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 tx . ‘ |J uk -fc'A. VAy - M s -+rt w"i 2 ‘« «J?U Sjluc fc l-U »«£• ©c u r ‘JD = ae t=tv J- U X WjlL(Sv. 0-OLAy'T u jJ-0 o 3 Uy . 'C «=V C t)-T VNA » t C JUj 'Q-Z '. t p f JL JLkjul £W . 0 .iPXKaSUZ ' (£ $- - S0 -£L VJ O-A -V U JLJl b jj 1 x ru' t -i L jk VAJlAx Xijfct- - 0 - C tL -LU Ot . 3-o-ml (S cx. Yu xv oJ ' Ja au5 » — -fi SJk 0 u GA n ljbu«vls % OA tAUH, (pfita-S Co—- - v'‘ 1?i' 2 :“ J! t vi; .. u -ta s tti- . . ' . r0 U [jj tL (X V 9vv vW J £ JCtMhJtioJ ’S' V (.4. Jj ?viCtb- si. Oj.o w.. a J V £-A- -a- K-45- “ “ —- i - OjX ' x.JVc0. s. D UL Published by The Senior Class The Academy of The Holy Angels Minneapolis 19, Minnesota «iii«i« tisHE ASKED LIFE OF THEE M t Oi V I v $ IV y 4J (ixS y V' i. At Co, , -f -Hi. ' VAV T A V ? a s DEDICATION St. Joseph, patron of the universal church, watches over the entire Mystical Body of Christ in un-numbered generations. St. Joseph, patron of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondeiet, watches over these spiritual daughters as they, our teachers, bring to completion one hundred years of labor in their northern province—the Archdiocese of St. Paul. Each Holy Angel girl is today growing in Christ-likeness that she may one day take her place among the valiant women whom our sisters, after fifty-four years in the 'old', envisioned in planning and building a 'new' Holy Angels. To St. Joseph, then, and to the Sisters of St. Joseph, in their centenary year and at the completion of two decades in our school, we, the Class of 1951, offer this record of a year of growth in Truth, Wisdom, and The Way. 1 r •, r Page iwoANN BIGELOW MARY MEITZ l-ENGTH OF DAYS . . . Page three. . . THAT HE MIGHT GUARD FORWORD As our commencement day draws near, and with it the thought of the many new beginnings we are about to make, we, the Class of 1951, recall the activities of our high school days and realize that each one has helped to build up in us the Truth; each has contributed to our growth in the one thing necessary—the likeness of Christ. Whether in the biology laboratory or on ihe basketball floor, in the social room or in the chapel, we have—with Him os our Divine Exemplar—endeavored to form in us the Christ. On the pages of the ANGELUS, 1951, we have portrayed some of the accomplishments of our days at The Academy of the Holy Angels. It has been in these days and in these moments, little and big, that we have grown in the awareness of the Christ in us, each a member of every other in the Mystical Body. To the Sisters of St. Joseph we have entrusted the guidance of these growing years knowing that it was to their patron, St. Joseph, that God gave length of days to guard other-Christs—and among them the other-Christs growing daily at Holy Angels through our associations with THE MANY —our senior classmates in CREATIVE PATTERNS —our classes; and in other COUNTLESS WAYS —our school activities And so we now face our commencement and our many new beginnings assured and confident that the building of our lives can be a happy task because it is solidly founded in Jesus Christ. PoflC four OTHER CHRISTS GROWING AT Pago five PEGGY NICHOLS VIRGINIA HAMEL SHEILA RODNEYHE LEADS US HERE THAT HE MIGHT V By the lily and the staff and the carpenter's square, we represent St. Joseph, chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin and her protector. Poge sixCARPENTER THE MANY INTO ONE; Poge sevenTHAT WITH CHOSEN TOOLS SISTER ADRIENNE, B.M. American Conservatory of Music Piano, Voice SISTER ALPHONSE, B.A. College of St. Catherine English SISTER CHARITAS, M.D.A. Chicago School of Expression Dramatic Art SISTER CHRYSOSTOM, M.A. University of Minnesota Religion, Chemistry, Physics SISTER COSMAS, B.A. College of St. Catherine Art MOTHER EILEEN, M.A. University of Minnesota Principal SISTER IRENE ELISE, B.A. College of St. Catherine Mathematics SISTER LOUIS PHILIPPE, B.A. College of St. Catherine Religion, Spanish, French SISTER MARGUERITE MARIE, B.A. College of St. Catherine Religion, English SISTER MARIE PATRICE, B.A. College of St. Catherine Religion, Latin SISTER MARIE RICHARD, M.S. University of Minnesota Homo Economics SISTER MARY BERTRAND, M.A. Catholic University of America Religion, Social Problems, History SISTER MARY EDMUND, B.A., B.S. College of St. Catherine Religion, English SISTER MARY HUGO, M.S. University of Chicago Mathematics Pago eightHE MIGHT FORM IN US THE TRUTH; SISTER AAARY JAMES, B.A. College of St. Catherine Religion, English SISTER TERESA REGIS, B.S. College of St. Catherine Commercial SISTER NATHANIEL, Licentiate Certificate College of St. Catherine Piano SISTER WILBROD, M.A. University of North Oakota Bookkeeper SISTER PATRICIA, M.A. Columbia University Religion, English MRS. ELAINE B. CARLSON, M.A. University of Minnesota History, Physical Education SISTER REGINALD, B.A. College of St. Catherine Science MISS MARY JOAN FLANARY, B.A. College of St. Teresa Mathematics SISTER REGINA MARIE, B.A. College of St. Catherine Choral, Glee Club MISS PATRICIA GILL, B.A. College of St. Catherine Dramatic Art SISTER ROBERTA, M.M.T.A. American Conservatory Theory, Piano SISTER ST. GABRIEL, M.A. Catholic University of America Science SISTER ST. JOAN, B.A. College of St. Catherine Library, Journalism SISTER SUSANNA, M.A. Catholic University of America Religion, History Pago nineTHAT BY TRACING CREATIVE PATTERNS KATHLEEN ARMS CAROL ERENFELD MARY FREEMAN DONNA DICKEY COLLETTE CONWAY KATHLEEN HANREHAN NANCY DAY MARY MEITZ Poge tenJEANINE BROSSARD ELEANOR WUDKE HE MIGHT BUILD US UP IN WISDOM; Page elevenTHAT IN COUNTLESS WAYS HE MARY ROCKWELL ANN ROCKWELL BONITA WARNER SHARON EISTER FELICIA SCHMIDT and escorts GAIL ZETTLE MARY LOU FADELL MARY ELLEN CORBETT ADALINE BJORKLUND Page twelve MIGHT FORM IN US THE j rr ' M ■nY .. '-f lKju tll4 Ul J do jhdo Jut jiJrUJB stUpt ; ' y , foS Us Collette Conwoy Margaret Kacher Gloria Haberl Page thirteenMARY MEITZ "ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE" Beauty in her height . . . Everybody's friend . . . Consistent leader . . . Famous for her parties . . . Tactful . . . That yummy tan that lasts all year. ANN BIGELOW "I'M SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD" lilt of Irish laughter . . . "Je parle Francois" . . . Fiery blushes . . . Efficiency without effort . . . Represents the Fatima Club . . . Red crowning-glory. Page fourteenBONNIE ALWIN "SWEET AND LOVELY" Curly locks . . . Red Cross representative . . . So sincere . . . Confused Chemist . . . A.H.A. veteran of 6 years . . . Conscientious . . . Three years of dramatics . . . Attendant for May crowning. nice. SUNNY BACH "THE CHARM OF YOU" Joan for short . . . Unwavering poise . . . National Honor Society . . . Wholehearted efficiency ... 3 year Thespian . . . "Jane Eyre" . . . "Mother Fontbonne" . . . Co-editor of ACHOAN . . . Homeroom president 2, 3 . . . Attendant for May crowning . . . Naturally KATHLEEN ARMS "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" "Kath" . . . Senior homeroom president . . . "Can you drive?" . . . Sings a pretty melody —"Desert Song" . . . Postman's Pal . . . Spontaneous laughter . . . "Oh, ishl" . . . Amozing amiability . . . Cross Lake, that's where I belong! Page fifteonSUZANNE BEDDOR "THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS" "Sue" . . . Chatterbox . . . Homeroom vice-president 3 . . . "Be happy, go lucky" . . . Full of pep . . . Thespian . . . Jazz on ice . . . French club . . . Versatile. ADALINE BJORKLUND "AIN7 WE GOT FUN" "Abe" . . . Thespian treasurer . . . Laugh a minute . . . Social chairman 3 . . . "Call me if anything happens!" . . . "Reverend Mother" . . . "Alice" . . . ANGELUS . . . "And her tears flowed like wine" ... So sympathetic . . . A friend to all . . . Ambition: To be a nurse. "WHO DO YOU KNOW IN HEAVEN" "Pot" . . . Jovial moods . . . Four mouths at A.H.A. . . . Now calls Iowa home . . . "Sioux City Sue." PATRICIA BERRES Pcge sixteenMARY BOWE "THOU SWELL" "Bo-Bo" . . . ANGELUS—Clever touch in senior write-ups . . . Scatterbrain . . . ACHOAN . . . "Do you want to hear something funny?" . . . Corefree charm . . . Terrific talent on the piano . . . Friendliness personified. MARILYN BRANCHAUD "YOU'RE AN OLD SMOOTHIE" "Branch" . . . Thespian vice-president . . . Raising Kane! . . . Spanish Club . . . Busy week ends . . . Flair for fashion . . . Beats around the bush . . . Dramatics cum laude . . . Infectious laughter. OCTAVIA BRAUN "SMALL FRY" Dark and diminutive . . . National Honor Society . . . Really dependable . . . Cicero's chum . . . G.A.A. four years . . . Gal behind the books . . . Sports enthusiast . . . Soys little, observes a lot. Pago loventeenMARY BRICK "JUST SAY I'M A FRIEND OF YOURS" "Bricker" . . . Thespian troup sponsor . . . Velvety complexion . . . ANGELUS staff . . . "Speak for yourself, John!" . . . "Jane Eyre" . . . Always jolly, always kind . . . Struggled through physics and chemistry . . . "The academy award has been given." PATRICIA BROAD "SHINE" "Patty" ... All round girl . . . Freckles that flatter . . . Indispensable stor of basketball team . . . Spanish club . . . Soph, junior and senior homeroom secretary . . . Mischievous smile . . . Glee Club. "I'VE GOT A POCKETFUL OF DREAMS" Soph homeroom president . . . Sweet and gracious . . . Cookbook conscious . . . Paints a pretty picture . . . Steady and capable . . . Always smiling . . . Future home economist. JEANINE BROSSARD Page eighteenNo television of A.H.A.? Not yet! But the day's tasks finished, senior boarders gather to share a letter and enjoy a favorite radio program — Catherine Cooke, Lucretia McConville, Anita Tschida, Sally Byrne, Minita Nadal, Ruth Buhr, Janet Werner, Carol Erenfeld and Joan Mullen. RUTH G. BUHR "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART" That pretty hair . . . accomplished pianist and singer ... So many phone calls . . . Fourth floor's special barber . . . Glee club . . . Her future in nursing . . . Fun on rollerskates . . . Persevering. SALLY BYRNE "THE LAST MILE HOME" President of the boarders ... A beaten path to St. Paul . . . Mathematical whiz . . . "Keyboard Kapers" . . . Sensible . . . Energetic . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Spends holidays on train . . . Likable.MARY ELIZABETH CARROLL CATHERINE COOKE "AND THE ANGEL SINGS" Vice-president of the boarders . . . Laughing eyes . . . Senior singing star . . . Senior homeroom president . . . Loves to read . . . "There's no place like Montana!" . . . Never hurries (Just ask Coroli . . . Ambition: To sing on the COLLETTE CONWAY "BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS" Giggles . . . Senior welfare chairman . . . Junior joiner at A.H.A. . . . The eyes have it . . . Attempts at typing . . . Subtle comments . . . "Won't you ever cut your hair?" "IT'S A HAP-HAP-HAPPY DAY" "Mary Carroll" . . . Social Chairman 3 . . . Happy go lucky . . . "I'm going on a diet!" . . . Such a good sport . . . Guillotined three times . . . "Call me sometime" . . . The best of friends . . . Ambition: Kindergarten teacher. Page twentyMARY ELLEN CORBETT "SWINGING ON A STAR" "Horby Corb" . . . Fun and fancy free . . . All school publicity chairman . . . Perpetual motion . . . ANGELUS and ACHOAN art staff . . . Engaging conversationalist . . . Paints, crayons and sheet music . . . Perfectionist . . . "French fries and catsup" . . . Bridge fanatic . . . Winning way. NANCY DAY "NANCY WITH THE LAUGHING FACE" The voice . . . "Red Soils in the Sunset" . . . Dark and darling . . . New in sophomore year . . . "You gorp!" "LITTLE GIRL" "Ducky" . . . Short stuff . . . Glee club . . . Door to door taxi service . . . Naturally fun and friendly . . . Junior homeroom treasurer . . . One riot . . . ANGELUS business manager . . . Soph homeroom social chairman . . . "I've Got the Navy Blues." MARY ANN CROG Pag® twenty-one dflPJEAN DESMARAIS "SOPHISTICATED LADY" "Jeonnie" . . . That laugh . . . Cute way all her own . . . "HI be finished in a minute. Waif for me!" DONNA DICKEY "SLEEPY TIME GAL" Attendant for May crowning . . . Graceful honds . . . Sweet and sincere . . . Junior welfare chairman . . . Fun in the faithful Ford . . . The boarder's haven . . . Expressive eyes . . . Homeroom vice-president 1 . . . Outdoor gal. NANNETTE ECKERT "AIN'T SHE SWEET" Incendiary blonde . . . Junior ond senior homeroom vice-president . . . Handy with the needle and thread . . . Artist exceptional . . . She's got that style, that smile . . . Sponish club . . . Oh, that "Tom" boy! . . . Constant hair cutter. Page twenty-two"Let's be realistic!" A yellow (senior) tie and a new pair of "Happy Hikers" exemplify one song ot the seniors music-themed St. Caecilia's Day Party. Nonnette Eckert, Valene Fowler and Eleanor Wudke do the arranging. MARY IRENE EDWARDS "BEAUTIFUL DREAMER" "Eddi" ... All school hostess . . . Clever remarks ... If you look at her, she smiles . . . Attendant for May Queen . . . Wonderful disposition . . . "Beaky" . . . ANGELUS — The photography angle . . . ACHOAN . . . Notices just the nice things . . . Vivid imagination . . . "Sorry, I lost my head!" CAROL ERENFELD "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" "Erin" . . . Convincing conversationalist . . . Impish grin . . . Piano virtuoso . . . Four star boarder . . . Florida fan mail . . . Senior homeroom vice-president . . . Three years Latin lingo . . . Personality gal . . . Minot's loss . . . Co-editor of boarder paper . . . "That's killing!" Pago twenty-three» Page twenty-four MARY ELLEN FLINN "MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!" "Flinny" . . . December sunbaths on Florido Beaches ... a wee bit of old Ireland . . . cute laugh . . . Spanish club . . . devoted disc fan . . . good natured. MAUREEN FLORANCE "ENJOY YOURSELF" Social chairman junior year . . . rare sense of humor . . . Como esta usted? . . . whiz at the wheel . . . Saturday cruises through Edina . . . "Squinty." MARY LOU FADELL "DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME" "Poco" ... the unexpected retort . . . dramatics two years ... a real friend . . . annual New Year's Eve party . . . "Mumbles" . . . Monday "Headaches" . . . the hair with personality . . . contagious laughter.MARY FREEMAN "THERE'S A CHAPTER IN MY LIFE CALLED MARY" Maureen's "country cousin" . . here comes that Buick . . . Spanish club . . . frequents frat parties . . . Edina escapades . . . gobs of fun . . . Brainerd bound . . . So-o-o easy going. JANET GOSSMAN "LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING" Three year term at A.H.A. . . . those rosy cheeks ... shy pleasantries . . . Spanish club . . . sels sweets at Sear's . . . dark and dainty. VALENE FOWLER "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" "Val" . . . perfection with the paintbrush . . . quiet and unassuming way ... ten o'clock scholar . . . auburn hair . . . everything nice . . . always a lady. Pogo Iwflnly-fivoBARBARA GRIESSER "MISS YOU" "Barb" . . . Legion of Mory . . . That refreshing Philadelphia twang . . . Her afternoons of physics ond chemistry ... So easy to know. GLORIA HABERL "PERSONALITY" All school welfare chairman . . . Glorio's glorious disposition . . . ANGELUS . . . Speedy sprinter . . . Junior-Secretary French club . . . Antics in class ... A long jaunt to school . . . Golden tan . . . The stor of the basketball team . . . Always wears a smile. AGNES HAEG "I'LL GET BY" Homeroom treasurer junior year . . . Tiny and talkatve . . . Superb sense of humor . . . A likable girl with a likable way ... A voice we'll always remember. Pogo iwenly.jlxMARY JEANNE HALL VIRGINIA HAMEL "LIFE GETS TEGIOUS, DON'T IT" "Ginno" . . . Dry humor . . . Says if in French . . . Senior homeroom president . . . Irrelevant remarks . . . Hamel publications . . . Really tans . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Twinkling eyes in a poker face . . . Gullible . . . Variety of suits. KATHLEEN HANREHAN "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE" "Kay" . . . Thespian . . . Steady and thoughtful .. . Never finishes a joke . . . Clossic features . . . Lilting laughter . . . Homeroom treasurer junior year . . . Always hurrying — seldom on time . . . Likes to meet people. "PAPER DOLL" New in her sophomore year . . . Talented typist and star in shorthand . . . Spanish club . . . Blushing blonde . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Fun and friendly. Page twenty-uvonALICE HAUTMAN "FIVE FOOT TWO, EYES OF BLUE" "Li'l Alice" . . . ANGEIUS staff . . . Incessant chatter . . . Natural curls we'd love to have . . . Senior homeroom treasurer ... A twinkle in her eye . . . Good natured plus. KAREN JOHNSON "HAIR OF GOLD" Sunny smile . . . Fun week ends . . . Three years Glee Club . . . Pilots o Packard . . . Once a model . . . Quiet woy ... Two years dramatics. "The Sfudebaker's in . . ." ond Mary Carroll, Margie Kacher, Barbara O'Shea ond Mary Ann Crog foil out as the 8:25 rings.MARGARET KACHER "DID YOU EVER SEE A DREAM WALKING" "Margie" . . . Social chairman 2,3 ... A smile that makes you happy . . . Spanish club . . . Bubbling sense of humor . . . Good mixer in any crowd. 3W J OwL Os OTtnit ANNE LAHIFF "GET HAPPY" "Annie" . . . Kenwood commuter . . . Thespian . . . Chic with the Chev . . . Antics at the Arena . . . Spanish club . . . Bouncy exuberance . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Music lover . . . Welfare chairman 2,4 .. . Not very curly hair . . . Blanche sang at the scaffold! BETTY ANN KUTH "GOING MY WAY" Senior homeroom vice-president . . . Postmark — Korea . . . Agreeable . . . Obliging listener . . . Steady studying. Page twcnfy.nincLOLA LEIFELD "TILL WE MEET AGAIN" Soph welfare chairman . . . Short, sensible and swell . . . Spanish club . . . Opinions sound. MARGARET LOTZ "I LIKE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" "Margie" . . . Petite . . . Glee Club . . . Frosh homeroom treasurer . . . Essential for a good time . . . Babyface . . . G.A.A. 1,2 .. . Roving resident of Richfield. JEAN LYNCH "LOVELY TO LOOK AT" President of the Spanish club . . . Ivory complexion . . . The red hair but not the temper . . . No calorie worries . . . Courteous and congenial. poge thirtymary McCarthy ROSEMARY McCLELLAN "MY WILD IRISH ROSE" Two years of Glee club . . . Pleasing personality . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Fun to be with . . . Dramatics for two years . . . Fits of laughter . . . Irish and proud of it. "THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS" Frosh homeroom president ... A car to call her own . . . French club . . . Irish colleen from Green Isle, Minnesota . . . Four years of music . . . Toll tales of touring Europe . . . May Queen attendant. "Locker-room doldrums," but Ruth Nelson, left, need not grimace so fiercely. Joan Murphy and Sue Beddor smilingly re-ossemble the pieces. Page thlrty-onoLUCRETIA McCONVILLE "HOW SWEET YOU ARE" "Lou" . . . Dainty and Demure . . . Soft spoken . . . Thespian . . . Bashfulness becomes her . . . Portrait on the piano . . . Blessings of boarder life. KATHERINE McKENZIE "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES" "Katie" . . . Junior welfare chairman — The glorified stamp digger . . . Agile arguer . . . Dramatics for two years . . . Unassuming capability . . . Humorous comments ... To be or not to be — a history teacher. PATRICIA MOLL "PRETTY BABY" "Pat" . . . Soph homeroom secretary . . . Dainty miss . . . Glee Club . . . Coke devotee . . . Oh, that Richfield bus . . . Rhythm in her feet . . . Speaks her mind . . . Frosh homeroom treasurer. ■ Pegs thirty-twoJOAN MULLEN "BACK IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD" "Joanie" . . . The best from Beardsley . . . Thespian . . . Ever ready small talk . . . Frosh homeroom secretary . . . Gallivants to St. Paul . . . Ye "old crone" . . . Always game for a good time. JOAN MURPHY 'THERE'LL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU" A good worker . . . French club . . . Creative ability . . . ACHOAN and ANGELUS staffs . . . Sparkling humor . . . Definite and determined . . . Prolific vocabulary . . . Soloist at Father and Daughter banquet ... A real fine gal. LORRAINE MURPHY "SWEET LORRAINE" President of G.A.A. . . . Quiet charm . . . Glee club . . . Never a hair out of place . . . Sports personified . . . Spanish club . . . Permanent parking space in A.H.A. lot. Page thirty-lhfeeI "Hm-m-m-m what's for lunch?" ask hungry seniors Mary Brick, Patty Murray, Helen Zilka, and Mary Simonet. PHYLLIS MURPHY "WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING" Dimpled darling ... A good word for everyone . . . Junior welfare chairman . . . Her goodness shines in her face . . . Diligent worker in the Legion of Mary . . . Mary House . . . Dramatics . . . Steady scholarship ... A girl who cores. PATRICIA MURRAY "YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL EYES" "Patty" . . . Cavorts in a convert . . . "O'Toole" . . . co-editor of ANGELUS . . . Poised and pretty . . . Thespian . . . Dramatically inclined . . . ACHOAN, 3 . . . Sarcasm with a smile . . . Baby complexion . . . "That's rich." Page thirty-fourMINITA NADAL "LADY OF SPAIN' Senior homeroom president . . . Darling personality . . . French and Spanish club . . . An exciting autobiography . . . Fascinating rhythm . . . "And her hair hung down in ring-a-lefs" . . . Co-editor of boarder paper . . . Our gay senorita. RUTH NELSON "YOU'RE SO UNDERSTANDING" "Rufhie" . . . Homeroom president junior and senior years . . . There's a great girl . . . Sunny temperament . . . Inter-class basketball . . . Her own joke book . . . Shows her worth as a future secretary . . . Always leaves you laughing . . . Loves a party. MARY NICHOLS "BLUE BIRD OF HAPPINESS" "Nitch" . . . Campaign for the boy's home ... A girl you're glad to know . . . Sweet smile . . . Casual way. Poge lhlrty-fiv«-A PEGGY NICHOLS "A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY" Contagious hilarity . . . Frosh homeroom president . . . Perfect features . . . Senior homeroom secretary . . . "I've got a nervous stomach" . . . Pondered over the piano for four years . . . "Nonchalant Nichols" . . . Dramatics 3,4 . . . No week end worries. BARBARA O'SHEA "EVERYWHERE YOU GO" "Barb" . . . Gift of gab . . . Homeroom social chairman 1,2,3 . . . Should start a record shop . . . Piano prodigy ... A lingering smile . . . A friend to all . . . That vim, vigor and vitality . . . Party girl. "IT'S A BIG WIDE WONDERFUL WORLD YOU LIVE IN" "Sally" . . . Maximum in marks with minimum in effort . . . Quiet composure . . . National honor society . . . Frosh homeroom president . . . Four years of G.A.A. . . . Speedy Latin translator. SARA PRESTON Pcge fhirty-jixI r- MANNETTE REGNIER "ME AND MY SHADOW" I'm Ann's sister . . . Soph welfare chairman . . . Seen constantly at STMA dances . . . Donaldson's specialty . . . Refreshing laughter .. . So neat and trim . . . That same high voice. MARY ROCKWELL "GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY" Tops scholastically . . Breeze on blades . . . All the world's a stage . . . National honor society . . . ACHOAN . . . Thespian president . . . French beauty . . . Her aim Perfection. ANN ROCKWELL "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE YOU" I'm Mary's sister . . . High voice . . . Tempest on the typewriter ... So nice and thin . . . Cute grin . . . Liked by all. Page thirty-tevenSHEILA RODNEY "YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY" "She" . . . Those big brown eyes . . . Senior homeroom secretary ... A wicked Charleston . . . "I always bid hearts" . . . Photogenic . . . Happy harmonizer . . . "Hot rod" . . . Variety is her spice in life .. . Barrel of fun. FELICIA SCHMIT "LADY BE GOOD" Naive . . . Thespian . . . Silly and sensible . . . Red Cross representative . . . High pitched voice . . . Connections with colleges . . . Peaches and cream complexion . . . energetic. Smiles prove that for Lola Leifeld, Margaret Lotz, Rosemary McClellan, Nancy Shuda, Karen Johnson, Patricia Moll and Patricia Berres their senior supper is "good to the last morsel." The twins, Mary and Ann Rockwell and Barbara and Dianne Williams, stock up in the A.H.A. bookstore. Sally Byrne is on this side of the counter. Pogo thirty-oightMARGO SEAL "AIN7 MISBEHAVING" "Morjo" . . . Class comic . . . ACHOAN staff . . . Everything's good for a laugh . . . Really handlfes that basketball . . . Mischievous twinkle in her eye . . . One of the best . . . Chemistry lab enthusiast . . . Avid sports fan. NANCY SHUDA "DARK EYES" Outstanding car of the year . . . Coupe with bus capacity . . . Basketball team . . . Determined forward . . . Graceful height . . . Eager artist . . . Deep voice . . . Easy to like. VIRGINIA SHEA "WHEN MY BABY SMILES AT ME" "Ginnie" . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Cunning face . . . Legion of Mary . . . New as a soph . . . Efforts to please . . . Talented artist in her own right . . . Ringing laughter. Page Ihirly-ninor — v A "€U- fX MARY SIMONET "HEART OF MY HEART" "Simo" ... All school secretary and treasurer . . . Girl of distinction ... All school social chairman . . . Gentle smile . . . Co-editor of ACHOAN . . . Cute and capricious . . . Secretory of Sponish Club . . . Fashion plate . . . National honor society . . . Thespian. BARBARA STEWART "BALLERINA" A new senior we're so glad to have ... A scholar with ease . . . Steady social life . . . Wide eyed blonde ... a particular charm she can't hide. MARIANNE THODE "GIRL OF MY DREAMS" Co-editor of ANGELUS . . . Class room skill . . . Girl's state . . . Favorite friend . . . Accomplished pianist . . . Subdued, tranquil . . . French club . . . Moy queen . . . Glee Club . . . Pretty is as pretty does. Pago fortyMissed the bus, out of uniform, lote for class—Mrs. Schilling listens to the woes of Phyllis Murphy and Betty Kuth. ANITA MARY TSCHIDA "I'LL CAPTURE YOUR HEART SINGING" Junior homeroom secretary . . . Quaint and quiet . . . Three years of Glee Club . . . Boarder life agrees with her . . . French Club ... Industrious . . . Puts personality into her singing. MERCEDES THYEN "BLUE SKIES" "Dixie" . . . Legion of Mary . . . Spanish club . . . Hard-working . . . Conscientious . . . Always nice. Page forly-oncJANET WERNER "I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU" Mirthful moods . . . Glee Club . . . Hails from Stewart, Minnesota . . . Fourth floor frolics . . . Dramatics junior year . . . Senior homeroom treasurer . . . Three o'clock alarms . . . Brightens other boarders' lives . . . Daily diets . . . "Anybody want to go to the Red Owl?" . . . BARBARA WILLIAMS "DON'T FENCE ME IN" Junior homeroom vice-president ... A smart gol . . . ANGELUS staff . . . Aims to please . . . Senior homeroom secretary . . . The future Doctor Williams . . . Talks little but says much. "THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU" "Bonnie" . . . Soph homeroom president . . . Neat and attractive . . . New soph . . . Glee Club three years . . . Coy comments . . . Soph cheer leader . . . Graceful manner. BONITA WARNER Pago forty-twoELEANOR WUDKE "IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME" "Wee one" . . . ILoves to be called Eleanori . . . Genuine wit . . . Authority on dry cleaning . . . Trusty treasurer 2, 3 . . . Poetic nature . . . Hilarious house party . . . Tailor-made clothes. Cv OjS . DIANE WILLIAMS "MY SISTER AND I" The other half . . . Dramatics junior and senior years . . . Cheerful and natural . . . Experiment with peroxide . . . Mid winter sun tan . . . Cute clothes . . . Travels between school and the "ranch". BARBARA WINTER "AMONG MY SOUVENIRS" "Bobbie" . . . President of glee club . . . Literary angle on ANGELUS staff . . . Full of pep . . . Soph vice-president . . . Hazel eyes . . . Able conversationalist . . . From one house to another. Poge forty-threeGAIL ZETTLE "MY BEST TO YOU" Why gentlemen prefer blondes . . . Senior homeroom president . . . ANGELUS artist . . . Vivacious . . . Soph homeroom president . . . Peppy . . . Laughs till the tears come . . . Varied week ends . . . Charm that conquers. HELEN ZILKA "POWDER YOUR FACE WITH SUNSHINE" A new senior who adds much to our class . . . A blonde streak ... Knows how to win friends . . . Glee Club. Bonnie Alwin patiently shows Mary Nichols how to fie her brand new yellow tie as Barb Stewart watches the lesson with interest. Pago forty-four9 Us-S— QiJs- w v--j V 2LA;42A uft %L • 4 $w 'tW jac frA - C A -'i'V' mg „ 'foetus ' u U -aJ- f U4j{ - - - ' ' 3 —e Jcef ■- Ojua £jjJbJ • X)ou Ji jU OfJL cyoV oA' Q. -|u A JOAiX 0 -»A Oxlu nacx U -amJv r a .JluJll wtnr CiC vvVviA'Cvi a 4- UJLb SLA Jt -4 . X Js. Us Jb j U oo aWaJl . juoJjL y vc uj o-» s d Jbxus . , V P.S, U-Mc J((XA A. JjjLLv tkl -sGJUvOHllA . CCJUNIORS Mary Lou Alquist Mary Adele Anderson Genine Barkley Geraldine Bauler Rosemary Bialon Mary Ellen Boggs Eleanor Brown Barbara Buckles Phyllis Dolaney Madeline Dobie Dorothy Dolan Patricia Drechsler Alice Duggan Mary Lou Dumas i Mrs. Carlson's juniors often assume the role of moderator in their American History class. Rosemary Bialon, standing, right, suggests a discussion question for Mary Ellen Boggs, Noreen Nelson, Kathleen Lannan and Barbara Lerschen. Poge forty.fivcNot Mr. Palmer's 'Yellow Rocket' but the crowd's substantially the same. Sports-minded and school-spirited Angies fill a chartered bus headed for the Ascension Club and a SMA-AHA basketball game. Joan Edwards Carol Erhart Elizabeth Fink Carol Lee Flesher Catherine Florence Shirley Foster Faye Ann Fowler Gloria Gallas Mary Ann Gallick Geraldine Hanrehan June Harvey Mary Ann Haugen Marlene Hecker Eileen Higley Geraldine Hirscher Mario Holmquist Dolores Horning Pat Jandro Harriette Kippley Barbara Kohler Marilyn Kranz Mary Kuhl Renee LaChapelle Kathleen Lannan AReserving just the right book for tonight's assignment seems to be the problem of juniors, Mary Lou Alquist, Margaret Yerger, Barbara Buckles, and Faye Fowler. Jo Rita Schmit, left, checks against duplications. A hidden world at their fingertips, and so Catherine Florance and June Harvey work diligently to set the microscope so as to discover its secrets. Pago forty-tovonMartha LaPlace Barbara Lerschen Carol Lindquist Donna Loula Elizabeth McCormick Mary Catherine McHugh Patty Mandery Carol Miller Patricia Molloy Mary Jane Moore Eileen Moran Julie Morneau Mary Lou Mulcahey Marilyn Murrin Mary Myhre Noreen Nelson Mary Jean Olson Coral Ostdiek Mary Ann Patterson Terry Quinn Janice Reese Virginia Roddy Joan Sand Gretchen Schroder Mary Schroopfer Irene Schumacher Mary Schweich Mary Elizabeth Shannon Joann Spanjers Patricia Studer Marilyn Wagner Betty Jean Whiting Shirley Windus Patricia Wonsavage Margaret Yorger P090 forty-eightSOPHOMORES The Holy Angels' division of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade works through homeroom units. A variety of mission projects—support of a priest-brother, saving of cancelled stamps, Christmas boxes for the poor, entertainment of the orphans and the guests of the Little Sisters of the Poor, visiting of the sick—these are but a few activities participated in each year. In the picture at the right, sophomores of Room 1—Patricia McMillen, Geraldine Wallace, Arlene Borgerson, Nancy Nichols, Patricia Flectham and Nancy McMahon—examine the many articles of clothing which have been brought in for a baby layette. Anne Archer Joan Baskfield Arlene Borgerson Barbara Boyce Janice Brcault Deidre Brossard Mary Sue Bruner Donna Caldwell Mollie Campbell Kathleen Cayley Carol Coleman Mory Virginia Connelly Barbara Conway Mary Cuddigan Mory Ann Dolezilek Geraldine Donicht Page forty-nineInterested sophomores ore members of the current events club which meets weekly and during lunch periods each Friday presents a newscast of world, national and local affairs. In a true-to-life situation, behind the 'mike' and facing an audience of two—Mollie Campbell and Georgia Polzin, seated, Shoron McGinn, Marion Sherman and Rosemary Petersen rehearse their scriots. Patricia Doyle Patricia Dunn Audrey Emerson Jean Ennis Patricia Fleetham Jane Foley Shirley Forster Shirley Franke Catherine Freeman Betty Gagen Sharon Galka Alice Gannon Arlyne Giessel Mary Gleason Patricia Gooley Marcia Gross Rosalie Hadlick Carole Harnist Donna Harrer Mary Ann Harvey Kathleen Haugen Kathleen Hayes Janet Heimerl Kathleen Hoy Ann Marie Indrehus Colleen Jackson Margaret Kelly Janice Kodym Pogo fiftyPages, Rae Ann Morgan, left, and Maryellen Smith, right, announce the proceedings of the sophomore Epiphany party, as the 'Three Kings', Joan Roedel, Barbara Wines and Rosalie Hadlick, mark the lintels of the door with the number of the new year and the initials of the Wise Men. Constance Koelfgen Mary Jo Kort Jackie Kram Mary Joon Krech Kathleen Longer Mary Louise Larkin Margaret Laux Joan LeTourneau Madolyn Loe Joanne Louden Carol Lynch Joyce Lynch Karen Me Curdy Rosemary McDermott Sharon McGinn Nancy McMahon Patricia McMillen Patricia Mahon Ann Maloney Maryalyce Marceau Noreen Mathieu n May nee Meis ele Michaud rilyn Miller Mildred Miller Rae Ann Morgan Anne Mullin Pogo fifty-onoNancy Nichols Margaret O'Connor Joan O'Hearn Mary Agnes Parker Jeanne Perrizo Rosemary Petersen Kathleen Pixley Georgia Polzin Joan Prom Mary Radford Pomona Rascop Mona Roach Joan Roedel Phyllis Ryan Carol Sarazin Mary Savoie Donna Shea Mary Ann Smight Maryellen Smith Sylvia Stoller Audrienne Stuevo Margaret Sydness Mary Ann Thiele Ann Thompson Elizabeth Toof Joyce Towey Claire Towler Mary Wahl Geraldine Wallace Elizabeth White Barbara Wines Margaret Winter Rita Wudke Betsy Young Yvonne YoungFRESHMEN There is plenty of room for all—cutter, stitcher, presser—in the newly decorated and equipped clothing laboratory. Mary Musson, Jean O'Hearn and Virginia Trihey, freshmen, take advantage of some of the facilities. Mary Beth Beha JoAnn Blondell Shirley Boehnke Barbara Boulet Onis Broderick Jean Brombach Jane Burke Madonna Adams Olga Andrade Jean Archer Martha Arnold Janet Baskfield Poqe fifiy-threeJo Ann Feiereison, Patricia Scallen, Phyllis Schmidt, Mary Cabot, Sandra Cotey, Mary Klopp, Joan Seidel, Carol Scholz, Madalon Wachtler, Olga Andra-da and Jean Archer watch that volleyball during one of their bi-weekly physical education classes. Sraphing an equa-i presents its prob-s, but Mary Jo Hoi- fel smilingly ox-ins the procedure to abeth Joos and Joan del. Kathleen Butella Mary Cabot Virginia Case Jeannine Casebolt Dorothy Cecka Peggy Chichester Mary Congdon Jeanne Conlon Susan Conroy Sandra Cotey Irene Coyle Mary Jo Cronin Margaret Crowe Ruth Dafnis Pago fifty-fourMarilyn Engelhard Maxine Engman Kathleen Fadell Jo Ann Feiereisen Roberta Flynn Mary Ellen Foster y Mollie Frey Genevieve Gangolhoff Joan Garrigan Adella Gearty Jane Gleason Mary Hadley Audrey Haeg Elizabeth Hamilton Joanne Hanley Barbara Hartmann Carole Heiling Barbara Hirsch Barbara Hogan Marylou Holmquist Mary Jo Holzapfel Barbara Huney Betty Ann Jacobson Mary Ann Johnson Elizabeth Joos Rosemary Kenney Mary Frances Kertson Barbara Kleschult Mary Klopp Nancy Knapp Jeannino laPole Catherine Leonard Eleanor Little Jean McCarthy Beverly McClellan Page fifty-fiveMary Louise Mattsson Sally Melone Mary Mullin Mary Musson Mary Mye Jean O'Hearn JoAnne Perrizo Jeannette Petersen Marilyn Peterson Mary Lou Petronack Barbara Pfeifer Sandra Philliooi Nancy Pratt Mary Anne Prehn Marka Ray Barbara Renville Margaret Rogers Mary Alice Ryan Patricia Scallen Jean Schibilla Phyllis Schmidt Jo Rita Schmit Carol Scholz Catherine Schroeder Mary Anne Scott Joan Seidel Shirley Sharratt Mary Shaw Marion Stylski Jeanette Taylor Ann Rita Tholen Virginia Trihey Sylvia Turner Madalon Wachtler Colleen Warner Pafle fifty-iixRESIDENT STUDENTS A wonderful weekend . . . but the elevator is going up, and so Roberta Ann Flynn, Janet Werner and Geraldine Hirscher, standing, urge Lucretia McConville and Ramona Rascop to let the relating of its fun wait until they are settled on fourth floor. Beth McCormick, Barbara Boyce, Mona Roach, Sally Byrne and Minita Nodal, the resident students' officers, plan the next boarder extra-curricular activity. Not often does it happen, but Peggy O'Connor, Carol Erenfeld, Joan Mullen and Nancy Knapp enjoy a 'free' moment in the reading room.The telephone booth—one of the most popular and least private spots on fourth floor. Carol Erenfeld, . Beth McCormick and Ruth Buhr, standing, would like to discover what so evidently interests Barbara Wines. Noreen Mathieu and Betty Ann Jacobson encourage Lucretia McConville to hurry with her washing. They're next in line for the Bendix. While Joan Mullen concentrates on ironing a blouse, Anita Tschida, on the scale, Carol Erenfeld, Sally Byrne and Catherine Cooke insist it will go much easier, if not faster, with the crowd gathered 'round.Last minute odd jobs before the lights out signal! Mona Roach sets the alarm, Donna Caldwell finishes a chapter, Kathleen Cayley checks Ramona Rascop's 'knits and purls', while Mary Ann Dolezilek rolls up the last rag. Marka Ray, Janet Werner, Geraldine Hirscher and Minita Nadal, left to right in the mirror, polish those 'ivories'. (Lower right) The 'Latin Quarter —Barbara Boyce, Mona Roach, Su san May and Donna Caldwell com pare translations, because inter pretations can be so individualisticJust for something different, 'London Bridge' is the thing agree Dorothy Dolan, Geraldine Hirscher, Roberta Ann Flynn, Peggy O’Connor, Lucretia McConville, Olga Andrade, Susan May, Mary Ann Dolezilek and Minita Nadal. . . . and on the long weekends, there's popcorn for Janice Breault, Janet Werner, Martha Arnold and Ruth Buhr. Olga Andrade, left, Madeline Dobie, center, and Minita Nadal, right, dress up in their native South American costumes for Barbara Wines and Noreen Mathieu. |X ; 5 ' w V' NV-X- «oc Y) N- r- A». -a! V o- 'f'.j 5l 2 J -- ClJb» r f - — y LO- V. 5'MUSIC...THE SPEECH OF ANGELS Music students among the lower-classmen presented on assembly program for the student body in March and participated in several spring recitals. In the front row, left to right, are Barbara Lerschen, Barbara Hogan, Kathleen Cayley, Rosemary McDermott and Margaret O'Connor; second row, Patricia Scal-len, Barbara Boyce, Ann Thompson, Mollie Frey, Mary Jo Holzapfel, Roberta Flynn, Marka Ray, Barbara Kohler, Geraldine Hirscher, Barbara Wines and Mary Ann Haugen; and third row, Mary Connelly, Carol Scholz, Mada-lon Wachtler, Mona Roach, Barbara Pfeifer and Geraldine Wallace. Mary Joan Krech and Ramona Rascop ore seated at the piano. Smiling their way through Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are seniors, Kathleen Arms, Peggy Nichols and Marianne Thode. Senior music students presented two recitals in the spring. It's a pretty melody when senior songsters, Catherine Cooke and Ruth Buhr, sing to the accompaniment of Anita Tschida.A volunteer choir composed of Rosemary McClellan, Mary Ann Crog, Helen Zilka, Joonne Louden, Noreen Nelson, Martha LaPlace, Mary Kuhl, Gloria Gallas, Barbara Conway, Ruth Nelson, Margaret Winter and Barbara Winter voiced their love and praise for the Babe of Bethlehem at Midnight Mass at the newly organized parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Bloomington. Measuring the hem on Carol Erhart's new choral gown is Kathleen Pixley. Coke and candy sales and shoeshines were some of the varied activities which made these gowns possible. THE GIEE CLUB—(From row, left to right) Coral Oudiek, Roth Buhr. Arlyne Gieuel. Noreen Neljon. Margaret Crowe, Margaret Lotz, Marlene Hotkor. Anne Archer. Marianne Thode. Martha LaPlace, Georgio Potxin, Morilyn Murrln, Donna lovlo ond Margoret O'Connor. (Second row) Maxine Engman, Patricia Jandro, Donna Harrer, Jean O'Hearn, Kathleen Cayley, Mary Lou Alquitt. Mary Schroepfec, Mary Ann Smight, Patricia Goolcy. Mary Ann Thiele, Kothleen langnor, Janice Reeie. Barbaro Winet ond Kathleen Pixley. (Third row) Jone Foley, Ro»emory McClellan.The production of the "Messiah," assistance in Cretin High School's operetta, "The Student Prince," and the Spring Concert of the AHA Glee Club meant a year, full and eventful, for officers, Barbara Winter, Martha LaPlace, Margaret Winter and Barbara Wines. Helon Zllka, Bonito Warner, Mary Connelly, Patricio Moll, Dolores Horning, Shirley Forster, Jonot Worner. Ann Thompson, Rosemary Potorsor Joanne Louden. Mory Glcoson and Barbaro Kohler. (Fourth row) Mary Cuddigon. Marilyn Wogner, Mary Louise Larkin, Jo Ann Feicroisen, Aniro Tschida, Margaret Winter, Patricio Broad. Catherine Cooko, Barbara Winter, Barbara Buckles, Juno Harvey, Mario Holmquisf and Carol Erhort.FATHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET At the golo Christmas banquet, December 20, Mr. H. E. White and Beth and Marion and Mr. E. J. Sherman harmonize "Silent Night." Mary's best boyfriend, Mr. A. R. Edwards, offers a bit of sugar (and spice) for one who's nice. MOTHERS Mr. J. M, Hanrehan, a proud father of two Angies, is caught under the mistletoe by daughters, Gerry and Kay. Page sixty-fourPUT THEIR HAND TO STRONG THINGS Something new on the calendar of the Mothers Club was the staging of "Lavender and Red Pepper," o comedy, for fellow-members and friends. Mothers turned actresses are, left to right, Mrs. E. V. Hoy, Mrs. F. G. Cotey, Mrs. C. W. Bach, Mrs. Lucy B. Hamel, Mrs. S. L. Flesher, Mrs. Wm. Lahifl, Mrs. D. E. Morgan and Mrs. R. M. Whiting. Snow and cold did not discourage mothers and daughters from decking themselves in Easter finery for their "spring" Communion-Breakfast, an annual Laetore Sunday event. The Most Reverend James J. Byrne, auxiliary bishop of St. Paul, was celebrant of the Mass and olso speaker ot the breakfast. Clockwise around the fable are Mary Ann Smight, Maryalyce Marceau and Mrs. Marceau, Mrs. McDermott and Rosemary, Marilyn and Mrs. Miller, Claire and Mrs. Towler, Beth and Mrs. White, Mrs. Ennis and Jean, Nancy Nichols, and Mrs. Gross and Marcia. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BREAKFAST PogeACT WELL YOUR PART... Exhibiting true dramatic ability, Mannette Regnier, Sunny Bach and Marilyn Branchaud merited superior rating lor their production of the sea story. "Menfolk," during tho CTC Play Festival held at Holy Angels on November 25, 1950. Not footlights this time but the spotlight for members of Thespian Troup 568, a unit of the notional dramatic honor society, who take time out omid the bustle ond activity of their annual Silver Tea, held at the home of Mary Brick, to pose. Seated ore Adeline Bjorklund, Kathleen Hanrehan, Anne lahiff and Suzanne Beldor, kneeling. Sunny Bach, Mary Brick. Joan Mullen and Mary Ellen Boggs,- and standing, Mannette Regnier, Marilyn Branchaud, Donna Loula, Mary Simonet. Rosemary Bialon ond Patricia Murray. Thespian officers. Mannette Regnier, Adeline Bjorklund, Sunny Bach, Marilyn Branchaud ond Mary Brick cease hostessing for a moment to enjoy a cup of tea. rOfl lixfy-tixOne of the major productions of the year, "Song of the Scoffold," o dramatization by Emmet Lovery, wos presented by the senior dramatic closs on November 19. The original story, by Gertrude von le Fort, is based on a real historical fact, the execution of sixteen Carmelite nuns during the French Revolution. In the picture of the right, Marilyn Bronchoud and Sunny Boch, portraying superiors at the convent of Com-piegne, consider the desire of Mannette Regnier, accompanied by her governess, Mary Simonef, to enter the Carmelite Order. Below, Patricio Murray, novice mistress, comforts novice, Mary Brick, at the news that the convent is to be confiscated, while Adeline Bjorklund speaks words of consolation to Ann Lahiff who, at the thought of the scoffold, is overwhelmed by the same human fears that Christ felt at Gethsemane. The senior dramotic class also enacted "Mother Font-bonne," a story of the postrevolution restorer of the Sisters of St. Joseph. This play, commemorating the tercentenary of the founding of the first wholly uncloistered religious community of women, wos written by The Reverend Hugh F. Blunt, LL.D., and presented on February 24 and 25. The seniors final offering, their class ploy, was "Find the Girl," an English comedy, produced May 6. The junior dramatic group presented "The Sorrowful Star," a Christmas story, and "Lady of Fatima," which graphically conveyed Our Lady's message to pray the rosary if peaco is desired for the world. Pog« »ixty-tevenThey Kept a Night Watch! When members of the AHA Glee Club gave its first performance of Handel's oratorio, 'Messiah," December 17, sophomore dramatic students, under the direction of Miss Patricia Gill, assistant in the dramatic department, provided the Nativity tableaux. Above, Nancy McMahon portrays the Blessed Virgin Mory, Geraldine Donicht, St. Joseph. The angels are, left to right, Patricia Dunn, Margaret Kelly, Sylvia Stoller, Ann Maloney, Kathleen Hoy and Jan Heimerl. The shepherds at the right are Mary Ann Dolezilek, Margaret Laux and Phyllis Ryan. Poge sixfy-«ightCHIC MADEMOISELLES A touch of the reol France for French students, Ann Bigelow, Gloria Haberl and Marianne Thode, as Mary McCarthy proudly disploys the dress she purchased in Paris last summer. GAY SENORITAS (Left) Colorful fans, pictures and baskets are admired by four "alumas de esponol," Mercedes Thyen, Patricia Broad, Anne Lahifl and Mary Jean Hall. (Below) Preparing for the Spanish play presented on Pan-American Day, April 12, are Janet Gossman, Jean lynch, Lola Leifeld, Marilyn Murrin, Eleanor Brown. Horriet Kipley and Marilyn Wagner. Page sixty-nine"BLUE AND COLD OUT ON THE FLOOR" (Top) The T-E-A-M! ! Front row, left to right, Patricio Janeiro, Margo Seal, Mary Wahl, Gloria Haberl, Patricia Broad, Mary Louise Hofer and Mary Ann Haugen. Second row, Joan Baskfield, Nancy McMahon, Patricia Doyle, Joan Edwards and Ann Mullin. (Bottom) "U rah for the Angies!" brings cheerleaders, Marilyn Miller, Janice Breaull, Madalon Wacht-ler and Mary Sue Bruner, a mighty response from the spectators. Miss Mary Jo Flan-ary, coach, briefs the first string on St. Margaret's strategy before the game at the Ascension Club. Starters ore Mary Wahl, Patricia Jandro, Patricia Broad, Margo Seal, Gloria Haberl, Mary Ann Haugen and Mary Louise Hofer. Page seventy(Right) Whose bol it? Mory Wahl Gloria Haberl dasf recover a slippery (Lower left) It's a j for Gloria Haberl Mary Wahl awaits outcome. (Lower right) "Get Potty!" urges fell guard, Mary Haugen as Patty Br goes up after a bound. Pog« w v«nty-oneACHOAN UPHOLDS TENETS OF CATHOLIC PRESS In order to attain its goal of presenting news and attitudes reflecting the spirit of Christ within the school, the ACHOAN staff works together shoring ideas and talents. Members grouped around the table are Mary Adele Anderson, Joan Sand. Sunny Bach, Manneffe Regnier, Joan Edwards, Eleanor Brown, Margo Seal, Mary Ellen Boggs, Mary Simonet, Octovia Braun and Mary Ann Haugen. Co-editors, Mary Simonet and Sunny Bach, plan the "dummy" for page one of the ACHOAN, school newspaper. Eleanor Brown pencils in important news dates on the staff calendar while Mary Ellen Boggs checks copy with typist, Manneffe Regnier. Pago Mvenly-twoANCELUS STAFF OUTLINES A CENTENARY YEAR (Above) Co-editors, Marianne Thode and Patricio Murray, exchange looks of approval over the photographs which the picture editor, Mary Edwards, displays, while Gail Zettle and Mary Ellen Corbett, art editors, consider the accuracy of their reproduction of the school which is to be used for the end sheets in ANGELUS, 1951 — the yearbook, (Below) Adaline Bjorkind, Gloria Haberl, Mary Brick, Barbara Williams, Virginia Shea, Mary Ann Crog, Rosemary McClellan, Anne lahiff, Joan Murphy, Mary Bowe, Virginia Hamel and Mary Jean Hall collaborated on the production of this year's ANGELUS. Page iev nty-thro«"Peg O' My Heart" might well be the song Peggy Nichols and Roy Johnson are enjoying. SOME ENCHANTED EVENING "Lovely To Look At" are Mary Meitz and Ann Bigelow relaxing during intermission with their dotes, Tom Morr Jack Swift. Bruce Dybvig obliges Frank MacDonald, Rosemary McClellan, Bob Mclntrye, Joan Murphy, Mercedes Thyen, and Jerry McManus with "That Old Gang of Mine." Page jeventy-foorAs the evening drew to o close, Lucretio McConville, Margo Seal and Mary Ann Crog and their dates agree that "There Will Never Be Another Night Like This." "In My Merry Oldsmobile" sing Jim Nelson, Anne Lahiff, Winnie Sandeen and Adeline Bjorklund as they drive up to the Automobile Club on that memorable evening of May 11. Sunny Bach and Louis Svobodny glide along "On the Sunny Side of the Street."PATRONS Geo. Allen Garage, Savage Anbuhl's Apex Amusement Co. Arms, Mr. Mrs. James P. Atkinson Drugs Atkinson, L.M.B. Bach, Mr. Mrs. C. W. Bach, Sunny Bachman's Inc., Florists Barnes Drug Store R. D. Bernier Inc., Jewelers Bjorklund, Mr. Mrs. Roger M. Bonhus Hardware Al Boos Standard Service Station The Bo-Peep Shop Boulevard Variety Store Branchaud, Mr. Mrs. G. W. Braun, Mr. Mrs. Anthony Brick, Mr. Mrs. William E. Broich, Mr. Mrs. Walter Buhr, Mr. Mrs. R. N. Byrne, Mr. Mrs. James B. Carroll, Mr. Mrs. L. J. The Catholic Gift Shop Clancy Drugs, Inc. Convention Grill Corbett, Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Cresswell's Food Market Crog, Mr. Mrs. E. S. DesMarais, Mr. Mrs. Hubert H. Edwards, Mr. Mrs. A. R. Erenfeld, Dr. Mrs. F. R. Fadell, Mr. Mrs. M. J. Firmoyle, Mr. Mrs. John J. First State Bank, Galva, No. Dak. Florence, Mr. Mrs. M. J. Fowler, Capt. Mrs. E. J. Frankhauser Appliance end Television Freeman, Mr. Mrs. W. H. A Friend Gile Cleaners Gossman, Mrs. Lucille Grandview Market Hackenmueller, Mr. R. A. Hamel, Mrs. Lucy B. Hanson Pharmacy Harvey Hardware Haeg, Mr. Mrs. Henry Roy Jensen Meats Kuth, Mr. Mrs. George M. Lahiff, Mary Elizabeth Lahiff, Mr. Mrs. William Lannan, Mr. Mrs. R. W. Leifeld, Mr. Mrs. F. J. Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Lyndale Hardware Mallory, Mr. Mrs. Jack Maloney, Mr. Mrs. J. P. McCarthy, Mr. Mrs. J. T. Leo A. McClellan Grocery McConville, Mr. Mrs. A. L. McDivitt Funeral Home McGrow's Bakery McKenzie, Mr. Mrs. E. E. Meitz, Mr. Mrs. Roman Monarch Cleaning Chemicals Inc. Moriarity Service Station Murphy, Dr. Mrs. V. R. Murray, Mr. Mrs. Jay Nelson Drug Co. Nelson Style Shop Nelson, Dr. Irving Nelson, Mr. Mrs. John A. New LaBarre Linoleum Co. Nichols, Mr. Mrs. Morgan O. Marvin Oreck and Assoc. Pacholke, Dr. A. F., D.D.S. Palmer, Mr. Mrs. Lee Ralph's Shoe Service Regnier, Mrs. Pierre N. The Richfield News Richfield Super-Valu The Roll Along Company Salk-Boulevard Drug Co. Seivert, Dr. William P. Simonet, Mr. Mrs. L. W. Smith, Marie A., M.D. C. J. Sommers Co. Southwest Hardware Steichen, Mr. Mrs. Roman J. Stockland, Mrs. E. C. Super Value, 66th Lyndale Thode, Mr. Mrs. E. K. Town and Country Barber Shop Town and Country Standard Service Uptown Drug Vanity Cleaners Washburn Shell Oil Weber's Super-Value Phil Werner Westgate Motor Sales Woodlake Cleaners Zettle, Mr. Mrs. F. J. Zilka, Mr. Mrs. A. A. Poge jevenly-six .-f 1 J ' ■' ✓" — Ml ' a a J’ v - 'JAj9JIo if - F sr v » lv i hr-: w vu k .a. a. A ' 1L !■ Sfcfttft Mb v H I : fe ✓ 4 . j k -V Hittittk 7ir; ■' v rJt . ' n tirr - - ryw tj' l%yry7'?7 4 xr S Z2 7t'iw« - ,. 77 ' »2v WZ a § "fr. ‘ ti a-«W«U . U’ V) Og o "C W‘ Ttx£ isXL r •' - r „ . - Sc ;■ x - iw ■ a. cJ-v - . ■cg a . i XX£. Q . w . JfcJ VvV A ’ Trfy Y v ty j f y A ! s f r j " ) ' twy v ? V v .,- ' ' V .o' ' rh— « -L- . % i

Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) collection:

Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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