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 2sy £ Je£QjUt .Academy of the Holy Angels 1983 6600 Nicollet Ave., Richfield, MN 55423Discovery? Another school year has gone by. It wasn’t the first and it probably won’t be the last. But high school is different, so is Holy Angels. You've done homework, gone to games and parties and met people. What does it all mean? To each person there’s a different answer. But we would all agree, that this is a lime of discovery. We learn things about ourselves now that will dictate how we act for the rest of our lives. We learn something new everyday. Granted it's not always important, but it's part of who we are. We can always change to improve ourselves, it’s never too late. But now is the best time to start To search and to find. Holy Angels is a part of your search. An example of this is set in faith, behavior and learning to be better people. Top: R.tchcl Fitzgerald read her petitions Bottom left lugcnc Schreiber in hi spare lime. Bottom right Julie R ;m .mil Cindy Nelson arc the inseparable pair 2Where is THAT room? As you may have noticed, we played “musical rooms this year. Changes were made. SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Donlin is in the counselor's room; it's in the art room Health is in the weight room and it's in Ms. Margarit's room and soon throughout the whole school. Got it? Good! You're late? Cheek in with Mr. Sullivan in the commons. The attendance office won’t have you. Top left: Mrs Huizioga’v new office. Bottom left Joe Blake in the new weight room Right Jennifer Bocsing in the computer’s new home 3 Who Are You? Wc welcomed new teachers to our old school this year. Wc hope they got a chance to enjoy what their new job had to offer. We certainly enjoyed them. We hope they learned as much from us as we learned from them. Top: Sr. Jean F.rsfcld; Bottom left Mr. l.croy Horn-merdmg; Bottom right: Dr. Gen Johnson 4Top left: Sr. Karen Warren: Top right. Mr. Paul Bruemmer; Bottom: Sr. Diane Scholtcn: Not Pic.: Sr Corinne Winter The Biggest Class Ever? 192 Frosh? The biggest class ever? Say it isn’t so! Yes, it is. The class of ’86 had to turn down applicants. What an accomplishment. This class brought in the most from the Marathon. The sad part was that seniors reported that sales were down. Can it be this class is smart (as freshmen go)? Only 27 pool passes were sold. This was a depressing follow-up to last year’s record sales. On the brighter side. 162 elevator passes were sold. Please Note: Administration sales to disabled upperclassmen were also included in this high total. 6  Can I Survive Over There? Discovery enveloped the lives of the foreign students this past year. Sophie Pestre responded, American people arc different from European people. They both talk differently (English), they dress differently, and they think differently. 1 was a bit anxious to go to school because I didn't know anybody. But then, little by little, I started discovering the school's life. I think they arc teaching me English and how to live in the 'American Way.' I am teaching them what patience is. Sometimes they can't understand me so they have to be patient. I am more self-confident than I was because I have to face everyday’s difficulties. Luis Cordova said. Pm learning a lot about this country and of the people. After I finish here, I will return to Mexico and study in the university My experience here will help me study belter in Mexico because the university teaches subjects in English. My experience here will also help me to find a better job because I read and speak English. I have discovered that people are really different here. The young people have more freedom and are independent of their parents. Through different thoughts and different cultures I am learning a lot. In general the people are pretty nice here. David Anger in France wrote: It is hard adjusting to a new schedule. The school days and homework assignments are longer. Participating on the soccer team takes time, too. This experience helps my friends and myself to discover different lifestyles and to discover ourselves. My stay in France will aid in my future plans with foreign relations, business, and economics. 7“May I have your attention. Please? ... (Long Pause) Garbage ... Garbage ... FACULTYWho Do I Report To? Sister dePaul Golcski of Finance Sister Mary Walter DuVal Principal Assistant Cheerleading Coach 10 Michael J. Donlin Superintendent Sandy Spier SecretaryPal Holloran Director of Public Relations Marge Zicska Secretary Executive Director of Alumni Gary Rusvold Director of School Activities Attendance cCan He ’ AMo ( ed, £ pjJt [iajM ■ r O qaM-xaaaJ iv J .o 1VAC • t%wJbxiM (ufo . . .• S) y-rftM. A Art Iverson Counselor Coach cam aJ. tjW i -K , —i r.t t .... -tM. Sister Catherine Kelley -Counselor Barbara Huizinga Learning Specialist Robert Johnson CounselorElite or Pica? Mary Rundorff Business Donna Shern Business Bookstore. Recruiting Have You Turned in Your Hours Yet? Sister Anne Victoirc Morin Student Service Sister Alice Veronica O'Brian Student ServiceHow Many Words For the Essay? 14 Katherine Hanson English Charles Sullivan English. Drama Speech and DebateKathy Hanley English Student Council Advisor Genny Everson English Yearbook 15 Sister Corinne Winter English Religion, Honor Society Have You Finished Your Research Paper Gary Bartlett Social Studies Coach Johanna Giescn Social Studies Pep Club Michael Sack Social Studies Coach Annette Margarit Social Studies Coach 16Sister Jean Ersfeld Religion, Campus Ministry Coordinator Social Studies Comment? Was? iQue? Rosalba Murray Spanish Soph. Class Advisor Sister Cecilc Marie Rader German 176COz+ 6H2o Light Chlorophyll C6H1206 + 602 Gayle Bari Science Senior Class Advisor John Bennett Science Phy. Ed. Coach 18 Gen Johnson Science Religion Michael Karlson ScienceDid You Turn in Your Reference Material? Sister Bcrnadine Media Art 19 Sister Helen Francis Morin Media Sister Avila Lamb LibrarianTerry Reardon Math Sister Diane Scholten Math James Cosgrove Math PRINT “A (B+C)2 = ? LI 1 a Bev Ricker Math, Newspaper Freshman Class Advisor21 Greg Olsen Industrial Arts Coach Nancy Olive Art, Math YearbookWhat’s the Name of Beethoven’s 5th? Sister Anne Eugene Auer Music Mary Pocpping Music Musical 22 Sister Regina Marie Mulloy Music Barb Englund MusicAre You Fit? Maggie Hurley Sisicr Karen Warren Physical Education Physical Education Science Coach 23What Is the Definition of Religion? Leroy Hommerding Religion Jane Doyle Religion Junior Class Advisor Sister Mary Lang Religion Latin 24 Joan Pauly ReligionJohn Mischkc Religion Campus Ministry Is the Commons Closed? Ron Adamck Maintenance 2526SENIORSWE’VE MADE IT? To fill this page with memories is too easy, some might only be shared by some leaving others out. But to fill this page with a note of good luck to us all and a pat on the back for making it would be accurate and easily shared by all. A mirror never lies So young we seem Could it be time to go so soon? Yet the years crawled by so slowly And now all of a sudden They seem a blur. Where did they go? What have we learned? What are we taking with us? So scary. The security is losing its grip Time has got us by the tail. Now we’re heading down the stairs, Get our diplomas, move the lassie And go out the door to the real world” We made it. We’ve shared, laughed, learned We’ve grown. Now it’s time to store it all inside us And use all our knowledge — all we have On everything we come in contact with And learn even more. Good luck to you all Say a prayer Say two. Choose your path carefully Travel it well. Remember where you came from Take a piece of this place with you You owe it more than you realize — And be on your way Congratulations Here’s to the Class of 83 and what becomes of us. 28 Megan Con I on Mary Adamek Roxanne Adams Kris Allan Steve Andersen Barbara Anderson Fred Ardoff Tom Arms Dave Becker Julie Bednarz 29 Ricky Benson Kevin Bergman Nancy Bissonette30Joe Blake Sara Blatz Joe Blaylock Mark Boatman I.ori Bodcnstcincr Fred Breitling Andrea Brunner Dan Bungcrt John Burgess Mike Burgoync Maureen Burns Megan Bussen Daniel Byrne Jane Campion Sandy Carroll Dave Caye Megan Conlon Courtney Crivits Melani Dabney Linda Dicks Molly Dinncen Eileen Donohue Peter Dornisch Dan Duffy Joe Duran John Eichten Catherine Elscn Christine Elscn 31 32Christine Emerson Michelle Erazmus Thercse Farrell David Fischer Rachel Fitzgerald Laura Fleming Jon Flcsche Peter Flocrsch Kenneth Flugaur Cindy Flynn John Flynn Caroline Frankc Christine Gilligan Brenda Glenn Michele Goblish Eric Gustafson Mark Hacg Julie Mall John Hamel Mike Hanafin 33Paul Hannasch Nancy Hanncman Bob Hanvik Scan Healey Tim Heaney Jane Hedges Barb Hedrick Maryjo Hennig Jean Hoffman Sarah Huebner Kimberly Hunchis Stephen Huss Bridget Ireton Theresa Jacobson Tom Jcnnrich Joan Johnson Michael Johnson Robert Jorgenson Mary Jungwirth Rosemary Kasbohm Wendy Kelly Kelly Koch Sue Koenig Alan Kolstad 34REMEMBER RETREAT? This year's “Senior Retreat' provided a chance for the Class of 83 to become closer to each other. Many made new friends: some made up with friends, and everyone became closer to themselves. The retreat took place over Halloween weekend at Camp Iduhapi which provided a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. During this time, we learned more about ourselves and the people we were with. Remember? ... ... the quiet time ... those crazy skits ... Animals, Varmints and Sea-men ... the terrific staff ... the many moons ... the bon fire . . . Johnny Apple seed . . . letters to ourselves . . . clay projects . . . ping-pong ... sighted leading the blind ... silting on top of the roof ... yellow submarine We had fun and were rowdic. but we also had our quiet times. During this time we broke barriers and overcame obstacles. We had time to question ourselves and search for the answers within. The retreat brought a special kind of closeness to everyone. At the closing of the weekend. Father Kevin gave a wonderful mass; feeling the end coming up. we posed for the traditional picture in front of the lake and got on the buses for home. We were exhausted but were filled with a very special feeling of satisfaction.Mark Komisky Mike Kotasek Mike Krafi Susan Krause Theresa Krochcski Bob Kroeten Stan Kuhn John Licktcig Kevin Liddiard 37 Siobhan Lockhart Effic Macklin Polly Mages38Mark Maghrak Angie McCaleb Colleen McColl Tracy McKeown Joe Meyer Lucy Miller Mary Moran Laura Mortenson Ted Murphy Nancy Nagel Cindy Nelson Bob Ncstaval Matt O'Connor Jennifer O'Hcrn Joseph Pahl Karla Paquette Roger Penn Sophie Pestre Sue Pctcrmcicr Paul Peterson 39To My Friend I love you not only for what you are, But for what I am when I’m with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me good ... and more than any fate could have done to make me happy you have done it without a word, without a touch, without a sign ... You have done it by being yourself ... Perhaps ... that is what being a friend means after all. , 40Philip Piga Patsi Polak John Praus Michael Regnier Karen Roling Jean Rudolph Julie Ryan Tom Sandvik Sheila Sarazin Michele Savoie Lisa Schatzlcin Allen Schcllcr Tressa Schcndel Tricia Schmitz Sandy Schneider 41 Paul Schocneckcr Matt Smith Christine SokoloskiI journeyed to the rainbows end and found not gold but you my friend. 42 Elizabeth Strccfland Brian Strichcrz Amy Sullivan Renate Thibauli Jeanne Thoraldson Kris Tombers Mike Trudcll Andy Urtz Cynthia Vaughn Susan Wagner Matthew Wclbes Mike Williams Bruce Willy Margarctmary Woida Gamila Zclada NOT PICTURED: Tim Becker Luis Coidova John Gibbons Hoang Nguyen Marie O'Keefe Tom Stcmpcr44Senior Poll Favorite Color .................. Favorite Singing Group .......... Favorite Radio Station .......... Favorite Saying ................. Favorite Show ................... Favorite Movie .................. Most School Spirit .............. Favorite Number ................. Typical Senior .................. Most Noticeable Laugh ........... Best Smile....................... Biggest Flirt ................... Friendliest ..................... Worst Driver .................... Most Radical .................... Most Out of Uniform ............. Favorite Hangout ................ Shyest .......................... Prettiest Eyes .................. Most Athletic .................., Most Likely to Succeed .......... Highlight of the Senior Year .... Biggest Brown Nose .............. Favorite Song ................... Favorite Vending Machine Food ................................................ Red ......................................... The Who .............................................. 101 ..................................... GET A JOB! ...............................................M A S H ........................... Officer and a Gentleman Mark Haeg .............................. Megan Conlon ................................................... 83 Bob Hanvik ......................... Lori Bodensteiner Kim Hunchis............................ Dan Duffy Kevin Bergman ......................... Julie Ryan Roger Penn ............................. Cindy Nelson John Lickteig.................................... Rose Kasbohm John Hamel .........................Courtney Crivits .John Gibbons ....................... Brenda Glenn ........ Paul Peterson, Courtney Crivits, Sara Huebner .................................... 95th and Rich Road .Eileen Donahue...................... Bob Jorgenson .Karen Roling ........................... Sean Healey .Joe Blake ............................. Megan Conlon .Sandy Schneider ......................... Bob Hanvik ........................................... Graduation .Bridget Ireton ..................... Paul Peterson .................................. Johnny Apple Seed ............................................ M Ms 45JUNIORSWhat is the meaning of Perseverance? Junior year was a year of imagination and discovery. With college coming, the classes got harder and the teachers tougher. But mostly junior year was friendship. From scooter pics to Joe Baker, free period to the PSAT, and with the fear and excitement of graduation next year, the juniors got closer. Sharing and caring was not just a phrase, but a motto. A motto of the blue class, the junior class of “84”. 48Mary Banovctz Laura Bcircis Laura Berry Shelly Bertrand Sue Better Jon Bjorncss Paul Blaylock Steve Boatman Gina Boettcher Thomas Boic Matt Boulay Scott Bowron Mike Brandt Mike Breitling Brian Brockhoff Ron Bronner Bill Cady Paul Campion Kim Carlson Mark Carroll John Casscrly Jim Conlon Mike Conlon John Curclli Michelle Dandrea Katy Daniels Katy Davis Margaret Donath Karen Doucette Lisa Douglas 49Mary Engel Mark Epplc Greg Falconer Victoria Fell Tim Fczlcr Joann Flynn Tim Flynn Kari Fricl Gail Gieske Lisa Gillcs Brian Gilligan Terry Gnerer Lisa Goemcr Margaret Gray Chris Greene Annette Groos Mark Gross 50Charlotte Hall Eric Hamilton Mike Hannasch James Hanson Kajc Harristhal Deb Hartman Mary Haugen Ann Heitzman Amy Hennen Laurie Hoffman Ellen Huss David Hutchens Long Huynh Kevin Ivory Dan Jasper Bruce Johnson Cory Johnson Kristen Johnson Sara Johnson Tammy Johnson Patty Jones Rocci Jones Mary Kelly Anne Kcppel Meg Koenig Terry Koloski Mark Kotasik Luke Kramer Mary Krochcski Shawn Kruse Kathy Krypel Katie Larkin Jim Larranaga David Laucnstcin Jeff Lvhtincn Lclitia Loftis Jessica Lopez Tim Mady Erin Mahoney Janet Matko Jeff McDonnell Pat McKenna Mark McLaughlin Tran MeRoberts 51Jim Meissen Joyce Meyer Tim Miller Kelly Monn Doug Moore Kevin Murphy Kim Nauman Michele Nawrocki Scan O'Brian Bruce Olson Julie Ordahl Mary OschwaldVivi Rcddin Jeff Rivers John Robinson Becky Rochcford Zachcry Sabri Lynn Santclman Michelle Schcndcl Jackie Schlutcr Roberta Schmidt Nancy Schneider Gene Schrcibcr Anne Schumacher Rachel Schwiriz Chuck Scott Theresa Seidel Lucy Sieve Kevin Simcoc Bridget Skala Jim Palo Wendy Penn Karen Peterson Leroy Pet rick Sheila Polak John Polunc Jim Rathmcll 5354Mark Sollcr Kelly Stein Dave Stemper Jim S wee re Cathy Tombers Pay Vosbeek Mark Wagner David Weiler Donna Weiler Terry White Sue Wichman Margaret Wing Chris Woida 55 Not Pictured: Mike EichtcnSOPHOMORE4 ' H SOPHOMORES? WHO ARE THEY? This sophomore class is a group of individuals, there is no way to simplify these sophomores. Each person in this class has their own personality, dreams, memories, hopes, humor, needs, wants, ambitions and goals. This class showed a lot of talent among its students (especially in music). Buying class rings, in- stigating food fights, harrassing freshmen, and participating in Unity Day highlighted the year, but perhaps the biggest change came with turning 16. It meant the end of parent chauffeurs and the beginning of bumming rides from friends. Mark Adamck Steve Adams John Banovetz Bob Barry Dan Becker Jenny Cayc Randy Cline Scan Collins l-aura Cook Jim Cormican Paul Couillard Jill Dalsin Brian Delgado Cynthia Demars Mary Bednarz Dave Bergman Phil Besscr Dan Biedron Duffy Bocscr Dan Bork Cathy Broshu Steve Brown Delia Brownson Michelle Burns Amy Bussen Greg Byrne Rich Byrne Bob C'3ola Gina Carraher 59Jim Dunn Mike Dupont Dave Duran Monica Eichtcn Kim Elsen Matt Emme Ivonnc l-iol Ann Fischer Chris Fleming Dave Flocrsch Chris Flynn Kathy Flynn Mike Fox Paul Fredericks Michelle Gilboc Dan Giles John Gilligan Toni Glenn Mary Lou Glockncr Lisa Groves Stephanie Gryskicwicz Dana Gustafson Tom Haeg Sharon Hall Tom llamann Susan Hamel Sara Hammer Karen Harringcr Ruth Harristhal Mike Hartlc Barb Hartmann Vince Hastings Jeanne Haupt Paul Healey Mary Heaney Anne HendricksonJim Micks Laura Hinton Michelle Hoffman Marisuc Holt Artie Iverson Paul Jaeger Pal James Yvonne Jarrell Becky Jasper Jill Johnson Cathy Jordon Anne Keglcy Laura Keinz Chris Kelly Michele Kennedy Suzzi Kenney Tim Kepner John Klatt Mary Kramer Dick Krocten Karric Krotz Sue Lccnay Barb l.cntsch Joe Lctness 62Tony Licktcig Fiona Lockhart Chris Loc Donna Ludwig Jeanne Lundholm Mary Maddaus Angie Makres Nathan Malby Liz Malctta Teresa Mamcr Jon Marcottc Michelle Maulwurf » Meg McKenna Sean McKnight Chris McNcal Barb Mellon Mike Meissen Lucy Michael Tom Miller Liz Moorman Kathy Mullen Alison Nacc Mike Nawrocki Julie Niedermaier Jeff Olson 63Roxanne Olson Scott Osterman Cheryl Penn Craig Penn Mike Pollard Paul Pope Trish Poskozim Mary Praus Paul Preimsberger Nina Robinson Diane Roling Jeff Rozenberg Karen Rudolph Jane Sandvik Michele Schatzlcin Peter Schiller Lori Schneider Anne Sicgcnthalcr Mary Smith Tom Stacy Brad Steiner Shauna Stcllick Paula Stillings Mike Streefiand Karen Susag Carol Swcerc Steve Thiele 64Paul Thisscn Tom Thisscn Steve Thompson Carol Thoraldson Peter Trcsscl Steve Trudcll Julie VanVicklc Annette Vernon Scott Warmka Maureen Wellins Katie Wheeler Chris Whcclock Karen Williams Cathy WirigFRESHMEN What Floor is This? This year brought a high enrollment of the freshmen. At 7:50, as the first bell rang, freshmen could be seen everywhere rushing off into that perilous, carousing, uncertain, and often mind-boggling class schedule. Freshmen always seem to get to class early, or others got lost on the way. Being a freshman is hard work because they endure hasseling from the upperclassmen. One of the goals for a freshman is the thought of getting their first boy or girl friend. Because of this, the school dances were a big hit among the freshmen. The freshmen retreat highlighted their school year. The retreat was a time to meet each other, put on skits, play games and have a lot of fun. The class of '86 showed a lot of spirit. 68Kathleen Alton Nanette Aman Denise Anderson Lisa Andreen Katie Arlandson John Arms Anne Aschcr John Barcomb Paul Barcomb Tcri Bcardslc Mollic Benson Jenny Berg Joan Bergman Tim Besser Dean Bjorkstrand Bob Blaszczack Terry Bodcnstcincr Jennifer Bocssing Mary Boldischar Pam Botz Stacy Brandt Janice Brochu Dana Brown Jeff Brown Andrea Brownson Mary Beth Bungert Dave Burgess Beth Cain Deborah Caola Julie Ann Carroll Julie Elizabeth Carroll Bob Cashin David Cazin Stacey Christensen Julie Cline Julie Collins Ann Marie Cox Christi Curtan Ann Daly Bill Daoust Maria Delgado 69Bill Delong Amy DcMarce Tricia Dornisch Donnell Doyle Mary Dubanoski Judy Dvorak Maria Raton Mark Erazmus Karen Ernst Tracy Fczlcr Jenny Fischer Sean Fleming Jenny Flcschc Patty Flynn Jackie Friendshuh Bill Geddes Beth Gcrlach Chris Giles Kevin Gilligan Kim Gilligan Laura Goemar Mike Grendzinski Shannon Griffiths Ken Gross Dave Groves Paul Gryskicwicz Mike Gust Nick Hall 70Gary Hallgrcn Mike Hammer Becky Hanen Christen Hansen Christine Hart Chris Hcdlund Bridget Hegman Sara Hergott Mitch Hcrigstad Mike Hcrtel Linda Hietala Cheryl Hoersten Joey Hollcnback Tim Holman Heidi Holmbcrg Kharen Huebner Kerry Hughes Dave Huss Grant Iden Colin Ireton Rick Jackman Greg Jacobson Katie Jaeger Mike Jakubic Joey Jankord Julie Johnson Karin Johnson Leslie Jones Sue Joyce Dave Leitten Joan Liddiard Ann Lies Jeff Lock Jim Lundholm Bill Mack Don Macklin Dennis Maikkc Keith Malctta Maureen Jungers Dave Kranz Liz Kroth Katie Kukar Lynette Larson Peg Lawron 71Valeric Mamcr Regan McCormack Amy McGuire Leonard McHugh Sue Mclncrny Mary McLaughlin Beth Menke Russell Merchant Shelley Merrill Brad Moreski Mike Morrell Tom Morrison 72Joe Morrissey Jim Moss Andrea Mullen Lee Munro Blake Murnan Connie Myers Jenny Nelson Ann Marie Ness Jay Newberger Nmi Nguyen Brian Numanvillc Molly O'Brien Tom O'Leary Christy Olsen Nadine Ostrowski Jim Pahl Valerie Palmby Tom Pearce John Pclncr Lori Petterson John Podgorak Margaret Poskozim John Powers Tom Preimsberger l.isa Rathmcll Tracy Renstrom Beth Ricci Dave Rivers 73Debbie Rochcford Ron Rodier Debbie Sampson Dave Samuels John Savoie Rob Schcller Mike Schiller Bill Schlumbohm Kathy Schmclkc Brad Schrcibcr Kathleen Seidel Nicki Series Debbie Shankey Nal Shea Dan Simms Tim Smith Diana Sollcr 74Kevin Stuffel Cheryl Sullivan Slcphen Thibault Amy Thoralilson Marianne VanVickle Kelly Voss Mike Walmann Gary Warmka Jill Weiss John Wclbcs Basil Weller Steve Wielinski Tommy Slcin Kim Steinert Sue Wienke Corey Williams Sieve Williams Becky Yelzer Kick Zicska Anne Zylowski WHAT'S «W FIRE! I'.-v. 7677S3I1IAI13VCan We Keep Our Spirit Through It All? Homecoming was filled with many new academy traditions. This year it began with the Senior search for the Co-Star Royalty Medallions. Clues were given each day as to their whereabouts. One little lady campaigned and it all worked out for her. Megan Conlon became Holy Angels first Homecoming queen, and Mike Burgoyne the first king. Monday; each class wore their color. We ended the day in high spirits after an exciting pep fest. Tuesday; clash day brought strange as well as comical outfits into our school, along with the selling of our annual Homecoming buttons. Wednesday; keeping the spirit going with a touch of class everyone dressed up and attended a cclcbrational mass at St. Peter’s church. Thursday; dreams were made reality as students dressed up and imitated their hopeful future occupations. Friday; the end of the week arrived and surprised us with a fire in the auditorium. Harmful gases from the fire caused the dismissal of school at 12:00, and the pep fest was cancelled. In spite of this incident students kept their spirits high with dreams of a victory over Rochester, Lourdes. Although our football team played an outstanding game, we lost 21-6. This loss did not ruin our spirit, we still enjoyed the dance and our extended activities after the dance. Top Right: Sophie helps in the decorating of the gym. Bottom Left: The Homecoming game begins with high hopes. 80Top: A huge sign represents the strong Homecoming spirit among students. Bottom Left: The band provides entertainment. Bottom Right: Everyone wants to capture a little Homecoming Spirit. 81Did Your Grandparents Come? The second annual Grandparents’ Day at Holy Angels was on September 13. 1982. The day began with a welcome address in the Chapel by Pat Holloran. At an all school mass, the grandparents received carnations from their grandchildren. Other activities included a tour of the school conducted by the individual grandchildren. Afterwards, all participants enjoyed cookies and cider in the Commons. About 120 grandparents made the day a success. This is a substantial increase from last year's 102. Top right. Grandparents and students arc welcomed by the supervisor and principal. Bottom left: Grandmother and grandson share a treat in the Commons. Bottom right: Two generations attend mass. 82One very wet person walking, riding or jogging in the wet, wonderful marathon! On October 2. 1982, Holy Angels members and friends supported the school on the Marathon for Non-Public Education. The participants trudged through the course even though it rained. The money collected totaled $20,315.15. This was enough to grant an all school free day! The top three collectors in the school were Ron Rodicr '86 with $191, Mary Haugen ’84 with SI88, and Jeff Rozenburg with SI69. 83Above: Suzzi Kenney andaSfcTakc a break from the dance. Right: Seniors Tim Heaney and Tom Sandvik leave their dates for a picture. Where’s My Slave? On November 12th, the ever popular Sadie Hawkins dance took place in the gym. The band “Gold Street” provided the music. The traditional pictures were taken on the haystack. Sr. Jeanne Licser, alias “Marryin’ Samantha.” hitched couples in mock marriage ceremonies. Also, the Social Directors added excitement by organizing games such as pass the grapefruit. All who attended had a fun time. 84Top Left: B. Ricci. M. Erazmus, J. Pahl, D. Rochcford. A. Aschcr, B. Mack, K, Arlandson wait for pictures. Top Right: M. Jungers and date dance to Gold Street . Bottom Left: A. Kcglcy and J. Banovetz. Bottom Right: D. Caye and date. 85CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Mr. Frank Meip Mrs. Van Daan.. Mr. Van Daan.... Peter Mrs. Frank Margot Anne . Jacqueline Schluter Mr. Kraler Mr. Dussel Set Director I I. Margot console-. Mrs. Frank after Anne's rejection of her. 2. The first night of Hanukkuh (dress rehearsal) 3. Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan after one of their discussions. The Diary of Anne Who? The fall play, “The Diary of Anne Frank , is the true story of a young Jewish girl, her parents and sister, Margot. During WW1I, Jews were exiled or sent to concentration camps by the Nazis. The Franks hid out in a loft over the family’s business. They took in Mr. Frank’s friend Mr. Van Daan, his wife, their son Peter, and later a dentist, Mr. Dussel. During the two years in seclusion, Mr. Frank worked through two of his employees, Miep and Mr. Kraler. The two of them took care of the group bringing food and news. Someone discovered them and told the Green Police. Everyone was captured and sent to concentra- tion camps. All of them died except Mr. Frank, who without family, died a few years later. Miep and Mr. Kraler lived to see the play on Broadway. Gregg Sawyer skillfully directed the show with the help of assistant director Jennifer Boesing and production manager Melani Dabney. In spite of its seriousness, the show was very well-received. 865 I. Anne and Margot talk about Peter. 2. To Mrs. Van Daan’s outrage. Mr. Dusscl divides the food. 3. The loft is discovered by the Green Police. 4. Director Gregg Sawyer. 5. Peter and Anne. 6. Any sound would alert them.Who Made The News This Year? Unemployment was double-digit, the highest in history; Social Security lost money; Henry Fonda, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, and John Bclushi all gone; and worst of all, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson broke up. But... interest rates came down, the stock market was at its highest. Prince Charles and Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William, the Vikings made the play-offs, “Gandhi came to the screen, “Poltergeist made us scream, the first artificial heart brought life, and of course, E.T. showed us that things couldn’t get so bad that we’d forget how to laugh. On Golden Pond Oscar-winning Henry Fonda. 77. dies of cancer. 2. Princess Grace's fairy-tale life cut short at 52.3. Superstar John (TOGA) Bclushi dies at 33. No one's laughing anymore. 4 President Reagan stays the course. 5. Car Mogul Dcl.orean sells cocaine. It doesn't snow in prison. 88 5M 4 Y », 2 4 3 Everybody's Rocky'’ Gerry Cooney went down to Larry Holmes. 2. Director Actor Sidney Pollack 3nd Dustin Hoffman (a.k.a. Emily Kimberly) in Tootsie. 3. The Lebanon Crisis 4. Dr. DeVries with the first artificial human heart for Barney Clark. 5. the USSR's leader of 18 years. Leonid Brezhnev, dies. 89Could You Sing a Carol? On December 17th. Holy Angels Concert Band and Choir along with our Women's Choir performed their annual Christmas Concert. Solos were performed by Paul Peterson. Cory Johnson, and Jennifer Boes-ing. Barb Englund directed the Band which played a combination of traditional Christmas Carols. The Concert and Women's Choir, directed by Mary Poepping. sang medieval carols and seven canticles. The finale included all groups singing an ensemble of Christmas Carols. The performance put everyone in a festive mood. Top right: Mrs. Poepping directs the Concert and Women's Choir Bottom left: M. Woida. L. Moorman. S. Gryskicwicz, and R. Doyle at the concert. Bottom right: C. Johnson soloist. 90Wohin Gehen Sie? Die Dcutschcn sind nach Ncu Ulm am 27 September gefahren. Da haben sic Herman dcr Deutsche besucht und sind die Trcppcn hinauf gcklctterl. Sie haben das Glockenspiel gcschcn und gehort, und haben auch die Schells Braucrci und den Bc-sitz besucht. Seventy German students and chaperones took a field trip to New Ulm to learn more about German culture and history on September 27, 1982. Top left: Herman the German. Middle left: Fine German Food.Top right: The Glockenspiel. Middle right: Two join the concert at the Plaza. Bottom right: The Post Office 91Has E.T. Phoned Home Yet? This was definitely the year of E.T. , Steven Spielberg's magical little creature who wanted to go “hooomme”. It became the top grossing movie of the year. Numbers and numerals were everywhere. “Rocky III” and Star Trek II became box office smashes. Still others like the pitiful Grease 2 , and Halloween III , sank peacefully out of sight. Remakes came back without much style. The kinky “Cat People . and totally disgusting Thing didn’t get much response. “Diner was good food, as were The Verdict , “An Officer and a Gentleman , The World According to Garp”, “Tex”, Six Weeks . “Sophie's Choice and honorable mention of Fast Times and Porky's . I 2 I. An Officer and a Gentleman lifted us up. 2. E.T. was A-1. 3. Up and coming star Matt Dillon in Tex . 4. Ms. Glen close in Garp . 5. Diane packs a wallop in Shoot The Moon . 3 5 926 I. Rocky III had the eye of the tiger. 2. Sir John Gielgud pitches Paul Masson . 3. Hill Street Blues rakes in six more Kmmys. 4. A hard knock life for Annie at the box office. 5. Spock: R.I.P. 6 Brooke is still cute. 7. Meryl Streep is “choice . 93Who Topped The Record Charts? 94 1. John Cougar rocked the Twin Cities with Heart. 2. Asia’s debut album was the biggest seller of the year 3 From Australia. Men at Work do Business as Usual. It was a big year in music. The Who made their final concert tour. Adam lost his ants. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes lifted us “Up Where We Belong.” Dire straits caught an Industrial Disease. Male ducts were a big hit. Crosby. Stills and Nash came back strong. M-TV on cable brought new groups thru Music-Video, talent like; Stray Cats. Survivor. Tom Waites. Kim Wilde, and Toni Basil. Established groups like The Clash. The Police. Bob Scgcr. Chicago. Paul McCartney. Lionel Ritchie. Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan made big hits again this year.Just Between You and Me? Thanks for the Tamilian Treat. Merz ... Remember Scans’s ? ... Williams — the peanut bar... insane of the sane ... Fcr shur. fer shur ... yours in AHA ... Duluth ’80 ... Hippos ... 18th sonnet... “By the pricking of my thumb ...” ... SPUDS ... Mini-dream cycle ... DON'T STOP!... The second Toledo Circle ... Miss Teenage Minnesota — M.D- Body Heat’’ ... Wine Cheese and Ruffles ... Peter, Peter, rock n’ roll ... Benson and Hedges ... Michelob ... 9 cases. 2 pints. I quart ... Oh what a pretty lake ... Closet Case ... Toucha ny neck and I breaka u face ... tainted love ... Goose Master... Dress-up day... Halloween in a truck... Monopoly ... weekends at the log cabin ... Football practice I seriously can’t move ... pick’em up and get a lunch ... T.S. and tens ... Sherman ... Minor-Madness ugh!!... HoJo’s orange cowboys ... drip ... mad dog ... SWKA class of 83 ... SAT’s ... waffles at Tims ... The dogs cat liver ... Mayflower Nursery School Alumni: P.P., K.A.. M.B.. M.C.... deadlines ... Scott Baio... C.C. in Dayton’s... gimme a break ... The panty-raid by the Seamen ... auditions: a heartbreak ... thanks Ortonville Summer Fun Society ... hickcy hips ... UA late-night flicks ... you'll get over it. REAL FAST! ... March 23 Cindi made dinner ... Kling-On beating ... ducky ... Shining Star ... Boop dc Doop curls ... Should I stay now? ... T.P-to a seatbelt? ... August 12th 1982 ... house on Stanley Circle ... touch and tackle Smurf-ball ... sour cream and onion potato chips... coffee ice-cream ... I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy Dawn Patrol... Nonnic’s owls ... Jan. 4-H pres ... Whal’d you get for a conclusion?’’... Au revoir. Monsieur Poissant... HowieCosell’sCommentaries.. .Thecrow will fly with the moose at midnight! (Right Courtney?)... Do you want to sit. stand, or kneel? ... How can we TP Steph's if we don't know where she lives? ... M. Sotabcer... Pac-man this. Pac-manthat!... Take your vitamins!... HBO... 15” .. .“Can’t he just beam up? ... This is reality Gregg! ... Parties with fireplaces ... pinching and bruising ... lions and tigers and bears, oh my!... photographers do it with flash ... Star Wars ... Singin' in the rain ... violent love ... Exodus — we want the drummer!... tall, blue-eyed, blond ... tennis tots ... guardian angels... How 'bout those North Stars? ... Tiger... K. Clay-ton-Christina B. ... Animal ... “When He Shines ... Your friendly, faceless, phone phantom ... HO HO HEE HEE! They’re coming toyakc me away!... Mike in CSR ... Sunshine of my life ... July 6th 2:10 am. 1981 ... ice-cubes on the flume ... If you think THAT’s something, well Minority leader and Whip . .. Robin ... Murder by ski rope ... Him ... Chipper... Outdoor Living Skills, good weekend, good fight... the girls got to drive ... Me and Bob won ... John Wayne: The Shootist ... Phone home ... Bad joke of the day ... roses arc red. sometimes yellow ... twecdlc dee. tweed Ic dum ... Bip-.Bop. Boop ... nice shoes ... sodium. (NA) ... pation .. . rehearsal meals: fast-food ... you call THAT a Democratic bill? ... Cable lock-in ... collect Halloween insurance ... Wild berr Hi-C and Squirt... Dayton's Catalog... He never promised me his rose garden ... ABBA ... Led Zcplin this, I.ed Zeplin that!... 70 LaMans 79 Spirit. 81 Escort. 76 Regal 67 Dodge 77 Impalla, 76 Caprice 74 Dodge.... Bambi’s Mom’s eyes ... Catholic Bulletin Approved movies ... G.C.. N.S. and my Bridgcman’s sisters ... Go cat! Just go cat!... I'll call you when I need you .. .a grid is a grid is a grid ... URGENT .. .a surprise part) for me? ... Mikcy likes it... Ah. bring out them 95giant Ukrainian Bonduras ... dishtowel... What arc the dia- chicken cross the road? ... mud wrestling ... Chucky ... per pin for? ... Kill the cat, the rabbit died ... swimmers do it in the water ... Kevin is as Kevin docs ... Everyone needs a hand to hold on to... J. the mute... sexy gorrilla... doesn’t like gory movies ... B-good ... okay fine!!... Rob, Scott. Curt, Carp ... No. 35 ... Grrrr... 14k ... PCC Lutscn’82 .. .cankersores... K.H.... french silk ... Signed Anne Frank” Anne who? ... Caddyshack T.V. picture ... this one's for Cindi-Vitas Geru-litcs ... stranded in Hopkins ... Endless Love ... Matinees ... Glory be to John Gibbons in the highest... Scottic ... DB ... Dancers do it in their tutus.. .eat you up ... Brooke Shields ... Fame” and Rocky III” sixteen times ... The Studio ... Babe ... tic bars . . . Senior Hickey New Year . . . 11 + 12 — 69... Great Escape ’81 ’82... blue hands.. .gustsof wind .. . slow hand ... censored ... Who did your hair. Dairy Queen? ... Copenhagen on the windshield ... Skynyrd Scan ... Marty, remember chocolate covered nuts? Marggie ... I love you B.F. ... Bondel Swaart Hotentot ... Birthday kisses ... 991 : ONLY ... working two towns ... Dierdra ... Snow Bee ... Menage trois ... Big Blue Blanket... squishy hugs ... telephone cords... it’s a little too late ... give yourself a hickey ... it’s only money... 101 rocks Burnsville ... stop Bernic. stop ... good yuks ... Jane and Diane ... Picnic anyone? ... Thanks for the memories, Stella! M.B. M.C.... “OH MY! ... Warriors, you’re good, real good! ... Mr Getty’s cook to go. please!... The Best... Lincoln High will never die!... Tinker Toy Tech ... RHPS after OUAM ... Dancing Dimples ... breakfast at Pannckockcn ... Denny’s: about life ... Two 18 year olds and I forgot my stuff... bctcha ... Lester... Famous quotes by ... Mrs. Harper! Where’s your place? ... Purple pressure causes purple power ... rockin' 70 ... Why’d the face ... Hey Vicki you're so fine ... POP fresh ... I Love Everything ... JSDJ (middle)... professional hugger ... we look alike ... gopher girls ... Miss February. 1980 ... Gimmme a Dew ... Baking chocolate chip cookies ... turn off your shoes... blink those baby blues . .. Royal Man ... '65 love affair... Coke: no contest! ... MC. MB. '83, We’ll miss you! ... soiled mind white sheets ... Mariott — Zenaphobia ... Body Bob’s Big Baby Boat Bubba!... grabby santa ... cruise the detours ... Fun. but not a good time... Prince Charmin ... Lake Harriet key searching ... Frazer Lodge — the Three Musketeers ... evaporation, it's inevitable ... Marcist Kom-munisky Coup d’etat.. .Sunrises at Lake Harriet... ice-cream doesn't have bones... Granada Royalc ... Rosey ... Serendipity ... UB SA ... Yippy-Skippy ... chocolate covered cherries ... Flinslone Vitamins... wocka. wocka. wocka,... IioHo’s = ambrosia ... smudge ... sweet dreams ... minnow ... cherry blossom ... Pengo shuffle ... grapes don’t cat raisins ... AT-PODS ... as you like it... Di loves Paul New man ... rainbows are round ... GQ... Everybody wants you! ... Tiny bubbles ... pink and green ... Jack and Diane ... Eat a penny swallow a token ... Captain Chaos ... proceed with caution ... spoil me ... GDOYKABLAD ... Who’s your buddy? ... Doc Tickle ... white-water ... Thumper ... chubby bunnies ... surgical tape... brue eyes... purr purr... Beanies... You’ve got a friend” ... Cow lover and cow ... ICU ... Cyrano de Bookworm ... What the hail! ... E.Z.” (his girlfriend) ... Coffee. Tea. Sanka. or Moi? ... I strut right by w ith my tail in the air ... TMT '83 ... the shop my uncles took me to ... ncvacH oT yawriatS ... O ... Normandalc High ... Thether ... musical notes ... Maestro ... Suburbanites on 26th and 96Hennepin. “HELP!” ... three times for a quarter ... RAH! RAH! REE! ... Rainbows arc visions ... “Did you know that when you sneeze A.J---promises in the dark ... You can't promise what you don’t have... IM EC Union Contract 1 ... Egghead ... Erancc Drive-in ... Do you remember Per-chik? ... MUD ... B. the Hick ... you Garanamal! ... “The Blue Lagoon ... Burroughs lives on!... “We just let you out, you can't Do your Government, Kris? ... the deadly fore-arm smash ... “for Me, you have something for Me? ... fallen angels ... gold shoes ... bent and tarnished Halo ... potty break ... exaust-pipe sucker.. .silver balls.. .CHEERS! Asti Spumonti! ... submarine races ... wicked wench ... “Mouschi ... Is the man in the moon, or the moon in the man? ... “Gone Fishin’ ... he doesn’t want my house ... Thanks for sharing ... Braenstorm ... MPMD is a constant ... in your dreams!... revenge at last!!... Nov.l 1th 1981 ... Ebony and Ivory ... Christmas '82 in Arizona ... Chewing ice-cubes means what? ... The boat on Minnetonka ... The D’s other babies Where’s rich road? ... posters ail over ... M-TV ... Argyle Anything ... Do you always suck on spoons? ... Wendy A the other woman ... McDonald's fries and ice-cream ... Those summer nights at Bussen’s! MB.KT. ... Hi cutic! ... I can’t find it. I lost it! ... Kisscy MeD .. Hickey Patrol ... Hand Cheek!... Karlstad, Sweden ... Sponge it off!... Pointer Sisters ... Excited noses ... Coosh ... Hcrman Sally ... green M M’s pop red balloons 9:30 ’82 ... gone forever ... sweatshirt to sweater ... 4:00 am climax ... Bible day at the Met... math problems... TJHS ... Dr. Purple ... Should I stay, or should I go? ... Muscles are my fantasy ... horny toad ... Did you say green? ... There once was a girl... crocodiles ... I’ve got the munchies ... Stereo Stud ... pin ’em ... alfalfa ... fondle drive ... “Just Once” ... marshmallow ... awesome aUBurn ... “Radical man, radical ... lady of the numbers ... “Dawn of the Dead ... Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle — THUD ... Someoncs coming to kill me!... my two puppies arc part of the family ... “On Senior Pond ... 1983 Figure Skating Championships ... New York Mets ... regroup and rephrase ... Solid Gold Dancers ... No pain, just bondage ... give me three steps ... You won't need to cross your heart... To the REAL women of AHA; the freshman, sophomore and junior girls. WE'LL MISS YA!! love, the Senior Guys ... services rendered ... she’s a man-eater ... speed bump ... The Inn ... Studwell. I love your shoes!... Give nia a “V ... Hard Hats needed! Prom Dress under construction ... Babe, we’re history ... woman canary ... ticket tradgedy, 3:10 '82 ... Friends arc friends, pals arc pals, buddies Preppies do it in Shet- land Wool ... Dan’s jokes: arghhhh!... We can’t find South-brook ... “Ragtime ... Parasite ... my teddy ... 3 times for a quarter... analytical-mcntal-tclcpathy ... my song for both of them ... Boogie in the bathroom ... reprints ... The Movie Channel... four-w heelin’... Fiddler... Why is a woman like a ? ... free movies ... “Hurts So Good ... I’m serious. don’t tickle me ... PHDB (last) ... How do I know you won’t spend it on video-games? ... Mom. my lifes a soap, turn the channel... Let’s slay another year, this’s been fun!....... 9798CLUBSchcl-Fit?£crald,Colleen McColl,-and Phil-Piga spent many hours. Advisors, Genny-Everson-and. Nancy Olive, worked along with the editors and photograph-y editor Polly Mages, to produce the fifty-first issue of ANGELUS. ... 4 oi • r-r r - • “1—f !—I r » ■ '?. r ; —r—I—1—»— •+ f —t- .4. .4 LX-j -j—f I • 1 • 1 •21 1 r .Jill hr | -r- t • - - 1—|—|—f— i-U. i -i- 1 i J 4.. i. n—1— J | j 1 1 TT ’ ; ■ T r’t : I • n i •}- r -fTTTT za Many new discoveries were made this 25year on-the Yearbook staff. For one. .25 Yearbook was-no-longcr offered as a class, a? Volunteers from each class helped by do-25 ing layouts, taking pictures.- and writing • »copy.-Another Yearbook had a room qf i so its ow n in which editors, Cathy Elsen. Ra • 31 Bottom' •xapnc 5 )cftr Cpltdir deep hr concentration. Bottomf rightr 64 Mark.iMary, «hh Potty ptteck-out lhc photosi : 4 0.1 2 J' 4 3 6 7 » 9 to It t;. 13 14 t» LC. «7 IB » 20 2» 22 23 24 25 M 27,2ft 29 JJ .31 12 33 34 35 36 37 18 39 40 41 42 4 3 44 45 Tfie cililoK hii.'h tl otilWhat Do You Belong To? A variety of interests at AHA led to the formation of several unique clubs: THE CO STAR AND TRIBUNE, under Mrs. Bev Ricker’s advice, sought to create a new image for the newspaper. The staff chose to use some new techniques such as coupons, advertisements, and more diversified stories to boost the newspaper's sales. These new techniques coupled with staff members from all classes, laid the groundwork for the CO STAR AND TRIBUNE’S continued success. The editors of THE CRITIC, wished to remain anonymous, but they enlightened their readers about their purpose. They reported: “I’m sure many of you are wondering what exactly a COMSTAR CRITIC is. Well, many of us arc still wondering ourselves. You see. this underground newspaper is still surrounded by a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, who arc these four heathenistic malcontents who feel the need to set their every thought to print? Why must they make cruel attacks on helpless people of the school? Oops! the pen of censorship prevails again! In its second year. Media Club grew' to bring more services to AHA. Members set up sound equipment for dances and plays. They also recorded a few bas- ketball and football games for Cable Thanks! To be admitted into National Honor Society, students had to demonstrate leadership, scholarship, and service outside or inside school. This year’s officers were: Bob Hanvik. president; Andy Urtz, vice-president; and Rachel Fitzgerald. secretary. This year’s Usher’s Club worked together with advisor. Rose Murray. Their responsibilities included selling tickets at plays, handing out programs, silting people, and cleaning-up. The club's size was small, but they played an essential role in Holy Angel’s activities. 102Back row: Joc Lctness. M. Hartlc. C. Fleming. D Moore. J. Madcr. Front row: M. Emme. N. Os trowski Not pictucd: D. Brown. G. Byrne. S. Col lins. J. Hollenbeck. T. Holman. L. Huynh. M. Kro cheski. M. McLaughlin, J. Meyer. T Morrison. J Palo. B. Schlumbohm. C. Woida. •Certified Public Access User Back row: B. Hanvik. M. Boatman. K. Liddiard. M. Komisky. B. Olson. D. Weilcr. S. Boatman, J. Eichtcn. Middle row: S. Schneider. S. Sarazin. A. Kcppcl. M. F.ngcl. A. Urtz. Front row: S. Johnson. A. Sullivan. R. Fitzgerald. S. Kraus. C. Gilligan, R. Adams. Not pictured: M Burgoync. S. Wagner. M. Banovetz. K. Naumcn. L. Santclmann. Back row: C. Penn. D. Becker. C. Elscn. M. Holt. J. Banovetz. Middle row: Mrs. Murray. R. Adams. K Elscn. K. Harringcr. V. Palmby. Front row: K. Susag. L. Malctta. M. McLaughlin. Not pictured: J. Matko. P Jones. J. VanVicklc. S. Kenney. J. Gilligan. M. Maulwuff. J. Rosenberg. 103104105What Key Are We In? (xwcnrr «ut VMB'I CROI Oral lnd«r»on C 11 Arlandaon Jfeojr H.r r Harjr Soldlahar Chrl reon ErHU Kaweake Kalla Kukar Joan Li 4d lard Both Rank Inn Karl Rasa Chreaty Claon Tracy Rcnatro Kathy Schaelk Kathlaan Seidel Marl anno Tan Tickl lltf» Barbinsertion Ara Aarber in Daly Jeemy Piacher Beth Cerlaek Cheryl Hoeratan Mr id! liolaberg Ulia Jaegar Lealle Jonaa Xaureen Junior Ut Xalatta Roily ©‘Brian Margaret Poakoaia Seth Ricci Xta Stelnert Kelly Toaa feruaas1 inn Kart Cox Jady Deorak Patty Plyim Jack! Priandahuh Xia Cllligan Bridget Regaan Ua Kroth Valeria Palaby Llaa Rathalll Babble Rocbeford Debra Stankey Diana Sollar Cheryl Sullivan Welnka Concert Choir So£ranoa •Jenny Soealng •Melanie Dabney Eileen Donahue Karra Doucette •Chrla Elaan inn Placher Taaay Johnaon Dorm Ludwig Keg KcKenna •Kelly Ronn Laura Mortanaon •Beth Palo •Sue Peterslelr Trlah Poakoala Karen Pudolph Mary 3nlth Paul Stilling Annette Vernon Kargmret Kary Void Tenor Phil Bee aaeor tuaa Kaachant Toa Millar Ton Pa arc a John Podgorak ••Paul Thlaarn Aito Vicky ri y Andenon Roale Doyle Call Celaka ••Stephanie Giyakiawlet Shari Rail •Karra Earring r L tltia Loftia Joyce Meyer •Llx Korean Michelle Sthatxleln Jackie Schluter Lucy Siav Pay To a beck Donna Veil B«n«i TlaBaa aaaor Chrla fleeing Rick Hall Cory Johnaon ••Jon Marcotte ••Paul Petereon Phil Pig Tluta Andre » runner Angela Makrea Linde Rietal MaryBeth Buagert Julia Clin Bath Cain Ann Zylkevakl I worm Jarratt Suxal Kenney Clarinet Exit wheeler Keith Maletta Rood Joeea Darid Crowe Michelle Maulwurf Connie Ryer Any DaMarce Rob Scheller Jail Collin Alto. Saw Krwin Murphy • Kike Coat To Praineabargar Peter freaael Dan Slasa John Power Greg Jacob •cm Zachary Sab Mike Greodilnakl Troobor. Klk Refai KrSiS.. Ion Sronner Malkke Dawld Sara la Seott Starlta Bell Chrla HeJl'avi ••©fftcer •Triple Trio Trfpet Scott Waraka a John Velbee ■111 uedde Cary Waraka ■ob Caahln Gen Schrelber Jeanne Undtol • lectio leader 106Upper left: Women’s Choir. Middle left: Concert Choir. Bottom left: Concert Band. Upper right: part of the Women’s Choir in harmonization Bottom right: the Concert Choir in action. 107Is Student Council the Real Administration? The Student Council, under the advising of Ms. Hanley, has sought to be an organized government which truly represents the student body as a whole and maintains school activities. This has been accomplished through the organizing of such school activities as Homecoming. the Thanksgiving food drive, the Marathon fund raiser, and the Mar-di Gras carnival and raffle. The Student Council also developed committees to cover certain issues such as social activities, academic life, and school policy. The Council has also sought to begin a trend of gaining more power for the student body through additional communication with the teachers and administration. May this trend be furthered by future Student Councils. rTOU LQZE SOtifoAp enough to lbi Executive Board: President...................... Vice-President................. Secretary...................... Community Service.............. Worship Co-ordinator........... Fund Raising................... Sports Co-ordinator............ Communication.................. Social Directors............... Class Presidents and Secretaries: Senior......................... Junior......................... Sophomore...................... Freshmen....................... ..............Mark Komisky ................Tom Sandvik ...........Rachel Fitzgerald ................Amy Sullivan ................Sue Koenig ................Patsi Polak Trcssa Schcndel ...............Megan Conlon ...............Julie Bednarz. ................Chris Elscn Paul Peterson ...President Mike Burgoync Secretary Jean Rudolph ......President Joann Flynn Secretary Kerry Ambrose ...President Mary Bednarz. Secretary Julie Nicdcrmaier .........President Bill Mack Secretary Kathy Seidel Top Righl From Row T. Schcndcl. P. Polak. J. Bednarz. M. Conlon. M Bednarz. K. Seidel. R. Fitzgerald, J. Rudolph. K. Ambrose. J. Nicdcrmaier. Back Row B. Mack. C. Elscn. VI Komisky. M Burgoync. S. Koenig. A. Sullivan. J. Flynn. Middle: Mike Buryo-gync and Mark Komisky work on a committee problem. Bottom: Miss Hanley is astonished at what is accomplished at a 7:00 a.m. meeting. 108Jazz Band Dave Caye Cory Johnson Tom Miller Kevin Murphy Paul Peterson Al Scheller Scott Starita Scott Warmka Ktx PM (o 109Do You Know Me? Getting ready for dinner after yearbook has gone to press. Getting the beat for jazzcrcisc. HOIll Ou est mon rattle?Do You Know My Name? Showing a freshman how to stretchout properly before gym class. Testing acidity with a large piece of litmus paper. I want you to go on retreat. 112 Lna nina muy bonita. Waiting for her first customer. Breathe from here and belt it out. Finishing a cake for the neighboring librarian. Sings the blues about her car. Singing a duet with Pavlov’s duck.Mardis Gras? Mardi Gras, the new name for Sno-•daze week, was a great success. The traditional different days of the week were a big part of the week. The carnival. fostered by homerooms and parents, was unbelievably well done. It generated a little money for the school, while it also allowed students to participate in something involving and entertaining. A hockey game against Totino-Gracc and a dance with the music of Patty Peterson and the Secrets drew a close to the week of festivities. The week definitely created the spirit of Mardis Gras. Top: Mr. Donlin and Donna Ludwig share a cell together in the commons. Bottom Left: Rosie, Cindy and Paul pose for a portrait in Mrs. Bari's room. Bottom right: Mr. Bartlett takes a cheap shot at Mr. Bennett. 114Top left: Mr. Dunlin lakes a free throw in the teachers vs. the students. Top right: Al. Paul.and John wind up for their shot. Bottom left: Mike Breitling recovers the ball from Mr. Bennett. Bottom right: The SHNlOR class shows ‘'Spirit.''Is There Life After Football? Boys Varsity football, led by coach John Bennett, ended the year with the best season record in history: 6-3. The team started with a winning streak defeating Centennial, Dasscl-Cokato. and Brady. The streak was crushed in a rough and brutal game against Grace. The Co Stars not only lost the game 14-0 but lost Joe Blake for the rest of the season because of a broken wrist and ankle. The next two games plunged the Co Stars deeper into depression losing to both St. Bernard's and Lourdes. The dreams began to shatter, but the Co Stars heard the call and responded by winning the following game against Dc La Salle in overtime. The almighty Co’Stars came back to life winning their last two games against St. Agnes and Bcnilde. Receiving all conference awards were senios Joe Meyer. Bob Hanvik and Matt Smith. Receiving honorable mentions were senior Mike Hanafin and juniors Brian Gilligan and Jim Hanson. Bob Hanvik also received the team award for Mr. 101%. Named to the Minneapolis Star Dream Team was Matt Smith. 1982 was a season of character building, overcoming injuries, and at times battling the poor weather, but the Co S-tars rose to end a historical season at 6-3. Below: Ready, set, go! Lower Lcfl: UGH! Lower Right: Get away. I’m going for a touchdown. Next page. Bottom: We’re gonna get you. 1181st Row B. Hanvik, T. White. M. Williams, K. Bergman. VI Kotasek. L. Kramer. 2nd Row: J. Blake, VI. Wclbcs, S. Kruse, B. Gilligan.S. Warmka, C. Johnson. 3rd Row: M. Hanafin. M. Maghrak. M. McLaughlin. P. Blaylock. D. Moore. 4th Row: J. Praus. M. Gross. T, Gncrcr. M. Conlon. J. Hanson, M. Smith. 5th Row; T. Fczlcr. J. Conlon. M. Trudcll. T. Arms. J. Meyer. J. Licktcig. 6th Row: M. Sollar, M. Elscn. Coach Bennett. C. Dustrude. B. Cady 119Does The Future Look Promising? The Sophomore JV football team under coach Brad Ruff and assistant Dom Sofio ended their season with a 3-5 record. Despite the losses, the team had a good year. When they did lose it was only by 1 touchdown or less, so no game went by without a fight. They defeated Blake and Dc La Salle and also beat undefeated Minnehaha. The team captains were Scott Warmka and Pete Schiller. At the end of the season, the team took a vote and awarded Dave Bergman as Mr. 101%. We would like to send our apologies to the JV football team for the absence of the team picture in this year’s Angclus. The players were: M. Fox, B. Barry, B. Delgado, J. Gilligan, P. Hcaly, P. This-sen, S. Adams, S. Thompson, T. Thissen, R. Byrne, T. Hamann, S. Trudcll, S. Warnka, D. Biedron, P. Schiller, D. Bergman. The Freshman football team under coach Greg Olsen ended their season with a 3-4 record. They defeated Brady, St. Bernards and Bcnildc. The leading scorers were Kevin Gilligan. Mark Eraz-mus, John Pogorak and Tim Smith. Other outstanding players were Gary Warmka, Jim Moss and Dean Bjork-strand. Defensive coordinator Dom Sofio coached a tight defense which allowed only 56 points in 7 games. The team's motto was “Life is where we spend our time between football games.” Front Row: J Loch. J Wclbcs. D. Bjorkstrand. D. Leitten. D. Simm. R Zicska, P. Gryskicwic .S. Wiclinski. J Arms. J. Hollcnback. Back Row: Coach Greg Olsen. R. Merchant. G. Warmka. K. Gilligan. M Fra mus. J. Moss. T Smith. J Podgorak.S. Starita. T Morrison. T. Holman. S. Williams. G. Iden Not Pictured: K. Gross 120121Will This Time Be It? The Holy Angels Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team, under the leadership of captains Mark Hacg, Tom Sandvik, and John Eich-ten, finished this year with a 10-7-2 record, the best in the history of the team. Also for the first time the Co-Stars got their first playoff victory ever, with a 7-1 win over St. Cloud Apollo. The game was highlighted by Mark Haeg’s four goals. The second playoff game featured an exciting 2-1 victory over Park Center in a shootout. Scoring shootout goals for the Co-Stars were John Curielli, Mike Brandt, Tom Sandvik and John Eichtcn. Goalie Dick Krocten makes a tremendous save in the shootout to preserve the victory. In the Region 5 final. BSM finally defeated the Co-Stars 1-0. A Region 5 Runners' Up trophy awarded the team with the best finish ever for the Boys’ Soccer Team. Also Coach Paul Zilcha did a tremendous job of turning the 1982 Boys’ Soccer Team into a real winner. Special awards were handed out at the end of the season. M.V.P.'s were awarded to seniors Tom Sandvik, Mark Haeg, and Top: Okay ball — now don't move. Lower left: Don't worry Tom. I've got it! 122From Row: J. Rathmcl. M. Carroll, P. McKenna, D. Byrne, D. Huchins. J. Robinson. D. Kroctcn. Middle Row: T. Murphy. D. Duffy. J. Corielli, L, Pctrick, T. Sandvik. M. Burgoync. M. Brandi. Back Row: Coach Bartlett. L. Cordova. J. Eichtcn. F. Breitling. R. Penn. M. Breitling, E. Gustafson, M. Haeg, P. Zilcha John Eichtcn for their outstanding, all around performances. Most improved went to Mike Burgoync and Ted Murphy, and the Coach’s award went to Dan Byrne. The year was a good one, filled with hard work and much determination. The team never gave up; if they lost, they picked themselves up and continued on. They were unified in their desire to the best and this is what helped them to go so far. The many seniors on the team wanted to make their last year shine and they succeeded. It will never be forgotten. Right: NVhat IS the theory of relativity? 123How Much Talent Can We Uncover? The JV soccer team, under coach Gary Bartlett, had a good year with a final record of 6-4-2. MVP this year was Mike Dupont, most improved went to Dan Becker, and the Coach’s award was given to John Polnuc. Captains this year were John Klatt and Jimmy Rathmel. Craig Penn was outstanding, leading the Co Stars in goals for the season. John Banovetz also had an excellent year. Coach Gary Bartlett said it was an exciting season and that he was lucky to have these boys on his team. He was quoted as saying that There is a lot of talent, and it was hard to choose most valuable. Klatt. Banovetz. and Penn were moved up to Varsity for the end of the season and did their part. With all the talent, next year’s Varsity team looks very promising. Front: J. Arms. J. Marcotlc. T. l.icktcig. J. Rathmel, D. Bcckcr. D. Bore. J. Polund. Back: Coach Ga • Bartlett. J. Klatt. T. Hacg. J Bannovctz. C. Penn. P. Primcsbcrgcr. M. Dupont The Freshmen soccer team, under Coach Art Iverson, had a good season although the record of 3-10 might not have shown it. The highlights of the season were a 3-2 w in over Minnehaha and two wins over Richfield. The main problem seemed to be lack of players, but there is still much potential. Coach Iverson was quoted as saying that •’the kids will be good for Coach Zilka, if they can make it through Gary Bartlett next year. 124 Front: B.Schrcibcr. B Geddes. D. Huss.C. Hcdlund. VShca, J. Savoie. I) C'a in. Back: B. Murmam. B Morcski. B. Welter. S. Fleming. N Hall. T Bodcnstcincr. T. Primsbcrgcr. VI Hammer. A IversonWill They Follow In The Varsity’s Footsteps? The Girls Junior Varsity soccer team, under coach Sister Karen Warren, had a great season with a 4 win, 6 loss and 3 tic record. The highlights of the season were a 5-1 victory over Hill Murray and a shutout against Rosemont. Beth Palo led her team with the most goals scored by an individual player. Backing her up were Michele Kennedy and Cheryl Penn with 5 goals a piece. Karen Susag was named most valuable player and will definitely be worth watching on next year’s Varsity team. Front Row: M. Schatzlein. K. Williams, L. Hinton. J. Haupt. K. Susag. A. Kcglcy. K. Wheeler. B. Paio. Back Row: M. Kennedy. M. Heaney. C. Penn, M. Praus, M. Kramer. S. Hall. S. Brandt. Coach: Sr. Karen Warren The Freshman team under the leadership of Lisa Benson learned the meaning of unity and teamwork. Though their season ended in a 2 win. 12 loss and 1 tic record, they still deserve credit for their determination and effort. Coach Lisa Benson said. “The end score isn’t as important as the fact that the girls had a chance to work as a team and succeeded.” After all. it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. 125 Front Row: J. Bergman. S. Mclncrny. K. Alton. J. Dvorak. A. DcMurcc. Middle Row B Ricci. C. Sullivan. K Ernst. Back Row: K.Sicincrt. Coach Benson. J. I.iddiard. Not Pictured: L. Jones. A. Aschcr. M. O'BrienWHO YA ROOTIN’ FOR? 126127Will We Succeed? The 1982-83 Girls Varsity Soccer Team proved to be one of the best teams ever to come out of Holy Angels. This was obvious to all who experienced the excitement of seeing the girls in action. They played like a genuine team, using passing skills, speed, and determination. Also they exhibited high respect for each other as players. The season scoreboard displayed victory all the way except for the losses to the three highest rated teams in State Burnsville, Lincoln and Jefferson. As each game passed. Holy Angels’ rating rose higher and higher. The determining section 5 game qualified the team in State competition. Although they lost in the first round against Coon Rapids 2-1, the fight was well fought. They had played their best game ever. K. Ambrose, M. Bednarz, and J. Sandvik led the offense — M. Engel, K. Kcinz, and M. Glockncr ran midfield — F. Lockhart. A. Anderson, P. Mogcs and M. Conlon battled defense and L. Larkcn protected the goal. Awards were given to J. Sandvik for “Most Hustle”; K. Larkin “Most Improved’ ; L. Keinz “Most Valuable”; P. Mages received “Coaches Award” and was nominated to the All State team, and M. Conlon received the first annual M. Conlon award, entitled “The Megan Conlon Award . With the leadership of Ms. Mar-garit and the attitude of the team, they were truly “awesome”. Upper Right: “Now ball stay there! Lower Right: This one's going in. } f 128Front Row: M. Schcndcl. L. Kcinz. F. Lockhart. L. Hoffman. M. Gray. M. Haugen, A. Schumacher. P. Mages. K. Monn. Back Row: A. Anderson. M. Conlon. M. Engel. Ms. Margarit. M. Glockcncr. A Kcppel. M. Koenig. K. Ambrose. J. Sandvik. M. Bednar .. M Eichtcn. 129How Far Can We Go? The fall athletic season at Holy Angels has been completed and it was. to say the least, outstanding. Three girls’ teams led the way by gaining berths into their respective state tournaments. The girls’ soccer team was the Section 6 champion with Polly Mages named to the All-State team, and tennis team was the Region 5 champion and the cross country team had a State fourth place finish, led by freshman BethMcnke, who was fifth in individual competition. The boys’ teams also had an excellent fall. The soccer team lost in the finals of Section 5 to BSM. 2-1. The boys' cross country team finished strong sending individual Jim Larranaga to the State. The boys’ football team had its best record in Co Star history, ending the season 6-3. What an EXCELLENT season! 130Top left: A typical save by the girls’ soccer team. Top right: Jim Larranaga, participant in the State meet. Bottom left: Beth Menkc. 4th in State and hopeful for years to come! Bottom right: Polly Mages in action. 131Is Cross Country Still On The Move In ’82? Every high school athlete dreams of competing in a state meet. For many it remains a dream. For Jim Larranaga. Sheila Sarazin, Beth Menke, Roberta Schmidt, Nancy Schneider, Lori Schneider, Katy Davis, and Laura Fleming it became reality - a dream come true. Their teammates, not competing in the state meet, were cheering and encouraging with a spirit and enthusiasm which typified the unity of these runners all season long the many miles run. the hard work and sweat, the joys, frustrations, the highs and lows which made up the 1982 Cross Country season. And what a season it was!!! Led by captains Sheila Sarazin, Ricky Benson, and Jim Larranaga many team and individual records were set. Among these were: Most team victories; Girls Varsity 118. Boys Varsity 71. Girls J.V. 48, fastest time by a sophomore runner Lori Schneider. 11:55; fastest time by a boy runner Jim Larranaga, 15:16. In addition, the girls team finished fourth in the state, highest ever for a Holy Angels cross country team. Freshman Beth Menke was the conference champion, placed 2nd in the region meet and 5th in state earning All-Slate honors. Jim Larranaga was the conference champion. placed 4th in the region meet and participated in the stale meet. Team awards went to Lori Schneider and Jim Larranaga for Most Dedicated; Katy Davis and Mark Epplc for Most Improved; Beth Menke and Mike Jaku-bic for Outstanding Newcomers; Julie Niedermaier, Jenny Cayc, Regan McCormack and Brian Numainvillc for Total Release Performance. As the season ended with all the times recorded and all the places tallied the runners were able to look back with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing they were all champions. 132From: Belh Mcnke. Chrisli Curtan. Marianne VanVicklc. Lori Schneider. Jenny Cayc. Julie VanVicklc. Regan McCormack. Cathy Mullen. Meg McKenna, Julie Niedermaier, Back: Coach DcWill. Sheila Sarazin. Katy Davis. Laura Fleming. Roberta Schmidt. Jill Johnson. Delia Browtuon. Marisue Holt. Nancy Schneider. Tammy Stein. Lisa Rathmcll. 133 Front: Bill Delong, Mike Jakubic. Dave Samuels. Keith Malctta. Colin Ircton. Mike Grend inski. Brian Nuniainvillc. Sean McKnight: Back: Mike Waldmann. Ricky Benson. John Zicska. Jim Larranaga. Mark Epplc. John Casscrly. Tim Heaney. Coach DeWitt.Do the Netters Have “TEAM SPIRIT”? The Holy Angels Netters ended a well-performed. 11 -6 season by competing in the State Tournaments. The season started out slow but improved as it picked up momentum. The improvement showed as the Netters defeated Washburn in Region 5 finals. During State competition the team suffered a disappointing loss to Coon Rapids. The whole season was highlighted by the growing feeling of “Team Spirit”. Top-performers in singles play were: Lori Bodensteiner who captured 2nd at the DBC tournament and 4th in Region 5; Vivi Reddin who reached 5th at the DBC tournament and 3rd in Region 5; and Julie Bcd-narz won numerous matches, including a clinching victory over Washburn. The doubles squad of Burns Tombers played excellent pressure-packed tennis at Region 5 while Oschwald Gilligan gave strong support on the championship squad. Michelle Savoie, Wendy Penn. Sue Krause. N'hen Nguyen, and Michelle Hof-fflman proved to be strong Varsity players. Top: Lori Bodensteiner goes for the smash! Bottom: Mary Oschwald gels the easy one. 134Front: M. Burns. K. Seidel. B. Hegman, N. Nguyen. K. Jaegar.S. Krause. Middle: C. Gilligan. M. Dabney. M. Savoie. K. Tombers. J. Bednarz. M. Burns. M. Hoffman. Back: T. Seidel. C. Tombers. L. Bodcnstcincr. W. Penn. V. Reddin. M. Aschwald. Not pictured: Coach Sack.This Year! Can We Do It? The Boys Varsity Basketball team had a year that will always be remembered. Blessed with 10 talented Seniors, the Co-Stars started the year off with 11 straight victories and a reputation throughout the state as one of the best teams. The crowds, the newspaper coverage, and the general excitement of the team made the winter seem to go fast. The season ended with an exciting 49-45 win over Totino-Grace, making AHA the winners of the Don Bosco Conference. It was a lough game, going into overtime, but they pulled it out. Joe Meyer led the team with 19 points, but it couldn't have been done without the outstanding playing of the whole team. This is the first team in the history of AHA to win the conference, and this year's team really deserved it. Upper right: AHA starters dressed to kill. Lower left: A Grace player has to deal with Joe Blake. 136Back row: Coach Rufsvold, T. Gncrc, F. Breitling, B. Hanvik. J. Blake. L. Meyer, B. Johnson. R. Nelson. Middle row: J. Burgess. J. Hanson. J. Eichtcn. M. Smith. T. Ascher. M. Gross. M. Breitling. Front row: M. Boatman. R. Benson. P. Prcimcsbcrgcr. M. Williams. K. Bergman.B-Squad On The Rebound? Under the direction of Coach DeWitt. this year’s B-squadcrs worked hard to improve their skills in hopes of contributing at the varsity level next season. Center John Banovctz showed time and time again that he will be more than capable of stepping into a starting position immediately filling a major hole left by this year’s graduating seniors. Paul Thisscn, Paul Healey. Scott Warmka. and Dan Bicdron, saw plenty of game action and sharpened their skills. Artie Iverson. Paul Fredricks, Jim Dunn. Pete Tresscl, Mike Meissen, Jeff Emmons, and Jeff Olson rounded out the squad that was characterized by hard work, hustle, and good defense. Right: (tours of practice prove helpful. Back row: Coach DeWitt. S Adams. S. Collins. J. Emmons. J. Banovel . Middle row: D. Bicdron. I Thisscn. S. Warmka, M Meissen. Front row: J. Dunn. P. Fredricks. A. Iverson. P. Tresscl. J Olson. Not Pictured: B. Delgado. P. Healey. 138Slam Dunk? The Freshman Boy's Basketball team recovered itself well. The year started out losing it's first 3 out of 5 games, one of them in double overtime to De La Salle. However the month of January proved successful winning all but 1 game to push the record to 8-3. Several people were key players in these wins. Up to 9 different players at one time have started and have played well. The team was led by Kevin Gilligan, outstanding scorer and reboundcr. and Ken Gross who can score and rebound with the best. Other players who made things hap- pen were Tom Preimesberger, Dave Burgess, Tim Smith, Gary Warmka, Gary Hallgren. Mike Schiller and Nick Hall. Their aggressive play was the backbone of the team this year. Players show ing promise and supporting the team included John Arms. Dennis Maikkc, Paul Gryskicwicz, Bob Blaszczak. and Ron Rodier. The team wound up their season with a tournament in Coon Rapids. Coach Brewster said, however, that the record doesn’t show the true potential of this team. Back row: K. Gilligan. B. Blaszczak. D Burgess. G. Hallgren. T. Smith. G Warmka. N. Hall. Coach Brewster Front Row: P. Grryskicwicz. M Schiller. D. Maikkc. J. Arms. T. Preimsberger. R. Rodier Not Pictured: K. Gross. R Jackman. M. Jakubic. I Morrison.Upper Left: Gel serious. Ref. — Upper Right: What goes up. must go in. s Lower Right: Okay, everybody, here I come. Do The Other Teams Have A Chance? v fv A Girls Varsity Basketball team showed us an outstanding season this year. The team had a tough time in the beginning but started doing well in January, beating Brady 48-34 and St. Agnes 32-29. both of which were at the top of the conference at the time. Mary Engel and Julie Bednarz directed the offense, and both are fine outside shooters. The inside players, C. Crivits. M. Osch-wald. and I,. Keinz, all did well inside. A. Anderson was also an excellent rcboundcr and by far the best defensive player on the team. Guard. R.Schmidt, added some vital speed and quickness to the team. Forward, B. Ireton, made a strong finish as an outside shooter, coming off knee surgery. It is truly a season to be remembered for spirit, drive, and determination. 1401 Top Row: Ms. Margarit.C- Penn. M. Engel. A. Anderson. L. Keinz, M. Oschwald. B. Ireton. M. Haugen. Mr. Iverson. Bottom row: R. Shmidt. J. Bcndnarz.C.Cri-vits. P. Polak. F. MeRoberts, A. Schumacher. 141Do Freshmen Really Play Basketball? Top Row: S. Hcrgotl. K. Ernst. P. Flynn. Joan Totzkc, P. Bot . M. Jungars. M. Benson. Middle Row: M. McCormack. A. Aschcr. M. O'Brien. J Liddiard.C.Cur-tan. Front Row: A. Ness, A. Daly. J. Bergman. D. Dayc. The freshman girls basketball team had an overall “good year even though the record stands at 8-8 with 2 games remaining. Of the 8 losses, the greatest point spread was by 8. so with a little luck they could have been closer to an undefeated record. The girls played as a team very well throughout the season and carried along an overabundance of spirit with evident improvement in every game. Coach Totzkc thinks that the girls basketball program has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years. Lower Right: I hope this one goes in! v- 142B-Squad Travels To The Top? The girls B-Squad basketball team ended an outstanding season with a record of 18-2. One of the most exciting games was against Lourdes in Rochester, even though it was a loss. Trish Dornisch was the high scorer with 16 points. For the season, the high scorers were K. Flynn, J. Niedermaicr, T. Dornisch. L. Kcinz, and M. Bcdnarz. L. Kcinz advanced to varsity and Dornisch moved up from the frosh” team to the awesome B-Squadcrs. Coach Bartlett was quoted. The season was great and the team parly was fun. but Jane Sandvik got sick from eating too many cookies. Top Row: Mr. Bartlett. K Flynn.S. Hammer. M. Holt. L.Groves, B. Lcnch. M. Wellcns. K. Susag. Middle Row:S. Hamel. M. MadjJaus.J. Micdcrmjucr. T. Dor- 0 fl7 ( 143What’s a Hat Trick? It was a good year for Co Star Hockey this year. The puckstcrs did well in overtime stand-offs; winning two and tying a third. They had their share of big wins too. Goalie Mike Kotasek hung the horse col- lar on Princeton H.S. by a score of 6-0. Brian Gilligan, Bruce Johnson. Brad Steiner, and Joe Pahl led the team scoring for most of the victories. Shawn Kruse. Mike Kotasek. and Roger Penn improved steadily throughout the sea- son. The ice effort was strongly aided by four new transfer students: Brad Steiner. Bruce Johnson. Steve Thompson. and Duffy Bocscr. Coach Olsen took a lot of pride in his team which gets stronger with each passing year. First row: M Kotasek. J. Robinson. J. Pahl. M Haeg. J Klait.T Bodcnstcincr.T. Haeg. B. Johnson. D. Bocscr. Second row Coach Elscn. M. F.razn«us, M Dupoint. P. Shocncckcr. (J. Falconer. R. Penn. S. Thompson. B Steiner. L Pc trick. B Gilligan. S. Kruse. J. Pahl. Coach Bernard. 144First row: J. Klatt. J. Savoie. V. Hastings. D. Kroctcn. D. Bocscr, D. Bjorkstrand. C. Ircton. T. Bodcnstcincr. Second row: J. Robinson. J. Pahl. J. Flynn. P. Schocneckcr. S. Trudcll, T Vlillcr. C Penn. S. Kruse. S. Weilinske. T. Hacg, C. Johnson. Not pictured: B Welter. 145Can A Young Team Survive? This year’s wrestling team was coached by Brad Ruff and Chris Dus-trud along with captains. Mark Magh-rak and Tom Arms. The season record of 6-6 included wins over Minnehaha, Brooklyn Center. De La Salle, Cretin, and Brady. A 55-4 win over SPA highlighted the season. The young team showed a 2nd place finish in the AHA tournament and 3rd place finish at the conference tournament. Individual winners at the AHA tourney were John Zicska (112) and Paul Blaylock (155). Individual winners at the Conference tourney were Paul Blaylock (155) and Tim Fczler (hwt). Paul Couillard (98), John Zieska (105), and Mark Maghrak (145) placed 2nd. There will be many returning members, however, they will lose two important seniors. Maghrak and Arms. Next year's potential looks good! 146 Top: Team members huddle to get each other psyched. Bottom left: Cpt. Maghrak introduces his fellow team members at the assembly. Bottom right: Zicska meets his opponent.Top left: Wrestlers try to roll the other over for 3 pin. Middle left: Dave Bergman tries to outmanuever the opposition Right: Terry While reflects after a hard match. Back Row: Coach Dustrud.T. Arms. P. Jaeger. M. Maghrak. P. Blaylock. 1). Moore. J. Palo.T. Fczlcr. Coach Ruff. Front row: P.Couillard. N.Shca. J. Zicska. D. Bergman. D. Huss. J. Arms. T. White. C. Fleming. Not pictured: S. Williams.What’s Your Battle Cry? FRESHMEN! FRESHMEN! What’s your cry? 86! 86! 80. 80. 80, 86! SOPHOMORES! SOPHOMORES! What’s your cry? 85! 85! 80, 80. 80. 85! JUNIORS! JUNIORS! What’s your cry? 84! 84! 80. 80, 80, 84! SEN IORS! SEN IORS! What’s your cry? 83! 83! 80. 80, 80, 83! CO'STARS! CO STARS! What’s your cry? VICTORY! VICTORY! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS Top: Jessica Lopez; Middle: Kajc Harristhal; Bottom: Nancy Hanneman; Not pictured: Kim Hunchis 148 FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS Top: Julie Cline. Middle: Katie Arlandson. I.isa Rathmcll. Bottom: Laura Gocmcr. Sue Macln-erny. Shannon GriffithsBOYS BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS lop: Cynthia DcMars. Bottom: Jenny Cayc. Megan Bussen. Erin Mahoney. Left: Freshmen start to organize before their game. Right: Megan observes Erin and Jenny as they practice. 149Top left: Mr. Bartlett, a cheerleader?? Top right: Our mystery cheerleader 150 GIRLS BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Top: Michelle Maulwurf, Julie VanVicklc. Bottom: Wendy Penn. Mary Moran. Mary Smith.Bottom: The teachers get their chance. Top: Cheerleaders contemplate their next cheer. HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS: Kim Carlson, Amy Hennen, Alison Nacc. Becky Jasper. Jessica Lopez. 151154C0 TW4X Cynthia: Today you're looking back upon These years all they’ve meant The friendships that you cherish so The happy times you’ve spent But TOMORROW you will look ahead And dream and plan anew — May life continue bringing All the nicest things to you! All of our love. Mom, Dad, Michael Mark 155156a Hey Seniors It’s Miller Time! -2T Did you see the morning Sun? Did you see the frightened ones? The shame is all long gone but the pain lingers on I don't need no arms around me And I don’t needs no drugs to calm me I can see the writing on the wall Don't think 1 need anything at all All in all it's just another brick in the wall. c. Goodbye THE ENDCongratulations to: Joe Blaylock Fred Breitling Mike Burgoyne Theresa Jacobson Mike Kraft A1 Scheller Sandy Schneider Elizabeth Streefland and the rest of the class of 1983 St-CJohn SAptist GathoLic GhuRCh Corner of Natchez and 125th Street, Savage, Minnesota SERVING THE SAVAGE AND BURNSVILLE AREA SINCE 1854 158St. Richard’s Catholic Community Congratulations to: Julie Bednarz Rachel Fitzgerald John Gibbons Julie Hall Matt Smith Kris Tombers ST. RICHARD’S CATHOLIC COMMUNITY 7540 Penn Avenue South Richfield, Minnesota 55423 and the rest of the class of 1983. 159Ml medical institute of minnesota 2309 nicollet avenue • minneapolis • minnesota 55404 phone: 871-8481Robert Larranga President Associates and Larranga Advertising 7900 Xerxes Avenue So. Bloomington. MN 55431 835-4520 The natural look in portraits. We'll photograph you at your best. In our studio, at your home, or outdoors. Call us for family groups, weddings, children's pictures. frames, copies and restoration of old photographs. Business photos . fast. Gene Garrett Photography 1106 Nicollet Mall 333-3414 He Who Opens A School Door. Closes A Prison.” Victor Hugo N El Northwestern Electronics Institute 825 41st Avenue NE, Columbia Heights. Minnesota 55421 612 781-4881 H Church of the Assumption 305 East 77th Street Richfield, Minnesota 55423 • 866-5019 The people of Assumption support Catholic education. We warmly congratulate the seniors from our parish family! Fred Ardoff Kevin Bergman John Burgess Linda Dicks Cathy Elsen Chris Elsen Mark Haeg A1 Kolstad Mike Kotasek Bob Kroeten Joe Meyer Joe Pahl John Praus Amy Sullivan Mike Trudell and the rest of the class of 1983 161162You walked through the flames with me, and carried me over the hills I couldn't conquer. You stood by me and listened when I didn't know what I was saying anymore. You never judged me. We shared the music, the laughter. and the tears. We cared enough to stay together in spite of the circumstances. We accepted each other and we accepted ourselves. This is the miracle. 163Index Freshmen Alton. Kathleen 69, 125 Aman. Nanette 69 Anderson, Denise 69 Andrecn. Lisa 66, 69 Arlandson, Katie 69. 85, 148 Arms, John 69, 120 Ascher, Anne 69, 85 Barcomb, John 69. 102 Barcomb, Paul 69 Beardsley, Tcri 69 Benson, Mollic 69. 70 Berg, Jenny 69 Bergman, Joan 69. 125 Besser, Tim 69. 70 Bjorkstrand, Dean 69, 120 Blaszczak, Robert 69 Bodcnstcincr, Terry 6. 68. 69. 124, 144 Boesing. Jennifer 3, 69 Boldischar, Mary 69 Botz, Pam 69 Brandt, Stacy 69, 125 Brouchu, Janice 69 Brown, Jeff 69 Brown. Dana 69 Brownson, Andrea 69 Bungert, Marybeth 69, 74 Burgess, Dave 69 Cain. Beth 69 Caola, Deborah 69 Carroll, Julie Ann 69 Carroll, Julie 69 Cashin, Bob 69 Cazin, David 69, 124 Christiansen. Stacy 69 Cline, Julie 69. 148 Collins, Julie 69 Cox. Anne 69 Curtan, Christi 69, 133 Daly, Ann 69 Daost, Bill 69 Delgado, Marie 69 Delong, Bill 70. 133 DcMarcc, Amy 70. 125 Dornisch, Patricia 70 Doyle, Donnell 70 Dubanoski. Mary 70 Dvorak. Judith 70, 125 Eaton. Marie 70 Erazmus, Mark 70. 85. 120 Ernst. Karen 70, 125 Fczlcr, Tracy 70 Fischer, Jennifer 70 Fleming. Sean 70, 87, 124 Flcsche, Jennifer 70 Flynn, Patty 70 Friendshuh, Jackie 70, 74 Geddes, William 70, 124 Gcrlach, Beth 70 Giles, Chris 70 Gilligan, Kevin 6, 70. 120 Gilligan, Kim 70 Gocmar, Laura 70, 148 Grendzinski, Mike 70, 133 Griffeths, Shannon 70, 148 Gross. Ken 70 Groves, David 7C Gryskicwicz, Paul 70. 120 Gust, Mike 70 Hall. Nick 66. 70. 78. 124 Hallgren. Gary 66. 71 Hammer. Mike 71, 124 Hanen. Becky 71 Hansen. Christine 71 Hart, Christine 71 Hcdlund. Chris 71, 124 Hegman. Bridget 71, 135 Hergott, Sara 71 Hcrigstad, Mitchell 71 Hcrtcl. Mike 71 Hictala. Linda 71 Hoersten. Cheryl 71 Hollcnback, Joey 71. 72, 120 Holman, Tim 71, 74. 120 HOLMBERG. HEIDI 71. 101 Huebner, Kharen 71 Hughes. Kerry 68, 69, 71 Huss, David 71. 124 Iden, Grant 71, 120 Ireton, Colin 71, 133 Jackman, Rick 71 Jacobson, Greg 71 Jaeger, Katie 6. 71, 135 Jakubic, Mike 71, 133 Jankord, Joey 71, 73 Johnson. Julie 71 Johnson, Karin 71 Jones, Leslie 71 Joyce, Susan 71 Jungers, Maureen 71. 85 Kaweske, Krista 71 Kranz. David 71 Krath. Liz 71 Kukar, Katie 71 Larson. Lynette 71 Lawrow, Peg 71 Leitten, David 71, 120 Liddiard, Joan 71, 125 Lies, Ann 71 Lock. Jeff 71. 120 Lundholm, Jim 71 Mack. Bill 71. 85. 108 Macklin. Don 71. 74 Madcr. John 71. 103 Maikkc, Dennis 71 Maletta. Keith 71. 103 Mamer. Valerie 72 McCormack. Regan 72. 133 McGuire. Amy 72 McHugh. Leonard 72 Mclnery, Sue 72, 125, 148 McLaughlin, Mary 72, 103 Mcnkc. Beth 72, 131, 133 Merchant, Russ 72, 120 Merrill, Shelley 72 Morcski. Brad 72, 124 Morrell. Mike 72 Morrison, Tom 72, 120 Morrissey, Joe 73 Moss, Jim 73. 120 Mullen, Andrea 73, 133 Munro, Lee 73 Murnan, Blake 73, 124 Myers, Connie 73 Nelson, Jenny 73, 78. 86, 87 Ness. AnnMaric 73 Newberger, Jay 73 Nguyen. Nmi 73. 135 Numainvillc. Brian 73, 133 O’Brien, Molly 69, 73 O’Leary, Tom 73 Olsen. Christy 73. 74 Ostrowski. Nadine 73, 103 Pahl. Jim 73. 85 Palmby, Valerie 73, 103 Pearce, Tom 73 Pclncr. John 6. 73 Petterson, Lori 73 Pedgorak, John 66, 73, 120 Poskozim, Margaret 73 Powers. John 73 Preimsberger. Tom 6, 68, 73, 124 Rathmell, Lisa 73. 133. 128 Renstrom. Tracy 73 Ricci, Beth 73. 85. 125 Rivers. David 73 Rochcford. Debbie 74, 85 Rodicr, Rom 74 Sampson, Debbie 74 Samuels, Dave 74. 133 Savioc. John 74. 124 Schcllcr. Bob 74 Schiller. Mike 74 Schlumbohm, Bill 74 Schmclkc, Kathy 74 Schrcibcr, Brad 74, 124 Seidel, Kathleen 74. 108. 135 Serres. Nicki 74 Shankey, Debbie 74 Shea. Nat 66. 74. 124 Simms, Dan 74. 120 Smith. Tim 74. 120 164SOLLER. DIANE 74. 101 Starita, Scott 74. 75. 120 Sticn, Tammy 75, 133 Stcincrt, Kim 75. 125 Stoffcl. Kevin 75 Sulliban, Cheryl 75, 125 Thibault, Stephen 75 Thoraldson. Amy 75 VanVicklc. Marianne 75. 121, 133 Voss, Kelly 75 Waldmann, Mike 75, 133 Warrnka, Gary 75, 120 Weiss. Jill 75 We I be r. John 8, 75, 120 Welter, Basil 75. 82. 124 W'ielinski, Steve 75, 120 Wienkc, Sue 75 Williams, Corey 75, 120 Williams, Steve 75 Yetzer, Becky 75 Zieska, Rick 75, 120 Zylkowski. Anne 75 Sophomores Adamck, Mark 59. 65, 86, 87 Adams, Steve 59 Banovetz. John 59. 85. 103. 124 Barry. Bob 59 Becker, Dan 59, 103, 124 Bednarz, Mary 59. 108. 129 Bergman. Dave 59 Besser. Phil 59 Biedron. Dan 59 Bocscr, Duffy 59. 144 Bork, Dan 59, 124 Brochu. Cathy 59 Brown, Stephen 59 Brownson. Delia 59. 133 Burns. Michelle 59, 135 Bussen. Amy 59 Byrne. Dick 59 Byrne. Greg 58. 59 Caola. Robert 59 Carraher. Gina 59 Caye. Jenny 59, 133. 149 Cline, Randy 59 Collins, Sean 59 Cook, Laura 59 Cor mica n. James 59 Couillard, Paul 59 Dalsin, Jill 16, 59. 126 Delgado. Brian 59 Demars, Cynthia 59. 126. 127, 149 Doyle, Rose 59. 90 Dunn. Jim 60 Dupont, Mike 60. 124. 144 Duran. Dave 60 Eichten, Monica 60 ELSEN, KIM 60. 101, 102, 103 Emme, Matt 60, 103 Fiol. Ivonne 60 Fischer. Anne 60 Fleming. Chris 60. 103 Flocrsch. Dave 60 Flynn. Chris 60 Flynn. Kathy 60 Fox, Mike 60 Fredericks, Paul 60 Gilboc, Michelle 60 Giles, Dan 60 Gilligan. John 60 Glenn. Toni 60 Glockncr. Mary Lou 61, 83, 129 Groves. Lisa 61 Gryskiewicz, Stephanie 61, 90 Gustafson. Dana 61 Hacg, Tom 61. 124, 144 Hall. Sharon 61. 125 Hamann, Tom 61 Hamel, Susan 61 Hammer, Sara 61 HARRINGER. KAREN 61. 101. 103 Harristhal. Ruth 61 Hartlc. Mike 61. 103 HARTMAN, BARB 61 Hastings, Vince 61 Haupt, Jeanne 61. 125 Healey, Paul 61 Heaney, Mary 61, i 25 Hendrickson. Anne 61 Hicks, Jim 62 Hinton, Laura 62, 125 Hoffman, Michelle 62, 135 Holt. Marisuc 62, 103, 133 Iverson. Artie 62 Jaeger, Paul 62 James, Pat 62 Jarrett, Yvonne 62 Jasper. Becky 62, 126, 127 Johnson, Jill 62. 133 Jordan, Catherine 62 Kegley. Anne 62. 85, 125 Keinz, Laura 62, 83, 129 Kelly. Christopher 62, 63 Kennedy, Michele 62, 125 Kenney, Suzzi 62. 84 Kepner. Tim 62 Klatt, John 62, 124 Kramer. Mary 62. 125 Krocten, Dick 62, 123 Krotz. Karrie 62 Lennay, Susan 62 Lentsch, Barbara 62 Letness. Joe 62. 103 Lickteig, Tony 63. 124 Lockhart. Fiona 63, 83. 128, 129 Loc. Chris 63 Ludwig, Donna 63 Lundholm. Jeanne 56, 63 Maddaus, Mary 63 Makres, Angela 63 MALBY. NATHAN 63 Maletta. Liz 63 Mamcr, Teresa 63 Marcottc, Jon 63. 124 Maulwurf. Michelle 63, 98, 102 McKenna, Meghan 63, 83, 133 McKnight. Scan 63. 133 McNeal. Christopher 63 Mellon. Barbara 63 Meissen, Mike 63 Michael, Lucy 63 Miller, Thomas 63, 109 Moorman, Liz 63, 90 Mullen, Kathrine 63 Nace. Alison 61. 63. 126, 127 Nawrocki, Michael 63 Niedermaicr, Julie 63, 108, 133 Olson. Jeff 63 Olson. Roxanne 64 Osterman, Scott 64 Palo. Elizabeth 64, 125 Penn, Cheryl 64, 125 Penn, Craig 64, 83, 103, 124 Pollard, Mike 63. 64 Pope. Paul 64 Poskozim, Trish 56, 64. 87 Praus, Mary 125 Preimsberger, Paul 64, 83, 124, 136 Robinson, Nina 64 Roling, Diane 64 Rozenberg, Jeff 64 Rudolph, Karen 64 Sandvik. Jane 64, 128. 129. 131 Schatzlein, Michele 64, 125 Schiller, Peter 64 Schneider. Lori 64, 133 Siegenthaler, Anne 64 Smith. Mary 64, 98 Stacy. Tom 64 Steiner. Brad 64. 144 Stcllick, Shauna 64 Stillings. Paula 64 Strecfland. Mike 64, 102 Susag, Karen 64. 103. 125 Swcerc. Carol 64 Thiele, Steve 64 Thissen, Paul 65, 86. 87 165Thisscn, Tom 65 Thompson, Steve 65, 144 Thoraldson. Carolyn 65 Tressel. Peter 65 Trudcll, Steve 65 VanVicklc. Julie 65, 98, 133 Vernon. Annette 65 Warmka, Scott 65, 119 Wcllcns, Maureen 65 Wheeler, Katie 65. 125 Whcelock, Chris 65 Williams, Karen 65. 125 Wirig, Cathy 65 Juniors Ambrose, Kerry 49, 108, 129 Andersen. Amy 49. 129 Anderson, Vicky 49, 52 Arms. Joe 49. 124 Aschcr, Tom 49, 136 Banovetz, Mary 49 Beircis, Laura 49 Berry, Laura 49 Bertrand. Shelly 49 Besser, Sue 49 Bjorness, Jon 49 Blaylock. Paul 49. 119 Boatman. Steve 49, 103 Boettcher, Gina 49 Boic, Tom 49 Boulay, Matt 49 Bowron, Scott 49 Brandt. Mike 49, 123 Breitling, Mike 49. 123 Brockhoff. Brian 49 Bronner, Ron 49, 54 Cady, Bill 49. 119 Campion. Paul 49, 136 Carlson. Kim 48, 49, 121, 126. 127 Carroll. Mark 49, 123 Casscrly, John 49, 133 Conlon, Jim 49, 119 Conlon, Mike 49, 119 Curelli, John 49, 123 D’Andrea, Michelle 46. 49 Daniels, Katy 49, 52 Davis, Katy 49. 133 Donath, Margaret 49 Doucette, Karen 49 Douglas, Lisa 49 Eichten, Mike Engel, Mary 50. 103, 129 Epple, Mark 50. 52, 133 Falconer, Greg 50, 144 Fell, Victoria 46, 50 Fczler, Tim 50, 119 Flynn, Joann 50, 108 Flynn, Tim 50 Fricl, Kari 50 Gicske. Gail 50 Gillcs, Lisa 50 Gilligan. Brian 50, 119, 144 Gncrcr. Terry 48, 50, 55. 119, 136 Goemer, Lisa 50 Gray. Margaret 60, 121. 129 Greene, Chris 50 Groos. Annette 50 Gross, Mark 50. 119, 136 Hall. Charlotte 51 Hamilton, Eric 51 Hannasch. Mike 51 Hanson. James 51. 119, 136 Harristhal, Kaje 51, 121, 126, 127, 148 Hartman, Deb 51, 53 Haugen. Mary 51, 129 Heitzman, Ann 51 Hennen, Amy 51, 121, 126 127 Hoffman. Laurie 51. 129 Huss. Ellen 51 Hutchens, David 51, 123 HUYNH, LONG 51 Ivory, Kevin 52 Jasper, Dan 51 Johnson, Bruce 51, 144 Johnson, Cory 51. 63, 90. |Q9 119 Johnson, Kristen 51 Johnson. Sarah 51. 103 Johnson. Tammie 51, 54 Jones, Patty 51 Jones, Rocci 51, 78 Kelly. Mary 46. 48. 51 Kcppcl. Anne 51. 103. 129 Koegig, Meg 51, 129 Koloski, Terry 51 Kotasek. Mark 51 Kramer, Luke 51. 119 Krochcski, Mary 51 Kruse, Shawn 51. 102, 119 KRYPEL, KATHY 51 Larkin, Katie 51, 86, 87 Larranaga, Jim 51, 102, 131, 133 Launstein. David 51 Lehtinen, Jeff 51 Loftis, Lctitia 51 Lopez, Jessica 51, 53, 126, 127, 148 Mady, Tim 51 Mahoney. Erin 51. 121, 126, 127. 149 Matko. Janet 51 McDoncll, Jeff 51. 53 McKenna, Pat 51, 123 MCLAUGHLIN. MARK 51. 100, 119 MeRoberts. Fran 51. 54 Meissen, Jim 52 Meyer, Joyce 52 Miller. Tim 52 Monn, Kelly 52. 129 Moore, Doug 52, 53. 103, 119 Murphy, Kevin 49. 52. 109 Nauman, Kim 52 Nawrocki. Michele 52 O’Brien, Sean 52 Olson. Bruce 52. 103, 136 Ordahl, Julie 52 Oshwald, Mary 52. 134, 135 Palo. Jim 53 Penn. Wendy 53,98, 126, 127. 135 Peterson, Karen 53 Petrick, Leroy 53. 123, 144 Polak. Sheila 53 Polunc, John 53, 124 Rathmcll, Jim 53. 123, 124 Reddin. Vivi 53. 121, 135 Rivers. Jeff 53 Robinson, John 53. 123, 144 Rochcford, Becky 53, 54 SABRL ZACHARY 53 Saniclmann. Lynn 53 Schcndcl, Michelle 53. 129 Schlutcr, Jackie 53, 86, 87 Schmidt. Roberta 53, 133 Schneider, Nancy 53, 133 Schreiber, Gene 2, 53, 55 Schumacher. Anne 53, 129 SCHWIRTZ. RACHEL 53 Scott. Chuck 53. 102 Seidel, Theresa 48, 53. 135 Sieve. Lucy 53 Simcoe, Kevin 53 Skala. Bridget 53 Soller, Mark 55, 119 Stein. Kelly 55 Stemper. Dave 55 Sweere. Jim 55 Tombers. Cathy 55. 46. 135 Vosbcck, Fay 55 Wagner. Mark 55 Weiler, David 55, 103 Weiler, Donna 55 White, Terry 55, 119 Wichman. Sue 46. 55 Wirig. Margaret 55 Woida, Chris 55 Zicska, John 55, 102, 133 Seniors Adamck, Mary 29 ADAMS. ROXANNE 29, 100, 101, 103 166Allan, Chris 29 Andersen, Steve 29 Anderson, Barb 29 Ardoff. Fred 29 Arms, Thomas 29, 119 Becker. Dave 29 Becker. Tim Bednarz, Julie 29. 103, 108, 135 Bensom. Ricky 29. 132, 133, 136 Bergman, Kevin 29, 119 Bissonette, Nancy 29 Blake, Joe 3. 30, 119, 136 Blatz, Sara 30 Blaylock, Joe 30 Boatman, Mark 30. 103, 136 Bodenstcincr, Lori 31, 134, 135 Breitling, Fred 31, 123, 136 Brunner, Andrea 31 BUNGERT, DAN 30 Burgess, John 30, 136 Burgoyne, Mike 30, 108, 122, 123 BURNS, MAUREEN 30. 135 Bussen. Megan 31, 121, 126, 127, 149 Byrne, Dan 31, 123 Campion, Jane 31 Carroll, Sandy 30 Caye. David 30, 85 CON LON. MEGAN 30, 108, 129 Cordova. Luis 7, 123 Crivits, Courtney 30 DABNEY. M ELAN I 31. 101, 135 Dicks, Linda 31 Dinneen, Mooly 31 Donohue. Eileen 30 Oornisch. Peter 30, 116 Duffy, Dan 30. 123 Duran. Joe 30 Eichten. John 31, 103, 123 ELSEN, CATHY 31. 101, 103 ELSEN, CHRIS 31, 78. 108 Emerson, Christine 32 Erazmus, Michelle 32 Farrell, Therese 33 Fischer, David 33 FITZGERALD, RACHEL 2, 33, 103, 108 Fleming, Laura 32. 133 Flcschc, Jonathan 32 Flocrsch. Peter 33 Flugar, Ken 33 Flynn, Cindy 33, 159 Flynn, John 32 Frankc, Carolyn 21. 32 Gibbons, John Gilligan, Chris 33. 102, 135 Glenn. Brenda 33 Goblish. Michelle 33 Gustafson, Eric 32, 123 Haeg. Mark 32. 98, 122, 123. 144 Hall, Julie 33 Hamel, John 33 Hanafin. Mike 33, 86. 87, 119 Hannasch. Paul 34 Hanneman. Nancy 34. 121, 126, 127, 148 Hanvik, Bob 34. 103. 119, 136 HEALEY. SEAN 35, 102 Heaney, Tim 35. 84. 116, 133 Hedges, Jane 35 Hedrick. Barb 35 HENNIG, MARYJO 34 HOFFMAN. JEAN 34 Huebner, Sarah 34 Hunchis, Kim 35, 121, 126, 127 Huss, Steve 35 Ircton, Bridget 35 JACOBSON, THERESA 35. 101 Jcnnrich, Tom 34 Johnson, Joan 34 Johnson, Mike 34 Jorgenson, Bob 35 JUNGW1RTH, MARY 35. 100 KASBOHM. ROSE 34. 101 Kelly, Wendy 34 Koch, Kelly 34 Koenig. Sue 35, 108 KOLSTAD, AL 35 KOMISKY, MARK 37, 102, 103, 108 Kotasek. Mike 37. 119, 144 Kraft, Mike 37 Krause, Sue 37, 103, 135 Krochcski, Theresa 37 Kroeten, Bob 37 Kuhn. Stan 37 Licktcig, John 37, 119 L.IDDIARD. KEVIN 37. 102, 103 Lockhart, Siobahn 37 Macklin, Effie 37 MAGES. POLLY 37. 100. 129, 131 Maghrak, Mark 38, 119 McCalcb, Angie 38 MCCOLL, COLLEEN 38, 100, 101 McKcown, Tracy 38 Meyer, Joe 39, 119, 136 MILLER, LUCY 38, 101 Moran, Mary 38.98. 121, 126, 127 Mortenson. Laura 38 Murphy, Ted 38, 123 Nagel, Nancy 39 NELSON. CINDY 2, 38, 101 Nestaval. Bob 38 Nguyen. Hogan O'Connor, Matt 39 O’Hern, Jenny 39 O'Keefe, Marie Pahl, Joe 39, 144 Paquette, Karla 38 Penn, Roger 123, 144 Pcstrc. Sophie 7, 39, 80 Petcrmcicr, Sue 39 Peterson, Paul 39, 109 PIG A. PHIL 40. 78, 86. 87, 101 POLAK, PATSI 40. 108 Praus. John 41. 119 Regnier, Mike 41 Roling, Karen 41 Rudolph, Jean 40, 108 RYAN, JULIE 2, 40, 86, 87. 101 Sandvik, Tom 41, 84. 122, 123 Sarazin, Sheila 41. 103, 133 Savoie. Michele 41, 116, 135 Schatzlcin, Lisa 40 Scheller, Al 40 Schcndcl, Tressa 41, 108 Schmitz, Tricia 41 Schneider, Sandy 41, 103 Schoenccker, Paul 40, 144 Smith. Matt 40. 119. 136 Sokoloski, Chris 41 Stemper. Tom Strecfland, Elizabeth 42 Stricherz, Brian 42 Sullivan. Amy 42, 103, 108 Thibault, Renate 42 Thoraldson, Jeanne 43 Tombers, Kristen 42, 135 Trudcll, Mike 42. 119 Urtz, Andrew 42, 103 Vaughn. Cynthia 42 Wagner. Susan 43 Wclbcs, Matt 42. 119 Williams. Mike 42. 119, 136 Willy, Bruce 43 Woida, Margaret Mary 43, 90 Zclada, Gamila 43 Capitalized names denote yearbook staff members 167 To Wjer: lust hope of the 1983 Angelo staff for this book to be a clear repre cni faon of the past year Hopefully, not much needs to be said about the v'cgi: the book should say it all. I would, however, like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to all those who deserve the recognition Working m ' book was a bigger challenge than any of us had expected, like ccr oWK|g had great dreams and pin ns for the bock, bufc reality crept up. gd somcrlthose plan were hard to keep Durin I p.iM however. w lcaTneWPHHBBI BKctionQCg Perhaps the most surpmmmliscovcrics came abom those around us. There were limes when trici-grew back together. We also built new fricn like to give an c.xtra-spccinl thanks to “ our advisors for the year. They wer their friendship, time, and a lot would not have been jv.s lot Phil Piga, 1 say, 'A job w donc' I nter c-.Mingls produce the best book possible. Also, tha but eventually ps along the way. 1 would son and Nancy Olive. They gave them this book McColl and cdour talents to ng people w ho Roxanne Ad-Mci aughhn. who helped. A spent numer-extreme care for us. [uTekwith u ifaMUghout t e year vJ ms. KfttfuKen. Rachel Pit gcraldj Cindy Nelson. Julie Ryan, Zach Jsltt special thanks to Polls Mages, our ptf ous hours taking, developing, and t shows in the quality Thanks to Dan} Joan Pokornev. our Hcrff-Joncs rc; he ones Com pony, and tl expressed. F us the oj ip»i returning )n you Catch tl oi and thanks than Can be ffUcnju ol out school who gave THANKSVV. n the future and to all of those od watch over van and help or SUPPLEMENTTRADITION??? Holy Angels presented the classic musical “Fiddler On The Roof.” With some forty-five people involved, it was one of the biggest shows done at AHA and one of the longest, over three hours. Tevyc (Phil Piga), a poor dairy farmer, wanted to be a rich man and never have to work again. He had Five daughters, and a nagging wife (Fiona Lockhart). Traditionally, Yente, the matchmaker (Rachel Fitzgerald), would arrange the marriages. She did so for the eldest daughter Tzeitel, (Chris Elsen), to the rich butcher. Lazar Wolfe (Mr. Sullivan), but he was old. Tzeitel wanted to marry Motel, (John Lickteig) the poor tailor. Tevyc didn’t really like Lazar so he agreed. This led to his making up the hilarious “dream scene with Grandma Tzeitel (Mary Jungwirth) and 170the butcher’s dead first wife. Fruma-Sarrah (Katie Larkin). Soon, the second daughter, Hodel, married Perchik, (alumni Russ Olsen) a student from Kiev. His third daughter, Chava, (Melani Dabney) wanted to wed a Russian named Fyedka (Mark Haeg), a Christian. Tevye refused the marriage and denounced her for marrying him. Meanwhile, the constable (Dan Duffy) receives an order from the Colonel to evict everyone in the village. They had to leave their home. But in the end, Tevye accepted Chava and her husband. This show ended a strong list of credits directed by Pam Boston. The music director. Gail Stewart, did a great job in taking over for Mary Poepping, with strong support by Melani Dabney’s original choreography. 171Decision-making is a large part of discovery. This past year, current events presented us with decisions to make about our religious beliefs. America’s involvement in El Salvador surfaced many hot” topees. Here at AHA. we discovered that decisions had to be made. We participated in a lock-in for peace. Letters were written to our congressmen explaining our positions and pleading for peace throughout the world. We united with the Catholic Community to fill a barge with canned goods and clothing. The barge floated down the Mississippi Decision ’83? through the Gulf to Honduras to help the El Salvadorian refugees. Finally, we listened to Archbishop John Roach explain the Catholic bishops letter against the use of nuclear arms. His presentation was beneficial, because he headed the committee that wrote the letter. During ’83, we were faced with making many religious decisions, but the “Bread not Bombs” campaign help us to understand the facts. From there, our decisions were made. 172FOUR WHEEL DRIVE? Prom was quite an event this year. Hosted in Downtown Minneapolis, at the Marquette Hotel, the dance exploded with sights to be seen . . . Mr. Sullivan’s Irish folk dance, certain prom dresses, and some wild tuxes. But of course, the main event was just who was going with whom? Four Wheel Drive provided music for a variety of tastes. Evidence: A crowded dance floor!! 174MARQUETTE A preferred hotb Registration and Restaurants Marquis j£ Callerv tfevanss as- at } caw Bk fu third tlocr 175JV BASEBALL - A FUTURE PENANT TEAM?? Top row: Coach Tim Kominski, Steve Thompson, Gary Warmka, Kevin Gilligan. Steve Trudell. Mark Erazmas, Rick Jackman, Tom Haeg. Bottom row: Blake Muman, Scott Warmka. John Klatt. John Pogorak, John Arms, Dave Bergman. Nat Shea. 5-10 AND A THIRD PLACE IN CONFERENCE? Holy Angels tennis team was led by seniors, Hogan Nguyen and Paul Peterson, in singles competition and Dave Fisher and Matt O'Connor in doubles. The highlights of the year included a 3rd place finish in the DBC tourney. Hogan Nguyen, Matt O’Conner, Paul Schocnecker, and Craig Penn all had fine showings at the tourney. Other strong senior efforts shown throughout the year came from Ted Murphy, Mike Burgoyne, and Pete Floersch. Underclassmen performing well were Craig Penn, 2 in singles and freshmen doubles team. Terry Bodcnsteiner and Tom Preimesberger. Players expected to contribute next season are Kevin Simcoc, Paul Pope, Peter Tressel. John Savoie. Bill Geddcs, and Bill Mack. 176WHERE’S OUR INFORMATION??? 177SLOW START BUT STEADY CLIMBING?? The season was not blessed with a lot of wins, but the girls showed improvement as indicated by their showing in the regional playoffs. Coach Iverson feels the future of AHA softball is bright because of a strong returning nucleus and the improvement of the younger kids to fill the gaps left by the seniors. Top row: Laura Beiris. Shelly Bertrand. Laura Kcinz, Megan Conlon. Amy Andersen. Jane Campion. Chris Tombcrs, Mary Engel. Donna Weiler. Vivi Reddin. Coach Art Iverson. Bottom row: Karen Susag, Vikki Fell, Michelle Dandrea. Jil Dalsin. Cathy Tombers, Sue Wickman. Cindy Nelson, Sue Krause. Meg Koenig, Liz Strecfland. WORLD SERIES HOPEFULS?? Top row: Coach Sr. Karen Warren. M. Wellcns, B. Lentsch. P. Botz, L. Heitala, B. Palo, K. Kukar, D. Doyle. Sittings: M. Bensen. K. Johnson, A. Fischer, J. Bergman. C. Sullivan, A. Aachcr, A. McGuire. On ground: C. Hocrston, S. Mclnery. J. Liddiard, M. Maddaus. 178FINISHED 4TH IN THE STATE?? The Holy Angels baseball team had a bright future from the beginning except for a few open spots in the infield. But two juniors stepped in and did the job at second and short. The team was led by 7 starting seniors with a strong nucleus in the middle of the order. The team went along smoothly through the regular season. The real story were the playoffs. Their first opponent was Ossco. The game was a real Squeaker. Joe Meyer pitched a I hitter through 7 innings, and in the eighth. Kevin Bergman Brought in the winning RBI. The Co Stars went on to beat Washburn. 6-0 and breezed through with wins over Henry and Edison. This brought them to the first state tourney in Holy Angels’ double A history. In the opening game against Burnsville, Fred Breitling went 4 for 4 and Jim Conlon batted 2 for 3 with the winning RBI. St. Cloud Apollo was next and not easily beaten. But the Co Stars went on to face Grand Rapids. The loss finished the Co Stars in fourth place of the state tourney. CHESS AT AHA?? We are sorry to say that the Chess Club’s picture did not survive the fire at our photographer’s studio. There story however, did live on. It had been a great year for the AHA Chess Team. The team, behind their leaders. Mike Johnson and Ken Flugaur, had finished third in their division. Nate “the Mar” Malby was undefeated at 11 wins. 2 draws. Mike Morrel Coach Matthews, K. Ascher. J. Eichtcn. J. Meyers. B. Hanvik, S. Cruz, M. Trudell. T. Gnerer. J. Hanson, M. Haeg, J. Conlon. S. O'Brien. J. Robinson, T. Miller, M. Epple. F. Breitling, K. Bergman. also finished well his rookie year. Mike and Ken, with only 16 of a 4 man team, demolished their opponents and won 1st place in the Suburban Region . . . First Chess trophy ever!! 179CAN THE END BE NEAR?? The Award Ceremony highlighted Celebration Day. Students who received special awards were: The class of 83 top ten academically — Valedictorian. Sandra Schneider, Salutatorian, Mark Boatman. Amy Sullivan. Mike Burgoync. Andy Urtz, Robert Hanvik. John Eichten, Kevin Liddiard. Hogan Nguyen and Tracey Mckeown. Two graduates were finalist in the National Merit Program, Robert Hanvik and Kevin Liddiard. Five others received letters of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program. They are Michael Burgoyne, John Gibbons. Sean Healey. Mark Komisky and Andrew Urtz. The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award for outstanding achievement in the study of science was awarded to John Eichten. The Richard G. Drew 3M Creativity Award for outstanding achievement in recognition of outstanding creative ability in the area of science to Mary Banovetz 84. The top Chemistry student in the National Science Olympiad. Mark Komisky. The top Biology students in the National Science Olympiad. Steve Adams 85 and Nathan Malby ’85. The Mathematical Association of America award to the student with the highest score in the school on the National Math Exam. Hogan Nguyen. Winners of outstanding achievement awards in the various school departments were: Business, Sandy Schneider; Home Economics. Chris Sokoloski; Language, Siobhan Lockhart; Mathematics. John Eichten and Counseling Laura Bcircis. Awards were presented to Daniel Byrne and Sandra Schneider for four years of perfect attendance. Receiving the Tom Kelly Memorial Award — Tim Fezlcr 84. Ricky Benson received the Thomas Moore medal and Sue Koenig — the Mary Medal. After the ceremony, the seniors took the stage and sang their farewell song. “The Innocent Age . In response, the juniors sang “A Bridge over Troubled Waters to show their sincere best wishes to the outgoing seniors. 180181NEW HORIZONS? June 5, 1983 brought the 51st annual commencement ceremony of AHA. As always, this was a very special day tor the seniors and their families. The highlights included speeches by Superintendant, Mr. Donlin and Andrew Alexander Urtz, both elected to speak by the seniors. But what the day really meant was the last time our class would be together as the unit we came to be. Everyone knew that post-graduate plans would take us far away, and that friendships would be put to the test, so we tried to make it the best we could. Old feuds began to fade, and we took a fresh look at the things around us. At the senior party, we gained a good perspective about ourselves, and we tried to make up for what we let slip by. No matter what, to thank God for the great times we had at AHA. tHrv iAs wonderful as schooldays are So full of fun and laughter The best and richest times You’ll know Will come a few years after . . . So close the door behind you now And as you turn away Review the dreams and plans you’ve made And hold them fast today . . . Walk proudly as you move along. Feel young and strong and free And let your heart repeat these words - The best is yet to be!” 183I'lH'llWIiTO h uuuu!

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