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f A ww f' W 2, 4' AAN 57 J, q Ns , si Gb JVM .,W , A , ' t 1 ibfo ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL TENTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE 1 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL LAFAYETITE. CALIFORNIA ACALANES 1940 Photo by Erwin Mat! AKLAN STAFF ANNE LARKEY Editor ANNE BADGLEY Art Editor PETE LARMER Sports Editor SUSAN DRUHE Senior Editor IUDY WOOLSEY Classes Editor IUDY LEE Assistant Editor CHRIS INMAN-KANE Activities Editor ALLAN KNIGHT Draftsman VERA RICHARDSON Art Adviser BETSY PEMBROKE BABS GRANZOTTO Manager CARL PE'I'ERS Head Photographer ART DULL Advertising Manager Photographer ALLEN MARSAN Sales Manager LORE'l"I'A DALBEY Assistant Advertising Manager IERRY GRAY Assistant Sales Manager IERRY MARVIN Assistant Photographer MILLICENT HAMBURGER Literary Adviser ACALANES - DECADE I Ten years ago on May ll, 1940 in a fertile tomato patch, the construction of Acalanes was begun. Within three months the desires of a cooperative commu- nity and the magic of modern engineering had created a high school, still un- finished as to buildings but completely furnished with eager students and hard- working teachers. Looking back, conditions seem pretty hectic: Public Speaking, English I and Math were being taught in various sections of the gym bleachers: Coach Mattson trotted in from baseball to teach World Historyg Miss Nicholson would turn off the gas jets in the chem lab, run down to the gym and grab a basketball, French, Spanish and Latin raised international havoc in the same class. Every room and teacher served double and triple purposes. Each year since that momentous first one has seen new developments at Aca- lanes. Three times it has been necessary to add new buildings: classrooms, shops, lunchroom and library. The student body has grown from its initial 395 to 950: the faculty from l3 to 47. Happily, this phenomenal growth has served only to intensify Acalanes' traditions of friendliness and outstanding achievements in all fields. Although a mere ten years young by ordinary reckon-ing, the Acalanes Don has an honorable history that goes back to the time he sailed into San Francisco and first explored the countryside. Dressed in his brilliant sash and jaunty som- brero cordobes, he rode over the hills of Contra Costa, made friends with the Aklan Indians, and chose a rancho near the center of the present school district. ......f-,- 1-seg...-,si :,jfe1fQ.,...- efe:.::.v.,-.f -- -:e:f-f1:--- f..--1 :A-,sf - - V, 1---1,3--, f..-,es 1- --as -A-- :.- -:fe - ----W - -- --ff ,- X 7 aj ,XX fm wil Pl 4 ttiii 'i , s 'iw X! ' , WD I R , LD 1 Ti: ' Q W LL Q --'-?-7 X i I - V37 MW? Ci lu ,slat W4 km A, ,, ,, W ,im ' 'J - ' -il, .lp 'X .., K V L N W V '35 if 'A - ' N "' " 4,1 Ami- W, "' km 4.5. 4. DEDICATION ln the decade of its existence, Acalanes has undergone rapid development, but this has not been without extensive planning and hard work. This year the l95U AKLAN is dedicated to one who for ten years has given generously of his time and energy in making this progress possible. He is a man loved by students and faculty alike for his cheerful smile and charming manner. No Acalanes event, be it banquet, dance, or graduation, is without his assistance. His patience and skill have helped to make Acalanes a picture of beauty with spacious lawns and flowering court gardens 7 consequently, our school ranks among the most attractive in the nation. lt is in friendship and gratitude that we dedicate the l95O AKLAN to Manuel Velazquez. OFFICE STAFF 6 ADMINISTRATION NEIL M. PARSONS Principal and District Superintendent DR. RALPH C. HALL M. H. STANLEY President Clerk ot Beard JOHN F. CHADDOCK CARI. NEWBURY MELVIN IACOBUS Former President Former President Former President ELAINE TURNER LOIS O'CONNER PHYLLIS PETERSEN Clerk Bookkeeper Secretary No! Pictured: ELEANOR ACCOMAZZO, Bookkeeper GUIDANCE LILY LAHTI STANLEY WALGRIZN Dean of Girls Vice-Prmcxpal Donn of Boy! ROSS REAGAN RUTH ELLIS VERA RICHARDSON LELAND RUSSELL Counselor Cqunggld Cmmgelqr Director of Guidance No! Pictured: BETTY LOPEY, Secretary During the past decade Acalanes has made notable progress in the field of counseling. Since the first year of the school, the counseling staff has in- creased from two members to six. It has also acquired a new and larger office. With better facilities to carry on this important work, the active and capable staff under the direction of Leland Russell devotes its time to helping and en- couraging students both in regard to their high school programs and their future plans. A personal interest is taken in each individual, and aid is given to him in finding and developing his own abilities. For this purpose the staff conducts several different types of aptitude, attitude, and achievement tests. Also this department provides an unlimited amount of information needed by graduating seniors in making their post-graduation plans whether they include working or attending college. 1 U STAFF .ANITA ANDERSON Business English, Typing, Shorthand. Ofiice Practice IOHN ANNIS Physics, General Science, Geometry LELAND ARTH Mathematics, Boys' Physical Education, Coach GERTRUDE BARTLEY English, Mathematics FLORENCE BASSIGNAN French, Spanish BEATRICE BEITENCOURT Girls' Physical Education GERALD BROWN Mathematics, Coach DEAN DAMBACHER U. S. History, World History, Social Studies OSCAR BUSCH Bands, Girls' Chorus EDWARD DILLING Typing, Shorthand, Business Law, Assistant Coach CHARLES DONNA Spanish CHARLES EATON Boys' Physical Education Coach RUTH EI.LlS Counseling, English CLAUDE FANCHER Woodshop BEVERLEY FISHER Biology, General Science RUTH FLETCHER Librarian MILLICENT HAMBURGER English, Dance BRUCE HANDLEY Ch., Mathematics Dept.. Algebra, Boys' Glee Club STAFF ELMO HEARD Crafts, General Shop EDWARD LAHEY Driver Training, Assistant Coach THEOLA LOHR Clothing, Boys' Cooking ROBERT LORD Typing, Bookkeeping, Student Body Accounts, Coach MARGARET MAHLER Public Speaking, English ERWIN MATTSON Boys' Physical Education, Coach BARBARA NELSON Art, English, Stage Crew RICHARD N'ESBI'1'l' English, Dramatics MARGARET NICHOILSON Ch., Science Dept., Chemistry, Student Store IOSEPHINE OCHOA Ch,, Language Dept., Latin, Spanish BEFSY PEMBROKE U. S. History, Audio-Visual, Testi Stage Crew, Aklan HELEN PETERSON Cooking, Homemaking, Cafeteria ROSS REAGAN Counseling, Geometry, General Science VERA RICHARDSON Counseling, Art, Stage Crew WILLIAM ROSS California History, Social Studies, English LELAND RUSSELL Director of Guidance, Mathematics WILSON SANCI-IH Ch., English Dept., English ROBERT STEVENS Mechanical Drawing, General Mathematics, Assistant Coach DAVID STEWART ROBERT THOM WILBUR TWINING MARIE WAGNER ELSIE WALLIN U. S. History, Senior Prob- Auto Shop U. S. History, Social Studies, Spanish Girls' Physical lems, Adult Education Senior Problems, Coach Education RUTH WEBB HENRY WEISS HELEN WILLIAMSON WEBSTER WILSON ALEXANDER Ch., Social Studies Dept., English, Social Studies, Clothing English Physiology, Biology U. S. History, World History, Iournalism, Blueprint Social Studies NON-CERTIFICATED STAFF LEFT T0 RIGHT: S. Gotti. E. Price. L. Sims. H. Farr. L. Freitas LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Veluzquez, W. Mudge. I. Iohnson, E. Linotli. V. Chiuvini. F. Salman. LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Rowland, L. Iarvis, A. Pinqitore, M. Barnard. B. Parr. FE fllll' 1 'l!!, Q in LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Hampton M. West. O. Babcock, G Hooper, M. Freeman, D. Be dard. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE Presided over by the Student Body President, the Citizenship Committee is composed of one sophomore, two juniors, and two seniors elected by their re- spective classes. With the aid of a faculty adviser, this group accepts or rejects all recommendations for citizenship points. RALLY COMMITTEE This year marks the second year of existence for the Rally Committee. The committee, composed of ten Seniors and ten Iuniors, elected as its officers Rich- ard Breuner, president: Pete Larmer, vice-president: and Shirley Van Cleave, secretary. It is the job of this group to see that the Student Body is "rallied" to support their teams by stimulating and entertaining rallies. At the end of each year, the members choose ten Sophomores to fill the vacancies left by the gradu- ating Seniors. FIRST ROW, lei! to right: R. Dunn, A. Kniqhl, C. Gelhaus, P. Larmer, S. Van Cleave, R. Brenner, D. Cvie- tusa, Mr. Stewart, Ad- viser. SECOND ROW: I. Swanson, Y. Mas- sone. THIRD ROW: R. French. I. Chantler, I. Price, I. Ollel1,F.Head, I. Iansse, I. Woolsey, C.Courtrighl. FOURTH ROW: L. Duranto, G. Hooper, I. Iacobus. C. McBride, O. Chiavini, I. Pearson, C. Inman- Kane. , LEFT T0 RIGHT: D. Laney. Treasurer: O. Chiavini, Vice- President: I. King. President: X. Iones. Secretary. BOYS' FEDERATION The Boys' Federation originated in the school's first year with a membership of l95 compared to today's 475. Including all Acalanes boys, this group held as its main event the annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet. Its other activities included a Faculty vs. Seniors basketball game, a basketball clinic, and a demonstration of police equipment by Deputy Sheriff Norman Wilson. . . RWM i .-".- GIRLS' LEAGUE LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Brennan, Sophomore Representative: S. Hawley, President: L: Castel- nuovo, Secretary: C. Court- right. Commissioner at Large: L. Lahti, Adviser: I. Swanson, Vice-President: D. Bee, Iunior Representative: F. Eaton. Treasurer: Y. Massone, Senior Representative. Composed of all Acalanes girls, the Girls' League successfully carried out several big projects. First among these was a magazine subscription sale which raised money for the organization. Later the Girls' League sponsored the annual March of Dimes campaign at Acalanes. ln May the girls held their biggest affair, the Mothers' Tea, "An English Country Fair." fa' 2 ffmvfw Q CLASSES 5 VYQQJ W Tr 1, W W Silky Q 3 Q 1 F2 SENIORS Desiring to make their last year at Acalanes a memorable one, the gradu- ating Seniors presented a series oi very entertaining affairs. First of these events was the Senior Assembly, "Hollywood," a sketch about lite on a movie set in which a number oi Seniors exhibited their previously undiscovered talents. Next, appropriate to the state of the elements in lanuary, the Seniors held the Senior Extra, "Stormy Weather." Then on April Zl they presented their Senior Play, "Mother ls A Freshman." Attended by a large crowd, the play was hailed as a fine production. The Seniors ended the year with a splendid Senior Ball, "Gar- den Of Memories," which again illustrated the abilities of this group. ABEL, HARRY WILLIAM-"Fuzzy"7 likes par-ties7 baseball 1, 47 plans to maior in criminology at San lose State. AALTIO. KAREN-Likes to sail7 S. B. Treas. 47 Red Cross 47 headed for San lose State. ADLER, IACQUELYN-"Iackie"7 favorite song is "Stardust"7 commercial maior7 plans to attend a business school. ALLEN, DAVID GEORGE-"Dave"7 favorite song is "Buttermilk Sky"7 football 37 might go to business college. AMBHOSE, DONALD LAWRENCE- "Blackie"7 parties are his favorite pas- time7 track 37 majored in history. BADGLEY, ANNE COOPER-"Annie": AK- LAN Art Ed. 47 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 47 office 47 wants to be a teacher. BARNHABT, SUE-Favorite song is "Blue Moon"7 C.S.F. 37 Audio-Visual 47 G.A.A. 3, 47 Cal bound. BARRETT, IIM-"Webster"7 football 37 track 2, 3, 47 Block A 3, 47 plans to be a lawyer. BATES, LEE-"Hoot"7 math-science major: football 3, 47 Block A 4: plans a maior in forestry at Oregon State. BEEDE. DOUG-"Goof"7 C.S.F. Pres. 37 Acalhonors l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 47 Rally Comm. 37 football 3, 47 basketball 3, 47 track 1, 2, 3, 47 going to study medicine at Cal. BIEHCE LYN-"Bud": Acalhonors 3, 47 Blueprint service award 37 wants to go to college then into the automotive in- dustry. BIGGS, MICHAEL H.-"Mike"7 outstanding pianist7 Acalhonors 2, 37 Boys' Glee 2, 3, 47 going into engineering at college. BLALOCK, lEHHYf"Ier"7 football 17 track 17 swimming 2, 37 tumbling 47 Chips Z, 37 going east to college. BORGHESANI, FORREST-Acalhonors l7 Student Council 47 Pres. Iunior Red Cross 47 football 2, 3, 47 baseball 2, 3, 47 Block A 47 headed for Pomona, BOWERS. BEVERLY-"Bev": likes dancing and "Without a Song"7 took a commer- cial course. BOWERSOCK, DIANA IEAN-"Shorty"7 sang for class assembles 3, 47 Blueprint 37 plans to go to college, then be a model. BREUNER, RICHARD-"Bonner"7 Class Pres, 37 Pres. Rally Comm. 47 Student Council l, 37 football 3, 47 baseball 1, 27 Stan- ford bound. BURKETT, IOYCE M.-C.S.F. 4: going to major in English and dramatics at Cal, BUSH, BARBARA ANN-"Babs"7 Acal- honors 37 Red Cross 47 planning a busi- ness course at Sacramento I. C. CARLSON. DONALD-"Don"7 likes dancing and "Blues in the Niqht"7 Acalhonors 2, 37 heading for Cal. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: lay Forni, Treasur- er: Yvonne Massone. Social Secre- tary: Pete Lai-mer, President: Ianet Davis, Secretary: Orlando Chiavini. Vice-President. CARLSON, NANCY-"Nance"7 S. B, Sec. 47 Rally Comm, 37 G.A.A. 3, 47 plans a business course at San lose State, CASTELNUOVO, LAURA-Business major: Girls' League Sec. 47 C.S.F. 3, 4- Acal- honors Z7 G.A.A. 47 plans to ao into de- signing. CHAMPION. BOB-"Champ"7 likes sportsg history major7 basketball 2, 3, 4. CHAPMAN, DIANE-"Tex"7 likes to dance7 history major7 G.A.A. 3, 47 going to take a buyers course in college. CHIAVINI. ORLBNDO-"Ole": VP. Boys' Fed. 47 Class V.P. 47 football 2, 3, 47 track 2, 3, 47 Block A 3, 47 plans to ao to college. COCKERTON. GEORGE-"Big George"7 All- County football 47 football 2, 3, 47 base- ball 2, 3, 47 track 3, 47 Block A 3, 4. CONNER, IOAN-"Beebe": art major7 Rally Comm. 47 Acalhonors 47 headed for San lose State. COOPER, LlLLIANf"Li1"i likes dancing7 commercial major7 G.A.A. 2, 3, 47 plans to go to business school. COURT, LeANNE-"Lee": likes drama and music7 Acalhonors 3, 47 headed ior Santa Barbara. COWDEN, BOB-Favorite song, "Again"7 basketball 37 track 3, 47 tumbling 47 go- ing to Davis. CROSE, BARBARA-"Bobbie"g likes "Star- dust"7 dislikes grouchy peopleu took a commercial course. CULVER, PHYLLIS-"Phe"7 favorite sonq, "Stax-dust"7 science majorp planning to attend Santa Barbara. DAVIS, FRED-"Pinhead"7 stage crew 47 art major. DAVIS. IANET-"Ian"7 Class Sec. 47 Stu- dent Council 17 Citizenship Comm. 37 history major. DAWSON, PHIL-Math major7 football 3, 47 baseball 1, 2, 3, 47 Block A 47 headed for Cal. DQTAH. BARBARA-"Annie"7 favorite song, "Lucky Old Sun"7 commercial majory plans to go to a business college. DIFFERDING. DENISE-"Dee"7 likes to travel7 C.S.P. l, 2, 37 chorus 2, 47 lan- guage major: headed for S. F. State. DRABIN. ROGER-Likes to hunt and fish: Band 1, 2, 3, 47 tennis team 3, 47 plans to major in science at Oregon State. DRUHE. SUSAN-"Sue"7 Class Treas. 37 AKLAN Senior Ed. 47 Ir. Statesman 47 going to Marin I. C. du PEE, BEVERLY IEAN-"Bev"7 came from Berkeley 47 art major7 plans to go to College of Arts and Crafts. 'Q l l l 1 l i EATON. I-'RAN'CE4"Frann"7 Class Sec. 1: Girls' League Treas. 4: C.S.P. 2: Acal- honors 1, 2, 3, 47 Red Cross 2, 3. 47 Cal bound. EGGERTS, MARCIA-"Petunia"7 came from Tech 47 Blueprint 47 lunior Statesman 4: headed for C. O. P. ELLERD, PAT-Likes to dance: Student Council 37 Acalhonors 1. 2: going to art school. FARRAR, JANET-"lefi"7 history maior7 Acalhonars 1, 3: G.A.A. l, Z, 3, 4: chorus 3, 47 going to work after gradu- ating. FEAGANS, LAHHY-"Pinky"7 football l, Z, 3, 47 basketball l, 2, 3, 4: baseball 3. 47 swimming 1, 2, 3, 47 Block A 3, 4: wants to be a coach. FERNANDES, VIRGINIA-"Ginger"7 history major: C.S.F. 2: office 4: G.A.A. 2, 3: taking a pre-med. course at San lose State. FEHRO, ROBERT NICHOLAS-"Boob": Class V.P. 37 football 3, 47 basketball 3, 4: track 3, 47 Black A 3, 47 wants to go to a I. C. FINZEL, SALLY-Likes dancing and "Star- dust"7 art major7 planning to go to Col- lege of Arts and Crafts. FOHNI, IAY SUMNER-"BoEo": C.S.F. l: Acalhonors 1, 3: Rally Comm. 47 Audio- Visual 3, 47 iootball 2, 3, 47 swimming 1, 27 Block A 3, 4: Cal bound. YRANDSEN. SONIA-Likes "Johnson Rag"7 business major: going to business school, FREEMAN, MARSHALL-"Marsh"7 S. B. Pres. 47 Student Council 47 Rally Comm. 3, 47 Citizenship Comm, 47 Acalhonors 37 basketball 2, 3, 4: swimming l, 2, 3, 4: Block A l, 2, 3. 4: Stanford bound. FRENCH. FLOHITA-"Rita": Class Soc, Sec. 37 Rally Comm. 3, 47 G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 plans to attend Dominican. GELHAUS. CLARK--Student Council 2 7 foot- ball l, 2, 47 swimming l, 27 baseball l, 2, 3, 47 majoring in P.E. at college. GRANTER. GEORGE-Likes working on cars and "Lucky Old Sun"7 swimming 1, 27 plans to Work after graduation. GRANZOTTO, BARBARA-"BabS": AKLAN Manager 4: C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4: Audio- Visual 3, 47 office 47 G.A.A. 17 going to Armstrong College. GREEN, RICHARD-"Dick"7 outstanding ball player: likes "I Walk Alone": baseball 2, 3, 4: shop major. GROVE, ROBERT IRVING-"Grovey"7 base- ball 2, 3, 4: track 3, 47 going to Whit- worth College. GRUVER, IOHN-Likes Dixieland music, "South"7 band 3, 47 headed for S. F. State. GUPPY, GEORGE-"Gup"7 Student Council 37 football l, 2, 3, 47 baseball 2, 3, 47 Chips 3, Block A 47 going to Cal. GUSTAFSON, KENNI'TI'He-"Ken"7 history majorg plans to go back east after graduation. HAMMOND, SALLY-"Sal"7 favorite pas- time is her little car7 band I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 47 majored in art and music. HAMPTON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, IR.- "Benson"7 Student Council 37 Citizen- ship Comm. 47 football 3, 4: track 3, 4: Black A 47 going to U. of Florida, HRNAWALT, DONAShop major: plans trip to Alaska after graduation. HANSEN, IOANN-"lO": likes knitting, "Mule Train"7 Acalhonors 1: Wants to be a teacher. HANSEN. MARILYNfG.A.A. Sec. 37 Acal- honors 1 semester7 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 headed for U. of Utah. HANSEN, WEHNER-"Buddy"7 likes "Ghost Riders": music 1. 2, 3, 4: tennis, 3: qo- ing to St, Ma.ry's. HAHKNESS. HARVEY- "Kay": dislikes Women drivers and cops: plans to go to college. HAWLEY, SYLVIA-"Silver": Pres. Girls' League 47 Class Sec.-Treas. 27 Student Council 3, 4: Dance Pres, 47 Acalhonors 2, 37 Dance 2. 3, 47 G,A.A. 2, 3, 47 danced Madonna role in Christmas per- formance. HRWORTH, LO!!-"Loie"7 likes to knit and "Lucky Old Sun"7 wants to attend a I. C. HAYES, BOB-"Sam"7 likes parties7 shop major7 plans to go to college, HENDRIX, ANTHONY-"Spanky"7 likes "Mule Train"7 rneoh. drawing major: going to be a draftsman. HERRICK, PAT-Came from Diablo 47 likes swimming and "Always"7 G.A.A. 2, 3, 47 planning to major in P,E. at Cal. HOFFMAN, DONNA LEE-"Hoffie": Class Seo. at Bret Harte 17 C.S.F. l, 2, 37 Acalhonors 3, 47 plans to go into phar- macy, HOLLING, GLENN-"Buggsy"7 likes "Mule Train"7 majoring in architecture. HOSKINS, MARILYN'-Favorite song is "So In Love"7 C.S.F. 1, 27 Acalhonors 3, 47 chorus l, 2, 37 plans to attend college. INDELICATO, HOSEMARIE-"Rosie"7 G,A.A. Rep. 47 Acalhonors 37 Student store 3, 47 cafeteria 47 chorus 3, 47 headed for San jose State. INGZBRIGTSEN, EHIK-Favorite song is "Blue Moon"7 art major7 stage crew 47 basketball 47 plans to go to Cal. INGRAM, DONN' I.eRIXY-Likes to ski7 C.S,F. 2, 3, 47 band 2, 37 Audio-Visual 3, 47 plans to be a science major at Stanford. IRWIN, EDGAR-"Nodge"7 football 3, 47 track l, 2 , 3, 47 Block A 47 shop major. JACKSON, LIZRBETH ANNE-"Liz"7 dis- likes silly boys7 brunch 47 plans to at- tend business school, IARVIS, IRENE-Enjoys reading7 C,S.F. 4: Acalhonors 1, 2, 37 G,A,A. 17 plans to major in religious education at Whit- worth College. IOHNS, ALAN-Science major7 C.S,F. 3, 47 orchestra l, 2, 4: headed for Cal. IOHNS, DONNA-"Donnie": likes "One Alone"7 library worker 2, 3, 47 history majorp going to a I. C. IOHNSON. BARBARA-"Bobbie": business major7 brunch l7 receptionist 47 headed for Armstrong College. IOHNSTON, GEORGE-Transfer from Oak- land 37 likes to ski: track 3, 47 plans to go to Cal, IONES, KENNETH-"The Kid"7 Boys' Fed. Sec. 47 football 3, 47 basketball 2, 3, 47 baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Block A 2, 3, 4. JONES, MILTON-HIOSHJ likes to listen to records and "Slippin' Around"7 plans to major in history at C,O.P. IUNKER, MARILYN-Transfer from Notre Dame des Victoires 47 history maiorp G.A,1X. 2, 3. KALLAS, PETER G., IR.-"Pete"7 football 2, 3, 47 basketball 2, 3, 47 baseball l, 2, 3, 47 shop major. KEEFKUVER, WILLIAM THOMAS, IR.- "Bill"7 basketball l, 27 track 2, 3, 47 shop major7 plans to be a barber. KE!-IFE, EDeFavorite song is "Somehow": shop majorp plans to attend a I. C. KEEP, NEIL-"Ken"7 likes to play golfp track 2, 3, 47 plans to major in medicine at Northwestern. KINDLER, GLEN-Likes "Begin the Ee- guine"7 C.S.F. 2, 47 Acalhonors l, 37 Boys' Glee 3, 47 going to major in math at Cal Tech. KING, IOHN DANIEL-"jack"7 Boys' Fed. Pres. 47 Class Yell leader Z7 football l, 2, 3, 47 baseball l, 2, 3, 47 track 3, 4: Block A 3, 47 math major. KING, ROBERT-Likes to play cbess7 favor! ite song is "Gypsy Dance"7 planning history major at S. F, State. KITTREDGE, DONALD-"Don"7 football l, 2, 37 headed for S. Y. State. KNIGHT. ALLEN-"Al": Class Pres. 1: Citi- zenship Comm, 3: Rally Comm. 4: Acal- honors Z: football Z, 3, 4: basketball 3, 4: plans to go to college. KRAUNSNICK, CHARLOTTE - "Char": chorus l, 2, 3, 4: plans to get married. LANEY. DICK-Likes hunting and fishing: Citizenship Comm, 3: football l, 2, 3, 4: basketball l, 3: track 1, 2, 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: history major: Boys' Fed. Treas. 4, LARKEY, ANNE-AKLAN Ed. 4: Pres. lunior Statesmen 4: Student Council 2, 4: Girls' State 3: Girls' League Hep. 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: going to college. LARMER, EDWARD PETERf"Pete": Class Pres. 2, 4: V.P. Rally Comm. 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: AKLAN Sports Ed. 4: All-County football 3, 4: football 2, 3, 4: track 3, 4: Block A, 2, 3, 4: Stanford bound. LASSAGNE. THEODORE D.-"Ted": out- standing pianist: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4: Wants to attend M.I.T. LEAVITT, ANN-Dislikes dull people: art major: Oregon State is in her future plans. LEWIS, RICHARD EDGARf"Eddie": likes swimming and "Baby lt's Cold Out- side": mech. drawing major: headed for college. LINN. ANNf"Annie": transfer from Oak- land 4: likes "GoodAby-by": going to College of Arts and Crafts. LUCAS, CLIFFORD FRANK-"Cliff": foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4: basketball l, 2, 3, 47 track 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: shop major. LUCAS, LAWRENCE-"Luke": V.P. Block A 4: Student Council 4: All-County foot- ball 4: football l, 2, 3, 4: basketball 1, 2: track l, 2, 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: go- ing to Oregon State. LUCPS. VERNON-"Shorty": car-fiend: shop major: plans to be a mechanic. LUMAN, ARLINE PAY-Enjoys singing: stage crew 4: plans to major in art at College of Arts and Crafts, MacMAHON, BARBARAf"Bobbie": S. B. Soc. Sec. 4: Rally Comm. 4: Red Cross 4: Acalhonors 3, 4: will study to be a teacher at Cal. MACOMBER, IAMES ALDENY"Mac": Red Cross 4: track 1: swimming 2, 3, 4: plans to attend the U, S, Coast Guard Academy. MACOMBER, KENT-Likes to fish: C.S.F. 2. 3: stage crew 3: plans to major in math at S, F. State. MALLEY, PAT-"Patty Lou": dislikes loud people: took a general course. MARTINEAU. GLADYS-"Pudge": art ma- jor: plans to attend San lose State. MASSONE, YVONNE-Likes "Night and Day": Class Soc. Sec. 1, 4: Girls' League Rep. 4: Dance Group 3, 4: Rally Comm. 4, brunch 4: might go to San lose State. MATTA. BRUNA-Favorite song is "Some Enchanted Evening": took a commercial course. MCBRIDE, CLARK-"Rube": Blueprint Sports Ed. 1, 3: Rally Comm. 3, 4: football 2, 3, 4: baseball 3, 4: Block A 4: going to Oregon State. McI"E'l'RIDGE, ARLYSS-Likes to ride: came from Oakland 4: planning to attend Col lege of Arts and Crafts. MCKENZIE, GEORGEf"Mac": likes to swim, Blueprint 3, 4: swimming 3: wants to study advertising in college. McNII"F. GRACE-Favorite pastime is knite tinq: Acalhonors 1: Spanish major: will study teaching at S. F. State. MILLER, DONALD B.-"Dimples": likes playing the piano and "Because": plans a commercial major at U.S.C. MOKE, PAUL DAVID-"Dave": came from Alhambra 4: Class V.P. 1: football an- nouncer 4: lunior Statesmen 4: going to Santa Barbara, MONSEN, FRED MARTIN--"Dutch": likes to hunt and fish: football 2, 3, 4: headed for Compton I. C. MORK, ADELE-Favorite song is "Droam": Acalhonors 3: G.A.A. 4: going to Arm- strong College. NELDAM, IACK-Favorite song is "Again", industrial arts major, plans to work in bakery after graduation. NELSON, IOAN-Likes "I'll See You ln My Dreams", Spanish major, plans to go to Marin j. C. NICOLAI, ROBERT-"Bob", band 4, plans to ga into the Navy. NIEMANN, IOAN-Enjoys sewing, C. S. F. 2, 3, 45 Acalhonors l, G.A.A. 45 plans to take a medical course at Cal. NUNLEY, NORENE-"Rene", likes to paint, Student Council 2, art major, plans to get married. OAKLEY, IACK-Likes hunting and "So Tired", math major in high school, ODELL, l0EvFavarite song is "Don't Cry, joe", Rally Comm. 45 football 2, 3, 45 Block A 4: plans to attend college, ONEAL, SHANNON-"Shanny", likes danc- ing and "Forever and Ever", Blueprint 2, 35 library worker 3, 4, ORME, FRANKfFavorite song is "Riders In the Sky", math major, track 3, 45 going to college. ORTLAND, RALPHiDislikes party-poopers, favorite song is "Mule Train", math major, PARSONS, DAVID-"Dave", likes to swim, track 2, 3: art major. PATTERSON, GLADYS-"Sweet Pea", likes sevtring and "Near You", commercial major. PEAKES, Wll.I.lAMg"Bill", enjoys dancing, C.S,F. 1, Z, 3, 45 Chips 3, 4, plans to major in forestry at Cal. PFEIFFER, PAT-' 'Egbert", horse-lover, G.A.A. Pres, V,P. 45 C.S.F. 3, Acalhon- ors 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Block A: headed for Davis. PIONA, GEORGE-Shop major, football 1, 2, plans to work after graduation. PLUM, GI.0RIAf"Glo"5 enjoys knitting, likes "I'll See You In My Dreams", home econ. major. POZZOBON, DORlSi"Pots", favorite song, "Someday", commercial major5 C.S.F., going to a school of music. PRICE, IACQUELINE FRANCES-"Iackie", Assistant Yell Leader 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, Acalhonors 15 G.A.A, l, 2, 4, plans to be a pharmacist. RANDALL, IoANNEf"jc", likes to ski, G.A.A. 3, 4, going into nurses' training at St. Mary's Hospital. RAUCH, MABELA"Mike"5 likes to dance, commercial major, plans to get married. READ, FRED--Favorite song is "Dream", Yell Leader 4, Rally Comm. 3, 4, Acal- hanors 3, basketball 2, 3, headed for Cal. REARK, BARBARA-"Barb", C.S.F. 3, Acal- honors 1, 2, Dance 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Block A 4, going to Cal. BEDDING, BEV-Hobby is cars, art major, plans to attend Armstrong College. REYNOLDS, WILLIAMf"Bill"5 likes to write dance arrangements, C.S,F. 3, 4, Acal- honors 1, 2, 3, 4, band 1, 2, 3, 4, plans to go to college. RHOADES, EDITH-Favorite song is "Now is the Hour", Acalhonars 2, 35 chorus, clothing major. RICHARD, IOYCE ANNEf"Io"5 likes "Again", office worker 4, majored in history and math, going to a business college. ROBERTS, DAHLIA-Favorite song is "Deep Purple", majored in art: may go to art school. ROCK, SHIRLEY-"Rocky", likes to ride, transfer from Piedmont 4, music 2, 3, plans to major in history at Stanford. ar- ,Q .1- ROTHGERY, CAROL ANN-Likes dancing: Blueprint 47 chorus I, 2, 35 brunch l, 25 took a business course: wants to be a model. ROWLAND, MARYALICE-"Mirni": likes "Stardust"g V.P. C.S.F. 47 C.S.F. 2, 3, 47 Acalhonors lg headed tor Cal. RUF, I.ESTER4"Bones"g maiored in math and music: Audio-Visual 3, 4: qoing to S, F, State. RUFF, PAULf"Bud"g likes movies: math majorg football 2, 3: plans to work after graduation. SCHAEFFER, KATHERINE I..-"Kathie"g chorus 35 maiorette 3g plans to be a teacher. SCHMIDT. DON-Majored in historyp plans to attend S. F. State. SCHNEIDER, FREDRIC-"'Fred"g likes all sports: basketball 47 plans to major in forestry at Cal SELLICK TOM Buzz Block A 2 music l 2 3 4 football 1 basketball l track 3 SHEPHERD BILL- Shep majored in his tory and math tennis 3 4 going to Cambridge SHOLIN KENNETH Football l 2 3 4 basketball 2 3 4 mamred in shop SIEBERT IOAN Ioame likes dancmg and Again plans to ma7or 1n radio at college SILER GRANVILLE Granny transfer from Berkeley 4 football 4 basketball 4 track 4 Block A 4 Cal bound SILVERIA IOELLA I commercial ma lor band 3 4 GAA 3 4 plans to attend Oregon State SMITH ANN CSF l Acalhonors 2 3 history language major Santa Barbara bound SONDAG BARBARA ANN Enyoys reading CSF 1 Z 3 4 Ir Statesmen 4 plans to study teaching at Cal SONDAG ROBERT AL- Bob likes hunt mg and fishing CSF l 3 4 Acal honors 2 mcuormg in engineering at college SPARKS IOYCE-Likes to bowl transfer from Corcoran l-li 3 soc science major may go to college STANLEY GUY RICHARD Likes to drive tootballl 2 3 basketballl 2 3 base ball l tumbllng 4 Block A 2 3 shop mayor STEET BETTY IRAN Likes to ski and Haunted Heart GAA l 3 wants to be an 1nter1or decorator STEVENS PATRICIA Pat Audio Visual 2 3 4 office3 4 GAA 2 plans to go to college STEWARD GRACE ANN Gracie favor to Santa Rosa I C STIRTON IACK L1kes all sports football l 2 3 4 basketballl trackl 2 3 4 going to Oregon State STROTHER DAVE-Boys Glee2 3 destma tion C O P SWANSON IACQUELYN Jackie VP Girls League 4 Student Council 3 ?S F brunch 4 plans to attend col ege TAYLOR LELAND HARRIS Lee Student Council 2 Acalhonors 1 2 3 4 stage crew 2 3 4 football 2 3 Cal bound TAZER DICK Dinkie favorite song is Love sick Blues shop ma1or THEARLE IIM Books Student Councill Acalhonorsl 2 swimming 3 shoving off for Annapolis THOMAS BETTY GAYLE-Likes I1 I Loved You Class Sec 3 Student Council l Acalhonors 2 3 business magor I -if H: 7 - 1 n 1 T 7 1 ' .1 H: - t - . I -., . H: . - ' H H, ' -H of.: . - 1. An, 4 n , -4 , . FJ. ff, - . 4 ' . - . ' . l 'W ite song is "Black and B1ue"p may go sr T , - -' ' . H if . ., . : 7 . . . 7 I V' I fl , V , - ' I Til I lr' ,rt it - 1 -.. H, , . - 1. V I : .Lf X: I I I - 1. , V U, I . ' THOMAS, IANICE-"Ian": likes to ride: Stu- dent Council 4: Acalhonors: going to Cal. THUNEN. DOROTHY ANN-"Dot": C.S.F. 2, 3: office 4: Red Cross 3: chorus 3, 4? plans a business major at Sacramento I. C, TIGRRD, CHET-Likes hunting: science ma- jor: stage crew 3: Acalhonors 3: going into dentistry at Cal. TORCHIO, LLOYD IOHN-"Floyd": S,B. V.P. 4: Class V.P. 1: football 2, 3, 4: basket- ball 2, 3, 4: baseball 2, 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: going to college. TURNER, BILL-"Willie": artist: outstand- ing on decoration committees: football 2: track 1, 2: Block A 3. 4: headed tor C.O.P. TWOMEY, IOHN-History major: basketball 2: swimming 2: track 3: going to St. Mary's. VAN CLERVE, SHIRLEY-"Shirel": Class Soc. Sec. 2: Rally Comm. Sec. 3, 4: jr. Statesmen 4: plans to attend San jose State. VAN DEVENTBH, LYN - Likes Modern Dance: C.S.F. 1, 4: Acalhonors l, 3: lgance 4: plants to attend Santa Bar- ara. VAN VOOHHIS. MARK CORINNE-"MiMi": Student Council 2: Blueprint 3, 4: brunch 3, 47 chorus 1, 2: wants to work for a newspaper, WARREN, ROBERT WALTER-"Iiggers": favorite pastime is sports: Acalhonors 3: track: baseball: Block A 3, 4: busi- ness major. WELCH, DEAN-Likes "Deep Purple": cafe- teria 3: Boys' Glee 3, 4: going to C.O.P. WELLS, MHHIORIE ELIZBBETH-"Marge": can't stand back-seat drivers: going to a business college. WEST, MYRNA-Blueprint 3, 4: library 3, 4: G.A,A. 2, 3, 4: plans to attend a busi- ness college. WHITE, CAROL-Likes "Whiffenpoof Song": C.S.F. 2, 3, 4: Acalhonors 1: going into nursing at Cal. WHITE, IACQUELYN-"lackie": likes to rider drama 3, 4: wants to be an in- terior decorator. WILLIAMS, BARRINGTON-"Earry": favor- ite song is "The Very Thought of You": gtg?-Visual: will major in science at WILLIAMS, ROSE MARIE-"Stinky": likes to sing: office 45 brunch 4: chorus 1, 2, 3: going to Hea1d's College. WILSON, MERCEDES-"Merc": favorite pas- time is raising Great Danes: Acal- honors 4: office 4: bound for Davis. WOOD, PATTY-Favorite song is "Beyond the Blue Horizon": office 4: G.A.A. 4: plans to go to college, WOOD, WALTER STEPHEN-"Steve": swim- ming Z, 3: majored in history. WOLD, ROSS-"Ponty": majored in history and language: Ir. Statesmen 4: plans to major in journalism at college. WORDEN, IRCQUELINE-"lackie": favorite song is "Stormy Weather": majored in home economics. ZUMWBLT, SCOTT-Favorite song is "Eager Beaver": C.S.F. 1, 2, 3: tennis 3, 4: Block A 3, 4: plans to go to Cal. Not Pictured: MONAKO, MARILYN -- Transfer from Los Gatos High School: pet peeve is poly- annas: math major: plans to study ac- counting. WILS-ON. IO-Favorite song is "Tempjg. tion": transfer from Tech High: after attending C. O. P., will teach drama in religious education. Not Pictured: SAUNDERS. RICHARD DENNB-"Duku": student. stars 3. 4: foot- ball manager: plans to attend the S. F. College of Mortuary Science. PHRRO. RAYMOND N,--"Raya: tranzfn from Clovndab 4: elected S. B, Pres. 4: Clam V.P. 1: basketball 1. 2. 3: haswull 2. 3: Block C 2. 3: science xnuior. LOWE. GHESTHK-Came to lscaloxxu in his senior your. YURX. IAC!-lilo! "Llnd4I"7 loolbflll Li, 3,12 L 22 Q...,.x.x a...l........,..4....x,.xr' . . 1 - 4 4' 1 Mr ski 1 ,am wx- -JW! mf l Xt ,, OFFICERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: Ed Broome, Vice President: Dodie Bee, Treasurer: Bob Fox, President: Pat Berminqhum, Secretary: Laverne Durunle. Social Secretary. JUNIORS The Iunior Class started the year ott with a bang when they lowered the drawbridge and threw "A Knight Out." This affair turned out to be one ot the most successful Iunior Proms on record. Later, during the annual Christmas gilt campaign, the Iuniors again proved themselves outstanding when eight out of their ten advisories reached the hundred percent mark. On February twenty- lirst, they further showed their abilities when they held the Iunior extra dance, "Down On The Farm." The Iuniors' biggest success ot the year was the Iunior-Senior Banquet, "Deep South." In an atmosphere of Southern hospitality, the Iuniors served the Seniors' dinner and provided them with excellent entertainment. Later, the same enter- tainment was given in an assembly for the whole student body and was also taken as an exchange assembly to Alhambra and Mt. Diablo. FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Tinkham. D. Iordcn. I. Hugh- ett. B. Bennetts, 1. Woodman- ses. N. York. SECOND ROW: S. Castro, R. Vecchi, I. Leo. THIRD HOW: T. Froines, I. Cook, D. Wendell, R. Bird- well. B. Hamid. FOURTH ROW: B. Machado, F. Simi, D. Munn, C. Glizzi, I.. Specht, M. Blankenship. FIFTH ROW: P. Stegmon, D. Wood, B. Stir- ton, I. Klick, R. Palin, C. Ba- con, I. Fender. FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Daniels, M. Zamloch, K. Tynes, S. Mclininch, E. Simenson, B. Thompson, B. Slauson. SEC- OND ROW: C. Inman-Kane. P. Oliver, V. Osborn. L. Foulk- ner, T. Roemer, H. Nielson. THIRD ROW: I. King, S. Cock- erton, M. Ml:Murphy, R. Haines. FOURTH ROW: D. Broderick, N. Morris, D. Iohn- son, M. Probert. V. deI.cmeux. FIFTH ROW: I. Merkle, B. Burkett, D. Spurgeon, C. Leach, B. Wickmun, T. San- ford, D. Hodge. .. us. 152+ fb' is , V. :Z FIRST ROW. lah to right: M. Collins. D. Wadman, R. Frei- ins, B. Irwin, M. Sllvu. D. Bedard, A. I-Icwkesworih. SECOND ROW: C. Seat, I. Hull, R. Tinay, D. Bearden, D. Reich, K. Green. THIRD HOW: I. Greene, C. Fitz- patrick, I. Sierner. FOURTH ROW: M. I-Iaddley, A. McAl- lister, I. Emerson, M. McFet- ridge. FIFTH ROW: F. Pierce, S. Lawrence, R. Dunn, R. Lundqren, I. Freeis. I. Wahl, I. Erilzson. FIRST ROW, Ie!! h- righi: C. Grasse, C. Couririqhi, I. Woul- sey, I. Icxnsse, M. Kittredqe, D. Graves, A. Summers. SEC- OND ROW: W. Saunders, A. Reiter, N. Warren, I. Helms, K. Ernst, L. Atkinson. THIRD HOW: R. Stanley, D. Mnriara, P. Cash, 'I'. Hageman. FOURTH ROW: D. Bee, A. Pendleion, S. Tomer, P. Ber- mingham. I. McCrurn. FIFTH ROW: A. Mcrrsun, G. Heick, B. Matheson. A. Hughs, I. Biasoiti, I.. Sotnmers, D. Miller. FIRST HOW, Ieit to right: I. Merrow, M. Kennedy, A. Yeager, M. Burger. M. Mc- Reynolds, A. Gadsden. SEC- OND ROW: K. Lyser. I. Cush- man, I. Wileni. THIRD ROW: A. Hutton, D. Hocketf, I-I. Weber, I.. I.ilteII, I. Ponting. B. Weill. FOURTH ROW: M. Milisich, E. lohnston, C. Mor- qun, D. Owen, D. Allen. I. Velazquez. FIFTH ROW: N. Passur. C. McPhee, D. Van Nest. N. Parsons. G. Fowler. T. Smilh, R. Sauder. x,,-N N. I , OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Millar. Treasurer: Iackie Kennerley, Social Secretary: Mike Klement, Presidenli Loretta Dalbey, Secretary: Bill Claiche. Vice-President. FIRST ROW,. lah to right: I. MOSI1 M. Kuyel. M. Hawley. M. Hansen. N. Mcliibbon. I.. Iohnslon. SECOND ROW: I. Higdon. A. White, I. Vurok. R. Sillsrl. I.. Manise. A. Stan- Ity. THIRD ROW: M. Orr. R. Dutru. B. Lewin. P. Timmons. FOURTH ROW: C. Nelson. P. Cory. M. Santos. D. Schnitx- lur, C. McDonald. S. Machado, I. Ionsan. D. Pescio. FIFTH ROW: B. Silvox-in, W. Colo. I. Lynch. G. Parry. D. Dun- can, M. Ronnhurg. I. Runklo. D. Bold. FIRST ROW. lol! to rlghl: I. Kennedy, W. Patrick. M. Couch, P. Everul. E. Noldum. A. Gorman. I.. Innes. SEC- OND ROW: V. Brahman. B. Borqhuani, D. Badgley. I. Marvin. H. Flanders. B. Pow- lrl. THIRD ROW: H. An- drowl. B. Diehl. D. Kun. D. Arvidson. S. Brown. FOURTH ROW: P. Shalvey. M. Thin. I. Sicqls, I. Allen, S. Crook. I. Landau. A. Champlain. S. Curry. FIFTH ROW: R. San- tos. E. Weber. 0. Gibson. R. Siler, I. Price. R. Williams. R. Linn. I. Oqdon. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Ward, B. Dawson, K. Man- ninq, A. Saunders, I. Wriqht, I. Busch, I. Very. SECOND HOW: B. Hansen. B. Claiche, I. Macaulay. D. Srxlonius, M. Downs. THIRD ROW: R. Capri, B. Westlund, N. Ec- ccxrius, T. Koenig, L. Derrick, H. Watson. FOURTH HOW: D. Green, N. Carroll, P. Malvey, D. Orme, V. Hiqdon, C. I. Earle, S. Kqipe, I-'. Cooper. FIFTH ROW: G. Shullenher- got. I. lolly, G. Coed, N. Les- cure, H. Haskell, F. Barnett, I. Rcynoldl, L. Anlani. FIRST HOW, lelt to right: S. Costa, B. Springslon, C. Fer- rell, S. Lundquist, M. Gray, V. Watkins, E. Platner. SEC' OND HOW: I. Iohnson, R. Rogers, S. Groenninqs, C. Drews, li. Dickie, I. Cotteral. I.. Wendell. THIRD HOW: I. Kistinger, D. Platt, B. Morgan, R. Hawkins, R. Ting. D. Smith, I. Gordon. FOURTH ROW: M. Winterton, I. Bailey, L. Hen- drix, H. Serge, K. Davis, I. Raspiller, S. Williams. C. Bucket. FIFTH ROW: I. Wil- liams, I. Daniel, I. Iohnson, M. McFarlane, C. Ostrom, B. Poaro, D. Dehlin. With the end ot this year the Sophomores can discard the role of underclass- men and assume their positions in the "upper bracket" as Iuniors. Since their arrival here as Freshmen, the members of the Sophomore Class have proved themselves very capable in many fields. ln activities such as Aklan, Blue Print, Dance, and Music, the Sophomores contributed their valuable talents, and a number of them displayed well developed skills in various athletic events. Furthermore, as a group the Sophomores exhibited their highly cooperative spirit in organizing' the annual Sophomore Hop, the theme of which, "Candy Isle," was aptly carried out by colorful decorations ot candy canes and qinqerbread men. SOPHOMORES .KQ 1 .3 Q. U Q fxf' 'f,. ini .1 FIRST ROW. left to right: L. Pasquini. I. Kenneriy. E. Banker. C. Iohnson, A. Bron- son. P. Zornloch, P. Pyle. SECOND ROW: S. Fleaqer. I.. Dcrlbey. C. Peters. A. Cinn- fichi. THIRD ROW: I. Pcxssur, D. Fey. I. Bowron. D. Larson. M. Schaeffer. N. Hinton. G. Pinnellu. FOURTH ROW: B. Mumford, M. Iesse. E. Greub. A. Wagner. I. Gambou. I. Gordon. R. Lassalle. B. Pen- dleton. FIFTH ROW: B. San- ders, D. Larson. D. Holmes. B. D'Arrezzo. B. Moore. B. Kleek- ner. M. Klement. B. Bennett. FIRST ROW. left I0 riqht: K. Holvorsrud. M. Troyer. D. Townsend. l. Irving. C. Sten- der. Y. Magnuson. SECOND ROW: I. Eaton, W. Brennan. S. White. M. Harris. THIRD ROW: T. Merry. I. Lohstroh, E. Saunders. I. Keele. R. Her- rick. B. Keller. K. Dann. FOURTH ROW: L. Galbraith. T. West. I. Willits. D. Laven- zola. S. White. E. Soder, G. Nardini. M. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: R. Lee. R.. Ccxrniqlia, D. Hubuch. P. Gates, W. Askley. D. Collis. S. Thompson. B. Cuppa. FIRST ROW. lett to right: I. Kirk, L. Fisher. D. Needham. C. Wollarn. S. Avillu. I. Scho- field. M. Delacrul. SECOND ROW: G. Blodqett. WN. Ruqh. I. Enqelsmun. K. Spurgeon. D. Swank. B. Bridges. THIRD HOW: C. Mcmise. M. Elvidqe. C. Deus, C. Peters. FOURTH ROW: K. Goodwin. R. Richter. C. Miller. C. Brennan, V. Spellacy. I. Newman. P. Run- dull. A. Seulherqer. FIFTH ROW: A. Culp, E. Tuzer. E. Ambrose. G. Miller. E. Grimes. H. Andrew. P. Whitcomb. B. Freitas. . ig 35520 1 A N .,+-- ie , - :M 1 as , . G f A ev? ' . sv' A Lf? l f 'f'75 OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Darrel Crossman. Vice-President: Judy Iohnson, Sec- retary-Treasurer: Phil Simmons. President: Marianne Somers. Social Secretary. FIRST ROW. lei! to Barber. C. Evans. S. Maher. D. Green. I. I.. Heche. S. Wise. right: H. Mahi. B. Dezzani. SECOND ROW: S. Lu Brache. C. Crate. I. Dempsier. A. Vinaly. I.. Chiavini. R. Shelby. M. Mail-nr. THIRD ROW: B. Finn. 'l'. Haines. P. Orlland. B. Lynch. R. Maihlo. S. Indelicato. I. Mau. FOURTH ROW: D. Bruce. A. Sheeis. R. Gaiti. B. Ieih-ies. S. Eqqerls, S. Cog- gun. I. Havelin. K. Flynn. FIFTH ROW: D. Iouquin. A. Boltemly. I.. Overslreet. S. Ames. D. Onq. B. Bedard. D. Wilsouain. FIRST ROW. lelt to right: I. Burned. I. Dickson. V. Hig- don. R. Pionn. I. Tiqard. B. Peterson. SECOND ROW: L. MacKenzie. I. Hall. E. Men- niet. I. Cosirx. C. Grosse. I. Latham. S. Tuttle. I. Taylor. THIRD ROW: E. Neighbor. T. Hull. L. Conklin. K. Wilken. B. Randall. D. I-Iench. E. Davis, T. Sorensen. FOURTH ROW: D. Baurngarner. M. Lu- cas. D. Biederman, M. Hop- kins. D. Reese. E. Whilcomb. R. Silva. C. Scholin. FIFTH ROW: T. I-lench. G. Wacker. R. Ray. I. Van Gelder. T. Oli- veira. P. Sheall, M. While. FRESHMEN This year the Freshmen invaded Acalanes with the largest class enrollment in the school's history. Despite their enormity they managed to coordinate their efforts in carrying out the different Freshman activities. After converting the gym into a remote section of the "dark continent," the Frosh played host to Dons and Donnas at their annual Freshman Frolic "Africa Screams." As the year further un- folded, Freshmen contributed to other school activities by taking charge of deco- rations for both the Christmas Performance and the Messiah. In May they cli- maxed their first year by iriaugurating "Frosh Day." The entire campus was given exclusively to the Frosh for picnicking, folk-dancing, swimming, and other soorts, I pg.. FIRST HOW. lelt to right: A. Monson. D. Crossmcm. P. Lainq. M. Brown. D. Church. I.. Sellman. SECOND ROW: I. Willis. N. Ure. S. Aiman. M. I-Iaxton. P. Weber. S. Lan- gren. S. Hoffman. D. Albro. THIRD ROW: I.. Rogers. E. Hansen. D. Kennedy. T. Toner. P. Cook. B. deI.aneux. G. Bodwey. K. Ingebriqlsen. FOURTH HOW: G. Duncan. C. Nelle. I. Shestek, P. Mar- tin. C. Kirtley. S. Gruenha- qen. M. Hartley. P. Willis. FIFTH HOW! I. Conley. N. Druhe. B. Cranston. G. Graves. I. I-Iendeson. D. Gar- ret. B. Haines. D. Pilcl-ner. FIRST ROW. leit to right: C. Steward. R. Knahel. I. Foster. R. Davis. M. Davis. N. Wil- liamson. C. Baker. SECOND ROW: S. Tuttle. K. Iohanson, I. Coop. V. Steward. I. Allen. C. Baldwin. E. Lyser. I. Linds- ley. THIRD ROW: R. Froitas. B. Kendrick. A. Ruff. C. Mc- Niii, H. Walden. P. Young. B. Ling. D. Greive. FOURTH ROW: M. Atkinson. V. Wright. C. Monroe. B. Ommundson. B. Newby. l.. Silverthorn. C. I. Parkel. I. Cory. FIFTH ROW: D. Twomeil. S. Olsen, G. Gray. A. Stewart. N. Snell. P. Havuzza. I. Cham- pion. G. Grieg. FIRST ROVV. leh lo right: D. Davis. G. Strorrse. I. Thom' son. K. Gibbons. S. Loqhe. SECOND ROW: P. Arnold. N. Pettingill, I. M. Gambua. P. Miles. R. Iohnsen. C. Ander- son. R. Rose. T. Probert. THIRD ROW: W. Donahuqh. T. Higqens. B. Kingman. B. Tinay. S. Burden. B. Crchl. D. I-Iupp. K. Wise. FOURTH ROW: D. Domingos. D. Lan- dis. E. Pimentel. R. Curry. I. Harkness. M. Davis. R. Shir- linq. B. Edwards. FIFTH RCW: I.. Simmonds. I. Williams. I- Burns. D. White, R. Mason. O. Gibson. A. Lassange. B. Turner. FIRST ROW. left lo right: D. Stevens. L. Runswiclz. B. Ah' bie. B. Gales. C. Emmerson. SECOND ROW: M. Somers. I.. Sheldahl. D. Wulzen. I. M. Cockerton, M. French. P. Squires. H. Iarvis. I. Taylor. THIRD ROW: R. Lipper-1. B. Franzenbach. I. Clark. R. Lee. D. Isaacs. D. Mov. R. Harris. B. Harrison. FOURTH ROW: P. Luiirell, I. Marple, C. Win- ters. I.. Si. Hill. S. Humble. I. Iohnson. D. Siahr. M. Walker. FIFTH ROW: B. Iohnson. T. Daniel, P. Simmuns. D. Van Voorhis. I. Bickerdike. L. Ien- sen. I. Ball. G. Hacker. FIRST ROW. lei! to right: A. Lohse. R. Otto, D. Weidlein. I. Lucas. N. Iohnson, A. Reich- hold. SECOND ROW: D. Chris- iiansen. C. Roskie. C. Van Cleave. M. Welch, D. Foster. M. Brown. B. Orme. Y. Barn- hart. THIRD ROW: P. Valla- rino. D. Lee. G. Dunham. D. Warren. G. Williams. R. Briggs, D. Beck. S. Andrews. FOURTH ROW: S. Haddley. P. Sandy. P. Iohnson. C. Mauzy, I. Lavinder. G. Boles. K. Nickle. M. Mewz. FIFTH ROW: T. Morrish. R. Iohnson. I. Small. S. Pedder. F. Borees. T. Becketl. H. Nemir. G. Mul- ligan. ACT IVJQTIE S v 4 we g " ,fy X Q0 x NZ ..,x. mix W Q WW QU' X 'V Q Q J K rm v 5 7 v J 2 5 JRXL if 23. i ll: 7-Q-ii-5..... x j 'W sf v V Q V S 9 ,f , 4 ff' 6,5 1, 2 I ,Q V, I E? Susan" and "Abigail Abbot!" DRAMA Directed by Mr. Richard Nesbitt, drama productions for this year played a major part in entertainment activities at Acalanes. In the fall, the drama group presented a melodrama, "Curses, the Villain Is Failed," the cast of which included Beverley Mumford, Marilyn Hansen, Marion Troyer, Tom Hageman, Dave Dehlin, and Criss Fitzpatrick. Later, drama students entertained the Parents' Club with a skit, monologues, and a scene from "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Those taking part in this performance were Petey Bedard, Sue Tamer, Shirley McAninch, Criss Fitzpat' rick, and Sally Finzel. During the third quarter, all dramatic efforts were coordinated in preparing for the Senior Play, "Mother Is A Freshman." The leading roles were portrayed by Bev du Pee as Mrs. Abigail Abbott and Laura Castelnuovo as Susan. Others in the cast were Ioan Niemann, Barbara Sondag, Arlyss McFetridge, LeAnn Court, Ioanne Randall, Iackie Swanson, Mar- cia Eggerts, Bill Hampton, Lee Bates, Bob Son- dag, Fred Bead, and Larry Feagans. Near the end of the year, the Drama Guild was established With Anne Hawkesworth as its president. This group worked on three one- act plays which will be presented next year. Scenes from Senior Play. "Mother is cx Freshman" ,sn la . -V' si I 3 manure, ISU' .An-., E 5 5 Q K'-.QQ 5 W J, ,1 ' BK-' 'Mi lifgfuz Q , ,.. fi yn 1 g M 'HF' at ,,, fa in iw 'kb, -a- ff-1'-f X, , far, v 'L fx u 4 . V Q. 431 Cam- K... ' 1 Y Y 1 ifgi 3? x 'X L . u 5 I 5 'L S , ' A ,mi D- q . 48 K ,. . A gg :1 ' w ,H V K- ,ff Wi 42. ,,,:h , A f ' I A , ,' -' , AA,J 5' .1 z :.1 ks A .. .. 1 N H A - gf' V, 1 ,x , ' "" 65,5 A , V K 'QV EQ 4 l l , gm QW 'Wm Q, My? gg L 4 1 . ,,w-,iqx,?:g:. f f x iff ,W f f -mmw -- . u V iwzmfe " zziigfiyf'fgggilxyf .A A k ff? if gf- ,,,, , V ' AAL7 -K, A-Q: k W 2 - kk iw .'kL V I ,W-'fy yy a. ,V ,3 ,V I Vs - i'-1 g ' MUSIC D FIRST ROW. left lo riqhi: C. Miller, S. Hammond, I. Silveria. W. Hansen, I. Van Gelder, R. Drahin, I.. Wendell, L. Zeller. SECOND ROW: L. Derrick, P. Gales. W. Williams. I. Fender, B. Lyser. R. Lee. W. Hugh, B. Reynolds. T. Sellick. THIRD ROW: I. Gruver, D. Ingram. L. Hui, R. Rogers. H. Raines, B. Smith. C. Steward. T. Lussagne. Director O. Busch. ACALAN E S BAND ,,.z,5Q My 'Hg..,,,,..9 'uf BLUEPRINT LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Weill, M. Van Voorhis LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Dieterich, I. Lcxndes, S. Spoon, M. Van Voorhis, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Weber, D. Welch, R. Iversen, K. Mickle P. Mcxlvey. FIRST ROW, left io right: N. Dieterich, I. lrvinq, S. Spoon, B. Weill, I. Landes, M. Harris. K. Mickle. SECOND ROW: M. Brown. D. Welch, M. Van Voorhis, P. Malvey, W. Don- LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Flanders, M. Brown. oqhue, M. Egqeris, R. Surge. THIRD ROW: C. Leach, G. Fowler, T. Smith, H. Flanders, T. Biggs, R. lversen. AKLAN LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Badgley, Art Editor: A. Larkey Editor: B. Granzotto, Manager. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Druhe, Senior Editor: C. Inman-Kane. Activi- LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Gray. Assistant Sales Manager: A. Marsan. ties Editor: P. Larmer, Sports Editor: I. Woolsey. Classes Editor: Sales Manager: L. Dalbey, Assistant Advertising Manager: A. I- Lee. Assistant Editor. Dull. Advertising Manager and Photographer. FIRST HOW. left to right: S. Druhe, I. Woolsey, A. Larkey. B. Granzotto. C. Miller. M. EFT TO RIGHT: I. Marvin, Assistant Photographer: Welch. L. Dalbey. SECOND ROW: I. Gray, C. Inman-Kane, D. Bedard. L. Chiavini. A. C. Peters, Head Photographer. Badgley. I. Lee. THIRD ROW: P. Simmons. A. Marsan, 1. Marvin. P. Larmer, A. Dull, C. Peters. Q 51 'WF r ...-- N in ..A. hx Q fr-'vf K. Pi!! Y. 'Q keg. N V -K . N,,,,, N. 3, 5 ff X351 WY Jil! if 14 fn O Q . A , E 1 , , ,V Wx , von. A ,wk f. K ,, - I in A " fa 'Q . 's 9: 5 3 Q 6 C. S. F. This year the active Acalanes' chapter of the California Scholarship Feder- ation was larger than ever before due tothe greatly increased enrollment at Aca- lanes. For their annual college visiting trip, the group chose the University of California campus where, besides enjoying themselves thoroughly, they learned something of the functions of this big institution. FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW, left to right: C. White, L. Galbraith, I. Woodmunsee, E. Bcthls, M. Hansen. C. Miller, A. Seulberger, D. Bedcu-d, D. Pozzobon. B. Grcmzotto. SECOND ROW: A. Ames, A. Badgley, A. Parker, L. Van Deventer. I. Chantler, D. Hcxncxwah. B. Mumford, M. Howland, l. larvis, D. Green, D. Reid. THIRD HOW: R. Hubach, G. Cond, I. Erikson, I. Hall. I. Wahl. T. Lussuqne, W. Peukes, E. Grimes, I. Vurek. H. Haskell, A. Culp. To earn money tor the scholarship awarded each year to one ot its gradu- atinq members, the C. S. F. gave the dance, "Gypsy Caravan," and sponsored a noon swimming and diving exhibition. in Iune they ciimaxed their activities with the big C. S. F. picnic. The C. S. F. is composed of ali students receivinq for their semester grade three A's and one B, or better. Miss Vera Richardson acts as the qroup's adviser. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW, le!! to right: I. Hall. C. White, E. Bclhls, I. Lee, A. Badqley, M. Hansen, I.. Galbraith, C. Miller, A. Seulberqer, P. Gray. SECOND ROW: I. Woodmansee, A. Parker, D. Hanawalt, I. Chanller, D. Dilferding, K. Mickle. I. Iohnson, C. Monroe. R. Shirling. I. Amidsen, A. Lux-nan, B. Bedard. THIRD ROW: B. Finn, I. Wahl. D. Pozzohon, I. Marple, B. Mumiord, B. Granzoito, A. Nemir, D. May, B. Bridges, D. Davis, E. Neighbor, D. Todd. FOURTH ROW: D. Cvietusa. I. Babcock. D. Ingram, T. Lassuqne, W. Peakes, P. Lan-mer, K. Ernst. B. Westlund. I. Vux-ek, R. Drabin, N. Davis. FIRST HOW, left to right: H. Flanders, A. Iohns, B. Sondcrq, M. Rowland. 5. Spoon, I. Busch, D. Thunen. L. Casielnuovo, B. Sprinqslon, G. Coad. SECOND ROW: I. Velazquez, D. Green, C. Earls. P. Everest, I.. Dalbey. K. Davin, M. Milisich, C. Baker, M. McMurphy, I. Allen. THIRD ROW: L. Sellmcm, P. Weber. M. Burger, P. Marlin, G. Duncan, X. Lyser, E. Lyser, C. Inman-Kane, S. Bcrnhnrt, B. Roark. FOURTH ROW: M. Freeman, N. Parsons. I. Cashman, R. Rogers, G. Kindler, B. Diehl, B. Wickman, T. Sanlord, 1. Hall. R. Hubach. ACALHONORS Acalhonors is the second honor society at Acalanes. This group and the Aca- lanes Chapter of the C. S. F. were iormedat the same time, Acalhonors deriving its name from the name of the school. Both honor societies follow a similar pattern in organization. Like C. S. F., Acalhonors is maintained for students who have a superior record scholastically, and therefore there are certain requirements all incoming members must meet. It a student wishes to join this honor organiza- tion, he must receive three B's and one A for his semester grades. Membership in this society is also automatically extended to all students belonging to C. S. F. The group's adviser is Miss Vera Richardson. , FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW. left to right: V. Richardson, advisor: M. Hoskins, G. McNii!, P. Pfeilier, I. Eaton, I. Neuman, I. Leo, M. Blankenship, B. Bush. SECOND ROW: B. Hoover, T. Smith, D. Holmes, H. Flanders B. Sanders, T. Sanford, D. Hodge, R. Tinay, I. Iacobus, W. Brannan, 5. Spoon. THIRD ROW: D. Hoffman V. Spollacy Rhoades. FOURTH ROW: M. Freeman, D. Beede, C. Drews. D. Carlson, I. Porni, S. Greonnings, I.. Taylor M. Biggs, J. Marvin, B. Burkett. M. Wintorion, R. lndelicato, S. Brown, S. Hawley, N. Carlson. F. Eaton, B. Elliott, A. Mork, A. Summers, E. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW. lah to right: M. Iunker, D. Bedard, A. I-Iawkesworth. M. Hoskins, S. Daniels. A. Summers. S Hawley, F. Eaton, P. Culver, I. Allen. M. Somers. SECOND ROW: D. Piona, G. Landsmiih. R. Freitas, M Troyer, R. Serge, M. Winierlon, B. Hoover, M. Silva, S. Hammond, B. MacMmhon, I. Swanson, L. Iackson P. Randall. THIRD ROW: E. Rhoades, L. Court, P. Miles, D. Foster, K. Gibbons, E. Plainer, S. Williams, S Brown, R. Indelicato, D. Iensen, D. Hoiiman. I. Hansen. FOURTH ROW: H. Knohel, C. Drews, D. Carlson R. Sondaq. C. McBride, R. Dunn. E. Murray, D. Holmes. T. Smiih, B. Burkett, T. Hageman. FIRST ROW. lei! to right: L. Chiavini, B. Abbie, M. French, I. Kirk, C. Winters, I. Kennedy, B. Arqe, C. Mauzy L. Fisher, R. Gnlti, B. Bush. I. Neuman. SECOND ROW: H. Iarvis, V. Spellacy, I. Eaton. R. Iohnson, C. MacQuiddy, G. McNiif. I. Iarvis, I. Woolsey, I. McCrum, S. Daniels. C. Couriright, K. Iacahsin, M. Burchiield I. Niemann, I- Coiteral, S. Curry. THIRD ROW: A. Larkey. N. York. M. Hawley, E. Hubach, B. Harrison, D. Ong. M. While, I. Reynolds, L. Gelhaus, D. Reid, I. Olcoh, I. Gordon, I. Guldenzopf. FOURTH ROW: B. Sanders, B. Keller, H. Haskell, I. Stirton. P. Dawson, L. Taylor. M. Biggs, R. Tinay, D. Cooper. T. Merry, N Piitingholf, S. Olsen, I. Iolley. EXECUTIVE BOARD FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Bedurd Secretary: A. Ames. Vice-President? I. Wahl, President: I. Niemann. Corn- missioner of Social Activities: S Zurnwalt, Commissioner ol Educa tional Activities. SECOND HOW: D Beede. Supervisor: N. Warren, Stu- dent Council Rep. IUNIOR STATESMEN The Iunior Statesmerfs main purpose is to acquaint themselves with the struc- ture and functions of government in relationship to domestic and international problems ot a social, economic and political nature. The organization also at- tempts to stimulate in all students an interest in these affairs through movies, ex- hibits, speakers, and other projects. Advised by Mr. Bill Ross, the group held a regional convention and sponsored a school-wide "Career Day." IUNIOR RED CROSS This year the Acalanes Iunior Red Cross Chapter carried out several note- worthy projects. To raise money tor the national organization the group held a slave sale and sponsored the annual Red Cross drive at Acalanes: as a local project, they made party tavors for the Veterans' Hospital in Martinez. This group is advised by Miss Helen Peterson. CABINET FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Bedard. Secretary: F. Borqhesani, President: F. Eaton, Treasurer: E. Platner, Soph- ornore Rep. SECOND ROW: T. Biqqs, Historian: I. Stoilel, lunior Rep.: I-I. Peterson. Adviser: W. Brannon. Vice-President: I. Maas, Freshman Rep. SPCJRTS 5 ,I f f f X li' x A Li: X3 ef 6 . Ji! 1 -gf X Q"?... fi SCORES Acalanes ........ ...,,. Acalanes .,.,..,.. ...,,. 26 Acalanes ........ ,..... l 3 27 6 Acalanes ,.,..,.. .,..,. Acalanes ...,..., ...... 39 Acalanes ........ .,.,.. Z 6 Acalanes .,.,.,., ...,,, 3 8 7 Acalanes ,..,,.., ...,.. Total .,.....,. ........, 1 82 Albany .......... El Cerrito Tracy ..,.....,, Diablo ........ .,.. Alhambra Antioch .......... ....,.. Iohn Swett Pittsburg ........ ...,.., Total ,,,,.. .,..... IUNIOR VARSITY Acalanes .,...... ,..... Acalanes ...,..., ....., Acalanes ......,, ...... Acalanes ........ ..,.., 32 15 Acalanes ..l..... ...,.. 1 9 46 39 Acalanes .....,.. ...,.. 7 Antioch .....t ....... Diablo ,,.,,... ,...... Albany ..,,.. ,..,... Antioch ...,.. ..., Alhambra Pittsburg .....,,. ....... Total ,....,tt. ,,,,,..... 1 58 Total ..,..t ,..,,.. ERWIN MATFSON BOB STEVENS I-had Couch un. coach BOB FERRO. Ih KEN IONES, lh GEORGE COCKERTON. lg IACK YORK, th EDWARD LHHEY EDWARD DILLING CHARLES EATON Assistant Couch Assistant Couch Head Cecxch. LV. The Don gridders had a highly successful season. This team was perhaps the best in Acalanes' history winding up in second place with six wins, one loss, and a tie. On September lst, Coaches Mattson and Stevens greeted over one hundred grid hope- tuls. Included were eight first stringers trom 1948 and many capable 1.V.'s. Several Weeks ot gruel- ing Workouts put the team in mid-season form. With a backfield that averaged 178 pounds behind an aggressive line that averaged 187 pounds, the T-formation Dons hosted the Albany Cougars in a practice tilt. The result was a deci- sive 26-U victory. On September 23rd, the El Cerrito Gauchos crumbled, 13-U, under a fight- ing Acalanes line and the hard running of Ken Iones. The Tracy Bulldog, the next victim, fell by a Z7-0 score in an unexciting game. GRANNY SILER, re LAWRENCE LUCAS, rt PETE LARMER, ib IACK KING, qb The first league clash with the Diablo Devils found the Don eleven fumbling their way to a fortunate 6-6 tie. The following Friday evening saw the Dons- men pass and run Alhambra High off the field with a 39-6 win. Seven days later the Blue and White encoun- tered a scrappy club from Antioch. This was the Don's finest performance. In the line, guards BoBo Forni and George Cockerton were outstand- ing. End Granny Siler snagged passes thrown by lack King, while Pete Larmer and Ken Iones, aided by the fine blocking of Lawrence Lucas, ran through and around the Panther line. The Dons emerged on top, Z6-l2. On the afternoon of October 28th, the Iohn Swett lndian was scalped in the "Sugar City." The reserves gave the regulars a two quarter rest and ended with 38 points to Crockett's O. ALL... DICK LANEY, lo LLOYD TORCHIO c ORLANDO CHIAVINI, lt IAY FORNI, rg Then came the acid test for the Blue and White machine when they tangled with Pittsburg's Pi- rates. Before a record crowd the Dons were played off their feet and lost 32-7. Although Acalanes did not win the league championship, the team's success was undoubt- edly aided by the fine line coaching of Mr. Stevens, backfield work of Mr. Mattson, and help of Mr. Hageman. Three men made the first string all-county team: George Cockerton, Pete Larmer, and Law- rence Lucasy Ken Iones was a second string all- county back. Orland Chiavini, Iay Forni, Dick Laney, Lloyd Torchio, and lack York received honorable mention. The hole left by the twenty-eight graduating seniors will be capably filled by members of Mr. Eaton's fine Iunior Varsity team which this year won the mythical league championship. fa.. J --. ' fl -2 gf Q-W ,in Q' 'i H, U .M , X i 2 ' kk Egii ' X Q LL" f 4 2 Ali L. 5 Ea A 4 l A 4? " 5 XN 3 ui! lx M wh 'G W 2'i 59" QQ:-5' is 'is W ik 'gli 7 - In L 11 as QQ I 5 P ' Tum ! X W , A L "'h ' .W,k 4 I, A K ' 8 Q M an 'miie ,I h ga iff? if ' B 3 2 .,5N,.-X 1 ,f A NJ ,Q , Sire' i Wk J if J 5 Q-X 4' -n 25 Q '34 ,EQ Q W a s' E X R W' w5f?8a-529522 24 as 0,33 7 'G' if W a n W A'LV A V E, E, 'ek ,, L s ,Q,. mLm" I Za. A 2 S3 1 Q . , ,. f,3,E , ag 5 Q, , :VT . , I 4, . , Q V .. 1 ,gf K K A , , Q 5 E ' a ,,t? i q an l i i ES + f 'HQ 1 : m M ff. f i ,Q A ,A ,, . f' 1 1 2 . Q - 1 'ff' h1 , f 4h - Q . A ga ,L ,,, .M , X gm, . 3 rp. Sai.. t ,lg ,,,,,L I u w. , L. , , V , 'ze SE: 'A" 5 E ' N K ' f-. -' I' ' -.', ' f ' - ? Rb ' -f .. G A L :1': 1 :,, V Ei? 1 ' , ' A A 2' 1 - '55 ' BSN 2, 35 f 1 V A' ' Z'l' ': ' 7' m.h . Q! Q ,x RA W P 2326 365 msg . ' ,lf s 1 Y 1 Q 3 ,fa w xg J s fi '54 , ,,, if f i K 1 ,Q ij f by V 1:27 15 P ,H x 2 . .,, i Q, 4' ,O - ' ri , 4 ly, X I K A ' L ,... 2 kikll, 1 475' i 5 1 .4 8 if Ln Q I fu iff! m , , . . 'Rf X ,- N -, rf ' i rw' yin, J Q H R S 4 4' .384 ff sn 5 Z - p V K ':kLh X ZLLA X I 5 -152 1 ' ' l 3 Ei .,,g,i,, M A ,,, i MQ RS 455 Fl 5 H 5 ,H uzutma Aim-t cznnnn nnowu 'A' Coach 'B' Coach A SCORES Acalanes ......., ,..... 2 3 Fremont ........ ..... Acalanes .,...,... .,,... 2 4 Alameda ......... .,... Acalanes ....,,.. ..,.,. 3 4 Richmond .....,. ..... Acalanes .....,.. ...... 4 6 Albany ....,A..,.. ..... Acalctnes ..,..... ...... 3 8 El Cerrito .,.....,. ,A... Acalanes ........ ...,.. 3 3 Mt. Diablo ..,..,. ..... Acalanes ........ ...... 2 6 El Cerrito .......,. ...l. Acalanes ........ ...... 4 9 Antioch .....,.. ..... Acalanes ll,,..,. ...... 3 7 Berkeley ............,..... Acalanes ,....... ...... 2 2 Iohn Swett ................ Acalanes ,..,.,.. ...... 3 3 St. Mary's Frosh ...... "A" Squad only Acalanes ...w.... ...... A ntioch .,..........,.,,,At, Acalanes w,..,.., ....., I ohn Swett .....,....,..,,, Acalanes .,..,,.. ..,.., Acalanes ,t.ttt,, ,,,,,, Acalanes ........ .,..4, Acalanes ........ Pittsburg I. H. .....,t.. . Pittsburg ....,.,.........., Pittsburg ,.,,,,,,, ,,,,, Acalanes ......., ....., 5 O Pittsburg ....,.,.....t,..., Acalanes .....,.. ...... 4 4 Alhambra ....,.,,......., Acalanes .....,,. ,,.... 3 5 Mt. Diablo ....,.. ..,.. Acalanes ..,..... ..,... 3 3 Piedmont ......,,. ...,. Acalanes ....,,,, ,..... 3 U Antioch .,........,,........ Acalanes ..,,..,. .,,... 4 9 Iohn Swett ..,.,....,,..,.. Acalanes ........ ...... 3 7 U. of Calif. Frosh ...... "A" Squad only Acalanes ........ ..,.,. 5 0 Pittsburg ....,..,.......,,. Acalanes ........ ...... 5 5 Alhambra .,,..........,.. Acalanes ,,,,.... .,,,.. 4 1 Weed ........,... .,... Acalanes ,......, ...,.. 3 2 Salinas ........ ..... B SCORES Acalanes ......,. ...... 2 4 Alameda .......,. ,,... Acalanes ........ ....., 2 3 Richmond .,..,., .,.,. Acalanes ..,..... ..,... l 4 Pittsburg ...... ,,,,, Acalanes ........ ...... l 9 Albany ...,.,,, .,.,. Acalanes ........ ,,.... l 3 Mt. Diablo ....... ,,,,. Acalanes ......., .,,,,. 2 5 El Cerrito .....,.,, .,,,, Acalanes ...,.,,. ,..... 1 5 Antioch ....,,.,,,, ,,,,, Acalanes ...,.,,, ,..... 1 3 Berkeley ,,,Y..Y....,,,,,,, Acalanes ,.,., H ....,. 17 Iohn Swett ,..,,.,.,,,, ,, Acalanes ........ ,,,,.. 3 2 Pittsburg ,r,..,... ,.,,, Acalanes ........ ...,w. 2 9 Alhambra .,,,.,, ..,,, Acalanes ........ ,..... 3 3 El Cerrito .,..,..., ,,,,, Acalanes ........ ...... 2 5 Mt. Diablo ....,.. .,... ACCilC11'1SS ........ ...... 2 U Piedmont ,,,,,,,,, .,,,, 33 47 31 30 34 34 Alhambra ,,,,,.. ..... BASKE This year's cage team was anything but ordi- nary. Under the direction of its new mentor, Lee Arth, it stole the show from the rest of the county and brought home the county championship, the first since the 47-48 season. The Dons took it on the chin in their first prac- tice tilt with Fremont, 23-36. The future remained obscure as Alameda and Richmond also sank the Dons. On December 2, the Albany Cougars became Acalanes' first victim. Marsh Freeman, all-county forward last year, led the Dons with ll markers. In a close contest at El Cerrito, our cagers lost 38-40, but a week later they repayed the Gauchos 26-24. The Blue and White continued in fine style, nipping Diablo 33-31 and then gliding past An- MARSH FQIEEMAN LARRY FEAGANS r. . F- 9- ALRT SILER BOB KLECKNER x. L c. 3ALL tioch and Berkeley. Then against Iohn Swett our boys seemed unable to hit, and they came out on the short end, 32-38. After this blow, the Don casaba men got back on their feet and played inspired basketball. Tanking 20 points, Marsh Freeman led the Dons over Pittsburg. After ramping over Alhambra, the boys once again met Diablo. Bob Ferro's 12 points helped pull this one out of the fire. The Donsmen defeated Piedmont and then had a close call with Antioch. Now came two crucial tests, the first with Iohn Swett. The Dons took this onep Marsh making 22 points and Granny Siler connecting for ll. The second with Pittsburg proved nearly fatal. The Blue and White led until a last minute burst by the Pirates, but a set up by Marsh and a free throw by Larry Feagans put the game and the C.C.A.L. Championship on ice. lust as a formality, the Don cagers routed Alham- bra's Bulldogs: Marsh hit his all-time high with 24 points. With the Championship under their belt, the Dons went to San Francisco where they defeated Weed in the Tournament of Champions. But the Salinas club proved too tall for the Dons and eliminated them in the semi-finals. Forward Marsh Freeman was unanimously chosen allrcounty. Lloyd Torchio and Bob Ferro landed second team positions. Coach Ierry Brown's "B" team started this year in a winless way. It was the sixth game when they chalked up their first win. They ended the season with 6 wins in 18 encounters. Art Siler was an all-county selection. i BOBI FERRO GRANNY SILER CLIFFOPE LUCAS LLOYD TORCHIO . 9- l. g. . . C- NORM ECCARIUS ROGER DUNN AL CULP ED BROOME r. 9- r. q. 1. I. 1- 4- .. V Ki 53 was an . 'zz Q ,N i ,iii ,iw .L , , ,,. B BIB? 4' 3 5, f . W xg 5510 SW '-'1, l 'fo V L QDYZJX :CK 5 Ag - 1 ' ' ' Q fi, -f f,mwsv6f1u.!wm5, I JKQ!'i5,f , , 1 A .,Z5-: i,5 4 ig A k ' V' 4 '1., A i?L L.L.1.i A 5 , . . Lily i , hi 10 A kjrkiglm Q Q H 4' T20 , 6522 I is lit' - Q-52 --Yf1-f121 Lf! Kfjggf , - , 'I 4 W W : Eih any A 'Z , L. 3 :Vz .,., iii Wi Z,zV Q58 S g ' : , W 3 X4 Av L .1L-,1 i It is-V! viz M5 '91 fig K., x .f Q TRACK The 1950 edition of the Don track team brought unexpected fame to Acalanes. These tracksters started the year with unknown strength and grew vastly stronger as the meets sped hy. A ln dual competition, the thinclads were unimpressive in their first loss to Fremont. Then the Dons shifted to high gear and routed Pittsburg, Antioch, and Diablo. However, El Cerrito proved to be too powerful for the Dons. In more rugged engagements, the Donsmen posted many imposing victories. First they won the county throne at Diablo, and then went on t6 cop top honors in the North Coast Section. The greatest accomplishment, however, was the North Coast Championship in which the Dons garnered 25 points. This win made Acalanes the first Contra Costa County school to win this Spalding North Coast trophy of the C.l.F. Some of the Don stalwarts were Lawrence Lucas, Orlando Chiavini, Harry Nielson, Iiggers Warren, and Granny Siler. Coach Lord's "B" squad had a very good season. lt won three meets and took third in both the County and North Coast Section. "A" TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, lah to right: R. Otto. T. Sanford. SECOND ROW: P. Lnrmer. B. Abreu. B. Matheson. P. Cook, E. Graub. E. Broome, I. Pearson, I. Stix-ton. B. Warren, R. Sauder, H. Rogers. W. Peakes, T. Tener, B. Smith. THIRD HOW: B. Kendrick, B. Powers, G. Griqq, C. Bacon, E. Weber. B. Bennett. B. Keeiauvsr, I. Daniel, B. Herrick. B. Larson. D. Holmss. I. Lohsiroh, I. Keeie, D. Kuns, E. Murray, Coach C. Eaton. FOURTH ROW: S. Lawrence. A. Moresi. N. Passur, B. Wickmcn, B. Morgan. D. Laney. L. Lucas, O. Chicxvini, G. Iohnston, B. Paaro, D. Cranston, I. Price, B. Ccwden, I. Odell. E. Irwin. FIFTH ROW: K. Inqebriqtsen. B. Osmundsen. H. Walden. D. Whitcomb. I. Williams. R. Lundqren, B. Hampton, D. Arvidson. D. Pilcher. H. Nielson. D. Beede. I. Twomey, D. Parsons, K. Keep, R. Hawkins. "B" TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW, Ieft to right: R. Tinuy, E. Ambrose, E. Davis, R. Palin, A. Stanley, G. Hooper, B. Claiche, I. Rey- nold . M 5 R. i usen ' urns r s B. Acalanes ,A,,,A,,,,,,,, Acalanes .,.A7,,,,,,,,, Acalanes ,,.,,,,,,,,,A, Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Fifth ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,, Seventh ...,...A,, First .7,,,,. First ....,,..., First ..,,..7... . s, I au , W Ish , I. Fender, I. Hull. SECOND HOW. N. Caldwell, I. Ogden, I. B , I. F eel , Kmgham. I. Barnett, D. Twomey, R. Mason, D. Duncan, G. Dunham, Coach R. Lord. THIRD ROW: B. Diehl, 'I' Koenig, E. Grimes, D. Cooper, A. Siler, I. Williams, D. Isaacs, D. Davis, S. Olsen. A SCORES 40 Fremont .........,..,,,. 73 87 W Pittsburg ,,..,,,,,,,,,, 23 W 74 Antioch ...,,, ,,,,,, 3 9 Alhambra ............ 18 V2 Crockett ........,,..,.,, 18 V2 74 Mt. Diablo ,,,,,,,,,,,, 39 71 El Cerrito ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 42 .Martinez Relays ..,,.........,Dav1s Picnic County ........North Coast Section ......,,..........North Coast Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes .......... Acalanes Acalanes .,,...,,.. Third Third .,...... B SCORES 24 Fremont I.V. 52 5X6 Pittsburgh ......,.,, 46 275 Antioch ...,,.. 89 172 Alhambra ,,,,,,,,., Iohn Swett .,,....... 55 ZX 3 Mt. Diablo .......... 77 51 176 57 375 23172 15 48 U3 North Coast Section If A 46? 'im 1 Q22 'Y 6 fx? N l , g x 21" 'Mm sr Y, M . . gm, ,J . 5 AL 1 k k K k i ,..., Q Q' ik ' ' iifg A K I , . . N, X ' 'LL-' ,zbvm mmzz VKLL. - , V ,, -L.L , L'.. IK: .f-: g f K A " ' ' " ' k'kk " ,, i ' A , If EA 3 A 5 M -x Zn ' L' ,VWV Eg - . iff M' I i Lv f ' ff i lil' - , ,-f' i W 4 , J , 9 . , ' Q ' , ' 5? tm ' V' Q' "I ii, j ,, Vi ,,1' , Rf? ' , M V f . if 11 ,Q ,Q F w. ig, pq f ' 1 f ,Q f Q, ef rand ' - . .5 ' ', 1 - Y '. - J - 44' ,H ug , . V A 8 , if KE: ,E , ,vid . , I nw Za 4,9131 ,:,, W . I f I ,',Qfk, g Q lf' v ,-'fx 'N' ff - xx J -5 ., WMV, --g . L -- 3 -- I ,, , " Q L K "' Y A ' , A"' 5 3? , 3 A 'F ' ' I Y - ,, A , ,fa Y flfff lii' Q ' , LA E V K 3' f" ? Sl., ' ' ' . 5: - 'Sepv X ' , .f ' E-ff I , ' 1 'iik' g . , Q , ff , V ,ff 2' , if gy ' e .. a,eSf? f -ffw : f' f g f W A V I , -,"- , F . - , ' , - A2 f Q - L N A . i 'x g W z "M ' M ,, 1 K f - L5 :M 5 5' 4' 2 ' .M "',- 1 LLA:'L l zyb 5' B4 V ww 3, M ? . + '-' , 3' x J.. M -u-.V 1. f 'Q " n p V' A r' -f' v A JP' ' Y' .A W an ,ww ' an In 'qw e if gang 1 , 3 "A" SWIMMING FIRST ROW, lei! in right: B. de Laneux. C. Drews, T. Biggs, I. Rounds, N. Eccarius, M. Freeman. SECOND ROW: Couch L. Arth. I. Kistineer, I. Iacohus, I. Macomher. H. Dickie, I. Greenluw, R. Ray. For the seventh consecutive year, the Don swimmers captured the county crown. This title was due mainly to the efforts of Marsh Freeman, Tom Roemer, lim Iacolous, and Brooks de Laneux. Iohn Rounds set a new 200 yard tree style record. In dual competition, the Blue and Whites won 6 meets and lost 2. Acalanes ...,,, 56 Livermore .,,,,,,,,,,. 19 Acalanes ....,, 41 Acalanes ,..,,, 61 Mt, Diablo ,,,,,,,,,,,, 14 Acalanes ,,,,., 41 Acalanes .,,.,, 28 Cal Frosh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 56 Acalanes ,,,,.. 57 Vallejo I.C .,,...,.,.,,. 14 Acalanes ...... 42 Acalanes ....,. IO Berkeley ,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,, 65 First .........,, Acalanes ,,,,,i 31 Hayward Y,,,Y,,,,,,,,, 45 Fifth- ' Monterey .......,..,... 34 Tamalpais ....,..,.... 34 Mt. Diablo ,........,.. 18 Geo. Washington 32 ,........All-County Tied ..,...,... North Coast "B" SWIMMING FIRST ROW. leli Io right: E. I-Iubach, L. Nebeker. T. Morxish. K. Wilkin. W. Hugh, B. Harrison, B. Randall. D. Hubaeh. S. Pedder, D. Bridges. SECOND ROW: Coach l.. Ax-th. M. Klemenl, W. Williams. I. Small. I. Stoifel. H. Bronson. I. Erickson. R. Ray. Another fine year was recorded by our "B" swim team. They suffered only one dual loss: this was to a powerful Berkeley Hiqh team. After sweeping the County meet, they went on to tie tor third place in the North Coast held at Liver- more. Acalanes Acalanes ...,.. Acalanes Acalanesm... Acalanes ...... Livermore Mt. Diablo ............ Berkeley ...........,..., Hayward .,.....,...... Monterey .............. Acalanes .... Acalanes Acalanes Third H41 Tarnalpais .,.,........ 16 H39 Mt. Diablo .........,.. 18 H29 Geo. Washington 28 Tied ,,,,.... North Coast First ........,,.,.,..,....... All-County TENNIS The Acalanes racket men had a l6-1 win loss record. Scott Zumwalt annexed the county singles While Bob Wallis arid Roger Dunn took the doubles match. This record speaks clearly for itselt, but there were two notable victories. One was over highly touted Piedmont and the other over Napa IC. SCORES Acalanes Burlingame ,,,,,,, ...., 3 Acalanes Napa I.C. .... . Acalanes .....,,,, .,.... S equoiq ,,,,,,,A,t,A,A ,,,,, 5 Acalanes ,,,,..... ,,,... N apa I.C. .,.,,, . Acalanesn, .,,.r ,r,r,, S an Rqfqel ,,,,,,, ,,,A, U Acalanes ,,,,..... ...... T amalpais ,,..,., , Acalanes Livermore .,.... U ACGIGHGS ------,-- ----,- N UPU Hiqh -ff'-' e . Acalanes Hayward ,,,,,Y U Acalanes Piedmont ,.,,.. ., . Acalanes Mt, Diablo ,,,, . U U Acalanes Mt. Diablo .,,, Acalanes ,,,,,.,.. ,.,,.. N apa High ..... , .,,,.. . U ACCHCIHSS ,.V'-AY.- -f'--- H 9UldSbUfCJ -- -----' Acalanes ,,,,,,, . ,,.,,, Alhqmbrq ,.,,A,,,AYA,Y, U First ..,.,. .,.,, ,.,..,,.,.. ,.......,,.,, C a u nty Acalanes George Washinqtond O SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Bently, R. Dunn, B. Wallis, S. Zumwalt. SECOND ROW: B. Shepherd. A. Dull G. Fowler. N. Parsons, H. Flanders, T. Smith. NOT PICTURED: Conch Alex Winchester. V ""'----' Q Q 'W 'Q I Q -K I .f J '- ' - ,, i ,. . , 9 'gi if fi! I 1 WK' ia! iff f vv w m F 2 :...,I i E ,V V , f M K2 V - Krfwn-x-Q-ig .qw , gffiasjasi A K... CABINET FIRST ROW, leit io right: B. Beiten- court. Adviser: V. de Luneux, Treas- urer: P. Pfeiffer, President. SECOND ROW: A. Huwkesworth, Secretary? A. Seulburqer, Sophomore Rep.: D. Green, Freshman Rep.: R. Indelicato, Senior Hep.: D. Owen, Iunior Hep.: K. Lyser, Modern Dance Hep. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association began the 1949-50 season with the annual volleyball elimination tournament. Although every gym class team participated in the competition, only teams tive and six remained tor the final championship tilt after the eliminations. Team tive won, placing Val de Laneux, Rosemarie lndelicato, Sharon Brown, and Rita French on the All-School Volleyball Team. Others who placed on this honorary team were Dorothy Hanawalt, Ann Seul- berger, Iudy Woolsey, Ann Bronson, Ann Champlain, and Gail Landsmith. Following the volleyball tournament came basketball season. ln the final contest oi the basketball tournament, the tables were turned with period six upsetting the fifth period team. The winning squad placed Dorothy Hanawalt and Iudy Woolsey on the All-School Basketball Team, which also included Val de Laneux, Rosemarie lndelicato, Sharon Brown, Mary Zbavitel, lanet Emerson, and Pat Herrick. AWARDEES FIRST ROW, leit to right: L. Galbraith, I. Silveria, I. Marcella, I. Irving, P. Bermingharn, R. French, B. Heark, V. de Laneux, P. Pfeiffer, D. Bedard. A. Larkey, I. Woodxnansee, M. Santos. SECOND ROW: I. Millar, D. Piona. D. Hanawalt, G. Lundsmith, I. lunsse, I. Amdisen, I. Landes, M. Blankenship, S. Hawley, A. Hawks- wirorth, S. Daniels, I. Chaniler, M. West. THIRD ROW: P. Everest, R. Indelicaio, A. McAllister. I. Woolsey, A. Hatton, C. Courtrighl, D. Owen, S. Brown, I. Swanson, C. Inman-Kane. K. Lyser, B. Springston, A. Chumplin. LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Randall. M. Haw- ley B Sprinqston. I. Marcella, S. Brown P. Zaml ch. W. H 11, 1. MANAGERS O G Silveria. Later in the year the speedball tournament was held with the combined team of third and fourth periods emerging victorious. Those making the All-School Speedball Team were Sue Barnhart, Sharon Brown, Laura Castelnuovo, Ann Champlain, Barbara Hansen, Rosemarie lndelicato, Adele Mark, Diane Owen, Pat Pfeiffer, and Margie Taylor. ln addition to these activities, the G.A.A. also held badminton and tennis tournaments, a baseball elimination series, and a swimming meet. The G.A.A. also arranged several non-competitive get-togethers with other schools. The badminton playday, "St, Patrick's Playlandf' was held in March and included "bird" enthusiasts from six schools. Another playday was held with Diablo girls on the afternoon of the league basketball game between the Dons and the Devils. The girls who received block "A's" in the middle of the year were Val de Laneux, Barbara Reark, Rita French, Iudy Woolsey, Ianet Emerson, and Ann Seulberger. To qualify for this award, a girl must have placed on three All-School teams. Participation in two major dance performances is equal to one school team. For next year, the Girls' Athletic Association plans to draw up a new con- stitution in order to meet the needs of the ever-increasing size of the school. Also, new activities are being planned in the way of after-school sports. r x THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS 'MILLWORK o PAINT o HARDWARE Phone 4627 1701 Locust Street Walnut Creek 0 HOTPOINT d NORGE a WESTINGHOUSE o BENDIX Appliances o Electrical Contracting THOMPSON ELECTRIC CO. Phone Walnut Creek 2661 1411 Main Street Opposite P. G. ci E. 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Diablo Blvd. Phone 4607 MADALENE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 3354 I 1515 Main Street Walnut Creek California WALLACE REALTORS Intelligent service to the homeseeker and real estate investor 3665 Grand Avenue, Oakland Orinda Cross Rds., 1956 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek It's the original saddle, with the tapered toe o, '-,':f:f'r - r' White Bucks Brown and White Saddles B R A D L E Y ' S CASH MARKET Ouality GROCERIES o VEGETABLES MEATS At the Orinda Crossroads 'd"l,"K Q.: A l,'lw'. , . 1 A, 3' . f2-- - I E '4 1- xfg X 3 ' wmv .. ..n... . A 51. g.t..Af,., , 'fn A -:?21.'::,1.f. REAL ESTATE SUTTON'S Walnut Creek 4719 Across from the Plaza 1535 Main Street Walnut Creek Lqfqyeffe California If You're Satisfied. We Are LAFAYETTE PET SHOP - ft PETS and SUPPLIES -4i'5'Y',1. ' ' T- , , f Yelle nt it mug ,E ,I 4, u Y p ,,,, 5 Lafayette California L 5 ' ,Er ' g,- . WHEN THE TIME COMES Dom Forge' HARDWARE MASSIE 6: UNDERWOOD Realtors A Complete Line of Hardware Orinda Crossroads Qrmda 5711 1545 Locust Street Walnut Creek 3500 H H ORCHARD NURSERY AND DIAMOND K SUPPLY SUPPLY Home and Garden Supplies IACK SCHNEIDER - STEWART WADE T 1E d Ldqyene 4477 Midway betwelegnlilfacilztte and Orinda Phone Lafayette 4712 Lafayette, California SCHWINN BIKES Wizzer and Cushman Dealer B G M A C S 1520 Main Street 1947 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek Walnut Creek California B1LL'S PLACE THE BRASS LANTERN Hot Lunches ' Dinners Knitting and Crocheting Supplies Fountain Service Buttonholinq ' Stationery ' Hemstitchinq I-CUGYGHS California Telephone 3271 Walnut Creek, Calif. Experi f iv I "HN f 'W' 0 Cleaning f 0 Alterations ,- tff fsm' ' Q 0 Dressmakinq CLASS OF 1950 V I L L A G E CONGRATULATIONS C L E A N E R S Ernest and Lola Poll QRINDA VILLAGE Orinda 2543 MERCHANTS Distinctive Deb. Casuals Campus-Toqs Accessories "for the coed" .pymhqaabhqa ORINDA VIILAGE aurvzs row. man PI, Y ll 4 ' UIYNE QOH' CMMS! M TI-IE PIONEER STORE Established 1855 GROCERIES o ERUITS o VEGETABLES Free Delivery Phone 4401 0 Meat Market 4582 First and Golden Gate Lafayette, Cqlifomiq 1-1ERB'S HARDWARE WARREN 1-IARROLD Everything for the Home and Garden ARLINE I-IARROLD Realtors and Insurers DELTA POWER TOOLS 25 Years in Orinda Village Phgne Wqlnut Creek 4519 109 Orinda Highway Orinda 3131 EXCLUSIVE AGENT SPAl..DlNG ghfs SHOES . Village Pharmacy yk Prescriptions 0 Cosmetics nungnll Fountain Wqlnut Creek Phone Orinda 2 1 1385 Main Street Walnut Creek 77 Orinda Highway Orinda, California LINCOLN MERCURY NOTHING COULD BE FINER TUNNEL MOTORS LINCOLN and MERCURY SALES and SERVICE 1839 Mt. Diable Boulevard Phone Walnut Creek 4431 I-IORSESI-IOEING by COIVIPLIIVIENTS GENE LOCKI-IART O F A Phone Walnut Creek 3224 Route 2, Box 740 alnut Creek Californ FRIEND COMPLIMENTS of STAN'S BRICK I-IOUSE Famous for Fine Foods Walnut Creek - fb.,-f-' f "-Q.,-f ' : fflffdhff-Qftzaaae Main Street Walnut Cr DIABLO DRUG CO. A Friendly Store Phone Walnut Creek 2069 l374 Main Street Walnut Creek, Califor MODE-O'-DAY FROCK SHOP Blouses ' Dresses ' Hosiery 1378 Main Street Walnut Cre e Il PARKEL LUMBER Ein SUPPLY IOEPARKEL Phone Walnut Creek 3571 1630 Mt. Diablo Boulevard DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES COMPLIMENTS FASHION JEWELRY of Gifts 0 Repairing PETER PAN BAKERY Orinda Jewelry PASTBIES QWELINASA Theatre Building Phone 8233 S H O E S Buster Brown and Iumping lacks for Children Teen Age - Naturalizer for Women Roblee for Men WESTERN BROS. SHOE STORE Walnut Creek, California 1370 Main Street Phone 3186 ORINDA MOTORS A. W. "AL" EBERLIN, Proprietor Orinda 2013 Opposite Golf Course o Orinda, California SPROUSE REITZ CO. INC. Quality Merchandise ' tor Your Everyday and Personal Needs Large Assortment of Toys and Party Favors At the Crossroads Phone Orinda 5101 44 Moraga Highway r 13 5 Y J N 5 . f1..::1..,., ' as Y ,hm Nl 1 f i, I 1 s :Ms N as "X , .gm n , A, Rik , -ILP HMI M -tk.Tm., Wx NW , U ,, 9 ,amp ,e if in ,- 5 LAFAYETTE FOOD CENTER YOUR FRIENDLY ONE-STOP MARKET VEGETABLES - GROCERIES - MEATS FOUNTAIN BEVERAGES Mt. Diablo Boulevard Lafayette 9908 S F O R S You Oan't Beat a Pontiac MORT BROWN PONTIAC Your Friendly Pontiac Dealer l909 Mt. Diablo Blvd Phone W. C. 4487 Al-I WALNUT CREEK LAFAYETTE MARKET BASKET Quality Meats ' Vegetables Delicatessen - Groceries Quality 61 Fancy Foods Phone Lafayette 2286 Across from Plaza Free Delivery GASTON'S FRENCH C L E A N E R S f FOR FINE FABRICS I 1 1 I W ll , I , lil .-l , F .... . I , ---- -5 EfI ?1i: 113.232 -' ' , ' 1 2 . ttlf DUNCAN PLUMBING CO Plumbing and Heating Contractors Phone Orinda 2345 Orinda, California BEN FRANKLIN STORE Phone Walnut Creek 9933 Pon YOUNG MEN CELAYETA'S of California i' Phoenix Hosiery 'ff Hathaway Shirts if Rough Rider Slacks 'A' Hendan Sportswear 'A' Nunn-Bush Shoes' 'A Catalina Swim Wear 'A' Hollywood Clothes i365 Main St. Walnut Creek AND MEN WHO STAY YOUNG 'T - Q SUPER SAVER i. REALTORS MARKET wi Your Friendly Super Market .ll 1350 Main Street WCilHUl Creek CONGRATULATIONS Phone W. C. 3134-3174 Tiedernann 6: McMorran, Inc. Canned Goods Specialists 65 Berry Street San Francisco, California Garfield 1-2178 TO THE GRADS EVERYTHING FOR YOUR TABLE LAFAYETTE Phone Lafayette 3140 Burma Road Restaurant Chinese and American Food Charles S. Hughes H. W. Gentry Mt. Diablo Blvd. W. C. 2890 Building Materials I N Walnut Creek 2893 Real Estate - lnsurance 2034 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek w1LLY's CREAMERY TU-EVISION Homemade Ice Cream Westinghouse - Hoffman Fountain Service Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette 2453 ln the Village OR. 84ll FRIGIDAIRE WEDGEWOOD Wiseman-Lee Appliances "We Guarantee Satisfaction" 1501 Main St. WALNUT CREEK MAYTAG BENDIX Congratulations to the Class ot l95U W0 IZQIZ3' 2743 San Pablo Avenue Oakland 12, California K A l S E R E R A Z E R -i" f Q 1 e G3 . Q 1 U . '54 2-Y Mxttttf T T" PM I K1LBOURN MOTOR SALES Midway between Lafayette and Walnut Creek DIABLO POWER TOOL CO. 2327 Mt. Diablo Boulevard Walnut Creek, Calif WALNUT CREEK PA1NT SUPPLY CO. MORWEAR PAINTS 1630 Main Street Phone W.C. 3551 SCOTT SHEPPARD CHEVRON STATION Phone Lafayette 2913 Lafayette. Calif. BOWL 'EM OVER IN YOUR Roug ider CORDS 8a SLACKS V :gr v .sfnl r E"'f:f?E : : 1 2 ':2 5 R, ' .,.. J 'ZMEQEQEE ' THE EMPORIUM LAFAYETTE SAMMEENANSDKl YOUR FORD DEALER Service on All Brakes Free Pickup and Delivery There? a in your fufm I WHOLESALE R E T A I L 1816 N. Main Street Phone W. C. 6714 - 6715 - 6916 Greetings to the ClCISS of '50 from OF IUNE '50 M ULLIGAN'S RESTAURANT DISTRIBUTORS May Commencement for you mark "not the end but the beginning, other goals set for the Winning." 464 First Street -- Oakland TR inidad 2-1878 Congratulations to the Graduates or.wALNur cnssk ewelry IVIcNEIL'S cSf MT. DIABLO mm I D mmm- vgifff D A 1 R I E S Lafayette Walnut Creek F O O D B A N K QUICK FREEZE - FROZEN FOODS LOCKER SERVICE 4800 Broadway Oakland 1 I, California Phone PI edmont 5-4843 tv pn , x , fz : 'B Qin. ! K X Ar? G x I S 'H g v as X ki X :W h I EP ., : 2+ f f -N " ' zg, , ' ' A 3 '1' 1 ' 2' '1 he H X Q, S x W L g 5 K' 3 fx. Q 5 ,I 5 if . lf? 1 . A , E f f gwmsf W., ,-wh! in 1. USP 2 ww A , Compluments IANCECEEIER PL H,-,e lf ' fig 3 X , . 1 A , rlllfr tt . , T- I, I, ltlltmnltllltflst' 'Wil I it 5 ss ltsr .1 It ttttllttlt li: ,hmmm mmmgt Sgr, lik UM tx Q , JI lltlt , 'TT ' at "" I t' " ' Y. If 5114? ' ijfl I QL- '.' t ' ' ',I, ,ffl ' wt 'QQ vc IIE I' if uf gilt-ti 'fl ll "Et I E I 'ft 5 ef -I it fl- ta' -I 1' E R I FOR GOOD VARIETY AND THE X ROADS BEST QUALITY T H E P L A C E Trade with the T O E A T WALNUT CREEK MEAT COMPANY Orinda 5671 l432 Main Street Walnut Creek 4454 Incorporated DAIRY PRODUCTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Telephone Pledrnont 5-0064 l95 Forty-First Street Oakland ll, California A. L. LEARNER RICHARDS DRUG STORE HUDSON SALES AND SERVICE Phone 4884 Lafayette, California 2301 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek SPROUSE REITZ CQ. Properties throughout Contra Costa County VARIETY STORE - 1 1357 Main Street Walnut Creek BglE?L TEKSTT G Laundry - nn, Cleaninq . Rug Cleaning FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP MARSHALL STEEL Willard N. Iohnson KNIGHT - CONOVER 1326 Locust St. Walnut Creek 5741 Lafayette Walnut Creek Walnut Creek UIC CCI-ll' B m Uh ssocia os. 'to s. To those friends of the Acalanes I-Iigh School who have so generously assisted in financing the 1950 AKLAN We give our most sincere thanks and best wishes. I. T. LUCAS SALES AND SERVICE STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS GUARANTEED USED CARS 2196 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek Telephone Walnut Creek 4438 Invest 31.25 per month in a Locker Congratulations cmd to the SAVE UP TO 202 Senior Class of '50 ON YoUR EooD BILL Conveniently Located IVICCOY BUICK, INC. THE UNION ICE COMPANY WALNUT CREEK Walnut Creek 2008 Mt. Diablo Blvd. W. C. 6736 Phone 6755 IG44 Bonanza , 6, ' 1 lm! matun Official Photoqr ph f THE AKLAN Specializing in PORTRAIT and CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY e 4494 ef! GY Ld 6 On Ph II NIIU UPF HISH 0 SILVER 0 LINENS 0 CHINA 0 GLASSWARE 0 ACCESSORIES Phone Lafayette 3814 0 FURNITURE 0 CARPETING 0 LAMPS o ACCESSORIES o FABRICS 2444 ette - La:f0.'Y 0119 I Ph r. 0 DRESSES c SUITS 0 ACCESSORIES 7 ',.. f I , ' , f' -, ,. - f f'2l'fl 2fm,C, 779+ .4 f LJ C71 7 VIA - f7,cf'c,, L AQ. .D 1 ,- .YU L-ffzffra-i1 I 41 ' "l X 'A' fvilfl 1711,-..P!1,l I6 1 1,62 ft ,pd-r,L - gf L bl, Q KL 1 X? 11,-JM ' wp PJ 'X f 1 auf, VAUVL4, N W if My L ff. K Xb ' X ' , 1 L J ' W .J J Q IL AJ NA ,ffybgjllgf ' f gif? JQLJ W cimw ud U W' SM N , fV""1':,M D VU 'D' J if 2Q '- W pjvfjll ,. 015 'zgfffff Q qv 'X 'M Wy ' W W + Nw W WJ, .X v jfffd 7 , WU. Jjglfyulhlg, ' eff ,Aw ,LMMV affaalf ,g,44,wa4,4, ,A,4,uML.3 ,74-f-0 fu! af ,wwa Wwwwfwwyfw ,adj-'70'0'!""44'4fau4V40 wwgyauaw WVV , QM ' f xuY.,efWf4fv,w1'-44'Wl"f V 4,6fLf,,fhgw'VJ ' ,Adil . 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