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The Angelus 1939 V • • • EDITORS JAYNE SELSETH CHARLOTTE ANDERSON LOIS McMAHON BUSINESS MANAGERS BETTY KIDWELL BETTY McDIVITT THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY ANGELS - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.DEDICATION In grateful recognition of their staunch loyalty and their fine spirit of cooperation in furthering the ideals of the Academy, we, the Senior class of A. H. A., dedicate to our alumnae this 1939 Angelus. ) (, y i '4+ ' -tJLA. M . . Crr t vk L - i 1 SUIFl - dU !+XjMain action AlumnaeFACULTY HIGH SCHOOL flct b Slster Ange|e Principal Mother St. Anne, Superior Religion I, II Sister Alberta Mathematics Sister Beata Biology and English II Sister Charitas Dramatic Art Sister Frances Rita Latin 'f'lu Sister Hilary Modern History Sister Laurent Social Studies Junior Home Room Sister Mary Honor English o d-Csdtu Sister Norberta Music Sister Pascal Chemistry, Physics Mr. Cecil Birder Choral Director r-r- T) o Miss Elizabeth Heimbach Physical Education bister Rose Aurelia Art, Sophomore Home Room Sister Rose Catherine French, Senior Home Room Sister SK Gertrude Home Economics Freshman Home Room Sister st. Rita Stenography Sister Marie Choral Classes GRADES 7 Sister Agnes Grades 2 and 3 Sister Andrina Grades 4 and 5 AL L- n 'i Sister Corona Grades 6 and 7 ster Mary Alfred Music cbohVtt olo Sister Mary Ruth Grade 8 OrtVtuT Sister Bartholomew. R.N. School Nurse i OAa lA -. Srttr Mariel Rev. Eugene J. Moriarty ChaplainTCTRF °Pe nin9 M nspiraWaiting (oc M «™ ,napped fnm Modern p M»ry Edith Put ford. rim itives . - Fn n M-r, Puffing fhe Drama tic y rt class through its pa AVary Franc , AW«r. Ros m ry Jmrv!,. Cmth, Huoronburg. Butty s+nng. Ball, ar rj Joyca W f . i na a G'9ht. or dinner Dt »nn« Mon Mon •♦ W«Wh.Refer fo Maxine Binek, Joyce West, Rosemary Garies. Finding that elusive book via the card files. Mary Horgan and Mary Raymond. G w Mary SHaohan, EfHal Millor, Gloria Nuoron-burg and Rotamary Handorton.Dine. Dance Bedtime stories And so to bed O 0 eV o 4? 0 j cp; o Eighteen inspiring cot' •arc jor teaching, rail •I opera, church u-ort motto picture . accredited ‘ »mpcalcs. ixatharine Gibbs School X' A‘ V Pumw. O' O" T anno Gibbs catod v - OJRORA OLLEGE Aurora, Illinois v IALL enough to ma the standards that have small college in the re. )SMOPOLIT "r he rO'iV 9 froi G nthCc, LLECTLi college, w. icher and stu, .rx y st of current de e'fc and in highe t Skidmore College OGA SPRINGS. NEW YORK Fordh am University :w YORK. NEW YORK '•" ZRSfTY; one of the "‘••tions in fV OO. Sc , G0 Oc co.,V NS5? ' % ' ll 0 s COU RSES oiSTUr Da Courses arc out!m V ' trQ nir °r drammu tuo School seasons of for ?y r ey '• each. Jure days u-cc ly. 6 ! yoo •n Evening, vSaturday %Jro “■'•££?' XX' 'O . A cduk, lent A. C °A e n VV o £ d AK0, Mour'me Johnson, President "Two hearts doubled" Doris Unland. Patricia lorenti. Helen Feyersen and Mary Edith PulfordMaxine Beaudette"All play . . Florence Kammerdiener and Madonna Costello watch Louise Sullivan and Mary Jane De Long n° Bt '°sfe L Beffye CoglenHoler. Mario Davis . tvo ®WotO” V ra, VAw w«i VAWAt d fex ot Ci Vam )Patricia Duffy "And gladly do wo learn ..." Margaret uMckson, Batty Black. Mary Jana Bra rar Helen Go o • • Deep in « Catherine Hi on • iH‘ on Ma Perkins? Oh, no. Artie Shaw Jeanne Kaylor, Dale Meneely, Jeanne Pasch, Helon Gavin Beo ’ce Catherine  Mol® n -I don’t believe it." Stock. Audrey Weum. Li ns troth Martha Lois McMahonJayne Bowling Betty Kidwell and Janet Ann Pratt "We pose' Selseth, Evalyn Schulte, Doris O'Leary, Margaret Gulliclcson, Catherine Moore Janet Ann Pratt Vn Schult0It Aeo ScW'e' ?Lre. JaVn0 Se se The five o'clock crowd Dorothy Wreisner, Nell Miller, Mary Alice Theis, Helen Marie Davis Dorothy WreisnerVV.WSON KV. UV.CttVU VUVVO ««UK BKWW.-X N.n I— ' °H—’ k W.WSKV. - V + » 1 ""»» Vft.VV.ttO KtAlXC'{-V C«m«v ' Vrw'«A 1 r‘ W SOC.VKV. VM0CVaVK.1V" ' Vtt V.WVWM C c3 t‘ ABSENCE LIST v «l otulur joi 10. 8 U u Scp mV»r 6 Rtpmnoil PUrtrrvcn . lor 'Ftt mrn. 0 , .M 7 Outo he , n J» Ptnonal F »«—St. Mtchad the AKhangtV—Opening M u NovtmWt V M S»mu D» —holiday 14 and 2 V Th»nV g»vtng holiday IVtmbw K Fta« o$ thrjn -- - -£$ $ V «' VV0CVf to tWVV registration card Ac d«my of th Holy Angola t- Dj. - Ab bnce excuse 9 All set at the Christmas party--------even the tab es. Mary Jane Ryan, secretary; Oethorine Ronft. president; Dorothy Hardy, vie® presidentTime out at the Christmas party. Left to right: Grace Lawler. Peg McGoldrick. Mery Jane Ryan. Dorothy Reichel, Marjorie Viehman, Marguerite Jaeger. Mary Moore. Beginning the Beguine." Patricia Armifage, Joan Black. "Little Women" Mary Moore. Dorothy Herrly, Louella Win-theiser, Lorraine Dvorak. Marguerite Jaeger, seated: standing. Pauline Brox. Alice Mario Condon. Frances Nelson."Let's dispense with formalities." Joanne Laughlin, lono Flomming, Botty Lou Brohany. Kathleen Nevins. Doris Eggers. More Christmas party-ers. Seated: June Dyke. Jeanne Durand, lone Flemming. Claire Rotoring, Louella Winthoiser. Lorraino Dvorak. Standing: Annotto O'Connor. Mary Potvin Frances Nelson, Paulino 8rox.ic ally ilc , n.Makers—or breakers? Glorio Loo, Groco Lowlor, Lorroino Elliot. Hand-made basket. Marjorio Viohman. Marguorito Joogor, Peg McGoldficl. It's over!J45 minutes) . woe word or pi associated with that Staple 1. German composer 2. English art critic 3. Spanish architect 4. Greek sculptor 5. Italian painter Raphael . 0- Phidias . Beethoven 1. urganun 2. Enharmonic 3. Plain-song 4. Tetrachora 5. Hi, fa, sol, etc General basis of the G Once referred to sin»5 Jreek modes.............. ng in fifths............ ular by Guido of Arezzo without soloist usu ny h v lPP fcaanuel Borman as oppose I {.Tine: AO minutes) A: HISTORICAL PRRSOHAGRS rouos of items you will fiii temes or suggests one of . In the parentheses folio person to whom it best aoc w to proceed. iglish naval hero........... •eign covered the period ot' if the ablest generals of al As tribune, he sought to prorcK would strengthen the class of ft As emperor, he legally rccoptizt • thwarted by Cicero in his a control of the government. . . Catiline 2. Sulla S. Diocletian A. Tiberius Oracchus t . Calerius • Ikhnaton 2. Sargon I Hia conquest of Sumeria marked Semitic triumph............... Relieved in one god, the fatherAnd hero' Batty Davi . Virginia JoKnion. and Catharine Long itanding; Patricia Laary. Dolores Immer, seetod. Roasting or boasting?Studies? You guess! Mary Sheohon. Marilyn Tuscany. Lorraine Mangan, Ethel Millor. Maxino Binek, Mary Raymond. Joyco Wost. Bornico Vooll. Patricia Dorsey. Eiloon McMullon. Swing out! Mary Alice Pelmor. Mary Virginio Johnson. Botty Donahuo, front row; Mary Ann Christian, Irono Yotior. Mary Hole, socond row.uoMPutriCream and sugar please. Dorothy Flynn, president; Winifrod Wroisnor. Terry Barker, socrotory. Am W—W xiwwjt vw.,u. VAov s business? SWirUy VAcGVynn. ?a'«c a CWn j. fc' "' "•. NoW . Midyear Frethmen, Joan Sifferlo. Arlana 8r«nlay, Katherin Welsh. Virginia Creamer. Off to a good start! What—no action?Early American—as olorot Galvin, Virginia Davios. Pat Monion. Barbara Anne »wlor. Antoinotta Co Pinor. Mary Kofhorino Sondi. Dolores jrton. Joyce Anno Dwyer. Elaine Holland. Little Miss Mark-er. Bernadette UMir«. Down to a hard grind. Joan Tomlinson. Lois Jans. Yvonne lingeno, Mary Anna Stack-lar. Mary Jo Strand. Baatrica Halay, Batty Anna Sawatzky, Carolyn Punka. Shirley Parker. Gaanna Carpenter. Claire Ryan. Helen Louise Budde. Verona Torton. Barbara Lynch.Work, work, work! Nancy Ryan. Joan Oamblat. Mary Louisa Russell. Louiso Hayes. Lillian rarrand. Phyllis Johnson.TO HOLY ANGELS’ Music by Betty Kidwell, »39 Words by Jeanne Pasch, 39 fri J i x ? E LcL. On Ho- ly An - gels, our Al-ma Ms- ter; It’s you we fight for, It’s you we love; As off-ring to our dear Christ and Mo-ther, We raise a- loft our bright blue and gold; I l-t-1 m m m itii't m j, j jj. jJi31 r-rWs. With prai8- ing voi-ces, your loy-al daugh- ters, lift up our hearts to sing this song; With such a high aim, to win you ho - nor, we sing our song to all the world. Wo toast thy name, long may it reign, With heurts sin-cere, we lift this cheer; Un- der the An- gel’s guid-ing We’ll work un- til our goal is wing; Not with the sword, But by thy word, we go for- ward to spread thy fame, won. Your ho - nor gained, Your name ac- claimed, On the day when your truth shine3 clearV ca 2. "The pause that refreshes'€SS Scry,. c  rcotfO xavnNVf3. "Keep the home fires burning' 4. "It's ell over now' '• VV; 4. Winter royalty 3. The huddle  . YAoVf Kt qe s vs. OvVam ums refurn ,nfr«terni COUnc!' 3 Rotreo Rov. wif- Lo BoatJ3. Our plans for summer Uumsiae All set and every place to go. Met Piovf, 38; Mary SlU Kelly, 35: Ann Ploof, ‘35; Olfvt Wouf, 35: Virginia Hast. 34: Faith Quint, '34, SoTrcOUNOU u mn : °c- ti°n 7 th° Holy Angela h°wecoming thaJ fry Member W3 — i to Membership in the EketeJ athOLIC WOMEN The regular meeting of the Board of of the Alumnae Association of the Academy of the Holy Angels will be held Monday October 4, at 7i50 P-W. lour attendance Is necessary to make this meeting success. Plans for our Fall Meeting are to be ( : : iso n, ALUMNAE OF HOLY ANGELS ACADEMY Friday, November 25th, 1938 - 9:30 to 12:30 WCOLLET OTEL BAAE tOOM Admission St. AO [x.-r eoupte ’ ytojadm Orchcmtra Semi - pur mat A N C E D OF O A V C E S | .Vr— „ A-fH I I«J infer T trouj ft Cour esy n € reyf ters rt.vx tAi. f? MJtrrro r.v A R R I L 1 - PROGRAM I Uolv Ao cU AU.- Ah—...... ‘2 " I lir Uhi» c 3 ('url.H Hold - Nco-('l««.i - H. I April 12. 1939 5 Munir - l i‘l$ron EXTRAS i).;u) - 12:30 7 S« »ni l orm» l ° 1 !i() IKT ( ouplc ► l ir o y in niy oi l ir I o v . . uniii tc . I ion V.'I v«M Co .« .Sfmt-Pon J )an0f. T Rot»m. Si. .VovrmLr iKrnlv-.iifl. . Rov KIM MM Mix lii« orclirtfM On«-- i iv v- I . ’ » “ X inr-|JiiHv I® lw I - H«'lvr.c fcrfv "0 K 'WCiX'S ALVAIN A ssociTZ ■ SEMI-FORM A. L DA. Nor"' Wednesday, April t2th, |9)f J,r imy Vi co i Or. ic 7 tinted T ‘She's off again! Ethol Jone Btakamen. at tho presidential wheel of the Alumnae Association. Hold it, pleasel Board members of the Alumnae Association get their picture snapped. Soated: Faith Quint. '34: Ro emary Nolan. '37; Patricia Nolan. '36; Beth Sheet 37 Standing: Mary CoRey. 38: Catherine Mary Green. 38; Virginia Heat ‘34 Maroaret Margaret Wilder. '34; Phylli William . 3S; Mary Elixabeth Lahiff. -jJ Ryan. '34: Other board member are: Ruth Griffith . ‘37; Mary Clare Hamel. '38; Kathleen JocVton. 37; Helen McNicoll. '38: Helen Manning. 36: Eileen Miller. '3S; Aqne Moudry. '35; Monorie Vierling. ‘36. Prize—Surprise ? At the Senior Card party: Dorii Unland. '39; Joyce Bovor-Idgo. '38: Patrice Dougherty. ’38: Ann Sweatier. '38. L ft to right: n p! fricSa" Nol n CJthorTno Caray. Broy. Rot mSry Coleman p.:y„b«th Lahi . Patr, c«a R r bla: Joyco Bovaridga. Mary Mason. Lorratta KoMy. Mory Norris Among those present were Ethel JaneNh» fh ra doncers- roof® Two «4 °b VCe W « orf® 85V «r° v-Ao 1'0' j ofC C'®re Gr°°., ; MofV ..rtC1 Ab« w .We -- ai?e a°e Le« - a o®‘ e«ra®» °rc ft5 or H 0nd orV - V RV®0 H©«-r,V Peggy JO •» Ye©9er . Rit© out Ofl0 this r H S ford  Agnes Moudry, Lorraine Kelscher, Agnes Smith. Mary Elizabeth VanDino Rohr. And all of us who were in town came out to school on the Nineteenth of March to see the Lenten plays and have supper together— Myitis Standing: Helen Waldron. Ethel Langford. Eunice McNulty, Mada-lyn Schulte: seated: Faith Quint and Virginia Haas. Standing: Mary Gardner; seated: Rita Yaeger. Virginia Miller. Jeanne Flynn. Mary Gramling, Mary Ella Kelly. Lorraine Mitchell and Betty Dol phin. Jnd talk h aJi talked. aA hiked... Hior kicPATRONS Mr. and Mrs. John I. Anderson Parents of Charlotte 3732 Sixteenth Avenue Mr. and Mrs. James J. Condon Parents of Alice Marie and Anne Jeannette 3728 40th Avenue North. Robbinsdale Mr. and Mrs. William Geimer Parents of Mary Katherine 3822 Colfax Avenue South Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hayes Parents of Louise 2821 Benton Boulevard Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Johnson Parents of Phyllis 4522 Bruce Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lynch Parents of Patricia and Barbara 3316 West 341 j Streot Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Monian Paronts of Patricia 3528 Irving Avenue Mr. and Mrs. John David Armatage Parents of Patricia 4824 Morgan Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bade Parents of Botty 5306 Upton Avenue Mr. and Mrs. William H. Badeaux Parents of Jeanno 4952 Thomas Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Chestley C. Baker Parents of Bettie 4244 Linden Hills Boulevard Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Baker Parents of Helen 2615 Park Avenue Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Beaudette Parents of Maxine Richfield Station. Route No. 3 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Black Parents of Betty and Jean 4940 South Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Blakeman Parents of Helene 1540 East Minnehaha Parkway Mr. and Mrs. George Brandon Parents of Anno 5619 Second Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Royal L. Brewer Parents of Mary Jane 4901 Drew Avenue Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Broz Parents of Pauline 4224 Pleasant Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Cady Parents of Marguerite 3316 Third Avenue South Mrs. Henry L. Carpenter Parent of Katherine Geanne 2417 Pleasant Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Christl Parents of Dolores 5341 Colfax Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Grover E. Clemmings Parents of Dorothy 4717 Nicollet Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Davis Parents of Betty Jeanne 1018 West Minnehaha Parkway Dr. and Mrs. Larry O. Doyle Parents of Peggy 105 West Franklin Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Duffy Parents of Patricia 5056 Dupont Avenue Mr. and Mrs. George Erhardt Parents of Lucille 1800 Grand Street Northeast Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Flynn Parents of Dorothy 5345 Dupont Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gannon Parents of Patricia 5328 Colfax Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gavin Parents of Helen 2833 Sunset Boulevard Mrs. E. B. Gregg Parent of Joan 4721 Nicollet Avenue Mrs. F. Heinz Parent of Beatrice 2017 Fourth Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hixon Parents of Catherine 5052 Queen Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jans Parents of Patricia and Lois 4045 Sunnyside Road Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Johnson Parents of Maurine and Virginia 4929 Lyndale Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kammerdeiner Parents of Florence 726 East Franklin Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Kaylor Parents of Jeanne 311 Busch TerracoPATRONS Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelly Parents of Patricia 3649 Fifteenth Avonue South Mr. L. J. Kenny Parent of Mary Anne 4602 Casco Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Edward Laughlin Parents of Joanne 6731 Nicollet Avenue Mr. Ruel P. Lee Parent of Gloria 2217 Nicollet Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Clement Lorentz Parents of Patricia 5436 Pillsbury Avenue South Mrs. Elizabeth McDivitt Grandmother of Betty 2825 East Lake Street Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McGlynn Parents of Shirley Golden Valley and Noble Avonue Mr. and Mrs. William J. McGoldrick Parents of Peggy 516 West Minnehaha Parkway Mrs. Margaret McMullen Parent of Eileen 4324 Thirteenth Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore Parents of Mary and Catherine 3351 Portland Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nagel Parents of Yvonne Lingano 1309 Irving Avenue North Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Nueremberg Parents of Gloria 5141 Thirty-fifth Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Ben W. Palmer Porents of Mary Alice 3701 Pillsbury Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Willard Parker Parents of Shirley Mendota. Minnesota Dr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Potvin Parents of Mary 4801 Aldrich Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Pouliot Parents of Lorraine 5220 Second Avenue South Miss Adelaide Raiche Aunt of Dorothy Reichel Mr. and Mrs. Edmond R. Ruben Parents of Nancy 1725 Knox Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell Parents of Mary Louise 2411 Cromwell Drive Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schulte Parents of Evalyn 5141 Oliver Avenue South Mr. and Mrs. Forbie Selseth Parents of Jayne 4235 Harriet Avenue Mr. and Mrs. John Steckler Parents of Jeanne and Mary Anne 1727 Humboldt Avenue Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Toreson Parents of Vorone 3832 Grand Avenue Mr. and Mrs. John H. Unland Parents of Patricia and Doris 5247 York Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Lester Voell Parents of Bernice 2425 Thirty-fifth Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Warren Parents of Mary Carolyn and Lucille 1108 East Minnehaha Parkway Dr. and Mrs. Thurston W. Weum Parents of Audrey 4506 Edina Boulevard Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Workman Parents of Elaine 4949 Aldrich Avenue Mr. and Mrs. William A. Yaeger Parents of Lorraine 3507 Pleasant Avenue Honorable Geo. E. Leach Mayor of Minneapolis Dr. L. A. Schoenleben Dentist 5349 Lyndale Avenue South Dr. R. P. Neary 1632 N. E. Washington Avenue Dr. E. H. Bohland 499 West Seventh Street John F. Murray 4318 Nawadaha Boulevard Patrick's Meat Market 4306 Upton Avenue Wieder Food Market 4256 Nicollet Avenue System Drug Company 4301 Upton Avenue Upton Rexall Drug Company 4316 Upton Avenue Ray Hawkinson Red and White Store 4306 Upton AvenueANNUAL RETREAT FOR WOMEN at the Academy of the Holy Angels will be conducted this year By Reverend R. L. Dalton June 9 to 11 for further information call the Retreat Secretary Re. 9905 or Re. 3292 Compliments of THE COLLEGE FOR YOU is THE COLLEGE of ST. CATHERINE A Liboral Arts College for Catholic Women ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Education for Catholic ideals, scholarship, health, and professional skills. The Academy of the Holy Angels Degree has national and international recognition. Application must be mado before September 1st Under the Administration of The Sisters of St. Joseph For information address the Office of the Dean Cleveland and Randolph, Saint Paul, Minnesota.MAPLEDELL LODGE Summer Camp for Catholic Girls New friends, new skills, adventures in the beautiful north woods on the shores of Big Boy Lake. Horseback riding, swimming, tennis, archery, dramatics and handicrafts: well trained counsellors. A grand summer for girls of 8 to 18 years. A counsellors' training course is offered at the close of the season. For further information address Miss Mary Adams 918 West 36th St. Minneapolis Compliments of the FRESHMAN CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF JOSTEN 'S Foshay Tower Arcade Your Official School Jeweler MINNESOTA SCHOOL of BUSINESS A Quality School Since 1877 RICHFIELD NURSERY SCHOOL Tuition $2 Weekly Hours: 9 to 12 A.M. Offers ten Specialized Business Training Courses that lead to placement in the better positions in business—including Secretarial, Stenographic. Accounting, General Business, Junior Executive and Office Machines. (Insured Transportation Available) 7225 Oak Grovo Blvd. (72nd and Colfax) Co. 4182 Highost Standards Dependable Service ★ PLACEMENT BUREAU Ask for Bulletin 24 So. 7th St.. Minneapolis Phone—GE. 4661ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING DR. J. J. MALEY 3 West Diamond Lake Road 2500 So. Sixth St. Minneapolis. Minn. CAMP WABIGONISS The Pioneer Catholic Camp for Girls In the Heart of Minnesota's Pines Pequot, Minn. Winter Address: 118 Western Ave. No. St. Paul, Minn. Phone Elkhurst 5857 BLUE WHITE LIBERTY CABS 717 6th Ave. So. AT. 3331 High-Speed Dickinson SHORTHAND As this issue of "The Angelus" goes to press These Holy Angels Graduates: Cathorino Carey Patricia Nolan Mary Wolff Mary Gardner were students in the Dickinson School. Ask thorn now about Dickinson training. COURSES Private Secretarial Stenographic Typewriting Secretarial Bookkeoping Office Machines The Die kin ton Secretarial School offers the outstanding bn linen count of the North-wett and it fortunate in preferring a congenial and pleat-ant atmotphere throughout. Its private tutoring methodi Insure rapid advancement. Group work limited to ten in the group. FREE PLACEMENT YOU will be pleased with our Servico and Prices and you will be comfortable in our air-conditioned shop DORA BEAUTY SALON 705 West 53rd St. Re. 2030 Compliments of Dickinson Secretarial School Conducted at 41 Bittiness Office Foshay Tower MINNEAPOLIS Geneva 2266 THE JUNIOR CLASS Academy of the Holy AngelsTHE MINNEAPOLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE A Select School Accredited by N.A.A.C.S. All Commercial Subjects and PRE COLLEGE TRAINING Courses Preparing High School Graduates and College Students for the duties of BUSINESS EXECUTIVES SECRETARIES ACCOUNTANTS COMMERCIAL TEACHERS and CIVIL SERVICE APPOINTMENTS Visitors Invited Catalog on Request NICOLLET AT 9th Air Coolod M aTn Placomont Bureau Air Conditioned 4 3 3 8 f°r Graduates -After the Sunday Itlorning Service-, bring the family to dinner at the Curtis—The beautiful dining rooms are vibrant with a feeling of friendship — an atmosphere near religious prevails during the Sunday noon dinner hour. Each Sunday from twelve o'clock a semi-classical pro- Eram is offered by Mrs. Etta andry as organist and Miss Alice Lawson as harpist. Dinner and all 75c and $1 iCJbiUrtn Lttt) Mhe CURTIS HOTEL-1 Tenth Street at Third Minneapolis Complete Service for College and High School Annuals « » BUCKBEE-MEARS CO. LINDEKE BLDG. ST. PAUL, MINN. The 80 yard run. the senior class play, sodas at theGreek's.theroommate’s dress collection, the Physics prof... it is the purpose of the school annual to graphically portray and preserve these pleasurable memories and it is within the province of Horrison Smith Co. first, to aid in the designing of an annual with a purpose, and second, to produce with a care and skill born of long experience, a distinctive annual. HARPISOn 8 SmiTH CO. "Good Printers Since 1871" 520 Washington Ave. No. Minneapolis. Minn." Millet, Potinailt!' MEET THE EXACTING DEMANDS OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL . . . a 'Ni sr pintoop 608 NICOLLET AVENUE MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. Jftne DJiotoarapfys OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF 1939 ANGELUSC@ (I i yipjugj ' 7 -V 5.  «■ m inn ...» I. .;-- ii.:i J-'d-.ijitJliiiiii ■ - :ii;:;v, ;n-( h'.itrjm iWK joJ«S4 v.i • i ■ I-:- i:, itvivusKi wQfeKfif A! • »••: :5"j y:yjl!?pjf!n ; ::{s .iilnui- • ii-jti . . . ? : §=f!:?r|5 ! 2 ;}iei||i; ilijjSjfgf"’?.' rtmiui it«r it■

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