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 G'-S r'e ® CENTER STAGE Synopsis 1 Act 1 — Upperclassmen Scene 1 — Seniors 10 Scene 11 — Juniors 28 Scene 111 — Varsity Sports 40 Act II — Underclassmen Scene 1 — Sophomores 68 Scene II — Juniors 78 Scene III — Underclassmen Sports 91 Act III — Clubs 103 Act IV — Events and Activities Scene 1 — Activities 112 Scene II — Events 120 Behind the Scenes 134 Patrons 151 Cast 163 Academy of the Holy Angels 1984 6600 Nicollet Ave. Richfield. MN 55423 $ ? Synopsis CENTER STAGE The curtain rises — our center stage appears. Within the four years of high school, the spotlight shines on a variety of events and occasions. Changes which occur from freshmen year to senior year may seem small, insignificant. widespread, unimportant, general, uncomplicated, and minute, but a different angle might give you a different perspective. If you take a closer look at each year, you will see its individuality. You will see how people grow and how each stage of growth and development isn't necessarily clear-cut. but its own distinction can be seen. What were your goals, fears and anxieties: what kind of thoughts and questions went through your head: Will I make many new friends: will I be popular: how will my grades be: will I find a girlfriend boyfriend? These are just a few of the many thoughts and reverie which went whirling through your head begging for answers. Look at your questions and goals now. How much have they changed? Sophomores may be going through the excitement over their class rings, or the fears and anxieties of getting their driver’s license. For juniors, it might be the thrill of Prom or their first job. Seniors concerns may be more directed at their grades or acceptance into the college of their choice. Taking a closer look at these stages in our life, brings our self-evident growth to the surface. These experiences may seen unsignificant. yet it is very important that we go through them. This is how we grow. As we have seen, each year has its own individuality, it is what makes us who we are. Everyone has their own identity and uniqueness, their own Center Stage. Topi Stacey Monn and Tom Breitling take time out from their class for a picture. Above Righti Krissy McDonald play the ham. Above Lefti Just an average day in the commons for sophomore. M. VanVickle. 2Bartlett on the Move Mr. Gary Bartlett became the new Director of Development at Holy Angels this year. Besides teaching two psychology classes, he also is in charge of public relations and the fundraisisers. That is no small job. He brought a slightly different approach to our fundraisers. The new motto is "Think Big." and so far we have. When he was asked why he wanted to be Director of Development, he said. "I want to secure the future of Holy Angels." When interviewed. Mr. Bartlett expanded: "I miss working with students in the classroom. They have given me much more than they will ever know.” Mr. Bartlett concluded with, "Holy Angels is a marvelous school, with a student body and staff. I think it is vital that AHA continue to exist.”Type Casted in ' CO With each new year comes many changes and obstacles to overcome. But students aren’t the only ones who have to struggle with a new environment. Although it may seem hard to believe, ’’faculty are people too!” They too. find themselves trying to cope with their ever changing surroundings. Holy Angels was proud to welcome 7 new faces to out AHA clan. We hope ihey enjoyed their year here as much as we did and will spend another challenging, yet enthrolling year here in the hallowed halls of AHA. 45 Above: Ms. Cochran. Counselor Above: Mr. Sawyer. English and Drama7 £ A a yaa c s?0?' - s3t£L£st C yt AKS rf 'y s sCX d C 2l4 w ru xtiJL j "”ruf u (a ow 'ty? ' y £ £■ - -' - . June's sxyA.. 8Act I Upperclassmen — Seniors — Juniors Varsity Sports Scene I Scene II Scene .. o c,- (Wa E oJqal | HonXi c " ( Msdk ttfVNL. uZ- LA Jl • C aM' ' 'oa- -Wc mu -A? lui o O20 JhJkjt, '4 u- 3. 5 rn UulUjnA $jL V AjL 3 CJ £0 VVU w k -, 25 (AOp y UA ULi y- AAZ o fttecl rruA L., •e A- U5v il S2- 3 A, UjJlO-A . U-€, MjJIc AW - -0 -01y6 V'Xjf'. "f LrfUtA., joU - lriOC I u eil V ax. o- yU-d d2ml{- AeJL £](yio - 4gtjb ' £ "tii nus j sh u-o 'f'4-Ap ' A4TioJ. td 4 be cx - ,gj 1 Scene I: Seniors — 1984, A Year Full of Memories As I started my senior year. I found that there were a lot of things that no one ever told me. The first being that Senior Slump starts right after Christmas, (if not sooner), and that calling it a senior class is just another name for college prep. One thing that no one ever told me. the most important thing, funny that no one ever mentioned it. It’s friendships, no one ever told me that when your friends leave you’re going to miss them ... And it hurts ... "Time hurries on. Look, and it's gone. The changing of the Autumn tide. The Hopes that live. The Dreams that died. If I could have you by my side. I'd give it all away. You. You and I. We must hold on. we must try. To reach beyond that far off cloud. Along the road we’re traveling now. If I could only show you how. I need you there with me ... Oh. Running Water, don’t care what People say. we live to love Another day ... Oh. Running Water. Don’t throw Your love away. We live to love another day ... Time hurries on. Look, and it’s gone. If only we could hold that dream. If only life was what it seemed. I know my darling what you mean. I've seen it slip away ... Oh. Running Water, don’t care what People say. we live to love Another day ... Oh. Running Water. Don’t throw Your love away. We live to love another day Justin Hayward The Moody Blues 10Kerry C. Ambrose Amy L. Anderson Victoria L. Anderson Joseph L. Arms Thomas F. Ascher Mary T. Banovetz Laura L. Beireis Laura M. Berry Mary M. Bertrand I I Jon B. Bjorness Paul L. Blaylock Stephen J. Boatman12 N vGina A. Boettcher Thomas C. Boie Matthew D. Boulay Scott D. Bowron Michael H. Brandt Michael W. Breitling Brian A. Brockhoff William Cady Paul S. Campion Kimberly A. Carlson Mark S. Carroll John B. Casserly James K. Conlon Michael P. Conlon John J. Curielli Michelle L. Dandrea Kathryn R. Daniels Kathleen M. Davis Margaret A. Donath Karen L. Doucette Tammra M. Dyksman Michael M. Eichten Mary M. Engle Mark C. Epple Gregory M. Falconer Victoria M. Fell Timothy Fezler Joanne M. Flynn 1314Timothy P. Flynn Kari L. Friel Gail M. Gieske Lisa P. Gilles Brian P. Gilligan Terry D. Gnerer Lisa A. Goemer Margaret M. Gray Mark J. Gross Charlotte L. Hall Eric A. Hamilton Michael W. HannaschSenior Retreat: Walkin' In The Light ... Walkin’ in the Light ... It may not have been the main theme for Senior Retreat, but it sure ended up that way. Seniors found new friends, learned things about old friends, grew in themselves. and touched our God ... For some of us. it was like starting over. Introducing ourselves to one another. to ourselves, and to God. we struggled for unity. We supported each other, leaned on each other ... We were a Bridge Over Troubled Water. Remember all the singing? The leaf fights, the games and the strolls by the lake. Remember the quiet times and the small groups? The clothes up the flagpole and the fish that got passed from cabin to cabin? Remember the tears ... And the laughter ... 16James J. Hanson Kathryn J. Harristhal Debra A. Hartman Mary R. Haugen Ann M. Heitzman Amy M. Hennen Laurie J. Hoffman Ellen E. Huss David G. Hutchens Long N. Huynh Kevin J. Ivory Daniel J. Jasper 17Cornelius E. Johnson Kristen M. Johnson Sarah J. Johnson Patricia M. Jones Rocci C. Jones Mary M. Kelly Anne K. Keppel Margaret A. Koenig Kristen M. Kohorst Mark J. Kotasek P. Luke Kramer Mary E. Krocheski 1819 20Shawn R. Kruse Kathleen A. Krypel James M. Larranaga David E. Launstein Letitia L. Loftis Jessica L. Lopez Timothy C. Mady Erin M. Mahoney Janet M. Matko Jeffery A. McDonell Patrick J. McKenna Mark A. McLaughlin Frances M. McRoberts James E. Meissen Timothy J. Miller Kelly J. Monn Douglas M. Moore Kevin C. Murphy Kimberly S. Nauman Michele R. Nawrocki Sean M. O'Brien Bruce J. Olson Julie A. Ordahl Mary M. Oschwald 2 IWhen things are confused. I discuss them with you. until they make sense ... When something good happens, you are the first person I tell, so I can share my happiness ... When I don't know what to do in a situation. I ask your opinion, and weigh it heavily with mine . .. When I want to have fun. I want to be with you. because we have such a great time together ... When I want to talk to someone. I always talk to you. because you understand me ... When I want the truth about something. I call you. because you are so honest ... It is so essential to have you in my life ... Thank you. For being my friend ... 22James R. Palo Wendy K. Penn Karen M. Peterson Leroy J. Petrick Sheila M. Polak John M. Polunc James C. Rathmel Vivian J. Reddin Jeffrey J. Rivers John R. Robinson Rebecca A. Rochford Zachary M. Sabri Lynn M. Santelmann Michelle L. Schendel Jacqueline L. Schluter Roberta A. Schmidt Nancy L. Schneider Gene T. Schreiber Anne M. Schumacher Rachel M. Schwirtz Charles M. Scott Theresa M. Seidel 23Lucille M. Sieve Kevin S. Simcoe Bridget A. Skala Mark C. Soller Kelly A. Stein David M. Stemper James C. Sweere Catherine A. Tombers Julie A. Tschida Fay T. Vosbeek Mark A. Wagner David J. Weiler Donna J. Weiler Terrence M. White Susan B. Wichmann 24 Margaret M. Wirig Christopher G. Woida John P. Zieskafy iL-rv. V- v ot ,y q, V cJ i UJCcm "U c c- o. tu Ojc u tX-r rx u-H | £ -£ v ( to - -M-X. cjJcwy ( A , CAXU-OAO-v' cvr ' « - ti£W- AWvxp -to qW ci £l - X»p t L tyji SC'Vr L co,v VUL ■p6 . ryv-tAT. Lcxci L rtfii ' 41S, v x - «xo i crtA Y' T u -c rvt cy h x 4c-' ? 5 Cxsr Q. JZ JLsi asiJl. r'7'1 4t-u: Cyt vw . ( Ci ( C 4 Ks Oj -t 1« f Uc uic ), xcuJVr'« Cxu- -rv L cx kfiK C t Uuz, ). Xurr j£ wt £(- XaJ4 S-tvji xcr ? op 4 V y tuj o xx-A sla. Vv Vc-K flru -wv c .- '■'VJp - c VJ CXX CXruCjXA.z-y , yr ''($'T -RSNCv ck £I c£?x c oucuvii-'x "Since I've known you. I’ve become aware of a change in myself ... I think I've become a little more open and more confident, more caring and more aware of the world around me. Maybe it's because I've admired those traits in you. and because you've made me feel that I deserve more smiles than frowns, more sunlight than shade... You deserve so much more than I can give you ... but for now. I’ll just say THANKS ... For being such a wonderful friend ...” 2526What’s what and who’s who — Senior Pol Favorite Saying .......... No pointing, no swearing, no first names Favorite Singing Group................................. The Police Favorite Song ............................................. Beat It Most School Spirit .......Anne Schumacher...................... Jim Hanson Most Talkative............Fran McRoberts ........... Pat McKenna Friendliest...............Jessica Lopez ......... Brian Brockhoff Biggest Flirt.............Ellen Huss ................. John Zieska Shyest ...................Kris Kohorst ................ Tim Mady Most Out Of Uniform ......Cathy Tombers .............. Joey Arms Best Smile ...............Kim Carlson ................ Mike Brandt Typical 1984 Senior.......Anne Schumacher.......... Brian Gilligan Biggest Brown Nose .......Lisa Gilles ............. Greg Falconer Funniest Laugh............Margaret Wirig..................... Chuck Scott Prettiest Eyes ...........Shelly Bertrand ........... Shawn Kruse Most Athletic ............Amy Anderson ............ Jim Larranaga Biggest Bookworm .........Lynn Santelmann ........... Bruce Olson Worst Driver .............Margaret Gray ............... Tim Miller Most Likely to Succeed.......................... The Class of 1984 Ul» I ill V r, f. V X i «, ■ r J it , 1 J. X,,v X 1 W1 y y X r 27Scene II: Juniors Looking to find something new. Discovering before it's too late. Blissful days they have seen, and they know they will see some better and some worse. They are the class of 1985. Alive, and striving for the goal for being remembered; the class of '85 confronted the hard academics; the major history paper. the difficult English classes, and the brain boggling chemistry classes drove them all berserk. Amazingly, they came out of the year in one piece. 28Mark Adamck Steve Adams Jaimee Baldwin John Banovetz Bob Barry Dan Becker Mary Bednarz Dave Bergman Phil Boesser Dan Bicdron Duffy Boeser Daniel Bork Delia Brownson Jim Burke Michelle Bums 29Cayc. Jenny Cline. Randall Collin . Sean Cook. Laura Cormican. James Coullard. Paul Dal$in. Jill Delgado. Brian DeMar . Cynlhia Doyle. Rosie Dunn. Jim DuPont. Mike Duran. Dave Eichten. Monica Elsen. Kim Emme. Matthew Fiol. Ivonne Fischer. Anne Fleming. Chris 30Personalized Opus guards John Zieska's locker. Sue's locker lights up first floor. The dull complexions, the pure gray tones, and the silver locks all dampen and darken the halls of AHA. UNTIL ... The lockers fling open! Each unique closet shows a light of its own. Pictures. Words, magazine cutouts, statuettes, key chains, and top grade pa-pers and tests hang from the door of each locker. Lockers show the personality of the artists. Each person chooses to decorate their locker in their own way. It seems that an artist performs an impossible task by decorating a locker. Who would think that a dull, gray-colored, skinny locker could become a work of art. A Sport car fan 31Giles. Dan Gilligan. John Glenn. Toni Glockner. Mary Grove . li a Gryskiewicz. Stephanie Gustafson. Dana Haeg. Tom 32Hartmann. Barb Having . Vince Hjupl. Jeanne Healey. Paul Heaney. Mary Hendrickson. Anne Jarrell. Yvonne Jasper. Becky Johnson. Jill Jordan. Caihy Hicks. James Hinton. Laura Hoffman. Michele Holl. Marisue 33to iWl (o.badaba) (M Utto aJbt rfJtcr?. (M ux£d uMhyxiold OOn Ydc iy dlt tc- cj J2cr?t $ ("W, -yfo -fa OuUlf i£)mu UJ JL sf mattctn. ) hvyud iv 'm 4 Q6 olQ tfot cocuf tb $a ■otim (HO i m ctoffoM. Un CfL ii bkfo coo ThXo ouyrno?mv:::z Sue Kenney John Kialt Mary Kramer 7%u|- fe:T 0,d ii£ VjpjObtsCT . Dick Kroeten Karrie Krolz Sue Leenay Barb Lenltch Joe X. Lelnett 34Angela Makres Nathan Malby Elizabeth Malctta Teresa Mam or Jon Marcotte ' hu)r J !ui'i r yar i5 -RpaHV o f- 56 6 cid3 rf lcinn a f,VU SClcI. j o mcyK Michelle Maulwurf Megan McKenna Sean McKnight Chri McNeal % D Barb Mellon 9 Michael Meissen Lucy Michael Tom Miller Elizabeth Moorman Katherine Mullen Cnftrsh. Qh i j-dJ Ufi T +JULCJL.( 1 5 OJorOU ■ d OfWoh Susnsnts: f-f iajcl5 nice 3rtiin } !o fi (doocP jMCit (J JKXJM fJwf 35Alison Nace Michael Nawrocki Julie Niedermaier Jell OUon Roxanne Olson Elizabeth Palo Cheryl Penn Craig Penn Paul Pope Tricla Poskoxim Mary Praus Paul Preimsberger Diane Roling Jeff Rozenberg 36 .Jane Sandvik Michele Schatzlein Pete Schiller Joe Schuller Lori Schneider Anne Siegenthaler Mary Smith Kristen Sorenson Tom Stacy Brad Steiner Paula Stillings Mike Streefland Karen Susag Steve Thiele Paul Thissen Tom Thissen 37Sieve Thompson Caroline Thoraldson Peter Tressel Steve Trudell Julie VanVickle Annette Vernon Steve Wallace Scott Warmka Maureen Wellens Katie Wheeler Chris Wheelock Karen Williams Not pictured; Ann Tritchlcr 3839COMSTAR The Co’Star varsity football team turned out a great season this year. The team had a lot to be proud of. because put a lot into the practices and ap-all of their talent and skills in the The season started off with a 2-0 loss Delano, and a 7-0 win against Oassel-Cokato. After those two games, the highlight of the season arrived. The trip to Iowa for a game against the Crestwood Cadets. The team looked forward to that game. They knew that if they won that game, they could beat just about anybody. They won that game 14-7. The team left with confidence. They CRUNCHERS finished the season with four more wins. The Co $tars defense played well all year and scored the most points. Jim Hanson. Brian Gilligan. and Doug Moore received All Conference Player awards. Tim Fezler. Terry White, and Jim Palo received honorable mentions for All Conference. Mr. 101 %. an award given to the player who is most dedicated, went to Brian Gilligan. Peter Schiller was elected next year's captain. This season turned out to be a fun. learning, hard-working experience for the Co’Star varsity football team. CO ♦ ♦ LU CO Row I B. Cady (manager). D. Moore. T. While. B. Gilligan. M. Seller (manager). Row 2 — Coach Ruff. S. Kruse. P. Thissen. $. Trudell J pa|0 T. Fezler. B. Delgado. J. Gilligan. Coach Bennett. Row 3 — M. Erazmus. S. Warmka. G. Warmka. D. Bergman. P. Campion. $. O'Brien. P. Schiller K. Gilligan. B. Barry. Row 4 R. Byrne. D. Biedron. S. Adam . J. Hanson. M. Conlon. M. Gross. T. Gnerer. S. Thompson 40TOP: Everyone get 33! OOFI!!!! MIDDIE-LEFT, Okay guys, we're gonna smash 'em. MIDDLE-RIGHT, I'll get there before you do. BOTTOM-LEFTi Kick it to the moon. Hans. BOTTOM-RIGHT-TOP: A face only a mother could love. BOTTOM RIGHT BOTTOM, Mothers "Clip" the players.Don't Let the Record Fool Coach Margarit. Mn. Coach of Ihe Year Award; Cute Kerry. All Stale; Team "2 in Conference; Sandvik S Keinz. All Conference; Anne Schumacher. Megan Conlon Award You — The girls’ soccer team finished a fantastic season with an overall record of 12-6-1. The Co'Stars attributed the record to great team play. The outstanding victory over Burnsville highlighted the season. The game had its ups and downs, but the Co'Stars pulled it out in overtime. Final score: 5-4. This marks the first time they have ever beaten Burnsville. The high scorers for the season were Kerry Ambrose with 16 goals. Jane Sandvik with 12 goals. Mary Bednarz with 9 goals, and Laura Keinz with 9 goals. Award winners were: Kerry Ambrose and Laura Keinz for Most Valuable: Michelle Kennedy and Ann Schumacher. Most Improved: Cheryl Penn. Most Hustle: Jane Sandvik. the Coach’s Award, and finally. Anne Schumacher. 2nd annual Megan Conlon Award. Coach Margarit also received the Minnesota Coaches Award. With talent like that they had to be awesome! Upper right; Stacey Brandi and Fiona Lockhart working together on defen e. 4243 lop row: Ms. Duffy. Kathy Flynn. Mary Engel. Stacey Brandt. Laura Keinx. Marylou Glockner. Amy Anderson. M». Margarit. 2nd row: Anne Schumacher. Kerry Ambrose. Laurie Hoffman. Amy Demarce. Laura Hinton. Anne Kegley. Jane Sandvik. Jrd row: Cheryl Penn. Karen Susag. Mary Bednarx. Kelly Monn.Varsity Soccer 44Mike Hannasch. John Polunc. Dan Becker. Kevin Murphy. Mike Breitling. John Banovetz. Leroy Pclrick. Craig Penn. Paul Preimsberger. Bob Montrose. Mike Brandt. Mike Dupont. Tom Hacg. John Curielli. Jeff McDonnell. John Robinson. Jon Marcotte. Chris Woida. Artie Iverson. Mark Carroll. John Klatt. Dick Kroeten. David Hutchens. Dan Bork. Tony Lickteig. 45he Defenders At AHA The 1983-84 Girls Varsity Basketball Team, as a whole, was a very outstanding defensive team. The team really put together a cohesive, well-working, fast-break game while also defending full court. The Co-Stars scored many of their points by causing opponents turnovers and then scoring after the steal. Some of the most outstanding players this year were: Mary Engel — guard Tricia Dornisch — offense Laura Keinz — defender Amy Anderson — defender Mary Oschwald — center Kathy Flynn — rebounder Roberta Schmidt — fast-break 46Bottom: J. Niedermeyer. M. Hoffman. A. Springer. M. Haugen. R. Schmidt. A. Iverson. M. Engle. K. Flynn. M. Oschwald. A. Anderson. L. Keinz. K. Susag. A. Margarit 47Boys Varsity Basketball Makes All the Right Moves This year's boy’s varsity basketball team was a team in every sense of the word. "Each player has accepted his role, it’s a very unselfish team." says Coach Gary Rusvold. Coach Rusvold said the team really had three leaders or captains. Seniors Mike Breitlling. Mark Gross and Tom Ascher filled that leadership void after the team lost ten Seniors from last year's championship squad. Junior John Banovitz shined as the team’s leading scorer. "He is the best player in the Don Bosco Conference.” Rusvold said. After an expected slow start, the Co-Stars hit their stride compiling a winning record. The team placed second in the St. Thomas College Invitational Tournament, a highlight in a year where the "team” was the key. John Banovilz free throw i airborne. Mike Breitling prepare to pa . Sean Collin make a layup in warm up a Kevin Gilligan j0hn MacArthur et to hoot over an opponent, a look on. defender. 48Top Row: Coach Gary Rusvold. Kevin Gilligan. Sean Collins. Mike Breilling. John Banovitz. Jim Melsen. Paul Thissen. Chuck Scott. Asst. Coach Randy Nelson. Bottom Row; Bill Mack. Mark Gross. Tom Ascher. Jim Burke. Paul Preimsbcrgcr. Paul Healey. John MacArthur. Paul Preimsbergcr looks to the sidelines. Tom Ascher guides the offense. 49An Unexpected Season This year's varsity tennis team was a lot better than anyone realized at the beginning of the season. Individually, the team won the Don Bosco Conference. Vivi Reddin won first place and Mary Oschwald took third place. Mary Oschwald and Vivi Reddin win the most valuable player awards. Wendy Penn and Mary Oschwald received the most dedicated (Miss Tennis) awards. Wendy Penn won most improved award, and Lee Munro received the Best Newcomer Award. The highlighting victory of the season was the win against Grace. They beat Grace in dual matches 4-3 and 4-3. Mary lakes a leap for the ball. Two happy winners. 50 Standing: Calhy Tombers. Theresa Seidel. Coach Sack. Vivi Reddin. Michelle Hoffman. Mary Oschwald. Wendy Penn. Kneeling: Kalhy Seidel. Nhi Nguyen. Michelle Burns. Bridget Hagman. Katie JaegerTennis .. ♦ It's Our Racket!! Standing: 8eth Ricci. Katie Jaeger. Lee Munro. Trish Dornish Kneeling: Rachael Reddin. Allison Srnec. Theresa Tombers. Kathy Krocheski. Dianne Soller. Kari Friel. Ingrid Friel. The Junior Varsity tennis team developed and improved as the season went on. These players will be the nucleus of the Varsity next year. The top two J.V. doubles teams were those of Lee Munro Trish Dornish and Alison Srnec Racheal Reddin. Top singles players included Theresa Tombers. Ingrid Friel. Beth Ricci and Cathy Krocheski. Diana Soller and Kari Friel rounded out the J.V. Squad with consistent play. lee looks forward to a game. A spectator's viewpointthe Game. f P vu {i4- 'Olj-ytyK j The Hickey TeamVhad a tough time 9' Maintaining its intensity this past sea-son. according to coach Olson. Senior o Goalie Bob Montrose, new to the pro-v gram, proved himself to be one of the finest goalies to ever wear an AHA uniform. While Brian Gilligan. Bruce Johnson. and Steve Thompson led the offense in scoring. Even though the team lost a lot of experienced talent coach Olson is optimistic about next year's team. "The J.V. skated well this year . .. they learned some good techniques from experienced players." From row I to R. T. Haeg. J. Robinson. B. Johnson. B. Montrose. D. Boeser. M. Dupont. J. Klatt. M. Kelly. Back row L to R Coach Steiner. T. Miller. J. Pahl. T. Bodensteiner. B. Gilligan. S. Thompson. B. Steiner. C. Penn. M. Erazmus. C. Johnson. Coach Olson. 4 5 5210 1. 1983-84 AHA Hockey Team. 2. Bruce Johnson changing lines. 3. The defense helping Bob Montrose. 4. 5. 6. Bob doing what he does best. 7. Confusion around the net. 8. A silent moment before the game. 9. John Klatt stick handling. 10. Brian Gilligan questions the ref. 53Hard work equals success A host of returning talent led this year's wrestling team to one of its finest years ever. Coached by Brad Ruff and Chris Dustrud the Co’Star matmen tallied many impressive victories, such as 5505 rout of So. St. Paul, a 54-15 drubbing of Mpls. Lutheran and a tough BO-27 win over Mpls. South. Another highlight was the second place finish at the Co Star Invitational Tournament. Individual Champions were Paul Couillard (105). Nat Shea (119). Dave Bergman (132); second place finishes came from John Zieska (112). Paul Blaylock (167). Jim Palo (185). The experienced seniors. Zieska. Blaylock. Palo. Terry White (138). and Tim Fezler (Hwt.) helped the younger wrestlers develop and played a big part in the excellent performances by all the B-squaders. This page — topi left. Paul Blaylock lar1 to move. Right. Dave Hu get ready to go. Bottom: left. Terry While look for a takedown. Right. Dave Bergman turn hi man. Other page — top: left John Zieska hold hi man down. Right. Terry White gel a break. Middle: left Blaylock pin . Right Tim Jukabic head out. 8oltom: left. Bergie work on hi man. Right. White move toward a pin. Row 11 T. Jakubic. P. Couillard. P. Malecha. J. Zie ka. 8. Gedde Row 2i N. Shea. D. Hu ». A. Lopez. D. Lopez. P. Schiller. D. Rergman. T. White Row 3i Coach Ruff. P. Blaylock. P. Jaeger. F. Amore. M. Fox. J. Palo. T. Fezler. Coach Dustrud55Girls Cross Country Continues Winning Tradition The girls' Cross Country team, led by head coach Dave DeWitt and assisted by Debbie Vanelia. continued its winning tradition this past season. Leading the way for the girls were All-Conference runners. Beth Menke. Lori Schneider, and Nancy Schneider. Two Freshmen. Jennifer Streefland and Shannon Schauff. finished up front consistently during their first season, proving that the girls will remain strong in years to come. Julie Van Vickie, according to captain Nancy Schneider, was "a key factor to the success of our girls team. She was elected team captain for next year and she certainly deserves it." The team placed 2nd in the Don Bosco Conference and 4th in the Region meet at Lake Nakomis. With a record of 89-6. this was one of the finest running squads to ever walk the halls of AHA. From Row L to Ri K. Johnson. K. Meneghelli. A. Schneider. D. Nelson. S. Schauff. R. McCormack. Second Row J. Van Vickie. P. Lawron. K. Davis. D. Brownson. M. McKenna. J. Neidermair. L. Schneider. M. Harmon. Third Rowi D. DeWitt. J. Larranaga. M. Holt. J. Streefland. R. Schmidt. N. Schneider. B. Menke. M. Gross. K. Hanafin. 566 AWARDS: Outstanding Newcomer — S. Schauff Most Dedicated — N. Schneider Most Improved — M. Gross Total Release — D. Brownson 1984 Captain — J. Van Vickie 1. Girl off fo a good start. 2. Regan battles to the end. 3. 1983 Team. 4. Nancy reflects race strategy 5. A little team encouragement 6. Kris cruises to the finish. 7. Julie fights fatigue in the final 25 yards. 8. Jennifer opens stride 4 57Hard Work Produces Fun The boys’ Cross Country team enjoyed one of its finest seasons ever. Led by seniors. Jim Larranaga, Mark Epple. Brian Brockhoff. and Eric Hamilton, the Co'Stars captured 2 meet titles and a 3rd place at the Conference meet. Team captain. Larranaga. successfully defended his Conference Championship. He has been a member of the all-conference team since his freshman year. Lar- ranaga graduated holding every AHA distance running record. He also qualified for the state meet for the second year in a row. Another of the year’s highlights came during the over-night stay in Rochester. After the meet, the team retired to the Holiday Inn and spent a night celebrating.Season For Boys C.C. OPP Page Upper lefli Jim Larranaga kick in for a first place finish. Lower Left. Keith Maletta leads a foe while Mike Jakubic tries to catch up. Lower Right. Brian Brock-hoff shows his stuff. This Page Top. The team's off to another great start. Middle. The team gets ready for the race. Bottom. Larranaga leads the Pack ... Again. Team Picture. Row I. Eric Hamilton. Brian Brockhoff. Jim Larranaga. Mark Epplc. Dave Groves. Row 2. Joel Chambers. Tony Malwurf. Jim Lundholm. Jason Moore. Brian Grys-kiewicz. Tim Mckenna. Tony Herder. Bill Delong. Row 3. Coach Dewitt. Brian Numanville. Mike Grendzinski. Mike Jakubic. Keith Maletta. Colin Ireton. Jim Vanvickle. Jim Perot.Hail To The Mighty Co $tars!! Bottom From Lefti Kaje Amy Hennen. Erin Mahoney. Allison Nace. Topi Jessica Lopez. Kim Carlson. Becky Jasper. Michelle Maulwurf. Roxanne Olson. Jenny Berg. Jill Dalsin. Cynthia DcMars. Bottom Lefti Shannon Griffiths. Vicky Fell. Julie Kline. Top; Laura Goemer. Jackie Friendshuh. 60Bottom: Michelle Maulwurf. Shannon Griffiths. Second Row. Vicky Fell. Roxanne Olson. Allison Nace. Julie Kline. Third Row. Jenny Berg. Amy Hennen. Erin Mahoney Kaje Harristhal. Jackie Friendshuh. Fourth Row. Jessica Lopez. Jill Dalsin. Fifth Row. Cynthia DeMars. Becky Jasper. Top: Kim Carlson. Laura Goemer. 61FIGHT FOR THE BLUE $ GOLD From Left: Mary Kraemer. Marianne VanVickle. Christie Olron. Margaret Poskozim Above From Lefti Jenny Berg. Laura Goemer. Roxanne Olron. Julie Cline Below From left.- Lira Rathmell. Sue Wienke. Toni Glenn. Jane Gilsdorf 62Top From Left: Becky Dankowski. Alison Srnec. Maureen Fell. Carleen Cremers. Heather Smith Above From Left; Jackie Friendshuh. Vicky Fell. Shannon Griffiths. Jill Dalsin 63THE CO STARS INVADE IOWA For a week or so before September 16th. the word "Iowa'' spurted from every mouth on the A.H.A. varsity football team. Every facet of the team prepared mentally and physically for that big game in Iowa against the Crestwood Cadets. The challenging event grew nearer and nearer. Finally, it fell upon them. Upon arrival in Cresco. the Cadets treated the team to a dinner at the Greenhorn Steakhouse. After forty-five minutes of wandering the streets, the Co’Stars headed to Crestwood High School for the big game. 33 Co'Star fans awaited its beginning anxiously. We kicked off to the Cadets, and approximately one-third of the way into the first quarter, the Cadets scored a touchdown. Despite this, the Co Star$ kept their positive attitude about the game. Then, with seven minutes left in the half, the Co Star$ called a time out. Coach Bennett trotted out to the field and told his team what to do. and they did it. Brian Gilligan threw a pass to Jim Hanson in the end zone for the Co’Stars first touchdown. Hanson kicked the extra point, the score turned to CADETS-7. Co’STARS-7. In the third and fourth quarters, the Co’Stars played an excellent defense and therefore, held the score tightly. The game proceeded into overtime. The Co’Stars took offense. On the third down. Brian Gilligan passed to Dan Bie-dron. and Biedron made a diving catch in the end zone for a touchdown. The Cadets then took over offense, and the Co’Stars held tightly to their defense. It was this that won the game for the Co’Stars. 14-7! Waves of excitement came to the field all at once. The fans cheered up a storm. The mighty Co’Stars had felled the Cadets and triumphantly boarded the bus. CRESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOI TOP-LEFTi Often on the ball. TOP-RIGHT: Scott Warmka gets ready to face the Cadet . MIDDLE-RIGHTi The team watches on the sideline as the Co'Stars begin their defeat against Crestwood. MIDDLE-LEFT: Only the white (Co’Stars) are standing on the field. Go Co’Stars GO!!!! BOTTOM: To be felledil 64THE FRIENDSHIP TEAM All Co’Star teams know that a team is not a team without unity. Undoubtedly, the Co'Star volleyball players obtained inner-success through their unity. They didn't win many games, but they became closer friends through the sharing of anxiety, a win. some losses, and the joy of playing volleyball. Sister Diane Scholten. Denise Cochran. and Sister Karen Warren, the volleyball coaches for the 1983 season, taught an inexperienced team how to play a proper game of volleyball. They also helped the team overcome their losses by reinforcing the girls’ confidence. Most of the players said they will enjoy playing on the volleyball team next year. TOP: Roxanne. You're suppose to bump the ball not catch ill BOTTOM: Jaimcc puts the ball through the air and over the net. 65667 7 Act II Underclassmen r Scene 1 — Sophomores Scene II — Freshmen Scene III — Underclassmen Sports z 67Scene Sophomore year was a time spent building bridges unity between fellow classmates and the rest of the school. The happiness of not being a freshman anymore led to feeling a part of the school. Sadie Hawkins was a big unity builder. And traditionally, the sophomore girls got a chance to go out with the senior guys. But mostly sophomore year was class rings and unity day. That feeling of the graduating class of '86. Being close and becoming friends. — Sophomores 68 Maria Aeschbach Kathleen Alton Nanette Aman Frank Amore Denise Anderson Lisa Andreen John Arms Anne Ascher Jane Aulozzi John 8arcomb Paul Barcomb Bill Barry Mollie Benson Jennifer Berg Joan Bergman Michael Berwald Tim Besser Dean Bjorkstrand Roberto Blaszczak Terry Bodensteiner Jennifer Boesing Mary Boldischar Pam Botz Stacy Brandi Janice 8rochu Jeffrey Brown Andrea Brownson Mary Beth Bungert David Burgess Beth Cain Deborah Caola Julie Carroll Julie E. Carroll Bob Cashin David Cazin 69Theresa Christie Julie Cline Leanne Clubb Julie Colins Anne Cox Christi Curtain Anne Daly Maria Delgado Bill Delong Amy Demarce Stephanie DeYoung Tricia Dornisch Donnell Doyle Mary Dubanowski Judy Dvorak Maria Eaton Mark Erazmus 70Karen Ernst Tracy Fezler Jennifer Fischer Sean Fleming Jennifer Flesche Patricia Flynn Jackie Friendshuh Bill Geddes Beth Gerlach Christopher Giles Kevin Gilligan Kim Gilligan Jane Gilsdorf Daniel Gimme Laura Goemer Mike Grendzinski Shannon Griffiths Dave Groves Paul Gryskiewicz Mike Gust Nick Hall 71Gary Hallgren Mike Hammer Christine Hansen Christine Hart Chris Hcdlund Bridget Hegman Sarah Hergott Mitchell Herigslad Mike Hertel Linda Hietala Cheryl Hoersten Tim Holman Heidi Holmberg Kerry Hughes Dave Huss Grant Iden Colin Ireton Mike Ivory Richard Jackmen Greg Jacobson Katie Jaeger Mike Jakubic Joseph Jankord Julie Johnson Leslie Jones Susan Joyce Maureen Jungers Richard Kelley William Kelly Chris Kosek David Kritzeck Liz Kroth Pegeen Lawrow David Leitten Robert Lewis Joan Liddiard 12Jeff McArthur Regan McCormic Amy McGuire Jon Madcr Dennis Maikke Keith Malclla Val Mamer Leonard McHugh Sue Mclnerny Mary McLaughlin Anne Lies Jeffrey Lock James Lundholm Bill Mack Donald Macklin 73Matthew Majia John Mellon Beth Menke Shelley Merrill Mike Morrell Tom Morrison Jim Moss Andrea Mullen ligia Munroe Blake Murnan Connie Myers Jennifer Nelson Ann Marie Ness 74 Jay Newberger Nhi NguyenBrian Numainville Molly O'Brien Christy Olsen Nadine Ostrowski James Pahl Valerie Palmby Tom Pearce John Pelner Lorene Petterson John Podgorak Margaret Poskgrim John Powers Tom Preimsberger lisa Rathmell Tracy Renslrom 75Belh Ricci David River Debbie Rocheford Ron Rodier Debbie Sampson David Samuel John Savoie Rob Scheller Mike Schiller Carol Schiltz William Schlumbohm Brad Schreiber Kathleen Seidel Nat Shea Daniel Simms Tim Smith Diana Soller Tammy Stein Kim Steinert Kevin Stoffel Cheryl Sullivan Stephen Thibaull Amy Thoraldson Angi Tordoff Marianne VanVickle Mike Waldman 76Cary Warmka Jill Wei John Welbe Basil Weller Steve Wielin ki Suzanne Wienke Sieve William Becky Yelzer Richard Zie$ka Anne Zylkowski 77Scene II — Freshmen The freshmen started the year in a daze. The huge building intimidated the newcomers and created questions like “Where is the old gym?” and "Oh. is this the convent?” As the year wore on and the frosh started to learn what it was to be a Co'Star they started to fit in. It wasn't long before lots of friendships started to form. These friendships are what transformed the ho-hum freshmen of the first assembly into the loud and proud class of '87. 78Allingham. Michelle Ardoff. Christopher Ranovetz. Joan Beaver. Sandra Bednarz. Christopher Beireis. Anita Bertrand. Steven Blatz. Aimee Boatman. Thomas Boeser. Cynthia Bohn. Brooks Boie. Michel Boldishar. Natalie Bonde. Cheryl Bonnie. Lisa Brandi. Mark Breitling. Tom Brown. Jenny Bunkholt. Christine Burgoyne. Beth 79Burkemper. Brent Chanlhakhoun. Nat Chapman. Damian Conley. Jeffrey Cremer . Karleen Burn . Mike Calliguri. James Chamber . Joel Dankowski. Rebecca DeFazio. Michele Delgado. David DeRider. Tressa Doble. Sandra SODoyle. Kevin Dunne. Sanh Dupont. Peter Eichlen. Molly Fell. Maureen Flesche. Christopher Flugaur. Christine Fredricks. Matt Friel. Ingrid Geissler. Lisa Gellerman. Colleen Giefer. Edward Glatxmaier. Sara Gleason. James Glorvigen. Jennifer There ought to be a law! No freshmen should enter school without a Freshmen Survival Kit. Each kit contains the four basic necessities needed to make it through the year. l)Map of Holy Angels (5th floor and tunnels included). 2) A schedule of their classes and their locker combination on a chain to be worn around the neck at all times. 3) 2 pool passes. 2 elevator passes and 2 convent passes. 4)The most important-, a lot of love, understanding. and patience. (Warning: It may take up to four years for positive results) Survival Kits will be on sale in the Co S-tar next year for S3.95 apiece. 81Grahn. Joseph Gross. Mary Margaret Groves. Christopher Gruenwald. Juliana Gryskiewicz. Brian Hable. Heather Haeg. Sarah Hall. Christopher Hall. Becky Halstrom. Eric Hannafin. Kristin Harmon. Maryleen Harristhal. Rachel Hartigan. Michelle Harlle. Pat Haupl. Theresa Hawkins. Matt Healey. Mike Hendrickson. Elizabeth Hendrickson. Tom Herder. Tony Hesse. Robert 82Hinton. Mark Hoffman. Tamara Holman. Trea Houston. Margaret James. Jeffrey Jasper. Rachel Jones. Carol Jones. Thomas Kallas. Dawn Keeler. Courtney Keller. Jeff Kelly. Maura Kelly. Mike Kennedy. Jennifer Klinker. Robert Koenig. Tom Koralewski. Roxanne Jacubic. Tim Krocheski. Cathy Kroelen. John Krueger. Andrew 83Kuch. Veronica Kunz. Jennifer Larranaga. Jean Leininger. Christopher Lentsch. Susan LePage. Colleen Linniham. James Lockharl. Patrick Loeffler. Tamara Loftus. Mary Lohmann. John Lopez. Al Lopez. Daniel Ludowese. James McDonald. Kristine McGuire. John McKenna. Tim McKnight. Kathryn Malecha. Patrick Martinson. Toni Matthews. Mary 84Maulwurf. Anthony Melin. David Meissen. Laura Meneghelli. Kathleen Menke. Mary Monn. Stacey Moore. Jason Moorman. Katy Morrell. Jennifer Morrison. Megan Murnan. Karrie Murphy. Erin Neson. Christopher Nelson. Deborah O'Connor. Daniel O'Shea. Jennifer Papasadora. Tina Penn. DavidPeroz. James Peterson. Eric Petronek. Courtney Phillips. Kristin Pinard. Julie Popko. Kelly Quinn. Michelle Rasmussen. Holly Reddin. Rachel J Reid. Daniel Reis. Michael Ribar. Dan Ricker. Natalie Rimnac. Jennifer Roach. Nadine Rothfork. Tom Ryan. Jennifer Shatzlein. Daniel Schauff. ShannonSchiller. Paul Schindcldecker. Christine Schmidt. Greg Schneider. Amy Schoencckcr. Doug Schumacher. Tom Seifert. Julie Serio. John Shea. Emily Skic. Patty Shater. Richard Smith. Heather Sorenson. Eric Springer. Amy Srnec. Alison St. Aubin. Michelle 87 HiWhat is a freshmen? Many have tried to answer that question, all have failed. Although you can't define what a freshmen is. you can always spot one in a crowd. Fresh out of junior high, innocence and naivete written all over their faces. To identify a freshmen, look for the following signs: l)Garfield lunch box. notebook and or pencils. 2)Nike running shoes to insure promptness to class. 3)Complete and perfect uniform (including Co’Star blue and gold socks). 4)Lock-er combination and schedule written on the back of their hand. 5)Teen Beat magazine to decorate their locker with, and the most important 6)A perplexed look of anguish and confusion. After a bewildering year of embarrassments. let downs and fun. their growth is evident. Their pure, innocent image is shed. No more Garfield: being late is no longer a reason for extreme mental anguish: being out of uniform is no longer a sin. it's cool: one notebook for seven classes is plenty (and maybe even a pencil): lunch now consists of $1.00 for pop and Twinkies. Their look of virtuosity is replaced with slight rebellion and a lot of confidence. 88America’s national pastime — Junk-food! Each day you are constantly bombarded with advertisements for chocolate. pop. chips and candy. Doritos. MSMs. Coke, licorice. Cheetos. Star-bursts. and Snickers are just a few of the favorites. Men. women and children alike, no one is spared from the clutches of temptation. For many it is an obsession. others it is just a now and then thing, a pastime, and still others claim they can resist these alluring, addictive, and enticing treats. But for the majority, bringing at least 30C a day for pop is a must. Streefland. Jennifer Slricherz. Brett Tombers. Theresa Treat. Amy Troup, lisa Ulrich. Edward VanCao. John VanVickle. James Wald. Craig Wallace. James Wallman. Matt Waterman, frank Welter. Samuel Willette. Paul Williams. Kevin Wirig. David Wright. Mike Wolf. Alan Wrobleleski. Jesse Wuest. Tom Yelzer. Cynthia Young. Dan 89Freshman Retreat This year's retreat wasn’t as much a "retreat” as it was a time to get to know one another and experience a lot of fun while doing it. The staff and student input made it a day filled with laughter and excitement, but also a day of seriousness and learning for everyone involved. They played games, sang songs, saw a movie, and participated in small groups, while growing together as a class. The day closed with a small prayer service in which Mr. John Miscke led the group in song and prayer. The day was just one to get away and get together. The Freshman really got together Denise (Tehran's input put some laughter into the day Mike Burns. Michelle St. Aubin. Doug Shoen-ecker. and Dave Delado get into the spirit John Mischke led the group in song 90Volleyball Backt Manager Cory Petronek. Coach Denise Cochran. Manager Katie McNight. Front Debbie Rocheiord. Rachel Harrisihal. Margaret Poskozim. Marianne VanVickle. Laura Meissen. Maura Kelly. Valerie Mamer. 'heryl Hoersien. Sandy Doble. Sue Wienke. Becky Hall. Christy Olsen. Becky Yetzer. Karrie Murnan. Amy real. ♦♦ The Varsity Volleyball team made AHA history this year. First of all. by the team's very existence, but also because it had the first volleyball win. Jaimee Baldwin and Lynn Santelman were the first captains, and Mollie Benson hit the very first successful serve. The 12 team members, along with coaches Sister Diane Scholten and Sister Karen Warren, learned a lot and feel confident that they will be a more competitive team in the years to come. "Improvement'' is the word that seems up the 1983 J.V. Volleyball team, quoted coach Denise Cochran. For a first year sport, this team took great strides. Volleyball future looks bright at AHA. ter Diane Scholten. Mollie Benson. Anne Atcher. Patty Flynn. Pam Bo I:. Jaimee Baldwin. Angie lordoff. lynn Sister Karen Warren. Fronti Manager Yvonne Jarret. Molly Fichten. Krissy McDonald. Michelle Si. Aubin. Roxanne lgtr Jean Lund holm. Not Pictured. Jennifer Kennedy.SOPHOMORES are Kicking The sophomore B-Squad. coached by Brad Ruff, and assistant Dom Sofio. held a record of 5-3. In maintaining this year’s record, the team had several highlights. Victoriously winning over Brady, they controlled the ball in the fourth quarter’s last play ending the game in a T.D. The team proved triumphant over St. Bernards in a 18-8 win. The team also defeated St. Agnes winning 42-0. overall outscoring opponents 92-70. Team unity, hard work, and pride, all contributed to the successive victories. 92 From Ll. to Rt. Back rowi COACH Ruff. G. Warmkg. J. Welbes. M. Erazmas. T. Smith. J. Moss. K. Gilligan. F. Amore. Front row: Lt. to Rl. T- Holman. D. Bjorkstrand. G. Iden. J. Podgorak. M. Hammer. R. Zieska. P. Gryskiewicz. J- Arms.FRESHMAN Co-Stars From Ll. to Rt. Back row: Dan Young. Chri Nelson. Tom Koenig. Dave Wirig. John Lohmann. Tom Schumacher. James Calliguri. Al Lopez. Coach. Greg Olsen. Fronl row Ll. lo Rt.i Tim Jaku-bic. Chris Leininger. Pal Malecia. Mike Burns. Joe Grahn. Jeff Conley. Dan Lopez. This year's Freshmen learn, showed effort, eager, involvement and enthusiastic players. Excepting the waves and curves, these fighting men proved loyal and determined in their quest. This year. Tom Koenig took the title of Mr. 101% for displaying over-all effort, team spirit, and commitment towards football. Mr. Olsen. Bm. Lf.. the head coach of the freshmen football team expresses determination, compassion, and concern for teeam. The guys pictured here, upper Rt.. are discussing the latest fads in fashion, while number 72 shows us his physique. These guys are really into the tight breeches look: they think they're the hottest threads. 93Beauties and the Beasts! The girls B-squad basketball team, better known as the "animals" had a fantastic season. Team dedication and hard work were the main ingredients in their successful season. Strong defense helped in their winning ways of the Co’Stars. Players who stood out during the season were; freshmen. Amy Springer. Krissy McDonald and Molly Eichten. also sophomores. Regan McCormack. Pam Botz and Maureen Jungers. Coach Bartlett was quoted as saying "I had a great time with these beauties and even the beasts, but I’m still concerned about Pam because she was hit in the head with a basketball and all she can say is triple zig zag!” Upper right. "The Beauties." far right. "The Animals." right. K. McDonald shows her stuff. Back row. l-r. K. McDonald. D. Rocheford. P. Bol:. M. Jungers. M. Eichten. K. Ernst. Coach Bartlett. Front row. I r A. Springer. J. Bergman. J. liddiard. M. O'Brien. R. McCormack. 94Strong defense and concentration completed the list for boys B-squad basketball. Along with a strong defense, the boys also had a very powerful offense. Though their record wasn't outstanding. their hard work, dedication and spirit were obvious to all. Upper left. R. Kelley fights for the jump ball. Upper right. K. Gilligan is ready and waiting. Left. The Co'Stars defense is on the move. Back row. l-r Coach DeWitt. B. Murnan. B. Balsxczack. G. Hallgren. J. Mellon. T. Smith. R. Kelley. Front row. l-r N. Hall. C. Wald. R. Lewis. P. Gryskiewici. T. Preimesberger. J. Arms. 9596Freshmen Basketball lop Row: Deanna Calander. Mary Margaret Gross. Joan Banovetz. Kris Hanaftn. Rachel Harristhal. Karrie Murnan. Jennifer Streefland. Corey Petronek. Tony Martinson. Michelle St. Aubin. Becky Hall. Shannon Schauff. Holly Rasmussen. Top Row; T.J. Hendrickson. Tony Herder. Chris Nelson. Ed Giefer. Brooks Bohn. Sam Welter. Tom Koenig. Al Wolf. Bottom Row: Bret Stricherz. Tom Breitling. Tommy Jones. Pat Hartle. Brian Gryskiewicz. Tom Schumacher. Chris 8ednarz. 97To B a Victor or Not to B The comeback that the sophomore boys made in soccer this year is. with out a doubt, due to a very positive start, high personal expectations, and a score of 3 and 10 behind them. Gary Bartlett proved himself to be the much needed push, as well as teacher. The boys practiced hard and played hard and the hard work proved not to be in vain, the proof being a season score of 8 and 9. Picture-top left. L-R: Gary Bartlett. B. Murnam. B. Geddes. B. Welter. C. Hedlund. T. Boden-steiner. M. Ivory. N. Shea. S. Feinting. Bottom row: T. Preimsberger. D. Cazin. N. Hall. M. Schiller. D. Samuels. D. Huss. J. Savoie. When sophomores and freshmen intermingle, no one is the wiser. No where was this more obvious than on the girls B-Squad soccer team. With the teaching and support of Lisa Benston. coach, and the players themselves. this year's team was a succes. The season showed a splendid 8 victories in a hectic I 3 game schedule. The freshmen-sophomore split brought great opportunity for the freshmen to learn the ways of A.H.A. and for the sophomores, a chance to meet. A.H.A.'s newest students. Picture-bottom right. L-R D. Prince. C.D. Bea. D. Windser. J. Austin. S. O'Hara. I. Adler. S.B. Anthony. G. Kelly. B. Abzug. L. Pinkham. G. Slick. A. Will. D. Must. 98To meet a truly happy person happens once in a great while. After speaking with one of the Freshman Soccer players, it is evident that unity, although a most abused word, played a very large role in their winning of the M.I.S.L. As Freshmen, there is uncertainty. but as a team, they are a strong force. Picture-top right, L-R-. R. Driver. M. Hawkins. D. Penn. A. Wolf. E. Giefers. B. Bohn. D. Schoenecker. T.J. Hendrickson. C. Wald. M. Reis. Center L-R: D. Kroeten. T. Breitling. T. Wuest. K. Doyle. M. Kelly. J. Serio. J. Mcguire. E. Hal-strom. Bottom Row: D. Dupont. A. Krueger. P. Lockhart. R. Williams. M. Brandt. P. Schiller. Freshmen girls soccer players have a certain way about them. Without encouragement from a coach, or each other, the 13 girls played individually as a team. With the help of their egos, the season produced no losses and no wins. But it is the enthusiasm that proved to be the spark, that lit the joy in the girls, knowing they made a mark on the soccer field of A.H.A. Picture-lower left. L-R: Lisa Ben-ston. K. Ernst. L. Jones. S. Haeg. A. Springer. Center L-R: J. Dvork, J. Bergman. C. Sullivan. M. Liddiard. J. Rimnac. E. Murphy. A. McGuire. Bottom L-R: K. Alton. T. Martinson. K. Phillips. M. Hartigan. 99 To Be Sure: Uncertainty1007 7 Act III — Clubs r 101♦ ♦ ♦ One Act The fine drama tradition at Holy Angels continued this year as the one act play troup outdid themselves gaining a 4th place finish in the Region 5AA competition. This years entry in the competition. Shakespeare’s comedy Pyramus and Thisby. was directed by Gregg Sawyer. The fourth place finish was the best ever by an Holy Angels acting company. 102CAST Pyramus ....................... Eric Peterson Thisby ................................ Jeff Rozenburg The Moon ...................... Liz Moorman The Wall ....................... Paul Thissen Narrator .................. Jennifer Boessing 103MEMORY MAKERS Gel Away! Marg. John and Tim lake a nap. Every day during fourth hour for two trimesters, the yearbook staff met in Mrs. Freier's room on the second floor to put together the 1984 Angelus. They worked against deadlines to put out the best yearbook Holy Angels has ever seen — biased??? The three editors. Barb Hartmann. Kim Elsen. and Karen Harringer. went to a special yearbook seminar during the summer of '83 to learn how to put out a better book. John Zieska. a staff member of the yearbook, received a byline in the Richfield Sun on a story about a speaker. Tony Bouza. who spoke to the School Community. Bill Cady also wrote a brief article for the Richfield Sun on Ms. Margarit’s Summer Soccer experience. There was also a professional journalist who came to speak to the class. He taught the class how to write better and how to grab a reader's attention. 104 Kali in a deep moment.Joe show hi pearl . Where i everyone? Anne bring a guest 105Jazz Band Peter Tressel. Gary Warmka. Kevin Murphy. Tom Miller. Sean McKnight. John Powers. Katie Wheeler. Erin Murphy. Michelle Allinyhan. Mike Meissen. Bill Bary. Bob Cashin. Chris Hedlund. Mike Gust. Tom Boatman. John Welbes 106Honors Society Back Row: Shelly Rartrand. Jenny Caye. Paul Thissen. Bruce Olsen. Dave Wieler. Sieve Boatman. Mike Brie-tling. John Banovelz. Middle Row: Anne Keppel. Mary Engle. Mary Banovelz. Kim Nauman. Lynn Santleman. Meg Koenig. From Row: Laura Beiri . Mary Lou Glockener. Julie Neldermier. Ushers Club Back Row: Dan Becker. Mr . Murry. John Banovelz. Valerie Mamer. Mary McLaughlin. Valerie Palmby. Becky Yelzger. Jim 8urke. Debbie Caola. Kathy Mullen. Middle Row: Mary Boldischar. Jenny Martel. Liz Maletta. Jeanne Ludholm. Mary Sue Holt. Julie Van-Vickle. Delia Brownson. From Row: Andrea Mullen. Lisa Geissler. Karen Susag. Suzzi Kenney. 107Student Council The Student Council, under the supervision of Ms. Hanley, sought to be an organization of intent and duty. Founded for reasons of fair play. Student Council is the organizational force of AHA. The Council plans dances, homecoming events. Mardi Gras, and the Thanksgiving food drive, which helps support local food shelves. Student Council is often ridiculed, and some members see it as a plus on a college transcript. However, the Council works at what can't be seen but what can be felt. They draw us together to share some life outside the classroom. Executive Board: President Vice-President Secretary Community Service Worship Co-ordinator Fund Raising Sports Co-ordinator Communications Social Director Class President and Secretaries Senior Junior Sophomore Freshmen John Zieska Jim Larranaga Anne Keppel Tom Ascher Karen Doucette Mary Banovetz Meg Koenig Jane Sandvik Brian Brockhoff Brian Gilligan Jim Hanson Terry White Anne Schumacher Paul Thissen Mike Streefland Beth Menke Jenny Berg Mike Kelly Mike Healy 108109 noUJqJ I CjSnncAjudLx u sxr. A vd (4 KjakA ck. -m XLU£.. iAl. wA [ ft LPT K x-a f'YO- (JJL0-h A III uf »d III v3 h 1 J-- A: i+U-S-v oiirv ULV-C CUli sJt Activities and Events" L o -c vv -e. A 1 tjr+j jdsLA' o . O- LXu V Scene I — Activities sJU vw G b 9juy Iy fi ub- i u- ■ pj2 t k pl - b J LXy j . A 4t3UmVA Lj (juUAv . f TN "Or c ui p xiJoe. Uerv ca yyva . Q) ( jyui ckJt vjI - 0 oL yy l dj9 ; A.IQ 4 - (jkK K (MUa-— 4 r Scene 1$ Activities There is more to homecoming than the football game. There is more to homecoming than the dance. There is more than the king, the queen, or the dress-up-day. It is the spirit and the unity. it is the sense of making new friends and rejoining old ones. It is that feeling of togetherness that makes homecoming a very special time for everyone. Never the less, we did have a football game with Grace — which we lost 12-0 — and a great dance featuring the Jo mama band which extinguished any bad feelings about the football game. It was the second year for the Co'Star royalty. Anne Schumacher was our Homecoming Queen and Jim Larranaga was our King. Ill113Farm Couples Overtake Holy Angel's Gym! There wasn’t a whole lot of foot stompin' going on at this year's Sadie Hawkin's Dance. For starters the band was more geared to a polka night in New Ulm than it was to a Saturday Night among teenagers. Despite the drawbacks, the night wasn't a total loss. Marryin' Sam (Gary Bartlett) married the couples. Each Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae got their pictures taken afterwards out by the AHA barn. Yee haw!! Brad Simmon and Ruth Harristhal pose proudly with their marriage Kris Kohorst and Bridget Skala with their dates, certificates. 114Marryin' Sam chews the fat with Terry White and date. Jasen Velasquez and Becky Yetzer slow dance. 115Our Town The stage curtain will never rise, nor will the curtain fall when the play is over. What is on stage is simplicity in the truest form, life. Peoples lives: people like you and me. People with pain, happiness and loneliness. This is Thorton Wilder's Our Town. Directed by Greg Sawyer, and expresses by a cast of Holy Angels' most promising actors. When Our Town is read or seen on stage the obvious is mistook by dry realism. But when one has left the theater or finished the final act. a sense of renewed loneliness fills the hearts of the curious with ignored everyday joy. The role of each actor is a dream, for the actor is the focal point. However on the end the character he she plays might be the most challenging role. For the actor undoubtedly will see a bit of themselves in their role. So in a phrase, the actor is alone and open to the criticism of the mashed audience. Our Town’s cast had a wonderful time, and once more, the play was a great success. 116Stage Manager........... T. Poskozim Dr. Gibbs .............. J. Rozenberg Joe Crowell ............... K. Doyle Howie Newsome ............. R. Jones Mrs. Gibbs ............. J. Schluter Mrs. Webb............... L. Moorman George Gibbs ........... P. Thissen Rebecca Gibbs.............. A. Daly Wally Webb ............. M. Adamek Emily Webb Professor Willard Mr. Webb Simon Stimpson Mrs. Soames J.A. Carroll Constable Warren Si Crowell K. Doyle Sam Craig Joe Stoddard II1RECORD BREAKER!! On October 4. 1983, AHA students, faculty, and friends supported the school on the Marathon for Non-Public Education. The total amount of money collected topped previous years. The school brought in $30,177.00. The money granted all the students a free day for their great effort. Each class surpassed 100% of their goal, however, the junior class collected the most money of the four grades. Trea Holman, a freshman, brought in over $300.00. Sophomore. Jenny Berg, collected over $300.00 too. Paul Couil-lard led the juniors with $179.00. Ann Heitzman topped all other seniors with $272.00. Dave DeWitt and his fiance will have a honeymoon, because he won the trip to Las Vegas. The overall school interest made this year's marathon a record breaker! D. Biedron and C. Flynn discuss strategy for their bike ride. Sophomore bikers pan for the camera. Nate shows those pearly whites! Dr. Giesen giyc, s. Hanley and Mr. Bartlett lips for their twelve mile hike while Mr. Karison listens in. 118Another step was taken in AHA pride with the first, alumni play BACK TO BROADWAY. The play consisted of musical clips from previous AHA productions. The cast involved grandparents of those yet to graduate. Fr. Robert Cassidy, a former AHA principal, directed stage production. Sue Reddin directed the singing and acting. She believes the alumni play will be even bigger next year. Barb England. AHA band director arranged the music and directed the band, which consisted of AHA teachers, spouses, and professionals. The alumni effort was well-rehearsed and very professional. Many welcome this production as a new annual AHA activity. Mary Huber dance to "Steam Heat” — S s ... Missy Foster hulas to the beat of "Bali Hai.” Tops Jim Cross and Bcsty Sullivan find love in the shadows. Above. Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Ludwig, and the ladies pick-a-little-talk-a-little- 119 BACK TO BROADWAY Sno Daze Days '84 This year's Sno'Daze highlighted student extracurricular activity. There were sports, chess, speech, and drama. The theme days and the assemblies gave way to fun for all. Foul weather kept attendance at the dance low. but those die-hards who showed up enjoyed the energetic surfin' sound of the "Castaways." Above lefl: Scott Bowron and Jon Bjornne Above From Left: Ellen Huss. Mark Epple. Tom A chcr. Jim Larranaga. Vivi Reddin. Erin Mahoney 120Students shared their independent research with the school in a Nuclear Awareness Seminar on January 25th. These students created skits, displays, and heard debates concerning different issues on Nuclear Power and Arms. 121THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!! What were the best movies of 1983? Ten different people would probably produce ten different answers. For those who like comedies — Risky Business. Vacation and Trading Places were probably on the top of their list. Silkwood and Never Cry Wolf provided a more serious atmosphere and The Big Chill combined the two. The Star Wars saga continues with Return of the Jedi and its suspense and originality has continued to keep its many loyal fans. Such fims as Fanny and Alexander, though not seen by many, were highly acclaimed by most critics. 1983 brought a variety of outstanding choices to suit everybodies movie tastes. I. The saga continue a Luke Skywalker returns to face the dark side of the forest. 2. Seven astronauts touched down for Tom Wolf s film version of The Right Stuff. 3. Matt Dillon play it tough as Rusty James in Rumble Fish. 4. Ingmar Bergman's last film and his best. 5. Meryl Streep successfully pleases her audiences as Karen Silkwood. 6. In a cold world you need your friends to keep you warm. nI. New comer. Jennifer Beal teal the eye of the audience in FLASHDANCEI2. What do you get when you take Debra Winger. Shirley Maclaine and Jack Nicholson? The be t movie of the yearl 3. Tom Cruite doe it again a a high school advanced junior achiever in Risky Business. 4. Barbara Streisand produce , direct , write . ing and tar in Yenil. 5. Chevy Chase decide to fly in Vacation. I 23WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE MUSIC SCENE? The 80’s in itself produced a hot batch of singles, but '83 shook the nation with a variety of new sounds introducing us and '84 to a new world of music. Musicians on and off the charts rode the music wire with sizzling singles and platinums. The Eurythmics had ’Sweet Dreams' I. Rick Springfield's ’Human Touch' la. Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long’ 2. Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It’ 3. Say Say Say’ 6. Police's ’Every Breath You Take’ 4. Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five ’The Message' 5. and many more!!!! 124Fashion today has taken a backward twirl in the conscience of style. Flair is not the only fashion spectacu- lar in 83 84. Hair, shoes, and cosmetic, are also a part of today’s fads. La femme unique is the in term describing the radiance of beauty displayed by today’s women. The fashion look is now available to any individual whatever the taste preference or style. With the help of color and glamor, fashion is made simple. ♦ 125 THE ALLURING FADS AND SA Year For News. A year for news! 1983 84 has had its ups and downs. Rough times and smooth times, sad times and joyous times. Tragedies overseas have hit the headlines more than once. The attack of U.S. marines in Grenada, the trouble in Beirut, and the drowning of flight 007 are only a few examples of military violence in the world. Karen Carpenter and Jessica Sa-vitch both died hard and painful deaths. AIDS rocked the gay community and concern for the contagious disease spread throughout the country. People throughout America are shown the devestating effects of nuclear warfare. They gather together in candlelight vigils to pray for the end of such harmful military weapons. And the beginning of peace. Although things in the world are sometimes hard, and unpleasant. People turn their eyes to search for the good events. Americans are hopeful in preparing for the 1984 Olympics. Vanessa Williams is the first black woman to win a Miss America pageant. And break dancing became almost cultish as its popularity spread from coast to' 10 1. The bombing in Grenada 2. Jessica Savilch dies in a car accident 3. Drowning of flight 007 4. Minnesotans pray for peace after viewing the Day After 5. 1984 Olympics 6. Karen Carpenter dies of Anorexia 7. Christmas in Beirut 8. Breakdancing 9. Americas cup lost to Australia after 132 years in U.S. 10. The Hitler diaries 11. The Aids epedemic 12. First black Miss America. Vanessa Williams II 127THE STARLINERS! The Starliners started a new tradition at Holy Angels. Danceline, and it has proved to be one that will stick around for many years to come. Despite the hardships of establishing a danceline for the first time. Coach Pam Boston and student assistant Ja-miee Baldwin put together an excellent line of dancers. In their first Burnsville meet, they placed fifth out of eight. The Co-captains were Seniors Amy Hennen and Jessica Lopez. Coach Boston said "It was a lot of fun and all the girls did well." 8. STARLINERS displaying their beauty and talent 9. Beautiful kicks Back Row L to R. Coach P. Boston. K. Carlson. K. A. Hennen. J. Lopez. M. Kennedy. E. Mahoney. Middle Row R. Jasper. S. Dunn. C. Fluagger. K. Popko. M. McKenna. A. Nace. Bottom Row J. Aullozzi. C. Curtan. S. Mclnerny. C. Bonde. K. Williams. B. Jasper. 128129Germany Sr. Cecilc Marie Rader accompanied 16 of her students on a trip to Germany. They left the Twin Cities on June 16 and flew to Frankfurt. West Germany. They stayed with German families in the area of Wurzberg. The stay lasted nine days. While with their families, the students and Sister participated in many local festivals and visited sights of interest. After the family stay they proceeded to Munich. During their week there they visited such spots as the 1972 Olympic Stadium, the famous Munich City Hall, and the world famous Hofbrau Haus. They also made side trips to such places as Dachau concentration camp. Neuschwasstein Castle and Tegren See. Their final week was spent touring through Austria. Switzerland and back to Germany. Row I R. Adam . L. Hoffman. I. Reims. J. Zieska. M. Epple Row 2 M. Schendel. K. Carlson. A. Kegley. N. Schneider. J. Hicks. P. James. Sr. Cecile Marie Row 3 T. Haeg. J. Rivers. S. Kruse. M. Gross. 8. Gilligan 130132 • wt njuMf pi (P 1 . yu . Os+J-lk, '£ S£ C ' 0" AjL JL y£ fs v £- « pi t +s t Behind the Scenes STAFF 134Faculty Poll Favorite Color................... Favorite Saying.................. Favorite T.V. Show............... Favorite Movie................... Most School Spirit............... Typical Teacher.................. Most Noticeable Laugh........... Best Smile....................... Nicest Eyes...................... Friendliest...................... Shyest........................... Most Athletic................... Favorite Vending Machine Food Most Likely to Succeed........... Purple.................................. Blue ’’Whoever told you life was fair” ”ls it Friday?” "Cheers”................ ’’Hill Street Blues” "Fiddler on the Roof”..... "Wizard of Oz” Gary Bartlett... Kathy Hanley.. Jeanne Lieser Johanna Giesen................. Jane Doyle Mike Karlson.............. Mary Poepping .............................. Genny Freier Rose Murray................. John Mischke Denise Cochran................. Jane Doyle .......................... Paul Bruemmer Annette Margarite.............. Mike Sack Coke (when it’s on)....... "I'm on a diet!" Annette Margarite Johanna Giesen. The Students 135 Administration: The Sister Mary Walter Duval Principal Assistant Cheerleading Coach Micheal J. Donlin Superintendent Gary Rusvold Director of Social Activities Coach Gary Ranlell Director of Public Relations Social Studies. Coach Marge Zieska Secretary Executive Director of Alumni 136Lucille Maters Attendance Barbara Huizinga Learning Specialist Art Iverson Counselor' ♦Coach , •enise Cochran Counselor Coach } :ial Mentioif Nadeni CounielmofecretaJesus Christ's Superstars Sister Mary Lang Relgion Jane Doyle Relgion Junior Class Advisor Ann Susag Campus MinistryDRAMA? My Life’s A Soap Opera! 140 Genny Freier English Yearbook141 Greg Sawyer English DramaTo Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before 142 John Bennett Science CoachAccentuate the Positive Sister Jeanne Lieser Math Cheerleading Coach Bev Ricker Math Freshman Class Advisor. Newspaper Oave Klienman Math Walt Loftquist Math Sister Diane Scholten Math Coach♦ ♦ ♦ The World According to Michael Sack Social Studies Coach Jim Hastings Social Studies Ski Club Annette Margarit Social Studies Coach 144Foreign Flicks Rosalba Murray Spanish Sophomore Class Advisor Paul Bruemmer French 145 Sister Cecile Marie Rader German Of Books, Cooks ... And Other Nooks 146 Sister Anne Eugene Auer Music Sister Regina Marie Mulloy MusicSister Avila lamb Librarian Sue Wright Art Greg OWen Industrial Arts Coach Holly Stormer Home Economics Sister Bernadine Reinhard Media ArtBlood, Sweat, and Tears Dave Dewitt Physical Education Coach. Recruiting Not Pictured: Maggie Hurley Physical Education Science 148 Kris Nelson Physical EducationMop and Glow Cleanliness is next to ♦ ♦ ♦ Sister Alice Veronica O'Brian — Top Right Student Service Not Pictured! Sister Anne Victoire Morin Student Service Ron Adamek Maintenance John Powers Maintenance Not Pictured: Tom Sterner Maintenance Stewart Olson Maitenance 149150, I . r ' {X V Tv f,Te 0OC WX p r f y -h'M S uA- X yuT4X fvej r- KJ SKit-K-efSL CCu ( fet. , buoc A re. 1 X K bQe. yftor 56 ,-b Ver c .ifvA Wdpe.'foilu ip 7 Xt( See x Dtois. x .- v ?- b (| ia p6. -Mr“ - .04,, WA-ef' VQO vxe 0 r - P a t ro n s -hp -b s vtc L 7 - - e - uuyix ( (JL. ’S 151Congratulations Jessica on completing the first part of your formal education. We are very proud of you and your choice of friends, school involvement, and accomplishments. We know your high school memories will always be cherished as some of the best times in your life. Love Mom and Dad 152= - Congratulations Cath! You are a special young woman. You deserve all the goodness that comes your way. Thanks for your gentle ways, your genuiness. your caring and your ability to forgive and forget. Hang onto your sense of humor! We love you very much!! Mom and Dad (and by the way. you look very familiar too!) Our hearts are full. Thank you! Love. Mom. Dad Tim and Erin. 153TO DOUG AND THE CLASS OF 84 Congratulations on your four years at AHA ... and also on being named All-Conference offensive lineman!! We are very proud of you! Love. Dad. Terre. Lisa. Scott and Jason 154 zo---------l rCH OZOn jF Mark: -I , May you continue to find fit Happiness in your giving; 1 r Joy in your understanding; Pride in your accomplishments; Trust in your friendships; Challenge in your trials; Strength in your faith; and — always — Peace in your heart. We are proud of you! % Dad. Mom. and Diana . . 155Congratulations Kaje! You’re already an "M.D.” ... Much-loved Daughter Ellie Ruth Rachel Eve Sarah Susan Best of Luck From Mom and Dad AHA Class Harristhal Insurance Agency, Inc. 9001 E. Bloomington Freeway I9SI 1985 1987 1988 1989 1989Brite Brock Mac Those were the day my friends. We thought they'd never end. We used to laugh forever and a day. We lived the life we choosed. we'd fight and never lose. Those were the day Oh. yes. those were the day . TV" "y Fraternal Brotherhood of Former Altarboys Otiumcum Dignitate Do you recognize these lads? Innocent though they may seem Strange and peculiar were their fads. Hardly an assignment not done as a team Only doing the least by far Notebooks and texts never gave them pause Obviously you can see. they are. Rebels without a cause! 157Tell Me Again ‘'Iowa!” ... stuck in the snow with Mark's broken window ... You'll go far Beks ... State or Bucky... Jackie: This year has been the best of all four. I've known you. We'll always be friends no matter what our parents sayl Always remember Chris. Gordy. Jeff. Terese. Laura. Barb H.. etc. But most of all remember all the good times and the laughs we've shared. Thanx. All my love. The African Stallion ... Prom night and half built houses ... Smoky-doo. Sunny-doo and Rebel-doo ... J.C. Penny's. Cathy. Anne. Shiela ... Where was Jo Ann at the kinks concert... Doug my buddy ... Karen: I'm really glad that we've been able to share the past four years together. You are a very special girl and without you. none of these years would have mattered. Always remember freshman year and Chris. Love you. The African Stallion ... Don’t forget Feila. class of '84 ... Fay. you didn't take his rabbit's foot, did you? — Jackie ... B.W.C.A. or Busts .. . Eddie Murphy and Mr. "T." ... Bowie vs. Adams ... Is it gonna work? I don't know just keep smiling!!!.. . The lean-mean-green fighting machine ... ”72 Buick Skylark ... It happened on a rainy night ... Brock. Mike. Eric. John ... "Brites” — the animal down deep ... The real Mckoy ... You big goon Bano ... "Beej. How do you like the movie so far? Yeah. B.J. what do you think of it? .. . The purple house .. . Katy. remember the gull... Skinny dippin' in the rain ... Hey. switch on the 4-wheel drive ... Pookums. you horse, you're the greatest... Amazon woman who makes chocolate crinkles .. . Where have all the good men gone . . . Sarah, times we shared, times we dared, but most of all. times we cared. — Jackie ... Jeff Lips, the crappy driver ... Laura, time, what is it. — Jackie .. . Anne, do you want a dip? ... Let's parly dude. June 3rd. 1984 .. . Don't throw screws at my car... Project goose egg gentlemen ... Katy. Now is the time for missing pieces to drift and talk to the ok — Clean!! ... Don't drive in the outside lane, those oo I ow er SC itT7. Trendy ... Prarie Buddies forever ... hit the fishbowl ... Sharon H. — story of a frosh at heart ... Linear equations — Val and Sal ... 74 stangs rule — MCC 482.BOS 171 ... BD — remember the phone call. Valentines day 1983 ... BSA 492 and AAB 720 for the Blues ... rain in St. Peter's Parking lot — Miss Tennis . . Hutchie got a blue light, cough cough .. . Dan Jim. Tom Scott. Larry Mark ... I ?.2?.3?. or 4?? ... Remember Sophomore year. HON? ... "The Turn of The Screw” ... 1984 is the "Coda” of High School for Seniors ... Ruther. you were a real lady at ’83 Sadie. I mess you! JULES ... I love STP ... Pads and Belts ... Isn't if funny how time flies when the best was yet to come . .. Obsessed with cliques... to cool to fool ... B.C. Rock'em. Rock’em. Rock’em. till they don't stop rockin' ... FINE. Just fine!!!!!!! .“.. You’ve seen one. You’ve seen them all... Mayonaise Jar... Green tackle box ... XXX Rated ... Carpet fresh Coke ... Thesis on the Coke Machine ... Shawn, can you go back to school for a sec.? . .. "It is not there”. Typical Mrs. Freier Perfect JiMartdPI '- sentence . .. Color-Coordinated cousin itt ... Thanx for all the good limes Hansbof ..’. Riding the train is better than riding the bus ... M.K. and T.S. — "I love Mike and Paul" buttons ... Rosalba missed my presence on January 20. 1984 TOO BAD . .. Six-Pack gets promoted to case while playing spoons ... I'm your slinked out jungle woman ... Remember when we got married on a rock? ... Dandrea’s official "Quarters Table" Summer of 1982 ... Spa tan for a simple prayer . .. Chasing a silver Rx down France. 70 mph. redlight-beep beep... Paul’s party-Cab 89 — 5.3:19 A M.. .. Amosl 69-Ring! Ring! Sorry Latiel... Free us. or die . .. Irving to learn how to Fly. Fav? .. . Cruising in the bomb. . . We talked and stuff... David Bowie is 7 I . . . Ratman and Robin . .. L.K. and M.L.G. we love you K.A. and A.A. ... Jack and Diane .. Somewhere in our vast sewer system lies James Stanley ... I 80 on 35 W . . 10-4 Batman, that’s not the exit ... we are going off the road ... Mel Stadium ... Bill s watch is at the Met... Get a haircut Beej... Hey. Nimtuad. How’s life? It depends ... Boyfriend Rob . .. (Bare-Dog) ... 31 Flavors ... 31 Flavors, (untill you’ve lasted the 33rd) . . Prom. Bif as mother Nature ... Schwill is that an AHA hat? ... I’m proud of these babies ... Cumberland ... Beej and Gretzky ... Skid marks in the bowl Pee wee gets a job ... Rufus Q. Fall. .. Did Mr. Pfieffer get to you ... is this a Rubic Cubes ?. . You did what in Kennedy’s parking lot? ... barely alive, barely alive . .. Would you please? ... You’ve got to pay to use it? ... My best Friends: Cppey and Mr Pfeiffer The chair!!!. .. Who's there?? — MMEEE .. . Gilley and the girls ... The tunnels and Mr. Adso .. . Wanna talk, or talk-talk .. . What would the Russians do Beej? Edina Pickup McDonalds — seventh and Jefferson ... Kepps —; Just a second . . . Led Zepplin is P I not Bowie ... If only I could kiss Mark Epple ... B.FI I.. ND H.S. — Forever... The orange towel run .. Got some pretzels. Chuck? ... Gentlemen, we’ve jot to go the full nine miles ... Yetz keep it clean kiddo. Don’t miss me to much: K .. . all the same, aren’t they Reen? . .. What do you mean around?... Green streets I -1-84 (laura and four shoes and sock-, and paddle ou wake up in the eet me in the can fe’s the pig in the ying Cloud drive-cute .. - Think of ... I love you — Naw. Where’s the key?... Hawaii, or Tahitti??.. he’s good. January 20th . Ken and Norms-.9. Kewi Ker is JoTmGRincI head .. . Duck! Duck ... Tams . . . Humpday Lutsen The Mau ... Albie .. . Well, if you were to know? ... 76 Buick . . . JIM. JIM. and BILL THE BLUES ... Mariesuebob . . Well, hi there ... no more nose hickeys . . Jungle woman, video queen, homecoming queen ... Did you guys know the bamboo hut closed ... Cruisin’ Lake Harriet. .. We can't eat here .. . What is it. — But that is not important now — (Airplane II)... Lau — I love you ... No target toy aisle ... It’s no thermal fever.. . Hulo der which you — I see you ... Sarah, where’s the ice cream . . Lau. not this one too? . . . Niner the rocker .. . the van . . It’s hard to play racketball with your eyes shut. . GIRLS. For a GREAT time call 83 I 6571 .. What do you mean? .. . The "Bill lane" on 494 . . . Mike Conlon and Troy at Eddie Websters . . . Jim Larranaga caught the "Bill Cady virus” from too much Bill. . . Hello, my name is -Let's play Mrs. Mumble ... The Jaccuzzi .. . Stupidl . .. Wendy’s "birthday” at Chi Chi’s . . . Friday. NOvember 25th. Toledo Circle .. What’s so good about good-bye when the best is yet to come ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??? 160Your career, Your values and you. The College of St. Thomas offers career oriented, liberal arts education For more information, call the admissions director at 612-647-5265 or write: Admissions Director, College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105. College of St. Thomas 161FAIRVIEW DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING If you’re a bright, caring person who has decided on a career in hospital nursing, the three-year nursing education program at Fairview Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing may be just right for you. WHY COOSE A THREE-YEAR PROGRAM? • Classroom emphasis on nursing sciences • Extensive experience in direct patient care • Completion of nursing education in three years. WHY CHOOSE FAIRVIEW DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING? • Close student-teacher relationships • Clinical experience at Fairview Deaconess Hopital. Fairview Hospital. Fairview Southdale Hospital and Minneapolis Children's Health Center • Liberal arts classes at nearby Augsburg College • 100% of 1982 6 1983 graduates passed state boards • Student government, choir, recreational and cultural activites • Choice employment opportunities • Financial assistance available • Fully accredited: Established in 1916 • Religious atmosphere. Fairview Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing is accepting applications for enrollment for September 1984. For more information — or assistance in making the right decision about a nursing education — write to the Registrar. Fairview Deaconess Hospital of Nursing. 1400 E. 24th Street. Minneapolis. MN 55404: or call Barry Lundquist at (612) 721-9512.164THE HUB Merchant's Association 66th and Nicollet. Richfield. MN 55423 Bookdales China Garden Extra Special Famous Footwear Godfather’s Pizza Haas Hallmark-Photo Hearing Prosthetics HSR Block Hub Arcade Barber Shop Hub Hobby Center Hub Jewelers Hub Shoe Repair Julie Ann Fabrics Kinney Shoes Korner Plaza Lancer Stores, Inc. Minnesota Federal Plymouth Optical Pilgrim Dry Cleaners The Stable United Stores U.S. Army Recruiting Walgreens Weight WatchersLOSS IS PAINFUL May We Help Tim Phil Gleason Gleason Mortuary 866-5038 166 Since 1889 TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS SOUTHWEST CHAPEL 5801 Lyndale Ave. So. 612 861-6088 BLOOMINGTON-RICHFIELD CHAPEL 100th and Lyndale Ave. So. 612 888-7771Sola on Restaurant 38it Gravtn he. Mimneaioolis 822.7712 Memorable Vietnamese Cookmcj at joKj tfahle jon cat in or tcike out OPEN I NO- -HOURS Monday - Sci-tw-Hau : HAM - lO PM Sundcuj °4 PM 9.30 PM Ovx ner: -DJ Nfi KtlAP NGUYEN . ces 168CLASS of 1984 CONGRATULATIONS! FRIENDS OF OUR YEARBOOK Have a good life. Dr. Johanna Giesen Maureen Fitzgerald (77) Rachel Fitzgerald (83) St. Edwards Parish Diamond Lake Lanes ELECTRONICS TRAINING SINCE 1930 Nguyen tien Dinh Khap Nguyen NORTHWESTERN EIIC1RONICS INS1I1UII ,) .U.AV|NUI Ml 1 (OlKKVl KCrf-.MM WWI'O'lUlll (6 12) 781-4881 Living Off The Wall 169CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU MADE IT!! WE LOVE YOU!!! 170INDEX FRESHMEN Abzug. B. 99 Adler. I. 99 Allingham. Michelle 79 Anthony. S.B. 99 Ardoff. Chris 79 Austin. J. 99 Banovetz. Joan 79 Bea. C.D. 99 Beaver. Sandy 79 Bednarz. Chris 79 Beireis. Anita 79 Bertrand. Steve 79 Blatz. Aimee 79 Boatman. Tom 79 Boeser. Cindy 79 Bohn. Brooks 79. 99 Boie. Mike 79 Boldishar. Natalie 79 Bonde. Cheryl 79 Bonnie. Lisa 79 Brandt. Mark 79. 99 Breitling. Tom 2. 79. 99 Brown. Jenny 79 Bunkholt. Christine 79 Burgoyne. Beth 79 Burkemper. Brent 80 Burns. Mike 80. 90. 93 Calliguri. Jim 80. 93 Chambers, Joel 60. 80 Chanthakhoun. Nat 80 Chapman. Damian 80 Conley. Jeff 80. 93 Cremers. Karleen 63. 80 Dankowski. Rebecca 63. 80 DeFasio. Michele 80 Delgado. Dave 80. 90 DeRider. Tressa 80 Doble. Sandy 80. 91 Doell. Erin 81 Dooley. Harry 81 Doyle. Kevin 81. 99 Dunne. Kevin 81 Dupont. Peter 81. 99 Eichten. Molly 81. 88. 91 Fell. Maureen 63. 81 Flesche. Chris 81 Fluguar. Christine 81 Fredricks. Matt 81 Friel. Ingrid 81 Geissier. Lisa 81 Gellerman. Colleen 81 Geifer. Edward 81. 99 Glatzmaier. Sara 81 Gleason. Jim 81 Glorvigen. Jennifer 81 Grahn. Joe 82 Gross. Mike 58. 82 Groves. Chris 82 Gruenwald. Juliana 82 Gryskiewicz. Brian 60. 82 Haeg. Sarah 82. 98 Hall. Christopher 82 Hall. Becky 82. 91 Halstrom. Elizabeth Hanafin. Kris 58. 59. 82 Harmon. Mark 58. 82 Harristhal. Rachael 82. 91 Hartigan. Mike 82. 98 Hartle. Pat 82 Haupt. Theresa 82 Hawkins. Matt 82. 99 Healey. Mike 82 Hendrickson. Elizabeth 82 Hendrickson. T.J. 82. 99 Herder. Tony 61. 82 Hesse. Bob 82 Hinton. Mark 83 Hoffman. Tamara 83 Holman. Trea 83 Houston. Margaret 83 Jakubic. Tim 55. 82 James. Jeffrey 83 Jasper, Rachel 83 Jones. Carol 83 Jones. Thomas 83 Kallas. Dawn 83 Keeler. Courtney 83 Keller. Jeff 83 Kelly. Maura 83 Kelly. G. 99 Kelly. Mike 91. 99 Kennedy. Jennifer 83 Klinker. Robert 83 Koenig. Tom 99 Koralewski. Roxanne 65. 91 Krocheski. Cathy 83 Kroeten. John 83, 99 Krueger. Andrew 83. 99 Koch. Veronica 84 Kunz. Jennifer 84 Larranaga. Jean 58. 84 Leininger. Chris 84 Lentsch. Susan 84 LaPage. Colleen 84 Linniham. James 84 Lockhart. Patrick 84 Loeffler. Tamara 84 Loftus. Mary 84 Lohmann. John 84 Lopez. Al 54. 84 Lopez. Dan 54. 84. 93 Ludowese. James 84 Malecia. Pat 54. 84. 93 Martinson. Toni 84. 98 Matthews. Mary 84 McDonald. Krissy 2. 6. 84. 91 McGuire. John 84. 99 McKenna. Tim 61. 84 McKnight. Katie 84. 91 Maulwurf. Anthony 85 Melin. David 85 Meissen. Laura 85. 91 Meneghelli. Kathy 58. 85 Menke. Mary 85 Monn. Stacey 2. 85 Moore. Jason 60. 85 Moorman. Katy 85 Morrell. Jennifer 85 Morrison. Megan 85 Murnan. Karrie 85. 91 Murphy. Erin 85. 98 Must. D. 99 Nelson. Chris 85. 93 Nelson. Deborah 58. 85 O'Connor. David 85 O'Hara. S. 99O'Shea. Jennifer 85 Papsadora. Tina 85 Penn. David 85. 99 Peroz. Jim 61. 86 Peterson. Eric 86 Petronek. Coutrney 86. 91 Phillips. Kristin 86. 99 Pinard. Julie 86 Popko. Kelly 86 Pinkham. L. 99 Prince. D. 99 Quinn. Michelle 86 Rasmussen. Holly 86 Reddin. Rachal 86 Reid. Daniel 86 Reis. Mike 99. 86 Ribar. Dan 86 Ricker. Natalie 86 Rimnic. Jenny 86. 99 Roach. Nadine 86 Rothfork. Tom 86 Ryan. Jennifer 86 Santelmann. Lynn 91 Schatzlein. Daniel 86 Schauff. Shannon 58. 86 Schiller. Paul 87. 99 Schindeldecker. Christine 87 Schmidt. Gret 87 Schneider. Amy 58. 87 Shoenecker. Doug 87. 90, 99 Schumacher. Tom 87. 93 Seifert. Julie 87 Serio. John 87. 99 Shea. Emily 87 Skic. Patty 87 Shater, Richard 87 Smith. Heather 87 Sorenson. Eric 87 Slick. G. 99 Springer. Amy 87 Srnec. Alison 87 St. Aubin. Michelle 87. 90. 91 Stricherz. Brett 89 Streefland. Jennifer 58. 89 Tombers. Theresa 89 Treat. Amy 89. 91 Troup. Lisa 89 Ulrich. Edward 89 VanVickle. Jim 61. 89 Wald. Craig 89. 99 Wallace. James 89 Wallman. Matt 89 Waterman. Frank 89 Welter. Samuel 89 Willette. Paul 89 Will. A. 99 Williams. Kevin 89. 99 Windser. D. 99 Wirig. Dave 89. 93 Wright. Mike 89 Wolf. Alan 89. 99 Wrobeleski. Jesse 89 Wuest. Tom 89. 99 Young. Dan 93 SOPHOMORE Aeschbach. Maria 69 Alten. Kathleen 98 Aman. Nanette 69 Amore. Frank 54. 69. 92 Anderson. Denise 69 Andreen. Lisa 69 Arms. John 69. 92 Ascher. Anne 69. 91 Aulozzi. Jane 69 Barcomb. John 69 Barcomb. Paul 69 Barry. Bill 69 Benson. Mollie 69. 91 Berg. Jenny 69 Bergman. Joan 69. 98 Berwald. Mike 69 Besser. Tim 69 Bjorkstrand. Dean 69. 92 Blaszczak. Robert 69 Bodensteiner. Terry 69. 98 Boesing. Jennifer 69 Bolischar. Mary 69 Botz. Pamela 69. 91 Brandt. Stacy 43. 69 Brochu. Janice 69 Brown. Jeff 69 Brownson. Andrea 69 Bungert, Marybeth 69 Burgess. Dave 69 Cain. Beth 69 Caola. Deborah 69 Carroll. Julie Ann 69. 147 Carroll. Julie 69 Cashin. Robert 69 Cazin. David 69. 98 Christie. Theresa 70 Cline. Julie 62. 70 Clubb. Leanne 70 Collins. Julie 70 Cox. Anne 70 Curtan. Christi 8. 70 Daly. Ann 70 Delgado. Maria 70 Delong. Bill 61. 70 DeMarce. Amy 43. 70 DeYoung. Stephanie 70 Dornisch. Patricia 70 Doyle. Donnell 70 Dubanoski. Mary 70 Dvorak. Judith 70 Eaton. Marie 70 Erazmus. Mark 40. 70. 92 Ernst. Karen 7 1. 98 Fezler. Tracy 71 Fischer. Jenny 71 Fleming. Sean 71. 98 Flesche. Jennie 71 Flynn. Patty 71.91 Friendshuh. Jackie 71 Geddes. William 54. 71. 98 Gerlach. Beth 71 Giles. Chris 71 Gilligan. Kevin 40. 71. 92 Gilligan, Kim 7 I Gilsdorf. Jane 7 I Goemar. Laura 62. 7 I Grendzinski. Mike 6. 60. 71 Griffeths. Shannon 63. 71 Groves. Dave 61. 92 Gryskiewicz, Paul 71. 92 Gust. Mike 71 Hagman. Bridget 50 Hall. Nick 71. 98 Hallgren. Gary 72Hammer. Mike 72. 92 Hansen. Christine 72 Hart. Christine 72 Hedlund. Christopher 72. 98 Hegman. Bridget 72 Hergott. Sara 72 Herigstad. Mitchell 72 Hertel. Mike 72 Hietala. Linda 72 Hoersten. Cheryl 72. 91 Holman. Tim 72. 92 Holmberg. Heidi 72 Hughes. Kerry 72 Huss. David 54. 72. 98 Ireton. Colin 60. 72 Iden. Grant 72. 92 Ivory. Michael 72. 98 Jackman. Rick 72 Jacobson. Greg 72 Jaeger. Katie 50. 72 Jakubic. Mike 60. 72 Jankord. Joey 72 Johnson. Julie 72 Jones. Leslie 72. 98 Joyce. Susan 72 Jungers. Maureen 72 Kaweske. Krista 72 Kelley. Richard 72 Kelly. William 72 Kosek. Chris 72 Kitzeck. David 72 Lawrow. Peg 58. 72 Leitten. David 72 Lewis. Robert 72 Liddiard. Joan 72. 98 Lies. Anne 73 Lock. Jeff 73 Lundholm. Jim 60. 73 Mack. Bill 73 Macklin. Don 73 Mader. John 73 Maikke. Dennis 73 Malelta. Keith 60. 73 Mamer. Valerie 73. 91 McArthur. Jeff 73 McCormack. Regan 58. 73 McGuire. Amy 73. 98 McHugh. Leonard 73 Mclnerny. Sue 73 McLaughlin. Mary 73 Majia. Matthew 74 Mellon. John 74 Menke. Beth 58. 74 Merrill. Shelley 74 Morrell. Micheal 74 Morrison. Tom 74 Moss. Jim 74. 92 Mullen. Andrea 74 Munro. Lee 74 Muran. Blake 74. 98 Myers. Connie 74 Nelson. Jennifer 74 Ness. Ann Marie 74 Newberger. Jay 74 Ngyuyen. Nmi 50. 74 Numainville. Brian 60. 75 O'Brien. Molly 75 Olsen. Christy 75. 91 Ostrowski. Nadine 75 Pahl. Jim 75 Palmby. Valerie 75 Pearce. Tom 75 Pelner. John 75 Petterson. Lori 75 Podgorak. John 75 Poskozim. Margaret 75. 91 Powers. John 75 Preimesberger. Tom 75. 98 Rathmell. Lisa 75 Renstrom. Tracy 75 Ricci. Beth 51. 76 Rivers. David 76 Rocheford. Debbie 76. 91 Rodier. Ron 76 Sampson. Debbie 76 Samuels. Dave 76, 98 Savoie. John 76. 98 Scheller. Rob 76 Schiller. Mike 76. 98 Schiltz. Carol 76 Schlumbohm. Bill 76 Schmelke. Kathy 76 Schreiber. Brad 76 Seidel. Kathleen 50. 76 Serres. Nicki 76 Shankey. Debbie 76 Shea. Nat 54. 76. 98 Simms. Dan 6. 76 Smith. Tim 76. 92 Soller. Diane 76 Starita. Scott 76 Stein. Tammy 76 Steinert. Kim 76 Stoffel. Kevin 76 Sullivan. Cheryl 76. 98 Thibault. Stephen 76 Thoraldson. Amy 76 Tordoff. Angi 76 VanVickle. Marianna 6. 62. 76 Voss. Kelly 76 Waldmann. Mike 76 Warmka. Gary 77. 92 Weiss. Jill 77 Welbes. John 77. 92 Welter. Basil 77. 98 Weilinski. Steve 77 Wienke. Sue 77. 91 Williams. Corey Williams. Steven 77 Yetzer. Becky 77. 91 JUNIORS Adamek. Mark 29 Adams. Steve 29. 40 Baldwin. Jaimee 29. 65. 91 Banovetz. John 29 Barry. Bob 29. 40 Becker. Dan 29 Bednarz. Mary 29. 43 Bergman. Dave 29. 40. 54. 55 Besser. Phil 29 Biedron. Dan 29. 40. 148 Boeser. Duffy 29 Bork. Dan 29 Brownson. Delia 29. 58 Burke. Jim 29 Burns. Michelle 29. 50 Bussen. Amy 29 Byrne. Greg 29 Byrne. Rich 29 173Carraher. Gina 29 Cayc. Jenny 30 Cline. Randy 30 Collins. Sean 30 Cook. Laura 30 Cormican. Jim 30 Couillard. Paul 29. 54 Dalsin. Jill 30 Delgado. Brian 30. 40 Demars. Cynthia 30 Doyle. Rosie 30 Dunn. Jim 30 Dupont. Mike 30 Duran. Dave 30 Eichten. Monica 30 Elsen. Kim 30 Emme. Matt 30 Fiol. Ivonne 30 Fischer. Anne 7. 30 Fleming. Chris 30 Flynn. Chris 32. 118 Flynn. Kathy 32. 43 Fox. Mike 32. 54 Fredericks. Paul 32 Giles. Dan 32 Gilligan. John 32. 40 Glenn. Toni 32 Gustafson. Dana 32 Glockner. Marylou 29. 32. 43 Groves. Lisa 32 Gryskiewicz, Stehanie 32 Haeg. Tom 32 Flail. Sharon 32 Hamel. Susan 32 Hammer. Sara 32 Harringer. Karen 32 Harristhal. Ruth 32 Hartle. Mike 32 Hartmann. Barb 33 Hastings. Vince 33 Haupt. Jeanne 33 Healey. Paul Heaney. Mary 33 Hendrickson. Anne 33 Hicks. Jim 33 Hinton. Laura 33. 43 Hoffman. Michelle 33. 50 Holt. Marisue 33 Iverson. Artie 33 Jaeger. Paul 33. 54 James. Pat 33 Jarritt. Yvonne 33. 91 Jasper. Rebecca 33 Johnson. Jill 33 Jordan. Catherine 33 Kegley. Anne 33. 43 Keinz. Laura 33. 43 Kelly. Chris 33 Kennedy. Michele 34 Kenney. Suzzi 34 Klatt. John 34 Kramer. Mary 34 Kroeten. Dick 34 Krotz. Karrie 34 Lennay. Sue 34 Lentsch. Barb 34 Letness, Joe X. 34 Lickteig. Tony 34 Lockhart. Fiona 34. 42. 43 Loe. Chris 34 Ludwig. Donna 34 Lundholm. Jean 34. 91 Maddaus. Mary 34 Makres. Angie 35 Malby. Nathan 35, 118 Maletta. Liz 35 Mamer. Teresa 35 Marcotte. Jon 35 Maulwurf. Michelle 35 McKenna. Meg 35. 58 McKight. Sean 35 McNeal. Chris 35 Mellon. Barb 35 Meissen. Mike 35 Michael. Lucy 35 Miller. Tom 35 Moorman. Lix 35. I I 7 Mullen. Kathy 35 Nace. Alison 36 Nawrocki. Mike 36 Niedermaier. Julie 36. 58 Olson. Jeff 36 Olson. Roxanne 36 Palo. Beth 36 Penn. Cheryl 36. 43 Penn. Craig 36 Pope. Paul 36 Poskozim. Trish 36. 116 Praus. Mary 36 Preimesberger. Paul 36 Roling. Diane 36 Rozenberg. Jeff 36. 117 Sandvik. Jane 37. 43 Schatzlein. Michele 37 Schiller. Pete 37. 40. 54 Schuller. Joe 37 Schneider. Lori 37. 58 Siegenthaler. Anne 37 Smith. Mary 37 Stacy. Tom 37 Steiner. Brad 37 Stillings. Paula 37 Streefland. Mike 37 Susag. Karen 37, 43 Thiele. Steve 37 Thissen. Paul 37. 40. I 16 Thissen. Tom 37 Thompson. Steve 40 Thoraldson. Carol 40 Tressel. Pete 40 Trudell. Steve 40 VanVickle. Julie 58. 59 Warmka. Scott 40. 41. 64 Wellens. Maureen Wheeler. Katie Wheelock. Chris Williams. Karen SENIORS Ambrose. Kerry 11. 43 Andersen. Amy 11. 43 Anderson. Vicky I I Arms. Joe I I Ascher. Tom I I Banovetz. Mary I I Beireis. Laura I I Berry. Laura I I Bertrand. Shelly I I Bjorness. Jon I I Blaylock. Paul I I. 54 174Boatman. Steve 11 Boettcher. Gina 12 Boie. Tom 12 Bouiay. Matt 12 Bowron. Scott 12 Brandt. Mike 12 Breitling. Mike 12. 13 Brockhoff. Brian 13. 60 Cady. Bill 12. 40 Campion. Paul 12. 40 Carlson. Kim 12 Carroll. Mark 12 Casserly. John 13 Conlon. Jim 13 Conlon. Mike 13. 40 Currelli. John 13 D'Andrea. Michelle 6. 12 Daniels. Katy 12 Davis. Katy 12. 58 Donath. Margaret 13 Doucette. Karen 13 Dyksman. Tammra 13 Eichten. Mike 12 Engel. Mary 12. 43 Epple. Mark 6. 12. 60 Falconer. Greg 12 Fell. Vicki 13. 63 Fezler. Tim 7. 13. 40. 54 Flynn. Joann 6. 13 Flynn. Tim 14 Friel. Kari 14 Gieske. Gail 15 Gilles. Lisa 14 Gilligan. Brian 14. 40 Gnerer. Terry 14. 40 Goemer. Lisa 14 Gray. Margaret 14 Gross. Mark 15. 40 Hall. Charlotte 14 Hamilton. Eric 14. 60 Hannasch. Mike 15 Hanson. James 17. 40 Harristhal. Kaje 17 Hartman. Deb 17 Haugen. Mary 17 Heitzman. Ann 17 Hennen. Amy 17 Hoffman. Laurie 17. 43 Huss. Ellen 6. 17 Hutchens. David 17 Huynh. Long 17 Ivory. Kevin 17 Jasper. Dan 17 Johnson. Bruce 17. 112 Johnson. Cory 18. 113 Johnson. Kristen 18. 58 Johnson. Sarah 18 Jones. Patty 18 Jones, Rocci 18 Kelly. Mary 18 Keppel. Anne 18 Koenig. Meg 18 Kohorst. Kristen 18 Kotasek. Mark 18 Kramer. Luke 18 Krocheski. Mary 18 Kruse. Shawn 6. 20. 40 Krypel. Kathy 20 Larranaga. Jim 20. 60. 112 Lauenstein. David 20 Loftus. Letitia 21 Lopez. Jessica 21 Mady. Tim 21 Mahoney. Erin 20 Matko. Janet 20 McDonnell. Jeff 20 McKenna. Pat 20 Mdaughlin. Mark 21 McRoberts. Fran 21 Meissen. Jim 21 Miller. Tim 20 Monn. Kelly 20. 43 Moore. Doug 21. 40 Murphy. Kevin 21 Nauman. Kim 21 Nawrocki. Michele 20 O'Brien. Sean 20. 40 Olson. Bruce 21 Ordahl. Julie 21 Oschwald. Mary 21. 50 Palo. Jim 40. 41. 54 Penn. Wendy 50 Peterson. Karen Petrick. Leroy Polak. Sheila 6.7 Polune. John Rathmell. Jim Reddin. Vivi 50 Rivers. Jeff Robinson. John Rocheford. Becky Sabri. Zachary 7. 113 Santlemann. Lynn Schendel. Michelle Schluter. Jackie I 17 Schmidt. Roberta 58 Schneider. Nancy 58. 59 Schreiber. Gene Schumacher. Anna 143. 112 Schwirtz. Rachel Scott. Chuck Seidel. Theresa Sieve, Lucy Simcoe. Kevin Skala. Bridget Soller. Mark Stein. Kelly Stemper. Dave Sweere. Jim Thombers. Cathy Vosbeek. Fay Wagner. Mark Weiler. Dave Weiler. Donna White. Terry Wichman. Sue Wirig. Margaret Woida. Chris Zieska. John 175To the Reader: The journalism class for the 1983-84 yearbook was far from ideal. It's very easy to say how hardworking, loyal, creative, and dedicated this class was to their work. Though we were definitely blessed with these characteristics. it is not the total truth. Missing photos and pages, arguments, procrastination, deadlines that were two weeks late and severe writers block were just a few of the many problems which plagued our class. But we also gained many positive attributes. We have made new friendships and strengthened old: we have gained new insights on everyday occurrences: and we learned at the same time and had fun. Yearbook was definitely a learning experience: both educationally and personally. We would like to thank everyone involved; both those inside and outside of the class. A special thanks needs to be given to Genny Freier who made this book a reality. She gave us her ideas and time, but most of all she gave us patience and understanding to a new and inexperienced class. The 1984 Angelus staff did its best to represent an accurate account of the year. We hope that in the years to come, a look through the 1984 Angelus yearbook will leave a smile on your face. Barb Hartmann Karen Harringer Kim Elsen Editors 1983-84 176 9Act V — SupplementGREASE The 1983-84 theatrical season at AHA concluded with a very successful run of the Broadway Hit CREASE. Billed as the "original Rock 8 Roll Musical" GREASE tells the story of the burger palace boys and the pink ladies as they grow up as teenagers in the late I950’s. Heading the cast were Jrs. John Klatt as Danny Zuko. Tony Lickteig as Ken-eckie. Stephanie Gryskiewicz as Rizzo and Sr. Lucy Sieve as Sandy Zum-browski. The cast of 25 worked 10 weeks on the production under the direction of theater director for AHA Gregg Sawyer. The vocal direction was guided by Jonathan Thull, a senior music major from the College of St. Thomas and technical direction was provided by Jrs. Steve Wallace and Sean McNight. Heading a crew of over 50 students the show opened on March 22 and ran through March 25 to capacity crowds. A fitting finale to a successful season of theater. lower left: I. Munro and J. Schluter sing "Summer Lovin' " during lunch break. Lower Right: I. Sieve playing Sandy, thinks about Danny. Paul Fredericks and Anne Daly do the hand jive. Jan ................................................................ Lee Munro Marty ...................................................... Jacqueline Schluter Rizzo .................................................... Stephanie Gryskiewicz Doody .......................................................... Mike Streefland Roger ..................................................................... Paul Fredericks Kenickie .................................................................. Tony Lickteig Sonny..................................................................John Serio Frenchy .............................................................. Ann Daly Sandy ............................................................ Lucille Sieve Danny ............................................................... John KlattRizzo showing her tough side. P. Fredericks shows how he learned to dance. Above: Anne Daly. Mike Streefland and Tony Licktig in full costume. Below; John Klatt as Danny Zuko leads the group in a dance. Above: All the Rydell High girls gossip about Danny Zuko and Sandy. Below: J. Schluter. S. Grieskiewicz and J. Klatt show off their stuff.A NIGHT IN HEAVEN On May 5. 1984, over 100 couples packed the Grand Hall at the Radisson Plaza for a "Night in Heaven." For 4 hours, the students danced to the sounds of the Patty Wickland Quintet and enjoyed the "heavenly" atmosphere. Thanks to dance lessons provided by Gregg Sawyer prior to the event, the dance floor was filled throughout the night. The enthusiasm of the students and generous cooperation of the faculty truly made the 1984 prom a "Night in Heaven." Top. This ix omc goc in tyle. Above. Everyone enjoy ihe music with their favorite girl or guy. Above Right. Long and hi date. Mary Banovclz. po e for a picture. 180Top: The Rockettes have nothing on these GIRLS! Above Left: Bill Cady and his date. Above Center: Puttin’ on the Ritz. Above Right: Jessica and John coordinate smiles. 181SPRING SPORTS One of the most obvious displays of the energy of our school was in the athletic competition. Sports focused the efforts of individuals into co-operation of a team working together and trying their hardest for success. Talent and ability were impor- tant components of these efforts, but. just as important were the qualities of perseverance, dedication and team support displayed by the participants win or lose. Athletics developed the individuals potential — athletically and socially.From Rowi S. O'Brien. M. Gross. I. Grncrer. S. Thompson. T. Ascher. T. Miller. Coach J. Matthews. Mid. Row; Coach Matthews. S. Kruse. J. Hanson. S. Warmka. J. Conlon. P. Schiller. Bot. Row; Mark Epple. J. Robinson. D. Bergnan. J. Burke. S. Trudell Front Row; C. Nelson. T. Koenig. M. Erazmus. J. Moss. B. Bohn. Coach T. Kiminski. Mid. Row; ). Podgorak. M. Schiller. J. Loh-man. B. Burkemper. R. Lewis. J. Arms. Bot. Row: B. Murnam. P. Gryskiewicz. M. Huch. E. Hal-Strom. 183VARSITY Back Row; Coach Iverson. D. Weiler. M. Koenig. A. Anderson. L. Keinz. B. Lentsch. J. Dalsin. B. Hegman Middle Row: A. Springer. T. Dornisch. A. Ascher. K. Susag. M. Wellens Front Row; V. Reddin. M. Engel. M. Mad-daus. D. Doyle B-SQUAD Back Row; Coach Warren. A. De-marce. M. St. Aubin. K. McDonald. P. Botz. B. Hall. S. Doble. Middle Row: C. Schindeldecker. C. Hoersten. R. Koralewski. Mary Matthews. J. Kennedy. T. Martinson. Front Row: J. Bergman. K. Murnan. J. Liddiard. S. Mclnerny. M. Fell. TENNIS Back Row; T. Hendrickson. P. Tressel. C. Johnson. C. Penn. E. Giefer. C. Wald. D. O’Conner. Coach Sack. Front Row; P. Pope. A. Kreuger. J. Savoie. K. Doyle. M. Burns. T. Breitling. 184BOYS TRACK Back Row; M. Grendzinski, D. Biedron. K. Maletta. C. Ireton. S. Wilenski. C. Bednarz. D. Penn. P. Thissen. J. Mac-Carlher. T. Smith, S. Collins. J. Bano-vetz. M. Hammer. D. Bork. J. Welbes. Coach DeWitt Middle Row: J. Van-Vickle, B. Gryskyweicz. J. Lundholm GIRLS TRACK Back Row: N. Roach. L. Bonnie. M. McLaughlin, R. Schmidt. L. Schneider. M. Haugen. J. Neidermeir. C. Hanson. S. Wienke. E. Shea. H. Guggemous. Middle Row: C. Johnson. K. Flynn. P. Flynn. C. Curtan. A. Schumacher. W. Penn. R. Jasper. K. Mcknight. R. McCormick. S. Haeg. J. Banovetz. A. Schneider. S. Schauff. R. Harristhal. A. Brownson. C. Schiltz. Front Row; Coach Bennett. J. Larranaga. R. Reddin. J. Flesche. M. VanVickle. A. Bussen. B. Jasper. C. Penn. J. VanVickle. B. Yetzer. V. Mamer. N. Aman. K. Ernst. L. Goemer. J. Streefland. C. Yetzer. M. Poskozim. S. Hammer. Mr. Karlson. CHESS The Holy Angels 1984 chess team was made up of Chris Woida. Mike Morrel. Nathan Malby. Bob Hesse. Jim Linda-hand. Dave Mellon, and Farzin Assad. Together they brought Holy Angels to many great victories. 185A day to celebrate! Celebration day was a day filled with emotion. The year(s) of hard work had finally paid off. The day started off with the senior class marching in the auditorium in their caps and gowns. Mr. Donlin spoke and then awards were distributed. The top ten students of the senior class were announced. They were — P. Blaylock. M. Engel. D. Stemper. A. Keppel. M. Koenig. M. Haugen. D. Weiler. B. Olson. M. Banovetz. and I. Santelmann. The awards from the teachers to students performing well in each department were; Business — D. Huss. English — M. Banovetz. Home Economics — B. Mellon. Foreign Language — M. Haugen. Mathematics — L. Santelmann. Social Studies — E. Hamilton. The Co-Star Award went to Jim Larranaga. Brian Brockhoff received the AHA Annual Award and the Thomas More Medal. The Mary Medal was presented to Meg Koenig. A mass was said outside in the courtyard. It was very emotional for the senior class, their high school days were over. The end was made official with the changing of the seats and of the student council officers. The senior and junior classes sang their songs ... the red balloons were lifted ... Celebration day was done. 186 mmiA lifetime is not too long to live as friends! Congratulations Greg! We are very proud of you. Love. Dad. Mom. Scott. Jody Steve IS 7"There’s No Other Way To Say Goodbye .. ” To The Class of 1984: I guess that when you think about it. the phrase. "All good things must end:" is really true. As John Zieska said in his graduation day speech. When we entered Holy Angels. we were scared and alone. Over the years, we've made friends, worked together. and pulled through the bad times. Now we're entering into a whole new world, and once again, we’re scared and alone ... But. we’ve got our memories... Remember Joe Baker and Mrs. Bacon's classes? There were so many good times. Now we have ended our time at Holy Angels. The lockers are empty, the books have been returned ... But the halls ring with endless laughter ... Hold on to the moments. P.S. "Those were the days my friends ...” The Seniors begin to sing their song. Faculty members start off the graduation ceremony. Above: Lucy Sieve smiles with pride. Far Right: Shoey is smilin' Big. Above: John Zieska speaks to the graduating class. 188"Now we go our seperate ways. and leave the world we used to know. The ragged worn out uniforms. all the friendships still to grow. Those high school days are over now. Those days of me and you ... Now we know that growing up. is really hard to do ... This will be our last song together. Words will only make us cry. This will be our last song together ... There's no other way to say goodbye." 189t 191192

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