Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1948

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Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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, , , X H, . L , , 1 K v,f.41i:4'., . Qian f. -, ,, ,tl- 1 P - Q 1 Q A . T. Fx .V ..! 'i x 1. .V 1 f 4. 4-4 K. , 'ff 1, I: E 1 2 5 X n .-I N I V c we: : 'E 5 , s f 3 2 ?i E if 1? 5 , vw" ' 'The Rahdxnv 1948 I J f 1 so 1. 4 J, 4. F 3 .1 4' fi l W W i I x A The1948 RAINBOW Published BY The Students OF The junior College of Augusta AND The Academy of Riehmend Ceuuty Augusta, Geergia if.. QSM . Mm-2: . 1 . . ,X l -N H... iw ' ' " T S9 j ix V ' '-eixsuu' .Q ,. . 5 K . . , - 'N , . - , ,N N , ,, ips: X ,- XA.: Y.-ln 5. - W X A' K x - .' ,.,,, .X x 'Thx ' . A.,',,-Tk-1 x1 -' Ru Q A ' J Dedication Wl'1 zire, with zi great deal of pleasure. dedicating' this vol- ume of THE RQXINIEUXY lo Nlr. Charles Rl. litheredge, El friend to :ill who have been connected with him either in the classroom or on the outside. He has worked untiringly with the business affairs of our annual for several years. XYe believe that without him we eould not even have had an zumual. -Xnyone who has been in Mr. Etliereclges classes will hold that they have been educational as well as enjoyable. His numer- ous tidbits employed in stressing' fl point are amusing' and enter- taining. He is zi man of broad interests, intellectually zind spirit- uzillyg while his soeizil eontziets :ire marked with 21 fine :ind sympa- thetic tolerzinee. We honor ourselves in dedicating' THIS R4XlNlZUXY of 1948 to Mr. Chzirles Xl.. litliereclge. CHARLES MARTIN ETHEREDGE LX tht tl1 Nl Foreword Wl'Q. tht- 111t-111l1t-1's 111 tht- lQz1i11l111w st1111, are indeed Dl'1'1UCl 111 ht lLlllLXL1llLlllN 111 11lt l11 '1 -: ' '-'- - 5 1 - -'11111'g1'111l11z1ti11gtl:1sst-s. XX1- wisl1t11 Kl'llllllKllXl tl1t111 XLIX l11 - - 'ghly 1111' tht- 1111st:111tli11g' 1't-c111'1ls they h:11't st:1l1lisht-1l 111 l111th SCll4ll1lStlC z1111l tx11'z1-c111'1'ic11lz11' 1iclds. H1 will X13 1111tl1 lllllll 4lXll 111st1t11t11111s this l1111t llk PXX' 'L'l'. whilt- it is11111' lllfllllllll thztt the 1'111111g' 111t-11 z1111l XX'lllllL'll XX'llH " 51' ' ' " " , ' ' 3 b -1 'llllll1lll1SUZ1llX'XX'Cll 111't-111111-cl QV111111. wt- 1t-t-l that tht- c1':1 llllll which lllll- w111'ld is ll L'l'lllQ' will Illlllit' it i11111t-1'z1ti1't- 11111 IllClll c1111ti1111:1lly t11 cxpz t- sc1111t- 111 tht-ii' 11111-llt-t'111:1l i11tt-rests. l111111'c1111111lcx t-t-11111111110 Sll'llCIlll'C1Sl1l 111110111111111'1-111c1'ly. 11111' 11111111si11g' 1111liticz1l 1z1cti1111s 1111 t11 li1't-111 l1:11'11111111'. 1l11-1'z11'i1 UXX llld Illlf 111s 1111l11st1'iz1l 11IlCl g111't-1'11111t-11t:1l g'1'111111s with c11111licti11g i111t-rests z1111l l1lk'ZlN lllllil l1t- :1l1lt- t11 11111lt-1'st11111,l CZLCll 11tht-1"s 1'it-w1111i11ts. 'llht fVllllQ. 111t-11 :111tl XXYl'lllK'll 111 1'isi1111 XX'llI1 t:111 st-c Il 111'11l1lc111 1111111 itll '1l1-s :11't- tht- 1li11l11111:1ts Zllltl i111l11s11'i:1l lt-:11lt-1's 111 tllllllll-l."XXA. . . , - . . l111l11syt-111' s lxz1111l11111'wt-l1z11'tt1'1t-1l 111 sh11w l11111.' tht- 1'z11'11 hllx tthti 111 t11lt11 1tt 111 11111 st111l1-11 11'il1'itlt's11111t11' SCl11111ls 11'11I'lt Img" " ' "1 'I ' ' l11-1l1 :1 l11't-z11lth11111isi1111. XX't-111z1i111:1i11 that thc sutct-ssfully ll lllllfl 'z' -1 st111lt-111 will 1'it-w lift- flilllll lllZlllX' 1111ssil1lt- 1111i11ts 111 X'Illl 111' The School Contents 194 Administration El Faculty 1 junior College of Augusta Academy of Richmond County Military Athletics Features Activities I.. t '01, u L Arts 'I . . V, vf - g': ,. 5 'a t Pyeinil Q 'A' 1, xi ' 'xl i. "ff s The Trustees of The Academy of Richmond County LANDUN THOMAS 'I' 'SEPH Ii. CEMMINGS ROBERT XYALTON BERRY FLEMING XYARREN BOTHIYELL E. C. ISA DANFORTH. Ir. FERDINAND PHINIZY Y--.1 ,. "git if ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY 1903 The Board of Education of Richmond County A. BRIAN MERRY, PRESIDENT LAMAR XV P4 JDXYQXRD. ACTING HENRY XY. POTEET MRS. ROY LAZENBY OLLIE O. Mcll.-XHEE E. I. RI4 SIIPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ERNEST F. BENTLEY CI-.XL'DE C. HENDERSON SH,-X R DS , ' "',,"--.4.f:. ' f-sm . -par' Y A - ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY 1 9-18 The Schocal --, ' 'vi---N., ,- .- ' ,l 4'-4:-"1 1 .55 Q K- 2 tasllvr S I.: Q : S : Q ' ' 4. 'H ' 4 5 , A' - 'L' . . VJ, .,., :::: :: :Fx Ef i V ' 4, -"Tl : ' Q 1 - :A 'W f 1' :ng .l W, ' ' ' f 1 Q in .2 'IQ : ' :' . l g , ' K -f f - ' - ' 'Q f ' , , , T't?.-,5-EM -6 -O L L, X '- . g V3 .' A 1 IAA. - I -- in il ' 5 . . , , Y K I :' , M: ' ' ,,w2..4+v- -,,' V U kr M X - 004-uw 1.-- .L::4g'xfi4ig ' ---- L' ' ' .--'rf ' - - ' ' ' --f' - -H----" gd, , .,... LiL 1- .. W' ...-, v ' -"' A ., , . f ,' ' '7-"ai 5"' V Q- X 5935 .pg-.f -- - A-1.i'f -:-asv -:GSH ' " A M' ' - 1- --.N-- ' ' 9' af' 7 "" ' ' - .- .- ' . - fl -,fl ev.. 'K ' - - .-fs?-fg:,,xrz:."" -f 1 ' ,. ' 'WW 'F L '- -"' Lf! f --' -.n -.4--rr . ,.'.."- r..--nf-5, -. .. Vai",-A - .7 -' ' W . 41"-.lf -f:efir?'2fi1..g ,. -5-:LL - . L .- -11 iw- . ,'-s1""'- .TL '.-' - " -Q Q- -1. .,:. ,hw " gf, -, Y 1 xr, 1 ".':. ' - ...- - f Q.: -b - - ,....'--:gm - - -- fv. , ..,,,,..,f -Mk-M ' "' , V W ,apgyvv 2-so .-ff' u, Yg -,Jak Sch 1, A.: '8,-All-. 'f3,.S'q,f' . ....- - f ,,,.'w- . --f-. 4"-ha. arg,-,414 A". - 'Q - 1' hi'-FF?" L - 'fi-',. +4-as A " ' :E-,--u.:wI: x.--'N' ' ,Q-,151-.-5? 19: .' kfairsfihl A 1 ...W -. -P :.-: 1 3'-., -L 1-.1 -f-'a-,J.- f x 'W -Q - f 4 -ry-1' 1 - -Lf.: - -Q-.-1' . -f". ' 'ga ' ' " . f: xB1'.'-" '. pf- '-- Q-' f' P -gf-P--4. L Q L-, 1 wwf- .V A .- fa ' ' 4 - ,:'fi'i-.-P24 gf-I ,.."..,,"-'f -' -"- .ff-- L L- wwfs.-f-' J' 1 x . I '+- A,-' --, -H". 'V '- J : f,,4., .L". - ,L 15:1-P ' 4' ,f-- Q-,-ffz.,-vfdi- ,- -B.. L.. 1511:-'Z--1-. ., ,OLOA-,:-A.33-.Lgi-.iQ.'5:-Bm4a..,a34lvH 4-:.:f1fd SCHOOL FROM THE SOUTH DRILL FIELD ..s. Q11 'Mu -. 'ui' In A O . 06 . XXX PEGDIENT ON PARADE x ,V ,A ., W 'W :A .- f 6 'fx Q ww ,S . M ' was FO 4 , 1 I 5 . x V 2.5.1 I , 311 li' 1' H.,-2 ,4 ,- NORTH END OF LIBRARY AUDITORIUM UM IB? W nu mr mi fm 'H' mn I E fl Eu OTBALL STADIUM NORTH INNER COURT -umm- Fin Hivmuriam ames Morgan Buckner Academy of Richmond County 1923-1947 This page in our Year Book is dedicated to the memory of james Morgan Buckner. teacher and friend. wlio gave twenty-four years of his life to the hoys of Richmond. Fair and just to all. thorough and honest in his teaching. a scholar in his profession, he set a high standard. He will long he remembered and ap- preciated lui' every luoy who was fortunate to have him as a friend and teacher, Admiuistraticm r , The President Erie West Hardy AB.. Furman University M.A., University of Chicago Litt.D., Furman University Uni' i'l'L'rlflL'lll. in it l'HllllhL'iill'. it liiiihlciy :mil Il cli'e:mici'. XYC. thc Xtiiilviitx, lqiwxx' him well :if Illl.flllYl5C1' :uirl h:1x'c it iviwwlwiiiicl ivwircft fm' hif iiiiiiiitm, lliw :ihility :iw :L huilflci' hzis lwun Sll4INYll hy the nizmy iiiipimxciiic-iits mzirlc in um' sclionl unrlcie hiw lezuler- ehip Ili' hix fliliifcnt wtwk he hm m'ule this Z1 hettcr. iiwim- pru- . . N . 1 gi't-Mixv fvlifml. with :L lvi'ig'lite1', iiimm- piwiiiifiiig future. .XS :1 flrcziim-i'. we max' CilZ1l'llClC1'lZC him in the wouls he loves to utitu: ":i flix-:limit-1'f1f flreriins, nnrl 11 scsi' UfViSll'l11S.n Lately, we have lvecuiiic ziciitelux' awzire uf his plains fm' the future :incl sin- cerely litipu they will mziterizilize. QP' A The Dean K 1 A rt Y- 5 4' N I "Q'!IhqvY.S39! I Amon Paul Marlcert B.S. in C.E., Georgia School of Technology MA.. Columbia University Mr. llarkert, in thc 27 years he has been with this institu- tion has he-come a most rc-spectecl niicl pupiilar man, lloth with the faculty and with the stumlciits, he has reachetl Il ht-ight ui popularity few have zittziiiiecl while at this school. llc is wry congenial zuicl iiiielwstniimliiig :mal will always take time to listt-11 to aiiymie who has sflmctliiiig to gt-t off his chest. llc is rv- spected hy other CilUL'IlllIl'S iii the stzitc as seen hy thc fzict that hc was clcctccl prcsiflt-iit uf the G.l..X..X. several times. .X great helicvcl' in Flll1lClll zictixitics. hc has eiicoiirrlgwl :mil help- cml along' Illflllf' uf our chili- Zlllll Hl'QlllllXIlti4IIlF. Truly, Klr. Klan'- kert if Il c-iiiiisclwiy t-cliiczitm' :tml cxcciitivc. hut most nf ull. fl tim' trit-nfl ul cx'ci'xm1iv. 'x . .Q J, . wg Q: S W-L. MISS EFFIE NEIBLING 'M OFFI E STAFF SYDNEY SANDERS BILLIE FELL OFFICE PERSONNEL The Faculty KE! I-f -w:'.1""' alwm .44 Els. mgwuw. -4 .Af I N if v 3. gms-Q i , 3 P . X: 4' 'Q BI muxnm' BAILIE I.,il'XI'Q:l'lfi!'l BS.. Clomf-rse College BLS.. E:t.o1'x' L'nivfxsitx' QIORBETT W. LLARK S Sgt.. Fir-ld Artillery Pacifzc Theatre f,r.1.vr-cos l. Bix ALTT Muaic BS. MA. EIQGEXE M. CLARK General Science, Mzlthematils BS. in Com. G. Lncsrox Bouox Mzlrhezzxatius. nlrack Qosah BS.. Emo?-' Unfxversity' THOMAS Hrosox CLARY Citizenship, History AB., Mercer University O'NEAL W. CHAXDLER General Science. Biology BS., L'niversit5' ot Georgia CHARLES GUY CORDLE History .-X.B., Trinity College AAI., Trinity College ALI... L'nix'ersity of Georgia E . Wu "1 Q5 9 '.1 I-43' ""xk6 ,f,. fs 6- '25 wqgvfv- j.-xmrzs DICKSON English , Gvorqin T0:11'hr'rs Collcuc X,, E111o1'y Unix'c'1's1t1' ag-N, ...1 EDWARD A. EVANS xI.llll1'IllZlIll'9 Euzox DUPLIS Fnzlxch XB Umxcrsltv of Geoxgn NI X Unxxmmx of North Cwrolmi ,QQWQ5 sg 'sa-,P fm wF"N' -qv- 'lu Luxmxm X Fox 1NI11h'1n111l Dmwms, Fflgllltkllflg D1 IXNIIIQ Ioux Ummm x gf' QHARLFC M ETHFRI-'DPP xI"llhCIll'lI1CS X B Nusbcrrx C0111 Q 5521 'Q' INORNIANI L GAILOXVAX I'C'OIlOl1lI1x 1111 x 1 C 0 1 1, X 11101 11st1t11t1 :mx E1 xxx E1 HANK 1t14 11 Q ll1L Lum XB YSoH'o1d C0111 Q1 XXI Noffom Lolhqf 1111 X1 1d1mx 01111 tllx XL L1 THPR XLI-Rl-Il CRIFFIX B100 x Botmx IIXKINIIX 0 fun MS Un1xe1s1tv of M1ch1ga.n ' .il Wx ff' ff r S ' " A D' , . I ' ,, , 4 S: - b x ...A B..1X.,' 'z 1 "".it-'W ni . ,. ff' X S-'Q' ' K K 1 I . ,. . , . , 1 N- , A A l ' , i A, h Av , , . , j ., ,. 1 PV. ' x 1 0 11 'Q Sf 1 -X ' ' X x Rx ' 1 Q Q an A 'v Bs.. M --117 S1111 111'f.- BI., ,, ll1'01'g1- Pr. 1 V I 5 4 ' ' -111' Pol H . 1' 'I W, L ' Y, . F . -. I ' , ' 'Q 'N ' b f ki ' A -- A 1 1' , ' ' "F" KAI.. c:O1llIlll1i.l LvIliYl'l'4iIY W -, I lp ' , .X 11'in'1111 n X 1 ', R ', I . A' X, 1 . A X - yi' 1 . """' , 3 . - , 1 tgp.,-f-. ,ffm 3 'v M 4 BS. Ag., UI A "'.' ' f I ',1gi.1 h Y 'xx ... Y J-Jax Tzmxui HAINS Nigrhmzarics Bb.. Lum-'151u or Cf-022.3 - 'Q 6 xx b . f ni' N gf- T Enuixs M. HC-RNE :XSI'iCL11ILl!'6 BS..-X.. University of Georgia . Q . , W y x 5, NT... 3 3 MAX M XX.LLXR.' F N YN 1 C V I f,-'59 59,133-.t. Qitzmxxhzp i LLB., C L., NN. .,,, .,.f.n l.r 'Bef A I i 60 .fm . '-X fab s if-, .W V15 ff A Q ..-..,-.- KIHS. Lows E. HARRIS D.-t1.:..1'. joax P. HEL'SER Isr Ser.. Izifgnm' E..1'op-1.27. Thfiaire 1220:-:xc I IIL'Ff'.:x Histc-rr XB.. 51.153 ii Li-.Q-'gi BIN... Ohio Nam- L':'.i'.f-rsitv Gm' L. HL'RLBL'T'r Biology. Q . Mercer L nzw-rs:rv Thr- Berlitz School of Languagfs London F51 1' Eastern L'niver5ity Yladfvostok. Sibiriflp 'Qi' new-GQ-x Ian K -an-I-s .v . .VK F,..,, -. . Y 'S-N9 Wei . P V Jf""""' . ps 2 ,EN 3 , I . 1' -.. 'ig "wi FRANK C. INMAN Chvmistry, Baskc-tlmll Conch B.S., Prvsbytr-rian Collvgc M.Ed., Dukr' Univ:-rsitv MILTON A. KAY English BA., l'lllxIlldIl j. f:l'RTls Lnwzxm' xi-lthl'lIllltifS BS., Univ:-lsitx' f 'Q- Cnix 1-rsitx 4 r nb ' A 1 F -'N-nil ,1'l"1'x-"J N., ' .rx 113 ' . , Ah.: 1 2 I, M wx-.A X Fl't'lll'l1 x ti' .X,H., Vlxllhxllllilll Lollfsf' KIMX.. Dlzlu' llnixflsitx I mb t it :xii Q Q R. , ,H+ hx :is iv? xVILLlAM R. Kraxxxem' Q:0lIlIIl0IgCi1l1 c:l'O1'gi.! Normal Clollvqv CIl1:"1- Ii, XI-x.41.x XI frlgl.. Inf.-ntrx I.um1,f-,ul H1:-.stlv AEN .655 GARNFT T. LANG1-'ORD f N Nllutln-llmtirc fy: I R HS, L'niw-rein of CL'-owl.: l 1.-rg 9 i !'N"xN. f1II,'KRL!'N IT,-.lun . XB Lulu-'Q 4, HX N -fx ff-'s . X i " x X . v""" 7 x QCP' -an ,X .Lf A ,--L f -Qui' .qv .sayin ' 1 2- 'S S X. -5 V 5 2 V, I .V l 'Y-4 It . ,,.A,, , A FU VS if YI? i. g f ' 'I-R ' .15 . " FOREST L. MOONEY 'IUfSgr., Infantry Europx-an Vlll'lf'JlIl'C' JOSEPH JEFFERSON NIXON English, Histoiy .-XB., Furman University -MM., Univ:-rsity of Georgia "H+-1 , ,fegigikl LE i .Q xjg. Os 'VY CHARLES J. MORRISON Matliriiixntirs BS., Lill'lIlSUIl Coll:-qv Xuuunx C Oxwxs English .-MB., Univrrsity of Georgia Q ,A JMU-, 0 N s xv" OKI-l H Rl H S 'VIONFLFX lN1atl1vn1atic's BS., Enxorv I.llllYl'l'Slty MS., Plmory Univvrsity Hmm F PARRINH Fnghsh Bislxctlnll Coach A.B. Prcshytcrinn College .-XB., Univvrsity of Gcorgia WILFRED T. NEILL Botany, Zoology L'nivc1'5ity of Georgia 4 LESTER R. PATRICK Majoi, Laxaliy Professor of Military Science and Tactics Paufic Thcatre A.B., Shurtlc-fl' College lli-. xiu' fkfzouiv REAU Q 1 English Y l'li.l3., l'lIllUl'Y l'i1ix'v1'sitV ' , I NIHX , l'lIllUl'X' L,lllY1'l'Sltfv' .1 NIHX.. ifuluiiilrial LlIllYl'I'SllV t x ii ' X Silfgg'-Q,,.-fx f'-R 'v li, Rin SMITH K llietnrx' . K' r, X B XVnll'o1'cl lfollv-ff ' ' A L 1? , I if A A l N" 1- K5 Lows Riarasr-3 X' Training BS., Xll'l'L'1'Y University CIIESTER M. SUTTON English NB., Guilford Collvgv BMX., Hg1v:'1'foi'd Colle-gv M.-X Uriivwsitv of North Llnmlinii Rox' E, ROLLINS Economics, Football Couch ABA, Elon Collvge M..-X., Duke University NIILIIARL M. Swmixm' .Mft Prof:-ssoi' of Militxiiw' SCi0nCv lic lxt I,t,, IIll,.iIlll'Y El1l'OIJ!TllIl 'lln .itrv Q C Av , ' fnaoium NI. S1,:oTT ff 1 Q' Eualisli .X.B,, Lvnivwisitx ol lfli,1tt.m00u.1 ff I B.Litt. Qloluiiilmm L'iiix1'i'sitv lXl..X,, Diilv' L'1iivv1'Qit3' 'Q :QS ' Sf XX w4j""' Liv. Luxn, lALLI',5 Pllviifs B.S,. Lfiiiw'1'sitx' of Gcorgia RLS., NIClAl'l'1' L'riivl-rsity L L 9 T N I se ew LH ami- L. T HEBAYD 1, --- PV--few O. xi'-T1--Y NC'f"C , if:- A A Cigzigii. Ixfgxzr-. Bb.. L..-1150: kogfi-3 , ., , .-.r.t1..+s. Pgqzrzc Tnegt' HARRY S. Yotxc CQhe:t1f5t1"-' BS. L-xfversit'-' of IH KLA.. Tfnixfrsftx of U .ws ,, -Qiq H' Pgcmc Thea Members of Facultv without pictures: LTV GEORGE M. D,xSHER Shopwork xIARQl'fi L. Pzxzcsfox Mgrherziazics L, R, RUTHARDSON Histozjs. Citizenship Joszpa M. Rossnrsox Mathematics xmas W IL LLX uou E3 :W--P...,wf.. il um. w...,'5"'wv..., ,win-:..,,. ,,.Q.,,.bg:n.u. wsu .,ux1,b."' ww.. '- --an ,wx-.. , gf"n.m,.."""" N.. 1-I-mu . . x........,.:-Q .V A- mxmvnnwau www m-nwuunuug-gg ,X ,vw ,wmmeuuuhnmg . xx . awvmmmn -re.-.ww " my K l-mu-uni!! . V T Kliewlill-13 Mmm. 'win -w..... .-:gi H ws ' an ll D- . K 1, if , , , - ag .X ix K 1 K .Q , ,. Ig. N n" M Q, XA-' x If - 1 ' A' " ' I . .,. D' ' K is N Q- . ,, f f 5- , A -WN, ,L . 15 V ld " is' 1 . 1, v i f 1. r' ' i .fe In ' .4 "W I S 0 p h 0 m 0 r e S Class Qfficers Broozrxfs 85 1 x XNHIFLIX fP1'f'x1df-ut . X n f--Pxf--1d:,-m bf-Q14-1.11-3' . 'l-1'f-.'m11'v1' . Studnnt Council . QF Balk v L 'l 'ill -I jf 'Xmders . BI.1l'fx' BIDOIIIC . Arthur Bdlk Suxalmv Hilcox I'1':mk .Xrmflcrfwlm B.11'bar.x Bawfmd Pntririn .Xnn .Xllisoli Jn-nn llnrisfrxid .'XI'ld1'ISOIl Rainbow Staff, 2, Editor-in-Chief: flll!'Y'l' I,v.1d1'1 QQ AI.LI..'X. Lit:-1.11K "lx " S rtux " 71x Rho Bnskvtlmll, lg School Play, 1, Nunn' ' -, iw' fi ' -1 w- , SlQIllll l, 2: Honor l. Frank YVa1'ru'r And:-rson Y 'lrinriglc'-. l, Q: Pl'l'SlCll'IlI, 2: Dun- ,l"l1" ls -l'1d""'0'l- ,ll- olnv. l, 21 Class 'lilvgrgmq-1 Q, Psi l, l, 21 Vv'lv'i.1ns Cllulw S 2 alle Arthur Balk Psi Phalanx 25 Trianglv 1, 23 Glcc Club lg Class Vice-President 2. Barbara Bnssford Cheer Leader 23 J.C.A. Literary Society 2: Muskcteer Staff 1: Rain- bow Staff 1, 25 Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 2, Treasurer 'lg Student Coun- :il 2: Sponsor 1, 23 Beauty Sec- rion 2. 11 .ICA Literary Society 2. 5 S im-- uk' 1 'Wa ff, K I E i U ix'13IAgflII'I .-Xllrn B.lY1l.1l'Cl Rainbow Stull 1, 2: Zum Rho Sig- inri 1, 2: J,C,,-X. I..lIi'1'2ll'fx' SOCiCty 1, 2. Elder Fruncvs Boggus High Honor 1. N RAW. I . V G. B l l Mary Broome Mughu Ogg Class President 'Zg Most Popular 1, 25 Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 25 Student Counril 2, Vice-President 2g Cheer Lead:-r 23 Beauty Section 1, 2. Howard Bowcrs Mabffi C3114 1 4 Q: l..' I 553- " 'wrt ff' A 'MU' ig K , Q fiiiw 'X Qs vw QE? X ggi is , is WWW 1. i'- .jiw Wfjhw XG Qisggy " 'I , r .1.. 1 - ,lf 1 ' J V mg..-A f- -' ev,f,:q.f - ' W- N iz' ,af 15" Ge-o1qi.1 LI.n't1-r Lora Chvn High Honor 1. Iit'Ill'Y josvph Cirushin Frank Cochrane lrmnglu l. 2. ' PRX 3 Bolmbv Collins 'NI nx dn 1 lrinngln' I, 2. GL-orgr Curl Durdm-n llxgn lxm 1 'l'ri:mgla- 23 Dvmollx l '7 5 Rosemary Faulkner Honor 1. Prggy Ann Fell Cll1f'f'l' Lf-ndcr '23 Phalanx '21 Benutx 'Yi-ll Hlimlvutli Cloldvn ANU 'lihPli0521 HQSICH JIT..-X. Lit:-mix' Sovii-tv Qi Ulu' Baskrtball l, 23 Zeta Rho Sigma 2, cilllll l. 1 11.11-1-ii-I Ihhim FRANCES JOAN HIGGINS R.iinlvow NIJHN I, Ig Zvtri Rho Sig- Rainbow Stuff l, 21 Zvta Rlio Sig- n1.1 l. 2, Sl'Cl'1'I.ll'X' 2: j.Lf..'X. Lit- Illll l, 2: J.C,A. LllK'1'2ll'X' Sovioty Q. 'i.llY SOc'i4'tY l, 2. ,..r-ms Ay' sail Z-- :ffm-A-El - '94 'N l r it' ss. Nj ' " ' Y V -25 V 1 1: , .. i. X 1 Hifi. 1. iii' i-.Q"' ' dining A S 5 ig' 'N Hrlv-n IIOHAIIIJD Alma Furman Hogan J.C..,X. LlIf'l'Lll'f' Socivty 2. Mziruii- Elimbf-th Hoffman Charlie Estes Hoover B:-autv S1-ction 2. High Honor lg Triangle 'lg Chap- lain 21 Dcmolny 1, 2, Senior Coun- cilor 2, Mastvr Councilor 2. 'WUNQ-'. 91- 'is-nv' Jovcf- llufl' Jffl' Jldlllxlfll, LI.lI..X. Lil4'i'Lli'x' Sm'iCtx' l. .A .fn l Sm l1'I,llNl Ixl l' nx l. -. Rziinlmw Stuff. 1: Spanish Club. 23 li iuil Il' X litiaix Smivl-. J i 1 llllllsl-iL'lL'Ql' Stuff 1. Treasurer of Veta-rum Club l. Birmit Johnson lvillvlll ll join-N, ji, J.Cf..X, Litm'i.11'x' Sorirtx Q . . llwlllvllvl X4-iflii l, Mlm' kluli l. . 1 N Sv-4if'l.i1x l: Nlluf- Clluli l. li Pll.Il.lIlX 2. X . M, Q3 ii '51 :al Mar' i""-f' l al" I C i ,ps 'Q 9' N , 3 I 1 , ' is 4 I Q i l lea' hm 1 w Q Q Es' 5 'WIC' A .- . Jack M, Kvnnmfdx' juni- P.uIlis'i.1 BI.u'1iott 7 . Q . I '2' N J,-'lp Wi im 'tfrji' iii? Triangle Club 2: Spanish Club 25 B.l5lxl'llJ.lll l, L: Phi 'l'li-1.1 Kappa Sabre Club 1. 2. James H. Mninor Rolivrt Alton lNIvFm-ly Tflilnglf' Club 2. Rniiiliow ll 'l.l'4'Q!SllI'1'l' Pgi Phgilgyng l, 21 KIll5l'il'tl'r'I' l 1 Yvtrlylns Child l 2 Mlm- lllulv l 2 Llt'llfl'IlLlI1t l XISYE :ite McGraw- C'fp,:rIf'l L. XfvI.:1r:'. Trijrrxslf- Q: Honor ,-49' I l,1lfs" TR Q 2' -. li, ,-, 'Xi-9: K 'wp' X ' T1 . ' 'J A Y' 1 R i is --.QA ,J Kiwi: Blolixi JLQA. Lfti:',"' Fo ': Psi Philip: 2. RC-bf'-rt Lrcfg-ir. 11325: SLE-ri Club 1: Trigr. 2: Riff: Tiif, 1: Captain K al Prod Lovrlace McDonald Conszaxcf Helen Miller Zara Rho Sigma l, 2: Rainbow Stal? 1, 2. Deutsch'-r Yerein lx Student Coon fzl 1. 2: -I,CI.A. Liv-ran: Society 2: Spanish Cluh 2. 433' 3' g if ' l"Nu4"'a 2 X 1 fi,-. N Ivan Parker Q Sabre Club lc Psi Phalanx 2: High Honor li Cllffsi Tr-?.15urir 1: Roim- how Staff l. Liffuii-:ant Colonel 1. Esrrirn PARRISH Student Council 1. 2: Alpha Mu Chi: High Honor 1: Phi Theta Kappa 2. Oscar A. Richardson, Jr. Mary Gcorgia Rountrec Triangle Clubg Literary Society. Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 25 Pre-side-nt Z5 Basketball 1, 2. Rox' Rogers Margurr-t Irf-nv Rupert Basketball 2. Alpha Mu Chi 1. yi F 3 5 ..JN" X 'WN 'gx 5 New 735 PR 'to 5 T his s. if 'ff . ' 'X X fi' , 5, .ff Betty Sucre H, Joyce Sample j.C.A.'Literary Society lg Zn-ta Rho Sigma 2. Man' Ellen Sain Sarah Sf-ago Zeta Rho Sigma 2. Student Clounvil 1, 23 Alpha Mu Chi l 1 Highest Honor lg Phi 'lihvt Kappa 2. Ll A W C 460' f' -- T . ',..-. X . .XA :- xvllllillll F, Shipman Niury Lou Stephvnson Honor 1: Triangle Club l, 21 'l11CP.lSl1l'K'l' 2, Presidvnt 2: Studvnt fiOllIlC'll I1 RiHf- lcuni 1. Bmqg Slullmgdig Mnrx' A. ,lxl10lIllJSOI'l .Xlplm M11 Chi l, ,, J ' 'N ,f .. . M ,K Y.: 'g-...,.- ' I vw ,. gf-J ' 3 .::::: - ,-i.g,.+Q.'fww:' - Q N.,..f '.'.'.- .fr 1 -v-4'!iE1,N - X i L ,QR gp w.,-X '09' g X f 'XT 5556? :ffff?ew31- V, i 1 1 'Hs fSf,N,,yr. ,Q Cornelius B. Thurmoncl Caroline Turner X7Jl1'CllCIOl'lLl11 23 Phi The-ta Kappa Basketball 1, 2. Qg Veterans Club 1. Joe Albert Tucker Harold Tyson ' Trizinglc Club 2. Gordon E. Walters S.imu-Al W, Wnrdlziw Phi The-tn Kappa 2g High Honor DeMolay 1, 2g Triangle Club 1 21 13 Adviser Jr. HiAY 2. Sl'l'l'l'fill'Y 2. Paul Louis Wgmninger Doimld W. Wlim-lvr , ,.,,' Rx Q 1- WWF' skis ' Q -sl . . .se Nl'--.ur sr V . '.', 25-35 -ans :S - rye X J WW' 2 .2 , X 6. .N W. ix X x li 1 Susginni- Wlilrox Fl'4'Cll'l'lL'li Who Zctn Rho Sigma 2, Vim' Pr:-Qiclwnt 2: Class Secretary 2: JCA Literary Socivty 2, Vimf P11-Sidi-lit Y: Ruin- lnow SIHH' 1, 2. Last Will and Testament NV1-. th1- S111111111111111- Claw 111 -1, Q. AX.---1913 11c1icvi11g' oursclves to be of found mind ljlx 11111,1 111-111111- i11 11111 1-1111111111111 1111111111-1' 1111-11111-111-51 11111,-1' 11115si11g' the rough Illld rocky 1'11111l 111 1111- 112151 two 51-111w r1-111ix1- 111111 wc will 11111 111-1-11 XI1l'lI11.l5 lllltllli- aCc1111111lis11111e11t5, 111111 111111-r 1-11111111-11111-1,1 11r1i1'l1-- 11i1'k1-1il 1111 in 511111 j'C'111'F. Illlfl lllfl' 1'0U'Q11lZll1! 1111- 11101 111211 'VU1' 1111111' 1111111-1'1'l11ff1111-11 will 111-1-11 5111111-1l1i11g 111 ful-I-51 1111-111 111r1111g11 1111-ir l'C1l1Z11l1111Q' yczirf. 1.111 l1t'1't'l11 Ilt'L'lill'L' 111111 1ll11,ll1Nl1 1lllN 1Il7kx1.lIllKAll1 215 our 112191 117111 llllfl TCSIHIUCIHI It1-111 I. 1, Alzick SQIXVIIIIXVFIQY, 1111 l1L'l'L'1IV lczive to l'11ili11 "Gwen" 511apir11 1111- 1111ilitv 111 g1.1c111.1t1- 1111111 111lI1lUl' C11ll1-g1- i11 on1- and Ll 11.111 v1-ark i11 1111- ho1J1- 111111 Phil will 111- LIIIIUIIQ 1111- gr11d11.11i11g 1-1.111 in 193-1. 111-111 II. I. B1-vie: S111.1r.1gdi1, do will .ind ht-11111-11111 111 L1-1111 YY11t1-rs HIV nhilitv of making 1111 1'x1'11f1-1 to g1-1 out of 1'l11w. 111-111 III. I. 11111111111 '1'v11111, do 11l'l'l'13S' 11-11vC 11 11111'k11111- of London Dock Toh11C1'o to John C1111-111-11111111 N11 111111 111- IULIV L'I1A1UV X111111- of 1111- 11111-r thingk in smoking. 111-111 IV. I. S11a:1n111- Wilcox. do will Llllfl 111-11111-11111 111v ability to look intt-r1-N11-d i11 Claw XX'l1L'l1 I 11111 11111-1-11 to 11-11rN. 111 BIZITIZIII Klciere. 111-111 V. 1. 11111111111 H1,llL:lX5lU XVl1l'1'1L'1', 1111 1c11x1- 111 13111 Mac Bridges thirty of my one 1111111111-11 111111 suvciitv-f1111r 111:nci1s1. 111-111 VI. 1. Mary 1.1111 Stl'1IlIClI54IlI. 111- will 111111 111-1111621111 to some lucky perbon the 111111111 111 511111 111 11111 filling' 5111111111 1-v1-1'y l11I11'111I1g' 111 IIIIBY cigarettef i11 U1'1lC1' 111 rl11111lj' QVL'1'j' one i11 1111- girl! r1.11.1111. 111-111 VII. 1, 111111 A1ll1111l1', 1111 111-r1-111' llcllllclltll 1115' affection for the nursing IJIWIIESSIOII 111111 111511 for thc nurfef. 143 Q-l1Z11'11C L'1.1111.1e1'. 111-111 VIII. XV1-, xlllff' 111-11rg'i11 1Ql1l1111l'L'L' 111111 -1111111 lliggins, do will and 1366111021111 our 11rix11t1- wzitf i11 Klr. llzirkt-rt! officc 111 1111111116 willing' to accept 1l1e111. 111-111 IX. bIll1f' I711w11 'I'11v11'1 P111k1-1' Cluh 11-11v1-N 1111 411, itx 11m-tk to its only frt-shman mcmbcr. 51d1'11'v Fostt-r. 111-111 X. I. A111115 XI.11-riott. do will L1I1Cl 111-C1111-11111 111v ability to play b11sk1-1131111 to Beverly I lxh11d1-N in 1111- 111111111 111111 1111- Llunior C0111-gv girls won'1 low ai IUIUIV g11n11-Q nc-xt 1'1'LlI'. 111-111 XI. I. CZUIIIIIQ' M1111-r. do will 11nd 111-11111-11111 INV position of 11wo1'i11t1- 1-ditor to anyone who wgintk 111 111- l11'1L1I1Cl1'Cl to 111-11111 L11 I was by Edgar Richardson for this La:-t Will LIIICI VIll'SlL1Il11'I1T. IIVIII XII. 1116 Tucker 111111 Cl'l3.l'll'N BIL'I.?1l'1lj' 1111 l1C1'Clly leave their love for daily bull X1-fs11111f 111 11111 Lcwif 111111 S1111115' KI1'1.11rt1'. 111-111 XIII, .-Xlton KIl'I'l1'1,'lV l1'11v1-x 1111 11-11i11ri1v in 1111 111111 51-ssions to Billy LC1nf1C. I1l'111 XIV. 1, 'loc 1111111513111 111.1 will 111111 111-1111611111 1111 111151111111 as Secretary of Psi Phalanx 1173 soine sober guy 115 c11111111lc as inybc-lf. 111-111 XV. W1-. 3111111-rt Cnlk 11nd Marv N1-ll Edw11rd1. do lic-rt-by will and bequc-51111 to some -tr11gQli11g 1.I'f'NlH11llI1 1111- 11hilitv to 131155 Mr. R1-.1d's "1Jo1J', English tcsts. A1 INV 13111111 111-1111-1 its 1'ogi111tion 11nd my ready i1n11gfin11tion cczm-5 to divulge any other secrets, 111v lUI'tlll'K'Cl h1111d l'L'1.LlNCN to transcribe. Xvhftt has he-1-n written must hc subrnittvd without furthcr 111-l.1v 111 1111- 111111id1- world. undt-r witnt-ss of 'Nlave dI'1Vl'TN.,, tht' w1-1- ho11rQ of thc- morning and "R:I:P:1' Connic- Miller .1 I' r Q 10 1,01 5 125 "wmv-. ii! "' Hill 8' J A4 -A , vu jf Q -9 ' 3 ' f 'z 4 ', v P , api. ,mf . I 'A 1 Cl , I 55. wgyi Q 1 ' iw IP J F S, ,, in fu xl X x Student urses ft 3 . i 3. ' 'Wu ,S V X t Y . l , XX xx sys it , t Q , f i ig I f-W 'ls it , 3 it i , .A F: f 1 t off 1 5' -w ' x f -' 5 in , 2 'iq t' , ' Y it 43355. I if sv A. 'E O O O I The Nur ing Training Program During tht' YYar Ycurs tht' Junior Collcgc provided Class-room and laboratory instruction for a numhvr of tlgrsscs undtir thc' program of U. Cndct Nurscs Corps. lN'hilt' thc Collvgc considered this Ll Contribution it should Inulu' to thc war vfliort, thvsc young womcn made' a splcndid Contribution to the' lift' of tht- collt-qv. Thsf Cndct Nursc Program was an unqunlifivd success. During tht' sumrnt-r of lf?-l7, thc Junior Collcgc in1u1g:fu1't1tc-cl a training prograrn for nurses in .iliiiliution with tht- L'nivt-rsity Hospital Training School for Nursvs. A total of 100 nurscs have bccn I'l'QiStCl'l'Cl for this coursm- during the st-ssion of I947-48. Thvst- young worncn curnv from L1 widc art-21 i-1nhrgic'ing thi- sILlIL's of North Carolina. South Carolina, und Gcorgia. Tha- practical uspccts of nursi-s' training urn- vurr'ivcl on ut this Univvrsity Hospital, whilt' the strictly uczxclcrnic work, Con- sisting ol' liuglisli, psycliiolugy, sociology, biology, zmcl cliemistry, is done unrler the regulzu' i1ist1'uvtors uf the pluuiol- tlilltigt-, Il' Lidclitiongil l'lOllNlIl0'. tlriss-room. and luhorntor' fgxcilitit-s can be Jroviclcd, this roffrum qivvs . . o V o 4 pronusv of hvt-orning ont' ul tht' Hnvst fonturcs in thc total educational rflort of the Junior Collvgv. XM' can not onlv fulfill tht' funftion ol za 'unior collcffc lu' mcctinv Z1 lovul :ind national nvccl. hut . A A l - H 3 I . h zilsoiuzikt-11 L'IVllU'llilItl4ll1 1.1141110411 thc uolilcst ot the p1'olt'ss1ons. E55 FX! ,Sell N .- 3212.12 .ua 43 . Q 1 -.r , 4al 52 SECTION A Billiz- .Xllvn Virginia .-Xllvn Lurlvnm' .-Xndn-rson Joyrr- Banks Doris Brin-rson Annix- Bunn Mildrcd Davis Iris De' Km' Miirgnrrt Ellis Edna Elinorc Ann Jollv Crate Nunn' Givvn .-Xnn Hnrre-ll llnllninn Martliai lv:-v xlvain Jarkson Edith E. johnson Roar' Bliiry Jl'IlIlI'dY NI1l1'lilI1IH' Lufkx' Georgia McCarthy Marx' Lon ML'.'Xd3II1S Lois Mdlord De-ll MvDa1nicl Dorothx' Norton Ronnie' Pullord Clara Pools Lon Rainvs DMA! C' SEQITIUN H l'li1i'1'tli.i.Xwiiiii5 Hi-ttx' livfkwortli Plixllis lir-ntlvy Ronnii- Bl.n k B.'rrvj1f.m lilxirlx l'll':iIin1'sBlnxxx:-ll ll.llI'l lirown Irmiililllim-1-Irs Pvugx Davis Li-vDnm.n1 Nl.Ilia'lll1!ii'.lIi Uwr-ii Exuni M.ntli.nFr1'uis lXl.ll'tli.l lrlililn I,oisll.i1'rill .Ivan llullf-3' Nliirgiv Hnndlcy Uorotlix' lx:-V Jowv llgnnvs Llll1ll'l4'IlI' AI.ix'm- fll0l'lLllIK'Ill'ilI1i Edith ,Iolinson B-fm' ilnnvi Mgirtliai Jour: NIlll'QLll't'IK1'llf' Marv Logan ju4init.i Lx nn Rm' Puttnmn jvzinnf- Riu-rs Bi-ttv Ss-so Plivllisi Slll'SlK'l' B1'tix'SnClling Qln Uznnillm- Strothvr Snr Suundvii Gloria W'1ilkm' B.irlwgir1i Wm-hh Q. aff 4 f so- X i X Freshmen Officers PI'l'5lClL'llf . . Vim'-P1'c'sidu'11t Sn-c1'm'tg1ry . . rlx1'C35l1l'l'I . Studvut Cluu11Cil AX. J Clayton Werfks Charles Coopur . BCI'II'ILlI'l'JlI1 . Tom Clayton lfYillz11'd YN'cCks lN'illigxm Fly-ming Ililllill .Xdzxms Shinlw- .Xlwns Bolwlw H. .Xnslvy jzunm-s R. Appling OJVII BllllllIll'.lll .IL Tolly Bxinklm-x' ,....r 1-,-s 63 Norman EIIIOYY .'xl'I'il1QIOI1 :NI.'!l'CVIil1C .Xvc W .Xnn B1n'g.1111x Could B.nxr'tt ill, Joan Ruth Bvrd Josephine Benson Carolyn Bolton 1 f,.1lI1 .-g Clary E. Clark Q Nrw V- N, ..-as 4' 4'-2737 llioiiigis Clayton lflizirlvs A. Cooper Jr. Ed C. Coursry Frances W. Flowers Caroline W. Geiger Www ' Wilbur Edqir X- K Virginia C. Gleason A' 'QOH' W f -5 V .W li Vt f iw -mf Y Ili-nn' Ehrlinrdt Edwin S. Epstein Willa na Etheridge Allic M. Gray Jr. . X X., X -cf" Peter W. Fleming Jr. William H. FlPl"I1lDU Dabney Ci Graybill lk H A N Q 453,531 4 . f T ,, -L N-,x "' I X x . Q6 N , . . I .1t:u'1.n .Xml ll.nl1- XYlll'lkiLlI1 ll.lil' B1-rt II.n'lziu NIKIXIII Il.lILl11x 1 mu .1 4 ,-Q ,4- 1' Y . Il H II j ll ll 3 Lois R. Hufi 3 Nl I'llXkIl Robvrt L. HllIIlIJllllt'S Martha Hvmrivk Hnlold IilII'ltl'I Rlfhnrd S. H S :Q Jann' E. I'I1llIll1Il"l me 'P Howinrd jollvs Q. ... i Q 4 Frank Hounn 'jx P ' va , ff'3gE5f-,X X, V- " 1-ug.,-S . X. 4- , .awww N ' wg. 4' -I , ,Q JL- -1-.vf X M. - . y V ,...,,. f -f-N ' If John Paul Jones 'X -x 53 Y,-. 11: Curtis Luckcy, Jr. E1 A ,V X 3 Af.,-.,,..h.f A Inwlvl' Km' . 4 ,viii-59" x ff. K 1:1-' X 5 QQTN fxkm gg 'Cl n- Mfn x E11Z3b6th Mathews 1 Nm-ll Lu Cl Marian Lnnsdvll NIC'lf'1'C' CLl"l'Qlld E. Lrvx Iu'mit'1 LcwiQ W1ll1am H Lewls Illldn Long .Xdza TNIIHLI Julian T. Moody N" mv- 4" xx ,',1i5?fQ if :YOYHILIII C, Kim:-11-y Q Q RQ Q Klux Ill S Xl rn K 1 lou 1- I'.1llllL H .X gig, X ,fx .,, D1-mtln P...111Q !""" wr'-uf' - . -X -e'?""1fT' "Xi ' 1 1 ,X A W . xp .5 A 5 ' . , V " 1 - X v if :Six V X , iii' D.N K. Joseph J. Nlxon. Jr. ll. , xx.11d P.m11i1'i41 V1 V.: QVYLKIIIIIOI' Mnx' .Xnxm Ugdr-11 .Xudn-x Oxu':1S Bi11'Outzs Domthx' Pow-'ll Lfww Powrll Rohn: Alton Pannbh, . St lit ,R Y S-5' 'gg Q X E - ' H' I -I rt? V 3. 4, X f" 'f if . I Vi-.. 5' - Z- aux We 4 . .5 .4 as-,v Sn' 1' P! ai' l Nu 'sz-:', Ev S-'F X 1 V: kg. w. fx S1-ing Kfilton Stm'x'."nQ NI.r1'x Yilgi11i.1 Sutton NUIIIIJ Swan Ruin-rt Tvuton .Xnn Tiqhf- ,Xnthonjv H. Thompson I.nuiw W.: Jani 4- vw. iii'- ,gf Obs .-M-L V. fax 'Willmd YVQ'-wk 4 yr R0hc"1't Hnrriii XVIlil.llil'lk S Hr'Ilj.!IIliT'l F. V-I.iII1Ill141'IllllI1 Mikr Ushrr Dolore-s Wrall 'N-?'T'T' I I N my -as gm FIT' 'if' , H" , N .E , .ag 4 'x'- b Lrfonnrd W'iIf-mkx' x'v"" xw A L' Y .i M-wg is :as ,, A-:ea V ! 5- 1 41 xv' Sue Warcilaw Henry M. Whitehead N 0. NI1.z:- Wnx Jiztilzxr NX-no ji 04. AUX XJ! f f' N K J' L I 'Q The Academy of Richmond Ccnuuty S E I0 R S Class Officers blgx F President . Vice-Prcsidcnt . K Secretary . . xx T1't32lSlll'Cl' . Student Council . Kirkland pf Tommy Kirkland . James Cooper . Tommy Croft . Dick Jones Myer Lichcustein ' -x r-d:Sf""K I new ,lr '-s 1 'fs' f A S x jf s, XR, E is 'Wi Q 1 Cooper 6.9 y QF' :Q 'Ninn-,g JOHPS Croft ',j K 3 . 6, 5 in aa- fi-'fire '3 6 Q16 a., Q f 2 , . . .s 'V' f -,p 9-Ln!-4 -4- ' gf i.. Amr- V. as ., Aaronson Allen Anthony Bailey, J. P. Bailey, T. W. Harold Joseph Aaronson Band 1, 25 Sergeant 3, 43 DeMolay 3, 4. Tony Markert Allen Honor 1, 2, 35 Class President 2, Class Vice-Presi- dent 35 Student Council 2g Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Freshman Literary Society 1, Sec- retary lg B-Varsity Basketball 33 Track 2, 3, 43 Sergeant 3, 45 Second Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 4. Curtis Lionel Anthony Honor 2, D.C.'I'. Club 35 Sergeant 3. Joseph Peyton Bailey Beta Club 2., 3, 43 Honor 1, 3g High Honors 23 Sergeant 3, First Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 4. Thomas Wesley Bailey Sergeant 3, 43 DeMolay 4. is ga 'H 5 ' 4 i, vw., w N W, '-lllff .wx Barfield Barinowski Barksdale Beale Beattie Walter Ray Barfield High Honor 2, Honor 3, Sergeant 35 Captain 4: 4-H Club, Winner in District Contest. Robert Emil Barinowski, Jr. Corporal 23 Sergeant 'lg Swimming Team 3,4g Rain- bow Staff 45 Varsity Basketball 43 Fancy Drill Platoon 4. Ronnie Stanford Barksdale Corporal lg Sergeant 1: Best Drilled Company 15 Merit Bar l, 35 Arademy Hi-Y 3, 43 A-Varsity foot- ball 35 First Lieutenant 43 Sabre Club 4, Musketeer Staff 4, Basketball Manager 4. William Jennings Beale B-Varsity Football 2: B-Varsity Basketball 2: A- Varsity Football 3, 4, 53 All CIAA Team 53 A-Van 'sity Basketball 4, 5: Track 4, 53 Sabre Club 4, 5g Sergeant 31 First Lieutenant 4, Captain 5g Major 5: Varsity Club 5. Robert Clifford Beattie, Jr. Honor 2: Band 3. 45 Sergeant 3, 43 DeMolay 3, 4. as B . N K .N-V ,Ng-fff' ,W""" Bvckuin Blackstone Bl.mchard Bohler Brigham L:-wis Taylor Bvckum Harry Neil Bohlcr Band 1: Sergeant 2. 3: DeMolay 3. 41 Fancy Drill Band 3, 45 Musketeer Staff 4, Platoon 4. Hugs-ne Foster Brigham Transfer 25 Richmond Hi-Y 3, 45 DeMolay 3, 4g Bti!-Hard Armand Blackstone Track 2, 3, 4g A-Varsity Football 4g Varsity Club 4. Scrqeant 1: FHHCY Drill Platoon 3, 4. lYarreri ilialniadgr Blanchard Litmrary Society lg Beta Club 2, 3, 42 Serrf-tan' 4: DeMolay 3. 43 Scribe 4: Rainbow Staff 43 High Hon- or 1: Honor 2, 33 Best Drilled Company 1. ,La b KJ L 'x:- "-'F' 'W' Qt Brinkley Brooker Brown Bryant Carlson lirawford Vtfray Brinkley llerbcrt Edward Bryant NILlSl'it'll'f'l' Staff 5g Corporal l: Sergeant 3, 4. Freshman Literary Society lg Sergeant 2, 3, 4: B- Varsity Basketball 3: Rifle Team 45 DeMolay 4. Francis Edward Brooker Walter Howard Carlson Gaston Dalton Brown, Jr. Imnsfer 4: Beta Club 4' .'XCZiClt'IllY Hi-Y 4, 53 Sabre Club 4, 5: First Lieu- tnnant 4: Captain 5: B1-st Drilled Company 3: Scr- geant 3, 45 DeMolay 4. 5: B-Varsity Football 3: B-Varsity Basketball 3g Football Manager 4. 55 Best Drillrd Squad 2g Varsity Club 5. 'tk - vw :gp as 6 si ,Q W ,,.. fd'- ,114 -.9 -A-.4 Carpenter Carroll Lawrenee Marvin Carpenter, Jr. High Honor 1, 2, Honor 3: Richmond Hi-Y 21, 3, 45 Chaplain 45 Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Chaplain 4: Tennis Team 2, 3, 4: Team Captain 3, 4, Rainbow S 45 Varsity Club 4. john Franklin Carroll Charles Edward Carter taff Sergeant lg Best Drilled Company 1, Richmond Hi'Y 2, 3, 4. gg Cole Coleman Edward Colton Cole Transfer 33 Sergeant 3: Captain 4: Sabre Club D.C.T. Club 3, 45 Treasurer 4: Musketeer Staff John Scott Coleman, Jr. 4: 4. Honor l, 3: Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 3, 43 Musketeer Staff 4: Second Lieutenant 4g S Club 4: Varsity Club 4. Jack Leonard Cooper Freshman Literary Society lg Academy Literary abre So- ciety '25 Sergeant 4: Merit Bar 4: Beta Club 4. Q-- ew 'W g C ,Q-.'M MB! I . -cf aww -. 'Q iv- .-,' -,V fl- vfga' 4- '0""" hair" Carter Chandler Chen Fred Franklin Chandler ey Track 43 Academy Hi-Y 3, 4: DeMolay 4: Corporal l, 2, Sergeant 3, 4. William Irvin Cheney Corporal lg 4-H Club, F.F..-X. l, 2, 3, 4: Sergeant ' 3: Musketeer Staff 4. Y' 6 1 l I QT' P .f y Cooper, J, L. Cooper, J. P. Cooper, J. R, james Preston Cooper Transfer 33 Class Viee-President 53 A-Varsity Foot- ball 4, 5, Team Captain 4, 51 All GI.-XA Team f All Regional Team 5: All Southern Team 5: Elk Most Valuable Player Award 5: Riehmond Hi-Y 5 Varsity Club 53 Friedman Trophy 5. James Robert Cooper Musketeer Staff 4: Swimming Team 4: DeMolay 5: Blaster Councilor 4: First Lieutenant 4: Salim- 7 1 N 1 -1: Club 4: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: .-Xeadeinx' Hi-Y 1 4, 5, Treasurer 4, Secretary 53 Varsity Cluh 5. Nwaiixt. iq Hs 1 Q ., . . ' qu t... 7 ' 5 ,.,- me -ff ,av 1 1 ,, 4' , '9 "s C I -, - . - -1-" W ' X ky x ,Q-P' -diff 'i ,fl TX fl! -ni 'f rv- I, ' Cooper Clorlf-3' Croft Darby DeLoach Walter Lf-wis Cooper Sfrqf-ant -l. Arno 'William Corley. Jr. Mi1skr'tm,-r Staff 5: Cadet Hi-Y 4. 5: Chaplain 4-g Delllolay 3. 4. 5: Sabre Club 5: Rifle Club 4. 53 Vice President 5: All GIAA Rifle Team 43 Rifle Medal 4: Track 3: Corporal 3: Sergeant 3. 4: lst Lieutenant 5: Captain 5: Best Drilled Squad 1. Thomas Wright Croft B-Varsity Football Manager 2. 3: A-Varsity Foot- ball Manager 4: Baseball Manager 3: Freshman Basketball 2: A-Yarsitx' Basketball 5. 6: Academv Hi- gm '51 Y' '43 Y 4. 63 Musketeer Staff 5: Cheerleader 5, 6: Secre- tary of Class 6: Sergeant 1. 2. 4. 5: Best Drilled Squad 1. 3: Best Drilled Company 1: Corporal 2: Merit Bar 2: Track Team 6: Book Contest 'Winner 13 Varsity Club 6: Student Council 6: Most Popular Senior 6, Carl Truman Darby Streeant Q. 3: 2nd Lieutenant -I-: High Honor 2: Honor 1. 3: DeMolay 3, 4: Richmond Hi-Y 4g Sabre Club 4: Secretary of Class 3: Rainbow Staff 4: Musketeer Staff 4: Best Drilled Company 1. William- joseph DeLoach D.C.l. Club J, -lf. ss ,x iiviyl Dex-aney Dunaway Duncan Freeman Fulcher Walter Johnson Dcvancy James Caldwell Duncan lst Lieutenant 4: Captain 4: Sabre Club 4. DeMo1ay 3, 4. William Price Dunawal' Gus' Fmniaii- FFA- B varsi Basketball 3- A-var- A-Yarsity Football 2, 3, -lf: Sergeant 4: A-Varsity -ergean ' ' ' " ' ty ' Basketball 3: Varsity Club 4: President 4. sity Basketball 4. lVilliam Clifford Fulcher Honor 3. X R- Ag,-N . . l i . fm Q Q Q tv 13? 84 S Q. '-' 1 N' 4-'-' -vc:::f- W? 3 -iv-Y," -qs 'fur' "" -Q3-' , "V x"""Cpf Galloway Ghingold Godowns Graham Hagler. T. W. Ronald Frost Galloway Literary Society 1, 2, 35 Cadet Hi-Y 35 DeMolay 3, 4, B-Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Honor 1, 25 Ser- geant 3, 4. Niauriee jack Ghingold Corporal 1, Literary Society 3. Willis Arthur Godowns Sergeant lg F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretary 31 2nd Vice-President 4, 2nd Lieutenant 4, Sabre Club 45 B-Varsity Basketball 3. . ff 'Nav Hagler, W. S. Hammo Robert Clyde Graham Academy Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 A-Varsity Football 2, il, 4, 5, Corporal 23 Sergeant 3, 4, Muskcteer Staff 3, 55 Business Manager 33 Merit Bars 2, ll, 4: Block "R" Club 2, 3. Thomas W'atennan Hagler Jr. Honor 2, Freshman Literary Society 11 Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sabre Club 4, Rifle Club 2, 3, 4: President 4, All-GIA.-X Team 33 Rifle Team hiedal 2, 3, 4g C. W. Tully Trophy 3: Tennis Ti-am 3, 4: Sergeant 33 2nd Lieutenant 43 Best Drilled Company 1. 3: Best Drilled Squad 1: Gold "R" Society 4. c I Ck Harris Hateher Hiqlltowi-r William Sehweigert Hagler Virgil Wingfield Harris High Honor 1, 2, 3: Rainbow Staff 4, Tennis Team 3, 4, Freshman Literary Society lg Vice-President 1: Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Sergeant 43 Merit Bars 2, 35 Gold HR" Society 4, Varsity Club 4. Jesse Grimes Hammock Honor 1, 2, A-Varsity Football 3, 4, DeMolay 3, 4. Literaiy Society l, 33 Sabre Club 53 Dc-Rlolay 5: Corporal 1: Sergeant 2, li, 4: 2nd Lieutenant 5: B-Varsitx' Football 2: Rainbow Staff li, 4, 5: Blus- keteer Stall' 53 Best Drilled Company 4. Elmo Allen Hatcher F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: D.C.T. Club 3, 4. Irvin Chesley Hightower A-Xeademy Hi-Y 3, 4, 5: Treasurer 4: Sabre Club 4: 2nd Lieutenant 4: A-Varsity Football 3, 4, 5: Var! sity Club 5. kg, TSI' 4 as 5' ffv Z' as '31 6551 Y. 'Z' Hogan Holm:-Q Horton Howell Ille, J. W. e,T Eddie Clark Howell .X-Varsity Football 5: Corporal Rirhmond Hi-Y 3, 41 President -lg Sergeant lg Fresh- ' man Liteiary Soriety l. Haxwie Jordan Hogan B-Yarsitx' Football 4: 43 Varsity Club 5. Harvey Randall Holmes John u"'lSh Illv 'l'raCli leam tl: Qnd Lieutenant 4: Sabre Club 4: Dkifln. Club 4: BIUSl'il'IFf'f Staff -l. Se-rgzant -l. William Samuel Horton l".F..'X. Club .ll D,'. Club 4: Svrevant 4. gl " ig . if .Nts 5 C .Q 0' , .-X. Irvin Jessup Johnston .Iolles lhomas .Xlphonse Ille Frank Charles Johnston D.Cfl'. Lilub 4: Corporal 4: Muskett-er Staff -l. Sergeant 3. Hr-mv Stuart lrvin lsaae Seymour Jolles Honor P, 51 Rainbow Staff 3, 4. High Honor l, 2, 3: Beta Club 2, 3, -l: Sergeant 13, 4: Best Drilled Company l, 3: Best Drilled Squad Robert Elam Jessup 1' Transfvr 41 Gleii- Club 4: Bt-ta Club 4: Sergeant 4. 1 w,1 ? 1 x s , V g' xx' 'L ikgs 5 s 'tv- C' 1 lr' 1 Jones Kelly, G. L. Kelly, W. D. Kerr Kirkland Charles Richard Jones Academy Hi-Y 3. 4: Honor 23 Treasurer of Class 4: A-Varsity Football 3, 4: Varsity Club 4. George Lockwood Kelly Rainbow Staff li, 41 Camera Club Ii: Musketeer Staff li, 4: Best Drilled Platoon 3: Serge-ant 2, 4, William Davis Kelly Hight-st Honor l, 2, 33 Valedictorian 4: Beta Club 2. 3, 4: Richmond Hi-Y 4: Secretary 4: DeMolay 15, 41 liflerit Bars 2, 3: Sergeant 4: Musketeer Staff 4: Rainbow Staff 4: Managing Editor 4: George Traylor Memorial Medal 2: D,A.R. History Award fl: Freshman Literary Society l: lst Rating llflth District Music Contests. '- 1--M' '- 59 'xi,S"',g.., . a qs: Q M mln-1' it ,Q fi, es, +3 Sim. , b, S12 " saw Q te vlfx 5 if 'Fi Homer Chalmers Kerr. Jr. Honor l, 2: Cami-ra Club fl, 4: Freshman Literary Soricty l. Thomas Richard Kirkland High Honor l, 2: Honor 33 .-Xcadeiny l-li-Y 2, Fl, 4: Pri-sidvnt 4: Brta Club 2, 3, 41 Sabre Club 4: Best Drilled Fltfllllllilll lg Corporal 21 S:'rgt'ant 2, li: Cap- tain 4: Pre-sident of Class l, 15, 4: Vice-President of Class 23 B-Varsity Basketball l, 'li B-Varsity Foot- ball 23 A-Varsity Basketball li, 4: A-Varsity Foot- ball Ii. 4: .'Xll4Rr'gior1al 'lieam 4: Student Council 1. 3. 43 Gold 'R" Society 4: Varsity Club 4: Fried- man 'llrophy 4. Kitchen Kulp Langley la'stvr Lirht-ns Claude Ray Kitchen Psi Phalanx 51 Best Drilled Company lg Best Drilled Platoon lg Best Drilled Squad 1: Swimming Tcaini 4: Muskct:-er Staff 5: Varsity Club 5. Lawcrence William Kulp Swimming Team 4. Derwent Langley, Jr. B-Varsity Football 1, 23 A-Varsity Football 3, 4, 51 All-CIAA 2nd Team 5: Track Team 3, 4, 5: All- GIAA Team 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 Sergeant 1, 2, 35 Captain 55 Sabre Club 43 D.C.T. Club 4: Varsity Club 5: Vice-President 5. jamts Lutln-r Lvstz-1' lranslir-r li: Richmond Hi-Y Ii, 4: President 4: Beta Club ii, 45 PrvsiClr'nt 4: Vice-Pr:-sidt'nt, State- Beta Clubs: Sabre Club 41 Chaplain 4: Litt-rarx' Socirty 5 1 7 l': llonor 1': Drbating 'lit-am Ii: Sergeant fi: Qnd , Lieulmiant 4: :X-Yarsitx' Football ll, 4: Cold "R" Society: Varsity Club 4: Secretary-Treasurer 4. Myer Lee' Liclicnstt-in A-Varsity Football li, 4. 5: 2nd Lieutenant 5: Student Council 5: B-Varsity Football 25 Varsity Club 5. 'L Nl' :K 5, gf! t 'C ., .- ' MSN RIN f .-,- A-ilk' Lam., ,. A ns.,--' Yun' il .af PGY" 'Wiz'-P -f? QW .Y Livingston Madcn Mahlstcdt Marlowe McCarty James Scott Livingston Nicklaus Heindrich Mahlstedt Freshman Literary Society 13 Sergeant 3g lst Lieu- Aeadtmy Literary Society 25 Camera Club 3, 4. tenant -lg Sabre Club -lg Acadeiny Hi-Y -l: Football Mfmagllr 4' Philip Leroy Marlowe A-Vaisity Football 3, -lg Sergeant 1, 3g lst Lieuten William Leroy Maden jr. ant 4g Academy Hi-Y -lg Varsity Club -l. Lite'-rary Society lg 2, ll: DeMolay Il, 4: Track Team ll, -lg Cadet Hi-Y fl, -lg Br-ta Club 2, ll, lg A-Varsitx - ., ' 1 . , Football -lg 'lireasurcr of Class Llg Sabre Club -lg Ciullllngifgll T4ugl.ui.I?2IIiC:IiJtg0gri5. Bch Club 4, Richmond 2nd Lieutenant -lg Honor lg High Honor 2, 33 Merit Hi-Y 41' f3,QM6law. -3 4. Muskgteer Staff 1 2 3 A , .. -- - 'b V V Y Q - , . - . -a s s 9 Bm 4' Gold R Sochll 4' xmsltl Club 4' Treasurer of Class lg Rainbow Staff 4. ig '?"5-"l Iwi 'Y' M? Wi A .V ala womb Mc'Danir'l McIntosh McNair .Mealing Mettes Edgar Ltllllill' McDL1nir'l High Honor lg Merit Bar 23 Trans Herhvrt .-Xlexander lwlclntosh Dclvfolay fl, Hlg Bt-at Drilled Company Hal Harris McNair Corporal 2, -lg Honor llg A-Varsity Henry Gctzen Mc-aling Jr. fC1' 3. Camera Club ll, 4g DcMolay 3, -lg Rainbow Staff 3, 4 Wallis Cone Mettes 1. Rainbow Staff Ml. Football 3, 4. wr-f 13, 'ffffg ss , ,j 1 - .., -5'-. L5x if' Q- Ns .-r , VK ' fe' fr:- wsu- Bieyer Bliddlcbroolis Kloore Murphy Xe-uniari Samuel Miller Meyer Richmond Hi'Y 3: Sergeant 4: Color Guard 4. Burton Stone Middlebrooks High Honor 3: Beta Club 4: Sergeant 4: Transfer 3. 2nd Lieutenant 4. Jesse Gray Moore Jr. Freshman Literary Society lg Richmond Hi-Y 2. w-- 'lihomas Danit-l Murphy Best Drilled Company lg Srrgeant 4: B-Varsity Bas- ketball l, fl B-Yalsity Football 21 .-X-Varsity Bas- ketball 4. .X-Varsity Football li, 4, 5: Alternate Cap- tain 5: Richmond H1-Y 5: Varsity Club 5. Raymond .-Xrlon Newman Best Drilled Company l. eq. Qt? Nur' gm.--f Newton, J. W. Newton. L. S. O'Hara Overstrc-et Padgett Jack Wingard Newton Best Drilled Squad 1, 4: Richmond Hi-Y 3. 4, 5: Treasurer 55 F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Ser- geant 45 lst Lieutenant 55 Sabre Club 5: Football Manager 4, 55 Varsity Club 5. Linton Stevens Newton DeMolay 4, 55 Best Drilled Platoon 1, 3, 45 Best Drilled Company, 1, 45 A-Varsity Football 55 Merit Bar 35 Sergeant 3. jerry Peter O'Hara Best Drilled Platoon l, 2, 3: Best Drilled Squad 2: Best Drilled Company 2: D.C.T. Club 5: President 5. James Lewis Overstreet John Leroy Padgett D.C.T. Clubg Sergeant 35 lst Lieutenant 4: Sabre Club 4. I . 2:32 . fir X if sb' Q1 9 MW W TF 3 gs: . - .rig it Q- use 'ills 'Wa 3 , . ,U ,W ..-- . X X wo" . i X ' . r K X .::..: -.a:f" ' .-: " -S. v . . 35.5, ,. ,. , 4? fi ' Y1g:1. :?1:Ef V 4 ' ' Q f ' , X - f A T Y -- ' v-'A .. Perry Phinizy Pierce Gordon Perry Corporal lg 2, 153 Captain 4: ,'XC2lCll'lIlY Hi-Y 2g .-X-Varsity Football 2, fi, -lg B-Varsity Bawketball 2: ."x-Varsity Basketball ii, 43 Sabre Club -lg Varsity Club 4. Irvin Fhinivy Gideon Mills Powledge Iligh Honor lg Freshman Literary Soeietx' ll Pr:-sig dvnl lg Richmond Hi-Y Q, li. 43 Treasur:-r -lg Mus- krtvel' Staff 45 Sergeant 43 Bm-st Drilled Company l. 'var TQ F901-' 4 kt. . R I3 Powledgt' Proctor Puder james Moreno Proctor Freshman Literary Society lg Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 A-Varsity Football 3, 4g Sergeant 33 2nd Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club -lg Varsity Club 4. Hugh Ernest Puder Transfer Kg Honor 253 Tennis Team 3, 45 Sergeant 4. w,,,.,.. ,1hn0"' i 15 Fi -I 1 fl Pyle Rabun Raines 6,1 Raynes Reynolds jackie Grady Pyle Mitchell Raynes D.l,C. Club ll, 45 Vice-President -lg F.F.A. 2. William Robert Rabun A-Varsity Football 3, 4g Varsity Club 43 Academy Hi-Y 1s,'4. A ' ' William Butler Raines High Honor l, 2, fig Beta Club 2, 3, 4: Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: VlTlt'flSl11't'l' 43 President 4: Sabre Club 41 Freshman Literary Sofivtx' lg Rainbow Staff 43 Stud:-nt Couneil 25 Merit Bars 2, 3, 45 Sergeant 33 Ind Lieutenant 43 Best Drilled Company lg A-Van sity Football Zig A'Varsity Basketball 4: B-Varsity Basketball 2, 3: Swimming Team 3: Tennis Team 35 Gold "R" Society 43 Varsity Club 4. High Honor l, 2, 3: Freshman Literary Society Ig Best Drilled Company lg Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Merit Bar 2. Donald Ray Reynolds Sergeant 45 2nd Lieutenant 43 B-Varsity Football 4g Rifle Team 3. 51 50 'Q Q AN t sm' Rhodes Richardson Rodgers Rucker Salt- Russell Babers Rhodes A'Varsity Football 3, 4, Richmond Hi-Y 43 DeMolay, 4g Varsity Club 4. Edgar Morrison Richardson High Honor 1, 25 Honor 3: Freshman Society lg Academy Literary Society 3g Glee Club 43 Beta Club 2, 3, -tg Vice-President 3, Treasurer 43 Richmond Hi-Y 2, ll, -lg Vice-President -l-3 Chaplain -lg Mus- keteer Staff 43 Rainbow Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief 4-3 Sergeant 4g Best Drilled Platoon l: Tennis Team 3, 4: Simming Team 3, 4: Varsity Club 4: Chaplaing B-Varsity Basketball 3: Gold "R" Society 4. jg, JQS :qv 1 ix? Nur' xxx ffzf gei Q. -v X Xt Q at -. ' "swirl -X N + I - tag 1"- William Roseoe Rodgers Sergeant 4. Charles Thomas Rucker Sergeant 3: 2nd Lieutenant 4: Sabre Club 45 1st Lieutenant 4. George Gilmer Sale Freshman Literary Soviets' 1: Sergeant 2, fig lst Lic-uten:mt -lg Best Drilled Platoon Q: Br-st Drilled Company 'lg Secretary of Class 21 Stud:-nt Counril fl' Acadcliiy Hi-Y li, 4, Vice-President 43 Sabi:- Club 4. ,Q X Satcher, D. W. Saul Scott St-go Duke William Sateher jr-tome Saul Veterans Club 35 Phalanx Club 4. Beta Club li, 4, Sergeant 3, 43 High Honor 2, il. Milton Butler Satcher Hugh Alton Scott High Honor 1, 2g Highest Horgor 35 Literary So- Sergeant 1, 2, 15, Color Guard 31 D.C,T. Club 14, 43 ciety l, 2, 3g Track Team 23 B-Varsity Basketball 33 Secretary 3, 4. Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Academy Hi-Y 43 Sabre Club 43 2nd Lieutenant 45 Merit Bars 3, 43 Best Drilled Clifford Thomas Seqo Jr Squad 3g Vice-President of Class lg Sergeant 33 , t , -t ' .l V , .s Niuskcteer Stan. 37 4: Band 1, 2' Beta Club 4. High Honor 5, Stigeant J. Q, 4.-: :Q vu ' ' 51' -'ff' f"r:'- .1 X in un- fugmmw 1 SHN' V b ,. H . A A 51 .mt 2 -an M , fa.: ,W K ,tn- fvtlf' VW' q-as -jp-4' Smith, J. D. Smith, P. E. Smith. R. B. Stafford Suhr james Diamond Smith D.C.'l'. Club 4. Paul Eugene Smith lst Lieutenant 43 Sabre Club 41 D.C.T. Club 4: Rifle Team 2, 3, lg Secretary-Treasurer flg Captain 4g Gen. Leonard Wood Medal fig Rifle 'l'c'am Medali 2, Il, 43 All-CIAA Rifle Te-ani 2, 3, 4g CIAA Cham- pionship Medal 3. lg Robert Boynton Smith Band 3, 4g DeMolay 3, 4. Robert Eugene Stafford Veterans Club 3. Karl Frederick Suhr Literary Society 1, 25 lst Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 4g Honor 1, 2, 3. Swain Symms Talbert Tanenbaum jamie Wylie Swain William Lewis Tallent Sabre Club 43 Sergeant 3g 2nd Lieutenant 4. Transfer 3g Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 Sergeant 3, 4g A- Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Musketeer Staff 5. Robert Louis Symrns Musl-teteer Staff 'lg Camera Club 3. Julian Bernard Tanenbaum' I Jain:-s William Tzilbvrt lst Lieutenant -lg Sabre Club -l. Band 1, 2g Literary Society 3g Honor 33 Merit Bar 2 an W vf V .f 1 YN 'il -dz." K il Y arf' 5- -41" s,.4f" .nv A ,vm N-4' -nr J Viale Teague Thompson Tobin Toolf' Town-- Addison Dawson Teague VVnllgn't- Sylvester Toole DCT Club 'l 4 Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Secretary 45 Declamation Team 2: Freshman Literaiy Society 1: Rainbow Staff 4: Literary Society 43 Honor '25 Sergeant 4. Frank Luon Tobin A-Varsity Football 3, 45 Varsity Club 4. . , , Leslie Cecil Towns Transfer 43 Academy Hi-Y 4, 53 B-Varsity Football Harold Whitfield Thompson 4: A-Varsity Football 5: A-Varsitx' Basketball 4, 5: Track Team 4. 5g Sergeant 5: Varsity Club 5. ,3- lim 3 it., ,1 Q sl v- 6 A. - 'Y f. Staff- 'Ba t JVC Hoa V 0 ., 'MV' ai ! if' Utley Wallace lValtt-rs Whaley Willa Foster Theodore Utley Curtis Edward Whaley Sergeant 2, li, 4: Musketeer Staff 4, FFA. li. 42 B-Yarsitv Football il: .X-Varsitv Foot- ball 4: Yarsitx Club 4. Frank James Wallace Jr. Sergeant 4, jaclg Duane Vlfilk Douglas Ramon Walters Track Team 3: Corporal 1: Best Drilled Platoon 1: Best Drilled Company 2g Delvfolay 4. WJ' 5519 KYW 'Dx if ia' ., W' Williams Wong Woodwmd Wright Xourg .IJIIIPS Edward W'illini11s St-rgvant -lg Color Guard -l. Philip Wong Bm-st Drilled C.ompz1ny lg Sn-rgr'ant -l. W'illiam McNox'rr-ll W'oodward Edward Mason Wright Svcri-tary of Class lg Studcnt Council lg B-Varsitw Basketball 3: Corporal 15 Sergeant 3, 43 2nd Lreu tenant 4. Robert A unard Young Acad:-niy I-Ii-Y ll, Band l, 2, 35 Sc'-mg:-Lurit l, 23 'Ind Licutrnzint 31 lst Licutcnzmt 4, Bnncl lvlodal llg DvMolz1y -lg A-'s7z11'Sity Baslwtlmll -lg .-X-Ynrsity Footlvgill -lg B-Varsity Foot- ball '7 'F' rlilvllfli 'liI"lIll li -4 1 -,., 4 t -, . Nirliolus john Zrrvos Rirliinond Hi-Y 2, fl, 43 Chaplain 35 Svtrctriry Dill Club 'lg DelXl0l1ly -lg B-Varsity Football 2: xx an .. ,va M. N w w-mnqgvqpqp, , W. Zcrvos Rninlmw Stull Ii, -lg Businms NI.lIlflLfl'l' -l: Truck Ninn ugvr 4 . 45 Scrgmnt 3, -lg Color Guan' Last Will And Testament .. . . . ,, . Viv. thi- t'l.iw nl "lil, iipnn ti'i'mm.itmg "Irwin lhllgtl yi-.ny ul tlimwiigli .mtl uniiplvtm' tniim-N nl Ntntly with grixit tri.ilN .mtl trilmlgitimix yuvli tu: vypt-iii-iitiiig wt lnirlt im trwtx .mtl r'y.iniy hgiving lmvvii lmth plixiwtl .mal tliN.1ppniiiti'd hy thi- lliirvi' wx. .iggi.iygitr'tl lw' llI1l'1.'ll.ll1l1' wiixxrw. ll.lX'- ing litwii iwiltt-tl" out ul' .i GLX.-X tligiliipiniixliip, l1'1T1l1l'ClllX'li.ll'l1l1X'Ill4'IlllN'lN..lI1Cltll'lll4'Ll llI1tlC'I' tlix- gtixting uiiitlitifim im thi- ROTCI lim-ltl: lint mlm Xiu-li jcwx .iv lu-ing lJI'l'Nl'Il1 .it Q.l1llI'I'1IlLfN .it thi- Vin'- gs 5 xity .iltm-it iiiiiiirruiiy limitlmll triumphs. iintl .it thi' .-Xirpnrt Hiill linlluwing Il1'l'Y1'-Xkl'.lt'lilIlQ ligixkvtlmll , yit'tm'iiw. with llflllillllllfl C'Ullt'l'l'Il, wr' hnpt' thgit thi- Nlll'l'l'l'll1IlQ tl.iw-N will nut linlluw' in um' liriulxlvlh - hut iitliitwt- Nmm- iiivrit in .ill livltlx ol' .ic'tiyitv. Hvrvwitll thi- c'l.iw of 1918 claim gm'i1t'1'm1wly ltxiyi' tln-xi: l5t'tlllt'N1NI Itvm 1. 1. lltirnld .-Xndvrwn, lwving wif sound mind gmcl hvst hvzilth. dn lie-it-lw' liziyf- my iwcl Nliivt-5 :mil nhl grvt-n Iluiclc tn XYil1i:mi livin :mil liulilwt-1' 'l'milt'. NH thrit thww might ilzitc wiiicmit- clft- lvcwiilt-5 l't-ggy .Xrimmfl :mil Yt-rnzi llnwtingf. ltvm 2. 'iiuny .-Xllvn Imm-N hii uniform't tn "Halo" Dnuglaiw with hupiw it wun'1 ht' too sm.il1 for him. ltvm H. 1, lY1i1'i't'1i 15ltim'lmrC1. liuiyc to somi' unfnrtuxmtt- wnim' ol' '-18-'49, my tihility tu xmilt- in Mr. Tiillt-yk main undci' trying C1I'CllITlS1Z1I1CCS. Itvm -1, 1, Runnit- Bgirkxdgilt-. 1t'i1yt' my unlJlt'miflir'd military I'l'K'0l'C1 tn -limmy Stn'w'.ii't .mtl Clhzirlis- Spviicv. limping that thvy will follow in my fnntstcps. Itcm 5, 1. Bt'1'n:i1'cl l5lut'kstmn-, will to Boluhy filIlllt'l1l'LlLl, my .ihility tu vyticll- xtucly haillx and cut c-xtiti drill. Itcm 6, 1, llvixly l51'i11kl1'y, lvaynf my wut in clvtvntinii hull to "Tmmy" Bnwmiin gmcl Stcyi l'31'ctt.fn they mziy fill it :iw uftcn us I iliil. Itvm 7, Wi-. Buck Brown .ind -luck Ni-wtnn. ltxiw nm' :irt nl' Ill.lIlLiQl'I'Nll1IJ tw C91-Mgt' IW. 17.1 Rnllinm. ltvm 8. 1. R. Emil l5tii'incvw'ski, do ln-ri-lmy gixmt my Nwimming ailxility to HPl'I'l'Y-L'lIlL'v in huptw that hm-'ll lim- .ihlv tu ywim out nl timilblv. Itvm 9. Billy Built' li:.m-S hiy gitlllvtit' Nliillf to "XXX-v XY:-il' xvt'll1lll'I'5. trusting thin hu will Ingikc :ill G1.'X:X thrvi' time-5 ni-xt yi'1ii'. ltvm 10. Lluc Bnilcy lvayw his mcwt ngiw-viilulit waxy w'i'h gill pm-oplt' to ginynni- willing tn mkf- it Itvm 11. I, Cunt- Brigham. lr-:iw my xp:-1-cly lvg. tf .1 1' tin' GIA.-X traiuk stint git Rwliinnncl. Itvm 12. .Irwhn Cfrilcnmn and Nliirviii Li1ll'lDL'Il14'I' glmiitl V1 thtlir ll'8lll'l'11X'4' golf .mtl tvnnix iii4 ti-rcwts tn such young viitlitisiauts gin 1,giii',' X1t'l3i'n'iii'y' amd Butcli lXIllllll'1'1l1. Itcm 13. -lll1l1tJ5 ll." tlinpci' lt-:iycs hif t-xpuitiicv tu rim with zi fnntlwzill tw llziinw llugulcy, hiiping that liicliinniiil will llllYL'1lllH1llC1'11Il1lL'1t'1l1L'll Nt-1154.11 :mtl lin Lilly nyc1'tlii'1wy l.Zl111L'1' fm' tht- 1i1.X.X ciwiwn. ltvm 1-1-. 1. Billy Hzigltlr, do liuivt' to B111 '1l.ilfnj,' my 'wIlL'1.ll wc' 11ity txird, yn that hi- will ll.1'x'. mint' INCAIIIN of 5t1hsi5ti'11t'c'. Itctm 111. 1, 1lHl11L'1' tilizilincrf t"Cliwp"J Kerr, lit-rt-lw will :mtl lit-qt-czitli my :iptnv-N tw twirl ll watch chziin In tht- "l'ni'c11piiic,' tit-1,1-gg M511-,lg Itcm 16. 1. Hc'i'lvc1't 1"'l'i'1i:"'j fXIt'Intmh. Clut- tn i..y fjuntvli L1IlL'l"11l'y. lmiyt- tilwolutvly 111131111153 to thc Junior Class. Itvm 17. 1. Rwiltild Chillnwny. iilthnugh not nl Svntcli giiiuwtiy. .ilm liuiyt- nil. :ix I will nf-cal till llyt' gut to pass Psyfhology' in Altmim' Cullvgv. ltvm 18. '1'nmmy Crnlit .incl Sonny 'linwnw li-giy-' thvii' l'n.1Nlit'1l11lll playing Nkill tn 1.1-Roy Siidcltith amd lYgilti'i' lilzili-y. w ho wt' knuw' won't ni-vtl it. ltcm 19. .Xrmi t1n1'lt-y :mil llzml Mslllllifyu Smith, lcziyt- 'thcii' t'XIlt'1llt'bs in liiflt-ry tt, 11L'X1f'CIl1'iS1L'l1lll,111 niwlci' thzit 11:11. it might win tht- HIAXAX t-l1gm1l1i..n-,nip ltcm 20. 1. 'llrin llgiglvr. lvnyt' tn 11zi1'1'y Sl11'I'IlltlIl. my tzilvnt to 111-vm' miw .i tziigvt ni' .i cl.ix wil' iilli' pi'.w'tit'i'. gmcl lmt nnt lixixt. my tilwility In gi-t .ilnng with l'l'1'1Ll1Il giilx. V ltvm 21. lfclclii- Hnwvll lixiynw to Billy llxxiny hix t'gip.ihility to ingistvi' thi' lw1lIlCl.ll1l1'Il1tllx nl cninninn .-Xlgclmrai, Irvin 22, 'lf-Nw Ilgmiiiiwlt 1v.1yi-N hiy l.iwin.iting tiiiiiwity tn ii iixing ytuclt-nt liki- Riglitnn iinliuitwii whn ri-i't.iinly hm thi- iitiliriiw lm' putting it tu tw: Itom 23. 'limznv lmytvr .md Dirk .Irwin-N, in tniiiplvtv lmpwli-will-W, .ilmiiclnn tllpil- lmndynilif livnlcf :mtl "wily" with tht- Uliefiiiiiit-S' tn 111-rmzin Ut-l1c1'ic1i :mtl liiclizittl 121.1 w xml-, in cttw thuy ciwiiit- iipiin thc nft- 111 tht-m. Itrm 24. llill Klntlvn li-.iyiw hiy milimiiwtim' l.lfJ.1ll1l111l'N tn nvxt yv.i1'N l'llIIll11LlI1lll'l' nl thi- fncl pl.itnnn ul Cu.. huping hi- will luv-1111-if-N111-ti-M with hiy mvn. In-in 21 1. tlntlilu-rt I,lIL'1llN N1t'CI.ii'ty. flu will .mtl lif'm1i'.1tli tu nm' wlmnl pi'rwicli'nt X111 l1.i1cly. mu' Cll'UNlt'y .iiituinnluilv with gipippling litwnltx'lii'Cl, lm' thv piirpnv ul cxitching 1i11C1r'rt'l41M11im'1i l'lIIlll11lQ in thi- lmllx Itt-m 26, I, Tommy Kirklzlnd. ltxiyt- tn -Iimmiv "I. P. 1,git'y" Prnt'tnr. my lmnniix 1.mgh with hopvs that it will vontinui- tn 1l'I'l'll.Y pt-nplv. -.fa I 1 Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item 27 '18 29 '30 31 32 fm n J J '34 ll 5 36 '17 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 ,lnnior Moore, Meyer l-iehenstein and Miller Meyer leave their rabid inter- ssts in the opposite sex of Augusta to all young "eager beavers." I. Bob Owens, leave to the up and coming lover of the junior Class. my address book and female photographs. so he may "carry on" in keeping all of the local women happy. I, P. G. Perry. leave my ability as a football player to Frank Tobin, so that he might beat jack Dodgen out for end next year. I, Russell Rhodes, leave my ability as a football player to Jack Dodgen, so that Frank Tobin can beat him out for end next year. Bob Pnder leaves his incomparable Spanish accent fafter 16 long years of studyj to Mr. Howard, hoping that it may assist him in teaching his classes in the future. I, lNIills Powledge, to Bud Carter. leave my ability to think up a new excuse eveiy night to get out of the house. I. Charlie Rucker, as I leave, do take my outspoken voice fused in my Science 41 and 42 classesl, so that some day lNIr. Talley will be able to start his lectures before the bell rings. Edgar "Rip" Richardson, who still manages to maintain his interest in "non local" young ladies, leaves his efficiency to be late at all his classes, and annoy the office secretaries, to next year's editor-in-chief of THE RAINBOIV. Marion Rice. leaves play "97" to Bobby Walker so he might run it from three yard line against Charleston next year. Jerry Saul leaves his ceaseless questioning of Beta Club meetings to all of its re- maining members, who by this time through the experience of its orderly and strict meetings, should know now that they meet every night. Robert Smith leaves his ability to ask foolish questions at drill and to eat in ranks to "Fatboy" Hensley and Kenneth Hedrick. I, Robert Symms, being of doubtful mind and unsound body, do will and bequeath my ability to imitate Spike jones, et cetera. to anyone fool enough to try it. lklickey Satcher leaves his unusual qualification to ask Mr. DuPuis, Mr. Howard, and Mr. Langford the most utterly foolish questions, to anyone who lives to drive teachers nuts. I. Billy Raines, leave to the coaching staff, a carload of hair restorer, so that they will no longer be haunted by cries of "Baldy',. I, I. B. Tanenhauni, leave to Mr. Moseley my ability to sleep at night as a remedy for his ever present drowsy look. Dawson Teague leaves to VVayland and Bob Lamar, his accomplishment of getting along with Miss Bailie. I, Robert Young, leave my ability to go steady with two women at once without being found out, to Herman Oellerich. Nick Zervos leaves the time and place of the showing, but keeps his movie film. The "slaves" of Capt. Thebaud's MSSLT classes leave their truck load of voluminous notes taken under "dilato1y" dictation, to next year's Seniors in order that they may have a chance of being prepared for the worst, and so that the Captain will not be so aggravated with them too! We, the senior editors of the RAINBOW STAFF leave to Mr. Etheredge all the peanut butter that is available under these hasty conditions so that he can finally choke his cat, and to Mr. Read, we leave a more rounded staff for next year, with hopes that the 1949 publication will be out in time for the Spring Holidays! YYitnessed by: Th SN flll This is the END! Thou most humble. obedient and agonized servant, with a head full of many a gray hair, Edgar NI. Richardson fP.H.j e Big Five-lR.E.K.R.K.j CIVUIQUKI' tl l ii 1'-IVNYI Ihe dest-l ite and b.n'n-n plains of Northern Siberia Class Prophecy 'l'lNIIi: l"t12 .X,lJ. l'I,.XClE: Iiast Ilol11'ol.t-ridow11. NKIXX li11v1'11-t-11. .X iiotlrtll l'Ill1.' 1111111 1' om, SLIIIXE: .X lllSl!'lbllI.lIil4' looking 1l1.11'.11twr tornvs in .11111 sptaks lt' .1 s.1cl-ltokinu Ill1lll pt-li-lunu .1 rllllltrtlll. I XX.IIlIl.l Sonnyf Sonny XIt1Ll.11t1f IIoxx in 1211- 1-.orlcl .ur 1o11.' lluyr I l1.11111'1so'11yo111111111 XIXIIS.IUIlSllll'Ill1lIx good. l1.11111'd .1 hill. uf-ightl1.1x1'11txf111. llow Illlll l1 do you xwzgh 111111, lluv '- .. . - . . I . 1. I . l1t1l1clrt'dhltx.thatshnv.S.1x.ul1.1t.1tvxoudotng limit. Ul1..Xss1st.111t NI.o1.1g11 Ill tll.1I2' ol pol1-l1- . . ' .. , ' . ,' . , , H, . . , -. ing NIJIIIUUIIS, Inn'-. Nhat ,1111 I domg. Oh. I urltv tht' II.1IllIJX X"XXslJ.lll1'l. lx.11111-s lxatstxw-l . N1-.1l1. NIAILIQIIIQ ludltor. IXl1.1t.' W ou XMIIII to lllklliilllilllllIll'lllCI2.lI1Q.' Wvll, lft s shoot .1 3.111111 ul pttol and I'li tt-ll will .rhout .ts many as I can think ol. I gut-ss you rluttl .rhout Ionx .Xllvn nmking .XII .'XlIll'I'll.lll tavklt' at Notrv IIJIIII' and just huiting out IY.11rf-11 lll.1111l1.11d ol XIit'l1ig.111. Iwo lint' h.1llpl.1y1-1's. thosv lllvts. "S1't '1-in up. Sonny". .Iinnny I.:-stvr is doinu' mighty good in politits havk ln-1111-. Ill- wt-ut in p.1rt111'rsl1ip witl1 Billy Ilaglvr. and lll4'X'l't' tht' 111-wslwoys for tht- "l'.1lki11g' lur- kt-y". "I'll Ill'4'.il'i. Son". I saw'Iol1n CIolt'n1.1n up in St. I.ouis last month. XY1-nt up to sl'l' tht' National IIIJVII. Surt- did admirt' tht- way ht- handlt-d thosv Vllilws, His svorv? Oh. lu- didn't play. hut ht- 11 as the lvvst Caddy up tl11'rt'. "KIy shot?" Hcre. Son. l1.1y1- ll cigar. Sun' it's .1 lint' ontx IYl1.1t.' Uh. XYIIVISK' did I Qvt it? XY:-ll. you I'1'IIlt'IIlIDt'I' old glantour Ivtry llont-s, Nah! Dir lp 'loin-s. INK-ll. ht- IlI.iI'l'l4'CI Grxryvl Ct-rtit-'s sisIt'l'. Mticlfznco Minniv. and thcy just had thvir tl1irtt-vnth child. Yr-ah, lu.-X uflvhrat- ing, Surt' l1c can afford thvst- nickel cigars, Ilffls making good mont-y on thc- garhagt- trucks. "Your shot. Son". Say, Qllvss wl1o I sold a razor to today! Yvah. Billy IDIIIILNYQIY. Ht- finally gn-w 1,-notiglt whisks-rs to sIIliVt". Ycah. I scll razors on tht- sidv to rnakr- Ll littlt- porkct money, "Six-hall i11 tht- sidcpockct, Sonf' Ronnie Barksdalc' just founded tht' S.P.C.H.H., that's thc "'Socicty for tht- Pro- yention of Cruelty to Hitch-I'Iikc1's." Davis Kelly went l.l'l'I1ll1lO1' Collt-gc for about S years hut Couldn't get hut two units and now ht' plays tht: piano for drinks down at How1'll's Hoyt-l on tht' waterfront. "WhCrc thc Dcstitutc Moot to Shoot." XICHII. Eddit- Howwll runs it. It's L1 pool roon1. Gent? Brigham is going to F1'a11C1: next TIIOIIIII for tht' Olympic Track mt-1-t. Run tht- hundrt-df' Nah. he takes Cart' of IXIy0r Licln-r1stoi11's sho:-s. Myvr is thv favoritv in tht- twt-nty-six milf- Mara- tho11. Always had ple-nty of wind. that hoy, "Ninn shot. Son. you'rc sho hvttcr than wht-n wt- last played." Say. on thc sgnnv boat with C1110 and Mycr will ht- Bud Carta-r. You lAl'llI1'II1l7t'I' Old "G:-nius" Carter? IVQII, hQ's on his way to Oxford as Ll Rhodtrs Scholar. Ht"s alrvady got t'Yt'l'k' dt-grcv and diploma possibly in .'XIlIK"I'IL'l1. Yt-ah. suro is funny what sornv of tht' litiys art' doing. Take- poor little "Dm", Langloy. hos an inyalid. Tricd to pick 11p ll zulzolt' quart of milk hy l1in1st-lf and strainrd his back. I told him hc- should hayv stuck to pints. "IY41tt'l1 this shot. Son. 'Il-n hall in the lt-ft Cornvr poctkvtfl You know tht- othvr day I hoard Bobby Grahant IILICIQ' .Ill-fl.I.:X..'lx. Only took him clCyv11 yvars. By that time lw was haldvr than Mr. Rollins. Say. art- you goirg to list:-t1 to thv Fight tonight? Yt-ah. tht- IIl'LiYYXk'Q'IQIII titlv tight ht-twf-on Clillord "IYildn1.1n" Sffqo and Seymour HSIHSIICIJI -Iollvs. OLIQIII to ht' .1 I'IlJNI'l0l'lt'l'. "Shuc'ks missvd. Ill'X'l'l' could shoot tlrost- four- Cushion shots." You 1'l'UICIl1l'N'l' Tommy RIUTIJIIY, Son? Htll. hc! working for Dr, Dimwittlos Tooth Paste. Y:-ah. a mode-l. You I't'IIlt'IlIl5t'l'I1Is shiny whitv srnilv? Now tht-y tall it tht- "I5in1wittl1- S'Jll'I'LIl',ll Klatyin Carp:-ntvr l1ad to le-avr Forvst Hills last wr-ck. Hr: w.1sn't up to par, Tlwy LXIIIQIII him lo rf- ing. No. hc was tht- lazicst hall hoy up tlnrrvl Hf"ll ht- hark though. 111-yt-r vould stay away fronr tl tcnnis Court. "Sl1oot. Son." Charles Rtickvr. you know "Gold1-11 Yoiu-" C:lI.lI'IIl'. is uallinq hogs on Jug Liyingston's hog farm. Heat' tl11'y'rt- doing right wvll. I:unr1vl1t-w ,Ivg got i11 tht- hog l3LIslIlt'xs- You know how dirty thc football lockvr room got. 'specially o11 rainy days? INR-ll. lug got NU usvd to tht- n1ud hc- just stay:-d i11 it and ht-K donv pretty good. "Hvy. hand 1111' tht' Chalk." I ht-.rrd Rohvrt Symms just gays his fifth Conccrt i11 Car111'Qie Hall. Is that right? No. only his fourth. Oh. say. I wondf-r whatcyt-r l1app1'nt'd to Billy Bvalv? You know what? Ht' works ini this town. Ycalr. Iisw that building oyvr thvrc. Say I11- svt 11 production rvcord on-r tl1t'r1'? Su ht-'s tht- ht-st prt-tzvl twistvr thvy rycr had. That's good, IVh:1t? He's thu- only pt-rson to 1-yvr l1old hoth tht- tiddlt-winks and niarhlvs Championships at tht' plant at thc salnn' timt: H11 always was good in athlvtics. "Only four more halls. ser if you can gt-t ons' ir1. Son." Do you 1'1-111r1n1hf'1' how Tommy Croft used to t'IITl'l'I.1If'l people? IVCII. l1v still dot-s it. Hv's thc main attraction in tht- monk:-y wt"tio11 at they Atlanta Zoo. Eats thosc dt--lish' pcanuts. "You got two halls. I'll try to Qt-t the othcr two," Ya know I hvar that Neck Zvrvos is still trying to got that infamous hut wry popular film of his hack, right now lltgs up rn tht' wilds of thc Yukon hoping to rt-Coyvr it! "Got onv, now for thv othe-r." Ronald "'I'ootl1pick" Callaway works for Old Edgar L'Ripl Richardson. Edgar runs L1 Cirrus and Ronald is tht' main frvak. Nah, hC's tho fat man, 799 7 9 lbs. I always knvw he- had it in him. Edgar is also on tht- staff of Bliss Corn:-lia Killroy's Kindcrgartcn for tht- lk-g1f. Dumb and Blind R1-yin-w, Editor? Ht-tk no! H1-'s th.- Third Assistant President in cltargc of l't'IUOYlI1g m.1ttt'r from thc wastt- papvr l'CCl'IJIIClL'S. "Got that Othvr ons' Ya know. they say Sonny Towncs is quitv a haskvthall Coach. Yuah. his tc-ani Hnishvd fourth 111 tho IIIIl'I'-KIIldt'1'g3I'IL'll Bloomvr Girls Lf-agftnz Ciour-so noxy, 1111-I-Q wt-1-,-,ft but foul- U-k,m1 hut that don t mattcj-r much. "IN cll. that hnishvd tht' garnc. Son." Sun- did vnioy this littlt- rhgrt. hut I gm tl' Ili' 5lll"Yi1lfJ"fffl1tfl Qct out tht- yearly wlition wif thc "li:1tst1'ct-t.'I Nt-xt tiint- Iilll rmluml lull 'llml' IU' ULIUIN 511111 Wifll Chili PUIUC lN"l'4'. 511 long. Son, st-c you at tht- Zllllllllll. SCENE: Ch.f1r:1Ctcr leaves as sad-looking man rcsuntcs polishing spittoons. By: Billy Raint-s Censored hy: Sonny KICCarty uw! fly f ,, , . ,.,1:' K'-me-an 3. it ,Nq- .- yt' . .1 ,--N , N v L2 '4 n .ffm . 4:35 dr ' 1 fin 1 3 Q mv ,gwgc , 'l:1'25, -45 ff? 'ik 4 Q sf 5 Y Q-4 'E .4 I gf if , 9 ' s w X 1 4 O 0 fumor Class Qffzcers Pl'I'9idl'l1t . . . liil'llLlIll l'1clxs.n1'cIx Vins-P11-Nidmfllt . . Chniln-N Ilugulvy Sl'CI'CIL11'y . , Iiulwhy lizggutl 'I'1'vnsL11'0r . . . . Iixnnry lim' Student Council . . Bobby Guillr,-hn'.u1 Edwards H uquley Y ,Q ai -4 Baggott x F arr Sophomore Class Qfficers Piwsiclciit Xflft'-P1'CSlCl1'Ill S1-C11-ta1'y YFl'f'IlSlll'Cl' Studcut C ouufil . . Jack Dodgeu . Hcrbcrt Elliott . Gcorgc lVright . Larry Wlong Billy Maxwell ,sul 14' '51 ntl, ...41 Elliott Wright Wong Pres hmcm Class Qfficers Prcsidcnt . . Ilurmlcl King Scclvtary . . . lurk Hall Treasurer . . . Edwin Iryflllgllhx Studcnt Council . . . . Bill Hugh:-S King Douglas "Freshies" Class Of 1949 1 J llizlllf if f .f 1' " Q g o - f Ad. 11x1 s, R. T. Aldridgv, L. T. Baggott, R. T. Baird, G. C. Bakr-r, R. A. Barnf-s. T. S. Bfurow, M. Barton, L. T. Buynard, J. S. Bvzitsv, C. Br-ck, B. C. Bcnm-rr. E. T. Bl'2H'lClCUlJlll'g, W. C. Brvzin, VV. BODYO, VV. E. Bowick, J. W. Bowman, G. T. Bra rwzw n, W. J. B 1'11 ndon, W. W. B 1':L ntlvy, Q. W. B 1-1.4 rt, S. E. Brinkley, C. W. B 111'c' h, H. W. Bush, E. R. LlgllLlIIlilS, P. J. Carlton, T. LI. Carpcfntf-r, R. B. Carter, J. O. Cnrtlcdgc, R. C. Cziwley, E. H. Cawlcy, YV. Chamberlain, C Climscborough, Cook, H. Coppvdgr-, B. Cord:-ll, B. L. Corley, R. L. Corley, W. L. Cotts, L. L. Davis, C. E. Deal, C. Dons, W. C. Dicks, J. M. Douglas, E. L. D 1'c' w, W. E. Dozir-r, W. A. Dubosc, B. A. Dyc, W. E. Edwards. R. B. Erlich, G. E. Elliott, R. B. E.IIlOI'5",D. B. R. S. Farr, E, W. Eubanks, W. S. Farr, M. F. Fc-csv, L. R. Flythf-, J. B. Frank, A. R. Gcer, H. C. Gl1QL'slil1g,S. Cliingold, N. Cl1ittf'1',I. Gibbs, J. T. Glisson, A. Grfuninar, B. E. Crzlybill, C. A. Grccnc, J. J. Greer, P. H. Guill, J. C. Guillc-beau, R. A Hadwin, J. F. Haw, H. R. Hanchey, W. Harmon, W. C. Havird, L. B. Herrington, D Hopkins, M. Horne, R. Howard, F. G. Howard, C. R. Huguley. W. G. Huntc-r, R. M. Ivcy, C. E. James, J. C. Jenkins, C. R. Johnson, G. W. Johnson, J. F. H-:Il l jul 11m4 on, C. Il. jon.-S. R, II. 141-ln, R. J. 14 lvrx. ,L lm. E. Knotts. 'lf BI. IA-v, R. .X. I.l-mix, R. L. I.m1l,Il. W. Lum, YY. Xlmlxs, li. D. ,V NI.1ll1:'xu, KLI NI.ltl11-uw, IJ. R. XII-I7on.1ld, If. Nh Donald, R. B. lNIL'i1.aIu'4', .'X. S. MlNultv, IU, F. KI:-I tins, II. B. NIillf'1,R. WV. xIOll'l'i, II. Mullins, VV. B. H, . v RIIII pln . F. Klux plug P. W. Nm-l.1mls, Q.. Il N1-lwn, IN. ll Xu uv mv, I NVNNUIIII' , I Xin ll0l.uQ, I' Nurwll. J. F, lP'II.lI1l1'l,ll. If. Qc-lloriclm, H. Iflnlw tt, If, I I'.1clu4-lt, R. I P.llllwll, l.l PJ: Qons, W. IX. P.x1r1sl1, R, I' Pa'lldcl',J. B. F1-nlgmcl, W. Pindvr, R. Pow:-rs, P. E. Pll'S1'Oll,R. E. I,I11l', ll. l.. I'iplvln, QI, .X. Pmtvl, li I,. I'nlu1ll,1Q NI IRI.-,ll 11. R:-1 gl. R. Il. .X , lxr 1 vg-I. Ii. I 1 , - lxlumcll N. lx. lt. Rllnilw, l. IIN , . . lxlxf 1-., ll. lu. Rl'll"ll- If I' , .1, R1-In IIN. Xl B. RAN-N IN. Il, Rmlw, R. I,. Rulw. R. L. S1utr,R.M. Si llll w wirf,M. Sml!l1.J.O. Spvnmh, P. XI. S1ill.R. M. SIl1vxx.llI,ll I Nllflll.llll, l. NI Sll1m1v1,4, l l.ull:x,.l l llnu1n.lN,Al KN lmml-111l.m. ll I X. 'ul1lx,XIl xY.l.l!lIv'l ,I ,lx Wlll-cl-1' C A W.lll.v1, R. I.. W.1ll, Ii. l. INT xlllwlx ll ll Ixll .1Il!r'lN, R.C W' ' ' IUUIIIK, N, L. Willimm, I-.. .X IS'l11u1ux'w, Worm, Vvuxm, R. Young, K. RI. S x Q X 1 W I I I . Y ' 4 fa .5-gn, 1.-V. 1 -ff W-A f - ASS N. I 1 'M XV' Xxx X- l " A .Xdlx1ns.I-Q. E. .Xx1u'lsoz1. YN. .Xndf'1'sOu, B. RI. .XIIKIVIROIL R. I.. .Xr1clf'1':ox1,XY. A. Appl.-wlmitfs, NI .Xxvllvl , D. R. Bqlslrlll, F. B. Il.lggo1r,E. A. B.l1lIz'lCl.,I'.I2. II.n1'i11Oxx'slQi, LI Barnes. W. R Ijul lou , R. I. Bw rulvtt. A. Brmou, R. XI. Bv1xson.O. BI. Bun. D. A. B.411w,XY.RI DVIIIIIIIU, Cf, YY. Bo.adx'man. L. Bo.1tw1'iQl1t.,I. Bodily A. Bolton. E. H. Br.:s1in'li,G. NI. Bowirk, L. A. Boxd, BI. F. Bxpndford, N. X. Bridtr s, R. F. B10.1dw.1tr'r, VY. H. Burm'l1,J. D. Class Cf 1950 lI.11'lt0n, R. S. lf.11'1', H. Y. LI.1s0n, XY. A. L.l1.1:1l f-, F. E. l..lx..x'ous. H. B. llhw ks, D. E. L.l.u'l1, C.. H. Ll.n1x', H. I'. Cloud, H. CIl1.1lI.H. I. Louis, I. R. llolwm, I" Look, LI. D. Look, J. I.. l.UODl'l', C. N. Coop:-x', HI. L. Lulpvppl-1', P. Ia. Llulpl-ppvr. R. B. D.1lrx , YY. D.snif-1,LI.,l. D.1x is, L. XI. Dm is, P. YY, I,Ol'l!K'Il,J Dxfllvi. R. D. Iilxln-ts, CI. LI Ed:'lst1'in,D Iidf-nfl:-ld, XI. E. E1dson.If. F Elliott. S. I-I. Ifulmnlxs, R. G. .,1. FQ-ndfrr. R. H. Fostf-r, P. D. Fong, IV. Ford, F. Fold, R. K. FOIIFIIF, S. A. cILllllClII1,II.S. Gay, IN. lnhlns, I. P. S llfvn C1'o0x'Qr,E. . C91-f4hlJs.xI. F. file-nn, F. KI. C1 , R. Ii. D II.Ill', P. 11. I'I.1ll. D, P. I'I:11'd51w.lx', D II1ll'dX', IN. A. H.n1'dv,II.F.'l'ISOI'l. C.. IIJYIAOII, J. B. Hawk, XI. E. H.wnir, R. S, HJ:-th, H. C. Hf':1th,T. BI. Hedrick, K. E. Hm.ud1'ix, D. D. II: nslc'x', A. Hrnslmg E. I'It'l'fIClOl'l, I. H. IIn'I1slc'x', QI. QI. Huntvr, D. Hill, YV. M. Holland, R. A. Holsenlnnflx, CZ. W' Ikwlsenlmvk, XY. A IHIOOVPT, BI. Howard, H. G. Hughrs, R. C. Hughes, I-I. Huson, G. G. Hundlvy, IV. A. Huntlvy, R. D. Huwk, A. YV. Irbv, R. G. JLIIIIPS. C. L. Jn1'1'6tt, CI. E. J:-nkins, D. P. Jc'st6n,R. E. Johns, R. O. Joe, H. johnson, NI. ' johnson, C. C. jones, 1. W. Jones, jonvs, R. Cf. .IOnr'5, E. E. jordan, R. G. Rwllvv, IV. R. Kelly. G. M. Ki1'kvnd.1l1l, KI. Ruy1l.u', E. Lf. -11:1 . Y I ' ' 'D' T W' Bulugmly. B. D. IillI7.IIIl'i'?, Ii. KI. Iliquinluothnm, P. F. Ql.llIIl.ldX', Y. I'1v.:I1s. IV. H. Hill, E. 'If . mf- Q I .1' .- e ! , I - . A, I -X l s I I 1 'HDV A f ' A ' Srl?-Jeff 'rg' MKG 'N' 1 1 I SH. I I ' ' s a.....,....... .. .M Lnniar, W. W. Lamb, R. NI. Lancaster, E. L. Langlev, Lanier, H. Lass, L. B. Lee, F. L, Leonard, M, P. Lewis, R. G. Logan, I. KI. Long, D. Lord, W. H. Lutes, C. lNfIm'sh, G. C. Nfzirsh, T, W. Martin, xIflllll'XYS, E. VV. Nlathis, T. lvlnxwell, W. T. lwlav, T. C. May. J. M. Nlc-Lidows, W. D. Nlyers, S. E. McDonald, C. E. lNIiller, R. L. Mitchell, B. M. Mitchell, G. H. Mitchell, J. E. Moore, W. M. Mulherin, A. MacMurphy, C. McDaniel, M. F McLean, P. G. Nelson, C. E. Nelson. S. G. Nelson, S. Newman, J. H. Ogden. L. L. Ogle-shy, I. W, Orwell, V. lv:-rrusli, C. E. LjYt'l'Stl'ECt, W. Owens, C. P.iinte-r, YV. Pate, S. P. Paitrielx, E. Penn, E. Pennington, A. Pennington, B. Pennington , C. Phillips, L. Philpot, WV. K, Pill-ggi, F. Playford, D. L. Pollock, J. F. Poteet, J. E. Powell, E. Powell, H. C. Powell, R. H. Powers, W. B. Prather, J. Reese, G. Reid, T. M. Reid, C. L. Rennison, T. H. Reynolds, J. E. Reiser, A. Robertson, R. Rogers, A. Rollins, F, E. Sand:-rs, F. B. Sanders, G. E. Sanders, T. L, Saxon, H. W. Sroguins, H. 'o ' e W R Siouulns, . St-nts, W. ti. Seals, XXI. H. She-ft:1ll,C., l. Slitfiiigln, ll. L. Simkins, R. H. Simon, L. Simon, P. Simon. T. L.. Siz:-iiiorv, P. E. Smith, D. R. Smith, VV. Smith, M. S. Smith, Wh L. Spenre, C. L. Spivey, R. R. Steinberg, S. Stevens, J, S. Stewart, C. M. Stewart, D. Stewart, N. Storey, L. C. Streeter, G. H. il-L'LlQll1', L. B, Tlioiiiais, C. N. Thomas G. W. 'l'homJ'on 'l' H ls , . . Thompson, XV. YN' Thompkins, S. BI Towns. W. E. Trimmivr, N. P Tudor, R. L. iliifiitv-n, A. .'X. lN'gillwr. H. M. YN'gillu'r. L. B. Whitlxins, D. A. lvelfli, D. Vtiliutlvy ,O. B. VVlu-:itll-x', T. YY. XVhittli', E. VVilli4inis, D. C. lN'illi.iins, D. B. Williams, T. S. VVilli.imson, Nl. L Willis, Willis, R. C. VVong, L. Woo, R. Woodward, E. Woodward, W. R Wren, E. Wren, W. C. W'right, G. C. VVylds, YV. Young, E. L. Class Cf 1951 l iff.-f ', f W P-'r"if+ .1 " 1 f .1 in Adzims, H. F. Adams, R. WV. Agvrton, .-X. .-Xkins, P. Alford, S. T. .-Xllrn, E. C. .Xllvn. L. D. .Xndf-rson. H. .X1'1df'l'5OIL O. T. Andvrson. R. .X, .hIlCll'L'XX'S, N. B. .Xrndt. H. C. .Xshlr'y, B. R. .Xlking C. B .Xutry N. Klv. l'1.iul:'x'. lf. F. 'If kr.1lwlrltI,E.L. Hnlvlmitl. J. Bniliw, YY. fl. B.lkr'1', D. fl. D.lIlliS, B. L. B.lrnr'S. D. N. Blll'1'K'lI, R. F. Bunn. F. C. B.-ll. D. B. B.inm'tt. B. Betts. H. B+-its. J. R. Bzrlkfum, R. Blnrk. R. Blanchard, O. C. Bland, w. C. Bloodworth, M. H. Bolcs, C. K. Bolton. H. C. Boost-, E. YV. Bohlr'1,R. L. Bowman , C. D. Bord, B. L. Boyd, Brandon, E. VV. Bridgvs. L. Bridgm-s. YY. D. B1own,.rX. L. Brown. E. Brown, R. Browning. R. N Burk, C. F. Burk, R. Wh Burk. 'lf F. Buuu, R. Brirklnaltm-r. QX. iuidlr. B. lf. 12.110, L. L, . ..111tl1:-11. H. Fl . fllx.1llr.v'l, WV. C. klll.llIll1l'l'lfIlD, D llll.lIlllN'1'i, L lilmwl , E. R. iflifnous, T. Cli--1-Q.-horouuli, Chol11kis.F. C. Cl:1rk,O. L. Clark. R. 'M. Clvdfr, T. E. Cochran, R. O. Cohvn, A. KI. Colr, R. F. Cook, C. C. Cook, D. Cook, W. C. Jr Cowley, J. K. Cohh, C. H. Chnvous, L. Cooper, T. J. C'orlev, F. Vorlc-x'. YY. H. Cnrn. YV. C. Cglwlr'-x' W' Vovinston, H. Curry, R. Dnvis,1NI. A. Davis. L. P. I-JL1xis,K. A. D.rx'is. L. N. D .. , um'.m. 1.0, Dglinr-ll, A, L. D.ux'ii, C. E. Dunn. H. B. Dilrqqv, R. L. Do1n.S. E. Douglass. B. L. Douglass. T. G TBIXDRV, E. L. DlllI1lI1l0l1d,E.L. I-Jlldlt'Y. R. C. Duncan, S. XI. Dunn, S. C. Durden, T. L. Durham ,L. E. DVR, TV. N. Doggetto, G. L Edgar, J. Edwards, E. R. L Iflliott, B. . Eubanks, W. B Eubanks, W. E Faulk, C. R. Fisl1t'r.R. C. Flm-ming, F, W. Flvthr-, S. S. Jr. Ford, D. R. FOlAl'1'SlC'lA. R. ck. Fulclivr, W. M. Jr G.n, l. Tx. Cf-ddinqs, G. Gibbs, R. WV. Gibson, H. F. Cillion, P. Cinn, R. E. Coodwin T. W. C1.ix,.-X. E. Cn-vri, F. C. Jr. Crt-vii. C. B. Cr:-vii, T. V. Crm-nhl.1t. N. filT'l'I'll1lll'2. NI. Grinmslvy, YV. .-X. Curl:-v, V. C. Cnnus, L. H.1nl:'v, O. Hull. .l. E. IIz1rfrlik.A. E. Hnmond. E. Hfirrfll, V. R. Hatrhc-r, P. Jr Hardin, F. LI. Hvlmly, E. C. Hr-mrick, W. T. Hitt, B. W. Hixon, R. L. Hodge-s,.J. C. Holden, J. W. Hardaway, R. D. Hoover, H. B. Horne, R. T. Hornc, W. F. Howard, C. Huff, R. G. Huffman, C. T. Hughes, B. W. Hughes, H. Hughes, J. S. Hurt, A. E.. Hutchinson, F. Hyman, R. A. Ivey. D. Jamcs, C. R. Jarrctt, C. B. Jrffcoat, L. Jon, W. Johns, E. T. Johnson., J. S. Johnson, F. Johnson, E. Jones, A. R. Jr. Jones, J. G. Jones, J. G. Jordon, J. B. Jr Jump, R. G. Kahrs, W. D. Karcsh, S. R. Kent, L. Kilpatrick, Z. M King, D. M. King, D. L. Kirkendahl, C Kitchens, M. L. Kneece, J. A. 1 1 1 1 1 1 --.- Q PU v ... ..1111111x', R. 1.1-1-, 111' 1.111 , XY. XI. I.1'1'L111.1111 R. R. l.1111e, 11. YY, l.ix1'1x, .X, B. I,111l-1, R. I.. L0111, E. WZ, 51.11 11, B. 1. xI.l11.ll'L1, XI. YN . X1.11on1', R. WY, XI.11111111x', C. R. N1.1I.1ION, B. K1.11'1'11111, P. E. 510011, R. WY. NI.1II11m'WS, R xIl'110Il, XV, R. M1111-1, XY. F. M1111-1.11. YY. B1i11i.YV. BIixo11, YV. Movk, R. L, Bloor:-,'1'. R. BIOOVIIIQIII H. Morris, YV. Morris, YV. L. fNIu11'1Q,W'.S.IlI 5IOXK'k'l'V, A. L. RI1l11ll'I'1I1, YV. B. 1NIu1'p11y, C. A. RIk'c10l'1'i1F, D. E. RICc10l'l1ll1Ck, B. J. McC1'n1'v, W. L. Jr. BICCIOV, R. NIL'GL111Ct', O. O. Jr. MCKCQ, C. A. X11 R- 111'1, YY. x111i1I1I1l'X, YY. R X1'x1111.111, R. N1Y1.1I1. R 15. 171111111. NI 1. 17g11x11x,11.k1'. P.1L1g1'tt, I5 S. P111 11.1111 , lx. 1w.1l11 111111, E. P1-1-1111--,1N.1'. P111111111s, 1'. P111l1111ps, F. R. 131.11 10111, R. L. Poppwl, li. Pow. R. 15. Poxwll, R. Pm111ll, F. P01111-L1g1-, YY, F. P1101-, P11111 1-, L. K. P1'1t1'11.11L1, E. Q1111111, XY. RLl13llI1, H. E. R.11s1x, YV. D. R1'.1ddx', E. R1-dd, XY. F. R11cd1'1',L. F. Rl'r'S1', R1 id, R. R:v1111',L, E. Rllodvs, G. VV. Rhodvs, H. Rhodvs, C. Riu-, I. R11m', R. YY. Rilov, R. S, Rhodn-S, S. R1H1il'1', E. WL 111111111-, li 11 R11111., I1 1. R11x111,11l1 1R11-111, 1 l R11xx1.11111,.1 12 R111x1.11111, 11. 1, 1i1l1Il,x 1 Runwll R U w..1..Q. I R 111 N1.111111111111:11.1', YN 51111111-1111, 11. 11. Smutvl,-1.1. 5111111-11,17 13 N11.1111t1111. YN KI. S1111111.11n1, B. YY. 511111111 111, 12 .X. S111l'L'y. J H. 811111, XY S, 5.111111 11,1 N11111111. 11. F. S1111s.A1.O. S1Illx, S1i1Q111s, XI. 31. S111l111I. NI X. 5IIl1l11, B. SIll111l, L. Spin-s,'1f S. Spivw, B. St.1111o1'd, 'lf 51111111-115, YY. St:'w.11't, '1 . LI. Storcv, A. Stow:-11, E. H. St1'Ot111-1', Cf. B, St111g1'4, R. S. SlllIllIl1'l', B. Swx-v111'x', G. YV. Swinl. S. H, 111111111 ,X 1. 1111ug11.1,'I N 11.11111 1 111111111 1111.13 R 11I11l111'Y1l11, 111111, 11 1111111-1, 1'1 51 111C1lPl. 1 I111111,l1.W. '.Y.111,l' 11 1Y.111.111, R 1. XNQ1111 1.41 XY 111.111-,1I1.Xy L. XN.1l1.1I11.R.1':. 1Y1l.11.l1. 13-1 11111.11.1 1 11. N1 1V1wI,1'1. XY111N11.111l,l', 1Y111tt1-1, N1 1Y1L1f I11'l. 11 151111111 1. xx-1111.Ill1N. L. ll. 1Y1111.1111N, .X. xV1111.1II1w, H B. XY1111.lll1N,1'1 L. YN'111011..X. 1Yo11L1x1.11c1, 51.18 xx-OOl1XN'.!IC1, H. xvO0l1X1'.ll'd. B. xx-OI1!.E. VYoot1'r1, L. xN'l1U1lI,L1. 1V1'L1l111'1'S111'c', Young. XV. X-OUI1Q, C1. X'0K1llZs1H100d, B. XV1tL'111'1', E. R, XN1v1111I1E11LlIIl, R. 1 K LII, .X : .41 I i , K X X gl I x xx ixxfx F xf,f . " . 1 LN-M 1 . ' ' 2 'lx Lp, .' .lfexl-lx 4 f f i 15 ' I ,f 1 J 'L ' 1 N' ' -1 M x - w Ill! I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 R l I l I. ps W 3' tif! Y, v Y N I ,. x 1' ' af , 0. 'mn .J 9 I f aj 'Q 3 Z L g 3 ' s H P w Military r r w I X fe P -QM 5,-xg . .QV 2 4 I V x ,T .. .fi r J V -. I., ahftwfv W., 3, , ss: t I' , ,,:.-1- 4' 4 -L , was A Skffw Y N 4 4 ' '52 'if f v.3e5Q f'-i .L'Fggf 1- S42 ' f' 'if , 2' v..-V x"'3,. C ,- ' .v-fx. . 1' J . 1 ,K ' " ' iw Q ' . 1- .fff ' f 1' '-Q 7 f'?if'L.5?f'ii,?-e", vg-1 4' - G"-G. -'-f'f"' ' ' EWHQ .. -ff 'V , A"-LW , .QL " -i 1-, . - 'P X-w,..:f.'11.a mx ., ws' if l to X Rl llll A. R. C. 1947. l r The Militar Department I'IOl'lOl' Xlililmx' CQ111du.1t4', LII--lnxon Glbadlmu-V Fort B4-nning Infantry and Ql,Oll"Q'A', lwlllv flmdu"t"' Fmt BVU! Pznucluute Schools, 19422 Overseas nlnq IIll.lIlT1X School, l'll'lg Klxwxxunx S NI qlh MT S. -I I 1 S.-wi.-ll 1-In-lfma,T1-imdafl. Bnushl "ml" lo' ' 'W' 'KW tal' Dlllfll .xml F11 nwlm CII!-Illlw Xwi n l France and Germany- Asslgned to l I l 1 v I l l l LESTER R, PXIRILIK Major. Cavalry .'X.B. Slnnrtlm-ff Colle:-gc, Alton, Illinois, 191591 Glxxdlnxxtc, Fort Bl-:ming Infan- trv Srhool, l9423 Ox:-rsm-:ls Svrvicf, 1943-1045. Solomon Iilnnds, Dutch New Illllfllhl and Plmilippinu Islands: c:H,xRLEs cz. '1H13B.xL'D flsslgfwd to AVR5- ml" :x11uHA12L M. SWEENEY C-lllilllll. Illfxmtrv lsr Lieutenant, Pnmtroops nl. rv v0 Q A It 31 2 Y I f-r , K vw 'ga V 4.-. lxt. Sur. S. P. Hmm-1 'I' Sgt. F. L, xIOOIlt'y SfSgt, C, W. Clark 'l'fSgt. CI, E, Martin T Sgt. LI. W. Tully i - - - . m ..' I----. .- - - 5 Th ' e Reguneutal Staff 1 Colonvl Hcnrv M. VVhiu-hvznd Re-ui! l1r-1 1t.1l lfommzmdcr fwliss Clmristinr' H c'4n1' d SIJOIXSOI Lt. Col. W'illi1 1111 L H :-1'11 don IiXl'l utiw- Uiiirvx' A 5- Bfiss Burl m.11'1 1 B.lSQf-0111 Sponxox t Q it rsh Capt. Julian T, Moody R1-gi 1111,r1 1.11 l'111vi 11111 Q Utii n'1' 1- ln Miss Kittv Sil1l1-x' Sponxor , ' Cglllhlill D.1Imx' LI. I9 1'.4 xlvill R1-21111 v-r1 t11l .Xdi11t.111t Xliss MMV Rl 1v'r11- x Sp ewluxr J 1' .. JI. .1 ' - 1 K N 4 1 . , 1 Xlisi MJ 1'x' S11-ist 1'1' S1 mr111 1'1 ligpx, W.1lt1-1' R, Ii.11!1cl1l R1-11: 111'11 t.1l P111 f111111 -I 01111111 NIisQ -I f'xs'v' l L1I.lNf 1111 1 SIJlfl!lNlfVl lst Li 1-11 t1' Milt 1111 B, xml 1f-1 Xwixt .111 r Snpplx 01111111 WIlI'IAIiIlIi.XD IIHXRI7 U x .1-'52 '5- xt :S r M 'ffd' -c:"' 1177 ',..-- X,,.r' GRAYBILL Moom ' HERNDON RHENEY Bxssl-'oR1u SIBLI-:Y 1 'VFW '-A Jr-1 JK 5' 'M 1 fn! all 1 5'5" lky Z" 4,3 -...f MUNS SLEISTER SATCHER BARFIELD CRAWFORD 43 Fast Battahou Staff 127 .i PI. XD FOOLSBY f-ol DEVAUNEX BROWN lst Battalion Commander , ...,. ,. ...... ...,, , .,A,L S pomor Executive Officvr A , ,, ,, ,Sponsor ,Adjutant ,H ,,,,,., Sponsor Company mx ' " x ni fx N A1051 35- uc-rf Captain Sponsor lst Lt, 2nd Lt, Thomas R. Kirkland Misi Ann Curtvr Burde-ll Cicozgv ii. S.llv William L. Maclen, Jr FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON 7 7, Qs pr-Q ompan Q -aaa 96 "lf -1 W '0"" Ni cw.: C lmum 51701501 lst Lt gud Lt. IO NN. Loxlcx Kliw Bvlll Yhluvx Ronnie S.' Charles T. Rnd-XE! FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Compau aff , .fi "" 1 -- 'R ' Q 1 "" Captain Sponsor End Lt Dm-rwsnt Lgmgluv, jr. Miss Elimlnctlm Parrish R. I FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON N First Battalion Company Formations Ill JXIPXNY .X or 2.4!-'PHE' A: ff , h , g Q COM P.-XNY B A COMPANY C 3 Second Battalion Staff xx- FLEMING C XS I LFBI RRX Lt. Col, XYiIli:1m H. Flvmin Miss 'Ioan C:Il5tlt'ht'I'l'y ., Nfajor Thomas Clayton Miss Peggy Peabody. ,,A.. Captain Conrad NICGAINC ,,,. Miss Tcckla Stclling ,,.. ,.,.... Compan E Q5 6? 1 11!"'1-'S 3 vpv - " ' 4'-" 'CZ' Captain Sponxor lxl Lt. 2nd Lt, u1'c'e: G. Pvrrv Miss kl.llX' fNIcD0nnld -Ioscph P. Bnilcy -Iillllit' W. Swain FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Compan -'if' W, 'Es' 1 -an W W fx- :'w' 'T Q54 Captain Sponsor lst Lt. fnd Edw.u'd C. Colm- Bliss llenxnm- Slxtvhm-1' IIHIIIPS VV. Ylhlhcrt -I.m1l-5 KI Pxot Ol . -, ""'- v.. ' -'1N..nZ" FIRST PLATOON gg --,Q SECOND PLATOON ' x ' '1 .an - v Compan N NV .Q M. Q, V ' 5? '53 sy 'ml' 'V P" 'Gilt' 'wiv' Captrliu Spomor lst Lt. Aston D. Brown MSS li--tlx Suott Philip L. Marlowe W .. FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Second Battalion Fcnrmations -,.,., , , .JT Q: . f ,rw 1 . jx- W awe! 5- ,R arf-,,. . . .,x,A ., ', '51 , A, -gf ,Q -uf-' xi :xfp .ML P 2116: L21 uNII',XN'u I-. x vw Mums- Q-W COMPANY F P ..n COMPANY G Third Battalion Staff 19' fv- 79X Iva' 'fi BIOQELEY HEADS 3 , I-'23, R-GS, C -x- xt.-v' 'i T WHITAKER NEWTON Q XS 'vw v' wH1T.xR13R If I , PHIXIZY 'R' X Xlajor N01'm.1n C, B111-Nfglf-y 3rd Battalion C0mm.mdcr BIN Prifqqv Rh-gdx , ,,,,, . SpOr1SOr Capmin Rc-brrt H. XX-hifdkfl' , ,, ,Executive Officer Mi-Q BIa11'Whir.akcr, ,, , ..,, A ,,,,, ,,,. Sponsor CAptg1iu Jack YY. Newton ,,,,, ,, ....,,,,,. Adjutant Kfils Bonita Phinizy, ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,,.. ,,,, S p onsor !i T lil- -. ' 4l eadquarters C0111 any QKQ .NX 72 - 'L 3 Z- 1017 Ist LT. SJUIM1 i' ' 1 5 1 -ml Lx. -nd Lt Thomas BI. Knotts Miss P4-Qgx SllI'l'lli.Il xYilli.l1I1 B Rllilll' ,Iolm S, Llolf-111.111 I1 FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Ccbmpau A 4 'l l y i iff 1 K I X3 . P35 , 1 'di Vos :J 'l' 1-vi -A 5 n ll lit Lt, Suoneor ind Lt. 2nd Lt 41.111116 S, Livingston Miss Kimthii ,lordqm Rifhfard B. Edwards Tony SI. Allen FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Ccnmpauy F i A ef 1 5- ' Q ' i an ,Q ,, K J gp- . Atv f 1 L ...L 1-'I' 1 i i . i A . Y . V lst Livutenamt Sponsor 2nd Lwiitmmnt Ind Lin-ut' S Paul E. Smith fvfiss Jiicqiic-1x'11 VVnddv 'lihoixliis NN. Hugh-r, J1. Willis .X, Godowns 5 i ' I 1 1 1 r i, F FIRST PLATOON 4 i S. 3. SECOND PLATOON I Compau W-:S+ '54 -' -04 Q- Ist l.i4'lll4'I1.Il'll Sponsor K.u'l I". Suhr Kiiu Sll'1.lI1 Hl'll1Sflgl'P FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Compau I 5 1-:' , NP ' M 3' J 3, in N. vov- -aff' J. iq lst Lirutcnnnt Sponsor fnd IJil'llIf'Il.lIlI fnd Li.-lmqmm Herman S. Oellerich Miss Bettv Bl.1nrh.nrd AIAIIIVS L. Lf-Nu-r kikill 'lf D.nIn FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Third Battalion Company Formation rf- HE,'XDQL'.XR'i'ER5 L OMPAXY I' L E z F E L A 55 T L Q F 5 Q5 L OXIPAXY I "'v'--vswv-P. - "' fi Y-2 I 4 Y'-na COMPANY K -5:1-ww . it .Am - """' COMPANY L KN -ff' -my-rr: Wiki. .-gf, CIOMPANY M 44:1- knaui-QAA. , , ,, 9 Q .et ,J ,. N: , -. ". 4 - , aug. .3 K, 5-4, -. . 4 - -1.-3 4-, M " ' I HE RLMIXIEN l.XL N I AH' '? 'Q' XLIUN S'I'.XFI-' 1 IHI-IWIPIXIIXIIHXNIXII xp.. ,, 'S THE 2 Lia 5.1'ii..55 ND BA'I"l'.-XLION ST.-XFI-' Left to Right: Cul, Clarence Cohen. John Fleming, Ann Carter Burdell The Scruggs Memorial Sabre Thf- Svruggx KIv1nwri.1l Snhn- ix .iXY.lIxCll'Cl .1IlIll1.1lly hy P1'ofm'ww1' C. A. Svrllggs in 111:-111115 uf hix NON. B. Scrugqx. tu thx- vndn-I ufhvvr .it Thx- .-Xmdw-Iny ui llilxllllltblld Cfmxuty uhm ix wumgmcliuq in military and wllfwlmtim' .u'l1ivx'v111f-lmtf. To hv Crm NlCl4'l'l'Cl hu' llllx .lxmrd ll xtuclvnt muxt Nllmx' hx' hh Clvvdx that hi' l1l'lll'Yl'N 41 scuw HI I1LH'1'l1lX' uf L--wmizml ZLIJ ZlllI'llWll'LC uf any RCUlllllvllrlllllkllli I31' honors l1c'IN.Lx Itl1IXt.5ll1 lv '-' " - X -'L' nzwh xxmmw' V1 Illlx zmruwl hm wt am i'YIlllllPlL' whzch ' X ' 1 . ' 'Q' '- ' mc Ll Ll XL.m+hu1y 111111 ul mly vhllmlllI+I1'll1NM,I"'u th, u lpuul HI tl bQ1'uQ'!'x Szxlvrv hm lrt'Cf'Illt' :ml lxlmv-1' wo-ml in p1'c41igQ Cmly tw the Sllcriclnu Tlllw l'1'f-xi:-11 WH l"ll ll'l-m l"'lf3 I"-lf' N XKlIlI1l'lN wi llllx .m.11'dl1.1xwAln-VII: NX'illi.1111 Rf-iwx' 'lr-hu Cl1Pl'lll'.llll' Huhhx' L Nix' Sf-xwll Chimp 'l"llll l'-lkilllllg' YS -1 1,1 .1 '1 V1 N. 1 '1 1 lx 1 11 1 1 Left to Right: Maj. Ronald Corbitt, Barry Blemker. Louise Claufsen The Sheridan Memorial Sabre Th . , , . , . 1- ll11'l1.11'1l li. 5111-1111.111 Kl1'Ill11l'l.ll F1.1l111- 11 .Ill .111.11'1l 111.11l1- .1111111.1ll1' 111' Illl' R1-11-:'1'1' 1111111-1 X 'll lf 1 1111111111 111 111111 111 1111- l'.lCl1'1 1111111-1' 111 1111- li.U.l.C. 111111 111111 111111131-11 111 I11- 1111' 111-11 11111111-11 llll' 1.111 1 1 . 7 1 IIl1'IllI1l'X' 111 l111'l1.11cl 1511111111-1 5ll1'll1l.IIl. 111111111 g1.111111 .lllll 1111' .11l1l1-11- 111 1111-.11-.1111-11111111111111111111111 111111 111111l1.1ll llllll-I1l'IIl11lV 11111 11111111111 l'l'1l, 111 111111-1' 1111' .1 l1lLl1'1 111 11111 1lllN 1.11111-. lll' 111111 1 I11- 11111 1111l1' .111 1111111.1111l111Q lllllll'l. 17111 .11111 1 X1 11111 .11111 1 lIl.ll'5ll' 1111111-111. .Xl1l11111Ql1 1l11'11- -lll' ll1l Ql4'1llll11' 1111.1li111.11i11111. 1111111111 11111 1-11.111l11l11'1l 1111- lk1'11l1l' 111 111 1111 Nlllilll' .11 .1 1'111111'11-111111111 N1l1Cl1'Ill. .1 1111111111-111 .11l1l1-11- lllll .1 11.111 l".lCl4'l', 1111- 1111111 1-1111111111111111 111111111111 1 111-1-1-11 1111- 1111111111 lN1X'N 111111 l1.11'1- 1111r1 11111 1.11111 11. 1111111-1'1-1'. 1111-11 1l1.11'.11'11-13 xYllll41l1I 1-X11-11111111 111111 1111 l1z11'1- 111-1-11 lll'N1 .lllll 11111-1111111 g1'Il1l1'lIl1'Il. ll1111 llll' 5lll'l'l1l.lll 5.11111 11.11 1'111111- 111 111- 1111- 1111111 1111711111 1111111 111g1cl1- 11111111 lii1'111111111cl .'X1l.1Cl1'Ill1' 1111111-111. .sn 19,11 19111 19.1.1 19116 Wi11111-1'1 111' 1111- Sl11'l'lClLl!l S111111- 111 1111- IXINK 114111- Frank B111'nl1-y 19117 II.11'r1' 31111111-1' .I.1cki1- S11-11111-111 1938 1111111 H11i111 lD0IAI'Ol'l Nzuvf-ll 1939 UI11111-1 E11111 Alex l'7111'1'11111s 19-111 .-Xlfre-Cl B.1111-1' 111-1-11 19-11 19-12 19123 19-14 lN 111111111112 11.11111 ll1'lNf'1x 191-1 1.1111 l3.111k1 HLll'I3lCl Englvx' 19-111 113111 l'.11'l111 S111-1111' llK'l5K'I' 19-17 13.1111 B11-1 1 XYillig1111 llI'lN1'I' The Richmond Academ Band 5 P' 2' 15, 7,8 ' fwdxe ' in uv A K- f. ,A s f ,it . ,. v t i ii l 'elim-t T' I. -, 4' C lptllll Leon Roy Frierson Miss Jean Nlavs ffke rf- Q '33 . .QA , . - Khhg 'I t Rx Sponsor The Rielnnonrl Aeatleiny Z':'cl the state cliziinpioiis antl one uf the best marching hands in the country, has begun this year with their same high standards, llaving completed a llluat successful season marked by numerous appearances in parades and at football games, the "Kluseatlets". who are well known for their fancy marching. eliniaxefl a busy year by us- ing their niarehing ability to win first places in marehing :intl baton twirling' against formidable olilmsitioii from other Georgia banfls. ' K George 'lf Bennett Captain Bobbx' NI. Benson Miss Ann Burgamv Director Drum Major Sponsor 'la ' v. u f ws. - 21-iii .-Xldiidgz-, Landon Balt:-r, Donald Barnes, David Beattie, Robert Benson, Bobby Bohler, Harry Bridges, Robert Bush, Raymond llook , Ht-nrv Dozier, Willizini Cav, 'llhurinond Glenn, Fred Hedrick, Kenneth Hensley, Omer johnson, Johnnie MEMBERS Johnston, Carl lordon, Robert Lee, Robert Leonard, Marvin MeMurphey, Charles Malone, Rufus Mowt'i'x', Alfred fr .ki nal' - - W .4 -t Nlurphv, ,laek Nlurphy, Paul Melton, Robert Newman, Jimmy Ogden, Lvnn Porter, Elliott Purcell, George Rivers, Harold Rouse, Robert Rozier, Thomas Smith, Robert Tudor, Robert Walker, Charles Welch, Donald Wheatlev, Thomas Wong, ,lack a-' The A. R. C. Rifle RT. '2cTf""'Q Tom Hnglvr Prrul Smith Arno Corley Roh:-rt Humphries Milton Williamson Sgt. C. W. Tully Members Bruz Boardman Hz-rhc-rt Brvant Standing-Sgt. Tully. Smith. Reynolds Arno Cor-lcv Kneeling-Hagler. Corley. Evans Ht-rht-rt Elliott Billv Vludv flvne- K1-llv Hillx' Nlnxwvll Roan-r Mille-r Billy Evans Tom Hugh-r Llovd Havrid Chick James 'x 3 3 E 'xl 'N si Q-7' T A. sux ' TOM HAGLER PAUL SMITH ARNO CORLEY l Th f Team 1947 G.l.A.A. Champions Pri-side-nt 'lk-:un lirrptziin Vim' Plvside-nt Tri-arsurr-r Mainargr-r Coach Hxirrv Sherman Rox' Simkins Paul Smith 'I' SGT, CHARLES' W. TULLY t- l.l-l7 Rifle Tm-gun had ll highly Nl1l'l'UNNlilll si-Mori. During tht- umm- of tht- thi-y won .ill of their shouldt'r-shoulder rnntrlic-s. including tht- GIA.-X Cligunpioiisliip int-vt. Sinn- Sgt. Tully took cli.i1'g'i- nf the team it hits Consistcntlx' ht-1-n amonff thi- top-tliftht units in this .art-41. This war the- tt-.mi was huilt grmund , Pu 5 . only thrvc lcttermt-n. Thr- rillt- tn-urn won third place in tht- Lird Army An-gi uwrnpi-tition for tht- He-.rrst Tri' iphy. The three le-ttcrmt-n of this vc-ar's tczrm. Tom Haiglcr. Paul Smith. and Arno Cor-lm' ligm- won tht- um-tt-cl Distinguished Rifle-man's Mn-dnl. tht- hight-st nwmd made to any junior rifl1'rnun. .li 4 xvgi, W il A Nj :r Q . . A x 3. ' in I :Fl 2 S L lam. f 2938 ' X . Q. 1 .X ' ei-x , ,xx J Y. Sz ff' xx. Q. X 'Xe TT ,,..4" 9 v A 4 . W v Y ' 2 .. .Jn-x ,. nuavvv.. b , - J rgif' . 'I .-I -, - sr ' ,. A r , ,fe . " ' k N 'Wil' ..4,, :'1'-"'4'lrQ5Jl- K 5 ' l , ,., fi' ...-... 4 fy' ff M121 r, AE ::.' ' ,I -mi -0 kEb'!'p . 1 . www WSE' N ','. , b mi ,.. Q N IZ, F , X fx: r ITIV V 'a . '-T Av' 5--. vf -1 f- ' r' 9:4 Al 1 ,Lg 'x 9 K E? :jf eg fi-geE.g f5,.g 'X if 2' .11 N W 2 5,1 5' 15 'V Q 4 ,I. c'-N 5 -V QW wi' if ix' Fl xx Q Athletics .525- , , , ,,, -.. A S' L Frank Inman Bnskf-thrill Coarh Xsst. Football Cozath -+- lf ,L ROY E, ROLLINS Athlc-tic Director and Head Football Coach FCDOTBALL l 1 C-X . n , AIX 1-Gi .gl "iv S .I-fx A iff' 'QV' N V n ig Q5 f X W. L. Madfn Langston Bolton Sccmtaxy-T1'easurm' Track Coach "B" Varsity Football Coach i Q I i I 4 i l 4 2 i " xi A Q .. 5.2-D! Q' ft, A X dw In X A W A. Q"1Z,', -T' t,.?.,4l2lan V I I ,v3wr,,,X," , 1 - ' ' ' l"if-K?" - ffl ' '. , 1 , -A 5' Q, fs' sl A 'un 6-5. fi - 4 x x' 9 , -ww'.f,LQ. X M v-- -f L iff.-:Fifi ' "'-H'-H -- ."flf'w?ia:g'l' fgfcl "X, . pi l' Q29 4vg,'13' W 'x":1f:T'-'Q fe s " ' ' lu., -N .Wig , Q ,- . ,A W. '54 , N if ' fw. '- KV? J , 7' F' -tl ,. ' .ww J. at . ' -Q M-i"..i. fig H, , . Trgwfh- i . Gif 'I' '-Q .-. L i j.-XMES t:ooPER.4:,xP'1'.-x1N fait. .5258 "lg All GIAA. All Regional Team BILLY BE.-XLE All Southern, Lending GI.-XA TOM MURPHY -fAL'l'. LZ,fXP'l'AIN All-GIAA Team. Seorer, W'inner Elks Most Reqioniil Honorable Mention Regional Honorable Valuable Player Award. fwiention W'inner Friednnxn iliopliv In their opening giirne of the seiiwii the Cadets xtomped Elherton'N Blue llevilx hy it 23-ll eount. Aliinmy Cooper. who Xeored three touchdowns. was outxtanding for the Ciiclets. Derwent Langley ulxo xeored for the vietoiw. In their next grime the Muxketeerx defeated the North .Xtigustti Yellow Aliieketx to the tune of 152-7. The Xluxketeers wort-cl git will :is Cooper again led the ltkilll to victory. Torn Murpliy and lfriink Sginclerx stood out on the line for the Cadeta. The next week. the Kluslieteers joiirneyed to Cliarleston Lind hiittlecl the liexivier Chgirlexton Blillldlllx to .1 l7l'lllSlIlQ ll-ll tie. Dur- ing the second half the Cad:-tx drove to the Bantam tln'ee-ygircl line hut juxt t'ouldn't puxh the pigxkin over the doulile Ntripe, Billy lJiin.i- wfiy. Paul Stewart. Torn Murpliy und Frank S.indt-rx made in line xliiming on the li0I'XYLl1'Cl will for the .'Xl1Ql1NILlIlN. 1 137' at ' E jx 5? K l X 5 init, R Q l Q31 L3 tx x Q -e t I K it . ..- M- . Yi,-. A . .ir 5 ,s A r ,rf " 4 - ' 1 .Hel -, - .. 1 7A . 1' fl . 'L Derwent Lanqlev .luck Dodgen Bobbi' Gizilmiii P. G. Perrx 'lionnnx' Kirltland Billx D1iii.1u.ix All-GIAA 2nd Team. All-GIAA 2nd Team, Regional Honomlvle AllR Regional, ILILX Ilimtiipilwle Regional Honorable All Regional Mention YN'inner ol Friedman Mention. Mention ilirophv Rf-giondl Hononilvlf' Mention lst Row -- Hniiiiiiovk, McNair, Mnrlowv, Hvnslvy, Glisson, Hugulvv, Ml'lCl4'Il. 2nd Row Nu-wton, lobin, I,ii'ln'mt1'i1i, Walkvr, Dunawrnv, Lzliiglvv, Towns, Riu-. 3rd Row-Doclgen, Proctor, Jones. Waagner, Hogan. Lester. Whaley, Hightowei, Kirkland. -lth Row - Bull:-, Rhodvs, Kingird, Sandi-rs. Coopc-r, Nlurphv. Pvrrv, flrxiliznn. With Billy Built- xhifting to l-lllllllfli. thi- llivlimoiid Cadvtx Nwanipcd Bass High ol' Atlanta for thvir first G.l.A.A. victory. Billy Beale. llinlt Hcnslvy Lind Bobby Vlilkf-i' c'girriw'cl tht- ball for touvhdownx for thc Cadt-tx. At thu' vnd. thi- tally was in Richmond s favor, 32-0. On the: nm-xt wt-sk-vnd, Billy Bt-all-K paving to P. C. Pm-rry and Frank Tobin flickr-d and wt up both niarkcrs as thc Cadets boat .lordon High ol' Coluinbus with Cfmpvi' and llviixli-y woring for tht-m. Thi' gzunv. whivli wil- pltiyt-d in tha' rain. mw numerous fumblcs. At tht' 1-nd. tht- Cgidvtx wvrt' on tht- long vnd ol' thu' worry llvll. ln tht-ir sixth gamt- of tht' wiixoii tht' iXIllNl'il'lI'l'l'N tmvm-lt-d to Colunibux wupports-d by ll lurgt- dvlvgfution of A.R.C. studcnts to takc on tht' Coluinbux High Blum- Dvvils and ri-turnvd to Augusta with a 19-7victory. Blur- Dm-vils worvd firxt, with Magoni and Flennikrn doing tha- running for tht'-m. Alu-r thi- hull' tht' Clad:-ts maint- buck xtrong and were Noon vt-rx' murh in thc gamma Tho lN1uskc'tcvrs turned on thc limit :ind worvd thru- tUlll'lldUNX'Ilx ax Billx' Built: Iimmv Coopvr and Dvrwt-nt Langlffv tallivd. Thi- following wt-vk thu- Mtixkvtc-vix wi-rv hosts to tht- Trojanx of Athvnx High. Thi- Cad:-tx ov:'rwht'linw-d thc Trojanx on a rainsoakcd fifld by an count of 43-ll. Coopt-r. Bvalv. Brigham and Lfmglmfy hit pay dirt for thi- Cadm-tx. Thi' Atliciiiuns luunchcd a scoring drive lgttt- in thc gamu- but failvd to ingikt' at toufhdown wht-n Brigham ow-rtook Natl' llillininx and pullud him down on thc' Clcvcn-yard lint: Thi- Cgidvtx pilcd up lilo yzirdx ruxhing to H6 yurdx for tht- Trojans. On Hgnlloww-'c-ii, thc' Cad:-tx mit:-i'taim-d l.nnif'r Higlrs Pom-tx. Tlicw two rivals, who wvrf' wry t'x'm'nly matchvd, playcd a hard fought gaonv that r-ndvd in a woivln-M tit-. Thi' Lindt-tx had nuinvrous scoring opportunitim but dui- to liumbli-s wt-rc ni-vcr able to make a tally. Thi- :hILll'UIllll'5 llll'l'HU,'Il1'Cl only onu- whvn thvy mowd to Ric'hmond'x tcn-yard linv. but thu- Cladvt blovkgidn- hvld and Richmond took over on downx. llziini-N Coopvr .igziin xlioxwd hix 5lIl,'l'1'l5 running abilitiw. but was Ilt'Vl'I' xiblz' to gm-t loom' long vnough to wort. '5-h. , 'tp i A Q . 1 '. 1 2, . ' 1 I 'XYYARNJ 11.4. 1 Philip Marlowc Frank Tobin Mwr Lich:-nstr-in Bobbv Walkvr Marion Rice Frank Sanders Regional Honorable Mention lit hlliill' ll Ii, llslfi ll: lm l ,ii .... ll v Ilitilx ' . i...4. :ixf V it it io' luillilrt , . AH. MIX It it Qi ,wo :lim I ljf lllll ll! I liilhi , iowm A V tip H alilr at ,l Wiffifi' , limi. ll ii lllfli ll ' Zuni! . ll llallcwr 5 i it ,, I 1 l 1 1 X x xIJIl.lQl'liS'Blll'l'i Brown, Jael-1 New ton, -laiiiws Livingston For the first time during the season the Cadets wcnt into the ganic as heavy favorites. to defeat O'Kes-fe High of Atlanta. Billy Bs-all-'s passes to Doclgeii. Hens- ley and Perry resulted in touchdowns. jimmy Cooper. llarvie "Reel" Hogan. and Billy Beale scorcd for the Cadets. The Illllfli at the Final whistle was IW-lil. - The next Friday evening the Cadets journeyed to Savannah to take on Savan' nah High's Blue Jackets for the District 2 Championship, Around 4Oll students made the trip to Savannah for the ganie. ln the hrst half the Musketeers were unable to take the offensive as Savannah hafl lyossession of the ball inost of the time, just before the half cndcd the Blue jackets launched a scoring drive and brought the ball down to Richmond's H-yard line. On the next play Wylie Griffin plunged over the double stripe for the tally. The second half was a diHicrcnt story and in the third quarter jimmy Cooper scampercd over from the Blue jackets 27- yard line for the Cadets, first NTD." The try for the extra point failed and tht- Cadets were behind with the score 7-6. ln the last quarter Beale threw Dodgen a desperate pass for another touchdown, which meant victory for the Cadets. The final reading was l3-7 in favor of the Nluskcteers. On a bright Thanksgiving day. a capacity crowd turned out to see who would win the city football championship betwecn the Richmond Academy Cadets and Catholic High Shamrocks, Both tcams got ofl to a slow start and neither threatened his opponents' goal. After the half the Cadets came back strong and Dink Hensley scored early in the third quarter. During the fourth quarter the Shamrocks were able to push across their lone tally of the game. The Cadets again came back to score and this time it was Beale who made the touchdown that assured them of victory. The game ended with the score again lil-7. For their next game the hlusketeers journeyed to Rome to take on the Rome High Hilltoppers for the semi-final Regional playoff. The Cadets played a brilliant game, completely routing the Hilltoppers. 27-O. RichInond's Hrst "TD" came when Walker recovered a Rome fumble on the Rome 38-yard line. About five plays later Dink Henslv Harvie Hogan s-7 Bill MHCICH Gaines HUELUPV Carl Waagner Irvin Hightower ,Iimniv Lester Dirk lout-s ff' ,ig 5 nf' win Q2 vii, '4'Q3:.'SYri5,?46Ei5xi 12538 J' "1f'4',gg:,3:li'lsfS?v':'EZ5k . To ft. X ,IMA ao., 1 .a A ff? ' ' if with . H153 vi ' '1 Q 5 X ', 9" -rt , z -rg " , Coopt-r scorvd tht- first touclicloxvn for tht- Cttdt-ts. Un tht- Hrst play ztftvr tht- kickoff Bcnlt' intt-rt't-pttid tt pgtss :ind rt-turnt-d it to tht- Rolntr t'lt'vt'n-yztrd lint-. Two plays lgttt'r Bt-tilt' st'ort'd tht' st't'- ond Ritlnnond tally of tht' g.t1nt-. I,Lltl'l' in tht- gtnnt- Ronit- was fortw-d to punt and -linnny Coopt-1' took it on his own ttttzvty-iivt' yard lint- ttnd hrilliztntly 1'ttt't'tl 73 yttrds to wort-. Tht- l.--st tonth- clown txtnit- xtht-n Klgtrlowt' rt't'twt'rtfd ft l-Llllllill' :ind Btult- pgtssvd to l,UClfI,l'Il for tht- lttst tztlly, 'l'ht' final st-ort' was 27-ll. Vllllis win gtivt' tht' Muskt-tt-t-rs thti right to play Lttnitir for tht- G.l..'X.A. rlittrnpionship, On Dt-Ct'1nht'1' Ill. with hoth tt,-guns playing tht-ir lfith gtnnt: of thti stuison, Rithniond plttyt-d Iittnicr Hif1h's Povts again for tht- G.I.A.A, t'rott'n and at hid to tht- Ptutnut Bowl at stttltt-. This "muddy strttgglt-" was pluyt-d :tt tht' Cadvt stadium on at wut. soggy field. Both tt-guns hattlcd hiird and tht' gtnnt' Cndvd in 3 6-6 tit: Tht- Pot-ts wt'rt- givtfn tht' victory on 11 nvwly formed pvnctra- tion rult: Thvy scortid in tht- first quartt-r, whilt' Richmond did not scort' until tht' last two ininutcs of tht- gttmo with at 99-yard . - ls is W i1 , ' drivtx Although tht- Cadvts had only onti pt-nvtration insidt' tht' Sul? Nwton limmi Proctor Hmm Kmid 20-yttrd lint- to tht' Posts two, tht' Nltiskt-tt-t'rs totaled 264 yards Nluskotool. moportors thought tho Codhts orowd thoir rushing to Lzlnit-r's 1413 :ind intidt- I0 first downs to 6 for thc throughout tho ,Tomo ' M:tt'onitt's. -Iiminy Coopvr turnvd in tht' inost htututiful run of tht- Tha Wm tht? third uodoh.uhtd Wagon for tho Aoodomy t'vt-ning XK'lll'll ht- t'ut ofl' tzttltlt' and spud from his own 40-yard othol. two hhiho in 1929 and IQBQ. This Yom. was prohohhi lint' to tht- Pot-ts' l-1-yard lint- wlit-rt' ht- was tgtvklt-d from hchind moo mcchwfoh as tho Cudhtx dohhitoh, Showod proof that hy Httrvt-y of I..tnit'r. A ft-xt' plgtys lgttcr Btxilt- plungt-d ovt-r from Wm-L, the hwt nom lo the State. ' tht- six-inch lint- lor tnt: st'tn't'. In vit-xx' ol tht- statistics inttny SL 5 Q NZ, Rttsstgll Rhodt-s .-Xrthtn' Ulisson Lt-slit' lownrs Hal NICNZH1' Curtis Whnltw' Alcsse Hannnock af l l I sf lt H " ARSITY FQOTBALL Thr' "B" Varsity got ull to .1 slow stint this yt-an but Quint-d mum:-ntum gms thc- svusriii ctiim- to gi Clow Thv team xv tht-ir gnim-s "B" Vrxrsitx' "BU Varsity "B" Vnrsitv "B" Yarsitx' as c'0uc'l1L'd undt-r tht' XX'llIl'lllil,1l rye' ul' Lgingstnxi Bolton and his llvlpul. lvzm PIlI'lil'l'. ln mm tht- boys wcrm' grcxltlv Olltxvcigllcd. Thx' scllcclulc' fm' tht- ymxir wits :is follows: lil -V xVlil'I't'!llOll ll "BN Vnrsitx' 07-fxIcLlvi1'zz:iCk lfl "B" Ytirsitx' QU- Lntliolic'-B lil ll 7 Nlillvn lc? "B" X'Lll9lIY lil 7- Louisvillv 'll "B" Ygiisitx' lfl 7 - Lmrolixton 7 O --- .'Xllo'ndnlf' 18 "Bu Yiirsitv l9 7 Laxiglm-x'-B.itli 26 6 - Fotmtiiin Inu 12 "BN Xv.ll'SlIX' Ii-l 7 Ulm' 19 lst Row 7 Padgett, Drew, Wong, Smith, Baggott, Rollins, Jvstcr. 2nd Row 7 Fouche, Huntcr, Wcathers, Edenfirld, Allvn, janies, Overstrecft, Hair, Coopfr. 3rd Row 7 Summer, Feese, O'D:lniel, Edwards. Rhodes, Reynolds, Carter, Youngblood -lth Row 7 Lanier, MacMurphy, Wall, Mitchell, Verdclry, Rabun, Rr-vd, KOellerich, Chnce. Richmond Academ Basketball FRANK INMAN Com h TOMMY CROFT Captain xxx J x 'fu A 5, fi 'i'?'if X+'w 1 yn Q B. X, I I is x , Q X fu XV- A-xg " ,,,: 'Mfg ' .Q wx 'sr Knf--'line --4 Frm-rlmn, Qlorlrv, 'I IIOIIIIJQOZI, Duusmy-xg YYv.1zl1v1's. Huuul.-xg Stkmdfnu -H lfrofl. Br-.flu 'Iown-, U'D.min-1, Suddath. Dah-v, Rainrs, Barksdalc, Blunaqcr. Abrvntz Kirkland, Dodgen. V af' Sf HK. xg... 5-JF 1?- ,R . Ai vis HARRY PXRRISH Lionvli CC 79 The Riclnnund "LI" X111-wily had .1 xx-15' xL1c'c':-xv ful scusnn undvr Con .ISY- X . ff 5 Varsit vh HLn'1'y P.n'1'ish this yl'All'. The tmnn xwn thi' Y. M. C. A. lc-giglic vhulnpimi- -ff V ship and thv Y. M. H. A. Tmimmnm-nt fhnnipion- -ABU VARSITX' ship. The cuidctx 1-ntcrvd thu' Soiitlivrn "YN Tour- Rn-1-linaf Sli-tim, P.1du1'u, lilK'K'l nvy in Atlanta only round of play. 149 71 - .J I0 he d1'fL'11t1'd ill tilt' first Standing-V L1-wis,Kn0Its,B.1lw1' ,WR Mme' 4 ' yas X . ' ' wr vp' .-.. J, Q. -. ' a up . pm ..,4 .? Ist Row - H1'liIldUIl,SliY1'XVl!lf,SlIlilh, Hall, Duuglnis. 2nd Row W Fulfhvr, Hnrvlilx, Hilnun, Pnlr, .X. Illvi-,, XYidn1-1, Hixun, K, lhyiq U AI. C. A. . Alpha Kappa Kappa uno- . CI, A. Theta Kappa Phi 'wh'-,,, II. C. A. Georgia Sporting Goods . C. A. V. F. W. . Cl, A. Phi Rho Sigma . G A. National Guard . C, A. Brewton Parkvr , C. A, Savannah C. Y. P. A. . C, A. Georgia F 1'mQ shman . Lx. A. Camp Gurdon . G. A, OllX'f'l'Gf'Ill'l'1ll Hospital ROY ROLLINS Coach unior College Basketball I. C. A. Boys Basketball Schedule CURTIS LUCKEY Tom Clayton ' Bill Tallent Roy Rogers Mqurvin Crihh Ed Dorscx' Charles Hnopper ,J- l fc' ,xg I'XIll'l'l1llQ -- Llgxxton, Lm Iwv, l.nll1-ut Stamling-Huopper. Cribb. Dursey, Rugorf LCA. Girls' Basketball Y, M L, ,X INT ERRIEDIXIE LE XGLL SL HEDLLE' L -L br, BV-.wrlg Riciws. Hleg Lexrz. Mar. fffcrgig Raintree. I-Ilizabeth Hoffman. N g:g,.. lx. ,v Wait.-515. D1:::i:'. Rcsrr. Lars: Marr:-3-tt. Airs- H:-5.5: LCA. Girls Basketball Schedule l L ,x G bl L X Tj: n T L X Xlt bi jfs--gi. 'B l L X H'-31225 '1 T 1 X Kit it joseph "B l L X KIT 51, ,live-'pi "X I L x Y 51 L.. A-x, ri, l L ,X XI: it LlC'5'iIv?. "X I L ,X Hvphzf J L lx Tw: CITY LEAGUE SCHi'.DL'L.E I L. .L 0 G. He C. I L X Xl! l I L A Sgr l NI, L A Davis Il Li, .xl Y, P. The Richmond Aeadem Golf Team . XX' . X ,. b .V 5 N. wi. X l , 5 Q":5.sT s L 'XX Q ' ' iw J " ' 3' ei - 1- ' 4 p Ha. 'M X, r- Q , 64. N' 4 V' , . ,, f 'K X T " 1 T ,. ,, '1"i,f:sQ?j'.f:b gil if if ' E -f--v gem. l - N ax ww::.,, ziz T Q N , , . 1 'YB T ,..-,...ifai T i M T S v l t "'tIb.,.,,., Navgg' Om ,at 3. 7. .M . A v' re 'F Q f V Q, Y 4, 3 5 , ,M Left to Right: john Coleman, Billy Parsons, Fleming Norvell, Gene Marks, Larry NIlTcll'!'ill'X Although this year's team has only one holdover, they have good Chances of dv- veloping a good tc-am. .lohn Colm-man, the only returning lettvrman from laxt year! strong team, which way runner-up in th:- G.I.A.A., will be out most of the' wason with a Cut hand. The tm-amx ftart:-d prac- ticing in Fchruary at tht- Country Cluh. Billy Parsons. Stewart Wigginx. GL-nv Marks. Larry xIL'cl1'l'Lll'X'. and Flu-ining Norvvll make up the tviun. SCHEDULE: Mairfli 25 L.lIll4'l' 7 Hert- .Xpiil 3 Lani a-1' .lI' i cl Columl iixa - Bfacon Mm' l G.M,.X. 1 Atlanta Min' 7 and 8 Il,I.:X..-X - Columbus ii -xx 5 1 .du lg ,, vm it, .5 a 99" ir 1 A 1 My . "J wif K- M. . 6 , 1491'- The Richmond Academy Swimming Team 1 Y 5 s In ,Q 1.4-lf .1 X15 X I. . L' 3 1 I 3 .WJ t -fllv i 25' x -.. "as -is '-'1 ST Al , ,Y"""i ,,,. ,X , , , 1i1 Rowe B1111 NI1111f1, 111111111 H.111:Q1'111. .I11111111 1'1.1x11111 lflti Row 41111111 1.1-11111. B111111 XI1111111111. H1111 B1111. K 11.1111'N -11111111, fQ1'01:1' NIA1911, C1511'enCe B211'i1'10'w5ki 31d Row- '1h111N11111 1111j11111,111111.. 1.11111 1111 R1111J. 1211111 l'i.111111'm'Q1-,1. f:L1!.ll'R11l1.11dgC1I1. 15.111 111-1111 F1 ' A 8 11' 1 . 17, ' Yfw- X. f' 2:3111 Bi11x' Lanse, Bobbv Cooper. C. A. Cooper, Sr., George Crawford, Sgt. Michel Taube 1 1111-, XIIL 11111 5.111i111'11' iQ1'111111 1111 11'1N :111 1'x1'1:111-111 NXX111111111lQ' 11111111 11111 1111111311 :1 1:1114 111' high 'L'11'11'1 1'11:11111,-11111111 111 this 1111-11, 1111N 11111 11111-11 :11111- 111 :11'1':111Qe 11111111 meetf 1':1111-1'11114111111-g'111111111ce111 R111 Lf X. 0111111-1'. many 111 Q11 11:1x1' -11-111111111-11 11111 i':111' f11'i111111c1'N. .411111e F11 1111- c:1,11111111111'- 1111' 11111 11-11111 1111-: 1'3i11y 121-1'1'5'. Clar- 1g111'1 12111'i111111114i, Hickey 5:11c11e1'. 131112 B1j1z11'11man, 11111111 1111111 XYc1cX 1' Ilfl Emil 1' ' ki .-,,- 1 1 , N 111141 liutch l1l1111CI'11'1. SCHEDULE A 111 Q1 , ' 1f1l'11'10XVE ' , May 1. .........c..,. GMA. ....,.,,......, Atlanta May 7 8 8 ...., cG.I.A.A. Tournamentww .... Athens The Richmond Academy Tennis Team 'Wie f . The tennix tvnin lim tliiu- rr-turning lcttn-rinn-n frrnn lmt yv,11'. Toni Haglvr. Marviii ciLlI'IJl'IlI1'I. and Billy Huglvr. The Clgidvtx won two and lust tliirr- iiiutrhw lmt N1'LiNi'-I'1. but look l'm'wnrd to gi Iwmnw' Ni-.miri thix Npring. The rut of the tr-gmi includsw Bob Pudrfr. Rightwn Rohwtmii. Ci-mgv Bnird. .ind Edgnr I-livli.n'ciN1-.ii. Marmh 25 S:ix'.1rixi.1h IIL-rr 7 XN'on, 4-'i NIM' l fQ.KI..X. .Xllaiim -Xpiil 1 Divhvr - Coluriiliin Mm' T .ind 8 l9.I..X..X. FI'-vt ,Xtlantn 52 I ,, ,jr iw: ,os 4 Q .JN .ai V K ' mini. Eg' . air... -Y 4 480. -ff' ff. 4 ", am 5' 1. :af , Q- ig? 4 ,I wi ' - A Q , , ,qi e 5 1 . A A an 1 w , , , : 'A . T fm. ' ' 5,195 . T X ,L -, Q Q., , B en, .5 rw relfije ' - Q +4 4 " 4 T4 v Left to Right: George Baird, Bob Puder, Marvin Carpenter, Edgar Richardson, Billy Hagler, Tom Hagler, Righton Robertson 1 4 The Varsity Club The Varsity Liluh, previously ealletl the lllock Cluh, is composed of Richmond ,Ncadeinx students xx ho have earned a letter in Varsity sport, but have not yet graduated from the school. The folloxxing lwoxs are memhers in the different sports: FOOTBALL Billx' Beale Burk Brown, Man ,lack Dodqen Billy Dunaway Arthur Glisson Dink Henslex' Irvin Hightowvl' Harvie Hogan Gaines Hueult-xr Dirk ,lonrs Hrnrx' Iilllfild Toinnix' Kirkland Dwrwent Lanult-v limnix' I,l'Stt"I' Xlxwr Licliensttgin lain:-5 Lixinusttvn Bill Madwii Philip Mailuwi- President .,,,, ,, , Billy Dunaway Vice-President Derwent Langley HECK' Xlanaq l latk Nvwton, Kl,sn.'1f 1 P. Cf. P:-rrx' linnnx' Prortor Russell Rhodes Frank Sand:-rs Frank Tobin Carl Waagner Bohbv Walker Curtis Whaley Paul Stewart Marion Rice Gene Brigham Robert Rahun Gene Bowman BASKETB.-XLL Billx' Beale Tommv Croft Wlalter Dalex' ,lack Dodzen Gaines Hugulex' Toinmv Kirkland Iimnix' O'Daniel Billx' Raines Lerox' Suddath Leslie Townes Richard Weathf-rs Ronnie Barksdale, Blanager TRACK Gene Brigham Derwent Langlev Billx' Beale OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer ,Jimmy Lester Chaplain ,,,,,o .Edgar Richardson Billv Woodward GOLF ,lohn Coleman Gene Marks TENNIS lwfarvin Carpenter Billv Hafzler Toni Hazler Bills- Raines SWIMMING Cilarenre Ba rinowski Manager Emil Barinowski Rav Kitchens Billx' Raines Edgar Riehardson Norman Trimmier The Cheerleaders 1 ff, I X' A 4 'XP .f,, ip xc T .Fu l l TB" , I N 1 - liwhh arf "rv I IW: rx- ! ? 5' I ,x -x Q.. 7 f as . ,. 9 I I w l i-f ' 'N Lil" Q i eg , I 1. 1 if 4 'Ill 'f - 15' y I K ef l I Af' - -n L Q - JI L. , V , ,M x 5 ,xif H :E P A S Q l W l F fl - f e l , .KS - y 0 qxvd n V E .V . ' K s , . Q 1 -e . f x A ' A 'K V 5 T.. l "" mimi: 'vwrn '. GY ,Q I, 4 5 X sf 4 a 'A - f, 1 A ., WJ J -4 'fwfr F l f I 2-4 Q H gi: ,- raw:-'1yf.-mgxmghe L , , V ., V 1, S. , 1 5 , , . ,tag 3 . ' V . , , . N . -fs fb , ffl v- I -. ,XTX , , - rf. - ,R , ,h UE 1 ,-. . .,.. QA, V' , .V . . xg 1 -' , Krleeling-Mary Georgia Rountree, Marv Broome, Bettv Huff, Billie Fell. Barbara BllSSfOl'd, Jenn Anderson. Standing-J. A. Brooks, Tommv Croft, Tollx' Brinklev, Ollie Wheeler, Charlie Cooper. 11.4-wi aff? 'Sl-. - . .H , 5 sf ' ,1 141' s'.s'5'H , 9 1' ., -, 315, ' S aff 5 'A N- ' 1 ' ..4 I ff 0 N- A Q nf A 2 K3 14 if if 1 if-1 FIFLC. VS f a ' 1' . x "5-A.. '5'9l5pxN,...j.-Mtv . .' -'N .T .- . ' :ZIV Fl R. l L9 L .. L - y H., . S' ikl-ff' ' 4 , f" 4 -4-a'1'Q-1, 'L' . '52 ,- o 5 N X252 52 5 P ,N I V I' . -. ..1...1.,,5.,. , if As 'I' wry? 1R7f'- 1. '- u -,af 3 4f'r'm La- - 4-:ii i.,:' ,. '- -'f ' Features The Rainbow Beauty Queen xx Q . f X ,J Q Af' 1: 2 J gh. is A Y .U J b I Q xx- ax 1 5 , X OOME MARY GEORGIA ROUNTREE BARBARA BASSFORD Wx ...ggsv ANN BURGABIY it ,,, 1 . 1 3 a get SB sy .. ff' .',,v ELIZABETH HOFFMAN "" BILLIE FELL BETTY HUFF 1 r af- A I if A P Q u 2 Q mx CARTER BURDELL Q' 1 Y x X ii? i i if a-V PEGGE HEPMAN 1 T it W i CORNELIUS BROOKS THURMOND. Jr. Junior College Valedictorian 1 I ,wi 05, AQQQ sq 5 5. Q be V :X-Sl. , V 31 , 233 ight f Q w mx .., - -.1 . , xg n g- , Y Q j ' J N k I Qc' ' ,, ,, f,,,- 1 ,ghxif 1 .,gfQ,c. AN sl x. V f . , ' ' ', , . , ,f if Q , If ak 5' P fl A X' , W.-vip .. , . 'TJ Nkfi i. 'Qu' ' ,NU av X:'fw,'v:fx J..-.g,,.,x , 0 Q, " ' VlQ,w,g gm' H - N y'1,,.",f.',, x' futgq 3 N VVILLIAM DAVIS KELLY ' fffgft' , .4 - -H guw fl xv?" -fn, . hx. Richmond Academy Valedictorian xr' Q- X, Q SX: ZA, yr- h '-3. va U va., . 9 .--,x f,,wQN,w3+,w, - 1 , if J ,i,. : 1.1 V A E. bi-it-Xu . i A ,. . ,X mx G XA L, , vc w Q v',t n Q' Mx , Nr 1 ,Q I Q K ix -5.-R x gf lp 4. V 'I C L. A Rye N 1 1 N1 xxx 3 M 1 xx , '- s ef, K + " I G i 'Xe Mx K ' 1 , ' 'S - P 5 rr Y FRAXK ANDERSON Most Popular Sophomore Boy MARY BROOME Most Popular Sophomore Girl ANN REESE Most Popular Freshman Girl CHARLIE COOPER Most Popular Freshman Boy TOMMY KIRKLAND Best All-Round Senior TOMMY CROFT Most Popular Senior BILLY BEALE Best Senior Athlete Calendar Of Events Hcrc follows a list of tht- datcs of some of thc outstanding t-vt-nts and unusual happwnings coinit-ttf-cl with Rithmond Acadcmy and -lunior Collvgc, during tht- past school ycar-- from beginning to rind. 1947 Scptcmbcr 2 - Beginning of lall tcrm Scptcmbcr 8 First day of drill. organization of Rt-gimvnt Scptcmbcr I7 A ROTC Rcgimcnt wears uniforms for first timt- Scptcmbcr 20 - f BIL1slictc'crs ox'crxx'lit'lIn North Augusta in football as .linuny Coopvr scoirs four touclitlouns Scptcmbcr 'Ili - 'First Klilitarx' Paraclt' Scptcinbcr 26 - 'Class ofiic:-rs clcctccl Scptcmbcr '29 Cadrt otlirt-rs namt-d for wat, llcnry XI. Wliitt-lit-acl. Cath-t Colonvl Octobcr l - 'Total cnrollmcnt ol ARC-TCA, rt-portcd .it lglllf studvnts Octobcr lo - fCade't Non-CIommission:'cl ollicvrs namcd lor tlu- ycar Octobcr iil Richmond livs its pt-ivnnial "jinx." tht- Lanicr Ports of Klaton, ll-ll. in football Novcinbcr lli - 'Annual Bcta Club liancuu-t Norm-nib:-r 14 ARC dclcats Savamiali lligh lor CIAA Rcgional Football Chainpionsliip. lf?-7 Novcrnbcr 21 - Spidcr Club first organizrd Novcrnbcr 26 1- Full drcss Thanksgiving Paradc -- invitations cxtr-ndcd to civic org.tni7.1tions lor first public paradv. Cvtirral YVilliam E. Broughcr takes rcvicw. Novcmbcr 27 f Thanksgiving Holidays bcgin Novcmbcr 28fARC outscorcs Catholic High in football. lil-7. Pn-svntation ol Phalanx Trophy to winning tc-am. Dt-ccmbcr 9- - Airport Grill opt-ns. tht- popular havcn and mccting placc for ARC and -ICA studvnts De-ccmbcr 13 ff- Richmond Acadciny Iivs, but outplays Lanicr High ti-6. in playoff gamv. ytft lose-s CIAA championship on minor tcchnicality. .limmy Cooper rcccivcs most raluablc play:-r axvard. Dcccmbcr 17 f ROTC unit inspcctr-d bv Col. Gcorgc E. Butlcr of Ca. M. l. District. and found to bv cxccllcnt Dcccmbcr I8 - Christmas Paradc in honor of Tubman High School Dcccmbcr I9 - Thc long awaited Christmas holidays bvgin Dcccmbcr I9 - Sabrt- Club Dancc Dcccmbcr 23 Tri-Lambda Danci- 1948 ,lanuairy 3 Y-f School "drcadfully" rcsumvs its course January 7 -A Annual Football Banquet -lanuary 9 - The Ffrxf mccting of "Gcorgc" Ilanualy 14 5 lst Scmcstcr Exams bcgin with much lamcntation January H+ Pirate Club first organizcd .lanuary '21 E Exams tcrminatc, First Scmcstcr is rclie-vingly ovcr January 23 - Annual Richmond Hi-Y Banquct January 24-Richmond ovcrcomcs thc Hjinxl, and clcfcats l.anicr in basketball January 26 - 2nd School Tcrm commcnccs its coursc Fcbruary 15 -Announccmcnt of Rillc Tcarn placing Iird in llcarst Trophy Matches February 18 - Tri-Lambda-Zcta Rho Football game, Z1-ta Rho winner. 6-Il February 25-27gRcgional Baskctball Tournamcnt hcld in Augusta. Richmond is runncr-up to Savannah March -I-6 - GIAA Baskctball Tournamcnt hcld in Savannah. Richmond faltcrs in first round M8I'Ch 6-Announccrncnt of Rilic Tcam placing Qnd in lird Army Arca lntcrcollt-giatc Rillm- Matclics Nlarch 16- Paradc in honor of Col. 'lamcs F. Rishcr. lie-admastcr of Carlisle Military Acaclciny March 25 - Spring Holidays bcgin April 2-First parade of ycar downtown. honoring finalists in sclcction for Honorary Cadct Coloncl. First Annual ROTC Nlilitary Ball hcld. Ann Carte-r Burdt-ll chosvn Honorary Cad:-t Coloncl. with much approval. Roy Colc and his University of North Carolina orchcstra furnish music. Thc dancc was a sl1t't't'ss largt-ly dur to the generous support of Augusta busincss int-n. Une of thc purposes was to bring about a inure enthusiastic school spirit. April l6- And so, aftcr the provcrbial blood, swcat. toil. and tt-ars. tht- complctcd cdition of thc "RAlNBOlY" finally goes to press! April 19-20-Annual Spring Training Inspection to dt-tcrminv rating of unit April 23 -- Gcncral Wlilliani E. Broughcr - spcakcr in chapcl April '26 -- Confcdcratv Mn-morial Day Parade April 28 f F, F. A. Honor Day April SO A Prize Drill Night, Final Drill Excrciscs of Rcgimcnt April 30-Blay l - Beta Club Convcntion hcld in Atlanta May 1 - Nlilitary Banquet May 7-8 - GIAA Athlctic mccts hcld in Atlanta and Athcns May 12 - 2nd Scmcstcr Exams bcgin May 19- Exams are endedg with much elationg school is over for another year. May 25-Comm:-nccrncnt Excrciscs of Richmond Academy and Junior Collcgc: Annual Hop officially cnds school year. " 1 mmm xi-5 ,df .fur w 5. 1 ' , 4 v .4 . i vs-4 . ' I A by.. . 1 'Y 4 lr V Activities Hfyi I -E f-,- Y 1 I-1 ,ii . .x M- f " ' . x Q fn, ,xg n any Vw? .- Wm 1 -Xfv. The Rainbow taff Trl B2 , 3 X -, f"" S 'C-7' sw , xrusf rr RIL, H vkrasox D KELLY Ldtoz se: NI ,.,... -.., ,Ks-in X-tg Q51 Xthlf xillllfxfk V 'tffrar- V-Q uga 3 Egfr - MOI Ecitozs Ecrtor Editors Editors Editors .XII Editor' .x1'X' S515 B s- Stat? J, L , ,v IXIII L Eafultv .Xdxisfr READ E'l'HEREDf,E Litfr . A -4, 4-. 1 2' , :Al W' w - ' ,Inv- Z! IRYIN R, KELLY OLZOXNOR MILLER Pat Allison Edgar Richardson Davis Kc-llv Richard Kelly Stuart Irvin Pat Cffonnor Clonstanrf Blillffr Charlte Cooper Warren Blanchard Dawson If-asus Bfarian Meiste- Barbara Bassford Hfllina Etheredfzf Linda Adams Stuart Irvin IVinkie Harris Carl Darby Bfarvin Carpenter ,Billv Raines Sonny McCarty Leonard Cotts ,Richard Kelly Marfzaret Bavnard Ikflliam Stavro Wallis Herts-5 Mr. Henry O. Read Mr. Charles M. Etheredge I HOFFMAN Business Manager 7 JLLA. Advertising Manager A.R,C. , Assistant Advertising Managers Circulation Managcfx' Assistant Circulation Managers 'FSO I ,X zimvos Elizabeth Hoffman Nick Zvrvos Billv Haglm' Edna Smoak Bobby Rouse Emil Bnrinowslii Robert Padgrtt ,lack Wong Llovd Havird ,lohn Colmnun Hugh Lord Warren Blzinfhnrd Harriet Heins ,loan Higgins Janice WQ'21Il1Lhl'S Clarence Muns HAGLER ff.. 5 N, ja!! r rcfff' BLANLIH,-XRD Edward Cole Arno Corlev Everett Leonard Adr.i Miller Austin, ml. A, Bohler, H. N, Bovliin. C. C. Brinlxlvv, C. YY. Brown. Ci, D. Lhf-nf-v. YN, l. Dunawtiv, YY, P. Croft, T, XY. Hightower, I. E. lxollx. Kr, L, Kitchen, Ll, R. The Musketeer Staff Editorial Sta Business Staff Literaiw' Editor Xlilitarv Editor Klanaqine Editor Exchange Editor Reporters and Qfontributorz Lichvnstvin. XI. L. Livingston. ll. S. Air-Yell 5. Ki, XIcElvi'en, VI. ffl f.lcRell:ii', 'lf E. NtlDlf'1',R. E, PODF, ,A Powlegdqre, G. Bl Rhodes, R, B. Towns, l.., C Lvtlr-x. F. 'll XN'gitei's. L. K. YYltf:c'lr'l'. lj. Li, V'.illv'1'.l-A, Mr. George M. Scott Adviser XX - ' YV C' s SCOTT Robert L. Rouse, John S. Coleman Mickev Satcher ,. Davis Kellv. Mack McGahee, Calvin Geer Edgar Richardson Llovd Havird Carl Darbv . Bir. B. ROV Smith . .... .Business .. .Assistant Business Advertising Department . . . .Advertising .Assistant Advertising Assistant Advertising Circulation Department ,. Circulation Assistant Circulation Assistant Circulation .Assistant Circulation Manager Manager Manager Nlanager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager . , , ., ,Faculty Adviser 25' 'T I . .ta ,ax x NOX t K-:S Q N , -Q -, , " ff, . I . 4. ssnrii Q .0 'Q ag.-1 Y, I-:H 'Q' V i MILLER CORLEY SATCHER , f ra , ,,, . -r ", In .. 1 ' N , .- ,.., va .,-of MILLER Sabre Club OFFICERS Pr:-sident Henry' SI. Whitehead Yicfi- President lN'illiam H. Fleming Scrretary Ernest E. Pund Treasurer Dabnev C. Gravbill Chaplain james L. Lester Farultx' Adviser Maj. Lester R. Patrick MEMBERS .1 Maron B. S archer john S. Coleman. jr. P.:ulE.S!!11th l'x.1x'll7.5v.ih1' 1 f-owf' C1 Nils" Capt. Charles C. Thcbaucl The Officers Club of Richmond Academy has successfullly put through a most impressive project undertaken by any school club this year. On April 2. the first Annual Ball was held at the Municipal Auditorium to climax a month of prepartions. The dance was a smash success due to the enthusiastic efforts of the clubs officers and advisers. The Sabre Club also sponsored numerous other dances. Edward CI. Cole Arno W. Corley Carl T. Darhv I.e::.1f- lk, Halt'-1' nl. Devanev lazy' s YN. lalrnf-rt Rit hard B. Edwards Rohr-xt H. YN'hitakf.-r lN'illi.1xr. H. I'-l-irnine ll--r.1'. KI. YN hitfshriad Vfllis A. Godowns lon' XI. .Mlm-r. ,IOsv, , , .1.,f . D.':llHrV-X' C. Gravhill Yliliozxzas YY. Haslffr, Jr. lY.1.t,-:' R Bgrineld lYilli.1n. L. Herndon Ro:.r.r N. Bazksdgflv rl hozxhis R. Kirkland XYH- V AlVhOZI..1S Xl. Knotts Rory'-It Xl. B-1150. Dr-mv'-nt Lffnglev 1-.1-:o:1 D. Browr. I.1:z."s L.Les1er I..0:1..1st laxioxl l t , Dfw 1,-., FLEMING Student Council U1-FILIERS fax , . - V ' N pvlAt.5ldt.m A Bill Fl r'11m mu F if 'Q ,X as X 1s's- Pit-sidcnt Mary Brooniv 1 IQ, ' Sl'Cl'l't.lI'Y Put OIR fr111 or W'-LA 5 'lirczisurcr 101' NiXOI1 Faculty Advist-is M11 AI. E. Euhzinks Mit. N. L, Galloway Mr. j, T. Hains 1-1L'BANKS C.-XLIINVAY HAINS Its position as the govcrning organization of tht- studcnt hody ut Richmond Acadcmy, givcs to thc Studi-nt Council 11nd its nivnihcrs Ll position of unrivalcd prcstigc. Each yczir, with thc czipnhlc ussist- uncc of its faculty adviscrs, this organization cstnhlislics un iniposing rccord of service to thc schools it rcprcscnts. YVith thc grcat aid of lX'Ir. Euhanks. thc stcps at thc Russvll Strcct cntruncc, which wcrc dcdicutcd hy last ycur's Council wi-rc con- structcd. In addition to the annual "Hop", thc Studcnt Council sponsors danccs throughout thc ycnr. Each ycar in the futurc thc council hopcs to add to its gicliicvc- incnts more aids for the heltterincnt of school conditions. BROOME O'CONNOR NIXON MEMBERS Bnrhurn Bassford Bill Hcrndon Estlicr Parrish Marx' Broonic Bill Hughcs Ixzin Pgirkcr Charlcs Coop:-r 'l'OIIlIIlV Kirklrind B.ll'l7.ll'Ll Pricc YIHOIIIIUY Croft Mx'i-it Liclicnstcin Roscnizux' Radford ,lack Dodgcn Billy Nlnxwcll Ann Rccsc Richnrd Edwards Cfonnic Millcr Imlxic Roolis julia Ficlds Clnrcncc Nluns 8.111111 S1-rico Bill Flcniing loc Nixon 'livclxlgi Sli-lling Bohhx- Guillt-hm-nu Pat O'Connor ff 1 1 Q 1 l . , , , . - ,.... ,, 44-,,, - WY V 1111i Order Cf Delvlolay ,lf . Z, ,s L . ? .1 1 , . 7 - 1 .f lllr' lylkll 1' 111 lh'hI11l.11 l1.1N ll.ICl 1111 1Il1l'I1'Nl111Q .mil pl'UQI"'NN1Yf' XlLl1', ilwlli C.l1.1p11-1' 11 11111'11111111f"1111111' l1lx1' 1l11' 131111.11 111.11111 11. li1111.1l 1111 l1.lN 1II1lJli'1X'1'Ll. 111113 1 H 1 IIIIN .1111 l31'1I1Q 1111cl1'11.1lx1'11 11'11l1 IIIOIA1' x'11'1'11' incl 1l11' 111111111114 1111- 1111- 111-NI11l.11' i1 x'1'1x bright, The I1.lIll1'N li111'Cl 1111 11111 page 1111- 1l11111- only 11'l111i11'1-1'1- .11 llll'l1I1111IlCl .-X1'11d1-1113' Llllfl 111' c'l1lll'Ql' 11111 V1 .1l'. ,L 3 WQ S ,D ."' 1 xv' ii Ill A Wars 'H First rll1'l'Ill Lillflllit' CZOOIJUI' Ch:11'l1fs Hoox1'1 iliO1llfilIlX'IOl"l VVi1l'l'l'I1 Bl.1nCl1z11'd Sift. C. W. Tully, , 1 ,421 . . , A-3 OFFICERS XI3511-1' clOl1Ilt'lll'1' Senior Counfilr-r .ILlIl1Ol'LiOLl!'lk'ilI'l' Sffihk'-'l1l'l'Z1Sl1l'l'l4 1 fl Harold Aaronson Bobhv Andr-rson Frairlk Anderson Ralph Barton Robert Beattie Lewis Bf'CliLlIH Bobby Benson Wz1rr1-n Blanchard Gene Brigham Rutledge Carpenter Fred Chandler IIQOIII Clnvton Charlie Cooper Bobhv Cooper Arno Corlev John Cornelison Carl Darbx' Ed Dorsey Brvan Dubosv P1't1' Fleming 101' GTSIIIIIIHT Iesse H3II1IIl0C'k W1-ston Harper Winkir' Harris Irvin Hightower Harvey Holmes Charles Hoover Birnvt Johnson Davis Kellv Sonny IVICC:1rt1' Conrad 1XI1'Cnhee 111-1-111-rt McIntosh Bill lVI.1d1-11 ll1'IlI'Y 1N1I1'11li11u Norinain KIos1'l1-1' l -1llllIIlV xIlI!'1JllX' Stew' Newton IDI' Nixon Ervin Pg1df11'tt Bohhx' P.1r1'iSh R11ss1-ll Rhodes Bobbw' Rouse jack Sawlowsky Robert Smith Bobby Whitaker Jack Wong Billv Woodward Nick Zervos Second 'I11f'1'II1 . ,, .Charles Hoover , .-Ill'1lIIly' Murphy Sonny McCarty ,. ,... ,Jack Wong . .,,., .Faculty Adviser 6 ix 1 , 1 H s x Aix 1 1 1 1 -'eff' 1:1111PER 1 1,,11"1'11x 'l'L'LLY MCCARTY 1111ox'1:R 11L.xN1-11.,1Ro MURPHY WONG LESTER OFFICERS A The President B t Vice President 6 3 Secretarv 1 Treasurer Chaplain Faculty Adviser Us ni X 'ig' VO A-ni 6 "gy 1- 'Tl KELLY BLANCH.-XRD RICHARDSON Since its inception in the spring' of WHS the Beta Club has con- sistently been one of the most influential organizations at the ,Xeatleinyx During the past year it has been unusually active. The principal project of the 1947-lf4'l6 Club has been the Cmn- posing and publishing of a booklet about the seliool. The Cadet. as this booklet is called. is tlt-signed to acquaint t111dert'lassnte'n with the history of Richmond Aeadeiny, At this writing the nieinbt-rsliip is planning tu .tttr-nd the state Beta Club Convention in Atlanta this May. Last yt-.xr .Iinnny Lester nas elected vice-president of the state Beta Clubs. James Burch Walter Carlson Nlarvin Carpenter Leonard Cotts Richard Clieeseborouqh lark Cooper Carl Darbv flerbert Elliott Pillx' Evans Emorx- Farr livin Ghitter Billv Hauler Bobbx' Holland Billy Hill Robert Huntley ,lack Hunter Robert Jessup Ronald Jester Isaac ,Iolles Davis Kellw' Richard Kelly Tommy Kirkland Wavland Lamar ,Iohn Langley -IIIIIIIIV Lester Bill Maden Gene Nlarks Sonnv McCarty Burton Middlebrooks Billy Parsons Billy Raines Mitchell Raynes Edgar Richardson Righton Robertson Mickex' Satcher Jerry Saul Marvin Sears George Sheftall Harry Sherman Clifford Sego Lewis Simon Stanley Steinburg Norman Thomas K - 1 Q, ' 'l!E.,.--', J. .., 17- 41 -. 1' f ' 1 .. ,x . . q J, -t Q' if ' as h -. A W . liuunv Lester Rit bald Rf-llx irrr-n l5lantli.ud Etluar Rir ha rdson Klarvin ci.IIllI'Illl'l Mr. Wilfred T. Neill aes N. 'light Nh-ff v yi Q 5,2 k Ronald .Xnlnt 11 5-fiiii Inv' l51ll"N T 'iwfi , I In-tu liaild ff, H111 1 l''h.t linum litv.xtwt'iul1t NIZILI. llx lll.lll.ll"l f . 3 wil- Q , l 3 KIRKLAND SALE COOPER RAINES QND SEMESTER OFFICERS Q A Pr:-sid:-nt 'g - A 4 Vice President ' Secretan' . 13 F YIil'r'lISlIl'r,'l' x A , Q Chaplain T 1' Sgtrfti-:xl'IIIS '..3 Q ' i 3 Fmultx' .AXdvisvr Capt. C. C. Thebaud Billx' Raines .'l'onnnv Kirkland Dawson Tn-agua Dick Jones Ronnir- Barksdale Irvin Hightower 49'- ii Academ I-Ii'Y Presidf- nt Vim' Pr:-sid:-nt SL'CI'f'Iill'V 'l'rensurc'r Chaplain Sgt.-at-Arms 'Iionnny Kirkland ,, Gilmer Sale Bohhv Cooper Billy Raines Sonnv Towns Tommy Croft RAINES KIRKLAND 'IEAGUE IONES 'Iih v 1948 cllaptvr of thi- Acadvlny Hi-Y has had an Limisiially active- sc'ason. Largely through the labors of 1 rappihli- Corps of ofhu-rs the- cluh has sixru-ssfiilly completed a nuinhcr of sviwirn- projects. Ylllll' mvmhers of the Hi-Y also enjoyed frequent social avtivitii-s. Thr- Avadvrny Hi-Y has always trivd lo keep form-nlost in the minds of is TIIi'lIIl3K'l'5 the purpose of the Hi-Y to l'lil'1lU'. maintain. and extend. throughout thi school and community. the high standards of Christian cliaraclvi Bohbv Baker Ronnie Barksdalc Bill Brandon Fred Chandler Bobby Cooper VIQOIIIIIIV Croft Dennis Foster Dirk Criffr-n Tonunv Heath 'I'oinmv Herndon Irvin Hightower Chick ,Ianies Dick Alonr-s loinrnx' Kirkland Wnvland Lamar D1-rwvnt Langley Iaines Livingston Philip Marlowe 1 - --,. -W Pcrrv Mc'Lt'11n 'Iionv lviulherin .lirninv Proctor Billx' Raines Gilmer Sale Mickev Satcher Lerov Suddath Dawson Teague Billv Thompson Gene Towns Sonny Towns Robert Young IST SEMESTER OFFICERS President ,, .Iiniinv Lester Richmond I-lifY 1 1 'B I , K J v -g,,...' Vice President Edgar Richardson Secretary ,. Nick Zervos Treasurer .lack Newton Chaplain , Marvin Cai'pf-iitei' Sari-at-Arms Eddie How-ll LESTER RICH.-XRDSON Ziiiavos vrzwiox 2 Q Q HOWELL ALLEN KELLY POWLEDGE Vice Presidnt END SEMESTER OFFICZERS PliI'ildI'IIt Secra tarv I rcasurvi Chaplain ,. 521.-.lInXliIllS Eddie Ilowwll nt Tony ,Xllv-n 5 K I Ilwis K.-lit f xl Mini Pmti.-fi ' 1 -' ' 'fi Edgar Ricliartlson 'A-3 - fl Bud Lartvi ' ' 5 Fmnltx X xi 1 Sgt. C. W Tulls -Qijig W .3-Y 'fs 'if'-is The Richmond Hi-Y has during the past year proved itself to be one of the outstanding organizations composed of students from the Academy. In the first semester of the school year the cluh conducted a magazine suhscription Campaign from which it grossed SSIO50. Of the S350 that the cluh received. S100 was donated to the World Youth Fund. The Hi-Y also sponsored a Thanksgiving drive which aided a number of unfortunate families and held a Christmas drive to Collect toys for underprivileged Children. The progress which the Richmond Hi-Y has made in the past few years would not have been possible without the able support and deep interest of its faculty adviser. Sergeant Tully. Next yearls club will have a goal to "shootat" in striving to equal the achievements of the 1947-I9-I8 organization. Tony Allen Bruz Boardman Gene Bowman Gene Brigham Marvin Carpenter Bud Carter .Iohn Coleman ,Iimmv Cooper Carl Darbv Herbert Elliott Jimmy Harrison Billv Evans Jimmy Havron Jimmy Evans Eddie Howell Claude Graybill Davis Kelly Billy Hagler Richard Kelly Tom Hagler Jimmy Lester Billv Niaxwell Sonnv lNIcCartv Tonimv Murphv .lack Newton lwlills Powledge Russell Rhodes Edgar Richardson I-Iarrv Sherman Tommy Sanders Roy Simpkins ,Iiminv Stewart Richard Weathers Nick Zeivos Diversified Cooperative Training Club Thr- D. C. T. Club is thi: social and rcfcrcativo organ of thi- D C. T. class at Richmond Acadcniy. Its principal f purpcw- is to hvlp its mf-inbcrs bt-Coinv bcttcr acquainted iii' nith nach othvr and to add uolor and iiitcruf-t to thc? im- f .1 actix f . . bu r a pcct. thi' D C T. Club works h md in hand with thc D. C. T. rr mmm r to d xr lop mor: nitui rllx in r tl til ll rommur . O'H.XR.'X SCOTT I OFFICERS C Q .ah Pmdem kIt'l'1'YcTlIAIf1I'.1 rg. :as 5' 5 13 . n - ,W ' , vm PI'CSldf'lli j.1fii.- Pr-if I h of-x V Secretarx' Hush Scott -A - . Cl1I'93SUl't'1' Edward Cola- i Rvportt-r Yvrnon Durham I - h B. Favultx' .-Xdviscr Mr. Louis Rf-esr' I 'iz fl. PYLE REESE ! I Lurtis .Xnthonx Landon .Xldridur Billv Bullf- Bnhbv Br-rl-L Rifhard Brlscr Thomas Bennett Oziff Brantlvx' Edward Cole .Iaincs Cook Billy DeL0aCl'1 Yvrnon Durham lohn Gibbs .lohn Cin-nr XVilliam Hall XYrston Harper Elmo Hatcher Clifford Hollinian Billv Horton ,lack Ille ,lack johnson Bobbi' L:-6 Billx' Lvwis Albwrt McGahee Thomas Blclicllar Bobbi' Mfhfichael Rohr-rt Melton Rudv Napier -Icrrv O'Hara ,Iohn Padgett Bobbv Powell Norman Price Jackie Pyle Charlcs Reid Robvrt Rhodes Hugh Scott ,larncs Smith Paul Smith COLE Wallace Tools .Iamvs Thomas Bobbx' YN'alke'r Ollit- Whrf-lrr lack Will-1 Donald Vvilliams Iames Vlilliams Lester Williams Ralph VVoodward l Freshman Literary Society The Frcwliinan LlIl'I'.i1'y Souix-ty is an oigguiizgitimi dudi- citcd to thi- purpow of tvavliing young Acxidciiiy studr-nts how to spvak. to nad. and to think. Through di-hat:-s. C uizzr-s,a1icl recitzitii-iif, the INL'l1llK'l'S of thc clulv lvxlrii to apprvcizitc the possibilities of our laiigimgv. It ix hopi-d that more Afadm-iiiy fruliiiivii will axuiil tliviiiwlw-N of thi- op- portunity ol hr-ing iiiviiihvif of thi' Fnwliiniin Lite C1Cty. ixirv So- IST SEMESTI-IR OFFICERS Prvsidc-nt. ,, , ,. , Heyward Woodward Vice Presidcnt ., , ,,.. Ed Brandon ScC1'Cta1'v.,, ,.....,.Judd jon:-s Treasurer, ,, Bcverlx' Coclirani- Reporter, , ,..,,.. Ollic McGaliw- 'IND SEMESTER OFFICERS Prcsidm-nt ,, . A . . Gvorgi- Be,-an Vice President ., Hcvward Woodward Secretary ......,... ., , ,Iudd jonw Treasurer .. .,,..,, B n'x'1, - rlv Llorlirani- Reporter. ,. Douulirv Kim MEMBERS Harold Adams Richard Ba i'1' Stl George' Bvan Edward Bovd Beverly Cochran Bunny Cohvn Bill Dve Eddie Harvlik ,ludd jones Doughtv King Bob Lamar Matt Mallard Ollie McGahee Woodbury Rinkcr He-vward Woodward Academ unior l-lifY V - t - ,-- - . , .M . ,- - ' . , ' , - 'Q .. The Academy Junior Hi-Y is an organization sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. for boys from twelve to fourteen years of age. Its purpose is to instill in the young minds of its members a reverence for God and a sense of fair play, as well as to develop their bodies. During the different seasons of the year the boys organized football, basketball, track, and baseball teams. They competed with junior Hi-Y teams from other schools in the city and usually establish impressive records. This is the first year in which a junior Hi-Y has existed at the Academy, but the inter- est shown by underclassmen promises to make it a permanent organization. OFFICERS President , .... .,..,.. . .. ..,.. -.. .... Ed Brandon Vice President. .. ,... ...Beverly Cochrane Secretary .... ...,. . .. , . ,..., ..Ollie McGahee Treasurer .. . .. .,., .Frank Reeder Adviser. . .. .. .Gordon Walters J- " --' .5 4'-. -V " ""' ' -2. ... lr w 5-I MEMBERS Earl Babbitt Hugh Betts Melvin Bloodworth Ed Brandon Beverly Cochran james Hatcher Tommy Hemrick Jack Hodges Bill Holden Matt Mallard Ollie McGahee Jimmv Moorman Thomas Phillips Frank Reeder Hevwood Woodward ii 'I , 0' 3 r -' L a JN ' Il J '52 .1 l ,. if 2 ' 7 L W ifiilljgt WALTERS 1 I ,I I I. IST S -shin Prvsidi-11t Vin' P1'1'slCl1'11l "' 3 S1'1'1'1't.11'x' 45,7 iliI'1'.lSlll'1,'l' LilLllJl.1lIl , KNOTTS EDWARDS so if 3 ass' NORVELL i Bobbv Baggott Ge-orgc Baird Ozie Brantlcy Jnirivs Carter Valdes Coop:-r Arno Corlcv Richard Edwards Bohbv Elliott Emory Farr Rodgers Fc-vse Paul Greer Russell Hair Bobby Horne Gaines Hugulcy Charles Jarrett Gene Kellfv Tommy Knotts Bill Made-n Gene Marks Frank McDaniel ,limmv Murphy Fleming Norvell ,limmv O'D:1niel Herman Ocllerich Elliott Porter LeConte Talley Howard Timmerman Milton Williamson Cadet l-lifY 4Ii111111x' O'D.111i1-l Z Ri1'l1g11'd EC.llX'.IIliN - 'l'o111111x' Knotts Flvirrinq Nurrvvll Frrxiik lW1L'Dlllll4'l .YS !ND SI-IBIIZST ER UFI7ll ICRS Pre'-sid1'11t Yin' Piwsiclviit S1-C111-1.11'x' illl'l'.lNlll'l'lA lfl1.11Jl.1i11, OELLERICH 1 1-SZ .,- , -na... M' l11111111x Klmtls f'.,,,,lg1 Xliwvr, 'llllIlllX NllllllllX 531 C VV4 T11111 lilli Il Pflll ' 11 1 1- Il11111.111 O1 ll1'111 I1 R11ss1ll ll.1Il il'l11' l'.11l1-1 lii-N i-1-11. 111' 1l11 111111131-1 1112.111- 1'.1111111s 111 l-.11l111.11111l iX1.11l1'1111. nlllll' 11 11.:s . 11111111-1i lll ll1l'1'.'ll'. IIl'1llll1s11i I'1lT.,Xl1l11-11gl11l1is ls il11' lll'l l11ll X'.ll 111 x1l111l1 1l11- 1l11l1l1.1s 111111- 1111111 ll l1.1s tf1.:1l1' M1111 Q11-.11 s11i1l1's111x1.11'Cll111- t illl .1 l1'.,1l11g 111g.1i11'11i1111. l11 li1'1'11i11g 11i1l1 1 5 1 l N ' N' H 1 I. --t lli-Y is 1111ki11g li111x1.11d tcm .111 1-v1-11 Ql'l'.1ll'l' s1'g1s1111 ncxt F Q A so Tia AMW ij N FOR gays L STUOy onoh-N'1'ATlo ' gb x s I ING yocqrfoua arm" I X L AGRIC uzs TQE NATI 0 -ruoNq'UA U'-T .xo , r , 4 " A si I , 3 R f v -T AIT' C u of N I Sw -! .ff s . 9' ' K rl i L' P' new ff' is gl IIURNE LANGLEX' CIHENEY NELSON. HATCHER OFFICERS fs. ent s, s Rithard Youngblood l t Yitf: President D rfl' ut-nt Langlev Ind Vice President , Willis Godowns S rttarw' .,.. , , Irvin Cheney surrr William Nelson Reporter ,, Elmo Hatcher Facultv Adviser s, , Mr. E. M. Horne The Future Ifaimcrs of Amt-rica is a national organization of hoys enrolled in classes of vocational agricul- ture in the high schools of our nation. There are 1I,2O0 members in Georgia. and 54 in the local chapter. Future Farmers are taught to make. save. and invest mon:-v: to xxork in cooperation with others: to take an unsfplfi-li inte-it-st in community life: to believe farming is a worthy occupation: to engage in wholesome rec- reation. The Future Farm:-rs' motto is "Learing to do. doing to learn. earning to live. living to serve." Harold Adams Otvv Anderson Carl Bagbv Gwsorze Bean llimrnv Bond Rufc Brow n Bobby Cadle .lack Chavous Irvin Cheney Ervin Clacli Aubrey Darnell Stanley Dorn Warren Eubanks lmard Gibbs Willis Goclowns jacob Goodwin Alfred Gray Douglas Hardawav .larnt-s Hardawav Yr-rnon Harrell Elmo Hatcher llosepli Hughes Charles Huffman Yandv -Iefffcoat Bobby' Jones Dr rwt-nt Langley Robert Lazenbv James Leaptrotte Billy McCormick Rav McDonald Ralph KIason Herman Blillcr james Xlitchcll XN'illiam Nelson Jack Panham 'limmie Patterson Elxxyne Rabun James Reese Theo Reid Harold Rhodes Robert Savage Z' . , Walter Seats Billy Sil-:es john Sims Klarion Smith Thomas Stanford Lamar Storey George Sweeney Richard Wallace john Xfaller Richard Weathersbee Charles IVhisnant James Hillingham Richard Youngblood kr. ,h ww ' f.. 0 5 "A,--,, 'Q K :, A. "'ifKii'M"' 'T roman cum moss A 'Ihix in 1h-- hiwt wal' that thi- 1-rite-:pri-c of a uunhinm-d high wlimwl hoyx and girls Chorus has bcen under- z lv-n. and it lim px'ox'f.-cl rf. hr- YVIY wvrth uliilmf. xIr'IHl3t'l'4 of thv gif-Lip of NlI1QCl'N are from the three schools, I luniui' Chilli-gf. ilqllllllhtll High Srliuol. and lxichniond .-Xlpiclf,-1113. Thr- Mixvd Clhorux hax rung in s6vCral Con- l in dining Ihr' paw wlifewl xvnir. and llax niadf- an uxu-llvnt Nlimviiiq, Lwlldlfl' thc xkillful leadership of th: ir din-lror. Kliw lJu1'wrl13 Hallwvit. thi- iiivliihr-IN liaxw- k'OIlfl'llWlltI'd thcir talvntx and vlfortx to makrf thii cn- cl -vor Num nw-lul. BASS Sidnf-x F0511-1' Elvxti SICDonalcl Xlaliolxn BIvNultx Gr-nv Xleficls lohn Moon- lYilliq1in Pow.-rs Eduiu' Rifhardson lofi- iliLlfl'ii'I' ,la-k Wong 'IENOR Billx Mac Bridgm Rohrrt .Icssuo Rohvrr Mvhon Milton Su-phvns .Xlonio XYhixlo:lQ FIRST SOPRANU ,5xlCl'1'i Patsv Blanchard Janet Bowdidge Man' Ruth Bridgva Ciarolxn Euhanl-L2 Linda Foswx' Nc-11 Ooldf-n Klan 1 Q01 'du in loxlv- Hhdv fy'-itildin-' H.irnf'1 N KI.irrli.i Hr-nrifvlx Evralxn AI:-Grip Nlarv Lou lon'-N B.ll'lWQi!'.i Xfatilx 5l.11'X' xl.1IIl1r'wi lulfa XlrlYr1drA Xancx' xl0!HSZOlNf'l'Y loxcr- R.zthl3'.m Marx .Xlicv Snxnfrau Pnulinr XVITII Elimhvth Younshlood SECOND SOPRANO H'-len Foitf,-1' Bfttx' Ivy-x' XIOH3 Rrfi 5IcXulrv Rav Xvvlands Bvttv Sfrews Dolorw Shapiro ALTO .-Xnfladcll Adami Shirlm' Allqood ,Xnn Barnss lvwell Br-mlm' Bvlva Lf-P Dolwns PVEEV Durham lovce Dyson Laura Gauthier lvan Graham launita Lewis lvaninf' Kfavs Svlvia XIf'lton lox-ce Patrick Dorothy Paullc Ann Saver lanf Stone Bvttv Ann '1-hrailkill P1'l'SlClf'l'1I Yin' Pix' Sv'xilv'Ii1'X' I ITJSUI 1 P1'v-Nidvnt Vice Pre Sc'Crc'tal'x' Tri-asurer N OFFICERS IST TERM vnt Bc Rox' Frierson ttv Ann Thraillfcill , , Gene Bieads , ,, Jack W'ong OFFICERS ZND TERM Be idvnt , ttx' Ann Thrailkill , ,Linda Foster Brlva Lf-Q Dobyns .. .... ,Jack Wong Triangle Club OFFICERS Illlll' I1111Im11x1- ul' tl11- lllI'l.lIlQll' Clmptu-1' ml ll11' lJll.ll.lll'x 1111111 Y President.. ,,,.. Y, . Billy Slllplllilll Vice-President W -. ,,,,,Marion Larisey Secretam' ..,. , Frank .kndvrsun Tl'C3Slll'ST,, , Faculty Adviser , , J01' Nixon B111 N. L. fi.lllONV1lN Sweetheart of the PllLll1lllX Ann cl.l1'll'l' Blll'Llt'll Frank Anderson Robert Anderson james Avery Arthur Balk Tolly Brinkley Tom Clayton i .Ns--HUJQQ 'C 2 G. .Q 3 W.: SHIPMAN jimmy Coleman Bobby Cooper Charlie Cooper Carl Durden Vernon Dye Joe Grammer C , ,YY , is to llllilllllll' liI'll'IlClNllllJ .llltl :11'lix'i1i1-N 1lIllllIlQ .llllllUl' C1-ll1f1 xtut and tu l1IlCl1'l'lL1li1' lIlllJl'UX'l'Illl'lll p1'11j1'1'ts for Nllllll'lll Vlljil x1.11 tln lll.lllQll L l11l - I m Nl11111N111'1'cl: .1 buy trip 111 tl11- lil! ll X'.lIlIl.lll l1111lb.1ll Q.lIlll', C'll.llJl'l IlI'U2l'.iIllx .mtl N1'Yl'I'.1l 111111 l11 11 Illl'lIll7l'l'S. Vlllll' X1'l1111wI k'l'.1l' will lu- lll1lt'lLlCl1'Ll Xkllll .1 lnlu 1 111 ANDERSON BVRDELL Bert Harbin Charles Hoover ,luck Kennedy Billy Lange Marion Larisy Curtis Luekev Bill Lewis Billy Nfainer Fred McDonald Mack McGahee Charles McL:1rty Carl Mertins Skippy Moody Bobby Mulligan Steve Newton Billy Shipman ,lov Tucker Pete Wnrdlaw Willard Weeks Billy Woodward X..f Zeta Rho Sigma 2111.1 Rho Sigma Sororitx' ix the oldvst Chartcrcd so- uigil ijignizzizritioii ii: KI. C, A. This ye-ar. along with many sociiil ..ctix'itif-- sinh As hiinquf-ts And hnyridcs. the so- Q. ioiity spoiisfiriwci iigain .1 foothnll gains with the Tri I .niihq ifwiwiiiy. iind won by thy NCOIT' of 6-U, Meetings X vin, hvd ixxius monthly .it honics of various nirfnihcrs. fii-xt msiz' thi- soitwitx' iN looking fo1'wai'd to innny in- 1. , ' . ii ii-ting giuiivitivs iind sociais. ROUNTREE B 65,5 'xi x X WILL! I'-Q OFFICERS President ,,,,, ,,,, lN Iary Georgia Rountree 1 Vice Prrsidcnt Snssnnf- XYiifox I-'X Srcif,-t.xi'x H.i1'Iir'I Hvins -63' , 'I'1'f'iasu1'f1 B,:i'hji11 Bbsaoid Fm ulrx' Advisffi' fr, G L. Booliorp 1 BOLTON ,l -,Li K HEINS .il-1 gg.,...- BASSFORD B MEM Ivan Andcrson Bgii'h5ii'.i Biissford xILl1'Q.tIr'I B5ix'1i.i1'd Bohhff- Bn-alle Marx Broom'- Xnn B'ii':.mix' Io ni Bvrd Klint ,Xnn Ci31d"'!'1 Lum' Ann Cooper Fitincf- Durdvn Hziriiwt Heins .Xnn Hfslcn ERS Ioan Higgins Nfarian Mciere Llonnie Xiillm' Pat Oflonnor Marv Anna Ogden Ann Reese Xian' Georgia Rountree Berrv Sacre- Man' Ellen Sain Marv Adelaide Thompson Ianicf We-athers Susanne XViIcox F , Phalanx Club, Psi Chapter CAVE MEMBERS john Anderson jim Austin Arthur Balk jack Barber Charles Brown Frank Brooker Dewey Cave Flournoy Christie James Davis Frank Hogan Van Ivev Joe Johnson John Jones Wilbur jones Lester Key Rav Kitrhen Billy Lange john Lemon Alton MeFeely Ivan Parker johnny Pope jack Pritchard Bill Sateher Gene Schroeder Rav Sims Herbert Smart Bud Soller Edgar Trapnell Willie Walker Henrv Whitehead X JOHNSON ? ' I , 2 ri is , if 'wr 'Qtr-143, B 1 MARKERT To "af OFFICERS President Di-we-x Cai-- , Viee President 'laik Piitehaicl . ' Secretary -Ion' johnson li'easui'e1' Alton Melrrelx Faeultx :Xdviser hir. A. P. hlarkert Sweetlieart of the Phalanx Billie Fell MCFEELY The Psi Chapter of Phalanx spent the year moving from one big aetivityz to another, The club sponsored a eity-wide Thanksgiving food drive, and also a Christmas food drive. One of the most popular projects the eluh has ever sponsored was the Aeadeniy-Catholic High Football Trophy, which was won by the Academy for the second successive year. Aw is always true of the Phalanx. the club held a large number of soeials. dances. and hayrides. Next year there is every reason to believe that the Psi Chapter of Phalanx will eontinue to set the pace among junior College organizations. Spani lu Club N The Spanixh Club wax reorganized after Lt lapis of few-:gil years to give added irirvxw-Nt .ind color to the junior Cnlli-ge Spduieh coum-Q. It helps its members U- hvewrlme fgmiligu' with Spqnixll and Latin Arm-rican Cuxtoma MEMBERS I:rz1::.H ,Xmmlixs KL-lvin Hin-lik Dorothv Paulk Bm?-v. Bozilinf- i Lois Huff Phil Shariro loin Lfgvvtozi Io" .Iolmson xl3TiI3 Smith If-Eur. L,oi':1fli-on Howgwd Iollri Teclila Stelling Yfiriort Dwi YYilliluu Moor-3 Sfike Usher llwlzpff Hgirxw,-lv Bill Owns ,Lmice YVE-athers IUHNX4 jf: HOYYARD Q. xr! .n ,, , -:CO N Ct 30 .N..g.-.X-. ll. unior College Literary Society OFFICERS President Bobby Ansley Viee President Susanne Wilcox Secretary jean Anderson 'lireasurer . joe johnson Faculty Adviser N111 C. M. Sutton The American publie is beeoniing inereasingly more indifferent to good literature. The purpose of the C. A. Literary Soeiety is to do everything in its power to Combat this trend. At the regular meetings of this Club, the various members hold debates, and earry on other activities designed to stimulate mental activity. lt is the sineere hope of the C. A. Literary Society that its program will help in some way to revive interest in Cultural reading. Shirlee Akers jean Anderson john Anderson Arthur Balk Barbara Bassford Nfargaret Bavnard Mushie Bolga Frances Flowers Caroline Geiger Nell Golden lNIelvin Harelik Harriet Heins Bill Herndon MEMBERS Howard jolles joe johnson Conrad McGahee Marian Meiere Connie Nliller Ed Moline Pat Ollonnor Nlarx' Anne Ogden Audrey Owens Ann Reese Phil Shapiro Susanne Wileox NSI,li'.' SL"l"l'ON 446 es 'Y' WILCIUX ANDERSON , Q 6' Ayormsox l l v 9 3 y . l 5 ee m l 1 - H 1 Phi Theta Kappa National junior College Honorary Scholastic Society nv: ' EUBANKS FIELDS MEMBERS YN' Kl.llCOlIll Eiilmnkx, ji. .lllllll N r-.l l Fields .lane P.iti'icia1 lXIar1'iott listhrl' P.1l'l'isl1 Clornelius Brooks rlllllllllllllld, Gordon ElXlll Whllte-iw Surah Stiles Sengo Mr. W. T. Neill, Beta Xi Chapter HOAQRARY :XII-LMBERS Mr. CI, G, Cordle- Mix N. L, U.illow.1v Nl1'..I,'l'.lrlnins Blat. E. WV, Hardi- M11 ,-X, P. M1ll'klN1't Mr, C. H, Mitchell Sponsor Xl1',H.O.Rv:1d Mr. pl. L. 'lhlley wry, ffm - 1 Us St S t J' - , 5 ,a,.' vi ,f 1 K .Ll i The Beta Xi Chapter of the junior College of Augusta is one of the ninety- eight Phi Theta Kappa chapters scat- tered throughout the nation. The ob- jectx of the society are to promote schol- arship, to develop character, and to cul- tivate lellowship among the students of the junior Colleges of .'Xmei'ica. The re- quiri'mi'nts for membership are an aver- age of ninety per evnt in all studies for 11111-1' xi,-xiiwteix and necessary character ri-quin-Inents. MARRIOTT THURMOND PARRISH SEAGO W' 5 WALTERS Gold "R" Society To become n1t'1nbt'rs in the Gold "R" Society boys must excel in sa'x'i-rail livlds beside Ntillllltilolllli It-iid:-rsliip, .nvlixitit s military, zxtliletics. This year the group is smaller than usual, but probably tlim-re will be ll few more :it the end ol thi- it ir ess' boys are the best all-round seniors, and their classiiiates may well be proud of them. Mr. C. G. Cordlc is the sponsor. 2.2 emu 1..- nz", ' , ,l sf- W 4 s . ' , 'WY . Q, . .f Q gi sm- 51 'X' ........ 'Wulf' T. H.-XCLER W, HAGLER KIRKLAND LESTER . as 553' rs P. ,A mx Vu- gdmigfxsl' Cl' MADEN RAINES RICHARDSON The following list contains the 12 points which qualify each boy for membership in the Cold "R" Society. THOMAS WATERMAN HAGLER, JR. Honor, Rifle Team, Commissioned Oliicer, Richmond Hi-Y, Sabre Club, Tennis Letter. WILLIAM SCHWEIGERT HAGLER High Honor, Merit Bars, Sergeant, Richmond Hi-Y, Beta Club, Tennis Letter. THOMAS RICHARD KIRKLAND High Honor, Commissioned Officer, Class President 3 years, Class Vice President, Football Letter. JAMES LUTHER LESTER Honor, Commissioned Ofhcer, Beta Club, President, Richmond Hi-Y, President, Literary Society, Sabre Club, Football Letter. WILLIAM LEROY MADEN, JR. High Honor, Commissioned Ollicer, Sabre Club, Cadet Hi-Y,Literary Society, Football Letter. WILLIAM BUTLER RAINES High Honor, Commissioned Officer, Merit Bars, Beta Club Academy Hi-Y, President, Student Council. EDGAR MORRISON RICHARDSON High Honor, Rainbow, Editor-in-Chief, Swimming Letter, Richmond Hi-Y, Beta Club, Literary Society. ll- 4, l Y l i l l I a l l ,NN I l li I l , x.c: 1 . v Arts 1. cz syfil .ff -.9414 'ls f- x , fRX,,J -ixsifi ,Q fix: UXXX if ff ff film XX 'ia 'Rl Qzisnliagxx 2 1 , N.. H fflf if . .-rx . f 'i 7' ol 6 C' xx 1 Xxx WI: - A il - libs to ' p 4 , 2-, , N, If in 3 , f i?,rgi"i 7 I, ' x ll, l .'r-'z.f 'Z ,f o f A xr 6 l 'l Ia.. l ' , , . X s , -li . my ,,t' lgdll l A' M x. :N 'l . V - 5 I .1 i I 3, 5 . . n i X Fe.. - I ' , j ' 'Q Qi f-"' 'N -1, - N E ,ffl 4 xx . , an s Ji 5. D lim-gels -nf ' 'v , ' E' ' A " V' 1? 5 - 1 , K, I. I t gi 2 1 so , 3 . R11 W' 7 - ,My ' , .lx .2 A , ,ri -- .-.- -Assad iw I A ' ., ' N .J f' wiv' , Eu' Reconstruction of prehistoric mound-builder Indian, former inhabi- tants of the Augusta Region. Drawing based on material excavated from mounds in or near Richmond County, by Wilfred T. Neill, De- partment of Biology. Objects shown include disks and implements, etc. Details of costumes are based on engravings made on copper disks by the Indians. - . " fy' f V-eq . x l- fs' ' V ,, --I. 5 xx . , 1 . . .Q , x " A , ' I R A 1 ' 3 - ,rf ,pf S i K J 555 -w.. ., X . 4 , ,N N ' 6 A Q A R 1 . ff , . i ' -.3 K :if-g.3is,. ,l 5 ai K w we 1 " 9? f K 1 1 N ' . ' is , X X ' pf, X. v QA, ri' 44 I ., . , -V M 3 Sz' Q, L N i 5 , i E., -, Q H f Q "" Q fn ,. frlxfd ..l, A ..g3.3. A 51, K .V 5,323-gy ,O 1 5 V if Zz? rd., . ,. 4 x. ' -X, , , . V55- 'x I K AX N 1 3 'I Q r V , RW Wi 'X 'A 1 'N x Q XV: MJ" - 0 J: .'fT"wk1Y'z ,' N lip .' , '-5' W W' i. 5:5 -A ax A :-Q.i,14, . . ' 4 575- , g l W I M. .J X A X' 5'-'-1, -rsf--V f x. ' -xl n94".' . A I ,fl '- . i I-1--,dyu , . , ,Vx ,. X ll ,. H , , .- , FT' . X fy. -f V.- -. ., 15 , .: . E ,, -- ff- . N. -.,gli'i,qRy..3x -RWM I V iyil xgq ' Q43 5, uk' , ' , l ' 'A V 'A ,rtbx iff 47- ,. , .1 . af- V V Yvvv ' Q 4 ' aa Ng' N Wi: X fs f, -f ' -. , Y I - mx ',, 3 A Eyrva.:-zf,.K 4,5 .haf . Nl' -' "u:- 4? 5, Vis-' 11,2 'fig xg, .K p:, ,ff , 4,"Yf, w f- " 'XYN , A ,, 1 W. ., , V, ,Y x Xxziibwl ' J- ' ' 3 ,,.f a QQ b A . , , - -mf-4, V ,,..' W5 , ,. --54 ,: -'Q' - - x - A A , -M , .. --f:-Af .- H, 4. I xi, Q- -fovefn .wg " ' ,Q . Y -agar-::'Jtf-Ml:'.w:"f.T'fFKif??w:-9' -.,.1,":fl -'f"r-:a,.:,M 1 N A:-. eh V -L-f ,. -M ff' .ff ".3y"'-,g'A ,. rr, , , A "aw J... .mr ',. .. A N- A A - -' A X WR 5 K SS 3? Av. 412-Jfx ,Aw .,vwvisT33"' -"""W dPnls4mni4...1.,,,.N . ,V-ov' vV,QQf:.r-.n..,.was:...... L'......z:u::noQ.,.li'5":" ,,,,, H-...M . -..z-.'w"""""' ----M., - 1--2 - 4 - ,...- A' ,,-'W f-x...,t,--,, -- -.4 ,...'f E W . 'Rl-iii! 'Q' i N m f ', 1 f' ,i4ff2 1.4, fifargiigiyy XX ff " ff' 11-L 19-I' fLf2"5' W w 'fb J A ,-5 ,,:,y5.T -,EX .M . 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Q ' - fig-'B , L - - , k k l b - IL, . 'I ,www N' . ,. A I V A .n . A- ,I M:.w,.,,A, D , ,gpg .Q X 1 , .-.t.:i.,.,..., 1 A 5, M . 1' Z p 'A N? 74 " N155 V V 95892: , P . 'Z 4 W Q W , I 5 V -rr-::4f--ig:"'1gg, ' 55: Q N 'I- I " J . , -1. 1 J' jf, 'Q : -xg -. ,G T757 M A fir H nu ff? " ' 1 72 ' ' A I V If Qi 'X-1' 4' V ""'- 151' iff ' 'M' fl ' 5 ' " ' A T55 1 1 f f 1 . W ' k ff Mgt: Q i ' 1, , X Ev lr -A-xixk - , I 4 1,5162 if ,, f f - Am 1 . V S , Y 3551--..f 1542631 L H- -A 0-A .- - ' 11? ""' ' .Linz i' 5-K i 45111111 I 1-..-J' " xv Q" -'lg' , w A , 'W- 'ny .. I jj -- TEZIQQMIVK W 4' " 'S 4 4 1114 r "' 4 Ai' W : L "" - Q t V M9 E ' '- Y Wx , ,xx x- The lob Of Them All MARY VIRGINIA SUTTON I finished rinsing oll' tht- thret- legs and admitted to inyfell that tht y loolu-tl one liunclrt-tl pt r tt-nt ht-tt:-ip llatln-tin them up, I boarded the elevator and prc.eeedecl clownxtairs. .-Xt the tir--t llooi I. along with tht- thi:-e lt-gy. 1-av-cl my may in and out between people and finally t-spied joe working in tht- front. I put tloun my lteavy hurclt-n .incl Nat clown on tht floor, QIIJSUIII-IIIIIICIFLIIB' picking up stray pins and pinning them to my xmork. My rt-vs-rie may torn wide opt-n by .tn t-xplo sive deelaration from Joe. "This ix not I.ula'x arm! Take it haek and lor lit-.tyt-n Nakw hui'ryI" 3 "YL-wir. ' I mumble-cl. and hack I trtidgecl. 'l'hiy was it hot clay. too hot to go .ill tht- may upxtairx and lot-.ite l.ul.t'N arm and. bt-sicles. "Bring 'I'allulah'x wig while you're at it! 'Iihix one it .t total un--t'kl" thoute-cl 'lot-, And I hacln't t-yen had lunt h yet. Loaded down with the eorrt-et .trm and a mwyly-wt wig. wax once more fighting my may through tht- tirxt llfun' frown VVhy do people have to t-xixt on such a clay? How l'd low- a coke! "VYake up and clit- right, dt-ar.' again the inaxtt-r's voice. "I nam tluww- hottlt-N tml' "I'igrt-yff .incl bring tht- yyhitf- paint too: the mantel pit-ee needs touching upf, By four-thirty Lula. 'I'abith, .md 'I'oot5it- looked the-ir lu-yr, tht- t-.trpt-t had hm-n Nm-pt. and I may QLIIIIVIIIIQ up tht Curtains and the tool box. IYith a fIitk of the hand -loe it-adjustf-Cl tht- eopy. ancl ue xtiarelit-cl out. It-.tying .tnotht-r fayhion window for the Augusta public to ogle at. The Newt And I MARY VIRGINIA SUTTON tWith No Apologies Whatsoever to Anybodyb O little nt-wt within your jar How oft I wonder how you are, Ax you lift that coy, reptilian face And smirk on uw, the human race. You look no eomfortahle Iloating there Between scientific distoyt-ry and mid air. Ik it really cozy enough inside With just you and formalclehydt-? It coulcln't bt- much wont- than hen- With class door closed. proft-vor hovering nt-ar. Yes and verily. my freedoms are few Chained to a desk while studying you. O little newt. at-I you look at me. Do you wonder terribly .it what you see. At my young. intent xt-ientiiie lace, Running this mad, vit-ntific race? Little nt-wt. you're much better of? than me. Bly task ik ll hopt-lem one. don't you see? I think I'm just about to resign And I:-aye discovery to the rest of mankind. You must be happy, so luxuriously bottled, To be picked up by students, petted and eodcllt-CI. Oh. go ahead little newt, float and grin. But do moye over. Iam coming in! r . 1-:' 'f r, '- .W-'--.-mit 'ref if n ' 'xA ' ,Mb I N., jffif -jo 'if'--QL'j"4y Q., LM.. .,1..,.,., .ur I: 131: i' . T ,Neum- -fif ts Eftliggi CI In--r M 15.22 - -inf -Q if To . I I - .I t ' I at -- -K 'XXV'-. 1 'Q :r:1f'.,,'l" .i5' ilk: I - .X f "L .. ' +.a.-,,Q-..g-2Mv-'- -- ' -V " , - im 7 5 K v L -isa. . -. - ' " IIS!-fTnif:v.,f-vw ,V Y.-Y --iv ,fi.., KY, ,,,...-,,,, H '14 Y 5 I E Il L 56 rf 1 1 a H i ' MY HOBBY BOX Opening a Ixly flolnlay Box is au adventure for candy lovers. Each clclectalmlc piure ' a new Candy ihrill. 511511 enjoy the ri 1 5lllOOt11 chocolate wilh an alxunclance of rul 49 eff H QD Xa fx! '- 'Bfyff J , MY HOBBY BOX I UNUSUAL CANDIES R THOSE WHO LovE FINE THINGS . Y-,,- 1...,-... Y- "My Favorile Florislu Souihern Consfruciion Company, Inc. I235 Reynolds Sf. Augusfa, Ga Corner of A. R. C. Avenue and Junior College Boulevard Complimenfs Phone 3-4406 - 3-4407 of JH' Harrison, Adverfising Herald Bldg. Augus+a, G Complimenfs of JOE FRASCA GOLF PROFESSIONAL A+ Augusfa Counfry Club Complimenls of DIXIE PIG DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Ill ll mi L 4 Complimenfs of INTERSTATE COFFEE CO. - UIIMPLIMENTS 0F I wen :L Qaacacje 125 FIFTH STREET PIIUNE 2-5455 '-V Y fx -2. AH-f,,, A ,lg- 1 Compliments Compliments O 1 o f WOODWARD LUIWBER CO. SKINNER AUTO SUPPLY CO. Phone 2-4611 Augusta, Ga. Compumemf' TVVIN CLEANERS o f Dry Cleaning-Pressing 702 Crawford Ave. Dial 3-3053 HARRISON'S TRANSFER CO. Augusta, Georgia Complifenf-S GII.BERT FURNITURE CO. V "Complete Household Furnishings" 6: RADIO CABS Phone 2-2021 1007 Broad sn Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Compliments of AUGUSTA CHEMICAL CO. I'I"S CLEAN - IT'S FRESH IT'S LOMBARDS WATER - GROUND ME.A1. .l. B. WHlTE'S CONGRATULATES A. R. C. AND J. C. A. GRADUATES OF '48 and invifes you fo consider a posifion wifh fhis big friendly Deparfmenf Sfore. Merchandising as a career offers many wonderful oppor- funifies, and we will be glad fo see you. PATRONIZE Augusta Ice 81 Goal Company Complimenfs of SALES 6, SERVICE C. T. PUNDGEOCSEZTQEANY, INC HENRY DARLING, INC. and 533 Broad Sfreef PAPER PRODUCTS Augusia- Ge0"9la 3 Lombard Warehouse I 1 I I Maxwell Brothers FURNITURE FRIGIDAIRES - PHILCO RADIOS DRAPERIES EXPERIENCED INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICE Phone 2-5526 933 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Compliments of S. Donald Fortson Company MILL SUPPLIES 901 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments of Electrical Equipment Co. 624 Ellis Street Phone 2-6686 G Reliable Transfer Company, Inc. Serving Directly Atlanta, Chattanooga, ll J k ll and Greenville l Off Augusta, G PERIOD HOUSE Autlaeniie Interiors Gifts The George llnalrofz Tel. S-9051 Auguxta, Ga. WIN-DO-LUXE VENETIAN BLINDS RICHMOND VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY 1775 Kissingbower Road Phone 5-8286 Augusta, Georgia THOS. H. BRITTINGHAM 84 CO. Plumbing and Heating Contractors 919 Twelfth Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of COOK'S CLEANERS 536 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Phone 2-4204 MILLER - ADAMS, Inc. OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT 805 Reynolds Street Augusta, Georgia llnbere Qmzlify. AI'tAIl1'rlt'vl' and Fair Polity Prenzil TWIGGS PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS To Eye Physicians 421 - Z5 S. F. C. Building Augusta, Ga. Compliments Developing Printing Enlarging o f N. 8g W. CAMERA EXCHANGE WARE BUICK COMPANY Cameras 1 Photo Supplies - Accessories 627 Broad Street Movie Equipment A , G ' ugum eorgm Dial 2-4057 220 Eighth sf. Phone 2-5395 Augusta, Georgia "The South's Oldest Nursery' F RUITLAND NURSERIES Waddey Office Supply, Inc. "Everything That's Beautiful" Compliments of JAC K EGBERT Class of '46 COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS T45 Ellis Street Augusta. Georgia Art Metal Steel Office Equipment "Since 1889" SMOAKS BAKERY HOMEMADE BREAD. CAKES. AND PIES Dial 3-5931 2108 Central Ave. A A ' Dial 3-2391 1907 Walton way BUILDING MATERIAL LUBIBER - MILLWORK Short Orders Fountain Drinks Dial 2-1813 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA The Varsity Drive-In Gwinnett at Druid Park Bar-B-Q Curb Service I TY . X ?!S',: S 'S Lila I I A I. 1 'V qv? Kg I -V fl. I , X. A -f Y Xi , ', f 2 kk' ' i , - -.CA JLTM- I: , - 0 3 , riii i N 1 i jwiqjiigf W4 Q if w gill 'Iii-Q JJ , 1 'I 9. -'77!fNf41.,: 1 t A ' I , , ff, .,,T.., FW " y I" I 'fl JA 15", 1 I Q- 7-1' Ili- "TES .1 it I, "eww Cwzgratlzlaliwzs and Best I?"islJes from AVISIINQS Four fine stores in four fine cities ATLANTA, AUGUSTA, COLUMBIA, MACON 'XY"ith the IVIURPHY STATIONERY CO. Compliments of SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL THE AUGUSTA PLAYERS STATIONERY XY"hose Function It Is To Pro- ,I vide Augusta XVith Fine Legi- Broad St' Dial 2-2122 timute Entertainment .... Conllblimezzts of SOUTHERN FINANCE CORPORATION "REALTORS" Loans, Real Estate, Rents and Insurance PERKINS LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL - MILLXVORK DOORS - SASH 618 Thirteenth St., Augusta, Ga. CompIimen+s of AUGUSTA HERALD An lncIependen'r Newspaper AUGUSTA OWNED - - AUGUSTA EDITED 4 N txua. B E R N A R p ' 5 complamem of DRAPERIES SLIP covERs DIXIE COAL COMPANY YARD GOODS CURTAINS QUAUTY 976 Broad S+ree+ Augus+a, Ga. COAL'-FUEL OIL Telephone 2-3069 l370 Greene S+. Dial 2-6677 COmPIIm9'WI5 Besf Wishes of of HE BE R RT M'M'C"'AE'- STANDARD BAG co. GROCERIES - MEATS Phone 3-7837 I905 WaH'on Way AUGUSTA. GEORGIA 1 1.14 - Augusta Sporting Goods Company ACADEMY and IUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETIC VVEAR GOLF, TENNIS, BASKETBALL and FOOTBALL SUPPLIES 210 - 212 EIGHTH STREET DIAL 2-6007 wgkrlwe Standard W 66.1 7 CLASS RINGS XJR For W RICHMOND ACADEMY Walkol-lluranl, M0101 lonlpany ...Y G,....,,.g Y... Write : "Y F d D 1 " our or ea er H. C. CANFIELD 1560 N. Decatur Road Atlanta, Ga. Ford Cars - Trucks - Tractors Sales and Service Broad at 14th. Street Phone 2-5371 MANUFACTURED BY HERF F -ION ES COMPANY Also-COMPLETE LINE or Diplomas - Caps and Gowns - Medals Trophies - Invitations - Cards B.6.B.L b as IC. REEVES um er upp Y 0 ELECTRIC WORKS Phone 2-2359 Augusta, Ga. WIRING MOTOR REPAIRING BUILDING MATERIALS-LUMBER REWINDING MILLWORK - DOORS - SASH Yard 5 Office, 1245 D'Antignac St., Cor. 13th St. WIRING MATERIAL LIGHTING FIXTURES Dial 2-4155 103 - 12th. St. ,, ,. M V - N .+-- W , 1 DORIS .IEWELERS Compliments of "The House of Sterling" 8 Compliments o Compliments f of AUGUSTA BOOK SHOP W, INMAN CURRY 833 Broad Street , CALL .Iohn F. Brlckle 8a Company BICYCLES-LAWN MOWERS REPAIRS Phone 2-S838 STORE AND MARKET and EQUIPMENT GRAHAM "U" DRIVE IT Compliments of . Compliments EMPIRE FURNITURE CO. of "Complete Household Furnishings" 201-03 Broad St. Dial 2-543 TOWN TAVERN Relax . 0 . haieua Coke f'1"f:mX f ff' 'ZIQQP Q -V-cd , LU I I: BOIHED UNDER Aulnoullv or1wzCocA COLA COM AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Geargiq Trugk Q CONGRATULATIONS Equipment Co., Inc. and . ., BEST WISI-IES DusIrlbuIor5 CADILLAC AUTOMOBILES and u Telfair af!-en+h+ G Phfme 24,876 I I I Pine Grove Ave. - IO06 Broad S'rreeI' ugus a, eorgla Complime-nIs OI THE BUCKEYE COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufadurers of COTTONSEED PRODUCTS Augusia, Georgia ' ,f f ,I A , - ..., A A Compliments of HULL, WILLINGHAM, TOWILL and NORMAN Attorneys-at-Law Compliments of . . Georgia Hatters Slmkllls Seed Company 219 8th, Street Dial 2-4094 987 Broad Street B. A. Gavalos, Prop. Dial 2-8157 f'8' Compliments of Southern Lubricating Co. Local Finance Company 1460 Ellis St, No. 4 Masonic Building VALVALINE CITIES SERVICE Compliments of CONSUMER'S FEED 8z SEED STORE I f' Department Z Z Store Extends Best Wishes For Continued Success! . . Belk's Is Headquarters in Augusta for the Well Dressed College Boy Or Girl! EASTERN MOTOR CO. "YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER" MARKS HEATING 3: AIR CONDITIONING CO. We specialize in the Following: HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING Both D f d C ' I HOT POINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Y dp dbl Srvice Man-D 'g 595 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia d Amr ,he War PI1 2 3645 702 T gg St Aug G g J. T. Sanders C. K. Fields Auto Electric 81 Carburetor Service WE ARE IGNITION 8: CARBURETION SPECIALISTS 2-90I6 608 Ellis Street SERVING THE SOUTH SINCE I875 Phones: 2-9917 Augusta, Georgia I05I Broad Street - i 1 Comznfnems Complimen'I's OI' H- Shmerline, Jeweler Mulherin Lumber Co. 9I0 Broad S+. Besf Wishes The Augusta Chronicle THE SOUTI-VS OLDEST NEWSPAPER Esfablished I785 F4 X '-x1s'I'S.:,, ab' Complimenfs of Complimenis of MANGET BROTHERS The Mofor Supply Company COTTON Inc. Augus+a, Georgia C0mPIimen+S Complime-nfs of of Souiheasiern Fur Company G"e9o"Y'5 Barber SMP ZI3 - 8141 Sfreef EACE RRICII CIIIIIIIIIIII RRICII STRUCTURAL TILE MERRY RRCS. RRICII Ez TILE CII. Masonic Bldg. Augusta, Georgia HUNDRED AND SEVEN YEARS ClauSSenS umm my If x.! , , - H. , , . - 0F BAKING fxcfufucf 4 21 , E I K EE E 9 ' 9 J! . 2. , , COIIIPIEIIIEINS of Knights Pharmacy . R U B E N ' S -I. T. Matheny, Proprxetor 916-18 BROAD ST. Complete Outfitter for the Compliments of Entire Family I-Iarley's Grocery AIlgIl5fd'5 Only Home Owned 2102 Central Ave- Department Store 5-4419 3-4410 I I ' 4 1 w Si V 1 3 P 5 I' I U w 7 8 l GEORGIA SPORTING GOODS, INC. 319-34 SEVENTH ST. CEQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTSD AUGUSTA'S ONLY DEALER IN RAWLING and WILSON EQUIPMENT Dial 2-1961 ' TAKE A TIP FROM THE CHEF SX- USE - , K X-A l fs- f--fr Zu I.. xxfi-1 9 x.l 1 --, N FAMOUS GEORGIA HASH and BRUNSIVICK STEW FOR DELICIOUS MEALS - - AND SO EASY TO PREPARE Castleberry's Food Co. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Georgia-Carolina Motors 610 Broad St. Phone 2-1949 NEW AND IISED CARS Uptown Motor Sales 1424-28 Broad St. Phones: 2-1515 2-5105 HEADQUARTERS FOR NEW TRUCKS 8: CARS Owner L. J. Wood ward Augusta Mill Supply Co. Industrial Supplies BELTING - PIPE - STEEL - TOOLS VALVES - ETC. 636 11th St. Phones 2-4657 - S AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of HARDY'S CLEANERS "The Bright Spot in Clezmin " 1803 Walton Way C0mpl?nents ' Specialty Shop' s at s FINANCE co. DIAL 2-5937 827 Greene Street, Augusta, Ga. 648 BROAD ST' The George wan-on Complimenis of Dining Room T. E. NCRVELI. CC. The George XValton Apartments FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS STEAKS - CHICKEN - SEAFOOD A G Q Regular Meals ugustal eorgla i Fi? Herman Oellerlch C""'Pjj,"'e"ff PLUMBING - HEATING INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS Dial 3-7077 Compliments HARPER BROTHERS of PICTURE FRAMES HAGLER 1-RUgK gg. Aff Material and pictures 426 Eighth Street Dial 2-6907 Your Station of the Stars I ' IQ UM I AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 5000 Watts 1480 Kc:-CBS Ha'I'ch ReeIH'y Company Benfley Broihers REALTORS FURNITURE HOMES - LOTS COMPLETE I-IOME FURNISHINGS INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Th S y F. d, S . INSURANCE e Tore O men Iy e-rvIc:e Broad af I l'rl'I S+. Phone 2-5309 I3S EIQIIIII S+. 2-2I72 COmplimenTS Complimenfs OIC R. E. Blanchard and R. H. Madebach J. C. PENNEY CO. Kings Way Pharmacy. Inc 840 Broad S+ree1' 2l I3 Kings Way Augusfa, Georgia SIDNEY SMITH PAPER CO. 562 Reynolds Slreel Dial 2-6360 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Dislribulors for E-Z Opener Bag Co. Slark Empire Laundry - I "BRIGHAM'S" SANI'lI0NE "M" COMPLETE Eoon STORE CASH AND CARRY SERVICE DELIVERY SERVICE- PHONE 3-36Il '732 Broad 5'f'ee+ CompIimenIs of DRINK H 8: S CLEANERS I282 Broad Sl. Phone 2-8643 COLA Blanche CoH'on Mills BEST BY TASTE TEST Inc- AUGUSTA, GEORGIA fill Comhlimenis of GEORGIA-PACIFIC PLYWOOD 6' LUMBER CO. Leaders in World-wide Distribution of Lumber AUGUSTA GEORGIA FVEL OIL LURRICATING OILS DESOTU ' PLYMOUTH LIIRRICATING GREASES AUTHORIZED SANITARY SUPPLIES SALES - SERVICE CHEMICALS Garrison-Roberts Motors, Inc. Phgemx 011 Company 125 5th SI. Phone 2-5321 111-115 sth. Sf. Phone 4-1424 AUGUST A G A IN Qs O BB?-vu iii-I S11-N P340 9 A we STANDARD PAPER COMPANY ELLIOTT SONS' WHOLESALE 628 Sevenih S+. Phone 2-44I5 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Complimen'rs .IERNIGAN HARDWARE CO. Of RETAIL : WHOLESALE ROY V. HARRIS I033 Broad S+. 922 Walker S+. E" Complimenfs of C0mFjT'en+S GEO. C. BAIRD 8. CO. A1110 5UppLY CQ, Auguskal Georgia STORE-606 Broad S+. Phone 2-7223 SHOP-2I4- I8 6+h. S+. Phone 2-72I0 w. 1. GRANT co. C"""j,'if"en+S KNOWN FOR VALUES WILLIAMS BARBER SHOP 930 Broad S'rree+ 202 Ninfh Sireei' Augusfa, Ga. . ,,-i WGAC The Favorife S'ra'rion of A.R.C. and Jr. College S+ucIenI's Now and all 'rhru fhe years 'ro come W. E. Raines Co., Inc. BUILDING SPECIALTIES . . . HOME EQUIPMENT 8 I 3 Reynolds S+. Phones 2-2 I 76- 2-O I 6I AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Complimenls of HOUSTON ICE 81 COAL CC. I3+h. and D'An'rIgnac Sis. BEST GRADES - COAL and COKE BLOCKED and CRUSHED ICE Prom pl Delivery V I N C. Home of Ihe "Thing" SOUTH'S FINEST DRIVE-IN REST Greene aI' Easl' Boundary RED LION GRILL AugusI'a's Finesf Dinner Resfaurani' 'I934 Walion Way HUGH and ARTHUR GREENE S N O W ' S LAUNDRY 5. DRY CLEANING Augusta, Ga. Best wishes for the Success of Each and Every Member of the Class of '48 SPORTING GOODS Photographic Supplies BOWEN BROS. 905 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. W. F. BENTLEY 6: SON FINEFURNITURE 901 Broad St. Dial 2-8508 M ...J wirvl. DIAL 2-5588 DIXIE CAB SERVICE Two-Way Radio Equipped HPOSITIVELY WHITE ONLY" 553 Ellis St. Augusta, Ga. McKIE'S GARAGE USED CARS 6. TRUCKS Radiators Recored and Rebuilt 518 - 13th. St. Dial 2-2425 Augusta. Ga. AA For 1'he Treai' of Your Life Enioy . . AND LABORATOYY CONTRO L o REAL ESTATE SALES - LOANS - INSURANCE F P OPE TY N GE ENT ' ' R R MA A M Transfer 81 Sforage Co. Over 28 Years' Experience Local nd L Di? n+ M vin BLANCHARD 8-CALHOUN 0 9 A COMPLETE MOVING SERVICE Augusfa, Ga. Dial 2-662l l268 Druid Park Ave. Phone 3-22lI KAISER FRAZER I McDonald 81 Weafhersbee Mo'I'ors, Inc. - I K I uc: L ' I I - 5+I1. Sfreei' Augusfa, Ga. 930 SCOTT'S MEAT Lynwood Scott, Prop. Featuring MARKET NATIVE AND WESTERN MEATS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES POULTRY AND SEAFOOD 313 8th. St. GROCERIES PHONES 2-6496 - 2-6497 BI P p Rock Wool Insulation BUILT UP ROOFING IIIIIIEIIN IIIIIIFINII 82 METAL WIIIIKS FOR A QUICK SNACK STOP AT DAVISON'S DRIVE-IN Corner of Hicks and ISII1. The Best in Roofing and Sheet Metal Work Walker Street Phone 2-6462 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA MR. .IOE'S LOAN OFFICE Headquarters for SPORTING GOODS AND FISHING TACKLE I I24 - 26 Broad Street , ,, 4-. g.4 Compliments of League, Duvall Sz Powell William J. Kelly, Exec. Vice-President F. H. A. LOANS REAL ESTATE and GENERAL INSURANCE AUGUSTA. GEORGIA AUGUSTA WHOLESALE FURNITURE Co. S15 Ellis Street FURNITURE l APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERINGS Open Show Room for DEALERS Bassford Motor Company S44 Reynolds Street Phone 2-8921 BE SMART-RIDE A CUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTER TO SCHOOL D. M. THOMAS REFRIGERATION SALES - SERVICE Commercial 81 Home Appliances Distributors: All Kinds Mercury Canoes. Boats and 1271-73 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. Outboard Motors Cruisers Augusta Roofing and Metal Works lno. ROOFING INSULATION AND SHEET Metal Work of Every Description "It Costs No More to Get the Best" 623 Reynolds Street Phones 2-2318 - 2-4793 Compliments General Tire 8 Supply Co 1163 Broad Street, Augusta. Georgia TEXACO PRODUCTS GENERAL TIRES PREST-O-LITE BATTERIES DreW's Food Store "Extra Quality Food" MEATS, POULTRY, SEA FOODS. PRODUCE AND GROCERIES 1533 Walton Way - Phone 2-7766 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Lombard Branson lixclusivc Mens XYCIII' AUGUSTA, GEORGIA SMOKE - Compliments HAV-A-TAMPA Of ' CIGARS Richmond Supply Co. John J. Miller Co. MILL SUPPLY Distributor 652 7th, Street subunits 8. Hsu Food sim-e College Pharmacy DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS Groceries, Fresh Meats, and Vegetables Telephone 3-5687 1801 Walton Way Dial 2-8494 848 -9th, St. Augusta, Georgia Compliments The Place to Buy or Sell of Red B rd Molor Co A. J. EOGEL Y ' B P 1472 Broad Street THE FURNITURE MARKET Augusta, Geofgia 1019 Broad Street Business 2-9508 Residence 5-6929 Comprfents BICYCLES - MOTORBIKES MOTORCYCLES L. A. Russell Piano Co.. Inc. R. L. Sumerau 81 Son 1248 Broad St. Dial 2-5301 Broad at 7th, The Augusta Clearing House Association A . DIEBIBERS CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL- BANK GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK at TRUST CO. UPTOWN BRANCH GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK ef TRUST CO THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK OF AUGUSTA V AA B AM FDIC fortraild fy BBE ULT Na4re ,fading Jtemorief, BREAULT'S STUDIO 916 Greene Street Augusta, Ga. "ill JEXVELERS SUMERAU'S GIFTS -- NOVELTIES - CHINA GLASSWARE Phone 3-4495 846 BROAD STREET 1800 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. GREAR'S, INC. RICHMOND HOTEL FURNITURE BARBER SHOP 120406 Broad Street Lobby of Richmond Hotel Augusta Paper Co. SCHOOL SUPPLIES CORRUGATED 82 FOLDING BOXES AND SPECIALTIES 6th. and Reynolds Phone 2-2696-7 C. H. Cohen A. Cohen INSURANCE . FUUFN DNAN COH5N Star franc! Slzoea -una i nnorscnuu U Dial .,- 4.,1., Hman ruufx H -I H 1.24 Sth Street Phones 2-.1317 - 2-0.175 Boots For The Entire Family IF IT IS GOOD INSURANCE . . . WE SELL IT 1036 Broad Street Augusta, Geor BOTTLING COMPANY OF AUGUSTA PHONE 2-4252 UIY-TUHP CUP CORP. PAPER DRINKING CUPS AND FOOD CONTAINERS I55O Wrigh+sboro Road Phone 3-22I4 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 5:':"f"E fl 0? CHARLES FULCHER KING I'IARRY'S MUSIC SERVICE AND HIS QRCHESTRA Phone 2-6I77 Rye' V156 Dian: SFCC Reynolds Sfreef S'I'l'ee'I' PI'I0ne wILENsKY's BARGAIN House FRANK CHR'ST'AN QAM.- .-.M .F :F A Nun' The I.IH'Ie Man Wifh 'Ihe Stes ew :tesscfes Big Camera I047 Broad S+. Phone 2-9986 CompIimenIs of AUGUSTA IIMIISEMENTS 00. MELLEIR THEATER She Soullzii ,Hoy rffeauliful and Juoflern Olzealer IMPERIAL - MODJESKA - RIALTO THEATERS Fair-Jopling-Andrews Appliance Co. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL Complimenfs of MORGAN TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales Sefvice FARMALL TRAcToRs 303-91'I1 S'freeI 5I9-I3+I1 SI'reeI 17 , 1- Phone 2-9854 Phone 2-6997 IOI 'rlfu Sireei' A.1gus a, Ga Custom ji, SIN CE 1 9 1 6 Ready-to-Wear and, l ' - slacks Hand Tanlormg Sports Shirts Imported Neckwear and . Sport Coats Domestic tag , Z Suits Fabrics 305 9 h S Phone 2-2820 Augusto G g BUILDING MATERIAL S25 FIFTEEITII ST SUPPLIES ufnnnm IQTILII wnnus ru. Compliments of WH.LIS IRVIN, ARCHITECT HELEN STUART IRVIN, Associate Architect 722 Greene St. Augusta, Geor .ad VISIT Compliments of THE TERRACE ROOM SHERATON-BON AIR HOTEL AUGUSTA DAIRIES Piney' Grade A Pasteurized Milk Taste-Rite Ice Cream DeLUXE CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Pressing Alterations 315 Eighth St. Dial 2-4325 Augusta. Geor 'a gl v COMPLIMENTS AUTHORIZED LINCOLN MERCURY SALES SERVICE GENUINE PARTS Southern Motors, Inc. 119 Ninth St. Augusta, Ga, Phone 2-0433 PHILLIPI 81 WILLI IIN FURNITIIIE 0. 971 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. FIFTH AVENUE SHOPPE RITZ COFFEE SHOPPE THE LATEST FIRST MILLINERY FRIED CHICKEN Iggsiglfwi Phone 2-9252 BAGS Under New Management 829 Broad St. Augusta' Ga. Corner Sth and Ellis St. Dial 9-5114 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA COMMERCIAL REF RIGERATION AUTOMATIC OIL. COAL and GAS HEATING SYSTEMS AIR - CONDITIONING Ricllmond Appliance Co. I I I I I I I I I 1278 Broad St. Phone 2-3910 BOARDMAN MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER 'th ze Rernolds - 2-9966 II I I , I Ia I I I I II I I THE BosToN HATTERS I I I I I Compliments of I SATC HER C OMPLYY Complete Line BUILDING MATERIAL SUPPLIES BL 1 h Street Phon 6 6 AL GI TA GEORGIA Complimenfs of The Georgia - Carolina Brick 8. Tile Ce. Esfablished I902 MANUFACTU RERS Planis ai' Augusfa, Ga. - Norlh Augusfa, S. C. Office I0 Campbell Building AUGUSTA, GA. Leirlering Repairs Borders S'l'rip Lighting The Jones Furni+ure Co. S'GNS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS C I T Y N E 0 N C O . Esiablislried 1896 IOIO BROAD STREET AUGUSTA' GEORGIA ' Commercial Sign Pain+ing Dial 2-0698 4l2-8+h. S+. Augusia, Ga. Milne Andrews Feedright Milling Company Loclc Drawer 740 For The Discriminaiaing Buyer l-lighest Quality N ' ' Q 'mme Q o "X-02' W wblllln Z me L53 'fir woman NUMB WIDE i A-,lg l QQR1-D WIDE XWTRY MAS J 99 V HQ- , aurvzae wean ly ,lf -A an un 'S Lara V 9 -' week G RA110 04IRv RATii-WS 'wwuiwnzuv' F -u.uuuu.": V F -...WAHM-lo., fffui.m....iew 'f'ie'sr1,':f:L1'i'i 'f'1':'e:':,'1Pee"'l 4Ucus1A,t.A v Feeders 84 Growers Exchange, Inc. FEEDS-SEEDS-BABY ci-licks 209-2I9 - I Hh Sireei Augusia, Georgia Augusta Iron Works, Inc. Foundry - Machine Shop - Structural Shop Lombard Building 636 - llth. Street Augusta. Georgia Compliments of Lewis Youngblood Service Station SINCLAIR STATION Corner 15th. and Broad Manufacturer of Fabricators Compliments of Augusta Flyer Sawmill Machinery . Castings Lems Barber Shop Compliments o f Davison's Auto Serwice 125 'th. Street Augusta. Georgia Murphey-Weatherford Plumbing 8 Heating Co. -112 Ninth St. Phone 2-8556 Augusta. Georgia Compliments o f Riverside Mill DI IUHN YV. IlNl'l"l'IN4iIlAM DH. J. H. I2l"l'l,I'1l! DI l'Il'GlCXlC M.Vl"l'lIl'IXYS CIIXVI FS 'I' ll KI I Il ll S DI . l'I'I'l'lCl! S. MILES V. Bl. 'l'ICXlI'I,l'1'l'UX UUC"l'0H IFIIIICND DUf"I'UR FIUICXII DOCTOR FIXIIGNID DOCTOR FRIEND Compliments of HII.L'S IEWEI. BOX FRESH MEMS POULTRY - SEAFOODS I- Q- V-" GROCERIES-VEGETABLES 952 Broad si. Dial 2-4744 207 Ellis sz. Phone 2-3240 . C lirnent McE1murray Furnliure Company ompof S FURNITURE THAT ENDUB-ES CIGARS MAGAZINES 923 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia SODAS -QNX ' iz 4 f f L Compliments of SMITH BROTHERS, AGENTS 315 Ninth St. Augusta, Ga. Phone 2-4243 Hotel and Restaurant Equipment. Hobart Food Preparing Machines. Dayton Scales. Biro Electrical Meat Saws. Commercial Friendly Service Refrigerators' Complixnents IOE'S TAXI of Partridge Inn Beauty Shop Kathryn R. Sanders, Mgr. CATER To E ONLY Telephone 3-6302 HORNE and TRULUCK FINE CANDIES and PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES 2I2O CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 3-7772 B Y R D ' S FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING REPAIRING - REFINISHING 06 eq. RUG CLEANING-DEMOTHING NT SIZING AND STORAGE ZI6 - I2+h. S+ree+ Phone 2-O59I Awnings Made +o Order 29 Years in Augusta Augusfa, Georgia Bohler Ave. Phone 3-4283 FOR BEST RESULTS - - - CALL HULSE HULSE LAUNDRY, IN . "JUST A GOOD ONE" 3-445I PHONES 2-2460 LAUNDERERS CLEANERS fest clfffislzea Catholic Community Center YUUTH IIIVISIUN "Seen you at ffze "CH Compliment of T. J. Carsi'-arphen Co Whofesale-MELBA and JOHN RUSKIN CIGARS 743 G Sfre + AUGUSTAGA Complimenfs l40I M S A of S. H. Kress and Company 5c- IOC-25c S+ore 83 B d S+ Augu s+ A. ROY KROUSE JEWELER EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Located Augusta Sporting Goods Company 210 Sth Street Phone 2-344-1 Augusta, Ga. DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING PHOTO SHOP BLUE-PRINTS PHOTO-STATS 129 Seventh St., Augusta. Georgia FAMILY LAUNDRY ODORLESS DRY CLEANING S HOUR SERVICE ON ACADEMY UNIFORMS Phone 2-4687 1617 Broad St. E. J. MCMAHON Sz CO. Plumbing' and Heating Contractors INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS Call Us For Estimates-No Obligation 855 Walker Street Phone 2-9912 AUGUSTA. GEORGIA C OMPLIMEN TS BOYS' CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL UJMVI.lKlliN'1'S AXXIJ BEST XYISHES Q F BUARIJ UF CUMMISSIU ERS UF RIIAITS A Il REVE UES ' RIEHMU Il Illlll TY IXXYIIJ lf. 1fIi.XNIiI.IN QTAXKIICS I'. XXXXLKER IQl'l1HI,I'II l'. MAY11 FRANK ll. PIICRCIC,CO..XTT1,JRNEY T LAXRI. T. SXXIJIZRS CILXS. S. I1OTIT,IiR, -TR., CLERK Wea Tv.. I W' A " ' -Y -5 T. .T wxsffuf-:?,,l,Qih b ' E' "jf X v Complimenfs me 6+ The SiIver's Music Dep-arfmeni' Rec,-eaq-ion gem-er 906 Broad S+. AUQUSTB- Geofqia "Fines1' in The Sou+h" La'res'r Recordings By Top Ar+is'rs Charlie Naomi' Owner Sheei' Music-Accessories 708 Broad S+ Augusta W, Eb MQRRIS You WILL FIND WHAT You NEED AND SAVE MONEY AT THE FIRE EQUWMENT COMPANY Augusfa Au'l'o Audion Monumenf af Greene Dial 2-2630 E. W. Farlow, Owner AUGUSTA, GA. Sand Bar Ferry Road CUMMEIRCIAL PIIINTING llllllllm' Njtalzufacfurera of Juoalern PI'l.Ilfl.IlgU ' I 2 64l6 747 ELLIS STREET A + G SHERMAN AND HEMSTREET CENTRAL CLEANER INC' 608 Broad S+. Augusfa, Georgia REALTORS AUQUSW- Geofgia SUB STATION 1 PARTRIDGE INN "Where good cleaning is noi expensive i Complimen+s of l WYKE C. IVEY, JR. MOTH PROOFING l w, C, IVEY COAL COMPANY I0-Year wfmen eumn+ee 39 Years of Serving Augusla "Good Coal at All Times" IOO9 Roberis S+. Dial 2-82l8 Augusia, Ga. Waterproofing - Flameproofing 5 lu, ii Efheridge Paini' Complimenis of 8 "We Specialize in Repairing 8: Painling ll Wreclced Auiomobilesn ll Satisfied Customers ls Our Guarantee l , , Phone 2-3443 814 Reynolds Street Augusta, Georgia il Highest Prices Paid For J 4 Burned and Wrecked Cars. Eas+ Boundary Schullz Hill Phone 2-6848 Phone 5-647l ll Vi CLASS OF 1948 W'e Offer You Our Heartiest Congratulations Your life has just begun. Many of you will seek higher educa- tional advantages, while others of you will begin your life work imme- diately. Yet, no matter where you are, or what type of work you are engaged in, all of you are sure to have a home some day. Therefore, whether home to you will mean an apartment for two, or simply "a room with view," we urge you to start the practice early in life, shop- ping and saving on all personal and home needs at SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: CO.. "Your family Store in Augusta." tv-1-S-i'?SkE-.-. . sit--1-1-sh-1+ -:Sw 1-:-.-.-.1sw-:q.-4-:- - 1- vi ' E75lf5k, i'4.?ijf x? BRCAD STREET X Nkw' AUGUSTA, GEORGIA BECKUM sf JONES Watches Silverware Diamonds Sales and Service M. A. Beckum W. C. jones Phone 2-6707 Compliments of lcd 1 T ill 6 ll ll tgfug tv-IY .il,ll will x Ii ., vy. . ' 41' Cl I K F. E. FERRIS 81 CQMPANX' Bunk A BITE 8,10 EAT H - 'V " Cloiber of the Betfer Kind for Men .md Fasbiour for Trlllllbu g l lj 24 ,U 2 HICIxEY FREEMAN 19, 4 ARROW 752 Broad St. Augusta, Georgia The Te-gt Pmmn Thllgeglaglglire Wlnolesale Commercial Re+ail U C The AIl'pOl"l' GFIII 639 Twiggs S+. Augma, Ga. Pl-none 2,6457 DANIEL FIELD I-I. T. Bzziijc Greg' W, C. Bill, We'o'n DINING DANCING W' R Debian- J: Cornplirnenis of Cornplimenfs SIG COX of REFRIGERAUNG - AIR CONDITIONING John D- CUHIS -565 Bxei St. Pixie 2-3556 Augusla, Georgia Ya E ff ,i l STAR MUSIC CC. - Agency - l Gi':s:: ai 1-zen: Giza , 2, Sligerlai Dixie Olis. C:e.L ani Dekrzer Bai'.:T:e:.: . ACTI.Q'.EfE 1.116 9: ---3513 Axesszries '7 Q Sz: :tra-et P:::e 2 R 1 Abe Schneider, Manager Augusla, Georgia CITINA Pl-lone 2-7725 Invisible Half Soles 0 HR N Fox Shoe Repair LU R5E,l?liHl'llER All WGA, G-.urn-A S31 Bxei Street Pbcze 2-T-1-17 Calei f:-1' ani Deliveref. 2l5 7'll-1 S+:-eel Augusfa, Ga. - -.-1-'...f fl 1 'Y U55 J , . ,7 i, ff: AUITVUGRMPWHIS I I ..f1-- ' Q 5 U Q2 A F HI S it fl 4 ,J 5 in H F el Q: A Y k n ? lv 1 P 1 V .,..1,,v vu I I V I X P , W N 1, V l , , , X H, . L , , 1 K v,f.41i:4'., . Qian f. -, ,, ,tl- 1 P - Q 1 Q A . T. Fx .V ..! 'i x 1. .V 1 f 4. 4-4 K. , 'ff 1, I:

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