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The 1964 ARC Academy Of Richmond County Augusta, Georgia Volume IXRichmond Academy stands as a monument to scholarship and tradition. Richmond Academy As We See It FOREWORD For the first time in thirty-four years Richmond’s yearbook is entitled the ARC. In 1927 Richmond and what is now Augusta College collaborated on one yearbook. Because of this joint publication, the title ARC was no longer acceptable. This year the student body voted to change Richmond’s annual title back to its original one. Needless to say, this year’s ARC reveals the vast amount of technical progress that has been made in the publication field since Volume VIII of the ARC was published in 1926. For instance, this year’s ARC contains twenty-four pages of natural color, making it possible to portray school life in a way that could not have been done thirty-four years ago. Although the ARC staff is especially proud of this year s color photography, the 1964 ARC is an improvement over previous Rich- mond annuals in other respects also. Nearly 1400 students had pictures taken for this year’s annual as compared to about 1150 students last year. The 1964 ARC is bigger than any previous Richmond annual in that this edition contains 232 pages. It is no simple task to write and design a yearbook that captures the moods, feelings and actions of nearly seventeen hundred people during a school year. The editors and other members of the annual staff have combined their efforts and talents to capture these fleeting but long-remembered moments in this year’s ARC. As each Musketeer turns the pages of his 1964 ARC he will be given glimpses of all phases of life at Richmond Academy “As We See It.” The only reward sought for the many hours of hard work put into this book is the pleasure it will bring in the days and years to come to those who hold a special place in their hearts for Richmond Academy.Contents Academics.............14 Activities............32 Military..............62 Sports................88 Features.............120 Classes..............136 3Richmond’s corridors are filled with the noise of hurried conversation and laughter as nearly 1700 students change classes. Richmond Academy As We See ItGayle Drummond serves a juicy sirloin to the hungry girls in her home economics class. Robert Collins searches for an interesting novel for parallel reading. Buddy McKnight curiously examines a biology specimen. Richmond’s cadet corps passes in review after the traditional return of colors ceremony in ARC sta- dium. 56 Becky Lindsey and Rosie Wilson display posters which helped clinch their Student Council victories. After the pep rally Nesbit Dasher and Charlotte Morris pause to examine the poster of a musketeer crushing the Butler bullpup. Richmond boys have the “Black Maria” ready to haul North Augusta from the gridiron. Richmond Academy As We See ItQuarterback David Volpitto uses some of his running antics in evading Aiken tacklers. Beverly Thompson tips softball pitched by Gayle Derriso. Honorary Cadet Colonel Ju- lie Kelly expresses her pride in the Cadet Corps before returning the colors. Duty Officer Blaine McCormick salutes pennons of nation and state as they are lowered at the close of school. 7ANTON P. MARKERT It is with great pride and affection that the staff of the 1964 ARC dedicates this yearbook to Mr. Anton P. Marked. With the exception of the time spent at Georgia Tech and Columbia University, where he earned an M.A. degree. Mr. Markert has been at Richmond Academy since his sophomore high school days. While at Richmond Mr. Markert held the distinction of being first in each of his high school classes. He was not only an excellent student but also a popular member of the student body, as evidenced by the fact that his classmates elected him president of the gradua- ting class of 1918. After graduating from Richmond Academy. Mr. Markert en- tered Georgia Tech, where he earned a B.S. degree in three years. He then returned to Richmond in 1921 as a math teacher. In 1988 he was made Dean of Students, and in 1951 he succeeded Mr. Eric Hardy as Principal of Richmond Academy. The calling of a teacher is a high one. The job of an administra- tor is indeed a challenging one. Through the years Mr. Markert has earned the respect of his students, his faculties, and his professional associates as he ably fulfilled the responsibilities in both of these educational fields. Because of his sincere concern for the academic progress and welfare of Richmond Academy for the past forty-two years, we dedicate this, the 1961 ARC. to Richmond Academy’s retiring prin- cipal. Mr. A. P. Markert.ANTON P. MARKER! Principal Mr. A. P. Markert has served the Academy in various ways and positions since his sophomore year here at Rich- mond. Over the years he has not only shown his concern for the individual student but also for the school as a com- munity. It is difficult to imagine the Academy without Mr. Markert, hut unless he can be persuaded to change his mind, he is planning to retire at the end of this school year. After forty-two years of faithful service, Mr. Markert indeed merits the joys of retirement and the honor of the ARC dedication. 10LEE MADEN' Assistant Principal Before Mr. Lee Maden became Assistant principal, he taught French here at Richmond Academy. Whenever a discipline problem arises at school, it is Mr. Maden s duty to handle it. His other duties are a complement to those of Mr. Markert’s. Both men are kept busy with the many de- tails of high school administration, such as compiling nu- merous reports and meeting with the Board of Education. In his off-duty hours. Mr. Maden likes nothing better than to grab his tackle box and head for Clark Hill in the hopes of snagging a big bass. 11“Sunshine Girls'’ Brighten Office Routine Mrs. Rebecca Burroughs, alias “Edna St. Vincent" Bur- roughs, adds holiday gaiety to the daily reports by insert- ing original poetic delights. She spices intercom announce- ments to Miss Overstreet with her French verbosity. ARC secretaries run the Academy's complaint and transfer center. They compile the daily reports and collect semester fees. The “sunshine girls” handle most of the mimeographing done in the school. The annual staff is a perpetual customer and is most appreciative of their help. Mrs. Varie Bolton tiptoes about the office smiling sweetly and keeping the Academy’s finances in order. 12 Mrs. Camella Olmstead is ever typing transcripts, initialing passes and tardy slips, okaying excuses, and punctuating all her duties with a smile.Guidance Office Administers College Boards Mrs. Minnie Sackett is constantly bombarded with questions about Col- lege boards, colleges, and vacations, and she bears them with a smile. ARC’s guidance counselor ably handles transcripts for colleges and other schools, recommendations for colleges and jobs. The guidance office not only offers academic counseling, but Mrs. Sackett is also an understanding listener and wise advisor where personal problems are concerned. MRS. MINNIE SACKETT, Counselor MRS. BETTY CHANDLER, Nurse Lunchroom A Busy And Happy Place At Noon The average student at Richmond Academy has only about forty minutes of the school day which may be called his own. Much of this time is spent in the lunchroom. Here the student may relax, free from the tension of the classroom. The most important function of the lunchroom is to provide the students of our school with nutritious meals. This task is very capably directed by Mrs. L. E. Harris, Richmond’s lunchroom supervisor. Sympathy And Aspirin Remedy Most Ailing Students Sprained ankles, shiners, and cases of “test fright” find their way to the First Aid Station with more or less some amount of regularity every day. Mrs. Betty Chandler administers the necessary medications for all ailments— “palpitation of the gray matter” included. Mrs. Chandler’s pills and cheeriness set most ailing students back on the road to health and classes. MRS. L. E. HARRIS, Dietitian 13SIX RICHMOND STUDENTS RECEIVE SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP.! A1 Dasher Rupert Langford Yvonne Wittmus Arthur GatIATIVE SIZES OF ATOMS AND IONS in rh. Academics FROM NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION 15 Wartiel Babbitt Tommy BeattieANN BRADDY BA—Converse MA—U. of N. C. ANN CARELOCK AB—U. of Ca. ELROY DUPUIS AB-U. of Ca. MA—U. of N. C. NORMA FULCHER BA—Furman Good Knowledge Of English Basic To All Aspects Of Learning Naturally, since English is our native tongue, a sound knowledge of this subject and its relatives, such as literature and composition, is essential and basic to a good, rounded education. Without a thorough knowledge of the language in which a subject is taught, the student cannot possibly do the work required of him or understand it. Upon reaching the Academy, the student is assured of acquiring this essential knowledge and background in his language and literature. This department is one of the best in the school and has been very important in building up Richmond's high educational standards, for which it has been known for so many years. CAROL LAMB BS—U. of Ca. H. F. LeROY AB—Mercer MA-Duke Miss Braddy gives some pointers on theme writing to Jane Maxwell and Jay Harper. 16JACQUELINE MARSHALL AB—Baylor M Ed—Emory A. G. OWENS AB-U. of Ca. MARGARET PASCHAL AB—Limestone ANNE RAWSON AB—Winthrop GEORGE M. SCOTT AB—Chattanooga MA-Duke MARION A. WASH AB-U. of S.C. Rosie W'ilson uses a microfilm machine at the city library to complete her notes for a writing project. Sophomore Rick Tompkins, Senior Patsy Daniel, and Junior Bobby W right glance through the paperback classics that their classes have bought for group study in Mr. Wash’s English classes. Ronnie Easier looks over the “coveted" MOTS award. 17Math isn t quite the burden that Mike Kreisburg and Donna Bastian are making it seem. SARA BAKER BS -Ga. Southern MA—L.S.U. MARY GILLILAND BA—Converse MA—U. of Columbia Judy Woodruff explains the graphical addition and subtraction of complex numbers under Mrs. Ruzickas supervision. C. E. BEARDEN BS-U. of Ga. WALTER C. GUY AB—Wofford MA—Duke LOUIS E. REESE BS—MercerLANGSTON BOLTON BS—Emory RUTH BOWLES AB—Lander New Technical Math Course Offered This Year Mathematics is one of the most useful and fascinating divisions of hu- man knowledge. In our complex society math is becoming increasingly im- portant. With the vast advances being made in all fields of science has risen an urgent need for well-trained mathematicians. At Richmond Academy students are offered comprehensive courses in many phases of mathematics. Included in the curriculum are courses in business math, algebra, and geometry, plus those in advanced and technical math for college-bound students. It is the purpose of the teachers in our Math department to relate to their charges the math skills which may eventually enable them to take a useful place in the business, professional, or scientific world. J. C. LUCKEY JOSEPH MOSELEY BS—U. of Ga. BS, MS—Emory Susan Bolgla proves to Sammy Keepers that an isosceles triangle has two equal angles.N. W. GRIFFIN R. M. HERRIN BS—Ga. Southern BS—U. of Ga. MARIE HULBERT BS—U. of Ga. MA-Duke THOMAS W. JONES AB—Mercer FRANK LAMBERT BS, MS—North Texas Stal ELIZABETH OTWELL BS—Salem MA—U. of N. C. JANELLE PEARSON AB—Woman’s Col. of Ga. Academy Offers Wide Range Of Science Courses Science covers a wide range of subject matter, and at the Academy there are as many different science courses offered as could be expected of any high school. Richmond offers the usual courses of biology, chem- istry, and physics, hut for those who are oriented toward this field there are also classes in advanced chemistry, botany and zoology. It is easy to see how Academy graduates have little trouble with their college science courses. A course is just as good as its instructor, and it is here that Rich- mond takes greatest pride in its science department. Some of the top instructors in the state and, in some cases, the southeast are on the faculty of the science department. The sciences are all interesting, hut at Richmond they become captivating! Neale Humphlett and Terrell Redd search for amoeba and paramecium. One thing that Monte Till- man notes about “Susie” is that she needs braces on her teeth! 20Mrs. Elizabeth Otwell’s sixth period chemistry class fuses the ends of their glass stirring rods. 21T. J. HUFFMAN PRESTON BARBER AB—Marshall BS—U. of Ga. MA—Ohio State AARON LIVELY BA—Mercer History, Psychology, And Government Courses Offer ARC Students An Interesting And Important Social Studies Curriculum A wide variety of Social Studies are offered at the Academy. The range of courses includes psychology, economic geography and the usual history and government studies. Of course, a knowledge of the history and geography of our world, country, and state is one of the foundations upon which a good education is built. At Richmond a student receives more than a good study of the social sciences. He receives an excellent background in this area which will stand him in excellent stead for his future education and give him an awareness of happenings in the world around him. ARC’s teachers are highly regarded by others of the same profession and are respected by the various historical and political societies in our immediate community. The general consensus of opinion is that a graduate of Richmond who has had the full complement of the social studies is well prepared to exercise his rights and privileges as a citizen and to cope with the problems confront- ing him in the w'orld. GRACE STRAUSS AB-U. of Ca. MA—Columbia JOHN L. LUTZ BA—St. John’s of Annapolis MA—Appalachian ROBERT THOMPSON BS—U. of Tenn. 22MILBA McGAHEE BS—U. of Ga. JACK REYNOLDS BS—U. of Tenn. MA-U. of Tenn. R. R. WEHMEYER BS—Jacksonville St. Teach. Col. A. L. WILLIAMS AB—Wake Forest MA—Peabody Ben Kay and Martha Dills pay their respects to Broad Street’s most familiar landmark. In the background stand statues of Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. ii :—N Nesbit Dasher (sitting) and Tommy Dearing debate the War Between the States at the General Joseph Wheeler monument on Walton Way Extention. 23JEKHIBENTLEY BFA—U. of Ga. DOLLY HOGAN AB, MA—U. of Ga. ANN HOLLOWELL A B— lender JOAN KAUFMAN BS—Ohio Stale U. WINNIE OVERSTREET BS—G.S.C.W. MA—Emory Foreign Language Studies Enable Communication with The World I he world gets smaller every day because of improved communica- tion and transportation systems. To keep pace with this fast-moving trend, we must be able to communicate with our neighbors throughout the world. This is one of the purposes of the Modern Foreign Language department. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of the language itself, the instructors of French and Spanish, up to now the only two subjects offered in this field, strive to teach their students to appreciate the homeland and to understand the people of the countries where these languages are spoken. French students A1 Dasher, Sherry Mays, and Wanda Lee Lucas compare American and French magazines. Frances Wren and Ben Kay admire souvenirs from France. Miss Overstreet exhibits mementos of her trip to France to her sixth period class.Misty Doric columns symbolically loom in the background as Patty Wilson reads from Homer’s Odyssey. Present Culture Reflects The Continuing Influence Of Past Civilizations Not too many years ago, the staunch belief that a student hadn’t finished his education without a Latin background was common. To- day the belief has softened a bit, but ARC’s Latin and Classical classes are still full. Latin still helps anyone to comprehend English better, and it definitely adds to an individual’s vocabulary. A classics course speaks for itself. It gives the student a better background in the Greek and Roman cultures and a sound knowledge of mythology and all it entails—including the stories and the various gods. Discussions of the meanings of certain passages of Homer, Virgil, and Plato provide the student with deeper insight into human nature. Academy students are fortunate in having the teachers they do, to say nothing of these two fine courses. ELAINE McNALLY BS—UCLA Jesse Self notes the sway that the Latin language once had on the ancient world. RUTH McAULIFFE AB—Agnes Scott MA—U. of N.C. 25Gloria Alberson admires the steak Su- san Hock has just taken from the broiler. AMANDA MOSELEY BS—C.S.C.W. Home Economics Students Learn The Art of Fine Cooking A girl taking home economics is indeed well prepared for the world she must live in tomorrow. But not only is she well- schooled in the particulars of “housewifery,” she is also aided in the all-important choice of a career. Cooking and sewing are not the only units taken up in home economics, as most outsiders seem to think. Besides the special unit in home entertaining, great emphasis is also placed on mother-babv care, interior decorating, and home planning and designing. Eddie Mann double checks his cal- culations to be sure a room is large enough. N. C. SMITH BS—Ga. Tech Drawing Provides Experience As Well As Enjoyment ARC’s course in mechanical drawing is of great importance to those who participate in it. On the whole, only boys take ad- vantage of this course ( although a few girls have been attracted to it). Most students who take drawing are planning to seek a career in architecture, engineering, or some similar profession. The boys learn to apply the principles of drafting to real sit- uations in life-size dimensions. At the same time, each one is thoroughly enjoying his work and benefiting from it in every way possible. 26Sixth period Driver’s Ed. class makes a “pit stop” during a track run. ROBERT BANKS BA—U. of Ga. Teenage Drivers Learn Courtesy And Safety Rules Of The Road Beware of low-flying cars! This could be the war cry of ARC’s driver education class, hut it isn’t. These students learned not to fly low and why they should exercise caution and courtesy behind the wheel. The course consists of classes on the various phases of driving and the practical experience of piloting Richmond’s drivers education car both in traffic and around and around the oval track next to the football field. Drivers Education is one course that is beneficial not only to the students but the entire community as these young people demonstrate their knowledge of the automobile and display their courtesy. Tommy Cook watches Julius Mann work on his shop project. ELLIS PARKER BS—Ga. Southern Shop Program Renovated During The Summer The large room which once housed Richmond’s woodshop has taken on a new look. During the summer the shop was completely modernized. Nearly all new tools and equipment were installed and areas for the study of metal working, electricity, and power mechanics were introduced to supplement the original course in wood working. The addition of this new equipment considerably broadens the shop program at Richmond, making it possible to instruct each of the four essentially different types of shop work during one school year. 27W. C. HOWELL BS—Newberry SYBIL JONES BS— G.S.C.W. Sixth period business machine students concentrate on computer problems. Commercial Courses Yield Basic Business Skills JUNE SCHULTZ BS—Bucknell BARBARA WHEELER BS—U. of Ca. American business is growing today at a pace which is unequaled in the past. With this unmatched growth comes an appropriate demand for young men and women who are versed in all the various fields of business. There is an urgent need for good typists, stenographers, secretaries, and other office personnel. Richmond's Business department offers a variety of courses for the training of those who plan business vocations after graduation. Students may include typing, shorthand, accounting, and business machine training in their schedules. For the conscientious student the commercial courses at Richmond lead to an excellent background in all of the basic business skills. Mrs. Schultz’s typing students take a time test to determine typing accuracy. 28MARGARET BAILIE BS—Converse AB—Emory ELAINE HEBERT BA—McNeese Stale Col. Tommy Dealing and Carolyn King browse through the new books before they go on the library shelf. Library Helps Develop An Interest In A Variety Of Books Kathryn Brown makes sure she has at least five books listed on her bibliography. Whether you refer to it as la bibliotheque, bibliotheca, or la biblioteca, the library at Richmond is an indispensable aid to all students. Miss Bailie and Mrs. Hebert spend a great deal of their time helping students find the books they want, showing them where to go for special information, and working so that one and all may develop an active interest in books of all types. We are greatly indebted to these two ladies for showing us that a whole new world may be found in the storehouse of books available to us in our library. Mrs. Hebert explains to library assistants Richard Knapp and Irvin Guy a point about the Dewey Decimal System. 29Boys come in from their outdoor PE classes physically ex- hausted but mentally refreshed. COLEY CASSEDY BS—Auburn DON KEMP BS—Furman Physical Education Provides Fun And Recreation Physical training makes an important contribution to the program of general education at Richmond Academy. The courses of instruction in sports of all kinds are meant to pro- vide fun and recreation, to improve posture and physical de- velopment, and to promote general fitness and health. The late President of the United States emphasized the importance of physical fitness to all of the youth of our nation. The three years of physical education which are offered at Rich- mond are designed primarily to fill this basic need of every individual.B. J. FORI) BS—Win thro pe ANNETTE HINNER BS—G.S.C.W. Competition is fierce in the girls’ outdoor volleyball games. LYNTHIA MILLER BS—U. of Ga. Martha Stelling comes in for a homerun in an exciting softball game. Girls in the fifth period PE class watch their class- mates play softball. 31STUDENT COUNCIL CO-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES SPEA Nesbit Dasher outlines the various asp33 BEFORE A PACKED GYM of his platform.Tommy Beattie arrives with refresh- ments for the Student Council members who are redecorating the faculty lounge. Student Council Redecorates Faculty Lounge Rosie Wilson, Ben Kay, Sammy Choate, and Polly Maner add finishing touches to the student council Christmas tree. Advisor Mr. Aaron Lively and Council members Nesbit Dasher, Mary Corbitt, Becky Lindsey, Sammy Choate, Polly Maner, and Margaret Flowers proudly display the 1963-64 Student Directory. 34 Richmond Academy’s Student Council is not, as some people might expect, a governing body. The entire purpose of the organization is to serve as a liaison between the students and the faculty and to represent the school at conventions, conclaves, and the like. A liaison? If a student has an idea or a proposition he thinks should be put before the faculty or Mr. Markert, he should see his homeroom representative and have the idea brought before the Student Council. Ac- tually, the Council works much like the United States House of Repre- sentatives. Student Council represents each student in the school equally, and it suggests and promotes programs that would be beneficial to the school. The officers of the group are elected at two separate times. The co- presidents, one boy and one girl, are selected the spring preceding their terms by the entire study body, including the seniors who are graduating. Three boys and three girls vie for the double post. Last year’s candidates were John Weigle, Nesbit Dasher, John McRae, Becky Lindsey, Donna Cowley, and Polly Maner. After a week of campaigning the candidates addressed the entire student body. By ballot the students elected Johnfirst row: P. Maner, J. Weigle, B. Lindsey, R. Wilson, B. Stagg, B. Wood hurst, second row: C. Inabnit, S. Hadden, B. Beggs, I). Cowley, A. Peter- son, C. Ballas, J. Richards, third row: M. A. Stockton, S. Sigman, S. Martin, C. Edenfield, R. McKnight, P. Wilson, Aaron Lively (Advisor). fourth row: L. Luckey, L. Stuntz, J. Jopling, M. Babbitt, fifth row: L. Clary, S. LeRoy, A. Dasher, D. Carruth, J. McRae, sixth row: M. Corbitt, J. Scott, M. Pierce, C. Weathers, M. A. McCormack, B. Mason, D. Paulos, C. Zimmerman, R. Bell, seventh row: N. Dasher, B. Dupree, C. Bowen, L. Butler, L. Alford, T. Beattie, G. Summerall, S. Choate, eighth row: J. Hendricks, F. Hull, L. Davis. L. Calhoun, R. Fortson, M. Idoni, L. Lee. ninth row: B. McKnight, D. Williams, C. Morris, M. J. Rivers, L. Jennings. Weigle and Polly Maner as their leaders for 1963-64. Among Student Council’s standing activities are the jobs of selling Musketeer and ARC orders and campaigning to keep the lunchroom clean. Their special projects include making “pep ribbons for ball games, deco- rating for homecoming and Christmas, and planning to build entrance arches at Walton Way and Baker Street to proclaim the school’s historical background. This year the council undertook the special task of redecorating the faculty lounge. Students repainted the walls, bought curtains, and made the atmosphere of the lounge more pleasing with two large murals. Polly Maner--------- John Weigle -------- Rosie Wilson ------- Becky Lindsey Ben Kay ------------ Martha Harris ...... Robin McKnight Mr. Aaron B. Lively OFFICERS Co-President . Co-President Vice-President ........................ Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Historian Sponsor 35 Candidates for the co-presidency are presented to the student body. They are (left to right) Nesbit Dasher, John McRae, John Weigle, Becky Lindsey, Polly Manor, and Donna Cowley. Leaving the gym, students try’ to convince each other that his candidate is best for the job of co-presidency. Executive Council plans and suggests the issues to be debated in student council meetings. 361964 ARC Features Twenty-Four Pages Of Natural Color Richmond’s annual staff is proud to present the student body with this, the ninth edition of The ARC. One of the features of which die staff is proudest is the large amount of color in this year’s edition. Few high school or college annuals can afford twenty-four pages of natural color photography. Constant alterations of the theme, artistic design, sectional lay- outs, write-ups, and captions are but a few of the major headaches of the staff. Editor Mary Corbitt and Assistant Editor Kit Caldwell seldom trudged homeward until the afternoon sun had set. Jo Buf- fington, Pam Baker, and Bill Bruker devoted many long hours to the arranging of class pictures, both numerically and alphabetically. They shouldered, too, the responsibility of checking and rechecking the class sections for errors. Evelyn Elkin not only edited the features section, but was the jack-of-all-trades around the annual office, lend- ing a helping hand whenever needed. Our Military Editors Nesbit Dasher and John Weigle collaborated to produce a much improved Military Section. Jack Chamey, Dick Carruth, and Judy Woodruff prepared the write-ups to accompany numerous photographs in the Activity and Academic Sections. Annual work, however, does have its satisfactions. The enthusi- astic reception that a yearbook always gets from Richmond’s student body erases the worries and frets of preparation and brings to mind the thrill of a job well done. Business staff workers Jaymee Sowers, Brenda Batchelor, and Sara Hillman post advertising and annual sales. Senior Pam Baker has no doubts about buying an annual, but sophomore Bill Bruker debates whether or not to buy one this year. Assistant Editor Kit Caldwell and Editor Mary Corbitt take time out from staff duties to prepare posters for the final sales campaign of THE ARC. 3738ARC LITERARY STAFF: first row: Kit Caldwell—Asst. Ed.; Evelyn Elkin—Features Ed.; Jo Buffington—Class Ed.; Donna Bastian—Typist; Martha Dilts—Activities Ed. second row: Jack Charney, Judy Woodruff, and Dick Carruth—Writers; Marion Ann Stockton and Jimmy Cald- well—Class Eld.; Johnny Rox and Sylvia Hadden—Sports Ed.; Nesbit Dasher and John Weigle—Military Ed. BUSINESS MANAGER Brenda Batchelor ARC BUSINESS STAFF: first row: Jaymcc Sowers, Brenda Batchelor, Sara Hillman, second row: Connie Guinn, Catherine Wicr, Vicki Parker, Cynthia Balias, Cheryl Dant, Coy Trotti, Mary Hacckcr, Linda Richards, third row: Lynne Bar- field, Don Bell, Ann Badger. BUSINESS ADVISOR T. W. JonesScenes From LOCK, STOCK AND LIPSTICK “What do you mean she’s ‘your girl,’ ” says Larry Donley (Sammy Choate) as he knocks his brother Don (Frank Jemigan) on the floor. Carol Izzard (Lynne Bassford) tries to convince Lurry Donley (Sammy Choate) that a little more studying and a few less auto magazines would help his grades. OFFICERS front: Lynne Shepherd ...... Judy Woodruff ....... Jane Davidowski Sarolyn Martin bach: Mrs. Joan Kaufman .. Miss Carol Lamb Dick Carruth President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor .. Sponsor Sgt.-at-Arms Students look on as guidance counselor Mr. Warren (Maurice Ewing) and Jane Gardner (Linda Turner), a new teacher, “get ac- quainted.” 40Masqueteers Stage Two Plays Each School Year Richmond’s drama club strives to promote an active interest among students in the theatrical arts—both on the stage and behind it. Once a month a program is planned for the benefit of the members. This program may be anything from a demon- stration given by a professional on the art of make-up to a monologue given by one of the members. Two highlights of each school year are the productions of both a one-act and a three-act play. This past February the Masqueteers presented I Love You Truly for the entire student body. It was a one-act comedy concerned with one day’s frantic events in the lives of a couple to be married the following day. Michele Idoni portrayed the bride-to-be and Roger Presnell acted as her somewhat frustrated groom. Last May the drama club presented another comedy—Lock, Stock And Lipstick—in two evening performances for the general public. It was a hilarious portrayal of life in a typical high school. Two boys, who are as different as night and day even though they are brothers, are entering Pembroke High School for the first time. One of them is extremely studious, while the other is the type who would, and eventually does, get accused of stealing the school’s yearbook money. Larry Donley (Sammy Choate), the “not-so-nice” brother, meets Carol Izzard (Lynn Bassford), a girl who needs to be reformed as bad as he does. Later in the play both change somewhat for the better and learn the importance of working hard in school. Don Donley (Frank Jernigan), meanwhile, has found an interest of his own in Mary Lou Brennan (Lynne Shepherd). All the time these events are taking place, a young new member of the faculty, Jane Gardner (Linda Turner), is having trouble adjusting both to her first year as assistant counselor and to Gordon Warren (Maurice Ewing), the regular guidance coun- selor at Pembroke. To top all this off there is a strict old lady principal (Judy Woodruff), who is finding out too late about all the fun she has been missing. Despite these many problems and difficulties all the couples —even the janitor and the maid—get together for an all-around happy ending. first row: R. Lange. L. Alford. J. Woodruff. C. Palmer, S. Roberts, M. Idoni, F. Clarkson, L. Richards, A. Youmans, J. Kafka, L. Shepherd, second row: B. Freeman. B. Schumacher, L Jackson, A. Wilcox, S. Groover, I). Kircheim, K. Claussen, L. Jennings, D. Carruth. third row: M. Dills, S. Martin, M. Rowland. R. Buys, S. Burch, H. Buys, C. Guinn, E. Highsmith, L. Burns, S. Holden, J. Hewctt, H. Masur, R. Presnell, R. Crout. fourth row: J. Davidow- ski. R. Collins. R. Widner, S. Hummel. K. Metcalfe, I). Paulos. V. Nelson, M. Martsolf, R. Poston, L Mitchell, V. Harwell, D. Brandon, S. Choate.Tri-Hi-Y Honors Faculty With Tea Judy Barbara SENIOR OFFICERS seated: Marion Ann Stockton ................. President Cathy Inabnit-------------------------Vice-President Jane Maxwell....... Secretary Judy Bazemore Treasurer standing: Pat Parks Chaplain Judy Woodruff.............. School Projects Chm. Robin McKnight World Service Chm. Catherine Wier ------------ Community Projects Chm. As one of the largest clubs at Richmond, the Tri-Hi-Y has a big responsibility in fulfilling its purpose “to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character.” In order to carry out this theme, each month both clubs planned a school and a community project; and, once a year, a world service project. Some highlights of this year’s program included taking part in a Christmas tree sale sponsored by the YMCA. Members of Richmond’s Tri-Hi- and Hi-Y worked alternately at the sale with members from other schools over a two-week period. At Thanksgiving, the club gave a basket of food to a needy family. In February, both Tri-Hi-Ys sponsored a tea for the faculty. It was held in the lunchroom after school on Valentine’s Day. A spaghetti supper was held in the spring as the world service project for this year. Also in the spring, the senior Tri-IIi-Y sent three delegates to the Georgia State Youth Convention in Atlanta. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y: first row: E. Calhoun, P. Baker, C. Wier, C. Ballas, L. Barfield, C. Dant, J. Kelly, C. Jones, P. Parks, S. Deck. second row: C. Hall, V. Hall, E. Channel!, S. Carlisle, V. Nelson, K. Pond, D. Bastian, C. Jones, J. Bazemore. third row: M. A. Stockton, M. Murray, B. Schumacher, L. Manly, C. Warner, M. Rowland, N. Badger, J. Richards, K. Caldwell, fourth row: J. Batchelor, P. Femald, R. McKnight, I). A. Kirchheim, P. Mancr, M. Bush, C. Inabnit, M. Corbitt, S. Walker. 42Bazemore receives money from Lynne Shepherd, Schumacher, Gail Williamson, and Beryl Tyson for Tri-Hi-Y Christmas Tree options. Judy Woodruff and Shannon Roberts sene punch to the faculty members at the Teachers’ Tea given by Tri-Hi-Y. JUNIOR-SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Suzanne LcRoy-----------------------------President Hazel Hill Secretary Joy Hewett Community Projects Chm. Cathy Wallace World Service Chm. JUNIOR-SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y: first row: C. White, L. Shafer, C. Bowen, L. Harrison, A. Butler, M. J. Rivers, J. Miles, A. Badger, M. Babbitt, F. Wren, N. Hogan, second row: J. Hewett, B. Fahrcn- bruck, M. Harris, G. Smith, N. Kimball, R. Whaley, M. Flowed, K. Deason, L. Clary, M. Dills, third row: S. Burch, L. Sible, B. Tvson, D. L. Roper, M. Randall. C. Hamilton, J. Kuhn, L. Randall, S. Gay. J. A. Morrow, H. Eubanks, S. LeRoy. fourth row: J. Fancy, C. Trotti, G. Williamson, J. Cauthcn, L. Bowers, R. Wilson, L. Turnbull, S. Roberts, C. Fountain, J. Carpenter, J. A. Radford. 43mgm The Musketeer is being stapled and addressed for delivery to advertisers and to other schools. EDITORIAL STAFF Jack Charney Diane Conner Winston Freeman Ed Hill Editor Associate Editor . Photography --------- Sports first row: Elizabeth Calhoun, Julie Kelly, Cynthia Balias, Donna Cowley, Linda McElreath, Becky Lindsey, second row: Jack Charney, Jo Buffington, Judy Beason, Brenda Batchelor, Randy Toney, Cecelia Prestwood, Susie Vocgeli, Winston Freeman, third row: Marion Ann Stockton, Pat Minnick, 44 Lavonia Salley, Mary Haecker, Cheryl Dant, Larry Mitchell, fourth row: Amy Leonard, Molly Slagle, Linda Scott, Ronnie Strength, Jimmy Elsey, Arthur Haecker, Evelyn Channel!, Bruce Anderson.THE MUSKETEER—An Outstanding School Paper In The Southeast. The Musketeer is Richmond Academy’s only regular publication, appearing eight times yearly in newspaper form. It is one of the finest high school papers in the South, as is evidenced when it is compared with those papers of other schools. This year, the staff of the paper numbered thirty students, headed by editor Jack Charney and associate editor Diane Corner. The faculty advisor is Mr. George M. Scott. The slick paper “sheet” brings Academy stu- dents and alumni closer together as it reports all the happenings, both large and small, around the school. ADVISOR George M. Scott Some 800 Richmond students subscribe to the paper while 300 free copies are mailed to active alumni and boosters. At every appearance of The Musketeer numerous single copies are sold, too. The Musketeer is also exchanged with fifty or sixty school publications, both high school and college, located in such diverse places as California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Ala- bama, and Mexico, so that it further increases the range of people who are familiar with the Academy. The paper has now been in circulation for thirty-five years, and it is a true credit to our school. Jack Charney and Dianne Conner work on a headline schedule for a forthcoming edition of The Musketeer. Connie Guinn and Mary Haecker discuss prospective ad- vertisers for The Musketeer. 45Girls’ Athletic Association Provide The Girls’ Athletic Association provides a grand op- portunity for all interested girls to participate in many dif- ferent types of sports. Not only does it provide an incentive for physical activity, it also gives the girls a chance to know each other better and to develop good sportsmanship. The money-making project for each year is usually a barbecue held in the spring, for which all members sell Beth Dupree and Cathy Woodward (facing camera) battle it out with Susan Olden and Libby Burns in one of the many Girls’ Athletic Association Tournaments. first row: A. Hanson, S. Carlisle, L. Barfield. M. Rivers, C. Balias. Cath- erine Wier, Becky Lindsey, C. Inabnit, P. Wilson, second row: C. Bowen, H. Masur, J. Cauthen. R. Wilson. M. McCormack, J. Richards. T. Fernald, A. Peterson, S. Martin. I). Cowley, third row: C. Mothner. J. Miles, A. Darling, M. Rowland, M. Pierce, H. Hendee, B. Dupree, L. Burns. V. Nelson, S. Hadden, N. Badger, N. Foreman, fourth row: D. Kircheim, E. Channell, C. Woodward, S. Olden, J. Woodruff, L. Luckey, B. Beggs, L. Gibboney, L. Bowers, S. Roberts. 46Physical Fitness Program For Richmond Girls tickets. Besides this, the Girls’ Athletic Association partici- pates in both the Homecoming Exhibits and the School Pep Contest. Some of the activities it sponsors are bowling, volley- ball, basketball, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and softball. In a few of these activities, tournaments are held with clubs from other area schools. CAA Council: first row: Cynthia Balias, Catherine Wier, Trisha Fernald. second row: Barbara Bcggs, Jean Richards, Judy Wood- ruff, Cathy Inabnit. Of all the sports that CAA offers its members, basketball is the favorite. OFFICERS Sylvia Hadden .......President Donna Cowley ....... Treasurer Becky Lindsey.— Senior Point Mgr. Evelyn Channcll Chaplain 47 condition HIT. A-BUTTER ( 6-WHOLE GRAINS C-UME O-MILK E-NUTS Molly Slagle, Margaret Murray, and Lucy Shafer prepare a home economics bulletin board on the “abe’s” of good nutrition. Barbara Stewart turns the presidential gavel over to Linda Scott as Sandra Burch (Vice-Pres.), Dianne Brown (Sec.), Molly Slagle (Treas.), and Emily Bryans (Committee Chair- man) look on. Richmond's Future Homemakers Take An Active Part In School And Community Projects ARC’s Future Homemaker Club members have indeed taken an active interest in projects for their school and community this year. Besides entering many of the contests sponsored by the school, our future homemakers held a party for the children at an orphans’ home during Christmas. The State Future Homemakers organization emphasized good nutrition in its program at the state convention last year, so the club has attempted to carry out this theme in many of its projects for the year. They also sent several delegates to the Second District convention at the end of February; there new officers were elected for the coming year. We may truly say that the girls who are members of ARC’s club will make fine homemakers of the future. seated: Carol Libby, Sandra Burch, Linda Scott, Molly Slagle, Geddings, Anita Burns, Elizabeth Poppcll, Janet Thetford, Lucy Emily Bryans, Cynthia Smoak. standing: Ruth Lange, Beverly Shafer, Barbara Stewart. Teasley, Susan Bryant, Elva Highsmith, Margaret Murray, Wanda 48first row: L. Kline, C. Warner, D. Mangan, E. Calhoun, P. Baker, J. Batchelor, S. Voegeli. second rote: C. Jones, L. Barfield, C. Dant, J. Kelly, C. Jones, C. Wier, A. Wilcox, J. Maxwell, D. Bastian, L. Gaskin. third row: C. Chambers, H. Masur, P. Baber, C. Murphy, P. Suydam, V. Nelson, C. Balias, T. Fcrnald, V. Norton, C. Zimmerman, J. Baze- more, E. Channel!, B. Stewart, B. Dupree, fourth rote: B. Mulherin, E. Merry, B. Jopling, D. Riley, R. Wilson, J. Cauthen. Future Teachers Sponsor Student-Faculty Basketball Game Richmond’s Future Teachers of America acquaint students with the teach- ing profession. Members learn what being a modern teacher actually entails —both inside and outside the classroom. The main project of the club is the sponsoring of the annual student- faculty basketball game. The funds from this game go toward two scholarships for students wishing to become teachers. Other activities during the year include publicizing American Education Week and sending members to the state Future Teachers of America convention. OFFICERS seated: Linda Gaskin President Jane Maxwell Vice-President Miss Jacqueline Marshall---------------------------Sponsor standing: Donna Bastian Secretary Trisha Fernald ................................. Treasurer Cheryl Dant .................................... Chaplain Julie Kelly Historian Lynne Barfield Parliamentarian Catherine Wier, Charlotte Jones, and Ann Wilcox announce the date of this year's student-faculty game.MELODY MAKERS: first row: E. Wallace, V. Nelson, second row. S. Walker, M. J. R. Crout. third row: J. Davidowski, S. Jackson, T. Whitaker, fourth row: B. John Metcalfe, M. Bush, J. Boehm, L. Canuette. CHORALIERS: first row: G. Hollins, S. Payton, P. Farmer, M. Dunaway, D. Paulos, S. A. Smith, B. Freeman, second rote: S. Chancey, D. Mangan, C. Bennett, T. Palmer, J. Self, P. Champion, J. Plunkett, N. Tucmler. third row: S. Jones, K. Metcalfe, S. Deck, J. Kitchens, C. Schlein, R. Kirkpatrick, S. Harbeson, H. Buys, fourth row: J. Davidowski, R. Buys, C. Cook, J. Helm, C. Adams, C. Smoak, L. Gaskin, C. Rogers. Choral Department Performs For Off-Campus Organizations Richmond’s Choral Department presents programs all through the year featuring its three basic groups. These three choirs are the Choraliers, composed of girls only, the Singing Musketeers, made up of hoys only, and the Senior Choir, com- posed of hoys and girls. All three groups have been extremely active during the year. The whole music department presented a Christmas program for the Optimists’ Club. The Senior Choir performed for the Rotary Club, Fort Gordon, and the Lynwood Hospital; the Singing Musketeers also presented an arrangement for the Rotary Club. The Choraliers performed at the Augusta Country Club. Of course, all this activity had to be co-ordinated and Mrs. Hodges, the music teacher, did an excellent job. The Choral Department continues to be one of the finest groups on campus, as they provide entertainment for the student body and the general public on a cultural level. OFFICERS bottom to top: Sharyn Deck --------------------- President Karen Metcalfe ............. Vice-President Ruth Buys--------------------------Secretary Diane Paulos-----------------------Treasurer NanCy Tucmler .................. Historian Jessie Self------------------------Librarian Lee Wanna Lucas Librarian Janet Helm-------------------------Historian 50SENIOR CHOIR: first row: M. A. Walden. Mrs. Hodges, second row: M. A. Griffin, K. Jones, P. Holley, C. Burns, N. Ivey, J. McCarthy, M. Hartsoe, B. Bull, A. Sheehan, W. Shelly, third row: M. Newman, J. Golden, B. Tarno, D. Fahrenbruck. fourth row: D. Smith, J. Barnes, A. Wilson, J. Pyle, S. Walker, B. Riner, T. Santino. fifth row: K. Ellis, K. Cooper, E. Bolder, D. Brown, C. Willis, J. Helm. M. Bush, E. Petrea, B. Taylor, sixth rote: D. Riley, S. Hillman, B. Coursey, L. Hollingsworth, K. Wheatley, G. Saverance, R. Widncr. seventh row: J. Williams, W. Cheatham, D. Adams, T. Whitaker, R. Alford, eighth row: B. Johnson. R. Jackson, W. Herron, J. Boehm. ninth row: C. Douglas, C. Kirkland, M. Smith, L. Canuette, R. Schaeffer. R. Simmons. OFFICERS Russell Widner President Bill Johnson Vice-President Sue Walker ....................... Treasurer Keather Wheatley Secretary Bobbie Coursey Librarian Walter Cheatham .................. Librarian Robert Alford .................. Gen. Mgr. John C. Boehm Historian Melody Makers Present Varied Facets Of The World Of Music Melody Makers was formed in response to a demand by Richmond Academy students who wish to listen to good music and to learn more about it. Planned programs are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at a member’s home and are followed by a social hour. Programs mainly consist of guest speakers and artists, record reviews, and open discussions. Melody Makers is open to all students at ARC and is not limited to students in the choral department. OFFICERS seated: Connie Cook President Jane Plunkett — Secretary standing: Jimmy Mills Vice-President Walter Cheatham.................. Treasurer P. McCarthy, J. Self, J. Sowers, S. Hillman, Moore, P. Smith, L. W. Lucas, W. Cheatham, Chancey, C. Cook, T. Alford, B. Coursey, R. son, J. Plunkett, R. Widncr, J. Mills, K. 51SINGING MUSKETEERS: first row: Charles Kirkland, John Boehm, Wal- ter Cheatham, Robert Alford, Jim Williams, Russell Widncr, Alva Gaskins, Grady Campbell, Charles Douglas, second rote: David Adams, Clayton Young Conservatives Favor Young Americans for Freedom is a national organization dedicated to the principle of efficiency in government. Although there is no party division in the club, all members are ultra- conservative. The organization has adopted many of Senator Barry Gold- Chandler, Jessie Johnson, Wayne Shelly, Joel Riner, Lanny Canucttc, Billy Taylor, Bill Johnson. Robert Collins. Government Efficiency water’s ideas. They take as their challenge, “For the American conservative there is no difficulty in identifying the overriding political challenge of our day. It is to extend and preserve free- dom.”—Senator Barry Goldwater first rote: Sonny Pittman (Pres.), Larry Annis (Vicc-Pres.), Mary Haecker Matt Bowers, Landy Butler, Thomas King, Rupert Langford, Julian Jumper, (Sec.), Art Haecker (Treas.). second row: Sam Ramsey, John Huggins, Bill Pitts, Mr. John Lutz (Advisor). 52first rote: Clayton Chandler, Tom Wilson, Boh Babcock, John Gaines, Eddie Holtzclaw. second row: Lansing Lee, A1 Dasher, Bob Stagg, Ben Kay, John Jopling, Larry Fhalin, Tom Daniel, Pat McDonald, third row: Jerry Solomon, Bill Snellings, Carl Gustafson, Dusty Rhoades, Jimmy Burnside, John McRae, Glenn Davis, fourth roiv: Thomas Beeson, Robert Murray, Nesbit Dasher, Bob Wroodhurst, Pat Smith, Tommy Dearing, Mike Kreisberg, Tommy Beattie, John Weigle. Key Club Serves The Community One of the largest and most influential organizations on campus is the Key Club. Enrolling its membership by invitation only, this service club lists many of Richmond’s most outstanding male students on its roster. Key Club has directed its efforts this year toward improving the school. At Thanksgiving members collected food and money for a needy family; their Christmas campaign was “Toys for Tots.” The placement of flagstands in each homeroom was another project for which the Key Club was responsible. Besides these activities members help collect for the March of Dimes and the Easter Seal campaigns. SWEETHEART Robin McKnight OFFICERS standing: Nesbit Dasher ............................... President seated: Bob Woodhurst Vice-President Tommy Dearing Secretary John Jopling Treasurer 53Debating Club Argues Question Of Medicare Few people have the natural ability to express their opinions on a given subject in a clear, concise manner. This is, however, a talent which may he successfully developed through the training and practice gained in the Debating Club. The subject of the debates for this school year, as suggested by Emory University, is Medicare. Since it is difficult to present a formal argument extemporaneously, a great deal of preparation is necessary to familiarize oneself with all aspects of the subject to he debated. Members of the debating teams do their research and then meet twice a month to present the affirmative and negative arguments on the subject of Medicare. seated: Mary Bush (Pres.), Jeff Loftiss (Vice-Pres.), Doris Ann Kirchheim (Sec.), Edward Merry (Pari.), Mrs. Anne Rawson. standing: David Strauss, Robert Crout, Shannon Roberts, Robert McCarthy, Lee Simmons, Tommy King. Explorer Post Ten Builds Future Leaders Explorer Post Ten is affiliated with the Ex- plorer Scouts of America. The post is set up for boys from the ages of fifteen to eighteen and is de- signed to develop character, citizenship, and physical fitness. The group acts as a community service organization for the Boy Scouts of America, par- ticipating in the Polio Campaign, the March of Dimes, and the Cancer Crusade. Richmond Academy’s Post specializes in marks- manship. For the past four years Post Ten has placed among the top ten teams in the National Rifle Association-Boy Scouts of America matches. But in addition to all these activities, Explorer Post Ten above all senes the ideals of physical and mental fitness and moral decency. first row (I. to b.): Sgt. Sam Landrum, Joe Reid, Marion Durst, Jack Shauck, Barry Robinson (Pres.), John McRae (Vice-Pres.). second row: Mike Raley, Randy Inglett, Hank Garrett, Tommy Harley, Vernon Ferris, Rick Bowers (Cabinet Rep.). 54Junior Toastmasters Gain Poise Through Practice Junior Toastmasters offers valuable experience for the public speakers of tomorrow. Speech students are required to give extemporaneous talks as well as pre- pared speeches. This training will enable the Junior Toast- masters to address large audiences with poise. The art of public speaking is a difficult and an important one to master. Junior Toastmasters Club facili- tates the attainment of this versatility and, in so doing, makes the course more enjoyable. first row: Holly Shurtleff (Pres.), Joy Collins (Vicc-Pres.), Betty cent Holsten, Linda Scott, Molly Slagle, Harriet Masur, Chris Barton (Sec.-Trcas.), Robin McKnight (Pari.), second row: Vin- Nick, Jack Fishman. first row: L. Edwards (Pres.), L. Burns (Vice-Pres.), J. Poss (Sec.) L Kline, (Treas.), Mrs. Mary Hall, Mrs. Minnie Sackett. second row: C Hattaway, L. Harris J. Grant, L. Newman, S. Holden, P. Williams. J. Key. third row: V. Pulliam M. Brake, I. Harms- mirer, B. Batchelor, M. Radford. L. Hammett, D. Stewart, fourth row: S. Bryant, S. Walton, M. Purvis, A. Corbett, L. Riley, A. Youngblood. Future Secretaries—New Addition To Roster Of Clubs ARC’s Future Secretaries Association, thbugh only formed after the .beginning of the second se- mester, promises to be a worthwhile organization. It is sponsored by the local Fairways Association. Its purpose is to further interest in business careers and to see that each girl gets off to a good start in her occupation. During the year several activities were planned. In February formal initiation and installation cere- monies were held. A tea was given in April during National Secretaries Week. We may be sure that these girls will find a place in their chosen profession with the aid of such a career-minded group. 55ARC's Band Ranks Among first row: Linda McElreath, Kathy Tuggle, Jessie Rae Davis, Doris Zeigler, Sherry Hammett Susan Wray, Virginia Gunn, Janet Bruce, Cheryl Temples, Jeanne Alshrooks, Jack Corry, Chri Nick, Janet Thetford, Susan Kearney, Marlyn Holley, Deloris Hammond, Susan Robins, Jo Am Radford, Bea Worthy, Molly Slagle, Katherine Horn, second row: Louis Friedman—director Robert Johnson, Danny Bowdoin, Russell Widner, Earl Allen, Tommy Greene—drum major, thin row: Miller Hutto, Louis Tjovaris, Daniel Antopolsky, Ronnie Sprayberry, Vernon Harwell Byron Williams, Larry Thompson, fourth row: Johnny Hughs, Craig Temples, Terry Sperry 56mmm The Finest in Georgia Robert Grout, Frank Melts, Cranston Collins, Virgil Atkins, Wayne Rincr, David Smoak. fifth row: Johnny Williams, Eugene Peebles, Pete Rogers, Arthur Bailey, James Kimberly, Gerald Hudson, Robert Collins, Arthur Benton, Jo Anne Stone, John Latimer, Cnee Keel, sixth row: Jerry Solomon, Nancy Miller, Judy Swint, Margie King, Danny Stone, Bill Coryell, Lee Powell, Mike Davis, Donald McKenzie, Sara Gillespie, Noel Luke, Robert Noles, seventh row: Patricia Rogers, Rolston Wilder, Bonnie Alsbrooks, Sandra Boatman. Donald Johnson, Mike Lane, Michael Wrenn, Ed Stringer, Clayton Chandler, Donna Schneider, Charlotte Jones, Danny Wyatt. 57DIRECTOR Lewis Friedman BAND COUNCIL: seated: Mike Lane, Tommy Greene, Russell Widner. standing: Mike Davis, Robert Collins, Nancy Smith, Ronnie Sprayberry. Band Adds Pep At Football Games ARC scores again! Strike up the band! Whether it he “Glory, Glory to Richmond” or “Dixie,” there is always plenty of hand clapping and foot-stomping to shake the stands. Spirit is raised to a pitch during the game action by the “battle songs” the Academy band plays. Then the mood changes as the “music makers” take to the field for their half-time activities. The precision movements and the music are as good as any band could produce. No one can argue with the fact that the band adds more to football games than anything, other than the football team. Not only do our “marching musicians” produce school spirit, but for many years they have been recognized as one of the best concert bands in the area. Mr. Lewis F riedman, band director, and Jeanne Alsbrooks, Georgia State twirling champion, have developed another great combination of music, marching, and fun for the ARC students and supporters. DRUM MAJOR Tommy Greene ARC band marches to the stadium to assist at the pep rally.Allied Medical Careers Club Wins First Place In Homecoming Projects “Duty demands that we do things well, Love makes us do them beautifully.” This purpose exemplifies the character and accomplishments of ARC’s Allied Medical Careers Club. Because each member has strived to live up to this purpose, the club has succeeded in many worthwhile endeavors throughout the school and community. Each girl or boy in the club who is at least sixteen may work as a volunteer at one of the hospitals in Augusta. The club holds an annual banquet in the spring at which time an award is given to the year’s most outstanding member. AMC also sends delegates to the state convention at Pine Mountain, Georgia, in March. Finally, AMC has the honor of being the club to win both the homecoming exhibit and the school spirit contests for this year. AMC’s winning “Jinx Jenkins ’’display won first place in the homecoming projects competition OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Mrs. Betty Chandler Sponsor Connie Guinn------------------------------Secretary Mary Haccker .. Juliette Dreifuss Hazel Buys first row: C. Guinn, M. Haccker, S. Marsh, J. Dreifuss, B. Cloy, P. Paul. L. Steinburg, B. Williams, M. Turner, R. Henk. second row: P. Carson, R. Kirkpatrick, K. Pond, L. Barnes, S. Roberts, C. Fountain, L. Luckey, N. Foreman, L. Dyches. third row: J. Davis, M. Hancock, D. Anderson, D. Blalock, J. Huntington, B. Schumacher, J. Thetford, A. Olive, P. McGarry, E. Highsmith, J. McGahee. fourth row: D. Waller, M. Nixon, B.’ Tamo, M. Low, L. Bell, R. Buys, C. Libby, H. Buys, A. Haeker. J. Beatty, fifth row: G. Boswell, A. Leonard, M. Dills, K. Jones. B. Haire, G. Fuse, Y. Wittmus, P. Brown, H. Mc- Gahee, P. Farmer, W. Geddings. 59seated: John McRae (Pres.), Donna Rastian (Vice-Prcs.), Marion Ann Stockton (Sec.), Nesbit Dasher (Treas.), Pat Parks (Pari.), Judy Basemore (Chapl.). standing: Charlotte Jones, Gayle Derriso, Lynda Manley, Sharyn Deck, Linda Gaskin, Charlotte Chambers, Miss Ruth McAuliffe (Advisor). Beta Club Honors High Scholastic Achievement Membership in the Beta Club at Richmond Academy is indeed a highly prized achievement because members must have attained an “A” average in every subject. As part of the National Beta Club, Richmond s chapter strives to promote scholarship among all students and to enrich and to broaden the ideals and goals of its members. One of the several projects that Beta Club engaged in this year was its homecoming project, for which it won second place. Hi-Y Plans Projects To Benefit The School And Community Sponsored by the YMCA, Hi-Y is a Christian club for high school boys. The purpose of this club is to create and maintain high standards of Christian character. Hi-Y sponsors several successful projects every year. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y’ were co-sponsors this year of a Christmas tree sale. Proceeds were given to the Hi-Y Council, which plans over- all for the lli-Ys and Tri-Hi-Ys of the area. These two groups also collaborated to plan a second Teen Talk Conference since the conference sponsored last year was so successful. first row: Bob Stagg (Chap.), Jack Shauck (Pres.), Lansing Ix e (Sec.), Ben Kay (Treas.), Bob Woodhurst (Vice-Prcs.). second row: Mr. H. F. be Roy, Hugh McElderry, Dick Carruth, Bobby Martin, third row': Frank Metis, Barr r Robinson, Louis Mertins, A1 Dasher, fourth row: John Mc- Rae, William Howard, Gordon Turner. 60first row: Janet Welch, Marie Meyers, Sandra Marcus, Juliet Dreifuss, Patsy Van Buren, Sandra Clark, second row: Polly Adams, Gayle Odom, Brenda Bailey, Martha Page, Amelia Kelly, Mr. James Davis (advisor), third row: Paul Gray, James Rhodes, Gene Thompson, Bill Beddingfield, Sammy Testino, James Steele, Ted Bentley, Virginia Mixon, Paul King, fourth row: Theron Thurmond, Jan Holley, J. W. Anderson, James Hobbs, Billy Park, Warren Martin, Joe OTyson. Distributive Education Students Acquire Experience In Saleswork One of Richmond's most useful groups possibly is the least known around school. The Distributive Education club teaches its members certain skills of saleswork through the various shops in the vocational building. But its sendee does not end there. Once a student becomes relatively proficient in his chosen field, the club procures a job for him, at which he can earn more than just “a little folding money.” For its unique program, the club’s members have specially tailored course schedules which enable them to take their academic courses in the morning and have the afternoon free for their on-the-job training. Inter-Club Council—A President's Council The Inter-Club Council is a special group made up of the presidents of each of Richmond s clubs. It functions at the beginning of the year in seeing that the meeting dates of the clubs do not conflict; later it correlates their various activities. Instead of electing a president to preside at all meetings, each member takes his turn presiding. first row (t. to b.): John McRae, John Weigle, Russell Widner, Polly Maner, Linda Gaskin, Lynda Manly, Connie Cook, Sharyn Deck, second row: Mr. Aaron Lively, Jack Shauck, Mary Bush. Linda Scott, Suzanne LeRoy, Nesbit Dasher. Sylvia Hadden, Lynne Shepherd. Marion Ann Stockton. 61Miss Julie Kelly. 1963-64 Honorary Cadet Colonel, returned to tb« CADET CORPS PRESENTS ARMS AFTERRETURN OF COLORS Military' 63 corps its colors during an impressive ceremony in ARC’s stadium.Academy Cadet Corps prepares to enter the stadium for the Sabre Day ceremonies. Richmond's Military Tradition Continues To Prosper On A Voluntary Basis Military has always been an integral part of the Academy of Richmond County. This can be seen in the crest worn by the R.O.T.C. Cadet Corps. The bugle, sabre, and rifle of the military form a gold cross on a purple shield, thus joining the symbols of the Corp6 with the school colors. On either side of the shield is the date 1783, and underneath is the Latin inscription Antiquis Simus, The Oldest. All these symbols reflect the important part that military has played since its entrance into the life of the schooLsonfe ninety-five years ago. The Academy of Richmond County was chartered by the Georgia Legislature in 1783, hence the date and inscription on the crest. Military life did not begin at Richmond, however, until shortly after the War Between the States w'hen Colonel George W. Rains reopened the school in 1868. At this time students had to march to and from classes in military formation. In 1882 military drill was instituted by Captain J. 0. Clark, and in 1898 a military department was formed under the supervision of Major George B. Butler. This was the actual beginning of military at A.R.C. In 1926 the Academy moved from its quarters on Tel- fair Street to its present site. This same year a Junior R.O.T.C. unit was installed by the Department of War. In 1950 the Acad- emy become coeducational. In recent years, with the completion of Richmond’s new gymnasium and the installment of a physical education program, military training has become optional. Each year, nevertheless, more than fifty percent of Richmond’s boys enroll in this pro- gram which has become so great a part of our school tradition. 64Colors On Review Be it a parade, a return of colors ceremony, or half-time activities at an ARC football game, Richmond’s Color Guard is there adding dignity and pomp to the occasion. Here Color Guard members Bobby Wilkerson, Bobby Agner, Marion Crooke and Bill Johnson march from ARC stadium after the Corps colors have been returned for another year. 65Cadet Lieutenant Ricky Burnett instructs his unit, E Company’s First Platoon, to “look sharp” on inspection day. Captain Kenneth Phelps makes corrections for first year cadets during an inspection. Each squad must become proficient in stacking its weapons. Junior R.O.T.C. Teaches Cadets The Principles Of Leadership The student who graduates from the Academy of Richmond County, having taken part in the Junior R.O.T.C. program, can consider himself lucky. Military instruction teaches the cadet respect for authority and the need for self-discipline. The student who shows leadership possibilities in his first years of military assumes a position of leadership as a cadet officer in his senior year. The training provided by the Military Department can be of infinite value to the cadet in the future. It is from such training that the leaders of tomorrow emerge.Surwart, uniforms SF.C. A'ited, and Tommy lets soon 10; leit to rW' Scoit. Join -my Rinkcr. Sophomore e jeli-disciph”1 Maddox, 3« Tomphms, 1 cleaning responsoMiss Julio Kelly returns the colors to the Battalion Color Guard. Cadet Lt. Colonel Don Bell receives sabre from his mother. Sabre Day Ceremonies Begin 1963-64 Military Activities ARC’s Battalion formed for its first parade of the year on October 31, 1963. Miss Julie Kelly, the Honorary Cadet Colonel, inspected the Battalion and returned the colors which had been in her keeping during the summer. After the return of the Colors the cadet officers were presented their sabres by their mothers. The student body and many interested citizens attended the ceremonies. Sabre Day Ceremonies end as the Corps passes in review. 68Captain Phelps Supervises Activities Of R.O.T.C. Battalion Captain Kenneth C. Phelps Professor of Military Science Capain Kenneth C. Phelps has served as Professor of Military Science at the Academy of Richmond County for the past two years. A graduate of Okolona High School in Okolona, Arkansas, Captain Phelps attended Henderson State Teachers College until 1945. At that time he entered the United States Army to serve in World War II. After receiving his discharge in 1946, he returned to Hender- son State, where he received his commission in the school’s reserve unit. Prior to his assignment at the Academy, Captain Phelps was a member of the U.S. Army Instructor Group at Texas Christian University. At present he takes an active part in church and community affairs in ad- dition to his many military responsibilities. Members of the Academy Instructor Croup are company advisors as well as teachers, left to right: S.F.C. Sam Landrum, S.F.C. Hubert Williams, S.F.C. Alfred Elrod, and M Sgt. John Roberts. 69Military Ball begins each year with the Grand March. MISS JULIE KELLY CHOSEN 1963-64 HONORARY CADET COLONEL FROM RICH- MOND’S TOP TEN. seated: Miss Julie Kelly, first row: Miss Beverly Mulherin, Miss Robin McKnight, Miss Lynne Barfield, Miss Donna Cowley, Miss Barbara Rice, second row: Miss Becky Lindsey, Miss Ann Phillips, Miss Jane Maxwell, Miss Elizabeth Calhoun. 16th Annual Military Ball Highlights The Spring Season March 29 opened the spring season with the 16th Annual Military Ball. The Grand March of officers and their sponsors started the Ball. After the Grand March, everyone danced to the music of the Citadel Bulldogs. Highlighting the evening was the crowning of the new Honorary Cadet Colonel by Miss Bena Knight, last year’s Honorary Cadet Colonel. Miss Julie Kelly was chosen from the Top Ten as Honorary Cadet Colonel for this year. The ten girls in Top Ten were selected by the Cadet Corps. 70Students and faculty enjoy the fun and dancing of the Ball.front row: R. Weeks, J. McRae, R. Bowers, second row: F. Abbott, D. Carpenter, E. Fellers, W. Inglett, N. Dasher, third row. W. Schmidt, J. Gaines, A. Haack, J. Weigle, W. Hatcher, fourth row: R. Burnett, J. Shauck, B. Robinson, F. Loner, J. Wheatley, J. Jopling, B. White, fifth row: D. Rollins, D. Hammond, R. Langston, R. Holsonbake, J. Sammons; D. Antonakos, C. Bryngelson, T. Dearing. Sabre Club Sponsors Military Ball Richmond Academy’s Sabre Club is comprised of all commissioned officers in the Academy Corps of Cadets. The club, besides being a social organiza- tion, provides a place where the corps leaders can discuss and remedy the many problems of operating an efficient battalion. The Sabre Club’s biggest project is the Annual Military Ball. As the spring season approaches, all cadets look forward to this festive event. The pro- ceeds from the Military Ball are used to provide a scholarship for a deserving student at Augusta College. 72 OFFICERS front: Nesbit Dasher—Pres, left to right: Tommy Dearing—Treas., John McRae—Vice-Prcs., John Weigle—Sec., Carl Bryngelson—Chap., Billy White—Pari.Rifle Team Teaches Marksmanship And Rifle Safety Richmond Academy’s Rifle Team, under the able counseling of S.F.C. Sam Landrum, works to promote rifle safety and to perfect marksmanship skills. This year s team is strictly extra-curricular, and its members are selected from among the most qualified cadets in each R.O.T.C. company. Cadet Major John McRae and Cadet Lieutenant Barry Robinson are the Rifle Team’s assistant coaches. By virtue of his consistently high scores, Cadet Lieutenant Jack Shauck sets the pace for the team. A.R.C.’s schedule includes matches with teams from Fort Gordon. Savannah, Macon, Athens, and Atlanta. front row, left to right: Barry Robinson, John McRae, Jack Shauck. second row: Larry Darnell, Hank Garrett, Vernon Ferris, Randy Inglett. third row: Walker McWce, Joe Reid, Clinton Harley, Marion Durst, Joe Shields. Joe Reid “ready to fire” from the kneeling position . Rifle Team members fire practice rounds on A.R.G’s indoor rifle range, left to right: Vernon Ferris, Gene Salet, Mike Gill, Randy Inglett, Tommy Harley. 73Battalion Commander And Honorary Cadet Colonel 74 LIEUTENANT COLONEL DON BELL MISS JULIE KELLYBattalion Commander s Staff Headed By Two Cadet Majors Major Nesbit Dasher, Battalion Executive Officer, and Miss Becky Lindsey. Major John McRae, Battalion Training and Operations Officer, and Miss Nancy Garrett.Battalion Staff Handles Administrative Affairs Of Cadet Corps Captain Robert Weeks, Battalion Supply Officer, and Miss.Garen Higgins. 76Lt. Walter Schmidt, Battalion Ass’t. Supply Officer, and Miss Lavonia Salley. P Lt. Barry Robinson, Battalion Ass’t. Training and Opera- tions Officer, and Miss Sarolyn Martin. 77 Commander Don Bell leads staff and battalion into ARC stadium for return of colors ceremony.Captain Frank Abbott, Company Commander, and Miss Mary Ann McCormack. Lt. Jack Shauck, Executive Officer, and Miss Donna Bastian. Company A Lt. Dean Antonakos and Miss Cecelia Prestwood. Lt. David Rollins and Miss Linda McCaskilL 78 Lt. Danny Hammond and Miss Linda McElreath.FIRST PLATOON first row: D. Antonakos, M. Tillman, L. Lee, B. McKnight, B. Olive, J. Boehm. L. Thompson, second row: R. Poston, J. Rox, C. Douglas, P. Graves, W. Me Wee, A. Spillner. third row: L. Annis, J. Hinton, J. Loftiss, T. Culpepper, T. Garrard, R. Bclding, M. Judy. SECOND PLATOON first row: D. Rollins, J. Jumper, F. Durst, G. Frost, K. Adams, S. Williams, C Osborn, B. Brownlow, L. Hernandez, second row: G. Cox, A. Dasher, B. Badger, R. Hillman, W. Westbrook, T. Baker, T. Bailey, T. Thornton, third row: F. Darlington, G. Oddi, L. Darnell, R. Stewart, M. Pagano, M. Sullivan, W. Pitts, H. Bentley, R. Clifton. THIRD PLATOON first row W. Morris Tombesi. • D Hammond, J. Sorrells, D. Cloud, B. Babcock, R. Tompkins, M. Brashear, R. Pelt, R. Easier, E. Beddingfield. second row: L. Holden D Smith, is, M. Peterson, C. Nicholson, J. Hattaway, D. Buck, third row: D. Hinnant, R. Johnson, J. Massey, G. Harrison, E. Hall, J. Scott, D. Hendnx, I. 79Captain Dwight Carpenter, Company Commander, and Miss Libby Hughes. Lt. Richard Langston, Executive Officer, and Miss Sandye Watson. Company B Lt. Johnnie Sammons and Miss Ann Phillips. Lt. Tommy Dcaring and Miss Rosie Wilson. 80 Lt. Billy White and Miss Sylvia Hadden.FIRST PLATOON first row: J. Summons, B. Antonopoulos, H. Zobel, B. Glass, H. Sulzycki, T. Murphcy, T. Rincr, J. Czura. second row: B. Woodhurst, R. Moore, C. Miere, D. Knapp, W. Daniel, B. Brucker, J. Boardman. third row: R. Thompson, J. Boulineau, S. Ramsey, W. Herron, M. Scherck, H. Steinberg, P. Meggins. SECOND PLATOON first row: T. Dearing, G. Salet, S. Alford, H. Garret, J. Stanfield. R. Taylor, A. Newman, second row: J. Mohney, R. Powell, P. Corley, L. Simmons, B. Colclough, P. Reid, third row: R. Langston, R. Long, B. Kay, J. Brigham, J. Clark, C. Atkins, G. Hammett, S. Dupree. THIRD PLATOON first row: D. Carpenter, C. Kirkland, F. Turner, J. Kenney, A. Baxter S. Keepers J. Felder, D. Harris, D. Bertrand, second row: B. White, B B«nai L Shields, N. Holloway, J. Slagle, J. Miller, W. Daniel, R. Thomason, J. Carswell, third row: T. Beeson, D. Dunn, R. Henderson, T. Pnce, T. Blanchard, 1. Farr, P. Story, W. Jones, R. Inglett. 81Captain Ernest Fellers, Company Commander, and Miss Paula Baber. Lt. Robert Holsonbake, Executive Officer, and Miss Katherine Templeton. Company C Lt. John Weigle and Miss Barbara Rice. Lt. Larry Phalin and Miss Jane Garret. 82 Lt. Jimmy Wheatley and Miss Teresa Carter.FIRST PLATOON first row: J. Weigle, S. Dunn, P. Barker, M. Cobb, L. Smalley, R. Parker, T. Gray, T. Loner, W. Lindsey, second row: C. Tomlin C Rhoades G. Arthur, K. Woodham. T. Harley, J. Kennedy, J. Madcbach, W. Thigpen, third row: N. Boyd, J. Enelow, R. Larkin, W. Ahousc, J. Parks, M. Gill, H. Dye, R. Lockndge, T. Macuch. SECOND PLATOON A. Montgomery, D. Morris, G. Stacks. THIRD PLATOON first row E Fellers J. Wheatley, S. Kidd, J. Bames, L Mitchell, P. Bumstein, J. Joe, P. Perdue, K. Gaskin, S. Gnner. second row: H. Carswell, R. Brack, J. Fishman, j. Hugh , R. Creech, J. Tompson, D. Ezzyk, M. Jones, third row: G. Davis, M. Rhodes, B. Martin, R. Weathers, J. Armistead, K. Gustafson, J. Peel, J. Elsey, J. Hodges. 83Captain Pete Underwood, Company Commander, and Miss Elizabeth Calhoun. Lt. John Caines, Executive Officer, and Miss Louisa Turnbull. Company D Lt. John Jopling and Miss Catherine Wier. Lt. Frank Loner and Miss Lynn Barfield. 84 Lt. Carl Bryngelson and Miss Robin McKnight.FIRST PLATOON first rote: J. Jopling, M. McCranie, T. King, G. Cauley, E. Renfroe, C. Dantzler, B. Moretz, F. Low. second row: S. Choate, J. Iverson, C. McKnight, C. Maddox, C. Kelley, D. Murrell, H. Byne. third row: D. Carruth, F. Rinker, D. Morris, D. Wehner, K. Wilson, L. Smith, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, L. Tjovaras. SECOND PLATOON first row: F. Loner, B. Stagg, R. Presnell, W. Thomas, J. King, J. Deer, T. Wilson, J. Mixon, second row: J. Adams, B. Snellings, N. Tenney, R. Hawks, D. Thorstad, K. Navarre, B. Hcbcrtson. third row: R. Lepard, P. Smith, M. Roberts, B. Wrenn, O. Perry, R. Turbyfill, T. Brown, R. Strozier. THIRD PLATOON first row: C. Bryngelson, T. Johnson, J. Rhoden, D. Magruder, P. OConnor, I. Adam; , Holtzclow, M. Short, F. Clark, M. Williams, W. Ward, J. Hosford, P. Underwood, third row: Smith, B. Bargeron, E. Ham. R. Sanders, J. Johnson, J. Gaines, second row: J. Hardin, L. Templeton, J. Gabbert, J. Gatz, J. Carswell, R. Prescott, E. D. 85Captain Wayne Inglett, Company Commander, and Miss Sharon Stanley. Lt. Albert Haack, Executive Officer, and Miss Alice Peterson. Lt. Blaine McCormick and Miss Cheryl Dant. Lt. William 'Hatcher and Miss Marian Ann Stockton. 86 Lt. Ricky Burnett and Miss Beverly Mulherin.FIRST PLATOON first row: B. McCormick, J. Rushing, P. Rodgers, J. Fontana, J. Davis, J. Bell, second row: K. King, E. Saleem, J. Scott, K. Mauldin, W. talker, H. Douglas, A. Haack. third row: R. DuPuis, E. Merry, A. Bentley, T. Corley. W. Grace, V. Ferris, S. Harrill, D. Carroll. SECOND PLATOON first row: W. Hatcher, T. Daniel, B. Drcsscl, D. Fellers, T. White, B. Jackson, B. Schoolfield. second row: D. Tapley, J. Whisenant, T. Bloodworth, H. Williams, D. Crawley, third row: G. Turner, R. Shearer, M. Raley, L. Hanson, J. Garrison, K. Ray, B. White. THIRD PLATOON first row: R. Burnett, A S. Wiseman, B. Widener, Hanson J. Smith, T. Smith, J. Williams, B. Davis, J. James, J. Taylor, second row: W. Inglett, B. Hardy B. Park, S. Pittman, B. Nowell, F. Strother, third row: T. Tullis, J. Flanagan, J. Caldwell, W. Howard, J. Hicks, V. Ferris, E. Truit . 87RICHMOND ACADEMY TAKES SECOND PLACE IN Johnnie Sammons captures first placeREGION 2-AAA MEET in high hurdles. 89ARC Thinclads Victorious In Fourteen Meets Richmond Academy’s sophomore-laden team fell to Columbia on March 22 with a score of 51-76. Although ARC could boast no one with more than a single first place, Ange SanFratello turned in the meet's best mark. He blazed through the 440-yard dash in 52 seconds flat. Ange’s run was 2.3 seconds better than his winning Region 2-AAA time last year (54.3 seconds). Musketeer cindermen came to life for a triangular track meet with North Augusta and Aiken on March 22. ARC’s runners collected 89% points; 40% points trickled in for North Augusta; Aiken managed to earn 31. ARC trackmen bit the dust on April 2 as the Beaufort team tri- umphed with a 93-39 win. It was truly a black day for Richmond’s runners; they took first only in high hurdles, shot put, and the 140-yard dash and tied for first in the pole vault. ARC edged the previously unbeaten Greenwood trackmen, 66%-66, in a triangular track meet with Butler and Greenwood on April 8. The Butler Bulldogs totaled only 29 points. Keith Brown and Carl Menger led the Musketeers’ scoring. Richmond thinclads bowed to Jenkins on April 19, 139-112. Ange Coach Jack Reynolds and manager Boyd Reese chalk off events in a region track meet. Steve Hensley takes a slight edge over Butler in low hurdles. 90 Academy thinclad Carl Menger paces Butler and Groves runners on high hurdles.I first row: Irvin Cantcy, Ronnie Barrett, William Smith, Richard McKenzie, Jeff Harris, Scotty Memel, Tommy Landrum, Steve Hensley, Palmer Wheat- ley. second row: Frank Loner, Jim Champion, Kevin Murrell, Paul King, Ronnie Primrose, Robert Plapp, Ronnie Johnson, Louis Wilds, James Con- way. third row: Van McCullum, Miles Jackson, Howard Hudson, Keith Brown, Mike Roberts, Ricky Burnett, Teddy Corley, Johnny Sammons, Carl Mcnger, Dan Hinnant, Tommy Tomlin, Mike Loner, Ange SanFratello. SanFratello was the high point man for the meet. He won the javelin throw and the 440-yard dash, placed fourth in the discus, and ran on the winning 440 relay team. Jenkins defeated Richmond again (81%- 58) on April 26. Ange SanFratello was the second leading scorer with 14% points. Musketeer trackmen downed Butler and Aiken on May 2. Rich- mond rallied for 78% points. Butler’s Bullpups scraped in 49; Aiken garnered 28. Carl Menger paced the ARC thinclads with 12% points. Carlisle Military Academy edged ARC, 62-58, in a three-way track meet with Butler. Butler posted only 39 points. Ange SanFratello led Richmond’s scoring with 15 points. He took first in the 440-yard run and the discus; he ran on the winning mile relay team and on the second place 440 relay team. Jenkins led the point derby of the Region 2-AAA finals with 166 points to ARC’s 112, Savannah’s 87, Butler’s 73, Groves 51, and Glynn Academy’s 6. The two day meet at Richmond ended with Ange San- Fratello the third highest scorer. Eight of the Academy’s runners qualified for the State Class AAA track meet. Carl Menger qualified in the low hurdles and the relay; Johnny Sammohs in the 440-yard dash, the 440 relay, and the mile relay; Steve Hensley in the 440 relay and the mile relay; Mike Loner in the javelin; Teddy Corley in the shot put; Keith Brown in the pole vault; and Ange SanFratello in the mile relay and the 440-yard dash. The mile relay team placed fifth in the state and Mike Loner placed seventh in the discus competition. Ange SanFrantello and Johnny Sam- mons took fifth and sixth place, respectively, in the 440-yard dash. Keith Brown captures a first for ARC, leaving Groves to bring up the rear.Teddy Corley practices the shot put before the be- ginning of a region meet. Schedule ARC...........51 Columbia .......... 76 ARC 89% North Augusta 40% ARC 39 Beaufort ........... 93 ARC 66% Greenwood ... 66 ARC 139 Jenkins 192 ARC 58 Jenkins ... 81% ARC 78% Butler 49 ARC ......... 58 Carlisle 62 REGION ARC-----------112 Jenkins ........... 166 STATE Discus: Mike Loner—7th 440-Dash: Ange SanFratello—5th Johnny Sammons—6th Mile Relay: 5th Steve Hensley Johnny Sammons Carl Menger Ange SanFratello ARC s fleetfooted Ange SanFra- tello begins the 440 with his win- ning style. 92Jim Champion and Dan Hinnant win lop places for ARC over Bullpups. Champion crosses the finish line, leaving Butler to bite the dust. SanFratello snaps the ribbon as Butler and Groves bring up the rear. 93Keith Brown wings his way to another ARC victory. ARC’s representatives to the State track meet: first row: Carl Menger, Johnny Sammons, Steve Hensley, Ange SanFratcllo. second row: Mike Loner, Keith Brown, Frank Loner, Teddy Corley, Coach Jack Reynolds. 94 Richmond fans watch Johnny Sammons clear a high hurdle with finesse.Schedule Bill Babcock practices his swing at the Augusta Country Club. ARC 315 Butler 330 ARC 317 Butler 343 ARC 15 LBC 3 ARC 317 Aquinas 334 ARC 336 Aquinas ........ .... 344 ARC 330 AC 315 ARC 314 LBC .... 384 ARC 310 Griffin 307 ARC 330 Aquinas 334 REGION ARC 647 Aquinas 649 STATE ARC 626 Westminister 614 •Match Play Pete Davison's hackswing promises a forceful drive. Musketeers Place Third In State Golf Tourney Richmond Academy, expecting to have a hot battle with Butler, started the season off by edging the Bulldogs, 315-330, in a Region 2-AAA game on March 26. Pete Davison was low scorer with a 74. Butler met defeat once again with the Muske- teers, 317-343, on March 29. April 9 was another of Richmond’s lucky days. The Mus- keteers won a three way match with Aquinas and Butler, 317- 334-354. The low scorer for ARC was Davison with a 76. April 15 marked the day that ARC and Aquinas were again oppon- ents. The Musketeers caught the Shamrocks off guard for a 336-344 win. ARC fans were pleased when Richmond won on May 1 the battle with the Shamrocks, 330-334, the 2-AAA golf king for the last three years. Rivalry between Aquinas and Richmond was renewed May 4 for the region title. ARC edged the Shamrocks’ bid for four straight league golf titles by two strokes, 647-649. 95 left to right: David Volpitto, Bill Bab- cock, Coach Norman Griffin, Pete Davi- son, Jimmy Burnside.first row: Jody Williams, Flo Winship, Barbara Dilts, Poppy Wilson, second row: Coach Coley Cassedy, Mary Clarkson, Melinda Lee, Libby Gibboney. Musketeers Capture Tennis Region 2-AAA Title In tennis action on May 3 and 4. Richmond’s hopes for a state title soared when the duo of Flo Winship and Jody Wil- liams successfully defended their Region 2-AAA Championship. W illiams and Winship. who placed second in the Georgia tourna- ment last year, defeated Butler’s Maisie Loo and Martha Lamar 6-0, 6-1, in the finals after drawing a first round bye. Barbara Dilts made it all-ARC in the girls division by winning the Singles, 6-2, 6-4, over Aquinas’ Helen Daniel. Musketeers cruised to 9-0 victories over Butler in matches at the Augusta Tennis Center on April 10. This gave the girls a 2-0 region record, having previously defeated Aquinas. Rich- mond’s undaunted girls blasted Aquinas off the courts at the Augusta Country Club April 15—winning one hundred eight games, while losing only nine. 96 Flo Winship practices her forehand before an important meet.Thomas Clark’s forceful return gains the winning point of the game. Richmond Sweeps Tennis Honors In Region 2-AAA Riding the crest of a sparkling campaign. Coach Coley Cassedy’s racketeers swept through the ranks of Region 2-AAA, winning the tennis championship. The boys captured the tennis honors. Lansing Lee won the singles while Dickson Darby and Thomas Clark took first place in doubles. Lee defeated Glynn’s Jimmy McMullin in the finals after having advanced on the strength of a victory over Butler in the semi-finals to give the regional titlist two tough matches. Darby-Clark coasted in for their crown, beating Glynn’s Colem an-Dalton in the finals. ARC boys, who lost their first encounter to Augusta Col- lege, squared the season log on April 10, 1-1, and got a 1-0 jump in the region competition. On April 18 Richmond ran up a 5-1 lead in singles and went on to defeat Aiken High, 6-3, at the Augusta Tennis Center. first rotv: Thomas Clark. Gene Avery, Lansing Lee. second row : Coach Coley Cassedy, Dickson Darby, Jay Olmstead, Pete Damos. 97first row: Jerry Garrard, Richard McLeod, Mike Clark, Epps Hewett, Bobby Martin, Thomas Beeson, John Lake, second row: A1 Dasher, Kent Logan, Henry Hornsby, Frank Fidler, Billy Peel, Nesbit Dasher, Russell Johnson, third row: Coach A. L. Williams, Jesse Powell, Earl Allen, Monte Tillman, Jack Dortch, Larry Phalin, John Jopling, Lewis Benson, Lee Howard. Musketeers Win First Augusta Yankee Invitational Musketeer diamortdmen overcame a three-run deficit in the last two innings of play in the Augusta Yankee Invitational to defeat Butler, 6-5, on May 4. Heading the Musketeer’s eight- hit attack was Jerry Garrard with a two-for-four. Thomas Bee- son was the winning pitcher. This tourney marked the begin- ning of the Augusta Yankee Invitational baseball championship for area high schools. Richmond began the season by defeating LBC, 4-2. Jack Dortch, Charlie Woods, and Lewis Benson combined to limit the “Lions” to four hits, while outfielders Phil Brown and Richard McLeod garnered two hits to pace the ten-hit ARC attack. April 11 the Musketeers broke loose for another win over LBC, 6-1. Unbeaten Charlie Wood pitched eight hitless relief innings April 28 as Richmond took a giant step toward the Region 2- AAA Northern Division championship by nipping Butler, 2-1, in eleven thrill-packed innings. The deciding run was scored in the bottom of the eleventh when Richard McLeod walked, stole second, and raced home on Lee Howard’s single. ARC turned back the “Reltubs” with an identical (3-1) sub region record. Only a single game with often-beaten Aquinas now stood in front of the Musketeer’s championship bid. ARC and Jenkins High battled on May 17 in Savannah for the Region 2-AAA baseball championship in a best-of-three series. Richmond won the opener, 4-3, while Jenkins came back to capture the nightcap, 1-0. In the last game of the series Jenkins High took the Region 2-AAA title with a 5-2 win. 98 Thomas Beeson, pitcher Richard McLeod, second base Jack Dortch, pitcherJerry Garrard, third base Danny Helmly, pitcher Epps Hewett, pitcher Richmond Places Second In Region 2-AAA Schedule ARC 4 LBC 2 ARC 2 .. 5 ARC 17 7 arc: 6 3 ARC 8 1 ARC .... 9 Screven County 2 ARC 6 LBC 4 ARC 2 5 ARC 8 Aquinas 6 ARC 7 NA 12 ARC 3 2 ARC 4 NA 2 ARC 5 1 ARC 2 1 ARC 16 LBC 7 ARC 24 1 ARC 6 5 ARC ..... 5 Hephzibah 3 REGION 2-AAA ARC 2 Jenkins High------------ Kent Logan, left fielderTommy Cook ponders instructions from Coach Reyn- olds before going in as a substitute. David Volpitto explodes for a touchdown on the sec- ond play of the North Augusta game. Two Big Games . . . Richmond: 21—North Augusta: 0 Ten thousand fans turned out for the thrill-packed ARC-North Augusta game. David Volpitto startled North Augusta fans by ripping 54 yards for a touchdown only moments after the kick-off. Howard Hudson opened the fourth quarter with a 47-yard blast to pay dirt. Later in the fourth quarter, Volpitto lofted a 27-yard pass to end Johnny Sammons, who was in the clear, and produced the third and final touchdown. Coach Jack Reynolds explains the 21-0 victory as resulting from Rich- mond s quick hitting with an unbalanced line, and the stunning effect it had on the North Augusta team.Coach Reynolds and the Musketeers arc exuberant at the end of the 21-0 victory over Butler. ... Two Big Victories Richmond: 26—Butler: 0 Richmond’s impenetrable defense stopped Butler’s Bullpups short for a Region 2-AAA victory on October 18 before approximately nine thousand fans. Richmond and Butler had a close battle the first quarter. However, ARC broke the scoreless tie wide open with two quick touchdowns in the second quarter and was never in trouble again. Howard Hudson thundered for two touchdowns while Thorny Smith and Teddy Corley romped for one a piece. Coach Jack Reynolds singled Volpitto picks his way through open field against Butler. out Kenny Bennett and Billy White as outstanding linebackers. Kent Logan carries the ball for a short gain against Butler. 101Musketeers Win Seven Out Of Nine A. L. WILLIAMS Athletic Director Glynn Academy and Savannah High jolted ARC for its only losses of the season. Coach Jack Reynolds admits his hoys were over-confident about the Glynn game and were outplayed in the Savannah encounter. The Musketeers snapped out of its losing streak to clobber Butler and to remain victorious for the remainder of the season. Richmond jarred Aiken in the season’s opener with a 21-0 victory. Carl Menger and Kent Logan scored the touchdowns, and Frank Loner kicked all three PATS. ARC Musketeers flattened Groves of Savannah 41-7. Richmond romped past Groves gaining a total of 431 yards on the land and in the air. As the homecoming projects predicted, Richmond “jinxed Jenkins” with a 20-0 win. Kent Logan, David Volpitto. and Johnnie Sammons ripped for touchdowns, while Frank Loner kicked two out of three extra points. Richmond rounded out the season with its traditional win over Aquinas, 35-0. 102 A packed stadium watches North Augusta’s futile effort for yardage against Richmond’s superb defense.Aiken’s Billy Howard doesn’t get far in the season’s open- ing game that resulted in a 21-0 victory for Richmond. Season Results ARC 21 Aiken 0 ARC 21 North Augusta 0 ARC 6 Glynn 7 ARC 41 Groves 7 ARC 6 Savannah 18 ARC............26 Butler ARC............13 Benedictine 7 ARC 20 Jenkins 0 ARC 35 Aquinas 0 David Volpitto, in one of his finest games, nears the Rich- mond goal before being caught by Aiken tackles. JACK REYNOLDS Head Football Coach 103Richmond Academy first row: Carl Ncvils, Don Ferguson, Dwight Carpenter, Billy White, Kenny Bennett, Johnni Sammons, Leonard Tuggle, Sammy Keepers, Carl Deer, Jerry Hardin, second row: France; Christian, Tommy Beatie, Nathan Kersey, Steve Harold, David Volpitto, Tommy Baker, third rou Coach Coley Cassedy, Coach Jack Reynolds, Bobby Lockridgc, John Gibbs, Tommy Cook, Rober 104Fighting Musketeers ursey, Teddy Corley, Carl Gustafson, William Hatcher, Julius Mann, Louis Wilds, Frank Loner, ach Bob Thompson, Coach Don Kemp, fourth row: Charles lomlin, Thorncy Smith Bill Me- ire, Rex Edmonds, Burke McKinney, James Perrow, Howard Hudson, John Small, Winston nt, Frank Inabnit, Ricky Burnett.Teddy Corley, fullback Roberl Coursey, end Carl Deer, guard 106 Kenny Bennett, tackle Ricky Burnett, center Dwight Carpenter, halfback Tommy Cook, guard An overflowing stadium adds to the enthusiasm of a North Augusta game.I Rex Edmonds, end John Gibbs, guard Carl Gustafson, halfback A happy Richmond team “escorts” Coach Robert Thompson off the field after a victorious Butler game. Steve Harrill, endJulius Mann, end James Perrow, halfback Johnnie Sammons, end Leonard Tuggle, tackle 108 A standing ovation welcomes Musketeers onto the gridiron before the Aquinas game. Billy White, guardFormer Homecoming Queens and candidates participate in half time activities. Cathy Inabnit presents new Queen Donna Cowley with a dozen red roses. 109 Donna Cowley Crowned 1963 Homecoming Queen This year Richmond’s senior class honored its history and reputation as the oldest institution of its kind in the United States by adopting the theme “Our Heritage” for the Home- coming activities. In honor of the past years, Richmond’s former Homecoming queens were invited to return for participation in the half time activities. Candidates and queens for the past ten years filed through the arch and awaited the announcement of the 1963 queen. Homecoming candidates are nominated by the football team and are selected by the votes of the student body. From this year’s ten candidates Donna Cowley was selected the 1963 Homecoming queen. She was crowned by Kenny Bennett and presented a dozen red roses by Cathy Inabnit, chairman of the Homecoming committee. Donna Cowley, new Homecoming Queen, gets a big kiss from varsity captain Kenny Bennett. TEN BEAUTIES VIE FOR HOMECOMING QUEEN top: Patty Wilson, Suzie Voegcli. bottom: Lynne Barfield, Catherine Wier, Sylvia Hadden, Donna Cowley, Becky Lindsey, Ann Phillips, Julie Kelly, Beverly Mulhcrin.Richmond Bees Play Exhibition Game if , ARC’s junior varsity triumphed over Greenwood Novem- ber 11, 14-12, in an exhibition game for the patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital. Greenwood led during the first half 6-0. In the third quarter lineman Robert Hardy carried an intercepted pass over the goal line to tie the score. Happy Carswell kicked the extra point forging the Bees ahead 7-6. The final touchdown was run by Eddie Gay. Musketeer fans were especially pleased when B-Varsity de- feated Butler’s Bees, 13-0. Richmond’s first touchdown was scored by fullback Happy Carswell on a four-yard off-tackle play to climax a 45-yard drive in the second quarter after the Musketeer Bees had recovered a Bulldog fumble. Coach Norman Griffin demonstrates a pass play during an afternoon practice session. Schedule ARC 6 Louisville .... 26 ARC .0 Harlem 19 ARC 13 Butler 0 ARC 0 Evans 13 ARC 0 Jackson . 6 ARC 0 Hephzibah 13 ARC 0 North Augusta 12 ARC .18 LBC 0 ARC 14 Greenwood ... 12 Johnny Mixon runs an end sweep for practice before the Butler game. HOME OF RICHMOND ACADEMY MUSKETEERS first row: Danny Smith, Jim Williams, Henry Douglas, Phil Williams, Jeff Twiggs, Jack Scott, Palmer Wheatley, John Scott, second row: Carl Cushman, Johnny Mixon, Chester Joiner, Curly Douglas, Roger Powell, Robert Hardy, Rick Tompkins, John Huggins, third row: Coach Norman Griffin, Jack Hughes, Buddy Griffin, Dan North, Happy Carswell, Eddie Gay, Richard Powell, Freddie Jones, Condor McCollum, George Lewis, Manager David Rollins. 110Jack Dortch towers above Groves, as Billy Jones, Carl Menger, and Frank Fidler move in to assist. As THE ARC Goes To Press, Musketeers Head For State ARC’s quintet opened their season with a thrilling victory over Harlem. The game in Harlem’s gym ran into three overtimes before the Musketeers surged ahead for an 84 80 victory. Richmond’s bas- keteers stormed North Augusta for two of their season’s victories. In the first of the two ARC-Butler games, Richmond tallied 64 points which surpassed Butler’s 45. The Bullpups did, however, manage to edge Richmond out for a 42-40 victory in their second roundball rivalry of the season. Glynn Academy slipped by Richmond for a 53-60 win in their first contention, but the Glynn quintet was stunned by Richmond and gave an easy 81-49 victory when the forces met again. Both Groves and Aquinas succumbed twice to ARC’s thundering five as regional play progressed. ARC’s cagemen outwitted Benedictine, Savannah, and Jenkins early in the season. This year the region 2-AAA tournament was held in Richmond’s gym, and the Musketeers captured third place. This qualified them for competition in the state tournament. As The ARC goes to press, the Musketeers head for Georgia Tech’s coliseum to battle it out with the top teams in Georgia. Ill Coach Norman Griffin with Captain Jack Dortch.John Weiglc, senior manager 1963-64 Schedule ARC 84 Harlem 80 66 Thompson .......................... 37 66 Hephzibah ...........................61 41 North Augusta 26 73 Glascock County 56 64 Butler 45 59 Harlem 62 74 Hephzibah ..........................-62 53 Glynn 60 63 Benedictine 55 70 Thompson ............................61 86 Groves 41 67 Savannah 50 86 Aquinas .............................60 40 Butler 42 81 Glynn 49 54 Jenkins.........................-....53 53 Benedictine ...................... 58 76 Aquinas 58 37 Jenkins 76 66 North Augusta 64 75 Groves 73 37 Savannah 69 REGION 2-AAA TOURNAMENT ARC 67 Glynn 42 48 Savannah ........................... 52 48 Benedictine ....................... 38 left to right: Hugh McElderry, Jesse Powell, Epps Hewctt, Buddy Williams, Billy Jones, Carl Mcngcr, Bobby Harrison, Terry Childers, Antonopoulos, Bobby Martin, Bobby Williams, Jack Dortch, Tommy Frank Fidler, Russell Johnson. 112Jack Dortch, senior center Epps Hewett, senior guard Aquinas just can’t match that Dortch form. 113 Billy Jones, senior forward114 Jesse Powell, senior forwardfirst row: Jean Richards, Sylvia Hadden, Sandra Smith, Barbara Beggs, Susan Sigman. second row: Beth Dupree, Libby Gibboncy, Doris Pfieffer, Kathy Gifkins, Lynne Luckey, Marion'Tobin, third row: Nancy Foreman, Lynda McCrary, Linda Bowers. Lee Kyser, Betty Jo Granade, Helen Hendee, Nancy Badger. ARC Girls W in Region 2-AAA And A Berth In The State Tournament Through close teamwork and sheer hustle, Richmond girls racked up a brilliant season record of 19-1. In the season opener in Harlem, Richmond maintained a substantial lead throughout the game. In the last few seconds the Harlem Bulldogs threat- ened to balance the score, but they could not equal Richmond’s teamwork. Later in the .season Rich- mond played Harlem at home and emerged with an easy victory, 6-1-53. After tearing up Butler on the home court, Richmond found things not quite so easy at the Bulldogs’ gym, but guards Sylvia Hadden, Barbara Beggs, and Jean Richards saved Richmond from a scoring slump as they held Butler to 29 points. Richmond’s girls defeated each region team twice to place first- in Region 2-AAA. As the ARC goes to press, the Musketeer lassies, full of high hopes, are looking forward to the State Tournament to be held in Thomaston, March 1-7. 115 Coach B. J. Ford with Captains Sandra Smith and Sylvia Hadden.Barbara Boggs, senior guard 1963-64 Schedule ARC 46 Harlem - 43 ARC 54 Thompson 41 54 Thompson 35 44 Aquinas 31 50 Hephzibah 33 39 Butler 29 62 North Augusta 41 41 Glynn 27 59 Central Park 22 43 Aiken 32 54 Butler 24 56 Aquinas 34 64 Harlem 53 53 North Augusta 44 41 Hephzibah 15 37 Aiken 29 59 Glynn 45 44 Central Park 25 ARC guards Kathy Gifkins, Jean Richards, and Sylvia Hadden scrap for the ball. 116 Sandra Smith adds two points—Rich- mond style.Susan Sigman, senior forward Sandra Smith, senior forward Nancy Badger, senior manager B-VARSITY BASKETBALL (I. to r.): Larry Clark, Lanny Canuette, John Small, Bobby Agner, Gerald Stacks, Jimmy Whitmire, Ray Adams, Larry Hanson, Terrell Redd, Tommy Bedgood. center: Buddy McKnight. B-Varsity Wins Ten, Ties One ARC 38 50 32 51 61 28 42 38 48 42 44 62 46 56 Harlem------------------------42 Thompson .....................35 Hephzibah 36 Langford 39 Butler -----------------------49 Harlem .......................20 Hephzibah 31 Thompson ---------------------34 Harlem ....................... 33 Aquinas 47 Butler -----------------------19 Harlem ....................... 34 Aquinas ----------------------46 Aiken 53 117 Everyone shows enthusiam for the night’s game except the Butler “dummy.” Sprightly Cheerleaders Add “Glamor” to Games Richmond’s vivacious cheerleaders instill enthusiasm in the hearts of players and on-lookers alike. They combine their efforts to keep school spirit high and sportsmanship fair. During the football and basketball seasons, halls and bulletin i oards are splashed with peppy reminders to attend the coming games. These girls, chosen by impartial judges, add to the impact of each Musketeer victory, and when the occasion presents itself, they make a defeat for both the around car: Linda Harrison, Libby Hughes, Carole Morris, Avis Brown, Judy Parkman, Anne But- ler, Donna Cowley, in car: Becky Lindsey, Mary Murphy, Lynda Mc- Crary, Patty Wilson, Mary Jo Rivers. fans and team easier to bear. Cheerleaders swing to a lively “On, on, ARC . . B-Varsity Cheerleaders first rou: Cathy Wallace, Cecelia Prest- wood, Dianne Williams, Dianne Martin, sec- ond row: Frank Hull, Miriam Pierce, Lane Jennings, Ginger Wilkes, Judy Broome. 118"f.Wt YfwrMCASTLEBERR Y HOME RENDERS SCENIC SPRING BACKGROUND Anne Phillips Jane Maxwell Becky Lindsey Robin McKnightFOR ARC BEAUTIES Features Julie Kelly Donna CowleyC 3eautu MISS BECKY LINDSEY Top Ten . . . Co-Captain of Cheerleaders . . . Homecoming Court . . . Finalist in Junior Miss Pageant . . . Tri-Alpha Sorority . . . vocational interest in commercial art or interior decorating . . . Outstanding Junior Girl . . . equestrienne . . . Best All-Around . . . Elks Y’outh Leadership Award. 122Jieau y MISS JANE MAXWELL Cullum’s Fashionette . . . pianist . . . Top Ten . . . Tri-Theta Sorority . . . Vice-President of the Future Teachers of America . . . vocation in elementary education . . . Key Club Sweetheart Candidate . . . Secretary of Tri-Hi-Y. 123 ieauty MISS ROBIN McKNIGHT from Tulsa, Oklahoma . . . President of Hi-Y Council . . . Key Club Sweetheart . . .Top Ten . . . Outstanding Sopho- more Girl . . . Vice-President of Young Life . . . White’s Fashion Board . . . Augusta Players . . . artistic interests . . . medical career . . . Best Personality. 124J3eauiy MISS DONNA COWLEY hails from Washington State . . . Captain of Cheerleaders . . . Homecoming Queen . . . first runner-up in Junior Miss Pageant . . . Candidate for Key Club Sweetheart . . . water- sport enthusiast . . - Tri-Alpha Sorority . . . representative to Georgia Girls’ State . . . Culium’s Fashion Board . . . Most School Spirit. 125J eauty MISS ANNE PHILLIPS Homecoming Candidate . . . Tri-Theta Sorority . . . Top Ten . . . Cullum’s Fashionette . . . enjoys water sports . . . member of Junior Leaders . . . plans to major in education.MISS JULIE KELLY Honorary Cadet Colonel . . . Homecoming Court . . . Tri- Theta Sorority . . . Candidate for Key Club Sweetheart . . . Junior Board of the Augusta Country Club . . . plans to teach history. Tleauty 127JHandsome Tommy bearing James PerrowJOHN McRAE: Rifle Team — Beta Club Presi- dent — Key Club — Honor Roll — Merit Scholarship Finalist — Elks Foundation Award — Sabre Club. JOHN WEIGLE: Student Council Co-President — Key Club — Sabre Club — Honor Roll — Basketball Manager. Charlotte (JiuiiiIktj lur Cnrhitl CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS: Beta Club — Fu- ture Teachers — Valedictorian — Honor Roll. MARY CORBITT: ARC Editor-in-Chief — Tri-Hi-Y — Hi-Y Council Vice-President — Student Council — Honor Roll — Girls’ Ath- letic Association. DONNA COWLEY: Homecoming Queen — Top Ten — Cheerleader Captain — Honor Roll — Girls’ Athletic Association — First Runner-up in Junior Miss Pageant. NESBIT DASHER: Student Council — Key Club President — Baseball — Elks Leadership Award — Beta Club — Sabre Club — Honor Roll. BECKY LINDSEY: Cheerleader Co-Captain — Top Ten — Student Council — Elks Leadership Award — Homecoming Candidate — Honor Roll. POLLY MANER: Student Council Co-President — Inter-Club Council — Tri-Hi-Y — Girls’ Athletic Association. Outstanding SeniorsBecky Lindsey John Weigle 7 esi 71 - Tiro un ( Robin Me KnightSylvia HaddenDonna Cowley JlCost Sc joo Spirit Nesbit DasherMERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS: Arthur Haecker, Allan Neuren, John McRae, Edward Boshears, Mr. A. P. Markert. Richmond's Top Honors Merit Scholarship finalists are the students scoring the highest on the National Merit Examination. Scholarships are awarded according to financial need. The highest score in the December College Board is the deciding factor in the Star Student competition. The Star Student chooses the teacher he feels has contributed the most to the furtherance of his educa- tion. Academy seniors earning a minimum of twelve quality points, based on their extra-curricular activities and academic achievements, qualify for membership in the Gold R Society. Members of this orgahization are considered the well-rounded students of the Academy. STAR STUDENT-STAR TEACHER: Mrs. Elizabeth Ot- well and John McRae. SOCIETY : first rote: Nancy Lackey, Elaine Brown, row: Jim Prather, Bill Babcock, Gene Avery, Frank Jernigan. Judy Watkins, Connie Antonopoulos. second row: Spurge Hogan, fourth row: Jack Bowcock, Thomas Clark. Kathy Ix key, Kathy Andregg, Alice Chambers, Boyd Reese, third 134Valedictorian Charlotte Chambers has achieved the zenith of scholastic endeavor at Richmond Academy. She was named valedictor- ian of the class of 1964 when, at the end of the first semester, she had a composite average of 96.1 for her high school years. With this honor comes the responsibility of the de- livery of the valedictory address at commencement exercises. Charlotte plans to continue her education at Augusta College where she will major in education. 135SIXTEEN HUNDRED MUSKETEERS ARE GLAD Students jam corridors, stairways, and exits in the madITS FRIDA Y rush for home. Classes 137Mr. A. P. Markert opens graduation exercises at Bell Auditorium. 138 Seniors It Was All Over The auditorium was filled to capacity with well-wishing friends and glad parents. A man was talking, but racing throughts filled her mind and his words were crowded out. He was speaking of the future, but she was thinking of the past—it had gone by so quickly and there were so many things she wanted to remember. Familiar and friendly faces surrounded her and the warmth of a June night crept inside her. but she felt strangely alone. It was all over she knew—she was no longer a high school girl—she could never go back. For a moment she lifted her eyes and looked up: the flowers on the platform were blurred and a sea of caps and gowns shimmered. She blinked and felt hot tears on her cheeks. The speaker droned on and her classmates sat in rapt attention. This was the last time they would be together; they had spent three years sharing a common loyalty, and now it was over. She thought of how empty Richmond was now. The students who had filled the corridors with laughter and noise and excitement were gone. They had forsaken the classrooms and the corridors. They had left locker doors ajar and stray paper littering the hallways. They had marched out into the spring of another world together.FRANK ABBOTT Student Council 2, 3; Young Life 2, 3, 4; Sabre Club 4; Baseball 2. JOHANNA ABRAHAM DAVID ADAMS Singing Musketeers 4; Senior Choir 4. GLORIA ALBERSON Future Homemakers 2; Rhythmettes 3; Future Nurses 4. ROBERT ALFORD Explorer Post 26 3, 4—Sec.-Treas. 4; Young Life 3, 4; Singing Musketeers 4—Manager 4; Senior Choir 4—Manager 4; Honor Roll 3,4. BONNIE ALSBROOKS Band 2, 3, 4; All-State Band 4; Future Teachers 4; Dramatics Club 4; Young Americans for Free- dom 4. ALICE ANDERSON BRUCE ANDERSON Musketeer Staff 4. BUTCH ANDERSON LARRY ANNIS Band 2; Young Americans for Freedom 1—Vice- Chairman 4. DEAN ANTONAKOS Young Life 2, 3, 4; Sabre Club 4. CHARLES APPLE DONNA APPLE Student Council 2: Dramatics Club 2; A-Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3; Class Pres. 3; Social Editor of Newspaper 3. GEDDINGS ARTHUR Latin Club 2. MARTHA ASHMORE NANCY BADGER Caroliers 2; Promoters 2; Honor Roll 3; Basket- ball 3, 4—Manager 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4— Council 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. PAM BAKER Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4; Young Life 2, 4; Cullum’s Fashion Board 4; Future Teachers 4; ARC Staff 4. VERNON BAKER 139CYNTHIA BALLAS Student Council 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Junior Leaders 4—Vice-Pres. 4; Musketeer Staff 4; Young Life 3, 4. LYNNE BARFIELD Future Homemakers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Treas. 2; Young Life 2, 3, 4; Girl’s Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Future Teachers 4—Parliamentarian 4; Top Ten 3; Homecoming Candidate 4. GAYLE BARGER LYNNE BARNES Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Basketball 3—Manager 3; Allied Medical Careers 4; National Council of Teachers of English Award 4. BETTE BARTON Young Life 3, 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4—Sec. 4. DONNA BASTIAN Dramatics Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Future Teach- ers 3, 4—Sec. 4; Beta Club 3, 4—Vice-Pres. 4; ARC Staff 3, 4; Student Council 4; Highest Scholastic Average 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. BRENDA BATCHELOR ARC Staff 4—Business Manager 4; Future Secre- taries 4. JUDY BATCHELOR Honor Roll 2: Mod. For. Lang. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Young Life 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 4. JUDY BAZEMORE Future Homemakers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Vice- Pres. 2, Treasurer 4; Future Teachers 4; Beta Club 3, 1—Chaplain 4; Cullum’s Fashion Board 4; Young Life 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. SONYA BEAM BILL BEDDINGFIELD ELWYN BEDDINGFIELD Track 4. SHERRI BEDINGFIELD THOMAS BEESON Baseball 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3,4. BARBARA BEGGS Tri-Hi-Y 2; Tennis 2; Chorus 2; A-Varsity Cheerleader 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4—Most Improved Plaver 2; Student Council 4: Musketeer Business Staff 4. JACK BELDING DON BELL Rifle Team 3; Post 10 Explorers NRA 3; ARC Business Staff 3, 4; Sabre Club 3, 4—Sgt.-at- Arms 3; Cadet Colonel 4. LINDA BELL Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; Future Homemakers 4; Allied Medical Careers 3, 4. 140KENNY BENNETT RON BENNETT LEWIS BENSON B-Varsity Basketball 2; A-Varsity Basketball 3, 4; A-Varsity Baseball 3, '1—-Captain 4; Augusta Yankee Baseball Trophy 3. ARTHUR BENTON Band 3, 4. PATRICIA BISHOP SANDRA BOATMAN Band 2, 3, 4; Band Council 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3. JEAN BOONE Student Council 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3. EDWARD BOSHEARS National Merit Semi-Finalist 4. RICK BOWERS Prize Drill Team 2; Post 10 Explorer N.R.A. 2, 3, 4—Cabinet Member 4; Track Manager 2, 3; Sabre Club 3, 4; High Academic Achievement Wreath 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3. NORMAN BOYD WILLIAM BOYD Science Club 2; Mod. For. Lang. 3; D.E. 3, 4—- Reporter 3. ANNE BOYLES Musketeer Staff 2; Annual Staff 2; Future Teach- ers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. ARC cheerleaders boost school spirit for the all important Butler game.CAROLYN BOYLES Mod. For. Lang. 2; Future Teachers 4. ANN BRAKE FAYE BRIDGES KATHRYN ANN BROWN JANNET BRUCE Future Homemakers 2: Choir 2; Student Council 2,3; Band 2, 3, 4. CHARLES BRYANS CARL BRYNGELSON Young Life 2, 3, 4—Pres. 3; Sabre Club 4— Chaplain 4. LOIS BRYNGELSON Band 2; Allied Med. Careers 3. EILEEN BUDNAITIS Mod. For. Lang. 3; Honor Roll 2, 3,4. JO BUFFINGTON ARC Staff 4; Musketeer Staff 4; Student Council 3. RICKY BURNETT A-Varsitv Football 2. 3, 4; Trophy for Most Valu- able Lineman 4; Honorable Mention—All-State Football 4; Track 3,4: Sabre Club 4. LIBBY BURNS Music Club 2—Treas. 2; French Club 2; Home- room Pres. 2; Dramatics Club 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 4; Future Secretaries 4—Vice-Pres. 4. JIMMY BURNSIDE Golf 2, 3,4; Key Club 4. PETE BURNSTEIN Honor Roll 4. TOMMY BURROUGHS Drill Team 2. MARY BUSH Future Homemakers 2—Publicity Chairman 2; Editor of School Newspaper 2; Student Council 2; Top Ten Scholastically 2; Library Assistant 2; French Club 2; Richmond County U.D.C. Win- ner 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Debating Club 3, 4—Pres. 4; Inter-Club Council 4; Melody Makers 3, 4; Choraliers 3; Senior Choir 4. LARRY BUTLER CHERYL CAGGIANO Junior Classical League 2—Treas. 2. 142KATHRYN CALDWELL Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4—Community Projects Chairman 3; Musketeer Staff 3; ARC Staff 4—Assistant Ed. 4; Young Life 2. 3, 4—Sec. 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4: Cullum’s Fashionette 4. ELIZABETH CALHOUN Girl’s Ath. Assoc. 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Top Ten 3; Musketeer Business Staff 4; Future Teachers 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ERVIN CANTEY Band 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4. SHEILA CARLISLE Latin Club 2; National Jr. Honor Society 2— Treas. 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4—Award 3; Pep Club 2, 3—A ward 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4. CLIFFORD CARLTON THERESA CARMAIN Latin Club 2. CYNTHIA CARPENTER Future Homemakers 2. DWIGHT CARPENTER B-Varsity Football 2; A-Varsity Football 3, 4; Sabre Club 3, 4. DENNIS CARROLL GEORGIA CARROLL CHERYLANN CARTER Latin Club 2; Volleyball 2; Honor Roll 4. CATHERINE CHAMBERS Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Spanish Club 3; Allied Med. Careers 3,4. Fullback Howard Hudson dives through a huge hole to score Richmond’s first touchdown against Butler.CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS Dramatics Club 2; Young Life 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Mod. For. Lang. 2; Future Teachers 4; Beta Club 3, 4. SANDRA CHANCE EVELYN CHANNELL Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4—Chaplain 4; Future Teachers 4; Musketeer Staff 4. JACK CHARNEY Mod. For. Lang. 4; “MOTS” Award 3; Musketeer Staff 3, 4'—Editor 4; Augusta Herald School Correspondent 4; ARC Staff 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. FRANCES CHASTAIN WALTER CHEATHAM Melody Makers. 4—Treas. 4; Senior Choir 4; Singing Musketeers 4. PHYLLIS CHRISTIAN Special Choir 2; Future Homemakers 2; Music Club 3. SANDRA CLARK French Club 2—Treas. 2; D.E. 4—Treas. 4; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Achievement 2. CYNTHIA CLOWER Dance Club 2, 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3; Future Homemakers 2, 3. PAM COAKLEY Student Council 2; Rhythmettes 3. JOY COLLINS B-Varsity Cheerleader 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Young Life 2, 3; Dramatics Club 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3; Jr. Toastmasters 4—Vice-Pres. 4. DIANNE CONNER Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Musketeer Staff 3, 4—Assoc. Editor 4. TOMMY COOK A-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4; Young Life 3, 4. KAY COOPER Melody Makers 2—Sec. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Future Teachers 3; Senior Choir 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3. AMELIA CORBETT Future Nurses 2. MARY CORBITT ARC Staff 2, 3, 4—Soph. Class Ed. 2, Asst. Edi- tor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4 -—Alt. Rep. 2, 3, Representative 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Pub. Chairman 2, World Sen'. Chairman 3; Young Life 2, 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Hi-Y Council 3,4. TEDDY CORLEY A-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Young Life 3,4. BOBBIE COURSEY Future Homemakers 2. ifms ,: '? it v ‘L ■M rr1 ] dih (P J A j r ver‘ ' Jfrf 144MARK COURSEY ROBERT COURSEY B-Varsity Basketball 2; B-Varsity Football 2, 3; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Young Life 3; A- Varsity Football 4. CONNIE COWARD DONNA COWLEY French Club 2; Science Club 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4—Exec. Council 3, Treas. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Top Ten 3: Honor Roll 2, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; A-Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4—Capt. 4; 1st Runner-up, Junior Miss Contest 4; Rep., Ga. Girls’ State 4. ARLENE COX Future Nurses 2. DARLENE COX Future Nurses 2. FREDRIKA COX SUSAN CRAWFORD Majorettes 3; Future Teachers 2, 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Honor Roll 3; Latin Club 2. JIMMY CRIM MARION CROOKE Latin Club 2—Program Chairman 2. DENISE CROUCH Latin Club 2—Vice-Pres. 2; Spanish Club 3. ROBERT CROUT Latin Club 2; Science Club 2—Prog. Chairman 2; Melody Makers 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 —Bus. Com. Chairman 4; Band 2, 3, 4—First Chair 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Debating Club 3, 4. John Jopling enjoys some of the privileges of “Twirp Week" that arc being offered by Alice Youmans.PATSY DANIEL French Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Girls’ Chorus 3. TOM DANIEL Key Club 3, 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Hi-Y 3—Sec.- Treas. 3; Golf 3. CHERYL DANT Girls’ Alh. Assoc. 3; ARC Bus. Staff 3, 4; Future Teachers 1—Chaplain 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Musketeer Staff 4; Young Life 4. ANN DARLING Tri-Hi-Y 2; Mod. For. Lang. 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4. NESBIT DASHER Soph. Boy of Month 2; Highest Honor 2, 3; Stu- dent Council 2. 3, 4—Exec. Council 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, '1—Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Sabre Club 3, 4—Treas. 4; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Elks Leadership Award 4; Beta Club 3, 4—Treas. 4; Inter-Club Council 4; ARC Military Ed. 4. ALLAN DAVENPORT JANE DAVIDOWSKI Treb|e Clef 2; Melody Makers 2, 4: Choraliers 4; Dramatics 2, 3,4—Cor. Sec. 4. GLEN DAVIS Key Club 4. JESSIE RAE DAVIS French Club 2; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Allied Med. Careers 4; Majorettes 3, 4. TOMMY DEARING B-Varsity Basketball 2; Key Club 3, 4—Sec. 4; Sabre Club 4—Treas. 4; Student Council Alt. 4; Young Life 3. SHARYN DECK Treble Clef 2. 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Beta Club 3, 4: Allied Med. Careers 3; Choraliers 4—Pres 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Inter-Club Council 4. CARL DEER A-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. CHARLES DeLOACH GAYLE DERRISO French Club 2—Pres. 2; Richard Paulos Memorial Cup 2; Beta Club 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. TRACY DeVORE PENNY DIBBLE JERRY DICKEY Future Farmers 2; D.C.T. 3. MARGIE DICKS 146DIANE DODSON RICHARD DOLCE JIM DOOLIN Golf 2, 3,4. JACK DORTCH Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4—Capt. 4. JULIETTE DREIFUSS Allied Med. Careers 3, 4—Vice-Pres. 4; D.E. 4— Sec. 4. SYLVIA DUGGAN Future Homemakers 3. STAN DUNN ROY DuPUIS French Club 2; Basketball 2; Homeroom Treas. 2. ANNE DYCHES CAROLE EDENFIELD Delegate to State YMCA 2; Top Ten in Scholar- ship 2; French Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Pres. 2; Young Life 3, 4—Pianist 4; Future Homemakers 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3; Honor Roll 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4. REX EDMONDS Track 2; Basketball 2; A-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. LINDA EDWARDS Honor Roll 4; Future Sec. 4—Pres. 4. ARC Assistant Editor Kit Caldwell and Editor Mary Corbitt prepare to “jeep it” home after another long afternoon in the Annual office. 1964EVELYN ELKIN Tri-HiA : Young Life 2, 3, 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3 —Treas. 3: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; White's Fashion Board 4; ARC Features Ed. 4. JIMMY ELSEY JAMES ENELOW MAX ENELOW Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 2, 3. ERNEST FELLERS Drill Team 2, 3: Sabre Club 3, 4. PATRICIA FERNALD Girls Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4: Young Life 2, 3, 4; A-Varsity Cheerleader 3: Future Teachers 3, 4— Treas. 4: White’s Fashion Board 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. CLARK FIDLER DOUG FINDLAY Golf 2, 3. JACK FISHMAN Drill Team 3. 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4. LARRY FITZGERALD A-Varsity Football 2, 3. DALE FOX PATRICIA FRIERSON JIMMY FULLBRIGHT JERRY GABBERT JOHN GAINES Sabre Club 3. 4: Key Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Honor Roll 4. JERRY GARRARD Young Life 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; A-Varsity Football 3; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. LINDA GASKIN Treble Clef Club 2, 3: Mod. For. Lang. 3; Fu- ture Teachers 3, 4—Pres. 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Honor Roll 2. 3. 4: D.A.R. Citizenship Award 4; Jr. Leaders 4—Sec. 4. IRVIN GAY umJm 143JANICE GEDDINGS Future Secretaries 4. JOHN GIBBS B-Varsity Football 2: A-Varsity Football 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4. KATHY GIBSON Glee Club 2: Library Club 2, 3; A-Varsity Basket- ball Manager 2. 3; Musketeer 4; Dramatics Club 4. BETTY JO GILL MICHAEL GILL Columbus Science Seminar 3. JACKIE GOLDEN W.C.T.U. Orator)- Award 3; Georgia All-State Chorus 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 3; Melodymakers 3, 4; Choraliers 4; Junior Leaders 4; Dramatics Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Allied Med. Careers 4; Young Life 3, 4. JACKIE GRANT Future Secretaries 4. WAYNE GRAY D.E. 4. MARY ANN GREEN LYNN GREEN Future Teachers 2, 3; Future Homemakers 2, 3; Allied Med. Careers 3, 4. TOMMY GREENE State Musical Festival 2, 3, 4; All-State Marching Band 3; Most Valuable Member Award 3; Drum Major 3, 4; Band Council 3, 4; Chem. Lab As- sistant 4. MILDRED GRIFFIN Future Nurses 2—Vice-Pres. 2. Mr. Marion A. Wash attends a weekly meeting of his Richmond Academy fan club.JANE GRIMSLEY Future Nurses 2; Musketeer Staff 2; Y-Teens 2. ALLAN GROOMS B-Varsity Football 2; A-Varsity Football 3. CONNIE GUINN Dramatics Club 3, 4; Allied Med. Careers 3, 4— Sec. 4; ARC Business Staff 4; Musketeer Business Manager 3, 4. KARL GUSTAFSON B-Varsity Basketball 3; B-Varsity Baseball 2; B- Varsily Football 3; A-Varsity Baseball 3, 4; A- Varsity Football 4; Key Club 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. ALBERT HAACK A-Varsity Football 2: Sabre Club 4; Honor Roll 4. SYLVIA HADDEN Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4—Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; A-Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4—Captain 4; Student Council 3, 4; B-Varsity Cheerleader 3; Home- coming Candidate 4; ARC Sports Editor; Honor Roll 3, 4. ARTHUR HAECKER Mod. For. Lang. 2, 3: Allied Med. Car. 4; Mus- keteer Business Staff 3, 4—Staff Writer 4; Young Americans for Freedom 4—Treas. 4; Merit Semi- finalist 4; Honor Roll 3. 4. MARY HAECKER Allied Med. Car. 2. 3, ‘1—Program Chairman 3, President 4; Mod. For. Lang. 2, 3; Young Ameri- cans for Freedom 4—Corres. Sec. 4; Musketeer Business Staff 4; ARC Business Staff 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN HALL Girls' Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Allied Med. Car. 3, 4: Young Life 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA HALL Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Allied Med. Car. 3, 4; Young Life 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. EROL HAM LESLEY HAMMETT Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 4. DANNY HAMMOND Sabre Club 4. JIM HAMRICK JERRY HARDIN Track 2; A-Varsity Football Manager 2, 3— Head Manager 4; Student Council 2: Young Life 3, 4: A-Varsity Basketball Trainer 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. BUSTER HARDY LINDA HARI.IN Tri-Hi-Y 2—Publicity Chairman 2: French Club 2; Young Life 4. JAY HARPER Drill Team 2; Student Council 2, 3; Young Life 4; Honor Roll 2, 4. 150STEVE HARRILL B-Varsity Football 2; A-Varsity Football 3, 4. JEFF HARRIS Track Team 3; Honor Roll 4; Young Life 3, 4; Student Council 4. LESLIE HARRIS Future Secretaries 4. WILLIAM HATCHER B-Varsity Football 2; A-Varsity Football 3, 4; Explorer Club 3; Sabre Club 3, 4; Young Life 3, 'I—Pres. 4. CHARLOTTE HATTAWAY NANCY HAYDEN French Club 2; Allied Med. Careers 4. WAYNE HEATH B-Varsity Football 2; A-Varsity Football 3. JANET HELM Ga. High School Music Workshop Scholarship 2; Treble Clef Club 2, 3; Senior Choir 4: Choraliers 4. DANNY HELMLY Military Academic Achievement Wreath 2, 3, 4; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4: Sabre Club 3, 4; Key Club 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. ELIZABETH HERIN A-Varsity Basketball 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4. LOUIS HERNANDEZ B-Varsity Baseball 2; A-Varsity Volleyball 2, 3; Photography Club 3; Amateur Radio Club 3; Dramatics Club 2: First Prize—Science Fair 2. EPPS HEWETT Baseball 3,4; A-Varsity Basketball 4. Carol Whaley admonishes Keith Murdock for “bolting" his food.JAMES HICKS DAVID HIGDON Young Life 3,4; Honor Roll 4. JAMES HIGGINS B-Varsity Football 3; Spanish Club 3; D.C.T. 4. ELVA HIGHSMITH Allied Med. Careers 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Future Teachers 2, 3, 4—Pari. 3; Student Council 4. ED HILL Spanish Club 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Singing Musketeers 4. Annual Staff 3; Musketeer Sports Editor 4. SARA HILLMAN Latin Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Future Homemakers 2; Dramatics Club 3; Senior Choir 4; Melody Makers 3, 4. DAN HINNANT Track 3, 4. JIMMY HOBBS D.E.—Pres. 4. SUSAN HOCK Mod. For. Lang. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Young Life 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3,4. SANDRA HOLDEN Newspaper Staff 2: Dramatic Club 4. PEGGY HOLLEY Top Ten Club 2; Student Council 2—Sec. 2; Homecoming Queen 2: Latin Club 2; Senior Choir 4. JAN HOLLEY Student Council 2; Drill Team 3. GAYLE HOLLINS Melody Makers 2, 3; Treble Clef 2, 3—Sec. 3; Choraliers 4. RANDY HOLMAN Future Homemakers 2—Pres. 2; French Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3; Student Council 2, 4; Young Life 3,4. KARYL HOLMES ROBERT HOLSONBAKE A-Varsity Football 2. 3; Sabre Club 4. VINCENT HOLSTEN EDDIE HOLTZCLAW Key Club 2, 3, 4. Ji w I 1ft Jn : CM Vw i m f r; A Mr flft ■ •—r M 1 JiR flv L i . [aV . 1 mV 152KATHERINE HOM Royal Reels-2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3; Music Club 2; Y-Teens 3; Most Outstanding Music Club Member 2; Rhythmettes 4. PALMER HOOD A-Varsity Football 2. BEVERLY HUGHES FRANK HUGHES A-Varsity Track 2. SHEILA HUMMEL N.E.D.T. Certificate for High Achievement 2; Typing Award 2: Junior Class Play 3; Student Council 2, 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4. KITTI HUNTER Tri-Hi-Y 2; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Future Homemak- ers 2, 4. JANE HUNTINGTON Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Honor Roll 2, 3; Allied Med. Careers 4. JANICE HUTTO CATHY INABNIT Honor Roll 2: Band 2; Schneider’s Music Center Award 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 1—Vice-Pres. 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 4—Council 4; Student Council 4—Execu- tive Council 4. BETTY JEAN INGLETT MARGARET INGLETT Treble Clef Club 3. WAYNE INGLETT B-Varsity Football 2; Sabre Club 3, 4. Mrs. L. E. Harris and Mrs. Elaine Hebert admire one of the colorful murals placed in the faculty lounge by student council.JEFF ISRAEL ANITA JACKSON Future Teachers 2: B-Varsitv Basketball 2; Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. JERRY JAMES Drill Team 3, 4. KEN JAMIL Folk Dancing Club 2, 3; Dramatics Club 3; Pho- tography Club 3; Allied Med. Car. 4. BILL JOHNSON Junior Choir 3; Senior Choir 4—Vice-Pres. 4; Track 4; Tennis 4. CAROL JOHNSON JESSE JOHNSON MICKEY JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 2; Future Homemakers 2—Miss F.H.A. 2; Science Club 2. CAROLYN JONES Tri-Hi-Y 4; Future Teachers 4. CHARLES JONES CHARLOTTE JONES Future Teachers 2; Future Nurses 2; Band 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE JONES Honor Roll 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Future Teach- ers 2, 4; Future Homemakers 2, 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Young Life 4. KATHLEEN JONES Allied Med. Ca'r. 3, 4; Rainbow Girls 3, 4; Senior Choir 4; Melody Makers 4. WILLIAM JONES BILL JOPLING Home Room Pres. 2: Drill Team 3; Future Teach- ers 4. JOHN JOPLING Honor Roll 2, 3; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3; Key Club 3, 4—Treas. 4; Sabre Club 4; A-Varsity Tennis 4; Student Council 4. JOE JORDAN LARRY KAY 154GRICE KEEI, Band 2, 3, 4. PATTI KEENAN ANITA KELLEY Future Homemakers 2—Pari. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 4. SHEILA KELLOGG Student Council 2, 3; A-Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3—Treas. 3; Jr. Class Treas. 3; National Honor Society 3; Homecoming Princess 3; Honor Roll 4; Future Homemakers 2—-Treas. 2. JOANNE KELLY Latin Club 2—Sec. 2. JULIE KELLY Student Council 2; Top Ten 3; Future Teachers 4—Hist. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Honorary Cadet Colonel 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4. JOHN KENNEDY French Club 2. JOYCE KEY Future Sec. 3. SANDY KIDD Latin Club 2—Pres. 2. RONNIE KIMBERLY CAROLYN KING JEANNE KING Mr. Ellis Parker shows Jerry Garrard (left) and Epps Hewett (right) the various adjustments on the blade of a planer.MARGIE KING Band 2, 3, 4. PAUL KING Track 3; D.E. 4. DORIS ANN KIRCHHEIM Future Teachers 2; French Club 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Dramatics Club 4; Debating Club 4—Sec. 4. LINDA KLINE French Club 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Future Teach- ers 4; Future Secretaries 4—Treas. 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. TED KNOWLES MIKE KREISBERG B-Varsity 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Top ARC Sales- man 4; Student Council 3, Alt. 4. BILLY KUZNIAK MARY LACKMAN MIKE LANE Science Fair Awards 2, 3; Optimist Club Speech Award 2; Newspaper Staff 2; Journalism Award 2; Band 2, 3, 4—First Chair 2, 3, 4, Solo Awards 2, 3, 4; Allied Med. Careers 3. RICHARD LANGSTON Sabre Club 4. LOUISE LeCLAIR AMY LEONARD Tri-Hi-Y 2; Allied Med. Careers 4. PAT LEONARD Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Young Life 2. BILL LEWIS Band 2, 3. BECKY LINDSEY Tri-Hi-Y 2; Pamela Strauss Mem. Cup 2; French Club 2: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4—Capt. 2, Co-Capt. 4; Most Outstanding Jr. 3; Top Ten 3; Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4—Ex. Council 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4—Council 3; Elks Youth Leadership Aw'ard 4; Homecoming Candidate 4; Musketeer Staff 4. WILBUR LINDSEY KENT LOGAN Class Pres. 2; A-Varsity Football 3, 4—Most Outstanding Player, ARC—Aquinas 3; Most Valuable Back 4; A-Varsity Baseball 3, 4. FRANK LONER A-Varsity Football 2 ,3, 4; Track 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4; Sabre Club 4. 156MICHAEL LONER A-Varsity Football 2; Track 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4. RUSSELL LONG NANCY LOTZ Latin Club 2. MARY LOW Allied Med. Careers 3, 4. ALMA LUCKY Y-Teens 3; French Club 2. CHARLES LUREY CHERYL ANNE LUTHER TED MACUCH B-Varsity Golf 3. ELBERT MADDOX D.C.T. 3. POLLY MANER Student Council 2, 3, 4—Treas. 3, Co-Pres. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Sec. 3; Mgr. Girls’ Basketball 2; Young Life 2, 3, 4—Sec. 3; Inter-Club Council 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4—Point Mgr. 3. LYNDA MANLY Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Jr. Leaders 4—Pres. 4. JULIUS MANN A-Varsity Football 2,3,4. Cadet Russell Johnson purchases various military supplies at ARC’s bookstore after school.SHERRY MARSH Future Nurses 2-—Pres. 2; Student Council 2; Allied Med. Car. 3, 4—Rec. Sec. 4. GEORGE MARSHALL Drill Team 2, 3, 4. SAROLYN MARTIN Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Dra- matics 2, 3, 4—Treas. 4; Student Council 4; Ten- nis 4. MIKE MARTSOLF Dramatics Club 4. HARRIET MASUR Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4; Dramatics Club 4; Future Teachers 4. MARY LOU MATHIS Future Homemakers 2. JANE MAXWELL Mod. For. Lang. 3; Top Ten 3; Student Council 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4—Sec. 4; Future Teachers 4— Vice-Pres. 4. Robert McCarthy Debating Club 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4. BLAINE McCORMICK Sabre Club 4. GREG McCORMICK pat McDonald Baseball 2, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4. HUGH McELDERRY A-Varsity Basketball 4. LINDA McELREATH Rhythmettes 2, 3, 4; Musketeer Staff 4; B-Varsity Cheerleader 3. PAT McGARRY Allied Med. Car. 4. ROBIN McKNIGHT Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Inter Club Council 3; Mod. For. Lang. 3—Chaplain 3; Top Ten 3; Debating Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Pres. 3; Student Coun- cil 3, 4—Historian 4; Junior Toastmasters 4— Parliamentarian 4; Young Life 3,4—Vice-Pres. 4: Key Club Sweetheart 4. jerry McLaughlin B-Varsity Football 2; D.E. 3,4. RICHARD McLEOD A-Varsity Football 2, 3; A-Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 JOHN McRAE Mod. For. Lang. 3; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Sabre Club 4—Vice-Pres. 4; Beta Club 3, 4-—Pres. 4; Key Club 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Explorer Post 10 2, 3, 4 —Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Elks Foun- dation Award 4; Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. 158SCOTTY MEMEL Studenl Council Alternate 2; A-Varsity Track 3,4; Allied Med. Careers 3; Band 2, 3, 4; State Fes- tival Solo Awards 2, 3, 4. CARL MENGER A-Varsity Football 2, 3; Track 3, 4; A-Varsity Basketball 4. EDWARD MERRY Debating Club 3, -1—Pari. 4: Future Teachers 4; Young Life 4—Sec. 4. LOUIS MERTINS Hi-Y 4. FRANK METTS Band 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4; Young Life 4. MARIE MEYERS D.E. 4; Honor Roll 4. CAROLYN MILLER TIM MILLER French Club 2, 3—Treas. 3; Drama Club 3— Sec.-Treas. 3; International Club 3—Treas. 3. JIMMY MILLS Melody Makers 3, 4—Vice-Pres. 4; Singing Musketeers 4. BRENDA MILTON PATRICIA MINNICK Musketeer Staff 4. VIRGIL MIXON Tardy bells often catch a long line of “thirsty” students still wailing for a drink.TONY MOATES SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY GLORIA MOODY Tri-Hi-Y 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4. JAMES MOORE MARY JO MOORE National Honor Society 2, 3; Newspaper Staff 2, 3—Feature Ed. 3; French Club 2; German-Ameri- can Club 3; For. Lang. 3; Melody Makers 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Young Am. for Freedom 4— Corres. Sec. 4; First Prize, Poetry 2; First Prize, Essay 3. ARCHIE MORRIS HARRY MORRIS JOANN MORRIS BEVERLY MULHERIN Top Ten 3; Annual Bus. Staff 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3; Future Teachers 4; Homecoming Candidate ,4. JIMMY MULLIGAN KEITH MURDOCK CHERYL MURPHY MARGARET MURRAY Future Homemakers 2, 3. 4—Vice-Pres. 3; Tri- Hi-Y 4. ROBERT MURRAY Key Club 4. VFE NFI SON Mod. For. Lang. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Melody Makers 4; Future Teachers 3,4; Dramatics 4. ALAN NEUREN Allied Med. Careers 3; Band 3; Honor Roll 3, 4; Nat. Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. CARL NEVILS B-Varsity Football 3; A-Varsity Football Mgr. 4. LINDA NEWMAN 160LINDA NEWMAN SKIP NEWMAN CHRISTINE NICK Rhvthmettes 3, 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4. MARY ALICE NIXON Future Nurses 2; Shorthand Pen Award 3; Typ- ing Award 3; Allied Med. Careers 4. GAYLE ODOM LADEAN OGLETREE Future Homemakers 2; French Club 2; Honor Roll 3, 4. ADELLE OLIVE Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Allied Med. Careers 4. JOE O’TYSON MARION OWENS Student Council 2: French Club 2; Future Teach- ers 4. LYN PADGETT THERESE PALMER Treble Clef Club 2, 3; Dramatics 4; Choraliers 4. PAT PARKS Melody Makers 2; “MOTS” Award 3; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Chaplain 4; Beta Club 3, 4—Pari. 4. Cheerleaders and students leave stadium ready to beat North Augusta.SYLVIA PATTON PHYLLIS PAUL Student Council 2; Future Teachers 2; Allied Med. Careers 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3. PAUL PERDUE French Club 2. RAUL PEREZ TINA PERKINS Mod. For. Lang. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. JAMES PERROW B-Varsity Basketball 2: Track 2, 4; Young Life 3,4; A-Varsity Football 2, 3,4. ALICE PETERSON Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3—Vice-Pres. 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; White’s Fashion Board 4. MARTIN PETERSON Golf 3, 4. VENNY PETERSON LARRY PHALIN Baseball 2, 3: Sabre Club 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4— Sgt.-at-Arms 4. ANNE PHILLIPS Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3—Pt. Mgr. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Top Ten 3; Homecoming Candidate 4; Musketeer Staff 4. ROBERT POLLARD Latin Club 2. KAY POND Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4—Treas. 3; Allied Med. Careers 3; Mod. For. Lang. 4. JOYCE POSS Student Council 2; Future Secretaries 4—Sec. 4. JESSE POWELL Baseball 3,4; A-Varsity Basketball 4. WILLIAM POWELL SYDNEY PRIEST Tri-Hi-Y 2; Dramatics 3. DAVID PRITCHARD B-Varsity Football 3. 162THELMA PROCTOR French Club 2. VICKY PULLIAM Future Secretaries 4. MARSHA PURVIS French Club 2; Future Secretaries 4. JUDY PYLE Senior Choir 4; Treble Clef Club 2. HERBERT QUINN MARTHA RADFORD PAT RAMBO Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Biology Club 2. JOHNNY RAY MARGIE RAY SONNY REECE Volleyball 2; Drill Team 3. ROSEMARY REID EMMETT RENFROE Susan Walker leads the line of students boarding bus for home.CHARLIE RHOADES MIKE RHODES BARBARA RICE Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3—Chap. 3; Top Ten 3. JEAN RICHARDS French Club 2; Dramatics 2; Future Teachers 2 —Program Chairman 2; Royal Reelers2; Future Homemakers 2: Science Club 2; A-Varsity Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4—Mgr. 2; Honor Roll 2, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Athletic Assoc. 3, 4; Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; White’s Sewing Board 4. HAL RIDDLE DONNA RILEY Chorus 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. BRENDA RINER Mixed Chorus 3; Senior Choir 4. FRANK RINKER LIBBY RIVERS Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Young Life 2, 3,4. JACKIE ROBERTS BARRY ROBINSON Young Life 2, 3; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Sabre Club 4; Explorer Post 2, 3, 4—Pres. 3, 4. DAVID ROLLINS B-Varsity Football 2, 3—Mgr. 3; Sabre Club 4. MICHAELYN ROWLAND N.E.D.T. Certificate 2; Mythology Club 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, 4; Carribian Girls’ State 3; National Honor Society 3; Dramatics 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. LAVONIA SALLEY Allied Med. Careers 3; Musketeer Staff 4. JOHNNIE SAMMONS A-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4—Co-Capt. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Sabre Club 4; Young Life 3, 4. DANNY SAVAGE GLENDA SAVERANCE Tri-Hi-Y 3: Dramatics 3; Chorus 3; Senior Choir 4; Melody Makers 3,4. CAROL SAWYERS d'M tjS I p T ' . Li i 1 1 164SHERRY SAYER Tri-Hi-Y 3. PATRICK SCANNON State Science Fair 3; Latin Club 2; Honor Roll 3,4; Beta Club 4. WALTER SCHMIDT Sabre Club 3, 4. DONNA SCHNEIDER French Club 2—Pres. 2; Dramatics 2; Moose Band Award 3; All-State Band 2, 3. BARBARA SCHUMACHER Chorus 2; Melody Makers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 ,4; Young Life 3, 4; Allied Med. Careers 4; Dra- matics 4; Hospital Aide 4. LINDA SCOTT Dramatics 2; Student Council 2; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2: Rhythmettes 2, 3; Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4 —Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4; Inter-Club Council 4. ABRAM SEROTTA JACK SHAUCK Hi-Y 3, 4—Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Sabre Club 4; Rifle Team 3. 4; Explorer Scouts 3, 4; Young Life 3, 4. RUSTY SHEARER Drill Team 2, 3. WAYNE SHELLEY LYNNE SHEPHERD Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3: Student Council 4; Inter-Club Council 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4—Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Allied Med. Careers. HOLLY SHURTLEFF Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Pep Club 3; B-Varsity Cheerleader 3; Class Vice-Pres. 2, 3; Jr. Toast- masters 4—Pres. 4; All-Star Basketball. Volley- ball, Softball 2, 3. John McRae campaigns for student council co-president.SUSAN SIGMAN Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, I—Council 3; Student Council 2, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; A-Varsity Basket ball 2, 3, 4; C-H Tourney Individual Trophy 3. LANDRA SKINNER MOLLY SLAGLE Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4—Treas. 3, 4; Major- ettes 2; Rhythmettes 3, 4; Jr. Toastmasters 4; Musketeer Staff 4. MARLENE SLEISTER Future Teachers 2; Latin Club 2. BARBARA SMITH SANDRA SMITH Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3—Council 3; A-Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4—Capt. 3, 4; All Tourney Team 3; B-Varsity Cheerleader 3; C-H Tourney Individual Trophy 3; Homeroom Sec. 2, 3. JERRY SOLOMON Band Council 2, 3; Key Club 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. JAYMEE SOWERS French Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Melody Makers 3; Young Life 2, 3, 4; ARC Business Staff 4; Hospital Aide 2, 3, 4. BOB SPIRES BEVERLY SPIVEY Tri-Hi-Y 2: French Club 2; Y-Teens 2, 3; Hos- pital Volunteer 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2, 3—Vice- Pres. 2, Chap. 3; D.C.T. 4. RONALD STAHLER JEANNIE STANLEY Future Homemakers 2; Cheerleaders 2. MARTHA STELLING JEAN STEPHENSON MARY STEPHENSON BARBARA STEWART Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4—Pres. 3; Miss FHA 2, 3, 4; Delegate to Future Homemakers State Convention 2. 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Inter-Club Coun- cil 3; Future Teachers 4. DIANNE STEWART MARION ANN STOCKTON Student Council 2, 3, 4—Exec. Council 4; Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4—Pres. 4; Young Life 3, 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3—Sec. 3; Beta Club 3, 4—Sec. 4; Inter- Club Council 4; ARC Staff 4. r t ▲ wTa. ) ir (7 “v Ik a dk 4! • ' '71 - •• if 166DANNY STONE Band 2, 3, 4. DAVID STRAUSS Rifle Team 2; Debating Club 4. RONNIE STRENGTH EDWARD STRINGER Band 2, 3, 4. GREG SUTHERLAND PAT SUYDAM Tri-Hi-Y 3: Dramatics Club 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Future Teachers 4. JUDY SWINT Future Homemakers 2: Allied Med. Car. 4; Band 2, 3, 4. LINDA SWINT Latin Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2; Future Homemakers 2. OGDEN TARB DAVID TAPLEY CHERYL TEMPLES Allied Med. Car. 3; Future Nurses 3; Majorettes 2, 4—Captain 2,4. SAMMY TESTINO Pat McDonald, Larry Phalin, John Jopling, and Allen Grooms pack the contributions brought by students for “Toys for Tots.”JANET THETFORD Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Rhythmettes 3, 4; Future Homemakers 4; Allied Med. Careers 4' BEVERLY THOMPSON Girls’ Athletic Assoc. 2: Future Homemakers 2. DONNIE THOMPSON GENE THOMPSON JIMMY THOMPSON RANDY THOMPSON DeMolay 2, 3, 4. ROBBIE THOMPSON BUTCH TILLER A-Varsity Basketball 3—Chronicle-Herald Toum. Champs. 3, Best Rebounding Trophy 3, Ben Popkin Mem. Trophy 3. RANDY TONEY French Club 2; Dramatics Club 4. LINDA FAYE TUDOR LEONARD TUGGLE A-Varsity Football 2, 3,4. GORDON TURNER Hi-Y 4. JAMES TURNER SHERRIE TURNER Allied Med. Careers 3, 4. PETE UNDERWOOD Baseball 2: B-Varsity Basketball 2; Sabre Club 3,4; Student Council 4. RUCKER VAIDEN PATSY VAN BUREN RUTH VOEGELI Future Teachers 4; Honor Roll 4; Homecoming Court 4; Musketeer Staff 4; Junior Leaders 4. 168MARY ALLEN WALDEN French Club 2; Melody Makers 3, 4; All State Chorus 3, 4; Senior Choir Accompanist 4. ANN WALKER SUSAN WALKER Melody Makers 2, 4; Treble Clef 2, 3—Treas. 3; Inter-Club Council 3; Y-Teens 3; Sr. Choir 4— Treas. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Young Life 3,4. ALAN WALL SHIRLEY WALLACE SANDRA WALTON Future Secretaries 4. CAROLE WARNER CHRISTY WARNER Girls’ Athletic Assoc. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4; Student Council 4. RANDY WARR WILSON WATKINS Drill Team 3. JOHNNY WEATHERS WAYNE WEATHERSBEE A pleasant autumn afternoon finds Jessie Powell, Carolyn Williams, Jack Dortch, and Louis Benson in an amiable mood.ROBERT WEEKS JOHN WEIGLE Honor Roll 2; Student Council 2, 3, 4—Chaplain 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Co-Pres. 4; B-Varsity Football 2, 3—Co-Capt. 3, Most Sportsmanlike Award 3; A- Varsity Basketball Mngr. 3, 4; Most Outstanding Junior Boy 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Sabre Club 4— Sec. 4. DALE WELCH White’s Fashion Board 3. JEANNETTE WELCH Choir 2; Royal Reels 2; Future Nurses 2; D.E. 4; Guidance Office Assistant 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM WESTBROOK MARTHA WHALEY Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2; Young Life 2,3. JIMMY WHEATLEY B-Varsity Football 2, 3; Sabre Club 4. JAMES WHEELER BILLY WHITE A-Varsitv Football 2, 3, 4—Co-Capt. 4; Sabre Club 4—Parliamentarian 4; Key Club 4. LYNNE WHITTLE Tri-Hi-Y 2. RUSSELL WIDENER Band Council 3. 4—State Festival Superior Solo 3; Band 3, 4; Honor Band 3, 4; Brass Choir 3, 4—Sextet 4, Quintet 4, Quartet 4; Senior Choir 4—Pres. 4; Singing Musketeers 4; Melody Mak- ers 4; Dramatics Club 4; Inter-Club Council 4. CATHERINE WIER Student Council 2; Young Life 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 2, 3, '1—Sec. 3, Council 4; Cheerleader 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Future Teachers 4; Homecoming Court 4; Whites Fashion Bd. 4; ARC Business Staff 4. ANN WILCOX Voice of Dem. Cont. Winner 2; Junior Leaders- 3—Pres. 3; Inter-Club Council 4—Pres. 4; Young Life 3; Dramatics Club 4; Whites Fashion Board 4; Future Teachers 4. LOUIS WILDS A-Varsity Football 2, 3,4; Track 3,4. BOBBY WILKERSON LOUISE WILKES JOHNNY WILLIAMS Band 2, 3,4. PATRICIA WILLIAMS Future Secretaries 4. 170ROBERT WILLIAMS Scholastic Top Ten 2; French Club 2—Sgt.-at- Arms 2. DIANNA WILSON PATTY WILSON French Club 2—Sec. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; A-Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4; White’s Fashion Board 4. JOHN WINTON Debating Club 2; Mod. For. Lang. 3; Newspaper Bus. Mgr. 3. JUDY WOODRUFF Future Homemakers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Girls’ Ath. Assoc. 3, 4—Council 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4—Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; ARC Staff Writer 4; Mod. For. Lang. 3; White’s Fashion Board 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Miss Augusta Jr. Miss 4. MARTHA WREN Tri-Hi-Y 2. MICHAEL WREN Latin Club 2; Allied Med. Careers 3; Band 2, 3, 4. DANIEL WRIGHT ANN YOUNGBLOOD Future Homemakers 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Future Secre- taries 4. HELEN ZIEGLER Some were happy and some were sad—graduation had come and gone. 1964ARC’s student body focuses its attention on John Weigle as he delivers his winning plea for votes. 172 Juniors Year Of Challenge Summer vacations gave way to the bright optimism of autumn school days. A new year was under way with many things to do and many challenges ahead. Last year’s sopho- mores had shed most of their naiveness and had become more dignifiedly arrayed in the sophistication befitting a junior—they were steadily climbing toward the end of a high school career. A more serious viewpoint on curricular and extra-curricu- lar activities began to take form. Juniors took a vital inter- est in the school-wide student council elections as some of their classmates were running for treasurer and vice-president. Junior girls were eligible to try out for the A-varsity cheer- leading squad, while boys played a more active part on athletic teams. They added chemistry, physics, and geometry to their studies and class work and assignments became more complicated. As the nearing of graduation heightened the seniors’ spirits, a restlessness captured the imagination and attitude of the juniors. They too were anxious about the future. New expectations dimmed the hightlights of a passing year and cherished memories slipped into the recesses of time and heart.Catherine Adams John Adams Polly Adams Virgil Adkins Bobby Agner William Ahouse Stephen Alford Earl Allen Billie Mae Anderson Diane Anderson Joan Anderson Joseph Anderson Terry Andrews Buddy Antonopoulos Frances Arilotta Joel Armistead Tony Arnold Martiel Babbitt Bob Babcock Paula Baber Ann Badger Tim Bailey Arthur Bailie Forbes Baker Tommy Baker Douglas Ballard Ben Barnard Ginger Barnard Jack Barnes Jeanette Barnes Robert Bazemore Judy Beason Tommy Beattie John Bell David Benjamin 173Mrs. Burrough encounters the daily barrage of pass requests and “Please don’t give me that cut slip!" Cheryl Bennett Ted Bentley Catherine Bessman Sandra Bishop DeBrada Blalock Lucille Bland Dianne Blankenship Dallas Blutne Randy Boatright Mike Bogoslawsky Betty Boone Phillip Boone Glenda Boswell Linda Bowers John Boulineau Ronald Brack Robert Bradley Muriel Brake Duffy Brandon Brenda Broadwater Judy Broome Avis Brown Diane Brown Patsy Brown Sandra Brush 174Susan Bryant Dana Buck Earl Burch Lynda Burgess George Bums David Burton Anne Butler Judy Butler Hazel Buys Ruth Buys Hal Byne Sheila Calloway Sue Cannon Richard Capps Lynne Carlisle Janies Carmain Jean Carpenter Jean Carr Dick Carruth Happy Carswell Caroll Carter Teresa Carter Tom Casey Judy Cauthen Patsy Chalker Peggy Champion Terry Childers Sammy Choate Floride Clarkson Lucia Clary Keith Claussen Jimmy Claxton David Cloud Mike Cobb Pete Coffield 1965 175School i9 out—and students flock to their lockers to stow away books not needed for homework. Benny Colclough Cranston Collins Robert Collins Nita Connell Connie Cook Cookie Cook Phil Corley Sherry Cothran Raymond Creech Tigner Culpepper Marcia Daley Jim Daniel A1 Dasher Faith Davis Pete Davison Peggy Day Carol Deas Kaye Deason Bobby Deer Jimmy Deer Terr)r Dewitt Teddy Dicks Martha Dilts Linda Dixon Gerry Dobbs 176Paul Dorn Charles Douglas Mary Drost Marsha Dunaway Jimmy Duncan David Dunn Steve DuPree Linda Dyches Henry Dye Carolyn Elkins Connie Esposito Holman Eubanks Vicky Eubanks Jack Ezelle Paulette Farmer Charles Farr Amelia Farris Linda Faulkner Patty Feeley Richard Felder Jorge Ferrer Frank Fidler Margaret Flowers Mack Ford Nancy Foreman Jacquelyn Foster Carol Fountain Louis Frashuer Hazel Frasier Collette Freeman Winston Freeman Betty Fuller Russ Fuller Gail Fuse Anne Gardner 1965 177Thurston Garrard Jayne Garrett Nancy Garrett John Gatz Mike Gavalas Susan Gay Libby Gibboney Kathy Gifkins Jack Glazner Nell Gordon W oody Gosney Douglas Grace Betty Jo Granade Tommy Gray Kathy Greiner Barbara Gresham Laura Grier Linda Griffith Sara Groover Becky Guenther Harold Hadden Bunny Ha ire Sherry Hammett Delores Hammond Ann Hanson V • v Alik rnfc 0 jj J t — Jr W T yy -» ¥ W1 • 1 — m r 4 —r . - hl W ▼ r ■ W 178Sue Harbeson Henry Harbin Tommy Harley Jean Harpley Bobby Harrison George Harrison Linda Harrison Shirley Hartley Vernon Harwell Pam Hatcher Cheryl Heath Jo Hendricks Donnie Hendrix Rosemary Henk Stephen Hensley Bonnie Hickson Garen Higgins Hazel Hill Richard Hillman John Hinton Pat Hobbs Novia Hogan Larry Holden Jerrye Holland Leila Hollingsworth Sandra Hollingsworth Pam Holmes Elle Houck John Howell Eddie Hudson Gerald Hudson Howard Hudson Stanley Huffman Libby Hughes Ricky Humphrey 1965 179Two ‘‘bookless” boys (Henry Dye and Bob Olive) are glad another school day is over. Margaret Hunt Winston Hunt Michele Idoni Frank Inabnit Pat Isbester Nancy Isenberg Earl James Faye Jenkins Lane Jennings John Joe Bruce Johnson Donald Johnson Glenda Johnson Jerrie Johnson Robert Johnson Ronnie Johnson Russell Johnson Tommy Johnson Chester Joiner Billy Jones Freddie Jones Grisby Jones Sara Jones Susan Jones Warren Jones 180Jane Jopling Mary Anne Jordan Gloria Jowers Julian Jumper Joanne Kafka Ben Kay Susan Kearney Beth Keel Don Kelley Jimmy Kimberly Keith King Tommy King Charles Kirkland Nina Kirkland Rosa Lee Kirkpatrick Patricia Kline Richard Knapp Cheryl Koone Jenny Kuhn Lee Kyser Thomas Landrum Joan Laney Rupert Langford Johnny Lanier Mary Leach Lansing Lee Richard leopard Suzanne LeRoy George Lewis Richard Lewis Carol Ann Libby Jeff Loftiss Richard Logan William Lorick Lee Wanna Lucas 1965 181Cookie Cook wonders if there is enough room as her car pool heads home from school. Brenda Luckey Lynne Luckey Kathryn Luke Leilani Luther Sylvia Lybrand Bobby Macky Marion Malcom Deanna Mangan Bob Martin Jane Martin Joe Massey Sandra Mauldin Sherry Mays Russ McAllister Patricia McCarthy Linda McCaskill Judy McClellan William McClure Condor McCollum Mary Ann McCormack Morgan McCranie Lynda McCrary Billy McDougall Jane McGahee Donald McKenzie 182Burke McKinney Tommy McManus Janet McPherson Jim McPherson Cheney Meiere John Mein rath Margie Merry Karen Dee Metcalfe Brenda Meyers Joy Miles Ellie Miller Jeannie Miller Larry Mitchell Jack Mohnev Donald Moore Frances Moore Ronald Moore Glenn Morgan Glenn Morgan Carole Morris Charlotte Morris Sherrie Morrison Jean Ann Morrow Carol Mothner Diane Murphey Carla Murphy Mary Murphy Cindy Murray Don Murrell Vicki Nelson Malissa Neville Billy Newman Chris Nicholson Emily Nimmons Helen Nimmons 1965Rex Edmonds (85) and Billy Tay- lor (32) agonize on the side lines during a crucial Richmond play. Robert Noles Vivian Norton Connie Norvell Bobby Nowell Patrick O’Connor Gary Oddi Cheryl Oglesbee Susan Olden Craig Osborn Linda Owens Toinmie Owens Jean Page Martha Page James Pardue William Park Pete Parker Judy Parkman Dianne Paulos Sue Payton Susan Peebles Randy Pelt Tim Peterson Susan Pinson Ellen Plunkett Jane Plunkett 184Elizabeth Poppell Linda Porter Gloria Poss Roger Poston Brenda Powell Richard Powell Roger Presnell Linda Price Tommy Price Kathy Prickett Ann Primrose Jimmy Pryor Joanne Radford Michael Ramp Linda Randall Cindy Rayle Bill Reeder Rebecca Reeder Cyndee Reese Joe Reid Dusty Rhodes Linda Richards Boh Rickman Wayne Riner Carolyn Rinker Mary Jo Rivers Nick Rivers Bonnie Roberts Michael Roberts Shannon Roberts Sandra Robertson Susan Robins Candy Rogers Michael Rogers Lydia Rooks 1965 185Faculty members Mrs. June Schultz, Coach Robert Thompson, Mr. George Scott, and Coach Don Kemp chat after lunch in the school cafeteria. John Rox Gene Salet Clara Salley Delores Sanders Walter Schaffer Donna Seago Jessie Self Andra Sheehan Patricia Shipes Nancy Silver Samuel Silver Ronald Simmons Paul Sinsheinier Stephen Slice Carol Smith Donna Smith Frank Smith Gail Smith Gale Smith Grady Smith Lewis Smith Pat Smith Sylvia Smith Thorny Smith Walter Smith 186 , f kk £1 f tk o t 1 " A A iiM $ r ii fi, £ fl ilk JL David Smoak Johnny Sorrells Alan Spillner Ronnie Sprayberry Gerald Stacks Bob Stagg Donald Stanfield Sharon Stanley Sandra Staulcup Linda Steinberg Johnny Stevens Ricky Stewart Catherine Still Joanne Stone Mart)' Stone Phillip Story Judy Strickland Laura Stuntz Henry Sulzycki Marilyn Summerall Sherry Swales Barbara Tamo Elizabeth Templeton Katherine Templeton P. J. Testino Wayne Thigpen Larry Thompson Nancy Thompson Terri Thompson Dennis Thorstad Theron Thurmond Monte Tillman Louis Tjovaras Charles Tomlin Coy Trotti 1965 187“Candid camera” catches some Musketeers “in the very act of being themselves.” Edward Truitt Marvel Tudor Nancy Tuemler Kathy Tuggle Louisa Turnbull Margaret Turner Beryl Tyson Louise Usry Bunny Vaughn David Volpitto Dwayne Waldrop William Walker Seisel Wall Earleen Wallace Dianne Waller Linda Waring Carolyn Weathers Carolyn Weathersbee David Wehner June Weigle Shirley Welch Kenny Weston Keather Wheatley Elaine Whitehead Jimmie Whitmire 188Sammy Wiggins Rolston Wilder Barbara Williams Bobby Williams Bobby Williams Carolyn Williams Phil Williams Phyllis Williams Robert Williams Tommy Williams William Williams Carolyn Williamson Gail Williamson Lucinda Willis Henry Wilson Rosie Wilson Yvonne Wittmus Bob Woodhurst Beatrice Worthy Frances Wren Bobby Wright Danny Wright Danny Wyatt Helen Wylds Teaky Wylie Alice Youmans Sandra Youngblood Cheryl Zimmerman Raymond Zobel 1965 189Musketeers pack ARC stadium for a pep rally the afternoon before the Richmond-Butler football game. Sophomores Year Of Transition In September a hoard of plebes wandered aimlessly through the long halls of Richmond Academy. The sopho- mores had arrived, over-brimming with ignorance of ARC’s customs. They were awe-stricken by the grandeur of the seniors and the suaveness of the juniors, and only vaguely aware that these traits would one day be theirs. The boys were befuddled by the military procedure: the girls searched frantically for the best place to primp. The bustling lunchroom traffic swarmed around these wide- eyed sophomores as they waited patiently in the snackbar line. All schemed to devise the shortest route to the next class, only to end up lost and late again. Thus were the first few weeks of sophomore life at Richmond Academy. Then the fog lifted and the sophomores found them- selves falling into the spirit of ARC and becoming part of her proud tradition. They found themselves cheering wildly at Friday afternoon pep rallies, standing in line to gain admission to the Richmond-North Augusta football game, and taking sides in discussions about teachers, courses, and assignments. New affinities replaced lingering junior high loyalties, and a united “On, on, ARC!” became the pulse- beat of their sophomore year.Cathy Alford Lynn Alford Teresa Alford Lynn Allen Mary Allen Daniel Antopolsky Chuck Atkins Billy Austin Bobby Badger Brenda Bailey Lynda Baker Homer Bargeron Carolyn Beard Charlotte Beckwith Tommy Bedgood Jean Bedingfield Laura Bennitt David Bentley Brenda Berg David Bertrand Melba Black Tommy Blanchard Dickey Boardman John Charles Boehm Evelyn Bohler Susan Bolgla Claire Bowen Matt Bowers Phyllis Boyce Brenda Boyd Mattice Brashear Jerry Brigham Cheryl Brodie Janice Brown Theodore Brown Bruce Brownlow William Bruker Emily Bryans Sandra Burch Fay Burkhalter 191Anita Burns Carol Burns Crystal Burns Landy Butler Sue Butts Jimmy Caldwell Lee Caldwell Lawson Calhoun Grady Campbell Lanny Canuette Patti Carson Jackson Carswell Joe Carswell Richard Carter Robert Chambers Shirley Chancey Clayton Chandler Francis Christian John Churton Frank Clark Johnny Clarke Bonnie Cloy Betty Coleman Jack Corry Bill Coryell Tommy Cox Tommy Cox Douglas Crawley Sherry Crouch Steve Curd Areti Dalber Warren Daniel Wayne Daniel Clark Dantzler Billy Davis Byron Davis Helene Davis Louise Davis Mike Davis Linda Dill 192if r. Henry Douglas Bobby Dressel Gayle Drummond Anna Dunbar Beth Dupree Marion Durst Audrey Dye Ronnie Easier Brenda Eidson Karen Ellis Eddie Elsey Kenneth Eskew Emily Eubanks Billy Evans Mary Hull Eve Dana Fahrenbruck Tommy Farr Dicky Fellers Don Ferguson Donald Ferguson Vernon Ferris Jerry Finch Stewart Flanagin Jimmy Fontana Joel Foreman Sixth period P.E. boys “leap-frog” it around the track. 1966 193Robert Fortson Barbara Freeman Kathy Fulcher Hank Garrett Joe Garrison Alva Gaskin Cindy Gay Sandi Gay Wanda Geddings Ray Giles Pat Gill Dianne Gillis Bill Glass Phyllis Grace Phil Graves Steve Griner Diana Guinn Ann Gunn Cathv Hamilton Bruce Hammett Frances Hancock Alan Hanson Larry Hanson Charles Hardigree Gordon Hardy Elaine Hare Meme Harper Mike Harrell Martha Harris Suzanne Harvard Eddie Hasty George Hatcher Rodney Hawkes Donna Heath John Hebbard Helen Hendee Keith Henderson Walter Hensley Joe Hewett Connie Hobbs 194Carol Holley John Holley Marilyn Holley Neill Holloway Charles Holtzclaw John Huggins Frank Hull Neale Humphlett Randolph Inglett Nancy Ivey Bud Jackson Edwin Johnson Phyllis Jordan Sammy Keepers James Kenney Hilly Kilpatrick Nancy Kimball Butch King John King Wayne King Jana Kitchens David Knapp Carol Knight Barbara Kudlevicz Vicki Landing Mr. Louis Reese—“chief goodie distributor” of second lunch—doles out hunkies, popsicles, and honcybuns. 1966 195Ruth Lange Tommy Loner Charles Long Dabney Long Frank Low Clarence Maddox Dale Maddox Mike Maddox Jim Madebach David Magruder Barb Mangan Eddie Mann Linda Mantlow Dianne Martin Betsy Mason Maureen May Pamela May Linda Mays Lynda McCaslan Linda McCorkle Janna McDonald Harriet McGahee Buddy McKnight Cuyler McKnight Beth McLeod Cherry McPherson Walker McWee Cathy McWhirter Philip Mears Shirley Merritt Bill Mills Barry Molik Sharon Moog William Moretz Sandra Morgan Donald Morris Patricia Morris Wayne Morris Ann Morton Billy Mulherin 196Billy Mulligan Tom Murphey Julie Napier Ann Newman Archie Newman Diane Norman Donald North Robert Olive Kathrene Owens Mike Pagano Trav Paine Ray Parish Vicki Parker John Parks Joan Partridge Vickie Peebles Paula Pennington Donna Perkins Owen Perry Barbara Phillips Mariam Pierce Sonny Pittman Bill Pitts Lee Powell Roger Powell A squad of sophomore plebes draw a bead on its photographer. (1. to r. Jack Scott, John Charles Boehm, Ronnie Easier, Rick Tompkins, Jimmy Rinker, and Buddy McKnight.) 1966Randy Prescott Cecilia Prestwood Lorraine Prince Mike Raley Sam Ramsey Marilyn Randall Terrell Redd Susan Reid Frankie Renew Tommie Richards Linda Riley Jimmy Rinker Tony Rinker Libha Robinson Pete Rodgers Lu Roland Donna Roper Susan Rott Eddie Saleem Richard Sanders Diane Scasbrick Mike Scherck Billy Schoolfield Jack Scott Norma Seigler Ann Sexton Lucey Shafer Joe Shields Chris Shutt Linda Sible Jimmy Sikes Lee Simmons Steve Simpson Ashley Smith Charles Smith Danny Smith Joe Smith Nancy Smith Pat Smith Cynthia Smoak 198Bill Snellings Terry Sperry John Stanfield Henry Steinberg Judy Stewart Jackie Storey Harriett Story Freddy Stringfellow Bobby Strozier Michael Sullivan Genie Summerall Kathy Sutherland Gail Tanenbaum Billy Taylor David Taylor John Taylor Beverly Teasley Craig Temples Wallace Thomas Jeanne Thompson Tommy Thornton Marion Tobin Rick Tompkins Terry Tullis Robert Turbyfill iL ■' I £ ' 7W r m A W r r £ 1 9 r % fr4 i Jack Scott, Miriam Pierce, and Martha Harris show their tickets before boarding a Savannah-bound bus for an out-of- town football game. 1966Frances Turlington Baudry Turner Jeff Twiggs Hugh Twiggs Cathy Wallace Claudia Wanner Judy Ward David Warr Sandye Watson Lewis Welch Bettie Jane Wells Carol Whaley Ruth Whaley Joseph Whisenant Carolyn White Byron Widener Pat Wilder Dianne Williams Harold Williams Jim Williams Mike Williams Cheryl Willis Ginger Wilkes Ken Wilson Peggy Wilson Cathy Woodward Susan Wray Bob Wrenn Melvin Wyland Caroline Youngblood Doris Ziegler l L rw r iJT i w-Bl ft fL w IL | A a ■ ' M £. m wA A ii i9 Hr a i vP- i»r 1966 200The lazy-flowing Savannah passes under the new Fifth Street bridge and past the city of Augusta on its way to the Atlantic. MORGAN FITZ MORGAN FITZ PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. "Your 1964 Yearbook Photographers" Complete Photographic Service 1552 Walton Way Augusta, Georgia 201Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW « ij i. i BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 202 AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Augusta, GeorgiaRICHARD'S BUICK, INC. 1350 Broad Street PA 2-5395 "When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." 203Cullum’s Fashionettc Board Members: Jane Maxwell, Pam Baker, Judy Bazemore, Kit Caldwell, Donna Cowley, and Donna Schneider. Compliments of Augusta, Ga. thc PIXIE s wersMerae ro «r Southgate Plaza National Hills Jim Doolin and Cynthia Balias check over Becky Lindsey’s cheerleading skirt before their bus leaves for Savannah. CANDIES 204Convenient Banking Hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 A.M.—5:30 P.M. Friday 8:30 A.M.—6:00 P.M. Saturday 8:30 A.M.—12:00 Noon Wednesday Closed All Day 5% Interest Paid on Savings H k tANK op AUGUSTA ) RIVATE BANK - NOT tNCORPORA TED AtJOtTSTA , Geohgia PINE HILL APARTMENTS Modern 2 Bedroom Unfurnished Apartments MRS. J. ROBERT DANT — Resident Manager 733-1949 (-feoWEN'fr) 905 Broad St., Downtown Augusta and North Augusta Plaza, N. Augusta, S. C. WESTINGHOUSE Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Since 1926 1431 Greene Street Augusta, Georgia PHONE PA 2-3556 LAKEVIEW PHARMACY 1800 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Phone RE 3-4495 205Kent Logan carries the ball while Bill McClure runs interference for him during the North Augusta game. RICHMOND SUPPLY COMPANY 652 7th St., Augusta, Ga. TIMMERMAN'S, INC. Fine Foods AUGUSTA, GEORGIA For God So loved the world That He Gave His Only Begotten Son That Whosoever Believeth in Him Should Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life. JOHN 3:16 Compliments of a Sinner Saved by Grace 206 MILLARD BECKUM Jewelers Omega—Hamilton—Bulova Watches 857 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIAAUGUSTA AVIATION, INC Daniel Field Augusta, Georgia PHONE 4-5214 AUGUSTA REALTY CO. L. T. SAMUELS, Realtor Real Estate—Insurance—Rentals— Marion Bldg. Augusta, Ga. AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 210-212 Eighth St. Augusta, Georgia ARMOUR AND COMPANY 914 Walker Street Augusta, Georgia "Equipment — for Every Sport" BALLENTINE MOTORS BIDDIE BANQUET OF AUGUSTA, INC. DRIVE THRU Telephones PArk 4-7484-5-6 "Carolina's Fried Chicken a Specialty" 1269 Gordon Highway 950 Fifth Street on Gordon Highway Augusta, Georgia Cherokee Shopping Center Deans Bridge Road and Gordon Highway CARL FICKEN AUTOMOBILES JIMMIE BEATSE —CARL FICKEN —MELVIN BERRY 960 BROAD STREET 1290 Ellis St. PA 4-8894 Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Tour Fashion Store 207Compliments Lawns Shrubs Trees of Landscape Service KRISPY KREME 1715 Walton Way MILLER NURSERY HARDWARE 2531 Peach Orchard Road Phone 798-3990 Augusta, Georgia Everything for the Garden Licensed Dealers TURNER'S MUSIC HOUSE 724 BROAD STREET "Home of Fine Pianos" E. B. TURNER, Representative Featuring a Complete Line of Phones PA 4-2879 PA 4-4914 Junior Dresses and Sportswear 1712 Walton Way Augusta, Ga. FIRST IN SERVICE MAIN OFFICE: Two Entrances I 823 BROAD STREET • 820 REYNOLDS WALTON WAY OFFICE: 1602 WALTON WAY MILLEDGE ROAD OFFICE: 206 MILLEDGE RD. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member F.D.I.C. • Member Federal Reserve System • affiliated trust company OF GEORGIA Compliments of PRESTWOOD ELECTRONICS Serving the C S R A Since 1946 1445 Greene St. Phone 724-5444 Augusta's Fastest-Growing Savings and Loan Association INSURED SAVINGS —HOME LOANS 733 Broad Street at the Monument Augusta, Georgia 208PIONEER M. TANENBAUM, INC. AUGUSTA’S OLDEST JEWELERS DISCOUNT STORE You save on everything Diamonds Watches Jewelers Silverware China Gifts Housewares, Jewelry, Watches Dry Goods, Shoes, Toys, Appliances VISIT OUR COMPLETE BRIDAL DEPARTMENT 1116 BROAD ST. 974 Broad Street Telephone PArk 2-5208 Augusta, Georgia Headquarters for ARC Charms WALKER MOTOR COMPANY £a£e.i. cSziviaz AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Augusta's Oldest Dealer ... 39 Years of Service TELEPHONE PA 2-5371 Broad at 14th St. AUGUSTA, GA. HECK BOSWELL Auto Electric Co., Inc. Starters and Generators Exchanged Owned and Operated By Heck Boswell and Leon Williams Successors to ALF Bowers Dial: PA 4-1745 125 Sand Bar Ferry Rd. Happy Musketeers board the Savannah-bound bus to witness ARC’s vic- tory over Jenkins. UNITEST MOTOR OILS QUAKER STATE OILS FUEL OILS CHEMICALS PHOENIX OIL COMPANY Augusta, Ga. ESTABLISHED 1837 PLATT'S FUNERAL HOME 721 Crawford Avenue Augusta, Georgia 2091007 BROAD ST. • AUGUSTA, GEORGIA PHONES 724-8862 722-2021 210 Senior rings, Invitations Caps and Gowns Diplomas from Balfour Thad Wilkins 3330 Peachtree Rd., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIASuccess Car, 64 Edition • . . WIDE-TRACK PONTIAC PONTIAC MASTER AUTO SERVICE AUGUSTA TOWN HOUSE 744 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia "After We Sell— WE SERVE —Since 1937" Eleventh at Telfair Augusta, Georgia THE INSURANCE CENTER, INC. 15th at Ellis Street Augusta, Ga. 722-4818 "Augusta's Center of Protection" Commercial and Residential Homeowners Fire Auto Bonds Life RED JACK OIL CO. Use Phillip's Phil-Heat Fuel Oil 1804 Gordon Hwy. RE 6-6466 BILL ROBINS HAROLD V. DEKLE White’s Fashion Board and Sewing Board From Richmond Academy sitting: Alice Youmans, Elva Highsmith, Judy Woodruff, Louisa Turnbull, Linda McElreath, Carol Smith, Sue Harbeson, Sandra Youngblood, Carol Fountain, Catherine Ware,‘Alice Peterson, standing: Jean Richards, Barbara Stewart, Robin McKnight, Evelyn Elkin, Patricia Femald, Sylvia Hadden, Carolyn Hall, Patty Wilson, Virginia Hall, Cheryl Willis, Amelia Farris, Becky Lindsey. 211TRULOCK CANDY CO. Compliments 1603 FENWICK ST. PARK 2-3161 Distributor Lays Potato Chips Fine Candies and Peanut Butter Sandwiches of ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Everything Electrical 1441 GREENE STREET PA 2-6685 Compliments of WOOLWORTH'S SANFORD-CORBITT-BRUKER General Insurance First Federal Bldg., — Broad at 10th St. Phone 724-2452 AUGUSTA, GA. c Compliments of G. R. ELECTRIC CO Electric Contractors 1471 Reynolds St. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of McCRARY-PEOPLES CONTINENTAL CAN CO. 1 1 L. V 1 UL J OIL COMPANY STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 1393- Gwinnett Street PA 2-8851 212 MACUCH STEEL AUGUSTA, GEORGIA BUY THE BEST BUY TEXACO BOARDMAN OIL COMPANY, INC. Since 1904 PA 2-5561 Without having too much to say about their batting averages, Cynthi9 Balias and Lynne Barfield pose for a picture before going to bat. Compliments of GILBERT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CADILLAC OLDSMOQILE JOHNSON MOTOR CO. OF GEORGIA Augusta, Ga. Telfair at Tenth Augusta, Georgia Phone 724-0111 FAMOUS BRAND SHOES For Men, For Children, For Women 827 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia PHONE PA 2-1209 Compliments of Empire Furniture Company 1201 BROAD STREET 213 SOUTHERN (jcTRAILWAYS GLASSINE COMPANY Subsidiary of Deerfield Glassine Company easiest travel on earth Monroe Bridge, Massachusetts Tel. PArk 4-3595 7th and Green Street u p. o. Box 88 724-5537 Augusta, Georgia (jfjp Jfi ,C) 2 O V —Ha zeta i $tnc K ap i . Compliments of Claussen Concrete Products Company, Inc. Concrete Block and Brick, Decorative Walls Ready Mixed Concrete GWINNETT STREET EXTENSION SOUTHERN ROADBUILDERS, INC. RICHMOND COUNTY BANK 2507 Peach Orchard Road Augusta, Georgia MEMBER FDIC (general Contractors P.O. BOX 1129 — TELEPHONE RE 4-8433 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 214THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 215 DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA DANIEL VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER NORTH AUGUSTA PLAZASHERMAN AND HEMSTREET INC. 801 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GA. Realtors and Insurers PHARMACY MEDICAL ARTS BLDG. AUGUSTA, GA. 7KcC)orA e urseries OFFICE AND SALES: 1757 Gordon Highway Augusta, Georgia RE 6-5339 NURSERY: Dearing, Ga. Phone 2-02R4 HOWARD LUMBER COMPANY J. W. CARSON........W. B. BADGER Gilman Paints—Building Supplies—Millwork Plywood "One Board or A Trainload" G. E. KITCHENS Phone PArlc 2-0451 P.O. Box 201 1900 Milledgeville Road Augusta, Ga. Compliments of A FRIEND 122 Laurens St. 933 Broad St. AIKEN, S. C. AUGUSTA, GA. PA 2-5526 Serving Augusta Over 50 Years WE BELIEVE IN YOUR JUDGMENT SKINNER AUTO SUPPLY CO. 1337 Reynolds St. and 2866 Deans Bridge Ro. Augusta, Georgia PA 4-8247 RE 3-7705 COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER 216Compliments of SOUTHERN FINANCE CORPORATION Realtors Augusta, Ga. Augusta, Georgia Phone RE 6-8488 1543 Fifteenth Street Lofty Jack Dortch surrounded by school “shrimps” David Hardeman, Dennis Parrish and Dennis Perry. DAVISON'S AUTO SERVICE Augusta’s Only Complete One-Stop Auto Service Seventh and Reynolds St. WREN OPTICAL CO., INC. Whoelsale Only 1002 Calhoun St. Augusta, Ga. Wiggie Davison PA 2-1315 HOMEFOLKS MURPHY STATIONERY COMPANY News and Record Shop, Inc. 227 Eighth St. Augusta, Ga. Since 1916 Social and Commercial Stationery 720 Broad St. PA 2-2122 217PArk 4-1861 N. E. CAWOOD Manager AJ O C A SMITH BROTHERS Wholesale Distributors Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Industrial and Refrigeration Supplies Hotel and Restaurant Equipment 1027 Broad Street Phone PArk 2-4243 AUGUSTA, GA. 2118 Peach Orchard Road AUGUSTA, GEORGIA RHODES, INC. Elliott Sons Richmond cheerleaders use Raid on a Yellow Jacket in an effort to help Musketeers “exterminate” North Augusta. BOLTON-WAKELEY REALTY COMPANY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Phone 722-5508 713 Marion Bldg. Furniture 1051 Broad St. (Corner 11 th) AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Serving the South Since 1875 DAIRY QUEEN OF AUGUSTA 1 "The Cone With The Curl On Top" Malts—Shakes—Sundaes—Mist Cor. Milledgeville and Olive Rds. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 218DANIEL VILLAGE FLORIST Daniel Village Shopping Center Augusta, Georgia Gene Gibson Phone REgent 6-8463 BOLEN'S BUSINESS UNIVERSITY 30 EIGHTH STREET PHONE PA 4-7719 Personalized Training and Placement Service Compliments of Medical Center Motel and University Motel J. S. McCARROLL, Manager MURPHY ROBINSON Prescriptions Opticians TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 1451 Harper St.—Ph. PA 4-2729 Lobby SFC Bldg. Ph. PA 2-5641 O. K. LOUIS T. WILDS 1417 Gordon Hwy. Augusta, Ga. World's Finest Recapping —Miller—Goodyear—Mohawk— Truing—Balancing Front End Alignment Brake Service DOOR CHECKS REPAIRED KEYS MADE SCISSORS, SAWS AND SHEARS SHARPENED McELMURRAY CO. Augusta, Georgia We Service All Makes Bicycles, Lawn Mowers, Small Wheel Goods BICYCLES, LAWN MOWERS, TOYS, SAFES, RADIOS, SMALL APPLIANCES 850 Ellis Street — Back of Davison's Phone PA 4-9508 BOWERS FINANCE COMPANY PA 2-8381 1254 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments of DUKE RESTAURANT 1920 Walton Way Augusta, Ga. "Fine Foods" 219For Beautiful Clothes Visit the FIFTH AVENUE SHOPPE "The Shoppe All Women Know" Phone 722-6443 829 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments EMMA'S "House of Fashion" — National Hills Exclusive Clothes and Accessories for the Well-Dressed Woman Phone 738-1205 Augusta, Ga. DORIS JEWELERS Augusta, Georgia Compliments of AUGUSTA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 767 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia You Expect Better Dry Cleaning and Laundry From Hulse — and You Get It! HULSE DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY CENTERS Six Locations Phone 736-0520 MEADOW'S SERVICE STATION WILL MILLS, Manager TUNE UP AND BRAKE SERVICE • GUARANTEED "Where Service and Satisfaction Are a Pleasure" 1800 Kissingbower Rd. Augusta, Ga. Dial PArlc 4-2309 Established 1907 CHEESBOROUGH'S AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION GARAGE FRANK W. CHEESBOROUGH, Prop. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BEAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT 138 Sand Bar Ferry Road Augusta, Ga. 220Compliments of BLANCHARD AND CALHOUN REAL ESTATE COMPANY 771 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia Phone PA 2-6621 LAUNDER ‘M HOUSE SIX COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND CLEANING PLANTS 1710 Walton Way Daniel Village 203 Milledge Road North Augusta Plaza 2120 Central Ave. Southgate Plaza FRANK RENICK Men's Wear 730 Broad St. Opposite the Monument AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY Known for SCHOLASTIC School Supplies £e$l ancs men's wear DANIEL VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Augusta, Georgia CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Our hope is that you will further your education through college, technical school or special training and join with commerce and industry in carrying on the free enter- prise system that has made our country great. THE BABCOCK . WILCOX COMPANY REFRACTORIES DIVISION 221Students pack stadium stands to participate in a pre-game pep rally. itizens ■ outhern National Bank 709 Broad Telfair at 7th Medical Center at Walton Way Telephone PA 2-2661 “ Banking, the Customer’ %l)ag” 222Compliments of LILY-TULIP CUP CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF AUGUSTA, GA. PH. 722-6831 The Pacesetter for the Clay Products industry in the Southeast MILK ICE CREAM "If it's Bordens, It's got to be good"! AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 223ADDS UP... to do your banking at The Georgia . . . where you receive friendly courteous service on all your banking needs . . . enjoy the convenience of six ‘round town locations where your account at one is an account at all! RAILROAD BANK TRUST COMPANY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA MIMBEt F.O.I.C. • MEMBER FEOERAl RESERVE SYSTEM More People Bank At THE GEORGIA Than Any Other Augusta Bank IT LUIGI'S ITALIAN VILLAGE Take Out Orders Specializing In Italian Dishes Also Business Men's Lunches 590 Broad Street Phone 722-4056 BATEMAN MARINE SERVICEB B LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Yard and Office 1245 D'Antignac Street Telephone PArk 2-6639 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of MATHENY, PEEBLES SEIGLER REALTORS Real Estate — Rentals — Loans — Insurance 322 Eighth Street Augusta Georgia WILLIAM E. WALKER, Owner Enthusiastic students leave pep rally ready to tear into the Butler Bulldogs. COMPLIMENTS Palim (jotteqe A Co-Educational Institution offering thorough, practical business training. NOW! FOR OVER 120 YEARS THE SOUTH'S FAVORITE . . . 430 Eighth Street Augusta, Georgia CLAUSSEN'S BREAD Accredited by The Accrediting Commission for Business Schools H. L GREEN, INC. Augusta's Busiest Store Corner of Broad at Ninth Augusta, Georgia 1472 Gwinnett St. Phone PA 2-7771 Augusta, Ga.J. C. STOCKTON—1883-1955 J. H. STOCKTON W. E. CLARK J. C. STOCKTON SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS Commercial Residential Industrial 1316 Wilson Street P. O. Box 237 Phone REgent 3-5131 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA C vte iee ffMMey Conttactuiy Co-., Istc. Compliments of FOUR FRIENDSCompliments of BODEKER FULLER DRUG COMPANY 1202 Broad St. PA 2-5577 ONE STOP SERVICE RE 3-3685 SI LVE'R S TE IN': CLEANERS E LAUNCSERERS 41 Pick-Up and Delivery The smiles of Lansing Lee and Martiel Babbitt reflect the joy of an early dismissal from school. Congratulations class of ’64 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY SOU. BELL 62-19 227Student Index Abbott, Frank 72, 78, 139 Abraham, Johanna 139 Adams, Catherine 50, 173 Adams, David 51, 52, 139 Adams, John 85, 173 Adams, Polly 61, 173 Adkins. Virgil 173 Agner, Bobby 65, 117, 173 Ahouse, William 83, 173 Alberson, Gloria 26, 139 Alford, Cathy 191 Alford, Lynn 35, 41, 191 Alford, Robert 51, 52. 139 Alford. Stephen 81. 173 Alford. Teresa 51. 191 Allen, Earl 56, 98, 173 Allen. Lynn 191 Allen, Mary 191 Alsbrooks, Bonnie 57, 139 Anderson, Alice 139 Anderson, Billie Mac 173 Anderson, Bruce 44. 139 Anderson. Butch 139 Anderson, Diane 59, 173 Anderson, Joan 173 Anderson, J. W. 61, 173 Andrews, Terry 173 Annis, Lawrence 52, 79, 139 Antonakos. Dean 72, 78, 79, 139 Antonopoulos, Buddy 81, 112, 173 Antopolsky, Daniel 56, 191 Apple, Charles 139 Apple, Donna 139 Arilotta, Frances 173 Armistead. Joel 83. 173 Arnold, Tony 173 Arthur, Geddings 83, 139 Ashmore, Martha 139 Atkins, Chuck 81. 191 Austin, Billy 191 Babbitt, Martiel 15, 35, 43, 173, 227 Babcock, Bob 53. 79, 173 Baber, Paula 49, 82, 173 Badger, Ann 39, 43, 173 Badger, Bobby 79, 191 Badger, Nancy 42, 46, 115, 117, 139 Bailey. Brenda 61, 191 Bailey, Tim 79, 173 Bailie, Arthur 173 Baker, Forbes 83. 113 Baker. Lynda 191 Baker, Pam 37, 38, 42, 49, 139. 204 Baker, Tommy 79, 104, 173 Baker, Vernon 139 Ballard, Douglas 173 Balias, Cynthia 35, 39, 42, 44, 46, 47, 49, 140, 204, 213 Barfield, Lynne 31, 39, 42, 46, 49, 70, 84, 109, 140, 213 Barger, Gayle 140 Bargeon, Homer 85, 191 Barnard, Ben 173 Barnard. Ginger 173 Barnes, Jack 83, 173 Barnes, Jeanette 51, 173 Barnes, Lynne 59, 140 Barton, Bette 54. 140 Bastian, Donna 18, 39, 42, 49, 60, 78, 140 Batchelor, Brenda 37, 39, 44, 55, 140 Batchelor, Judy 42, 49, 140 Bazemore, Judy 42, 49, 60, 140, 204 Bazemore, Robert 173 Beam, Sonya 140 Beard, Carolyn 191 Beason, Judy 44, 173 Beattie, Thomas 15, 34, 35, 104, 173, 178 Beckwith, Charlotte 191 Beddingfield, Bill 61, 140 Beddingfield, Elwyn 79, 140 Bedgood, Tommy 117, 191 Bedingfield, Jean 191 Bedingfield, Sherri 140 Beeson, Thomas 53, 81, 98, 140 Beggs, Barbara 35, 46, 47, 115, 116, 140 Belding, Jack 79. 140 Bell, Don 39, 68, 74, 77, 140 Bell, John 87. 173 Bell, Linda 59, 140 Benjamin. Dave 173 Bennett, Cheryl 50, 174 Bennett, Kenny 104. 106, 108, 109, 141 Bennett. Ron 141 Bennitt, Laura 191 Benson, Lewis 98, 141, 169 Bentley, David 191 Bentley, Ted 61, 174 Benton, Arthur 57, 141 Berg, Brenda 191 Bertrand, David 81, 191 Bessman. Catherine 174 Bishop, Patricia 141 Bishop. Sandra 174 Black, Melba 191 Blalock, Debrada 59, 174 Blanchard, Tommy 81, 191 Bland, Lucille 174 Blankenship, Dianne 174 Blume, Dallas 174 Boardman, Dickey 81, 191 Boatman, Sandra 57, 141 Boatright, Randy 174 Boehm, John Charles 50, 51, 52, 67, 79, 191. 197 Bogolawsky. Mike 174 Bolder, Evelyn 51, 191 Bolgla, Susan 19, 191 Boone, Betty 174 Boone, Jean 141 Boone, Phillip 174 Boshears, Edward 134, 141 Boswell, Glenda 59, 174 Boulineau, John 81, 174 Bowen, Claire 35, 43, 46, 191 Bowers, Linda 43, 46, 115, 174 Bowers, Matt 52, 191 Bowers, Rick 54. 72, 76, 141 Boyce, Phyllis 191 Boyd. Brenda 191 Boyd, Norman 83, 141 Boyd, William 141 Boyles, Anne 141 Boyles, Carolyn 142 Brack, Ronald 83, 174 Bradley, Robert 83, 174 Brake, Ann 142 Brake, Muriel 55. 174 Brandon, Duffy 41, 174 Brashear. Matticc 79, 191 Bridges, Faye 142 Brigham, Jerry 81, 191 Broadwater, Brenda 174 Brodie, Cheryl 191 Broome, Judy 118, 174 Brown, Avis 119, 174 Brown, Diane 48, 51, 174 Brown, Janice 191 Brown, Kathryn 29, 142 Brown, Patsy 59, 174 Brown, Theodore 85, 191 Brownlow, Bruce 79, 191 Bruce, Jannet 56, 142 Bruker, William 37, 81, 191 Brush, Sandra 174 Bryans, Charles 142 Bryans, Emily 48, 191 Bryants, Susan 55, 175 Bryngelson, Carl 72. 84, 85, 142 Brvngclson, Lois 142 Buck, Dana 79, 175 Budnaitis, Eileen 142 Buffington, Jo 38, 39, 44, 142 Burch, Earl 175 Burch, Sandra 41, 43, 191 Burgess, Lynda 175 Burkhalter, Fay 191 Burnett, Ricky 66, 72, 86, 87, 91, 105, 106, 142 Burns, Anita 48, 192 Burns, Carol 51, 192 Burns, Crystal 192 Burns, George 175 Burns, Libby 41, 46, 55, 142 Burnside, James 53, 95, 142 Burnstein, Peter 83, 142 Burroughs, Tommy 142 Burton, David 175 Bush, Mary 42, 51, 54, 61, 142 Butler, Anne 43, 119, 175 Butler, Judy 175 Butler, I andy 35, 52, 192 Butler. I.arry 142 Butts, Sue 192 Buys, Hazel 41, 50, 59, 175 Buys, Ruth 41. 50, 59, 175 Byne, Hal 85, 175 Caggiano, Cheryl 142 Caldwell, Jimmy 39, 87, 192 Caldwell, Kathryn 37, 39, 42, 143, 147. 204 Caldwell, Lee 192 Calhoun, Elizabeth 42, 44, 49, 70, 84, 153 Calhoun, Lawson 35, 192 Calloway, Sheila 175 Campbell, Grady 52, 192 Cannon, Sue 175 Cantey, Ervin 91, 143 Canuctte, Lanny 50, 51, 52, 117, 192 Capps, Richard 175 Carlisle, Lynne 175 Carlisle, Sheila 42, 46, 143 Carlton, Clifford 143 Carmain, James 175 Carmain, Theresa 143 Carpenter, Cynthia 143 Carpenter, Dwight 72, 81, 82, 104, 106, 143 Carpenter. Jean 43, 175 Carr, Jean 175 Carrol, Dennis 87, 143 Carroll, Georgia 143 Carruth, Richard 35, 39, 41, 60, 175 Carson, Patti 59, 192 Carswell, Happy 83, 110, 175 Carswell. Jackson 85, 192 Carswell, Joe 81, 83, 192 Carter, Caroll 175 Carter, Cherylann 143 Carter, Richard 192 Carter, Teresa 82, 175 Casey, Tom 175 Cauthen, Judy 43, 46, 49, 175 Chalker, Patsy 175 Qianibers, Catherine 143 Chambers, Charlotte 49, 60, 135, 144 Chambers, Robert 192 Champion, Peggy 50, 175 Chance, Sandra 50, 51, 144 Chandler, Clayton 52, 53, 57, 192 Chancey, Shirley 192 Channell, Evelyn 42, 44, 46, 47, 49, 144 Chamey, Jack 39, 44, 45, 83, 144 Chastain, Frances 144 Cheatham, Walter 51, 52, 144 Childers, Terry 112, 175 Choate, Sammy 34, 35, 40, 41, 85, 175 Christian, Francis 104, 192 Christian, Phyllis 144 Churton, John 192 Clark, Frank a5, 192 Clark, Sandra 61, 144 Clarke, Johnny 81, 192 Clarkson, Floride 41, 175 Clary, Lucia 35, 43, 175 Claussen, Keith 41, 175 Claxton, Jimmy 175 Cloud, David 79, 175 Clower, Cynthia 144 Cloy, Bonnie 59, 192 Coakley, Pamela 144 Cobb, Mike 83, 175 Coffield, Pete 175 Colclough, Benny 81, 176 Coleman, Betty 192 Collins, Cranston 57, 176 Collins, Joy 55, 144 Collins, Robert 5, 41, 52, 57, 58, 176 Connell, Nita 176 Conner, Diane 45, 144 Cook, Connie 50, 51, 61, 176 Cook, Cookie 176, 182 Cook, Tommy 27, 100, 105. 106, 144 Cooper, Kay 51, 144 Corbett, Amelia 55, 144 Corbitt, Mary 3-1, 35, 37, 38, 42, 144, 147 Corlev, Phil 81, 176 Corley, Teddy 87, 91, 92, 94, 105, 106, 144 Corry, Jack 192 Coryell, Bill 57, 192 Cothran, Sherry 176 Coursey, Bobbie 50, 51, 144 Coursey. Mark 145 Coursey, Robert 105, 106, 145 Coward, Connie 145 Cowley, Donna 35, 36, 44, 46, 17. 70,81, 109, 119, 121, 125, 145, 204 Cox, Arlene 1-15 Cox, Darlene 145 Cox, Fredrika 145 Cox, Tommy 192 Cox, Tommy C. 192 Crawford, Susan 145 Crawley, Douglas 87, 192 Creech, Raymond 83, 176 Crim, Jimmy 145 Crooke, Marion 65, 145 Crouch, Denise 145 Crouch, Sherry 192 Crout, Robert 41, 51, 54, 57, 145 Culpepper, Tigner 79, 176 Curd, Steve 192 Dalber, Areti 192 Daley, Marcia 176 Daniel, Jim 176 Daniel. Patsy 17, 146 Daniel, Tom 53, 87, 146 Daniel, Warren 81, 192 Daniel, Wayne 81, 192 Dant, Cheryl 39, 42, 44, 49, 86, 146 Dantzler, Clark 85, 192 Darling, Ann 46, 146 Dasher, A1 14, 24, 35, 53, 60, 79, 98, 176 Dasher, Nesbit 6, 23, 32, 34, 35, 36, 39, 53, 60, 61, 72, 75, 98, 99, 146 Davenport, Allan 146 Davidowski, Jane 41, 50, 146 Davis, Billy 87, 192 Davis, Byron 192 Davis, Faith 176 Davis, Glenn 53, 83, 146 Davis, Helene 192 Davis, Jessie 56, 59, 146 Davis, Louise 192 Davis, Mike 57, 58, 192 Davison, Pete 95, 176 Day, Peggy 176 Dearing, Thomas 23, 29, 53, 72, 80, 81, 128, 146 Deas, Carol 176 Deason, Kaye 43, 176 Deck, Sharyn 42, 50, 60, 61, 146 Deer. Bobby 176 Deer, Carl 104. 106, 146 Deer, Jimmy 85, 176 DeLoach, Charles 146 Derriso, Gayle 60, 146 228DcVore, Tracy 146 Dewitt, Terry 176 Dibble, Fenny 146 Dickey, Jerry 146 Dicks, Margie 146 Dicks, Teddy 176 Dill, Linda 192 Dills, Martha 23, 39, 41. 43, 59, 176 Dixon. Linda 176 Dobbs, Gerry 176 Dodson, Diane 147 Dodson, Diane 147 Dolce, Richard 147 Doolin, Jim 147, 204 Dorn, Paul 177 Dortch, Jack 98, 111, 112, 113, 147, 169, 217 Douglas, Charles 51, 52, 79, 110, 177 Douglas, Henry 87, 110, 193 Dreifuss, Juliette 59, 61, 147 Dresscl, Bobby 87, 193 Drost, Mary 177 Drummond, Gayle 5, 193 Duggan, Sylvia 147 Dunaway, Marsha 50, 177 Dunbar, Anna 193 Duncan, Jimmy 177 Dunn, David 81, 177 Dunn, Stan 83, 147 Dupree, Beth 46, 49, 115, 193 Dupree, Steve 81, 177 Du Puis, Roy 87, 147 Durst, Marion 54, 73, 79, 193 Dyches, Anne 147 Dyches, Linda 59, 177 Dye, Audrey 193 Dye, Henry 83, 177, 180 Easier, Ronnie 17, 67, 79, 193, 197 Eden field, Carole 35, 147 Edmonds, Rex 105, 107, 147, 184 Edwards, Linda 55, 147 Eidson, Brenda 193 Elkin, Evelyn 39, 148, 211 Elkins, Carolyn 177 Ellis, Karen 51, 193 Elscy, Eddie 193 Elsey, Jimmy 44, 83, 148 Enelow, James 83, 148 Endow, Max 148 Eskew, Kenneth 193 Esposito, Connie 177 Eubanks, Emily 193 Eubanks, Holman 43, 177 Eubanks. Vicky 177 Evans. Billy 193 Eve, Mary Hull 193 Ezelle, Jack 177 Fahrenbruck, Dana 43, 51, 193 Farmer, Paulette 21, 50, 59, 117 Farr, Charles 177 Farr, Tommy 193 Farris, Amelia 177, 211 Faulkner, Linda 177 Feeley, Patty 177 Felder, Richard 177 Fellers, Dicky 87, 193 Fellers, Ernest 72, 83, 148 Ferguson, Don 105, 193 Ferguson, Donald 193 Fernald, Patricia 42, 46, 47, 49, 148, 211 Ferrer, Jorge 177 Ferris, Vernon 54, 73, 87, 193 Fidler, Clark 148 Fidler, Frank 98, 111. 112, 177 Finch, Jerry 193 Findlay, Doug 148 Fishman, Jack 55, 83, 148 Fitzgerald, Larry 148 Flanagin, Stewart 87, 193 Flowers, Margaret 34, 43, 177 Fontana, Jimmy 87, 193 Ford, Mack 177 Foreman, Joel 193 Foreman, Nancy 46, 59, 115, 177 Fortson, Robert 35, 194 Foster, Jacquelyn 177 Fountain, Carol 43, 59, 177, 211 Fox, Dale 148 Frashucr, Louis 177 Frasier, Hazel 177 Freeman, Barbara 50, 194 Freeman, Collette 41, 177 Freeman, Winston 44, 177 Frierson, Patricia 148 Fulcher, Kathy 194 Fullbright, Jimmy 148 Fuller, Betty 177 Fuller, Russ 177 Fuse, Gail 59, 177 Gabbert, Jerome 85, 148 Gaines, John 53, 72, 84, 85, 148 Gardner, Anne 177 Garrard, Jerry 98, 99, 148, 155 Garrard, Thurston 79, 178 Garrett, Hank 54, 73, 81, 194 Garrett, Jayne 82, 178 Garrett, Nancy 75, 178 Garrison, Joe 87, 194 Gaskin, Alva 52, 83, 194 Gaskin, Linda 49, 50, 60, 61, 148 Gatz, John 14, 85, 178 Gavalas, Mike 178 Gay, Cindy 194 Gay, Irvin 148 Gay, Sandi 43, 194 Gay, Susan 178 Geddings, Janice 149 Geddings, Wanda 48, 59, 194 Gibboney, Libby 46, 96, 115, 178 Gibbs, John 105, 107, 149 Gibson, Kathy 149 Gifkins, Kathy 115, 178 Giles, Ray 194 Gill, Betty Jo 149 Gill, Michael 73, 83, 149 Cill, Pat 194 Gillis, Dianne 194 Class, Bill 81, 184 Glazner. Jack 178 Golden, Jacquelyn 51, 149 Gordon, Nell 178 Gosncy, Woody 178 Grace, Douglas 87, 178 Grace, Phyllis 21, 194 Granade, Betty Jo 115, 178 Grant, Jackie 55, 149 Graves, Phil 79, 194 Gray, Tommy 83, 178 Gray, W'ayne 149 Green, Mary Ann 149 Green, Nancy Lynn 149 Greene, William 58, 149 Greiner, Kathy 178 Gresham, Barbara 178 Grier, Laura 178 Griffin, Mildred 51, 149 Griffith, Linda 178 Grimsley, Jane 150 Griner, Steve 83, 194 Grooms, Allan 150, 167 Groover, Sara 41, 178 Guenther, Becky 178 Guinn, Connie 39, 41, 45, 59, 150 Guinn, Diana 194 Gunn, Ann 194 Gustafson, Karl 53, 83, 105, 107, 150 Haack, Albert 72, 86, 87, 150 Hadden, Harold 178 Hadden, Sylvia 35, 39, 46, 47, 61, 80, 109, 115. 116, 150, 211 Haecker, Arthur 44, 52, 59, 134, 150 Haecker, Mary 39, 44, 45, 52, 59, 150 Haire, Bunny 59, 178 Hall, Carolyn 42, 150, 211 Hall, Virginia 42, 150, 211 Ham, Erol 85, 150 Hamilton, Cathy 43, 194 Hammett, Bruce 81, 194 Hammett, Leslie 55, 150 Hammett, Sherry 56, 178 Hammond, Danny 72, 78, 79, 150 Hammond, Delores 178 Hamrick, Jim 150 Hancock, Frances 194 Hanson. Alan 87, 194 Hanson, Ann 46, 178 Hanson, Iuirry 87, 117, 194 Harbeson, Sue 50, 179, 211 Harbin, Henry 179 Hardigree, Charles 194 Hardin, Jerry 85, 104, 150 Hardy, Buster 87. 150 Hardy, Gordon 194 Hare, Elaine 194 Harley, Tommy 54, 73, 83, 179 Harlin, Linda 150 Harper, Jay 16, 83. 150 Harper, Memc 194 Harpley, Jean 179 Harrell, Mike 194 Harrill, Steve 87, 104, 107, 151 Harris, Jeff 91, 151 Harris, Leslie 55, 151 Harris, Martha 35, 43, 194, 199 Harrison, Bobby 83, 112, 179 Harrison, George 79, 179 Harrison. Linda 43, 119, 179 Hartley, Shirley 179 Harvard, Suzanne 194 Harwell, Vernon 41, 56, 179 Hasty, Eddie 194 Hatcher, George 83. 194 Hatcher, Pam 179 Hatcher, William 72, 86, 87, 105, 107, 151 Hattaway, Charlotte 55, 151 Hawkes, Rodney 85, 194 Hayden, Nancy 151 Heath. Cheryl 179 Heath, Donna 194 Heath, Wayne 151 Hebbard, John 194 Helm, Janet 50. 51, 151 Helmly, Danny 76, 99, 151 Hendee, Helen 46, 115, 194 Henderson, Keith 81, 194 Hendricks, Jo 35. 179 Hendrix, Donnie 79, 179 Henk, Rosemary 59, 179 Hensley, Stephen 179 Hensley. Walter 194 Herin. Elizabeth 151 Hernandez, I uis 79, 151 Hewett, Epps 98, 99, 112.113, 151, 155 Hewett, Joy 41, 43, 194 Hicks, James 87, 152 Hiekson, Bonnie 179 Higdon, David 152 Higgins, Garen 76, 179 Higgins, James 152 Highsmith, Elva 41. 48, 59, 152, 211 Hill, Ed 152 Hill, Hazel 43, 179 Hillman, Richard 79, 179 Hillman, Sara 37, 39, 50, 51, 152 Hinnant. Dan 74, 91, 93, 152 Hinton, John 79, 179 Hobbs, Connie 194 Hobbs, Jimmy 61, 152 Hobbs, Pat 179 Hock, Susan 26, 152 Hogan, Novia 43, 179 Holden, I irry 79, 179 Holden, Sandra 41, 55, 152 Holland, Jerrye 179 Holley, Carol 195 Holley, Jan 61, 152 Holley, John 195 Holley, Marilyn 56, 195 Holley, Peggy Ann 51. 152 Hollingsworth, Leila 51. 179 Hollingsworth, Sandra 179 Hollins, Gayle 50, 152 Holloway, Neill 81, 195 Holman, Randy Louise 152 Holmes, Karyl 152 Holmes, Pam 179 Holsonbake, Robert 72, 82, 83, 152 Holsten, Vincent 54, 83, 152 Holtzclaw. Charles 53, 195 Holtzclaw, Eddie 85, 152 Horn, Katherine 56, 153 Hood, Palmer 153 Houck, Elle 179 Howell, John 179 Hudson, Eddie 179 Hudson, Gerald 57, 179 Hudson, Howard 91, 105, 143, 179 Huffman, Stanley 179 Huggins, John 52, 110. 195 Hughes, Beverly 153 Hughes, Frank 153 Hughes, Libby 80, 119, 179 Hull, Frank 35, 118, 195 Hummel, Sheila 41, 153 Humphlett, Neale 20, 195 Humphrey. Ricky 179 Hunt, Margaret 180 Hunt, Winston 105, 180 Hunter, Kitti 153 Huntington, Jane 59, 153 Hutto, Janice 153 Idoni, Michele 41, 180 Inabnit, Catherine 109, 153 Inabnit. Frank 105 180 Inglett, Betty Jean 153 Inglett. Margaret 153 Inglett, Randolph 54, 73, 195 Inglett, Wayne 72, 86, 87. 153 Isbester, Pat 180 Isenbcrg, Nancy 180 Israel, Jeff 154 Ivey, Nancy 51, 195 Jackson, Anita 154 Jackson, Bud 87, 195 James, Earl 180 James, Jerry 87, 154 Jamil, Ken 154 Jenkins, Faye 180 Jennings, Lane 41, 118, 178, 180 Joe, John 83, 180 Johnson, Bill 51, 65, 154 Johnson, Bruce 180 Johnson, Carol 85, 154 Johnson, Donald 57, 180 Johnson, Edwin 85. 195 Johnson, Glenda 180 Johnson, Jerrie 180 Johnson, Jesse 52, 85, 154 Johnson, Mickey 154 Johnson, Robert 56, 79, 180 Johnson, Ronnie 91, 180 Johnson. Russell 98, 112, 157, 180 Johnson, Tommy 85, 180 Joiner, Chester 110, 180 Jones. Billy 111, 112, 113, 114, 180 Jones, Carolyn 49, 154 Jones, Charles 154 Jones, Charlotte D. 57, 154 Jones, Charlotte K. 49, 60, 154 Jones, Freddie 110, 180 Jones, Grigsby 180 Jones, Kathleen 51, 59, 154 Jones, Sara 50. 180 Jones, Susan 180 Jones, Warren 180 Jones, William C. 154 Jopling. Bill 49, 154 Jopling, Jane 181 Jopling, John 53, 72, 84, 85, 98, 128. 131.145, 154, 167 Jordan, Joe 151 Jordan, Mary Anne 181 Jordan, Phyllis 195 Jowers, Gloria 181 Jumper, Julian 52, 79, 181 Kafka. Joanne 41, 181 Kay, Ben 22, 24, 34, 53, 60, 81, 181 Kay, Larry 154 Kearney, Susan 56, 181 Keel, Beth 181 Keel, Grice 57, 155 Keenan, Patti 155 Keepers, Sammy 19, 81, 104, 195 Kelley, Anita 155 Kelley, Don 85, 181 Kellogg, Sheila 155 229Kelly, Joanne 155 Kelly. Julie 44. 49, 62. 68. 70, 71, 74, 109, 121, 127, 155 Kennedy. John 83, 155 Kenney, James 81, 195 Key, Joyce 55, 155 Kidd, Sandy 83, 155 Kilpatrick. Hilly 195 Kimball, Nancy 43, 195 Kimberly, Jimmy 57, 181 Kimberly, Ronnie 155 King. Butch 195 King, Carolyn 29. 155 King. Jeanne 155 King, John 85. 195 King. Keith 87. 181 King. Margie 57, 156 King. Paul 91, 156 King, Tommy 52, 54, 85. 181 King, Wayne 195 Kircheim, Doris Ann 41, 54, 156 Kirkland, Charles 51. 52. 81. 181 Kirkland. Nina 181 Kirkpatrick, Rosalee 50. 59, 181 Kitchens, Jana 50, 195 Kline. Linda 49, 55, 156 Kline, Patricia 181 Knapp, David 81, 195 Knapp, Richard,29, 181 Knight. Carol 195 Knowles, Ted 156 Koone, Cheryl 181 Kreisberg, Michael 18, 53, 156 Kudlcvicz, Barbara 195 Kuhn, Jenny 43. 181 Kuzniak, Billy 156 Kyscr, Lee 115. 181 Lackman. Mary 156 Landing, Vicki 195 Landrum, Thomas 83. 91, 181 Lane, Charles 57, 58, 156 Lanev, Joan 43. 181 Lange, Ruth 41, 48, 1% Langford, Rupert 14. 51, 52, 181 Lanpton, Richard 72, 81, 82, 156 I anier, Johnny 181 Leach, Mary 181 LeClair, Louise 156 Lee. Lansing 35, 53, 60, 79, 97, 181 Leonard, Amy 44, 59, 156 Leonard, Pat 156 Leopard, Richard 85, 181 I.eRoy, Suzanne 35, 43, 61, 181 Lewis, Bill 156 Lewis, George 110, 181 Lewis, Richard 83, 181 Libby, Carol Ann 48, 59, 181 Lindsey, Becky 6, 34, 35, 36, 44, 46. 47, 70, 75, 109,119, 120, 122, 130, 156, 204, 211, 214 Lindsey, Wilbur 83, 156 Ixjftiss, Jeff 54, 79, 181 Logan, Kent 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 107, 156, 206 Logan, Richard 181 Loner, Frank 72, 84, 85, 91, 94, 105, 107, 156 I ner, Michael 91, 94, 157 Loner. Tommy 83, 196 Iz ng, Charles 1% Long, Dabney 196 Long, Russell 81, 157 Lorick, William 181 Ixitz, Nancy 157 Low, Frank 85, 196 Low. Mary 59, 157 Lucas, Lee Wanna 29, 50, 51, 181 Luckey, Brenda 182 Luckey, Lynne 35, 46, 59,115, 182 Lucky, Alma 157 Luke, Kathryn 182 Lurey, Charles 83, 157 Luther, Cheryl 157 Luther, Leilani 182 Lybrand, Sylvia 182 Macky, Bobby 182 Macuch, Ted 83, 157 Maddox. Clarence 85, 1% Maddox, Dale 1% Maddox. Elbert 157 Maddox. Mikc'196 Madebach, Jim 83, 196 Magruder, David 85, 196 Malcom, Marion 182 Maner, Polly 34, 36. 157 Mangan, Barb 50, 196 Mangan. Deanna 49, 182 Manly, Lynda 60, 157 Mann. Eddie 26, 196 Mann, Julius 105, 108. 157 Mantlow, Linda 196 Marsh, Sherry 59, 158 Marshall, George 158 Martin, Bob 60, 83. 98. 112. 114. 182 Martin. Dianne 119, 196 Martin, Jane 182 Martin, Sarolyn 41, 77, 158 Martsolf. Mike 41, 158 Mason, Betsy 1% Massey, Joe 79, 182 Masur, Harriet 41, 49. 55, 158 Mathis, MaryLou 158 Mauldin, Sandra 182 Maxwell, Jane 16, 49, 70, 76, 120, 123. 158, 204 .May, Maureen 196 May, Pamela 1% Mays, Linda 1% Mays, Sherry 24. 182 McAllister. Russ 182 McCarthy. Patricia 51, 182 McCarthy, Robert 54, 158 McCaskill. Linda 78, 182 McCaslan, Lynda 196 McClellan, Judy 182 McClure, William 105, 182, 206 McCollum, Condor, 110, 182 McCorkle, Linda 1% McCormack, Mary Ann 78, 182 McCormick, Blaine 7. 86, 87, 158 McCormick, Greg 158 McCranie, Morgan 85, 182 McCrary . Lynda 115, 119, 182 McDonald, Janna 1% McDonald, Pat 53. 158, 167 McDougall, Billy 182 McElderrv, Hugh 60. 112. 114, 158 McElreath. Linda 44. 56. 78. 158. 211 McGahee, Harriet 59, 196 McGahee. Jane 182 McGarry. Pat 59, 158 McKenzie, Donald 57. 182 McKinney. Burke 105, 183 McKnight. Buddy 5. 67, 79, 117, 1%. 197 McKnight, Cuyler. 85, 1% McKnight, Robin 55. 70. 84. 120, 124, 131, 158.211 McLaughlin, Jerry 158 McLeod, Beth 196 Mcl eod, Richard 98, 158 McManus, Tommy 183 McPherson, Cherry 1% McPherson, Janet 183 McPherson, Jim 183 McRae. John 36, 53. 54, 60. 72, 73. 75. 134, 158, 165 McWee, Wralker 73, 1% MeWhirter, Cathy 1% Mears, Philip 196 Meiere. Cheney 81, 183 Meinrath, John 83, 183 Memel, Scotty 91. 159 Menger, Carl 90. 91.94.111,112. 114, 159 Merritt. Shirley 1% Merry, Edward 49, 54, 87, 159 Merry. Margie 183 Merlins, Louis 60, 83, 159 Metcalfe, Karen 41, 50, 51, 183 Metts, Frank 57, 60, 159 Mey ers, Brenda 183 Meyers, Marie 159 Miles, Joy 43, 46, 183 Miller, Carolyn 159 Miller, Elbe 183 Miller, Jeannie 183 Miller, Jim 81, 159 Mills, Bill 1% Mills. Jimmy 51. 159 Milton, Brenda 159 Minnick, Patricia 44, 159 Mitchell, l-arry 41. 44. 83, 183 Mixon, Virgil 61. 159 Moates, Tony 160 Mohney, Jack 44, 81, 183 Molik, Barry 196 Montgomery , Shirley 160 Moody, Gloria 160 Moog, Sharon 196 Moore, Donald 83, 183 Moore, Frances 183 Moore, James 160 Moore, Mary Jo 50, 160 Moore, Ronald 81, 183 Moretz, William 1% Morgan, Glenn 183 Morgan, Glenn 183 Morgan, Sandra 1% Morris, Archie 160 Morris, Carole 35, 119. 183 Morris, Charlotte 6, 183 Morris, Donald 83, 85, 196 Morris, Harry 160 Morris, JoAnn 160 Morris, Patricia 196 Morris, Wayne 79, 196 Morrison, Sherrie 183 Morrow, Jean Ann 43. 183 Morton, Ann 196 Mothner, Carol 16, 183 Mulherin, Beverly 49. 70. 86, 109, 160 Mulherin, Billy 1% Mulligan, Billy 197 Mulligan, Jimmy 160 Murdock, Keith 151, 160 Murphey, Dianne 183 Murphcy, Tom 81, 197 Murphy. Carla 49, 183 Murphy, Cheryl 160 Murphy. Mary 119, 183 Murray, Cindy 183 Murray. Margaret 42, 49, 160 Murray, Robert 53, 160 Murrell, Don 85, 183 Napier, Julie 197 Nelson, Vee 41, 42, 46, 49, 160 Nelson, Vicki 183 Neuren, Alan 134, 160 Neville, Malissa 183 Nevils, Carl 104, 160 Newman, Ann 197 Newman, Archie 81, 197 Newman, Billy 33, 183 Newman. Linda 55. 160 Newman, Linda 161 Newman. Skip 161 Nicholson, Chris 79, 183 Nick, Christine 54, 56, 161 Nimmons, Emily 183 Nimmons, Helen 183 Nixon, Mary Alice 59, 161 Noles, Robert 57, 84 Norman. Diane 197 North, Donald 110, 197 Norton, Vivian 49, 184 Norvcll, Connie 184 Nowell, Bobby 87, 184 O’Connor, Patrick 85, 184 Oddi, Gary 79. 184 Odom, Gayle 61, 161 Oglesbee, Cheryl 184 Oglelree, LaDean 161 Olden, Susan 46, 184 Olive, Adelle 59, 161 Olive, Robert 79, 180, 197 Osborn, Craig 79, 184 O’Ty son, Joe 61 ,161 Owens, Kathrene 197 Owens, Linda 184 Owens, Marian 161 Owens, Tommie Jean 184 Padgett, Lyn 161 Pagand, Mike 79, 197 Page, Jean 184 Page, Martha 61, 184 Paine, Trav 197 Palmer, Therese 41. 50, 161 Pardue, James 184 Parish, Ray 197 Park. William 61, 87. 184 Parker, Pete 83, 184 Parker, Vicki 39, 41, 197 Parkman, Judy 76, 119, 181 Parks, John 83, 197 Parks, Pat 42. 60, 83, 161 Partridge, Joan 197 Patton, Sy lvia 162 Paul, Phyllis 59, 162 Paulos, Dianne 35, 41, 50, 184 Payton, Sue 50, 184 Peebles. Susan 181 Peebles, Vickie 197 Pelt, Randy 79. 184 Pennington. Paula 197 Perdue. Paul 83, 162 lYrez, Raul 162 Perkins, Donna 197 Perkins, Tina 162 Perrow, James 105, 108, 128, 162 Perry, E. Owen 85, 197 Peterson, Alice 35, 46. 86, 162, 211 Peterson. Martin 79, 162 Peterson, Tim 184 Peterson, Venny 162 Phalin, Larrv 53, 82, 83, 98, 99, 162, 167 Phillips, Anne 70, 80, 109, 120, 126, 162 Phillips. Barbara 197 Pierce. Mariam 36, 46, 118, 197, 199 Pinson, Susan 184 Pittman, Sonny 52, 87, 197 Pitts, Bill 52, 79. 197 Plunkett, Ellen 184 Plunkett, Jane 50, 51, 184 Pollard. Robert 162 Pond, Kay 42, 59, 162 Poppell. Elizabeth 48, 185 Porter, Linda 185 Poss, (Doria 185 Poss, Joyce 55. 162 Poston, Roger 41. 79, 185 Powell, Brenda 185 Powell, Jesse 98. 112, 114, 162, 169 Powell, Lee 57, 197 Powell, Richard 81, 110, 185 Powell, Roger 110, 197 Powell, William 162 Prescott. Randy 67, 85, 198 Presnell, Roger 41, 85, 185 Prestwood, Cecilia 44, 78, 118, 198 Price, Linda 185 Price, Tommy 67, 81, 185 Prickett, Kathy 185 Priest, Sydney 162 Primrose, Ann 185 Prince, Lorraine 198 Pritchard. David 162 Proctor, Thelma 163 Pryor, Jimmy 185 Pulliam, Vickey 55, 163 Purvis, Marsha 55, 163 Pyle, Judy 51, 163 Quinn, Herbert 83, 163 Radford, Joanne 43, 56, 185 Radford, Martha 55, 163 Raley, Mike 54. 87, 198 Rarnbo, Pat 163 Ramp, Michael 185 Ramsey, Sam 52, 81, 198 Randail, Linda 43, 185 Randall. Marilyn 43, 198 Ray, Johnny 163 Ray, Margie 163 Rayle, Cindy 185 Redd, Terrell 20, 117, 198 Reece, Sonny 163 Reeder, Bill 185 Reeder. Rebecca Anne 185 Reese, Cyndee 185 Reid, Joe 54, 73, 81, 185 Reid, Rosemary 163 230Reid, Susan 198 Renew, Frankie 198 Renfroe, Emmett 85, 163 Rhoades, Charlie 83, 164 Rhodes, Dusty 53, 83, 185 Rhodes, Mike 83, 164 Rice, Barbara 70, 82, 164 Richards, Jean 35, 42. 46, 47, 115, 116, 164, 211 Richards, Linda 39, 41, 185 Richards. Tommie 198 Rickman, Boh 185 Riddle, Hal 161 Riley, Donna 49, 51, 164 Riley, Linda Anne 55, 198 Riner, Brenda 51, 161 Riner, Wayne 57, 185 Rinker, Carolyn 185 Rinker, Frank 85, 161 Rinker, Jimmy 67, 197, 198 Rinker, Tony 198 Rivers, Libby 164 Rivers, Mary Jo 35, 43. 46, 119, 185 Rivers, Nick 185 Roberts, Bonnie 185 Roberts, Jackie 164 Roberts, Michael 85, 91, 185 Roberts. Shannon 41. 43, 46, 54, 59, 185 Robertson, Sandra 185 Robins, Susan 56, 185 Robinson, Barry 54, 60, 72, 73, 77, 83, 161 Robinson, Libba 198 Rodgers, Fete 57. 87, 198 Rogers, Candy 50, 185 Rogers, Michael 185 Roland, Lu 198 Rollins. David 72, 78, 79, 110, 164 Rooks, Lydia 185 Roper, Donna 43, 198 Roll, Susan 198 Rowland, Michaelyn 41, 42, 46, 164 Rox, John 39, 79, 186 Saleem, Eddie 87, 198 Salet, Gene 73, 81, 186 Salley, Clara 186 Salley, (.avonia 44, 77, 164 Sammons, Johnnie 72, 80. 81, 88, 91, 94, 102. 104, 108, 164 Sanders, Delores 186 Sanders. Richard 67, 85, 198 Savage, Danny 164 Saverance, Glennda 51, 164 Sawyers. Carol 161 Sayer, Sherry 165 Scannon, Patrick 83, 165 Scasbrick, Diane 198 Schaffer, Walter 51, 186 Scherck, Mike 81, 198 Schmidt, Walter 72, 77, 165 Schneider, Donna 57, 165, 204 Schoolfield, Billy 87. 198 Schumacher, Barbara 41, 42, 59, 165 Scott, Jack 21, 35, 67, 79, 110, 197, 198, 199 Scott, Linda 44, 48, 55, 61, 165 Seago, Donna 186 Scigler, Norma 198 Self, Jessie 25, 50, 51, 186 Serotta, Abram 165 Sexton, Ann 198 Shafer, Lucy 43, 198 Shauck, Jack 54, 60. 61, 72, 73, 78, 165 Shearer. Rusty 87, 165 Sheehan, Andra 51, 186 Shelley, Wayne 51, 52, 165 Shepherd, Lynne 41, 43, 61, 165 Shields, Joe 73, 81, 198 Shipes, Patricia 186 Shurtlcff, Holly 55, 165 Shutt, Chris 198 Sible, Linda 43, 198 Sigman, Susan 35, 115, 117, 166 Sikes, Jimmy 198 Silver, Nancy 186 Silver, Samuel 186 Simmons, Lee 54, 81, 198 Simmons, Ronald 51, 186 Simpson, Steve 198 Sinsheinier, Paul 186 Skinner, Landra 166 Slagle, Molly 44, 48. 55, 56, 166 Sleister, Marlene 166 Slice, Stephen 186 Smith, Ashley 198 Smith. Barbara 166 Smith, Carol 186, 211 Smith. Donna 51, 186 Smith, Charles 198 Smith, Danny 79. 85. 110, 198 Smith, Frank 186 Smith, Gail 186 Smith, Gale 186 Smith, Grady 43, 186 Smith. Joe 87, 198 Smith, Lewis 85, 186 Smith, Nancy 58, 198 Smith, Pat 50, 67, 198 Smith, Pat 53, 85. 186 Smith, Sandra 115, 116, 117, 166 Smith, Sylvia 50, 186 Smith. Thorny 87, 105, 186 Smith. Walter 186 Smoak, Cynthia 48, 50, 198 Smoak, David 57, 187 Snellings, Bill 53, 85, 199 Solomon, Jerry 53, 57, 166 Sorrells, Johnny 79, 187 Sowers, Jaymee 37, 39, 50, 166 Sperry, Terry 57, 199 Spillner. Alan 79, 187 Spires, Bob 166 Spivey, Beverly 166 Sprayberrv, Ronnie 56, 58, 187 Stacks, Gerald 83, 117, 187 Stagg, Bob 35, 53, 60, 85,187 Stahlcr, Ronald 166 Stanfield, Donald 187 Stanfield, John 81, 199 Stanley, Jeannie 166 Stanley, Sharon 86, 187 Staulcup, Sandra 187 Steinberg, Henry 81, 199 Steinberg, Linda 59, 187 Stelling, Martha 31, 166 Stephenson, Jean 166 Stephenson, Mary 166 Stevens, Johnny 187 Stewart, Barbara 48, 49, 166. 211 Stewart. Dianne 55, 166 Stewart, Judy 199 Stewart, Ricky 67, 79, 187 Still. Catherine 187 Stockton, Marian Ann 35, 39, 42, 44, 60, 61, 86, 166 Stone, Danny 57, 167 Stone, Joanne 57, 187 Stone, Marty 187 Storey, Jackie 199 Story, Harriett 199 Story, Phillip 81, 187 Strauss, David 54, 167 Strength, Ronnie 44, 167 Strickland, Judy 187 Stringer. Edward 57, 167 Stringfellow. Freddy 199 Strozier, Bobby 85, 199 Stuntz, Laura 35, 187 Sullivan, Michael 79, 199 Sulzycki, Henry 81, 187 Summcrall, Genie 35, 109 Summerall, Marilyn 187 Sutherland, Greg 167 Sutherland, Kathy 199 Suydam. Pat 49, i67 Swales, Sherry 187 Swint, Judy 57, 167 Swint, Linda 167 Tabb, Ogden 167 Tanenbaum, Gail 199 Tapley, David 87, 167 Tarno, Barbara 51, 59, 187 Taylor, Billy 52, 184, 199 Taylor, David 199 Taylor, John 87, 199 Teasley, Beverly 48, 199 Temples, Cheryl 56, 167 Temples, Craig 57, 199 Templeton, Elizabeth 187 Templeton, Katherine 82, 187 Testino. P. J. 187 Testino, Sammy 61, 167 Thetford, Janet 48, 56, 59, 168 Thigpen, Wayne 83, 187 Thomas, Wallace 85, 199 Thompson, Beverly 168 Thompson, Donnie 168 Thompson, Gene 168 Thompson, Jeanne 61, 199 Thompson, Jimmy 83, 168 Thompson, I-arry 56, 79, 187 Thompson, Nancy 187 Thompson, Randy 81. 168 Thompson, Robbie 7, 168 Thompson, Terri 187 Thornton, Tommy 79, 199 Thorstad, Dennis 85, 187 Thurmond, Theron 61, 187 Tiller, Butch 168 Tillman, Monte 20, 79, 98, 187 Tjovaras, Louis 56. 85, 187 Tobin, Marion 115, 199 Tomlin, Charles 83, 105, 187 Tompkins, Rick 17. 67, 79, 110, 197, 199 Toney, Randy 44, 168 Trotti, Coy 39, 43, 187 Truitt, Edward 87, 188 Tudor, Linda 168 Tudor, Marvel 188 Tuemler, Nancy 50, 188 Tuggle, Kathy 56, 188 Tuggle, Leonard 104, 108, 168 Tullis, Terry 87, 199 Turbyfill, Robert 85. 199 Turlington, Frances 200 Turnbull, Louisa 43, 81, 188, 211 Turner, Baudry 200 Turner, Gordon 60, 87, 168 Turner, James 81, 168 Turner, Margaret 59, 188 Turner, Sherrie 168 Twiggs, Jeff 110, 200 Twiggs, Hugh 200 Tyson, Beryl 43, 188 Underwood, Pete 84, 85, 168 Usry, Louise 188 Vaidcn, Rucker 168 VanBuren, Patsy 61, 168 Vaughn, Bunny 188 Voegcli, Suzanne 44. 49, 109, 168 Volpitto, David 7, 95, 100, 101,103, 104, 188 Walden, Mary 51, 169 Waldrop, Dwayne 188 Walker, Ann 169 Walker, Susan 42, 51, 163, 169 Walker, William 87, 188 Wall, Alan 87, 169 Wall, Seise 1 83, 188 Wallace, Cathy 43, 118. 200 Wallace, Earleen 51, 188 Wallace, Shirley 169 Waller, Dianne 59, 188 Walton, Sandra 55, 169 Wanner, Claudia 200 Ward, Judy 200 Waring, Linda 188 Warner, Carole 42, 49, 169 Warner, Christy 169 Warr, David 200 Warr, Randy 169 Watkins, Wilson 169 Watson, Sandye 80, 200 Weathers, Carolyn 35, 188 Weathers, Johnny 169 Weathersbee, Carolyn 188 Weathersbee, Wayne 169 Weeks, Robert 72, 76, 170 Wehner, David 79, 188 Weigle, John 35, 36, 39, 53„ 72, 82, 83, 112, 128, 130, 170 Weigle, June 61, 188 Welch, Dale 170 Welch, Jeannette 61, 170 Welch, Lewis 200 Welch, Shirley 188 Wells, Bettie 200 Westbrook, William 79, 170 Weston, Kenny 188 Whaley, Carol 15, 200 Whaley, Martha 170 Whaley, Ruth 43. 200 Wheatley, Jimmy 72, 82, 83, 170 Wheatley, Keathcr 51, 188 Wheeler, James 170 Whisenant. Joseph 200 White, Billy 72, 80, 81, 87, 104, 106. 170 White. Carolyn 43, 200 Whitehead, Elaine 188 Whitmire, Jimmie 177, 188 Whittle, Lynne 170 Widencr, Byron 87, 200 Widener, Russell 41, 50. 51, 52, 56, 58, 61, 170 Wier, Catherine 39, 42, 46, 47, 49. 84, 109, 170, 211 Wiggins, Sammy 189 W'ilcox, Ann 41, 49, 170 Wilder, Pat 200 Wilder, Rolston 189 Wilds, Louis 91, 105, 108, 170 Wilkerson, Bobby 65, 170 Wilkes, Ginger 118, 200 Wilkes, Louise 170 Williams, Barbara 59, 189 Williams, Bobby 189 Williams, Bobby 112, 189 Williams, Carolyn 169, 189 Williams, Dianne 35, 118, 200 Williams, Harold 87, 200 Williams, James 52, 87, 110, 200 Williams, Johnny 51, 57, 87, 170 Williams, Mike 85, 200 Williams, Patricia 55, 170 Williams, Phil 110, 189 Williams, Phyllis 189 Williams, Robert 171 Williams, Robert 189 Williams, Tommy 112, 189 Williams, William 189 W'illiamson, Carolyn 189 W'illiamson, Gail 41, 43, 189 W illis, Cheryl 51, 200, 211 Willis, Lucinda 189 Wilson, Dianna 171, 211 Wilson, Henry 189 Wilson, Ken 85, 200 Wilson, Patty 25, 35, 46, 109, 112, 171, 211 Wilson, Peggy 51, 200 Wilson. Rosie 6,17, 34, 35, 43, 46, 49, 80, 189 Winton, John 171 W'ittmus, Yvonne 14, 59, 189 Woodhurst, Bob 35, 53, 81, 189 W oodruff, Judy 18. 39, 41, 42, 43, 46,47, 171,211 Woodward, Cathy 46, 200 Worthy, Beatrice 56, 189 Wray, Susan 56. 200 Wren, Frances 24, 43, 189 W'ren. Martha 171 Wren, Michael 57, 171 Wrenn, Bob 85, 200 Wrright, Bobby 17, 189 W'right, Daniel 171 W right, Danny 189 Wryatt, Danny 57, 189 Wyland, Melvin 200 Wylds, Helen 189 Wylie, Teaky 189 Youmans, Alice 41, 145, 189, 211 Youngblood, Ann 55, 171 Youngblood, Caroline 200 Youngblood, Sandra 189, 211 Ziegler, Doris 56, 200 Ziegler, Helen 171 Zimmerman, Cheryl 23, 35, 49, 189 Zobcl, Raymond 81, 189 231Faculty-Staff Index Bailie, Margaret 29 Baker, Sara 18 Banks, Robert 27 Barber, Preston 22 Bearden, C. E. 18 Bentley, Jeri 24 Bolton, Langston 19 Bolton, Varie 12 Bowles, Ruth 19 Braddy, Ann 16 Burroughs, Rebecca 12, 174 Carelock, Ann 16 Casscdy, Coley 30, 96, 97, 104 Chandler, Betty 13, 59 Dalton, Ann 28 Davis, James 61 DuPuis, Elroy 16 Elrod, Alfred 67, 69 Ford, B. J. 31,115 Friedman, Louis 56, 58 Fulcher, Norma 16 Gilliland, Mary 18, 19 Griffin, Norman 20, 95, 110, 111 Guy, Walter 18 Hall, Mary 29, 55 Harris, L. E. (Mrs.) 13, 153 Herbert, Elaine 29, 153 Herrin, R. M. (Mrs.) 20 Hinner, Annette 31 Hodges, Betty 51 Hogan, Dolly 24 Hollowell, Anne 24 Howell, William C. 28 Huffman, T. J. 22 Hulbert, Marie 20 Jones, Sybil 28 Jones, T. W. 20, 39 Kaufmann, Joan 24, 40 Kemp. Don 30, 105, 186 Lamb, Carol 16, 40 Lambert, Frank 20 Landrum, Sam 54, 69 LeRoy, H. F. 16, 60 Lively, Aaron B. 22, 34, 35, 61 Luckey, J. C. 19 Lutz, John 22, 52 Maden, Lee 11 Markert, A. P. 9, 10, 134, 138 Marshall, Jacqueline 17, 49 McAuliffe, Ruth 25, 60 McGahee, Milbra 23 McNally. Elaine 25 Miller, Lynthia 31 Mosley, Amanda 26 Mosley, J. R. 19 Olmstead. Camilla 12 Otwell. Elizabeth 20, 21, 134 Overstreet, Winnie 24 Owens, A. G. 17 Parker, Ellis 27, 155 Paschal, Margaret 17 TAYLOR • TM Pearson, Janele 20 Phelps, Kenneth C 66, 69 Rawson, Ann 17, 55 Reese, Louis 18, 195 Reynolds, Jack 90, 94, 101, 103, 104 Roberts, John 69 Ruzicka, Lucie 18, 19 Sackett, Minnie 13, 55 Shultz, June 28, 186 Scott, George C. 17, 45, 186 Smith, Norman 26 Strauss, Grace 22 Thompson, Robert 22, 105, 107, 186 Wash, Marion A. 17, 38, 149 Wehmeyer, R. R. 23 Wheeler, Barbara 28 Williams, A. L. 23, 98, 102 W'illiams, Hubert 69 PUBLISHING COMPANY 232m . - - n. • • • • • , • . »«■ i. • j • •• . H . -il • ! • • - • • • ; •• ' - . . • ‘Vv • ■ v • . - v a • v - V- • ; -. •'••• •:. ••• ; :;,■•■■■ - : : - ■ ' ; . • : ■ . . - •• . | . . ,• • % • ... ’ . ’•• • I ' : ' ' ‘ ' . ■ t 'v- -,-v ; . : r . - • ' • • • - V' • ‘ - - • • .‘V ; .

Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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