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' ,A , 4 , ,mx .., .04 ..A.......-......r...., ..,. ...L . ... ,.. , , .,.,. ,X...,. .. , HW X03 V+ .vw 1 K J nv 4' 'cvs ll' 1 J . L!! I 3 I ,Ap b ! p A 'jx 3 , 1 HQ9' ' ark All V Lv' K N. f'- N I . ' Abt 1 xx. U ' 1 x' A fl 5 ' gs :Q ' 2 57 I J 1 I , ws K .3 X xo X h 1 2 Mx 1 I xv 3 if -4 " f if .L .5 Q KN , Q' f ry' N ' ' L I . x ,Uh-IL Q V . K ' 1 X l . my x . r H V ,r -f A 'Af ' A f . I I lg! X L, L . , I ,fy i f f L 'J W ' I VA 4' Z ! GIIUIHIUIEB QLMIKIIKQAN MAIN ENTRANCE to Acalones High School Drawing by Bob Jessup xy X CIIUIHIUIES IILQML3 . jim ,.. X X! fi X AJIKIILQAN X 1 Drawing' by Bob Jessup Published by the Studen! Body ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL Laiuyetie. Caliiomiu IOHN MEADOWS ....... Editor BEITY BUNKER . . . . . . Manager I gg S 3 xi' bln ah' " lx L .9 s if x4,,1, 14' , Y V 'Y 4 W 4 I 4 V ,MV ,M nw , 4 ,xx V ,I 4 , , R t x ,-Ali," ':::9ff ' ' vs , , gym 4 L Q V , 5 'X 'Wi 'Q . 1 , " L f " ' ,' A ' . 5. M . A J., ', -w '. ,.e, -3 , M I J 'fm 3 4 . Q 5 - J., M A, K , fy, a M A 2 galaxy Ju ,I ,wg W g, ffm fif x K "L X'Ki'1'2i5' . s' f 951 KAW ,V A t V 4,5 , ,,,VJ?2.,LH, , M5545 V, , f , A- J fi: X 6232, f I , 'P 421' , 5? 4' Z ,Q 2 3 I , I , , auui gil. Jim, 5.Q!U11,C,Q, in ARMY I '-4 1 F L NAVY MARINE COAST CORPS GUARD LDL 97Lunnnu1nL 1+ if if if if 1+ 4' f::i1'f' Qiig i 1+ +1 +,1++, 4- SQQQQZQ .l111+ iiiii 4 +++1 'f +'++1 E 'XAR Y"Lr1'1r1f.f1:.'11:. H111 'L 1: 1' I 1 +1 334121152 1+++ 1+,l 3 ,iii i5,,l,, 4 +'+1' TXWJILEIL1 -. '1f+,1- I A+1-fA, .1 fl 4, , 4 +f+ 9, 1+ if 54:fj1',+,,gfi: 4- QQEEQ AIIY iiilguw, +'.+.' 4, ffliffg 2ifQ?f5" 5112? 1"f 1 '91--1 DI, .5 , 'f +++R +++1 1 25: 1+ iff ++++ I V 1 +1 "+'R A 4 KT ,gil 1:::'1A,x.I. 'f 31122 A It 1 I1,, . ,1 2 K1.l--1i .:, 1 'x!.T1s:au,: .z. 1: u 4- HfTfT +.,, .1i'+ f1TL'f1f1I' 'A 1+ if 1+ 1+ 1+ i . X ."-. : 1+ C I I A Mr. T. Stanley Warburton, Principal and District Superintendent, has carried Acalanes through another successful school year despite the many difficulties and inconveniences of war. One problem was the securing of school supplies, which were obtainable in diminishing quantities and which required war-time priorities. An interesting and unprecedented feature was added this year to the school calendar. lt gave students an opportunity to see and understand the operation of the school from points of view other than that of students. For a full day during Public Schools' Week, students assumed entire responsibility, they acted as members of the Board of Trustees, District Superintendent, Boys' and Girls' Coun- selors, School Secretary, and instructors. Showing full faith in the future expansion of Acalanes, the Board of Trustees authorized the pur- 1. STANLEY wARsuRroN I Principal and District Superintendent chase of 9.06 acres of land to be acquired in a space roP ROW: Gilbert Bauer, Mr. cloyse summers, Deuvall of three years. This land, north of the school, will be sorrow Row: Mr. Joe aogqso, Mr. Manuel Velazq I I Mr. Gilbert Baker used for school buildings. Mr. loseph E. Lawrence, Chairman of the Board, resigned and was succeeded as chairman by Mr. Iohn F. Chaddock. Other present members of the Board are: Mr. Warren Harrold, Mr. Melvin S. lacobus, Mr. M. H. Stanley, Mr. Carl Newbury. MISS PHYLUS PETERSEN School Secretary faculty, The Acalanes Union High School is made up of instructors, all proficient in their respective fields. Many cf our instructors were members of honorary and professional societies while they were studying at colleqe. The instructors at Acalanes are regarded by their students as friends rather than as mere "teachers" Several members of the Faculty are now in the service of their country in the Army and Navy. Instructors who have joined in the active fight for freedom are: Miss Veronica C. Cowan Mr. Iohn S. Hopkins Mr. Erwin W. Mattson Mr. Martin O. Rahout Mr. Leland S. Russell hhchael Monaco Margaret Nicholson Rose Ambrose Lafferfy Kathrnne McCulley Helene Carre Cnarles Eaton Vera Richardson Sara Woodyard T Stanley Warburton Helen Williamson Thomas Murney Veronica Cowan Henry Knight Elmo Heard Marne Merkel Mnlllcenl Hamburger Stanley Walqren Betsy Pembroke Frank Trlena YN lf only aged Mount Diablo could break its silence and tell us of the romance and pageantry it has seen, we should know much more of our land's glorious past. The aged mountain would tell us of the land's earliest known inhabitants, the ln- dians. They lived in small villages called rancherias and roamed the hills and valleys for food since they did not know the art of planting and growing. Because of the mild climate, they wore very little clothing, the men went naked and the women wore small skirts of grass or deerskin. Their chief pleasures were singing and dancing: these played an important part in their religion. The men, wearing headdresses, danced while the Women, swaying their bodies, kept time. Now, large piles of sea shells, in which many old relics have been found, are the only traces left by these Indians, who moved into the wilderness soon after the Spaniards entered the area. GEHEQCQXSSHEBS ' y . ,JIJUBE HUl'Sli whirl: was xiruuted on the original Rlmfllo .blralnnvs 1 Ilrnwing' by .Uiss Vera Rirhardsnn lr SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top row: Nancy Whittaker, secretary of entertainment, Beth Bradley, treasurer. Bottom row: Betty Bunker, vice president, Leo Coleman, president, Margie Bowbeer, secretary. The Senior Class commenced the year with the "Snow Ball." This dance, together with other activities, was given for the pur- pose of raising money for class events. Qther Senior entertainment included the Picnic and the Senior Ball, an annual for- mal dance. The luniors gave the traditional lunior-Senior Banquet in honor of the de- parting class. The close of the year proved an hectic time for all Seniors. The Senior play, grad- uation announcements, cap and gown measurements, graduation exercises, and the baccalaureate ceremonies required much time and effort on the part of this class. The Seniors terminated their final year at Acalanes with hidden feelings of regret even though they showed outward signs of rejoicing as the time of departure grew near. '55, My-I Georgia Alexander Betty Anderson Mary Jane Beatty Francis Allen Evelyn Andrews George Bell toward Armininc Barbara Boomer Joseph Barkley Margie Bowheer Robert Basharn Beth Bradley O rin! tko 'inf 'rv Donald Irwin Joy Kaiser June McCausIand Mary Ellen Mendenhall Willlam Noble Marnlyn Johnson Edward Laney George McDaniels Pat Mlghetto Jack Norden Wulma Johnson Peter Ley Daniel McLean Betty Miller Archle Nottingham Margaret Jones ta Verne Lucas Rrchard McNeil Donald Moody Robert Oas Maman Martln John Meadows Wrnlfred Nelson Dawl Obera 0 1 x ' 'W . ,fi 1' My wh , f' x 'Q fy 5A ' , izlkiff ,5 , Kg wh 'if L2 , LE: ,.,. Thfmxzv ' g, ,gy w ,, 4- if , Y X' 7 'N .,,.. .V A , 5 "1-, ' 5 , 5 W, W 5 H , , fs. N ,g t, - fzqm - M ,, 8,4 A :gi f mu qw 1 Q Y W Y 8 , , , , -5 Sim? H A, ly A in , 9, AQ ff: qv f4Qf0'mf . 4, 4 1 1 5 M -P ., in , JN 1' x2 - -. da Y A , if , ds 355 ,if sw if K 3 f , sf, -.., , -QQ ff 1 e if .ff af, 4 W Ma, 'Z A if I if in X 4 . 'Y' I 1 ,. V 3 1 f ,L E , ,I --Ma.: wi .. ff g 1 ' A 5232 .1 ' . A D , f F T , l :H '. i i . . il: I 4, 1 f Q' " " " ' ' V1 . ,, , . 1-., . .4 N ,,. . . u. , . . '. 'Q . . . ' , .,,,.,'.g' . A,- , .n. .H ll, , .0 h. ,, -.3 aff -, . U ,gun .Q O i'r " ' 'f A V1 0-' ' ' 1 : ' ' S mfg' , ln' CW fr 'yta 1. -' ' P' .' " ' ' ' - v .,.o:,.:, fa. . ".',., . A .wife V, ,, ,,, A, M4ayQ 4, -. ,no H , a b. M ... 'E 1 ' 2 ,, it sw . 'Mun- Gi' F iff? '-dvr' 1 2, 'R 3 3-"lg . -4' 1Z"f' 5 P 3 I 1 5 V nl- 4. J' 'Q g . i 'x 7 ,- 'N 'SYM gjy . '-., i , , , 0 av. ' us, 32" '- -.- 1 0 . 'Q-7 'L JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sally Bronson, President Joyce Kalas, Secretary '11, Klan, The Iunior Class was awarded a plaque by the Student Body as first prize for surpassing the other classes in the School Yell Contest. The transportation shortage due to the war has made social activities very difficult for the luniors this year. ln spite of this and many other war-time difficulties this class has been very active. Their social events included two dances: "A Little Bit of Heaven" and the Iunior Prom, The ayrn was cleverly decorated in an Indian therne for the latter dance, Clirnaxinq the year the luniors gave the Seniors a graduation present in the forrn of the annual Iunior-Senior Banquet. Elena Endersby, Treasurer x w ? ' .N x k ' I 4 . A 4 ' f . ',:. ', .bi vi Jtf' Q. 154 I 'I 'Q N' 1 .A N 3 5 as N2 'Nr f fs ' ' X f v Q 4 V , Q , 5 I 3 Qi as 1. n if J? Y. I s 'C vi K i f,,w.a:e- , Q V - Q 9 ne J 9 .5 X J, P X 45 A My A Vs ' A W? Q , " 5 if 3 F A ' 3 Q 3 . i ' Q' 31' 5 3 if ip M: 'Q if . S M I-A s I if Qi ' YQ , 4 2- 2i.,4v ay 'M f x .A 2 S 5 Q 1 , 1 Mr in 4' R ,q A -4- 1 wx an i .1 ' 'Lx 4 A -N z 1 -"Q 'X P ,J v , - ,il .9 :' , . . Y J, 4-f 95? ' X ' ' A 3 ff 7 ' 15 v -7 ,S 1 K ff 8 , A- A A 1 N, Na- 'Q I 1 N .. ' A SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pete Marshall, President Frank Hammond, Vice President .gypfwmm gram, Members ot the Sophomore Class greatly aided Mr. Elmo Heard in the establishment and maintenance of an hydroponic garden. This type ot garden introduces a new phase in agri- culturew-the raising of crops in a liquid supply- ing the necessary nutrition for plant growth. Acalanes is one ot the first schools in the coun- try to experiment in this new type of agriculture. At the beginning of l943, the Sophomores gave a barn dance for the entertainment of the entire Student Body. The Sophomore and Fresh- man classes combined their meetings in the gym and held dances alter these eighth period get-togethers. During the basketball season, a game was held between these two classes which ended with a Sophomore victory and a score of 34 to 4. Beverly Wadman, Secretary Maurice Smith, Treasurer -' " ,v'Rz..., ,. , 1. ' x u Q . . - g - 3735, isi.-j ' x x . . 1 if 2 A A Q A 1 A ws, 1 - ' , f 1 ' ax f- 5 52 nl 1 ,Q .1 S . J X, . - -4 A Y A 5 , wk A X ,- :Qi , v A i f I? .., , gi XI Q 'fn 3 , gf J . v 3 , Q fi' x V X S4 an be ,gi QV N 125 gk 1, Q W 5 5 5+- 52 ,X y ' xfw A K ' M v Q 3 Q 'i if J 9 E f .T , 4 M .A - if i K 5 63 ,K 1 S' 3 xy iq Z3 W a , . 9 "' '- 1,,,, Q Wy ,X?N ,,wix .y, , 9 0 l -I . ' 9 x 5 4 ,Ah E X Q :Q ? 5, X b 1 . 2 ? 7 f 3 T? Q' ,3 . L , I 3 5 Z A , 83 5 3,4 X 4 , 3 . F .T . s. s f AZQZH: N? iQ. "Nj X: xf A 'R Y X' I 3 ' ,sf 9 'ff K',v"E , Xa ,, G 5 1 P l Q, g il!! L- vs. ax 1 -f ..- M ,Mn A,,, , ,A ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Betty Farrar, Secretary of Entertainment Budd Miller, President Bob Schroder, Vice President J 6'1fw-L The Freshman class is the largest in the history ot Acalanes, and its field of activity has been ex- tensive, two dances, a "Get Acquaintedn dance and the Freshman Frolic. The Freshmen sponsored a large scrap drive encompassing the Whole school district from Walnut Creek to Orinda. This group was also behind the Victory Food Survey, organized tor the purpose of locating and listing various places where seeds, plants, gardening tools and machinery could be rented or procured. This survey also located land which could be rented for the purpose of raising Victory Gardens. Some of the Freshmen social studies groups raised Vegetables on a plot of school ground. Half of the produce went to the Cafeteria and half to the students who helped raise the crops. An interesting accomplishment of the Fresh- man class was the winning of second place in the Iefferson Oratorical Contest by Dorothy Goodrich. Kit Chaney, Treasurer Pat Lax, Secretary , V K A A , . Y , -, Z 3 f .- - y 43 5 " 1 'f,"'1 5? Q f fflah V ,Ak A - W B AE 9 gy," S a 1 has r ,A .E , I jj, ,, - lv, ' R W O: Q 5,53 4, Q? X 5 5? N. fx x"'la'v X., XX A L J I I fd K1 ,Q Xjffl: . Q VH E , Y QW vi do El -1 as Eg N U .,, uf 5 4 Fw '+'?i" V ' 9? Q Q. Q? Q 9 tb? 1 ' W ,wg 155353 ' iq? 14 3 fs Q, u i.:Xf1,x 342-ilw.??5-a 'Wi-. 'Sf' A-tw 1154 I "M,,i"Aij'x1,v ,,, f 2 A in . . . . . '3 . , . . , ,, , . 'MW' W 14 ff' L3 spa Qwaw U9 9"ff1'519s'-3 4 KM if V' gi-5 , 7 Y J -7' w t 1 ,. "' '54 gh? ff' W ,, .af M ff fi, X, X ,- nf 1 g ' 5, wi ig gl Soon after the Spaniards iirst sailed into San Francisco Bay in l769, their explorers, notably Pedro Fages and Iuan Bautista de Anza, led expeditions into the region east oi the Bay. They were followed loy the padres who attempted to convert the ln- dians. The padres succeeded in converting them, but the indians were not used to the white rnan's way oi lite, and their popula- tion declined very rapidly. Within a tew years' time, the Spaniards had divided the land into large grants called ranclws. Qne ot these, the Ranclm A calanes, we have come to associate with our school, although our buildings actually stand on the Rancho La Boca de' la Cvllllllllll de Pinnle. Candeliero Valencia was granted the 3,329 acre Rancho Acalancfs, in l834, but he was iorced to sell it to William A. Leidesdorti ot Yvrba lflll'lIll, who almost immediately sold it tc Elani Brown. This ended the period of Spanish ownership. .9QllfII36llFlIIN7IllCIlFllIlIE5S CORRIDOR near library 1.' fy' 4 K 'ei Drawing by Bob Jessup ilmwgfm WWuvlFi"!MNn!010m ,Av 3 2 ,W 4, we N 4 f x K wh f Q M 1 4 , ,Q Af, , 1 H V ' 194' - + ' 'fi + A A W 4 , ,. , ,,, , A 5' I gt im . N W if fig X A 9 E N 55 , .X ga- A K Q E V 43. MJ 5:52 1: M? 1 V Q? ' ' W5 Q::,h .1'..,L,. 1 1 ' mx , M N N 5l'f1'! " Q 'V'i"' 4 l,1f li k W 4 ,mdk A L ,rg X V , SEAN, w 1 W b W, if ,:,,,,. . .4 4. 1 " ..,..1 3 KB 33,2 1 X wx L 1 ..4L - fu 555 ' ' 455' 9' 3 'L -ab ff-ff , , Aw' - 3' Q My is ' iiig W Q vim f?f'w,.q , N ' M . ' 1 . 4 QI' SWR ' . ...L Q . Q 3 W ,R 'E Wx Q Mr yr-Alfa' 5044, Thls e Bova Fed ercxtlou orqcxmzed the e Qwmcg ef several IC 11 Il ures put eu w Armed Se-wlces to 1lh1s trcxte the ODDOTILIIIIUQ5 fi iered by each Se-rvlce Ih CIILIJCI1 Fathers and Sens Gnquet wx sperm crcd y the Federcxtleh Three uoub fcatk C11 stare clueilng FICIIILIG Alkert amended the iGIIC1Ll1T und c vC1SCI1 II Vw br nect er rx ve'zr th The GCIKJLIQ rs Url e gclrlizaticyrl of all the girls 1A.CCl1GIl,Q .They enioyed .gem ly :ree GH15' L ,el e with 19" V criged A e ':Ilf5 '.-HA , :J L. ..I..,. Q .5 fvng -.wg uh... J1I""'TI"h" . 1 year. TED HOWE Furs? Semesfer President WILLIS REED Second Semesfer Presndenf T op row Richard McNeil Duck Rnenke Boffom row Mr Walqren advisor Marfm Stow Robe Powell ri Leif to nghf Barbara Swearmqen Vnce Presudent Thelma Osborn Presedenf Eeffy Bunker Erlme Gean Jane Yaislro Elena Endersby d3:uwL Combining string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, the Orches- tra has played an important part in school activities this year. They contributed their talent to the annual Evening of Music at which they played several selec- tions. They have played at many assemblies and also accompanied the Christ- mas and Senior plays. Constant practice under Mr. Triena's direction has en- abled them to perform these tasks with admirable results. Top row: Bob Burkett, Jack Tagg, Martin Stow, John Cluen, Bob Soder, Ruthelen Pape. Bottom row: Erline Gean, Clifford Straube, Evelyn Straube, Maxine Kouns, Georgette Tagg, Jane Ann Westfall La Vern Lucas. 0 Top row: Lloyd Smith, Pete Marshall, Harold Stewart, Travis Wagner, Marvin Pilkenton, John Cluen, Bob Soder Bob Burkett, Herbert Clark, Gretchen Frobase Lenoy Mickey Bottom row: Betty Carter, Lois Willson, Helen Goodwin, Archie Nottingham, Gilbert Baker, Jack Tagg, Ruth Miles, Patty Crouch, Lee Willson, Don Sichel, Betty Leal, Dan Cordell, Mr. Frank Triena The Acalanes Band has done very well this year with Mr. Bardo and his suc cessor, Mr. Frank Triena, as conductors. This organization has distinguished itself by playing at the majority of assemblies and athletic events. The members of the band have worked long and hard to prepare for the annual Pvening of Music which brings the best of Acalanes talent before the students and parents. 6 5-3- The Cczlrlcrmcl SCl'lLJlf,IfSl11I,flT:'9dQTCIllLIl, composed of studehts Cf high scholcxstrc Qrlility, has lT9E?Il very Uclrve this yeur. Beszdes CI dirmer held al the home sf therr rzdvlsggr, MISS Azrilire-se, they grlirrrfrxed The sefxseri ray rrwtrrdmg Cr S50 schrlcxrshzp fo C1 mezhkzer if The C S. F. chcsezi hy fho lcxcxxlly fer exceptcricxl Qiirhty. Th1s rhchey was raised by C1 series cf coke sales which were highly successful IH perlorrhmq their purpose. Top row: John Meadows, Willis Reed, Beffy Anderson, Belly Rose Clark, Joyce Smifh, Joan Easfman, Pa? Newberry, Louise Very, Dawn Tofflemire, Thelma Osborn, Barbara Franke, Ted Roberfson. Bollom row: Mrs. Lafferly, Lorna Dugan, Rosemary Palmer, Helen Goodwin, Marilyn Johnson, vice-presideni' LaVerne Lucas, presidenfg Bruce Campbell, secrefaryg Venefla Skow, Treasurer, Beverly Sleiner, Ruvh Morlensen, I'-lorence Erdahl. LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Bunker, Bob Howe, Bill Cooper, Trav- is Wagner, Bev Tiernan, Bruce Campbell, Curl Harrison TOP: Bruce Campbell, Bill Cooper BOTTOM: Bev Tiernan, Curl Harrison, Bob Howe l Q l PHOTOGRAPHERS: Raoul Le- duc, Travis Wagner, Ed Lahev ix Behy Bunker, Manager John Meadows, Edilor The fir. 1 gircap im C1I'.I'.QCIi worthy al this school and depicting Lri pi:- .ares aria prose the and traditions ef Acalaries has been extremely difficult 'T 's year. Higher paces, the shortage of publishing materials, and other ci:- stasies i ri 'a4hl ahoar Ly the war have complicated matters greatly. Miss Betsy rs-rt.r.rCke1s ihe aaumsor to the AKLAN Sfaff. Q. , '1 yl QS mi , ,0 i ,, 4? fu-.MT I . f 4 2 1? . 1 N ':'fM4..ii.if"'1' .' fwf 2 S . l A ?g 9 1 is , We 4:s2s f M Bi' Jiiifiig I Ns N Q 'E A -,sf Riu'-f'9' 7. h 5- ,g A s..-. A VX- g X , f' 'NGN' 1 i J' K fa 2 ab I 5' K 524, 41 f 1 f ' ', --+ a I' .. .- fn. fl. ,W -'gygwv ' .s ckuvg. Qg- 'f'+"', ' 3501" 4 5 gi ,-fit j4l' .T xigxf , -f F jx. ,. sag N. A ajwhvl' I km I 4 I I 9' 1 X- Zyxx hulm""' ,if Lf .,...-ff' i2 1 sf , A , n , 1' ,ui .Q ,Iwi if wf -033 gf-35 M 31' H A' 7 'uv ' ml, xi as 3 ,. l . " I . 'r f. N -1 We W ? w 1 , Q4 . if j 3 1: Q K Q xx at V bi- I' L- , 1 EA ik A 'A x I "-Nz , Top row Sharlene Snell, Lorna l-luovinen, Wilma Bryan, Ruth Ripsorn, Belly Wales, Betty Carter, Allhea Ann Carter, June McCausIand. Bottom row: Elizabeth Gloria, Alice Douglas, Marlnita Hale, Lorena Roberts, Bill King, Pearl Sfolpher, Norma Ebbeson, Evelyn Slraube, Rae Jeanne Freiner. gllbflltd, The Chorus together with the other musical groups aided greatly in making the Christmas play a great success. Their addition to assem' hlies and the Evening ot Music has contrilsuted much to the entertainment of the Student Body. Mr. Triena has instructed them tully in the study of voice elements essential to good singing. '1z,HQcLL'1zv.4.4, The lunior Red Cross this year, under the direction ot Miss Woodyard, Miss Cairo, and Mrs, Williamson, has assisted in the task ot keeping our soldiers comfortable and happy. The money collected at school was used to make pillows and other articles for the sick and wounded. This group has made progress in lilorarianship since the starting ot their activity a year ago. During the tirst semester, under the guidance ot Miss Veronica Cowan, they have studied the functions oi our modern lilprfrry and reports on fxll the new lnool-ss. Fm ' The Pan American class was a sertifwster course under 'lie directirn rt Mics Rose Arn- rrose. The class studied The history and geog' raphy of South Arzierlca and 1I1'J9SllgCIl9Cl each one ot the twenty Latin American repuhlics. They had projects which they worked on in class. -0' ln 1846, the Rancho Acalanffs was purchased by Elam Brown, who soon sold oneetenth of it to Nathaniel Iones in 1847. These two men, the founders of the town of Lafayette, were prominent figures in state and county affairs. Mr. lones, who was the first sheriff of Contra Costa County, held many county offices, while Elam Brown served in two state legislatures and was a member of the Constitutional Convention in l849. Elam Browns grist mill, built in l853, was the small beginning of the town of Lafayette, which grew steadily, being on the route of the lumber haulers. At the same time, the whole district became more settled and other towns were started. At the crossing of the roads to Mar- tinez and San Ramon, a small settlement was started which grew into the present town of Walnut Creek. Seeing the resi- dential possibilities of the Orinda and Moraga hills, many people moved there and founded the settlements of Orinda and Moraga. These four small towns, together with Canyon, were the beginnings of the thriving community that we know today. 9ilIIClIUIHIUlbllE55lIUIW3S l'JTlfl nf If ll-IfY'l1'lCl,-l l1l'llZi'il1'f by liuln .lf-.wrap f 5' . JC. k Vh.'G,Y . o 9- L A ? , .L V! , Q A, . .. ,A 'Wo Bw 'hx 'F' 'fx 'Q ffm' ' r i, ' 1' .0 4 .x"z,3 "T 54 I s , ' ,F av' , f N,-1539" 'Q S, of .QQJ 1 o ' N J . sv I' a Q KB ,3 ,gg , 'S Q 16 '-'ff '22- Qef , f , 3, W :gif Q x I . I 'K A .3-3 i 45, if 7? 32W :A H i Q Xl, V-3 f fx , 1 A Ky? if iX.1i,i J 4 X.:qz1!N'r, X AA- G A 31,5 WJ,xr.1 .1 5 . 'M 4 s f J" s , rf 'il -I A. x. ,. . ' ' A u Q A '4 UQ... -- 5 'L gl . 3 V' . Q x X , i 1 ' 1 1 ,H QW. ff. O' I ,f - 'Dain Ci?" U V, 5 ,., . o ', ? 'v 'fa 9.1 X W . n wi ' Q' ' X s ,x K I has K Q 3 " ' ' 3 I 1 1 7 Y I I I' y I 1 ' ' -. . h 1 AA lg Q L , I QB Top row Joe Soares Ray Franke Herman Velazquez Wullls Reed Edd Walkms Bob Hulse Jrm Deuvall Coach Charles Eaton Center row Bull Ledson Duck Olsen AI Thomas Frank Hammond Fr nk Kang Bull Sweat? Ted Wrlson John Mallory Harold Stewart Leo Coleman Bottom row Bill Srler Bob Powell George Bell Bob Hmkson Forres1Wllson Carl Dannelson Bob Oas Jack Meyer Don Dofen Norman Van Brocklln Andre Auspland Top row Gene Murley Edwrn Truxel Wayne DeTar Dave Comstock Bob Parsons Bob Garden Charles Camp Huber Coombs Jam Tycer Center row Bull Schnrmer Don Herlel Jack Ingram Don Shaw Howard Burk Bob Kauffman Jrm Teagarden Jam Neuswonger Dave Obera Ted Robertson Bottom row Dave Penne Dave Kepler Jack Hulse Don Beck Grlberf Baker Harold Nelson Waller Henry Randy Smlfh Coach George While alL H,-46' lnter school basketball activity this year was at a minimum due to the County League s ban on interscholastic sports. lntramural competition was substituted lor the former "bio aamesf' Each Physical Education class was divided into teams. Games were played between these teams durinq their ayrn periods. The final winnina teams ot the periods played each other to determine the champion basketball team of Acalanes. The Boys' Federation was responsible for class games. The Freshmen played the Sophomores and were beaten 34 to 4. Somewhat more even was the luniore Senior game which ended with a score ol 23 to 17 in taflor of the luniors. C Eascelball Top Row George Felker, Bill Ingram Lloyd Smnfh Roy Stirton. Second Row Don Beck Bob Jackson, Bill Bob Caswell Gene Aberouetle, Kit Row Jnmmy Gibson, Waller Sanders, Hopkins Richard Stanley, Dan Cordell, rl Dave Holmes Fred Brechl. Row Mr Walqren, Ronald O'Dell, Bull Rupp Jack Brecht Lee Willson, Maurice Smith Bob Santos Ronnie Patten. I On' The abandoning tor the duration of interscholastic sports created a problem tor the physical education instructors. The increased demand by the armed services tor further physical training of the boys preparatory to induction also created a difficult situation. Coaches Eaton, White, and Walgren solved this situation by a revision of the physical education program to include training in self-defense and exercises that would prove necessary in a crisis. Muscular building-up was greatly in- tensitied. lntramural competition in sports was substituted tor former school games. Baseball and basketball games between the classes incited keen rivalry, and much interest was shown by all in the outcome of these games. wx Several new courses have been added to the physical education classes to aid the present physi- cal training program in prepar- ing boys for duty in the armed service. Boxing, cross-country running, and setting-up exer- cises were required not only to strengthen the prospective sol- diers, but also to prepare them for rigorous training. Left to Right: Don Fagerlund, Bud Moul- throp, Wayne Anthony, Stanley Franke, Dave Comstock. 4 it x susan., L.. -IT Intramural softball Was the main feature of the Spring physical ed- ucation program. Sixteen teams from the gym classes battled tor the honor of the school cham- pionship. ln addition inter-class basketball games were played at noon. Relay racing and horse shoe pitching proved interesting games tor the looys during QYm periods and were received with great enthusiasm. Q n, An interesting feature was added to the Physi- cal Education program, during the latter part of the year, exclusively devoted to stiff competi- tion in athletic prowess among the students. Ten fields of endeavor were laid out, and each event was given a top score of lOOU points. Boys were divided into A, B, C, and D groups according to age, weight, and height. The scores rated by each student for the ten events were added up, and the three highest totals in each alphabet group received medals of achievement. The ten events were as follows: lOO yard dash, 220 yard dash, 440 yard run, l2U and llU yard low hurdles, high jump, broad jump, shot put, discus throw, pull up ffrorn hori- zontal barl and push up. Top Row Lell fo Right: Thelma Osborn, Jane Yafslwo, Belly Goepperf, Neysa Dugan, Erline Gean, Florence Hender son, Elena Endersby, Ann Basham, Verne Sharon. Flrsl Row: Marge Uelmer, Wilma Bryan, Rosa Giammona, Marylin Burk, Evelyn Andrews. Betty Bunker, president: Miss Margaret Nicholson ,..4uo .- , ,,,,, .Q.d,. This group of girls, under the instruction of Miss Margaret Nicholson, has had a very busy year. Although transportation difficulties pre- vented the girls from holding many playdays, they sponsored a varied schedule oi intrarnural activities including softball games at noon. Dur- ing laaskethall season the girls took a very active part in the games. Another sport that played an important part in the activity of this group has been loadniinton. Left lo right: Thelma Osborn, basketball manager, Erline 3, Sean, secrelaryg Florence Henderson, secretary of enter- vainmenf, My , , vw - 5 ,A ?,5,.,'vh P " WF. ,. , mi' 6.1- mr, 0 ,. . . " 1 ' ,I ' 7: f ,. 1 ' 1 I . l ,N 1,'....f v- V , u ,, A K ' -f mf A 'VU ' ' 1 . A gf ,v f' W p ,ht , Af.. at I .il ,, Lia., V, 1 '. A , f " fl mg' r Vg 4,1 4 A zfg. V ' x 2 ' 7 'ta 1 ' f + , Z J, K K Q X A ' v lr., 3 'wx , . if V 'S Q, M ,Q Q 1: . J 41.537 U 1 I 'V' a ., .M , 7,4 U Y l Q, 1 V wg Sc """-Q, X1 ""'s....4 Il .,, ,f ks. 'sci ' . " , 4 .l., ry D, 1 x 0 5 , S ,J Q" mcg, -11. ax 8 I ,gif 'Y H E? ., w an 5 1 .S,unmwzw. AL S BARBER SHOP ARTHUR S MARKET ASSOCIATED STATION C Rhodes Prt pri t r BENNETTS BEAUTY SHOP BILL S PLACE DON BLACKWOOD L A BORGHESANI IACK BRUBAKER BURNS FURNITURE CO CLARK S HARDWARE KEE COLEMAN STUDIO Pattratt COLONIAL INN HARRY ci HAPPY COSTA DIAMOND K SUPPLY CO FEDERATED STORE BEN FRANKLIN STORE FREITAS HARDWARE GARRETT 6 GARRETT Real Estat LAURETTA GATES R N E C GEROW M D HAGSTROM S STORE HAPPY VALLEY NURSERY HAZEL S HAT SHOP HIRT BUILDING MATERIALS IEROME S BARBER SHOP IOHN S MEN S ci BOYS WFAR DR CLIFFORD JOHNSON LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE OIQC ry BEAUTY SHOP COFFEE SHOP DIME CS DOLLAR STORE FOOD CENTER Dept Huaa S Veqcltat IO D y Walnut! r Walnut Cr I Lat rv Ort ma Latf y Latav Lataw a nut Cr YVCIIDUI Cr W 1 nut Sat1Frat1 1 Walnut Cr I4 Latax Qttn tx a nut Natnut Cfe Ic Watnu Cr Ix L Y La av Walnut CIGQIQ Lataye G I atayette Lafayette Latavette a Hut Latax L Latc v Latay C La w Meat Dqqt Dehcatessct Dqst MavtI N t B xkery LAFAYETTE PHARMACY La Iy LAFAYETTE SUN Latay 0 ' ' ff I: ' U , . , vu C 'C A Qfto I 71 'gttrv Q Qtto . . I, jeftc W I , effI: ' . X SGI: ' CI CIQQI: , ' ' S asqa ENG . Latc 1 ettcs VV, I Creek ' ,. e I t ' , : Q ana Ittsistttamce Lafayette , . . ata . . , . . I It , ' t ' ul - IN I Creek . ' I, ' ,PHO ci1taye'iQ zjatte ' ettf Iajette ' i ., ' , J , QI., , 1 ,ft 'Awe-X C , IQ 'fettfe ' 'ein Ilxfvw TCDNY NN Spvnw V .1 ' "' 1'1',"':":' ' fi "'If1,'A'VC,I "'1.L' "i:f""'2:f ffi, ., .A.l,.'1.. .. K, L-.,f 1.,..,. -i L.-.Z ,Un 131:-, .L .-'gf Q 'E L ,'4'TLI. ' .3 -f"-:- '13 1 13' '1f1'.k' -- - - - .H ...I+ ".,. 5 IX 1, , 2' 5 .5 1 I1 Q' .,::QE,.'l'i1f.'.'.'f , V "A 1-I ' 1, " V' ,W L, .1 ,fr VII1:1.3IHI""Z1' 35 I-vf, XM . - V V V A .L f',1 ,l, . 'ff f.ff1ffiFf! T714 AJFIF Qflfj ','f'AA.f.fl'Vi' 'Ewifil 'f I V .' ffm! 'Tf Eff :V ff.'T -. v-'x .., '.'f."nl,fYTVV 'I-II EI ' PQ! ','.'f'ff iff v ' X ,,.., 1-,,,, ,, ,4 ' ..,,.'.I..1.g1 L,.I 1,',,., ,L-,,. ,!I,., ,,. IYI. 7.,.l n,xI',L.'1'4,,.Aj1 1 .,... ,. .. - rx 77 . .iff gif. 'fnV,'5!, K. r. . '.v L.'fQ. :SKU ' 1 ' Y, .Fl 1 ,rim 10. I I Lf- PYQQ ffl? 55 I if ff- . 1 5 ..,!Q 142331 i z. 1 "fx-r' K 1 kv, I 3 .1 y Q5 f ax. se awww? Wm, ,M nw, 0 f'?1 . I' lbw 4... QW! 9 , Z ,or

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