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"74 194-9 AiiaeluA, Published by The Belles of '49 Academy of The Holy Angels Minneapolis, MinnesotaCleor crystol peols Grow dimmer, dimmer, And our hearts re-echo A lost goodbye. Contents School Views Page 2 Dedication and Theme Page 3 Class Pictures Page 9 Faculty Page 51 Informals of Classes Page 52 School Activities Page 57 Social Section Page 72 Farewell Page 78 Senior Class Directory Page 79At the end of o fir-trimmed aisle Is the light of Saint Joseph's smile.Winter draws her coverlet Tenderly. She covers dark-pined campus grounds Flake by flake. Now you are bathed in white And it becomes you so.Beyond the golden curtains He waits; And in His Bleeding Heart Is quiet balm to heal the hurt Of all the world.Sweet Lady, Wo have seen the fragrant valley bolls Spring up at your feet And they have sounded Your Angelus.Dedication To Marion Gannon, who such a short time ago lived and laughed, studied and prayed with us, we dedicate this, THE ANGELUS of 1949. Somewhere the Angelus bell chimes for you, Marion. You have knelt to the Happiness that we may only imagine in the faint dusk of our hopes. Remember us, watch us, until we may come to you. Amen Theme Through the faint peal of the Angelus bell calling us to a mist of memories, we look back to our years at A. H. A.; wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten years, so full of little things and big. The Sisters who are our teachers: each one we thank, for the infinite patience and wisdom she has shown to each of us. Our classes: perhaps now we realize what we have attained, day by day, in Christ-centered knowledge. The chapel, the only true tangible home of our hearts. The buses, the cool campus, the laughter, and the fun. of the bells, that is the theme of THE ANGELUS bell, the chime which will echo and re-echo in our lives, reminding us always of the peace that is to come. It is this melody, the melody of the bells, that is the theme of the Angelus of 1949. Pogo eightP°09 nine eniorSPag© ton Pogo elevenPAT BENICK MARY LOUISE BIGELOW ODELIA BOURGET Poge two I vpMARY LOU BRANIGAN Pogo ihitiotnA J-4X- MARY DEBORAH COLBERT V v .cn cvv 3 ¥ VHu yy r- sv Ca vs JS V ''Va'I—- oS-'-o.'? . XD Pogc fourteenp i 1ft H L—'cAjl KATHLEEN DILLON w irs % Poge fifteen NcXjlV V G.Caxjacx, 9ttJT S»v -« fl(v »ai -DONNA DOW BETTY SUE FREDERICKS KATHLEEN GEARTY Page seventeenIRONA GRIMES MARY HADLICK MARY LOUISE HAYES A Pogo eighteenCORRINE HILDEBRAND BETTY LOU HUNEY JOAN KELLY S. i. l« nineteenBARBARA KNAPP SHEILA LAMB Page twentyLORRAINE LAPOLE RICKY LEMKE JANET LEMME Page twenty-onoDOROTHY LESER if MARY YVONNE LONG jfet V 'Yfav'sotoj •S GA) . Cw ROSEMARY LINDBERG Poge rwcnty-twoIRMA LOPEZ PATRICIA LOYE Foge iwenty-ihfeePage twenty-fourMACH' PATRICIA MAHON Page iwenJy-fiveJOAN MEYER VsOjjj j '-Q « ILAA- U SL V VaXav O a!ao ' UjLAJ V VX o»Wc ' B-Lx?iS • CAJUX, W4k rtv VJ°4Q £| ■-' ;M n V PATRI IICIA MURPHY Pogc lwen»y-sixr vs v -« ' trs c-cx. MARY LOU NELSON GEORGINE NUGENT PATRICIA O'BRIEN tfa-t. — t - £' S u ‘ftSf. Page Iwenly-wsvenJO ANNE PLACE PEGGY PRATT JEANNE PRENEVOST Pago twonty-nin©Pogo thirty1R ER6ER5 HOLLY ROAM JUNE ROOT MARY RYAN Page thirty-onoDONNA SCHAEFER BARBARA SCHULER NANCY SEIFERT Page thirty-twoGLORIA SMITH SHIRLEY SOMMERS Page thirty threeDELLA MARIA SULLIVAN Pogc Ihirty-fourROSEMARY WALSH PATRICIA WA MARIANNE WERNER SS ■r Pogo thirty-fivePage ihirty-iixPATRICIA ZENTGRAF WUMJ ItteO ' ' " J v OmM- 'tjfWy— . Mrf' K ■?•■ Ci YtjXUhSs A t a£ Jl £-cUU . yJ 6 Za Uj Jz t£ -Cc u'- MARCIA WILLIAMS tsM{ i 6 scSC-y y$ cyft Cc 1 . S 4. • • K£ S ® j£u+n, - » j£ X‘ j S ■ jganwitkgwsk , y " t-TLf Poge thirty-sevenJ u N I O R S HOMEROOM OFFICERS 216 Margaret Spinner Denny Kelly Willi Grothwol Sheila Ryan Poge thirty-eightGeraldine Anderson S.mone Bourdelats Mary Jane Connelly The-ese Baldwin Birdie Broderick Pot Cor rick Thereto Beaudetle lucia Corlin Morion Coyle Rosalie Benoit Thereto Corlin Rotalyn Doerfter Morgoret Berret Morgoret Bolton Cotherine Coryl Mary Commertord Genevieve Dougherty Carolyn Durigon Virginia Born Nancy Connell Morion Evont Who will dare to say we juniors are not prepared to face the Trials of Life, for we must now endure those pangs of hunger that accompany second lunch? Yet we shall not despair, for we know there is no second lunch in heaven. Poge thirty-nineRita Fo»1 f Doris Hougen Mory Ann Kannatly Nancy Fri i d huh Barbara Haro Shalogh tarkin Pat Garrity Noncy Mita Pat la« KothWan Granting Pot Mickey Mory lenlkon Marty Hagen Gayle Hughe Jeanne letourneau Jean Honou ek Joan Hurley Morgaret ludowe»e Jeanne Horlman Noel Kaufman Lucy McNulty Although being a junior has its duties, these are offset by its privileges. This year our two main hopes have been fulfilled; now we wear the class ring of our school instead of contemplating this honor, and no longer is it necessary for us to dream of attending our Prom, for this year it has become a reality. How often since we were little, have we pictured every detail of this thrilling event: the formal we would wear, the boy we would take, the flowers we would receive! Will we ever forget our first J.S.? Page fortyPoulin Mart in Patricia Norby Dorothy Ranckant Mary Malone Motion O 'Brian Dorothy Randal Jaon Mkhoud Mary Pannirgton Jatry Rkhtar Rita Michal Jocqvolino Plow Sim Rowland Mary Mo Hoy Cynthia N a I ton Bavorly Ralph Mariano Raachko Rito Siffarta Mary Clara Simona Mary Nichohon to•• Rock ora Potty Smith This year we pursued many studies different from anything we have had before. Many of us are tapping typewriter keys, while others are deciphering shorthand. Some are learning the mysteries of science, and others are mastering foreign tongues. Although many of our subjects are different, we still have the common bond of our three faithfuls, religion, English, and history. P°QO forty-on MorUn Thotchor Joan WhoUn Monlyn Thorn Sally Whalen Patricio Tillony $U« Wholen Eugenio Stewort Eileen Towey Mary lee Whiling Ann SwHNan Morityn Varner Jeon Yorken Kothleen Sweetier Mary low Wo'bom Polric'o Young Georgia Tenney Jo ephine WoWh Morjori Zipoy While we are leading the life of a junior, we eagerly anticipate our senior year. Will we be respected by our underclassmen? Will we enjoy occupancy of the front seats in the auditorium? And will we ever wear green ties? The ANGELUS of '50 will tell the tale. Pogo forty-twoHOMEROOM OFFICERS 1 Bonito Warner Kathleen Honrehon Gloria Haberl Carol Erenfeld HOMEROOM OFFICERS 214 Arline Haerden Mary Simonet Mary Edwordt Kathleen Arm HOMEROOM OFFICERS 26 Gail Zettle Mory Ellen Corbett Sheila Carlton Eleanor Wodke s o p H O M O R E S Page fony-threeBonnie Alwln Octovio Broun Nancy Ooy Joon Bach Mary Brick Joan DciMaraii Mario Benda Potty 8road Donna Dickey Colleen Berlin Jeonine Bronord Nor.neMe Eckert Ann Bigelow Adaline Bjorklund Mary Bowe Marilyn Branchaud Solly Byrne Mary Carroll Mary Ann Crog Barbara Day Sharon Eilter Carol Erhart Mary lou Fodoll Mary Ellen Flinn In o few short months we'll be juniors. But though our sophomore days are over, we have many memories to keep it alive. We had such a proud feeling as we showed those inexperienced freshies around "our" school on the first day of classes in Setpember. Page forty.fourMouroon Flofonc R tty Ann Ku»h KotK«rine McKonzi Volono FowUr Ann Lohiff Ruth Mohowold Mary Freeman Lola Leifeld Mary MeiU Janet Gottmon Margaret Lot! Patricia Moll Virginia Hamel Jeanne lynch Joan Mullen Alice Hautman Karen Johnton Margaret Kocher Mary McCorthy Rotemary McClellan lucretia McConville Joan Murphy Lorraine Murphy Phylli Murphy It was so nice to take our places behind the juniors as we lined up for the Father-Daughter Banquet. We had much fun that night. We'll never forget the taste of success when we presented our Christmas play, "Holy Night," and attended our first school dance in February. We learned to work together in our various class activities: stamp collecting, packing Junior Red Cross boxes, preparing Christmas Baskets for the poor. Pogo focty-fiveMwrroy Minilo Nodal Rrani«r Morion Rcllonbcigci "r' d- Thy.o Mo,, Tirord CoroMin Nolle Mary Rockwell Ani'a Ruth Nolion Ann Rockwell Mary low Tore Mary Nicholt Felicio Schmit Borbaro William p 99y Nichol. Dorothy Schuler Diane Williom Borbaro O'Sheo Morgo Seal Borbora Winter -. r. Od' L - Ljl . SL JLjXr Tjrrf And do you remember all the fun we had planning our class party, held on February 14, St. Valentine's Day? We hope that the class unity we experienced then will grow and weld us into a loyal class in our next two years. pog« forty- ;  -7T . — r o J'eJL R E S H M E N HOMEROOM OFFICERS 217 Potricio Jondro Carole loo Fleihor Mory Adele Andertor Collette Armitoge HOMEROOM OFFICERS 213 Mory McHugh Rone© lo Chopollo Grotchon Schrcoder Morleno Hccltor HOMEROOM OFFICERS 178 Gloria Galla» Jo Ann Spanjcrt Donna Joan loula Shirloy Foitcr Pogo lorty.jevenArmello Adelmonn Mary loo Alquist Colleen Armitage Phyllis Delaney Modelcino Dobie Alico Duggar. Foyo Ann Fowler Mory Ann Gallick Mary Gleoson Geraldine Hirschcr Madonna Hodge Mary Louise Hofer Rosemary Bia'on Mory loo Domos Gretchen Gross Mario Holmqoist Mary Ellen Boggs Eleanor Brown Barbara Buckles Bernice Dutchor Joan Edwards Elizabeth Fink Gwendolyn Haog Geraldine Hanrchan June Harvey Dolores Horning Myrlc Itcn Barbara Kohler Jossio Cleveland Catherine Floronco Mary Ann Haugen Marilyn Kranz Our freshman year has gone by so swiftly, it seems we have barely had time to learn where all the classrooms are at school. The new friends and helpful teachers have made this year an enjoyable one. Now we have learned about homework! Not one of us will forget the tests that lasted half the day; or our pre-Lenten party and how much fun we had. Another memory we shall hold of the first year at Holy Angels is that of our first retreat, given by Father Coates. This was a new experience, but a wonderful one. Pago forty-eightMory Kuhl Julie Morneou Mory Ann Potterton Corlone Srnilh Kathleen lonnon Mory Mulcohey Thereto Quinn Potricio Sluder Martho lo Place Kathleen Murphy Jonice Recto Betty Ann Theller Barbara lerschen Marilyn Murphy Virginia Roddy Barbara Turet Elizabeth McCormic Marilyn Murrin Morlyi Rohlf Morilyn Wagner Marlene Merrick Noreen Nelton Mary Schroepfer Shirley Ann Windui Patricio Molloy Coral Oitdiek Ireno Schumacher Potricio Wontavage Mory Jone Moore Beverly Potterton Mory Shannon Margaret Yerger We have three exciting and educational years to look forward to, but the memories of our freshman doings will always be cherished. Poge forty-nineFACULTY MOTHER EILEEN, M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Superior, Principal SISTER VIRGIL, M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Assistant Principal SISTER ALICE IRENE, M.A. Columbia University, New York City Mathematics SISTER ROBERTA, M.M.T.A. American Conservatory, Chicago Theory, Piano SISTER ANNE RITA, B.A. Amorican Conservatory, Chicago Piano SISTER ROSE AURELIA, M.A. Columbia University, New Yorjt City Art Su Wl?;o SISTER ANSELM, S.M. Certificate, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Choral, Glee Club SISTER ST. GABRIEL. M.A. Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C. Science, Religion SISTER CHARITAS, M.D.A. Chicago School of Expression Dramatic Art SISTER ST. GERTRUDE, M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Religion, Home Economics SISTER CHRYSOSTOM. M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics SISTER ELISE MARIE, M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis English SISTER HELEN FRANCIS, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Latin, History, Religion SISTER IRENE ELISE, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Algebra, Geometry SISTER LOUIS PHILIPPE, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Spanish, French, Religion SISTER MARY BERTRAND, M.A. Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C. Religion, Modern History SISTER MARY JAMES, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul English SISTER PATRICIA, M A. Columbia University, New York City English, Religion SISTER REGINALD, B.A. College of St. Cathernie, St. Paul Science. Religion SISTER ST. JOAN, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Library, Journalism SISTER SUSANNA. M.A. Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C. Religion, History SISTER TERESA REGIS. B.S. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Commercial SISTER MARY TROPHINE, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Piano SISTER WILBROD, M.A. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks Bookkeeper SISTER ZITA, M.M.T.A. Licentiate Piano MRS. ELAINE B. CARLSON. M.A. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis American History, Physical Education MRS. SYLVIA CLARK MARKKULA. B.S. State Teachers' College, Bemidji, Minnesota Algebra, American History MISS YVONNE YAEGER, B.A. College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Dramatic Art PoQ° fifty-0 Gourmets and Epicures Breakfast in homomaking with Shirley Sommers, O'delia Bourget, Sheila Lamb. Server, June Root. Applying the principles of child care are: Joan Patton, Peggy Pratt, Barbara Knapp, Joan Kelly. Signing out reading material are: Mary Ryan, Marilyn Murrin, Jessie Cleveland, Colleen Cullen. Page fifiy-lwoSeamstresses and Scientists Pogo fifty-lhrco Le;t to right: Stonding: Pat Won-;a age, Barbara Tures, Shirley Modus, Delores Horning. Seated: Bonita Warner, Mary Pat-‘::ion, Mary Kuhl, Ann Rockwell, ?enee LoChapelle, Mary Nichols, Mice Duggan. biological projects: .eft to right: Lola Leifeld, Jeanne • haud, Marion Reifenbergor, iecnine Brossard, Rita Michel, Pat -Orrick, Barbara Day, Mary Lou odell. Muro chemists are: ■'■Ofy Hadlick, Pot Waters, Nancy •■■scoll, Mary Yvonne Long, Janet 'nme, Mary Lou Ranft.Mathematicians and Stenographers Sophomore geometry closs Trigonometry: Corrine Hildebrand, Jeon Kobbe, standing. Kneeling: Donna Schaefer. Second-year typing classArtists and Critics Model: Sheila Rycn Kneeling: Lorraine LaPole Seated: Marion Pahl, Jeanne Letourneou, Nannette Eckert S ending: Jo Beigle, Joan Whalen, Sheila Lamb, Peggy Pratt. Faye Fowler, Sheila Carlson, Jeanine Brossard, Gail Zettle. Standing: Sheila Lamb, Della Marie Suliivan. Seated: At easel, Peggy Camden Pratt, Jo Beigle, and Marion Pahl. Page fifty-ft voWe are Versatile Corrying out our mock election ore: Carolyn Durigan, Sally Whalen, Rosalie Benoit, Marilyn Thorne, Marlene Rosch-ko, Nancy Seifert, Rosemary Walsh. Discussing "Hamlet" are: Phyllis Marx, Darcy Rae Mitchell, Janet Lemme. Father Baglio's senior marriage preparation course. Noontime visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Page fifty-sixWe Govern Left to right: Mary Ann Kirby, Margaret Spinner, Bonita Warner, Gail Zettle, Mary Bigelow, Arline Haerden, June Root, Mary Hadlick, Debbie Colbert, Mary Catherine McHugh, Pot Jandro, Joanne Cull, Gloria Gallos, Donna Schaefer, President Barbaro Haugen, Vice-president Mary Regnier. STUDENT COUNCIL The Holy Angels Student Council is our form of student government. It consists of All-School officers: seniors: President, Barbara Haugen,- Vice-president, Mary Regnier,- Chairmen of Recreation, Welfare, Social and Publicity: June Root, Joanne Cull, Peggy Pratt, and Mary Hadlick, respectively,- and Secretary, Mary Dindorf, a junior. Presidents from senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen homerooms represent every branch of the student body. At the council meetings plans are formed, discussed, voted on, and carried out; and members attempt to settle current school problems. The important topics are reported to the homerooms by their president, discussed there, and voted on if necessary. The various All-school Chairmen have charge of all activities in their particular field, and certain girls from every homeroom assist them. Senior class Co-ordinator Debbie Colbert has charge of the many and specific activities of the seniors. The Student Council is a democratic form of government, and it is an honor for any student to be associated with it. Pogc fifty-sevenTHESPIAN TEA The National Dramatic Honor Society, Troupe 668, was very active during the past school year. The Thespians started early in the school year with a stage benefit tea held at the home of Patricia Dorn. On October 13 eleven new members of the troupe were initiated, and for the first time, a second initiation took place in March when 12 new members were received. On February 6th, thirteen Thespian alumnae presented Cry Havoc, after which a reception was given by Louise Hayes at her home. Successors Thespis Models for Thespian Tea are: Irma Lopez, Gene Winter, Adeline Bjorklund, Nancy Driscoll, Gretchen Schroeder, Della Marie Sullivan, Peggy Nichols, Sue Rowland, Mary Clare Simons, Sheila Carlson, Mary Jane Moore, Faye Fowler. Private Dramatics Students: Mary Lou Nelson, Mary Clare Donnelly, Jackie McLaughlin, gave readings. Around the tea table are: Mrs. John McLaughlin, Joon Patton, Barbara Macho, Mary Owens, Mary Louise Hayes, Jackie McLaughlin, Jeonne McGee, Mary Regnier, Kathleen Dillon, Mrs. J. M. Hayes, Pat Dorn. Poge fifryoighTJoan of Arc (Louise Hayes) heors her voices as Sir Guy de Laval (Mary Rcg-nier'i. Lady Catherine de Beaumanoir (Martha Turnerl and Lady Catherine's tiring woman (Patricia Dorn) stand amazed. Joan Patton, as the hostess at the inn, is not pictured. CTC PLAY FESTIVAL The One-Act Play Festival, sponsored by the North Central Region of the Catholic Theatre Conference was held at Holy Angels on November 27, 1948. The program started with the celobrotion of Holy Moss by the Reverend Karl G. Schroeder, the critic judge. Our play, The Vision at the Inn, by Susan Buchan, first on the agenda, was directed by Sister Charitas. In two acts, our girls presented a few incidents in St. Joan of Arc's life. Poge Flly-ntnoChristmas Holy Night by Gregorio Martinez Sierra was presented by the Sophomore class on December 12th. The girls portrayed the story of the Virgin Mary in her quest for the last of the three gifts, myhr. The Blessed Virgin is aided in her search by a young English lad, Bautista, played by Mary Brick and Man-nette Regnier, respectively. The Blessed Mother receives the gift from the boy, Bautista, portrayed by Mary Brick. From left to right the girls are . Lucretia McConville, Patty Broad, Patty Murray, Adaline Bjork-lund, Sharon Eister, Felicia Schmidt, and Kathleen Hanrehan. pogo »ix»yOn December 12 the Freshman Dramatic Class presented At the Feet of the Madonna, by Charolette I. Lee. The prayers to the Virgin through the centuries were related in choric verse. Donna Loula portrayed the Madonna; the young mother was played by Mary Patterson; Phyllis Delaney was the martyr,-the queen was Joanne Spongers,- Carol Flesher played the pioneer woman,- and the modern girl was Rosemary Bialon. Pag® sixty-oneLovers of SENIOR GLEE CLUB: First row: Georgine Nugent, Phyllis Marx, Catherine Ripley. Mary Owens, Marianne Werner, Nancy Seifert, Martha Turner, Marion Pohl, Patricia Zentgraf, Janet Whiting Mary Long, Rosemary Lindberg, and Patricio Loye. Second row: June Root, Norah Barron, Corinne Hildebrand, Katherine White, Jeanne McGee, Barbara Knapp. Jean Kobbe, Mary Lou Branigan, Mary Hadlick, and Joan Witkowski. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB: First row: Alice O'Brien, Geraldine Anderson, Patricia Corrick, Marilyn Varner, Nancy Connell, Gene Winter, Mary Ann Kennelly. Second row: Katherine Sweetser, Marlene Raschko, Mary Clare Simons, Rita Foster, Nancy Friendshuh, Josephine Walsh, Jeanne Michaud. SOPHOMORE-FRESHMEN: First row: Marilyn Kranz, Karen Johnson, Mary Ann Crog, Bonita Warner, Anita Tschida, Mary Edwards, Kathleen Arms, Barbara Winter, Joan Murphy, Dorothy Schuler, Mary Tizord. Second row: Betty Theiler, Shirley Foster, Barbara Buckely, Patricia Wansavage, Mary Louise Alquist, Mary Lou Hofer, Donna Loula, June Harvey, Marilyn Wagner, Julie Morneau, Patricia Jondro, Renee La Chapelle. Page sixty-twoMelody Music -r BARBARA WILLIAMS spends her free time practicing one of the compositions in Music Department. SENIOR MUSIC STUDENTS: Standing, left to right: First row: O'delia Bourget, June Roof, Mary Lou Nelson, Mary Hadlick, Catherine Ripley. Second row: Nancy Seifert, Marianne Werner, Georgine Nugent, Norah Barron. Third row: Jeanne McGee, Janet Lemme, Janet Whiting, Donna Schaefer, Barbaro Schuler, Geraldine McCarthy. JUNIOR MUSIC STUDENTS: Standing, left to right: First row: Margie Zipoy, Faith Elsen-peter, Marilyn Thorne, Geraldine Anderson. Second row: Joan Hurley, Alice Nobes, Patty Smith, Cynthia Nelton. Third row: Rita Michel, Mary Lenihan, Marlene Raschko, Georgia Tenney, Mary Clare Simons, Ann Sullivan, Patricia Laux, Jacqueline Plouf, Noel Kaufman. SOPHOMORE MUSIC STUDENTS: Seated: Mary Bowe, Barbara O'Shea. Standing: Colleen Berlin, Janet Gossman, Ruth Maho-wald, Peggy Nichols, Anita Tschida, Margaret Lotz, Pat Moll. FRESHMAN MUSIC STUDENTS: Standing: Marlene Hecker, Mary Ann Haugen, Pot Sluder, Kathleen Lannan, Madonna Hodge, Madeleine Dobie. Seated: Barbara Lerschen, Shirley Ann Windus, Barbara Kohler, Geraldine Herscher, and Armella Adelmann. Page sixty-lhreoFollowers of Achoan The junior staff discusses a new issue with editors Catherine Ripley and Martha Turner. Left to right: Suzanne Rowland, Marian Evans, Patricia Tiffany, Barbara Hera, Catherine Ripley, Martha Turner, Charlotte Krueger, and Jean Michaud. Ricky Lemke, Barbara Hera, Katie White, Catherine Ripley, Joanne Cull, Janet Whiting, and Faith Elsenpeter. Holly Roam, Mary Owens, Joan Patton, Patricia Tiffany, and Rosalie Benoit. Members of the staff who are not pictured are: Irona Grimes, Denise Kelly, Patricia Murphy, Lucy McNulty, Jeanne Prenevost, June Root, Mary Lee Whiting, Joanne Beigle, and Marion Pahl. To train students in the ways of Journalism and to present school news, the ACHOAN is published six times during the year under the direction of Sister St. Joan. The ACHOAN has received the highest possible ratings. All Catholic and All American. Pogc tixty-fourFrancis de Sales Editors: ................ Jo Carr Nancy Driscoll Organizations: .......... Irona Grimes Mary Owens Art: .................... Joanne Beigle Marion Pahl Pe99Y Pratt Classes-. ............... Joan Patton Kathleen Dillon Social: ................. Janet Whiting Mary Lou Nelson Sports: ............ Barbara Schuler Donna Schaefer Odelia Bourget Photography: Betty Sue Fredericks Jackie McLaughlin Business ............ ... Patricia Dorn Joan Kelly Darcy Roe Mitchell Literary ................ Ricky Lemke June Root Angelus Making plans for the new Angelus ore: standing, left to right: Joan Patton, Joanne Beigle, Nancy Driscoll, Jo Carr, Betty Sue Fredericks. Seated: Ricky Lemke, Janet Whiting, Pat Dorn, Irona Grimes. Studying the art problem are: Della Sullivan, Darcy Roe Mitchell, Mary Lou Nelson, Joanne Beigle, Marion Pahl. Pago jixly-SvoJeanne d'Arc and Entre-Nosotros SECOND YEAR FRENCH CLASS: Second row, left to right: Joan Witkowskl, Mary Hadlick, Joanne Cull, Mary Owens, Barbara Haugen, and Mary Louise Hayes. First row: Patricia Dorn, Martha Turner, and Jeanne McGee. SPANISH CLASS: Madeleine Dobie points out Latin American flag to the Spanish class. Poge jixly-jixORGANIZATIONSBoarder Patrol I BRRR! This Minnesota Weather! Left to right: Bock row: Gerrie Hlrscher, Mary Ann Kennelly, Georgia Tenney. Joon Mullen. Center row: Madeleine Dobie, Joanne Span jers. Front row: Marlene Roschko, Minita Nodal. The boarders and their living quarters on the fourth floor form an important part of Holy Angels. "Hometown loyalty" within the group extends to all parts of the United States, and even to Mexico and South America. The junior and senior boarders ore in the chapel making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Page slxty-»wnReveille sounds at 6:C0 for those who take advantage of the wonderful privilege of attending Mass and receiving Communion. One of the beautiful things about boarding is the proximity of the Blessed Sacrament. Through the years the boarders have shared their joys and sorrows with Christ Crucified in the Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist. A boarder's heart beats in rhythm with many bells. A bell summons her to Moss, breakfast, classes, dinner, study, evening prayer, and "lights out." Her social life is highlighted by various parties celebrating the major holidays of the year. Original Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, and Christmas programs, songs, and laughter make up these parties. Poge t xty eightRecreation hour with, left to right: Mary Ann Ken-nelly, Rosalie Benoit, Geraldine Nellis, Joan Hurley, Margaret Ludowese. Georgia Tenney, Marlene Raschko. Officers of the resident students are: President, O'delia Bourget,- Vice-president, Irma Lopez,- Secretary-treasurer, Anito Tschida; Recreational Chairman, Marianne Werner,- and Publicity Chairman, Marcia Williams. These girls plan festivities and settle problems concerning conduct. The fourth floor, second home, will always bring nostalgic memories to the girl who was once a boarder. Pogc sixty-nineBlessed art the merciful ♦ ♦ ♦ During the post year, as always, Holy Angels students have been industrious in welfare work. Their activities have included the packing of Red Cross overseas boxes and Christmas baskets for the needy; partial support of a priest brother; and aiding Indian Missions, the Bishop's Relief Fund, and a Leprosarium. Some of the seniors have formed a Legion of Mary Praesidium. Many A.H.A. angels have certainly earned their wings. Giving help with the Christmas baskets are, left to right: Mary Lee Whiting, Rosalyn Doerfler, Shelagh Larkin, and Lucia Carlin. Eleanor Brown, Norah Barron, and Jo Cull diligently sort stamps for the Stamp Drive held during the year. Packing needed clothes for Catholic missions are: Martha LaPlace, Faye Ann Fowler, Geraldine Han-rohan, and Mary Mulcahey. Foge seventyPhy-Ed Soccer, volleyball, basketball, modern dancing, and baseball make up the athletic program for the underclassmen under the supervision of Mrs. Carlson. The school basketball team was coached this year by Mary Jo Sheridan, a graduate of '48. With Barb Schuler as captain and Denny Kelly as second captain, our team competed in six conference games between St. Joe's, St. Margaret's, and the Tonies. Additional practice games were played with St. Agnes, Bloomington, and Villa Maria. The cheering section was led by our peppy cheerleaders, Pat Corrick, Pat Young, Gene Winters, and Donna Loula, who introduced new cheers at every game. Conference Standings Won Lost St. Joe's 4 1 Scots 2 2 Tonies 2 3 A.H.A. 1 3 Mary Ann Haugen, Oonna Schaefer, Dorothy Schuler, and Colleen Armitage In a fast-moving basketball practice-game. Flashes Morion Pahl, Denise Kelly Page ieventy-oneAlong with our scholastic standards and activities, we at Holy Angels always manage to squeeze in a few extra moments of recreation and fun. These precious hours of dances, parties, banquets, and festivals are our "social events." S 0 C 1 A L Poge icventy-fwo"I'll See You In My Dreams . . . . Flowers, the swish of crisp skirts, drifts of excited chatter and gay laughter, all marked the biggest social event of the year — the Junior-Senior Prom, held at the Automobile Club on May 13. We danced from nine 'til twelve to the musical strains of Bud Strawn's orchestra. The J.S. is that "extra-special something" that everyone looks forward to annually. For us it was all that we anticipated. Above: Pat Dorn, Dick Rademocber. Loft: Mary Lou Nelson, Janet Whiting. Below: Jim Sundberg, Janet Whiting. Pago iovonty-lhreoSenior Holloween Party The theme of "Saints" carried out in the gold and blue school colors, decorated the seniors' tables and their crowns. Poge i«verity-fourJunior Banquet Cornucopia decorated the tobies to show the spirit of peace and plenty for which v e give thanks. The juniors enjoyed their annual all-class party with a festive banquet on November 17. A musical program of singing and dancing featuring the old and new followed the dinner. All-School President Barbara Haugen and Morcia Williams helped to serve the Thanksgiving Banquet. Tags so •ity-fivesvvi The main table: Left to right: Mrs. E. C. Miller, Mrs. Alwin, Bishop Byrne, Mrs. J. L. Lenihan, Mrs. John McLaughlin. Mother- Daughter Breakfast Each spring the "Acads" and their mothers gather for the Mother-Daughter Banquet. This event, preceded by the participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, occurred on Ap'il 13. We were honored by the presence of Bishop Byrne, who gave the address. This annual breakfast is an excellent means of increasing school spirit and promoting friendship and understanding among the mothers and pupils. An informal scene spotlighting Bishop Byrne. Seniors ond their mothers. Poge 10 onty.j Father-Daughter Dinner The Acods ond their best beaux were feted cn December 21 in the annual Father-and-Daughter Christmas party held at the Academy. In the social room, the fathers led their daughters tn a merry whirl of folkdancing, and in the festive season of Christ-mastide, carols were sung, later the girls brought their fathers to the resident students' dining room to en oy a delicious turkey dinner, "with ell the trimmings!" Informal picture of the main senior table. Seniors ond their fathers: Left to rights Mr. J. L. Driscoll ond Nancy; Mr, I W, Kelly end Joan; Josephine ond Mr. I A. Corr; Phyllis ond Mr. J, J. Marx; Ccrrine Hildebrond.Farewell, Melody, 'Til you chime again. We shall remember, For we love. jg tevnty+ight mSenior Class Directory NAME Auger, Joyce 2242 N.E. Toft St. 13 GR 4600 Borron, Noroh 4900 Russell Aye. So.. 10 WA 7302 Beigle, Joonno 5222 15th Ave. So.. 17 PI 2143 Benlck. Patricia 3532 Lyndale Ave. So.. 9 lO 1388 Bigelow, Mary louise 8ourget. Odeiia 5523 lyndale Ave S-. 19 Boyd. Wisconsin CO 9416 Bronigan, Mary lou 3641 15th Ave. So.. 7 DR 5028 Carlson. Mary Agnes 4304 1st Ave. So., 6 DU 8846 Carr, Josephine 4501 Arden A.e. So., 10 WA 1561 Colbert, Mory Deborah 918 E. Dennison. Do.enporl. Iowa 35962 Collin , Potricia 6915 Penn Ave. So., 9 WH 7164 Cull, Joanne 4424 lyndale Ave. S„ 9 CO 1623 Cullen, Colleen 5418 Pillibury Ave So.. 19 CO 3320 Dillon, Kathleen 5712 Bloisdell Ave. So., 19 RE 1871 Donohue. Joan 3154 Columbus Ave. So.. 7 RE 8036 Donnelly. Mory Clare 3036 15th Ave. So.. 10 OR 2711 Dorn. Patricio 4587 E, lake Horriot Bird , 10 WA 4833 Dow. Donna 5050 Bryant Ave. So.. 19 CO 8835 Driscoll, Nancy 3300 Beord Ave. So.. 10 WA 0466 Frederick . Botty Sue 5333 Coif ox Ave. So.. 19 CO 4830 Gearty, Kothleen 5540 llth Ave. So.. 17 CO 1194 Grime . Irona Moe 3603 Ave. So.. 8 RE 7596 Hodlick, Mary 1215 W. Mlnnohoha Pkwy.. 19 lO 5693 Haugen, Barbara 4429 Grand A.e. So.. 9 RE 7420 Haye . Mary Louise 2731 Deon Blvd.. 5 K£ 0106 Huney, Betty lou 3604 19th Ave. So., 7 DR 0376 Kelly, Joan 1219 W. 53rd St., 19 PI 5376 Knapp, Borbaro 717 W. 23th St.. 6 CO 0789 Kobbo. Jean 3726 Grand Ave. So.. 9 lO 0194 Lomb, Sheila 1000 W. M.nnehoho Pkwy. 19 CO 9677 LaPole. Lorraine 4120 Pleosont A.e. So., 9 LO 8725 lomke, Ricky 4517 Coif ox Ave. So., 9 lO 4613 lemme. Jo net 2501 Girard Ave. So., 5 KE 8831 Loior. Dorothy 2510 Second Ave., So., 4 lO 8011 Lindberg. Rosemary 326 W. Groce St.. St, Peter, M-nn 123 long, Mory Yvonne •1644 Mlnnohoha Ave. So., 6 DR 7683 loye. Patricia lope , Irmo lope , Morio C. 4121 13th Ave. So., 7 Motelos. 114 Ole: Torreon, Cooh., Mexico Morelos. 114 O.e: Torreon, Ccol ., Mexico PI 3824 McCarthy, Geraldine 3510 Pleasant Ave So.. 8 CO 5273 McGee. Joan no 2008 Kenwood Pkwy., 5 KE 4031 McLaughlin, Jacqueline 4820 Garfield Ave. So.. 9 PI 4873 Macho, Barbara 5615 Hornet Ave. So., 19 LO 4676 Mahon. Potricia 4030 Pillibury Ave. So., 9 CO 7620 Marx, Phyllis 6619 Grand Ave. So.. 19 LO 0305 Meyer, Joan 4909 12th A.e. So.. 17 lO 7760 Mitchell, Darcy Roe 5625 Fleownt Ave. So., 19 lO 4603 Murphy, Patricio 4217 Xerxes Ave. So.. 10 WA 6988 Nelson, Mory lou 1245 W. Minnehaha Pkwy., 19 LO 0281 Nugent, Goorgine 5409 Beard Ave. S., 10 WH 8738 O'Brien, Patricia 3206 Bfa.sdole Ave. So.. 8 PI 0573 Owens, Mary 4512 Casco Ave. So., 10 WA 3207 Pohl. Morion 8112 Lyndole Ave. So., 20 SO 9696 Patton, Joon Ook Grove Hotel, 4 MA 8741 Ploco, Jo Anne 4405 Bloisdale Ave. So.. 9 CO 6956 Prott, Poggy 5336 Girard Ave. So., 19 PI 4303 Prenevost, Joanno 5508 Columbus Ave. So., 17 CO 5184 Price, Jonet 5225 Irving Ave. So., 19 WA 6141 Ranlt, Mory lou 4034 Fourth St., N.E., 13 GR 8911 Regnier, Mory 4248 Dupont Ave. So., 9 RE 2265 Ripley, Catherine 5356 Zenith Ave. So.. 10 WA 1745 Room. Holly 5040 Abbott Ave. So.. 10 WH 2266 Root, June Mory 5341 Aldrich Ave. So. RE 9469 Ryan, Mary 221 Klngwood St„ Broinerd, Minn. 533 Poge seventy-nine5 ho«f r. Donno 6613 Third Ave. So., 19 RE 2703 Schulor, Bar boro 5116 Harriet Ave. So., 19 CO 3341 S if«rt, Nancy 162 Belle-vue Rood, Fairmont, Minn. 193 Smith, Gloria 3040 Fifth Ave., So.. 8 RE 7610 Sonvnert, Shirley 1929 Ford Pkwy.. St. Pool. 5 EM 6942 Sperry, Barbara 5332 12th Ave. So.. 17 RE 1858 Sulltvan, Della f orie 5424 PilUbury Ave. So., 19 CO 7045 Turner, Mortho 5231 Vincent Ave. So., 10 WA 4094 Vernon, Donna 3716 Blaitdell Ave. So.. 10 RE 8304 Wol»h, Roumary 509 W. 53rd S».. 19 LO 3485 Woter , Patricia 4315 York Ave. So.. 10 WA 8229 Werner, Marianne Stewort, Minnetoto 7 Weiihoff. Marguerite 5051 Bryant Ave. So., 19 RE 5978 White, Kotherine 2703 Third Ave. So.. 8 lO 0895 Whiting, Jonet 5335 Irving Ave. So., 19 WH 7759 Williamj, Marcia 6600 Nor mondale Rood. 10 WA 0463 Witkowtki, Joon 5912 Zenith Ave. So., 10 WA 433' Zentgrof, Potricia 6221 Nicollet Ave. So., 20 RE 4072 PATRONS Atkinson's Drugs Mr. Mrs. C. McGinley Mr. Mrs. E. A. Auger McClellen's Finer Foods Miss Bonnie Burn McGrow's Bakery Judge Tom Bargin Mr. Mrs. J. M. McLaughlin Bermel-Smoby Really Inc. Mr. Mrs. N. Meyer V. E. Bertromson Mr. C. Michel Bill's Shoe Repair Mrs. Welmina Mitchell O. 1. Borlon Motors Mrs. D. F. Murray Mr. Mrs. L. A. Carr B. F. Nelson Manufacturing Elma Cook Studios Mr. Mrs. J. N. Nelson Dr. J. J. Curran Nelson Drug Co. Mr. Mrs. Tom Davis Dr. Nims, D.D.S. Despatch Laundry Larry Nolan's Standard Service Mr. Mrs. W. Dillon North Central Publishing Company Mr. Mrs. E. F. Dorn Jr. Mr. W. C. Owens R. W. Dowidat, M.D. Oys Brothers Grocery Mrs. E. D. Dow A. F. Pacholke, D.D.S. Mr. Mrs. J. L. Driscoll Mr. Mrs. H. Pahl Finney's Food Market Mr. Mrs. J. Patton Dr. G. M. Fredericks Mr. Mrs. 1. Prenevost Fuller Bakery Mrs. Ed. Regnier Gamble Shopping Center Mr. Eugene Rerot Gile Cleaners Mr. George Rerot Gissner's Mr. Mrs. D. Ryan R. A. Gleason Mr. Mrs. Si Ryan J. Frank Gould Son Richfield Appliance Furniture Greene Engravng Richfield News Happy Hikers Richfield Studio Hardware Inc. Richfield Super Value Harvey Hardware Richfield Theater Dr. Mrs. J. M. Hayes St. Paul Down own Ford Mrs. Gladys Hildebrand Mr. Leo Seifert Josten Manufacturing Co. 78th Street Locker Frozen Foods Mr. Mrs. J. Keaveny Singer Sewing Machine Center Kelly Furniture Stewart Elevator (Mr. Phil Werner) Mr. Mrs. L. W. Kelly Staring Standard Service Kiddy Kraft Store Mr. Mrs. F. Sullivan Mr. Frank Knapp Dr. Arlo Tillish G. Linner, M.D. Variety Cleaners Irma Lopez Mr. Mrs. M. Wolsh Maria C. Lopez White Funeral Home Lyndale Hordwaro Woodlcke Jewelry N. J. Mack Wyman's Card Gift Shop Manning Pharmacy Mr. Mrs. Zipoy t I •t tr • 'f? V ’ » iv » V f ■.' 9 k v a .,; .I: : 1 • 1 .r . J . »«j «d V fr- - ' -i? - Yl v - U V5 NORTH CCNT1LU. PUBUflXINC CO. T. TAVL, MINN.

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