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M my . QSM A if gfjmufwfgga W' We H ix Q' QF my by Qfvsly WMM ,jfw ,yy 1993 fa W V01 V! W gf .ff WWW ff M y9FQJ 8 Opwjy +1 Wy NJ fy fy ,jf Q .J N506 iggil fi? ii H45 22 91' Q LM 55? 1? LLL lf K full'-1, All ii 4 IL lc 'j-XXL Xk Q GJUU 7? My f FX hizfvfli 4 jmck QLD! XM x - ' W tj A , , f xx A Wil QQ, 1 ,, Q 'H' V cf - L Xi K .X I ,Xt , X . LA 3 , k , ,Sk h I, , gm tl 1 X. V U SJ .I Y , x P 4 x x' I h 7 3 59 ,ff 1 ly wt' MLQV' X K' ,Jw vcwvvel 'Xxx' 9 - cj-J 1 J - f J 5,90 V ,, . Ev -' My . ,gf Q f X. 13 P wt f Nw X 9 ' Q ' X , M N xy b ' ' 4 'Je j X D my W ,Q Q, , K V , 4 WA' J Q fx N , , F. - vb fp figjqfyndi I ,gf kb My JV 1 K we ,1 Q 1 I .JL ' , r fi, 5, Vj V' ,EJ , ' 'i 6???-w JZ IQ ', J ' . X , jl ' 0 -1-:QL 4 ZS ,V ,1 UV L S - VH G.. fx ,L 2 ,-7 Ll N ,, Q f . +V' 51. lx., ' Luk 1-?f' CL' 'j ' U , ' U' . ' L' ' x 7 X CQ J , df f- , jab M it f . K X, QE, W 'W fzdggl' if J! ww,- 5 'V1 YL f':. 4L4'i,, A 0 It , f Q ' 1 -1 J I ,,6g,!l'bf' , kbkk X, ' xg ,X MJ'- THE 1958 AKLAN 71. 1 7,1 ,IXKLAN STAN' or ACALAN1-,S HIGH SLHOOL Iultnycttc. c,.1Ilf0II1l.l YOLU NIIQ XVIII I 'wr I . 'O I . f G... , P vs 1 1 1. gk ' V 0 J' if - .. ,A K iii f-A f A Q - 'KA - , ur P , . K . M, rm' SW' 1-+ M - Yo Mu . , N ' va, ' Q-1 . H, . , 'BAM ' ag-W' ' , ,,,1 6+ 32 ,E . Q my Q is ww., 1 . , , ' ' , ' K A Y - f , Al I- v 4 3 L. , A - 71,92 1 V In Vx k,, 1 - gi' kv . ,T ' ' . , W- Q .Y up , ' , J 1,1657 M -A V mf V 'P' 5' . ip 0 ' Y , lakh' 'aint 4 x ya , , 4 A h . K Q ' ' H 1 :W Illini' S 'P' - - QQI, ' , ' Y -Nr. N 4 , HQ: n I K xy it V x.,3 tl:j ,QT A . Q A - 'Q-Amxi . an n . A A , Aqxq 41 xg ,k.f .l: E. ,3fN . .. H V S-.N In if X .. ' ' , 4 - 31-73' I V . 1, P- 'f'H'ww ' ..-0 ' A , . , K .V fy 4 is, xffjw 3 ,271--,MMM YQ . Z A Nh. 9' E75 . IX' 4.- ,- 'L V - .,,,. 1 Q ,Mtfljvuwm A , -f M :11'2.::x Y fl ' ww, ' ' ' :dbg ' h 'tE41:Q:::: '-- M in , A x -v . -71 x1:i:33::w,.,,, ' ' -'ffflmi N. ,,,,,, ,L 1:3 my H V S rf IE, K f -l af ll ,Q , V x- 1 W -f -Q .4- -kr 7. , , 'vg5w!' K. 5 xv.. ' I J . 4 N . C 'L s ' 1 w 1 O 'I, ,vt- 4... 'ln -15? j, ,Q I M .r ' ' Y x' . , ...M . Jw Qgbf' :V -'X---f--V 3 .A is V - ' - H ' -v tw. , .5 Q, . , hulk .u - A - , qv, , N ' if- e . ax ' WW 111' - Q. r O 'h I ' ' - ', -T-mmm' Q P I? N , qc, 8 1 .fx ' Jin -2 M , - -- , Y .- - W, ,ps www.. . . - W v . 1' 1 ' - V 'YT' 'gym-w. I 5'- .c-. ' , .ru M , l . -.. J ...- X -q Q -4,1 H.: -' V , 4 ' ' ' . . QL- . . 'F ,r , . '-5? 'FEL V' . ' , A V . s .W .-4 3 x - ,N 3 , 1 xx t . 5' f , x ' v 'N' VV: '- w, - -,ii U N Q - 9. Fw 1 1 A . X ,M 1 5, X , A., b 'wi , 2 . , . A... Q -.v' r 'S r' , ,, w ' as A' : f'90,f'fx ff fr . ww 54, 'v' ', A1 ' ' ' H ' wxxv , ' ' ' ' YV. 3' '1,'Z'f'h r4! N 1 ' 4 Q '. ' 4.75 .- c X, N 'yy 63 5 J' l:'f t 8 ' . E. M. ! 'gh x, f ,K Ka 5' gi, N- I AWNG, J.g,,1:EQ, aw xx' Q 'L 'EQ-., , .0 bg, ' Rf V ., wo- 4 gf v. 5 a ' , W my C f ' 4 . ' 2 -72 . ' Q.. ' 4 .- . X Q Q, ' if ' :L f .N ,A Q- f . xr - ' ' 'M ' ' , T ' YM - f V ' 'T-.Y . - , W . . , f Q.: 1' 'wx ' 'A ,, W' i f?Pf - , L7 x ' 44 X V , 59' rf: 'g '?s x. I Xx , ,N W. 4, bag: jj! Q . K 'X . ' u , 1 - . ,.. - 1 . Q. QE' S, ' fs, 55 7 ix ' ' ' .V '-- rf, , M 1 14' A -4 - lf. ' Spothlgloting our year FOREWORD We are happy to present you with your 1958 AKLAN . . here on these pages are the assemblies, dances, games and rallies, people and happenings . . . here, with some sentiment, some humor, a touch of sadness and a great deal of fun are found those special memories . . . the day it rained and you plowed through puddles . . . the day in class when you dissected your first frog . . . that important club initiation . . . the closing moments of a tense basketball game . . . thc time at the dance when you stole the shown . . . That special all your own memory . . . Dons and Donnas laughing, yelling, dancing, sing- ing, participating . . . capturing with photographs, telling with words, spotlighting this year's events for you. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration , 6-17 Classes W H 18-S7 Associations S8-65 Leaders ,, 66-75 Athletics 7, Y 76-97 Notes . , 98-109 Excitement , 110-131 Sponsors 132-143 recognizing our fupporterf. . . DEDICATIO This year when the staff was huddled together trying to decide on the dedication, something quite unique happened. At first we started traveling mentally from room to room in search of potential candidates Then Ll few staff members had the idea of honoring n group of people. When the final vote was taken these individuals were the undisputed choice. They have been, are, and will be, influential and loved Hgures for all of us. We know there are many times when we d0n't give them any indications of our feelings, however, and for that reason we dedicate our 1958 AKIAN to- OUR PA Rli NTS The Acalanes Dons and Donnas are lucky lo have so many infer- esfed parenis. Whal an example of a faithful chaperone. Mr, Glines fulfills Mr, and Mrs. Gardner's desire fo see lhe in- side of a Physiology model. The ar? display lures many parents away from refreshmenls af- fer the Parents Club meefinq, Parenis of lhe Dons and Donnas show in- feresf in fhe Science Exhibll durinq a Par- enls Club meeiing. Some of The help al our eller-game dance, which we are qraielul fcr. DMINI TR TION ll ns .xpprnplmtc tlmt our hrsr wctmn xlmoulcl lw Llcvolcll to the l1.ll'Ll-VN'0!'lill1g .ul- minixtmtion .lllkl f.1CLllff'. Thule .irc tln' pl-Uplu who lmvc lcal UN tlwrouglu tlmix ppl yum' with umlcr'xtnnding .xml conviction. NVQ fl-cl mlm: llw ctloru of c.1cl1 ill-p.n'rmcnt play ,1 snqnificarut role in meh mlwul ally .mal for tlwix :umm you will find flu' faculty plClLII'CLl m .1 new xxxly' fm' .'XC.ll.lI1CN- yc.1r'lwmkx. Determining diftrictpolicy. . . BO RD OF TRUSTEES Giving of their own private time . . . being of a great service to our community . . . making rules and regulations . . . approving textbooks and school calendars . . . forming policies and giving general consent on all activities of schools in the Acalanes School District . . . all of these varied and significant functions constituting the Board of Trustees, service to our school . . . Mr. William Lee, Mr. W'illiam Freeman, Mr. W'ill C. Hall, Dr. Ralph Hall. Not pictured: Mrs. Alice McBride. We would like lc inform the facully lhal fhe bleachers The Board of Truslees, the Disfrid Supervisors, and their spouses cnioy the Acalanes Disfricf Facully are for sifling in and no? standing in fronf ol. Chrsilmas Parry af Miramonfe Hugh. Cdffylng If Out . . PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE The school year 1957-58 is rapidly drawing to a close. I believe that the educational experience and preparation you have received will permit you to travel in all walks of life. To reiterate the records and traditions of past Acalanes graduates would be purely redundant. I know that you will achieve success not only to yourselves but also to society. So, on behalf of the administration, your faculty and myself, I wish you the best of luck. Stanley W. Walgren Facully members Mr. Williams, Mr. Wal- My goodness Mr Parsons why 'he serious face when Phe gren, and Mr. Carharf Walking face lo -al lun Paranfs Club is lreafmg you fo dinner? face. Whafs lhe mailer, Mr, Walqren7 DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Mr. Neil Parsons . . . being elecled dislrici superinlendenr by lhe Board of Trusfees . . . advising lhe Board in all dislricf mailers . . . recommending appoinrmenls . . . assigning employees . . . submifling lhe budge? for lhe Acalanes High School Dislricl. Miss Lilly Lahti . . . coordinafing all the inslruclional services of lhe dislricl schools . . , working wilh sfaff members on The curriculum . . . developing basic courses of srudy , . . selecling lexibooks . . . edifing educafional maferial. Mr Ross Regan . . . bearing fhe lille of Business Manager . . , being responsible . . . for Phe division of business services . . . supervising fhe school buildings and grounds . . . purchasing all supplies . . . preparing 'he dislricl budget. 0-ordirzatin diftrict affairs. . . DISTRICT SECRETARIES Keeping fhe financial accounls for lhe dislricl . . . being responsible for lhe payroll . . . acling as receplionisls . . . maintaining lhe personnel records of lhe feachers . . . finding subsfifufes for ill teachers . , . serving as secrelaries lo lhe dislricl adminislralors , . . fyping warranls . . . filing many imporlanl records . . . Mrs. Emma Sfikkers, Mrs. Helen Friberg, Mrs. Faun Sly, Miss Phyllis Peiersen, Mrs. Georgellen Confer, Mrs, Rufh Sprowls, Mrs. Florence Uplegrove. Mr. Parsons commenls on lhe Disfricf Chrislmas Dinner lo ofher dislricf employees. Such enfhusiaslic roolers! Gee, Mr, Widrner, do you fhink you'lI be the lucky one lo gel fhe lasl piece of ham? Terelha Chisum lells Sanla wha? she wanls for Chrislmas af ihe Dislricl Chrislmas parfy. During rhe Christmas Parly, Mr. Walgren's secretary, Mrs. Gillespie, receives a qiif from Sanfa. Phyllis Peterson arnuses Sanla al lhe Faculty Parry. DEAN OF GIRLS Miss Richardson , . . the woman with the helping hand . . . guiding, counseling, and some- times reprimanding . . . wisely leading an'd often following . , . giving a boost to Girls' League . . . conferring with mothers when problems arise . . . helping to plan the school activities calendar . . .treating us all to her friendly manner and contagious smile. DEAN OF BOYS Mr. Winchester . . . fhe man behind the students . . . dis- cussing and solving problems . . . helping boys to find them- selves . . . meeting and working with Rally Committee . . . add- ing spirit to school activities . . . supervising many, many school functions . . . inspiring students to put forth their best . . . giving the spirited and even the nonspirited Dons and Donnas the desire to work and learn, guzdzng the ftudentr through . . . COUNSELORS Planning the course of study for the following year . . , edit'ng progress reports . . . assisting the members of the Senior class in choosing a university . . . presenting vocational panels . . . giving educational guidance . . . helping to iron out the personal and classroom problems of the students . . . friendly and helpful teachers always willing to advise the Dons and Donnas . . . Mrs, Heloise Corr, Mrs. Robert Stevens, Miss Millicent Hamburger, Head Counselor: Mr, Bruce Handley, Mr. Victor Widmer, Mr, Harold Oxsen, Mr. Kenneth Bailey. Every dog has his day! When Mr. Oxen says, Stand by that car, you stand by that car. Weil, teachers have to eat, too. Yes, I know you think she looks cute, BUT. . . says frustrated Miss Clymer Mr. Nelson at the Masquerade Dance, looking his natural self, I know what I think about it, Mr. Stevens, but what about ycu? Exploring the world of words. . . Mrs, Virginia Woods, English lg Mrs. Mary Mains, Reading Laborafory I, ll, Mrs. Mona Moon, English ll, lll, Aklang Miss Barbara Lee, English I, Il, Mr. Wilson Sanchez, English I, IV, Mr, William Kauffman, English III, IV, Mr. Victor Widmer, English III, Senior Reading, Mr. Berfon Trulsson, Public Speaking, Drama, Mr. Richard Mayes, English ll, IV. No? Piclured: Mr. Henry Weiss, English ll, Journalism I, ll, Mrs. Efhelyne Ward. 'fvf .A pk : ig? ' .Y -- lf Ea' ' Qs. 4. . . ' Q M3 5'in2':Y. ....-nn.. , is Miss Carlene Roberls, Lafin l, ll, Spanish Ig Mr. Charles Donna, Spanish I, ll, IV, Mr. Rolfe Williams, Spanish I, ll: Miss Elsa Siiuenles, Spanish l, Ill. Noi Pictured: Miss Florence Bassignan, French I, ll, III, IV, Mrs. James Garvey, German I. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Enabling students to communi- cate their ideas more easily . . . let- ting students share their literary talents through journalism . . . en- couraging students to display their theatrical talents in drama . . . giv- ing the Freshman class a glimpse of what growing up is like by reading the Yearling . . . sending shivers up the spines of the Sophomore class by subjecting them to the Tale Of Two Cities . . . learning to sympathize with Hester and her shame was the junior class as they read the Scarlet Letter . . . de- pressing the Senior class with Mac- beth . . . providing a lab to help students improve their reading techniques . . . making us nimble in the use of our language. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Offering a well-rounded curric- ulum of Latin, Spanish, French, and a new innovation, German . . . teaching the enthusiastic Dons and Donnas to read and write the lan- guage of their choice . . . including it study of the history and customs of the lands pertaining to the vari- ous foreign dialects . . . increasing our knowledge on the fine points of grammar . . . requiring advanced students to speak only in their newly learned language while in class . . . preparing us all for that dreamed of trip to foreign lands. Acalanes Ieachers relax ai lhe dinner given A Iilfle bi? of music lo produce atmosphere I I I 7 Io fhem by lhe Parenfs Club. lor lhe iacully ge?-fogefher and dinner Maii. you MGH i d0UbfH'19 the Vefefee S Vofd. if! YOU stimulating interest in the Jcientzflc em . . . MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Striving to get across the pur- pose of the unexplainable x . . drilling on basic fundamentals . . . preparing students for future work in business . . . giving invaluable lessons in logical reasoning and proof . . . exploring the intricacies of the imaginary number . . . help- ing students to put their higher knowledge into practical use. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Helping Dons and Donnas to equip themselves with modern sci- entific knowledge . . . explaining the wonders of space and the earth . . . showing the intricacies in the various systems of the human body . . . discussing the properties of molecules und elements . . . work- ing with test tubes and Bunsen burners . . . assisting advanced stu- dents to explore the relationships between matter and energy . . . guiding us all along the paths in this increasingly important field. Mr. Harold Oxsen, Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonomefryg Mr, Oscar Busch, Applied Malhg Mr. Marion Hawk, Geomelry, Consumer Malhg Mrs. Heloise Corr, Algebra, Mr. Donald Fosfer, Algebra lg Mr. Bruce Handley, Algebra ll. Mr. James Garvey, Biology, Mrs. Niels Waidllow, Biology, Miss Margarel Nicholson, Chemislryg Mr. John Annis, Chemislry, Physics, Mr. Alberf Thurling, General Science, Physiology. No? Picfured: Mr. Dan Glines, General Science, Physiology. Mrs. Moon and Mr. Mayes Miss Bassingan receives Walch ou? Mr. Glinas, demonslrale a sfralegic her Chrislmas giff from Miss Clymer looks preffy plan in lhe faculfy volley- Fleur De Lis. good. ball game. I wonder who wrole lhe book of rules for brunch fnme7 Exercising our talents fm xJ Mr. Hollisfer Kaufman, Aufo Shop I II, Shop Orienfaliong Miss Anifa Anderson, Business Eng- Isf1,.Shorfhand II., Typing II, Office Practice, Mr. Slanley Black, Mechanical Drawing I, Home Des qn Shop Orenfaflon'4Mr. Roner Smith Shorfhand I. Business Law, Typing lg Mr. Roberf Lord, Typing I, Bookkeeping I, II, Nof gicfured: Mr. Robert Thom, Woodshop I, Il, Shop rienfalion. 3 Miss Pafr'cia Lucero, Arf I, II, III, IV, Craffsg Miss Millicenf Hamburger, Modern Dance I, II. III: M's. Esfher Sharpe, Homemakincli Mrs. Shirley Frazier, Clothing I, II, Mr, Keith Wooddell, Ari I, II, III, IV, Miss Ruth Flefcher, Library, Mr. Richard Hansen, A Cappella, Band, Beginning Band, G-.rIs' Chorus, Music Theory and Appreciafion. Wh do we have fo have INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND BUSINESS Teaching the fundamentals of mechanics . . . demonstrating the proper way to operate equipment . . . improving the running condi- tion of students' cars . . . guiding individual expression of design. Explaining the principles of bookkeeping . . . showing the Dons and Donnas the habits of accuracy and neatness . . . recording busi- ness transactions . . . developing a knowledge of legal rights . . . du- plicating written materials . . . in- structing us in the theory of short- hand . . . practicing manuscript typing . . . arranging and typing various forms. FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Teaching the art of designing . . . offering advice on the construc- tion of home decorations . . . tal- ented students sketching drawings of their various impressions of art in the world around us . . . guiding the enterprising home economic students on mastering the funda- mentals of this practical field . . . future Christian Diors creating play clothes, tailored apparel, and eve- ning garments . . . instilling fortu- nate students with the knowledge of successful cooking . . . instruct- ing enthusiastic girls in modern dance . . . leading students to the discovery of new emotions and feel- ings through music and dance . . . gaining well earned respect and admiration from each pupil. Y Mr Kaufman fakes nofes cn Biology before lunch, Mr. Diablo down heat-fed -Coach Slings The new dainty way fo drink is dem- is sfudious sfudenfs. Waidflow? upliffed, onsfraied af fhe Jr. Extra by Mrs. Moon. bminag and muscles . . . SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Introducing our complex world . . . conducting Freshmen through layers of geography . . . unfolding our world's past . . . thoroughly instilling World History into stu- dent's minds through the aid of term papers . . . exploring the foun- dations of the New World . . . giv- ing the Juniors a complete history of the United States . . . keeping students posted on current United States affairs . . . concentrating on the Golden State of California by explaining each detail of state gov- ernment . . . preparing the citizens of tomorrow . . . giving Seniors a preview of college classes with mid- terms, finals, and research papers . . . analying past and present events for future, practical use. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Making sure that Dons and Donnas get their daily exercise . . . encouraging girls, interests in the many varieties of sports . . . empha- sizing swimming and track in the boys' program . . . teaching the basic rules of many sports while promoting good sportsmanship . . . repairing some of our injured sports- men and sportswomen is the job of our school nurse. Lou and Mvss Bassignan offers her sfudenfs French NeIson's delicacies. Mrs, Efhelyne Ward, Social Studies, Miss Barbara Clymer, Social Studies, World History, Miss Rufh Dyer, Unifed Slafes Hislory, Califcrnia History, Mr. James Nelson, Senior Problemsg Mr. Robert Wilde, Senior Problemsg Mr. Kenneih Bailey, Social Sludiesq Mr. Philard McAfee, Social Sfudies, Uniled Slales Hisloryg Mr. Jonn McLean, Driver Training, Nol Piclured: Miss Belsy Pembroke, Uniled Slales Hislory. Miss Joan Brady, Girls' P. E., Miss Bealrice Bellencourf, Girls' P, Eg Miss Eva Taylor. 'NUFSSI Mr. Jack Carharf, Boys' P. E.: Mr. Charles Eaton, Boys' P. E., Mr, Erwin Malfson, BOYS P- E- Ann aren'l scared by Mr. gelup af fhe Masquerade , , , Dance, This ig Spanish? Anybody for a swim in lhe library? IQ! s 1 sa, fi o .le . femfin C6ll6l1'l6.l', SECRETARIES Giving helpful assisfance fo sfudenls who wander info lhe differenf offices . . . sorling mail . . . supervising fhe swilchboard . . . faking care of afiendance . . . regisler- ing and wilhdrawing sfudenrs . . . fyping reporl cards and progress renorfs are: Mrs. Belly Krpan, Mrs. June Adams, Mrs. Margaref Builer, Mrs. Marly Gillespie, Mrs. Madeline Longaker. CAFETERIA STAFF Preparing lasly mersels for our slarving sludenf body and faculry . . . cleaning up fhe cafeferia so fha? lomorrow we may ear again are: Mrs. Ann Pool-Snack lar mgr., Mrs. Mildred Trulef-assfsl. Snack Bar mgr., Mrs. Lena Serpa-cafe, assist., Mrs. Irene McNichoIs-cook, Mrs. Terelha Chisum-mgr., Mrs. Dera Bishop-cafe. assist. BUS DRIVERS Greeling each of us with a cheery smile . . . puffing up with rollicking sludenfs . . . mainlainfng law and order during our daily excursicns . . . providing safe and sure franspcrfafon befween home and our Alma Maier . . . ROW I: Mrs. Lucy Maker, Mrs. Gwen Voiqhf, Mrs. Dorothy Wadsworlh, Mrs. Mildred Fagundes, Mrs. Margaret Hopkins. ROW 2: Mr. James Lindsay, Mrs. June Middlekauf, Mrs. Pearl Barcroif, Mr. Charles Phillips, Mr. George Lapane. CUSTODIANS Ernplying garbage cans and sweeping floors . . . cleaning 20,000 rooms and slraighlening 400,000 desks yearly . . . drcppinq averylhing fo come fo the aid of fhe Acalanes' srudenfs when lockers are sfuclr or cake lables are needed . . . frying lo keep our school in lip-lop con- difion . . . Head Cuslodian: Mr. Edwin Olson, Mr. Mike nroxoviki, Mr. Joseph Flenagan, Mr. Slanley Black, Mr. Charles Hamilton, Mr. Paul Plerpoinf. needs. . . MAIN OFFICE HELP Answering perplexed inquiries . . . operating lhe swifch- board . . . recording afiendance . . . fyping malerials needed in mainfaining efficiency al Acalanes . . . lhese being cnly par? of lhe iob of A. Berry, M. Mossrnan, G, Mahoney, G. Huflon, K. Hamm, S. Sachfien. COUNSELING OFFICE HELP Arranging sludenl-counselor inferviews . . . sending out progress reporls . , . delivering nolices and passes . . . answering queslions about counseling procedures . . . easing fhe work of bolh counselors and secrelaries are: SEATED, leff lo right: Kemi Anderson, Bonnie Clucas, Gingy Websler, Gail Fries. STANDING: Penny Marsh, Barbara Jones, Smidge Wilkinson, Elsie Bauer, Sue Walker, Jackie LaFrance, Joan Drey, Bonnie Nickerson, Barbara Jensen DEAN'S OFFICE HELP Delivering messages . . . collecling alfendance slips . . . mainlaining allendance records . . . filing . . . assisfing bolh Deans with fheir numerous Tasks are: ROW l, lefl fo right: Carol Scalinelli, June Hoedel, Judy Esles, Bonnie Behm, Joan Weslphal, Mary Rambo. Row 2: Sharon Hayden, Linda Greblo, Barbara Piazza, Linda Axelson, Alice Berry, Par Jackson, Judy Parker, PaHy Bonds, Carol Haines, Mary Dean. GARDEN ERS A normal Acalanes gardener giving a sigh of reliel al lhe end of a tedious day . . . picking up hash placed on lhe ground by normal Dons and Donnas . . . mowing lawns . . . planling and cullivaling flowers . . . over- seeing the upkeep of fhe growth surrounding fhe school . . . The spring crew roving around Acalanes . . . iumping from school fo school doing heavy pruning, fracfor work, and walching over our alhlelic field . . . making our prison look like a paradise . . . TRACTOR OPERATOR: Mr. Frank Lessard. GARDENERS: Mr. Douglas Werlman, Mr. William Bauldry, Mr. lsaac Yokum, Mr. Norman Alcorn, Mr. Alberl Nelson. LASSES Um' tqlluw xtmlurxu lun' .1 kltllllllk' plum nn llmc daily livcs of L-.mlm of Ln. llwy Illlglll lu- lvcwilglwccl I l'CNllIUL'I1. snmrty SOPllOl1!UI'US xmug -Iuniors, ur ilu- .Ill-lINPUI'l.ll1l Nllplllkll K-.ned SL'IlllH'N, lm! llmcy .all .lllltfl LIN ,xml nlll wlmul. .Nlmxg winlm Ilh' puwll piclL11'u Ill tlmix wcliun you will liml piuuxrcw ut' xlmll-r1tx m llmcir gl.1ily' l'ULlIlIlL' uf luuning .lllkl lL'lNllI'L'. , -if sf'-'ia' The Senior Class Leadership Lineup . . . Vice'President, Lou Smith, Social Secretary, Ann Munroe, Secretary, Sherryl Rasmussen, Treasurer, fpotlz' latin our fenior Clan ABBOTT, DAVID ARTHUR- Dave , Transfer from Levenworth High 2, History, Music maior, Band 2, A Cappella 4, Chips 3, Football 3, Swimming 2, Likes cars, girls, staying home from school, Dislikes school, fourth period Sr. Problems, Going to J.C. ACCARDI, JULES VALENTINE- Julie , Transfer from Bentley li Art maior, Chorus 2, Senior Play 4, Football I, Likes cars, girls, hunt- ing and fishing, Dislikes snobs, Going to J.C ACKERMAN, JUDITH ELAINE- Judy , Art, Business, English major, AFS 4, Blueprint 3, Jr. Stafesmen I, A Cappella 3, Chorus 2, Ski Club I, 2, Likes good conversationalists, boys, being a ham, Dislikes unfriendliness, Going to college. ADAIR, SALLY JEAN- Sal , History, Science, Language maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Rally Committee 3, 4, GAA I, Rep. 2, 3, 4, Student Body Treasurer 4, Girls' League Rep. I, Student Council 4, Likes Linus, Dislikes conformity, Going to College. ALLEN, JOYCE ESTHER-Spanish maior, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 3, 4, Chorus 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Likes Santa Cruz, l9S0 Fords, Russian River, Dislikes Volkswagens, Going to Sacramento State. ALVES, LINDA LEE- Lee , Business maior, CSF 3, Blueprint 4, GAA 2, Likes bowling, dancing, swimming, black and white Chevies, Dislikes lightning, homework, Going to business school, AMES, STEVEN EDMUND- Steve , Music, English maior, Blueprint 4, Band I, 2, A Cappella 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Chips I, 2, Cafeteria worker I, 2, 3, 4, Music Council 4, Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball manager 3, 4, Likes sports, Dislikes lop-sided sports contests, Going to sports public relations college, AMIS, LINDA JACOUELYN- Jackie , Language, Science major, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, Pub. Chairman 4, AFS 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council 2, Likes skiing, Dislikes snobs, Edsels, Going to college. ANDELIN, GERALD ROBERT- Jerry , Transfer from El Cerrito 3, Spanish, Art maior, CSF 4, Acalhonors 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 4, Blueprint 4, Rally Commiftee 4, Ski Club 4, Track 4, Likes art, sports, Dislikes silent women, cliques, Going to college. ANDEREGGEN, NORMA JEAN- Shorty , Science, Spanish, English, History maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 3, Jr. Statesmen I, 2, Chorus I, Likes potato chips, Dislikes typing 2, Going to San Francisco State. ANDERSON, KAREN LORETTA-English maior, Acalhonors 4, A Cap- pella 2, Chorus I, Likes ice skating, swimming, science, Dislikes homework on week ends, Going to college and be an airline stewardess. ANSLEY, WILLIAM CHARLES- Guillermo , Transfer from Oakland .ligand 2, 3, Likes KWBR, week ends, Dislikes Censored , Going to APOSTOLO, JERRY STEVE-Shop maior, Wrestling 4, Likes fishing, hunting, money, Dislikes Sr, Problems, English, Going to J.C. AWES, DENNIS-Transfer from Grossmont 4, Math maior, Likes PUB. GH Old ,F0Vd. fl girl down south, Dislikes homework, school an general, Going into Air Force. AXELSON, LINDA MAY- Lynn , French maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Fleur De I-I5 3. 41 AFS 2. 3. 42 Future Teachers l, 2, 3, Sec. 4, Jr. Statesmen I, 2,. 3, Jr. Red Cross Sec. 4, Dance Group 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, FSDCTQ Club 21 Counseling Office I, Likes pizza, spirit, Dislikes boys who ,ingle change in their pockets, snobs, Going to Cal. Audrey Morton, President, Steve Pickering. So this is one of those informal Senior Assembly rehearsals. recclllin their last year. . . BABCOCK, JEFFREY- JefI 3 Spanish, Malh maior3 CSF 23 Acal- honors I, 33 Spanish Honorary 3, 43 A Cappella 43 Block A 3, 43 Ski Club I, 2, 33 Sfudenf Council 2, 33 Cross-Counfry 2, 33 Baskefball I, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Swimming I3 Golf I, 2, 3, 43 Likes frack meets, week ends, 49ers, hunlingg Dislikes people who call him Don 3 Going fo college. BAILEY, ROBERT NORMAN- Bob 3 Ari maiorg Likes vacafions, all outdoor sporls, many differenl hobbies3 Dislikes homework, Senior Problems3 Going lo college. BALLACHEY, ELISABETH BAILEY- Libby 3 Math, Science, Home Economics maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 AFS 33 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes sewing, movies, musical comedies3 Dislikes Ierm papers, finalsg Going Io Davis. BARNETTE, KIRK MATTHEW-Science, Mafh maior3 AFS 33 Audio- Visual I, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Slalesmen I, 2, 33 A Cappella I, 2, 3, 43 Block A 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Football I, 2, 33 Baskelball Manager 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Golf lj Likes Chemisfry3 Dislikes Iraffic officers3 Going Io college. BARTLETT, MARILYN-Science, Language maior3 CSF 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur De Lis 43 AFS 3, 43 Jr. Sfalesrnen 23 A Cappella 43 Chorus 33 GAA 2, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Likes skiing, swimming3 Going Io college. BATCHELDER, ARDEN RALSTON- ArI 3 Mafh, Science maior3 Acal- honors 23 Spanish Honorary 3,43 Rally Commillee 43 Block A 2, 3, 43 Chips I3 Class Pres. I3 Sludenl Council I3 Foolball I, 2, 3, 43 Baskefball lj Track 23 Baseball I3 Wresfling 3, 43 Likes Ioofball, guns3 Going Io Darlmoufh. BAUER, ELSIE-Transfer from Shoreline, 23 English maior3 Acalhonors 33 Fleur De Lis 43 GAA 33 Ski Club 43 Likes wafer skiing, dancing, snow skiing3 Dislikes Elv's Presley, people Ihal aren'I peppy3 Going lo San Francisco Slale. BEADLE, JEFFREY KENNETl l1l'JefT'l: Transfer lrom Pleasant Hill 33 English, Shop maior3 Likes cars and horses3 Dislikes school3 Plans Io go info lhe service. BECKMANN, KATHLEEN JOY- Karhy 3 Transfer from Oakland Hiah 23 Science maiorg Fulure Teachers 43 Blueprinf 43 Jr..Slafesm'en 43 Likes people in general, good music, bull sessicns3 Dislikes blgofry in people, of any formg Going lo San Jose Slafe. BEKEDAM, RICHARD MARTIN- Dick 3 English, Business maior3 Likes music, girlsg Dislikes women drivers3 Going fo Midland College. BELL, CAROLYN MARIE-Malh, Spanish maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 43 AFS 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 43 Ski Club 43 Likes wafer skiing, vacaliong Dislikes moody people, slring beans3 Going Io Davis. BERETTA, TROY DEAN-Transfer from Berkeley High 33 Nlalh, Science, English maior3 CSF 3, 43 Acalhonors 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross 43 Likes classical music, good books3 Dislikes ian, Going Io Cal. BERGERON, EDMOND CHARLES- Burgie 3 English, Hlslory maiori Track 2, 43 Likes cars, sporls, Malvey Bros.3 Dislikes rainy days, sloppy football games, Senior Problems3 Going Io college. BERRY, ALICE ELIZABETH-Business, Language maior3 Fleur De Lis 2, 33 AFS 3, 43 GAA l, 2, 33 Manager 43 Ski Club 43 Likes parfies, week ends3 Dislikes franquilify3 Going lo College. BISHOP, CAROLINE JUNE- Carol 3 French, Hislory, Mafh maiorj CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur De Lis 2, 3, Pres, 43 AFS 3, 43 GAA I, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Sfudenl Council 43 lnfer-Club Council Sec. 43 Likes Iennis, Sfanfordg Dislikes Chemislry3 Going lo college. Ann Quick, drum maior, leads Ihe maiorelles so Ihai they mighi Bur I don f lhink mine is flaifering lead Ihe band so Ihal Ihe band mighf lead lhe roofers Io lead our enough! ream Io lead fhe ofher Ieam Io DEFEAT. sm 'Q The girl who enliced The boys inlo coming lo fhe Masquerade Parfy. BEST ATI-I LETE Shirley SfuarI Rasmussen Busby Hospir able Acalanes sludenls, serving lhe D.V.I.C. guesrs. Ilitting the books after a lon lazy .l'1ft7ll7ll67', BLOSSOM, MARY ELLEN- Mel 3 Transler from Newlon High 23 English maior3 AFS 43 Chorus 23 GAA 43 Ski Club 43 Likes everyfh'ng lhal is TUB: Dislikes blh period gym3 Going Io college. BLYTHE, MARGARET ANN-Transfer from Berkeley High 33 Malh, Music ma3or3 CSF 33 Acalhonors 43 A Cappella 43 Chorus 33 Likes sporls3 Going lo college. BOJARSKY, DAVID BERNARD- Bo 3 Math, English maior3 Blueprinf 33 Associale Sporls Edilor 43 Rally Commillee 33 Block A 2, 3, 43 Chips 23 Sludenl Council 33 Foolball 2, 3, 43 Baskelball 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Likes spcrls3 Going lo College. BONDS, PATRICIA KARIN- Pal 3 Jr. Red Cross 2, 33 A Cappella 43 Chorus 33 Ski Club 23 Likes ice skalingg Dislikes GEOTTTETFY: Going lo college. BOTTJER, GARY MICHAEL-English maior3 Spanish Honorary I3 Chips 23 Ski Club I, 43 Swimming l, 23 Likes swimming3 Going lo College. BOYD, JOHN HALL-Science, Malh U18-Of: Slage Crew I, 23 A Cappella 43 AFS 2, 3, 43 Block A 43 Chips 2 ,33 Ski Club 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Foolball I, 2, 33 Baskelball 23 Swimming l, 2, 3, 43 Golf I3 Likes girls, cars, sporls3 Dislikes snobs3 Going lo college. BRACKETT, GLENN- Yo'Yo 3 Science, Malh maior3 Rally Cornmillee 3, Pres. 43 Band I, 23 Block A 2, 3, 43 Sludenl Council 2, 3, 43 Cross- Counlry I, 23 Track I, 23 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Likes lo keep acliveg Dislikes Freshmen3 Going lo Oregon Slafe, BRADY, DENNIS JAMES-Malh, Science Tl1Bl0Yj CSF l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary I3 Rally Commillee 43 A Cappella 43 Block A 3, 43 Chips 23 Yell Leader 43 Cross-Counlry 2, 3, 43 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Likes nice girls, sporrs3 Going lo college. BRANCH, PHILIP CUSTANCE- PhiI 3 Malh, l-lislory TTl6iOf: CSF l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary I, 23 Ski Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Sfudenl Council 23 Tennis 23 Golf 43 Likes skiing, fishing, classical music3 Dislikes Elvis3 Going to college. BROWN, ELIZABETH ANNE- Belly 3 Malh maior3 Blueprinl 33 Jr. Red Cross I3 Chorus 33 Likes horseback riding, swimming, popular music3 Dislikes snobs3 Going lo college. BRYMAN, ALFRED- Al 3 Transfer from Las Lomas 33 English maior3 Blueprinl 3, Ad Manager 43 Jr, Red Cross 23 Baskelball 23 Baseball 23 Likes Callie Men's Assoc.3 Dislikes nosey people3 Going fo college. BUMGARNER, WALTER- Bummy 3 Ski Club I, 2, 3, 43 Foolball I, 2, 33 Swimming 33 Golf I, 23 Likes wine, women and SDDQQ Dislikes SCl100l: Going lo college. BURTON, JAMES NEWCOMER- Bubbles 3 Transfer from Monrovia Duarle Z3 Likes decorafion, girls' driving, diels, movies3 Dislikes food, dull reachers, school plays3 Going fo college. BUSBY, STUART- Bu1l 3 Block A 2, 3, 43 Chips I3 Sludeni Council I3 Foolball I, 2, 3, 43 Baskelball l, 2, 33 Track I, 2, 33 Likes cars, people3 Going io college. CALDERON, MARGARET LOUISE- MarIee 3 English, Spanish maiorg CSF 2, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 43 Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 43 GAA l, 43 Likes fun, cIo+hes3 Dislikes snobs, waiYing3 Going to college. The leachers of lomorrow afler a session al Springhill School . . . Judy Myers, Judy Hender- son, Judy Belh Spragens, Pal Jackson and Becky Harris. -And Senior Hall falls lo fhe class ol '58 I I takin the last of tlaofe nzoonhlglat mfimf CALDWELL, JAMES EDWARD- Sneezy , Transfer from Las Lomas 3: Science maior, Basketball 4, Likes swimming, Dislikes soccer, lhe counlryg Going info foresfry. CAMPBELL, DUNCAN BROWN- D.B. , Science, Mafh maior, CSF 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, Band I, 2, 3, Sfudenf Council 3, Likes hot cars, music, Dislikes homework, girls, Going fo Cal and medical school. CARLISLE, SUE-Business maior, Likes cooking, horseback ridinc: Dislikes mushrooms, Sr. Problems, cleaning house, Going Io college. CARLSON, LINTON DAVID- Dave , Malh maior: Band l, 2: Block A 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Foofball I, Cross-Counfry 2, 3, 4, Baskelball I, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 4, Likes sporis, ouf-of-doors, Dislikes second period P.E., foreign languages, snobs, Goinq Io college. CARLSON, ROBIN ANNETTE-Music, English maiort Acalhonor: 2, Soanish Honorary 2, AFS 4, Chorus 2, 4, GAA 2, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 41 Likes piano music, afhlefics, Going fo San Francisco Slafe, CARRERA, ROBERT ALAN- Bob , Mechanical Drawing maior, Band I, Likes baseball, Dislikes mafh, Going fo college fo be an archilecf. CARTER, DANIEL TIMOTHY- Tim , Mafh maior, Band 2, 3, Ski Club 3, 4, Likes wine, women and song, Dislikes Sr. Problems, Going Io J.C. CATHERALL, MICHAEL HENRY- Mike , Mafh, Hisfory maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Track 4, Golf I, 2, 4, Likes sporfs, Going Io college. CHAMBERLAIN, EUGENIA GAYLE- Gayle , Transfer from Clare- monl Jr. High 2, English, Science maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 3, AFS 3, 4, Jr. Sfafesmen 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Wafer Ballef 3, 4, Likes fall bovs, dancing, oufdoor sporfs, Dislikes diels, shorf boys, Going fo college, CHRISTIENSEN, GIEN UASON- Oggi , Main, Hisforv maior, Acalhonors l, 3: A Capoella 3, 4: Chins 2, 3, Ski Club 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Foofball 2, 3, Basketball I, Track I, 2, 4, Baseball I, likes hunting, fishing, music, cars, Going Io college. CHRISTIANSEN, LUCY LARUE- Luc , Home Eccnomics. Spanish English maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, Jr Red Cross I, 2, 3, Sfudenf Council 4, Likes vacafion lime, Dislikes home- work, Going fo Davis. CHRISTNER, LeROY- Skinny , Transfer from Downey 2, Business maior, Band 3: Ski Club 4, Likes fishing, qolf, dice, sleeping, eafing, Dislikes English, Planning fo be a beachcomber. CLARK, PAUL WARD-Mafh maior, Track I, likes cars, girls, wafer skiing, Dislikes conceiled people, fasfer cars fhan his, Going fo college. CLIFFORD, ROBERT KENNETH- Bob , Mafh, Science maicr, Acal- honors 3, Likes girls, cars, Dislikes school, Going fo college. COAKLEY, ANNE MARIE- Pepsi , Vlaih, Enalish maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4: AFS 3, 4, Fufure Teachers 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, GAA 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes boys, horses, driving, music, food, movies, Dislikes operas, haughfy Ieachers, diels, Going Io college. Donf worry, Bill, Mr. Annis' charming smile Girls eaf and boys discuss do Ihe frick, Anyway, Physics isn'f fha? This isn'f a mob, iusf fhe Sen cr Mo er s during Ih air rar hard, is il? Daughfer Tea drills De ni y Goin to oldplacef with new fiends COLVIN, JUDITH ANN- Judy , Home Economics, English maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, Fufure Teachers I, Rally Com- mihee 4, Jr. Sfalesmen 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, Dance Group 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, Sludenl Council 4, Likes modern dance, modeling, Going lo Cal. COOK, HANK CLARENCE-Transfer from San Rafael High 4,.Sc'ence maior, Foolball 4, Likes cars, Dislikes homework, Going info lhe service. COOK, PHILIP RANDELL- Phil , English maior, Band 2, 3, 42' Ski Club 4, Music Council 3, Likes hunling, cars, girls, wafer skung, sleek, Dislikes snobs, homework, Going info fhe Army, fhen lo college. COOMBS, CATHERINE NANCY- Calhy , Ari maior, Chorus I, Likes sewing, drawing, reading, children, church, Going lo Brigham Young University. COOPER, DONALD SCOTT-Science, Maih, English maior, Track 4, Likes sporls cars, Dislikes American cars and people who drive Ihem, Going lo college. CORSE, GRACE MAE-French, Science, Music maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Likes parachule jumping, Dislikes sluI'Ied sh'rls and Iheir feminine counierparls, Going fo college. CRAPO, WALTER ROY- Roy , Transfer Irom Lyons Township 2, Hislory maior, Block A 3, 4, Chips I, 2, Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Golf I, Wresfling I, Likes hunling, fishing, Dislikes large crowds, Going Io college. CRASE, RONALD B.- Ron , Mafh maior, AFS 3, Cross-Counlry 2, 3, Likes cars, mafh, girls, Dislikes cals, bad drivers, Going lo college, Ihen Air Force, CURTIS, KAREN EDNA- Kay , English maior, Likes Ihe black bug , Elvis, Dislikes boys who Ihinlr rhey're The greafesl, besl friends, Going lo college. CUTLER, CATHERINE EVELYN- CaIhy , Language, Science major, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, Treas. 4, Fuiure Teachers 4, Dance Group 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Pompon Girl 4, Likes chocolale milk shakes, school spirif, Dislikes siraighf hair, spiders' Going lo college. DANFORTH, LOIS-English, Malh maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, Likes friendly people, music, reading, and school, Dislikes cliques, Chemisfry, and Gym, Going fo college. DAVIS, ELIZABETH- Liz , Language, Science, Arl, English maicr, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Fulure Teachers 4, Jr. Red Cross I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Sr. Rep., Sludenf Council 3, Likes Squaw Valley, blue sneakers, and fun, Dislikes mud, Going lo college. DAVIS, JOHN ALBERT-Mafh, English maior, Acalhonors I, 2, Fleur De Lis, Jr. Sfalesmen I, Likes Cal and cars, Going fo Cal. DAVIS, RICHARD- Rick , Malh, Science maior, Spanish Honor-aw I, Black A 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Foofball l, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Likes sporls, sporl car races, Dislikes polifics, Communism, and big lalkers, Going fo college, DEAN, MARY KAREN-Spanish maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, Spanish Hon- orary 4, AFS 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, Sfudenl Council 4, Pompon Girl 4, Likes Squaw Valley, Dislikes homework, Going lo Cal. Well, fhere goes Ihe old Ann Muflme ml-Iflfh river boaf. Leave il Io fhe S H o The Senior Quarfel serenades Frenchles al Ihe Fleur de Handle wifh care, Ihe Senior Exira's only Iwo hours Seniors lo liven up Ihe bones Lis Chrislmas Parry away- Junior Em-3 meetin old friend! at new places DELORENZO, BART JOSEPH- De , Malh maior, Chips 2, 3, 4, Crfsss-Counlry 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Dislikes higher rnalh, Going Io co lege. DELORENZO, ROBERT ALFRED- Bob , Malh maior, Block A 4, Chips 3, 4, Cross-Counlry 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes guns and cars, Dislikes homework, Plans lo be a gunsmilh. DEMARIA, STEPHEN LANCE- Sieve , Malh, Science maior, AFS 4, Los Amigos Pres. 4, Band I, 2, Chips I, 2, 3, Ski Club 4, Sludeni Council 4, Foorball l, 2, Track 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Going 'lo college. DEMIGUEL, CARLOS- Sefa , Science, Hislory maior, Spanish Hon- orary 4, AFS 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Exchange Sfudenl from Spain 4, Tennis 4, swimming 4, Likes Mafh and Physics, Dislikes Hislory, Lileralure, Going fo college. DETWILER, KAREN JEAN- K.J. , Arl maior, Fleur De Lis 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Likes sporls, boys, food, and cars, Dislikes boring boys, and snobby girls, Plans fo become a model. DEVILLERS, ARTHUR- Ari , Ari, English maior, Blueprinl 3, 4, Rally Commirlee 4, Chips 3, Foorball I, 2, 3, Wreslling 3, 4, Likes loolball, fishing, and girls, Dislikes brains , Going lo college. DEVIN, ADELHEIDE ANN- Heidi , English, French maior, Acal- honors I, 2, Fleur De Lis l, 2, 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, Trea. 4, Likes skiing and men, Dislikes snow bunnies and boys, Going lo college. DILIO, MICHAEL RAYMOND- Mike , Malh, English, Science maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Block A 4, Chips 2, 3, Sfudenf Council I, 2, Foolball 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Likes sporrs and Florida: Dislikes Senior Problems and Larry Felix's righl knee, Going lo college. DIXON, LINDA LEE- Dixie , Business maior, GAA 4, Likes lall boys, parries, and converlibles, Dislikes snobs, Elvis Presley, and loud boys and girls, Going fo college. DODD, ROBERT WILSON- Bob , Transfer from Las Lomas 3, Mafh, Music, English rnaior, Band 3, A Cappella 4, Block A 41 Foolball 4, Baskelball 3, Likes Carolyn, singing, loolball, and cars, Dislikes Senior Problems and falkalive girls, Going info lhe Air Force. DODDS, LAWRENCE STUART- Larry , Ari, Shop maior, Likes cars. hunling, skiing, and blonds, Going fo college. DODGE, JOHN HARPER-Mafh, English maior, Chips 3, Ski Club 4, Foofball I, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes skiing and money, Going lo college. DORN, JOHN ROBERT-Science, Mall: maior, Likes cars, good food and cuie girls, Dislikes loud girls, Going lo college. DREY, JOAN CECILE-Business maior, Likes horses, Going lo college, DRISCOLL, FRANKLYN WlLLlAM- Bill , Enql'sh maior, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Wreslling 3, 4, Likes quiel girls and Yosemile, Dislikes Senior Problems and big cities, Going lo college. wx' if Af? .fa I M-, ,,,f BEST SCHOOL CITIZEN T e sack look? Ya pul your whole head oul , . . I Ernie Fox Pal Sief er The l6lJ'lf00fb6l!lg6l1ll8 bringing undecided enzotionf. iii-'M .Ki Q 4 IQ' 'E' -'Q ,uw-s asf' wr ,rs 4 YN'-ew, c,. l Q 'YQ' 4 ,,'-no EBERHART, LYNDA MAE- Lynn , English, Science, Language maior, Spanish Honorary I, GAA 4, AFS 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes skiing and sporfs, D'slikes homework, Going lo college, EDWARDS, ELAINE-Business maior: Likes sewing and cooking, Dis- likes Senior Mafh Test, Going fo college. ELLIOTT, NORMAN LEROY- Norm , Mafh, Science maior, Likes foofball, girls, and swimming, Dislikes foreign languages and garden- ing, Go'ng lo college. ENGLE, MARCLY BROOKS- Marc , Shop maior, Band l, 2, 3, Block A 3 4, Cross-Couniry 3' Likes cars, girls, and movies, Dislikes rainy days, Going info lhe Coasi Guard. ENGLISH, JO ANN-Spanish maior, CSF 2, Acalhonors I 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 4, Chorus 2, Dislikes liver and brains , Going lo cc-Ilege. ENOS, JUDITH- Judy , Cloihing maior, Spanish Honorary I, Jr. Red Cross I, GAA I, 2, Likes parries and red Fords, Dislikes car fiends, Going io college. ESTES, JUDITH GAY- Judy , Business maior, Acalhonors 3, Jr. Siafesmen 2 3, 4, Likes Pal Boone, Christmas, and happy people, Dislikes grouchy people and Elvis Presley, Going ro college. EVANS, CAROL HELEN-French, English maior' CSF 4, Acalhonors 3, 4: Fleur De Lis 2, 3 4' Fulure Teachers 3, 41 A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, Likes clofhes, Dislikes snobs, Going lo college. EVANS, ELIZABETH ELLEN- Beih , Language, Engl'sh maif-r' Acal- honors I, 3, AFS 4: Fuiure Teachers 4, Jr, Red Cross 4, A Cappella 2 3, Chorus I, Likes cals and converlibles, Dislikes Sr, Problems, Going fo college. FVERETT, ANDREA- Ando , Music, English, Mafh maior, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4t A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4, Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4, Music Council 3, 4: Likes good iau, pizza, iraveling, and friendly people: ,Dislikes gossips and conceiied people, Plans fo become an airline osiess. FAGLIANO, ROBERTA ANN- BerI , Business maior: Chorus l' Likes music, collecling records, cars, Going Io Armsirong Business School, FAGUNDES, BARBARA- Bobby , Cloihing maior, Chorus I, 2, GAA I, 2, Likes nariies, iall boys, Dislikes snobs, Acalanes, shorl boys, Going io college and geiling married. FAGIINDES, JEANETTE ROSE-Transfer from The California School for Ihe Rlind 2, Business maior, GAA 2, 3, 4, Likes sporis, Darlies, boys, Dislikes dociors, Going fo college lhen be a social worker. FARNIIM, ROBERT WALKER- Bob , English, Math maior, Block A 3, 4' Chips 3, Sfudeni Council 4, Fooiball 3, 4, Wresiling 3, 4, Likes food, sporls, Going io college. FEILER, JEREMY SHAW- Jerem , Science, Malh maior, CQSF 3, Acalhonors 3, 4, AFS 4, Jr Sralesmen 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes SCIGHCG. lileraiure, iusf abou? everyihingg Dislikes polikics, Going Io college. F r n 'n the lool from our A. .S. membe s, cou ll Q 4 Remember-fhal money belongs Io A,F,S. There's a solemn mornenl al every game. Change fo' EXCMUQEU d e- desire and excitement overruling md11e5.f. . . FEKETE, DIANE MARIE-Transfer from Holy Names 23 English maiorg Acalhonors 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes music, tood, vacations, Skiing: Dislikes math3 Going to college. FELIX, LARRY RALPH- FeIix 3 Transfer from St. Mary's 33 Block A 3, 43 Student Council 33 Football 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Lik s to hunt, have outdoor fun3 Dislikes English3 Plans to be a construction worker or rancher. FISK, ANN ELIZABETH- Lover 3 Transfer from Manheim TWP 43 English, Language maior3 Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Treas. 23 Character Committee 2, 33 Girls' Glee-Club I, 2, 33 Future Nurse: I, 2, 33 Going to college and maioring in education. FLINT, SUSAN CAROL- Sue 3 Language, Science, Math maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur De Lis 43 AFS 2, 3, 43 Jr. States- men 23 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Likes snow, fun, almost every- thing3 Dislikes homework, cabbage, EdSeIS: Going to college. FONTAINE, DIANE MARIE- Di 3 Language, Science, Engl'sh, His- tory, Math maior3 CSF 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 AFS 3, 43 Future Teachers 43 Dance Group 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club I, 1, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Assembly Committee 33 Likes Squaw Valley, Blue 8 Gold3 Going to Cal. FOSTER, LONNA DEANE-- Lulu 3 Music maiorg Likes dancing, sports, music3 Dislikes school, snobs3 Plans to go to work. FOURNIER, CAROLYN- CHQ Transfer lrom Helix High 23 A Cappella Z, 3, 43 Likes music3 Dislikes homework, snobby people3 Future un- decided. FOX, HERBERT ERNEST- Ernie 3 Math, Music maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary 23 AFS 3, 43 Rally Comm.ttee 2, 3, 43 A Cappella I, 3, 43 Block A 3, 43 Chips I, Z3 Senior Play 43 Boys' Yell Leader 23 Class Pres. 33 Student Body Pres. 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 AFS exchange student to Germany 33 Cross-Country l, 23 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Likes playing the field 3 Dislikes the worlc situation3 Going to college and become a politician. FRANCO, CLIFFORD LAWRENCE- CIlfT j Transfer from Sl. Augus- tines I3 Music, Shop maior3 Band I, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella 43 Chorus I3 Block A 43 Swimming manager 2, 33 Likes cars, drums, girIs3 Dis- likes scalloped potatoes, Elvis Presley3 Going into the service ther to work. FREEDMAN, SUSAN JANE- Sue 3 Music, Language maior3 Band 33 A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Chorus I3 Likes music, psychology, science, swim- ming, square dancing3 Dislikes snobs3 Going to college. FREEMAN, JOHN TWELVES-Science maior3 Acalhonors 33 Spanisl' Honorary 33 Blueprint 3, 43 Block A 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Swimming I3 Likes tennis, Fords, photography, water skiing, sports cars3 Dislikes slow drivers in the tast lane3 Going to college and into engineering. FRIES, MARJORIE GAIL- Gail 3 Spanish maior3 CSF I, 2, 3. 43 Acalhonors 23 Spanish Honorary I, 2, 33 AFS 2, 33 Chorus I3 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes Hudsons, rings3 Dislikes Science3 Going to Humboldt State. GARDNER, CAROL-Math, Language, Science maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary I, 2, 33 AFS 3, 43 Rally Committee 43 Dance Group 3, 43 GAA I, Treas. 2, 3, 43 Ski Club I, 2, 3, 43 Class Soc. Sec. I: Class Sec. 23 Student Body Sec. 43 Student Council 43 Girls' State 33 Likes most everything3 Going to college, GEPP, EDWARD CHARLES- Edu, Transfer from Hillcrest High, Texas 33 Likes the 2:45 belI3 Dislikes fine California WS6iI'lEl': Going to Southern Methodist University. GERKE, ELLEN JO- Jo 3 Transfer from Pleasant Hill High 23 Science, Music maior3 A Cappella 3, 43 Chorus 23 Likes hores, classfcal music, an? parties3 Dislikes snooty people and boring classes3 Going to col ege. ff-s, 'Wt' Q Q1 fa E 'i DM odd 'S 'UTP 'Nu PERSONALITY PLUS Carol Steve What a waste of time-those Block A meetings for boys only. This noon dance seems to be composed mainly ot an audience. Gardner Pickering F Colaf wet weather mfoufing loopef of 61 lm! ski trgo ,Q-1--sv GERKE, RONALD DAVID- Ron , Malh maior' Foolball I, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes red roadsfers and Corvelles, Dislfkcs cals, Going lo college. GIBSON, JUDITH ANN- Judy , English, Malh maior, AFS 4, A Cappella 2, Chorus I, Likes horses, boys, music, and wsler skiing, Dislikes speedball, Going lo college. GIDLEY, PAMELA DIANE- Pam , Transfer Irom Franklin High, Porfland 4, English, Science maior, Jr. Class Sgl. of Arms, All school play I, 2, Likes Drama, classical and semi-classical music, bowling, and willy people, Dislikes snobby people, rain, and dreary wealher, Going Io college. GILLIVAN, JAMES GERALD- Jerry , Malh, Science, Music maior, CSF 4, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, Blueprinl 3, 4, Audio- Visual I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Slalesmen 2, A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus 2, Chips I, Sludenl Council I, Foolball 3, Swimming I, Likes classical music. dales, and sporls, Dislikes rock and roll, Going lo Cal. GROENNINGS, ARNE-Malh, English maior, AFS Publicily Chairman 3, Pres. 4, Los Amigos 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Sludenl Council 3, 4, Track I, Swimming 3, 4, Likes D.K., Going lo college. GUMBINER, ABIGAIL REBECCA- Abby , Language maior, Acal- honors 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Jr. Slalesmen I, 2, Likes brighl people, Going io college. HAEFELE, JOAN ALICE-Malh, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, Fulure Teachers 4, Blueprinl 3, Jr. Slalesmen I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Likes lhunder slorms and music, Dislikes pessimistic foolball fans, Going 'lo college. HAIGHT, RONALD- Ron , Science, Malh maicr, Ski Club 4, Baskel- ball 4, Likes skiing, sporls cars and hydroplanes, Dislikes cancelled girls and boys, Going lo college. HAINES, CAROL DOREEN-Arl, Business maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 2, 3, Rally Commillee 3, 4, GAA I, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 4, Yell Leader 4, Girls' League Soph. Rep., Sludenl Council 3, Arl Club 4, Likes parlies records, people, lols of spiril, and waler skiing, Dislikes snobs, Going lo college. HAKIM, KAMRAN- Kam , Science, Malh maior, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 3, 4, Exchange sfudenl from Iran 3, 4, Going lo college. HALL, CHARLENE FRANCES- Char , Business maior, Lunchroom allendanf I, 2, 3, 4, Likes boys, friends, and new CSFS, Dislikes con- ceifed people, Going lo college. HALLORAN, MICHAEL JAMES- Mike , Malh maior, CSF I, 2, 3,41 Fleur De Lis 3, 4, Jr. Slalesmen 3, Pres. 4, Chips 3, Sludenl Council 4, Foolball 3, 4, Swimming I, Likes progressive and modern ian, Going lo college. HAMBLIN, MARY JEAN-Business maior, Chorus I, GAA I, Likes lennis, clolhes, and lraveling, Dislikes wailing, Going lo college. HAMILTON, BRUCE-English maior, Transfer from Berkeley High 3, Likes people, Dislikes noise, Going lo college. HANAMARBERG, JOAN CAROL-Hislory, Language, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, 3 4, AFS 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, Vice Pres. 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Wafer Ballel I, 2, 3, Likes baseball, basketball, diving, and happy people, Going lo co'lege. Our heroine, referee Miss Clymer, slicks up for Modern And lhe score goes up anolher nolch! Yes, Jackie Amis? Dance in lheir game with lhe Blue Devils Cl9ri.ft11m.f .Qbirit 5007271 higher and higher. . . HAMMOND, DICK-Shop maior, Track i, 2, 4, Football I, 2, Likes girls, Going to college. HANCOCK, WILSON MCKENZIE- Mac , Transfer lrom Bellevue High, Washington 2, Math, Science, History, Language maior, CSF l, 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Rally Committee 4, Block A 3, 4, Student Body Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Cross-Country 2, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, Likes sports cars, basketball, Going to college. HARDS, WILLIAM CLARENCE- Bill , Math, History maior, CSF 1, 3, Acalhonors 2, 4, Spanish Honorary I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Block A 4, Chips 2, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Likes to travel, Dislikes people who walk slow, Going to college. HARRIS, REBECCA- Becky , English, History maior, CSF I, Acal- honors 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, Band 2, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Water Ballet I, 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Likes skiing and pina, Dislikes snobs and physiology, Going to college. HAWES STEPHEN JAY- Steve , Math maior, Likes broadcasting, Going to college. HAYDEN, SHARON- Share , Music, Math maior, Acalhonors l, 2, 3, 4, CSF 4, AFS 4, Blueprint 3, Rally Committee 4, A Cappella I, 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice Pres. 2, Girls' Yell Leader 4, Student Council 2, 4, Pompon Girl 3, Likes friendly people and Mexican food, Dislikes kids who don't yell at games and snobby people, Going to college. HAYES, JOE GARY-Art maior, A Cappella 2, Likes outdoor lite and food, Dislikes Senior Problems, Going into the Service then to college. HEALY, MARGARET JEANNE-History, English maior, CSF I, Acal- honors 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, Blueprint 3, 4, Band I, 2, GAA 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Likes San Francisco and traveling, Going to Utah State University. HEARNE, GEORGE WALLACE-History maior, CSF 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Band I, 2, 3, Block A 3, 4, Chips 2, Basketball I, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes pole vaulting, Dislikes an overshow of emotion, Wants to be the President of France. HEISER, JAMES ALBERT- Jim , Shop maior, Football 3, Wrestling 3, 4, Likes girls, hunting, and fishing, Dislikes being broke and broken down cars, Going into the Navy. HELTMAN, JANET LOUISE- Jan , Business maior, AFS 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, GAA I, 2, 4, Likes skiing, horseback riding, music, and dancing, Dislikes home- glork, Monday mornings, and snobby people, Going to San Francisco tate. HENDERSON, JUDITH JEAN- Judy , Language maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors 3, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers I, 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres 4, GAA I, 2, Senior Play 4, Girls' League Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Likes almonds, and nutty people, Dislikes short boys, Going into teaching. HERMAN, BRUCE EDWARD-Transfer from San Lorenzo High 3, English, History maior, Jr. Statesmen 3, Jr. Red Cross 4, Student Council 4, Science Club I, 2, Likes food, records, swimming and good literature, Dislikes narrow minds and liver, Going into the field oi writing. HERMAN, TONI MARIE-Art maior, Jr. Red Cross 4, Likes cats and swimming, Dislikes boys who show oft, Going to college. HEWITT, KENNETH ALAN- Al , Transfer from Roosevelt High 3, Spanish maior, CSF 3, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AFS Pres. 3, 4, Futura Teachers 3, Jr. Statesmen 3, Senior Play 43 AFS exchange student to Greece 3, Likes music, traveling, drama, swimm ng, and tenn.s, Dislikes people who give non-contormists a bad time, Going to college. Plent of drinks tor all at the Safe Gai MOST INTELLIGENT Y - l B ll We might have known, 4th's! Gee, look at all that money tor A.F.S.! way outdoor dance. Sorem Shultletf scores another an unfair one be- ,Veeing off the old year Willa a gmna' celebmtion . HILL, JAMES EDWARD- Jim , English maior, A Cappella 4, Senior Play 4, Likek money, cars, girls, San Diego and WAVES, Dislikes work, homework, and Elvis Presley, Going to be a Plastic Surgeon. HILL, LYNN-English, Science, Malh maior, Audio-Visual I, 2, 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Basketball 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes traveling, Dislikes Spanish and boring teachers, Going to college. HILMER, ELSA SLOANE- Ellie , English, Language, Math maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 2, Sec. 3, 4, Blueprint 3, Editor 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Student Council 2, 4, Co-Chair. of CSF Commission 3, Likes British movies, Dislikes Dave Brubeck, Going to attend Stanford and maior in Archaeology. HITCHCOCK, DIANE-Business maior, Acalhonors 3, Likes music, garncing, and hunting, Dislikes Thunderbirds, Goinge to Santa Barbara ol ege. HOFMANN, RONALD- Ron , Math maior, CSF 2, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Block A 4, Chips 4, Cross-Country 4, Basketball 4, Track 3, 43 Tennis 2, Likes track, Going to Cal. HOLLAND, MICHAEL MCKITRICK- Mike , Math, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Football I, 3, 4, Track 4, Likes hunting, fishing, and spending money, Dislikes school, preiudiced people, Going to college and become a millionaire, HOWES, JUDITH LYNNE- Judy , Language maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Los Amigos 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, Ski Club 2, GAA 4, Senior Play 4, Girls' League Treas. 4, Music Council 4, Likes Tahoe, Pinecrest, tennis, and swim- ming, Going to college. HUBBARD, SAMUEL- Sam , Transfer from Culver Military Academy 3, History major, Likes skiing and records, Going to college. HUDELSON, GARY-Science maior, Ski Club 4, Swimming I, 2, Likes sports, custom cars, and Robert Burns, Dislikes Baccalag Going to college. HUFF, KAY-Transfer from West High, Wisconsin 3, Spanish maior, Spanish Honorary 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, Likes music, games, and Freddy's, Dislikes the school bus, Going to college, HULL, BARBARA ELIZABETH- Barb , Science, Language maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 3, 4, Rally Committee 3, 4, Dance Group 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Water Ballet I, Girls' Yell l.eader 3, Student Council 3, 4, Pompon Girl 2, Likes Acalanes, con- vertibles, and Winchester House, Dislikes Edsels, Going to college. HUNNICUTT, JEANNE DORIS- Jeannie , Transfer from Sonora High 2, English, History, Language maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 2, Treas. 3, Pub. Chair. 4, Yearbook 3, Senior and Copy Editor 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, Band I, 2, GAA I, Ski Club I, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes interesting classes, mountains, and people, Dislikes being absent or sleepy, Going to college. HUNT, JUDITH LYNN- Judy , Transfer from King City High 2, Math, Science, English, History maior, CSF 3, Acalhonors 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers 2, Jr. Slatesmen I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, GAA l, 2, Likes clothes and rainy days, Dislikes bossy people and SIOPPY clothes, Going to Cal. HUNTER, ELIZABETH JOAN- Joan , Math maior, CSF I, 2, Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, Likes people in general, sports, tall boys, Dislikes snobs, Going to college. HUNZIKER, PHILIP EDWARD- Jewell , Transfer from Pleasant Hill High I, Art maior, Likes girls, forestry, Dislikes old bags, Plans to go to work for United Air Lines, odern Dance can'I Ya put your right loot out Daily Aklan chores like this are Happy Birthday, Mrs. Moon . . , so this is what you do in uard John Bo,arsky. 10 the Ieff! d' ' rewar ing experiences. Aklan! 11mking ew 66173 resolutions on! to e 5 e them later I91'0lee1z HUSTON, EARL- Nick , Transfer from Poly 2, English maior, Baskel- ball I, Likes girls and cars, Plans fo be a Missionary, ' HUTTON, GAIL-English, Spanish maior, Acalhonors I, Spanish Hon- orary I, AFS 2, 3, Fufure Teachers 3, Jr. Sfafesmen I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, Chorus I, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Likes skiing, records, and good parfies, Dislikes people who gossip, and lasr m.nule fesrs, Going fo college. JACKMAN, BARBARA RUDDICK-Transfer from Leonia, New Jersey 4, Band I, 2, 3, A Cappella 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Ski Club 4, Likes New Jersey, Going fo college. JACKSON, PATRICIA ANN- Par , Transfer from Forf Miller Jr. High 2, Hisfory, Language, Arls, Spanish maior, CSF 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, AFS Z, 3, 4, Fufure Teachers 2, Pres. 3, 4, Blueprinf 3, Edifor 4, Rally Commiflee 4, Jr. Sfafesmen 2, 3, Jr, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Sfudenl' Body Clubs Com- missioner 4, Sfudenf Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. Safefy Cour.cil I, Likes designing, a certain boy, Dislikes cliques and earr,ngs, Going lo college lo be a Ieacher. JACKSON, STUART HARRY-Arf maior, Likes arl, Dislikes girls, fun, living, iokers , Going fo college. JACOBSON, EDWARD MARVIN-- Marv , Transfer from Wavconda, Illinois I, Science, Mafh maior, AFS 3, Jr. Red Cross 3, lfres. 4, Block A 2, 3, Sgf. af Arms 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Cross-Counlry 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Swimming I, Wresfling 3, Likes girls, cars, sports, Dislikes girls wilh shorf pony fails and black cars, Going fo Pacific Lufheran College. JAMES, SYLVIA-Transfer from Brazil 4, Language maicr, AFS 4, Likes hislorical novels, psychology, fhunderslorms, D.slikes snobs, broccoli, Going fo college. JANES, CAROLYN ANN-Business maior, A Cappella Z, 3, Chorus I, GAA 3, 4, Likes Arkansas and '48 Chevys, Dislikes snobs, Going fo college. JEFFERIES, KAREN- Jeff , Spanish, Arf maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, AFS 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross I, Dance Group 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, Rep. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Likes Squaw Valley, skiing, Mike, Dislikes cliques, social climbers, Going ro Sanfa Barbara College, JELLETT MORGAN JAMES-Math, Science maior, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, A Cappella I, 2, Block A 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Cross-Counfry 2, Baskelball 2, 3, 4, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Likes spcrls, music, Dislikes egoisfs, girls wifh shorf hair, Going lo engineering ccrlecc JENCKS, DAVID RICHARD- Dick , Tranferred lo Acalanes I, Aff, Mechanical Drawing maior, Block A 3, 4, Chips 3, Foofball 3, Track l, 2, Swimming 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Likes anylhing lo do with arl: Going fo arf college fo become an arfisf. JENSEN, BARBARA JOY- Barb , Language, Malh maior, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 3, 4, Fufure Teachers I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cro's I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes making piua, wafer skiing, Dislikes chemises, Going lo college. JOHNSON, DENNIS REUBEN- Denny , Malh, Science, Hisfory, Eng- lish maior, CSF I, 2, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fufure Teachers 4, Sfage Crew I, 2, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes a real good argumenl, Dis:ikes people who don'l know whaf fhey're doing, Going 'lo college, make a million. JOHNSTON, GAIL MELINDA- Melinda , Business maior, Jr, Red Cross 3, Likes no? loo shy boys, Dislikes girls who are uppity, fads, common hair-do's, Going fo college. JONAS, HERMAN WILLIAM- l'Iermie , English, Hislory maior, Chips 2, 3, Football l, 2, Track I, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Likes swimming, skiing, ice hockey, boaling and wafer skiing, Going fc college fo become a vererinarian. -'wr 'im vnu.. an r 9l 319 o A ' J sf lx MOST DIG Mac ' The reall swin em af those noon dances Hancock one seems Io be in any hurry lo get ro class y y q -'JR' NIFIED Murray oploin the queftiorz, W1'll you be 111 Valentine? 3.3, El' fn, '95 'TQ 'QQ' JORDAN, LINDA VONETTE-Transfer from Mt. Diablo 2, French maior,lAcaIhonors I, Fleur De Lis 3, 4, Water Ballet 3, Pres, 4, Likes swimming, summertime, Going to Cal. JORDAN, MARTHA WELLS-Transfer from Mt. Diablo 2, Spanish mayor, Chorus 2, GAA 2, 3, 4, Likes swimming, Dislikes Spanish, impatient people, Going to Cal to study nursing. JORDAN, STEVAN EDWIN- Steve , Math, English maior, Block A 2, 3, 4, Chips I, Student Council I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, Wrestling 3, Likes sports, girls, cars, mus.c, Dis- likes self-centered people, Going to college. JUDGE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL- Bill , Transfer from Menlo Prep 2, Language, English, History maior, CSF 3, 4, Acalhonors 3, 4, Block A 2, 4, Ski Club 2, 4, Class Pres. I, Football I, Basketball I, Golf I, 2, 3, 4, Dislikes small colleges, Going to Cal. KAMMEYER, CASPER CHRISTIAN- Cas , Transfer from Robert L. Simpson High 3, Math, Science maior, Likes golr and swimming, Dislikes soccer, Going to college and become a pilot. KENNEDY, DAVID ARNOLD- Dave , Shop maior, Acalhonors 3, Block A 3, 4, Football I, Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 4, Tennis 4, Likes girls, Dislikes conceited girls, Going into the Army then college. KLEIN, GERALDINE ANN- Gerry , Transfer from Berkeley High 2, Business maior, AFS 4, GAA 3, Student Council I, Yell Leader I, Likes lun and good food, Dislikes snobs and people who never smile, Going to college. KLEY, SUSAN DIANA- Sue , Art, English, History, Science maior, Acalhonors, I, Z, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, AFS 2, 3, 4, Future Teach- ers I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 4, Student Council I, Art Club 4, Likes Arl and snow storms, Going to college. KNUDSEN, JANE PATRICIA-History maior, Jr. Red Cross Z, 3, Chorus I, 2, GAA 2, 3, 4, Likes parties, tall boys, Dislikes short boys, snobs, school, Plans to go to work and get married. LANCE, CHARLES CHUCK- Chuck , Math maior, Band I, Z, 3, 4, Likes hunting, fishing, Going to college. LARSEN, AVERY CHRISTINE-Spanish, Math maior, CSF I, 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, Jr. Statesmen 3, 4, Going to college. LARSEN, RONALD THOMAS- Cork , Math maior, Swimming 4, Likes skiing, hunting, fishing, girls, water skiing, Going to college. LARSON, LINDA CARLENE-English, Language maior, CSF I, 2, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Jr, Red Cross 3, 4, Likes athletics, Dislikes oral and essay tests, Going to college. LARSON, LOIS CORINNE-Language maior, CSF l, 2, 3, 4, Acalhon- ors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Likes food, the work and cats at Mission Springs, church work, Going to college. LATEANA, MAUREEN RAE-Business maior, Fleur De Lis 3, AFS 2, Future Teachers 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Likes dancing, swimming, Dislikes sloppy dressers, Going to college. The art students display their Stuffing the Masquerade Party talented work on the Cafeteria Was it the progressive party that made mask. walls. the Senior boys so grabby? collapsing. The noon body-building class seems to be A sf with that wonderful Senior fefconfidence. . LATONE, FRANK MICHAEL- Mike 5 Science, Math maiorg AFS 45 Future Teachers I5 A Cappella 45 Block A 3, 45 Chips 2, 35 Ski Club 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 35 Track l 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 45 Soccer 3, 45 Likes sports, music, females5 Dislikes snobs, cliquesg Going to college. LESCHINSKY, VERNON MATTHEW-Auto Shop maior5 Likes cars, drags, girls, car racing5 Dislikes everything except cars and qirlsg Going to be an auto mechanic. LIBBY, SUSAN KAY- Sue 5 English, Spanish, Science maior5 Acal- honors 45 Spanish Honorary 3, 45 AFS 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Likes Oakland Recreation Camp, water skiing, Clear Lake5 Dislikes cliques, unsociable people5 Going to Stevens College. LIEN, VIRGINIA MAY- Ginny 5 Business maior5 Likes boys5 Dislikes conceited boys, homework5 Going to college. LILLIE, LINDA LEE- Chilly-LiIIie 5 Transfer from EI Segundo 45 English maior5 AFS 45 GAA 45 Ski Club 45 Likes pickles, hiking, sneakers5 Dislikes short boys, popcorn5 Going to Stephens College. LINGARD, NANCY LOU- Honeycomb 5 Clothing, Business maior, CSF 45 Audio-Visual Sec. 45 GAA I, 25 Likes Michael, tood5 Dislikes snobs, short hairg Going to college. LIPPERT, DONALD RICHARD- Don 5 Math, English maior5 Block A 45 Chips I, 2, 35 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball l, Z, 45 Likes sports, good-looking girls5 Dislikes conceited girls5 Going to college. LITTLE, JEFF-Transfer from San Marino 45 Yearbook l, 2, 35 Rally Committee 35 Stage Crew l, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross 45 Chorus 35 Block A l, 2, 35 Class Pres. 35 Football I, 2, 35 Basketball 25 Track I, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Tennis 25 Swimming l5 Likes girIs5 Dislikes school5 Going to college. LOW, JUDY MARGARET- Jude 5 Spanish, English maiorg Acalhon- ors 2, 3, 45 Spanish Honorary 45 AFS 45 Future Teachers 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 GAA I, Z, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Water Ballet 3, 45 Likes football games, Freddy's, Tommy Sands5 Dislikes snobby people, bugs, taking bus home5 Going to Oregon State. LUEBKEMAN, ROBERT HENRY-- DimpIes 5 Football 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Likes sports, women, his Dodge5 Dislikes any teachers that are Communists5 Going to college. LUGO, DIANNA MAY- Dee 5 Transfer from Frick Jr. 25 Art maior5 Chorus I, 2, 35 Dislikes snobs5 Going to college. MACCARIO, RICHARD JON- Rick 5 Art maior5 Chips 2, 35 Football I, 2 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Wrestling 35 Likes cars, girls, football, wild parties5 Dislikes girls that talk too much5 Going into the service, then to college. MACQUIDDY, CHARLES EVERETT- Chuck 5 Math, Science maiorg Acalhonors 2, 45 Block A 3, 45 Cross-Country 25 Track 3, 45 Golf 25 Likes golf5 Going to Cal. MADDOX, RICHARD WILLIAM- Dick 5 Math maiorg Likes cars5 Dislikes Fords, especially '53s5 Going to college. MALLERY, MICHAEL- Mike 5 Math maior5 AFS 35 Likes skin dlvingg Dislikes sauerkraut5 Going into the service, '-4633? wwf F132 CLASS FLIRT Alice Berry Sugar and all things nice were present at the Physiology students, ioyfully using parents Arne Music Department candy sale. as guinea pigs tor taking blood counts. ' ' Pictures to eat by, Groennings if The campus appearing as an I na'ian Rerervat1'01z with all the .Ne wa. wen? A-Qs AOB' 35 fe. QS.. Fug. . 'ree-'Af MARCHUS, DARLENE-AFS 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, Chorus I, Student Council 2, Likes pizza, money, happy people, Dis- likes Elvis, cliques, Going to college. MARELLO, LOUIS JOHN- Lou , Shop, Math, English maior, Acal- honors Z, Officer Boys' Fed. 4, Student Council I, 3, 4, Block A 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Chips I, 2, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Baseball l, Z, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Likes all sports, living it up, Going to college. MARKLEY, JOYCE RUSSELL- Blonde , Math, Business English maior, Jr. Statesmen 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Dance Group 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes dances, music, cars, parties, football, Going to college, MARSH, PENELOPE ANN- Penny , History maior, GAA l, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes dance, music ,cars, parties, football, Going swimming, bridge, Dislikes snobs, Going to college. MARTIN, RODGER WAYNE- Rag , Science, English rnaior, Acal- honors I, Chips 2, Basketball 2, Likes small cars, girls, money, Dis- likes losing games, report cards, Going to college. MATSON, SHIRLEY MAE- Shirl , English, Homemaking maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, AFS 3, 4, Future Teachers 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, GAA l, 2, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes water skiing, Yosemite, sewing, Dislikes cliques, complainers, Going to Cal or Davis. MAYNE, FRANKLIN HARLOW- Frank , Science maior, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, Likes Acalanes, sport cars, Dislikes homework, essays, Going to college. MCCARDLE, MICHAEL- Mike , Transfer from Fresno High 3, Math, Science maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Audio-Visual 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 4, Band 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Chips 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Football 4, Track 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Likes food, Going to college. MCCAULEY, HARRIETT ANN-English maior, Future Teachers 4, Likes Math, sewing, teaching, small children, Dislikes science, egg plant, Going to college. McCONAUGHY, RICHARD ERNEST- Dick , Math mainr, AFS 3, Band I, 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, Likes money, skiing, cars, goalees, Dislikes teachers, snobs, new cars, dull girls, to college, then traveling. McCORMACK, KATHLEEN GRACE- Kathie , Transfer from Pupahau 2, English maior, Likes moving around the country, people, Dislikes staying in one place over 2 years, Going to be a model. McCORMICK, BRIAN KERR- Huss , Language, Math maior, CSF I, 2, Spanish Honorary 4, Likes gadgets, craxy music, football, Dislikes taking notes, listening to boring teachers, Going to college, then into the Air Force. MCCULLOUGH, KAREN- Auntidude , English maior, Spanish Hon- orary 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, GAA lg Likes parties, orange Fords, Little People , Dislikes snobs, P.E, Going to business college. McLAREN, BRUCE SIDNEY-Science maior, Chips 3, Student Council 3, Football 2, 3, Likes cute girls, Model A's , Dislikes crowded dances, Going to college. MEAD, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH- Chris , French rnaior, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 4, Likes girls, firearrns, foreign languages, Dislikes Chemistry, stuck-up girls, Going to Cal. Physiology minded Seniors, cutting up for Brenda and Karen look interested in their artwork. Anybody care to challenge it? the Parents Club. PQVSOVIWYINQ the theory of evolution-you know, red faces or an in irnzar with wounded .fcbusf laoomerf MEREDITH, JOAN RENEE-Transfer from Denver, Colorado 4, His- tory maior, Jr. Red Cross 4, GAA 2, Uke Club 3, 4, Counter Points 4, Likes ice skating, Dislikes Chinese foods, Plans to go to Brigham Young University. MERRILL, MARILYN LEE-Transfer from Las Lomas 2, Science maior, CSF Z, 3, Acalhonors 2, 3, Fleur De Lis Z, 3, 4, Likes music, good books, cars, boys, Dislikes studying, Going to Merritt Nursing School. MEYERS, CHARLES DOUGLAS- Doug , Science maior, Spanish Hon- orary 2, 3, Likes agriculture, cars, girls, hunting, fishing, Dislikes English, Going to college. MICHAEL, GEORGE EDWARD- Mickey , Transfer from Oakland High 2, Art maior, Likes lootball games, parties, cars, Dislikes cllques, Going into the Air Force, then art school. MIDDLEKAUFF, LEE ELLEN- Lee , Music, Business maior, A Cap- pella 3, 4, Chorus I, 23 GAA 4, Likes parties, Tahoe, blondes, Dis- likes people who are snobs, getting up early, Going to Diablo Valley College. MILLER, EDWARD ROSS- Ned , Transfer from Sherman High School, Naples, Italy, 3, Math maior, Stage Crew 2, Class Pres. Z, Class Vice Pres. I, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Likes all girls, all sports, Dislikes I950 Fords, 5th period Trig., Going to be a coach. MONOSMITH, MARY ALICE- Alice , Science, Music maior, CSF I, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, AFS 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Likes music, twirling, Dislikes integration discussions, Going to college. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT DANIEL- Bob , Math maior, Ski Club 2, Swimming 3, 4, Likes skiing, swimming, fishing, huntlngg DisI.kes insurance payments, Going to college. MORISON, JUDITH- Judy , English, Clothing maior, AFS 4, Jr. Statesmen 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Maiorette 4, GAA l, Likes horses, clothing, Dislikes English IV, peas, cow's tongue, Going lo college. MORRIS, FREDERICK- Fred , Math, English maior, Blueprint 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen Z, 3, 4, Block A 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes aeronautics, aeronautical book collecting, Washington D. C., San Francisco, Going to college. MORRISSEY, PETER BRAXTON- Pete , English, Art maior, A Cap- pella 4, Block A 3, Senior Play 4, Swimming I, 2, 3, Likes dignified girls, Dislikes problems, Senior or otherwise, Going to UCLA or USC. MORTARA, DOREEN ROSALIE-Business maior, CSF 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Likes food, music, Going to Armstrong School of Business. MORTON, AUDREY ADRIANNE- Aud , Language maior, CSF I, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Los Amigos 3, Trees.- Sec. 4, Senior Play 4, Class Vice Pres I, Class Treas, 4, Likes swimming, the East Coast, Going to college. MOYLAN, HENRY-- Hank , Math, Bookkeeping maior, Football I, Golf I, 2, Likes hot cars, girls, ian, Dislikes snobs, long-ha.r music, Going to St. Mary's. MUNROE, ANN VIRGINIA-Transfer from Mt. Vernon High 2, Lan- guage maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 4, Rally Committee 4, Ski Club 2, Senior Play 4, Class Soc. Sec. 4, Likes water skiing, Acalanes, foreign cars, Going to college. ew At the Student Body Mixer, guys and dolls competed for prizes, Just don't stand there-enioy the first Art DeVillers and Brenda Lee MOST AMBITIOUS monkeys! noon dance. came out the best boppers. Pat Jackson Lou Smith Goodness, lhe Senior girls are be- Takin those earl mornin college boards. . . MURRAY, SUSAN JEAN- Sue , Language, Science, English maior, Acalhonors 4, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 4, Ski Club I, 2, 4, Class Sec. I, Likes Oakland Recrealion Camp, swimming, Slanford, Dislikes cliques, unfriendly people, Going lo Slephens. MUSANTE, JO ANN MARIA-Transfer from Sl. Joseph's 2, Language, Music, Hislory maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, Pres. 4, Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 4, Jr. Slafesmen 3, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Music Council Sec.-Treas. 4, Likes music, Russian River, yelling at games, Freddie's, Going Io college. MYER, JUDITH MARIE- Judy , Transfer from Massena, New York I, Spanish, Science maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Fulure Teachers I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Ski Club 2 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Dislikes Mexican food, Going fo Sanla Barbara, Ihen leach. NAVONE, GEORGE ANTHONY-Hislory major, Chips 2, Baskelball I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Likes Ihe ouldoors, Dislikes conceifed people, big cilies, being rushed, Going lo college. NICKERSON, BONNIE JEAN-English maior, Spanish Honorary 2, Dance Group 4, Chorus 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes Oakland Recreation Camp, Buu Williams Fan Club, Going Io college Io be a denial assislanf. NICOLET, YVONNE-Science, Malh, English maior, CSF I, 2, 4, Acal- honors I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Rally Commirlee 4, Ski Club I, Class Soc. Sec. 3, Sfudenl Body Soc. Sec. 4, Sludenf Council 2, 4, Likes happy people, pee-wee golf, Dislikes people who consfanfly complain, Going lo college. NIELSEN, DIANA LEE- Gia , Art maior, A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus 2, Music Club 4, Likes Io dance, Dislikes disecling in physiology, Going lo be a ballel dancer. NIPKOW, STEPHEN ALFRED- Sieve , English maior, Chips I, Ski Club I, 2, Foofball 4, Track 3, Tennis 2, Swimming I, 4, Likes wafer skiing, girls, hopped-up cars, Dislikes Miramonle girls and slock cars, Going lo college. NORDSTROM, JOAN CORLEEN-Language maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, Yearbook I, 2, Likes sporls, Going Io Davis. NORRIS, CAROLYN LEE-Spanish, Art, Science maior, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 4, AFS 3, 4, Blueprinl 3, Jr. Sfaiesmen I, Jr. Red Cross I, 2,3, 4, GAA 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes dances, swim- ming, horseback riding, skiing, wafer, Dislikes no? having a car, cauliflower, Going lo be a nurse. OGDEN, JOHN M.- Jack , Malh, Home Design maior, Audio-Visual I, Chips 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Swimming 2, 3, Wresfling 4, likes girls, social aclivilies, Going Io UCLA. OLDANO, ANNA TERESA- Ann , Language maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AFS 4, Fulure Teachers 3, Jr. Sfalesmen 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Likes marching in drill leam, parfies, cerlain boyil Dislikes cliques, Going Yo college. OLIVEIRA, DARLENE- Dar , English, Ari maior, Chorus I, 2, GAA 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Likes horses, Elvis, boys wilh blue eyes, backs of people's heads, Dislikes Wigloo, school, snobs, dumb blondes, Going lo be a hair sfylisf. PAIN E, SUSAN ELIZABETH- Sue , English, Spanish maior, Fulure Teachers 3, AFS 3, 4, Jr. Sfafesmen 3, Jr. Red Cross 3, A Cappella 4, Chorus 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Music Club 3, Likes wafer skiing, Twain Harle, Dislikes snobs, lower lockers, Going fo college. PALATINO, DONALD W.- Don , Mafh maior, Band 2, 3, Track 3, Likes money, Dislikes foreign cars, Elvis Presley, Going lo Sl. Mary's College. ing polile and serving lhe lea lo Ge? down off Ihe chair, Bonnie, My, foofball is a grubby game, isn'l' fheir mofhers. fha? door is hopeless. if, boys? HPGGCIISS and Cream-YC-0 HOD' eagerb awaiting graduation yet secret! earring it PALSAK, THOMAS MARK- Tom 3 Transfer from St. lgnafius 33 Art maior3 AFS 33 Blueprint 3, 43 Likes Berkeley3 Dislikes Latin, '49 Fords3 Going to college. PANNELL, BOBBY NELSON-HBODHQ Transier from Oakland Tech. 33 Math maior3 Likes little cars with big engines, girls3 Dislikes snobs, Russian ,salellies3 Going to college then Navy. PARKER, DOUGLAS ALLEN- Doug 3 English TTldlOf: AFS 43 Blue- print 43 Jr. Statesmen 43 Ski Club 43 Senior Play 43 Likes girls, good books, Mr. Mayes, ping-pong3 Going to college. PARKS, STEPHEN ELLISON-- Steve 3 Science maior3 Block A 3, 43 Chips 23 Ski Club 43 Swimming 2, 3, 43 Likes skiing, hunting, fishing, ian, sports carsg Dislikes hard work, CBdllldCS: Going lo San Jose Stale. PAULDING, STEVEN BRECKENRIDGE- SfeVe j Math, Shop I'Y1di0f: Football I, Z, 3, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 Likes reading, sports, mechanics3 Dislikes English, Spanish3 Going to college. PECK, TIMOTHY- Tim 3 English maior3 AFS 33 Likes rock and roll records3 Dislikes girls who try to act too cute3 Going to college. PENDLETON, JANE BROUGHTON-History, Art maior3 Fleur De Lis 33 AFS 3, 43 Rally Committee 33 Jr. Red Cross I3 GAA l, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes sailing, tolk music3 Going to San Jose State. PETERSON, WENDELL DAVID-Science, Math, English I'TldiOf: Likes ham radio3 Dislikes hOmEWOfk3 Going to college. PFEIFER, KATHERINE ANN- Tex 3 Transfer from Lamar, Texas 33 Math maiorg CSF 33 A Cappella 43 Chorus 33 Likes friendly Texans, yelling, bOYS: Dislikes snobs, snoopy people. PHAIR, WALTER JOHN- John 3 English, History, Science, Malh, Business maior3 Acalhonors 43 Blueprint 43 Block A 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Student Council 43 Football 23 Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Baseball I, 23 Tennis 3, 43 Likes sports, girls, sports C6753 Dislikes hard guys, SnObS3 Going to Duke University. PHAIR, THOMAS BARTON- Tom 3 Science, History maior3 AFS 43 Rally Committee 3, 43 Audio-Visual l3 Stage Crew I3 Jr. Slatesmen I3 A Cappella 43 Block A I, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Track I, 2, 43 Likes conservative, well-dressed D80Pl8j Dislikes tast drivers, rock and roll music, loud people who brag a lot3 Going to college. PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH PARMELEE- Pam 3 English maior3 CSF 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 AFS 3, 43 Rally Commiltee 3, 43 Dance Group 2, 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Water Ballet I3 Soph. Soc. Sec.3 Assistant Yell Leader 43 Likes people with school spirit3 Dislikes insincere people, the Edsel3 Going lo Stephens. PICKERING, STEPHEN- Steve 3 Transfer from Castlemont 33 Lan- guage maior3 AFS 3, 43 Rally Committee 43 A Cappella 43 Class Pres. 43 Swimming 43 Likes almost everything3 Dislikes rumors and the people who slarl themg Going Io college. PICKTON, SHAILER THOMAS- Shay 3 Transfer from International School, Bangkok, Thailand 13 Math, Science maior3 Fleur De Lis 33 AFS 3, 43 Audio-Visual 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 43 Jr. Statesmen 2, 33 Jr. Red Cross 2, 33 Likes dances and hi-fi3 Dislikes snobs and cold wealher3 Going to Air Force Academy. PIERCE, LINDA LU-Business maior3 CSF 3, 43 AFS 43 A Cappella 23 Chorus I3 Ski Club 43 Likes hunting, horseback riding and CHEVYSQ Dislikes Fords3 Going lo college. Clever Gretchen Van FRIENDUEST No matler what kind of slralegy you Urnmerson and Mike I Mr Hanson looks like hes en Ar dm use Acalanes can't be beat. Wood. A little goes a long way l0Ylf'9 ills lunch Baichelder Ph'H'p5 ,ml Green bills and brown com make .feniorprolylerm intereftin .-f-M, POGGI, MARGARET CAROL- Puggie 5 Transfer from Pleasant Hill High 45 Science maior5 Jr. Red Cross 25 Band I, 25 GAA 2, 35 Girls' Service 2, 35 Likes having fun on holidays5 Dislikes people Ihal' laugh al Iheir own iokes. PRAMME, JEAN KAREN- Karen 5 Transfer from Easf High, Sal? Lake 45 Science maior5 Dance Group 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Wafer Ballel 45 Public Safely Sec. I5 Assembly Dance Commilfee 35 Likes ouldoor aclivilies, movies, and dancing5 Going inlo social work. PULVER, DONALD- Don 5 Transfer from Sl. Freds 35 Malh maior5 Likes molorcycles, Corveiles, and Miramonle girls5 Dislikes snobs and foreign sporls cars. QUANDT, MARY LOUISE- Mary Lou 5 Spanish, Science maior5 Acal- honors 25 Fufure Teachers 3, 45 Likes music5 Going info nursing. QUICK, VIRGINIA ANN- Ginger 5 Transfer from Clear Lake High 35 Music maior5 AFS 3, 45 Fufure Teachers 35 Jr. Slalesmen 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella I, 25 GAA I, 2, 35 Drum Maiorelfe 45 Music Club Pres, 45 Likes Music, Iravelingg Dislikes idleness5 Going Io college and be a missionary. RASMUSSEN, SHERRYL FRICK-French, Science, English maior5 CSF 35 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 45 Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 45 AFS 45 GAA 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Wafer Ballel 3, 45 Class Sec. 45 Sfudenl Council 35 Likes swimming, wafer skiing, mounfains and Davisg Going Io college. RASMUSSEN, SHIRLEY JEAN- Shirl : English maior5 GAA l, 2, 3, Manager 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Wafer Ballel I, 25 Girls' League Sec. 45 Sfudenf Council I5 Likes all sporls, skiing, Carmel, and parIies5 Dis- likes people who Ihink Ihey're good, and Physiologyg Going Io college. RASMUSSEN, STEPHEN PAUL- Sleve 5 English, Mech. Drawing maior5 Fleur De Lis 25 Sludenl Council I5 Foolball I, 25 Likes hunling, fishing5 Dislikes girls who Ialk foo muchg Going fo college. READY, ROBERT GEORGE- Bob 5 Malh, Shop maior5 Likes holidays, girls, Iasl cars5 Dislikes school, slow cars5 Going Io college. REILLY, DOROTHY KAY- Dodie 5 French, History maior5 CSF I, 2, 3, Treas. 45 Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 45 AFS 4' Los Amigos 45 Dance Group 45 Band I, 25 Class Treas. 35 Music Council 25 Likes Italians, dances5 Going fo college. REINHART, SUE ELSA-Science, Language maior5 CSF I5 Acalhonors 2, 3, 45 Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 45 AFS 3, 45 Fulure Teachers 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Likes Hi-Fi5 Dislikes spiders5 Going to Davis. REINHEIMER, ANN- Annie 5 Language maior5 Acalhonors 45 Likes skiing, dancing5 Dislikes having Io hurry5 Going fo Cal. RICHARDSON, MARYANNE-English, Science, Language maior' CSF 3, 45 Acalhonors I, 2, 35 Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 45 AFS 2, 3, 45 Fulure Teachers 25 Yearbook Senior and Copy Edilor 45 GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Ski, Club 3, 45 Waler Ballel I, 25 Senior Play 45 Girls' League Rep. 35 Likes enfhusiaslic peopIe5 Dislikes cliques, avocados5 Going Io college. ROBERTI, STEVEN ALFRED- SIeve 5 Malh maiorg Chorus I5 Foolball 2, 35 Track I5 Likes cars, girls, parfies5 Dislikes sluck-up girls, qulel parfies5 Going lo college. ROCHA, GERALD- Jerry 5 Malh, Shop maior5 Likes model planes and boaIs5 Dislikes cars Ihal won'I sIarf5 Going lo become an aeronaulical engineer. Belfer nor wiggle, Tom Phair, or The besl par? oi the affer- we'lI never have the Progressive game dance is the refresh- So, why do we have Io come Io Seniors dine before The Soph Hop. Dinner. menls. school like ducks7 thought! of after vacation enticin Jienioritif minds, ROMINE, CHRISTINE CHAPIN- Chris , Spanish, Ari maior, Acal- honors 4, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, GAA I, Z, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Likes Tahoe, Bun, yelling, Going io college fo become a TV direclor, ROTH, McKIE- Nick , Maih maior, Fleur De Lis 2, BI:-ck A 3, 4, Chips I, 2, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Likes sailing, swimming, blondes, food, Dislikes long fingernails, boafs wiih molors, Gcing lo college. RUED GRACE EMILY-Science, Spanish major, CSF 2, 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 3, Fulure Teachers 3, 4, Jr, Red Cross 2, 3, Likes music, holidays, Volkswagens, Dislikes snobs, schocl buses, Going lo college. RUTHERFORD, RALPH ALFRED-Transfer lrom San Rafael 2, Science maior, Likes sporls cars, Dislikes American cars, Going lo Davis. SACHTJEN, SHERRY ANN- Shar , Business maior, A Cappella 3, Chorus I, Likes sporls, sporls cars, boys, and dancing, Dislikes bad spiril, Going io college, SCHEU, PURCELL-Language maior, CSF 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, Sec. 4, AFS 3, 4, Fufure Teachers 4, GAA I, 7 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, Treas. 4, Senior Play 4, Likes skiing and Ihe Easi Coasi, Going Io college. SCHMITT, WILLARD LEROY-Maih, Language maior, Chips 2, Foci- ball I, Track 2, 3, Likes girls, cars, and food, Going Io college. SCHRADER, CHARLES OTTO- Charlie , Math maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, Golf 2, 3, 4, Likes sporis and Math, Going fo college. SCHREIBER, RICHARD EUGENE- Dick , Mafh, Language maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, Block A 2, 4, Golf I, 2, 4, Likes food and baskefball, Going Io college. SCOTT, TONI LYNN-Hisfory, Ari maior, AFS 4, Fufure Tea'hers I, 2- Jr. Slaiesmen 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Wafer Ballef 2, Likes iennis and swimming, Going io fhe Universily of Arizona. SEARLS, NILES BRENNAN- Flash , Malh maior, Block A 3, 4, Chips 2, Siudenf Council 3, Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4, Cross-Counirv 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Wresfling 3, Likes Lilfle Richard, irack, some girls, and a Mercedes Benz, Dislikes Senior Problems, snobby girls, baseball, Going Io college, SEIL GERALD GILBERT- Jerry , Transfer from Richmond High 3, Mechanics maior, Likes cars and far away places, Plans lo go inlo fhe Service Ihen fo college, SERGEANT, JOHN DOVEL- Igor , Science maior, Spanish Honor- ary 3, Jr. Slalesmen I, Likes girls, rhyihm and blues, Dislikes slock cars, Going Io college. SHALLY, DENNIS MICHAEL- Denny , Science maior, L'kes vaca- Iions, and huniing, Dislikes Senior Problems, Going Io college, SHARP, JOANNE- Jo , Hislory maior, Jr. Red Cross l, A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus 2, Likes horseback riding, swimming, music, liieraiure, and mysieries, Dislikes oysiers, clams, and snobby people, Going Io college. Aklan's Sue Olsen sure is irusfin Blue rinI's Mich ll g p e e Mmrnm, Mr. I-Ianson's cake looks Mclfeegan wiih Aklan BEST DANCER Time our for a civil defense drill. delicious. money, Diana Nielsen Pele Morrissey Unbelievingb trying on their caps andgowns or aiu and a erin The symbolic candles are being placed SHAW, MAJOR- Burch , English, Hislory maior, AFS 3, Block A l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Likes girls and sleep, Dislikes Sr. Problems. SHURTLEFF, WILLIAM ROY- Bill , Malh, Science, English maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 2, AFS 4, Rally Commillee 3, Slage Crew l, Band I, 2, 3, Block A 2, 3, Pres. 4, Chips l, Ski Club 2, 3, Cil. Rep. 4, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Likes skiing and Volkswagens, Dislikes lazy people, Going io college. SIEBER, IRMGARD- lrrny , AFS 4, Jr. Slaresmen 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Waler Baller 4, Exchange sludenf from Auslria 4, Likes skiing, perlies, people, and football games, Dislikes olives and snobby people, Going lo college. SIEFKER, PATRICIA GRACE- Pai , Malh, Science, Language maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 3, 4, Rally Commiflee Sec, 4, Dance Group 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Class Treas. 2, Cil. Rep. 3, 4, Girls' League Pres, 4, Sludenl Council l, 4, Likes wafer skiing, reading and dancing, Dislikes wailing in line, Going lo college. SILVAN, CAROLYN ANN- Lynn , Business maior, Trans'er Irom Nolre Dame 3, GAA 3, 4, Likes chevies, Tahoe, and parfies, Dislikes snobby people and gelfling up in fhe morning, Going Io college. SIMMONS, JANE HALL-Hisfory, Language, Music maior, CSF 2, Spanish Honorary 3, 4, Acalhonors l, 3, 4, AFS 4, Band 2, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Likes Oklahoma and Fords, Plans lo go fo college. SMITH, JEANETTE- Jeanie , Enqlish, Science, Music maior, Acal- honors 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross l, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Dance Group 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, GAA I, 4, Waler Ballef 2, 3, Sludenl Council 3, Pompon Girl 4, Likes dancing and waler skiing, Plans lo go lo Davis. SMITH, LOUIS HUGGINS- Lou , Transfer from Adams 3: Malh, English, Science maior, AFS Program Chair. 3: Program Chair. 4, CSF 3, Sqi. af Arms 4, Jr. Slalesmen 3, Class Vice Pres. 4, Siudenl Council 4, Cochairman of CSF Commission 3, Boys' Slale 3, Likes hunfing and cars, Going lo Cal. SMITH, NANCY JO- Nan , Ari maior, Los Amigos 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Pompon Girl 3, Likes food, water skiing, and Clear Lake, Dislikes rain and speed drivers, Going lo college. SOMERS, ROBERT WESTGATE- Bob , Business maior, Audio-Visual I, Z, 3, 4, Likes work, food and money, Dislikes unfriendly people, Going info holel management SOREM, GAIL LOUISE-Malh, Language, Science maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, GAA 3, 4, Ski Club l, 2, 4, Waler Ballel 3 4, Senior Play 4, Class Sec. 2, Cil. Rep 4, Sludenl Council 3, Likes skiing, food, and swimming, Dislikes snobs, Going lo college. SOULT, BONNI LOUISE-Transfer from Judge Memorial, Salt Lake Cifv 4, English maior, Acalhonors 4, Blueprint 4, Likes snow skiing al Sal! Lake, Dislikes California's liquid sunshine, Going fo college. SPRAGENS, JUDY BETH- J. B. , Transfer from Milford High 3, Malls maior, Fleur De Lis 4, AFS 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, Likes swirnm'ng. music, and people, Dislikes Freshmen and Volkswagens, Going fo Cal. STARK, LINNEA ANNE-Marh, Music, Hislory maior, Jr. Red Cross I. 2, 3. 4: A Cappella l, Z, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Sfudenl Council 2, Music Council 3, Likes fun and foofball games, Dislikes snobby people, Going lo college. STEGMAN, DONNA LEE-Transfer from Bakersfield High I, Language maior, CSF 3, 4, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 3 4, AFS 3, 4, A Cappella 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Waler Ballei 3, 4, Senior Plav 4, GAA Vice Pres. 4, Likes oufdoors, arf, music, and happy people, Dislikes grumps and Malh, Going lo college. in fhe wreath by lhe new French Club Eal, drink, and be merry al lhe Senior Molher-Daughler ' I v members, Tea. Learning how To make an aulomoblle's insides' work worrying about the uncertain uture There's nofhi winning a award fo STEINKE, FREDERIC LAURISTON- Lauri 3 Mafh, Science maior3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Block A 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Swimming 2, 3, 43 Likes money3 Dislikes Senior Problems3 Going lo Cal Tech. STILES, STEPHEN JON- SIeve 3 Transfer from Roosevelt High 43 English maior3 Foofball 43 Swimming 43 Likes sporfs, cars, and swim- ming: Going fo college. STILLE, ROBERT BRYN- Bob 3 Mafh mdiofj Likes airplanes and Hudsons3 Dislikes Fords. STROSS, BRIAN-Transfer from Berkeley High 43 Spanish, Science maiorg Acalhonors I, 2, 33 A Cappella I, Z3 Sfudenf Council 33 Track I3 Likes Chevies3 Dislikes conceifed PQODIOZ Going Io Cal. SWITZER, DALE HUDSON-Transfer from San Ramon 43 Mafh maior3 Yearbook l, 2, 33 Band I, 2, 33 Cross-Counfry 33 Track 2, 33 Likes Swimming, Chess, and avialiong Dislikes careless drivers3 Go'ng inlo lhe service. TALLERICO, THOMAS- Tom 3 Transfer from Casfelsilano, Ifaly3 AFS 43 A Cappella 43 Likes faking frips, pina, dancing, Acalanes I-Iiqh3 Dislikes nof knowing very much English, hof dogs, coffee, iellog Going fo college Io gef a degree, fake a shorf visif lo llaly. TENGSTEDT, VIRGINIA ANN- Ginny 3 English maior3 A Cappella 23 Chorus I3 GAA I, Z, 3, 43 Ski Club I3 Likes Tahoe, fravelinq, Bosfon3 Dislikes silly boys, yelling, snobs, liver, bop3 Going fo college. THARSING, PENELOPE GAY- Penny 3 Spanish, English rnaiorg CSF l, 2, 3, 43 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 43 AFS 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 33 GAA I 2, 3, Senior Rep. 43 Senior Play 43 Likes Tahoe, summer vacafion3 Going fo Cal, THOMAS, SANDRA- Sandy 3 Transfer from Diablo 33 Language, Music maiorg CSF I, 2, 33 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Honorary 3, 41 Fufure Teachers I, 23 Blueorinl 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Likes marching in a cerfain drill Ieam, Drum Corps Group, cerfain boysg Dislikes cliques3 Going fo college. THRAILKILL, KELO ANN-Transfer from Beiruf, Lebanon 23 Arf, Span- ish. Hisfory maior3 CSF 2, 3, Sec. 43 Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 43 Los Amigos 43 Maioreffe 33 Sfudenf Council 43 Going fo ccllege. THURLOW, WILLIAM SCHEMEL- lill 3 Mafh. Science Music mdiofj CSF I, 23 Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 43 Fleur De Lis 23 Band I, 2, 33 Cross- Counfry 43 Baskefball 2, 43 Swimimng 3, 4: Likes music, snorfs, and eafingg Dislikes females3 Going Io be fhe firsf lo land on fhe moon. THURSTON, THOMAS HENRY- Tom 3 Mafh rrvaior3 Acalhonors 7, 3, 43 Band I, 23 Swimming 3, 43 Likes cars, parfies, girls3 Dislikes Senior Problems, workg Going fo college. TOWERS, TERREE HELENE-Mafh, Language maior3 CSF 23 Acalhon- ors I, Z, 3, 43 Fleur De Lis 3, 43 AFS 33 Ski Club 3, 43 Likes MaIibu3 Dislikes sneaky peopIe3 Going fo college. TRAYNOR, MICHAEL HAWS- Mike 3 English, Hisfory, Science ma- ior3 Spanish Honorary 3, 43 Ski Cluh I, 2, 3, 43 L'kes skiing, cars, parries, baskefbaII3 Dislikes English3 Going fo college. TREl.lJT, BILL ROBERT- Willia 3 Transfer from Sfockfon High I3 English, Craffs maior3 Runs fraclor and caf3 Likes fishing, hunfinqg Dislikes Warm weafherg Going Io be a rancher. ng like frack puf a Well, hello yourself, MOST TAI-ENTED smile on your face. Mr. Sfevensl The Seniors relax JI-'CIY H0fld!fS0'l JUFY A'Id0I'f' 'VH Shall we dance during P. E.? fayifzg good-19 e to that special perfon TUNNICLIFF, DONNA JEAN-Mafh, Science, Hisfory maior, AFS 4, Fleur De Lis 3, Dance Group 4, GAA I, 3, Manager 4, Likes skiing, Going lo college. TUTTLE, JOEY CRAWFORD-Hislory, French, English rnaior, CSF 3, Acalhonors I, 2, 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, Sec. 4, Senior Play 4, Class Treas. I, Sfudenf Council I, 4, Likes skiing, Blue and Gold, Going fo Cal. VAN UMMERSEN, GRETCHEN- GreIch , Transfer from Pleasanf Hill 2, English maior, AFS 3, 4, Subsfifule Pompon Girl 4, Likes Squaw Valley, Marla Bay, Dislikes rhubarb, pasfe, Going Io college, and a Irip fo Europe. VAUGHAN, RICHARD MERRIWETHER- Rick , Transfer from EI Cer- rilo 3, Mafh maior, Swimming 2, 4, Wreslling 4, Likes cars, food, Dislikes wriling, Going fo college. VEITCH, NANCY ELIZABETH- Nanc , Science, Mafh maior, AFS 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Waler Ballet I, 2, Likes skiing, Squaw Valley, parfies, Dislikes Brussel sproufs, snobs, Going info nursing af Oregon Sfafe. VOGEL, PETER TIETZEN- Pele , Transfer from Webb 3, English, Shop maior, Fooiball 2, Track Z, Soccer Z, Likes nice girls, Dislikes Debfs, Going info Marine Air Force and Ihen finish college. WADDELL, NORMAN ALLAN- Mac , English, Hislory maior, CSF 4, Acalhonors 3, 4, Fleur De Lis 2, Blueprinl 3, Sporls Edifor 4, Los Amigos 3, A Cappella 4, Block A 4, Chips I, Z, 3, Ciliienship Com- miffee 2, 3, Boys' Federafion Treas. 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Foolball 2. 3, Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Likes Miami Beach, Bimini and fhe Fishawk Ill, Dislikes golfers, Going fo college. WALKER, SUZANNE- Sue , Business maior, Jr. Sfaresmen I, Chorus Z, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Likes wafer skiing, Lake Tahoe, Going Io I-lealds Business College. WALTHER, TERRY-Transfer from Cincinnafi 2, Science, Mafh maior, AFS 3, 4, Likes malls, hamburgers, cokes, Going To Cal. WEAVER, TERRY JEROME-Transfer from Clover Park 3, Science, Mafh maior, Foofball I, 2, Track I, 3, Likes skiing, playing soccer in fhe mud, Dislikes Cadillacs, Volkswagens, Going to college. WEBSTER, VIRGINIA- Gingy , Transfer from Washingfon, D. C 4, Lalin, English, Hisfory maior, AFS 4, Fulure Teachers 4, GAA 4, Ski Club 4, Likes fhe Easf, high socks, Dislikes popcorn, Going fo Cal. WEED, ELIZABETH ROSALYN- Bel'fy , Transfer from Technical High 3, Language maior, Likes ice skating, swimming, vacalionsp Dislikes homework, Going Io college. WENDEL, LULU JUNE- Lu , Transfer from Milwaukee 2, Malh, Lan- guage, Hislcry maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, Spanish Honorary 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, Fufure Teachers 2, Jr. Sfalesmen 2, Chorus 2, Ski Club 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Likes people, pina, Dislikes snobs, Going to college. WESTPHAL, BRUCE ARTHUR-Transfer from Oakland High 3, Science maior, Likes everybody, almosl' everything, Dislikes girls who fhink Ihey are cool, Going fo college. WHITNELL, LYNN-Transfer from Aquinas Academy 2, Language, Science, Clofhing maior, Acalhonors Z, Spanish Honorary Sec. 4, AFS 3, GAA 2, 3, Pres. 4, Wafer Ballel 2, 3, 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Likes boys, fun, Going fo college. The cheerleaders seem fo be mooching in on the baskefball feam's rackel. Lunch fime is relaxin' lime. bidding farewell to your yan at Acalanef WILLIAMS, THOMAS EDWARD- Tom , Math maior, AFS 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Likes blondes wifh blue eyes, new cars, Going fo college. WILLIAMS, WENDELL WESLEY- Wen , Hisfory maior, CSF I, 2, Acalhonors l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, Z, 3, Chips 3, Baseball 2, Golf I, Likes Anne, cars, baseball, Anne, foofball, baskefball, Anne, Going fu college. WILLIAMSON, BARBARA JEAN- Barb , Business rnaior, AFS 3, Jr. Red Cross Z, GAA I, 2, Ski Club 2, Likes popular music, pina, skiing, Tahoe, Going fo Healds Business College, WILLIAMSON, DAVE BAIIRY- Willy , English, Mafh maior, Chorus l, Block A 3, 4, Chips 2, Foofball 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Likes sporfs, hunling, Dislikes school, Goin9 fo college. WILLIAMSON, DAVID- Dave , lransfer from El Segundo 3, Yearbook 3, Boy Eagle 3, Block ES 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Going fo Territorial College of Hawaii. WINANS, JAMES WALLACE-- Jim , Transfer from Marysville High 4, Business maior, Sfudenf Council l, Z, 3, Baskefball l, 2, 3, Tennis Z, 3, Likes skiing, golfing, and baskefball, Dislikes playing poker, WISER, PATRICIA LEE- Pal , Business maior, Likes History, frav- eling, Going fo college. WOOD, MICHAEL BRUCE- Mike , Transfer from Berkeley High 2, Mafh, Science, Hislory, English maior, Acalhonors 3, 4, Los Amigos 4, Block A 3, 4, Chips Z, Sludenf Council 3, Cross-Counfry 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Likes parries, girls, can-can, sporfs, Dislikes unfriendly girls, Senior Problems, Going fo Cal. WOOLF, ALICE FRANCES-Arf, English, S anish maior, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Honorary I, 3, 4, Blueprinl 3, GAA I, Likes music, Dislikes cals, Going Io college. WOOLFOLK, JAMES MARTIN- Jim , Transfer from David Millard Z, Science, Math maior, Likes cars, girls, hunting, fishing, Dislikes School, Going fo college. WOOLRIDGE, JON-Transfer from Soufh Wesr High, Missouri 3, Sci- ence, Malh maior, AFS 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Foofball 3, Senior Play 4, Likes I907 Reo's, sporfs, philosophy, Dislikes sfraw bales, coffee, Going fo college, and find new advenfure. WRIGHT, BARBARA ANN--English maior, Likes English, foofball games, Dislikes Chemislry, Going fo college. PHOTOGRAPHS NOT AVAILABLE BASCHEN, SHARON DIANE- Sherri , Language, Hislory, Clofhing maior, Acalhonors I, 3, 4, AFS 2, 4, Furure Teachers 2, Jr. Sfafesmen I, Jr. Red Cross 4, Fencing Club 2, Likes foofball games, music, Dislikes snobby people and bees, Going fo college, JOHNSON, ANTHONY KYLE- Toby , Ar? maior, Likes cars, especial- ly Chevrolel lmpalas, Dislikes school, Plans fo go lo Los Angeles Arf Cenfer. ROSS, ROBERT-Aulo Shop maior, Likes cars, radios, fishing, Dislikes Fords, Going info mechanical work. You aren I using if again, They re all showing Chrusrmas s iril WITTIEST are you? Mr. Glines, you know you shouldn'f eaf in class. francais Ar? OeViIlers L11 Davis ADAIR, scorr ADAMS, WARREN AGENO, MIKE AGUIRRE, PETER AMIDON, PERRY ANDERSON, KEMI ANDERSON, MARILYN ARMSTRONG, ROBERT ARRIGO, PAUL ATHANSON, PAUL AULD, SUE BAINBRIDCE, JONI BAKER, JOAN BAKER, PAM BALAAM, CHRIS BALAAM, MIKE BALBINI, SYBLE BANKS, JOHN BARBER, DICK BARBER, ROBERT BARDEN, BOB BARNUM, KATHIE BATES, MARCIA BAUER, JOHN BEATEY, TOM BEHM. BONNIE BELL, DIANE BETTENCOU RT, LU RLINE BIASOTTI, CAROLYN BIASOTTI, DAVE BILLINGS, DIANE BLYTHE, DeELLEN BOLSTAD, DAVE BOOTH, BILL BRADSHAW, CHUCK BRANSTAD, BARBARA BRITOS, BRUCE BROGDON, SHARON LEE BROWN, KATHIE BRYANT, MADELINE BUCHANAN. JANICE BURKHART, BARRY BUTLER, CHUCK CADMAN, DIANE CAM PBELL, DALE CARLISLE, JIM CARMAN, JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, CAMILLE CHRISTIANSEN, JOANN CHRISTIANSEN, KAY CHURCH, JANE CLARK, JUDY CLUCAS, BONNIE COLWELL, BILL CONDIT, RHILL COOPER, ROBIN CAUCH, CHARLES CULBERTSON, KATHY DAVIS, HAZEL DeHAAN, SUZANNE DICKSON, HENRY DIETZ. RICK DINWIDDIE, HELEN Ilmfing had cz long hamf ' N' ,, 5 ,L -R in -R P' , V -SA QI ,. :D - ,.- -B fi' R I2 J, , -', .,. 1, . 3 1 , R 1- ' PI ' , .ff .2 'R U. ! ' I ,Q ,A A AF' ' A .eff : M ,4 X MA CZ gr AJ 'L 3' Q V' ' - - A- f: QL g., iq .- N K ,I , , -I-' 53. , - ' A 1 .... - Im L ,A Q-. I-V1 , 5- X-B,,,y 1 Ax , . A I IRBEQBRBI I A . ,.,. b, , QE L A -I i A LA, 31 ' ., if f' J .-o A' 2 L, ' ,,.fii:f' 5 . q A .T A itz v 3 r wk? if if Q ,J 1 A.. . A ,,, , in E , gr' - 5 A I A AB . 'Ii , A 4 vu. ,' ' -wx if N F' I if .al W ,X C: 'BR 7 Q ,ll iz, ' :ji 'L KB N- :rj R- 5 -iw? , A My l X A AN A . X ' A I .ASW B is xx . ' A , I A ff A ff- M I SL., A I M, 'S , YQ? ' QP' ' ' ff' 'Pl Ad fb A-4 A L . . S -I . A 1 4 '1 as ., f' ,Y , I, . , J 'T 'E 2 I , A ' B 4 1, . --Ef E E ,y it I K .' . A It , A Q ' I KB M 3 Q, L I Q Q' -f A ,, c E A ED X NX. 'Q , - , ' . ' RP Q , .V T, , . ., K I B 1 'fi'-. -. C xxx .'::. x I. W fi- A A K4 , f ,Q SA :C Uirgf if L B IM I--rem, . , - '16 T A ,L B , ell -5 A , - 7, , tw, :Pl 3, ffm, .., 1 ' ' , K f f R f , A-5. H, -' - 7 Y R Y K. 'xg -1, , 'L I KA. I ' I ' NC' A ' I X I I finish , K A , ,I fi N I. wp! C 1 , .551 :Q Q. 3 'K' Y -' I M , Z' ,. 'Z f .1 -' . R -,-W f L A A j I r ,ff f z I ,k I I BI ' 'BB A ,XL Successfully leading the Junfor class fhe Presidenf, Mike Macdonald, Pasfe! bafhroom Iissues sure came Secrefary, Carolyn Echolsg SOCIBI Secrefary, Joan Wesfphalq Vice-Presidenf, in handy when decorafing for fhe Dan F-wk, NO' PiC7U 9d. TVPGSUYGY. -'HHS Sdf1d2I'S0r1- Jun'or Prom. Acalanes' Iufure scienflsis Impress a parent ha' DREYER, CARL DUGAN, LINDA ECHOLS, CAROLYN EMERSON, KAREN EMERSON, SUSAN ESELIUS, DONNA EVANS, LARRY FERGUSON, ANN FERRY, CAROLE FREDMAN, JEANNIE FUNK, DAN GATHES, HILLARY GELHAUS, JOYCE GENTRY, JIM GLOTFELTY, SHARON GOGSTAD, ELAINE GOOD, DON GRAVES, JOHN GREBLO, GARY GREEN, BILL GREENEICH, EDWIN HAIL, JOAN HALL, TOM HALLSTONE, DAVID HAMM, KAREN HANSEN, GARY HARDY, BRIAN HART, BONNIE HAUSKENS, NANCY HAYMAN, RICHARD HEDQUIST, TIM HELLIN, KAE HILE, JUDY HUEDEL,JUNE HOLLENBECK, DALE HOLLISTER, STAN HOPKINS, JUDIE HOSFORD, JOHN HOWE, MARTHA HUNT, DONNA HUNT, GEORGE JACUZZI, KEN JANZEN, PAT IAOUES, SUZANNE JELLETT, BARBARA JENSEN, GORDON JOHNSON, MARCI KAVERT, RAE KIESEL, CORKY KING, BETH KINGSLEY, ROBIN KNLIDSEN, PEDER KOSER, KAREN KRITCHER, MIKE LANEY, HANK LANEY, JUDY LAVEZZI, VICKI LeCLAlRE, DAVE LEE, BRENDA LEE, JOANNE LEGG, RUSSELL LELAND, LORI LERCARI, FRED abulouf yur Jum Walker models one of the men's slyles whuch became very popular. Rally s ff' I is 5: ' T R . A. 1 r R- D L , n ,x y , Y I Y , nzgiur A Auf . I L , 'Z 3 - I .- if 'fl'-' rv- T' ' A' 'O ,N T' A -4 ' ' ' f' Lf W A ,, 'TW E L M. N 1 if ,BEM .Aman L-' X A 4 .H Q 'I Q' nv n gg Q' ,, I ,QW V! Y it , A B B , , , J f ll I iffff I lien W, 1 -. A ,ESSEX A si LI Af fb - ,Q , I I w I , . ,Q . ,Q . -,JI 5-I f.. A W , A , Q3 W ' . - , ' A B -. D- 11 ,. A v, 1 sg, , F, y Xt? A V 4 Sr' ,W gl-A I ,. - ,, K ,r T G , , 49. 'S ,I 4 , bay, 'T ' -- . pr ,Q Y 5 1, 1 -L. : kv' Y 3 X Qu? , ,. X IN .fs A 'F I Q ' J, A lg, v. 'X 0, 3- 1' ' 'Q ' I, V Q K K. '- L ' ' I , , .LP ff A B Q J, W 1 7 N 2 yi X .AK ..4 A Rf 1 I gf ,F 2 v-J' a fo- ' 2 fx V W x f , ' I 41 1' I Sl IR I A xml 'fi C: Q An v 4? -V -:b so-. I? .f A A W' . f 5 'I A , a - ' f ,1 I - . ' I , -A If I TQ ' W T ' 'J F 5'-'vim 3 ti: ai T' 'ev , 'QI' J I , jv if ... A 5 - j ' 3 :3 I Yer? H W Yi '- f , M A , , 4 A df' I E serving af an after-school dance. Mr. Garvey describes how a Sputnik works? No, if looks like he is IeachInq a special class of the Russian language. , A , . .- am LI , ff -I ,., 4, I A 5. Q' 'Y fs if, I 'A It 1' gkg If ,Aw ,I -' 1 gp , A A I A ' J -V Ali 1, TM-v G' li ig-V A 2: L. :Q tag, ty., , I L, , 115, A I . 5 L , K..' k A K .7 , . V- -:I .g, :,. i I .iii A my I S 1 I RL? I 1 2. ' A 1 ' V N i , .11 f A Vi it Q ng X ' I ,Q ' K R 'L C .2 A L I . I tx' I I I .J - - .. 74' ' ' ' it 9' QL f 7 1 g - 1 ' I ' I ,ff ' if , X I . I 4' I :I If X . J QCA? .. I , . , A . 3 if at 4 0 T ' ' ' 'X ' ' Q .AEI Af, N AIR I .mdk A . A I M45 . L4 'V X14 ' I kvgyi ,, E I '13 .L .5 - V ,L 4 K C. P' : r' 1 -gig' fr' ' I 11' Q' 'A , L A Q xg, '1 A, 1:3 'w , 4- j iq ' MJT I ' ' :A Y V I. A Q Q L, , , l , k I '4 J ' A in-1+ T ' i , I ' gl? Q v' TASK? ' ' f A T T I -'ffl .L Y, Rig' I C U ' 1 F 45, I ' A, ' T I A . Y. LEWIS, BONNIE LITTLE, JOAN LOHDEN, FRED LOMBARDO, SAL LUNDBERG, CARL MACDONALD, MIKE MACDUFF, SUE MACFARLANE, LEO MARAGLIA, FRANK NIARCI-IUS, vAL MARELLO, Roe MARKEY, SUE ELLEN MASON, DENNIS MATTSON, JORGE MAZAIKA, MIKE MEI-IL, MURLE MEINBRESS, BOB MERKER, AL MERKLE JIM MILBURXI ROSEWARY MORGAN ELLEN MORRIS, MIKE MURPHY, PAT MYERS, MAXWELL MYERS, PRUDY MCAULIFFE, MIKE MCCALL, YVONNE NICCRACKEN, MARCY MCDONALD, cLAIR MCFARLAND, SUSAN McINTYRE, STEvE MCKEEGAN, MICI-IELE MCMEANS, GEORGE NISSEN4 BARBARA NOACK4 JOHN NOBLE, MIKE NOEL, LEATRICE OLBERG, DIANE OLSON, SUE PALMER, KATHY PARKER, JUDY PARTLAND, JUDY PERRY4 BONNY PETERSON ROBERT PETERSON, RICHARD PICKERINGA DENNIS POULTON,JIM PLJLLMANA VALERIE RASMUSSEN, KY REBSCHER, WENDY RENNER, BARBARA RICE, STEVE RIDDELL, RICHARD RINNE ROBERT ROACH, ROSEMARIE ROBERTS, BROOKE ROBERTS, VALERIE ROBERTSON, SCOTT ROMASCAN ED SALO, ROBERT SANDERSON JULIE SARRA ROSEMARIE SAUNDERS, GEORGE Iuyilling our re.fp011Jz'b1'liQI af under-ulolberclmiffizefz Carl Iiqhu Mary s candle for The band Tunes up before The Chrinmds Performances wifh CIIH Franco aI The lI's OhIs way-you punch hoIeS In Vhe Ieefher, and The Fleur de LIS IYUIGIIG ION piano. Then you Iece If up. ceremony SCALINETTI, CAROL SCHNEIDER, MARY SCHNEIDER, SUSAN 1? - ' SCOTT, DONNA ' , SENGER, DALE YY. . 1 A I V SHAFTER, LINDA SHAW, JOHN R I SHEEHAN, PAT SILKITIS, DAVE S M! I I ,E SILVEIRA, RICHARD ' SQLRY , 7. v .G SINDA'-1L.JEANNIE 1. 535 9 54 ' 1 SINGER, LINDA 'E A- j-f,, . - 1 ' SMART4 ANNIE vf XQE I SNYDER, aETsY , Q L . I E Ja A 1 SOARES, CLARICE N SOMMER, JULIE , - SONNTAG, FRED 4 , W GF gr ,E L E' , 5 SQUIRE, TOM f I grid., b . STRATTON, sos ,, ' I ww . STREIO JACKIE V y 1 ' y 'W' Wl, fl 3 STUBBLEFIELD, GEORGIA -I , ' X g Q f I L . STULTS, DWAINE TAGGERT, AL ' Y, TESSLER, DENNIS , , A 'R .ax THARSING, PAT J' ' .x 9, 3 O , 's' TINKER, LARRY ,arg W . Q V rg' A , ,,. - TRANSANO, VINCE X , Lip., I, C , rg v V TYCER, BERT 4 J A A K Wm- A 1 f ULRICH, BILL VALORY, CRAIG VAN UMMERSON, LINK -I - I 1. ,. WALKER,JIM fs, - A 'f I . ' J WALTERS, DIANE A .5 . . 465, V N- f T ,W I M, . WARREN, STANTON - Q N: L ,,, A 3 qi WAYLAND, KIRK A, --f ' II Q, W X ,N I n- 'YW .423 LT F I J. .QP WESTPAHL, JOAN i WIDEL, LOLAINE WISEMAN, BRUCE , WOOD, SHARON , 2 A f ff I WOODSAGAIL W ' gf' R- In 'if ' WYLIEI RICHARD - .: 'QE' .A -. YONGE4 BILL Y 'Z' .ff 'MA-' 'ga arf? , Af' I A I' YORBA, sos :V f v , h Q JUNIORS NOT PICTURED ANTROBUS, JAY GAVEY, PAUL MEIMA, TONY TAUFER, JEAN ARDEN, ELIZABETH SEER, LES MITCHELL, ROBERT THAURERGER, JANICE BIGELOW, NEIL HANSON, JIM POLK, RICHARD TIMONEY, MARILYN CONDIT, TOM HARTWELL, KAREN REUTHER, PAM WHETESTONE, GAIL CURTIS, TAD KENT4 SHERRIE SELIX, GLEN WRIGHT, JUDY DONELSON, ROBERT LIPPOLD, JOE SOULT, COLETTE licking to be the omzerf of Senior Hall fv- zt. 1 y,,v we +V , A W is, .. E 'v 'Q 1 I P 1. A r V -ff E .J KA ' 1 9 A 16 0 , ' ' I ' 1 'C 1 'fi' A X' 4 15543 . ' ' 4, , f ' ,L f' 1 M: in 4 fm.. Q A L we I I I Whaf would the Dons do wifhouf Juniors, George McMeans and Mike Krifch- Here We 59? 'F' er displaying fheir rivalry ' Sophomofef 'd'? 1' in a Blueprinf Boys Federa- Junior pros baffle if Ou? .for The ping-pong Ing fhe Junior pung- Acalanes afhleies display gym cheese cake. fion noon game? championshlp. POM! P'aY '5- a ,-A ,rw- sv' 7 A. Ax-ESQ , fl k y 1-.' A, CAI' .E fx-N Li ix i S I A 4 I Y-rf M -L l 'Y If A .' ,I rv , E 49, , I .': :S X ef f if ax i A ,- 555 I vp! 4 ..- fi, M , ,IJ A ii? Af., f A.xnf'iS 553 Leading Yhe Sophomore class are Vice-Presidenf, Bill Pinkusg Secretary, Vicki Morrison: Social Secrl- The miqhiy Soph boys see all, know all, eat all Iary, Julie Bushg Treasurer, Anne Evans, Presidenf, Jim Allen. ,fam 'ww . M, I Clofing the IMIIZITZBI' and openin ',a-I Iv. V' . -+L 4 , .rr , K M .. iw, S ,Jr ,, ,. , If I s . I ,.f- 1. , 5-keg! A' I my A .JE .. I 1 A, , ,v ' A ,M . , ,,,, 1- R 3 '-T' A . ,J , 'IA' Y mf I 6,7 ' li. . ,A X I A1 I 4 I Z 5 1 ,. EL, 4 Us I f SSW L I lv ' , . .a - '95 vw xf -J I E if ki Q 'iff E Haig , Y 51 Yfj V Q A Jiv, 'cw 9 'Q if 0 K. ff A ' 1 f Af ' 4 51 lx X 9 AHA Ji.,-SH , L .1 f fn r- ,A , , vw r , A Ar 's 1, QQ' :ui , I 5 Ji Y 'P . ,.,-I ,iii M f C S jiri ,, vvxr X NS., -E f,, V r.,,' J ,rf E29 2' 3' Q . , v-v Rv,- v ' A Rf! pf!! lr PA 'IL AL ,N . Q . f Q' , I 5 ff in ' :I ,, . I f .Ah ' J , , I J , - fb ,- 'Ik ,- 53 W A J. L - QL, II 'J '- , A 0-I , ,, if 1 I KM.. L C .-tif: , 1 :,...'..,:,x I J . my A I AL fi 1. I 1 53 9 -fr AA. 'X f . , 1 ,, -., ,. ,Q -.. .,- ,. 9 cf? Ago, I X. Q, A.- Q 2 ,of T' if 'T' ' ,anis 4' EIS! A L13 f , A-Q' Jr X h, .EJ -CT -,3 I 11 - mf A ABBOTT, HOLLY AKSELSON, JON ALBERT, BILL ALLEN, JIM ANDERGGEN, LINDA ANDERSON, GEOFF ANDERSON, LINDA ANDERSON, PHILL ANDERSON, IOM ANSLEY, OAROL ARESYEN, AL ARRIOO, JUDY ATHANSON, JOHN AzEvEDO, JOE BAIRD, GERRIE BALESTERI, DOMINIC BARANTE, MARILYN BARR, SANDY BAUER, JUDIE BEGLY, ARCH BENIOFF, KAY BENSON, ELLEN BETAOUE, LINDA BLAISE, CHARLENE BLEILER, SUE BOHANNAN, JIM SOLCE, SALLY BRANDT, ROGER BREKKE, GARY BRITOS, LELAND BROADHEAD, DOROTHY BROOKS, JANE BROWNING, SALLY BUCHANAN DIANE BURT, ROGER BUSCH, JULIE CALDERON, MARILYN CASAZZA, ANDY CASWELL, CECILE CASAURANO, SHERRIE CLAPP, MARY OHERRY, DIANE CLIFFORD, LINDA COLIN, PAUL CONNERS, DON COOPER, TOM CORNFORTH, ROB CORSE, ARTHUR COSSO, LOUIS OOTELLA, JOHN OOUDEN, HENRY CROUCH, BILL CULLEN, RAND CURRAN JOHN OIJSTARD, JERRY DAVIS, DICK DAVIS, LARRY DeLANCEY, SHARON DESCH, KATHY DICKSON, PAT DODGE, BRUCE DOWNEY, MIKE DRAKE, LINDA mfnfff, DOW Hot dogs cokes and Ihaf II-' I I H ' ' ' - . , c Ifee for Ihe vicforious dgnnger an e Won fismwnelifxf Yam han Never fear' Mr! waldrlow S near' Jim Sllvdd Lelland BHHOISIYIJMT BIN Crouch BFQ E B POOI' I E YOQ the .fclaoolyemf with cz Part for all . . . DUNKLE, DONNA DUNN, MARY JO EDWARDS, DAVE EDWARDS, MARILYN EGLESTON, RANDY ELVIN, FRAN EVANS, ANN EVERETT, RON EVES, JEFF EZNEKIER, JOHN FAGUNDES, BEVERLY FARLEY, ALLEN FELTING, CAROL FERRO, SANDY FEGUERRA, WILBUR FLEMING, JIM FLENNER, FRED FLOYD, CHESTER FOLEY, BILL FRANTZICH, DIANE FREEMAN, DALE FREEMAN, DOUG FREEMAN, MILLER FREEMAN, NEAL FRY, RANDY FULLERTON, DIANE GALLAGHER, BONNIE GANDEL, FRED GARFIELD, DEE GATGENS, DIANA LEE GEER, BETTY GLIMME, TOM GRAHAM, FRANCIS GREEN, CHARLES GROSVENOR, GARY GUDMUNDSON, CAROL GUYON, JERRY HACKWOOD, CAROLYN HACKWOOD, MARILYN HANSON, PEGGY HARMON, JANE HARRIS, BILL HARTLEY, RUSS HARTMAN, GAIL HARTMAN, ROGER HAWK, ROBERTA HAWKENS, MARGARET HAYWARD, LINDA HEARNE, JOHN HEISER, JEANETTE HERMANN, RAYLENE HILL. BILL HOLDEN, JIM HOLLAND, STEVE HORONJEFF, RICHARD HORTON, JOAN HOVEY, JACK HOWELL, SHARON HUBBELL BEVERLY HUFFAKER, CAROLYN HUFFT, RON HUME, DIANE HUNNICUTT, ARTHUR .M ,N V ,E fr ' f' ' Op --A , ,QQ I 1 f ' 7 -1 .f:.,,:- QW, ,tk 1 I I ffl ict? . ' ia 'I' AT M 'xi-'L' ' X K X 1 ' I H A , 1 M I A ,I Fiqh J ff' I 'M ' A mlm I 1 xml WSI . 5 .Q 1 V v ' I A45 ' 'f,,fs-5 ' au' H? . 51' S' wig, 62. A A 'Q' AWP? if ,- G i Y , Aki Qf - ,.,L ,If .- w Q , I, n ' 941 ,W A . 1' , , Q X if J ' ' ,., Ven .w , QS I' Is thai a foofball player in The Karen M'IIer pins David Chow down for the Ssphomorea. The Soph Hop is only Iwo hours hear? of Africa? Raynes. away, bm we'Ie dmcsr finished, Gehin wrappe In your Kafhy 9 d Al95c011z1'1'11g with fl96P6lP6fll61l volleyball tmlbby. . . AI I A L , ' -- T' ,I 3 ir: 1 4 ' . ' IX ' T ' . fp, I ku, X ' x , 1 L A - . . lf, , si 4' '24 ff A ,, c ,al du- T. , , 4 ' AW 7 I 'I T f ff f ' A .16 .y:- A Ei . ALM, -f.: . T ,, . Q , J , 1, if S I A ' Aw' 5, Wy FJ ' 'E' , , 5 .f , QM f ll ,L . T. Ax, F v xx, , - Ll aw X., 4 'QA' Q- LQ, Y Q X qw, ? ff 5 W M 3 7, Ak g, I v gl JY IQ ff , 3 1' Ii I T I ' L X I8 .yr-fi 'iq I I- A Y t 4 ,L E ' '37 ' ? 'N J . 1 -', 'L , 1 I ' , ' AQ A I E 11 . Y Q , A LA 4 I, If . - A '. 1' rw , ,, , ' V 7 7 ,, - ,Q f- ' 5 tw, - E, 1 ,X ff jf L J ,, ggi, ., R , - l I ,I I 'K ' xv, -1-1 A Ti . T Q I it 2 If-5 'Z 7 'W it y Rs' -. v,, A 5 I 'Y' J. YY' IW' 1 Y rYYEI I: M 'Q 'Q 'N 32'-I M 'I I I' If xx . QI id, wr ' I 5417 Y. ,..-.., .v- 11 QA ' 1 ef . T' V97 ALL iriri 4 an L MA Ex ff Lit, Ar N. A .17 ff! Wk 3 J Q' J v Y ,. X , v A Q! A Vt wg k J , J 'vt .1 Z 'vt 'Tl -KAN if iv- , L n. Q? X, LJ' ww 'O' L Y XI' YQ' AJ W L J, is , 3:5 .,. 8-I ruins-E1 5, ' s fx? if .ff I ' f A+. 4. .J 'ff J . HUNZIKER, GRETCHEN INGHAM, LANI INGWALDSON PHIL JAMISON, MARILYN JANES JANET JENCKS, BILL JENSEN, CAROLYN JOHNSON KAREN JOHNSON SANDY JOHNSTON ROGER JONAS, DAVID JONES, BARBARA JONES CAROLYN JONES, DAVID JONES JIM JORDEN, SUE JUNKER, RAIPH KAVERT, DENNIE KEETON CAROL KELLEHER, DENNIS KING DON KINGSLEY, LINDA KLEY ESTHER KNADDENHERGER LOU KNOBEL, PHIL LJERANCE, JACKIE LAITY. JUDY LAMPI-IERE, STEVE LANDES, LARRY LANE. JAN LAPACHET, GABRIELLE LARSON DAVE LAURIDSEN GLORIA LAYTON, JOHN LEE, BILL LELAND, VALERIE LESCURE, PETER LIEN. KAREN LIENTZ, STEVE LINCOLN, NATHAN LINDEMUTH JAKE LINDSEY, DENNIS LINK, PAT LINOTTI, ED LOCKEY4 BOB LONG, BILI. LONG JEFF LOTTER, NANCY LUNA, DIANE LUND, KAREN LYNN, ALICE MACPHERSON JERRY MADRID BARRY MAHONEY GALE MALOON, LYNN MARSALA, JAMES MARTINO,GERALD MATTSON KEN MAX.JOI-IN MAYFIELD BARBARA MEINFIRESS BEVERLY Ml' LFR, KAREN MILLER, LYNDA O r camera cauqhi two They've go? The Iock Diane Cheery requests Iwo fhIeves, remember, boys? cfchampions. French Club nledqes fo sign in. Bmkin in the honor 0 . . MILLS, GARY MINOR, TOM MONTALBANO, PETER MONTGOMERY, LINDA MORRILL, CAROLYNN MORRIS, BILL MORRISON, VICKI MOSSMAN, JIM MOSSMAN, MARION MURPHY, JUDY McCAULEY, JO ANNE McCORMICK, JIM MCKENZIE, JUDY NELLER, DAN NELSON, DON NELSON, JUDY NEWELL, GAIL NIELSEN, LANCE NUNLEY DON ODDONE, JERRY oRNELLEs, MARLENE ORR, DIANE O'TOOLE, PAT PALMER, GEORGIA PARKS, MARILEE PAULOVIC, DIANE PEABODY, KAREN PECKENHAM, JUNE PEDDER, BILL PEJOVICH, LEWIS PEREGOY, BILL PETERS, LORIN PIAZZA, BARBARA PIMLEY, BARBARA PINGREE, BARBARA PINKUS, BILL POLK, JIM PORTER, JUDY POULTON, JANET QUARLE, JACK QUENZEL, LINDA RAMBO, MARY RAPHAEL, LESLEY RAYNES, DAVID REBSCHER, VICKI REED, MIKE ROBBINS, JEFF ROBERTI, STAN ROBERTSON, BARBARA RoccA, ROY RoDEsoue-H, CAROL ROESCHEN, CHARLIE ROI-IRSCEIEIII, JIM ROSS, GUY ROSSI, JERRY ROSSI, RICHARD ROSSOVICH, ERIC ROTH, DIANNE SAMMAN, FRANK SANDBERG, BOB SCHEU, STEVE SCHMIDT, BETTY SCHROEDER, STEPHEN ns '- ' . If- I 'ff I , J ff' .iAQ.', L, K+. ,I RYA-. I E.. In ..?'.,' ,A . E' I I IVA 1 1 ' L I I 9 , ' 4 52, V A Xkqr Awqzjny my 7 X iw- QE, 3 'Y , .Q-E I 5 i 1 ' ' I L , L :si -Q- Ikxigu-f , Q ' 5 Yi I.. R a Eg. ' : ,. L.. X W , .zfzs . r Q35 1. 5 A. A Q ,X- R Y E' A W 1 4 , .TQ I kr' frail: ' 1 EL - Ivf' FI Feasfinq on Fancy French Food? E 5 ,J Y ,Jf Fw- ,-' ' 1 qw I A 5 J A wr I 'A gm . ,y :JV AI f' RY' 3353 JI Tie S ,K,g E I I ,f ,. I 'rf fx? , . A .- fl h 1. ,qs 'I tk,- . I I I A-A A1 2. ,Mi I J 'figs 4 Y 4 T -E: QV. 7 E I III I-:. ': .eff I 'x FI A. 6,1 J 11. .. ' t,- W x A 0 if 4 E 1 It .AI I 'II .JC 3' I. V ,J X ,, ,,,e IQ: Wil . 'LA lan I K by E '57 Ii ft., , E. , for A nf J, 74 Charades in French, wha? nexf? 7. 'A-I ,t I ' fr A I n 'I .,aA-'Q' l ,j . ' 125:34 - T' ,- 'T 'I .E I M Q3 I 4 3 7' if -2, gg, 1 , 5 1 ' A f 1? W ,W .. . , , 7 ' H L' , 'Je 'Q 1 I . I , v 4 f ,P J, K nv 1 Q I ' L I I, 'A ,1. ' T' 2 2 :T- . L ,Z iw , 453. 52 1A - ., ao' ,x, f ,,-r Say, Sir Lancelot, why don'T you help The Those decoraiions are qei- These progressive din' So fha? is a real, honesi There mud be someihing else lady up? Iinq iusf as unique as some ners are becoming fo goodness head- fo do besides eaf' of The decorafors. quiIe progressive. hunfer! Y Being the bzlgbeft l0We1'clm.f11zen V MA 1.9 f. so Q pf -I3 A ,Q ,aw A P I P St? .. ARMY S if I I A A I N ', If' f ,M 9 ' ' '-1 f . , - SAS. in A f ' 33, if ' I I I' if In S 't?'Yf, 1 I all-P...'A J ,fl zub x 3, ,':'..,l:f'.T' Q' 33, qv 52 'I R IS' E' fs Q 'W JSF R Q gf' TS -P iff TEX' A - , A X Sw vfififl-'F-fi' EIT? I PM 1: -N f W ii 1 ...R I , . , Y Q- X ,I pf, . , an ' , , S, 1 Y gf y W L , A A, ii, Q T, R. , xy fe, :,?5:,, . S. L' 7, Raw' , , ,, FJ , , am 4 as . A , g A A A A ,Rf A A if , A V3 M. I I ,r.i , , I of LR A yyyy , I ,,, v A .F x fr Q .f YY ' mai 22 W fm If' f ,V P I ,233 Y Q., ,fgif ,, ,, Q' P by RQL1--A' ' IW?-f I ff if A ' I .fi 1 A .i L A3115 00 I G I ww Q' 52 ADAMS, FRANCIS BALBINI, ARTHUR BODIOU, CHARLES BUFKEN, SHIRLEY DARLING, PATTI EDWARDS, JIM ESAU, THEODORE FREEMAN, JAMES ScHwARTz, DAVID SCOTT, sos Scorr, TIM SEARIGHT, LINDA SEG-REE, AMELIA SEIPEL, ARTHUR sILvA, JIM SILvA, PENNY SIMMS, CAROLYN SIMPSON, MELYIN SLY, TOM SMITH, KAREN SMITH, STUART SMITH, THORNTON SMITH, WARREN STEAD, JUDY SUCZEK, CHRISTIE SWANSON, LINDA SKYES, JOHN TECHEL, JAMES THOMAS, DAVID THOMPSON, LINDA THOMPSON, MARGARET THRELFALL, CHET TRIMMELL, STEVE TURNER, DOYLE VALE, BETTY VAN ALLEN, DANNY WADSWORTH, MARY SUE WALL, JEANNE WALLACE, DIANE WARD, MIKE WEHMIER, DAN WHALEN, JUDY WHITE, STUART WHITNELL, CAROL WIDEL, LINDA WILKENSON, MERRIE ANN WILLIAMSON, BOB WILLOUGHBY, JOHN WILSON, RALPH WISEMAN, BARBARA WOOD, CANDY WOOD, KENDRA SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED GIDLEY, SHERRY GOLLIHUR, JUDY HANSON, NANCY HOLMES, BETTY INGRIM, MARY JOHANSON, BONNIE KIESEL, NED LEAL, PHIL LEWIS, PHILLIP MACCARIO, ROSEMARIE MARTINEAU, OLIVE MOORE, BOB McCARDLE, PENNY OLIVERA, ANDREA O'NEAL, HERB PALMER, MARGARET PARTLAND, JANET OUIHILLALT, PAUL ScHwARTz, STEVE SWEET, RICHARD THEILE, BETTY TRIMPEY, LARRY WESTPHAL, ROGER wINANs, PHIL AIIERNATI-IY, GLEN ALBRIGHT, sI-IARoN AM au EI-II., TERRY ANDERSON, CHARLES ANDERSON, GARY ANDERSON, IYNNE ANDRESEN, DON ANDRESEN, NONA ANGLIN, SHARON ANNIS, CAROL APOSTOLO, CAROL APOSTOL0, DAVID AWES, KENDALL BACON, JANET BALLOU, SANDRA BARR, SHERRIE BARTLETT, KAREN BATCHELDER, GABRIELLE BAUER, JOHN BAUHOFER, CLIF BENNETT, PATRICIA BERGESEN, JAN BIGELOW, MARNELLA BIGNAMI, BOB BIRD, JUDY BISHOP, RUTH BOAZ, MARY ANNE BRADLEY, JUDY BARDSHAW, DICK BRATTEN, MARSHA BRECKLING SUSAN BROWN, DAVE BROWNLEE, DON BRUNKHORST, MEL BUSCH, NICK BYOFF, KEN CAMPBELL, JOAN CAREY, DANIEL CASHION, SALLY CLARK, BOB CLAUSSENIUS, RELDA COLWELL, ART COLWELL, MARY CORNELL, ALEX CORY, RORY COTTON, BROOKE COUDEN, PENNY COWLING, JIM COXETER, NANCY CROSBY CAROL CROUCH, DON CUMP, LINDA DARMSTED, BARBARA DAVIDSON, GAIL DAWA, DINO DeLANCEY, MILLY DENHAM, MUNROE DsVILaIss, DAVID DICKINSON, RAY DODD, WILLIAM DoRNsIFE, DAVID DUBOIS, DAVID Duroses, sos K, ff, s f' IA' X , A. 1 7 7 ja 4- I , ' I I -xg I! ? JK ,'1XVbf!OEI?f I I x. 'K , I N QI K . . I' sg' 1, ,v 5 r :Y ,1 K N , A ' Y f C: X f 1 ' A AQ I - 1 X . .4 - 53 af N' m N wwf Q . - ua, fl . i ' K , .s., I I 1: R' fi ,gf 'Lx' I 'W' L Qian tg K I A. ,z ,A I f' 'I :+L bak ' l gl' R8-.1 5 A III, WWW V' ,rl X ,. if M: I ig, ,I 'fikrfk' K 1 OI .- jg .,,,2-'I 1 A A I Y' .D ' 4,1 5 ' 1 If 66l7 71i1lg the rolbey on Frofla Day. . . 'WH If 5 lx PX 7. 14 ' 'nv A ' Q . If , 1 A K 1 1 R I I MI' V, I 'W In 'DQ' gf' Q-, 'IW I' ' . f ,M , X9 ,R L A I 1 .I- H K 7 if , M I .1 I Y A K k ,Q if .1 'Lf -V 14 I X N , V . . I ' ..LI J .W .f , 'A i I ., , R' I I l I QW fir' 0 Q Aww f at N . -.. e,,y Q'-, A' A All y S: ,, - 2 J' , .. -A ,. 1. I . , , ,, ' w I 1 - ' . . , - I II 1 Q .5 . A h I J?5laL 5,3 fn 4 PM 7' :N ,S -'A ff ' A-A ' R' 1- .mf ,, 'lf f N , , I , YQ, 'eww' ja Q- v- V' . 3' r il ff nfl L, - : ' I I ll ' I , ,A Y Sa' :X -A 7' ., ,,,Nv 'I - 'V xx ' Eg I . .. :I EDI- I , A I , , I A-A 4 I-,wg , 1 ,ff , af . Class leaders are Fresidenv, Chris Rinneg Secretary, Joan Whileheadg Treasurer, Sue Hall, t Soclal Secrelary, Pam Melcalfg Vice-Presidenl, Paul Jensen. A panel of Fresnmen science whiues impressing the Parenls Club. Q f ,rx .., w,.g X19 RI nl N I2 Winfi- 'X 'vi I fgvhra I K,-up W ,as , I X 3 :ir ,aff ,yf ., A 1 :shew M v-Q-4.-v if Y? gsm ww ' ,af . mm ,: .i f .f xgirg' , I ff f ix! K W ,,. ,Q 'SF . ...H ' Az .14 ff -1 'lv- m Zz' 95 AI . Q 5 vii 14, S ,. fr. , Qivyk ,IU I 1 Y I p ,M n- ag' 5 'fs' 4 ,f Y ti? u Q -I an n 'v f 'UF KSN! Yr T w A Q .,, sl -P .gsezvi Q 2 , V ' jake, A 'fn 'p. A v e fvf .4-f ' mv. 3 Q- Aff I 1 Q1 Z I .I h ,E ax. 1 A., , ff' I W. 'ip unam Pr Xxvgfy gn '5v 'L ,,r v - I ,vw ov' I I .N '- f , I iv I D.. ra' as if ' Q? :im A7 N 1- -Eif ' ' A. I' .. Q, . X, T x dh -m-. ' My M' nf , 5,, :wi ' Q A Misa-- sf . 1 4 KH, Q. .41 n' x K o- 73 I- M94 Arif rua A, val 'Q gf Q ..-N un. .1 'H 'fi ZI- I . is ? .Wh I un, ,,. A H? ig i ,I f M al- v 1: f 93' 2 ml? ff-'M M, , I A A, 'Qf A 4 sf VY, s 4 Q -3 .,.. , fa fv- , Ld, ex' 4 E.-P' IQ' DUNN, PAMELA DYS, DAN EBERLE, JANET EDWARDS, SUE EGLAND, LEE ELDER, JANET ELKE, EVERAL ENGLISH CAROL ENSMINGER. GLEN ESLINGER, DICK ESTENSEN, BOBBI ETZLER, RICK FAGUNDES, LORETTA FALK, RODGER FERREIRA, AL FERUS, BOBBIE FIORENTINO, BARBARA FISHER, JOHN FOSSATI, ELAINE FOX, STEW FRANCO, JAMES FRANKLIN, BOB FRAUMENI, LYNNA GADSBY, LILLIAN GAREVICH, LINDA GARFIELD, JACOUIE SEER, SANDY GIGUIERE, JOAN GRAVES, BOB GREBLO, LINDA GREENWOOD, BRIAN GRITZER, THOM GRITZER, TODD GRONDONA, EDDIE GUELDEN, MARILYN GUELDNER, JOHN HAASE, BILL HACKWOOD, ANN HALEY, STEVE HALL, SUSAN HAMILN, SALLY HAMBRIC, SHARON HANSCOM LANNIE HANSEN, DIANE HANSON, JOYCE HANSON, PHYLLIS HARPER, STEVE HARRINGTON JOHN HAUSKENS, NED HAYES, SHARON HAYWARD, JUDY HEISER, SHARON HERNANDEZ, BOB HERRICK, DENNIS HEVENER, GARY HEWITT, BILL HICKS SUSAN HILE ROBERT HITCHCOCK MELODIE HODGES BRENDA HOLLAND NANCY HOLMAN JOHN C' an ' HoRToN,'sHElLA The .I1D0ll'k!l.11 71612112611 IZOWZQI empomting. . . Oh, Ihe Irials of Her: a Fresh, fhere a Frosh, everywhwe Ihere's decorafing a Freshman, The dass of '6I descends on Acalanes. The confused Frosh on Freshman Day for a dance Teamwork, fhaf's what HUGHES, AVRIL HUGHES, CARI ANN IDE, TOKI INMAN, DOUG JACKSON, PETE JANZOW, DAVID JENDERS, SUZANNE JENSEN, LOREN JENSEN, JAUL JOHNSON, BOB JOHNSON, SANDI JONES, LOANNA JONES, LESLIE KEETON, PAT KELL, DOUG KELLY,JUAN KENNEDY, KRISTIE KENNETT,JOANN KILBOURN, LIBBY KIRKHAM, BILL KITCHEN, KENNY KNUDSEN, DEREK KOGUT, I-IARYEY KUNTER, NANCY LaROSA, TONY LARsoN, MONA LARsoN, LARRY LAVEY, CAROLYN LEA, MICHELE LEE, PAMELA LENSCHMIDT, LELAND LEONARD, TERRY LINVILLE, JoANNE LOBENBERG, MIKE LOMBARDO, ANN LUEBKEMAN KATHLEEN LUNDBERG. GORDEN MACK, CAROLYN McKAY, BILL MACY, CAROL MADEIROS LINDA MALLEY, FRANK MANNING, CHARLES MARTINO, PAULINE MAYES, MIKE MAZAIKA STEVE MECCHI, DON METCALFE, PAM MILLER, GARY MILLER, JEAN MOORE, BARBARA MoRIsoN, NANCY MORRISON, JOHN MUSANTE, DENNIS MCCALLISTER, MIKE MCDOWELL, MARY MECAEEEY, LYNN MEMEANS, ANDY MENULTY, JOAN MErAvIsH, SANDY NADOL, ROBERT NEUMAN, JIM NICHOLS, DOUG Ai H' w.' ,gi 4 Z' ' ,I 1:-'. 43 , I Q X A . , I A f Q u 3 J.. N I A W! I I A If K X A , QHAVH I. 7' C If A 'A I W 'P I I F A M, , x f' K ' Ei' 15 1' f l I f L A A me ,L fi, --. ' 1 f- A? -:A U I I ,qv 3 .-.. Re, v- I Q ,, , 3 ,, ,I V, LLQ, , t by X A , ,- A A L,L. , , I , A gf .A .f I I A E W 4 A ' ' 'R J' A A - A Ig.. 'J' Y, 'M ,M 4 ., Ly ,fax x .f 1 ' 2 gl, V 4 . .K A 'L Y AW, , I E 'I' X 'L A , I 8 K r S, Il' :ff 3 1' I .. - if T '.-A ' I,, VR V, W gg, ,. I f , V at Ig I l - Q - I - K I ' l..:'i :rf ,,nr:-zcfr' .1 in A 14 A , 17' ,. 'Z - ' 'Arg A' Cv ng Q , f' 5 . . , ' vf R' 4' If ,' ' I O' I w K L- f 5 4 I M2511 A - ..,A- K , ww ,Q M ww ,-.J ,gif L, I ' ,E-A S, Im .. ,, ,-2 ,'.'-RU'- I A, A wig, K ,X ,R I ,. if 'W A ' , J, ,W Q I f-A-132 I Y ' ' - H La-U 2' ' .3 A L .. ,L I I 5'-iff ,. A Q, A AR I If 'f 14,51 1' qqwwf ,I J- -rm' I hd M MAR A I R F A IA, , , ' nfl.: Rv-L W J T31 - w vm inf, ,TSW U I- M, 1 CQYVQYDI' K P A YV R 1 ' 1 l, , A I QW A JE., ,KF .Lu X' N Evolvzng frofb-gpe decomtzon teclmiquef or the gym fhose Frosh have. Look af all fha! look Mr. Hanson had a surprise birfhday party, Well, how 'bouf IhaI! ponders Dan Dice. .Zn-I. 0. I -dw, Y' , ,M Q . rl ' .W 4 , C-SQ' RD iv j IGI Lf:!QA',,, , f2f4L.ef4i ,lf Pr: vw XL I 97 if .,, ISA '2- - - L. QM p , Tm -. J If I 1 fr Z' If . , , ' I 1 . ,X .4 -x . A I1 fl .IA AL, qi, , 3' r wg ' PS. 'X C ,, X . Q- -X ' xg, I ' Q 'T 7 ,gnu A I4 P A Af! xx ff I f . A , Q' ,. Azz: 1' , Honesfly, I'm hungry. I, -C I' I lift, , ,JQSB 4251 .i':f.:ailfI.,:ff' fir ,n-'C ,..5 I x ,A A E5 .4 L I ,moff ' ww' aj 5 ,Qu N 1 :M I I X f '- h ,,, wk X LIL . If ,., Jw AA. -as r .fi I , ,L G., '- ' XJ? -lv mi , , .fi ,. EP in ng. AM LM,w .QI A Q . 1, A fi mi 3, Q up ix,, xy I ,.f--- ' 'A Il I is Y.-I A ,g g f , ,W 4, .-3. L-' W A mv' ja, Q- rf' gb .. f p QL rv 1 Ex? ARL I fe mailman A 1 5 . I W' Q ,, ni ,ALI mm! A 'I Mr fs A -.f . A . g?'7. fn , ff-f sg, . ft A ff., . 'ft W., , Q if ' in .. AQGAW I I if ' . . 7 ' F df .L I 0. 1 L .1 A 'TS I My AI. in-ng YZ- 6 ,- - I 'X N., ,NMA 0 I. , ,N 1. sz, , ,ef An- L. 'E Ri , A iysri S., v-. A.-, if 0 A.2 1 .L Q, NIMMO, NANCY NIPKOW, MARY NISSEN, DICK NOACK, NANCY NOBLE, PETE OGDON, DAVE OGDEN, HENRY O'LEARY, CLAIRE O'NEILL, PATRICIA O'ROURKE, STEPHEN ORTEZ, TOM OSGOOD, LLOYD PADUCK, HELEN PAKIN, JOE PALMER, BILL PARKER, DENNY RARSHALL, LINDA PAULI, STEVEN PEABODY, DIANE PEERY, ROBERTA PERELLAN, JACK PETERS, ROBERTA PETERSON, BOB PETERSON, TOM PHELPS, JUDITH PHILLIPS, DAVE PICARD, GEOFF PICKENS, ROBERT PICKERING, MARTHA PLANZ, TYSON POOLE, DAN RAILSBACK, GUY REBSCHER, JULIE RECHTIENE, JUDY REEVES, BILL REICI-IERT, eos RETZLOFF, LONNY RHOADES, JEANEUE RICE, JEFF RICHARDSON, PATSY RINNE, CHRIS RISING, PENNY RIX JIM ROBERTS, CAROL ROBERTS. CAROLLEE ROBINSON, BONNIE RODDICK, JAN ROMAK, JACKIE RUDDEN, MIKE RUSSELL, LARRY SADLER, BARBARA SANDBERG, HOWARD SAVAGE, SUZANNE SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, CAROL SI-IAFTER, LELAND SHAW, JIM SHERMAN, MARILYN SHIELDS, JUDY SHURTLEFF, JEFF SILLIPHANT, DAVE SIVESIND, MARTIN SMART, RUTH Running to get the kann of an The Masquerade Freshmen dininq before fhe Freshmen, caichinq Parry Iook in a very Junior Exfra. Trying fo hide somefhing, Paul? Iheir falling Mufnik. infernafional group. SMITH, BRUCE SMITH, JACQUELINE SNYDER, GREG SOMERTON, LARRY SOMMER, JOHN SOUTHWORTH, ROBERT SPELLMAN, DEAN SPELLMAN, MIKE SPRAGENS, TOTTY STANFORD, MARJORIE STARN, JANET STEELE, ELAINE STEE-MAN, DAVID STENGEL, SHIRLEY STEPHENS, SUZANNE STIRLING. BRUCE STRAIN, TOM STRELO. BILL STROUBE, RONNIE STUBBLEFIELD, CARLENE STULTS, DON SUNDSTROM, BOB SUTCH, DAVE SWANSON S'-'ARPEN THOMAS, RONNIE THOMPSON, SHARON TICKNER, ALICE TOLL, DENNY TURNER, LOIS TYCER, VIRGINIA UNDERHILL, PHYLLIS UNDERWOOD, ROBERT UNDERWOOD, SANDRA VALE, TOM VALORY, DALE VANCE, STEVE VINSONHALER, MYRNA WADE BARBARA WADSWORTH, SHARON WAKFMAN, APRII WALDMAN, NANCY WARFORD, JOHN WARNER, JEFF WARREN, JERRY WEBSTER, JIM WEISBERG, STEFANIE WESTERMAN, NEIL WESTERVELT, PAT WHICKER. LINDA WHITE, BONNIE WHITE, JACK WHITEHEAD, JOAN WILBUR, SHERYL WILES, TOMMY WILKENSON, NANCY WILLIAMS, JOAN WILSON, BOB WILSON, JACK WILSON, MELODY WINKEL, MARK WISEMAN, DICK WISNER, BEN shmen are Ialenied x Q fr W 33 YM., .iv k M kxy. ,Q .Sr 5 - 7 1 I' 1-iw if wists 5 ix K' ,:., iv. ' - 'Q-1 5 aww ,ES wg, 5 we i,.,,, K lv T X' If :mmm if A fire I I! 5 1.4 I 5' 5 ,I ,T 4 A 'X 'B-f it '55, Wiki Evil-A, A I ' f F W AM 1 J.,, in :fb W J m Q ft' ,fi SIJQ. Q,g,PE?i 5: gp f' is S? -QM' ' 3 J AM ,Q I fi Ei 5 L I M Q I g. n f-I' M ' Q V Ig, K 9 J P .L 3' yds? kv x Y . if V, 'X .Ig Y - Q, q If Ai . ,,,,, . f,,, T , ' Q. 5 I ': , It I Rgasaw , ii I A J: J.. ,N ,- nf I . pf. ' .K I W 4, 10 ' , K am 3' 1 N ' I , M x I 'E' I3 A 1 5? 5, W' 5 5' YM, I .11 Iii Q.. I I .4 , .,J., I Ik ,wi III . ..., fs: .IS R di 1 L' T F2521-Y Q 'vii ':1- T .if I I A X If W W, .91 W ' -H I - I J, .. ,. Q, if .ff J. F ,fi Y ' qv Y ' .ef ff JP fm . - ix I' I 'fwfr' ig. V, 'B f Q, A f fig upperclmmzan to umtick 61 Huck lacleer. . . JANE WOLF TOM WOODNUTT EILL WRIGHT ORLISS WOOD CHERYL WOOLF I ,M fr' Hair, Janice Smifh. Dnuq W- Q fx FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED ,f .L - I V, '55 .vp Hayes, Sandra Inqraham, Ken Johns, Harrier Kenf, William Liwfer, Nick Nofrey, Byron Place Penny Plummer, Tomm Sperry, Timm Sfiies, Linda Srroube, Ronnie VanHoosear, Sfewarf VanSIone, Gil Walfers, Marfha Whifehouse, John SSOCIATION Ylllll' l14111l111f I11L'I11Hl'IL'N XX Ulllkl INN lk' Ll H11 PICIC 1111l1'ss ll klL'plklL'ki Illk' IITJIIX QIHINN tif 11111' s1'l11111l. XLIIIF' of us 1x1tl1 1401111111111 1111c1'c x 111111Q A1111 xvork 1ug1'1I11'1' 1111' 11111111.11 gmmlx T111-wu111l1 g11.1lN 11111 1111 g.111111I 14111111 f-VIL' 41111 .11111 11111 111 .11'.1d1'11111' .111111-11-1111-111 .1 xx'111'l11 111111c1'st.1111i111g. 1111 1111 .X ff-Lx . x Y 'QS 'N ,.,, 1 A -,,.Zn'M.. s. A A ' 5 W 4 , 4. 1 H 4 :N ,aww gf , 4 1 A. M jifwdrg, fy - 1 f iff 1 fi? .aw Q! - -P ff 4 4' pflqwvgjg fugrea' .35. ,.,g..-fg:1g 'w g j 5 , Sf 1' . f A .fy-, :.. - ,- , Q w'w'wmrfw , l X ..... . ,wgggw-wmv Y ,L 2 A . ,i V , k,T if qlrw i ? ' te t S g 'z sg , 5 n W Q A 'fy ' U f, , 1 , 6 1 .5 ' - 4. ' .ig -X Ii ' X 'lf I, . ,A y v, J .. .I ,,, I 5 s 1 4, V A A .. , , X 'f 4,3 ' ,, , kg :frm , x ., X' wb M ,W 7 4 'v 3 zz if Y 1 f 'Y ,I I Q Am' I 1 JS: , sk, my , 'if' , 2? 1, , A . . m If Q ,x 1' ' if Q '7 . ri ,4 A f ,WWW f-1 ,,:7 fl , ty Vu Q' , V 'JC F 'Y -QQ ' ff. .A s w7l', 'F 'ini r M A h W A Q ,,.,,- Q f 'fr I 'mf A Ffa AY, K I ,. A . ! ,E Q 4 , '47 5, A L., f ...f ff' 56 SPRING C. S. F. FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: K. Thraill kill, M. Richardson, S. Flinl, M. Mc- Keeqan, C. Caswell, L. Axelson, M. Tnmoney, J. Baker, J. Hammar- berg, G. Coarse. SECOND ROW: J. Max, K. Emerson, R. Hawk, M. Bales, Y. McCall, M. Pickering, L. Mc6aHey, J. Giquiere, J. Allen, G. Hughes, A. Oldano. THIRD ROW: S. Jacques, S. Emerson, B. Clucas, S. Thomas, E, Hilmer, P. Jackson, B. Harris, C. Gardener, S. Hayden, M. Halloran. ga therizzg fcloolmtic honor . . . IhiSHLll'ldL1HBU . . . providing scholnrslmip information . . . visiting FIRST ROW, Iefl fo riqhl: J. Amis, J. Hunl, A. Coakley, J. Wolf, P. Rising, J. Giquiere, K. Wood, D. Broadhead, K. Miller, E. Kley, R. Kingsley, K. Lund. SECOND ROW: J. Henderson, J. Sanderson, K. An- derson, J. English, M. McCracken, D, Rolh, K. Lien, S. Jenders, M. Rambo, C. English, T. Grilzer, J. Neuman, S. Rasmussen, M. Laleana. THIRD ROW: J. Laify, C, Rode- bauqh, S. MBCLJUH, V. Pullman, J. Parlland, S. Schneider, B. Jackman, M. Schneider, G. Huqhes, J. Heiser, P. Tharsing. FOURTH ROW: G. Newell, B. Roberlson, M. Clapp, M. Holland, J. Babcock, G. Chrislian- sen, W. Williams, B. Hards, D. Tunnicliff, K, Peabody, G. Cham- berlain. -Q FIRST ROW, le'l lo riqhf: L. Frau men, J. Miller, G. Harlman, M Thompson, M. Bralfen, S. Mardey L. Larson, L. Chrisliansen, L. Lar son. SECOND ROW: G. Hunl, G Sorem, C. Cufler, D. Olberq, B Bransfad, C. Chamberlain, N. Hol land, L. Gadsby, J. Nordstrom, C Bishop, L. Smifh, P. Condif, G McMeans. THIRD ROW: D. Reilly P. Scheu, J. Myer, H. Dinwiddie K. Jeffries, P. Tharsing, K. Beck man, K. Chrisliansen, L. Ballachey M. Mccardel. qualifying41ut0m.1tic.1IIy are members of C.S.I5. .... :dvising is Miss Lcc. ACALANES EDUCATION CLUB Practice teaching at Springhill Grammar School . . . assisting high school teachers . . . listening to panel discussions at a spring con- vention . . . visiting the California School for the Deaf and the Cali- fornia School for the Blind . . . pro- moting interest in education as a career are: ROW l, left to right: Sec. L. Axelson, C. Cutler, P. Jack- son, L. Kingsley, R. Kingsley, L. Jordan, S. Reinhart, Pres. J. Hen- derson, J. Myer, P. Tharsing. ROW 2: B. Perry D. Senger, K. Huff, J. Musanve, M. Lateana, B. Harris, M. Jordan, J. Spragens, Treas, D. Mar- chus. ROW 3: M. Ouandt, C. Evans, A. Larsen, K. Beckman, Y. McCall, S. Schneider H. McCauley. J Sommer. JUNIOR STATESMEN Maintaining a B- average for mem- bership . . .holding debates . . . presenting legislation . . , attend- ing conventions . . . aim'ng to Make Democracy Work are: ROW l, left to right: Pres, M. Hal- Ioran, V. Pres. M. Macdonald, F. Morris, Sec. S. Markey, M, Bates, S. Schneider, D. Hunt, P. Tharsinq, K. Beckman. ROW 2: M. Parks, A. Larsen, L. Singer, D. Camobell, W. Rebscher, Y. McCall, S. Bolce, C. Echols, R. Rocca, L. Anderson. ROW 3: C. Chamberlain, M. Rambo, D. Walters, E. Anderson, E. Romachan, D. Schwartz, J. Estes, J. Sommer, D. Funk. ROW 4: M. McKeegan, D. Olberg, B. Branstad, K. Christian- sen, 6. Newell, L. Leland, P. Mon- talbano, M. ClaDD, J. Graves, M. McCardle. FLEUR DE LlS Candlelight initiation . . . eating French pastries and playing char- ades . . . a Christmas party put on by the male members, food and all . . . exchanging sabots . . . taking a trip to that wonderful French restaurant . . . trying to speak Ie lrancais during meet- ings . . . a summer swim party to say good-bye to the Seniors . . . saving au revoir are: ROW I, left to right: D. Cherry, R. Kings'ey, L. Jordan, A. Segre, S. Bolce, Y. McCall, M. Johnson, C. Wood. ROW 2: P. Sielker, C. Evans, J. Henderson, S. Reinhart, G. Corse, Sec. P. Scheu, Pres. C. Bishoo, G. Sorem, S. Rasmussen, D. Reilly, ROW 3: J. Hunnicutt, A. Monroe, S. Searight, P. McCardIe, L. Be- taque, M. Hawkins, D. Olberq, G. Palmer M. Palmer, C. Ferry H. Abbott, M. Rambo, S. Macdutf, C. Chamberlain. ROW 4: c. Ro- mascan M.Halloran K Hakim, M. T'mcney, K. Brown, S. Flint J. Bau- er, P. Murphy, S. De Lancey, K. Detwiler. Enjoymg tlyeilzfehw wlyzle lerlrrznzg ' 7 A -f'iQ '115EiY'iff'4 - X .iz 'ZX Y f W 11 Tvs 3 7-'fii . 5 ' ' 5532 . - A F, ' ,Q 'ff 27 7 g.0i?Qgw-23 'MW Q 1wQ,,,,KN ,A ? W' fi +f'W2'PxvggxQj. W m - . , , A - sw. - Q ' J' 'iw ' f2 ' , V 'wwwf-,h Q ,N-fy bf L k I Y ' Q... : I gf .1 ., fl ffgf--X ,A . t A I V , I :A it K e M,1,,M J ,iw ,Vx X- , . , , B 7 -.r H ' ', V V , . , ,1 1 'ff Q fi f ?a r Y gk 91 if 'slip we Q Mfzke 'ff 2 , f q lx is , M 'K fuiw LZ: in 'fffifvf' its Q mga 'M ' I I Y fp af ew E i : .. U ti V .-a,.,-w. Y - f .' ' - , 1, t JZMJKIV ,V iQ, I, x ,N y Q , - 'v r. QA y ' , yr .2 Q .f L ,ft . -A I '- ' R - J ,MM V , if i SPANISH HONORARY SOCIETY One ol The IargesTorgan?1aTions in The school . . and one of The busiesf . . , aucTioning off The senior slaves aT The annual Slave Sale . . .selling aT fooTball games . . . Traveling To San Francisco To eaT Their fill of Spanish TidbiTs al The Fairmonf Hofel . . . eligible sTudenTs receiving a B' Qr beTTer in Spanish are: ROW l, lefT To righT: K. Thrailkill, L. WhiTneIl, M. Dean, S, Libby, K. Koser, J. Fredman, S. Thomas, J, Simmons, K. Huff, J. Drey, M. BaTes, Pres. J. MusanTe. ROW 2: L. Wandel, L. In ham, R. Zacher, M. McCracken, Harl- man, C. Bell, B. Harris, S. Murray, A. Oldano, J. English, L. Andreg- gan. ROW 3: S. Jacques, N. An- dregqan, L. Larson, L. Chrisfiansen, D. Wallers, J. Nordslrom, K. Chrisfiansen, J. Allen, M. Cal- deron, V. Pullman, J. Howes, M. Richardson. ROW 4: Treas. C. Ba- laam, A. Larson, L. Larson, C. Blaise, Soc. Sec. J. Sanderson, M. Edwards, J. Myer, C. Romine, C, ScalineTTi, L, Davis, Pub. Chm. J. Amis, Q. Q -sv ,gli-3' 'G Cu ltimtin SKI CLUB FurThering inTeresT and abiliTy in skiing . . .Taking weekend bus Trips To Twinings' Lodge, Ski lnn and I-IoyfielleT . . . recalling memories of fun on The slopes, and a cozy SaTurday nighT fire will keep SKl CLUB members conTenT for The re- mainder of The year. Mary Dean gels her chair TickeT sTapled on before The resT of The gang even geTs To The window. LeT's see, I ThoughT I had my name on my skis and poles buf now I can'T seem To find Them. Hey Jackie, Mr. Wooddell, Sue and M'ke. you'd beTTer waTch whaT Phil and his pals are doing insfead Of waTching The camera. Nancy Jn Smifh sTill looks lively affer a Tirinq day on The slopes even Though Judy Myer and Shirley MaTson are pooped. Do you Think all Those skis and Their owners will arrive home in one piece? new ideas. . . YOUNG LIFE Leaders Anne Chairs, Bob Milch- ell, Pele DeMolo, inspiring Younq Lifers' open minds , . . meelinq every monday nighl for an enliqhf- ening fifly-nine minules and fifly- nne seconds . . . Presidenl, Tom Phair, and Vice-Presidenl, Terree Towers aclinq as spark plugs . , . falenfed secrelaries presenfinq Luughable slfls represenling min- ules . . ,wishful Younq Lifers counl- ing lheir precicus pennies for Mali- bu, lhe Young Life Camp in Canada . . . one and all enioyinq lhe lriendly atmosphere found af all meelings. YOUTH FOR CHRIST Aiming lo slrenqlhen lhe Chris- lan lailh of Acalanes sludenls . .. holding weekly meefings. . . sing- ing enfhus'aslicalIv af ra'lies and ge,-'oqe.he's , , . lisfen'nq lo insp F- inq lalks by Lafayelle nolables .. faking ice skafinq excursions... FIRST ROW, leil lo righl: R, Bishop, F, B rgerson, C. Sfubblefielnl R Smurf, S. Johnson. SFCOND POW: G. I-lgrfman, L. Anderson, J. Chris- tiansen. THIRD ROW: K. Anderson J. Baker, J. Lee, J. Mcser, D, John- son, J. Hellman. W. Zelmar, T, Vfau. FOURTH ROW: L. Larson, L. Larson. MEDICAL CLUB Banding loqelher lo form a Medical Club.. ,faking field lrips lo the Cal Laboratory and Chil- dren's Hospilal . . .iurlhering Their inlerecls in The careers of Medical Sciences.. .FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhf: B. Nissen, B, Snyder, S. Flinl, M. Blossom, J, Amis, K. Thrailkill, D. Tunnicliff. SECOND ROW: J, Woolridqe, C, Norris, H. Dinwid- de, J. Morrison, J. English, A. Oldano, J. Pramrne, K. Anderson. THIRD ROW: V. Roberls, S, Mac- d-JH, J. Church, V. Pullman, J. Parflgnd, S. Schneider, C. Jensen. A R livulfy school nccds nts well-known lug xxlmcclsf' XYZ .xll know tlut nhl- school NYllLllk not be wlmt II xs unless tllcrc wer: llws' lc.1dc1's. A greg! dull of tlmnks is duc to mlm- many pcoplc wlm lmvc given tllcir rims C H crgy .md ideas for tllc lwtlcrxncm of :Xc.1 l.1ncs. Q 'if 1 5 . A1 zTb'Y1W 4 ' ?f.f1'....w ,, 'J X. 1: i .g1:,.L-3, , H P-HT emi? 'wif 951 5, . rw, Q, 922' 32935 'P A ff Q J' X, if f :TSS V mf- A W M W ng' , Xi w img? n- .,5f-ffffyit 2 3 tg-yay fu My .Vw f F au- ' 1 'W I V 'P' 44 1 - 2 n 'Q A - ' K' 2 ' 'f Q' if -R! J, , sw .. . I A l x 5 warn: M., 4 5 9 . U Q .1 I J 2 v , 1:1 ,,f.-1. 4 5 .:.1' : 7 ' TP- fx Mi gi!! W ,A .3 ', Q 3 Q I' Q 2 1 by .. .J-5' ,,, ,L-' k wi Gr' Q: f ' elf ,X ., a gig: E A Wifi F 5 Y Vg' V1 5,551 ,f f Yi' MY A IS! 'KS 2 ar f -:if .f ' if if 'U --- , 1 W A 6 ,ai . 3:05 , f ,V M fluff'-M ' ll' Jettin the pace. . . COUNCIL Icms . . . awarding letters to our famous athletes . . . holding one of the greatest and important responsibilities of our school . . . revising the Don Handbook . . . deciding to have new homeroom representatives each semester. SPRING-BACK TO CAMERA, Ieff fo riqhfx S. Adair, C. Gardner, E. Fox, M, Hancock, P. Jackson. FIRST ROW: C. Annis, L. Parshall, R. Herman, M. Halloran, L. VanUmmerson, P. Murphy, T. Condil, S. Gloffelfy, M. McCracken. SECOND ROW: I. Sieber. S. Hayden, P. Siefker, D. Fonfaine, J. Spragens, J. Musante, B. Nickerson, L, Axelson, V. Pullman. THIRD ROW: D. Knudsen, P. Augenlhaler, P. Lescure, N. Hauskins, D. Connors, J. Allen, L. Peggovich, C. Rinne, D. Wehmeier, S. Pickering, FOURTH ROW: A. Groennings, B. Shurlleff, M. McDonald, M. Jacobsen, D. Schreiber, D. Funk, J. Phair, M. Krilscher, B. Farnum, C. DeMigueI. FIFTH ROW: S. KenI', J. Howes, J. Henderson, E. Hilmer, J. Colvin, L. Danforfh, M. Braflen, P. Richardson, T. Spragens, C, English, L. Wadsworih. SIXTH ROW' M. Calderon, A. Quick, B. Hards, S. Fox, J. Shurileff, P. Metcalf, K. Miller, P. Hansen, B. Schmidf. The excitement of campaigns . . .election day . . .suggesting . . . persuading . . . leading . . . guiding student council and running our government . . . keeping student body spirit and morale high . . .making our school run like clockwork this year. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Ernie Fox, Pres., Sharon Hayden, Girls' Yell Lead- er, Mac Hancock, V. Pres., Carol Gardner, Sec., Sal- ly Adair, Trees., Yvonne Nicolef, Soc. Sec.: Link Van Ummerson, Bpys' Yell Leader, Pal Jackson, Clubs Comm, uyillin their regyorzsibilitziey as student leaders. GIRLS' LEAGUE ROW I, leff 'lo right: Miss Richardson, Advisory Judy Henderson, V. Pres.: Judy Howes, Treas.g Liz Davis, Sr. Rep. ROW Z: Leslie Jones, Frosh Rep.: Pai Siefker, Pres.: Pai O'Toole, Soph Rep.: Shirley Ras- mussen, Sec.g Joan Baker, Jr. Rep. Every girl becoming a member when she enters Acalanes . . . sponsoring the Big Sister Program . . . conducting magazine sales . . . entertaining with the Frosh Talent Assembly . . . hostessing at the Senior Tea . . . presenting the annual Mother-Daughter Tea. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE ROW I, leff 'ro righr: Miss Richardson, Advisory Peg- gy Hansen, Soph Rep.: Pal Siefker, Sr. Rep.g Gail Sorem, Sr. Rep. ROW 2: Lou Smith, Sr. Rep.g Rick Diefz, Jr. Rep.g Corky Kie- sel, Jr, Rep.j Mr. Win- chesler, Advisor. NOT PICTURED: Bill Shurlleff, newly appointed Sr, Rep. Elected by fellow class members . . . meeting two or three times a quarter . . . questioning teachers about addition and subtraction of citizenship points . . . determining our citizenship grades . . .awarding citizenship passes. ibromotin .rtudent activities All registered males acquiring the status of active members . . . intending to provide a medium for contact among boys . . . transacting the majority of all business in the Federation Executive Cabinet . . . sponsoring meetings to award block letters for partici- pation in athletics . . .playing hosts to the fathers at the annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet. BOYS' FEDERATION My goodness, wl-iaf's everyone looking so qlurn for? The award assembly lakes you oul of class for one whole period. wfp-'ju 1, Z ARE QQ, , 24' i ff' 'fi' 3 '-Q ir. Q N m.f'Q 1- if 49 2? f'f N- Ai 3 12 fs 2 wa 1'- a I :J qs' I A TS- XNW Busy composing copy Carol English Mary Clapp Sandi Ferro C6l7ll61'6l.l' . . . .50la.fl9i11gpai1zt. . . AKLAN Assisting Aloe with yearbook sales . . . convincing our merchants they need Aklan advertising . . . identifying pictures . . . writing copy . . . scurrying, worrying toward deadlines . . . visiting our comrades, the printer and en- graver . . . learning tlie complexities and crises of pro- ducing tlle yearbook . . . collecting memories for your Aklan. Working logefher as a writing slaff Jeanne Hunnlcull' copy and senior edllor, Maryanne Richardson, copy and senior edllor Kath: Brown copy Arranging pholography schedules Bob ScoH photographer Fred Sonn lag, pholoqrapher and our esleemed edifor Pal Tharsing pholography ADVISOR MRS. MONA MOON Teaching us everylhing from typing lo drama . , . usually leading bu? somelirnes following her Band of Merry Men . . helping, advising, and giving moral sup- porl .. .always lending us her sense of humor. Laying our class picfures: Marcy McCracken, Julie Sanderson, Sharon Keeping order in the business world Sue Olson business manager Lani Gloffelly. Ingham, sales manager Kalhy Desch adverllsing manager if ' 5-xv awk' ww' -.T'g,, a No .lI1I1ll.lI would lvc L'UlNl5lL'IC 1x'1tl1o111 .1 Section devoted to thc l11.lI1f' spo1'1s.1u111'1t1u of 1110 School. 'I'l1c sco1'cl1o.11'd LlUL'Sl1'l .1lw.11w show the long hours SPCHI 111 1l11' 111Ic1'cx1 oi good sports111.1nsl11p. Hut 111.1113 NlllLlL'l1lSx 111os1 oL1lxr.111d1ng memories conw f1'o111 IIILWL' X.llAI om .1g.1111cs .md 1111-cu. 'l'l'll.E'l'lCS , Q ' , Qu f V :l '.' ,Vila , N..,f-xv-4 , 1 , SQLQQQQ l WQQQSTYQQ, .Tx Mflilj .DM 1 . + . ua 2 , , .Q.,A.+ QQ! , vs-ii 'fs V --inf ' ' V F3225-if W .iifffw , iff, X: gf vs' fgj fi .Z -g.,y1.f,.33gi'Ji 11 M1 3+ '51 4.3 -r ill' 1 , iq, - N in ' f 95'-.J P' 1- 49 - '11 , V ,, .':,A 3 1?-35 X' SK 5' ZX gi? 4 -us- .. p 'K -,,.,,....--V UVA if Qqgv., x ffgx X1 , 4 si ,-M f 5-Q ,ii 4 mal, 1 95973 ,...- .k, J I funn, V ,524 :sl M531 Mi 'H ww .,.f. ..w ix gg, as .P . . liz, f i 1 JK' 7 Q '- i 1: fb f,-Q-, uf, 'Q 1 .1 fn-P' an .2 K. , .fx A . vlggfnfz 5 1 ' ,,, KW A Nj, Xxx A wa .ygg J If , 1 X f 'eff ff 7 A-A ,7 f' A 'I 1 ffrlj iii If 41,2 rf f L- if ' ' vi ..-.. I ff, . W1 ,al 52 - 'Q DE Y' fgf li A in dey 'U-Q r LH ver bill over dale 'till we hit that durt trail . . . FIRST ROW, Iell lo righl B. Biqnami, M. Jacobson, D. Hayman, L. Macfarlane, D. Brady, D. Kennedy, M Wood, S. Ames, D. Carlson SECOND ROW: G. Van Sfone, D. Mecchi, D. Davis B. DeLorenzo, W, Adams: F. Lercari, B. Pedder, B Thurlow, L. Nielson, B. De Lorenzo, J. Willoughby, R Burl. NOT PICTURED: N Searls, R. Crase, P. Gavey M. McCauIiff. Hayman running an neck with CROSS-COUNTRY Acalanes 18 Las Lomas 45 Acalanes 16 .. . San Ramon 44 Acalanes 15 .. . .. . Pacihca 46 Acalanes 28. .. . Miramonte 46 Pacifica 56 Acalanes 16 Mt. Diablo S3 Pleasant Hill 79 COUNTY MEET Acalanes 21 San Ramon 106 Pacifica 77 Miramonte 85 Mt. Diablo 76 . Pleasant Hill 131 D. V. A. L. versus A. C. A. I.. Acalanes first place North Coast Section Preliminaries Acalanes first place North Coast Section lfinals Acalanes fourth place Running over hill and dale in rain or shine . . . never minding the puddles to win first place in the County Meet . . . making our school again victorious by taking fourth place COACH CHARLES EATON in the North Coast Finals . . . roorerless but never, never spiritless . . . Olympus sent Mercuries with winged heels breaking tapes and records. number eighly-one, Over hill, over dale, and lhey hi? the dusty frail. Vlfinner, Leo Maclarland, leads The cross-counfry pack from lhe sfarf Givin our rooterf Qs!! ,ef COACH BUZZ WILLIAMS FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: R. Davis, M. Hallcran, M. Lalone, J. Holden, T. Hall, P. Condil, B. Dodd, G. Mc- Means, L. Felix, B. Marello. SECOND ROW: D. Lipperl, A. Balchelder, J. Walker, H. Cook, G. Greblo, L. Cosso, C. Klesel, M. Dllio, D. Slulfs, THIRD ROW: 'X' Mgr. B. Yonge, S. Jordan, B. Farnum, R. Crapo, M. McCardle, M. Krilscher, L. Marello, D. Boiarsky, S. Busby, S. Hollister, Mgrs. J. Grauer, B. Booth, VARSITY Playing under the leadership and direction of the new coaelmes. Mr. Carhart and Mr. Nlfilliams . . . boosting morale and giving our rooterx something to 5hout about . . . capturing their moat thrilling victory of the season over Las Lomas . . . trophies and extra special thanks being given to: Bob Dodd-Pete Villa Award for the most improved player, Art Batehelder-Ted Fry Memorial Award for the most coura- geous lineman, Stuart Busby-The Rotary Award and Our Most Valu- able Player. Jusl fry fo pull me down. Does anybody know where lhe ball is? One, two, fhree, push! .f011l6ll9l'7l to Jlaout about. . . STARTING LINEUP LINE, Iefl lo righl: S. Jor' dan, Righf Endg B. Dodd, Riqh? Tackleg A. Eafchelder, Righf Guardp P. Condit, Cenferg L. Felix, Leff Guardg M. McCardIe, Left Taclrlej D. Lipperf, Lefl End. BACKFIELD: D. Boiar- sky, Riqhi Halfg S. Busby, Fullbackg M. Krifscher, Quarferbackg L. Marello, Acnlgmes Acnlancs Acnlancs Acnlimes Acnlnnes Aculancs Acgllnncs Acnlnncs -ul FOCJTBALL PLAYER Ol: THE WIQIQK , Mike Lntone , Bob Marcllo Art Bntcbcldcr Stuart Busby and jim w'1llkCF Dave Bojnrsky , Dcwnine Stults The Iintirc Team Mike Kritsclicr ai fifafw . NS O 78. xx Allmn1brn San Ramon Antioch lllcgxsnnt Hill Pittsburg Mt.DiL1blo p.lClliC.l Las l.0l'l1.lS COACH JACK CARHART Oufslandinq individual plays . l ' added fo The excllemenl of our Achons like these made Friday niqhf worfh while. games, Keep your eye on fhe ball. If will go far in the hands of fhe Dons APPT8l1ffCZ.11g for the bi team 414 - L . Ai FIRST ROW, lei? to riqhf J. McPherson, D. Turner, G Baird, D. Jonas, M. Ward B. Jenks, D. Nelson, S. Rice R. Rossi, B. Madrid. SEC OND ROW: L. Pegqovich D. Larson, S. Lenfy, R Huffi, B. Hill, B. Lockey, T Sly, C. Roeschen, D. Neller B. Walker. THlRD ROW Mgr. D. Brown, C. Threl fall, B. Colwell, B. Hardy J. Rohrscheib, P. lngwald son, C. Dryer, F. Loden, G Lundberg, J. Max, D. Hall sfone, G. Marfino, F. An dersen, P. Arigo, F. Sam ff1BI'lI'1 Acalancs Acalanes Acalanes Acalancs Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acnlanes V FOOTBALL 19 Alhambra ll 12 Antioch .. 12 0 Pleasant Hill 21 7 Pittsburg 14 6 Xliramonte U 6 Nlt. Diablo 22 6 Pacifica 20 6 Las Lomas 14 Learning plays and tactics from Coaches XY'aidtlow and McAtee . . . tearing up the turf . . . practic- ing for that Big Game 'til their muscles aclictl . . never losing their spirit and never, never giving up Never mind, he's already been faken ' x Q-...Ng if COACH NEILS WAIDTLOW COACH PH I L McATEE An Acalane: Don infercepls a pass. care of. We lel lhem have fl a few limes ollo FIRST ROW, lefl fo righl: L. Cornell, J. Warner, C. R'nne, S. Fox, R. Elzler, B Clank, T. Woodnuf, D. Sleg man, A. McMeans. SEC OND ROW: D. Anderson D. Sufch, D. Wiseman Mgr.g P. Auqenlhaler, Tl Gnfzer, B. Kirkham, D, In man, L. Somerlon, D Nichols. THIRD ROW: D Andreson, H. Sandberg. S Harper, T. LaRosa, J. Pic ard, T, Sfrain, S. Mazaika D. Toll. T. Peferson, D. Her rick, D. D:rnslfe, K. Awes P. Jensen, G. Hevener Mgr.g G. Snider. COACH ERWI N MATSON win in their foatrtepr. . . FROSH FOOTBALL Acalnnes .. 20 Miramontc .. 6 Acalanes . . 27 Las Lomas .. 0 Acalanes .... 6 Miramontc .. 7 Acalancs . 20 Las Lomas . .. I3 Making every frosh girl swoon over our heroes who won the league championship . . . little men with as much spirit as the big men of the varsity . . . never letting our school or coaches down. Hs mme all mine. Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back. Exercising defensive Techniques, 'W ROW l, lefl fo righl: S. Lienfz, C. Rinne, J. Allen, D. Nelson, S. Fox. ROW 2: D, Conners, D. Lipperl, G. Hansen, S. Lamphere, M, Simpson, G. Mills. shooting for that goal . . . B BASKETBALL Little men with big ideas winning second in the league . . . blue and white uniforms adding to the excitement of large crowds, spirited yells, and fast ball handling . . . never getting lost on the court, but losing that opponent's sticky guard way back there . . . taking the lid off the basket from the floor and the line . . . leaving the fans feeling happy and victorious. Do you suppose Chris Rinne would make a good One of the Miramonle Maladors striking a slalu- hurdler? esque pose! COACH JACK CARHART l'lI gel lhal ball if If kills me . .. HQEMTEYI ROW I, lefr lo riqhl: C. De- Miguel, T. Bearfy, R. Roc- ca, L. Egland, R. Peterson, D. Connors, C. Davis. ROW 2: J. Freeman, M. Mac- Donald, L. Smilh, N. Free- man, M. Freeman, K. Way- land, L. Tinker. di.gplayz'ng their Wloeatief mufcler TE N N IS Feeling the sharp impact of the ball against the racket strings . . . learning to compile a high score under Mr. Smirh's capable leadership . . . racing all over the court so they won't miss that important return . . . outwitting most of their oppo- nents . . . jumping over the net to console or congratulate the other players. Mike MacDonald and Carlos DeMi uel Dan Funk is ellin on ' COACH ROGER SMITH , 9 q g his knees for are really playing a hard game. lhis ball. The Freeman brofhers are in aclion again Eff? Breclkin lon -erm bliflaed recordf. . . VARSITY TRACK Maintaining a tremendous amount of spirit throughout the entire season . . . running until that last breath escapes . . . hurdling over the many obstacles . . . placing the shot . . . throwing that diseus afar, kicking up their heels to lly over the high jump . . . vaulting high. over that faraway pole . . . gaining, under the wonderful coaching of Charles Paton, the title of County Champs . . . going even further to run away as Northcoast Section One Champions. The frackmen makeilaclose decision ll's a bird . . . il's a plane for lhe officials. . . . no, it's Mike Lafone! Up. UP --QQ., ROW I, left fo righl: P. Vogel, B. Kenf, E. Fox, G. Hearne, M. Lalone, B. Hards, F. Lercari, R. Hofmann, D, Carlson, D. Brady, D. Sfulfz. ROW 2: B. DeLorenzo, K, Barnefle, M. Holland, B. Dodge, N. Searls, D. Williamson, L. Macfarlane, D. Kennedy, D. Hayman, D. Parker, R. Davis, M. Wood, J. Babcock, G. Greblo. ROW 3: Mgr. Lynn Hill, G. VanSlone, D. Dornsife, J. Walker, M. McCardle, D, Hallslone, C. MacOuiddy, F. Morris, B. Jencks, J. Max, J. Hovery, B. Ulrich, J. Phair, S. Ames, P. Condif, Mgr. J. Graves, G. Marlino, Mgr. L. Jensen. COACH CHARLES EATON Whal happened lo Piffsburg? .rcmpin .spikeig kicking up the duft. . . ROW I, Ieff to righf: S. Fox, B. Kenf, W. Adams, C. Roe schen, B. Nadol, A. McMeans, T. Grifxer, C. Anderson, J Hearne, G. Anderson, T Cooper. ROW Z: T. LaRcsa, C. Rinne, M. Cafheral, D. Davis, L. Nielsen, D. Mecchi, T, Esan D, Sfuliz, B. Hernandez, D Cary, F. Hile, J. Rice, D Schwarfz, S. Lienl, S. Smifh ROW 3: D. Rinne, D. Turner J. Warner, J. Freeman, A Corse, D. Surch, B. Bedue, C Dreyer, S. Whiie, J. Banks. B Albert, D. Raynes, J. Macpher son, T. Srnirh, B. Pinkus, 8 Padder, M. Jacobsen, G Railsback. COACH JACK CARHART B TRACK Practicing just as much and working just as hard as the Varsity Track . . . running not quite as far, but almost as fast . . . sprinting down that rack as fast .ls their legs could go . . . stretching their limbs to const up, up and over the high jump . . . jumping to ll faraway point in the broad jump pit . . . giving, under Mr. Carh:irt's competent direction, their muscles n real work out to make next yenr's Varsity Team successful. Gary and Fred are really fearing down fha' Track. Ah! Af las? we have reached ihe line. Dig those spikes info rhe dirt Churning up the water ROW I, Iefi fo right B Lockey, N. Kiesel, M. Jel left, H. Jonas, J, Hosford, B. Monfgomery, A. Merker, S. Pickering. ROW 2: C Kiesel, A. Groenninqs, J Boyd, S. Parks, B. Shuri Ieff, L. Sfeinke, R. Crapo 8. Green, T. Thurston, 8 Brifos. VARSITY SWIMMING Cnvorting around in the swimming pool under the direction of Mr. Woodtiell . . . practicing every day to become something the Student Body could be proud of . . . taking honors in swimming I and diving . . . breaking many records . . . swallowing their share of water, but always coming out on top. COACH KEITH WOODELL AI Arfsfen zeroes In rlghi' Swvnsfer Arne Groenmngs prepares fo haf fhe wafer on the nose A Don fish comes in for a wer vlc to ry or mktory after victor . . . ROW I, Iefl lo righl: D. Eslinqer, B. Nofrey, R, Harf- rnan, B. Harris, J. Fisher. ROW Z: R. Brandi. J. Lay- fon, L. Brifos, D. Brown- lee, M, Downey, R. Johnson C. Kiesel, 1 B SWIMMING Learning the techniques of racing and diving . . . practicing under the guidance of Mr. Wooddell assisted by Corky Kiesel . . . splashing in and out of the pool . . . com- pletely shedding any use of water wings to turn out as top flight swimmers. Whaf are you girls doing al a swim meel? On your mark, gel sei, go! Don'f worry, we're going lo win ROW l, lefl lo riqhl: J. Holden, G. McMeans, G. Hansen, B. Foley, D. Nel- son, J. Cusfard, G. Brekke, ROW 2: D. Lipperf, P. Leal, 5. DeMaria, l.. Cosso, D. Tolles, D. Boiarslry, L, Peq- govich, S. Ames. Pitcloing catclain , batting toward! new recordf. . . VARSITY BASEBALL Participating in the great American sport . . . throwing and catching that piece of horsehide around the diamond . . . practicing under the competent leadership of Erwin Mattson . . . making good use of their new pitching ma- chine . . . running as fast as their legs will go to reach the base before the ball does . . . hitting the ball with a mighty swing to turn out as a top-notch baseball team. COACH ERWI N MATSON Slrilre one! Sale-but fhaf ground is sure hard! Bo beafs anofher ball to lhe base. Come on Dave-fhaf's lhe way to do il ROW I, Ieif fo right 6. Ross M. Reed M Ward Silva. ROW 2: D. Weh- meier, A. Merker, P. Ar go, M. McAuliffe, K. Awes. 6. Picard, G. Baird. swinging Dom ainzing to become clamiqniom. . 1. V BASEBALL Practicing and learning the valuable techniques of Ll good baseball player . . . pounding a pocket into their new gloves by long hours of work . . . profiting from all the advice of Coach Dan Glines . . . keeping their spirit and sportsmanship on the highest level . . . sliding into that important home base to score another Acalanes victory. You re ouf! Tue clrmax ofa brllllanf hf NES Safe smilie Lemfnin that bold and ROW ONE, leff fo righl: W. Smilh, B. Trelul, R. Rossi R. Polk, J. Polk, J. Webster, T. Peferson, ROW TWO. J Macpherson, T, LaRossa, M Ldfone, B. Kenl, J. Holden J, Aposfolo, K. Maflson ROW THREE: G. Maffson T. Grifzer, N. Lincoln, C Lundberqh, P. Arriqo, M McCardIe, D. Tolls, B Farnam, J. Heiser. 5 ' -fl. so - . 1 ' c ', Y l . 7' WRIESTLIN Arriving .it .1 l.1te tlnte in league play, the Aealnnes wrestling team succeeded in holding fourth pl.1ce in interseliool competition . . . struggling, falling, straining were forty-three Aenlanes Dons . . . wait- ing for new x9UlJ nuts which will be usetl for the promising team next year . . . working under the le.ulersl1ip of Conch Mattson. COACH ERWIN MATSON Lel's see, one more second and . My, wha? a heavy load lo carry .mroundl I fhinln l'II have him. Al Ieasf Mike Lalone doesn'l look worried ' Q 1 I 9 no A , s f , if in , W 1 . ,., - 1 i 1 J 7 W? 7' 'gilt 6 3 J' Q. xv? ,Q J 3 'Iwi if 3 4 1 , 19 E ' 5 A Q- if , 4 9' niii ' 'Q , 5, f ,, K fl Y 3 5 . I I, 1 ' Q! , ' if L V I W I I. ,, - 4 -. , 1 :I Q 1 J U . gl - 1 1 xi l ,5 kM,,a0 4-ll' im ws 5 i 3,,. A ' pg, 1 3 L ff- Q Q uw A 1 ' T 'O 54 ' 2' H 5 , M. 5 , Y W Yi I' fl q 5 -Qwnmtf K I . H, M r 'Lin-WG 1 , A.: ,ff A....1L . , 'fxf is 5 '-'X sawing,-.ull ..'. 37 y W vm. A Q A 4 P K ' -jf---4 fi lx f www. .an.4a..43- i W-Af ,L ,, , ,. 1 1 4., www ,, I A Q ', .1 :E fa X Q orgmzizing directing OTES Any wlmul xxuuld lw .ll .1 gl'L'.1l Li1s.uix.u1 IJQC if ll did m-I luxe ilu- fngll-splrilud mulu div. .ami 111.11'cln-s prm ndui lu .1 ruuxxu Li1.'P.lI'I gn! suglm .mx UHIN. ll.1lt-:imc L'lllL'l'I.lil1INL'Ill ru pu: I'llf'll1I11 in our lNL'IlIUI'IL'N. XXVhun lik ki.IHL'L' .md mums LiL'P.lI'llNL'I1lN uonmlmmu, xu know wc .irc in fVUI'.lI1 k'HIL'FI.lll1iI1LL cvcning upcr'clt.1s, A C,.1ppcH.1 partu1'111.l11cuv--.Ill help . ,M if f L 2.1 X - J.,- .-3? . !'. I , ,gr x . . fi! V7-,z ur ' A YQ .,-f., M ,, 3,1 Q, , 4 T ff.. -A it lip Af ff Q . ,fxiu 3 Q I Qi, Ag F5 115 2, gf x. J' m u X ig - ,fy ,gi Q Q A L . A A A- ,Qi I . V S' V. . ,' C . v , . ff-., Q , . A . 4 . V . Q Q , ,x m ' 4 QXENE QJWM ASQHFL? y Y 9 u n , . 1 3 if ea-'Xxx ' f -9 ' - . - fu. Y H Z AY 11 Y I iz - .': .. . ., if I , A 'h.: V 1 1? :si ' k . ' zz Q W --., . Q ,' .1 f i, in 5 . Q f ,K 4 552. f N AN? Q, 1 -WL 1 in .0 3, .h 4 ,UA 5, A Q 'f I 1 an 5 t Z QI ,gg W , , .5 ,. , . W, WN if -an t 1- ,ff yu eff 9 5 E 55' Q Q X9 Qs Q2 3 1 5 T ' mf f 5' ff W A in Q 3 5, Q QE: 'f' me ir 3 vt: 59, ,gg .55 ,Q y gg 'F 35 4 1' gl g Q Q 'gf , gg, S? f Q aa' 'X Q: 3 Q 5 f x fin 9 4 Q 3K ,, Q gig? if? 3' Q Q 9 Q -9 S' 5 iii 'Q 90 3 5994 Q' is Q 2 1 'fi Q 9 VMTN? 3 5 ,xx 'lb -ww ' '52 ff' if 9 ff 'I' ZH-92' A band of gypsies invades the courlyard of the cha- leau. relaxin uf with romantic cvlpem. . . 'l'Hl-' l-OR'l'UNlfTIf1.l.l-,R 'S CAST Ircsco. Ballet Nlaitur nf thc Iivtlnian Opcra Iirncxt Iiux C't. Iicrcvnwslti, Cfomniantlant. Sccrct I'ulicc , Pctcr Nlnrrisscy Ifirst Agent Stcwart lfnx Second Agcnt ,lamus Xlmsnian Third Agent klcti Sliurtlcff Lieutenant Timar, uf the Ruyal llu-,Cars John Iluytl Iicutcnant Almir, of the Royal Ilussars Zac Hanscom XVanda, of thc Opera llallut .InAnn Nlusanic Vura, of tht- Opera llallct C arnlyn Ifuurnicr Captain Iatlislaus. uf the Rnyal llussars lfrctl Clandcl Irma, Star of the Opt-ra Iiallct Ciarnl :Xnslcy Sandor. a gypsy musician .Inn Xlftnvlritlgt' Xlusscttc. a gypsy fnrtunutcllcr Andrca Iivurctt Rafaul, .1 gypsy dancur hlcalicttc Smith llnris, Nluwttc'x father Stcpliun I'it'lv:ring Yaninlta, Xluscttfx ninthcr Ciracc C nrw Nlniu. I'mnptin. prima tlunna nl thu Cirantl Opera liutli Ring Mission accomplished, Count Berezowskif' Xl GR AND OPICRA IXAIIITT l.l-'I-T TO RICiI-IT: Ilclzllcn Blyth. Sally C axliinn Kathy Clulhcrtson. Patty Darling, Ililary Ciatcs, Iflainc Ciogstatl, Nancy I.ottcr, Cllrnlyn Nlurrill, Kathy Palmcr, Vl'cndy Rclaschcr. ROYAL LIVONIAN IIUSSARS l.lfFT TO RIGHT: Dave Abbott, Steve Ames. Al Arfstcn, .lull Babcnck, Kirk Ilarncttc. Dennis Brady. Cilun Clhristianscn. Glen Ifnxmingcr. C litf Iirancu. jim Cicntry, .lint Hill, Ilavc Alannww. Phil Lewis, Ilill Palmcr. :X BAND OI: GYl'SIIfS IlI I' TO RICiI'I-Id: Klarilyn Bartlett. Linda lic- taquc, Nlargarct Illyllic, Sally liuluc. Pat lluntls. Nick liusrli, I'aul Carlin, lloh Cllark, Munro: Dun- ham, Pai Dickson. Ilnb Iltltld, Ilnna Ifsulius. C arnl I vans. I lcn .It1CiCl'lCC. linda IIayward.1lanc llar- nivn, Bill Ilcwitt, .Iutly lluwcs, liarlmara rlaultitiaii. Rarcn klnlinsnn, David -Innes, Mika I.atunc. Cilnria laurialscn, lfllcn Nlitltllcltaulf, llcnnis Nltisantu, Nic I'afn'J, Kathy l'fuilicr, 'Ianni l'liair. Iiarlwara llinilt-y, Iywn Planl, Chris Rinnu. Sherry Sachi- jcn. -Icannc Sintlalil, .Ioann Sharp, Thnnmas Tal- luricn, I,ulainc Witltfl. Count Berezowski, Cornmandanf of the Secrel Police, seems lo find much desirable in The bcauliful gypsy forfunefeller, Muselfe. Irma and Ladislaus enioy The nigh? alr of The chateau. Madame Pornpon has apparenlly en- hanced Caplain Ladislaus. 1 5 ? b 2, 3 1 9 , W E 5 l , V 2 5 2 2 5 , Q K 2 5 3 K ' X V 7, A , jvc? V N, 5. ,M . 5 ii 3 Z 5 4 P E Q 1 2 . Q 1 3 x 2 mf 1 ' Q , . s 1 IQ, ' . 3 943 2 ak' E if 4 i 5 1 Q . 1 i 55 I - ! 1 Y 5 i 5 Z . f 2 ? f ' I 1 4 L. if 5 ff f' i 3 5 fi if 1 1 is Z' s N 2. ,E ' 2 f Q 3 SYYW- gwifi V 1 , Q Q Ns 4 'X fe, me 5 Mail -W f via ' .N 'W gg, S 5 ,ia ' Mug! f ,K , ,b it A ,- ..A,. . ' 'fjfl-SQI' sig' 55212: .gig- : 551 5275 1 ' 1,2'Ei:,4i 5-: f' Q , W, t 4. ff H31 :H wiv -Q. mg, 'fn ,QTL 0 f . ,V ,AVP I -X .,,A , , ,..' il ,.,., , 5-f.,.,,.A:,: ,,.,. A ,, , x' , . L5 , ' I , W 9' A ' F'. d fi' l1'f7c'I'c'1l'l1ful01lI llnlif. . l ,WP : Q I 3' 12 41 , ag -a jp 4 ,! y I lieu- 15 thc llfc .md Nplfll uf .'Xu.1l.1m's. ln this suction .lrc pictured the .Ill-import chncus, rglllics, Asscmblicx, .md gixncx of ilu year. New irmmlrcoxclzxgc.1ruw1'iu xlmu ui 1 fomlull tlllCUl1'N rcign .md lmiglmlight pqqux dk picling lT1L'I11Ol'.l15lC UN cntx. Gettin to know all about you Asa L , N E 3 John Banks receives his prize for having lhe lucky buck. Ernie Fox fries fo give Sandy Underwood her prize for wearing the mos? purple af the dance. ST DE T BUDY MIXER Findin the m 21 si hr which would have warmed the heart of St. ' A g .g . . . . 4 Valentine . . . gathering under 11 huge valentine dedicated to Miss L Clymer and Mr. Glines . . . mixing under Ll large Cupid drifting over J V rh fl . . . d. t A x 4 - '5 eh oor 1ne1ng o super IUUSIL don Ited by Riehmond s Musiemn s Queen 'my and King carlos mink me UUIOU- sfuden? body for lheir honor. Hopping along in a cupid s wonderland Junior Candidares Tom Condi? and Pal' Murphy Seniors lrmy Sieber and Carlos DeMlguel Sophomores Peggy Hanson and Lou Cosso All are anxious for the big moment Brenda Lee and Ar? DeViIIers show off fhe tricky steps which won lhe bop contest for Them 1onyScoff Berf Tycer Larry Dodds and dale Jane m mons Jonrie James e h in Edie Buf re sfanding under e a enhne Trying something new aren lyou7 K 1 MW Is everybody happy? Ask Linda Singer and Jerry Clark, or Lou Marello and Georgia Sfubblefield. coupler romancin PRC people . . . romantic music lending wings to even the poorest dancers' feet . . . dancing until the mist- lilled garden once again became our bare old gym and the bids just old rcmembrnnces. IQU Taking lime ouf from dancing lo lhe music of Gordon Hechej John Dodge and Nancy Veilch, Steve De Maria and Liz Davis, Karen Jeffries and Mike Traynor, Shirley Rasmussen and George Navono. I h Carolyn Echols and Dan Funk, Corky Keisel and Mary Foslar Jane Pen Whaf are you looking al Sally Adair? If cerfalnly isn'f Ned Miller and Mary and Mike McDonald, Judy Laney and Kirk Wayland are seen in our never Dean, Pa? O'Toole and Jeff Babcock, Could il be Sfeve Pickering? be forqoflen Garden in lhe R n ..I -me Music lovers, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley are captivated by Bev- erly Carlton's playing, while Lorraine Sheldon, Bert Jeffer- son and Maqgi Cutler hav. thoughts of their own. SENIOR PLA Y CAST Mrs. lfrnest NV. Stanley lJLlI1ll.lSlCgl'lLll1 ludy Henderson liill Sliurllell' ,Ioey Tuttle ,lolin Boyd Anne Cloakley Penny 'l'li.irsing Miss Preen , Kieligird Stanley ,I une Stanley ,lolin Sarah Mrs. Dexter Ann Munroe Alan Hewitt ,ludy Ackerman l.ou Smith Steve Pickering Sue Reinliart Peter Morrissey ,lules Accnrdi Mike MeC41rdle Lauri Steinke - ,Ion W'oolridge Kirk Barnctte Mrs. NlCCLlfCl1COI1 Mr. Stanley Maggie Cutler Dr. Bradley Slieridan NY'l1iteside Harriet Stanley Bert ,Iellerson Professor Metz The k.Lll'lCllCOI1 Guests Mr. Baker lixpressnun Arne Groennings Lorraine Sheldon Cliris Romine Sandy Doug Parker Beverly Carlton l..1uri Steinke XVeseott Tom Plmir Radio Technicians Kirk Bnrnette. ,lon Xifoolridge Banjo . . Ernie Fox Deputies Kirk Barnette - l..1uri Steinke .-X Plainelothes Man Mike Meilurdle Mrs. Stanley, Sarah, Dr. Bradley, Bert Jefferson and John look forward to another six weeks with Sheridan Whiteside after his second accident. H1.l6l7'i0MJl prerezztirzg, Z1 la the Senior Clmig Mrs. McCutcheon and Mrs. Dexter with their gifts of calves foot An expressrvian delivers Whiteside's sentimental Christmas remehm- ielly and a potted plant, visit Sheridan Whiteside attended by Miss brance from the Kliedive of Egypt while John, Bnnio, and Lorraine Preern and anxious hostess, Mrs. Stanley. Sheldon lock on in shocked admiraiitn. Professor Melz greeis 3 of Whil'e5ide's d'rlner quesis, escoried by a depufy, from Elias P. Crockfield's Home For Ccnvicfs. Miss Preem is swept off her feel bv Banio's friendly hello. Harrie? Slanley presenfs her freasured holly fo Sheridan Whileside while June Slanley, Richard Slanley, John and Sarah share in fhe iesfivifies. June Slanley iniroduces her prospective fiance, Sandy, lo Cupid Whileside. The Man Who Came to Dinner Finding themselves rudely interrupted, amused, and utterly flabbergasted by Sheridan NVhitesiCle . . . having the possibility of no Christmas . . . having also, no privacy, no neighbors, unwanted fame, and the probability of going absolutely insane . . . catering to Dear Sherry's every whim . . . listening to his storms of anger, and feeling the house shake from his Henthusiasmi, for life . . . feeling relieved but a little sad when the day for Sherryis leaving arrived . . . Sherry's triumphing over all-falling down the stairs and returning to the Stanley's horrified home. Now we know who made all lhe noise backsfaqe . .. Becky Harris,Jeanne Hunniculf, Jackie Amis, Maryanne Richardson, Purcell Scheu, Judy Myer, Shirley Maison, Mr, Woodell, Judy Howes, Mr. Truls- son, and Arne Gro- ennings. Radio T chnnc ans prepare Mr. White- side for his Chrisi- mas Eve broadcasl while John enfhusie asfically looks on. Anne Evans, Julie Sanderson, Kafhi Brown, Madeline Bryanll, Kalhy Thompson, Sue McDuH, Sherri Kenl, Carolyn Morrill, Elaine Goqsfad, Sharon DeLancey, Scol' Adair, Jim Walker, Mike Krilcher, Phil Condif, Tom Hall, Peler Knudsen, Dan Funk, Glen Chrislianson, Russell Legg, Hermie Jonas . . . wailing for fills depariure of lhe Dixieland Sleam- oal. 47 Apparenlly Sally Hamblln Linda Wadsworfh Joan Whifehead Joan Campbell Joan Gigulere Diane Peabody Sue Gonaro Diane Hanson Brook Coffon Ann Lombardo Howard Sandburg Bill Hewiri Jim Neuman Chris Rinne Dennis Tolls Don Andreason Sieve Harper and Lex Cornell, don'f realize Yhal they re blocking .he progress of fhe Dixieland Sleamboal. Dzbcielzmd daters. . . UNIOR EXTRA Cruising down the river on a Dixieland Steamboat . . . passing by the wharves, seeing dock hands gazing at our watermelon bids . . . now and then hearing rhar good old recorded Dixieland jazz . . . near the and of our journey coming upon a bale of cotton which, strangely enough, offers the best refreshments in the south. Rick Peferson, Linda Maderas, Paul Arrigo, Warren Srnilh, Julie Clare lMcDonald, Gordon Jensen, Busch, and Bill Yonge have dropped wailing fcr The Roberl E. Lee! anchor al a mosl alluring dock. Ron Haighi, Caro- lyn Echols, Mac Hancock. Carol Sawyer, John Phair, Sal Adair, Jeff Bab- cock, and Joey Tul' lle in llhe land o' collon. There's a lavern in fhe iown, and Bob Rinne, Sue McDuf'l, Peier Knudsen, Ann Evans, and Scoll Adair are lhe cus- iomers for Friday nighl, How can Judy Myer and John Harlzell be so composed un- der lhe qraspinq hands of Dixieland? A lypical example of Those inielliqenl l?l Juniors is is Tom Hall, Kalhy Thompson, Julio Sanderson, and Jim Walker. 4 I . 7 Who makes an even dozen? - Jim Heiser, Barbara Nissen, Linda M'nfgomery, Tom Pal- sak, Carol 8r:dsLaw Andy Palsak, Bob Clif- ford, Befsy Snyder, Don- na Dunkle, Jim Burton, Sus e Palmer and Chuck Bradshaw do. Whaf's lhe mailer, no place to sir? Taking ajffrom Mary. . . Everyone seems io be fairly well occu- pied! Smile--Carlos De- Miguel and Joan Hammarburg, lrmy Sieber and Kam Hakim. Hey! Dave Carlson, Karen Lien, Paf Darling and Dave Kennedy. Don'f shove! Flying Spulniks don'l seem fo boih- er lhese lwo: Tolly Spragens and Jeff Warner. lmzdin in the gym . . . FROSH FROLIC Stepping through a crepe paper cloud . . . entering the world of satellites and space travel . . . dancing under enormous golden planets and a silver Sputnik com- plete with a small yellow dog . . . whirling to the music of Bob Neighbor . . . 11:30 end- ing our imaginary space flight all too soon. Looks like Byron Nol- rey and Dorothy Broad- head are having a swell Ylme. By any chance is anycne pooped? Looks like 'lhere are plenfy of wailers buf only fwo peo- ple fo wail on. Bob Sfraflon gives Kafhy Pfeiferabig whirl. Praclice makes perfect, buf when will Jeff Shurlleff and Hey-whal's belween these fwo Margaref Halghl learn lo dance wifhouf watching their feef. couples-Mike McAuliffe and Bob bie Ferus, Linda Anderson and Henry Dickson ? John Eznekier's crutches add fo the spirif of fhe Soph Hop. never 11zi11dz'n the onlooleifz 1mt1'1fef. . . Gigantic cannibals lurking on the walls . . . huge kettles full of boiling brew . . . grass liuts, war dances, ukickapoo kakcsf joy juice . . . progres- sive diners pulling tricks and mixing . . . dancing 'til the last strains of the native music disappeared from the Hot 'n' Tot Village and then it once more became the barren old gym. The bIocd'rhirs+y Sophomores. Ring-around-ihe-Rosy done Hoi'n Toi slyle. Barbara Piazza in suspended animation I , Fe I rv Acalanes Seniors Ernie Fox, Ellie Hilmer, Joan Haefele, Gail Sorem, Science Scholarship Talenfed winners of Gold Keys ar fhe Regional Scholaslic and a Las Lomas Senior receive lheir Cerlificales of Meril Award winner, speaking al 'lhe Sci- Ar? Show . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: Lloyd Osgood, Pele Auqen- as a resull of lhe National Scholarship Program, from Mr. ence Nighf meefing of lhe Parenls Vhaler. Jane Brooks, Larry Dodds and Roberta Perry. Parsonsr Club. re ' f la 'r ' ' d' 'd I 'z Donna Hunl is lhe lucky girl chosen by lhe Mrs. Siefkef and Miss Richardson are very proud of Pal Siefker as she receives lhe American Field Service fo parlake in lhe D.A.R. good cifizenship award from lwo members of fhe Daughters ol fhe American summer program abroad. Revolution. The Career Library, estab- lished lhis year by Mr. Slev- ens and Miss Flelcher, has maferials dealinq with all cc- fo assisi siudenls n :e'cc!ing a vocalion. The compleled shelves are pul info use by Lou Varello and Rick Dav s, Library workers Bah Dodd and Barbara Jones inspec? fhe file of over 3,000 izb pamphlels. Anolher producf of lhe ca- reer library creafors is Qhe negboard, be'nq admired by Rick Davis, Barbara Jones, and Lou Marello. fo 'F-'rf S Flag 'Y 5 H? L, , A mgffke 59551 Ag. '-1 N QQ I A535 .M .bv if , -'Lin-W pus 'Q F 12 fr? .i,, a TQ T' lm ,az E ., U ' ,g, ' ', ,Q f wS'X 9, 0 ,P K? P 1 Pi? W 4 51, 1553 x fx W ,gl Yisj Exchange Student Views . . . How do you like it here? What surprised you most? What were your First im- pressions of America? These are only a few questions I, as an exchange student. was asked over and over again. Once I got to talking I could hardly be stoppcd. I told the people how much I was surprised by the big highways and the many cars on them, but I was even more impressed by all the modern appliances the American housewife enjoys. I will never forget when I saw the first dishwasher, how I secretly pushed the button to start it, and then when the water came in, almost ran away because I thought I broke it. And when asked about Acalanes, I am sure I will never leave out how the school spirit at the football and basketball games impressed me, and how much I enjoyed the Senior Play and the Operetta. But all in all, I think I got three great values by staying here. First, an under- standing of your Constitution, a symbol of democracy, then a picture of the way American people live, and last an understanding that the people of the whole world have the same goals in life, that the differences in people exist only in the way these goals are achieved. For all this, I want to thank the students and teachers of Acalanes, the people I lived with, and A. F. S. IRMGARD SIEBER Mattersburg, Austria Acalanes is very different from the school I attended in Spain. Our school was old and deteriorated, while Acalanes is modern, good looking and comfortable. The number of students per class was much larger in Madrid, so it was harder. There are also many other different things, such as the daily schedule, number of subjects and sports. The school in Spain is just planned for studying, while in Acalanes, they try to make well-rounded citizens. We don't have any kind of student government and therefore the students have very little to say about any matters concerning the school. I was very surprised about the Student Council and its big power. As a whole I would say that American schools are as hard as European. Finally I would like to thank very much the Student Body and the American Field Service for this wonderful opportunity that they have given to me this year. CARLOS DeMIGUEL Madrid, Spain I entered Acalanes during September, 1956. Frankly I was terrified at the thought of making new friends and living with a new family, but my new friends made me very much at home. Back home the schools are divided, thus the girls go to different schools than the boys. You might say our students are kind of squares in comparison to U. S. students. It takes Iranian students a little longer to mature than United States high school sudents. I certainly have been very fortunate to be able to stay with such a wonderful family as the Adairs. They have been very understanding and patient towards me and I have very seldom been homesick for my family back home. I will always treasure the memories of my sixteenth and seventeenth years wherever I am. I wish to conclude this by a last personal thought. Through better understanding of each other in this world of ours, we can construct a weapon which will be strong enough to change this confused world to a much happier one. KAM HAKIM Tehran, Iran Coming to America has been like a dream come true to us. We had always thought that America was a wonderful place but we have found it to be beyond what we ever imagined. However, we had impressions of the U. S. from western movies, therefore when we arrived in California we were surprised to find that there were no cowboys and Indians. We enjoy going to Acalanes High School very much. We find quite a difference in the student-teacher relationship here than that in Italy. There is more of a friendliness between student and teacher here. The teachers are more willing to offer the students extra help. In Italy the teachers are stricter in their class discipline and in the class work. We have found both the teachers and the students very friendly and willing to help us get acquainted with our new environment. THOMAS and VINCENT TALLERICO Castelsilano, Italy I X We S921- Workingfor CAFETERIA WORKERS Helping lo serve nourishing plaie lunches fo Ihe long line of anxious sludenfs...sellinq ice cream and goodies . . . slaving away cleaning lrays and doing dishes . . . savoring fhe lunches lhey earn for lheir labors ...LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Linofli, L. Knappenberger, K Malfson, B, Dorn, P, Cook, L, Chrlslner, LUNCHROOM WORKERS Leaving lheir fourlh period classes early . . . selling fasly 'ridbifs and hearty sandwiches fo hungry sludenls . .. learning io keep Irack of money during Ihe lunch lime rush . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Thurlow, C. Jensen, B Hubbell, J. Hill, B. Summers. AUDIO VISUAL Showing movies on all subiecis Io our nofe-faking Dcns and Donnas . . . running Iape recorders, organizing films . . . on call for any such iob al all 'limes . . . learning fo run and repair the complicated maze of Iighls, wires, and Iapes . . . never receiving thanks for Ihe r iob well done . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Sommers, A. Ba bini, A, Corse, D. Toll, S, Mclniyre, E, Lin Iii, E, Greeneich, N. Lingard, J. Gelhaus. STAGE CREW Lighling sefs . . , confrolling sound . . . des'gning scenery . . . learning behind Ihe scenes Iechniques wh ch smooth and hold logefher each performance . . . every- one an imporfanl' team member planning, working, c o.- dinafing , . . giving firne, efforl, and :piril fo fhe Senizr Play, Chrislmas program, Opereifa a'd Musfnce never letting The sfage go dark unlil fhe final aclor has spoken his lasf line . . . FIRST ROW, leff Io rfghf: S. Mclnfyre, C. Manning, E. Linoffi, R. Wilson, F. Hill, B. Hawes, T. Leonard, D. Toll, A. Balbini. SECOND ROW: A. Corse, C. Kiesel, B. Thurlow, D. Funk, E. Greeneich, T. Grifzer, D. Sulch. yourpleafure. . . BRUNCH WORKERS Brunch workers being excused early.. .volunleering Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen selling snacks . . . receiving free brunch for lheir efforls . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Thurlov, M. McCardIe, B. Hubble, I., Knappen- burger, C. Annis, D. Van Allen, J. Eves. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Assisling Miss Flelcher . . . shelving returned and mis- placed books . . . wriling slips for overdue books . . . crealing a career xeclion in our library . . . aiding sfu- denfs in finding ihar cerlain Iiferary maslerpiece . . . FIRST ROW, Iefl fo righfz A. Oliveria, G. Hun'iker, G. Klein, S. Paine, J. Hellman. SECOND ROW: P. Sheehan, L. Dixon, R. Maccario, C. Caswell, E. Bcnson, B. Driscoll, K. Luebkeman, E. Gogslad, R. Davis, B. Vale, S. Wilbur. NURSES AIDS Assisfing Ihe school nurse with clerical dulies . . . aclinq as recepfionisfs for fhe sick Dons and Donnas and well visiIors . . . faking femperalure . . . giving fender lov- ing care . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: K. McCormick, K. Harl- well, M Anderson, L. Kingsley, J. McCauley. P. E. HELPERS Running errands . . . handing ou? sporis equipmenl . , . marking Ihe absenfees . . qhelping Ihe P. E. office Io run smoothly . . acfing as general handyv1omen . . . FIRST ROW, leff Io righlz S. Balbini, M, Dunn, R. Fagliano, R. Maccario, I. Evans, I. Soull. SECOND ROW: M. Ouandl, G. Rued, D. Lugo, S. Kley, M, Hitchcock. -l-llllN.Il1lN scctitm is IUUl'k'll1.iIH.lIlUI'tlll1.lI'l .ul suction. It reflects. on tlic part of our luuil lwtisincss ,mtl profcssiuiml mon, tlicir sinccrc intcrcst in producing .1 truly iiicmoixilwlc .in- nu.1l. XVQ hopu that you will l'C.lllYL' tlit-5 .irc in this way sliuwing tlicir coiiimtinity spirit .ind will in turn support tlicm. EIS Imee owhe 2 ELSEWHERE IS NOWHERE IT S BOERO S Eor SporIs EquIpmenI YE 4 3263 I M NEIL ROSE AND SKIPPY BAXTER WaInuI Creek ICE SKATINC5 Rank AI C 3I3 BAY BURGLAR ALARM CO BURGLAR ALARM SERVICE I-IIOATE 4 5 07 l825 MARIN WAY OAKLAND 6 CALIFORNIA d CENTRAL STATION HOLD UP E RE COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL CARS AND TRUCKS E A WESTPI-IAL II T RALPI-I TONY 84 OWEN BEAUTY SALON +C TONYS BEAUTY SALON W S 5 p l52 M SI ee? 445I5 WaI uf Cre I1 LAFAYETTE BEAUTY SI-IOP reIIB d A + 4462 Lfay++ I-IOME FINDERS GIFT SHOP M e TI-IE TREASURE TROVE c e d I-Io ec I Lafayefie PILLSBURY S Seo F e r o 6 SI eeI' YE 4 OIIS4 reek Calf BERKELEY FARMS I723 MI Diablo Blvd 53 E iw I' is N r I I I 40 Pe++IcoaI' Lane Walnu reel: 636 air' S+ree' VVaInuICreeI1 ' Coid aves 4,9 and U ' Haircufs SLOO ,, I. 4 ain r YE - n e Open IYear IPubIIc Skafing Every DayI' Ga r UH ing Han ic - 6 a e s I48O rccIaer e Road Inear MeI'5I Walnur Creek YE 5- I Unusual Giffs . 983 craqa Road Lafay He , Underwrhers Approved Gra e A Loca! DISHU HV GEMS an me D or I La Eles a Square I , I Q C . ' I I I' II nery ' OfITce urnifure Ari ' Engin e Ing ' Sch ol SuppIies Be er a Year Toc Soon Than a Day oo Laie I I3 Mem ,- , WaInuIC , IornIa OLS, INC hu... 3359 MI. Diablo Blvd. Lalayeffe, California Telephone ATlan+ic 4-4504 Branch OFFice 252l Arden We Sacramenfo 2I Cali ornia WAbash 2-3062 Branch Office 7596 Redwood I-Iighwa Novalo California TWinbroolc 2-50I3 ALFRED NIPKOW 84 CO FINE CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN IMPORTS GIFTS COUNTRY TOOS c: d4 42I I0 O OOIVIPLIIVIENTS DF SUTTON S Sl-IOE SI-IOPPE M LAFAYETTE DIME AND DOLLAR STORE TOYS NOTIONS I-IOUSEWARES 3543 MI Dvablo Blvd Lalayelle AT 4 99l8 CONTRA COSTA STATIONERS ART AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES YEllowSIone 4 4302 I4lO Broadway Walnul Creelc SENIORS JR BOOT SI-IOP LAFAYETTE TOY LAN D TOYS BASEBALL HOBBIES EOUI PM ENT AT4 463I LAFIESTA VARIETY day II 8 II SAVE Todoy for TOMORROW CURRENT RATE 4f PER ANNUM Savings Accounfs Insured Io SIO 000 00 FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION WIllIam R Marlin Manager I 332 MaIn Slreel Walnuf Creelc CHALLENGE CREAM 84 BUTTER ASSN M Cream Cheese Ice Cream FIneS+ In Dairy Producls Fourrh and Add on Berlceley I f O , 5 I Q' A if I . O I 3 ' I ,, S W Y A A O O For Her For Him - Lillor 72 I rinda Hiqhway 989 oraga Road Lalayelle Broadway Shopping Cenler YEllow5Ione 5-5685 Wainul Creelc o o - Lalayello LaFieSIa Shopping Cenler I l Weelc Sli :OO p.rn. Sundaysfi. 5:00 H ilk K . . . . IS SPORTS AND GAMES 1604 Locus? Sfreef WaInu+ C eek Cal Iorn G Good Spo +5 A e Our Bus ness is O DIAMOND TRI SUPPPLY LAEIESTA MEATS MI D RI F sfa Sq M Laf yeHe ORINDA HARDWARE M uaIuTy Me-aTs CHI M2585 WALNUT CREEK MEAT CO DAVES NURSERY I432N III Ma S+ee+ M+ D bl Bl O LAFAYETTE RENTAL 3. HARDWARE THE CLASS OF 58 DICK MCINTYRE ARMY NAVY SURPLUS MART UNION STATIONS M ag H O C If CLITI cI69934 FRONTIER GUN SI-IOP C e D kebglgl 3 4M'ID bl Bld Lf AT33208 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF se LAFIESTA FOODS GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE CONVENIENCE SERVICE Plenfy of Free Parkmq 977 Moraga Road AT3 27I3 r I I I r r I CompIImen I 367I , ia oBIvd. M . I.aIayeIIe, CaIifornIa La me uare oraga Road 5 56 oraqa Highway Q ' Telephone: ior - OT in T 3685 . is O va. YEIIows+one 4-4454 WaInu+ Creek Lafayeffe AT 4.4631 Complimenfs of Conqrafulafi ns Io I I.aIayeHe I333 aIr1 Sfreef 67 Mor 6 Wy., FITTCIG WaInuI Creek a I ornia I or - Rheem enI r Ra - 58 . Ia o v. a ayeffe, CaIiI. - I O O I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 Morie Bennett MORAGA ROAD LAFAYETTE WALNUT CREEK AUTO GLASS N- . 2. 5530 CLAUDY'S 3559 MI Dablo BI d I405 L BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 58 MAIN AUTO SUPPPLY THE EMPORIUM M 3545 M+ Dablo BI d EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTO 4 7637 AT 4 4525 Lafayeffe SCOTT SHEPHERD COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MR J A DE MARIA Your L A N Z Headquarters MORAGA CASUALS PATIO SHOP RHEEM CENTER DR 68697 YourTelepI1o e Suoe a Ice? PHAIRS ORINDA STORE O da Wal UIC eek X MIP SEHK! 9415110 Q if 2042 I r'I'- Ma r' Sfref' Yffflowamne . 4 2500 Smdfgm DIA,--I,m ' . V , I . ocusf Sfreef ' WalnuICreeI1 C5 Ifm-nl . I634 ain Shes? WaInu+ Creek i V Open Sundays YEIIcw3+cne - - CompIimenI's of Lafaye++e Complimemsof rw I rm r I ,T T ' -TT' W ., L- gdlllffln It 4555? U ' - ' f 3 I .o t u H xi ' in rin 'rw r TUNNEL MOTORS I839 MT D abIO BIvd YOUR LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MERCURY DEALER WaImuI Creek Phone YEIIowsTorTe 4 443 I AIMAN S BUILDING SPECIALTIES Qi :nik uf Am L rt rn UNOIECFNWLfuNDSWDESARPETECRM NATIONAL X SOCIYT UN IQ? N IITM Lafayeffe GRAND RAPIDS FURNITURE CO OF WALNUT CREEK 4 3520 LINCOLN MERCURY 2352 SITaTTuCIc Avenue TI-Iornwall 5 7OIO BeTIceIey PESI-ION RUG WORKS N I 4 3202 CompI men+s OT TI-IE COLOR CENTER PAINTS dwALLPAPERs BRAKE LINING SERVICE CO WMI D BRAKES WI-IEEL ALIGNING WHEEL BALANCING Y I-IILLSIDE MOTEL M+DbI RFI SUGAR PLUM PASTRY SI-IOP GL H3272 o In d 23650 B ' M armour 6 an CONCORD CALIF WALNUT CREEK CALIE M IJ 55492 44 7 Congrotulotlons Closs of I958I An Acalanes dnpIoma nnsures your success 7Zom,Qlzn5 8 eomlaany INSURANCE BROKERS III SUTTER STREET SAN FRANCISCO 4 DOuqIas 2 0844 Ex 2 ' P . I . ff it 'fue X48 ITEM ' - l o . I . . I Q Ei-3515021 if 'l I' , , 5 or' am Sfreef WaIn..I Croc-I Open Fridays UTTIII 9 p,rTT. YEI'OwsTOne - O3aII+y Furrumre for Less' I375 Main Sires' WaInuI CrCeIc CaIII. 0 2IO6 or,IT Main Sweet T YEIIowsIorTe - WaInuI Creek I an . IebIC BIvd. Lafayeffo CQIII. 3738 . ia .o I3Ivd. ' Reser-va+ICvs Mnand Mrs. . .Mossman Lafa We CeIHornia - Oncord Ivd. 355 aIrT ST. UI err' - 3 YEIIow3+3ne Y' 63 I O Professionol Acknowledgements W Del Descln M D JosepI'1E Lrfsclwulz M D SdneyR Garlled M D C r F Mills DDS ArlI1urJ Hunnlcufl M D I-lenryC Pelray DDS QY Complirnenrsof ED WALLACE REALTOR BALAAM BROTHERS Y I Y cw 4144396 wELoIrIe SUPPLIES e-Rsennes mom CONTRA COSTA REALTY CO FRANK C CLAPP AGENCY PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO OF AMERICA I940 Web OLyrnpuc 8 5OlO I35O Powell Slreel Emeryville Cal I Congrarularions Io Ilwe Class of 58 OSCAR KRENZ INCORPORATED Processing Equiprnenl for Induslry Berkeley California COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD H SEHLIN Crocker Anglo Nalional Bank a e sf d pe+P 3 DR BENJAMIN M BRUDNEY OPTOMETRIST epln p 24 l6l9B TO THE CLASS OF I958 recall your Big Year Congralularions Alclan Siafl SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF FIFTY EIGHT THE PAXTON HOUSE OF BEAUTY COMPLIMENTS OF GENE COMPTON S I3OO Broadway Walnui Creelc YEIIowsIone 4 8567 I WALNUY Cllll Jcwc ry fdlilffdivfml I A V v V LOW vo A YN YOUR FAVORITE MEATING PLACE THE GROUND COW Famous for rlwe Funesi Food Served Anywlwore Open Every Day B OO a m lo Midniqlfil Orinda Crossroads CL1FFord 4 4922 I . f ' , . . a I . ' , . . . I earsin Orinda ' 2 Br an Wa I or Y ' , I . Il77 Pleasanl Hill Road Lafayelfe, Caiifor ' Backed by a Llfelime in Conlra Cosla Comfy srer Oakland I S Walnul Creelc Califgrnia W ho Ilwal III' Aidan wiIII1eI ELMWOOD PHARMACY e Pe 'S R Leslie Berella and F. P. Bereir H , ,, R qi ere Pharmacisls Ex r rescriplion Dispensing af Moderare Prices Tl IornwaII -I3OO - - - -The Tel one TErn lebar - 337 roadway Oakland, California Io ' I7 9 I 0 F ' Y n :nina-u s sus.: I I I TW 3-I432 Harry SonnIag COmP'ImeIISOI cAMPANA Music sHoP Pacific SIaIes MeaI Co. For Your Music Needs' 3I I Broadway Oakland LaIayeIIe CaIiIornia CAPE COD HOUSE . SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION LaIayeIIe PosI OIIice Box 43 I LUNCH and DINNERS PiIIsburg CaIiIornia A,,PL,ANCEAND WESTERN Roro ENQRAVERS S I1SIeIBe ee REERIGERATION h T MacKay AT3 2053 SERVICE Ma p5 CHAMPIONS PLUMBING WAONER AND MACKAY ac a e In D e +640 dSI1e I836 MI Dablo BI d 3330 MI AT 3 3425 yeIIe ERNEST J ROSSI PHILS JEWELRY EIowers CI APP IcI'e a dCI GLIO234 Y osIce4777 435 2OIh SI eeI 5 a C eek C DURANT AND TELEGRAPH IN BERKELEY I SATHER GATE APPAREL MARY CLAPP aes? ac oppedI p bl ssfuibafch oII1ea I p nfs also I s I 4 S15 min l Nik I l f Y mltlllllllilllii A REAL FRENCH FRENCH DRY CLEANER 4 HOUR SERVICE ATIantlc 3 3318 965 MORAGA ROAD LAFAYETTE 6 H pyl ,TRADE MAWK coPYRicHT19s7 5 Mum TELL A STAIN co l I225 ixI r e, rIc I y Jo n . Y General naqer Lfxndsca 0 2950 ConIr Iinq nd G neraIJo binq Vgnefidn Biindg v rap 5 YEIIOWS on .344 Win CW ad A . i v 4 WaInu' Creek . DiabIo BIvd. J- Lafai I Jewelry Designing ' Diarnon raisai. Wa is n oak: f EII w n - 7 - r OaIcIand, CaIiIcrnia I I5 Main SIreeI W InuI r . aIiIornia Xi 2 yy I I RIS il , 1. - ' ' 'A I X4 I 4' A fl 4 ffliiiI'v'l'l'.','n'u'l'l'v'1'f.'4' 'WTI-Il E I In wo Iwearf IricIrs - r o and . wI1irI sIcirI Irom Lanz's i r Y ri Ihaf con ains dre ses, shir 5, p nfs and swim- W sL:iIs. ap onq ' - o mer! ' ' ' Buylng a piano? Be sure to see the JMX., JI Unmususo Funununf HHHHH11 35 4 mmm Mgzahnwdofn 5' O .1411 .ff . Zyl., Rey.-.L lllllllllllllr Furmlure Made lo Order OPEN THURS TILL 9 CUSTOMER PARKING J norman sr son M WM mi WM Ili xl zmmzcmauvs mxnn AShberry3-6094 Yxxxm Dlslrlbulor of WUl4LIlLEK LLELJKIC ORGAN5 W S' G Calcland Walnul Creek K-J Mrs Rudolph Monosrnrlh Mrs George Jensen Mrs George Eberharf Mrs Jack Cullen Mr Arthur Rnnne Mrs John Rrnne Mr Tony Baranle Mr Dorr Ehler Mrs Ogden Klesel Mr Charles Cooper Not present Mr Stanley Walqren Mr Fred Lincoln, Mr Frank Dees Mr Robert Muller Mrs W Whrlnell Mrs Karl Pauldlnq Mrs Alexander Morrrs Our sunceresr lhanlcs lo lhe fdculry and sludenls for rne r meer ul QC perarlon n rlne Parenls Club meellnqs and acfuvulles ACALANES l-llGl-l SCHOOL PARENTS CLUB ' . 0 :,. .,,., . I. Z1 T A- - 12 M, ,, iii... , '-'ln ' f A . 7 - . I, C U O 4 I ll ur r iv i I - I 4 57 V' ,F 7 f' , 1' , A of ' I 7 7 , , ,.-,, , 4 '- - - L-:A ........ .gA,.., D glll.1-e- 55511552251 f sf 3-. '- -S iituu 'E-'fizfi r I 4 f ' 1 1 , . I Z 5 5 f x , O N ' I f f l' ..., s,','--., - 1 Hz' N ' X -----' ' , eg A V, -X ', . I . ' ' Smce l9It ' ' 5 M1-.iw 8 Harvlin - Gu traneen ber - Lever P1 nos 5 ,L 5 5 1 1 . . ' l Sqn- 5 -N .- 3 , ' i-1 , Q 9 5 - 5 v , ' 7 1 L 5, the FORD Behav' GOLDEN BEAR motors Charles Glgulere, owner l955 UDIVGTSIIY Ave Berlceley Get a supply today of th er crlos 2407. A7101 161.2 IIILLZL hlflbu PER LOG 'rms CLEANEST soun FUEL MAD:-: Long bummg no clmkers no soot no ash troubles NOW PACKAGED TI-IREE WAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE INSTANT FIRE PAK in 2 9 O e 2 I h Pres to logs X Q and g +9 Q S I Pres to logs .ai HAND: PAK is Y I-IANDI PAK 4 L gs BUNDLE 6 Log Sold by Lead g Grocers Ha d are Fuel Dealers Ser ce Stat ons Pet and Garden Stores E ery here Ma I C+ e y Pres Io logs Dnslrnbulors of Calncorma Inc: ALBANY 6 CALIFORNIA all Wh- -1-' I Have Camera W111 Photograph 9 Wltreek I I O . . 'I I ' 'Q I I vu-unuavun i i , I A , 4 If Ili ,7l.,An!,y n I I T I I I - Iii:-my I m m, , . . , Ia, '..,f.v 'An Evenln I Fir ' ,, ,. ..., - ' 'M I I 2 o s, wal Iundlwn Iaces . . .fa . . ' I 1'l 7' I nu r. M, . 11591 . J:-All' ,:r:-','fiI- fi' ,ev-La R+- , 5 - u nag'-ly 4 'f 1i 5 . mi: .ff .,,.....,....- 'J f-24132: , . , Q 1 S in , r w , . vi i , v w nu a ur d b Ted urney a nu C - - I . . L Jrlft 'Yds ,... 4-f C ft' Z XC IxNONVI I DC I MI NIS xx 'mln w I nr II L IIL N. I III L NILI N III A IQINLIIL I 3 nur X1 LIIIUI I I In I 1 1 hm umm: I II III DIllxIXlN S gp 10 ww x I 1 III Iu Xloun ot C Il mm INTIN ., -, III i k N L LUNL II S IIII Lmlpal III NNI x 1 ,-'Cu-'LK-X , Ifllf C LA Mg., X I, L 1 ' 1 ' -'ffl if fl rar ,151 L I ' If f ' f' ff , c 4 .,ff' , f , 4 I I C f I ' V -4 'ic - ' ' f Af! I V 'hfw-Leif x I If X' I. , , . , . . . , . , - L 1 1 L I Nlr. SL. xIcx xxI.IIgI lI 1I'ri 'np.1Ip XIV. RIII -rl I, IVII IIS: kIx'cpiug.1II K-'I :fy XIII. JXII. n' ISKUIIQHI Im IN L . VJ -'KJ I XII I ' I I'cl11IuI'uIic ql'Iwr Jg1'.1II1y .uIN'isurj lv I fax NIB XIIIIIQ' II.Il1II3llI'gCI' IXI m I 'rn I . C ' ,II 'cm I 4 I, I XIV. kI.IIIICx Nclwn .md XIV. IMI -' YHIIIQ jx X ff! IS- ' ' I,r'oIvIcms I'm',cIcr'yI IIIQ cnt' - '.IL'llIlI' fur III-'x' ' - ' I ,Il-IHI XIV. Dun CQnIIic uf' IQCIIII CUIL' tuIIIus I togr.1II v' .IQIYI Xlr. Iio . l Q. III' ' fl Art .IIILI Ifr y . iny Lu: gr. V Xlr. I UIH-rt OILI of I.cIIcrcr Struct ,IIILI Zcu IPI. lIIIgII S. Ii. Smillm c,lJIIIP.IIIy I ' '-rsj XIIN. XIII .1 Nhwrm 1fXIiI.m .ndxi cry 'III ' UIIIIVC .xIiI.III sI.1II' for their uL1IsI.1llLIing 'IVIX . I ' Ion. Leaving Acalanef with a heart full of happy memoriex It s finally come-the last day of school For some it means the last day before summer vacation to be followed by another year stepping out into the world Whatever this day means to you it s something special and we hope your 1958 Aklan will add to your memories of this day and many others , . ' 3 at Acalanes. For others it signifies their last day at Acalanes before . . . . , ' Y W 'fiw wmflfff P'?f,17f?MW MW 'W W W 'FW' Mfg fff W Mf5NgQjMf,5i'HjWf f Mn WWW W ff W Wg fy? ffdgff N MJ! wfxymwwfy Af Jpff 77 WY if Wy W 'QMM Www Mpffpojywm My ff!! W ff Mwfqgfy PL !6H+ MW!! W' ,x 'W MV! My ,Q .ff V My if i f ,f tiny ' Www, Wi Wfffwff W W Wrlf jfwfffff , T fwfr 'M W Mfg My P I , '. MJD, My ff! vw. NJ F v iw ' . ' , . 4-,,+' 2 V W 0727 wwf fpzazyvfvy igW 1271 f MVA? fpfyygyzw I ffwfw 217W 2975 Wfjffyyjmwwymw 7?'Pi'7Z7'77ffj7Qr24, nf! 7716432 WW Wy? wff rw xv z WWQZQQZ 2 f .fa fffwyf' afv22y Mfff-'ffwwffmffffffwvffw fm' 'P' Qafzoivyzawf yfaffff iff WWWW 4407 may We if ,aww 05,,3Wfff?vmw0?' V H!! 'WW Wwffff W , W1-QW fWf9Ww0,-,ZW W W gf ,Qc Vfggzpf Y Hy F Mwff MMWMQ My f9 :,f2Qf 4ffv1ww9j,yvr' KM6 0 7fzzfff ?977fVZQW, A xg' WWWMM Aff ff., Af X 'T 1 , ,Qi'j, '!1A I 4 I P za X ' . , 4 - Zach? f 7 ' ' u 7' 1 7 -- 7 ' J 3 ' f K, fa I I f ' ' 1 f ' f 1 .A l . A A K f Za! Q 'WW f f , ' W ' X ry' , ,pa , .., , 1 I ff V W, .. W x K. . ' Ar 1 ' 0 ' I ' Zr ' - .0 1 H f . 67 3 mf X CNC? 1 77794 I 7 A X X1 U . N P I V A, var, , A A: W ' W f Q JC?-fi ' rf'Vf 3 ff I f? IA mf gjxxw 1 xl Q A ' , f-Y N If NM V if Fir flwfxff NA 77 if I ff- I rffiiy Z If N' , ' . Lf K A' x9 A ff , . 0 , , A N' 8 . c , ' X

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Acalanes High School - Aklan Yearbook (Lafayette, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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