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Academy of the Holy Angels 1987-1988 Title 18? 2 Theme% a cIgMacgI {dace. ♦CREATING A TRADITION ... a new tradition Our school is graced with a unique history and strong traditions. But, those traditions didn’t stop back in the days when the Academy was an all girl boarding school. They are constantly being made and remade, new chapters in the story of Holy Angels. Look around you; catch it in the act! Our thriving community doesn’t stand still for a minute. How has your class made its mark? ♦CREATING A DIFFERENCE ... a sensational difference It’s in the way you hold your head up when you walk through the halls. A whole is made up of many parts, and those parts are we. Each individual makes a difference, and had an effect on the whole. It’s also in the way you channel your energy and creativity. We all have it! Who we are is how we use it. Do you write poetry or play an instrument? Some people cheer on the basketball team and decorate the Commons. Are you always there to advise your friends or do volunteer work? Maybe you never miss a party and dance until dawn. There has to be someone to start a new trend, and some one to buck it. ♦CREATING A MEMORY ... a special memory What faces and events make you think "1988”? As part of the 1987-88 Journalism class, that is an important question, one we build our book around. We’ve set out to do our best to capture it all. In short, the signs of the time. We chose a theme of advertising because we want to ‘sell’ to you each page of this book and its contents, just like the ads in a magazine or on TV sell you a product. That calls for determination and enthusiasm! We’re out to prove that Holy Angels and its staff and students are the best... that they CREATE A SENSATION!! Theme 3Sensational Co-Stars “In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day” and the darkness he called “night.” Thus evening came, and morning followed — the first day.” •the Bible Need we say more? The tension builds ... Truant officer of God Those tie-dye guys 4 Opening Week Activities Sophomore studs My Prince Charming Cheers! Say "Cheese”! Opening Week Activities 5Fall 6 Sadie Hawkins°IF you WON'T ask us to THE dance, WHAT ARE you DOING NEXT 9EPTEfABER? " Sadi HaWWHAM, BAM, BEDLAM!!! Wham, Bam, Bedlam — the best words to describe what the Twins did to this once quiet and peaceful state of Minnesota! As if winning the American League Championship wasn’t enough to turn this state upside-down, they went for it all and captured the World Series Championship, making for complete bedlam!! Twins hysteria seemed to rock the halls of AHA. Down every locker-filled corridor were students wearing Twins clothing, showing off their Twins memorabilia, and trying to find out which of their friends had the biggest television screen to view the games on during the World Championship. In these same halls were heard those notorious words, “Everybody wave your Homer Hanky,” or “We’re gonna win Twins, We’re gonna score ...” Many AHA students took advantage of this half day they were given off and they joined in on the ticker tape parade that spilled 70 tons of confetti on the streets of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. As if all the paraphernalia wasn’t enough to show off the proud state of Minnesota, General Mills got into the excitement and made a limited edition of Wheaties boxes with the Minnesota Twins on the front cover. This unexpected victory will be one that will not soon be forgotten! Oh what a feeling!' It's the Hankies! 8The Aftermath! “THE ROAD TO VICTORY Twins vs. Cardinals 10 1 8 4 1 3 2 7 2 4 11 5 4 2 ... was inevitable!' The Party Begins! 9 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!H«j s Summer, Sum “You’d think that they beat you in there!” This phrase was heard from many parents as the students rejoiced in the fact that there was no school for 3 WHOLE MONTHS. For some it was a time of vacations, jobs and summer sports. Others spent the summer of ’87 partying, relaxing, laying out, pigging out, sleeping, swimming. It Turns Me 10 Summermer, Summer Upside Down! Summer 11» • • • fads that • • • • All of us have seen the “moving’ seem to fly by us year after year. Here at Holy Angels, however, some don’t feel the need to catch every “wave.” Students at Holy Angels don’t seem' to be the conforming type. Not all females feel the need1 to have exactly the same hair, and clothes. Not all males feel the need to wear oxfords or tie dyes. Indeed an eyeful isTto be seen. The definition of fashion not only lies in the outer shell, but burns a%re deep inside. The emotion and “color” one possessesTnake their •fashion quote complete. A desire for fashionable goodness lies within all of us, but the way we choose to express itehere at Holy Angels varies greatly. Fashion at AHA definitely moves. Back-1 wards, and forwards, anything’s okay 35 long as it’s you! • ' 9 • • • i -QLITICS NOW Mb; . yv ? 9 IN- • • G 12 FashionFashion 13North, south, east, and west — the world came together this year during Homecoming. It was a week of native costumes, languages, authentic foods, pep rallies, football and cold weather. It marked the arrival of a true taste of school spirit for the sensational year of 1988. LCV£ Foreign relations in full swing j;:--. v.--v 14 HomecomingHomecoming 15u CAST Dan Widerski Sarah Rozsnafszky Allen Malicsi Chris Cashin Rainer Rics Pat Cox Dan Ellis Noelle Payne Songhai Barclift Yachiyo Katagiri The Fantasticks’ “You can have the rape on horseback, you can have the rape delight, you can have the rape with Indians.. so sang sophomore Dan Widerski in this year’s fall play “The Fantasticks”. Sarah Rozsnafszky and Allen Malicsi play two young lovers who are separated by a wall between their houses, that their fathers built. The fathers, played by Chris Cashin and Rainer Rics, want their children to be married so they pretend they are enemies because if you say NO to your child they will go against your wishes! lfi Fall PlayWhat do you get when you combine 51 talented people, a nutty playwright, and a television set? You get the hilarious children’s play, “Noseful of Nickels”!! In only one hour you saw several strange shows, including a handful of riotous rapping sillies (Imagine them on KDWBH), the absolutely abstract aliens (what planet were they from, anyway?), and the not-so-domestic dogs and cats (well, they were kinda cute!). All in all, you could say that it was one of the most interesting shows that Gregg Sawyer and Starlite Productions have put together so far!! Ten “tiny" reindeer ... and Rudolph! “Put your dishwashers up! 'cats and dogs, and dogs and cats ... Children’s Play 17Daydream Believers How do they do that? "Now, no funny stuff this weekend!' Starlite Productions’ list of great achievements is growing longer and better every year, and the latest is “Daydream Believers”. This is a play written especially for Holy Angels by Joel Bassin, a playwright formerly with Theatre de la Jeune Lune. “Daydream Believers” mainly involves three students’ daydreams on the day of the SATs: a bright student breaks the bank at Vegas and opens a class at Harvard, a girl meets Lord Byron who is alive today and writing SAT questions, and a rock singer becomes the President of the United States and has an encounter with a Russian spy. But then, there is the student who sleeps through the test and becomes a bum, only because he failed his SAT. Some of these characters may have failed their SATs, but the cast sure didn’t fail in their competition! They received a trophy for second place in the two day event. Well, Mr. Sawyer, it looks like you won’t be selling 3 pencils on the street corner quite yet!! CAST: Beth Ascher Colleen Buckman Pat Cox Dan DeMarce Jon Hergott Marie Pugliese Brad Reed Sam Selvaggio John Schaffer DIRECTOR: Gregg M. Sawyer ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Jodell Juen CREW: Peter Brophy Kerry McCarthy Todd Miller Dan Widerski Josh WillSCNSA19QMJ! SGCMCS 2zJai 2t?«r« «m»i Stulf Top ..Car Udamt fel.'.. Kar tj -Kiv ...wnM Will Oi«a»l..!)» l jr« SnMc-j. .Qwii : M . .Tia (Wj C WMU ..Sarar 1 '•Waa. Jmriim Vgw tnM.Jau talalr fVtiuw.linOanr 6nu» tea.Jod T ar. Cma.jtor.M Hcanc- JWia Sera liar tmrarto. .tym •» Videle Qum . -Allar f».. Uiry Wtlr Lula. .Taa £urnn InSlo. toryxt Siaoiea. .Car MWa VUL . .W«- loHIL'W) tela..’l r«lla Qjananc •emiu.J tUf tail Ccrotalo.Jfaalla fyr» T«ra»:u..Jw.y lias rr«nclalca..TacM o tacj in Dirac ter. .Cra® M. Short Vocal ferae tor. Jtayaonfi her Otftn fe actar. .Oal4 RwlfT Fl Cocrtfb acor..Omlt Carlm Sat C aajr- .Cto d nW«» Li iat Cottar..7t M tiller «W« to the "■-------------------- S'V « a»ar. .Karry ftCmlf ftvo» %arr. .F t Cca » Wilii C..'W1 Covina 9»« ..hl(r ktaro Cartel from West Side StoryClass of 1991: FRESHMEN Create alere to Stay, the Class of'9l IgS QQ' Poll... Results Are In! COOL! f T, Manufacturer's Guarantee! it mThe Academy of the Holy Angels was sure in for a big surprise with this year’s freshmen class!!! Never before have the eyes of Holy Angels seen such spirit, ability, enthusiasm, and openness to new concepts mixed with an air of sensitivity, an unusual combination but one that the class of 1991 projects extremely well. Unlike past years, the freshmen seem to think of themselves as part of a group that makes Holy Angels the school that it is, rather than as the new kids around who just get lost in the crowd of the upperclassmen. If the myth about first impressions is really true, then this class of 1991 has a very bright future. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN 22 FreshmenAdams, Catherine AUingham, Brian Arora, Teena Ashfeld, Sheila Aveldson, Matthew Babcock, David Balmer, Helen Barnes. Jessica Barth, Susan Bauer. Joel Beauchamp, Jerilyn Becken, Daniel Berg, Timothy Bergman, Steven Bierschbach, Michele Bosiger, Theresa Bostrom, Brian Bradford, Gustav Briles, Jason Broveleit, Michael Buckman, Colleen Edison, Todd Erazmus, Sheryl Fling, Sheri Floersch, Lee Forkrud, Chad Foumier, Susan Fox, Kelly French, Margaret Friendshuh, Steve Burrock. Beth Casey, Melissa Ciardelli, Anthony Clairmont, Mark Clouse. Andrea Collins, Jeff Collins, Meghan Crowley, Kristen Cunniff, Michele Curley, Kevin Dalsin, Jennie Dankowski, Katie DeGeest, Michelle Doerfler, James Freshmen 23Giesen, Johanna Gilligan, Cindy Goepfrich, Peter Grabiel, Geoffrey Grahn, Gregory Griffith, Timothy Habig, Kirsten Hammond, Susan Hanley, Tawny Harder, Michael Harris, Katy Hawkins. Lisa Heitzman, Suzanne Hill, Virginia Hisle. Kari Hylden, Mikkel Johnson. Alex Johnson. Jason Johnson, Robert Johnson, Susan Kaluza, Dawn Katagiri, Yachiyo Kazek, Scott Kell, Rebecca Kelly, Megan Knight, Theodore Koch, Karl Kollmcyer, Elizabeth Kostik, Christopher Kough, Ian Krocheski, Patrice Kuch, Jonathan Kurimay, Katherine LaChance. Kenneth LaFontaine, Eileen Leen, Mary Lentsch, James Liddiard, Patrick Lowy, Stephanie Lunde, Rebecca Madden, Michelle Mahowald, Christopher Makres, Aimee Mammen, Christopher Mantel, Patty Jo McCarthy, Terence McGuire, Monica Mejia, Alicia Melena. Heidi Meyer, Sarah Miller, Laura Moe, Melissa Morrison, Bridget Muller, Andrew Murnan, Shawn Nolan, Michael 24 FreshmenNoonan, Catherine Oliva, Donna Pater, Timothy Pelzel, Debra Peterson, Christopher Peterson. John Pinard, Robert, Pingry, Monica Puffpaff, Monika Raraola, Michele Reed, Sarah Reinardy, Michael Remme, Shawn Reuben, Sarah Qk V Ricci, Paul Richardson, Jeffrey Riesinger, Ryan Robey, Eve Rodriguez, Lisa Samson, Michael Scheller, Renee Schneider, Sarah Schoeff, Leah Schoen, Joseph Schulze, Rebecca Scoville, Nathan Sheehan, Kathryn Shimek, Andrew Smith, Drew Smith, Rebecca Smith, Todd Sommer, Patrick Sorman, Jacqueline Spagl, Mark Steen, Traci Stein, Tracy Sterbuck, Kellie —. Stoffel, Ann Marie Sullivan. Amy Swendra, Aimee Taney, R. Brookes Tasa, Tucker Freshmen 25Tasto, Stacy Tauer, Ramona Thorson, Amy Tormoen, Joshua Townsend, Anthony Truhlar, Sara Unger, Catherine VanVickle, Miah Vergenz, John Vrabel, Karrie Waldeck, Elissa Willctte. Christopher Wolf. Alex Wroge, Christopher York, Leslie Young, Joseph Zaycheck, Thomas 3farmj ( fiori ion V t IV bo ..........1 26 Freshment Vbtchi ! ef tf t Shore Oslery -t way Freshmen 27Freshman Poll PRETTIEST EYES: Dan Becken Amy Sullivan BEST LEGS: Tim Griffith Debby Pelzel CUTEST SMILES: Alex Johnson Kirsten Habig MOST SCHOLASTIC: Pat Liddiard Stephanie Lowey 28 FreshmenOur Youngest Stars BEST DRESSED: Tim Griffith Michelle Cunniff Leah Schoeff MOST ATHLETIC: Shawn Murnan Kathy Sheehan BIGGEST FLIRTS: Tony Townsend Meghan Collins CLASS CLOWN: Tony Ciardelli Debby Pelzel p «r- tw Freshmen 29Others freshman. GOD Scfe ffetreatVtQJ Following the two retreat days in October, the freshmen expressed an interest in some kind of follow up to the retreat. Brother Larry and the Campus Ministry gang gathered once again with the new bunch for the evening. The night started out at a gym equipped with racquet-ball, basketball, and swimming facilities. Next, everyone went back to school for pizza, games, skits, and a little dancing. The night was closed with a prayer service. The memories will go on. 30 Freshmen RetreatOn Thursday the twenty second and Friday the twenty third of October, the Campus Ministers led the freshmen into what would be the start of something big. The theme of the days were, “Finding a friend in yourself, and finding a friend in God,” in hopes that the new bunch would continue developing that something inside of them that makes them special and unique. Both days were very successful and again the class of 1991 delighted everyone with their enthusiasm and cooperation. We've onC;just e c, TrcsCi m Cl tn tti L :cr 99? ip'. Freshmen Retreat 31Sharing the Faith The Campus Ministry Team at Holy Angels has been a great success this year. The Campus Ministry Team was First started last year under the guidance of Brother Larry. The members of this team have grown closer to God through talking to one another and sharing their feelings and thoughts with one another. This group of sixteen seniors were the ones who planned the various class retreats. They have shared themselves with each other as well as with the Holy Angels student body. Some of the things they shared among each other were: GRAPES!! ... We gather ... Droopy Loopy!!! 32 Campus Ministry' Liturgy 33Class of 1990- SOPHOMORES Create a 4ew and Improved... (L the Class of'90 Sixteen — Sweet! Drivers jjpda RETREAT PG. 3 angelus vAberra, Yeneesh Anderson, Julie Anderson, Paulette Arora. Preeti Bader, Edward Baird, Timothea Barber. Thomas Barclift, Songhai Bergman, Lien Blaylock, Richard Block. Sheila Blum, Malia Boatman, Gregory Bonnie Jenny Boystrom, Julie Briles, Stephanie Broich, Christin Brown, Lindsey Buckvold, Rachel Bud worth, Mike Burkemper, Jennifer Carlson, Kevin Carpenter, Tracey Caruso, Colleen Casey. Nicole Cashin. Sabrina Cecere, Christopher Cesario, Carolyn Collins, Michael Conger, Jennifer Cook, Jeff Cormican, Sean Craigie, Kris Curtan, Colleen Dahl, Gretchen Daly, Beth Daoust, Mary Dennig, Dave Devoy, Tiffany Diasabeygunawarden, R. Dolan, Susie Doyle, Mary X 36 SophomoresSWEET SIXTEEN 16 girls to every 1 guy “A Kiss Goodnight” by Anon I climbed the light and shut off the stairs. I said my shoes and took off my prayers. I brushed my makeup and took off my teeth. I pulled down my alarm and set my sheets. I shut off the bed and climbed into my light. And all because he kissed me goodnight! Cute couple 16 guys to every 1 girl The look of love a n n e v e r e e n i s s e Sophomores 37Sophomores, no matter where they are, car almost always be found relaxing. Sophomores year is a chance to kick back and enjoy life. Sophomores no longer have to worry about the pressures of fitting in and they are too young to start worrying about their futures. Their main concerns are who is asking who to Angelus, who will drive them to the games and dances, or how they look. You can find sophomores relaxing anytime, anyplace, anyway. 'W 38 SophomoresDuerr, Brandon Dunne, Bridget Ebner, Ezra Ellis, Dan Ellis, Jennifer Feely, Todd Fischer, Chris Floersch, Annette Fitzsimmons, Brenna Frankovich, David Fleetham, Ben Fridgen, Stephanie Fudala, R an Garrett, Carla Garry. John Gleason, Anne Goddard, Kate Grendzinski, Paul Hartman, Deanna Hartwell, Michelle Healey, Colin Host, Victoria Jaeger, Peter Jasper, Sara Geissler, Brenda Gilles, Brian Glatzmaier, Marion Gryskiewicz, Maria Gustafson, Corey Hall, Gretchen Healy, Mary Hill, Teresa Holscher, Coralyn Johnston, Wendy Kasbohm, Paul Keppel, Matt Kipka, Sharon Knooihuizen, M. Knutson, Andy Koehl, Amy Kramer, Rebecca Kuehlman, Jonathan m Sophomores 3916: “The year of the license! Every class has their fears. For freshmen, it’s the “Will I fit in?” fear. Juniors fear the PSAT and SAT. Seniors have the “What next?” fear. For sophomores, it’s the “What if I don’t pass my drivers test?” fear. Failing your license test is the worst thing that could happen to you. The day you plan to take the test, everyone makes elaborate plans to pick up twenty people, cram them into a car and drive around for a couple of hours. Every sophomore likes the chance to show off their driving skills. They are always willing to give anyone a ride anywhere. (Are you willing to take the chance?) It makes them feel older, more responsible, more popular, and it makes them appreciate early birthdays. Ready to Roll! 1 il • ' L 1S„J A Waiting for rides can still be fun. Posing in front of the family car. 40 SophomoresLaliberte, Helen Larkin, Monica Larock. Carie Larson, Eric Lee, Lori Lee, Maren Lee, Megan Lieser, Brian Lobb, Jenny Loefflcr, Dave Lopez, Anita Lutgen, Edward Maddaus, Beth Mahan, Lisa Mailhot, David Majerus, Connie Mallawaaratchy, R. Mamer, Jennifer Markkula, Charles Markuson, Diane Martin, Michael Martinson, Bridget Maulwurf, Gretchen McCormack, Annie McGoldrick, Michael McKay, Brian McPartland, Pat McVicker, Erin Mellon, Peigi Meneghelli, Suzanne Meyer, Eric Michael, Daniel Moore, Bridget Morris, Michael Musumecei, Nicola Nelson, Michelle Nelson. Scott Neutz. Katie Nixon. Katie Nixon. Terri Nugent, Natalie Numainville, L. Sophomores 41O’Rourke, Daniel Orr, Benji Parker, Julie Pater, Shannon Peter, Jason Peterson, Jennifer Potter. Mandy Razzini, Frank Rogers, Sara Rolland, Kara Rudolphi, Amy Ryan, Tim Rybak, Heather Schilling, Eric Schmitt, Lynnae Schneider, Jennifer Pugliese, Marie Rabasco, Robert Ramdeen, Pamela Rosenbergcr, E. Roth, James Rozsnafszky, Sarah Sands, Kelly Schaffer, Joseph Schiller, Marie Schoenecker, Bryan Selvaggio, Samuel Servold, Tammy Shea, Frances Slater, Mary Sorman, Jon Streefland, Chris 42 SophomoresCandid Camera Sophomores 43 Sullivan, Kathleen Syverisen, Timothy Taverna, Jessica Taykalo, Peter Taylor, Andrew Tiemann, Laure Treat, Jessica Turner, Mike Vazquez, Gwinneth Veeneman, Paul Vernon, Chad Voss, Mike Warmka, Melanie Warrington, Melissa Weigel. Gregory Weiler, Jennifer Wheclock, Louis White, Christopher Widerski, Daniel Will, Josh Wiliams, Eric Williams. Laurice Williams, Thomas Willy. Sara Yarusso, Laura Ybarra, Tiffany 44 SophomoresI say Sophomore Retreat was full of thrills, we didn’t even need any dollar bills. Sophomore Retreat it ain’t no hype. We had a lot of fun in the snowball fight. So as you see retreat’s a blast; 'cause we made cliques, a thing of the past. Retreat was fun; we got to talk and rap; we had no time to take a nap. ’Cuz we got to know one another like they was your brother, and find a love like no other. So come to retreat, this ain’t no request, ’cuz the class of ’90 is the best!! Sophomore Retreat 45I feel that this season has been a real turning point for the AHA football organization. I love you coach Kad!” Ryan VanVickle Although the season started out roughly, the CO'STARS kept their spirit up and won an exciting Homecoming game. Spirit has been a major plus for the football team. Even though they hadn’t won a game until Homecoming, the coaches managed to keep each other, the team, and the fans excited for the next game. If their spirit was beginning to fade, it was renewed when they won their next two games, which took them to play-offs. Along with having a new “home” the CO STARS had many new coaches. Terry Kadrmas became head coach and was joined by assistant coaches, Dan Pettit and Dan Woods. The team was lead by senior captains John Bork, Jim Susag, and Steve Dolan. Sensational wVX. 48 Football Football 49Rough Stun !! Wanna arm wrestle?? 1988 Twister finalists! Nothing serious. 1 just had an itch. ■» Wild Rigorous Exasperating Struggle Tough Leverage Intense Nice work guys Grueling 50 WrestlingSensational Cheerleaders Creating a Scream! Come on everybody get the Co-Star beat! Being a cheerleader is a lot more than what you may realize, watching a seemingly effortless formation on the gym floor. It is pulled muscles have you ever been in the splits for an entire minute? It is also baking cookies, cookies and more cookies! All of the hard work, however, pays off with a VICTORY! y Cheerleading 51SPIRIT: CATCH THE WAVE!! Is your life boring or dull? Do you want more pizzazz in your days? Well catch the wave! The wave of the cheerleaders! Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, will stop these girls from spreading the spirit wave. Would you have the guts to stand in front of a large crowd with a short skirt jumping up and down, screaming, and being enthusiastic? Could you ever enjoy baking cookies for a team of starving players? If you answered "no” to one or more of these questions you are lacking a few of the qualities it takes to be a cheerleader. These are just a few of the responsibilities that these girls successfully took on this season. So if you thought cheerleading was merely having cute dimples and a big mouth, guess again! How can the cheerleaders ever forget: — Woman magnet — Hello (Taco Bell) — T.P. (The front and the back!) — Can you bring cookies? — You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling — Watch out for flying helmets! — OOOOOOHH — YEAH — YEAH — YEAH!! — 1-2-3 SHIFT!! — Is anybody hot? Annette is always in the way. Is anybody hot? 52 Fall CheerleadingPractice makes perfect. Has De scored yet? Could you say “NO” to these faces? Fall Cheerleading 53It’s NOW! It’s WOW! It’s SOCCER! The Co-Star varsity soccer team had a great season last year, but this year they have done even better. This year’s team, led by captains Ralph Rabasco and Jerad Rasmussen, successfully achieved their dream of defeating Kennedy in the region semi-finals. They have had an excellent record this year also: Wins: 12 Losses: 2 Ties: 3 The soccer team has definitely proved their ability to play the game of soccer aggressively. And next season they will prove once more the power of the Co-Star spirit when it comes to winning! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GUYS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!! Left, left, left, right, left. W 54 Boys SoccerShow off those sexy legs! Aerobics? Head-banger Boys Soccer 55 $ 3.'“When it feels good ... it shows!” Jenny Huss: It was an awesome season. I mean fun.” “There were a lot of interesting times.” This season the varsity girls soccer team placed first in their division and second in the MISL Conference. Under the leadership of Coach Annette Margarit, and with captains Lynn Maikke, Sue Thissen, and Ki Martinson, the team functioned with twenty-one players. There were two All-State, four All-Conference, and two named to Honorable Mention. This year’s team really achieved a certain perfection: it was not a team of a few standouts. They were all stars, working as one to victory! During the ’87 season, the J.V. team went on a camping trip. Most of the team went, and it brought a bunch of freshmen and sophomores a little closer together. Besides building unity, it was a lot of fun. Tiffany Ybarra said, “It was a great time!” '£$? 56 Girls Soccer“Here to Stay” J.V. girls soccer, coached by Colleen Duffy, had a remarkable 1987 season. Captained by Debbie Pelzel and Tiffany Ybarra, the team seemed to create a good balance between fun and hard work. Varsity has a lot to look forward to next year. The awards were: Most Hustle: Beth Burrock; Most Improved: Sheryl Erazmus; Most Valuable Player: Debbie Pelzel. Their record was 12-3-1. Over the past few years a strong rivalry has been brewing between the Jefferson Jaguar and the Co Star soccer teams. Up until this year, the best Holy Angels had done was lose by one goal. Lynn Maikke was excellent in marking their All-American midfielder, Kari Miajla. This tie is even more significant because four players couldn’t play. Girls Soccer 5758Coach Gary Rufsvold was on target when he summarized the season, “It was a wonderful year!” Talk about school spirit ... the excitement generated by this team kept us all on the edges of the bleachers for the whole season. If you need proof, look no further than the record: 21 wins, 2 losses. The 2 losses were both in overtime. What a team! Any fan will tell you that the excitement was almost unbearable as our CoStars entered the semi-finals for regions with a perfect record. It seemed too good to be true! Senior players Rob Egan, Kevin Ward, Steve Dolan, John Ernst, Erich Adalbert, Andy Gaertner, Brian Patrick and captain Jon Launstein will attest to that and so will their mothers who never missed a game. They showed the student body what real school spirit was all about. 595? VARSITY True Teamwork This year's team learned before any star individuals, the team goals and team unity came first. The formula worked-their record was 15-7. The Co Stars were Missota Conference Champs, and made it to the quarter finals in region playoffs. Three girls made it to the All-Conference team. Their coach, Jim McCormack, said:"They were the kind of team where you looked forward to going to practice." V o Junior Varsity Coach Mary Sue Lovit and the junior varsity team had an excellent season. With a record of 10-3, the team proved to be a group that will definitely make a difference next year. Sophomore standouts: Beth Maddaus, Cristin Broich, Yen-enesh Aberra, and Annie McCormack are only a few of the girls who made a lasting contribution this year. Congratulations, TEAM! Freshmen The girls freshmen basketball team had a very promising season. In the Missota Conference, they were 10-0. The team worked together and in each game someone else was in the spotlight. Coach Barb Blomberg felt the season was enjoyable and she can't wait for next year. The freshmen came together well even though they came from different grade schools. Their complete record was 22-11. GOOD JOB. TEAM! Miss Air Jordan? 60 Girls Basketballgame. AWARDS All-Conference: Heather Rybak Gretchen Dahl Sue Thissen M.V.P. Heather Rybak Toni Martinson Award Lisa St. Aubin (,lrls basketball 61“Yep. Uh-huh. Yep.” This year’s team had a tough act to follow after last year’s bid in the state tournament. Coming into the season, Coach Matthews was unsure how his young team would play after the first pitch of the season. They started off a little roughly but once they put their visors down, it was all business. Practices were always a blast. Coach Matthews always kept the team loose and ready to play. “Fun in the Sun Day” came and the juniors were left in pain. Names were a big hit again this year so sit back and lend an ear: Shamoo, Ozzie, O’B and Eg-boy, Brucee, Zitty, Schrobinson and Jay, Pud, Reedo, Meyer and Big Ben, Philly, Boots, Hagar, and Colleen. They may not be in state, but they had fun, and were fun to watch! iSfc; 62 BaseballPerfect Pit chin’ Guess You Had To Be There . . . Wear your brain bucket ... Don’t let Axel go in left field ... Hi, my name is Joe ... You ate it!... What a woman!... Aunt Jemima Mrs. Butterworth ... Do you really know how to get to Cretin-Derham Hall? ... The more AJ’s we double up, the better . . . That’s really duffy — the duf-fiest ... Ducky, ducky, pond, pond ... Glove blowouts ... Let’s get some pickle, pepper goin ... Rally-Sally ... Who’s got seeds? Duffy, go get some seeds ... That’s an Axel ball ... Camp songs .. . Kim and Kellie are here today. Yeah, Kim and Kellie!... Who’s got the cooler? ... Pat yourself on the back ... Rumblin’ ... 3 up, 3 down ... Sprint... One game at a time. Hanke with a homer. Awesome St. Aubin. Delivery with a smile. Becky Kell suiting up. The bats at rest. Frosh Hash their smiles.IF you DOMTLOOK GOOD, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good,” and you look HOT!! The boys cross country team placed second in the Missota Conference. Jason Sankey 89 placed fifth in the regional meet, and went on to show off his speed and skill in State with a time of 17:19 coming in 35th place. Coach Brad Brewster said that, “The team maintained their desire to excel.” All the best, and thanks for making us look good!!VEDCUTICCK GOOD! RASCALLY RABBITS ULTRA PERFORMANCE: Those two little words say it all! The girls crosscountry team did wonderfully themselves. Because of all their dedication and teamwork, they placed fourth in the Missota Conference, which was not an easy feat to do! Coach Brewster said that they put an incredible amount of work in the season, and it really shows! Carrie Barrett said the most outstanding player would be Becca Shultz, class of 91. Girls, keep on movin’ and thanks for the good times! Cross-Country 65Advantage Holy Angels Tennis Tennis is fun. You play it in the sun. You practice every day, All work and some play. You watch John McEnroe Every move from head to toe. You try to play like him But you can’t seem to win. Then you get an ace, The ball is in the right place. You think you’re a pro But the ball went through a window. So tennis has its ups and downs, But usually you keep your feet on the ground. Tennis anyone? Tennis is a game of luck, skill, and fun. When you combine all three, you get a good match. That is what the girls tennis team did this season. The luck of Fran Shea, the skill of Amy Rushin, and the fun of Bridget Dunne made the season. The journeys to North-Field (twice), Stillwater, and Prior Lake were sandwiched between long hours of practice. Because a serve is something you can ace for years to come! M 66 Girls TennisSMASHING SEASON The sensational boys tennis team started out with a smash. The captains, Steve Lang, Pete Seidel and A1 Malicsi, led the team to a great season. According to Bill Wagner, “The competition motivates the team and encourages the doubles teams to play harder.” With a strategy like "Sack Attack”, how could you go wrong?! QUALITIES OF A REAL TENNIS PRO THE CONCENTRATION THE FORM THE POWER Bovs Tennis 67A goaltender is ever present. The team, the man. the whistle. The Co Star hockey team had spirit and enthusiasm throughout the year. This was due to their determination and teamwork. The intense support of family, friends, and cheerleaders helped the Varsity hockey team find their way to a 12-6-4 record. This is Mr. Rood’s first year as coach of the A.H.A. hockey team. Needless to say, he likes what he sees and has big plans for the future. “If we continue to get quality players,” Coach Rood stated, “I don’t see any reason why we won’t be in the State Tournament within the next five years.” M 68 Hockey Dan: The eyes of a convict.FATAL ATTRACTION 1THE TANNING BOOTH: You are attracted to them, because no one is attracted to you with pasty white skin. MCDONALD’S: It’s a senior thing. Once you have off campus, you just find yourself there. THE COURTYARD: The anecdote for civilization. No class, just chaos. T.V.: You are attracted to it because, of course, it helps you study. SUMMER: Need I say more? THE VENDING MACHINE: OK, here’s the scene: You walk by; your money just gets sucked in. You can’t just walk away. You are forced to buy something. Feature 69The Difference is Visible — That It’s Simple! IT’S ALL IN THE SPIRIT ... ... Primitive Man... the fat man has a gun ... small house, Kim ... football coaches ... I think we’re alone now ... what time is practice? 5:30 AM before school?! Junior Nicole Dandrea really summed up the year when she said: “We’ve had a great season. Everyone worked really hard. Our seniors will be missed a lot: Darby Laing, Kellie Murnan, Cheri Carlson, and Sherry Olsen. Thanks for a great season, everybody!” iV,V. M-A. 70 VolleyballCan You Resist These Faces? save Save! SAVE!! These smiling faces gave us a lot to smile about this year! You can really see the difference between the AHA volleyball team and other teams. Just look at their records: B-SQUAD 11-2, VARSITY 5-8. Or, in the words of coach Kim Panek, “The girls put so much effort into the season! — Thanks! You were super!” Players that were highlighted at the end of the season were Kellie Murnan, Lisa St. Aubin, and Heather Rybak. All in all, these girls showed the difference between Holy Angels and other schools: WE ARE GREAT!! Not to say we’re superior, of course, but we’re better than they think!! -ft Volleyball 71TAKE IT AND RUN Boys Track The boys track team had a great year — records were broken and tied by, among others, seniors Steve Dolan and Brien Hall and Mark Garrett. Acting as the team captain, senior Mike Floersch gave an accurate description of the season so far: “It has been an awesome season!! There is a lot of potential, and we’re where we want to be for the year.” 72 Boys TrackWITH IT, BABY! Girls Track The girls track team was not only successful on the field; they were terrific off it too. In April, along with Coach Sue Maynard, the team went to the U of M to assist in the Special Olympics for the track events. And even though they weren’t the ones getting the awards, they left with winning in their hearts! ui-A. Girls Track 73LA LEG Ah! Break time. Hold it right there folk ! Boy. I sure hope the floor’s clean. Smug Satisfaction! I hate being this close to the audience. There’s nothing easy about thi !! NEED WE SAY MORE ? y£js v;.v. 74 DancelineHeads up girls! All eyes over here! When's the music going to start? Danceline 75TIPS ON HOW TO BE A SENIOR: 1) RAP: Talk! make everything a party, take on "The-Who-Cares-It's-My-Last-Year" attitude. 2) RELATE: Pay more attention to your friends than your teachers and be sure to play card games. 3) RELAX: Sleep! don't fight it, even if you're in class. 4) EAT: Energy is the key word. 5) DON'T DO YOUR HOMEWORK: You must keep up that senoir image. 6) COUNT THE DAYS 'TILL FREEDOM: Christmas is a good time to start! HAVE FUN!! We’ll do anything to get out of school. Come on! It’s not that bad! Where’s the party? 60 more days! YEH! What time is it? Matt... Oh Matt? Oh Yum! A teddybear. Mark? Really!Watch out — W'e’re being bombed!! (By leather that is). World War II flying aces move over; AHA has taken off with your style. This year’s hottest, the leather bomber jacket, made more than a statement; it created a variety of attitudes for a variety of people. Yes, you've got the look!! LOOKS: 10 ORIGINALITY: WELL? Feature 77 'M'-JUNIORS One way or another the class of ’89 is going to graduate! The junior class went through the trials of freshman year, the relative stability of sophomore year, and the unending junior year — like everyone else. The thing about the class of ’89 is that they did this with a style all their own. Ask anyone — the class ’89 usually does something different from the rest. Whether it be having the least spirit at any given pep rally or working doggedly to plan a great prom (even though they didn’t have an easy time of it), the juniors seemed to have an air of confidence that told the rest of the school that they were who they were and different. So with the big SENIOR year coming up and some memorable, critical times ahead, one way or another, the class of ’89 will endure. 80 JuniorsOn the Fringe of Something Great During the summer. Carrie Braland works at Sky Oaks Elementary School helping the mentally disabled. Also a technician. Holly Hoey is an experienced mime who performs with a theatre group. Off the soccer field. Class President Nick Stocco is active in the student government Social Director Peter Brophy is very active in the theater and plays for a local band. West on 10th. Jason Hoke was chosen for the All-State soccer team and lettered in two other sports. Also a talented artist Rachel Naughton is on the Dean’s List with High Honors. Did you know there are artists, musicians, presidents, all-state athletes, gymnastics, humanitarians, and incredibly talented people walking around our school? These are the same people whom you might walk by every day and never realize that there is more to them than the way they walk. The students in the junior class are involved in all types of interesting and unique hobbies and activities. These pages are a spotlight for just a few of the juniors who deserve a hand from everyone! Terri Taylor has held three offices in her Junior American Legion Auxiliary. Juniors 81 Different Strokes Missy Adamek Mehrnoosh Almassi Monica Aman Wendy Anderson Jennifer Anger Leo Arms Jason Aveldson Caroline Aves Chris Ball Sarah Baty Jennifer Biros Laura Boldischar Carrie Braland Peter Brophy —icr Kevin Broveleit Markita Brownson Brian Burns John Butler Bob Campion Sharon Carlson Brian Carroll Brad Christensen Chris Ciardelli Meggin Clark John Clough Dionne Conniff Pat Cox Holly Creger 82 Juniors Matt Dahl Diana Detain Nicole Dandrea Maureen Davy Katie Devaney Angela Diercks Tom Diethert Joe Dolan Bridget Duffy Megan Duffy Shari Eggenberger John Ehlers Tom Fahey Beth Flick Jesse Foley Nicole Fox Todd Gcissler Colleen Giles Jim Glockner Melissa Gross Shawn Hagerty Kris Hatatrom Christine Hanson Josh Hanson Sarah Harristhal Susan Harristhal Courtney Hauer Jamie Heil Juniors 83 Daniel Heiland Ann Hertel Holly Hoey Jason Hoke Daniel Holmberg Timothy Holt Mark Houston -)• Jennifer Huss Anne Jaeger Raechel Jass Theresa Johnson Jeff Kell Karen Kelly Steve Kenny Amy Kissel Lee Kruse Nicholas Kuch Kristin Kurtz Jason Lanick Suzanne Leaf Monica Lee Alison Lehn Mark Lehnert Mario Le Page Daniel Lickteig Amy Loch Scan LockhartChris McGuire Erin McKnight Molly McNicoll Denise Melin Angela Meneghelli Becky Merrill Gregory Meyer r C J Mi Allen Malicsi Dushani Mallawaaratchy Timothy Mammen Richard Mantel Michelle Marso Amy Matthews Corey Matuszak Sheila Matykiewicz Jennifer Maulwurf Kerry McCarthy Maureen McDonnell Megan McErlane Lori Ludowese Jason Luskey Simmi Madan Sarah Malby V ■ Rachel Naughton Bruce Nauth Phillip O’Konski Michelle Pahl John Parker irriacriiDCibi Julia Parnell Vincent Paulus Beth Pciffcr Merritt PetersonShannon Sidney Lisa St. Aubin Kathy Stamos Cindy Stevens Nicholas Stocco Terri Taylor Andre Thibault Sandra Thompson David Turnberg Mike Unger Tom Van Vickie Kathleen Voigt 86 Juniors Elizabeth Welter Sarah Whitlock Sharon Wienke Deborah Williams Jennifer Wilson Barbara Woida Erich WonSavage Jarrod Ryan Jason Sankey Mike Schlumbohm Greg Schmitz Zak Shea Kelly Sheehan Antony Shimek Sara Rennie Mark Reynolds Todd Roberts Kimberly Roth Brian RotherGrrrr! This is a great orange, guys. Look of a New Generation You, ah, want to see the side view of it? Excuse me, what did you say? That's Life! What!? 1-98 ... Even?! No really (lion do So, what do you think you’re going to wear tomorrow? I am sooo sick of Huck Finn. Juniors 87 Don’t even think about asking for a bite. M-J?!SCC £K Jvnior If06 V------£ MP IHOOHAPI AP l. 31-9. “Feelings” I heard a song that opened my heart And moonlight flowed within me. I tried to go with it, to enter My secret dreams. With joy I flew into the distance, And a thread of light seemed to bring Me toward itself. And then my joy turned to anger And I dropped like a stone into the Darkness. — Matt Feeny, St. Paul Gee, Michelle, what’s the matter? The people who helped us "Discover''. 88 Junior RetreatRetreat bring you closer. Look who we DISCOVERED ... ThU is a commercial for God - seri- ously! • Junior Retreat 89 (TOM JACK EAP Journalism ’88 ... We survived the tears of frustration, the anger that everyone felt once in a while, and those very enjoyable slack days. Sure, we had our successes and our failures — doesn’t everyone? It was truly great, and here’s why: DEADLINES!! Lynn-0-Lips The reincarnation of Willy Loman Mrs. MP’s 5 pound chocolate chip cookies Yes, I love it! Where’s videos 3 You know, he’s getting an academic credit for this Ditties It’s money we just don’t have ‘Who has the ladder? Christy does... no Beth... No I don’t! •Cubby holes — our home away from home OK, this is the last day to turn in senior pictures, but after that, Christy’s hunting you down in your homes Yes, Beth really rigged the Sr. Poll. m 90 JournalismHARRY SAM ETC... ardy Class: Holly Creger, Katie Devaney, Don Dickerson, Amy Giefer, Kris Halstrom, Missy Kelly, Mara LaRock, Molly McNicholl, Sara Moore, Noelle Payne, Tami Taylor, and Holly Weiland Advisor: Sheila M.P. Journalism 91The FACULTY Create a 3 aft Get ’em While They’re Hot J. Bertrand A. Besscr P. Boston N. Bristol M. Brolsma P. Bruemmcr J. Doyle Sure, these teachers are all smiling now. But just wait until the next time they walk into a classroom. Things will change, right? Well, not necessarily. Remember the jokes, laughs, pep-fests, etc., where you caught a glimpse, out of the corner of your eye, of a teacher smiling, joining in and laughing? The faculty can be stereotyped as much as students will want to, but next time you hear of a horror story about a teacher, sit back and remember those times you actually laughed with a teacher and think: “Maybe they aren’t so bad after all!” S.M.W. DuVal M. Cinder M. Gust K. Hanson M. Holcombe L. Hommerding T. Kadrmus M. Karlson C. Kelley K. Kennedy D. Kramlich C. Kuhn D. I aScotte S.J. Liescr L. Maiers S. Malone-Povolny S. Maynard •J. McCormack M. Melhorn R. Murray R. Nelson S. O’Brien R. Peterson M. Poepping D. Poshusta J. Powers S. B. Reinbard G. Rufsvold B. L. Schatz K. Schmitt S. D. Scholten T. Shern C. Shey D. Stokcsbery D. Woods M. Zieska 94 FacultyTEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS What are they? Considering that we spend about seven hours a day with them, that’s an important question. To a freshmen, the faculty may seem untouchable as well as out-of-touch. But, something mysterious happens on that long road to graduation ... the years between us, the students, and them, the faculty seem to get smaller and smaller. It happens bit by bit — each shared joke, similar experience and feeling of recognition breaks down the categories of Teacher and Student, Adult and Kid until there is just One Person. We begin to see them not as iron-willed perfectionists or parents reaching senility, but as people like ourselves. We all set goals and feel pride when we achieve it and frustration when we don’t. We all have friends that we tell our secrets to, do favors for and rely on occasionally when we are sick, depressed or broke. A great thing happens when we realize that we respect them and value the respect that they show us. After all, they’ve got personality! Our teachers and administrators are people to be proud of — they are individuals and proud of it! They strive to make their mark and usually succeed. Who can forget the plants and cushions in Dr. Hommerding’s room, or the stories Ms. Hanley tells about her mother? Croissants with Mr. Bruemmer and extra nuggets with Mr. Sack? So let’s hear it for THE FACULTY!!!Mariana Cinder on her first birthday. Gayle Bari smiles for the camera. Okay. Katie Hanson, find some thing symbolic in this! Mary Poepping sure has changed a bit Brother was a good dresser even then. Diane Scholten plays with a geometrical shape. Look at those eyes on little Marla Gust! Hey! Ros4ilba Murray has no hair! Don’t tell me that isn't the cutest Leroy Hommerding. Marge Holcombe dangles her feet in the water. What are you hiding, Randy Nelson? Kathy Hanley smirks about something. Too Cheeky? I suggest you go up to the closest teacher and squeeze their cheeks. This is to check if they still have their baby cheeks that are shown in these pictures. Before you look at the captions, see if you can guess who’s who! ‘V • 96 Faculty Baby PicturesEXTRA !EXTR clJLJL- J rcrc jL Biggest Flirt ... K. Hanson ... D. Pettit Most Cultured ... J. Giesen ... P. Bruemmer Best Dancer ... P. Boston ... G. Sawyer Instills Most Fear in Freshman ... H. Murray ... D. Kleinman Best Sense of Humor ... M. Holcombe ... L. Schatz Least Seen ... D. LaScotte ... L. Hommerding Strongest Democrat ... J. Giesen ... M. Sack Strongest Republican ... S. Malone-Povolny ... D. Kleinman Best Legs ... M. Ginder ... R. Peterson Best Wardrobe ... S. Maynard ... D. Pettit Always On a Diet ... K. Hanley ... G. Rufsvold Biggest Ego ....). Giesen ... G. Sawyyer Most Often Behind Schedule ... A. Besser ... M. Sack Crabbiest in the Morning ... K. Hanley ... D. Kleinman Most Athletic ... S. Langfeldt ... R. Peterson Most Organized ... D. Scholten ... P. Bruemmcr Worst Car ... T. Rood Most Likely to Have 10 Kids ... S. Malone-Povolny Favorite TV Show ... (tie) Cheers, Cagney Lacey Faculty Poll 97 '0SECTION M THE FEELING OF FASHION Noelle Payne ’88 Effectively capturing a year in time is a very difficult thing to do, considering all of the aspects that are involved. Politics, music, fads and fashion are just the beginning of a list of important considerations. Of these, and others, fashion creates the clearest picture of the look, feeling, and effects of society on the people of the time. As the 80’s decade draws to a close, one might ask how the years 1987-88 will be remembered in the eyes of fashion twenty years from now. The answer lies in the changes in style seen this year. Fashion took a dive in a different direction this year. The previous punk preppy battle simmered down, and fashion statements were made more subtly. (To every rule there is an exception: tie-dye stirred up some excitement.) Fall brought a new feeling with its neutral tones. Everything was better in browns, rusts and an occasional army green. Leather was all the rage; shoes, boots, purses, headbands, mini skirts, and the traditional jacket as well as the distressed bomber brought a touch of class to this season. Levi’s introduced the whitewash (icewash, acidwash, snowash; which name do you prefer?) jeans. This was the biggest permanent addition to Levi’s since bleached jeans. Fall brought more laid back and less challenging may be the reason. However, as we settle into the space age, the year may always be seen as one of the last years before span-dex replaced cotton as the designer’s favorite fabric. For the sake of those who will then be forty, let’s hope not! THE BEGINNING OF THE END Michonne Bertrand ’88 The beginning of the end started last August. “Smile,” said Gene Garrett (a.k.a. Bruce). “Oh, that’s perfect!”, he said. I had to get retakes anyway. Now as I am making final preparations for graduation it’s hard to not reflect over everything that has taken place over the past four years. As I step onto the school bus, the first signs of panic appear. It is the first day of school, 1984. My palms sweat and my heart races all the way to the place that will become my second home for the next four years. When the bus reaches its destination, I glance around me to see how everyone else is reacting. They all look so cool and in control. I, on the other hand, am shaking with nervousness. I try to compose myself but fail. I think it must be obvious to everyone that I am a freshman and that I have no idea what’s going on. Then I see a familiar face, a sophomore face. She will help me. I can make it through my first day at Holy Angels. the stereotypes set by adults. It is incredible to even imagine some of these adults were once children. How can someone who was young force a child to eat spinach and squash, the two most repulsive vegetables next to asparagus? How can someone who followed the fads and fashion to the extreme purchase plaid pants? How can the man who owned a ’57 Chevy with a 289 c.i. V-8 insist that a Chevette is the “groovy” thing to buy? It is quite obvious that it is parents who need to have their heads examined. It is my opinion, and one shared by many of my peers, that parents are the immature ones. I’ve seen it all. My parents have thrown temper tantrums that would make Hulk Hogan cower in the corner. I once experienced a man of ripe age repeatedly kick a telephone booth because he dropped a quarter on the floor. Of course he bumped his head on the way up, which caused his briefcase to fall on his head, but hey, stuff happens. I failed two tests, one paper, my cat died, and discovered that there was a pink dryer sheet on my derri-ere for two whole class periods, and I remained calm. I doubt whether the average parent could endure that. Although parents can be very difficult to deal with, teachers are twice as bad. It’s their profession to deal with teenagers, and most of them do just that.a new feeling to the word casual. On the formal side came the bubble skirts and dresses in solids and plaids, worn with cropped tops or turtleneck sweaters and matching hosiery and, of course, the oversized belt. On the guys side were tailored baggies in all fabrics: canvas Bugle Boys, cotton Dockers, or traditional classy wool tweed. Shirts were still oversized and brightly colored, and suspenders finished the look. “Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!” The song rang true and the longer the better, whether straight or curly, bangs or no bangs. Guys still kept hair neat and sharp, but a little bit above the should in back. Spring brought the flouncy, freer, cotton mini in a wide variety of prints, with striped shirts, shorts, pants, and skirts as well as the return of the sailor dress for the girls. Armed Forces played an important role this year. Could it be that patriotism made a comeback because of red, white and blue? Among the thousands of fashion items that affect day to day life, the change in eyewear had one of the biggest turnarounds. The studious preppy look was replaced by a more artistic view of the world through a wire-framed, simply-toned pair of glasses. Sunglasses still took on a variety of attitudes. From Wa-farer to Beatles, there was definitely a style for everyone. The year 1987-88 may be seen in the future as a turning point back to sophistication for fashion. An attitude slightly Sometimes that day feels like last week. However, when I think of all that has changed in my life since then, it seems like it must have taken place ten years ago. I have gained insight, knowledge and maturity- in the past years. I recognize the fact that it’s time to move on. I have experienced every emotion possible. This place has little left to give me for I have taken all it had to offer. I am ready to graduate from uniform fines and detentions into the real world. Just when I think that I am totally sure of myself, I picture myself a few months down the road. Once again, I am a trembling freshman filled with worry and anxiety. This time there will be no familiar sophomore face to guide me; I will have no one to rely on but myself. That thought scares me. I am comfortably settled into my own niche here. I am surrounded by friends. I know all my teachers by name and they know me. This will all drastically change. It would be easier to just remain here but I can’t let myself fall into that trap! There are more exciting experiences waiting for me out there. I can’t let them pass me by. They will not wait for me. I’ve got to be going. I am ready — I think “ ... SERPENT’S TOOTH ...” Mark Douglass '88 It seems that from the beginning of time, great issue has been given to the fact that teenagers are intolerable. Teenagers have always had to fight against Teachers are really parents who have been properly equipped to cope. Most teachers have features such as x-ray vision, acute yet selective hearing, and a sixth sense. Some teachers have added options like lightning speed reaction time, rear view vision, and are capable of multi-task operations. I once saw a teacher reprimand someone for passing a note, answer a question, drink coffee, and write an equation on the board all at the same time. Despite the conflicts between teenager and adult, the teenager eventually becomes one of them. It is a scary thought to imagine that someone like myself will one day wear striped shorts over ghostly white legs. It is terrifying to picture myself listening to country music, singing “Old MacDonald” in the shower, and getting soap-on-a-rope for Christmas. Whatever the case, I hope that someday, when my child comes home drunk, thinking I won’t hear him vomiting in the bathroom or notice him swaying during church Sunday morning, that I will have a morsel of sympathy. Now, at the point of graduating, I realize that I’m getting closer to becoming one of them. I no longer view Pee Wee Herman as my hero. I cry whenever I see “Revenge of the Nerds”. And I attend “cultural events”. I read the news before the comics, and I’ve started ironing my shirts. Probably the most disturbing sign of becoming an adult is when I go to the bathroom. It appears to me that the graffiti on the wall is a foreign language.STUDENT LIFE: FRANCE VS. U.S.A. Virginie Menage ’88 When I came to the U.S.A. for the first time, in August of ’87,1 thought a lot of things concerning the students were similar to French students. After a few months I realized that it was not quite the same! What a surprise! The students in the U.S.A. have more fun than students in France, and they don’t have so much homework at night. The French students do two or three hours of homework each night. It is because of the French Baccalaureat, which is harder. If you don't pass it, you have to repeat the same year in school. Otherwise, you won’t have a diploma. Students finish school at four or five o’clock in the afternoon which is inconvenient if the student wants to play any sport. The French student has to take a sport for a class. High schools don’t compete with each other. Students in France don’t have jobs. They don’t have the time, and it is hard to find one. Students in the U.S.A. don't only go to school but also to a lot of other activities, like sports, games and dances. Students in France don’t have fun during the week. But they usually do during the weekend; they have parties. The parties are different in France than in the U.S.A. Here, there are two kinds of parties, one where kids watch a movie and eat popcorn or play Pictionary, and one where the purpose is that everybody will get drunk ... disgusting! This is because of the state law that forbids alcohol unless eleven classes for the whole school year. In the United States students in different grades can take the same classes. In Mexico each grade is separate and students do not mix in classes. In Mexico students take a test in every class each month. They take their grades home each month and their parents must sign their grade cards and return them to the school. In the United States students have more choices in classes and other activities than do students in Mexico. Teachers in the United States are not as strict as are the teachers in Mexico. For example American students can chew gum, eat food and talk among themselves in the classroom. In Mexico this is not allowed. In the United States, the class work and the homework is easier than in Mexico. For that reason American students have more time to work. In Mexico students are not allowed to work during the school year. Their parents pay for everything until the students finish school. I think that people in Mexico are friendlier than the people in the United States. For example, my friends and my family greet me with a kiss on the cheek. In the United States people just say “Hi”. I believe that the people in Mexico are more united and are more caring for each other than the people in the United States. In Mexico people will help each other with problems. In the United States people are more on their own. However, they are less formal and tease each other more than do the people of Mexico. made it debut in the evangelical world. Senator Gary Hart tried to reenter the Presidential race even with the weight of his earlier promiscuity on his shoulders, but failed. The Iran-Contra scandal was brought into the living rooms of all American households. Leading figures emerged from both the persecutors and the defenders. “Ollie North fever” swept the nation during and after his trials. The public’s eyes were crammed full of images of North in his marine uniform with his lawyer whispering in his ear, and the Senate prosecutor displaying document after document of evidence that could not thereafter be used against North or his fellows. After the trials, the press found another scandal to lock onto. Scandals swept through the ranks of evangelical preachers. The nation was still in shock from the Bakers and from Oral Robert’s eight million dollar fund raising when Jimmy Swaggart’s “excursions” to the locale of a woman with an ill repute surfaced. Hard-core American evangelicals were finally forced to confront the imperfections of their human leaders. Possibly the most dramatic event of the last year was the catastrophic crash of the stock market on October 19. Within the span of only one day of trading the market had lost over fifteen percent of its value on paper. Less than twenty-four hours later markets in London and Japan crashed as well. Despite the economic setback of the crash, many analysts were surprised that the nation and even the world survived the blow with so littleyou are twenty-one or more. This is not the case in France. There is no drinking age! The parties are totally different in a sense that people in France dance and they also drink, but not excessively. Students in France have their schedules changed every day. We have only two months of vacation in the summer, July and August. But we also have a week off in November, two weeks for Christmas, a week in February and two weeks for Easter. Students in France don’t bring their lunches to school; they usually eat at school, at a cafe or go home. We have an hour or two for lunch, so that is possible. Another thing about the students’ lives in France that is different is that they aren’t allowed to drive until they are eighteen. It is not a big problem because students use the public transportation which is not as bad as here. There are some differences between the students here and in France, especially in the way they live ... but everything is a question of culture. A MEXICAN VIEW OF THE U.S. Leticia Lopez ’88 During the several months that I have been in the United States I have observed many differences between the schools in our countries. In the United States students change classrooms every hour. In Mexico the students stay in the same room and the teachers change rooms each hour. In the United States students can take different classes every three months. In Mexico students take In the United Sates there is more of a variety of foods than in Mexico. The food in the United States had more calories and people like to eat “fast foods” such as hamburgers, hotdogs and pizzas than do the people of Mexico. In Mexico the main meal is at two o’clock in the afternoon with a light snack about eight or nine o’clock in the evening. The climate is much different in Minnesota than in my home town. For the first time I saw snow. I liked the snow very much but I do not like the long period of cold weather. In Mexico it is cool in December and January, but it is not during the rest of the year. I have enjoyed the opportunity to live in the United States and I will take many happy memories with me when I return to my country. A YEAR IN THE WORLD Jason Gadbois ’88 The political situation of the world balanced out this year. Tensions in the Middle East increased, while tensions between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. decreased. Central America, more specifically Nicaragua and the Contras, agreed to the Arias Peace Plan which ended the guerilla war in that nation. The U.S. Congress withdrew support from the Contras. Almost like clockwork, the crisis in Panama filled the role that Nicaragua had served. And possibly the most publicized and analyzed event of the last year was the crash of the stock market. Scandal best describes the last year. Scandal revisited the White House and damage to the rest of the economy. A ripple in the economy in the U.S. was felt in all the economics of all its trading partners and allies. While the world saw scandals, economic upheavals, and combat, it also saw important advances in world peace. The new Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, decided to economically reform his nation and has agreed to an important group of summits and one treaty so far. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty, if accepted by the U.S. Senate, would abolish medium range nuclear weapons as a whole. With these new initiatives, the world has moved just a little closer to global peace. The last year has also shown that the so-called super powers are not all that they are supposed to be. The U.S. has been totally ineffective in Nicaragua, while the Soviets learned the lesson of Vietnam in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the U.S. is even having difficulty removing General Noriega, an indicted drug runner from power in Panama, and the Soviets are loosening their grip on Eastern Europe slightly. All in all it was a full year. The home team won the World Series, peace broke out in Central America, the stock market crashed, summits and meetings abounded, scandal became a household word, and finally the Supreme Court decided that high school journalism was not protected under the First Amendment and could be censored.THE TOP 10 FRESHMAN THINGS TO DO Mike Reinardy and Andy Muller, ’91 10 Skipping lunch study (and thinking you’re a rebel while doing it). 9 Riding your bike to an upperclassman party. 8 Poking fun at the freshmen girls’ physiques. 7 Trying to hang out with Mr. Pettit and Mr. Woods. 6 Having a crush on your senior slave. 5 Combing the Dales for babes. 4 Dialing 1-976-CREEP. 3 Drinking Near Beer (non-alcoholic) and chewing shredded beef jerky. 2 Making fun of friends’ mothers. And the 1 Freshman thing to do is ... 1 Nothing. Freshman only have nine things to do. THE DIFFERENCE THAT TWENTY YEARS HAS HAD Dr. Leroy Hommerding Has high school changed in the 80’s compared to the 60’s? The answer contains both similarities and differences. I looked at my yearbook of 1965, and then that of 1987. Both include tight bus schedules, mystified and starry-eyed freshmen, class rings, prom and homecoming, and cheers at various sporting events There were unique school events that may reflect a certain locale but which were still important such as the granite plaque to the school commemorating John F. Kennedy, our class play “A Rai- dents maintain jobs out of school today increasing pressure to handle social, family and studying demands. I remember displays of creative work and recall many students doing projects relating to assignments and classwork — both of which are seen in rarity today. Classes were divided into college-bound and those getting a job after graduation with the diploma not as great a necessity as today. Religious sisters and three priests made up two-thirds of the teaching staff and six women served in the cafeteria for daily hot lunch. We attended Mass once a week in the church next door to the high school. Now sisters and priests are a rarity, we struggle to keep a modified hot lunch program, and liturgical events are less frequent. Retreats were held in school for one whole day, one per quarter. Today we have retreats away from school. Hallways were clean. I cannot remember halls ever being messy, with the exception of hall decorating at homecoming, Christmas, spring and school spirit days. Janitors waxed the floors weekly. Today one wonders if parents have picked up for their children from day one. Students of both decades need and accept recognition, praise and support. The superintendent, wrote “It’s been a great thrill having you in my classes this year ...” That meant a lot. In the notes written by classmates, I note the use of the word friend over sixty times. The variety of personalities seems Gregg Sawyer. ... do not date high school freshmen. ... can get two bagels out of the machine for the price of one. ... did not cheat in the Sno-Daze Olympic games. ... do not cover their books until the middle of the trimester. ... give blood. ... ignore the speed bumps. ... are glad that Strider is gone. ... do not put off choosing a college until April. ... are not ashamed to be in the spelling bee. ... can cut through the chapel without the use of crutches. ... study for their SAT’s. ... admit that they voted for “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”. ... do not ride the bus. ... take Leathercraft or Ceramics ... are never in uniform on out-of-uniform days. ... are never in uniform on in-uniform days. ... buy a yearbook! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWER Tim Gleason ’88 The most beautiful sunflower thinks that she is a weed and turns away from the sun. We want to prop her up and hold her face so she can see the bright burning sun in the afternoonsin in the Sun” focusing on civil rights, the spirit of ’64 as social science classes studied, learned, laughed and wept with the civil rights movement, the delivery of nine new Hermes typewriters, and Sister Johnell proudly mastering the use of the overhead project or which came to the high school in ’65. In many ways students were as involved in high school activities, if not more so. I remember our homerooms getting a garage and keeping a secret homecoming float as we worked on it two weeks before the game and dance. And the prom was held at the school gym which juniors and seniors decorated after closing the gym for the week before prom. We were proud of the school and ourselves because we invested so much of ourselves in it. In that sense I see a big difference: while many Co-Stars are involved in sports there is less long-term preparation for prom and homecoming, and investment in the school spirit events. I cannot find one picture in the ’65 yearbook with girls in pants. Skirts and dresses were the norm. There are nine pages devoted to the assemblies because they occurred twice a month. Audio-visual was less used in class with no VCR’s, a few 16mm films, and fairly regular filmstrips. Teachers were listened to with greater respect than today, though teachers are more accessible to student today. Foul language was present in both times with the difference that today more is found and less care is taken to confine it to private circles. More stu- constant; the shy and quiet, the quiet who blossom over the years, the quiet who wonder what goes on out of sight, the bold and talkative, the meditative, the complainers, the leaders who inspire work and give 100%, those who get the credit and deserve 50% of it, and those little recognized but who carry the load of a lot. We remembered our losses that year: the senior who died in a tractor accident, the junior who lost his leg in a farm mishap. We also rejoiced in our gains: the band and chorus featured on WJON, enrollment boomed to a record high, we took second place in conference, organized a boys pep club, and lost nine days of school because of blizzards. This year, we can substitute similar events and people both in terms of loss and gain. REAL SENIORS Lynn Reinardy ’88 Did you know that not all of the members of the class of ’88 are seniors? Some are merely fourth year students. There is a great difference, one you notice right away but can’t seem to say how. Being a senior means having a certain attitude, following and not following certain spoken and unspoken rules. Here are a few ways to spot those envied individuals: ... are no longer afraid of Mr. Klein-man and Ms. Hanley. ... do not arrive early enough to park in the senior parking lot. ... do not dress up for sock hops. ... do not sit by homeroom in Mass. ... are on a first name basis with But her self-deteriorating elements create a mysterious, fragile shell reached for by many, touched by few. So the most beautiful rosebud thinks she is a dandelion and I just want to help her bloom to inhale her fragrances and to marvel at her beauty. THE DISEASE OF OUR TIMES Elizabeth Federbusch ’88 Bang. You’re dead. That’s how serious AIDS is. Anyone can get it, and once you get it, you’ll likely die. No ifs, ands or buts. AIDS is something that can’t be ignored. If you have AIDS it means you have a serious disease, acquired immune deficiency syndrome. People with AIDS get diseases that healthy people are able to shake off. About half of the people in the U.S. who have developed AIDS have died. No AIDS patient has recovered. AIDS was first reported in the U.S. in 1981. By September 1986, the Public Health Service had received reports of more than 24,000 cases of AIDs. Fifty-four percent of those people have died. No one has recovered. Infection with the AIDS virus does not always lead to AIDS itself. People can develop an AIDS-related illness. AIDS does not kill all by itself, but it allows other infections to invade the body and these diseases kill. No doubt you have heard or read a lot about AIDS and you may think that it doesn’t affect you. But you are wrong. Dead wrong. AIDS affects all of us, di- (cont.)rectly or indirectly, male or female, young or old. We need to make a commitment to do all we can to protect ourselves and those we love. And perhaps, we can stop this disease. For some, that means eliminating behavior that puts them in a high risk category. For some, it means that they must take the time to tell others the facts. For families, they must provide an atmosphere where by young people have an opportunity to learn the facts and the options. AIDS doesn’t just stand for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, it also means Am I Doing .Something. Our schools must take the initiative to lead the students and the community into being more aware of what’s going on. They must face the issues of what, when and how to teach students about AIDS, and formulate policies for dealing with students and employees that contract the disease. Because the issue is related to sex, the schools seem apprehensive. But, by not dealing with it, they are ignoring someone’s life. Or chance of life. The only defense against AIDS is personal prevention. When you hear “AIDS”, ask yourself ... “Am I Doing Something?” THE YEAR IN SPORTS Bill Farhet ’88 This past year in sports has been a wild one to say the least. This is especially true for Minnesota sports fans. We all waved our Homer Hankies until we were red in the face and until the Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games to win the World Series. Then we nearly strangled ourselves with our Touchdown Towels after we saw Darrin Nelson of the Vikings drop a pass that might have just put us in the Super Bowl. Instead, the Washington Redskins went on to play and routed their opponents, the Denver Broncos. The Olympics were held this past winter in Calgary, Canada. They were very enjoyable to watch even though Team U.S.A. didn’t come through with as many gold medals as expected. We also witnessed Wrestlemania, where Hulk Hogan’s reign was ended as world heavyweight wrestling champion,. as the “Macho Man”, Randy Savage, won the tournament of Champions and was crowned the new champ. This past year has been very exciting for Minnesota sports fans and it should get even better, because in the next two years we will receive the new expansion N.B.A. team, the Minnesota Timber-wolves, and welcome with open arms Larry Byrd, Magic Johnson, and the great Michael Jordan.106 ClubsCCuJy$.. .cCuiw.. .aU bs,... CraxCotuj Aw O ia a.. 1988, the year of — Spuds, Bruce Willis' marriage, the Scarecrow died, George Michaels’ scandalous song, the Gary Hart affair, “Good Morning Vietnam”, Tiffany — “I Think We’re Alone Now”, Ollie, Our Hero!! Tammy Faye and Jim, Liberace’s death, Icewashed Jeans, Leather Bombers, Olympics ’88, Joe Niekro his nail files. Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!! thirtysomething... new wave in T.V.?, “Fatal Attraction" kept us in suspense, Fred Astaire died, America’s Cup came home, Persian Gulf incident, AIDS hits home, Bubble skirts bring new life into fashion. These and many more created ... LASTING IMPRESSIONS. 108 Current EventsCurrent Events 109Relaxing on the road. Headin' Home NO PARKING This sign was found in our parking lot?? Freshman can only dream about it. Sophomores can't handle waiting for it. The Juniors anticipate it's arrival. Finally, the Seniors can kick back and enjoy it. Which is ezaotly what they do when it comes to off-campus. For some seniors, off-campus is a time to cruise the lakes, McDonalds, 7-11, or Mr. Donut. But it is also a time for people to get a head start on their tans, catch up on some sleep, return home to get forgotten homework (Wait a minute, seniors don't forget homework, do they??!!) But most of all, it is a challenge for seniors to be responsible and to race the clock There is no cure for the summer time blues. Bill thinks 7-11 is "fresh". 110 FeaturePEI SHOP 801L.ffi mi,MU Liu m cum.,, KEITH W, JEM Of M., JM MM,.MISCM HE CUTTING IMIIlMS,,MM, he grateful «, CUSS TIGER...GRACE MS...I M i„MILUCILM echo ui tie mma. „m mw...mcimmi..mmri L.i. coot j...tie m...smr ui.jomi urn im..M jei TIE REPLACEMENTS...KIM mil...IIIC CM..LIS Ul miL.M JOHN COWI MILLS ICMP... MOTLEY CM...ROBBIE BE ELTON JOHN...THE POL HOWARD JONES... PHIL ARETHA FRANKLIN.. JEW TALKING HEADS...EUR17 PAUL YOUNG...THE CULT. THOMPSON TWINS...WARREN PRETENDERS...SADE...NANI THE MIAMI SOUND MACHINE...I KISS...KID CREOLE AND THE C GENE LOVES JEZEBEL...THE AJ ll TOP...THE TAYLOR DANE KATE BUSH DAVID , .DAVIDBOWIE,. CM in. ..blou mars... mam WEST PALMES,..BERLIN...EIIROPt LE... BRIAN ABAMS... TINA TURNER .. PSEUDO ECHO... NANG CHIJNC..,. 'CRITTI POL ITT I.. .NORRIS DAI... HENS... AMI GRANT... THE CARS... SPRINGFIELD... C HART... Til .. B-52 ’S... DON HENLET... D! .10,OOO HiNIACS... FOSE1CNER.... . CEOVIES TOE 'HE CUSH. T THE SMITHS VMAHTf. ..T'P SUBU Music 111 ar dPccAAio' ih and oFccAhiofik . we saw the lace and the leather and the black on white and were part of the sight. . we smelled the warmth and the whispers of the Drakkar and Obsession and treasured it as our possession. . wfe heard the music of the band and our hearts the murmurs and the laughter found what we were after. . we wondered and we wished that such simplicity and truth not limited to our youth. — L. Reinardy ’88From the sweet sounds of the opening ceremonies to the dull roar of the final class calls, A.H.A. spirit was in full bloom. Tossing snowballs, racing toboggans, Dizzy Izzy, tug-o-war, snowshoeing, skiing, a scavenger hunt, and a lip sync contest were all enjoyed in the Sno-Daze festivities. Even though the burning torch is extinguished, SnoDaze week of ’88 will burn strong in the hearts of many for quite awhile. 114 Sno DazeSno Daze 115I Guess You Jean — Ketchup and mustard SOS' at Denny' 'Chritty, you're (till wearing your Target name lag Hello Taco Bell Nice glove Jean Amy. I'll pay you 2 to lake off that guy hat But well loae weight Amy. I think »» need a wrench 'Football Cheerleader -1,2.3... Shift Huh! 'Boy Baaketball Cheerleader — We're all going to Dallas! ‘Amy — I really didn't deep on the floor! Love. CL ‘Amy Christy — fruitin' Xokoom-Summer ‘8T-Did you check out that guy on the beach? Ooh Lala! 'JR.CL. AW, AG, H V. JK. AM-What U a queef anyway"! ‘Hat me I'm cheete! 'Annette and Christy's wonder twin pow-er 'AG A JR — the bed in Virginia — What wa» o funny? 'Marie-Are you ure you weren't using Scott? J KI TK and MB. take u to—or lose us for ever' HW A CL 'Jean, there aren't any pop cans under your teat''Holly, my granny driving (look at all the pretty sidewalks!! CL 'Marie watch out for the curb!' HoUy-l it ''weejea” or "me ja“? 'Marie-Splicing picture 'Cut Up Not Toasted 'HW.CL, AM. NP — How 'bout doing the muppeu? - Soap, bleach. TP. Honestly, it’s a science project! — Where's the glitter? Holly-Recoil! 'JR. SB. SB. MB. CL-Valentine's day party — Oh. come on Matt, give ber a kias! 'Christy Holly the famous brake tost! 'Ralph and his eating habiu 'Christy, why is he grounded this time? 'Six 38 ' Hey Christy, la Matt coming to the game? 'Beep beep. Newsflash • I anybody hot? 'How 'bout them Twins? 'Annette behind Davanni'a! Love. CL It' a free for all! 'Fodaciou Talas! 'It’s very... ah .. .yellow'Hey Jean, i it midnight yet? 'JR. BM. MA-mv dress really did fall down after Angelus! Love CL 'JR AG — How did we get to the Residence Inn in only 10 minutes? 'Amy’s going to balance her checkbook? 'Hoy Scott. I know you're reading the ! Nica glove compartment suppy-I bet they're Matt's! I swear there were 4 in there! 'Amy's 1st belch-10:38 am. March 9th We used 28 rolls or) Robby's Souse 'Christy's chaste ear 'AG, HW, CL — Totalling the Regal in our bikinis 'Jean, Don't you think Bixby would get the hint? 'Christy, does Linus blush all th time? ' Really pumps my nads! 'Fetal »w ... • Birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese ' Where is cooler land? 'Christy likes Matt th way Ms. Shey likes her rice krtspy bar ' 'Marie, wake up ... it' 8:24, we have to meet Malt 'No than . I don't smoke 'Wrestling Cheerleaders — What's blue and creamy? — Washburn Invitational — McNamer twins! 'JR. SB. AW. CL, MB-Wail! There’ someone in the tree! ' AW-Yeah Rah Rah Mike! — 2 points take down Prior Lake JR 'New Year Eve-Iist«ning to Pink Floyd and watching TV at th same tim ! 'Cretin — 3 finger mell like tuna 'JR- Hey! Don't get Uppy with me young lady! 'Neaner- Mankato is in BIG trouble 'JR-What'a a pearl necklace? — Wouldn't you like to know?! • LICUMSS Oh. I gu s so. • Prom Pick ter Do the disabled limp? R U Xeiteabl ?! 'Tear-bear. Re . Rol. Ren. Bobo, and Bo o 'Bingo' 'Soaping th banana wagon 'U2 concert 87 'Ooh Charlie Tbo aren't clothes, those are shower curtains! 'I'm grounded Ralph Jean-2 24 88-Best darn Snickers and Ml. Dew I ever had! AW ‘Check out Ten's make-up and hair! Scarey! 'Little Bunny FU Flf • Bo pern on his head—RR. BR. AM. JR. AW 'Who love vou?TdouUy!RR 'If we don’t get a date to prom, well rent a date 'North Heavy Weight — “Hey babe. I got this guy pinned!" 'SB JR KD — “Dal . Steve. Mark' Comeback!" Kicked out of Davanni's - Where do we go next? JK Seamen’ I don't g t it. JR ‘McDonalds Parties' AWGoing out tptng and driving up behind people booking. JR • Man — Where doe your dad work? 'SB 4 the Tom Petty concert 85!... She ha hot pink underwear on! 'Pong o-Tonx: Pow-Wow ' Mark?! Hey is that you? Ohgosh. I guess not! BH Be careful' No I thought I'd do a few 360's on the freeway AW RR Hey. I was on th radio again! AW Wrestling cheerleaders — We lc t by how rouch?jl threw up on the mat? We're cooceited wrestling witches and proud of It! ’Almost paradise: Balsam Lake 84 'Guys in ayeHoRpeedboat ' floppy the chipmunk 'No we're not! 'Doot Dooto you too "tel your lifejacket on'It'e got teeth! 'Big Al'e bucket' AT Hey. the 58th St flag are out Ionite' AP JS — Get off th lop of my car! Oh no' 1 forget my PJ's .‘Opus and UIA Forever! 'Steak House and dirty knee Hand print and wet paint 'Steak House cleaning parties 'The other woman KH. AT. AM-Summer ’87 all nil talk 'Own Armv 'All th way to Erich's and no trees 'Fine thanx 'Amy. this Geoff. Very funny. But doit again and it II... Mankato-Hoopa-"Bill pick me up tomorrow- 'Fonzi-Rochester-Games l-ake SS JS CB TL 'BR-Second Stinks? 'AW Disabled skiing 88 'Spooeier-Punar-Jay-Kramlich Goober CT 'How do you build a water tower tofer 'Camel to do you remember TT Duluth '.Jail Bait Doanengen89'Cribag bud AW 4 AM TPingGeofT bouse... RR' AW-Conan Perfume oo my wrists ' AWl’m glad I can or no driving 'AWTh movie Arthur 'AM-Ftag by th polic station AMTh watrrbed upstairs PM-Breakfast with your girlfriend 'DB Sledding at Highland 'AW-Woodlak Nature Center 'AW-Let get... 'HW-Ted's ship and all th men on it 'AW-Squeezechees . pudding, and baby oil "I earth. Irving — What's Ken ... JPM. DJB. KDB 'AW-Two take down 'Ruff-2 bottles under my car. Did u do it? 'Reed-Old people really should stay off the road Jerad • Dab. where did the bail go. nutmeg 'SS- How bout th apple sauce, milky way Jerad a ticket for speeding to soccer JR-3rd hour 2nd tri... she got hit by a w recking ball BR Celtics Rule forever-Ralph 'Gary’s getting married? 'Steve, a 13 year old? 'Hey, Ralph, why don't you tell us about that bottle incident' 'Look! More handouts |V»,'K TV'- for men wearing white in a dark park" 'Nut-OK! Like I can see! JH-The truck at Davanni's 5 time cop car 'John Emsl-The Terminator" 'The cult of Molandria 'Hey you BL!' I hate your gut kid ' MJ live ' Molls. Andi. save the camels' Re member a red-chipped wall' 12 al9 86 'PIRC 'Flashing brites'SV 'Punkert 'It must be love 'The hula dancers live on! 'Hi Tiger-M 'MAD Who is tha amateur photographer?? 'Site 8-Slipknot! Live for I-stterman? 'RAP689 always remember Versailles 'Au revoir Virgin! , ms cherc soeur! Ou est le centre ville!?! Mica club... 'Shampoo bottle techmuim. bienoui’ 'Not a creature was stirring, except for Jack verby. HAH. Royal eaters! WS. JM. KM. I.M. MC The Gold Ruth ROCKS? ML-a.m. tramp jumping in undies-1999... 'See the good woman 'Darba New Years-Peache and Diet Coke' Yum-tnoving wallpaper-Great humor! Luv M ‘Dee A Darb That dileb in Mankato-Honest, th fries mad me do it! Luv M ‘Lynnard-1999-Do you always jump on tha tramp in your underwear' I.uv Moo Dee AU those pilgrimages to 4 P trip to tbs ' library" Blackmail I.uv M 'Ryan-My mom loves you! Mop 'Lynnard-BSMHH-Duluth-Were w froah? M 'Don't worry guys. I know karat 1 can tell the likea me TD Hall 'Cant guys. I'm doing ray homework ‘Schrobinson 'She' a real NICE girl' 'Stealing aign 'TPing 'Danceline 'Rollerskate ‘Marry me 'Go cam go! 'Util go iceskating 'Cleat of 88. thanks foe th best memories — I'm off to CA! Best of lurk 88! Mich-TSR»244. George-What a viewTLRf’TTsni-l love dental students from CA! ‘Marie PI Patty at your bouse?-Remember-Snowbanks, th shining bright ? 'CM-Did you like my lunches? IX) 'Lynnard-Sho woman' I luv those shoes! 18 have a Man's sire coke! 'Save Ferris! 'Trkia. how about those Bleckhawks? 'Linda the difference is oeieenthalpy ' Puce big hand for Garland W. 'Rich III Lives! • Buswosnan you can pick out the Up I love Bus CR oman I mean w don't have dates THIS weekend • MB Oh! Foe God's take 'You are so non-corrpulent 'Chin , dim, chains whin 'It's natural 'Did I mention that I’m impressed 'Excuse me. where's county rd 5? 'Mickey C. God a fungus God among us GM is mine 'You are soo nasal Grace •The dead are ahrays there MP-Honors Eng 10 'If you grab your mother s-you’i wearing it! Yo-Hey! Hurdling speed bumpe! ‘Happy 17lh to Marcy and the Stud 'French 87-Watch out for the slanted red man 'Dao. Yen. Chemistry. California. UR2 Cool? 'Oink. Oink! 'Ey?! 'The plaid man lives! 118 Senior One LinersHad To Be There • together at heart my N 1.4 Jo » icrmco stu Rob Mar th y r 15 lx keep him company pim pin LT.D. ‘Do people throw up at work?? Subway” I really don't think to. So ! Wild horse could not dr ag me away from you! re-the b t husband Iluv you wife! C.G. C.M. your th pro wrr tha rookie ! BF. RE ‘Good call you and m both just relax! ‘You can go to the bathroom now aara' Ki. remember Kawasaki thanks Bill! ‘Amoco Dudas Dave Aquacity a for graduation! ‘Ellen 1 love you! Molly's parties! Nylong on head! 'Canoes no bikini tops okay al right married! Whata a happanin hot stuff” the double bike' •Big Red ‘Morrill 0en (nennie) I am sorry bout the V-day card! ‘Kennedy bens love A H A. snobs' Were fresh-n-we know it' ‘Annie. U know I am happy 2 b stuck with you!" ‘Sammi Joy BMW. the Blazer T top I still luv U! ‘Assum 3 sum! 0 Hit I lov u! 0 my self E.M. AKA God ain't no bib) big eeocfeh Annl ‘Mi, summer 87! Amoco, the cage chasing duke! ‘New Y.fLS. Eve Dundee R second home. L told B.I.. 1 lov him! ‘Murph got the boot Must be those Dundoo boys! ‘Leanne Matt's house, on the porch Don't forget! ‘Chickeo and stars, you are incredible!! ‘DK-that was a really long story! That pinky, thing isn't very flattering at all! Would you rather... or...? "Top ten what' ‘Who's got the grosser word. Sue oe Ki? I can get some money down on lake St. ‘Get a job!! I want my pictures! ‘Seoiors-hour typing 2nd tri!!! Wolly-can I please hate a jumbo frosty!? ‘Jenny you're shouting!!! ‘this is to you D.K. I wish I would have known you when you went here! • Hey chicken I need a car! Am I high strong?! Sadies freshman year-Mary?! ‘Pick up your trash! 3 men and a baby babies'? ‘So I said to the guy... I said... ‘velcro power! Bundy baby! ‘Howie hand! ‘How long can you live without a brain'"' ‘l.uv ya ly-aander" ‘Good luck my lit huanian half brother! ‘Carrie's babies prom "87 C buddies KM. CH ‘Lockhart ; summer "87 magic carpet ride! ‘CB-Aug. 14.14. Don't you believe I'm 21? AC ‘CBech-cbecwe burgers. waiters BMW Guys! AC Bonj ■ vem ID bet you didn't know this monkey was born to boogie! bows. • Ki. Sue. or Kris, my toes! Sber ‘Andy, u cut your what? Sandy beaches live! Kath... Kath' The fat man has a GUN!? NH SO ML TK and TG The famed bridge jumpers! ‘Amy Bushin; Witch hazel 3 2 88! ‘Rergie: forks in back-the ultimate dog! 1 used to think she was great!" ‘Jean doya think they know each other!? Boo ‘MON MOUCHOIRJET ADORE TOUJOURS”? ‘Simple Pictures Are Beat' ‘Hamilton. Hanna. Clinton E. Morgan. Spunky, and super Camper: money ISNTeverythin! ‘Ashley, lot's go home! Good luck Dude man! ‘You've been having dreams about WHOShrr?! BA ‘Bigwhitejagshirt Blunders' was he? ‘BUI put the ooze in L'zbek limewatrr! ‘Who's got the bear? ‘Look out for Bill mountain down there' ‘Where is Chuck and Sara!? ‘The triangle is truly the ultimate!! ‘Hans It's just the worst dock chew island T ‘Boo bow do we stork the se mechanisms luv Cass ‘Incarnation-freshman summer ‘Tan and slim summer '86 ‘ST trips LM-Hill Murray score ‘Cavaliers rock the house! Spitsnt rsroom 329 Rods hosier!‘Def Leppard-Lov Bites Hysteria ‘Turk 182.Ke-TP. AG.CS. LM, JR, Is that mine? SM ‘CH. Ki. LM-4x4 truck watch out for the curb I JO AM Flat tire! How to heat your own murder mystery — Ki. CM. CB — humiliation! ‘Guns and Rotes CH, KI. ST, LM. SM. SM cabin Blue Goose Champion ! Rid my beaat. woman! Retreat BF. JS ‘ Flying at 90 in the Schaff mobile! ‘Sac's homeroom (86.87) throw the screen out the window Ki. JS. TL, LM • Retreat Sneaking out cabin 6 and the underwear in the lost and found! I love you More! Poofy Where are you going? Straight to... Sher- Mr. The’ mine nympho ran to the van Cos! Wanna go for a walk just using me mud moon 2:45 ‘ l,e T4224T Smurphy crazy kitty boger p-head! ‘Casaie I told yo not to mix! Funky fresh Julien-Coah man! ya knoooo?! ‘And (didn't know what was goin on! SS ‘Mike — "Hey Rocky” ‘MB. FF my BB • Hey Jim Goet hats “ B" ‘ Bailey how was your trip?! • Hey Missy-4um dum!!!! Brian — "one chocolate shake please" Ralph “any applesauce today?” • Paula ” Hoar ! Hey look Sandy, is that Jason in that car? ‘Give me something to wipe this chocolate sKake off my dash' • I wouldn't turn yet Sandy, there's still a car coming from two blocks away ‘Why are all these old people waiting for the livrary to open?? •Sandy (visual) "I like this long" ‘Missy the one who said pushing this car would be fun!!! ‘Number one B.R.” Th Cnshinmobile" ‘This kinds tastes lik something ... rinnomin ... apple .. APPLEJACKS!?!! Ke -you're a good kid waihburn dude (we wish) ‘thank you sir may I have another' ‘“Stairway to Heaven” "Crazy for you" ‘Chris, "IU stop the world and melt with you” ‘Matt L. par-tie ! ‘Dud Masters Grsnca Lindila Krornom ‘Airport crowd Hanson Hot Apple River! ‘BWCA. love song tapes. "Take it down” ‘"Wild Berry" Sanibel island UTand'SS AR. KM. CH. ‘Who put the trash outside th van? (Mankato roadtrip) ‘Your what itches? ‘Who did that to Bill's house Ki? ‘Hot Rockin'' ‘You chood boll" ‘A small dog is b tt r than non ‘I'm so afraid of Icaing what we've shared ‘We are the Party Express! Wear ... ‘ li guppy's ‘First hour-hot cocoa! mmm”! ‘MR. P.L, K.P. — The red room! Pink sheep-cowboys and indians! ‘Peter-they're so bright? ‘S.S. l.LCOOLJ R”1 Bob Marley! Pinky? Blow pops, dumdum ?! B.Rccker-smile Hey Budo?!, BroombaU! ‘B.R. The smiley club! Brian, like to drive over curb !? ‘Angelus-Cbeetah Pizza! ‘B.F. Boaa Donuts! My batteries are riinnimfiM?! M.M. But we don't drive? Oh. Misay! Him?! Irish are gT at!? Our "consultant” Molly. "Bo Lyndalc and Bryant croaa??? What are oriental people allergic to Molly?? We love you Red! ‘ J.D. Peeing in th sink! The Irish smile?! choc, chip cookie ! Broolcside. Cabin. Michigan-Outrun! Cops BEEP?’ Xormandal !? • Bex-You are beautiful John Pelner?? Harrah'" ‘Jeffro - This is hi locker, right here. I'm sure of it!????? ‘C.M. Will you braid my hair? Peanut butter on cinnamin rolls??! Nice laugh?! Valentines Day flower . Thanks!!! ‘R.R. Salad anyone? Mr. C. "Shut up! NOW”'" ‘T.T. Journalism "talks" ‘Thedas of '88 is a 1"? ThanX guys!!’. Luv. Missy?! ‘Too Bad. So Sad. Y snooze, ya loae. so... Vaflcrtw! What el»e is there? ‘Friendly admirer-Bradley C. ‘Swaney-snuggle role! Ill get you.. ‘Robs — P.P.'s Forever!! ‘Erotic City Can't you see... ‘And you can dance, for inspiration' ‘If I hod a 22 she'd be kissing dirt! ‘Rolan, Rolan ... ‘Edina scupagc! Ricky Davis is awesome? ‘The grand sloppy toilet paper loos! ‘Jimbo. angclu memories never die love ya' ‘Sims-you're so mean! 21 questions ... ‘Kunz-strollin' down memory lane ‘Malakamar-your nose is crooked-mickies-SP.X. •Bradbury 421-Holiday Inn-223-35W. Flood-Kev-n-Lory ‘Scrobadelicious! Oh! m.v Ellsn! A RT. ‘Step off Lee I threw up Lee's lost' Fudge packing! ‘Step off Brim. T-geta-tbe remote ports-n-chew. ‘ Apple-River? Lee your hot! Dosequix. Indian game! ‘Jerome MV Man where have U been all my life?? ‘give me credit! "The" tent moped! Touch my body! 10 HRS I.K Har I .cave me alone matador ! Poo zie! ‘Kocky-n-Rambo will fight-2-gether forever! ‘ Pink monkey Nice kitty! Bowling in Egan! ‘Monky-O Monky-do who you! Mazatlan! I.K Osnkes Lee ‘1-ee-B niz-2-guys! Anebreated! naked-nuggest! E.L. ‘Simmy yoraray goober chew chubby balsran my! Y cause? Grilled doritoes washbum rock Beg! ‘Crazy kitty the hole world is going crazy! ‘Jordon color of success we play to win?!?? beach ball In roshin't backyard-AK. TK. SO. TS ‘stuntman and Keppel's bruised leg! ‘Crossroads Chro Elliot CC was H-B. ‘ Kill the pig! Spill its Mood! ‘Driving the car with the veals all the way back You need help! K . CB. LM ‘ Are those double G'a No Paul? ‘Where the heck is Kellogg!! BA. AR. ST, ‘Lel'ago up the down escalator SM. KM ‘Remember th Blue VoIvcOAJ. KM.SG!?‘Hurry. Wake upit'a 10014?!‘Hang a u-ie JS. ST. BA. and AR‘Stay Gold forever Jer d?C.H.‘"Headline; 5 girl CG.KH. BA. CH.KI'Drown in I-ade Pepin at Chuck's cahin?‘Nicole Pizza at 2:30 AM.Sadi ‘86 JR. CH.CC.NH‘Ann S. Brook run Hot fudge sundse "!CH ‘Duck lips! When'rey gonna wear your hair down? ‘Bos sound tike? 1 hate NICE! ‘"Minnesota welcomes you?!" “'I said a Jcprasn; Florida! JT.SM.BM.CH JCM, U2: and Oscar will live forever! Ruthin's party Fruah year Sorry Amy TS ‘Fortin’ it at Schaffers Boy! Was it FAAB! Lvndale Baseball Hey! Give us those halls! 1988 Berg invitational? JJ Get it up! Upstairs! ‘Dice from Ice! Shot and a goal' • Bridge jumping Flip anyone?? ‘Thanks to Virgil and the Million $ Mon! ‘1 love you. even more! Crazy 4 U 21MDL ‘Hi my name it Jose? It Ia Apple Spray! AJ STS!. KH Choir! ‘We're doing the DQ!. ST. and KH! ‘Sher my shoe's in the mod! You peed on the stair Jon! ‘So AG how's that sand? Andy this is not my house! ‘Blood forever! KH, CH. SO Doin' donuts! Where is Ami ? GG. KH.CH?? ‘Cabin lake of The Lost ‘Ann! Neil D. Stogie, anyone? ‘God Mesa those 2? GH and CH ‘The hooters Concert! so CH. CG.KH ‘Lake city boys! Andy Jeremy 3 wheeler! ‘Mr . Thasen is gonna pay! JS. KM. NH. KH ‘Get the stuff off the driveway! ‘My name »s Scott. My name is Scott! JS. ‘MK in the sink! Cabin' Michigan! JK.JS.CH.TL.DL, 1'L.yuur awesome! ‘C.H. The Cobra's, band, fun in Richfield! Sitting on the ocean shore with S.M. C.H.? Homocoming 87 Embassy gel rocked?" Hey J J. want a dip for that shower? "No more shy Ki-Midway" Hey-Ki; Whip m out!!! Lake Harriet’” Mike and Arose (Black book) C.G. C.H. K.H.?? Let' have some fun! J. and C.A.C.. C.H. Little baby Jesus!" Senior One Liners 119 120 Senior CandidsSenior Candida 121Erich Scott Adalbert Waz up! It’s been a Chillin’ 4 years at AHA, but none compare to Senior. I would like to say goodbye to all my friends, and best of luck to the class of ’88. May your future be what you want it to be. Yours truly, James R. Bailey FBDC- God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom and knowledge to know the difference. Marie T. Anderson Don’t ever give up on your dreams ... and never leave them behind. Find them; make them yours, and all through life, cherish them and never let them go. Calhoun “Rumers” Friends are friends forever IHLY I Love You! Carrie J. Barrett I’m a little sad it’s over and done, but if I had to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks to my family and friends. A special thanks to the few who showed me you really can’t get it down to charts and graphs. Good luck-you guys are the best! Beth Marie Ascher I Hey everybody! Well I’m not going to say any long speeches, except that high school’s over. Time for the real world. Whatever that is! The class of “88” rocks!! See ya around. Ken Beissel Hi! 88! Soccer, Basketball, Softball. Awesome! Jewish Holiday! Thanx Everybody! AM DUFFY CM KT LM KH RH Free HR Nite games ESH Homecoming Seniors 1 — The Big A! Food!! Bye. Thanks Mom and Dad! AHA! Kimberly Ann Aveldson The greatest sin of maturity is losing one’s zest for life. Thanks everyone for four great years. John Marcus Berg W: 122 SeniorsThanks for the great times and for making me laugh (a lot). I wish I could live the memories forever. “But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Good luck “88”! Keep on dreaming! Michonne N. Bertrand Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Catherine Therese Bjorklund Learn from your mistakes and live for the future. Thanks for always being there Pete! I love you Mom and Dad! Daniel Joseph Boie Make a goal, strive for it, never give up, and you will achieve it. Think positive! Be aware of the good things around you, for they may pass you by. Lang-144 4-ever, Betty, Love ya! NG BH JS SD MF BW Friends Forever! John David Bork The future starts tomorrow for today will be the past. Live one day at a time and make your dreams last. Thanks Mom and Dad I LUV U. MAR U2 BEX stay gold. CH CG CHUBY, Without all of you I wouldn’t have made it through. Luck and love Lee ’88. Leanne M. Bowron I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. Heather Byrne In our lives there are things we may never understand, no matter how hard we try. Still ... we must do our best, and know we’ll always get by. I give thanks to my great friends, Mom and Dad and especially Maria! ”88” Jennifer Callahan “J” I will not follow where the path may lead but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail ... JJ how about that TP. Lake ... New Years Eve ... CM. JV. JJ. AR. MK. NP. PT. CC. KM. You are all great! Especially you DT!!! LUV U tons! Cheri Lynn Carlson Seniors 123Am I playing loud enough? Pep Band, Stevens Point, Chicago. Why me? Ha! It’s still running? How about a towel? Did you know 9-mile creek starts in Hopkins? I have to leave now to fix my car. Bye-bye. Christopher William Cashin If hope has flown away in a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Kelly P. Cormican Holy Angels is the place for us to grow. And now is the time for us to say “Goodbye”. Good luck to all of you “class of ’88!” Kelly Chan All I can do is smile when I think of all the times but putting them into words is almost as hard as saying goodbye. Thanks for all the memories, C-Buddies, waiters, hockey, ML’s summer ’87. Friends are friends forever ... never say good bye ... Ann M. Cross Ride the wild one, cowboy in the rodeo. Love like crazy, Juliet and Romeo. Live life to the fullest, be fulfilled, use the past to grow and build Beautiful Reflections of what we’ve shared. Michelle Clairmont It’s time to say goodbye and go our separate ways. Thanks to all my friends that have given me so many special memories. Good Luck to you all. 1 love you all. Kelli A. Curtan People become friends from time spent together. I am sorry for the time I did not spend making friends, but I am thankful for all the friends made from the four years of school and from things that happened on the weekends. D. Casey Conlon It’s strange saying goodbye when I feel I should be saying hello. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone, and thanks for a fun year. Oprah, remember: prickly tissue, a person could get crushed ... 19“74”, Mr. “D”, and Mr. “S”. Jennie Dahl. 124 SeniorsIf our friendship depends on space and time, then when we overcome space and time, then we’ve destroyed our friendship. If we are now what we were yesterday, then there is no hope for tomorrow. Jamie Ann Dalsin Ever more dreams to follow, doors to open, and paths to explore. Ever more life to live, things to see. Ever more friends to share in them. Jason Michael DeGeest We will all walk from here with a special present. It is a gift that has been shaped and created over these past four years by everyone here. It will be with all of us for the rest of our lives — memories. Thanks Mom and Dad! Dan DeMarce Holy Angels — The best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks to all my friends for the good times. I won’t forget you. And thanks for your love and support: Mom, Dad. Bizan and Karen—love you very much. Behnaz Delaram Startrekking with ED ruber-man pool party! Taco Bell!!! And secret ingredient. Number Eight is ... I wish the class of ’88 the best of luck in the future. Don Dickerson The longest journey begins with a single step. Live today to the fullest, for you will never get it back. The future begins today. Class of ’88, the future is ours. Thank you all my friends. You made these years the best. Stephen M. Dolan My greatest success is that I learned from my mistakes. Thanks to Jason, Don, John, L.R. M.C. and Mr. B. Que Est-ce Que Jepeux Dire. Mark Douglass The tune will come to you at last, when all are one and one is all; To be a Rock and not to Roll. Laura Dramstad Seniors 125“Imagination is more important than Knowledge” — Albert Einstein Peace, Matthew Peter Edmunds Behind the bank Fr. year — from then till? — S.E. Bros on the Island I built a bridge and dressed up with platinum. Baseball in ’87, State Tourney, AHA over the burn, the triangle is great! Thanks to my family and friends! Robert W. Egan “Resolve to be tender with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. At some time in life you will have been all of these.” John Ernst “And now the end is near and so we face the final curtain.” Class of ’88, we did it our way! Thanks to all my friends. You guys are fresh! Mom and Dad I Love You! Junior year, the triangle, always turn the DP. Until the next time, William F. Farhet III W:v Thank you, for you believed in me. But you knew not of my substance. And I am a rose just beginning to bloom. Peace and Love, Elizabeth Federbusch The best mirror of yourself is the face of a friend. Linda Marie Ferens Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them. A friend will not say “never” ’cause the welcome will not end. Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know, That a lifetime’s not too long to live as FRIENDS. Mike J. Floersch Chess: 2nd in State! Flat-line Lightspeed to nowhere. Obviously ... Bloop-Bloop Mech-ing — It’s worse than that he’s dead Jim! Cynic ... No just a realist. How quaint! Ro-botech. See Ya MAD, DD, JS, JL — Chessman — Bye. Jason Gadbois 126 SeniorsWhen the end grows near, you start to think of all the things you will miss. Sherry, all the guys, cabin shots, and of course Huka B. I’ll miss you all. Good luck!! Andrew S. Gaertner “Don’t slow down the wheels are turning, we’ve come too far to turn back now.’’ — Mister Mister Thanx-CG, TG, EG, TG, GA, KH I Couldn’t have made it this far without you! Amy Ann Giefer Share with me your unquenched thirst I’ll drench it with things not yet done. We’ll climb to the summit and spread our blanket in the sun. Pepe Lopez is your friend. Innocence is stagnant. Timothy Glesson Walking into the setting sun at times blinded by the lights of the future. For the people who were true, I’ll never forget! M D, thank you, I love you! EFIL, prom-509, para-noid-ILU! w or w out Weasel! Keep your dreams and smile! Cassandra Garrity To all my friends, a thanks for memories I will never forget. Dan Patch, apples, 3M, the lake, Bork’s cabin, TP, football, basketball, baseball, T.T, T3, AMF, Twins ’87, “that’s not a cop”, “say Phil”; and the mountain top Goals. Nicholas P. Gnerer Special memories: 1987 World Champion Minnesota Twins, soccer play-offs, and German class (with a little touch of Dutch) To my friends: Farewell until we meet again. Martin (Marty) Geislinger Miracles can happen, dreams can come true, if you have faith in all that you do. Believe in yourself and you will see that with faith you will be all you can be. To all my friends I want to say thanks — you made these four years really great! Mary E. Gockel Seniors 127There’s a world out there and I’m going to find it! I wish you all the best of luck and hope no grudges follow me. It’s been a long hard grind. Sylvia hates it when you bob her head, Mike. Bye. Jim Goethals Grunt vickle and me 3M Bork’s cabin-The summer of ’87 Jenny, Jeni, and Jenny-oh and Jenny. No-Don’t throw it — not this one ... BAMM! Homecoming ’87, We won? Davanies Mike-For anyone who cares-SCROD!! Never say goodbye. Love ya. Brien Robert Hall Michael Patrick Grahn I had some good times at AHA, but it’s time to go on. Thanks for making me smile Folly, Twix, Lisa, and Mary. Are you able to hear after Church? Thanks for being there Mom and Dad: Golly Molly Ann Guggemos The door to the human heart must be opened from the inside. Only those who enter may see the light. Thanks to my family, Jean, and friends. I love you all. ML Nicole Marie Hammer My years here have come to an end, but the memories will still live on; ’88 rules, thanks Mom, Dad, and especially Deener. Chris, I Love You, Forever To the tourney we are headed; again, but this time to win it all, BF, OB, PP, RE, BR. David “Reg” Hammond I want to thank everybody who made me feel at home. I wish everybody good luck and maybe we will meet again! Dank U Wei Iedereen En Tot Wederziens! Sandra Godelieve Gysemans Love is the greatest thing that we can give to each other, for love is a wondrous gift. No other can take its place, but love can take the place of everything else. Jim, these years are only the beginning. Love ya! Thanks Mom and Dad. Kimberly Ann Hanke 128 SeniorsWith or without you, all is the war I’ll have to wage, but it was with all of you that I’ve made it this far! Thanks for all the memories! “That’s what friends are for!” I’ll miss you all! C-Buddies 4-ever! Christine M. Hanson To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. Rock on’88! Michael Hanson Class of ’88 — goodbye. I will miss you, but most of all I love you. Thanks for being you ... True friends. I will hold you close to my heart forever. And to you JO, KC, MB - We did it together, forever my best friends. Michelle Anne Hanson My candle bums at both ends; it will not last the night; But my friends, they give a lovely light! Thanks to my friends who have given me so many memories. I will always cherish them. Good luck to all of you! Thanks Mom and Dad. Kathleen D. Harringer Friends are something you will have forever; and what they give you are great times to remember. 13,000 and 1 french fries, what’s up? Spot, S.S. nunsillier than a loon at x-mas time marshmellows, I Love You Barney Forever! Eve Marie Harristhal “What a long, strange trip its been!” GD They say that these are the best years of our lives. I disagree, they are the most painful that I have experienced. Although they have produced much happiness. Thanks Mom Dad LB JD JK EF TL ML CM!! Chris “Chubby” Hauer Don’t ever stop loving, Don’t ever stop believing, Don’t ever stop dreaming your dreams. Bridget Haugan We finally made it. Thanks for all the memories, Do you remember these? New Year’s Eve; Mario mailbox-No!; Algebra I; Eve your mom; nights at Karen’s; Slick where did they go? Bill, Dino, Z, Ed. There R so many more. Thanks, I love ya all. Good luck! Pamela Heider B Seniors 129JH, AP, BW, BW, MK, TS, SO, SC, I love you Jen, Chocolate milk, Reese’s, U2, MF, MG, I love you all. Thanks for everything — Every second counts. Raymond E. Heiland Even though the year has ended, let us not say goodbye but see you later, because we all may be going our separate ways, but we svill never drift apart. Jonathan Raymond Hergott I finally made it! Thanks Mom and Dad and to all my friends. Adams, Bowie, Clapton, and Boston in the same year. Well, I have to move on because “time doesn’t wait for me; it keeps rollin.” — Boston — I miss you all! Karen Lynn Hilgert Never say goodbye, never say goodbye, you and me and my were friends hoping it would never end. Never say goodbye, never say goodbye — hold in’ on we got to try — hol-din’ on to never say goodbye! Patricia Marie Hill “Be delighted with the Lord. Then He will give you all your heart’s desires.” — Psalm 37:4 Anne Katherine Jace Live life to the fullest, never look back on what you’ve d one. Remember: Going down, Viterbo, Conditioner, JV house, the Island, New Years, MR2, ,T.P. Cheri’s house upstairs. Andrea, next time tell your mom. Luv you lots, Jennifer Lynn James After the smoke cleared, it was down to you and I. Then the sun appeared and there was nothing left but goodbyes ... Silent night... MH, I love you! KC, F F babee! CM, the memories are all so sweet! Class of ’88 — Good Luck! We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Jodell Juen I will be with you again. Eap you are very special to me. Love, David C. Kaluza m 130 SeniorsAlways remember to never forget, look back with a smile and not with regret. Thanks friends. It’s been awesome!! Al’s D, Lund’s, Mother T., Bub’s ... I love you Mom, Dad, and P.J. etc. Madonna M. Kasbohm True friends let you smile from the inside - it took me some time to realize just who those people are. Thanx Susan, for showing me. I luv U Sue, Jen, Sar, El, Hil, Luv U 2 Dad, and I love you Mom, I’m so glad we made it! You all mean the world to me. Tami Koski May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Melissa Marie Kelly Children behave. That’s what they say when we’re together Kommst Du Hier we’re finally free. Hilly! Puddles Psyche 18th I’m getting married? Ellen, you will forever be my best friend. We’re moving to New York right? I love you D.J.E. Hilary Ann Host I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail. Andi, what are we missing in life? Molly Ann Kelly Friends are special people who always remain in the heart. Thanks! Shut-up already —! Nerd; Lionbars; Geek; TP; Hey Babes; “I’m not yelling”; What’s up; Lakes-summer; Hello Taco Bell; ABB; Franglais; Onid “Never say goodbye” Jennifer Amy Kuehlman Words express little. Thanks guys. Take it easy. Timothy Paul Keppel ‘‘Strangers we came in, friends we go out” Jr. Retreat, Sr. Corinne, Hunan, Twins, Miss Kramlich. Time seems so short when you’re having fun. Thanks for making these years the best. Good luck class of 88! John A. Kunz w Seniors 131“To be true to one’s self is the ultimate test in life. Have the courage and sensitivity to follow your hidden dreams and stand tall against the odds that are bound to fall in your path.” MMDD thanks! I Love You! MTLUNDAL Katherine Darby Laing Life is great just because of the friends we have made and the things in common we share. We want to live on, not because of ourselves, but because of the people who care. Thanks Mom and Dad. I like POOP! TWINS - How tall are you? Jon “Lau” Launstein To NG BH MF JS RV SD AND especially JB: I Love You Guys! Lake Harriet, John’s cabin, TP, “Phil whas up?” Football — Totino Grace — So close! Homecoming ’87! Brien, that’s 6! SKROD! BWCA did u do chemistry? Rock on! 144 forever!!! Stephen M. Lang Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Thanks Mom and Dad! I Love you! Mara Melissa LaRock We read War and imagine War. Since we cannot imagine War, we read about War until by War we can imagine more. Now we protest against War. Dead-icated: Peace and Love. Pete Leitten Thank you for all the good times I’ve had. Goodbye AHA. Thanks for all the help Sue and Helen. To all my friends — good luck. Doss 1974 Cutlass. Feb 13,1987 JN Drums kick DF. Rock on! Kevin LePage You know what to do, Just do it after the Beep. OH. Julien Diane Lasecki You will always be a success when you know that you have done the best you can at everything you do ... To Tim, Tim, Tony, Schaf, Bergy, Ann Marie, Becky, and to all the rest: I Love You all and I won’t forget you. Matthew Greer Lockhart 132 SeniorsLeticia Lopez I would just like to say that I am sorry I missed a year here! Kell it was great at O.C.B. with Brian, Mike Roger!? Chris it’s been fun. You better go to College!! I love you guys and I miss SM. Goodbye! Victoria Maria Lopez A dream is a door to tomorrow — a secret reflection to you — a threshold that leads to a wonderful future where nothing’s too good to be true. Thanks Mom and Dad! HVV JR AW JD AM JK BM AG MM JRW. I’ve had the time of my life and I owe it all to you! Christy Marie Lunde Where is home? Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness. Home is where the heart’s tears can dry at their own pace. Home is with your friends. JB, NH, TK, ML, KM, SM, JS, JS, ST, TS ... you’re the best of friends. I love you TS! Lynn Diane Maikke The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Thanks for the memories. I love you all. Becky Majerus Thanks to my parents and friends. I made it through high school. Thanks for the good times. Makr. DB KB PD CW CR CM TS JR MM SS LDCBJCTP DSMHSLDO TW PS RR BH. James Peter Makres Over the years we’ve grown together and shared a lot of good times. But yet, our time here is done and we must pursue our own dreams. I guess every silver line has a touch of grey, I will get by, I will survive. Thomas K. Luxem Dad and Mom where could I possibly start? Thank you both. To my friends — I’ve had the best times! Italia, BFM, phones, so-how are you? I’ll never forget any of you! To D.M. — You’re the one. I love you all! Cheryl Rose Mamer Seniors 133Shelley Roslyn McGarrell My heart is warm with friends I have, and better friends I’ll not be knowing, yet there isn’t a path I wouldn’t take, no matter where it’s going. Good luck my friends. I love you! C-buddies forever. Red B.B. Thanks Mom and Dad. Colleen Mary Martinson Class of ’88, you guys are the greatest and good luck. Sam, Tami, Hanny, Jen, you guys always were there for me and don’t forget I love ya. Bex, thanks for just about everything! We are too much alike. — and I got one. Robin “Rob, Robbie” McArthur It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he has. You have made me what I am today. Thank you. Good Luck to LS, BF, MM, EM, CG, in whatever you do. Most of all thanks Mom and Dad. Colleen McGraw Thanks ’88 for four great years I’ll always remember Kells Wendyl Verno Bex all my other friends. Favorite sayings: Oh my God, or what I gotta stop talking GAGA who cares. Thanks Mom and Dad I love you much! Take care Class of ’88. Joan Reardon McErlane Thanks everyone for all the memories at AHA! It’s been the best! I’ll never forget it! Prom ’87 room 509 with CG BA BP. Summer of’871 spent with BP! I LUV YOU! Jordans w ST. All My Buds, block BM RM SS SM TT PT JC! Jennifer L. McKisson When you think U had enough have some more. Lee the most thanks goes to U, Robs, KC you’re awesome too, Redn Matt summer ’87, Never 4get U, KU, JM, JP, PW, EM — You’re right Mom and Dad, Peter Pan is my Idol. Love you always — Bex ’88. Rebecca Ann McErlane Never forgotten the big R Sanibel 86 No destination FFF Dublin w Meg MW is he still choking U no MC at the D table Amadeus Love to Mom and Dad Mick and Mike MWEMS SHKJS BMBF MEMK GOOBIEC CES xoxo Red “Boston You’re My Home” Molly McLaughlin ' Vf 134 SeniorsI’ve known you: the Class of ’88... I have had such a wonderful year with you guys, especially Lynn R (such a nice sister) and Amy R (such a good friend). Merci Maman et Papa. I Love You: Alex (the King of Paris) I will miss you. “Love Me Tender” Virginia Menage There are many people that we meet in our lives, but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain important to us as true friends. Thanx! Amy Lynn Miller. “Some men see things as they are and say, ‘why?’ I dream things that never were, saying, ‘why not?’ ” JA MA JM MD SS AW CL HW AG You’re fake! Aren’t we all? Friends should come naturally, !!!!popularity! I love you Sarah. Good luck, MEN Terryl Ann Menke When the worlds collide in the proverbial big crunch, it may seem that nothing really mattered. But it does, and it will. Only if you make it. Can you explain shadows in the rain? — Yes I can! I Love You! Todd David Miller “ ... there’s a stranger in the field, I think it’s me ... my throat hurts... It’s the end of the world as we know it ... the dream of a child ... here are the young men, for where have they been ... tart tart Mark A. Messacar Life brings many changes, and some of them are not to our liking — Soon you’ll be living life to the fullest again. Mike Monahan This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to control your own life, no one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy. Lisa Eileen Mikkalson Time is only time, until you add friends and good times, then time becomes lasting memories. I don’t think we can really say good bye ... any more than we could say goodbye to our hearts. Thanks for all the great memories! Love always, Sara Allison Moore Seniors 135It was back in ’84 when I first walked through the door. You greeted me as a friend and I hope that never will end. So as we come to part, you will all be in my heart. So do not forget me, because this only means I’m FREE. Love always. Sean Morrill Oh, when I look back now just a little seemed to last forever, those were the best years of my life. Thanks for all the great memories! Kellie Elizabeth Murnan “Children behave. That’s what they say when we’re together. And watch how you play. They don’t understand and so were running just as fast as we can.” Hil, Luv U Tonz! MI, Wer’ kicken it live, JC. BM. MM. I love U all, wer’fresh n we no it. Ellen Meagher Murphy Cruisin’ in the SS at 125 w the windows down. The island, T. Emmers Frosh year, Halfway to Texas, Have you seen the bridge? The cabin, Sunday night trips to Hudson. Good bye my friends; it’s time to go! S.E. BROS. Forever! Chuck “Toast” Musech 21 The rose of the valley may wither, the pleasures of youth pass away. But our friendship will blossom forever, while all other flowers decay. I love the class of 1988 and I will never forget you. Thanks for being there — Mary T. Nawrocki From the heart I give, from the soul I live... And a kiss of fate is all I need for an everlasting goodbye! I WUV YOU C.B. (R.S.) and K.C.!!! Love, Christina Cecelia Jean Nelson BB Holy Angels was a good time. The people here were great. Thanks to all my teachers and coaches. Football was the Best, Kad. I would like to say goodbye to the MS HSL athletic contracts. Brought the best times and also H.B. John Oik We must go our separate ways and do what we must do, but I won’t forget the trail I’ve walked and that I walked it with you. JA Sherry A. Olsen 136 SeniorsWe left the world behind for a better time, can you believe it! Memories remain, because friends are friends forever!! Class of ’88. Douglas T. Olson “If you turn away, that’s the beginning of the end. That’s what you spend your time doing — trying not to turn away.” B.S. "86” Thanks for the wonderful times. Paul M. Podgorak The AHA road was often rocky and unpaved. Thanks for driving on it with me. Good luck in the future. I hope that I am a part of it. The triangle is flawless. See you around. Timothy P. O’Brien We have nothing to lose ... and everything to gain, if we keep our mind and hearts open. Peace, Love, 60’s, U2, Born in the Wild! Gumby Pokey, THE BEATLES, Thanks for the memories — RH, AM, JS , AW, BW, Best of luck to all! Let’s go on a road trip! Party. Ann Pollard Goodbye and good luck! Thanks to all my friends. It was a blast! JL, AG, KW, “Blockhead” DL, ES, TH, and especially you, Jen, You’re the best! Remember: Prom, 509, B-ball, partying, 9, summer ’87, Zeppelin, The Crop, and the tree house! Mom, Dad, love ya. Brian E. Patrick It isn’t so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going. — Groucho Marx REM, U2, THE Smiths, B. IDOL, The GUYS — M.E., D.L., P.L., J.S.. T.L., B.R., D.D., E.S. LUV U BEX! Kevin Pbttei l X ' J on mi nnimdr:, A DREAM: A time when the MIND wanders through the mist in search of what the HEART desires most — DREAMS NEVER DIE. By the way, can you explain shadows in the rain? I LOVE YOU! LOVE, me ... Noelle Christine Payne “Leaves are falling all around time I was on my way but still I much obliged such a pleasant stay” Thanks Brian B Timmy T Davis d. JM BM MM MM RM CH AH ML and the rest of the family summer ’87, Stay in touch! Jeffro J. Powers C--:Thanks for all the memories Class of ’88. Dao H. Quan AHA — A four year course in education! These past few years have really been GREAT! Best of luck to the Class of “1988”!! Many Thanks to you Mom-n Dad. State Tournament ’87 for Baseball was Awesome. Thanks for everything AHA. Charles B. Reed “Reedo” It matters not if one sees light through darkness, but instead what one does in that light. Time moves fast so in order to keep up you must drive faster. Thanx to soccer team: Annette: Jerad: Brad: Theresa: Jeni J.: Laura, Debi Mich. Gym class: Ann T. Mom Dad, Amy Ralph R. Rabasco What a time it’s been, so much revealed to us and through us. I’m in love with it all; I’ve caught its fire. Nothing is ever lost; I’ve kept it all. Watch me you’ll see yourself again some time. Love to MB MC DK ML VM DQ AR EW M, P, D, P. Lynn Reinardy How do we live? Day by Day ... Jerad Rasmussen These last four years have been the most memorable years of my life. Thanks! NG, BH, JB, AS, DH, JR, MM (Embassy Suites) Who A Baby! Remember A1 (Duluth Franklin) I’ll never forget the times we had together! Baseball and Hockey — Awesome! 88’s BEST! Dan SCHROB Robinson What lies before us and what lies behind us are little matters compared to what lies within us. Molls, what are we missing in life? Jenni, LaCrosse trip again? Andrea Marie Reda You must love to leave traces in fresh white snow, on foggy window panes, in warm sand, and especially in the hearts of other people. Thank you for leaving traces on my heart. AT KH JA BH HW AW AM JC AG CL JD CM AP. Jennifer Robinson $8 138 Seniors“I don’t know where I’m going but I sure know where I’ve been” Thanks for all the memories! De LaSalle cheerleaders, Is anybody not? Total Pukage! Buicks, 2 points take down Prior Lake, Yeah Rah! Rah! Mike! Lake Noko-mis, Hey Jean “Neaner” Rowland Our time has come to step out of the ideal, and into reality. Keep perspective above all else. Nothing is ever as good, or as bad as it seems. I have learned a lot about people. Thanx. SUMAS QUOD SUMUS Brian R. Ruff “ ... Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know, That a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.” Thanks to the Class of ’88 for the best of times and the best of friends. Amy E. Rushin Whenever you dream of holding the key, open the door and let yourself be free. These years have truly been the best days of my life. Thanks for all the memories. Uecker Ding-Dong Qubert Fingers EM CG PL DL LB JD JK AC James T. Sanders Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. I love you both. And thanks to everyone at AHA. These have been the greatest four years. To all my friends, you guys are the best! AR SO BA AG KH MW JE SD TO and especially NH. Good luck Class of ’88! Jean Marie Sarazin Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of t hem, and a friend will not say never cuz the welcome will not end. Though it’s hard to let you go; A lifetime’s not too hard to live as friends. Thanks Mom Dad Pete, I Love You! Theresa Savoie Men and women crowding the streets, If they are not flashes and specks, What are they! John Paul Schaffer Belief is at the beginning of all accomplishment. Have faith. Best of luck Class of ’88. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love you both very much! BFF CDM. Laura Jo Schroepfer ■A Seniors 139The only thing constant in our world is change. May we all learn to change in order to improve our world. C.M.T — May our separate paths lead back to one another. Peter Seidel I have really enjoyed all four years with each and every one of you. Thanks to everyone who helped make these four years the greatest times I have ever had. I love you all!! Allen Sieve Me I am a figment of my imagination. I think I exist. But I only exist in my mind. This only exists in my mind. People who read this don’t exist either. This means they are a figment of my imagination too. This is utterly useless. John Skovran Success is failure turned inside out, so make sure your wash is folded properly. Thanks LM and The Bo-shunter, you are truly the greatest of friends. I love you Mom, Dad, Becky, and Todd. All My Best. Anthony D. Smith ‘M And these children that you spit upon as they try to change their world, are immune to your consultation. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through. I made it, Mom! I love you: Mom Dad Sarah Betsy and Ray. Jennifer A. Smith Joan, Kelly, Verno, Frebus, the Class of 1988, and all of my teachers: Thanks for the great memories and for making me feel welcome. I will never forget you. Wendy Smith If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears and fangs that can kill. I will choose a path that’s clear — I will choose free will! Take Care. Sandy Standing If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you can’t accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through. Kim, thanks for being my lady. Love ya! Thanks Mom and Dad! James Michael Susag 140 SeniorsW'N Erick Thomas Swanson Thanks for all the fond memories I have of my four years of attending AHA. Best wishes to all. James M. Sweeney Now our dreams are coming true — thru the good times and the bad — I’ll be standing there by you — B. Adams To JJ MK JV AR — 217: TT JM for standing by me when I couldn’t stand alone. Mom — I love U — Parte-gal (JM) 88 forever w Budz Love ya — Paula Lynn Tatro Thanks for all the memories. They’ll never fade away. I love you PH MM CM EH KH DQ MG KW. Thanks Mom and Dad for making this possible. Good luck class of ’88. Karen Taylor Matt — It’s the flower and you its only seed. I love you! Class of ’88 — Some say you’re where your thoughts are. Now if that thought is true, you’ll never have to be lonely, for I’ll always be with you. We made it! Mom and Dad Thanks! Tami Taylor My friends, by the time you read this, we will all have gone our separate ways. But the four years we have spent together were awesome! Good Luck and success in the future to all of you. I love you!! Susan Marie Thissen Thanks for the best year in high school I ever had. AW AM AP AT Friday night look for ABB. A.S. OH Baby are you Fine, accounting. JR AW move over. Get a little closer. RR JR — lunch wouldn’t be the same w out you guys. Football 30 or 31 Ann Tryon “Lean on me. When you’re not strong — cuz I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.” JJ CC TS KC AR MK NP we have had some pretty good times together! Keep in touch! I’ll miss ya and don’t forget to Save the Camels! LUV Ya Lots, Jenny Verral Seniors 141It’s true that love can change us, but never quite enough. Sometimes we are too tender often too tough. If we get too much attention, It’s hard to overrule. Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool. William C. Wagner AHA — Four years of growing up. Thanks for teaching me. Especially RU SL NG BH JB JS BW RM. Football “Co-Star Pride” Track “the Hurdling Crew” RV AND I DC and SC none!!... Falcon shall live! Best of luck to the class of“88” Robert J. Widmer Come on now! Hey now! When the rain comes I’m gonna run and hide my head. For I don’t live to eat but rather eat to live and if it weren’t for chocolate, I might be dead. Kevin R. Ward We Finally did it. Now it’s time to reach our dreams and goals we have had for years. I know we can all do it because we are the Class of ’88. Luv ya. Carrie Ann Williams At least once in every lifetime, someone touches us more profoundly than they will ever know. They reach the core of our being with their kindness and insight. Thank you for being that someone in my life ... CL JR AW AM AG JR. I LUV you TK! Holly Weiland Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as bay the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. Thanks class of ’88. Good luck! Gregory John Williams Thanks for all the great memories! Cheerleading wouldn’t have been the same CL AG HW JM JA MA SS MD. TP-ING JO’s house! RR July 8,1987. BH CM we’ve had fun! To all the others — AM AP JR (best helper) JK TM: JR — Wrestlers! I love you Mom and Dad! Annette M. White I will always be here. Our dreams we will share, Together or apart, but always at heart. I love you Lee El, Mom, Dad. You were all there when I needed you most in my life. Thank you. Always, mi. Monkey see, Awesome three. Maren Elizabeth Wilson w 142 SeniorsV HV J fC-4 V %p .or7tt- it Ur Pennies are easy to come by. Pennies made of gold are three in a million ... and they’re mine. Thanks A and J and J. Trust me, it hurts to climb the Alps. So what! Thanks M and D Marc Augustine Wolf IN MEMORY OF OUR FRIEND JR WEISS 1969-1987 WE WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS! if I “Do not stand at my grave and weep'. Iam not tfiere. I do not sleep. I am a tfiousand winds dmthlow. [am the diamondglints on snow. I am die sun fig fir on ripenedgrain. I am tfie gentfe autumns rain. yJfen ifou awaken in the mornings (tush, I am the swijt uplifting rusfi Of (jmt fnrds in circledjlight. I am die soft stars that sfune at night. Do not stand at mg grave and erg; I am not tfiere. I did not def I V3 £ • 1 • M. S f f V«. 2 1 «- 3 1 1 2 t t V Seniors 143D I 1. Cheryl Mainer 2. Ann Pollard 3. Steve Dolan 4. Greg Williams 5. Colleen McGraw 6. Kellie Murnan 7. Shelly McGarrel 8. •Jenny Callahan 9. Annette White 10. Kevin LePage 11. Paula Tatro 12. Amy Giefer 13. Mary Gockel 14. Pam Heidcr 15. Patti Hill 16. Ki Martinson 17. •Jim Sanders 18. Donna Kasbohm 19. Wendy Smith i'Jift- 144 Senior Baby Pictures20. Christy Lunde 22. Karen Hilgert 24. Lisa Mikkalson 26. Tami Taylor 28. Becky McErlane 30. Mara La Rock 32. Noelle Payne 34. Lynn Reinardy 36. Cassie Garrity 21. Amy Miller 23. Chris Hauer 25. Kevin Potter 27. •Jenny Kuehlman 29. Tom Luxem 31. Dan DeMarce 33. Sue Thissen 35. Kelly Cormican 37. Jamie Dalsin Senior Baby Pictures 14538. Chuck Musech 40.Teri Menke 42. Vicki Lopez 44. Sherry Olsen 46. John Bork 48. Jenny Robinson 50. Linda Ferens 52. Behnaz Delarem 54. Jean Rowland 56. Holly Weiland 39. I,aura Schroepfer 41. Marty Gcislinger 43. Christina Nelson 45. Kim Hanke 47. LeAnne Bowron 49. Joan McErlane 51. Jerad Rasmussen 53. Becky Majerus 55. Sara Moore 146 Senior Baby Pictures1988 semoR (?cms men BEST SMILE: AfftyVtuahin WarcV oW CUTEST COUPLE : 3tMVj Srh Vh HciWd MOST SOUGHT AFTER :i errM 0 ser Tom Ux em MOST OUT OF UNIFORM :Ac Cross T‘ MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT : L tonne. ? ouro N Chrishouer BEST SHOES:6arar0oort Crich Adalbert CLASS CLOWN :Cher Co 3or Laur sh e i rs GUEST ON LETTERMAN :"Ter bon btNWce. BIGGEST HEART: Vidgt VWjeA. tt Sieve. BIGGEST FLIRT sphere SavJoie. VanVic-hle, BEST MUSICAL GROUP: IkZ BROWN NOSER : Sue Thisser MoA Lochharl BEST LAUGH :IY icWeberWd fti l Orhe l-MOST TALENTED :fT olkj kt U| I ob£afA FAV. TEACHER : rC rs. Uo oo NY. S xch BEST EXCUSE MAKER :?aulcjodro 3enx J'RasrnuSSen STAY SINGLE : Sam Smi-Ha Chris Cashin JOIN PEACE C0RPS:be-H Ascher Mik« loerscb BEST CAR : 3 fr ie Cxxlslf Tonxj Srr i+k MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: The C as: o-f 88 v: .•.w Senior Poll 147148 Senior RetreatSo- (licitit (tab to- ... Talent so outrageously deep, it continues to gleam... The class of 1988 is a jewel of a collection. Personalities of various shapes and sizes, from diamonds to rubies. Something to suit every taste, all brought together for a special weekend to share hopes and dreams and to make lasting impressions. Impressions to reinforce ideas and impressions to last a lifetime. Senior Retreat. What memories! Memories never to be forgotten, like “Happy Birthday Miss Hanley!” and “The Clowns of Doyle.” Nothing like a smoke-free weekend and the middle of the night extravaganzas to ring the bell!! Lots of laughs, smiles, and tears. Joyous tears because of the unity that we share here at A.H.A. Yet sad tears because it’s a weekend that can never be repeated. We are the sunshine in each others’ hearts. We support and encourage each other through good times and bad. We can and will always be able to look back and smile remembering the fun and happy memories because WE ARE FAMILY! Senior Retreat 149 )is?a little touch of HEAVEN!! PROM — ’88 A little touch of “Heaven” about summed up Prom — ’88! After losing our place at the Registry Hotel, we found ourselves in the heavenly Blaisdell Manor. Here’s the scene: The Whitesidewalls are bringing life to the crowds of couples. A boy and a girl embrace as a slow song is being played. They feel as though they are on top of a world made perfect by this one special night of dancing, romance and fun. A night they won’t soon forget. As the late night hours turn into the wee hours of the morning the couples join together in groups and continue to indulge in events like picnics, boat rides, parties or even taking a walk around Lake Harriet. All in all, everyone felt like they were given that little touch of Heaven that everyone experiences at prom. 150151Celebration Day 153 !s 154 GraduationGraduation 165 mm - |i i i i i i|i i i' “ »!j i! !ii i I.l'1 ' 1:1:1 1 11:1,11,1 AS m 7 156 Class PhotottOLD ON ID THIS MP H£N 1“ Single fifle and yet together; VOe have shared our greatest days. And we carry common memories In different ways. Though we don't know where we're going, YVte will cherish where we've been. I want to cry. 1 Want to shout... Want to let this feeling out: Hold on to this moment: Let the feelings show. Hold on to the moment: Never let ft go. 1 can picture us together With my arms around my friends. Just let me hold on to this moment" before {tends. There was laughter: There were tears. Through the dozen golden years. ADVERTISEMENT Create aK.C., Congrats to our favorite son!!! Love, Mom, Dad Mandy She Did It Her Way ... On Stage or behind it! + “Joseph”, “Barnum”, “Rapunsel, Rapunsel”, + + “Godspell”, “The Fantasticks”, “West Side Sto- On Yearbook Staff: -Fsnapping cropping pictures 4-writing typing copy + layouts 4-meeting deadlines Noelle ’88 Congratulations! We Love You, Dad, Mom, Michele, Colette 160 Seniors AdsLiz — Use your roots for wings. Love, Mom and the cats. Congratulations Jennifer! Love Thanks, Maria Lauren Love, Mom Dad Sara ’85 Steve ’87 Molly Lord, you have led the way. The road has been long and there have been some curves on the way — but we made it! Thank you friends and everyone at AHA for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you. Jennifer May God in His wisdom And infinite love Look down on you always From Heaven above. May He send you good fortune Contentment and peace And may all your blessings Forever increase. Congratulations, Missy! Love, Mom and Dad Kevin Brian Dennis and Kathy Michael Willie ’86 Seniors Ads 161“You Are The Sunshine of Our Life” We’re so proud of you, and all you’ve done. Carry that sunny disposition with you always. All our love, Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!! Through dirty knees and suspenders ... and always an element of surprise ... you turned into a man. Success, like football, is measured by who you are, not what you are. We are so very proud of you. KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED, Mom, Dad, Dan and David 162 Senior AdsDear Susan, We are so very proud of you. You are a special person. We all have many The Doors of Wisdom are never shut. wonderful memories because of you. We love you, “our little lady”. Love, Senior Ads 163And Last With Love and Congratulations, Dad But Not Mom Amy ’77 Anne ’79 Least, Kate John ’80 ’82 7 Karen ’85 Jim, ’88 Thanks, AHA! Congratulations: Ralph and Brad Look Out Loras Here’s Ralph! Thanks AHA! “ATTN: All Hands Here’s Brad!” Love from your family Friendship, just a perfect blendship!” “Who said it couldn’t be done?” 164 Senior AdsAnd thank you for a year of good memories. Love, Paul, Mom, Lynn ’88 Michael ’91 Shamrock Congratulations Virginie! Senior Ads 165We’ve always been together But now it’s time to part. Our memories of each other Will keep us .close at heart. Love, Carie ’90 God gave Mara to us to guide, To love, to walk thru life beside. A little child so full of charms, To fill two pairs of loving arms. God picked us out because He knew How safe His child would be with us. Congratulations, Mara! We love you, Mom, Dad, Carie 166 Senior Adsa y T £.0; 3 ? £e r) ra 4 I ., UJ 3y, y j . tuCuy •fj e St; . C reefer Boo S e r 4 , Wast tp a Mem 8MC-SS Pr J« ■ +-'o ”S 20-0 Thanks for the memories of great team ability, effort and spirit. Congratulations as you graduate with the Class of ’88. With Love and Pride, Your Parents Senior Ads 167CONGRATULATIONS CATHERINE! Dad, Mom, Bob Joe, Misty and Mittens You have been a super kid since the day you arrived, and we are very proud of you. We Love You! Congratulations Stephen! We are very proud of who you are! Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Love, Dad Mom Amy Megan 168 Senior Ads(JJJL 0- L OAJi. (Jji'uj rc . V C Va. v r o' . vv “x »- v «,v 2? ,,??• Rx ■ .e s. J' rc y C -— cr vO co 9copey- I r cM 0 ° ° fuUriW cjouo gc»a S —A—- Strfwvr 1 Top. •• vv yUjvT coo Ucu. acxv Jt. wcKcr ( c W.c V - -'- tV'tr' yjJ U c . y V; £r|fVl:r Good Uct lf.£ T OF . SCMfr -K. UcK from vN£ WHO rAR S ,v- v.Al r.T? C ., SPEED icU V ,c)r Kcu. Senior A(k lfi9We will always love you Your Mom and Dad Tami WE ONLY LOOK EXPENSIVE • Oikovw how ofkxdablo oor all wood 4 Umlnal cabioouy is • Fiae professional dosign and moasuro. Soo youi ki'.chon bofor you doodo • installation ava.iablo St Paul Showroom • 0«c» r« Pui . Snrfkro • 644-3020 Minnoapoiis Showroom • im? Mtnnvpn a. . jun Korin icr-»j P rW • 332 773a M f to 5 (M U •) Sal 10 4 KITCHENS REGGIE, REGGIE, REGGIE!!!!! Congratulations. Son Wo are proud of you TIW best is yet t » come! Love You Mom, Dad HIC mtOTHKK. I am glad we get along so much heller than before. Congratulations, Love. Susan The relatives on I he West Const send I heir besl wishes!! Uncle frank. Aunt (Seri family Love. (Ireal-drandma Karl hoi go (let ’Km Stud!! Ann You are a Dashing. Amazing. Victorious Ideal Dynamic Humdinger of a grandson! I .ove, Marilyn. R.C. Dave H. Thanks for all the neat memories. You are a very special person. Whether it's 8 or U19 you are ts I with me in 1988 and always!!! Love. Aunt Deenie (Nee Nee) (lood doing Big duy Mark 170 Senior Htwiness Atls“Hey ... I told you I’d Graduate!” Congratulations Pete, We’re Proud Of You! Love, Mom, Dad, Angie, and Aimee “We Don't Smoke We Don’t Chew We Don’t Go With Girls That Do” ROCK ROLL FOREVER! Senior Ads 171CJLJfy. •dL . J yd- .tju. x - j -l cuJj: o J j -u ■ XttiSD mii iUNQE By Mo« Charming all around you Rappy all the time Running all your friends around gloos, spokes and tents Shouting out her "cheers" Telling all the players--"You guys, my virgin ears!" Munching seafood Applying makeup in a trance Ringing telephones late at night ” s it really morning??!!?" "Eh. what’s up. dude?" Loudly exclaiming to all far and near "Under the covers?" "No way am I going! "Dust? What dust?" "Enough! I'm going dancing." rirotili a c"»hm » lltt't $l» •!»? f{ t l il.»,t Hi« • v "» 0" N' '«t •«i e ri »ilii Ill t»e rfltllltt fOm to !»'• IN «1 Clt t« tyou are . j»s. »e tr H«r. xi f »« C r«. ( erut» flo l t« »H«« utfcwt «s' o ii t»» i e. t»» tun c»M ovt o»to. m '»0'. oiltrfloi, iwin fieno ki( o ;»«t re «e 1 ter • tf III • O !►» Jt troll. r f Itote' III (»•'« , l“l »•» »'tK !»►•» tMl • KMll llll 0‘0 't I »t0 t0« tU. SIOOl'M 'till -r tMvy 1 •»'« eroo ve »r s Mil -t »•«! !• I'M le» »ll I t'lMI'lr. ilN« trl» .It » |.J ill t ( ««r.c f«w II • Ollvl '»• K'WWI '» WMi»| III «'0-» M 10.1. oitllll T Mmnotpoti Tnbuno Thwodoy. Fobfuoiv 10. 1977 ll’s for evoryono A Richfield firti-grider. worried th t her te chcr would forget whili coming Mondty. left • note on her detx. reminding her VD it coming CM illy. I - to to r « «• ■» n»M too I Moe you •lrt|l •' 11 M iMolt for ooir .»« t»i«0 - .» «OM for M Mil 0 '« • I IN l.lw'O lo.o. C-lOAC, d.yy . J Ay L Mi-n Ancu JJ-An. -yuAL A ACMUS --to rrnc. -tfec Ur Al AfU £ -fAitnoL Atcd. J-uOtj1 lOu. Afiumwa; c». 'V x , 'r CMISIf, i imis tin v u u»t i i». •KOI IS OM IM1K mu cm cowl on. TOO Ml ooi fiCMioo »!« • lluffic M!« l rco a i« oo iieo sin. I I0 t TOO' 0 0 172 Seniors AdsCongratulations Annette! The Future Is Yours We Love You Mom and Dad, Tim, Ruth, Scott and Robyn, Todd and Kathe, Terry A "Serving... Caring... Growing" MAW OFFICE BLOOMINGTONfEDEN PRAIRIE BURNSVILLE 6625 Lyndaie Ave. So. 9320 Ensign Ave. So. Cobblestone Court Richfield, MN 55423 Bloomington. MN 55438 14201 Grand Ave. So. 861-7355 944-6993 Burnsville. MN 55337 435-3036 Senior Business Ads 173You are always my friend when I am happy or when I am sad when I am all alone or when I am with people You are always my friend if I see you today or if I see you a year from now if I talk to you today or if I talk to you a year from now You are always my friend and though through the years we will change it doesn 't matter what I do or it doesn 't matter what you do Throughout our lifetime you are always my friend -Susan Polis Schutz PANTIE RAIDS BLUE GOOSE CHAMPIONS!! 174 Personal Adsboom BOOM BOOM Hair' on firr' ... I really don’t think »o. S1IK1... Senior Krirtat: I av«d hi life ... The Book of Quntkm ... I'm going to tine a on and it (on omrthing like this ... a I.imited shareholder .. Tuesday x a c-Ismt with Cheryl... I am a busy body and have no friends... We don’t look twenty-one ... live, did v u buy the Chevette yet?... Michonne? R you think your brother has ever never mind ... Day I: Todd funny ... Day 11: TwO? no lon er?f?»,y... Gee. I’ve never been to Moppo't before — think they'll give us a •ample'’ ... I wonder why it’s so hot in here? ... Lynn, it’s just your rebellious stase. that’s all. - .JV soccer — how nice of you to drive to Ckaakmt .. Have you ever had your plum tree shaken?... Michelle, because of this problem of yours, would you say that NFP would no lonjer work? ... The American Indian has a bog effect on the media in the UJv “Awash'" ... So. healed those WWU wound yet?... They have pecial shoe for that... K-... liposuction... I-eon... The Library ... OA w B- w-hat a surprise!... Cherry tomatoes ... By My Side (sorry. Michonne and Ia»e'l.. Wednesday French parties in the summer ... Duuude? ?. The Ho?t ... WaU Street... (hid Rush Secret .. Study buddies... Patty Paul, consult your dentist... Summer reading program ... Sylvia, bow do you call your biverboy?... Puney.. .Thecon... l.u h years. .Send in the Clowns... It’s like dancing with your brother... Puce... Do I offend?... Love is cookie, cookie is love... And that's a difference of five... But I was going to eat it!... The Cure... Delores... lad's call a spade a spade ... Chib Fed... Dayton's profits ... GEORGE!... Claire... Pick a lane!... Subway on double stamp days (not in I anti... laniis. Post Card Club... WHERE'S KLEUH?... Boom boom boom... Cecilia Roman Camille Davis... Comfortable shoes... Riots at Uptown... Can you say "Christma ’"... Swimming in Sweden .. You're gaining on him. 1 have NO depth percept too ... the Pastel twins ... Copious note takers .. LT1 ruled.. He had a lente face... Crepes and a gay movie? Sound familiar.. Two of what0 ... Lise I jse Bo Rise... So. do any of you girb have boyfriends?... Michelle's lost again... Do you have a problem?... You guys get outta here’ 1 don't remember invitin ANY of you'... Do people throw up at work?.. .Soccer players eating their teammates.. How's Ted??.. -Sil vous plait, one fork, two spooos, one chocolate mousse... Don't touch the dog!!... Hire the handicapped .they're fun to watch... What’s that between your teeth. Lynn? ... I »aw you running like a mad woman across the street... Lata night sound at Lisa's... Gourmet books... Nutella and I ion liars... Gloria's barnacle face... Notes to Mr. Sack ... A Sensational Holly. Katie, Don, Amy, Kris, Missy. Mara, Molly, Sara, Noelle, Chris, Tami and Holly — Hey, team! We want to tell you that we think you’ve created a SENSATIONAL book, one to be proud of. We sure are! We've all learned so much and done so much. What a CREATION!! Friends. What more can we say? How many times have we been put to the test? I don’t think anyone could count that high. We’ve shared everything — boyfriends, problems, tears and happiness. How many inside jokes: 'Tar, tar, tar Um, excuse me, Amy, we’re going 90 1 swear to god officer A lizard thing with wings •McDonald’s hopping for game pieces Yes, Amy can get tanner Living on Your Own — what a class! The birds love Amy’s car 'Target — yes Christy Jean live there 'Honestly Christy, your hair looks fine Amy Christy — “Can you believe that Bret is that...” (Poison ’88) Yes, we are scoping men!! How many great times: PROM ’88 'Angelus ”8 'Cruisin’ Nokomis 'Valentine’s Day ’88 Prom at the Canterbury — the best night! How many guys: 'Corey (Yes, Christy Amy do share everything) 'Chris H. (Is he really married now?) 'Chris (Do you carry your drum sticks everywhere?) 'Matt (The major hangup in Christy’s life) 'Steve (The major hangup in Jean’s life. Was it a heartstopper?) 'Mark B. (I still don’t think he’s gotten the hint) 'Mark L. (What’s that? — Flick) 'Donovan (Oh Julie ... PLEASE!!) 'Eric (Christy, weren’t you going out with Matt?) 'Mark D. (Pinto) 'Mark Ron (Yes, he’s gorgeous! I swear everyone knows him!) 'Geof (Need we say more?) Friends? Yes, we will be friends ... FOREVER!!! Personal Ads 175We Offer: PREGNANCY TESTING • ffOQ • confidential SEXUALITY COUNSELING Relationships • freo • confidential PRENATAL CARE • Modlcal caro throughout prognancy delivery • Lowest cost program in Twin Citios • Social worker on stall Hours: 9.00 0 m. lo 4 30 p.m. Monday ihni Friday Appointment Proloriod Location: SOUTH SIDE LIFE-CARE CENTER 250 Upion Ave. So. Mmneapo $. MN 55410 ton btodt weti or Ilk 922-6900 Odair PROGRESSIVE STYLE ...AND YOU ★ Haircuts ★ Perms ★ Colors ★ Foils ★ Waxing ★ Make-up “NAILS” 494 PENN • 881-6844 176 Business AdsPeters Billiard Supply Mfg. Greg Peterson Sales Service New Used Antique Manufacturers of quality slate tables 6150 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55419 (612) 866-8433 (BRUIVSH'ICK oft tur 945 ARKWAY PHOTO INC QUALITY ONE-HOUR PHOTO FINISHING • COLOR PRINTS • REPRINTS • ENLARGEMENTS • SLIDE PROCESSING • PASSPORT PHOTOS • HOME MOVIES ONTO VIDEO TAPE WE COPY OLD PHOTOS COMPARE PRICE COMPARE QUALITY 827-6166 • lew. 54 ST. 54th A LYNDALE SO. Find us fast iimmest DIAMOND LAKE SOUTH A Leisure Management Inc. Center Chuck Whitman General Manager 5959 Nicollet Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55419 869-2475 Business Personal Ads 177- j3iamoncU - .twcLiy - Watcfizi - jJtzmi an 9 czf zfiaiiLng 823-9147 5402 zJ fLco[[zt A (J£. t SIdui J. S fiode. tzMinnsafiofii, SI n. 55419 SHOWCASE CLEANING COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL INSURED AND BONDED JIM OR SHEILA HANSON 831-6571 4808 W. 102nd ST. Bloomington, mn 55437 178 Business AdsGtyurrij nf % AHr ttHton 1723 Bryam Avenue North Minneapolis, Minn Rov. Raymond Wonsoof Paslor MonsiQfyy P.w. Coales In residence Mrs. Oorwalha Addorley School principal Sister Claudia Hinds. O P. Parish workor Rev Mr. Can Valdez Deacon S«lor Jean Thuereut Ascenson Mission Mrs Oorolhy Pagel Parish coordinator BARTS BARTS SUBURBAN DRIVING SCHOOL — SERVING SOUTH METRO AREA — • CLASSROOM • PRIVATE BEHIND THE WHEEL • ROAD TEST REVIEWS • MOTORCYCLE TRAINING • FREE HOME PICK-UP • CLASSROOM STARTS DAILY • BONDED — LICENSED BY STATE OF MINN 6020 PORTLAND AVE. 861-1337 MINNEAPOLIS Free pickup at AHA! Business Ads 179Bloomington Drug Bloomington's largest selection of greeting cards k gifts featuring Hallmark, Recycled Paper, Precious Moments, Black Hills Gold, k Russel Stover candies. Bloomington’s 1st drug store Oxboro Center 509IV. 98th 8t. Congratulations to our son John Schaffer and the Class of '88! Hub Tanning 5 Visits $15.00 10 Visits $29.95 In the Hub, next to Marshalls Call 861-4635 uu v.v tff -■ufcj F—- Turner 'Itedware 0633 Nicollet Mpls, MN 55423 Serving Richfield since 1350 180 Business AdsCongratulations to the class of 1988! Hub Center Stores: Fanny Farmer Hub Tanning Center Tran Tailors Hub Shoe Repair Hearing Prosthetics Plymouth Optical Cost Cutters Athletic Shoe Factory Lancer Stores, Inc. Marshall’s Glad Rags Weight Watchers Famous Footvear The Stable Karon’s Hallmark Extra Special Hub Jewelers Kinney Shoes Walgreens Pilgrim Dry Cleaners United Stores China Garden Godfather’s Pizza First Minnesota Professional Electrolysis Assoc. Podiatrists All Star Furnace Cleaning Towle Real Estate-Property Managers Arby’s 7744 5th Ame. Richfield, MN 866-3408 Congratulations to the graduating class of Best wishes for success in the future! No job too large, No job too small! Business Ads 181sales a service all makes • New a useo machines repairs • rentals • vacuous All wo»« Guarantee© VALLEY WEST SEWING CENTER (9 VI KING SmdWI Authorize© Dealer CURTIS KINGSLEY I0590V France Av« SO SINCER GOLDEN VALLEY SUPPLY CO. Your Service Center for Complete Interior Products TOM MARTINSON Treasurer Office: (612) 544-8907 182 Business AdsONE STOP SHOP Gas, Groceries, Videos 5936 Portland Ave. South Minneapolis, MN. 55417 Phone 869-0647 Open 365 days - 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Congratulations Class of 1988 From the suff at e=RC5orRon ,r« Manufacturer of the World's finest Computer Accessories All A Alumni currently employed Peter Roerich 83 Jim Swccrc 84 Dave Floersch '85 Mike Nawrocki 85 Todd Schneider -86 Joel Chambers 87 Mike Floersch 88 Summer employment opportunities available. Contact Ergntron at 854-9116. Business Ads 183CHARLES LUNN STAFF SERGEANT U. S ARMY RECRUITER U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION VALLEY WEST SHOWING CENTER 10372 FRANCE AVE S. BLOOMINGTON. MN 33431 3330 OFFICE PHONE (612) 884 7308 U. S ARMY RECRUITER THERE'S AN ARMY OF CHOICES OUT THERE. It $ not easy. Sometimes the number of choices you have seems mind-boggling'. But sometimes, when you know what you want, freedom of choice is a great thing. Look at today's Army. There's the Active Army and the Army Reserve. If you qualify for Active, you serve 2-4 years, choose from over 300 skills to train in. and in over 80 of those skills you could be eligible for up to $25,200 in college money If you already have a job or are in school, consider the Army Reserve. All it takes is one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Plus, you'll learn a useful skill and earn over $1,200 a year. Both choices give you career experience, physical conditioning, new friends, good pay. and a chance to serve your country It's ail up to you. Call your local Army Recruiter. U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION VALLEY WEST SHOPPING CENTER 10372 FRANCE AVE S. OFFICE PHONE 16121 884 7388 BLOOMINGTON. MN 33431 -3338 HOME PHONE 1612) 432 6» 12 ARMY. BE All YOU CAN BE. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988! Minneapolis 333-3414 184 Business AdsBlizzard Air Conditioning and Heating Sales and Repair Residential — Commercial Service All Makes — 7 Days 24 Hour Emergency Svc. on Heating Forced Air-Oil-Hot Water Systems “Authorized Dealer” — York — Heil — Comfortmaker — Coleman Financing Available Call 934-0356 in Eden Prairie Or 881-6033 in Bloomington Business Ads 185CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’88 DAENA’S YOGURT AND DELI MARKET PLAZA IN RICHFIELD EAT IN OR TAKE OUT. YOGURT SUPREME FEATURING COLOMBO 9728 LYNDALE AVE. SO. (IN THE CLOVER CENTER) BLOOMINGTON, MN 55420 881-5216 “ONE LITTLE TASTE IS ALL IT TAKES” MOBIL OIL Congratulations to the class of ’88! 186 Business AdsCoajratalationj !o Ik Clan o! -88! Frcxhmnn Football (1)J. Collin . U LaChanc . B. Babcock. J. Schoen, A Muller, T. Griffith. M. Hylden. N. Scovillr. C. Wrcge. Coach Demmick I2 M Carter. M. Rcinardy. B. Klingham. S Murnan. M. Nolan. C. Forkrud. S. Friendihuh. T. Ciardelli. C. Mnhole Varaity Football (1) Coach P. Holme . J. Cook. B. Patrick. T. Van Vicki . D. Kaluza. S. Lana. B. Chmtian«n, A. Garnner. N. Gn r r. K. Swanson. C. McGuire. C. GuatafMn. R- VanVickle. Coach D. Wood (2) Coach Demick. Coach R. P t«rton. M. Schlumbohn. A. McVicker. B. Fleetham. T. Shiroek. B. Widmer. J. Oik. P. Podgorak. D. Bole.T.Severtaon, J.Clough. B. Hall.S. Morrill.T. Fahey,Coach I). Pettit. J. Skovran (3) T. O'Brien. D. Heiland, R Bader.S. PowcU. B. McKay. J. Roth. J.GeUalcr. R Ur. •on. A. Knutaon. L. Whitlock. Coach T. Kadrmu (41 A. Sieve. R. Rabwco.T. William . R. P-gan.C. FSadier.S. NeUon. M. Turner. M. Grahn. R. Maltavratchy. R. Fudala. C. MuMch. J. Kadrrau» ($) J. Bork, S. Dolan. 4. Suva Ad Team Pictures 187Girl Tennis (1) F. She . M VanVickle.!.. Tieman. M. Pingry.S. Pridgen. K. Vrshel. C. Hauer (21 B. Dunne. T. Baird, D. Oliva. K. Unger, A McCormack.S. Thompson. L. York, R. Schetlcr. K. Sands (3 Co chS. launsrein.T. Bosiger.N.Casey. V. Menage, A Bushin, M Gross, E. Federbusch. C. URock, S. Moore. K Crowley. B. Gaerlner Freshman Volleyball (1) T. Hanley, S. Knmola. B. Kell. K. Ha-big. ,1. Sorman (2) M. Moe. I.. Kollmeyor. S. Fling. G. Giltigan. K. Fox.S. Meiuaan (3) E. Waldock. A. McKrist. A. Thorson. M. Kelly. M. Bicrschbnch, T. Stein, Conch S. I-angfeldt Boy Croaa Country (I) J.Will.S.Be'Xtn "- (2) j Meyer, J. Kuck, S. Remroe. D- Sn ' h. • Garrett, J. Schaffer. J. Snnkry. C. Streefland. J- U nnic Lutkey. J. Hergott. M. McGoIdrick B-Sqund Volleyball (1) L.Schmitt.S- PMtr. j Curtan. L. Berxman. N. Mwumwi (2) C. H . • Treat. K. Sheehan. M Weinke. M. Gruyskieww, Coacn Bloat berg Freshman Boys Soecer (1) T. Berg. A. Johnson. P. I.iddiard, L Floersch.T. Knight. J. Briles (2)T. Smith. J. Richardson. B. Taney. T. Townsend. .1 Tormoen. K. Curley. S. Kazek. J. Young (31 J. Doerfler. T. Pater. T. Zaycbeck, A. Wolf. A. Shimek. M Aveldson. D. Becker. T. McCarthy. Coach G. Parsons Boys J.V. Soccer (1)P. Baylock. M. Vos . M Morris. B. Burns. T. Feety, C. Cecere (2) P. Grendrinske. K. WoroSavage. P. McPartland. J. Garry. R. Heiland. D. Licking. P. Kasbohm (3) 0 Boatman. P. Seidel. D Knight. D. O’Rourke. G. Schmitz. K Beissel. J Butler. Coach M. Huuung Girls J.V. Soccer (1) T. Ybarra. B. Burrock, A. Floersch. J. Ellis. H. LaLiberte. S. Johnson. R. Taucr (2 M. Cunniff. T. Hill. B. Smith. C. Erazmu . S. Truhlar, W. Johnston, D. Peltel. S. Mcnegh-elli (3) Coach C. Duffy. D. Markuson. S, Rogers. B. Morrison. S. Reed. B. Moore. M. Potter Varalty Girls Soccer (1)S. Dolan. I. Msikke. K. McCarthy. B Woida. K. Halstrom (2) C. BraUnd. A. Jaeger. K. Martinson. B McKrlane, A. Cross. K. Voigt. J. Sarazin. T. Savoie (3) Coach A Margarit. J. Huss. R McArthur. S. Thisacn. K. Aveldson. A. Gleason. I). Williams. N, Hammer. Coach M. Sandvig Girla Croaa Country (D B. Schultz. A. Stroeffel, S. Jasper. I). Kaluza. S. Hill. L. Mahan. K. Hide (2) A Loch. C. Barrett. M. Guggemoa, M. Down. K. Kelly. K. N'eutz Varsity Volleyball (1) T. Taylor. D. Laing. K. Muman. C. Stevens (2) L. St. Aubin, C. Carlton. J. Petronek. A Mathews, S. Olsen. N. Dandreo. K. Sheehan (3) S. Wienke. C. Broich. G. Dahl. K. Kocon. H. Ryhak, C. Giles, Coach K. Panek Varsity Boys Soccer D J. Rasmussen. J. Hoke. N. Stocco. B. Reed. K. Potter. J. Berg 2 T. Gleason. M. Wolf. C. Ball. J. Heil. T. Smith. A. Thibalt. K. Broveleit. R. lUbasco (3) Coach P. Zilka. J. Glieson. B. Carroll. J. Ernst. M. Floersch. M. Geis-linger. T. Keppel. D. Bowie. Coach M. Huuung Fall Chrerlcading (D J. Maulwarf.S. Sidney. A. Giefer. M Adamek. J. Anger. H Weiiand. C. Lunde. A Beirckt (2) S. Whitlock. C. Matusic, M. Almasi, G. Maulwnrf. T. Devov. B. Pfiefer, A. Kissel (3) C- Shey. M. Marso. S, Eggerberger, M. Davy.T. Menke. J. Kuehlman. K Hanke. A. White. L. Mikkal-son. D. Kramlich 188 Team PicturesWrestling (1) M. Turner. N. Kuch. J. Dorfler. C. Mohowld. S-Bergman. Z. She ,2) Coach Gegron. M- Monahan. J. Oik. B. Chris-tearaon. C. Maromen. P. Jaeger. T. Geisler. G. Hammerly. J. Gie«on Freshman Girl Raaketball (1 S. Ramola, B. Kell.T.Slain. M. Moe. K. Fox, R. Taucr (2i L Kollmeyer. A. Stoffel. M. McGuire. C. Adams. T. Bosiger. S. Fling. B Smith (31 M. Cunn.ff. S. Reed. P Mantel. M. Hwrschbach. M. Kelly. B. I.unde. Coach B. Bloenberg J.V. Hockey (0 T. Fahey. T. Ryan. J. Garry. A. Muller. M. Reynolda. A. Taylo . D. Drnnig (2) Coach Mie . J. Tormoen, A. Johnson. M. Leinhart. J. Schoen. J. Bauer. C. Peleroon. M. Harter. Coach Rood H-Squad Girl Basketball (OH. I. Lib rte, C. Curtan. S. Dolan. Y. Aberra, L Bergman. J. Lobb (2) T. Baird. K. Broech. B. Maddens, R. Bock void. A. McCormack. M. Gryskiesrici. D. Markuaon. Coach M. Lovett Varsity Hockey (O J- Glockner. T. Berg (2) D. Robinson. J. Rasmussen. S. Morril. M. Lockhart, T. Smith. P. Podgorak. M Garrett (3) Coach T. Rood. P. McPartland. 4. Schaffer. J. Hell. J J. Ryan. G. Weigel. D. Hammond. G. Schmit . B. Nauth. D. Turnberg.T. Townsend. C.Ciardelli. B. Scboenecker. Coach K. Mica Varsity Girls Basketball (!) L. St Aubin. C. Stevens. G. Hall. S. Thissen. K. Martinson. K. Murnan. R. McArthur (2) Coach S. Langfeldt. A. Gleason. K Aveldson. M Aman. K Sheehan. G. Dahl. H Rybak. M. Clark. Coach J. McCormack. M. McCormack Freshman Boy Basketball D R. lliexinger. B. AUingham, S. Murnan. C. Wroge. G. Gabriel. T. Pater. G. Grahn (2) T. Griffith. J. Collins. I. Kough. P. Geopfrich. J. Johnson. D. Babock. M. Broveleit. M. Aveldson. K. Kock, C. Forkrud B-Squad Boys Basketball (O M Voas. T. William . C. Healey. S. Nelson. M Budsvorth. T. Feely (2) Coach Brewster. B. Fleetham. M. Knouihuiren. C. Strrefland. C. Gustafson. D. O'Rourke. J. Roth. G. Boatman. M. McGoldrick Varsity Boys Basketball (I) M. Potter. R. Mantel. J. Kell. R. Kfan. K. Ward. S. Dolan. J. Foley. J. Hoke. G Meyers. B. Martinson (2) Coach G. Rufsvold. K. Broveleit. B. Phillips. J. Kmst. J. Dolan. B. Adalbert. J. Launstein. T. Holt.J. Aveldson. A. Gaertner. B. Patrick. Coach R. Nelson Danceline (I) N. Musumecci. A. Sullivan. J. James. A. Red . K. Sullivan. S. Pater. L. Mahan. S. Reuban (2) K. Dankowski. K. Roth. S. Jasper. L. Kruse. S. I-eaf. B. Dunne. K. Nixon. J. Parker (3) K Hanke.K Harrialhal.D. Williams.J.Treat.M. Daoust.A. KoehLS. Wienke. J. Burkemper Wrestling Cheerleading (D T. Servold (2) J Rcmland. M. Warrington. A Whit (3) A Kissel Hockey Cheerleading (1) A. Bushin (2) A Diercks. M. Clalrmont.T. Johnson. S. Moore (3) T. Menke (41S. Haggerty Team Pictures 189Boy Basketball Overloading 11) J. Anger. B. Woidn. M. Davy (2) M. Adtmek. H. Wciland. A. (liefer (3) C. I.unde Freshman Baseball (DC. Peterson. J. Bauer, J. Richerson. M Harder. G. Grahn (2) T. Smith. S. Kadez, S. Friendshuh, T. Paler. M. Keinardy. S. Bergman (3) B. Ailing ham. S. Mumon. K. Kock. J. Shoen. P. Geophfrich. C. Wroge. Coach Wroge Girls Basketball Overloading (I) T. DeVoy (21 V. Host. B. Peiffer (3 M. Almasai J.V. Baseball HIM. Morris, T. Williams. A Taylor. K. Bader. D. HriUnd. I) lawrfler. R. FudaU (2) J. Schaeffer. M. McGol-drick. M. Knoohuiren. J Avekbon.T.Shimek. J. Roth.T. Ryan Boys Tennla l T. Griffith. B. Taney. P. Grendzinski. J. Young. S. Sclvaggio. B. Oldre (21 M. Bud worth. J. Berg. M. (.ockhart. J. Glockner. B. Burnt. M. Unger. W. Feely (3) A. Malkoi. T. Gleason. C. Willette. T. Smith. S. Ung. C. Markula. B. Wagner. P. Seidel. Coach M Sock Varsity Baseball (1) J. Ryan. T. O'Brien. P. Podgorak. J. Kell. D. Robinson. B. Farhet. R. Egan (2) B. Fleetharo. B Nauth. B. Phillip . D. Hammond. B. Reed. G. Meyer. C. Con Ion Freshman Softball I K. Habig. J. Dalsin. M. Moe. B. Smith. M McGuire. K. Fox.S. Johnson, B. Kell (21 A. Sullivan. K Waldeck.T. Bosiger. S Reed. K. Kurimay. K. Sheehan. M. Bterschlxsch, B. I.unde. A Makrex, L. Colemeyer. Coach B. Bloomberg J.V. Softbnll 11T. Ybarra. S. Pater. Y. Abcrra. C. Curtan. D. Mnrkuton. H. LaLlberte, S. Dolan. A. Bergman (2) C. Ix-tner. B. Dunne, M Gryskiewia. T. Baird, C. Brotch. H. Rybak, G. Dahl. A. Gleason. .1 Treat. N. Cosey. K. Sullivan. Coach J. l-etner Varsity Softball (I) J. McF.rlane. 1.. Maikke. B. Author. I.. St. Aubin. K. Voight.T. Taylor.C. Stevens (2) Coach C. Duffy. D. I iing, I). Daliin. K Hnnkey. K, Aveldion. K, Mornan. A. Mathews, K. Sheehan. G. Hall Boys Track (I) N. Stoccw. .1 Peterson. D. Smith. G. Williams. M. Wolf. J. Rasmussen, L. Floersch. K. Curley. R. Mallasraartchy (2) J. Kock. K. Meyer. K McVicker. J. Schaeffer. B. Widmer. J. Sanke. .1. Butler..I. Clough. J. G. Boatman. B. Oldre (3) Coach P. Holmes. J. Luskey. C. Streefiand. S. Dolan. J. Lnnick. D. O'Rourke. N. Gnerer. M. Floersch. D. Babcock. C. Gustafson. J. Ernst. C. McGuire. M. Garrett. Coach Haun Girls Track 111 A. Stoffcl. G. Valuer. K. Sands. L. Mahan. K. Roth. S. Jasper, J. Schenider. M. Collins. R. Schultz K. Maisle, M. Knmola 12)Coach P. HoIm.G. Mill. M. Warrington.C.Braland. F. LaFontaine. A. Loch. (' Ernxmus. J. Bonnie. M Nelson. J. Petronek, K. Kelly. J. Sarazin. S. Truhlar. W. Johnston.CoachT. Kadrmus(3)Co chS. Maynard. K. Goddard.C. Barrett. P. Mantel. M. Kelly.S. Willie. K. Koran. M Grow. M. Arnan.S. Barclift. M. Guggemos.C.Gik .C. Adam . N Hammer. A. Koehl, Coach M. Kartton 190 Team Club PicturesChca (I J. Cad boo. J. Uu (21 T. Robert . P. O’Konaki Usher Club (I) M St Aubin (2) K Halstrora. K. Kocon. K. Sullivan Student Council (IIC. Buck man. C. Streefland. T. Gleason. N. Stocco. T. Tajrloc. K. HaUtrom (2 A Ruthin. S. Dolan. J. Schaffer. T. Kcppel. J. Ratmussen. S. OUen. M. Davy Peer Mlnlatry (1IT. O'Brien,T. Robert . J. Bmst (2)T.Taylor. A Ruthin, N. Stocco. K Kocon (3) K. Sheehan Campus Mlnlatry (II J. Schaffer. P. Seidel. T. Taylor. M Floencb, T. Savoie, T Gleason. S Olten (2) C. Hauer. B A»cher. R. Heiland. M. Bertrand. J. Su» f, B. Hnuxan Speech Team (II M. Schiller. S. Selvaggio, P. Ramdeen. P O' (2) I.. Mikkalson. M. Pugliete. K. McCarthy, J. Lau. I. Refnardy Mathaletea (1) S. Kipka. P. Heider. P. Peterwn. J. Lau (21 S. Thompson. I- Schroepfer. C. William . J. Schaffer. P. O'Kontke. J. Suaax Academy Singer (II M Kelly. A Malidi. J. Jeon. D. D -Marce. H. Crtgtr.J Herxott. P Hrophy, K. Harrlnxer.C Nelson. C. White. D. Urktetc, S. Thi »«n Worn en Choir (I) D. Hartman. S. l-owv. A. Mijia. T. Servoid. K. Holland (2) M. Madden. S. Johnson. J. Dabin. K Roby. S. Tournier (31 A. Floertch. M. Pufpaff. K. DeRoma. M. Doyle. K. Kurimay Ml C. Cilli n. B. Smith. K. Sheehan. J. Taverna. D. Oliva Concert Choir (II A. Uhn. I. Brown. M. Kelly. K. Sand . J. Young. J- Bent. P. Podforak. I). Melin, J. Verral.C.Steven. (21C. Nebon. B Majenia. K. Nevis. S. Mndan. C. White. A. MaUcai. J. Herxott. T. Feely. C. Caruto, K. McKni ht (3) C. BJorkUnd. S. Rennie. H Crcxer. D. Ucktel . R Pi nurd. B. Hall. D. DeMarco. S. Malby. U. Lainx. K Harrinxer. M. Brownson (4) S. Baly. M Hanson. M. Daousl. M Nawrocki. D. Widerski. B McKay. P. Hrophy. R. VanVickle. G Boatman. M. Aman. S. Thbsen. J. Juen . .. .a in r Merrl J. Peterson. S. Cashin. M Casey. T. Hanley (2) C. Cashin. P c Warmka. N. N«ent. D. Frandovich(3) B Welter.T. Berber. B Taney. Berdan Ml J. WO. K. UP . A. Knutson. P Ramdeen. K. Curley. C. Rhat an Club Pictures 191It’s really hard to sum up a year of hard work and frustration into a few black and white printed words. The good times we had will definitely stay with me longer than the struggles we encountered. I hope we, the editors, accomplished everything we set out to do — help guide our class towards creating a great yearbook. To those 13 people, and of course our great advisor, Mrs. MP, you’re all great and each one of you did a super job. Thanks a ton for making this year as much fun as it was. Always remember that it is at the times you feel you have to quit that you must go on. — Christy Lunde M ' All in all it was a hug ? learning experience, and I believe that any experience that you get anything out of at all is a good one. And boy, did I learn! I had to do things that made me extremely disliked by my peers in the class; friendships became strained. I learned how to put it all into perspective. I spent the year knowing that in August I would be criticized for the whole book, a project done by the entire class. I learned to let people do things the way they want to, even when I would’ve done better. I had to set a good example for the class. I learned the importance of my actions, and to practice what I preach. I suddenly had to be the expert and be able to answer everyone’s questions. I learned that I couldn’t, and how to be humble. Sometimes things happen much differently than expected and sometimes exactly the same, but they always happen. No matter what. And instead of leaving them, learn to honor their coming with all of your heart. — Elizabeth Federbusch I feel like Miss America, walking down the runway one last time, reflecting over the past year. As we hand over our tiaras to Katie, Kris and Molly. I have devised a list of answers that should get them through about seventy percent of the questions they will encounter. Ten point. If we have any left, it’s in the top drawer. Probably an elite. She’s making a phone call. 8559. No, we could be sued for libel. Angelus. We can’t, that costs extra money. Yes, you can go to the bathroom. — Lynn Reinardy 192 H

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