Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1960

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Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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fawfifgi' WW i'4'3'i1ffsf1'ffQ25'Q2g1,, WSL 22,6536 , AM ,Li ifww Z3 ww 1? Huff.-'W , W? "W7,wU WML Vfgmpsffa ,, H1-fwfE,,Efi"' ffa,JJWjj ' Wjnw .1, G , - - --- - -H+ 'Zgfgiz' c If 'HH ?,f0mO5wzMLwap IM, .wamefru Jfifijlih ,6,4,CD,uLQ,, QUMCJCALZQL CU2?JjflO4l3' Olzmjcwm mwmiw ,MW WH 1wf41fL X of ww HJQKJJMWQ- Kim will AM' Jfmwmww fPfT,w33W 0fME q , . ,ww ,i,a1fi Lii,, . . L iw 741 7 Wald' 5 fifwmfsvjw 'Law '22 W' J Mm WIC Qi j5m..Q,1zILw AKLUNVQQI I Jfwfx UL. afyLoL9v0107la7L'b'ww 'howf' J-wmy,,m,Q1.m, 72:-wiz- -MOJO-JY' 'Wa' ow' 0 . gig? Q t ME, Y ,ffefefsr Q 'AWB The Rauinlbcoww 31960 nw yo OJ in M 9 1 . X db' W 6 '1' Mm QSO? Qwvfygfgwofgff Www 6J,ffv5,6H WWW W Y-as yi ?,ffJf-,..,.., ,.fff,o- I .Al , I g , Ji., f ,rw 3 Y V A,' ,I LITERARY STAFF I If f - I, 'fa ff - 7' - Eatmza-chief Ji! ' A ' " " A' FMR 5 If iff! Affiftant I t , 'I I . ANNE PHILLIPS f 1 -456 'J' ' Photographic Editor BETTY RAWLS P Y 7-if 1 . . , "' ti - 1 if Military Editor "' GLENN MILLER 'W Arty Editor 'Q K. JEAN JOHNSON od J,-'NX Activities Editor Q 0-,J on JANE WILSON y Sport: Editor W M Q, LINDA LOKEY W I 5 Feature: Editor M J JULIA KLEEE Layout Editor , I U MARTHA LEROY - - I Clan Editor: I A Senior . . . HOKE SEGARS Junior . SUSANNE RICHARDS Sophomore . HOPE ANDRBGG - Artixts 0' JOHN BURKS O. MELVIN PARKMAN DOUG WALTON HELEN GIBBONEY ' J GINNY PINSON A JO ANN GOOD I Typixt QOQJU . . ANGELA MORGAN gjhqplxf ww . M D ml J 1 Lhkl . I I I IU!! I I I I ,W I I I 1 Fl 1 , Jylffl 7' ' , 4,1 01 Literary Advisor E' x 1 LOCHIE JO ALLEN 99 sr ,019 Bmirteu Advixor 5 7' LOUIS E.. REESE . 4 4' 43: 99 I 43585 VAWWJWMQ c,,,w.,LN2-YQ A F n BM ' at + lnvff : J if W f 7 X 0, Q - VW, - E vi! GW 9.53 1 .P A W E W? lb Xgf HW M RAHNBUW M05 ' published by students of Richmond Academy Augusta, Georgia OREWURD Students and Faculty: Between the covers of this book are pages of people and events in your own personal world. More than a stereotyped account of your high school days, THE RAINBOW 1960 is a yearbook embodied with the idealism of tradition and featur- ing the symbols of that idealism: the Flag, inspirational and protectiveg the decorative shield and sabres prominent in the architectural designg the challenging inscriptions at the en- tranceg the authoritative seals of the school and of the stateg the Purple and the Goldg and in your Senior year the hand- some Academy ring. May this issue of THE RAINBOW bring you pride and. pleasure in the present, and may it bring you many cherished memories tomorrow when you have learned to "leave the Chai and take the wheat." The Editors CLXNQFX jf X xy ll Some men think that the gratification of curiosity is the end of knowledgeg some, the love of fameg some, the love of dis- puteg some, the necessity of supporting themselves by their knowledgeg but the real use of all knowledge is that we should dedicate that reason which was given to us by God to the use and advantage of mankind. LORD BAcoN 111-r A CC O T lE N T S M My FOREWORD .... . 4 M TABLE OF CONTENTS . . 5 JL- W f I A IN MEMORIAM . . . . 6 ALMA MATER . . 10 j DEDICATION . . . 11 ADMINISTRATION . . 12 JJAOTIO ,QAM Q Aja! CLASSES . 1... . 17 MILITARY . 56 'QMLM0 WW ARTS . . . 120 A7"'l' a"'dGff5"!j 054042 All ACTIVITIES . . 152 M5316 5 FEATURES ........ . 184 6 ADVERTISEMENTS, CARTOONS, AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . . 200 we f N ISV R Ov' XW Jw If We work upon marble, it will perishg if we work upon M brass, time will eiface itg if we rear temples, they will crumble 0 , ' to dustg but if we work upon immortal minds, if We imbue Ik in with principles, with the just fear of God, and love of dj p our fellow-men, we engrave on those tablets something which brighten to all eternity. W rf! -DANIEL WEBSTER V I AI 1 ' 0 f . . . 4 A 4 1 U? lll i lll'ij V - I 'V ' A V - A O! ,' llN MEMORlAM Music is well said to be the speech of angelsg in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man, is felt to be so Divine. It brings us near ro the lnfmiteg we look for moments across the cloudy elements into the eternal light, when song leads and inspires us. -THOMAS CARLYLE Gefald. Stalnlgy who for too short a time gave a part of himself to our school 24:15 4 " Iliff: Xie -xx. .NX llN MEMORIAM The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by. The saint is the man who walks through the dark paths of the world, himself a light. -FELIX ADLER ll-llaurolldl Silver whose proud memory this school could not leave unrecorded 7 ' -if .-c.. Af?"-'-.7'f Q' I a- 1 5 F, 5 .Jil .-: gf - 5 1 .. 4 5.4-- 41-a 'T fi! . . ' Q 'L . 'fi r gif" f 1, "WA JL 'F cg'-",4w Q., 21,3--..m - ' W, .Vx K ffl If .Q 1 1 ff, Y .11 - 'GV' ' I .gl"f' ij. . . 1' sq' K ?" In 'N 4 yum 6 , 2' QW' ,2 -L' Q ., iv., w 'lv 11 F' 5 mxh Q w ? if 'SIL . s Q f , Nha . If - X. I-U, JS Q., ' ,W M R , . M 5? 'O I Y, . 'W V gg' .:- 521 V H- tvkf-i!gI?',' iff 4 Q .-2 ' 12,5 Q .- " R 1 g f U 1 'Jw 'l fm .-' f iv .5 x -isnt... .. Q Q E :qi 5 ,E sf , JJ- Q . ' 1 in -gr , "fl-5 V W 3 , I lf if 1 Q as -nf' V Q1 Pl 51 . ' - 2 M: i xl, W I ' M ' LU f 4E Q- , N 4 Qt M ,, V I 'Huw' A W 4 x , -M w "" N Ya i 324' ,f 4 , f , , x. Um "' 511 4 QA Aw" - ' ' . , ' .,,,,..,., . .gin ,, QA.. w' 1 ' , , : 9-" N .ff-. ' .L 4 , . . 1. ' f ' Q-5 . -, iw-,agar - -fh 'qffi-"five tif,-,vw . iw N M . 1 X -X J ' 1 l QSM' 'ff r V4 K RV-'K 'An . s W , , A '4. I V Q A f 1' - Aa 1 ,, g -I i s nl ' ' ' 'M A . '- 7 ps ' fi-. 4 A .,-, . , , . 3, W, Q, . aiu: 3 5 . Q ' Y R .wxik f -.1 ,H 5 - A V . . hm. . V ,ni -. N nl f ' w f M. , R' S1 A ' , , vw- ' W A 1 1 . . 4 I K f Q A fi W ,.-'-Vw Z"- . : L., ALMA MATER Alma Mater Our Alma Mater glorious stands By old Savannah's turbid stream. Upreared by loyal hearts and hands, .Q If y Fulfillment of her children's dream. Her noble sons adown the years Have proved their courage, conquered fears. ' F On fields of glory, honor, tears, Inspired by Alma Mater. l f ERIC HARDY Richmond Color Song Oh, our hearts with joy are thrilling When the Richmond colors wave. And our spirits rise with rapture When the Richmond sons are brave. Fight for victory! Fight for honor! And success will be foretold. All hail the proud defenders of The Purple and the Gold. -FRANK E. LAMBERT 10 'iu" A- J' l W 1 DEDICATIUN liifejjg-Iliff-Q F To MR. G. L. BOLTON, In an age which puts emphasis upon the higher forms of math there is an ever increasing demand for teachers who possess a wealth of knowledge in this Held and the ability to convey this knowledge to their students. Mr. Bolton has not only given the Stll- dents the fundamentals of his science but shown them the challenge that learning presents. To this outstanding teacher this edition of THE RAINBOW has been dedicated with a desire to honor him who through the years has so graciously given of him- self to the school and to its young people. The Editorial Stay? Mr. G. lL. Bolton Math Instructor Administration r l ,-. + Ill. 0! XXQX ,Q I Gt TO THE STUDENTS OF THE ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY First, I wish to congratulate the 1959-1960 graduating class of Richmond. You have achieved the goal of earning your high school diploma. I hope that you will not stop at this point, but go on to higher goals and noble heights of achievement. You are confronted with a great challenge and a great demand. Our Nation needs dedicated men and women, trained and educated to take their rightful places of leadership in the world. To those of you who are yet to complete your high school education, my earnest plea is that you remain in school until you do graduate. Plan your course of study with care, and in your planning set for yourselves goals which will demand the best in you. Finally, may I wish for each of you a full measure of happi- ness and success in the days to come. ANTON PAUL MARKERT Principal K OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Varie Bolton, Mrs. Rebecca Ivey, and Mrs. Rebecca Burroughs. 0 Y w-' l -0 IIA m X . jj 4. 5- MP MISS MARGARET BAILIE, Librarian MR. C. K. WOMMACK, Counsellor MR. W. LEE MADEN, Affixtanz Principal MRS. PAULINE STEVENS N nrse MRS. L. E. HARRIS, Lnnclsroorn Siipervifor 13 EN GLISH-Miss MARSHALL .1 gl , - 4? 5 4 'H f CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION-Miss MCAULIFFE FRENCH-Miss OVERSTREET 1-A . "f:f:f' g:?e .. ' ' .ef-63. I. A. Agerton, L. J. Allen, R. L. Banks, C. E. Bearden. G. L. Bolton, E. W Boose, R. R, Bowles, A. Bradcly. R. A. Carroll, J. G. Collins, G. M. Dashel J. E. Drawdy. E. DuPuis, E. B. Fowler, L. A. Fox, L. Friedman. M, S. Gillilanu SPANISH-MR. HOWARD E. E. Gladin, N. W., Griffin, W. C. Guy. L. D. Halbert, M. E. Hall, G. N Hardy, H. R. Hollifleld. Faculty and HISTORY-MR. HOLLIFIELD - my f . 1 AH! Q Sevier. ff'-Lil.. ' m.3f-ifkf sf .f ex ' 11' all 'wif ..... f Q X X . 4, 6, N Hr .7.., A y K 155 - fe 'f,'nia1. -3f551f't1- . . Q.. ...., , . V - r iff.. ' 1'-Hynes!! G. T. Howard, W. C. Howell, J. Hudson, T. J. Huffman. F. E. Inman, T, W. Jones, F. Lambert, M. L. Laurent. H. F. LeRoy, A. B. Lively, E. M, Lowden, J. C. Lucky. J. Nlarshall, S. O. Merritt, A. M. Miles, W. M. Mitchell, J. R. Mosley, R. G. McAuliHe, M. McGahee, W. Overstreet, A. G, Owens, K. S. Perry, J, E. Pyle, W. Rawson. Classrnnms PSYCHOLOGY-MR, PERRY I I PHYSICS-MR. GRIFFIN CHEMISTRY-MR. LAMBERT 5 1 1 BIOLOGY-MR. JONES x 5 2 MATH-MR. REESE LIBRARY-Miss DRAWDY WOODSHOP-MR. DASHER 1"F?'LyFl' 1. A A .--2 A ..,, M '.,. . .. .. .W 4 IQ- R l f e ff 5? . A H - ,"E1 Q il ' ' ..., - ,,. , . ,L :-':: A vt, I i'f5 'I' W "" : A L Alii A 1 . at S A ' Sir 1. Iazsis E EZ.. E- -- Z I ,,..g I -7 -f '- V fs .FEE Q. I .55 em ' 5555. 'W' ' 3 z., ...,. . L,, , V lf: y r . ia 4 em 3 . W .Q ff ap f' W 5 . , .. .. E .f f Q 5 L. E, Reese, H. L. Rowell, L. R. Ruth, L. C. Ruzicka. C. L. Salley, G. M. Scott G. A. Shaw, H. W. Shaw, N. T. Sikes, C. P. Sizemore, E. B. Smith, N. C Smith, G. Strauss, P. C. Swain, M. L. Tallent, B. Turner, R. Turner, M. A Wash, B. Wheeler, M. A. Wiggins, A. L. Williams, Capt. Williams, J. H Williams, V. Youmans. DRIVERS EDUCATION-MR. TALLENT TYPING-Miss SHAW BOOKKEEPING-MRS. WILLIAM: Il- ff. it b 1157 CARL ADAMS. CHARLES E. ADAMS, JR., D.c:.T. Club 4. MARY ALLEN ADAMS, GAA 5,45 TA-HL Y 5. KAY AGERTON, Beta Club 3,45 GAA 3,45 Student Council 25. IRENE AKINS. JAMES E. ALLEN, JR. SENJIORS NSU ROBERT W. ALLGOOD, Band 2,3,4. BAR- BARA A. ANDERSON, GAA 2,5,4. CHARLES F. ANDREWS, Drama Club 2,5,4g Audio- Visual Asst. 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4g Physics Club 4g Newspaper Staff 4. Young Life 3,49 Future Nurses 5g FHA 33 Choraliers 4. JACKIE F. AYERS. HELEN E. ATTAWAY. NELL W. AVARY, f CATHY W. BAXTER, GAA 3. ANNE C. BEARD, Tri-Hi-Y 35 GAA 3g Annual Staff 2,3. BARBARA ANN BEASLEY. JULIE T. BECKUM, Tri-Hi-Y 4g Young Life 3,45 spanish Club 4. BARBARA A. BECK- WITH, GAA 2g FHA 3g Student Council 3g Tri-Hi-Y 3. RICHARD B. BELDING, Beta Club 3,4. JAMES N. BAGGS, Young Life 3. E. KAY BAILE L. MARGARET R. BAILEY, Choraliers 2,3g GAA 4g Drama Club 4g Girls Vocal Ensemble 4. BARBARA BAKER. MIRIAM BAREFIELD, FTA 4g FHA 2,4g FTA 2,3. D. RUSSELL BARFIELD. JOHN M. BARINOWSKI. N. ANNETTE BARK- ER, FHA 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2g Future Nurses 3. ROY M. BARNES. JACQUELINE D. BELL, Tri-Hi-Y 35 Spanish Club 4. JANICE A. BENNETT, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Reporter for Mzzxketeer 4. BONNIE BENTLEY, Young Life 5,4g Chm. of Pub., Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chm. of Pub.g Future Nurses 35 GAA 3. CAROLE A. BENTLEY, GAA 33 Young Life 3. MARY J. BESSMAN. SANDRA E. BLACKMON. ANZIA V. BOATWRIGHT, GAA 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Young Life 3,43 FHA 35 Girls Vocal Ensemble 4. BILLIE BODLOVICK, GAA 2. BRENDA BONNER, GAA 2g Newspaper Staff 4. FLORENCE J. BOOKER. THOMAS T. BOW- MAN, Band 2,3,4. ELIZABETH A. BRADY, Drama Club 3 g GAA 3. GLENDA E. BRANNON, D.E. Club 4. CAROL A. BRANTLEY, FHA 3g FTA 3,4. CONSTANCE E. BRANTLEY, FTA 3,4, FHA 3. JEANNE M. BURDISON, GAA 4, Girls V0- cal Ensemble 3,4, V-Pres. 4. PATRICIA A. BURGESS, Choraliers 53 D.E. 4, Treas. 4. JOHN B. BURKS, JR., Annual Staff Artist 4, Art Show Winner 4. MEAGIN R. BURNS, Pres. H.R. 5. EDNA J. CAGLE. JEANINE A. CARROLL, Beta Club 3,4, Parl. 4. - JAMES F. BRANTLEY, Band 2,3,4. SANDRA LEIGH BRANTLEY, Tri-Hi-Y 4, FHA 4. DIANA J. BREHM, Beta Club 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4g Art Show Winner 4. BRENDA BRICKLE. VIRGINIA B. BRICKLE. MARY L. BRINSON, GAA 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 4. MARCIA D. BROOK. LINDA G. BROOME. LINDA L. BROWN. JAMES L. CAUTHEN, Band 2,3g Chorus 2. THOM- AS L. CAUTHEN, Band 2,3,-43 Drum Solo Superior 3,43 Beta Club SA, Treas. 4g Key Club 4g Physics Club 4, Pres. 45 Boys State 5 IAA Award 3. VICKIE CAUTHEN. JOAN A. CAUVIN, Drama Club 3,4, Pr. Chm. 45 Mmkezeer Staff 5,4g Girls Vocal Ensemble 3,4. JOHNNY W. CAWLEY, JR. BARBARA B. CHAMBERS, Drama Club 3, 4, Pres. 45 judo Club 5' GAA 4. 7 PATRICIA A. CHASTAIN, Future Nurses 2,3,4g FHA 3,4g GAA 2,5,4g Tri-Hi-Y 25,45 Majorette 2,3g Annual Stall 2,3,4. MARY A. CHATHAM. MAR- LENE H. CHEESEBOROUGH. MARION E. CLARK, D.C.T. 2,3,4. ANNA J. CLONTZ, Tri-Hi-Y 3g GAA Eg Annual Staff 4. WANDA J. COBURN. PATRICIA A. COGGINS, Future Nurses 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 2g FHA 2g Annual Staff 3. MARY A. COLLERAN, Future Nurses 3,4g Choraliers 5. ANN B. COLLINS. L +1 l ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, Cheerleader 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g GAA 3,-4g Spanish Club 4. CAROL A. CURRY, Tri-Hi-Y 4. LINDA E. CUSHMAN. BILLIE A. DARNELL. BONNIE E. DAVIS Girls Vocal Ensemble 3,4, Pres 4. HELEN A. DAVIS, FHA 5, Treas. 3g Beta Club' 3,4, Pres. 4g Spanish Club 4. 3 . JOAN G. COLLINS. JUDITH A. COOLEY, Young Life 2,3,4g GAA 4g Mmketeer Staff 4g Annual Staff 4. MARGARET M. CORDLE, FHA 3,4g Beta Club 3,4. ANNETTE CORLEY. MARVIN H. COURSEY. RITA L. COZART, GAA 2,3g FHA 3g Future Nurses 35 FTA 4g Judo Team 3. BRENDA L. CREECH. CONNIE C. CRENSHAW, Tri-Hi-Y 4. BRENDA CROFT, D.E. 4. KATHERINE DAVISON, Cheerleader 2,55 GAA 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,4g Student Council 2,3g Annual Staff 3,4 WILLIAM DEAS. ANN R. D1cKs, GAA 3,45 Dance Club 5. PHYLLIS M. DOCURRO, Basketball 5,4g Tennis Team 5,4g GAA 3,4g Future Teachers 4. WALTER DOZIER, Hi-Y 3,4, Sec. 4g D.E. Club 4. DOROTHY A. DRAKE, Tri-Hi-Y 4. SHIRLEY R. DRAKE. DOROTHY I.. DUFFIE, Tri-Hi-Y 5g GAA 3g Annual Staff 4. WAYNE DUNN. PATRICIA DURDEN, FTA 5,4 B. ANN DYCHES, D.C.T. 4. KAYE A. DYCHES, Beta Club 5,4. SARA D. DYE, Beta Club 3,4g FTA 43 Spanish Club 4. FLEMM R. EDENFIELD, D.C.T. 2. JAMES T. ELLIS, D.C.T. 4, Publicity Chm. PATRICIA H. FOSS, FHA 2, GAA 2,4. LOR- RAINE FOX. STEVE E. FRIEDMAN, Band 5,4 CONNIE C. FULGHUM, Young Life 2,3,4, GAA 4, Future Nurses 5. ELEANOR C. FULL- ER, Tri-Hi-Y 5,4, GAA 3,4g Newspaper Staff 45 Student Council 4. JOHNNY E. GAL- LAGHER, Band 4. ANN W. EVE, Tri-Hi-Y 2,5,4g Young Life 25,4 GAA 2,5,4. PATRICIA L. FAIR, Future Nurses 3,45 Annual Staff, Editor-in-Chief 4. PATRICIA FARM- ER, Tri-Hi-Y 25. PATRICIA A. FARR. HELEN FARRIS. G. NELL FLAKE, Tri-Hi-Y 5,-4. M. JEAN FLETCHER, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club 4, Newspaper Staff 4. LYNN P. FLINT, D.C.T. 5, Sec. 5. DIANE E. FLOYD. 24 N WAYNE GANNAWAY, Hi-Y 4, D.E. 4. J. JUANITA GARDNER, Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Choraliers 4, GVE 4. PATRICIA A. GARDNER, Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 GAA 3,49 Newspaper Staff 4, Young Life 3,4. LINDA M. GARRETT, Future Nurses 3. VIKENA M. GAVALAS, GAA 3,4. M. JAUDON GEORGE, Future Nurses 4, Band 3,4 JANICE L. GETER. HELEN GIBBONEY, GAA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, G.V.E. 4, Annual Staff Artist 4, Art Show Winner 4. JUNE E. GLISSON, Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 GAA 3, Future Nurses 4. CYNTHIA A. GODFREY, Future Nurses 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. MARY L. GODOWNS, FHA 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Annual Staff 4. JO ANN GOOD, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club 4, Annual Staff Artist 4. BETTY J. GOODSON. M. ANNETTE GOODWIN, Tri-Hi-Y 3. BRENDA A. GREEN, Tri-Hi-Y 4. A BARRY HARDY, Baseball 5,43 D.E. 5,4, V. Pres. 4. JOAN HARRELL, GVE 3,43 Beta Club 5,4g Drama Club 5,4g Young Life 5,4g GAA 45 Annual Rep. 3. DIANNE HARRIS, GAA 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 5,4g Young Life 3,4g Tri- Hi-Y Pub. Chm. 4. VICKIE J. HARRIS, GAA 3. FHA 5. 1-1. CHARLENE HARTER, Bm Club 4g GAA 4. WAYNE D. HARWELL. KENNETH GREENE. BARBARA E. GRIFFIN, Future Nurses 2,3,4, Pres 4g Band 2,5,4. MARY A. HADDEN, GAA 2. CATHERINE G. HALL, Treble Clef Club 5. D. GORDON HALL, D.C.T. 3,4, Pres. 5,4g Stare First Vice-President of D.C.T. NANCY HALL. WAYNE HALL. P. ANN HALLMAN, Future Nurses 33 GAA 4. MARILYN HAMNER, GAA 2,5,4, Treas. 3, Point Manager 4g FHA 2,3, Hisr. 5. B. PHYLLIS HAYES, GAA 2,5,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, Tennis 2,5,4, Athletic Council 5,4. SANDRA K. HEATH, GAA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Young Life 4, Annual Staff 4. BARBARA A. HEBBARD, GAA 5, FHA 5, Annual Staff 4. THOMAS D. HEGLER, JR., Band 2,5,4. LINDA E. HENSLEY, Treble Clef Club 2. IRIS HEWETT. BETH H. HIGGINS, Beta Club 5,45 FTA 5,4, Span- ish Club 4, Sec. FTA 4. JOYCE A. HINSON. M. EMILY HITCHCOCK, Beta Club 5,4, Chaplain 4, Young Life 5,4, Sec. 4, GAA 5,4, V. Pres. 5,4, Tri- Hi-Y 5,4, Treas 5, Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Chap- lain 4, Cheerleader 5,4, Co-captain 4, Basketball team 5,4, Capt. 4, Tennis Team 5,4. MARY F. HOBBS, D.E. Club 5. JOHNNY B. HOGAN, Bass Horn Solo Superior 5, Band 5,4. DARLENE HOLLAND. LINDA M. HOLLIFIELD, GAA 4, FHA 4, Annual Staff 4. BETTY W, HOLLOWAY, DE. Club 5. ADELIA HOLMES. BARBARA A. HYDRICK, Tri-Hi-Y 5. Chor- Auefs 2,5,4. WARREN P. HYLToN. JOHN M. IVEY. BONNIE JACKSON. D. CLAIRE JACKSON, FTA 4. TONYA JEFFCOAT. BARBARA A. HOLTON, Choraliers 3,4, Robe Com- mittee. FRANCES E. HOOVER, Tri-Hi-Y 25 Treble Clef Club 2, D.E. Club 4. A. BETTY HOPKINS, Cheerleader 3,4g Treble Clef Club 33 Student Council 3, Cortes. Sec., GAA 4, FHA 3,4, Hospitality Chm. 4, Young Life 3,4, Sec. 3. NANCY M. HOWARD, GAA 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Young Life 3,4g Student Council 4, Mmkezeer Stall 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4. D. AMANDA HUGHES, D.C.T. 4. A KENNETH HUGHES, Band 3,4. WHITELAW H. HUNT, JR., Band 3,4g Young Life 3,4g Band Council 4, Spanish Club 4. GEORGE A. HUNTINGTON, JR. THOMAS C. HURT, Annual Staff 3g Choraliets 4g Singing Musketeers 4, Pub. Chm. JANE JENKINS, Tri-I-Ii-Y 33 GAA 3,4g H.R.V. Pres. 3g Annual Staff 4g Young Life 3,45 Honorary Cadet Colonel 1959. ANNA MAE JOE. BRENDA J. JOHNSON, GAA 45 Student Council 3, Basket- ball 4. K. JEAN JOHNSON, Drama Club 39 Choraliers 4, Annual Staff, The Arts Editor 4. HAROLD G. JOHNSTON. LAURA F. JONES, Future Nurses 33 FHA 2,3,4g Choraliers 4. KARIN K. KAPPLER, Tri-Hi-Y 2. CLAUDIA L. KEETER. PATRICIA A. KELLY. WAY H. KIDD, Band 3,4, Young Life 3,4g Annual Staff 4. CONSTANCE R. KING, Treble Clef Club 3. MYRA LOIS KING. PAULETTE A. KING, Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 3,4g Council 4, Young Life 3,4. ROSALIE R. KING. ALICE M. KINSON, Cheerleader 4. PATRICIA LOFLIN, GAA 2,3,4, Council 4, FHA 2,3, Annual Staff 2,33 Student Council 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Young Life 3,4. DORIS LO- GAN. LINDA L. LOKEY, Basketball 3,45 GAA 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Young Life 3,4, GAA Council 3, Treas. 4, Annual Staff, Sports Ed. 4. FRANCES A. LOWERY. JACQUELINE A. MARSHALL, FHA 3,4, Pres. 4, Homemaker of the Year 3, Basketball 3, GAA 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Young Life 4. BARBARA MARTIN. JULIA L. KLEEB, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, V. Pres. 4, GAA 35 Student Council Alt. 3,4, Annual Staff, Feature Edi- tor 4. BEVERLY H. KUHLKE, GAA 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Treas. 4. GAIL A. LACKMAN. NANCY E. LANDRUM. MIRIAM T. LANG, Tri- Hi-Y 3,4, FHA 3,4. HARRIET N. LAURENCE, Basketball 2, GAA 2. ANN C. LEAVITT, Band 2,3,4, Choraliers 4, Annual Staff 4, All State Band 4. ANN M. LESLIE, GAA 2,3. BETTY LEVERETT. WILLIAM A. MARTIN. DIANA E. MASSEY. TONY MAYS. DORIS A. MELTON, FHA 45 FTA 4. EUGENE MILBURN. ELLEN L. MILLER. JOYCE A. MILLER, FHA 55 Future Nurses 3g GAA 55 FTA 4. DELLE MOORE. MARIAN MOORE, GAA 5,49 Tri-Hi-Y 5,43 Young Life 53 GVE 4 An- nual Staff 4. JANICE W. MOREDOCK, Tri-Hi-Y 5,4. JEROME W. MORGAN. PATRICIA A. MORRIS. SAMUEL E. MOYER, Band 5,4. JOHN G. MULHERIN. CAROLYN L. MUNCIE, Band 2,3,4g Majoretre 2,5,4g Beta Club 3,4g Student Council 2g Treble Clef Club 2g Annual Rep. 4. KARN P. NEWMAN JEAN E. NICHOLS. BARBARA A. ODOM, Future Nurses 2. CAROLYN ODOM. PATRICIA L. OLD, Treble Clef Club 3,45 Choraliers 4. LUCILLE OUZTS. CAROLYN MURPHEY, Beta Club 3,45 Band 3,45 Majorerte 3,45 Annual Staff 4. NANCY J. MUTIMER. ROY L. MUTIMER. BECKY L. MCCOLLUM, GAA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Student Council 35 FTA 45 Annual Rep. 4. YANCEY MCCRARY, GAA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Young Life 3. SYLVIA A. MCFEELY. KENNETH E. MCGAHEE, Band 3,4. JOHN T. MCTIER, DE 3,44 Track 3,4. CAROLE E. NAVE, Student Council 35 Band 2,3,45 Best Girl Citizen in Band 35 Track 35 Annual Rep. 35 Mgr. Girls Basket- ball 3. PEGGY R. OVERSTREET. JANICE A. PATCH, Choraliers 5, V. Pres. 3. PATRICIA PATTERSON. A. JEAN PEARRE, Tri-Hi-Y 3g FHA 5,4 JANICE F. PEEBLES. R. JOANNE PERKINS, Treble Clef Club 2,3g Future Nurses 2,3g GVE 3,4 SARADONA PERSKY, Future Nurses 4. EMILY E. PETERS, GEORGE F. PETERS, Band 2,3,4g All State Band 4. LYNDA PETERSON. RHONDA S. PETTY, GAA 5g FHA 3. ANNE B. PHILLIPS, Drama Club 5,4, Treas. 4g Student Council 4g Annual Staff, Assistant Editor-in-Chief. JOHN PHILLIPS. JUDY J. PIPALA, Tri-Hi- Y 5g DCT 4, Parliarnentarian 4. M. LYNN PIRKLE, Tri-Hi-Y 4g Spanish Club 4. SYLVIA PUCKETT, FHA 3,45 GAA 45 FHA 4, Chaplain 4. EDITH F. PURDY, Stu- dent Council 3g GAA 5,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. JAYNE A. QUINT ON, Future Nurses 4. BETTY A. RAWLS, D.E. 4, Young Life 45 Annual Staff, Photography Ed. 4. PAULA A. RAY, Young Life 4. B. STANLEY REDD, Basketball 3. DELORES A. POLANSKY. BONNER JO POL- LARD, FHA 45 GAA 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Young Life 4. SADIE POTEAT. PONDY J. POUNDS, Future Nurses 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Young Life 5,4. ANN L. POWELL. C. ANCELAN POXWELL, Beta Club 3,45 Band 2,5,4. DOROTHY L. PRATHER, Tri-Hi-Y 5,45 FHA 3, GAA 3,4, Council 5,45 Student Council 45 FHA V. Pres. 4. MARY PRIMO. PEGGY V. PRITCH- ETT. ANGELA REDMOND, Band 3,4. BRENDA A. REECE, Beta Club 3,4g Treble Clef Club 2g Student Council 2. O. PORTER REMINGTON, Choraliers 3,4. MARION RICHARDS, Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 GAA 3,45 HRPres. 4. DOROTHY RICHARDSON. ANNA RIGGS. ALICE G. ROBERTS, GAA 3,4g Student Council 3,4g Basketball 3. PATRICIA ROBERTS, Majorette 2,3,4. CORNELIA ROBERTSON, GAA 3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY J. ROBERTSON, D.E. 2. N CAROLE ROSS. ARLISS C. SALLEY. FRANK SANDY, Band 2,3,4. JUDY L SAUNDERS. KAY SAWYER, GAA 5. Tri- Hi-Y 3,4g Young Life 3,45 Annual Staff 4. CHARLES C. SEAGO, D.E. 4. CONNIE G. SELLEARS, FHA 3, Chm. of Degrees 5. JULIE D. SENNETTE, Spanish Club 4, FHA 45 News- paper Staff 4g Young Life 4, Drama Club 3. JAYNE SEROTTA, Bera Club 3,45 FTA 3,4g GAA 3,45 Annual Staff 4g Newspaper Staff 4. RHONDA S. SHAPIRO, GAA 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Tennis 3,43 Annual Business Staff 4, An- nual Ed. Staff 4. DONNA SHAUCK, Drama Club 4. , NORWOOD D. SAXON, Beta Club 3,4 MAE SCHARNITZKY, Band 2,3,4g FTA 4. IRA z. SCHNEIDER, Band 25,4 CARL SCHWEERS, Young Life 3,4. CARY SCOTT, FHA 2,35 GAA 3,4g Newspaper Stall 45 Young Life 2,3. DALE' SCOTT, FHA 2,35 GAA 3,4g Young Life 2,3. A. DIANE SCOTT. JANICE SCOTT. R. MARIE SCOTT. JIMMIE R. SHEPPARD. M. LUCILLE SHIRLEY. ELAINE N. SILVER, GAA 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. JACKIE Y. SIMPSON, Future1Nurses 3,4, FHA 3,4. MARGARUITE A. SIMS, Future Nurses 3, Annual Staff 3. M. JEAN SKINNER, Future Nurses 3,4, FHA 3. ANNETTE J. SMITH. C. JUNE SMITH, FHA ,34, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. F.. JURELL SMITH, Future Nurses 3,4. MARCELL AT. SMITH, Student Council 2, Future Nurses 3,4, GAA 3,4, Newspaper Staff 2, Basketball 2,3,4. MAXINE T. SOLOMON, Student Council 3,4, Sec. 4, GAA 4, Future Nurses 4, Annual Staff 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Winner of the Poetry Contest 4. SUZANNE SOSBY, Tri-Hi-Y 3, FHA 3,4, Chaplain 3, Hist. 4, FTA 3,4, Hist. 3, V. Pres. 4, Young Life 3,4. HENRI A. SPEARMAN, FTA 3,4, Pres. 4, JACQUELINE A. STANLEY, FHA 4, GAA 4. JANICE E.- STEELE, Beta Club 3,4, Sec. 4, Annual Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, D.A.R. History Award 3, Jr. Scholarship Medal 3, Valedic- torian. FRANCES TAYLOR. JERRY A. TAYLOR, Young Life 4. WILLIAM L. TAYLOR, Beta Club 5,4, Key Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Young Life 3,4, Band 3,4, Band Council 3, Drum Major 4, Lt. Gov., 6th Div. Key Club. NANCY B. TEASLEY, Annual Staff 4. M. ELAINE THIGPEN, Tri-Hi-Y 3, FHA 3,4, Pres. 3, Chaplain 4, Future Nurses 4, Inter- Club Council 3. MARIANNE THOMAS, Choraliers 4, Young Life 3. PATRICIA A. STEELE, Tri-Hi-Y 3, GAA 3. LIN- DA M. STEPHENSON, FHA 3,4, Sec. 4, Tennis Team 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, GAA 3,4, Annual Staff 2,3, Student Council Alt. 4. CAROLYN V. STEVENS, FHA 2,3,4, Hist. 2, Parl. 3, Rep. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Basketball 3,4, Young Life 3,4. MARGARET V. STRICKLAND, Future Nurses 3,4. PHYLLIS STRICKLAND, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Beta Club 4. JANIE L. STRINGEELLOW, Future Nurses 3,4. C. FAYE SUMMERS, GAA 2,3,4, Drama Club 4. NANCY E. SWAN, Tn-Hi-Y 3. CAROLE A. TAYLOR, GAA 4. W. EARLENE THOMAS. WILLIAM G. THOMAS, JR., Band 2,3,4, Musicianship Trophy 3, All-State Band 3,4g Full U. of Ga. Music Scholarship. SAN- DRA L. THRIFT. DENA F. THURMOND. RACHEL J. THUR- MOND. MARTHA L.,TOOLE, Future Nurses 2. EVELYN TOWNER, FTA 4. B. KAY TRANUM, Cheerleader 2,35 GAA 4, FHA 4. M. KATHERINE TRULL, Future Nurses 3. JUDY M. TRULOCK, Cheerleader 3,4, Young Life 3,-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 3,4. SANDRA E. TUITLE, spanish Club 4. SHIRLEY J. UTLEY, Beta Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 33 News- paper 4. Q. REED WAKELEY, Football 3g Hi-Y 3,4, Chaplain 4. ANNE M. WALKER, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g FHA 3g GAA 3,45 Young Life 3,4. TRU- ELLEN WALLACE, YOUf1g Life 3,4 DONNIE WEST, Band 2,5343 Student Coun- cil 2,4, V. Pres. 23 Ga. Boys State 5, Winner in "I Speak for Democracy" Contest 43 Winner of D.A.R. Essay Contest 4. M. DIANNE WHYTE. CAROLYN D. WIDENER. MARY E. WIDENER. JIMMIE C. WIL- LIAMS, DE. 5,4 JANE WLSON, Cheerleader 3,43 GAA 3,43 Future Nurses 5, Pub. Dir. 3g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, School Act. Chm.3 Young Life 2,5,43 Treble Clef Club 3, Treas. 43 GVE 43 Sec. Young Life 43 Activities Editor, Annual 4. BETTY WALLEN, Student Council 3, Comm. Chm. 55 Young Life 25,43 Tri-Hi-Y 25,43 GAA 25,43 Newspaper Staff 3,4Q Annual Staff 2,53 Cheerleader 2. L SANDRA WALLER. CAROLYN WARD. l SANDRA A. WARREN, Tri-Hi-Y 3. BETTY WATERS, GAA 2,3. BETTY L. WATKINS, Young Life 3,43 GAA 5,43 Future Nurses 5,4, Sec.-Treas. 4g Annual Staff 4. SHIRLEY L. WATKINS, GAA 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Future Nurses 33 Young Life 53 Annual Staff 4. FRANCES W. WELTCH3 Tri-Hi-Y 2,143 GAA 3,43 Annual Staff 3,4. DIANNE WEST. ARDITH P. WINTER, Annual Staff 4. LORENE M. WITTMUS, Basketball 2,3,4g GAA 3,4g Council 5, Pres. 4g Beta Club 3,45 Young Life 5,4g Tri-Hi-Y 4g Drama Club 4g Annual Staff 4. MYRA S. WOF- FORD, Band 2,5,4g Tri-Hi-Y 45 Drama Club 4. LYNN WOMBLE, D.E. 3, V. Pres. 3. EMILY L. WOO. M. ELLEN WOOD, Beta Club 5,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3g DCT 4, Hist. 4. BRIGHAM E. WOODWARD, Baseball 2,4g Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Track 3,4g Football 2,3,4, Capt. 4g Young Life 2,3,4g H.R. Pres. 5g All-Area 45 All- Southern Champion 4g Hon. Mention All-American 4g Most Valuable Basketball Player 4. WARREN WOODWARD. BILLIE A. WORLAND, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Drama Club 5,4g Annual Staff 4g Hon. Mention in Poetry Contest 4. Club 4. DOROTHY D. WRIGHT Cheer leader 2,3,4, Capt. 4 Student Coun cil 2,4, Pres. 43 GAA 34 Sec 34 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Young Life 234 Annual Staff 4g Homecoming Queen 4. VICKI YANDLE Beta Club 3,4. FITZALLEN YOW Dranla O Dale Albenze y Am Allen A:: MN 1uUNioRs 1 .-,: i 5 i ..:,, i 4 I -f12" ' '! :.V. . ta 1' E .....,.. , at Q .MS ' 5 Lila flQ:f ' z?35 .A N A 131 iight M Nancy Allen Vickie Allen Faye Anderson Betty Andress Nancy Andrews Jenny Anderson Martha Anderson Chris Antonopoulos Diane Baker Judy Barber Carolyn Barker Peggy Barnes Shelor Barron Sylvia Bartlett Jackie Bell Sarah Bell Pat Bennett Margaret Bessman Elizabeth Bisagna Sheila Blake Cecelia Arthur Carol Atkinson Hillis Barksdale Martha Barnes Linda Barton Sally Bedingfield Faye Bentley Martha Bertrand Gladys Blankenship 42 Robert Booker X a .Lf 'Q' M W , S una ,wif r V A C W wi ' K wk f Roy Booker Joan Boswell Dayle Britt D. J. Broad Jo Anne Brown Vickie Brown Sandra Bryson Pat Buck Fran Braswell Kathy Brennan Faye Briscoe Frances Brooks Brenda Brown Carpie Brown Carol Bruce Deloris Brusher Shannon Bryant Mary Bunch Barbara Bunnell Sally Burroughs Marcia Cab Burton Linda Byrum Melvis Chalker Lona Cheskis Marion Clark Brenda Clarke Diane Calloway Diane Carson Vickie Causey Gloria Childers Marion Childers Gena Clark janet Gifford Marilyn Cloud Maureen Collins 43 4? " 2 4 fn' , 9,- X it w J. X ie was gf' 1 Q, A 5 Sig Mx, as wa , W -F V- ::-:-Q.: - ze - - i, ' H asi a.. f- 25 , .--. ..: .... Q : ....... .:. -: :--: gr .f+f.:.g,.:.:.g.g.,'--.1 5.-.1 af. ,mga :.,,. my 'LQ 3253 4 ia V N ylzmgi 009' rw' W5 if A rag Qlaxfgf Faye Connell Brenda Cooper Laverne Cooper Mary Jane Cooke Mary E. Coursey Linda Cowley Audrey Cook Gene Crooke Glenda Crosby Margaret Daniel Roberta Davis Sharon Deas Polly Duffie Laura DuMar Rosalyn Dunn Evon Economos Helen Edwards Lucy Edwards Cecelia Eubanks Mildred Fletcher Carolyn Fulcher 44 Ruth Cooper Kay Cook Judy Cox Tonyla Creech Judith Crowe Billlie Daniel Patsy DeCufTa Sandra Dennis Margaret Duvall Madeline Dye Elaine Ellis Charles Erion Carrie Garrett Peggy Garrett Reba Gault W Carolyn Gibbons Harriet Gifkins Wanda Gilbert Dwayne Green -. ,, , gan lf 575 'MF il? ,,.:., ' Pia' 3532 Q4 5, U, G Mary Jewel Griswell I Rh ' . y 4 Micky Green V- Art Greene Ann Grubbs . 7 """ Alan Hale Barbara Hamilton Paulette Hammond Phyllis Greenfield Bonnie Greer Linda Fay Hall Linda J. Hall Nancy Hall Karen Hamner V --ff Jackie Hardin Gayle Harris Deeny Harrison Wanda Hart Sandra Harveston X Mary K. Hatcher joan Haywood 2 "i .r A 4 , ,viii t ...,.:,L,..: ,,,,.,,, ..:., .,:,:a,,,,.,,. .t.:,:.,.:.. ..,.g.,.,...,. , ,., . , ,. fm, Vw ' gigs t 5 eras. f W3 grief 2 -fa, 4 "I-f -..-4- '11 4 fe Nancy Heath Marion Hewett Sue Hite Sara Holmes Jeanne Hom Penny Hooper Gloria Houchens V Y Judith Howard Mary Ann Howell Sandra Howell 45 'T at 4 4 at gm if Melba Hudson Pat Hughes jo Ann Hunt Barbara Hutcheson Linda Hydrick Sue Irvin Kathy Iseman Carolyn Jabbo Ellen Janes Nancy jarrell jerry Jarrett Carldene johnson Louise johnson Nora Johnson Pat Johnson William johnson Gloria Joiner Dot jones Miriam Jones Patricia Jones Nancy K'burg Shirley Kelly Martha Kendrick Mary Kennedy Sara Lamb Patricia Langley Alice Lawton Dana Lechman Rose Lee Christine Leonard Martha LeRoy Terrie Jo Lever Phyllis Levy Elaine Lindsey Martha Loftin 46 fig i me sf' xv! ,ff Mara Janlce Lonergan Judy Loudermilk Sandra Lucas Margaret Maltzburger Mary' Manter Mary Marshalk Pam Martin Carol Mason Sada Mason Lyn Maxwell Mary Alice May Sylvia Mayo Charlotte Mears Eleanor Miles Eddie Milhouse Ronald Minor Jeanette Moore Angela Morgan Anita Morgan Alden Morris Carolyn Morris Judy Morris Linda Moseley Pat Mulligan Janice Murphey Virginia McCauley Shannon McCoy Sunny McGuire Vickie McLeod Velinda Nelms Elaine Nelson Kate Newman Diane Nobles Patty O'Neal Estelle Owens 47 Camille Thompson Diane Thompson Linda Thornton Mary L. Thweatt .I In Ellen Thompson ik -Z if 133' a M ia W" div aug 1 Ann Tomlin Brenda Turner Gloria VonKamp Jo Ann Walker Martha Walker Elizabeth Wall P Eva Weathersbee an " Patricia Weeks Bonnie Weidenbac Mary Wade Robin Wagner Madeline Walton Sandra Watkins h Judith Weldon Brenda West Nw..,...f'if . ta l? Thomas West Sharon Whiteley Margie Wiggins Bonnie Williams Candace Williams Elizabeth Williams Al Wilcox Barbara Wilkins Joyce Williams Sandra Williams Teresa Williams Elizabeth Wilson Patricia Wilson 50 Wrllene Wilson Stella Windsor Mary Winship W Judith Winters Lynthia Vfofford joy Lynn Wommach Lenora Woo Sandra Wright Robert Wylds Helen Young Margie McManus The school grounds were covered with snow on March 10, 1960. This is the juniors' Alma Mater too-another year left for them to bring it honor. Elini HIV SOPHOMDRES 1 jlhxao I 1 o ol I' , X in gl. Cf' 1 P. g dye -fl T 'W' I gy 7 fs 1 JAH' ,.AA 5 . ., Wig ,,:,.: i june Adams Faye Allen Sherry Allen Hope Andregg Robert Baggott Angela Ballard Linda Barnes Rebecca Berry Billlie Bethea Judy Blackwell Donna Blanton Melba Bonham Tommy Boyles Nancy Brannen Sarah Brannen Marsha Buck David Burris Ellen Burton Jane Bush Elaine Carney Nancy Carr Rachel Carroll Sue Casaday Gertrude Chambers Faye Chastain Brenda Cheek jane Childers Diane Clark Arlon Cloer Linda Coder Glenda Cone Donna Cooper Betty Corley Carolyn Cramer Earline Cross Patricia Daniel Sherry David Carol Douglas janet DuB-ose Carolyn Dunn Carol Edwards Sandra Ellis Bonnie Enroughty Ann Eubanks Pat Ezell Rose Ann Forrest Pat Fountain Sabra Gaskill Penny Gautreaux Nikki Gavalas Herbert Gilstrap Angela Gindlesperger Cheryl Gindlesperger Brenda Goings Carl Goodman Joan Granger Linda GriHin Pat Hadden Carol Hamilton Carol Hardin Peggy Hathaway Louise Hawkins Jack Hayman Tonya Heath Annette Hembree Frances Hinnant Gail Hogan Joyce Hogan Pat Holsenback Nancy Howard Joan Hyde Sandra jo Hyder Tomalene Ivey Bonnie James Carole james Glenn Karolyi Nancy Karr Alice Key Heidi Lee Faye Leverette Doris Logan Kathryn L,Oiseau Joyce Magruder Billy Marcho jimmy Morris Myra Mosley Shirley Mungo Bill Mutimer Clyde Ann McClellan Tommy McCoy june McDonald Jo Ann McMahon Madelyn Nelson Jean-Ray Ogilvie Linda O'Neal Saundra Parnell Christine Patch Ruth Paul jean Perrow Pat Pinson Ruth Powell Thelma Redd Ella Reese Ann Reynolds Judy Richards Gloria Richardson Carolyn Roberts Linda Rosier James Rowland Connie Russell Sandra St. john Pat Sanders Vickie Satcher Cynthia Scarborough Harriet Schifller Glenda Scott Carol Shelby Kathlene Shillett Glenda Sikes Patricia Simms Carol Sindlinger Ann Smith Dianne Smith John Smith Marie Smith Virginia Spray Juanita Springer Nancy Steed Dianne Stevens Marie Stratacos Paulette Strickland Brenda Tankersley Maureena Thompson Shirley Trotman Patricia Turlington Peggy VonNessen Janice Walker Carole Wallace Sandra Weber Juanita Weeks Cathy White Elsie Wilkes Juanita Wrenn Beverly Wylles . Vg. Eggs, W M 4... 'Q . , .,,.,.. U, Ml Karen Wyles Jayre Yarbrough Miriam Yassney .3339 The snow and the orange-colored steel in the new gym were typical of the quietness of tradition and the appeal of the new. Sophomores can enjoy the use of the new gym for two years. I pledge allegiance to lbe flag of tbe Unifea' States of America, and to tbe Republic for wbicb Sbe stamlsg one Nation zincler God, in- divisible, wiib Liberty and justice for all. ,gaw- N11 ww warms: gym, Wwe :ai Qxiemq- k an su :ss lm mi ,Q ,V VM. . N., M, Qrwwx wwf? 1 ' ,gpm il!! im lkwfllrw .V-w nu lil! Ill! su li S, IP Iii N? gn? ,mi f pq---. inlwg ' - llll W' llll 53135 l its Ulf 1 1 fm X, , 'M fy C 1' QM Q-ff il 'I' PYQWQ Q--..... . , , , , ,, u K "" casa --A - i 1 "N me Qglgfkgiw ' "4"ff'vfwwf W we ' . qw n. ,- Q 4 , ,-S' -QZZQA sian F, ' gf if WATJQ ,4 ,,, ' Q .' . . ' , ' :frn'fffYz::- 4- f , as ,, W W 16 ' 'f 'AJ , 'u xi M 1 ff Mlnillliltaur' .W-W' """' " Y SGT George Watkins MX SGT Wallace W. Brock Staff SFC Eddie Adams M! SGT William Entrekin M XSGT paul Dennis 59 Brigade Col. Glenn T. Miller, Brigade Commander Maj. Paul Volpirro, Executive Officer Miss Jane jenkins, Honorary Cadet Colonel Maj. Volpitto's Sponsor, Miss Jane Wilson 60 Capt. Richard Lessard, Adj., and Sponsor Miss Beth Cunningham Maj. Louie Bowman, S-3, and Sponsor Miss Lynthia Wof- ford Maj. Allen P. King, S-4, and Sponsor Miss Frances Bras- well 1st Lt. Jack Davis, PIO, and Miss Pat Chastain Enlisted Staff MfSgt. Anthony B. Gavalas, Sgt. Maj. SFC Henry L. Gilmer, Clerk, lst Battle Gr SFC Loy Whitton, Clerk, 2nd Battle Gr. SFC john Akeson, Supply Sgt. SFC John Detreville, Armorer Cpt. Hubert Lovett, Assistant Armorer Cpicture not availablel lst Lt. David Bateman, Commander, and Miss Helen Davis Drum and Bugle Corps Drum and Bugle Corps 4 N i Drum Major Robert Lee lst Lt. john Kemble, Exec., and Miss Beverly Ringson lst Sgt. john Holsenback G2 First Battle Group N2 in 3 Lt. Col. Edward F. Durst, Commander, and Miss Alice Roberts Capt. Larry Dye, Exec., and Miss Betty Wallen Capt. Mike Taylor, Adj., and Miss Emily Hitchcock Capt. john Thomas, S-4, and Miss Peggy Von N6SS6r1 63 we wi' wiiwwihzi -gf,::::4-.:--- , V qggwwg lst Lt. Bobby P. McKenzie, Company Commander, and Miss Dale Albenze Company A Company A lsr Lf. lst Lt. lst Lf. lst Lt. lsr Lf. Bobby P. McKenzie, CO James Underwood, Exec. Off. John Bruce, Ldr., lst Plat. David Maner, Ldr., 2nd Plat. Charles Mulherin, Ldr., 3rd Plat 64 Company A lst Lt. John Bruce, lsr Platoon Commander, and Miss Crissy Moon lsr Sgr. Toby Morgan igQme,gs:4x.n lsr Lt. james Underwood, Exec., and Miss Alice Kinson Guidon Bearer Johnny Meacham lst Lt. David A. Maner, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Sandra Howell 65 lsr Lt. Charles Mulherin, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Elizabeth Perkins M-p,M'T Company lst Lt. jesse Williams Agee, Company Commander, and Miss Fran Stone Company B lst Lt. Jesse W. Agee, CO lst Lt. Stacey F. Webb, Exec. Off. lsr Lt. Donald A. Owens, Ldr., lst Plat 2nd Lt. john T. Kenny, Ldr., 2nd Plat. 2nd Lt. Johnny Hensley, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 66 Company B 1st Lt. Donald A. Owens, lst Platoon Leader, lst Sgt. Tommy Mays lst Lt. Stacey Webb, Exec., and Miss Ann Dicks and Miss Ann Templeton Guidon Bearer . f2?iE'1 Eff? fi EEEFE:-22,325 Efii Chris Alford 2nd Lt. John T. Kenny, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Stella Windsor 67 2nd Lt. Johnny V. Hensley, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Brenda West Capt. Ed. B. Stalnaker, Company Commander, and Miss Connie Fulghum Company C Company QC Capt. Ed B. Stalnaker, CO lst Lt. Ronald Corbitt, Exec. Off. lst Lt. Albert Moody, Ldr., lst Plat. 2nd Lt. Gilbert Klemann, Ldr., 2nd Plat. lst Lt. Thomas Harden, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 68 Company QC 1st Lt. Albert F. Moody, lst Platoon Leader, and Miss Ann Walker lst Sgt. William O'Ke1ley lst Lt. Ronald E. Corbitt, Exec., and Miss Ginny Pinson Guldon Bearer, Bill Fulmer 2nd Lt. Gilbert S. Klemann, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Ginger Rouse 69 lst Lt. Thomas P. Harden, 5rd Platoon Leader and Miss Bea Kuhlke V . S Capt. Roland Saenz, Company Commander, and Miss Dorothy Wright Company D Company D Capt. Roland Saenz, CO lst Lt. Guy B. Toole, Exec. Off. 2nd Lt. Lawrence Berry, Ldr., lst Plat 2nd Lt. Thomas Clary, Ldr., 2nd Plat. lst Lt. Robert E. Lee, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 70 Company D lst Sgt. James Thaxton 2nd Lt. Lawrence Berry, 1st Platoon Leader, and Miss Kay Cook lst Lt. Guy B. Toole, Exec., and Miss Kay Sawyer Guidon Bearer, 2nd Lt. Thomas Clary, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Reba Parkman 71 Eddie Lindsay lst Lt. Robert E. Lee, 3rd Platoon Leader, and Miss jean Perrow Drill Platoon lst Lt. A. Davis Palmer, Platoon Leader, Drill Platoon, and Miss Bonnie Weidenbach Drill Platoon Capt. Wing Mun Loo, Company Commander and Miss Emily Wfoo fiecomdl Battle Group Capt. Thomas S. Cauthen, Exec., and Miss Vickie Brown Capt. Ed. E. Crawford, Adj., and Miss Anna Clontz Capt. Frank B. Ahouse, Commander, and Miss Sada Mason Capt. Jay Menger, S-4, and Miss jo Ann Walker Capt. james Whitehead, Company Commander, and Miss Mary Brinson Company E Company E Capt. James Whitehead, CO 1st Lt. Theron DuBois, Exec. Off. 2nd Lt. H. Shannon Carson, Ldr., lst Plat. lst Lt. Marion Gardner, Ldr., 2nd Plat. lst Lt. Bobby Beazley, Ldr., 5rd Plat. 74 Company E A f M532 V ,ha lst Lt. Theron DuBois, Exec., and Miss Julie Sennette lst Sgr. Don Peel 2nd Lt. H. Shannon Carson, lst Platoon Leader, and Miss Carol Atkinson Guidon Bearer Ed Hickman Lini ' X I lst Lt. Marion L. Gardner 2nd Platoon Leader and Miss Dianne Smith S lst Lt. Bobby' Beazley, 3rd Platoon Leader, and Miss Sarah Bell 75 lst Lt. james Butfington, Company Commander, and Miss Ardith Winter Company G 'V Company lst Lt. James Bufington, CO lst Lt. H. Wm. Hankinson, Exec. Off. 2nd Lt. Douglas Mahon, Ldr., 1st Plat. lst Lt. C. W. Tinley, Ldr., Znd Plat. 2nd Lt. Carter Robertson, Ldr., 3rd Plat. , 78 Company G lst Sgt. John Bredenberg Znd Lt. Douglas G. Mahon, lst Platoon Leader, and Miss Gena Clarke lst Lt. H. XX7illiam Hankinson, Exec., and Miss Patricia Strickland Guidon Bearer, Charles Mitchell lst Lt. C. W. Tinley, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Eleanor Fuller 79 2nd Lt. Carter Robinson, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Shirley Kelly lst Lt. Phillip Bolick, Company Commander, and Miss Pat Roberts Company H Company ll-ll lsr Lt. Phillip Bolick, CO lst Lt. Leonard Williams, Exec. OE. 2nd Lt. Delmer Owens, Ldr., lsr Plat. 2nd Lt. Peter Scott, Ldr., 2nd Plat. lst Lt. Irving H. Miller, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 80 Company ll? Jemima Xb 7 ,alifw lst Sgt. jim Carroll lst Lt. Larry Crouch, lst Platoon Leader, and Miss Pam Martin lst Lt. Clifford W. Bowers, Exec., and Miss Mary Jane Cooke Guidon Bearer Lee Luckey lst Lt. jeff Carstarphen, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Barbara McGinty 77 2nd Lt. Barry W. Meyers, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Betty Hopkins lst Lt. James Buffington, Company Commander, and Miss Ardith Winter Company G H Company G lst Lf. James Bufingron, CO lst Lt. H. Wm. Hankinson, Exec. OH. 2nd Lt. Douglas Mahon, Ldr., lst Plat. lst Lt. C. W. Tinley, Ldr., 2nd Plat. 2nd Lt. Carter Robertson, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 78 Company CG 2nd Lt. Douglas G. Mahon, lst Platoon Leader, and Miss Gena Clarke lst Sgt. john Bredenberg lst Lt. H. William Hankinson, Exec., and Miss Patricia Strickland Guidon Bearer, lst Lt. C. W. Tinley, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Eleanor Fuller 79 Charles Mitchell 2nd Lt. Carter Robinson, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Shirley Kelly lst Lt. Phillip Bolick, Company Commander, and Miss Pat Roberts Company H Company ll-ll lst Lt. Phillip Bolick, CO lst Lt. Leonard Williams, Exec. Off. 2nd Lt. Delmer Owens, Lclr., lst Plat. 2nd Lt. Peter Scott, Ldr., 2nd Plat. lst Lt. Irving H. Miller, Ldr., 3rd Plat. 80 aaaaaaaaeas WPQQQQWWV Company 2nd Lt. Delmer Owens, lst Platoon Leader, and lst Sgt. john Perrow 've' lst Lt. Leonard Willliams, Exec., and Miss jurell Smith Bonnie Willliams Guidgn Bearer A .. P 2nd Lt. Frank Mixon Pete Scott, 2nd Platoon Leader, and Miss Lynda Purvis 81 lst Lt. Irving H. Miller, 3rd Platoon Leader and Miss Rhonda Shapiro Sabre Club Col. Glenn T. Miller Lt. Col. Edward Durst Maj. Paul Volpitto Maj. John L. Bowman Maj. Allen P. King Capt Capt Capt Capt Capt Capt. Capt. Richard Lessard Capt. . Wing Mun Loo . Milton Summerall . Larry Dye . Michael Taylor . John Thomas Ed Stalnaker Roland Saenz Capt. Frank Ahouse Capt. Thomas S. Cauthen Capt. Ed Crawford Capt. jay Menger Capt. Capt. James Whitehead Thomas Dill lst Lt. jack Davis lst Lt. Davis Palmer lst Lt. John Kemble lst Lt. Bobby McKenzie lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt . james Underwood . john Bruce . David Maner lst Lt. Charles Mulherin lst. Lt. Jesse W. Agee lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt . Stacey Webb . Donald Owens . Ronald Corbitt lst Lt. Albert Moody lst Lt . Thomas Harden lst Lt. Guy B. Toole lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt lst Lt . Jeff Carstarphen lst Lt. lst Lt. . Robert E. Lee . Theron DuBois . Marion Gardner . Bobby Beazley . Clifford Bowers Larry Crouch James Buffington Henry Hankinson lst Lt. C. W. Tinley lst Lt. Philip Bollick lst Lt. Leonard Williams lst Lt. Irving T. Miller lst Lt. David Bateman lst Lt. William Loflin 2nd Lt. Alton Bennett 2nd Lt. john Stafford 2nd Lt. Nelson Henderson Znd. Lt. John Kenny 2nd Lt. johnny Hensley 2nd Lt. Gilbert Klemann 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Lawrence Berry Thomas Clary 2nd Lt. Shannon Carson 2nd Lt. Barry Meyers 2nd Lt. Douglas Mahon 2nd Lt. Carter Robertson 2nd Lt. Delmer Owens 2nd Lt. Peter Scott THOMAS DILL ROLAND SAENZ MIKE TAYLOR FRANK AHOUSE PAUL VOLPITTO GLENN MILLER OFFICERS President . . . .Vice-President . . Secretary Trearmer ' '. '. '. Chaplain S ergeant-at-Arm: Rifle Team At PRIZE DRILL 1959, the following Rifle Team members were presented medals: Capt. Vance Perrine, Sgt. jack Davis, Lt. Wade Bryant, Lt. jimmy Woods, Lt. Edward Durst, Major Glenn Miller, Lt. Lee Cheesborough, Sgt. Tommy Harden, Sgt. Clifford Bowers, Lt. Fred Fuller. As we go to press the 1959-1960 Rifle Team are all hard at work to set records for awards in the spring. Sponsor MfSgt. Entrekin F4'0nl.' MfSgt. Delmer Owens, Lt. Col. Glenn Miller. Kneeling: 2nd Lt. Jim Underwood, Cadet Don Bryant, Maj. Edward Durst, 2nd Lt. james Buffington, Cadet Ed Gibson, 2nd Lt. Tommy Harden. Back: 2nd Lt. jack Davis, MfSgt. Shannon Carson, lst Lt. Edward Stalnaker, MfSgt. Mike Mahon, 2nd Lt. Clifford Bowers, MfSgt. Reab Berry. I .' ff 3 -3 , I-: .f.g f'iI F- H 5:3 me . af, . ' ., if . yu, 'E a a ' R affff t 83 7 .1..? 0 0 i lllitlhr Military Ball The Queen and Her Court at the Military Ball, 1959: Queen, jane jenkinsg Court, Anna Clontz, Brenda johnson, Carole Nave, jane Wilson Cathy Davison, Dorothy Wright, Judy Trulock, Sally Broome, and Julie Kleeb. 1 . M 'nl "' 0 5 5' t -nw- 'hung 'WZ' inn.. wow Most of the military awards were presented on the night of PRIZE DRILL. Among the most coveted awards are the four 5 X 7 A Sabres given by organizations and as memorials: the Sheridan A Sabre, the V. F. W. Sabre, the American Legion Sabre, and the Scruggs Sabre, the last being presented earlier in the year. 5' Q Col, Frank Stafford is congratulated by Miss jenkins for winning the cherished Sheridan Sabre, awarded by the Reserve Officers, Association in memory of R. B. Sheridan, a student who became a tradition. S7 The V. F. W. Sabre presentation to Major Glenn Miller, with Anna Clontz looking on. Mr. Wlilliam E. Vann making the award for the Orlin K. Fletcher Post 5200. SS The American Legion Sabre presentation to Capt. Jack Kerr, with escort, julia Reese. Mr. Russell, representative of the Legion. N 89 Capt. Bruce Nottingham was awarded the Scruggs Memorial Sabre by Mr. Chester A. Scruggs. This Sabre is awarded each year in memory of Bland Scruggs. Best R.O.T.C. Co.-"DU-Capt. Robert Koontz Drum and Bugle Corps Medal-SFC David Bateman Best R.O.T.C. Platoon-3rd "A"--lst Lt. Idis Bates C. W. Tully Trophy-Capt. Vance Perrine Best R.O.T.C. Squad-lsr Sq., lst Pl., "C"-SFC Michael Major Gen. Wood Memorial Trophy, Capt. Vance Per- Taylor rine for rifle proficiency, 186 out of 200. Best Drilled Cadet-SFC Nelson Henderson Superior Cadet Ribbons-Sgt. Cliff Bowers, Major Glenn Nearest Cadet-SFC Jerry O. Davis Miller, Col. Frank StaHord Cohen Medal-Co. Frank A. Stafford CRifle Team Medals recorded on page of Rifle Team.J 90 3 re S 2 5 EZ as 5 3 E 5 5 E ui fs 5, 5 Q Presentation of Colours Each fall an impressive ceremony occurs at Richmond Academy. The Colors are presented to the Military Corps by the Honorary Cadet Colonel, who has kept them since the spring. Miss jane jenkins was selected in 1959 for this choice position. In September she looked especially lovely as she returned the Colors to the Corps. Tommy Griner, K e n n e t h Grose, Gene Johnson, Danny fig.. il' Tudor, Miss Jenkins, and Capt. YX7i11iams. at abvrkqssil-l :iff Vlxngvagm A ' 1 Y A .W-e' ' N9-f'E f X " t Q'1"Vii ' 92 Training Company Capt. Milton Sumrnerall, CO lst Lt. Wm. Loflin, Exec. Off. 2nd Lt. Alton Bennett, Plat. Ldr. 2nd Lt. John Stafford, Plat Ldr. 2nd Lt. Nelson Henderson, Plat. Ldr. lst Lt. Wm. Loflin and Miss Martha Walker Capt. Milton Summerall and Miss Deryle Summerall 2nd Lt. John Stafford and Miss Nancy K'burg 2nd Lt. Alton Bennett and Miss Ann Eve 2nd Lt. Nelson Henderson and Miss Becky Crook 93 RQUQTQCQ Ufficers Capt. Robert C.Wi111iams, MfSgt. Paul Dennis, MfSgt. William Entrekin, Sgt. George Watkins, and M!Sgt. Wallace W. Brock 94 Cadet Ufifricers Capt. Frank Ahouse, Second Battle Group Commanderg Lt. Col. Edward Durst, First Battle Group Com- manderg Col. Glenn T. Miller, Cadet Colonel, Richmond R.O.T.C. 95 ROBERT L. BERGDORF. PHILLIP C. BO- LICK, Judo Team 3, Sec. and Treas. 3. CLIF- FORD W. BOWERS, JR., Explorers Club 5,4, Dist. Rep. 5, Pres. 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sabre Club 4, Rifle Tezml 14, Outstanding Cadet 33 Top Ten Rifle Team 3. J. LOUIE BOWMAN, Young Life 25,43 Sabre Club 5,4, Football 2. JOHN J. BREDEN- BERG, JR., Hi-Y 5,4. CALEB BRINKMAN. R. RICHARD ABERCROMBIE. JESSE WILLIAM AGEE, Football 2,3,4g Hi-Y 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Sabre Club -4. FREDERICK WARREN ATHEARN, Rich- mond Choraliers 2,5,4, Chairman of Stage Committee 3,4 DONALD W. BARNES, Track 4. CRAIG L. BAR- TON, Hi-Y 2. MELVIN D. BARTON. DAVID L. BATEMAN, Track 53 Choraliers 5, Sabre Club 3,4g Circulation-Manager for Mmketeer 35 Drum and Bugle Corps Medal 3. ROBERT A. BEALL, B-Varsity Football 5. ALTON L. BEN- NETT, Sabre Club 4. JAMES D. BUEFINGTON, Sabre Club 4g Rifle Team 3,4g Library Assistant 2,3,4. WILLIAM F. BULLINGTON. ROBERT T. BYRD, B-Varsity Basketball 3, Drill Team 3. HENRY EVERETT CADY. RICHARD CAMP- BELL, Art Show Winner 4g Physics Club 4. THOM- AS J. CARSTARPHEN, B-Varsity' Football 2g Sabre Club 4. EUGENE HUEY CARTER. GEORGE I. CARTER, JR. HILTON R. CARTER. ROBERT G. CAUDLE III. THOMAS S. CAU- THEN, Football 3,4 WILLIAM L. CHENEY. CANTREI.L C. CLEMMONS. DAVID A. COLE. ROGER COLEMAN, Dramatics Club 4g Physics Club 4. JAMES F. DENTON. THOMAS EDWARD DILL, Football 2,3,4, Captain 45 Key Club 3,4g Sabre Club 3,4, Pres. 4g Student Council 4g Mmkezeer Staff 4g Most Popular Senior 4. JAMES S. DORRILL. RICHARD F. DUBSON. EDWARD F. DURST, Sabre Club 3,4g Football 2,3g Chor- aliers 4g Rifle Team 3,43 Southeastern Junior ROTC Champion 3. JERRY K. FOSS. JAMES L. CONNER. RONALD E. CORBITT, Football Z,3,4g Basketball 3,45 Track 3,45 Key Club 3,43 Sabre Club 45 Student Council 4. LARRY L. CROUCH, Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4g Sabre Club 4. DAVID G. DANIEL. GARY W. DANIEL. RALEIGH DANIEL, Goif Team 3.4. JACK M. DAVIS, Sabre Club 4g Rifle Team 2,3,4g Public Information Officer 4. JERRY O. DAVIS Neatest Cadet 3. LONNIE T. DAVIS. 3 A. RONNY FOX. MARION L. GARDNER, RiHe Team 25 Singing Musketeers 4g Richmond Choraliers 2,3,4. GUILFORD W. GASKILL. ANTHONY B. GAVALAS, Student Council 4g Beta Club 3,45 Art Show Winner 4. EDWARD B. GIB- SON III, Rifle Team 4g Hi-Y 4. BOBBY B. GIL- BERT, Key Club 4. H. WALLACE GOODWIN, Baseball 4. T. MARK GRAHAM. C. CARY GRAVES, Hi-Y 4. JIMMY L. GRAY, Hi-Y 3,45 Baseball 3,4. DUDLEY E. GUNTER. D. MAJORS HAM- BY, Hi-Y 3g Young Life 3. H. WILLIAM HANKINSON, Sabre Club 4g Track 4. THOMAS R. HARDEN, B-Varsity Football 2g Rifle Team 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 Vice- Pres. 4g Key Club 4g Sabre Club 4. C. HOW- ELL HARGROVE, Young Life 3,45 Hi-Y 3. THOMAS JONES. JOHN W. KEMBLE Young Life 2g B-Varsity Football 2g Chorus 2 Sabre Club 4. ALLEN P. KING, Sabre Club. PETER D. KOGER. C. NORMAN LANG STON IMMY B LEE Youn Life 25,43 - J - , 8 Golf Team 2,3,4g Key Club 4. W. LEONARD HARLEY. JACK A. HAZEL, An- nual Staff 5,4g Mmketeer Staff 4g Advertising Man- ager 4. RAYMOND F. HEATH. JAMES HOLLIMAN. A. TURNER HOLTON. JERRY B. HUGHES. DIETHER C. JAKSCH. HARRY WILLIAM JERNIGAN lll, Young Life 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4. HAROLD LEE JONES. ROBERT E. LEE, Baseball 3,4, Homeroom Pres. 3, Sabre Club 4, Key Club 4. RICHARD P. LESSARD, Basketball 4, Track 4, Sabre Club 4, Annual Staff 4. WILLIAM P. LOFLIN, 4-H Club Pres. 2,3,4, Young Life 2,3,4g Sabre Club 3,4, Key Club 4, Golf Team 4. WING MUN LOO, Sabre Club 4, Captain of Drill Team 3. ALAN F. LUCE. DAVID A. MANER, Basketball 2,3,4, Golf 3,4, Young Life 4, Sabre Club 4, Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM E. MARKS, JR., Young Life 2,34 Key Club 4, Football Mgt. 2. LINUS B. MARTIN, JR., Hi-Y 3,4, Judo Team 3, Explorers Club 3. L. TOM- MY MAYS, Football 5,4 'PS' JAY MENGER. FREDDIE G. MERTINS, HI-Y Ciub 5,4 DAVID E. MILLER, spanish ciub 4, Band 25. GLENN T. MILLER, Key Club 2,3,4, Sabre Club 3,4, Rifle Team 3,4, Football 2, Military Editor of The Rainbow 4, Treas. of Key Club 4, Sgt.-at-Arms, Sabre Club 4. IRVING MILL- ER, Football 2, Drill Platoon, lst Sgt. 3, Sabre Zflub 4. JOHN G. MILLS, Football 2,3g Track BOBBY P. MCKENZIE, Sabre Club 4. ALLEN E. MCLEROY. EDWARD NOBLES, Base- ball 2,3,4. WILLIAM NORRIS. WILLAM R. O'KEL- LEY III, Judo Team 3g Key Club 5. DON- ALD E. OWENS, Football 2g Hi-Y 3,4, Vice- President 3, President 4g Sabre Club 4. FRANK H. MIXON, Hi-Y 3,-4. BERT M. MOODY, Key Club 2,145 Football 2g Student Council 4g Sabre Club 4. TOBY MORGAN, Key Club 4, Sr. Direc- tor 4. ALLEN B. MORRIS. D. LEE MORRIS, Football Mgr. 2. WILLIAM T. MORTON. CHARLES M. MULHERIN, JR., Sabre Club 4g Key Club 4g Highest Average for Boy in American His- tory 5. J. DON MURRAY. WILLIAM G. Mc- CLELLAN, Band 25 Drill Platoon 5g Hi-Y 4, Com- mittee Chairman 4. MELVIN D. PARKMAN, Annual Staff Artist 4, Winner in Art Show 4, Ind. Arts Fair Winner 2, Certificate of Merit 4. MARION D. PAYTON. CHARLES PETERS, Spanish Club 4. FREDERICK R. PLAYFORD, Scorekeeper, Baseball 3,4g Scorekeeper Basketball 5,4g Sports, Mmketeer 5,4, Sports Editor 4, Library Work 3, Dramatic Club 4, Annual Staff 4. MACK L. PROCTOR. NOR- MAN F. PULLIAM, Hi-Y 3,4, Chm. Membership Committee, Sharpshooter Medal 3. JAMES W. REEDER, Basketball 5.4. JOHNNY H. REESE. CHARLES H. RICHARDS, Football 2,3. CARL A. RIDLEY, Key Club 4g Baseball 5,4 JAMES M. ROCKHOLT, Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM N. RODENBERG, Key Club 3,4, sec. 4, Foot- ball Zg Sports Ed. Mmkezeer 2,3,4, Sports Ed. Annual 2,5. ROBERT LEE RODGERS, Football 33 Hi-Y 5,4 THOMAS D. ROGERS, Choraliers 2,3,4, Singing Musketeers 4. THOMAS M. ROLLINS DAVID L. SMITH, Track 4. DOUGLAS G. SOLOMON, Beta Club 5,45 Young Life 45 Annual Business Staff 45 Winner Art Show 4. ED B. STALNAKER, Football 2,35 Explorers Club 3,45 Dist. Pres. 35 Rifle Team 45 Sabre Club 45 Key Club 45 Young Life 4. J. THOMAS STATON, Young Life 3,45 B-Var- sity' Football 5. G. GARLAND STEWART, Explorers Club 3,45 Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Basket- ball 45 Young Life 45 Baseball 4. DOUGLAS L. STRINGER, Beta Club 2,3,4. JAMES GARY ROSS, Library club 25. CARY D. RUSSELL, Football 3. ROLAND SAENZ, Football 25,45 Capt. 45 Sabre Club 3,45 V.-Pres. 45 Key Club 25,45 Track 35 Student Council President 4. EDWIN M. SCHOFIELD, Choraliers 3,45 Singing Musketeers 45 judo Team 35 Track 4. HOKE C. SEGARS, Student Council 33 Key Club 5,45 Sr. Editor Annual 4. ROBERT C. SHELTON, Baseball 45 Marksrnanship Medal 3. JERRY SHOOB. WILLIAM A. SKINNER. JAMES C. SLAUGHTER, Track 45 Annual Staff 4. MERLE P. STRINGER, Beta Club 25. MILTON R. SUMMERALL, Choraliers 3,4, Pres. 4g Singing Musketeers 4g Sabre Club 3,4g Football 2,5,4. CHARLES L. TARPLEY, Baseball 2,3,4. MICHAEL HOWARD TAYLOR, Sabre Club 4, Sec. 4. JAMES E. THAXTON, Hi-Y Club 4. ROBERT B. THOMAS. CHARLES B. THOMPSON. JOE A. THOMPSON. CLEVELAND CBuckD TINLEY, Sabre Club 4. Adams Frank Ahouse John Akeson Chris Alford 106 DOUGLAS W. WALTON, Mmketeer Staff 3,4g Editor-in-Chief, Mmketeer 4g Track 3,45 Annual Staff Artist and Cartoonist 4g Art Show Winner 4. RICH- ARD E. WAY. F. STACEY WEBB, Key Club 4g Sabre Club 4. HENRY C. WEEKS. JAMES L. WHITEHEAD, Football 2,5,4g Baseball 2,5,4g Track 2,3,4g Basketball 2,5,4g Key Club 2g Sabre Club 3,4g Annual Staff 59 Mmkeieer Staff 4g Ga.-Alabama Track Champion 53 Hon. Mention All-American Football 45 Hon. Men- tion All-Southern. RUSSELL J. WIGH, Young Life 3,4. JIMMY B. WILKES. LENWOOD T. WILLIAMS, Sabre Club 4. JAMES T. XVILSON. DON A. YARBOROUGH, Baseball 2. RAYMOND M. YAZELL. 1I1UNloRs Ronald Anderson Frank Armistead Judson Arrmgton Carl Baggott Carl Bazemore Bobby Beazeley Robert Bedgood Henry Beeson Douglas Bennett Reab Berry Albert Beurler Rrchard Boutwell George Brach Wlrllram Brach Pete Brodle Davld Broward Roger Brown Paul Broxton john Bruce Don Bryant Mlke Bullard George Bullock Fred Cadle Shannon Carson Norman Caudle Gerald Chow Frank Clark Herby Clark Allen Clarkson Tom Clary Emory Conner Phillip Corbett Elllot Cranman Edward Crawford Talbert Creed Ronald Crouch Denny Crowe 107 Robert Daniel John Dansby Thomas Dansby John Detreville Elam Dudley Paul Dunbar Larry Davidson Damon Davis Frank Farris Gordon Ferguson Jack Fitzgerald Charles Finch Alex Florence Johnny Fuller Chris Fuse Danny Garrett Jim Graves Wade Gray George Green Michael Harbin Rufus Hardy Duke Harley Billy Fontaine Jerry Fulcher Larry Gilmer john Goodin Hugh Greene Bill Griffin Leonard Hill Phinny Hitchcock James Hogan Billy Holden Irving Holmes Wyland Hopkins 108 Sam Hutchison aw- 5-as Terry Inglett Buddy Ivey Bobby Jeffcoat Lamar jelfcoat Jeffrey Jenkins Dessie Johns Gene johnson James R. johnson Wendell Johnston Doug jones Fred Kelly john Kenny Dinton Kitchens Gilbert Klemann Mike Klett Frank Knapp Ed Kuhlke Johnny Lewis George Lively Mike Long Earle Lovering john Lowe Russell Lowery Lee Luckey Billy Maguire Mike Mahon Robert Manly Michael Markert Buddy Martin jimmy Merritt Billy Merry Ronald Meyer Howard Miller Charles Mitchell Tommy Montgomery 109 A. Mitchell Moore Harley Moore Carter Morris Mike Murphey Michael McKenzie Carl McKinney Delmer Owens Davis Palmer Edward Park Dan Motley Kermit Moyer Roswell McRae Bill Newman Woodrow Parker john Perrow Dan Phillips jackie Phillips Joseph Pond Ed Pounds Don Proctor Ronnie Patrick Ralph Pinion johnny Pond David Pulliam David Rabinowitz Floyd Read Bobby Redd Victor Reese Clayton Rogers James Rollins Bill Rowland Willie Reynolds Carter Robertson Willimn Salvatore Bill Schafer 110 Jurgen Schmidt Lewis Schwarti Ray Shackleford Dallas Simons Harry Smith Jack Snellgrave John Stafford Melvin Standard Lynn Stevens Roger Stewart Harx ey Stokes Ernest Stripling Richard Stripling Holley Sullivan Chris Sylvester james Tarver Bobby Lee Templeton Roger Templeton Audry Thomas Henry Thomas Tohn Thomas andall Thomas Adam Thompson Ronnie Thompson Terry K. Waite Cl1E0rd Warner james Weathers John Welch Dan Wheeler Loy Whitton Marion Wise Billy Wilkinson Willis Willoughby William Wilson 'Qum- Musk' Wind' PQ' ww-dl!" Sf' Billy Wood 111 William Yann Nils Young mv' Q K f 155 wif F E -ga Harry Allen William Allen Billy Anderson Mike Andrews Henry Atkins Marrin Bailey Jerry Barnhart Ronnie Best james Blackwell Larry Bordelon Willis Boshears john Boyette Richard Bradley Tommy Brooks Tommy Broome Oliver Brown Bill Brown George Bryant Tommy Cadle Robert Canuetre Copeland Bobby Crawley Tallie David Alfred Devine Roland Deziel johnny Dixon Leland Downing Leonard Dye Richard Faglier Randy Floyd Tony Foss Edward Freiberg joe Gavalas Gerry Gentry SOPHUMORES Russell Gilbert Luther Godowns Charles Graves Luther Hall Billy Harris jerry Harris Fred Hawkridge Lewis Hill Billy Hobbs jeffrey Howard Eric Howell David Inglett Forrest Inglett Jackie Ivey Warner jackson james justice Andy Kilpatrick Al Kish Eddie Lindsay Jimmy Long Allen Martin Thomas Moore Bobbyl Morris Jim McDonald David McFeely Marshall McLaughlin Charles McLeod Paul McNeal Gene Neal William Neighbors Steve Neuhaus Stanley Newman James O'Connell Allen Odom Alfred Olson Ira Parkrnan Ronald Parrott Earl Pearre Kenny Peterson Roy Phillips Bruce Pinner Joe Pipala Raymond Wolford Thomas Wooten Dale Points Jackie Prince Pat Pyle Glenn Radford David Ray Hilton Reese jerry Reese Richard Reese Robert Reid Wayne Reynolds Charles Rhodes Keith Richardson Larry Richardson Mike Roney Raymond Sadler Pete Scott Clifford Seago Douglas Shaw Gary Shaw Randy Smith Danny Starling Bruce Storm Boyce Tucker Larry Turbeville Donald Turner David Vansant Fred Wall Ronnie Walker Tommy Waters Barry Weatherly Dan Weigle Oliver White Ralph Whitfield Carey Williams Ray Wilson Andy Wise Looking forward The beginning of a new year at Richmond 1.24 t. The R. O. T. C. must like to look forward to the Military Ball too! At least, they had at ball, and we had a ball, when they put on a lively skit in chapel for us at the beginning of the season. The Sabre Club "played the music." Mfv .ui - ,I and .. They buckled down to business in a hurry. The young men looked handsome the day the Corps received the Colors from Miss Jane Jenkins, and Capt. Robert C. Willimns, the new head of the Corps, seemed pleased with his new unit. But it all meant MORE 116 W Drill for rhythm, balance, precision. Drill for the time of visits made periodically from Headquarters. Chance visits, planned inspections. High ranking officials carne early this year. MORE DRILL ., maswwmmmwwnuwwmwwmfwfawgzws.raama-aaszavwatffsltnew,wa....aaam., fmwep-fw. - 1, -. Drill DRILL On into the afternoon sun, if necessary Of PRECISION 119 fd- Music it L, ,LNB L LA, t wt. W, 553 air , 1, ...- if 3, MEMBERS: Robert Allgood, George Alexander, Steve Antopolsky, james Baggott, Robert Beutler, Archie Black, Charles Blackwell, Tommy Bowman, Tommy Bowles, Shelor Barron, Fred Bruggeman,'Tommy Cauthen, Faye Chastain, Diane Clark, Arlon Cloer, Elliott Cranman, Timothy Danforth, Larry Davidson, Steve Davidowski, Charles Erion, joan Foster, Steve Friedman, Charlene Fulcher, Randy Gallegos, john Gallagher, Judy George, Brenda Goings, Carl Goodman, Arthur Greene, Dwayne Greene, Kenneth Greene, Barbara Griffin, Hancil Guthrie, Sid Hatfield, jack Hayman, Richard Hanley, Thomas Hegler, Thomas Hoard, Whitelaw Hunt, Rocky Hendrix, Kenneth Hughes, John Ivey, Charles joe, William johnson, Glenn Karolyi, Way Kidd, Ann Leavitt, Billy Marcho, joey Mayson, Eddie Milhaus, Ronald Minor, Kenneth McGahee, Michael McCallum, Tommy McCoy, Sam Moyer, Carole Nave, jean Ogilvie, Larry Parks, Billy Patterson, Charles Paulos, George Peters, Andy Powell, Stanley Posey, Angela Redmond, Michael Roddy, James Rowland, Billy Rountree, Linda Russell, Frank Sandy, Allen Scott, Mae Scharnitsky, Martin Sims, Ira Schneider, Jeff Slagle, Ronald Stanly, Robert Stevenson, Bill Taylor, Bill Thomas, Gwen Thomaston, Curtis Tudor, Randy Tudor, Earl Vander- grift, Frank Vanlandingham, james Welsh, Don West, Tommy West, James Wilson, Clyde Williams, Myra Wofford, Virginia York. CMajorettes and Rockettes appear on 124 and 165.5 PERCUSSION SECTION: Myra Wofford, Arlon Cloer, Art Greene, Bill Thomas, Tommy Cauthen, Stan Posey, Timothy Danforth, and Jimmy Baggott. From these students are chosen the band members to participate in the All-State Band: Fin! row: Mike Roddy, Ann Leavitt, Angela Redmond, Jean-Ray Ogilvie, Bill Thomas. Second row: George Peters, Way Kidd, Steve Davidowski, James Wilson. Tbiwi row: Billy Rountree, and Robert Allgood. Chosen for All-State: Steve Davidowski, clarinetistg Bill Thomas, tympanistg Ann Leavitt, French horn player. The Trumpet Section George Peters, directing Kneeling: Fred Bruggeman Tom McCoy Martin Sims jack Hayman Ronald Stanly Smnding: Brenda Goings Mike Roddy Larry Davidson Charles Welch 123 0 Bonnie Enroughty, Carolyn Murphey, Carolyn Muncie, Shirley Kelley, Helen Young, Pat Roberts. BAND COUNCIL: Gwen Thomaston, Angela Redmond, Jean-Ray Ogilvie, Bill Taylor Standing: Steven Davidowski, Whirelaw Hunt, Andy Powell, Sam Moyer, Carl Goodman Band Director Louis Friedman 124 A .-v""" ww Daytona Trip A short, short trip to Daytona was the highlight of our band activities for last year. On june 5, We left early in the morning for Daytona. On the way we stopped at Marineland. With Daytona Plaza as our headquarters, we began our stay with a sight-seeing tour. On June 6 we played a concert in the Band Shell. We returned home, arriving in Augusta Sunday evening, June 7. For this trip members of the band sold Mason candies. The prohts of our spring concert were also us-ed for this trip. Since only superior bands are invited to play in Daytona, we felt greatly' honored. We were also invited to play in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, Cali- fornia, but were unable to make the trip. Ann Leavitt Judy George and Arthur Duncan CSOME creatures had time for a swim! D Mr. and Mrs. Louis Friedman l 125 RAM is " " W' Lim MEMBERS : June Adams Jean Anderson Fred Athearn Joe Atkins Nell Avary Jimmy Baggott David Bateman Frances Bates Sally Bedingfield Richard Boutwell Sande Bryson Ellen Burton Franklin Clark Alice Cone Shirley Doyle Ed Durst Joan Ellis LaVerne Foushee Juanita Gardner Marion Gardner Nikki Gavalas Kenneth Hall Gail Hogan Barbara Holton Jerry Hooks Gloria Houchens Thomas Hurt Barbara Hydrick Jean Johnson Laura Jones Patricia Langley Ann Leavitt Terrie Lever Martha Loftin Mary Maddox Mike McKenzie Dell Moore Patricia Mulligan Janice Murphey Virginia Neal Patricia Old Janice Patch Virginia Powell Shelton Radford Judie Riddle Tommy Rogers Sandra Roesel Connie Russell Ray Sadler Pat Sanders Ruth Sandiford Karen Scally Walter Scarborough Harriet Schifller Ed Scofield Barbara Smith Johnny Smith Milton Summerall Marianne Thomas Pat Turlington Brenda Turner Roger Welch OFFICERS: MILTON SUMMERALL . . . President JOYCE PATCH . . . . Vice Prerident JUDIE RIDDLE . . . Secretary MIKE MCKENZIE . . . Tremurer We at Richmond thank the music department for its rich programs and its opportunities for the student body. We need and enjoy music in the air The Thanksgiving program presented to the student body. Miss Dorothy Halbert, Director The Christmas play presented in cooperation with the Dramatic Club. 127 E . 3.2 R ,pf 5.3 1 ..,A Z , Q? , . 5 7 0-N. 'rw ,. A "4 E J ff 1 . .W my , fp 5, 4 s ff Q 7 1 Q ,. ,. Q nf 'jr 0- fir xi 'PR' Q 3"-v 'Q' wi fi Q wyQ' Q 1 F ' 4 Ri I Q A Q .Q If , Vi I i Music is fun! Tommy Hurt, june Adams, Karen Scallyg joe Atkins, with Miss Halbert at the piano. Milton Summerall, President, Ed Durst, Vice President, Miss Halbert, Roger Welch, Secretary, Mike McKenzie, Treasurer. Members: First row: Franklin Clark, Tommy Hutt, Mike McKenzie, Marion Gardner, Tommy Rogers, Johnny Smith, Jimmy Baggott, Milton Summerall, Roger Welch, Wayne Dinkins. Second row: Larry Richardson, Ed Scofield, Walter Scarborough, Ray Sadler, Frederick Athearn, David Bateman, Ed Durst, jerry Hooks, Kenneth Hall, Shelton Radford. The Singing Musketeers The school is grateful to these young men for their loyal interest in music and the support they give to the Arts at Richmond. 129 Drama The Masqueteers are students who organize because of their enjoyment of participation in plays. Many of the members are also active in vocal music and in band. Their interest in these fields is significant of the fact that many young people at Richmond are eager for Fine Arts. S fy KPN I5 " 'N The Masqueteers Practice: Anne Phillips, Mike McKenzie, joan Harrell, Bea Chamber Doug Walton, Marion Gardner, Mrs. Rawson. fx Fin! row: Miss Shaw, Margaret Bailey, Linda Moseley, Anne Phillips, Ann J Allen, Martha Bertrand, Mrs. Rawson. Second row: Joan Harrell, Mary Catherine Hatcher, Elizabeth Perkins, Betty Worland, Faye Summers, Phyllis Greenfield. Third row: janet DuBose, Cliff Bowers, Mike Mc- Kenzie, Doug Walton, Bobby Jeffcoat, Lyn Maxwell. J Music is fun! Tommy Hurt, june Adams, Karen Scallyy Joe Atkins, with Miss Halbert at the piano. Milton Summerall, President, Ed Durst, Vice President, Miss Halbert, Roger Welch, Secretary, Mike McKenzie, Treasurer. Members First row: Franklin Clark, Tommy Hurt, Mike McKenzie, Marion Gardner, Tommy Rogers, Johnny Smith, jimmy Baggott, Milton Summerall, Roger Welch, Wayne Dinkins. Second row: Larry Richardson, Ed Scofield, Walter Scarborough, Ray Sadler, Frederick Athearn, David Bateman, Ed Durst, jerry Hooks, Kenneth Hall, Shelton Radford. The Singing Musketeers The school is grateful to these young men for their loyal interest in music and the support they give to the Arts at Richmond. ima as ee e 1 129 Poetry From whence do we come, why are we here, and tell me-where do we go? Life is a cycle, a mixed-up thing, yet, why does this have to he so? We study and work, we try to be good. Inside there's a reason, we know! The endless struggle of right against wrong, yet, why does this have to be so? We pray and worship to End the right way mentally and physically to grow. As long as we pray-does the real answer come? And why does this have to be so? We know many people of all different types, some bad, yet some all aglow. There is a clash of the' mind and soul, yet, why does this have to be so? It has to be so-the answer is plain, for we all know, and it's said Without questions and answers to find, our minds become dull and soon dead. There is something to search for-a goal to reach in our lives and with our loves toog Without, we'd be nothing-less than obscure. We must always look for the true. So dOn't disregard questions, the wlayk and the wbereivg look into the old and the new. Find what you want, :Indy it hard, then back np what you believe true! MAXINE SOLOMON Poetry Contest Winner 132 ri- ? abe n TY sa R f i. 'ei 52 . gwffw-gi--W, H. .. M I ,WMWQZ ,AW llm, W , A Q P' ler l Painting and Drawing 7 H ..,1 I . r a 1 - At the Art Show held at ARC on February 17, ""'-- Mr. Keith Cowling selected these works for first 2. K 5 , 5.1: , Q W prizes in seven groups. Other winners were these s f .f eq -1 " - I I 'X' i students: , .gr my G . ' . "-,,, 51 . R. . Pencil-Anne Phillips and Doug Walton V 'V'L Pastels and Crayons-Lynn Womble ' 1 ""' ie, Q2 A 3 Pen-Doug Walton " D' ,." 1 1 H Opaque-John Burks and Doug Walton Vl,. oil-Richard Cam bell ie . ' -' g: :-Q-Qi. , P lillk Water Color-Helen Gibboney and Diana Magi Vi ,. Brehm. W' 3 "li' wg. r--' I' i " l .W e I 5 CD Wood Polly Duffle Pencil john Burke 0 f Q W-9 F Q CD Qs, Q fd' pastels Joan Hyde Pen John Burks Opaque Diana Brehm Gil Linda Q'Nea1 Water Color Linda O'Neal l 133 1' Inv' l Architecture Mr. L. A. Fox, Inrtmctotf Architectural and Mechanical Drawing Architectural Drawing AN fi.QPgq E rn 5 ' if-A go .7 Q59-149 . dbg Q Architectural Drawing Department Architectural drawing is the designing and drawing of buildings. These renderings of plans, elevations, sections, and detail drawings are called working drawings. These, along with the specifications for materials and finish, give the working information for the contracting and erecting of the building. Students planning careers in architecture, engineering, or commercial art study architectural drawing in high school as an excellent foundation course in preparation for college drawing. Even though students at A.R.C. cover work similar to Freshmen drawing courses at the University of Georgia, college drawing can be quite difficult without a good foundation. Two years of mechanical drawing are needed as a pre- requisite for architectural drawing. It is evident then that architectural drawing, with few exceptions, is taken as a Senior course. 134 ecllaaunical Drawing epauritmeint Mechanical drawing is the sketching and drafting of structural and mechanical plans. These drawings, along with the specifica- tions for materials, give the working in- formation to the manufacturers and builders. Mechanical drawing is taken by students planning careers as engineers, architects, and draftsmen. Drawing in junior high school gives the student a good start for mechanical drawing in high school. All materials are provided by the depart- ment, except drawing paper which is pro- vided at low cost to the students. A.R.C.'s drawing department is large and well-equipped in comparison to the depart- ments in other high schools in the state. A.R.C. is fortunate in having a drawing de- partment, since many schools do not offer mechanical drawing. The state does not aid such departments financially. We are also fortunate in that we have Mr. Fox for our instructor, a competent and dedicated gentleman. john Burks, Jr. Mechanical Drawing uf f f' M? vez, f .K -Q AAA ,cv " '15, ... if 3, Qu Man ff hom to an T0 act If tc pz um the uofzh 0 an emi, and zz Mm fha umzb 0 an emi 15 to 6106150 !l7Z ideal G10 C MARSHMI gp. 208D AN , , J, f wqiwfn Li r' pus, 2 xi., e - d, s. Lyngwrl ' 1 f . , 1 J. o'1 41.-'-""Ay F 1' A-1" 3, ' L21 f ., .-,,.+g, P K: 4' ' 1 M 'gf V ' 1 5.g:4W,gi ,I 4 .. ,W L ,,,,V lg , M ' f If-L55igf3W'.' 7 5, ' - 7j,,Qij,,ggQ1EQQ, ' f Q, 'fy 5 f ,, Y Za, -Qwlffi f,qzf'f? f A ' Q jlfff " q . Q . .i In M x ' Q M - 4" A f,1,- W . ,ji .ik .. W va '-, ww J ' m -,-" m"j5'1 ff' mm If V: ni ,g ,. gig, 'u " W, , " ' "'N-QQQ5. 'A ' -fy, ,,""x-ff ,. -l 'u 'A' A 5 w , Q ff- : , ,f . 1, 'Fm-.'f7' A w,2,":ff2 ff-Q J f V K . L' ,jg ifxzf QVQ.a,11?5Q,,.1z113.,' 4 f . 1 ' T, ' , 4 Y W A F' " H ., H ' xw ' 1 i Y ,. , ' ,.- l ' uw, ' W ' .' jf: W. ' fn dm: 4 uk A k 7 Iliff ,N av . fin ppl ' dw f 1 R . - 'i A . ' f 4 I . K .1 51- Hasfm -,. ff . ff - - f " H -f-f'W' , I A Y 1 W 1-K wifi -1 , , . i 4 W -f .. V A wb -,,,k mfg. MWF ,,, ,W rr L ni -.1-J f'3g'g3,f ' xl-nf .jx Z A R I I gyasw v ,. ab, - Jw "' ' .4 ' P121 4 ,I 1 - ,. ,wx v a - v , , ' 'E w .n S kg . qi A J iw ff: Amivilties A Q .f 1 4132! in an , 'L , W 11 in .,m, , Jiffy , Whig' xv, . Hi OFFICERS: Walter Dozier, Secretary, Tommy Harden, Vice-President, Billy Agee, Sergeant-at-Arms, Don Owens, President. Back row: Bill Morton, Treasurer, Kenny Wright, Reporter, Reed Wakeley, Chaplain. Sponsored by the YMCA, the Richmond Academy Hi-Y Club exists with the purpose of helping "to create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character," Activities: Membership Drive party Thanksgiving basket for needy family Selling of donuts for World Service project Christmas basket for needy family Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y dance for World Service project Presence of two members at the State Youth Legislature in Atlanta Presentation of a bill at this Legislature V Mr. R. E. Gladin, Spomor 138 'll'1rJialHl1iaY P Tri-Hi-Y is a national organization affiliated with the YMCA. The pur- pose of the club is to "create, main- tain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." The main activities of the club in- clude a community project and a school project each month. Because of the large number of girls joining at the beginning of the year, the club split into two groups, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y and the Junior- Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y. 4, Zgvfigv ,, W td "A-gxffgaf. 4 LT' aff- Mrs. Ethyl Smith, Spomor Izrnior ojiicerr: Margaret Daniel, President, Elaine Lindsey, Vice-President, Mary Sanders, Secretary, Mary Manter, Treas- urerg and Ginny Pinson, Chaplain. Senior officers: Kay Sawyer, Chaplain, Bea Kuhlke, Treasurer, Mary Major, Secretary, Emily Hitchcock, President, and Julie Kleeb, Vice-President. Farr! Row' Carpie Brown Janice Bennett Brenda Bonner Mr Scott Sandra II Thrift, Shirley Utley, Pat Gardner. Second, Row: Fred Playiford, john ,Akeson, 6 C Gloria Richardson, Lenore Reese, Chris Antonopoulos, Maxine Solomon, Kenny Wright, Thomas Dill. Third Row: David Bateman, jack Hazel, Doug Walton, John Gallagher, john Campbell, Pete Scott, and Jimmy Whitehead. NEW VA- 'f 5, -ig :NWS I 7 I 'lr 'i t . it 'Qt i Mr. George M. Scott, Faculty Adwfor ,Q ll D U 'fl-1 lp THE MUSKETEER, first published on April 2, 1928, is now a six-page paper published monthly for the students at Richmond. Press-type photographic equip- Uffg ment and a darkroom for developing pictures help the staff maintain a high standard in production. Many journalism students work on the paper, but staff membership is not confined to the journalism class. The staff includes Doug Walton, Editor-in-Chief, Fred Playford and Bill Rodenberg, Sports, Jack Hazel, Advertising Manager, David Bateman, Circu- lation Manager, John Akeson, Assistant Circulation Manager, Mr. George M. Scott, Advisor. Reporters and contributors include Regina Redd, Lenora Reese, Chris Antonopoulos, Carpie Brown, Pat Gardner, Shirley Utley, Janice Bennett, Brenda B-onner, Ronald Campbell, Thomas Dill, johnny Gallagher, jean-Ray Ogilvie, Maxine Solomon, Sandra Thrift, Rachel Willis, jimmy Whitehead, Kenny Wright. We appreciate the work necessary and the time taken to serve the student body so commendably. 140 ,K i J: President-Bill Taylor Vice President--Mike Klett Secretary-Bill Rodenberg Treasurer-Glenn Miller Senior Director-Toby Morgan Pfviliilc-V Ke Club XV xx y x i f LQ S X ir was--.1 Mr. B111 Fulchei, sponsor, beginning in January. Key' Clubs all over the country are spon- sored by Kiwanis International, the Rich- mond club being sponsored by the Uptown Kiwanis Club of Augusta. The Key Club is a service organization that attempts through worthwhile projects to help the school and the community. The membership of the club is limited to ARC boys who maintain at least an 85 general average and show definite leadership ability. Mr. James Pyle sponsor until Jan junior Director-Bill Maguire uary. Sophomore Director-Forrest Inglert 141 Y ..a Beta Club The Beta Club is a National Honorary Society. Requirements for admission are outstanding achievement and good character. Each club sets up its own specinc standards, as various schools have different grading systems. At Richmond a student is eligible if all his grades are above 90 in each full credit subject taken each year. One subject may drop below 90 if above 85. The Creed of the Beta Club is this: "As a member of the Beta Club and as a citizen of my community, state, and nation, I believe in and shall strive to promote the principles of Honesty, Justice, Service, Cooperation, Humility, and Charity." The Beta Club motto is: "Ducamus aliis serviendo'-"Let us lead by serving others." Miss McAuliffe, Spomwf 1! XN ey Nf bb Firft row: Miss McAuliEeg Helen Davis, President, Barbara Miller, Vice-President. Second row: Jeanne Carroll, Parliamentariang Emily Hitchcock, Chaplain, Janice Steele, Secretary, Thomas L. Cauthen, Treasurer. 142 Q a S ' Tr? kv! ! 1 "4 B 6 DFFICERS: Sue Hite, Vice-President, Jackie Marshall, President, Mrs. Turner, Sponsor, Linda Stephenson, Secretary, Ellen Terry, Treasurer. Other officers include Suzanne Sosby, Historian, Mary Sanders, Parliamentarian 5 and four chairmen of committees: Jackie Bell, Harriet Gifkins, Carolyn Stevens, and Pat Briggs. Purposes: To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking, To emphasize the importance of worth home membership, To encourage democracy in home and community life, To work for good home and family life for all, To promote international good will, To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life, To provide wholesome group recreation, To further interest in home economics. PHA NAKE Ss, if 1 'ii w b tg 5 1 ew Od V GX 1 X461 Mrs. Bette Turner, Spomor 143 Future Nurses Sally Burroughs Betty Watkins Bonnie Williams Mrs. Jack Chandler Vice-President Secretary and Treatarer Social Chairman Spomor Barbara Griffin, President Q5 E s O 0 A eh V Z ig m O 57 xfod Ao 4 if ,bi The Club In January Mrs. jack Chandler replaced Mrs. Pauline Stevens, who, after several years of steadfast service and efficiency appreciated by the entire school, left the Academy. We welcome Mrs. Chandler, although we shall always miss Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Chandler, in addition to her duties as nurse, became the sponsor of the Future Nurses. Many of the girls belong to the junior Gray Ladies, a unit under the Red Cross. These girls pay scheduled visits to the hospitals to entertain, to serve, and to help in any way they can. They have been commended for their Willing and enthusiastic service. 144 Future Teachers A IIZII JBB QL mm: INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS: Miss Marshall, Sponsorg Ellen Janes, Secrecaryg Suzanne Sosby', Vice-Presidenrg Marilyn Harnner, Historiang Jean Perrow, Treasurerg Penny Spearman, Presidentg Barbara Miller, Chaplain. ' 145 Spanish Club Examining spamshk ecof ds. .1 ii QJ ts v4 . Z gi ,ft 9 'SA 3 J -ca sz ? W OFFICERS Mrs. jane Hudson, Sponsor Prefialem . . . ...... CHARLES FINCH Vice-Premienz. . . .CARPIE BROWN Secretary . . . DALE ALBENZE T remmer . . . JACKIE HARDIN Chaplain .... . NANCY ANDREWS Sergeanti-at-Army . . . . DELMAR OWENS FRANK ARMISTEAD Objective: To bring together those taking Spanish in order to stimulate and encourage interest in the culture, customs, and language of Spanish-speaking peoples, something which can not always be accomplished on a classroom basis. 146 0 35141 Physics Cllulh js- 2,3 ji. 1, 07: l b., , is gsgje ijf Tommy Cauthen, james Bullington, Roger Coleman, Sam Moyer, Charles Andrews. Explorers Club JAMES BU FFINGTON . . . S ecremry-Treamrer SAM MOYER ....... Vice-Premienz TOMMY CAUTHEN ...... Prexicievzt ROGER COLEMAN . C ommzznimtiom Chairman Mr. N. W. Griffin, Spamor The Explorers Club is designed to develop character, citizenship, and physical fitness, and to teach patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues. Mr. Bobby Banks, CLIFF BOWERS . . . . . Prefialenz GARLAND STEWART . . . Vice-Preficient DICK WAY . . . Secremry ED STALNAKER . . Tremurer Spomor 147 .C.T., DIVIERSIIFIIED COOPERATIVE TRAINING GORDON HALL . . . . Prefident EDWARD CARTER . . . Vice-President LYNN FLINT . . . . . Secretary WARREN HYLTON . . , Treamrer ELLEN WOOD . . . . . Hinorimz JUDY PIPALA .... . Parliamenmrian MR. GEO. M. HARDY . . . . Advisor Diversified Cooperative Training is a Work-study program of vocational education in Georgia high schools. D. C. T. is effective job training for high school students. It is a plan for training juniors and seniors of employable age in a variety of occupations by utilizing the busi- ness and industrial establishments of local community as training agencies, thereby enabling the school actually to use the community as a teaching laboratory. Students divide their time between school and a part-time job, spending approximately half the regular day in each. The school schedule is made up of a combination of subjects, those required for grad- uation and those related to job activities. A large percentage of D. C. T. students continue their education and training through colleges and technical institutions. 148 Diistributive Education Club DAVID PULLIAM . . . . Preridemf BARRY HARDY . . . Vice-Preridemf SADIE POTEET . . . . Secretary PAIRICIA BURGESS . . . . Treawrer CARL ADAMS . . . . Pafrliamentarian KENNETH WRIGHT . . . . Reporter MRS. RUBY TURNER ............. Adviror The Richmond Distributive Education Club is alliliated with the Georgia Distributive Education Club and the national organization, The Distributive Education Clubs of America, known as D.E.C.A., Inc. The purpose of the Distributive Education Club is to develop progressive leadership in the field of distribution and to encourage the use of high ethical standards in business. These two organizations, D. E. and D. C. T., offer many practical bene- fits for students who wish to go early into the business world. Em- ployees with such training background in high school have experienced much that will be of advantage to them in the world of business and of trade. 149 LITERARY STAFF: Ginny Pinson, Angela Morgan, Hope Andregg, john Burks, Susanne Richards, Jo Anne Good, Dale Albenze, Jane Wilson, Richard Lessard, Martha LeRoy, Linda Lokey, Glenn Miller, Julie Kleebi, Helen Gibboney, Betty Rawls, Anne Phillips, Pat Fair QEd.Q, Miss Allen, Jean Johnson, Hoke Segars, Diana Brehm, Sam Moyer. The Rainbow JEE- BUSINESS STAFF: Diana Brehm, Jane Serotta, Rhonda Shapiro, Sally Broome, Anne Beard, Nancy Carr, Miriam Morris, Martha LeRoy, Mr. Reese, Anne Reynolds, Edith Purdy, Marion Richardson, Andy Wise, jack Hazel, Doug Solomon, Bea Chambers, Mary Ethel Thweatt, Roland Deziel. 150 Billy Wood Maxine Solomon Christa Antonopoulos Emily Hitchcock Mr. A. B- Llvely Vice-President Business Sec. Treamrer Chwplain Adyjjoy CBarbara Miller, Corresponding Secretary-Picture not available.J The Student Council helps to plan assemblies, improve school patriotism, and better the student-teacher relationships. Each homeroom is represented by one student who attends the council meetings throughout the year. In the fall the student body selects one boy and one girl to serve as co-presidents. The representatives choose the other officers. Roland Saenz and Dorothy Wright have served us this year eagerly, efhciently, and enthusiastically. The Student Council Roland Saenz Dorothy Wright C 0-Preridentr 151 Aavairsiity Football 1' nf' " 'ij ARC Og Southwest DeKalb 3 In the opening game of their ten-game season, the Musketeers fell 3-0 to DeKalb on September 4. Though Richmond was fa- vored to win, DeKalb scored a field goal, the only score in the game. ARC had possession of the ball for most of the game, but in the fourth quarter DeKalb took over the ball and seemed to hold it all that period. ARC 20g North Augusta O The Richmond Musketeers were one of two teams that de- feated the Yellow jackets, who had a winning streak of 42 games. Brigham Woodward, Jimmy Whitehead, and Paul Volpitto scored the 20 points for Richmond. Brigham crossed the goal line early in the first quarter, and jimmy kicked the PAT. N. A. fumbled and ARC recovered. Forrest Inglett ran the ball up to the 4-yard line. Woodward made the second trip across the goal line, and Whitehead added the PAT. Volpitto scored the third TD on an option play for a 53-yard run, and ARC won at 20-0. WWE .wma ' 'mmifw inf' Coach Frank Inman . . . We WW. l and "Assistant," Mrs. Inman ARC 485 Glynn 6 The Red Terrors had a good lesson in how to be terrorized 0 September 18 as they fell before ARC. Woodward had a TD il the first three minutes, but Glynn quickly grabbed its own TE Grady Lucky took off in the second quarter for a 52-yard run fo a TD. In the third quarter, Woodward made three TD's. Creed ARC Og Southwest DeKalb 3 ARC 203 N. Augusta 0. ARC 48g Glynn 6 ARC 215 Athens 0 ARC 46g Groves 0 ARC 335 Coffee 0 ARC 7g Benedictine 0 ARC 363 Jenkins 6 ARC 205 Savannah 7 ARC 40g Aquinas 0 ARC 7g Albany 14 Managers: Tommy Broome Willis Boshears Pete Scott Danny Garrett A-Varsity Squad i .A My ut X 'N J . 3, X, - .i ' T . I 5 ,A taking advantage of Glynn's shock, scampered for a TD. White- head's PAT's meanwhile were also enlarging the score. Doug jones made the final TD and Whitehead kicked the point. ARC 21, Athens 0 Creed began the scoring with a TD, followed by Woodward. Whitehead added as usual the PAT's. Paul McNeal made a beau- tiful interception of a long pass and scampered across the goal line for ARC before Athens could recover from the loss of the pass. Whitehead wrapped up the score with his PAT. ARC 46, Groves 0 When ARC clobbered Groves, Woodward was the star of the game with 24 points. Woodward and Meacham both made TD's in the first half, and Brigham collected two more in the third. Early in the fourth quarter, Groves had the ball but lost it on downs. Woodward and Volpitto charged the line, adding 12 points. just before the whistle Theron Lane galloped across the goal line and made the final TD. ARC 335 Coffee 0 Coffee, intending to break our record of keeping our opponent scoreless, pushed down to our two-yard line, but Woodward intercepted a pass and ran for a TD. After this feat, Volpitto carried a long punt across the TD and Woodward scored again. In the second quarter Woodward collected another. After a scoreless third, Doug jones, on one of ARC's quick plays, crossed the goal line, and Whitehead wrapped up the game with his PAT. ARC 8, Benedictine 0 Again our opponents were scoreless. johnny Per- row, Buddy Robinson, and Brigham Woodward drove the ball near the goal line, and Talbert Creed pushed across for a TD. Whitehead booted the PAT. The remaining three quarters were without further scor- ing. This game was ranked as second most important to ARC with regard to chances in the 2-AAA Region. ARC 36g Jenkins 6 The Homecoming Queen, Dorothy Wright, was crowned dur- ing the half time of this seventh straight victory for ARC. Jenkins made its only score on an ARC fumble. Woodward and Lucky each made two TD's. Meacham and Volpitto each collected a TD in the fourth to conclude a happy Homecoming. ARC 20, Savannah 7 With ten bus-loads of ARC students, our team was supported to the utmost for this all-important game. Volpitto and Robinson came across with TD's in the first quarter. After a quick pass from Woodward, Meacham crossed the goal line. Savannah ralllied for one TD, but ARC already had it made. 155 i Coaches Hollifield, Perry, and Tallent V' f w-J , M... ' 'AT B t 3 'Z , ., Wtlfaw. ,. , . . Billy Agee Bobby Anderson Louie Bowman Thomas S. Cauthen Bill Cheney Ronnie Corbitr Talbert Creed Larry Crouch Thomas Dill Ronnie Fortune "Bo" Jernigan Win? Roland Saenz jimmy Whitehead Brigham Woodward 155 Tommy Mays Paul's lengthy absence has caused this omission. For- give us and turn to page 188. Paul Volpitto V se ARC 40, Aquinas O Aquinas was the fifth team held scoreless by ARC. Wade Gray and Ronnie Corbitt helped set up and score the first TD as Buddy Robinson let the ball get loose in the end zone. Corbitt dropped on the ball, but it slipped from under him and Gray fell on it. Woodard scored early in the second quar- ter. Volpitto passed to Crouch for a TD, and Whitehead added the PAT. After another TD by Woodward and PAT by Whitehead, Doug jones added a TD after a 54-yard run, and Whitehead made the score 33-0. Billy Wood passed 29 yards to Crouch whose TD with Whitehead's PAT made the final score 40-0. During the game, the announcer told the crowd that the score of the Savannah-Benedictine game had clinched the 2-AAA Region Championship for ARC. ARC 7, Albany 14 Both teams scored in the first quarter. ARC's Woodward with his TD made his record of 108 points, and Whitehead's PAT was his 26th. Despite their loss in the playoffs, the Musketeers are the 1959 2-AAA Champs and we are proud of them. Th k - - D l . . Captains Roland Sienz immy Whitehead and Brigham Woodward an sgiving ay game LINE: Ronnie Corbett, Roland Saenz, Thomas Cauthen, Thomas Dill Tommy Mays jimmy Whitehead and Larry Crouch, Paul Volpitto, Brigham Woodward, Bo Jernigan, Talbert Creed 1,4559 . WWW 'fffgffrtur . , V995 ,Kg Brigham Woodward, Most Valuable Back. Roland Saenz, Most Awards Valuable Lineman. Awards presented by Woody Wolf for the Boosters, Club. lbiavaulfsiity ARC ARC ARC ARC ARC ARC 6g Louisville 61 Og Evans 12 Og Aiken 0 133 Harlem 26 7g Dreher O 135 N. Augusta O BY First Baptist to Paul Volpitto, Outstanding Christian Athlete of the Year N. W. Griffin, Coach Thomas Dill, Best Blocker. Award presented by Kermit Perry for the Book Store. fs X J is s fa Fall Homecoming was high-.lighted by a beauty contest with these young ladies participating: Cfmm the zopb Jane Wilson, Sandra Heath, Emily Hitchcock, Judy Trulock, Ann Walker, Sally Broome, Cathy Davison, and the one later chosen as queen, Dorothy Wright. The Musketeers played jenkins High and won 56-6. Among the many exhibits, the 'lguillotineu arranged by the Beta Club was chosen as the winner. 159 A Varsity Basketball XX gif? Coach N. W. Griffin I3 03 easel :VM Though slow to kindle, our team through the season grew red hot and flared its way through the last of the season with good scoring. Only in the state tourney was its fire "banked" by Smyrna. The football team lost in its first try in the state tournamentg then the basketball team. The girls also had a chance at state honors, but were downed in their first tournament game. The school is proud of the teams and of the high quality of the players who represent Rich- mond. The players and the coaches should all be commended for a job well done. At the Region finale Brigham Woodward received a trophy as the Most Valuable Player. Fin! row: Billy Wood, David Ray, Mike Murphey, Clyburn Davis, Eddie Freiberg Second row Coach Griffin Brigham Woodward M hon, Charles Knight, Huey Regan, Glenn Stewart CCaptainD. U lmtxf 160 ii - During a game with Coffee County In the State Tournament game with Campbell High of Smyrna, the scoring was tallied thus: David Ray C17D, Brigham Wfood- ward 1165, Glenn Stewart 1161, Charles Knight C5D, Huey Regan CZJ, and Eddie Freiberg CZJ. We lost, but we at least were Region Champs. Danny Garrett, Manager 161 Glen Stewart, Captain Action pictures of games with Aquinas, Coffee County, and Glynn Academy. Schedule Dec. ,, jan. ,, ,, ,. ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Feb. U H U u n U 162 17 18 1 2 5 8 9 15 16 20 22 23 26 29 30 2 5 6 9 13 20 21 Greenwood N. Augusta Savannah Groves Greenwood Coffee Co. Glynn Academy Groves Savannah Aquinas Coffee Co. Glynn Academy N. Augusta Jenkins Benedictine Aiken Jenkins Benedictine Aquinas Aiken Benedictine Coffee Co. State Tournament Campbell High, Smyrna 58-70 48-45 70-61 45-61 58-54 51-53 73-68 62-63 54-57 48-58 70-51 80-66 75-50 72-55 51-54 63-53 66-68 38-56 42-62 69-49 57-59 75-47 63-45 Region ZAAA Q x- anna it 'fl E312 row: Jimmy Cooper, Gene Neal, Martin Bailey, Tommy Broome, Alfred Devine, Denny Crowe Second row Jim Blackwell Ronald right, Jim McDonald, john Stafford, Steve Newhaus, Frank Kish. B Varsity Basketball Dec. 8 " 11 " 12 " 17 " 18 " 19 jan. 5 " 26 " 29 Feb. 2 " 13 Fred Playford S ecial s rts Lincolnton Harlem A. S. I. Greenwood N. Augusta Greenwood Lincolnton N. Augusta A. S. I. Aiken Aiken P P0 assignment C p. 2085 47-46 36-54 46-69 38-36 60-29 42-64 67-41 37-38 49-71 53-43 47-49 Coach A1 Williams 163 Here and There Our Versatile Varsity viggled with vim. Augusta and area friends sent to Band to Albany. There was a mass exodus the day of the Savannah game. Our coach can depend on them. Mr. Harry Jernigan, a prominent booster, and Mr. Inman. Our Thanksgiving Day game brought a packed stadium and a wrapped up score. 164 Q? 5 is 5, I 5?-. Girls Basketball Dec. 18 N. Augusta 34-25 " 1 9 Lincolnton 31-35 jan. 8 Coffee County 21-49 " 9 Glynn Academy 32- 1 5 " 20 Aquinas 31-23 " 26 N. Augusta 35-26 " 29 Crawfordville 35-26 " 30 St. Vincents 59-31 Feb. 2 Aiken 33-30 " 5 Wadley 33-23 'l 9 Aquinas 31-23 " 13 Aiken 48-20 -, lr I ' " This excellent scoring record sent the girls to the state tournament. Again Richmond was represented only in the hrst game, for the girls Coach Miss Pat Swain lost. ARC is proud of their enthusiasm, however, and appreciates the fine record that these girls recorded for Richmond. Fin! row: Elaine Lindsey, Linda Lokey, Brenda Johnson, Lorene Wittmus, Emily Hitchcock, Marcella Smith, Teresa Williams Mary Major Second row: Linda Thornton, Phyllis Docurro, Marilyn Hamner, Kathelene Shiflett, Carolyn Stevens, Alden Morris, Ellen Best Judith Crowe Dianne Baker, jen Perrow. Manager Hope Andregg Among the games whose scores are reported on page 166 of this book, you should know that Emily Hitchcock was out-scored only one time-the first Lincolnton game, when Linda Thornton scored 9 and Emily 6. Emily's other scores were 26, 12, 21, 19, 28, 20, 20, 16, 14, 30. The name that nearly always came next in scoring was Ellen Best. Steps toward Atlanta. Or should we say flights? If the gym had been finished for this year, editors feel that basket- ball teams would have brought home to Richmond state honors Agility pays off. Captains Lorene Wittmus and Emily Hitchcock 167 Action pictures taken from games with Aquinas, Glynn Academy, and Coffee County. A at Intramural Sports In addition to the regular athletic program offered at Richmond, the Girls Athletic Association is active in sponsoring other activities. The Bowling Team practices at the new Masters Bowling Lane. The GAA held a Ping-Pong tournament which was conducted in February. As for the boys, we do have a swimming team--one which com- petes with other organizations such as the YMHA. The fellows swim at the Y and at the OGH pool. Though unsponsorecl, they are an ARC team. The Girls' Bowling Team Miss Annette Miles, Miss Swain's Assistant 169 Among the extras sponsored by the GAA is ping-pong. The tournament was concluded in February with these girls the winners of the doubles finals: Phyllis Docuero, Emily Hitchcock, Rhonda Shapiro, and Jane Serotta. Interest is high among the girls in GAA. It's fun to be a member and to play on the team. It's enlightening and en- livening. More opportunity is needed for both boys and girls. Rich- moncl used to have a regular swimming team. At present, we have a few interested boys who swim at the "Y" and at the OGH pool, but they are unsponsored as a team. A school of our size needs better support for a better balanced athletic program for boys and for girls. Our GAA has the spunk. Where do we place the spank? Winners of the singles final were Linda Thornton and jane Serotta. 170 GAA Fint row: Dotty Wright, Sec., Lorene Winmus, Pres.g Emily Hitchcock, V. Pres. Second row: Mary Manter, Sec. Asst., Marilyn Hamner, Point Mgr., Mary Major, Point Mgr., Linda Lokey, Treas. 4 'C ,Q X f cg L l Z x cfs S Q My dy QX fe if lla 171 GAA COUNCIL: Par Loflin, Phyllis Hayes, Judy Crowe Phyllis Docurro, Dorothy Prather, Bonnie Weidenbach, Pau- lette King, Elaine Lindsey. Baseball Coach Al Williams March April n ar r y 1 n May 26 2 9 12 16 23 25 29 2 7 1960 BASEBALL SCHEDULE T LBC, 2:00 T jenkins, 2 games, 2:00 T Savannah, 2 games, 2:00 H Club of Champs, 7:30 H Aquinas, 2 games, 6:00 H Groves, 2 games, 6:00 H N. Augusta, 7:50 H Benedictine, 2 games, 6:00 T N. Augusta, 7:30 T Glynn, 2 games, 2:00 As We go to press, the baseball team has just begun. Although the scores cannot be recorded here, the staff hopes that you students will be able to write "AAA CHAM- PIONSU all across this page! 172 Fred Playford, Score Keeper Spring H960 Laffy Crouch, Pitcher, maybe? Frank Ahouse, one of 1959 Managers Q? Coach Williams, as always, with his team - . ,...,...,...,.., , Charles Tarpley Carl Ridley jimmy Gray Buddy Robinson 174 Don Peel Ed Nobles Bobby Lee jimmy Reeder 1 175 and w f .HW 1, ' " 2' -WP ygqzqvuv' ,ww , m w?gg,,,g.W M1 sly, 43 "f',. 3 5 f My 1' 3 'W' ,W 4- . ' in Q 3 Y :.L WA .Q :-.:. , 4.,. if if h fan vgiwf 5 X f 4 ,M if Y H it wg!! , 0 K if , K W 2 we mia Buster Boshears, Manager Doug Jones, sprinter jimmy Whitehead, throwing the discus jimmy Whitehead, throwing the shot-put AWARDS 1959 jimmy Whitehead, State Champion, Ga.-Ala. Champion Grady Lucky, 440 Relay Champion Johnny Meacham, 440 Champion Michael Harbin, broad jumper April 2 University of Georgia CTD 5 Aiken and N. Augusta 4 H 5 johnny Perrow, pole-vaulter 8 Greenwood CTD 12 Jenkins, Savannah CTD 15, 16 Furman Relays CTD 19 Riverside CHD 22 Columbia CTD 30 Region 2 -AAA CHD May 6, 7 Stare AAA, Athens 14 All Inv., Atlanta Ga.-Ala., Birmingham Jumpers Brigham Woodward john McTier Ronnie Corbitt 178 .158 1. ,.. .is These students braved an icy wind to have pictures made and then to play on down the fairway: Guy Toole, Bob Walters and Chip Atkins. CRa1eigh Daniel missing.D As we go to press, the following students are being chosen for the golf team: Guy Toole, Bob Walters, Steve Steinberg, and Raleigh Daniel. Coaching them this year is Mr. Hollifield. Three other students were ready for practice: john Kenny, David Maner, and Steve Steinberg CBi11 Loflin missingj. 4 O 179 The tennis team at practice at the Country Club: Paul Dunbar, Randall Thomas, Reab Berry, Eric Asserson, Phinny Hitchcock, Lawson Grahax SCHEDULE Tennis March 29 April 8- April 15- April 22- May 5, 6- Eric, from Langford, is in for early practice with Lawson. -Athens at Athens Belton at Augusta Athens at Augusta Belton at Augusta State AAA Tournament in Atlanta. Reab, Phinny, Paul, and Randall discuss tournament chances. Mr. T allent, Coach QD Tennis 433 Q 'ogy 'OOO' 09 lv I x 098 Q f I 0'. f' v 92008 ' "LA ff' If x Q. Q. , J U Emily Hitchcock, Linda Stephenson, Pat Loflin, Phyllis Docurto, and Jean Perrow and Rhonda Shapiro Pat Loflin, Rhonda Shapiro, Phyllis Docurro, Emily Hitchcock, Jean Perrow and Linda Stephenson Coach Tauem me wawwmommm.mvM .www mm-v,m4w!" We awwwfww W if www-me-M.aW....w,Q V 5,,.M,.m,,,mm,..gN.f ,1..aafmmg.ww-, a ., ,,,, V.. ,NWN M.. V .M ,Mmm A, .... t ,N .. ,,,m,m,L,m,,iiHm,Ed,m,W, N WM ,NMA W .. , W Aamdllld Our cheerleaders have shown their devotion to Richmond and their faith- fulness to the school all year long. Here they are, waiting for school to be- gin and the football season to pick up speed. Is there any Wonder the team did so well this year? -13? Baxfalnlfslllty Lynthia Wfofford Margaret Daniel Linda Moseley Sandra Howell Left center, clockwife: Emily Hitchcock, Alice Kinson, Reba Parkman, Martha Walker, Alden Morriqa, Judy Trulock Beth Cunningham, jane Wilson, Betty Hopkins, Dotty Wright. Bonnie Weidenbach and Elaine Lindsey Aavaifsaiity ntet X N lx XXX XX 'XX ix XX X xy XX X l X ix X it x xx X X X X XX x X X X X X X X x x x N it X5 W 183 ,-2' jane Wilson, Alice Kinson, Judy Trulockg Betty Hopkins, Martha Walketg Reba Parkrnan. Meet Likely ite Sueeeed e Perry Paul Volpitto Janice Elaine Steele ws-ss ,.,: H1 5.79 3? if 1 'W '55-. N 5 3 4 51 ' s -if 5 1 4 2 A jx! 4 fa fre 3: A eff gag J 'QR is-if gf 511 U4 we 2253? 2 be 'C fi? 1 f Q E Q N Q VE 1 5 5 , f H w il Z: f I e Q ' , MW BRIGHAM WOODWARD and MARILYN HAMNER Most Sportsman Like 189 Most Popular BILLY HANKINSON and DOTTY WRIGHT Beauties Ye If W 5 JANE JENKINS 361m " lam, 'A r ,. if "Q :N fd in 'J A ly - 193 KATHERINE ANNE DAVISON Ann Marshall Walker 195 JULIA LEA KLEEB 198 THOMAS EDWARD DILL EDWARD E. CRAWFORD Most Haunmdlswme PERRY PAUL VOLPITTO MW Appreciation is sincerely extended to those who have helped make this annual possible, Who is ungrateful to his bene- factor is an enemy of all mtanlzind. 191 WQWQ , 41455, , - ,M A ,Q 'M QQ 512. my Wwzsg, I W J A Jw ggf A 1 'ff 4 71. jeg '55 T z'V5K2f7if2"7i'3Wf,,?1?X , ,ww 1 'Q ' 1 M . 1 2 f r M f in qw ffii5'fMffg?2g S' V . A . ., an K g,.g.5g,,y SL, SM, 01 , . ww , , 4 wh., w LWNL 'A'ip:A9f, K , G W K ,. .. mwffan A V4 M rw ' ,La 1 y 5 . -xx 4 r an V L A 5 X . - 4 '12 ka, ' - 3 . ,K jf v A ', Vg , , .5 4 W Q - A ' x fa am . lc, '25 4 , ,, , -, ' ,, L 0 ll' 4 . gag., fwm, . Q . fl V ' 4 f f f W n M! . .. ,nh . , 'Y N, Vfifg K' 'f- A .n ww -f5Lgf'f,ligi2Q-5, K 4 M4 ff' . f. ,, X Lf ' ' ""' mn A :yr XZ? A V M ' ,L - . f , M ima 2 V- Q ' Y' '7 I. ' 5ffI:sQ?'5mx'341' , 1 , .::.,-.4 .,,,, , s - . , ga, M f 'Z .Q ,, ' N , fix 5' ' ' 1' fifffi, 44 W' ' . A , H 76+ - Q' ME 7 K :W ' A ' 3 f 3 sk' rw 'Yi ' x 4 x k 'I ' 'Q' X , 'I 35 E2 ' J ., ' -Xi Y f . . ww - h,l,fe,,W kg wi N- e3'5.a:2,,,SS Q 0- Q . ' wifxi A .. ,,...... fi 5 JV ' Aw AL -.-- 3, nf .. 4-W--2 - - f f 3 f ' 1 f . - , A .. K 7 f, '- . A 3' as 0 ' ' k .ff 'kg JZ . Eng ,lf 5 3 vw ' , k KM 1 K ak .-'-- , 51 A b 1 ' ,, m r 'H wi? Q.l'N W y 0 .ffl-'wf"" M, , ' 'AU W' " at -wan , , ' k .X . . ' QQ, wg Q 4' ' I lv- x ' ' .ts x ,. ' 7 uf uv -yy gy .Qi ' 'Q Q s N -b , .i M U sv f fw i-eq' -, ,xp aa Q ' ff 41... I, , Q . N, 'f ,?:N.Qm ,- W Wu K, ,Ayggwef 'w H 'MN " A -1---WM ....,h, W . 'Wm 5, 4 ' "" , A Q l J ff, 4, M 'f w f x - N: . ' . W. , 421553 gd 43 . 1 ,V ,Ay ,. - Zak t,,- ww f 4-. V. W WM A' x ,K . l. gilt, K A ,L -- .- - ,I I 9,42 ,ggi i ,i Q -- X 'akgxiyxiiwv V , Q L fy, .gwgif ., 4 7 f, W'?'gq Q H5 . - , :rw 1- 1254 , 1 U, X W A , L'fz,1VS,R5,fTJf. ,, 1- -f-1-NxW,,.s.isW:L X:gsJ.,s,h A Q x E 1 b 5k.54.1'Tw?winmQfm, gfwmxwww .XM 5 N Q. 'Q QM. nh . A255 'Km 'S u 4 4 mi 'K WW

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