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Academy of the Holy Angels - Angelus Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1940 volume:

DEDICATION FOR OUR FLAG FOR OUR FAITH FOR CHRIST. THE KING"FORWARD IN AN EFFORT TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE AND TO PROVOKE GENUINE SCHOOL SPIRIT, WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 PRESENT “ANGIE’S NOTEBOOK.” THIS VISUAL STORY OF A TYPICAL ACADEMY GIRL PORTRAYS THE FOUR PHASES OF HER HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. HENCE. WE VIEW HER PERSONALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, SOCIALLY, AND INFORMALLY.Durable Index Dividers, Suitable for School or Commercial use. Ideal for Classifying, or Separating Studies, Various Subjects or Miscellaneous Data. NAM EL-ADDRESS SCHOOL COURSE oi YEAR SUBJECTS Personalities Intellectualities Specialities Informalities STAFF Advisor......................................Miss Elizabeth Heimbach Editors..............Marjorie Viehman and Margaret Ann McGoldrick Assistant Editors..................LaDonna Searles and Mary Reuder Art Editors.........................Mary Moore and Marguerite Jaeger Music Editor............................................. Jean Black Picture Editor..................................................June Dyke Business Manager.............................................Pauline Broz Advertising Department.................Dorothy Herrly and Betty Bade Drama Editor.......................................Luella Wintheiserhm com — oADMINISTRATION Mother St. Anne Sister Genevieve Sister Angele Sister Alma FACULTY Librarian—Sister Mariel School Nurse— Sister Bartholonn Dieticians Sister Remi Sister Mary Eve! Secretary—Mary Norris Religion Reverend E. Moriarty Sister Laurent Sister Leo Marie Sister Mariel Sister Patricia Sister Rose Aurelia Sister Rose Catherine Sister St. Gertrude English Sister Beata Sister Mary Honor Sister Patricia History Sister Laurent Sister Leo Marie Mathematics Sister Alberta Science Sister Pascal Sister Beata Latin—Sister Pascal French—Sister Rose Cathi German Sister Mariel Miss Heimbach Music Sister Marie Sister Norberta Sister Mary Alfre Art—Sister Rose Aurelia Dramatics—Sister Charita Commercial Studies Sister St. Rita Physical Education Elizabeth Heimbach Home Economics Sister St. Gertrude Third Grade—Sister Henriett Fourth Grade). ,, . Fifth Grade (Sister Mana 0 Sixth Grade—Sister Concord Seventh Grade—Sister Dami 1 Eighth Grade—Sister ColmaOft trod trail (66th Street entrance) »Ul£ Seraphine Ireland AuditoriumThroughout the golden Indian Summer the “gym” classes meet out on the sports field.Chapel of St. John the Evangelist at Holy ngelsMusic Minded Freshman Geometry class gets the right angleX High School LIBRARIES Grade SchoolSophomores in Biology Labratory; next year they will take Physics; as Seniors, perhaps Chemistry bad uiGoing for a ride Merry-go-round ride Going for a week-end AFTER HOURS (With Resident Students) Going to study Going to supperI W-o - V (3 k c' A broad . . . cast! M. Moore, E. O'Donnell, P. Bros, D. Herrly, E. Baker. M. Jaegerr “TIME OUT! . . . We’re in the mood!” D. Clemminjcs, P. Doyle, P. McGoldrick. L, Yaeger, K. Ncvina, D. Almour Jeanne Durand oWith an eye toward the future! D. Eggcrs, O. Fahley, C. Ranft, E. La MotteGf ce iVJ Cv Distillation of H.-O J. Laughlin, F. Nelson, M. Fassbinder . -u s' J'Jean Moe ret M, c °ld, ick A Holy Angel's angle A. Condon, G. Lee, C. Roterinpr J. Dyke. J. Durand. P. Armitaffe Ao°tC tVA ,T CC» Catholic Action! Thanksgiving Dinners for Hospitality House J. Dyke, J. Laughlin, A. Condon, J. Durand, M. O’Brien, A. O'Connor. M. J. Ryan, C. Rotering, P. Whalen, D. Herrly Annette O’ConnorOne gram off C. Ranft, M. Rouder, D. Reichel, A. Condon Scorle “Dictation, please!” J. Moe, L. O’Keef L. Sear lea, L. Wintheiaer Marjorie Viehman , AK'oV -' - Phyllia M. Viehman. M. O’Brien, C. RanftStoo-o-geous! D. Herrly, H. Linsmayer Notes?—or Notes!!! B. Baker, C. Roterinj? THIRD TERM Johnson (Vice-president) Roche (President) L- Mnngan (Secretary)MhU Heimbach SWING’S THE THING Ann Roche and Virginia Johnson JUST AN OPEN BOOK 3. Stickler ■SLEEVE IT DOWNSOPHOMORES 1 PARTY REFRESHMENTS Back Row: T. Barker, M. J. O’Donnell, S. McGlynn, H. Sherry, M. Stcichcn, V. Murphy. Front. Row: J. Murray, A. Nolan, P. Sexton. “DICTATORIALLY IT!JUS’ PLAIN POSIN’ J. Bercns, M. Horffan, P. Sexton, V. Murphy, A. Hamel, J. Linstroth, R. Carlson, P. Clarity, M. Hcutmakcr, (seated) H. Fricdheim “HIT ’EM HIGH” M. Hopkin,. M. DeFicW. J. B.d«ux DECORATION H. Friedhcim, W. Wricsner, P. Clarity, B. Gilchrist, A. Hamel, A. Brandon. B. Roy.FRESHMEN MINUTES of the DAY L. Warren. D. Bettendorf. M. Fla ha vanHELPING HANDS K. Roth, J. Walsh, J. Sommers, R. Hnutmnnn, M. Flahavan, B. Boeaer TWENTY FLYING FINGERS M. Ganley and Y. GuigercTRIPLE TROUBLE A. Adams, D. Hirsch, H. Buddi AN OUTDOOR SETTING J. Bleecker, C. Sands, M. Russell, N. Ryan, M. Tuttle (foreground) P. Farr, D. Hirsch, J. Johnson THREE SMART GIRLS B. Haley. M. A. Sleekier, B. A. Lawler. J. Stephens, J. Wussaw, V. Toreson, J. Tompkinson. EIGHT “A” SINGERSM. Welch, V. Johnson, J. West, B. Voell SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKINGE. McMullen. L. Erhardt, M. A. Palmer E Bade, M. Reuder, A. Condon, B. Mitchell, P. Broz, I. Yctxer, F. Nelson, M. Viehmsn “ALLOUETTE”A STUDY IN ART J. Stockier, C. KennedyY. Dougherty. M. Geimer, M. Flahavan, P. Peterson, Mgt. Moore, D. SmithAbove: M. Haley, J. Wilson BOOK UP OR BUCK UP IN REFERENCE TO HISTORY Below: P. Gleason, B. Swirles, D. Herrick, N. Martin, J. SchnThere comes a pause in the day’s occupation. 11:50-12:50. EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY RECREATIONCONFRATERNITY NEWS M. Welch. L. Erhardt. M. A. Palmer CONFRATERNITY FORUM C. Ranft. M. Viehman, L. Dvorak, J. LausrhlinBUT THEY’D RATHER LISTEN M. Hopkins, M. Kenny, M. Gullickson, M. Fassbinder, L. O’Connor, J. Leber, E. Miller, P. McGoldrick, H. Cunningham, M. Levy, H. Rlakeman, O. Fahley, R. Habel AfMary Norris with “Questions to the right of her, and questions to the left of her.” WHAT HAVE I DONE NOW? M. SheehanP. McGoldrick (Co-editor) Miss Hcimbach (Advisor) P. Bros (Business Manager) THE ANGELUS STAFF M. Moore, Art; I. Flemming, Sports; L. Searles, Assistant Editor; L. Wintheiser, Dramatics; J. Black, Music; M. Jaeger, Art M. Linsmayer, A. Condon, G. Nuerenberg, Camera Club Officers D. Herrly and E. Bade, AdvertisingTHEY KNOW Flemming, J‘SUMMONS OF CHRISTL CLEAR? GRANDMOTHERS OF SUSAN mil tit-rr MUSIC crcsc. Brahma and Mozart, Tschaikowski and Liazt, Over and over I play them. I wonder if their nimble fingers e'er missed, When on the keys they would lay them. I wonder if they ever practiced this way. With a metronome ticking o'er head, Or studied a chord which was all out of key, Or thought of recitals with dread. Largos and symphonies, movements and things, They keep me so terribly busy. I wonder if artists get tired of strings, I know they would soon make me dizzy. a gi And to get it there’s only one way; To study and practice as hard as I can, I might be an artist some day.At last I appreciate all of the work. The worry and the delaying, The tiresome practice day after day. Which led to my actual playing. Now when I am sad or tired of life, Or feeling all joyful and gay, I can sit at the keys, and now, here at last I really can feel what 1 play. The composers so great do not frighten me now. They aren’t half as bad as they look. In fact, most arc easy. If you practice a bit. You can easily learn a whole book. 3 P f i 5 : h t "lllj i , ¥=r=£=fcG.A.A. OFFICERS B. McClellan, G. Nuercnberjr, M. Viehman (Secretary) (Vice-Prcs.) (Prea.)Paulin Broz (Speedball Manager) P. McGoldrick (Volleyball Manager) OUT TO THE FIELDHOW’S ABOUT A HORSE? P. McGoldrick, P. J. Dyke, D. Herrly, C. Rotering, M. Jaeger s. ' “AHORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR”Sept. 29. Father Beiter said the opening Mata and outlined a Catholic Action Program. Oct. 6. Radio's "Uncle Tom" Rishworth talked on “Radio and Ruttabaggat." Oct. 19. Recital—really good—Florence Jorgenson play like a professional. Oct 23. Never was there a better speaker! Ade Bcthune made the dignity of work marvelous. Oct. 29. Served the Alumnae Breakfast. Father Wolfe gave a wonderful sermon. Oct. 30. Hallowe'en—Froth Party, The favors were darl ing—loads of fun! Nor. 9. Dr. Harrington talked on Rabies. A very inter eating speaker. Nov. 17-19. “Beauty and the Beast" was given—one ol the most colorful plays of the year! Nov. 20. Robert Fay talked about the House of Hospitality. We're going to furnish the Thanksgiving dinner for the men there. Dec. 13. St. Lucy's Day. Tho Seniors gave a party for the girls from St. Joseph’s in St. Paul. The happy laces were a beauty and a joy to be remembered forever. Dec. 19. Another party—Whoopee! The Juniors this time, and a Christmas one too. A grand time. Jan. 19. Father Meagher talked about the work of the Catholic Bureau ot Charities. One of the best talks we’ve heard all this year. Jan. 21. Grade School Party—fun !ot all! Nor. 16. G.A.A, Pow Wow, Initiated the Freshmen. Good fun—good food! Jan. 24. Oh, Day of Drudgery, Semester Exams. hope I passed.Jan. 30. The Freshies gave a for their mothers. One difficulty—the mothers met the faculty and talked about us! Jan. 31. Mr. Pearce gave a wonderful lecture on Hamlets, especially Maurice Evans! Feb. 7-8-9. Retreat. Every year they improve. Father Loncrgan, O.S.M., was simply wonderful. Feb. 12. Lincoln's Birthday—no holiday, but Dick Long and his Orchestra made up for that Feb. 16. “Cheer the team, etc.,” at the Dcrham Hall Basketball Game. Our victory 15-9. The first time in seven years. Feb. 19. Home Economics Style show. Feb. 20. Alumnae Game—They're getting old and decrepit, so we won—19-5! Feb. 26. The Arthur Murray Studios pave a ballroom dancing demonstration. They might start a class out here—we hope! Feb. 27. AHA defeated the Minnesota Agricultural High School. We're really going some place in basketball this year! Feb. 29. Dramatic Assembly. Readings given—one of which made me cry. Mar. 1. First Friday Mass—A new institution and a grand idea! Mar. 2. St. Thomas College presented a skit for the benefit of the House of Hospitality. Very good. Mar. 7. The Choric Reading Class gave a grand assembly that was really worth while. Mar. 8. Ate dinner at the "Sweet Shop" with the “Team” after the game with Dcrham Hall. The score ? 16-8 in their favor! Mar. 11. Mr. Herod directed the Jubilee Singers in a concert of negro spirituals.FARCWCl Mar. 13. Snow Holiday! Roads impassable—even for the old school bus! Sorry— Mar. 15. Year-Book went to press— Mar. 20-26. Easter Vacation—time to look for eggs! Apr. 2. Sister Rose Cecelia’s Golden Jubilee—a free day. Congratulations, Sister. Apr. 4. The Minnesota Symphony Orchestra gave a delightful concert. Apr. 17. Senior Card Party—a grand success. Apr. 14. Recital—Mary Moore got her diploma in dramatics. May 16. Senior Class Party—Fun, food, and frolic! May 26. Senior Class Play. “The Princess and the Peddler.” May 31. G. A. A. Houseparty—a grand finale to the school year. June 5. At long last—diploma!PATPOMS l i udifrie qij ti the AtujeltU £t H U deeply y ialejful Mr. and Mm. W. C. Bade 5306 l'| U n Avenue Mr. and Mr . A. C. Illnrk 40-10 Oliver Avenue Mr. and Mr . Geo. J. Bro 5801 Colfax Avenue Mr. and Mr . Cirover K. Clemming 4717 Nicollet Avenue Ml Mary Clare Cunningham 4226 Blai dell Avenue Mr. and Mr . J. J. Condon 3728 401 h Avenue No. Robblnsdole Mr. and Mr . H. U DeField 5.M2 Lyndale Avenue Dr. and Mr . Iwirry Doyle 105 West Franklin Dr. J. W. Dvorak 5432 Grand Avenue Mr . H. B. Kgger Grafton. North Dakota Mr. and Mr . P. J. Enright 3427 IMllsbury Avenue Mr. and Mr . P. II. Habel 2724 Inglewood Avenue Dr. and Mr . A. L. Hamel 4052 Pleasant Avenue Alumnae Association Academy of the Holy Angel George E. Leach Mayor of Minneapolis Dr. W. D. Bugby 3802 Nicollet Avenue Be. 5151 Dr. C. K. Danielson 03 K. Diamond lake Hoad Re. 1816 Dr . Erickson and Johnsrod 3030 West 50th Street Dr . Walter and Leo Fink 1020 Medical Arts Bldg. At. 6451 Dr. and Mr . W. R. Jo no 3345 N. K. Benjamin Dr. L. A. Schoenleben 5340 Lyndale Avenue Re. 0300 Dr. Horatio B. Swcetoer, Jr. 5325 Grand Avenue Mr. Ralston Jenord 814 Nicollet Avonue Calhoun Secretarial School 2033 Hennepin Avenue Ke. 5601 Mis Leonora Walsh 3132 Pleasant Ave. Ward Sister Dance Studio 223 South 6th Street Br. 7000 Mr. and Mr . P. J. Ilrrrly lOfl West Minnehaha Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jnoger 614 West Minnehaha Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Johnson 4020 Lyndale Avenue Mr. I . J. Kenny 4602 Casco Avenue Mr. and Mr . K. C. I iughlin 6731 Nicollet Avenue Mr. nnd Mr . W. R. I eber 110 Thomas Avenue Mr. ami Mrs. Max I evy 2008 Fremont Avenue Mr. ami Mrs. W. J. MrGnldrirk 416 West Minnchnlm Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Siangan 48-18 Washburn Avenue Mr. ami Mr . Tliomns Moore 3351 Portland Avenue Mrs. C. H. Noegel 1300 Irving Ave. No. Mr . Orilla Nelson 020 South 7th Street Mr. and Mr . F. C. O'Donnell 5205 Upton Avenue Oak lane Riding Stable 60th and Morgan South Wa. 7306 Steel De Soto Ice Cream 02 Nicollet Street Nicollet Isle At. 7266 Country Club Ice (’ream Co. 5002 France Avenue Wa 2670 J. 8. Holden Millinery 4311 Upton Avenue Booth Pharmacy 2300 West AOth Wa. 2418 Hanson's Pharmacy 50th nnd Xerxes Are. Wa. 0012 Manning Drug Store 5340 Lyndale Avenue Re. 5005 Dodd' Pharmacy 5752 Nicollet Avenue Co. 5368 Upton Retail Drug Co. 4810 Upton Avenue Wa 5454 Fuller Bakery 5304 Lyndale Avenue Ixi. 5450 Mr. ami Mrs. lien W. Palmer 3701 Pillsbury Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Reuder 5308 Grand Avmue Mr . J. A. Roth 2388 N. E. Marshall Mr. ami Mrs. Percy Stephens 235 West 80th St. Dr. It. M. Sullivan 2138 Grand Avenue Dr. ami Mr . J. H. Taylor 2008 2nd Avenue South Mr. ami Mr . Joseph Tomklnaon 5221 2nd Ave. South Dr. and Mrs. O. T. Toreson 5052 Belmont Avenue Mr. ami Mr . I enter Voell 4017 Arden Avenue Mr. and Mr . II. B. Wussaw Alexandria. Minn. Mr. ami Mr . W. II. Workman 4040 Aldrich Avenue Mr. nnd .Mr . Win. Vaeger 3507 Pleasant Avenue Mr. ami Mrs. Wm. Yetxer 66th St. nnd 42nd Ave. Grossman's Grocery 2225 West 50th Wa 3844 Gold's Market 5451 Nicollet Ave. Re. 6206 HodrotTs Food Market 5452 Nicollet Avenue Lo. 4607 Bowen's Red nnd White Store 5401 Nicollet Avenue Co. 2713 Wicder Food Market 4250 Nicollet Avenue Re. 8204 Patrick's Meat Market 4306 Upton Avenue Wa 1444 Edina Garage 4010 France Avenue Wa 2800 Tisdcl Tire ami Battery Shop 5000 Penn Avenue Wa 58-46 Phillip’s "66" Station 6600 Lyndale Avenue W. O. James Iluse 6630 Lyndale Avenuo Uptown Bowling Center 3027 Hennepin Avenue Ke. 0122 THE COLLEGE FOR YOU i s THE COLLEGE of ST. CATHERINE A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN kcmp’S re “ Education for Catholic ideals, scholarship, health, and professional skills. Degree has national and international recognition. Application must be made before September 1st. Good all ways UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH For information address the Office of the Dean Cleveland and Randolph, Saint Paul, Minnesota Kemps Dealers will deliver to your home. COMPLETE SERVICE for COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL Miller Portraits ANNUALS Meet the exacting demands of every individual BUCKBEE-MEARS CO. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF Lindeke Bldg. St. Paul 1940 "ANGELUS"S. S. Kresqe Co. COURTESY 5c fo $1.00 Store O F THE 624 Nicollet Avenue GEME GARRET GEO. J . BROZ, Mgr. TUDIO IT'S ALWAYS PARTY TIME in the LINCOLN MILK CO. Minnesota Ve iAace 2ualUif. bcusiy Pwducli Featuring Nationally Famous Bands and the Finest in Entertainment. For Private Parties, Bridge, Committee and Luncheon Groups, 3024 Hennepin Ke. 3910 Call the Catering Department, ATIantk 3177 HOTEL MICOLLET "YOU CANT BEAT OUR MILK NEIL R. MESSICK, Manager BUT YOU CAN WHIP OUR CREAM"G nvplimeriU of A B P I E M D COMPLIMENTS OF NOW offering new modern guest rooms with every New facility for your comfort. A few of these are the new vanity desk, which eliminates the old style dresser - - new styling in beds, giving more complete comfort - - larger dressing mirrors - - electric outlets for shavers--more convenient reading lights--no price increase. ------------ OUE8T BOOM BATES ----------- Prtral bath - ° MOO. »»-60. J 00 Private bath, donbiebs '- ' Private bath, twin •«. , A500' ,0 Others en eutte 15.00 to 110.00 BaeeUeat cafe and the popular TurquoUe Loans Club Breakfasts - - - I .IS to 1 .85 Lunchoona ----- .40 to .76 Dinners - - - - - 1.00 to 1-25 CURTIS HOTEL MINNEAPOLIS iappe’s Boulevard Grill BETTER THINGS TO EAT © N DO mrm mac rooms EXCLUSIVE FOR THE CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY TRADE CARPETS MEASURED. CUT, SEWED AND LAID FURNITURE REUPHOLSTERED 315 First Ave. North M a 8 3 8 9G(unfUimenti oj COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND JOSTGM’S Foshav Tower Arcade YOUR OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELER COMPLIMENTS OF THE GUARANTEED AUTOMOBILE O’Donnell Motor Co. REPAIR SERVICE Reasonable Prices Complete 1416 Harmon Place AL’S SHELL SERVICE 66th and Nicollet Re. 9634 COMPLIMENTS OF THE GRODMIK'S PAMTAGES THEATRE TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS 400 Nicollet Avenue ESTABLISHED 1907 DRAMATIC AND MUSIC PRODUCTIONS COSTUMES - WIGS - MAKEUP Write Now for Quotations on Your Requirements CLEAN, CORRECT, COMPLETE COSTUME SERVICE AT REASONABLE RATES COMPLIMENTS OF Minneapolis Costume Co. W. R. STEPHENS CO. 50Vi So. 9th St. Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Theater Bldg.) 10th and HarmonSt. Marq’s 1 iospital Scliool ol Mursinq 0 a{ 2500 So. Sixth Sf. I he St. Louis Parh 1 heatre Co. Minneapolis 4835 Minnetonta Blvd. Growers of CUT FLOWERS AND PLANTS Blue and Wliite Literfij Cats ol your service with flowers and decorations for ail occasions Henrq bachman and Sons, Inc. 717 6th Avenue So. At. 3331 6010 Lyndale South L o . 0 7 4 1 Lo. 0 7 4 2 "We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere" Harrq’s and Martij s Standard Station MINNESOTA SCHOOL of BUSINESS COMPLETE LUBRICATION "A Quality School Since 1877" ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES QUAKER STATE OILS PREPARES HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES FOR THE BETTER POSITIONS IN BUSINESS Ask for Bulletin — Visit the School 5346 Lyndale South Re. 9919 24 So. Seventh St. Minneapolis COMPLIMENTS OF THE A THOUGHTFUL GIFT For every member of the family will be found at the JUNIOR CLASS CATHOLIC GIFT SHOP o f 43 So. 8th St. 1 lolij Anqels Academq J. A. SC H L UM P B E R G E R Prop. Hud ftolan 'i 1 exaco Service IGEL’S MEAT MARKET 40th and Nicollet Co. 3309 FRESH AND CURED MEATS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE POULTRY AND FISH IN SEASON "We call for and deliver" Dupont 8095 3228 East 42nd Street T. RUBEN, INC. EURS QiU fena. 1017-1019 Nicollet Avenue u n e p a 1 I i r e c t o r s 1414 Laurel Avenue G e . 5 4 16 G e . 3 6 2 5 SYSTEM DRUG A. C. Mclnnes YOUR COMMUNITY DRUGGIST We meet Downtown Prices DUTRO’S W a. 12 5 2 We Deliver Mea tyood fleAicui iant GompluHenti 828 Hennepin Avenue of a fyniend B r . 4 3 10I antlteAn Stated, Pocue i Gom xa+uj, 

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