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i . V published by the SENIOR CLASS Jca Jem ij ojthe JUj JLjefs U four MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTAaracteris a k acmeuemen Of all the things you acquire during your years in a Catholic high school, a delicate attribute called character is by far the most important. It is something that is formed on the inside and shines forth like a guiding light towards sanctification. If a true Catholic character is developed, it could be termed Marylikc. Character is a combination of myriads of little things: your courtesy and kindness to others; the way you talk and act; your judging of right values; the way you think: your integrity of living. Little by little, every day, you grow a bit inside. To a garden of newly sown seeds you may liken your character. In the beginning the ground is fine and moist, and the little seeds of conscious acts germinate promisingly; but every plant needs the expert care of gardeners—parents, pastors, teachers—to keep the bower well tended. The young buds are carefully pruned; all undesirable shoots are sheared from the stalk. As the flower grews, it is nurtured by the flowing waters of sanctifying grace. Despite all precautions, weeds spring up and thrive. It is your duty to see that they arc uprooted. You have expert help within call, but the final product is your own.L earn. THE PATTERN BEGINS TO SHOW Strange it is that you never step forming your character. You come to realize that every hour spent on a certain subject increases your knowledge and perception of that study. So it is with your character. With a cheerful smile you greet some mornings. On these days you offer the supreme sacrifice of the Mass with the priest—if not in actual attendance then by angelic deputation. You follow Our Lord’s example to pray always—these arc the Catholic-character traits that grow and flourish. There arc other days, though, when your lives become small and selfish, when the little word is a cutting remark, when the comparison between your life and that of Mary’s is very far apart. Then your character is blighted; the carefully tended flower shrivels and becomes most unattractive. If there arc too many of these days, your enemies will say, "She has a warped character.” You of this superior Catholic high school will consciously follow Our Lady’s example and live your life according to a Lady pattern. Friends and enemies will then observe, "She is Marylike.” This means that you have acquired interior holiness, social graces, tactful charm. Marylike or Ladylike might be for an AHA girl synonymous with Catholic character.ljou nermunen t memories Long after we have left this building. Holy Angels will remain in our memory. There arc certain things which will be firmly fixed in our minds, lasting and vivid impressions of the school itself and the principles which have been made a part of us. Memories of the stately poplars whose cool freshness blended with the green of the grass upon which we sunned ourselves those warm spring days . . . fragments of songs sung in a carefree manner on the bus . . . the peace and serenity of the chapel . . . our classes where our instructors patiently stressed the importance of developing character along with a sense of values . . . Hamlet’s Soliloquy—our universal choice . . . the anticipated joy of receiving our class rings ... the two proms—never again will we be able to recapture their particular thrill . . . the stairs on which our feet tramped on weary treks to classes . . . odors from the chemistry lab—these will bring smiles along with thoughts of our hilarious biology-project days . . . the campus in spring, winter, fall . . . festivals and parties and the "unde-manded mile” . . . the long walks to school when we missed the bus . . . the mysterious tunnel . . . the elevator which taunted our aching feet . . . the numerous demerits . . . and oh, those blissful floating periods.of ano til er The Daughters initiate the Fathers into the first of what we trust will be annual Christmas Party. Decern-her 16, 1945.i ectr His Excellency, The Most Reverend John Gregory Murray, Archbishop of St. Paul who was guest of honor at the Annual Mothers and Daughters breakfast.ANCELUS STAFF AL.YCE McGLADE JOAN MURPHY KATIE NOLAN SALLY JO ROCHE JO ANNE SIMONS MARGARET WALSH CAROL WUDKESISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH OF CORONDELET Mother Clara. Superior of the Academy of the Holy Angels, M.A. Columbia University, New York City FACULTY Sister Eva, Principal M.A. Columbia University, New York City Reverend William A. Brand, Senior Religion B.A. College of St. Thomas Sister Alice Irene, Mathematics M.A. Columbia University, New York City Sister Anita Marie, Commercial M.A. University of Minnesota Sister Anne Rita, Music B.M. Chicago College of Music Sister Charitas, Dramatics M.D.A. Chicago School of Expression Sister Irene Elise, Mathematics B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister Marie!, Librarian B.S. College of St. Catherine Sister Marion, English M.A. Columbia University, New York City Sister Mary James, English B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister Marie Patrice, Religion, Latin B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister Michacline, Science B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister Patricia, Religion. English M.A. Columbia University, New York City Sister Rose Aurelia, Arts and Crafts M.A. Columbia University, New York City Sister St. Cecelia, Music B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister St. Gertrude, Religion, Home Economics B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister St. Teresa, Religion, Science, Spanish B.A. College of St. Catherine Sister Susanna, Religion History M.A. Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C. Sister Virgil, Registrar, Religion, Latin M.A. University of Minnesota Mr. Harold T. Brundin, Choral Director Minneapolis College of Music Miss Anne M. Drczenovich, History B.S. University of Minnesota Miss Margaret J. Herrly, Physical Education B.A. College of St. Catherine Miss Patricia C. Kelly, Dramatics B.A. College of St. Catherine P«gt Twt !vrThe Reverend William A. Brand who leads us along the ways of righteousness. Page Thirteen• EILEEN GANNON Good, Good, Gix d All school President . . . Junior Home Room President . . . Achoan staff, Junior year . . . Fall, Winter, Spring Festival Committees . . . Ambition—Surgical Nurse . . . Least likely to be a Store Demonstrator. MARIANNE RYAN Pomp And Circumstance All School Vice-President . . . Head of A.H.A. Safety Committee for two years . . . Senior Day and Fall Festival Committees . . . Ambition—Radio and dramatic word . . . Not likely to become a dime store clerk. Pa$f SixteenMARGIE RUEDER Thanks for the Memories Senior Class President . . . Secretary of the school council . . . Class Vice-president for two years . . . Achoan associate editor . . . Thespian Treasurer . . . Her ambition is theatre work . . . There is little chance of her being a vocal teacher. Patricia McDermott Personality Sophomore President . . . Junior and Senior Vice-President . . . Thespian . . . Music certificate . . . Star boarder . . . Ambition— Surgeon . . . Least likely to become an undertaker. SALLY JO ROCHE Welcome to My Dreams Perennial Secretary-Treasurer . . . Thespian Vice-President . . . Co-' Kcrnal-Kwipper” of the Achoan . . . Financial chairman of the Angelas dance . . . Angelas staff member . . . Awarded a music certificate . . . Not likely to become a street cleaner. Page SeventeenCHESTLEY BAKER Surprise Party Sophomorr Class Hostess . . . Thespian officer —Treasurer Junior Year and President Senior year . . . Spanish Club Vice-President . . . Angelut Dance Committee . . . Ambition— Nurse . . . Least likely to be a Business Executive JEANNE BERREAU Paper Doll Aehoan staff—"Stolen Stuff” . . . Handbook . . . Class Will and Prophecy Committee . . . Spanish Club President . . . Ambition—Writing .. . Least likely to be a fat lady in a Grcus. MARY BYERS Mighty I.ike a Rose Nutrition Chairman, Senior year . . . Chairman Senior Raffle . . . Likes to sing . . . Ambition—Dietitian . . . Least likely to be a Lawyer. Pag Eighteen DELORES CLARITY Give My Regards To Broadway Aehoan staff . . . Freshman President . . . Prom Committee . . . Thespian . . . Ambition —Musical comedy and Radio work . . . Least likely to be a Home Economics Demonstrator (Eggs specialist). CHARLOTTE CURTIN Pm Always Chasing Rainbows Angelus Dance Committee . . . Ambition— College . . . I.east likely to be a Professor of Abstract Psychology. CHALLICE CARR Aren't You Glad You’re You? Likes to Figure Skate . . . Ambition—Commercial Photography, Parachutist . . . Least likely to be a Traveling Salesman. H HELEN DONAHUE You’ll Never Walk Alone Likes to cook . . . Ambition—Nurse . . . Least likely to be a Press Agent. 1 JEANNE CAVANAUGH All The Things You Are Prom Committee—Senior year . . . Ambition— Airline Reservationist . . . Least likely to be a Professional Referee. NANCY DYKE Nancy, (With The laughing Face) Junior Class Hostess . . . Thespian Reporter, Senior year . . . Senior Class Day Program Committee . . . Ambition—College, Speech Major . . . Least likely to be a furniture salesman. GENEVIEVE FARRELL Sweet Genevieve Junior Carnival entertainment committee . . . Senior Style Show Model . . . Ambition— Marriage . . . L ast likely to be a P.T.A. Chairman.BARBARA FIEDLER Sophisticated I ady Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer . . . Chairman of Food Committee for Junior-Senior luncheon . . . Ambition—Airline Hostess or Reservations . . . Sews and plays the piano . . . Least likely to be a Playground Instructor. Page Twenty ANN FLAHAVAN You're Irish And You’re Beautiful Sophomore Home Room vice-president . . . Junior-Senior luncheon decoration committee . . . Angelus Dance Publicity committee . . . Candidate—Fall Festival Queen . . . Freshman St. Peggy . . . Thespian . . .Ambition—College . . . Least likely to be a Hermit. MARY JEAN GLUCK I Fa’ Down And Go Boom! Junior Home Room Secretary-Treasurer . . . Fall Festival committee . . . Chairman (Music) for "Good King Wenceslaus" . . . Likes to sing . . . Ambition—Surgical Nurse . . . Least likely to be a Traffic Cop. JEANNE FLAVIN You Won't Be Satisfied Angelus Dance, Fall Festival committees . . . Senior Day Program (costumes) . . . Ambition —Kindergarten Teacher . . . I.east likely to be an elevator operator. MARY HARROUN Music Maker School Hostess for Mother's club . . . Senior Secret and Winter Carnival committees . . . Accompanist for "The American Girl” . . . Ambition—Organist . . . I.east likely to be a Plumber.MARY FOWLER Moonlight Becomes You Senior Secret Clean Up committee . . . likes to swim and dance . . . Ambition—Kindergarten teacher . . . Least likely to be a Salvation Army Worker. HELEN GLEASON Remember When Decoration committee for the Junior-Senior luncheon . . . Ambition—Travel . . . Least likely to be a Blues Singer. COLLEEN HARTFORD Smilin' Thru Aehoan ''Wandering Reporter" . . . Sophomore Home Room President Prom committee. Junior and Senior years . . . Thespian . . . Angelus Dance committee . . . Graduation Chorus’s for four years . . . Ambition—Dietician . . . Least likely to be a Janitor. RUTH HICKSON Kitten On The Keys Fall Festival, Spring Festival, Senior Farewell Program Committees . . . Least likely to be a Latin Teacher. PATRICIA KAYLOR The Charm Of You Aehoan associate editor . . . talented in writing . . . Farewell Prom Committee . . . Style Show . . . Ambition—career woman . . . Least likely to become a lady wrestler.MARY KERICH DONNA BELLE LACROIX BETTY LONG Flaming Mamie Piano virtuoso . . . Thespian . . . Prom committee . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition— nursing . . . Least likely to become a steeple jack. A Friend of Yourf Fall Festival . . . Senior Day Program . . . Spring Festival . . . Ambition—Stenographer and eventual Stewardess . . . Least likely to become a Newspaper editor. Dream Of You Fall Festival Queen . . . Homeroom officer sophomore and junior years . . . Pianist extraordinaire . . . Ambition—Musician . . . Least likely to become a Physicist. Pane Twenty-two DONNA McGOWAN Cute As A Dug In A Rug Junior-Senior Luncheon of ’45 . . . Prom committee . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition—Clothing stylist . . . Least likely to become a Swedish pastry maker. ELAINE MARSHALL Sweet And Lcncly Achoan business manager . . . Homeroom vice-president during her sophomore and junior years . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition— surgical nurse . . . Least likely to become a radio comedian.PEGGY LOUDEN ALYCE McGLADE He’s My Guy Prom committee . . . Senior Style Show . . . Our choice for 3 Power’s model . . . Ambition —Career girl . . . Least likely to become a Peroxide tycoon. When Irish Eyes Arc Smiling Angelus staff . . . De La Salle’s homecoming queen . . . Prom committee . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition—Fashion designer . . . Least likely to become a politician. CLAIRE MATHIAS The More I See You Fall festival committee . . . Junior-Senior Luncheon of ’45 . . . Senior Farewell Program . . . Spring Festival . . . Ambition—Comptometer operator . . . Least likely to become a zither virtuoso. BURNAE MITCHELL I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles Homeroom officer in sophomore year . . . Senior Secret committee . . . model in Style Show . . . Achoan associate editor . . . Ambition—Business . . . Least likely to become a suffering artist. PATRICIA MON I AN In My Merry Oldsmobilc Prom committee . . . Senior Style Show . . . Fall Festival . . . Ambition—either nursing or laboratory technician . . . Least likely to become a window washer.SALLY MORROW My Gal Sal Prom committee . . . Senior Secret . . . Boarder from farthest away . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition—Nursing . . . Least likely to become a train caller. COLLEEN MULLEN Happy Go Lucky Music certificate . . . Fall Festival . . . Prom committee . . . Farewell Program . . . Ambition—Child Psychology . . . Least likely to become a p;anut vendor. DONA MURPHY I'm Gonna Lore That Gal Junior class president . . . Achoan co-editor . . . Prom committee . . . Senior Farewell Program . . . Angeluf dance committee . . . Ambition—dietitian . . . Least likely to become a Fuller Brush man. Pjjte Twenty-four JEANETTE PALMER Humoresque Member of the Spanish Club . . . Angeluf Dance. Junior-Senior Luncheon Committees . . . Hopes to achieve success in fashion designing . . . Will not become a Librarian. PAT PANCHOT You And I Served on the Honor Society Food committee . . . Senior Project decoration committee . . . Would like to become an interior decorator . . . Least likely to be a Taxidermist.JOAN MURPHY Fine And Dandy Angelui staff . . . Reporter for Thespians . . . Fall Festival . . . Spring Festival . . . Chairman of ’46 Prom . . . Dubuque Play Festival . . . Ambition—attorney . . . Class of '46 Alumnae President . . . Least likely to become a maid. KATIE NOLAN Graeioui I.ady Prom committee . . . Fall Festival . . . Senior Style Show . . . Ambition—Business Woman . . . Least likely to become a riveter. PEGGY PEPOON When You're A Long Long Way From Home Member of the Music Club . . . Received coveted music certificate . . . Would like to become a Secretary . . . There is little chance of her becoming a plasterer. JOANN POTVIN You Are My Sunshine Intends to major in Drama and minor in interior decorating . . . One of the sport enthusiasts of our class . . . Probably will never become a big game hunter. PAT RILEY Patience And Fortitude Achoan staff member . . . Will and Prophecv Committee and several Program Committees . . . Would like to take up the study of child care and promises never to become a chimney sweep.JANET ROTERING That't For Me Achoan’s "Pin-up Fashion's” columnist . . . Song parodist extraordinaire . . . Intends to follow journalism as a career . . . Her special interest is Psychology . . . May even become a "Social Problems” teacher. VERA JEANNE SIVERT Irresistdblc You Freshman Secretary-Treasurer . . . Senior food Committee . . . President of the shorthand society, Alpha Kappa Kappa . . . Future Dress Designer . . . Not likely to become a Lab technician. JOANNE SIMONS Artistry In Rythyrn Achoan art staff . . . Angelus staff and dance committee . . . Perennial art committeeman . . . Sings, paints, likes to dance . . . Future fashion illustrator . . . Won't become a lumberjack. Page Twenty-six JEAN THOM Bell Bottom Trousers One of the more intrepid boarders . . . Adds much to the peace and quiet (?) of the fourth floor . . . Will attend River Falls State Teachers’ College . . . Juggling will not become her occupation. MARILYN TWEDT Potty Cake Man Secretary of the Music Club . . . Winter Carnival and Senior Day Committees . . . Would like to become a kindergarten teacher . . . Received a Music Certificate . . . Not likely to become a Coal Miner.FLORENCE STEICHEN Never A Day Goes By Achoan co-editor . . . Thespian secretary . . . Junior Home Room President . . . Senior Day Program dialog . . . May enter advertising field, but will definitely not be a truck driver. BETTY STEVENSON Small Fry A future fashion artist "to be successful at it” . . . Joined us in junior year ... It seems unlikely that she will become a tobacco auctioneer. GEORGIEANNA VINCET ire Two A diminutive member of the Senior Class . . . She would like to study singing and dramatics . . . Her ambition is to own a ranch . . . Will not become a Movie Director. MARGARET WALSH So Wonderful Member of the Angelas staff . . . One of the Achoan's "Kernel Kwippers” . . . Chairman of tin Will and Prophecy Committee . . . Fashion designing is her intended vocation . . . There is little chance of her ever being Carol Wudkc’s understudy. CAROL WUDKE There I Go Again Aehttan art editor for two years . . - Originator of "Carolingo” . . . Member of the Angela staff and almost every art committee . . . Will and Prophecy Committee . . . Would like to go into commercial printing and advertising layout . . . Her secret urge, however, is to become Holy Angel’s office girl.September 8 School Opened 27 Mr. and Mrs. Carroll nationally known composer-singer team entertained October 2 Feast of the Holy Angels 2 Fall Festival—Feast of the Guardian Angels—Dedication Mass 17 Mr. Untcrmeycr’s lecture adds interest to national teen-age book week 21 De La Salle Homecoming—Alyce McGladc homecoming queen November 7 High School Traffic Safety educational conference 15 Honor Society Induction—Sister Jeanne Marie, president of the Phi Beta Kappa chapter of St. Catherine’s College was speaker 19-21 Retreat—Very Reverend Roger Schaenbecher, O.S.B. retreat master 23 Eternal Gift movie sponsored by Mother’s Club 29 Assembly Sister St. Theresa explains mysteries of Cuba December 4 Operetta try-outs 5 Senior Style Show 6 Samuel Marti Mexican violinist, and Gunhild Nilsson Minnea- politan concert pianist, presented a Pan American concert 11 Safety Movie 13 Safety assembly 16 Fathers and Daughters’ Christmas Party 21 Christmas vacation starts January 17 22, 23, 24 28 31 School is resumed City Safety movie Exams—mid year Opening of the second semester Miss Currier—brotherhood week February 12 ACHOAN Lunchet—writers honored 14 Winter Frolic—Mary Jean Bcnick chosen queen 23 Augelus Dance held at the Catholic Youth Center Page Twenty-eightSchool U ear February 25 Right Reverend Monsignor Casey spoke at assembly and solicited prayers for the schools of the Philippines March 5 Judge Wright spoke for the Social Problems class 7 Miss Randalie—Dramatist 8 Measurements for caps and gowns 21 Red Cross assembly written and directed by Nancy O’Donnell 24 Recital—first of a series of seven 31 Mothers and Daughters Breakfast. Archbishop Murray honored guest April 2 Father Ryan’s movie on Mexico 4 Miss Pencil (Ann Pillsbury) "The Art of Homemaking” 10 Ann Swcetzcr journalism assembly 11 Pan America Day program presented by Spanish Classes 17 Film on the Star Journal Plant 17 Beginning of Easter Vacation 23 Classes resumed 23 Alumnae Formal in the East ballroom of the Curtis Hotel 25 Operetta "The American Girl” given by the Juniors and Seniors May 2 Spring Festival. Nancy Fox chosen queen 3 Seniors go to Dubuque, Iowa play festival 4 Contest in Dubuque 5 Musical 5 Dubuque awards presented. Joan Murphy received a gold medal and a four year scholarship. Nancy Dyke received a bronze medal 21 Musical 22 Prom at the Automobile Club 23 Musical 26 Musical 29 Senior Day Program. Will and Prophecy read June 4, 5 Finals 7 What we have all waited for—graduation and diplomas Page Twenty-nineJ umor a as s f or u art « Patricia Atkinson Renee Badcaux Nancy Baker Donna Mac Behmer Mary Jean Benick Jeanne Bergcvin Irene Bjerrc Joan Borgman Jcaninc Boulay Joan Brick Jacqueline Carey Patricia Colbert Angela Coleman Darlinc Dalton Becky DenccnMary Dexter Delores Ludowese Marelise Shevlin Mary Irene Dougherty Mary Leu Mahon Mary Schicfelbein Joan Esslinger Virginia Mahowald Elaine Scholz Patricia Flinn Gerry Manning Mary Diane Seibel Joanne Gill Junctte Martin Mary Rose Sewell Betty Nell Hamel Georgia Moran Barbara Steichen Jeanne Hibbs Patricia Mulrcnnan Marilyn Suess Joan Hoffman Toinette Noble Ednamac Turbin Virginia Howell Mary Ann Nolan Patricia Wacholtz Karla Johnson Nancy O’Donnell Anne Wachter Rosemarie Kelly Dorothy Patterson Mary Williams Mary Jane LaPole Mary Louise Russell Betty Wilson Florence Lcnihan Mary Sands Arlene Yanisch Janet Linsmayer Marianne Schaaf Betty Lou Yetzer Carol Lockway Patricia Young Page Thirty-oneMary Teresa Adams Patricia Barkley Donna Becker Mary Alice Blakcman Joan Bleecker Ruth Bocscr Sally Boyle Barbara Blake Theresa Brennan Florence Calva Catherine Casey Dorothy Casey Joan Clifford Molly Coffey Betty Commerford Nancy Caron Joan Davey Norma Dione Sally Driscoll Doris Edwards Mary Fagan Peggy Farr Nancy Fox Jeanne Geycr Kathleen Gill Louise Gleason Kathleen Gormlcy Joan Haeg Frances Hanrehan Joan Hardell Katherine Hoch Marie Theresa Hoy Rita Ketchum Jane Anne Kicfner Myrtle Klingelhuc Joan Koller Joan Lentz Jeanne Lcrschen Naomi Lininger Elaine Ludowese Patricia Lydon Nancy Lynch Patricia McConville Louise Mcskan Peggy Miller Rosemarie Moore Joan Morncau Joan Mousseau Betty Moy Anne Murphy Mary Virginia Murphy Rita Murphy Joan O’Neil Mary Agnes Oys Doris Patterson Mary Panchot Mary Alycc Reckers Margaret Ann Reedy Joyce Reimcr Mary Ann Richards Peggy Richter Philomena Rogers Patricia Rush Patricia Rvan Nancy Lee Seibel Luverne Slagel Carol Ann Steger Joan Thom Margery Thompson Rosemary Thompson Anne Towlcr Joan Vernon Judith Vincent Lorraine Vojtisek Mary Ellen Welsh Patricia Whalen Patricia White Margaret Wilbert jrreSlx men Anna Mac Allen Colleen Cullen Joyce Auger Mary Curry Mary Ann Bailey Kathleen Dillon Norah Barron Patricia Dern Joanne Bicglc Nancy Driscoll Patricia Benick Joan Donahue Nancy Bescler Georgia Ann Dusk Mary Lou Bcdnar’chuk Patricia Fadell Mary Louise Bigelow Mary Alice Farabaugh Odclia Bourget Marion Fink Mary Louise Branigan Betty Sue Fredericks Joanne Carey Marion Gannon Josephine Carr Patricia Gottas Mary Sue Carroll Margaret Griffin Patricia Collins Irona Grimes Jane Cracraft Mary Hadlick Joanne Cull Mary Louise Hayes VBetty Huncy Mary Johnson Betty Kane Barbara Macho Patricia Mahon Jacqueline McLaughlin Dorothy Kohman Joan Kelly Jean Marie Kobbc Eunice Knutscn Sheila Lamb Marjorie Lamm Lorraine LaPole Janet Lemmc Ulrilca Lcmke Dorothy Leser Mary Yvonne Long Mabel Ludowesc Geraldine McCarthy Jeanne McGee Dorothy McGrorty Mary Diane McKinnon Sara Mahon Sara Marcy Phyllis Marx Joan Meyer Darcy Rae Mitchell Patricia Murphy Mary Lou Nelson Ann Marie Noreen Mary Jean O’Brien Mary Frances Owens Marion Pahl Jeanne Palmer Joan Patton Thercsc Peltier Joann Place Margaret Pratt Jeanne Prencvost Mary Louise Ranft Mary Regnicr June Mary Root Mary Ryan Donna Schaefer Barbara Schuler Mary Thercsc Sherry Gloria Smith Shirley Sommers Rose Ann Sovell Barbara Sperry Della Marie Sullivan Judith Swanson Doris Them Martha Turner Donna Marie Vernon Jane Wachter Rosemary Walsh Constance Webster Marguerite Wcsthoff Joan Witkowski Katherine White Patricia Zentgraf Rosemary Zwisler Page Thirty-tettnTHE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT n lor Sen ior p- roni9 yIulomolife CLl I!jcnj 22, 1946 "STAIRWAY TO A STAR'' Page Thirty-nineThe Model Student—Pat Colbert—Knowing where to draw the line—Carol Wudke, Jo Anne Simons, Angela Coleman, Carol Lockway, Joan Esslingcr, Judy Swanson. Mary Alice Farabaugh. Seventeen little angels having lots of fun—the bus came, then there were none.HOLY ANGELS vs. ST. JOSEPHS "PUT YOUR LITTLE FOOT . . . RICHT THERE." Page Forly-oneciue menStanding apart from the rest of the school; in that it is minus the bustle of activity, the chapel offers a serene haven for the students and faculty. The words of our four retreat masters still linger within its walls. Who can forget our hurried but fervent visits during our lunch hours . . . Missa Recitata ... the tinkle of the bell, followed by the girls going to Communion ... the flickering beauty of the candles during Benediction . . . First Friday visits . . . the majestic chords form the organ . . . our own voices lifted in hymns of thanksgiving and praise . . . our hopes and disappointments as told to the One who understands all things. There is a certain quiet, and a lone ness in God’s house, never lonely, that brings contentment and peace of mind to those entering its doors; it is the dwelling place of the Lord, the Perfect Host and all of us have taken advantage of His invi- tation to enter.Fiesta Time in 114. Fiesta Time in the Spanish Class—Rancheritas and Ran-chercs carrying out the "Good Neighbor Policy.” Thespian Officers Fluffy Stiechcn, Sally Jo Rochc. Margie Rucder, Chest-ley Baker, Nancy Dyke. All School Council Marianne Ryan Eileen Gannon Dorothy Patterson Margie Ruedcr Jeanne Hibbs Nancy Fox Philomcno Rogers Jeanne Berreau Pat Kaylor Florence Lenihen Barbara Stiechen Barbara Macho Jane Ann Kicfner Mary Louise Hayes Peggy Richter Rita Murphy Catherine WhiteMary Hadlick, Peggy Pepoon, Sally Jo Roche, Colleen Mullen, Mary Johnson, Florence Lenihan, Marilyn Twedt and at the piano, LaVern Slagel. Pdgt Forly-stren PUPILS OF NOTE!! MUSICIANS ALL!!Angelus Staff Carol Wudke, Joan Murphy, Alyce McGlade, Sally Jo Roche, Jo Anne Simons, Margaret Walsh. And forget-me-nots to Katie Nolan for her dependable help on the Angelus. Achoan first and second page editors. Margie Rueder. Burnae Mitchell, Dona Murphy, Fluffy Stie-chen. ACHOAN NEWS The ACHOAN, our school newspaper, was published seven times during the current year by seventeen seniors and four juniors. All Catholic and All American ratings were publicized on page 1. Thanksgiving, Christmas and May editions ran six or eight pages, to include special features or literary work. A state certicate of honor for outstanding contribution to health education was awarded the ACHOAN by the Hennepin County Tuberculosis Association. At the annual press Iunchet in March special honors were distributed: the Gold Key journalism award given by the National Catholic High School Press Association was merited by page-one coeditors. Dona Murphy, Florence Stei-chen: and page-two. Burnae Mitchell, Margie Reuder; pad-and-pencil charms, by each of the other staff members. A new staff composed of tuniors and sophomores edited the Aoril and May editions of the ACHOAN. Interest in journalism and a scholarship average determined the choice of the 1946-47 staff.Cooking Learning the way to a man s heart Study Hall Drinking deep of the wells of owledge. Typing "The business of living”CROWDED HOUSING CONDITIONS-NO VACANCIES! Like the flowers that bloom the lands over they come to us from many states and climes—Montana, Iowa, Washington. D. C., North and South Dakota, New Jersey, Porto Rico, New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and the land of the Sky Blue Waters—they come to us—the Resident students. Page FiftyTwcdt discussing the vital problem of how to get a date for the prom. Jean Thom Irene B jet re Delores Ludowcse LEISURE MOMENTS Pane Fifty-oneDramatic incidents Little Women—Mary Agnes Oys, Kathleen Gill. Peggy Farr. Joan Davey, Joan Hardell. First Dance—Betty Nell Hamel, Joan Brick. Janet Linsmayer, Barbara Sticchen, Mary Scibel, Florence Lcnihan. Page Fifty-twoSamuel Marti, Mexican violinist, and Gunhild Nilsson, Minneapolitan concert pianist, presented a Pan-American concert. Preparing to depart for Dubuque, Iowa, are Joan Murphy, Nancy Dyke, and Margie Reuder, where Joan Murphy won a Gold Medal and a four year scholarship to Briar Cliff College, and Nancy Dyke the Bronze Medal for their ''EXCELLENT” rating in the Mid-Western Play Festival. Page Fifty-threeOn an August morning in 1945, Jeanne Kathleen Laughlin again walked up the aisle of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist where she had walked so often in past years. Dressed in gleaming white of a bride, she recalled the times when clad in a navy blue uniform she had taken her place in one of these familiar pews. It was when Jeanne first came to Holy Angels in the fourth grade that she was introduced to this chapel. In the years that followed, through grade school and high school, she returned there—to retreats, visits, masses. On that all important night of graduation she turned, after the exercises, to the beloved chapel for a final benediction. On that August morning she marched up this aisle once more— to the strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March to become the bride of Ensign Thomas Corbin Shields, the first graduate of Holy Angels to be wed in the school’s chapel. pjne Fifty-fourGRADUATES OF ’46 Chestley Baker 4836 Maple Rd., Edina Wa. 3773 Jean Bcrrcau 138 West Rustic Lodge Co. 2320 Mary Byers 814 E. Minnehaha Pkwv. PI. 3082 Challice Carr 711 W. 38th Co. 9244 Jean Cavanaugh 3436 Lyndalc So. Co. 3140 Dolores Clarity 3935 First Ave., So. Re. 6994 Charlotte Curtin 5651 Pillsbury Ave. So. .Co. 4701 Helen Donahue 2528 First Ave. So. Re. 8036 Nancy Dyke 5319 Dupont Ave. So. Co. 6165 Genevieve Farrell 1305 South Seventh St. Co. 0545 Barbara Fiedler 4647 Gareld Ave. So. Lo. 4936 Anne Flavhavan 5312 Colfax Ave. So. Lo. 5135 Jeanne Flavin 3940 Aldrich Ave. So. Co. 1362 Mary Fowler .126 W. 70th St. Re. 1557 Eileen Gannon .5328 Colfax Ave. So. Re. 4942 Helen Gleason 136 W. 56th St. Lo. 6444 Mary Jean Gulck 5629 36th Ave. So. Dr. 6164 Mary Harroun 2418 Pillsbury Ave. So. Ke. 4762 Colleen Hartford 4507 Chowen Ave. So. Wh. 7714 Ruth Hickson 4924 Oakland Ave. So. Re. 2917 Patricia Kaylor 5251 Humboldt Ave. So. Co. 2617 Mary Kcrich 3705 Elliott Ave. So. Lo. 2327 Donna Belle LaCroix Box 673 Mendota, Minn. Em. 0749 Betty Long .524 W. 53rd St. Co. 83029 Peggy Louden 4809 Aldrich Ave. Sc. Co. 4165 Patricia McDermott Bcmidji, Minnesota 919-W Alyce McGIade 3908 Eleventh Ave. So. Pa. 1291 Donna McGowen 5463 Blaisdale Ave. So. Re. 3637 Elaine Marshall 5425 Grand Ave. So. Co. 0465 Claire Mathias 5500 Elliott Ave. So. Lo. 9066 Burnac Mitchell 5625 Pleasant Ave. So. Lo. 4603 Patricia Monian Calhoun Beach Club Sally Morrow 10137 Riverside Drive No. Hollywood, Calif. Colleen Mullen 1805 N. Emerson Ave. Al. 2282 Dona Murphy 4440 Upton Ave. So. Wa. 5065 Joan Murphy 4515 Arden Ave. So. Wh. 7382 Katie Nolan 4002 Pillsbury Ave. So. Co. 7688 Jeanette Palmer 4243 S. Vincent Ave. Wh. 3653 Patricia Panchot 4611 Bruce Ave.. So. Wh. 1426 Margaret Pcpoon Bordulac, North Dakota 14-F13 Joan Potvin 4514 Wooddale Ave. So. Wh. 7406 Margie Rueder 5308 Grand Ave. So. Re. 4779 Patricia Riley 5016 Aldrich Ave. So. Ge. 4151 Sally Jo Roche 4122 York Ave. So. Wa. 3141 Janet Rotering 4125 Colfax Ave. So. Co. 5292 Marianne Ryan 5449 Emerson Ave. So. Co. 1976 Vera Jeanne Seivert 5216 Lake Nikomis Pkwy. Pa. 2657 Jo Anne Simons 4248 Garfield Ave. So. Lo. 5001 Florence Steichan 4836 Thomas Ave. So. Wa. 3129 Betty Stevenson 4506 Wentworth Ave. So. Pa. 3557 Jean Thom .301 So. Main St.. River Falls, Wis. Marilyn Twedt 5007 Bryane Ave. So. Co. 5971 Georgianna Vincent 5011 Bruce Ave. So. Wh. 0825 Margaret Walsh 4517 Fifteenth Ave. So. Lo. 2356 Carol Wudke .... 5312 Humboldt Ave. So. Em. 0749Harold T. Brundin Teacher of Singing MINNEAPOLIS COLLEGE 0 MUSIC AT. 6489 RE. 5589 Carl F. Blakeman Quality Mens Wear For Over Twenty Years 719 Marquette Avenue (Baker Block) Minneapolis WIRT WILSON and Compliments 0 COMPANY GERNER'S • Clothes for the Smart Insurance JUNIOR and MISS McDIVITT FUNERAL HOME ROY T. PATTERSON 29th Avenue South East Lake Street DR. 3621 Page Fifty-sixDE SOTO PLYMOUTH GILL BROTHERS Funeral Directors Sales and Service • 1414 Laurel Avenue GEneva 3675 O. I. Borton Motors STANDARD Phone SERVICE LOcust 9733 5245 Lyndale Avenue South Larry Nolan's Minneapolis 9 Minnesota STANDARD SERVICE 50th and Bryant Ave., So. MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. Gleason Mortuary • Wyndmere Farmers Grain and Fuel Co. WYNDMERE. N. D. R. A. Gleason ★ • GRAIN FEED 2644 Nicollet Avenue FLOUR REgent 5207 COAL TWINE MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA GRINDING P if.e Fifty-sevenW. G. KELLOGG President HALLET and CAREY COMPANY Grain Commission TTT L. P. GANNON Vice-President MINNEAPOLIS CHICAGO MILWAUKEE OMAHA Page Fifty-eight CALUMET ELEV. Grain MerchantsL. P. GANNON W. G. KELLOGG President Vice-President The HIXON GANNON CO., Inc. Grain Commission MINNEAPOLIS MILWAUKEE OMAHA DULUTH SIOUX CITY ★ ★ ★ Page Fifty-ninrCOMPLIMENTS Wolsey Grain Co. Harroun - Anderson - Poseley ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW WOLSEY, S. D. Wesley Temple MINNEAPOLIS Wheat Corn Jack J. Beugen Oats 932 Marquette AT. 4564 Barley Rye MINNEAPOLIS Flax COMPLIMENTS CASEY - HOBAN of Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD H. RUSSELL TRANSFER "We deliver the goods" Popular and Classical Records HOUSEHOLD GOODS Radio-Phonograph Combinations Jk. Moved and Stored McGOWAN'S • ▼ 60 So. 9th (Radio City Bldg.) AT. 8611 Intercity rireproot Warehouse Warehouse MI. 3373 MA. 5431 Pagt Sixty South Minneapolis' Leading Prescription Stores FIVE REGISTERED PHARMACISTS HaBTLiV RBVENS Atkinson Drug ROY H. HARTLEY 5431 Nicollet Ave. 5358 Chicago Ave. CO. 2749 RE. 7722 820 West 50th at Bryant LO. 2663 Compliments For a quick sale of your home with either early or delayed possession, phone ROY HARTLEY. Wh. 7319. or EARL CRAVIN, of Co. 1181. A Friend CO. 8217 RE. 3637 Congratulations LACK H OIL I-Cetter Service XJest kJod to the Class of 1946 WASHED SAND and GRAVEL A. One Ton or a Tiainload N. J. MATHIAS. Mgr. PERCY B. McGOWAN A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. 5463 Blaisdell 822 South 3rd Street Minneapolis 9, Minn. MINNEAPOLIS Pant Sixty-oneSYSTEM DRUGS Zimmerman Hardware Co. A. C. MAINNES 50th S Bryant Ave., So. 4301 Upton Ave., So. COlfax 3111 JOSTEN'S Treasure Craft Hanson Pharmacy Class Ring Jewelers Foshay Tower Arcade GE. 3950 Prescription Druggist West Fiftieth St. at Xerxes Ave. S. Phone WH. 2711 - Minneapolis, Minn. FUEL TYDOL OILS VEEDOL ▼ W. H. Barber Co. Petroleum Service Company 'W MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Tydol VeED0L l»OTO« Oil GL. 5911 NE. 7425 MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA BR. 3241 NE. 2693 Pdge Sixty-twoCompliments of LAKEVILLE CREAMERY CO. LAKEVILLE MINNESOTA Pdge Sixly-thretDr. W. P. Seivert Compliments of Dentist M. J. Carter Guild Optician ★ 200 La Salle Bldg. Nelson Drug Co. Prescription Druggists 6615 Lyndale Avenue South Compliments of PECK BROTHERS 6601 Lyndale Avenue Phone REgent 9855 • Minneapolis. Minn. PL. 5437 Established 1870 GE. 6687 COMPLIMENTS SIMONS, Inc. of • Mr. and Mrs. Creators of Art Woodwork Virgil A. Thom Q MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA RIVER FALLS. WISCONSIN Page Sixty-fourCompliments of THE MOTHERS CLUB PORTRAITS Compliments That Win By Comparison oi ★ Mr. and Mrs. GENE GARRETT 1106 Nicollet Avenue A. J. FIEDLER Page Sixty-fiveONLY ONE TRUE TEST OF MERIT CAR PERFORMANCE GASOLINE DEEPROCK MOTOR OILS CAR PERFOrW C Beep-rick • We Deliver Nicollet Cleaners Dyers Roy T. Hesscl Dry Clconcrt, Dyers, Toilors, Lounderers 3804 Nicollet Ave. Phone COIfox 3155 SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY SO VALUABLE TO YOU GIRLS NOW! More and more teachers are recommending this teen-age course to their pupils. The girls make a complete dress for themselves while learning all the fundamentals of sewing. SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR FUTURE A sound knowledge of sewing is one of the most valuable accomplishments a good homemaker can have. SPECIAL RATES FOR GIRLS 12 to 17 Singer Sewing Machine Co. 1010 Nicollet Avenue AT. 0541 KRUCKEBERG Roofing and Sheet Metal Works All Types of Roofing and Sheet Metal Work REPAIRING A SPECIALTY NO JOB TOO LARGE - NO JOB TOO SMALL LOcust 0737 3117-19 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis (8) Minnesota Page Simy-tixST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Training School for Nurses 2500 Sixth Street South Minneapolis, Minnesota State Accreditation KEMPS Real Quality ICE CREAM COMPANY Makers of Real Quality Ice Cream, Sherbets and Ice Cream Novelties 7 Royalston Avenue AT. 3383 MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Page Sixty-jcrtnPrinters of Fine School Yearbooks and Newspapers n ckntral 6 amAt aaaaiA ya uwmflA dpB»u,t »«n Compliments O A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS • J. P. ARMS, Inc. of Investment Securities HUGHES BAKERY • Quality Merchandise Dealers in STOCKS, BONDS, INVESTMENT TRUSTS 6617 Lyndale Avenue, So. Specialists in Local Securities Rand Tower ATlantic 2265 LO. 6418 MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA Page Sixty-Eight IT COSTS LESS THAN 1 PER PERSON Lg PER MEAL TO COOK ELECTRICALLY JP I-iET Reddy Kilowatt, your Electrical Servant, do your cooking on a new electric range. It’s fast. No (lame... it's safe. No soot... it’s clean. Ami it's completely automatic. You can cook an entire meal without the slightest attention. Automatic timer elock turns the range on and off. And, of course, everyone knows that the electric oven is the best baker of them all. Ask about a new automatic electric range for your kitchen at your Electric Appliance Dealer or our showroom. It’s the MODERN way to cook. [H.of NElSON EDOY In "THE ElECTRIC HOUR" wilh Robartl Armb'niw’i OrdMitra. Ev«o Wrfay. 3,30 P.M, C.S.T., C»S J Yours obediently, YOUR ELECTRICAL SERVANT NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY Page Sixty-nine CHARTERED BUSSES FOR EVERY OCCASION Fully Insured and Licensed The Covered Wagon, Inc. Minneapolis Suburban Bus 114-116 South 4th Street Company MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. RE. 0882 TAe Covered Wagon JjKjrn'jQ O'TOOLE DRUG 3764 Nicollet Avenue Phone REgent 8727 Recommended by Duncan Hines for Fine FOODS and BEVERAGES MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Vanity Cleaners Henry Bachman Sons, Inc. Established 1891 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION CLOTHING - DRAPES - RUGS We extend a personal invitation to visit our GREENHOUSES FURNITURE • Nursery and Complete Landscaping Service Members Florist Telegraph Delivery Assn. 6010 Lyndale Ave. S. LO. 0741 Auto Upholstery • COMPLIMENTS PICK-UP and DELIVERY of • 6606 Lyndale Avenue South - - - RE. 6002 5460 Nicollet Avenue South - - - RE. 0008 Caron Pharmacy 26th and Lyndale Avenue South RE. 6666 Page SeverityI  . i •

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