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Published by Herff Jones Yearbooks 50th Edition Academy of the Holy Angels 6600 Nicollet Avenue Richfield. Minnesota 55423Sisters. Sue and Meg Koenig, talc about happy times at Holy Angels rvusicKjns piay ona vny ------- versary celebration Moss WHY?: It is 1982 — the 50th anniversary celebration of Holy Angels. CELEBRATE US and be a part of this year! PLACE: Academy of the Holy Angels TIME: August 31 1981 — June 6, 1982 GIVEN Holy Angels Board BY: of Directors, Sisters of St. Joseph, Administrators, Faculty, Staff. Students. SEE YOU HERE! Former principal. Sr. Constance Marie, speaks as present principal. Mr Mike Doolin, Istens FINDING THG CGLGBRMION m : is. COME IN TO '82 ... 2 New co-principal. Sr. Mary Walter DuVot. enjoys watching Mory Adomek dressed tcx the 50's in a fashion show for the 50th celebration. Come on in to 1982! Welcome! This was the year to CELEBRATE US! — all 694 of us! It was the 50th anniversary celebration, the class of 1982 graduated this year, we had a new school song, Sr. Mary Walter DuVal joined us. and so did nine new staff, lots of new students, and the girls had a new plaid skirt. These were all reasons to rejoice. A new pop machine in our Commons featured Coke, Tab, Melb YeHo, and Sunkist. Over the summer, all of the lockers and some of the walls were painted. A new youth group was started which planned community service. fellowship meetings, and fun activities. These were more things to celebrate about us. Look around you for more. Just let yourself celebrate these things and CELEBRATE US! When we thought about 1982, we thought about an explosion of fun, of good times, of celebrations, of celebrating us. This explosion was shown on the cover of the book and on the endsheets inside the book. Our theme "CELEBRATE US!” saluted 1982 and what we'd done and where we'd come. This year was a fanfare of celebrations, thrills and spills, surprises, celebrities, "sellabrating", celebrating us, and celebrating you. 3CELEBRA TONS U ;s:s:;is:::;s;KS«5Ss«K;«5; w;s«;i«5« ««5s;;:sjss;sss:s;:js::::s;:j::sjjjsiijsji Upper left: The Homecoming Donee, held mthe gym. wos o great end to the week Lower left: Mrs Boatman. Mrs. Bednorz. and an AHA student cheer marathoners on 1 ..•••i 1 ...••i 1 • •M ..••I . ••1 ..••01 ..••0 ..••01 .,••01 ..••01 • ••4 ..•••I Celebrations to CELEBRATE US were a big part of this year. The Homecoming dance illuminated the triumph of the football game against Brady 28-6. The band "Bandwagon" sparked the spirit and excitement in the air. The Sadie Hawkins dance pledged the cowboys to the cowgirls for one fall night with the music of "Firefall." The fall play "Harvey" did honor to the Holy Angels' genesians. The Marathon fa Non-Public Education expressed the con- frshop John Roach soiemnly walked up the aisle to celebrate Mass can of Holy Angels students and staff fa the school. Many people raised money walking, running, cycling, and skating 12 miles. The biggest celebration was the 50th anniversary. A weekend was dedicated to festivities.THRILLS AND '••••••••••••■•••••■••••••••■•••••••a I" '••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a I J ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a ••••; I ••• ••• I L ••• •••- I !•••- I ••••- I !••• • L .... The thrills of victory and the spills of defeat gave AHA tots of reasons to CELEBRATE US in our athletic teams. The fall season flourished with tennis matches, football games, cross-country meets, and soccer games. The winter months toasted basketball games, wrestling matches, hockey games, and skiing. Another competition involving students was the chess club. Some seniors started a croquet team. Freshmen and varsity cheerleaders spurred the teams into action. ::::: Q •••— 17 OA •••••••••••••••••••••••••••« • ••••••• :;uus:;sE o • Chris Gi'ngon prepares to swing Tim Heaney enOures the long for Holy Angels. miles on Holy Angels turf. 5Winter surprises were another reason to CELEBRATE US. Couples warmed up to the toasty sounds of "The Commons” at the Angelus dance in January. The December band and choir concerts cheered our hearts. The one-acts were a competition between our actors and actresses and those from other schools. Sno'Daze was a week-long winter relief from the midyear blues. The surprise ... We made it through the rest of the year. Tom Mfler prepares to play his ceso to warm the audiences' hearts. Qteg Mortenson reflects the world in his eyes jtgr Q Fleming finds herself trapped in midyear Wues. "We know there's a smte in there somewhere. Greg Byrne!" Mary Ascher finds the spirit of a happy surprise tfcllllllllHHIl 6CELEBRITIES ...72 Who were the celebrities in 1982? Ronald Reagan, Lionel Ritchie, Rick Springfield, Miss Piggy and Kermit, The Stones, and Sheena Easton. Take a closer look around you. Your classmates, your teachers, your administration. Everyone around you. We're all celebrities! So CELEBRATE US — the celebrities at Holy Angels. What does it take to be a celebrity? A lot of people know you. Since this is a small school everyone does know everyone. You are talented. The people at Holy Angels all have their own special talents. So join the celebrities of 1982! Who is th»s mystery "celebrity" and who! i$ he she up to? LEADERS ...74 Mr. Charles Suttvan. Engfch. ponders a student's question. Ms Pat O'HoBoran. Public Relations, speaks at the Principal's Party. Someone had to lead this cast of celebrities in their efforts to grow and triumph. This delicate and difficult task was accepted by the leaders — the staff and faculty. Two daring souls — Mr. Mike Donlh and Sr. Mary Walter DuVal gave of themselves to guide these leaders. There were department heads who solemnly organized their sections. They hoped to keep everything running smoothly but sometimes difficulties arose, yet the teachers conquered them. The secretaries put forth a bt of effort to keep order in the off be. The public retatbns people pumped kids and money into the school. The counselors made students' lives easier helping them with academb credits, personal problems, and career chobes. The janitors and student servbe advisors managed the upkeep of the school in whbh we did CELEBRATE US. 7SENIORS' RED-LETTER DA YS Seniors Poul Grazzmni end Ann Benusa ore finaSy domesticated. The seniors' year was full of red-letter days. Days which stood out as exciting. Days which celebrated the senior class. Days which led up to the ceremony of graduation. The seniors enjoyed the pleasure of real free time with almost nothing to do except homework, play cards, talk, and eat. They felt content in their front row auditorium seats. As seniors, they had a chance to be rejuvenated by senior retreat. They applied to colleges and took tests, anxiously awaiting adulthood to hit them. With their colors flying, the seniors showed how to CELEBRATE US. Sen Lynn Moriska in a reflective mood JUNIORS PROCEED WITH CAUTION •Mf • •• •••0 ■ •••0 . ••0 .•••0 • ••0 . ••0 • •• 0 . ••0 . ••0 .,000 . ■•0 ..••0 . ••0 .•••0 .•000 .•000 .,000 .•000 .,•00 .,000 .•000 .••00 .,•00 .,000 ..••0 ..••0 . ••0 ,,»cO ,.00Q .••00 .•000 .••00 .,•00 ’••00 5? The juniors found themselves in a crucial year academically. Their grades, this year, were important for post high school plans. They wrote term papers, essays, their own funeral, and took the PS AT test. They proceeded with caution, always striving to reach the finish line. Despite these pressures, the juniors found ways to CELEBRATE US with their spirit and participation in activities. They had a chance to enjoy a junior retreat in the spring. Guys could ask girls to Prom and girls could accept. Most of all the juniors looked forward to being seniors: an ovation to the determined juniors. "Juniors or© tbe best of fr end$". claim Maryjo Henrvg. Nancy Bissonette. Paufa Tysk. and Barb Hedrick.Sophomores Jim Conton and Brian Gilbgan flash a toothy grn The sophomores kept going strong after their first year. They experienced more "new" things at AHA including geometry and biology (going to the zoo and dissecting pigs). They displayed their incredible spirit and joined in to CELEBRATE US, exceeding their marathon goal. Coming together to be "one" on Unity Day, they shared a part of themselves with each other. They rejoiced, becoming even more a part of Holy Angels when they received class rings. The sophomores, moving up, contributed a bt to the school this year. We salute them in their efforts. •Hi . ••• A ?'": SOPHOMORES MOVE UP •.. ... ... m « o §• ... •••••••••••••••••••••••••"•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I Freshman Karen Robertson n a 1931 AHA uniform Freshmen ‘‘get down." Brand new faces at a brand new school. The freshmen year seemed to be an instcitation. How does one become a part of Holy Angels? They found a number of ways. Their motto was "The class of '85, we're alive." It wasn't always easy being "alive" in the new surroundings but they adjusted well. By the end of the year, most of them felt as if they did belong and indeed, they did. We thank them for joining in to CELEBRATE US for four years which we hope will be great. FRESHMEN INST ALLA TION 9SELLABRA TE Denis© Giles and Paul Wodowski do tast-mmute homework m the commons The advertising section in the back of this book was an extremely essential part of the An-gelus. It paid for part of the yearbook. Dedicated students on the yearbook staff got businesses and individuals to place ads. We thank these advertisers for their generous support. Our other moneymaking ventures were selling apple cider at the bonfire, a spring dance, and yearbook sales. So, to help you Celebrate Us in your 1982 yearbook, we did lots of "sellabrat-ing." Looking for You was the celebrated index to look for where to Celebrate Us and you. OOKING FOR YOU... 163 Chris Emerson demonstrates the “Happy Graduate of Yesteryear." AHA students are looking for a good trie at the homecoming dance. 10I : r ::: : t::: » : ' t '• •:: : ! : : J ! : :; T ! :! : !;::: ! ■ ' '■ ? ? ! • :: • : • : ! : 1 • T: ?: : . •»!! CELEBRATE US! • w. • k«i. • to.. and CELEBRATE YOU! •to.. •to.. You are worth celebrating. You are everything. You are unique. In all the world, there is only one you. There is only one person with your talents, your experiences, your gifts. NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE! God created only one you, precious in his sight. You have immense potential to love, to care, to grow, to sacrifice if you believe in yourself. It doesn't matter your age, or your color, or whether your parents loved you or not. (maybe they wanted to but couldn't) Let that go. It belongs to the past. You belong to the now. It doesn't matter what you've been. The wrong you've done. The mistakes you've made. The people you've hurt. You are forgiven. You are accepted, you're okay. You are loved — in spite of everything. So love yourself, and nourish the seeds within you. Celebrate you. Begin now. Start anew. Give yourself a new birth. Today. You are you, and that is all you need to be. You are temporary. Here today and gone tomorrow. But today. Today can be a new beginning, a new thing, a new life. You can deserve this new life, it is given freely. That is the miracle called God. So celebrate the miracle and celebrate you! «... f «. i r- Reprinted by permission from the book Celebrate the Temporary by Clyde Reid. Copyright 1972 by Harper and Row Publishers. • m... •to., •to... Mo... •to... • o.,„ N»... • ..., •tt... John Susag. Rod Anderson, and Phi Hoeppner ... The ine forms to the right, guys! MM.. • •to.. • to... • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••♦•••••••••••5iS!t? . MMtMtttOtMMttttttttttttttttttItttMMMMMMoMoittOttOtMOOM ' ' !; L'oOOOItlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOtMOOOOOOOMOOIOOOt.tlootOOOOOOOOOOOtOOOttiOOOOOO • t:::rr.........................................................: t:: ' •to. '; tttot • to.- f«ot. too. ••••• 11sisHOMECOMING '81 ride -em co-stars Homecoming Week. Sept. 13-18. was crammed full of excitement and rowdiness. The Bob Honvik vibrates with the good vibes Tressa Schendel and Mike Regnier share a slow dance. theme "Ride 'Em Cottars" was found on the buttons sold throughout the week. The pep club sold pompons also. Class Color Day, grandparents coming to visit classes, and a marathon pepfest kicked off the week. Tuesday, everyone looked their best for Dress Up Day. Wednesday, which brought out the "natural” in all of us, was Dress Down Day. Thursday, as the excitement mounted, was Gangster Day. At night a bonfire blazed, while students played tug'o'war. Friday, brought with it lots of blue and gold. The seniors won the spirit award and the sports teams appeared in their blue and gold. The football team, with colors flying, rode the Broncos 28-6. From 8-12 p.m. in the gym, the music of "Bandwagon” excelled with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and more. The Co'Stors chcyge the Broncos 28-6 and make it a Homecoming victorySophomores teach Dr Giesen's daughter how to "twist" at Homecoming. These kids take a breather to have their picture token. Al Kolsfad and Cindy Nelson look for fnends at the dance50 YEARS OF HISTORY The 50th reunion of the Academy of the Holy Angels was held the weekend of October 2nd-4th. The weekend started out with a brief introduction and recap of the 50-year history which was held in the auditorium. A variety show highlighted by present and former students. Saturday brought registration and a time for school- mates to look up former teachers and each other. Each class was assigned a room in the building. These memory-filled rooms made it easier to find old friends and new times. Individual classes got together independently for lunch before the afternoon socializing. The silver anniversary class of 1953 held a wine and cheese reception. All School Reunion Academy of the Holy Angels October 2-4.19S1 16Opposite page: Top led: Connie Mac finally hands out the gold ties — after a these years! Lower left: So now it's a weight room? This page: Alumnae admire the new Activities Bolding. Lower left: Old friends reminiscing Lower right: Bringing the old and new together. 1718Principals' Party The ambassador hotel in St. Louis Park was the place for the “Principals' Party." Special guests for the evening were Holy Angels past and present principals. The evening's entertainment was a style show and music by the Petersen family dancing to tunes from all 50 years. On the last day a special liturgy was held. Archbishop John R. Roach celebrated a noon mass in the community activities building to honor the feast of the Holy Angels and the golden anniversary. Singing, tours and a delicious birthday cake were the main events. Top: Marge Zieska narrates the fashion show Left: Sr Monica Gross models the latest fad Center: Sr. Kate Egan and Fr. Robert Cassidy two former AHA principals Right: Lisa shows off the worn spot on her right hip from carrying too many books. 19HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! 20MARATHON With their money pledged per mle and their feet primed, the Co Star participants struggled to complete the 12-mile Marathon held on Saturday, October 3. Try as they might. Holy Angels students failed to make the $20,000 goal with a $17,800 second best-ever turnout. Sophomores were the top performers at $5,700 and earned a freeday for those in the class who participated in the Marathon. Seniors were second best as freshmen and juniors trailed behind. Top: "And they're off!" Left: B. ireton participates in the Marathon Right: Resting point. 21SADIE HA WKINS Guys be slaves to girls? Washing, ironing, cooking hot meals, cleaning — these were a few of the things which dedicated young men swore to do for the girls. November 7th was a special night for many couples who danced to the music of "Fire-fair, posed for pictures, and pledged themselves to each other (for the night, anyway). This dance was a celebration of girls asking guys out. It was a new experience for some girls, who were nervous, but they asked anyway. The girls enjoyed being in charge for a night and the guys appreciated going out on the girls. Far above: Kelly Flynn. Margaret Sullivan, and their "slaves'' pose Above: Jockie Schluter and Greg Falconer enjoy being hibUkes Right: Marriage vows? REPEAT AFTER ME . . I, Guy’s name, knowing that I'm a dog-faced skunk promise to wash dishes, clean the house, do laundry, have a hot meal waiting for you when you come home. I am the bwest scum on earth and I know you have taken great pity on me and I promise to be grateful forever. I, Girl’s name, realizing that I am vastly superior and that it's you or nothing, promise to make you live up to your promises. Guy: With this ring, I am your slave for life. Girl: With this ring, I am your lord and master for life. 2223Top: Director Pom Boston is proud of "Hor-vey” Bottom: Judge Goffney ond Dr Chumley confer about Etwood Dowd and Harvey 24 A six foot invisible white rabbit intrigued Holy Angels' audiences November 20,21 and 22. Director Pam Boston and her staff produced the fall play, "Harvey", written by Mary Chase. Elwood P. Dowd (Joe Simms) befriends Harvey, a Pooka, who follows him everywhere. Everyone thinks Elwood is crazy. His niece. Myrtle Mae (Julie Ryan), wants Elwood put in an asylum in order to get his money. His sister. Veto Louise (Amy Morrissey), doesn't. Eventually Elwood is put in Chumley's Rest, in charge of Wm. R. Chumley, M.D. (Pat Kenney) and his staff, Ruth Kelly, R.N. (Jeanne Spielmam) and Dr. Lyman Sanderson (Cliff Carroll) and the asylum guard, Duane Wilson (John Susag). Elwood is let out though because they think it is really his sister, Veta, who is crazy. Realizing their mistake, Veta is released, but no one can find Elwood. A family friend and judge, Omar Gaffney (Joe Hoover), calls a meeting to straighten things out. And as the lights go down, doors open and close by themselves. Above: Dr Chumley's staff — Nurse Kely and Duane Wilson Left: Veta Louse decides to commit Elwood. Right: Myrtle Mae Smmons decides to commit ElwoodWII.I.IAM CIIHMLKY Ml) 200 A SIX FOOT RABBIT? Above: Michelle Kenney mokes Joe Hoover r»to a jdge. leff: Elwood and Dr. ChumJey discuss the six foot white rabbit. Harvey Above: Behmd the scenes, the stage crew designs the set and fnds props Left: Kathy Krofl changes herself unto an o»d woman 25GIRLS' C.C. . . . The Co Star Cross-Country team, led by Dave DeWitt, and assisted by Debbie Vin-ella, had an outstanding season. The boys finished sixth in the region, and the girls finished fourth, due to the great running by Jim Larranaga, Tim Heaney, Margaret Sullivan, and Laura Fleming. The Region meet at Lake Nokomis was the girls most impressive effort. Laura Fleming finished ninth, and Keri Grundvig established a new school re- 1. Aie Van Vickie runs the hardest she can f hopes of finishing in record time 2 Shela Sarszin is winded out after her good showing at the meet. First row: Kathy Mullen. Gina Carraher. Carney Heavey. Julie Van Vickie. Sue Leonoy Second row: Coach Vinelia, Katy Davis. Keri Grunvig. Daiia Brownson. Megan McKenna. Third row: Mary Sue Holt. Nancy Schneider. Laura Fleming. Fourth row: Coach DeWitt. Margaret Sullivan. Sheila Sarozan. Morvca Gross. 28 BOYS' CO. . . cord, with a time of 13:07 h 3200 meters. The girls' team also established a new school record for the most victories, with a total of 71. At the Sha-kopee Invitational, Jim Larran-aga placed first, for the sixth time in the season, and close on his heels were Tim Heaney, Ricky Benson. John Susag, Rob Anderson, and Phil Hoeppner. 1 Chris Nawrocki takes time out tor a quick canad pose. 2 im Laronagga runs for a new school record 29 First row: Sean McKmght. Tom Mullen. Ricky Benson. Russ Olson, John Susag Second row: Coach Debbie VineBa. Tim Heaney. Jim laronagga. PW Hoeppner. Chris Nawrocki Third row: Coach DeWitt. Jeff Olsen. Rob AndersonVarsity Tennis Competition was tough as this year's Girls' Tennis team consisted mainly of last year's J.V. team. The team had a smashing year. They took on harder teams and dropped a few weak ones. Jr. Lori Bodensteiner was chosen as Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player was Vivi Reddia and Most Dedicated was Jr. Julie Bednarz. The team, along with head coach Ms. Sack, swung into the semifinals of Region V. Lori Bodensteiner hit her way into 3rd place in Region V A A. Bottom right: Lori Bodensteiner gets nto the swng Bottom loft: Kathy Burg sizes up her opponent Front row. L-R: M Burns. M Hotfmon. M Dabney. C. G gan. C. Tombers. S Kruse. L Bodensteiner Back row: M. Savoe. W Penn. K. Tombers, L. Gruns. K Burg. M Sienko. V. Reddm. J Bednarz. S. Ptatzt Fron row' L R T Llckteig. C Wheetock. E. Suftvan. P Couiitord. two. J. Kkatt. S. Sy|| Coffman. J. Hicks Back row: G. Mood©. J Banovetz. J. Morcott. D Bork. M Hoeg. M £ i, Meissen. M Dupont. P Rogers. Coach Iverson. Frosh Soccer . . . was competition in a tough conterence this year and ended in a 6-3-2 record. Ups and downs characterized the season. True to this was the initial loss to Cretin and a later victory. Coach Iverson commented, "It was hard to single out excellent players because they all played well." 31Girls JV Soccer Team: Front Row, L-R; B. Polo. L. Mitchellette. M Gray, M Bednorz. J. Saodvik. L. Hoffman. F. Lockhart. A. Kegley Back Row: L Bofiumil, M L. Glockner. M Heaney. M. Kramer. M. Schendel. A. Keppel. L. Keins. F. McRoberts. M. Koeing. K. Larkin, K. Krotz. L. Hin- ,on tycvp °io( J.V. Soccer . . . AHA ' After a fast start, the b- Opponents: squad soccer team slowed Delano down, but recovered quickly St. Thomas and ended the season with a Springlake Park 5-4 victory over Cretin. The Hill-Mjrry leaders of the team were BSM captains John Cureilli and Minnehaha Mike Brandt. Coach Bartlett Breck Score: 7-0 win 1- 0 win 2- 1 win 2-4 2-4 1-2 2-1 win „ CD a 2-1 win was quoted as saying ev- p n eryone did a fine job, and I Shat tuck really enjoyed working with St. Thomas them." Hi-Murry 0-2 Cretin 5-4 win Top row, L-R. D Stemper. J. Sweer. B Olson. D. Duffy. K Murphy. M. Okdowski. J McDonoea. M Cosper. .V Brietbng. G Bartlett Bottom row. L-R M Brondt. J Curiei. P McKenna. C Wo Ja. J Z«ska. J DeMors. D. Hutcfteas. P Dorrtsch. J Rofcanson. D Anger 33Girls' Varsity Soccer Was the value of winning and losing. Good defensive performance was shown by Megan Conton, Ann Nye, Kelly Flynn, and Sara Laube. Awards were given to: Coaches Award: Mary San-vik and Sue Hamilton. Most Valuable Player: Ginny Eichten and Ann Nye. Hustle Award: Jean Beng-ston. Top: Mary Sondvfe dribbles the bon down the field. Bottom right: Ann Nye runs after the ball. Bottom left: Sue Hamilton shows her great kicking form. 34Front row. l-R: Midge Srnec. Ann Schumacher. Keri Ambrose. Beth Ktatt. Mary Sanvik. Sara Loube. Joan Johnson, Jean Bengtsoo. Polly Mages Back row: Chris Eisen. Kelly Flynn. Ginny Etchten. Ann Nye. Megan Conlon. Amy Anderson. Amy Heoppner, Sue Hamilton. Mary Engel. Mary Haugen. Sara Hagen, Coach Margarit. Gnny Etchten starts a perfect kick 35I Boys' Varsity Soccer , . The Co Star Boys' Varsity Soccer team had a punch in the midfield with transfer student Sr. Fernando Garrido, and Sr. Pat Maghrak, who led in goals. The team, coached by Paul Zilka and Rich Smith, had an excellent season with several close-fought victories and a few overtime bsses and which ended in an 8-6-3 record. Pat Maghrak was named Don Bosco All-conference and Mike Hanek was given an honorable mention.Front row. l-R: F Garrido, J. McDone’f. P. Nelson. T. Murphy. J. Cureii . S. Gies Middle row: M. Kraft. T. Sondvik. J. Kraft. P. Kelash, M. Bur-goyne. P. Moghrak. P. Kenney Back row: Coach Smith. M. Hanek. J. Eichten. R Penn. M Heoney. C. Carroll. M Brandt. F Breitling. G Meade. M Haeg. Coach Zilka Opposite page, top: Get that rebound! Lower left: Pat Magtvok sends the ball off his knee Lower right: Maghrak mokes contact This page, above: John Eichten and his opponent in a test of wits and skill 37Frosh and JV Football . . . Front row, L-R: F. Schmitz. R. Thissen. T Homann, J. Gifcgan, G Byrne. B. Delgado, P. Healey. D. Bergman. P. Jomes Center row: M Streefland. S. Wormka. P. Thissen. $ Sterner. T. Stacy. B. Caola. G. Moen. Coach Ruft Back row: D. Biedron. M. Soucek. J Severson. S Adorns. S. Truden. P. Schier. B. Borry. C. Flynn Head coach Brad Ruff and manager Mike Hartle led the Freshman Football team to their 3-5 record. Highlighting the season was the De La Salle game. The Islanders, in their efforts to top the Co'S-tars, sent juniors, sophs, and freshmen against the freshman team but couldn't stop them. Holy Angels had a 16-4 victory over De. Jerry Severson and Pete Schiller led the Co'Stars, and consistent playing from Scott Warnnka, Paul Thissen, and Don Budion kept the team in every game. 38Front row. l-R P. Blaylock, P Campion. T White, J. Theurer. T Ascher. B. Gi gcn. L. Kramer Middle row: S O'Brien, T. Gnerer. $ Kruse. T. Miller. J. Hanson. M McLaughlin, M. Gross. Back row: D Moore. T Fezter. J. Arms. J. Conlon This year's J.V. Football team, coached by Greg Olson, ended their season with a 3-5 record. The best game of the year was the last game. The Co Stars dominated Benilde-St. Margaret and came away with a 20-0 win. The winner of the 1981 Mr. Hustle 101% Award was Terry White. Opposite page, top left: Hut one. Hut two. Hut three. HIKE! This page, lower left: Co Star protection before the pitch 394041Football Ends Up On Top! This year's Varsity Football team, coached by John Bennett, set 5 school records, placed 4th in the Don Bosco Conference, and ended their season with a 5-4 record. Jr. Matt Smith rushed for 457 yards. Jr. Joe Meyer passed for 969 yards and 15 touchdowns, and set 4 school records. Jr. Joe Blake caught 12 touchdown passes, set 4 school records, and was elected to the Mpls. Star's Dream Team. Sr. Tom Lickteig was the leading tackier, and set 2 school records. The 2 games that highlighted the season were against Brady and De La Salle. Top right: Senior players Bottom right: Get 'v r . guys! Bottom left: Joe BioJce catches the ba9. 42Varsity Roster: J. Meyer. B. Gilligan. D. Fischer. M Smith. M. Wiliams. T. Gnerer. M. Maghrak. K Bergman. 8. Hanvik. D. Becker. S. Kruse. J. Richardson. T. Bendtsen. J. Blaylock. T. White. J. Conton. J. Palo. J. Gibbons. B. Nesteval, J. lickteig. T Arms. M Trudell. M Welbes. M Hannafin. C. Vosbeek. J, Hanson. J. Meyer. S. McDonald. J. Blake. D Roedei 4344oding Cheerleading (Above Left) VARSITY HOCKEY (Front) Cathy Tombers, Sue Cross (Back) Teri Patten, Kim Carlson, Lisa Osterman, Mary Moran (Lower Left) VARSITY FOOTBALL (Front) Mary Ascher, Colleen Koness (Back) Lisa Osterman, Ann Blessing, Teri Patten, Megan Bus- sen, Ann Johnson (Above Right) FRESHMEN (Pictured) Cynthia DeMars, Becky Jasper, Julie VanVickle (Not Pictured) Jill Dalsin, Alison Nace 45 CENTER Mary Ascher and Colleen Koness.Sophomore Basketball., . Mr. Iverson was the head for the girls B squad Basketball this year. Their record was 7-2 and the two games they bst were to Rochester and Brady, due to poor shooting on the Co Star part. The most exciting game was the Brady game, though the Co Stars lost this game 20-18 with 4 seconds left. Sitting: S. Bertrand. R. Schmidt. V. Redcfin. K. Ambrose. A. Schumacher Kneeling: M. Gray. A Keppel. M. Schendel, L. Hoffman Standing: Coach Hoppner. M Engel. S. Wichman. A Anderson. M Oschwald. K. Doucette. A. Hoppner. K. Larkin. M Haugen. F. McRoberts. Coach Iverson. Left: Vivi Reddin takes the ba-down court. Right: Co’Stars prevail 46Frosh Stars .. ■ The girls Freshman Basketball team had a nearly undefeated season, bsing only to Rosemount and finished with a team record of 17 wins and 2 losses. Despite the unusual coach, the team had a great time .though plagued with in- '' S:r it and ham-l, MbS . string to Reen Wellens, a disb- q cated knee to Mary Lou Gbchner. and two sprained ankles, one to Laura Keinz and one to Sharon Hall. In spite of the many problems, this team had an outstanding season. a., Kneeling. S. Hall, M V.-addaus. M Hoffman. M Bednorz. B Polo. K. Grundvig. Sfandlng: Coach ff Bartlett J Nedermoer, H Flvnn, M L. Gtockner. I. Kemz. I Moorman. M Proas. B. Lenfsch. M , Kramer fa t - ' Rlghf: She can jump ton bufld- r mar r mm mgs in a smgie boundl Loft: Co Stars get the tip. { 'uJ (aSi-{ 4 ttM - 4. ' V ' j (ju « f « The J. V. Basketball Stars coached by Dave DeWitt had a trying season that was characterized by hard work, hustle, and excellent defensive play. The De La Salle game typified the season with a landslide victory. The B-squaders slid by their opponents by two points displaying excellent defense and a very disciplined offense. Top Right: Row 1: Seon O'Brien. Chuck Scott, Jim Hanson. Mark Gross. Dave Stemper, Terry Guerer. Bruce Olson, Jim Mellsen. Row 2: Poul Theurer, Paul Campion. Brian Brochoff. Jim Palo. Mke Breitling. Kevin Simcoe. Tom Ascher. Peter Benoit. Coach DeWitt Lower Left: Jim Hanson goes for a dunk.f I The Freshmen Boys i were an enthusiastic team who showed their stuff on the court under Coach Brewster. They did a good job. Their toughest competitor was DeLa SaHe but the good games out-powered the bad ones. They defeated Benilde — St. Margarets 44-42 in overtime and Totino — Grace 56-36. In the victory over Delano, John Banovetz scored 16 points in one period and finished the game with 26 points. Top scorers were Paul Primesberger and Banovetz. Row 1: Petar Trussel, Paul Heoty. Randy Cleon, Sean McKrvght. Paul Thiesen. Scott Warmka. Dan Biedron. Row 2: Jeff Oteon. Gfeg Meems. Sean Coflins, John Banovetz. Jeff Emmons. Steve Adams, Paul Primes-berger. Coach Brewster. Below: Co Stars watch their team intently. 49Varsity Basketball.. . The Senior — dominated girls' Varsity Basketball team experienced a good season. Coached by Annette Mar-garit, Senior Judy MacDonald led the scoring with excellent outside shooting, averaging (at midseason) 14 points per game. Senior Sue Hamilton controlled the boards, with Senior Ann "bounding" Bano-vetz. Senior Jeanne Bengtson at point guard, directed the offense. Senior Mary Sandvik and Senior Kelley Flynn were defensive standouts. Senior Ginny Eichten had a tough defense and good rebounding that were vital to the Co-Stars success. The team's finest game was at home against Brady. The Co-Stars lost to number 3 state "A" rated Brady 65-62. They played very well and came back from 15 points to within 3 of victory. This Pago: Top: Ann Banovetz is a high jumper. Lower led: Sue Hamilton goes for the jump. Lower right: Judy McDonald seems so excited Opposite page: Top: Sue Hamaton — I got If Lower left: Ann Banovetz — Good reinforcements! Lower right: Ginny Eichten takes her shot. w 50Varsity Basketball Team; Front Row: Julie Bednarz. Kelly Flynn, Mary Sondvik. Patsi Poiak. Jeanne Bengtson Back Row: Courtnay Crivits, Bridget Ireton. Ginny Eichten, Ann Bonovetz. Judy McDonald. Sue Hamit on, Jane Campion, Coach Morgarit 51Varsity Basketball After starting the year with high expectations, the Co-Stars struggled through the first half of the season. The second half finally showed the promise everyone was anticipating. After losing to DeLaSalle in double overtime, the CoStars came back and defeated them at home in the last second, when Bob Hanvik tipped in the winning basket. Other important games included crushing Grace at Grace by 25 points and defeating Rochester for the second year in a row. The greatest share of the rebounding was handled by Joe Blake, Bob Hanvik and Phil Hoeppner. Jim Meyer and Joe Blake did much of the scoring. Steve McDonald, Jim Meyer and Phil Hoeppner were also valuable to the team in their roles as captains. John Burgess and John Eichten pull down a rebound. 52Row 1: Kevin Bergmon. John Eichten, Mke Williams. Matt Smith, Ricky Benson, Jm Meyer. Steve McDono'O Row 2: Mark McLaughlin, Mark Boatman. Bob Hanvik, Joe Meyer. Joe Blake. Phi Hoeppner, John Burgess, Fred Breiftng, Kevin Llddard. Cooch Rusvold, Cooch Nelson 53Cheerleading Che (Above Right) VARSITY BASKETBALL (Front) Amy Hennen, Ann Blessing, Bridget Fredericks (Back) Erin Mahoney, Megan Bussen (Lower Left) VARSITY WRESTLING (Front to Back) Colleen McColl, Kim Hunchis, Nancy Hanneman, Madalyn Pidgeon, Tami Johnson (Lower Right) Basketball cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers. CD CD 8, cS O 54 CD CD 855Hockey ,.. Weather and a tough schedule were bad breaks for this year's Varsity Hockey team coached by Mr. Sack. The young, hardworking team's greatest victory was over unbeaten Chisago Lakes 5-3. Team captains Steve Falconer, John Mcln-erny, and Gordy Meade showed excellent leadership. Paul Waldowski and Falconer shared honors as most valuable and leading scores. Mclnerny and Mike Hanek were tops in defense. Most Improved players were LeRoy Petrick, Roger Penn. Paul Schoenecker, and Mike Ko-tasck. Joe Pahl was named to the Minneapolis starts "Dream Team." The J.V. Hockey season was marked by individual and team improvement. After an inconsistent start the Co‘Stars began to skate as a unit and played their best game on the road against Litchfield, defeating them 4-2. Captain Roger Penn, along with Pat Mahan, were the most improved players. John Robinson lead the scoring for AHA. In his first game in the net for the Co Stars, Shawn Kruse recorded a shut out in 0-0 tie with Grace. Coach Greg Olsen noted, "At season's end each player gave an inspired performance." 56Front row: M. Dupont. J. Mclnerny. J Klott. P. Schoenecker. M Kotasek. P. Nelson. J. Robinson. P WokJoski. Bock row: Cooch Olson. G. Meade. M Honek, J. Paul. S. Falconer. R. Penn. J. Travelent. B Gittgan, M Hoeg. L Petrick. P Mahan. M Kotasek. Coach Sack. 57 Greg Falconer. Paul Pope. George Meade. Tom Haeg. Steve Huss, John Klott. Paul Schoenecker. Mike Kotasek. Pat Mahan, Mark Hoeg. John Flynn. Steve Trudei. Roger Penn, (Captain). Coach CHson Not pictured: Jim Conlon. Shawn Kruse. John Robinson.This year's wrestling team ... consisted of a small concentration of experienced wrestlers and many young inexperienced wrestlers. Through the season the players developed, matured, and gained experience with the help of captains Mark Maghrak and Mike Adamek and coaches Brad Ruff and Chris Dustrud. This year was the first year the Co'Stars hosted a tournament, placing 4th. Using excellent team effort they defeated Cretin 45-21. Performing steadily during the season were Joe Arms, Mark Maghrak, and Mike Adamek. 58 r iLeft to right: Row 1: Poul CouiEard. John Zieska. Joe Arms, Dave Bergman, Chris Fleming, Steve Coffmon. Mike Hartle. Row 2: Brad Ruff, Luke Kramer, Paul Blaylock. Tom Arms, Mark Moghrak. Mke Hannafin. Chris Dustrud Not Pic: Terry White. Mike Adomek. Doug Moore. Opposite page: Top right: Mike Hannafin on the storting line. Bottom left: Co‘Star goes for a takedown. 8ottom right: Paul Blaylock getting ready to take his man down. This page: Bottom left: Mike Hannafin moves towords a pin Bottom right: Captain Moghrak cheers teammate on. 59The Holy Angels "Hardballs" (as named by channel 9 news) had a tough 0-2 season. The climax of the season came when channel 9 covered the Nov. 5th match. The band and the "croquettes" were especially supportive. The trademark of the team was their unique uniforms: fishing hats and Hawaiian shirts. "We play not on ability alone, but it is our heart and soul which gives us the presence of mind to be winners", so said captain Steve Gilles. TOP RIGHT: gaffer: Tom Bendsten. Paul “Keith" Keiash. Fernando “Frankie" Gar-rido, Pat “Rev. Ken Moon" Kenney. Steve “the brat" Gilles. advisor: Kate Hanson. Mke “Grampa" Lee. trainer: Oft “Ban-daid" Carrol. NOT PICTURED: Rob "Replay" Anderson Michael “Snaggle Puss" Heaney BELOW: “Fore!", exclorns Mike Lee. BOTTOM RIGHT: Paul. Steve and Pat attempt to get their bais rosing. Croquet Team 60Chess Team Chess Team Front: Jim Cormican, number 1 Nathan Melby, number 2, Peter Tressel. Back: John Su-sag, Dan Johnson, number 3, Ken Flugar. 61 (f e-0 Q C c f ij surprises v JlfUS cJl l 4 gJLl'U- - t Jui4jL U I l Jja cf- y K c' w ke, 6 -'1 -cA itoS ■' -' j’ y £. c.xlc v f 3 UA v ; Y o )'u k, hoi{ Jc’ U' cfe I LAjC J C( J 62■CAMPUS P.E.D.E. With the support of Mr. DeWitt, Mr. Blume, Mr. Bartlett, and Mr. Iverson. P.E.D.E. went into its second year. P.E.D.E. stands for Person Education — Developmental Education. Students spent four days in training workshops to acquire more knowledge of how they react to themselves and with others. Students strengthened skils in such areas as communica- tion, self-awareness, values, trust, emotions and relationships. Following the training the students met during activity periods for caring and sharing. The group helped plan the "Revive and Survive" day and also helped alert other students and their parents about P.E.D.E. and learned how to apply their skills which they acquired. First row: Km Hurvchis. Colleen McCofl. Alison Noce. Fiona Lockhart. Mary Bednorz. Cynthia DeMars. Mary Smith. Jane Sandvik. Erin $c van. Jerry Blume. Second row: Sandy Carrol. Nancy Harmoman. Usa Osterman. Donna Ludwig, Sara Hommer. Laura Keinz. MaryLou Glockner. Mke Nelson. Mike Hartle. Sue Zehnle Third row: Artie Iverson. Sue Wichman. Becky Rochford. Mark Boatmon. Mr. DeWitt. Mark SoBer Campus Ministry continued in its planning of special liturgies and para-liturgies. It involved many students in different aspects of prayer, music, and planning. Campus Ministry had tremendous success in the creation of Wednesday Night Activities. This was a group of students and faculty who participated in various activities. The group was open to anyone interested. Included in this year's program was a hayride, rollers- 64MINISTRY MURAL CLUB kating, caroling, a 24-hour fast and overnight lock-in at school for World Hunger, a concert, and Oasis (a group that met to reflect on God's part in our lives). Oasis started as a followup to the weekend retreats to see if that feefing of unity and strength could be retained and friendships continued throughout the year. According to John Mischke, director, "We've succeeded!” This year Mural Club was responsible for designing and drawing the wall murals found in many parts of the building. Advisor Nancy Olive helped steer the group to areas which "needed something.” Middle: John Mschke and he friends gave a special CYC concert for AHA. Left: Rachel Swirtz and Cari Franke prepare a wo to be pointed. Below: Mural Club: Bl Cody. Fay Vosbeek. Cari Franke. Cathy Wittmon. Nancy 06ve. Rochel Swirtz. Dove Pemer. and Bob Carpenter 65Above: Poul Woldowski points out the desert — walnuts on ice cream Below: Lisa Ostermon and her date stow donee Lett: Bil Wasson and Julie Hall shore o special moment. WINTER ANGELUS Students extended their New Year's festivities this year and brought 1982 in with real style at the "Angelus" dance held January 2. The Minneapolis Athletic Club was the scene of this winter's extravaganza. Couples danced to the sounds of "Panache" and filled their stomachs with roast beef, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables and ice cream with walnuts at the pre-dance dinner. Pictures with which to remember the event were taken by Gene Garrett Studios. 677 On the night of December 17th, the Holy Angels choirs and band gave a Christmas concert for its students and parents. fsiA, J HOI 90 nefc Under the direction of Mary Poepping (choir) and Barb England (band), there was a collection of Christmas and secular songs, with a notable solo by Beth Ktatt. The occasion ended with a suite of carols by the band and choir. 68-IThe Old Lady Shows Her Medals, written by Sir James Barrie (author of Peter Pan) and directed by Charles Sullivan, was this year's one act play. The setting is London, 1917, with WWI in progress. During the play, an old woman, Mrs. Dowey (Liz Morman) invents a son so that she can feel she is part of the war effort. Mrs. Dowey is surprised when she finds she does indeed have a real soldier-son (Joe Simms), discovered by the minister (John Susag) and brought to her. At first, he was gruff and angry but took a liking to her, revealing that he is an orphan. It becomes a match made in heaven as the soldier adopts Mrs. Dowey as his mother. Other members of the cast were Kathy Kroll, Suzzi Kemy, and Marci Rozycki. They competed for the Minnesota Drama Festival, Region 5AA. 70Top: The minister teas Mrs. Dowey the good news that her "son" is in town Below: Kevin Dowey finds the blank letters he sent his "mother" Middle: The char women brag about their sons. This page left: Mrs. Tuly has a special gift for Kevin. Above: Mrs Haggerty and Mrs Mickleham are surprised to hear Mrs. Dowey's son is in town 71 ' :j. mm •yfs grz: k Jim Ms. Pat Halloran Mr. Mike Donlin Sister Mary Walter Mr. Gary Rufsvold 74bit (left to right from top) Mrs. Lucille Maiers Sister DePaul Mrs. Sandy Spier Sister Alice Veronica Mrs. Marge Zieska 75Mr. Art Iversor Sister Catherine Kelley Mr. Bob Johnson Mrs. Barb Huizinga Counseling 76Sister Ann Victoire Mrs. Mary Rundorff Business Mrs. Donna Shern 77The Arts and Home Economics Ms. Holly Stormer Mrs. Mary Poepping Sister Ann Eugene Ms. Nancy Olive Sister Regina Marie 78 iMr. Greg Olson Mr. Dave DeWitt Phy. Ed. and Health Ms. Terry Sack 79 Mrs. Barb Englund(clockwise, from obove) Mr. Mike Sack Ms. Annette Margarit Dr. Johanna Giesen Mr. Gary Bartlett 80Sister Ricardo Kelly, who served at Holy Angels for 10 years, died December 19, 1981. She taught, was Media Assistant, and held study halls. Her love, laughter, and interest in the kids she taught won their love and loyalty. She accepted her suffering with a smile and lived in God's presence fearlessly and lovingly. We will miss her very much. Ms. Theresa Reardon Sister Jeanne Lieser English Mrs. Kate Hanson Mr. Charles Sullivan Mrs. Fay Hokenstrom Mrs. Pamela Boston Ms. Genny Everson 82Mrs. Kathy Hanley Languages Mr. Bill Fisch Mrs. Rose Murray 83 Sister Cecile MarieScience iff.Maintenance ac.86 Mr. Jerry Blume Ms. Joan PaulyMr. John Mischke Look Into The Past... Principals Mother Eugenia 1931-1934 Sister Mary Atoysius 1934-1935 Sister Elizabeth Marie 1935-1937 Sister Angele 1937-1940 Sister Eva 1940-1948 Mother Eileen 1948-1949 Sister Virgil 1949-1950 Mother Eileen 1950-1951 Sr. Constance Marie 1951-1962 Sr. Gertrude Freeman 1962-1966 Sr. Ada Marie Boehm 1966-1969 Sr. Katherine Egan 1969-1976 Rev. Robert Cassidy 1969-1978 Sr. Susan Oeffling 1976-1981 Faculty and Staff Alumni Dr. J. Giesen Mr. B. Ruff Sr. C. Kelly Mr. M. Elsen Ms. K. Hanley Ms. D. Vinella Ms. A. Margarit Ms. E. Becker Mrs. M. Hurley Mrs. M. Zieska Mr. S. Hoeppner Faculty and Staff not pictured: Mr. James Cosgrove. Mathematics Mr. Charles Lewlson, Maintenance Mr. George Sverdrup, Mathematics Sister Mary Lang5£K) OR.S- — ™ -t v t r 5 5 4. School starts e TEfjloiS vr. PftRJt 3 ROCfTBfiU-Y£. ViaS llt f Safi Jg«. vs. fccAfteu 1 (o U CC{- o-L 1 sit 4 0 Hockey vs. t-OuAJXi 41 ,2. 13 IV 6£k)l(K Re r £Ar 45 Cfc S tou WTtl v . eulR)MK filRl£ MOOTB U Bw wr i 7 WSSTWftdfr W ST. 8CM If Hockev y 2% 2J. h si zz V If M i 26 $CM00i- EMS 17 s L tti a v y 4 %» Zq ff£ Red letter, dm £ 88Ill StowsMichael Edward Adamek Lynette Adams Rob Anderson Karen Anderson Mary Ascher Ann Banovetz Beth Bedor Thom Bendtsen Jeanne Bengtson Ann Benusa Ann Blessing Karen Bovy 90Wendy Brandt Kathleen Burg Robert Carpenter Cliff Carroll Margaret Champlin Alison Chapman 9192Sue Cross Rhonda L. Culhane Julie DeMarce Mary DeNucci Terrance Ditty Tim Ditty Dave Dumas Jerilyn Dunn 93Remember this. Be good, but not too good — a little naughty but not too naughty. Say a prayer if you feel that way, say damn if it gives you consolation. Be kind to the world always, if possible — yet if you must be unkind smash right and left, get it over and forget it. Smile, always smile, have a smile ready even though sometimes it hurts. Grab all the happiness you can — wherever and whenever you can — don't let even a wee bit slip past you. Live, above all things live, don't simply exist. If you are blessed enough to know what real love is — bve with all your heart, soul and body. Live your life so that at any hour you will be able to shake hands with yourself and try to accomplish at least one thing worthwhile each day. Then when your nights come you will be able to pull up the covers and say to yourself — "I've done my best."Ginny Eichten Jon Erding Steve Falconer Paul Feddema Robyn Fest Kelly Flynn Bridget M. Fredericks Carol J. Foster Denise Giles Steve Gilles Ann Gilligan Thomas Gnerer Paul Grazzini Monica Gross Sharon Hallgren Sue Hamilton Mike Hanek Michael Heaney Paul Hi Mary Hilla96Phil Hoeppner Joe Hover Gary W. Hulbert Arianne Marie Hutchens Amy Hylden Heidi Ireton Jeanne Jacobson John Jarrett Anne Johnson Dan Johnson Gordy Johnson Eileen Jones Dorthy Jordan Lisa Kalina Katie Kegley Paul W. Kelash Pat Kenney Molly Kepner Elizabeth Ktatt Colleen Koness Jeff Kraft Andrew Kramer Mickey Krick Kathy Kroll 97David Krypel Bob Larranaga Michael Lee Tom Lickteig Claudia Luck Judy McDonald Stephen McDonald Chris McDonell Paul McGinty Johnny Mclnerny Pat Maghrak Pat Mahoney 99100Lynn Mariska Michelle Mayclin Gordy Meade Nancy Mellon Jim Meyer Daniel Meyers Pam Meyers Matt R. Miller Lori Monn Colleen Montag Amy Morrissey Gregory Mortenson Tim Murphy Paul Nelson Ann Nye Kathleen Ann O'Brien Russ J. Olson Shelley Olson Lisa Osterman Teri Patten David Pelner Madalyn Pidgeon Khue Quan Cynthia Quinn 101102Mark Regnier James Richardson David Roedel Linda Roling Marci Rozycki Mary Sandvik Molly Scanlon Michael Schmitz Michelle Sienko Ed Sieve Doug Simacek Joe Simms Carolyn Skala Teresa Sloan Jeanne Spielmann Margaret Srnec Carol M. Stangler Kevin Stocking Nancy Strahan Deborah Ann Streefland 103Senior Poll Finalists Typical Senior.................Ann Blessing, Mike Lee, Steve McDonald Most School Spirit.............John Mclnerny, Kelly Flynn, Amy Hylden Friendliest....................Beth Klatt, Russ Olson, Fernando Garrido Neatest Eyes...................Dan Sweeney, Colleen Koness, Sue Thoraldson Most Talkative.................Kathy Kroll, Kelly Flynn, Tim Murphy Unique Laugh...................Jeanne Spielmann, Lori Monn, Joe Hoover Best Sense of Humor............Pat Kenney, Steve Gilles, Mary Ascher Rowdiest.......................Cliff Carrol, Pat Kenney, Colleen Koness Most Accident Prone............James Richardson. Mickey Krick, Mary Ascher Biggest Dimples................Dan Sweeney, Ann Gilligan, Mary Sandvik Mellowest......................Gordy Meade, Carolyn Skala, Bridget Fredericks, Mike Heaney Most Preppy....................Steve Falconer, Kathy Burg, Mary DeNucci Favorite Musical Group.........The Stones, Bruce Springsteen The E Street Band Favorite Song..................Shattered, Start Me Up, Centerfold Favorite Type of Music.........Rock: Loud and Obnoxious Favorite Movie.................Retrograde Motion — The Geometric Theory, Stripes, Cad- dyshack Favorite Soap Opera............General Hospital (G.H.), All My Children Favorite Book..................The Red Badge of Courage, Ethan Frome, Checkbook Favorite Saying................"Don't Be Tight", "Good Answer" Favorite Colors................Red, Blue Old Gold Favorite Number................'82, 3.14 (pi) Favorite Restaurant............Mac Dons, Wendy's, Perkins Favorite Sport.................Croquet, Hockey Favorite Kind of Jeans.........Levi's, Lee, Blue Favorite Pastime...............Playing Poker, Partying, Homework 104Nick Struble Margaret Sullivan John R. Susag 105 in 7106Paul Waldowski Kevin Walsh Bill Wasson Barb Weir Kathy Welch Catherine Wittman Susan Wozniczka Virginia Fleming V.J. Glidden Joseph Jordan Daniel Sweeney Art Knight Chieu Nghiem I often wonder where all the time has gone, days have flown by Bke seconds and in the blink of an eye a year has past Where has all the time gone? It's wrapped up in sunshine memories of moments I've shared with those I love When I add up all those times I must have lived 1001 blinks (or more) NOT POURED: Barb Hedges Greg Jaeger Leo Stewart Paul Dvorak 107ANNOUNCING . 50th EDITION ANGELUS i i The first yearbook was published in 1932. Mother Eugenia was the advisor. The yearbook continued to thrive until WWII began when it was substituted with paperback memory books which featured the senior cbss. During the 50's fancy hard covered books were the 'in' thing until a tack of funds forced the yearbook to once again become paperback books containing a much smaller number of pages. Dedications and themes were always printed in the front of the book. The most significant one was dedicated to Presi- dent John F. Kennedy in 1964 the year after his assassination. Earliest books had gurns and angels sketched at random throughout the book. Later, themes evolved such as: "Looking Ahead into the Future" and "Choosing the Right Steps to take to Better Your Life.” Last year's appropriate "A Whole New Look" brought attention to the new Community Activities building. This year, "Celebrate Us”, celebrated the AHA community as we became 50 years old and celebrated you as you moved ahead through the year. 108Opposite Page, Top: lynette Adams, thinks yearbook is a joke Bottom: Coteen McCo'i and Ms. Reordon are frustrated This Page, Top left: Beth Bede has big plans. Right: Lynn Mariska with her supples. Bottom: Teresa Sloan is caught! Yearbook Staff Advisor...................Ms. Reardon Herff-Jones Advisor......Ms. Pokorney Classes Editor....................Shelly Olson Seniors......Claudia Luck, Lynn Mariska Juniors...........Nancy Bissonette, Barb Hendrick, Mary Jo Hennig Sophomores........................Shelly Olson Freshmen........................Michelle Mayclin Faculty......Lynette Adams, Beth Bedor Photography Advisor.................Bill Nunn Photographers ...Dan Meyers, Art Knight Colleen Koness, Mike Leighton, Kevin Walsh Sports...........................Colleen McColl, Mark Kotasek, Bill Wasson Ads and Business...................Cathy Elsen, Karla Paquette, Chris Emerson, Tricia Schmitz .....Phil Piga Teresa Sloan 109 Art.......... Editor-in-CNef ' rN sr v r 3 X X ? ,P- v5? '%n X. V X I • ’ y -------------JUUIOR-S - TRAVEL KMflflRy bo OV of1 9 tote toltee-ts 0 o SLIPPER.Y WHEN WET S -rug RPAZ To you ?. (SLCTURH STOP -TT A No "miN cow rested AREA AHEAD rt rrtt une mpioy rntwr pnc PROCEED WI For. rmore.EL (kn T Lwii. (H3J -SKA-46 7 71 110Mary Adamek Roxanne Adams Barb Anderson Steve Anderson Dave Anger Fred Ardoff Tom Arms Dave Becker Tim Becker Julie Bednarz Jason Benson Ricky Benson 112Nancy Bissonette Jo© Blake Sara Blatz Joe Blaylock Mark Boatman Lori Bodensteiner Fred Breitling Andrea Brunner John Burgess Mice Burgoyne Maureen Burns Megan Bussen Dan Byrne Jane Campion Sandy Carroll Dave Coye Hiroyuki Chida Megan Conlon Courtney Crivits Melanie Dabney Linda Dicks Eieen Donohue Peter Dornisch Dan Duffy Joe Duran John Eichten Chuck Elliott Cathy Elsen Chris Elsen Cbris Emerson 113Juniors always seem to be a unique class, kind of in between, looking back to see how far we've come and the things we have accomplished, but also we took time to look ahead at our futures. Juniors: PROCEED WITH CAUTION. 114Therese Forrel Dove Fischer Rochoel Fitzgerald Jon Flesche Peter Floersch Ken FKigar Cindy Flynn Carolyn Franke John Gibbons Chris Giligan Brenda Glenn Michelle Gobiish Mike Honnafin Paul Hannasch Nancy Honneman Bob Hanvik Tim Heaney Barb Hedrick Maryjo Henntg Jean Hoffman Eric Gustafson Mark Hoeg Jube Hall John Hamel Ktm Hunchis Steve Huss Kristin lodice Bridget Ireton 115Theresa Jacobson Tom Jenrvich Joan Johnson Pat Jones Bob Jorgensen Mary Jungwirth Rose Kasbohm Kelly Koch Sue Koenig Kris Kohorst Al Koistad Mark Komisky Mike Kotasek Mike Kraft Sue Krause Theresa Krocheski Bob Kroeten Stan Kuhn John Lickteig Kevin Liddiard Leann Liftlm Siobahn Lockhdrt Effte Macklln Polly Mages 116Mark Maghrak Shelia Mohowaids Poly Ma oy Angie McCaleb Cdlen McColl Tracy McKeown Karen McKioskey Joe Meyer Lacy Mfler Mory Moran Laura Mortenson Ted Murphy Nancy Nogel Cindy Nelson Bob Nestaval Matt O'Connor Joe Pahi Roger Penn Sue Petemeier Phi Piga Patsi Polak Joe Praus Mke Regnier Karen Rolmg Juie Ryan Tom Sandvfc Sheila Sarazin Michelle Savoie Lisa Schat2lein Ai ScheHer Tressa Schendel 117Trick Schmitz Sandy Schneider Paul Schoenecker Matt Smith Chris Sokotoski Liz Streefland Brian Stricherz Amy Suttvan Renate Thibault Jeanne Thoraidson Kris Tombers Mke Trudeii Andy Urtz Cynthsa Vaughn Sue Wagner Matt weibes Mike Witliams Bruce Wrtly Margaretmary Woida Gamiia Zeioda Kevin Bergman Dan Bungert Moly Dmneen Loura Fleming 118John Flynn Sean Healey Jane Hedges Mike Johnson Wendy Kelly Mike Leighton Mary Myers Hogan Nguyen Jenny O'Hern Karla Paquette Jean Rudolph Paul Peterson Not Pictured Sara Huebner Marie O'Keefe Michele Spencer Tom Stamper Paula Tysk Tim Waterman 119Concert Choir 8. Anderson V. Anderson P. Besso; S. Bessor J Clubb M. Dobney E Donohue K. Doucette L Douglass C. Elsen C. Emerson M. Emme T Farrell C. Fleming C. Fronke G. Guske J Gfligon J Hall K. Hunchis A. Hutchens T Johnson M. Jungwirth B Klatt J Klatt S. Krause I loftis P. Mahan J Marcotte K Monn L Mortenson Director: Mrs. Poepping Pouia StiHmgs Mary Smith Jockie Schluter K. O'Brien R. Olson L. Osterman S. Petermieir P. Peterson P. Reuben J. Simms M. Streefiand C. Stangler A. Silvan P. Thissen S. Thoroldson P. Waldowski M Wcnda B. Wasson S. Zen'e M. Rozyscki Academy Singers T M er Women's Choir Lisa Bohumel Laura Cook Sharon Hall Koren Horringer Jeannie Haupt Ann Hendrickson Barb Lentsch Fiona Lockhart Liz Maletta Lucy Michael Meg McKenna Liz Moorman Trish Pozkozim Beth Polo Karen Rudolph Michele Schatziein Band Chorus 120band D Brownson A. Brunner Y. Jarrett B. Jasper A Makres N. Mellon K. Noumen K. O'Brien S. Ricker S. Kinney K. Williams J. Sondvlg M. Gtockner D Hartman R Jones K. Krypel M. Maulwurf L. Keinz D. Weiler K. Wheeler C. Witt man $ Anger R. Bronner R. Cline J Jordon M. Schmitz S. Thiele S. Coffman J. Currelii M. Hannasch J Kraft T. Llckteig J. lundholm P. McGinty J. Oison S. Adams K. Murphy C. Scott D. Weiler D Hortmon M. Meissen D. Duffy Z. Sabri D. Becker A Scheier G. Schreiber P. Tressel S. Warmka Director: Mrs. Englund 121SOPHOmo«£SiilliliKerry Ambrose Amy Anderson Vicky Anderson Scott Anger Joe Arms Tom Ascher Peter Benoit Laura Berry SheSy Bertraud Suzanne Besser John Bprnnes Paul Blaylock Stephen Boatman Gina Boettcher Thomas Bole Matt Boulay Scott Boron Mchael Braodt Mike Breitling Brian Brockhoff 124Ron Bronner Bill Cody Jeff Cooney Kim Corlson Civ is Cormichoel Mork Corroll John Cosseriy Mike Casper Gordon Chatterton JSm Conlon John Curielli Michelle Dandrea Katy Daniels Kathleen Davis Ed DeBuhr John DeMars Margaret Donath Karen Doucette Lisa Douglass Patrick Dunn 125Mike Eichten Mary Engel Mark Epple Greg Falconer Victoria Fen Tim Fezler Kathy Fitzgerald Joanne Flynn Tim Flynn Jenny Freeberg Gad Greske Lisa Gdles Brian Gtlligan Terry Gnerer Lisa Goemer Margaret Gray Christopher Greene Mark Gross Laura Gruns Sara Hagen Charlotte Hal Eric Hamilton Mike Haunasch James Hanson Kaje Harristhal Debbie Hartman Mary Haugen Paul Healey Amy Heitzman Amy Hennen 126Ann Hoeppner Louie Hoffman Michelle Hoffman EHen Huss Loug Huynh Kevin Ivory Bruce JoWonski Dan Jasper Sara Johnson Tammro Johnson Patty Jones Rocci Jones Mary Kelly Anne Keppei Meg Koenig Terry Koloski Luke Krammer Mary Krocheski Shawn Kruse KathSeen Krypel Susan Kuznicki Katie Larkin Jim Lorranaga Sara Loube David Lounstem Letitio Loftis Jesica Lopez Kelly McColl Jeff McDonnei Patrick McKenne Mark McLoughSn Frances McRoberts Ttfnothy Mady Erin Mahoney Janet Matko James Meissen Tmothy Miller Kelly Monn Doug Moore Joe Morecki Kevin Murphy Kim Nauman Kathy O'Brien Sean O'Brien Marty OkJwski Julie Ordahi Mary Oschwold Jim Palo Wendy Penn 127128Karen Peterson' Leroy Pertick Sheila Polak John PoKjnc Jim Rathmell Vivi Reddrn Jeff Rivers John Robinson Scott Robinson Becky Rochetford Sabri Zochory Lynn Sohteimonn Michele Schenedei Jackie Schfuter Roberto Schidt Nancy Schnelderi Eugene Shreiber Anne Schumacher Mara Schultz Maria Schultz Rachel Schwirtz Charles Scott Theresa Seidel Lucille Sieve Kevin Simcoe Bridget Skala Mark Soflar Kelly Stein Dove Stamper James Sweere Cathy Tombers Fay Vosbeek 129SOPHOMORE YEAR WAS ups and downs ... bumps ... easy times ... hard times ... short cuts ... ins and outs ... aboarded short cuts ... disappointments ... rowdiness ... winning the "Marathon" class rings ... unity day ... sadie ... angelus ... and finally success.Mark Wagner Dove Weiier Donna Wetler Terry White Sue Wichmen Margaret Wing Chris Wcxda Sue Zehnle John Ze«ska v Mary Banovetz € I James Theurer Bruce Olson 7 ■JJ Michele Nawrocki Wendy Majerus Mark Kotasek Kari Friel David Hutchen Tammera JohnsonStage Crew Front row; Kathy Welch. Sara Johnson. Suzzi Kenney. Karen Susag. Arte DeMarco Back row: Dave Dumas. Matt Emme. Kevin Walsh. Dan Johnson. Mary Prause. Kim Elsen. Kathy Doucette Right: Tim Kenney keeps watch over Suzzi Kenney. Sara Johnson. Marfaret Champlin. and Matt Emme Ushers Club Ushers Club: Front: M Woido, R. Adams. Second row: A. Chapman. L. Adams. B. Be-dor. Back row: T. Sloan. N. Strahon. B. Weir. 132AHA Astronomers' Club This year the Senbr girls formed a new club — the AHA AC. Membership requirements included red bandanas, binoculars, and a keen eye with which to gaze at heavenly bodies. Each week a new star was chosen. When Mr. Donlin was asked to approve the club he toughed saying, "This is one small step for the SENKOR girls, and one giant step for MANKIND.” Loft: A typical scene offer a session of star gazing. M. Scanlon. J. McDonald. M. Ascher. M. Sienko. and C. Koness. Members Judith Lee Mcdondd Mary Ascher Colleen Koness Heidi ireton Mary H a Molly Kepner Jenlyn Dunn Kathy Burg Michelle Sienko Molly Scanlon Ann Bonovetz Sue Wozniczka Sue Hamilton Eileen Jones Katie Kegiy Amy Hylden Mary DeNuco Lynn Mariska Ann Nye Virginia Fleming Rhonda Cohane Ann Johnson Roni GJidden Marcy Rozcki Cathy Wittman Midge Srnec Sue Cross Kate Hanson Deb Streefland Arianne Hutchins Lisa Osterman Kely Flynn Jeanne Speilman Gmny Eichten 133FeeswniHiJ INSTIL ation PfiOCEOURE lkJ 5 Efisy STEPS i.. OPEN SCHOOL (PLEPiSE) Z. LOC. C DOORS 3. TELL THEM the Basics A. NO HLAVATOfc PASSES MO POOL ON S PtOOR ,4 —, - C.-THFI . to LOR. IS fl-REEM T.L.C. noRy gg Neebeo roe growth b wait UP TO 4 yeflRS For. resultsMark Adamek Steven Adams Chris Artanson Jonrne Austinson Lisa Bane John Banovetz Bob Barry Brian Bechtold Don Becker May Bednorz David Bergmon Phil Besser Dan Biedron Lisa Bohumil Dan Bork Elizabeth Bowen Cathy Brochu Dalta Brownson Michelle Burns Amy Bussen Greg Byrne Robert Caota Jennifer Caye Tim Chatterton Randal Cine Steve Coffman Juia Daisin Sean Coins Laura Cook Paul Couillard James Cormcan jimmy Daniels Brian Detgodo Cynthia DeMars Rosemary Doyle 136137 yf P Jim Dunn Mike Dupont David Duran Monica Eichten Kim Elsen Matt Emme Jeff Emmons Chris Fleming Dove Fioersch Chris Flynn Kathleen Flynn Mke Fox Paul Fredericks Jon Freund Mcheae Gfooe Robert Giiooe John Gfligan Toni Glenn Marylou Glockner Keri Grundvig 138A Stephanie Gryskiewicz Dona Gustafson Tom Haeg Sharon Hal A Jon Hoftng Thomas Hamann'' ' C (V T' f Susan Hamel r-. , V) y ,.1 srsj, 4k y £c. u a MhHorrtstM - r X 0 jc F Cr fr $$$ txxo nanman q . { i rf) ' Carney Heavey £ V$ ) r [ JA t dV hlJ' Mchoel Hartie Dale Hartman Barb Hartman Laura Hinton Marisue Holt Arthur Iverson Paul Jaeger 139ACROSS 1 If you buy one of these, you might fin yourself with last year's grade.(2 wds} 3. This will make your head spin and your hair cold. 7. What you say before going in the bathroom. 8. If you buy one of these, you'll always be able to find your way from homeroom to first hour. 9. The kind of ponies you ride on the back 40. DOWN 1. Located in the dungeons, underneath the courtyard. (2 wds 2. Where classes are held. 3. You might find yourself shorter on this day. (3 wds) U. Uth floor wading pond. (2 wds) 5. This is above the l th floor. (2 wds) 140Patrick James Yvonne Jarrett Rebecca Jasper Ji Johnson Catherine Jordan Peter Kasbohm Anne Keg!ey Laura Kenz Suzzi Kenney Tim Kepner John Ktott Mary Kramer Dick Kroeten Karrie Krotz Tom Lambert Michelle Larsen Mary Larson Susan Leenay Barbara Lentsch Tony LickteHj Fiona Lockhart Christopher Loe Lynn Love Jeanne Lundholm Mary Maddaus Pat Mahon Angela Makres Nathan Malby Liz Maletta Teresa Mamer Jon Marcotte Michele Mauiwurf Meghan McKenna Sean McKnight ty 5° George Meade Barbara Mellon Michael Meissen Lucy Michael Leslie MicheHette Matthew MCheliette etf c) Gregory Meon Elizabeth Moorman Shown Mosch Katherine MUten Thomas Muflen Afeon Noce ' Michael Nawrocki Juke Niedermaier Mary Nutter Roxanne Olson Jeff Olsen Scott Ostermon j. Poul Pope Tricia Poskoz m Mary Praus Paul Preimesberger Elizabeth Ramezyk Shown Ricker Nna Rotxnson Pete Rogers Diane RoSng Jeff Rozenberg Jane Sandvik Dana Schoefer Mtchefe Schatzien Petef ScMier Francis Schmitz Gerotd Severson Anne Siegenthaler Mary Smith Thomas Stacy Steve Sterner Steven Thiele Paul Thissen Tom Thissen Carofcne Thorafdson Peter Tressel 142 Patrick Reuben Karen Rudolph Lori Schneider Paula Stttngs Mike Streefksnd Erin Sutivan Karen Susog Carol Sweere Ann Tritchler Steve Trade jtie Van Vickie Annette Vernon Scott Warmka Maureen WetensSENIORS: Ann Banovetz. Jeanne Bengtson, Karen Bovy, Kathleen Burg, Rhonda Culhane. Ghny Elghten, Steve Falconer, Kelly Flynn, Bridget Fredericks, Steve Giis, Monica Gross, Phil Hoeppner, Dorothy Jordan, David Krypel. Colleen Montag, Tm Murphy, Madalyn Pidgeon, Khue Quan, Mary Sandvik. Michelle Sienko. Teresa Sloan, Debroh Streefland, John Susag, Barb Weir, Kathy Welch, Sue Woz-nicka. JUNIORS: Mark Boatman, Rachel Fitzgerald, Bob Henvik, Mark Komisky, Sue Krause, Hoang Nguyen, Sandy Schneider, Amy Sullivan, Andrew Urtz. Tom Arms finds the discussion amusing Center: Sue Wozmczka and Juke Bednorz plan the strategy Student Council 144All-School Officers President.................Amy Hylden Vice-President............Russ Olson Secretary.............Sue Wozniczka Social Activities Director......... Kelly Flynn Tim Heaney Fund Raising...........Mark Regnier Patsy Polak Worship Coordinator................ Roni GBdden Sports Coordinator........Ann Nye Communications Coordinator......... Jeanie Bengtson Community Services Director........ Rachel Fitzgerald Class Presidents Secretaries Seniors: Steve GiHes Rhonda Culhane Juniors: Tressa Schendel Julie Bednarz Sophomores: John Zieska Joe Arms Freshmen: Paul Fredericks Paul Thissen Advisor...................Ms. Hanley 145The Costar courier, edited by Amy Hylden and advised by Mr. Gary Bartlett, contained interesting articles written by students and was highlighted by the artistic cartoons of Joe Hoover. Molly Scanlon and Heidi Ireton headed the entertainment department and kept the paper full of great places to eat and things to do. The editorials of Tim Murphy and the commentaries by John Zieska were entertaining, meaningful and sometimes controversial. Right; Mr Bartlett in a thoughtful moment? Left to Right: HekJ ireton. Roni GWden. Mr Gary Bartlett, advisor. Jo© Hoover. Tim Murphy. Amy Hylden. editor. John Zieska147GOOD WORKS These are some of the special things students at AHA did this year. They tutored other students in subjects, brought in over $600 and many other things for St. Joe's Home, and participated in Christian service programs. By bringing in fixings for T-day dinners, students fed 25 families. Every other Wednesday students went to St. Stephen's dances and even participated in a lock-in and fast during World Hunger Week. An extra thank-you to these kids and others who celebrated with good deeds. Kathy Welch paints the background for a scene in the fan play D I C T I O N A R Y •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••ft DONLIN'S Co-principal Donlin "took the cake" for stumping the most people this year. Here is a dictionary to help you the next time he talks to you. bumrap: you get the blame when you aren't goofballing around, cheaters: people wear them for their peepers, the chuck — n — jive: what you get before something shakes down, cool your jets: mellow out cruise control: describes a space cadet loads: lazy people Marvelous, marvelous: very, very good savers: people who don't spend a hump of dough unhip: just nowhere yo-yo: bozo Preppy stayed "in" for clothes — turned up collars, izod sweaters, knickers, bermuda shorts and leg warmers — these expanded to preppy stationary, posters, diaries, stickers and books. This ignited the anti-preps who dressed "anything — goes" and even slobbishly. They fought back with their own posters, pins, and stickers. To further confuse things, punk also entered the scene, especially in hair styles. Toni Glenn, below, shows her style. »• i WHAT'S "IN" IN '82 148Left Tods. $tarrr g Timothy Hutton, is a thought — provoking movie The Po ce and the Go-Go's hit the Twn Cities with Special Guests Tuesday. Feb. 2, 7:30 p.m. Met Center Tickets: $10.75, $9.75 Reserved, amaining Tickets on SALE WEDNESDAY at ALL DONALDSONS and The MET CENTER BOX OFFICE ENTERTAINMENT How did we entertain ourselves? Most students and some faculty thought going to a concert was pretty exciting — here are some we went to: Nazareth, Beach Boys, Pat Benatar, Journey, Kinks, Devo, ELO Hall and Oats, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Foreigner, Rolling Stones, AC DC, Rod Stewart, CYC in concert, Ozzy Ozbourne, J. Geils, Police, Molly Hatchet, Cars, Rick Springfield, and more! Which was your favorite? Movies were a slightly cheaper venture. Some of the big ones this year were: Arthur, Taps, Absence of Malice, Reds, Stripes, Four Season, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II, Ragtime, and On Golden Pond. What did you see? Some other popular activities were skiing (we had snow), playing Atari, and partying. Was it fun???? MINNESOTA SPORTS This year was unique. For 57 days major league baseball players went on strike. Fortunately there was soccer — until the Minnesota Kicks folded this year. And that wasn't the only fixture to go. Minnesota said good-bye to the Met Stadium after a long and eventful history. The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, the Twin Cities controversial domed stadium, is now the site for professional games and other events. The North Stars, whose season was riddled with ties, and injuries, continued to play in the Met Sports Center. Left Meloche blocks the puck from the North Stars gool Below Ahmad Roshod stiff arms the opposition to hold on to the bai mm H y V-.  Thank You From The Hub Dairy Queen Good Luck in Your Future Years! Bring in your yearbook, we'll stamp it for you and give you a free D.Q. cone Now we have Vanilla or Chocolate cones! 152 Woodlake Cement Construction Co. Never shall I forget the day which I have spent with you ... Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours. Thanks for the memories Colleen- 902 West 77V2 St. Richfield, MN 55423 Love, Lynn College of St. Thomas Dynamic growth rooted in a 96-year fmnifinril Ourmg It 96 years St Thomas c«p«r,chced liiltllilL i I. dramatic growth Yet me cotcge remains remarkably iroe to is original philosophy to provide a liberal aris education with a career orientation With an enrollment over 5 000 St Thomas is me laigest independent college m Minnesota but it u still small enough that students and 'acuity come to know one another as individuals St Thomas otters a libera: arts education m me Catholic tradition and provides quality ana diversity in over SO maior fields ot study leading to me 8 A degree Several programs arc ava iaO’c m cooperation with fou' othc' a'ca coheges Graduate degrees a'e ottered m rci-gtous education, management and education and community services New Conege me evening and weekend division ot St Thomas otters degree programs and courses tor those who wish to continue the education but cannot manage a full-time traditional college schedule For more information write or call a i. fj- |(ixiioin St. I nomas Sl. Paul. MN 5510S 612-047-5265 Telephone 861-7355 Main Office: 6625 Lyndale Ave. So. Richfield, MN 55423 Bloomington Office: 2 Miles South of 494, on County Road 18 Member F.D.I.C. "The Only Bank You'll Ever Need." 153Class of 1982 Compliments of (Slraiunt fHnrtmtnj Established 1884 Phone 866-5038 You've come along way Lisa! Congratulations! 7601 Pleasant Avenue Richfield, Minnesota 55423 Timothy J. Gloason Mac, Mom, Doug, Scoff, and Joson Philip J. Gleason Compliments of ... Robert Larraftaga President Associates and Lor rang a advertising 7900 Xerxes Ave. So. Bloomington, MN. 55431 835-4520 y 1544 f' j 111 NORTRONICS Best wishes to the class of XV1982 from tee employees hr of DIAMOND LAKE LANES, INC. 5959 Nicollet Ave. So. Mpls., MN 55419 155Best Wishes. Holy Angels. May Charity Be the Root and Foundation of Your Life! Congratulations and Best Wishes Graduates! The Minneapolis Catholic Youth Blaylock Plumbing Co. Center 7731 4th Avenue So. Mpls. MN 55423 Cathay Chow Mein 5457 Nicollet Avenue Mpls. Minn. 55419 824-3358 Class of 1982: We send with you our best wishes Congratulations Steve. You make us all very proud of you! We love you! and love. I'll miss you. DadMom, Scott Dr. Johanna Giesen Jody, and Greg V 156r Ralph Bruins President Summit Bank 6500 Nicollet Avenue Richfield, Minnesota 55423 Phone: 866-0031 M »14 1 FABRIC CENTERS "The Store That Knows Knits” Register Now — Day and Evening Classes Authorized Dealer Open Mon.-Thurs. 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Fri. Sat. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. 884-7321 3725 W. Old Shakopee Road (at France) WHITE FUNERAL HOME RALPH A. WHITE MINNEAPOLIS. MN 55408 2730 HENNEPIN BUS. 072-7244. 5257 DREW SOUTH HOME 926-3273 157 Congratulations Tim Murphy you make us proud love your family The Hub Merchant's Association 66th and Nicollet, Richfield MN 55423 China Garden Restaurant Elegant Fanny Farmer Flouring Prosthetics Flub Barber Shop Flub Flobby Center Flub Jewelers Flub Shoe Repair FI R Block Julie Ann Fabrics Kinney Shoes Korner Plaza Lancers Minnesota Federal Pako Film Shop Pilgrim Cleaners Plymoth Optical Shepheras Gate Book Store Stable Store United Stores United National U.S. Army Recruiting Walgreens Weight Watchers V 158Congratulations Gordy on a job well done. We are proud and happy for you Love, the Family Dear Teresa. I'm proud of you! I'm happy I gave you your beginning, but the honor of your accomplishments belong to you! Congratulations! Wishing you God's blessings always, with prayers and Love. Mom As the youngest of the Hamilton “Mixers" to graduate from high school. Sue, we are so proud of you spiritually. Academically and athletically. Though 6 thru 10 years younger than the rest of us, you dared us to treat you other than an equal, and your sincerity, honesty and quick wit ever challenged us Doc Tom, Ann, Jan, Bill, and Mary 159Congratulations and Best Wishes! Beth, Lynette, Teresa. Alison, Rob, and Barb Perkins Southdale. FRIENDS of the YEARBOOK! Woodlake Cement Co., Harold Hamilton. C.S. Rogers. H.G. Hammer Thanks, B.J.. Michelle. Beth, Lynette, Khue. Ann, Nancy. Al, Cindy, Linda, and Pam, for all you've given me! Love Teresa. Barb, Teresa, and Michelle, Remember all the goodtimes with the Twins, especially with Dave Engle and Jack O'Connor 160r We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day, or in the red fire of a long winters evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others of us protect and nourish them through bad days, until we bring them to the sunshine and the light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true. Woodrow Wilson A good friend is a forever friend. Love Sue and Carol 161162FRESHMAN Adamek, Mark 136 Adams, Steven 136 Artandson. Chris 136 Austinson, Janine 136 Bane. Lisa 136 Banovetz. John 136 Barry. Bob 136 Bechtotd. Brian 136 Becker. Dan 136 Bednarz. Mary 136 Bergman. David 136 Besser. PhU 136 Biedron. Dan 136 Bobumel. Lisa 136 Bork. Dan 31. 136 Bowen. Elizabeth 136 Brochu. Cathy 136 Burns. Michelle 136 Bussen. Amy 136 Byrne. Greg 136 Caola. Robert 136 Carraher. Gina Marie 136. 143 Caye. Jennifer 136 Chatterton, Tim 136 Cline. Randall 136 Coffman. Steve 136 Collins. Sean 136 Cook. Laura 136 Corminean. James 61. 136 Coruillard. Paul 31. 136 Dalson. Julia 136 Daniels. Jimmy 136 Delgado. Brian 136 Demars. Cynthia 136 Doyle. Rosemary 136 Dunn. Jim 136 Dupont. Michael 31. 138 Duran. David 138 Eichten. Monica 138 Elsen. Kim 138 Emme. Matt 138 Emmous. Jeff 138 Fleming. Chris 120. 138 Flynn. Chris 138 Flynn. Kathleen 138 Fox. Mike 138 Fredericks. Paul 138 Freund. Jon 138 Gilboe. Michelle 138 Gilboe. Robert 138 Gilligan. John 138 Giles. Donief 138, 143 Glenn. Toni 138 Glockner. Mary Lou 138 Gustafson. Dana Grundvig. Keri 28, 138 Gryskiewicz. Stephanie 139 Haeg. Tom 139 Hall. Sharon 139 Hailing, Jon 139 Hamann. Thomas 139 Hamel. Susan 139 Hammer. Sara 139 Harringer. Karen 139 Harristahl, Ruth 139 Hartle, Michael 139 Hartman. Date 139 Hartmann. Barb 139 Haupt, Jeanne 139 Healy, Paul Heavey. Carney 139 Hicks, Jim 31 Hinton, Laura 139 Hoffman. Michelle 30 Holt. Marisue 139 Iverson, ARthur 139 Jaeger. Paul 139 James. Patrick 140 Jarrett. Yvonne 140 Jasper. Rebecca 140 Johnson. Jill 140 Jordan, Catherine 141 Kasbohm. Peter 141 Kegley. Anne 141 Kienz. Laura 140 Kelly, Chris 143 Kenny. Suzzie 140 Kepner. Jim 140 Klatt. John 31. 141 Kramer. Mary 141 Kroeten. Dick 141 Krotz. Karrie 141 Lambert. Tom 140 Larson, Mary 140 Leenay. Susan 143 Lentsch. Barbara 141 Letness, Joseph Licktieg. Tony 31. 141 Lockhart. Feiona 141 Loe. Christopher 140 Love. Lynn 140 Lucion. Becky Ludwig. Donna 143 Lundholm. Jeanne 140 Maddaus. Mary 140 Mahan. Pat 141 Makres. Angela 141 Malby. Nathan 141 Maletta, Elizabeth 141 Mamer. Teresa 141 Marcotte. Jon 31. 141 Manlwurf. Michelle 141 McKenna. Meghan 141 McKnight. Sean 141 Meade. George 31. 141 Mellon. Barbara 141 Meissen. Michelle 31. 141 Michael. Lucy 141 Miller. Tom 120. 141 Mitcheiiette. Leslie 141 Mitchellette. Mathew 141 Meon. Gregory 141 Moorman. Elizabeth 141 Mosck. Shawn 141 Mullen. Catherine 141 Mullen. Thomas 141 Nace. Alison Nawrocki. Michael 141 Niedermaier. Julie 141 Nutler, Mary 141 Olson. Roxanne 141 Olsen. Jeff 141 Osterman. Scott 141 Palo. Elizabeth 143 Pollard. Mike 143 Pope. Paul 142 Poskozim. Tricia 142 Praus. Mary 142 Preimerherger. Paul 142 Ramezyk, Elizabeth 142 Rearden. Kelly Reuben. Patrick 142 Ricker. Shawn 142 Robinson. Nina 142 Rogers. Pete 142 Roling. Dianne 142 Rozenberg, Jeff 142 Rudolph. Karen 142 Sandvik. Jane 142 Schaefer. Dana 142 Schatzlein. Michelle 142 Schiller. Peter 142 Schmitz. Francis 142 Scheider. Lori 142 Severson. Gerald 142 Siegenthales. Anne 142 Smith. Mary 142 Soucek. Matt Stacey. Thomas 142 Sterner. Steve 142 Stillings. Paul 142 St reef land. Michael 142 Sullivan. Erin 31. 143 Susag. Karen 143 Sweere. Carol 143 Thiele. Steven 143 Thissen. Paul 143 Thissen. Tom 143 Thoraldson, Caroline 142 Tressel. Peter 143 Tritchler. Ann 143 Trudell, Steve 143 Vanvickle. Julie 143 Vernon. Annette 143 Warmka. Scott 143 163Wellens. Maureen 143 Wheeler, Katie 143 Wheelock, Christopher 143 Williams. Karen 143 Wirig, Catherine 143 SOPHOMORES Ambrose. Kerry 66. 124 Anderson. Amy 124 Anderson. Vicky 124 Anger. Scott 124. 129 Aragon. Maria Arms. Joe 124 Ascher. Tom 124 Banovetz. Mary 130. 131 Benoit. Peter 124 Berry. Laura 124 Bertraud. Shelly 124 Besser. Suzanne 124 Bjornnes. John 124 Blaylock. Paul 124 Boatman. Stephen 124 Boettcher. Gina 124 Boie. Thomas 124 Boulay. Matt 124 Bowron. Scott 124 Braudt. Michael Breitling. Mike 124 Brockhoff. Brian 124. 126 Bromer. Ron 125 Cady. Bill 125 Campion. Paul Cooney. Jeff 125 Carlson. Kim 125 Carmichael. Chris 125 Carroll. Mark 125. 126 Casserly. John 125 Casper. Mike 125 Chatterton. Gordon 125 Coffma. Jacqueline Conlon. Jim 125 Curielli. John 125 Dandrea. Michelle 125 Daniels. Katy 125 Davis. Kathleen 125 DeBuhr. Ed 125 DeMars. John 125 Donath. Margaret 125 Doucette. Karen 125 Douglass. Lisa Dunn. Patrick 23. 125 Eichten. Michael 126 Engel. Mary 126 Epple. Mark 126 Falconer. Greg 22. 126 Fell. Victoria 126 Fezler. Tim 126 Fitzgerald. Kathy 126 Flynn. Joann 126 Flynn. Tim 126 Freeberg. Jenny 126 Friel. Kari 131 Greske. Gail 126 Gilles. Lisa 126 Gilligan. Brian 126 Gnerer. Terry 126 Goemer. Lisa 126 Gray, Margaret 126 Greene. Christopher 126 Gross. Mark 126 Gruns. Laura 30. 126 Hagen. Sara 126 Hall. Charlette 126 Hamilton. Eric 126 Hannasch. Mike 126 Hanson. James 126 Harristhal. Kaje 126 Haugen. Mary 126 Hartman. Debbie 126 Healey. Paul 126 Hennen. Amy 126 Hoang. Juong 127 Hoeppner. Ami 127 Hoffman. Laurie 127 Hosek. Linda 127 Huss. Ellen 127 Hutchens. David 124, 131 Huynh. Long 127 Ivory. Kevin 127 Jablonski. Bruce 127 Jacox. Karina 127 Jasper. Dan 127 Johnson, Kristen 131 Johnson. Sara 25. 61. 127. 133 Johnson. Tammra 127 Jones. Patty 127 Jones. Rocci 127 Kelly. Mary 127 Keppel. Anne 127 Koenig. Meg 127 Koloski, Terry 127 Kotasek. Mark 131 Kramer, Luke 127 Krocheski. Mary 127 Kruse. Shawn 30. 127 Krytrel. Kathleen 127 Kuznicki, Susan 127 Larkin. Katie 127 Larranaga. Jim 127 Laube. Sara 127 Launstein. David 127 Loftis. Letitia 127 Lopez. Jesica 127 McClintock. Daniel 127 McCoB. Kelly 127 McDonnel. Jeff 23. 127 McKenna. Patrick 127 McLaughlin. Mark 124. 127 McRoberts. Frances 127 Mady. Timothy 127 Mahoney. Erin 127 Majerus. Windy 131 Matko. Janet 131 Meissen. James 127 Meyer. Joyce 127 Miller. Timothy 127 Monn. Kelly 127 Moore. Doug 127 Moran. Kevin 127 Morescki. Joe 127 Murphy. Kevin 127 Nauman, Kim 127 Nawrocki. Michele OBrien. Kathy 127 O'Brien. Scan 127 Oldowski. Marty 127 Olson. Bruce 131 Ordahl. Julie 127 Oschwald. Mary 127 Palo. Jim 127 Penn. Windy 30. 127 Peterson. David 127 Peterson. Karen 129 Petrick. Leroy 129 Picarde. Celine 129 Polak. SheHa 129 Polune. John 129 Rathmell, Jim 129 Reddin. Vivi 30. 129 Rivers. Jeff 124. 129 Robertson. John 129 Robinson. Scoot 129 Roche ford. Becky 129 Sabri. Zachary 129 Sahtlemann. Lynn 129 Schendel. Michelle 129 Schluter. Jackie 22. 129 Schinidt. Roberta 129 Schnrider, Nancy 129 Schreiber. Eugene 129 Schumauner. Anne 129 Schultz. Mara 129 Schultz. Maria 129 Schwirtz. Rachel 129 Scott. Charles 129 Seidel. Theresa 129 Shern. Todd Sieve. LuciHe 129 Simcoe. Bridget 129 Sloan. Catherine Solarz. Greg Sollar. Mark 129 Steenborg. Kari Stein. Kelly 129 Stemper. Dave 129 Stenvig. Todd 164Sweere. James 129 Theurer. James 131 Tombers. Cathy 30. 129 Turner. Kim Vosbeek. Fay 129 Wagner. Mark 131 Eshinwohlberg. Tim Weigler, Natalie Weber. Charles We ler. David 131 Weiler. Donna 131 White. Terry 131 Wichman. Susan 131 Witing. Margaret 131 Woida. Chris 131 Zehnie. Susan 131 Zieska. John 131 JUNIORS Adamak. Mary 112 Adams. Roxanne 112. 132 Anderson. Barb 112. 119 Anderson. Steve 112 Anger. Dave 112 Ardoff. Fred 112 Arms. Thomas Becker. Dave 112 Becker. Tim 112 Bednarz. Julie 30. 112 Benson. Jason 112 Benson. Ricky 112 Bergman. Kevin 118 Bissonette. Nancy 113 Blake. Joe 66. 113. 116 Blatz. Sara 30. 113 Blaylock. Joe 113 Boatman. Mark 113 Bodensteiner. Lori 30. 113. 117 Breittling. Fred 113 Brunner. Andrea 113 Bungert, Dan 118 Burgoyne. Mike 113 Burgess. John 113 Burns. Maureen 30. 113. 116 Bussen. Megan 113 Byrne. Dan 113 Campion. Jane 113 Carroll. Sandy 113 Caye. David 113 Chida. Hiroyuke 113 Conlon. Courtney 113 Dabney. Melanie 30. 113 Dicks. Linda 113 Dineen. Molly 118 Donohoe. Eileen 113 Dornisch. Peter 113 Duffy. Dan 113 Duran, Joe 113 Eichten. John 113. 119 Elliot. Chuck 113 Elsen. Cathy 113 Elsen. Chris 113 Emerson. Chris 113. 119 Farrell. Therese 114 Fischer. Dave 114 Fitzgerald. Rachael 114 Fleming. Laura 118 Flesche. Jon 112. 114 Floersch. Peter 114 Flugar. Ken 61. 114 Flyn. Cindy 114 Flynn. John 119 Foster. Carol Franke. Carolyn 114 Gibbons. John 114 Gilligan. Chris 30. 114 Glenn. Brenda 112. 114 Goblish. Michelle 114 Gustafson. Eric 114 Haeg. Mark 114 Hall. Julie 67. 114 Hamel. John 114 Hanafin. Mike 115 Hannasch. Paul 115 Hanneman. Nancy 115 Hanvik. Bob 115 Healy. Sean 119 Heaney. Tim 115 Hedges. Jane 119 Hedrick. Barb 115 Hennig. Mary jo 115 Hoffman. Jean 112. 114. 115 Huebner. Sara 112 Hunchins. Kim 115 Huss. Steve 115 lodice. Krisrin 115 Ireton. Bridget 115. 119 Jacebsen. Theresa 116 Jennrich. Tom 116. 119 Johnson. Joan 116 Johnson. Mike 61. 119 Jones. Pat 116 Jorgenson. Bob 116 Jungwirth. Mary 116 Kasbohm. Rose 116 Kelly. Wendy 119 Koch. Kelly 116 Koenig. Sue 116 Kohorst. Kristen 116 Kotstad. Al 116 Komishy. Mark 116 Kotaser. Mike 114. 116 Kraft. Mike 114. 116 Krause. Sue 116. 120 Krocheski. Theresa 116 Kroeten. Bob 116 Kuhn. Stan 116 Leighton. Mike 119 Lickteig. John 116 Liddiard. Kevin 116 Lockhart. Siebohn 116 Macklin. Effie 116 Mages. Polly 116 Magrak. Mark 117 Mahawald. Sheila 117 Malloy. Polly 117 McCaleb. Angie 117 McCoH. Colleen 108. 117 McCloskey. Karen 112. 117 McKeown. Tracy 117 Meyer. Joe 117 Miller. Lucy 117 Moran. Mary 117 Mortenson. Laura 117 Murphy. Ted 117 Nagel. Nancy 117 Myers. Mary 119 Nelson. Cendy 113. 117 Nauyen. Hoang 119 Nestrand. Robert 117 O'Connor. Matt 117 O’Hern. Jenny 119 O'Keefe. Marie Pahl. Joe 117 Paige. Sean Paquette. Karla 119 Penn. Roger 117 Petermeier. Sue 117 Peterson. Paul 119 Piga. PhH 117 Polak. Patsi 117 Praus. John 117 Regnier. Mike 117 Roling. Karen 117 Rudolph. Jean 117 Ryan. Julie 117. 24 Sandvik. Tom Sarazin. Shelia 117 Savoie. Michele 117 Schatzlein, Lisa 117 ScheHer. Allen 117 Schendel. Tressa 117 Schmitz. Tricia 118 Schneider. Sandy 118 Schoeneker. Paul 118 Smith. Matt 118 Sokoloski. Chris 118 Spencer. Michele 118 Stamper. Tom 118 Streefland, Elizabeth 118 S t richer z. Brian 118 Sullivan. Amy 118. 119 Thibault. Renate 118 Thoroldson. Jeanne 118 Tombers. Kristen 30. 118 Trudell. Mike 118 165Tysk, Paula 118 Urtz. Andrew 118 Vaugn. Cynthia 118 Wagner, Susan 118 Waterman. Tim 118 Welbes, Matt 118 Williams, Mike 118 Wiley. Bruce 118 Woida. Margaret Mary 118, 132 Zelada, Gamila 118 SENIORS Adamek. Mike 90 Adams, Lynette. 90. 108. 132 Anderson. Karen 90 Anderson. Rob 90 Ascher. Mary 90 Banovetz. Ann 90. 133 Bedor, Beth 90. 109, 132 Bendtsen, Tom 60. 90 Bengtson, Jeanne 90 Benusa. Ann 90 Blessing. Ann 90 Bovy. Karen 90 Brandt. Wendy 91 Burg. Kathy 30. 91. 133 Carpenter. Bob 91 Carroll. Cliff 60. 91 Champlin. Margaret 25. 91. 133 Chapman, Alison 91. 132 Christiansen. Marcia 92 Clubb. John 92 Coleman. Rick 92 Cross. Sue 93. 133 Cuihane. Rhonda 93. 133 Demarce. Julie 93. 98. 133 Denucci, Mary 93. 133 Ditty. Terry 93. 96 Ditty, Tim 93 Dumas. Dave 93. 94. 133 Dunn. Jerilyn 93, 133 Dvorak. Paul Eichten. Ginny 94. 133 Erding. Jon 94 Falconer. Steve 95 Feddema. Paul 92. 95 Fest, Robyn 95 Fleming. Virginia 107. 133 Flynn. Kelly 94. 105. 133 Foster. Carol 95 Fredricks. Bridget 94 Carrido. Fernando 60 Giles. Denise 95 Gilles. Steve 60. 95 Gilligan. Ann 91. 94 Glidden. Roni 107. 133 Gnerer. Tom 94 Grazzini. Paul 95 Gross. Monica 95 Hallgren. Sharon 93. 95 Hamilton. Sue 94, 133 Hanik. Mime 94 Heaney. Miguel 95 Hedges. Barb HiH. Paul 95 Hilla. Mary 95. 133 Hoeppner. Phil 96 Hoover. Joe 24. 25. 96 Hulbert. Gary 97 Hutchens. Arianne 97. 133 Hylden. Amy 97. 133 Ireton. Heidi 96. 105. 133 Jacobson. Jeanne 96 Jaeger. Greg Jarret, John 97 Johnson. Anne 97. 133 Johnson, Dan 61. 97. 133 Johnson, Gordy 96 Jones. Eileen 133 Jordan. Dorthy 96 Jordan. Joe 107 Kalina. Lida 96 Kegley. Katie 97, 133 Kelash. Paul 60. 97 Kenny. Pat 24. 25. 60. 97, 100 Kepner. Molly 96. 133 Klatt. Beth 96. 120 Knight, Art Koness. Colleen 96. 133 Kraft. Jeff 96 Kramer, Andres 97 Krick. Mickey 97 KroH. Kathy 25. 94. 97 Krypel. Dave 99 Larranage. Bob 99 Lee. Mike 60. 99 Lickteig. Tom 99. 102 Luck, Claudia 99 McDonald, Judy 98. 99. 105. 133 McDonald. Steve 99 McDonald. Chris 92. 99 McGinty. Paul 99 Mclnerny, John 99 Maghrak. Pat 99 Mahoney. Pat 99 Mariska. Lynn 98. 100. 109. 133 Mayclin. Michelle 100 Meade. Gordy 101 Mellon. Nancy 101 Meyer, Jim 101, 102 Mayers. Dan 92. 100 Meyers. Pam 23. 100 Miller. Matt 101 Monn. Lori 66, 101 Montag. Colleen 101 Morrissey. Amy 24, 100 Mortenson. Greg 100. 102 Murphy. Tim 98. 100 Nelson. Paul 100 Nghiem. Chieu 96 Nye. Ann 98. 101, 133 O'Brien. Katie 101. 120 Olson, Russel 101 Olson, Shelley 100 Osterman. Lisa 67. 100. 133 Patten. Teri 100 Pelner. Dave 100. 102 Pedgeon. Madefyn 101 Quan. Khue 101 Quinn. Cindy 101 Regnier. Mark 102 Richardson. James 98. 102 Roedel. Dave 103 Roling. Linda 103 Rozycki, Marci 103. 133 Sandvick. Mary 102 Scanlon. Molly 102. 105. 133 Schmitz. Mike 103 Sienko. Michelle 30. 103. 133 Sieve. Ed 103 Simacek, Doug 102 Simms. Joe 25. 102. 105 Skala. Carolyn 102. 103 Sloan. Teresa 102. 103. 109. 132 Spielmann. Jeanne 24. 103. 106. 133 Srnec. Midge 91, 102. 133 Stangler. Carol 102. 106 Stewart. Leo Stocking. Kevin 103 Strahan. Nancy 103, 132 Streefland, Deborah 103, 133 Struble. Nick 105 Sullivan. Margaret 105 Susag. John 24. 61. 105 Sweeney. Dan 106. 107 Thoraldson. Sue 105. 106 Travalent. John 105 Vosbeek. Chris 105 Waldowski, Paul 67. 106. 120 Walsch. Kevin 106. 133 Wasson. Bill 67. 106 Weir, Barb 107. 132 Welch, Kathy 133 Wittman. Cathy 107, 133 Wozoiczka, Sue 107. 133 166167THE PARTY'S OVER... Above: Whof's left otter the lunch party. Right: Sr. Cathy reflects after a long week of counseling Below left: Dan Meyers strums away Below right: Sophomores are happy to have friends FOR NOW:BUT NOT FOREVER! The Celebration of 1981-82 is over. Students, teachers, and staff have learned, struggled, succeeded, failed, won, and lost. Another class of seniors has graduated. Most of all they have celebrated together. This party will never be over because the moments will be cherished forever. People will part, others will come closer together. Students will still struggle, succeed, and fail; other seniors will graduate other years. Yes, there will be other celebrations and parties. Yet this one will never be forgotten because it has been a very special party at Holy Angels. And we will continue to CELEBRATE US ... 168 9V As it continues on . . . Of my greatest times that I have had in my fife, this year at Holy Angels was one of them. I had bad and good times — most of them good and it was a good experience getting along with all of you guys. I want to thank every friend here that made my staying so worthy and good remembering. Thanks to the "special'' people who made this year for me so "special". To all the faculty and teachers. I'd like to tell them that without you help and patience I wouldn't have been able to make it through the year. I am really grateful for everything. For times when I needed help. Thank you! Su amigo de siempre, Fernando Garrido Sno Daze Sno'daze began building enthusiasm with out-of-uniform days, sports events, a pep test, and a dance starring Baccus. The week of Feb. 15-20 celebrated our sports teams and enhanced school spirit. The pep test took off to the "Great White North" with Cliff Carroll and Steve GiHes. The "Blues Brothers" made their first appearance in 2 years assisted by Mr. Karison and Mr. Barlett. 169 Once Upon A Mattress is a musical comedy version of the Princess and the Pea. Beth Klatt starred as Princess Winefred who wished to marry Prince Dauntless. Paul Thissen. Jeanne Spielmann, as Queen Agravaine. demanded she first pass a test of sensitivity. Other characters adding to the excitement were Joe Hoover as the mute King Sextimus. Chris Elsen as the singing Minstrel, Joe Simms as Sir Harry and Melani Dabney as the lovelorn Lady Larkin. Aided by Russ Olson and Polly Mages, Paul Petersen's soft shoe number was memorable. Above: The Jester, the King, arid the Minstrel conspire to help Lady Lorkin. Left Princess Winefred astonishes Russ Olson and Prince Dauntless and the rest of the court Right: The Wizard (Mickey Krick) advises the Queen Below Director Pam Boston, crew, ond cast during dress rehearsalProm May 1, 1982 Soft lights... tuxedos... corsages ... created an atmosphere of enchantment at the North Star Inn. Students danced the night away to the music of the Fobs and munched on elegant hors d'oeuvres. To complete the evening Gene Garrett studios captured these memories in pictures. Above The elegant spreod nearly outshines C. Quinn and her date. Left: C. Elsen wonders "Why does he take the picture NOW?” Right P. Kenney and R. Andersen step out with their best gals J McDonoid and K. Carlson Below Thanks for the memories! (front) T Becker. J. Ryan. M Burgoyne. T. Murphy, (back) J Lickteig. $ Carrol. K. Tombers. 171Baseball Row 1: J. Meyer. F. Breitling. T Gnerer. Row 2 E Sieve. P Kek»h. J. Mcmerny. T Bendtsen. J. Jordan. K Bergman. Row 3 Coach Matthews. M TrudeU. J. Echten. B. Honvik. P Hoeppner. J, Richardson. D Roedei. j Meyer; Not Pic M Haeg Row 1 C Scott. S Truded. T. Haeg. P Schiller. S. Wormka. Row 2 K. Simcoe. J CurieHi. G. Byrne. M Epple, J. Klatt. 0. Bergman. P. Campion. Row 3: Cooch Kominski. T. Ascher. M Gross. S Kruse. T. Mfler. J. Hanson. T Gnerer. J. Cordon, D Hartman. Not Pic: J Robinson. J Severson. J Palo. J. Theurer. S Adams Row 1: M Burgoyne. S. GiHes, H. Nguyen, P Mahoney. M Caspers. S. Anderson. Row 2 Cooch Sack. J. Erding. S. Falconer. F Garrido. P Pope. P. 172Softball Row 1: J Compion. M Srnec. L Streeflond. A. Brunner. Row 2: C. Elsen. D. Streeflond. J. Bengtson. M Sienko. A Nye. M Sandvik. Row 3: Cooch Iverson. M Conlon. M Scanlon. H ireton. K Tombers. A Andersen. C. Nelson. Not Pic M. Ascher. K. Burg. Tressel. C. Ke«y: Not Pic: P. Dunn. P. Peterson. M. O'Connor Row 1 J. Dalsin. $. Laube. B. Palo. K Williams, K. Susag. M Dandrea, Row 2 M Eichten. C. Tombers. S Bertond. S. Hagen. M Koenig. M. Kramer. M. Glockner. Row 3: M. Wellens. D. Weiier. L Keinz. V Reddin. B. Lentsch. K. Larkin. S. Wichmon. Cooch Margarit. 173Boys' and Girls' Track Row 1 P. Kosbohm. J. Marcotfe. B Brockhoff. M Carrol. J. Ziesko. D Becker. B. Jorgenson. Row 2 E Hamit on. T Sandvk. p. Thtssen, D. Bork, T. lickteig. M Meissen, T Ditty. T Mullen. M W am$. J. Susog. Row 3: Coach DeWitt. R. Olson. J Larroooga. S. Mcknight, M. Smith. $. Huss. D. Duffy. J. Lickteig, J Fiesche. P. Benoit:Row4; M. Lee. R. Anderson. P. Kenny. C McDonel. p Blay-lock, J. Blake. S. McDonald. J. Flynn, J. McDonel. T Heany. T Fe2ier: Not Pic B Barry. R Benson. P James. B. Olson. F. Schrrttz M Schmitz. C. Wcxda. Row 1 K Davis. K. Ambrose. R. Schmidt. T Mamer. P. Polok. A Blessing. J McDonald. F McRoberts. M SvJivan. Row 2 M. Woida. L Santelmann. S. Sarazin. J. Rudolph. M Bussen. A Kegley. M McKenna. I. Schneider. S. Hammer. T. Poskozim. M. Engel. J Bednarz. L. Fleming; Row 3: D. Gies. S. Hamilton. S Polok. A Hennen. K. Carlson. N Schneider. J N«dermaier. M Bednarz. K. Johnson. M Haugen. M. Gross. C. Montog. K. Mulen. M. Oschwold. Row 4 Coach Bennett. M Soler. A. Johnson. K. Flynn. G Ekrhten. W Penn. A Keppei. J. Sandv3 . A Schumacher. R. Kosbohm. M Savoie. M Pidgeon. M. Holt. A Bussen; Not Pic: D. Brownson. L Hoffman. C. Koness. S. Krause. N Robinson. B Rochetford. K. Rudolf. M Smith. 174Celebrate Us . . . Celebration Day ... Graduation Kelly Flynn (far left) showed off the Co 'Star Award for her outstanding contributions to athletics. Hers and others' accomplishments and honors were celebrated on Friday June 4. The outdoor graduation ceremony followed on Sunday despite high winds and anticipated rain. Beth Ktatt (left) spoke of fully using talents, awareness, and courage. She also spoke of Kathy Kroll, a senior who died the previous week. Sr. Catherine McNamee, president of St. Catherine's, spoke of being socially aware of the needs of others. Sr. Mary Walter and Mike Donlin awarded diplomas to the seniors. Khue Quan (below left) received hers. Afterward, an informal reception was held on the front lawn where new graduates (below) such as K. Kegly. D. Streeftand, M. Krick, A. Ban-novetz, A. Nye, and A. Hutchens took pictures. Much later a final party at the YMCA wound far into the night ... where a good time was had by all! 175 Graduates!% i Pi!!!® !! !:!:!:!: i 

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