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Joe Hooi fc I VS-- % foist y % [.' £ C LULDO l xl 2 iw lA - 4 tyUJUJiSup £Ju 7 6-e '£5 y,-5, A«5 beefK l (‘{S' du c ? C I r dx'C 1'f T', 'fo C C o 5 f C r' n ( oo , ■ - yo A " ' ■1 A f3Se( yApZA A ir io i.5 cocr t, J?" ’U cuer 'b £ iX 4r ]y £ oi n y f »APublished by Herff-Jones for The Academy of the Holy Angels Richfield, Minnesota 1980Contents people autumn WINTER The Times of Our Lives iGood Morning Yesterday You wake up, and time has slipped away And suddenly it's hard to find the memories you left behind Remember, do you remember 5The laughter and the tears The shadows of misty yesteryears The good times and the had you’ve seen and all the others in between Remember, do you remember The times of your life ftReach back for the you and the sorrow Put them away in your mind For memories are time that you borrow To spend when you get to tomorrowThere’s no need to look any farther than this book; your personal edition of Angelus ’80. This small book is a literary timeline of the school year ’79-’80. Highlights include the dances you attended, the games at which you cheered, the concerts and plays you enjoyed, and most of all. this book contains the people you’ve come to know. This book contains The Time of Our Lives.people peoplepeople peopleFrosh Fever Freshman Year was . . . new beginning . . . testing friendships . . . sharing . . . change ... a time for trust . . . for fun . . . building dreams . . . new adventures . . . experiencing unity ... a first high school dance . . . retreat. . . upperclassmen . . . discovery . . . big brothers big sisters . . . student council . . . minors . . . wishes . . . hopes . . . . . . Algebra I . . . giving your first speech . . . sports . . . civics . . . 83 . . . wearing green . . . sitting in the back of the auditorium during school assemblies . . . fund raising and marathons . . . being row-die . . . being scared . . . getting lost and being found . . . 12Freshman year was a time for learning the "ropes" at Holy Angels. It was all these things and more. Freshman year was a time for looking ahead to where you are going, and a time for looking behind to see how far you’d come. Freshman year was hard.Toni Arms David Becker Tim Becker Julie Bednarz Jason Benson Ricky Benson Tamara Berg Jill Ackerman Mary Adamek Roxanne Adams Barbara Anderson Steven Andersen Valerie Andrade Fred ArdoffKevin Bergman Nancy Bissonette Alien Bittner Joe Blake Sara Blatz Joe Blaylock Mark Boatman I-ori Bodenstciner Steve Bortolmsi Jim Bowman Fred Breitling Dan Bungert John Burgess Mike Burgoync 15Maureen Bums Megan Bussen Daniel Byrne Jane Campion Sandy Carroll David Cave Sue Champlin Mary Collins Megan Con Ian Courtnay Crivits Carol Cross Bill Cullen Melanie Dabney Peggy Devaney ifi 4Joe Duran Peter Dyer John Eichten Charles Elliot Cathy Elsen Chris Elsen Christine Emerson Linda Dicks Molly Dinneen Eileen Donohue Peter Domisch Barry Dorsher Dan Duffy Theresa DuFresne 17Therese Farrell Lisa Feddema Rachel Fitzgerald Laura Fleming Jon Fiesche Cindv Flynn John Flynn Ken Flugaur Caroline Franke Christine Gilligan Brenda Glenn Michele Goblish Mark Haeg Julie Hall John Hamel 18Mike Hanafin Nancy Hanncman Boh Hanvik Sean Healey Tim Heaney Jane Hedges Barb Hedrick Marryjo Hennig Mark Herll Jean Hoffman Sue Horner Sarah Huebncr Steve Huss Bridget I reton Theresa Jacobson 19Thomas Jennrich Joan Jolmson Marlys Johnson Michael Johnson Kolxrrt Jorgenson Wendy Kelly Kelly Koch Sue Koenig Alan KoLstad Mike Kraft Theresa Krocheski Boh Kroeten Stanely Kuhn John Lickteig Kevin Liddiard 20Tracy McKeown Scott McNally Pat Mackey Effie Macklin Polly Mages Mark Maghrak Sheila Mahowald Thomas Malone Maria Martin Joe Meyer Lucy Miller Mary Moran Laura Mortenson Nancy Nagel Cindy Nelson 21Jennifer O’Hem Joe PahI Scan Paige Karla Paquette Sue Petermeier Paul Peterson Lisonne Pickart Patricia Polak John Praus Karyn Quinn Mary Redfem Karen Holing Jean Rudolph Julie Ryan Tom Sandvik 22 Sheila Sara .in Michele Savoie Lisa Sehatzlein Allen Schellcr Tressa Schendel Jessica Scheppers Tricia Schmitz Andrea Schneider Sandy Schneider Haul Schoenecker 23Paul Schultz Mary Slanika Matt Smith Christine Sokoloski Roberto Sta. Maria Thomas Stemper Klizalwth Streefland Brian Stricher . Amy Sullivan Renate Thibauit Jeanne Tlioraldson Jim Thull Kristine Tombers 24Jim Tot .ke Mike Trudell Shawn Turner Paula Tysk Andy Urtz Mark Vanvo Cynthia Vaughn Tim Waterman Matt Welbes Mike Williams Bruce Willy Margaretinary Woida Carnila Zelada Not pictured: Peter Flocrsch Paul Hannasch Micheal Kotasek Debbie Rademacher Greg Wendt Bill Long 25In the spring of 1980, I sat down to write an essay for ENGLISH class. It was my last essay of SOPHOMORE year. I entitled it, "My Sophomore Year” could have titled it, “The Year I Wore BLACK” or “The Last of the Greastest”, but I never did. To help me in my essay, I looked up “sophomore” in the dictionary. SOPHOMORE. Noun. The year after freshman year. "That’s it?” I asked myself. I looked again, and there was only one phrase to describe an ENTIRE year of my life. 1 was depressed. Trying again, I looked up another word I'd heard someone use once. The word was “sophomoric”. SOPHOMORIC. Adjective. Of or like SOPHOMORES; opinionated, immature, tc. Arrghl!! It was as if I’d been hit by a brick wall. I’d rather be known as the "year after Freshman year”. Not to be undone however, I wrote down everything I could about SOPHOMORES. . . . 1982 . . . drivers ed . . . health . . . unity day . . . B-squad . . . two years left. . . "Best and Brightest” . . . SSfirst job . . . When I finished I looked at my list. In my mind these things comprised SOPHOMORE year, but they were not the only things which made the year interesting. I made another list. . . . making donuts at Carnival. . . the huge bubble Mike blew in Music class . . . the game we won against Grace . . . frog legs and BIOLOGY . . . discovering there was no pool at AHA . . . This list, though not complete, contained more of the laughter, and less of the traditional SOPHOMORE activities. Still, I had not describe MY SOPHOMORE year. 1 tried ONE more time to to write about what was perhaps the most paradoxical time in my life. The essay I wrote was the sum of my life. The essay I wrote was the sum of my SOPHOMORE YEAR. "My SOPHOMORE Year" My SOPHOMORE year in high school was full of unexpected happenings. It came and went with a splash. The End 26Sophomore Sopho mone omore. L. CL. CO SopbomoTC Peter Ackerson Michael Adamek Joe Adams Lynette Adams Hob Anderson Karen Anderson Mary Ascher Ann Banovetz Beth Bedor Tom Bendsten Jeanne Bengtson Ann BenusaDanielle Brown Kathleen Burg Robert Carpenter Cliff Carroll Margaret Champlin Alison Chapman Marcia Christiansen Wendy Brandt John Clubh Karen Bovy Rhonda Culhane 29 Ann Blessing Andre DebreyLisa Dejoras Julie DcMarce Mary DeNucci Terrence Ditty Tim Ditty David Dumas Jerilyn Dunn Virginia Eichten Jon Erding Steve Falconer Paul Fcddeina Robyn Fest Virginia Fleming Kelly Flynn 30Bridget Fredericks Denise Giles Stephen Gilles Anne Gilligan Koni Glidden Tom Gnerer 31Mary IIilia Arianne Hutchens Paul Hill Gary Hulbert Phil Hoeppner Amy Hylden Joe Hoover Heidi 1 reton Beth Horner Jeanne Jacobson Chip Houdek John Jarrett 32Anne Johnson Joe Jordan Dan Johnson Paul Kelash Gordy Johnson Pat Kenney Eileen Jones Molly Kepner Kathleen Kegley Elizabeth Klatt Mary Joyce Art Knight Lisa Kalina Colleen KonessMichelle Krick Andrew Kramer Jeff Kraft David Krypel Mike l ce Theresa Leezer Tom Lickteig Cathy Luck Claudia Luck Patrick Maghrak Patrick Mahoney Lynn MarLska MMichelle May cl in Judy McDonald Steve McDonald Chris McDonell Paul McGinty John Mclnery Cordon Meade Nancy Mellon Sean Melloy Jim Meyer Daniel Meyers Pamela Meyers Matt Miller l,ori Momi 35Colleen Montag Amy Morrissey Greg Mortenson Tim Murphy Carl Nimis Ann Nye Kathleen O’Brien Mary O’Leary Russell Olson Shelley Olson Missy Pamel Lisa Osterman 36Cindy Quinn Teri Fatten Dave Pelner Madalyn Pidgeon Mark Regnier Mary Ren wick James Richardson David Roedel Linda Roling Mary Sandvik Molly Scanlon Mike Schmitz 37Michelle Sienko Edward Sieve Douglas Simacck Joseph Simms Carolyn Skala Lauree Skoglaixl Jeanne Spielman Nancy Strahan Stephanie Steinmetz I Carol Stangler Leo Stewart Kevin Stocking Nick Struble Deborah Streefland 38Not Pictured Paul Dvorak Joe Geurts Greg Jaeger Robin Johnson Bob Larranaga Ted Murphy Rochelle Olson Doug Simacek Margaret Sullivan John Susag Dan Sweeney Curtis Tambornino Chris Vosbcek Kevin Walsh Barbara Weir Kathy Welch Lorrie Whittington Cathy Wittman Susan Wozniczka19 sflh© Glass Wifcty S®ldefi 81 Growth was an important element in our lives as high school students. There was an individual growth in which we acknowledged our responsibilities. There was also growth as a class; a unit. We passed through the barriers of Freshman year in which we were green and new. We glided through the sophomoric rowdiness of our second year when everything was a “peak experience." Finally. we made it. We became part of the elite up-perclass set. with only one year to go. We were Juniors! We adjusted from the lax life of freetime, to the more industrious life of study halls. Homework became piled a mile high each night, but we managed to struggle through. Afterschool activities were a popular pastime for most everyone, whether they happened to be sports, Student Council, the school newspaper, or a number of other interests. Combined with the frustrations of math and chemistry, the bedlam over finishing term papers, and the anxiety of writing essays was the knowledge that we had grown. We accepted our responsibility maturely and with little complaint. We took it all in stride, for after all ... WE ARE the “Golden Jubilee Class” of 1981! 40 r 41Anderson, Tracy Anns, Mike Armstrong, Joe Ascher, Katy Barixmr, Jane Becker, Eileen Bcndtsen, Lisa Besser, Sharon Biedron, Dave Botz, Bryon Bonlay, Melanie Brandt. Teresa Burns, Pat Campion, Teresa Carroll. David 42Coleman, Julie Cremers, Jay Cross, Bruce Cullen, Belinda Cullen, Bill Daly, Mike DeAntoni, Marie DeGklio, Julie DeNucci, Steve Dickinson, Boh Dietrich, Paul Doble, Dave Dooley, Lisa Dornisch, Julie Dovle, Colleen Dudley, Matt Duffy, Colleen Dunne, Kathy Elliot, Cindy • 2L •I "" m M A 7 ♦- 43Emerson, Stephanie Engel. James Ernst. Mary Fashant. Michelle Flynn, Mary Flynn, Sheila Fontaine. Maury Franke, Catherine Franke, Nancy Fraser, Jeri Frederick, Melinda Frellson. Peter Gilbertson, LeslieGiles, Kevin Gilles, John Glidden, Teresa Goel .inger, Sheryl I (hooding, Ed Greene, John Greene, Tom Hacklox, Teresa Haeg, Joe •' 7 " I Hajduk, John Harris, Nancy Harristhal, Ellic Hawkins, John 45Henke, Michelle Hoffman, Cathy Hogan, Delphanie Holmbcrg, Boh Houdek, Beth Ivory, Kelly Jaeger, Amy John, Michelle Jones, Cathy Jones, Teresa Joyce, Paul Jungers, Kathy 4ttKaluza, Al Kegley, Mary Kelash, Linda Kelly, Tim Kelly, Tom Kepner, Dan Koch, Jerry Kroeten, Kerrie La pe risky, Joe Larkin, Janie Larson, Kathy Lasecke, Laurie 47Liddiard, Monica Lies, Boh Long, Yolanda Lunncborg, Jim Lynch, Chris Mages, Jim Maiers, Joanne Marcy, Val Margarit, Denise Mathewson, Jim Mayclin, MelanieMcGrath. Liz Meade, Mike Mchr, Scott Mellon, Laurie Mcllov, Shannon Meyers, Karen Meyers, Nancy Mills, Bari) Morris, Catherine Morris, Judy Morris, Maggie 49Nelson, Michael Nelson, Miles Ness, Mary Nguyen. Dzung O’Connor, Thomas Olmstead, Sandy Olson, Don Paige, Lisa Palen, Tom Pelncr, Steve Peterson, Mike Piha, Judy 50Pram, Pat Preisinger, Bill Prcwett, Jim Richardson, Joe Riley. Brigid Robertson, Karen Ross, Kevin Rudolph. Chris Santelman, John Savoie, Debbie Scheller, Ken Schneider, Kevin I t 5!Schoenecker, Pat Schumacher, John Seidel, Boh Serres, Anthony Sheehy, John Sieve, Teresa Simpson, Jim Skarman, Peter Smith, Colin Sokoloski, Danette Spelt ., Amy Steiner, Drew Stemper, Jim Stewart, Heather Strahan, Peggy Sullivan, Mary 52Thcis. Mary Thornton, Sue Tysk, Lisa Vinella, Terri Vosl cck. Pete Wallace, Anna Waterman. Jeff Welter, Ted Wichmann, Lisa Wielinski, Kevin Williams, Michelle Wind, Kathy Not Pictured: DcGidio, Mike Eftekar, Eftekhari Matko, Diane Martin, Dean Woolscy, Bridget 53David Adams Gerri Adams Jane Andersen Christine Bader Jerald Bagby Laura Baicr 56Ellen Banovetz Lisa Becker Lynn Becker Alan Bedor Lori Bender Bob Bengtson 57Mike Berry Donna Biedron James Bintner Cameron Bittner Mary Blake Anne marie Bolatto Cathy Brombach George Bussmann 58Bill Clancy Michael Cook Robbie Couillard Anne Cracraft Alan I). Cross Mark DeGidio Gary De Rusha Debbie Dillon 596061Peggy Gleason Sheri Glenziaski Sue Gonsior 62«3 Nancy A. Cramling Paul Hajduk Dan Haugen Terri Heaney Kevin Heath Lcann Hedrick Scott Hilgert Steve Hoeppner Mike Hoffman Paul VV. Holewa Mike Hoover Laura Hughes Teresa Hurd Toni Jaeger Teresa Jasper Tami Jensen Mary John Mary Johnson 64 Hose Jones Sheila Keegan Timothy Kenney Martha Klesk Cindy Krause Tony Krick 65Mindy Lubl en Becky Lunneborg Usa McDonell Joseph McCinty Ruth McLaughlin Fat McNamara Kris Madsen Michelle Majerus Kevin Margarit Judy Martin Sara Mathewson Todd Mayclin 67Ann M. Mehr Lori Jo Meyer Mark Meyer 68 Dan Meier Michael Meyers Meg MorrisseyMary Murphy Cathy Ntelson Barbara Nimis Patrick O’Brien Dan O’Connor Maggie O’Laughlin Jan Ordahl Peggy Osgar Vince Palmby «9Christi Patten Philip Pelletier Mary Petermeier 70 Joan PiculellThomas Praus Laura D. Quinlan Christina Ramsey Mary Reger Anne Regnier Margaret Reiter Nancy Rice Jeanne Rol ertson Jim Ross Mutsuini Sakai Greg Scheller Gina Schullo 71Hence Schwirtz Anne Seidel Becky Smith Sean Smith Cathy Srnec Amy A. Slang Catherine Strcefland Mary Sullivan Katie Susag Anastacia Swanson Dave Sweeney Paul Sweeney Charlene T. Sweere Chuck Tael Monica Thibault Daniel Thole 7273Valerie Thompson Karl Tourville Tim Traxler Kathryn Trombley Kathy Trudell Steve Vadnais Beth Vail Sara Vassbotn Debbie Vinella Charles J. Von Hagen 74Melinda Wagner Thomas Wagner Thomas J. Walentinv Lisa Wee res Ann Welbes Molly Wheeler Todd White Boh Wittnian James Woida Mary Wozniczka Not Pictured: John Jankord Phil Hutchens Stacy Rice 75"There comes a time in the presence of God and each other, when harriers are broken, obstacles are overcome and people are brought together, this is our time." The '79-‘80 Senior Retreat became more than just a weekend at Camp Iduhapi for 100+ seniors and ten teachers. It became a time to mend broken friendships and begin new ones, to be at peace with God and with themselves, to support and trust each other and to simply be a more unified class. When they returned on Sunday physically and emotionally exhausted, the seniors agreed they would try to carry out the goals they had set for themselves during the remainder of the year.Senior Pol Most Fun At Most Tuientc Most Likely Favorit Song Favorite Cro Most Athlct Done Most Most Tjlk;it Rowdiest .... Favorite Radio Station Favorite Mo ie........ Friendliest............ Seidel Succeed Banovct . c Edward: School Hegnicr... Favorite T.V Class Clown Most Changed Rest I .nigh Biggest Flint Most Our Of I Typical Sonic Suturda Nigh ....I nvr Sw Uoh Fit John p .....Kevin M, Bonnie Edwards Best Sense Of Miuiioi Pitulcll Favorite Say n Most intelh-i ! Most Fetnlni i Steve Hoc | Mike IK. Ihovetx inith ... And MlifelineFaculty Staff 787?)Clockwise from top; Sister DePaul Goleski; Bookkeeper, Mrs. Marge Zieska; Alumni Director, Mr. Michael Dolin; Principal, Mr. J. Quinn Tierney; Director of Development, Mr. Cary Kufsvold; Athletic Director; recruitment. Sister Alice Veronica O'Brien; Student Service. Sister Avila Lamb; l.ibrarian. Mrs. Phyllis Haines; Secretary.Sister Susan Oeffling; Principal. Mrs. Lucille Maiers; Secretary, Sister Vincent Van Hcc; Assistant Bookkeeper. Saiulv Spier; Secretary. Mr. Wallace Norstad; Maintenance, Sister Kathleen Forbes; Kcgi trar. Sister Helen Francis Morin; Media Center. 81Clockwise from top: Mrs. Mary Ziegelrncycr; Cafeteria, Ms. Catherine Seward; Counselor, Ms. Holly Stormer. Home Economics, Mr. Bob Wagner; Religion, Ms. Constance Barlx-r; Counselor. Mr. Kevin Armstrong; Religion.Clockwise from lop: Mrs. Catherine Bailey; Cafeteria, Ms. Joan Pauly; Religion. Ms. Terry Sack; Home [economics. Physical Kducation, Mrs. Mary Rundorff; Business, Mrv Barbara Huizinga; Counselor, learning Specialist, Ms. Denise Devaan; Religion. Campus Ministry, Mrs. Donna Shem: Business. 83English, Drama, Mr. John Dawson; Social Studies. Psychology. 8-1Clockwise from lop: Ms. Annette Margarit; Social Studies. Mr. Dexter West nun; English. Speech, Mrs. Suzanne Bender; English, reading. Mrs. Edith Martinson: English. Sister Anne Eugene Auer; Music. Clockwise from top. Sr. Cecile Mark Rader; Language, Ms. Kathie Brown; Mathematics. Mrs. Hosabla Murray; Language, Fr. Eugene Tiffany; Religion, Sr. Ricarda Kelly; Media (Center, Ms. Theresa Reardon: Mathematics, Yearbook, Ms. Karen Fjosse; Mathematics. 88Clockwise from lop. Mr. Mike Karlson; Science, Mrs. Gayle Bari; Science, Sr. Bemadinc Rcinhurd; Art. Media Director, Mr. James Heiits; Industrial Arts, Student Council, Mr. James Driscoll: Physical Education, Health. Mr. John Bennett; Science. 87Clockwise from lop: Ms. Nancy Olive; Art. Mrs. Katherine Hanson; English. Public Relations. Mr. John Hughes; Cafeteria, Mrs. Pal Hove land; French, Ms. Marguerite LaCrundcur; Science, Phy. Ed. Not pictured: Mr. Ron Adamck; Maintenance, Sir. James Bales; Maintenance. Mr. Stuart Olson; Maintenance. Sr. Anne Victoire; Latin. Student Service. 88Clockwise from top: Mr. Dunne Sues ; Choral Director. Sr. Eugene Marie Earley; Nurse, Sr Jeanne Lieser; Mathematics. Mrs. Jane Doyle; Keligion. Mr. Paul Scanlon; Social Studies. Mr. Jerry Illume; Religion. 89AUTUMN AUTUMN h ±UTUMIV AIJTUMMUTUMBWhere were you October 7, 1979? Those who attended the Fall Festival were swept back in time to the “Golden Era of Vaudeville.” Holy Angels was surrounded by the atmosphere of those fun years due to the efforts of Molly Wheeler, student Coordinator, Connie Barber and John Dawson, faculty Coordinators, the Parents’ Organization, and many others who effectively recreated the mood. Many things contributed to this sunny, stunning, successful day ... a tasty chicken dinner, live entertainment in the coffee house, and a huge garage side in the gym to name only a few. Children and adults (who would admit to it) welcomed the addition of live animals to this year’s festivities. As a result of the time, talent, and energy spent on the Fall Festival, enough money was raised to purchase tables and chairs for commons ... an outstanding day indeed. 92Opposite page: Top. Paul Crazzlni plays Tarzan. Lower left. Ann Welbes finds working a lot of fun. Top center. Molly Wheeler wants you to meet her friend. Bottom center. Sandy Carroll reflects on the day. Lower right. Cliff Carroll watches the girls as they go by. Tills page: Top left. Matt Wellses attracts a crowd. Top right. Peggy Osgar and Lynn Becker enjoy the food. Center. Chuck Tad and Joe Eickhoff find Jacob's ladder a hit frustrating. Lower left. Billy says he is tired and wants to go home. Lower right Bridget 1 reton directs everyone to the chicken dinner. 93$ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money $ You can’t avoid it. It’s all around you-the race for money. Most Holy Angels students learn to live with it. And most Co Stars learn early on to make their fund raising quota and help keep the school open and able to continue school activities. Instead of thinking of ways to avoid raising money, many students participated in some profitable events that were fun and helped out the school, or themselves, at the same time. The Marathon, on September 29 was a huge success, garnering more than $10,000. A raffle in mid-winter was also successful because of the grand prize: a 1980 Dodge Aspen. Many groups held their own fund raisers, as well. The Yearbook class sold shampoo, donuts and hot chocolate, the Home Ec. classes sold cookies, the Athletic department sold passes to wear jeans, and the Religion department sponsored a hunger meal to raise money for the Cambodians. Seniors and freshmen both held dances and the Junior class sold carnations on Valentine’s Day in addition to selling concessions at dances and games. $ Money $ Money $ Money $ Money Splash the Islanders Homecoming 79 was an exciting, fun-filled week of t-shirts, hats, hush buttons, class colors, and kissing bandits. During the week of Sept. 31-Oct. 5, students participated enthusiastically in the activities. Boys refused to speak to girls on Tuesday, and at the second annual bonfire on Thursday, football players were auctioned off into a day of slavery while the parents organization circulated free hot dogs to feed hungry stomachs. The traditional blue and gold day on Friday culminated with a pepfest which included AHA’s own "disco infernos" Dave Sweeney and John Domik, class competition, the AHA pops, and several skits. Finally, on the football field, rowdy students cheered the Co Stars to an easy 20-16 win over DeLaSalle. A victory dance was held at Assumption gym to celebrate the win, and the atmosphere was complete with the music of Comer Pocket. Above right. D. Meier and J. Domik; AHA's contribution to disco! Above center. Todd (J. Ross) and Lisa (S. Domisch) steal the show as typical Islanders. Center right. Seniors show their spirit at the pepfest. Center. Co for it Paul and Chris!! l»wer right. K. Tourville shyly asks T. Bader for a slow dance. Lower left. Freshman, Sandy Carroll gets her first taste of a high school dance. 96Alxive left. Another amazing break through for AHA. Above riglit. Hold on. Mike! Center left. The "Blue Blitz" crushes the Islanders' defense. Center right. C-O-S-T-A-R-S arc the BEST! Lower left. Coaches Bennett and Scanlon compare strategics. Lower right. Time stands still the second Indore the Iwll is released. 97Co “Stars Share Second The boy's varsity footi all team finished an outstanding season under head coach John Bennett and assistant coaches P. Larson and P. Scanlon. It was outstanding because the 1979 varsity football team coasistcd of just 24 varsity players who united together and clinched a tie for second place in the Don Bosco Conference, the highest finish in the history of Holy Angels. Co-captains Ceorge Bussmann and Mike Hoover provided the spirit needed to overcome a slow start, and with the rest of the team, charged ahead to a 5-4 overall record and a remarkable 5-2 record in conference play. The Co Stars opened their season against Brooklyn Center with a 0-10 loss in a game plagued by fumbles which led to easy touchdowns for B.C. Holy Angels drop| ed the next two games, and came back to defeat St. Bernards 10-8 on a late field goal by Tom Walentiny. The loss at Rochester left the team with a 1-4 record and bleak hopes. But Homecoming brought a special magic to the team as they rallied together against Del aSalle and won 20-16. An 80 yard run by Ceorge Bussmann led to victory against St. Agnes, another first for the history books. And on a muddy field at Benilde, they put it all together. A strong offense and a swarming defense pushed them over the top as they ripped Benilde 21-6. The final game, against Brady, was icing on the cake as Holy Angels defeated the Broncos 22-14. Most Valuable Player award went to G. Bussmann, Mr. 101% went to T. Praus, and the most improved was S. Denucci. 98Bottom row. l-r: T. Kelly. P. Frellscn. J. jankord, (I. BiisMiiann. B. Clancy. T. Welter. T. Walcntiny. Second row: S. Pclncr, P. Franke. C. Tad. T. Greene, Nl. Nelson, J. Engel, B. Botz. Third row: Assl. coach P. I at non, Avs't. coach P. Scanlon, P. Vos-l cek, B. Fleming, S. DeNticci, M. Hoover, K. Tourville, P. Pelletier. S. Hilgert. B. Flatmagan, T. Pram. Head coach J. Bennett. Not pictured: M. Nelson, T. Kelly. Opposite page: Top. Go for it. George! Center. POWH Wally shows ’em how it's done, lower left. M. Nelson and K. Tourvillc show the "other guys” some new moves, litis page: Center left. B. Botz goes for a long pass. Center right. Co Star defense dominates, lower left. A tense moment for the Co Stars. B-Squad Football The Boy’s B-Squad football team under Coach Scanlon, finished the season with a respectable 2-4 record. "This was one of the hardest hitting B-Squads we have had here.” Coach Scanlon was heard to remark after a heartbreaking loss to St. Agnes. But. on the final game of the season, Dan Sweeny lx oted an extra point, en route to a 39-0 romp over Brady. It was the first time an extra point has been kicked by a B-Squader at Molv Angels. tooFerocious Frosh Excellent passing strategies ami an aggressive ground game let! to a successful season for the freshmen football team. The team coached by Brad Huff, won four of their six games losing only to Cretin and Hill Murray. Opposite page, center: Coach Scanlon watches from the sidelines. Bottom left: J. Richardson sends it sky-ward. This page, center. Quit tailgating me. ok? Bottom right: A quick double-take. How 1 1-r: M. Williams. C. Elliot. T. Heavey, I), (2aye. S. Kuhn. J. l.icktcig. R. Benson. I). Becker. P. Dor niseh Row 2: T. Arms, P. Floersch, A. KoUtad, S. Huss, M. Smith. J. Meyer. K. Bergman. J. Praus. j. Benson Row 3: D. Doble, J. Flynn. R. Sta. Maria. T. Becker. M. Welbes, B. Hanvik. P. Mackey. M. Hanafin. P. Schultz, j. Blake. M. Trudell, J. Floersche. Coach Ruff. 101M Vy Rimning Strong Now Under the guidance of new coach, Patrick Kelchan, the Cross Country team had a fine season their first year as a AA team. The ! oys and girls ran especially well with records of 33 wins—27 losses, and 50 wins—8 losses, respectively. The team placed high in the Don Bosco Conference; the girls took second and the hoys fourth. The girls Cross Country team boasted three all-conference runners: D. Vinella, C. Patten, and M. Redfern. In the region meet the girls placed third and the boys thirteenth. The girls sent two runners on to the state meet where D. Vinella placed twelfth and C. Patten placed thirty-ninth. The season was one of dedication and hard work, but it was also full of laughter and victories. Top right: T. Larson finishes strong. I-ower right: I). Vinella and C. Patten lead the pack How one: P. Woida, T. Stemper, 1). Olson. K. Schneider, J. Wonla. Row two: C. Smith. H. Olson. T. 1-arson, C. Nimis. B. Cross, j. Snsag. 102Top left: M. Booby is determined to win. Top r»t»ht: See Russ nm! Middle right: T. 1-arson confers with Coadi Kelehan about course conditions. Row one: M. Wokla, C. Cross, D. Vinella, M. Sullivan, M. Redfem, K. Keglcv. Row two: Coadi Kelehan, C. Fatten, M. Boulay, B. Ire-ton, S. Sara in. S. Keegan. 103Just for KIC li S Boys’ Soccer One new coach + one new team + one new conference- SUCCESS! And the boys soccer team, coached by Paul Zilka, was, indeed, a success in their first year of existence. The team captured the brand new conference with a record of 7-0-1 and finished with a final record of 9-3-1. With the conference lie-hind them, the team moved on to section play offs where they met Prior Lake. The Co Stars dominated the game in shots on goal, corner kicks and ball handling, but muddy fields and poor lights got the liest of them and they suffered a disappointing 3-2 loss. Leading the Co Star offense to a -1 point per game season average were Jim Mages, Mike Hoffman and Mike Meade. Key mid-fielders Paul Sweeney, Cliff Car-roll, and Joe Ilaeg kept the ball crossed in front of the net against all odds. Tough, starting, defenders Bob Ben-gtson, Kevin Margarit, Sean Smith, and Bob Seidel, along with goalie Mike Hanek, showed their true strength and shut out ft of 14 games. 1st How: C. Carroll. M. Heaney, S. Gilles. T. Murphv. T. Krick. H. Couillard. M. Hoffman. 2nd Row: J. Iaipeasky, M. llaeg. F. Maghrak. J. Hawkins, J. MttgCS. G. Schcller, M. Hanek. J. Hacg. 3rd Row: I’ Kenney, B. Seidel. S. Smith, F. Sweeney, B. Bcngtson, J. Gucrts, l. Meade. K. Margarit. Coach ' ilka. Team Record AI1S 30T AHS in 0 AHA .1 Brack 0 VllA 2 0 AHA 4 North Branch.... 0 AHA 2 0 AHA 1 Frior 1 .ake 0 AHA H North Branch ... ti AHA 7 St. Thou no n AHA 7 Delano 2 AHA -1 Brack 1 AHA PUvotf AHA o Prior Ukr 3 104Opposite page: Top. Boot it again, Rob! Center. B. Bengtson's fast foot strikes again! This page: Alx ve left. M. Hoffman shows the aggressive side to his nature. Above center. Where did everyone go? Above right. I . Zilka explains the right way to do it. Center. K. Margarit watches the field intently. Lower right. M. Meade's famous one-leg kick. 105Girls’ Soccer I cjitii Record The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team, for the second time in as many years, took the Conference Championship. They finished the season with a remarkable 6-0 conference record and an 8-5-1 overall record. Despite injuries, poor officials, and an extremely cold season, the Co° Stars managed to shut out Brady twice and Burnsville once. Freshman offensive player Polly Mages had the most goals, with junior Lisa Bendtsen and sophomore Jeanne Bengtson contributing excellent ball control. Midfielders Pat Praus, Dani Sokoloski, and Mary Sullivan kept the ball moving and were vital to the Co®Star offensive attacks. The Co®Stars had strong, aggressive fullbacks in nn vc, Mindy I.ubben. Michele Dupont, and Colleen Duffy. Starting Goalie Bonnie Edwards had an excellent year, as evidenced by the record. All-Conference awards went to Mary Sullivan, Mindy Lubben, Lisa Bendtsen, Pat Praus, aiul Polly Mages. The team members voted for awards which went to the two “Players of the Year". Mary Sullivan and Bonnie Edwards, and for the “Most Improved Player”, Pat Praus. 'Hie team, coached by Annette Margarit, had an outstanding season. AHA 1 MIA.. .0 AHA...2 MIA....6 AIIA....0 Ml Ml AHA.. AHA..10 AHA...3 AHA....I 106 Row 1: M. Krick. J. Bcngtson, J. Domisch, S. Goetzfnger, B. Edwards. Row 2: M. Sullivan, A. Nye, M. I.ulrbcn, P. Praus, C. Duffy, L Bendtsen. E. Harris that. Row 3: B. Horner, L. Meyer. D. Sokoloski, J. Malers. G. Eichten, M. Dupont, P. Mages. Coach Margarit.Opposite page: Top. Another great save! Center. M. Sullivan defends her position. This page: Above left. B. Kd wards asks the immortal question, "Where am I?” Above center. L Meyer strikes again. Above right. J. Maiers and S. Hamilton charge up-ficld. Outer. M. I Jildx-n is |X iscd and ready for action. Lower left. This is (XVSTAR territory, just l eware! 107B-SQUAD SOCCER Though not in the limelight, the B-squad teams were no less successful than their varsity counterparts. The lx ys' B-squad soccer team, coached by Paul Zilka, had an excellent season, winning four of their five games. The girls' B-squad soccer team, coached by Maggi LaGrandeur, faced many handicaps and came out ahead. Often out numbered, and with many players injured, the odds were frequently in the other team's favor. This did not stop them and they pushed ahead to a 3-4-3 record. Front Row: I. to R. J. Schumacher. M. ItacR. D. Duffy. P. Skarman. Second Row: L to R. F. Breitling. P. Joyce, J. Kraft. D. Steiner. M. Kraft. T. Sandvik. D. Duma . D. Byrne, P. Kenney. Team Record 4 win Front Row. L to R: T. Sieve. C. Zclada. E. Becker. M. Casscrly. M. Sandvik. J. Johnson. Second Row. J. to R: A. Itylden. C. Eken. 1.. Kelash. S. Hamilton. C. Crivits. K. Flynn. Not Pictured: Wendy Brandt. Roni Glklden. 108The AHA Swingers The girls tennis team for the 1979 year was a success under the training of coach Ms. Sack. Although Ms. Sack was new this year, she gave the girls spirit to play good, competitive tennis. The tennis team worked hard and deserved their season record of 9 wins and 6 losses. Top Left: You can do it Sheila Flynn! Top Center: Amy jaeger asks the eternal question: Is it still love? Pictured First Row: K. Burg. J. Bednarz. K. Cilligan. M. Dabley. M. Bums. L. Bodcnstcincr. Second Row: H. Stewart. S. Mathewson, M. Ernst, J. Barbour, A. Jaeger, M. Ness. Coach Sack. Not Pictured: S. Flynn, K Tombcrv 109IVLYTER WINTER V noINTER YVIATEKW INTER misAdie HAwkins The Daisy Maes finally got a chance to catch their Lil' Abners. Man-yin’ Sam, alias Jerry Blumc, was there with a grin on his face while couples gathered to make it legal. Jeans, checkered shirts, garters, and straw hats whirled around to the music of the school's sound system. A main attraction was getting pictures taken on the haystack in front of the bam. All of this and more contributed to a fabulous time at the 1979 SADIE HAWKINS, held at Marian Hall on November 9th. Upper left. S. Paige does the Sadie Hustle. Upper right. Seniors do it BEST. Center left. M. Kolasek gets into the picture. Center right. Disco Frosh. l.ower left. Smile for the cameras Mar)1. Lower right. M. Cook gets down. 112Upper left. Seniors do it BEST. Upper center. J. Engel enjoys the scenery. Upper right. G. Adams and her beau look on. Center left. M. Fashant hates smelly feet. Center right. GO FOR IT! Lower left. Marryin' Sam warns "There may lx complications!" Lower right. Who says just girls gossip? 113Hallelo tah v ' FOR U TX US A cvtruo XS BORN Holiday spirit filled the air at the annual Christmas concert which was held on December 20. The Women’s Chorus began the show with a wide assortment of carols. Chris Klsen and Kris Tombers highlighted the Women’s Chorus performance with their duet, "Still, Still. Still.” The Woodwind Ensemble offered a special Sopoci-arranged Christmas medley. The Concert Choir concluded the evening with Handel’s “Messiah.” Sheryl Coctzingcr. Mike Hoover. Anne Seidel, Anne Wellies, and John Club!) provided solo performances for the Concert Choir. Under the direction of Duane Suess and Steve Sopoci. the concert proved to lie an enjoyable experience for the parents, friends, teachers, and students who attended. 114 Opposite page: l.cft. M. Hoover sings “Comfort Yc, My People.” Bight. J. Ross offers iii% imitation of Oil I St. Nick. This page: Upper loft. Mr. Sties directs the Concert Choir in Handel's “Messiah." Upper right. The Women's Chorus puts everyone in the Christmas spirit with. "Twas the Night Before Christmas." l.ower left. The Women's Clients sings “White Christmas." 115am The traditional “Sno-da .e” took place Janua Mindy Luhben. Student Council activities coordinator. and other Council members planned a week of fun-filled activities to relieve the “mid-winter blues” at AHA. 'Hie week began with a button drawing contest won by Kevin Margarit. who coined the weeks theme of. “Bury The Knights.” As part of the spirit week, students wore different outfits each dav. These included, long underwear, 50’s, dress clothes, class colors, and blue and gold. At the pep fest on Friday, the winners of the hush button jntest, Tom YVallentiny and Tim Heany were crowned Irresistible....Hie Pogo”, a new dance, was also in’ troduced by Dave Sweeney and John Dornik. 'Hie week ended disappointingly with the boys basketball team losing to Benilde 56-51. A dance closing festivities took place at Marion Hall with the njlflc L“Carilx u.” 117118 Opp pant-: Upper left. Ms. Reardon I smiles lor Phil. Upper right. Deanna goes wild. I-ower right. John is astonished ! ’ the play. This page: Upper left. Ms. Sack goes hack into time. Center right Smile, you're on Candid Camera! lower left. Dancing becomes alive. 119A Witness for the Prosecution On a windy evening in October, a murder was committed. At 8:00 p.m. on the nights of December 7, 8, and 9, in the Holy Angels auditorium, that same murder was solved. Ixronard Vole, an attractive, voting drifter who has an unusual way with women, was accused of murdering Miss Emily French. Miss French, a wealthy, older woman, was in the habit of making wills. Her last will left her entire fortune to Vole. Mr. Clegg .'...-As... The Other Woman dike Cook Morrissey Court Stenographer . Bromhuch Joeiiininr r F ull i-T.uike Kathy Welch Had) Nimis i Kris Tombers ’rosecution” was directed ludent director Jim Garner ................................................ .............. Wilfred Kobarts................................... John jankord Ms. Mayhcw......................................Belinda Cullen Leonard Vole...................................Matt Dudley Inspector lira me.......................... ..............Jim Boss Policeman...................................1 ..........Tim White Bomuine..................................'.‘dkX Marcia Christiansen Clerk of Court........................................ Paul Woida Mr. Myers........4.................................. Cliff Carroll Judge NValnwright .a...'........................ Valerie Andrade Dr. Wyatt........A....;.................Jh............Beth Ifoudek land Mnt'Ki'n ir .... Iitlti DeMarm Center right. Greta jokes with Mr. Carter. Iarwcr right. The attorneys for the defense confront the mysterious hlondc stranger. Rumainc Hcilger. Vole's wife and a person of ambiguous foreign origins, claims her marriage to Vole is invalid due to a previous marriage iu Berlin sonic years Indore. She ultimately becomes the chief witness for the prosecution. 120Mr. Myers is tlx- young. ambitious prosecuting attorney who would like to see I-conard Vole Ix-liiml bars in his competition, Vole's defense attorney, Ms. Mayhew. set in her place. Joanne Mayhew, a partner in the firm of Mayhew and Brinskill. raises numerous objections to the ease presented by Mr. Myers, one of which is Mr. Myers himself. Wilfred Roberts. also kmiwii as Bill, attempts to obstruct the prosecution's ease. He attacks ami ledgers tlie witnesses, | articularly Ro-tnaine. lie eventually forces her to admit the existence of a mysterious man named Max. Judge Wainwright. a refined, older woman, reminds Romanic that what she says in court must be the truth or she may lie trier! for perjury. Romaine ignores her advice. THE JURY: Row one. Elliot I). Leeds, Gerald B. Mediocre. Madeline Goldman, Jasmine Sommer. Tex Arkansas. Hilda Knimm. Row two. Jane Doc. Amber Martin. T.J. Swann. Orson Welles, Gigi l.iRue. and R.J. Bodsworth. These people will decide the fate of Leonard Vole. THE WITNESSES: (clockwise from left) Janet Makenzie. housekeeper for Miss French. She hates laronard Vole. Inspector lleame, detective. He discovered the body of Miss French. Dr. Wyatt. New York police surgeon. She is calm, cool, and collected. She will not name the person wlx really did it. Mr. Clegg, forensics expert. He determined that lasatard Vole had the same blood type as Emily French, ami the blood on Vole's jacket could have come from Vole himself. 121Chess: The Ultimate Challenge A good chess player is not bom but slowly taught the intricacies of the game. Many long hours of grueling, brain-racking practice must take place lieforc any competition. This year’s team, captained by Pat Schoenecker and coached by Mr. Klliot Adams, started off the season on one foot, but by January, they had both feet firmly planted in the chess circuit. Team members exhibited their dedication every Tuesday when they faced their foes at Kennedy High School. A sub-team comprised of John Susag, Dan Johnson and alumni participated in the Minneapolis Chess League to further strengthen their talents for the years to come. (Team Picture) Row one: B. Hnlmttcrg. M. Johnson. I). Johnson. Row two: J. Swag, B. Cullen. C. Ilnodck, K. Fulgur. Not Pictured: J. Adams, I). Carroll. D. Olson. P. Schoenecker. 122 OLt MH J2W Burnsville Kennedy St. Thomas Hastings. « 2lj 0 o AHA AHA .... AHA.... AHA.... 0 ....5 OIL - 5 S'Ihcv Kennedy B... Burnsville St Tliomas 3 0 1 0 AHA ... AHA... AHA... AHA .... ■7 5 4 € t 0 A ■ £ modv A AHA .... — « A . ■ ■ j w M m (Opposite Page) Left: Mr. EOiot Adams serves as the chess team coach. Bight: J. Adams intently ponders over hfcs next move. (This Page) lower left: j. Susag studies his opponent's position. 123Muscle Men What kind of guy was an AHA wrestler? Only a select numl er of athletes even qualified. A wrestler was DE-VOTED: long hours after school and on into the night. DEDICATED: he gave up food for long periods of time to make weight. A true wrestler possessed ENDURANCE: even in the most uncomfortable position and with a monster on top of him, a Co Star did not give up. Coaches Driscoll and Ruff kept sharp eyes on their team and weren’t satisfied with second l est. The squad, led by captains Robbie Coulliard and Mike Hoover, experienced a roller coaster season. Easy victories over Marshall-U and DcLaSalle were met by losses to Kennedy and Washburn. Each member of the team proved his ability at his own weight. Outstanding grapplers included Tom Praus. Karl Tourville, Mike Hoover, Robbie Coulliard, and Todd White who was sidelined mid-season with knee surgery. 12-t 197940 Co Star Wrestling team: First row, (loft to right) I). Duffy, T. Krick. R. Coulliard. J. I.ickteig. C. Nimis. Second row. J. McCiuty, Cl Vonlla-gen. G. Mortcnson. G. Schdler, M. Adamek. j. Praus, C. Tad, G. jaeger. I). Dol le. Third row. Coach Driscoll, B. Ctiranaga, M. Amis. B. Fleming, T. IVans, K. Tourville. j. Hoover. M. Hoover. Coach Ruff. Not pictured: Todd White.Opposite page: Top. A dejected T. Prans hangs his head after ail agonizing defeat. This page: Top left. C. Nimis consults with Coach Driscoll before an iin|M rtant match. Top right. R. (.'(Hilliard: ready and waiting. Center. C. VonHagcn inflicts pain upon his opponent, lamer left. C. Tael "grins and bears" it. lamer right. M. Hoover practices his gorilla act on an unfortunate foe. Above center. Todd White smiles for the camera. 125They Gave It Their Best Shot The air was so cold you could see your breath. A tension had settled over the arena filled with expectant parents and students. During the next three periods the goalie alisorbcd what seemed like hundreds of pucks, and guarded the net like a tightly coiled spring-balanced on the tips of his blades, ready for yet another attack. The defensemen and wings were blurs on the ice, their stic ks searching for the puck, their bodies crushed against the boards or flattened out on the ice as they missed yet another pass. They tried hard to outwit the opposing goalie—but fate worked against them— again. Time and time again the Co'star Varsity hockey team, coached by Mike Sack and Fr. Gene Tiffany, tried to outwit the “other guys.” They suffered an early 0-10 loss to Centennial and going into the third period against St. Agnes, the Co stars were ahead 0-0. but lost 7-6 in overtime. Their third game, against River Falls, put the Co®stars on top 4-3. After a series of seven losses, the Co®stars triumphed over River Falls a second time with a score of 4-1. Improved skills during the second half of the season brought the Co “stars closer to their opponents, but they couldn’t put it together until they met Brady once again. Here the Co°stars used their earlier cx|)erience to upset the Bronco’s defease and avenge their first loss. The final score: 5-2. Two more losses brought the twenty-game season to a close. They gave it their best shot. Top right: S. Falconer races to the puck. (JV Picture) First row: J. Kraft. S. Clllcs, M. Kotasck. P. Schoenccker. M. Burgoync, P. Dyer. Second row: 1). Dumas. J. Tot' ke. S. Melloy. M. Meyers, T. Kenney, P. McGinty. J. Bintner, 1 . Haugen. Coach Welter. Lower right. Hie team huddles around the goal for a pre-game conference. 126Top left. Captain DeGideo confers with J. Mclnery Ixtween the action. Top right. C. Bussmann waits for M. DeGideo’s next move. Center. B squad puckstcrs watch from the sidelines—ready to skate at a moment's notice. Varsity Hockey Team: (left to right) First row: P. Frankc. D. Martin. M. Hacg. C. Bnssmann, M. Kotasck, C. Meade. M. Hanck. S. Falconer, J. Haeg. Second row: J. I.unneborg. Coach Suck. B. Bot . M. DcCidco, l . Meier. K Weilinski, T. Cnerer. J. Mclnemy, B. Prrisinger. Couch Tiffany, J. Mathewson. Not pictured: Mgr. Matt Hall.A New Beginning The 1979-80 season brought a change to the Co star girls' Varsity basketball team in the person of coach Annette Margarit. The new coach brought to the Co stars a style of "fast-breaks" and controlled shooting. Coach Margarit, along with assistant coach Denise DeVaan, worked to meld the different playing styles into a tough, defensive team. Erratic playing and relative youth were distinct disadvantages, however. Flayers who helped to overcome these disadvantages included I ri Meyer who directed the fast-break, offensive player Mary Blake who put the ball in the basket for the Co stars. Marv Sullivan and Kathy Jungers who worked hard on defense, and Pat Frans with her excellent ball-handling skills. The season improved slowly with the team losing early, to Brady, by 23 points. Three losses later, the Co stars met third-ranked Brady for a second time. Holy Angels went into the fourth quarter down by eighteen points and came within two points of l eating the Broncos in the close-fought battle. The second half of the season though, brought good luck to the Co stars. Their second meeting with Rochester Lourdes, this time at home, ended with the Co stars on top by twelve points. A heart-breaking 44-34 loss to arch-rival Regina left the Co stars exhausted and disappointed. But in their next game, they shot 50% from the floor and used a position. The Co stars came up on top once more with a score of 55-48. Two more wins, against St. Agnes and St. Bernards, finished the season and left the Co'stars with an even 9-9 record.Opposite page: Top right. L. Meyer keeps an eve open for her opponents. Center left. M. Blake reaches high for the hall. Center. J. Maiers signals to pass. (Center right. L. Mever Imuuds down the court, l wc. tight. C. Duffy attempts to pass the lull to M. Blake. This page: Top left. M. Sullivan prepares to shoot. Top right. P. Pram fights to keep possession of the I Kill. Center. K. Jungers looks for her pass receiver. Girls’ Varsity Team: (left to right) First row: I- Meyer. M. CasscHy, C. Duffy. P. Praus. L. latsccke. L Kelasli. Second row: Coach De-Vaan, Mgr. E. liarristhal. M. Sullivan. J. Maiers. J. McDonald. C. Patten. M. Blake, K. Jutrgerv. Coach Margarit. 129B-Squad The girls B-Squad basketball team, coached by Paul Larson, had a good year. They continued the tradition set by the other basketball squads this year and ended their season on a winning note with an 11-5 record. Excellent season performances were given bv Jeanne Bengtson, Sue Hamilton, and Ann Nye. Top right. G. Eichtcn waits for the tip. Center left. Jeanne Bengtson watches as C. Eichtcn maneuvers around the defense. Bottom left M. Sandvik concentrates on the basket. First row: B Weir. J. Bengtson. Nl. Ascher, M. S.mdvik. A. Hutchens, M. Sienkn. K. Flynn. Second row: G, Eichtcn, J Dunn. C. Montag. A. Banovetz. S. Hamilton, A. Nye. M Scanlon. H. I ret on. 130Freshmen The freshmen girls’ basketball team, coached by Diane Meyer, experienced the same good luck as the other Co star basketball teams this year. Excellent defensive and offensive skills led them to a winning season. First row: C. Klsen. C. Vaughn. J. Bcdnarz. I . Polack. W. Kelly. R. Fitzgerald, H. Mucklin. Second row: Coach Meyer, K. Tombcrs. C. Risen. S. Koenig. C. Crivits, M. Conlon, B. Ireton. J. Campion, N. Bi-ssonette. Top l« ft. C. Crivits leads the stampede down the court. Center right. B. Ireton shows howto drop kick a liaskethall. Bottom right. J. Campion demonstrates her style. 131For the fourth year in a row, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team had a winning season. This accomplishment was significant considering a Co Star height disadvantage, the inexperience of tl»e team, and a tough conference schedule. The team which gained momentum slowly, won two of their first four games. The fifth game pitted the Co Stars against powerful Fridley Grace, the favored team to win the contest. Shooting 60% from the floor, the Co°stars ran the Eagles off the court and into a major upset of the season with a score of 64-61. The Co stars continued their winning streak, capturing first the Delano Tournament trophy, and in a spectacular game on the Co stars home turf, edged out Rochester Lourdes with a score of 46-42. This game was a high for the Co°stars as they were the only team to beat Lourdes, ranked fifth in the state, during conference play. The second half of the season brought disappointing lows to the mighty Co°stars. They lost five of their hist seven games and finished fifth in the conference. Their overall record before the regional tournaments began was 9-8. Front Row (L to R): J. Richardson, C. Lynch. M. Meyer, S. Hocppner, M. Meade, B. Clancy. M. Hoffman, S. Engel. M. Daly. Back Row: Coach Kufevold, K. Morgan', D. Sweeney, P. Ilajduk. B. Lies. J. tUjduk. J. Domik, V. Palmby, J. Santclman. Not pictured: Coach Nelson, S. DeNucci. 132A Winning Tradition Opixrute page: Top. P. ilujduk in a pressure situation. Center. H. Lies shoots for one. This page: Alx ve left. J. Domik, S. Hoeppner. ready and waiting. Center. J. Domik sails over foe to get the tap. Alxrvc right. S. DeNucci juni| s two feet to drop the hall in the basket. laiwer left. M. Meyer takes the hall down court on a fast break. 133B-Squad The lx ys B-squad, coached by John Bennett, worked hard to improve their hall handling abilities and defensive and offensive skills. The result of their efforts was a final season record of 13-5. The season's high point came at the Delano Tournament where they captured first place and came home with a trophy. Arch-rival Grace gave them a run for their money—but the Co Stars crushed the Eagles’ defense and came through with a score of 52-49, clearly a highlight of their season. li-Squad team: (left to right) First row: K. Stocking, T. I.ickteig. P. Kelash, J. Meyer. Second row: A. Debrcy, J. Richardson. S. McDonald. M. Heaney, P. Kenney, J. F.rding. E. Sieve. Third row: Coach Bennett, D. Sweeney. J. Courts. P. Iloeppner. P. Feddcma. R. ndcrson. 134Freshmen The Freshman Basketball team came out this year ready to play ball—and play they did. With a 13-1 record three-quarters of the way through the season, they suffered a disappointing loss to Edina-West. They came back to edge out Cretin with a score of 38-37. Their skill on the courts was excellent. Hie whole team worked together like a fine oiled machine under coach Dave Ghi .oni. Opposite page: Top right. P. Fcddema reaches past his opponent for the tap. Bottom loft. Coing. going, gone! This page: Top left. J. Burgess goes for two. 135 Freshmen team: First row: I). Cave. M. Williams. R. Benson. T. Anns. Second row: J. Flynn. M. Smith. T. Ifcancy. J. Meyer, K. Bergmann. Third row: F. Breitling. J. Blake. B. Hanvik. J. Burgess, M. Welbes. Not pictured: Conch Dave Chi cetera et ceteraet cetera et ceteraetcbream jot tomorcom, « Txve jttc tocCa j, r 4 cfxotr$£i jester c£mihrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahra Football (ilitt-rleadert Kcriie Krocten. Cathy Smec, Monica l.iddiard. Denise M.truant. Tina Bader. iin«r Cracraft, Star.' Ness. Debbie (•illigan ©O Wrestling Cheerleaders Kcrric Krocten, Cathy Srncc. Debbie Cilligan. Monica l.iddiard. Tina Bader Basketball Cheerleaders Mary Ness. Jane Barbour. Denise Margarit. Liz McGrath. Chris Ramsey. Ann Blessing. Not pictured: Anne Cracraft ihrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahra I-Mlirahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahra Freshman Cheerleaders Caroline Franke. Laura Mortenson. Cindy Nelson. Julie Ryan, Mary Moran, Jeanne Rudolph, Michelle Goblish Hockey Cheerleaders Anna Wallace, Julie DeCideo, lisa (Hterinan. Stacy Rice. Janie lurkin, Collene Koncs i r all rah r all rah rail rah rah r ahr ah r ahr ah rah r a MlCLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CL German Club. (I. to R) First row: L. Drum. S. Keegan. J. Ernst. L Cilbcrtson, A. Scrrcs. D. Sweeney. Second row: K. Welch, M. Sandvik. G. Eichten. C. Frankc. R. Flynn, Frunkc, K. Schneider. Third row: S. Koenig. R. Mel-uighlin. K. Bovy. K. Jungers, J. Muiers, M. Ernst. P. Praus. Sr. Cecile Marie, J. Eickhoff. Not pictured: K Kegley. K. Paquette. S.OImstcad. Spanish Club. (I- to R) First row: Mrs. Murray. I- Fleming. J. O’Hcrn. S. Iluehncr, V. Fleming. Second row: j. Spieluiann. S. Thornton, K. Ascher. M. Muyclin. A. Rentisa. Not pictured: A. Morrissey, A. Sullivan. T. Sieve. IX Matko. French Club. (L to R) First row: C. Montag. J. DeMarce, I.. Bender, A. Welbcs. M. Scanlon. M. DcN'ucci. H. Ireton. C. Slangier. Second row: A. Banovetz. M. Pigeon. M. Boulay, N. Harris. M. Theis. M. Dabney. R. FitZgtnld, C. Nolden. Third row: T. Jas-per, A. Ilyklcn. J. Beditar .. B. Ireton. K. Tombcrs. A. Jaeger. S. Sarazin. L Ostcnnan. M. Sullivan, M. Dincen, Mrs. Hoveland. Advisor. Not pictured: M. Champlin. M. Gross. T. Heaney, I,. McDonell. L. MtCrath, S. Olson. T. Sloan. CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CL M2UBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS National Honor Society. (L to H) First row: K. Miu irit, S. Hocppner. D. Sweeney, A. Seidel. B. Benglson. I). Steiner. A. Jaeger. Second row: B. Meyer. J. Ernst, V. Ckxxiing, M. Lautzenhiser. M. Boulay, L). Nguyen. T. Jasper, E. Banovetz. Third row: D. Sokoloski. J. Maiors. K. Jungcrs. N. Meyers. M. I.iddiard. I). Zieska, T. Vinella. K Aschcr, J. Doniisch, P. Franke. B. Cro». P. Hujduk. I). Olson. M. O'Laughlin. Fourth row: CL Bus-smann, A. Rcgnicr, D. Gilligan. M. Blake, I). Margarit, J. Barixmr, G. Adams. K. Susag, N. Harris, K. Schneider, A. Serres. Not pictured: B. Lies. J. Stcmper, Mrs. Hokenstrom, Advisor. Ushers Club. (I. to R) First row: C. Montag. L. Drum. S. Keegan. K. Susag. J. Krnst, G. Adams. Second row: M. Pigeon. T. jasper. S. Wozniczka, M. Aschcr, II. IretiM). A. Nye. Third row: A. Banovetz, I . Gilligan. CL Srnec, V. Gooding, A. Seidel. L. Bender, E. Banovetz. Not pictured: A. Ilvlden. M. Grins. I). Bicdron. C. Kixiesv, J. Bcngtuxi. M. Thiiiuult, M. Woz-mc ka. T. Sloan. Mrs. Martinson, Advisor. UBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS 143:lubsclubsclubsclubsclubsclu Worship Committee (left to right) First row: P. Joyce. C. Smec. A Regnier. G. Cnxxling. L. Osterman, S. Glcn-zenski. Second row: I,. Whittington, I), Cilli-gan, A Seidel. T. Jasper. M. Lmt cnhiscr. K. Xicbol, S Vlathewson, Not pictured: T Larson. Ski Club (opjKwitc page) First row: B. Carpenter, C. McDonel. M. Same. S. Petermeior. S. Blatz, J. Ackerman. Second row: Chaperone T. Reardon. Advisor S. Bender, T. Farrell, I. Morteuson, T. I lord, M. Saki. M. I.iddiard. Ttiiixl row: P. FrclLon. P. Sehoenecker, K. Tnidcll, S. Chaplin. I. Bender, T. Patten. Chaperone Mrs. Pidgeon. Fourth row: J, Andersen, B. Larranaga. M. Gohlish, L. Bod-cnstciner. VI. Pidgcon, M. Cron. Fifth row: I . Meyers, S. Pelner, P. Mahoney, S. Sarazin, J. Ryan. L. Mariska, J. Jordan, A. Schoon. Not pictured: M. John. M. John. V. Marcy, C. Smith. C. Rudolph, S. Emerson, A. Seheller. L. McDonel. C. Koncss, I. Stewart. P. Movers, D. Pelner, J. Kraft. C. Jaeger, M. Champlin, M. Miller. S. Mealy, S. Paige. A. Bittner. S. Carroll. IX Cayc, VI. Bussen, A. Ko-Istad. Chaperone T. Sack, Stage Crew First row: P. Cra ini, T. Kenney, T. Scrres. Second row: K. Ivory, K. Jones, K. Jones. IX .icska. C. Else... IX Olson. J. Woida. K. Welch. A. Bcnusa. Third row: K. Schneider. P. Woida. VI Adamek. B. Olson, C. Smith. C. Elsen. J Hawkins. VI. IXalv. B. Dickenson. Not pictured. P. Kenney. II. Stewart. Danceline (opposite page) VI. Frederick. L. Mariska. C. Rudolph, A. Hyklen. C. Swcere. B. Houdek, I- Wichmann. VI. Pidgcon, A Cilligan. C. Ramses . S. Cross. J. Speilmann, VI Williams. S. Olson. SCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSCl 144JSCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSCLUBSC UBSCLUBSCLUBCLUBSCLUBSCLUBCCircus? 'Flic lights go tip as the performers enter the ring. The emcee announces the stars. President Steve Hoeppner headed this years student council which was, at times, a three-ring circus. Executive board, class officers and homeroom representatives composed the 79-80 council where much heated debate brought forth many important decisions. Advisors Jim Heins and Jane Doyle set an example of good leadership and helped the council not to lose sight of their goals. Some of the issues on the agenda included: The uniform, social events and dances, the school lunch program and fund raising. A spirit of unity among the members helped them communicate their spirit to the entire school. mOpposite page. Top: Not all decisions please everyone. Center: (Class Officers) First row: K. So sag, N. Harris, K. Tombcrs. Second row: B. Hanvik. M. I ee, M. lantzeiihiser. Not Pictured: I). Olson, A. Hylden. Bottom: (Executive Board) First row: B. Beugtson, M. BouUy, M. Lubben, K. Zicbol, K Banovctz. Second row: C. Lynch, M. Blake. S. Hoeppncr, Advisor j. Heins, D. Sweeney. Not Pictured: Molly Wheeler, Advisor J. Doyle. This page: Top left: M. Boulay, S. Ilocppncr and I). Sweeney head the weekly meetings. Top right: M. Blake and M. I-ce discuss upcoming events. Center left: Students enjoy themselves at the Student Couivcll-sponsored Homecoming dance. Center right: The Pumpkin Carving Contest is a new tradition Student Council started this year. Lower left: Student Council: a place to think, to talk, to listen and learn from each other. 147Dear Angel, This year was really rough! These once-a-month deadlines almost killed me. I stayed after school on Thursdays to type my articles ami to proofread them. 1 can’t even begin to count the hours I spent writing them. After I, and everyone else, finished their work. Jim Simpson did the final paste-up ami we sent the material to the printer. What was the result of these endeavors? A newspaper filled with articles about school news and special events. There were columns alrout each class as well as faculty members. Sometimes there was artwork or poetry as well. Honestly. Angel, I don’t know how 1 did it. The advisor, Nancy Olive, and editor, Gerri Adams, helped to pull the staff together and made it easier for me to get my work done. And it was you Angel who made me laugh. Thanks. Signed, A Courier Cohort Dear Cohort, You should have signed yourself, “A Star among Co Stars." Thanks for the compliment. Signed, Angel 148(Opposite Pugp) Top Right: Cl. Adams expresses her opinion on a story. Lmver left’: M. Anns and K. Wind work together to find new ideas. Staff Photo: First row: C. Adams. R. Adams. T. Jaeger. T. Jones. M. Pamcl. See-nod row: K. Welch. . Olive. K. Wind. R Jones. J. Simpson, M. Arms. Not pk-tured: D. Dolrlc, S. Rcsser. (This Page) Top left: Tin Adams sisters: wliat a team! Top right: K. Wind. K. Welch and M Pamcl brainstorm on editorial ideas. Center left: Newspaper K more than haul work, it's fun. too! Ixiwcr right: T. Jones and S. Bcsscr collaborate on new ideas. Lower left: D. DoMe is obviously happy over the newspaper's sales figures. 149Your book: Yearbook i t t t i r v t t r t r The good times ... the happy times ... the hard times ... the best times ... and all the rest of the times. The 1979-80 school year was the product of all of these times. The yearbook staff worked long and hard hours to make this (in their minds) the l cst yearbook ever. With layouts to plan, pictures to take, copy to write, and deadlines to meet, the book was quite a challenge—and the challenge was met. They planned many fund raisers, such as selling donuts, hot chocolate and pictures at the Fall Festival. The profits, in addition to the money brought in from selling ads, provided the funds to finance the project. With the help of Senior Editor Katie Susag and advisor Terry Reardon, the book was put together, and Miss Olive gave artistic advice that helped make this year’s edition a success.Opposite page: Counterclockwise from top. A. Kramer, M. Cook. J. Santclman, ami T. Kenney decide oil their photos for the layouts. K. Wind and C. Sweere smile for the camera. I). O’Connor ponders over the frosh page. S. Swanson gets new ideas from an okl yearbook. The yearbook staff: First row. (left to right) T. Reardon, advisor. K. Susag, S. Swanson. S. Keegan. Second row. F. Hutchens. L. Wichmann. C. Sweere. K. Wind, D. O'Connor. M. Fash-ant, T. Kenney. Top row. B. Vail. J. Andersen, T. Grecne.M. Cook. A. Kramer. J. Santelmann. Not pictured: IX Dillon. L. Paige. P. McNamara. Tins page: Top left. C. Sweere hard at work. Top right. S. Keegan takes a break. Middle left. Senior editor K. Susag consults advisor T. Reardon. Middle right. What docs I- Wichmann have on her mind? laiwcr right. T. Reardon exclaims, "Deadline. deadline, what deadline?!” DO.NOT; PL ACE TYPE OR HEAD LINES. OUTSIDff GRIDX GELUlS 5 o ■f otorrw vw Mooe 6P PiCc. oaV SjO»SV aq r oVei» aeA oV YvAv| HOrlt Caoah Ms.n« pO fAt -V «p W -W ■fir sV £Voor OVf £ «Ai Hoot Sftds pfKJt-S W ott cV Oar c | ej xXan l Ataj3o co IC Cfo V fc cK| V Wvr y 'Vrx TftbVnu.r 3e«s ETB =»L 3 Ms-fl 5 oW cV oard- a ‘Hn'TO ViaAlS ‘BVoJns d -N oK Cjc +mM¥ ©Vma S r fofV oVVurt y o£txc€ Soro ut • t N©o L J Or f OV»t-aVs ds. —w I'RMfVJE lUOvJT ShOVO . Tios Wx.oe loOO enVr ?ee- 5- no soieftCtoa, 3 f ut coJt e. noneM fee e c V «o On .«.K on Vi cor Q 'Htth m Q 'Wet Y eara O ef « cWj O orxe. uatxU O ft Hockey FROM. Noy i %ajl v% wet red CAffxuJriortt cm voder At’ Wf- Kco y»o 6 V C rxMpWj Liorv tr vou -KjT p er H ot odr t V. 'frret -wpfKjts ViO (ocfV V CJQ 00 No V vrV TRM-Kfc f £ G PP-y 5V30-S5 P 7.E PWV.oA 5 Vw C€0kfcO tA. 1 Ltfoe. Vonv. Coo n11 $W X feU f oo SoiH ifVi Oft 3 -k -fKrtX bP» - COuOC r - t A W - ■B 5‘i vrY . W 5occg . "T ooJ'ir pittts no tncAo iA To cdce gt. pitted serA ■fe Qo r n T erne j. dOun't £lrv X ooV ©S loVco-rv Ou po f o.r Q r V •oV-vp© I Vjtft trt in V'o.cK noo«- oKeoA - Sefho o sio - Rc n -n |VA on Atvirr W qY fU o 5. oJn ttA liW X ftor . aw.ADVERTISEMENTS I)Sl aAieoN Dtah teoMtng has asked for my chicken wings recipe ... come in and find out why! 622-7712 • 317 W. 36th Sr. (Stood Av». S, 30th St. 6M anv«9 pin. 7 days ' - r 8911 Ptnn Amihii South Ptnn Uk« Shopping Camtr MinnMpolit. Minnttota 55431 The hair ploce for men ft women Co-owners—Brenda Elsen Hita Hastert ioorl luck Lisa—class of 1980 Manet a '59 Becky ’60, Michelle 66, Lauren '62 156ru DENT BANK UE 55423 PHONE 866-0031 02 Jostens compliments of Scott Anderson your class ring rep resen tive SUMM 6 500 N I RICHFIELD, MIN 157tm. ,..AAww y Good Luck to K. Scheller Bimovct . S. Hamilton and I). Krvpel. Keep up the glorious tradition of the sax section. Love, Katie and Ellen. 1' Academy of the Holy Angels Class of 19S0. I extend mvlsincere congratulations undfest wishes to each of yon, May your future be marked by challenge and happiness in whatever you do. With warm regards State Representative Shirley Hokanson District 37A, Richfield ■JRf a • ‘ F.uclid once said that the sum of the whole is greater than each of the parts. 80 is made of 8 and 0. the sum of which is 8. 'Hie sum of the whole, for the class of 1980, is really no greater than each of the parts it’s made of . . Good luck in whatever endeavor you find yourselves invoolved in. wherever that may take you. Be | cacehil and prosper. I i Wm k i»ir ; a . . v 4 : 5 IB : : 1 158159ieo161jskSlts aHCaHl Tourvillc' ■ CathvvSngec •(•-Presidents: mn Ross Kirs! row: A. Mohr, T Bader. K Tourville. C. SiW, J. Ross. M. LiiIiIrmi. Sgpml row. R ] S. Domfcdl, S M.ithcwsou. J. Robertson. Thml row: J. Orduhl. S. Gonsior P!i)ssaf.'A.’ RejjPP M John Fourth mu T. White. B. Edwards. J. Iftakord.T. Wagncr S. Vadnais. M. (v-. V|. Wheeler. M Johnson. Vi. DuPont. ('-. Schllii. T. Kenney; u. Tad. B. Nimi I) Meier. M. Hooker, I) O'Connor. J Dorntk. G. Dc Ruxhu. T l.irson. 1). Haugen. No Smith. J Picttlcll. G. Scheller, D. Vmella. B. Fleming T. Jrmm. G. Von Hagen. D Biedmi I fravler. L I e». AkBolatto. S. Rice. J. Leining t racrait. I- Becker. R. Conill.ud M IdoLD. Kuril, B Clancy Fil jrow J. McG.nty, P PeUcticr. Sixth row Pictured: T Praus. M. Hoffman. B VI Sullivan. L. Quinlan P. llolewa. Love. Kutie 162To the memory of Janet Slanika ... from the Junior Class of '81Congratulations Seniors from Jack’s Manufacturing longratulations Katie! John, Thank you lor showing me how to grow, love, and be vulnerable. Love always, Stacie. Congratulations Katie Susag. vou’ve come a long way sister 0 uii fiituro lleno de cxito y feliciclad. Sen ora Murray. Maggie, We’ve had a great year together and I’m looking forward to spending many more with you. Always and forever. r 1( Ited to the good times And all the memories aud Chris: V Good luck S wherever voi Monty's Beauty Lounge He mem her Edgewater, the runaways, second floor can. Lake Noko-mis Kings. Sears, the Pinto, excellent, and Davey, Davey, Davey Dear. Most of all. remember me. Love, Char Sen )m in whatever you do— from the staff of the Co Star Courier 165With Many Thanks A yearlxxjk is not put together by just one person. Many people are involved in the different areas of production and this year is no exception. I am very much indebted to these many creative individuals who remain in inspiration to me. I often took for granted a very talented, dedicated artist who went beyond the call of duty several times. 1 know I will never Ik. able to thank Phil Hutchens, our photography editor, enough, for what he has done. He will l»e sorely missed at AHA in years to come. Kathy Wind, junior editor, is a newcomer to the yearbook staff, but has already proved herself to lie an original thinker and valuable worker. Our Herff-Jones representative, Richard Drew, gave us the support we needed to do the best job we could.Lastly I would like to thank Terry Reardon. I don’t know the words to adequately show my appreciation for all she has done. Her ideas and optimism were a real inspiration to me. 1 also thank her for her friendship and the confidence she placed in me even when I didn't have any for myself. I also want to thank you. the student IkkIv. for your support of this year's book. Serving this year as editor was an invaluable experience for me. Thank you all very much. Joe Hoover Mindy l.ublxm Sri Susan Ocfllint; Mr Mike Doolin O'"" Jtsuyie Holiertson Mbs R cardon's Alp II Honors ( Mass I.oiiLsc Wi tt and H. Sr. Avila Sisters of St. Joseph R(.‘A records Mmiie.i| olis Mum. Valiev Rhone ortr.ut Go. Thanks to; Laurie latseeke Dan Thole Amy Hylrien Kris Tomhers Carv Di Ritslm Molly Wheeler Anne Rcpiinr Debbie Vindli Jrwtu Prculell Tricia Sehnut Donna Hicdron te Marpnit Rundorff v Olive HansonHere comes the setting sun The seasons, are passing one by one So gather moments while you may, Collect the dreams you dream today Remember, will you remember THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFELyrics—Bill Lane Music—Roger Nichols Copright—1974 Roger Nichols Music, Inc.171Index Ackerman. Jill 33 14, 144, 145 Ackerson, Peter '82 28.100 Adamck, Marv ‘83 14. 144 Aduinck, Michael '82 28. 124 Adams. I)ave '80 55. 56. 74. 139 74) Adams, Gcrri '80 28.56. 78. 113. 136. 139( 28). 113. 148. 149 Adams, J x- '82 28. 122 Adams, Lynette '82 28 Adams, Roxanne "83 14. 136. 148. 149 Andersen, Jane '80 56. 77. 113. 138( 67). 14-1. 145, 150. 151 Andersen. Rob '82 28. 134 ndcrscn, Stew '33 14 Anderson. Barbara '33 14. 18 Anderson, Karen '82 28 Anderson, Tracy '81 42. 44 Andrade, Valeric '83 13. 14. 120. 121 Ardoff. Frederick ’83 14 Arms. Michael '81 42. 124. 148 Arms. Tom '83 14. 101. 135 Armstrong, J x '81 12 Asdier, Katv '81 40. 42. 142. 143 Aseber. Mary '82 28. 130. 143 Bader. Tina '80 56. 76. 96. 117. 136. 137. 140 Bagby. Jerry '80 56 Baier. Laura '80 56 Baker. I .aura '81 Banovctz. Ann '82 28. 130 Banovctz. Ellen '80 26. 57. 76. 77. 136. 137. 139( 26), 142. 143. 146. 147 Barbour, Jane '81 42. 51. 109. 140. 143 Becker. David '33 14. 101 Becker. Eileen '81 41. 42. 108 Bil ker. Lisa '80 55. 57. 76. 115. 137. 138(845) Becker, Lynn '80 57. 69, 76. 77. 95. 133 59) Becker, Tim '83 14. 101. 170 Bednarz. Julie '33 14. 109. 115. 131. 142 Bcdor. Alan '80 57 Iks lor. Beth '82 28 Bender. Lori '80 57.76. 137. 142. 143, 1 1 1. 145 Bendtvcn. Lisa 31 42. 106 Bcndtscn, Tom 2 28. 33. 100 Bcngtsou. Bob '80 57. .59. 61. 73. 76. 104. 105. I38 78), 113. 146. 147 Benglson, Jeanne 82 27, 28. 31. 106. 1.30 Benson. Jason '83 14. 101 Benson. Richard 33 14. 101. 135 Benusa. Ann '82 28, 142. 144. 145 Berg. Tainara '83 14. 17 Bergman. Kevin '83 15. 101. 135 Berry . Mike '80 58 Besser. Sharon '81 42, 148, 149 Biedroo. Dave '81 42 Biedron. Donna 80.38. 58. 76. 137. 139( 38). 143. 166, 167 BiiUncr. Jim 30 58. 126 BbsonCttc. Nancy '83 15. 24, 131 Bittner. Arlen '33 15, 144, 145 Bittner. Cameron '80 58 Blake. Joe '83 15. 101. 135 Blake. Mary '80 . !. 58. (18.69,73. 76. 77.94. 128, 129. 139 15). 143. 146, 117. 155 Blatz. Sara '83 13. 15. 144. 115 Blaylock. Joseph '83 15 Blessing. Ann '82 29. 140 Boatman. Mark '83 15 Bodcnsteiner. lam '83 15. 109. 144. 145 Bolatto, Annemuric '80 58 Bollig, Wade '83 172 Bortolussi, Stephen '81 15 Botz. Brvon '81 42. 99. 127 Boulay. Melanie'81 42. 102. 193. 137, 142, 143. 116. 147 Bovy. Karen '82 29. 142 Bowman. James ’8) 15 Brandt. Wendy '82 29. 108 Brandt. Teresa '81 42 Breitling. Fred ‘83 14. 15. 108. 1.35 Bromlrach. Catherine '80 54. 58. 120. 121 Brown. Danielle '82 29 Bungert. Daniel '83 15 Burg, Kathleen '82 29. 90. 109 Burgess. John '83 15. 135 Burgoync. Mike '83 15. 126 Burnt. Maureen '83 16. 109 Burns. Pat '81 42. 51 Bussen. Megan '83 16. l i t. 145 Bussman. George '80 .58. 77. 99. 127. 143 Bynie. Daniel 33 16. 108 Campion. Jane ’83 16. 131 Campion, Teresa '81 42 Carpenter. Robert '82 144, 145 Carroll. Cliff'82 28. 29.32,91. 104. 105. 120. 121 Carroll. David '81 42. 122 Carroll. Sandy '83 10. 91. 96. 1 1 1. 145 Carsello, lx igh '81 12 Casserly. Molly '81 12. 108. 129 Caye. David 33. 16. 101. 135. 144, 145 Champlin. Margaret 32 29. 142. 144. 145 Champlin, Susan 33 16. 144. 145 Chapman. Alison 32 29 Christiansen, Marcia '82 29. 33. 36. 120, 121 Clancv. Bill '80 34. 59. 76. 77. 132. I38( 19) Cluhb. John '82 9. 29. 100 Coleman, Julie '81 43 Collins. Bridget '81 42 Collins. Mary 33 16 ('onion. Megan 33 16. 131 Cook. Mike 80 55. 59. 76.94. 112. 120. 121. 137. 150. 151 Couillard, Rob 8054.59. 76. 104. 124. 125. 137. I38 00) Cracraft, Anne 80 59. 66. 69. 76. 140. 141 Owners. Jay ’81 -43 CriviK Court nay 33 13. 14. 16. 25. 108. 131 Cross. Alan '80 59. 76 Cross, Bruce 31 42. 43. 102. 103. 143 Cross. Carol '83 16. 17. 102. 103. 154 Cross. Sue '82 141. 145 Citlhanc, Rhonda '82 29 Cullen. Belinda '81 5. 8. 43. 120. 121. 122 Cullen. Bill '81 10. 43 Cullen. William 33 16 Dabney. Melani '83 16. 109. 142 Daly. Mike 31 43. 132. 144 DeAntoni, Marie '81 43. 49 DeBrev, Andre '82 29. 134 DeCidio. Julie 31 43. 141 DeCidio. Mark 30 .59. 127 DeCidio. Mike 31 S3 Dejoras, Lisa '82 30 DcMarec. Julie 32 30, 120. 121. 142 DcNuccf. Mary '82 30. 142 DeNucci. Steve 31 4,3. 99. 132. 133 IX Husha. Cary 30 54. 55.59. 77. 138( 48). 167 Dcvaney. Peggy '83 12, 10 Dickinson, Bob 31 -43, 137. I l l Dicks, l.inda 33 17 Dietrich. Paul 31 43 Dillon. Debbie 30.59. 112. 151 Dinneen, Molly '83 17. 142 Ditty. Terence 32 30 Dittv. Tim '82 30 Doble. Dave 31 43. 12-1. 148. 149 Donahue. Eileen 33 17. 23. 115 Doodv. Jim 30 00 Dofley, lasa 32 43 Doolev. Marv 30 61. 76 Doniik. John '80 55. 61. 77. 96. 116. 132. 133 Domisch. Julie 31 43. 106 Domisch, Peter '33 17. 101 Domisch. Sara 30 60. 73. 96 Dorshcr, Barry '33 17. Il l Doyle. Colleen '81 43 Drum, Lisa 30 61. 76. I38(»5I). 142, 113 Dudley. Matt '81 5. 43, 120. 121 Duffy. Colleen '81 40.43. 106. 128. 129 Duffy. Daniel 33 17. 108. 12-1 IXiFrcsnc, Theresa '83 17. 151 Dumas. I avi l 32 30. 108. 126 Dunn, Jerilyn 82 30. 130 Dunne, Kathy ‘81 13 IXiPont, Michelle '80 37. 60. 68. 76. 94. 106. 139 37). 155 Duran. Joseph '83 17 Dvorak. Lisa 30 60. 76. 96. 115. 137 Dvorak. Paul 32 30 Dyer, Peter 33 17. 126 Edwards. Bourne '80.55. 60. 76. 77. 106. 107. 137 Eft ck)tar. Eftekhari 81 53 Efchtcn, John ‘33 17 Eichten. Virginia 32 30. 106. 130. 142 Eicklroff, Joe '80 61. 76. 95. 137. 142 Elliott. Charles '83 17. 101 Elliott. Cynthia 31 43 EEeri. Cathy 33 17. 115. 131. 137 Elsen. Chris '33 17. 114. 131 Emerson, Christine '33 17 Emerson. Stephanie 31 44. 144. 145 Engborg. Wade '80 31 Engel. James 31 40. 4-1. 99. 113. 117. 132 Erding. Jon '82 30. 134 Ernst. Jean '80 «). 142. 143 Ernst. Mary 31 44. 48. 109. 117. 142 Falconer. Steve 32 30. 126. 127 Farrell. Teresa 33 18. 144. 145 Fashant. Michele 31 44. 113. 150, 151 Feddema. lasa 33 18 Fcddema. Paul '82 30. 134 Fest, Rubvn '82 .'50 Fitzgerald. Rachel '33 13. 18. 131. 142 Flanagan. Brian '80 60. 99 Fleming. Bob '80 9. 60. 76. 77.99. 124. 137, 139 Fleming. I-aura '33 18. 142 Homing. Virginia '82 30, 142 Flescbc. Jon '33 18, 101 Floervch. Peter '33 25, 101 Flugaur. Ken 33 18. 122 Flvnn, Cynthia 33 18 Flvnn. John '33 18. 101. 135 Flynn, Kelly 32 30. 108, 130 Flvnn. Mary 31 44 Flynn. Roxanne 30 60. 70. 139 70). 142 Flynn. Sheila 31 44. 109 Fontaine, Maury 31 44 Franke. Caroline 33 18. 2.3. 141, 142 Franke, Catherine 31 44. 142 Franke, Nancy 31 41. 44 Franke. Paul 30 61.76.90, 117. 121. 127. 137. 143 Fraser, Jcri 31 4-4 Frc k rick. Melinda 31 44. 144 Fredericks. Bridget '82 31. 35 Frcclxrrg. Jennifer 33 Frcllson. Peter 31 44. 99. 144. 145 Gagne, Greg 30 61. 139 12) Cralx . Shelly '82Games . Jim '80 5. 34. 62. I2 ). 121, 139( 34) Ceurts. J x- '82 31. KM. 134 Gilbertson. Leslie '81 44, 142 Giles. Denbe '82 .31 Giles, Kevin '81 45 Gilles. John '81 45 Cillcs. Stephen '82 31. KM. 126 Cillhain. l-iurie '80 62. 76. 138 Cilligan, Anne 83 31. 144. 145 Cilligan. Christine '83 18. 109. 115 Cilligan. Debbie '80 55. 62. 76. 77. 1%. 137. 139(4 22), 140. 141. 143. 144 Gleason, I’cggy '80 62. 76. 147 Glenn, Brenda '83 18 Glen inski. Sheri '80 62. 76. 138(4 41). 144 Clklden. Boni '82 31, 108. 147 Cliddcn. Teresa '81 45 Cnerer, Tom '82 27. 31, .34. 100, 127 Goldish, Michele 183 18. 141, 144. 145 Coctzingcr, Sheryl ‘81 45, 106. 114 Gonsior. Sue '80 62. 69. 76. I38( l) Gooding, Ed '81 45 Gooding, Virginia '80.55. 61. 63. 73. 76. 137. 143. 141 Gnunling. Nancy '80 63. 76. 137 Grazzini. Paul '82 31. 94. 137. 144. 145 Greene, John '81 45 Greene, Tom 'SI 45. 53. 99. 150. 151 Cross. Monica '82 31. 143. 144, 145 Groves. Betsy '81 Huddox, Teresa '81 45 II.teg. Joe '81 42. 45. 104. 127 Haeg. Mark "83 12. 18. KM. 108, 127 Hajduk. John '81 132 llajdiik. Paul 80 61. 132. 153. 138(4 42). 143 Hall. Julie '83 18 Hall. Matt '82 31. 127. 170 llallaway, Jackie '80 63 llallgrcn. Sharon '82 31 Hamel. John "83 18 Hamilton. Susan 82 31. 107, 108. 130 Hanafin, Michael '83 15. 19. 101 Hanek. Mike '82 31. I(M. 127 Hannasch. Paul '83 25 Hanneman. Nancy '83 16. 19 Hanvik. Robert '83 16. 19. 101. 135. 136. 146. 147 Harris. Nancy 81 45. 137. 142, I 143. 146. 147 Harristhal. Ellie '81 45. 106. 129 Haugen. Dan '80 63. 126 Hawkins, John 'SI 45. 52. 104, 137, I I I Healey. Scan 83 19. 144. 145 Heaney. Mike '82 27. 31. KM. 134 Heaney. Terri '80 55. 63. 76. 138(3=64). 142 Heaney, Tomothy ‘83 19. 101. 155 Heath. Kevin "80 63 Hedges. Bariiara '82 31 Hedges. Jane '83 19 Hedrick. Badiara '83 19 Hedrick. LeAnn '80 10. 36. 63. 112. 139(3=36) Henke. Michele '81 -16 llcnnig. Mary Jo '83 19 lleHl. Mark :83 19 Hilgert, Scott '80 19. 64. 139( 19) Hill. Paul '82 .32 Hilla. Mary '82 32. 110. 116 Hoeppncr, Philip 82 32. 134 Hoeppner. Steve '80 61.73.76. 77. 132. 153. 137. 138(»65). 143. 146. 147 Hoffman. Cathy '81 Mi Hoffman. Jean '83 16. 19 Hoffman, Mike '80 64. KM. 105. 132. 138(3=77) Hogan. Delphanie '81 46 Hoiewa, Paul '80 64 Holm berg, Bo( '81 46. 122 Hoover. Joe '82 32. 38. 100. 12-1. 167 Hoover. Mike '80 51. 55. .Vi. 57. 61. 65. 76. 77. 99. 114. 119, 124. 125. 138(3=-|7) Homer, Beth '82 32. 106 Homer, Susan '83 17, 19 Houdek. Beth '81 10. 46. 115, 120. 121. 141 Houdek. Chip '82 .32. II I. 115. 122 Huelmcr, Sarah '83 19. 142 Hughes, l-iura '80 54. 64. 138 =58) Hulbert. Gary '82 32 Hurd. Teresa '80 61. 139(3= 14). 144. 145 Huss. Stephen '83 19, 101 Hutchens. Arianoe '82 II, 32. 130 Hutchens. Phil '80 71, 75. 139( = 7I). 150. 151. 166. 167 Hvldcn. Amv '82 32. 108. 142. 143. M l. 145. 147. 167 Ireton. Bridget '83 17. 19. 21. 95. 102. 103. 131. 142 Ireton. Heidi '82 32. 130. 142. 143 Ivory. Kelly '81 46. 144 Jacobson, Jeanne '82 -'12 Jacobson. Theresa ’83 12. 13. 15. 19 Jaeger. Amy "81 9. 45. Mi. 50, 53. 109. 115. 142. 143 Jaeger. Greg "82 32, 124. 144. 145 Jaeger, Toni '80 55. 61. 76.95. 114. 121. 136. 148. 168 Jankord. John '80 5. 9. 75. 99. 120. 121. 171 JatTett. John '82 32 Jasjier. Teresa '80 61. 76. 142. 143. 144 Jensen, Tami '80 55. 61 John. Mary '80 29.64.76. 113. 137. 139 29), Ml John. Michele '81 Mi. 144 Johnson. Anne '82 .33 Johnson. Dan ’82 33, 121. 122 Johnson. Cordy '82 27. 33 Johnson. Joan '83 20. 108 Johnson. Marks '83 20 Johnson. Mary '80 61. 76. 137. I38( 63) Johnson. Michael '83 20. 142 Johnson. Robin 82 33 Jones. Kathy ’81, Mi. 137. I l l Jones, Eileen '82 33. 115. 137 Jones, Bose '80 51. 55. 65. 76. 77. 136. 137. 148. 155 Jones. Teresa '81 Mi. 136. 148. 149 Jordan. Joe '82 33. 144 Jorgenson. Rolrert '83 20 Joyce, Mary '82 33. 115 Joyce. Paul '81 10. 16. 108. 144 Jtmgerv Kathy '81 16. 111. 129, 112. 143 Kalina. Lisa '82 33 Kallas. Dave 81 115 Kaluza. Al '81 47 Keegan. Sheila ’80 5. 65. 70. 76. 102. 103. I38 Ml). 142. 143. 150. 151. 167 Keglev. Kathleen ’82 30. 33. 102, 103. 142 KegJey. Mary ’81 17 Keladi. Linda '81 17, 108. 129 Kclasli, Paul '82 33. 100. 134 Kellctt. Paul '82 33 Kelly. Tim '81 47. 99 Kellv. Tom '81 17. 99 Kelly. NVcndy '83 M. 20. 23. 25. 131 Kenney. Patrick '82 33, KM. 108. 134. I l l Kenney. Tim SO 35. 65. 76. 126. 137. 139=35). 144, 1.50. 151. 166 Kepncr. Dan '81 47 Kepncr. Molly '82 33 Klatt. Elizabeth '82 33 Klesk. Martha '80.30, 65. 1.39, =.30) Knight. Art '82 34 Kix-h. Jerry '81 47 K xh. Kellv 83 20 Krxmig, Susan '83 20. 131. 112 KolstacL Alan 83 20. 101. I II. 145 Kones . Colleen 82 28. 31. Ml. M3. 144. 145 Kotasek. Michael 83 25. 126. 127 Kraft. Jeff 82 34. 108. 126. I I I. 145 Kraft. Michael 83 20. 10S Kramer. Andrew 82 31. IV). 151 Krause. Cindy '80 65. 76 Krick. Anthony '80 65. 104. 124 Krick. Michelle '82 9. 27. 34. 106. 120. 121 Krieger. Steve 80 66 Krochesld. Theresa 83 20 Krocten. Bob 83 20 Kroeten. Kerrie 81 17. 136. 140 Kroll. Deanna 80 66. 76. 112. 118. 119. I38( = 4 Krypcl. David '82 34 Kuhn. Amv 80 32. 54. 66. 76. 77. 112, 137. 138(4=32) Kuhn. Stanley 83 20. 101 laipenskv, J x; 81 17. KM l-irkin. janle 81 17. 110. Ml I.arranaga. Robert 82 31, 35. 124, 144, 145 Larson, Kathy 81 47 Larson, Tonv 80 102. 103. Ml. 154 laiseeke, l-mrie 81 17. 129. 167 l-mtzenhiser, Marv Ann '80 11. 61. 65. 66. 76. 137. 138(=02). 143. I II. 146. 147 Lee. Mike 82 28. 34. 136. 116. 147 Lcezer, Theresa 82 31 Leiningcr. Jeanne '80 55. 66, 76. 138( = 3) Lx kteig. John 83 20. 101. 12-1 Lk kleig. Tom 82 34. 100. 134 l.kldianl. Kevin 83 20 Lkldiard. Monica 81 18. 117. 140. 143. M l. 145 Lies. Bob 81 48. 132. 133. 143 laxkhart. Siobhun 83 18. 20 l»oergari. Colleen 81 20 Long. William 83 25 laxig. Yolanda 81 IS l.iiMien. Mindv '80 67. 73. 76. 77. 106. 107. 136. 137. 138(4 39). 116. 147 167 laiek, Catherine '82 34 Luck. Claudia 82 34 Ijinnclrorg. Becky '80 67, 76 I.unnclxirg, Jim 81 40. -18. 127 Lynch. Chris 81 47. 48. 96. 133. 146. 147 Lynam. Shawn '83 Me-Caleb. Angela 83 20.22 McDonald, JikIv '82 129 McDonald. Steve 82 134 McDoncll. Chris '82 144. 145 McDoncll, Lisa '80 67. 119. M2. 144. 145 McCinty, Joseph '80 10. 67. 68. 76, 124. 137 McGmtv. Paul 82 27. 96. 126. 170 McGrath. Liz 81 49. 140. 142 Mclncmy, John '82 127 McKcown. Tracy 83 21 Mc-lmighlin. Both '80 67. M2 McNally. Scott 83 21 McNamara. Pat '80 67. 115. 150. 151 Mackey. Patrick 83 21. 101 Macklin. Effie 83 21. 25. 131 Madsen, Kris 80 67. 115. 1.38 73) Mages. Jim 81 18. 53. 104 Mages. Polly 83 21. 106 Maghrak. Mark 83 21 Maghrak, Patrick 82 KM Mahoney. Patrick 82 144, 145 Mahowald. Sheila 83 21 Maiers, Joanne 8243. 18. 106. 107. 128. 129. M2 M3 Majems, Michelle 80 67. 76. 138 6) Malone. Thomas 83 21Marty. V..I '8! IS. 19. Ml. |45 Margarit. Denise 'SI 10. 47. 4 ]|9. 140. 143 Margarit. Kevin SO |. ffl. «7 -(i -7' |04, |05 132. 133, 139. 143 Mariska, Lynn '82 31. 144, I45 Martin, Dean '81 127 Martin. Judy DO 87. 115 Martin, Maria '83 21 Mathewson, Jim '81 48. 127 Mathewson. Sara 80 82. 87. 7ft |(jg |44 Matko, Diane '81 53. 142 Maydin. Melanie ‘81 IS Maydin. Michelle '82 142 Maydin. Todd SO 87 Meade. Cordon '82 127 Meade. Mike '81 19. KM. 103 j jjj Melir. Ann '80 55. 88. 72. 11.3 1391 s72» Mehr, Scott '81 49 Meier. Dan 'SO 88. 98. 127 Mellon, Lauri '81 41. 49 Mellon. Nancy ‘82 Melloy. Scan '82 128 Mclloy. Shannon '81 49 Meyer, Jim '82 134 Meyer. Joseph '83 21. 101. 135 Meyer. Lori '8055. 68. 76. I0«t 107. 112.128. |29 Meyer. Mark SO 8. 8S. 76. I32 133 137 1391 10). 143 Meyers. Daniel '82 144. 1-15 Movers. Karen '81 48. 49 Movers. Mike '80 88. 76. 12ft Meyers. Nancy '81 19. 143 Movers, Pamela '82 144. 115 Miller. Lucille '83 21 Miller. Mutt '82 9. I(X . I n. 145 Mills, Bari. '81 49 Monn. Ivori '82 Montag. Colleen '82 36. 95. L30. 112. 143 Moran, Mary '83 21. I ll Morris, Catherine '81 49 Morris, Judy ‘8! 49 Morris. Maggie '81 49 Morrissey. Amy '82 38. 120. 12), 142 Morrissey, Meg '80 68. 76. 137 Mortcnson. Creg '82 36. 124 Mortenson, I-aura '83 21, 141 144. 145 Murphy, Ted '82 .36 Murphy. Mary '80 89 Murphy. Tim '82 38. 104 Nagel. Nancy '83 21. 23 Nash. Lisa 80 82 Nelson, Catherine '80 68 Nelson, Cindy '83 12. 18. 21, Ml Nelson. Michael '81 40. 50. 97. 98. 99. 112 Nelson. Miles '81 50. 99 Ness. Mary '81 40. 50. 109. I-to Nguvcn. Dzimg "81 50. 113 Nguven. Hoang '83 21 Nintis Barb 80 5. 61. 09. 73. 76. 120. 121 Ninus. Carl '82 27. 38. 102. 103. 124. 12 Noldcn. Christine '83 21. 142 Nve. Ann '82 36. 108. 130. 143 O'Brien. Kathleen '82 36 O'Brien. Pat '80 18. «. 77. 139( l8 O'Connor. Dan '80 60. 112. 150. 151. W O’Connor, Matt '83 21 O’Connor. Tom '81 50 O'llem. Jennifer ‘83 22. 142 O’Laughlin. Maggie'80 69. 113. 13ft 11). 143 O'Leary. Marv "82 38 Olmstcad. Sai'tdv 81 41. 49. 50. 142 Olson. Don ‘81 10.50. 162. 103. 114. I 3- 44. 147 Olson. Rochelle '82 38. 142 Olson. Russell '82 36. 102. 103 Ordaht, Jan '80 69. 76 Osgar. Peggy '80 66. 89. 76. 79. 95. 137. I39( 79) Ostcnnan. Lisa '82 28. .38. 140. Ml. 142. 144 Paid. Joseph '83 22 Paige. Lisa '81 50. 151 Paige. Sean '83 22. 112. 114. 144. 145 Palen. Tom '81 50 Palmby. Vince -80 60. 132 Paine I, Missy '82 36. 136. 146. 149 Paquette. Karla 83 22. 142 Patten. Ohristi 80 7. 70. 102. 103. 12-9. 151 Patten. Tcri '82 7. 37. 38. 144. 145. 170 Pelletier. Phil '80 51. 70. 76. 99 Pelner. Dave '82 37. I I I. 145 Pelner. Steve '81 50. 9!). 144. 145 Petenneicr. Marv- DO 70 Petermeier. Susan '83 13. 22. 1 11. 145 Pcteison. Mike '81 50 Peterson. Paul 83 9. 22. 115 Pickhart. Lisonne '83 22 Pkulell. Joan '80 33.61. 70. 76. 77. 139( 33). 167 Pidgeon. Maddvn '82 37. M2. 143. 144. 145 Piha. Judy '81 50 Polak, Patricia '83 22. 131 Praus John '83 22. 101. 124 Praus Pat '81 51. 106, 129, 142 Praus. Ton. "80 71. 99. 12-1. 125. 139=8) Prebinger. Bill ’81 51. 127 Prewitt. Jim Dl 51 Quinlan. I-auric '80 71. 76. 91 Quinn. Cindy '82 37 Quinn. Karyn D3 22 Rademacher. IXddiie '83 25 Ramsev. Chris '8068. 71. 76. 138 = 56), 140. 144 Rodfcni. Marv '83 12. 22. 102. 103 Reger. Marv- '80 10. 71. 73. 76. 95. 139 68) Kegnier. Anne DO 69. 71. 76. 77. 95. 139, = 24). 143. M4. 187 Regnier. Mark '82 37 Reiter. Margaret '80 71.95. 115, 139)= 18) Renwiek. Mary '82 37. 147 Rice. Nancy DO 71 Rice. Stacy DO 7. 75. 76. 119. 139 = 23). Ml Richardson. Janies "62 37, 100. 101. 134 Richardson. Joe '81 51. 132. 133 Riley, B rigid '81 9. 51. 114 Robertson. Jeanne '80 71. 76. 137. 167 Roliertson. Karen '81 51 Roedel. David '82 30. 37 Riding. Karen '83 22 Riding. Linda '82 37 Ross. Jim 6054,89. 71. 76. 96. 114. 120. 121. 137. Iff) Ross. Kevin '81 51. 117 Rudolph. Chris '81 51. H I. 145 Rudolph. Jean Hi 22. Ml Ryan. Julie '83 22. Ml. 144. 145 Sakai. Miitsmni DO 71. 76. 144. 145 Sandvik. Mary '82 37. 108. 130. M2 Sandvik. Thomas ‘83 22, 108 Santelman. John '81. 51. 118. 121. 132. 150. 151 Sarazin. Sheila '83 15. 20. 23. 102. 103. M2. 144. 145 Savoie. 1X4dm- ‘81 51 Savoie. Michele ‘83 22. 23. 144, 145 Scanlon. Molly ‘82 37. 130. 142 Schatzlcin. Lica '83 23 Schcllcr. Allen ‘83 23. 144. 145. 170 Scheller. Creg DO 10.62. 71. 76.91. 1( 4. 124. 137, 139 43) Scheller. Ken ‘81 51 Schcndel. Treoa ‘83 23 Schepeis. Jessica D3 23 Schmitz. Mike '82 37. 170 Schmitz. Tricia '83 23. 187 Schneider. Andrea ’8} 23. 115 Schneider. Kevin '81 51. 102. 103. M2 143, 144 Schneider, Sandra '83 23 Schocn, Amy '81 52. 144. 145 Schoenccker, Pat '81 52. 122. 144. 145 Schocwcker, Paul '83 23. 126 Schullo, Cina '80 71. 76 Schultz. Paul '83 16. 24. 101 Schumacher. John '81 52. 108 Sc-hwirtz. Renee '80 72 Seidel. Anne ’8(t 55.72.76. 77. 11 1. 139 14) 143. 144 Se idel. B«d» Dl 52. IOI Serres. Anthony '81 52 137. 142. 143. 141. 145 Shcchy. Joint '81 52 Sicnko. Michelle '82 31. 38. 130 Sieve. Kdwanl '82 37. 38. 134 Sieve. Teresa '81 52. 108. M2 Simacck. IXxiglas '82 38 Simms. Joseph '82 5. 38, 121. 170 Simpson. Jim '81 52. 136. 148 Skala. Carolyn '82 38 Skannun. Peter '81 50. 52. 108 Skoglaud, Lauree '82 38 Slaiv-ik. John ‘83 Stanika, Mary '83 24 Sloan, Teresa '82 115, M2. 143 Smith. Becky '80 10. 54. 72. 76. 77. 138 = 69) Smith, Colin '81 52. 102. 103. 120. 121. 1 1 1. 145 Smith. Mutt '83 24. 101. 135 Smith. Scan DO 72. KM. 170 Snowlierg. Hckke '82 Sokoloski. Christine '83 13. 21 Sokoloski. Dunctte '81 10. 52. 106. 143 Speltz, Amy '81 52 Spiclmanii. Jeanne '82 38. 142. 141. 145 Smec. Cathy '80 27. 55. «). 61. 72. 73. 76. 117. 1.36, 139 -27). 140. 143. I l l Sta. Maria. Ridiert '83 24, 101 Stang. Amv '80 72 Slangier. Carol D2 5. 38. 121. 142 Sticner. Drew '81 52. 108. 143 Stienmctz, Stephanie '82 38 Stem per. Jim '81 51. 52. 143 Stcmper, Thomas '83 21. 102, 103 Stewart. Heather '81 16. 52. 109. 137 Stewart. Leo '82 38. 144 Stocking. Kevin '82 38. 134 Stratum. Peggy '81 52 Strahan. Nancy '82 38 Strcvfland, Catherine '80 72. 139=2) Streefluiid. Ddxirah '82 38 Streefland, Elizabeth '83 24 Stric-herz. Brian '83 21 Stmble, Nick '82 38 Sullivan. Amy '83 21. 112 Sullivan. Margaret '82 39. 102, 103. M2 Sullivan. Mary '81 41. 5). 52 Sullivan. Marv '80 55. 73. 75. 76. 106. 107. 129. 139 75) Susag, John D2 5. 27. 31. 39. 102. 103. 121, 122. 123 Susag. Katie 80 55. 65. 72. 76. 136. 138 61), 143. 146. 147. 150. 151. 167 Swanson. Stack '80 5. 72. 76. 120, 121. 137. 1.50, 151. 167 Sweeney. Dan '82 39. 27. 100. 134 Sweencv. Dave '80 72. 76. 77. I K . 132. 133, 136. 137. 139 52), M2 143. U6. 147 Swecocv. Paul DO 73. 74. I(M Sweerc. Char'80 72. 76. 139 46), M l. 145. 150 151. 166 174Tad. Chuck '80 55. 09. 70. 72. 76. 95. 88. 124. 125. I39t=2l) Tamlmmino, Curtis '82 39 Tcrrev l.iz '81 52 I hm. Mary 81 50. 53. 142 Thiliault. Monica '80 72. 76. 113. 168 Thiliault. Kcnatc '83 24 Thole. Dan '80 73. 167 Thom] snii. Valeric '80 74 TlKiraldson. Jeanne 'S3 21 Thornton. Sue '81 53. 142 Thull. James '83 24 Tombers, Kristin '83 5. 14. 16. 24. 25. 109. 11 1. Vadnais. Steve '80 74.1.38 = 53) Vail. Beth '80 55. 74. 76. 113. 137. 138(;:57). 150. 151. 167 Vanyo. Mark '83 25 Vasjxrtn. Sara '80 74 Vaughn, Cynthia '83 25. 115, 131 Vinella. IXddiie '80 74. 76. 102. 1(0. 139(«25). 167 Vinella. Terri '81 53, 143 Von Hagen. Chuck '80 74. 124. 125. 138 55) Vodicek. Chris '82 39 Vosheek. Peter '81 47. 53. 99. 117 Welter. Ted '81 53. 99 Wendt. Crcg '83 25 Wheeler, Molly SO 73. 75. 76. 77. 91. 95. I39(— 17). 147. 167 While. Todd '80 11.54.65. 75. 76.95. 112. 125. 138 76). 155 Whittington, l-orri '82 39. 115. 144 Wichrnan, l.isa '81 50. 53. 1 11. 150. 151 Wielinski. Kevin '81 53. 127 Williams. Michael '83 25, 101. 1.35 Williams, M idicllc '81 49. 51. 96. 135. I l l Willy. Bruce '82 25 Wind. Kathy '81 50. 53. 136. 1-18. 149. 1.50. 151. Welch. Kathv '82 5. .39. 121. 136. 142. 144. 145. 148. 149 Urtz, Andrew '83 25 115. 121. 131. 137. 142. 146, 147. 167 Totzke. James '83 25. 126 Tourvflle. Karl '80 51.60.66. 74.76. 96. 99. 124. 137. I39( 9) Traxlcr. Tim '80 74. 95 Tromhlev. Katv '80 74. 76. 137 Trudcll. Kathv TO 55, 66. 74. 76. 11.3. 137. 1 1 1. 115 Trudcll. Michael '83 21. 25. 101 Turner, Shawn '83 25 Tvsk. Lisa -81 53 Tvsk. Paula '83 25 Wagner. Melinda '80 75.76. 137. 138 50) Wagner. Tom '80 75 Walentinv. Tom '80 31. 75. 77. 99. 139; a 31) Wallace. Anna '81 53. I ll Walsh. Kevin '82 39 Waterman. Jeff "81 53 Waterman. Tim '83 25 Wceres. I .tsa '80 75 Weir. Bari ara '82 39. 130 Wellies. Ann '80 10. 75. 76. 91. 114. 115, 138 66). 142 Wellies. Matt '83 25. 95. 101. 116. 135 166 Wittman. Bob '80 75. 77. 138= 54) Witt man. Cathv '82 39 Woida. Jim ‘80 75. 102. 103. 138 5). 144 Woida. Margarvtmary '83 25. 102. 103 Woida. Paul '81 43. 52. 102. 103. 120. 121. I l l Wozniczka. Mary ‘80 75. 76. 170 Wozniczka. Susan '82 39. 113 Xclada. Camila '83 25. 108 Zicbol. Kathy '81 52. 136. 144. 146. 147 Zicska. DcNiie '81 52. 137. 143. 144. 170HA CZLf It is 11:30 p.m. April 12. The commons is empty now, but only moments ago ... Hands mover! over a network of buttons and knobs. LIGHTS!!! More knobs, and the air exploder! with sound. MUSIC!!?? People moved as if possessed. They danced the Pogo or some variation. Someone smashed an album. You could see by die l x k on his face that it was disco. 'Hie noise didn’t let you think, and the crowd didn’t let you breathe. What was this craziness? It was Yearbook’s fundraising dance, “A Celebration of Rock." It was a time when disco was a sin and Village People was a dirty word. D.J.’s Gumby Sweenrock and Johnny Dreamrock led the crowd as they rocked their teeth loose dancing the night away to raise money for the Yearbook budget and the Junior class. Clockwise from top: J. Mages and his pet "Ted” (Welter). L. Wichmann really digs the music. D. Thole and L. Dvorak come dressed for the occasion. T. Kenney as a modem day (?) Timothy Leary. M. Sullivan wears dark glasses to avoid the harsh light at the dance? Johnny Dreamrock (a.k.a. John'Domik) shares a dance with yearbook advisor T. Reardon. Gumby Sweenrock (a.k.a.) Dave Sweeney takes a short break.Oyster and the Pearl "The Oyster and the Pearl,” written by William Sagoyan and directed by Dexter Westrum, was this year’s entry in the region 5A one-act play contest. The play, which is quiet and subtle but carries a powerful message about hope and tnist, took fourth in a field of eight. This year, the play was also given for the student Ixxly and interested parents who were highly impressed. This, in the words of Mr. Westrum and the entire cast, was the highest praise they could receive. a THE CAST H-inv Vun Diincii............. Clay Larr bec.................. Mivs McCutcheon.......... Clark larr.iliee............... Writer......................... Koxunna lavrabee............... Crcely.................. Woxzcck................... —. Judge Applogarth............... Student Directors... .......... ....,..Cliff Carroll .......Belinda Cullen .......,4.Mike Cook ........Colin Smith argaretuiary Wolda .....:.Kathy Welch ........Toni Jaeger ........Urigid Riley — .....Missy Pamel Michele Mayclin - ..Ellen Hanovctz ...Theresa Reardon ...Dexter Westrum • '■i..........T« »y Serres Pari Cra zini Tim Kenney Roll Dickenson (Costumes and Makeup Assfi Costumes and Makeup...... Director................. Technical Crew „—........ Top left. Harry Van Dusen and Miss McCutcheon debate over a haircut. Top right. "The Cast.” Center left. Mis McCutcheon found a chair at the beach. Center right. Clark Lar-rabcc comes for his usual haircut. Bottom left. Greely says "There’s live things in this bottle." 179The soft music of Cynis, the soft lights of Burnsville, and softly falling snow blended together this year to make Saturday, February 23, a night to remember. For most, the night began with dinner and continued around 8 p.m. at the Honeywell Country Club. Mindy Lub-ben, student council social director, Molly Wheeler, and Joan Piculell planned this years dance and the school picked up the tab as a way to help cut costs and allow more couples to attend. The dance, ended at 12:30 p.m. as the soft lights faded into the night and couples left for other places. It became for many, just another elegant memory. Top right. An enchanting dance with Bridget. Bottom left. Janie smiles as she rests her feet. Center. Okay, who spiked the punch? Bottom right. Lisa and Pat boogie. 180MOKE DMN JUST A SPEECH The ’80 Holy Angels speech team led a unique season stretching from March until April. The crazy crew, led by Dexter Westrum, met early on Saturdays to plan the day’s strategy. Breaking into a blood-thirsty battle cry, the team fearlessly faced their foes. Aside from invitationals such as Richfield, Jefferson and Park, AHA speakers competed in the VFW, Am. Legion and Optimist speech contests. The season reached a climax at the Region 5AA meet when nine members placed in the top four of their category. The following qualifiers competed at the state meet: G. Adams, K. Welch and N. Harris. Alternates included; B. Riley, D. Doble, M. Arms, C. Smith, J. DeMarce and K. Susag. At the dessert-quet, trophies went to N. Harris (Most Improved), M. Arms (Speaker of the Year), K. Welsh (Rookie of the Year) and to the 4-year veterans K. Susag, E. Banovetz and G. Adams. Captions. First row. D. Doble, P. Skarman, J. Demarce, M. Woida, K. Welch. Second row. Terry Reardon. M. Anns, B. Riley, K. Susag. E. Banovetz. Third row. C. Smith, C. Lynch, D. Kallas. Dexter Westrum. Nancy Olive, N. Harris, M. Boulay, G. Adains, A. Hyldcn. 181TALENT SHcV A little variety goes a long way and on May 3 future stars of Broadway showed us just that. Everything from jugglers to dancers performed before a packed house. Emcees, Amy Ilyldcn and Mike Arms, warmed up the crowd with witty jokes and humorous comments. Senior directors, Molly Wheeler, Ellen Banovetz, Cathy Srnee and Gary DeRusha assisted faculty advisor Terry Reardon in putting the show together. Top left. CO CREASED LIGHTING! Top right. Mike Arms as Samauri principal. Center left. Sophomore girls sing "The Rose." Center. I . Hogan sings "Inscperable." Center right. S. Goetzinger dedicates her song to “Michael.'' 182 3 }} )}} tft . .tloilM' enn is The season began with an enthusiastic team and with optimistic Coach Sack. The Co°stars tennis team stmggled through a hard season, and faced many powerful foes. In spite of the fact that losses were greater than victories, they put forth a valiant effort, and finished the season with a 3-9 record. This page: Top left. P. Magohey is a swinger. Center. H. Nguyen leans into his shot. Bottom left. Some team members relax on the front steps of school. First row. M. Ilcrll, C. Hansen. Second row. I). Duffy, M. O’Connor, P. Pctervon and Coach Sack. Bottom right. C. Hansen moves into action. 183, Reach for the Stars The entire tlay had been misty and raining, but towards evening, the mist and rain seemed to magically disappear as if on cue. As dusk approached the shops along Lake Street lx gan to close one by one and a soft breeze gently ruffled the trees. The stars came out and twinkled merrily in the small puddles left by the earlier rain. The gaudy lights and raucous laughter farther down the street grew faint as the clock ticked the minutes to 8:00 p.m. Months of worries and fears, of expectations and planning, was swiftly drawing to a close. This night. May 10. was FROM NIGHT. As the couples began to arrive, to laugh, and to dance the night away to the music of Freefall, there was a little bit of magic in the air, and a sigh of relief on the lips of the prom committee. All this had not come into being by itself. The 1980 Prom was the work of the Junior prom committee headed by Don Olson and Nancy Harris, Junior class officers, and Mr. Sack, junior class advisor. The event was catered by Mr. and Mrs. Riley who provided flowers as well as food. Several faculty members helped to chaperone the dance which was held at the Sons of Norway. As the final strains of music died away, the last of the food eaten, and the couples left one by one, the magic disappeared and a soft rain began to fall once more. T This page: Top. D. Meier looks a little disgusted. Was it something she said? Center. J. Domik lias his mouth full. Lower left. B. Lunnc-borg sure has stars in her eyes. Center M. Sullivan and I). Meier (again?) share a dance. Lower right. K. Susag pins a flower on her date. Opposite page: Top. B. Seidel and B. Riley pose for a picture along with J. Mages and M. Sullivan. Center. L. Cillham and D. Meier (again??) have very different reactions to the music. Lower left. K. Wind and B. Bengtson pose for their picture in a romantic setting by a lake. I wer right. I- Wichmann and J. Dornik smile for Mom and Dad at home before the dance.Baseball The Co-Stars were losing 1-7 to St. Bernards. The situation seemed hopeless until the Co Stars rallied together in the final innings to pull Holy Angels on top 8-7. It was clearly one of the Best games of the season. Other highlights included winning the Delano Tournament trophy and crushing Fridley Grace 5-2. The Co Stars, coached by Mike Casey, ended their 1980 season with a 13-5 record and a chance for a place in the state tournament. Their hopes were dashed however when they lost to Osseo 0-3 in regional play. For his performance during the season Buck Meyer was voted most valuable player for Holy Angels as well as being named to the state All-Star team. Joe Haeg was voted most improved player and Steve Hoeppner was voted best hitter for the Co Stars. This page: Top. Holy Angels varsity baseball team, bottom. Holy Angels JV base-IkiII team. Opposite page: Upper left. A tense moment in the dugout. Upper right. M. Meade hurls one for the Co Stars. Center left. Buck Meyer shows the rest of the guvs how its done. Center. A. bo dor Is ready and waiting. Center right. K. Marga-rit defends first base Lower left. Wally connects!! Lower right. S. DeNucci glares at the batter. Varsity Team: First row. C. Biivsinan. K. Margarit. A. Hcdor. B. Clancy, M. Meyer. Coach Casey. S. Hoeppner. T. Wallentiny. j. Domik. Second row. Mgr. I . Sweeney, J. Mclnemy. E. Meade. M. Nelson. P. Hoeppner, J. Richardson, T. Kelly. J. Haeg. JV Team: First row. F- Sieve. K. Stocking. M. Hanck. A. Urtz. M. Haeg. S. Healy. T. Beindtscn. M. Smith. Second row. J. Jordan. T. Cnerer. J. Krding. J. Meyer. P. Kelash. K. Bergman, Coach Swan. Third row. J. Meyer, M. Trndell. J. Eichten. J. Blake. B. ilanvik, F. Breitling. 186"So big a world ... Siam ... very small. No man big enough for world alone. King? King is different. King need no one ... no one at all ... I think." The house lights dim—a gong—and two and a half months of sweat, tears, and hard work brought the world of Siam to the Holy Angels stage on March 14, 15, 16, 21. and 22. Many changes came to the Western world at the end of the nineteenth century. The King, not wanting Siam to be unscientific and barbaric, arranged for Mrs. Anna Leonowens, an English schoolteacher, to teach his children and those wives in royal favor. I le got more than he bargained for however and conflicts in customs, traditions, religion, etcetera. etcetera, etcetera, taught the King some things as well. This highly successful play, directed by Sally Blecha and student director Jim Garness was “something wonderful" indeed. This page: Top. Wonder what's on Mike's mind? Bottom left. A love scene between Lun Tha and Tuptim. Bottom right. Lady Thiang sings "Something Wonderful". Opp. page: Top left. What a cast! Top right. Anna and Kdward discuss old memories. Center left. T. Jasper demonstrates her fan dance. Center. Director S. Blecha makes last minute make-up touches. Center right. Prince Chululongkom prays to Buddha. 188Softball This years softball team had a very exciting season with a 10-5 record, rating first in the region. However, the Co-Stars suffered a disappointing 5-2 defeat to Park Center in the semifinals. Much of the success was due to the tri-captains; Mary Blake, Michelle DuPont, and Bonnie Edwards; as well as coach Maggi La Grandeur. Defense was played very aggressively, led by Ann Nye's pitching and Colleen Duffy’s catching. This was balanced by the offense led by Mary Blake's hitting, I-mrie Lasecke's 22 walks and Colleen Duffy’s stealing. Awards voted by the team were Mary Blake—MVP, Ann Nye—most improved, and Colleen Duffy—most dedicated. Blake, Dupont, and Pat Praus were named to the All-Conference team, with Bonnie Edwards and C. Duffy receiving honorable mention. The B-Squad softball team started slowly, but it didn't take long until they pulled themselves together. Their first game against Bcnildc-St. Margaret was lost bv an agonizing score of 0-10. Their improvement was shown when the Co-Stars defeated Bcnilde, 7-2 the second time around. Captains Mary Ascher and Mary Sandvik contributed to the team’s efforts with their great stealing techniques. Mickey Krick’s pitching, Chris Elsen’s catching, Heidi Ire-ton’s outfielding, and Debra Strcefland's 1st Ixasc positioning were key assets. Those scoring the most runs were Mary Ascher, Mary Sandvik, Heidi I reton. Midge Smec, and Bridget Fredericks. Row 1. C. Duffy. B. Riley. L. Bcmiston. J. Coleman. Row 2. Mgr. F.. Harristal. J. Bcngtson. M. Sienlco. A. Nye, L. Lasse ke. J. Meyers. Coach Ugrangcr. Row 3. B. Edwards. P. Praus. M. Dupont. M. Blake. K. As-chcr, I. Kclash. IW) Row 1. C. Eben, M. Krick. II. Ircton. M. Ascher, M. Sandvik. M. Smec. C. Nelson. M. Scanlon. S. Koenig. Row 2. Couch Margarit. D. Stieefland. I.. Streefland. G. Eichten, C. Elsen. M. Conlan. B. Fredricks.This page, Top left. M. Blake watches intently. Toj» center. A. Nye shows off her style. Center left. Train members look on with d is pair. Center. M. Ascher prepares for the steal. Center. YOU’RE OUT!!! Left. M. l ijxmt and (.'. I iffy discuss the options. Above. M. Krick winds up and lets loose. 191The toys track team coached by Chris Tael, raced through a year of . Through all the loses the toys did well with outstanding performances from Tom Praus, Al Cross, Bob Bcn-gtson and a core of fine underclassmen. 'Hie highlight of the season was the unexpected high finish in the D.B.C. meet. The girls track, coached by Jim Driscoll, worked hard for their achievements through the snow in March, the rain in April, and the unexpected hot weather in May. The girls captured the Delano Invitational championship, finished third in the D.B.C., and had an outstanding performance in the regional track meet. Christie Patten and Debbie Vinella represented the Co "stars in the state meet and Christie responded with a 5th place finish in the 1600 meter. First row. L. Drum. D. Vinella, J. Dor-nish, M. Sullivan. S. Sarazin, M. Boulay, M. Thies, J. Bcdnarz, B. Hornier. Second row. Coach Driscoll. M. Kcdfcm. K. Wind D. Zieska. K. Burg. A. Blessing, T. Sieve, M. VVoida, M. Casserly. E. Becker. Third row. C. Patten, S. Deegan, S. Hamilton, G. Zelada, B. Ireton, S. Gonsior, M. Ernst. M. laibiien. K. Flynn. D. Kroll. 192This page: Top left. Eileen takes her stand. Center. What action! Center left. Prause hurdles his way to the finish. Center right. Co for it Mike. Opposite page: Top center. Jim Engle gives it all he's got. Center left. High jumping Isecomes alive. Center. Will Kelly Flynn make it?? lift Lf- First row. C. Smith, K. Schneider. J. Susag. R. Benson, M. Daly, P. Joyce. Second row. P. Kenney. D. Olson. J. Doody. B. Bengtvon, M. Lee, P. Woida, R. Olson, S. Smith. P. Sweeney. Third row. C. Nimh, A. Cross, B. Cross. M. Hoover. R. Anderson. P. Holewa. J. Engle. S. McDonald, T. Prause. 193Celebration day was a day in which students dressed up and Seniors wore their caps and gowns. On this day the Freshmen became Sophomores, the Sophomores became Juniors, and the Juniors became Seniors. The day included an awards ceremony where two of the highest awards given to any Senior at Holy Angels were given. This year the Mary medal was presented to Teresa Jasper, and the Thomas Moore medal was presented to Steve Hoeppner. The day also included a liturgy, the inauguration of next year’s student council, the Senior farewell and skits, and a balloon lift in the courtyard. This day was a celebration of endings and beginnings, reflections upon the past and future, and a time to offer whatever we could to each other as the year ended. 194Opposite pane: Top left. M. Blake and M. Morrissey hug as they reflect on their memories together. Center. C. IX Rush and G. Gagne can't wait for the skits to begin. Bottom right. As P. Halewa sits among the crowd he realizes the year has come to an end. This page: Top left. S. Hoeppner thoughtfully offers a yearbook as a symbol of "the times of our lives." Top right. Q- Tierney, played by M. Hoover, demands more recognition for selling raffle tickets. Bottom left. Macho man several years from now. Bottom right. A togetherness never to Ik. forgotten. 195“If you love someone enough to let them grow and change, in love, you grow together.” I dvc and the search for peace was the message of this year's homilist, Bob Wagner. Wagner spoke before Seniors, parents, and teachers on May 29 at the Baccalaureate mass which was planned and carried out by the Seniors. This mass. traditionally, is the last the Seniors will celebrate together as a class and they chose the speaker and celebrant Fr. Gene Tiffany. During the mass the Seniors symbolized their love for each other and their search for peace by passing out candles and lighting them one by one. After mass ended a short reception was given by the Juniors and their parents in the commons. “It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing. That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it, you spread His love to everyone, you want to pass it on.” Top right. A. Seidel and J. Ross strike a pose. Bottom left. M. Thibault, D. Bicdron and K. Susag smile as they reminisce. Bottom right. B. Wagner and M. Lautzenhiser share a moment of togetherness. Opposite page: Top left. S. Mathewson, A. Kuhn, P. Sweeney and M. Hoffman hang out at the dance. Center left. Mr. Kenney auctions off a giant pencil. Bottom left. C. Smec and S. Consior enjoy themselves. Top right. Surprise Anne! You’re on candid camera. 1969 This year’s annual senior party and lock-in was held at the Southdale YMCA. The senior parents organized the evening which began at 8:00 p.m. on June 1 and which included such things as a “Casino Night,” a continental breakfast at 2:00 a.m., and dancing to the music of "Caribou.” Seniors were also able to take advantage of the usual swimming, handball, basketball, and of course, eating. 197Graduation 1980 During the week prior to graduation the weather forecasters predicted rain for the entire weekend. At 12:30 p.m. on June 1 it was raining. At 1:45 it was sunny and warm. The question of the hour was—will it he raining at 2:00 p.m. when the ceremony was scheduled to begin? Plan A: Graduation takes place outside as planned. Plan B: If it rains graduation takes place in the auditorium. For the first time in 49 years the Academy of the Holy Angels held the commencement exercises in the school auditorium. After a short delay, the ceremony !x. gan and the white-rolx d Seniors took their places among their peers, parents, and friends to officially mark the end of their high school careers. For many it was a time of mixed emotions. Graduation speaker Steve Hocppner spoke of his feelings as he approached the end of high school—the frustrations, the challenges, and the uniqueness of his class. As the Seniors marched out after their Senior song, the sun shone down and sparkled on the grass and a soft wind ruffled the robes of the new graduates. The class of 1980 ended high school in the rain and began a new phase of their lives in the sun. "Rivers belong where they can ramble, eagles lxdong where they can fly. I’ve got to ! e where my spirit can run free. I’ve got to find my corner of the sky." The class of 1980—the “Class With Class.” This page: Top. K. Trombley stands out among the crowd. Center. Graduation speaker Steve Hocppner. Lower left. C. Brombach and M. Saki share a thought. Lower right. C. Smcc and A. Wclbes check to make sure their feet arc in the right places. Opposite page: Top. S. Domisch checks to make sure it's signed. Center left. J. W'oida smiles for the camera, ('enter right. Sr. Susan and Chris Lynch wait to begin. Lower left. K. Susag to D. Hiedron, "Remember don’t turn l cforc the fifth row or after the tenth set of tape marks on the second row of tiles after the third scat on your right. Got it?” Lower right. P. Hutchens reaches for his diploma.199 p ' 6 c ”ZZV'r ' ' f3 A |tr 2- ‘.f ' ■T ir ,,f ' r - ax -j TS ' Ft° r-. °2 XZ:2£ W-A v®-7o(L , “tUiLkV cuo ? 4jJ (hack Jf (joi'r Mfioui yoto JHj UAU iWVurvxv XL'1 Qj-uJC' 0eUL Wt T us CO UXeJKj aw- . U Orthl HJeuuviLt q tfgf-l W ou3 you diinxcjLA nJ (feiT x li rn-£ h£tk } crp y0lL atf "L”’ 1 tnoto wi£-. X oufu- nopsL. vt AT you. cuML- a- iA r ckr4tX St vuvxx .nrh opo y oco Houjl cu j ry -z iUi ab 1' uiA 5- iCyuxuOu dumjxrrruJt CiJUJtn n = s Cfipdh , }Ci ta -ustu) 424 1 ( UXX 'U l tPP. -j'trL”’ ) c Jsrt vj 1lO UsUH., p C ° Hcox JZu tlu5 uwsy» i, yylLj . £ LaJ Ufthr n £$0 4{LCA.c o CJl'UO ■} }, lai.oooH

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