. Myers, Mr. Winchesfer. ROW 3: J. Hosford, K. Emerson, K. Wayland, B. Yonge, D. Sfulfl, F. Sonnfaq. ROW 4: D. Freeman, P. Condif, L. Van Ummerson, B. Lackey, S. Lamphere, P. Colin. Advisor Seniors-ROW I lleff lo righflg J Parker Y McCall, C, Echols B.Har1 B, Clucas, C Soul? B, Lewis, B Perry, S. Schneider M Bryant ROW 2: L. Belfencourl, J. Hoedel N. Hauskens, V. Pullman, J. Church M Palmer, S. Glolfelly, J. Sindahl, K. Brown J, Parfland. ROW 3: J. Poullon, P. Aguirre D. Basofli T. Beafly, S Mclnfyre, E Ro- viascar' J Banks D. Good, G Jensen, R Pe'erSOn 3ec Clue was esfablfsheo lliii year 'c serv rua porpofes. Pre: T' wa. desqneo as a club w unirnled membership le give more siudevls a chance lo worlr lor lhe school. Secondly, il alder' ellner sihocl Cubs by premchng school spiril a iewbal games. If was here 'hal llie Card slunf were eqecfvely presenled, and El was here lh lhe dual oals were mel. Q needs spiril' Iaclr all life behind . Juniors-ROW I llelf fo righll: P. Houser, S. Barr, D. Broadhead, M. Clapp, S. Jordan, L. Ingham, J. Parfland, M, Hawkins. ROW 2: J. Porler, S. Blaise, B. Wiseman, V, Mor- rison, C. Whilnell, M. Edwards, M. Rambo, C. Suczek, L. Searighf, C. Jones. ROW 3: C. Simms, B. Johanson, S. Bleiler, B. Pingree, D. Rofh D. Cherry, J. Nelson, D. Orr, M. Treler, B. Piazza. ROW 4: B. Jones, S. Gid- ley, D. Garfield, R. Hermann, C. Morrill, D. Raynes, L, Brilos, J. Fleming, R. Harlman, F. Gandel. ROW 5: R. Hufff, S. Holland, N. Freeman, J. Allen, D. Schwarlz, B. Pedder, B. Harris, M, Freeman, H. Couden, R. Fry. 0 flub Sophomores-ROW l lleff lo righfl: C Macy, C. Annis, L. MCG-alley, M. Piclrerinq T. Spraqens, C. Roberrs, P, Rising, B. Darm sled, M. Wilson. ROW 2: C, O'Leary, P Martino, P, Richardson, L. Wadsworlh, C. English, S. Hamlin, S. Weisberg, L. Whicker, L. Parshall, J. Giguiere. ROW 3: J. Eberle L. Kilbourn, G. Balchelder J. Rechliene, K Kennedy, J. Wolf, M, Colwell, C. Crosby L. Turner, B. While, B. Moore. ROW 4: P Dunn, S. Cashion, L. Jones, L. Greblo, P. Mefcalfe, N. Holland, M. DeLancey, C. Roberls, J. McNuIry. ROW 5: B, Wisner, P. Noble, D. Knudsen, S. Fox J. Shurrlefl J Bauer, T. Planz. Freshmen-ROW I llefr fo riqhll: G, Easlon, J. Edwards, R. Shine, S. Follmer, J. David, L. Bridges, P. Fisher, D. Warburion L. Disharocn, E. Banducci P. Hosford. ROW 2: N. Kealhley, J. Ayres, J. Duane, D. Seng- er, P. Sherman, M. Aqeno C. Pelerson, L. Rossi, 8. Diefz, K. Hanson C. Annis, C Hillyer. ROW 3: N. Dinwiddie, J. Pullman, R. Wooflen, J. Rufherlord, V, Kelsey, J. Fleming, M. Ouer, P David W. Roberfson, M. Pendlelon, H. Sims. ROW 4: R. C'arIc, P, Suczek J, Gulley B Carmichael K Lewis, S Gran? S. Frazell, S Gran? J. Funk. . Browning - ,+I fs. ..,.-H 1 lelan The Alrlan slall members lr, rushing here, busllinq lhere, always on lhe go lo collec' rnalerial, lake piclures, wrile copy, or mee' lhose dreaded deadlines which come all loo ollen and soon. He musl be a super salesman, a genius wilh words, a dynamo ol soiril and energy, and above all, able lo slay up all nigh' lirelessly working lo gel oul lhe boolr, This year's slalli will be an inspiralion lo lulure ones and will form lhe framework, also, lor lhose boolcs presenled in lhe near lulure. I am no lover of pompous lille, bul only de- sire lhal my name may be recorded in a line or lwo . . . . Eliza belh l ll 'TZ eggs H "r- 1? W! 'Y 'sup-nga-r LEFT TO RIGHT- Marcy McCracken, Business Manaqerg Lani Ingham, Ediforg Kathy Brown. Copy Editor STANDING, Iefl fo right Dave Ogden, Pholographerg Fred Sonnlag, Photographer. SEAT- ED: Sandy Ferro, Sales Man- ager: Kafhy Desch, Ad Man- aqerg Barbara Roberfson, Repcrferj Joan Giquere, Re- porter LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike McAu- liffe, Co-Sporls Edilorg Slew MRS. WOOD Fox, Co-Sporfs Edilorg Roberla Advisor Hawk, Co-Aclivilies Edilorg Ce- cil Caswell, Co-Acliviiies Ed- ilorg Pal Tharsing. Senior Edilorg Judy Parllandy Assistant Senior Edilorg Carol English, Assislanl Edilor. 41 Don 9 worry, lhe camera Look oul, Mr. Thurlingg Carla Goodnasen and Laurie Swanson Anything you say won'l bile! And away we go! here goes Mr. Dobbins, al play . . , 7 Mr.Wir1ches0er. ROW I Cleft to riqhflz C. Couch, Edilor in Chief, P. Myers, Feaiure Edilcrg G, Mc- Means, Sporrs Edifor. ROW 2: G, Hunt, Associafe Ediforg V, Laveui, Edifor of Lilerary Maqazineg P. Gavey, Associate Sporfs Edifor. lueprint The corisciemlious Blue-prhr reporiers have made il possible lor every subscriber ro be welll informed abou? acliviries concerning every- lhing happening or our campus. The siail ol our award-winning riewspaoer has worlced, swealed, and slrairied +o lceeo us up To dale on all newsworlhy evenls. l-lard work, groans, and gripes, fun and lauqhler have been conlribulirig iacrors io rhe lremendoui success ol 'rhe Blue- orinl. Newspapers always exci+e curiosify . . . . . . C. Lamb BUSINESS STAFF: R. KingsIey,S.MacFarland, Q 8, Tycer, B. Wiseman. 3 i I 5 l REPORTERS:H.Coli:den, S.Haley, P.MonraI ano, MZBWEISS J. Buffa, S. Lamphere, J. "Sol Dielrich, F.Sammann, D. Cherry, M. Rambo, B, Crouch, G. Lapachef, C. Morrill, S. Macduff, D. Fullerfon, J. Bauer, B. Wiseman. Come on Chris, go ouf There and kick a field The Guy and Doll al the Sludenl Body Mixer were Juniors, Margarel' Thompson "Down by rhe old mill siream . . . " goal. Aw, come on, dance wilh her! and Thorny Smifh. Yalifornia Scholar ROW I llefl lo righll: S. Emerson, K. Em- erson, B, Clucas J. Baker, Y. McCall, C, Annis, J. Miller, L, Fraumeni, E. Fossafi. ROW Z: B. Wiseman, D. Cherry, J, Wolf, M. Braffen, Treas. C. Echols, D. Hunl, C. English, B. White. ROW 3: Sec. J. Sommer, C. Schwarlz, N. Holland, S, Markey, C. Caswell. l The Acalanes Chapler ol lhe California Scholarship llederalion chose College ol The Pacific for lheir annual college visil. 'lhey also sold allraclive boolc covers and held cake sales lo raise money for The scholarship lhey presenl lo a deserving gradualing senior. The honor ol being a C.S.l:.'er ig ol lcnovvinq you, yourself, have achieved academic sucf cess and recoqnilion. ROW l llell fo righll: K, Barllell, M. Clapp, C. Suczek, M. Thompson, S. Jaques, J. Busch, L. Ingham. ROW 2: V. Pullman, S, Macduff, M, McKeegan, B. Branslad, D. OI- berg, Pres. K. Chrisfiansen. ROW 3: R. Brandi, P. Monfalbano, S. Haley, Sql. al Arms J. Allen, J. Kelly, R. Cory, F. Malley, D. Sillphanf, M, Cheney. ROW 4: P. Con- dif,R.Die11, B, Dodge, J. Graves, G, Hunl, T. Smilh, V. Pres. B. Pinlrus. We'll miss lhese lwo exchange sludenls Dovyn lhe corridor,-furn leff, I nexl year. May l have lhis dance, Mr. Glines7 firsl door on your ruqhl . .. Look al fha? lorm. eh ip lodera tion ROW I, lei? fo rlghf: C. Hillyer, N. Holland, S. Follmer, J. David, S. Nor- lon, G. Harfman, S. Jordan, J. Busch. ROW 2: T. Slrain, G. Easfon, J. Ed- wards, S. Slone, J. Allen, J. Marsala, B, Dodge, S. Haley, B. Thompson. ROW 3: D. Parker, L. Ingham, S. Emerson, K. Emerson, J. Whifehead, R. Cory, L. Pefers, F. Malley, B. Allen. va.. . S- I - n-"A ,e A if W n ,,,x., ff' if 71 IEW' - C I ., .f. Q: if To be eligible lor C.S.l3., one muslmainlainlI'1ree'lA'sl'end a To be acceplecl you rnusl be willing lo devole endless hours lo Those awesome books' you musl be willing lo sludy. The man who knows he knows, To him your homage bring . . 359 Q fjw .S-vs?-f K iz-Tw V f"..a X. PN... I X A1 . Cole ROW I, Iefl lo righl: L. Fraumeni, J. Miller, C. Mack, B. Diefz, J. Rufher- lord, P. Sawyer, S. Weisberg, C. Schwarfz, M. Pickering, K. Barlleff, L. Turner. ROW 2: E. Fossali, R. Hawk, L. Gadsby, C. Annis, P. Rising, C. Annis, M. Clapp, C. Suczek, C. Jones, C. Lacy, P. Krebs, C. English, B. Bransfad. ROW 3: J. Gueldner, D. Silliphanl, M, Cheney, B. Allcorn, R. Brandi, J. Moss- man, C. Chamberlain, D. Olberg. Sophomore Tony L I Our failhful mascofs help ROSSB deep 'll 3 Clam? Zowie look at fha? build! urge lhe leam on. Need a push, Robin? ol baskelball ? .mlii il- Sp a n is la ROW I lleff fo righfl: L. Thompson, C. Rodebaugh, C. Mack, C. Morrill, Pres. M. Bales, J. Rebscher, L, McGaffey, P. Underhill, L. Fraumeni. ROW 2: V. Pres, H. Horonieff, Treas. J. Parlland, M. Edwards, N. Hol- land, V. Pullman, L. Cosso, T. Smirh, Soc. Sec. B. Johanson. ROW 3: C. Jones K. Emerson, M. McCracken, B. Clucas, B. Jellell, Sec. D. Campbell, Pub. Dir. K. Chrisriansen. 'lvur-do-lis The French club or fleur-de-lis is in ils eighlh year al Acalanes. ll pro- moles lhe enioymenl' oi lhe language lhrough parlies and frips where every- one is required lo 'parle lrancaisf This club held a candlelighl inilialion For new members and lhe Feminine members were honored wilh a Christ mas parly pul on by all lhe males in lhe club. The boys loolc care of every lillle delail, food, enlerlainmenl and all! Elgibilily lor membership is a I3 in French I and ll, and a passing grade in French Ill and IV. Vivez, si m'en croyez, n'aH'endez a demain. Cuellez des auiourd'hui les re ses de la vie . . . . . Ronsard on ora ry S01-ivly The aim oi lhe Spanish I-lonorarv Sociely is lo give Spanish sludenls a beller underslanding ol Laiin Amerie can cullure. An HA' in Spanish I, a 'B"' in Spanish ll, and a 'B ' in Span' ish lll and IV are lhe reguiremenls lor membership, Did you see some poor girl on rhe end oi a chain carrying a huge pile ol boolcs? She was lhe resull of lhe annual Spanish I-lonorary Slave Sale. Or per- haps you saw lhal bus load ol happy Spanish sludenls selling oul' for Car- mel on lhe much anlicipafed field lrip. Bolh were examples oi lhe many 'lunf paclced aclivilies enioyed by sludenls in lhe Spanish I-lonorary Sociely. Language is perhaps lhe mosl hu- man of all allribules. I+ is whal sels us off mosl' sharply from lower animals ...Chase 9 ,.. I ' Vie , . K' an ROW I llelf fo righllz J, Miller, G. Lapachef, S. Barr, Pres, D. Olberg, S. Markey, B. Branslad, M. Johnson J. Sommer, B. Hodges, P. Murphy, ROW 2: K, Barfleff, M. Pickering, S. Bleiler, D. Rofh, C. Schwarlz, S Thompson, L. Turner, C. O'Leary, T. Spragens, B. While, M. Timoney. ROW 3: Sec. S. Schneider, P. Houser, D. Cherry, K. Lund, Y, McCall, C. Ferry, A. Hughes, L. Parshall, G. Balchelder, O. Mariineau, G. Palmer ROW 4: M, Rambo, J. Hopkins, J, Murphy, L, Searighf, K. Benioff, J. La France, D. Franlzich, P. McCardle M, Palmer. ROW 5: J. Morrison, B. Wisner, B, Pedder, D. Edwards, D. Schwarlz, A. HunnicuH, B. Harris E. Kley. Everyone gels info fhe acl. Do ya lhink il"s dead? The car's abou? your speed, fellows! What can I do for you7 . I va I la 0 n 0 rs Acalhonors is lhe Second highesi honor Sociely al Acalane. Peouire- menls for membership are iive BY of an A and 'rhree BE. Membership is off iered lo all members oi C.S.l:. auro- malically. Acalhonors serves as a sleppingeslone 'Q higher academic iuccesses. Knowledgeis power . . . . . . F. Bacon ROW l lleff fo righll: R. Kingsley, P. Tharsing, S. Macduff, C. Soulf, M. Bryanl, S. Schneider, P. Underhill, J. Giguiere. ROW 2: S. Holland, R. Hawk, M. Palmer, D. Rcfh, S. Blaise, S, Barr, J., D. Broad- head, B. Roberlson, G. Lapachef, 6. Abernafhy, J. Kelly. ROW 3: D. Silliphanf, R. Rinne, J. Sfead, D. Cherry, J. Porler, S. Bleiler, S. Gidley, K. Desch, Y. McCall, J. Sommer, W. Rebscher, J, Fredman. C. Schwarlz, S. Haley, J. Gueldner. ROW 4: F, Gandel, J. Fleming, G. Garfield, C. Morrill, M. Rambo, M. Edwards, S. Jordan, C. O'Leary, T. Spragens, S, Thompson. ROW 5: R. Harlman, B. Pedder, J, Allen, M. McCracken, K. Miller, P. O'Toole, A. Evans, B. Jellelf, J. Parlland, S. Glollelly. .21 .wwf ROW I lleff fo righfl: S. Sfengel, C. Mack, D. Godel, C. Soulf, Bryanf, P. Tharsing. ROW 2: K. Barflell, Y. McCall, S. Markey, D S, Thompson, A. Hughes, M. McDowell. ROW 3: K. Emerson, V, S, Lacy, C. Annis, Treas..B. Perry, Pres. J. Sommer, A. Furguson, .Paduclc J. Slarn, B, Plaua, R. Hermann, C. Ferry, J. Murphy, Sec. R. Kingsley, M. Befes, J. Hoedel, M. . Olberg, D, Rolh, D. Cherry, C. Schwarfz, Pres. D. Senger, G. Manske, S. Schneider, E. Fossali, J, Edwards, J. Lulloy. ROW 4: D. Fullerlon, J. Poullon, D, Franfzich, B. Clucas. ROW 5: L. Kingsley, L. Swanson, K. Lund, G. Lapachef, D. Broadhead, E. Key, M. Thompson, M. Lea, K. Lueblreman, L. Parshall, T .Spraqens, ..E. . The Acalanes Educalion Club is nol only lor Those inleresiecl in leaching bul for all lhose who are inlereslecl in children or any lcind ol worlc where edu- carion is involved. ll exhibirs 'rhe wonders of 'reaching lo members who Hpraclice laughin al Springhill Grammar School and il bears wi+ness lo rhe 'lawful lillle lhings' which leachers musl learn lo face. A leacher affecls elernilyz he can never 'fell where his influence sleeps . .. . . . H. Adams Our Edifor? Tall, dark and handsome. Rally round fhe Hula-Hoop Oh. Y05l"l 1. ROW I llefl fo righll: L, Jones, M. Wehmeier, A. Perlman, J. Funk, V. Kelsey, S. Scorf, M. Pendlefon, B. Sadler, P. Underhill, J. Giguiere' B. Collon. ROW 2: S. Hamlin, K. Barllell, J. Parfland, M. Palmer, J. Hoedel, Pub. Chm. M. Rambo, Sec. M. Bryanl, Pres. D. Freeman, Prog. Chm. K. Brown, K. Barnum, S. Jaques, K. Anderson, L. Kilbourn, L. Parshall, S. Srephens, 6. Bafchelder. ROW 3: S, Weisberg, S. AI- brighf, L. Behencourf, P. Tharsing, W. Rebscher, D. Campbell, J. Clark, S. Glolfelfy, B. Jelleff, Y. McCall, D. Olberg, P. Myers, E. Kley, D. Franizich, M. Nipkow, C. Crosby. ROW 4: T, Hefle, J. lsmail, A. Anaclerio, L. Buchanan, C. Laleana, S. Schneider, J, Fredman, V. Laveui, A. Lynn, K. Lund, B. Johanson. ROW 5: D. Tessler, K. Wayland, B. Piazza, R. Hermann, C. Ferry, E. Gogsfad, D. Godel, J. Church, S. Macduff. ROW 6: J. Poullcn, J. Hosford, S. Adair, L. Van Ummersen. ROW l llefl Yo righll: J, Murphy, S. Delancey, C. O'Lea'v, L. Wadsworfh, P. Martino, C. Morrill, S. Barr, S. Bleiler, C. Wood, V. Rebscher. ROW 2: D, Johns, S. Thompson, J. Whitehead, B. Robinson, L, Whicher, B. Hodges, M. Pickering, L. McGaHey, N. Waldman, J, KenneH, S. Jones, E. Steele, C. Roberrs, J. Har- mon, L. Faqundes. ROW 3: L. Turner, J. Eberle, B, While, N. Noack, D. Peabody, P. Richardson, A. Lorn- bardo, J. Rechfiene, S. Geandrol, D. Fullerfon, J, Poullon, P. Lee, S. Ferro, C. Rodebaugh, L. Delker, S. Underwood. ROW 4: L. lnqharn, N. Kunfer, C. Annis, L. Fraumeni, D. Buchanan, D, Cherry, J. Whalen, D. Q ln oriva n Fivlll Svrvil-0 The American Field Service Clue al Acalanes is only a parl ol lhe greal organizalion all over lhe world, yel ir is one oi lhe largesl clubs in our school. The purpose ol AFS. is The promolion ol world peace and beller undersrand- ing among The youlh ol The world. This year lhe annual 'lChange lor Exchange Drive," pur on by hard-worlcing mem- bers ol lhis club, collecred over 5900, more 'rhan ever before, ro bring for- eign exchange sludenls lo Acalanes again nexl year. As usual 'rhey also senr lwo lorlunale srudenls lo loreign counlries during lhe summer. Wall: logelher, fall: logelher O' ye peoples of lhe earlh Then and only lhen Shall ye have peace . . . . . . Unknown Rofh, J. Busch, C, Ansley, S. Cashion, L. Swanson, P. McCardle, P. Mefcalfe, B. Mayfield, R, Perry, L. Gads- by, J. Miller. ROW 5: 8. Harris, J. Fieminq, G. Anderson, R. Johnslon, N. Holland, B. Roberlson, M. Thompson, M. Clapp, E, Benson, H. Abboll, M. Hawkins, L. Belaque. . r. Slalvslnon Using The slogan, 'Male Democracy Worlc," lhe Junior Slalesmen ol Amer- ica has become a siale-wide organiza- lion. This year's inreresling program drew many sludenrs. lr helped rrain lhem in lhe use ol democraric proc- esses used in +oday's governmenlS bv debaring and passirg resolurions re- laring lo every public issue imaginable. Membership is open is ai: s'udenis who are inleresled in governmenl and lavv vvilh no less lhan a l'Bf" average. Brealhes lhere lhe man wilh soul so dead, Who never himself halh said, This is my own, my nalive land . . . . . Scoll 88 ROW l lleil lo righrl: C. Echols, Pres. S. Markey, C, Suczek, C. Jones, J. Bacon, M. Clapp, M. Hawkins, P. McCardle, J. Fredman, Y. McCall. ROW 2: P. Tharsinq, C. Crosby, M. Brafren, G, Bafchelder, J. Rech- liene, D. Fullerron, J, Poullon, Sec. M. Bales, Prog. Dir. B, Bransfad, D. Olberg, J. Sommer, W. Rebscher. ROW 3: P. Dein, Pub, Dir. P. Monralbano, B. Williamson, D, Baleslini, J. Morrison, B. Wisner, D. Freeman, E, Romascan. ROW 4: R. Dielz, P, Anderson, G. Abernalhy, J. Kelly, J. Poulfon, S. Mclnlyre, S. Holland. Exchange Sluclvnl Viours The TirsT Thing ThaT surprised me wifn This school was The consTri:cTion, This school is so spread ouT and I Thinlr iT loolcs much more friendly Than our school wiTh Tour sTories. AnoTher Thing ThaT I Tind very diTTerenT is ThaT you can choose your si..biecTs. We are noT able To do ThaT. In Norway we have six years oT high school and in The TirsT Three years we Talre all required subiecTs lilce English German. maThemaTir,s physics, chemisTry. eTc. ATTer The Three years we can choose a 'lmaior ll There are several To choose beTween: naTural science, maThemaTics and physics LaTIn modern y . -anguage, and Old Norse. I have chosen modern language Tor my sTudy wiTh Nore wegian, English. German. and French in special. BUT besides The languages we also have To sTudy maTh, science. and social sTudies. I Think Acalanes is much harder Than I ex ecTed The Teachers give more Tesfs much: The Teachers and lrids p . Than They do in Norway. BUT I lilre This school ve-ry are very Triendly and always willing To help you. The re'aTionship beTween Teacher and pupil is more inTorrnaI here Than I am used To. AnoTher Thing ThaT I do lilre wiTh your school is The To school six days a weelr which can be preTTy Tough weelc-ends! In Norway we go someTirnes. Tove I-IeTTe Norway The biqness, The beauTy and The wellveguipped Acalanes School as compared wiTh my school in Indonesia, did noT surprise me aT all. The Thing which is really amazing To me is The way The school is run, by The Teachers and The sTudenT, Through sTudenT council Because I never imagined such a coo r- . pe aTion among sTudenT, Teacher. and parenTs To accomplish a Tremendous job Such as Taafball games. where The sTudenT parTicipaTes in arousing The school ispiriT, Teachers as The guides, and parenTs as The TiclceT buyers. Also The exisTence oT clubs, such as Chess, Bloclr A eTc All oT These are new To me, and I am sure. ThaT I have learned a oreaT deal Trom ThaT. In some respecTs Acalanes is diTTerenT Trom any school. In Indonesia we go To school six days, and in a year we have sixTeen subiecTs, while in Acalanes only six subiecTs. In Acalanes, each period The sTudenT moves Trom one class To anoTher class: This does noT happen in m sch I. Th d Teacher moves each period, y oo e sTu enT remains aT class, and The i Muhammed JusuT Ismail Indonesia ' ParTicipaTing in rhe summer exchange program can mean Tun disappoinTmenT educaTion. or all of These Things. IT depends on The individual. For The person who is willing To Thinlr a liTTle biT, The experience gained can be invaluable. The oppore TuniTy To experience new environmenTs. To live and Tall: wiTh people Trom all over The world and To see and observe diherenf culTures and TradiTions of diTTerenT naTionaIiTies or even To meeT Americans Tr d'TT T T ' Tor ThaT maTTer, is very challenging. om i eren pans or our owa coi.nTrv For some, The experience oT living wiTh a European Tamily and Traveling in a Toreign counTry will be assimilaTed inTelligenTly. Some will realize ThaT diTTerenT environmenTs deTermine separaTe culTures. OThers. however will Try To compare The UniTed STaTes wiTh a European counTry7 This is boTh unrealisTic and unTair. For The playboy, The summer can be one big blasT. For Thcse who are unhappy wiTh Their European Tamily andfor are homesiclc, The summer may be a greaT disapp-cinTmenT. Generalizing abouT The Danes ThaT I meT, I can say ThaT, as a whole, They are a very proud and cheerTul naTionaliTy. They geT a loT ouT oT liTeq They lrnow when To worlr and when To play. All in all, I was very impressed wiTh The Danes. They sTruclr me as being sensible, level-headed people. There. are:-'T Too diifererill sTanding. The opporTuniTy Tor me Tc :peno a summer in Aosvia vlas a v.crderT'..l ore. IT was an exciTing and rewarding experience, And as I reTlecT baclr upor my summer I realize more Than ever iusT how much iT meanT To me. BeTore my Trio iT was diTTiculT Tor me To believe ThaT The people of A,sTr' iusT The same as I. In TacT aT Tirs' l was a liTTle disapooinTed ThaT 'hex fTrenlT Too digerenh only Their cusTon's are diTTererT and 'oday even Treir C ' I hope ThaT in some way I have been able To 7mparT This realizarion Tc The peop e wiTh whom I have spolcen. To me This is The mosT irrporTanT sTep reward Someday I hope To go baclr To ThisTed and see mx, Tamily and The Ti-lends I have Dan Funlr VisiTed De-nmarlf 5 were weren ' Sewage and diTTerenT. ATTer my renrr- home I realized ThaT cTner people have The same misTalwen ideas as l had. Many people have aslred me iT AusTrfars wererlT diTTerenT Trom Americans subsTar'Tially diTTerenT and cThers who havenl' spolfen have been mer'Tally asking The same guesTion. And my answer To all is llNo They US'OmS under' Donna I-Tun' VisiTed A,sTria . unior od lfross ROW l lleff lo riqhtl: K. Barllelf, C. Annis, S. Schneider, C. Annis, G. Harfman, D, Fullerfon. B. Roddick. ROW 2: K. Barnum, J. Bonneau, P. Baker, S. Rowe, L, Jacobson, J. Poulfon. ,"0l,il'll, 'lub The lield ol medicine is one Com- umed ol hard-worlcinq and dedicaled persons. The Medical Club al Aca- anes has senl such individuals our in+o lhis lield well prepared lo meel lhe 'ounlless lrials and lribulalions. lhif fluln arquainlf, lhe Dons and Donnas who are inieresled in medical proleff ions wilh nefessary lads and liqures lhrouqh leclures and hospilal fours. lf help build a heallhier world ol lomore row could well be lhe clubs mollo and guide posl. I will use +rea+men'l' +o help fhe siclc according +o my abilily and iudgmenl. buf never wifh a view lo wrong-doing i i i . Hippocrales Slill a srnall club a' Asa anes, lhe Jr. Red Cross oid an enormous lob lhis year, helping lhe Red Cross in lheir program ol comlorl and aid lo lhose 'ess lorlunale people who are, also, members ol our narion and world. lhese worlcers conducleo lhe annual Red Cross Drive, parlicipaled in 'serve Ice proiecls and made Chrislmas cards lor hospilalized persons. This club helped lo aid, in every way, lhe world- wide orqanizalion ol lhe Jr, Red Cross and llne worlc which musl be done somewhere, by someone. The poor musl be wisely visiled and liberally cared for, so lhal wanl shall nol be exasperaled in+o crime . . . . . . Winlhrop ROW I flefr ro riqhfjz J. Laney, P. Place, S. Hamlin, K. Miller P. Hansen, Sec. S. Schneider. ROW 2: K Wood, V. Pres. J. Harmon, J. Eberle, P, Marfino, L. Wadsworfh, G. Harlman, S. Weisberq, J. Hoedel, L Beflencouri. ROW 3: L. Leland, S. Macduff, K, Barnum, J, Church, J. Clark, J. Poulfon, D. Fullerlon, S Ferro, J. Giguiere. ROW 4: P.Mon1albano,D,Dornsife, B.Wisner, B.WiIIiamscn, M. Spellman, B. Kirkharn G. Ensminqer. I 7 An bod wan? a Coke? My, wha? an hcnorl And lhe band plays on? Can see. foo. y y The Young Lile 'eadcrm and Ire el' ficers, Mike Kflaclner, preqidenl ano Kallii Brown, vice-orefridenl, were sup' oorred by a recoro-breaking al'end' ance ol Acalanes sludenlf Io Ilwif ba Sicaily religious Club. l-Ield every Monday niqbl' a oirlerenl permnis lwome, Youno Lilo eilerc Ilne opporlunily ol gelffrq IC know your Qlaesrnalee in Ibe Qomefrne- erkvus, buf alwayS Ifrendly, afrrol- olnere ol Irie informal meelinqs. Acliviliee Qucl' as a weekeend a' MI, I-Ierman or a slay al' Malibu, Can- aoa, add lun and enlighfenmenl Io Ilne sclwool year. Wlialever The meeling, noweyer, Ilwere is always a lriendly ,mile Io greel you lrom Ilie leaderx Ann Clnairs, Bob Milrcbell and Pele DeMo+o. In God's green pas+ures feeding, By his cool wa'rers Iie, Sof'r in +I1e evening walk my Lord and I. . . YFC members af a weekly meeting. l 'o u n g L iff' iles? "V" is for victory . .. YOUTH FOR CHRIST Nolliing can describe Youllw lor Clwrisl more acfuralely flwan im Own name. Ilie members rneel and bold deyolionz weekly llirouglwour Ilne fclwool year willw quesl speaker: also a'r'endinq +lieir me-efinqq, Rallies mln 'blluer Y.Ii,C.Club1 on Saluroai, niqnl are IOIQ ol lun, I can do all Ihings 'rI1rougI1 CI1ris+ who s'rrengfI1ene+I1 me . . . . . . Phillipians 4:I3 Time ou' for Ihe minufes. The 1rumD9I S0Uf1dS?7 SKI CLUB ROW I, lefl lo riqhr: J, Rhoades, S. Weisberg, J. Jones, L. Jones, L. Gare- vich, L. Beflencourr, M. Palmer, B. Clucas, R. Kingsley, B, Perry, B. Harf, C. MacDonald. ROW Z: S. Albright, T. Ambuehl, J Nelson, D. Billings, M. Mc- Cracken, P. Murphy, B. Piazza, M. Dunn, V, Kelly, A. Evans B. Wiseman. ROW 3: P. Lescure, D. Broadhead, B. Darm- sfead, P. Risinq, J. Woolf, D. Olberq, J. Murphy, P. Hosford, J. David, C. Pefer- son, L. Raphael, S. Browning, C. Jones S. Norfon, L. Ingham. ROW 4: B. Lockey, B. Harris, B. Hardy, S. Counce L. Seawrighf, J. Laney, J. Giquiere, K. Miller, S. Jordan, C. Gudnason, L Swanson, C. Suczek, K. Lund, J. Mc- Kenzie. ROW 5: N. Linder, E. Ander- son, J. Marsala, D. Schwarfz, B. Pedder, R. Hartman, J. Eznekier, J. Mossman. B. Dodge, T. Beaffy, J, Allen, P. Noble R, Fry, T. Shierry. EEIJ3-Q B ' Sli! llub I' f QQ ' 1, fir.. iri- ? It --,. I Q A . Coming lhrough rhe season wilhoul any serious injuries, the slri club repealed ils perlecl record ol lun and more lun lor ils enlhusiaslic members. lvlembershio in lhis club is open lo any- one who is inleresled in having lun and Skiing, whelher you have beer Qlciino belorg or ho'l IP. E. . ssislanls ROW I, lei? fo riqhf: N. Hauskens, L. Clifford, M. McCracken. ROW 2: S. Ferro S. Macfarland, J. Poulfon, S. DeLancey, B. Meinbress. Remember when you were a Fre5hman7 Re member girls PE? Then you musl remember lhose parienl PE. assislanls who lried so hard fo leach you The imporlanr arls ol volleyball, baslcelball ano archery llhalis lhe game wilh lhe bows ard arfowsl. They are lhe poo' soul whose leelh Qlnabered while lhey perzuaden ,cu lo lump ir rhe wa'er warm, The-se PE. Afflyanl- musf have casrifor zlorhachs an"-1 'rorroad Conslilulcns lo carry our the eseemlal PL. Ofoqrams. Armed wilh slubborn palience as wilh Iriple s+eel . . . . Millon 92 The Brunch-Workers who rescued lhe famished sludenl' body from hunger pangs every morning are: ROW l lleff fo righllz R. Ames, B. Du Fosee, B. Hubbell, J. Curran, D. Van Allen, L, Knappenberger. These Cafeteria and Lunchroom Workers who devoled fheir lunch hours lo filling lhe "boHom- less pits" of our Dons and Dcnnas are: ROW l lleff lo righrlz M. Laney, J. Byrne, R. Ames, C Jensen, B. Hubbell, L, Vigors, L. Widel, L. Leland, J, Curran, ROW 2: B. Du Fosee, C. Mc- Auliffe, L. Knappenberger, D, Van Allen, E. Linolli, S. Mclnlyre, S. Hubbell, F. Malley. Many thanks should go lo lhe Audio-Visual workers for relieving lhe daily monofony wilh assorled films and records, They are: ROW I lleff fo righfj: J. Byrne, M. Laney, J, Riner, D. Arena, R. Vurelfe, S. Glolfelly, H. Dickson, K. Brown. ROW 2: D. Good S. Mclnlyre, E. Greeneich, E, Linorli, T. Daughlers, T. Leonard, B, Haase, M. Lincoln. ROW 3: P. Baker, C. Mc- Auliffe, B, Sfraflon, E. Romascan, C. Manning, R. Wilson. ROW 4: S. Holland, J. Malfserin, L. Knappenberger, A. Corse, D. Toll. Service Workers The Slaqe Crew members who do lhe unglam- orous work backslage lhaf makes The many Acae lanes performances possible are: ROW I llell lo righll: Slage Manager S, Mclnlyre, R. Wil- son, B. Sleuben, D. Hammond, L. Pennock- T. Daughlers. ROW 2: J. Bauer, J. Riner, D. Sulch, F. Hile, B, Haase, E. Greeneich, M, Lincoln. ROW 3: A. Hunnicurf, C, Kiesel, C. Manning, A. Corse. The Library Assislanrs, always working hard fo keep fhe library in order for use are: ROW I llefl lo righll: S. Hayes, H. Gales, J. Harrinq' ron, D, Hallsfone, C. Whirnell, C. Keelon. ROW 2: R. Sarra, E. Gogsfad K. Anderson, B. Perry, P. Sheehan, J. Clark, 8. Clucas, S. Wilbur, M. Brallen, K. Luebkeman. x - ' sf p .. rr E.. .,.. -A 1 -fx ROW I lleff fo riqhtl: S. Jenders, K Benioff, J. Phelpsy Sec, D Eseliusy K Palmer, E, Linoffl, Pres, P, Dickson, ROW 2: Mr Hansen, M, Mazaika, L Peters. i Jlusic founcil Few sludenls have ever heard ol lhe music council and slill fewer lcnow whal if is, or whal if does, buf lhe members play a big perl in solving The many liflle problems ol all lhe classes in lhe music deparlmenl. All queelione have been decided wi+h much lime and energy spenl oulwide ol lhe monthly meelings. lf i-3 lheir lirelezs ellorls which malce lhe muyici deparlmenl al Acalane: run so smoolhly. Music is my rampar+, my only one . . . . . . S+.Vincen+ Millay Our music deparfmenf in aclion ,,f1Q5?3,f,:,naa '5'3'.g,i'5 4 w' N 'Van w 1 I -,E 5x6 3: gfgiiaagvx 46' gi Q it 3 4' wmrfg-" 3 QA 5141 .A 3' .A I A s .mi H ww 3: .U.MH.2 '1- 'QBV Q , ' 3 53 Q gggff ., 5 'fl -f f 2, ui, WN x xg, N lx N A kv ' fx 1 .. W . Iraqis X 1 SJ i 12:31 Kuff. i ig' ' 3 X L' 1 Q 3 Q95 ,ff'd C xx 'AZ' and The infamous band here al Acalanes is really lhe unheralded hero ol our school. Wirhoul il, pompon girls would dance in sience, hundreds ci voices raised in The Alma Maier would sing even more oil lune, and lhe undercurrenl ol lhrills and exciiemenl rhar fhe presence of a band al games and rallies has would be complelely lacking. Al' our performances lhroughoul lhe year lhe banging, lesling, bellowing and sguealcing were merged info The playfng ol beaulilul and ollen inf spiring music. The Dons and Donnas should lip Their sombreros lo lhe band in honor of a much iorgollen, bul very deserving group. Of masfery over musical inslrumenis . . . . . . K.Grahame Throughour 'rhis school year fhe sfudenfs af Acalanes have had 'rhe opporfunify fo see four of The finesr performances ever puf on by SfUd9I'1+S. Almos+ half of fhe sfudenf body parricipaied in fhe Senior Play, Chrisfmas Performance, Opereffa, and Musance. These performances have Truly been 'rhe key 'ro enjoymen+ af Acalanes. ENJOYME T 1 'Ham AM, The slage is sel, fhe aclors are in fheir places, and The aclion begins. as -A Ie, Seniors lay . . . The murdered boy, Bill McGinnis, is shown in fhis black-our scene discussing vnfh Borf fha newly-found loose railing. This courl will now lry +he case of fhe people of Carson Corners againsl-againsl' Mr. Peler Koval- esky, for murder . . . A boy's been murdered and we wanl' +o lrnow lhe reason why . . . Loolc al' il' wiggle . . . l been meaning 'lo fix +his . . . A person could 'fall a long way . . . You shoulcln'+ lifr +he body-clon"l' you remember? . . . l forgol aboul i+ complelely. l haven'+ 'rhoughl' of i+ from +ha+ momenl +o lhis. Those cans! They musl be 'fhe same ones . . . We forgef loo much . . . We can'+ lel il happen again . . . We've go? 'ro do be'l'+er. Susan Cadman swea Bed Hendricks as a key wilness for the lrial of Peler Kcvalesky, i n' Q13 ,V 5 f MR. TRU LSSON Direcfor Dr. Cadman. Mrs. Caclmar-, Mr. Prince .. . Mrs. Prince ,.,.. Mr. Rogers Mrs, Rogers ,, Mr. Woodbridge Mrs. Woodbricice Mr. Wrighf ,, Mrs. Wrighf, , Mr. McGinnis Mrs. lViC6inni1 Miss Frank ., , Mr. Kovaleslry Bob McGinnis Be-ri' l-lendriclrs, Elizabelh Wrighl Janel' ,, ,. .. Carol ,, , .. Madge . , Tommy Prince Alice Woodbridge Susan Cadman, Joey Rogers Bill McGinnis Painier THE CAST George Saunders , ,,,, Pai Tharsing lvlilre Balaam ,Valerie Pullman ,,,, Bill Ulrich Rosemarie Roach Fred Sonnlao Barbara Brans+ad Charles Couch , Jeanne Sindahl Roberl Armsironq Marqaref Palmer , .. Pamela Balmer , David Biasofii Lincoln Vanllmmerson . l-lanlr Laney , , Linda Brudney Diana Goder , Judy Parlcer , Madeline Bryan? Chris Balaam Lurline BeHencour1 ,, ,,,,, Kaihi Brown Ed Romascaw Tom Bear?-,f Tom Condi' emarleable ncident Q Q Q Q at Carson orners If was fo fhe horror of Carol, Madge, and Under fhe careful quesfioninq of Mr. Wood- Jane? fhaf a boy's body fell from fhe fire bridge and fhe waichful eye of Bob McGinnis, escape as fhey wafched. Miss Frank admihed forgehhing ihe money. qw- Withouf the hard-working crew fhis year's producfion would never have run so smoofhly. Many Thanks qo fo: Prudy Myers, Bob Sfrafon, Barbara Renner, Sieve Mclnfyre, Mr. Trulsson and Diane Walrers. 'M' wan.:- 'iwiwf vw 53?5i'? W'ggv,q31Wp Q, 2 f l 1- X ar-xg W. ,gf ,yigiglgb 3.62 4 Www W HRW 1 -tg' H4 siv 4 a 63? 'Lx , s :,55A: v ax 2 3' . ,Tl W7 xi 135 S ' , inf ,f as gg K ,SM W , 2 . 'f- 5 , W Q vi, if MV- , Q, azff 1- . A lk I A Y 1' 2. xv fx 7? SH mg ,yt J ff, 1 D 1 'ws L, 'wlxjffg I ,V 'gy W, Ah,"-. , , J, 5, 9 31 ,J g 1'fr"'s , . A , , J ' 1 gffv Ailmfsf 'f-:z.f,,j gi-7 . f .idk ,,. K .:.f .,,, ' 5 X ..,...,,, .,.. Z ,. '1::.:': - J' K '1 :.1"15f:' . 4 ...,. . V ., aim:-2,m,s,F':..,. .... Q ,. Q. sf . A gf A 35 has Q AM .1 W vc: 9 'wif , Q 1? s 1115 3' " ws K5 7,1 ' 1 . +2 X Swv 4 3 1 .ff f 'fm , RL? 'Q 4.A5,l5 sv, mr 1 bu.,- .+ , 4 ea 5 if ,W if ' "1 -112. " "sw " , f 5 2' A, fa, an Qt, 14:-in E Q 592 .xg f ' - fi? ' iii' I I Q . X Fri N 5, if , .r'.42!fG - a.x,aJff . , 'il' HHH xx wg -5 V., peretta . . . The Acalanes Music Deparlmenfs annual opereffa fook fhe audience along wifh Profes- sor McSpindle and his bofany sludenfs, on a summer field frip fo Osendorf, Holland. The Americans arrived af fhe village during ifs summer Tulip Fair. Theopholis McSpindle found if an excellenf opporfunify fo sfudy his favorife flowers. Two Americans-Ned and Diclc, each found fwo-lips which inferesfed lhem, foo. Mc- Spindle frowned on fhe boys' variefy of fulips, so Ned, Diclc, Kafinlca, and Chrisfina formed a plan fo gef him ouf of fhe way for awhile. So Ned persuaded fhe Professor fo dress up in his glad rags, which made The Burgomasfer of fhe village suspecf fhal' McSpindle was a fulip fhief. The deeply hurf professor was soon proven innocenf. He was also proven nof fo be immune fo fhe gay summer holiday. He found Aunf Anna almosf as inferesfing as his fulips. Aunl Anna and lhe Burqomasrer Hendrick Van Oosler have a friendly chaf. as love al firsl sight for Chris- The sfudenfs from Ashmolean College show fhe Dulch Hans was iusf loo much for fhe Burgoe hna and Ned Baxler. a IiHIe American Rock 'n Roll. masfer fhis lime. The entire cast afler a wonderful performance. My ,fy K2 rw-Q in :kj f i Lafdlccz C. 1 gf Ci lC'Y'5'9' ,V . Q 7, 5 - , ' T f T 1' ' C ,, 4 ,L ffl cg CQKK Q " C, 0 0 0 ll I , K C ff ff K Fir: ,I .ef 'M X7 7 .cj .. 'lg' X r L 7 C44 1.4 JC. i K Z it-762611.11 fl L c 4 c ' -E . . .7 ' , -Off M. 1. if Rgffnjg gf' fzfftfif-7 Cf LZ C-Lf' I ff. 4.. an Q. 59"f'7k?'4' ,. . ' .2 L rf -'-?i- Li f .ff f 7 L! Dick Warren shows Hans a few new dance sleps wifh lhe villagers and visifing Americans looking on. , , K A, iv , 1 g , 7 C - -'cr c"'gf Y i K KL C Z ,Z Wx lj,-5 L46 df Hans seems lo be a lavorile with all of lhe prolly Dulch girls. Q Z 1 do . Chrisfina fries fo hold back Dick Warren's sneeze while all four are spying on fhe Professor and Aunt Anna. if CAST Aunl Anna, ,.. Linda Bealaque Chrisrina . . . . Carol Ansley Dick Warren Tannie Hanscom l-lans , William Palmer Hendrick Van Oosler ., Fred Ganfiel Kalinlca , Kalhy Culberrson Ned Baxler , lvlunroe Denham Theophilis lvlcSpindle Paul Colin DUTCH VILLAGERS A. Arfslen, R. Baker, M. Balaam, G. Bafchelder, C. Biasolli, R. Bishop. S. Browning, L. Bruclney, P. Darling, P. Dickson, L. Encalada, D. Eselius, C. Ferry, D. Fuller+on, D. Gogslad, E. Gogsfacl, K. Kennedy, L. Knappen- berqer, D. Luna, N. Morison, K. Palmer, D. Pasquini, T. Planz, J. Rinne, R. Ross, S. Schroeder, J. Sindahl, T. Spragens M. Wall, L. Widel, N. Wilkinson, C, Wood, D. Wulf. AMERICAN STUDENTS D. Biasohli, N. Busch, S. Cashion, R. Caslellino, R. Claussenius, T. Cooper, F. Elvin, G. Ensminger, R. Ensminger, C. Felring, F. Flenner, S. Fox, J. Genfry, S. Hicks, D. Janzow, S. Johnson, P. Knox K. Koser, A. Lynn, J. Mossman, R. Pelers, C. Roberls, L. Scoll, J. Shurlleff, S. Slone, H. Whilehead, J. Woodard. lO5 M USAN CE Brahms' Hungarian 1 kr. fiktffx ix' I H? . .. I -I 1, 1,3 1'--' V 1 D- P1 ali Q.. af: f' YEIZ7.- Y Q,yQ"! y Z,0C,62a'a .4605 466621 'Alf 61040, fiflaj L10 J 734421 1904-f gi is XARJ' 77,1-L, QW? F would be lacking a necessary ingredient r If is friendship Thai' backs you when all else furns againsf you, buf if is selfish friendship fha? 'rurns aqainsf you when all else is for you. Above all, if is friendship 1'ha+ helps you grow inro a mafure individual and fhus enable you fo fake your place in sociefy. Wifhouf friendship our days al' Acalanes FRIENDSHIP f , , -3 fax X94 vm . unior I f 'icors PAU L COLIN Presidenf DAN WEHMEIER UE JORDAN KAREN MILLER JUDY McKENZIE Vnce Pres den? crefary Treasurer Socual Sec Fail and rumors were among The many who enloyed fhe annual Ge? Acquannted Dance W nier and we had a Chrxsfmas free tx wp. F-:ju II via : V, X :Ki af f . , .,. MIK fwIf"l""' Ai- f- ff - . A m F , m I 'I fy 5 ' ' ' sn. ,- ' f 'S A A. 5 i I .V 5 RW N , J xxv I. . 'X I :V Having had a long, hard, BAUER, JUDY BEGLEY, ARCH BENIOFF, KAY BENSON, ELLEN BETAOUE, LINDA BLAISE, SHARLANE BLEILER, SUE BOHANNON, JIM BOLCE, SALLY BRANDT, ROGER BREKKE, GARY BRITOS, LELAND BROADHEAD, DOROTHY BROWNING, SALLY BUCHANAN, DIANE BUFFA, JAY BUFKIN, SHIRLEY BURT, ROGER BUSCH, JULIE CALDERON, MARILYN CASAURANG, SHERRIE CASWELL, CECILE CHERRY, DIANE CHILCOTE, JOHN CLAPP, MARY CLIFFORD, LINDA COLIN, PAUL CONNORS, DON COOPER, TOM CORNFORTH, ROB CORSE, ARTHUR COSSO, LOUIS COTELLA, JOHN COUDEN, HENRY COUNCE, SUSAN CROUCH, BILL CULLEN, RANDY CURRAN, JOHN CUSTARD, JERRY DARLING, PATTI DAVIS, DICK DAVIS, LARRY ,T ,zigif-' -f Q G Q, '. E1 "' A K 914 ' gif-HN' ,, -,ggi 'A 2 9521. QQ ' A -- ' L+ ' 'VB I IQ? w- ,L wg, f ff: A F Lf -.1 ABBOTT, HOLLY ADAMS, FRANCIS ALBERT, BILL ALEXANDER, ED ALLCORN WILLIAM ALLEN, JIM ANDEREGGAN, LINDA ANDERSON, GEOFF ANDERSON, LINDA ANDERSON, PHIL ANDERSON, TOM ANSLEY, CAROL ARFSTEN, AL ARRIGO, JUDY ATHANSON, JOHN AZEVEDO, JOE BADIOU, CHARLES BAIRD, GERRIE BALESTERI, DOMINIC BARANTE, MARILYN BARR, SANDY stupendous year . . . , ,mn 41 , Sf L wr, 53 W Q -, , , f 'Q If . 55 3 Wi? A, ' 'B - 2- 1 X: ' A f f ' "' TP- ' - fu-TX X -- :zz -' ga il: , ' .f , ' I 'W I I 1 , fi 21 'fff isis bf ' a 7 34, , -, if K7 'wx A . iw. .:'.' ::4:Er'E.,gg ' -' , gb V --: Nw I .- ' g . Q V 5,,..,,, b ,, M 'gn as . -L, 5: A, E Y A I.: n , Q A , f f A , ,sm A . , , i -12 3 A I3-1 , Exif- A , -31, '-ff? , , , .. ..,. , I Wm, - , ' aw I WI f f mf pf ' -. W J - IQ I 'Uv IW ' .J A ' W .,, ' 5' , fm!:f .- I - A - '- x A ,,,,, ..f.- Q L. ,J W .. .... ,L S . ww f. me 'ai' f- Wag - ..:,'-:sm-,-1, f Q '32.2Ei'Ij2 13 ' ' ,V 22' LZVZQEEEI? 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N -11,: -Q, - f 211: . V 17 A ' A N ' fm ' 2' 61 'H Q fa, L 'ez '-Y A , V , 145' T . , 'ff N SM? f I' xi , 1 17 R A I A M1 -K E 1 DEscI-I, KATHY DE LANCY. SHARON DIcKsoN, PAT DODGE, BRUCE DOWNEY, MIKE DRAKE, LINDA DUNKLE, DONNA DUNN, MARY .Io EDWARDS, DAVE EDWARDS, MARILYN EGLESTON, RANDY ELVI N, FRAN EN NOR, PAUL EVANS, ANN EVERETT, RON EZNEKIER, JOHN FAGUNDES, BEVERLY FARLEY, ALLEN FELTING, CAROL FERRO, SANDI FIGUEIRA, WILBUR 1930 FLEMING, JIM FLENNER, FRED FLOYD, CHESTER FoLEY, BILL FRANKLIN, CHARLES FRANrzIcI-I, DIANE FREEMAN, DALE FREEMAN, DOUG FREEMAN, MILLER FREEMAN, NEAL FRY, RANDY FuLLER1oN, DIANE GALLAGHER, BONNIE GANDEL, FRED GARFIELD, DEE GATGENS, DIANA LEE GIDLEY, SUSAN GLIMME. TOM GRAHAM, FRANCES GREEN, CHARLES GROSVENOR, GARY GUDMUNDSON, CAROL GUYON, JERRY HACKWOOD, CAROL HALEY, STEVE HANSEN, PEGGY HANSEN, NANCY HARMON, JANE HARRIS, BILL HARTLEY, RUSSELL HARTMAN. GAIL HARTMAN. ROGER HAWK, ROBERTA HAWKINS, MARGARET HAYWARD, LINDA HEARNE, JOHN HEISER, JEANETTE HERMANN, RAYLENE HILL, BILL HOLDEN, JIM HOLLAND s1EvE HOLMES, RETFY ANNE vu.. in 'LN HORNNJEFF RICHARD HORTON JOAN HOUSER PAM HOVEY JACK HOWELL SHARON HUBBELL BEVERLY HUFFAKER CAROLYN HUFFT RONALD HUMS DIANA HUNNICUTT ART HUNZIKER GRETCHEN INGHAM LANI INGWALDSON PHIL JAMISON MARELYN JANES JANET JENCKS BILL JENSEN CAROLYN JOHANSON BONNIE JOHNSON KAREN JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSTON ROGER Fulfillzng our responszbzlzty as under upperclassmen JONAS DAVID JONES BARBARA JONES CAROLYN JONES DAVID JONES J M JORDAN SUE JOSEPH JIM KAVERT DENNIE KEETON CAROL KELLEHER DENNIS KIESEL NED KINGSLEY LINDA KLEY ESTER KNAPPENBERGER LOUIS KRONENBERG PETER LA FRANCE JACKIE LAITY JUDY LAMPHERE STEVE LANDES LARRY LANE JAN LAPACHET GABRIELLE LARSEN DAVE LAURIDSEN GLORIA LAYTON, JOHN LEAL PHIL LEE, BILL LELAND, VALERIE LESCURE, PETER LEWIS, PHIL LIEN, KAREN LIENTZ STEVE LINCOLN, NATE LINDEMUTH, JAKE LINDSEY, DENNIS LINK, PAT LINOTTI, so Locxev sos LoNuAs, sm LONG, am Lorrsn, NANCY LUNA, DIANE LUND, KAREN Ioszng stage frzght to put on an orzgmal assembly 'VS N525 sf I if ki: . 3 -exif? 4' Q0 . . , if ww, W7 5- , , , 'Wm II4 .. .an fs .tfk If laik! 5 L.L sf- Y-'T' 1960 PEABODY KARREN PECKENHAM JUNE PEDDER BILL PEJOVICH LOUIS PEREGY BILL PETERS LORIN PIAZZA BARBARA PIMLEY BARBARA PINGREE BARBARA PINKUS BILL POLK JIM PORTER JUDY POULTON JANET PRAMME DUANE OUARLE JACK OUENZEL LINDA OUIKILLALT PAUL RAMBO MARY RANDALL, DELENE RAPHAEL LESLEY RAYNES, DAVID Wei :Iva gu- V"' 'Ti Mfxav, KQMKA SSW WMM? aw 'sf N, fm-f-am.. 'QV5 I5 Ls U I Q y -I , :fu 'ff " A R fa IN Zi ,N -v 2 Q LYNN ALICE MACCARIO ROSEMARIE MACPHERSON JERRY MADRID BARRY MAHONEY GALE MALOON LYNN MARSALA JIM MARTINEAU OLIVE MARTINO GERALD MAX JOHN MAYFIELD BARBARA MEINBRESS BEVERLY MILLER KAREN MILLER LYNDA MILLER MARY ELLEN MILLS GARY MINIETTA MICHAEL MINOR TOM MOTALBANO PETER MONTGOMERY LINDA MORRILL CAROLYN MORRISON VICKI MOSSMAN JIM MOSSMAN MARION MURPHY JUDY MCCARDLE PENNY McCAULEY JOANNE MCKENZIE JUDY NELLER DAN NELSON DON NELSON JUDY NIELSON LANCE NUNLEY DON ODDONE JERRY OLIVEIRA ANDREA O NEAL HERB ORNELLAS MARLENE ORR DIANE O TOOLE PAT PALMER GEORGIA PARTLAND JANET PAULOVIC DIANE lx .fx K fn-fH.n'il 90913 Q I I 1 I .xv ,ff 'YI 'Y ,. Q at C' ? "' 5 ,ff 7' C V! X 7 df' fx -:AV Y, ' 45 .Q rs ,ff x x N , Vx, ...L I ' I ""x J' bf I A - 2 .. M , I f L ' - '- -- ' A . I V ' ' Q '7' ' . - - Q 'xx ff? fl I, I IZ 'L I , If ' RK! f . ' I I, gf I 1 ' A' .fee . .,... ,if ' XV 2 A .xg ,V A I , . X'x:VH'-,nk-'-. hi, ,V " ' Alix I x-. ........ ' ' - I , V I V , ' ' ini, QO H-, I . V M ,f 3? Q5 VL? . V V , V, S V f ca ' Q " 7' if ' if 'R it , ' - v . A , 4 -f A , 1 - - 'B ' 'f' ' , H - 9 v .M 'v . I - , aj IV, VV VV jf I 1 - ' y ?" ' , 9 ' . if 5 I 4 SV r. wg V 2 . . . ,fx n ' Q -Q 'A , 1' f - ' V ,V V v , . ,LV . - - 3 v- - ',I'3f 4' " f , A ' ' Ib ' A ' I , , - ,- ' . ' N ' '11 W ' ' . K. . .?VV , , VVV , K , MVA V ,, Vw V V V , - I WV I q lffsif Iii ' ' 2 3 " 2 IU 1 2 if - "1 . WI , , I .,... ..., . . , '-" -"- - f f '- ' I ' -' . ,I " '- i - ' A31 I 'L EQ? f A 1,52 ' I " I . M V -, I-V . N V .X ' V M . I , iv I , v I , -4- V VJ 5 gg I f V 3 , , ..- . , ,A , V4 . Vg' VI it I I .i-- gift . .V ,gf I 2' V 6- V V. I I 'lr ff? In ' W I R .. ' L I I A nw - I ll A A f .,.. .I..,, , I ,..., ,. ,, V V .... ggi: : V M 3 fi. . V 1 I I V -f ' fi? , 1 'F N- E 512' 'W . F -1- ,.. -' - 1:21 I I v----- - ' - SI 3 "1 ' -' ' ' . K V aimhl ' W " ' I v A .. . . 4, - .. . . sf V , Q - 1,1 -- VV - . 1 x S f ' -. I I I I ' I ' I' Z' 'X' . ' AM I W ' i f ' :cf EXT MI If 'II . , ' ' 1 ' - J ,, I I . - ... , 33,3 ,. ' ' 3. s . " ,315 ' A ' N A I 'J' L- f' - ' I I . -f S. ' 7 V 'C' ' fIA, Y' 'I I 1 ' f , J ' Q , :Y Y' . 4 , V , f ,V . Y V ., I A ' ' 'w II5!?3' ' A V V... Vs V V . A - - 4 ,iff - . 'I ' -I H if v"' , ' 91? - -H, 3 ' - " , L' V . V H I v E' - 11" . . rw A . G 'Eff I 'W A V W WV I . gf. A f ' 'fl 1 ' 1 ,.., ..L,'--' L4,."-'-'2.,:gf- Jtgsfgf ' 5 'f' I fy T-'N' ., Yi VV yfjl f,.MQEV V Z REBSCHER, VICKI REED, MIKE ROBERTI, STAN ROBERTSON, BARBARA ROCCA, ROY RODEBAUGH, CAROL ROESCHEN, CHARLIE ROHRSCHEIB, JIM ROLOFF, RENE ROSS, GUY ROSSI, JERRY ROSSI, RICHARD ROTH, DIANNE SAMMANN, FRANK SANDBERG, BOB SCHEU, STEVE SCH ROEDER, STEVE SCHWARTZ, DAVID SCHWARTZ, STEVE SCHWIESOU, DAVID SCOTT, BOB SCOTT, TIM SEARIGHT, LINDA SEIPEL, ARTHUR SELIX, GLEN SILVA, JIM SILVA, PENNY SIMMS, CAROLYN swnPsoN, MEL sur, Tom smm, s1uAnr smm-a,1HonNroN smm, wAnneN STEAD, Juov smss, sos STRICKLAND, CAROLYN SUCZEK, CHRISTIE SWANSON, LYNDA SWEET, RICH TECHEL, JIM THEILE, BETTY THOMAS, DAVID Introducing our replica of an unfinished Eiffel Tower . . . Itching to be the owners of Senior Hall . . . THOMPSON. LINDA THOMPSON, MARGARET THRELFALL, CHET. TRETER, MARIAN TRIMPEY, LARRY TURNER, DOYLE VAN ALLEN, DANNY WALKER, BOB WALL, BETTY WALL, JEANNE WALLACE, DIANE WARD, MIKE WEHMEIR, DAN WESTPHAL, ROGER WHALEN, JUDY WHITE, ALLEN WHITE, STUART WHITNELL, CAROL WIDEL, LINDA WILKINSON, MERRIE-ANN WILLIAMSON, ROBERT WILLOUGHBY, JOHN WILSON, RALPH WINANS, PHIL WISEMAN, BARBARA WOOD, CANDICE WOOD, KENDRA YOUNG, DONALD 1960 L1 Autographs . unior ,xtra . . . ucleboard ounce Lovers' quarrel! Girls dressed in gay gingham dresses and boys dressed in leans, colorful shirls, and old slravv hals came To lhe juniors' weslern hoedown, "The Buclcboard Bounce." The buclcboard in lhe cenler crealed a weslern mood which was lurlher car- ried oul by lhe brighl' images ol lypical vveslern buildings which lined lhe walls. Those who allended would never have recognized lhis weslern lovvn, as il was changed back info our school gym lhe noxl morning. Bob gives Arm a horse laugh, Hoedown 'lime in lhe Acalanes Gym. The Acaianes gym was magically 'ranslormed info a ously 'ironlier lown ar fhe Juniors' Buclcboard Bounce fhis -wear, l-lorses, a saloon, and even the replica ol a rusly wagon sel lhe scene, as scores of cowhanoc swung their Darlners. Oh, fhere you are, Mr. Glinesl . unior rom . . . Those who a++ended Hue Jr. Prom +M- yeer found Hnemsdves enjoying a Hue Eve ning in Paris, The iilusion was made Compie+e wifh an EiHe1 Tower, Sidewcnk Cafe, and sharliglnf. A +wen+y-fwo piece band made H a fruly enioyable evening. . . . and fhey danced on through The nighf. and Carolyn Simms-fypicali . . . An Evening in Paris LEFT TO RIGHT: Pal O'Toole, Bill Ped- er, Peggy Hansen, Bill Pinlrus, Bob Lcckey, and Ann Evans. SITTING ilef? fo righllr Fred Loden and dale, Rich Wylie and Barbara Pingree. Debbie Billings and Bruce Wiseman. STANDING: Roger Wesfphal and Sue Edwards, John Shaw and Judie Bauer, Jack Quarle and Penny Silva, Ber? Tycer and Karen Lien, Dick Wiseman and Millie DeLancey, Bufch Tengsled and Pa? Sheehan, Ned Kiesel and dale, Tom Condi? and Robin Cooper, Slranger and a hand. Seen smiling were Joan Giguiere, Kirk Wayland Robin Kingsley, and fhen Yhere was Mike Noble. Q.: Everyone shown having a good lime Alfred E, on a stick. He's innocent! I did it. Behind the scenes in Chem. Excuse my dusl, Junior f ssembly A new principal came lo Acalanes, While inspeclinq his predecessors deslc, he came upon a noleboolc labeled "Acalanes Conlidenlialf' and in lhis way, fhe Junior Assembly was launched. Frorn a pasl-Presideni oi Bull 'ro lhe love-lile ol The iacully, This manuscript accompanied by slcils, showed lhe relalionship between lhe iacully and rhe sludenrs al lhis school. lf hurnorously and successfully dis- closed lhe 'lrueu characler ol ou' lacully. ll shed liqhi on lhe dark schoo secrels never before lcnown lc all. A new Toy for Mr, Annis? Fiqh? for Acalanes? Making mad, passionale love Sophomore fficers 'C' STEW FOX President JIM NUEMAN JANE WOLF LESLIE JONES TOTTY SPRAGENS Vrce Presrden? Secrefary Treasurer Scala! Sec Denny Toll and Peggy Johnson happ Iv receive fhexr award for Clegg guy and doll Look af fhe bnrdre 'E J gr I m sure I9 s over fhere' l 7 v I ,LT fi, L, r I 19,51 CAREY, DANIEL CASHION, SALLY CHENEY. MIKE CLARK, BOB CLAUSENIUS, RELDA CLAYTOR, REG COLWELL, ART COLWELL, MARY CORNELL, LEX CORY, RORY COTTON, BROOKS COUDEN. PENNY COWLIN6, JIM COXETER, NANCY CROSBY, CAROL CROUCH, DON CUMF, LINDA DARMSTEAD, BARBARA DAVIDSON, GAIL DAWA, DINO DE GROOT, JOHN ABERNATHY. GLEN ADAMS, ELENA ALBRIGHT, SHARON AMBUEHL, TERRY ANDERSON, CHARLES ANDERSON, GARY ANDERSON, LYNN ANDRESEN, DON ANDRESIN, NONA ANGLIN, SHARON ANNIS. CAROL APOSTALO, CAROL APOSTALO. DAVID AUGENTHALER, PETE AWES, KEN BACON, JANET BACON, ROBERT BALDWIN, KEITH BALLMAN, EDWARD BALLOU, SANDRA BARBER, FRANK BARTLETT, KAREN BATCHELDER, GABRI ELE BAUER, JOHN BAUHOFER, CLIFF BERGESON, JAN BETZ, JOHN BIGLOW, MARNELEE BIGNAME, BOB BIRD, JOHN BISHOP, RUTH BLAISDELL, JAMES BRADLEY, JUDY BRADSHAW, RICK BRATTEN, MARSHA BRECKLING, SUSAN BROWN, DAVID BROWNLEE, DON BRUNO, ROBERT BUSCH, NICK BYOFF, KEN CAMPBELL, JOAN DELANCEY MILLIE DELKER LINDA DENHAM MUNROE DEVILBISS DAVID DICKINSON RAY DIETRICK DAN DODD BILL DORNSIFE DAVID DUBOIS DAVID DUFOSEE BOB DUNN PAMELA DYS DAN EBERLE JANET EDWARDS SUE EFFINGER DORRIT EGLAND LEE ELDER JANET ELKE EVERAL ELLIS SUSIE ENCALADA CAROLYN ENGLISH CAROL ENSMINGER GLENN ESLINGER DICK ESTENSEN BOBBIE ETZLER RICK EWART LARRY FAGUNDES LORETTA FALK ROGER FERRIERA AL FIORENTINO BARBARA FISHER JOHN FLYNN SANDRA FOX STEWART FRANCO J I M FRANKLIN BOB FRAUMENI LYNNAE FULCHER GARY GADSBY LILLIAN GAREVICH LINDA GARVER TOPPER GEANDROT SUE ,4 158' n'Q sf 2525! Lf' Q-v gs X! iwb wr -w P' E ff Closmg the summer and opemng MV 'ww '5- W' M51 the school year wzth the Wzndmzll Whzrl uw vw.- ff 'M I.,-11. -f A -I J, f- IAV' , 'X 'Ek I , 1,-E , 4 xx 'ku - iv. X X A -,M A , x L , , . . 'Y Y , N Hn - O Ill . ,,, - P ' ' ' , . . "" , 5 - . 2' - - ' - , . f 1 - - ' in - , , - ' . A - - - , - of 'fb -' s. - . - - - Q, L 1? 2 -If ' m sw Q. 4 ' gp A K U ...4 5 H Y If . W at - , Q X .1::'F:95'E-:E.-f i: "'I 72,1 ., ' 'Ziff . IB x X T-gg-::: ::1,:"3: :::y 1 I 5 V .M 5 , 4- l .4 i I V- Mm- - Ng v J ,x . EP 'Q-'ligg ' , MWA 1? 5' I -A ..,, I2 A M91 " 'QI I -f I A f 1' - If ' 3 ' A ' lf sg T -:L N, sg If .... : ,s2.::Z4f5: ..4.- .- ...':: C '1'-5 'V L' 'Y 13" W I liz .,..,.: 1 .:.E:. ....,.. - -, . J f Y ' k Y, -3 i M va' .1 ..5'.f: M, 4' - . I QT ja fi' , 1 .. .. ....... rif?xm5,qffssrsfz. I " 3 ' ri Q .. 35 Y eiegffafb "" -' If ., L I ' MSHA L 52 '22 4- . ..., .,.,, """ ' Q x , 'f , . I ' ,N A - '- fir -if A41 - . f gf . iff . wif: If ff - :A V 1 A I If ' A 'fm ' B wt . .:EI:E"?3i3 ' 5 I " I 4' Q I ,cgi I 1 K ' ,W ' A ....z V . 'V - ' my " -we :T ' 1 T ' , .I, ' 5 Wy, 4 .Q ,fiaf 5 X:Q,,M,g0 S X - - 2i.?f2igfwW?42ff2i 1 ' 2: 'S , H V f . ,... ' . If wflig f A NSN? X X I ' ' " I ' X .. . A ..., .,..,. : ,.,,,, la E E W Q: I 4,135 :4 x . ,fix I N N 2 Q' 'R 4:8 A U ' 'Qi ,: 'L ' ' 5 I - f" 5 . Q 3 J 1 ' X X " A -gif 1 ' N ,ff I 1 W it I 9 R is ' g , w h , - , ,, .,..,....,...:. .,...,. 4. , , H H ,zftilkt , , , , ,, ., I wx U K af , . ..., . . . ...,,, . . W A S 4- Q' ' 5 ' ,. . 'M' I A if W I I f - ' I I YF ' ' - ,:-xv . f if qi... -QR A , Z X WinfY?:,:3s 4 .Qgzik H ' A 052' 5 ' f2I4fff2fw1 'T' S L-IL- ' ' . ' -uzrzasfrfaf V 'I if ZEQ, - .,1gLp,z,3i'?1f fix' 7737 ' - - - - - , . V. E , I, 1-in 3 - iw ., dpi , x ww,V 4 , K I A - - ' 5 . ..,, , ' A ' A A . A f I 2. . - ' . , i - gg .,rf,- , I f, If I ,If A A .... i5:.E.f55.:. -4 diva 1 h . ":gf:,,: - Q 4 I ' ' Q A Af f " 7 rf GEER SANDRA GIGUIERE JOAN GRAVES BOB GREBLO LINDA GREENWOOD BRIAN GRITZER THOM GRITZER TODD GRONDONA ED GUELDEN MARILYN GUELDER, JOHN HAASE BILL HACKWOOD ANN HAIR JANICE HALL, SUSAN HAMBRIC, SHARON HAMLIN SALLY HAMMOND RICHARD HAMMOND STEVE HANSCOM, TANNIE HANSEN DIANE HANSON. JOYCE nn HANSON, PHYLLIS HARPER, STEVE HARRINGTON, JOHNNY HARRISON, GERALD .4--v HAUSKENS, NED HAYES, SHARON HAYWARD, JUDY HEISER. SHARON HERNANDEZ, BOB HERRICK, DENNIS HEVENER, GARY HICKS, SUSAN HILO, FRANK HODGES, BRENDA HOLLAND, NANCY HOLMAN, JOHN HORTON, SHEILA HOATLING, LYNN Hue:-ues, AVRIL 1oe,ToKlKo INGRAHAM, KEN 19'-fl 'C-4 1-'x fo 1 5 1 5 Q L 5 . ...,. A 1,1 . A 2. A "2g'.'i. " ' ., Am " 5 . 'A 'iii 1- .Y L2 A L f , Q ,L . vm., .,,. , , . ,-,,,,.:f - C L, ,- , ,, ' 54:1 fi -' ' :. , is . ,kvggw -. ' Sf , , ..., A A' I 1 A 1 - -A W: . - " A . '- Jef " - .LW :Z-'. f -.fg,:gz2:::"E , A , , V . X : . Y' , 1 .. A Q gg L it ,Q ,mx Q I ' I Y ALS, C Q fx ,, . I l.. ' NX f ff-:RI I I- "N ' -'f ' 4, .HX . ..,L nlilizii m A - - I . f A '-3: iw A ,. 21 gg ,L ' .- A t 'M I: Y 'V 1 A . 25:5 C 'T 'aw ' A ' f wi , L, my . 1 is f . . f-fm - - NNW ,Eg .i . :, 71 ,Q 'L ig ' 3, , , -,Ly 2: ,W , A-,,,, ., YQ, ,.- , L .,.. 'S' , Hs- 3 'V' .. ,. M-37' I :-IE. 15' 1 I ' -1 "lf, " "'f'15' A A A fgwfifzv L,-f ' - A g im' R Q ., ., "iq , -. ,L 'wh ' 9 I, Y is' Y X "',f'ff I.: .. . . 4' - A g Q ff I - , 'A 3 A E 9 5 Q 3 L 2 xg' "' - ,,: 'Y ' Q .f fi ,J 1, A .Z 3' - H j:,..,,, --Q Ai .,.., "" gif, . . M V , :E'f"2' ..,. 2- ,L L - ' - az'-ff-ww ., Q g K... ..... 1, ,MM ,Q ,wi f .L ' -"' 1 Y.: -.:f. - 'Swv - D I ':5:,.:.. ' ., - .:.- , I W ' , I-A -A -' iv , , " Q- '-- YL J, L, V ., fc' NL E? , PT? bf' L1 !f 4 A EQTW' U ' 7 N .I if S TM 5 . ., , Lgvggg 5 f 3 -, , ,', f, A , W W2 ' - I .. ff , mg W I r , V 6 f , AM I I L . A , My if Y PM ' 25313 , ig, wt gag ' fav .Q z ,A my - ' ' 'Q 22-iw ' 'Af 1 iiiiww - L . wry - flfiji .-" e , 5 , ' HM ,f ' " FGM "' ' ff was , A -2. . : ,1'.,,mA2, 'fiffi' 9 Az. 1. 5 32233 - Q 2 . .,,,, p sf ., Q f 1 .1 9, 3 x a I Q ul. !s 5 5 if , g Z INMAN, DOUG JANZOW, DAVID JENDERS, SUZANNE JENSEN, LOREN JENSEN, PAUL JOHNS, HARRIET JOHNSON, MARGARET JOHNSON, ROB JOHNSON, SANDI JONES, JOANNA JONES, LESLIE JONES, SANDRA KEETON. PAT KELL, DOUG KELLY, JUAN KENNEDY, KRISTIE KENNETT, JOANN KILBOURN, LIBBY KIRKHAM, BILL KITCHEN, KEN KNUDSEN, DEREK xoeur, HARVEY KUNTER, NANCY LA nosA, TONY LARSON, LARRY LARSON, MONA LAVEY, CAROLYN LEA, Macs-IELE LEE, PAMELA LENSCHMIDT, LELAND LEONARD, TERRY LINCOLN, MIKE LINVILLE, JOANNA LOBENBERG, MIKE LOM BARDO, ANN LUEBKEMAN, KATHY LUNDBERG, GORDON MACK. CAROLYN MACKAY, BILL MACY, CAROL MADEIROS, LINDA MAGGINI, PAT r? NADOL, BOB NEUMAN, JAMES NICHOLS, DOUG NIMMO, NANCY NIPKOW, MARY NISSEN, RICHARD NOACK, NANCY NOBLE, PETE OGDEN, DAvE OODEN, HENRY O'LEARY, CLAIRE O'NEILL, PAT oRTEz, TOM ossoon, LLOYD PADUCK, HELEN PAKIN, JOE PALMER, BILL PARKER, DENNY PARsHALL, LINDA PAuLI, STEVE PEABODY, DIANNE PEERY, ROIIERTA PERELLA, JACK PETERS, ROIIERTA PETERSON, sos PETERSON, TOM PHELPS, JUDITH PHILLIPS, DAVE PHILLIPSON, JUDY PICARD, GEOFF PIcKENs, ROBERT PIOKERINO, MARTHA PLACE, PENNY PLANZ, TYsON PLUMMER, TOMMY POOLE, DAN RAILSBACK, GUY REBSCHER, JULIE RECHTIENE, JUDY REEVES, BILL REICHERT, BOB RETZLOFF, LONNY Basking in the honor of MALLEY, FRANK MANNING, CHARLES MARTINO, PAuLINE MAYEs, MIKE MAYS, BILL MAzAIKA, sTEvE MEccHI, DON METCALF, PAM MILLER, GARY MILLER, JEAN MOORE, BARBARA MORISON, NANCY MORRIS, DON MORRISON, JOHN MUSANTE, DENNIS MCCALLISTER, MIKE McDOWELL, MARY McGAFF-EY, LYNN MCMEANS, ANDY MCNULTY, JOAN MCTAVISH, SANDRA being the highest lowerclassmen . .. I 1, , gxlfv ,Isl N-1. ,fr Q, ,mm uv' 1961 STENGEL SHIRLEY STEPHENS SUE STILES LINDA STIRLING BRUCE STRAIN TOM STRELO BILL STROUBE RONNIE STUBBLEFIELD CARLENE STULTS DON SUNDSTORM BOB SUTCH DAVE SWANSON SHARREN THOMAS RONNIE THOMPSON SHERI TICKNER ALICE TOLL DENNY TRETER DOUG TURNER LOIS TYCER VIRGINIA UNDERHILL PHYLLIS UNDERWOOD BOB 1 I6 Q--v P ,Y -n s. we fr' RHOADES, JEAN ETTE RICE, JEFF RICHARDSON, mrsv RINNE, CHRIS RISING, PENNY mx, JAMES ROBERTS, CAROL ROBERTS, CAROLLEE ROBINSON, BONNIE RODDICK, JAN ROMAK, JACKIE RUDDEN, MIKE RUSSELL, LARRY SADLER, BARBARA SALISBURY, GARY SANCHEZ, ARNOLD SANDBERG, HOWARD SAVAGE, SUE SCHNEIDER, BILL SCHWARTZ, CAROL SHAFTER LELAND SHAW JIM SHERMAN MARILYN SHIELDS JUDY SHURTLEFF JEFF SILIPHANT DAVE SIVESIND MARTIN SMITH DOUG SNITH JACKIE SNYDER GREG SOMMER JOHN SOMERTON LARRY SOUTHWORTH ROBER SPELLMAN DEAN SPELLMAN MIKE SPERRY LINN SPRAGENS TOTTY STANBERRY MICHAEL STANFORK MARJORIE STARN JANET STEELE ELAINE STEGMAN DAVID WI 4 f V R T 14.1 M51 I1 . w I 'V "' I tr: I .I x - ' ' .. f' A 'nw ' I wwf 'MV-N ' - . . . "' X- 5 , QI ' V . I . If I I Q ,:ggg5g::a:5 - - W fd , "f - I II. E, ' I , Q. ' ' - . , x ,. -, . . QI. I - ' ' w '.-- . ,L ' ..... -E, II ..:g, , , I ,I .IIf:III53. I I II, i , , , . 3 ,EE ig II ,, 11 ' I 2' . I Q4 . I- .I .. I H ISIII I- - H I .i iff A . ' . , ' :lf I - -, K5 ' 9 , rf. M, -qw ' iz I gf ,. yy gg. 'S Y R I' ,L 1 I , , ,.5. ,. . ' ---' XIZ3. ' , , wi, A . , -- ' I ,M K , K... . , Y III. I, .I , ff III I I I III V X ff al If -A K f - I ' .I ' ' I V VZ . fr , - . w "' - f , .. . ' -. gay' ff ff - ' , iiff ' f R If ,2 ' 3 ' 'A - " ' ' ' ' "' M f , , I W If . I 3 ,R ,I IIMKII, I I A , " -1-5 .- .::,. 1 I ,I gi wk WL Qjfg, yzlgf? I , -, ,',: wg ., ' .Im ,fbi ,WQLZIIQZI ' - - I '- X " 1-. I if . - .V . I I E -:M , tw ' . :.: 4.7 A A . I , :,: , WW ,-,, . - . A ,I , A , I , - , , gr ' W' - 5 I ,zz : 2 UNDERWOOD SANDRA VALE TOM VALORY DALE VANCE STEVE VAN HOOSEAR STEWART VAN STONE GILMORE VINSONHALER MYRNA WADE BARBARA WADSWORTH LINDA WAKEMAN APRIL WALDMAN NANCY WALTERS MARTHA WARN ER JEFF WARREN JERRY WEBSTER JIM WEISBERE-I STEFANIE WESTERVELT PAT WHICKER LINDA WHITE BONNIE WHITE JACK WHITEHEAD JOAN WHITEHOUSE LEE WILBUR SHERYL WILES TOMMY WILKINSON NANCY WILLIAMS JEAN WILSON BOB WILSON JACK WILSON MELODV WICKLE MARK WISEMAN DICK WISNER BEN WOODNUTT TOM WOLF JANE WOOD CORLISS WOOLF CHERYL WRIGHT BILL Gloatmg over the maturzty gamed sznce our F rosh days . . . Autographs Soph ,-, op . . . Looks like everyone is enioying himself' im, ,L v --I And if's a birdg no, if's only Madeline coming in for a landing. Come on fellows dont lust sfand there do somefhmq' Dancing in a lillle bil of Holland, Wlwirlimg windmills, goldenhhalred Dulclw girls, and Colorful panels diy guised We Acalarwes gym as lively f3upleQ qlded over polished Flcore and swung +0 We rlwyllvmlc rY'uf'C 3fFramlcBaCl1s Band. And Kafhi Brown is off lc oufe sp Windmill Whirl They're real girls, loo! reshman fuers BRIAN ALLEN Presndem NARDY FONTAINE BONNIE BREKKE LAURIE SWANSON L KELLEHER Vice Presldenf Secrefary Treasurer oclal Sec Frosh Day z lk Furs? nqhf and then Ie and Frosh Nnghf 1 . 5 Q 0 Q, f Q QV' 3' W L ,,, I - SK Y JIL ' ' s ' , 4 fd , . l I ff! 'Cv' S' Er L'- Ts as fv- V7 YT? of mf 'Hin 'nv bv at EJ' Learning the ropes on Frosh Day . . . BALL, KENNETH BANDUCCI, ELENA BARCROFT, CONNIE BATH, RONALD BAYHL, ROCHELLE BEADLE, ROGER BECK, BARBARA BECKER, MIKE BENSON, JON BERGERON, HAROLD BERGESEN, JOHN BERGSTROM, BONNIE BERKEY, DICK BETAOUE, JUDY BEVINS, WINNIE BIERK, DAVID BLACK, SUSAN BLAISE, KEN BONNEAU, JANE BONNER, KAREN BOOTH, JIM BRANSTAD, PAUL BREKKE, BONNIE enesren, Roaenr amnees, LINDA eaoosrz, RANDALL srzooxs, smv BRUBAKER, PHIL BUCHANAN, LUANNE BUSKE, CHUCK BUTLER, GERALD BUTLER, NANCY BUTLER, RICK BYRNE, JAY CADMAN, ELAINE CARDINET, WALT CARMICHAEL, BEVERLY CARTER, COLLEEN CASH, DAVID CASH, SHANNON CASTELLINO, RAY CHAMBERLAIN, KAREN ..,!2 r Q: ,zA -f :JE v-v AGENO, MARILYN AINSWORTH, SUSAN ALBERT, TIM ALEXANDER, BOB ALEXANDER, SANDRA ALLEN, BRIAN ALLISON, DAVID AMES, RICHARD ANACLERIO, ALBERTA ANDRESEN, ROBERT ANGELLA, KENNETH ANNIS, CHARLOTTE ARANA, DAN ARMSTRONG, KATHY ARNE, RICK ARNOLD, BRUCE AXELSON, LINDA AYRES, JANET BAKER, DONALD BAKER, PAMELA BAKER, ROBERT The sparkling newness slowly evaporating . . . Q ' E it ,ff is A Q, I 4 if A in il. it L, ,- U? 3 1--0 Q M ,Vx air W -. yr I vu 'cw- Q-y 53- 'Y' X , L 1 if Q " " E- A Q' A A A - K W - - 5 ,- "' vw gl 11: 4 6 'li 'Q 1 I 7 "' Stu Egg! ? A Y" 'N A' li K' f -. 1' , W . 5 4' I' - 'Z-"-V V 6 'rar .. f L., sv lg? ,EQ - V, IA 'C If 8 ,, sp f I 1 I 4 Q if I I i. , jx W LA Q., I .. ,,5L V 0-Q QQ' I . Z Z, I CHERRY RICK CHILCOTE JIM CHILDS GARY CLARK ROGER CLIFFORD JOAN COFFEE LEONARD CONAGHAN DENNIS CONNOR TARA COONS STEPHEN CRANDALL STEVE CURRAN CHUCK CURTISS CAROL DADE EDWIN DAHLGREN DENNIS DALY COLLEEN DANKAS ERNEST DAUGHTERS TAD DAVID PEN NY DAWA DAVID DeTERRARI HOWARD 1962 If A 'A v 6'X AMA nf 1' f .an R Q44 w on sf- 'W' w-f Y' 1 e we fw 79" Q01 ,..., ,xox , 73,5 " 2? 5 'Ry I Q.- -.., Q? Q- hp vt hx 4. A ,A,I,, , , . ,.J:: ,, Q- vw ff' i N-9 P., ,- fr.- fs ,. 5. Y, Y' . 1 v-. .I LVL .Y If :bf- w,-1 DELKER SHARON DETWEILER STEVE DeVARONA DAVID DIETZ BARBARA DINWIDDIE NANCY DISHAROON LEIGH DODDS SHERWOOD DOWNING GLEN DUANE JENNY DUNNAWAY CLIFFORD EASTON GAYLE EDWARDS JANET EFFINGER JAMES ELDRIDGE BILL EMERSON E J ENCALADA LOUIS ENOS PAT ENSMINGER RICHARD ESALIUS DORITA EVANS JOHN EVANS PATRICIA FEKETE PAU L FELIX MICHAEL FIELER TOD FIN NE ROBERT FISHER PAMELA FLEMING, JEAN FOLLM ER SHARON FONTAINE, NARDY FRANCES, oAvlo FRANKLIN, MICHAEL FRANTZICH, LARRY ERAZELL, SUSAN FREDERICK, GERALD FREITOA, ANN FRITSCH. LOUISE FULLERTON, MICHAEL FUNK, JANE GARCIA, CHRISTOPHER GARDEN, JOHN GARNEAU, KRISTEN GATGENS, SUSAN ' 52125 , 7-4 I E V 75 . ' ' -- .., I 32 ,sf fig ., ' 1-11 r 1 ' ' - A - A I ..,5.:L.Q'- V' A 3: f Rn - ' ' I if . . " . N -'M , Ezsigi,-2-3 4 qw: ' , 2 ,3 : V 4 V ' L4 A. M I ,, I - f - 45552 -E, 1 ' :E Pj 'Q 33 4 .rx "' fv S' ' A 'ii I A .ISM .. . .wk ' .,.,. . , ' 6 : ' ' ll: Q: ' ' 'TL' , .. DAVID,1JUDY A "'. 4- ,, x ' 2, . jg , I ' ' is S" - V . 'ww L X N.. A I A , A RE A. Ma ' "' as: I ST '- ' v V + is ,, .LA ' ,W ' .1 A- ..:E..::,3-':g ,'.5a5:.11::g:5gig3-:g. 1 f " I ,Q -. -" 5' -s-sf fff .. .. f . I ,-A.V ..,. . it - . ' K. ' H . A A L I A . Q, V .Q Mg? x 1 I gif' i T if J . ,, 5 if wi' "- QI? Pi GEANDROT, JUDY GENTRY, JANICE GERKE, LEROY GILL, BARBARA GILLHAM, ROBERT GILMORE, ANN GLORIA, SANDRA GLOVER, DON GOGSTAD, DAVID GOODMAN, PETER GOUDEY, KENNETH GRANT, SANDRA GRANT, SHERYL GUDNASON, CARLA GUIFFRE, CAROLYN GULLEY, JANICE HAIGHT, MARGARET HALD, DAVID HALLMARK, FRANCES HALLSTONE, ANN HAMLIN, MARTHA Evolving frosh-type decorating techniques for the gym . . . HAMMERBERG, LINDA HANSCOM, GARY HANSON, KAREN HARRINGTON, BARBARA HARTWELL, GEORGE HASSAY, JIM HAUSKINS, MARSHA HAYS, BILL HEARD, ELNITA HEARNE, LOUISE HEIN, PAUL HENNING, WALT HERTZBERG, ALLANSON HILL, JUDY HILLYER, CINDY HOEDEL, BOB HOLLISTER, ART HOLLISTER, LARRY HOSFORD, PAM HOWLAND, CLARK HOYT, BILL HUBBELL, STANLEY HULL, JIM HUNT, ROBIN HUSBAND, WILLIAM INGHAM, BOB JACOBSON, LINDA JENKS, ANITA JENSEN, MARSHA JOHANSON, BUZZIE JOHNSON, VICKI JONES, NANCY JONES, SHARON JURS, HEIDI KAPLAN, MARC KEATHLEY, NANCY KELLEHER, JILL KELSEY, VICKI KNOX, PHIL KREBS, PENNY KRITSCHER, FRED LACY. CAROLYN Running to get the help of an get 'gggsilf " ' ,V ,Y A T ., Q Z 1 .5 I f 5' :ff wb I gy an "" ' i I M 'WR 9 "fb:- ,- TNCI 7 -is Y' Pr fs ash. E To. lv' A E gf A wg ,,L.. 4.2 .... 'mf' xf. I ..., R A ' . ,,. 1 Io JE .,. ,y aw, ,,' rv nf- AY' Q- Q-v ,f- nv- ww -. Ro- .Q- 1962 PAOUETTE SUSAN PASOUINI DENNIS PAULSON CAROL PAYNE CATHY PEARLMAN ALICE PECKINGHAM JOHN PEDDER JIM PENDLETON MARGRET PENNOCK LARRY PEREGOY DAN PETERS LOWELL PETERSON CHERI PETERSON NANCY PHILIPS BARBARA PITT MARY PLESCIA CRAIG RRYTS RAY PULLMAN JEAN OUARLE JEFF RAVEN GLORIA 4 Q'-1' ,al sh .Ari vu ur- USA-,,-A LANEY, MIKE LATEANA, cLAuDIA LATONE, IIILL LEA, MIKE LEONARD, DDANE LEWIS, GERALD LEWIS, KATHLEEN LINDEMUTH, DAVID LOGAN, LARRY LOMBARDO, ANTHONY LUCAS, DIANE MAIER, MARSHA MARBURY, LEIGH MATHEWS, MICHAEL MECOR EY NANCY N , MEIMA, KATHERINE MERKLE MEYERS, MILLER, MILLER MILLER MONEY MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MORRIS MUSANS WALLY SANDRA BILL JACK UE DENNIS LUCILLE GARY GWEN TERRY ANN ROBERT MCAULIFFE CHRIS MCFARLAND CATHY MCNEVIN MIKE NADOL FRED NEWEY ROBERT NEWMAN MIKE NITTINGER CLORA NORTON SUSAN NUNNLEY THOMAS OLSON JOHN OLSON NANCY OUER MONA PANGBURN JOE PARKS JUANITA 0- RAY, DICK REAGAN, RON REAGAN, ROSEMARY REIBIN, CAROL RINER, JOHN RINNE, JAMES ROACH, MIKE ROBERTSON, DAVID ROBERTSON, WENDY RODDICK, BONNIE ROGERS, HARVEY ROOZEN, ADRI ROSE, KATHLEEN ROSS, RICHARD ROSSI, LEE ROTH, JOANNE ROWE, SUE ROY, GLEN RUTHERFORD, JOELLE SANDBERG, DAVID SANTOS, PATRICIA SAUNDERS, RANDY SAVAGE, SHERYL SAWYER, CASEY SAWYER, PATSY SCHNEIDER, LEE SCHOFIELD, LOUIS SCOTCHLER, JIM SCOTT, LELAND SCOTT, STEPHANIE SEDAM, MARTHA SENGER, DIANE SHEPHARD, ROBERT SHERMAN, PAT SHIERRY, ARTHUR SHINE, ROXANNE SHOPTAUGH, STAN SHORT, STEPHEN SIBLEY, PETE SILKITIS, NESLA SIMMS, HOLLY ST. AUBIN, SUSAN .MB 'KD' ww -sf 4C"P W7 iv., 1--s upperelassman to unstick a stuck locker . . . Losing that frustrated Frosh feeling . . . dn fp vw sf 17 mv 75" 1"Y SLAY, CAROL SMITH, DIANA SMITH, ELLEN SMITH, TERRY SMYTHE, BILL SNASHALL, SUSAN SOUTHWORTH, DOUGLAS SPURLOCK, STEPHEN SOUIRES, JACK STEELE, GORDON STEUBEN, BILL STEVES, ROXANNA STITLER, CAROLYN STOCKWELL, LYNNE STONE, JUDY STONE, SUE STRIEK, BEV SUCZEK, PETER SWANSON, LAURIE SWENSON, ANDERS TALLERICO, VINCENT TAUFER, LINDA TEIGLAND, KAREN TERRY, MIKE THOLEN, STERLING THOMPSON, BOB THORNTON, PAUL TINKER, DOUGLAS TRONOFF, VICKI TUNISON, NANCY VIVRETTE, RICHARD WALENTER, BERNADETTE WALL, MARGARET WALL, MERV WARBURTON, DIANE WATTS, MILLY WEHMEIER, MARTHA WELLIN, BARBARA WENDSCHLAG, BILL WERNER, ROBERT WESTPHAL, CHRIS WETMORE, CHRIS 1962 Ll wHeA1oN, aux wa-Imxen, cnmsrme wnes, Muse wu.soN, Loss woou, Momv woorou, noam wuua own Yonx, BETTY Youne, MAC zmom, JoHN zuuu, vlckl F rash Day The class of I962 invaded Ae ararres in rradrrronal fashiormy Huey fiiied rhe gym for welcome speeches, sounded forrh WH? spirired yells, regisrered in homerooms were proqramed and scrambled for rockers TPM evemrufuf afrernoon was clrmaxed wnrh swummmq and refresh memls Confused maybe7 Now we have a Freshman program gi lar' Kwan if mewi 11. 545-wwliw Wafe b b es Whaf a combmahon 44 1 r - X . 'S K 1 1 W. .. 4 QLLQ WY 5 , i , 3' ' .H Y if-'M ' ' gifki w , ., x ,, A WA iw W v M i j HW, , ' 2, 3, : :5lZ1 L"' ,W -7 , A , ,252 , f Q xfvzgg ' r a i . v I 5 F rosh rolic . dw One poor freshman go! used as a decorafion. as These freshmen ceriainly don'9 look dead! Didn'f Los Amigos have a clean-up campaign? I Ns Under 'rhe able guidance of Al- lred E. Neuman, lhe Freshmen wenl "mad" llis year . . . parls of cars, an old balhlulo, and a corpse added lo lhe insane afmosphere. A lruly clever way lo launch lheir high school career .... Good work, Freshmen! so ll Mad dancers under a mad mobile. Looks like fhese upperclassmen really carried oul the lheme Thl5IS reallya Mad crowd C., f i be JL MU La-146, L 41 53,3 Mei 52 fa me 51442, ' All 5 LW A-lf! MLM, Qgfi -Nwjwww we i 35 wwidv Ck C J. A Q gag! QQ' 7 fi9ZwW LwLiWW VL wb MUQ7 Ei:-QV The l959 Aidan has a glowing pride in The comrnuniiy of Lafayeiie because of ihe amouni of cooperaiion and suppor+ given fo The booic ihis pas? year. I+ is +o ihis comrnuniiy +ha'r we give our Jrhanics for making Jrhis seciion possible. CUMM UNIT Y DURANT AND TELEORAPI-I IN BERKELEY COMPLIMENTS OE GENE COMPTON S B YE o 4 B567 E APPAREL LANI INGHAM d sh fI1eSGA edI y T pa fyq e COM PLIMENTS OE BRAKE LININO SERVICE CO BRAKES WHEEL ALIGNINC5- WI-IEEL BALANCINO 2 OAKLAND 7 LAdcap 5 66 EL CERRITO ELECTRIC INC WALNUT CREEK EL CERRITO JURS MOTOR CO MI D DAVE S NURSERY 4468I COM PLIMENTS OE PEN DLETON INTERIORS 3 GId Ge WV C3503I LI ef? I542 B BERKELEY MOTORS LINCOLN MERCURY EDSEI. ENGLISH FORD 2357 Sh I e THO 5 7 RI1ec pIm EVAN DIS RESTAURANT M Q COMPLIMENTS OE JORY S FLOWERS mpI MORAGA BOOTERY Congrcltulotuons Closs of I959I An Acalanes diploma insures your success INSURANCE BROKERS Ill SUTTER STREET SAN FRANCISCO I I3OO roadway VVfi3r1uICf6QIQ ,II wafer-9 - . IX. N I x l ,.,, Glsemcfsur' I .272 for YEI'-w:+'rm4 3I7 rm S e -3? I A ' Y' 'S V ' I8OO , iabIo Boulevard .1 WnIn11I Crea-If CaIIIornIa X . wouI ine In survIIqI'If or moonbeams ' I 'th III' bI In If WI IS ac CO on , 3685 MI, DIabI0 Bo.. evafd from rn e o Summer r O rs Lafayeh- ATIar1+Ic - Com I enIs OI RIWQCW CQnIer Ora a Cauformia 443 0 en Ie al ATIanIi - any Q I owanza Sfreei Wairmf Cres-Im CaIIIcrmIa ' ' ' ' Co Imenfs OI a fuck Av mue rnwaII - OIC I3erReIny M Cen'cr Mfuraqa, CaIIIornI PROFESSIONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS W D Desclw M D S R Garfield M D Cyrlll' Callxsler M D BullJ Harrns M D J R Moore M D R L Herman DDS Kendall W Caldwell M D K G Holcombe D D S JBTurre MD WCookMD C Enos M D F Pellagraun M D J P Murphy M D F M Hanson M D Jennungs M D ACALANES PARENTS CLUB TROW I ff? M T E d Nl Ch SECOND W M F f I y W gd g b rfJ SPORTS AND GAMES I604 LOCUSI' STreeT Wdlnuf Creelc CGIITOFUIT OOOCI Sporfs Are Our Busmess lTyM S WALNUT CREEK MEAT CO IMPERIAL PLYMOUTH N IT A 5+ CHRYSLER SIMCA 4 4454 LESTER G LAWRENCE lb3"7M ea TCC PIONEER MARKET b hed MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES Cor1gra+ula+Ions +0 O 5 1 4 4582 ATla +54 3500 Golden Oalew GOOD LUCK TO CLASS OF 59 JOI-IN W LOOP INC REALTORS TRAILER KING 273OMl Dablo Boulevard ZH-KES EURNITURE TOP PRICES FOR USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES WALNUT CREEK M' D bl 0 C 6 WALNUT CREEK 4 6009 T I-lea PRONTIER GUN Sl-IOP 4MT D bl O Teyeffe Cal To ATlan'r C 3 3208 CLAUDYS M, D b, DIAMOND TRI SUPPLY MT D b e a L layslw ATle TC 4 4285 Lafayeffe Cal To J SEULBERGER 84 CO FLOWERS EOR ALL OCCASIONS Dally Dellvery To All CorTTra Cosfa Courfry 4 I 8 l4llw STree-T Oakland GLGVICOUFT I 7600 V . .L Qual eel V I432 Orl M in reel' YEIIOWSIOTTQ - Walnut Crm-L uln Slrcol W Inu r-plc ESTQ lls I885 I PIT nes ATI N IC - Or ml -440I my TI-IE CLASS OF '59 - . I ' 2750 . ia O B ul v rd YEIIOWSIONU - Kur se 358 . la O B Ulevard La f , I rnla l - 3559 . la OBOUICVETTO 367l . ia lo Boul v rd E3 - C nl - , I rnla Congrefrulafnons TO The Class OT I959 ALFRED NIPKOW 84 CO I455 E Newell Avenue WALNUT CREEK YEIIOwsI'one 4 9 I 32 SUGAR PLUM PASTRY SHOP 2365 C M CONCORD CALIF WALNUT CREEK CALIF MUlb y54392 44 PEABODY MOTORS XTQ9f12Lq.m.m..z.1L DESCDTOXV JOHN T SCHRODER INC b CLFI d 43735 GREETINGS FROM INSURQR JACKSON R COMPANY REALTORS LAFAYETTE ORINDA TED SCI-IRODER IRVING I-I MAGILL BOB SCI-IRODER MR and MRS DOUGLAS A ROBERTSON T629 NO BROADWAY WALNUT CREEK CALIF ,TS BQERQ 5 Phone YEIlowsTone 4 6789 FOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT M 4 3263 God Iylclce 'Ill den gamle Slcole Orinda furniture and I9 ornnda way ifTtefiQfSl ormda, CGIITOFIWIG cllfforcl 4 0722 Jf' oncord Boulevard 1355 ain S+ree+ err - YEllOws'rOrTe - 637 For Personal Service-Lowe-sl Prices Phone Ven W. Pea ody, Jr ......... I or - I , 0 I Complimemls OT I I YEllOwsIOne - I676 ain Slreef Welr1u+Creek ' I l CAMPANA MUSIC LA FIESTA VARIETY 99I Moraga Road La Fiesfa Shopping Cenrer LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE FIESTA FASI-IIOINIS PAXTCINI I-IOUSE OF BEAUTY SALON 97I Moraga Road 3537 WiIIcenson Lane LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE I-IOMEFINDERS GIFT SI-IOP SI-IOO-TIME SI-IOPPIIXIG 983 Moraga Road 987 Moraga Road LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE PAINT AND HARDWARE SUTTOIXVS SI-IOES 985 Moraga Road 989 Moraga Road LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE, CALIF. LAFAYETTE CALIF SACRAMENTO CALIF 3359 Mr DIABLO BOULEVARD 4 44 4 252: ARDEN WAY TMAIN OFFICEJ 5 WAb R 2 3062 Wh. NOVATO CALIF 7596 REDWOOD HIGHWAY SAN JOSE CALIF af, RACE STREET NATE S DELICATESSEN 8: SNACK BAR Moraga Road 81 Plaza Way WALNUT CREEK Lafayeffe Calnforma ewe I. C ef ATlan+rQ 3 2558 FARR S TV 84 APPLIANCE MART WEDDINGS B95 Main Sfreef DINNERS BANQUETS Walnuf Creek YEllows1'one 4 7128 PILLSBURY S 9 S 6 4Olb4 WALNUT CREEK F O R D HARRY S NURSERY 3245 Mf va :O Ou evar La a e fe ar WALNUT CREEK PHARMACY OWS me WALGREEN AGENCY On e Corner 49306849307 WALNUT CREEK CALIF BLODOETT'S LINOLEUM 339i MT Drablo Bodevard La aye++ C f Ell fires LAFAYETTE TOYLAND G 0 L D E N B R Tenms arwdBaSebaREqu1pmen1' LAFAYETTE CALIFORNIA I-HLLSIDE MOTEL 5738 M? Duab'OBOrTevard ' Reservarrom Mr and Mrs R H MOS-sman Lgfayeffe CGIITOFHIG I955 Universify Avenue, Berkeley ATanIQ -50 4, . 3 TWinbrooT12-SOI3 CYoress 2-5598 I 0 I . . ' FF . ' 1 , y Q rmuerm Nkitx ' nun stun-vruowsvour A-ues S E R n o V o ' I . 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Diablo Boulevard .D' fye-II, ' ' I-IAVE CAMERA CALIFORNIA GLASS CO. WILL PHOTOGRAPH ' -RANDALL I' 4' TED CIURNEY WALNUT CREEK OGDEN S 'Mank nf Amerrra NATIONAL WNG xereoc IATIO LaIaye'rIe Casual CIoIIIIng d QUALITY Hom ES By FULLER 84 EYMAN CONSTRUCTION CO 3483 BG Ide e IeW Y I ATI Io 44426 IN LAN D TYPEWRITER CO eF S ppl 4 2727 CLARK S FURNITURE BAY BURGLAR ALARM CO BURGLAR ALARM SERVICE HIQI 4 967 Iszs MARIN WAY OAKLAND 6 CALIFORNIA Appoe a e L I eII CENTRAL STATION HOLDUP F RE COMMERCIAL WALNUT CREEK LAUNDERE Wash d Fo e INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL CARS AND TRUCKS E A WESTPHAL eYa on aa e 5 I, I-IOME FIRE ALARMS Q I69L IC CHALLENGE CREAM 81 BUTTER ASS N MI Cream Cheese Ice Cream FINEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS FourII1 and AddISOn Berkeley ,QE PATTERNS on The LAND HSCJK PC0145 3327 MI' Dlablo Boulevard LAFAYETTE CALIFORNIA ATIanTuc 3 6093 I072 FuI+on Avenue NORTH SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA IVanIwoe 9 3037 BEST WISHES FROM STRABLE LUMBER CO OAKLAND W RETT WHITE FORD SALES AND SERVICE MI D bl I I 3 DIABLO POWER TOOL CO WALNUT CREEK THE BRASS LANTERN HOUSE OF FASHION MI D UNITED ARTS DENTAL LABORATORIES 51+ d FRANCO S FLORIST AMI D b 3 KARE FREE KITCHENS KITCHENS DESIGNED WITH THE USER IN MIND M 4 3227 4 505 COMPLIMENTS OF LAFAYETTE FOOD CENTER Dabo ouevar aaee VALLEY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY FSSCI' OD SC G S S MURPHEY Propre or 24 MI Da o ou ever an c 3 2500 LAFAYETTE an Q 3 REAM MACHINE SHOP 3297 MI D cn rdun onsfo eCasso LARIN DA REALTY CO BMI D aI:JIo ou ever a aye fe ,531 4 :Sf Y EI5eu,I,e,,e No,I,,Tnere I, "" P ' I A I D I I I D Rrrr by A The orId's Mosf BeauIiIuIIy Proporfioned Car I 3650 . Ia a I3ouIevard La ayeffe ATIan ic 3046 Woodworking 8: MefaIworkinq Machinery 263' N' Main Shea' YEIIOWSIOHS 55598 3573 , iablo Boulevard ATIanIiQ 3-sell Orchi 5 SpeciaI for HI Dances 3557- . Ia Io BouIevarcI 443 u er Sfreef Sen Francis Larayeife Awamic -6,87 Complimenfs I I335 aIn Sfreef YEIIows'rone E WaInuI'CreeIr YEIIow5Tone -7 . iablo BouIev.lrd LcIflyeIIe,CaIIIornIa MIIIBI d Lfvff C-qIl'+I ml V59 P lpll Sp lll+ ' T-C' - If 3409, , l B l d 36 . Ibl B I d ATI II - ATI IQ -5276 LI I R w I " v X Ig. I i BUTLER CON-TI 3434 MT D ablo Boule a d YOUR DODGE PLYMOUTH DEALER Lafayerfe Phone ATla I C 4 449I ARMY NAVY SURPLUS MART M 4 I G 1 FOR SECURITY IN AN AGE OF PROGRESS a K "I 4" JACK HAGEMAN INSURANCE f 'E HATS OEE M' WY 44 f 5' TO THE I COMPLIMENTS OF E CLASS OF 59 A FRIEND -H1 " 6 2 LAFAYETTE CAMERA SHOP ' ' 5 Q: o':'It0.Q'o fm 1 AIMAN S BUILDING SPECIALTIES I f LINOLEDM ILE SHADES SCREENS Jo 97275 VENETIAN BLINDS CARPETS 4 4 I N Th M TH COMPLIMENTS OF PORTRAIT HOUSE SCOTT SHEPHERD WESTERN AUTQ WALNUT CREEK AUTO GLASS I4 L II N RM 55340 THE COLOR CENTER COMPUMENT5 UF PAINTS d WALLPAPERS S Sm E 4 3520 MI D b GRAND RAPIDS FURNITURE CO HEADQUARTERS EOR CHARLIE GREER CO LANE CEDAR CHESTS REALTORS I37'-1 M LAFAYETTE CALIFORNIA . I v r ' 3 . . ,Y - LI I , n I - , " ' I333 EIRSII-SSI IW , 'Z' X Walnuf Creek CaIiIOrrIia 4' ,' S f 'gf , I D If Jef, . V . . 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K-1' lvl hclvhifg YJX e'eh 4 Uv-'l 3 ff W l u. fs ,i i A C A rl: n 0 u' I 011 gona on ls flu, C, V i I K There are so many people who have been so vilal lo lhis J S! th edi ion ol The Alclan lhal if would lalce lilly more pages r ,X iff' .XDUH o 've Them all 'rhe recognilion lhey deserve. These are I 'Z ' AW J A usl a few ol lhe people l would lilce lo give special lhanlcs 0 2 I r ' f f I k,fXl o, lor wilhoul 'rheir help lhe I959 Alclan wouldn'l havel SJ lk' A ll V" cl f been 'bl X l' L! , possi e. ul, x ff ill-fffxifl g Mr. Slanley Vlfalgren XJ 5 hip PL C in-,igw F77 lvlr. Roberl Lord i li' l . AA, 'f ' J 'fl i , l V Julie Saunderson -X li ij ho' i ff 3' , . . i lvl' ia! fQ1ljQ'IJQy, ' Miss lvlillicenl Hamburger ' N f J f A ! F ' I1 , l , fs mp - I,-.Jia Roberl Ozias of Lederer, Slreel 81 Zeus Co. Wxpllxxwv wk ,, xi gf gi I I I' Y 1 n , . df Ac JC Mr, Roberl lvloon ol California Arl and Engraving lt ,Qi bv' i l , -V . l,J'1"w,'l Mr. Don Collie of Keilh Cole Sludios . L L ', ' NJ . X ' K H lr i , S. K. Smilh lcoversl KRW, A ly wi' . is , if . . ., . -,N UN' 4 , 'if The palience ol lhe lacullv wilh lhe goings 'Xxx LV Xl ' l ' on" ol The Allan slahf Vvx W' Mrs. Virginia Wood-Aklan Advisor ix i v And 'rhe enlire slalrf lor lheir co-operarion if JC It and persislence lhroughoul lhe year, 'itll evbefially our hard-worlcing pholographerl 5 ffl, Dave Ogden, vl A Lani Ingham oxbp " if Q, Y KN 'vi 7YLI, --f4 LC X , A-1 ,LZ 794 JJLQLL 11144 1' fffi C , Q' -JL AS-. Q kff 4 'F Q, cr N6 f 2, R' 'fi 'X f' LL-1 vfu ufz -VJ Q-H506 C'7LL.Lc1LLU fx Q, A 162.0 f'L'c2 1,12 V16 Ci Cl,L0,1,Q 20011 7cL 4.ff1f,L 0Lr.,Cgf C-7LfL1pZ1'LLf.Z,JNL,f27L4L.,1 C-if of 1cz,1z0LJ, JQULA ff L JIILLLL, LLL 61.4 ie.?.CLZ,z,5i 14,14 Q .LQXJCZLCLCQ 'JCLL,M,Zf,Li'1vz,Lf,,bl,L,.4 Lgagkm X VJQL7 C001 4' 'lfflpcale z,c,J1,7.z Cal 4.4, xfvy Q1 f 0 LA, 5,10 D X kxll x L U ' 1 5 rx fx' N 5 LVAA NN D L r U' k X1 mu' 2272 ,V 55611 I YN l ll! 01414-4 OL L6ll!UPLl g, J 33..3N-SX W" , 1"? ,f- Zi' , X, Y 5 'Ni-J, .. C 311 C, rx, in KM?- ?H 4 2.7! ,Z fgc-4 Cff, Fx J 3 3 ,fl I 17 IJ C Y D I B L, Wx .L 1 ,mx ii 3 1 I A P . 2 XX ,Q QC Q I A ' .- -, ' , , V - 5, A ' A Jw! ., ' L Vai 1 K 'J ' ' r 4 f Y, 5 1 SP , x L' f' .. , "LZ - -'rf ' " - -,r '1 I f-"5 ,Y 1 , 4 . 2.1. Q 'Q , J '- Q32 f gf ,.. 1 - , . . ' 4 , . ' I - I ' X Xxx -f i X -- 4' - f , ' 1 ' N , 1' , ' x , , 7 A QMS 'i J b ,A 1, inf L,.f ' f "f mf 1' 0 L, J V V ,aw " N, W ga - G V, . 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