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ati ff -4--fa ff, ?h""" ' SJ :J 37 MWWNN AMMMWMW , . MMM. ' 'So-6-236W-C li, , 4 V V ix V . ' ll.,-V,,, If-,, . W7 1 ff AJ V L ffxj. P wo' ff O .,,., ..L...............4..............4..... The AKLAN s W. A E M 6 H ww if Q, V A 5 '10 .:.,:: ..,,., H V x W' ff v fff -f---11 ' f- 4 A QQ., AQ X gig ,. A? . x S ffm , ,, ly s, Y X Z , if WY'f:..2 21, 22' 31 mm at Y , 2' Xl Ji, ,yd Y qw? aj .L Q .,Ab"1?'3', X 1-45412 ,ff 50" Publwshed by H16 Sfudcmf Body of ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL Lafayeffe, California BOB W. HOWE,,, , , Edilror BRUCE CAMPBELL ....,,, ,, L,.Manager DEDICATION Wiih lhe expansion of our school Jrhere has been an increasing need for efficiency in lhe handling of school affairs. Grear credil' is rherelore due lo a person, who wi'rh rireless efiorls has helped keep rhe many aiciairs run- ning smoorhly, lo a person who has a deep underslanding of human narure and a regard for human feelings in all her relalions wilh Jrhose in rhe school and communily. In her many aclivilies-advising +he AKLAN and Jrhe Sludenl Handbook. direcfing rhe lighl- ing and rechnical crews for sfage produc- lions, handling Jrhe adminisfralive dulies of The school and caleleria in warranls and rec- ords, and guiding rhe produclion crew for visual aids-Miss Befsy Pembroke has eslab- lished herself in The hearl of every siudenf af Acalanes. H is in recognirion of her 'fire- less eiiorrs ro improve Acalanes lhal' we dedicaie rhis book. Acclones Graduates cmd Students in ARMY Stanley Amtott Allen Anderson Joseph Barkley Clittord Beck George Bell Carl Boswell Hayden Bridwell George Brosz John Cataline Guy Chaddock Lester Clark Earl Creager John Curtis Carl Danielson Kenneth Davis Bob Dethletson Donald Doten Robert Doten Ted Edson Olin Esley Donald Fagerlund Warren Flanders Arthur Fleuti John Frye Kenneth Gelwix Zane Gore Vincent Graziana Bob Green Murray Greves Bob Hammond Roger Harding""""' Delbert Heckman""""' Arthur Hemstalk Dick Henderson' Howard Hertel Darrel Hopkins William Hoskins Donald Houvinen Bob Jessup Robert Johnson William Johnson Ed Lahey Gordon LaVelle Leo Levy Tony Lobo Floyd Loughrey John Meadows George McDaniels Tom Miller Herbert Neller Jack Norden Archie Nottingham John Nourse Bob Oas David Obera Gordon O'DeII Victor Pagliero Don Parsons Walter Pierson William Pitts Edward Robinson Angelo Rossi Ed Rosso Bill Siler Ronald Skow Frank Snedeker Julious Spayer Clarence Stanley Vernon Steele Martin Stow Walt Thomas Delmar Turner Warren Van Horn Jack Wales James Wedsted Robert Williams Forrest Wilson NAVY Jack Adams Eugene Ahlf Richard Anderson Ed Armanino Lyle Atkinson Robert Basham Harry Boomer Robert Borden Louis Borghino J. T. Braudrick Joe Briggs Richard Brown Fred Buck Leo Coleman Jack Coover Ralph Corder James Couch Dave Crosset James Deuvall Fred Doss Ted Edson James Ferrier Ted Geoppert Bill Grant Ted Howe Bill Hoye Jack Hoye 'i:Killed :l::kMissing 'Hi:i:Medical Discharge l N M E M O R l A M BONNIE BLAcKwooD DAVID LAWRENCE Service Jack Hulse Wesley Jackson Bill Jessupn' Gray Johnson David Lawrence' Peter Ley Richard McNeil Charles Malley Denny Miller Don Moody Elmon Murley Tobert Powell Willis Reed Eugene Reynolds Carl Ross Ed Sharon Darrell Snideman Jack Souza George Taliaterro Ray Taliaterro James Teegarden Clinton Tottlemire Luther Tucker Marlin Van Brooklin Norman Van Brocklin Robert Walker Ben Warrick Walter Henry Robert Joy Hugh Stewart Paul Wakeman WAC Mariorie McClintic CADET NURSE CORPS Suzann Lawrence Mary Sangmaster Barbara Soukup Jane Yatsko COAST GUARD Edward Hahn Tileston Hale Thomas Olsen Tomas Olsen MARITIME SERVICE Francis Allen Fred Allen Bob Frye Art Handy Paul Hubbell Toy McQuarry Richard Quincy WAVES Ethel Tinkham Pat Watkins MARINE CORPS Edward Allen Stanley Dorrington Gerald Ludlow Walter McCausland Dan McLean Glenn Nelson T. Slanley Warburlon, Dislricl Superinlendenl 4. Stanley Walgr Counselor Kalherine McCuIIey, Girls' Counselor Phyllis Pelersen, Secrelary ADMINISTRATION Under lhe capable direclion of 'rhe Board ol Trusleesg Mr. T. Slanley Warburlon, principal and dislricl superinlendenlg Ivlr. George While, vice-principal: Miss Karherine McCuIIey, girls' counselor: lvlr. Slanley Walgren, boys' counselor: Acalanes Union High School was run srnoorhly This year. The classes were well planned and conducled in Spire of warlime shorlages ol school supplies and lexllooolcs. Allhough reduced in number, lhe cuslodians, gardeners and caleleria worlcers did a line iob ol mainlaining and supplying 'rhe school. lvlr. George While became acling principal when Mr. War- burion Iell lor civilian duly wilh Ihe Army. lvlrs. Kay Ealon joined The secrelarial siall. Members of lhe Board of Truslessz Melvin Jacobus, Warren Members of 'lhe Non-Cerlificaled Personnel: Ted Wilson, Joe Harrold, John Chadcloclc, M. H. Slanley. Nol pictured: Boggio, Cloyse Summers, L. F. Green, Mrs. L. F. Green. Noi Carl Newbury. piclured: Mrs. Evalena Therlrildsen, Manuel Velazquez. 6 FLORENCE BASSIGNAN GEORGIA COOPER LIEURENA ERDAHL CHARLES EATON RUTH GRAHAM MILLICENT HAMBURGER ELMO HEARD HENRY KNIGHT ROBERT LORD A. N. MARIN MARIE MERKEL MICHAEL MONACO THOMAS MURNEY MARGARET NICHOLSON JOSEPHINE OCHOA JOAN ORR BETSY PEMBROKE GEORGE WHITE HELEN WILLIAMSON VERA RICHARDSON FACULTY Acalanes Union I-Iigh SchooI siili has an exceIIen+ Iaculry in spife of wariirne man- power shorrages. Alfhough Iive members of Ihe IacuIIy are now in Ihe Navy, Ihe qualiry of insfrucrion is high. The insfruciors who serve Ihe Navy are: Veronica Cowan, John Hopkins, Erwin Maifson, Iviarfin Rauhuf, and LeIand RusseII. The IaCuIIy worked very hard Ihis year Io meeI Ihe demands of Ihe Armed Forces for essenfial prepararion and Io mainfain high sfandards in all IieIds. I ,ffl ! ' 7 -1- V 7 SENIORS As fhis is fhe fourfh year of flueschool, fhis year's Senior Class is fhe firsf fo com- plefe ifs enfire four year career af Acalanes. When fhe class was founded, fhe buildings were sfill parfially under consfrucfion. From fhose firsf days, fhe class has been one of fhe pioneers in flue school's developmenf. This year, fhe class of '44 won fhe annual award offered by fhe Parenfs' Club for fhe largesf percenfage of members from each class in fhe club. The class also spon- sored fwo dances during fhe school year. They were flue Senior Exfra Dance, which followed flue leap year fradifion where flue boys "permiffed" fhe girls fo fake fhem fo flue dance, and flue Senior Ball, which came lafe in fhe year-fhe whole school dressed up for flue annual evenfl This dance furned ouf fo be an overwhelming success and one of fhe big affairs of fhe year. Besides sponsoring fhe fwo dances for fhe Sfuderuf Body, fhe Senior Class gave fheir annual Senior Play for fhe erufire communify. Choosing "RAlv1ONA" as fheir play, fhe casf of Seniors puf on an excel- lenf program. The class ended fhe year in a fesfive spirif af ifs ' Senior Picnic. ' mln. B. JOHNSON T. WAGNER R. BOLENDER D. GOFF M. WILLIAMS I0 R, BURKITT R, COOK C. CAMP K C. DAVIS. 8, CAMPBELL N. DAVIS' RA CASWELL ' W. DETAR B. R. CLARK M. DIBBERH DICKSQN L DOVICK L DUGAN S. GDEPPEKT C. HASRDEOH N. FOREMAN D, 4-BOPP H. HAR-R010 5. mmxe v. aonrscm F H. Hsamuce R. FRUTS H. HANSEH K. I-HNILSCQP4 G. FROBASE H. HARUENE CLASS OF '44 R W HGWE .2 KALAS C, HUGHES U, KEPLER L HUOVINEN W KQNG A JARDKNE LEM.. JOHNSON K. UNDQUIST M w, melts? pf Qpomzzl Y. LUSEBRIHK K, LYONS 1'-, MOULTHRDP R. PARSONS Q9 0 S S R MALDNI M. 9ETTiN6lU. J MEYER5 SENICDRS M, L. RBD WA SSLES K. SULLWAN D. TOFFLEMME 4 T. SLAVEN W. SWEATT E, YRUXEL E, WAYKIHS M. WSLUAH RQBEHTSOH K. SNEDEKER S, SYMMONS T, WASHER L. WELCH J, WWNFREY H. scmmz H, sxzvmm A. moms ea. WALLACE D, wemurw Graduafing Seniors Noi' Piciumcfz X F. CATAUNE R. JOHNSON LHAZLEW mowes ' M, HURST F. PENNDCK O. ESLEY CLASS OF '44 I3 M 5 . ' N944 U if lk S : , iymmw w , 'wxwwf 'f""' fx Nix-Mx RSM my pu we K x wx an W f A' ,eg 1,1 f 3 'fx .fksw 'g 4 wx -Q. an 1 S, S, ,W an .42 655 'Z gun ,M if , ls .A . 4 W' Nm w ,aww -xx Am-we up 'Q xv 'W av, if 'Q . WWSN' JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class has been very acTive in sTu- denT acTiviTies This year and has conTribuTed many exciTing programs and social evenTs To The school. The class sTarTed The year wiTh a bang by winning The annual STudenT Body lnTerclass Yelling ConTesT. The Juniors sponsored Two dances This year. The TirsT was given aTTer The Tinal baslceTball game OT The season. AT This dance The BaslceTball Queen Tor I944 was chosen. The second dance was The Junior Prom, which was a very unusual and inTeresTing aT- Tair. The class ended The year by giving The Junior- Senior BanqueT in honor of The mighTy Seniors. Randy SmiTh, Gilberi Bake Beverly Wadman, Joan Easi man, Louise Very. TOP ROW: R. Franke, D. Che man, M. Emerson, H. Hall, N Hallmeyer, J. Ingram, J. Boomi A. Beclr, B. Ramelli, J. Benqueri MIDDLE ROW: B. Young, D. CosTa, J. Prior, E. Traud, Leach, A. SchmidT, B. Franke, J. UsTin, R. SmiTl1, J. Joni W. Sanders, C. Rogers, B. Perry. FRONT ROW: L. Ar sTrong, V. Borghino, B. Wadman, J. Easfman, P. Wendf, Smifh, L. Very, B. Parsons, V. Kaiser, J. Herafy, B. Thom. W. ChrisTensen. SOPI-IOMGRE CLASS The members oT The Sopho more class have Taken an acTive parT in The aTTairs oT The school This year. Their chieT aCcornplishmenT was The Air Raid Dance: This original idea Tor a dance provided a pleasanT evening Tor everyone. They have c:onsisTenTly made hi h g scores in The inTerclass baseball league. An amusing TravesTy on pushbuTTon radios was presenTed by a group oT Sophomores aT one oT The STudenT Body meeTings. The enTerTainrnen ngs as been inTeresTing and ' enioyed by all. T aT The class meeTi h D. Ryan, D. Good riclr B Shrod , . er, N Dugan, P. ' Lar Rieu . url, M. Kouns, H. Crowe A. MarTinelli M Fore Shipp G Ta , . man, Gi . . gg. MIDDLE ROW' D Be lr B l Whiffem . . c , . Collins, . ore, J. Houvinen, A. Campbell, D. Hos- kins, P. Elvidge, M. Dills, B. Oelschlager, F. Fee, H. Coombs, G. Moore, B. Jackson, B. Weaver. FRONT ROW: P. Lar Rieu, R. Klosiermann, B. Farrar, P. Lax, C. Llewellyn, J. Selby, D. Gocdrick, N. Tryon, F. Sfan- ley, B. Laughlin, S. Kiffridge, J. Wesifall, R. Thomas. TOP ROW: P. Wald, B. Hill, M. Lock, S. Kamp, I. Blakemore, M B FRESHMAN CLASS Freshman aclivilies were limiled This year be- cause ol lransporlalion and olher war shorlages. Ol course, lhe year did nol' Tiller our wilhoul any social enqaqemenls. ln The laller parl ol I943, lhe Freshmen held Their annual Frolic, lhe lheme ol which was made up ol loyland decoralions. The Freshmen l4epl up lheir end ol lhe bond drive and so helped lhe school lo gel The name "Acalanes" on lhree ieeps. The Freshmen also represenled lhemselves in lhe school baseball Y wilh a well rounded amounl ol lun. sporlsy winding up lhe ear Hedman. TOP ROW: H. Hunt, H. D ' avis E. Bills, T. Miller, B. Menafee R V cl . an er Naillen, H. McLean B. Knipe, D. Deadrich, E. Young R Phillips SECOND RO . . W: B. Curlis, J. Gaslxin, B. Palferson, D. Madison, A Korn, B. Hawes, J. Harris, B. Arnold, W. Rawlins, P. While, B. Coolx. THIRD ROW: ' M. Rupsom, B. Thrasher, E. Moore, D. Mole, M. Bally, A.Beiller, P. Harslt, E. Sorbel, C. Goodale, J. Morlon. FRONT ROW: S. Tinllham, J. Norlon, M. McCoy, D. Miller, I. Reifer, I. Slirlon, V. Van Horn, E. Powell, Z. Miller, J. Hedman, W. Campbell, P. Allen R. Beede, R. New bury, D. Buchanan B. Ebbeson, J. A TOP ROW: L. Jarvis, B. Cianficlni, W. La Velle J. Cosso, A. Rule, R. Kusfer, D. Buchannan C Ties sider, R. Beede, B. Lusebrinli, J. Lucas. ISECBOND ROW: M. Gloria, D. Symes, B. Nourse, D. Anderson, A. Anderson, B. Brennan, R. Dunlxin, B. Hoplrins, D. Dibbern, B. Summers, J. Dofen, B. Rhoades, J. Man- ners. THIRD ROW: P. Kruger, R. Hemslallr, D. Abe- rouffe, R. Newbury, A. Milchell, M. Very, J. Schnei- der, B. Moody, B. Lonergan, S. Lamlaerl, N Amfoff A. smm.. FRONT ROW: E. Mackey, J. Pwengallf J. Nicholson, N. Boudreau, J. Jacobus J. Onlce 1 ni H. Roch, A. Doss, H. Barkley, E. Silveira, L. Heibel. TOP ROW: B. Marlland, A. Mangini, T. Harper, P Findlay D. Carnes D K , , . ramm, J. Duarfe, D. Miller, D Ferra J . rese, . Mccausland. SECOND ROW: J Olivera, R. Bales, E. Colman, K. Morgan, F. Linn, R McPherson, L. McKim, R. Sfolper V McDaniels J Mofeifi, A. Ausplund, B. Duvander 'THIRD ROW: L. Ting, L. Hafer, P. Muldoon, K. Giammona, L. Yorlr, M. Smifln, P. Sfarlrs, B. Schaefer, P. Anderson, N. Bar- gones, B. Beclr, B. Blackwood. FRONT ROW: B. Haz- IeH, B. Hubbard, B. Ebbeson, A. Ramelli, J. Hollen- lramp, G. Edgar, J. Moore, G. Schirmer, J. Lynn, J. Aclcley, P. Pimenrel, P. Piona. J xv Q M 9 x ,xx , iw sf X? ,mf ,Wd 15 ,Xiw Q ,f Q if Q ? .- ,..,. I l lll"' STUDENT COUNCIL M... 19" TOP ROW: R. Van der Naillen, N. Dugan, B. Hawes, A. Bash- am, Mr. Henry Knight L. Dugan, R. FriHs, D. Buchanan, M. Hoplrins. FRONT ROW: R. Beede, F. Sfanley, J. Kalas, J. Smiih, B. Campbell, D. Comsfock. The governing body of Acalanes, under +he sue pervision ol Mr. l-lenry Knighl, has done an excep- Jrionally line job This year. The Sludenr Council provided Tor a school cleanup campaign, which proved 'ro be very successful. Through lhe eflorls of Mr. Walgren and The Council, Acalanes oversubscribed her war loan quo' Tas. The Council also provided for a sludenr insur- ance plan, which insures sludenls againsliniury dur- ing school lime. Ches+er Dickson, Presidenf Dawn Tofflemire, Vice-Presidenl Joyce Kalas, Secreiary Joyce Smifh, Social Secrefary Lorna Dugan, Treasurer BOYS' FEDERATION The Boys' FederaTion sponsored a very successful FaTher and Son BanqueT in December oT I943. In The lasT meeTing OT I943, The FederaTion was enTerTained by The annual baTTle beTween The FaculTy and The All STars, made up oT non-varsiTy players. The All STars won The Torrid conTesT. BOB HINKSON, PresidenT BOB PARSONS, Vice-Presiclenf TOP ROW: Mr. Walgren, J. Tagg. FRONT ROW: B. Hinlrson, B. Parsons. TOP ROW: F. Sharon, E. Enclersby, S. Brown, B. GoepperT, L. Lucas, Miss McCulley. FRONT ROW: E. Miclrey, D. WesTlund, D. Goff, D. Goodrich, W. Mickey. ELENA ENDERSBY, Presidenf DORIS GOFF, Vice-Presidenf GIRLS'LEAGUE Advised by Miss KaTherine McCulley, The Girls' League has puT in quiTe an evenTTul year. AT The sTarT of The school year, The girls acTed as "Big SisTers" To The incoming Freshmen girls. T-lighlighT oT The year was The MoThers' Tea, presenTed by The girls Tor Their moThers. The Acalanes chapTer oT The CaliTornia Scholarship l:ederaTion is a parT oT a sTaTe wide organizaTion oT honor sTudenTs. The acTiyiTies oT This orqanizaTion were sornewhaT curTailed because OT TransporTaTion diTliculTies. The Acalanes chapTer ended The year by giving a scholarship To an excepTional Acalanes Senior. TOP ROW: R. Morfenson, J. Easfman, J. Srnlfh, M. Green, B. Wadman, C. Broz. MIDDLE ROW: B. Howe, B. Campbell, C. Harrison, D. Comstock, A. Campbell, E. Ranker, Miss V. Richardson. FRONT ROW: B. Clark, L. Dugan, B. Blankenship, C. Harmon, N. Dugan, R. Palmer, D. Wesllund, A. Basham. C . S . F . TOP ROW: D. WesTlund, B. Wales, A. N. Marin, E. Gloria, P. Ponlen. FRONT ROW: M. Ripsom, E. Moore, D. Smlfh, E. Sfraube, F. Groves, J. Norfon. The Chorus, This year, under The direcTion oT lvlr. lvlarin, h whole Chorus donned "black Tace" and sang in Th ' liTes oT I943. A parT oT The Chorus, lc Thus compleTinq a successf l as been very acTive. The e minsTrel show oT The Acalanes Hi- nown as The Girls, sang aT The ChrisTnnas play. u year. Under lhe direclion ol Mr M . arin, lhe Acalanes Orcheslra has had a very -suc' cesslul year. Mr. Marin combined lhe sludenl lalenl inlo a large, well organized working group. TOP ROW: R. Palmer, S. Kamp, L. Huovinen. MIDDLE ROW: D. Ccmsloclc, B. Soder, J. Weslfall, T. Wagner, S. Tinlcham. FRONT ROW: R. Kloslermann, l. Blakemore, K. Sullivan, E. Slraub, B. RuFl, J. Tagg, T. Alpen, B. Hazlefl. ORCHESTRA TOP ROW: K. Linclquisl, T. Wagner, A. Marlinelli, P. Goodwin, C. Giammona, B. Leal, G. Frolaase. MIDDLE ROW: G. Tagg, B. Jope, E. Nelson, J. Tagg, B. Perry, B. Ruff, P. Marshall, B. Soder, FRONT ROW: L. Smilh, L. Miclrey, D. Dibbern, J. Aclrley, R. Miles, B. Blanlrenship, J. Oliveira, C. Morgan J. Gibson. The Orcheslra I I4 oo parl in lhe Chrislmas program, lhe Senior Pla a d h school performances. y n ol er The Band has been very successful in carrying our ils obieclive ol providing good music for lhe imporlanl school alilairs of lhis year. Under Mr. Marin, lhe Band played al foolball and baslcelball games, and provided excellenl enlerlainmenl al our school assemblies. Tl-IEAKLAN Bob W. Howe, Eclifor Befsy Pembroke, Aclvi sor: Bruce Campbell Business Manager. A. Campbell, B. Cooper, C. Harrison, B. Tiernan B. Ruff. B. Weaver, B. Curlis, E. Ranlrer. Mainlenance of high sfandards sei by former sfaffs in lace of wariime reslricrions and high prices presenled rhe AKLAN sraff wifh i+s mos? serious problems in four years. To surmounf rhese obsracles ancl give ihe sluclenrs a yearbook worlhy of Acalanes was lhe obieciive of rhe I944 AKLAN sralf. To reach lhis obieclive, lhe slaff was enlarged ro eleven members. The BLUEPRINT was prinled every Jrwo weelcs during lhe school year as a service lo Acalanes sludenls. To all s+uden+s holding srudenl body cards, The paper was dis- lribuled wilhour charge. I+ was filled wi+h inferesling accounls regarding sludenl acliv- ilies and school sporls. Mr. Roberl Lord provided excellenl direclion for lhe BLUE- PRINT shall. THE BLUEPRINT D. Alwood, J. Cianfici, B. Franke, J. Kalas. TOP ROW: R. Newbury, M. Smiih, D. Mole, D. AberoueHe, J. Hollen- lramp, B. Arnold, M. Burke. FRONT ROW: M. Very, P. La Rieu, C. Harmon. Belly Mae Pfeiffer, Cify Ediforg Roberf Lord, Acl- visorg Barbara Franlre, Edilor. Scenes from fhe JUGGLER OF NOTRE DAME and ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE: Orpheus and fhe Furues Orpheus and Chorus, and 'rhe blessed spirifs. The Dance group achieved a very prominenl posilion in 'rhe year's ac+ivi+ies al Acalanes by presenfing Two major programs. Chrisfmas and Spring: and per- forming af Teachers' lnsrilufe, The Alclan Assembly, +he Mo+hers' Tea, and lhe Diablo Exchange Program. Under lhe experienced clirec+ion of Miss Millicenl' Hamburger. +he group progressed greafly in Hs un- derslancling of Jrhe fundarnenlals of Dance. . MODERN DANCE 5 32 g'E3QF.,xx f W az gif: ,. , f ' V J' i Wm 1 x , ,, A f gf ,ig-41. 1:5 3 A nf Q lfwq'? . fy, 'wa , 1-1 1 E' .-.wm SQ? Q.. mix 'Y 'fw N, . 2'vK. K 4 -n :Qi Q W ' nm Q Nga , T L lr' , ,Q a V E , 1 A i ' 'S ' N .:,: , , X A ,Af V , I : in L ,":" i: A 2 "... ':.. Q f ' A X Y W - fl, ,,,.1- fi". 5 K " x X, ' 1. M - 3 b ,I , l A A miie, f x 6 ..,-. A - .,:.,.,, S W .f MN VV 9 x i L? x 3 9' N Q XI 5 Q 25 H A is kg DZ GE an lg, ll . QA I f 1 X 4 ,X f Y, W A Y A sf X 1 . je, b fx , , c X 45 K v X It ' xi ,, 4 ' Q ' Wx T--"2' 1 Q f Tv? f X gg? 'vm I A 1, Q W W s w We U we K. W, Q ' M. up s w , ' If -:,, 'zii . WM? N ' 1' Q if - ' 9 ,,.,...:, ' 2 ' 1 f MQ' ,.., Q A N --, , ,,,..,,.:,. .t ., iv -nbvt M 1 V ,. .5 llzzt I I I 1 .. ,A E Q K . . W! A A , ..',,:'.- j - , 1 -.-.':- H QVE: .1 L2 . jgiwwmmus . -. Q Q 4 an 'F t W mx X, gym 1 1 n .' 0 W 13 I 1 la , I J A Aw am ..-an--' ig , A ,xiii :Si , MK, , F' i ,Q ,, Efif Q , w sf haw ,wax G .: ..., M 5 .,. 5: H1 wwbwg gwh l , I ,px Wm M X ' 45 0-wuswf-sumaalsm 'k..lulM 4 i fl we wk 3 , 5 V,., Q 1? my M, . . W fm Hai M ,,,, A gf Z Z A 3 Q? Jw.. pf is M Q F S' xv iw 4 kid Al M 4 WM E .W 1 sim s ., W.,, 11 Q, .M f--Q 25 ,. W, Q aff ,, ,R 5 w " 5 - x 'V ig' ' W M S . U XMI " - if 0 War 9 3 -. 'Y as-'5 .'-"m 'mx h-45 ,N V N X ,',.m M A "'i "' as WU W MM' WN -'M A-if an 'HW A f 3 35 4 V S N-na gm M ,Q A' 4 sq, X X A1394 ik sw-iv! 5 ww.. un" "HN --W W 'X M' N5 :"MjW?'3 "' N - if gm 4 Mm' X ..,. 3:E. l 'lay wh l 2 :5,5:::--f:sga5:,,a fe . if Q K M '1l--f 4,4, F' V .. . 2 , ... ..: Wm "WY mi ,K ,, x M, vw Q., -xv y wx 1 'Q-ns av gr is I Q f ig? X4 ,,iE -: - A , lgiggvm ' .,:i1:i 1" x ?1 Q If - x 3 , 6 EE:::-, :-,- , Q 6 gig, .A ' 4 A . - , f J ZW 8' Y ' 'H' ' is .jew M Q wg? vkgwwf Ef222-- f +2 'gr w 'W V' if 'Q' 7 Z g 55mi' M5 fb x'iHiw,gWf ?W Q-swvib Ji P nw wb L Y 'A f Q ' Dwi 37' .M 'Ra ' sa X? W' 5 Ami 5,, --A--:, ,.,. '1' 5 1 X i fu gg gh' in s M .gg M Mg W if M QQ F '---------- M "ff-:.. 'I ,-A-f X 2:,:, .IEE f 1Q1i11V:V :--. 1 -Lfl 2-'-g ' ' -V, A X - ff Q as Y Q s 3 , J, R ..,:::.:E:, , R ,,,,,d1-w-'H ' mf' K A-...AW .W A, ,Q k ' W. 4 Ezizzi W We ,. Mm' 'Q pa 'wg 5 Q -45:-,,.,.,.,5, x 3 M ..:::e2: x X an " M W Q f 5255 5 W M m fai QQ ', E rj, mg QE R F' W in W W ,, N -::E:E:: ff L W Q F? , Q wp 5 f Q W W is X K .EIZ x x W is 5 - ,,,,,. .,,.,,::: 3 x ..., xg. gy MX W 1 5, sz ig g W :': - l':' J 1V',, L :EEE W' Q 3 ix S Nw? AAA-. . .:f,.' ,::--I" W - 1:2 'W A gk : 3.5 R 3' 535 .11. r " , , -1: 'N was N X 1 M W W ':" ik 2 ' ' ,zfezrr s :'.112': ' X ..,.::::,,,.,.: - X .:.. 5 ,...,,:. ff l :-. g:,L.f """ .E:.:.,, " , EAT ' 8 5 is xx A ":'::: EEEE ' -f , IIEE ,.,,,, "' 1 1 ',,,, zzi' fi Mx M3599 Q iff an 3 HW gr . 'N N mx .5 my C . JN 1, 1 - ,lk 5 Q ax , Q 'new Q5 2: Q Y I 2 S gi, ,if 4? 2? ., Tw 2 yjjjwwi X u my ' Q 1 fx K, rf gl? a 23 fn Q 1 1: 5 X Af ,5 an 3 .1 yy, was V fjfii ' " New Q N, f Wi: H , 2 3 TOP ROW: S. Mason, B. Parsons, B. Hinlrson, J. Cossa, B. Johnson, H. Nelson, J. Houvenin. FRONT ROW J. Mor+ensen, J. Mallory, G. Balmer, J. Neiswonger, B. Young, D. Ferrarese, D. Holmes, D. Ryan B. Collins, B. B. Hanson. BASEBALL SCORES' Team Acalanes Opponen+s EI Cerrilo . , s ,, .. . ..,...,,7,,,, , . 4 3 Pillsburg ,, ,U .,.,,. ,.l2 7 EI Cerrilo .,,,. ,,.., 5 IO Diablo ..,, ,.... 5 I I Alhambra .,,, s 9 I l Pillsburg .,,, .,.., I 4 Tolal ,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,, , . ..,..., ., ,W36 46 Acalanes-Won 2, Losl 4 'Season nol compleled The Baseball learn slarled lhe season off righl wilh a large number of boys lurning oul for lhe squad. Because Acalanes did noi compele in inlerscholasfic baseball las? year, lhe Team was a lilfle slow in gelfing sfarled. Bu? under Mr. Michael lvlonaco's coaching, lhe players soon formed info an organized leam. The boys had a lol of fun and gained much experience from lhe season's play. ANN BASHAM PRENTICE LARRIEU L- G.A.A. FERN SHARON NESYA DUGAN Because +he Girls' Alhlelic Associafion did nol' have a regular eighlh period acliv- ily, il was nol as aclive as if has been in previous years. BUT, under fhe supervision of Miss Margarer Nicholson and Miss Joan Orr, fhe girls carried on moslr of lheir regular acrivi+ies. The group held a badminlon Jrournannenl which was very successful. Besides holding several loaskerball games, +he G.A.A. sponsored a noon solrball fournarnenl in which several Jreams parlicipaled. Our of lhese aclivilies lhe girls in G.A.A. learned rhe essence of good sporlsmanship and had a lol of fun in Taking parl in The sporls program. TOP ROW: R. Palmer, F. Sharon, L. Houvinen, R. Wiseman, G. Parenf. FRONT ROW: M. Williams, R. Miles, A. Basham, N. Dugan, P. l.arRieu. fa F' 7 7,1 A ,, rw' L QW A L 5 wx f 5 em I Q, fx ,nm 'Z , fm if ,MM SPONSORS OF THE T944 AKLAN ACREE INSU RANCE AGENCY ,...... AL'S BARBER SHOP ........,.....,....,,.. ARTHUR'S MARKET .,A..A77,.E........,E,..,,,E ASSOCIATED STATION ...,,.......v...V,.....S, W. U. BARNES ...A.,..7vS.......,,,.S,......,.S,........7A JOHN BEDNARY'S BARBER SHOP .,S7..... BEN FRANKLIN STORE .........,,,......V . .,., BILL'S PLACE ..,...,...,......,,,.S...S..,.AS...Sw.......7S,Y,.. B. DON BLACKWOOD. Bus Transporrarion M. C. BOLENDER. M.D. .......7.,.......,...,S,v,,.., L LOU BORGHESANI ...,.Lw,..... ..,..., BOULEVARD ELECTRIC ...,... BOULEVARD NEWS .LL.,,,.......... JACK BRUBAKER .LLL......,...,,..,L..... BUNGALOW BARBECUE .......,....V,., BURN'S HOME FURNISHERS ...,...L WaInu'r Creek WaInu'r Creek Walnur Creek Lafaye++e Moraga WaInu'r Creek WaInu'r Creek Lafayerfe Lafayerfe WaInuI' Creek LaIayeHe Lafaye'He La Iayerfe-Orinda WaInu+ Creek WaInu+ Creek WaInu+ Creek CANYON GROCERY ............,.,,,L .....,L.,.,... C anyon C. C. CASTLE. D.D.S. ............. .......... L aIayeI'I'e CLARK'S HARDWARE CO. ..........,...,L.L ...... W aInu+ Creek COLONIAL INN .,........V.....,.,..,.,..,.....,,....,.. ,,..,. W aInu+ Creek CONTRA COSTA FARMERS ASSN. ......, ,..,.A. W aInu+ Creek BEN F. COURANT ,........,L......,.,.,....,., ..L.,. ..LLL....., .,,.... O r I nda COTTAGE KITCHEN ...,.......L. .,.,.,.... , ...... W aInu+ Creek COURIER JOURNAL ,......L.L,..,. ,,.,,. W aInu+ Creek THE CREAMERY ...,............L.V,..Y.,,V ..,... W aInu'r Creek DIABLO MOTOR SALES CO. ...,,.,.v........L,.,,,...,,.. ..,..., W aInu+ Creek DIAMOND K SUPPLY .......L.,,,LLL,LL,....,L,.,.........,,.,L........ .,.,,...,,..., L afaye++e PAUL M. ECKLEY. OPTOMETRIST-OPTICIAN .L.,..... ...,,,, W aInu'r Creek ED'S SHOE REPAIRING ...,...,,,,..,.,..,L,,.,,,.....,,,.,,,,,..,, ,........,L,,.. L afaye'I'Ie EL REY CONFECTIONERY ..,,.,,......,,,L.,.., ,,,L,L..... ..,..L W a Inu+ Creek EL REY MARKET ..............,,,..,... ,....,. W aInu+ Creek EL REY THEATER ,.........,L.L,.,. ..,Y,, W alnuf Creek FEDERATED STORE .,,,......,,,,,,... ,.,,,,..,,,,.,.,,,.,,..,,, ....... W a InuI' Creek FREITAS HARDWARE CO. ...,LL...L,,LL.L.L,,.........,......,. ...,,,, W aInu+ Creek GARRETT 8: GARRETT, Insurance 81 Real Esrare ..... ,.,...L,... L afaye+'re GREYHOUND COFFEE SHOP LL,.. ,.,LLL..LL....L,,L,L,L ..L.L,,.....,. L a fayerfe HAGSTROM'S STORE ...,.....,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,......,,,,V..,...,.L. ...... W a Inu+ Creek HAPPY VALLEY NURSERY ,,.,,,L,.,,,,.,,,..,,V.. ., .,L.,L,L....,. ..,L.,,.,.,.,, L afaye'r+e WARREN HARROLD, Insurance 81 Real Esrafe L M. D. HENCH, OakIancI Tribune Dealer .,,,,,,.,,L,L HEINIE'S BARBER SHOP ..L.L,,.,....,,.L,,,,.,,.,.,., ,.,..,, Orinda .,.,..L....,.....L,... LaIayeHe Orlnda Crossroads HIRT BUILDING MATERIALS ..LL,,LV...,..LL....,,...,.,L,L,..L..,...,L,.,.,Y ....Y.......L..,,L L aIaye'r're HOTEL CLAREMONT FLORIST, Douglas Kilbourn, Prop. .,,.,....,o, Berkeley-Lafaye++e JOANN S ..L,........,,,....L,.,L.,.,....,LLL.,...,,.,,o,....L.,,,Y.,,,,.,,..,,.,....,o,,.A,,.,.. ,,,,...... W alnuf Creek JOHN'S MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR ,,,,., ..,,,, Walnur Creek CLIFFORD M. JOHNSON, D.D.S. .,..., . LAFAYETTE BARBER SHOP oo,,,o..LL,..,. LAFAYETTE BEAUTY SHOP ..,.,.,.,o,, Lafayefre Lafayerre Lafayerfe LAFAYETTE CLEANERS .........L.,.,.,,,o,.,, ,LL...,.,o L...,.. L a fayerre LAFAYETTE CREAMERY ,,o,,...,...Lov,V..,......,,.....,, ....,,. L afayerre LAFAYETTE DIME AND DOLLAR STORE ,,,.....,oo.,,.,,..,..,.,,......,,..,,...,...,.,,,.. Lafayerre LAFAYETTE FOOD CENTER ...........,..o.,,,...V.........,......o.,...,...,..,.,,..L,...,,,,.......,, Lafayerfe DELICATESSEN DEPT.-GROCERY DEPT.-MEAT DEPT. MAYFLOWER BAKERY-HUGO'S VEGETABLE MARKET LAFAYETTE GARBAGE SERVICE.. ,EEEE.EEEEE.E.4E.E.... ....,EE L aIaye++e LAFAYETTE PHARMACY ...EEE,E,.EEEEEE..E.E .EEE E,...,E.E,EEEEE EE4.EE. L a I aye+Ie LESTER G. LAWRENCE, Chrysler 84 Plymourh ,,E,,. Walnur Creek TONY LEMOS, Trucking 8: Traclor Work Y,,,,,,,... ...VVYVVVV...Y L GIBYSITG LESLlE'S FOUNTAIN ,E,A........L,,,.V,L,.,,..,,,,., ,,,,,,....,.,,,,,,,, W GIFIUI Creek LINN'S FOUNTAIN ,E.EE.............,,LLL.LLLL...L,.L.....LLLL.LLL..LL,....1LLrL. L.,LL.L,L W alnuf Creek J, T. LUCAS' SALES 81 SERVICE, Srudebaker Dealer ,.... LL..,..... W alnuf Creek FRANK A. MARSHALL .,......L.,L,LLL.LLLLLLL....LLLL,..LLLL..L...L..4LL. .LLL....L W alnur Creek MAUZY AND SON, Plumbing .L......4L.r, LLLL.,,.L LL,LLLLLLLL W e Inu+ Creek MCNEIL DAIRY .L,,.......,.....LLL........... ......LLL-.... L aIayeHe MICKEY MEYERS LLLL...L..............L ...,.L,...LL.L,.,. L afave'fIe MODE O' DAY SHOP ...,....,L.,..LL. Walnuk Creek FRED S, MOODY -AA,,,,,,,,,,7,A,,A,,AV,,,,,L Walnuf Creek MORAOA HILLS PHARMACY LLLL,..LL. LLLLALLLL.L ..LL...,, .......e. O r I nde Crossroads OAKLAND POST-ENQUIRER ,,,,.....,... ......,LVv,L.,,,,,,A.,,,.. ,,,....vL,,....... O 6 Island I2 MARIE BENNET'T'S ORINDA BEAUTY SALON L,LLLLLL L.L..... ........... O r Inda ORINDA COUNTRY CLUB ...,,,,,...vL.,,v,,,.,,,,,,,.,,...w .. ....... Orinda ORINDA GARAGE ........,,,,.., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..LL.,,,,.,,L,...L -L----- O V inde ORINDA MEAT MARKET ..,.,L...Y,, LL...V,.....L.LL...... O rinde ORINDA STORE .....,LL.....,....,....,...,.,.. V,LL,,L,.....,L.,,,.,,..., O rinda KIN6'S ORINDA SWEET SHOP .,,YA,,, ,......,L O rincla Crossroads ORINDA THEATRE ...,L,,,,.,..............Y, V..V..... O rinda Crossroads V. E. M. OSORIO, M.D. .AL,, . PETERS EMPORIUM .LL..LAL,... Lafayerre ,, , LaIaye++e PIONEER STORE ..,......,,,, ., ,s.,,, Lafayerfe PLAZA BEAUTY SALON .,LL,,,,,, L,,,.,L,,, L afayelre PLAZA CLEANERS ..,,.,s,,,s,.,.,,., ,,.., . L..,,,L,,....,,.Y L afayerle EDWARD B. RADFORD, M.D. ,,,. ..,. . Walnul' Creek RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY .,,L,,.,,, ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, .......,V,,,,,V.,,, L a fayerre REILLY'S MUSIC SHOP .,s,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,, ..., . .LL,,, ,,.,.,.,LL .LLIA.... W a I nur Creek RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION. Jack York, Prop. ........ .......... W aInu+ Creek SANFORD'S REAL ESTATE OFFICE . . ,, ,,,,,.. .,,,. ....L... ,,,,,LL.L,,., L a f aye'r+e MARIE E. SNEDEKER, Real Esrare Broker... ....... ........,, L aIayeI'I'e JOHN F. SNOW ...... ...................... ......... ........... ...... O r I n da STANDARD STATIONS, INC. .....L...,..... . STANDARD STATIONS, INC. ....... , STEELE'S DRESS SHOP .......,......... THOMPSON ELECTRIC .....,.. TONY'S MARKET .....L.....,. ......... VAN'S SHOE SHOP ................L.... VANDERSCHOOT MOTORS ,...v.L V. J. VECKI, D.D.S. ........L......... . WALNUT BEAUTY SHOP ........ WALNUT CREEK FLORIST .. WALNUT CREEK HOTEL ,...,........... WALNUT CREEK MEAT CO. ,.....L... , WALNUT CREEK PHARMACY ,,.,..,.. WALNUT KERNEL L...L,..L.L..L....,,.,,..... BOB WELIN, Jeweler ..........................,....L.. WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. .......,..,........, . WESTERN IRON AND BODY WORKS ....... RAY l. WI-IITTEMORE, Insurance ,,.,....... WIGET'S PHARMACY ..........L.........L.L...,, WILLIAMSON'S FOUNTAIN ....... WOODMANSEE ELECTRIC ......... Lafavelre Walnul Creek Walnul Creek Walnur Creek Lal:ayeI'I'e Walnul Creek Walnulr Creek Walnul' Creek Walnul Creek Walnuk Creek Walnuf Creek Walnur Creek Walnur Creek Walnur Creek Walnur Creek WaInu'r Creek Oakland 8 Walnuf Creek Walnu'r Creek Walnu+ Creek Walnuf Creek 1 M-mf vw, -K.. w , Z, WS ,MH-N 'S F3 4 m as 2 41, QAM. W W W

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