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R ZMWL 7945 f gm W U N. ' ME QL at .1 'rhfg-Q1, - xv xl. 3 'E YS ' X . .- Mm. bf r Ov ,.- 1,, 2 - f fx-.:,,., ,..-. ,, . H Cie 'K 5 Z1 1 , . ,, N ,Z 1,15 in., i N o . ,- ' LV' 5 N. l Wx A 4 I y ,Af f-fy? 555 ,X a' ' ' ,j ,,4 rfwf M' 'Y Xxx "4 4 1? fix. W' 'A'f'.-P" 1 m,4L 'if F':"f"n , 11 1 A "-,gcc ,fggfry ','.3C1e,jA Ag- 'k l .' ?. W ' k xl big!!-img? 3811.1 51 M, , 47- , J, I pq Q fig 2' 'g,?!x3a1"S.'f".'f :ti W-,EVP ff wjf'gaz,., 1-,f5Q ,nfs iff-Xaqff ""+, ll 4 .5z,fiQ1 ' i 5 I saw, si JJ I 'A' x Q ,A is-fxfiguyqgi. 'lf , J'U, i,:,k- 1' 1114 W- ' 'L . A . L 1' - f 56,1 . , '15 Q I ' li ar, -K ' F-11,5391 fruit N x 1. ,, ' ' 4 ij? -2 ' U fl x Q- V- . - I- 'J' K-NL 5 fi S, a?'H?a.LfQ.,,,a,.,,,,H 1 ,Lag ra 4 '. . ' ' r,,qi.,f.Nf.' k' Y W ' 2. N 1 , ,- . ' f K.-1.1, +QwMfk ,y Q Emi... 4 Q- w , y Q Q. ' , K rv f.u wtxE"+3vqTX'k""a - K 'N kv xx I w,,gwXn - ,vykl ' .. ' 1""N,, ' my x - ' We , A- ,, ms.. . ...fd Q- Q r Xu K Q NX ix I NWN, K V KN' ' has ' ' 1. , - x M . A Q Q. nl - - , " x I 1 X , , Q ., I n , Y-H -.... xl 'sg a rg' HTS, ,MQW A 'wb K Z 5 sr wr ' ',,, 'A K N ,. V W g U is gf, A 9 ' s - J f ir 5 'Z 1 'y 'Q 'fs I A A 2 . 3. I , 1 ,"f'jv- 5 O ln "Nor cease 'ro serve, bu+ serve more consranlly: This is lhe end for which we all are rnean'r." Wilh sincere pleasure we dedicale rhis year's AKLAN +o one who has given generously ol her enihusiasm, under- slanding and energy wilhouf Thoughf of sell. Sludenfs enler- ing as freshmen have been helped in lheir adiuslmenf lo high school life: sfudenls leaving Acalanes have gone forward wi+h slandards and ideals formulaled under her guidance. All school acfivilies have had her genuine appreciaiionp drama and creaiive wrifings have been guided by her 'fire- less concenlraiion. Service 'ro +he cornrnunily has always been upheld as a goal lo her sludenls and a pallern for her own aclions. Cn behalf oi all lhose who have lcnown her during her live years of selfless devolion +o The eslablish- menl of our besl Jrradilions, we dedicale lhe l945 AKLAN +o Marie lvlerlcel. Ave algue Vale! ARMY Alan Anderson Joseph Barkley Clyde Barnell Bob Burlcrll Clrllord Beck George Bell Louus Borghuno Carl Boswell George Brosz l-loward Burlc John Calalnne Guy Chaddoclc Lesler Clarlc Jerry Courade Earl Creager Carl Danrelson Kennelh Dayrs Bob Delhlelson Duclc Drbbern Monle Dlbbern Donald Dolen Roberl Dolen Olrn Esley Donald Fagerlun Bob Flanders Warren Flanders Arlhur Fleulu John Frye Kennelh Gelwrx Zane Gore Bob Green Murray Groves B l l-lall Bob l-lammond Roger l-lardlng Bob l-'lawls ns Delb rll-leclcman Arlhur l-lemslallc Drclc l-lenderson l-loward l-lerlel Darell l-loplc ns Donald l-louvvnen Bob W l-lowe Bob Jessup Roberl Johnson Wrllram Johnson Wrllnam Johnson Ed Lahey Jaclc Levalee Leo Levy Kennelh Lrndgulsl lk 911, the .S:zJz.v1,cQ, Floyd Loughrey James Ludlow Kolord Lyons Ray Malonu John Meadows George McDanuels Tom Muller l-lerberl Neller Jr Wylie Nielson Jaclc Norden Archie Nollnngham John Nourse Bob Oas Gordon O Dell Duclc Olsen Vrclor Pagllero Don Parsons Waller Pierson Marvin Pallcenlon Wrllram Pulls l-larry Pulnam Edward Robrnson Pal Rosenlhal Angelo Rossa Charles Sanders l-larold Schmelz Ed Sharon Bll ver Don Snchel Ronald Slcow Franlc Snedelcer Clarence Slanley Vernon Sleele Waller Sleele l-larold Slewarl Marlin Slow Wall Thomas D lmar Turner Ed Truxel Warren Van l-lorn Travus Wagner laclc Wales James Wedsled Ed Wllllams Roberl Wullrams Forresl Wilson NAVY Jaclc Adams Eugene Ahll Slanley Amloll Rrchard Anderson Ed Armanuno Lyle Allcunson Roberl Basham Jaclc Benguerel l-larry Boomer Jam Boomer Roberl Borden J T Braudruck Joe Brrggs Rrchard Brown Fred Buclc Bob Caswell John Cluen Leo Coleman Bob Coolc Jaclc Coover Ralph Corder James Couch Dave Crosell Dan Curlls Norman Dahlun Wayne Delar James Deuvall Fred Doss Ted Edson Earl Elgard Bob Feagans James Ferruer Raymond Franlce Bob Frye Calvrn Frye Ted Geopperl BullGranl Dan l-lawlcrns Bob l-lnnlcson l-lerb l-lanson Bob Hole B II l-loslcuns T cl l-lowe Bull l-loye lack l-loye Jack Hulse Wesley Jaclcson Brll Jessup Gray Johnson Dave Kepler Bll :ng Davnd Lawrence Peler Ley Jrm Ludlow Rrchard McNell Charles Malley Denny Muller Don Moody Elmon Murley B ll Noble Lyle Palmer Roberl Powell Fred Prosser Wrllns Reed Eugene Reynolds" Ed Rosso Carl Ross Brll ull Tal Runnels Wall Sanders Darrell Snldeman Jaclc Souza John Slewarl Dave Symmons George Tallalerro Ray Talualerro James Teegarden Al Thomas James Thomas Bev Tuernan Clyde Thompson Clrnlon Tolllemrre Lulher Tuclcer Marlin Van Broclclzn Norman Van Broclclm l-larold Vrncenl Roberl Wallcer Ben Warruclc RoberlJoy WAC Marlorre McClanluc WAVES Barbara Barnell Elhel Tunlcham Pal Wallclns COAST GUARD Edward l-lahn Tnleslon l-lale Thomas Olsen Carl Ross MARITIME SERVICE Francis Allen Fred Allen Jr Andre Ausplund Vernon Auguslnne Slanley Franlcc Arl l-landy Curl l-larrrson Paul Hubbell Bruce Oeschlager Dave Obera Richard Quincy B ll McCoy Oran Rogers Bull Schnrmer Bull Sweall Don Slarlcs Bob Whalen Ben Wharlon Gerald Wharlon Charles Camp MARINE CORPS Edward Allen Keulh Bennell Slanley Dorrunglon Waller l-lenry Roberl Joy Gerald Ludlow Waller McCausland Jack Meyer Dan McLean Glenn Nelson John Nourse Franlc Pennoclr l-lugh Slewarl Joe Walceman CADET NURSE CORPS Frances Grammona Suzanne Lawrence Barbara Soulcup Krlled or dned rn servrce "Missing Drscharged 911, 'Wlznmfuanu John Cluen Bob Green Bob l-lawlcrns Waller McCausland Presudenl Franlclun Delano Rooseyell 5 I O ' 1 I ' , . . . . h I I . . , it . . R FK d wk lklklk ' ' Vincenl Grazlano Julius SPGGYGV Bill Gadsden Edd Wallcins Roy Slirlon ,, . il ' . H . I . . . . I wk S xxx Q E - Q r , . . . . , K , r . . ' iii ' I . . ' ' - xx . ' . . I K. r . . , ,K lux - ' KATHARINE MCCULLEY GEORGE L WHITE STANLEY WALGREN PHYLLIS PETERSEN IIVIPRQVEIVIENI ln+I'1e scl'1ool grounds and equrprnenlr was Ilme lceynole for Ilwe year of I945 Under Ilwe durecllon ol Ilfue Board of Iruslees a re surfaced Iurl and Iennns courls were added Io IIIG Acalanes Campus Wnrlm Jrlwe connpelenf admunlslraluon of sclwool affalrs by Mr George Whnle aclung prlnculoal Mass Kallmarune IVIcCulIey gurls counselor Mr Slanley Walgren boys counselor Acalanes had a successful year BOARD OF TRUSTEES NON CERTIFICATED PERSONNEL LEFT TO RIGHT Warren Harrold John Chaddock Melvnn Jacobus LEFT TO RIGHT L E Green Mrs E Inns Mrs E Therkuldsen M H Sfanley Noi pucfured Carl Newbury L Frenas Mrs L WesferIurBdBMhBeIa1que1 E Puerce E Lunch: uc anan O O O YQ 1 un 1 1 nl I I r I I' I I I I .. . : . .',.. ,. ,.',." FLORENCE BASSIGNAN BEVERLEY FISHER ROBERT LORD MARGARET NICHOLSON JOAN PHILLIPS OSCAR BUSCH RUTH GRAHAM MARIE MERKEL JOSEPHINE OCHOA VERA RICHARDSON CHARLES EATON MILLICENT HAMBURGER MICHAEL MONACO CRAIGE ORTLIEB LOIS WALSH LIEURENA ERDAHL ELMO HEARD THOMAS MURNEY BETSY PEMBROKE HELEN WILLIAMSON DESPITE warrime shoriages in Ieaching personnel supplies and equipment Acalanes Union High School Iaculry has made Ihe process of educahon an in+eres+ing and sahsf fying one. Ahhough five members of the Iaculry are now in Ihe Navy, +he quaIi+y of fnslrrucfion is high. The ins+ruc+ors who serve Ihe Navy are: Veronica Cowan. John I-IopIcins, Erwin Ma++son, Marhn Rauhui, and Leland RusseII. T. S+anIey Warburfon. Dis+ric+ Sup+. and Principal. has been on Ieave as Army Airforce civiIian anaIys+. 7 'J 3344 . ,fi '7 ,ST anki S ' : N ,awk I .USS wi 1 ,, Y fx? Q A x ff v- Sh. 15-3 A ,A 1 45 .Z wK'., N 'I' ' -. .f-.' in v ' f .fam ? in 'K 'N - 2 ',. N. 251 532 ...,. Z H E ...v.., ...,,,. A H H " h W ,Q M A ., 1 H34 ai I 'Aw f 'Q 'ai 2 if 9 an .fi W 1 A 5 r I s I' - AA" TQ f 1, . ' 5 4. Qg J, f in 1 'n Y fi 4 M X I ov. WXQJM ' v L 21,0 49.13. 5 X .z, 24,471 Qwgixl 1533 X if jig S "i N x X1 xg 1 X-X YQ X M "', W K X KX ' , , Q- in v 5 fi X4 , X I N g 4 N.. X B J X l ji in D W, - QC ,QW Sam Mason, Vice Presudenfg Dave Comsiock, Presidenfg Eddie Nelson, Treasurer. FIRST in The sequence oT Senior evenTs was Their Masquerade Dance. One oT The ouTsTanding dances oT The year, iT was insTrumenTal in pro- viding money To carry on laTer acTiviTies. This year's Senior play was "Gold ln The l-lills," given in old-Tashioned melodramaTic sTyle wiTh an olio presenTed by Senior members oT The Modern Dance Group. The Juniors provided Tood and enTerTainmenT Tor The Seniors aT The annual Junior-Senior bangueT, which was one oT The highlighTs oT The school year. lvlany Senior class members' Time was occu- pied wiTh The creaTion oT a summer garden in The gym Tor The Senior Ball. Acalanes sTudenTs aTTending The TradiTional Tormal aTTair oT The year enjoyed iTems on The program such as The Senior WalTz. Seniors aTTended The annual Senior Picnic aT The Qrinda CounTry Club. The day's acTiviTies included swimming, Tennis, and golT. I0 Lorraine ArmsTrong Wnllowdean Clwrisfensen Rosa Guammona GilberT Behr Danny Coda Elizabefh Gloria Alan Beck Lloyd M. Cowan, Jr. June Herafy Sandra 'Carson Ann Dahlgr Bob Hole Dick Chapman Barbara Franke Marion Hopkins Jaclr Benguerel Palricia L. Bolsler P I ya O. J. Bush Shirley J Q K 1 Bill Condie Phyllis Ann Eddy '5- .1 A 53 Mickey Cool: Marvin Emerson ..v' -,. Wilfred Hallmeyer 6 X he , L. film Franlu Hammond Jim Boomer Joanne Cluen .loan Easfman Carmelila Feliz Jerry Harbour Vera Hylfon Jack Ingram 'J is -3' "5 James J. Jones Sandra Brown John Cluen Norma Ebbesen Nafalie Grouf Lois Hazen Howard Burl: Zi omsfocll Lorraine Eclrwall Jean Gunfire Bob Hulse Bryce Jope Vicforia Kaiser I l Bob Kauffman Phil Malayan Eddie Nelson Sarah Ramsey Lloyd Smilh Marge Ueclner 9 gi 2 Frank King Rulh Morfensen J. D. Norris Mavis Reid Maurice Smifh Jo Ann Van '5 4 if ,- A 'A E525 Bob Lawrence Gene Murloy Eric Phillips Les Roberlson Randy Smifh Herman Margarel McAnich James Neiswonger Joe Prior Venefia Slxow Armada Smoof Louise Ellen Very Nofmd MCAf1lCl1 M5f9GV9+ Neller Roberl Ramelli Joyce Smilh Barbar Ann Thomas Bovorlcy I2 Pele Marshall Lorene Miller Sam Mason Vlrguma Odom Memmeslweimer Gloria Parenl' Lenoy Muclzey Barbara Parsons Ka' 'R' Q Janel Perryman Belly Mae Pfeiffer Clarence Rogers Bull Ruff hu- , Rufln Miles Dave Penna Roberl Sanfos Richard Sfnnley BeHy Wales Bill Young William Sclfuirmer Clifford Sfraube Pa'H'i Wendi Sclwmgdl Halo? Shawn Cheron WlllldmS A Don Sichel Beverlee Swearingen Doris Wisdom Bob Soder Jack Tagg Rose Wiseman Gm I3 ,gif 4-.un .222 -wfmvwau Ng' , 1,4 ..l,, i. ,HAZ , .f - ' 4 . ,' . ., ., Vw ,i Vg - 5 25 Q' h aw . Q3 W5 5- 1 x ,Af 1 -vi -ti-1 1' 4, Q ,Bw Q 7 - T-Q '21 4 si 4, if 'C Sz 1 A Q wg ng 6 7 s Q N wg X Km 4 M I' 4 I 1 5 i ' 1 5 f 3 Sfifwfi i 'i?:fi4'7',w 3 Z iifgi' ik -W 5515 ' Qf " f r K J 3 22 Y A i 'il ' 4, ' U an ig if nv f fi.. 5' 'V .li 4 W I , if TOP ROW: J. Malley, C. Hzdges, D. Beck, F. Pearson, B. Col'ins, F. Stanley, B. Rupp, B. Laughlin, J. Hole, B. Blanken- ship, D. Holmes, MIDDLE ROW: B. Thomas, R. Thomas, R. Srevens, C. Brasz, J. Schreuder, J. Wesffall, J. Snyder, J. Nordlund, D. Olson, G. Shreeve, D. Cordell, R. Fallon. FRONT ROW: M. Symrnons, S. Killredqe, P. Wald, T. Alpen, A. Sellick, C. Harmon, D. York, M. Benson, R. Hamblin, D. Smilh, V. Wafkins, B. Shreeve. TOP ROW: L. Johnson, J. Winferion, P. Goodwin, H, Clark. B. Hanson, G. Moore, B. Hughes, A. Rogers, C. Younq, B. Jackson, B. Cooper. MIDDLE ROW: L, Roberls, A. MarIineI'i, G. Taqq, J. Campbell, M. A. Foreman, M. Burk, N. Tryon, D. Goodrick, N. Nielson, K. Hahn, H. Kaiser. FRONT ROW: I. Blakemore, R. Riosom, M. Hale, J. Gere, B. Farrar, P. Lax, C. Llewelyn, J. Selby, M. Bally, P. Ponlen, D. Ley. ll-IE Junior Class was aclive in all school aclivilies and drives Ins year. Under rho guidance ol rhe Junor advisers, lhe class carred ou? rheir acrivi+ies successluliy. During lhe annual Junior Prom was qiver loy 'rhe cass. The Prem was rho rhe lasl quarler lradilional semi-Formal ailair ol: the year she lherne of which was 'he Milky Way. Llnusual decora"on ol ine qyrn consisleo of ive rhousarrd slars. Cncken was served as ol lhe Junior-Senior Banouer. Mernloers ol lhe Juncr class provided fhe main course onrerlainrnerl ir lceeoing '.-firh lhe Hafwauan 'Morne and soonornorcs served 'neir elders. 796 John Mallary, vice prrsi- dentg Frances Slanley, social secrefaryg Don Beck, presl- denf, Mariorie Bally, lreas- urerg Cynfhia Llewelyn, Sec- reiary. fax JA TOP ROW K Hulfqren, B MII er N Murphy J. Huo- vunen H e on B. In qram MIDDLE ROW: C Reed J Shelley R Pape D Lonq B Sllve ra N. Sny der C Van Meier H. Sho Inn FRONT ROW L Lucas M Voqel P Guerm R. Kee lauver M Hlqhf H Crow L uqhl n C Brosz. TOP ROW: N. Sharon, D Ryan, 6. Aberouetle, A Campbell, D. Hoskins, E Ranker, D. Hakansson. MID DLE ROW: M. Locke, W Anfhonv, F. Fee, P. Elvidge J. Mallary, J. Gibson, J Boyd. FRONT ROW: M Buck, B. Hill, A. Braswell B. Brown, N. Dugan, A Basham, M. Green, J Thompson. . K. Q Svphv -flaw, ' -, TOP ROW: J. Manners, D. Woodland, R. Rhoades, T. Miller, R. Sfolper, R. Marfland, J. McDaniels, F. Freiras, B. Paflerson, J. Gaskin. SECOND ROW: B. Beck, E. Mickey, D. Mole, J. McCausIand, J. Schneider, D. Knipe, A, Milchel, F. Linn, B. Hubbard, J. Norlon, A, Thomas. THIRD ROW: L. Haier, H, Hunf, M. Very, B. Cianliqhi, D. Aberouelle, G. Morfensen, B. Hazleff, G. Harris, B. Ebbesen, B. Hopkins, L. Ting, D. Ferrarese, G. Pelfengill, B. Hawes, P. Muldoon. FRONT ROW: R. Duncan, K. Giammona, D. Lawrence, J. Linn, E. Young, H. Barkley, G. Edgar, M. Smilh, J. Colferal, A. Smifh, C. Mauer, H. Koch, L. McKim, C. Gabriel, D. Walters, S. Sfapel. TOP ROW: B. Cook, V. Julian, R. McKecwn, G. Schirmer, J. Dolen, N. Bargones, J. Onken, P. Wilkin, A. Beifler, D. Dibbern, L. York, L. Jarvis, D. Soares, D. Symmes, l. Reiter, MIDDLE ROW: A. Anderson, E. Brewer, B. Brannan, A. Doss, D. Fuller, E. Torbelf, F. Thornberg, B. Lou, K. Morgan, N. Boudreau, B. Curtis, P. Starks, H. Goodrick, P. Anderson, R, Bales. BOTTOM ROW: B. Duvander, J. Lloyd, M, Gloria, S. Tinkham, R, Nourse, B. Van Voorhis, D. Boyd, J. Hedman, W. Sfeffin, A. Ramelli, C. Slraub, N. Chanller, B. Summers, I. Sfirfon, D. Anderson, P, Pimenfel. SOPHOMORE Class acllyilles were hlghliglwled by lho 'rradillonal Sophomore l-lop in ilne lale lall. The llweme was a barn dance. Sludenls were dressed approprlalely in glnghams, overalls and plaid sl'lirls.ll'1e gym was realislically decoraled lo simulale a rusllc almosplnere. An enjoyable evening was had by all present Programs ol lhe :lass meelings included movies, a "fall +ales" eonlesl and a dance lo which lhe Juniors were lnviled. Members ol rhe class aided in lhe noon dance program. 7947 Roger Duncan, Vice Presi denl, Barbara Van Voorhis Social Secrelary, John Cos so, Presidenfg Bill Hawes Treasurer, Norine Barqones Secrelary. i TOP ROW: D. Miller, C. Tresidder, B. Slewarl, H. McLean, J. Nicholson, Ralph Van der Naillen, P, Starks, E. Bill. MIDDLE ROW: D, Kusfer, J. Lynn, R. Beede, J. Norton, J. Benneff, B. Barn- ard, T. Flack, J. More, T. Harper, C. Eckwall, FRONT ROW: D. Sloan, D. Kruger, D. Carnes, E. Coleman, A. Ausplund, R. Field, J. Mo- zelli, M. McCoy, R. Guerin, R, Hemwalk, S. Wiqhl. -fxX TOP ROW: J. Cosso, B. Luse- brink, J. Duarle, D. Kramm P. Findlay, R. Greisinqer, B Marfland. MIDDLE ROW: P Roberls, W. LaVelle, G Kleckner, B. Menefee, J. Ja cobus, E. Davis, B. Schaefer A. Mangini, A. Hinckley FRONT ROW: N. Arntofl, V Beauchamp, P. Anderson, J Lucas, B. Moody, D. Madi son, C. Goodale, V. Mc Daniels, J. Headquisl, J Mozelli, S. Lambert TOP ROW: L. Smilh, B. Williams, C. Squirer, J. Work, D. Shreeve, M. Bayless, R. Nowak, C. Barqones, J. Tofflemire, S. Sellick, D. McConnell, R. Maloni, K. Wagner, B. Neiswonger, R. Swifl, B. Adams. R. Duvander. MIDDLE ROW: J. Selby, S. Giammona, M. Sparre, J. Barry, N. Newbury. P. Chapman, C. Greub, D. Jones, B. Smith, M. Seder, L. Guerra, D. Weslover, C. Maloyan, H. Wesl, M. Inman-Kane, B. Keller, J. Van Voorhis. FRONT ROW: B. Lar Rieu, J. Vanderwynkle, F. Clark, P. Lloyd, C. Ackerman, S. Symmons, G. Sandy, J. Pace, T. Gentry, C. Lylell, E. Davies, M. Ruqh, R. Dovik, W. Cole, E. Kronick, C. Forbes, D. Bales. TOP ROW: John Coulson, E. Machado, H. Kouns, N. Ponlon, B. Piona, B. Goepperl, G. Hornaday, J. McGee, B. Miller, B. Zurke, D. Wells, J. Walker, D. Wells, C. Bolander, R. Sodero. MIDDLE ROW: L. Thomas, P. Moody, E. Carning, M. Adler, A. Jarvis, J. Thompson, B. Feaqans, M. Lawrence, B. Johnson, J. Reed, K. Dowe, A. Winters, A. Keelauver, H. Bryanl, F. Bennett, S. Sellick, D. Shelley. FRONT ROW: S. Drewry, J. Shipp, M. Comslock, W. Mason, B. Lindquisl, J. Milchell, J. Grimes, N. Armsfronq, M. Slow, E. Davis, E. McCormick, N. Easl, J. Pilkenlon, G. Miller, E. Brooks, M. Jorgenson, C. Lumiss. DUE lo The war, Freshman Class Aclivilies were limiled lhis year. The class held ils annual dance, The Freshman Frolic. The lherne oi This dance was Soulh America. This successful social evenl was enioyed by The whole oi Acalanes. Besides Taking perl in lhe war slarno campaign, The Freshman Class did a line iob sf decoraling The gyrnnasiurn lor lhe Chrislrnas play. Decoralions included a Tilleen- lool Chrislrnas lree. The Freshman Class sponsored 'rhe December 7 campaign lor The sale ol war slarnps and bonds. Besides sludyinq poslfwar planning and saiely, lhey eslablished a war slarnp boolh in lhe caleleria The lirsl sernesler of lhis year. 798 -an TOP ROW: A.6ran1oNo, P. Freilas, F. Leger, B. Nelson, E. Bagwell, J. Brown, N. Clark, B. Bolster. MIDDLE ROW: N. Schreuder, B. Tucker, L. Reiler, B. Wick- man, V. Schmidf, D. Welch, B. Duvander, L. Bell. FRONT ROW: H. Day, M. Scofield, G. Warren, J. Sl. Hill, B. Jansen, D. Odom, A. Hos- kins, D. Zunino, B. Taqq. Babs Lindquisr, Vice Presi- denfg Rulh Maloni, Social Secretary, Claude Bolender, President Mariorie Slow, Treasurer: Sally Drewry, Secretary. If -Q-an sw. 1.1 TOP ROW: C. Henderson P. Hannon, J. Wesferlund C. Pefer, R. Carlisle, N Camp, J. Lund, C. Coelyn MIDDLE ROW: B. Bowbeer P. Ross, E. Krafofil, L. Bai vin, B. Stevens, P. Walrers B. Keller, M. Malley, C Miller. FRONT ROW: B Buckaloo, M. Slaven, R. Van derwinkle, J. Grimes, G Kalas, J. Gaskin, V. Iness P. Johnson, C. Chase, R Palmer, B. Sfrickland. iw , M-wana-slug ich QE, ., s f K ,v x fA4 A . any .1 Wfsf I 1 L, N J W ,nf ff,g,4f,g 1 Q, TS ! 1 3 it 'E Q 'fine I is .LXV mfalh' n-uu1.4,...,.- umm-asv U5 Ei 5 QW fi V fi rf ar- 'i"2i2m fy? f QQ w 7.5 W , f 'S . .4 1 Wk-A A 9- mm ' "v. :Qin 1 'I x 95545 I I' A ff, f fi? 5 JP! 2 'N hm 'E' Vai- in B 1- Qf -KN' f A ' ' f i fi' 9, R .:, ,, .,, , fix I , - ms? in ima! WMM, WA """""""'--o awe' Qiirm may Y 5 - U f, :Q ' 9 Q R Q. 1,104 .Sf QW A rib xii? ' 51,1 7- 5 3' 'j Wk. 3, 5+ w I x, 1. i 3717 XI ,S jf I Q 5 k , E QW Mft? Q2 .fi iii: is w ff , 22 gif? fi? , ?i .K 4.4 TOP ROW S Walgren advlser J Combs B Brennan C Bolender MIDDLE ROW P Johnson J Cluen M Sfow M Burk N Tryon L Lucas M Green N Newbury FRONT ROW N Schreuder J Schnender R Mortensen M Foreman M Smufh J Srmfh J Perryman D Ferrarese THE Sfudenr Council 'rlne qovernsnq group of Ihe Acalanes s+uden+ body us composed of Hue srudenf body offucers and a represenfahve from each advisory Each s+uden+ organrzahon presenfs a budge+ for rhe year s acfnvuhes +o Ihe s+uden+ council and I+ apporhons sfudenf body funds among 'rne orgamzafuons The mosf lrnpor+anI Issue Inns year was +l'1e Srudenf Board of Con+rol wnuch was se+ up by Hue Srudem' Council afrer oennq approved by a referendum +o Ihe srudenfs Mr S+anley Walgren was Ilne advwser for We S+udenI Councrl Inns year C' JOYCE SMITH MAURICE SMITH JANET PERRYMAN Vuce Presldeni Presrdenf Treasurer MARY ANN FOREMAN RUTH MORTENSEN SECVBIHVY Social Secrefary 1 I 6304.4 3 HAROLD NELSON Secrelary S Walqren ad user B Young J Neuswonger H Nelson J Cluen BILL YOUNG Presldenl Tl-l rnonllwly meehngs of rlwe Boys Federafuon nncluded many rnleresfrng acluvnrues uclw as lhe usual exchange program wnllw flue Gurls League and regular baslcelball game belween rlwe lacully and lne non varslly sfuclenls wl1lCl'1 flue faculry won Boys Federa won sponsored 'rlwe annual Fa+l'1er and Son banquel al flue close of flrse loolball season n December mia! xx M Rauqh R Guammone B Blankenshnp A Basharn N Dugan S Carson L Lucas B Franke Mrs: Kafharrne McCuIley adviser GIRLS League aovrsed by M ss Kalnar ne M Cul ey slarred rne year wlrn +lne lg and lr++e sfsrer s lea Junuor and Senror m mbe s of Grrls League acred as 5 Visors le We ln, m'ng lreslnmen and new dns. Earl In May llle members lnvneg X ' ' , V lnelr morlwers +C rne Mollwers' and Daugnlersl T a. Mofhers rne++l1e?r daugmers' 1 N , feaclwers ano enloved a orogram presemed by We clo+n'ng classes of rlwe rome A fu fl 'Q economics deparrmenl, W 'r --'J ' ,V x .V ,w. NANCY TRYON, Vice President PATTIE WENDT, President 27 TOP ROW: E. Straub, B. Laughlin, M. Burk, M. Ripsom, J. Hedquisf, C. Lyons, A, Braswell, N. McAninch. FRONT ROW: P. Walfers, P. Lloyd, R. Keefauvar, S. Cinoilo, R. Ripsom, D, Smith, J. Wesffall, J. Hedman. AcaWanes church services and club meefrrwgs fl'1rougl'1ou++l'1e Hrgh School Dusrrucir Two nf fhe feafured evenrs for 'rhe Chorus were Hwose rrw coHabora+mon wrrh Hwe Band and Modern Dance groups ar rlrwe Chrisrmas and spring programs. 0 Q i UNDER Wwe diredion of Mr. Oscar Bush, Hue Chorus sang for numerous affairs a+ 28 N Q '3.. gffgasfgif ' -u . .Q vs I . 9 v , 5 J YS ,- Q A I ? W ' . . w 3 ly 3, 9 . U . -..X Z 'J sud, Q A Ek ' X' 31:1 If X Wk... 'xg 10 F '51 xv' 1 ' J if X YH " . 4 4 . X Y ' - Q I 1i,I-I I Q , I . . . f'N , 4 - I -gl if - A "' Xia fg'?,2gi1 f ,,, ,L 'W X ri-. .S. N 6 -T",f yn 3 ' W ZW W A 'NW 1. - 'f Q yi fi.. A A -.-gf 115 w.! f4Q4, , M53 AQ 41 B' 117 U Lljtli SW D. Hoskins, G. Aberouelfe, E. Davies. D J es A, Campbell, B. Lar Rieu, R. Van der Naillen. I. Whiffemore, managerg Miss B. Pembroke, adviser, E. Rank ediior. 3.5.3 iz --.ew ll-lE purpose of The AKLAN is To give The sTudenTs of Acalanes an accounT oT The school acTiviTies in picTures and prose. Under The guidance oT lvliss BeTsy Pembroke, The AKLAN sTaTT, a small buT eTTicienT group, puT ouT iTs whole- hearTed eTTorT in Trying To produce a yearbook up To The high sTandard seT by Tormer sTaTTs. Due To warTirne shorTages and increased producTion cosTs, The iob oT producing The book was diTT'iculT. WiTh The coopera- Tion oT oTher sTudenTs and TaculTy members, The sTaTT suc- ceeded in producing This book. fNrThur Rogers made The drawings on The division pages: Carme-liTa Feliz, Ralph Van der Naillen, Barbara Ebbesen, and oTher non-sTaTT members, helped in The sale oT books. BLUEPRINT, lhe Acalanes school paper, was dislribuled free of charge +o all Acalanes sludenls holding sludenl body cards. This year's news was galhered and assembled by a large and aclive group ol reporlers and evenls edilors. BLUEPRINT lcepl The sludenls informed rhroughoul 'rhe year aboul school evenls and school sporls. Under lhe capable guidance of Miss Beverly Fisher lhis year's Blueprinl slall provided Acalanes sludenls wilh an inleresling school paoc-r every 'rwo weeks. Allhough mosl edilions ol 'rhe paper were mimeographed by 'rhe ollice praclice class, which gave ils lime very gener' ously, lhe Chrislmas and Senior edilions were prinled wilh regular news lype and formal. -JWUIIUSW B, PFEIF-FER,edi1org Miss 8. Fisher, adviserg V Skov. TOP ROW: J, Bowers, B. Feaqans, B. Neiswonqer, R. Guerin FRONT ROW: E. Torbeh, N. Schreuder, J. Vanderwinkel M. Benson, A. Hinkley. TOP ROW: L. Thomas, V. Skow, H. McLean. FRONT ROW 8. Franke, L. Ting, P, Muldoon, P. Johnson. 0 3I xl .ig f v V fl . ik I L WL , V 1 fi -1132 'I 1, bi ' -EEC Q .. 5' E in 5 Q, B Q' . fiffizfa gf .S as 1.4 tg. 4. x L HE HIL? Q5 ,. . Q. ww 1 I' ,....- ' n-1gf,A-ani-- wg E Y 5 A 2 5, , 4.,. M, . ' , 5 s f if "ff Ma . ' - . , "1 ,. 4911. K -... -7 f' ' jf A . 2 -2' y' I -. . ., : -9 ' I I W 12, R . , -' , ' " gt' I I 0 'I ii!lf?!l?!?!l TOP ROW: A. Campbell, R. Van der Naillen, M. Emerson, D. Comsfock, E. Ranker. MIDDLE ROW: C. Tresidder, V. Richardson, J. Thompson, S. Lamberf, P. Wald, C. Mauer. FRONT ROW: R. Morfensen, C. Harmon, N. Dugan, NI. Green, A. Schmidt, J. Easfman, B. Ebbesen, P. Muldoon. 5 5-3- STUDENTS receiving semesler grades of lhree A's and one B in academic subiecls compose lhe members ol 'rhe California Scholarship Federalion. This year C. S. F. ui if members were given library pass cards enlilling lhem lo admillance lo lhe library al any lime. The annual C. S. F. Scholarship was awarded lo lhe mosl promising senior sludenl. Miss Vera Richardson served capably as adviser. fiyldlr. pmi LlBRPxRlANSl-llP sludenls were in- slrucled by Mrs. Lieurena Erdahl. DANCE BAND was led by Mr. Oscar Busch. Music APPRECIATION was fauqlii by Miss Rulh Graham. , 3. L . if 3 X! ,.! A f IIT? 'ii sf' 'JM Q I El ll :ln Y V 1 , . k QQ ' L ', ' X 4 5 in W1 Y fo.. D 6 Mn' 9' YS , Q fa Ji f . Q ss? R l 1 4, , Y-Q g ff . im , f' ' W, X Q -2 5 . V' W ' ' ,Mmm" 'Qi v' .. pb Lf' W tv as ,if -Q :ff ll 'D to ff, .:,....,: E .,.,,, A K 1 V ? W. EEL 371 ,Zi f.. 0 'I J, Y ig , 4 4 diy' fe, gm. 22'- s in Y as Im:-long, , M 5219 3 xx., 5, 9 .X x ' , 1 af . Q 4. x W., A , -M 9"""w-A T, an ,xqfm i ev' , , -1 s i ,Q L . . , I 1 Q, 2' , , ' I N' ff F I Ax-fa V. K lf 1332 I-'sf ? 'Ju 4 XJ XJ Akin f--J..J f A , D if - if fy L51 H' " "' !, A is 7 X ,flf Y x X l U U j - , N 5 X 'M .i X Q X'-rwxj '--"I " rf XXX i 212 24 5. E Q 29 .9 7 Nw f , 'Y , 'li ! 1 I -lf , M X X? g vw '- ,fin ,nd ' , fl? Ai My X1 I vu., ma tx lit-X Qi?,A Q O V' ,4 , , 'Q z' ni , .1 I V I L' M A 'M I . I. w- .'. '. A x If , '. "ur N-.:A"'. 557' .A f H 1 . . . , .cf-' .'- x .50 .Q .-'i'4nXXR,f- Q15 ' Q. if 1 'Yu A . M' 9 9 N"'gwl"' q I. ,L x x 559' 9 ' A 'T xx ' if Q' X 'f Il.: ,Y-- f 4- '- Q Yi ,.-A X ' x Q- .- 4 k ' ew 4 ' . A Q ' g av. H , . Gg4 G,0Q3, s .5541 Z X f x --.H-5'5 Q7N it f, x' 3 455 5 Y Q Q, f. , , , xifgigqikfjil V, . f X M ,wayybih .54 raw Q, x 25" A 5 ,f I 4 v 'H F' 53 F5 Q . , X. ., . xr Q9 IQ .k b qv 15' Y 3 fa? I w Q W M M M , 5 5 ' ' 15 is 9-Qi, iv , Q- . A' 1 ' ' A' M if FF' , V5 V 5 5 A'A' 1 W W NW' 'g15uN, fmna, w9NJ Vu sYS'l.,f?QmNf w 17 -5 10 3 , SMS? '3 WMIJ' gi ?SMJa 14 9 7 i ' 13 r 5 6 Q 1 14 . 4 ,rm 2 I v4 , - 1- x. , ' . A W ' f My y 1 m Aff W . ' UA Q, k ' 5 43' A ,Ss X' L' 1 x ' ' 4 :AA 4 f' 5 V V, 4 4? , A V W 'Q 25 ' V 3 ' . ' 5 i fel' 2' ' 'EE , Z QW, 4 ,gi ,, ,, gf ,fx M If 2 :fm 1' 1 A 1 2 'iz 1 ,ei i Q sg it Q A ' - -.,... .. Z TOP ROW: J. Neiswonqer, D. Ryan, F. Freifas, H. Nelson, E. Bill, D. Kram, B. Strickland, R. McKeown, J. Cosso, H Goodrick, Coach Orflieb. FRONT ROW: D. Jones, K. Hulfqren, D. Holmes, G. Baker, B, Piona, F. Hammond, L Johnson, B. Young, D. Ferrarese, L. Smilh, H. Kouns. z8au6a!L l945 BASEBALL LETTER WlNNERS: Edward Bill, John Casso, Don Eerrarese, Fronlc Hammond, Dave l-lolmos, l-loward Goodrlclc, Kennelh l-lul'rgren,Jin'1 Neiswonqer, Don Ryan, Bill Young, l-larold Nelson. Sw.. OPPONENTS ACALANES Dale A B A B APRlL 6 DlAl3LO 48 546 30 ACALANES 64lfQ 63 APRlL l3 DlA3LO 63 4l ACALANES 54 65lj ALHAMBRA lC l CRCCKETT . 13 ll 2 APRlL 20-PVTSBURGH 63 34 ACALANES 50 ol APRlL 27-ANTlOCl-l 57 7O'f3 ACALANES 56 24' 3 APRIL 30'-EL CERRl'l'Q 6'-?2q 37 ACALANES 433,f3 58 MAY 4 fANllOCL'l . 50 68 COUNTY DIABLO 476 Qolfg MEET Plll'Sl3LlRG 42 P3 CROCKETT . l2 5 ACALANES 40 5f6 42l 3 ALHAMBRA 3 O COUNTY CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: B, Lar Rieu, F. Benneff, W. La Velle, E. Machado, D. Olson, B. Adams, B. Ingram, B. Neiswonger, D. Chapman, T. Gentry, B. Buckaloo, J. Shipp, C, Bolender, D. Piffman, B. Rhoades, J. Berry, Coach Whfie. '-Q1 ' ' '-f ' ' his .4u...,. P' Q 4 TRACK "A's" TOP ROW: Coach Eaion, G. Morfensen, D. Jones, B. McCurdy, W. LaVelIe, J. Harris, B. Lusebrink, D. Kusfer L. Cowan, B. Chiavini, C. Chase, Coach Lord, P. Maloyan. MIDDLE ROW: F. Clark, R. Van der Vander, G. Baker B. Nelson, J. Winferfon, R. Guerin, H. Velazquez, B. Jope, B. Jackson. BOTTOM ROW: D. Cosia, G. Aberoueife C. Philips, D. Chapman, J. Gibson, D. Beck, B. Rupp, J. Schreuder. 'QE ai Wd ' A wha., .. N-an .vm ' f ll NJ 5 N I945 TRACK LETTER WlNNERS CLASS A: Budd Miller. Bill Rupp, Wayne LaVelle. Jim Gibson, Dick Chapman, l-lerman Velazquez, Don Beck, Dick Carnes. Gene lvlurley, Gene Aberouerre, Eric Phillips Bob Jackson. Bryce Jope. Gilberr Baker, Joe Schreuder. TRACK "B's" TOP ROW: Coach Ealon, F, Clark, C. Squires, B. Nourse, D. Fuller, B. Miller, B. Young, K. Dawe, J. Lucas, R. McKeown, D. Anderson, J. Bowers, Coach Lord. MIDDLE ROW: J. Coulson, G. Sandy, B. Johnson, J. Shipp, H. Hunf, P. Wilkin, D. Woodland, B. Feaqans, M. Nowikie. BOTTOM ROW: R, Davis, B. Neiswonger, R. Swiff, J. Selby, P. Chapman, L. Thomas, B. Thomas, J. Schreuder, R. Bafes, B. Cook, B. Adams. Il 0.7 4 l945 TRACK LETTER WINNERS CLASS B: l-larold l-lunl, Russell Bales. Don Ander- son, Bob Field, Bill Young, Robin lvlclieown, Phil Chapman, Jlm Shipp, Dick Fuller, Lloyd Selby, John lvlozzelli, Lonnie Thomas, Bob Cook, Jim Brown, Bob Thomas, Pele Wilkin. Q. Q. ww- 'hw i w,g,s,w L . . . 1. as "Mi , 3 45.3, Ju 1 , I -.I Lf f ' R-'gh QW 12? S- Q, ' fr 45 Q 'D lvvy .1 we-ra. ...-ud. ' .Q ' NADINE SHARON ANN BASHAM NEYSA DUGAN Treasurer Presidenf Secretary THE Girls'A+l1le+ic Associalion was especially aciive llwis year. Under flue supervision of Miss Margarer Nicholson. flie members painred banners for mosr of 'flue niglwr baslqei- ball games and raised sufficienr money lo buy a coal raclc and a ping-pong lable for 'flue school. Baslcerball, badmin+on, and volley ball rournamenls, dances and fumbling were rhe chief evenrs carried our by Jrlwe G.A.A. during sclwool fime. ln addirion +o rlwese, arclwery, swimming, baslcerball, badminlon and volley ball beaded llie lisl of acrivifies for 'me several play days. Mrs. Joan Phillips and Mrs. Ruin Webb aided in rlie GAA. program eigl1+ periods. G. A. A. CABINET TOP ROW: N. Newbury, J. Thompson, D. Goodrich, M. Green, B, Ha1IeYf. FRONT ROW: C. Harmon, N. Sharon, A. Basham, N. Dugan, K. Giammona, S. Drewry. d,.H,.dctw N01 l 1 or :ft -iff., '38 f" I , sir . 'IP Uafh l"l Tvfx .,..fw K nj, I' s cw Q .41 . W 'mf V Q " vi' ' -W ' f ,fl f5ff,.x: W- - 2 Ax! ' .V i wg .,a. . A 14" . I V. Qr' Mudd! W3 'A , ff! ,,. '. 4, 55 4. f v ,.-fi , QU' ,W fin' iw 40" ACREE S INSURANCE AGENCY ALS BARBER SHOP ANDERSON ELECTRIC ARTHUR S MARKET M HUNTINGDON BALDWIN D C JOHN BEDNARY BARBER SHOP BEN FRANKLIN BOULEVARD GROCERY MARIE BENNETT S ORINDA BEAUTY SALON BII L S REPAIR AND ANTIOUE SHOP BILLS PLACE DON BLACKWOOD BUS SERVICE M C BOLENDER M D BONNIE S BEAUTY SALON LOU BORGHESANI BRADLEY S CASH MARKET JACK BRUBAKER BURNS HOME FURNISHERS EDDIE S WAFFLE SHOP EL ADOBE CLARK HARDWARE CLEAN CLEANERS OLONIAL INN CONTRA COSTA FARMERS ASSOCIATION COURIER JOURNAL DIABLO MOTOR SALES CO DIAMOND K SUPPLY DONNA S DRESS SHOP EL REY CONFECTIONERY EL REY MARKET EL REY THEATRE PAUL ECKLEY OPTOMETRIST FEDERATED STORES SCHOOL CLOTHES AND SHOES BERT FISKE SHOE REPAIR FREITAS HARDWARE COMPANY GARRETT AND GARRETT REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE GEORGES UNION STATION GUINEVERE S HAGSTROM STORE HAPPY VALLEY NURSERY HEINE S BARBER SHOP HILLSDALE KENNELS DACHSHUNDS RAY GRANT PHILLIP JASVEN PAINTING AND DECORATING JO ANN S SPECIALTY SHOP JOHN S MEN S AND BOYS WEAR JOHNSON S BODY WORKS DR CLIFFORD M JOHNSON DR IVAN F JOHNSON LAFAYETTE BUILDING MATERIALS LAFAYETTE FOOD CENTER GROCERY DEPT DELICATESSEN DEPT VEGETABLE DEPT LAFAYETTE PHARMACY LAFAYETTE SALES AND SERVICE LAFAYETTE SUN LEMOS TRUCKING WeImuI Creek Walmn' Creek LaIayeI're WaInu+ Creek WaInuI Creek WaImu+ Creek Walnuf Creek VVeIr1uI Creek Ormda WaInuI Creek LaIaye+Ie LaIayeIIe WaInuI Creek WaImu+ Creek Lefayerfe Ormda VVaInu+ Creek VVa'r1uI Creek WaInu+ Creek WaInuI Creek Walnuf Creek WeInuI Creek Walnuf Creek WaInuI Creek WaInuI Creek Walnuf Creek LaIayeIIe Orinda WaInu+ Creek WaInuI Creek Walnuf Creek Walnuf Creek WaInu+ Creek LaIayeIIe WaInuI Creek Lefayeffe LaIayeIIe WeInu+ Creek Lafayeffe Orinda LaIaye+Ie LaIayeIIe WaInuI Creek WaInu+ Creek Walnuf Creek LaIaye+Ie Lafayewure LaIaye+Ie LaIayeIIe LeIaye'rIe LaIayeI're LaIayeI+e LaI5ayeI're LESTER G LAWRENCE YOUR CHRYSLER DEALER Walmh Creek N-' , C X1 I I . , I LaIayeIIe 4 3 X Q M. 3. an ' gag 4 fm nh .KRW ,X 'nf I 's r ,X Avg ,X na N g

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