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-1 3 b W K0 I afi"Z"'Ut1-L X11 Qt, a1j, aAQ1 XJLM . ' VM f,ffMWffW M MW in E ,4w"'jQ"f4"Qf'f'410f zzz ,Q fy. .M X i , Q fx I, ,k 4f,gf,'l'jfLgxf1U Q 46439 WWW I X " Ei Www Q fi, gf EN QD !i21QW7 ! ffyfvwicky 1 . jf X, jj X43 lr HBJKANX w 0 Q E qXMl5'9E,2'7ff7M 6 lb gy wif ., ' - C30 UM ' ity 9,5 we M M ' ' 'l waxy F 4 QWW H fW2'Q,Z'f aw N' 3 x N-0, - WZZZM Jw gi? N 33235 535253 f Q15 Kmiiwrm,i3:,5w3x3Q 'faojffdf X, X1 X N . , wiv hx f S jwggwigimi Wyfigwl Nfl 5 5, 'S Wgdfn-J..., Q , X W2 N jfafirzfdfjlmmtr, ' fe 72 Ypffzpfsmlfdl, 'i' ' 'mg ' ' 4 x F- X MWX-XIVNQIQ-VF aw. an-N Zynm WJLZQ-,JW JAY A is gfdwffffff 4. MM ES sis S N 'S N5 ES if -2 R i Ss 3 ggig S a-. N 5535 ., gi A vi ag M RN U-.A 'f ii' . 4 K, x, in L " figs ip W W", up ww 14:37 K'f"" ' 5 ,K ,S Q! e ' , f!9'1 " fy A if W - ,Lived 1, , , if f W 5, f f K, ff . fu 9, - Q fl K .3713 1' 5' 'G-' ' . 35, 2 Q L. , kl . at A 3 ,L k v K , f Q4 1 kk.VV,, ,. I KI kttrk ,Vvkk h. M ,qfiiabkl . ,c V, A Q Af: K ,S atgi gk A Y' . ,flyfjfi 13,3 J A "L bt . 'JW' as my f. is -X in ' H Y 5 ,rx I, x, fa' All S'hf.wfN+.5,A b 5q" gi .-W, 1 viii 72, ' . "iii 5 'I RMMQ 'H M54 .5 . ,Wg 'BS' Q I 'Q ' "jf V ' l ,T E- v ki -5 1: Wt ' fi, V 4 A i F ' ?'f'TffTw.-iw 2'4'gQ 'fix fix Y ffl' ' A A wffiw ivff-f,. , 1 M X fi A P NVQ, qw, ,. Ll ' ,ff H .. ' as 1 p f, VL ka .W 1, 1 H f , f sf I . V ,F as f, , , V, fx. ' -. ' 'Vw f i xii XKMEXQQE -M ,ig fpp r , - .1, ' "M ' r ' 1 . , M ., Q , ,U , ' 3 1 1. .M .4 , 7 W ,R Q , y 'M 5 Us ag , i Z ,. V , r . ,. f5,,g5!f,'M,I I . - Q- - aw, W Y 5 x W V A -, .f-.A-.M PM i l 0 ' V - ', a if ' F my "".Q.. .,' "' 2' . .N ' . 'V V ' 1' V f .Q,,f ' in , , y' ' f? ,, . -V 1"'e5.-qi M 1' 4 " if K fyx ' ' .f- 'U 'Pg' M Q Q Nc 5 xo 1 Q S212 in 31, .V A ' PRESIDE 'FS MIISSAGE The Acalanes student body completes its ninth year with its membership at an all time high. More important than actual numbers, however, is the fact that the school spirit has also reached a new peak. This has been reflected in your enthusiastic participation in athletics, both on the field and in the bleachers: your Willingness to work on all phases of our student body proqram, and the general friendly atmosphere that prevails around the school. The success of our student body has rested in your hands. Congratulations, on a job well done. ---BILL MORRISH ti: t.,.f-fi 1 PIIINCIPAIRS MESSAGE Once again the AKLAN brings you the record of the past year's school activities. You will enjoy your yearbook now and even more in years to come. lt is important that students engage in many types of activ- ities during their high school careers. lt is even more important that through these activities you develop those attitudes so important in a Well balanced personality: loyalty, initiative, good sportsmanship, and consideration for others. Undoubtedly our student body's fine spirit ond correct atti- tudes are closely connected to the activity program which this yearbook records. -NEIL M. PARSONS IIEDICATIU The AKLAN is dedicated this year to a teacher much loved by all her students. This woman has given generously of her time and ingenuity since she came to Acalanes in l942. She goes about her many activities so quietly that people are often not aware that apart from her daily art classes, she is advisor to the CSF., Acalhonors and stage crew groups. Her art department is almost perpetually busy with art work for dances, campaigns, plays or almost any affair at school or in the community, She is a favorite with all who know her because of her cheer- ful and patient disposition, liberal mind and gentle sense of humor which make her unforgettable. lt is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 1949 AKLAN to Vera Richardson. N .X STANLEY WALGREN LILY LAI-ITI Vice Principal Dean oi BUYS Dean of Girls EVA DALANDER LELAND RUSSELL Girls' Counulor Boys' Counselor FAC LTY Dons and Donnas are especially fortu- nate in having an outstanding faculty. Their first wish is always to help students with their problems and encourage them to be more capable and active people upon graduating. They are not just teachers but are real friends of their students. Even after graduating, students often return for advice and a friendly visit. This year two more counselors were add- ed to the counseling staff to provide two counselors for lowerclassrnen and two for upperclassmen. Many kinds of counseling are provided for the students. Tests are given to determine individual abilities and achievement. Movies are supplied through the audio-visual department to enlarge on the methods of teaching. Vocational coun- seling is also given freely. PHYLLIS PETERSEN LOIS 0'CONNOR Secretary Clerk .ummm Q we' --M uf 3- if' -3, t UE' .. EN, ' ' -' . -, 'L if f 1 ' 'V A 98' ,'i77' f ,E , K . z, ,E V5 I QR 3 1-bit t - ,rj . ff' l W H' N"' L X .. Q Af' f" 9: . ffl' F 1 5 . IOHN F. CHADDOCK CARL NEWBURY DR. RALPH C. HALL MELVIN IACOBUS M H STANLEY Former President President Former President Clerk of Board B0 BD 0F TIIUSTEES These men, to whom the welfare of Acalanes is entrusted, are very necessary to the running ot our school. Serving without pay, they spend much oi their Valuable time looking for sites and planning for new schools, determining the policy, and approving the course of study, daily schedule and textbooks for Acalanes. Most of them have been closely connected with Acalanes through their own children. They are elected tor staggered terms ot three years. Being successful business and professional men also, they are known by the parents of the community to be capable and intelligent. NON-CERTIFICATED STAFF job is never done. M. BARNARD, D. SIMMONDS, A, DANIELSON, S. JOHNSON. H. SELLICK L. SIMS. H. PARK. E. PRICE -v' M. VELAZQUEZ. E. LINOTTI, W. MUDGE, F. POLLOCK Our non-certificated stati certainly deserves a vote ot thanks for all they do to keep our grounds and facilities in top top iorm. With over eight hun dred students in and out ot Acalanes daily their BILL MORRXSH President TED HALL Vice-Presidenl NANCY JOHNSON VIRGINIA HANSON ELLEN GALBRAITH Secretary Treasurer Social Secretary THE ' DE T C UNCIL The Student Council had a very successful year and was able to put many new ideas into action. The establishment of an annual football trophy between Acalanes and Diablo was finally accomplished. A Rally Committee was formed to be a continuous group for planning or assist- ing at rallies, assemblies, games, and many other affairs where the leadership of a central organization is needed. Class Assemblies, voted by last year's Stu- dent Council, were a new treat this year. The Iunior and Senior Classes each gave a program drawing solely on its own talented rnernbers. Dons and Donnas were well entertained by their clowning fellow classmen. An exchange assembly with Alhambra High school was held during the first part of the new year, In December, before Christmas time, a drive was held for food and clothing for the needy. This drive, lasting two days, was a big success. Boxes and boxes of food and clothing were sorted in the new Mechanical Drawing FRONT ROW. le!! to riqht: L. Iones. I. Price, I.. Dulbey. I. Field. P. Ellerd, I. Swanson. C. Courtright, D. Bedard. C. Inman-Kane. SECOND ROW: S. Hawley. I. Dunlap. V. Hanson. N. Iohnson. E. Galbraith, G. Bcrrgones. N. Brooks. B. Westlund. C. Mcmise. THIRD ROW: A. Dull. I. Pearson. M. Rucker. I. Comstock. T. Hall. K. Mat- lock. M. Zbavitel. P. Randall. A. Bronson. A. Seulberqer. FOURTH ROW: I. Lnhstroh, G. Fowler. B. SYmes. R. Van den Heuvul. D. Tierricm, P. Lurmer, I. Kluuder, B. Morrish. BACK ROW: D. Fey, M. Elvidqe. D. Iohnscn. B. Ferro, B. Hampton. H. Neilson, G. Guppy. 'Ol room. Miss Bassignan's advisory, having been iudged the winners of the contest, were guests at the party given to the winning advisory after the drive. ln May the regular student body elections were held. The following candidates were elec- ted to office: President, Marshall Freeman, Vice- President, Lloyd Torehio: Secretary, Nancy Carl- son, Treasurer, Karen Aaltioy Social Secretary, Barbara Maclviahong Girls' Yell Leader, lanet lanssey Boys' Yell Leader, Fred Read. - +--- M wt . ' . ,,,, T i 1 """ , V -fgfmixii l , E s 11 .2. .1 ,, V 2-f , , ' -"- fi' Q' f 97 T 3 9 it yr t A5 f Uv, t - ,, m.,,n.... f w- W . . V. ' ,t Q U ' 1 .-- ,.. ' w f ' . I ., t ' . H ii' ,ft A 5 6 i i tid? 1 n ' MQ. b F Y 0 ' qlft K? 'Lilly I. .., t ,Q , f. V ,l V. . I ., I . , . f q gs. ' . ,-3 -- g ' " - rh""'if't i sv-. l -- ' A "' 'T I f- ' .1 l l CITIZEN SHIP COMMITTEE This committee, consisting of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore and a faculty adviser, passes on Citizenship point recommendations. The student body president pre- sides at its monthly meetings. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Amuson, V. de Lanecux. secretary, D. Laney, I. Davis. B. Morrish. chairman, L. Russell, adviser. I- Field. FACULTY FOREIGN LANGUAGES Florence Bassignan Marie Wagner Noi Pictured: Ioseplxine Ochaa INDUSTRIAL ARTS Roberl Thom Claude Fancher Elma Heard ENGLISH Wilson Sanchez Eva Dalander Margaret Mahler Lloyd Seaver Not Piclured: Rulh Ellis Millicenl Hamburger FINE ARTS Vera Richardson Oscar Busch Millicent Hamburger Hull-I Ellis Not Pictured: Bruce Handley t....,......- I, K qi?,?,1f.,. 'PW 5, 1 E! N, FACULTY HOME ECONOMICS Helen Williamson Helen Peterson SCIENCE H. Beverley Fisher Alex Winchester Iohn Annis Margaret Nicholson MATHEMATICS Bruce Handley Gerald Brown Robert Stevens Leland Russell SOCIAL STUDIES William Hoss Ruth Webb David B. Stewart Betsy Pembroke Not Pictured: Lloyd Seaver FACULTY COMMERCIAL Anita Anderson LIBHAHIAN Ruth Fletcher PHYSICAL EDUCATION Charles Eaton lunice McCloud Beulrice Betlencourt Erwin Mattson COMMERCIAL Robert Lord Leland Baldwin Not Pictured: Anita Anderson CLASSES una., I XC- 12.1 ff fx S 1' Ei .3 3? f 'IQV I L K 'W' X I ' rg, . K' wevvw-LM:-Q-3 -an-MW - f ""'M,M W . . ' 3: , ' 5 LK , I A , lQ'ih' ' '- , N Q I , ' Q fa -A 'j 'Wg if Q? I .,, 3, Q 1 11 it rg W- rs. SE I0ll l CLASS OFFICERS Iohn Klauder, President: Barbara Lusebrink, Secretary: Ioan Green, Treasurer: Dave Iohnson, Vice President: Nancie Miller. Social Secretary. After four years of school work and school life, the Class of '49 is worthy of an honored spot in Acalanes history. Proof positive that they could entertain Was the forty-niners' successful Senior Assembly. The wonderful Senior Play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," brought forth their dramatic abilities. All class dances were well received and pronounced successes. This, of course, is with a special emphasis on the Senior Ball, "Enchantment"-a land of Fantasy. V At the "Gay Nineties" Iunior-Senior Banquet, as juniors, they gave quite a per- , formance. Their abilities surely stack up with the best. ALPEN, ANNE-"Alpy"p nice personality: SciencefMath majorg heading io S.F. Stateg Band: C.S.F. Boys Federation 47 Block "A"p Foorballp Track: Baseball: Basketball: wonderful QUYA ANDERSON. BARBARAfQuiet 'n mceg likes sewinqp going to Middlesbury Collegeg 'S l' 'E AMASON. LYNN-"l...D."y Vice-President of , ' " i Language major: Chorus, BAHLS. MHVIS-Pretty blond hairp History majorp going to S.F. Stateg wants to be a teacher: swell gal. 'Q Alb ,Q is 4522 BAILEY. DEAN-"GuS": Science majory , going to San lose Stateg Bandp Blue Printg 5, 1 joker- .. 4 . , f BARGONES, DOROTHY GAIL-"Gail"p "ri pretty eyes: class Social Secretary 27 as- , ' - R , r .2 K . sistant yell leader 37 yell leader 4g head- ya , . - ' ' Q ,:'1 ing for San lose State. Z I L. 5:5 V Ng itor 4g going to Marin I.C.p English-History , ' majorg likes tennis. 1 Bnnorr, BARBARA-Blue Print feature ed- ' - ' if ' f fs l P 3 BEEMAN, BOB-Science-Math marorg likes hunting and "Linda"g going to a LC.: l dislikes conceited people. t BORGHINO, IIM-Auto Shop mayorg favor, ite pastime is working on carsy quiet auy. .... vq., ' Y! , BOWERS. BARBARA-Business major: likes dancing and "All the Things You Are": worked in student store: nice to know. BRANNPN, KEITH-Red hair: favorite pas- time sleeping: U.C. Extension next year: nice guy. BRODERICK. EDWARD-"Ed": majored in English: Cal bound: likes driving: dis- likes backseat drivers: quiet 'n nice. BROOKS. NANCY LEE-G.A.A. 4 years: Girls' League Treasurer 4: Drama: Brunch: lots oi iun to know. BHOWNING. IACQUELINE-"Iackie": Home Er: major: going to Marin j.C.: likes boats: cute gal. BUCKNER. IOYCE-Business major: likes sports: Dance: VicesPresident of G.A.A. 4: on 3 School Teams: nice to know. BUSKIRK. MARIE-Likes to joke: goinq to college: Drama: Chorus: sang at '48 Ir: Sr. Banquet: on decorating committees: fun to be with. CARSON. BOB-lntends to ao into farminq: likes to hunt: Football 3 years: Track Z years: quiet: nice, CHIAVINI. YOLLY-Likes Swimming and Modern Dance: going to business col- lege: nice personality. CIANFICHI. WALT-Science major: head- ing for Pharmacists' College: Acalhon- ors: Block "A": Basketball: Track. swell guy. CLAICHE. IUNE-"Iunie": heading for bus- iness college: favorite sonq "The Stars Will Bememberu: beautiiul eyes, CLARK. ALAN-Funny boy: likes ropina and riding: going to Davis tor agricul- tural course: "Chips": Track. COHN. HARRELL--"l-lal": likes cars and horses: Baseball 3 years: gunner, COMES. DON-"Shorty": wants career in Naval Aviation: Basketball: Baseball: swell personality. COMSTOCK, IANICE-"Ian": college prep.: music major: likes to laugh: class Social Secretar 3: Girls' League President '49: Girls' Stgte '48: cute. CONOVEH, BETTY-Handbook staff: G.A,A.: C.S.F.: going to San lose State: wants to be a nurse: nice smile. COOK. NETTIE-"Nari": likes horseback riding: Business major: heading for col- lege: quiet 'n nice. COOPER. JOY-"Shorty": Math major: likes swimming and "Stardust": going to C.O.P.: Acalhonors: dislikes people who argue. CRANSTON. IIM-"Rat": favorite pastime locling: heading for Willamatte Law School: "Chips": Swimming 4 years: Danceband: good guy. DALBEY. DAN-Math major: going to Stan- iord for Physics or Med.: C.S.F.: Band: Boys' Chorus: nice. DALBEY, LU ANNE-Always happy: ma- jored in History in l-LS.: likes to dance: going to Cal.: Acalhonors. DALY, ROSS LEE-"Lee": likes to play piano: going into commercial art: Cho' rus: nice. DAY. DONNA-Going to San Iose: C.S.F.: G.A.A. Secretary '47: favorite pastime sleeping: President of "Y-Teens": fun. DE LA GARDELLE. GEORGETTE-"Gee Gee": wants to be a nurse: pet peeve is cabbage: likes to swim. L... DETFR. SHIRLEY-Took commercial course in H.S.: wants to be c stewgrdess: Blue- print 3 and 4: fun to be with. DEZZANI, GLORIA-"Di1zv": going to business college: Audio-Visual Serve- tfrrv: likes to plav Tennis: Treasurer G.A.A. 3: Acalhonors: AKLAN. DUNCAN. DON-Quiet Guy: Math. Historv maior: heading for C.O.P.: dislikes gig- gling girls: Boys' Chorus: Track. DUNLRP. IUDIT!-I-"Iudv": English major- goina to U. of Ariz.: favorite pastime is laughing: C.S.F.: Blueprint Editor 3: per- sonality plus. DUARTE, KEITH-"Pin lr.": likes Music' aoing to Santa Rosa LC.: Band: citizen- ship committee 3: Football. EGGEN, NEELTIE-Pretty: loves to sew: college prep.: Chorus: Drama: has nice voice. EMEHY. RUSSELL-"Russ": likes to fish: shop enthusiast: quiet 'n nice. ENDERSBY. KEITH-Math major: likes of- swim: Block "A": Football: Swimming: Wonderful personality. ENDERSBY. SANDRA-"Sandy": lovrs horses: wants to be a nurse: aoina to Cal.: President G.A.A. 4: Acalhonors: Class Teams: nice. ENGLESMBN. 'VOHN H.-College orep' heading for Cal.: wants to be Engineer: Acalhonors: swell guy. EPSTEIN. ROY STANLEY-"Epr:v": pe' Deeve, driving a car: going to I.C.: class VicefPresident 3: Block "A": Track: loads of fun. EVANS, H. DON-Loves auto races: p't oeeve is women drivers: Acalhonors- Boys' Chorus: Band: Track: good head EVERSON. WARREN-"Shorty": likes to have fun: going to Davis: Block "A": Football: Basketball Rally Committees: Wonderful guy. FEBULA. MAXINE-"Maggie": likes to sew: college prep.: wants to be a nurse, Y-Teens: office work: sweet. FARNSWORTH. BARBARA-Always hapoy: college prep.: going to Davis: hates bells: C.S.F.: cute personality. FENTON. SHIRLEY-College prep. major: going to Cal.: Drama: decorating for dances: poise and personality. FIELD, IANET LOU-"Lou": majored in English: going to Santa Barbara: Stu- dent Council 2 years: Secretary Girls' League '49: cute. FINDLAY, VIRGINIA - "Ginny": played Cornelia in Senior Play: C. S. F.: going to Pomona to major in PsycholoqY: easy to know. FITCH. SHERBILL-New addition from New Jersey: going to Cal.: likes riding horses: cute personality. FLEAGER. ANN-"Skip": Art major: AK- LAN 4: loves Art: Acalhonors: always willing to help out: swell gal. IFORNI, IIM GEOHGE DAVIDSON-"Sir lames": heading for Marine Corps then college: Ir. Red Cross: Football '4B: line QUY FOX BILL- Hob Art major going to Marine IC Basketball Blueprint one of the boys I-'REITAS LILLIAN Babe going to bus mess college Audio Visual Secretary G A A Acalhonors class teams 4 years swell gal AKLAN FRENCH IIM Frenchie going to Cal Acalhonors Boys State 48 Band Cho rus good head lots of fun i 2 .. A if ,mm 'K K .. . nfl f ix, V 9 ff ,: i ff , 5' y . X M .,,, 3 li My .vi .Q ,E S ,L L f ll 1, -v M J' , , , rg, 'K 'af' " lv ,ia li ti 5.4 X .,. N. , Y Ht. Q :kt t 'fy u - X f, aw., 5 c 3? Af ,,,i5.g: i - -1, Y .12 ,lf .Q .f 5 , .- W f --fe, A 7? ,fi g .,,,,,,A.. A P i X ess sz. is i s 6 . ff, 3' l 1 1 an 1 5 iw Jah Y FRY, HAROLD EDWARD-"'l'ecl": Math major: going to college: came to us from Berkeley: likes piano: Football: Track: all time guy. GALBRAITH. ELLEN-"E1": heading tor Cal.: Yell Leader, '4B: Social Secretary '49: citizenship committee: G.A.A.: won- dertul gal. GANIO, MARIO-"Bop": Music major: go- ing to C.O.P.: C,S,F,: Blueprint: music letter: Orchestra and Band: good head. GARDELLE, IANIS-"Ian": going to Arm- strong: favorite pastime, going out: class team: cute and lots of fun. GAU, MICHAEL-"Miken: favorite pastime, cars: joining Air Force: one of the funny boys. GELHAUS, CLAYTON-"College pi-ep.": going to Cal: pet peeve, Model "A's": favorite pastime, sleeping: quiet, but fun. GIBSON, BETTE-"Bets": Art major: nice voice: going to business college: C.S.F. Drama: pleasure to have around. GINN, MILDRED-College prep.: going to San lose State: likes to hike: Acalhonors: Mazorette: G.A.A.: guiet 'n nice. GREEN, BLISS-College prep.: going to Cal.: likes to fish: Vice-President of "Chips": Acalhonors: Football: Track: real swell guy. GREEN, IOAN-"Verde": college prep.: wants to be stewardess: Treasurer Sen- ior class: dance committees: loads of fun. GREENE, CAROL-Spanish major: going to college: C.S.F.: Handbook staff. GREENLAW. IANET-"Jann: likes to have a good time: going to San lose State: favorite song "Night and Day": dance committees: swell gal. GRUPE, IOHN-"Iohnny": came to us from New York: likes to work on his car: pet peeve, these California women: nice guy, GUILLOHY, GERRI-Blond hair: took come mercial course: going to business col- lege: Class Teams: nice ta know. GULDENZOPF. IOANNE-"Io": going to Cal.: G.A,A. HALL, THEODORE-"Ted": College prep.: yell leader '48: Student Body Vice-Presv dent '49: Block "AH: Football, Basket- ball: Track: all time guy. I-IANSEN, MARIE-Favorite pastime, just sittin': Blueprint staff: going to work after High School: quiet 'n sweet, HANSON. VIRGINIA-"G1nger": going to C.O,P,: Soph. Sec.: Girls League Sec. 3: Student Body Treasurer '49: G.A.A. Class Teams: personality plus, HARDING, BRUCE-College prep.: going to C.O.P. to malor in Forestry: Block "A": Track star: wonderful guy. HARRIS, IBMES-"Ware": majored in Art: "Chips": Track, Swimming: Blueprint: one of the boys, loads of personality. HAWORTH, HERB-'Math and Science ma- jor: going to Cal to become Engineer: Block "A": Swimming: what a smile. HERRICK, IOANNA-"Io": Spanish major: likes to play Poker: dislikes crowded places: Acalhonors: pleasing ways. HINKLEY, NEIL-"Alired": wants to go tn Officers Training School: favorite pas- time, sleeping: swell guy. HICKOX, LYNDA--Came to us from Hay- ward: nice eyes: going to Cal. to major in Science: likes Modem Dance: C.S,F. HOFFMAN, IOY-"lOy Beon": qoinq to get married after High School: Class Teams: always happy. Came in lunior year. HOPKINS, ANABELL-"Annie": going to Business School: V. Pres. Girls' League 4: C.S.F.: cute gal, HUNTER, IOYCE-Likes Swimmina: qoing to Armstrong Business Colleae: Drama: qood gal. HUBBARD. RICH-"l'lub": likes cars mid girls: pet peeve ls cops stoppinq kids with pipes: big gunner: lun. IRWIN. FLOYD l..ATook business course: going to work for Father after I-l. S.: swell guy. IACOBSEN. PAT-Took business course: likes Swimming: Chorus 4 yrs.: real nice. IESSER, FRANK-"Speecly": qmng to Cal.: likes ritle shooting :St St. Louis Blues: quiet 'n nice. IOHNSON, ART-"WhiteV"7 Going to Stone lord: C.S.F.: Block "AH: Football: Base- ball: line quy. IOHNSON, DAVID'-"Dave": going to Cal: Pres. Boys' Federation 4: V. Pres, Sr. class: C.S.F.: Block "AH: Football: Bose- ball star: all time guy. IOHNSON, NANCIE-Darling smile: going to Santa Barbara: Acalhonors: Soc. Sec. I:1Treas. 3: Sec. oi S.B, '49: real swell ga . IOSLIN. BILL-Favorite pastime, girls: go- inq to Art College: Block "AU: Track: Dance committees: good head. KENNARD. SUSAN-"Susie": aoina to Col: likes knittinq arqylesp Iunior Statesman: Tennis, new to Acalanes: pretty smile. KILGO, SUE-"Suzie": College prep.: loves to ride. swim: citizenship committee 3: l office worker: G.A.A.: pretty brown eyes. KLAUDER, IOHN-"Honest lohn": going to l Cul: Senior Class Pres.: AKLAN manager '49: Pres. C,S.F.: personality galore. KLITGRARD. CAROLYN-Mniored in Art: Drama: College prep.: likes to collect records: pretty eyes. KOCH. WILLIAM-"Koch": gomo to S,F. C.C.: Block "AH: Football: likes to hunt and tish: real nice guy. LAWSON. CAROLYN-Majored in French: going to San Iose State: Modern Dance: nice smile. LEIVIMON, DIANE-"Lemon": lrkes to swim: wants to be Dental Assistant: Chorus. LEY, SUSAN-"Sue": majored in French: wants to be Interior Decorator: Drama: Red Cross council 4 years: G.A.A.: pleas' ing personality. LITTLE: IERRY-Favorite pastime, looking az girls: going to study music: Orches- tra: Football: Track: wonderful ouy. LONG, DAVE-Goinq to Santa Rosa lf.: Shop Hound: liken to ploy pool: :silent type. Q LUCAS, MARVIN-"rorty": likes sports: majored in shop: Vice-President ot Block "AH: Football star: Track: big gunner. LUDLOW, DIANA-Going to College ot Arts and Crafts: Modern Dance: G.A.A.: Brunch: red hair: terrific personality. LUEDEMANN. MARTHA-"Marcie": going to U. of Michigan to study music: loves to eat: Dance: darling gal. t I t Q '. R r Ai .1 'if' I ' f tl 1, it ,Q u nu., Q fy... I i n E1 2 E Lili f . T . 9 Y E : . . , l , . t Ar.. 3' L ,, tr , xt . it it 1 , 1 ep 4 1 :M l . Q9 ' if i I r L f'iNJ LUSEBRINK, BARBARA-"l.use": Art Col- lege: Modern Dancer from "Bones" to Benediction: AKLAN Art Editor '49: Stu- dent Council: Acalhonors. MAATA, GII.-Favorite pastime playing drums: manager of Blueprint 3 and 4: Swimming: good guy. MAATA, RON--Going to Cal. Maritime Academy: MACOMBER. NANCY-"Mac": likes to knit: going to Cal: Student Council: C.S.F.: Red Cross council: Ir. States' man: lots of fun. MACOMBER, PATRICIA-"Pat": going to Davis: Science major: C.S.F,: Modern Dance: quiet 'n cute. MATLOCK. KERN-"Mat": wants to be En- gineer: Social Secretary Boys' Federa- tion: Student Council: President Block "A" 4: Football star: Track: lady killer, McVlCKAR, BARBARA-"Bcbbxe": likes to knit: Student Council: Red Cross coun- cil: Class Teams: cute and lots of fun. MEDINA, RAPAEL--"Curly": Music ma- jor: new addition to Acalanes: wants to get into Dance Band: nice smile. MENGES, JOHN IACOB-"Iake": going into Dad's Business: Football: Track: quite the skier: good head. MESSICK, LEE-Maiored in Science: going into Navy, then LC.: Track: Football: nice to know. MILLER. BEVERLY-"Bev": going to Cal: C.S.F.: AKLAN staff 2: Dance: has sweet personality. MILLER, NANCIE-Going to College for Dance: Girls' League Treas. 4: Pres. Dance group: Christmas Madonna: Sr. Class Soc. Sec. MORRISH, BILL-Likes to hunt and fish: Pres. "Chips" 2: Soph. Pres.: S.B. Pres. '49: Block "AH: Track: Football: Swim' ming: all time guy, MURILLO, CARLOS-Likes roadsters: going to LC.: Band: Block "A": Football: Bas- ketball. NARDINI. IACKIE-Likes listening to rec- ords: Commercial maior: Dance Class: G.A.A.: Class teams: lots of fun. NEIGHBOR. IOHN-"Iohnnie": took Pre- Engineering: Block "A": Track star: Bas- ketball: Dance committees: terriiic per- sonality. NELSON, IOANNE-Likes to loaf and swim: going to Oregon: Acalhonors: wants a car: pretty green eyes and red hair. NEMIR, DON-Going to Santa Rosa I.C.: likes to loaf: Blueprint: pet peeve, not being allowed to leave school at noon: gunner. NICHELMANN, NORMA-Going on to busi- ness college: dislikes people who don't like her cooking: Acalbonors: Class Team: swell gal. NICHOLSON. BARBARA-"Nickie": iovor- ite pastime talking: going to Armstrong Business College: G.A.A.: Class teams: always clowmng. NUNLEY, DOLORES-Favorite pastime is singing: going to continue voice lessons and work: Chorus: Girls' Sports: nice. O'BANNON, PAUL-"Tall": Going to Cal as Library major: C.S.F.: Orchestra: likes to take movies and loaf: good sense of humor. PALMER, IOAN-"IP": going to Sacra- mento l.C.: wants to be a teacher: Drama: Orchestra: quiet gal. PAHKEL. IOANEf"Io": likes horses: took commercial course: C-.A.A.: Dance: Class Teams: loads of fun. PARSONS, IOANe-"Ioanie": favorite pas- time-knitting: C.S.F.: Student Council: Ir. Red Cross Council: fun and unas- surning. PINE. MARLIN-"Bud": wants to be an aeronautic mechanic: hates women driv- ers: Track: Basketball: Band: divine smile. POTTER, IOAN-"lay": going to Cal Arts 6. Craits: loves to draw: C.S.F.: Class Team: dance decorations: nice person- ality. POWELL. CLAUDINE-"Shortie": majored in Science: came in Senior year: going to Baptist Bible College: sweet. QUEHIO, MELVIN-What a smile: likes Baseball: going to work: Basketball: Baseball: funny bay. QUILT., IOBN-Wants to be a nurse: likes Gab Sessions and Tony Martin: Acal- honors: pet peeve--orderly Study Hall: swell gal. RALPH. GWEN-Music major: going ta C.O.P.: Chorus: favorite song-Stardust: red hair: green eyes: nice combo. RANKEH, IRAN-Majored in Art: loves to design clothes: going to Cal: hates to get up for school: Cute gal. RAVAZZA, IACK-Favorite pastime-wooch shop: going to work in auto shop: wants to raise cattle: Baseball: real swell. HEESE. SHIRLEY--Loves horses: going to Cal to major in Science: majored in Math in H,S.: pleasing personality. REYNOLDS. DRUHY-"Dru": pet peeve is homework: going to S.F.I.C.: Block "B": Swimming: Track: attracting ways. RHODES, JAMES I..-"Dusty": going to Cal: wants to be an Engineer: likes music: Football: new at Acalanes, ROBERTS, FRANK I.-Likes cameras and flying: wants to ily tor Army: has swell personality. ROGERS. MARY-"Roge": wants to be a nurse: likes to swim: C.S.F.: G.A,A.: "Y"-Teens: nice to know. HOWELL, ED-"Butch": Science Math ma- jor: hopes to go to Yale: C.S.F.: Chorus: came to us in lr. year, RUCKER, MAURINB-AKLAN ED. '49: go- ing to Cal: Acalhonors: C.S.F.: Treasurer Scph. Class: Girls State '48: lr. Red Cross Council: sweet gal. SCHHOLL, NANCY-"Nance": likes to eat: going to college: C,S.F.: Modern Dance: served on dance committees: nice to have around. SCHWARTZ. DON-Likes to swim: going to Cal: wants to be an Engineer: Swimming: Basketball: tall guy. SEARBY. PETER-"Pete": majored in Mu! sic: going to Marin I.C.: pet peeve, pea' ple who don't like music: Drama: Track: Band: comedian. SHIELDS, FRANCIS-"Ir-ish": Math major: going to study Forestry at Cal: Foot- ball: Baseball: quiet 'n friendly. SIMMONS, CAROL-Language major: loves to eat: going to C.O.P. to major in Music: Modern Dance 3-4: sweet gal. SLAUSON. SAM-Going to Cal to major in Forestry: pet peeve, '34 Fords: Block "A": Basketball: Swimming: shy. SPACKMAN. BOB-Going to a LC., then to Cal: likes Spike Iones: Block "A": Basketball: Swimming: shy. SPIGHT, DICK-Likes sports: going to Ore- gon io College: Acalhonors: "Chips": Basketball: Swimming: quiet. tp lfl' 1 4? 'V Q ZLZ: t f ,, . 1 l 5 ,r in we t . get sf ii 1 M x t it 1 'll- 'f fe S 7 . W e 'fda L 69" , Z , l N' si S ,. , .3 ,.:.A t , . ik 5 it L ' 2? , in .4- f 17" .iw - , . li, , f. . SPIGHT, IBMES-"lim": likes Bebop and playinq for Dances: Band: one oi the qunners. SPRXNGSTON, TED-"Shorty": wants to be an Engineer: likes music: Acalhonors: ' Block "A": Football: Track: super quy. STARR, PATRICIA-"Pat": ooinq to San lose State: pet peeve-Freshman Boys: nice. STEFFEN, GRE'I'AAGoinq to San lose State: likes horseback ridinq: G.A,A.: Dance- lriendly and shy. STEVENS, PATRICIA-"Pat": Loves to knit: qainq to San lose State: Drama, Blue, print: winninq personality. STEWART, RUTH-Dislikes homework: qo- inq to Whitworth College: Acalhonors: Chorus, sweet smile. STOFFEL, CLAIRE-Likes hayinq fun, AK- LAN Assoc. Ed: qoinq to Cal: Acalhonors. Student Council 3: evei-ybody's pal. SYMES, BOB-What a smile: qoinq to study Forestry: Student Council 4: Block "A": Swimming: wonderful quy. TERRY. PATRICIA-"Pain: majored in His- tory: wants to be o Nurse: Ltorary: friendly: pleasing ways. TIERNAN, DON-"Smiley": women hater: qoinq into Dentistry: Pres., 3: S.B. Yell Leader, '49, Block "A": Football and Track star: handsome. TURNER, ELAINE-Business mayor: qomq to Armstronqs' Business College: favor- ite pastimeAeatinq: new at Acalanes. VAN AUSDAI., WILLIAM-"Bill", likes Dancinq: pet peeve, broken shoelaces: qoinq into Insurance: what a voice! VAN DEN HEUVEL. ROY-Goinq to Colleqe to study Law: Block "A": Basketball and Baseball star: that smile! WALDEN, GEORGE-"Hed": qoinq into Navy: favorite pastime is records: quiet and swell disposition. WRNDEI., CAROL-Ati major in High School: favorite pastime, loalinq: qoinq to get married: quiet and pretty. WEISEH, BERNICE-"Bern1e": going to Cal: C.S,F'.: Handbook stail '47: Class Teams: attractive and unassuminq. WENTNER, RlCHARDf"Dick": likes Swim- minq: qoinq to l.C. for Bus. Ad: pet peeve, eqq plant: new addition. WESTLUND. BARBARA-"Wesi": qoinq to Business College: Ed of Blueprint 4: Acalhonors: always happy. WING, BOB-Mcjored in shop in Hiqh School: wants to qo into business for himself: quiet and friendly. WINTERTON, GEORGE-Math major, qoinq to work after H.S.: Swimminq: Track: quiet and shy quy. WOLVERTON. DON-"Wooly": likes to eat: pet peeve, girls: "Graduation ma- jor": blond and qood looking, WOODMANSEE. IO ANN-"lon: Business mayor: qoinq to College: Acalhonors: Blueprint: quiet gal. WOOLSEY, IORN-Always laughing: qo- inq to Cal: Class Sec. 3: C.S.P.: Modern Dance: G.A.A.: all time qall, Nat Pictured: GLENN ARMSTRONG CHUCK KINNAMON INES LOUISE ROBERTSON KENT SMITH PAT STARR DONNA WILBURN 3 V5 :QE Q I if .I tl 1.4 A x 5 X iigffa 5 OFFICERS FRONT ROW, lett to right: Bob Ferro, vice president: Dick Breuulr, president. BACK HOW Rita French, social secretary: Betty Thomas secretary: Sue Druhe, treasurer. FRONT HOW, let! to right: D. lohns. A. Badgley, S. Finzel, I. Farrar, I.. Cooper, C. Hook, Y. Massone, S. Van Cleuve, M. West. SECOND ROW: L. Haworth, P. Wood, I.. Van Deventer, N. Nunley, B. Redding, G. Fernandes, B. Steiger. B. Buzard, B. Bush, I. Worden, D. Atwood. THIRD ROW: K. Harkness, B. Reynolds, C. Tigard, R. Holmes, I. Oalzly,R. Drubin, K. Macon-uber, W. Hansen, D. Saunders. BACK ROW: R. Breuner, G. Guppy. F. Munson, A. Hendrix, G. Kindler. D. Ingram, D. Laney, P. Dawson, B. Williaml, E. Lewis. FRONT ROW. left to right: P. Ellerd, S. Druhe, B. Reark, E. Rhodes, B. Williams, B. Franzmnn, S. Barnhart. I. Richard, B, DsTur, K. Schaeffer. SECOND BOW: E. Keeio, I. Niemann. I. Hansen. A. Smith. P. Culver. D, Bowersock, D. Chapman, R. Indelicato, M. Wrxndel, D. Hoffman, A. Leavitt, I.. Icxckson, I. York. THIRD ROW: R. Ortlnnd, I. Therle, L. Taylor, D. Schmidt, D. Allen, B. Ferro, I. Macomber, L. Bates, C. McBride. F. Borqhesani, K. Keep, L. Lucas. BACK ROW: K. Smith, A. Mork, B. Cowden, C. Lucas, M. Freeman, I. Barrett. D. Beede, G. McKenzie, E. Irwin, B. Sonduq. I. Marshall, L. Bierce, I. Forni. P. Larmer. Q.. , 1 UNIIIB CLASS fda Hrv A We-. FRONT ROW, leit to right: A. Lurkey. B. French. I. Conner, B. Iohnson, I. Nelson. D. Thunen, A. Luman. A. Mork. L. Crxstelnuovo. F. Eaton. SECOND ROW: B. Van Meier, I. Swanson. M. Rowland, I. Davis, M. Rauch. C. Krcrwsnick. S. O'Neul, N. Carlson. I. Price. THIRD ROW: F. Reed, B. Hcxmoion. B. Champion. M. Biggs Stirlon Odell D Kitlred e B Femon K ones D Tcrzer BACK ROW B Keeiauver K Sholin L Ferxquns. I- .I. ,. g.. ..l.. . :. .. .. I. King. G. Ccckerlon, 0. Chiavini, B. Turner. B. Wcxn-en. C. Gzimshaw, I-l. Abel. A. Kniqhl. G. Fenton. FRONT ROW, left to riqhl: B. Granzolio. L. Couri. G. Markineau, G. Plum. I. Sieberi. I. Silveria, B. Keeicxuver. I. Randall. B. Steel. C. Martineuu. SECOND ROW: M. Hansen, B. Bowers, B. Cardot. S. Hawley. I. Icxrvis. G MCNHI. C. White.1. Thomas. B. Thomas. K. Acxltio. S. Hammond. I- Adler. C. Rothqery. THIRD ROW: L. Ruff. B. Nicolai, M. lanes, D. Carlson, B. Hayes, V. Lucas, V. Pears. T. Lassuqne, B. Ruff. B. Grove. D. Stroiher. BACK ROW: T. Sellick. D. Ambrose. R. Ortlcmd. D. Parsons, I. Blalock, S. Wood, I. Neldcxm, I. Twomey E. Keele. E. Blame, I. Gruver. P. Kullus. Hi ,,.ff""' ,x ' , - . ' "W, 4 ,f -2 i ' ffl? i-: ,, H A W 1 f p? . K- 4 X -'ww' s. a xxx' x -if 'SX 3 ' Q A 'Er A X' v, 4 MA .A f 11" ff li , Q55 .f ai' 4 wr' K2 ,T 'l q'5i7.f,, an 9' .f .,. +1 J 2 1, 1" l , ,Q J I s H' 1 lr wi.:-funny. 5 f L,EIc2we.jf-- ., e .5 "" 'af Q.- w 'I ifrss OFFICERS FRONT ROW, lefl to right: Ianet Iansee, treas- urer: Nira York, social secretary: Ianet Chant- ler, secretary. BACK ROW: Don Cvietuse, presi- dent: Donn Bearden, vice-president. FRONT ROW, lofi to right: W. Hall, I. Arnidsen, A. Parker, P. Sclxolin, I. Chanller, I. I-Iugheti, M. Blankenship, N. Tinkham, E. Bahls, D. Munn, S. Castro, C. Minor, B. Groom, E. Domingos. SECOND ROW: D. Iordon, A. McAllister, P. Gray, L. Luiz, I. Lee, N. York, I. Woodmansee, I. Iordon, L. Duranie, I. Pine, N. Dielrichq THIRD ROW: C. Seal, A. Moressi, G. Maul, R. Vecchi, B. Ramia, P. Steqman, I. Sloifel, A. Perenlto, D. Wood, I. Schlaler, I.. Gelhaus. B. Stirlon. BACK HOW: C. Bacon, E. Hubach, I. Wahl. I. Fender, D. Hassler, I. DeSoto, D. Hallield, T. Biggs, E. Broom, I. Pearson, I. Iacobus. FRONT ROW, left lo right: I. Merrow, B. Davis, M. Kennedy, B. Irwin, G. Beiller, S. McAnich, M. Zamlack. S. Daniels, M. Kiltredqe, S. Tomer, P. Cash, D. Wadman. SECOND ROW: B. Weill, B. Duvivier, K. Lyser, R. Hall, M. Burchlield, A. Gadsen, M. Burger, D. Bee, A. Yeager, I. Ponting, I. Velazquez, A. Halien, I. Eqqen, V. de Laneux. THIRD ROW: F. Pierce, V. Osborn, C. Leach, P. Oliver, H. Tinay, B. Wallis, B. Matheson, C. McPhee, I. Rounds, D. Bearden, L. Atkinson, B. Burkell, A. Dull. BACK ROW: I. Ierrell, B. Spurgeon. 'l'. Smith, N. Parsons. G. Fowler, R. Haines, I. Gi-eenluw. I. Wilent, B. Gorman, I. De Solo, F. Phillips, B. Fox, D. Beniley, H. West. SOPll0lVl0BE CLASS Mg, ,w ,,,, V 2 iq Q x , K haw ,f ug , ,.,. A 3 ls. A , y, Q yr 7 ,Q ,, ef fs ,, 1 iff 5? I .ff f ,A 'ef 'hi T fm if ,J MB"Nf' J 'K ii I, 'wr 5 r 'N X. N 1'- NK . , Q i ig if Up iff y .- lg OFFICERS . 1 Y 1 iary: Richard Rogers. presidsnl: Richard Fey vice-president. FRONT ROW. left lu riqhl: S. Fleager, I. Gamboa. S. Curry. S. Cosia. C. Earle, L. Pasquini. E. Banker, M Thies. B. Dawson. D. Schnitzler, S. Harris. W. Palrick, C. Manise. I. Miles. W. Innes. SECOND ROW: A Saunders. A. Champlin, A. Nerve. J. Bush. L. Dulhey, M. Downs. R. Kennedy. I. Kennerly, S. Crook. M Vasques. L. Grimshaw. P. Zamlock, P. Pyle. I. Gordon, E. Neldam. THIRD ROW: K. Dana. 0. Babcock. H Haskell. G. Miller, D. McDerrnond. S. Thompson, M. Schaeffer, W. Ackley. B. Moore. D. Smith, D. Larson D. Plail. K. Spurgeon, G. Blodgelt. BACK ROW: B. Diehl. R. Dickie, A. Cheney. I. Iohnson. I. Daniels. B D'Arezzo. E. Waker. G. Pinnellu, B. Saunders. B. Smiih. C. Peters. H. Flanders. D. Kun. F. Brown. FRONT ROW. lelt lo right: I. Bailey. I.. Hendrix. I.. Iones. A. Gorman, P. Cavallera. P. Everest. N. Brown, A. Bronson. F. Dickens, R. Sarge, I. Landes. P. Shelver, K. Manning. S. Knipe, E. Cooper. SECOND HOW: I Colieral. S. Brown, B. Sprinqston, K. Davis, D. Iensen, C. Ward. C. Rucker, I. Raspiller. S. Williams. M Winterlon. S. Lundquist, C. Ferrell. E. Plutner, I. Gordon. THIRD ROW: D. Badgley, G. Hazleti. I. Ogden- W. Klilgaard. I. Ially, D. Arvidson, B. Borqhesani, D. Dehlin. H. Andrew, A. Capri, B. Herrick. I. Bownon E. Greub. B. Peare. BACK ROW: B. Powers, M. McFarlane. ll. Ting, R. Hawkins. B. Morgan. S. Groenninqs, I. McKay. I. Marvin. C. Drews. E. Murray, D. Williams, I. Price. R. Williams. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Lela Iohnslon. social secretary. Carl Peters treasurer- C nlhia Miller secre- PRES MAN C TASS ...V FRONT ROW, left to right: M. Hansen, A. Seulberger, M. Keyes, M. Hawley. B. Lewis, B. Mumford. C. Miller M. Santos, S. Machado, R. Hooper, P. Cory, K. Dent, G. McDonald, I. Iensen, C. Nelson. SECOND ROW: C Wallani. I. Irving. M. Zbavitel, V. Spellacy, P. Randell, C. Brennan, N. Mcliibben. L. Johnson, A. Wagner B. Lewis, P. Patten, M. Orr, D. Green, I. Moss, D. Stone. THIRD ROW: B. Westlund, I. Higdon, N. Siegel D. Duncan, E. Grimes, W. Staple, L. Nebeker, D. Reid, I. Runkle, I. Lynch, D. Flibush, B. Claiche, F. Cabral W. Cole, B. Silveria. BACK ROW: W. Iohnson. N. Hinton, I. Englesman, E. Ambrose, W. Ruqh, N. Eccarius R. Sillers. L. Perry, I. Vurek, A. White, A. Stanley, E. Tazer. FRONT ROW, left to right: T. West, I. Glaiberman, L. Fisher, M. Troyer, E. Walsh, R. LaSalle, B. Pendleton I. Neuman, L. Galbraith, I. Schofield, E. Seder, P. Timmons, I. Nardini, M. Tayler, I. Eaton. SECOND ROW A. Everett, C. Stendere, S. White, D. Needham, M. Couch, V. Broman, D. Lavezzola, N. Carroll, V. Hiqdon I. Very, D. Orme, A. Cianiichi, D. Townsend, I. Wright, P. Malvey. THIRD ROW: I. Macauley, L. Derric, N Southworth, D. Finzel, P. Gates, I. Reynolds, L. Ansani, D. Hubach, N. Lescure, G. Good, B. Freitas, Lee W. Brennan, D. Fey. BACK ROW: E. Saunders, K. Blakeney, T. Merry, B. Kleckner, I. Lohstroh, O. Gibson M. Klemment, I. Keete, B. Keller, H. Bronson, M. Elvidqe, L. Manise, C. Collis. 'N Leit, right. left-- Lookit that muscle! Have a seat? Whut's his name? iii , 5. I Polite freshmen Cun't all qo in this buggy Whcti's so interesting The pause that refreshes .ll Eyes left What's wronq. Margaret? What, again? Wish I had an upper A 'K I ACTI ITIES Wf?fgg',grrm N J' . , .. . ? - ls: -5,1 " 4,5 h " 2 '35'?1.M-ffx X b f ,fm JE , f ff ' . ' mio , 'Q if v 3 M MM V , .,.m,f fy. ' -L 1 -4, M3-," Eli , ' 'w f 121- fswgrieeifjl -15:12 ,- .5' ' K-:-" R 15" f 'Y aff' M P.lg1 1555 .I an U , 1? TQ? 4, J ' 0 'of 15 3 , f 4' ,. R -eq:-'f -1 I I 4 f f ,V y V , ,vg.f: A .:.-'. 3 A , Y 1' 1'-Tiff ' V , V, mj , .f ij,-EF L a K! L- '. , w,.5,..5 GIRL ' LEAGUE Upon entering Acalanes each girl automatically becomes a member ot the Girls' League. This organization was formed to promote a closer relationship among the girls, better sportsmanship and citizenship. The organization this year sponsored the annual Parents' Club membership drive and the March of Dimes. The Mothers' and Daughters' Tea, which was the group's largest event, featured a fashion show in which the girls modeled cloth- ing for all seasons which they had made themselves. FRONT ROW, left to right: V. Findlay. Regulations: A. Hopkins, Vice-President: N. Miller, Treasurer: B. Lusc- brink. Senior Representative. BACK ROW: I.. Lahti, adviser: C. Inman-Kane, Sophomore Representative: I. Comstock. President: A. Larkey, Iunior Representative: I. Field. Secretary. BUYS' FEDEB TIO The Boys' Federation organization is similar to that ot the Girls' Leaque in that all Acalanes boys are automatically members. Most ot the business is trans- acted in the cabinet. The aims of the Federation are to stress qood sportsmanship and promote athletic participation. Activities this year included a basketball clinic and the showing ot the Rose Bowl movies. The annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet in Iune was the biq event when Dons brought their fathers to dinner at Acalanes. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Matlock, President of Block A: L. Amason, Vice4President: D. Stewart, Adviser: D. Iohn- son, President. TWO SEMESTERS FRONT ROW. left to right: I. Guldenzof, A. Badqley, I. Lee. I.. Preitczs, I. Amdlsen, A. Parker, I. Chaniler, I. Herrick, D. Hanawalt, E. Bahls, C. White, I. Woodmansee, A. Alpen, K. Lyser. SECOND ROW: L. Hickox. B. Sondag, I. Velazquez, I. Potter, N. Macomber, M. McMurphY, M. Rowland. B. Grcxnzolto. G. Dezzani. L. Caslelnuovo, I. Comstock, I. Parsons, B. Miller, D. Day. BACK ROW: B. Wickman. D. Cvielusa, D. Inqram, P. O'Bannon, B. Sondag, W. Peakes. I. Klauder, A. Ichnson. D. Dalbey, I. Wahl, M. Rucker. ONE SEMESTER IRCNT ROW, left to right: I. Niemann, D. Beede. P. Pieilier, I. Woolsey. C. Grcsse, S. Srroon. D. Hoffman. F. Eaton, B. Weiser, B. Gibson. V. Findlay, I. D. Hall, R. Tinay, T. Lassaqne. SECOND ROW: I. Woodmansee. B. Buzard, I. Field, I. Moss, C. Miller, R. Iahnson, D. Hubach, H. Haskell, G. Coad, L. Galbraith, A. Seul- berqer, P. Randall, M. Hansen, M. Eaton. E. Banker, I. Gordon. THIRD ROW: A. Lurkey, E. Galbraith, N. Brooks, K. Macomber, B. Reynolds. M. Ganio, R. Freitas. M. Fabula, M. Ginn, A. Fleaqer, S. Fitch, I. Bush. I.. Dalbey, C. Earl. P. Everest, N. Iohnson, B. McVickar. BACK ROW: C. Greene, P. Stark, K. Davis, S. Wil- liams, B. Sprinqston, I. Swanson. B. Beark, K. Brannan. D. Van Nest, S. Endersby, M. Burger, N. Carlson, D. Thunen. C. Inman-Kane. N. Miller. C. S. F. The Acalanes chapter oi the California Scholarship Federation is advised by Miss Vera Richardson. Stanford University was chosen this year for the chapter's annual college campus visit. The group had a very interesting time acquainting themselves with another college campus. Later in the year, the group sponsored its annual dance to raise money for the scholarship which is presented to one of its senior members annually. Students receiving three A's and one B are eligible for membership in the C.S.F. CALIIO 0B Advised by Miss Vera Richardson, Acalhonors is one oi the two school scholarship societies. This year both scholarship groups were larger than before, there being approximately 104 in the Acalhonors group. Students who have re- ceived at least three B's and one A for the semester are eligible for membership. FRONT ROW, left to right: S. Druhe, D. Hoffman, V. Hanson, C. Stoflel, G. Barqones. H. Holmes, L. Atkinson, I. Babcock, I. French, S. Reese. SECOND ROW: E. Murray, H. Flanders, M. Biggs, I.. Taylor, B. Warren, P. Oliver, T. Sanford, I. Woolsey, C. Tiqurd. D. Bedard. BACK ROW: I. Niemann, F. Borqhesani. N. Parsons. D. Beede, M. Freeman, L. Bierce. T. Smith, K. Ernst. A. Smith. D. Carlson. FRONT ROW, left to right: B. Thomas, P. Plieiier. I. Woodmansee, R. Daly, R. Stewart. B. Mumiord. I. Neuman F. Grimes, I. Vurek, B. Buzard, I. Huqhett, M. Blankenship, D. Reed, P. Cory. SECOND HOW: L. Pasqulm B. Davis, S. Spoon, S. Curry, I. Greene, E. Turner, K. Blakeney, E. Neldam, P. Pyle, I.. Court, M. Hanson I. Iurvis, F. Eaton. I.. Van Deventer. BACK ROW: I. Iacobus, I. Babcock, C. Tignrd, L. Atkinson, S. McAnxnch I. McCruxn, A. Summers, I. Woolsey. D. Wadman, S. Hawley. D. Bedard. S. Brown, M. Wmterton, N. Brown 35 Q ,311 ,Q 512,45 5 'wg I f, fiifi f. .N 5 'J ti 0,2 AR. ff' . -H7 'Q-'fn .ynfffw Spf' 'f?5"1' wins,-wr! P' 'W lmuys, 1 v .f 1 ff 1 ,fe xg-f Q i s H2 Sk 1251 lj' 5 N,-. ' 'HH ff: 33 b qw Vs iii: ,ff 9 5 S gf? -f 'fL J' , x A1-F' 3, 'W 5 .11 5 352 ' ' A J ,,M Q 2:5 or g I 1151 Zn' X if ', 1, . ' 'E 'H '- . 5 . . y 3.5113 . Q-fxff as V R ' E55 ESI ffa-S ' 8' , , I , I it pi. 55' A H jlfmigk. L I ' up I ff fix ' 4 X Eg! , s..,,g ' L 3.4: am K 3 "H ig'- . K. , .AY I . , ,iw ,, , ,XA .v , . nitwaly x g wh I xg 3 , V.. 4L 5 V f 1 4 JI' e 4, f L S ' E iv Q k x -22.5 -P 5 , - 5 , R . . W f 5 ' 1 in 5 ,,v X sf i V W2 iw? ik .I 1 l ' z 4 af ga, ' x - , 21:2 Z J ar ,., gi? M 1555: ,,, X ,Q 4 5 M E E, ask kk DRAMA This years' Senior Play was one of the biggest successes of the year, providing a laugh-packed evening for the audience. Adding to the success of the production were set furnishings managed by Nancy Macornber, costumes by Linda Hickox, and properties by Ioan Potter. Virginia Findlay and Ines Robertson turned in professional performances in their difficult roles. Other principal parts were: Otis Skinner, Keith Brannon: Mrs, Skinner, Betty Gihsong Monsieur de La Croix, lohn Klauder, Leo McEvoy, 'Ted Fry, Dick Winters, Bliss Green. Completing the cast were: Marie Buslcirlc, Dan Dolloey, lucly Dunlap, lim French, Mario Ganio, loanne Guldenzoph, Linda Hickox, Nancy lohnson, Susan Ley and Kern Matlock. BAND Director: Oscar Busch. FRONT ROW. fron! to buck: W. Hugh, B. Reynolds. D. Evans. B. Keelnuver, D. Dalbey. C. McPhee, D. Bent- ley. SECOND ROW: D. Day. I. Gruver, F. Pierce. R. Medina. T. Hageman, T. Sellick. THIRD ROW: M. Gunio. D. Beede. F. lesser. R. Raines. S. Hammond. D. Spiqht. FOURTH ROW: P. Searby, R. Drahin, I. Silveria. W. Hansen. H.Vecchia.BACK ROW: D. Ingram. R. Rodgers. D. Dehlin. D. Bedard. K. Dana. I. Hall. P. Stegrnon. GIRLS' CHORUS FRONT BOW. lei! to riqhl: C. Krausnick. A. Evereil, C. Minise, I. Miles, V. Brahman, B. Mumiotd. B. Keeiauver. N. Dieierich. D. Atwood. 5. Machado. B. Groom. G. McDonald. SECOND ROW: I. Schofield, M. Buskirk. E. Rhoades. H. Williams. I. Irving. I. Comsiock, W. Pairick, D. Ferguson, C. Green. B. Anderson. I. Guldenzopi, L. Cooper. I. Farrar, S. Finzel. THIRD ROW: I. Dunlap, N. Iohnson. B. Nicholson. M. Rowland. G. Ralph, B. Cardoi. M. Hansen. P. Eaton. D. Lavezzola, K. Manning. P. Stevens. L. Couri. G. Martineau. BACK ROW: I. Kennedy. A. Smith. I. Colleral. C. Rucker, A. Gadsen. R. Indelicuto. B. Franzman. K. Schaeiier. A. Luman. D. Thunen, I. Bailey. FIRST ROW. le!! lo right: B. Sxnilh. I. Spiqht. M. Ganio, C. Miller. I. Palmer, M. Blankenship, E. Ran- ker. BACK ROW: K. Blakeney. D. Haif- man, D. Day, A. Al- pen, B. Keeiuuver, D. Bedard, R. Haines. B. Keeiauver, F. les- ser. I- Fender, K. Dann, B. Reynolds, I. Gruver, D. Ingram, D. Dehlin. IIBCIIESTB I BUYS' GLEE CL FRONT ROW, left lo right: I. Freels, I. Spight, H. Brennan, I. McColley, C. Derrick G Mxller E Huhach D Hassler, T. Biggs, I. French, I. Klauder, R. Birdwell, Director Bruce Handley. BACK ROW L Sommers I Kmq I. Jolley. T. Lcxssaqne, D. Welch, T. Sellick. M. Biggs, R. Emery. R. Wentner. D. Duncan G Kmdler E Rowell , ' " I ' Q 4" X x . . , f Q 4 ff . M'4'l"" M . . as "'a'f? I L4 J'liQ Y "' 'K ,V f fs if ..', H . 4 inb- N. . A 46,1f,! X Iv? 2' 'rw - Q . i 1 7 . l!i',iAQ , 45 if I' f' "L" Q, , 1 , . , I ,ILA J rl K K . x 4 J ,. . g -s V4 -'W 5 ,, 'Q , Eg, :I QE y M .lv-f 1 .-.......... " - "9s?'!:-' a 2 , , A , BRUNCH WORKERS LEFT TO RIGHT: N. York. G. Bargones, B. Westlund, S. Kilqo. E. Galbraith, C. Stoffel. P. Randall, I. Woolf say. N. Schroll. I. Price. LIBRARY STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: K. Aaltio. B. Steel. N. Alexander. B. Buzard. D. Atwood. D. Iohnson. BACK ROW: I. Parsons, D. Iohns. D. Thunen, A. Mark, I. McCrum. I. Neiman, P. O'Bannorx, Librarian R. Fletcher, l. Wahl. CAI-'ETERIA AND STORE WORKERS FRONT ROW. left to right: D. Collis. D. Saunders, A. Hawks- worth. B. Bowers. BACK ROW: A. Iohnv sun, I. Emerson. D. Lavezzola. L. Ruff. D. Welch, P. 0'Bannon. fx xx' , ' K X " S. ' 3 'X ,L ' , XCR X Z0 MX ' F fy, -x , L ! 4' QW L' ' 'I K ff- XY A 4, 'ff 1 gf, , 1, Vx , 5 W ' g r i V . V .1 4 'Q U1 ,,Av 1 H- 3 y 1 ' . xxx ' ab. n my 1 X I, xl ,I if ,. F: w J ii ..?' fx." ,QQ X" 'f ,- Ark , Vs " Sf .1 I 25 LH -1, , 1, .. ,fi , -. L fi ACA TX, No.2 wk-im me to Carnival n Prizes, Dance,- Mcquainted me to the dance tonight! Get 3111031 HM Ulf ZH? across Bale, or that bloody in Eng- D081 be shy! Come and meer :fallow Aoalunianz! aiors will welcome freshmen other new students at l :tag be, to be held tonight from to 12:00 p. m. in the Acalanes , Admission win be ny nu- 1bodycard5lua50emta, ox-at Ngenerul admission price of ,BQ A e Get-Acquainted dance will a carnival theme, with a ty of guna, among which 1 duck pin bowling. ringtnss, hue telling, and bean hu The prion in I0 coats Also ineludad in the is a picture taking mu- -Q ANES KLAUD R, 'ROGERS CLASSES OTHEP After much debating song sophomores, headed by -Q .lepreselmttives of To Stanford, Ocfobof ,. tr , 'g Alkan Prcture H Monday, Tuesday und lnesday senior pictures jftaken by the Hal Matson jtof Oakland. W, Boys should wear 11 shirts, open at the throat :fthe girls will wear wh! BARBARA w cred blouses. 'I may be made to have Mount 'X for personal use, Rikon M your H cap and gown. Q Group pictures of tht ii jf and some activities will lt ill- 'I en Thursday and Friby. Y-Rays to le Tdll Wm U TLUNQ 81 ilu, IU G vd1hnrv..."'M4.4r4, Tiiiiliillv. huf4laohtlr.luhn salJdnlhadlr lays-latuuwdlallin. iuntlanlflhlll. ...W- M Edilor all INT ofliliss and erected them ein-ated read as John Dave Luubrink Gran: social Hunters nndlqnn 'War Ilmflml, W ma Ind lcd: vice Bah lure: century, Thoaas' UQIIIHKS and-hnotbuvil. youdiallvanlyourpie- iahn,!oronly80eontx. Hiller olmlhder and! u built in Walnut Creek fs emma um enwumeni 'mil be about 950. If that the maximum wall be approached in EBI' An Acalanes studcut billy U Healthy student body. 4 JAQA ,, Bldllihl our :maxaman 1 f MA Q 0 ow. 1 4 ' mi D. x . 1. G 1 , rf, neynoxas, L, exam. c. Mamas, r. mama, a. umm. W3 uw ganna? sscoglo 150:31 K. JQnE:E,:1::Eri.3Xzq' Dblfgxq- B- Coil'-gawk iixfgimga Mgggzf- g'm3g'::a- . :C.H ..'o, x:ox,.owexsoc,.c , . .. 1 that . new high gt ad in sncx now ao www. l V Lau- v--- '--'-o-f-- uavu uegn ghnun: swimmixfg, Sue Kilgqg archery, Joanne Randall: basket. ban. Judy Dunlap: Softball, Am., Hawksworth: Weedblll, Anne A1. pen: tennis, Barbara Barottg bgd. ramlrnal' UBIBRXIPQ. He will illuttrite with lll'l!' working models at the Pdomlr ttltioope. Period tobe dropped later in Q-Q.: mst, Jim iock, Carol lloniset, Bill Hirry Nieilsn, Joh Randall, Jackie Price, Ruckus, Ann Beulburger Summon, Don Tiex-nan, den Heuvei. Barbara ACTIVITIES PUBLIC SPEAKING COOKING ART TYPIN G SEWING DRIVER EDUCATION DRAMA. CRAFTS 'X ANIlBO0K The Acalanes handbook is an organized, de- tailed index of the activities, classes, faculty, rules, and regulations of the school. It is pub- lished every year and distributed to each student at the beginning of the school term. This year's book was changed in size, color, shape and cover design. The division pages are new: photographs and a course of study have been added. The staff has no editors but is under the direction of Mr. Wilson Sanchez. Iohn Coul- son and Allen Knight did all the new art work in the 1948-49 handbook. LEFT T0 RIGHT: C. Greene, V. Findlay, Mr. Sanchez, A. Knight, B. Conover, B. Weiser. J Il. BED CBIISS The Acalanes Chapter of the Iunior Red Cross Was first organized in 1947 when the Walnut Creek Chapter sent three delegates to the annual summer training camp. With the money from their membership drive, the 1947-48 council bought games and athletic equipment for the Iuvenile Hall in Martinez. They also made tray favors for the Camp Stoneman Hospital as a Christmas project. The annual membership drive in November of this year netted about Sl 15. This money was used to assist further the Mar- tinez Iuvenile Hall. FRONT ROW, left to right: P. Larmer, F. Eaton, N. Macom- ber, S. Ley, C. Stofiel, I. For-ni. SECOND ROW: I. Par- sons, M. Rucker, W. Innes, I. I.eTendre, M. Keyes. BACK ROW: S. O'Neal, A. Larkey, E. Plclner, D. Luveuola, I. Gamboa, I. French. P0llT my fm W f:,w-vm f my f I ,,, K., - ' ' ' " ' ' 'fbi-1a:,q.,..w... '2FE'?s."",u?1?a. ,.'-5i1"'- M FRONT ROW, lett to right: D. Tiernan, I. York, I. Kinq. G. Cockerton, O. Chiavine, M. Lucas, L. Amuson, B. Morrish, W. Klitquard, L. Nebeker. SECOND ROW: I. Forni, B. Ferro, F. Shields, A. Iohnson, X. Matlock, B. Koch, C. Murillo. L. Toxchio. D. Iohnson, B. Green. BACK ROW: K. Duarte, L. Lucas, S. Slauson, T. Fry. T. Sprmgslon, K. Endersby, W. Everson. P. Larmer, D. Laney, Coach Erwin Mattson. Coach Bob Stevens. FRONT ROW, lelt to right: Couch Charles Eaton, I.. Nebeker, O. Southworth, R. Hawkins. D. Schmidt, I.. Bierce. B. Morgan, G. Hazlett. B. Wallis. B. Shepherd, D. Lee, B. Westlund. A. Stanley. K. Klitgaurd. SECOND ROW: E. Greub, I. Bowron, I. Price, D. Williams, I. Daniels, B. Williams, G. Delirlqelis, I. Stirton, B. Herrick, D. Fey, M. Elvidqe, B. Freitas, Couch Dave Stewart. THIRD ROW: V. Osborn. P. Dawson. R. Breuner, L. Feoquns, K. Scholin, B. Turner. L. Taylor. P. Ruff, K. Green, D. Cvietusa, R. Osmundson, P. Kallas, B. Borghesani, B. Ives. BACK ROW: I. Marshall, C. Lucas, I. Barrett, I.. Bates, H. Nelson, F. Borghesuni, D. Ting, G. GUPPY, C. McBride, A. Knight, E. Erwin. F. Munson, B. Hampton, I. Odell. ff:- ' 33? ,im 3 Q B FZRRO. rg HARRY NIBLSON oz DOUG SEED E. LLOYD TOBCHIO. c LYNN AMRSON. ri BA KETBALL VARSITY Basketball Scores Acalanes Opponent 29 Antioch A... ,,.... 3 7 44 Crockett ........ 30 45 Pittsburg ....,... 41 39 Alhambra ...... 30 38 Diablo ............ 28 28 Antioch ......,,,, 26 33 Iohn Swett ...,,, 45 20 Pittsburg ....,... 37 26 Alhambra .,,,.. 31 39 Mt. Diablo ,.,... Z5 FRONT ROW. left to right: M. Quex-io. L. Torchio. D. Laney. T. Hull, Hoy Van Don Houval. I. Daniels, R. Ting. SECOND ROW: A. Stanley. G. Stanley. H. Nislson. K. Sholin. L. Ama- son. I.. Feuqans. F. Reed. Coach Mattson. B. Silveric. BACK ROW: B. Spcxckman. C. Lucas. M. Freeman. D. Beads. I. Marshall, B. Box-gsscmi. B. Ferro. IUNIOR VARSITY Basketball Scores Acalanes Opponent 18 Antioch ........., 31 10 Crockett ....Y,,, 42 24 Pittsburg ........ 23 20 Alhambra .... 13 10 Diablo 1........... 24 29 Antioch ,...,.,... 26 16 Crockett .....,,. 44 18 Pittsburg ........ 21 32 Alhambra ,.,, 36 31 Diablo ............ 19 FRONT ROW, lei! to right: I. Bowx-on, B. Fox. D. Spight. N. Parsons. B. Champion. D. Spurgeon. SECOND ROW: B. Keefuuver. R. Dunn. R. Van Nest. B. Kleckner. K. lanes. E. Tczer. Coach Eaton. BACK HOW: I. Stix-ton. E. Bxoone. P. Kallui. M. Klemmenl. M. Zl- vidge. D. Duncan. 5 . W wrf fix 1' as i .,,,,, M I .yr I 5 7 ' HM., 'S I i gr I E 5 5 ?r r 1 ' . if VA m . 37 5' M , . ,sm lg Q ' . i - L im, :X - : '- ,, 'fiazw QW J FRONT ROW. leh io right: B. Harding, S. Epstein, D. Tiernun, W. Ciunlichi, D. Long, D. Beede. B. Ioslin, B. Warren, I. Stirion. I. Neighbor. B. Cowden, B. Hnmpion, B. Ferro, P. Larmer. SECOND ROW: Coach C. Eaton, B. Morrish, E. Irwin, H. Neilson, C. Lucas, D. Nemir. L. Lucas, T. Springslon. O. Chiavini, D. Laney, I. Price, I. Daniels, R. Osmundsen. THIRD BOW: B. Smith, L. Bates. W. Peakes. D. Duncan, K. Smilh, D. Wentner, D. Ambrose, I. Twomey, R. Knight, G. Iohnson, B. Carson. P. Serby, I. Little, B. Herrick, R. Hawkins. BACK ROW: I. Iolly, D. Holmes, R. Medina. H. Haskell, R. Rogers. I. Odell, D. Williams, E. Greub, D. Badqley. B. Morgan, K. Keep, I. Macomber, B. Psare. E. Weber, B. Powers. A TRACK Acdlunes 77 88 2X3 44 62 5X6 44 U2 53 1X2 66 2 "5 Cidss meet. SCORES , ,,,., Pittsburg . .....AlhCIIl'1bfG ,,,.,Fremont , Antioch .,,, ,..,,D1dbio ,..,,E1Cerrito, ,,,,....Cc1i Fresh Opponent 35 ,, 301,43 69 ., 501,46 ,, 58 U2 59 1,72 70 3 '5 "A" trcxckmen placed third in the Davis trcxck meet cmd second in the County FRONT ROW. leit io right: I. D. Hull. S. Lawrence. R. Lundqen, I. Pearson. G. Hooper. B. Wickmcm G Coud E Tuzer. A. Clark. I. Johnson. M. Elvidge. E. Ambrose. I. Hull, E. Broome. BACK ROW: B. Clcriche I Cook I Freels. T. Scmiord. D. Been-den, B. Williams. D. Van Nest, B. Kleckner, F. Orme. K. Blcxkeney. T. Keonxq C Acaianes 42 73 1 f2 35 1, '2 24 38 46 Bacon, D. Fibush. Coach R. Lord. SCORES Pittsburg , Aihambra Fremont Antioch Diablo , El Cerrito In both the Iunior Varsity meet at Pitts- burg and the county meet, Acaiahes Class E" track men placed third. . H' Q f WJ f .., W..." ,SWK num, I A 5 VV!! ,1,. Q A , 'Msf y, A -3 "Ni T 4 "s.g :www - - its W . Ev le 5 M 4 .7 VARSITY FRONT ROW, Ieit to right: S. Slauson, M. Querio, R. Van den Heuvel. B. Fzx, L. Amason. I- King. P. Dawson. Coach E. Mattson. BACK ROW: D. Green, B. Warren, F. Borqhesnni, C. McBride, G. Cockerton, K. Iones, A. Iohnson, I.. Torchia. IUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW, left to right: K. Green, I. Gruver, A. Moresi, D. Fey. D. Dehlin, A. Peroneho. I.. Derrick. R. Carniglia, M. Klement. SECOND ROW: H. Dunn. I. Stoiiel. V. Ogden, P. Gates. B. Westlund. H. Watson. I. Keele. B. Grove, I. Macaulay, A. Hendricks. BACK ROW: L. Perry. E. Murray. B. Borghesani. D. Spurgeon. B. Freitas, I. Bowron, E. Greuh. BA EBALL VARSITY SCORES IUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Acalones Opponent Accxloines Opponent 2 ....,,., Pittsburg ..,, U 0 ....,,, Son Leandro ,,,. 15 1 ...... Diablo ,,,,. U 3 ,,,,,,,, El Cerrito ,,,,, 5 1 ,,,,,, Alhambra ,,,. 8 U ..,,... Richmond ...., 3 9 ,..... Crockett ,,,,,, 3 3 ,,,,,,, Richmond ,,,,, 2 3 ,...., Antioch 7 O ,,,,,,, Diablo ., ,, 9 10 .,.... Pittsburg .,,. 1 26 .....l Dictblo ..... 1 5 ...... Alhambra ..., 1 5 ,,,,,. Crockett .,,... 1 -Civ ,H iw-N FRONT ROW, Iefl to right: I.. Wendell, B. Symes, I. Webb. D. Reynolds, I. Harris, I. Englesmcn, D. Wentnar. T. Roemer. 1. lucobus, D, Wendell. BACK ROW: G. Wintarlon, R. Raines, G. Manta, D. Schwartz, I. Green- luw, K. Endorsby. M. Freeman, H. Haworth, G. McKenzie, Coach D. Stewart. A SWIMMI The "A" swimming team was partly handicapped this year with the early loss of its star, Marshall Freeman. Although two wins and five losses went down on the record, the Dons walked away with the county championship for the sixth year in a row. Five new county records were set by Symes, Raines, Iverson, Blalock and Macornber. SCORES Acalanes Opponent Acalanes Opponent 24 ..,..... Lincoln ,,i,.,..,,,,,, 19 lU ........ Tamalpais ..,.., 56 Q Cal Frosh ..,,,,,.., 55 63 FAFAAAA- Diablo -wY-wvY' 12 37 ...,.,,. Hayward ..,,. ,, 38 61 .,...... Alhambra ..... l 3 23 ......,. Berkeley ,,,,, ., 52 26 .....,.. Sequoia ....,. 49 ...n- , FRONT ROW: L. Wendell, G. Winterten. H. Bronson, I. Reynolds, N. Escczrius, T. Biggs. I- Rounds, E. Tazer, N. Siegel, D. Wendell. BACK HOW: Couch D. Siewcrt, H. Holmes, M. Klemenl, D. Dickie. I. Blalock, I. Kistinqer. R. lverson, D. Platt. A. White. WIMMI G This year Acalanes had the most poweriul "B" swimming team in its history, racking up win after win and not losing one meet. The mainstays of the team were Tony Biggs, Rod Iverson, lohn Rounds, lim Macomber and lerry Blalock. In the Diablo meet Blalock set a new record oi 234.7 in the 50-yard backstroke. At the county meet the "B" team climaxecl the season by taking first place. SCORES Acalanes Opponent Acalanes Opponent 30 ..,..,.. Hayward ....,,.. 27 49 ,,,.,,. Diablo ,.,,, , , 8 31 ..,..... Berkeley .,.., .. 26 47 , ,,,,, Alhambra ,, 5 Z7 .,..,,,, Tamalpais ,,., 2l i8 . .. .Sequoia ,, 39 FRONT ROW, le!! to right: A. Ames, T. Smith. A. Dull, H. Flanders. BACK ROW: S. Zumwall. R. Drabin. I. Iucobus. B. Shepherd, B. Wallis, Coach A. Winchester. Not pictured: N. Parsons. D. Bentley. R. Dunn. TEN N S This first tennis team in the history of Acalanes had a very successful season winning 8 out of lO matches. The top men are Scott Zumwalt, Bob Wallace, Rodger Dunn, lim lacobus and Art Dull. SCORES Acalanes Opponent 6 George Washington .. l 6 Diablo ........,..,,..,,,,, ,,,,. 0 2 Lincoln .,.,,,,,.,.......,.,,,.,.. 5 4 Albany ..,, . 3 5 Hayward .,,,....i... , 2 U S. F. State ,,Y,.,,..,... . 7 4 Vallejo College ......r. , 3 7 St. Mary's ,.,.,,,,,, , l 3 Tamalpais ,,i.. , 2 ii BLUCK The Block "A," our varsity orqanization, had a very successful year. They sponsored a drive to clean up the grounds around the school. To raise money they sold programs at many of the sports events. The annual Block "A" picnic' was held at Lake Anza. FRONT ROW, leit to right: T. Hall, D. Laney, T. Fry, K. Duarte, I. Forni, F. Borqhesani. I. Neighbor. K. Endersby, W. Everson. L. Torchio, B. Ferro, M. Freeman, C. Lucas, T. Sprinqston. SECOND ROW: L. Gelhaus, L. Nebeker, C. Murrillo, K. Jones, A. Johnson, B. Symes, R. Tinay, W. Chicznlichi, D. Iohnson, B. Turner, G. Cockerton, O. Chiavini, I. Kinq. THIRD ROW: C. Klitqaard, M. Lucas. B. Morrish, B. Green. I. York, D. Tiernnn. S. Epstein, S. Slauson, Icy Fomi, B. Harding, R. Van Den Heuvel, K. Matlock. my -119' FRONT ROW, left to right: F. Borqhesani, G. Guppy, C. McBride, B. Peakes, I. Harris, P. Kallus, B. Wax-ren, A. Clark, D. Cvieiusa. SECOND ROW: I. Blalock, R. Ting, P. Hull, B. Hampton, I. Mcrcomher, L. Taylor, I. O'Dell. THE CHIP The Chips society is the Acalanes lunior Varsity organization tor winners of letters in the "B" classification. lt was formed three years aao. This years president was Alan Clark. As a regular part of the Girls' P.E. program, tournaments in team sports were held between the classes and also in the individual sports: Archery, tennis, badminton and swimming. The following GAA. girls were managers of the team sports tournaments: swimming, Sue Kilgog archery, Ioanne Randall: basketball, ludy Dun- lapp softball, Ann Hawkesworthp speedball, Ann Alpen, tennis, Barbara Barotty badminton, Pat FRONT ROW: P. Pfeiffer, I. Buckner, I. Randall, S. Endersby, M. Hansen. BACK ROW: S. Kilqo, N. Iohnson, A. Huwksworth, A. Alpsn. Pfeiffer, volleyball, Ianet Farrar. The sixth period teams won in the speedball, basketball and volleyball contests. The GAA. sponsored several non-competition playdays at Acalanes. Some of these were held between Diablo and Acalanes girls when the Dons and Devils were playing. The very success- ful county playday, which over two hundred girls attended, was also held at Acalanes. FRONT ROW: I.. Freitcxs, D. Day. 1. Buckner. S. Kilgo, S. Endersby. E. Galbraith, G. Barqones, N. Brooks. BACK ROW: A. Larkey, G. Dezzani. P. Pfeiffer, 5. Van Cleuve, M. Hun- sen. A. Alpen, V. Hanson, S. Hum- mond, B. Nicholson. X tw pm- .L M H: -w J., i Eieff ' JA' .K ' 5 UMW' INCORPORATED Dairy Products of Every Description Telephone Pledmont 5-0064 195 Forty-First Street Oakland 1 1, California -as o 5 ll' 1 1350 Main Street o Walnut Creek Phone Walnut Creek 3134 McPhee-'s Fine Wallpapers Pacific Provincial Furniture C LARK' S 1531 Locust Street . Walnut Creek Phone 3658 Walnut Creek Paint Supply iy Company to yy P 1630 Main sneer t , : .R h KAISER- , ,y Phone wc. 3551 PNP mms ' 'MQRWEART 1 ' D,.ED ,.D X ' ' K' A R T 1 S T S I AINTS SUPPLIES +-e-M KILBOURN MOTOR SALES 'l e ' 1 K Vlllsstllgble Wallpaper Midway between Lafayette and Walnut Creek A ' ' f-' 'Trimz Borders and Decorative Decals HERB'S HARDWARE CO. Everything for the Home and Garden DELTA POWER TOOLS 0 Phone Walnut Creek 4519 Walnut Creek Pharmacy Phone Walnut Creek 2772 On the Corner ff Walnut Creek, California IACK'S o Fountain-Lunch 1425 MAIN STREET fe WALNUT CREEK KLAD-EZEE Chi1dren's Shop Better Clothes for Girls and Boys 1328 MAIN STREET WALNUT CREEK 2405 LINCOLN MERCURY NOTHING COULD BE EINER --f OR NEWER TUNNEL MOTORS LINCOLN Ond MERCURY SALES Ond SERVICE 1839 MT. DIABLO BOULEVARD Phone WALNUT CREEK 4431 lil ll' WE PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE F. A. MARSHALL CO. Insurance Brokers Gene Williams, Moncqer Phone 4446 l354 Main Street o Walnut Creek PETERS BROS. WOMENS 1544 BROADWAY MEN'S 1439 BROADWAY Specializing in teenage shoes for you q men cmd women FEED-FUEL GARDEN SUPPLIES Ralston -- Albers -- Purina Feeds F E R T I L I Z E R S Gaviota S Best - Viqoro Mill Orqanite GRASS SEED - PEAT MOSS GARDEN TOOLS 6- SEEDS HORSE MEAT READY-MIX CONCRETE BUILDING MATERIALS SAND - CEMENT Flue Lining - Fire Clay LIME - BRICK Sewer Pipe - Drain Tile Rock - Road Base Sewer FARMERS FEED 8: SUPPLY 1695 LOCUST WALNUT CREEK Wa1nuiCreek2564 We sell and cut meat for home freezers YOUR LOCKER DOESN'T COST - IT PAYS! THE UNION ICE CO. 1644 BONANZA STREET ' WALNUT CREEK We sell Mottats Manteca beet Office Phone: W.C. 3445 Res. Phone W.C. 4744 T U C K E R WALNUT CREEK TUCKER SALES I. C. Pierce, Manager I667 MAIN STREET ' WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. R E I C HH O L D CHEVROLET CO. C.T. Reichhold Telephone W.C. 4481 Sales C H E V R O L E T Service East and Main Streets,Walnut Creek GOOD LUCK! Inland Typewriter Co. l5l3 MAIN STREET ' WALNUT CREEK Phone Walnut Creek 2263 Good Luck tothe '49ers! Q ' STA TIO NERY Phone Walnut Creek 2263 1613 Main Street o Walnut Creek SAIVIIVHE EVANS, INC. YoUR JM-d, DEALER WHOLESALE 1816 N. Main Street Service on all makes Free pickup and delivery RETAIL Phone w.c. 2727 - 3181 -5391 GARRETT and GARRETT Brokers in REAL ESTATE Country Homesites Valley Home cSAuto Supply 1316 MAIN STREET WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA Ziirestnne Income Property CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '49 Prudential Lite Insurance Hartford FIRE AND CASUALTY LINES OF ALL KINDS W A L N U T C R- E E K "?Err"' 4 F L O R I S T Growing bigger with Lafayette since 1921 TTT' OWN 1218 Main Street Vifalnut Creek 2396 Phone 4472 LAFAYETTE o CALIFORNIA For Women's Wear . . . The Clothes Horse 1546 Bonanza Street ' Walnut Creek Meet Ed Lewis and Dru Reynolds at B O M A C ' S DIABLO DRUG CO. A Friendly Store WALNUT CREEK o CALIFORNIA 1374 MAIN STREET PHONE w.c. 2069 THE CAMERA SHOP 1531 Cypress Walnut Creek 3507 THE BRASS LANTERN KNITTING 6. CROCHETING SUPPLIES Gitts ' Stationery ' Greeting Cards Telephone 3271 Walnut Creek, California Van's Shoe Shop Phone Walnut Creek 2753 1325 Main Street ' Walnut Creek, Calif. Lxsig I 1 a' Y 46' . ,, . 'HJ 'WW' i Q ,- Q Sys? Q ,,,, A! .iff 'N ,nu 'Ei ., gs. ,H 9 .k i B R 2 W ,A , LM. fgfggwg vt Qfafi v ' ' I :Q 5 4, . 3' . 'W iff ...Ny Q, 1.,.. .1- Q -1-4 wwf 1, ' J 'K L, 7 Pas!-wa 'JKGK 1' 4 Q4 x iss V I , R 5 xyli A -1 avian ll 1 2 9 4 I if lj, fin . . 'E iii ,s, M! gk Q, is SPROUSE REITZ CC., Inc. QUALITY MERCHANDISE for your everyday and personal needs Phone Orinda 5101 44 Moraga Highway CONGRATULATIONS R it Q -'S FORTY-NINERS -' -r nu: MEAT DEPARTMENT 0 """"" "0- . 2743 San Pablo Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek Oakland California THE LAFAYETTE OWEATA BABY SHOP BEAUTY SHOPPE Lafayette 4834 Garrett Building 53 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette Lafayette 4662 Lafayette LAFAYETTE PHARMACY EDWARD H. CONNER. Inc MORT SPARLING CQNSTRUCHON Lafayette 2161 Phone Walnut Creek 2212 RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS LOCALLY Lafayette California NU-ES-SPEARS MILADY'S sHoP 1520 Main Street Phone W. C. 3355 I Cypress and Locust Walnut Creek Wfilnulcfeek Cchfomia 0 I-IOTPOINT 0 NORGE o WESTINGHOUSE o BENDIX Appliances - Electrical Contracting THOMPSON ELECTRIC CO. 141 l Main Street Walnut Creek Bennett Supply Co. "Keep it clean" IANITORIAL - MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES Phone Lafayette 2256 Orinda Hardware tln the Village-D Telephone 2585 OPEN SUNDAY MORNING Warren Harrold Arline Harrold REALTORS and INSURERS 25 Years in Orinda Village MARKET BASKET QUALITY MEATS e VEGETABLES DELICATESSEN o GROCERIES Ouality and Fancy Foods Phone Lafayette 2286 Across from Plaza lO9 Orinda Highway Orinda 3131 Free Delivery KIDDIETOWN NEW SHOES Lafayette WHITE'S CHILDRENS CLOTHES Sizes 1-14 VILLAGE SHOE SHOP IUVENILE FURNITURE o TOYS Expert Repairing Phone Orinda 2535 RICHARDS DRUG STORE IO ANN'S Phone 4884 1343 Main Street LCHGYQIIG California Walnut Creek California N E V E R E ' S BUILDING MATERIALS SMART APPAREL SHOP LAFAYETTE Phone 4823 BUILDING MATERIALS CO. Next to Park Theatre Lafayette, California Phone Lafayette 4412 BOERO'S SPORTS SHOP AWAED SWEATERS ATHLETIC SHOES and GYM CLOTHING 1949 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Phone 3263 Walnut Creek, California WISEMAN'S IFS the original saddle, with the tapered toe ' SPALDIN FRIGIDAIRE GENERAL ELECTRIC X... IVIAGNAVOX . EASY :': MAYTAG e i g If BUCKS BROWN and WHITE SADDLES WISEMAN'S SU'I"I'ON'S Phone Lafayette 4453 Lafayette A531055 frgm Plaza Lafayette Californi PAUL NAVE. INC. jfdfmgr ELECTRIC SUPPLIES PA S T R Y S H O P FINE PASTRIES - CAKES . ROLLS 2323 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Walnut Creek Walnut Creek ORINDA ELECTRIC SHOP F U R S Radios, Television and by Electrical Appliances H A R E L In the Village Orinda 8009 Walnut Creek Californi LESTER G. LAWRENCE CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH DEALER Phone 4442 1639 Main Street Walnut Creek ORINDA DIAMOND BEA TY PP U OHHSHO E SUPPLY co. WALNUT CREEK HOME and GARDEN BEAUTY SHOPPE SUPPLIES Walnut Creek RALPH and OWEN Lmyelle 4477 LAFAYETTE RENTAL 971134, '91, 970mm and SUPPLY LADIES' APPAREL 291 W. MI. Diablo Blvd. Phone 4607 1533 Cypreslghone W-vgdfifgcreekl C COMPLIMENTS of BILL'S EL RANCHO HOT LUNCHES . DINNERS REAL ESTATE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Lafayette , Residence Phone 4715 Office Phone 2590 Lcffayelle CMO THE VILLAGE BABY SHOPPE CLOTHING o TOYS a GIFTS Orinda 2958 In the Village SCOTT SHEPPARD CHEVRON STATION Phone Lafayette 2913 Lafayette, C l f 5 ,3- kf 1'-.W Q Kg, Nfmi. ,,. 1425 Y an 1. 1, M v qqfuk ? G , " Q1 f i K L.'?9 , ,yiv 1 'j'f 33 ' --Q-.m..,,,Mmwwq.M x " Q X ff -- ' ' i .YWVEXDV A Y x Lf rj? if RM A . ala. + i I as " , 1 gg 1 . s 33 ,' i I E .EJ ,SP , txfv,-:ff . V 'I 2 S Q i ' 'V .4 as-.ff X gh' V. r. A ' .5 ' 1 ? 'f .fl 1 X-vzx , f K Q. ' if 'I 'Qf 4,3 Q' 1 , . .V I K a' l , Q 2 ' ff f ff 1 Q 5. pk, . 1 1 uw 'tm ' ' 1 ' ' ' x " QA. . ., , , 1 2 Vx Q5 f R Q , . 3 - M, Q Q wal: may ,K Q U31 K . W an ,A ,--4 V - n - 14 - 'V' Z a L 5 . . ,L ' AE . '3 -R KW i f ' 4 3 xi, -in., aus. Iwi -63 W ::1',:pf'f5i'5iZQe: 4 . w K. Sf' X km Q , , I is .Qi-KE, MQ. ,gp . ggi, ,mpg .J-Hanna... 'Q CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '49 Diablo Car 8: Home Supply THE GOODYEAR STORE l330 Main Street Walnut Creek, California MCCOY BUICK INC. A ,C fgl v V -,: ...z I T f 7 ill SALES and SERVICE When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them. Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Sheet Metal and Furnace Co. New Furnaces Installed Furnace and Sheet Metal Installations of All Kinds Repair Service on All Makes of Furnaces Phone Walnut Creek 2409 1535 East Street Walnut Creek, Calif. DEZZANTS DELICATESSEN FOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE Specializing in I-IOME-COOKED FOODS and Many Other Delicacies Mt. Diablo Boulevard Lafayette 2558 LAFAYETTE 1 SALES AND SERVICE STEELE? SHOP Mt. PLAZA LAFAYETTE BEAUTY SHOP DIME AND DOLLAR STORE Lafayette 4808 Lafayette 9918 Orchard Nursery and Supply Tunnel Road Midway between Lafayette and Orinda Phone Lafayette 4712 Lafayette, Calif. LAFAYETTE PET SHOP PETS and SUPPLIES Lafayette 2452 Lafayette, Calif. THE PIONEER STORE Established 1855 GROCERIES o FRUITS Q VEGETABLES Free Delivery Phone 44U1 o Meat Market 4582 First and Golden Gate Lafayette, California PARKEL LUMBER 8: SUPPLY Phone 3571 IOE PARKEL EOR GOOD VARIETY and BEST OUALITY trade with the WALNUT CREEK M E A T C O M P A N Y Qafayefal if PHOENIX HOSIERY 'NMANI-IATTAN SHIRTS YROUGH-RIDER SLACKS 'kl-IENDAN SPORTS WEAR if NUNNBUSH SHOES 'kCATALINA SWIM WEAR 'Ir SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Hats Iewelry Belts W A L N U T C R E E K TACK HAGEMAN General Insurance Office Phone 4315 - Residence 4677 Park Theatre Bldg. Lafayette, California THE SHOE BOX 1510 Bonanza Street Walnut Creek California TOYS o HOBBYCRAFT Real Estate QLOTHING G. 1-1. COCKERTON TOTS N TEENS SHOP , 1414 Mum Street Wulnui Creek 4521 Walnut Creek 3420 1642 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Good Luck, '49ers Arch McKinley 0 Realtor Harry Parks Office 1960 Mt. D1Q1y1O Blvd. wqmut Creek 4411 Troy's Associated Station Orinda Crossroads TIRES o BATTERIES o LUBRICATION Hwy ffass O O D' .I . O . A beautiful piano with a magnificent tone . . . sized 0... Dresses 0 Sportswear Accessories Bolley Perfumes Telephone Orinda 2488 Orinda California GAS'l'ON'S FRENCH CLEANERS FOR FINE FABRICS EINE CLEANING ALTEBATIONS DBESSMAKING Phone Lafayette 3318 72 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, California DIAMONDS o WATCHES FASHION IEWELBY and styled to fit any room Glfts ' Repcmmq . . . large or small. See the . new Betsy Boss Spinet y today . . . Easy Budget CWEUNSJ Terms if You like' Theatre Building Phone 8233 WILLY'S CREAMERY Homemade Ice Cream Fountain Service PI Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette 2453 INSURANCE on the highway at NEILL C. CORNW1-LLL Walnut Creek City Limits Lafayette ' Ceitfemte Phone Walnut Creek 2100 ConvenientTermsArranged BEN FRANKLIN STORE Lafayette Phone 2718 California CONGRATULATIONS to the C L A S S O F ' 4 9 FROM YOUR FRIENDLY BEN FRANKLIN STORE Phone Walnut Creek 9933 1365 Main Street Walnut Creek, Cal t CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1949 MILLER- BLACKWOOD DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Lafayette 4491 CHARLE S S. HUGHES CO. H. W. GENTRY We Deliver Building Materials Transit-mix Plastering and Masonry Supplies Reinforcing Steel Sand, Gravel, and Brick f Y tt C H ma Walnut Creek Walnut Creek 2893 ORINDA STORE FANCY FOODS Orinda in the Village Orinda 6011 144 CLARK'S HARDWARE Builders Hardware Sporting GOOds Mechanics' TOO1s Sherwin Williams Paints Main Street Walnut Creek 4711 We Give S :St H. Green St mps , eW'WH Yet, f . , .-5 , ,ie X Mfg fi5'4',,.q, :.3j':k!-,gy W , . QM , M: , ,R-- 1. -,, - "?,i f-'wif Q. 3 ,J,,? ' xx 1 4 " . -V , , 15451 un. Nw, if 5 wx, ffm my V Yv" s U vs 5-f . f 1 W 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO T1-1E "'49ER" CLASS For Your Present and Future APPAREL Needy ROUGH-RIDER SLACKS GANTNER GLOW WICKIE TRUNKS SPORT and CASUAL COATS LEVTS PHOENIX Hos1ERY KEDS Visit LAFAYETTE CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES AND to SUCCESS CLASS OE '49 to WESTERN ALL GRADUATES 5-10-253 STORE MCNEIL'S DAIRY 1329 Main street Walnut creek 2663 Lafayette 2125 Lf1fCfYettefCG1f X- I KOEPKE IOHNSON M E REAL ESTATE , ff! , I Phone Lafayette 3920 Lafayette,Calt ,f I di-Q v WALNUT CREEK HARDWARE "A Complete Line ot Hardware" 1545 Locust Street Walnut Creek 3500 TRAVEL AGENCY O d C d Orinda 2090 Orinda 2118 MADALENE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 3354 1515 Main Stre t Walnut Creek, California A COMPLIMENTS 1. ,J ""' BTI?-NCF' 3:3422 - 'R LQ f' Ig, M "QI , -Z .,,1 f 1 1 111 11 11151111111 IHIT W MN I H' TlWffU9 1.11111 'l"'112u1Il1l!11Illl!1WimHyl W I M i IA1-'.g1.. 11'fH5m4"f' IW -" ,, I, MMMI1'g11ULfi!I1I1 Sala .if Awfua gu ,- If it l ALL UL Arif-if PM w1111Q.,g 11 I 11 Wi? - 'T li., 21- ii- --I 'Y ,ZIV 'f 7' ' GIVE HER A LANE fzdalz, HOPE CHEST The Real Love Gift, featured in "Life" BURNS HOME FURNISHERS 1375 MAIN STREET WALNUT CREEK ORINDA CAMERA SHOP ORINDA ' THEATRE O R I N D A Westlund 6. Westlund LGfGYefTe AIQPHUHCG INSURANCE BROKERS and Electnc Co. MT. DIABLO BLVD. LAFAYETTE 2200 C0YlTfGCTiUfJ35R9PUifiUQ13 Supplies 4 Phone 4627 Lafcrvette, Ccahi. VALLEY TEXACO AUTO SERVICE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY COMMERCIAL and MT. DIABLO BLVD. 150 M1 D' bl B1Tc:TdMEApl?AlYT2vTTEr L I Phone Lafayette 9932 . xc: o v . Gc1yeMe250O MODE O'DAY frock Shop LINGERIE . DRESSES . HOSIERY Try our SHILLALAH SPECIALS 1378 MAIN STREET ' WALNUT CREEK Shillctlcrh Coffee Shop L A F A Y E T T E ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL To those friends of the Acalanes High School who have so generously assisted in financing the l949 Aklcrn We give our most sincere thanks and best Wishes. Paul F. Winn, M.D. Floyd B. Comstock, Architect Clifford M. lohnson, D.D.S. Fred C. Von Guenther, Contractor Dana A. Hamlin, D.D.S. Matthew W. Radonich, Contractor and other friends 'lr 'A' 'k STEAKS and PRIME RIBS AA 'lS1eer Beef properly aged. Also chicken and squcbs stuffed with wild rice. Full CHILDS COMPLETE DINNER 31.00 course or a Io carle dinners Reservations Orinda 7211 NO 207' tax Member ol the Duncan Hines Family B R I D W E L L o Real Estate Lafayette Pet Shop Specializing in Country Club Properties Pet Food and Supplies Orinda Village Orinda, California ormdq 2241 Orinda 4791 Lafayette 2452 'WHL jun, jo Shop. 911, 0!tD'ILl6L U1Y!uq.Q," if A "HX f"w- X sf OR fm.- XX ' G+ ,fm LL, -- rag fx ff lisa ? Y-i a ff Eli ,ig .UL ptlqd jo jlwp, df, COMPARE CLEANING CORSAGES OUR VALUES DIIESSMAKING WEDDINGS Imported Sweat . 59.95 Hendon Blouseff . sm ALTERATIONS FUNERAL DESIGNS T 'lo ed Skirt .... 58.95 . ' 9 I:r1ioZCcxsua1Z . . . 38.95 e MaCCarl0j 'WM' JJ' Mah Cleaners VlIldg6Fl0VlIt 7 ' f Qrmdg 2543 Orinda 2849 gil l:-oxillisff ORINDA VILLAGE ORINDA VILLAGE BRADLEY'S CASH MARKET Quality GROCERIES o VEGETABLES MEATS At the Orinda Crossroads EL REY COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Nothing but the be-st We are as close as your phone TRY OUR DELIVERY SERVI E Phone Walnu Creek 4461 1655 Main Street Walnut Creek GREETINGS tothe Class Ot '49 , trom VI11cIge Pharmacy , , Prescriptions Y Cosmetics - Fountain RESTAURANT 77 ORINDA HIGHWAY PHONE OEINDA 2151 DISTRIBUTQRS GRINDAI CALIFORNIA 464 FIRST STREET 1: OAKLAND TRinidad 2-i878 1 as ff I L, ? .31 , m , .. .. V 9 ' I, - , :I I -.Que 6 fl . - frm v W ,- 2" 1 f' A ' - 7 Q' Q, ' 1121 , -X- Q AND WE THINK YOU'D BE TOO IE YOU HAD- o BUCICS COUNTY CMaplel o SPRING AIR CMa1tressesl o O'KEEFE and MERRITT CRanqesl 4 BIGELOW ICarpetsl 0 MENGEL o CALIFORNIA FURNITURE SHOPS I af ayette SUPER SAVER MARKET Your Friendly Super Market CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS EVERYTHING FOR YOUR TABLE L A F A Y E T T E Phone Lafayetie 3140 jkzpgiaal 1385 MAIN STREET 'A' WALNUT CREEK Walnut Creek 2402 Croton - Elgin - Bulova - Lonqines - Marvin WATCHES ' ci.,- ! U- f-f f-' . ftwthg-geiflwww DIAMONDS 'Ir SILVERWARE Phone Walnui Creek 2569 SUN FUN I Easy to enjoy with a soft short cut by ORINDA MOTORS MARIE BENNETT A.W."Al"Eberlin,Prop. P.S. - Some Fun! For that "special iilligl ggfffofgifgelipped with C' opposns Golf Course . ofmdq, Cam ACROSS FROM FIREHOUSE Lafayette 2425 Orinda 2013 Student body officers enjoy Willys Ieepster Chaka Qhhhni YOUR LOCAL WILLYS DEALER Dick Davis 1: Iohn Randisi East Mount Diablo Boulevard Lafayette, California BLACK'S MARKET T FLCWVERS WT 0 R I N D A w A L N U T o E E E K v L A E A Y E T T E COMPLETE MARKET ' THE X ROADS MEAT GROCERIES . PRODUCE QT! PLA C BAKERY T Q E A T DELICATESSEN ' ' I ORINDA 5611 BEST WISHES PROM BRIGGS NURSERY Your compleie garden needs Mt, Diablo Blvd. WALNUT CREEK WC. 3598 L E E' S D R I V E - I N HALF MILE EAST OF LAFAYETTE ENCHANTMENT BY THE YARD Center -. . f' . lt's fun to sew A Economical too A 1628 Main Slreet Walnut Creek 35l6 ENCHANTMENT BY THE YARD i Ei HJ f- xfvsv lf! lm! matwn Official Photographer for The AKLAN Specializing in PORTRAIT and CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY SUBURBAN SHOPS THE H -'S' E Qu-1 E229 l.l..I25cn Egmg :C .4 S-.423 E' EQ'-78 LD E' L33 ol- -q GE U1 Z5 ED Q cn TI U GT. W fs U JHH LI-1 III D E- r-4 Z fr. D I-I-4 A BW Telephone 2553 ON MT. DIABLO BOULEVARD - ONE-HALF MILE EAST OF LAFAYETTE I ' x4 ' 1 I yy . xt ff I Q f , 'x NX If J, ix Y, A ,M.4-212, ,. V A., 1 , fn X I ' ' ' b V ' My 'NJ In 2 ,,,,.. A NAAV I , 'L . fff f , A fu 1' . Q! ' O O V -A off! u , fi 'V' lesozlartw-' ff ' ,V M A 1 T14 'A iv? 41 'f-' ' ' 7 N I. M? , WN -. X x l -xg NI I y xy Nxt ' A xx ti Q . ,f I ul. fsf ix 3 C r,NM f . I g X I .WN V ' ,,j lr: Him 1 0 J it I' 'wif X X W Mn , V 'v x 5 X 'V 'L C E3 '! QE1 bf' ' A L' YA , X fm R 'x.,..J ' 1, A I f.ff 700 was Www ow ,,fJfw"f ff" Jwwjffwf J fM my RQ ,, 5 Wfvffb A . 1 Qffmgtllmb : f q , 'W Z 1 . 't.A.,,1. WWW Jn ' ' Q!! :V . W' MJ Ziffwfifff WW' uygggtpfr , . f3fwffv7aDyMwQW'0 if K , fl 'fg 5fW',444,Jfj5.4'zff',fff f' '0vf 50,5 ,, QWM4- QQQI ZJQW ,gzf -'75 .f,,zfJfvi4iff. V, , 'ln I ,,, Z2AW, , fjfw .112 v' ,Z ' Cui' QWQMW g H .4X?.D",:f' za,

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