Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1954

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Ex libriag The Muslreteer The Musketeer, the knight of old, Was brave, courageous and very bold. Each day he tried to do his best, And many times ne'er thought ot rest. lt may be strange that these years on ln modern times and knights long gone That Richmond chose to take the name Of MUSKETEER, with all his tame. The choice is good tor students try To show example, and all do vie To beat the rest, yet one to be A team of teams-close company. The Musketeers of old won worthy tame. And Richmond's Musketeers have earned the name. -By Hilary Ann Corlett 194 1 I KZ! I E' f .iq 5 .I I .","'L.: W , lnirgl? If fp?-'P' Xi.: u, I W 'ff - A IP I I I illf 1 X fp vrageifgffffii-"?r'J5g . . gn .-3-:gay .-ny, -K' .5 2' " cf:-E5 A A , -.--Y-.qi .- Kg-,-':.-1 r ,.-. I. - ,i iw " Q N s . J ' if-vig 263251. ' . W- -- ui, 1,-.-.jg D 4 ..C'-' .' 45- N .1 " . . .,-r.. ff" 7' T1 .i:F13f:f'2?:f -"' E T 1 "l'l251'2!f , -.., .,., , ' " ' 14' ' -zgwfl' H3534 er 7 Tf-Vi. -"- ibkll H. f,5z '12-if ' X537 J . Q.-1 .I K, " 7 T r ,U I 4,?kjf'1' :. g, 4: Q-.. .QM 'E' .xg . 1 :l f f '22 x f' Ap! I ff I , ' X 1 I . X . K PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OI" TIIE JUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA AND THE ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY AUGUSTA. GEORGIA DR. ERIC XYEST HARDY With love and appreciation. we dedicate this RAINBCXY of 1954 to Di: Erie West Hardy. Though he is going out front the Acaderny and .Junior College with these graduating classes, he will always he re- ineinlimered not only for his tangible additions to our school, but also for his Qontrihution to the development ofthe many young people with whom and for whom he has dedicated his life. Administration Q fig- Q- ANTON P. RIARKERT B.S. in CE., BLA. Iuhlf XX ENT HARIJH , 3- N. 1.-1"V' J V Nut ' , gl ml!"-X lo' Q-53' -- V S f: f X 5 1' 1 'N I A I AIR. D, H. ROBINSON MRS. ILE. HARRIS Bookkeeper Dietitian MHS. C. A. AENCHRACHER Secretary .76 'T' L. 15' 'Xia xL'5'K MRS. G. L. BOLTON Se-c'1'etu1'y 95 -195 cu y . MR . A t In . 45 Q have A wg A ' 'Q' Y ,, -anti?" ,M 11- , is 1:5156 X I QT x Left to right: MARGARET BAILIE, RSM A.l1.L.S., Librarian HETH HARTLES, IIS., Business Education GEORGE LANGSTON BOLTON, ILS., Athletics, Mathematics -. A5545 1.4 w,5 ,.-. x A Y BILLY E. CARROYV, IXIXSGT., M.S.aQT. lnst1'uCtO1' JAMES EARLY COLBERT. HS., M.S.. B.A.. Business Education CHARLES GUY CORDLE, H.A., M.A., History HARRY DOLYNIUK. HA., Chemistry il L- Aa iff' MARSHALL JACKSON FLOWERS. JR., B. Mathematics, Geofrraphy, Athletics LAXVRENCE ALBERT FOX, ILA., Drawing LOUIS FRIEDMAN. LIS. in Music, M.M., Music S., Education 3 . . M 'V' 1? A as I A A hx' W 3 . as ' A V 122 ik BERT. R,Music, Choral Music H.S., Business Education 5.S.A.E.. Co-ordination D.C.T.. MARX EN XNS H XI L GEORGE M, HARDY, Job Training LEAH DOROTHY HAL A i A A I J .I 22Zf5..' :.i7c1"' I .,,, - I 'YH FRANK EDWIN INMAN, B.S., M.Ed., Cheniistry. Athletics HILTON N. JOHNSON. M!SG'I'., M.S.8tT. Instructor FRANK E. LAMBERT. RS., MS., Chemistry, Biology CURTIS J. LUCKEY, B.S,, Mathematics JOHN F. DOOLEY, S.F.C., Ass't. Instructor of ANN XYISHAIIT HRAIJIJY. B.A.. M.A., English, Draniatics THELMA BROXVNETTE, B.F.A., M.F.A., Art JAMES A. CALDNVELL, Major, P.1VI.S.4QT, . Y Quas- Ya ig , as Xw M.S.tQT.. Rifle Team Coach ELROY DUPUIS, U.A.. MA., English JOHN EVANS EUBANKS. B.A., M.A., Latin History , Government k rw Si NORMAN L. GALLOXVAY, B.S.. M.A., Matlielnatics A.B.. M.A., Mathematics B.S,, M.S., Biology ., Mathematics MARY SAVAGE GILLILAND. LUTHER ALFRED GRIFFIN. JOHN THOMAS HAINS, HS 104 05. . Q K? ,Wi I JANE HEARN, B.A., H.A.L.S.. Librariai GEORGE TURNER HOWARD, HS., L.L.B., Spanish THOMAS J. HUFFMAN. I3.A., M.A., History BARBARA C. INMAN, RS.. Physical Education 1 VVILLIAM LEROY MADEN. HA., M.A., French MARY JAQUELIN MARSHALL, B.A.. M.A,, English HARRY CHAPMAN MILLIGAN, B.S., Mathematics, Athletics neu ty .Q ' X A ,Q ,Y . Q 1 x -Q vs. 'Q-Us O .- .., fi -tv QIIARLES HAIIOLIJ MIT! HELL. IIA., M.A., English AMANDA H. MOSELEY. ILS., Ihuneniaking Education JOSEPH RI'FI'S MOSELEY, ILS., M.S.. Mzitheinzitics XVILLIAM G. AII'RI'HY. M SGT.. .Iii IIHIRICIIIIIQIII Ist Sat . . ly 4 50 4-ggi' D' L . WILLIAM C. McGEE, Assistant Property Custodian of Military Dept. GLADYS NEEIIHAM, A.I3.. M. Ed., Professionzil Certiticute in Counseling and guidance, Guidance JOSEPH JEFFERSON NIXON, IIA.. MA., Economics, History I.I III tfltlufdbld .XI4'AI I,II'I'I',, IMA, MAX. I,:1tl1l, Illslnmry JESSE I., AIc'IlANIICI,S, A.I!., .XI..X, IIIISIIIPSS I'IlIIl4'llIIHIl AIILIFIIA Ms-IQAIIEE, 4 YHQII' 1'uIIe-uv 4't1l'IIIin'2llv, IIISIUIT I' N 'x - .Q -L .E A 1 ,a S -., V .. . A +4 -" ,.1 gait- .fi . ' 'I :fda 1 qv ' fs, I ii M I Q. , 'I ' SARA XYINNIE OYERSTREET, IIS., AI.A., Fl'G1It'Il AUHYRN GAIIELLE ONYENS, HA.. English HENRY OSGOOD REAII. Ph.Ii.. M.A., English JOE MAYS ROBERTSON, ILS.. M.A.. Matlieniutics 6 I I S' 6 is Q up .1 H' :I My E X . u "7 - I ' QS. vif '. .hi DOUGLAS H. ROBINSON, A.Ii.. M.A.. Prof. of Business PAULINE STEVENS. R.N.. Nurse Ed.. Bookkeeping GRACE STRAUSS. IIA., MA., History GEORGE MILTON SCOTT, IIA., IZ, Litt..M.A., English CHESTER McKINLEY SVTTON, ILA., MA.. English VIRGINIA FIELD SMITH, I3.A,. MA.. Guidilncc JOSEPH LECONTE TALLEY. ILS., MS., I'Ii5'sit's I E ' 5 ' 'X Iv- fs' ' ' f y- -nr in-Q '. 'J . f fc' A -S I.. ig-, -f 41 I RUBY CLOER TURNER, B..-X.. Educ-ation SHELBY LEE XYALLACE. HA., MS., Human Biology, Zoology MARGARET YIIHETTO WHITE, BS.. Hoineniakin: Education ARTHUR LEONARI1 XYILLIAMS. If!.A.. Evoiioinics. History, Athletics GROYER BENTON XYILLIAMS, ILA., M.A., Mutheinutivs JEAN XYILLIAIXIS, IIS., Business Edin-ution PERCY NYISE. BA., M,A., English Y! ICATIONAL SCHOOL XVILLIAM M. BROXYN. Automotive Shop GEORGE MARTIN DASHER, XYood Shop RAYMOND B. DUFORD, Electricity XYALTER H. FORD. Radio and Electronics NOT PICTUREDZ 9- Q' mx 63 WILLIAM A. GRIMSLEY, Ah' Conditioning and Refriyeiwition WYNORA P. HAHMON, Beauty Culture .IAMES K, ROIIGERS, Machine and Welding MINNIE IXICGEE. HS., Business Education LYNN OGDEN. IIS.. MS.. Ilirectoi' of Vocational School ELIZABETH XYOLF, BS., Secretary of Vocational School J. 6. A. Sopliomores OFFICERS XYAHREN EYHANKS ,,,,,,,,,, ., ,,Pl'e-sident FRANCES UUCKLEY ,,,..,.. Vice-President JEANNETTE ROY ,,.,,,, Set-.-Tmas. Zofzl Rho Siunm 2, 1. 5 Cmmcil: Mllsl-1-'M-4,-1' Stuff. A A FRANCES SCI-IONHAIIIIT HYCKLEY Uliriuht vyes sparklim: like n ue-m We f'n1l nzwuht in he-r in 4-umleninf' XYAHREN HAIRD EUBANKS "The sreiwval infusion of wit," Rim Chi 2. I: Presiclem of Rhn Chi 2: Student Y Club 21 Chaplain nf Student Y Clulw 2: Class 7 v l'rL-sirlvnt 23 A. R, C. Iizxselmll Manmler 2. li ' If Fmvtlmzxll lVlanaL:L'r 1. BONNIE JUNE DRAW FORD Hnhpy gi: lucliy in her trend But all in :ill zx vvrx' my ul frien I, H4-nur 1: Zvfw Rhvr Siumu 2, 11 F-Iuvlvnt SARAH FLEMISTER "Oh .al-4 'QV well nf love, a spring uf light," ' thvn I saw her eye was luriulil ,I J. C. A. Sopbomores I"IlANI'ICS IIICTT "III-r smilw is nv--vt, II1-r wry is guy, Shu han QI mvrry. vxinniuu way." I Stuvln-nt lf-lun--il L, I: Hnilllnm Stuff LI. I: IH- Iz-Ixt-vr-1n-L'h10f 22 Ii-litfnr-irx-1-Iwwl' I. Mum Stuff' 2. I: I'hi IYI Ulm-un: I'rvXi:I--nv. SHI-It-ur Y Club 2, I1 Vim- I'r-Ni-lvm 2: Sw-W: I'hl'iwtl:m Hllrkorx Iwum-il I. Illu h hmwr' I' I'I11 Thy-tax Km-1-21 2: 'l'runsfvrI-I-Il In Azlunz 1 Term. AIIELIC MARIE LAMB "HL-r hmlrt is I-pl-rw as the -lay: 11- I. Q Her fm-lima :III are true." I Vhrist ian YVwrkur4 Cllunvil, IIHYVE .IOIII IAN IIILI. IlI".EbE "Hit:-I1 your wap-In tn :I star 'IMI break, my Iwmt: Aml III'-rr-f-Ire rem-h un-at hm-ich! I Ihr I mu-I hwiul my tulxg4x1u." I'hi Dv.-Ita Alpha 1. Il. GI-IIJIUIIC ROLLINS h.. 'tHe is gmulbnntllre-I :mul haw u frivn-Ily unrul I'-ur all." vvx"' gf Y I I. .' gl I I 'Q In ii'- S' si ...Z- -f .YP N v V27 x X Wi IH NJ x EVA JHANETTE Rox' "May ymxl' llfe Ing zllwuyx muy, Full nf Ixznmvlxu-as ul-sn: the way." ll Phi Them Iizlmla 2. SI-srutury 2: Treasurf-r ..f Ulzzsw 21 Hiuh I' I. XXX SMITH "A lvuplllur mzllll :xml alwllgw in style. In ruin ur wunshilxe, shy- wt-urs 11 murrv 1 Iliuh 11-ml-I 11 szmnlnz Y vm. L, 1, ' .IANICT XYILSON SMITH Nmilv 'l 'Shv Imax :I 4-frxw nf Immur :mil the phxxvr tl. l:m:I1." Ilwxwr I: lletu HIM- Siunm I: I'rvsiml.-nr 2. G LA I 7 YS LO RITA SXYEAT "NYI1e-raver she finds herself in life, Shdll nmke 11 :mul aIl1IitiI.n." I'hi Theta Iinm-u I, Hiuh II--nur I. Stu' I.-ut X Vlulr, I'x'esidQ-nt 2. I: 'I'1wl1lv lflel' Vlnl- 2: Iiirh- m4n1I l,'lwr:IlierQ 2. Ilwlnl-mv Ibixtrillmilm Iiflit-Ir ' I 4 lx A I r 1h mx I L. 3 'ass ' H' ui' L. YIC'I'OII LOVIS XVILLIAMS 'IIIN vnlnr 141111 his ninll. I'rux'I- him Qlllfv,-rim' tu hir kin-I." LINIJA XYOO "'ltIn-ru wh-Iul1l Ive rx wrt-ullx WI-un in .vll ilu- xv.-rlfl hy-r uw.,-th," J. 6. A. Freshmen Mig, I F' 1. f Q OFFICERS ' " -4 I1-mllflm 1:u'11Ax1:1v sT11,1, sw N 5 4 " W-lwfnlflm 1:.xm:. x1:Ax 1:,xNxlsT1c1: W -, f fq -f,-'zm-ans, .mmv KENT 3 2 v J 3 f Q I fl . ' r . I SJ J fx, f I 5 'I H. , 'fri in f 'P-xi ' 4': QQ 1 ,.-, XJ wa .7 , ' ! '29' E- '. 'FN ., 1 Q V? fl!! .,iZrf": ,fa f" '11 , 1 As-" . -"5 ,4 1.1. SN-if ' D A 12- ' 3 ,ff I y ff "ff -vw- l.1l1 .Xllmlelsull Beverly Ipllfl' 'l""'. lllklllllkl Ilvzntliv Shirlvy Frveland wg -C" wr 1- F 5 ,.... Vzmulilw FHIIYSUII Howvll Gilllmre Xrlis llrew .lulvs Godin vin lddwznrfls .Iznnes Gregory " 'ginia Huffman J. 6. A. Freshmen lv,- un., 'Ti im. 3' ,f. yn Marianne Mitchell Thomas Morris 5 2' x 1 X bi lvl 1 une 1x11c XQYIIIQ 1u1lne 11411011.1111 .ul nwt Mm 111:11 94' vi' an 'mr-uv KN Ivi- 5' 'S'4l'g N-3 'C Anne Mural Neva Reynolds 14211111 Snndin Nancy Silhert .Inyve Sullivan Louise Xlym' 1!i11y 1l21111S11Ul11ll11l .1e1'1'yA1111e1ieesv Robert NYn1ton Mary XX'i1kins Ethel Wl'i:11l Gl'2l1't? Y211'l114Ull!l1 ' , 'Zo-a T Nsiy fp A. R. 6. enior President ., , KATHERINE BAILEY Vive President ,,., KENNETH MERRY SUl'l't'l2lVB'-Tl'9llSlll'91' , ROY SXVANCY 'lv' 010 sv 'i', . ' ,hx 1 l'lLLY ICIPXYAIIII ADAMS XVILLIAM ERNEST ALEXANDER NANCY .IO ALBION Xkh.-io flu-1-.Us gi will tlimmfs 4 xx "NVith snrh a comrade, sur-h a Friend: "Her rnerry laugh has a veitain tinltle. I fain would walk till journey's end." And in her L-yi-s there-'s n merry twinkle." Mix' ,li-jlgln' A1,pjxx'1N14 Color Guard 41 "ls" varsizy I-'o.,uw.11 :xg -'Ar Tri Theta -xg Ri.-hmonil r'h..m:wrs :ig Trvldi ,, .. . ., . . ,, - 1 ,, , ., Varsity Foothall 4, Clef' Club 3: Christian VVorkc-rs Council 4 Iixlmliglli, lzzflllzl' rk'A"1ll'lV','1'1':'1tl'I'I"g''A Transfer from l'arkev-slmrvh Hiuh Svliooi, Park X up im-Q. ll P Clul- 1 's:iiHif.A vm. 'iv Yom.-l JOHNNY RAY ALLEN --islmruli, WN Viffifliilr SUI'h"l'll'll'l' Girls Cho 'IN' ,V 2. .14 .A vM.hi,,. lfmlwnmll 4' 3' 2' UH.. UNM tim Serious. nm tm' Kay: rus 2: qlimufh Club WZ: Axtq Qluh 2: The-sinan X iisity l4,i.l,l-1l,,.,l lg lhisoligill 1 4, 1, llut a rare good fellow when it vonn-s to play." Tr"ul'U "' blllllvm k"l""ll -' High Honors 3, 2, li M. S. N T, Mn-Fit llal' 25, 23 , , , , fiolzl "li" Society 4: Sabre Cluh 3: Treasurer HARHX lx- -NNUEHSON Sabre' Vinh -1: Student Counvil 3: "A" Varsity "Sivnlvlis'ity, Sinverity and Si-rviat liasl-iethail -1, 3, 2, lg Iiasl-hall 4, IS, 2. 4,- i 1:7 IIIEHIPURE U. ATXYO I muh off your t ouldos. ii NICH ISAVI l 1el.on, wi-ll nn-1, IES Ti nst'-,-rri-d lroin bww ANIJI-CRSON l'Ul'RTNEY UAILIE "VVhal's the hulry, le-Us stop, he lazy: and enjoy ourselves." Honor l. 2: Richmond Fellowship Cluh -1. KATHERINE BAILEY "None ever saw. but at first siuht they loved." Gold 1: Honorary Cadet Colonel 4: Military Sponsor ISI Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 3: Tri Alpha 4: Class President 4, 2: Student Council 3: Cheerleader 4. HELEN RUTH HAll,EY "Sinvvre in what she does." Christian VVorkers Counvil -1. NOLAN IIUDLEY IZAIRD "VVomen reduce ns all to the common denoniinatoif' Honor 2: Richmond Hi Y Set-retary 3: Viv- President 3: Treasurer 2: Sahri- Cluh Vim President -I: Guild "R" Sovicly 4: V. F, VV Sabre: Student Council -4: Class President l Class Secretary 3: The-ta Tri Hi Y Sweetheart S T0 5 1 ll h nnis -1. 3. 2. : GIAA Douves C ampion ship. 3. A. R. 6. enior ll' 'Y7 lll'llXYUUll Llili l3Al,l,.Xllll .ll'Nl'I l1.Xlllll'I'l"l' ll1lN.Xl,lP lfl'Il'l'll I2lCl.I. "'l'hv mzm uhm l-luxht-X lx nut quite at l-rut:-." "A infill xxnnizmf' 'l --tum -mln thi- lwurs vlml :nv I-riulilf' lliuli ll-in--r 2, 1: Hum-r iii livin Vluli 1. IL, 1. Vliristizun NK'-wk:-rf l'-min-il i: Ynvnnu liifv 1, Zi. ILXIIILXIIAX lll'2l,l'fX IIIQXOIT K:il'l':i Gziininza liln- 4:Mi1hkt-It-vi Siwrlf liilit-it I, - X MIN Ii H- umm! Hx Nh.. unmx IU IH, -. ,Xnmml Stuff 21 l'l:itmvn St-rut-:uit lg Nl!" Ynrxlty Hwh INN, s .ll UVM 1-lm' 'L fl-WIIIII VIH. VIN., I l'1'-'Will' ff- 4'i.1-Mimi w.,r1..t-x 1'.,..,..-11 1. Tr. .,XIpli:i 1. in., v v i V Q v , N V11 v ' W v Y V xv -r if A ii-r":i M-'lkzi A-X 'st'-i li :', l'.t 1m1:u'1'm LAX 1-Jam. IsARlxhll mu mix 1:if,iwl11m:1fiif,1.1w 'Li ':i:, 11i..'.Jf,Q.'5,..i-Q' 1. Nltigkivitdt-il sm? 1, fl' "XN'inniuu ix licr vxiy :ind Quinny is hcl' Xlnxlif' 'T-1 lun-in li--1' .5 In Inu' li:r.' Nlzcinwirv-1 li-litifr ir! Nlvixli--vnwi' l. 'l'r:inXt'--r frivm l" 'l'. X. l, 31 Cliriwtizili XYmlu're Clrxinvil It. Q, ll.-wir Z. HY" 'llvvlix 34, 2, l. lflltlllv 'l'1-:wht-iN 32, Ynililixx Vzvllf.. :llul ,Xin-l1ui':wt', Alxnxltnl .Ml Rninlmw Stuff 1, Zi, ZZ. l: Spllrtf lidil-rr l. liunl- l"u1iirtA Nur---N H, l.:itm Vluilv I, lluiiili.-xx Stuff Hull!-rl' 4-I' .-Xmiunl J. S1-.1 t'Qul. 1. Tri-lli-Y I, Iwi :im-c Assistant 1: l5:i-lu-tlmll IZ: Vxilvtuin Ywlltwlvznll K, Ti. Vlnli H, 3, lVv'lv:iu:iiX IZ. Vhziliipiniix 2. - -Y.- S x . ' 1 Q x Vl'IlillY IDELANO III..-XCKXYEI.L llAli.lUllllC l!UNll,-XM 4llllllNlX Kll.Xl, lZll.U'li 'Nm--1' dn twdziy xxlial yum rain put 1-ft' ful' tuinui- "Thu xciy wink ol' iw-1'tl-vii'-ii." ' lluin- :md lu- linmvy . ww." 'l'li:nt'N :dl fm' th-f limi." M. S K T. llnnure 3. ZZ: Salim- flulv -12 'llrnwlx l. l'ATlllf'lA J. l50lllNE NTIS IIUXYNIAN, .Ill XYll,l.l.XKl lllll'ff'K lilll4lllAKl "XYithm1t lun and laiuulitvl, lift- ir nnthinuf' ' l-Yu-vxln-415 Itixtw :md lwxlu---lx llu' N-If-nizulv mzilufi ' N4-mf limit liiniwt-If um lu' hix pnmllm-I " 'l'r-Alvlv Ch-f Clulu 4, Ii: Rivlinnuml Cl1ui':ilit-is X, Ii, liitimmzix' S.-lwnl Uiziwli, lin-'imwml l-'vll-rxxfliip Vlul- 1. S4-und Off 4, 141 lininlwm Stuff 1: 'l'i':in4fvri--.l funn M-uint Saint .Lv-vph: GI.-Q Ffuh Q, lg litvunil ht- N1-uint 2, ll Clirislizin NYnrl-tt-rs Vmin-'il Jil YI. X ming Life X. 'W -0- V. .4 " JOHN F. BHINSON. JH. 5lAliG.XllI'I'I' Nl.-XRlfllAll lYlIl'NlSHY .lll ANN llflilllllllli AWVhere is the end ofstu1ly'f Let mo lnirmf' "'I'h-w Mlm lirilix: annshimf inn- lu.,-X nf irtltvik. ".X tlimisnnul girl- in -vm-." ll. S. K T Honors ZZ: Hiuh Hunur- 1: Sztlirt- l'lxxlu uznniifrt In-L-lv ll fr--m tlienist-Ixus," lliuli ll:-ix--rw 743 l'lii'lNti:m XY-Irkt-ix 1'nulvi.'i' 1 42 Kappa Gamma lihu 4: "A" Varsity lfmitlizill II. lf. Vlul- X, Transfer frnvm lilimlmtli Pity lliuli lim-i Ulul- lg Vliwvil--:i-It-i' 1. lliifk--tv:-1' Stuff 1 41 "li" Varsity lfmmcxtlmll il: Travk -I, 3, S1-lmtilg lfuturv Tv-zlvht-is Il: Nntimml llwn-fr Sum-'zxry I-Q-litur l: llninlu-xx Stuff J-S, My ill Sit.-lliuht l'lul1 1, .lr. llrmuzitit- Vlulw Vim.- CAROLINE I-IUNTER BROXYNE l'rw:d'-nt ll Studvnt I'-uint-il ZS, 2 l. Vlnv 'Trunk- "Su-eetcr also than honey in the h--nw' rirniluf' fgfvi' ill l1'l'F41T3' NHH 3: llziv N.'1'!'I'Y1lT5 fi lfillill Future Nurst-s 4: Rivhmnnd Ch-naliers Ji: Tram- -- ' , . . Y ., fer frnm North Augusta. S. C.: Futura Tezwliw- , , X v W , , , , N W I'AHllAH-'X 'H3-xx ITT HN5 Club, Xi:-Q President 2: 4-H Clul- 2: Latin l'Iul- 2. XX ILLIAM Lhh hill XIXHI 1151! 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Future- Home-nialu-r4 4: 4-H Cluhi Jr. Hiuh Stu. Hunnr- 31, 2. Future Tvavhers 111 ChriQtl1n Wu I Y dent it-unvil: Creative W:-itin: 34: Jr. High lim- er, Vmim-il 1. XX ILLIE JEAN FI,l'1T1'HHll lfrflwlll. Hur nziturc nmkv- hw' Nmilinu fam-, , , ' v 1 7 AVDHEY FREE lim tn- lilx- at -unny -lzlyx' ANA KATIJEHIXE POLIX "The zlentle mincl hy gentle devils is kmm "He-rt-E :1 girl whu's lnvunsi 1.1 win. Her heart has rm-m fur mny friennlff' Future Teachers 1: Chriftizm XV-.rkerf Cmiiw' 3 Rainln-xx Staff 4: liasketliall 4. 32 lntI'amur:4l Haw- ks-tlvall l. .14 1 0. R. 6. enior N 5 1 A - ,,,... 'gr V T fb .IABIICS XI.-XNNING l"lII'IICI.ANIl JICIIIKY JEAN FIIIUKS .Nl.XlllI'l IC. I"l'I,I,l'Ili'I'HN "A N-'Ill iff liil1'lY1t'4S bvlivvim: tlwvrl of I-u'Fy'vT10." "Kin4ll.t-sh ix :I xirtue to treaiftlw nlwzu- "XXIII-rv would thu to In gill ilu- um-1.1L Illrhmonil Uhr-Vziliuri 4. 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Hivrhe-Nt Honor- Il: High honor ij: Honor 13 lie-tu t'luh 4. 3, 2: Future Teachers 4, 3: Sound Uff Staff 1: Tulminn Tinwx Staff 11 Stuilent Council lg Iilnrk nnnl tiolil "T" I, XYALTER EFGENE GIBSON '4Well timed :ill-noe hzist mort- I-l--quenre than speech." Hi-:h liurvor l, Il, 2: Ilxrlinioml Fliorztlin-rs Y, 'li R14-hmoxzl lltnlxelw.-is fi, J: Iiotu Cluli I1 Latin l'Iuli I. 1 .Pa 'T ltlCII. Ili " -1 - 1 'or xv-ini' 1 - them mi' seteej' MAI VIE LOIIISE MRIFFIN " 'trclx I trut :ini sohcr ss." ' riutiam 'orlu-ri C uunvi . 1 'N I K JIINE SYLVIA IIILLIUN 'AZQ-st and fix-shnes-." R. E, GLAIDIN "They lou- :intl cannot do without," Iluin-lrlll I, Ci: H. Varsity Footlrall Ti, .ll Svr! fl, 3. v Y?"Wf sun! K'l,AI'lPI'I'I'TIC HOOIPIYIN it-wo: uifi--l :Intl lil inort-il," NIAIIY l'.X'I'III'IIIINIC CUSS I!-'v.i1vl1inu airs :Ire hvrsf' t'hriwt1:in lK'orl+.4-rw Vuunvxl fl. -v 1 7 1-9 SIKA PRXNCEN GRIFFIN TII KIIIIFFIS for them- 'tYmir thoughts are huzzim: like :1 swnrni f Ives." 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Varsity I"-mtlmll I 2, Yggr5i1y I-'...,1l.nll, Ilunox' 2, High llnlmr II, Hi--hm-fm! Hi-Y II, 2. Sulwrv Fluh I: Ymmu I.if1 1. .I. ilu-1-1':Q-znlm' 1' MII" Y-1r'11x' lun-vluxll I 7 Tm--R -I. L. A. R. C. Seniors P ,a f - 1 . 9 un , , - W , gg ' Q 'P ' 30, 2 X"5J ."' uf 1 1 4' -, ,-4 l N ,Q - ,. 'Q Q! 14 .1 '1'L' J :,.:::' fr ' f . ,-4 A. R. 6. enior -v '1"U5 fs' V7 IZAIIIIAII.-X ANN 'I'II.I.ICIlY ,XHNICS .IOAN VNIIICIRXYOOIJ .IAXYANA I". VSIIY "I,mnks tu uquul livr u1':wt-.II "Quin 11 vuivulrlv :lull um-ll-lilwll girl," "Fit tu smuvl ilu alum- -ul' iuillmux " Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 3: l'hi'iQll:m XYu1'lxur4 1'-rum-il 1, Bi Ym-uw: Life l, 3: lhiiulnuw Stuff I, Suuiul HM' Y NIAIIY f',XIUlI,l'N Y.XI'IilIN 4:4 Tltxiiwfm-i'i'u:l I'1'um L'eull':il Iliuh, llxlttll- Vu-vl4, L'AIiL1GNE VSHY H4h.m,',. ,rl,mlQ,m,NS HW! mHHm,,.--' Minh' "Shu hue zz I-vu: fur fuu null Iuuu'l1lvl'." 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PJHNEbTIN'3 X' ll AL FUN Hwuui' li lim-tu Clullg Tri Them 4: Suuvk llu "-X mu-tty fmilu full -ul' suiwliim' :su-I lamulilf-11" NYu1'l4n-1' 13 Silxvr lg Sol-iwtairy UI' Flaws 2, Ilunurf Zi: Hi-gh Ili-lu-rw 2: livin Clull. "K 23 'ff-n V T fi i I I 1 I f s 1 ' YYILLI.-XXI R. XVEST IIOIEIIY XVIIITE LINIIA ANN XYIIITTIIE "Ynuf.h will not nlwaiys last su 1,1-81.21149 tht- fiiiuyl- "His 1-mllmw mul ig cui1t.iuimi4," "Hur smil--, lu-1' sm-el-li, lu-1' xxiuuiu: '-any Ivy mmrlmlinzl thu past." M. S. K T. Illurit Ilzxr I, 32 Cmlel Hi-Y 3. 2. l: lVilcN ulvl lruululek nimnl znxzlyf' Rivlini-:ml Vlmralivxw il: Siuuinu Mil-I-.I-tw-w 32: Hiuh Iluuur 21 Ih:-tu Ulul: 1. Sl, Z: lfuturn- lun L'lu'iQ1i:m W4-rkm-rs L'-'um-il 4: l'hL-1-1'lvznlL-1' 'li Stu- 1-rx Ji. 2: Trl-lilv Clel' 1. SC: Swrvlznry 1: Y-T.--'rw 4 SANDRA F, XYIIEELEH mln,-vt Cuunvil 4: Truck 4, 3: Tvnniw I. Rivlimulnl Clxurzilivrs I1 lialiul-nw Stuff I, 51, 2. 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Fraiiik 1"imi'tiiii+: Vive 1'i'vsii1+ei1t 1.vuii1ii'i1 Uliaivis Sevwlzii'3'-Tixizisiiiwi' Elziiiie Iliignii ii ii ii T' Imyle Alnwiizitliy .Nlziriziii Adkins X irgiiiizi A111411 Aiiii Aiifleiwmi .1i1c15'Aye-rs Siiziw lizigmutl 15111111 lie-uslf-5' Iwiiiiie Ileuslpy Sylvia llevkiiiii John He-dcliiigfield 11i11y11e1diIig 11111121111 11911 Itwity 12911 1iul1z11n115e11 I.2l1'I'Y11G11l191I liziruld Ihr-iisoii 1-In-lyii liergueii Mary Frziiiues Iilavk Cfliairlws 1!1ai1n'1izii'c1 1V'l1I'171Yll Ihnstick I!zii'1mi'zi 12011111151 Otis Iiuwiiiaii Ke-iiiietli liuyelte Mzirizi ii 1':1'21Ili'h Vziiwvlyii 1ii'uiif1uii Betty Hreguii Naiiivy liridsaes A1ige1zi1Zi'im'ii .lf:'l11lt'flt'1:1'0XV11 Ilziyliss Ifliirflisuii fX1:ii',ir1i'ie Iliiruziiiiy liZ11lHl11'11E'tUr' 1!zii'1uii'ai 11l11'11S 1-'ziyeilkiiituii lluii:lzis11iis1iizl 11i11y Vgilziiiizis Im Czirtee K1211'Ih21A1111C211lI11611 I.uiii'zi Fliamhley I.E'U11211'1'1 Vliavis ,Q .r QE? 'un w 5 '7 A. R. 6. Junior 5 x -Tr '.. 'ii T. X ... ai' 1? ,- an in In 4-n. 5 ' Q Qgf QC? ,7- Y., 'S 'v 'vs y.. ci Q 5- tw 214 1 fi- Judy Christian Joan Clark Mary JC Clark Barbara Clarke C, Q-ul: l, 116-It Eueene Cliett Shirley Clifford LEOl'lOld Cmjihell Pat Collins Pefzey Cook Martha Crim Walter Culbreth Connie Currie Nelson Danish George Edenfield lletty Ellis Joe Felton Janaee Fender Nancy Ford Frank Fortune .Ian Foster Leonard Friedman Llarbara Geddings Betty Gilbert Henri Ann Giradot .Jimmy Glaze Edna Mae Godwin Wyoline Gone-s Carey Gordon Gerald Green Johnnie Green Nancy Greene llanny Hagler Jackie Halford Cecelia Hall Giles Hall Norma Hall Gordon Hamilton Barbara Hammett .Ioan Hancock Bill Harden Ann Hardin Peggy Harris Tommy Harris Betty Harter Barbara Hayes Eleanor Hemstreet Jimmie Mae Hen: Roy Hensley Paula Hit-kson Carole Hipps Bev Hite Mary Hobbs Elaine Hogan Luan Holland Paula Hyatns ' 1 I o l I l l l A. R. 6. Junior llolvlry lnulf-tt Marvin .lt'lllKlllS Carey .lUllllNlDIl ,PX1111 .lone-s .loa1111.loy11e-r .Iea11.l11st,ic-+- Cree Kilpaitrivk Yi1'gi11iaKl11ttz Agnes Kuhlke f'a1'ietIa l,a111he-th Nora Allll l,a11gford Hail Lererett Terry Levy Carole Little lbe-1111is llytle Karen Mac-uvh Irma Ruth Mahlstedt Kathy Major S11za1111e Alilllll Nanvie Marsh H2ll'lJill'2l Martin .li111111y Masters ltorothy Matthews .Ioa11 May liarhara Mays lltlllllll M1-Cord Douglas Mc'Coy Leon Mc'Gowa11 Melha McNeal Shirley Merritt Virgil Merritt Frau Merry Virgriiiia Middleton Annette Miles Jlllllllj' Mixon Betty Monk Bobby Moody Ell29ll9 Moore Faye Moore Harriet Moore HGIIIIY Mullins Shirley M11ti111er Wally Myers Ralph New111a11 B1'ailsford Nixon Sharon Osheroff Doris CJWFYSUII Xvlllllllll Owens Cauiilla Past-lial Murray l'e1111i11gto11 Bobbie Lee Powell Charles l,1'eeto1'i1lS Jeanette liahorn Geralfline lianisey Charlotte lia11111 lPat Heaxall Temma Zipper Rosalind Zucker 0 Ann lleid lien llicketson Geraldine Rinker Billie Sanders Mary Ann Sawyer .lane Saxon lien Sehweining Elsie Schweining .lolinSeig1ler Igiarbara Simpson Jean Sims Julie Sizemore Anne Skinner Michael Skinner Elizabeth Smith .Indy Smith Mary Frances Smythe liarhara Snellgrove Elizabeth South Martha Stafford Freida Strauss liohhy Tanner llarhara Thompson Miriam Vsry Brad Vote Dixie Voyles Mattie Wallace Robert Ware Geraldine XVatkins llarhara Watts Celeste Weathers Hinton XVells Barbara Ann XVheeler Carolyn White Peggy White Tommy White Mary XVidener Martha Ann Wiggins Virginia Wilcox Elsie XVilkinson Ilanny Williams Jackie Williams Sylvia XVilliams Clark Willingham Alvis Willis Jane Woodward Joanne XVren Ann Yont-e A R 6' Sopliomores fri 'Hd N Ihfll x TIQINIIIQI X1 lllI1llt'L1 9111 111111 IIENIIP 1lt'xllt e L to R1 ht 111 616111 1ec cue 31101119 emelte 1c e 1119111 I1111N1111 xelle I0 e lx I1 aw.. a t to In ht e uxlex 1 ed Xl Ill 11 1111111 1 11d1s111 Fu H S 111 X Reserve 0fHeers fmining Corps " l'! F' E I J Q E iii 1 .4 IZ. ,V C0-0'-7 G--1:35 i itary Pe onnel is rg , f , my VT ' A JAMES A. C'AI.IlXYl-11.1. Major, .-XYIIIUI' VMSXT, Uni-.er4it3 4-f Wifi-ivrifiii INN. I'h.lS. Iiu'-Ir'.4tIan15 and Survive: lfr-Inzv Sgt' XY- G' Ahuyphyi JI-A Stzxri I".r'1vle. Hp-:art :mil Lfuster, Vrexi- AI Sgt! ll- N. Jmhnsl mlenliznl Cilzitiun :mul Cluslvr, Sunthxn-Nl l':n-ific Thi-ulur with Ari-mxhi-:ul fin-I If--ur Sim-4, Clvvwmlvait Ilifaiitvy Bzuliqe. Philippine Lilmnxtiun Mi-cial with Twn Sims, Uv- vupziti-viizil Duty with Uliitwl Smili- Fmwe in Aust rin. ' 5.4 pr-"" Qi- RI, Sgt. IZ. E. Caxwow SFC John F, Dooley M12 William Nlvtlee 'kv l!AT'1'.xLION STAFF Merry,'1'isoi1, Allen. Halmme. Ckivzule-1. Woo I I i II a A 3-T Y im E, " Eraf. I' j A .I ,Im 4 Di , .. . Fqgf. .f f '-A- J' .- iiflwi- ,zilg ,Jr gg 3 Ml S "!F?' wr?-n -vw 'l IK "'5,'.' ' , IH , y , 5 th gg I gxlr 'ew M A M fn ilu? WWW! if 2 xiii' lim . -5 4.424 ,n - a,?x,3 A 5215K K. 3-'.f?Y'H' ,f X ESX cz ,W 'sl M pg Wgx ol I4 0, Q 7 fgaii 5, ff 565, ' , 5 H". .K r, S 1-fl . ff 3, .af f . ,iw rv if , YH fem, ...., wwf'-f1""-'ffv"'4:.fL'-15-QL" "1--ff"f-gp .Q gm A Com an -i ID D -7 f vp 1 1111. V. S1z1f111111'e Miss A1111 Alston LI. X. Glfffill 1 111111111111di11: H1111-1-1' S1m11su1' EXQ1-111115-9 N111 Pictured ful. 49, Griffin FI HST 1'I.AT1 M QL Im 1X 5' 511111111 Bliss Ae1eIz11deP1111d 1141 r111111s1v1' 3 111. 1,1411 , ' SEV' VXI' l'I,.-XT! IIHA1 MIX , . :11w1's-111 Miss X111115' .Io A11111311 P .1t, I-t'li41P! S1-unswr TEEIIU' VLATUU3 '4 111141 XP" V' " 1 . ,111 ...rr fv pw 7 A1111 Lmv1'ey' ' 1 I vi'-1 rr-11115111 11 v .'?'r- ,. B Compan -R .33 'ar .. i ' , Q Fupt, G. XY. Swuiivy Miss Ilele-ii llaiiiiels Lt. M. Pliiiikvtt C. M. Stvlliiiu COl1l1N2ll1dill5l Offivei' Spmisui' Exam-iilive First Sgt. l"IIiS'l' l'l.A'l'HUN E, rv- fad 'J' Plat. Leader Spuiisor SECOND PI..-XTOON v can fs ,A ...- ' '27 Plat. Leader Spmisui' Tlllllll PI.,-XTOON 1 Q H. A. Histe-Q11 Miss Miriziiii Vs Plat. Leuclei' sl-iiiisi-i' James Holden Missih1i'iu1i'z1Tilleix John lflriusoii Miss .luA1111 Iiurhid Q 6 Company Z5 W... I .JI fmhi, 1, Iv.z.1H'x MDN 4 0.3: 'nfs 'Q' '-" 'fflesnf XX'ffuthe1's Li. XY, F. Law Sgt, Ia, Hire 1 1-111zm1x.'1xxA- H1111 -:' spnxmsur' Executive First Sal. r 1IlrT VLA i I NIB. i - Y V v , - , IMI 4,41 VK ,.-... .X N- K....4.': ,xI,.iYY15'we V . . 4, ... .. lxl, X-".1'1'-I . lwnuv-. SX-ju '1 DSI- FLAT! MN In-AI KVEM.-:'k 'iw Armen- XX 4-wi . . Q. Y. P mY, I.-7.111-I .l-nr! muy' Tfillifl I'I.,'X'i" '4 if-' P Q, I.':41d':-I bl-Iglpul XX le Hmxzuzef Mtv P21111-' mmm: ,sw-an, . ,r - I -ve --- - dm , - l- ..- ..'u.f..:.-44. ,Q .'.....' ' p'.,..-.N R. 0. 71 C. Band -4 Comniundin: Officer Sponsor Executive L, l"riedinun Bliss TE'llllllZl Zipper T. Crawford p. Nut Pu-tured: 'Wx ' Q Sgt. J. Finlev ff V iygsoif' i U, Y ,Ex , . 'Q x Mr. Louis ll Vlvlllllllll 33"'i1" ' . ' .n- ' , 1 J vw W ROTC BAND PERSONNEL Troinbones: Claude Johnson, Fred Marschalk, Glenn Howard, Edward llrooine. Baritones: Leonard Friedman. Tommy Crawford. S-axophones: Loren Hatfield, Eddie Sills, Robert Touart. French Horns: Ira Cartee, Douglass Pollak. Bass Clarinets: Cornelius Harmon. Charles Younger. Clarinets: Allen Mobley. Norris Blair, Donald AlcNiell, Allen ter, David Jones. John Finley, Cornets: Bobby Hush, Billy Norris, Mac- Rudisill. Brad Vote. Blanchard, Bobby Ware. Ray Minis. Percussion: Andy Mult-ay. Bill Potter. Chad Ross. liilly You 9 if H VO Us Hagin. Hobby XX'inches- Saininie Sinith. Charles Kamp. Edwin Hhyiner, llrad Vote llolvlvy llush liilly Norris 'Q I .- 31 V gf? 4 9 15. A ab Cub -: V, 1'-..: wr.--.. ---... - --Q gf:-,. 'z'...,L- Qlwggvl :.L.5-E- :. q..g.Q-C.. ':,., . :.., -.... ...- -..-.- .., -L -- .... ,-, Llaglt'-"ell 512221175 3:1153 Hal-15:12 HH P l:!9lH!i .f x ' 17- 'lfifhi 'i' 30? ' 941' P R7le Te rn ' S51 it IUIIX I IHHPIIX sl First row: Left to right, Ilavid Halcanxe. Milton Plunkett. William Harden, Robert Williamson, Frank Godbee. George SCllI'iilIllll. Second row: Left to right, Douglas Busbia, Eugene Moore, JHIIIQS Bell. Lolnbartl Fortson. Howard Joe. George Bowen. Not pictured: Tommy Crawford. ' ' ' ' ' Cadet ligand bt-ruxqs Nletnurial :abre- Caiitain lionald ll. l-lite. The Veterans of Foreizn Wars Sabre f Cadet Set. Nolan li. Baird. The Ainerit-an Leuion SabrevCadet C111-taiil ltutlultl li. llite, Veneral Leonard Wood Medal-Cadet SAI. Allell lf. litre, The Cohen RleflaleCadet Lt. Col. Sam Fleminz. The Levy Medal- Uutstandin: Member of the Hand- Cadet Ralph Shea. The Sheridan Sabre, l953 ll'Al'ET LT. COL. SAM I-'LEKIING Prize Dril Awa d Neatest Cadet-'Cadet liohert Buckley. liowen lirothers Honorary Hifle Award - Cadet Captain XYilliam S. Prather. Ilest llrilled R. O. T, C. Company- Coinpany UH". commanded by Cadet Captain llonald H. Hite. liest llrilled H. O. T. C. Platoon-First Platoon, Company "lr" commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Prentiss Pea- body. liest llrilled R. O. T. C. Squad- 2nd Squad. lst Platoon. Company commanded by Cadet Sergeant Ben ll. Fulcher. lie-st llrilled ll. O. T. C. Cadet-Cadet Hullert A. Rowe of Ciilllpanjs' i'.-X". Me Sheri an ab e The Richard B. Sheridan Memorial Sabre is an award made annually by the Reserve Officers Association to the Cadet Officer of the ROTC unit who is judged to be the best soldier. The sabre is awarded in memory of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, honor graduate of the Academy, who lost his life in the football uniform of West Point. ln order for a cadet to win this award, he must be an outstanding officer, a capable and versatile student, a pro- ficient athlete and a leader in class activities. The Sheridan Sabre has come to be the most coveted award that any Academy student can receive and without exception these students have been first and foremost gen- tlemen possessing excellent characters. l l l l l i i l I l i Q. Atlileti .9 - 1 Y 1 XXX X -K 'N I ff ' Q f 'Q .. X 3 , fl M 4: ' Y ,, I -gi wx N A gn-'Li l i' DQZKVQ it , , x , , f M xlf' 11 , LN K - X A 'N 1 , J' K A ...o-Jia: .f 'N " if Q . rx , ., gf" V Wy? if I 4 ' I if f 'Q I' 5 5 gf 5 , I 4 L 1 A W fx I H 2. 3 . 11 e 4 Ur I, , ! . I, V F' N 1 M Q -A , "xg rf . V i 1 1 ,M ' A' 1 WM Varsity Football James Baile y Jackson Dffman W 1 ff iL A K ' 5 Iillgltll nx. .X Mckeffrick Brfbson Gaadwfh 5'hapf?'a J M17!er 1 . R, i X r ,,.: A v M Odom L Hts? ' A" .1 A J .Ar e. 1 4? .1 C vip L ff Y 1 XD 4 Swancy 'T:'f?"',"g b f ., ' gf nf . fi, ' .I .M Hife ' 5 ', ep, A - ,jg ul" "' S'F'4 ' v fi, . N s., "" rr'-ff E a f m Sfepfvens 6 , , D iv fa. Dye f 6'rff'f7f7 f4Nd2f50f7 5fepher750n Varsity oo tba! -aff' ,-J fx Orr Q We fls Hensley Mlpafffbk NOV 25 4954 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE :Arg mmm nic! 55:17 9 AIKEN HAGH HOME ' SEPT 17 QLYNN ncmsm Hams sem' 24 eoaoowmfuraavnomf QU 1 L1cRg.IrwG7DN HOME ocT 5 COMHEQCIA, THERE OCT I5 BENESVCTINE NME ocr 22 ATHENS Hl6r1 THERE :U 29 open W Nov 5 snvnnmu HOME I Nov zz e.M.A. Home CATHOLIC HIGH HOME v X N x 2, 'Q X, ' U X I .Jr Q. I. 1 18.1 T1J 1 I V S 1 "A " Varsity ootball First row: Left to right. Hobby Sheppard. Conrad Goodwin, Joe Yerty. .lolin llrin' ron. Joe Cooler. Hoy Harris. Paul Cot-krel. Gene Griffin. Lewis Flint. llill Knlilke. Second row: Left to right, Bulldog Stephenson. Gerald llixon, Gene tllisson. llinton Wells. Charles Everett. Curly Stephens, .Iinnny Cook, llarold Mot-k. llev llite. Art Patchin, Kenneth English. Third row: Left to right, llrantly Kugler, lronald Thornhill. Chun-k Talllnan. George Hensley, Al Davies, Sim Fulc-her. Willard Jznnes. Ford Miller, Hoy Swancy. Cree Kllpatrim-k, Mac Stelling. Leighton Bourn. Fourth row: Left to right. Nat Dye. Frank Fortune. Alton Jackson, Larry llailey, Lenard Chavis. Thomas Ford, Lano Anderson. llilly McKettric-k. Eddie Phillips. COACHES 15,9 11 ix sniff' 232553251 5 'fix ' Vx Es 'Sli FLOXVERS MILLIGAN INMAN WS i M5 'I 1 . e G Harwi- svsix f V b .U I Q if - in f V A , p X ,A 7 K p I 1' 'E J, 'R .Q il. f- H ix Q. 4. ,ff .R I ,ii . .! i . ,IA A Dawes 0 -. ixiymuf QQ' Q . . V W , i .,, S f AA.. ,I f 1 .gi 'sl 3 j 1 'f x " f X f. . - J tr ' i Enqffkh Benne ff 4.0 I Mack arslty GLYNN ACADEMY-182 A. R. C.-C The Musketeers of Richmond Academy invaded Brunswick for its regional clash with the Red Ter- rors of Glynn Academy. In the second period a Red Terror guard blocked one of l+'ulcher's punts, picked up the elusive pigrskin and crossed the goal for six points. The kick from placement was wide. In the third quarter, ltichmond's center. Bulldog: Stephenson, snapped the hall over Fulcher's head, which was recovered hy Glynn for six points. The point after was again wide. In the final period, a fumble in the Richmond hack- field led to another score for Glynn. A. R. C.-12: CHARLESTON-6 The Cadcts won their first game of the year at A. Il. C. Stadium deftating, t'harleston High liantams twelve to six in weather more fit for ducks than play- ing focthall. In the fourth quarter with the score deadlocked six to six Bonnie Ford gathered in a punt and scain- pered down the sidelines before he was brought to earth on the Charleston ten-yard line. Lano Andere son played tlirougli for six points and the hall game. A. R. C.-14: DARLINGTON-13 In one of the most exciting games of the year at A. H. C. Stadium, the Vadets won a close one from the Home, Ga., prep school. The scoreboard showing the score tied at thirteen to nothing. the purple-clad cadets came from behind in the fading minutes et the game to win. Gene Griffin and l.ano Anderson scored on passes from Co-Captain Sim Fulcher. A. R. C.-12: COMMERCIAL-6 The Cobras led by tailhack Everett Todd came to town with visions of victory in their heads, but the Cadets pulled another one of their story-hook second half finishes and went on to victory. The Cohras led first, on some fine running by Todd and Evans iCommercial halfhackr Init the A. R. ti. eleven played then on even terms to halftime. The Musketeers came hack on the field after half- time and scored two fast touchdowns, the first com- ing on an aerial from Sim Fulcher to lialfback Bonnie Ford. These passes covered some forty yards. Gene Griffin scored from three yards out for the victory. BENEDICTINE-13: A. R. C.-12 The Musketeers invaded the port city for the clash with the Irish of Benedictine Military School. Bonnie Ford gathered in a pass from quarterback Sim Fulcher on the first play from scrimmage and scampered into the end zone for the score. For- tune's kick from placement was wide and the score was six to nothing. Benedictine later scored on three plays from scriinmage to sew the game up. LANIER-202 A. R. C.-6 The powerful Poets of Lanier High School. of Ma- con led hy the running of all-state candidate, Billy v X 7'hornf1f'!! Afexander t' ootball Kitchens, came to town with a winning streak of eight games in the book. Early in the second period, a pass from quarter- back Sim Fuleher found Gene Griffin in the clear for the Cadet's only score. Dye, Odom, Swancy, and James led the defensive attack for A. R. C. MCCALLIE-62 A. R. C.-O The Purple-Clad Cadets from Richmond Academy took the field against the much bigger boys from McCallie lllilitary Avademy from Chattanooga. McCallie finally broke into the storing c-olumn in the third period when they recovered a fumble on the A. R. C. twenty-one yard line. After six lint- thrnsts. McCallie scored. lilac Stelling played at stellar game at sidebavk. Curly Stephens and Hex. llite were outstanding in the line. A. R. C.-13: SAVANNAH-O The Cadets got a quick jump on the Blue Jackets and scored in four plays on plunges by fullback llin- ton Wells and Gene Griffin. The outstanding play of the game oc-enrred when Leighton Bonrn grabbed a Blue Jacket pass and on a beautiful run, raced 40 yards for the score. Outstanding A. li. C. linesmen were Odom, Dye. Swancy. and Stephenson. In the bac-kiield, 'Xl'ells, Griffin. Sheppard, and An' derson. RICHMOND-13: G. M. A.-7 In a fine game played at A. R. C. Stadium, the Richmond eleven won a close one from G, M. A. Prep School. ln the lirst period. Jimmy Cook, G. M. A.'s line half- back, Caught a pass and ran through the entire Rich- mond defense to make the score 6 to tr. Cook then promptly drilled one through the nprights, and the score read T to 0. Richmond's swivel-hipped halfback. Gene Grilfin. was not to be outdone. on some fine ball carrying: the elusive speedster scored both of Ric-hmond's touchdowns The entire squad played fine ball the whole game. A. R. C.-132 CATHOLIC-7 ln an exciting game played in A. R. C. Stadium on turkey day, the Musketeers of Richmond Academy took the Irish in a EAA contest. In the first period, deep in Catholic- territory. Dukes. attempting to run on the fourth down. was brought to the ground after gaining five yards. Then Richmond took over and on a series of run- ning plays Gene Griffin carried the mail into the end zone. This ended the scoring until the fourth quarter. when Bob Cleveland on an end around, fumbled the ball, which was picked up by Sim Fnlcher who crossed the double stripe for six points to e11d the scoring. Henry Dukes won the trophy for the games out- standing player. By Hobby Sheppard. AX I lin - if ,,, i , i Vx W, 2 . 1 1 .M Phffflgos " .ffefffhg Kuflfhe V12 Chavous I, U E .iz 4 i L 1 ggi, ,, Y .l L ,,,. f -w. Q xx z am.,N,, 41 .Jfii P A i mf ' , . Baum .3 , N -X 'I Q. J f K . . If N1 ,V , 42 1, , A j X' A Q Ftfereff Coofer i " " Var 'ty ootball x i. x JJ ax .X X 5 - . ' B . k 5 le . - 5 Y . L ANGQTOX BOLTON Coach First row: Left to right. Joe Martin. North Goodwin. Wallace Bloody. Ilon Grantham. Louis Flint. Herbert Greene. A. J. Furst. Don McNeill. Jimmy Walker. Fred Sims. Larry Lawless. Seuond row: Left to right. Coach Bolton. Joe Thomas. Richard Krause. Art Patc-hin. Lombard Fortson. Ronny Inglett. Bob Howard. Philip Goolsby. Billy Damico. Jimmy Hargeron. Jimmy Clark. Third row: L. BI. English. Alvin Jackson. Milton Burroughs, Ed Wheeler. Jimmy Kinsey, Len Chavis, Buddy Beddingtield. Louis Lansman. Gary Melton, Benny Mullins. Jimmy Cook. Ric-hard Still. Not pictured: Tom Chandler. Charles Brigham. Charles Gales. Larry Hildreth. Varsity Ba lretbdl ks is 5,2 .1 gf fv- lry-. o 1 , , lx ,fl ,.,f .,1v' MW , 1 if FILXNK IC. INN,-XX Vozu-I1 Left to right: Roy Swancy, manager: Norman Griffin, Roy Alewine, Grover Brown. Gary Melton, Larry Bennett, Frank Whitely, Kenneth Merry, Ray Allen, Bonny Ford, Wimpy Odom, Bill Kuhlke. 6 ,J 5 vm-fry aa.-lfewall Q , - X N., k 5 I fl xx W f x , 1 S, f V . if V 2 N 2 n b. 5 i 4 I W .Jn 'iff if Vg- inf Lua- 'F""'T 'Hr'- Y l I h Ba eball STATE "AA" PLAY-OFF Lanier, A180011 lil-2 I4Z1llll:'l', iNllll'Ull 12-3 Russell, Atluiitai Ii-2 Russell, Atlzxiitzi 55-4 Won 4: Lost 0 ll W WY? GA. STATE "ALL-CLASS" -f PLAY-OFF Ex Pepperell, Ronie ,, , , H 3-2 Q ' l'epperell,Ro1ne , . 3-2 XX Won 2: Lost 0 WY W f SOUTHEASTERN PLAY-oFF . 'I' fx .i f Newton, Bliss. H , , , , 3-II Y X 8 kg .-'- Lanier, Ala, , ,13-5 5--...v-0 'if A t Key XYest, Flu, , . ,, . 12-2 ,J t Won 35 Lost 0 3 SEASON'S RECORD eil 25 Wins: 2 Losses f w I. I-,il GN Region Champs , , , 8 2 State "AA" Champs, ,, 4 0 ' x ' Ga. State "All Class" V Champs , , , 2 0 K Xeq, Southeastern Champs , 3 O . 9 R ' f 444 X 'JSQX 1954 REGIONAL 2AA A- In WILLIAMS I CHAMPIONSHIP Vowlli Si is-.awk - SHHSEAWAE -.. .Mx -+, gli ,wi " First row: Left to right, Roy Alewine, Dickie Grice, NVin1py Odom, Danny Williams, Billy Miles, Grover Brown, Manley Gilmer, Owen Crickenberger, Swain McEl- murray. Second row: Left to right, Edward ll'IcCaslin, Al Davies. Nat Dye, Jimmy Jordan. Bill Cannady, Nathan Moog, Jerry Paulus, Charles King, Roy Swancy, Bobby Teasley. Third row: Left to right, Ed Kitchens, Robert Michels, Thurinond Queen. Ray Allen, Edgar Pounds. R. E. Gladin, Bonny Ford, Preston Sizemore. Coach A. L. Williams, Richard Faglier. 1 A- 11 I i fn' 1 outheastern Cham X 1? wi A gf I WI 1 N: 1. fb 5 tx lx I R , 5 1 4 I 4' X 7 ,Q X ' x 1, 'mf N' f - 1551! J F I 1 x K J 1 1 1 N G 1 Rx , f' I 35 7 X 1 If x1 'w 1 I ,-. ,- 'K 'K mm it K ,Y '11 't 1 1 'Q F11 t 1 1 Lett to Il ht Billy Miles. Skeeter Grilfiu. lozo Poundx I '11 Allen Thlll 1 01111 Queen Netoucl IOXX Lett to I1 ht. Prest Q' O11 .,lZGllIOI'9, Roy .Xlexuue I E Clflddm XXIHIDY Odom Tl111d IONX Lett to ll ht Iva1111y XYillia111s. Grover I31'oxx11 I 0111119 Fo1d D1ck Vnalvli 1954 2AA Tennis Champions 1954 2AA Golf Champions First row: Left to right, David Milligan. Dudley Baird, Earl Gregory. Second row: Left to right. Bobby White. Billy Law, Lamar Fleming. Gal e 'f' Q iz A I XI. J. '4Ill'f'K" FIA enni JXYICHS s- 'A 1 First row: Left tr- right. Lee Parks, Sain Mays. Bobby Moser, Rawortli XVllll2llllSOll, Clark Xvilllllflllillll. Hen Barnes, Second row: Left to right. Johnny Murray. llilton C'ann:1dy. Finley Merry, Joe Steinberg, Mike Thompson, Chad Ross. Bobby Moody. Emory Williamson. Girls' Ba lcetb I RiC'hll1Olld..,.. Richmond ,,,, , Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond .,.,, , Richmond Seated: Left to right, Catherine Folk, Margie Elser, Jo Ann Sizemore, Wyoline Cones, Betty Cook. Kneeling: Left to right, Kathy Major, Mary Clark, Patricia Swain, B. J. Arnold, Virginia. Middleton. Standing: Left to right, Nan XVi1lian1s, Camilla Paschal, Coach Rawson, Barbara Mulhtrin, Jean Sizemore. SCORES 54 Thomson , 39 Richmond 52 Commercial 43 Thomson , 27 Richmond 50 lN'HY119Sb0I'0 -- 45 North Augusta.. ..,,,,, 22 Richmond 63 W21Sl1iI1?4t011 G4 Hephzibah 17 Richmond 49 NVi1Sl1i1lgfOIl , TU Hephzilmh ,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 2 Richmond ........ 45 L. H. C ...........V ., . 30 Savannah ,, , ,,,, ,... 4 3 Richmond ,,,,,,,,, 50 North Augusta , , 41 Commercial ,,,, 40 Richmond .. .... 37 L. B. C ....,.. .,,. , .. 37 St. Vincent,.,.,,, . 22 Ric:l1mond.,..,..,. 50 Ridge Spring.. 46 L. B. Ch... , 20 Richmond, 51 Crawfordville 450 Savannah 44 STATE TOURNAMENT Richmond ...... ........... G 4 Cedartown ....,. 53 Richmond ,...., .. 45 R. E. Lee ....... , 58 Richmond, , ., 53 Southwest ., G2 ll I 2 E xii 'J , 4 :V ' fi ' ef 4352 4 "ff 1 ll , l V Q 3 5 Arnold I I ' . . -ii 'Q' 8 fir J ,Aff Lf, 1 QE Ml21'a'le fvn Xa, NX x Y' ,Xa 5 xy X . KM 1, 1 K ...-' Folk Girls' Basketball R G ION 2-AA C V, , 3 .w I' v-. R ,Q X ,W L2 5, Cook xi Q T' . x X Q ,t . jeg ., .C ff sg .Tean Sliemore ofo Wm ix X fist I 1 ...As-' f ,ff Mulherin .- 4 1 ' If fi-ff: ' I 1 '?"-1 .f ,fx Ji-'R 'gg n, QW , .To Sizemore if Q , . ' f A ig wb fif-9-f-r. Ly' "WK" i iz 5 ,Y , ' ' 3 Swain N oi 5 Willllams A S J ,PX ,Q 3 if 1 - x .. E : f S' Major ? 'F . 1, -nl XA x"s """l X S if fl. 'Q W f , NX lX SE Paschol F. 'W W, I 43-,A 'I 1. N--as flfl E Clark B 6 ass P 0 ll cy lunior College of Augusto "Forty-second floor, please, Sidney. Since you first started ten years ago here in the Southern Finance Building as a bookkeeper and elevator operator, Au- gusta sure has grown. Is Dr. Eubanks in? You re- member Warren Eubanks who Went to school with us at J. C. Af? This is the big day! Ann Reeves-you remember, Ann Smith-and I are leaving today for St. Louis. We are going to watch the big game be- tween the Cards and the Giants." We talked for the rest of the 42 floors and I got off. No sooner had I tightened my nerves in the den- tist's chair than Ann came running in. "Lorita, are they gone? How are you, Dr. Eubanks?" "Just be patient-it won't take a minute to get these braces off-open wide." "Zzzoomm!" "I've got a hard day ahead of me. That noise you just heard was George Rollins in his 'Jet Cub'. He's flying his twelve children in for a checkup." "Warren, have you heard that Bill Reese is going to be in Augusta tonight at the auditorium? He's on an evangelistic tour through the States. Did you know that he plays the harmonica, piano and organ at the same time? That was his ambition back at J. C. A.-remember? Bye Now." It was good to talk about what old friends were doing. The weather was nearly perfect-just one lonely cloud in the sky. It reminded me of the beau- tiful spring days at J. C. A. I was about to say it was when Ann said so herself. "Isn't the weather beautiful, Lorita? It takes me back to the 'good ol' days' at J. C. A. By the way, I met Mrs. Lamb on my way up to meet you and she told me she is now a religious education worker and is helping her husband, the new bishop. She said that Collie Glover, the Methodist minister from South Carolina is going up to Chicago with Frances Buck- ley, now famous lawyer from New York, to defend Bruce Jordan. Did you know that he reorganized the Al Capone gang! He was shipping hot air bologna to Mr. Lambert. He's the bologna buyer for Antoine's in Paris now. And Jeanette Roy and Eve Smalley are the income tax experts for Gordon Huff's restaurant." "Sidney Trimmier was full of news about our old friends, Ann. He said June Crawford's career as an airline hostess was interrupted when her plane crashed in Africa. She married the messenger boy in a nearby village and is helping him with his work by teaching the natives a new rhythm on the drums. You remember Gaye King. She's married now and has two children. She's working as an X-ray technician at the new hospital. Did you know that while she was at J. C. A. she pulled fifty cents out of the mud in front of her house with her trusty tractorim "Yeah, Lorita, we talked about that in bookkeep- ing class one day. I think she finally sold her tractor to Bostick Chavous. He's raising children on his farm in McBean." Warren said Jo Tyson's husband has a dentist's office right next to his. She's a grammar school teacher now. I saw her in Victor Williams' super market and she told me that Janet Smith and Sarah Flemister are president and co-president of the Pill Mill Corporation." "Oh, yes, I saw them on TV last night. They're doing their own commercial since the company lost five million last year. The main feature of the pro- gram was Carolyn Leary and her 'classic jazz'." "Have you seen the billboard on Central Avenue? It's a picture of Margaret Fair at Y-Ki-Ki. She's teaching the tourists the art of surf-board riding." We Walked along thinking about old times when a newsboy passed us. "Did you hear what that news- paper boy yelled! Lend me fifty cents!' Let's buy a paper. Yes here it is-Frances Hett's picture on the front page. She's invented the "Home Maker", a robot that chases men for spinster girls. And look! It says right here that 51? of the stock of the GE Company is now owned by the multi-millionaire, Robert McDaniel with Linda Woo as head book- keeper and Bill Eason as top electrician." We hurried on to catch the bus to take us to the airport. As we boarded the plane, the friendly pilot greeted us. It was Mr. Smalley! He said he loafed most of the time and just worked when he wanted to. What a life! "I sure am glad we won the prize money in that liar's contest. If we hadn't we couldn't have made this trip," Ann said as we took our seats. LORITA SWEAT ANN SMITH as P a liecy Academy ol' Ilicluuond County Hello! Mr. and Mrs. Universe, and all the ships in space! This is your announcer, Dan Moyer, bring- ing you 1974 Passes-in-Review. This program is brought to you by The Brinson Tobacco Company, makers of that GOOD AND SVVEET snuff for those who love to sneeze. January: Sherrill Kelly, renowned artist, and his secretary, Joyce Caldwell, returned from outer space, bringing the first authentic portrait of the man in the Moon. The space ship's captain and co- captain, Roy Harris and Jimmy Holden, reported that after re-entering the sound barrier. the first sound heard was that of Andrew Inman, Chappie Jones, and Ronald Wright, introducing "The Grand Ole Opry" to Mars. Of course, the highlight of the month was the Inauguration Ball, in honor of the newly elected president, Kenneth Merry. This event was ably planned by Del O'Roark and Swain McEl- murray, authors of the new best-seller, Parties with a Purpose. YY 8' Y mer Miss Patricia Sti ong wx as hostess at a Valentine Masqueiade gixen at the Jennings Faglier Hotel. The costume prize was aw aided to Margot Teague for hei impersonation of Miss Biaddv Entertain- ment featuied F1F1 Buibldge and hei w oild famous Caiolan Salley Salah Dawson Marianna Heath Nancy Blackstone and Shirley Leyerette Duiing the piogram Gene Gibson the bouncer had great dif- ficulty in 16St1 aining Joe Dukes fiom demonsti ating the African dait guns souyenns of his missionary toui in Africa March In the spring a young man s fancy . . . Arabian chieftains Bobby C Lover J White and Lee C the Shiek J Ballard added to their harem Caroline Februa : Washin ton Societ Leader, the for- .L ' l 4 ry - N x up ' troupe of Bubble Dancers including: Dotty Zurfluh, ' . .vi . Y' 1 I ' 1 3 .Q .7 I ' .- . y l L 1 Cv ' ' . n , ,- , a , , v' V ll Y! , Sl YY Browne, Sarah Pritchard, Grace Creech, Beth Free- man, and Donna Rice. Announcement of the Earth's contestants for the Miss Universe Contest was made by Judges David Halcame and Billy Henderson. These were: Adelaide Pund, Jane Marschalk, Mari- lyn Evans, and Marian Cook. April: The Premier of A Pushcart Named Perspire was held at Rountree's Theater off Gwinnett Street, co-starring Martee Harden and Wayne Farmer. The production was a Swancy SL Swancy Production. The doorman, Joe Christian, flung open the doors to ad- mit the crowd. First to enter were Barbara Benoit, her husband, ta world famous general on duty in the Far Eastl. Their six children, with William lVoo, their interpreter, who doubles as a babysitter: John Bailey, commander of defenses in Europe, and Ford Miller, best-known sergeant in The Marine Corps. Also attending were a group of Hollywood stars, called The Crew, who are making Hit recordings with French titles. They are, of course, Liz Leh- mann, Carolyn Griffis, Margie Matthews. Caro Mc- Donald, and Kay Wfeeks. May: Jeannie Niehuss, Nan Williams, and Joyce Hodges succeeded in chartering Alpha-Theta-Tri as a National High School Sorority. Lanny Harrison eminent neuro-surgeon, discovered the section of the brain which makes teachers cranky. Miss Katherine Bailey was named Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Battalions on Venus. Barbara Tillery and Hilary Corlett completed the illustrations for Rosalyn Ghitter's new Children's story, Goldilocks and the Three Cadets. Also in the Art field, Hardy Risteen published a new calendar, which is said will be more popular than the Monroe calendar of the 50's. June: After 20 years, Courtney Bailie passed Eng- lish 42! During this time he wrote character sketches of well-known educators which caused a Congres- sional Investigation by Senator Breck Brigham. Caro- Ca .9 P 0 hecy Academy of Richmond County 4C-Q-ntinuecl from preceding pageb lyn Magruder and Bea Dodd. the Coal Dust Twins. invented a formula for passing Chemistry. Harriet Epps began the 3 months job of renovating A, R. C. for the fall term. She planned to install the new Feelavision Sets in each lounge. These were inverted by Charles Bell. Pat Bodine. Metropolitan Opera Star. was released from the hospital this month. She accidentally swallowed her tongue while trying to hit High C. July: In a heat wave at the latter part of the month. Norman Antopolsky attempted to nzake arti- ficial rain, with dry ice. However. he forgot to use the right cloud. and falling chunks of ice did great damage to Barbara Cook and Nancy Almon's Harn- burger lwith slawm Haven. Margie Eiser applied for a permit to operate a program for the training of Helicopter drivers at Richmond Academy. The school announced that they would use the roof as a landing field to prevent further congestion in the parking lot. Jenny YN'ylie. foremost comedienne on Broad- way. made her first appearance after an attacl-2 of acute indigestion from eating the pie that Helen My- rick threw at her from the Peanut Gallery. August: Bill Brunkhurst was awarded the Hal- bert Award for his Master Composition. Tidal Wave. Ann Satcher was released from San Quentin after 20 years. She mixed up a formula which removed Mr. Lamberts hair. The Universe Series. lreplacing the XVc-rld Series of the 50'sl was played in Rebel Stadi- um in Augusta. Georgia. Those receiving special mention were: Dickie Grice and Skeeter Griffin. September: Billy Law and Dudley Baird defeated the tennis champs from Saturn to cop the most cov- eted of all awards: The Universal Doubles Trophy. lt is quite a feather in their cap. since the natives of Saturn use a tennis racket in each of their thirteen arms. Margaret Yarbrough became the head of the French Department at Richmond Academy. It seems that the students there now have an Accent Emrode- naire. October: General Bryan Simkins. head of the l2Yar Department on Earth. is investigating Soleta Morris' new method of camouflage. Soleta has discovered that if you close your eyes no one can see you. Roy Alewine and Grover Brown have introduced basket- ball to the moon. Mary Anne Oakley succeeded Fred Astaire. specializing in teaching lanky boys. November: Chad Ross. famous trap drummer, published his finest composition. Song ofthe African Giraffe. It was a real Thanksgiving for the former Eleanor Kilpatrick. YVhile she and her husband were digging their car out of the A. R. C. parking lot after the Thanksgiving Game. they struck gold. December: The largest Christmas Party was given by Anne Grantham for former Richmond Teachers. For the entertainment. Charles Killingsworth and Billy NVest read all the articles which Miss Marshall. and Mr. Scott would never allow printed in a school publication. Well, I guess that's about it. folks. It's now nearly midnight-A 'Very Happy New Year to all of you- and remember-Look Ahead. There's always To- morrow. a lot of 'emf For. due to very careful atten- tion to Mr. Tally's lectures. Ray Allen discovered a calendar which has T30 days, with a morning that is long enough to let us get over the night before! MARTEE HARDEN CAROLYN MAGRCDER BEA DODD HARRIET EPPS JO ANN BURBIDGE BARBARA BENOIT 6 abs and , Activities f"Y'f" lf fx J F , ,X Y? i "' ll ,V fi'-TTI -A! i l I 1 ., V XX-V can Mx It' 6 1 1 N I lx. i fha! ta R Q 'JW ,A X Xbx Iss I Wg 4 "i i 1 u X A , f NX f . T i XX ix Q Q! J' W -K A A5 L J - - ! Ex 1 -1 Q .. -ug, i e i f 1 - Q N . ' f x i 1 llll ex H Eleanor lleinstreet t o-Editors: at fs: fr: ff err t 'f?, Miss .l2lf1llPll1l Marshall A3ll19SKlllllk9 llorotliy Barker Lillllly Harrison Fariilty Adviser Feature Editor Sports Editor Military Editor ' ' 'f' if C " x. 7 ,x 3 Sherrill Kelly Margot Teague Patrioia Bodine Nancie NI H811 Art Editor Literary Editor Pit-t111'e Editor Faculty Fditoi LITERARY STAFF First row: Nancy Greene, Lanny Harrison, Nanvie Marsh, Sherrill Kelly, Ilan Moyer. Swain BlL'Elllllll'l'ZiX. Eleanor Hemstreet. Agnes Kuhlke, liorothy Barker, Mary Clark, Hilary Corlett, Carole Tessier. Set-ond row: Yirgzinia Kluttz. Carolan Salley, Nan Williams. Lorita Sweat. Betty Ellis. Mary Hobbs, Becky Wilbanks, Marian Adkins, Barbara Hayes. Christine I-lundley. Marjorie Burganiy, Martha Harden, Joyce llodfzes. Margie Elser. Barbara Benoit, Mary Ann Oakley, Shirley Clifford, Ilotty Zurfluh, Gail Burnette, Martha Wiggiiis. Third row: Geraldine Rinker, .Io Ann Sizemore, Carol MrElhenny, Margot Teague, Bea lrodd. f'arcL Mt-Donald, Carolyn Bostick. Barbara Thompson, Ann Youre, Brailsford Nixon, Barbara Cook, Carolyn Magruder. Betty Skinner. Harriet Epps. Catherine Folk. Jennie Wylie, Beverly Brandenherg, Barbara Tillery, Pat Reagan, Kathy Major, Pat Swain, Not pictured: Pat Bodine, Rosemary Feese, Grace Creech. lloris Hudgins. Rainbow Ra hbow rv- lban Moyer Mary llobbs lletty Ellis Lorita Sweat llusiness Assoviate Sales Assoriate Sales Circ-ulation Manager Manager Manager Manager ,vin 4 -U -If Joe Dukes. Ill Geraldine ltinker Margie Elser Peggy Cook Assistant Sales Managers BUSINESS STAFF Six First row: Left to right, Mary Hobbs. Betty Ellis. llan Moyer. Swain AIL'El1lll11'l'1lY. Eleanor I-leinstreet. Barbara Benoit. Margie Elser, Catherine Folk. Second row: Left to right. Carole Tessier, Belra Horton, Billy llainsbothani. Ira Cartee, Lanny Harrison. Joe Dukes. lll, Marjorie Hurganiy, lbotty Zurfluh. Barbara. Martin, Peggy Cook. Third row: Left to right, Joy Bedingfield. Lorita Sweat, Caro Mcllonald, Barbara Cook, Geraldine Rinker, Linda Whittle, Shirley Clifford. Barbara Siinpson. Hail Eurnette, Marian Cook, Carolyn Vaughn. Not pictured: Ethel Wright. Melba McNeal. Virginia Wilcox. Laurel Weirsenia. Melba Northcutt. Student founcil , N 1 1 f"' . ul A .N, 1 39 i, if 5 fjd?j X A 1 We L I a f We abil' X ? 1 i ff xx ' Q S., -x .Y .., .. . . '- N---'A .-, . !. F- .., - N --Lf 'V-fg-V 1:-.-: Tl: Muslretee 7- .417 A01 5 QW QR' 'KG ,,p..----1 in BARB ARA BENOI Nlauaglng Edltol JO MXN BL RBIDGE Lltelaly Ldltox Lllh BALLARD Qportb Edltor NIR GEORKJL 'Xl SCOTT Faculty Adxlbel 'J ffm Mzzskefeer ' 1" 1 '1 ' ' 1 ' 11 Il 111 1 1111 HH' I1 11111111 1 1 rlphun l111Le N01 1 1' 11 1 1 1011 111rK1:.1m, rates 1 n II Il 1111 ntex wi 411 Nec11n1I cla n11tl11 N1111 n1 111 H A 1 L P11- Of 1111 It Aup,u'- 1 1 er e 1 1 Fl 1 1 EDITORIAL rI111'1 lie-1 M1111L111L 111111111 .I11 A1111 BurI111Ig1 1 urn I'1l111r 1 1 1111 P1i1 11r She-r11II Ifxellx I1 REPORTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS ark 111111 'ng 11-r n 1r 76' I 4 1r11 Y' Selle IKM I 1 ITIL IN I IX 1311 em 1111 111 'VI 1 xr 1 1I e 1 m 1 H1 Mr 1n1I11 1111 111ex h1eI1I II Iurner L r 111 rx C4111 xn Vduw, 11 H111t11n W1 V511-I N1r1.1n1a W1lk1n 1 I1 N 111 VI11l11n1 Je'1n I'1r1,u un Txmx! BUSINESS STAFF M111 Ann O1I1Ie1 lin-.1111-1 Mnnager Advertnsmg Sollcltors nwCf1x1111 Dannx Hf11.I1r H1115 H1111 botham Carulyn Vaughn H 1r1I1 Rl'-teen L1r1 ul 1t1 n M 1n mor M 511111 -M111 Bl .--A ZWYNK X C' IQ-Il sz X Q ffl K. .aw 6 I ound 0 f 4 .- 'Y - -.- -,-- --L..-,U f.-.---.-Z,,- Yu, -v,-F .--- -,-L 4 --.-..... wx -.-.,-' 1 ' A f' ...T .1'.n'-':... L- I .2 ',..', 1, ,-,,,g. ::',,,:L'.-:Q .1 ' ' ' 'V' Ira ' "r":FL 5 "'X 3.1"-1'.1.:.' 'VL 4, VU.. P 1 4 v, r ,, '- '.- IZ. ,f1'L.I1f. L.llfl'...fZT.':-T515 Illfl-HEI. T-'.lI,I4,E111'1X ---VY- ff- v-f'----,-rf vv------ NU. X . U-- .--.-,'-- -.- -LL :.--1 -.:,-v, . -.---:.., .1.,'- ,.- --:::.. 41. -..,...L. ., , w-. . ,. L Q:-:W-:r..r ,.. ..., -QAM .u,..,-:. E X ,, ,.- , ... LQ 2 gi fm 53 5 L5 "1-ff-- .-. rx.. . Edit-7 aid 'F""':5i and ' ' .. - .' x' L 'Q '-'SL-'1.":".aY E" J - 1 r-- - .-fav-in x 0 .. :--,- --T S- rf --1--- :DLL-ru r'-,fg 3:-L2-5 'ying--,f 3+ iff- we--f rr--'LN ,--.,.- fT---.-. ,... Lrzzsgzrsi. James Cc-n:o:'. 'A' -1: TNR'-2' Vg' "'.'-3-fy '-'A Fa-"' Yr' ' ' - ' 'v--.-G XY "gem . .. :Ain .-.-.'E.::rrz1j-1 ,-'.. .1.':..,... ..., .: J. ..Q..':. Christian Worlce Counc 7 OFFICERS .IOIC Ill IxICS, III I'resiilt-nt GIIAC I CliEl'X'II Sem-re-tary VIIAHI F4 Iilfll-ISE 'I're:isiirer Mll. J, 'li IIAINS I-'zu-iilty Adviser A Q 'T Joe Dukes. Ill Grace Creech Bill Reese Betty Jo Cadden Marjorie Burgamy Alice Morris Anne Laurie Maddox Monting Young Margie Griffin Ruth Bailey Marilyn Matthews Margie Prickett Peggy Harris ,4d"" Martha XViggins Betty Monk Gloria Newsome Joyce Hopkins Kathy Major Elizabeth South Harriet Moore Elsie Thompson Paula Hyanis Gwen Ready Marilyn Evans Ann Reid Edward XValI Roger Sanderson Catherine Folk Barbara Benoit Sarah Dawson Elizabeth I-'reeinan Donna Rice Dotty Zurfluh Marian Cook Ann Jones Alvis XViIlis Edith Blackstone Nancy Bridges Laura Ann Chanibley Walter Swancy Peggy Whiteside 1- i 5.1 Barbara Burk Gi'etc'heii Forley Shirley Flifforcl Laurel Wiersenia Barbara Simpson Gail Burnett Charles Byrd Elmo Cason Eugenia Bet-kuni Ann Dixon Jo Ann Burbidge Swain M4'Elniurray Bill Brunkhurst an 49 I 1 ff: L' 'cf' 1 X x f I Peggy Whiteside Barbara Hook Nan NYillianis Betty .Iaiie Arnold Carolyn Brandon Marion Sniith Joyce Caldwell Frances Mcfarty Sandra Wheeler Barbara Tillery Nant-y Meer Beverly Farr Virginia Vonnell P- 1 ou " " of My gi, l,,,!IlI .rg J milf? 1 E, "W fa 65:4 g Qli ks QA Nl O w ' 4 Ain, HENRY o. READ A ' Sponsor X UM I ',. . 4 v- . X. I . 'E if 57 fmlgl E W5 1 S QQPESQ if i Q it fx' 4 1? li a Q . X X J- if -45 The Gold R Society was founded in 1931 under the sponsorship of Professor Ernest M. Allen. Its purpose is to recognize achievement among Academy senior boys in character, in scholarship, and in three of the four fields of leadership. athletics. military, a11d other school and community activities. Left to right: Norman Griffin, Swain McE1murray, Lanny Harrison, MY. Read. Hoy Alewine, Ray Allen. Sim Fulcher, Billy Law, Dudley Baird. Kenneth Merry. Eirls Act 'viii s oc bty The Girls Activities Medal is a ret-ogiiitimi for sf-rvir-e I and pzirtieipatioii in the various phases uf sc-limil life. i XYhile it is not priniarily an aeadeiniv award nevertheless I 1 a rec-ipient must have maintained an average of eighty in 1 avadeiniv siihjects, ln addition to the ac-arleinic require- Q ' nient ai student ninst have earned points, total uf twelve in athleties, selimil leadership. and an-tive ineinhership in ,N school urgqanizaitions that have been appi'm'9d lay the u N V llnnurs Cuinniitlee of the Fax-lilly, XYhen Aeacleiny of liichniond County hecaine a ru-erliieaf 1 tional institntinn in Septeinher 15450. the lliniicwiw Cuinniittee 9 realized the need for rea-ogiiitimi of outstanding girl stu- ' dents. The Girls Activities Medal was piwrpuseil and ap- proved hy the l-'ac-ulty. The first awards were niade during E the spring term of 15452. i MISS llllAf'l'I STH.-Xl'SS , lfairiilty Adviser i l l i i . l l ' l i l r ,E l 1 4 ,f Left to right: Mary Clark, Nan Williams. Patricia Swain. 1 l PIII be a Kemp l'hi Theta Kai-pa is an honor society for Junior College students. Comparable fx to Phi lleta Kappa in Senior Colleges. this scholastic' attainment group niust have iiiaintained an average of A or better. for the first three semesters of colleze work. Thus, one qualifies for nieinbership. Soine 22 years azo the local chapter of Junior College of Augusta began to tuiivtioii. ,eft to right: Lorita Sweat. Mr. Charles G. Cordle, Faculty Sponsor, Jeanette Roy Not pictured: Frances I-lett and Carolyn Leary Beta 6 ab Ann Anderson. Betty Atkinson. Lee Ballard. Eugenia Ileckuln. Harold llenson, Barbara lienoit, Jo Ann Ilurbidge. Martha Ann Cauthen. Laura Chanibley, Barbara Clark, .Ioyve Clark, Eugene Cliett, Jay Coffsky. Barbara Cook. Marian Cook, Mary Clark. llelen lianiels. Martha Ann Davis, Frances Ilike, llea llotld, Margie Elser. Harriet Epps. Warren Fagxliei, Henry Fields, Willie .lean Fletcher, Margie Floyd. Carrie Frasier, Sim Fulc-her, Rosalyn Ghitter, Gene Gibson. Johnnie Gretu. Martha Harden. Hill llarden. Lanny llairrison. Idle- anor Henistreet, Jimmie Hens. Bev Hite. lilaine Hogan. Paul Jue, liavid Jackson. Gerry Jackson. Marvin Jenkins, Wayne Jennings. Pete Jones. Sherrill Kelly, Robert Klett, Agnes Kuhlke. Noran Ann Langford. Terry Levy, Carol Little. Mary llelen Loyal. Carolyn Magruder. Kathy Major, Jane Marsuhalk. Nant-ie Marsh, Dorothy Matthews, Kenneth Merry, .liinniy Mixon, lletty Monk, llelen Myrick, Frances Mc-Carty, Caro McDonald. Carol Mc-Elhenny, Gloria Newsome, Sharon Osheroff. Mozelle Opens, liilly Partridge. Caznila Paschal, Jerry Paulus, Marvin Pechter, Shelly Perdue, Jac kie Powell, Margie Pricket, Gwenn Ready, llardy Risteen. Chad Ross. Carolan Salley, Billie Sanders. Ann Satcher, Shirley Sawilowsky, llill Siinnions, Freddie Siinowitz, Barbara Simpson. Marian Slllilh- PM SWHU1- Sybil 3L'HFb1'0lI5l'h- UiXi9 Voyles. Ernestine Walton, Celeste Weathers. Kay Weeks. Linda Whittle. .lack Widner, Martha Ann Wiggins. Virginia Wilcox, Nan Williains, Robert Williamson. Hobby Woo. Ellen Woo. Ann Yonce. llelores Youngblood. Tennna Zipper. Rosalyn Zucker. fl' OFFICERS MH. G. ll. XVILLIAMS , fu- 'Haul QULQ SXYAIN iXIcELMl'RRAY, President ll.-XRRIICT EPPSH ,, .Vice President CAROLYN MAGRVIWEH Secretary SHERRILL KELLY ,, ,Treasurer Sponsor Student .V Club . V,.. . ., ,.,, 1f,... .- 1 V3 Rilo CII ' vfw, - ,N Jw 'as xgiw ui' E, X 1uO"'h- 3 X X XYIIITUII l'ZlllHlIlkS Mr. .IIIIIIHN li, Vnllnl l'1'vsimiv11t ISRIVIIIIX' AX:Ix'i,4+-1' lf gl, if .H 1' 'sl' X 41 gf gi 4 V Lef t to right: Bert Eng, Richard Still, William Szullmrlers, XYQIITEII I-111111111144 Bobby Burgess. Robert Walton. Richmond Clio alie ',,. . SOPRANOS Mary Alii:eC,'ront'l1 Xlariaiiiia Heath l2ati'l:ara Hammett Judy Christian Helen Smith Alaruaret Yarhronflh Nant-y Alt-Ginty Klary Ann Oakley Ilonnzt Rice lieth Freeman IH-:ry Took lvotty Zurflnh .Ioan Slay Suzie llazfzott Edna Beasley lillI'IlilI'l1 Martin Suzanne Mann Ann flranthatm Blurilyn Matthews Ilevl-45' XYilhanl-is .loyve Caldwell Xlatrioii Smith rt H- . In f Q3 fl il gs ff 5 x E I Claudia llill Cecelia Odom Shirley Clifford Susan Kaler Sylvia Frost Sarah Pritchard ALTOS Frances Ilike Brigitte Peukert Ilarhara llc.-Xfee Jean Ferguson Pat Bodine Ann llixon Nancy Geer Harbara Siinpson Mary Ann Sawyer Grat-ie Creech PQSSY Smith Jerry Ann Reese Alice Morris Gerry Iiinker Nora Ann Lanzford . 5 i '- '4 Q l vi' Q.: 5 If I 1 3 i" I z is I , , f 1.2 5 Paige Iloffman Iiohhie Blcllonald Linda XYhittle Faye NIL-Xure .Jeanette Brown TENORS James Freeland James Connor Iroyle Abernathy Joe Iiennett Jimmy Glaze Ilill Ilrnnkhurst BASSES Iran Moyer Cleuse lllanchard George Kiker Charles Byrd Len Chavis John Groover Charles Spearman .Ioe Ilukes. III Ronald XVrif:ht Ed Wall r4rg H- if 4' r OFFICERS l .IUI-, IIVKI-IS. III,, ,, , President HILL IERFNKIFIFRST, ,.,,. Vice President f I MARGARET YAREROVGH Secretary . 'X noxixril wnicnr I Treasurer -f .7 J C, J li. . fb: f . " J as I ' '? I .. gi 14 I :il 'CB' Treble Clef 6 ab , Llxl xx QGN ' Pxl Poi ' KHSN IPUINPI Xlhlxf b ' .Ianace Fender Jean Ferguson Nancy Ford Betty Gilbert Claudette Goodwin Barbara Hammett Joan Hancock X va 'T lath 6 ab OFFICERS liI.l-I.XNHlt Ill-I3lSTlilHZli'l' l'i'esident l:l1Il9IT'l'lC l'l-Il'liPIIlT Vit-e Vresiilent l-.ll.l.lNl-I YIHHAN l'l'll2l'lllll f'liuii'in:in .NIISS lll'Tll R11-Xl'l.ll"l"l'I .Xtlviser ,VX .ii.1.,xN i'i.,xi'ifuii1v in-1i,i1i'e1' 3 i I First mw: Left to riglll. Ciirvl T6'SSi9F. Agnes Kuhlke, Iileanm llenietreel lislitli lllzirkstoiie. Rosalyn Zuvker. Ann Jones. Gail liurnette, Shirley Clifford. Elaine Hogan. Nant-ie Marsh, Sec-ond rtmr left tu right. Barlara M 2: I3 l 1 ay N. ar Jara Simpson. Jov Be-ddiiizfield. Brigitte Peukert. Kathy X i , D . l . . . .Ia,ur. Klaub Steinlienk. Cree Kilpatrick. Allan Playtord. Willbiain Wuoi Third rowi Left to right, Aufzust R s l oe e, Pat Collinl. Marvin Jenking Georffe Kiker .Iac-kson Williams. Blise McAuliffe. Gene Gibson. Arthur Regopolos. Billy Henderson. Be-1yliss4BVurdisoii.. 'Y 1? L. i D? 3 , , I 'QI 53 L-4 4 ! uture eacl: of America ' 'l -.4rQi5fE: " ' fav " "fm -W ,O ' 'r 1 H' 'f WK ie First row: Left to right, Ann Sale-lier. Margie Elser, Suzie Iiaggott, Rlariun Adkins, Helvzi Earle Horton. Nan Williains, Carolyn llostivk, Rosalyn Ghitter. Second row: Left to right. Miss Strauss, Mary Clflfk. Martha XYigp:ins. Mary Alice Crunch, Caro Mc-Donald, Dorothy Harker, llelen llnniels, Sandra Wheeler. Third row: Left to right. Miss liraddy. Jo Ann Sizemore. Janive llutler. Mary Imr- othy Ford. Catherine Folk, Cainila Paschal, Put Swain, Betty .lane Arnold. 0 K YE -Q Y . rpm J Af! xf5y 4? OFFICERS l'ATllIClA SXYAIN , SVZZE IZAGGOTT Vice .IUANN SIZEMUIUC , ,, , MISS ANN UHAUIIY, ,, ,, MISS GRACE STHAVSSH, . Nut Pictured: BETTY JANE ARNOLD , President President Treasurer , Adviser .,.AdYiser Sea-ret airy uture Nurs s of Ame ica Pirbt rovs Left to right Cecella Hall Xir ima Connell Marlanna Heath, Kay Qecond rows Lett to rlzht Peggv XX hlteside Beckw VNIIDHHKS Betty Ellis, Jan Third ron Left to rizht Nlrs Stexenq Crace Creech Nlarw Ann Oakley, Ann OFFICERS ANN JONES ....,,.,.,,.,,.,,,,,.,,l.,, CAROLYN VAYGHN ............ PEGGY XVHITESIDE ,,,,,,,,,,,, MRS. PAYLINE STEVENS ,....... Not Pictured: Secretary Treasurer ,Chaplain ...Adviser VIRGINIA CONNELL ....,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, President ANN ALSTON ..,.................,. Vice President utu llomemalzers of America K 'frm' ZR . I F I C O Left to right: Hu1'Imr:i Geddinus, Edna Alilt' tlcmdwin. Rennie Ilezixley. Suzanne Mann, Uzirolyn Ilustivk, Helen llnniels, Frzlnces M4-C'ui'ty, Ann Szltvher, Nzinc-y Ford, Imrutliy Mzittliews, Norm Ann L2lllQ,f0I'l1 LQ ' Ella Mzxrtiii, Evelyn Heraer, Faye McNure, Mary Hobbs, Mrs, White Betty Ellis. 4 visa.. Hrul Little. Henri Ann Girzulot. .laniue Fender. llrigritte Peukert 'Q C f OFFICERS HENIII ANN GIRAIPOT, .,l'I'6-Sidellt r NORA ANN LANGFORD .... Vice President ' I' I , CAROL LITTLEH , S9C'I'9UlI'Y Q L ANN SATCHER , ,, ,Treasurer ' -, MHS. .XIARGARET Y. XYHITEA.. Adviser x-IQ: - 'D , in P I Lib? ' ' i Z 1.9! l , A 5- "' G' A I 1 ' L4 5 9 K x gr,Q P71 , fi ' I I 'F ' 5 I x ' I! ma Nm-fa' ' ' 1' xl ' ' H I ,ff f i '5 41' " X .1 ' OFFICERS ISEYFIIILY FARM JOHN BAILEY .Il'IlY SMITH GERHY JACKSON MRS. RVHY F, TVHNEH Not Pictured: ICLEANOIQ PEIKKINS istributive 6 ucation C' ab Purposes of the Distributive Education Club: To em-mirage the use of high ethical standards in business. To foster a deep feeling of the civic, smiial and moral responsihlities of business to society. To develop leadership through c-lub aviivities in the field of distribu- tion. 1451. Q 5 President i - - vitae President iv ' Sem'retary Reporter Adviser I Treasurer MHS. TURNER ,--, g Q. 33,,,....- I-'irst row: Left to right. Beverly Farr. Judy Smith. Eleanor Perkins. Gerry Jackson. Mrs. Turner, lletty Bregzan. Margaret Ilrunisey. Doris O'Tyson, Carolyn Prickett. Norma Jean llall. Laverne Johnson. Second row: Left to right. Joe Christian, Gordon Robinson, Harold Minis. John Not Hailey. Leslie Brown. Jinnny Glaze. Hobby Paris. Frank XVhitely. Holm Moser. Shirley llackworth. Jolene Jones. Shirley Watkins, Mary Ann Osborne. Mary Ann Sawyer, Pete Jones. pictured: lietty 'NVard. Cecelia Odum, Roy Stewart. Claudia Dill. Charels Bowen. D 'ver i ied Co-0 e ative fmining C' ab fl 4 3' L1 -fyn-fu - ' .3439 ,pity - -- J First row: Left to right, David R. Drown, Julian Reese. Benjamin J. Thompkins. Jean Justiss, Shirley Lever- ette. Jackie Halford, Thomas D. Adams, Henry J. Roberts. Second row: Left to right, Thomas E. Palmer. Calloway Carn, James Palmer, Frank Bailey. Carlton Bonham, Edward Doolittle, 'William Oxner, XYilliam Badgett. Third row: Left to right, John F. Street. L. M. English, Ralph Newman, Chesley Parrish, Franklin XVood, Nicolas Pileggi, XYilliam Smith, Donald Lemons. XVilliam Cliett. Fourth row: Left to right, Mr, Hardy, Henry Grant, Don- ald Akins, Ronald Ammerson, John Groover, XVendel Stinchcomb, Kenneth Cook. Gordon Hamilton. Rich- ard Laughlin. if Mr. George M, Hardy Adviser Cornetst Charles lllanrliard Hubert llnsh Hay Minis llilly Norris Mac llndisill Saniniy Smith lioblmy XYare Hay Yeargin Clarinetsz Norris lilair Betty Jo Cadden John Findley Allen llaglin Cornelius llarnion Anne-ttte llolihs llavid Jones Allen Rloluley llonald McNeil Robert Tonart llolilvy Wiiivliester Clizirles Younger Saxophonest Loren Hatfield Eddie Sills Flute: Lois Frolkis Horns: lra Cartee Geneva Cooper Toniniy Crawford LaVelIe Fogle Peggy Harris IFOIIQIHS Pollock Win, Cantrell Leonard Friedman Brad Vote Trombones: Ed Broome Glenn Howard Claude Johnson Fred Marsc-halk Bass Horns: Jimmy Connors Edward Rhynier. .Ir Drums: Andy Mulcay Bill Potter Chadwick Ross Billy VonKanip Elsie Wilkinson Majorettes: Martha. Crini Louise McFarland Leila Sousa Caroline Ward Peggy Sue VVhite MR. LOUIS FRIEDMAN Director Superlatives T QL! ! X55 5 X R A kg jf X , C XXX M? X Ev A AX ' X QB? L x y X KTTH Aw A UL C THE SUPERLATIVES WERE ELECTED BY THE GRADUATINC-1 CLASSES OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND RICHMOND ACADEMY A wx AI M um- uv MOST I-IANDSOME SENIOR BOY At Rl cl MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIOR GIRL A ROY SYVANCY ,FG X, ," 1 , Superlatives MOST POPULAR SENIOR GIRL LANNY HARRISON SAQ-2 .IOXLE Hom Fx MOST POPULAR SENIOR BOY .licxxll-3 xx'Y1,lH WITTIEST SENIOR BOY 0. R. C. WITTIEST SENIOR GIRL DAN MOYER Superlatives RICHMOND ACADEMY VALEDICTORIAN 5593? LORITA SXVEAT mul-QHRILI. mmm JUNIOR COLLEGE VALEDICTORIAN NAN XVILLIAMS BEST ALL 'ROUND SENIOR EOY At Rl cl BEST ALL 'ROUND SENIOR GIRL I, Y RAY ALLEN .fuperlatives MOST ATHLETIC SENIOR BOY bIXI FL LCHEI 1,1-Jbrm, imma OIDOBI SPORTSMANSI-I I P MOST BEAUTIFUL SOPHOMORE GIRL .AL Qi VICTOR XVILLIAMS JUNE CRAVVFORD HANDSOMEST SOPHOMORE BOY J. 6. 4. .JANET SMITH MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORE BOY . 3 .S'uperlahve.s' MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORE GIRL WM 5, GOPDOX HL I- If lla co as BEST ALL 'ROUND SOPHOMORE GIRL XVARREN EUBANKS BEST FP-XIXLPSILCI LEY ' ALL 'ROUND SOPHOMORE BOY Superlatives 10115 ! '51 Suu shots mn-19x F-, fig, 8:- 'fu f"'9A Kai, PUT YOUR OWN HERE la I Wil and estameat Acatlenny of Hlfhlllllllll County WE. THE GHAIILATING CLASS OF 1954, of the Academy of Richmond County, do will and be- queath to the Junior Class the void left by our passage in hopes that they will fill it with a more shining radiance than we have. XVe leave the following items to our younger schoolmates: ITEM I-We. Barbara Benoit and Jo Ann Burbidge, being of loud mouths, do hnally leave peace and quiet to "Gorgeous George" Scotts Journalism class, his new protegesh won't cause so much racket and "leave" class as often as we did. ITEM II-We, Katherine Bailey and Lanny Har- rison, do will and bequeath to any able Junior couple our talents to suppress our ang'e1' toward each other while "loitering" in the halls. ITEM III-I, Joyce Clark. being of feeble fingers, will and bequeath to any poor and unsuspecting second year commercial typing student, my ability to remain after school and type until 5 130 P. M. and then make a "D" on my report. ITEM IV-We, the third period Class, Spanish 42, do hereby will and bequeath to Senor Hon ard one copy of that all time favorite. "Yaya Con Dios" tYete con Diosl. ITEM V-I, Grace Creech, of the city of Augusta, County of Richmond and state of Georgia, being of unsound mind and memory, do will and be- queath to Kathryn Kennedy and Betty Ellis my ability to stay in first aid room all day and still make "A's" and "A-pluses". ITEM YI-I. Sputter Sheehan, do leave to Celeste W'eathers my ability to get out of classes and also my parking space under the tree for her new car. ITEM VII--I, Alice Morris. being of rather sound mind and hollow head, do will and bequeath to Marjorie Burgamy my rights as a student of A. R. C. if she has the power and intelligence to hold them. ITEM YIII-I, Margie Griffin, hereby leave my seat in M1'. Owens' English class with great sorrow to Marlene Hadden. ITEM IX-I, Marilyn Evans. being of unstable mind, but utterly truthful, do hereby will and be- queath to Carol Ann Tessier my ability to com- plete three yeazs at Richmond without being be- headed for cheering for Catholic High! ITEM X-I, Jeanie Niehuss, being of unsound mind, rickety body, and in a highly nervous state. do leave the Theta's-Thank Goodness! ITEM XI-I. Nena Griffin, being of half sound mind and half sober, do hereby will and bequeath my South Georgia brogue to Sylvia, Jo Ann and Barbara. ITEM XII-I, Jane Marschalk, do will and bequeath to Mr. Howard my Spanish notes that I tool: in shorthand, in hopes that he can decode them. ITEM XIII-I, Don Neal, leaving with a lost mind. do hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Braddy to some deserving Jr. who might want it. ITEM XIV-I, Eleanor Kilpatrick, do regretfully leave-Danny. ITEM XV-I. John Brinson, leave behind five years of laughter in Mr. Owens' English classes. ITEM XVI-I, Marion Cook. do will and bequeath to Kathy Major my abilitv to worry about mv love-life along with the hope that she won't have to use it as much as I have. YTECM XVII-I, Paula Miller, leave to Ann Lowry a :I few words of advice: 'I 'beer up, the world is young: It yearns for more laughter, love and romance, More loyalty, labor, and duty." ITEM XVIII-I, Carol McElhenny, will and be- queath to Eleanor Hemstreet one well used alarm clock in hopes that it will serve her better than it did me. ITEM XIX-I, Marilyn Matthews, being in sound mind. do hereby leave to Ira Cartee my abiilty to fail under Mrs. Hall. ITEM XX-lVe, Jeanie Niehuss. Eleanor Kilpatrick, Adelaide Pund, Pat Hall, Joyce Hodges, Becky XVilbanks and Margot Teague do will and be- queath the remainder of that large ECONOMY SIZE BOTTLE OF GLUE left to us by Carol B., Evelyn B., Jackie M., Ann H., Louise Mc., Wanda W., and Punk S., to Anne H.. Fran M., Nancy G., Ann A., Celeste NV., Ann Y., Virginia W., Agnes K., Marty S., and Barbara T.. in hopes that they may stick together even better than we have. ITEM XXI-I, Adelaide Pund, being of sound mind and broken down car, do leave my taxi-cab serv- ice to Anne Hardin. ITEM XXII-XVe. Carolyn Griffis and Margie Mat- thews. do will and bequeath our ability to thumb a ride on the corner of Highland and W'alton Way every morning to Ann Anderson and Fran Merry. ITEM XXIII-I, Charles Childers, hereby leave my desk in Mr. GaIloway's room and all others to my brother, Larry Childers. ITEM XXIV-I, Caroline Browne, leave to Kay Macuch one beat up green Cadillac for future use. . ITEM XXV-We, June Gillion. Mary Anne Epps, and Bettye Gilbert do will and bequeath to Pa- tricia Toole and Joyce Thomas our ability to bring up our grades in Economics by purchas- ing basketball tickets. ITEM XXVI-I. Marianna Heath, being of fairly sound mind do hereby will and bequeath to Sharon Osheroff, my "treasured" seat in Mr. Maden's second year French class with hopes that she can survive the year. ITEM XXVII-I, Mary Ann Sawyer. being of level mind, and school-worn body, do hereby leave Jackie XViliiams one red-topped trash can in the first floor lounge. ITEM XXVIII-XVe, Joan YVatkins, Anne Grantham and Paige Hoffman, do hereby will and be- queth to Betty IVall our extra 16 units. ITEM XXIX--I, Ronald XVright. do will and be- queath my parking place at Murray Hills to Gene Skelton. ITEM XXX-I. Nan XVilliams, being of sound mind do will and bequeath my "great" ability to play forward on the basketball team to Virignia Mid- dleton. ITEM XXXI-I, Joyce Hodges, do will and bequeath to Barbara Clarke my ability to smile and get lipstick on my ears. ITEM XXXII-I, Monting Young, do hereby will to Bobbie Keilholtz and Marlene Hadden, my abil- ity to chew gum in Mrs. White's class without getting caught. ITEM XXXIII-VVe, Lee Ballard and Bobby NVhite. do bequeath to Bayliss Burdison and Tommy Harris, if they want it, our good standing at Langford, hoping they can use it. ITEM XXXIV-VVe, YValter Harwood and Ed Rudi- sill hereby leave to Bonny Ford and Bobby Sheppard all our night schools, summer schools, and day schools in hopes that they will some day graduate. ITEM XXXY-We, the Senior members of the Tri- Thgta, being ot' greedy nature, do will and be- queaath to next year's Thetas our ability to stay underground without suffocating. ITEM XXXYI-I, Ruth Bailey, being more or less of sound mind, do hereby leave Larry Childers, my love for English 41 under Mr. Wise. ITEM XXXYII-I, "Ralph" Newman leave to that hopeless, moneyless Jimmie Palmer one pack of cigarettes. ITEM XXXYIII-I, .loan Ilerbert, bequeath to Bar- bara Burns, my typewriter in hopes that she will have better luck with it than I did. ITEM XXXIX-We, Illlargot Teague and Caro Mc- Donald. do hereby will and bequeath our places at different lab tables and our different part- ners, in Mr. Inman's Chemistry class to anv un- suspecting ,iuniors in hopes that they, too, can get together and catch up on all the latest gos- sip of the school while setting up only one ex- periment. ITEM XL-We, Carolyn Vaughn, Joy Beddingfield, and Connie Cook, hereby will and bequeath our ability to type 40 words a minute with only 39 errors to Cary Gorden, Jackie Halford and Shir- ley Merritt. ITEM XLI-I, Edward lVall, do leave to any deserv- ing junior my ability to half-way clean my rifle and get by on inspection. ITEM XLII-We, Mary Dorothy Ford and Catherine Folk. having only one mind between us, do will and bequeath to Nancy Ford the ability to find another Folk in hopes that they may stick to- gether as we have. ITEM XLIII-We, Swain McElmurray and Iimmy Holden, leave our pool cues in Homefolks' to anyone who can manage to play five games dur- ing lunch hour. ITEM XLIY-We, Billie Rose, Juanita. Katherine, and Monting Young. do will our desks in Mr. IVise's home room to some other Youngs. ITEM XLY-I, Margie Prickett, being of sonnd mind, do hereby leave to June McClendon the back seat in clerical training tfor talking pur- poses only.J ITEM XLYI-I, Harriet Epps, being of reasonably sound mind, do will and bequeath the next treasurer of the Tri-Alpha the ability to always have more money in the Treasury than on the books in hopes that they'll be able to go to Day- tona on a house party. ITEM XLYII-I, Freddie Olive, do will and be- queath my "Coveted" place in the drum corps to Charles Horne in hopes that he can "make time" as well as I did. ITEM XLYIII-I, Frank Christian, do will and be- queath to the school library all my Mickey Spil- laine and Erskine Caldwell books so that the students in the future may have the same well- rounded training that I have hadl ITEM XLIX-I. Dotty Zurfluh, being able to think of nothing else to leave. hereby leave nothing to Peggy Cook, hoping she can do more with it than I did. ITEM L-I, Margy Elser. do hereby will and be- queath to Benny Mullins the key to his ball and chain, with the understanding that he will not use it until I have moved away. ITEM LI-I, Nancy Jo Almon, being of sound mind and crossed eyes do hereby leave to Pat Reagan my ability to talk all through Theta meetings and get charged only a dime. ITEM LII-I, Brother Rose, king of the empty stom- ach, do will and bequeath to professor A. L. IVilliams one penny a day for the remainder ul his normal life, for the express purpose of buy- ing Fritos for his pet tadpole, Mergertiot. The will will be declared null and void in the event that the said professor is caught in the act of starving said tadpole and feeding the said Fritos to the above mentioned professor. ITEM LIII-I, Glenda Prince, do will and bequeath to Betty Atkinson my unauthorized chemistry experience in hopes that she will succeed in blowing up the school. ITEM LIY-I, Peggy IVhiteside, do hereby leave to "Skookie" Moore my ability to cut classes and always rely on first-aid for an excuse. ITEM LV-I, Jenny IVylie, do will and bequeath to Bobbie Hayes, my numerous crushes on B. C. H. S. boys during my senior year, in hopes that she will make more progress than I did. ITEM LYI-I, Margaret Yarbrough, do will and be- queath to Joan May and Suzie Baggott, my known ability to be late to school at least 10 times a month during my great HJ senior year. ITEM LYII-I, Barbara Tillery, do will and be- queath to Cadet Roy Harris personal instruc- tions and valuable information on how to fly rocket ships to give Cree Kilpatrick so that he may instruct Mary Jo Clark. ITEM LYIII-I, UB. J." Arnold do will and bequeath to Bonny Ford my old books in hopes that he will get more out ot' them than I did. ITEM LIX-I, Janice Butler, being of warped mind do bequeath to Joyce Butler my ability to get , along with Miss Braddy. ITEM LX-I, Nancy Geer, leave my 25 extra credits to IVillard James, in hopes that he will some day graduate. ITEM LXI-We, Jo Ann Sizemore and Dot Barker, do bequeath to the oncoming sports editors our ability to make a mess out ofthe sports section ofthe annual. ITEM LXII-I, David Halcame, being of high rank and low I. Q., do hereby leave to Sgt. Murrphy the ability to type without the interubions of tmy or mel useing the Military Department for a longe and Public discusion room. lThis is an exact copy of the original and is not to be altered or changed . . . military order No. UOOOOIJ Don't they teach officers spelling? ITEM LXIII-I, Becky lVilbanks, do will and be- queath to anyone expecting to move, my ability to move to Orangeburg, and yet stay in Augusta and graduate. ITEM LXIY-IVe, Richard Jue and Gene Gibson. he1'eby leave to Marvin Jenkins and Battey Dan- iels our influence in the military department with the hope that they will have as brilliant a military career as we did. ITEM LXY-I, Jo Anne Daniel, do hereby will and bequeath to Jackie Bell and Jane Saxon my ability to leave my locker key at home when all my books are in my locker. ITEM LXVI-We, Barbara Cook, Liz Lehmann and Kay IVeeks, do will and bequeath to our sisters, Betty, Jen and Pat, all the luck in the world with our former teachers. They'll need it! ITEM LXYII-I, Mary Ann Oakley, leave to l.eon- ard Chavis my ability to get out of study hall with the excuse that I have to see Mr. Scott. ITEM LXYIII-I, Yerdy D. Blackwell, do will and bequeath to Ronnie Bell my drawing grades in Mr. L. A. Fox's class. Signed, sealed and delivered by the Class ot' 1954 to be its last will and testament. IVitnessed by: KATHY MAJOR CAROL McELHENNY JEAN FERGUSON Q wwf r ' " S- I A 1 l W" x 4 - x v H N , 7 X Q , r XR 8 , X 4 .gp QX. X N . , . . egg '?Ti:-1- N iii 24 g. I 3 I -gg-., Alma Mater Our Aimc Meter glsrrws stands Eu :Id Sdxcrmdrfs turbid stream Lprecred bx Izxcl hecrts cmd hands Fulfiilmerut :rf her crwildreds drecm. Her rncble sons cdovm The xec VS I-icxe proved their cewcge cdmquered fecrs, Orw fields of g1:r5. hzrucr 'rear Inspired bx Almc Mcter, S xr 15 These Supported You... You Buy I-'rom Mem A-.- . w f .b 9 I 5 le r J V , 1 ' 5 E 1 v ' N, , , s g 'lv' q q g Fei . 1 e M e 1 5 4 A A, 51 Q A 4 i 3 . 1 3 4 2 19. X V ' . I . X 3 f, 3 fs ,, ff ' 3 I 1 if " 51 5 K fy Congratulations And Best Wishes IX FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Of Augusta Main Office Walton Way Bran h 'A' THE CITIZENS 81 SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK 'lr THE GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Off G tt St Off UDt C IG d F lty B h VISIT THE Pig ,N Dyhistle 15th and Hicks Sts. Compliments of BARTON HOUSE WRECKING CO. S. DONALD F ORTSON COMPANY MINE - MILL -- TEXTILE AND CONTRACTING SUPPLIES 901 Reynolds Sl. Augusta. Georgia FAIR APPLIANCE CO. Electrical Appliances Domestic and Commercial Augusta, Georgia Phone 4-2723 Lake View Pharmacy "Open 24 Hours a Day" 1800 Broad St. Phone 3-4495 Phone 2-6997 519 - 13th Sr. Augusta' Georgia , NTI qo 40 Compliments of Ei, 091150 SY' Southeastern Fur Co. Hamm. Emma, 911 Greene St. Augusta, Georgia ' fm 6702? Jmfa 'f.., W ..,1 M XM? J PONTIAC MASTER AUTO SERVICE 1027 Telfair St. Tompkins Music Co., Inc. Records-Radios-Pianos Television-Electrical Appliances Refrigerators-Home Freezers-Range XVater Heaters-Fans-Irons-W'asher Musical Instruments and Accessories TuIves-Service-Parts S S Compliments of Southern Finance Corporation Realtors LOANS-REAL ESTATE Phone 2-7339 318 - Sth St. RENTS-INSURANCE - P7 Compliments of 9 ENN EY wiiiug BUICK co Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes! 1350 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia For the Best in Movies Visit The South's Finest Theatre THE MILLER Presenting the PICK of the Pictures Hutcheson-Bentley Furniture 914 Telfair Street Phone 2-9995 Augusta, Georgia LILY-TULIP CUP CORPORATION Manufacturers of PAPER DRINKING CUPS -and- FOOD CONTAINERS 1550 W1'ightsbo1'o Road Phone 3-2214 Augusta, Georgia Best W'ishes. Kilduffs Variety Stores "The Little Stores With the Large Variety" 7 Convenient Locations Meet Your Friends Here VARSITY DRIVE-IN Gwinnett and Druid Park Augusta, Georgia Phone 4-3945 Specializing in Bar-B-Que Pork-Lamb-Chicken All Sea Food Fountain Service FOR CHARTER SERVICE Dial 4-3543 VALLEY COACHES, Inc. No. 8 Ninth Street Augusta, Georgia BECKUM Sc JONES "Better Jewelry" Elgin, Hamilton 'Watches Diamonds-Silver Crystal-China 857 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia ALL YOUR CLOTHES SHOULD GO TO Clllll 'C Compliments of Starr Smith Motors, Inc. DODGE-PLYMOUTH 52 1 Broad Street BODEKER-FULLER Drug Company Broad and 12th Streets Augusta. Georgia Phone 2-5577 Richmond Xlotor Co. UIIRYSLER - PLYMOUTH S.-XLES .-XXII SERVICE 951 - 953 Greene St. Ifinl 4-5551 .-Xiiieirieafs first fninily of fine emi COI'Il1Pll!lltlIIS of Coffey Trailers, Inc. Dizd IZ-2446 New und Used IIuuse Trailers 2526 Milledgeville Rd. Feedright Milling Co. FOR DISCRIMINATING BUYER HIGHEST QUALITY xqui3.LD W1115 la 6 K Y K4 OQSU 'ff5fii6i'fi1iiGi1G" 4- L . 5 1 A GF Feeders X Growers, Inc Feeds-Seecls-Baby' Chicks 209-219 Eleventh St. Augusta. Georgia Cniiiiwliiiieiits of H. SHRIERLIXG JEWELER 910 Bri-nd Street Coniplinients of Fuleher, Fulcher S Hagler SPORTING GOODS PHOTOGR.-XPHIC SUPPLIES BOWEN BROS. 905 Biwacl St. Aiilziistzi. Georgia Sherman K Heinstreet REALTORS Augusta. Georgia Roberts Motor Company 15th at Brozul Diul 4-142-1-25 Augusta, Georgia DeSOTO - PLYMOUTH Authorized SALES - SERVICE Compliments of Osbon Auto Supply, Inc Fisk Tires-Fisk Batteries Auto PZ11'tS-RGCZIIJIDIIIQ' -EASY TERMS- 1253-55 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. To the Students ot ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTH JUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA 'nkln9 C0r eg PY' P0rqf Nevwcp Ion Asenr i Augusta Geofgxo f X Uhr Augusta Glhrunirlr TH-E AUGUDTA HERALD lion.-:mc-Susmv Bentley Brothers Brlcltles Tip Top Furniture Cleaners Broad at 11th Street "The Store of Friendly Service" Phone 2-5309 We Gixe SSH Cieen St'1lUDN Rivers Trailer Co.. Ltd. - -if M, ',..2-.-,.1 -I Piioiie 2-2520 ELISS' Credit Supply' CO. Exim Exif Mez: s It .otiiizig I-'rn .-.. . 21-1 ..u.. U--, ..... L. Ru. F H1 .-.HL .y f. 5 - - N v' -2 '-1'-QS 'N'w'S 1 Lf. I.. t1..x..t..f .s. .t-I-,Q .'x.4gt... ,., I ID21f'11f 4-S502 PHILIP E. CELPEPPER 305 Nizitii Street A gusta, Georku ! F. LF.. . DRALGI-ION'S BLSINESS COLLEGE ONE OF ABIERIFAS PRETTIEST SCHOOLS HOME UF SPEEIVWRITING SI-IORTHAND 'fc-rzigivfirziezlts of CARR OF ALGLSTA I,0we's Skating Rink .-X'.'ai1:1iJ1e for Private Parties 960 Br-i-ati Street I l - A 602 - lltil-T230 to 10:30 , E U A BIQ:-zitiajr Ti11'c-ugh Saturday: AL 1 QL STAS LARGEST AND II'eti1iestiz1jf. Fridaay. Saturday. S mx X LEADING SPECIALTY SHOP 2:30 to 5:30 Phone 4-9460 CHECK-R-BOARD FEEDS-BABY CHICKS SANITATION PRODUCTS Phone 4-8826 902 Twigs St. COLLEGE PHARMACY DRUGS-PRESCRIPTIONS Telephone 3-3687 1810 Walton Way Augusta, Georgia Best Wishes A E. D. Marks, Pres. A. M. Boyer, Jr., Vice-Pres C I. t f . -omp 1men S o Marks Heating and G h u Air Conditioning ra am Reefmg 85 5th Street Extension Phone 2-3645 or 2-1940 CO. Augusta, Georgia WESTINGHOUSE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS WILLIAMS OIL-O-MATIC EQUIPMENT AMERICAN RADIATOR CO. HEATING EQUIP. ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS OIL, GAS OR COAL HEAT AIR CONDITIONING ROOFINGS AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS 1423 Reynolds St. Phone Z2--1-173 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of BUSBIA REALTY CO. 134 8th St. Augusta, Georgia Phone 4-5568-9 ' 1 jwv-q'W'- ' W ggkcr-D NI' -tm' Cf' ,Liga--s . , Ukiddefq Ufficc Supvlw "wr Inc. Cfmsuxners Feed :md Seed V , 1 x--,:-L- Ixcev HJDDY Sac F1 Good Hfiwie --Xt The IMPERIAL and RIALTO THEATRES WARREN WALKER .'m' "A T1 v.R'ner-Kirkland A Transfer Cc-. Q2 P5 X '.1: .i if' E 1 ' :Q 7.1.51 Qgipe I fl A ii 'Q ' ri Fiji ' .x W 'E , n 1 , ffi -3 ,-1 . ' - . fvc ,T T' iff 2'-51 A Compliments of Augusta Federal Sflvinfrs ' s-4 and Loan Association Ground Floor Southern Finance Building Phone 2-66350 B X B Lumber X Supply Co. T. L. Byrd M. H. By Yard and Office 1241-45 D'Antigrnac St. Augusta, Georgia Compliments of SOUTHERN ROADBUILDERS, Inc. P. O. Box 847 Phones: 6-8433 an Augusta, Georgia 6-8434 E1.I,IOTT SONS Compliments of RUBEYS Augustzfs Only Home-Owned Department Store Largest Boys' and Students' Department in Augusta Compliments of Bailie's Parking Lot 739 Reynolds Street Augusta, Georgia Augusta Hide Co. E. A. Lamar and R. M. Lamar Proprietors HIDES-Furs-lVool-Beeswax and Tallow-Scrap Iron- Metal-Rubber and Rags Office and lVZl1'9l'1OllS9 1433 Reynolds St. Bassford Nlotor Co. I. H. Cohen .-Xgency LTD' usunuuze I 12247 1:1-W1 st. Pl1011e' 2-71113 Q F N He Srriart-Rifle ti 4Q'usl11111111 Motor PD EN St-ot-tei' to St'l1-'-ol PRDTECTIUI U Dl5Tl'll1',lTHl'SI Iillldi HL'!ili :-ALA 114 Eixqhlll .Y Y Y F Y l"h4111j-Q25 . h A V Q A 11 IT lr -,tum 1xs11z.ax11-.. HVTBOARTP MOTORS tx CRLISERS 1113 5111- IT C'--1111.-li111e11ts or Music Dept. o I' H. I.. Green Co. Latest Ret-ordiligs By TOP ARTISTS 'wet Blusit- Actessolle COMPLIMENTS OF R. Davis Coal K Oil Co.. Inc. Phone 2-5787 Carey F. Weathers TRAXSFER S STORAGE CO. Loral and Long Distance 3lOX'll1g Operating in 28 States A COMPLETE MOVING SERYICE 1268 Druid Park Ave. Phone 3-2211 BRIGHANTS Super Markets 214118 Broad St. 1732 Broad St. 2301 Milledgeville Road. 2500 Peach Orchard Rd. Fifth and Ellis Sts. Compliments of WRDW Radio K TY 1480 ik Channel 12 F. E. FERRIS K CO. MEN'S CLOTHING 752 Broad Street Compliments of Hull, Willingham, Towill X Norman An Unbeatable Pair and A DIVISION OF THE BORDEN COMPANY Stark-Empire Laundry LICENSED SANITONE CLEANER Cash and Carry Service Delivery Service Phone 3-3611 Garden City Engraving Company, Inc. Designing Photo-Engraving Illustrating Blue Prints - B. XV. Prints Photo Copies 805 Reynolds St. P. O. Box 64 Phone 2-6754 Augusta, Ga. Augusta Hardware Co. 2255 Milledgeville Rd. Phone 6-3375 "A complete line of quality hardware at a reasonable price" P Compliments of T. J. Carstarplien Co. -lVh0lesale- TOBACCO-DRUG SUNDRIES PAPER-CANDIES hone 2-4267 1021 Telfair St 'ICSC . , ,-- vw v- ,-,r - ' e f--Q-J-D1 SBIOKE . .. XYHEX YOL' BLILD OR REBIODEL 1 - w - .F . 4.1- Sl.-C...:x , A HAY-A-TAMPA . . . CIG.-XRS Perkins Lumber Co. 'VERNON BI.-XDIIOX ik, ,-r, N- ..,-,... .-Q .lolin J. Nliller .SUTYDIII ' 1 D1 If GLW' ' A lie 1 - -. 4.'J. --.. - .15 ,i?.c Cciniplinients of SQLTHEKY LLBRICATIXG CGBIPANY Llist1'ibL1t01's of CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS Y.-XLYOLIXE OIL Hill Drug Company Hargrove Printing Co. P1'ese1'igi-tion Druggist . . . Eighteen Years Printing Plume 3-3621 and 3-1155 Exiberienfe .- Telephone 4-T034 '-132 Monte Sano Ai. Q V S, 36 Thirteenth Street Augtiita. Ga. Coniplinients of 7' 4. 1' L... cl Save ft e 1 Tabla Finance Co. S. F. C. Building Phone 2-3506 Toot ,N Tell'm Drive-In 630 Broad St. FINE FOODS QUICK SERVICE Compliments of Audio-Visual Center 216 - 12th St. Augusta, Georgia R. G. SMITH, Jr., Mgr. Everything for AUDIO-VISUAL PROGRAM Compliments of l Jennings' Drug Store Murphy Stationery Co SOCIAL and COMMERCIAL STATIONERY 718 Broad St. Dial 2-2122 Compliments of GREENES' Inc. Home of CREAM-TEX MILK PRODUCTS DAIRY QUEEN "The Cone With the Curl on Top" 1830 IValton Way 2300 Milledgeville Road Compliments of SHARPTON JEWELERS -AYoUR HOUSE OF DIAMONDS 304 Sth St. v- 1--. - .. f"'.." ry-.W' ll,,X-X Il Home Sano Hardware Augusta Radio Co. P15335-HH-,QQ-,:,-me Raciiiie-H-irrtie Agiqi-iiaziees ST-i-riizig 11,1-cis ' P31-1:16-gi'a1i'21 Rec-1-1' , 1425 Marie 951110 Afexipze , g ".5x'.1g'.1rfii s Largest Rec-i-1'-in Deptf 'I E. Blrazi-:E1a1'd 555 Br-i-ad F' Dizi 2-221 A1:y11st:1. V' f' X . clmfz ll? , cfdflfffig 0. COMPLETE RIQG SERVICE ING G Q ORIEXTAL ASD DOMESTIC ll .L."TH-vE.i2i3:1i 3'1:.1.?ff3Z1S3i- .5- Boardinan . Compliments Motors. . ot Inc. C--XSTLEBERRYS FOOD CO. Georgia I-Iatters K Cleaners SHIRT LAIQNDRY R. A. Ggaxelzzs. P1"i-gori Ibia' '7 IIVICI4 .e., -'1 , 1 316 Eighth QM' Herring Bros. Furniture Co. 5 16 Broad St. PHILCO RADIO S REERIGERATORS P11-one -1-5 120 f'ompliments of Emory Williamson Com pun y Bro kers an d D istrih utors Compliments of YOUR LINCOLN-M ERCURY DEALER Southern Motors, Inc 1119 Ninth St. Phone 2-0433 Augusta, Georgia WE BUILD OR REMODEL ANY SIZE JOB IVE SPECIALIZE IN SERVICE All Estimates Free Phones 7-4832-2-6795 Spence Construction Company 26 - 13th St. SWINT TELEVISION LO Inc Yhe Best in T V Sqrvig, .34 I3th st. - P f R I fo VA ES Eriai ST. Augusta Bottlers Association Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Canada Dry Bottling Co. Royal Crown Bottling Ct Augusta Mill Supply Company TXDYSTRIAL SUPPLIES BELTIXG-PIPE-STEEL TOOLS-Y.-XLYES Phiiies ' -AEST or 2-495 Q6 - 11122 ST. Axggs 1 Jennings --Xuto Supply Company AUTO PARTS 2551113- AC CESSORTES 1223 Rej-'ziolis ST. I.: ' -Lg' 7 7 Bailie Furniture Company T-va E Q-1-ef -- ..-, g.--... Augusta. 'Jeif1'g1a v I "BAH.TE3IADE" 7-L P BOIIIIHQ CO. AKTXIXGS SHADES PTCTERE ERAMTXG ARTISTS' STQPPLIES 2 TRI BARRETT S LAW pr L Y 'mpq uT,--4..g , L., ' .w,:. 1'-..:',.,. S, M., ..:.T..-.,. acuch Steel Products. Inc E,.,-.,.,..,.- w-Vt: ., - A T .L .5-,.ee-f. ref.g:.f1's all-3 Czztteriieii i--E P+,--e 0 D .TL . -.J,- ,1g,,47.'1- "' ' "' :XJL ..S.c.. 'J':"1! E11':1'1c attire if: STTLTQCTTQRAL. ORXAINIEXT.-XL if-fl L., 4- BITSCELL.-XXEOTQS STEEL Dial 4-5417 Auto Supply Co. gg- 214-218 Sixth Su-een Augusta, Georgia AUGUSTA TRANSFER ik STORAGE PACKAGE DELIVERY Baggage-Express-Light Hauling CHAS. M. HORTON 623 Ellis st. ' Night Phone Phone 4-7871 6-7577 CQIIIPLIMENTS OF Cornelison Printing Co. DORIS JEWELERS Compliments of IV. F. Bentley IV. F. Bentley, Jr Henry Darling, Inc. W. F. Bentley K Son , FINE FURNITURE "Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealerw 901 Broad Street 533 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Azmgusm Tjvpewrlter Exchange N. .. -rv SIG COX RIFFQ f92Pg,L.f1fX . . --TA XX F' S' YIATIN S2 BREAL'LT'S STUDIOS LX --x - 4--4 -..'- -..-,- "--,--...k, Richmond Candy Yenders. Inc. ,----in , ...---Lg - S ' S 7235i IX 2 NI'YTQ -u-.A BUY THE F Goodrlch 'f v 9 . ' ' 6 BROAD AT 'I0+h-PH. 2-2674 'L '- xx Geo. NI. Has-nn Plumbing E. B- Smcherl jr. COIUQHHS' 'fQ'TTT' i"q'T ZAR 'FTHZIQ .l.Qf2FfffZXf -Z fff.--I QHTZXHTG -THZZQ E.l.Q.l.X S25 2 ft.: I - -...: . -T -T- , -'...--.'.... ...- .'L..u " "T Z .S E---fIfAIIXE LET us RECOMMEND A sooo PAINTING CONTRACTOR Y' COIN Dlim611fS of 6, Susnwm-Mu.lAus orsN A cnucs ACCOUNT - ws osuven My 1 12 1 Gwinnett Street BEST IVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 Guy C. Smith Sturkie Furniture Company 2117 Milledgeville Road Phone 2-2162 Construction Co. OPEN 'TIL 9 AT NIGHT B for Beauty R for Ruggedness I for Insulation C for Construction ease K for the Finest kind of brick which insures all of those valuable char- acteristics in your new Vocational School along with many other outstanding structures throughout the Southeast. MERRY BROTHERS BRICK 81 TILE COMPANY Augusta, Georgia THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF STRUCTURAL CLAY PRODUCTS tb Slqelton's Super Nlarlxet CONGRATULATIONS FROM 1 . 551 7- 'x Slflf -vnu: 1 -9 n.-cl Siu no-nl' 719 Broad St. Compliments of Empire Furniture Co. "COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS" 1201-3 Broad Street Dial 2-5435 Compliments of Edmunds Drug Co. "In Business for Your Health" Phone 2-6855 502 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Your Druggist to Downtown Augusta Busy Bee Restaurant Established 15010 658 Broad St, Augusta, Ga. Mrs. C. Moutos, Owner Compliments of Champion Coal 81 Fuel Oil Company 'WVHERE SATISFACTION IS A CERTAINTYH Mike Agostas, Manager Y Dial 2-7309 1335 Walker St. P. O. Box 297 Augusta, Ga. The Buckeye Cotton Oil Company illanufacturers of COTTONSEED and SOYBEAN PRODUCTS Georgia Sporting Goods, Inc. Broad at Monument Augusta's Only Dealer in Rawlings Athletic Equipment Dial 2-1961 ART PATCHIN, Manager l . l l I I l L4 Poultry Palace Market CHICKENS AND EGGS 1204 Ellis Street Dial 2-9937 filO1'N1JlII7ICIItS of JOHN R. COOK K CO. CONTRACTORS iandi ENGINEERS Earl L. Babbitt Plumbing K Heating Co. Repairs-Alterations -on- PLUMBING-HEATING OIL BURNER-GAS FITTING 1128 Ellis St. Phone 2-2520 Woodward Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIALS CURTIS 'WORK LUMBER-PAINTS 1010 Roberts St. Augusta, Ga. Phones 2-4611-12-13 HOUSTON ICE KN COAL CO. Thirteenth at D'Antig'nac Street Phone 2-7337 Augusta, Georgia PACKAGED CRUSHED ICE BURN-RITE COAL BLOCK ICE A Compliments of Skinner Auto Supply A Company Augusta, Georgia . M. McAuliffe Chas. I. tIXIikeJ Mell, Jr lcAuliffe Realty Company REAL ESTATE-RENTING INSURANCE-SURETY BONDS 807 Broad St. Phone 2-6086 Augusta, Georgia u 1. 0:1111 Qi.-.e...S NIe3'er'S Prescription Shop "PRES'fRTPTTONS FILLED PROBIPTLY LHIICT .-XC'fTfRATELY AT REASONABLE PRICES" BTCYCLES-MOTOR BIKES BT ClTOR1Q'YmQ'LES CO 31 PLHTENTS OF MORGAN TRLCR X TRACTOR COMPANY R. L. Suinerau S Son 641- 1245 Bit-if.-Qi St. Dial 2-53301 R1obSCHIilfil'S STIOGS C-.lzigrat'alati-Q-11S From '-fwfff-Q1rQf1'w1hef:-' Pinell Heating and Air MESS SHoES SeHooL SHOES - - - Conditioninof, Inc. REDS BooTS D C.-XPEZTO EALLETS 555 Wald' Sf- ffee B1--QS-ii Sf. Dial 2-4212 Agffa- Ga- Truloek Candy Company 153323 Wi.1To:1 'Wap' Angasta. Ga. FINE CAXDTES and PEANUT BETTER S.-XXDKYICHES DiStz'i?g-'gtii'S of LAY'S Kings Way Pharmacy 2107 Kiz1gS VK'aj: Ph-iilie 3-4456 .-5x,.g.4S.c1. G-:Ulgla TWO GOOD REX.-XLL STORES Nlonte Sano Pharmacy 1426 Alozite bali' .-Xveiiue Phe-:ie 6-2553 Compliments of Lake View Service Station Broad and Milledge Rd. PAT RICE, Dealer Motor Service EQ Parts Company 551 Ellis St. Augusta, Ga. Dial 4-4345 or 4-4346 Noryell Fixture 8 Equipment Co. SCHOOL LUNCHROOM EQUIPMENT Hot Lunches for High Grades Compliments of HILL-EUBANKS XVHEEL-AXLE and FRAME ALIGNMENT Dial 2-5751 General Auto Repairs 565 Broad St. CLARENCE MOBLEY CONTRACTING COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS "LOWEST PRICE MAINTENANCE CONSIDERED" Marbut Milling Co., Ltd. FAIRXVAY DEPENDABLE Compliments of THE PIT "Barbecue at Its Best" Only Place in Town You Can Get FEEDS Catfish Fry and Stew 'With Hushpuppies Augusta, Ga. on Friday and Saturday Augusta Office Supply y- V - 1 V -. .. r".'1i1-ff ' 'viiyf rggjg Igfs lj 1 1"1"L1:'I-1 Tut :fx , , U , 'A' 'Pm D,-,-,.1,'1 Q I -T - A , AJ- ,L-,A I H 1 E. 1"',.y4 HARRISON MMM, ,4,m,, Augusta Sporting Goods Inc. -A' E5:Lf11si'.'e L'isi1'i?Qv.xtf-1's BIEQGREGOR - GOLDSBIITH ATHLETIC' EQUIPMENT ' ' EVLE. TENNIS. BASKETBALL S. ALLEN COHEX ' ' W 11:1-gi FOOTBALL SUPPLIES LIFE - FIRE - CASL'A.LTY ,k Pic-:ie 2-27531 210-212 Eighth f 1015 Lwpzifii P21111 1 Phozie 2-6007 A11g111T G 0 1 DEVELOPING PRIXTING EXLARGING PHOTO SHOP 606 B1'oz1cI St. r I I I I I I I I I I I I 34. Compliments of GENERAL TIRE X SUPPLY CO. Broad at 12th Street Phone 2-6641 Greetings ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1 A. R. C. CLASS RINGS 'A' For Any Graduation Year -W'rite- HERE-JONES CO. H. S. CANFIELD -168 Blzicklzind Rd., N. W'. Atlanta 5, Georgia A Complete Graduation Service INYITATIONS-CARDS PINS-MEDALS-TROPHIES DIPLOIVIAS-CAPS and GOW'NS COMPLIMENTS OF H. L. Green, Inc. 870 Broad St. EVERYONE EATS KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS OPEN 24 HOURS JOE HATFIELD Wyke C. Ivey. Jr. W. C. Ivey Coal Co. Florist -16 Years of Serving Augusta 935 Joneq Dial 4-1898 COAL-FUEL-OIL-CHARCOAL Auguqta Ga Dial 2-9218 1009 Roberts St. Augusta, Ga. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '54 D21VlSOI1'S will be ready to serxe you for your college clothes or career wardrobe just as we have with each previous graduation . . . From tiny tot through pigtails and teens. f 864 Broafl St. 0 9 VlS0llS , , , Augusta, Georgia GOOD HEALTH TO ALL FROM REXALL LANE-LIGGETT Fifth Avenue Shoppe "The Shoppe All Women Know" DRUG sToR1: Where "The Most Beautiful Clothes Are Sold Eighth and Broad 829 Broad St. Augusta, G2 1522 XV2lltOl1 'Way FOR THE BEST TRY SIRIKINS SEEDS 1129 Broad St. Call 2-5327 Compliments of Harry H. Bell, Jr. AND John C. Bell Compliments of BOY S' CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Hurst Business College Little Italy Complete Office Training Pizzeria' Gregg Or A B C Shorthand I Napoletana X Experienced Teachers Individual Attention Monthly Rates Free Placement Service Over a Quarter of a Century's Service Authentic Holiday Restaiirziiit Distinctive Food for Instinctive People Alll CONDITIONEII 584 Broad-Orders Taken Out Phone 4-2261 NAPOLVS PIZZA PIE Hits You Like a Moon in the Eye Phone 4-2555 or 4-6805 Maddox Paint and Body Shop Body Work Paint and Wrecker Service 111 Sand Bar Ferry Roy D. Maddox Augusta, Ga. LEROY'S MARKET TENDER MEATS-GROCERIES FRESH PRODUCE 1859 Central Avenue Augusta, Georgia Phone 3-6604 Broome Nlotor Sales 12th and Reynolds Streets Augusta, Georgia MOTOR OILS GREASES FUEL OILS CHEMICALS SANITARY SUPPLIES Your Trade Solicited and I,llOllQS :appreciated R. O. BROOME, Owner Plioenix CO C. M. O'TYSON. Manager 625 - 5th St' Augusta Ga. The G. Howard Agency Representing STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTO INS. STATE FARM FIRE INS. STATE FARM LIFE 1010 Marion Bldg. Phone 4-7579 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of JOHN F. HARDIN United Supply Co. AUTO TRIMMERS MATTRESS and UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES 1706 - 15th Street Augusta, Georgia Holloway Tire 81 Recapping Co. 1260 Reynolds Street -Distributors- GOODRICH SEIBERLING PENNSYLVANIA TIRES REAL ESTATE SALES LOANS INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Blanchard K Calhoun Realty Company Augusta, Georgia Dial 2-6621 Compliments of Marks Surgical Supplies 1429 Harper Street Augusta, Georgia Compliments of 'POOLE SUPPLY CO. Phoenix Printing Company Phone 2-5262 745 Ellis St. Augusta, Ga. Agents For: SELMER-VULDS-CONN-IIOLTON IIANID and ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS IEATONS and SHEET MUSIC Schneider's Music Center XV. F. L.-LEEDY-LIIDVVIG- and L. SLINGERLAND DRUMS Sth St. Dial 4-S947 Augusta, Ga. Bill Bernard WGAC "HIGH NEIGHBOR" 6 8: 9 Every Morning VVGAC 58 on Your Dial COMPLIMENTS OF Partridge Inn Compliments of Rhodes Furniture Company 1051 Broad "Serving the South Since 1875" For Fun and Clean Recreation BOWL-BOWL-BOWL Richmond Bowling Academy Over Busy Bee Restaurant Open 7 Days a VVeek WALTON PRINTING COMPANY 117-119 Eighth Street Phone 2-7892 Augusta, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND The following, having contributed person illx Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr D1' M1 Dr D1' Dr Dr Dr M 1' D1' Dr Dr to .ICA-ARC publications, are listed as PATRONS of tfie 195-l RAINBOW and the 195-l SOUND OFF S. XV. Fennell Perry P. Volpitto A. J. WVaters E. L. Rushia Leo H. Pou, Jr. John F. Yarbrough W. A. Lufburrow XV. A. Risteen R. C. Major J. Malcolm Bazemore Charles M. Kilpatrick Louis L. Battey Harry Steine Richard B. lVeeks XV. Eugene Matthews XV. XV. Battey D 1' D 1' D 1' M r Dr Dr D1' Dr Dr Mr AI1' M 1' M 1' M 1' M1' C. G. Luther and M1's. Howard S. J. Lewis Fred P. XV1'ight . G. J. Trotti, Jr. . R. E. Anderson J. Robert Rinker Thomas J. Howard C. Conrad Smith Forest W. Silvey Henry J. Kay L. M. Tuggle Roy V. Harris Henry Chance J. Roy McCracken N X W Camera Excliang Compliments of SCHLERS FLORIST 1001 Red Bird Road Phone 3-8056 IRVIN REALTY CO. 722 Greene Street Augusta, Georgia "The Best Is the Cheapest in the Long Run" SALES MANAGEMENT RENTALS DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING "Everything Photographic" CAMERAS PHOTO SUPPLIES ACCESSORIES MOVIE EQUIPMENT Dial 2-4057 220 Eighth St. MURRAY'S FLORIST C Augxustzfs Largest Distributor of QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS PRATT-DUDLEY BUILDERS SUPPLY CO Two Locations for Convenience Tenth at Fenwick Street Phone -1-7755 Long Distance 115 525 Fifteenth Street Phone 2-0464 Long Distance 38 P. O. Box 517 Augusta, Georgia Phone 2-1728 FALL FOR AND DELIVER VOGUE CLEANERS Il, li. MILLER, I,l'U1I. 12356 Walton NYM' Augusta, Ga. P2ltI'O11IZQ Augusta Ice 8: Coal Company 100 9? Home Industry I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I i I I JOHNSON, LANE, SPACE X CO. GOVERNMENT MUNICIPAL INDUSTRIAL STOCKS BONDS Investment Trust 721 Herald Bldg. Phone 2-7741 Augusta Savannah Atlanta RICHMOND HOTEL P1uvATIf1 1-1AR'1'1ics AND BANQUETs OUR SPECIALTY East Boundary Cleaners E. M. Crozier Russell Plunkett Dry Cleaning Auto Laundry Phone 2-4583 402 E. Boundary MANER HARDWARE R SUPPLY CO. Phone 4-5466 1033 Broad St. Building Materials Power Tools Paints and Hardware Two and One-Half Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings Deposits Deposits Insured Up to 310,000 Interest Conipounded Seini-Annually Realty Savings Bank "Augustus Only Strictly Savings Bank" Meinlmer F. D. I. C. 827 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Belmont Restaurant 24-Hour Service Sea Food and VVestern Steaks Our Specialty Phones 2-9398 and 2-6796 716 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia Where Quality, Accuracy and Fair Policy Prevail TWIGGS Prescription Opticians To Eve Physicians Augusta, Georgia Phone 2-5077 Compliments of T. B. KING LUMBER Company Compliments of MAURICE STEINBERG Compliments of S. H. KRESS 81 CO. Known for SCHOLASTIC School Supplies LORICK R VAIDEN, Inc. LIFE ACCIDENT HEALTH GROUP and HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE 201-5 Southern Finance Bldg. Augusta, Georgia ARNETT DISTRIBUTING CO., Inc. Distributors of I STEWART'S POTATO CHIPS 1413 Monte Sano Avenue Phone 6-6160 Compliments of FRANK E. COURTNEY Patrick Hearing Center ROY C. PATRICK Hearing Aid Specialist 305 Masonic Building Phone 2-4710 --Since 1889- HBUY BEST-BUILD RETTER" Augusta Lumber Co. RUILDING MATERIALS LCMRER MILL IVORK 903 - Sth Street Augusta, Georgia HZIQICF Tire X Supply Co GOOD I'SEIJ TELEVISION SETS to 3975 721 Reynolds Street Phone 2-8405 iPARKINGT Reliable Upholstery Shop TAILOR-MADE SEAT COVERS SPORT TOPS 38 - 13th Street Phone 2-1952 Compliments of Richmond Supply Co. MILL SUPPLIES 652 Seventh Street Phone 2-7797 Compliments of Keel's Service Station Baker and XValton IVay NIODIQRNERA SANDWICH SHOP 301 Eighth Street "THE NEWEST AND CLEANEST IN TOWN" TEEN-AGERS GATHERING PLACE SANDWICHES and MALTS SOFT DRINKS Compliments of PIERCE BROS. Compliments of TOWN TAYERN WGAC 58 ON YOUR DIAL The Favorite Station of A. R. C. and Junior College Students Maxwell Brothers FURNITURE Frigidaires-Philco Radios-Drape Experienced Interior Decorating Service Phone 2-5526 933 Broad St. Augusta, Geo W. E. Raines Co., Inc. Building Specialization and Supplies METAL PRODUCTS Phone 2-2176 14 - 7th St Augusta, Georgia John F. Brickle Ex Co BICYCLES-LAIVNM OYVERS Dial 2-5538 DIXIE CAB SERVICE Repairs 553 Ellis Street Cash Zilld Market Equipment sie-sis Ellis st. Dial 2-0 Augusta, Georgia Compliments L. J. Henry Company Exclusive Dealer Remington Rand Products Ditto Products 101 - 'Tth Street Dial 2-0411-2-0412 First Federal Savings SZ Loan Association of Augusta Start a Savings Account Liberal Dividends Safety Insured Up to 310,000.00 127 - 7th Street Autographs Autographs Autographs Tile Spirit of Richmond The Muslreteer Colors COLOR SONG Oh, Our heorts with joy ore thrilling When the Richmond colors wove. And our spirits rise with ropture When the Richmond Sons ore brove. Fight for victory, fight for honor, And success will be foretold. All hoil the proud defenders of the Purple ond the Gold! r-If In L be L Autoqraplls Autoqra V ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Printer: Walton Printing Company Engraver: Garden City Engraving Company Photographer: XVilkins0n's Studio Cover Design: Miss Frances Hett, Junior College of Augusta li 1

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