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,TT L 1 PUBLISH STU LAFAYE 951 ED BY THE DETiT BOIDY ES UNION CHOQL ACALAN H I G H S TTB o CALIFORNIA LK W If-A AKLAN STAFF JUDY LEE Assoriate Editor ANN PARKER Assistant Editor Copy Editor CARL PETERS Head Photographer JOAN SCHNEIDER Assistant Copy Editor DONN BEARDEN Sports Editor JERRY GRAY Classes Editor TOM TILTON Activities Editor ACALANES UNION HIGH ART DULL Editor BETSY PEMBROKE Adviser SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHED F ALLEN MARSAN Manager JUDY VVOOLSEY Associate Manager Senior Editor LORETTA DA LBEY Advertising Manager JIM ROBERTSON Advertising Layouts JERRY MARVIN Sales Manager Assistant Photographer BILL BEDARD Assistant Sales Manager NORM TUTTLE Stag Member ROM SURROUNDING HILLS DEDICATION At Acalanes it is not rare to find a teacher who is concerned with the problems facing the student. Nevertheless we feel that one faculty member stands out par- ticularly for her interest and helpful advice to all who know her, and many know her, for her classroom is always filled with students attracted there by her enthusiasm. Not only does she possess an outstanding ability to understand her students and advise them in their problems, but she also gives generously of her time and energy to other varied activities. lf she is not actually helping in a school activity, she is generally on hand for moral support. She is director of the student store and adviser for the very popular ski club. Students have enjoyed her company on ski trips for several years now. ln the summer she spends her time as co-director of a summer camp. ln appreciation and gratitude for her service to the school and the students. we are proud to dedicate the AKLAN of l95l to Margaret Nicholson. NEIL M. PARSONS Principal and District Superintendent For the past six years Acalanes has had as its principal and district superintendent Mr. Neil Parsons. Under his direction and guidance many needed improvements have been brought about which have proved very beneficial to students and faculty alike. However, with the increasing responsibilities coming with the construction of a new high school in Walnut Creek, Mr. Parsons completes his last year as principal and in the future will con- centrate on his duties as district superintendent. The principalship at Acalanes will be filled by the present vice-principal, Stanley Walgreng while Leland Russell will become principal of the new Las Lomas High School. Acalanes is also served by a very capable board of trustees: The members of this board are business and professional men from the surrounding communities who give their time generously to make Acalanes a better school. JOHN F. CHADDOCK DR. RALPH C, HALL WILLIAM B. FREEMAN Board Member Farmer President Former President ADMINISTRATION M . H. STANLEY President CARL NEWBURY Former President Clerk ol Board VERA RICHARDSON Counselor RUTH MALNIK Counselor l.,,i.,,ql..t , LELAND RUSSELL STANLEY WALGREN LILY LAHTI Dirertor of Guidance Vive-Prinripal. Deon of Boys Dean of Girls GUIDANCE ff' Acalanes maintains a staff of qualified counselors in order to help students meet various problems which confront them during their high school years. In accordance with the growth in thc number of students in the past four years, this staff has grown in number from two to eight. Each student is the particular responsi- bility of one of these counselors. Under the capable direction of Leland Russell. the staff carries out a program of helping students with both future plans and present high school prohlems. ln planning the studentis program -one of the major activities of the counseling staff-students are given various aptitude, achievement and LQ. tests under the di- rection of trained test administrators. Seniors are given particular attention and receive much information so that they can intelli- gently make future plans. Because of the willing assistance and generous help always available, many of the students even after graduation return for advice and friendly visits with their former counselors. DEAN DAMBACHER Counselor ALEX WINCHESTER Counselor WILLIAM ROSS , Counselor ROSS REAGAN DAVID B. STEWART Admmzstratxve Assistant Director of Adult Education Additional evidence of the rapid growth of Acalanes is the fact that Mr. Ross Reagan was appointed Administrative Assistant and Business Manager for the district. Among his many jobs was the supervision of purchasing and transpor- tation for the school district. Under the capable direction of Mr. Mickey Dukieh the new Acalanes Trans- portation Department not only provided adequate and economical transportation for the 1050 high school students, but also for students of Lafayette and Orinda Elementary schools. This year the system consisted of thirteen busses. Three more have been scheduled for next year. In order to fulfill the needs and desires of the adults of the surrounding com- munities, a full scale adult education program has been operated. This program has grown considerably in the past two years under the direction of Mr. David Stewart. For 1950-51 the enrollment exceeded 2,000 adults. There were about 45 different classes throughout the year including various branches of homemaking, arts and crafts, physical education, folk and social dancing, parent education and several academic type courses including a course in citizenship for those interested in becoming United States citizens. LEFT T0 RIGHT M. V. Morgan, R. Carlisle. D. Stirling, R. Diemert, R. E. Lee, M. Dukich, J. O, Nnrthrup. MICKEY DUKICH PURCHASING ADULT EDUCATION l'm'1.Lwlsv1-:T1aRsEN STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: IJ. Bishux F. Rowland G. Carlson A. I'inagtnrc. NOT PICTUREISI: M. csemml, A. cianfmli. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Freitas, S. Gatti, G. Ganio, E. Olsson, E. Price. NOT PICTURED: H. Adams, L. Sims. LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Chiavini, F. Lessard, M. Velazquez, J. Linoni .S vuretary I:LI'ANOR ACCONIALIO Bnoklmeper Iil..X I NH 'TURNER Iflrrk IX 10 .Wmvtnry nf I.'nu11selirrL' Uffirc Nw VIENNA I'Hll,I.ll'S Nnrvl' STUDENT DONN BEARDEN Buys' Yell Lender ANN SEULBERGER Assistant Girls' Yell Leader FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Young, B. Wadmun, K. Mickle, J. Larsen, D. Beurden, D. Bee, C. Courtright, D. Cvietusa, G. Hooper, J. Woolsey, J. Schneider, A. Seulberger, J. Babcock. J. Mus, H. Flanders. SECOND ROW: S. Walgren, Adviser, J. Chnntler, I. Ja- cuzzi, R. Johnson, G. Nar- DON CVI ETUSA President J UDY WOOLSEY Secretary 14 GORDON HOOPER Vice Presiden! DODIE BPI' Treasurer COU NCIL CAROLA COURTRIUHT Sofia! Svtretary JOAN SCHNEIDER Girls' Yell Lender dini, C. Inman-Kane, J. Small T. Morrisli, W. Brennan, A Yeager, J. Keele, B, Bedard J. Luedemann, D. Pozzobon THIRD ROW: A. Dull, J Champlin, T. Tener, R. Dickie A. Stewart, D, Crnssman. J Conley, T. Klemenl, J. Davis G. Fortadn, A, Siler, R. Linn B. Needham, B. Stewart. , ..f""'f FIRST ROW, lull to right: Ed Broome, vice president: Joie Pear- snn, president. SECOND ROW: Tom Roemer, secretary: Dave Stewart, adviser, Tony Biggs, fffaiufef. BOYS' FEDERATION The Boys, Federation, 110W in its cleventh year, is comprised of all boys in Acalanes. One of the high points of their activities this year was the Faculty vs. Students track meet, from which enough money was raised to pay for the filming of the County Track meet. Other activities included the annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet and presentation of a film on the California-Ohio State Rose Bowl Game. This growing group has increased from its first year of 175 members to its present membership of 500. GIRLS' LEAGUE Each girl entering Acalanes automatically becomes a member of Girls' League. The organization is under the direction of Miss Lilv Lahti and governed by the Girls' League Cabinet. which meets semi-monthly. Probably the most important event of the year is the annual Mothers' Tea, rlanned and executed durin the s Jrinv semester. With 4'Window Sho in in 1 U W s I s U PP lg Umon S uarc' as the theme, the rrovrani included modern dance antomlmes 1 fl 1 .H 1 P , a fashion show and refreshments planned by the homc economies department. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Lee, treasurer-5 Beth Pendleton, secretary, Ann Pendleton, vice president, Chris Inman-Kane, pres- ident. SECOND ROW: Lucille Chiavini, Sophomore representa- tive: Lily Lahti, adviserg Sharon Brown, rummissionerg Jody Eaton, Junior representative. LEFT TO RlGll'l': E. Neigh hor, W. Williams, l'. Bednrd, O. Babcock, L. Russell, mi wiser: D. Cvietusa, J. Cash man. Acting as :M'alanvs judge and jury. thc' Citizenship U0llllIllll0C consists of vlectml class l'l'1Dl'CSfFlllElliVCS, including one SUI!ll0lllUl'f'. two ,lllIll0l'S ancl two Seniors, plus thv stullfnt lroaly prvshlcnt. Holfling a IllC6llllQI 0llt"f' a wt-4-la with lllCll' anlvisvr. Mr. Russf-ll. thc' t'0llllllllll'0. llilVlllg lull tllSt'l'f'll0ll ul' vitizvllsllip points 411-Ivan-Huvf-r tln' loss 'tml gytin of points 'llll0ll" tht- Sllllll'IllH lwrt' ut st-lmul. , 1 1 1 , Unflvr thc- iltlVlSl'l'Slllll of Nlr. lJillllllil4'lll'l' unll lvzulvrslxip of l'rz-sitlvnt .lat-k llulwuuk, this ymn"s Rally i,l0lllIllllll7l' was in t'll2ll'g0 ul all mllivs, aflvvrtising anul ilccorutingg for 'fannrs tlllll of 0l'v'a11iz'1timl ol' l'00lll'l'f scctions. This Connnittcc is lllkfllll' up of stnulcnts in ilu' ,lunior uml Scnim' vlussvs anal is appnintcnl vavli year by thc gL'l'ilIlllilllllg ll10lllllt'l'S ol' the prcvious Rally Cunnnittccr. FIRST ROW, ld! In rzvlll: l', Randall, li. liiclller. ll Graves. l.. Durantc, .l. Chantlcr, .l. Janssc, C. Brennan. SECOND RUVV: U, Stewart, udvixrfi V, liedard, C. Inman-Kane, li. Pendleton, A. Damhacher, ad- visvr. THIRD ROW: B. Wal- lis, R. Fox. J. Babcock. E. Greulv, .l. Price. J. Howrun, Nl. Klcmcnt. Ill! 0' g 5 F 35 gig LE Q, 4' 'F ,ummm-MW f, V : - Hi "H I :iff N f , gg. 'f L F if ,S f , wMww,w..n QD - f'f""X' . . 1 HF! Q' X if -fP, ggi, A, ' J? ,T N at K ,V Mmm 1 Q, I l .L.:-- wa Wx x xx X -, n 2 Q : f , pst.. TE 5 l W kd .A., , if E Sf e, W gf 9' 5 . X., 1 , , 1-.D ..- U . 5 E 5 2 ? 5 EEKE in 7 fi , S . ' x I M Q + 1 'Q V Q x , Q iii-2' rf Q. 1- K ' ae 1, 5-Q w- 'f': zw i 1 I ' E T3 wif 5. iff, Iii A mm In ! 1 ilili 1 r gg 5 aww? 36 M J FACULTY ANITA ANDERSON Ix'n5iru'xs lfuglixll. Tvpifm. Sfmrtlzuml Ofjim' Practin' JU! IN .XXNIS l'l1ysi4's, fflzmnistry. Gummftrv LE! AND .-XRTH ,Uu!lu'n1u!i1's. lfrryx' Plzysiral EzIm'atiu11, Couch GliR'l'Rl :DE BAR'I'I.IiY English. .llrztlrumutifs Fl .ORHNCE BASSIGNJXX l'Xrr'm'h BF.X'l'RlC Ili 1ili'l"l'lfNl X ll 7R'l' llirlx' Pllvsifzll Ifzizrvnriwl CiliR.XI IJ BROWN IIarl1uzm11i1s, Cmlrll HSI I XR Bl 'SCH liuuzI.x, Girls' f,'h1n'm llli XX H XXIHXCI IRR Xlu'i1lf.YIH4li:'X. Cuznzxvlirzt EDN XRD lJH.l,lXU 'l'x'pir1LL'. Slmrtlzunzl, lfnsinexx Luz: lxmislmzt ffuucll Cl LXRIIQS DONNA Slmnixlz CH.XRl.liS IJYIAOX lfn Vx' Ph v.vi1'1ll ft'1l1u'u!irm ffnrnlz Cl ,Xl 'l Ili IQXNCI Hill lfmulxlznp BIZVERI .HY FISI HER Binlngv, Ur'm'ral Sfimlcv f ROBERT LORD Typing. lfonkkwpinl, Stlulunl Bm-ly Accounts, Coach MARUARHI' Nl.Xlll.HR Public Slwrzlrimf. lfnqlish RUTH MAI ,NIR , f,'mms4'Iiu,g', limzlislz ERWIN Nl.-X'l"l'SlJN liuyx' Plzysifal lirlnmtirm Courlz BARBARA NEI .SON A rl. Stan' Crew Rlcl l,-XRD NESBITT Iinylish, Dramutim's 5 uk j vik NIARGAREFI' NICHOLSON Clz..Sc'iv1ln' 1h',frl,, !.lzcn1i,mQr ffwlwwzl S4'ie'uU'. Slzlzlmlt Store' CAT! IIQRINH Nl'l'XSCl lli English .l0Sl9I'l IINE UCI l0fX Chu lmnenaur Drpl. Lafin, Spunixll Rl ?'l'll l:l.l'l'l'Cl HER l.il7!'iJ7'fU7I SIIIRIJQY lfR,XZlliR lflntlziml. Ifnukimf Xll zlillil. UKXY f1lllfliXfl.SfHlIll5,Z Xlll.l.lCliN'l' I I XNHSI 'RUER ffr:sflisl1.1h1r11'1' HR! 'Q Ili I l XXDI .lil Iflz., .llzltlnynmlim llrlzt. ,fllfJvl1ru,.lluxiz' lil NH! llli.XRl7 f.'ruy'lx,llw14'r'z1lSl111lv Ul'1URiili Ill ll 'Q Ql l'l'1 YY Uz'm'rul Srivzlnz Iiinlwfy l'fllXY,XRl7 l.,XllliY lIr'i:'rv' f'rai11inG. .-lxxixmnl Conrlz UURTI lx' l.,XNlB fll1I7lia'1f.flrI BETSY PEMBROKE U. S. H istorv. A mlin- Vixual lirl11mlio11 Stage l.'r4'w.v.LIlx'1,AN lllil,liN PIETIQRSON Coralcing, H om rmukinlu Cafctvria R1 ISS Rli,,XGAN fldzninixtrutiw .-I xsixlun! Gwnmflry VERA RICI IXRDSK JN Cmfnsvlirzd. .-1 rt VVIILIANI ROSS Cafifnruia Hixtury. SuriulSln1li4-x Svnior Pmhlvnzs. Cozursuliwzr LELAND RLTSSIELI, Dirvctur ufU1lillam'1', ,Waflwmalirs WILSUN SANCI H52 Ch., English Dvpf. lfmflish ROBERT STEVENS .'ll4'rhanir'ul Drzzm-ing A ssistu nt Coarlz DAVID S'l'l5NYfXRT I ', S. Hixiary. ,lzlull lfrlllrulilnz F , , K' if 1. , . . 492 , A 1, ie -B W if f 1 K I J 4 1 .-m :f?!" e3- RK BBIQRT Tl IUXI ,lnm Jilmp XX Il lil 'R 'NX I '. S. Hidm r. Yr1:i1IIS!l41H1'.x .X'4'Hinr I'r'nl7f1'n1X. lfrzaffl XlXRH1XX VDNVR Sjmuislz lil.Slli NX Kl.l,lY llirlx' l'l11mi4'11l f11lm'utimz Rl 'TH WI-IBB I,'!1..Nuciul Slmlius lhfpz. I QS. Histurx ll 'nrlfl llixtrn'1',,Ym'i11lSI1nlif's HHN RY NYIQISS lfuzlislz, .lnnrrmlixm fill WPRIN7' JAMES WIN llil,NI ilulhvmutics XX liBS'l'liR XX ILSON linglish .Xl XNDHR XYIY PII vsinlu,Q3'. Crmcll Cl IESTIQ R J M , H. N 1 . k I A 3 5 if A ., QQ f I ,I FN f, QAI, ,U - eg if ' pf 'F 'UW 3 1-'f , 2 ' ,, fl- ' f . A 'S . ujyw Ik .. fkk? E -. v ,, I 'W-A -'kg , Mgr 'i"' , ......:, ,. . , '45 ,L 51 --1,f,,gg , W rv 55 Q' , fc, fi MJ-4 ":" L 2 ff-mfg ,, 'Q 1':I' f K 3 8, KXXQ-3 f ikiw 2 77 x?" X X X fi" C L IXSE.---f-ff" SEN Always illustrating teamwork and cooperation in their school projects, the graduating seniors worked enthusiastically to make their years at Acalanes out- standing. The first big event for this class was their Freshman Frolic, skillfully planned and executed in a "Toyland" atmosphere. The following year a trip to the depths of the ocean produced their most unique dance, the Sophomore Hop. With success and experience came confidence, and in their .lunior year the class produced three celebrated events. "A Knight Out," the second largest dance of the year, recreated a medieval hall complete with king and queen: and the Seniors took an imaginary trip to the 6'Deep South" at the .lunior-Senior Banquet put on by the class of 1951. The theme was so excellently worked out in the enter- ALBRO, WALTER RICHARD - "Dick"g shop major: likes cars. ALLEN, DOROTHY-"H0ppie": brunch 2: C-.A.A. 3: going to major in art at Arts and Crafts. AMES, WILLIAM ALLEN-"Wink"i Stu- dent Council 2: C.S.F. 2: Jr. Statesman 2, 3, Pres. 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4, Pres. 3: tennis 2, 3: going to study engineering at Cal. ATKINSON, LEROY-Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Mgr. 3, 4: stage crew 1, 2, 3, 4: Asst. Mgr. 3, 4: Jr. Statesmen 2, 3: Span. Hon. 3: headed for Cal. BABCOCK, JACK-Class Pres. 1, 4: Student Council 1, 4: Rally Comm. Pres. 4: C.S.F. 2, 3: Acalhonors 1: football 4: bound for Stanford. BACON, CORT-Football 3, 4: track 2, 3, 4: Chips 2: Block A 3: plans to go to college. BAHLS, ELIZABETH-C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Audio-Visual 3, 4: library 4: Span. Hon. Curr. Sec. 3, 4: Y-teen 4: Cal Bound. BEARDEN, DONN-S.B. Yell Leader 4: Class V.P. 2: Student Council 4: Rally Comm. 4: Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4: track 1, 2: tumbling 3: headed tor Cal. BEE, DODIE-S.B. Treas. 4: Class Treas. 3: Girls' League Rep, 3: Student Council 4: Rally Comm. 4: Jr. Statesmen 2, 3: Ski Club 4: going to study decorative art at Cal. BEDARD, DOROTHY R.-"Petey": Student Council 2: Cit. Comm. 3, 4: Rally Comm. 4: C.S.F. 3: Aealhonors 1, 2, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 2, 3, 4: Jr. States- men Sec. 3: Jr. Red Cross Sec. 3: Ski Club 4: brunch 3, 4: Variety Show 4: going to Cal. BENNETTS, BARBARA-Majored in lan- guage: drama 3, 4: Spanish major at Cal. BENTLEY, DAVE-Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Cafe. and Student Store 1, 2, 3: football 1: track 1: tennis 2, 3: going to trade school, BERMINGHAM, Patricia-"Pain: Class Sec. 3: Variety Show 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 3, 4: brunch 3, 4: otlice worker 3, 4: Cal bound. BIASOTTI, JOHN - Spanish and Business major: Span. Hon. 3: Business major at Cal. BIGGS, ANTHONY H.-"'Ton,v": Class V.P, 4: Boys' Fed. Treas. 4: Student Council 3, 4: Rally Comm. 4: ollice worker 4: football 1: swimming 2, 3, 4: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: Jr. Statesmen 3: going to college. BLANKENSHIP, MARJORIE - "Mnrge": Girls' League Rep. 4: Acalhonors 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dance Group Z, 3, 4, "Little Match Girl": Variety Show 4: headed to college. JACK BABCOCK, PRESIDENT IORS tainment that the cast of 56 took their show on a circuit of assemblies from Aca- lanes to Diablo to Alhambra. Also the ,lunior Extra of that year will be remembered for its authentic "Down on the Farm" atmosphere as the decorations included real donkeys. Finally in their last year, the class of 1951 helped produce the first public Variety Show at Acalanes and put on a colorful senior play entitled "We Shook The Family Treef, The Seniors also held various faculty-senior sports events in order to replenish their treasury. Their Senior Extra dance, presented on Friday the l3th, was a "Senior ,linxw filled with bad luck decoration. And last but not least, working with much thought and care on their Senior Ball, thc class pre- sented an enchanting evening at "Cinderella's Ballf' BRENNAN, HAROLD FRANCIS, JR.- "Pinky": art major: commercial fishing in Alaska. BRODERICK, DARYL BETTY-Student Council 3: chorus 1, 2: Ski Club 3, 4: going to a J.C. BROOME, EDW'ARDf"Ed": Class V.P. 3: Boys' Fed. V.P, 4: Acalhonnrs 4: football 1, 4: basketball 2. 3: track 2, 3. -l: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: going to Davis. BURCHFIELD, MARIANNE-Acalhonors 3, 4: Y-teen 3, 4: chorus l, 2, 3, 4: library 2: plans to go tn a business college. :L A BURGER, MARILYNfCame from St, Fran- cis Hi, Sacramento 2: C.S.F. 2, 3: Acal- honors 4: Audio-Visual 4: Ski Club 3, 4: drama 3, 4: will study teaching at U.C. BURKETT, ROBERT-"Bob": Acalhonors 2, 3: science major at Cal. BUSCH, .IEANETTE-Completed H.S. in 3 years: C.S.F. 1, 2, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 4: nursing at Valparaiso U. BUTTERFIELD, TOM-Came from Oakland Hi 4: history major: bound for C.C. C..l.C. CASIEI, IfAT-"Pil": Span. Hon, 3: brunch : p ans on going to Business School. CASHMAN, JOHN N.-"Big Johan: trans- wht terred from Fullerton Hi. 2: Class v.P. f . 2 lF.H.J: Cit. Comm. 4: C.S.F. 2, 3: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Blueprint 2: .lr. States- ""' f A ' men 2: water polo 2 tF.H.j: going into gg S A Navy Diesel Engineering. ? i .K 4, , CHANTLER, JANET-Class Soc. Sec, 1: 'cl , f Class Sec. 2: Student Council 4: Rally , W' , Comm. 3, 4: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: I . 7 Jr. Statesmen 2: Span. Hon. 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4: Variety ' -,1.,,, Show 4: going to U.C. ' s CASTRO, SHARON - "Sherry": Student ' If Council 1: Blueprint: drama 2, 3, 4. COURTRIGHT, CAROLA-S.B. Soc. Sec. 4: Girls' League Comms, at Large 3: Stu- dent Council 1, 4: Rally Comm, 3, 4: Acalhonors 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 4: otlicc worker 4: college. COCKERTON, SYLVIA LEONE-Cummen cial major: office worker 4: J.C. COLLINS, lVlARILYN+"Maril": transferred from Diablo 3: Class V.l". 2: Audio- Visual 4: C.C.C.J.C. CONNELL, PEGGY-Came from Oakland Tech. 4: Ski Club 4: G,A.A. l, 2: Cale. and Student Store 1: chorus 1, 2. COTTERAL, JOYCE THAYERICE -- Through H.S. in 3 years: Y-tecn 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 4: Light Opera at College ot Pacific, CVIETUSA, DONALD-"Dun": S.B. Pres. 4: Class Pres. 2: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Rally Comm. 3, 4: Cit. Comm. 4: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: football l, 2, 3: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: medicine at Cal. DANIELS, SHIRLEY FAY-Acalhonors 3: Variety Show 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 2, 3, 4: otlice worker l, 2: dance at Utah U. DE ANGELIS, GARY-"De": Variety Show 4: football 3, 4: Block A 1, 4, Mgr. 1: going to college. DESDIER, BEVERLEY-"Bev": commercial major: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: going to college. IDE LANEUX, VALERIE-"Vain: Girls' League Rep. 1: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Cit. Comm. 2: Span. Hon. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, 3: G.A.A. Block A 1, 2, 3, 4: going to Purdue: swam for Crystal Plunge in S.F. DEZZANI, LOUISE-Acalhonors 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Audio-Visual 4: office worker 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: plans to work. DIETERICH, NANCY-Acalhonors 1, 2: Blueprint 3, 4: Ski Club Sec. 4: library 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2: U.C. DOMINGOS, ELEANOR-"Short:-": Chorus 4: going to Davis. DULL, PIERCE ARTHUR-"A rl": AKLAN Editor 4: AKLAN 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. States- men 2, 3, 4: stage crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 3, 4: Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 4: tennis 2, 3: Block A 2, 3, 4: college. DUNBAR, HAROLD-Block A 3, 4: football 2, 3: baseball 2, 3, 4: going into business. DUNN, ROGER-Student Council 1: Rally Comm. 3: Acalhonors 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: football 1: baseball 1, 2: basketball 2, 3, 4: tennis 2, 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: Cal bound. DURANTE, LAVERNE ESTHER-Class Soc. See. 3: Rally Comm. 3, 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: library 3, 4: brunch 2, 3, 4: ollice worker 4: headed to a J.C. ELLIOTT, BARBARA-"Babbie": Acalhon- ors 3: nursing major at Whitworth. EMERSON, JANET-"Jann: Cafe. and Stu- dent Store 2, 3: Aealhonors 1, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Art School. ERIKSON, JAN M.-Science and Math ma- jor: swimming 3: Chips 3: plans to study agriculture. ERNST, KEN-Came from Berkeley Hi 2: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Blueprint 4: Ski Club 4: Bus. Ad. at Cal. FENDER, JERRY-"Bumper": AKLAN As- sistant Photo. 2: track 3: Chips 3: Ani- mal Husbandry at Davis. FORD, BOB-Math and History major: hobby is cars: going to C.C.C..l,C. FOWLER, GEORGE-"CurI,v": came here lrom Hayward 2: Student Council 2: Blueprint 3, 4: baseball 2: tennis 3, 4: journalism at U.C. FOX, ROBERT W.-"Bob": Class Pres. 3: Student Council 1, 3: Rally Comm. 4: baseball 2, 3, 4: basketball 3, 4: Block A 2, 3, 4: U.C. FREELS, JERRY W.-Cafe. and Student Store 1: Ski Club 4: library 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2: track 3: J.C. then to Cal. FREITAS, JACQUELINE LORRlANE-- "Cookie": came from Hawaii 3: Acal- honors 3: Blueprint 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: olhce worker: Chorus 3: going to work. FREITAS, ROSENIARIE--C.S.F. 3, 4: Acal- A honors l, 2: Span. Hon. 3, 4: office work- worker 4: drama 3, 4: business major at college. GELHAUS, LAWRENCE-"Larry": Acal- honors 3: football 1: basketball 2, 3, 4: Chips 3, 4: Block A Mgr. 1: heading for C.C.C.J.C. GRANZOTTO, ANTHONY-"Tuny": came to Acalanes from Southeastern France 3: English major: going to work. GRAVES, DIANA-"Di": came from Brown- moore Girls' School 3: Class Soc. Sec, 41 Rally Comm. Sec.-Treas. 4: oflice worker 3, 4: Scripps College. GRAY, PEGGY-C.S,F. 3: Dance Group 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Variety Show 4: Chorus l: Arts and Crafts. GRASSE, CLAUDIA-"CIaud": Acalhonors 1: Span. Hon. 3, 4: may go to Cal. GREEN, KENNETH-"li'e:my": football 2, 3, 4: baseball 2, 3, 4: Chips 2, 3: Block A 4: going to J.C. GREENE, JANETA".lan": Spanish major: Acalhonors 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Brigham Young U. in Utah. UREENLAW. JACK W.-Hobby is Photog- raphy: Blueprint Photo. 2: swimming l, 2, 3, 4: Block A 2, 3, 4: going to be dentist. GULDENZOPF, JOYCE-"Radu: Acalhon- ors 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: nursing at Oregon State. GORMAN, WESTONi"l1ob": Commercial and History major: Armstrong Bus. College. HALL, JAMES-".lim": hunts and fishes: c.s.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: band 2, 4: track 1, 2, 3, 4: Chips 3: Wildlife Management at U.C. HALL. WlLMAf"WiIlie": dramatics ma- jor: continue drama at college. HANAWALT, DOROTHY-C.S.F. l, 2, 3. 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Commissioner of Playdays 4: Span. Hon. 3: brunch 1: going to Cal. HASSLER, DENNIS-"BnlI": History ma- jor: going to work. HATTON. AVlCE-Jr. Statesmen 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Dance Group l, 2, 3. 4, Madonna 4: office worker 3: nursing at Lux. HAW'KESW'0RTH, ANNE RUTHf"Rn,v. lrm": Class Treas. 4: C.S.F. 4: Acal- honors l, 2, 3: Jr. Statesmen Treas. 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Span. Hon. 3: Theatre Guild Pres. 3, 4: fi.A.A. Sec. 3. Mgr. 2: -ming at college. HELMS. JACK-Came here from Lowell Hi 2: fishing is his hohhy: going to LLC. HOCKETT, DOUG-"lrish": Boys' Chorus 3, 4: football 2: going to C,O.P. HODGE, IRAL DU WAYNE-"Du Waynrf' Audio-Visual 3, 4: C.S.F. 3: Acalhonors 4: Blueprint Advertising Mgr, 3: lihrary 3, 4: business major at Utah U. HOLMES. JACOUELINE ELIZABETH-f "JarI2iP": G.A.A. 1: French major: office worker 4: going to Cal. HOOPER. UURIJON-"Gordie": S.H,V.P. 4: Student Council 4: Rall: Comm. 3: Cit. Comm. 3: football l, Z, 3. 4: track 2, 3: basketball 2. 3: Block A 4: forestry at Oregon State. HOOVER, BEVERIA'-"BPz"': plays the piano: Acalhonors l. 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. 2: plans to go to college, HUBACH, ERIC-Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4: Acalhonors l, 2, 3: Boys' Chorus Z, 3: swimming 3, 4: Chips 3: Reed College, HUGHES, ALANi".JI": Math major: Acal- honors 2: will take Business Ad. at Stanford. HUGHETT, JOAN DIANE-History major: Acalhonors 2, 3: office worker 4: plans to attend Cal. HYATT, VIRGINIA-"Giunie": transferred from Oakland High 4: going to a Business College. INMAN-KANE, CHRIS-"Cllrissi1"': Girls' League Pres. 4, Rep. 2: Student Council 1, 2, 4: C.S,F. 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3: G,A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4: Rally Comm. 3, 4: AKLAN .Activities Ed. 3: Jr. Statesmen Treas. 2, 3: Variety Shaw 4: "Joan" in Jeanne D'Arc: Whitworth. IVERSON. RODERICK M.-"Rnd": Blue- print 3: swimming l, 2. 3, 4: Chips 2: going to college. IVES. WILLIAM Cf'-Majored in wood shop: football 2, 4. JACOBUS, JIM-Student Council 3: Rally Comm. 3: Aealhonors 2, 3: Audio-Visual 2. 3, 4: football 4: haskethall 2, 3: swim- ming 2, 3: Block A 2, 3, 4: going to Cal. JANSSE, JANETfS.B. Yell Leader 3: Class Treas. 2: Student Council l. 3: Rally Comm, 3, 4: Acalhonors Z: Span. Hon. 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A,A. Block A 4: Dance Group 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 4: nursing at college. JOHNSON. DOROTHY-"1Jnt"g office worker 3, 4: drama 3, 4: going to C.U.l". TONY BIGGS, VICE PRESIDENT -s All JOHNSON, RUTH ELLEN-"Rulhie": C.S.F. 2: Acalhonors 3: going to study nursing at Cal. JOHNSEN, SUEfTranslerred from Berkeley Hi 4: History major: going to C.O.P. JOHNSTON, ELLEN DEANNE-Came from Oakland Hi 2: G.A.A. 4: drama 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: brunch 2, 4: Science at U.C. JORDAN, DOROTHY-"TiI": Class Sec. 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: commercial major: going to a J.C. JONES, DAVlD4Came from King City Hi 4: Class V.P. 1, 2: football 3: track 3: going to college. KLICK, JAMES H.f"Klirk": interested in woodwork and cars: going to C.C.C.J.C. KING, .llM7Student Council 1: stage crew 4: Boys' Chorus 1, 2: football Z, 3, 4: an and advertising in college. KITTREDGE, NIARILYN-G.A.A. 3, 4: brunch Z, 3, 4: lihrary 2, 3, 4: ollice worker 4: going to college. LARSEN, ROBERT G.-"I.nfs": came from Albany 3: Variety Show 4: Blueprint 3: track 3: Chemistrv at college. LAW. LE ROY-"Pete": transferred from Oakland Hi 4: lootball 4: going to work. LAWRENCE, NANCYfAr! major: Variety Sliow 4: loves horses? ofhce worker 42 Art College in S.F. LAWRENCE, STEVEgHistory major: Ii- brary 2: track l, Z, 3, 4: Chips l, 2: plans to go to Business School. LEACH, EDWARD CHARLES-Math and Science major: Span. Hon. 3, 4: golf 3: going to U.C. LEE JUDY-Girls' League Treas. 4: AK- LAN l, 2. 3, 4, Assoc. Ed. 4: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Acalhonors 1: oflice worker 3, 4: going to co'lege, LE TENDRE, JANET CORlNNE4"Jan": transferred from Oakland Tech, 2: Y-teen 2: will study at Merritt Hospital. LEWIS, ALAN-Came to Acalanes from Newport Beach 4: Science major: basket- ball 2: Forestry at Oregon State. LlT'l'ELL, LAWRENCE-Majored in His- tory: came from Oakland Hi 3: going into Press Photography. LITTLEFIELD, BILL-Transferred from Diablo 4: football 2, 3, 4: basketball 3, 4: swimming 3: going into Business major at C.O.P. LORENTZEN. .lOAN7Came to Acalanes from San Leandro Hi 3: Blueprint 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: Variety Show 4: Y-teen 4: brunch 4: Chorus 3: business college. LUNDGREN, ROGERfTrack 1, 2, 3, 4: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: ranching at Davis. LYSER. KA'l'HERlNE'4"li'ay May": C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3: Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-teen 1, 4: Audio-Visual 3, 4: Variety Show 4: going to Davis. MacQUIDDY, CHARLEENf"Cheri"g C.S.F, 1, 2, 3: Aealhonors 4: drama 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Chorus 1: going to Cal. MACHADO, BARBARA-"Bubbie": busi- ness major: sews: brunch 2: going to work. MAHL, GORDON HERBERTAHistory ma- jor: likes airplanes: going to J.C. MARCELLA. JOAN-Nominating Comm. 4: G.A.A. Mgr, 2: Variety Show 4? brunch 2: ollice worker 3, 4: Merchandising at Dominican. MARSAN, ALLEN-"Alu: AKLAN 1, 2, 3, Mgr. 4: Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Statesmen 3, 4: track 1: going to J.C. MATHESON, WILLIAM-"Bill"p track 3, 4: going to J.C. then to C.O.P. McALLISTER, ANN-Jr. Statesmen 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: Ski Club 4: Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 4: brunch 2, 3, 4: library 1: plans to go to college. McANINCH, SHIRLEY ANN-Models: Acalhonors 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2: brunch 3: going to Armstrong. McCAUSLAND, PAT-"Pnm": majored in art: will continue Art study at college. McCRUM, JOAN DIANE-Student Council 3: Acalhonors 1, 2, 3: brunch 3: library 1, 2, 3: Chorus I: merchandising at Cal. McMURPHY, MARIEfC.S.F, 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Ski Cluh 3,41 going into nursing. McPHEE, CLAUDE M,-".lIu1"': Art and History major: band Z, 3: football 1: going to C.O.P. MERKLE, ,IACKgTranslerred from Berkeley Hi 3: Shop major: going to C.C.C..I.C. MERROW, .IANICE LOUISE-"Jann: ma- jored in Math: Y-teen 4: will study teach- ing at C.C.C..I.C. MILISICH. MEADE ANN+".'lIeadie": C.S.F. 3: Acalhonors 2, 4: Ski Club 4: Costume Mgr. Variety Show 4: brunch 4: olhce worker 3, 4: Cal. MILLER. SYLVIA JO ANN-"Jn": French N major: Acalhonors 4: G.A.A. 3: brunch 3: going to get married, X MINOR, CAROLE LYNNEf".'lIinnnw": Cale. 3: G.A,A. 1, 2: brunch 3: nursing l at Oregon State. N MORESI, ALAN EDWARD-"AIU: brunch Mgr. 4: football 2, 3, 4: bnsehall 2, fl: W track 3: C.C.C..I.C, then to St. Mary's. , MORRIS, NANCIE-Art Major: Variety Show 4: oflicc worker 2: library 2, 4: going to Art College. MORTARA, DORIS LEEfCame from Rich- , mond Hi 2: brunch 3: office worker 4: 1 costume designing at college, l MUNN, DELORUS-"Bunny": Science and English major: G.A.A. 1: nursing at college. NELSON, ROBERT L., JR.-"Li-e": came from Berkeley Hi 4: football 2: San Jose State. NIELSON, I-lARRYfStudent Council 2: football 1, 2, 3, 4: track 1, 2, 3: basket- ball 1, 2, 3: Block A 2, 3, 4: Police Training at San Jose State. OLIVER, PAUL S.-Spanish major: likes stamps and guns: C.S.F. 2: Acalhonors 3: headed for St. Mary's College. OSBORN, VERN-Math major: football 1, 2, 3. 4: Chips 1, 2: Block A 3, 4: going to U.C. OSMUNDSEN, RICHARD-"Ozzie": inn!- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: track 2, 3, 4: swimming 1: will take Bus, Ad. at C.O.P. OWEN, DIANE-"Deen: C.S,F. 1: Acnl- honors 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3: Y-teen 2, 3, 4: going to Cal. PALIN, RONALD f "Ronnie"g Woodshop major: track 3: C.C.C.J.C. PARKER, ANN-"Anr1ie": AKLAN Copy Ed, 4: Audio-Visual Secretary 4: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, V.P, 4: Blueprint 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Pub. and Sales Mgr. Variety Show 4: stage crew , 4: oflice worker 3: college. PARSONS, NORMAN MARK-"Parse" came l from Alhambra Hi 2: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Pres. 4: . tennis 2, 3, 4: basketball 2, 3: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: Science at Cal. t PASSUR, NORM-Science major translerred 1 gotten Chicago 3: track 3: Bus. Ad. at DIANA GRAVES, SOCIAL SECRETARY 1 PEARSON. HAROLD-"Ioie"I Boys' Fed. Pres. 4: Class V.P. 1: Student Council 2: Rally Comm. 3: football 3, 4: track 1, 2, 3, 4: Chips 1, 2: Block A 3, 4: going to college. PENDLETON, ANN THANKFULA"Anna- bel1e": Girls' League V.P. 4, brunch 3, 4: wants to go to college. PIONA, DOROTHY-Commercial and His- tory major: Acalhonors 3: G.A.A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Sec. 3: going to be Secretary. PIERCE, FRANK-Student Council 1: hand 1: swimming 2: Art major. PERONETTO, AL-Science major: Student Council 4: football 1: baseball 3, 4: Chips 3: St. Mary's. PLILER, EUGENE-"Gene": Transfer: Woodshop major: office worker 3: stage crew 3: going to be a Carpenter. PONTING, JANE-"Janie": Span. Hon. 3, 4: Ski Club 4: G.A.A. 1. 3. Rep. 4: office worker 1: brunch 4: Stanford. PROBERT, MARGARET .lEANf"Mardi": Art and History major: G.A.A. 3: camc lrom Anna Head's 2: U.C. RACINE. CAROL-Came lrom Oakland Hi 3: Ski Club 4: Variety Show 4: drama 4: San Jose State. RAINES, RODNEY D.-"Radu: Audio- Visual Z, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Cafe. 3, 4: Boys' choms 1, 2: stage crew: band l, 2, 3: football 3, 4: swimming I, 2, 3, 4: tumbling 3: Block A 2, 3, 4: college. RAMIA, B084-Language major: likes to travel: Engineering at Cal. REICH, DION-"Rein: football 3: Chips 32 plans Math major at Reed College. REICK, GARY-Came from Lowell Hi 33 History and Science major: going to .l.C. REITER, ALBERT, JR.-"AIU: majored in Auto Shop: plans to be Auto Mechanic, ROEMER, THOMAS H.-"Tomb: Boys' Fed. Sec, 4: Student Council 3: swimming l. 2, 3, 4: Block A 2, 3, 4: will attend Cal, ROUNDS, JOHN A.-Science major: swim- ming 1. 2, 3: Block A 3, 4: headed for Idaho U. 3 ROWLAND, LEE VON-"Ler": came from Diablo 4: Cafe. and Student Store 4: swimming 1: drama 1, Z: going to he Pharmacist. SALVAGE, SHIRLIE-'Y-teen 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: library 4: Art at University New Mexico. SANFORD, TED-"T.S.": came from Berk- eley 2: C.S.F. 3. 4: Acall-onors 2: track 2. 4: Chips 2: Block A Mer. 3: Variety Show 4: Pre-Med major at U.C. SAUNDERS, WALTER LANE-Math ma- jor: likes ice skating: hopes to study electrical engineering. SCHOLIN, PATRICIA DOREEN-"Pain: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4: office worker 4: going to Business School. SCHNEIDER. JOAN LORIAN-Transferred from Santa Ana Hi 3: Girls' Vell Leader 4: AKLAN Assistant Copy Ed. 4: Stn. dent Council 4: Rally Comm. 4: Acal- honors 4: Variety Show 4: Architectural Engineering at Cal. SEAT, CLIFFORD-"CIifl": came from Oak- land 2: swimming 3: plans to attend trade school. SHELDAHL, RICHARDf"Wlli1ir": trans- ferred from Templeton Hi 4: Pale. 4' basketball 3: going on to Waldorf and St. Olaf. SIEBECKE, WILEY' W- "Sea-bisruil": came from Oakland Tech. 4: football 3, 4: might go to a .I.C. SILVA, MADELINE - Commercial major: Acalhonors 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: f'Bice worker 4: going to Business School. SIMENSON. EVELYN-"Evey": Jr. Red Cross 1: going to Oregon State. SIMS, FRANKIE LEE-Came from Calexico Hi 4: Jr. Red Cross 1: G.A,A. Z, 3: ollice worker 2, 3: Chorus 3: majorette 1, 2, 3. SLAUSON, ROBERT -- "Babu: came from Calif. School for the Blind 3: likes to work with radios: C.S.F. 3: Acalhonors 4: Radio Club 3. 4: going to U.C. SMITH, THOMAS RUSSEL-"Tom": AK- LAN Sports Ed. 4: Blueprint 3: Aval- honors 1. 2, 3. 4: Ski Club 3: Student Store l: Variety Show 4: tennis 2, 3, 4: Naval Academy or Stanford. SPARLING, BILL--Transferred from South Pasadena 4: likes guns and horses: foot- ball 3: Stanford. SPECHT, LOISf"Shorlie": G.A.A. 3, 4: came from Richmond Hi 3: going to busi- ness college. SPOON, SARAvC.S.F. 2, 3: Acalhonors ll G.A.A. 1: Blueprint 3, 4: Jr, Statesmen 2, 3: Ski Club 3, Treas. 4: Y-teen 4: hand 4: Pomona. SOMMERS, LEROY-Woodshup major: Boys' chorus 2, 3: going to work. SOUDER, RON-Came from Berkeley Hi fl: basketball 3: track 3, 4: Block A 3, 4' going into construction work. STEGMAN, WILLIAM PAUL---Cafe. l, 2: hand l, 2, fl. 4: football l: track l, 2: headed lor Cal. STERNER. JOAN LASTNER- -"Joanie": transferred from Diablo 3: commercial major: ollice worker 3, 4. STEWART. BOB-Student Council 3. 4: football fl, 4: Chips 3: Block A 4: plans on going to C.C.C..l.C. STlRTON, BILL-Football 3: Mgr. -4: has- ketball 4: baseball2,-1: track 3, 4: swim- ming 3: going to be carpenter. STOFFEL, JOHN LEO. JR.--".lack": Stu- dent Council 1: Jr. Red Cross Il: swim- ming 3. 4: golf J, 4: goin! to college, SUMMER5, ANNE-C.S.F. 4: Acalhonors l. 2, 3: Dance Group 3, 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: Santa Barbara College. TEICHE, FRANK EDWARD-Majored in Math: like cars: plans to go to Davis. THOMPSON. BEVERLY-"Be!J": Science major: likes to knit: going into Nurses Training. THOMSON, RICHARD W "Rith": Audio- gisual 3, 4: lootball 4: Agriculture at avis. TINAY. RONALD-"Rrm": C.S.F. 1: Acal- honors 2, J, 4: Audio-Visual 2. 3, 4: baseball 1: track 3. 4: Chips 3: Block A Mgr, 1, 2. 3, 4: U. C. TINKHAM, NANCIE-Math and Art ma- jors: Jr. Red Cross I: Student Council 4: brunch 3: Cal future. TODD. DAVID W, lll-"Dave": transferred lrom Alameda 3: tennis 4: likes Orni- thology: P.E. major at Cal. TOMER. SUEfSpanish major: Span. Hon. Soc. Sec. fl: G.A.A. Z, 3: brunch 2, 3, 4: oflice worker 4: going to college. TRESTRAII., CAROL-"7'nolie": transfer: office worker 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Brig- ham Young U. in Utah. TYNES, KAREN-Variety Show 4: Dance Group 4: brunch 3: going to major in Modeling at J.C. VAN NEST. RICHARD l.YLE---"Dirl2": C.S.F. Z, 3: Ar! Club 3. 4: Variety Show 4: stage crew 3, 4: basketball 2, 3, 4: track 2: College of Arts and Crafts. VELAZQUEZ, JAUNITA--C.S.P. l, Z,3.-1: Span. Hon. Sec. 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3: language major at U,C. DOROTHY JORDAN, SECRETARY .F J., L 'il 'YL 3, , I -I ,ar , .Q : r . .,: t P Q. . :fr Z 4. y AL .lfx ,Ek .f 6? . ANNE HAWKESWORTH, TREASURER WADMAN, DARLENE-Art major: Acal- honors 1, 2: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 4: Bus. Ad. at U.C, WAHI., JOHN-C.s.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Audio- Visual 3, 4: Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: library 2: drama 3, 4: track 2. WALLIS, BOB-Rally Comm. 4: Student Council 4, football 2, 3, 4: tennis 2, 3: Variety Show 4: headed for college. WARREN, NEALE ERNST-Collects his- toric periodicals: Student Council 3: Jr. Statesmen 2, 3, 4: tennis Mgr. 4: hopes to study law at U.C. WEBER, CHARLES M.-"Charlie": trans- ferred from Berkeley Hi 4: Variety Show 4: musical shows 1, 2, 3, 4: engineering at U.C, WEBER, HAROLD E.-"Hal": came from Alameda Hi 3: Acalhnnors 3, 4: football 3, 4: Chips 3: Block A 4: Animal Hus- bandry at Davis. WENDELL, DONALD+"Dun": transferred from Torrance Hi 2: swimming 2, 3. WEILL, BARBARA LOUISE-"Bobbie Lou": Blueprint 2, 3. Ed. 3: Jr. States- men Treas. 4: Y-teen 4: Acalhonors 3, 4: drama 2, 3, 4: going to work, WICKMAN, BOB-C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: track 1, 2, 3, 4: Chips 2: Block A 3, 4: going to U.C. WILENT, JACK-Likes Radionics: Audio- Visual Maintenance Mgr. 3, 4: Radio Club 3, 4: going to college. WINKENBACH, ROBERT-"Winl:"g trans- fer from St. lVIary's Hi 4: S.B. Sgt. at Arms 3: football 2, 4: baseball 3, 4: basketball 3, 4: Block A 4. WOLF, JOAN-"WolIie": came from Al- bany 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: drama Pres. 3: going to get married. WOOD. DON E.-"Wnody": likes radios: Audio-Visual 3, 4: Student Store 4: C.C.C.J.C. then to Cal. WOODMANSEE, JANET-C.S.F. 2, 3: Acal- honors 4: G.A.A. 2, 3: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: drama 4: liberal arts at college. v'-I WOOLSEY, JUDY-S.B. Sec. 4: Class Sec.- Treas. 1: AKLAN 3, 4, Assistant Mgr. and Senior Ed. 4: Student Council 3, 4: Rally Comm. 3, 4: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Acal- honors 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Block A 3, 4: Variety Show 4: office worker 3: Cal. YEAGER. ANN-Student Council 4: Audio- Visual Secretary 3, 4: Jr. Statesmen 2. 3, 4: Span. Hon. 3, 4: Chorus 1, 4: Santa Barbara College. YORK, NIRA-"Ning Class Soc. Sec. 2: Acal- honors 3, 4: Dance Group 3, 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: brunch Z: office worker 4: going tn be office worker. ZAMLOCH, MARGARET ELIZABETH - "Maggie": G.A.A. 1, 2: olliee worker 4: Armstrong Business College. ZBAVITEL, CHARLES RICHARD-"Zee": majored in Auto Shop: likes to work on cars. ZELLER, LEE-Transferred from San Rafael Military Acad. 3: band 1, 2, 3, 4: basket- ball 2: swimming 2: going to Cal Poly. NOT PICTURED: DIANE BRINGOLF SUE EHMAN HUGH HASKELL PAT HUGE MARC-IT KENNEDY BEVERLEY MUMFORD JIM PETERS JERRY TROUNCE in Z we 3515538 UI 331. ,. 5 ig: 'T A 4Z tx!! 41 . 'Q J ' Q gin ,ey -,A f.f+"'u AJ . -1. Wye, . Y 'V Y X "5iZ3.. F.'!f:gQ YI ww " .1 :L E3 Ns' ES ,-1. FIRST ROW, lelt In MEM: FK, Mumiord. B. Hansen, B. Dawson. L, Pasquini, D. Orme, M. Tmyer. K. Halvorsrnd. Juan Gordlvn. SHC- OND ROW: J. Ogden. John John. sun, J. Daniel H. Branson, J. Jor don, 1. Jonwj. 'mmm ROW.: Lf Dalbey, E, Runker. A. Neve. L. Meade, F. Dickens, M. Zbavitel FOURTH ROW: D. Dehiin, B: Kleckner. B. Diehl, E. Sanders, E. Suunders, D. Larson, R, Andfew. FIRST ROW, left In right: Nancy Carroll, serretaryp Ruth Richter, xoriul xerrelnry: Jody Eaton. trwlsurer. SECOND ROW: Mike Elvidge, vin' president: Art Siler, president. JUNIORS The first event on the artivity calendar for the juniors was tht- second biggest dance ofthe year. the ,lunior Prom. It was an "Evening in the Urientf' As a close follow-up the Glass took the whole student body "Hut of This World" at their .lunior Extra. Finally in the spring the annual Junior-Senior Banquet was planned and ex- ecuted by the Junior Class as a final tribute to the graduating seniors. lt was a very enjoyable evening at "SL Franc-is Rieksf' for all the prospective graduates with dancing, entertainment, and service in regular nights-lub style. Besides their eontribution to the school in the way of dances and the banquet. the Juniors also played an indispensable part in such organizations as student t-ouncil. Junior State-snien. the Aklan. the Blueprint. the Variety Show and all sports. V CLASS of 1952 FlRS'l' RUXV, fefn' lu right: Ni, Urr. XI. Keyes, G. Trimble, J. Jensen. 5, Xiachadu, IJ. Pcscio. R, Hooper. P. Corp. SECUNU RUYV: U. Xiil- icr. YY. Smnel. -X. Wlhitc, .l. L5 rich. L, Wendell, fl Silvcira. 'ffllllll ROV: D. Lavczzoln, M. Taylor, Xl, Hunley. Ni. Santos, B. .lean Lewis. P, iliimnmns. IIUURTH RUN! 1.1. Kirwan. U. Reid, U. Biod- Rctt. J. Runkle. U. Finial. E. -Xm' brow, .l lxarnctt. XY. flolu. -..,, FIRST ROW, left to righl: C. Rucker, P. Meyers, A. Spencer. E. Neldham, S. Fteager, A. Gorman, F. Ligeson. J. Allen. SECOND ROW: M. Schaeffer, R. Linn, J. Prior. J. Bowmn. E. Greuh. A, Siler. THUID ROW: J. Lundquist, C. Ferrell. K. Davis. E. Planner. B. Springston. FOURTH ROW: D. Bndgley, G. Estes. R. Moore. D. Holmes. R. Rogers, T. Merry, B. Herrick. FIRST ROW ld! M right U Townsend S Harris P Shelver D Floyd K Mannmg b Kmpe Shyrle Whxtc J Lsndes SPC GNU ROW J Keeie,B Keller VN Bran nan A Santas W Hugh B Lap pa T Tilton THIRD ROW N Johnson, P Pyle P Everest P Zamlosh A Cxlnfxchl S Borfihn FOURTH ROW G Shallenberger P Erxekson, A Capn L Perm J Engelsmsn R Paul J Tanner FIRST ROYV, lef! to vigil: C, Wlnrd, R. Surge, J. Bailey, M. Vfin. termn, S, Williams. J, Ruspiller, Rr-vwn, D. Jensen. SECOND ROW: C. Osirom, B. Mnrptan. Cirnennings, C. Gee, R. Hawkins. li. Murray. THIRD ROW: Jean Gnrdun, Jovce Jnhnsun, L, Hen- drix, B. Parxfili, S. Costa. FOURTH ROW1 M. McFarlane, H. Powers, R. Ting, C. Drews, H. Bovghef-uni. B, Buyce, R. Dickie. FIRST Rflw, le!! lo right: C. Earle, P. Cavaliers, P. Hoge, M. Derry, White, A. Bronson, J. Kcnnerley, J. Wright. SECOND ROW: D. Kun, D. Arvidsun, 0. Gibson. N, Hinton, B. Smith, N. Snel: THIRD ROW: M, Downs. N. Carlson. A. Champlin. Chris John- son. M. Thiex, Diana Green. FOURTH ROW: G. Pinnella, W. Johnsam, H. Flanders. J. Marvin, J, Kislinger. S. Thomson. B. Pierre. FIRST ROVM,iwi1m waht- i. Fisher, -K, Wagner, Ham- mcll, L. Galbraith. 51. Hnnwn. J. Mum, Gamma, P, Patten. SECOND NNW: I.. Mauna, YK. Lluxru, J. Lohsxmh. li. lxazcr. YV. Aeklcy. U. lnnwihxslx, THIRD RONY: Ni. Harris, P. Lnreluzurn, J, Eaton, H. Nnn Lewis, if. W'n!huu. ll. Nced- hnm. FOURTH ROV: N. Caldwell, YY. Yxillixuxss. A. Culp. H. Pu:-nnclx. J, Nhmulvy. ll. Platt. ii. Tvis. J.--o PINS! ROW, le!! ta rieht: .L . , I Nhlcs. I. Nlniwg, N1.,. Pnszzr, Fi. finder, K. Hzxficnw U. Svhnewh-r. J, Irunz. Mill- UNU RUNS : U. Smith. M. Me' mrnt. IS. NK illiunu. ll. Han' kull, H. Fm, 0. Babcnck THIRD RUW: X, Saunden S. flung, li. Hmmm X1. Klum-h J. X crx.Y.Hrnh1ikn1w FOl'R'I'H ROW: T. Sunnis! J, Yurck. I'. limes, lx. Harm N I.ewcuu'. 13. Gund, H. An drum. I-ns LEFT T0 RIGHT: Katie Gibbons, serretary and treasurer: Darrel Crossman, president: Rick Johnson, vice president: Carol Van Cleave, xariul xerretary. SOPHOMORES FIKST ROW, hfffiorighlr R, flur- ry, fl. Fmerson, H. Ixxndea, J Del' Lani. S. Humble. C, Grasse. A. Ward, I, Barrett, SECOND ROW N. Tunic. J. Todd, Neighbor, C. kops, L. Conkiin, J. Pnweil, U Franxenhnch. THIRD RUW: M Somers, Judy Johnson, K. Mickk J, Kennedy, M. Walker, J. Costai FOURTH ROW: G, Dunham. D May. G. Hacker, K, Abreu, H, Har- ris, B. Randall, B. Harrison. P. ' Y Shea5. i , The most important activity of the Sophomore class was their annual Sopho- more Hop. Because it was their big job of the year, the class worked with care and enthusiasm to produce an enchanting interpretation of 'Through The Look- ing Class." And the decorations were literally Mfhrough The Looking Glass," for the weird lighting gave an eery and unusual effect to the Aealanes gymnasium. The Sophomore class hoasts several fine athletes who played an important part in this year's sports events. Other members of the class did their share of con- tributing to such activities as the Variety Show, Modern Dance, thc AKLAN, and stagecrew. With the close of their Sophomore year, the class, of 1953 will have passed the half way mark at Aealanes. They will no longer he underclassmen but will assume their place in the "llIllJi?l'll1'3CkCt7, as Juniors. CLASS of 1953 FIRST RUWV, le!! rf: right: L, Sil- verthnrn, E. Luurensun, P. Kecw. D. Gregory. B. Ommundsun, Y. Steward, L. Alverns, S. Unsun- hagen. SECOND ROYV: Rick John- sn,n, S, Pedder. K. Knnbel. C. Blo- Niff, U. Grieve. ll, Davis. H, Turn- er, THIRD RCW: J, Linsley. C. Baldwin. X. Johanson, ll, Vwidea D. Foster, J. Shcstek. FOUR'l'l'l ROW: D. Garrett. Milton Brown. D. Barrows, D. Weidlein, G. Bod- FIRST ROW, 14-yr In fighr: I. Cnckerton. H. Jarvis. R. Silva. P. McKee, P, Squires, B, Shusta, D. Biederman. D. llumingns, SECOND ROW: J. Robertson, F. Tittard. R. Briggs, B. Timay, E. Fest-Lett. J. Ball, B. Peterson. THIRD ROW: S, TERT, A.JShelh'i,i, .Inau1?K'l'zAg- Iur, .1 rim. owe aytor. .A - hiv.-. FOURTH ROW: T. Oliveira. 1 . ,' D. Beck, D. Hench, IJ. Larsen. D. 4 i Stevens, R, Lippert, A, Lnssagne, S W, Donnghue. way, J. Champion, B, de Laneux, FIRST RUM. Init to right: Melis- sa Bruvrn, P, Juhnwn, Rae John- son, R. Slurling. l. Dvmpster. P. Samui, G. Nlcliinlex, P. Arnold. SECOND ROW : D. While. J. Gray. R. Lee, T. Hull, M. White, D. Bridges, R. Mum. THIRD RONY: J. Marple. Y. Wright, C. Monroe, J. Harkness, Marilyn Davis, C. Winters. FUURTlfl ROW: D. Van Yourhis, T. Daniel. B. Juhnson, Davis. D. Vrarren. B. Spencer. J. Olson, U. Lee. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Ba- ker, S. Airman, N. Ure, G. Duncan, Marlecn Davis, P. Weber. Joan Allen, B. Lyser. SECOND ROW: P. Cook, D. Grossman, A. Monsen, D. Cranston, N. Dmhe, J. Cunley. J. Small. THIRD ROW: C. Kiri- ley, L. Sellmnn, D. Albro, S.xHoff- man, S. Lnngren, C. Goforlh, D. Church. FOURTH ROW: P. Val- lurino, P.'McLeary, R. Davis, G. Graves, J. Henderson, B. Ken- drick, P. Laing. FIRST ROW. lei: to right: B. Orme, B. Galen, P. Miles. Leone Sheldahl, C. Parkel, B. Buckle, P. Sandy.D. Chrisfan- sen. SECOND ROW: L. Sim- monds. D. Pilcher, E. Hansen. P, Simmons, Jack Williams. G. Grigdiy J, Bnvn. THIRD ROW: C. Vanclenve. A. Reichhold. C. Mauzv, P. Anderson, J, Cary. N. Neilson. FOURTH ROW: R. Crall, C. Steward, T. Tencr, L. Rogers, Roger Young. D. Twomey, J. Famer. S. Burden. FIRST RUVQ, left lu finial, Hiil Smith, S. lnine, U. Roles, J, Cmm. D. Reese, M, Atkin- sun. J, Lavinder. Nl, YVeIch. SFCUND ROW: K, Wise. ii, VViHisxms, K. Uvwn. C Putter. B. Freims. F. Nauxzza, li. Haines. THIRD ROYV: R. Rose, K. Clibhnns. T. Probert. N. l'er:en?ill, Pimenwl, L. Hamm. F IJRTH Rfklw: H. Nemir. S. Ulfaen, J. Burns. R. Uma, A. Lnhse, D, Hupo. A. Ruff. FIRST ROW. fail to righf: Pg Camp, L. PYle. P. Gardiner, B, Seiby, G, Smith. A. Skewis, T. Hucld, l. Serpa. SECOND ROW: J. Musher, H. Tressider, B. Kea- sler, D. Livingston, T. Talbot, C. Fiona, Rnhert Young, C. Hanawait. THIRD ROW: S, Sweazea, F. Ik' vis. M. Peshon. M. Porter. J. Tn- land. M, Jdihns, 5. Small. FOURTH ROW: L, Miller, D. Anderson, J. Onland, J: Jacobs, P. Jameson. G. Ramsey, B. Thain, C. Pinklgy, U. Rodgers, vire fzresidenlg Linda Baker, serial serretary Pat Gardiner, secretary: Tom Klement, pres ident. FRESI-IMAN FIRST ROW, left to right: Brad Johanson, SECOND ROW: Ray Williamson, treasurer, ROW, rixln: K. C. Bacon, S. C. Demeter. SECOND R. Again this year the Freshman class with 300 members was the largest ever to invade the Acalanes campus. The first event on their calendar took place in October when the second annual Frosh picnic was held. At this time the campus was turned over strictly to the Freshmen so that they might become better ac- quainted with each other. The program included games, swimming, picnicking, campfire singing and dancing. Following their picnic the Freshmen furnished the school with a touch of Barnum and Bailey by having a circus theme for the very successful Frosh Frolic. The decorations included all sorts of circus animals. Then after decorating for the annual Messiah performance and Christmas program, the Freshmen wound up their year by holding a Freshman party. Again strictly for the Freshmen, the party with its games and dancing proved to be a huge success. CLASS of 1954 FIRST ROW. left ro right: H. Gray. Gail Snow. C. Costa. M. McFarland. J. Doyle, J. Meier, G. Unugkass, Gay Snow. SECOND ROW: M. Small, G. f'au5li, D. Allison, J, Charlton, F. Dcnhart, Lowell Shcldshl. Charles Crate. L. Silveiru. THIRD INVW: A, Maman, S.. Lane, G. Lassen, S. Aweeka, L. Osbon, B. Miller. L. Lynn. FOURTH ROW1 M. Laurentian. D. Duty, R. Muse, J. Copeland. J. Tomlinson, D, Vandewyndle, A. Compber, P. Lnwthian. K. Schmen. FIRST ROW. lvl: m right: A Simmons. IJ. Bcxfnette. Fam, B Nlcliinley. Nancy Parsons. P Gregg, A. Rowland, B. Trmakow. ski. SECOND ROVVQ P. Paustian Il. Cowdcn. J. Haus, 1. Eariy, W Summers, J. Davey. B. Iness, R Williamson. TPURD ROW: L. La' hey, J. Lungren, J. Field, Ni. Hows kins, S. Sinntin, A. Allen. L. Cook, M. Dougherty. FOURTH ROW R. Uilin, D. Aimam. L. Witter, 13 Bucau, E. Hunt. G. Delyria, H. Jackson. D. Austin. S. Butt. FIRST ROW. le!! In right: D. Robertson, C. Swanson, S. Cava- naukh, C. Engle, Y. Richard, J Morris, M. Anmns, J. Lawrence sxacuxu ROW: J. Lloyd, R. czsfxl son. U. Fisher. R, Kennerley. G Peyret, J. Pino, J. Cullen. H. Mi!- ier. THIRD RUW: S. Svder. P 5IcSXacken, J. Celiier, C. Fhibbs M. Tinay. J. Scheuer, L, French FOURTH ROW: C, Furtado, B Samon. J. Wiggins, 'II Klement, R lirinyicmli, Lucas, S, Fentlm, B, Needham, R. Pleiss. FIRST ROW, left to right: F. Garbutt. S. Swain. J. Ruunds, J. Gaillsrd. P. Nunley, C. Fletcher, P. Herre, M. Byrne. SECOND ROW: D. Fihush. E. Wikent, R. Eberhart, M. Spencer, R. Kiszin. der, S. Mumford, G. Reichert, J. Luedemann. THIRD ROW: M. Morgan,J. Roethlisberger,N. Rccf noni, A. Pierce, I. DmmgAM. Ma- Ason, B. Fibush. FOURTH ROW: C. Owen, J. DeKnrne, R. Cellnriv us, W, Schneider, R. Nefson, P. Condit. D. Meyer. F, Andrews. E. Rankin. FIRST ROW, left xo right: R. Rei. ter, S. Lnnerdan, M. Miller, N. Southard, F, Amason, J, Abel. S. Cockburn, K. Bates. SECOND ROW: J. Laird, K. Lyme, B. Mun, A. Dunham, D, Pozzuhfm, R. Munn. J. Inman, F. Cisnlichi. THIRD ROW: A. Bettnsrdi. R. Krotq, L. Dunmfe, R. Limejnlm, Mavis Silva, S. Wald. J. McNama4 ra. FOURTH ROW: G. Bmhman, R. Orr. I. Gmth, P. Peppin, D. Boulware, D. Sommers. IJ. Town' send, L. Andersnn. L. Law. FIRST ROW. Ivy: fu rfqlxl, I White, IJ, Oshmn, 5. Ffmlvr. I, Baker. A. llnrdmx J, Rumen, C Nmirlw. P. Nicfflugqasic. SIECUND RUNK A EI. Xlwn-Our. XY, I,.n-.s1m. J Ifnrd, Stxxttafwrch B. Smurf., I chntkr, V. Piauaiv. B Kiwhurvm HIIKU ROW4 P, Nhrhcsun. H cmlrxv. JJ. Xiclfruddwx. 'S Mayen . Lxrmii. J. Kinetic. Y, Urr IUVYQTH RUXX: lf. Rwdy, J Qumg-lm. V. Huncrh ik Pcvry S Suliwsm. ,-X.17L-iemx, R, Turner H .l1slmsnn..f. Warkinp. KY' :L fwlu 'Q -. Q , Z-gy' 1 up V .fm E ' V ? W' - ' V 5 V ig V 4 - ' . S V QM wx , MN 4 gr . 1 5 5 .MJ x V .L ' .gf grgz ry ggi I fl I J-, ,,,, -5 4? V , V m L V N s wa.. ,Q 5 QV. ,.. s fy ,Q x , V5 'Q A s n Q V ,QF i 1 AC'r1v1'r1s H. Flanders. Editor: N. Diet- erich, Business Manager. S. Spoon, Feature Editor: G. Fowler, Assoriate Sports Edi- Inf. BLUEPRINT L. Meade, News Editor: J. Landis, Advertising Manager: C. J. Earle, Feature Writer. FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Parker, M. Thies, J. Allen, H. Jelfreys, Rue Johnson, P. Miles, E, Johnston. SECOND RONV: NN. Johnson, L. Littell, K, Ernst, D. Kun, J. Vurek, J. Wahl, D. Grieve, B. Neidlmm. NOT PIC- TURED: R. Surge, S. White, S. Pedder, P. Malvey, J. Allen. F. Ernst. J. Todd, D. Greene, D. May. G. Fowler, S. Spoon, A. Rui. N. Davis, Assoriare Photographer: H. Flanders, Head l'hotogrnpher J. Wnolsey, Assariate .Van- agerp A. Msrsan, Manager. J. Lee, Axsoriale Edilvrg A. Dull, Editor. AKLAN A. Pgrker, Assistant Editor, Copy Editor: G. Gray, Classes Edimrg T. Marsan, .-Idvrrtising Assisianli I.. llalbey, Advertising .llanuger T. Tlltnn, Arlivities Editnr: T. Smith. .fpurts Editor, J. Schneider, .I. Marvin, Srllrx Jlnunger, .-lssivtmzt Phnloprnfnlwr: H. Bedard Assistant Cum' Edffnrg J. Robertson, .4dver1fsing Lnynu!. NOT Sillrxflvxiklilut, PICTURED: D. Bearden, Sportx Edilurg N. Tuttle. FIRST ROV5, IP!! ru right: J, Rounds, L. Meade. P. Bcdard, I' C. Peters, Head l'hnIm2raph1fvg J. Marvin, McCurdy, A, Hrnnsnn, L. Durante SECOND ROW: L. Chiavini Assistant I'hamErufihrr. Saxlps Mnrmger. J. Spiegl. U, White, C Weber, Nl. White, Ii. Jolmnmn, NI. Vhlch BRUNCH FIRST ROW, left la right: E. Platner, C. Van Cleave, N. Jnhnsun, D. Bedard, L. Du- rante, A. McAllister, E. John- ston, P. Cory. SECOND ROW: M. Welch. M. Milisich, R. Richter, S. Tomer, M. Kit- tredge, J. Lorentzen. NOT PICTURED: Alan Moresi, student manager: Helen Peter- son, adviser. ww SCHO0 STAGE CREW FIRST ROWV, Lighting and Sound Crew, left to right: A. Parker, P. Simmons. C. Peters, A. Dull. L. Atkinson, B. Need- ham, J. Early, B. Bedard. NOT PICTURED: B. Pembroke, ad- viser. SECOND ROW, Con- struction Crew: C. Demeter, D. Bentley, B. Boyce, M. McFar- lane, J. King, B. Nelson, ad- viser, Johanna Allen. OFFICE WORKERS FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Courtright, P. Bermingham, C. Grasse, D. Jordan, T. West, B. Cnrideo, P. Connell, A. Sum- mers. SECOND ROW: B. Pen- dleton, B. Bennetts, G. Nar- dini, M. Welch, C. Van Cleave, J. Kirk, C. Wollam, I. Barrett, L.Chiavini,S.Eggerts. THIRD ROW: K. Goodwin, D. Graves, S. Tomer, M. Kittredge, S. Cockertnn, L. Durante, J. Hughett, A. Bronson, M. Der- ry. FOURTH ROW: M. Mili- sich, R. Hagens, P. Schnlin, J. Willits, S. Cavanaugh, C. En- gle, C. Brennan, N. York, J. Dickson, L. Dezzani, B. Weill. FIFTH ROW: M. Silva, J. Coop, D. Bedard, R. Freitas, J. Marcella, T. Biggs, J. Sterner, J. Holmes, P. Santos, J. Lee. SERVICE AUDIO-VISUAL FIRST ROW, left nm right: E. Wilent, A. Yeager, L, Rahls, L, Dalbey, M. Burger, K.Lyser, A. Parker, B. Randall. SEC- OND ROW: C. Peters, E. Hu- bach, J. Wahl, S. Stuttafnrd, J. Reynolds, P. Simmons, D. Smith. A. Stanley. THIRD ROW: D. Hubach, D. Warren, D. Bearden, H. Flanders, A. Marsan, P. Gates, N. Druhe. FOURTH ROW: A. Dull, J. Wilent, B. Boyce, C. Drews, J. Greenlaw, L. Atkinson, R. Tinay. NOT PICTURED: Betsy Pembroke, adviser. CAFETERIA AND STUDENT STORE FIRST ROW, Ie!! to right: R. Raines, D. Bentley, J. Vurek, J. Engelsman, D. White, L. Conklin, H. Barber, M. White. SECOND ROW: G. Hacker, B. Peterson, Leone Sheldahl. Joann Taylor, J. Jensen, A. Wagner, D. Lavezzola. THIRD ROW: I.. Wendell, D. NVn0d, L. Rowland, V. Brahman, J. Very. NOT PICTURED: Hel- en Peterson, Caleteria adviser: Margaret Nicholsnn, Student Store adviser. LIBRARY FIRST ROW, Irfl to right: C. Baldwin,V. dcI.aneux, S. Flea- ger, K. Juhansnn, IZ. Bahls, L. Durante, M. Kittredge, Joann Taylor. SECOND RUWV: C. Rucker, J. Linsley, S. Salxaie, R. Richter. M. Welch. THIRD ROW: IJ. Hudge, S. Groen- nings, M. McFarlane, J. Yu- rek, L. Nebeker, NOT PIC- tured: Ruth Fletcher. adviser. DRIVER TRAINING STOP FO R F3 si -Q Sim C0-ED TENNIS C0-ED SWHVIMING FIRST MD PUBLIC, 0-s ww C. S. F. The Acalanes Chapter of the California Scholarship Federation is composed of students who received not less than three A's and one B in the previous se- mester-'s work. Students qualifying for membership in C.S.F. are given special passes which enable them to go to the library without regular library permits from their teachers. Gold Seal Bearers, those who are entitled to life membership in C.S.F., are outstanding students who have received C.S.F. grades for six out of eight semesters. These students are designated each year on the Commencement Program. FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW, le!! la right: L. Galbraith, J. Marple, S. Coggan, M. French, C. Monroe, K. Mickle, Judy Johnson, E. Bahls, R. Hagens, P. Squires, J. Kirk, P. Cory, SECOND ROW: J. Wahl, T. Sanford, T. Tilton, J. Vurek D. Davis, J. Todd, E. Neighbor, D. Bridges, M. White, H. Nemir, D. May, B. Finn, H. Barbar, B. Bedard. THIRD ROW: A. Summers, P. Everest, G, Boles, R. Freitas, P. Gray, J. Lee, J. Chantler, A. Parker, B. Abbie, M. Hansen, J. Eaton, C. Winters, Judy Hall, L. Heche. FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Jensen, S. Borglin, N. Carlson, K. Lyser, V. de Laneux, B. Lyser, Joan Allen J. Busch, J. Velazquez, K. Davis, C. Earle, M. Troyer. SECOND ROW: S. Cruennings, R. Rogers, H. Flanders K. Ernst. B. Wickman, A. Siler. J. Hall, R. Tinay, J. Conley D. Cvietusa, H. Haskell, G. Coad. B. Keller THIRD ROW: B. Springston, G. Duncan, S. Spoon, M. McMurphy, Diana Green, L. Dalhey, A. Reichhald B. Mumford, J. Woolsey, E. Ranker, Johanna Allen, A. Hawkesworth, D. Hanawalt. v w a Under the direction of Adviser Miss Vera Richardson and President Sven Groennings, the group put on several very successful events. On the top of the list was the annual C.S.F. Dance. "On The Reservationf' given for the purpose of raising money for the scholarship presented each year to one of the Senior Class Inelnhers. For their annual trip to one of the nearby colleges, the group chose to visit the campus of Stanford University, a trip which proved to be very enlightening as well as entertaining. Castle Rock Park was chosen as the site of the traditional C.S.F. Picnic in May which climaxetl the year's activities. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW, left to right: J. W'ahl, R. Rogers, Jim Hall, T. Sanford, B. Wickman, M. White, N. Parsons, H. Flanders, A. Deleray, Richard Johnson, D. Reid, J. Vurek. SECOND ROW: C. Courtright, Diana Green, J. Busch, C. Earle, L. Dalbey, N. Carlson, M. Jellries, S. Borglin, S. Salvage, A. Summers, L. Lamb, N. Merry, D. Hanawalt, E, Ranker, B. Mumford. THIRD ROW: V. deLaneux, S. Brown, M. Derry, E. Lyser, J. Allen, B. Smith, S. Grnen- nings, A. Siler, H. Haskell, C. Inman-Kane, C. Baker, J. Velazquez, K. Lyser, B. Springston, C. Gofnrth. Wf 71,- FIRST ROW, left In right: L. Sheldahl, H. McBride, J. Combs, J. Lloyd, R. Knobel, J. Todd, E. Neighbor, C. Kops, D. Hubach, B. Keller, D. Boulware, K. Ernst. SECOND ROW: E. Bahls, P. Gray, J. Woodmansee, J. Kirk, J. Lee, L. Galbraith, G. Reichert, E. Rankin, S. Cuggan, P. Squires, R. Krotz, Judy Hall, L. Heche, B. Pickton, M. Law- rance. THIRD ROW: M. Troyer, J. Johnson, K. Mickle, C. Monroe, C. Winters, P. Bermingham, S. Mumford, A. Seulberger, J. Chantler, C. Wollam, J. Eaton, J. Neuman, A. Parker, M. Hansen. ACALHONORS FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Johansen, B. Weill, M. Burger, C. Ferrell, D. Church, S. Brown, E. Neldham C. Inman-Kane, M. Milisieh, L. Meade, J. Linsley, C. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: M. Burehfleld, P. Weber, S Williams, M. Winterton, C. Cnurtright, D. Owen, P. Hoge, S. Curry. THIRD ROW: P. Oliver, R. Knobel B. Sanders, J. Jolley, D. Hodge, R. Dunn, H. Weber, T. Smith, N. Parsons. The school honor society of Acalanvs High Svlmol is ilcsigmitvfl lay lllv nann- of Acalhonors. This group and the Acalanes vlwpler uf C.S.F. we-re organized at the same time. Acalhonors lnenlln-rship is extvmlvrl tu all studvnts who arv ulmovc average scholastically and receive three B's and one A or a total of tvn svnivstf-r points in accredited subjects. Students who qualify for C.S.F. inmnlwrsliip auto- llll-IIICHTTY qualify for Acalhonors. Miss Vera RlI'TlHl'lTH0lI is thi- adviser of llw group. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW, left ln right: P. Hoge. S. Spoon, M. Milisich. M. Probert, L. Meade. Johanna Xllen, K. Johanson Q. McAllister, R. Freitas, A. Reichlmlcl, C. Mnuzy, B. Hoover. SECOND ROW: B. Weill, D Church, S. Williams, G. Duncan, P. Weber, M. Winterton, A. Yeager, J. Punting, K. Davis. THIRD ROW: D. Hearden, ll. Weber. C. Drews, D. Crossman, R. Sauder, B. Sanders, T. Tilton, D. Hndge, D. Arvidsun, D. Davis, R. Timmy. li. Diehl, S. Pedder. - AN .. i . ,va X I ai "4 FIRST ROIN, left ta right: A, Hawkesworth, D. Sclinitzler. l'. Nlnlvcy, J. Janssc. Juan Gordon, K. Goodwin, C, Grasse, D, Graves, M. French, M. Blankenship, M. Hawley, K. Jones. SECOND ROW: N. Tuttle, P, Miles, S. Logue, R. Shirling, N, Johnson, M. Somers, J. Marple, R. I-lapfens, ll. Bee. P. Bedard. THIRD ROW: E. Broome, J. Conley, .l. Jncnlzus, T. Biggs, B. Fox, P. Erickson, R. Sheldalil, D. Bridges, C, Peters. li. Wulkins. D. May, J. Olcntt. Ii. Bedard, ,Al Sl FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Irving, Pub- licity: P. Malvey, Secretary Treasurer: B. Matheson, Senior Representative. BACK ROW: J. Keefe, Vice Presidenlg N. Petten- gill, Sophomore Representative: W. Brannan, Presidentg J. Rounds, Freshmam Representa- tive. NOT PICTURED: B. Westlund, Jr. Representative, J. Kirk, Jr. Representative. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross was under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Peterson. Activities started early when Wayne Brannan attended the Junior Red Cross Con- vention at San Bernardino in August of last year. After school started in the fall, a membership drive was held and sixty dollars was collected. The spring project was the filling of a school chest for a school in a needy area. The chest contained school supplies as well as recreational articles. JUNIOR STATESIVIEN Under the sponsorship of Mr. William Ross, the .Iunior Statesmen Organiza- tion was established three years ago and has grown ever since. This year's activities were climaxed by the annual Northern California Regional Convention, which was held at Acalanes Saturday, May 5. The convention was highlighted by a panel discussion in which the Acalanes team discussed, '4Should Student Body Cards be required for voting privileges in school electionsn? Our team, consisting of .lohn Wahl, Pat Hoge, Art Siler, Ed Neighbor and Ned Davis won the regional trophy. FIRST ROW, left to right: Diana Green, K. Johanson, C. Baldwin, A. Yeager, J. Linsley, P. Hoge, S. Hoffman, B. Weill. SECOND ROW: T. Tilton, D. Hodge, L. Atkinson, N. Warren, L. Derrick, J. Wahl, A. Dull. THIRD ROW: C. Mauzy, A. Reichhold, B. Argo, D. Wulzen, G. Trimble, A. Ames. FOURTH ROW: P. Malvey, Marilyn Davis, I. Jacuzzi, D. Foster, S. Logue, S. Coggan, P. Squires, A. Sheets. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Honorary Society is open to any student taking Spanish III or IV or to any student with an "AP in Spanish I or a "B" in Spanish Il. Under the joint leadership of Miss Florence Bassignan, lVlr. Charles Donna. Miss Josephine Ochoa, and Miss Marie Wagner. the club this year heard several speakers from Latin America and sponsored a Spanish movie at the EI Rey Theater in Walnut Creek. The purpose of the cluh is to further good relations between North and South America. FIRST ROW, left lo right: F. Bailey, C. Miller, P. Shelver, Christine Johnson, D. Hanawalt. M. Maier, J. Linsley, L. Meade, R. Surge, M. Troyer, M. Hansen, P. Malvey. SECOND ROW: J. Ponting. D. Jensen, K. Davis, Diana Green, V. deLaneux, J. Greene, N. Carlson, C. Mauzy, A. Reichhold, P. Johnson, I. Cockerton. D. Wulzen, M. Jelfrles, S. Borpllin, M. Lyon. THIRD ROW: P. Erikson, C. Leach, D. Stevens, J. NVahl, L. Simmonds, G. Duncan, P. Weher, A. Yeaier, E. Johnston, P. Oliver, T. Tilton, D. Hodyle, R. Raines, R. Owen. FOURTH ROW: G. Coad, A. Rui, H. Flanders, L. Atkinson, S. Groennings, D. Kun, G. Fowler. J. Todd, T. Koenig, N. Davis, H. Barbar. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Brennan, M. Blankenship, J. Cashman, S. Tomer. N. Parsons, A. Ames, J. Velaz- quez, E. Bahls, R. Freitas, B. Jeffreys, M. Hawley, A. Mason. SECOND ROW: I'. Bedard, J. Jansse, C. Demeter, L. Pyle, P. Gardiner, M. Lawrence. R. Krotz, H. Gray, R. Shirling. C. Sawyer. C. Grasse, D. Graves, A. Parker, P. Randall, M. Somers. THIRD ROYV: D. Schnitzler, C. Wollam, J. Eaton, H, A. Lewis, L. Pusquini, A. Hawkes- worth, J. Lee, J. Woodmansee, P. Pyle, M. Derry, N. Pettengill. S. Gruenhagen, I. Dempster, C. Courtright, D. Bee. FOURTH ROW: A. Culp, J. Reynolds, D. Rathjen, H. McBride, IJ. Reid. T. Biggs, M. Klement, W. Williams, N. Tuttle, M. White. 5-4 Q 7! K if E! ki'-xg!-SV 1 i V- 'I y fs m fw i , 2 I ,Siva " , 'fc 'fn L gg J M,,1':i V ri W, , ' ' ' A I .L - " ' Q Ka 1f'fJfigff?...a:.. 5 ' . if . 51:1 , - fp : My .'f, ,wmv I .Q 1 A b -5 'NY L --I 1-1 ' Y 'V fn 9, . Q n E E xi , k"" -- I. .ikl ,,,,,' 5 V' V , Vkkkh ,,,.:. f ,,,,, 1 , 1., I. K1 in I Q35 1 J LL ' Y "M " Q L A V m g iibjiz 3 L ,ij ,Q ef 53 A , gfghlfg V ,L-1 ., 4+ ' J Q4 ' H. 7 ,g 'hwh ,U N 5 " '?':e 7,3 .. ,, 5 X 'If ' M fa A f 7 ' zv- ig ' s 1 n 0 A , J Jef' is MMM A V K . 1 X I fix? E X . 4, , J: C 12- :2 if 1. F' ,,,w,:H'3 , if ' E g ' 91 f I, 3,25 7313. F Q , 31 1 f ,I J f , 'U--f. f f, A .- V G wa Lk., I 1 Vyik gf V . 4 W . ijfz f fm:--iw, ' .X gs.. .X . .QW ..,,... Wy: , .qff 12.-. s3 -1 ,Q-1. .V Lf, fa, -W ...Q x - 1 mi.. ,fe il, as :Qs 1 E F 5 Q Hg Q , Q I .mi wi? a.,.g Mi Y-1 4" Yes- fwff 'K 'ble jpg. , ' -',f , ,K 11? ,Q Q if vQj?fu I ml: S4 igw 4 if , 5 f .f' ' :iQf'K5,, ' 'Q W' M. f Q 5 4 fn- 4 Q x.J'4 4 wif , 1? iv-"' 1 gk ,ur 'ai v Y fm 'N M.-Al5,4.u f TF , 4 3. Q 5' I Y Q' a .,- ,gh 1 fvlwif ".' Q, , - Qi ' T X E av ,nge Y . , V am z E3 2 s. ixsg S Q5 S '54, WI, 4 .gg. , M L E 178 . ' ,A-.2 . ,,,, A , .. if L 'xi' 1 55, ' Vik ,..-can 4 - , uv' vi! Q S I, MUSIC DEPARTMENT fs? BAND FIRST ROW, left In right: S. Spoon, M. Porter, M. Keyes, Director O. Busch, P. Miles, E. Lyser, S. Aiman. SECOND ROW: J. Costa, F. Andrews, B. Pabst, D. Sandvik, Nl. Tinay, G. Williams, T. Reedy, B. Edgar, B. Jetfrys. THIRD ROW: C. Potter, P. Stegman, L. Zeller, A. Lnssagne, F. Perry, P. Sheaif, W. Rugh, Jim Hall. FOURTH ROW: D. Jacobsen, R. Lee, R. Rogers, R. Jacobsen, D. Bentley, Bill Smith, P. Laing, A. Ruff. MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW, left tu right: J. Greene, N. Johnson, J. Kennedy, A. Champlin, J. Vlnlf, A. Yeager. M. Burchfield, K. Manning. SECOND ROW: A. Pierce, D. Gregory, J. Cntleral, M. Thies, J. Guldenzopf, J. Morris, C. Petersen, J. Derry. THIRD ROW: B. Argo, L. Overstreet, D. Peprvin, J. Jolley. P. Cook, A. Lassagne, R. Shusta. FOURTH ROW: G. Schallenberger, B. Cuppa, D. Hackett, L. Summers, P. Laing. N. Snel, G. Grigg, B. Abreu. SEATED, Iefl to fight: D. Anderson, P. Vallarino, B. Tressider. STANDING: P. Gates, B. Wadman, B. Johan- son, M. Spencer, D. Beck, B. Reark. BOYS' CHORUS GIRLS' CHORUS FIRST ROW, lefl to rffht: H Jarvis, N. Rocconi, S. Harris S, Mahl, D. Osborn, B. Ed- wards, E. Stott, R. Reiter SECOND ROW: M. Thies, N Carlson, J. Cotteral, M Burchfleld, S. Aiman, C Phibbs. V. Steward, W. Hall THIRD ROW: N. Johnson, A Gorman, D. Floyd, B. Mum Inrd, R. Hagens, S. Harring- ton. J. Scho6eld, B. Abbie. I , . K I W + + X w+ 1 S if 6 1i-,'!.,,L- W BOB WINKENBACH Halfback ED G REU B F ull back KEN GREEN O uartfrbaclz J OIE PEARSON Hulfbuck DICK FEY Hallback ALLEN cu1.P Halfback VARSITY SCORES Acalanes 7 ..... ......,. 7 ,.,.. 6 ..... 6 ..... 4.,..... 8 ...., 13 ...., 27 ..... Opponeru E1 Cerrito ...... ..,.... 3 0 Albany ...... 6 Fremont ...,.. 26 Pittsburg ,..... 40 Diablo .. .., 33 Antioch ....., 38 Crockett ....., 13 'IL CHARLES EATON ED LAHEY Cuach Couch VARSITY FOCTBALL ERWIN MATTSON BOB STEVENS Cond! Coarh Acalanes JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Livermore Livermore .,,. Alhambra 0 0 8 2 Pittsburg Diablo Antioch Alhambra Crockett Opponent 21 . 7 21 33 40 . 0 18 , 0 BOB BORGHESANI Tackle BOB STEWART Guard HAL WEBER End JOHN WILLIAMS Guard JOHN BOWRON Tazlzlz GARY DeANGELIS Center FOOTBALL When twenty-eight varsity players graduated, a gaping hole was left in the ranks of the Aealanes squad. Coaches Mattson and Stevens knew that they had the job of getting the Dons back to their former power, for although the ex-J.V.'s were willing, they were inexperienced. League games were unvictorious until our bout with Albany, at which time Acalanes pushed through for a score of 7-6. With this encouraging victory the Dons fought on to a surprising win over John Swett in the season's last game. The Junior Varsity was faced with a similar situationg and considering thc difliculties, Coaches Eaton, Twining and Dilling turned out a sterling job. Among this season's outstanding players were Joie Pearson, Al Culp. Bob Borghesani, Hal Weber, Gary DeAngclis, Bob Winkenbavh. and Buzz Vllilliams, who was also chosen All-County guard. With a good many of the players returning next year, the team is looking forward to revenge and a victorious season. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Conch W. Twining, P. Vallarino, R. Lee, H. Johnson, K. Wise. Coach O. Babcock. SECOND ROW: R. Kennerly, D. Larson, L. Busby, P. Hendersnn. F. Reedy, J. Luedemann, E. Foskett, H. McBride, J. Pitto, M. Ferrarese, D. Davis, B. Lincoln, B. Thain. THIRD ROW: M. Nlurphy, B. Crall, D. May, B. Ferro, B. Tressider, D. Austin, R. Bucan, S. Batt, B. Miller, S. Fenton. G. Malvey, J. Hart, B. Lynch, R. Munn. its filiifi' w!l1li 5 . -- 3555, :'t"51 1 A ' f 52 , I , 2 3 ' ,efffli 'J 54 fy ,A , N 7 ,Es ' g U 'Q A' E as if 5 U V-. p 14' P, mx-71: , .. V 7 W. - K 5 'lk " 190 .lf I f '3 FQ E SA' QL 429 X n. R1 W :ln nm. 5 - M - "2 ' .X , 9, ' 2. .Q, i 4 A s - , 4 ' V S, M 1 ' i W ,L Q my fi, ,,, 1 :ink 51 ' E Q V' f, X Q.. .. A L V ,. ' 'M 'Q U. +1 ' W K. Egl- . ,,,L:. W m . r 4 1 2 . H 1 . Q ,. , A --,, gay gif iM'Wgg,XfI ff - A4415-bg? ml., . 5 Lk wi. PK' Y AV Wfiw ww 'I "vx7" ' 7 , -7 -' K' WTITG. :: W' thu W. , 'ii' ,f,. Luau z ' , i , - ....' . . M K , Q W , gg. gk' Q 3, W . .V w f " Q , 1 513. 5 . Y H ff" .. u V, 1, . ll .. - A-' . . '.u5? rg if Q Q, M A' 4 - ' - 1 , ' J " i QW A aw ' ' ,mg ' - i , M., ' :-.A K 1. K pe- , 5 17 'A fx K in ":f' . "' ffl ik 'T ' 4 5 'fl f f f' ' 1 - 4- ' V , Z -- L' , - " ..,. , 'f H 4 0 . 4, , : i 'fm L ...K -J AV. m 1 ' 'V Q f was , ' 4 Wm- rwegyu. . , ""ff' - : - i m Af f yiiy A- Q' - A 4- 4 m X ' ,gg 1 "' 4g , ' 4 w QE 2 2 A, 0 27 Q 1 , 5 K 0 K t .V I ' A ,Z f , ' fi if I 57' . , M ji X 4 BASKETBALL MA" SCORES Acalanes Opponent 19 ,,,, .,..... F remont ......,, ....... 4 7 46 .,,, ..,,,.. O akland ..,..... 55 31 ..., Castlemont ,,,,Y, 30 27 ,,,, ..A,,,, E l Cerrito ,....... .... 3 4 37 ,,,. ....,., P iedmont ....,... .... 4 8 38 ,,.. Livermore ,, .... 40 28 .... ..,..., A lameda ,....... 37 31 ..,v ....... C al Frosh ....,,., 59 29 ,,,, ,...... B erkeley ..,,..,, 51 44 ,,,, ,,,, A lhany ,,.,, 46 52 AA,, .,..... M t. Diablo ........ 53 52 ..,. John Swett .,.,.. 42 49 ..,, Livermore 48 35 ,,,, ......, A ntioch .... 41 55 .,., ...,.................,..,,v. A lhamhra ..,.. .......... , .. 30 58 ..........,i.. ......,...........,.. P ittshurg .......,,Y..,.,. .........,........ 5 5 The varsity basketball team placed third in the County and third in the tournament. LELAND ARTH Cuarh BOB KLECKNER Forward MIKE ELVIDGE Forward NORN TUTTLE Guard MIKE KLEMENT Guard GERALD BROWN Coarh BOB WESTLUND Forward RICHARD MASON Guard ROGER LINN Huufd BOB WINKENHACH Guard BOB BORGHESANI Center BOB FOX Forward ART SILER Forward BILL LIT'l'LEFIEI,D Guard GB" SC4 IRES .4 valanvs Opponvnr I5 ,...,. ....., F remont ....,,,, ,,.... , 20 34 ,,,,,, .....,..,. I Jakland .,..... ,,,,. 2 0 24 Castlemont ..,,.. Y.... 3 2 19 ,..,.. ..,... E l Cerrito .,..,,,, ,,,,, -1- 6 23 .,,.., Piedmont ..,,.... 30 23 Livermore ., ,..,. 40 21 ,,,,..,,,, Alameda .... 42 39 San Ramon ,,,.,, ,,,,, 2 7 27 Berkeley .... ,,,., 6 2 24 Albany .. ..., ..... 2 5 34 Mt. Diablo .,,,.. ..., 4 9 27 John Swett .,..,, llll 4 2 24 Livermore ,,,,.. ,... 3 8 35 Antioch ,.,i ,,.. 3 3 31 Allxanllmra .,,..... .... 2 7 27 Pittsburg ,r,i,.,. ,,... 3 7 ALLEN CULP Forward MIKE WHITE Center BASKETBALL Due to the fact that there was only one returning letterman this year, the Varsity basketball team got off to a slow start and lost many of their first prac- tice games. The team suffered again when Harry Neilson left early in the season for the service. After the team had played its first few games, they gained the necessary experience and the games improved steadily. When league play started, the team had reached its peak. Acalanes finished third, behind Pittsburg and Diablo, in Contra Costa County League standing. ln the League Tournament the team finished third, again behind Alhambra and Mt. Diablo. The League Tournament is something new in the county this year. The tour- nament was held at Mt. Diablo in their new gym. The games were played on an elimination basis over a three-night period. The tournament was a great success, and the team is looking forward to one again next year! A BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left lo fight: B. Fox, B. Winkenbach, J. Bowron, R. Davis, R. Linn D. Barrows, B. Kleckner, A. Siler. SECOND ROW: D. Cranston, D. Garrett, J. Champion, E. Hunt, B. Diehl, D. Holmes, B. Lit- tlefield, B. Borghesani, R. Ting. B BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left to right B. Ferro, P. Hegerle, B Ferrarese, B. Westlund, J Groth, R. Mason, S. lndeli- cato, B. Johanson. SEC- OND ROW: A. Culp, M Elvidge, J. Champlin, M White, N. Tuttle, E Grimes, S. Pedder, J. Da- vis, B. Reark. -iii 2 ,F KN fx 5 -0 19. xi! ""'-Q 'xi 5 , 1 A v lyk ' i 1 W uk 'X , an-Q' Ss.. ,Q 0' 'hifi Q? rf' ik ' TH' ' ' , 5 f 'R 6 , f 1 ' 1 U E1 Q s , 2 7, 3 Q any Ax f n 'L I If 2 1 9 ff ww Uv eh' w . , ,L mi A ' it 'ffl .. Qggllr. ,. , .Q A Q. . 5 li ww S- .Qi w m .els lj Q ,J TRACK The Acalanes track team had one of its most successful seasons this year. The team was undefeated in dual competition, and they also took first place in the county meet. The first dual meet with Pittsburg was an easy victory. The following week's meet with Antioch proved to be more of a thriller. The meet was close all the way, and only when our relay team won in the last event were we assured of victory. The following weeks' encounters with Alhambra, John Swett, Alameda, and Albany were again easy victories. ln our victorious meet with Diablo, Darrel Crossman tied our 100-yard dash record of 10.2 and broke our 220-yard dash record with a time of 22.5. The Dons in their last encounter uprooted the mighty E1 Cerrito powerhouse by 48 points. This year,s track team had very good depth in almost all of the events but lacked the outstanding tracksters that were necessary to win such meets as the E1 Cerrito and Martinez Relays and the North Coast meet. Bill Powers broke the school high jump record with a height of 5' 1132" at the North Coast Section. The "B" team, too, had one of its best seasons on record. They were undefeated in dual competition, and they placed first in the County meet. Also several school records were broken in the "B" division. John Hansard set a new broad jump record by jumping 19' 7", Doug Cooper broke the 120 low hurdle record with a time of 14.8, John Barnett with 10' 'YMZU set a new pole vault record, and Don Duncan broke the county record for the discus at the county meet with a throw of 119' 1". With many men returning, both teams should have good seasons again next year. FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Matheson, B. Abreu, S. Lawrence, H. Haskell, J. Price, B. Fox, R. Iverson, R. Souder, B. Morgan, SECOND ROW: R. Paul, J. Williams, M. Elvidge, A. Siler, E. Greub, E. Murray, D. Holmes, D. Cross- man. R. Lundgren, J. Pearson. THIRD ROW: D. Kun, H. Walden, R. Williamson, J. Lohstroh, J. Keefe, B. Herrick, B. Thain, D. White, B. Smith, E. Broome, C. Bacon, Coach Eaton. FOURTH ROW: J. Cond, B. Wickrnan, R. Rodgers, B. Powers, H. Weber, R. Dickie, D. Bentley, J. Daniel, J. Tener, S. Batt, S. Hall, D. Twomey. FIRST RUVV, left lu righf: D. Allisnn, T. Sorensen, R, Urtlund, A. Culp, J. Barnet, E. Ambrose, Graves, J. Hun- sard, B. 1Nudman, J. Watkins. E. Fasket. SECOND ROW: R, Owen, D. Davis, R. Andrew, D. Duncan, R, Mason, li. Stirtun, H. Watkins, L. Busby, J. Hart, R. Brinpguli, W, Williams. M. Murphy.'l'H1RD ROW: J. Early, E. Lucas, M. White, P. Paustian, R. Lee, D. Cuwden, D. Cooper, A. Stanly, E. Grimes. C. Kups. "A" TRACK SCORES Acalalws Opponent 72 ..... ..... P ittsburg . ....... .. 41 58 .. ., .. Pittsburg .,,,. ,. 31562 58 .. ., Antioch . 5311: 105 . . . Al1li:lIl11ll'21 31 105 H .lflllll Swett , .... 5 8316.. . .. Alamulla . 511g 831g . Albany . rl T3 .. .. Diablo '10 80w .........,.. El Cerrito .......,.,., 32W The HA" Track tcain placed first in the County nmol. "B" TRACK SCORES Acalanes Opponent 61 - Pittsburg ..- 43 QLYMZ .,., , Pittsburg ,..... 3754: 11-'YMH Antioch , 4-6K2 6416 ., Alhambra . 60W 64-M, ,xllmiy . 4 5719 . , .. Diablo .. , 4636: OYMZ.. .... El Cerrito .. 3616 The "B" Track team placed first i County meet. n the A iv.. ....--0"' ...---' 5 Acalanes-1. 2, 3 Cecil. up and over Spin it. Jim! Wickman does the splits Ed ran a gfmd race How far will it go? "With a prayer in my heart" Our relay team wins Going, going. guns! 83 "A" SWIMMING For the eighth consecutive year, the varsity swimmers have captured the County crown. In this county competition our swimmers beat their nearest com- petitor hy forty points. Brooks de Laneux broke the school and league records in the 100-yard breaststroke. He also topped the school record for the 150-yard individual medley. Dick Hubach set a new school and league mark in the 200- yard freestyle. With most of the swimmers returning again next year, the team can be assured of another excellent season. SCORES .4 calanes Opponent A ralanvs Opponent 66 .......,,, Livermore ,,,,,,..., 7 23 ...,, ,..,. M odesto ....,Y.,,v,, 21 37 .... .,... H ayward ...... 38 55 .. ..... Monterey ...,,,, 20 21 ......,..... Cal Frosh ..,,,. 48M 39 ,, ..,,, Modesto ...... 35 21 .,........ Vallejo .I.C. .... LLM! 37 .. .,.,, Cal Frosh .,,,, . 44 26 ..,, ,.... P alo Alto .........t., 49 37 ,,,,..,... Mt. Diablo .......,,, 3 28 .......,.,.. Berkeley ,,.,,,..,t., 47 Class HA" swimmers placed first in the County. ln the North Coast meet they placed third. FIRST ROW, le!! to right: J. Stutiel, T. Roemer, J. Greenlaw, T. Morrish, C. Ostrom, J. Kistinger, D. Hubach, H. Bronson, J. Rounds, E. Huhach. SECOND ROW: J. Erikson, C. Drews, D. Weidlein, B. de Laneux, G. Budway, W. Rugh, E. Hunt, J. Jacnbus, L. Rogers, Coach Arth. " " SWIMMING Another fine year of swimming was recorded lay the ,lunior Varsity swimming teamg they sullered no losses in dual competition, and they placed first in the county meet. Boll Harrison set new school and league records in the 50- and 100- yard freestyle. and Stan Pedder lrroke the 50-yard lmackstroke school and county records. The 75-yard medley and 100-yard freestyle records were also broken. ,lim Small set the 100-yard lrreaststrokc and Kim Wilkin set the 75-yard individual medley record. SCORES Aralanes Opponent .flmlanes Opponenl -1-2 ,,,, ., Livermore .. ..,, , IS 33 Modesto .,., 24- 50 Hayward ,.,,, I6 48 ,, .. ,, Monterey 9 23 .. ,,., Palo Alto ...., ,, 43 -l--l- ., .. Modesto , 22 28 ,,,,,,., ,. Berkeley .,,,, ..,., 2 9 Class NB" swimmers placed first in the county swimming meet. ln the North Coast meet they placed fifth. FIRST ROW: K. Lylle. SECOND ROW, lefl In right: D. Stnetller, K. Wilkin, T. Klement. T, Mcrrv, P. Hcgerlc, M. White, D. Bridges, L. Harper, T. Marian, ll. Brown, R. Fiona. THIRD ROW: ,l. Sullivan, R. Gerow. H, Ran- dall. J. W'iggins, B. Harrison, S. Pedcler, J, Small, .l. Speigl, A. Dcleray, R. Kistinger. R. Lincoln, U. Bnulware. BASEBALL VARSITY FIRST ROW, left tu right: B. Turner, W. Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Fox, J. Rowron, G. Williams, D. Fey, J, Macauley, B. Westlund, A. Peronetto, K. Dann. THIRD ROW: M. Klement, B. Winkenhach, J. Henderson, A. Monsen, R. Ting, B. Borghesani, B. Littlefield, D. Garrett, Coach Mattson. JUNIOR VARSITY AND VARSITY RESERVE FIRST ROW, Iefl to right: E. Neighbor. R. Davis, G. Graves, M. Ferrarese, T. Sorensen, S. lndelicato, R. Johnson, E. Parks, D. Isaacs, R. Otto, SECOND ROW: B. Keller, J. Davis, J. Champlin, D. Townsend, M. White. R. Munn, G. Ramsey, D. Hupp, D. Austin, B. Tressider. THIRD ROW: J. Small, E. Hunt, A. Ruff, G. Furtado, N. Lescure J. Olcott, J. Groth, G. Hanawalt, B. Johanson, S. Mumford. The baseball team had troulile getting under way this season, hut after the first few games were played the team really started playing good ball. The squad ended up second in the league. The team can look forward to a great season next year as only two boys are graduating. Varslty and Varsity Reserves played many games this season, gaining much experience for the JA" squad next year. If "AW SCORES JR. VARSITY SCURPH ACllll1llPS Upponent A ralruws Uppom nt 1 ls 1 El Cerrito 6 .,,,,,,,.. Castlemont 4 .,..,.,... Richmond 5 ...,.,,,,, Livermore 0 ,,,..,,,.. Castlemont 1 ...,.,..., Richmond 2 ,,,, ,.... A lhany 2 i.,. .,,,, D iahlo l .,,,,,.... .lohn Swett 0 ,.,,,,,,., Emeryville l ,,,,,,,..,.. El Cerrito 9 ,.,......... Antioch 15 ..,......,,, Alhambra 8 ,,,, Pittsburg Jr. High 27 .,.,,,,,,, Livermore ..... W4 .,,. Pittsburg ,I r. High W-l ,,,,,.,,,, Livermore ,,.,, 3 ..., Pittsburg lr. High to 552 ' 13 ,,,, Pittsburg Jr. High 10 ........,, San Ramon ,,,,, 23 .,,,.,..,,,, El Cerrito ,.,,,,, 4 ,,,,,,,,,, San Ramon .,,. 2 ,,,..,,,,, Richmond ., ., iiDenotes Varsity Reserve. Castlemont Richmond Antioch FIRST ROW, lPff tu right: Coach Winchester, D. Rathjen, P. Lothien, B. Shannon, B. Tressider, B. Mahilo, SECOND ROW: F. Gates, J. Kistingcr, G. Fowler, N. Parsons, B, Wallis, J. Gray. TENNIS The Acalanes racket men had a very successful season this year with 14 wins and 2 losses. The team won the County Tournament as Howard Flanders annexed the county singles title, while Bob Wallis and Norm Parsons took the doubles title. Following the County Tournament, Bolm Wallis and Norm Parsons repre- sented Contra Costa in the North Coast matches. The top men on the team in their order of rank were Bob Wallis, Norm Par- sons, Howard Flanders, George Fowler, Dave Bentley and Jerry Cray. SCORES .4 calanes Opponent A calanvs Opponent 2 .,,, George Washington ..., 3 5 .,,... ,,,,, N apa ,..,,,,,,,,,,, 3 4 ,.,...,, Hayward ,,,,..... 3 7 .,., ,,,,, P alo Alto ,,.,, . 0 2 ,r,,,...,,,,., Modesto ,.,,,s......,. 5 5 ,.., .. Napa , ,. 0 The tennis team placed first in County Meet. GOLF This year's golf team had a very sum-csst'ul season with il seven win. two loss and one tie record. 'l'be team also won the eounty golf IIICCI. Bob Diehl was medalist for the meet. The first five positions were held in this order: Bob Diehl. Mike Elvidge, .lack Stoflel, John Barnett and Dave Cranston. Besides the coaching received from Mr. Dilling, the team was greatly aided by Mr. Pat Patton of Orinda. With only one man graduating, the team will have another excellent sea- son next year. SCORES gl eulrutvs Upponvnt .Al Palau vs Upponvnt 15 ... , Pittsburg ,, ,,,.,,. 3 21 ,.,, .... P iedmont ,, 6 4 , Richmond . ,,,,, ,, 1-L 9 ,... . ,, El Cerrito ,,,, 9 25 ,,.,.,..,,,, Pittsburg .,..... 2 23 ,,,,,.,,,,,, Piedmont ,.,, 4 Sw ,,,,,, ,, Richmond .,,,. .. WA! 'IM ...,..,. Lowell lS.F.l WA, 12W ..,,,,,,,, , Piedmont ,.,, ,, HM County Meet: First place. d FIRST RUVV. lrft tn righl: J. Luedduman. ll. Lucck, R. Orr, W, Williams. IJ, Reed, M. lilvidgc. SECOND RUW: C. Leash. B. Diehl, D. Cranston, J. Stnftel, R. Andrews, NI. Klement, B. Croll, Coach Ililling. BLOCK "A" The Block "A" is open to all boys earning a varsity block letter. The officers for the year were Joie Pearson, Presidentg Buddy Turner, Vice-Presidentg Walter Johnson, Secretary-Treasurerg and Raymond Ray, Sergeant-at-Arms. Any fellow winning the varsity award is entitled to wear an eight-inch block MA" and a stripe on the arm. The sport in which the fellow participates is designated hy an emblem placed on the block itself. County champions wear a star on the shoulder. FIRST ROW, left to right: H. Johnson, N. Parsons, B. Wallis, M. Elvidge, C. Drews, R. Lundgren, J. Pearson, B. Wickman, J. Price. SECOND ROW: R. Souder, W. Johnson, B. Turner, C. Ostrom, E. Murray, J. Greenlaw, J. Macaulay, B. deLaneux, H. Weber, A. Monsen, B. Fox, V. Osborn. THIRD ROW: D. Crossman, D. Reid, R. Ray, B. Diehl, B. Kleckner, B. Borghesani, R. Linn, A. Culp, D. Cranston, G. deAn2elis, E. Greub, C. Bacon, K. Wise. FOURTH ROW: A. Moresi, E. Broome, R. Osmundsen, T. Biggs. D. Fey, J. Daniel, H. Haskell, Z . Tinay, B. Winkenbach, J. Jacobus, R. Ting, FIFTH ROW: J. Rounds, J. Bowron, D. Cvietusa, A, Siler, R. Raines, T. Sanford, H. Flanders, John Williams, W. Siebecke, B. Powers, B. Stewart. T. Roemer, A. Dull. FIRST ROW le!! lo rxqht J Conley J Hall D Cooper R Johnson K Wilkln B Westlund J Burns R Williamson E Hunt H Bronson M White G Furtado SECOND ROW D Garrett T Sorensen S Indelicato E Ambose J Reynolds A Peronetto J Fender E Huhach T Morrish T Daniel R Otto M VIcFarlane THIRD ROW S Pedder N Tuttle J Ixeefe W Rugh O Babcock J Johnson D Reich T Koenig B Claxche W Brannan B Herrick CHIPS Chips IS the name given to letter holders of Junior Varsity classificatlon. Membership in this group is purely honorary. The winner of a B award is entitled to wear a six-inch block or an eight-inch block if the team is a county champion. CABINET LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Champlin, treasurer: P. Zamlnch, Junior repre- senlalive: J. Emerson, president: A. Parker, vice president: D. Hanawalt, commissioner of playdays: D. Piona, serretaryg C. Emerson, Sophomore KV It If 7 representative: B. Bettencourt, ad- I 'Q viser. Q53 - .. up X. rs . we px' , , k .4 ,X 7. , K 1 Zg.511"'. "9'47"" ' 1 '5 G. A. A. This year the Girls' Athletic Association continued activities under a newly adopted constitution. The old system of awards. on the basis of team selections and skill, has been changed to an award system hascd on participation. The awards range from a G.A.A. emblem to a special pin. This year these were pre- sented at a special assembly held for boys' hasketlmall during the third quarter. The order of awards is G.A.A. Emblem. Class Numeral, Block "A," Officials Bar and the special pin. Also under the new constitution the G.A.A. found itself with a new officer. the Commissioner of Playdays. This is a most difficult joh as the Commissioner has the responsibility of arranging for all playdays held at Acalanes and for organ- izing sign-ups and transportation to playdays held at other schools in the county. This year this job was very capahly held hy Dorothy Hanawalt. AWARD HOLDERS FIRST ROW, lr!! Io right: J. Chantler, A. Seulherger, S. Knipe, M, Zhavital, D. Hanawalt, D. Piona, A. Parker. Joann Taylor, J. Woodmansee, D. Reese, C. Brennan, M. Blankenship. SECOND ROW: J. Landes. K. Davis, C. Ferrell, A. Hatton, J. Ponting, S. Brown, K. Lyser, D. Owen. I.. Dalbey, A. Ciantichi. THIRD ROW: C. Inman- Kane, C. Courtright, V. deLaneux. E. Lyser, A. Champlin, M. Kittredge, A. Bronson. M. Downs, A. McAllister. A. Hawkesworth, J. Jansee, J. Irving. was-J MANAGERS FIRST ROW, lzfl in right: J. Chantler, A. Vittaly. SECOND ROW: A Bronson. M. Zbavi- tal. V. deLnneux. S. Brown. Activities of the G.A.A. were many during the year. Tournaments were held in all the major team and individual sports, which includes volleyball, basketball, spcedball, softball. tennis, badminton and swimming. Also playdays with the other schools in the county were held regularly throughout the year. Several playdays were sponsored by the Acalanes G.A.A., including a very successful Mod- ern Dance County Playday, which was the first of its kind ever held in this county. ln addition, two Sports Days, one at the University of California and the other at San Francisco Stateis new campus. were attended by Acalanes G.A.A. members. A new activity, bowling, was carried on during the third quarter and proved to be very popular. The girls had a special arrangement with the Broadway Bowl in Oakland, where they bowled on Wednesdays of every week in the quarter. Records were kept of the girls' scorcs and many showed much improvement dur- ing this time. The G.A.A. also engaged in other activities. The members were in charge of program sales for all games during the football season and for the county track meet held at Acalanes. The Girls' Athletic Association maintained a victory stand at the track meet and handled the presentation of awards. WINNERS OF ALL SCHOOL COMPETITION SPEEDBALL FIRST Row, lm fn ffgm: M. Santos. J. Freitas. J. Fry. SECOND ROW: J. Cutteral, J. Landes. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW. left to right: E. Jansse, J. Taylor, C. Petersen. SECOND ROW: M. Zbsvital. A. Champlin, D. Owen, D, Hanawalt, VOLLEYBALL FIRST Row, 1.41 M figm: E, Jansse, M. Maier, C. Emerson, M. Zbavital. SECOND ROW: V. de Laneux, A. Champlin, D. Owen, S. Knipe, D. Hana- walt. ww., 5 XZ P' ", 7.52. W' 'Qiggw .J MW W., Q A M fv- P Qf.Q'ik:1fwlg:,f ,., r. X y as 1 MS- J... ff" Q , , F , ff I-,fl ..541.,. --.Qi 4. ,V+ M, . , .k.,, J "I?if:ii:'1i . f E j - M4 A.. , If ,, H , .K ' j 3, A -www M -. -Q WMM. A-.4 ...Q f ag . ,an fix, Q i . ii , " A zap-...1f,p 0 ig... fa. ,K .. sigh .iff ' ' ' ,, ,, , Q . K S 1. "'f fb '- 1. fffiaw , ,iz V, . , ,V "4 ,, . M A 'W ,,.: 5:5552 f gi in Q 1 .-1 6' 3 x ?x '..A g 3:3 ' Q h .r . .... . X? Li? fi 'E .K 19' . -4 h K U -if fx f" ., m.,z, f 1 f , . W , MT ' -59175 V, ' 3' " Y . 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PLYMOUTH DEALER Phone 4442 I639 Main S+ree+ Wdlnul' Creek Since l92I LAFAYETE FOOD CENTER YOUR FRIENDLY ONE-sTOP MARKET VEGETABLES . GROCERIES . MEATS FOUNTAIN BEVERAGES Mi. Diablo Boulevard La'faye'He 9908 WRlGHT'S VILLAGE PHARMACY ORINDA Prescriprions 0 Cosmefics Foun+ain Phone Orinda 2 l5l 79 Orinda Highway Orinda, California HIGHLAND REALTY CID HIGHLAND CONSTRUCTION for Quarfer of a Cenfury Congratulote the Class of '51 Complimenfs of ZACK RADIO SUPPLY CO. San Francisco 0 Palo AI+o FRANK'S ORINDA HARDWARE IA+ I'I1e CrossroadsI Teleph 2585 OPEN SUNDAY MORNING MARKET BASKET AND Leovi'rt's Meat Market QUALITY MEATS o VEGETABLES DELICATESSEN o GROCERIES Qualify and F y F d fmPI Lfy++995o HACKER MOTOR CC. i' 929 SAN PABLO AVENUE STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE A ALBANY- CALIFORNIA 'A' LAncIscape 5-66I I COMPLIMENTS AMR I. 'CEIQF3 A fi ' .Q+',. 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I OF WALNUT CREEK . ewelry cameras Crgjis 1632 MAIN ' WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA H's I'I1e original saddle, wifh Ihe +apered +oe I Rrig 49 R ea .Q 'Q . .4 ' 2, 1 W- ,-.v l- 5. if 5 17 A j i fn ff , , 9:1 wir? 4'-ltiity WI1i+e Bucks Brown and WI'1i'I'e Saddles S U TT O N ' S Across from Ihe Plaza COMPLIMENTS of LAFAYETTE FURNITURE SPECIALISTS IN MAPLE W? E I Ili l'4E'. ' 'l', - Q' is ' -935592-r R E A L E S TAT E Walnui' Creek 47I9 LafaYeHe california I535 Main S+ree'I Walnuf Creek IF YOU'RE SATISFIED, WE ARE W. , 4 - IK , , V , ,ix 11" . f ., XR . .. , n. K: 5. 1 . , ...V A 1. 5 , 5' ff f 2 Mfr' ,MQ A 93 L gn' gs ? K. al ,rv ,V A-ff. W A rl T nl, A A ff VY ay' I' 1 I ., .4 f x Q . xv. , an iff my v K yrs W .n- -wx 77 1 :U ' 2 f -4 1 I: rf '- ' f '23 N fi Q 51 -,z.,.. uf . X4 I -iijfqvb f wk 'mb F? fs: Qtggk fr. u-- N 5 , 'S- R .gg wi , ffi Z at ffgfli' " JR fi 1,1 - -' Jivr . 'iq 43. A, , F , . -L: Jeff,- .5 -X, V , ' ... f .v , ' :qi 5541? Q' v fm 57 m we CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95l STATIONERS ART, SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES i6i3 Main S+ree+ Phone 96i 3 Walnuf Creek, Calif. ' CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES KITTY BAR - Walnu+Creek POR sooo VARIETY AND BEST QUALITY Trade wiih The WALNUT CREEK MEAT COMPANY HERB'S HARDWARE Everyihing for The Home and Garden POWER TOOLS Phone Walnui' Creek 45I9 I432 Main Sfreei Walnui Creek 4454 THE VILLAGE BABY SHOPPE WALNUT CREEK I C.,,,,,in,, . Tw . 63,5 PAINT SUPPLY co. MORWEAR PAINTS Orinda 2958 lf' fhe Village i630 Main Sfreei' Phone W.C. 355i Records-All Speeds Sheei Music HIRAM BRoXl33:'1+Zgd VIEISEER YOUNG ORINDA MUSIC HOUSE BOMAC'S Across from Pas? Office Bicycles I Lawn Mowers 0 Locks 230 Brookwood Road Orinda 2266 Sales and Service I947 Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek Properiies ihroughoui Conira Cosia Couniy Bones at SOULE REAL ESTATE MADALENE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 3354 ' l5I5 Main Sireei Wainuf Creek California ARVIN RADIOS AND ARVIN TELEVISION VELVET VOICE Sf? VISIBLE VALUE ASK YOUR FAVORITE RADIO DEALER FOR PRICES AND LITERATURE E' Congratulations WALNUT CREEK MOBIL SERVICE +0 fhe I60l Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek Senior Class of ISI COMPLIMENTS of+he SOUTH BERKELEY CREAMERY I723 MT. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek 937I MCCOY BUICK, INC. WALNUT CREEK 2008 M'I'. Diablo Blvd. W. C. 6736 VALLEY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY YOUR okueeisr Phone Lafayeffe 2500 3624 Diablo Blvd. Lafayeffe, California DIABLO DRUG CO. A Friendly Sfore Phone Walnuf Creek 9363 ...JOANN'S.. I343 Main Sf I AGENCY 9 Moraga Highway WORDEN TRAVEL l374 Main Sireel' Walnul Creek, California Orinda 2090 Orinda 2' I9 VAN'S SHOE SHOP BRIDWELL REAL ESTATE . Orinda Village l325 Mem Sireei -. ' d O ' d 429 Phone 2753 Walnuf Creek, California Orin a 224' rm E 'Q Exe , Q 1 , fi: ,V ' ,. X 3 5 -- J... .1.... ki., , ,,, , , k K , nf ,X A72 ff? 6 X 5' 4 fn cl X if 'J' Y ' gi is x H ' Q 5 um .CF KE, fp? 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Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek 2900 Orinda Beauty Shoppe Orinda Walnut Beauty Shoppe Walnut Creelc RALPH and OWEN WL 5 x"'k'f9'm iw Wm f nf . 1---- ,.,.,,,xA R AL ,. ,, ws, ,W ,, dx ff -- ,. KAA, ini, :zz 'WM 15 -if ' X In HT If wr' v"' 5 ' Y fair I , BOERO'S SPORTS SHOP AWARD SWEATERS ATHLETIC SHOES and GYM CLOTHING Phone 3263 l3I6 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creek, California McPhee's Fine Wallpapers N Early American Maple Furnifure I Walnuf Creek's Only S Home Owned Variefy Sfore I5I3 Locusf o Walnuf Creek Phone Walnui Creek 6.2. Phone 3658 I365 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creek J. T. Lucas Sores and Service STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS GUARANTEED USED cARs Telephone Walnuf Creek 4438 ZI96 Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek, California SHOES SHOES Teen-Age 1 NATURALIZERS CLARK S HARDWARE for Women LITTLE YANKEES and BUSTER BROWN SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS for Children SHOPSMITH 5 Power Tools in One "We Give S8rH Green SI'amps" Phone 3 l 96 Phone 47l I Walnuf Creek, Calif. I370 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creek, Calif. PARKEL LUMBER 84 SUPPLY J O E PA R K E L Phone WaInu+ Creek 357i I630 MI. Diablo Boulevard WOIUUT Creek Sheet BEST Of: LUCK IVIGTCII Grid I:urr'1CJCe CO. CLASS or 'si New Furnaces Insialled Furnace and Sheei' Meial Ins'raIIa+ions I-ifflels Yfjrdclge SI"1Qppe of all Kinds Repair Service on All Makes of Furnaces DRESS AND DRAPERY YARDAGE Phone Walnui Creek 2409 I H9 Tunnel Road WaInu+ Creek I384 Main Sireei WaInu+ Creek 599i s HOTPOINT o GENERAL ELECTRIC n WESTINGHOUSE e BENDIX Television Appliances o EIec+ricaIConIrac'ring THOMPSON ELECTRIC CO. I4I I Main Sfreei' - -------- - WaInu+ Creek 766i Gregory Village - - Concord 7697 EL REY MARRY THE GIRL COMPLETE We have Iha+ cuIe home your cuiie WILL Iove Noihing bui +he Besi O We Are as Close as Your Phone Try Our Delivery Service ReaI+or Phone Walnui Creek 446I Walnui Creek 679' I655 Main SI'ree+ Walnui Creek 5AMMIE,R5,X'ilT!?f 'NC' Service on AII Brakes s Free Pickup and Delivery TlllI'3'3 n your future l WHOLESALE R E TA I L ISI6 N. Main Slreel' PhoneW.C.67I4-67I5-67l6 BLACK'S MARKET Orinda l 1.. FINE DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED FOOD ORINDA PHARMACY Tunnel Road a+ Orinda Phone Orinda 6I2I Orinda California MEAT Enchanlmenl' by 'I'he Yard GROCERIES o PRODUCE BAKERY FABRIC CENTER DELICATESSEN ' FROZEN Fooo Lockeks '628Ma"'SI'eeI Walnul Creek 35I6 'T H"s Fun 'Io Sew . . . Economical, loo 63MoragaHighway Orinda604I Enchan+men'r by I'he Yard TROY'S ASSOCIATED STATION Orinda Crossroads TIRES ' BATTERIES ' LUBRICATION MORAGA VALLEY NURSERY IY6 Moraga Highway Orinda 6596 KLAD-EZEE CHILDREN'S SHOP BeI"I'er Cloihes for Girls and Boys I32B Main Slreel' Walnul Creek 2405 PHONE LAFAYETTE 39I4 and lei me show you how In sell your Io'r for Ihe highesf price. LEE C. DAVIESS, Realfor Cenfral Bank Building THE FRONTIER Hunfing and Fishing Sfore SPORTING AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT, GUNS One-half Mile Easl' of Lafayelfe LafayeH'e Food Cenfer Founfain HOT LUNCH and DINNER BIII and Aurora FINE FOOD f "Q-W ,- 1 Ox G5 HW is n W iz M M h k ,L 5 Q ws ff ., 9 ' in-. gf ff 'B f f v ! f vi af di ,X ' ' . p p if Y N 5 -- Y L " If I f y? W is " X v i A , k Aa K I A ,, A .Ag I , , A ii 3' a G " 5' xx Mei?-b'l7g S B'-yS i .1-' I i!'JL 3 E ,QQ -4 'fj F' EDS J. C. Penney Company Alherfs Nlillincry Leidy's Casual Shops Little's Yardage Shop Casa Grande Shoe Company Anita Shops Mode 0'Day Frock Shops Kirlmy Shoe Company Wlihorgis Childrenls Shop Viyian's .loscph Magniu Lucky Stores, lnc. Stephens Fountain Kostcrls Bakery Health Food Storc Davis Donut Shop Carter's Barber Shop individual Service Laundries Burn's Homc Furnishings Broadway Pharmacy Layne Credit Opticians Daniel Stucki Fino Jewelry SI'IliOl'.S Junior Bootery Wlalnut Creek Florist F. YV. Vlioolworth Sears Roebuck Crescent Jewelry Company Schwartz and G1-Odin L broadway . . . f . A ,eifwf . .ww A-M ' ,away ' 'We THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS MILLWORK o PAINT O HARDWARE Phone 4627 I70I Locusi Sfreei' WBIHUI Creek REICH HOLD CHEVROLET CO. WaInu+ Creek 448I Easf and Main Sfreefs WaInuI' Creek, California If' QEIEI J I IE . .., .,.. U CHEVROLET i f . CHEVROLET SALES G LALJELQQL SERVICE I.IR TTT EALER SINCE I928 YOUR IQIEVROLET D PPLY LUCAS MOTORS DIAMOND K SU Bill Magrafh DeSo1'o and Plymoufh High grade Used Cars Barbecues 0 Garden Tools 0 Tracfors of all makes Sand 0 Cemen+ o Sione Fer+iIizers Brick o Pa+io Ma'reriaIs 2I60 MI. Diablo Blvd. WaInu+ Creek Phone 33I5 M+. Diablo Blvd. Lafaye++e 4477 CRYSTAL FOUNTAIN La'FayeH'e Appliance 81 EIec+ric Co. lgxgiibeunsggi ICS Cinch Earl M. Creager, Proprieior Lafayehie CONTRACTING ' REPAIRING ' SUPPLIES A. L. STUDEBAKER PUMPING EQUIPMENT DAIRY EQUIPMENT lnfeIIigenfService+o+he Homeseekerand F- 8 Real Esfafe Invesfor PLUMBING C HEATING 3579 Mi. Diablo Blvd. Office: Phone 4746 ' Residence: Phone 2I I6 Laiayeffe 44-BI Lafayeffe I442 Main Sireef Walnuf Crebk. CHIN- YETTE PHARMACY BURMA ROAD RESTAURANT Chinese and American Food W. C. 2890 LAFA Reliable Prescripfions Locally SGH Green Siamps Lafayeffe 2 I6I Mori SparIing MI. DiabIo Bivd. N N w - 'U 1 2 S 2 5 if 2 5 5 z Z 5' F' N' F' C' Z 5 O 3 P 5' 5' U, W Q I J' Z I: I" 0 c C y N Z -. I :- E. + I- -'- "' C 0 rn g - 3 : O O P f Q Z O I- TN .4 E G5 5 -4 if -1 2 3 7' : E C Q ?i m A W rn ma: ' I 5 m g 3 - 2.3 7: 0 5' -Q rv g Z I 2. 7' uw 3' - m S U. :I + Q 2 3, O 0 " I' Q rn O 3, Z -I PQ SEZ E fn -6 5 z g I Q 3. 2 7' a o 2, 35 . m - 13,0 za J- ,- 9+ 0 9. I' 1 m gxv E 5-4 U 9' 2 m N 3 O 0' E 3- 5 m W3 sim A ig H32 fx sag nfl 25' .. U' 0 off' .2 - o F O fn 1 " Z S K 2 2 4' 5349 I O fn Z Z Z If C A 2- I - 'Q 3 9' - 9' 2 7: E - "' rf- : Z O W Z 5- "' Z E V' 2 ua 'U' W m 9 3 E 37 CD O 2 o +3 S :F I 5 2 Q aL 21 9 JU 0 Z 5 3 5 O fn I 0 O 3 -I - cr -an '4 Q -U Ze 9, gl 91 Sf 3 .z x N CL O 2- A 0- an x- - . 0 GJ - 3 - eor Rocks eonoow - e-or Rocks eonoorw - e-or Rocks eonoo - eov Rocks eoaoo - eor Rocks eonnoN - sow Rocks eonnow 3 I 2 U U 2 6' 3 I Q 2 9. 3 'fb 2' 3' S 8 6' 9-. 3 3-S S rf F ' 3' 3 ' 5 ? 2' Q I no E - 5 m ci 4 gtg 1 0- 5 5 :',- 3 3 5 3 Iv 3- Z 5 3 I 5 3 "' J' I 8 2. 3' 3 . 3' 3 L F T 3 5.3 Q E.: fb 0 g gh 3. g 5 9' Eg. Kg KD in gb .g SD 9' GH 0 0: C P' C Z Q 2 J . -h -1 ID 7 -4 z' 2 4 3 -I x m 3 -' + S m 51 U' I 9' Q- m 8- m 2 2 3 3 S " 0 2 ng 3- 2 '2 7-1 O ?2fff:'22fxsf":L2Pff'L6faas:v' 4-foo "' CD O 2 2 2 5"- 3' Q 1 an ' 5 S 34 -9 5' 3 "' 0 5' 'S 3 1 55 5 2 3 3 w 3' 40 3 -.. ' .2 47' 2, 5 "" VS- S- o 3:2 :T 2. m -4- 3, S m 5 0 Q. Ev- Q G' 'D 0 Ln o m - + U' 5' 0 - rv o 'U 0 0 'L 0 3 0 2.- 0 D' 9 o o :I 0 U' -- fn cn 2 + 0 Q-'U T11 0 2' ,D 3 V. 4 J 2 75 3 Q, 5 L9- 3 'D 3 0 I YZ- -0- + 0' o 5 5' cr 0 2 0 gg 0 0 fb I 9, U O 3 2 5 m C gg Q, D, 0 o :. 5 2 g -4 2 L0 1 3 2 2 Q J- il Q z w -0- 3 - ,,, -- 1 03,Q-,gi5TgQ2qgg'-Lg.5's'Q.w5'-5,3 2-3,3-5,35 1 1 3 2fTo2g:LQfL+2al,g2.S+-"-i5I'S- fTrE-3'9- Q 3 C 1 U- -. LQ V' . -1 S 3 3 2 of cn G' 9-. 9' cb 3' 9- '1' YL :S Q- 3- :V gn 5- -2' 53' 5- fb S- 2 . 7, o o 0 O 5 Noauoe sxoou 109 - Noouoe sxoou los - Noauoe sxoou lo-9 - Noouos sxoou me - Nocmoe sxoou los - Noauoe sxoou loo - 5 IN APPRECIATION Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Gray Miss Millicenl Hamburger Roberl' L. Ozias Waller Z. Kolasa Lederer, Sfreel' and Zeus Co., lnc. l-lal Maison Alice Smillw Ted Gurney l-lalMalson,Pl1o+ograpl1ers James Mapes The S. K. Smilh Company Earl Evans California Ari and Engraving Co. hal matun Official Phofographer for THE AKLAN Specializing in PORTRAIT and CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY 1' 3 0 +- +- CD P- 'U wo- U -I I GJ C O Ph HL MALL li . im if M3 LL 0 S UW 0 .5 g Rag EEO- funn. 0.141 Ol. Phone - LafayeHe 2444 LE I LL an 2 352 '-3 Din Jewelry Accessories Phone - Lafaye'He 3623 N LASS D I P- Q4 LLJ LD E 559 B- YU 5 4- C ru 50- E 0 Z m an IE "'fu ES' 22 -cv: 545 .52 m,,,,-FQ, we ,moans-D 725-0 gwjgm I7-0--2 .-1-20, IIQ. Ill -:KES "0 0 QDQQOU C.. I I 1 I I I i n I 1 C r E H i 4 1 1 i l I , n I I 1 3 1 1 I A 5 . E i 1 s ! 5 2 E E 5 s E I i E E . E e ,424 -Q-'wc' 1'-G-,-fm-...,,l1Lw:f1Ag'vw-v-1,-Q-xc: ww-kv-Vs-p-1+---'m Y- - - - - ' ' '- 1 ' - "V 1" ' 4-QQ, l ' ' ' gg-ggj1g5gq55',fga1gy,lgvg'p5gg5i

Suggestions in the Acalanes High School - Aklan Yearbook (Lafayette, CA) collection:

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