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3 if SE, 35? f"v"yMM' J gyffgf' 5,625 WW ,MW 53 ff' JW W, is 3f wb 7 W HOV Q2 MMM WWQEQSS if WWW 2 E alia AW W W 351W Q53 H Dxjw' f7wjLQj991 5-inf? jqxw 1955 ,wwf M gi J, R W QMS WU? Q it I M N5 ,big H W0 Jw .1-65.3 1 io I JWJ l Wfkafugkvfjmj ,U 'L5'fLF1f-J D5 I AKLAN STAFF EDITORIAL JERRY GRAY ,,,,.,, , ,,,,,,,, , H ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E difor JIM ROBERTSON, ,,,, ,,,, A ssoc:ia+e Edilror, Ari Edijror CAROLE RUCKER , , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.. . Co-Senior Edifor TOM TILTON , , ,, Co-Senior Edilror, Asst Adv. Mgr, BETH PICKTON ,,,, , HH H ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,, Copy Edifor JACK LLOYD ,,,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Picfure Ediror, Assis+an+ Pho+ograpl'1er LEE SHOPTAUGH ,,,,,,,,,, Acfivifies Edifor, Sporfs Edifor, Asst Adv. Mgr. CAROL EARLE H ,, ,, ,,,,, ,, ,H ,, ,, ..Adminis'rraHon Edifor CHARLES OSTROM ,,,,, ,, CARL PETERS, - BOB ROBERTS ,, LORETTA DALBEY BOB KELLER, ,, BILL BEDARD BETSY PEMBROKE, ,,,,,,,Division Page lilusfrafor PHOTOGRAPHIC ,, ,, ,,,,,l-lead Pl'1o+ograpl'1er , Assis+an+ Plwofographer MANAGERIAL , ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, , , , ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, , , Manager . . ,,AssoCiafe Manager, Advedising Manager ,, Safes Manager , ,,,,, ,,,, A dviser '.,. T.. W5 'Y Q ' s 'Q ki 2 rf' M , -p 55 lr -M X, wr 2' af if ,"' yiiifz-Q-i,, 41' . E ,, ,f W? 41 4.1. ACALANE DEDICATIDN Each year for iwelve years +he members of +he AKLAN have had +he privilege of dedicaling 'rheir permaneni' record of +he year's work +o an ou+s+anding member of 'Phe Acalanes sfaicf. Many elemenfs are laken in+o consideralion. Among fhese are rela+ions wi+h s+uden+s. service To +he school above and beyond 'rhal' expecfed of fhe job. number of years of service. By all criferia +his year's dedica+ee was a nalural choice. For len years sludenls have appreciaied his high slandards of achievement his ideals of conduc'r and his organiza- Honal abili+ies. Nine years of of varsi'ry or J.V. fooball. seven years of "A" or "B" baslcef- ball. one year of "A" and "B" swimming, and Ten years of "A" fraclc have known his experi' coaching.The I949 J.V. foo1'ball,'rhe I94-5"A"baslce+ball,+he l948"B"baslce+ball. and ihe I944, l948, I95O, I95l, and I952 "A" rraclc Teams were led +o championships. Bur whefher a boy made a leam or not no boy has leff Acalanes wifhouf feeling 'lhe inspira+ion of fine sporfsmanship and 'rhe personal in+eres+ of Charles L. Eafon. NEIL M. PARSONS ROSS REAGAN GEORGE HOUGHTON District Superintendent Business Administrator Director of Adult Education ADMINISTRATION This year Acalanes has a new principal, Stanley Walgren. The past principal and district superintendent, Neil Parsons, now concentrates solely on his duties as district superintendent. With the ever-increasing enrollment, new instructional classes have been created in order to tultill better the needs ot the students. An important group which very capably serves Acalanes is the Board ot Trustees. The members are professional and business men who generously give up their time to help make Acalanes an even better school. BOARD OF TRUSTEES WILLIAM B. FREEMAN President JOHN F, CHADDOCK Former President DR. RALPH C. HALL Former President CARL NEWBU RY Former President M. H. STANLEY Former President Clerk of Board We are now compleTing The TwelTTh year of our exisTence. During These Twelve years The sTuolenTs aT Acalanes have seT high sTandards in many Tields of endeavor. Good academic achievement fine sporTs4 manship and an accepTance of The responsibiliTies of ciTizenship have been aTTribuTes common To all Dons and Donnas. These qualiTies have become an inTegral parT of our school-conTribuTing To iTs growTh and development From a small, young "upsTarT," Aca- lanes has grown inTo an excellenT school now widely PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE STANLEY WALGREN Principal known and acclaimed. Acalanes has earned This en- viable repuTaTion Through The efTorTs of a hard-worlo ing sTudenT body and TaculTy. Now our TwelfTh class is abouT To leave us. leaving behind iT a Tine record Tor fuTure classes To emulaTe. We who are sTill here, and Those who have already gone on To greaTer Things, wish The members oT The class oT 1952 all success in Their TuTure acTiviTies. We are conTidenT They will uphold our highesl' TradiTions and ideals Through life. LILY LAHTI Dean of Girls DAVID B. STEWART Dean of Boys GUIDANCE Guidance is a very imporlanl' facfor a+ Acalanes, and each sIuden'r is Ihe definife responsibilify of a counselor. These counselors help Iheir s'I'udenI's in Facing and solving various problems during high school life. Under 'rhe direclion of William Ross. Ihe slallf carries ou'r Hs plan of aiding s+udenIs wi'rh high school problems and pre- paring +hem For fulure work. Apfifude, achievement and LQ. 'IesI's are given in order Io find and develop abililies. A personal inI'eresI' is Iaken in each s'I'uden'r and periodically he is called Io 'Ihe counseling office for a conference wiI'h his own counselor. Seniors are given parlicular a+'I'en+ion because Ihey will soon be graduafing. The sfaff mainfains unlimi+ed informa- Iion on colleges, scholarships, and ofher knowledge necessary for 'rhe making of fulure plans. This year Dean Dambacher sfarfed an employmenl' bureau for Acalanes s+uden+s. A survey was Iaken during Ocfober and 60 per cenl' of The pupils wanfed 'ro work eifher affer school, on week nigh+s, or on Salurday. Employers around 'Ihe area were con+ac+ed and Iold Ihaf sfudenl' help would be avsilalole. This new deparfmenf aids many pupils who desire io s. GERTRU DE BARTLEY Counselor VERA RICHARDSON Counselor WILLIAM ROSS Director of Guidance DEAN DAMBACHER Counselor JAMES WILHELM Counselor ALEXANDER WINCHESTER Counselor OSCAR BUSCH Bands, Girls' Chorus DEAN DAMBACHER Counseling, Social Sfu'dies CHARLES DONNA Spanish RUTH DYER U. S. Hisrory, California History English CHARLES EATON Boys' Physical Education Coach 'BEVERLY EGGLESTON Biology RUTH FLETCHER Librarian SHIRLEY FRAZIER Home Economics MURIEL GRAY English, Spanish FAC ANITA ANDERSON Business English, Typing Office Praclice JOHN ANNIS Physics, Chemislry, Geomefry LELAND ARTH Malhsmalics, Coach GERTRUDE BARTLEY Counseling, English, Malhemalics FLORENCE BASSISNAN French, Spanish BEATRICE BETTENCOURT Girls' Physical Educaficn GERALD BROW N M afhemalics, Coach STANLEY BLACK Aulo Shop RACHAEL BU RCHARD English, Dramalics Y MILLICENT HAMBURGER Dance, English BRUCE HANDLEY Ch., Mafhemalics Depf. Algebra RlCHARD HANSEN Bands, Mixed Chorus Music Theory, English ELMO HEARD Craifs, General Shop Applied Mafhemaiics GEORGE HOUGHTON Direclor of Aduli Educaficn General Science, Biology EDWARD LAHEY Driver Training DOROTHY LAMB Applied Arl ROBERT LORD Typing, Bookkeeping, Siudenf Body Accounls, Ccach ERWIN MATTSON Boys' Physical Education, Coach JAMES McINERY English, Coach BARBARA NELSON Ari MARGARET NICHOLSON Ch., Science Depl., Chemislry JOSEPHINE OCHOA Ch., Language Depl., Laiin Spanish BETSY PEMBROKE U. S. Hisfory, Audio-Visual Education, Slagecrew, AKLAN ROB PETTENGI HELEN PETERSON Cooking, Homemaking, Cafeieria LL Typing, Shorlhand, Business Law Salesmanship VERNA Nurse PHILLIPS ROSS REAGAN Ad minisfrafive Assislanf Geomelry ELSIE WALLIN Girls' Physical Educalion RUTH WEBB Ch.. Social Sfudies, DepI'. U. S. Hisfory, World History Social Sfudies HENRY WEISS English, Journalism BLUEPRINT JAMES WILHELM Maihemalics General Science ALEXANDER WINCHESTER Counseling, Physiology WILLIAM ROSS Director of Guidance an'd Counseling, Senior Problems VERA RICHARDSON Arf, Counseling WILSON SANCHEZ Ch., English Depi., English, Siudenl Handbook ROBERT STEVENS Mechanical Drawing, Assislanf Coach DAVID STEWART Dean of Boys, U. S. Hislory ROBERT THOM Wood Shop BERTRAM TRULSSON English, Dramafics Public Speaking WILBUR TWINING U. S. Hislory, Coach MARIE WAGNER Spanish ,Q tix, in 'WI 95 wane hm' , LESLIE HECHE Girls' Yell Leader STUDEN JAYNE KIRK BARBARA SPRINGSTON ART SILER Social Secrelary Secrelary Presfdenf Wh '94 4 Q A A ' V A 1, ri, FIRST ROW, left lo riqhl: S. Walgren, C. Demeler J. McAdams, B. Carideo, J. Johnson, J. Rounds S. Aweelra, B. Springslon, A. Siler, M. Klemenl P. Randall, J. Kirk, L. Heche, C. Goforfh, R Hagens, C. Creagor, B. Miller, L. Galbrailh SECOND ROW: R. Kislinger, D. Pouobon, R. John- son, T. Morrish, H. Bronson, M. While, D. Fcsfer N. Carroll, S. Freedman, S, Pedder, T. Tillon, J Larsen, J. Gray, R. Rogers, T. Tener, B. Randall, B Harrison. THIRD ROW: B. Rcberls, K. Lescure J. Bohn, P. Sheaff, V. Johnson, G. Forlado, R, Wil liamson, S. Groennings, A. Deleray, M. Elvidge W. Williams, E. Greub, D. Fey. MIKE KLEMENT PAT RANDALL BEN RANDALL RENAN HAGENS Vice Presldenl Treasurer Boys' Cheerleader Assislanl Girls Cheerleader CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE The Cirizenship Commiiiee, composed of six mem- bers. ads as iudge and jury Io all Acalanes sIudenIs. This group consis+s of elecled class represen+a+ives- one sophomore, 'Iwo iuniors, Iwo seniors. and Ihe sludenl body presidenl. William Ross advises aI Ihe meelings which are held once a week in The school library. The commif- I'ee's iob is I'o pass on all recommendalions for cifi- zenship poinis. If a sludeni is dissaiisfied wiI'h his poinls, he may ask for a hearing by 'Ihe group al any Iime. Also, 'Ihe Cifizenship CommiH'ee has Ihe power 'ro requesl a sIudenI's appearance. Anyone reaching Ihe goal of I2O ciiizenship poinis is given an award. This enIiIIes him Io free admission Io all home sIudenI' evenls 'For 'rhe nex+ semesler. BOYS' FEDERATION BOYS' FEDERATION OFFICERS SEATED, Iefi fo righf: M. Elvidge, E. Murray, W. Williams. STANDING: D. Siewarf. The 522 enrolled boys of Acalanes comprise Boys' Federafion. The purpose of 'rhe organizalion is Io beller reIa+ions among all boys aI Acalanes High. The highlighls o'F Ihis season's acI'iviI'ies were Ihe an- nual Faihers' and Sons' banquel' and Ihe Faculiy vs. Sludenrs Irack meer. A+ Ihe banquet The movies of The Counfy Track Ivleel were shown: Ihese movies were produced under 'Ihe sponsorship of The Boys' Federalion. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, Ief? fo righf: W. Williams, K. Mickle, R. Kisiinger, SECOND ROW: A. Siler, W. Ross. GIRLS' LEAGUE GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS FIRST ROW, leff To riqhh B. Pendleion, K. Mickle, J. Rounds. SECOND ROW: Lily Lahfi, advisor: J. Neuman, A. Seulberqer, M. Derry. C. Monroe. Every girl, as soon as she enTers Acalanes, auTo- maTicaIIy becomes a member oT Girls' League. The ideal oT The group is To sponsor good reIaTionships and beTTer undersTanding among all The girls. Each year, under The direcTion oT Miss Lily LahTi, dean oT girls, This organizaTion sponsors Two big proiecTs. The TirsT of These is a money-raising plan. During The Tall semesTer, magazine subscripTions are sold. The drive provides money Tor The annual MoThers' Tea. This imporTanT evenT is held in May and is pre- senTed under The leadership oT The Girls' League CabineT. Included in The program are The modern dance panTomimes, worked ouT by The dance group, and a Tashion show. Each girl who has Taken sewing during The pasT year is given a chance To model her cIoThes. RALLY COMMITTEE As our school grows, The Rally CommiTTee be- comes more and more imporTanT. IT is a service group which promoTes Acalanes' spiriT Through aThIeTic evenTs. All pre-game rallies are handled by The Rally CommiTTee. The sIciTs are wriTTen and acTed ouT by The members. Under The direcTion oT Dean Dam- bacher and PresidenT WaIT Williams, The group also Takes care oT adverTising Tor games and oTThe organi- zaTion of rooTing secTions. All graduaTing seniors in The commiTTee eIecT The nexT year's members. Only sophomores and iuniors are eligible To be voTed upon. SeIecTion is made Trom a sign-up sheef ThaT is passed around in classes. STu- denT body oTTicers au+oma+icaIIy become ex-officio members oT Rally CommiTTee. RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, left To riqhi: J. Price, A. Bronson, J. Johnson, S. Eggerfs, C. Os- Trorn, B. Bedard. SECOND ROW: J. Keefe, N. Carroll, M. Derry, C. Monroe, R. Johnson. THERD ROVYl:hA. Monsen, A. ulp, J. o n- son, W. Williams, T. Morrlsh. Aja PROOF TO PARENTS THAT SOME DONS WORK EFVM' ZLQQ 'Qf 0 i .. 55" K sw 1171, QRS .. The 245 seniors 'rhai' comprised lhe class of '52 may well be proud of 'rheir school record, for +hey had one of the highesl scholaslic records in Acalanes hislory. Twenly seniors earned life-lime membership in +he California Scholarship Federa+ion. In na- tional compeliiion, ihree graduales received scholarships io Harvard Universiiy and one lo Wellesley College. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: Wall Williams, Citizenship Commillee Representative: Ed Grcub, Presi- dent: Ann Bronson, Treasurer: Nancy Carroll, Social Secretary: Carol Earle, Secrulary: Mike Elvidqe, Vice President ACKLEY, WESLEY GEORGE-"Wes": Major Wood Shop: Swimming 4: likes to hunt and fish: wants to go into building trades. ALLEN, JOHANNA MAE-l'Jo": transferred here in Soph. year: Majored in Art: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 3: going to Cal to study Psychiatry. ALFDRD, ARTHUR JAMES-"Jim": came to Aca- lanes from El Cerrito in Senior year: Band 2, 3, 4: Major was music: wants to go to work after graduation. AMBRDSE, EDWARD CHARLES-"Little Ed": Major: Math and Mech. Drawing: Chips 2: "Bee" Track 1, 2, 3, A track 4: wants to go to J.C. then Cal. ANDREW, HOWARD-Majored in Math: Block A 4: Chips 3: Football 3 and 4: Track 3: plans to gn to J.C. ANDREW, ROBERT DAVID-Majored in History and Mech. Drawing: Golf 2, 3, 4: dislikes getting up in the morning. ANSANI, LOUIS VICTOR-'IBig Lou": Majored in History: Student Council 3: hobbies are boxing and wrestling: wants to see New York, then to J.C. ARVIDSDN, DAVID BRUCE4l'Dave": Majors were Science and History: Acalhonors 3: Track 2: likes camping and skiing: wants to go to college. BADGLEY, DONALD WEBB-"Donn: Majored in Math: Student Council 3: Audio-Visual 1 and 2: Track 1 and 2: Ski Club 3: wants to go to Arm- strong's Business College. BABCOCK, OWEN-"Cock": History and Math Ma- jors: Citizenship Committee 2 and 3: Chips 2: Football 2 and 3: Basketball 2: Ski Club 4: headed for San Jose State. BAILEY, JANET L0lS-"Ja.n": Majored in History: C.S.F. 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 4: G.A.A. Sec. 4: going to Whitworth College. BAKER, JOSEPH WAYNE--"Wayne": came to Acalanes from Diablo in Junior year: Majored in History: hobby is Mechanics: might go to J.C, ILASS CDF '52 February 8 was the dale of the first senior activity, the Senior Extra, "Party Time." ln March, the Senior play, "Best Fool' Forward," was presented. "Moonlight and Roses" was the Senior Ball theme. For this, the only formal dance of the year, the gym was beautifully decorated in red and while roses and willows, with a real willow three over a poncl of water lilies--a perfect climax to four grand years at Acalanesl BARNETT, JOHN-"Barney": Maiored in Science and Math: Football 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4: likes life in general. BENNETT, ROBERT HOWARD-"Bob": Majored in Math: Blueprint Staff 4: Ski Club 3: likes to work on his car: plans to go to college. BENSON, RON J.-"Benny": came to Acalanes from Alameda High in Senior year: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: likes hunting and fishing: going to Business School to become real estate salesman. BLODGETT, GEORGE-Business major: likes Hot- rods: plans to work. BORGLIN, SHIRLEY ANNE-Transferred from Oak- land High: Majored in Language and Science: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Hon, Soc. 3: Ski Club 3: headed for Cal. BORGHESANI, ROBERT LOUIS-"Bohn: Major: History: Block A 2, 3, 4: Chips 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: plans to go to J.C. BOWRAN, JOHN BERNARD-Majored in Math and French: Acalhonors 3: Rally Committee 3: Block A 3, 4: Chips 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: going to Cal. BOVCE, HUBERT B.-"Bert": Majored in Art and Crafts: Audio-Visual 3: Stage Crew Asst. Mgr. 3: wants to go into Forestry. BRANNAN, WAVNE RALPH-Majors: Math, History and Science: Student Council 3: Acalhonors 2: Jr. Red Cross Z, 3, 4: Chips 3: Football 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4. BRENNAN, CLARICE JEANETTE-"Clar": Major: History: Girls' League Rep. 2: Variety Show 3: Modern Dance 2, 3, 4: Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3: Library 4: Rally Committee 2, 3: Span. Hon. Soc. 3: G.A.A. 3, 4: wants to go to U.C.L.A. BRIGGS, RAY GLENN-Majored in Shop: Track 1, 2: likes camping: going to Business School. BRONSON, ANN TAYLOR-Majored in History and Art: Senior Class Treas.: Student Council 1: Rally Committee 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: G.A,A. Manager 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: wants to go to Oregon State. BRONSON, HIRAM SERMAN-"Hy": Majored in Math: Student Councli 4: Block A 3, 4: Chips 2, 3: Football 3, 4: Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: going to study agriculture at Davis. BROWN, FRED CUTLER-"Bugs": transferred from Michigan in Senior year: Majored in Math and Science: C.S.F. 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: going to college. BROWN, SHARON LEE-"Brownie": Mainred in Language: Girls' League Commissioner 3: Student Council 1, 3: C,S.F. 3: Acalhonors 1, 2: Blue- print News Editor 1: G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4: Block A 2, mgr. 3: Ski Club: Variety Show 3: Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3: Office worker 4: going to Stanford. BUSBV, MICHELE JEAN-'iMickey": came here from Virginia in Senior year: Majored in Science and English. CALDWELL, NEIL KILLEEN-"Frisco": transfer from Balboa 2: Major was Art: Stage Crew 3: Block A 3, 4: Track 2, 3: plans to go to work. CAPPA, ROBERT ALFRED-"Bohn: Majored in Mech. Drawing: Dance Band 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Boys' Chorus 1, 2: plans to go to college: CAPRI, ALBERT ANGELO-"Al": Majored in Wood- shop: hobby is working on cars: going to study Cabinet making. CARLSON, NANCY MARRLVN-Majnred in Music, Spanish, English: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Accompanist for Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen 2: Ski Club 3, 4: going to go to college. FLANDERS, HOWARD BARRETT-Majors: Math, Language, History, Student Council 3, 4, C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Acalhonors 1, Blueprint 2, 3, 4: Edi- tor 3, Audio-Visual 3, 4, Block A 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, Harvard. FLEAGER, SALLY-Maiored in History, and Span- ish, Junior Statesman 1, 2, Library 4, Variety Show 3, Modern Dance 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, Treas, 4, college. FRICKE, VALERIE ALTHEA-"Veroncia", tarnsfer from Calistoga 4, Commercial major, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Choras 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, wants to be a Sec. FLOYD, DOROTHY LOUISE-Transferred from Rose- mead Union High 3, Science major, Girls' Chorus 3, Drama 4, Y-Teen 2, Ski Club 3, Cal Hospital. GALBRAITH, LOIS ANNE-Took College Prep. CDUYSBQ Student Council 2, C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, Audio- Visual 3, Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, headed for Cal. GATES, PATRICK F.-t'Pat", Majors: Science, Math, History, Music, Audio-Visual 1, 2, Stage Crew 1, 2, Band 2, Mixed Chorus 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 1, 2, Waterpolo 4, Tennis 3, going to college. GEE, CHARLES WILLIAM-"Chuck", transferred from Oakland High 3, Malored in Math and Science, likes to hike and fish, going to college. GIBSON, AL JOSEPHfMajored in History, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, likes cartooning, going to J.C. GOODWIN, KATHRVN-"Kay", transferred from Anna Head's 2, Majors: Science, Math, Language, Student Council 2, Acalhonors 3, 4, Blueprint 2, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, Ski Club 4, Social Service at Cal. GORDON, JEAN FULTON - Majored in History, hobby is horses, going to C.C.J.C. GORDON, JOAN LOUISE-Majors: Spanish and His- tory, C.S.F. 1, 2, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, going to Cal. GORMAN, ADELE CHRISTINE-Majored in History and Business, Girls' Chorus 3, Brunch 3, 4, Ski Club 4, San Jose State bound. GREUB, EDWARD BACCUS-"Baccus", Majored in Language, Science and History, Student Councli 2, 4, Sen, Class Pres., Library 3, Rally Comm. 3, Block A 3, 4, Chips 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, going to Santa Clara. GROENNINGS, SVEN-Majored in Language, History, and Math, Student Council 4, C.S.F. 2, Pres. 3 and 4, Acalhonors 1, 2, 3, 4, Library 2, 3, 4, Unesco Representative 3, Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4, will study Political Science and Business. GREEN, DIANA ALISON-Maiored in Art, C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, Blueprint 4, Girls' Chorus 3, Drama 4, Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, going to Arts and Crafts. GRIMES, ELMER THOMAS-Majored in Math, C.S.F. 1, Acalhonors 2, 3, Chips 2, 3, Basket. ball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, going to college. EARLE CAROL JEAN Malored in Art History and French Senior Class Sec, CSF 1, 2, 3, 4 Aklan 4 Blueprint 3 Library 3 French Club 4 Jr Red Cross Sec 4 Ski Club 3 4 Colorado bound EATON MARY JOAN Jody Maiored in Span ish and Science Junior Class Sec, C S F 1 2 3 4 Junlor Rep Girls League, Spanish Hon Soc 1, 2, 3, going to college ELVIDGE MICHAEL MAITLAND 'Mike" Nlalored in Math Science and History, Vice Pres of Junior and Senior Class, Student Council 1 4, Rally Comm 4 Block A 3 Chips 2, 3, Football 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2 Golf 2 college ENGELSMAN JOSEPH HENRY 'Joe Majored ln Science and History Cafeteria 3 4 Radio Club 3, 4, c c c c then can ERICKSON PHIL DANA 'Erick the Great" trans ferred from Sequoia High 3 Math and Science major Class Officer 1, Acalhonors 1, 3 Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, Track 2- Cal hound. ESTES GARY B.-Majored in History and Mechan- ical Drawing' Track 1, Tennis 2' Ski Club 3, 4' S.F. State. EVEREST, MARGARET ANN-"Peggy , Maiored In French and History, C.S.F. 1, 2, Jn-Sr. Banquet 3' Variety Show 3, Modern Dance 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, wants to go to Stanford. FALK, DICK-Transferred from Richmond High, Shop major, Baseball, plans to work. FERRELL, CHARLOTTE RAE-Majored in Science and Math, C.S.F. 1, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen 3, Ski Club 3, 4, going to Cal. FEY, RICHARD G-'tDick", Maiored ini Math and History, Frosh Vice Pres., Student Council 1, 2, 4, Audlo-Visual 2, Rally Committee 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Block A 2, 3, 4, Chips 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, golng to Stanford. FIBUSH, DON HERBERT-Majored in History, Track 1, hobbie is cars, going to J.C. FISHER, MARGARET LEATRICE--"Lea", Majored in Math, Acalhonors 2, 3, 4, hobbie ls Ice skating, going to Cal. HAGENS, HELEN RENANfLanguage major, Assist- ant Veil Leader 4, Student Council 4, C.S,F. 1, 3, Acalhonors 2, 3, Library 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3, Ski Club 4, going to Cal. HAMMELL, ELSIE MARY-Transfer from Antioch, Business major, Girls' Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Drama 11, 12, plans to go to work. HANSEN, MARYLYN JEANfSocial Science and Spanish majors, C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Blueprint 1, Girls' Chorus 2, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Hon. Soc. 1, Z, 3, 4, plans a career in Radio or TV. HANSEN, BARBARA JEAN-Transfer from Bret Harte Jr, High, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, likes music and sports, plans to go to S.F. State, HARRIS, SYLVIA ANN-Business and History major, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 3, plans to be a florist. HARRIS, MARILYNfHistory major, headed for San Jose State. HENDRIX, LUCY MAYf"Lue", Business major, likes "Blue Moon", plans to work for Telee phone Co. HERRICK, ROBERT LEE-l'Bob", Math major, Chips 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Waterpolo 3, 4, Architectural College. HINTON, NORRIS RUSSELLfScience major, hobby, Woodworking, plans to go to Junior College. HOLMES, DENTON VOLLMERfTransfer from El Cerrito High, Math, Science and History majors, C.S.F. 2, Acalhonors 1, 4, Chips 3, Football 3, Basketball 3, Track 1, 2, 3, plans to go to Cal, HOOPER, ROBIN ELLAINE-"Robbie", transfer from Alameda High, Language major, Jr. Red Cross, plans to go to U.C.L.A. HUBACH, RICHARD ALAN-"Dick", Math, Lan- guage and Science major, C.S,F. 1, 2, 3, Aklan 4, Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, Block A 3, 4, Chips 2, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 3, going to college, IRVING, JACQUELINE-"Jackie", Science, Lan- guage and History major, Student Council, Blue- print 2, Library 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, plans to go to Cal. JENSEN, DOROTHY GEORGA-"Dottie", Math and Language major, C.S.F. 2, 3, Acalhonors 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Drama 3, Span. Hon. Soc. 3, 4, Jr, Red Cross 3, Y-Teen 2, 3, S. F. State. JENSEN, JOANNE LEE-l'Joanie", Science and Business major, Drama Z, likes popular music and bowling, plans to go to C.C.C.J.C. JOHNSON, CHRISTINE MARGARET4"Chris", transfer from Berkeley High, Language major, Acalhonors 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Drama 4, Spanish Hon. Soc, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen 2, 3, U.C.L.A. JESSE, MARGARET ANN--"Maggie", Business major, dislikes vegetables, bound for C.C.C.J.C. JOHNSON, GEORGE BLANCHARD-"Johnnie", Art and Math major, Assist. Yell Leader 4, Rally Comm. 4, Variety Show 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, Chips 3, Football 3, Track 1, 2, 3, college. JOHNSON, JOYCE M.-Transfer from Antioch, Span- ish, Science and History major, Acalhonors 4, G.A.A. 1, bound for nursing school. JOHNSON, NANCY ALENEfCarne from Piedmont, Acalhonors 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 1, Ski Club 4, Brunch 3, 4, plans to go to college, JOHNSON, WALT WADE-"Wally", Science major, Block A 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, plans to gc to College of Arts and Crafts. JOLLEY, JOHN AIMUN-Math, Language and His' tory major, Acalhonors 1, 2, Blueprint 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Block A 1, Track Mgr. 1, college bound. JORDAN, JOHN EDWARD-Came from Mission Hi, Math major, wants to enter the Auto Field. KEEFE, JAMES MICHAEL-"Jim", Math, Science and Language major, Student Council 3, Rally Committee 4, Jr. Red Cross V-P 3, Chips 2, 3, Block A 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Santa Clara. KELLER, ROBERT EDWARD-"Bob", Math rnajor, Student Council 2, C.S.F, 2, 3, Acalhonors 1, Aklan 4, Chips 3, Baseball 2, 3, Ski Club 4, headed for Cal. KENNERLEY, JACQUELINE LUCILLE-"Jackie", Art major, Class Soc. Sec. 2, dislikes broccoli, plans to get married. KENT, CYNTHIA AMANDA-"Cindy", came from Calpeper, Va. 4, Science and Math major, Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, librarian 4, Spanish Hon. Soc. 1, 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, plans to go to the University of Virginia. KEYES, MARGARET MICHELE-"Peggy", Music and History major, Aklan 1, Band 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Drama 2, 3, 4, Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, Jr. Red Cross 1, G.A.A. 1, ' Ski Club 3, 4, plans after school are marriage. LARSON DON EUGENE 'lDel Art major, likes mountaineering plans to take forestry at Colorado ALM. LASSALLE, RENEE LORRAINE-"Honey"5 Com- mercial rnajor5 hobby is tennis5 wants to attend j business school. LAVEZZOLA, DONNA IRENE-"Butch"5 Home Eco- ' nomics and Business major5 Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 45 , Student Store 27 Audio-Visual 25 Girls' Chorus 15 Jr, Red Cross 15 G.A.A. 3, 45 wants to go into business. LESCURE, NORM MARCEL- "Les"5 Mechanical Drawing and History major5 Baseball 3, 45 wants to go to C.C,C.J,C. LEWIS, BARBARA ANN-'lBobhie"5 Language, His- tory, Math and Science major5 Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 15 Ski Club 3, 45 plans to go to college. LEWIS, BARBARA JEAN-'lBobbie"5 Homemaking and Commercial major5 Girls' Chorus 15 hobby is piano playing5 bound for Merritt Business College. LINN, ROGER-Transfer from Oakland Hi5 Student Council 35 Library 3, 45 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 45 Block A 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Basketball 2, , 3, 45 wants to go to college. LINTEO, SANDRA JEAN-"Sandy"5 came from Hayward Hi5 Business major5 headed for Merritt , Business School. LOHSTROH, HARRY JAMES--"Jim"5 Math major5 Student Council 15 Track 2, 3, 45 hobby is shal- low water diving5 bound for engineering college. LORENZEN, MARGARET MAXINE-l'Peggy"5 trans- fer from TurIock5 History major5 Jr. Red Cross 1, 25 G.A.A. 1, 25 wants to work for the Tele- phone Company. LOWTHIAN, HARVEY H.-Transfer from Albany Hi5 Band 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 45 Golf, 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 History and Music major5 C.C.C.J.C. LUNDQUIST, SHIRLEY ALICE-Language majcr5 Spanish Hon. Soc, 25 hobby is music5 headed for San Jose State. LUTZ, SHARON ANN-"Fril.z"5 came from Mission Hi5 likes to dance5 wants to work in an office. LYNCH, JOHN MICHAEL-"Jack"5 came from Bur- bank Jr. Hi5 Mechanical Drawing and Math major5 hound for the Navy. MACAULEY, JERRY NORMAN-Math major5 Block A Zi 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 plans to go to wor . MACHADO, SHIRLEY MAE-Majored in Homemak- ing5 Girls' Chorus 15 wants to go to work. KIERNAN, FRANCES-"Fran"5 transfer from Oak- land Tech. 25 Art and Commercial major5 Girls' Chorus 35 hobby is skiing. KIRK, JAYNE RENEE-"KiIler"5 transfer from Conaty High, L.A.5 French major5 S.B. Social Sec. 45 Student Council 45 C.S.F. 1, 2, 32 A1221- honors 25 Rally Committee 45 Girls' Chorus Z5 Jr, Red Cross 35 Y-Teen 2, V-P 35 Ski Club 3, Secretary 45 Stanford bound. KISTINGER, JOHN WILLIAM-Came from St. Fran- cis, Riversideg Science rnaior5 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 45 Block A 2, 3, 45 chips 1: Basketball 2, 3, 45 Swimming 1, Z, 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 U.S.C- KLECKNER, BOB RUSSELL-"Kleck"5 Woodshop majnr5 Chips 25 Block A 3, 45 Football 35 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Track 15 Swimming 35 plans to work. KLOPF, JANET SUZANNE-"Jan"5 transfer from Spokie, Ill. 45 Science, Language and History major5 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Ski Club 45 Girls' Chorus 45 plans to go to college. KLEMENT, MICHAEL ROBERT-l'Goose"5 History and Math major5 S.B. Vice Pres. 45 Class Pres, 25 Student Council 1, 2, 45 Audio-Visual 45 Library 45 Rally Comm, 3, 45 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, Pres. 45 Chips 2, 35 Block A 3, 45 Football 1, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Cal. KNIPE, SHIRLEY ANNE-"Knipie"5 Commercial majorg Girls' Chorus 15 G.A.A. 1, 25 Manager 3 and 45 C.C.C.J.C. KOENIG, TOM JOSEPH-History maior5 transfer from Piedmont: Spanish Hon. Soc. Z5 Chips 25 Track 1, 25 C.C.C.J.C. KROEGER, JOAN CLAIRE-Came from Albany5 first to C.C.C.J.C. then to Cal. KUMMEROW, LEWIS CHARLES-Maine T.W.P., Ill. 45 Track 35 bound for Junior College. KUN, DONALD FRANCIS-l'Don"5 History major, Blueprint 1, Photographer 3, Adv. Mgr. 45 Span- ish Hon. Soc. 35 Football 25 Track 2, 3, 4. LAGESON, FRANCES ADELE-"Francy"5 came from Holy Namesp Art majov5 Variety Show 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Drama 45 plans to go to Santa Barbara to study decorating. SEULBERGER, ANNfMath, Language and History major7 Assist, Yell Leader 37 Student Council 1, 3, 47 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 47 Girls' League Pres. 4, Rally Comm. 37 Variety Show 3, Jr.fSr. Banquet 37 Girls' State Rep. 37 French Hon. Soc. 47 G.A.A. 1, Cabinet Member 27 Ski Club 4, plans to attend Wellesley College in Mass. SCHNITZLER, DIANE MARIEi"Dee"7 Science, Language and Math major7 Acalhonors Z, 3, 47 Girls' Chorus 17 Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 37 Cal bound to be a lab. technician. SHALLENBERGER, GARY CHARLESfCame from Bler. Harte Jr. High, Math major7 Blueprint 1, Mixed Chorus 3, 47 hobby is music, C.O.P. SHELVER, PEGGIE AILEEN-t'Peg"7 Spanish and History major7 Drama 17 Span. l-lon. Soc. Z, 3. SILER, ARTHUR GRANT-'lArt"7 Math and Science 4, Class Pres. 37 Student Council 2, 3, 47 C.S.F. major, transfer from Berkeley 27 S.B. President 47 Class Pres. 37 Student Council 2, 3, 47 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4,Citizenship Comm. 47 Chips 27 Block A 3, 47 Football 2, 3, 47 Basketball 2, 3, 47 Base- ball 27 track 2, 3, 4, Law at Harvard. SILLERS, RONALD KENNITHf"Ron"7 History and Shop major, Drama 3, J-V Football 37 work. SILVEIRA, BOB DONALD-i'Shorty"7 Art major7 Stage Crew 3, Basketball Z7 plans to enter musi- cal or commercial printing field. SMITH, BILL BAINBRIDGE-Music and History major, C.S.F. 2, 3, Acalhonors 1, 2, 3, 47 Band 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 1, 47 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 47 Track 1, 2, 3, 47 C.C.C.J.C. SMITH, DONALD CAMPBELLf"Don"7 History major: Citizenship Comm. 47 Ski Club 3, 47 busie ness administration at C.C.C.J.C. SNEL, NICK RICHARD-"Caruso", Music major, Band 27 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Boys' Chorus 2, 37 Orchestra 2, 4, Drama 3, 47 plans to attend Brig- ham Young University, Utah. SODER, ERNA+Business major, Girls' Chorus 17 Modern Dance 2, 3, 47 Jr. Red Cross 37 G.A.A. 3, 47 wants to go to San Francisco State. SOLOMAN, MARGARET J07Art major7 came from Oakland High7 Ski Club 47 San Jose State. ORGE, ROSMARIE "Rosie Spanish and History major7 Acalhonors 27 Blueprint 2, 37 News Ed. 47 Library 1, 3, 47 Drama 1, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 47 will study drama at U.C.L.A. SPELLACY, VALERIE-"Val", came from Sacred Heart, Menlo Park, Math and History m3j0l'j Student Council 2, Acalhonors 1, 27 Aklan 1, 27 Library 47 Spanish Hon. Soc. 27 plans to go to Cal. SPENCER, ALICE MAY'-Came from Piedmont Z7 Sewing major7 G,A.A. 2, 37 plans to take fashion designing at Cal. SPRINGSDN, BARBARA LEE-"Babs"7 Science, History, Math and Modern Dance major, S.B. Sec- retary 47 Student Council 47 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Statesmen 1, Soc. Sec. 2, 3, 47 Blueprint 17 Rally Comm. 47 U.N.E.S.C.O. Rep. 3, 47 Modern Dance 2, 3, 47 Student Store 3, 47 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 47 S.W.A.C. Rep. 47 plans to go to Wellesley. STANLEY, ALAN LESLIE-Science and Math major, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 47 Library 1, 2, 37 Spanish Hon. Soc. 37 Jr. Red Cross 27 Chips 37 Track Z, 3, 47 Cal bound. TANNER, JEROME EDWARD-"Jerry"7 came from Minneapolis, Minn. 37 History, Math and Science major7 Track 37 C.C.C.J.C. TAZER, EDWARD EUGENE--"Smokey"7 Auto Shop and History major7 Basketball 1, 27 Track 17 Swimming 17 headed for C.C.C.J.C. THEIS, MARY J.-Math and History major7 Student Council 47 Blueprint 37 Co-Ed. 47 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Girls' Chorus 1, 27 journalism at C.O.P. TILTON, THOMAS JOHN FREDERICK!-"Tom", came from El Cerrito 37 Math, Science and Span- ish major7 Student Council 47 C.S.F. 2, 3, 47 Aklan 3, Assoc. Sr. Ed. 47 Jr. Statesmen V-P 37 Jr.-Sr. Banquet 37 Spanish Hon, Soc. 3, 47 Jr. Red Cross 3, V-P 47 Ski Club 3, 47 pre-med at Stanford. TING, RICHARD OLIVER-"Ollie", Spanish and History major7 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 47 Block A 3, 47 chips 1, 2, Football 1, z, 3, 47 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 47 plans to go to college. TOWNSEND, DONNA MAE-Home Economics major, plans to work. TRIMBLE, GLORIA ANN-Came from Berkeley High, History major7 dislikes homework7 plans to go to San Jose State. TIMMONS, PAULA KAY-"Timmie"7 Business mae jor7 Girls' Chorus 17 plans to attend modeling school. TROVER, MARION EVELYN-Spanish, Science and History major7 C.S.F. 2, 3, 47 Acalhonors 17 Blue- print 4, Library 47 Drama 1, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 47 G.A.A. 17 drama at U.C.L.A. VECELLIO, JANICE VALERIE-"Jan"7 transfer from Berkeley High, Business major7 plans to go to San Francisco State. VERY, JOICE ELAINE-Homemaking and Sewing major, G.A.A. 1, 47 wants to work. NILLIAMS, WALTER JAMES-"WaIt"5 came from Fresno High 25 Music major5 Student Council 45 Citizenship Comm. 3, 45 Rally Comm. 45 Band 1, 2, 45 Spanish Hon. Soc. 35 Chips 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 45 Track 35 Swimming 25 Golf 2, 35 bound for University of Oregon. NILLITS, JOANNE-"Josie"5 Spanish and History major5 Girls' Chorus 25 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 45 Fir. Red Cross 45 Y-Teen 25 Ski Club 3, 45 bound or Davis. NINTERTON, MARGIE JUNE-Art and Math major5 C.S.F. 3, 45 Acalhonors 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama 15 Spanish Hon. Soc. 25 G.A.A. 3, 45 plans to be a nurse. NOLLAM, CONSTANCE EMILIE-"Connie"5 His- tory and Language major5 C.S.F. 35 Acalhonors Z5 Drama 15 Spanish Hon. Soc. 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Cal bound. NORSHAM, JUDY MARIE-Transfer from El Cer- rito 45 Home Economics major5 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 45 dislikes wire coat hangersp headed for C.C.C.J.C. NRIGHT, JANET-l'Jan"5 Science and Art major5 Jr. Red Cross 35 hobby is wishing5 hound for S.F. State. IAMLOCK, PATRICIA HAMILTON-"Pat"5 Com. mercial major5 Girls' Chorus 15 G.A.A. 1, 2, , Jr. Rep, 3, 4: hobby is skiing5 plans to go to Armstorng Business College. VUREK, GERALD GEORGE - "Jerry"5 History, Science and Math major5 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 45 Blue- print 35 Audio-Visual 2, 3, 45 Library 1, 2, 3, 45 hobby is radio5 plans to go to California Inst. of Tech. WALSH, JERRV M.-Transfer from Maui High School, Hawaii 45 Science and History major5 Audio-Visual 35 Stage Crew 15 Band 15 Swim- ming 3, 45 engineering at Texas ALM. WAGNER, ANN-"Waggs"5 Science and Homemak- ing major5 dislikes cole slaw5 bound for C.C,C.J.C. WARD, CAROLVN ARDUS-Home Economics major5 Brunch 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 plans to go to San Francisco State. WENDELL, LOWELL BRENT-Came from Torrance High5 Science majorj Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming Mgr. 15 bound for C.C.C.J.C. WEST, TONI DELL - Home Economics major5 Brunch 45 G.A,A. 3, 45 headed for Davis. WESTLUND, ROBERT HARRY-l'Bob"5 Science and History major5 C.S.F. 25 Acalhonors 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 35 Chips 1, Z, 35 Block A 3, 45 Foot- ball 1, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 plans to ga tn C.C.C.J.C. WHITE, ALAN FAIRCHILD-"Froggy"5 Shop major5 Swimming5 plans to work. WHITE, HELEN SANDRA-"Saridy"5 Art, History and Math major: Drama 15 Jr. Red Cross 15 Ski Club 45 bound for C.C.C.J.C. WHITE, SHYRLE MAURINA-"Shyrl"5 Commer- cial major5 Blueprint 2, 3. WILLIAMS, JOHN ROLFE--I'Buz"5 History and Math major5 Library 45 Chips 25 Block A 3, 45 Football 2, 35 Track 3, 45 headed for Stanford. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY CLAIRE-Art and History major5 C.S.F. 1, 25 Acalhonors 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Dance Group 45 Ski Club 35 plans to study advertising. SENIORS NOT PICTU RED GENE KELLER DELORES PEARSON DICK WHITCOMB LOIS LA BONTE AL SANTOS JERRY WORLEY JUN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: June Derry, Secre Iaryp Calherine Monroe, Treasurer Tom Morrish, President Joe Conley: Vice Presidenig Ned Davis, Citizen- ship Commiftee Represenfafiva Sharon Eggerls, Social Secreiary. FIRST ROW, Ieff To righl: S. Lan- gren, S. Hoffman, C. Kirlley, D. Albro, C. Nelle, G. Duncan, C. Go- forlh. SECOND ROW: D. Church, S. Aimond, K. Madison, C. 0'Con- nell, T. Adams, S. Salisbury, L. Sell- man, M. Davis. THIRD ROW: G. Bodway, D. Garret, D. Hupp, R. Fowler, R. Jacobsen. FOURTH ROW: J. Champion, D. Barrows, D. Crossman, A. Slewarf, P. Valla- rino, B. deLaneux, D, Weidlein. 28 GRS. FIRST ROW, lefl In righiz J. Allen, L. Sheldahl, J. Dezzani, T. Proberl, S. Weisl, K. Johanson, J. Linsley. SECOND ROW: L. Silverlhorn, L. Alveras, J. Cary, J. Sheslek, C. Mauzy, A. Relchold, B. Carideo. THIRD ROW: P. McLeary, J. Bava, J. Gray, D. May, D. Davis, B. Har- rison, L. Harper, C. Kops. FOURTH ROW: R. Davis, L. Rogers, G. Graves, J. Henderson, L. Jensen, L. Conklin, L. Simmonds. Hard worlc and enlhusiasm were ihe oufslanding characierislics of lhis year's iunior class, and fhis combinalion resulled in several highly successful social evenis. "Sea of Enchanlmenlf' ihe Junior Prom, lransporled a gym full of sludenis io lhe scene of a sunken +reasure ship for a very gala evening. The Exrra, "I-loulen-Klompenf' was also an exciiing arfair. as was Ihe Junior-Senior Banquet se+ in beauliful Paris. Also very aclive in sporls, lhe Juniors won lhe infer-class swim meel, and already have The experience Io slrenglhen nexl year's leams. iI.ASS OF '53 FIRST ROW, Iefl to righl: C. Palko, M. Welch, C. VanCIeave, M. Som- mers, I. Harrell, B. Buckle, B. Gales. SECOND ROW: N. Edmindsler, B. Argo, S. Humble, K. Mickle, C Monroe, J. Johnson, P. Lul'lreII THIRD ROW:P.Simmons, D. Larsen, G. Dunham, K. Wise, D. Twomey P. Sheaff, B. Crall. FOURTH ROW A. Ruff, H. Walden, D. Slevens, J Tigard, W.Jacox, P. Laing, A. Lohse. FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: K. Jones, L. Heche, S. Eggerls, R. Galfi, J. Derry, A. Sheefs, D. Bruce. SEC- OND ROW: P. Sanlos, B. Jefferies, B. Picklon, J. Keifer, C. Genlry, A. Villaly. THIRD ROW: D. Joaquin, J. Clark, S. Ames, T. Sorensen, A. Boflomley, L. Overslreef. FOURTH ROW: D. Miller, B. Kelly, R. Wil- shusen, S. lndelicalo, D. Sanvick, R. Ray, R. Piona. 29 FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhf: M. Paler- son, Marqarel Miller, C. Meyer, E. Laurenson, J. Lavender, V. Wriqhr A. shelby. secorw now. P. Mines' M. Brown, S. Allen-, C. Emerson, J Coop, D. Reese, C. J. Parkel THIRD ROW: T. Daniel, D. Warren D. Pilcher, E. Foskefl, R, Owen, F' Ravaua, E. Hansen. FOURTH ROW J. Todd, H. Nemir, D, While, G Griqg, P, Cook, R. Cho, B. John son. FIRST ROW, left fo righf: J. Ken nedy, M. Davis, S. Schroeder, P. Johnson, B. Abbie, H. Jarvis, I. M Cockerfon. SECOND ROW: C. D Byne, J. Cosra, A. Ward, J. Hark- ness, C. Rechliene, G. Powell, R. Silva. THIRD ROW: H. Harris, B Pelerson, G. Hacker, J. Ball, B Turner, H. Barber. FOURTH ROW R. Mason, G. Tefs, S. Olsen, M Carovano, R. Gerow, I.. Anderson R. Silva. FIRST now, lm 'Io righv: L. soya, B. Dugan, J. Schofield, C. Ashley, D. Bumgarner, C. Peferson, C. Flores. SECOND ROW: F. Whil- comb, D. Green, J. Hall, E. Jansse, C. Grasse, L. Cluiavini. THIRD ROW: D. Hench, R. Orlland, B. Bedard, T. Olivnra, T. Higgins, T. Coalrley, G. Slrouse. FOURTH ROW: I. Finn, T. Hench, D. Isaacs, B. Tinay, J. Williams, B. Wylie, R. Mailho. FIRST ROW, Ieff Io riqhl: D. Wul zen, J. Aquirre, I. Jacuui, 6 Wallis, J. LaIham, M. French, J: Taylor. SECOND ROW: M. Alkin- son, J. Marple, S. Coggan, C. Win hrs, S. Ferguson, R. Shirling, M Maier. THIRD ROW: B. Randall G. Williams, J. Maas, K. Willrln, S. Wise, M. While. FOURTH ROW: T. Hall, D. Bridges, N. Tulrle, J. Burns, A. Lassagne, R. Lee, E. Neighbor. FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righf: S. Logue, L. Sl. Hill, S. Gruenhagen, P. Weber, N. Peffengill, V. Spurloclr, C. Baker. SECOND ROW: P. Ander- son, N. Ure, D, Foster, N. Nielson, D. Christiansen, R. Johnson, 8. Ly- ser. THIRD ROW: K. Larson, T. Tener, N. Druhe, M. Brown, J. Fos- Ier, S. Barden, H. Harris, R. Lip- perf. FOURTH ROW: S. Pedder, Joe Conley, D. Cranslon, J. Small, A. Monsen, B. Wall, R. Knoble. FIRST ROW, lei? fo right P. Sandy, M. Lucas, C. Scholin, D. Bongarfs, S. Harrinqion, Sue Tuhle, J. Mc- Gralh. SECOND ROW: S. Rising, J. Ridenour, Joyce Taylor, D. Dom- ingos, E. Pimenfel, R. Curry. THIRD ROW: L. Shoptaugh, N. Davis, J. Biclrerdike, D. Ong, B. Lynch, D. Lee. FOURTH ROW: B. Abreu, B. Kinqliam, D. Beck, C. Gomperfz, P. Baifx, R. Johnson, T. Morrish. SOPH CLASS OFFICERS SEATED, left fo righl: J. Abel, J. Rounds, R. Williamson, F. Davis. STANDING: R. Klslinger, J. Watkins. SGP!-ICDMORES. FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhf: J. Lucas, L Pearson M Anlons G McKinle - 1 - I - Y. S, Shipley, P. Spencer, J. Fry. SEC- OND ROW: D. Enslow, V. Richard, I. Dix, G. Vanden Heuvel. J. Park- hill, Carol Johnson, A. Fricke, N. Merry, J. Carroll. THIRD ROW: J. Davis, A. Deleray, J. Sullivan, P. Craig, B, Wafkins, J. Larsen, J. Walkins, S. Sluhaford. FOURTH ROW: D. Anderson, J. Davey, B. Samon, W. Lawson, J. Combs, B. Curlis, Richard Johnson, J. Laird. FIRST ROW, left to riqhh M. Por- ler, B. Hendrix, I. Serpa, M. Jef- freys, P. Gardiner, P. Camp, J MareH'. SECOND ROW: T. Hudd S. Small, P. McMacken, F. Davis M. Peshon, J. Toland, J. Morris THIRD Row: R. srown, H. Alfo: pher, L. Busby, M. Ferrarese, P Heqerle, B. Johanson, B. Smifh, J Pifto. FOURTH ROW: D. Dahl, B Kessler, C. Piona, B. Millar, M Bennett, T. Ready, S. Fenfon, G Foriado. The largesl' group of sophomores in lhe hislory of Acalanes, lhe class of l954, was fully as impressive in Hs aclivilies as in ils numbers. The annual Sophomore l-lop, "Spring Fever," was given in March, wiih decoralions lhal caplured fhe mood of The season. The sophomores parlicipaled in many inier-school sporis, and confribuled widely io lhe Dance Group, Audio-Visual, Siege Crew, Aklan, Blueprinl, Band, and Choruses. Nexl year will find 'lhis same fine group in lhe upperclassmen bracket coniinuing a high record of school spiril and cooperalion. FIRST ROW, leff lo right: A. Allen, L. Cook, A. Simmons, B. Traskowski, B. McKinley, P. Gregg, L. French. SECOND ROW: S. Luebkeman, A. McGuire, S. Moniin, L. Lahey, N. Seiberl, J. Langren, D. Barnell, M. Hawkins. THIRD ROW: D. Wallis, R. Fleiss, J. Wiggins, R. Oslin, B. Reark, R. Brinqolf, P. Pausiain, J. Mosher, W. Sornmers. FOURTH ROW: P. Simpson, S. Airman, S. Ball, E. Hunl, D. Auslin, L. WiHer, D. Cowden, L. Schrepel. FIRST ROW, left fo righl: M Dougharly, E. Sioll, J, Schever, S Seder, D. Robertson, M. Tinay I.. orare. secorw ROW: A. Rowl land, N. Parsons, P. McCurdy, E. Fara, C. Swanson, G. Bulferfield M. Bafes, C. Phihbs. THIRD ROW J. Orlland, E. Lucas, R. Carlson R. Williamson, D. Livingston, G Howerfon, B. Needham, J. Lloyd FOURTH ROW: G. Claussenius, D Jacobson, B. Jackson, G. DeLyria B. Thain, R. Kennedy, J. Early: T. Klemenl. 33 FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: J. Abel, P. Amason, N. Sculhard, K. Ander- son, Gail Snow, S. Aweeka, C. Cosla. SECOND ROW: P. Nunley, C. Flelcher, J. Rounds, J. Gaillard, L. Lynn, B. Bales, F, Garbull, S. Cockburn. THIRD ROW: D. Polo- ban, G. Hroman, J. Laird, K. Kin- caid, J. Copeland, M. Laurenson, D. Doly, P. Cianfichi, FOURTH ROW: J. Dunham, L. Benson, B. Eberharf, E. Rankin, D. Sommers, L. Grolh, David Fibush, M. Small, FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: B. Grove, Marion Miller, D, McFadden, S. Gordon, L. Pyle, L. Baker, F. Ca- bral. SECOND ROW: P. Smilh, M. Johns, C. Demeler, L. Lamb, S. Swain, P. Leddy, J. McAdams. THIRD ROW: R. Schaefer, G. Tur- ner, G. Ramsey, K. Polmeleer, J. Grolh, R. Lueck, F, Beebe, F. Perry. FOURTH ROW: C. Pinkley, G. Boul- ler, P. Henderson, J. Jacobs, L. Erikson, G. Peyrel, B. Sieberl, P. Jameson. FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righf: B, Gray. J. Dowell, L. Osban, M. Miller, G. Reinharf, T. Meyer, Gay Snow. SECOND ROW: J. Doyle, M. Silva, D. Madeiros, G. Lassen, S. Loner- gan, P. Garrison, P. Tunnicliff, B Bedwell. THIRD ROW: G. Panfili, K. Schroen, J. Wirick, J. Tomlinson P. Lowlhian, P. Haighl, L. Sheldahl C. Crale. FOURTH ROW: A. Com pher, W. Funderburg, K. Lylle, D Allison, F. Kenharl, L. Law, T. Charl lon, R. Munn. FIRST ROW, left lo riqhf: A. Car- ras, D. Turner, S. Rineharl, J. Lloyd, J. Roefhlisberger, M. Morgan, M. Byrns. SECOND ROW: C. Weckerle, B. Branch, P. Moriarly, C. Max- ham, S. Swain, C. Crafe, A. Pierce, S. Brassfield. THIRD ROW: S. Mum- ford, M. Murphy, G. Newfarmer, J. Luedemann, D. Townsend, E. Wil- enl, L. Anderson, B. Moll. FOURTH ROW: G. Hanawall, B. Edgar, B. Willis, C. Owen, R. Schaefer, M. Spencer, R. Wells, R. Orr. FIRST ROW, left lo righf: D. Os- borne, G. Meyers, M. Mason, P. Mafheson, C. Engle, S. Dodson, M. Rogers. SECOND ROW: L. Smilh, C. Maltioda, T. While, J. Dunn, S. Fowler, J. Rugh. R. Krolz. THIRD ROW: L. Benson, T. Marsan V. Savale, D. Sleffler, R. Nelson J. Hoff, J. Dekerne, J. Winrod: FOURTH ROW: P. Condinf, B. Os- born, D. Randle, L. Bongaarfs, B Tresider, T. Talbolf, L. Miller D. Needham. FIRST ROW, lefl fo righl: C. Mil- ler. B. Bowman, J. Rogers, J. Mc- Namara, P. Herre, L. Duranle, R Lillleiohn. SECOND ROW: N. Wise J. McCullough, B. Fibush, A. Befli- nardi, L. Swick, N. Orr, F. Baily THIRD ROW: B. Wadiman, N. Gor- don, D. Meyer, T. Johnson, B Hassler, G. Malvey, J. Oliver, J Harl. FOURTH ROW: R. Kislinger R. Cellarlus, D. Rafhien, I. Spiegl H. Johnson, G. Reicherl, W. Schneider, B. Lincoln. PRES FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Knoble, Vice President- Danna Lee Fey, Treasurer: Mary Maflock, Secraiaryg Calhy Greub, Social SecrelarygJohn Bohn, President FIRST ROW, left lo righl: S. Tolles M. Maflock, S. Adair, K. Vale, S Howe, K. Simmons, C. Greub. SEC- OND ROW: D. Fey, J. Hanson, J Nelson, J. Hague, C. Mendes rl-uno ROW: D. weld, N. Snyder, P. Osborn, J, Rodden, B. Kessel ring, G. Allinger. FOURTH ROW S. Paulovic, J. Boyd, F. Slymans, B Roberts, G. Beck, B. Brown, J Miller. 36 I-IMEIXI. FIRST ROW, lell lo riqhl: D. Laney S. Simms, C. Brackeh, L. Cowling B. Nason, A. Cianciarulo, N. Mc Crum. SECOND ROW: J. Johns, N Lee, S. Freedman, G. Johnsfon, B Burns. THIRD ROW: B. Neighbor G. Wahl, B. Simmon, C. Schorr, B Werner, R. Bierman, P. Reinheimer FOURTH ROW: B. Ellermayer, J Delos, D. Blaney, P, Hunler, W Johnson, M. Burgesen, R. Haskell Even lhough 'lhis year's freshman class was smaller lhan usual, lhe s'I'uden'l's showed 'lerrilic enlhusiasm in all lheir aclivilies. "Sloryboolc Frolic," lheir annual dance, was one of lhe besl in recenl years. The freshmen showed Their fine spiril again by winning 'the P.-T.A. membership drive. In lhe field of sporls lhey produced several all-counly boys as well as being able lo boasl 'rhree lop girl swimmers, including lhe Senior Women's Nalional 200-yard back- slrolce champion. who recenlly sel a new nalional record in her evenl. ILASS CDF '55 FIRST ROW, left lo right: L. Plafl, G. Dress, Jean Anderson, S. Brad brook, S. Johnson, P. Whifehead, S. Gee. SECOND ROW: J. Schaefer, H. Knowlton, E. lngwaldson, P. Willse, S. Casey. THIRD ROW: P. Kops, H. Oliphanl, D. Bush, T Freeman, T. McAIIisIer, R. Ball, J Hageman. FOURTH ROW: R. Effin ger, C. Knoble, W. Rupley, F. Lin coln, H, Corbell, D. Carraher, D McDermed. ,, FIRST ROW, lefl' lo righl: A. L. Smilh, D. Lonergan, 6. Anderson, K. Andrea, M. Wesffall, E. Hansen, D. Olfmann. SECOND ROW: A. Maddock, A. Sparling, L. Rado- nich, B. Well, B. Miller. THIRD ROW: G. Hampfon, Richard E. Lee, P. Sawyer, J. Bohn, E. Timoney, D. Morfara, W. Adams. FOURTH ROW: W. Freeman, C. Soares, P. Morrow, J. Sweel, R. Chrisliansen, J. Browning, J. Bloom. 37 , FIRST ROW, lefl' fo riqhi: M. Miilu R. Wood, P. Kiernan, M. Day, M Bowman, S. Theile, D. Hayward SECOND ROW: S. Johanson, E Young, B. Plant, J. Galbrailh, J Price. THIRD ROW: R. Huffaker, P Sf. Hill, J. Grey, T. Lehman, J Barchfleld, B. Shlrllng, B. Combs FOURTH ROW: R. Jones, Don Ong M. Ballachey, J. Olson, G. Coad P. Miller. FIRST ROW, lefl lo righf: J. Ander- son, M. Swenson, S, Lamberfh, H. Slark, J. Armsironq, S. Pedder, B, Lawrence. SECOND ROW: R. Pe- lerson, E. McCloud, J. Lueclr, J. Money, G, Correin. THIRD ROW' B. Nielson, H. Warren, T. Gensburg, D, Traynor, J. Keizer, J. Phelps, N. Jansen. FOURTH ROW: D, Marcel- Iini, B. Garrell, R. Wilbur R Clark, F. Normand, J. Coakley: K: Lescure. FIRST ROW, Ieff 'lo righf: M. Wiesf, A. Kalbfleisch, C. Creager, J. Ha- worih, P. Boevers, C. Spencer, C. Thomas. SECOND ROW: J. Hudd, P. Jeffries, P. Porler, K. Trembalh P. A. Myers. THIRD ROW: V. John- son, L. Horgan, G. Guednason, D. Pape, G. Hohe, B. Chrislner, D. Ackerman. FOURTH ROW: S. Car- roll, E. Huebbe, P. Hansen, R. Dex- Ier, John Conley, N. Dodge, T. Veilch. FIRST ROW, left fo righf: M. Healy L. Corovano, K Kilgo, M Meyer L. Jacobson, B.'Maas, E. Gardner: SECOND ROW: P. Fireslone, D Shashali P. Gomperlz, H Alropher J. Hofffhsn. THIRD Row: J. Lar: son, S. Pifkin, E. Farro, P. Din- widdy, J, Ronald, B. Spengler, J Jenson. FOURTH ROW: B. Sfoclr well, B. Williams, R. Emery, P Palin, L. Warwick, J. Palmer, M Henderson. ,ri J ia! f Q 55 1 it if if W ,K w gpg? Q, . ww? , ,Hffi wuaw-A f Q W -?.,,rg2af?, x E kr L ,wwf Q ng. K 'Q adsl di it JEEJ X .JI -v Q , A MUS B A N D FIRST ROW, Iafl' 'ro rlghl: B. Smilh, P. Miles, A. Alford, S. Aiman, M. Roe, B. Cappa, C. Weck I Tlnay. SECOND ROW: G. Pilkin, L. Anderson, C. Schorr, C. Soar J. Boyd, D. Sandvik, T. Hall, J. Phel ere, M. Weslfall, M. es, W. Danforlh, F. Perry, B. Ed ps, F. Beebe, G. Claussenius A Hansen, B. Jeffreys, D. P ' gar, A. Compher , . Ruff, P. Sheaff. THIRD RO ' A ' ape, P. Sl. Hlll, G, Hohe H ' ' W. Dlreclor Richard , . Lowlhlan, W. William IC DE MUSIC COUNCIL Fuzsr Row, lefno right: s. P, Miles, B. Jeffreys, C. Kenl. S OND ROW: N. Carlson, B N. Snel, W. Williams, A. C Aim Smi harnp s, L. Wendell. xR-l-fVlElXl-l GIRLS' CHORUS RST ROW, lei? to right M. Hawk- s, A. Pierce, L. Plaff, M. Porler, D. amingos, J. Klopf, D. Bruce, E. off, C. Mahioda, D. Bongaarls, R. eifer, T. Meyer, K. Simmons. SEC- ND ROW: J. Schofield, J. Bailey, . Jarvis, J. Worsham, S. Rising, S. lebkeman, K. Madison-, C. Phibbs, Boyd, C. Ashley, L. Lynn. THIRD DW: C. Carlyle, C. Nelson, S. Ai- an, P. Anderson, J. Carey, B. Daw- n, S. Burleigh, N. Carlson, J. Mor a, J. Ridenour, B. Abbie, B. Boyd MIXED CHORUS M Thies J Busby M Lyon J Ridenour, S. Harris, R FIRST ROW, lei? 'lo righi: P. Porler, P. Meyers, F. Lageson, . , . , .D , . ' Hansen, direclorg C. Kenf, J. Noddar, M. Pelerson, Jean Anderson, B. Miller, K. Manning, N. Roccom. SECOND ROW: C. Ashley, A. Pierce, C. Peferson, J. Schofield, J. Worsham, M. Organ, R. Burns, B. Shusla, R. Relfer, L. Boyd, G. A ' D. O b rn, N. Carlson. THIRD ROW: B. Slockwell Douglas, B. Miller, S. Egqerls, D. Pesclo, B. Argo, M. Muller, s o J. Haynes, R. Pippen, B. Abreu, D. Midler, B. Ferro, A. Lassagne, J. Champlin, B. Powers, G. Shallenberqer, P. Cook N. Snell, P. Gales, P. Vallerino, G. Grigq. .5 gl wki, owgf DANCE enoup "Scrooge and ihe Spirits" Q- W - 'Ha 5 :Q li f", 1 ' V- .fx if Lgwmwwmwmmgfwlk 4 w fM , 1 ,A XX? M, , ,,, A .13 ' .M A1 ' , X M..,,,, W , , . , fi! e if :,,d,F, ga M 5 ,, Eg ' S Q Q 1 . ,-W f HW' Q 5 s fr fu -.dv if 513 gs A22 I 5 E H233 , is E 4 NM" 'Q ' s x X vu 'wwf wb 5 . ? K ,, C ix , 'ff 'NV ' in K s M5 25? 5 4 QQ., ,V 4 Hn ..,,, F . ' ,sy M f Ju' gs Q J' V wwf L F fu Wk X kid ,gp-.. 1 a . li M v, 1 " 2-:s:.,:f',l.:, ,G ,V k fk- : 3 H ' m y i X ,,v:-: .v', L:-,' f 5 f r -':-- E32 gk. ,, V, , L, . .. H 1.2.1,-, up 4, , -215, K W ,. f 4 1 Wdnd Euridicen gi is x , QQ ri Q - :w'f.,M4WL, ., Y? ' - ,,.. .. ffllni.. ' 'eff - , A... ,,,, 5 VW , W 1. . N..,.fW, ,..f . -.i , 7 f... A kkk Q -,':-ggh-Yf 2 .... s 1,9 6 w ,b , QTL 9 f , ff .,AQ S3 1 W pf H - HE I ..f. s ,,. : ' 'B +- 1 .--., ilk: A. . ,g ,, Q, X 5 xx K Us Y 5 K. x"!..+ f' ' My . k '56 ,Q 1 5 ljf fs Y SENIOR PLAY Best Foot Forward CGNTEST 'WINNER 1, . I 'lf' lx-U'I I,-Wffn' M. ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righi: S. Groennings, B. Springston. SEC- OND ROW: N. Davis, W. Law- son, J. Ronald, P. Simmons. NOT PICTURED: P. Colvin. RADIO PLAY - FIRST PLACE FIRST ROW,IeH1o rlqhiz P. Cook, B. Wall, D. Grieve, J. Gray, P. Simmons. STANDING: J. Roberison. SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Graves, J Roberfson, T. Morrish, D Grieve, N. Davis, M. Troyer. P QQ? Q if 5 3 f v N33 O90 j fifxa 0 W Qoft- Oi j S'cti, S. F-063 af f LIBRARY FIRST ROW, lefl' lo right B. Daw- W". 5- Wall. M. Downs, C. Van- Cleave, V. Spellacy, C. Brennan, P. Pyle, P. Randall, J. Irving. SECOND ROW: R. Sorqe, G. Dress, B. Burns, J. Lindsey, J. Taylor, M. Troyer, G. Smilh, J. Deuani, J. McCuIpugh, C. Nelson, N. Freedman. THIRD ROW: P. Valerino, B. de Laneux, S. Groen- nings, M. McFarlane, H. Harris, R. Linn, B. Williams, M, Klemenl. SCHOOL B R U N C H SEATED, lefl lo riqhl: D. Dovningos, T. Wesf, A. Bronson, J. Cosfa. STANDING: C. Ward, S. Curry, E. Plalner, L. Hendrix, S. Cosfa, E. Neldam, S. Fleager. OFFICE WORKERS FIRST ROW, left lo righl: B. Lewis, R. Galfi, M. Johns, B. Pendleion, G. Snow, P. Cory, E. Neldam, J. Ras- piller, S. Fleaqer C. Ferrell, J. Wil- Iils, D. Wulzen. SECOND ROW: G. Wallis, P. Sandy, L. Chiavini, M. Sanfos, C. Demeler, P. Timmons, B. Lewis, J. Jensen, M. Jesse, D. Lan- des, N. Merry, T. While. THIRD ROW: N. Pelrenqill, T. Proberl, S. Gruenhaqen, J. Koop, N. Nielson, E. Soder, E. Ranker, M. Pe0ers'n, P, Cavallera, S. Lundquisl, L. Pyle, S. Brown, S. Hoffman. SERVICE STAGE CREW FIRST ROW Iefl' io ri hr' B Wall . 9 ' - . IJ. Early, B. Needham, P. Simmons, IA. Ruff, C. Pefers. SECOND ROW: J. Jacobsen, NI. McFarlane, R. Hull, J. Owen, D. Dory, C. Demefer. I AUDIO-VISUAL Ieff Io CAFETERIA, STORE, LUNCHROOM FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righh B.Springs- ron, E. Inqwaldson, Joan Anderson, B. Miller, C. Phibbs, J. Neumann, A. Cianfichi, J. Taylor, C. Winters, S. Coqgan, A. Saunders, SECOND ROW: R, Ray, L. Wendell, B. deLan- eux, S. Wise, B. Peferson, J. Ball, L. Shopfauqh, H. Barber, B. Argo, S. Aiman, A. Pierce, D. Lavezola. THIRD ROW: F. Denhari, J. Engles- man, M. White, H. Harris. E. Greub, R. Linn, J. Bowr'-n, B. Williams, N. Snel, D. Meyer. C. S. F. Under The capable direcTion of Miss Vera Richardson and PresidenT Sven Groen- nings. This year's members OT The Acalanes ChapTer oT The California Scholarship Fed- eraTion have enioyed many acTiviTies, The TirsT OT These was The "Pogo l-lop," a very successTul dance. Several Acalanes members aTTended a C.S.F. ConvenTion aT The HearsT Ranch, consisTing of vocaTional panels and recreaTion. MiTchell's Canyon was decided upon Tor The picnic. The climax QT The year's evenTs. Members oT C.S.F. are Those sTudenTs who have received Three A's and one B semes- Ter grades. Being on C.S.F. Tor six ouT of eighT semesTers malces one a liTe member, and These Gold Seal Bearers are designaTed on The commencemenT program. FIRST SEMESTER 2' it! FIRST ROW, lelf B. Sprinqslon, N. FIRST ROW, lefr lo riqhf: M. Jeflrie K. Davls, J. Bailey. SECOND ROW: Kops, B. Rupley, K. Larson, THIRD SECOND SEMESTER lo ri hf S Mifchell B Needham Don Davis P Sheaff Joe Conle S Groennin s D Holms H Flanders R Ro ers D Hubach ,, 91-,.- . ... v.. 91'--,--Q-',. Williams, A. Deleray, D. Rafhien. SECOND ROW: L. Harper, J. Vurek, J. Todd, H. Neimer, L. Selman, C. Goforfh, M. Dlneen, T. Adams, S. Salusbury Tuhle, S. Pedder, N. Lescure, THIRD ROW: J. Hari, E. Neighbor, C. Pelers, C. Kopps, D. Cooper, C. Baker, S. Hudd, J. Gray, J Lloyd, J. Robertson, J, Piffo, R, Carlson, J. Combs. s, P. Shelver, S. Borglin, D. Green, J. Klopf, C. Earle, P. Everesl, E. Neldham, Joan Allen, B. Lyser , M. Wlnlerlon G. Reicherl, D. Bridges, B. Bedard, N. Davis, S. Graves, E. Rankin, E. Wileni, J. Bohn, H. McBride, D. Busby, P ROW: L. Pearson, R. Krolz, J. McAdams, D. Schnihler, Johanna Allen, P. Miles, H. Jarvis, P. Porler, A. Reich hold, B. Branch, S. Shipley, L. Lamb, C. Swanson, S. Mumford. ROW, lefl lo rnghi: E. Burns, Joan Anderson, D. Ollmann, S. Johanson, J, Armsfrong, B, Slark, P. Tunnicliff, P. Garrison, M. Hansen, L. Fisher C. Weekerle, P. Smiih. SECOND ROW: K. Simmons, K. Vale, C. Wollam, M. Troyer, L. Meade, C, Winlers, M. Row, S. Humble, J. Johnson K. Mlckle, S. Freedman, K. Andree, H, Alrorfer, L. Radonich. THIRD ROW: D. Fey, K. Greub, M. Mallock, M. Miilu, E. Gardner, L. B. Plckfon, C. Carravano, M. French, L. Galbraith, J. Neuman, A. Seulburger, J. Gordon, J. Eafon, B. Roberls, B. Eberharf, G. Coed. ACALHONORS AcaIhonors is one of Iwo honor sociefies aI Acalanes. This group and Ihe Acalanes Chapfer of Ihe C.S.F. were organized af Ihe same Iime. LiIce C.S.F.. Acalhonors is main- Iained for sfudenrs having a superior schoIasIic record. Membership is exrended Io all s+uden+s receiving Three B's and one A for Their semes+er grades. Sfudenrs who qualify for C.S.I:. membership au+orna+icaIIy qualify for AcaIhonors. Miss Vera Richardson is Ihe adviser for Ihe group. FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW, lefI To right R, Gafi, L. Chiavini, P. Malvey, J, Latham, D. Wulzen, M. French, R. Hagens, M. Somers, D. Reese, J. Kirk, J. McNamara M. Morgan, P. Amason. SECOND ROW: R. Shirlinq, M. Lyon, H. Jarvis, B. Abbie, M. Afkinson, E. Lauranson, J, Dezzani, C. Maury, C. Nelson, J Passur, L. Fisher. THIRD ROW: R. Orr, J. Reynolds, T. Mcrrish, L. Shopfaugh, D. Cooper, D. Reid, J. Coombs, J. Hari, B. Eberharf, D. Doiy. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW, Iefr Io righl: C. Brennan, N. McCrum, J. Fry, C. Maiioda, N, Merry, E. Fara, S. Dodgson, B. Dawson, B. Hansen, C. O'Connell, E. Lawr- enscn, R. Johnson, T. Meier. SECOND ROW: A. Kalfleisch, S. Pedder, S. Gee, B. Jacuzzi, B. Lewis, D. Townsend, P. Lulfrell, J. Passur, N. Wise Q V V THIRD ROW: M. Day, J. Johns, P. Gomperlz, J. Taylor, E. Young, R. Shirlinq, M. Maier, R. Silva, L. Chiavini, M. Morgan, S. Adair, S. Howe, R. Wood, J. Dun-n. QQ if FIRST ROW, left ro right M. While, J. Burns, B. Reard, V. Johnson, D. Isaacs, M. Carravano, J. Ccad, B. Saunders, W. Brennan, T. Tilfon, B. Keller, B. Harrison, F. Beebe. SECOND ROW: J. Losfro, E. Grimes, B. Wesflund, J. Johnson, D. Fey, L. Shoplauqh, T. Morrish, D. Reed, J. Walkins, G. Sfrauss, C. Schore, D. Ohrme, C. Ferrell. THIRD ROW: D. Jenson, G. Duncan, A. Cianflchi, S. Fleager, V. Spellacy, S. Whiie, D. Reese, M. Somers, K. Johanson, B. Carideo, C. Demeler, R. LaSalle, B, Pendlelon, K. Goodwin. bl YTEENS LEFT TO RIGHT: A. ViHaIy, S. Cog gan, E. Lyser, P. Malvey, Y Teens is a service and social organizalion aiclilialecl wilh The Y.W.C.A., one ol Their aclivilies has been service Io The MI. Diablo Therapy Cenrer. The Junior Red Cross also is a service organizalion which acls in supporr of rhe Narional Red Cross, Proiecfs have included clorhing and school chesrs for foreign counrries. Members of Junior Slalesmen learn 'rhe Iunclions of s'raIe and nalional qovernmenr Through parricipalion in Junior Sralesmen convenlions. JUNIOR REDCROSS FIRST ROW, lei! Io riqhf: J. Irving J. Taylor, R. Krofz, J. Rounds, J Derry, C. Greub, J, WiIIiI's. SEC- OND ROW: M. Downs, W. Brennan, D. Davis, T. Tilion, E. PIaTner, C. Earle. JU NIO R STATESMEN FIRST ROW, Iefr To righh S. Hoff- man, S. Small, P. McMacken, J Dunn, J. Gaillard, S. Fleager, J Willifs, D. Landes, S. Coqqan, B Pickfon. SECOND ROW: B. Lipperf B. Harrison, C. Nelle, T. Proberll, J Johnson, J. Langren, S. Lanqren, B Argo, I. Cockerfon, A. Pierce THIRD ROW: H. Nemir, D. Foster A. Reichhold, C. Mauzy, M. Brown S. Logue, R. Haqens, B. Carideo, P Squires. SPANISH HONORARY SOCIETY This club was formed To bring Them To a more familiar understanding OT Their subiecT. STudenTs eligible for membership in This club musT have Taken Spanish Tor Three years, or Tor Two years wiTh a B average, or Tor one year wiTh an A average. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, or Fleur cle Lis, a new organizaTion Tor French sTuC.Ien'rs, has en- Trance sTandards of no less Than a B Tor iirsT and second-year pupils, and a passing grade Tor Third and TourTh-year pupils. FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW, Iefl lo right: J. Hall, P. Cory, S. Brown, R. Hagens, S. Logue, M. Roe, L. Lamb, P. Smilh, E. Para. B. McKinley, L. Galbraith, L. Lynn, J, Fry, C. Earle. SECOND ROW: J. Johnson, P. Everesl, S. Salisbury, B. Pendlefon, J. Moss, J. Irving, B. Carideo, J. Kirk, E. Ranker, C. Goforfh, L. Sellman. THIRD ROW: K. Wilkin, C. Gompertz, D. May, D. Rogers, J. Fosfer, S. Barden, B. deLaneux, C. Drews, D. Crossman, J. Gray, L. Harper. SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW, Iefl fo righl: E. Neldem, P. Pyle, S. Borglin, D. Schnitzler, G. Duncan, P. Shelver, T. Adams, M. Downs, E. Soder, C. Johnson, M. Alkinson, J. Lavindar, S. Lanqren, B. Gray. SECOND ROW: N. Carlson, M. Orr, M. Maier, R. Shirling, D, Orme, B. Lewis, L. Pasginy, R. Johnson, B. Jeffries, N. Peffinqill, S. Gruenhagen, M. Derry, J. Derry, T. Probert, J. Klopf. THIRD ROW: J. McAdams, M. Sommers, M. Hansen, J. Coop, D. Reese, J. Kennedy, C. Wollum, J. Willils, E. Lawrenson, A. Reichold, C. Demeler, T. Huda, M. Lyon, R. Krolz, M. Troyer. FOURTH ROW: D. Rafhien, D. Reid, M. Klemenf, J. Reynold, R. Lynn, A. Siler, T. Lilian, S.dGroennings, B. Lipperl, H. Niemer, J. Todd, M. While, . cBri e. DON KUN Manager HOWARD FLANDERS Business Manager BLUEPRINT MARY THIES Co-Edifor LINDA MEADE Co-Edifor BLUEPRINT STAFF FIRST ROW, Iefi fo righf: P. Malvey, D. Cranision, J. Kisfinger LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Davis, B. Jeffries, M. Brown, M, Dineen. SECOND ROW: B. Benneff, R. Knohel. FIRST ROW, leff Io righf: M. Miilu, M. Troyer, B. Carideo, B. Jeffries, D. Church, M, Dineen, S. Tuffle. K. Johanson. SECOND ROW: C. Andree, B. Benneff, B. Dodge, R. Knoble, J, Kisringer, D. Hench, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Miles, R. Sarge, S P. Porter. Pedder, J. Allen. JIM ROBERTSON Associa+e EdiIor JERRY GRAY Ediior BOB KELLER Associate Manager LORETTA DALBEY Manager STAFF STAFF FIRST ROW, leff In riqhiz J. Lloyd, T. Tilfon, A. Ruff. SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW, left Io righf: B. Pickion, L. Shopiauqh. SECOND ROW: B. Needham, B. Bedard, J. Early. C. Earle, D. Grieve, C. OsIrom, D. I-Iubach, N, Tuifle, C. Rucker. SALESMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS SEATED, leff Io riqhI: C. Demefer, E. Hunt. STANDING: G. Reichert, H, Schirmer, D, May, I. Dix EFT TO RIGHT: B, Roberfs, C. Peters, J. Keizer. J. Bohn, J. Gray, K. Lescure, G. Snow, H. McBride. ' a v' I? iq. 3 Q. 'QV' E "-..---4 lr 'W Q, ,1 i Mil M ., 4. PY ' S -. X Marin . . 3 ,z f Uh, Q A7 f A VARSITY SCORES . ,,.Alhambra. VARS I T Alhambra E EI Cerrifo ,Albany John Sweff , ,AnTioch H Diablo , ,. Piffibllfg , ED GREUB ERIC ROGER LINN BOB BORGHESANI JOHN WILLIAMS JOHN The Acalanes VarsiTy This year compIeTed one of iTs mosT successful seasons, losing only Two conTesTs, one a I2-I4 hearTbreaker aT The hands OT John SweTT. The only oTher loss was a 38-O Trouncing by a slighfly TerriTic PiTTsburg eleven, which easily walked away wiTh The league rifle. Among The mosT ouTsTanding vicTories oT The year was our 20-7 win over highly- TouTed EI CerriTo and a I3-O vicTory over our arch rivals Trom Diablo. As wiTh any successTuI Team, iT is Teamwork and noT individuals ThaT make a good record. There were, however, some sTandouTs such as Richard Ting, who made every all-counTy Team picked: Buzz Williams, winner oT The Ted Fry Memorial Trophy and picked on aImosT all of The all-counTy Teams: Eric Murray, winner oT The RoTary Club award and second-sTring all-counTy. John Daniel, Charles OsTrom, Bob Borghesani, AI Culp, Ed Greub and Dick Fey were all sTandouTs. AIThough The Dons are losing mosT oT Their IeTTermen, They have many ouTsTanding iuniors Coming up, Ray Williamson and Andy Monson in parTicuIar. DICK I + IQ YQ I '. in R V E 25232 H 29 gum in JUNICD fa ,pe 4. U ff C5 iw' X nf E! P 3 ,, vu pr Il ll BASKETBALL COACH ARTH ART SILER BOB KLECKNER BOB BORGHESANI BOB DIEHL DICK TING "A" SCORES Acalanes Opponenis 43 A,,v..,,,,. ,,,,,, A Iamecla .....,,., ,,,,.......... 6 3 26 ..,,,.,, ,,,.,,, S I. Mary's .A,,,,, .,...,A 7 2 34 ,,,.Y,.. ,,,.... A nfioch ..,,,,...., ...,...,.,. 3 5 20 ,,,,.,.. ...,.,. C al Frosh ,,,,,,, .......... 4 7 45 .,,,,,,, ,.,.., f Alhambra .,.,. .32 49 ....,,,, , .,,,, Pillsburg ...,..... ,...... 4 8 44 .....,A, ..,,... P iedmom' ,,...,. Y.,.,,. 4 I 33 ,,,,,,,A ,,,,,,, A nlioch ........... ,..,... 3 4 77 .,...,., ,,,,.... M I. Diablo ......., ........,.. 5 9 93 .A..,,,, ,,,,,... J ohn Swell' .,,,..,, ........... 4 3 52 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A A lhambra ....,..., ..v,v,.... 4 3 58 .,,...,, ..,,... P Hlsburg ,.,,..... .....,,,... 4 I 47 ,,,,,,,, .,,..,,, A lbany ,,,.,,. .,,.v.. 5 I 73 .....,,. ,,,,,,,, lvl I. Diablo ...., ....... 5 9 97 ........ ,,,,,,., J ohm Swell ......., ......Y... 4 7 6 I ......., .,..... A nhoch ,.......... ....... 5 0 N-.. -1-an--' an www . -R-,Y 5, 'ii II ll BASKETBALL DICK JONES BRAD JOHANSON MIKE WHITE JOHN CONLEY RICHIE MASON COACH BROWN "B" SCORES Acalanes Opponen+s 29 ,........... v..,.,...I A Iameda ...... ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, 3 2 24 ..,..,,.. ,,,,,,..,. A HIIOCII ..,.,,.A ......,...... 2 3 34 ......... ,,,..,.... A Ihambra ,.A.... ........., 2 9 35 ,,,...... ,,,.,,, P Hfsburg .,,.,,.,, ,,,,,.,,,, 3 I 36 ,,,,,,,v, ,,...,, P ieclmonf .v,,... .......I.. 3 2 29 ..,...... ..,,,,,,,, A Ibany .,,....,.., ,,,,,,,,,. 2 8 I5 ..,...,, ,,...,.... M I. DiaI::Io ..... .......... 2 7 36 ........ ..,Y...... J oI'1r1 5we+I' ..... .,,,,.Y,,, 2 9 37 ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,. A Ihambra ..,.... .,,.....,, 3 5 I8 ......... .......... A Ibany .,,.,v,,,,, ,,,,,,..Y, 3 7 24 .,.,,,,,. ,,..,..... M I. DiaI::Io ..... .....,.... 3 6 40 ...,,,,,, ..,..,.... J oI'1n SweH ..,.,,,,, ,.Y....... 4 6 33 ......... ,,,,,,.... A nfioch ..,,....., ....,..,,, 3 4 37 66,..6.., 66,66,6666 P smbufg ..,... JJJJJJWV.. 3 5 -, SQ? f 1355-ii2'5,':i - ,M-fi? N-M W5 1952 TRACK Coach Charles EaTon Tielded This year a Team second To none in Acalanes hisTory. The squad was well rounded, having greaT depTh in boTh The Tield and running evenTs and also good spiriT and Teamwork Through The whole season. These qualiTies paid oTT when The Team Took a close second aT The MarTinez Relays and won The counTy meeT wiTh a record number oT poinTs. The squad was paced all Through The year by hurdlers Gary Coacl and Doug Cooper, weighTmen Eric Murray and ArT Siler, quarTer-miler Bob Carlson, halT-miler DenTon Holmes, and milers Louis Kummerow and Ron Benson. VaulTer Neil Caldwell broke The school record wiTh a vaulT oT I2 TeeT 6 inches, Bill Powers and Bruce Morgan each high jumped 6 TeeT To break Bill's old school record. WiTh anoTher good day Those who placed in The counTy meeT won The NorTh CoasT SecTion aT Diablo. From There Doug Cooper, Neil Caldwell, Eric Murray, ArT Siler. Gary Coad Tool: places aT The NorTh CoasT MeeT, The TirsT Two qualifying Tor The STaTe MeeT aT Los Angeles. There were a large number oT seniors on This year's squad, and They leave many vacancies To be Tilled nexT year. a Q "B" TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, IefT To righh J. Wafkins, B. Waikins, J. Sweet, J. Wiley, D. Busby, G. Goodnescn, K. Lescure, J. Combs, W Jacox, W. Adams, Coach Lord. SECOND ROW: L. Overstreet, P, Miller, G. Coed, T. Higgens, R. Ortland, G. Wahl, B. Wadman, B. Simon, B. Effin er, R. Mason, R. Hull, G. Ramse ,G, Turner. 9 Y "A" TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to righl: R. Benson, G. Coad, D. Twomey, J. Williams, E. Murray, M. Carovano, L. Wilfer, B, Powers, B. Morgan, R. Rogers, D. Holmes, B. Peare, S. Bafl, J. Oliver. SECOND ROW: B. Smifh, A. Siler, R. Williamson, J. Ogden, E. Foskelf, B. Keller, R. Dallas, J. Price, E. Grueb, J. Early, B. Carlson, J. Marvin, D. Cowden, D. Aiman, Coach Eslon. THIRD ROW: B. Abreu, E. Ambrose, R, Owens, B. Bennett, B. Rupley, G. Hannawalf, L. Kummerow, P. NordIun'd, D. Cooper, R. Paul, J. Hari, J, Tanner, N. Caldwell, P. Gales. "A" TRACK SCORES Acalanes Opponenls C 87 ..,,,,,, .,,,.,,, 84M ,.,..,,, .,,,,,,,, Pillsburg .... .,,,,,....... 26 Anlloch ....,, ,...,,,., 5 3 V3 2 San Ramon ....., ,,,,,, Las Lomas ,.,,.,,. .,..,,.., O 66 ..... ..,,.... B erlceley ..,,,, ..,,,,,,, 7 4 90 ..... .,...,.. A lamecla ,,,, ,.,. ,,,. 4 8 Albany .,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, 2 73lf3 ....,,,. .,,,,,,. D iablo ,.,,,,., ,,,,,,,,, 3 QM 88M ,.........,.......,, El Cerrilo .,....,,,.,,,.,,..,, 42W Alhambra .,..,......,,,,,,,,. 6 The "A" lraclc leam again placed lirsli ounly meel. n The Acalanes 47 53Ma,, 45 ,, 36 50 TRACK SCORES Opponenls Pnllsburg ....,.,,,,,,,.,,.... 66 San Ramon ...., .....,.... 38 Anhoch ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,. 3 626 I2 Las Lomas Berkeley .,... Las Lomas , ,, ,,,,,, Alameda , Albany ,,,.... Las Lomas ,,,,,, Diablo .......,. .......9l 5 ff LLCBC67 .......34 ...,...63 33 ,,,,.,,,,, El Cerrilo .,..,,, ,.,....7O Alhambra ...,,.,,,,,.,.,,.... 34-W Las Lomas ,..,...........,,,,. 3 The "B" lraclc leam placed firsl in l'he counly meel. -M.. un. ig I N'-.W if 'R .NS BASEBALL The varsily baseball nine had a successful raciice season and were off +o a flying slari' in league play when lhey won live siraig l'. The league play was 'l'he besl' in a decade and 'lhe Dons appeared slaled for eilher firsl' or second depending on 'lhe oulcome of ihe final games. Bob Borghesani was a siandoul as a pilcher and led 'lhe league in hilling while Dick Fey was raled as 'rhe besl second baseman in lhe league. The Junior Varsily was The besl in lhe his+ory of Acalanes and had slandoul pilchers in Riclc Johnson and John Olcoll. Many fine players on 'rhe J.V. club give good promise for 'rhe liulure of baseball ai Acalanes. Richard Jones and John Conley were siandoul freshmen as good all-around players. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left fo righf: A. Ruff, J. Bowron, A. Monson, R. Ting, B. Borqhesani, D. Davis, K, Dana, J. Henderson. SECOND ROW: W. Johnson, B. Dwife, B. Wesflund, J. McCauIy, D. Fey, M. Klemeni, B. Turner, Coach Mahson. J.V. BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, lefl fo righl: J. Champlin, B. Ferro, R. Johnson, J. Olcotf, E. Neighbor, B. Gray, J. Conley, L. Schreple. D. Isaacs, T. Coakley, G. Foriado, M. Ferrarese. SECOND ROW: L. Silvera, R. Munn, S. Mumford, R. Jones, B. Neighbor, F. Lincoln, J. Coakley, G. Goodneson, J. Phelps, D. Marcellini, B, Chrisfner, Coach Brown. THlRD ROW: J. Grofh, W. Johnson, B.Chris1ner, D. Austin, E. Parks, J. Graves, B, Edgar, B. Shannon, R. Murphy. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Acalanes Oppgneni-5 I.. YYVY.. ,,,.,..., L ivermorem A,,,,,,,,,A, 3 I. , . H ,... El Cerrifo ,, 2 5U ,.,., ,. ,.., Anfioch .,., ,, ,, 4 2 ,,... ,,..,,,,, C al Frosh ,, .,,, ,,,,, , 5 ION ,, .,,,,,. Alhambra 2 I .,,,, , , ,.,,,.. Emeryville ,, O 5 f,,,.Y,Y, ,,,,, Piffsburg ,,A, , 3 OI, ,,,.,. ,,,..,,,, C asflemonl ,,,,, ,,,,, , 3 7,. .,,,, ,,,,,,... A Iloany ,,,,., ,,,,, . 5 I3 ,.YY,.,,, ,,,.,,,,. D iablo A,.,,,,, ,,,, H 2 I f..,..YY, .....,.., J ohn Swell A,,,,,, ,,,,,, 4 2 --,,ff,.. ,,...,,,, A nfioch ,,,, ,, ,,,,, , 3 I ,,..,YYYY .... Alhambra ,,,, , 3 9. ,, ,,,. .,,,,,, P Hlslourg ,, ,, 4 OH ,,,.,, .,,,,,. A lbany ,, H 3 Dnablo , IW , ,, JohnSwe+I, 9 8-f 5 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Acalanes Opponenfs 2 ,,.,. . ,. .HEI Cerrilo .,..... ..,... . 7 I .....,, ,,.. Richmond .,,,,,, .,,,, , ,, 5 9 ,..., . ..San Ramon 2 2 , ,,,Richmond .,,,.., 6 4 ,,,,,,, ,.,, , .Emeryville .,... .,,,., , , O IB, ,.,, , ,.,Piedmon+ . ,,A,, ,,,,,,,, , O I ,,,,,,, , ,,,,.. Casflemonf ...,,,A.,,,,,,,,,, 2 5 ....,, WMI. Diablo ,.A,, ,,,,A,,,, , ,,,,l0 5 .,,,,, , ., ,,,Pi++sburgJr.I'Iigh ,,,,, 6 3 ,,..,., ,,,,,,,, P iedmonf ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,A,,,,,,, I 3 ..,,.., W .Pi'r+sburgJr. I-Iigh ,,,,. O "A" SWIMMING Our varsiTy squad, which has again proven superi- oriTy in counTy compeTiTion, has Tallied The highesT score in nine years Tor The championship. Dick Hu- bach broke The counTy record for The IOO-yard Tree- sTyle wiTh a Time of 58.0. For The second year in a row Brooks DeI.aneux showed ouTsTanding abiliTy in The IOO-yard breasTsTroIce-Time I:O8.8, and in The ISO-yard individual medley-Time I:46.5. Jim Small, who made a sTarTling display in The 200-yard Tree- sTyle, was one oT Tour Dons To place in NorTh CoasT compeTiTion. Also, The medley relay Team, composed OT Kim Wilkin, Brooks DeLaneux and Dick I-Iubach, and The Tour man relay Team enabled Acalanes To 'rake a miraculous second place in all-N'orThern Cali- Tornia. FIRST ROW, Ieff to right G. Peyref, B. Thain, B. Randall, T. Mo D. Hubach. SECOND ROW: D. Miller, Coach ArTh, D, Weidlein Hunf, K. Lyile. ,C. Acalanes 49 ,,,..,.., ,,,, .... 34 ,.., .,,. ,...... 25 ..,,,,. ......,,.. 27 ...,,., .......... I8 ...,... 45 ..,,,,. .,,, , ,.. SCO RES Vallejo J.C. ., Albany ..,.,.., . FremonT ...., Hayward .,,,. , Sequoia ........,, Berkeley ,,,,......,, Palo AITo .,,,,,........,.,.... OpponenTs . ,,.,.. 26 ,....24 ,. ,.,.. 26 ,..,.,,4O 30 George WashingTon .........,,.,... , C. Kopps, D. Alcerman, Sian Pedder, J. Small, Drew, B. dsLaneux, W. Rugh, C. Osfrom, E. X4651 ETkiBW9'l'W FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: R. Lee, J. Larson, M. While, T. Freeman, T. Veilch, D. Clark. SECOND ROW: C. Knobel, M. Ballachey, P. Sl. Hill, Jack Gray, M. Small, R. Kislinqer, P. Kops, D. Ong, E. Givins, Coach Arlh. THIRD ROW: D, Bridges, B. Randall, D. Moriara, L. Harper. J. Spiefl, T. Marson, A. Daleroy, D. Traynor. "B" SWIMMING Speclacular showing in counly compelilion broughl lhe "B" leam info firsl place wilh 'lhe near- esl compelilor lorly poinls behind our boys. John Speigl made a line showing lhis year by selling a record in lhe 50-yard freeslyle wilh a lime of 27.4 and also by being 'rhe only individual "B" lo place in Norlh Coasl compelilion. Jaclcie Gray, a fresh- man, broke lhe counly record for lhe IOO-yard breaslslrokez his lime l:22.7. Lawrence Harper lopped lhe 75-yard individual medley in a lime ol 52.4. Bolh relay leams had line showings in 'lhe Norlh Coasl meel and 'rhrough lheir elilorls lhe leam was able 'lo place lilfh. Acalanes 44,,, 5I, , 4O,,,, 28,, ., , 30 izlffff ff 45 .,,. SCORES Valleio ..,,, ,Albany ...,,,, , Fremonl' ...... Hayward .. Sequoia ..,,,. Berkeley ..,........,.,..,,, Opponenfs 9 ........l5 ..-,,..ze ..,.....38 36 Palo Allo ...............,.. ,.,,,,....,. . 56 George Washinglon ..,,.......,.. I9 GOLF The golf ieam conlinuecl Hs championship ways by winning fhe counly golf meel. This year's lille is lhe lhird in Three slraighl' years. ln dual compefilion, Coach Twining's linksmen won eighl' while only losing one. The one defeal' was +o 'rhe srrong Richmond leam. The lop six posilions were held by Bob Diehl, Dave Cransfon, Mike Elvidge, Ray Orr, Don Reid. and Harvey Lowlhian. Mr. Twining, who look over Mr. Dilling's job of golf coach, can loolc forward +o good seasons fo come as lhe Team was composed mosrly of freshmen and sophomores wifh only four men gradua+ing. e A mul . Line use TENNIS The Acalanes lennis 'ream had a very successful season again This year, winning l I malches and los- ing 4. In The Counly Tennis Tournament Howard Flanders defeafed Jim Gonzales ol: lvlounl' Diablo lo relain his Conlra Cos+a Counly singles champion- ship. Don Rafhien and Jerry Gray were runners-up in 'rhe counly doubles championship. ln league play, 'rhe +eam look firsl' place. Top men on 'rhe 'ream in lheir order of rank were Howard Flanders, Jerry Gray, Don Ralhien, Phil Lowlhian and Ron Dallas. SCORES Acalanes Opponenfs 2 ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, P iedmonl ......,s,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,....,.,, 5 4 ,,...,,, .,,,.. . Hayward ....,...........,..,...,......., 3 3 ...,..,. ........ G eorge Washinglon .............. 4 2 ,,,..,,, .,,,.,, P alo Allo ..,...,,.............. ...... 4 5 ...,.... ....... M ounl Diablo .,,,..,,,., .,,,,, 2 4 ,,.,.,,. ,...... lvl ounl Diablo ..,,.... ....,. 3 FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righf: D. Rath- ien, E. Timoney, J. Bohn, H. Flan- ders. SECOND ROW: Coach Mc- Inerny, J. Gray,C. Gomperf1,J. Todd. "CHIPS" MEMBERS FIRST ROW, leff Io riqhlz A. Ruff, J. Reynolds, R. Ollo, H. Walden, G. Foriado, G. Dunham, J. Burns, R. Johnson J. Johnson, M. Whife, R. Lee, J. Conley, L. Schrepel. SECOND ROW: J. Sullivan, E. Neighbor, S. Indelicafn, B. Farro B. Johanson. THIRD ROW: B. Brown, R. Mirin, T. Sorenson, S. Mumford, R. Jones, N. Davis, G. Hanawall, P. Hegerle J. Harf, J. Jacobs, G. Ramsey, J. Olcoff. BLOCK "A" MEMBERS FIRST ROW, lefl' Io righlz K. Wilkins, J. Champlin, G. Williams, D. Raid, 'M. Elvldge, B. Abreu, E. Ambrose, D. Fey A. Culp, K. Lylle, R. Ray, D. Miller, J. Olivera, W. Johnson. SECOND ROW: M. Klemenf, E. Grueb, J. Bowron, R Williamson, G. Coad, B. Smilh, H. Andrews, R. Owens, N. Caldwell, D. Cooper, B. Wesllund, J. MacCauIey, R. Ting THIRD ROW: J. Champion, D. Crossman, R. Lynn, J. Williams, D. Cranslon, B. Kleckner, H. Flanders, S. Wise J. Small, J. Price, .B. Carlson, Dick Davis, D. Hubach, J, Henderson. FOURTH ROW: D. Weidlein, A. Monsen, DI Holmes, E. Murray, B. Diehl, B. deLaneux, C. Drews, B. Powers, B. Borqhesani, E. Hunf, D. Garrell, W. Rugh, S. Pedder, R. Benson, J. Kisfinger, B. Morgan, T. Morrish. BLOCK" " CHIPS The Block "A" is open io all boys earning a var- "Chips" is lhe name given 'rhe boys who have won siiy block leller. This year's officers were: Dick Fey, lellers in lhe "B," or Junior Varsily CIBSSITICGTIOH The president Roger Linn, vice-president and Richard Winner Ol G "B" award has H16 Flqhl' IO Wear B SIX Ting, secrefary-lreasurer. Any boy winning a varsily inch bloclc or an eighf-inch block if 'lhe leam is a award is enlilled lo wear an eighl-inch loloclc and an counly champion. arm slripe. An emblem on lhe block designales 'rhe sporl in which lhe boy parlicipales. Counly cham- pions are enlilled +o wear a sfar on lhe shoulder. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Miilu, J. Rugh, J Bailey K Davis, S. Small, J. Johnson, A Clanfichi, A. Champlin, C. Emerson. 6,A.A, CABINET G. A. A. This year The Girls' Aihlefic Associafion carried on many aclivilies. There were inler- class lournamenfs held in all lhe maior leam and individual sporfs-which include volley- ball, baslcefball. soflball. badminfon, lennis and swimming. Acalanes gave fhe second Counfy Modern Dance Playday which was iusl as successful as 'rhe firsl one, held The year before. Allhough lhis was fhe only playday Acalanes sponsored lhis year, Girls' Afhlefic Associalion members allended many olhers ai ofher schools. In addifion fo lhis, six girls were able lo go fo a Sporls Day al 'rhe Universily of California, where fhey were served and en+er+ained by fhe Women's Afhlefic Associa- fion. G.A.A. AWARD HOLDERS FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: S. Knipe, B, Hansen, J. Gordon, P. Zamloch, P. Everesf, S. Brown, S. Fleager, M. Downs, A. Cianfichi, A. Champlin, R. Shirling, C. Ferrell. SECOND ROW: A. Vifialy, M. Maier, J. Taylor, M. Sanios, E. Janssee, K. Jones, L. Galbraifh, K. Goodwin, C. Brennan, A. Seulberger, D. Reese, J. Johnson, J. Irning, E. Soder, C, Emerson. G.A.A. MANAGERS FIRST ROW, lofi to righf: I. Carridao S. Flsagsr, S. Pedder, D. Laveuola, M Maier, S. Luebkaman. SECOND ROW C. Ferrell, C. Ward, -B. Hansen, S Knipe. A new aclivily, inlrodu-:ed in lhe lhird quarler of lhe, year, was an afler-school pro- gram. One day a week afler school, girls had ihe opporlunify +o parlicipafe in such sporls as sofiball, badminlon, swimming, and volleyball. This program was very success- ful and will no doubi be carried on nexl year. The awards were presenled again al +he annual awards assembly in lhe iourlh quar- fer. Awards, which range from a Girls' Alhlefic Associalion emblem io a special pin, are ranked as follows: The Girls' Afhlefic Associalion emblem, Class Numeral, Block Officials' Bar, and +hen the special pin. These awards are now given on 'rhe basis of parlicipalion ralher lhan on lhe old sysfem which made awards on lhe basis of feam seleclions and skill. This revision is a fairly new one which was incorporaled in The new Girls' A+hle'ric Associalion consfilulion adopled iusl lasl year. WINNERS ALL-SCHOOL COMPETITION BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left Io righf L. Jansse, J. Rounds, M Santos. SECOND ROW: P Spencer, C. Emerson, A Champlin, J. Taylor. SPEEDBALL FIRST ROW, Ieh to right: J. Rounds, M. Santos, J. Johnson, L. Jansse. SEC' OND ROW: A. Champlin, C. Emerson, J. Taylor, C. O'Connall. VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW, Iefl fo right C. Smiih, J. Lavinder, D. Landes, J. Fry, P. Garrison. SECOND ROW: S. Schroa- der, M. Dineen, P. Ander- son, M. Hansen. yr' Here's the long-distance champion' N Q 1..:::::,5:.::,:1:::1.L .trzrazi 5353523 ......,.,., A' M' Brings every station closer - makes every picture clearer O Only Arvln has all these features: I Dual Power Custom Chassis with 26 tubes, including rectiders and picture tube! Straight C circuit. 2 Gated automatic gain control-checks airplane "flutter" and other interference. 3. Local-long distance control-uses full power to bring in far-distant stations perfectlyg insures perfect picture clarity from nearby stations. 4 Automatic brilliance and contrast con- trol-you get the picture right and it stays that way. 5 Eynchrmsound tuning- tuxae for tlhle st picture and the soun is rig t automatically. 6. Perma-Focus picture control-keeps ' i . picture locked in, counteracts "rol11ng" The most beautiful television and drift. console ever designed! 7. Built-in antenna and phono-jack. Genuine cherry French Provincial Console. , . l Giant 21-inch Perma-Focus picture is Pro- 8. Simplified tuning-only two kn0l3S to tected by slanted, glare-proof safety g ass. turn, Dual Power Custom Chassis. Oversize, - easy-rolling casters. Model 5212CFP. 9. Velvet Voice sound system-Magna- Bass tri-ne compensation, complete tone "'fi'55EEEEEE555525139-55555555rfiixf'"'1i5E5i3i5E.f'f:f555555 'Z-55:5if5fi5fi525315555355555555if5fZ5i5E?????i5if55i5EfZ """""""' ' """""" ' ""''"'A'"'"""""""i""""' ' 353553. Centro - .,.,., . ........-....,.,,.. ...,. , ,....,. ,.,.. , . .............. ...-...-.-.-. ...,.................... , .........,..,,....,,,................,. ...... , ..--., I O ' lg FH and Color TV-an Arlilhgl D231 ower Custom sets are ava' a e at - 5. ...Z 5-5g5g5:5g5:5.5r5::a:s12-2:-2-5125115355--,.5we 515 555, . moderate extra costh with Ultra Hi h 17'mch.Perma-Focus 2:1211 "Ii"L:-:f:"g'f-'ff'jg"i'Q.'.Qfff.ffQ , "" Frequenc tuner built-in and are easily Picture' Dmll llower ' P525 ' ' " I"'f"ZIIfZ'.I. .I I- S-I convertedy to receive Color TV Cust0mChaSmsS1mple. 2:fi55'j5573" is , , , ' compact mahogany 55535 555 523555 ,- " :,::.,5-5:5,-.:,.,- e - -5-. H. Fine-furniture cab1nets-styledbylead- veneer cabinet - at a 5 1 5551. 4Q'3,, .,g: ing designers, built by skilled craftsmen. Hggel ,pfjcel 5 QE 12. gfioiczii of fourteen models--17, 20, or 55? ig 25: 2-515.55551-'E' -inc screens. 552- ' , -cr' . fy :gf ..'...., 1125?-,.. .- :El qnaunuv' 2 Including ' 5.2 1 1 4.31-55 ouuunn . fa-fer-I fu. - -5555 W- 5- f 2 . ms: 1 Warranty Extra : Easly cred lt ter E '-:55::5"5--5-lf: ' 1 H: IO 1 ssuocaosl""".'..... See lfhe diference-Hear the diference-Save the difference iv' HIGH LAND CONSTRUCTION "BUILDERS OF DlSTINCTlON" fur: Highland Construction Co. 2076 MT. DIABLO BLVD. WALNUT CREEK 9318 BEEM STUDIOS AND CAMERA sn-:OP PORTRAITURE PHOTO EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES I408 BROADWAY WALN UT CREEK O AUTOGRAPH SPACE Reserved for friends of BARNEY GILBERT. REALTOR I376 Main Sfreef W-llhuf CTGOR Phone W. C. 764I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952 JURS MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE o CADILLAC o GMC TRUCKS I628 M'I'. Diablo Blvd. Walnu'I' Creek 930I For +l1e finesf in New Carpel' and flue fines+ in Carpe? Cleaning ZIM nI I A ReRR ST UD ILILL 3393 M+. Diablo Blvd. LIVIA I I L' A'AL LIEE I LIIII ulhllllgl L a faye++e 2987 WRIGI-LT's I . . . VILLAGE PHARMACY 3 m m on P'efC'iP+I0nS ' Cosmellcs Dresses o Spor+sWear 0 Accessories Founiain Rolley Perfumes Phone Orinda 2I5I 79 Orinda Highway Orinda, California Orinda 2488 Across 'From Orinda Tl1ea+re COMPLIMENTS I Q NL, imc? ,, V 5 2 A. ' 7 abd! , A ,L i3i:i 3i' .1 R ,"" ' L I ask? M MH 1 IIIIIL 1 N Uri? 145 , OF L I' I , T V: i xx I fi 9 1 M - A I .1-H 0 I f if f' if ' xixfxs 523' J 11' Q i? f fr' Af! f do III, X K X ,iq I 4, 27,1 1 L 9.44 XL M W ! Tx 1 I L In S fJ1y 1 4 I I 'II IH III' 'III ' I IQIIIIIIIIIIIIII I if :MQ 'I-IIIIII IIIIII ILIIIIIIVL IL LN' IIIIIIIIIII I WW f .Ir 'ry YQI F H I2 kt WI' 1 WPI? I LII I LIL ' .I I IM 1 .' Y L ! :yin ig ll c-L "1 x-L I 'r'sf"1 .L-'IZ' ITA' -ri-IE I C iC CONTRA COSTA OFFICE MACHINE CO. I670 Locusi' S+reeI', Walnui Creek UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS UNDERWOOD SUNDSTRAND ADDING MACHINES RENTALS o SALES o SERVICE All makes rebuilf and por+abIe machines Phone Walnui Creek 6444 PARKEL LIJMBER 84 SUPPLY J O E P A R K E L Phone WaInu+ Creek 357I I630 MI. Diablo Boulevard ORINDA STORE ORINDA H P FANCY Fooos CAMERA S O ORLNDA IN THE VILLAGE ORINDA Orinda 60I I THE IDEA... THE ORIGINATORS... 'Ea Ch QU' D a y B,::',i:z:m, AND Tl-HS Mass um ru Mk. STEWART MRS, BARTLPI Mas: OWOA MR, MATTSON MISS PETER S 0 N EATON MISS PEMBROKL MR. ARTH MR. TWINING MRS EGGLESTON PETERS BROS. FRANKS SHOES ORI N DA HARDWARE W O M E N 'S I544 B"0adWaY IAI' 'Ihe Crossrcadsl M E N 'S Telephone 2585 I439 Broadway SPBCI-2li1in9in OPEN SUNDAY MORNING Teenage Shoes for Young Men and Women BRADLEY'S ORINDA PHARMACY CASH MARKET Quaiiiy Tum' Road ai O""da GROCERIES . VEGETABLES Phone Orinda 6I2I MEATS Orinda California 200 Brookwood Road Orinda "TRAI KING" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 HORSE TRAILERS I- I- 1 ra I-A rl 13 ,II U L n Ln 5 The Besi on 'I'he Road APPLIANCES 2730 MI. Diablo BIvd. WaInu+ Creek I50I Main W.C. 6600 MARIAN PITTMAN BUDGET CLEANERS REALTOR, CLEANING AT BUDGET PRICES NDIHY Publlc Also compIeI'e Iaundry service Opposife Posi Office Orinda 23I9 Orinda Crossroads MASSIE and UNDERWOOD ORINDA PIXIE SHOP REALTORS . Everyfhing for Irids . Orinda Cross Roads Orinda 67II Orinda Slgghmg . Toys . Iseli: Village WILLY'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM QRINDA MQTQRS FOUNTAIN SERVICE ml Ml. Diablo Blvd, 3384 Ml. Diablo Blvd. ORINDA 20'3 Walnui Creek 2048 Lafayeife 2453 DEZZANVS DELICATESSEN For Dependable Service Specializing in HOME COOKED FOODS And Many Ofher Delicacies Owned and Opera+ed by NATE AND ELENA HATHORNE MI. Diablo Blvd. LafayeH'e 3580 ORINDA THEATER Graduates of June '52 May Commencemen+ for you mark "no+ 'rhe end buf Ihe beginning, ofher goals sei' for The winning." VTT- ACCOUNTS WELCOME!! a Myour own Fermi 0 OF WALNUT CREEK U levfelfy camerasbgihs 1632 MAIN STREET We CE 2795 Complimenis of A. J. "Buck" Johnson REALTOR Phone W.C. 4740 I990 Danville Highway Evenings W.C. 3 I 37-One Mile Soulh of W.C. BEN FRANKLIN STORE Walnu'I Creek's Only Home Owned Varie+y Sfore Phone Walnui' Creek 6I2I I365 Main SI'ree+ Walnul Creek a ANTIQUES ' INTERIOR DECORATING J U L l A' S MI. Diablo Boulevard Lafayefle 4438 Lafayerle Phone 2790 La'Faye++e Appliance 81 ElecI'ric Co. Earl M. Creager, Prop. Coniraciing ' Repairing ' Supplies Phone 4627 Lafayefie, Calif. LAFAYETTE BARBER SHOP Congralulafes . . . THE CLASS OF '52 SCOTT SHEPPARD CHEVRON STATION Phone Lafayefie 9930 Lafaye+Ie, California H O D G E S T. V. SALES AND SERVICE M+. Diablo Boulevard Lafayefie 274I nd f ' x I I 1 WESTERN IRON AND BODY WORKS SPECIALISTS IN STEEL TANKS cmd BODIES Engineers, designers and manufaciurers of s+eeI 'Ianks and bodies 'For ins+aIIa'I'ion on Irucks, Irailers and semi-Irailers for -Ihe +ranspor+a+ion of pefroleum produc+s, bulk cemenf, bulk sand and gravel. RIGHT Bull: Cemenf Tank wi'II'i Removable Top Iavailable with in+egraI Iopl BELOW BuII: Sand and Gravel Tanks Iavailable wi'rI1 removable fopl Phone HUmboIdI' 3-7830-3I II65 - 67+I1 SIree'I' Oakland 8, CaIi'Fornia 1 LAFAYETTE BUILDING MATERIALS CO. 3397 Moraga Blvd. BUILDING MATERIALS Phone Lafayette 44l2 Lafayette, Calif. MARKET BASKET Lecnvitt's Meclt Mcrrket 6 Plaza Way Lafayette 9950 Owned and Operated by DON LEAVITT and BOB WHITE Congratulations to the Class of '52 Town and Country Becsuty Solon We feature DIAMOND K SUPPLY Bill Magrath Barbecues 0 Garden Tools 0 Tractors Sand 0 Cement 0 Stone MER.LE NORMAN cosmetics Fedililefs Brick 0 Patio Materials COSTUME JEWELRY l5I0 Main Street Phone W.C. 2848 MII' Diablo Blvd' Laiayelle 4477 BRIDWELL REAL ESTATE Orinda Village TROY'S ASSOCIATED STATION Orinda Crossroads Orinda 224I Orinda 429I TIRES ' BATTERIES ' LUBRICATION MORAGA VALLEY NURSERY TOMMIE HORTON'S Galen Darr . . . Kenneth Wohn C L E A N E R S Robert Waschmirth I96 Moraga Highway Orinda 6596 235 Bmokwood Road Orinda "HANK" EORD'S ASSOCIATED STATION "Complete Car Care" l7B5 North Main Street Walnut Creel: 7905 P A R K T H E A T E R FOR FINE ENTERTAINMENT George Stribling, Manager Lafayette 4533 OFFEN'S HARDWARE LAFAYEUE zeal VALLEY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY YOUR DRUGGIST Phone Latayctte 7520 3624 Diablo Boulevard Lafayette, California HIGHLAND PRESCRIPTION HINKSON'S BAKERY PHARMACY CAKES and Msmies 2353 Mt. Diablo Boulevard For ANY OCWSTUV' W. E. Grentell Walnut Cruel: 6466 Mt. Diablo Boulevard Latayette 279l IR E T O N I S Compliments ot BOEVERS ANIMAL HOSPITAL B E N F R A N K N 3394 Mount Diablo Boulevard LAFAYETTE P. O. Box 834 Lafayette, California LESCURE CO. 3667 MI. Diablo Boulevard LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA Appliances Telephone Lafayeffe 2528 Walnuf Creek 448i Eas+ and Main Sfreefs Walnui Creek, Califoronia me 1 4m CHEVROLET mm' CHEVROLET SALES I , I , M SERVICE I m ' ' -. ,,, Q 'JUEJA-E K'-5 YOUR' Ci-iEv.RoLET DEALER SINCE uoza IFS the original saddle, with the tapered toe SPALDING ,, ,f , Q .M 1 ,Q f ' 2 Que ,,',',:.,..,,.,.,,.4 :-: 0 y i f :'f:l"' ' While Bucks Brown and WI1i'l'e Saddles SUTTON'S Across from +I1e Plaza Lafayeffe California DAIRY DELIVERY CO. TEmpIebar 2-I77I 2743 San Pablo Oakland, California CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '52 KIRKEBY 84 BITNES JEWELRY I356 Main Sheer o WaInu+ Creek. Calif. BRIDES May SeIec+ 'I'I1e Finesi CHINA CRYSTAL SILVER .HIQHUPPIIINEEUIIEH Lafayeffe California 0 T4 Oo 82' o o A ,, 47 n's EASY ro snor 0 r c 0 nr mcusous In wnuaur :mx on Ihe wesf end ofBroc1dw GY near Walnuf Creek's new shopping cen ACKSENS fer FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS DRAPERIES'APPI.lANCES READY MIX CONCRETE FEED ' FUEL GARDEN SUPPLIES LARRO-ALBERS FEEDS FERTILIZERS Gaviofa o Bes+ o Vigoro BLACICS MARKET Orinda Q FINE DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED FOOD MiII Orgonife MEAT GRASS SEED . PEAT Moss GROCERIES ' PRODUCE GARDEN TOOLS and SEEDS BAKERY HORSE MEAT DELICATESSEN FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS FARMERS FEED 84 SUPPLY ' 63 Moraga Highway Orinda 604I Walnui' Creek E Q- 'Q BOERO'S SPORT SHOP Equipmenl' for All Sporls AWARD SWEATERS o SKI EQUIPMENT ATHLETIC SHOES and GYM CLOTHING Phone 3263 I636 Main S+ree+ Walnu+ Creek, California LAFAYETTE FOOD CENTER VEGETABLES o GROCERIES o MEATS ANGELO'S POULTRY Mi. Diablo Boulevard LafayeH'e 9908 LAFAYETTE BEAUTY SHOPPE Garref Building DIABLO FENCE CO. Specialisfs in Fencing 0 Souvenirs of Redwood Oflice and Display-3407 Mi. Diablo Blvd. Lafaye'He 4662 Lafayelfe Phone Lafayeiie 3605 The PIONEER FOOD STORE CALIFORNIA GLASS CO. Free Delivery LAFAYETTE Island Golgigncjiliial-MeeiMarkenssz Lmyelle Glass ' Meia' Sash ' Ml"o's THE CRAFT SHOP Complele Decoralor Service Handwoven and Domesiic Fabrics WILLERT 84 HENRICKSON PLUMBING coNrRAcToRs Arllsisl Supplies T Plclure Framing 224I N. Main Phone Walnul Creek 57I7 368I Mi. Diablo Blvd. Lafayelle 4509 FRED C. JENSEN EDNA M. JENSEN Reliable Prescriplions Locally REAL ESTATE SXIH Green Siamps 2367 N. Main Sfreel' Walnul Creek 7590 Mori Sparlinq I-af-iyeffe 2I6l MlLADY'S SHOP l520 Main Sfreef CRYSTAL FOUNTAIN HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Hamburgers O Lunch 0 Candy Walnuf Creek California Lafaye'He Lafa yeife PLAZA CLEANERS Phone Lafayelie 2828 Californ KEIFER'S SHOE SERVICE ia I392 Main Sfreel' Walnul' Creek COMPLIMENTS of STAN'S BRICK HOUSE Famous 'For Fine Foods SHOES SHOES Teen-Age NATURALIZERS 'for Women LITTLE YANKEES and BUSTER. BROWN for Children WESTERN BROS. SHOE STORE WaInui Creek Phone 3136 I370 Main Sfreei' Walnui' Creek CLARICE HELM ORINDA 242I SPROUSE REITZ CO. W' VARIETY srones UK I I357 Main S1'ree+ 64 Moraga Hwy. WaInu+ Creek Orinda "W" f"" W "M" w.c.1314 orina. sion lOl Orinda Highway Orinda, California ANNOUNCING THE oPeN1Ne or WARREN HARRQLD JOHN W. HULL 8: CO. ARLINE HARROLD Real Eshsfe and Insurance REAL ESTATE. INSURANCE 83 Orinda Highway Orinda 8675 9I Orinda Highway Orinda WALNUT CREEK PHARMACY On 'Ihe Corner CRYSTAL POOL HARDWARE Open All Day Sunday Phone WaInu'I Creek 9306 Wainuf Creek 2892 N, Main Sh-ggi Phone W, C. 5525 THE CAMERA SHOP,'ffADWAY WASHETIEWQ D Your Phofographuc Headquariers I393 Mann Walnuf Creek 3507 Gregory Gardens concord 7643 MAIN AUTO SUPPLY The One-Sfop Aufo Shop "Every'Ihing for Ihe Aul'o" I634 Main Sfreel' WaInu+ Creek 7637 P's and O's PiHsburgh Painfs 0 Wallpaper 0 Lam Unfinished Furnifure I Figurines ps l604 Locusi Phone Wainuf Creek bl0I FARMER'S INSURANCE GROUP JOLLY 8: JOHNSON Walnui Creek 574i I326 Locusf Sfreef Walnui Creek INLAND TYPEWRITER CO. I770 Main Sfreef Wainuf Creek LUEBKEMAN STATIONERS ART, SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES I6I3 Main Sireei' Phone 96I3 Wainuf Creek Come Io SARANAP and TRADE AT SAM'S MARKET Properiies ihroughouf Confra Cosia Couniy Bones af some REAL ESTATE Com plimenfs of LOWDER and LOWDER Realfors ZBIB Norfh Main Sfreei' Walnuf Creek 6843 For broiling or frying, To bake or 'io s+ew, The Walnu+ Creek Meal' Company Hes 'Ihe besi' for you. WALNUT CREEK MEAT COMPANY l432 Main Sfreei' Walnuf Creek 4454 EL REY COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Nofhing buf ihe Bes+ We Are As Close As Your Phone Try Our Delivery Service i665 Main S+ree+, Walnu+ Creek Phone Walnu+ Creek 446l GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '52 NED De LAVEAGA'S CHEVRON senvlce sTAT1oN Crossroads Orinda 8020 CLYDE O. SWEET REALTOR H26 Main Sireei W. C. 679I JORY'S FLOWERS Walnuf Creek Lafayeiie RUSS' BARBER SHOP FOUR BARBERS Haircuffing by Appoinfmenf Phone W.C. 6408 H07 Main Sheer Walnuf Creek RELIANCE LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED H. A. Loeffler, Mana er VAN.'S SHOE SHOP l325 Main Sfreef 9 IB46 Main Sfreef pl-,one W' C. 2176 Phone 2753 Walnuf Creek, California B ie Slrickland Bill Behls SAYLOR'S DONUTS em' RICHFIELD SERVICE ALL VARIETIES 28I6 North Main Sireei Walnuf Creek 9954 Main and BO"-we WOW' CMI! KLAD-EZEE CHILDREN'S SHOP Beiier Cloihes for Girls and Boys PAUL NAVE, INC. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES '358 Mah' Slreei walnui Creek 2405 I538 Locusi Slreef WaInu+ Creek 4404 PUMPING EQUIPMENT DAIRY EQUIPMENT Bicycles ' Slqwnmoyivers ' Locksmiihing a es an Service I ' l I947 Mi. Diablo Boulevard Walnuf Creek l442OJ22':'S::':."+e 4746 R's'd'x'15:fnE:'oE:e:lI'::am BENNETT SUPPLY CO. "Keep I+ Clean" 2034 ML Diablo Boulevard Walnui Creek PLAZA BEAUTY SHOP Lafayelie Phone 4308 MISS 'N MRS. Ladies' Apparel We Give Thriffy Shoppers' Sfamps Across from Purify Phone Walnuf Creek 3369 D AV E ' S HAPPY VALLEY NURSERY 3685 ML Diablo Boulevard Lafayeffe is if fi rg-2-4' mga gi,-f: f ' Q F .l jg ,- ' -L us Ti W, -N fffa,.,1.E A f 'WW fS,ff'E'E'QR 1611 MAIN tub Q 'ty Walnuf Creek California T. ' I I I' RECORDS . SHEET MUSIC , ' Mraz INSTRUMENTS RENTED, SOLD 'Vi'--.I--:Pl R EA L E STA T E Walnu'I' Creek 47I9 Ju im'lIl'II7I77'717 , iran I 554 V C ST I535 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creek IF YOU'RE SATISFIED, WE ARE Lafayme Plan Lagayege 4524 RIEAL ESTATE INSURANCE I729 Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek 2900 EXCLUSIVE JUVENILE Edward I-IERB's HARDWARE FOOTWEAR LJ I539 Main Sfreel' Walnuf Creek 45I9 SENlOR'S JUNIOR BOOT SHOP I I427 Bway., W.C. READY MIX CONCRETE COMPUMENTS Where You Wanf If-When You Wanf If Walnuf Creek Aggregafes Co. I639 Cypress Walnuf Creek 55l I AbboH Bros. Painf Supply PAINTING CONTRACTING Walnuf Creek California Phone W.C. 2736 CLARK ANDERSON, Realfor 205I MY. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek Phone 932i FURS BY HAREI. CUSTOM MADE FURS Complefe Fur Service Phone Walnuf Creek 5228 I256 Soufh Main Sfreef Walnui Creek GOOD LUCK FROM CONTRA COSTA STATION ERS I390 Main Sfreef, Walnuf Creek Office Supplies and Books Walnuf Creek 4302 LAFAYETTE PET SHOP PETS and SUPPLIES Phone Lafayeffe 2452 Lafayeffe, California STEELE'S DRESS SHOP I5I2 Main Sires! Walnuf Creek California DIABLO DRUG CO. A Friendly Sfore Phone Walnuf Creek 9363 I374 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creek, California WlSEMAN'S APPLIANCES Lafeyeffe, California Lafayeffg 4453 HAPPY ACRE REALTY COMPANY Jack Pedder . . . Earle Pierce 995 Hough Sfreef Lafayeffe 46l4 THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS MILLWORK Q PAINT o HARDWARE Phone W.C. 9348 I 70 I Locust Street Walnut Creek Enchantment by the Yard Fabric Center l628 'Main Street Walnut Creek 35I6 Enchantment by the Yard HENDRICK PIANO CO. Magnavox TV Capehart TV Zenith TV R.C.A. Victor TV Lester Pianos Krakawer Pianos Janssen Pianos Wurlitzer Organs RENTAL PURCHASE PLAN 2370 MT. DIABLO BOULEVARD Walnut Creek California I W ,f I SALON ' IT IS OURI DESIRE WALNUT CREEK To MAKE YOU HARDWARE A DES'WLE A Complete Line ot Hardware 237I North Main Street Walnut Creek 3839 I545 Locust Street Walnut Creek 3500 WALNUT CREEK Walnut Creek Sheet Metal and Furnace Co. New Furnaces Installed Furnace and Sheet Metal Installations -. AQ Q D Myiliyuor, 0 MUSICAL ACCESSORIES ot all Kinds ' RECORDS Repair Service on All Makes ot Furnaces e RADIOS Phone Walnut Creek 9386 . W I C kz 2 I I9 Tunnel Road Walnut Creek Iszl Mem Sheet a nm ree 70 COMPLIMENTS SOUTH BERKELEY CREAMERY I723 Mi. Diablo Boulevard Walnu+ Creek 937 I HOTPOINT BENDIX l53l Locus+ Sfreel' Walnuf Creek WESTINGHOUSE T I h W. C, 3553 Television-Appliances e ep one ec rica on ra mg EI 'l' ' l C l' Cl" McPl1ee's Fine Wallpapers Early American Maple and Provincial Furnirure l4Il Main Sireei Walnui Creek 7b6I Draperies 0 Upholslery 0 Floor Coverings Call WHITVEMORE A TRAVEL AGENCY IGH LA "When planning your REALTY CO. HONEYMOON We'lI save you money, and keep ir a secret" 2333 Mi. Diablo Blvd. W. C. 4406 i330 Main Sheer Walnul' Creek 44I4 l52l Locusl' S+ree+ W. C. 7696 CELAYETNS of California 0 U. S. Keds I Enro Sl'1ir'l's 0 Nunn-Bush Shoes c Ca+alina Swimwear 0 Rough-Rider Slacks 0 California Casualaire 0 Game and Lake Sporfswear APPAREL FOR MEN i506 Main Sireel' Walnul' Creek 32l4 RALPH AND owEN BEAUTY SALON I I2I Boulevard Way Walnui 'Creek 2543 i 5 M ,.,,,. Mm r Q2 Fi 1 ,uu- ood Names to 0 u!.... Crafisman, J. C. Higgins, Coldspoi, Alls+a'I'e, Kenmore, Silver- fone . . . many oiher famous Sears' brand names +ha'l carry Sears' uncondiiional guaranfeesl Famous lines of mer- chandise +ha'I' have been designed, builf, fesfed, and improved fo safisfy exacfing requiremenis . . . fo mee'I' your needs af prices fhai' spell ou+ real savings fo you! We ai' Sears are very proud of fhese 'famous Sears' brand names. Mr. Rosenwald, one of +he original founders of Sears, ifs greai' organizer, and, above all a greaf mer- chandiser . . . sei' fhe lceysione 'For Sears' policies fhai' have con'l'inued +hrough +he years and, +o a large exfenf, have been responsible 'For ifs success. Some of fhe besf of ihe new merchandising ideas found expression in fhe famous Rosenwald Creed. Its basic premise: "Sell honesi' merchandise for less money and many people will buy." Its cardinal conclusions: Ill "Sell Tor less by buying 'For less. Buy Tor less Through The insTrumenTaIiTy of mass buying and cash buying. BUT MAINTAIN, QUALITY." IZI "Sell Tor less by cuTTing The cosT oT sales. Reduce To The absoluTe, pracTical minimum The expense of moving goods Trom producer To consumer. BUT MAINTAIN QUALITY." l3l "Malte less proTiT on each individual iTem and in- crease your aggregaTe proTiT by selling more l'l'ems. BUT MAINTAIN QUALITY." Its code: "TreaT people Tairly and honesTly and generously, and Their response will be Tair and honesT and gen- erous." May The spiriT of accomplishmenT symbolized by This annual carry on inTo TuTure years! To all The sTudenTs of The Acalanes High School, and especially The graduaTing class, from all The employees oT Sears-WalnuT Creelc . . . BEST WISHESI Very Truly yours, Manager, Sears-WalnuT Creek . SPORTING GOODS SOLD ONLY BY SEARS, ROEBUCIC AND CO lii.-L...- T. OIITBOAID MOTORS SOLD ONLY BY SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. - ...-li. l.1.......-1... TELEVISION SOLD ONLY IY SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO . Luz: u.s ulorrl HARDWARE AND TOOLS SOLD ONLY BY SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. , .131 Al-,IIEIATE .. A. AUTO SUPPLIES SOLD ONLY BY SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. . FRIENDLY Roebuck and Co. 0 Broadway Walnut Creek 0 Phone W. C. 7631 5 www, A 2 3 fm f 'U'v, .Q ' - if X54 af ' amg'i3."'-' , CASA ORI NDA -l zzfz j A"'A "'. l A , ROTISSERIE BROILED CHICKEN ' 15i':."., .. ' ' 3 CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS A 'A' 1 I Don'+ fail lo see +he largesl colleclion of l zz -4 Texas Longhorns in California .:Ef, : , - -Quia, Orinda Crossroads Orinda 298I Does Fitting -,Q Give You Fifg ? . HORSESHOEING by ROUGH RIDER SLNCKS are Aclion-Tailored 'lo 'Fil any size or 'lype of build! THE EMPORIUM GENE LOCKHART Phone Walnul' Creek 3224 Roule 2, Box 740 E Walnul' Creek California LAFAYETTE Z up -I LAFAYETTE COFFEE SHOP M . , 2 E 5, AND FOUNTAIN O Z O U i.uO O O 9 E 5 15 :E 2 HOT LUNCH AND DlNNER...FINE FOOD O 'E '-7 'S 5 an 2 .,. E -' E QD E E-3 5 Z Ti, .2 ZQ HAMLIN'S CLEANERS and DYERS Z F, 3 32 6' Z 53 E 2 3 4 Free Molhproofing ' Piclzup and Delivery Z E E o T E O E Q E 3 8 Z E 3425 Golden Gale Way Phone O Lu U' 'S S D l' ci 0 5 M Lafayelfe Lafayelie 25l0 :Qui gi-'S +a'i5'f E5 O r 2 if L3 ' Z2 GORDON'S Q Z Ib 2-4 0 - -I O 8 5 4 0 Flagslone ' Briclc ' Barbecue Equipmanl' 5 f 0 E 3672 Ml. Diablo Boulevard .5 Lafayefle, California Phone LafayeH'e 3900 WADSWORTH REAL ESTATE ' OR, NDA eRANDE's SHOES 3l Moraga Highway Orinda 23l2 QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY FLOYD'S BEAUTY SALON Orinda Crossroads Orinda 2715 LOOP. WILLSON and JEWELL REALTORS Orinda Crossroads l428 Broadway Walnuf Creelr . . JO ANN'S . I343 Main Slreel HACKER MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE o 929 San Pablo Avenue o Albany, California o LAndscape 5-66lI "lf Pays to Call"-MCCAL1. VIRGIL A. MCCALL REALTOR Walnui Creek 76II Olifice Walnui' Creek 4652 Residence i330 MAIN STREET F E N T O N S Call Fen'l'ons for Home Delivery ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Telephone Pledmonl 5-0064 I 95 Forly-Firsl' S+ree+ Oakland ll, California BU RMA ROAD RESTAU RANT Q CHINESE DISHES Q AMERICAN DISHES Q OR-DERS TO TAKE OUT 2250 MI. Diablo Blvd. W.C. 2890 Com plimenls of Pci'r's Pet 81 Garden Supplies Tropical Fish, Birds and Pe'l Supplies WaInu'I' Creek 7885 l353 Locusl Slreel' Walnul Creek ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ROBERT L. OZIAS Lederer, S+ree+ 81 Zeus Co., Inc. EARL EVANS California Ari 8: Engraving Company HAL MATSON ALICE SMITH Hal Mafson Siudios DR. AND MRS. GERALD H. GRAY MISS MILLICENT HAMBURGER MRS. BETTY LOPEY HAL MATSON hal mawon Official Photographer for THE AKLAN Specializing in PORTRAIT and CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY Mobiloil Mobilgas xacouv vncuuu :Maw vuuul R. B. BURNETT DISTRIBUTOR GENERAL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MAIN OFFICE CONCORD, CALIFORNIA PHONE 8526 I447 BROADWAY TWELFTI-I AND BROADWAY WALNUT CREEK OAKLAND G R O D I N S of California CLOTHING AND SPORTS WEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS W- ft. A :fg,1,..X'.i-N. LM. lf.. install.-,i:g-L'i .m.1u. mu,.1.1...f:..Q.:..,e ,!.n.:-.c.1.-.,L .e..:-,A...xfx.k.x .L..-mg.A.,4-., Lu r,,1,1 ,n w ,L ,v. -. LLL JL 1. .-.. . . . , K A ' 3 EA9,A.:A lf! fy'-uc! 5-Mg-AVA I X femwcg Q I K o ws 3,9 RQ WX fb I 1-ni!-f7J'L f7J'fe'f9i'2, xf4-C4199 -5"""57L4 Vf . 'x , A Q Q . I ?,g,jf,g,i'..f3i4,. ',-- Q lf?- 'ff"Wa"" .f Q , , 3 . A45 , 1 ,,' ,r I W - ff Ju ff ' -f' im -awwllwlifw . 1 fag' KM? 0 Q 7 ,gkanwgl-AfVf'4'W0fJ iw? 'M Q5 am i KVM' MMM' ,f..,Q1,. L, - .,,, My Q Z L72 WJ V ,,'7e"f? if'fQ"g'f7 ' . 'V - 4' . A -fr ',-x X' ' z X' 1' ' f'f"7 If X90 519 'M 5 M ' LS'- M,,7 A W O iff . ,A "."-- . ' A ' fv M f www Qmxgn 'mfg '7f7 f dfimv' 2,...d-7-I2--s,,,e., 9y?24Z2v0A Cui?

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