Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1955

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S, Q, L12 Q 'MA if F3 yffbiff Prologue--All the w0rld's ll stage: Life "is 21 comedy to those who thinlqg A tragedy to those who feel." i 1 i I . I i Rf ' , -'W " F 1 71 ,,f.w ss. :ffm V l ,- 2 A111 1 Y" 'f' f f' 41,711 .4 , ' ff evra' . H551 40" W ,. . A. s . wk 1 Y' 7 f ,4 1- .LL ,111 df!! A -lL"' C 446 , 34101 ,44,fwduw1'?ffHw14? f UW-fM , z J , -V, , I ff if . 4 -ff ff 'V X "2?07LC49. :ffl 1-f'f V lf' -V at Z f I Lv 4, g,4o,.Q .c'm1fo'm1f LL, cf V ! 1 -I U I- C 4 . W. ' ff' ,f A444 f fi " 'e A E J Z ,LA ,ig kgfffk 12 97641. elif- 4 ' X A , P7 af, ,'- ff-7 xi !'q'I'4 x" fr? '57 617.66144 1, if ivy" ff, A ' ' ' IMZQ ,L wwf f fl L"f"'V' t ,M ' V . . Mft V I 've If 1' Lime ,MM5 Huw Mm fsfffe fd 'V' Z F! f , fb W 'A ' 'ef f - 4 ' 4. Lf "' J J1 47 ,'5. 1 :mai fm WMMW ' L ff eu' I "" J x N I wr A x 1, u 4 hu'-J Q f L 1 A ,,,, L.. ,. A .,: Q, . .t ,fs ,r 21 , Jsatiu-aay.June 4, 1955 U 47151593 Herald 'A et! ii! er, md Jn C. ict nd as- rd: DS Cf. me ale nd qng not ac- will In- ser out ans Honor School Nurse Ai Exercises Friday The Junior College-Richmond Academy 1955 Rainbow, the school annual, has been dedicated to Mrs. Ralph C. Stevens, the school nurse. The presentation was made in chapel Friday morning, at which time Miss' Eleanor Hemstreet, edi- tor, and Bob Klett, publisher, made the dedication, and presented Mrs. Stevens ,with the attractive year- book,. the largest yet published at the Academy. y , At the same program, the gradu- ating superlatives, chosen by their respective classes, were presented. They Qwere, from the Uunior Col- lege, Mr. Jules Godin, valedieto- riang Best all round girl and boy, Miss Rosemary Eeese and William Whatleyb Most popular girl and boy, JOSERIIVLEE and Miss Beverly Farrg from the Richmond Academy senior class, valedictorian, 'Miss Katherine Major: Best' all round girl ,and -boy.. Miss. .Camilla Pas- chal and Lenard,-Chavlsg Most 'pop- ular senior girl-andfboy, Miss Bar- bara Clarke sand-f.WilJiam Beldingg Most 1 beautiful . ' liibzzssgirl, Miss Joan Mayg' Mostggameine- senior boy,-Raworth Wllli-3'll!i3O!1, andlfor sportsmanship, Al Stevenson: . This grollll wasfeatured in the annual as the grand finale of at the ,themelor which--wasiftlref qu, 'tiolffrigm Horace. Walpole. Life 'is a comedy to' those-'who think? A tragedy to those who feel." Miss- .Iacquelin flvlarshall was they adviser' ' ' A 1 .Y". 1 ,wr 'A-1 Y ,-' f , -,.. .MIA .Mn 1 Va, -" 2 - 'VL - frjf' ,x ,jfp ". I ' .,,-5,12 . " A -,V ,, .1 . -r ,. . . ' 4' :lf ' . - "6-.J 1 'rx 5 6477 X u ,,', f eff mmunumunuumuumiuv' P, ------ ununnnuunmlnunu!lunqlu ' K 522, s s ,aff -A A- ff ww-- I ' . T - - 's Ns F . , . ., irQ,. ,,:L,:'?1. THE 1 9 5 5 0 Q RAI B 0 W ,s mlm: s ' n n un 1 X k.t:::..a:..:::::: faixi'iiia::ni:Si:f.W:n?L 1 s sh xl' 1' Life "is a comedy to those who thinkg A tragedy to those who feelf, -Hmnlce XV'1l1 I cf- Q7Af,y,ssi,T As - ---if - --- A---ffv A tragedy to those who feel." Life "is a comedy to those who think Gfz fl? THE I 9 5 5 RAINBGW PRESENTS T-V PREMIERE RADIO .ICA-ARC A one-act play QTHE TRAGI-COMEDYJ IT HAPPENED HERE THIS YEAR ' Q TARRI in 1 x' V -'j',0,1 T- 4 'Kill' , 'f 'A .:rii?'v- ' ' i ff L M, MRS. RALPH C. STEVENS, R. N. Because throughout the play you have made us evaluate ourselves and prompted us toward higher goalsg because we believe in your ideals: because the fineness that we have seen in your life has enriched our owng and because your individual interest has meant so much, we dedicate this RAINBOW of 1955 to you, Mrs. Stevens. DIRECTORS . . . 1 , . . . I 'lo them wc mu- thv profit gillllttl from th expt-rielicv, thv time freely given for help on difficult sua-iws and the- cut-s that will lu: uswtul in procluctioiis tu Come. DEAN PRESIDENT tl xr' xf I .gm .3 ANTON P, M.-XRKl'Ill'l' ILS. in OE.. M..-X. KIIIS. II. F. MILLER S9l'I'Pf2Il'j' f. pk, I W I a I 2' . MRS. L. E. HARRIS MR.I1.R.I!OBINSON Dietitian Bookkeeper yr"!!7' XYIIILIAM LICIQOY MAIIIGN A.I!.. BLA. 4' L. fa X , MRS. G. L. IIOLTON Set-rPtm'y PRODUCER . im I , " L, 3 Tw '17 I' I x ,T i X Ni N M Y ,I I Left to Right: MARGARET IZAILIE. ILS., l3.A.L.S.. Lihra1'izI11 IZIJTII IIARTLICS, ILS.. Iiusiness Ecluuation GI-QORGIC LANGSTON IIOLTON. ILS.. Matllelnatics, Athletics CHARLES GIA' FORIILE. A.Il.. M.A.. M.A..IIist01'y GICORIIIC MARTIN IIASIIER. XYUULI Shop HARRY IIOLYNIVK. A.I3.. M..-X.. f'il6lIllSIl'y .IOHN I". IIOOLEY. S.F.!'., Asst InstrI1c'tm'uf M.S.kT., Rifle Tezlln Cuzxrll ANN XVISI-IAIIT ISR.-XIIIIY. Ali., M.A.. Englisli TIIELMA l3ROXYNl'IT'I'E, lI.I".A., M.F.A., A1't IIILLY IC. CAIIROXV. MJSGT.. Al.S.cQT., IIISIYIICIOI' BETTY CLARK.l!.S..I'l1ysim'ulIitlucatiun ELROI III l'I lS.A.ll., M.A.,lC11:IlsI1 .IA MES IIYIC. ILS.. linglish JOIIN EVANS IiI'IIAIxIiS, A.ll.,'M.A.. I.ut.n. GOYt'I'IIlllEl1I. I'syc-llulogy T 1-P MARSHALL JACKSON FLONYERS. JR. B.S., XYorld Geoglraphy. Athletics. Alutlleiimtivs. Spanish LAWRENCE ALIEICRT FOX,I!.A..Mec'l1z1nic'ul Ilrawillg LOUIS FRIEIIMAN, IJ.S. in Music. M.M.. Musiv Education MARY EVANS HALL, ILS.. Business Edllflilltlll GEORGE M. IIARIJY, I1.S.A.E., C0-ordinator D.C.T. LEANDICRII. IIATIIAXYAY.Capt..Infa11t1'y.P.M.S.kT JANEI'IICAIlN.A.l1..II.A.I..S..LilJ1'a1'ia11 L- C? NORMAN L. II.XI,LOWA Y. ILS.. M.A.. Ev. noniips. History. Psyt-Imlogy MARY SAVAGEGII,I..II,ANI1.A.II.. M.A..MzIthc1natics LI'THER ALl"RIf1Iw GRIFFIN. ILS., M.S.. Biulnry LEAH DOROTHY HALIZERT. B. of Music. Choral Music GEORGE 'I'I'RNERIIOXVARIJ. II,S..L.L.B..S11a11isl1 THOMAS J. HUFFMAN. A.Ii., M.A.. History FRANK IQIJIYIN INMAN, IIS.. M.I'1d..Cl1e1nistl'y. Athletics :iran B9 3 agp- HILTON N. JOHNSON, MXSGT., MSKT. Instructor HARRY CHAPMAN IIIILLIGAN. I3.S., Mathematics. FRANK E. LAMISERT, ILS., M.S.,f'l1e-mistry Athletics J. CURTIS LVCKEY. HS., Mathematics CHARLES HAROLD MITCHELL, A.I3.. MA., English MARY .IAQT,'I'1LIN MARSI-IALL,A.Ii.. M.A.,Enf1liSh JOSEPI-IINE G. MORRIS, B.S., Business ECiIIt'?ltIOI1 PRODUCER 1,911 to Ilighlj AIILIIIIA AII'IlAlIICI'f, Iyi-:11'voIIf-:ffI'--i'r1I'IvaIif-,Sm-1:1I AMANDA II.MUSICI.lCY,Il.S.,lIu1nein:Iking I'IIIln'utim1 Ss-iviice .IOSI'II'II Ill'If'l'S MmmSI4.I,If1Y,l:.S.,ALS.,Aluiln-nnaitit-S GLAIIYS NEEDIIAM, A.II., M.I4Ztl., I'1'ol'I-sei-mul WILLIAM G. Ml'IlI'IIY, M SGT., .Ir. llctaiclilnvnt VI-i'1iI'n'ulc in Coiiiise-lin: IIIIII Ililieluiiw-. Iliiniziiiw 15tSgt, .IOSIGPII .Il'lI"I4'ICIiSUN NINON.A.I2.. M.A., I-Iv-iiioiuiif-S, JESSE I.. Mt-IJANIl'II.S. A.II., M.A.. Business Iiclllczntioii Ilistory, English SK 4 " 1- cr- Q ,jg G .i x '15 I If :t QL tl I .. I xg- . x ri' I ,X f N . bg, .2-, V 4' Q 4x 4, 5 . .'. me-'I --3' 5 I . ...a ily' if W y , V' 5 . XX. I . . 5 XV. G. OICLLICRICH. ILS.. AIQIIIIPIIIEIIIUS SARA XVINNIE OVERSTIIEI-IT. ILS., ALA. French AVIIVIIN GAIIICI.I,IC OXYICNS MII. EIIQIIQII GL.-XIJYS RFE IIANIIICLL, ILS.. History GEORGE MILTON SFOTT, A.lI.. ll.LitI.. M.A., EIIQIISII PAFLINE STEYICNS, IBN.. Nurse GRACE S'I'IlAl'SS. A.Il.. AI..-X., History C'HES'I'Ell McKINLEY Sl"I"I'ON, All.. MA.. English ,Ffh I., it ,V nu gg hi Q . I A MARGARET YIDETTO XYHITE, US., Family Living. Homeniaking Education ARTHUR LEONARD WILLIAMS, A.U.. Economics. History, Athletics GROVER BENTON WILLIAMS. All.. M.A.. Mathematics WILLIAM A. GHIMSLEY, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration XVYNORA P. HARMON, Ileauty Culture JAMES K. RODGERS, Machine and XVelding NOT PICTURED: ESTII ICR IJ. CALDXVELL, General Elementary and High BONNIE LILLYXVHITE. Commercial PEGGY MALONE, Secretary of Vocational School NAOMI MORRIS, Secretary of Vocational School i'On leave of absence 4 IIICNIIX OSGOOIJ IZEAII, l'Ii,II.. M.A., English .IDE MAYS IIOIXERTSON. ILS., MA., Mntlieinutivs IlOl'GI.AS Il. ROISINSON, A.I!., M.A., I'rot'. of Business ICII.. Bookkeeper .IOSICVII I,ECONTI'1TAI.I.I'IY. ILS., MS.. Vliysics IIVIIY t'I,UICR 'I'I'RNER, A.lI.. I"ILIllL'i.lIl0ll SIIELIIYLEEWAI.LAl'lC,A.ll.,M.S..lluniax11 Biology, Zoology Q.-1, ,: I - is V 5- X' Q ti ,K . - Q- gp, ,W .- ,.- .- I M A PERCY XYISE,A.l3., M.A., S1lklllISIl,FI'Glll'Il VOCATIONAL SCHOOL FACULTY WILLIAM M. BROWN. Automotive Shop RAYMOND H. DI'FOIlD, Electricity WALTER H. FORD, Rzidio und Electronics wq. , j' . f ' I .I I A sf ' Q we tl 'uf , I ' ' "Li ff-I W ' 5 xma! , G ,Q fi' f Q L, mi' .,! an JEAN XYILLIAMS. IIS., Business Education QIQRUTH GREGORY McAULIFFE. ILA., M.A.. Latin, History FVIRGINIA FIELD SMITH. IIA., M.A.. Guidance LYNN OGDEN. US., M.S.. Director of Vocational School MINNIE' McGEE SACKETT,I1.S..Business Education DON WINTERS. Printing ELIZABETHXYOLF,Assistz1nt Principal ot' Yum-zitioiiul School AN X fxX 'N j I PRQGRAM for the 1955 RAT BOW alt Happened Here This Year" This is an annual production on our campus. During the progress of our play, we have found ourselves working from bit parts into leads. 'We and our friends have practiced together both behind stage and before the footlights to make our play a nnished production. The plot began to unfold last fall and developed against a backdrop of many colors. Our purpose is to spotlight our part in this drama. whether it be in the classroom. in group activities, on the drill ground. or the athletic neld, A program may suggest the framework. but only we who have lived the action can make it a success. The stat? hopes that the HAIXBOXV will be the program you'll always keep. from the play you'll always remember. CAST-Some of us have played leading roles already, but all have received the direction and experience necessary for the creation of future stars. JCA .ICA ARC Sophomores Freshmen ' Seniors ARC Juniors ARC Sophomores Aer 1 Military A CT II Athletics A C' T HI Organizations ACT IT Features A C' T Y Advertisements "lf Har-rened Here This Year"-The Curtain rises I-The play begins. QE! S J. C. A. OPHO ORE V b ,A Ol IPIVICIQS , uuv, sg 1 ,Q ia Beverly Fari' ,, ,, , , l'l'f3HlIlPIlt My " lioseniary Ifeesv , X'ic-v-l'i'fisiclP11t ' V Bbllg Hubert liurgess Sw-retxlry-'l'1'eas11rer . ,SX - ,Q if l i - sift t 'M 1 I, N Q, 5 Q I, faiifit' :LYH -, Q x :e,,,,fQ W . 5 3 5 M C an , 5 if 'F' 1 1 In, 12 N 1 1 v-cy-, it H N 5' CS? Ax ' x xx f x 'bf :ff-:iff if W' liA'l'lIl'llilNl'I BARNES "Y-in will find her true and just, A Hifi whnni all nill lnvv and trust." l'll.XHLES UOXYEN "lily unly hunks were wuman's looks, and i'nl!y's all they'x'e taught me." ISEVEHLY JANE HRANIDENBURG "A miss is as ummm! as she wants to lie." High Hunnr 1: Z1-ta Rhu Sigma 1, 2: Student Y 1, President 2: Musketcer Staff 1, 2: Cliristian NVorke-rs Council l. HOIEEHT HRANTLEY BURGESS "Smile at the world, and it will smile back at ynuf' Hum-r 1: Rhu Chi lg Kappa AIDYIHIKQID- pa 2: Class Svc.-Treas. 2: Christian NVnrkers Council 2. ETHEL CAROLINE COURSON 'Gray-e, ge-ntlt-ness, and beauty." Trelult- Cliff Cluh 2: Zeta Rhn Sixrma 25 Sc-vretary 2: Christian VVurkers Cuuncil 1. ARLIS DREXV "'1'uu lun' they luuild, who build beneath the star." t' ! 2 ., f lx ,i ' z - C Mb is vw iw 1 f K: Q' , . 5 N., we 3 as S CG' ,X '33 tg' i fi ' me fav ' . gg-' 5 K ISEVICRLY JEAN FAKE HOSERIAHY LEE FEESIC X "Describe hor who van, a cumhinati--n that "Quick and lixely. happy and pay, a smile is pleasant in woman." fur all who 4-nnie her way." Y Christian YVorkers Council 1, 22 Class Vive Presimlfnt Class ZZ: High Huinur 1: ANNE DYE President 2: Student Y 2: Chaplain: Zeta Rhn Sigma 1, 2. "XVi'1te me as one who loves her fellow- Hnnm-S 1: Vyonhy Advisor, Order ,,f the man- Rmrlh-iw fOr Girls- ROBERT FISHER HERMAN EITNER "The Golden Rule works like rzravitationf' SYLYIA LEE EDYYARDS Good sense and xxoud nature are ever joined." Sudent Y 1: Secretary 1: Christian Work- ers Council 2: Zeta Rho Sigma 2: Rain- bow Girls 1, 2, BERT ENG "Give the best to the world, and the best will come back to you." a uliindness is a Virtue to treasure always xx X nfl fa., J. C. A. OPI-IO ORE SlllRLEY l"lREELANll Q "Nut for svlf, lint for otlif,-rs," ...yr . an gi L ,B SQQ J v . - L.-Xlll.-XR HOXX ELL Gll,lllORE ,Mv- .,,9., ' ' ' "Eternal smiles, his happiness betray." -f f . 'ffwf' -Q' HENRY .IULES GOIYIN. JR. "lIitvl'1 your wagon lo a star and th0i'ufm'0 attain :Ire-at ht-i1.:hts." High Honor lg Kappa Alpha Kappa 2. DALTON H. POOLE "I.ivv so that you can look any man in thu eye." " navin LAAIA1: GUY O l "I-Iiuh hopes for tht- futurm-." . f ws --- ' . 'A 'F' 'T' . 'JS M i " " J pawn H,x1.c'AM1+: My 1 'tl-lat. drink. and lat- int-rryg for tomorrow Y "" "" ,,,,, ix another day." H "TJ" VW' JAMES ALEXANDER HARMON 3' 5 'Q . Y? "lt niatters not wlit-rv you stanrlg but the X Q direction in which you move." N ' E r x x ek S ROY EMORY HENDRIX .5 "He who has a thomanil frit-mls has not , , 1 A .. . N W a friend to apaw. i , Qs N f- Q- ' IJEAN H. JONES " P "He in well ropaiil that is wt-ll satiffiwlf' wwf" ' ' l' 4' l LEONA ELAINE KILIJUFF "Where would you iso in all the worlclftu find a vutur, mn-1-tt-r 1:irl?" Zeta Rho Sigma l, 2: President 2. JOSEPH MOORE LEE lll "A heart with room for many friunflsf' Q Kappa gfirginizixliho 1. 2: Che-erlvamlor 21 'appz p iz 'appz 2. -2... . 6 M' Q, l , l .F"'f IZOHHIE SYLINA IXIUUUNALIJ P .4--. ,. u., Tll"N9 who lwim: sunshine into thu lives . "A f N 4' of otlicrs. cannot. lwcp it from tlibm, f " N1-lu-f." .. . ic' 'Ijrvlvlv Clef Clulu l: Sc-un-tary 1: Student , 1' l A' H3 51 1, 21 Secrewv'y-'l'n-1--mm-r 1: Iimmr lg Lhoralit-rs lg Ze-tg. Rh.. Sigma gi J. L09 , . ldtht-1-t-11119 st-hfilarship 2. ,f .mmzs MURPHY miaxcmu . Mg. gfiyg "Ilv ix may himself, anml tht- canst- of uaifsty 5' 3 'R . O R in ollir-vm." ' 5 E i 3- l . ,f Q f . l'liecrlva1lur 1: Kappa Alpha Kappa 2. 'Wa f' M fn -v . , M .xx ERNEST EARL lNll'l'CllELL 'lVork annl a rlf-ai' colisricvivc are pass- 'A woiwls anywhere," ', llonor l: Board of Emlucwlion Sdholar- ,hip 1. 2. ' a R OLIVER THOMAS MORRIS ' 1 gi .5- "A Mood intention vlothos itself with sud- ' 4' v-..,, , rlvn power." fix 6 1,1 Kappa Alpha Kappa 2: Vice--Presiils-nt 2. 3. .Q lex' Sf" ' in If E , .ff I 2 IJAYIIT SXYANN 'I i 1 I 1 ff ' 1 lllmv vour mlnel tu mirth ment." '5- .,g 421. anal morri- ,-as J. C. A. SOPHO GRE - X 1? Y 1 'U' . .I XVI LLIAM I lONAI,l I RA XYLS "lim-rygy annl pt-i'sistelu't- rolnlllm-r all thinizsf' Kappa Alpha Kappa 2. Jlflllil' ANNE IIICESIC "Looks lu equal hor Llravcf' Trt-lnlv Flcf Clulv l, 21 I'rt-sialt-nt 2: Rivh- mond Choralit-rs 1: Student Y 1, 2: liunor' 5, lg Future 'l'e:u-ha-rx 2: Secretary 12: Zulu i Rho Siyma 2: Julia Flin-h Mt-morial I Scholarship lg 'IX-aching S1-holarfhip 2, . 'f -6 .. , JAMES DONALD REESE 3 lg'-23 I ' fs? 'li . ' rl "An um-rrinu hcnse of humor," - S, My I , Studt-nt Y I, 2: Honor 1: Iioarul of Idll- .gif ucation S1-holarship 2: Kappa Alpha ' If ilk!-.3.yI55jHf Kappa 2. A9134 ll .gf fa-'lx ..l I Y N IIERMAN LEE ROXYELI. "A little nonsense now and then-is rvlxsh- ml hy hc wisvst man," Kappa Alpha Kappa 11: President 21 Kappa Gamma Rho 1: Presirlent I. IIAROLD CLINTON SMITH "IIop4- and he happy: That's all for the In-sl." Kappa Alpha Kappa 2. MARY SMITH "Two nolnlo thinus in life are Qweotnvss and lam:htvr," PETE YYHATLEY "A xxarm-hearted lrenial, good-naturgfl fellow." Student Council 1, 2: Pre-simient I, 2. ETHEL XYALKER YVRIGHT "l'Ivvry rlay, every minute, she fills wilh livin! to thi- limit." Zola Rho Sigma 1. 2. GRACE BELL YARBROUGH "Charm strikes the sixrht, hut merit wins the soul." . Stmlvnt Y 2: Zeta Rho Sigma 2: Honor I, 2. C. M. YONGYE "The force of his own merit makvs hi: way." F VX tx it N 'x . t-.g IE. 'QE Ylvk 7 , , 1 fiom-s Q- ".s 1 . ' A VE BI ILDHEIJ MARY YONG "A thousannl hop:-5 for vour el v .X 5 -N fflla IFC:-as J. C. A. FRESHMEN 'N A 3 . 'ui 'I .. 1. -.7 N, OFFICERS 1, . . 3 ' H, ' f ww ,f Aclelaule Pundw ,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,A.,,, P lesldenl A, Q 2 Q ,gh J 'P' ' ' l'1,nnie Fook.. ,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,, X vlC8-PIQSICIQII ' 3 M 9 A! Wayne Jennings ,,,,,,, Secretary-Treaburer 1,-f ' .Q 'I ' r IFA' X 4 if X 36 "" S! 1...- -swf: Joseph llugg Janice Butler Joyce Caldwell Nellie Callahan Mary Clark Connie Cook lietty Jane Arnold ' Y Q , Theodore Atwood " W, llonald Bartlett 1 ,,, , C1131-leg Bell If Frances Bell Ve-rdy Blackwell XVy1nan Boyd . George Brown 4 ix 4' W 6 W K Q-'L' A N ' 7 1 x six ., -F X1 ix.. ? If . 2 i 2 yr" an FFT' f K 'ef 4 kk. I . l , , Q 6 R M ' 'al K? l 1 J. C. A. FRESH EN Ypf Q r '1 6 an. AQ? i. 4 IS' i . .-gf Z A Milf M I .YQ-,Q . Q .Iinnny Holden Joyce Hopkins Christine Hundley Wayne Jennings EIGZIIIOI' Kilpatrick Terry Levy Flew' i':lilTl1lllIiS .Xlnrilyn Iivzniis XX'zn'i'en lfziglie-r Maw Fields Kzxtlwrine Folk Walter Ford Gene Gibson Ilzirold Griffin 4. 1? fQ- 4' za 'YV 'CS 7 s Q '31 J. C. A. FRE HME Qt un C ,Q in 2- v , 7 A 5 , . ,fy I Y 1+ 1 , .A -P, N. O I 'au vi' 4 0- ' - - I .,. .- . , 'V . 'ff' g t- ,1 rl - ,. I 152114 I.81l!'E'1l1,'6 U4f0ll!1UI' Freddie Iizwharzi Adfflaid Leticia llnuriue Maize 24 Jaiw Marschalk 'QW 5 " Mary ML-Lemci X Granite M1111 Halen Mum 7 Ihfucy Bluriihy' Helen Myrivk .iuiiif-P O'4'miiiP11 ,5 K W 'S Olive Pruitt +: Vuiid Den Hepse U' L - ' Ramos 4... .4 J J? ' ' A K .. 'F H+ J ld' 4 J. C. A. FRE I-IME 3 ,N ,gnlv ' 4 RF' llillie lingers C2ll'0lllll Smiley Ann Siltvlllll' Marion Smith .luhn Steed Tlioinzls Strmn Kenneth Symonds Bobby Te-asley W6 " W5 lf-fe. l 4' . X Jag! l .A l A '3 Q' 'a' Q 'Q -.lg 'aff mi- ? -. K l Y 7 ' I Y K 1 x 5 , 5 X 41: i 1 ix ' T- " x- 2 ' I' 1 f... tts. -u ,K 1 Q 'ii 1, llzn'1'iet Vide-tto Billy NVelc'h Billy XVest RI:n'ga1'e3t Y?ll'bl'Ull2h is. X-vie! x ---.. f """2!"h sn.. 5.-.X ,f. .1 1 S 4 l 1 F .?,!jQ f 1 fl 13 1 -f A. R. C. S IOR .gmvmmv fvf-4-.N OFFICERS W I gg, ,,.. J zip 43: Camilla Paschal .... ....... , President t 4 . il our N Benny Mullins ,. .,.., . ,.... Vice-President "-"" QA! Bill Harden .... ..... S ecretary-Treasurer 41, S IIUYLE AHEHNATIIY "M'ny your future exe-r bl- briuht." IEETTY llU'l'll ATKINSON "She iw like :i buns! uf sunfhine on a rainy slay liiuh Hunnr S. Beta Club 11, 3: Rziinlmw Staff 43 Christian Workers' Cuiiiivil 3, -lg Y-'IK-un l, 2, 3, 45 Richmnml Chnraliers -1. HI.-XRIAN KATHLENI-I AIJKINS "A pretty fave :incl spzirklin.g eyes, Beneath whlrh much n-isvhief lies." Tri-Alpha 3, 4: Yuuny: Life 2, 3. 4: Hunnr 2. 3: Tubman Times Mgr. l: Future Tear-hm-rr Club 3: Future Nurse-f. Club 41 Christ- ian Whurkers' C'nunril 2, Il, -l. Y' - p- N DONALD EDNVIN AKIN "The only way hi han- :A friend is to be une." D.C.T. Club: Young Life 3, VVENIIELL ALFORII "Mischief is where yuu find it. Especially if he's behind it." LUCIA ANN ALSTON "Neither tm: cure-less. nur ton sinl, nur lun slmliuus, nur hm glad." Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Teuchers Club 3. -1: Vica- Presiwle-nl 35 Chrislian Workers' Council 3, 4. X., uf' ,. z- if' 4' i s l 'li ,Q A. R. C. S IOR 'Q ' in Q ' W J AIXIN BFI Alll ANIPl'.llh4JN wtf , 4 "A nmiil ul' 1-xi-t-lli-nt pt-rsiuimri-, piwui-v--l with that rairv 4 in f ,- lminzitiun uf 11l:1yl'ulll:-:Qs zin4l virlm-." -x f A Tri-'l'liol:i 3, li l'rt-aid:-nt 1: llfvnur 2, il: lisunlufw Stuff LI, ,,. N I ' 3? u.,1.1 1. x'.,tmu Lift- :4, lg mm vim, si, in. ' . 'Eb g W XYIIJLIAHI TllOBl.XS ANDERSON :QE NN "Another likc him wuulvl ln- lmwl in l'in4l." f1..+ ' T x N15 e.. , 'Q l' '- nt . " 5? JF frisum ARNOLD 2 'ix '. "Quiet and carcfrui-." Ls . , yi Q' J I , Jl:lJlTH HILDRED AYERS f' K. 'iPli'2lhL1l'B fills your youthful years, Drop study it' it interfert-s," D 0 SUZIE BAGGOTT "Full uf laughter, joy and charm, This yuuni: lass can ilu no harm." Student Cuuns-il 1, 3: Class Officer 2: Richmunil Churalivrs -1: Tuhman Cheerleader' 1: Tri-Alpha 3. 41 Future 'I'u:n-hers 3: Vice-President 3: Christian VVorkt-rw' Council 2, 25, -1: Humor 3: Young: Life 2, 3 -1: Rainbow Staff 3: Gulnl "T" I: Churus Court uf Homccoming: Queen 4. GEORGE FEHDINAND BALK "Dilir:ent, capable-ainmb for the top," Dramatic Club, 4. IXIARITA YV.-XRE BALLARD "An example of ygolzlun sweetlwsb and delight." Chriftian Wurkers Council -1. BEN XYILSON BARNES "NVr1rk is the nn-at of life, lvlunsuru thc nh-sso.-rt." Golf T1-am 3 4. PATSY JO BARNES "Thinking is an iflle waste of time." Transferred from Central High Schiml. SHIRLEY ANN BARNES "Never idle, never still, Always smiling, always will." D. E. Club. M. me Q, Y --,T v .R. C. SE EDNA YENERA BEASLEY "Malls JL- -i v?'-fr and 3-: right nn-try' ' 511.1 with 1- x nv 5 j.'fgQQj:." Iimvhrzu,-nv 1 A 5. Trp!-Ie C1 . 4: 41 H411 x S555 'E. RENNIE .IVANITA BEASLEY 'D:QL:eT.5f 'r.'rw'.::E: asc:-lf' H riff 2: Hzgh HH:-r 'iz P.tg1v H-wrzzfn XV' rk.-ers C gxsil 4. OTiS XYILLIARI IIELDING "Titty 561: 11:5 rtiffi 1 F: nt - :Uii-V ni' -i, H '-nr 1:1 Tr ikf- Er, l'L.,,,-' ' ' 4 V " - V - ' ' V-Left .. 1 trr.-gm NX ' 1 Lif-r I, , 4, I':':4. '. H'1:i71.N Y JACQLELINE ELIZABETH BELL IOR .w Dmnmatic Club, 3' 3 L n n X :EETS V- J -Y U4 ,. - - Sgn. :A-.. ,fn- T Y -Ext' Clnk- F r "I-"wwe 'gr :xiii t-Y rzzirih gr.-E rzxfrrzrrzt-:.'-'.'.:1-31" Y :ani harm- ui.-L .:T.SfEcf'S 1:51-.' JAMES RONALD BELL if 'Il-111:C.EY1Ei'.:LV lvghf , ....-: :.:.,. ,. 1. -4 ,. ,L LARRY DEAN BENNETT 6317- 17. a':.ft:.-1 arm: 1":1r..15:13, --Q1 5 1 f I 1.6 X q 7 -5.5- X171 :lx 'r :L 1 .1 Asafin-rrigr Hi-Y L, C.11-- Officer I R,c?n1-rd Fe-Ilmx-hip Club 33: Q4 'e C2212 4 'A" Var-iijr E-wiiall 7'?. 42 Yawiy Baa- 1-Qv,-'T' Y, -L1 Trl:-I-i 3, 1. Y' ui: L15-: 2, H, lj M'hkf'9-'r 5'aff HAROLD EDXYIN BENSON A .JA-.1.-.-: .ru 4--- .. .1...,f...- Ad, H-1:-r Z: E-141 lflgi 'Q 41 De M' la-. 4: YN uh: Lift- 4 EYELYNE IYERGER "XV:-31711 t-- :'., .C lf? 112: 1 if! H- rx ' 4: Iieftq. Cygr n 41TF+:?1f- 1 5 '45 Fntzrf H-rm-in 1-f Arrvriczx 15: Ifrzmizlizv Flux? 4, MARY FRANCIS BLACK 1 "A fvw-ei face. 21 :ay smzlff' THEOHAN FALL HLACKSTOCK "Let ni-1 1,-3 hagggr as lm: as I live, Av.: fi '..-lv Q4 yn- PQwp,-'- N.. I' an u L, ,?' ,J X Y AJ! A. R. C. S IOR JAMES EIIYVIN IZLACKNVELIJ "A handsome knight there wus, and thu! Il wmlhy m:in,' CHARLES ESTES HLANCHARIJ "Sport that wrinkled care ilerides And lauirhter hnlmlini: lmth his sides." ZZ. Il: Demulziy -1: Christian Wnrkurs Cmlm-il -ig Kappa: Hum Rhu -1. i LILLIAN GREY ISOATXVRIGIIT "lie :zone dull care-thun and I shzill never uyzrt-c." MARY CAROLYN HOSTICK I 2, 3. GEORGE LOMBARD BOXVEN "A love for rilles and the call of the forest " MSKIT Hixzh Honors 2: Rifle TE-um 2, 3. 4: Richmond Hi-Y "' Richmond Fellowship Club 3: Sahrc Club 4: Pres. si. ROBERT HUCKLEY "Gaia-ty in his manner: seriousne-5 in his thuughlf' CHARLES KENNETH BOYETTE "Good-lrmkinr! Huy, we-ll-liked by all." Kappa Gamma Rho 3, 41 Pres. 4: MSSzT High Hnnurs 33 Snlirc Club 43 B-Varsity Basketball 2. GORDON MIAL BRACK "Best of luck for a prosperous future." Commercial Art Club 4. CAROLYN M. BRANDON "And the smile she softly uses fills the silence like :i speech." Christian Workers Council 3, 43 Tri-Alpha 4: Class Officer 2: Tuhman Times 1. BETTY LOUISE BRAGAIN "Laugh and live as only youth can." Majnrette 3, 4: D.E. Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4. Transferred from Madison Hinh Schrml. M'adisun, Ill.: F.H.A. 1: Cheerlead- er 1: Chorus 1, 2, XVILLIAM RICCORD BRICKLE, JR. "Fun is relished by the best of us." Young Life 3, 4. Student Putrfll 1: Yunm: Life 3, -1: Iiunzl 1, 2, 31 Military Ilauul "Her ways are ways of pleuszintness :ind her paths :irc 1'ezwv." Beta Club 3, 4: CVVC 2, 3, 43 Young Life -1: FHA 1, 3. Zig I"l'.fl 33 Rainbow Staff 31 Y-Teens 2, Clie-erlexider lg high lifmnr Qi is il A fl I As I 6 9' f , J i , 3' I 4 1 .. at Q an K 4, 3 wwf , N' A . 'rv'-,xv in '1 fa '5- ails. V1 J"'7 A u Y fplil' an A. R. C. S IOR NANCY JEAN llllllllllfs "l"ull nl' lilwulih- Niniplil-ily an-l quiutm-ss." Cll.XHLl'IS XVUOD lilllfillA1l "With such za cunirzulu, such :i friend: l fnin would walk 'Kill J4llll'lli'y'S Q-nd." Trunk 3, -lg NISQT Merit l-hir 3, lp Kappa Gzminin Rhn 3, 4: Plu- tm-n Sgt. 41 Younu Life 4: "li" Vnrbily l"u-itlmll 2, 34 llrlllOTllY ANGELA HIUDXYN S Hninlmw lil!'lN 2, ll, ij Future Nurwf Vlulu -l. 'Y-1:9 XYll,l.l.X3l li.XYl.lSS l5l,'lllJlSON "Bust kind ul qmr! zlnll zl pal trum--lflum-," Vzulul Hi-Y 2: lliuli linlml' Il: Uhrirliun VVurklgrs Vnnncil ll Ynun: liifv- ll Sulxrn- Fluli ,ll Tr:n'k Fl. M.Xll.lOllllC ANNETTIC lll'llGAKlY "A nu-rry hmilu than slinws :1 I-it uf hvr Funny llispoe-itinn." f., Huiwi' 2: f'lir1sti:in VVul'kvr4 Cnunuil LZ, Zi, 4: Kivhnwnll Clirw- 'N all-r4 3: Rzlinln-xx' Slaff 11, 4. A ff"7' HAHRIET BIIUCE "Hr-1' nmliilil-n is SllCC'e'5b, ll,-Xll, l!l'IlNE'l"l'lfI "Nu wnnller tm-:icliwi':4' hair turns urny, I vlintu-r, vlmllf,-r :ull Ilia- day." Tulvnmn Ilrnnlntil' Clulr l: Ltitin Flnli 33 Rrlirilmw Staff 3, 4: Hnnurx 31 Chriftizin Wurkoix Cmiiivil 2, 3, -lg Y-Tevns 2, 3, bl: Fnturg 'fr-zlfllc-ra of Anierim-'i -lt llrnnmtl' Cluln -1: Rainlmw Hun- nrs 3. STIYAHT MAl7l"lTT IINOXVN "Nur'h mirth :mil nn liiznllnwsf' MS Q T Merit liar 2. 3: Yminu Lifv Il, -lp Tennis Fl. si 1 UAllll.Xll..X l.Ol'lSlC BURNS A'Tliv fpirit of chu-L-rfnlness sprenwh n rzuliant light un ilu- suuls nl' ull." Baxketliall 2: Y-Tm-ns 2, 3: Christian xv0I'l'i0l'S Council 4. Trans- ferrwl from Nl-wtun Count Himzh School, K'-winutuii, Ga. Basket- lmll l. JONCY FAYE lll'llTON "The 1:2-ntlv minil lly puntln- :lr-ewls is knuwnf' Y-'ll-Q-vis 2: lllnblwtu-r Staff 3, 4: Christian NVurkcrs Cnuncil 41 lk-in Club -I. UUIYGLAS RONALD llUSlil.-X "Amlviliuns hixzh, urvzlt huiulits In scale Inlere is a fntnrv l-il: liusirxv.-ws mule." Sound Off 2, 3: Ritlf- team 2. 3, 4: D.E. Cluli 4. ROIXICRT XVALTON BUSH "l-inmvll-rluv manic-Q. but wisrlnni linm-rs." lflmiurh 3. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Rainbow Staff A. R. C. S ICR Il 1 A ui x-.L N I1 1l.XltTll.-X ANR t'Al"l'll ICN "l'hr lust :iro nut imly thu lrimlis-st, lm! thu lump-ioxt .irv nxuzilly tht- limi" Uv-lil l: Claw- Uffivvr I: livin- 5 Z3 Ymxn-' Llll' LI, Il, I. Iliuh Fluvanna 3, 1. lit-tu fllllv Il, l, l'lmriati:ln Wurlwrs t'nunril Zi, lg Tri-Alplm 3, Al: Fnturi- Nurs'-5 1. YIHGINLX LEE t'.XXVLlCY .X first rziln- trnnll ln mi-13-mu'." HUISEIIT ALLEN CAXYLEY 'IX nlwcnt lmlnliu- X mi-1' niovix with l'ri4inlN." D.l'i. lfllilv 1. "A mann.-r an quiet. .i lirziin N- fint-, 11 finer lzifyf is hural In find. Iiiuhcat Hunur 2, F43 Christian NYui'lu-in Cinlncil IS, 1: Ht-tri LICNAHIF CTL-XYIS "Tull, high-pnxi'erwl. :intl l1:1i'1l-to-limit." Slinlent Council 2: "IV Varsity 2: Claws Via-v-I'i'f-mlm-lit il: Christian VYurkern Cnunvil 3, 41 "IX" Varsity Fuutluzill 3, ll Sallie Cluh 4. ,- 9- Q 4 LARRY LEE CIIILIJPIHS "A nievry ht-nrt il-wth uuwl likt- :I nn-mlicinef Vhrixtizin Vl'1nkur- Vnuncil Il. ,ig R,U.'I',C. Sut. Firft Clubs l. .IUIDITII UHHISTIAN "My truo lm-ve hath my heart." JOAN CLARK i' r.. 1...f R "Ever lunkiml on thu sunny snle nf lifvf' E Future Iflumeniakers ul' Ann-i'ivzi. X dl A w 1 X P Y., N . l . f 0.3 M161 'gf - v 3 A ae., Limit . A. R. C. S IOR MARY JO CLARK "Ambition is no cure for love." Tri-Alplm 3. -4: Young Lifu 2, 3, -l: Christian VVorkers Council 3, 4: Future Nursus 4. BARBARA ANN CLARKE "Her future will lm as her Drusunt.-always smiling," Tuhmzan Times Staff 1: Mrrr. of Girls liaskotliall Team I: Class Officer 1: Gulml "T" lg High Honor 2, 3: Young: Life 2, 3, 4: Scart-tary 3: Cln-istizin VVorkers Council 2, 3, -t, 'I'ri-Thotzi 55, -1: Silt. ut Arms 4: Beta Club 3, -I: Cheerleader 1, 4: Dramatic Club 4. EUGENE XV.-XIJE CLIETT "A happy life is a Uootl life." Hiuh Honors 21 Honors Zi: Christian Workt-rs Council 4. SHIRLEY MARIE CLIFFORD "1'm as halmlvy :is I can luv, for I liever troulvlt- troulmle 'til trouble troulslc-s me." Ifutun- Honmnxakers Club 2: linslzetlmll 2: Choralit-rs 3: Latin Clulu 35 Rninluon' Honors 15: Rainbow Stuff 3, 45 Christian Work- ers' Counnil 2, JS, -lg Y-To-t-ns 2, Cl, 4, BICNJAMIN DEXYITT COINS "Liltlt' we think. la-ss we nlo, Isn't it funny how wt- pull through." LEOPOLIT I. CUIIICN. JR. nlxtllllillll' may lie inherited, hut virtut- must lm nmgiii 1-I." PATRICIA ANN COLLINS "V1vac1ty is ri true gift of woman." Y-Teensg Futurv Nurse Club: Musketee-r Staff. PEGGY COOK "bo 41lllL'l she svems, so still :incl wise, 'til we see tht- twinklu in her eyes." GRETCIIEN MARLENE CORLEY "lit-tter he small and shine than larye and L-'ist a sliadowf' YVTQ-vns 1, LZ: Christian VVorl-at-rs Counril 2. 3, 43 Rainbow Staff 3, -l. IVIARTIIA EVELYN CRIIXI "Sweet :is they como, well worth knowing." Y-Teens 3, 4: Mujorutte 3, -I. X . ln .R. C. S IOR 'lhnv-' np... .I A Bl ICS li RN HST C I' LLENS hiii- who if good is hum-y. "Nw CONST.XNt'I'I IIEAIII. Ci'IiIlII'I "Happy :im I, from cars I'm frevf YYhy :nrt-n't they all content lil-.0 mf 'I'n-lnlv V11-f Cluil AV' XYILLIAM IlA'I"l'EY IIANIEL Q "M':1ku up your mimi wlmt you wzint In tlo, tht-ii II.. it." NELSON AIITIIUR IIANISII ' lv jfur lutvr your hnuml Off Iioportel' 2, 3. ERNEST ALI"IiI'lIJ IIAVIES "A fini- follow :ind ii good spurt." "II" Varsity Footiuall 1: "B" Varsity llzxskutlmll I, 21: Truck 33 "Aw Varsity Iiuskethall Mgr. 35 "A" Varsity I"outIr:lII 2, 3. CHARLES XVOODALL DANIEL "Youth is full of pk-asain-." "ll" Varsity Fnoliwall 21 Sorfrmnnt R5 Offirer 4: Snlure Cluh -I5 Truck 43 linselvziil bl. MARILYN LEGENE DAVIS "A morry ht-nrt noe- all the tiny." Future Nurses: Annual Staff. 'I'i':ll1afu1'rt-1I from Tift'-n Hiuh School, Tifton, Gu.j Band: Glen Club: 'I'ri-Iii-Y. IXIARTIIA ANN DAVIS "A heart with room for every joy." Fixture Homenizlkers of America LZ, 3: Vhristiun NVorke1's Cuun- P - cil 3. -1. A .Q .. K. PATRICIA CLA I R DAVIS Ulintilcss joys here :art found." Y HAZEL DAVIDSON "An nil around girl and quite a favorite." Yu ji gr JK 5 A ,I my ...- 1 FV- -S- 45 yr .XQ I A. R. C. S NIOR XY. C. IIIQHLJXY ' fr: Q 9 S 'Lx seulwl cv-ri'.x--ti-vii ol' suave- ' , Q 5- 0' if-.:-f l'I,.XI'lIl.-X HOSE IJILL 'A si-vrov of wistful I-h.irm." ANN ICLIZAIIISTII IIIXON V "'I'he time l-- he happy is now." Flin-islimi Workers C:-unvil 11, II, 4: Future Homemakers of Aint-riva 4: Richm--nil Vhorziliers 4. noni ANNETTL: IIOULITTLE .gg "Then she will talk. nh hon she will talk." ,f In-Im Tri-Hi-Y 2: Iinglish Iflnli 23 Druniativ Clnh 2: Future Honiexiiukers nf Ann-rua 2: Heil Cross Council 2: Christian 1 Workers Council 3. V lI.XRTI'IA HAIIHIET IIOZIEH "VVhenever you are sincerely pleased, you are nourished." Christian YVurkers Council 3. JOHN BI. IDRENY """ "Not quantity but quality. PERRY L. IILKIC "Full wise is he that can himself know. NANCY ANN IILHIIEN "If we can laugh and make the world lauizh toni With this personality. what can't we do?" Y-Teen 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4: Future Nurses Club 3, 41 Chris li.m Workers Council 4: Rainbow Staff 4. ' JERRY B. DYE "A warm-hearted, yzenial. good-natureil fellow. Suhre Club: Conipany Commander. ELIZABETH LOUISE ELLIS Gold "T" 1: Sluilent Council 1: Tuhman Times 1: Chorus 3 makers uf America 2. 3: Youth Conference 3. "She cannot frown, she never tries, her heart is ever merry." Future Nurses Cluh 2, 3, 4: President 4: Asst. Business Mar. of Rainbow 2, 3: Business Mrrr, of Rainbow 41 Future Hlrhle- s.- 'vw E... A. R. C. S J.bXN.XClC El,lZ.Xl5E'l'll FENI "'l'lit' ulziss wi' Iiasliiun, anwl tht- mm IOR IER 1l1l nf form." . Future Hviiiwnizilwi-s uf .-Xnivriva l, 2, 3, 4: Trt-lile Vlef Cluli 33 Rainlmw Girls LZ, 3, lg Chrislian lVnrk4-rs Cnuncil rl. w fv' X NANCY RIVERS FORD "'Tis wiser to ilu gg-:ml than hail fiurct-." Cluli 4. LORITEARII FORTSON. JR. "Happy in naturo, limiest in evory FRANK CROSBY FORTUNE "Smiling always, the cluwninir kinrl A uruntcr Lzuy yuu'll never find." Varsity fmitliall ZZ. 4: Class pre Life li Christian NVurkr-rs Cuuncil BETTY JAN FOSTER "Gay iruml nature sparklvs in he-r eyes." Future Nurses Cluh 3, 4: Vir-e-President -4: Christian Wurkers Council 4. Annual Staff 4. LEONARD FRIEDBIAN "Gund sense and gmul nature are 1-vor juiiu-il." lianil l, ZZ. Il, 42 Cunuftwl R. O. T. C. Band award 33 R, O, T. C. Rand Captain 3, 4: Sabre Club -1. SYLYIA JOYCE FROST "Music washes away the ilust uf everyilay life." Ch-.iraliers 3. -1: Trvl-lu Cluf Cluh 3, 43 Transfurnwil from Rus- sell Hiuh Scliuulg Music Club: Future Humemakers ot' America. THOMAS GAINER "Your hearts desires lic with you." D. E. Club: Trausferrv.-ll from Frankfurt American Himzh School. Frankfurt, Germany. KATHERINE LOVISE GARDNER "A rrouil heart is better than all the gifts in the world." Futuru Homemakcrs of America PETE GARLAND "An honest man is the nnblest work of God." annl safer to he Inu-k than Future Il-inieinalwrs of Anieriiga l, 2, Ji: Tri-lwlu Ch-1' Cluli 3: Rainlww Girls J, 3. 4: Christian NVurlwrs l'uum-il -lg Dramatic Da rt. ' Hamlsumu in face, stron! in heaitf' "ll" Varsity fuulliall fi: Rifle Team 35 Christian YVurkers Cuun. 3 cil -lg "A" Varsity fmitliall fl: Tunnis 4. siclont 3: Track 3. 4: Young 4 . V 'Fw "".-T 24' S..- wf' ' , ss r .y A Jr T J .. 4 ik gmi -R' g"',-'31 . .tw-a .'f.'.- -+ .. .Qu-., -Obs Q -u. A. R. C. S IOR , -as MARGARET GATTIS 'A kinrl ht-:irt :nukes for snlvceasf' llAHl3.'XllA JEAN GEIJIJINGS Ullrzlvt-, ainiivlivity, :intl swt-L-tlwss," is xv RUIJNEY GILBERT NIANLY FERRELL HILMER lll'lNlil-ANNE tllllAlillU'l' "The hhnal that maulc you fznr haith mmlu you good." Future Homemzikt-rf. of Amt-rica 1, 2. 35: Rainbow Girlf. 2, 3, 4: Christian Vl'orkev's Council 3. -1: lietn Club 3, 4: High Honor 2, 32 Tri-Allvhzi -lg Dramatic Club 4. JOSEPH FVRMAN GLAZE "Holm and be lmivpy, th:it's :ill for thu best," Pri-hitlent of J. C. A. Veterans Club EUNA MAE GOIJXVIN "Those who brim: sunshine into the lives of others vaunot keel' it from llielnst-lvt-S," Rainbow Stuff: Clioruliersl Future Holm-makers of America: Rainbow Girls. XVYULINE GUNICS "A cheerful hu-nrt whirh niulwa bright tht- path of life." 'I'ruble Clef 3, l: 'fruztsurer -lg Latin Club 3: Dramatic Club 4: liziskt-tbzill Tv,-:mi Ii, -tg 'l'runsft-r from ffhonms Jefferson Hiuh School. Port Arthur. Ter-:msg Member of the Welfare Committee: Honol' llull 2, fl: Secretary of Homernimm 2. CONRAD UOYIIICN GOOIJNVIN "A merry heart ll11lliQfll :i elim-rful L'ount4'nzince." Clash l'l'usimIt-nt I: l"oo',lmll 1: "li" Varsity Football 2: "A" Varsity Football 3, -li Serllt-:xnt 4. OLLIE PHILII' GOOLSHY "Nik-et the issue of life with zi smile: Ilo your best, :tn-l It-1 the other fellow worry." "Ii" Vzirbity lfnotlmll 2, Cl, First Sergeant 42 "A" Varsity Foot- ball -li Kappa fmlnrna Rho 3, -l. llzist-bzillz Christian Workers Council, "Vl'h:it now you sc-e is only the promim' ol' thinuf tu bc." i'it's tht' hurry, lulk stop, lu- lazy: :intl enjoy otirsvlvvs. .gl 1 , 1, gf W ng 2.1, is u-4 K gp 25 1 5 i C Mi - 'Q J f 1" C, lt' . ZW' , J '64 . ---r l .qx v l l il 'r ii l I l I r r l i n '-4 A. R. C. S IOR IlII.I,.X IIILXKIKIICII -1 W. "XYiniiix1g iw Iwi' nay alnl xuuny ix hvr Nmilt-." I A ro IIICNIIY GRANT "Nut :Iuainv uurk, I-ut nut in Qynipathy with it. llICIi.XI,Il XYAYNIC lIIlI"IICN 'Hif nyc.-5 have a lninkh- uf inuch 1iIvaf:ili!i'y,' ? fad' 1. NANFY KI.-XIIIE UIIICICNE ,N "Ht-r Finale, her slim-I-Ii, In-r winning way, ' 72" XViIw 1-Ill trolililr-'S nniml away." Rwinlfuw Staff U, 3, -IQ I.i1vr'a1'y Editor 4: Youlfi.: Lift- " II I Chrixtian NY::l'km's Cwlimil -I: Tri-Theta 3, -ij Cultl "T" I Ntu :It-nt I'aitr-rl I: Tuhman Ilramaiic Cluh I. .l RICH.-XIII! EARL GREGORY "What shunlzl a man do Init lm nu-rry?" al? 3 "ihman "Ii" Varsity Ilaskethall I. V 4-u QA' XYILLIAM MICHAEL GRIFFIN "Never mln tmlay what Can he l'lli off 'till tmimiluu LOVIS GIIINI.-XVII "A friunil anwl nit-rry man is he." .IOI-IN AVNER GROOVER "He is gmail-riatiilt-al ever an-I hzw a go'-tl wuiwl for all." Richmunwi Cliuralit-rs. 13 PERCY IIANFORTII IIAGLER 1 "There lit-N a urn-at deal nt' ileviltry beneath his milvl vxtt-i'im'." Salim- Cluh 43 Treasurer 4: Richmond I-'ullmvflnp Cluli fig 'Frans- 'uv I 'Q ure-r ll: Track 2. 3. 43 Battaliun Executive Officer -1: Richm--nil "" ' ' Hi-Y 2. Transferred from Carlisle Military Svltmwl, 4? JACQFICLIN MYNONA IIALFORII "Charming, pretty. and petite, But not mort- charming: than is she sweet." 2. 3, -I: Christian VVorkc-rs Council 3. -I: Rainlmw Staff 4. Tennis Team fl, 45 "Ii" Varsity Fcmtlvall 23 Tnlinian "B" Vai'- Hume Ecnlmniius 1, 2, 3: Richmuntl Churaliurs 41 IXIC. Chili '-.0 T' x r 4 - 43,-1, A. R. C. S IQRS LUIII-IX I1l'l'ICliT ll.X'I'l"lELlr ' "An ull ruuml ilk ulvl' gm-ul fvllmx' uh.. lm: mall- xvml in All R Q 3. at thinufj' K L Q A ' ' lizem-11 lQ:m1m:l llh-I 1: Ilrum Mlljoi' 1: ll- Hwluy 1: lizxml 2, Ii, 1. 4 f . 2 2-. X- ' HILICS GILICGUHY ll.-XLL, JR. -- XY!! if ilu- ful! of v mu-v'-:xtiur1." ,A-, Q K .1 V--ll-r 01111121 1: lizlppu flznxuluix Rhu ZS, I, Hiuh lim:-rr 2. Tum:- . I ' ,E . 4 fm-l'11-11 frum Nurllx Alluuxm High S.-'14,-fl, N1-nh .Xu:x1R!.1, S. V. fl 1 1 . I . 1 , x, ' k . ' '- . l NANCY LPIIC HALL .X lulule lu ul.I nf 3 8' t'l1ri-li.m NY.-rkurf' Cuuncil. f vw., , W Y . XUHKLX JLAN HALL 4' ' lin 5-mul, Suu-I muiwl :mul In-I xxlw w'll lu- vlvxc-tx" X, be Vlurxslizm NYurl.1-rx' C-rurwxl ii, 4: lllf. Vlulr HQ lfutxlre Hmm rxxankr-rx ut' Am--rivn 2. 1' ,1 -V ,Q f-JI 3-V 123' EC 3.4 ET' :V 5? 1... .,.-. . 2'-E :f- -r -,nf c F 51 IIARILXILX LUVANNE ILXMRII-ITT "5xvevt, xlenuxro, :xml ullnurthcl' luvvlyf' V w ffm KI.-XRG.-XlUiT JOAN IlANl'Uf'K 'ZX nwrry heart, A smilv su ulu-Q-rful. Tu hun' frmmlf lmlh truv :mul f1lithf'ul." Yuun: Life fl. Rxainlmw Stuff I: Rfvhnmml lhurulxvrs 1: X- Tm,-ns ZS, li Trolulv Fl-'f Vlxxl- 3, 1: Yi.'c'l'r1xi1ln-nt Fi, 4: Hwlmr' a. Tramffvrrul from 1'-fntnzxl Hiuh S.-lnml, "l'ulw:n, Uklah-Inn: Glcv Clulw 1, 22 Animal Stuff l, 2. LILLIAN ANNE llAllIlIN "Sweet :mul Vrxtly. mn! :Ami fair. Lmefl by 1-'.w11.'.-m-. v-.wry-xxln-IL-." fhriftlzm XVm-rlwlx' I'-runnin 4: Ilximmatic Clulv lj Youll: Life 2, 3. 4: Ruilnlrmx' Stuff 4: Tri-Theta 3, 4: Muxkeleel' Staff 2: Guld "T" 1: Stullen! lmtrnl 1. XYILLIAAI IJ. II.-XIII PEN "Nm1-r uv.. W-ri-mls. lwu-I: um ly, lllli 71 FHM' zllwul fvllmx in eu-ry muy. Isola Clulu 12 Urzmmlu' l'lul+ 4: Hxuh Hum-1 2, Zi, 43 Rifle T1-:mm .JR w 'YK' , . , Q f-v X "" V ' Ji x ., f. -. a, -1. THORLXS XVATSUN HARRIS "Ho, '-vllh ull, lns uuml luumvr shzxrus G:-ml nulure l-rimmin: in the friendly grin hm- wean," Sabre Clulr -1: Vive-l'x-willnrn 43 Iiappzx Gumnm Rho 25, 4: Chap- p Ex lm 4. Chriftian w..r1i.-I-,' cmum-n L, :4, 4. High H..n..l- 3, . ls J .Mix 1 x was , X A. R. C. S IOR BARBARA ELEANOR HAYES "A lt-vt-ly girl we'vv all awlmiru-l. VVhnsv pleasant ways are mum-li tlesirt-ll." W Tri-Alpha 3, -13 lit-ta Club el: Rainbuw Staff Zig iiiuh llninn' Yuunu Life 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR HEMSTREET "Nune name-ml thee but tn praise thee." Highest Hunur l, 2, 3, -1: Student l'nulu'il 41 Girls Avtixitit-:Q X Medal -13 Rainhuw Staff 2, 3, -11 I'1rlit'vl'-ili-chief 3, -1: Latin Q 1 Lluh 3: I'l'n-siclent 3: Ileta Club Ii, -ig Tri-'l'hn-ta Ii, 13 Vice-l'resi- dent 4: Tubnian Times 1: Erlitnr 1. ROBERT GLENN IIENIJERSON "Yuuth, ynu come once in a lifetime." K vw rr Q gf, N-j Jimmie MAE IIENG X" ' ' "Nut in rt-wanls, but in the stre.'m:th lu strive, the bltssinu lies." . ' lit-la Club 3, -lg Highest Hunur 11, Il: Future l'Iul11eni'ilie-rs nl' Q Anieriva l, 2. Q K GEORGE ARNOLD HENSLEY "Virtue is bultl :mtl gzumlness never fearful." Tubman Band 1: Tulnman Fuutball 15 UA" Varsity 1-'uutball 3. ROY HENSLEY 'Nothing becomes him ill that he would well." MARY PAULA HICKSON "She-'s smiliml and happy, rarely sad- One of the best friends you ever had." Tri Theta 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Young Life 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1: 1 Gold "T" 1: Christian VVorkers Cuunc-il. in RQ.. MARY ELIZABETII HOURS hllriszhl and vivaciousf' ii' ' '1 Rainbuw Staff 2. 3. -3: Associate Business Manager 35 Ilusiness Manauer -I: Future Iflunieniakers uf America 2, 3: H1-nr-ri Tuh. man Times 1, HUGH NEIL HOLCOBIB "A friend may well be reckoned the niasterpiece nl' nature." DOLLY ELAINE HOGAN 'AHL-auty is an exquisite flower, and its perfume is virtue." Girls Activity Medal 4: Student Crvuncil 4: Tri-Alpha 3, 4: Pres- ident -1. Beta Club 3, 43 Youny: Life 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Pm- . gram Chairman 3: Christian Workers Council: Vive-President ,wt A of Class 2: Sec.-Treas. of Class 3: Highest Honors 2. 3: F.H.A. 1.62, " X' 1 .7 . . , . A-4 ,4- '9- YT' it R" I ,rm 'UN " . , P, 3 . Q m.. .9 .. . . A. R. C. S Flililllllli HOUKICK "A clizirmiliu air of iiuur :xml vitality." CllAHI.lCS E. HORNE "Happy gn lucky, yuiiiig :mil frm-. ICR in . 3. ' z 'I NUHMA HUHIPUN HUHNE ,U "A tiny humllu uf L-vi-rylliing uim-." nv' 'A Cliriwtiuu XV4,rlu-rf Cuuucil 1: Huiinr Zig lfuluru Huniv.-niaikors ul' Ai'.ivi'i4-zi 2. lhixlxvllvxill 1. SAK.-Xll HOXYELI. H "Slii- izivvs lwrm-lf luv 111-L-ls uf' wurtli null kimlui-N5 gf.-wg PA VLA I I YA MS "Dark vym-5 spnrklilu: lilw :1 vom, We fiml iiziiiulit in hor lu 4-uuili-nui.' D.l'I. Clul: '11 l'hI'lAll.ll1 Nl-i'ko-rs l'uunr' il 3, lj l"ulur9 lluniv- nizalii-ix -If Ami-ru-fi 34, 43 Student l'uuiu'il 1: A Varsity lS.uke'.- luill l. PA'l'lill'lA IHIUINHS HYIJEH "As'lix'o: in miuml :incl luuly is sho. Rii-hmuufl Vhnrziliurs l: Ik-1:1 Clulv -lg Latin Cluli 4: Dramatic Vlul: 13 Tu-lnlv Vlcf Club 3, 1: 'I'rzinsfL-r frum S1wal'lzinluii'i: High Clulm 'i I ilu iii in Club '7 3 S4-linml, Spzirtzunluirgr, S. C. lk-ia .1,':':S ..,.: Girls Atliloln- Assncizitiun 2, 3: Latin flulv 3. KAY llUI,Sl+INl3ACK lVEY 'Uppurtiiliily ziwuitim: ln-V." IJAYIIJ JACKSON NVILLAHD LEXVIS JAMES "His scum- of humur is at its hes "I-Iziriiestm-ss. Z1-:il :mul lllfl'lllgClll'l'. 1. Anil hir lmunfllum- om-rfzy is sn-lcluni at rest." "A" Varsity Fnutlmll 2, 3, 4: Truck 2, Ii, -1: Richnmnml lfullow- whip Cluli 31 "li" Vuisity lizmketlvzill ZZ: Academy Hi-Y, 2. MARVIN VERNON JENKINS "I.ivc lu learn :ind learn tu live. Dramatic Club -1: Bum Club 3, 4: Proyzruni Chairman 4: Hiuhewt Hunnr 2, 3: Latin Club 31 M det 3: l'l:itm,n SL-rirc-ant 4: Geo SST Merit liar: Neatest Cu- rge Traylor M'emoria1 Medal 2. 'RC' .u Q.- on ,ik A. R. C. SENIOR ILXVIID IIICIIARII JONES "Youth su full ul' plvusurc, life su full nf nwrrinu-nt." Iluntl. JOLENE JONES ..,. T- . ,EJ "Nay yuur life he always guy, full uf hnllpinoss along th-- way." ELIZAIIETII JOHDON "Guy, izoml nature spztrklf,-s in hvr 1-yt-s.' xy? -v- JOIIN ANIJREXV KEFFER ".-Xlnluitioii has no rust." PEGGY JUNE KIRKLAND "Her friendship is surruumlerl with respect. Christian Vkklrkors' Council: Rainli-tw Staff. XVILLIAM IIOYVARD JOE "The chief action for a man uf great :action is never lu he nut of Zwliunf' Sergeant 3: lime Tcnm Il, 4g M Serin-:int 4. CAREY TOLBERT JOHNSON "Fur the 1:0011 are always the nu-rry." St-ruezint First Class 4. CLAUIPE XYILLIAM JOHNSON, JR. Hliumu- lies in hum-st toil." Iluntlg DcMolny: Sabre Club. LAVERNE JOHNSON "Kindm-ss is a virtue to treasure always." ANNIE MAUDE JONES "So sweet a face, such angel irrzice-in all that lantl had nevcr been." Future Nurses Cluh 1, 2, 3. 4: Christian NVurkers Cuuncil 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Future Homemakors of America 1, 2. 'v-f -vzf 3- '4 'UP' W. 1' ek P .Tix A. R. C. SENIOR IIOZIEIIT J. KLETT .X E , 24 I' Iv' 1 Ii-v2 1 .E 4. Ruhr-'.-. biz' 43 Y I 1 NI H L P A Y I 4 . 11114111 Y. 7 ia? .l. 4 3 1' S ..:.I: Off llli E I VIRGINIA LEE KLLTTZ 4 -. -1. Y-'fmt - -1. 1: Il'.::'.' Si. QQ Aft 511155 1 1 ig. V- ffrs C 'L' 4. F.H.A. 4. JEANETTE KHEXYSON T? 'A 11-I.-ie! Kraft. :L 'S-LI. :ii-:xx if .wxm GREY KL'H1.K1-: I They at-f Ur.1j.' ir..Qg-' :rn-.1 :Irv . g 1 H1:2LNT HI.-Int' 1. Q. 32. 4 H-rf' ' "- ""- 73' .1 ,.,.I . 1. .. .4 4. J. "4f.t-1.1-.Arnie 2: Srcr:'.41'g: 21 -, . . -3 VQIRI ICTTA LAIIIIETH Lube: rrzf.-rw qui I ,ie it f3.ff.. 1. 2, 45 1311- - I.: . .....1., 1 '1 T:-aC3':'1 l' Citi-Z.:1:: XVI-:Ggerf C-.micil 4. Diarzlaiir Club LEXIE LAXKFIIHII ' DZ..-: Dfmi- E7 rigxf- Q-nf? Eng .re IQAT-n' CLE. Nmzf. .xxx LLANIQFHRI- 5' Q T T i"'1F'P x Q"-": A 'i' I'l-aigrv Edi- . ., . A... .. ., lc i' sl 1, 131.5 ui..-lx-fr.-fr. 1.5. Q' In .' .rv H ':..r:1:.-.- rx 1' 32197: 3 'fm'-I'1'es,I 4. H+ Tw? V: fer: 111-ia. lflj : Cirifiihi YV TEL-:TQ I I . XPIIIJVIIXIX HAIL LEYEHETT I.'f.f 1vrQi...1L ll'-E-5. EQTQFQQ. ISD-..XC L. LEYY 'A .jig iszri. 1. 2.1-fit.: hail z.Q'I'.. C'.XIl4'lLH ELIZ.-XIZHTH LITTLE "TQ-' 1- -2 -:Z 1.9 Lf If i -S1 :is rtilliq . . face." X- Li: L23 11 :'.i,:'f :I-.rzin-nil..-Le? I Arzifiug 1. -. Iii, 4: Prcl- Q 1, 5113: Uffl L-. 1 A "' .. .. - . v. ' ' g..4,'., . Y..Y,:.,r 1. H.: II 7 r 4. 1 1 1.42. f- 4. rf-friarj-' 4. Rgnru--:rg QU:- ...:'r- L. 4: Vic:-1 rffzg .i 41 T ei1rlfQff2:Tr:-Algizi 35. 4: LT- .5 ' mhz. Gr: '.Q.1E 1: 1.'?.:.fii:.: XY,-rlzfrf C-.v.nc1I. v 1 ILUIJERT IJl'RT4JN LORD L'-ff-I-.Qzff V, r. T. H,'T,',f 1 4- 1 sd Q. 'K A W H., . f' 'D r- .. I-1. . .X .. I -1 ,td R A. R. C. S IOR MAY .IONG L00 "A'l'ay your lift- lu- always gay, Full of lizumvilicfs alonu thv u' ix .as- uv SING Y ET L00 BIAIIY HELEN LOYAL "It is not only what you think or say, liut nhat you do that 4ount5." Honor 23 lliuh Honor R. 3 I-eff ' DENNIS II.-XSTINGS LYTLE I' "Sinn-Q-re in all ht- unmlertakt-.-. always a xucm-as In-'ll make." Honor, ZZ: High Honors 3: Ht-ta Clulu 1: Christian WVorkt-rs 'J Council 4: .Xnnual Staff 4: Best Drillovl Squad Leatlvr II: Salrre ' CEuIi 43 Dramatir Clulu -lg Vresiilt-nt 41 Theta Sivmn Chi 1, KAIIEN MARSH MACIICII "I'm Qure can-'s an t-nt-my to life." Futura Nurses Cluli 3, 4: Svrrutary-Tri-:isurur I: Intel'-mural Sports 3: Golul "T" I, Sluslerlt I'atrol 13 F.H.A. 1. ANNIE LAURIE M.-XIJIIOX "A many sided and far reaching enthusiasm." Christian NVork4-rs Council 3, 4: Ik-ta Cluli 4: Future 'IX-ache-1-s of Arne-rica 4. BETTY MAIIDOX S. ..,,, "Look to tht- future, not tht- pahti The In-st is yt-t lu gonna" -LY? EY 'R IHIIARUTII MAIILSTEIJT "Ever in smiles and always t'rienrlly." N Rainbow Girls 4, 3. 12: Future Homcmakvrn of Ann-rivn I2 Y- Te-enw 4. KATHERINE MAJOR "Ac-tivu hoth in niinrl and holly." Hlfzhcst Honors 4, 3, 21 Beta Cluh 4, 33 I'rv:siwIvnt 4: Bluskt-tour ns 4' 31 Emlitor -1: Ilaske-thall 4, 3, 23 Girls Activitivs M4-4lal 4: Christian XVorlters Council 4. II: Youni: Lift- 4, 3: Latin Club 3: Annual Staff 4, 3: Dramatic Clulv 4. SUZANNE IIIANN "Graco, uentlvncss, and manner." Honor 2: Richmond Choraliciw 31 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. GEORGE FREDRICK BIARSCHALK "Shoulder arms, make no retreat: Fight well Life-'s lrattleb. but take well defeat." Best Drilled Cadet 3: Sabre Club 4: Richmond Hi Y 2: Christian VVorkers Council 4: Young: Life 3, -1: M.S.T. Honors R, 2. , 5 -ff DQ ,- ,-Q ,vi na A. R. C S IDRS 'sfo I all . A., --A V? -Q-J, I . " I x f f A x, 3? SAM XYARREN MAYS "It's not wlmtlwr you won or Inq hut how you played the xzzum-." Richmonnl Hi-Y 2: Gulf Tvunx 2. OSCAR VIRGIL INIERRITT "Thou :nrt za fellow uf good respect," 5 IVIUSK Vxlufxlslp Iaxu FRANCES ROBINSON MERRY "A constant babble uf happy talk :mul Izxup. This lovely lass your lu.-:nrt will cupturof' Honor 2: Hiuh I'Iuhmrr Zig Tri-Thetzn 3: Chap I Bda Clum Younu Lifv ZZ, 3, 4: Sturluul Council lg Annull Sta l'l'1risLiul1 VVurkQrs Council 4: Ilraunuliv Club I Loult Home Corning Queen 2, 3. Mllitzxry Sponsor 33 Gulnl I I bluclgnt Co --il IQ Homcroom l'n-siwlullt 1: Stumlv VIIUIINIA LAKE MIIJIlLIC'l' nl I':ltloI I "I,ox'n- Im true tu herg Life In' flour to In-r." Iizwks-llmll Ci. I: '1'ri-.Xlplm 35, 4: Vim- Vruulent 4 Chxutmn W'orkel's Council, ANNICTTE MAC MILES "Vivzu'ity nu her face and nmnuex Ilznwl-utlmll 1. JIMMY XVAIJE MIXON "AIuIil5, humor, and spirit." wu- Cf' av- , 3" t ,W A. R. C. S IOR IIAIIUIJII HI. MOCK "A fins follow :mtl 21 gmul Npm'l." lftmtlvzlll, "A" Varsity 2, 33 liatxlv.-tlmll, "II" Varsity 2. Q' as ,u IIICTTY HVTII MONK '1 ,L "Small clwvv' :tml Huw! ut-lv--Inu lnznkw :1 nu-rry feast," lit-tu f'luIx CI, -I: Draxmutit' Vluls IZ Cltriftizm NVm'1-ie 5 3, I: Iiztinlum' Staff lg Hiuhvwt II-mur 11. 33 Kuinlmw 2, 3. -I. IIUIIIIY KIUOIIY "'I,itiIt- man xxith at Inig: ln':1z't." Ixnpllu fmmmzl lilm: Gulf: Young I.if1'. IIOIIICIIT IIERNARII MOOG "Hy thu work une knows the wfwltlnvn. lS:1scIr:tII: Sabre Cltllm 4. MAHJORIE DIAN MORRIS "And yet a spirit ftill :mtl Ivriuhti With sunu-thin! nf uns:-lit' liuhtf' r l,4Ium'xI Ruinlmw Girlf 3: Y-TQL'l1s I. 2, fi: Christian XVurkm-rs L'utlnciI J, .IZ Rzunbuw btztff J: Hmmm' LI. HELEN MORRIS "Every cloud has 3 silver linin:.' ,au -rs' x fi' wi? 5,1 I X f ' XXISIQ. ll ml 2""',, "1 M1 Q 6- wwf Y. ., 1 ... --,gy 12 i wkix' 'Ava sin.. IIICNNY GAIITH MIILLINS "Tn wm'ry little, to ftutly It-M. is my I :It-:I uf I1z11v1vitlt'w." Sttxtlt-nt Limtncil I1 Ilztslu-tlnll 1: IH-I-tlvtll, "II" Yznwitv 3 LII N111--I'rcs1tIf,-lat -I: Snlxru Club 1. CII.XRI.I'lS .-XNIVJHICXY MI'III'IIX 'Ik-t-:Is nut w.mI5." II1':nln:Itir Club 4. M ICIILIC ICSTELLE MVTI XI ICH "lil1svxx'I4-mlm' is 1mw01'," Ilmzur ll. SIIIIILICY ANN BIL"I'IAII'IIt "lic Ltst-ful wlwre thnu lin-ft." Hmmm' 2, fi. XYALDICN MADISON KI YICIIS Haus Irrzunx :n.1-nu w11I1 xt, Iwx -mm vt. lit-tw Club: Tumnis 'Ft-:lm 2. In-:lmgm l'In'iwtx:1l1 YY'-1'kex'Q Vluulwll: ll'---z"'i:. I frnm Ilrtlinl Hills Hish Sclx-V-II. 'IT' 'Vw TL-mu. IIOVIII..-XS PIERUIC RIM 'KIY ".-X when nl' humur, gl svnet- I-I' ull, gm III:-t-x'It-mls-1' Ii Xwunu I,1Iv II, I1 Ftxnlvnt L'I1risIi:m IV-vrlmlx Urtmvil JI, lg Ilruml IJUNNA ,XIUCOIIIJ 'Fur ull that fair ir. is Ivy mltttru wtnl. Ir :I muh cfm lmuk ut lift- with -I 4-rm win." lflul- I Y-lun: Ill iuys S :atv-I Tum Itxu I rxitx' Iwttl-alll: IMI xvxr I pllntv .tt nm1M11t I mul I l II I I I tu' Vlult I. . R. C. SENIOR RIAXIE CLIFFIURII F-I4'I,lIflNYIiI.I. C lx Y' " 'T-I Er, rzzihur 1:1111 tr -11111: T rain 1' V1 X. 9 - NANCY ELIZAIJETII XILIIINTY Rb "A '.'.1.,:t: hf-z1r', 11 if-Q1:7t: har.-E, :1.'-N211-1 Iv-:1IIj.' IT. -ivnimilif' .49 5' Ruhrwf I.':Ir1,Q:cr-3 Il.11:.If -'.'.' Staff: T,.IIIv lflef L.ub1 Dra- Q A 1:1181 I II: YI ur.: Lil'-1. SAXIVICI, LICIIN f-I1-ILIJXYAN "A flu: Q'-.',1,:':Ir' 1- 11 fmt 1-5--711111-r.1Ia,1I ., PI-Ii?-11.1 1' 'IV' Vaal'-:ty Iiz1-ffiiqj' 3. ".-X' Yztr-rg: 1211-Eg 11' A "L 3 QQ I211---I-all. Qc ' x 1 I Tx HIWPII RICKIE "Ihm-r:1IIg.' -g I .,f,:' 1, 4' KIELBA M1-NEAL 'SH if Ztlfix. if 1- -K, '1 1 I r e - Q' N IrIIYIN,XLII HAY lIuNIiIL , 'HLII 5:1-'.'., '.'-IQ. mai." A x 111111 2, 4. In-Blwlzig-', AB" Vfzrfir Y-,I UAH: Tmnzax Band 'I H--rw r I f 'i A S 4. XIAI IELYN PAYE NICXYSI IME 'A 113.15 -rziz.-f 14 a :rent :Ir-rt. Q ., ' un, 1 ., u L..r'1-.1.... XX rm, - L --....r'.1. bf. , BIYILX NEXYSOLIE i 12- 'E:IiL:1ri:.: f,'.1f'r.m: ix il-r nzaxr.-r. 'dr F q I -Q: IIIIIEIIIEITEIIIII NIXUN 3 Y .,f BIZ:-I-if L 1--'. ICIIV1 ' 4: I"lz1r.If Sixf 4' I'kv'1.t'1rL I-Iviiz-1' Ifhrz- z.:, W- X IJ-17,11 Q: Dram I 'II Q: Tr:- Tn,-i:1 1. Y, -ru 1.13: ' 4naIL. I"z:r W- th I Zvi "T" 1. XYILLIAT-I TIIITIIIAN NORRIS 'Ifn'-Tj-' retail -- '1.11:e 1- L1 7:1111 -F hz- ' fr-I." If"-"'-' X5 '--f'- I "'-' ' T'g'n1:1i IIar.I1 .. Ripnni-1'-I harm SIIAIII IN OSIIHROFI-' Y-:' 10 I 'PL I his,-1 'YQ' Trffff I .-ff C117 L, '- L? ral: 9 QQ Ili-in IfQ'.?I 2: I'z1rIianiq- 1:51:11 4. If111ir?1-.I IC-itat? If-iiiffr 4 Huh H-mmf . 35: Drarnati V211 Q' Wgfmr I,',ILIf. I-lx-113: I-mi.--1 3-1, TLIIni:1 g-wiz1lMu1Z1: A' 1. 'fi :11Q,f-7- 5-:Cr-i:1:'j-' 4. BILx?.':D:EI' ij-' 4: Af-1. Elli- IIOIIIS 'VIRGINIA OTYSON "IT rTz1"'-r- 311- rw "?:.i'f' in :I n'.-,Irx1an's face Thar: wIiat'1 wr: 1 ' I -'G . Q.. 'T - I X i 1-if 5 I4 I I I I I I I N, I ?l. if hs ' fbi' A. R. C. S IOR ,Jw SIIIRIIICY JEAN PARKER "Juy is mino fur I run laugh." Q- - 3 ROIIICRT LICIC MCALLISTER PARKS "He is witty, ln- is rlcvvrg Hx-'s an all aruunnl Golf Team ZI, -lg Colm' Guard 4. 'mi - in R CAIXIILLA MORRIS PASCIIAL "Rarely ilu wt- moot in one cunihinml, A beautcuus Iimly and a virtuous mind." Class I'n-sulunl 4: Girls' Activity Medal 1: Chg-erlcaxlvr 4: Ilaskm-tliall 2, Il, 4: Tri-Alpha fl, I: Sevrm-tary -lg Future Tcavhi-rs -I: Hiuh Ilnn-ir 2, 3. Ilcla l'luIi Il, I: THEDA PEEBLES "VVit makes its nwn XVL'ICOYl19." MURRAY S. PENNINGTON, JR. "A Rumen with heavy feet, while sittim: in lhv nIriver's seat." Kappa Gammn Rho 3: Transferred from Ilarnwt-ll High: YVnI- ter Williams High, Ilurlington, N. C. SIIELIIY JEAN PERDUE "Ilewitchins: airs are hers." High Honor 2: Honor 33 Christian Wurkurs Council. ELEANOR PERKINS 79 5 Q I in N1 "Small bundle uf pup." A It . - . f " A' I V, :oy GEORGE PHILLIPS F . X Q ' "To be strung: is In he happy." Q 9' 1 L, .A J, . S.. .. IT JAMES EIIYVARD PHILLIPS "A bin: man, a hip: hs-art." Eff, "A" Varsity Football Il, 45 "Il" Varsity Ifmitliill LI. NICK PILEGGI "If you want your dreams to come true dun't uve-rslm-p gl. JOANNE PIZZUTO '-H "She has love of fun and laughter," 'C' 1 1 ,, A RUTH LAVAIJA PONIJER "An expression at once cunfident and 3I'Pk'1iIII'll!,.' Richmond Choraliers. Treble Clcf. s 'T 1 .R. C. S IOR ,A K' A ' I f-5 4 , 1 ' 55, W , , n I ik. ' x 31 X , v ze, ' if ' VERNON HL'I'JOLI'Il I'l'L'KifTT "IR-rwvn:,1ity will carry you nnyxvhrref' Hiun H.-nur. .XLICE JEANETTE RAIEOHN IIAYIUAHA POUYII 'XYh1lr x-.e hw. le: az- mug , 1 . .IACQYELINIC LUYISE PGXYICLL 'Her mxxfiu lrzlth .h rn i-um her 1 Wnnlirg. m.-rv." Hxxh H-,-xwr 1, I. li Ili-m Club R, 4. Latin Club 3 I-muy Xurrv I: Y-Turn 351 Uhri-ixzxn XX'--:Refi Ll-1111011 3, 4, THELIIA PUXYHLL 'iizr-,pr as fun 1-1 t4 .1-Avf 1 1 numb- Q1 rx xx L u LUIS ELIZABETH PUXYEHS 'limi-mite-X Zxlivi :nfvcri--n." SHIHLEY PIUVI' ".Xfiniin-E tlr hf-r X .... 1 r 1 Q L ul.., . t,'H.XILLES ILXLE PHIIETORIYS 'A 111:11 x-,:1Q: 11 pw.-gm--r .uni never idle :L m m n 'If rye- be the wi:-iwhf 1-f the v -ul. haf r '1 t M- brig? CPIHALIIINE RAMSEY 'S'-x' :ind :---firm-X5 I-M-U, ir. her pr-1 n l,'II.XI1LOTTE .-XXX II.-XVKI "P'rfftt5 1-"-mu heir, frivrnily rye-. 'mrrz-im! wh-:te her if-tithe limi?" H- rv-1' 2: High Hwn--r 'I, F,H,A. 2 Chvi-'izm Uh-rLgQ-rw lfuuhcil '1. 4, Y-Tren 3, 4. Trzgrtfil-rrwli fr-Nm Blank Tu'-:un .T',gr.:vz' Hiiz. S-'h.N.,I. rgm ,-'mi--niu. Temp Hi:h Hum-1' 1: Tx-mir: Girls' Sl-'Iris 1. CA IIULYN SUE RAY Ilmcwxl-f ner wh-'1 sux. a v--nu?-.mzzlx r me 1w.v.1f1n 1 u.,man." IIHTTY .IO REAGAN "Zvi gud frerhnesff' Traniferre-i frvm Ijextvr High Schfi-.,-Q, Ty.:-r' un. Mis.: Bas- Aell-a.l 1, 2. TN E, f -fl. 2'- 'ig'. 25 w A. R. C. S NIOR MARY ANN lllCEIll'lli "4ll':n'e annul Iliunilyf' ANN lllilll I "Charm upnn charm in hcl' is pm-kmlf' ' Young Life fl: l'ulnp:in:nurs -1: "li" Varsity linskvtlvall 1: Chris- ' Y as 05, tinn VS'nrln-rs Vuuncil 34, -tg Futurn- Hunwinzilwrs uf Aniericu 2 J ' vi jg, IIEN llICKl'I'1'SON Q "Gu-ui humm' is 14--mlm-ss :in-l hunwr cuml-meal." ' Q liuinlmw Stuff 4. 3 YA M GERALIJINE HINKEH 8 ' A 'Shr-'s :mul nziturwl, llllsrlfish, truu. Always has :i smilv, i-sin-rizilly fur guru," liziinlmw Stuff 12. 3, ll Musketucr Zi: Asst. Sala-S Manager Il: L'lmr:ili1.-rs 31 llrziinntin' Cluh 4. Txwuisfl-rruml from Stunelvinzh 1'nvspu-rt Hill Sp-lm-'lg Class Presiilunt 1: Stull:-nt Cnunuil 1: Dru- " "' mzilii' Club l. Gln-u Cluh 1. L ff iuxriuclix IIISER . 4 .4 "Li:ht of hi-:nrt :xml cle'-1-r, sail zinfl weary Iii-ver." wi 'ling im . 1 ' AL'c:i'sT ROESEL Q "Snlml hut nut svrinus, iluivt but nut imllvf' Latin Uluh 3: liis'hmun4l Chnrziliors 4: Ilnnwi' 2: Hiuh Honor Cl: Highust Hunnr 4: Drzilnzitiv Cluh lg MSKT Merit liar 3, -1. . ' my IZILLIE CAROL SANDERS Li ,V "ThUu::h she's quiwt, .-he is nut shy: Q . i I Her f1'iemlship's limit is the sky." Q55 1.1. if AMY JANE sixxox 1 - S2 "She's litllu, hut shv:'s wise: shi-'s 11 lm-rrnr fur hor sill lCI,SllC .-XILEICN SUllXX'llCNINll "There is nuihing wurth thu- wi-ui' nf XYillIllIlllI Hut lailglih-1' :ind the l-we uf lirienllsf' l i 'Q 'St-uv, H153 ALLI-QA bi IIXX IluNlINK. Q-Q Oli' 1 'lliaplviiiess is flu-upui than w-vrry: why muy tha- hixrher prim HOIJLIIT ALITEH I' bf OTT "NVhf,-n he siiuvemls thu nn-ril ia all his own." RUBEN l' bEACf0 "It mailers nut hmm' lung we live, hut hunk' X X I III SOUTH rkus 4 n11 1x 1 1:1Il 1: Stuflviil I':1Irnl I: 6241141 T l. XI I lI,Iu I UI ISI' f OUIISON tI1Lx!'fllI h ut hurful smile, 1 1 ll 1111 11 the while." Q 111 1 nb -11 Alto nf' Tuneful Trim -11 Class A. R. C. S IGRS LOI' SAYL "Wh11l1-vcr if w1-rth diving 111 ull, is worth 11111 xx .IOIIN SICIGIJCII "A uwmi a1mrlff11'hl, Inst. mul :1Iw:1yx," FREIJIIIC IXI.XI.l'0LhI SIAIUXVITZ "IIu's ar. Imlvpy in CAII1 Im, For I11' :Im-s11'l Inks' Ilfe tum s11rio11:4Iy." Hiuh H4111ur 2, 1: II1111111' fig IIicI11m1111I 1' 3. -13 Iivlzi CIUI1 T1'cz1f111'r1' -IL Szshru L'I11I1 1 IP11111 L 111 Mllilnry Merit Bur 3, 4. IZAIIIIAILX ANN SIMPSON "A gm-ml faire is an Iutu-r nf 11-cnn1111v111I:1t11 4 In-tier nf cru4I1l." Bela Club SI, 4: I1f1ti11 CI1111 fi: CI1111':1liv1w 5 II1 1111111 K 1111 I Hiyrh HUHUI' 35 IIrv11u1' 21 Uh1'Is!iz111 VVu UN ' Vice I'roximI1-nl I1 R:1111I1m1' Staff 3, il: Y Iu s II' XN SIMS L :mu iivx- in 1115 hm-:Art :1111l lvziy 1111 rum." xlnferrwl from M1-1'i1I1z111 Jr, I'uIIcLJ9 I I VERLY ANNE SKINNICII S 1' Iuuuhs away thc burrow, :111ml Nhu smiles 1u15 Ihf 1,Iu4111 lu-:I Churub, Y-'I'vu11s, I"ut11rv Nurses l'Il1I1 I 1111141111 Lim .-xlurs, Christian Wbrkvrs 0:11111-il. 11115 1541 1111111115 N -. tn-ml. Inu! z1II i11 all :1 very 1g1u11I In Inn Inm, 1I ix may any In Iixe slowly." ITII Nu 1 x 1 11 411111, su nvut. II11 I1111l1I111I that x h1raIt11Ise:1t." NI XI 'I II X f XI OI XX STAFFORD R e xx I1 111111N lmssesscs IIfu'h 1'1':1I f'u1'l1111 lift 1 lluh 4 C I111Ni1111 Vhrrkg-r's K'm1111'il -I: IIi1:h Iiuvmr Z., 3: N Ll 1 1111111 I:1l1-nl I. Gulrl T I, Che-1-rlx-:11lvr I. 11111115 11 1 2, Zi. -Ig C:1n111ai14m-rs 4: f'I1I'ISlI1lIl 1 11.1 11x 1 mrtzlin tinkls-I W. 1 gs 1 11 my-rry Iwiiikla-." if 1 1111111 ' 41: Yuunu Life 2, 3, -1: Uhrislian 1I.XIl'I'IIA J I'1.XN STONY IIOIIIZY l'I..Xl'Sl'l STORY I"IlICI I IA IIARIILTON STIQAVSS A. R. C. S NIOR I.:-yailly :mil uxiivlyf' Sim'--ru :md lruv: hs- Arn--5 in :LII hix I-1-A in ilu." 1 :Ei SAILX I'II.IZ.Xl2I'I'I'II STONY "W1!lmut I-we :in-I Izmuiu--r, life- iy n-lthimzf' CIiri-liznn NVuVkvlw funn:-il 12, 1: I".I'I.A. UL Ii--:I FIM.-5 Ii1'I'l'1'- 5eI11nl1vu 1: Slmlulxl Lluiilwil 1. Iilurk :mul Gnlml I. "' 5. :Q 3 f fir? 4.3 - 'X In.-1 thx-rv In- frin'n1IsIii1f Iwtxxw-1-ll us l'ni'n-va-r nmrl-.U 32 l'hriSli:m NX'm'k.,-is Ummm-il J, JS, I: Y-'IH-ein I. 2, H. I: Tiilumzm Q' Ilrzimzntic Chili I: 4'C:nlnpu5 CI1:xtt0r" 3, I. -.1 fs 'V Y. H 4 ni XX JOHN STREET x'TIiing- un- gninu In lifimwrifxvliy wnrryf' I'1x1-rylliilig cuniew tu Hum whu wuilw- why hurry? HOIIEIIT ' CE SFBIICIL-Xl' "TU Iiuxry . I mn-ry In nu! my crm-ul, Thingf uiil hai-pi-ii, N.. xxIi:it's the ru-eil?" C.XIiOI,YN .IAYICLLIC 'TAYLOR "Ile flu-wrful ull thc ling-Iumg iluy Anil mzlku nthvra happy zilnnzl thu way." KEITH TAYLOR IIAIIISAILX FRANCES TIIOKIPSON "A Inst uf uhurlnw quitc cornpIx-le. Sn fuir, su Ifriuht. :md su limit." . . , 1 -w Clxrirllzin XY-u1'I-mrb C4vllI'viI 3, I. Iinnur SARA ALSIIC TI IOIXIPSON STERLING THOMPSON SIIIRLICY IBOLOHES TIIIIELKICLIJ "Tn xxhum fnrtlnw itself Hin-s way." "His uc-niul perwnnlity wins friq-mls in one-I1 I-vuulityf' 'Irl-.Xlphzi .L 4: Trvns. ,IL INIlIwI1.z'Iqvl' Z., R3 Rznxnlnm' Stuff 2, 3, I, 'Iivluwxewl fur her smile, Iwi' lmrk, In-r way uf sllezxkinu Hz-ntlyf' Christian Wnrkun Lhuncilz I"murc- II+-menizxke-iw of .-Xnu-rica. "I'ivm'y mam of rullrnuu in :I num of hi- wovwlf' A. R. C. SE 1011 ROBERT TOL -XRT '4AlllwlC if the umurul lxn1.u'x1.euf mmlnnv 5 'll '53 MIRIAM Vsm V ,P 10:0 4 5, ".IuQt naturallx frlendlx Anrl nllurm Q, 3 . Hunur 25: Trl U4 m r nn 1 mu 1. Y Y Y-T7 , "T" 1: Dranmn 11 1 fun e 1 Q ur '53 difx. Tulvman Timm 1 'nrt 1 rnuurnnm, nun Mnhtaxx . 11 Slmnxur 3. JOYCE AXNFTTL 1 TI E1 E "A quiet way a nhexrfu NIH10 M J E A girl who 1 A frluul xxnrthxxhlx 5 .ll'2ll.llY 11, X XL1 NT F lg ,Ku 'Quiutnews is an ln lcntnn uf the ,mln 1 x tu thunk l4'I.01iENC1' Q XIL X XNSXXT "XVhen ln sinful! Llp. 1 Tri-llle Clm-f Llun 3 4 Sulntd N 4 Ruhmom Lhnrdlerx Ilrzlnxatir l'1ul+ urn Chrl tum VVu1kLrs kuunu 1 Yuung Lift,- 11.X'l"I'llC ALYA XYAl.L.Xl'If "Sz'tiffzlcli-,nl c-lnmew frnm W4-1'll1-vhile lhinxlsf' f'.XliUl.YN Llili NY.-Xlill ' l'Jy:1:1n11lc 1-:Inu-f ln hmnll pacl-.:xL'Qs.4' Y-T-.-1-rm Ii, 4: llrunmalic Clulr 4. Trzmsfurrwl from Ji-ffersnn Hiuh Sl-hw-Ili Gln- Vlull 1, 23 Future 1I1.nn-nmakers nf Amer- -1 lux 1. -. XYll.l.l.XBl l2lCN.I,X1llN XVARD 'Tzllk Vu lum .-1' .lzu--,lb 111.1111-r and he w-,ul-1 ask the number uf Q,-xl," 'l'rzmN!l-rx--'fl fr--m llunruwxillr- lllllh Sshmrlj lidimn Sci:-nee Cluls, 1M':mmvw Clulw: llnml 1. QDLUIIIA ANN XN.XlIlIl'.B 'Allan-.1-rl nmflf- her wlmt xhl- nf, :xml nmer mu-le another." C'lQl.lCSTl'I XYlC.XTllERS 'IX lu-,.ly uirl wlm-.K lmunvl In win, Hsr ln-.url has rmlnm fur many frivn-ls." Iiwxwrnry Cmlvft V.-1.-rx.-l lt l'hv:m'le:ulc-r 1. 1: Student Council V111 1 ll'-ln Vlull 34, li 111111--r 2. 3: 'l'ri-'I'l1uta fi, 4: XYUYUTUI Lit'-A 2, fi. 1: Bllluury S1--.nwr :ig Gold NT" 1: Itlinlmw Staff A, lg Clurlxtizm W1-rlu-rf Cuum-il 4 Ihannmtic Club 4: Teen Twxxn Cmlm-ll 1, 4. l1.Xllll.'klLX ANN XYllElCI,ER "A xx'-ml:-rflxl mixluru nf charm :mul 1-f,urtufy." Y-Tm-ux J, 35, 4: Iimnxalic Vlul. 4: Chriftian YV'-rkers Council J-2, 4: liulnlmw Stuff 11: Futuu- Hwmemake-rs uf America 1. A. R. C. S NIOR HOBBY ROY XYIIITAKICII "Aml-itinn has nn rt-st." Ilunur Il. 'l'r:u.Nt'm frum llznrlvnx lliuh St-lm-mlg lfutun- l"znrmt-1'.- nf Amt-rica: I-H Club. JOHN THOMAS XVlll'l'lC , - "A nu-ral. Svllsllvlo, wvll-lx1't-nl nmn 3' 4, .f if-41 ' ip Aff PEGGY sms wm'1'1+: ' "While we live lt-1 Us vnjuy life-," M'aJort-tte 3, -1: ILE. l'lu - : Ir: 1 X XVhitthurno Jr. Iliulx, C1-lumlmian, T1-nn.. l.II..X. l. I MARY XYlllENl'lR "Cum :und Mwst, can that lat- lucut? IXIARTIIA ANN XVlflGlNS YI- an h "Gentlv of sm-cclx :xml sweetly kiml. Qi Q I Highest Hunur 2, 31 lit-tu Clulx IS, tl Hold T" l l'utu1'u Tvarll- 'A' K " ers 3: 'I'l1-ns. -1: Cl1risti:m XVnrliz-rs Council Il. li Ralinlmw R, 1, 'J Q'-y ' f, 'Go D.A.R. Anwrit-an Hiftury .-Xwurml 3: Drzmmtic Clulw -l. X. Y, uf f ' " JAMES XVIGGINS U f ,Wg-Q 5 f, "Laugh nfl' your troublvs. ' t 1 f .1 i if l .f L 1 xy .- I if Ylll.lllNl.X ll.-XTTICY XYILCOX "A fun-luvinaf ual uitlm L-mfrgy plusf-r Slit-'S really lun-xl lay ull ut' ua." Hunur 2: livtu Clulv 3, -lg 'l'ri-'l'luftu Il, 'lg Young Lift- 24, tl: Gnlnl "T" lp liuinlmw 2, Ill Tulumun Timm-5 li L'nurt ull H-nncvmninl Qu--Qu 4. Cll.Xlll.ES ll. YYlLl,l.XKlS A lu-lux mun. tlu-ro if nu flnulut For wln-ru ht- is tln'l'e's an uirl alumni." 'I'rm'k tl. Tvznnbfer frum lk-i:lvllmx':, Gt-rmmy: llufltt-tlmll Trzu-k 2: Union Iliyh, Lau Crllvt-wg lislskctlmll fl. Trzwlt Il. Kl.XlllhON .IAC lxhON XX ll,Ll.-XMB "All his faults nrt- nut-h than 1-nu llltn-5 hun lit-ll--1' fur tln Sulnru Cluln -1. bl LX IA X lltl..lBlA XX ILLIARIB "Hn-r sunny llifpusitium tlriu-5 zmzly 1-:nrt-. TllImOlbOI'tlL RAW OHTH NX ll.I,IAMh0A "Hn- puts llix wurriex in u pmt-kc! with u lnlle in it." X AN XX ILLI.X3lh0N Uliuuinews for pleasure." A. R. C. J IOR orrlcrzns " N Sue Fortney .. .. ,........ .. ,..... ...President M, V Joan Woodward , .. Vice-Presideiit .3 Jane Alt-Elmurray ...Sevretary-Treasurer 1 ' Betty Alexander Maxine Allen Mary Anderson Bobby Anderson Robert Anderson Ada Astin Anne Atwood Augustine Augustine Betty Baah Miriam Bailey Voneeil Bass Sue Beall Sally Beckum Naueie Bedenfield Terry Bentley Judy Blackmou Claire Blanchard Shirley Black Barbara Bowen Jackie Boyette Barbara Broadwater Florence Broome Phillip Brinson Charles Brumbeloe Brett Brunner Gerald Bunn Joyce Butler Anne Bringle George Brewer Peggy Byrd Ann Braswell Jo Ann Caldwell Vickie Calhoun LaDelle Cauthen lvlarlene Chance Joe Chandler Clifford Chaunell Bennie Chavous Thelma Chavous Carole Christian Jimmy Clark Ed Clements Kitty Coleman Ronnie Coleman W. R. Coleman Donald Cole Mary Jo Collier Jane Connor 4- l if uf' wx 3- .,..-05 -QM ti. .f we K5 W -Q- C.- .J fs .f" s '25 GN: ' x var -11 v S. .qv- ug f M. T 'Wm 2 A, ki? YY- -W ,2- 2 .!' 'K' I 4 f 5 W.. 5,08 :Q t .ev 'PL 'K' :'JS9'fy Y, 51 ' 7 f 1 . 1 A WI l 'A ' V, Q , W x bv 4. rd V 'W 'Y' . .,. H ' f X, 4 f V M A A L 'A 'S 113, A-5' .J W . X Y if A tt. f 4 1 f f ,f 5. EJ., Mm Q-'IN 1- - , 4 I , 1 'X QQ 'kt- W- 'Hx 'X R. .C JU ICR , as if ap- Z' W 5 ss 9:53 'nf N6 Qs. 3 .. .. H, J Q. an ai , A f " , A -- 1 . F v . xii ,ii l ez ff .3 A 'SX 3. agy' ,Qs i 53' J 3 ff. S- Vu T? ,f A 1 F I 0- We . . 5. ff' D ,Jn ' ul 2' E , . 1 I -3 if X w 'Fu- ' 4 1 f f 55 Judy Connor llurbara Gene Forlvx Sara Corley lietty Funk Jininiy Cook James Courson Mary Louise Frinip l'risr,-illa Crow Arnold Ilaitvh lietty Ilavis llic-hard Davis Vernon-Ileas Janelle lheinpsey llonald llent l'e225' Ann Ilevore Jeanne Ilivks 'Wallace Dorn Clarie Duck XVilliani llunn Betty Jane Iluliois Fletcher llyc-hes Janice Eargle Dorothy Ehy Peggy Eldridge Dagniar Endorf Jimmy Epps James Evans Helen Eve Charles Everett Jackie Farmer Thomas Farrow Vivian Ficklen Ann Fields Patsy Fitzgerald Vera Florence Jo Ann Ford Sue Fortney Wayne Foster Barbara Ann Freeman Danny Fulcher Julie Furse A. J, Furst Tony Gavalas Gene Gay Rodney Gilbert lleulah Arlene Giles Rochelle Glasser Ann Godsey North Goodwin Donald Grantham Pat Greene Phyllis Hall Beth Hankinson Gwen Hanley Cornelius Harmon John Harper 5. . F5 as - N- . 9 - lv 15.5 A. R. .C JUNIGRS A 4 A 1 u " . .-. , Q 'Ll -f Q L: Q 'f' 'ff' 1 4 - , , . A ' S3 1 - ' 3 ' w F5 C-.Q 515.9 .1 ,r,, ag :E eg-f 45 1.-:ri -- Q5 gf . 1 ' t ' x....X V' Q. mf' . fsl? 13 Wm ,J-AQ . 5 N 95- 1 2' C. 'V 'Ci' ' 6 Q 'v lx V M m f"'-Q, . - '1 ...Q 'fr in Q, X xi b' 'K nr Q , Q 'st 'Y ur' - by Q' I M df as ' X' 3 XR w , 1. -. 2 X yn- '52 M .-N , Q'- X.. ,swf 'xv- A. R. C. JUNIOR '5- 3: ., Q 'N F ' - bf' ,ts Q.. T 1 W. Q ,-vs V . k gli' ml 4: X lf .. X ,W . 3 G. 2-We :,l 7 P .,, A R ,K if VR " bail 1 2.5 f KZ' Q ty an Trl? Vw' '-on in ,, W" -cz" , .f Q' Q .39 1- Y en' 'C' fi --5' "E, QQ .fi t .5 t'h:irlotte Mallard Graf-e Mangnni Thuinas Mann Henry Marks Linda Marks Robert Marion Fred Marsc-halk .lov Martin Robert Martin Twana Martin Glenda Mattox John Maxson Henrietta May Jackie May Martha Mean-ham Nancy Merritt liette Miller Sara Miller Myrna Mitc-hell Charles Montgomery Wallace Moody Henry Moore Andrew Mulcay Barbara Mulherin Mary Murphy Barbara McDaniel Charles lN'leDiarniid XValter McDougal Jane McEln1urray Barbara McGahee Durham McGahee Henry McKie XValton Mr-Neal Reba New Art Patchin Pete Payne Annette Peacock Robert Peel Fred Phillips Frankie Philpot Marguerite Philpot Thomas Pitcher .Douglas Pollack Abby Prince Larry Puckett Alice Purdy Judy Rabun xAlberto Ramos Maria Reese Jo Ann Reeder Jimmy Reese Kenneth Richardson Pat Robertson Virginia Roberts Ellis Rozier ' Barbara Russell ST f-N v- NHZ -JW T, gr.-, uizeral - ' Q.-vw-,, Y: Tl gf.: 1 . T. Tv 'Q-in T?" 1 -,T 4.,-,-,L- .L 'ff 3 .j .3 , K v1-,.--. ':: U - v- 7i'- " 3, .. - fH'T' -. -1 T '- 11:19 5 A. R. C. JUNIGRS -Q M -.. "' 4- 2- 1 1' .- H, M, k V 1 x wb I N f 1 1 ", x .lt s ' uk msn 1 fa cs. - I Q n .A .- G.. .2, fy! 'Q 2 ' 'Ne' f' in AMB .21-7 Q . El 'P M J "f'f?xf Y-54 . ' in i , f '. f 3 li V 2- ls. P"N 4,59 'W' 4 1 FL a .1 . 9 v ll -' -9 "9" ' iff. W i . a. 5 A 3' L7 6 qt 'A 336- Q ur H 'S ,JL Q.: T 3, ,- T' KY'.:..:.k: u T Jane 'H -2 , . 1- l 'ffl 'M' if Qi .?Qts ,av 3 '1' T 'Q C . AA.. ,S 1 A. R. C. J UNIOR fa Mk .K Q: A 6 5 6 , , TRN' 1 ',, ,+'Q1'C'f. Qrxrfv- M . , -J df 42 : .fr MT, T' 'i' ' '- . , 'H ,ri X, 5' - . F ., . I , Etsy i 'J -1 G 'A A fx.: 'fl .. ' . 1 V First row: .Ioan Woodward, Kit Wooten, lletli Wright. Julie Wright, llolmert lioltin, Nancy Crnser. Robert llent, Sybil Lee. Second row: Vera Wilkerson, William Wood. A. R. C. SOPHO ORE OFFICERS Carol Ann Jernigan ...... . .President Ronnie Evans .... ............... . Vice-President Barbara Read .............. Secretary-Treasurer Q' Q -'sa 2 - .,5.i:-A V 52,1 L First row: Roberta Cribb, Ronnie Evans, Lalnar Fleming, Jack Fortson, .Indy Carol Ann Jernigan, Jeanette Loflin, Richard Magruder. Y I Hancock. Sec-ond row: Georgia Markert. Barbara Read. Patricia Waller. Larry Willige. J. C. A. CLASS PROPHECY Rosie Feese, first lady President, and her veep, Jimmy Menger, arrived at the Harman- Swann theatre on Broadway in their purple and gold jet-propelled car. They had come to attend the World Premier showing of Jules Godin's new play South Atlantic starring Joyce Sullivan, Betty Logan, and Henry Bussey with Jerry Ann Reese singing her new arrangement of Some Enchanted Morning. The play was produced by Pete Whately, directed by Bobby Burgess, tof course it's a comedyl, choreography by Ernest Mitchell, and musical score by Jimmy Reese. As Madame President Feese and Veepie drove up to the theatre they saw many celebre- ties including Franklin Chance, world connois- seur of automobiles, who arrived in his char- treuse Cadillac convertible. In the lobby they saw Dalton Poole using his best salesmanship on would-be popcorn purchasers and James Williams who had finally persuaded South Carolina to secede from the Union again. Capt. Erin Cannon, M.D. was on hand in case the play was too upsetting for weak females such as Beverly Brandenburg who had just succeeded Babe Zaharias. They bought a souvenir pro- gram on the back of which the Royal Beach Club of Bermuda, owned and operated by George Usry and Morgan Lamb, was advertis- ed. It was discovered that all art work in the theatre was done by the world-renowned team of George Stavro, Beverly Farr, and Sylvia Edwards. The house lights flashed. The Presidential Party was quickly ushered to seats by Tommie Morris. The curtain rose, Rosie, pardon me, I mean the President, did too. The Can-Can girls Lelia Sousa, Bobbie McDonald, Carolyn Cour- son, and Carol Cole delighted the president and the critics, David Guy and Roy Hendrix. At intermission President Feese spotted the famous Air Force generals Howell Gilmore, Williams Morris, Buck Wade, and Jodie Lee. Mr. T. C. Story and his secretary Shirley Free- land, who wore a special coonskin coat made from the unfortunate coons brought back from Mr. Story's last Smokey Mountain expedition were seen chatting with the gay divorcee Ethel Wright, who didn't appreciate her mice after she had trapped them. A few rows behind them sat the rich heiress, Mrs. C. L. Markwalter, with her private detective and companion Grace Yarbrough, and her body guards Harold Smith and W. D. Rawls. Before the last act an an- nouncement was made of the arrival of Geor- gia's Governor Charles Bowen, who had arrived in Washington for the dedication of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Park. He was met at the air- port by his close friend Senator Douglas Busbia, who was co-sponsor with the Governor of this Confederate park. After the dedication the two Statesmen would return to the heart of Dixie to spend a few days of peace and quiet on the farm of former Governor Herman E. Talmadge. After the play ended the presidential group completed a perfect evening with a buttermilk at one of the exclusive Kilduff nightclubs. This one was managed by Herman Rowell and fea- tured the Dean Jones Band and the singing buttermilk bartender Robert Fisher. After being interviewed by C. M. and Mildred Yongue, reporters from the Newton Herald, the Presi- denial Party returned to their jet-propelled car for a quick trip back to YVashington. ' By Geraldine Rinker and Nancy Marsh Life " is a comedy to those who think: A tragedy to those who feel." ACT I ILITARY JCAUMHRKC 'gr 1,--5. 5 Q 'X OLI1 ACADEMY K ix -Q ' '-Ru' 'if IM NEW ACADEMY 6, 1 I'- f :PTA 579 :JUQ 7' ,R Q- S X ' "i A fr I IJ. ILITARY TAFF S 'M' .1-"""'?' LEANIJER H, HATIIAXYAY Czlptaill. Infantry, PBISMT. Infantry UCS. Fort lienning, Ga., 19-13. fx6'llIl'2ll l'1lll'OllQ TIIGQIIGI' Ribbon, One Battle Star, A111911- vun Ile-fense Ribbon. Army of Owllpzl- tion Ribbon, Victory Medal, World XV111' II MfSgt XV. G. Murphy, Jr Q? MfSgt H. J. Johnson vw M,fSgt B. E. Carrow SFC J. F. Dooley +w K V D Y 1 I 1 V w y 1 l K w I fx W rf w 7 N V lx x BATT LTO STAFF du.. '-.wi Lt. Col. G. F, Marsvlialk MNH VPTHSIP XY"2lThf'l'H Battalion Commander llf'1lUl'21l'Y VIHIPI f'Ulf'll9l ,nb 1-.v 1 V. Capt. IJ. H. Lytle Miss Marvia Sparks Maj. P. lv. llagler Miss Suzie Iiaggot Battalion Adjutant Capt. Larry Hildreth Battalion S-3 Sponsor Ilattulion lixem-ntix'e Sponsor Lt. F, ll. Jackson Miss Geraldine Ramsey Battalion S-1 Sponsor l . ' T' .iff Miss Ne11Y0u11g Maj. George llowen Miss Ilvarliara Clarke Sponsor llattalion S-4 Sponsor Q I HE DQ ARTE S Co PA ...---' Uupt. I.. ll, llennett Miss Ann Fields Lt. F. M, Siinowitz Miss lion-lielle Glasser O. P. Goolsliy I oinpziny i'oininzinder Sponsor Exeriitive Olfin-Pr Sponsor First Svrgeant FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON Ah. ASE -t WM C9 Lt. M. J. NVillia1ns Missl'z1rol Little Lt. T. Woodson Bliss Phyllis Hall Lt. T. XV. Hari-is Miss Mary Sue Hill Platoon Leader Sponsor Platoon Leader Sponsor Platoon Leader Sponsor A CO PANY ., 06 --' fan 'QP' Vzipt. l,. Vlizivis Miss .lvain l,llI'k9l' l,t, C. XV, llziniel Miss Sylvia Frost V. A, Kllll'llllj' Uoinpaiiiy Uoiiiiiiaiiirlei' Sponsor l-Ixec11tiveUfI'ic'9i' Sponsor First SPIE1-Will! FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON fan., r A.-at A ,L Y va On .gr .Q x Y' A cv .ai I Lt. O, XV. Uelding Miss Barbara Read Lt. S. J. AUX-fllSIlIlE' Miss Sue Mertins Lt, J. Ii. Hell Miss lievky XYilson Platoon Leader Sponsor Platoon Leader Sponsor Platoon lmziclei' Sponsor ""I' ' MMR ", In l 'I L I -MMM if XY A :'f'i 'x ii'X..'ls' .ww-Q, T, ,,.-,. 'gf ar-r , V-.,. ff' 7 t,,5 .r,, ,Q H Y. N S Q N Vzipt. .l, li. lvyw Miss Annette Miles nipuny 1'oii111i4imlei- Sponsor FIRST PLATOON f A 1, ,,,, M p. b S ago-4 'T' W ,fig B COMPA Lt. H, C. Kilpzitrivk ExecntiveO1Tit'er 'CN ww. 'Ls up Miss Mary .Io Clark E. A. Davies Sponsor First Sergeant SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON Q? wad 'ia vOi L Lt. li. li, Moog Miss Martha Suineruu Lt. E. ll, NYylds Miss Betty Mc'Corkle Lt. D. R. Vfilliains Miss Eleinor Ixilpatrick Platoon l.e:ider Sponsor Platoon Lender Sponsor Platoon Lender Sponsor C COMPA ., X - 'G ru rr- 7 1, iw f- 'Q X V ' - lr ol 45", ' sm A ,R 3 ' ...lj in . YU 'M if N ' '1 I apt, ll, ll. Mullins Miss Nita: Murtin I.t.A.R.'l'nii1i0i' Miss Mirin1nl'si'y ll. M.Il1'z14'k ipnnyt'o1iiinu1nl+-1' Sponsor lflxevntive UI'l'ivei' Sponsor First Sviuwxiit FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THlRD PLATOON fb 1 za. fi 5 Q -f' 'g i 'T' l P l 1' 'M R x . , l Q ,I Lt. CX K. Iloyette Miss Elaine Hogan Lt.XV.I3.l3111'dis01i Miss l!ui'l1ai'zi Sinipson I,t,'l'.ll.XYilliz11nson Miss Sliirley 'Fhompson Platoon Leader' Sponsor PlaitoonLQad91' Sponsor l'lllIlllll1I.fi1l!lf'l' Sponsor l R. O. T. C. B AN ' W- .M 'ra M. ,E W 'F' r '. N. W 'rf 523 Q ..: 'f' M -' - 'lf A 4' """"IQ X 1 7 K .b dx. sa! ' " i It 2 l YA ln -ffrx-N ...Q W ., pf A, J, F2 . t. L -9 S E fig 1 If , X M , N A. . l If X' Qwilllt. L. l-'. l"l'lPlllllilll Miss 'FE'1ll1llll Zipper Lt. C. W. .lullllsllll Miss Sarall Miller L. R. Hatlielll llilllll fvilliflilll Sponsor EXPl'llIlYG Uffll-er Sponsor First Sergelallt BAND PERSONNEL Cornetsi Bass Clarinetsl Baritones: lflullhy Hush Cul'llvlllls lIill'lllU1l llulle-l't lluwlllall llilly Norris Alt Cl n t LE'UIliiI'll Friedlllzlll Fred Phillipp 0 anne 3 Uoblu. WHEN lllllllllll XYillis Bass Horns: Skillllllltl Smith Bassoon. UUHHIU NGIHZ James Evans L.ul'e1l'llzltIielll Tommy Reese Walker Mohley Tr bone' . French Horn: Om ' C'a"""etS5 D, Ol, 1 I, H, k Clzlllde .lollllsull Norris Blair UH5 dh U A Allen Allmley Saxophgnesl Drums: Donald MCAQII Russell Oliver iEmlyvMfm'iiy llolmert BIHFIOII Imvm l,I,mVH I-Ullllb I-ultlll Allen Hagill Fzmie Qing .lzlvk Flwtsull David Jones IQUlwl.t'T0'u-Hut .Illllll Flewelling X A lllll l'U1E11lkil1 MH. LOUIS FHIEDMAN llilly roll Kamp IllI'EL'lOI' . ...TM I A .0 V ,L , , ,,. . I .....- A . 3. wr Y ., I M 'X if . N . Sl 1 . l 1 M M N . K K' 'X V. f,V f . N. -51' X ' r i 1.4 Y ' X . .- f 5 ""' ' ' " SABRE CLUB -ns. "anew ,, ...Q xi -N..4 ri. Ilenrgv llowen l,t.'l'uii11ny llslrris Lt,XVilli:1nilIvl1ling Klzij. llzinny lluglvr Ll. llunny XYilliz1 l'1'vsiilviit Yin-f--l'i'vsimlHiit Sevre't:iry Tl'!?'1lSlll'9I' Vlinplniil First row. left to right: Bowen, Harris. lleldingr, llngler. NYilliams. Second row: Nlzwsl-liulk. Lytle, Hildreth. Clizivis, lhye, Mullins, Third row: liennett, Fl'l9dlll21ll, Tanner, Daniel. Moog, Hell. XYll1l2llIlS. XVomlsuii. Fourth row: Williamson, Kilpatrick, Simowitz. Boyette, NVylds, Johnson. Jackson RIFLE TEAM SFC Johli F. llooley IllSll'll4'tUl' and i'o:1c'h Y ll, l L 1 N V i or H First row, left to right: George Bowen. William Anne, Richard Davis, Larry Hildreth. Second row: William Harden, Terry Bentley. William Harper, Howard Joe, John 1 Maxson. L 9 I li I 5, .1 6. M-A 3A I . x 4 ,- no , 1. . Y 5, 'rf f-if y. PRIZE DRILL AW RDS The llland St-r1ig:g:s Memorial Sabre Sm. Maj. Sherrill II. Kelly. The Veterans of Foreiun Wars Sabre --First Sergeant Horace E. Moore. The American Legion Sahre-Capt. li. W, Swancy. Commanding Officer uf Company UB". The General Leonard Wood Medal First Sergeant Horace E. Moore. The Cohen Medal-Lt. Col. Kenneth H. Merry. The Levy Medal-Cadet George F. Marschalk. Outstanding' Memher of the liandf Capt. Leonard Friedman. TI-IE I-IERIDAN SABRE The Richard B. Sheridan Memorial Sabre is an award made annually by the Reserve Officers Association to the Cadet Officer of the ROTC unit who is judged to be the best soldier. The sabre is awarded in memory of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, honor graduate of the Academy, who lost his life in the football uniform of West Point. ln order for a cadet to win this award, he rnust be an outstanding officer, a capable and versatile student, a pro- ficient athlete and a leader in class activities. The Sheridan Sabre has come to be the most coveted award that any Academy student can receive and without exception these students have been first and foremost gen- tlemen possessing excellent characters. Neatest Cadet-Cadet M. V. Jenkins. Best llrilled R. O. T. C. Company- Company commanded by Capt. Preston Sizemore. Best Drilled R. O. T. C. Platoon- Sec-ond Platoon of Company commanded by Lt, John Brinson. Best Drilled R. O. T. C. Squad-Second Squad. Second Platoon of Hdg. Com- pany, commanded by Sgt. Dennis H. Lytle. Best llrilled R. O. T. C. Cadet-Cadet George F. Marsc-halk of Company ..A--- The Sheridan Sabre, l954 LT. COL. KENNETH H. MERRY .Qi z . F :X X1 2 f Z vi ff! j I ACT II X AT H L E TI C3 ill I 1 I VAR ITY PGOTBALL First row. left In rielitz Herald Hixon. Otis llenderson. Kenneth Enfzlish. llonny Ford. Nat Dye. Paul Cockrell, Fred Sims. Lewis Flint. llill Kuhlke. North Goodwin, and George XVillia1ns. Second row: Cuthbert Infzlett. Terry Brewer, Jack Fisher .liininy Cook. Charles Bloody. llill Force. Pat lrye. Ilon Grantham. Curly Stephens. Lombard Fortson. Harold Klocl-i. lliitch Stapleton lvarid Nlilliaan. Ronnie Evans. and Larry Willize, Third row: Oliver Russel. David Blyricl-:. Al Stephenson. A. .l, Furst. Ernie Blasters. Bobby Shepherd. Conrad Goodwin, XValter Byrd. Tom Pitcher. Don Kemp. Gary Melton. Philip Goolslly. Al Ilavies, Charles Exerett. Cree Kilpatrick. Richard Magruder and Bill Harper. Fourth i-ow: Ed Phillips. llonnie XVilliams. Henry Marks, Tony Atkins. Frank Fortune. Larry Bennett Jimmy Kinsey, Laiinai' Fleming, llrantley Kugler. Joe Martin. Ed Wheeler. Milton Burroughs. Willard James. and llanny XYilliains, y . X Coaches: Flowers. llolton, Head Coach Milligan. Inman, liichmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond llichinonrl FOOTBALL SCORES Zvi-Aiken ........... .. ..., 28-Glynn Academy ,.,... ...... . .. 1'-Gordon Military Acadeiny... 13 -Darlington . 14-Commercial 16-Benedictine . lin - Athens . . 03-:avannah ,. .. . lf'- 13 Columbia Military -Catholic . .. Academy HL 'XC at-tain Al Stephenson Alt. Captain N ii-1 1-IC ful Iii i-I l11 V111 111 I1-I C11 1.1 is at Dye VARSITY FOGTBALL Nm WE if CUKLV STEPNLNM bpsAN'IUN KUGLER CR ARLE5 LNRVN rw 1, 43 1' 'M' EJONNXI FORD A JXWNVN C OOYX YNXNVN YOKTUNE W ' fwf, E , Pin 'S X ,' 2 ' ' I Q. ,K " X! x 'gy t GUS HENDERSON UxLLARD. iQV3E 3 AL SSm4LN5oN VARSITY FQGTBALL X fg 4 E f 5 li?-W7 fx. ED 'PKAXLRPQ bX-WV V F: KU VAUL QOCKPXELL i gli id'-i'f KM: ,,v, , y 5 ,QM 5-,mm Neuman V, vii-H um Camus DON xml N. DDNKY-.5 ki CONRAD GOODV-MN EKU, Yoke. ELL KULRXN E 5 . E GERRLD X-UXON I , VARSITY FOOTBALL Ax MWXOLD NNQCK WYE YLKNT PMXKLIP GOOLSBW f-A-L Gmac. xaxnvnwvxxcxa' ' H' f LAMAR Y1LY:.NXlNC1 f""'f1 DRXND NNXLU GRN 1 "' Q 1' gwvmxfv 1 1 K. Y' f, wi ' ' 'gg if Ni ,. x Q' yxmN gnx ENausxx vm me Lowsmao YQ'Pvv5oN " VAR ITY BA KETBALL Qi 1 1 lg Convli lfrnnk lnnian 4 x Left to right: James Rogers, Ray Grubbs, Coby XVare, Gary Melton. Tom Pitcher. Leon Mc-Gowan, .lack Fisher, Frank Whitley. Wayne Richards, Larry Bennett, Bill Smith, Bonny Ford, Hal Miller, Johnny Dowdy, and Bill Kuhlke. "A" VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES liic-liinond ltic-hinond Ricliniond liichniond llichinond Ric-hinond lticliinond llichniond Rioliniond liirliniond llic-hinond llirliinond llichinoncl llic-lunond RlL'1llll0lld liit-liinond llichniond llic-lnnond Ilia-hniond 5 3 - 6 0- G2 54- 64- 43 T3 JI' V .iT .MI- 50- 61- 53 G1- 35- lit! 45- 57 45- Thomson ,,,l ,,.. Smith ........., ...,. Southwest ...,. Commerical ,,,,..., Savannah ........,,,, -Georgia Frosh. S. C. Freshmen, Glynn ..,,...., ...,.. Benedictine .. Catholic ..... ,, Commercial ,,,,,, , Savannah .,.. ..... 1 Glynn ,,,,,,....., ,,,, Benedictine ,,,, O'Keefe ,,,,,,,,, ,, North Fulton ,,,,,, Catholic ,,,,,,,,, ., Georgia Frosh ,, S. C. Freshmen.. Region Tournament: llichinond 70-Catholic .,.,.,,,,,,, Richniond 53-Savannah .....,,,,,., ltichinond 57-Commerical ,.,,,,,, State Tournament: HlC'hlll0lld 4-1-Griffin ,,.. ,,,,, 52 67 50 57 42 505 T1 51 36 42 G6 G4 59 34 62 54 55 T5 G1 67 G5 72 T3 Captain Bonny Ford il .? ' KA" VARSITY BASKETBALL J -, Ji Ni emxvex mmoxi wma vxmaas um mmevx ff. A N A ,M y , rv, A 1 X: X 'fyx 7,3 , wswmewvxxcxxrxvms X ' H p l I lv K f 1 'T 3 iv 2 LEON .maowm ,4 Tom "Pm,uuk YNNNVX XJJXXUELH fi' ? 9. QQ , X A Y A3 , 1 Q 76 .yx In C059 WAKE LNRPN BENNETT EONNN! P030 AEB LL First row: Luther Shead. XY:-irren Norris. Bonny Ford Pozo Pound Dannx 'xhlliama James Rogers. Marion Howard. Forest Hensley. and Arr Patchin Necond :ou Charlex Smith. Edward McCaslin. Jack Fisher. llerberz Aleuine Tom Pitcher Cars NIQITOH Cliff Channell. Gregory White. Robert Blichels. and lfill Nmith Third rom Bill Ixulkhe Le-on 1IcGown, Bernard Moog. Ray Grubbs. Hal Miller Johnnx llmwds Nlanles Gilmer Charles Clayton. John Keeier. Larry Willige and Coach -X L XX111ian1Q 1 954 STATE CHAMPIONS BASEBALL SCORES FOR 1994 Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond State Tou Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond 5-Graniteville 3-L, B. C, 1-North Augu 14-Graniteville 14-Aiken 4fSavannah 1-Aiken ., li-Glynn 'P-COH1I119I'k'l8l 4fCarholic . vi-Benedictine 5'-Glynn ..,,,.., 1-Catholic ..,, 12-Benedictine 4-Commercial rnament: rvfG!'iffin 2-Moultrie 1--Moultrie 'B-Moultrie GRN! MELT ON 'BOZO VOUN05 VARSITY BASEBALL PATCLNN "if-.. BUNNY! FORD ik .milk VXSWEK mio ROBERT WCNEL MNME5 'Roenvxs 3, AMN A f A , Q, ' A 'gggwgl Y A E1 . .1 ' .3 3 A A AVZT if A . B ,X JA YE 'E ' K' 2 . . 6 REE? ,T X, H Q2 +L-sf' A ' E A T33 7 TRACK First row: NYillard James, Tony Atkins, Milton Burroughs, and Charles Brigham. Second row: Conch Langston Holton, Larry Bennett, Jimmy Cook, Ronnie Evans, Frank Fortune, Hnyliss Burdison. and Danny Hafzler. TRACK SCHEDULE FOR 1955 2f:April IQSZIYHIIIIEIII, Columbia High April 5-Rock Hill f1fApril 14--Savannali River Area with Aiken, North Augusta, Louisville April 1GgGeorgia Military Academy April 225 23-Region Meet in Savannah April 29-Uiiiversity of Georgia Freshmen May Uk TfState Meet at Athens :f1Home Games TRACK -F I VJHLLRVW .JIWXES N. '7 TONY! RT VANS JWWN COOK CHARLES 'bvxxet-xnvx X 'v 9 VRANK VOVGUNE LARYN 'BENNET Y OV S DANNNI NXGLEWR YNLTQN 'YJUPi9xOUQ1NX5 'RONNNE EVANS Bayliss Burdison GIRL ' BA KETBALL First row: lllary Alice Johnson, Carol Ann Jernigan, Virginia Middleton, Glenda Eskew. and Doris Thompson. Second row: Kathy Major, .lean Sizemore, Pat XValler, Georgia Markert, Janelle Dempsey, Third row: Mary Ellen Abbott, Barbara Read, Linda XVil- liams, Camilla Paschal, and Coach lletty Clark, Not present when the picture was taken: Ann Fields. GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES Richmond 38-Hephzibah ...l...,,. 37 Richmond Graniteville ,,,,,,,, 35 Richmond -Crawfordville 50 Richmond -L, B. CA, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15 Richmond -Commercial 42 Richmond -Savannah l..l,l 31a Richmond -Graniteville ..,,.... 215 Richmond -St, Vincent's ,..,,. 19 Richmond -Hephzihah ,, ,,,,,,. 45 Richmond Commercial ,,,,..,. 55 Richmond Savannah ..,.,,,,,,,, 4S Richmond Harlem .,..l,. 29 Richmond ildangford ,... ..,,,, 1 2 Richmond Elberton ,,.....l...... 72 Richmond L, D, C ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., 34 Richmond alllt. St. Joseph ,,,, 23 Richmond XVZ1Slllll,9QtOl1 .,.l.,,, 49 Richmond VVashington ,,.....l 4-l Richmond North Augusta .,,. 46 Richmond North Augusta .... -Ili State Tournament: Richmond 40-Decatur 45 - GIRLS' BASKETBALL 5512 5 f we EJ J' ' Q53 ' f -QQ 4 K MAN! ABBOTT ANN vvews gag Q vows 'movxvsom if ,L ' L. , E 2,11 ,' X .Hs Xi A uuzmmm f ' ' CAWLLAQ " MXODLETON vzxscum. O L! "Rig E 2 55 f x 'V X mx , 4 Ml' Maw Aung .son-msom U I . Q JPsNELLE. oemasw f U VAT MAALLEQX JEAN asrer-NORE. Mai 'M V ' f 4 BV: 5 J I ' f 2 3 ' , E ' W qfg M , MTW pqgsgqv, cmmom. mm .sevxuxcmn GLENDA esuew aeoacjm mmevri u p H " VARSITY BA KETBALL A Left to right: Jimmy Cook, David Milligan, Pat Dye, l-le-rhert Alewine, Steno Augustine. Jloe Martin, Oliver Russell, Tony Atkins. Butch Myrick, Bill Force, Larry Willige, and Cliff Channell. Coach A. L. Williams "B" VARSITY BASKETBALL Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond SCORES 32-Hephzihzih ,...,,,, 52fL, B. C .,,,,,... ..,. 51-Graniteville ..,.,,,, 48-Crawfordville ,,,, 57-L, B, C .,,,,,.,i,,,,,,,, -IS-Harlem ,,,..,...,,,,,. 63--Commercial "B 50-Harlem i,,,,,,,ll,,,,,. 67-Savannah "RT, G2-Graniteville Tl!-Washington .,,,, 41-Hephzibah ci,i, ..,. S3-Commercial "H 64gHarle1n ,,,,..,.,,,,,, , 08-Savannah "B ".., , 70ALangford ,,,,......., TS-XVa'shington ,,,,., 67-Tubman ,,,,..,.,.. '37-Sibley ,, .,,,,,., 63-North Augusta. .yn 31a -lil 49 47 34 33 34 34 55 49 35 -.14 32 46 37 G1 -12 50 53 le: 4 'v HT: GOLF First row: Jimmy Walker, Clark XVillingham, Handy Strozier, and Hurry lIHI'11f?l'. Second row: Sam Mays. Boykin Wriglit. Lee Parks. Coby Ware, and liawortli TENN S 1 First row: Stuart Brown, LOlllb2ll'Ll I-'ortsuin Earl Grvgory. Second row: Lamar Fleming. Ilavid Milligan. Wally Alyerw . I A. R. C. Last Will and T testament WE. TIIE GIlAIil'ATING CLASS OF 15155, do hereby leave ltinallyl: ITEM I-We, Miriam L'sry, Barbara Clarke, and Paula Hickson, being of unsound mind and unsteady nerves, do will and be- flllealll to 21l1Y three unsuspecting Junior girls our nickname, "The Three Musketeers," in hopes that they will have as much fun sticking together as we have had. ITEM II-I, Loren Hatfield, do hereby leave my first sergeant stripes to John Findley. ITEM IIIfM'e, Barbara Hammett, Henri-Anne Girardot, Nancy Ford. Carol Little, Angela Brown, .Ianace Fender. Edna Mae Godwin, and Connie Currie, do hereby leave to the Juniors of AHC a box of baking powder so that they may rise to be swell Seniors. ITEM IVMI, Betty Ellis, being of shallow mind, big feet, and smoke-filled brain, do will and bequeath to Sandra Stacks one package of Winstons in hopes that she may get as much out of them as I did. I have also reserved the largest chair in the third floor lounge for her convenience. ITEM V -I. Rennie Beasley. being of stiff fingers and feeble mind. do hereby will and bequeath my typewriter in Mrs. Hall's typing class to Jerry Loner. hoping that it will not beat her at her own game. ITEM YI-I, Barbara Iiurns Ilavis, do bequeath the ability to get married in the middle of my Senior year to the first Junior thats in love enough to get married. ITEM VII-I, Shirley Clifford, do will and bequeath to Mary Ellen Abbott my ability to get out of fourth period study hall every day and not be hunted all over the school by Mr. Bolton. ITEM VlIIfXVe, Gail Vansant and Nancie Marsh, being mental and physical wrecks after our many years of hard slaving at ABC, do will and bequeath our two worn-out brain cells to any future trig students, in hopes that they may pass without burning too much of the midnight oil. ITEM IXiI, Fran Merry, being of diminutive mind and monstrous heart, do hereby will and bequeath my hatred for Ilarlington School to Sara Miller in hopes that she will get up there more often than I have. ITEM X-I, Dian Morris, do hereby will and bequeath to Patricia Paulos, my ability to be the last one in class and the first one out. ITEM XI- 'xVe, Betty Monk and Martha Ann IViggins, being of un- sound ininds, do bequeath to the oncoming Faculty Editors our ability to make a mess out of the Faculty Section of the annual. ITEM XII-I, Barbara Geddings. do will and bequeath 1ny precious shorthand book and the sixth desk on the first row in Mrs. Halls room to Johanna Parkman. I know that she will keep the seat warm and the book hot. ITEM XIII-I, Dennis Lytle, don't leave anything to anybody. be- cause I need everything I have, and then some. . ITEM XIV--I, Ann Yonce, do leave to any Junior, my ability to make exceedingly high grades under Mr. Charles Mitchell. ITEM XV-We, Marjorie Burgamy, Dian Morris, Edna Mae God- win. and Melba McNeal. being of bowed legs and knocked knees from walking Broad Street trying to sells ads for the Annual, do hereby will and bequeath to some curious Juniors what little atomic energy that we might have left in hopes that they can sell more ads than we did. ITEM VXI-I. Sharon Osheroff, being of sound mind and well-worn heart do hereby leave my ability to fall in love fifty times a year to any Junior girl who doesn't like to go steady. ITEM XVII-XVe. Anne Hardin, Fran Merry, Nancy Greene, Ann Anderson, Celeste Weathers, Ann Younce, Virginia YVilcox. Agnes Kuhlke. Marty Stafford, and Barbara Thompson, do will and bequeath that Large Economy size bottle of glue left to us by Jeanne N., Eleanor K., Adelaide P., Pat H., Joyce H., Becky XY., and Margot T.. to Beth H., Betty C.. Mullie M., Becky T., Patsy XY., Kitty C.. Jennie Lee Lee L., Barbara B., Linda M., and Becky W., in hopes that they will stick together even longer than we have. ITEM XVIII-I, Lou Saul, do hereby will and bequeath a box of cigars to Mr. Read if he can catch me. ITEM XVIX-I, Barbara Wheeler, being of rickety legs and muscu- lar arms do will and bequeath to Pat Fitzgerald my question- able ability to get along with Miss Clark. ITEM XXAI, Marvin Jenkins, do hereby leave to Lois Frolkis all my extra units with the hope that she might get out of ARC sooner than I did. ITEM XXI-We, Nancy Greene, Agnes Kuhlke, Fran Merry, Vir- ginia YVilcox, and Anne Hardin, being of brilliant f?l minds and lonely hearts do generously will and bequeath our startl- ing ability to get a good parking place on the front row every morning no matter how late we are, to any five Juniors who make the mistake of forming a carpool, ITEM XXII-We, Barbara Simpson and Gail Burnette. being of ingenious wit and generous hearts, do hereby will and be- queath to Elizabeth Huggins and Sibbie Hogan our amazing ability to go to the First Aid Room, downtown, home, the Annual office, the Varsity, and various and sundry other places Iall without legitimate excusex and still pass all our courses. ITEM XXIII-We, the Senior members of the Tri-Alpha, do will and bequeath to next year's club our ability to make so much money on our rummage sales. ITEM XXIY-I. Leopold tPolyl Cohen. being of unsound mind do hereby leave to "Skunk" Furst my ability for drilling and get- ting along with the Military Department. ITEM XXV-I, Norma Jean Hall, do will and bequeath my twenty extra credits to my brother, Jimmy, who will surely need them. ITEM XXVI-I, Larry Childers, hereby leave my ability to skip classes to Jimmy Ross. provided that he will keep up my name on all my old desks. ITEM XXVIIfWe, Wyoline Gones and Pat Hyder. being of un- sound minds and strong constitution, do leave our ability to stick together through thick and thin, teachers and homework, and even chemistry to Nan 'Wade and Martha Usry. ITEM XXVIII-I, Jackie Powell, do leave to Jackie Boyette the ability to go steady with a boy who plays in a dance band and still be able to attend the dances. ITEM XXIX-I, Kathy Major. do will and bequeath to Twana Martin iuy ability to worry about my love-life. This ability. willed to me by Marion Cook, has been well-worn, but it is hoped that Twana won't need it as much as I have. ITEM XXX-I, Camilla Paschal, being of strong basketball spirit. do bequeath my ability to make two points in a game Where I play guard to Mary Ellen Abbott. ITEM XXXI--I, Leonard Friedman, do hereby will and bequeath my talents to the Richmond Academy Music Department. ITEM XXXII-lYe, Nancy Durden and Jan Foster, of the city of Augusta, County of Richmond and State of Georgia, being of fairly sound minds do hereby will and bequeath to Jackie Boyette and Annette Peacock our ability to get out of Mr. Flowers' fourth period study hall. ITEM XXXIIIfI, Temma Zipper, do leave to any sneaky Junior my ability to finish my homework during class sessions with- out getting caught. ITEM XXXIV-I, August Roesel, being of sound mind, but unstable feet do leave to Tony Brown my standing room on the bus. ITEM XXXY-I, Ann Anderson, being of feeble mind, shot nerves, and shaken body do will and bequeath to next year's Theta president my ability to cut school to carry on Theta business without getting detention hall, flunked, or expelled. ITEM XXXVI-I, Suzie Baggott, being of unsound mind, do will and bequeath to Janelle Dempsey my ability to get- a boy and go steady with him more than one week. ITEM XXXVII-I, Tommy Woodson, do hereby leave my thappyi memories of ARC to Phyllis Hall. ITEM XXXVIII-I, Celeste Weathers, being of a true heart and love-struck mind, do will and bequeath to Boots VVhitten the luck of having my "beau" home from college every week-end. tContinued on page 833 A. R. C. Last Will and Tcstamen tContinued from page S21 ITEM XXXIX-I, Edna Beasley, do will and bequeath my know- ledge in History to any poor person who will take it. ITEM XL-I, llarbara Thompson, being of reasonably sound mind, do will and bequeath to the next treasurer of the Tri-Alpha the ability to always have more money in the treasury than on the books in hopes that they'll be able to go to Daytona on a House Party. ITEM XLI-XX'e. the back right hand corner of Mr. Owens' English class, do will and bequeath to our successors our ability to talk all during class and still make ltHl's on all the tests. ITI-IM XLIl4I, Carole Ann Tessier, being of unstable mind but utterly truthful, do hereby will and bequeath to Kit Wooten and Sandy Stacks, as willed to me by Marilyn Evans, the ability to complete three years at Richmond without being beheaded for cheering for Catholic High. ITEM XLIII-XVe, Robert Touart and llilly Norris, leave our great musical talent and ability to l'ncle Louie so that he may pound it into the heads of the members of next year's band. ITEM XLIViWe, Fran Merry, Miriam Usry, and Joan May do will and bequeath to Ann Fields, Sally lleckum, and llecky Towill our sad minds and heavy hearts, saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fondei '." ITEM XLV--I. Sara Story, leave to Martha Usry, lny locker to keep her tennis shoes in. ITEM XLVI-I, Elizabeth South, being of unsound mind do will and bequeath to Barbara Read iny ability to sneak to the EZ more times than two, in hopes that she will not end up in detention hall as I did and still get along with Dean Maden. ITEM XLVII-We, Perry Dukes, Robert Lord, and Ed Doolittle will just leave and will the Faculty be happy! ITEM XLYIII-I, Carolyn llostick, being of unsound mind. do will and bequeath to Ilecky Towill my ability to bluff my way through Alg. -I5 tas successfully as we did Chemistryl. pro- viding she has nerve enough to try it. ITEM XLIX-I, Gail Ilurnette, being of faltering mind, but staunch spirit do hereby leave to any Junior who might snag a Clem- son cadet, my strong and hearty support of the Clemson foot- ball team in spite of the scoreboard. ITEM L-I, Betty Jo Cadden, do will and bequeath to Carolyn Laney my ability to get to school late and still get the same parking place. ITEM LI-I, Joan Clark, do will and bequeath to Shirley Abbott my place in the front seat of J. F.'s car. in hopes that she will get as big a thrill as I did. ITEM LII-I, Norris Blair, do hereby leave my soiled dungarees to anybody in Sergeant .lohnson's EXTRASIZE team. ITEM LIII-I, Kathy Major, being of great stature, tphysically at leastl do leave tive or six inches of my height to Linda Marks. to even us up a little bit. ITEM LIV-I, Legene Davis, just plain - - - leave!!! ITEM LV-XVe, Annette Miles, Merle Mutimer, and Gloria Mock. leave our ability to cut up in Mr. Moseley's seventh period study hall and get by with it, to the future roll callers. ITEM LVI-I, Paula Hyams, will to Nancy Grice my ability to get out of fourth period every day. ITEM LVII-We, Bobby Tanner and Ilenny Mullins, being "crazy little mixed up kids", do hereby will and bequeath our ranks and privileges to SOIIIQ unsuspecting cadets. ITEM LVIII-I. Bobby Moody, leave to Henry Marks and Jimmy XValker a cigar from Mr, Read's room and a lovable M-I rifle in the Captain's army. ITEM LIX-I, Sue XVhite, being of a sorry state of mind, do will and bequeath to any Yankee junior the ability to pass Mr. Cordle's history 31 and 32. ITEM LX-I, Mullie, do will and bequeath to any junior the ability to graduate a year early by studying hard. ITEM LXI-I, Freddie Simowitz, being of sane mind, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to "shake the dew off the lily" to Daniel Levy who looks at things from a different angle. ITEM LXII- I, Carolyn Vrickctt, being of no niind, do litrcby will and bequcath to Don Kemp the ability to find sonn-one else to call "Leona" and never be able to guess tht- meaning behind it. ITEM LXIII - I, Margaret Steele. do will to "l'ig" Luke, Mr. A. I.. YVilliam's economics class at third period and hope- ln! will have the brain that is required to exempt it. ITEM LXIXV -I, Annie Laurie Maddox, do hereby bequeath to Ilctty Maddox my ability to enjoy studying when I would rather be doing something else. ITEM LXX'-I. Sara Tliompson, do will and bt-que-ath to Gloria Swearingen my ability to be late for study ligill 411141 ,mg 1,9 caught. ITEM LXVI-XVe, Ilobbie Ilayes, Martha Ann Cauthen, Marion Adkins, Joan May, and Missie Ilrandon do will and bequeath to Sally Ileckum, Ann Atwood, Ilarbara .lt-an Corley, and Jane McElmurray our ability to go to school for twelve years and do nothing spectacular or outstanding, ITEM LXVII---I, Carol Lee Ward, being of chemical mind, do here- by will and bequeath my ability to pass chemistry tt, MI., Lum' bert's chemistry classes to come. ITEM LIXVIII-I, Gloria Ilazel, do will and bequeath to .limp Powell the ability to smile at any cute boy, provided that she doesn't get caught by his steady. ITEM LXIX-I, Barbara Clark, being of very unsound mind. but happy, do will and bequeath to Mary Sue Ilill the ability to smile and get lipstick on her ears: in hopes that she will always keep that very happy face. ITEM LXX-We. Celeste Weathers and Ann Anderson, do will to next year's house party committee our ability to cut Miss Stranss's classes in order to go to Florida and find a house, ITEM .LXXIfI, Ginger Cawley, do will and bequeath to Ann Ilenke my ability to do homework while watching "I Love Lucy" or "George Gobel". ITEM LXXII-We, Lillian Iloatwright and Kaye Macuch, being of sound mind and body, do will to any two deserving Juniors the ability to leave school every day at 12 o'clock for two months, as we did, without getting capital-or for that matter -any punishment. ITEM LXXIII-I, Faye Ilurton, do hereby leave my perfect typing and filing ability under Mr. Mac to Margaret Mundy. ITEM LXXIY-I, Gail Leverette, being of sound mind and straight hair, do hereby will and bequeath all of my seventy-two bobby pins. to be distributed among all the Junior gals with unruly locks. ITEM LXXV-I Rochelle Glasser, do will and bequeath my extra .T of a credit to Simone Simowitz to help her graduate, ITEM XLVI-We, Thomas Anderson and Vernon Puckett, being of a very sound mind, will and bequeath the right to anyone to complain to Mr. Read about the strange odor of a "cigar." ITEM LXXVII-M'e, Jackie Halford and Marlene lladden, do will and bequeath to Diamie XVren the ability to complain about Mr. A. L. lYilliams' loud shirts and llOt fail the course. ITEM LXXVIII-I, Douglas McCoy, being of sound mind, do here- by will and bequeath to the cadets my ability to get out of drill without being caught. ITEM LXXIX--I, Edward Doolittle, being of sound mind, will my ability to stay in extra drill all year to all future cadets. ITEM LXXX-I, Elaine Hogan, do will to Jackie Iloyette my ability to get along so well with her brother. ITEM LXXXIAI, Eleanor Ilemstreet. being of weak mind and run- down shoes, do leave THE RAINIIOXV, NOXV- Signed, sealed and delivered by the Class of 1955 to be its last will and testament. Witnessed by: KATHY MAJOR GAIL BURNETTE BARBARA SIMPSON Q xfx - x X Q 'S f T fl! is I :Q 1 9 , "Q, f l A A may I ' 4 Q f J 11 3 1 ,Q x ni :S Ay.. . I Q' " ' m ' QQ ' -.. , , . - gf ' f - v M ,,-M ..,. 'Pl Kp.. , v Aja f Qrllt, , B ' 5 , iftii' , 'fig V, fs "Fi 3.,gs1..1 it A 'R' mn, ,P 1 if mf , te n sg a S NX 2 I 1 5, V, .AQI 5 fl- Y : I , ll ,.-, .. .1 I kai f f"fPSf ,nv I MW .L -s 'K 4 9 ,Af N 'N .E s"f , - A 1 ",Q 'f P :T ' 47 .5 ' A 1 4 Q r .. 2' Cm, 1 QS' +1 A - + X IL ww 4 fm if 5: Q Atl ii' wk F, v 95 ' 1 'g STUDE T COUNCIL ,--ga .7 'nhl if 'H X Seated: Marilyn Evans. Miss Gladys Needhzini. Elaine Hogan, Fran Merry, Mary Sue Hill. Eleanor Heinstreet. Sue Illertins. Standing: Mr. Grover Williams. Terry Bentley, Cree Kilpatrick, Pete Wlizitley. llill Kulilke, Bill Force. F il I-f-ff E I OFFICERS Pete Whatley ,,ir,,,,,,,,., ,, ,.,.,, , ,,,,, President X mary sue inn .ee,.ii .eiie G ee,... X 'ice President fl Sue Mertins Knot pictnredl,,,, Secretary ' Faculty Advisers: Mr. Grover XVilli8ll'lS, " Miss Gladys Needham. 2: Q THE RAI BGW TAPF ov fl W Af ' Annum. ii4L'rSi',' 1 Q M LITERARY STAFF iron Osliei-ot't', Geraldine liinker. Marjorie llurganiy, Hiuive Manguni, lievky Towill, Martha Ann Wiggins, Virginia Kluttz, Nancy tieene, Mary Clark. ltennis Lytle, Peggy Hook, lti-ailst'oi'il Nixon. Kathy Major, Fran Merry. Nunvie Marsh, Edna Mae Godwin. Xnnette Wood, Kitty Coleman, Marguerite Pliilpot, Gail liurnette, llelen Ere. lletty Cook, llian Morris, Melba McNeal, llevky Xlilson, Celeste Wezitliers, Linda Marks, R1Jl'llk'1lPfHl1SSf'l', Yirpziiiia Middleton, Camilla Paschal. Patricia Swain, B. .l. Arnold, Ann ll nrtlin, Ann Yom-e, Martha Stafford, .lennie Lee Leliinaiiii, llarliaru liowen, Marcia Sparks, Shirley Clifford, Barbara Simpson, Toni X in Hagan, George Stavro, lletty Mo 5- , - T - A L iii-Exvw , H 'SN A' .Q gh 'T 1 fx: ' 'Q' . X il ,J fl , , ,A A Left to right: Faculty Adviser, Miss .laquelin lilarshallg Picture Editor, Sharon Osherotfg X if Military Editor, Dennis Lytle: Sports Editor. Mary Clark: Literary Editor, Nancy T' Greene. lflleauor llenistreet Etlitoi'-iii-vliir-t . 99131 . Q i ' V i ' 3 S1 al ' we-.Q :I A., N, M, QU: A, 1- , X x a A Left to right: Facility Editor, Martha Wiggins, Junior College Editor, Geraldine Rinker: Art Editors: Toni Van Hagan, Virginia Kluttz: Feature Editor Brailsford Nixon. THE RAI B0 STAFF Q IL Ci? N A -wf '1 fa ' gn V, 1 f, ,. , 'Q' - - .578 l 1- 11 11 ,V " 9 11.2, 1 .ANHl.lAl,. 4 ,4 -.EL Y -2, -1- -1. if ' -""L-Bi: BUSINESS STAFF, Betty Ellis. Mary Hobbs, Legs-ne Davis,Ja11 Foster, Nanvy Iiurd 11, Gail l2111'119tte. .Ie1111e-110 Loflin. Sl1i1'l+fy r'lif1'o1'1l, Mary Abbot: l!111'ba1'a Si111pso11, Rlklflllll XVig:gi11s, Barbara Wl1Gele1', llian Morris. Mvlba M1'Nez1l. Sh2ll'llll l1SllPl'1lfI'. .lavkie llillI'1ll'll, lIz11Qio1'1v lllll' Q1llll5'. Annette Wood, .Ioan Ha11t-oc-k, Ge1':1ldi11e Rinker, Peggy K21'kl:111d, GI'GIl'llE'll Corley, Nanwy .Nh-1li11ty. l:2ll'liill'i! Nl411'ri11, ltob Klett, lien liit'ketso11. Hob Hush, lletty Harter, Dennis Lytle, Pesgy Cook, Kathy Major, Yi1'g:111111 Klntlz, -Iilllvllt IPr3Ill1bM'j', FII' White. YYOIIIIE Wilson, Hoy Stewart. ff. Q r., AA va'1 Q K rr W .1 'A - gp 5 ,, , ,v mf 1 l 1 Ni., r 1, QA Lett to 1'1gl1t: Bl2ll'thZl XXlgL!lllS, Assoc-late bales NlZ1llllQ9I'l Peggy Cook, Assovlatv Sill!-'S Rla1111g91': Dennis Lytle. Ci1'c'11latio11 Blanaseri lletty Ellis, liusinass AI2lllilQ9l'I Mary liob Kb-I1 Hobbs, Business 31311212912 l'11bl15l11A1' W i in Barbara Wheeler, Marjorie Bllrgallly, Gail Bnrnette, Jeanette Loflin. Assistant Sales Managers U KETEER TAFI: Kfze Mzzskefeer V A Pulilislied eight times yearly by the lwlhl' Mi'-lm' Students of the Ac-ademy of ' Richmond County and the 11,-1,i1sf,,,-.1 Nixun Junior College of Augusta 5. Suluwription price hllp per year. V iff- r SlIill'1rll Uf4ll9l'0fl' Single Copy lil cents ""l if 4 Awlu-riisinil rates on zippliczition. 5' Entert-d as second class matter, Nov- ! ember lst. lil-lH at the Post Office at 1 Auizusta. Georgia under the Act of March 3, ISTSI. Hn1ToR1.41. STAFF Kathy Major YVV,, Editor-in-Chief Brailsford Nixon f- Associate Editor Sharon Osheroff . Associate Editor U- Mr' Slim! Icf:1'o1fTf:1ss ,mn c'o1vT1r11:UToRS Marita Ballard, Lewis Barnes, Mary ' , ,, Y Barton. Lzirry Bennett. Terry Bentley, flllvli llllllilllls Beverly Iirnndenhurix, Charles Bowen, Caroline Courson, Shirley Freeland, Gregg Hall, Arthur Hatfield, Sibbie Hogan, Bar- hara Martin, Fran Merry, Joyce Mitchell. Nancy lVlcGinty. Pat McNeil. Freddie Olive, Frank Patterson. Avis Rampley. Don Smith, llarhara Stevens, Susan Tomp- kins. Miriam Usry, Est-in Wall, Celeste Weatht-rs and Chick Williams. HI 'SINESS STA FF Danny Hzurlur , , Business Manager .flrlrf rtixiny Snlzwilurss G, M, Scott Faculty Adviser ,--1 ,..- Ai:-S-2 ff -4- PHI THETA KAPP ix -1-... rd' Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for Junior College students, Comparable to Phi Beta Kappa in Senior Colleges, this srholastic' attainment group must have maintained an average of A or better. for the first three ee-inesters of colloge work. Thus. one qualifies for nienlbership. Some 25 years ago the local chapter of Junior College of Augusta began to t'1111t-tion Seated: Jules Godin. Rosemary Feese. Standing: Robert Sinalley. Pete Whatley. tNot pictured: Mary Ann Dyer if Facility Adviser: Mr. A. L. XVilliams ,91- W f i 'TLJK 1 nl H ' glWsfV We tp SZ 3 ' -32 ,5 ' f , ' 2 .g!'!Y. 1 GOLD R GCIETY The 191,111 H. Slmffrjx was f-1111111911 in 1!'I31 lll1l,1PI' the sprwxlsulwlmil uf Pxwfwssur Ernest M. Allwn. Its pllrpwsgisIU1'evw:uizeuf-llievf Illfrlll uumug AQ-zuleluy Senior buys iu L'hiil'lll'U'31'. in sulmlal' 511111. and in 1111149 of the four fields uf leaxrlelwllip. athle-tics military, and utlwr svluml and wmmuuity 2il'IiYilit'S. FV.,.J ,- -shi-X 1 Q Left to right: Cree Kilpatrick. Bob Klett. Mr. H. O. Read GIRL ACTI ITIES SOCIET 'fit '37 'D fix 1 C1 xxx X' XXV ,, ,. ,. 11111 1.11'ls A1't1v1t111s 111111111 is 21 I'f'1'U2Il11ll1l1 11111 S1-1'xi1-P 111111 11111. 1121111111 111 1111- 1'111'11111s 1I111lN+'S 111 S1-1111111 1111-, XY11i1f' it if 11111 ll1'1Ill11l'1lV 1'1- '1 '1' -Asp: A 5 1'f 1 1 1: "'12' ' Vu A' ' 1 -1 - '- .' 1 1- 1111111911111- mtivs, 1111 -' -'S ' , ' 1 '11l ' ' 1 ' 'Z11tA .' 1 1'- -' 1 ' '- A' 11 wx ' -lnf 11 1"111'll1l3'. W111e11 Al'i1l1t'l1lj' 111' 1li11111111:1111 f'1ll1l11y 11111111111 ll 1-11-1111111'111i111111l stitiltiuii 111 Septviiilwi' 111511, 1111f llniirnrs 1'11111111itt11v re-111111-11 1111- 1111911 for 1'111'11g11i1i1m11 111 1ll11S1il11111112 211'1-S111l1f'1l1S. 'l'111- Girls .-Xvtivities 1 ll'1111X A11vis111': Bliss Nl11ry 1111111111111 31 111 F1 1 wus 1111111051311 111111 1111p1'1w1-11 by 11111 1-'111'1111y. '1'l1+f lirst ziwarcls were 11li1t1k' 1111l'1I1LL 1111- sprin: term 111' 11132. 1 , 3 nv ia. + ' ,. 5 l 1 ' 1 1, Q 1. I .- , ' - , 1- ' ' ' nlaidhsvslevfh-1,1 " ' .. x ,,.. .., Q H V 1 'K 1 x Seated: Camilla Paschal, Kathy Major. Standing: Elaine Hogan, Eleanor Hemstreet. CHRI TIA WORKERS CO NCIL Mary E, Abbott Doyle Abernathy Marion Adkins Anne Atwood Suzie Baagott Ruth Bailey Sue Beall Sally Beckuin Billy Beldine Charles Bell Edith Blackstone Claire Blanchard Betty Baab Nancy Bridges Marjorie Bur,-gainy Gail Burnette Vicki Calhoun Laura Ann Chambley Lenard Chavis Larry Childers Carole Christian Judy Christian Barbara Clark Joan Clarke Joe Cooler Roberta Cribb Carolyn Prichett Janelle Dempsey Ann Dixon Martha Dozier Delores Drost Betty DuBois Nancy Durden Sylvia Edwards Janice Ergle Sylvia Faglier Beverly Farr Betty Fields Vera Florence Sql Ann Godsey Nancy Ford Barbara Freeman Manly Gilmer Edna Godwin Nancy Grice Marlene Hadden Jackie Halford .lean llall Barbara Hayes Bayliss Burdison Virginia Hendrix Mary Sue Hill Louise Holland Barbara Hammett .laines Ai Harter Paula Hyams Marion Howard l'at Hughes Shirley Hutto June Ingram Betty .Io Cadden Betty Johnson Ann Jones Barbara Jones Emily Jones Jean Keel Bobbie Kielholtz Kathryn Kennedy Peggy Kirkland Frances Laney Dennis Lytle Annie Laurie Maddox Kathy Major Linda Marks .Ioan May Betty McCorkle Douglas Mt-Foy Melba Mc-Neal Martha Meachom I I, 6? fy ' A 4 V ...qv Nancy Merritt Fran Merry Sara Miller Jack Mitchell Jimmy Mixon Brailsoford Nixon Cecelia Odom Doris O'Tyson Glenda Mattox Camilla Paschal Shelby Perdue Barbara Pound Jackie Powell Shirley Price Alice Purdy .ludy Raburn Jo Ann Reeder Cliarlotte Raum Virginia Roberts Pat Robertson Billie Jean Rogers Betty Rachels Roger Sanderson Barbara Simpson Marion Smith Marcia Sparks Margaret Steele Sara Story Thomas Story Glenda Stowe Frieda Strauss Martha Sumerau Gloria Swearingen Sara Thompson Ernest Towner Joyce Ftley Janie XYade Mary XVidener Martha XViggins Alvis XVillis Barbara Wheeler Ellen Woo Annette XVood .Io Ann XVren Kit Wooten Beth XVriglit Julie YVriglit Lombard Fortson Francis James Judy Blackmon Florence Broom Raymond Darnelle Betty Atkinson Sue Fortney Millie Tisdale Evelyn Stone Ginger Vignati Jo Ann Vignati Merita Ballard Faye Burton Barbara Burns Davis XVally Myers Bill Hardin Carietta Lambeth Bayliss Burdison OFFICERS Lenard Chavis ..,. ..,.,,,. , ,,,,.,.,, l 'resident Barbara Simpson i,,,..,,t...,, ,Vice-President Billy H9ldi1lfl .,,,,.,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer Mr, Eubanks ,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..t.t.t. A dviser as BETA CLUB Ol l lf lzllS l'rf-side-nt Kathy Major Vive-ll'i'vsimleiit Nanvie Marsh Seeretary Carole- Little ' 3 'I'rs-asiirer lfrc-ddie Siinoivitz ,Q K' 51 fe- S -.- f ix x "" ,fs . i f i'illdlilIllQ"lll2il'l1lll Sharon lislieroff -ws Qi Chaplain Elaine llouan f hm. - Advisers Mi'. liye and Mr, H+-llerivli l N: SYWA Maxine Allen, Bobby Anderson. Betty Baab. Miriam Bailey, Evelyn Berger. Claire llianchard, Vic-ki Calhonn. Lynne Cole. Kitty Coleman, Jimmy Cook. Ricliard liayis. XX'a1lac'e Iiorn, llaginar Endorf, Thomas Farrow, Vivian Fic-klen. Lewis Flint. Pat Greene. Jane Henderson, Sarah Hughes, Kathryn Kennedy, Shelby Lovett. Iiennis Lytle, Grave Mangnni, Robert Marion. Carolyn Ilostick, Martha Ann Canthen, Naneie Marsh Elaine Hogan, Jinmiie Mae Heng, lietty Monk. Martha Ann Wiggins, Lanra Anne Fhambley, Barbara Simpson, Marvin Jenkins, Kathy Major, Carole Little, Agnes Kuhlke. Ann Yonee, Robert Klett. Ellen Woo, Pat Hyder, Celeste Weathers. Dorothy Matthews. Tenima Zipper, Nora Ann Langford. Linda Marks. llette Miller, Martha Moseley, YVally Myers, XValter Mc-lioiigzal. Charles Newman, Carole Sehxvienning', Kathryn Sullivan. Martha Sumerau, Angela Thnrrnond. Becky Towill. Thomas Van Hagan. .lane Wade. Jlllllllir' XYalker. Elsie XVile-nsky. Becky XVilson, lieth XVright. .Inlie XYright. Boykin XYrig:ht, Ruth Storey, Sandy St-hwartz, Lois Frolkis. Annie Maddox. Anne Godsey. Mary .lo Klein. Iiorothy Eby, Cliti' Channel, Alice Purdy, llarbara llayes, Christine Chew. Jane McElmurray, Joe Martin. Sharon Stadlen, Jennie Lehmami. Marc-ia Sparks. Bill Harden, Roehelle Glasser, Fred Sims. Ada Astin, llec-ky Little. Mary Sne llill. Fran Merry, Barbara McGahee. Charlotte Mallard, Frankie Philpot, Z i I' T 5 If j SQ ETEER Maxine Allen, Mary Anderson, Betty Atkinson, Betty Baah, George Balk, Evelyn Berger, Judy B1HCkl1lilll,,ClEll1"? Blanchard, Barbara Bowen, Philip Brinson, Bayliss Burdison, Gail Burnette, ll. W, Bush, Ladelle Cauthen, Pierce Fauvin, Barbara Clark. Chloris Cliett, Shirley Clifford, Kia ty Coleman, Betty Cook, Peggy Cook, Martha Crim. Rich- ard Imyisv Dorothy Ehy, Peggy Eldridge, Tommy Fariow, Nancy Ford, Lois Frolkis, Margaret Gattis, Rochelle Glasser, Wyoline Cones, Nancy Greene, Henri Anne Girardot. Pat Greene. Phyllis Hall, Joan Hancock, Beth llankinson, Joyce Harbison, Bill Harden, Anne Hardin, Beverly Hearrell, Jane Henderson. Margaret Hensley, Ann Henke, Mary Sue Hill, Pat Hughes, Pat Hyder, Marvin Jenkins, Carla Jones, Emily Jones, Katherine Kennedy. Mary .Io Klein, B, J. Klett, Carrietta Lambeth, Frances Laney, Sybil Lee, Jennie Lee Lehmann, Harriette Levy, Becky Little, Carole Little, Nancie Marsh, llennis Lytle. Kathy Major, Linda Marks, Barbara Martin, Twana Martin. Ilorothy Matthews, Douglas McCoy, Barbara Mcllaniel, XValter Mcllougal. Jane Mt-Elinurray, Nancy McGinty, Pat McNeil, Fran Merry. Bette Miller, Sara Miller, Joyce Mitchell, Betty Monk, Martha Moseley, Charles Murphey. Wally Myers, Sharon Osheroff, Marguerite Philpot. Jare Powell, Alice Purdy, Gerry Rinker, August Roesel, Sandy Schwartz, Freddy Simowitz, Barbara Simpson, Marian Smith, Marcia Sparks, Sharon Stadlen, Kay Sullivan, Helen Tanenhauni, Angela Thurniond, Becky Towill, Joy Townes, Miriam llsry, Gail Vansant, Janie Wade, Jimmy wana-r. nm ward. Helen Wald- Lee Ward. Marian Warren. Celeste wearhers, izamara XVheeler, Boots wmrtmi. Martha Ann XViZJQfI.iI1S. Elsie Wilensky. Ilevky WUSOII. Ellen XYOO, Kit XVooten, Beth Wright, Ethel Wright, Julie Wright, Temina Zipper, Rosalind Zucker. A 'Z f A Q President '7 fs- A 5' Vice-President N Rt I' Z W' Secretary ..,.,,, I Treasurer Adviser ,,,,, OFFIVERS , ,llennis Lytle Marcia Sparks ,, ,,Mary Sue Hill . ,NVally Myers Mr. H. O. Read PURPOSE l I I 'l'l111 11li1'11t1se of the l'lllll is 111 1111111 yllll ll4'l'lll4' wl11'tl1111' 111' 11111 CRN yllll w11lil1llik1-toviitvl'11111'si1111z1sz1 1'z1i'111-1'. 111111. .111 l11111J 11111' x mx-,'3s 1, lly 111-1-11111i11ga111z11'1ive11111111111-1' 111 11111 1-11111 yllll 111111 111111 11111 w11111 ' 'ik -' llll1'Sl112 1-1111uii'es :11111 wl1:1t it 11f1'1-rsg XYll1ll 1y111- 111' 11111'si11u. 111'11- Al, S F 1'11ssi1111:1l 111' 111':11'ti1'a1l. tl1:1t y11ii w11iil1l 1-l11111s1- ns il 1-i11w1v1', 11111 5, , 'fra N - - - ' 11' I 1 1 NN will 11-111-11 111111111 11111's1111z1l llllll 1111111111i11111y 111-111111. :11111 11 y1111 lll'l' '15 ,J gras 111'1-11:11'i11u t11 e11t1:1' iiursiiiu 1111- 1'l11l1 will giw yllll llll 11111l1-1's111111l- A f3!5, : 'Q . . . ' ' nf 1112, 111 Xtilll' lllIll1'k' 1'z11'1w1'. - . b Q.. - P 4 I WHO CAN JOIN THE CLUB? .I1111i111's, Se-11i111's 111111 .li111i111' fllbllixylll S111111-nts. Wlllll l11111- i11- 1li1'a11111l illl iiiterest i11 l11J1'11111i11gg niirses, Y1111 1111 11111. 111' 1-11ii1's11. 1111111 il 11111111111 11,1 enter Illl1'Sl1lLl. l 1 l l l l First 1'11w: A1111 Skinner. Flaiiclia Jones. Kit XVt1111e11 Luclelle flilllllltlll. Aluriziu Atkins. II11sali111l Zlll'liE'l'. Sbttlllll 1'11w1 .Iain Foster, Annette Peacock. Lexie La1i1k1'111'tl. Rzicliel Sllllltx, -llilllllf? llicki .1111ly 'l'e1'1'y. Tl1i1'11 1'11w: Legene llzivis. Angela Tlllll'l110lld. l,2lll1'l1 1'l111111l1ley, Alvis Willis. .xllll .l111111s Fl1lll'll1 1'11w: Kay M211-iirli, Blziry lY9ll3Ol'll, .lllllll'E l-Zrgle. Nancy lliirtleii. lletty Ellis. 1-'it'tl1 1'11w: .l11y Towiies. Mzirtlla A1111 Cautlieii, Aiigvl ll1't1w11, Sliirlvy 'I'l11111111s1111. Mrs. Steve-tis. OFFICERS Left to right: . , '-3 -'x Betty l+Ill1s l'1'es11le11t .V Jun Fustvi' X'i1'1J Prtjsitleiit ..L'.: Kay NlZ1l'lll'l1 ,, ,, , Se1'1'etz11'1' Nha, l.1t1l111e btexeum, , lwlkllllj .-11111591 RICHN40 D CHORALIER an 4' - V3 RX, 'V HFFI1 l.-vii Vlizitif l'iw-fiflv Vail'-iiw Lilllr Yin'--Pivriiie-Ii' Sliari-ii riglieiwiif Sw-i'Hiui'j.' .I-iliii lliwfiivli' Tiwfzifiiivi' 5'- lf' 2 T. -T. " Q, 1.3 i QXJ 4 'i Q-:fl-l o v:L',""' i iv J Miss llirlmtiiy Haillueift Adviser F I 3: s l , P 2 'a if if Fitwi iw ',1' lv-it ti: I'i4il'A Ffflzia B'-ziflffy, Kafliryii Keiiiiedy. llel-ires XYi1s4iii, Vziilii Jfiiws, Vlecziiif-Q r"21rtf2r. Myra Xwwsfizziw. Jimi. liwei Smiiignl i'-mv, Eildilf Jviliiifoii. .Iavkie Williaiiis. lbditj-' Ailiiiifiiii, I.a1vacla Pviiider. Nalin-y Mi'- f9ii.i51 Simlii 'l'iuiz1.3isfiii. llyziiiiixf Rlzirtiii, Yirziiiia Allen. Pat llyilfr. fkirwlif Liiilv Tliird mwi l-'aye Newsoiiie. Hai'- lmm iihllifiifii. .kiizn-:iv Vw- wk. Siixiimr Siiiwwizz. Jai-lsie llalfiiiml. Bliiry Aliw Siiiw-Y. Sylvia I-'r-wi. Pai Fitzgerald. Slim'-iii f'lsli-'iw-rf. Rlzwy llgwiiizi, lfwiirili ww: .lulin Groovfiz lmsivlle lloyfl. lfimi-d Vlinvis, lrerricl-Q lrurliaiii. Toiiy fizwmliw. llfil-'fri liuiiizz. l'rHfIfliH Siiii-1'-viiz. lliixxfll Giliiiorfe, lioliliy Pzirrifli. lliilieii Si-uri. Geiwrze Kik+?r. Bill XVard. A1i-iifi lim-.-1. .ki tim- gixuzw: Bliss liimrwlq' Hulberi. Jeanette Lrifliu. Nm izi Q-ift'ir+-2 Simi l':'i:i-lznxwir .limi llaiivf-uk, Gail Yaiiszliit. Suzie llziggwu. Shirley Bla.,-k, Judy Christian. lwuqy Vw-,,la. .lQ.:.elIe liwiixj--ry. l.. ll Fliizlifh. Edna Mae Godwin. .laik Furtsoii, .loan May, .Iuaniie Pizzuto. Ellis llfiziefr. Vhurles Siiemiiifiii. U-iiiiie Weathers. llfiriald Mi-Croan. TREBLH CLH14 CL B First row, left to right: Ann Henke, Dorothy Eby, Joan Hancock, Gail Yansant, Barbara. Mc-Ilaniel, Charlotte Mallard. Carla Jones, Sylvia Frost,Barbara.Streetnia11. Second row: Pat Toole, Maria Reese, Simone Siinowitz, Edna Beasley, Connie Currie, Nancy MCGinty, Judy Hancock, Millie Tisdell. Jerry Anne Reese. Miriain llailey. Nanette Sturgis. Lynn Cooper. Third row: Carole Philpot, Merle Hensley, Annette Peat-ot-k, Vera Florenue. Sarah Pritchard, Sharon Stadlen, Phyllis Hall, Miss Halbert, Nan Wade, Lucretia Lowrey, Brigette Bowes, Rochelle Glas- ser, Carolan Salley, Elizabeth Huggins. Fourth row: Marie Palmer, Helen Tanenbauni, Evelyn Ilerger, Caroline Courson, Virginia Allen, Shelby Lovett. Carole Christian. Ida Marie Wilson, Nora Itell Johnson, Martha Moseley. Myrtle Goodson. Fifth row: Betty Ann Casey, Dolores Drost, Judy Rabun. Pat Fitzgerald. Ann Fields, Nant-y Tur- ner. Pat Hyder, Evelyn Taylor, Lavada Ponder, Jeanette Loflin. Sibbie Hogan. Not in picture: Betty Baggott, Sue Fortney, Wyoline Gones, Myra Newsome. as I I ,ni 4' L, 6' 'f 3 , R 'wi Q Miss Dorothy Halbert Adviser I, 35 V ' "0 .Ah r ' OFFICERS " 5 - Jerry Ann Reese, ,,,,,, , .,....., President .f il Joan Hancock ,,,,,,., ..., , ,Vice-President ,f Gail Vansant ..,,...., ,,,, , .Secretary f "- 'l Xvyoline Gones ...,. ....... T reasurer A , LATIN CLUB r 1 1 1 xx 1 xv xizht- Iiwxts XK'l1iu11x1. lim-lxelle Ghisfer. Julie Wrizht. Bezh XYx'i:ht x T1 x11 NIH am Iiaxiley, Mhruuerire Philyct. I-terry Ilaah, Barbara Bowen. wx xr- Purdy, Aliwrlm Mnsehey. Imznmzar Emi-wif. HOSEIXIHFQ' Jansen. Marx-ia N ix Ilv M eu. .. , . L . .. . - .. . um. Pat Hyder, XYyuliue tmues. G. .gg 1 3 A S. -QS 1 fl lhxrxl 1 xx N11 I I-. 11.111-make Lulxhx- xlirmu 4 1-1udQ Hvrifkk Tom Yau Haizm. Rixgigard OFFICEHS Beth Wrizhr, , Bevky Tuwill ,, Grace Mangum Richard Davis, ,. Julie- Wrifzln, ,, Mr. J. E, ELIYJHIXRS , ,, President Vice-I'1-esidelxt Secx'eta1'y ,, Treasurer H, ,Chaplain , Advise-1' KAPPA ALPHA K PP v 5 N First row, lsft to right: Jodie Lee, Herman Howell, XYLll'l'i?ll Fziglier. XYZIYIIG Jennings. Sm-oiicl row: Charles Bowen, Harold Smith, llermziii liituer. George Stzivro, Tiimmy llorris. Third row: Iioh Burgess. Jimmy Meiiger, Imimld Rawls, Jules Godin, Jimmy Hevsfa Kenny Hedrivk. 1Not pictured: Don Tliornliill, Verrly lilac-kwellr. .Q Qi Q Of QQ QQ Q0 Q9 ' X3 f' if Ol-' lf' H91'1ll2lll Howell. Tummy Morris Warren Fziglier Verdy Blackwell IVEHB , Prvsideiit ,Vice-I'i'e-sirleiit , , Sem-1'etai'y Tl'92lSlll'9l' .Q A wi! 6 r, -7' 'W wx vu 'eu .., is Qs, X 1. iv H x 'fi G r ,Q , .Ay ' 5 W ,--f -- 'vw pxfh L.- 4-v ki-rl X N ACAD MY Y TEENS OFFICERS Nninfy llnrdeii , ,, l1f1i'lini'n Streeininii .Xnn rilvtiwy' Suv? l-'iwtii-ey Klrs, llzerltlwf , llresiclert Vive--l'i'Hbitlei1l St'L'1'9Iill'j' TI'92lSllI'9' .X41YlS"l' 1" Q Q l' I Qx- i '6- fn Nancy Ilurclen. Barbara Slreetnian. Ann Gmlsey. Sue Furtiiey, lietty Atkinson, Unil u burnette, Irina Mzililstedt. Ann Skinner. llzirliarn Siinpsnn. Ann Alstwn. Jean Keil Barbara XX'1iee1er. Millie Tisdell. Mary I-Ivelyii Stune. Ilinn MurriS. Margaret Mundy. Pre-ida Strauss. Cnrwlyii Ward, Sue White, Phyllis Hall, lie-rry Mundy. Sandy Clinton. Nancy Rlerrit. D. C. T. CLUB First row, left to rightt Mr. George Hardy. Marlene lladden. Frain-es James. Ann Skinner, Jackie Halford, Cecelia Odnin, Calloway l'arn, Sec-ond row: Ilonald Tyre. Murray Pennington. Itobert Lord. Ed lboolittle. Thomas Adams. Edward Broolne, Henry Grant. Don Akins. Third row: George Lloyd Edentield, hobby Wood. Jackie Sinnnons, James Palnier. Edward 'XVylds, Tommie Palmer. Eston Wall. Fourth row: George Hailey, James Ansley, Jaines Wiggins. l-'rank llailey, Wayne Foster, Leslie Brown. Charles Montgomery. Tolnniie Lanier. Larry llall. DCT CREED "I believe in the Anierit-an way of life. I believe in the dignity of work. I believe in education for all with the consideration for the basic vulture society demands and the occupational interest of the individual, I believe in fair play . . . the essence of the Golden Rule. And, I believe the greatest liappiness derives from a job well done." B. I Ii- 43' 5 f I' -J -,. -vw 0l"l"lCERS llobby XYoutl . I'r+'sitleiit lNot pirtnred: Vive-l'i'i-siileiit. Larry 1'lIIlll2lllI Seeretary. I-'ranues Jani-es Treasurer. James Ansleyr. I-'auulty Adviser.. ,, .,,.Mr, George Ilards LA BOHE E OFFICERS Ileverly Hearrell , ,,.. .. , President Miss Thelma lirownette , , ,,Adviser lNot pictured: Ann Kanaley. Gordon llrac-k, Shirley Hackworthl. V 1 A .'Aq :LT 1- , 4- f Q ',-7 vw - Q my Q ' 3 - x , 4 -1 , A ,e f EW' K T 40'- ,-Q. tw lfirst row, left to right: Thelma Chavons. Kit Wooten. Ada Astin, Janie Wade, Second row: Gordon Iirack, Shirley Haekworth, Norma Hat-kworth, Charlotte Callie- 1-oat, Eva Hull, Alan Smith. Myrtle Goodson, Bob Sumerau, Mary .Io Collier, Franc-es Laney. FUTURE HO EMAKERS CLUB 2 ? 10 First row, left to right: Martha Mezichzun, Put Hughes, llarhara Mclluniel, Frankie Philpot. Julie Wright, Jeanette Loflin. Marvin Sparks, lieth Wright. Second row: Mrs. Amanda Moseley. Mary LPQ-, llzirlmru Smith, Ann Lungfurtl, Alice Purdy. Irina Mahlstedt. Ann llixon. Suzanne Munn. lllll'll1ll'Zl Punntl. Mrs Mzirpzziret XVhitf'. Third row: Edna Mae Godwin. Betty liaah, Put Greeiie, Maxine Allen. Clnirlmtn Mzillarl, Bobbie Keilholtz, .Ianace Fender, Martha Sinneruu. -. 1 uv" , .4 'I' 0 5 UFFIC' A P- .lnlie XVright. 7 . . . U2ll'blll'Zl Mclmniel . ,, FI'1lllkl9 Philpot . . Jeanette Loflin .,. V 1 f'zir0le Little ., . ' Mrs. Margaret White 6 Nlis Mnindt Nluseley If RS . President . Vice-Presideiit f - vii, . . .Treasurer 1 5 W . . . , X 9 -If Ubetietniy 2 jj, l'arIianientarian X - I k Faculty Adviser 4 lfuulilty Adviser DI TRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB as 'U 1 , 'B 4- "Ear . ab 5 -Q 4 5- 31, 'wr -- V 6 OFFIFFI .- IS mx 59, 6 ' W A 'liblxv Robert Cawley ,, , President Merle Hensley .. , Sevretary L5 Eleanor Perkins ,, ,, Treasurer ' Charles Bowen .. 'Vit-e-l'resident Shirley Barnes .. , Irn'et'to:' lievl-ty Towill Vim--Presidezn Mrs, Turner , , Adviser in 232' Q0 if Q6 C 'wr ' I fr ' PQ qv . 7 11:3-L as i Q4 'ff --'f l li v I k ur If C' 6 av 3. as T' , l S lr t rut lett to rl ht Paula H1 U1 Frtnce Lanet Nlarx Jerrn an Pe 1 XX lte tx sara XX l rr al X 1 F-n EY Nhl X I lx erond rox Ax net e Ilot ttle Xanax Turne Nlartha Dozxer 'Vlnrd ron letlu Touxlf Kenna Nlartm Nornla Haclmorth flend Nlattox Pltrlcia lil ler Nlar aret Nteele Hazel Joan Ivaud on Jeannette Plbun Exelwn Ntone Nlvra X llle T1 e Fonrth row: Kay Ivey. Eleanor Perkins, Cloria Hazel. Carolyn Pric-kett. Ceneva Cooper, Lfig Powerg, XY'alton Mt-Neil. Larry Childeri. F'fth .owt Clmrlegi Herne, Monroe Wilson, John Flewellyn. Joe Steinber, William Ileliow, Jnnnmy Anderson. Terry Olive, Jimmy Reese. Mike Skinner. Tonnny Rhoden. Charles Bowen, Virgil Hollingsworth, Frank XVhitely. Senior Class Prophecy Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! These are your roving reporters Fran Merry, Anne Hardin, and Marty Stafford. Tonight we are speaking to you from the opening of Monsieur McCoy's French Theatre, the new ten billion dollar establishment designed and constructed by the world's most famous woman architect. Agnes Kuhlke. This is the big night of the 1975 Richmond Academy Awards. It is an exciting moment as the first car arrives with last year's award-winning actress, Elaine Hogan, escorted by her husband, Kenneth Boy- ettc. noted president of the H.L.K. tHarden, Lytle, Kilpatrickl Moving Picture Studios. Here is something unique! An elephant has just arrived' bearing "Poly Cohen" and his beautiful harem composed of Connie Currie. Marian Adkins, Theda Peebles, Gail Vansant, Ann Reid, Jackie Bell, Bobbie Hayes, and Mar- tha Ann Cauthen. The next apparition to appear is a golden dirigiblc carrying no less, its eminent owner, Danny Hagler, accompanied by his wife, Suzie Baggott and their fourteen children. The dirig- ible is piloted by their famous chauffeur, Ce- leste Weathers. Approaching our microphone now is the kid- dies' favorite "Smiley" Fortune, who co-stars with Claude Eugene Skelton on America's fav- orite TV show, "Crocodile Claude and Smiley". "Would you like to say a few words to your fans Smiley?" t'Mmm-Yes! uh-huh-huh! Hello Kiddieslu Well, kids, that was your idol. "Smi- ley". Welll all be watching him on Channel Number 5. The crowd is surging inside now as the await- ed moment draws nearer. Inside, we see that William Ward has left his laboratories to attend the all-important festivities. Mr. Ward is a re- nowned nurse for retarded Siamese fighting fish. Sitting at a prominent table in the center of this enormous room are many celebrities, among whom are Lillian Boatwright, hair styl- ist for French poodles: Kay Macuch, successor to Dagmarg Nancy Greene, the wife of a well- known private: Paula Hickson and Barbara Thompson, who have started a fund for under- ground high school sororitiesg Ann Yonce, housemother of ATO Fraternity at Georgia Tech: Camilla Paschal, four time winner of the Miss Universe Contest, Larry Bennett, manager of the Harlem Globetrottersg Nancie Marsh, W'ally Myers, Barbara Simpson and Marvin Jenkins, co-inventors of the fabulous peace bomb. At another table we notice many former Masters Tournament winners. Some of these are Raworth VVilliamson, Sam Mays, Clark Wil- lingham, Lee Parks and Ben Barnes. Their dates for tonight are Shirley Thompson, Paula Hyams, Henri-Anne Girardot, Dorothy Matthews, and Jancie Fende1', the famous R. L. Sumerau models. George Marschalk, who succeeded Sgt. Doo- ley at A.R.C. is giving the command, "eyes- right". It's no wonder, for on obeying the COIN- mand, we see the ravishing form of Gail Lever- ett. entertainer at XVindy Alford's Pool Room. For this world-shaking event we are privileg- ed to have with us the first woman president of the United Universe, Miss Ann Anderson, ac- companied by secret-servicemen, Bobby Moody. tContinued on page 106i Senior Class Prophecy lContinued from page 1055 George Balk. Bobby Inglett, Harold Benson, Bernard Moog, Benny Mullins, Charles Blanch- ard. Hugh McKie, "Flip" Goolsby, and Al Dav- ies. Madame President was flown here in her special plane, RC I, by Bayliss Burdison. her private pilot- Sitting with her at the presidential table is her escort, Stewart Brown, who made his fortune manufacturing growing pills, and the press secretary, Miss Miriam Usry, escorted by Greg Hall, world's tallest jet bicycle rider. These popular vehicles were built by Mac Bric- kle who is now working on a pocket-size inflat- able automobile for Charles Brigham. Also join- ing this honored group is the United Ambassa- dor to Mexico, George Bowen, and his Spanish interpreter. Barbara Clarke. Seen here and there among the large crowd are several familiar socialites including Carole Little, who won her fame as an opera singer for her superb role in Mullie Mulherin and Jackie Powell's delightful opera, "'Wicked Henrietta." Critics for this production, lVillard James and Leon McGowan, thinking "Henrietta" far too wicked, attempted to ban it from the theater, however. the notorious lawyer, Len Chavis suc- ceeded in winning the case for the audiences who clamored for the play year after year. Entertaining several of their proteges are the Misses Joan May and Ann Alston who run homes for jilted wolves. Seated at the press table with us we are pleas- ed to note Frieda Strauss, noted and quoted successor to Dorothy Dixg Eleanor Hemstreet, celebrated editor of "Mad" comic booksg the world's most sought after advice counselors on love problems, Liz South and Carolyn Bostickg Kathy Major, president of the W'oman's Sports- writer's Association, which also includes Vir- ginia Middleton, former all-universe basketball star. The press photographers are Sharon Osher- off, Frank Whitely, Gail Burnettee, Donnie Mc- Neil, Edna Mae Godwin, and Jimmy Kinsey- The house lights dim! The curtain goes up! "T, Watson" Harris, Master of Ceremonies, steps into the spotlight. The suspense mounts as this year's Richmond Academy Award-win- ning actor and actress are to be announced. The crowd is breathless now as Tommy removes the two slips of paper from the secret envelope. Now at last we know that Billy Belding is this year's choice as the Best Actor for his true-to-life performance as "Beauregard" in "Came With The Breeze". And for her portrayal as the lov- able and charming dancer in the CinemaScope production, "I Dance on My Toes Because It's Easier than Dancing on My Hands". Brailsford Nixon has been chosen Best Actress! There is a burst of applause that indicates that all are well-pleased with the winners. W'ell. folks, that's about it for this year. The house is dark now and everyone has left-No! There's Virginia Wilcox, she just can't realize that everything is all over. But she's got some good advice, as usual, she says, "Let's all get together again soon-there are always better days ahead !" Fran Merry Marty Stafford Anne Hardin l I l l 4 mugh the play is nearly over. the must UlllLNtiI1Cllllg' members of the Cust are yet to Lome ARC'-JV.-X will be proud to claim each ese as they appeal' on the stage of lifn I ARC JCX YALEDICTORIANS lx X l lll'Il!INl-I MAJOR .ll'I.lCS HOITIN ily. 1 ,.. ., nf:- mi .V -' fi Q35 f is rw ,fin U 3 . . ln.. if lx. - S 5x X w. if Va, v ,Y G i . ! L MOST POPULAR J. C. A. BOY AND GIRI JtJSICl'Il LEE IilCYIuI I X FAI I BEST ALI, ROUND SENIOR BOY AND GIRI CAMILLA PASCHAL LENARD CHAVIS NIOST POI'L'I,AR SENIOR BOY AND GIRI Q J 'VVILLIAM BELDING BARBARA CLARKE 'fr-up SPORTSNIANSHII' fi 5 Q ,rin-XTQ 9 AQ x, 4 m AL STEVENSON 4 H A. R. C. CONCERT BA MAJORETTES: First row, Peggy llyrd: Sevonul row. Leila Sousa. Martha Crim. Chloris Cliett: Third row. Marian Warren. Roberta Crillb1 Fourth row. Maxine Thurmond, Vonceil Hass. Peggy White. Betty Dragan. Q 5 tyf A, W js 5. f rg - f . Cornets Bobby Bush Billy Norris Fred Phillips Bobby 'Ware Hutch Sims Sammie Smith James Evans Walker Mobley Shirley Hutto Clarinets Norris Blair Allen Mobley Donald Mt-Neil Robert Marion Allen Haain David Jones .Iohn Finrlley Bobby KYinc-hester Charles Younger Bass Clarinet Cornelius I-larmon Alto Clarinet Donald XYillis Flute Lois Frolkis Bassoon Loren Hatfield French Horns Ira Cartee Douglas Pollak Barbara Freeman Lavelle Fofzle Geneva Cooper Saxophones Russell Oliver David Brown Eddie Sills Glenda Mattox Robert Touart Baritones Robert Bowman Leonard Friedman Bass Horns Donald Rentz Tommy Reese Trombones Claude Johnson Glenn Howard Bill Coleman Bells Barbara Stevens Drums Andy Mulcay Priscilla Crow Bobby Holtin .lack Fortson John Flewellinf: Billy von Kamp Marjorettes Lelia Sousa Maxine Thurinond Roberta Cribb Pezgy Byrd Betty Dragan Martha Crim Marian Warren Chloris Cliett Vonceil Hass Peggy White Carol Ward 'if MR. LOUI S FRIEDMAN Director COIIQFZIUIIZIYIOHS And Best Wishes FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Of Augusta NI Off W lt W B I 1 uk THE CITIZENS 81 SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK ir THE GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK AND TRUST COMPANY M Off G tt St Office Ult B I C1GdF1t LEROYS MARKET Tender Meats - Groceries FRESH PRODUCE 1859 Central Avenue Augusta, Georgia Phone 3-660-1 John F. Brickle K Co. Columbia 8: Schwinn Bicycles Lavvn Mowers O Mosler Safes Cash Registers and Market Equipment 846-850 Ellis Street Dial 2-O-137 Johnson, Lane, Space Sk Co. Government Municipal Industrial Stocks Bonds Investment Trust 721 Herald Bldg. Phone 2-7741 Augusta Savannah Atlanta Compliments of WARE BUICK 1350 Broad Street Compliments of Hull, Willingham, Towill K Norman Murphy Stationery Co. Social and Commercial Stationery 718 Broad Street Dial 2-2122 First Federal Savings 85 Loan Association of Augusta Start a Savings Account Liberal Dividends Safety Insured up to 310.000 127 Seventh Street Irvin Realty Company Sales 722 Greene Street Augusta, Georgia ' Long Run 1 e The Best is the Cheapest in the E Management Rentals Toole Supply Company Compliments of Compliments of S. H. Kress Sz Co Augusta, Georgia Known for SCHOLASTIC Industrial Supplies School Supplies Machinery - Pumps In the days when King Tut and his harem were learning the shag, and laying the pattern for the Casanovas to come, some serious minded intellectual of the ancients decided to place on record the virtues of building with clay. Even then, during the dawn of history, the durabili- ty of brick as manufactured by the industrious Israelites was well known. In proof of this, we offer the inscription found on a tablet at Das- hur, which is located a little south of Cairo, Egypt. This tablet is on one of the great pyramids of that region. It bears the following inscrip- tion: "Disparage me not by comparing me with pyramids built of stone. I am as much superior to them as Ammon is superior to the rest of the deities. I am constructed of brick made from mud, which adhered to the ends of poles, and was drawn up from the bottom of the lake." VVe admit that all of the above produces a fond glint in our eyes. MERRY BRGTHERS BRICK 81 TILE CO. The South's Largest Manufacturer of Structural Clay Products Established in 1899 Augusta, Georgia Y. JOE HATFIELD FLoR1sT 935 Jones Street Dial 4-1828 Augusta, Georgia Poultry Palace Market Chickens and Eggs 1204 Ellis Street Dial 2-9937 Congratulations from HAYERTYS Leading Homefurnishers to The South Since 1885 l 719 Broad Street Augusta. Georgia Phine 4-7738 l l Agents for Selmer-Olcls-Conn-Holton Compliments of I King-Martin Y Bands and Orchestra l , Instruments Y il Batons and Sheet Music g i Sclineidefs Klusic Center 56- S500 lv-F-L' Plfmiel' and Cerner Ellis and Broad Slingerland Drums 312 Eighth street Dial 4-3947 Af Nmfh SU'ee'f Augusta. Georgia l ' DIAL 2-0033 E. B. SATCHER, JR, Bear lVheel Alignment Frame Straightening XVheel Balancing General Repair 'Work Tire Skimming 1 l 1215-17-19 Reynolds St. Augusta, Georgia Compliments of SHARPTOX JEWELERS Your House of Diamonds 304 Eighth Street Hill Drug Company Prescription Druggists Phone 3-3621 and 3-3622 Gus Sanders Denis E. Ribordy 1432 Monte Sano Avenue Augusta, Georgia Dr. J. T. Matheny, Prop. PHONE 4-232423 Waddey Office Supply Inc Complete Office Outfitters 22-1 Eighth Street Augusta, Georgia Compliments of B 81 B Lumber K Supply Company Lumber and Building Materials Yard and Office-12-15 D'Antignac St. Corner 13th Wvke C. Ivey, Jr. W. C. Ivey Coal Company 47 years of Serving Augusta Coal - Fuel - Oil - Charcoal Dial 2-9218 1009 Roberts St Augusta, Georgia SOUTHERN Compliments of ROADBUILDERS, INC. General Contractors P. O. Box 1129 Telephones 6-8433 and 6-8434 Redimix Plant Telephone 2-853-1 Airheart's Shoe Store Bassford Motor Co. Is the place to buy good shoes for the Glltife famill' 1-1-17 Broad St. Phone 2-7018 Velvet Step-Cifb' Clllb-Weathel' Bird Be Smart. - Ride A Cushman Motor AIRHEART'S SHOE INC. The Store with a Heart Scooter to School Distributors: All Kinds Mercury - Canoes - Boats 952 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia Outboard Motors S: Cruisers F Goodrlch p O . I O A C Compliments of J BROAD AT 1ofh-PH. 2-2674 Augusta, Georgia Tires - Tubes - Batteries Kelvinator Refrigerators Thor 'Washing Machines Motorola T Y Georgia Xeon Sign Company CLARENCE MOBLEY CONTRACTIXG COMPANY General Contractors "Lowest Price - Maintenance Considered" Greetings Woodward Lumber Co. ELECTRICAL EQLIPMENT Your Building Material Department Store 1010 Roberts St. Augusta, Ga Phones 2-4611-12-13 Feedright Milling Co. For Discriminating Buyers Highest Quality Feeders ti Growers, Inc. Feed - Seeds - Baby Chicks 209-219 Eleventh Street Augusta. Georgia Maxim SUPPLY ' Tom Stuart ' 975-987 Broad Street Phone 4-3512 In Augusta it's 3ViSOIl,S D P V OF DIXIE Bodeker-Fuller Drug Company J. H. Carswell, Owner Broad 8: 12th Streets Augusta, Georgia Phone 2-5577 Compliments of Busbia Realty Company 134 Eighth Street Augusta. Georgia Phone 4-5568-9 Compliments of RUBENS Augustzfs Only Home Owned Department Store Largest Boys' and Students' Department in Augusta. Compliments of Augusta Hide Company E. A. and R. M. Lamar I-Iollovyay Tire 85 Compliments of Reeappng Company Audio-Visual Center 1260 Reynolds Street 216-12th Street Augusta, Ga - DiS'f1'ilJUf01'S - R. G. Smith, Jr., Mgr. Goodrich Seiberling Everything for Pennsylvania Tires Audio-Visual Program AUGUSTA-HOUSTON CO. 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Building Specialization and Supplies Metal Products Phone 2-2176 1-1 Seventh Street Augusta, Georgia Two and One-Halt' Per Cent Interest Paid on all Savings and Time C'ertit'icates Deposits Insured up to 310,000 Interest Compounded Semi-,-Xnnually Realty Savings Bank 'tAugusta's Only Strictly Savings Rank" Member F. D. I. F. 827 Broad St. Augusta. Georgia You're always right When You Give THE PIT f' Awww LNLSL'-Xl. C.-XNDIES Q "BL1:'?j-et its Best" 4- 'fini -5" YAZY Q A ff -,iziiyeirtiezits oi 9 Em pire Furniture Co. O X ' 1i""1Qf-life H-ixiehi-Id F'.1i':1is?i"4' i i HW Hfcisfalsox 1f'i'3 Biff-'i ffm' Plus Z1 Complete Line Di?-1 0 5 3 FOR THOSE WHO LOVE FINE THINGS C-i-nigi-Qirziezits ij-: 1 Jennings Drug Store Pinnell Heating And Air Conditioning. Inc. S55 Walker Street A.'.1g11sta. Ge-i-rsi XAPOLYS H Itnlian Restautant or-1 Broan rt. Pn-1-zze -L-2261 .3.'15'LSiE.S 'III-' LL-BYTES-Elfifl'-'E CI .IILTCTIEG --2-12, q-:71.L..:- X Y -. . .. 1-i Siitters ci . .v. 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Hutcheson-Bentley C0H1DlimeHtS of Furniture HARRY H. BELL, JR 914 Telfair Street And Phone 2-9995 Augusta, Georgia L. G. BA1,FoUR Conmxr Thad lVilkins Class Attlelmro Representative Rings Mzissucliiisetts RING COMMITTEE Left to right, Sue Mertins, Camilla Paschal, Elaine Hogan, Fran Merry, Eleanor Hemstreet, Mary Sue Hill, June McElmurrz1y, Cree Kilpatrick, Terry Bentley, Bill Harden, Bill Kuhlke, Benny Fulcher. Compliments of YANCEY BROS. CO. Prescription Dept. Surgical Supplies, "CATERPILLAR" Diesel Tractors Contractors' Equipment Inc. 1781 15th Street 1429 Harper Street Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia C 1' t1 f - Om mm 5 0 Fifth Avenue Shoppe T. J. Carstarplien Co. "The Shoppe All XVomen Know" .1 1 K 1 -. Who eqa e Where T BACCO - DRUG SUNDRIES O "The Most Beautiful Clothes Are Sold' PAPER - CANDIES Phone 4-8211 1021 Telfair st. 829 Broad St- Augusta, Ga Augusta I-Iardvvare Co. 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Royal Crown Bottling Co 7-Up Bottling Co. .- ----. -A 1 ' f . r tfffsgrf Qs-,ip A ,I , ,, A , as . iw. fm W' A 4 S Af X sf " Q is 9 EN E' if I ' . .fl ' 'l ii 'au - ' A A ' HHH!! and .- ttgigiommmmm gg ni 1 mmm mr I is Bleu-A 1- " . I .x,. MV.. . V Y ., , ' ' 'M 'V' "'-' yy'-4, T HEL H -- w f - 4-'T-M ' A . A '-'A' . f I I ' . E A f:"V"V -' rm- W. ' Compliments of Starr Smith Motors, Inc. Dooois - PLYMoUTH 521 Broad Street Best Wishes Radio Station WBIA NBC AFFILIATE QQQ1' 'T T 'iff I CHARDS' if mtv .ir Q FN l H gig Murphy gl Robinson PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS " FINE Ml V Fl'liNl'l'l'lilC . , u , i Inlwigl. Memhei Opticians Guild ,N 2,1 Ibex-nrzitliig U .E 1 Q . -2 . , , -:T ,affejggf lff'1'?Fg Lobby S. F. C. Bldg. Dial 2-5641 , QE N iapeiles ,F"-- 1 A' 564 Greene Street Compliments of Rhodes Furniture Robert Wilkinson PHOTOGRAPHER Company Commereial-Portraits-Weddings 1051 Broad Street "Serving the South Since 1875" 871 Broad St' Dlal 2-3070 THE RED AND YELLOW WRAPPER IS YOUR b Q GUARANTEE OF BREAD OF THE A. M. McAuliffe Chas I. Ulikei Mell, Jr. HIGHEST QUALITY , 9 McAuliffe Realty oo. Cl5uSSgnS REAL ESTATE-RENTING I .., SURETY BoNDs-INSURANCE ' iiiiii I in ,,.. ,V A V :VV 1.25: 807 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. "" I ..... I ' A -"1 if The Soutlil Finest Bread Since 1941 OCT Star Lubbage Shop FINE LEATIIEII GOODS ANI! GIFTS S10 Broad Street Star Music Shop HAND MCSICAL INSTIICMENTS ANI! ACCESSORIES 218 - Sth Street Compliments of WARREN WALKER JEWELER "The House of Fine Sterling" 8331 I'II'02lCI Street Augusta. Gu. 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Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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