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 x y- p °v - ™ V O V:J tNc«--V V V, o r . tt, t P w Jfi -V $“ . t- ' mC ‘d tM-niyy, WKa4 c-AfJ X .■A A'( +b'iion ? tNlC WNN-fAliC r V jiooft ANYTftXMi - r ' EtiWs NICE Hfps' s Niceic s T Ct-u . . . 'S bl Sfc Kj££ j Uo Sr 0 % .1 ? V Y ,m;m' nlf 4 V } t Xi VS „ s'b vO X N A AJ 1 « v 3 %4 £ $ V c Sv s b $ N 0 I vi 0 ikllv K“A man is not liis hope, nor his despair, nor yet his past deed. We know not yet what we have done, still less what we are doing. Wait till evening, and other parts of our day’s work will shine than we had thought at noon, and we shall discover the real purport of our toil. As when the farmer has reached the end of the furrow and looks back, he can tell Ik si where the pressed earth shines most." Henry David Thoreau COVKR DKSK.N I he green spiral represents the Iio|m-IiiI time of man's existence, from his creation to his resurrection. The smallest splash ot color is the dust out of which he is created. I he second figure represents the fusion of dust (man's body) and the soul, and also man enlivened by grace. I he third figure is man's death. Mis body dies, hut his soul remains. Ihe central design signifies the Parousia when man is completely transformed into the “New Man." 2We dedicate the 966 Angelas to Sister Avila. As our librarian, she has taught us to inquire, to look beyond ourselves. By doing this, she has helped us realize what we are in relation to all people and to God, and that we are in a continuous period of transformation in which we are empowered and strengthened.‘Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave Kdna St. Vincent MillayFACULTY SISTER ST. GERTRUDE Principal SISTER ADA MARIE Assistant Principal. Religion SISTER NOEL Counselor SISTER MARY JOHN Registrar 6SISTER VINCENT DE PAUL Latin FATHER PIERRE. Religion SISTER LOl'IS PHILIPPE. French SISTER SI PHILIP Religion MRS VALITA MICHEL Chemistry, Math SISTER El'S I ACE Study Prefect SISTER HELEN FRANCIS Religion, History 7 SISTER IRENAEUS English, Drama, Public ShakingSISTER ST. LAWRENCE Biology MRS. EDITH MARTINSON MRS MARY RUNDORFF English, Latin Business Education SISTER ST. TERESA Spanish SISTER CHRYSOSTOM Math, Physics, Physical Science 8SISTER BKRXARDIXK Religion, Art Music SISTER CARLOS MusicSISTER ANN ELLA Religion. English. Speech MRS NANCY SI SAN JARRARD Physical Education SISTER ELIZABETH LOUISE Business Education SISTER I.ISA, Religion, SISTER VERONICA ALICE. SISTER ANSM-M Stud' Prefect SISTER AVIIA. I " " .rrf' ANN History.' ; | H NVHistory, Latin Bookecper MRS. MARTHA MADSEN English MR. TED BURKE Maintenance MRS. LILLIAN BURNS Secretary SISTER BRIAN Cafeteria SISTER JOHN VIANNEY Business Office MRS. BERNICE HARRINOTON Cafeteria 11(ale boisi'I 0lX-J Low t % ry? fj uj an V 4re» He Of- d tfL bfciiv s 4. ?X % £ “ P ec 5 Tl WOS me , c f it f i Some pf£ - 7...' r u,t «,, ( w y thtii it M rj i-t cjiMitt J Gojlu J w; C i j r w ■ 7 'JA vie- j[( ‘h'ttk £- «■ ' n ht-bkfi' f' I t-'j in a Hi h t £ fV 7 fa ■J. is • 4 f£ UiWv.1 M ’°) U. Lw h i ft zjfirtWfi- to. hOVE CjT »™Al l. SCHOOL OFFICERS (Standing) Mary Jo Sullivan, secretary: Mary Butler, social chairman; Mary McOrath, community service chairman; Koni Ahern, parliamentarian. (Seated) Cathy Clifford, vice-president; Anne Saevi . president. STUDENT COUNCIL 14"The Student Council is a bond ol unity between persons. Through the Council, students and faculty work together to incorporate their ideas and plans for the well-being and fulfillment of each member ol the school.” Anne Saevig Student Council President 15SENIORS VERONICA JEAN AHERN Ambition: Ixm me sow love; lie-members Most: Peeps, parties and plays. MICHELE DIANE BECKER Ambition: To see the world 30,000 feel above the earth; Remembers Most: Sister. Wendy, and the whale. MARY ANN ANDREWS Ambition: To Ixr to my children what my mother is to me: Remembers Most: May 2. 1965. SUSAN JANE BLECHA Ambition: That I may become an instrument of His peace; Remembers Most: Friends, nuns, guppies, and "pull up a rock.” TERRI LEE BOESER Ambition: To give to others as they have given to me; Remembers Most: White lace, yellow satin and H.A.T. ('.AIL ELIZABETH BONG A A RTS Ambition: To find the end of the rainbow; Remembers Most: Karra-gut. Idaho in 1965. 16CAROLE MARIE BACH Ambition: To never stop laughing: Remembers Most: A rabbit skin, summer 65. Mike, Zaq. and Eek! PATRICIA MARIE BACH MEIER Remembers Most: Coffee flavored popcorn, dark closets, vaseline. BARBARA ANITA BATTAGLIA Ambition: To get my RN; Remembers Most: Cietting my first job. BEVERLY ANN BRUNNER Ambition: To be "f ree" with Sue in our blue “haven”; Remembers Most: Midnight mudpuddles and Red “Nights." LINDA LEE BUNES Ambition: To get a college education and travel abroad; Remembers Most: All the five o'clocks. KATHLEEN ANN BUTLER Ambition: To sec Europe with Mary; Remembers Most: Deadlines. 17MARY HELEN BL’Tl.ER RENEE CAR1.SON Ambition: To grow in i'aiili. hope. Ambition: To sec Europe with and love; Remembers Most: Going Kathy; Remembers Most: The "Sa- plates, doing things, and meeting die” that never was. ROSEMARY CAMPBELL people. KATHLEEN ANN CLINE Ambition: To grow in love, wisdom, and understanding; Remembers Most: “Losing the Jug.” MARY MARGARET CLOUGH Ambition: To know God’s plan for me and to carry it out as well as I am able; Remembers Most: The Brown Jug. Sophomore year. SUSAN MARY CODE Ambition: To put MT(ASCP)after my name; Remembers Most: Fun and games with Teddy and Topid. 18SHARON LEE CHEESEMAN NANCY MARIE CARROLL A mbi I ion: To please everyone all the time; Remembers Most: 1964 — the dreams, the plays, reality. Ambition: To become an accomplished pilot and own my own plane; Remembers Most: Summers at Elk Lake. SI'SAN KATHERINE CHRISTIE Ambition: A lull life; Remembers Most: A yellow cab. JEANNE MARY COl.YIN Ambition: Live, love, and laugh a little; Remembers Most: The swimming pool with palm trees. CATHERINE ANN CLIFFORD Ambition: "To master the keys": Remembers Most: “pink yogurt and the beach on the Lido” MARY THERESA CON BOY Ambition: To never grow old; Remembers Most: januarv 29, 1965. 19RUTH MARJORIE CONUN Ambition: To Ik- as generous as my mother and father; Remembers Most: My “Blaeser” and my shoes. MARY JANF CORNEI.ISON Ambition: To he a mountain climber and climb the highest mountain; Remembers Most: “Fritz is coming.” 7 JULIE KATHERINE DIETZ Ambition: To travel, to learn, to experience; Remembers Most: Summer a certain red horse, “My life and Hard l imes." MARY ALICE DIVINE Ambition: To have a happy feeling inside me all my life; Remembers Most: The lawn chair,clothes pole, and a voice. SUZANNE MARIE COUILLARI) Ambition: To join the foreign legion; Remembers Most: Moon over Miami. KATHLEEN ANN DIXON Ambition: To Ik- a large Peter Pan that never flics alone; Remembers Most: The Studc, “Dopie,” Gcnc-sians, and you. 20SUZANNE MARIE DAVIS MARY ELEANOR DANIEL Ambition: To write; Remembers Most: The people. "Frit is coming." Ambition: To always remember to smile; Remembers Most: S-P-U.C. S.F.O.B. and our great bus hootenannies. ALICE MARCARE'l DICKINSON Ambition: Heaven only knows; Remembers Most: Knocking on the wrong door. NANCY KATHRYN DOLAN Ambition: To have a permanent wave; Remembers Most: All kinds of turtles, the river and toothpaste. PATRICIA ANN DRAKE Ambition: To live, love, and Ixr WENDY ELIZABETH DREIS Ambition: To never walk alone; Remembers Most: “It’s about the toothpaste. Amos." 21DIANA LOUISE DRURY Ambition: To conquer the world wiili pen and pcp| cr; Remembers Most: Magnolia on die yardarm. MARTHA MARY DUNN Ambition: To slay young; Remembers Most: ('.old HaO. World .Series. C •old on blue. PATTI LEE DUNN Ambition: To find what I've been looking for; Remembers Most: “Frit is coming." PHYLLIS ANNE FA DELL Ambition: To stand aside and watch myscll go by; Remembers Most: The F.vcrgladcs and the stall. CAROLYN ANN FAVORITE Ambition: To have only one ambition; Remembers Most: All the five o'clocks. MARY PA I RICIA FERGUSON Ambition: To let my little light shine: Remembers Most- "Frit is coining.” 22CLASS OF ’66 SUZANNE JEAN ENGELHARD Ambition: To discover; Remembers Most: Green lies, wheat cookies, and long rehearsals. MARY JOAN DURR Ambition: To write what my real ambition is: Remembers Most: Picnics . . . T.C. . .. those Saturday nights. TERESA ANNE EWING Ambition: A mountain, a meadow, and oak. and an Arab; Remembers Most: Fargo. MARY ELIZABETH FINDSEN Ambition: To know what is really important; Remembers Most: Homecomings and going to the library. |EANNE MARGARET FLEMING Ambition: To look my age; Remembers Most: Fun and games with "Toopid and Tumb.” CATHERINE JANET FORM ICO Ambition: To fulfill my vocation: Remembers Most: November 22, 1963. 23MARGARET ANN FRVE COLLEEN MARY GAEDY MARY ELLEN GARDNER Ambition: To create happiness; Remembers Most: Karen. Ambition: “Love, live, laugh, and learn”; Remembers Most: Those sleepless hours, "Stude and Co." Ambition: To stay happy; Remembers Most: The Red Coach. GAYLE EMILY GRANT Ambition: Thai the happiness we share will always he; Remembers Most: The little green falcon, '65 J.S.. and Ted’s. LINDA COLLEEN GRANT Ambition: To make once and once equal Tous; Remembers Most: My Bermuda buddy and the Rudy Kazooddi Hum-a-Zoo Band. LORRAINE CAROL GROEBNER Ambition: To know, love, and understand; Remembers Most: People, places and things. 24KATHLEEN GIBLIN Ambition: To lx: a surf-bunny; Remembers Most: "Fritz is coming". “First Ixrll ring yet?" MARY CLAIRE HAASE Ambition: Fly as an airline stewardess and find the man for me: Remembers Most: Weekend spent with M., I)., P.. D., and J. at Leech Lake. LINDA RAH CINTHER Ambition: To understand the “why" of life; Remembers Most: The summer before the end. KATHLEEN ANN HAMLIN Ambition: To help people help themselves; Remembers Most: Brown Jug '63-'64. MARY JANE GOET .KN Ambition: I'o give to others and to ski with elegance: Remembers Most: The bus, the driver, the hootenannies. 25CHERYL JEAN IMSDAHL Ambition: The Scottish Foreign Service: Remembers Most: happy Hannukahs. CONSTANCE MARIE INGHAM Ambition: To divinize my activities and passivities; Renumbers Most: Everything? JESSICA JANE JASPER Ambition: To bring some light to every place I go; Remembers Most: Things I want to forget. MARTHA MARY HOWARD MARY LOUISE HARRINGTON Ambition: To line! my ambition and realize it; Remembers Most: "What happened this time?" Ambition: To always believe in someone; Remembers Most: Dances, dinners, and December 28. ANNE ELIZABETH HAVILAND Ambition: To find fulfillment in love as others around me have and the $30 bet; Remembers Most: Closets, Olive, and nuns. SUSAN ANN HAYMAKER Ambi ion: To be "free" with Bev in our blue "haven"; Remembers Most: Elections, midnight swinging and Goony’s Giggle. 26SENIORS CANDACE MARY HKDS I ROM Ambition: To act as old as 1 look: Remembers Most: Fun and games with Teddy and Tumb. KATHRYN LOUISE HEGMAK Ambition: To be a laughin' "Cal": Remembers Most: Lunch tables, plays, and “those sleepless nights". JUDITH ANN HULTEN Ambition: To always leave a good impression: Remembers Most: Peeps, parties, and plays. JILL ELIZABETH JOHNSON Ambition: To walk down my surfboard at Malibu beach: Remembers Most: "Fritz is coming". PAMELA MARY JOHNSTON Ambition: To be a L.P.N.; Remembers Most: Two weeks in New York. KATHLEEN MARIE KELLY Ambition: To find out if Sky really talks to Sistet Avila: Remembers Most: Angelus Dance and those huge lockers. 27LINDA MARY KUHN Ambition: Complete my name with an R.N. and M.S.; Remembers Most: "It's me Stella" and locks and keys in the White House. SHARON MARIE KENNEDY Ambition: To find happiness; Re-members Most: A special town and the people in it. THERESA ANN KRUEGER Ambition: To find the swimming pool; Remembers Most: picking up little pink slips. JANET MARIE KORT Ambition: To write my real ambition; Remembers Most: 1’icnics. people. Saturday nights. DONNA LEIGH KUPFER Ambition: To fulfill my dreams and further those of others; Remembers Most: Traveling with K. and K. VIVIAN MARIE LASLEY Ambition: That he might find God through me; Remembers Most: February 7, I1M 5, and one day last summer. 28MARTHA CLAIRE KRAMER Ambition: To hr a (.mmotologist; Rrmrmbrrs Most: That horse! NANCY JEAN KRMPOTICH Ambition: To serve and help people who need help; Rrmrmbrrs Most: Junior year and the plays. BARBARA JEAN KRUEGER Ambition: To behold my existence as somethin unfathomuhly mysterious; Remembers Most: "First bell ring yet?" KATHLEEN RAE LEDWITH Ambition: To fly; Rrmrmbrrs Most: An class of “65". BARBARA ANN LITFIN Ambition: To live, love, and to laugh ..Rrmrmbrrs Most: Indian summers. MAUREEN PATRICIA McCANNA Ambition: To always Ik- able to laugh; Rrmrmbrrs Most: Walking hand in hand. 29SHERI LYN ANN McGOVERN MARY KATHRYN MAHONKY Ambition; To giow more in love than I have in height; Remembers Most: “Fritz is coming". PATRICIA MARIK. Me WHITE Ambition: To be a success in life; Remembers Most: "Fritz is coming". Ambition: To destroy the point of a Bic pen; Remembers Most: Vaseline. Sapphire, Studc. MARY ELIZABETH MATHEIS Ambition: To lx only as great and successful as tny parents; Remembers Most: Lunchroom lectures. “large" lockers, and lots of laughs. i SHA ROI„YN (1EORGETTE MAURER Ambition: To live, love, and toil with a will; Remembers Most: The North and the summer of’63. JUDINF. JOANNE MELCHIOR Ambition: To experience the joy in helping others to smile: Remembers Most: Flowers, formals, frights, and performances. 30KATHLEEN MARY MANN CONSTANCE MARIE MARTIN Ambition: To make all my dreams come true; Remembers Most: The hourly train. KAREN MARIE MAR TENS Ambition: To toss one more penny in the pool; Remembers Most: "One Enchanted Evening". Ambition: To know, to appreciate, to share: Remembers Most: Dreams plans, and exciting moments. PATRICIA |ANE MATMIOWETZ Ambition: To divinize my activities and passivities; Remembers Most: January 29, 1965. MARY RUTH MICHELS Ambition: 'To be an Occupational 'Therapist; Remembers Most: The World Series, locks and kevs in the White House. PATRICIA LOUISE MISENCIK Ambition: To look at the bright side of life with a smile; Remembers Most: The vicious circle. JANET ANN MONAHAN Ambition: To lix 11 miles of road construction; Remembers Most: Sunday night trips. 31ANN MARIE MOORE Ambition: To grow; Remembers Most: Sno-Daze, Harcourt. Brace and World, Fritz, Black Dress. RITA KATHERINE MOSKALIK Ambition: To get my R.N. Remembers Most: Junior Angclus, the summer with Pat and "RcCts." PATRICIA LYNN MOZIS Ambition: To catch a wave at Malibu Beach; Remembers Most: “Fritz is coming”. BARBARA JEAN NIEMANN Ambition: To understand just a little more today than yesterday; Remembers Most: Father-Daughter banquet. Huck Finn. MARY ANN NISTLER Ambition: To make it...; Remembers Most: Lunch. MARY LUE NORDQUIST Ambition: To get my I..P.N.; Remembers Most: Polynesian Holiday. 32ANN I MARI! NK 1-SON MAROARE1 ANN MUI-CAHY Ambition: To freelance; Remem-hers Most: "Good Evenings" in the morning. MARY JANK ODONNEU. Ambition: To burn my candle ai both ends; Remembers Most: S.P. U.C.S.F.O.B., "Bubbles", plins. SUSAN ANN NEITCK Ambition: To gel to heaven; Remembers Most: Sunday night trips. SUSAN MARY NEI-SON Ambition: To love; Remembers Most: Summer 65. KATHRYN MARIE O'KEEFE Ambition: To remember "Where there is a will there is .1 way”; Remembers Most: The hug and blue ex| ericnccs. Ambition I’oposie-Pie, P.J., and me traveling: Remembers Most: ('.tilting hair in the Ixmdoir. 33CLASS OF ’66 SUZETTE MARIE OLIVE Ambition: To lx like my mother; Remembers Afwi:"Fritz is coming.” KATHLEEN ANN OLSON Ambition: To be that certain someone’s "First I.adv;” Remembers Most: T-A-K-E-O O-F-F!!! STEPHANIE ANN OLSON Ambition: To change my attitude about certain things; Remembers Most: Cynthia Keene playing the candy machine. KATHLEEN ANN PELLETIER Ambition: To find the northwest passage with Lewis; Remembers Mast: Drums a go-go in the cafeteria. Sh-Boom. MARY KATHLEEN PIERCE Ambition: To love others as I have been loved; Remembers Most: The little things... ELLEN AMANDA PLOOG Ambition: To graduate; Remembers Most: All the girls at Holy-Angels. 34MARIE THERESE OWENS Ambition: To he happy and free: Remember Most: "Fritz is coming”. CAROLYN |EAN PECK Ambition: To be a complete person; Remembers Most: The summer of T»r» and a girl named Rin-K - MARY ANN PEIRSON Ambition: "Never to lx too proud to learn from those I help"; Remembers Most: Getting lost in the building the first couple days of school. MARIE LOUISE POQUETTE Ambition: To lx one in mind and heart for a life time; Remembers Most: The twelfth of never and missing soap. MARY KATHLEEN PRIMEAU Ambition: To help others; Remembers Mast: Parties after the plays. KATHLEEN MARY PRINCE Ambition: I’o find the Northwest Passage with Lewis; Remembers Most: Drums a go-go in the cafeteria Sh-Boom. 35CAROL MAKII PRODAII!. Ambition Io lintl tin oii Invest Passage wiih Lewis .mil Clark: Remembers Af Hi own Jug sophomore seal PAM LI.A M ARY PUMPER Ambition: To never walk alone; Remembers Most: The 'W Angclus, the chase, and Johns. PA IRICIA RASMUSSEN Ambition: To build our jeep; Re-members Most: I he River. MARY PATRICIA RIEBE Ambition: To finally “weigh" my grams and see an increase; Remembers Most: Harcourt, Brat e and World, red roses, togas, dances. JILL MARI I ROBERTS Ambition lo a sophisticated part; Rememhei-. Mint Peeps, parties and plass PATRICIA ROCKES Ambition: To love in a world confused; Remembers Most: The lawn-chair, the clothespole, and the voice. MARY JANE RONHOVDE Ambition: To keep my liesl friend happy; Remembers Most: Walking to the falls, corner rooms, and windows. 36KATHLEEN MARY REITER Ambition; Cosmetologist; Remembers Most: Icc in the courtyard, Bang-two days off. I 7 f WmiiitJwmKk MARY JOAN RUSH Ambition: To build our Jeep: Remembers Most: The fiver and the J.VV.R.M.F.C. SUSAN SHIRLY REITER Ambition: To make the year to come the happiest; Remembers Most: Thanksgiving weekend of 1964. HELEN ELEANOR RIEGOER Ambition: To write about the world in one short story; Remembers Most: My Fair Lady at the Academy theater. BARBARA JEAN RYAN Ambition: Id just once think be-fore I act; Remembers Most: Be-nilde '64; Fiats; beards. SUZANNE ELIZABETH ST. JOHN Ambition: To Ik- what I am and not what I'm not: Remembers Most: Accidents, speeding tickets and William Shakespeare. 37MARY ANN SACHS ANNK MARIK SAKVIG LYNN CATHERINE SAFFERT Ambition: To fill I he hole in my life: Remember . Most: Renewed faith and trust and awareness. Ambition: To love and be a real f riend; Remembers Most: A cement block, my f riends, and four years. Ambition: To graduate: Remembers Most: Lunches and homerooms. DEBORAH MARIE SCHERER Ambition: To climb the highest mountain; Remembers Most: Washington, I).C. at night, and working for the World Series. JUDITH ANN SCULLY Ambition: To lx another Betty Crocker; Remembers Most: November 22. 1963. MARY SUE SCHULTE Ambition: To love; Remembers Most: Vaseline, Mavis Moriarity. 38GEORGIA MARIK SAUER Ambition: To build our jeep; Re-members Most: “It is now eight o'clock.. ..Thank you," “Bubbles." BONNIE KAY SAVAGE Ambition: To smile through my tears; Remembers Most: The screaming silence. MARY LOUISE SCANLON Ambition: To find what I'm looking for; Remembers Most: J.W.R. M.F.C. MARY SUSAN SHEADY Ambition: To have a “Gay Tailin''; Remembers Most: Lunch tables theaters, attitudes. KATHLEEN MARY SHEER AN Ambition: To find a leprechaun at the end of my rainbow; Remembers Most: A Hornet in a shrunken sweater. AI.NSE CAROL SHULER Ambition: To bring happiness to others as my friends have brought it to me; Remembers Most: ('.arni-vals. Prom and T.H.T. 39 SENIORS SUSAN ELIZABETH SMITH Ambition: To come back on the other side of the desk: Himembers Most: Harcourt, Brace and World and "Trigger" on the Eve of Destruction. ANN MARIE SPINNER Ambition: To find a bow that's just my style: Remembers Most: laughing at the strange laughs at our lunch table and sophomore summer, MARGARET MARY SMOOT Ambition: To be a college educated mom mic; Remembers Most: EcK, Driver's Training with l oo and Fop. ANNA MARIE STEGURA Ambition: I o never stop searching; Remembers Most: Summer ’( .r and Jo ’57 Ford. CARLA HELEN STEPANCHAK Ambition: To never walk alone: Remembers Most: The '65J.S. and Teds. MARY KAY SUTTON Ambition: That I may never walk alone; Remembers Most: The "Old Hag” and her "Big Brother." 40KATHLEEN EVELYN SORENSON Ambition: To attain that certain ray of light: Remembers Most: “Fritz is coining." GLORIA JEAN TONSKEMPER Ambition: To be able to play Gershwin and make everyone happy: Remembers Most: When my “froggie's” head fell off. MARGARET MARIE SOWA Ambition: To conquer the world with a smile; Remembers Most: “the" playwright, pizza, and the day after the night before. m. urni DONNA LYNN TRETHEWEY Ambition: Let me sow love; Remembers Most: I he lawnchair, the clothespole. and the voice. w PATRICIA VERNETTE SPILLANE Ambition: To understand jokes: Remembers Most: “Fritz is coming.” t BARBARA ANN WAGNER Ambition: To never walk alone; Remembers Most: Summer days and summer nights. 41MARY ELIZABETH WALCH Ambition: To get my Phi); Remembers Most: A broken zipper. SANDRA PAULETTE WEDHOLM Ambition: To be a “Wedholm" now. but noi forever; Remembers Ma t: The red Chev and ihc gang. MARY JANELLE WEEDING Ambition: To give (O life all I have received; Remembers .Most: The lawn chair, the dbthcspole, and the voice. MARY JANE ZAHRADKA Ambition To write “The Great American Novel!" Remembers Most: Twilight in New York. MARINA BRAUN Ambition: To fie successful in whatever I do; Remembers Most: Evading Sister Inc . SUSAN CHERYL TELL Ambition: To make my muscles work for me; Remembers Most: Gilbert's and New York and Harcourt, Brace, and World. Inc. 42KAREN BI.ANC.IU WKI.CH MARILYN MAE YETZER MARY JOAN WE1SZ Ambition. To love and care; Re-members Most: The Indian and NO REFUSE. Ambition: I o understand; Remembers Most: Caesar, Euclid, Einstein and Shorty. Ambition: To swim to Europe; Remembers Most: Skinny. Booboo. Bean and Arkansas. KAREN KAY MERCER 1948-1963 When one Man dies, one Chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every Chapter must l e so translated—Cod’s hand is in every translation; and his hand shall bind up all our scattered leaves again, for that Library where every book shall Ik open to one another. John Donne 43JUNIORS Christine • Addington Patricia Becker Pamela Boylan Ann Chevalier Patricia Cleary Carol Cooper Marian Appelgren Darlene Belleleuille Mary Anne Brady Grctchen Baier Janet Bexanson Mary Lynne Bundy Oil lee n Bares l-eslie Boche Baihara Burns Vicki Baribcau Kathleen Boeser Kathleen Bvkowski Su cttc Beck Anita Boettcher Virginia Carbon Barbara Becker Anne Bnulang Therese Casey Ann Damlrerger DeAntoni 44Patricia Decncy Mar Dixon Kathleen Gacdy Julie Gotteslcben I cborah Harper Kathleen Gallagher Kathleen Greeny I.iiula Harristhal Mary Ann Gallagher Jeannette Gross Susan Harvey Patricia Gallagher Donna Hafncr Ellen Havden Kathleen Welsh Class Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor Mary Driscoll Susan Dunn Donna Frenetic Susan Gardner Susan Hall Deborah DeLaMatcr Sharon Dudley Colleen Edwards Susan Fricndshuh Deborah George Erin Mallet Hcdstrom Deborah Sharon Dunlcavy Diane Falk Margaret Mary Gera Margaret Hammill Yvonne Hecnan DePasquale Frochlinsdorf Cinda Patricia Dillon Hendrickson 45Mary Kay Lang Angela Patricia Luxem Mary Higgins Janice Ingham Theresa Kading Mary Kay Langcr Mary Leeder Ixvandoski Therese Diane Hokanson Patricia JaeklOR Theresa Keating Katherine Barbara Ixighton Patneia linden McClellan Virginia Holeman Daryl James Eileen Kenna I-aPierrc Patricia Lemieux Diane Louis Kathryn McCoy N'ancy Hoi Carol Johnson Mary Ann Koppi Kathleen llunev Judith Johnson Mary Krant Ellen Hunt Mary Jo Johnson Mary Kave Krassclt Michelle Imsdahl Patricia Johnson Bernadette Kuhn Mary Kay Linda Milliman Monahan 46Patricia McDaniel Joanne Mary McGrath McGinnis Jean McKccn Nancy MeGlynt Diane Mackie CLASS OF ’67 Ann Myers Sonia Myhre Leah Nelson Patricia Marsh Virginia Noble Phyllis Peters Marilyn Martin Margaret O'Brien Mary Jane Piker Renee Martyn Kathryn Oilman Peggy Pohland Mary Melloy Jean Olsen Valerie Pruden Judith Meyer Susan Olsson Carol Pryd Mary Alice Miller Kathleen Padden Teresa Relier 47 Margaret Nelson Martha Perry Jane ReisJUNIORS Joan Reis .Elizabeth Russell Shelley Stark Kathleen Tumbush Joyce Willcnburg Marguerite Rinck Judith Ryan Mary Jo Sullivan Jane VanDcuscn Kathleen Witt Diane Riso Patricia Scuddcr Janis I atone Ann Wagner Jeanne Wotrang Mary Lee Risvold Susan Silrott Mary Ellen Thoreson Katherine Warner Bonita Wo nak Kathleen Robbie Sherrie Smith Mary Beth Toyen Elaine Weismann Lynn Yaeger Shaun Roche Margaret Sorenson Julie Traun Carol Wcisz Bonnie Yohn Linda Rolf Margaret Spielman Kristine Tuma Susan Wicks Eileen Youngvorst 48SOPHOMORES Class President Mary Lisa Berg Colleen Cassady Judy Davis Colleen Dixon Ann Bohmbach Susan Clark Mary Davy Ann E. Duffy Roxanne Brant Janet Coleman Patricia Davy Ann M. Duffy Cathy Culnane Class Secretary-Treasurer Catherine Aldrich Sharon Bactcn Robin Brcscancini Mary Coleman Nancie DeMauco Roberta Dunleavy Janet Andrcsen Katherine Suzanne Budd Ellen Conlin Diane Deveny Daryl Eckhart Man Beth Assad Bauman Patricia Burns Kathleen Conroy Denise Diana Jeannette Eggcrt Sara Bcicrsdorf 49Joan F.ngelhard Karen Guiding Mari Haddox Baii ara Messier Kathleen Johnston Mary Lou Finos Colleen Clay Jolt-on Hannan Bridget Higgins Linda Jungcrs Patricia Farrell Catherine Chostley Carol Hanncman Cay Hokcnstrom Mary J» Kilkdlv Patricia Feany Nancy Giblin lunar Hart Susan Honcbrink Kli abeth Krani Janice Forde l.ynne Gray Barbara Harvey Jeannie Hornig Rita Knbik Mary Frey Mary Crimstad Hurtura Haymaker Cynthia Jensen Kathleen Kuhl Mary Ann Gallant Anne Gwiazdon Mary Hendrickson Kathleen Johnson Sand1.1 Kuntz .v trs’A a% ji 4 mf 50CLASS OF ’68 Sherry Lamirandr Diana l.onr Catherine Marsh Paula Myers Kristie Oshima Mary Sue 1-arkin Jeanne Louis Marilyn Meade Kristen Naughton Joyce Paul Linda lauertnan Molly McCarthy Suun Mcngelkoch Diane Niemackl Noel Pauly I-iuda leiningei Kathleen Mi Donnell Rebecca Mercer Valeria Nash Barbara Phifer Barbara Lick Margaret Me Keen Patricia Mulcahy Mary Obcrrcutcr Margaret Pidde Ann l.iedl Paulette McMahon Kathleen Mulvehill Andrea Ochs Patricia Ploog Deborah Lindherg Judith Mahowald Delxiiah Myers Kathleen O'Donnell Linda t uinn 51SOPHOMORES Joan Reiter Lynn Schaulein Stephanie Stark Jane Torvund Mary Sheila Wilson Adrienne Rice Corinne Schlosesser Jeanne Stevens Sylvia Tromiczak Linda Wise Mary Richardson Maitha Schulte Margaret Stewart Joann Vinclla Kathleen Yahr Pauline Richardson Kathleen Scudder Patricia Sweeney Catherine Watson Anne Yelland Ann Rimarcik Theresa Shelton Susan Thomas Jill Weiss Sandra Youngquist Kathleen Root Linda Smith Susan Tester Helen Welter Roxanne Berg Mary Sanders Mary Ann Stadclman Paula Tonskempcr Jill Willenburg 52Gail Adlin Susan Alstad Rita Ashenbrenner Catherine Halogh Christene Bauler Connie Bauman Linda Berk Rita Bettenburg Susan Boecher Joan Boeser Suzanne Boeser Bernice Brodcur Catherine Carroll Michele Casey Janice Churchill Catherine Danahy Catherine DcGidio Susan DeGidio FRESHMEN Mary Burke Susan Collins Ranae Diniua Patricia Burke Maureen Cordrey Virginia Dixon Mary Bober Class President Cathleen Calanducci Cynthia Cunningham Debora Dolezal Nancy Carnes Paula Cutter Ann Dugan Clarice Thompson Class Secretary-Treasurer 53Teresa Ebert Barbara Emewein Margaret Faber Colleen Gallagher Flora Gardner Mary F.llcn George Mary Hafertepe Lynn Hagen Karen Hall Phyllis Hames Mary Margaret Hanson Cheryl Harder Mary Harrier Kathleen Heath Ann Hegman Nancy Hendrickson Mary Anne Henry Kathleen Hcese Kathleen Ferguson Patricia Graff Mary Freeman Jan Gresbrink Maureen Gaedy Christine Haeg Diane Heiuman Betty Holz Janet Hclmberger i-ila Huber 54Mary Ann Hurwitz Mary Jackson Nancy Jarvis Mary Kelly Christine Krypel Roxanne Louis Joan Kennedy Rita Kusnier Victoria l-ucy Kathleen Kern Patricia Lau Kathleen McArdle Katherine Kerr Catherine 1-awlor Diane McCormick Marilyn Keyes Sandra Ixighton Mary Ann McDonough Kathleen Debra Kasper Marcia Keegan Mary Jane Kilian Mary laedl Mary McGrath Johnson Joan Keating Mary Ann Kellar Michele Kollcr Lynn laigelin Kathleen McGraw Barbara Jones 55FRESHMEN Catherine Mahoney Maureen Mooney Cynthia Nielsen Mary Kay Pancrau Mary Elizabeth Raidt Helen Manion Carole Moskalik Linda Nielsen Pamela Peine Rel cc(a Ram.sden Mary Marten Karen Myhre l.ucy 0'l.aughlin Sally Peirson Debra Rcichel Mary Ellen Martin Kathleen Naughton Patricia Okson Sharon Peterson Cathlccn Reed Cheryl Martin Marie Nedry Mary Beth O'Meara Jean Peirce Maureen Richer Judith Maurer Nancy Nelson Sandra Padden linda Poncin Robin Riley 56Rim Risvold Mjim Scot! Carrie Smith Julia Steven Ann Winchester Diane Robert Sandra Seaborg Deborah Smith Martha Sullivan Anne Marie Wolf Mary Pat Rolf Marianne Shea ('■rraldinr Soeller lori Tel worth I . nn Wong Rita Ryan Cynthia Shuck Beth Stageberg Marie Valle Teresa Zech Marjorie Sauter Margaret Sieg Susan Stanley Mary VanDeusen Kathleen Zeck Rita Schaak Mary Skala Patricia Stegura Mar Beth Waldorf Jeanne ilka 57 SutfJHtoC ast-®ei 6s g.'ftTf, 8«t Yet S K W sBc’e 3®...WoftDSWoaraendurance . . . Holy Angels Academy—a school for girls. This is all most people know about our school. Teachers, janitors, deliverymen, and people who come to our plays—each one knows Holy Angels in a different way. and each one appreciates a different aspect of it. To the students, however, Holy Angels is ... a favorite class . .. 60616263typographical errors . . . radio Espanol . ..a firm classical background . ..m hi ltd of musk 68 bean mosaics . . .70 Religion “rx cathedra" . .71 £ hH o w C D £ O H Baltimore, Williamsburg New York, Washington, D.C. Bill and Shorty . . . fields of Yorktown . . . blisters . . . bus rides for hours . . . R.F.K.’s office • .. the long steps up . .. monuments in the cold . . . Lincoln tunnel . . . the eternal flame from the bridge . . . lobby of the Commodore . . . UN .. . stairway to the torch . .. subways . .. New York - a view of the infinite lights ... a long journey home. For sixty-one seniors and four Sisters the 1965-66 school year began with a tour of the eastern United States. Their plane took off from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on August 24 and landed in Baltimore, Maryland the same day. After eight days of travel through Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., and New York, the tourists boarded a place back to the Twin Cities and arrived on August 31.Mrs. Maurice Brins s| »kc about the effect of discrimination on the social and personal life o! the family. Representative Clark MacGregor addressed the faculty and student body on the importance of youth's participation in |H liti(s and civic affairs. ASSEM Rev. Stanley Kin . a Baptist minister, disc ussed racial discrimination in relation to Christianity with U.S. History II classes. 74BLIES Mr. F.d Mahoney ol K.C.Y.O. directed career conferences withfa wrrj a Northwest Airlines stewardess and (Mow) Miss Joan Seidel, a social worker for the Catholic Welfare Association. 75C. S. CARNIVAL Happiness is two warm puppies. But my popcorn bag is empty. (rixxl grief! Dopey, Sneezy, and Leonard?!!! “The day that the rains came down . . ." — September 29. The Community Service Carnival was held inside the school for the first time. Under the direction of Mary McGrath, students developed the theme of Fantasyland through posters, booths, and an all-class talent show. Missions and local charities benefited from the profits of the carnival. 76For that old-time goodness, our burgers are aged over 1,000.000.000,-000.000 years. 77 Which way to Como?Student director, Linda Grant, gives last-minute instructions to (left to right) stage managers Jane Ronhovde and Wendy Dreis; prop crew chairmen, Kate Davy ami Donna Tre-thewey: and production manager. Diana Drury. Marccllus Washburn and his shipoopic Professor Harold Hill and Marian 78 Rock Island riders Kulalic MacKecknie Shinn and her Grecian UrnWinthrop 'tilings a 'thong of (.ary. Indiana. THE MUSIC MAN L Mrs. Paroo and Amaryllis The Music Man by Meredith Willson was presented on November 11-14, 1965, under the direction ol Sister Irenacus and Sister St. Cecilia. CAST Harold Hill hat Rams Maiian Paroo latida Smith Mayor Shinn Mary Lynne Bundy Mike Moore Marccllus Washburn 1 bin (iauvin Tommy Djilas Mike Quinn Mrs. Paroo Sue Engelhard Amaryllis Eileen Dcancr Sue (iillham Winthrop Paroo John Howard Kulalir Mac Kit knit Shinn Molly Daniel Zanccta Shinn Daryl James Jill Roberts tirade Shinn Kitty LaPicrrc hat Rot likes Ethel Toffclmier Candy Hedstrom Peggs Hamtnill Alma IIix Kathy Prince Maud Dunlop Kris Tuma Kathy Primeau Mrs. Squires Debbie (ieorge Linda (iinthcr Choreographer Pat Mi Daniel Jeanette Borhnkc (iillespie Piano Kathv McCoy Organ Nancy McClynn Barbara Phifer Sister Janelle 79 Lida Rose "We got trouble!Christmas is a "Time of Joy." Glee Club officers Kitty I-aPierre, Connie Martin, and Grctchcn Baicr decorate the tree before the concert begins. GLEE CLUB CONCERT 80Students of Holy Angels honored their fathers at the Father-Daughter Banquet on December 5, 1965, at the Thundcrbird Motel. After a tribute to the fathers by Anne Saevig, the girls and fathers exchanged songs. Also included in the program were the Kwald Brothers Quartet and an impromptu song by Father Clay. FATHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET 81. Chaperones arc (Irft to right) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Butler. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Clifford, and Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan. 82ANGELUS DANCE Holy Angel's annual Christmas dance, the Angelus, was held on December 28. 1965, in the North Star Room of the Radison Hotel. Rich Clausen and his hand provide the evening’s music. 83Father Keeler. S.J. Father Schuler Holy Angels students had an opportunity for prayer and renewal during a retreat held on January 19-20, 1966. Incorporated into the retreat were discussions on the priests’ conferences and on topics such as family relationships, authority, and vocations. The retreat master for the juniors and seniors was Father Christian Keeler, S.J. from the Jesuit Seminary, St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. Father James Schuler from Ascension Parish in Minneapolis directed the freshman-sophomore retreat. Reflect? 84Cuthman's mother (Diana Drury) unwillingly boards "the contraption" and she and her son set out on their journey, "turning stone over stone.” "Two nice neighbors with long noses" (Mary Alice Divine and Mary Frey) tell the unlielieving Cuth-man (Kate Davy) of his father's death. THE BOY WITH A CART The Gcnesians presented ihe verse drama The Boy With a Cart by Christopher Fry- for the faculty and student body on January 26 i 966 After her fall from the cart, Cuthman's mother is mocked by the mowers. Tawm (Terry F.wing) welcomes Cuthman and his motliei to Steymng. their new home. Mrs. Fipps (Pat McDaniels) challenges Cuthman's right to yoke her sons. Allied (Wendy Dreis) and Deiniwiill (Jane Ron-hovdc). 85ANGELUS Phil Faded, cdilor, keeps smiling till the end. (Aboi'f) Layout staff: Sue Christie. Midge Smoot. Pat Mathiowetz, Sue Smith. Alice Dickinson, Molly Daniel. (Hrlou') Literary staff: Bonnie Savage, Mary Mahoney. Phil Faded, Mary Ann Sachs. Mary Jane O'Donnell. Typing staff: Kathy Hegman and Mary Rush. Art staff: Kathy Oiblin. Lynn Saffcrt. Julie Diet , not ftirlured: Colleen Oaedy Business staff: Donna Trethcwcy and Peggy Sows. Photography stall: Pat Misencik, Mary Walch. not pit lured: Makeup stall: Marty Dunn, Debbie Scherer. Pat Bathmeicr. Mary Harrington. Copy Stall: Ann Mulcahy. Nancy Canoll RuthConlin. not pifturtd; Pal Rasmussen(Above) Reporters: Molly Daniel, Mary Riclx . Mary Wakh. Jan Weeding. Barb Bums. (Below) Nancy Car-roll. Ann Mulcahy, not pictured: Glo Tonskcmpcr, Mary McGrath, Mary Ann Gallagher, Kathy Padden. Page editors: Mit i Findscn, Kippy O’Keefe, Maureen McGanna, editor-in-chief Kathy Butler. F'crry Ewing. Karen Martens. Kathy Butler, editor-in-chief, reviews another great issue.CLUBS AVOC Preparing for a re-run arc Pat Farrell, secretary; Gretchcn Baicr, vice president; and Sue Olive, president. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (Standing) Cathy Clifford. Roni Ahern. Mitzi Findsen, Anne Saevig, Sue Haymaker, Mickey Imsdahl. Debbie Harper, Bernie Kulin. Kathy Butler (Srated) Carol Johnson. Sherri Itns- dahl, Mary Walch, Jeanne Fleming, treasurer; Donna Trethewey, president; Peggy Sowa, secretary: Sue Ble-cha. vice president; Barb Leighton, Kathy McCoy; not f irturrd: Mary Jo Sullivan 88■» W«u» t! " 1'iii i kmtniM t»U . MHM IPUNMIC ■ •ll WttM U4.T!Ukl. i It Mini it fcn. i |MMlM it l llWlK U intlM HU Mu. FRENCH CLUB Carol Johnson, vice president; Sherri Imsdahl. secretary; and Sue Couillard, president. SCIENCE CLUB Jan Andresen. vice president, and Sue Engelhard, president, |uesiion the validity of their experimem. 89LATIN CLUB Officers (Standing) Kippy O’Keefe. Wendy Drcis, Alice Dickinson. (Staltd) Anne Velland. Pai Deency, and Bemic Kuhn plan a Latin Week display with advisor. Sister Vincent dc Paul. USHERS CLUB President. Pam Johnston, vice president. Sue Beck, and secretary. Mary Sanders. 90CSMC Officers and co ordinators Karen Ohman, Mari Haddox, Sue Beck, Kristie Oshima, Linda Ginthcr, Nancy Carroll, and Connie Martin send clothes to the needy in Viet Nam. MUSIC CU B President .Judinc Melchoir.secretary. Barb Phifer, vice president, Lynn Yac-ger, and co-treasurers. Mary Ann McDonough and Kathy McGraw. CAMERA CLUB Vice president. Ann Mukahy. president. Kate Sorenson, and secretary. Man Beth Assad, review their technique for a perfect picture. GAA Ann Wagner, vice president; Angie Levandoski, secretary; and Colleen Edwards, president try to determine the results of the next volleyball game. 91(1F.NF.SIANS Kathy Dixon, president, discusses future prcxiuctions with vice president, Kate Davy, and secretary, Mary Sue Schulte. CLUBS HUMAN RKl.ATIONS CLUB Secretary. Debbie Har|)rr, vice president. Vivian lasley. and president. Sue Code suggest speakers for their next meeting. SPANISH CI.UB Officers Becky Mercer. Sue Smith, and Bonnie Wo nak surround themselves with Spanish culture. 92SOPHOMORE CORPS (Row C-ithx Chmtley, Mar Jo Kilkelb. Joan Reiter. KathyCulnane.fRote 2) Mari Maddox. Kaihv Scudder. Bjrb Haymaker. (Row J) Unda Junkers. Krix Naughton. Anne Vdiand.Cay Hokemtrom. Peggy McKcen. Ann Ucdl.and Pat Mutcahy. JUNIOR CORPS (Row 1) Debbie George. Sue Berk. Jan Tatone, Kathy Welch, l orn Kadmg. Karen Ohman. (Row 2) Kathy McCoy. Barb Becker. Julie Traun. Mary Lynne Bundy. Debbie Harper. Judy Ryan. Mary Driscoll. Sue Gardner. Mary Btady. Pat t.uxem.and Kitts 1 .aPierre. CONTACT SENIOR CORPS (Srakd) Mary Alice Divine. Pat Ferguson. Sue Mas maker. Sue Blet ha. (Standing) Mary Durr, and Kathy Butler. 93SENIOR ACTIVITIES Ahrm, Veronica All-School Parliamentarian 4; Music Club Set . ‘2: National Honor Society 3.4; Contact Leader ‘2-4; (SMC. 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Spanish Club I .‘2. Andrews, Mary Ann (SMC 1-4; Music Club 3; (ienesians 3.4. Bach, Carole AVOC 3.4; (SMC 1-4; CAA 2; Glee Club 3.4. Bachmeier. Patneta Homeroom Sec. 3; A '(K'. 1-3. Battaglia, Barbara (SMC 1-4; (Venetians 3.4; Latin Club 1-3; Music Club 1-3. Becker. Michele (SMC 1-4; CAA I; Gcncsians 3; Human Relations4; Mixlern Dance I.‘2. Bier ha, Susan Senior Class Pres. 4; National Honor Society 2.3, Vice Pres. 4; Homeroom Pres. 3, Treas. 3; Girls State Alternate 3; (SMC I-I. Contact leader 2-4; (Gcncsians 3.4; I.alin Club 1-4, Pres. 3. Bneser, Terri Homcr x m Pres. 1,2,3; (SMC 1-4; GAA I; C’cncsians 3; Modem Dance I: Ushers Club 2. Bongaarl%, Call ( SMC 1-4; Howling League 2; Gcncsians 3,4; Glee Club 3.4; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3.4; Science Club 3. Braun, Manna Latin Club 4. Brunner, Beverly National Merit letter ol Commendation 4: Homeroom Vice Pres. 2; AV(X: 1-4; (SMC 1-4; Contact 2.3; Dayton’s Teenboard 4; Genesians 3.4; Glee Club 2 I, s ... Pies i. 1- itin Club 1.2: Math Club 3. Buries, Lynn (SMC 1-4; Latin Club 2. Butler, Kathleen Achoan Editor 4; Homeroom Treas. 2; National Honor Society 3.4; Contact 2- 4; (SMC 1-4; Genesians 3; Ushers Club 2. Butler, Mary All-School Social Chairman 4; Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 1,2; Contact leader 2-4; (SMC 1-4; Genesians 3; Ushers Club Sec. 2. Campbell. Rosemary (SMC 2. Carlson, Renee (SMC 1-4. Carroll. Nancy Achoan 4; Angelus 4; AVOC. 2-4; (SMC 1-1. Rep. 3. Pres. 4. Cheeseman, Sharon (SMC 4. (Genesians 4. Christie, Susan Angelus 4; Gcncsians 3. Clifford, Catherine All-School Vice Pres. 4; Homeroom Pres. I. Vice Pres. 2; National Honor Society 3.4; CSMC 1-4; French Club Sec. 3; GAA I; Genesians 3.4; Math Club 3. Cline. Kathleen CSMC 1-4; GAA 1-4; Genesians 2-4. Clough. Mary (SMC. 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Math Club 4. Code, Susa nne Homenxun Treas. I. Sec. 3. Parliamentarian 2; AVOC 1-4. CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Human Relations Club Pres. 4; Math Club 3,4. Cohan,Jeanne Homenxnn Vice Pres. 3. Set. 4; Con-tact 1.2; (SMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Latin Club 1,2. Conboy, Mary Homeroom Treas. I, Vice Pres. 3,4; CSMC 1-4. Rep. 2: (ienesians 3.4; Ushers Club 2. Conhn, Ruth Angelus 4; (SMC 1-4. Comeltson.Jane AVOC 1-4; (SMC 1-4; Camera Club 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2. Couillard, Suzanne Homeroom Parliamentarian 3; French Club 3.4. Pres. 4; AVOC 4. Contact 2; (SMC I-4; GAA I ; Human Relations Club 4. Daniel, Mary CSMC 1-3; Glee Club 2 4. Davis, Suzanne Homcnxmi Treas. 3; (SMC 1-4; Genesians 3,4; Music Club 2; Spanish Club 2.3. Dickinson, Alice Homeroom Treas. 4; AVOC 1.2; Contact 1,2; CSMC 1-4, Rep. 2. Coordinator 3; Latin Club Pres. 4: Math Club 3,4. Dietz, Julie • Homeroom Treas. 3; Angelus 4; CSMC 1-4; Red Cross I. Divine, Mary Alice Homeroom Sec. 3. Vice Pres. 4; Contact Leader 3.4; CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4: 1-atin Club t-3. Dixon, Kathleen Homeroom Sec. I; Vice Pres. 2.3, Pres. 3; CSMC 1-4; French Club 3.4; (Genesians 3.4, Pres. 4. Dolan, Nancy Homeroom Sec. I. Treas. 4; AVOC 1-3; (SMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4. Drake, Patricia Contact 2.3: CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4: l-atin Club 1-3; Mi Alpha Theta 3. Dreis, Wendy Homeroom Pres. I; Latin Club 1-4, Pres. 4; AVOC 1-4: GAA I-.Genesians 3.4. Drury, Diana Homcnxmi Treas. 2, Sec. 3; Contact 2; (SMC 1.2; GAA 1,2; Genesians 3.4; Glee Club 2.3; Math Club 3.4. Pres. 4. Dunn, Martha Angelus 4; AVOC 1-4: CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Latin Club 1.2. Dunn, Patricia Genesians 4. Durr, Mary Contact 1-4. Leader 3.4; (SMC 1-4; French Club 1,2; GAA I; junior Achievement 2. Engelhard, Suzanne AVOC 1.2; Camera Club 2; CSMC 1 4, Rep. 3; Glee Club 3,4; Genesians 3.4; Science (’.lub Pres. 4. Huang, Teresa Homerixmt Vice Pres. 2. Pres. 3.4; Achoan 4; Contact 2.3: CSMC 1-4: French Club 2-4; Gcncsians 3.4; Ushers Club 2. Eadell, Phyllis Angelus co-editor 4; Homeroom Sec. 1-3, Vice Pres. 3; Contact 1.2; CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3; Latin Club 1-3. Eavonle. Carolyn CSMC 4; 1-atin Club 1.2. Ferguson, Patricia All-Scbixil Sec. 3; Homeroom Pres. 2; Contact leader 2-4; (SMC 1-4, Rep. I. Co-ordinator 2; Donaldson’s Teen-Ixrard 4; Genesians 3.4; Junior Achievement Pres. 2: Spanish Club 2.3. %Findsen, A lary Homeroom Vice Pres. 1, Parliamentarian 2; National Honor Society 2-4; Achoan 3,4; Contact Leader 2,3: CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3.4; Iatin Club 1.2; Math Club 3; Ushers Club2. Fleming, Jeanne Homeroom Pres. 2: National Honor Society 4; AVOC 1-4; Contact 3,4; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3.4; Junior Achievement Trcas. 2: Latin Club 1-4; Math Club 3. Formica, Catherine Contact 2; CSMC 1-4: GAA 1-4: Red Cross I. Frye, Margaret Homeroom Pres. 1,2,4, Trcas. I, Parliamentarian 3; AVOC 1,2: Achoan 4; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 2-4; I-atin Club 1.2: Ushers Club 2. daftly. Colleen Homeroom Pres. 1,4, Vice Pres. 3; Achoan 4; Angelas 4; Contact 1,2; CSMC 1-4; Spanish Club 1,2. Gardner, Mary Ellen Contact 1-4; CSMC 1-4: Cenesians 3; Latin Club 1-4; Math Club 3; Reel Cross I. G i hi in. Kathleen Achoan 4; Angelus 4: CSMC l-4:GAA 1; Cenesians 4. Ginther, Linda AVOC 4; CSMC 1-4. Rep. 3, Sec. 4; Clee Club 2-4; Latin Club 2; Ushers Club 4, Goetzen, .Mary Homeroom Vice Pres. 2.3; CSMC 2-4; Cenesians 3.4, Trcas. 3; Math Club 3; Modern Dance 2. Grant, Gayle CSMC 1-4: Latin Club 1.2: Ushers Club 3. Grant, Linda Homeroom See. I. Pres. 2; Camera Club 4: Contact 2; CSMC 1-4; Genc-sians 2-4. Vice Pres. 3. Groebner, Lorraine CSMC 1-4. Rep. I; Contact 2-4; Cenesians 4. Haase. Man AVOC 4: CSMC 2-4; Camera Club 4. Hamlin. Kathleen CSMC 1,2.4; GAA 1-4. Vice Pres. 2. Harrington. Mary Homeroom Sec. 2: Angelus 4; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3: Latin Club 1,2. Haviland, Anne Homeroom Pres. 3. Vice Pres. 1.2: CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3.4; Latin Club I -3; Red Cross I: Ushers Club 2. Haymaker. Susan Homeroom Vice Pres. 1: Pres. 2. Treas. 3; National Honor Society 2-4; AVOC 1-4; Contact leader 2-4; (k ncsians 4. Hedstrom, Candace Homeroom Sec. 3; CSMC 1-4, Rep. 2; CAA 2: Glee Club 2-4; Science Club 2. Hegman, Kathryn ALSAC 1, 2; Angelus 4; Contact 1,2; (‘.SMC 1-4; GAA 1; Cenesians 3; Kinney Shoe Rep. 4; l atin Club 1,2; Red Cross I. Howard, Martha AVOC 1-4; CSMC 1-4. Hutlen,Judith CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3,4; Junior Achievement 2; Math Club 3.4. Hyde, Laurel (Sandy) Imsdahl, Cheryl Homeroom Pres. 4. Sec. 2,3, Treas. 2; National Honor Society 4; AVOC 1-4: CSMC 1-4; French Club2-4. Ingham, Constance AVOC 1-4; Contact 2; CSMC 1-4. Jasper, Jessica Homeroom Vice Pres. 4; Contact 2-4; CSMC 1-4; •French Club 2.3; Gencsi-ans 3,4. Johnson,Jill Johnston, Pamela Homeroom Sec. 3; CSMC 1-4, Rep. 2-4:1-atinClub 1.2: Ushers 1,2. Kelly, Kathleen CSMC 2-4. Kennedy. Sharon Homeroom Freas. 2, Pres. 4; CSMC I -4: Cenesians 3.4; Clee Club 2. Kort,Janet Homeroom Vice Pres. 3; CSMC 1-4; French Club 3: GAA I; Cenesians 3.4. Kramer, Martha AVOC 1-4; CSMC 1-4; Latin Club 1.2. Krmpotich. Nancy AVOC 3,4; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3.4; Latin Club 1,2. Krueger, Barbara Homeroom Parliamentarian 2-4; Contact 1-4: CSMC 1-4; Spanish Club 2. Krueger. Theresa Ann AVOC 4; CSMC 1-4: Music Club 1-4. Kuhn. Linda Contact 1-4: CSMC 1-4; French Club 3,4; Cenesians 3,4; Red Cross 1-4, Rep. I. Kupfer, Donna CSMC 1-4: Litin Club 2-4; Math Club 3. Ijisley, Vivian AVOC 1-4; Contact 1-3; CSMC 1-4; Human Relations Club Vice Pres. 4; Red Cross 1: Ushers Club I -3. Isdu'ith, Kathleen Camera Club 4; Contact 2-4; CSMC 1-4, Rep. 3; Cenesians 3,4 l.itfin, Barbara Contact 1-4, Leader 3,4: CSMC 1-4; Latin Club 1.2: Red Cross 1-4. McCanna, Maureen Homeroom Treas. 2; Achoan 3.4: CSMC 1-4; French Club 2,3: Music Club I. McGovern, Sherilyn Homeroom Treas. I, Pies. 2.3; AVOC 3,4; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3,4; l.atin Club 1.2. McWhile, Patricia CSMC 1-4: Latin Club 1.2. Mahoney. Mary Angelus 4; Contact 1,2; CSMC 1-4; Cenesians 3; I .at in Club 1.2. Mann, Kathleen CSMC 1-4: Glee Club 2.3: Latin Club 1-4. Martens. Karen Homeroom Treas. I. Sec. 2,3; Achoan 3.4: CSMC 1-4; French Club 3,4: |unior Achievement 2; Music Club 1.2. Martin, Constance All-School Community Service Chairman 3; Homeroom Sec. 2.3: CSMC 1-4 Co-ordinator 4: Clee Club 2-4. Pres. 4; Junior Achievement 2: l-uin Club 1.2: Red Cross Rep. I. Matheis, Mary CSMC 1-4: Cheerleading2; CAA 1-3; Glee Club 3,4; Cenesians 3: Modern Dance 2; Red Cross 3. Mathiou’itz. Patricia Homeroom Vice Pres. 3; Angelus 4; CSMC 1-4: French Club 3.4; Cenesians 3. Maurer, Sharotyn Howling league 2: Contact 1.2; CSMC 1-4; Clee Club 3: Cenesians 3.4; Spanish Club 1.2. Melchior, J udine Homeroom Trcas. 2: Certificate of Merit from School in Music; Contact 1-4: CSMC 1-4: I .at in Club 1-4: Music Club 1-4. Pres. 3,4: Ushers Club 3. 97Muhels, Mary lloinriiMtiu Set. I: Athoan -I; Contact 1-4: CSMC 1-4; (ienesians .1,4; latin Club 1-3; Red Cross I. Misennk, Patruia Homeroom Treas. 2; Antrim 4; Cheerleading I; CSMC 1-4: CAA 1.2: Spanish Club 1.2. Monahan, Janet Homeroom Sec. 2, Treas. 3; CSMC l-4:OAA I; I at in Club 1.2. Moore, Ann Senior Class See.-Treas. 4; Homeroom Pres. I. Yi e Pres. 1,2.3: (SMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; S|unish Club 2.3. Moskahk, Rita Homeroom Sec. 2.3; AV(X1 1-4; Con-tact 2; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; Glee Club 4; l-atin Club 1.2. Moils, Patnna CSMC 1.2. Mulcahy, Ann Homeroom Pres. 3. Vice Pies. 2. Set. 2; Camera Club 3.4: CSMC 1-4; CAA I; (ienesians 3.4; Math Club Sec. Treas 3. A'eitge, Susan CSMC 1-4: CAA I; (ienesians 4; Clce Club 2.3: Spanish Club 1-3. Ntlson, Anne Pin Award lor State latin Test; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3; Latin Club 1-3, Pres 4. Selson, Susan NSF Grant for Applied Math and Computer Programming; Delegate to the National Youth Conference on the Atom; (SMC 1-4. Rep. 1,4; (ienesians 3.4; latin Club 2.3; Math Club 3.4. Vice Pics. 4; Science Club I; Ushers Club 4. Xiemann, Harhara CSMC 1-4; French Club 2.3. Glee Club 2. Sutler, Mary Ann AVOC 1-4; CSMC 1-4. Xordquist, Mary l.ue Homeroom Vice Pres I, Treas. 3; CSMC. 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; Red Cross 1-4. O’Donnell, Mary Jane Homeroom Tieas. 3. Vice Pres. 2.Angelas 4; AVOC 2-4: CSMC 1-4: latin Club 2.3. O’Keefe. Kathryn Sophomore Class Pres.; Arhoan 3.4; Contact I-eadcr 3; CSMC I-I. Rep I; (ienesians 3.4: latin Club 1-4; Red Crovs I. OltiY, Suzette AV(X: 1-4. Pres 4; CSMC 1-4; French Club 3; CAA I; (ienesians 3.4. Olson, Kathleen AVOC 4; (SMC 1-4; Camera Club 4; Contact 3.4; Latin Club 2-4; Ushers Club 2. Olson, Stephanie Homeroom Pres. 3. Parliamentarian 4: CSMC 1-4. Rep. 2: (ienesians 3. (hiYns, Mane Homeroom Sec. 2.3; CSMC 1-4: Spanish Club 1.2, Set 2. Perk, Carolyn Homeroom Vice Pies. 3; Camera Club 2: ('.SMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; latin Club 1-3. Pen son, Ann Contact 2: CSMC 3.4: CAA 1-3: S| anish Club 3. Pelletier, Kathleen CSMC. 1.2. Pierre, Mary Homeroom Treas. I; Cheer leading I; CSMC 1-4; Contact 2.3; CAA 2. (ienesians 3: Red Cross 1. Ploog, Eileen Art Award 3. Paquette, Maria Homeroom Pres. I. I'reas. 3; CSMC. 1-4; Contact 2-4; Ushers Club 2. Pnmeau, Kathleen AN (X. 4; (SMC 2; Clce Club 2-4. Prime. Kathleen Contact 2-4; CSMC I-4. Rep. 4; CAA 4; Glee Club 2-4. Proilahl, Carole Homeroom Vice Pies. I; Contact I; ( s |( I |. I..I. 1.2 Pumper, Pamela CSMC 1-4: I.atinClub2.3. Rasmussen. Patruia Homeroom Parliamentarian 2.3: Angelas 4; AVOC 3; (SMC 1-4; CAA 1.2; (ienesians 4; Modern Dance 2: Red Cross I. Reiter. Kathleen Contact 1.2; CSMC 1-4: CAA 2; (ienesians 3.4; Latin Club I. Reiter, Susan (SMC 1-4. Riehe, Mary Homeroom Pres. I. Vice Pres 3. Sec. 2; Arhoan 4: CSMC 1-4; (ilee Club 2.3. (ienesians 3.4; Contact 2,3; Spanish Club 2.3. Rugger, Helen Arhoan 4; (SMC I-I. Rep. 3. Sc . 4; CAA 3.4. Roberts,Jill CSMC. 1-4; (ilee Club 2-1: Genes la ns 3.4; Musk Club 1,2: Spanish Club I. Rochkes, Patricia Contact 2.3: CSMC 1-4; Glee Club 2-4; (ienesians 3.4; Latin Club 1-3. Ronhoxde, Mary Jane Homeroom I teas. I. Pres I; AVOC 3.4: Contact 1-4: (SMC 1-4; CAA I: (ienesians 3.4; latin Club 1-3. Rush, Mary Homeroom Sc . 2-4; Angelas 4; .WAX'. 3; Chcerleading Captain I; (SMC 1-4; GAA 2; (ienesians 3.4. R an, Harhara Homeroom Pres. 1.2. See. 3; Contact 1-eader 3: (SMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; latin Club 1-4; Young (£uinian Roth-child sTccnboard 4. St.John, Susan Contact 3.4; CSMC 3.4; (ienesians 3.4. Sachs, Mary Ann Homeroom Pres. 1.3, Treas. 4; Ange las 4; CSMC 1-4; Contact 3; CAA 1.2; (ienesians 3; Human Relations Club 4; Latin Club 1-3. Saeing, Anne All-School Pres. 4; Junior Class Pres. 3; Sophomore Class Sec. 2; Home-room Pres. I; Girls State Representative: National Honor S Kiely: (SMC. 1-4; (ienesians 3.4: I .at in Club 1-3; Math Club 3; Usliers Club 2. Saf erl. Lynn Angelas 4; (SMC 1-4. Sauer, Georgia Homeroom Sec. 4: AVOC 4; Glee Club 2; latin Club 1-3: Red Cross I Saiage. Bonnie llomcriKMti liras. 3.4; Angelas 4; AV(X: 3.4; CSMC 1-4; latin Club 3. Scanlon, Mary CSMC 1-4. Scherer. Deborah Angelas 4; Contact 3; (SMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; Math Club 3; latin Club 1-3. Srhulte. Mary Sue Homeroom Pres. 3; Vice Pies. 2; Contact 1,2; CSMC 1-4; GAA 1.2; (ienesians 3.4: French Club 2-4; Modern Dance 2. Scully,Judith Contact 1-4; (SMC 1-4; Red Cross I; Spanish Club 2. 98Sheady, Mary Sue Homeroom Vice Pres. I; Contact 1,2: CSMC M. Rep. 2; latin Club I-4; Reel Cron I -4. Sheemn, Kathleen Homeroom Ireas.; Contact 2-4: CSMC 1-4; CiAA 2: (ienesians 3,4; I-mo Club 2,3: Modem l)amr See.-Treat. 2: Ushers Club 2. Srhuler, At me CSMC 1-4; Genesians 3.4; Modern Dance 2. Smith, Susan Homeroom Pres. 3. Vice Pres. 2. Angelas 4; Contact 2; CSMC 1-4; Spanish Club 1-4. Smoot, Mar gut rt Homeroom Treas. 2; Angelas 4: (SMC 1-4; l-itin Club 1.2; Modern Dance 2: Red ('rocs Rep. I. Sorenson, Kathleen Arhoan 3.4: AVOC 3.4; Camera Club 3.4. Pres. 4; Contact 2-4; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3,4; Red Cross I. Strain, Margaret Rep. to Menial Health Careers Conference: Homeroom Sec I. Parliamentarian 2,3: National Honor Society 3,4. Sec. 4: Angel us 4; Contact leader 2-4: CSMC I-I; Clee Club2.3; (ienesians 3.4; Spanish Club I-4. Sfnllane, Patnna Junior Class Sec. 3; Homeroom I rests. I. Sec. 2: AVOC 1-4. Vice Pres. 4. Sec. 3; Camera Club 3; Contact leader 2,-3; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; l-itin Club 2. Sfnnner, Ann Contact 1-4; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3,4; 1-atin Club 1,2; Math Club 3; Red Cross I. Sir gum, Anna (Contact 3.4; CSMC 1-4; UtmClub I: Music Club 3. StepanchoA, Carla Homeroom Sec. 2; CSMC I-I; Ushers Club 3.4. Sutton, Mary Kay CSMC I-I. Tell, Susan Homeroom Pres. I. Vice Pres. 3. Set 2: (ienesians 2-4. Tonskemper, China Homeroom Vice Pies. 4. Ireas. 3; Arhoan 4; Angelas 4; AVOC 2.3; Catn-ei i tub 2: (bnuM t i. ( SMI i I (ienesians .3,4: Music Club 1-3: Spanish Club 1-3. Trethewey, Donna Homeroom Pres. I. Sec. 2: National Honor Society 3.4; An gel us I; CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4: Math Club 3.4. It'fl wrr. Parham CSMC 1-4: Ushers Club. Walch, Mary Homeroom Parliamentarian 3; Scholarship to St. Olafs: National Honor Society 2-4; Arhoan 4: Angelas 4: AV(X: 2-4: Contact 2: CSMC 1-4; (ienesians 3.4; I .a tin Club Pres. 2: Math Club 3.4. 11 'edholm. Sa ndta AVOC 4: Contact 2-4: (SMC 1-4: (ienesians 3,4. Weeding,Janelle Arhoan I: CSMC 1-4; FreiKh Club 3.1; (ienesians 3,4: 1-atinCluh 1-3. HVik, Mary Homeroom Pres. 3; AVOC. 3,4 Cheerleading 1.2; Contact 2: CSNI( 1-4: French Club 3: (ienesians 3,4 Modern Dance 2. Welrh, Karen Camera Club 2: CSMC 1-4: (ienesians 3.4; Latin Club 1.2: Math Club 3:4; Science C.lub 4. Yetirr, Marilyn Homeroom Set. 3; Contact 2-4; CSMC 1-4. Rep- I. Set . 2; Usher Club 3.4. Vice Pres. 3. 7.ahrndka, Mary Homeroom Set . 3; AVOC 3: CSMC 1-4: I.atm Club 1-4; Math Club 3: Ushers Club 2. 99“I do not see why I should e’er turn back. Or those should not sei forth upon my track To overtake me, who should miss me here And long to know if still I held them dear. They would not find me changed from him they knew— „ Only more sure of all 1 thought was true.” Robert Frost 100BROWN JUG GAME Half-time entertainment featured se tret agents Maxwell Smart and 99 in a S.E.N.I.O.R. spoof on the world of intrigue. Victorious seniors (left to right) Wendy Dreis, Carole Prodahl, Cathy Formico, Kathy Hamlin. Katin Cline. Bev Brunner, and Mary Clough receive the coveted Brown Jug from Sister Ada Marie. Senior cheerleaders (left to right) Candy Hcdstrom, Mary I.ue Nordquisi, Mary Wcisz. Sue Haymaker, and Sharon Kennedy give a rousing cheer to spirit their team on to victory. Despite a light sophomore defense. Mary Clough adds two points to the senior score.THE MIRACLE WORKER Behind ihc scene star . Stage Manager Judy Ryan. Production Manager Pat McDaniel. Stu dent Director Jane Ronhovde (nof Stage Manager Pat Deene . Captain and Mrs. Keller (John Shumwav and Tern Ewing) plead for the Doctor’s (Cihris Fahey) assurance that their child will live. Annie Sullivan (lJnda Grant) accepts a gift for Helen from the Blind children (Gretchcn Baier, IjikIj Ixininger, Ann Velland, Jan ('atone. Diane Falk) before she leaves the Perkins Institute for the Blind. Annie defies the indulgent Keller family (John Shumwav, Larry Hutera. Diana Drury) and defends her own teaching methods. 102The miracle happens— Helen "sees" her family and the world. n her first attempt to teach Helen, (Joyce Paul) Annie Sullivan (Kate )avy) spells out the word doll. The spoiled Helen (Peggy Froelingsdorl) compels Annie to use force in disciplining her.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BANQUET I lit National Honor Society Banquet was held February 22 in the llols Angels cafeteria. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BRUNCH Mrs. Ihomas Ferguson, Parents' Organization president, addressed the mothers and daughters before an informal fashion show was presented by Holy Angels girls and professional models. The Mother-Daughter Brunch at the Pick-Nicollet followed an Ascension Thursday Mass offered by the Most Reverend Leonard | Cowley at St. OlafVJUNIOR- SENIOR PROM The Holy Angels Junior-Senior Prom was held April II, 1966. The Thunderbird Motel was the scene for this spring formal dance.GRADUATION Father Thomas Singer announces the graduates as Monsignor Donald Gornilev presents their diplomas. Knowledge alone is the being of Nature, Giving a soul to her manifold features. Lighting through paths of the primitive darkness, The footsteps of Truth and the vision of Song. Bayard Taylor Kilimandjaro Photographs by ( cne Garrett Studios 107  l6-7 lUr 'i0-c+} C tLci4 (Xj — 5Lsrc-c$ ?Aj JLsrrKj -n J j£t4) jbJus LfojU 'Kc £ U’'rt-G4 c t) JM.U j£U£ x .ucA) a£ sJt Tyfasui-J 0-0 2 2.'7rZ J 'xf zAjl; iW SujZU' . 0. -£ 4 £j aJLcx ‘ - i z£ - 4-ciUJ ftsU 0 UW.r J }Mff ' ): y M r UL.S-C J s' ' r ;) c v- v ; .Wi JU- Ia. 0— T''“X •4 ? 2 'Jjgs'yJ A i J r « "V d d= ' g P ely v? i = V v : v V 1 i A - t % V , civ rb-n}r 7 fan 0 7Zf- - v ?ju '% .'£ CCs l?-? ? |ffl’f|s ? I £J £ £3 F- 5 5 ■yzL ' fs - f yjr - “-r y « y?£€ Ls Z ? , " 7-ZJZ kfHS 3 -rrr fi! £k mi% fp"§I r£ P r "S 0 h£- C7 -£ - P B|pt| r « • oArf-At — X 'S -’ ■y Ih -Aa A AZ a A z A£ AaA 0. f? f }yAfj r? £ ?zT XA? A® 7 C D € Sscy ?u — A --------- . y Jm £" 7)0° -jL?° yy f fiy r jtjy -TTnmiiJSvv sy-rp- 'T-- T '9' 7, w " 7 .,L - %%rp)f ? W' 7 7 FT ? Jf°T 'j y v '7- nl‘ ,nD (pi 3jJ- Jj oot v ?v t r7°f Jr S 4 Ati Y ' J- p port ' ’“”7 JY-tfS zft- fXf -'irthy 'h'lfiyl SV ipn 7s S'tjjtyi buY r - f7 Yfl puE‘ ,'ev7 n °r Y-i'-hf!iff y r - yscj? -"d v' V “f A FfT 2T £’ p «Y 2T f f v ir £$ ■ $

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