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 “The 1941 Rainbow”THE STUD [JIT BODIES RICHHlOflD flCRDEmM HUD AUGUSTR JUniOR COLLEGE R U G U S T A GEORGIH P R E S E n T[ I I E i 1 E D IT HAS BEEN THE DESIRE OF YOUR 1941 RAINBOW STAFF TO PRESERVE IN ALL ITS GLOWING COLOR YOUR 1941 SCHOOL YEAR; SO IN THESE PAGES MAY YOU FIND BOTH IN THE PRESENT AND IN THE FUTURE ALL THE TAN- GIBLE MATERIAL TO REVERT YOU TO INTANGIBLE MEMORIES.D [ D I C II r I 0 II Because of our deep and abiding love and respect for one who was a great teacher, wise counsellor, constant friend, and the exemplar of the noblest virtues, this yearbook is dedicated to the memory of MARION TURNER BRYSON who for twenty-three years gave unsel- fishly of time and talent in the service of the students of these schools.c o ii i [ n i s Administration Classes Military Athletics Features Activities Snaps AdsPresident Eric W. Hardy, A. B., M. A. Mrs. Mary Zickgraf. Secretary to Mr. Markert; Miss Elizabeth Ecc. Secretary to Mr. Hardy; and Miss Elenora Mertins. Registrar—a congenial and co-operative trio, indeed! The PRESIDENT Most informal! Dear Fellow-students: I greet you this year as I have never had to greet you before, because we all stand within the darkest shadows that have hung over the world in your generation. Still I do not greet you with less optimism than your predecessors, nor with less faith and ideal- ism. The world is asking the schools, and that means you. what we are going to do to help save it. IIow shall I answer for you except to say that the same kind of men and women, who have saved the world in other dark ages, will save it now. That is the kind I would have you become. But remember that these heroic souls were those who first saved them- selves—saved themselves from cowardice, from falsehood, from disloyalty, from selfish- ness. They only who have displaced these sins with their opposite virtues, can be true to a great cause and do a noble part in the salvation of the world. This is your world. 1 challenge you—forth to the conquest! Eric W. Hardy.and the DEAN... Dean A. P. Markert, B. S., M. A. It is again my privilege and pleasure to bring to you a message. At this time in the history of the world it is not enough to wish you merely happiness and success in the days to come, sin- cere as my wish may he. It is evident to each of Us that in these trying times we must all have an inner courage, a spirit of fortitude that will enable us to carry on in the face of as yet un- realized dangers and hardships. Xo man can in himself alone, find comfort and support, inner peace and happiness. He must come to know God. find his support and courage in God’s great love. Only by seeking God can we find Him. and it is my sincere de- sire that you may come to know inti- mately Our Heavenly Father, and Christ, his only son, and that through faith in Him you may find that courage and fortitude which will enable you to face the future with hope and confi- dence and good cheer. A. P. Markert, Dean. Dean Markert seems to be enjoying the annual Faculty Banquet. Mr. Henry Read and his sister, Mrs. Emily Walters, are with the Dean. 12fli n bo u) VThe BOARD Thomas J. Fender, president of the Board of Edu- cation. represents the Woodlawn and Lawton B. Evans Schools. He is a member of the Jaycees and a lieutenant in the Reserve Officers Association. He serves as Chief Assistant Inspector of the Water Works for the city. His fraternal orders include Webb’s Lodge, Scottish Rite Masons. Alee Shrine, and the Elks Club. He lists hunting as his hobby. T. M. Xickles, Vice-President Supt. S. D. Copeland. Sec’v of Board 1'. M. Xickles. vice-president of the Board, represents the Blythe High School. The Defense Corps lists him as a first lieutenant, the Boy Scouts rate him as Commissioner, and he is President of the Rich- mond County Political Club. His fraternal orders include Masons, Shriners, Elks, and American Legion. S. D. Copeland, Superintendent of the Richmond County Schools, holds the office of Secretary to the Board. He holds membership in Phi Delta Kappa. Kappa Delta Pi. the Xinety-six Club, and the Kiwanis Club. He serves on the Advisory Committee of the World Federation of Education and is Supervisor of Action in the southeastern states, lie is listed on the Board of Directors of the Richmond County Tu- berculosis Association, and in the Georgia-CarolinaCouncil of the Boy Scouts of America. ile iQ4i d2mnbou) VOF EDUCATION Isaac S. Peebles, Jr., Attorney J. G. McDonald, Business Mgr. Miss Caroline Brown. Bookkeeper ii i aa i'u' tx eS’ at.torney Richmond County, serves as the legal representative of the Board, r-iuxj s’r asons Shrmers as 1,s Eternal orders, while he is a member of the local Executives’ Llul). He is a former state senator, and at one time declined an appoinment to be Judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia. b 1 J. G. McDonald, business manager for the Board. lists his name on the rosters of the Optimist Club as well as being a Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America. He also bears the title of Assis- tant Superintendent of Schools. Miss Caroline Brown, book-keeper for the Board, serves as corresponding secretary for the Business and Professional Women’s Club and as recording secretary and treasurer for the club for the Hard of Hearing. She is active in the work of her church,First Presbyterian.tMembers OF THE BOARD Robert J. Beattie, representative of the Fifth Ward, lists himself as contractor and builder in the city. He is a member of the Masons’ Webb Lodge No. 160. He represents John Milledge and Martha Lester schools. Y. R. Brigham, representing the Monte Sano and William Robinson schools, lists himself as be- longing to the Kiwanis Club. Mr. Brigham is president of the Standard Loan and Investment Company. L C. Broome represents the Me Bean school and lists his occupation as farming, while his hobby, fishing, runs it a close second. W. F. Burton, representing John Milledge and Martha Lester schools, lists himself as being in reta'l business. Mr. Burton is a member of the General Welfare Committee, as well as being chairman of the Industrial Vocational, and Agricultural Committee. Mrs. W. K. Klliott. representative from the Houghton school, serves as chairman of the General Welfare Committee. She is chaplain erf the Board and a member of the Principals Committee. Mrs. H. T. Farris, serving her first term as Bo rd member, represents the Woodlawn and Lawton B. Evans schools. She has been listed on her P.-T.A. roster for twenty-five years, and is a former officer. lames J. Harbin, representative of the Joseph Lamar school, lists himself as a member of the Exchange Club and Direct ;r of the Merchants’ Association. He is an Elk and a Scottish Rite Mason, as well as District Representative of Georgia Florist Telegraph Delivery. He is chairman of the Finance Committee. L. E. Harris Bay vale school representative, lists himself as a member of the Elks Club, as well as the American Legion He, is Chairman of the Build nj Committee. Robt. J. Beattie W. R. Brigham J. C. Broome W. F. Burton Mrs. W. K. Elliott Mrs. H. T. Farris James J. Harbin L E. Harrise 1941 1?AI II BO U) E. H. Hutcheson Mr. Hutcheson, trustee for the second ward, is chairman of the Principals Committee. In business life, he is Superintendent of West View Cemetery. F. M. Kelley Mr. Kelley, representing Sue Reynolds and Perrin schools, has been a member of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen long enough to receive his 22- year service badge. He is switchman for the C. and W. C. Railroad. Mrs. Ben Lester Mrs. Lester counts, in her civic life, a place on the Board for the Widows 1 iome and the Tuttle-Newton Home Board. She active in Y.W.C.A. work. Mrs. I tester represents the Houghton school, as well as the high schools in her position as chairman of the High School-Junior College committee. Mrs. J. F. Mulligan Mrs. Mulligan, trustee for the Davidson school, is a former member of the Parent-Teachers’ Associa- tion of that school. She is a member of the High School and Junior College committee. H . L. Murphey Mr. Murphey, representing the Hephzibah High school, serves on the High School-Junior College Committee and the Transportation Committee. Bert Reed Mr. Reed, representative of the John Davidson and Emma Stouughton schools, lists himself as member of the Social Lodge and Knights Templar. He is in an independent real estate and nursery business. Webster Robinson Mr. Robinson, trustee for the Joseph Lamar school, is a member of the Masonic Shrine. He is in the retail furniture business, and is a member of the Finance Committee. Claude Sconyers Mr. Sconyers, representative from the Blythe dis- trict, is on the roster of the Athletic, Building, and Principals committees. Mrs. J. W. Walker Mrs. Walker, second ward representative, lists her name on the General Welfare and Legislative committees. W. A. Watkins Mr. Watkins, trustee from the Gracewood school, lists his name on the Transportation Committee. William P. Congdon Mr. Congdon. local attorney, represents the Monte Sano and William Robinson schools, and is chairman of the Legislative committee. James T. Plunkett Mr. Plunkett, representative from the James L. Fleming school, lists himself as an Elk and a Mason. He serves as Deputy Sheriff for Richmond County.Ernest Mason Allen A. Edwin Anderson Margaret Bailie George Langston Bolton Ph. B., M. A. A. B., A. M. B. S.f B. L. S. B. S. English and French English and German Librarian Mathematics Marion Turner Bryson James Morgan Buckner Grover W. Carson O’Neal W. Chandler A. B. B. S., M.S. B. Mus Ed. A. B. Science Mathematics Music Science llie 1Q41 "Rfll (1 BO ID VFACULTY» Charles Guy Cordle A. B.. A. M. History George M. Dasher Shop Jasper Otto Derrick A. B.. M. S. Science Elroy DuPuis A. B. A. M. English Walter A. Elliott Lieutenant-Colonel Military Science and Tactics John Marshall Ellis A. B., A. M., Ph. D. Science Charles Martin Etheredge A. B. Mathematics John Evans Eubanks A. B.. A. M. Latin and Government George W. Ewing B. S. Mathematics Herman McDonald Felder A. B., M.A. English B. Fishburne A. B., M.A. Spanish Norman I.. Galloway B. S., M.A. Education and EconomicsThe FACULTY A Luther Alfred Griffin B.S.. M.S. Science John Thomas Hains B. S. Mathematics Eric West Hardy A. B. M. A. President of Junior College Principal of Richmond Academy William E. Hardy A. B. Mathematics and History Frank M. Harriss A. B. English William Redding Kennedy Commercial Elizabeth Lee B. S. Secretary G. T. Langford B. S. MathematicsJ. Curtis Luckey B. S. Mathematics The FACULTY William Leroy Maden A. B., M. A. French A. P. Markcrt B. S., M. A. Dean of Junior College Asst. Principal of Academy of Richmond County William C. McGee Sergeant Military Elenora Mertins Registrar Charles Harold Mitchell A. B., M. A. English John Burchell Moore A. B., M. A. History and English Joseph R. Moseley B. S., M.S. Mathematics 12ai n bo u) VThe FACULTY Auburn G. Owens A. B. History and English Henry Osgood Read B. Ph., M. A. English George H. Ridgwav A. B. Science foe Mays Robertson ' B. S. Mathematics Roy E. Rollins Charles Asberrv Royston George Milton Scott Chester Arthur Scruggs B. A., M. A. B. S. B. Lit.. M. A. A. B.. M. A. History and Economics Government English Science Ttie 1941 "Rfll 11 BO U VThe FACULTY • Albert F. Simpson A. B.. A.M., Ph. D. History Benjamin Roy Smith A. B. Norman C. Smith B. S. in I. E. Drawing William Wendell Sullivan A. B. History Chester McKinley Sutton A. B., M. A. English Joseph LeConte Talley B. S., M. S. Science William E. Templeton B. A: Commercial C. H. Truan A. B.. A.C.A. Commercial W. Parmelee Watkins Ph. B. History J R. Wilkerson Sergeant Military John Williams Vocational Guidance Mrs. Mary Zickgraf SecretaryNeophytes of Mr. George Dasher ICross section of a Math. Class The O. D. waits for orders Reading parallel in the Library Colonel Richmond inspects the corps Football stalwarts UMRf »:♦; W '1 ggj 1 HBi ]Mb{ ■jMf'T' .vT ' V OF OUR SCHOOLIf this is Junior College, I'll take the Navy! THE COLLEGE Joe and his publicOFFICERS Walter Reiser.......President Jones Epps .... Vice-President Jimmy Cooper........Secretary Harry Pund..........Treasurer Louis Battcy . . Student Council Roberta Phillips . Student Council Walter Reiser, who hasn’t missed being an officer of his class in quite a while, was elected president of the Class of ’41 by a great majority. The other officers were a “swell” choice on the part of the student body. Congratulations go to Roberta Phillips, who is the only girl in the governing body.ADAMS, BARBARA ADAMS, IMOGENE Literary Society 2; Y.W.C.A. 2. ARRINGTON, KATHRYN Fashion Show BAIRD, RICHARD L Captain 1,2; Sabre Club 1,2; Glee Club 2; Pre-Tech Club 1, 2. BATTEY. LOUIS LEGARDE Student Council 1, 2; Hi-Y 1; The Triangle 2; President of Rho Chi 2; Golf Team 2; President's Club 2; Captain 2; Sabre Club 2. BEDINGFIELD, HUGH Camera Club 1; Pre-Tech Club 1, 2. BOLGLA, BENNIE Basketball Team 1, 2; Varsity Club 1, 2. BRUNKHURST. AUDREY LOUISE Literary Society 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. CALHOUN. PATRICK Student Council 1; Golf Team 1, 2. J (Ml S0PH0II10RESJ C II SOPHOmORES CAPERS, FRANK Pre-Law Club 1, 2; Secretary 2; Tennis Team 2. CHASE. HENRY Pre-Law Club 1, 2; President 2; President's Club 2; Tennis Team 2; Annual Staff 2. COOPER. JAMES ROY Basketball 1. 2; Hi-Y 1; The Triangle 2; 2nd Lieuten- ant 1; 1st Lieutenant 1; Captain 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Secretary 2; Varsity Club 1, 2; Vice-President of Class 1; Secretary of Class 2; Life Savers' Club 1. 2. DAITCH. LOUIS DeMolay 1, 2; Sergeant 2. DELONG, OTIS G. JR. Captain 2; Sabre Club 2. DENNIS. FRANK SPAIN, JR. 2nd Lieutenant 2; 1st Lieutenant 2; Hi-Y 1; Secre- tary of The Triangle 2; Sabre Club 2; Musketeer Staff 1. 2; Annual Staff 1, 2. DOUGLAS. DOROTHY Cheer Leader 2; Zeta Rho Sigma 1. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Life Savers' Club 1, 2; Musketeer Staff 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Sorority Football Team 2; Most Popular Sopho- more Award; Most Beautiful Sophomore Award. DUNBAR. FRANCES ASHLEY Sigma Delta Chi 1, 2; Vice-President 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Literary Society 2; Camera Club 2; Basketball 1; Sorority Football Team 2. ELLENBURG, MINNIE LEE EPPS, TONES NEWTON Rho Chi 1, 2; Treasurer 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Treas. 1. Pres. 2; Vice-Pres. of Class 2; Hi-Y 1; The Triangle 2; Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Gold "R"; Varsity Club 1, 2; Major 1; Colonel 2; Sheridan Sabre Winner 1939.EVANS. HARRY T. ARDEN President of German Language Club 1; Beta Club; Lieutenant 1; Sghre Club 1; DeMolay 1, 2. FULCHER. DOT Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. FULLER. JOE BERRIAN Golf Team 1; Varsity Club 1. 2; Hi-Y 1; The Triangle 2; Camera Club 2. GEHRKEN, LENA CATHERINE Glee Club 1, 2; Life Savers' Club 1, 2; President 3 Club 2; Literary Editor of "Rainbow" 2. GILBERT. EUGENE GILLMAN. NATHAN A. Rho Chi 1, 2; Secretary 2; 2nd Lieutenant 1; 1st Lieutenant 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Basketball 2. GOLDBERG. JOE - Literary Society 2; Basketball 2. GOODWIN. CATHERINE ANN Glee Club 1; Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1. GRAHAM. ELIZABETH Spanish Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. 2; Literary Society 2; International Student Society; Stunt Night 1. 2; Swimming Club 1. GURLEY. KENNETH Hi-Y i; The Triangle 2; Literary Society 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 2; Stunt Night Winner 1; President of Left- overs 2; Captain R.O.T.C.; Sabre Club; President's Club; Vice-President President's Club; DeMolay; Rifle Team; Honor 2; Swimming Club 1, 2. J C II SOPHOmORESJ C II SOPHOmORES HAGLER, JOHN CARROLL, III Rho Chi 1, 2; Vice-President 2; Camera Club 1, Treasurer 2; Musketeer Staff 1; Annual Staff 2. HANCOCK, REGINALD Captain 1; Major 2; Sabre Club 1, 2. HARRIS. FRANK HARDEMAN Literary Society 1, 2; Vice-President 1; Glee Club 1, Stunt Night 1. HARVELY, J. D., JR. HOWARD. HELEN LOUISE Literary Society 2. HULL. HELEN Literary Society 1, 2, President 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Or- chestra 1, 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Valedictorian 2; Winner of Battey Memorial Medal 1. HUNTER, HELEN FAIR Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Camera Club 1, 2; Swimming Club 2. HURLBUTT. MARJORIE Spanish Club 1, 2, President 2; Literary Society 1,2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; President’s Club 2; International Society; Swimming Club 1, 2; Stunt Night 1.JUMPER. JULIAN H. KEMP. JANELL HELEN Sigma Delta Chi 1, 2; Camera Club 1, 2; Sorority Football Team 2. KESSLER, DORIS MAE Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Camera Club 1; Swimming Club 1.2; Basketball 1. KNAPP, FRANK R. Captain 1, Major 2. Lieut.-Col. 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Vice-President 2; Rifle Team 2. LAMKIN. ROBERT WALTON Pre-Tech Club 2. LANDRUM, BILL LAWRENCE, Team 1, 2. CHARLES K. LEWIS. MARY ELIZABETH Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Zeta Rho Sigma 1. 2; Honor 1; Glee Club 1. 2. MAGUIRE, ALFRED Spanish Club 1, 2; Swimming Club 1. 2; Pre-Tech Club 1; Camera Club 1. 2; Literary Society 1, 2; Stunt Night 1; International Student Society. MANLEY, CLARENCE H., JR. First Lieutenant 2; Sabre Club 2. J C A SOPHOmORESJ C II SOPHOmORES MARRIOTT, MARIE BOISCLAIRE Basketball 1, 2; High Honor 1: Phi Theta Kappa 2. MARTIN. JANE Y.W.C.A. 2; Literary Society 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Secretary 2. MELVIN, LILLIAN Swimming Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. 1; Vice-Pres. 2; Der Deutsche Verein; Secretary 1; Honorary Member Rho-Chi 1. 2; Camera Club 1. MILLIGAN. MILDRED Basketball 1. 2; Life Savers' Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2; Literary Society 2; Camera Club 1. MILLS, CHARLOTTE Zeta Rho Sigma 2; Treasurer 2; Y.W.C.A. 2; Soror- ity Football Team 2. MOSS. FRASER School Orchestra 2. MURPHY, MARGARET Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Literary Society 1; Regimented Sponsor 2. McDonald, hazel alene Literary Society 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; International Student Society; Stunt Night 1, 2; Swimming Club 1, 2. NEWBERRY. BONNIE MAE Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 2; Sorority Football Team 2. OVERMAN. LEHMAN OLIVE. CONSTANCE Sigma Delta Chi 1. 2; Treasurer 2; Honor 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Swimming Club 1. 2; Musketeer Staff 2; Annual Staff 2; Literary Society 2; Sorority Football Team 2. OWENS. MILLWEE Spanish Club 1; Stunt Night 1; Sergeant-Major 1; 1st Lieut., Adj. 1st Battalion 2; Stunt Night 1; Sabre Club 2; Glee Club 2. PATTERSON. FRANCES MAY Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Business Manager of ’’Rainbow” 2. PEEPLES. ELIZABETH HANSON Sigma Delta Chi 1. 2; Vice-President 2; Camera Club 2; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2; Honor 1; Literary Society 2; Mus- keteer Staff 2; Sorority Football Team 2. PHILLTPS, ROBERTA Cheer Leader 2; Student Council 2; Zeta Rho Sigma 2,- Annual Staff 2; Y.W.C.A. 2; Swimming Club 2; Sorority Football Team 2. PIERCE, MARY EMMA Sigma Delta Chi 1. 2; President 2; Camera Club 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; President's Club 2; Basketball 1; Sorority Football Team 2. PUND, HARRY CORNELIUS, JR. Life Savers' Club 1; DeMolay 1; Treasurer of Class 1, 2. REESE. AGNES Editor of Musketeer 2; Editor-in-Chief of "Rainbow” 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; President's Club 2; Basketball 1; Sorority Football Team 2. REISER. WALTER ALLEN. JR. President of Class 1, 2; Student Council 1. 2; Hi-Y 1; Presiden Qf The Triangle 2; 1st Lieutenant 1; Cap- tain 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Treasurer 2; President of Glee Club 2; Gold ”R”; Editor of Musketeer 1; Annual Staff 1. 2; President's Club 2; High Honor 1; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Basketball 2 Rhodes, McAllister blackwell Annual Staff 1. 2; Hi-Y 1; Spanish Club 1, 2; 2nd Lieutenant 1; Sabre Club 1; Camera Club 1. 2. jcn sophomoREsJ C II SOPHOmORES ROESEL, DOROTHY Honor 1; Y.W.C.A.l, President 2; Glee Club 1; Vice-President 2; Camera Club 1; Orchestra 2. SCOTT, MYRA Literary Society 1, President 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, Treasur- er 2; Spanish Club 1, Reporter 2; President's Club 2; Stunt Night 1, 2; Swimming Club 1, 2. SHELL, ED Captain 2; Baseball 1; Basketball 2. SNEED. WADE Major 2; Sabre Club 1, 2; Gold "R”; Pre-Law Club 1, 2; Rifle Team 1. 2; Varsity Club 1, 2; "B" Varsity Track Coach 1, 2. STARR. DOROTHY ANN Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 2, Vice-President 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Literary Society 2; Annual Staff 2; Cheer Leader 2; Camera Club 1. 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Sorority Foot- ball Team. STEINBERG, MORRIS KOPEL Spanish Club 1, 2; Literary Society 1, 2; Stunt Night 1, 2; Manager Baseball Team 1; Pre-Tech Club 1, 2, President 2; 2nd Lieutenant 2; Sabre Club 2; Presi- dent's Club 2; Varsity Club 2. STELLING, THOMAS OSBORNE 2nd Lieutenant 1; 1st Lieutenant 2; The Triangle 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Swimming Club. SUTTON, HELEN DOUGLAS Literary Society 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 2. SWANCY, ANDREE Y.W.C.A. 2. SYMMS, MARGUERITE Glee Club 1, 2; Literary Society 1, 2, Secretary 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Stunt Night 1; Sigma Delta Chi 2; German Language Club; Swimming Club.TOOLE, MARY ANNE Musketeer Staff 1, 2; Annual Staff 2; Y.W.C.A. 2; Secretary 2; Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 2; President 2; Lit- erary Society 1; President's Club 2; Fashion Show 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Sorority Football Team 2. WAAGNER, MARGARET J. Life Savers' Club 1, 2; Literary Society 2; Annual Staff 2; Swimming Club 1. WALLER. JOHN E. Hi-Y 1; The Triangle 2; Vice-Pres. 2; Golf Team 1, 2; WARR, FRANK CARROLL Baseball Team 1. WEISS. GEORGE G. WHITAKER. MIRIAM Literary Society 1; Y.W.C.A. 2; High Honor 1; President of Phi Theta Kappa 2. WILSON, ANNE Y.W.C.A 1. 2; Literary Society 1, 2; High Honor 1; Phi Theta Kappa 2. WRIGHT, HARRIET ALICE J C II SOPHOmORESLast Will and Testament of The 1941 Sophomore Class We, the Sophomore class of J.C.A., being ushered (?) out (finally) in the year 1941 A. D., being most capable of all insane and unsafe actions, do hereby bequeath and bestow grudgingly all our unworldly possessions in hope that they may continue annoying the teachers of aforementioned school; Item I. We, the home room class of Mr. C. A. Scruggs, do leave to his incoming class our ability Item II. to walk in exactly one second after he has marked us absent. 1, Patrick Calhoun, do bequeath, to anyone who is “sap’’ enough to take it, my job as chauffeur to the entire student body of J.C.A., and I bequeath my parking place on Bransford Road to anyone who has a bright red junk-heap like mine. Item III. I, Barbara Adams, do leave to Joan Scharnitzsky, my ability to chew gum unmolested by the too fascinated teachers. Item IV. We, Mary Emma Pierce and Frances Dunbar, do willingly bestow our title of “Glamor Girls’’ on Rachel Longshore and Beulah Barber—We hope you can handle it. (the title we mean). Item V. I. Dorothy Douglas, do leave my ability, or reflex, to make noise at any time and to get blamed at all times to Jackie Tankersley. Item VI. We. Frank Dennis and Walter Reiser, do bequeath our “bickering” to anybody who can argue about girls and Chemistry in the same breath. Item VII. We. Wade Sneed, Frank Knapp, C. K. Lawrence, and Jimmy Cooper, do happily leave our brickbats, bodyguards, and dark corners to Louis Brown, Robert Smith, and Ashby Taylor so they, too, may keep the “mad public” off. Item VIII. I. Jones Epps, do bestow upon Sammie Heaton, in hopes that he may manipulate with the same accuracy, my ability to blush and gulp “Lordy Me.” Item IX. We, Agnes Reese and Mary Anne Toole, do leave to Claire O’Connell and “Sister Baby1 Doughty our ability to carry on the most unintelligible conversation ever, and to Bobby Lansdell and Guila Stanford we leave lots of work on next year’s annual. Item X. We, Joey Fuller and Jackie Waller, leave to Steve Mulherin and Bill Bush our opinions, both wrong, on golf, to pass the time arguing. Item XI. We, Helen Hull and Jane Martin, do leave to Edith Jenny the unused portion of out brains since said beneficiary is in such need of same. Item XII. We, one fourth period English class, do leave to My Sutton, for his long-suffering with us, one mute class. Item XIII. I, Mac Rhodes, do leave my technique for taking blackmail shots to anyone who doesn’t value his life. Item XIV. I. Myra Scott, do bestow on Betty JohsonJ my slow speech in hopes that she may outdo Marion Knuck. Item XV. I. Emmet Gresham, do leave to any sucker my job as wet nurse to a bunch of smelly frogs in Doc. Ellis’ lab. Item XVI. I. Doris Kessler, do leave to Martha Van Deusen. my eves a la Scarlett O’Hara to be used in extreme cases of Woman-Haters only. Item XVII. We, Kenneth Gurley and Marguerite Symms, do bequeath our seat in English class to any couple needful of same. Item XVIII. I, Colleen Beazley, do leave to Eileen Stulb all of my excess height in hopes that she may Item XIX. be able to see a parade some day. We, the entire feminine body of this Sophomore class, bequeath our combined efforts to the incoming Freshman and Sophomore classes in hopes that one of them may be able to get at least a second look from Mr. Bolton. (Hmral) May it be known that from the present we pass on into the future, probably forgotten but not for- given. Witnesses—For their own sake, prefer to remain unknown.To A Preserved Pig “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been!’ ” —Whittier. How often, while I’ve sat in “lab” In evenings after school, I’ve carved on bullfrogs, or on sharks, And felt just like a fool. And now, they’ve started us on pigs— My very soul rebels! But when I just break down and weep, My tears are drowned in smells. Those embryonic pork chops Are really just too fine To sacrifice for science. Why must we pick on swine? I don’t think science has a right To slaughter all that meat. Why can’t we let ’em grow until They’re big enough to eat? Just think of all the ham and eggs, The pork chops and the bacon Perhaps I’m dreaming. If I am, Don’t ever let me waken! But after all, I’m helpless Though I think it is a sin, All I can do is dream about The hog that might have been. —by Frank Harris.Edith Jenny, Ed Barton, and Frances Capers President.........................Roscoe Lowery Vice-President....................Ernest Wiggins Secretary.............................Edith Jenny Treasurer......................................Ed Barton Student Council Bernard Mitchum Student Council Frances CapersACREE, ELIZABETH ALLGOOD. BETTY JANE ANDREWS, EVELYN BAILIE, ALLSTON GIBBES BOWYER, MONROE BRESNAHAN, CLARA M. BROTHERTON. BILL BROWN, GWENDOLYN T e 1041 "PflltlBOU) VDAITCH, JOSEPH DAITCH, MILDRED DIENDORF, MARGARET ANN DOUGHTY, ELIZABETH ELLISON. DOROTHY ENGLER. HAROLD SAMUEL FLEMING, ELIZABETH FOWLKES. LULU FRANKLIN, NELLE ANDREWS GALLAGHER. MARGARET GARTNER, HELEN GATLIN, SARA Tlie i 34i12fiinBoa) VBROWN. I. C. BROWNE. LOUIS D. BUCKLEY, MARY ANNA BUSH, WILLIAM BYRD, ALICE ISABELL CALAMAS. DENNIS A. CAPERS. FRANCES CARD. LANCE LeBARTON CARTER, HENRY CHAMBERS. RICHARD L. CHANCE,. JAMES W. CROCKER, BLANCHE -rhe iQ4i n bo u) VGIBSON, EMMIE FRANCES HAMILTON, WALTON HEATON, SAMMIE HIGGINS, CLARE HILL, JAMES J. HOGAN, JOE BILLY HOKE, EUGENE PRINGLE, JR. HORNER, WILLA HORTON. LLOYD, JR. HUTCHINS. RUBY EUDELLE INMAN, FRANK EDWIN JACKSON. EDMUND W., JR. lie 1041 l?fll n BOO) VJENNY, EDITH JOHNSON, BETTY JOHNSON, I.EWIS FRED KATZ, RUTH KENNEDY, JACK M. KING, HUBERT KLINCK, BETTY KNUCK. MARIAN LANSDELL, BOBBIE LEOPARD, COLEY LEVY, JEAN W. LONGSHORE. RACHEL Tne iQ4i 12ai n bo u) VMAHONEY. ROBERT E. MARSH, JERRY M. MASON, EVELYN MATHEWS, SARA DANIELS McCORMICK, SHIRLEY MAY MELL, MARY ANN MELVIN, BETTY MITCHUM, BERNARD MOYE, ELIZABETH MULHERIN, JANE McLEOD MULHERIN, C. S. MURPHEY, WILBUR BO U) VN Tne 1941 POPKIN, FRANCES PURKALL, I. BRENNAN RAY. MARTHA RHODES. JEAN PHIT.LIPS. RAY N. POLATTY. BILLIERICE. PAT W.( TR; ROBINS. JAMES R. SCHARNITZSKY, JOAN SCROGGS. PHIL P.. JR. SELL, MERCER BRANNON SHMERLING. DOLORES SMITH, ROBERT A. SMOAK. MARJORIE JEAN STANFORD, GUILA STEVENS. DAVID B. STRINGER. CHARLIE STULB, EILEEN Tne iq 41 T? a i n b o u) V1041 SWEDEN BURG. JUNE TANKERSLEY. JACKIE THURMOND. C. B.. JR. TIMMERMAN. BETTIE TOOLE. MICHAEL G. TRIMMIER, MARY JANE TYNER, GROVER F.. JR. VAN DETJSEN. MARTHA VAUGHN. ROZZIE VON SPRECKEN. LUCY WAINWRIGHT, FRIEDA ANNE WEBB, CLIFFORD A., JR. 12ai n boh)WHALEY, ELDON WHEELER. BETTY WHITE, IDA HALL WHITTLE, LILLIAN WILLIAMS, ARTHUR LEONARD WILLITS, MARY ELLEN WILKINSON, ROBERT WIGGINS, ERNEST WOLFF, BERNARD WRIGHT, GLORIA ELIZABETH WRIGHT. GEORGE S. WRIGHT, LEWIS HICKS Tne iQ4i 12ai n bo u) VFreshman Snaps • • • •President Billy Barton This year’s Senior Class is headed by President Billy Barton, who has ably administered his functions of office. The class is smaller in numbers this year, but strong in other qualities. The other officers have showed at all times a spirit of co-operation. Marion Hudson .... Vice-President Raymond Hargrove...........Treasurer Paul Plunkett........Student Council ■ Ashby Taylor .... Student Council AT I GOOD, CHARLES H. Literary Society J, 2; Football 2; Art Editor of "Rainbow" 3; Mus- keteer Staff 2; Corporal 1; Guide Sgt. 2; Co. Clerk 4; Treasurer Literary Society 2; Glee Club 1; Co. Rifle Team 4; Prize Platoon 2. ATKINSON. TACK MOSLEY "A" Varsity Basketball 4, 5; "B" Varsity Basketball 3; "A" Var- sity Track Team; Letter for Basketball 3, 4, 5; Letter for Track 4. S; P. F. C. 3; Corporal 4; Guide Sergeant 5; Platoon Sergeant 5. f J AGOSTAS, EMANUEL N. DeMolay 4; Honor 1; Musketeer Staff 3. 4; Private 1, 2, 3, 4. AGOSTAS. WILLIAM NICK Honor 1, 2, 3: Freshman Literary Society 1; Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3; Seraeant 4; Beta Gub 4; Academy Hi-Y 4; DeMolay 3. 4: Prize Platoon 2; Prize Company 2; Business Manager "Rainbow" 2. AVRETT, TAMES Freshman Literary Society 1; Academy Literary Society 2; "B" Varsity Football 3, 4; "A" Varsity Football 5; Varsity Gub 3, 4,5; Private 1, 2, 3, 4; Sqt. 5; Freshman Basketball 1; Freshman Foot- ball 1; Co. Football 1, 2; Co. Basketball 1. 2; Letter in Football 3, 4, 5. AVRETT, NEAL E. DeMolay 4; Hi-Y 4; CorDoral 4: Member of Prize Platoon 3. AYCOCK, MELL High Honor 1, 2, 3; Richmond Hi-Y 2. 3 4; President 4; Beta Club 4; Chemistry Club 3; "B" Varsity Basketball 3; Member of Prize Platoon 1; Sergeant 4; "A" Varsity Basketball 4; Annual Staff 4. BARER. MAURICE E. Sergeant 1. 2; Pre-Tech Club 3. 4; Corporal 4; Musketeer Staff 3, 4; Private 3; Track Teaih 4. BAILIE, DONALD "DUCK" Sergeant Freshman Battalion 1, 2; Corporal 3, 4; Sergeant Major 5; Member of Prize Platoon 3; Member of Winning Platoon and Company Drill 4; Cheer Leader 5; Business Manager of "Rainbow" 5; Honorary Member of A.I.O.P. BANNISTER. S. C. Honor 1. 2; Pre-Tech Club 3; Corporal 1, 4; High Honor 3. Tne 1941 12ai n bo u) VRichmond Academy BARBTN. R. M. BARRETT, TACK Honor 3; Rifle Team 4, 5; Platoon Sergeant 5. RARTON, R. WITJJAM Annual Staff 4; Honoi 1, 3; Richmond Hi-Y 2. 3; Corporal 3; Ser- geant 4; "B” Varsity Football Letter 3; "A" Varsity Football letter 4: Freshman Basketball 1; Freshman Football 1; "A" Var- sity Football 4; Secretary of Class 2; Student Council 3, 4; President of Senior Class 4; President's Club 4; Best All round Senior 4; Varsity Club 4; Gold ' R" 4. BATEMAN. HAYWARD Track Team 2, 3, 4, 5; Letter 2, 3, 4, 5; Cheerleader 5; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5: Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Reporter for Musketeer 5; Dance Com- mittee 5; Company Rifle Team 5; Corporal 2; Platoon Sergeant 3; Lieutenant 4; Captain 5; G.I.A.A. 4; Holder of School Record for Low and High Hurdles; Stunt Night 3; President's Club 5; Most Popular Senior Roy 4. BATES, GEORGE P. Hiqhest Honor 1, High Honor 2, 3; Freshman Literary Society 1; President of Freshman Class I; Richmond Hi-Y 3. 4; S.O.S. Chem- istry Club 3; Beta Club 4; Pre-Tech Club 4; Annual Staff 4. BELT., GEORGE M. Corporal 1; Private 2; Band 3, 4, 5; Corporal 4; Sergeant 5; Staff Serqeant 5; Head Drummer 3, 4, 5; DeMolay 4, 5; Literary Society 2. 3; Debating Team 1, 2, 3; Prize Piatoon 2. BLACKWELL. JENNINGS PRICE High Honor 1. 2, 3; Pre-Tech Club 4; Secretary of Stamp Club 4; Beta Club 4. BOHLER. B. FRANKLIN Band 1. BOT.GT A, MORRIS BOWLES, TACK F. Honor 2; Corporal 1, 3; Sergeant 4; Member of Prize Company 1. ihe 1041  BRITTINGHAM. T W. Track Team 3, 4. BROOME, T. E. A” Varsity Football; Corporal 1;. Sergeant 2; Varsity Club 4. Varsity Football; Corporal 1;. eJ7Ui% BROWNING. JACK H. High Honor 1, 2; Beta Club 4; Sergeant 4; Honor 3. BRYAN. R. D. Sergeant 2. BURGESS, CHARLES WILLIAM Honor 1; High Honor 2; Beta Club 4; GleeJ Club 4; Company Football 1; Academy Hi-Y 4. BURROUGHS, IOHN BALL Glee Club 4, 5; Musketeer Staff 3. 4. 5; Academy Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain 1; Treasurer 3, 4; "B" Varsity Easketball 2; "A" Varsity Basketball 3, 4. 5; Letter for Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; "B" Varsity Football 1; letter for Football 1; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Sergeant 1,- Corporal 2; Sergeant 3: 2nd Lieutenant 4; 1st Lieutenant 5; Cap- tain 5; Sabro Club 4, 5; Track Team 3. 4; Rifle Team 3, 4. 5. BUSH. JOHN R. Tennis Team 3: Academy Hi-Y 3; Corporal 4: P: Sergeant 4; Golf Team 4; Company Football 1; CALDWELL, JOSEPH L, JR. High Honor 1, Honor 2, 3; Rifle Team 3, 4; DeMolay 4; Cam Club 3. 4; Beta Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Sergeant 4; Corporal Pre-Tech Club 3; Romanic Philological Society 2; Literary Societ CAPERS. IOHN DAVISON Corporal 1, 3, 4; Sergeant 2. 4; Academy Hi-Y 3; Prize Platoon and Company 2; Tennis Team 3, 4; Golf Team 4; Co. Football 1. Richmond Academy CAPPS. W. H. CHALMERS, IOE H. Literary Society 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Band 2. 3. 4; Sergeant 1 President of Stamp Club 4; Private First Class 4. CHAVOUS, ANDREW I. CLARK, WALTER E.. TR. Chemistry Club 3, 4; Corporal 1; Freshman Basketball 1; Camera Club 3; Freshman Football 1. COLE, PARKER Corporal 1; Private 2, 3; P.F.C. 4; Corporal 4,- Musketeer Staff 4,- Camera Club 1,2, 3, 4; Pre-Tech Club 3, 4; Company Ri le Team 4. COLLIER, A. BERNARD COLLINS, BERNARD JOSEPH CONANT. FRANK D„ JR. Honors 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 4; Beta Club 4; Alpha Lambda Sigma 4; Musketeer Staff 4; Staqe Manaqer of Glee Club Operetta 4; Camera Club 4; Debating Team 4,- Pre-Tech Club 4. CRIBB, MARVIN H. Sergeant 1; Private 2; Private First Class 3; Corporal 4; Sgt. 4. DANTZLER, HUBERRT C. Honor 1, 2; Private First Class 4; Member of Co-op Club 4. IQ 4 1Seniors ,-jJ- DAVIS, W. H. Best Platoon and Company Drill 3; Corporal 4; Sorgeant 5. DICKS. EDWARD PICKENS High Honor 1, 2; Highest Honor 3; Vice-President of Freshman Class 1; Bota Club 4; Member Prize Platoon 1. DORN. C. BLANCHARD Track Team 3; Corporal 4. DUVALL. CARLETON L. Honor 1, 2; Freshman Literary Society 1; Member of Prize Platoon and Company 3; Beta Club 4; DeMolay 4; Track Team 3. EVANS. C. E. , J,l ( A . jj’ , 4 ' , Glee Club 3, 4; Hi-Y 3. 4; Freshman Literary Society 1; P.F.C. 4; Company Football 1; Musketeer Staff 3, 4. FADDIS. WILLIAM H. Corporal. FAULKNER. CLIFTON O. FIELDER. ARTHUR Student Council 1; Secretary of Camera Club 4; Musketter Staff 4. Corporal 4. FRASER. J. FULMER, JOHN P. "R a 1 n b o a’ VRichmond Academy GEER. BILLY Corporal 3; Supply Sergeant 3; Sergeant 4; Academy Hi-Y 4; Military Editor of Musketeer 4; Prize Platton 2. Managing Editor of Musketeer 4. GIBSON, ARTHUR LYNN Corporal 1, 2, 3; Sergeant 3, 4; Lieutenant 4; Swimming Team 2; "B” Varsity Basketball 2. 3; Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Editor-in- Chief of Annual 4; Chemistry Club 3; Sabre Club 4. GORDON, GEORGE OLIN "B” Varsity Football 1, 2. 3; "A" Varsity Football 4, 5; Letter 5; Basketball 5; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3, 4; First Lieutenant 5; Sabre Club; Varsity Club. GREENE. HAROLD GREENE. KENNETH M. GULLEDGE, L. V . Football 3, 4; First Sergeant 4. HAGLER. GOULD BARRETT Member Prize Platoon 1; Corporal 1; P.F.C. 4; Richmond Hi-Y 3, 4. HARBEN, WILLIAM ALAN Corporal 1; Sergeant 2. HARGROVE, RAYMOND W. High Honor 1; Honor 2, 3; Beta Club 4; Treasurer of Beta Club 4; Academy Hi-Y 3. 4; President 4; President's Club 4; Sergeant 1. 2; Corporal 3; Second Lieutenant 4; Sabre Club 4; Order of DeMolay 4; ''Rainbow'' Staff 4. HARISON, W. M.. IR. Corporal 1, 2; Sergeant 3, 4; Golf Team 2. 3, 4; Richmond Hi-Y 4; Annual Staff 2; DeMolay 4. Tne iq41Seniors HARMAN, JAMES ALLEN p.F.C. 1; Corporal 4; Platoon Sergeant 5; Member of Co-op Club 4, 5. HARRIS. CHARI.ES HILLIARD P.F.C. 3; Corporal 4. HARRISON. WOODARD O. HAYNES, I. LANIER Corporal 1. 4; Winner of Freshman Ready-Write Contest; Pre-Tech Club; Literary Society; Member of Prize Platoon 1; Sergeant 4. HILL. IOHN H. Corporal 2; Supply Sergeant 3; First Sergeant 3; Regimental Sergeant-Major 4; Glee Club 4; Rifle Team 4; Stunt Night 1; Second Lieutenant 4; Sabre Club 4. HOOVER. I. Sergeant 4, 5; "A" Varsity Football 5; Red "X" Society 4. HUDSON. MARION F. Honor 3; Vice President of Senior Class; Varsity Football 3. 4 Letter 4; Co-Winner of Friedman Trophy 4; Track Team 3. 4 Sergeant 2, 3; Second Team All-G.l.A.A. Football 4; Lieutenant 1 HULL, NOBLE A.. JR. Highest Honor 1, 2, 3: Freshman Literary Society; Academy Literary Society 2. 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 4; Corporal 3, 4; Stunt Night 1, 2; Beta Club 4; Debating Team 4; Sergeant 4; Band letter 4. HUMMEL, MICHAEL HILLIARD, JR. Swimming Team 3; Richmond Hi-Y 3, 5; Musketeer Staff 5; Band 3, 4, 5. HURLBUTT, BORIS Honor 1; Corporal 3, 4- 12ai n boil) VRichmond Academy HUTTO. THOMAS L. High Honor 1, 2, 3; Freshman Literary Society 1; Alpha Lambda Sigma 2. 3. 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Debating Team 3, 4; Traylor Medal 2; Camera Club 3. 4; Vice-President 4; Academy Hi-Y 3. 4; Beta Club; Treasurer 4; Track 3; Musketeer Staff 3, 4; Rainbow Staff 4; Corporal 3; Sergeant 4; Second Lieutenant 4; Sabre Club 4; Gold "R" 4. HYMAN, IAMES A. Corporal 1; Sergeant 4. IVEY, MARVIN I. Corporal 3; Supply Sergeant 3; Platoon Sergeant 4; Literary Society 4. IVEY. TOMMIE KENDRICK Private First Class 4- IZLAR, W. A- Corporal 1; Sergeant 3, 4. JENNNINGS, J. Honor 1, 2; Beta Club 4; Track Team 3, 4; Hi-Y 4. JOHNSON. F. H- JOINER, DAN VOSS »Seni iors T AMAR, B. D. T.ANG. TAMER L Track Team 4; Richmond Hi-Y; Corporal 4; Company Clerk 5; Co-op Club 5. LAUGHLIN, L I. Corporal ]; Sergeant 2; Private Company "C" 3, 4- I.OVETT, H. C. MARRIOTT, TOM Honor 1, 2; Corporal 1; Sergeant 4; Literary Society 2, 3, 4; S.O.S. Chemistry Club 3; Beta Club; Pre-Tech Club 4; Track 3; Musketeer Staff 2, 3, 4. MARSH, E. W- "A" Varsity Football 3, 4; Track Team 2, 3. 4; Academy Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. "Pfli n bo u) VRichmond Academy MARTIN FRED C. MARSHALL, O. W. McGAHEE, CHARI.ES S.. JR- McGAHEE, H. W. McKEOWN, J. A. McKIE. W- H. Honor 3; Sergeant 4, McKINNEY, AUBREY S. Corporal 4: Member of Co-op Club. McClendon, george Freshman Literary Society 1: Member of Rest Drilled Company and Platoon; Sergeant 2; Member of Best Drilled Company; 1st Sergeant 3; 2nd Lieutenant 4; Captain '5. MERRY. PIERCE. IR- Richmond Hi-Y 3. 4; Treasurer 4; Pre-Tech Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Sergeant 3. 4; Second Lieutenant 4; Sabre Club 4. MORGAN. I. D. Camera Club; Secretary of Freshman Class; Musketeer Staff;MORING. CHART .ER E- High Honor 1, 2; Honor 3; Beta Qub; Co-op Club; P.F.C. 3, 4. MOSELEY, ARTHUR J- High Honor 1, 2, 3; Member Literary Society 3. 4; Member Hl-Y. MURPHY, CLARENCE C. Honor 1, 2; Member Chemistry Club 3, Sergeant 4; Lieutenant 4; Academy Hi-Y MURRAH. JOHNNIE OAKLEY, DAN Honor 1; Musketeer Staff 3, 4; Camera Club 3, 4. OUZTS, F. B. Sergeant 2; Private 3, 4, 5, 6, OVERTON. JAMES B. Sergeant 4; A" Varsity Football 4. PARK. HENRY HOWARD Honor 1; President of Freshman Literary Society; Assistant Busi- ness Manager of "Rainbow” 2; Pre-Tech Club 3; Corporal 1, 2; Sergeant 3, 4. PATTERSON. J. FRANK, JR. PHINIZY, CHARLIE Musketeer Staff 3, 4; Richmond Hi-Y 3, 4; Corporal 4. 12 ai n bo a) VRichmond Academy POPKIN, BEN Honor 1; '’B” Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, 5; Track 4; Corporal 2; Guide Sergeant 3; Platoon Sergeant 3, 4; Second Lieutenant 5; Musketeer Staii 4; Literary Editor of Mus- keteer 5; Alpha Lambda Sigma 3; Secretary Pre-Tech Club 5: Member of Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Sabre Club 5; Gold "R" 5 POWELL. C. EDWARD Honor 1. PRINTUP, JAMES A. PRONTA1JT, LLOYD C. RHODEN. T. T- Honor 1; Corporal 4. RICE. T. W. Corporal 1. 2; Freshman Literary Society 1; Sergeant 3. 4; "B” Varsity Football and Letter 3; Varsity Football 4. RUCKER. ROBERT JOSEPH RUSHING. GEORGE BRANNEN Treasurer of Junior Class of Savannah High School; Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4. SANDERS, GUS SCOTT, JACK D. t he 19 41iU Seniors SEAGO. HARVEY MILTON Corporal 4; Guide Sergeant 4; Sergeant Major 5; First Sergeant 5. SERVANT. LOUIS F-. IR. Corporal 3; Sergeant 4; "Member of Co-op Club 4. SETZE, HENRY R. SHERIDAN. E. C., IR. Musketeer Staff 4; Freshman Literary Society. SHERMAN, R. H- SHOCKLEY. EDWARD Honor 1, 2, 3; Beta Club 4. jo SHORT. WILT.1 AM O. Honor 1: Varsity Football 4; Riflo Team 4. SIZEMORE. ROBERT E. Corporal 4; Sergeant 4, 5. SIZEMORE. RUFUS E. Corporal 3; Sergeant 3; Sergeant Major 4; 1st Lieutenant 4; Cap- tain S; Sabre Cluh 4, 5. SMITH, I AMES A. Sergeant 3, 4, 5. "Rfii n bo u) V Richmond Academy SMOAK, DAN B. Corporal 3, Sergeant 4; Conservation Club 4; Musketeer Staff 4. STELLING, K ESSEX D. Honor 2; Debatinq Team 3. 4; Manaqer of Track Team 3; Vice President of Richmond Hi-Y 4; Alpha Lambda Sigma 3, 4; Treas- urer Alpha Lambda Siqma 3, President 4; "Rainbow" Staff 4; Ser- geant 4; Order of DeMolay 3. 4; President's Club 4; Stunt Night 3; Gold "R" 4. STOWELL, CARLETON A. "B" Varsity Track Team 3; Conservation Club 4. STRINGER. F. TABB. J. E. Co-op Club 4. TAYLOR, ASHBY Honors 1, 2,3; Sergeant 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Beta Club; Student Coun- cil 3, 4; DeMolay 4. THEVAOS, THEO GEORGE High Honor 1, 2; Highest Honor 3; Debating Cup 3; History Prize 3: Class Secretary 3; Sergeant 4; 2nd Lieutenant 4; Vice-President Freshman Literary Society 1; Academy Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4; President 4; Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3. 4; President Beta Club 4; Glee Club 4; Business Manaqer 4; DeMolay 4; Musketeer Staff 3. 4; Debating Team 3, 4; Valedictorian 4; President's Club 4; Gold "R" 4. THOMPSON. LEWIS OWENS Beta Club 4; Honor 3.Seniors Sergeant 5. TURBYFILL. REEVES WALKER, J. R. Corporal-Sergeant 4; Conservation Club 4; 2nd Prize Medal Ameri- can Legion Contest 3; Honorable Mention Cotton Mill Contest 4; Honor 1. WATKINS. B. W. Private,- P. F. C.; Musketeer Reporter; Company "D" Rifle Team 4. WEATHERS, JACK L. Sergeant 2, 3, 4; Lieutenant 4. WEATHERWAX. F. G. Rifle Team 3, 4; Lieutenant 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. WHITE, A. O.. JR. WHITTON, BEN "B” Varsity Basketball 2; Corporal 4; Honor 1; Conservation Club 4. WILLIAMS, J. D. Conservation Club 4. WILLIAMS, G. R. Honors 1; Pre-Tech Club 4; Stamp Club 4. WOLCOTT, E. H. Corporal 4; Company "D" Rifle Team 4. "Rfli n bo a) VSENIOR CLASS PROPHECY By the medium of Professor Talley’s recent invention, the time machine, I have passed through the misty curtain of time to the world of ten years hence. I returned only a few minutes ago to record my incredible adventure for the world of today. The story centers around that illustrious group of individuals, the Senior Class, who will graduate from Richmond Academy in a few short weeks. Friday, May 2, I climbed into the cabin of the time machine, set the controls for 1951, and pressed the button that would send me into the future. The machine whirred, my eyes closed, and for a few mo- ments my mind was a total blank. As the whirring noise stopped. I was amazed to find myself on the top of a tall and futuristic- looking building. I recognized the old Southern Finance building across the street, and knew that 1 was in the Augusta of 1951. Charging up the street came the hook and ladder truck of the fire department. Reginald Walker at the wheel and Marvin Ivey at the siren. As the truck ground to a stop, a ladder was raised against the building and I quickly descended. I thanked my rescuers and made my way up Broad Street. Noticing a sign reading “Elite Cleaners; ArthurGibson, prop.” I stopped at the entrance a moment only to experience a great disappointment. I never expected to see Theo Thevaos pressing pants for a living. I was heartened a little, however, to se Arthur Mosley coming down the street with five heal- thy youngsters. hen I stopped him to inquire about old friends, he replied. “The town has changed much in ten years. Crime is unknown today through the ceaseless efforts of District Attorney Geer, and policemen like Neal Avrett, George Rates, and Marion Hudson. Pickens Dicks is mayor, and doing a fine job of it. Pierce Merry was voted Augusta’s Most Outstanding Street Cleaner last year, a most cherished honor among the members of the Augusta Street Cleaners Association. I am on my way to the local “bones” specialist—Charlie Phinizy at 711 Broad.” Leaving Arthur, I continued up Broad Street to look for more of my old friends. I saw the sign of I ay lor. Harison, and Company. Second-Hand Airplane Dealers. I knew this business venture could not fail with Ashby s salesmanship and “Gummy’s” flying ability. Employed as mechanics there were Frank Conant, Billy Witt, James Jennings, and Jack Browning. Small wonder that the airplane crashes for this year were so numerous. 1 walked around the city until it began to get dark, noticing such signs as Popkin’s Parched Pea- nuts, “Prontaut’s Ping-Pong Balls”, and “Marriott’s Mange Cure”. Perhaps of all the signs that pleased me most was the one which read “Stelling, Aycock. and Chalmers. Funeral Directors.” Anybody would be a lucky stiff to be buried from such a modern funeral home. As night came on. I realized that I was tired and entered Hotel Murphy to spend the night. Clar- ece had. as I expected, made a name for himself. The next morning. I was overjoyed to recognize the elevator operator, Nobel Hull. After telling me of his ups and downs, he added to my information by telling me the following about my old friends. “Connie Duvall and Blachard Dorn are farmers; Richard Jopling is a model for men’s clothes in New York; Raymond Hargrove and Bill Harbin are partners in a junk yard; Joe Caldwell is in Alca- traz for taking pictures of military secrets at Fort Weatherwax. When his camera was presented for evidence at the trial, his only remark was, ‘I didn’t know it was loaded’.” “What happened to A. O. White?” I asked. “Is he a physics teacher?” “No”, said Noble, “he is one of the foremost designers of women’s clothes. You would be sur- prised at many of your old friends. Dan Smoak took Robert Taylor’s place a few years ago in the movies, but since Ed Shockley and Bill Short perfected television, Dan is out of a job. television has become so popular. Billy Barton pushes a mean lawn-mover in the summer and shovels snow in the winter for a living. He nearly starved last winter, for we had no snow.” As I started to leave the elevator, I asked whether or not Roosevelt was still President of the United States. His answer shocked me. I walked out of the hotel and staggered to Eighth and Broad, where I had left the time machine. Reversing the controls, I traveled back through time to 1941 without event. As I sit here in my room, writing this story, I know that America of the future is doomed to dis- aster. As for myself, I will live in seclusion for the rest of my life, unknown to; man. There is no hope. I feel it iny duty, however, to warn the people of today that the President of the United States ol America in 1951 will be Mrs. Cole’s little boy, Parker. (1 he above account was found in the files of the school office and is believed to be the manuscript of M. Q. Yehudi, who disappeared from school recently. ACADEMY AWARDS GEORGE P. BUTLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP won by James Joseph Hill (Average 96.764) A scholarship amounting to $100.00 in cash to be paid as tuition for one year to the Junior College of Augusta, in memory of the late Dr. George P. Butler, who served for many years as the efficient Principal of the Academy of Richmond County and who organized the Junior College of Augusta. THE GEORGE TRAYLOR MEMORIAL MEDAL won bv James Joseph Bresnahan, Jr. An endowed gold medal provided by Dr. and Mrs. George A. Traylor in honor of their son, George Traylor, to be awarded annually to that member of the Sophomore Class of The Academy of Richmond County, who is of outstanding character and who has made the highest academic record. Two cups have been given to the school by the Senior Class of 1923; one for the best debater; the other for the best declaimed The name of the winner is engraved on the cup and he is allowed to hold it for one year. At the end of the year the cups are returned to the Principal to be reawarded. BEST DEBATER CUP won by Theo George Theo Thevaos. BEST DECLAIMER CUP won by Morris Milton Steinberg. D. A. R. PRIZE won by Theo George Thevaos. Each year the Augusta Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, offer a prize of five dollars to th cadet making the highest grade for the year in American History. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP MEDAL won by James Joseph Hill (Average 96.525). Awarded to the Academy Senior making the highest academic average during the fourth year. SENIOR ACTIVITIES MEDAL won by Frank Edwin Inman. To the Senior voted the best all-round Academy Senior. SENIOR ATHLETIC MEDAL won by Leslie Eugene Avery. Awarded to the Senior voted the best Senior Athlete. BAUSCH AND LOMB MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE won by Elza Vance Bullock Awarded to the Academy Senior making the highest average in the four years of Science. FRIEDMAN CUP won by Lineman Eugene Avery 1940 Marion Hudson 1941 Back Henry Caver - - 1940 Joe Murray - - 1941 This cup given by Friedman Jewelers to the most valuable players each year on the football team. GOLD “R” SOCIETY —The Gold “R" Society is composed of students who are outstanding in their scholarship, and who also participate in extra-curricular activities of the Academy. The main considera- tion in this society is not necessarily scholarship. A student must be an all-round man. The following met the requirements as set up by the Honors Committee and received Gold “R's”: 1940 Henry Christopher Caver William Edward Cole Harold Samuel Engler Frank Edwin Inman Guy Spalding Lewis Marion Roscoe Lowery Bernard Wilbur Mitchum Louis George Ross 1941 R. William Barton Thomas I.. Hutto Ben Popkin Kessel D. Stelling John Ashby Taylor Theo George Thevaos The Miller Scholarships provided by Mr. Frank Miller, Sr., to be awarded annually to two students entering the Junior College. One scholarship is awarded to an Academy Graduate and one to a Tubman Graduate. The awards for 1940 were—Coley Leopard of the Academy and Edith Jenny of Tubman. The Wallace Scholarship, provided by Mr. Fielding Wallace, to be awarded annually to a graduate of the Academy entering Junior College. This award was made in 1940 to George Wright.JUNIORS Joe Murray......... President Joe Cumming-....Vice-President Clinton Lewis........Secretary Billy Chandler.......Treasurer Shealy Reiser..Student Council Paul Thompson..Student Council The lower classes of the Academy constitute the most important part of the school. In the Freshman Class the new and “green” cadets get their first taste of looking out for themselves and of military dis- cipline. In their promotion to the Sopho- more Class they climb another rung- in both these fields and become more familiar with the social and scholastic activities of their school. In their Junior year they work very hard to acquire the position their first three years stand for— that of Seniors. Thus, the first three years of high school are the first three years of self-reliance.SOPHOMORES William Reiser . Clarence Mobley Julius Rucker Clayton Boardman Howard Willis . . . Julian Gwin........ . . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Student Council • CLASS OFFICERS • FRESHMEN John Cochrane .................President Glover Bailie.............Vice-President John D. Scott..................Secretary, Ben Moseley....................Treasurer John Scurry Smith . . . Student Council F. A. Calhoun Student CouncilThe JUNIOR CLASS Adams, Chas. J. Carter, John Richard Agee, Jack Cato, Edgar T. Allen, Horace Ed. Cave, Dewey Amerson, Henry Chambers, Richard W. Andrews, Adam R. Chambless, O. V. Andrews, Amos C. Chandler, Wm. C. Armstrong. Winton Chavous, Richard G. Ashmead, E. W. Claffey, J. O. Avery, William A. Claussen. Ward S. Avrett, William E. Cloy. Wm. B. Baker. C, D. Cole, Arthur T. Balk, Robt. S. Collier, Billy R. Barrentine, W. J. Cordle. Chas. C Barrett, H. T. Cox, Maynard L. Barton, C E. Cranston, John C. Bateman, P. H. Creech, G. B. Beckworth, C. K. Creech, Otis Beddingfield, Wade Creed. Albert A. Bennett. J. O. Cross. Joe W. Blackstone, James Crouch, C. M. Bowers, J. F. Crozier, David Brake, Bennie Cumming, Joe Bresnahan, J. J. Currie, Walter Brodie, P. A Daley. J. W. Brooks, Miller M. Daley, Wm. Burnside. J. C. Dangler, John H. Ceas, Harold Hargrove, J. C. Dennis, Earl Harrell. E. S. Derovanesian, Todd Henry, Fred H. Dixon. Berry Herndon, Willis K. Dixon, Thomas Heslen, F. C. Doolittle. Albert Hill, Edw. H. Dudley, Earnest P. Hogan. J. W. Dunbar. Edward H. Holland, W. A Dye, Vernon L. Holley, A. L. Earnest, Harold E. Holston, J. A. Eckert. Wayne J. Horn. E. C. Edward. C. W. Houck. K. T. Ellis, James Houck, S. Perry Fleming. Billy Howard, St. Pierre Florie, Julian Hudson, Wm. H. Fraser. Jimmie M. Huff. Mames F. Frierson, E. M. Hull. J. Donald Gardner. H. A Hydrick, Louie C. Girardot, Willie J. James, Curtis L. Goldberg, Ira Jenkins, A Ellison Goldberg. L. F. Johnson. F. H. Goldstein. Adrian Johnson, James L. Goldstein. L. R. Jones, Geo. Edwin Graves. H. D. Jones, William J. Gredig, A F. Keener. Theo. McCoy Guren, D. A. Keiter, Wm. Geo.Kelly. Thomas G. Mobley, Wm. L. Roqers, Roy W. Stringer, John Key, Lester H. Mooneyham, Luther Roper. Amory Thomas, Robt. J. Kinq. Robert W Moore, Warren Rosier. Chas. Thompson, Joe Knotts. Ulv S Morris, John Ross, James E. Thompson. Paul M. Koqer, Wm, J, Muns, Lewis Royal, Chas. Thompson. P. H. Landrum, Joseph Murphy, Alex Rupert. D. M. Thompson, Wm. E. Ia;iscv, Horace Murray, Joe Russell, C. D. Timmerman, B. C. Lee. Joseph Mutimer, Howard Sanders, Carl Tinley. Thos. W. LeSeur, Joe • McCall. George Sanders, Robt. Toole, Chas. E. Levy, Harry McCarty, Chas. Scott, Louis Tudor. Alfred T. Lewis, Clinton McGahee. Milo Scott, Roy S. Tyner. Ray E. Lewis, William McKie. W. T. Seaqo, John Twiqqs, Lorick M. Lincul. Henry McLees. George Searcey, Chas. Walker. Geo. Wm. Lonq, Russell Newton, El wood Sedberry, Henry Watkins. P. A ’ oo, Wah Chow Oellerich, Alfred Sherman. Frank Weiss, John Robt. Lucas. Bennie Ott, Angus Simons. Carl Widoner, David M. Lovett, Horace Owens. Carlisle Smith, Joseph Wilkerson, F. G. Luke. Charles Parker, A W. Smith, Ralph Wilkins. L. H. Luke, Edward Parnell, Benjamin Smolen, Victor Wilkinson. John Carswell Lynn. Billy Pearre, H. E Stafford, James Williamson. C. D. Merrit, Walter Petrea, Geo. Starn©§. Clinton Williamson. C. J. Mertins, Otto Rabun. Delmer Stephens, James Wilson, B. M Mieqel, Irvin Rabun, Francis Stephens, William Wilson, James O. Miles, Jack Radford. Geo. Stevens, Dien D. Wolcott. W. W. Miller. Harry Reiser, John Stone, Carl Wonq, Bot Lee Mills. Frank L. Rizer, Virgil Strayhorn. Wm. Wood, L. L. Mills, M. F. Roberts, J. W. Street, Benjamin Yarbrough, Wm. M. Tne 1941 T?ai n bo id VThe SOPHOMORE CLASS Aaronson, Perry Braddock, W. E. Fiske. Julian Hood. Isaac Adams, Geo. A. Brinkley, Avery B. Fouche, Chas. L. Howard, Thos. Adams. Julian Britton, Wm. H. Fouche, Jas. R. Howe, Richard Adams. Sam G. Brooker, Joseph K. Frohock, Robt. B. Howell, Lucian Aldridge, Jack T. Brown. Clyde W Fulcher, H C Hudson, Jack Aldridge, James L. Brush, Forrest Gilliland. W. J. Hughes, Minton L. Alsabrook, Lamar Bryant, Edward E. Glickert, Jimmie L. Jackson, Ed. D. Armistead, James N. Capers, Anderson C. Granade, Wm. O. Jackson, J. Clarence Arnold, Boyd L. Carter. Ben Grealish, O. W. Jackson, Thos. A. Arrington, Harry Cave, Gus F. Greene, Wm. Thos. Jarrett, Branyon Atkinson, Albert C. Chamblee, Geo. T. Greer. Wm. B. Jarrett, Fred Attaway, Robt. T. Chandler, Arthur B. Guillebeau, Chas. R. Jarrett, Lariscy Bailey, Albert W. Chavous, Joe D. Gunter, Chas. N. Joe, Harry Bailey, Bernard S. Christian. Clifford Guy, James H. Johnson. Bennie R. Bailey. H. H. Clark. John G. Gwin, Julian Johnson. Joe H. Bailey, Henry W. Cloy, Luther J. Hamilton, Jasper A. Johnson, Julian Gary Baker, Julian M. Coclin, Deno G. Hamilton. Warren Johnson. Rufus Baker. Wm. R. Conner, Chas. E. Hancock. Clyde A. Johnson, Wm. C. Barnes, Robt. Conselyea, Herbert Harrell, Robt. G. Johnson. Walter E. Baxter, Chas. A. Cox, Wm. G. Harrell, Sterling Jones, Arthur M. Baxter, John R. Craft. John M. Harris. James H. Jones, Ralph Betts, Wm. H. Croft, Jack Harris, Wilfred Jones, Wm. Beazley, Jack L. Culpepper, Flavious Harveston, Frank Jue, Theo. Belger, Clarence A. Cunningham, Geo. Hayes. Bernard A. Kelley, Chas C. Bennett. Jack D. Davidson. Chas. Heard, Bobby C Kenny, Ed. Pat Benson, Calvin C Davis. Baston Herlong, John C. King, Marcel Lee Betts, M. B. Davis, James E. Herndon, Phillip H. Kirkland, Harry L. Bivens, Glenn D. Davis, Jervis T. Hightower, Robt. S. Kirkley, Carl Black. Henry S. Deer, Richard Hobbs, Geo. Laird, Jack P. Black. James Benj. Dickens, Wilton I. Hodge. James C. Lamb. Herbert Blackwell, Marion B. Dickson, Alvin Hodges, Claude L. Landrum, Whitfield Boardman, Clayton P. Drost, Eugene B. Hoffman, T. S. Lang, Douglas Booker, Jerry D. Duvall, J. R, Holley. Rudolph Leonard, Bernard Bowers, John Phillips Epps, Marion Hollingsworth, Wm. E. Lewis, Roy Boyd, Robt. A. Etheredge, Billy Holmes, Daniel S. Lord, EdwardLuke, Douglas Page, Albert Luke, Ivan Partee, Jimmie Mallet, Allen Partee, Walter Manly, Walter Patterson, Forrest Mason, Guestzer Payne. James Mathewson. Tracy Peacock. Walter Maxwell, Thos. Pendleton. Chas. Menger, Earl Pennington, Chas. Minor, John Pearre, Jerome Miller, Marion Pearson. Morris C. Miller, Norman Peters, Billy Mobley, Clarence Plagwitz, Henry Mobley, H. J. Pope. Fritz Moore. James Postell, Melvin Morgan, Lucius Powell, C. A. Morris. Lawrence Powell, Joseph Moss, John Poythress, Lonnie Murray, Otis Prescott. James Murphy, Geo. Price, James McAbee, Wm. Rabun. James Doug McCaslan Duward Rachels, Benny McDonald, James Rachels, J C. McElveen, Malcolm Radford, Joseph McFeely. Alton Reiser, Wm McGahee, Roy Reynolds. Walter Mcllhany, Bobby Rhodes. Eddie McMichael. Leroy Rhodes, Jack Myers, Chas. Rhodes. James Nelson, John Rhodes. R. L. Newman, Alfred Rinker, John Newman, Geo Robinson, H. C. Nichols. Joel B. Roessler. W. F. Norvell, Wm. Rozier. Harold Ott, Aaron Rucker, Ben S. Rucker, J. F. Toole, Wm. F. Rucker, Julius Tudor, Arthur A. Russell. John Tudor, Jim Sauls, James Turner. Robt. Saxon, Winton Tuten, Chas. E. Scarborough, O. Vignati, Joe Schulze. T. W. Wages, Jas. Marion Scott, Allen Walker, E. C. Scott. Fred Wall, Seisel E. Scott, Whatley V aterston, Jack Seago, John Watkins, Earnest Seitz, Wm. Watson, Joe O. Shields, Thos. Weathers, Milledge Sikes. Clarence Welch, Henry G. Skinner, Ernest Welch, Harold Guy Sinkker, Harold Wells, Linsey Smith, Edison Whaley, Carl Smith, Ernest Wheatley, Chas. P. Smith, Robert Wheatley, Edward Smith, Thos. Wheatley, Murray Smith. Wm. Wheeler. Frank Smoak, Marion Whitehead. E. W. Snipes, Wm. Wilensky, Edwin Snooks, Wm. O. Williams. Hugh Dixon Steinberg, Aaron Willis. Howard Story, Albert Wong, Alexander Story, Forest Wren, Artemus Summers, J. C. Wright. Donald M Swetham, Randall Wright, Heyward II Taylor, Geo. Edward Wylds. Vadis I. Tebow, John R Yablon, Irving Thomas, Jesse Yablon, Sanford Thornton, Cecil Yarn, Wilbur K. Thurmond. Thos. Youngblood. Ralph Wrenn, Wyatt O. Tlie 1041 12fll n BO tl) VAllen, William Amerson, James R. Anderson, Earl A. Anderson, John T Anderson, Weldon Austin, Jack H. Bailey. Milton R. Bailie, Glover R. Baker, Odell R Balk, Arthur J. Balkcum, Lonnie O Barber. Jack Thomas Barfield, Dewey Barnes, John Andrew Barnes, Marion G. Barrow, Geo. E. Barsh, Dempsey Baston. Chas. Beale. C. G. Beall, Louis F. Beardon, Richard Bell. Vernon R. Best. Hilliard Bethune, Russell B. Blackwell. W. A. Blasingame, W. T. Boardman, Donald A. Bohler, Chas, T. Boles. Chas. Boney, David A. Booker, J. T. Bowman, William B. Bovd, Ralph L. Bradford. Wm. W. Bray. Herbert Britt, Marian D. Brock, Jerry H Brown. William C. Browning, C. E. Buffington. Claude Buga, W. G. Burch. Richard A Burrell, Lansing M. Burrum, Chas. W. Bussell, James H. Byrd, Harmon H, Byrd, Talmadge Byrd, Wm C. Cadden, John Cadle, Robt. B. Calhoun. F. M. Carpenter, Edw. G. Carter, Jesse F. Cave, Bertram O Chalker. S. A. Christie, E. F. Cliatt, L. L. Cochrane. John A. Cohen. Sheldon B. Colley, Henry E. Conner. Wm. Cook. Eugene Wing Cook. Ronnell Cook. Sam Payne Cox, Albert M. Crawford, Chas. Crawford, Sim N. Crenshaw, Billie C. Crocket, Ben Cross. Hugh Wallace Crowson. Edgar B. Culpepper, Thos. K. Davis. Chas. V. Davis, Donald J. Davis. Ralph V. Davis, Wm. A. DeLoach. C M. DeLong, Raymond E. DeMore. Geo R Devaney, Edward Dixon, Carlton Donoghue, Mortimer J. Doualas, Henry Theron Douglas, Jack D. Dover, Edward L. Drane, James E Duvall, Stephen J. Dyson, J. W Ehrlich, Clarence L. Eidson, Jesse L Eidson, Wyman Evans, Chas. E. Evans. Seymour Faulkner, Wm. L. Felder. Jimmie 0. Fitzgerald, Wm. T. Fletcher, Herman E. Frances, Joe T. Fulford. M. Funk, Leslie Andrew Garnto, Curtis Earl Gay, Andrew P. Gay, Hubert Reeves George. Wm. S. Ghann. Aubrey S. Gibbs, James E. Goggans, Herbert O. Goldman. M. Goode, Wm. Goodwin. Howard H. Gray. Wm. Boyce Grear. J. Wm Grimsley, Holland W. Hall, Merlyn D. Harison, Phil Sawyer Harkness, John C. Harrell. S. T. Harris, Wm. E. Harrison, Bobby Harter, Geo. M. Harvard. Bi'l Harveston, Geo. S Hatcher. John M. Helander, Hudson M. Helmuth, Wm. J. Henderson, Robt L. Henry, Bernard K. Hightower, Billy Hill, Bobby P. Hixon. Walter Robt. Hobbs, Leo Hodaes, Tommy Ed. Holley. C. Hooper. John Thos. Home, James L. Inglett, Ernest Wesley Inglett, Richard W. Inglett, Robt. B. Ivey, Robt. W. Izlar. Jack B. Jackson, Jack M. Jackson, Lloyd Leslie Jakes, Julian E. James, William Jeffcoat. Robt. W Jeffers, Sam. A. Jernigan. Hal J. Jester, Edward Joe, Robt. Johnson, David L. Johnson. Fred J. Johnson, Jesse Ed Johnson. Marion Lee Johnson. Wm. P. Jones, C. W. Jones, C. H. Jones. WilParn Kennedy, Paul Key, Alfred Luther Key, Gene Erasmus K'rby, Hoyt M. iKrby, Wm. K’rkl nd. C B. Koesline, T R. Krewson. J C. Lamar, Tracy Lamount. Dan. LaVance. Arthur Lazenby, Sam Lester, Bill Lever, Aubrey Lever. Wm. Lewis, Robt. Little. Yates Ttie 1-9 41 n BO U) VThe FRESHMAN GLASS Long. Harry Lott, Lester Lotz, Wm. Lum, Frank Lynch, Ewell Lynn. Marion Maddox, Clilford Maddox, Wm. Mann, Carl Marshall, Oswell Martin, Alfred Martin, Clarence Maxwell, Grover C. Martin, Herbert Mays, Bowdre Melton, Arthur Melton. Robt Merry, Arthur Miller, Alvin Mills, Jack Mitchell. Frilon Mock, Cleon Moline. Edwin Moore, Jack Moore, John Morgan. Thomas Morris, Carl Morris. Ivins Morris, Richard Moseley, Ben Moseley, Robt Murphy,y Henry Murphy, Jack Murrah, Wayne Myers, Marion McConnell, Bright McGowan, Henry McGee, Kendall McGee, Raymond McKenney, Walter McLendon. Billy McLendon. Bobby McLendon, Neal McLyre, Franklin Neal, Luther Newman, George Newman, John Nichols, Donald Nixon, Clarence Oellerich, Dietrich Ogletree, Luther O'Hara, Jack Owens, Luther Palmer. Clement Pardue, Clinton Parrish, Richard Parrish, Robt. Paulos. Chris Pearson, Sam Peebles, Clement Peebles. Robt. Perdue, Clarence Phillips. Bobby Phillips, Inman Fhinizy, John Phillips, Mauree Pierce, Hinton PipDin, Jack Bernard Poole, Herbert Poole, Thos. Powell. Lester Powell Ralph Prescott, Harry Price, Beamous Pritchard, Jack Proctor, Wilbur Purvis, Bummy Pyle, Marvin Reese. Enoch Rhine. Joseph Rhodes. Frank Rice, Thos. Rickets, Howard Rigsby. Mack Roberts, Bob Robertson, Joseph Robinson. Clayton Roesel George Rollins, Joseph Rowe Wm, A. Russell, Billy Russell. Clifford Ryan, Roy Sacre, Wm. A. Sanders, Robt. Savage. Clarence Sawilowsky, Yale Scharnitzky, Emile Scoggins. Fred Scoaoins. Henry Deer Scott. John Seigler. Wm. Seigler, Wm. E. Shapiro, Jerome Shmerling, Abram Sidener, Chas. Silver, Milton Sims, Claude Sims, James Sims, Ray Skelton, Webster Skinner, Sterling Skinner, William Slater. Garland Smalley, Larry B. Smart. Herbert Smith. Al. Smith, Billy Smith, David Smith. Jack Smith, John Smith. Roy Smith. Tracy Smitherman. O. C. Spearmen, Wm. Speer. James Standard, Gordon Stanford. Irby Stephens. James Stephens, Milton Stewart, Max Stone. Harry Strickland, J. A. Strother, James Swancy, Harold Swancy, John Swint, Ernest Tankersley. C. E. Taylor, L. R. Temples. A. W. Thacker, O. G. Thorpe, R M. Trapnell, Edgar Tudor, E. H. Tyson, Lewis Grady Van Dyke. A. L. Verdery, Leonard F. Walker, Bedford C. Walker, O. T. Wall. Chas. R. Watkins, Harry Lee Walton, Brant G. Ward. Julian Weathersbee, J. A. Webster, F. G. West, Irby W. Whaley, Wm. B. Wheatley. Grover C. Whitaker, John A. Whitehead. Henry M. Widener, K W. Widener, W. C. Widgeon. George Williams, William T Willingham, H. M. Wilson. E. M. Wilson, John M. Wong, Robt Woo. F. E. Woodward. Marion A. Wright. F. E. Wright. Joseph D. Youngblood, JohnnieUNDERCLASSES Connie and Mac Claire step out A dignified bachelor! Mr. Parker makes awards Their first dance!J. D. Harvley Jane Cosgrove C. B. Thurmond ★REGIMENT O. T. C. Lieut.-Colonel Walter A. Elliott Infantry, U. S. Army 1917— Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Infantry. 1918— Commissioned temporary 1st Lieutenant Infantry. 1919— Commissioned permanent 1st Lieutenant Infantry. 1928— Comm'ssioned Captain Infantry. 1937—Commissioned Major Infantry. 1940—Commissi ned Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry. 1924—Graduate Company Officers Course, The Signal School. 1929— Graduate Company Officers Course, The Infantry School. Served with 13th Division during the World War. During 22 years in the Army, service in the 44th Infantry, 5th Infantry, and 57th Infantry. Instructor with the Iowa National Guard. Staff of Major General Frank Holies and of Brigadier Gen- eral Dana T. Merritt. Foreign service in France. Germany and the Philippines. I’.M.S. T. and Commandant. A. R. C. 1938-39-40-41. Robert Wilkerson takes dictation from Lieutenant-Colonel Elliott. Sergeant McGee “quizzes" the boys Sergeant J. R. Wilkerson 1929—Enter Regular Army. 1937—Promoted to Sergeant. 1937—Assigned to Military Department A.R.C.-J.C.A. Coach of A.R.C.-J.C.A. Rifle Team. Commissioned Lieutenant in Regular Army March 1941. Sergeant William C. McGee 1917—Enlisted in t . S. Army. 1917—Sergeant in U. S. Army. World War—Bayonet Instructor. 19251). E. M. L.—R. O. T. C. at Columbus. Ga. P.M.S. T. and Commandant, A.R.C. 1938-39-40-41. “The best fellow in the world", loved alike bv the students and the faculties. Sergeant Wilkerson absorbed in his workColonel Jones Epps and his sponsor, Miss Margaret Murphy. Col. Jones Epps Margaret Murphy REGIMENTAL Of greatest importance to the Military Department is the Regimental Staff. This group acts as executive staff of the regiment. Issuing or- ders and supplies is but a small part of their jobs. Miss Frances Capers Sponsor Ernest Wiggins Major Miss Dorothy Ann Starr Sponsor Howard Johnston Captain Osborne Stelling 1st Lieutenant Louis Brown 1st LieutenantRegimental Staff STAFF O F F I C E R S Miss Rose Anne Hallman Sponsor Rufus Sizemore Captain Miss Mildred Mills Sponsor Jimmy Cooper Captain Colonel Jones Epps Lieut.-Col. Frank Knapp—Ex-officio Major E. D. Wiggins—S-l Captain J. R. Cooper—Asst. S-l Captain Rufus Sizemore—Asst. S-l Captain J. J. Hill—S-2 Captain Harold Engler—S-3 Captain Howard Johnston—S-4 1st Lieut. Osborne Stelling—Asst. S-4 1st Lieut. Louis Browne—Asst. S-4 1st Lieut. F. G. Weatherwax—Asst. S-4 1st Lieut. R. A. Smith—Asst. S-4 538The A.R.C.-J.C.A. Sabre Club, the R.O.T.C. officers’ club, is one of the most firmly established and popular organizations in the school. Its members are the officer personnel of the A.R.C.-J.C.A. cadet corps. The Club is the oldest student organization still in existence. School just wouldn’t seem right without the Sabre Club. The purpose of the club is twofold: First, to provide entertainment or recreation, social or otherwise, for the members of the club: Second, to contribute in any way possi- ble to the betterment of the military department of the Junior College of Augusta and the Academy of Richmond County. Approximately thirty cadet officers from last year were back on hand when school opened in September. This gave a fine nucleus around which to build the 1940-41 Sabre Club. Various non-commissioned officers were commissioned by the Commandant from time to time until the officer personnel, and therefore, the membership of the Sabre Club also, had increased to sixtv-two at this writing. At the beginning of the first semester last fall, the members of the club elected offi- cers for the year. Colonel Jones Epps was elected president. Major Frank Knapp (later(Resume ojj tke tan.. i promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel) vice-president, Captain Jimmy Cooper, secretary, and Captain Walter Reiser, treasurer. Lieutenant-Colonel Walter A. Elliott, A.R.C.-J.C.A. cadet corps commandant, acts as advisor to the club. The club meets every other Wednes- day afternoon at the end of the sixth period in Study Hall 324. To remain in good standing, members must not miss more than two meetings in one semester. During the past years the Sabre Club has made a great many concrete contributions to the school. Two of the cups presented each year to the best-drilled units in the military department were bought by the Sabre Club. Also, the Sabre Club presents a medal to the best-drilled freshman cadet each year. When Major W. A. Elliott received his promo- tion to Lieutenant-Colonel last fall, the club, at a special joint A.R.C.-J.C.A. Chapel, presented the new lieutenant-colonel with a set of insignia. The outstanding functions of the. Sabre Club have always been its dances, and this year was no exception. Shortly after the beginning of the second semester, the club gave a dance at the American Legion Hall in Julian Smith Park. Major Ernest Wiggins, chair- man of the dance committee, was instrumental in making the dance a great financial success. Practically all the Sabre Club members were present in full dress uniform. This group was augmented by a large turnout of the local younger set in "civies”. Accom- panving most of these were their respective "girl friends . At this dance the captains, majors, and colonels appeared with their sponsors for the first time at the military form- ation. The next social event was another dance during the Easter holidays. This dance was held in the school gym and was sponsored jointly by the Sabre Club and Student Council. A great many of the faces seen on this occasion were those of former A. R.C.- J. C. A. cadet officers who were home for the holidays. Members of the club and the entire school are looking forward with mounting inter- est to the Annual !banquet and Sponsors’ Ball, which will be held just before the end of the school year. The two events are indeed the highlights of the social year at A.R.C.- J.C.A., and this year’s social committee has as its goal to make them better than ever. Without the Sabre Club the social life of our school would be incomplete. Of course, the prime interest of the club is the military department. Naturally each of the officers is interested in bettering his own organization in every way possible. For this reason the Sabre Club stresses military per- fection and appearance. One of the things instituted by the club this year was the ac- quisition of a distinct type of hat for the offi- cers. These new style hats were adopted by the club by a vote of 60 to 1, and added a great deal to the appearance of the club as a whole. When the time came to elect officers for the second semester, the entire slate of first semester officers was unanimously reelected. When the Sponsors’ Ball and Banquet are over, the club will have completed a busy year. Always a center of activity, the tradi- tion-laden organization held its reputation of being in the front ranks among student or- ganizations, and we feel sure that 50 or 60 years from now, the Sabre Club will still have an important part in the life of our school. Captain Walter Reiser¥ The Military Sponsors To the officer of the R.O.T.C. go a commission and the honor of having a sponsor, who is formally presented by him at an annual spring Military Ball. During the year, these sponsors are honored at many brilliant parties. At the Prize Drill the sponsors sit on the review stand and present the officers with their individual awards. Mary Ackles Jane Cosgrove Pat Elliott Rose Ann Hallman Willa Horner Frances Capers Jane Culpepper Dot Ellison Gussie Heath Louise KnappRachel Longshore Mary Ann Mell Myra Middleton Mildred Mills Margaret Murphy Shirley McCormick Mary Emma Pierce Margaret Shearer Dorothy Anne Starr Mickey Talbert Mary Anne Toole Mary Mae Wells The 1941 "Qamboiu VActivities Stringer and 11 is Majorettes The Major Becomes Lieutenant-ColonelMajor................................Frank Knapp (Since promoted to Lieuteant-Colonel) Regimental Executive................Hayward Bateman (Since promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel) Staff Sergeant.......................Donald Bailie Major Frank Knapp Miss Louise Knapp LATEST PERSONNEL Major..........Hayward Bateman First Lieutenant.... Mill wee Owens Staff Sergeant....Donald Bailie Frank Knapp Donald Bailie Mill wee OwensCaptain Roscoe Lowery Miss Mildred Rowe Kenneth Gurley Fuller Weatherwax PERSONNEL Captain..........................Roscoe Lowery First Lieutenant.................Kenneth Gurley Second Lieutenant....................Marvin Seals Top Sergeant . Jack Culpepper COMPANY Supply Sergeant..............Reeves Turbyfill Guidon Hearer.................Theo Thevaos Color Guard...................Howard Willis Company Clerk.................E. W. Jackson FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.........Servant, L. F. Right Guide................ Broome, J. Left Guide.............McCaslan, D. B. 1st Squad King, W. L. (C) Andrews, A. R. Goldstein, A. J. McCarty, C. F. Johnson, G. Morris, J. L. Rabun. F. T. Bcckworth, C. 2nd Squad Carter, J. R. Smith. R. G. Stone, C. D. Norvell, W. K. Short. W. J. Conner. C. E. Nelson. J. E. Seigler. W. T. Hightower, R. S. 3rd Squad Duvall, C. L. (C) Avrett, N. E. Andrews, A. C. Printup, J. Goldstein, L. R. Swanson J. H. Rice. P. YV. Norris, C. W. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant............Hyman. J. A. Right Guide............ , Jackson, E. D. Left Guide............... , . Taylor, A. 1st Squad 2nd Squad Crouch, C. M. (C) Fouchc, G. L. Con ant. F. D. Sauls, J. H. Belgcr, C. A. Rucker, J. F. Capers, A. Brcsnahan, J. J, Epps, M. R. Wren, H. Williams. H. D. Carter, E. B. Schulze. T. YV. Baxter, J. K. Taylor, G. E. Lord, E. D. Daitch, J. 3rd Squad Minor, J. W. Kenney, E. P.C Consclyca. H. G. Brown, C. W. Fulcher, H. G. Deer. R. Black, J. B. Attaway, B. T. Mahoney. J. Holmes,'!). G. (C) %■ -FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant............Gus Sanders Right Guide............Julian Hargrove Left Guide................. O. Mertins 1st Squad Kelly, T. J. (C) Bateman, P. H. Dicks, E. P. Booker, J. D. Manly, W. L. Rizcr. V. H. Herndon, W. K. Mann, C. J. 2nd Squad Royal, C. C. (C) Heslen, F. C. Moring, C. E. Whitehead, Earl Yablon, I. Dickens, J. W. Newman. G. A. Slater, M. G. Hill, Bobby P. 3rd Squad Dorn, C. B. (C) Scott, L. E. Mcllhaney, B. Gwinn, Julian Watson, J, Saxon, W. G. Poytltress, L. T. Howe, R. L. Kirby, Bobby A. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant .... .W. Cross Right Guide . . M E. Earnest 1st Squad Cloy, B. (C) Me Lees. George Stephens, W. H. Arrington, H. Lange, D. Davidson, C. V. Cloy, Jerome Parrish, R. R. Cox, M. L. 2nd Squad Joe, Harry (C) Scott, F. L. Prescott. J. H. Lewis, R. C. Rabun, J. D. Cox. W. G. Powell. J. C. Williams, J. D, Lazenby, S. P. 3rd Squad Allen, H. E. (C) Pendleton, C. B. Edwards, C. W. Atkinson, A. C. Jcffcoat, R. W. hambless» O. V. Whitton, Ben Burgess, C. W. Wilson, B. M. P E R S O Captain ................ First Lieutenant........ Second Lieutenant .... Second Lieutenant .... Supply Sergeant......... Company Clerk........... N N E L ......Olin Gordon .........R. A. Smith .......Pierce Merry ......... J. Stringer ......M. H. Cribl) . . , , L. H. Wilkins Captain Wayne Barnes Miss Shirley McCormick Sponsor Olin Gordon 1st Lieutenant Pierce Merry 2nd Lieutenant Robert Smith 2nd Lieutenant "B” COMPANYCaptain Hayward Bateman Miss Pat Elliott, Sponsor "C” COMPANY Arthur L. Williams 1st Lieutenant Paul Plunkett 2nd Lieutenant Lionel Gulledge 2nd Lieutenant PER s O N z m r” Captain Second Lieutenant . . . . P. K. Plunkett First Lieutenant A. L. Williams 'Fop Sergeant . . . Guidon ' Bearer . . Company Clerk . . FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant..........T. W. Tinley Guide Sergeant............H. J. Miller 1st Squad Baber, M. E Weiss. J. Chavous, R. Dixon. B. Storey, F. Carpenter, F. Reiser. S. E. Lotz, W. J. Timanus, E. C. Harison, P. 2nd Squad Landrum, H. J. Thompson, L. Williams, G. R. Fraser, J. Bailey, W. Britton, W. Connor, W. P. Rhodes, F. R. Chambers, R. W. Jackson, L. 3rd Squad Avrett. W. Pope, F. Simmons, C. Hodges, C. L. Lee, W. L. Betts. M. B. Harbin. W. Stone, H. P. Agee. J. Oglctree. L. E. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant............F. Johnson Guide Sergeant...............G. Walker 1st Squad Hudson, J. (CJ Setze, H. Laughlin, L. Thompson, J. Cordle, G. C. Mobley, H. McMichacl, L. Alsabrooks. L. Chandler, W. 2nd Squad Huff, F. (C) Cole, P. Bennett. J. O. Barnes, R. J. Keiter, W. G. Morris, L. W. Gunter, C. N. Wright, 1). M. Waterston, J. W. 3rd Squad Rinkcr, J. (C) Crozier, D. T. Hvdrick, L. C. McKic, W. T. Whaley. C. B. Weathers, M. W. Reynolds, W. D. Arnold, B. L. Knotts, U. S. Pennington. C. Howell, L.FIRST PLATOON Sergeant .......................Jack Barrett Platoon Sergeant.................. S. Reiser Right Guide............................J. L. Haynes Left Guide....................K. D. Stelling 1st Squad Watkins, B. W. Sheridan, E. C. Eckert, W. Broome, E. Brittingham, T. Rucker, B. J. Collins. B. Bussey, S. 2nd Squad Rhoden, J. T. Tudor, J. M. Dudley, E. Scarbough, O. Wilson, James Moseley Johnson Bates Johnson. W. C. 3rd Squad Sanders, R. G. Daley, M. W. Wong. B. L. Patterson. J. F. Hagler, G. B. Adams. S. G. Cave. Gus King. R. W. SECOND PLATOON Right Guide...............A. Moseley Left Guide..............W. Armstrong 1st Squad Pearre, H. E. Bedingfield, W. Williamson, C. Twiggs. L. M. Thurmond, T. Miller, M. D. Widener, M. D, Whealey, M. Prontaut, L. G. Smith. W. II. 2nd Squad Smith. D. Loo, W. C. Russell, C. I). Fletcher Mason, G. L. Williamson, C. J. Moore. W. T. Carter, J. McKeown, J. A. Lever 3rd Squad Walcott. H. E. Tankers ley, L. R. Skinner, E. O. Hardin, C. G. Miller. C. N. Smoak, J. M. James, C. L. Bivins. G. D. Pearson Taylor PERSONNEL Captain ..................Ed Shell First Lieutenant.......H. C. Lovett Second Lieutenant........Jim Robins First Sergeant........W. H. Hudson Guidon Bearer...........D. A. Brown Supply Sergeant........James Smith Company Clerk.......James A. Holston IT. C. Lovett 1st Lieutenant Jimmie Robins Clarence Murphey 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Captain Ed Shell Miss Rachel Longshore COMPANY ...•I-.-: -- »-. ’• • Tlie Company stands at attention. Ready for InspectionMajor...........................Wade Sneed First Lieutenant . . Frank Dennis S-l Staff Sergeant.........Harvey Seago Harvey Seago Frank Dennis Wade SneedNathan Gillman James Hill Hen Popkin 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant PERSONNEL Captain................Walter A. Reiser First Lieutenant....A. Nathan Gillman Second Lieutenant............Ben Popkin Second Lieutenant............J. J. Hill First Sergeant.............J. Hoover Guidon Hearer..........O. W. Harrison Company Clerk...........Hilly Fleming Captain Walter Reiser Miss Mary Anne Toole "E” COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.................Earl Menger Right Guide..........................A. Roper Left Guide...........................R. Davis 1st Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad McKinney, A. S. Collier, B. R. Jennings, J. Rupert. D. M. Cave. I). Daley, Jack Creed, A. Scott. J. Green. M. K. Miles, R. J. Chamblee, G. T. Harrell, S. F. Deas, H. A. Streets, B. Ellison. L. Newton, E. S. Story. A. H. Skinner, H. S. Guren. D. A. Maxwell, T. A. Heard, B. C. Dantzler, H. C. Timmerman, B. Landrum. V. M. Ivey. T. K. Byrd. H. H. Smith. E. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant............W. D. Geer Right Guide..............W. H. Agostas Left Guide.................................Burnside 1st Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad Cunningham, Houck, K. T. Murphy, A. T. Jarrett, E. B. J nes, W. Yablon, S. Stafford J. J. Hollingsworth. W. Patterson, E. E. Snooks Plagwitz. H. E. Rucker. J. T. Ocllcrich, A. B. Hogan. J. W. Nickles, J. B. Radford, J. T. Russell, J. Robinson, H. C. Holland. Billy Snipes. YV. J. Luke, D. M. Powell, C. E. W'beeler. F. D. Jackson. T. A. Mallet, A. Roberts, J. W.Frank Inman 1st Lieutenant Harold Engler 1st Lieutenant Tom Hutto 2nd Lieutenant Captain R. C. Bailie Miss Myra Middleton "F” COMPANY PERSONNEL Captain........... First Lieutuenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant . . Supply Sergeant . Guidon Bearer . . Company Clerk . . R. C. Bailie F. E. Inman . . T. Hutto . A. G. Bailie . . L. Daitch W. R. Barton , J. C. Seago FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant . ....................A. Parker Guide Sergeant...................W. M. Harrison Guide Sergeant......................J- M. Postell 1st Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad Phinizy, C. H.(C) Ross. J. E.(CJ Yarbrough, W. M. Roger, M. S. Henry, F. H. Wood, L. H. Dangler, J. H. Frierson, E. M. Shields, 1'. E. Broker, J. K. Blackwell, J. P. Roger. W. J. Kirkland, H. L. Wong. A. Toole, W. F. Mills, F. M. Drost. G. Newman, A. F. Rhodes, J. W. McDonal, J. F. Bowers. J. F. Blackwell. M. B. Turner, R. M. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant...............H. H. Park Guide Sergeant.............W. Y Wolcott Guide Sergeant.................R. S. Balk 1st Squad Ellis. J. H. (C) Ott. A. C. Gardner, H. A. Dye. V. Kirk ley. C. Moore, J. E. Jarrett, B. Morgan. L. Scott. W. S. Sniolen. V. 2nd Squad Petrea, G. E.(C) Croft, J. K. Watkins, P. A. Clark. YV. E. Harris. J. H. Howard, T. J. Johnston, W. E. Bennett. J. B. Bussell, J. H. Phillips, M. E. Long, R. A. Hawkins. P. 3rd Squad Cranston, J. C.(C) Luke, C. Harris, W. Gilliland. Yr. J. Wylds, V. Wrenn, W. O. Jackson. J. C. Price, J. L. Izlar. j. B. Wright. H. H. Jones. W. J.FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.........R. E. Sizemore Guidue Sergeant (R).......J. L. Caldwell Guiude Sergeant (L)........J. R. Walker 1st Squad Hurlbutt, B.(C) Fulmer, J. B. Murrali, J. W. Luke, E. C. Murray, O. G. Guillebeau, C. R. Oakley. D. Chavous, A. J. Mims. L. C. Mooney ham. L. 2nd Squad Thompson, W. C. Claussen, W. S. Dixon, T. S. Radford, G. E. Youngblood R. P. Armisstead. J. M. Greer. W. B. Barton, C. E. Honour, C. M. Evans, C. E. 3rd Squad Faulkner. C. O. Camp, H. H. Wilkerson. J. C. Grealish, O. W. Johnson, B. R. Payne. J. C. Marshall, O. VV. McGahee, H. VV. Jones, G. E. Bannister. S. C. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.............M. J. Ivey Guide Sergeant (R)........H. C. Sedberry (iuide Sergeant (L)......J. C. Wilkerson 1st Squad Levy, H. Lewis, VV. O. Toole, C. E. Smith, T. H. Rabun. D. M. Cummins, J. B. Stevens, D. D. Starnes. C. McAbce, VV. 2nd Squad Thompson, P. 1 Goldberg, L. F. Houck, S. P. Lee, J. D. Sherman, J. Gredig, A. F. Trapnell, E. P. Hcrlong, J. C. Goldberg, J. C. 3rd Squad Graves, D. H. Adams, G. Cato, E. Jones, R. E. McGahee, M. Mobley, VV. T. DeLoach, C. M. Rowe, W. A. Baker, C. D. Derovanesian, T. PERSONNEL Captain........... First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Top Sergeant . . . Supply Sergeant . Guidon Hearer . . Company Clerk . J. B. Murray , H. U. King J. M. Marsh A. L. Gibson . . E. Barton W. H. McKie J. L. Caldwell S. G. Parnell Hubert King Arthur Gibson 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Captain Joe Murray Miss Marv Ackles "0” COMPANYCaptain ( tis DeLong Miss Gussie Heath "H” COMPANY r r Louis Battey 1st Lieutenant PERSONNEL Captain ... First Lieutenant . - Second Lieutenant Pi rM Sergeant- . . Su])ply Sergeant . Gudion Bearer . . Com papy Clerk . : . . . O. C. Delong . . . I. G. Rucker . . . . Gerald Rox . . . W. Hamilton . . H: L. Lariscy Tom. E Marriott . James L. Lang FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant............B. J. Thomas Right Guide.................John R. Bush Left Guide.....................Mell Aycock 1st Squad Stoudemire, J. D. McGahce, C. S. Tabb, J. E. Bailey H. W. Moss, John M. Bowers, J. P. Lamb, H. W. Hamilton. W. L. Agostas, M. M. Mobley, C. W. 2nd Squad Howard, S. P. Seitz. Billy Tebow, J. R. Walker, E. C. King, M. Etheredge, W. B. J ue, T. Granade, V. O. Reynolds, T. Strother, I. H. Wells, L. W. 3rd Squad Harris, C. H Brinkley, A. B Chandler, B. Beazley, J. L McFeely, R. A. Mathewson, T. B.| Baxter, Chas. Welch, Harold Thomas, Jesse Bryan. R. D. Sidney, C. F. A 1st Squad Holley, A. L. Thornton, C. C. Jenkins, A. E. Lemons, J. A. Merritt, W. A. Bailey, A. W. Holley, R. E. Smtih, R. V. Martin, F. C. Britt, M. D. 2nd Squad Pearre, J. T. Craft, John M. Christian, C. I.. Pearson, M. C. Peacock, W. E. Guy, James H. Benson, C. C. Johnson, R. R. Johnson, Joe H. 3rd Squad Wall, Seisel E. Davis, J. E. Clark. J. G. Adams. Julian H. Wheatley, 1C. F. Aaronson, P. A. Boyd. R. A. Rhodes, R. Hobb, G. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.........I. A. Miegal Right Guade..............Jack Browning Left Guide............, , , J. F. Bowles 2nd Battalion Company FormationsUnder the guidance of Major Reginald Hancock and “Sarg,” the Freshman Battalion have learned the art of M. S. T. LATEST PERSONNEL Major.....Reginald Hancock 1st Lieutenant . . James McNair Stall Sergeant . . . Bill Bradford Bill Bradford James McNair Reginald Hancock Major Reginald Hancock Miss Mariam TalbertGene Levy Clarence Manly 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Eugene Hoke Miss Margaret Shearer T COMPANY PERSONNEL Captain .... First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant . . Guidon Bearer . . Company Clerk . ...EP Hoke . C. H. Manley . . J. W. Levy . . . J. H. Hill . H. M. Seago E. A. Anderson . . . , D. Allen FIRST PLATOON First Lieutenant...........C. H. Manly Platoon Sergeant.............H. G. Welch Right Guide................R. M. Thorpe Left Guide : : : : :...........Ed Martin 1st Squad Russell. B.(C) Thacker, O. G. Jackson. J. M. Smith, J. S. Barnes, J. A. Martin. H. Johnson W. P. Stephens, H. M. Neal. L. H. Martin, Ed 2nd Squad Buffington, C. Peebles, R. E. Paulos, C. J. Walton. B. G. Willingham, H. Sawilowsky, C. Boyd. R. L. Drane, J. E. Wilson, E. M. 3rd Squad West, W. Newman, E. Little, C. Y. Swancey. H. D. Martin. A. M. Jester. E. B. Standard, G. E. SECOND PLATOON Second Lieutenant ...............1. W. Lew •f J Second Lieutenant..................J. H. Hill Platoon Sergeant.....................A. P. Gay Right Guide......................C. A. Powell 1st Squad Barber, J. T.(C) Bearden, R. A. Barfield. F. Helmuth, W. J. Hall. M. D. McLendon, B. Cohen, S. Harris, W. E. Davis, D. J. Marshall. O. H. 2nd Squad Dixon, E. Browning. C. Wright. F. E. Felder, J. C. Pippins, J. Goodwin, H. H. Tyson, L. Gay. H. R. Henderson. R. L. Skinner, W. 3rd Squad Cochrane, J. Lever, W. W. Hooper. J. T. Anderson. J. T. Booker. J. T. Lewis, R. S. Whitaker, J. A. Price, B Grear. B. Wheatley, G. C. Gibbs, J. E. tFIRST PLATOON First Lieutenant ..................B. Woltf Second Lieutenant..............C. E. Sanders Platoon Sergeant.................S. C. Horn Guide Sergeant...................J. E. Jakes Guide Sergeant.....................A. L. Key 1st Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad K. E. JL)eLong(C) Inglett, E. W.(C)|Moseley, B. Grimsely, H. Cadle, R. B. Johnson, D. L, Douglas, II. T. McConncl, B. Lott, L. E. Walker, B. J. Johnson, J. O. Smith, J. VV. Nixon, C. VV. Widencr, E. Smalley, L. B. McGowan, H. Eaulkner, W. L. Koastline, T. S. Lynch, E. L. Merry, H. O. Mays, S. P. Miller, A. O. Mitchell, F. M. Cox, A. M. SECOND PLATOON Second Lieutenant...........C. C. Kelley Platoon Sergeant............C. Boardman Guide Sergeant..............R. C. Powell Guide Sergeant............P. H. Herndon 1st Squad Smith. T. E.(C) Morris, R. C. Hatcher, J. M. Calhoun, M. Brown, W. C. Evans, C. E. Perduc, C. D. Hodges. T. E. Melton. H. E. Murrah, W 2nd Squad Chann. A, S.(CT) Walker, O. T. Moline, E. Sacrc, W. A. Savage, C. P. Woodward, M Roesel, C. Reese, E. D. Sims, C. Good, B. Bealle. L. L. 3rd Squad Jones, C. H.(C) Burren, C. VV. Moore. J. N. Phillips, B. W. Me l yre, F. P. . Beal, C. G. Boardman, D. D. Pyke. M. A. Phinizy, J. Murphey, J. N. Owens, L. W. PERSONNEL Captain . ........... First Sergeant : : : : Guidon Sergeant . . . Company Clerk . . . . , , , , R. L. Baird . . . . C. S. Sikes . . . . J. C. Hodge . . , II. B. Smart. Bernard Wolff 1st Lieutenant Captain Richard Baird Miss Dorothy Ellison HI f K COMPANY Captain George McLendon Miss Jane Culpepper "L” COMPANY Lance Card Raymond Hargrove 1st Lieutenant 2ml Lieutenant PERSONNEL Captain.......•........Kenneth Gurley First Lieutenant...... ... Lance Card Second Lieutenant . . . •.R. W. Hargrove Second Lieutenant... . . . L. Anderson First Sergeant....•.....J. E. Vignati Guidon Hearer..........• . W. E. Seigler Company Clerk......•.......G. Barnes FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant.........II. G. Prescott Right Guide . . •..........II. W. Cross Left Guide.................L. M. Burrell 1st Squad 2nd Squad Harter, G. W.(C) Crawford, S.(C) Spearman, W. G. Brock. J. Proctor. VV. Colley, H. E. Murphy, H. H Russell C. T. Rollins, J. R. Bolher, C. S. Cook, E. James, N. Morris, I. S. Balkcum, L. O. Kennedy, P. Weatherbee, J. 3rd Squad Ivey. R. W. (C) Helander. H. M. Watkins, II. L. Harkness, J. C. Melton, A. W. McGee, R. L. A.Crenshaw, B. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant . G. H. Murphey Guide Sergeant...............S. P. Cook Guide Sergeant...............T. K. Rice 1st Squad 2nd Squad Whitehead, H.(C)J.oe, R. (C) Scott, J. D. Bethune, B. Bell, V. R. Crowson, E. B. Dover, E. L. Francis, J. T. Ricketts, H. L. Smith, D. T. Jeffers, S. A. Blackwell. W. Rhine, J. W. Coclin, D. G. Pardue, C. E. Ocllcrich, D. 3rd Squad Skinner, S. B.(C)| Lum, F. Woo. F. E. . Shmerling, A. C. Silver, M. J. Henry, K. Hamilton, J. A. Davis. C. V. Davis, W. C. FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant................Dan LaMountt Right Guide......................R. B. Inglett 1st Squad 2nd Squad Harsh. D. J. (C) Baker. O. F. Webster, F. G. Cadden. J. M. Sims, J. Smith. J. A. McLendon. J. W. Bailey. H. H. Demore, G. R. Cave. B. O. Temples, A. W. Klirlich, C. H. Boles. C. H. George. W. S. Stewart. M. H. Balk. A. J. Cliatt. L. 3rd Squad F.idson, W. (C) Kirkland, C. B. Carpenter. E. G. Bailie, G. R. Goggins. H. C. Bursh, R. A. Barrow, G. E. Tankersley, C. SECOND PLATOON Second Lieutenant...........J. Weathers Platoon Sergeant..........J. C. Krcvvson Right Guide...............R. T. Sanders 1st Squad Scharmitzaky, E. V’erdery, L. F. Rhodes. J. L. Lester. W. M. Maxwell. G. C. Skelton. W. S. Jerrigon, H. J. Rigsby, M. E. 2nd Squad Mock, C. E. (C) Moore, J. O. Sawilowski. Phillips. I. C Pierce, H. P. Smith, R. H. Robinson, C. B. Whaley, W. R. 3rd Squad Seago, J. M. (C) Kirkman, H. N. Willingham. E. II. Kirby. II. M. Wright, J. D. Anderson, W. C. Scoggins, F. E. Scoggins, H. D. Y. S. PERSONNEL Captain.................J. Burroughs First Lieutuenant.........R. Rogers First Lieutenant.......Jack Weathers Second Lieutenant......M. F. Hundson First Sergeant : : : : :...B. Peters Guidon Bearer : : :.....R. W. Inglett Company Clerk........, , E. A. Stewart Jack Weathers 1st Lieutenant Captain John Burroughs Miss Mary Ann Mell "M” COMPANY 3rd Battalion Company Formationshe Sheridan Memorial Sabre The Richard i’ . Sheridan Memorial Sabre is an annual award made possible through the thoughtfulness and generosity of the Reserve Officers Association. The award is in memory of Richard B. Sheridan, an honor graduate of the Academy of Richmond County and of the Junior College of Augusta, who lost his life in a football game at Yale. This is considered one of the most beauti- ful and appropriate annual awards at the two schools. It is made to that student, who in the judgment of the Commandant and his aides and the faculties, approximates closest the noble statute of Richard B. Sheridan as was known to his contemporaries. lie must therefore, excel in all phases of his school life and relationships. Alfred Battey. 1940 Winner Jones Epps. 1939 Winner The winner of this award must be first of all a clean, unaffected gentleman. He must have a high academic record, be outstanding as a cadet, a good athlete, and exemplify in his conduct the virtues of honesty, sincerity, and courage. These were the qualities of Richard Sheridan. And more, the winner of this award must show that he has a purpose toward which he moves with that same kind of dash and aggressiveness with whch Rich- ard Sheridan flashed down Yale field toward the goal that fateful afternoon to be thwart- ed only by the unconquerable foe of all brave men—death.Captain Robert Wilkinson Miss Mary Emma Pierce Drum Major David Stevens Miss Willa Horner “Steadily Forward” is the road the Academy Band has trod since their shallow organization in 1925 by the late D. M. Lincul. The small band struggled along on little practice and a small amount of enthusiasm until 1938. At this time, Mr. Eric West Hardy, newly elected president, set out on a campaign to obtain a great band of one hundred pieces. His efforts aroused others’ interest, and through the aid of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and other alumni the band was outfitted in fine uniforms of purple and gold. Since that time the band has become a part of all community functions, playing at pa- rades, speakers’ dinners, bridge openings, and conventions. Their leader, Mr. G. W. Carson, has the ceaseless task of arranging the music, checking the instruments, seeing that the boys are notified on the days they are to wear their uniforms, and many obligations incidental to directing and leading the music at all times. To Mr. Carson and the Band we say “thanks” and keep up the good work.Richmond Academy Band Commissioned Officers Cr.ptain R. J. Wilkinson Drum Major David Stevens 2nd Lieut. Dennis Cahmas 2nd Lieut. Jack Kennedy Non Commissioned Officers 1st Sergeant Grover Tyner Staff Sergt. Billy Bell St ff Sergt. Brennan Purkall Company Clerk Noble Hull Sergt. Bennie Brake Sergt. Arthur Cole Sergt. Woodrow Turner Sergt. Alfred Tudor Corp. Willie Giradot Corp. Donald Hull Corp. Arthur Jones C rp. Clinton Lewis Private First Class B. Gray Joe Chalmers H. Greene Albert Doolittle W. Greene M;ke Hummel F. Harveston Eddie Rhodes T. Hoffman Arthur Tudor J. Johnson Ray Tyner B. Leonard Julian Ward I. T. Luke M. McElveen Privates R. A. McGahee J. T. Aldridge J. D. Newman H. V. Best D. Nichols M. Bolgla E. Palmer F. W. Brush J. Pritchard H. C. Cloud J. Robertson E. D. Devaney R. Ryan A. B. Dickson R. Sims M. Donoghue J. Stcinburg S. Evans J. E. Stringer J. Florrie E. Wilensky L. Funk J. Wilson At A Game! ke Rifle Team Carroll and Robert Smith The team is made up of picked men from the R. 0 1. C. — men who have proved their ability in the company matches. These men fire three major matches: The Fourth Corps Area Match, the Hearst 'Trophy Match duller and the National Intercollegiate Match. Under the able coaching of Ser- geant Wilkerson these men are consistent winners of all their matches. TROPHIES Hearst Trophy (National Champions) 1938-39 Fourth Corps Area Trophv 2nd Place, 1935 and 1940. ' Roscoc Lowery Fourth Corps Area Trophv 1st Place, 1936. 1937. 1938. 1939. Joe Caldwell Henry Barrett Sn.ap .. Father and Son Day Another Boardman is Skeet Champion Basketball Football Heroes Joe and Marion Receive The Friedman Trophy. Lettermen Teaching ’Em How!The Coaching Staff | Athletics, as a part of the School’s Program in the Academy of Richmond County and Junior College of Augusta, is given an important place in the curriculum. The Department is ably staffed by an efficient corps of Coaches. Mr. C. M. Etheredge, Athletic Director, has been the faculty member responsible for athletics in both our schools for the past three years. His job is to attend to the financial details of the program, the arrangements of schedules, the purchasing and caring for equipment, and innumerable other details which arise in connection with a successful athletic program. The athletic program begins for our school sys- tem in the sixth and seventh grades of the grammar schools. A schedule of games in the Grammar School League includes football, basketball, track, and base- ball. Jn charge of this program is Coach Charlie Roys- ton, who has successfully administered the Grammar School League for the past three years. A great deal of interest has been evidenced in sports by the grammar school boys; a large number of boys in our present varsity squads began their training under Coach Royston. Head Coach Wendell Sullivan In the Academy of Richmond County the program of sports includes football, bas- ketball, track, golf, tennis, and on occasions, swimming, and baseball. In the Junior College the program is more limited and includes only basketball for boys and girls, and golf f°r the boys. This program reaches a big percentage of the students in both schools, as it includes inter-mural games. Coaches Ewing and Rollins Sizing Up the Situation Coach Wendell Sullivan has been head coach of football in the Academy since 1938. Coach Sulli- van came to the Academy from Decatur High School in 1937 as assistant coach. He has developed outstanding football teams during his three years as head coach. Coach Sullivan is also head coach of basketball in the Academy. His record of success here is as great as it is in football. Assisting Mr. Sullivan is Mr. Roy Rollins, Line Coach for the Academy Football Team,who is also head coach of the Junior Col- lege Boys’ Basketball Team. Mr. Rollins came to the Academy in 1838 and deserves much credit for the success of the football and basketball teams.and Athletic Program Coach George Ewing C. M. Ethercclgc "B” Varsity Football, Director of Athletics. Golf, and Tennis. Coach Roy Rollins Football and Basketball Coach Langston Bolton Track and “B” Varsity Football. Coach Charlie Royston Director of Grammar School Athletics and Girls’ Basketball. Coaching the B” Varsity Football Team are Mr. George Ewing and Mr. Langston Bolton. These two men have done an excellent job in de- veloping players for the Varsity Team. They have likewise played a successful program of games for the “B” Varsity. Mr. Bolton is head track coach and has developed many outstanding track men in the Academy. Mr. Ewing is in charge of golf and tennis. During the time he has coached golf the Academy has had several outstanding High School Golf Teams. From this resume of the activities of our coaching staff it is easily seen that athletics play an important role in our school program. Our schools are exceptionally fortunate both as to the ability and type of coaching staff which we have had. We can point with pride to the results achieved by our coaches and to the influences they have had on the lives of the boys and girls in our school. As we go forward in our program of sports, it is our hope that more and more students may participate in this part of our school life. e believe that the training and developing of the body is as important as the developing and train- ing of the mind and we know that with our highly efficient staff of coaches we may hope for as much success in this training as we have achieved in scholastic attainments for our school.O T B A L cT1t-£ Season Begins RICHMOND 6—MONROE 0 The Academy Musketeers opened the 1940 gridiron campaign with a fine victory over the Monroe Aggies. Both teams played about even for three periods with James Mc- Nair carrying the brunt of the Academy at- tack. McNair was injured toward the end of first half and was taken to the hospital for head injury treatment. In the second half, a fast-stepping' halfback. Lionel Gulledge, ran behind superb blocking to within scoring po- sition. To Capt. Joe Murray went the honor of scoring the first touchdown of the season on a wide left-end sweep. The fine blocking and spirit of the whole team showed the ca- pacity crowd that the Richmond Musketeers was the team to watch. A “Honey” of A Kick! RICHMOND 25 — ELBERTON 0 A game and scrapping Elberton High School team put up a good game, but proved no match for the speedy Cadets. Lionel Gulledge continued from the first game to show he was a great ball-carrier by scoring two touchdowns. Joe Murray and Carl Sanders scored the other points. The numerous reserves used by Coach Sullivan played good ball while they were in the game. ; er and Paul Plunkett Howard Willis RICHMOND 14 —Jordan 39 The first of the out-of-town jinx games took place in Columbus on October 4, when the Musketeers fumbled away their chances for an unbeaten season in the G.I.A.A. The Red Jackets capitalized on Richmond's fum- bles and drove through the line to build up a 33-7 half-time lead. Richmond played strong- er in the second half with Murray and Gul- ledge leading them on but could not over- come the Jordan lead. Ed. Jackson Marion Hudson Ed. Bryant Olin Gordon RICHMOND 6 —SAVANNAH 0 After being on the defense most of the game, the scrapping Cadets made one near perfect offensive plunge to upset the Geechees from Savannah. Savannah played in Rich- mond territory most of the first half, but never found the spark to put across a score. Very noticeable in this game was the repeat- edly fast charging of guard Marion Hudson, who seemed to be a fifth man in the Savannah backfield. The one beautifully executed play that scored was a fake from Gulledge to Murray, then a pass into the right flat to Wil- lis, who sprinted across into pay dirt. Lionel Gulledge Roy Rogers Jack Hoover Leonard Manly Carl SandersTheo Keener Barney Lamar Ed Marsh Summary of RICHMOND 34 —COLUMBUS 7 Coming from behind in the first half, fhe Golden Horde tripped another G.I.A.A. foe. Richmond tore up the Columbus line in the last half with Gul- ledge, Murray, and McNair doing the work. Culpepper stood out in the line of defense. Howard Willis continued to shine from his end position with end arounds and pass snatching ability. Simmons and Sanders came into the game and continued the track meet with good ball "toting". RICHMOND 25 —RIVERSIDE 6 The Musketeers reached their peak by defeating a heavy Riverside ele- ven. The Cadets made up for the weight advantage Riverside held by out- running, passing, and punting the Gainesville Cadets. The blocking and tackling were both good. Paul Plunkett shone best in the line as did Bryant and Hudson. Murray again called a fine game, and Gulledge continued to run wild. RICHMOND 7—COLUMBIA 20 The gallant Cadets took a trouncing from a heavier Columbia High on November 2 in Columbia for the second of the out-of-town jinx games. Richmond went down fighting bravely, led by Captain Murray and the fine passing of Gulledge. Can't win every time. Charles Davidson Julian James McNair Billy BartonLamar, Culpepper, Plunkett. Keener The F'arsitv Season RICHMOND 19 —BENEDICTINE 18 From a slow start, the Musketeers finally picked up speed and outplayed the Irish from Savannah. Gulledge and Murray teamed together to upset the Irish in the second half. Sanders also took part of the limelight in the backfield. Very good line backing by Rogers slowed Benedictine down. The guards, Bryant and Hudson, played like demons on defense. A well-earned victory. RICHMOND 13 —CAMDEN 0 A small crowd saw the Purple and Gold warriors defeat a scrappy Camden eleven. It was a bitter cold night, but there were few fumbles. McNair and Joe Murray handled the ball well in the backfield, while Paul Plunkett and Ed Marsh played fine in the line. Richmond just had too much for the South Carolians. RICHMOND 25 —COMMERCIAL 0 Before a near capacity crowd on Thanksgiving Day, the Richmond Academy Musketeers pulled the curtain down on the home games by trouncing the Atlanta boys. Joe Murray and Lionel Gulledge did themselves proud by showing great form in ball carrying. The passes seemed to click just perfectly, and this meant the margin of victory. The entire line played great and were a stone wall on defense. RICHMOND 0 — LANIER 25 Our out-of-town woes came to a sad ending as our worst rivals, Lanier, upset the Cadets’ winning ways in Macon. Although the Musketeers outgained the Poets in passing and in first downs, they failed on the ground game and never entered into pay dirt the whole night. Murray was a real threat but had not enough help. It was a hard way to end what should be considered a highly successful season of eight victories and three losses.“B” VARSITY Coach George I 'wing Coach Langston Bolton FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Granitevillc 7 —A. R.C. 0 Edgefield 24 — ” 6 Wrens 31 — " 0 Langley-Bath 0 — ” 14 Aiken 6 — ” 0 Thomson 24 — ” 0 North Augusta 21 — ” 7 Wilson, J. 0. Inglctt, R. W. Inglett. R. B. McCarty. C. Sikes, C. Crouch, C. Brake, B. Slater. G. Mills, F. Miles, J. Smith, A. Hudson. J. Turner, R. M. Pastel!, J. Bowers, H. Guren. D. Goldstein, A. SQUAD Goldstein, L. Minor, J. W. Thacker, O. Cloy, B. Cloy, W. Parker, L. Edwards, C. W Chandler. B. Owens, G. LaMount. D. Andrews A. Wilson, M. Bradford, W. t nselyea. H. Patterson, F. ) Rucker. J. ) G. Mgrs. Forrest Patterson Jule RuckerA.R.C. BASKETBALL Reaching High for One! Captain Ben Popkin G.I.A.A. Honorable Mention And speaking of Basketball! Did you know that Basketball is now con- sidered to he the fastest game in the sports kingdom and certainly the most popular Our own A.R.C. team enjoyed a most interesting and successful season. Of the twenty-five games played, only 7 were lost. Total scoring for the A.R.C. team was 916 points, while 753 points were scored by the opposing teams. Howard Willis, our versatile forward and high scorer of the 1941 season, was placed on the all G.I.A.A. team while three other boys—Popkin. Atkinson, 'Sully” [ack Atkinson John Burroughs G.I.A.A. Honorable Mention Jack Culpepper Billy Fleming t tfwr.I Paul Plunkett G.I.A.A. Honorable Mention Carl Sanders Adam Andrews Howard Willis All G.I.A.A. Forward ON THE HARDWOOD COURT and Plunkett—were placed on the Honorable Mention List. Lach and every member of the scpiad played as a whole, a fine and cooperative game through- out the whole season. The G.I.A.A. Tournament was played in Augusta on February 26-27-28- March 1 at the Municipal Auditorium. The Savannah High School of Savan- nah. Ga.. were the winners with The Hoys High of Atlanta in second place. The Lanier Poets of Macon, Ga.. placed third, while the Richmond Musketeers of Augusta, took the 4th place. A.R.C. 39-----Williston-Klko 16 30 ---Tignall 18 ” 17----J. C. A. 14 33 ---Savannah High 39 31 ---Benedictine College 36 32 ---Savannah High 15 37----Dreher 25 ” 40----Georgia Freshmen 29 • 40----Lanier High 38 30----Benedictine College 32 ” 38----Dreher 27 42----M on roc 39 35----Lanier 37 ’• 26----Georgia Freshmen 34 34 ----Bishop Kngland 20 54----Monroe 50 ' 45-----Bishop England 30 32----Clemson Freshmen 20 41----Clemson Freshmen 14 48----5. C. Freshmen 38 30---Augusta Sporters 27 A.R.C. TEAM Front Row— Howard Willis Jack Atkinson Jack Culpepper Paul Plunkett John Burroughs Back Row— Mcll Ay cock Billy Fleming Billy Short Adam Andrews Arthur Gibson Carl Sanders Billy BartonJ.C.A. Team in Action Against A.R.C. The J.C.A. BOYS Much of the success and credit of the J.C.A. Boys’ team should he given to Coach Roy Rollins. A splendid player himself, he coach- ed these hoys exceedingly well and helped them through many hard battles by his clear thinking and good sportsmanship. Al- though they lost some of their games, they always came back to win others. 1940-41 SCORES J.C.A. Boys 33—Sporters 30 50—Hav-A-Tampa 29 ” ” 14— A. R. C. 17 34— North Georgia College 29 18—Gordon Military College 21 40— Georgia Freshmen 39 35— South Georgia College 47 ” ” 27— Armstrong Jr. College 29 37— Rabun Gap College 32 48— South Carolina Frosh 28 41— Monroe Junior College 23 26—Statesboro Teachers 24 43— Young Harris College 33 31— S uth Georgia College 40 49— Middle Georgia College 67 41— Gordon Military College 23 56—Georgia Military College 71 35— Armstrong Jr. College 55 36— Monroe Junior College 39 42— Middle Georgia College 43 44— Georgia Military College 60 46—Rabun Gap College 30 32— Young Harris College 36 46—North Georgia College 78 38— Fort Benning 39 Parrish and InmanBASKETBALL Basketball at the Academy has come to take an important place in our thoughts. The success of the teams under Coach Rollins has been outstanding. The boys have learned to play clever and fast basketball, but more impor- tant for them and for our school they have learned to play clean basketball. Team play and good sportsmanship characterize all of Rollins’ teams. The J. C. A. Team Second Row [•'rank Inman Harry Parrish A. L. Williams Jerry Marsh Polatty, Goldberg and Van Sant Bolgla and Williams on Guard Front Row Ed Barton Billy Cooper Jimmy Chance Jimmy Cooper Walter ReiserQirls Basketball Dot Fulcher Schedule J.C.A........23— Williston-Elko . . 25 ” .......40—Dixie Pig........25 ” .......47—Shmerling .... 40 ” .......34—-Friedman.......37 ” .......24—Lander...........25 • ” .......34—Shmerling.......36 ” .......35—Dixie Pig........18 99 ....... 28—Lander..........35 ” .......19—Friedman.........17 Coach Charlie Rovston tThe Season's Hi fifes J. C. H. The J.C.A. girls got off to a fine start this year, but in the middle of the season Coach Charlie Royston was called into Mili- tary Service and had to leave before half the games were finished. Coach Royston has been coaching the girls’ teams for the past several years. The girls persuaded Mr. Albert F. Simpson to take over Mr. Royston’s place as coach for the remainder of the season. “Red” Fulcher was again the spearhead of the J.C.A. attack. She has really been the spark of the team since she came to J.C.A. from Harlem High. Although the team did not match some of its past records, the girls counted it a successful season. First Row Mildred Milligan Doris Rubens Dot Fulcher Betty Allgood Second Row Margaret Gallagher Frances Popkin Jean Smoak Rachel Longshore Third Row Claire Marriott Bonnie Newberry Betty MarriottA.R.C. "B” Basketball FRESHMAN TEAM Robert Inglett Richard Inglctt Jim Krewson Buddy Nelson Gregory Thacker "B” VARSITY SCHEDULE B" Varsity 36 Good Shepherd 25 ft tt 33 Y Intermediates 35 ft tt 46 Good Shepherd 19 tt 32 Country Club 25 tt 25 Y Intermediates 33 tt Won Y Juniors Forfeit 99 tt Won A.R.C. Frosh ” tt 38 G H. S. 12 tt 18 Harlem 17 tt 21 North Augusta 17 ft tt 15 Y Intermediates 22 tt tt 32 Granitevillc 18 99 tt 40 llarlem 18 " tt 28 Granitevillc 23 tt 25 Y Juniors 19 tt tt 42 May Park 26 tt • 42 Evans 32 tt t% 48 Evans 32 A Few Pointers By Coach Rollins “B” VARSITY TEAM Leonard Manly William Reiser Marion Smoak Shcaly Jack Hudson Albert Atkinson Robert Ivey Reiser The PEPSTERS This year Cheerleaders were elected from a group of seven girls and seven boys who voluntarily en- tered the race. The girls and boys each gave one cheer in the stadium before the student body, who then chose wisely Roberta Phil- lips. Dot tie Douglas, Har- ry Parrish, “Duck” Bailie, Dorothy Anne Starr. Hay- ward Bateman, and Roscoe Lowery. Be lieve us; it was a “swell” choice, for they did a great job. 1941 CHEER LEADERS Hayward Bateman. Head Cheer Leader Roberta Phillips Donald Bailie Dorothy Douglas Harry Parrish Dorothy Anne Starr Roscoe Lowery The Boys Reach For A High One! Are We Happy i Dorothy Anne. Roberta and Dottie in A Pretty Setting.On Your Mark! Edwin Marsh Jack Culpepper Tom Brittingham Jack Atkinson Howard Willis On Coach Langston Bolton April 11—Georgia Freshmen April 18—Lanier High April 25—Boys High May 2—G.I.A.A. at Atlanta Edwin Marsh on High Hurdles Edwin Marsh and Hayward Bateman on Low HurdlesCINDERPATH Jack Atkinson on High Jump 1940 SCORES A. R. C. . . . 60 — Wrens . . . . 26 A. R. C. . . . 64 — Warrcnton. . 18 A. R. C. . . . 62 — Columbia . • 59 A. R. C. . . . 49 — Lanier . . . . 73 A. R. C. . . . 83 — Savannah .. . 35 A. R. C. . . . 68 2 — Boys High. . 53 2 NEW ACADEMY RECORDS 120 Yard High Hurdles—Hayward Bateman.............15.9 Seconds 200 Yard Low Hurdles—Hayward Bateman..............23.8 Seconds Mile—Archie Atkinson........4:47 880 Yd.—George Barnes.......2:15 Javelin Throw—Gene Avery . . . 164’3” Jack Culpepper Throws the ShotJ. G. A. GOLF 1941 SCHEDULE South Carolina Georgia Citadel G. M. C. Presbyterian Davidson Clentson Steve Mulherin Jackie Waller Bill Bush Eileen Stulb Walton Hamilton Although Golf is one of the minor sports at J. C. A., it is surely an outstanding one. Going out for the team this year were Jackie Waller, Steve Mulherin, Carl Lawrence, Pat Calhoun, Bill Bush, Louis Battey, Walter Hamilton, and Eileen Stulb. Steve MulherinJ.C.A. TENNIS A Pretty Back-hand by Louis Browne Fish Wiggins Trying Hard! TEXXIS TEAM Louis Browne Frank Capers Alice Grady Fish Wiggins Jimmy Chance  R. C. GOLF SCHEDULE Dreher—Here Orangeburg—Here Dreher—There Orangeburg—There iA Mike Hummel. Phil Harison. Charlie Phinizy. Ashby Taylor, Gummy I larison, Jack Capers Under the capable leadership of Coach Geo. . Ewing, and because of the great number of players out for the team, this year’s Golf Team promises to be the very best yet. With Gummy Harison, Ashby Taylor, Phil Hari- son. Jack Bush, Mike Hummel, Arthur Gib- son, Jack Capers and Charlie Phinizy, the team ought to be one of the finest golf teams ever produced at the Academy. Mr. W. M. Harison Gummy Harison Presents Ashby with the Wallace-TTarison T rophy.Other Minor Sports Many students of the Academy and Junior College are enthusias- tic supporters of aviation. Billy Lee was for several years the youngest soloist in the United States. Gummy Harison is our most recent addition to the select few. HILLV LEE AND GUMMY HARISON 'j- Riding has for years been one of the favorite pastimes of the boys of our schools. Minick’s Stables have afforded worthwhile pleasure to these boys. JOE CUMMING, HENRI McGOWAN, AND BILLY BOARDMANVARSITY CLUBS J. C. A. 1st Row Doris Robbins Dot Fulcher Mildred Milligan Dot Douglas Bonnie Newberry Roberta Phillips 3rd Row Bennie Bolgla Jimmie Cooper Bill Austin Harry Parrish Wade Sneed M. K. Steinberg 2nd Row Ed Shell A. L. Williams Jackie Waller Ernest Wiggins Carl Lawrence 4th Row Harold Engler A. R. C. Varsity Club for 1941 First Row Clarence Sikes Olin Gordon Duke Newton Joe Murray Horace Lovett Adrian Goldstein Howard Willis Second Row Ashby Taylor Ed Bryant Julian Gwin Marion Hudson Hayward Bateman Moody Wilson Johnny Crouch Frank Mills Jack Miles Third Row Roscoe Lowery Jack Hoover Carl Simmons Theo Keener Billy Fleming James Avrett John Burroughs Adam Andrews Fourth Row Dawayne Guren James Broome John Miner Charles Pendleton Charlie Davidson William Cloy Jack Atkinson Richard Inglett Jack Culpepper Leonard Goldstein Paul Plunket Fifth Row Robert Inglett Foster Bowers Kesscl Stelling Odic Thacker Jack Hudson Charles Edwards Shealy ReiserFeaturesJANE COSGROVE Most Beautiful Mt. St. Joseph SeniorMARTHA VAN DEUSEN Most Beautiful FreshmanDOROTHY DOUGLAS’ Most Beautiful SophomoreCARY GREENE Most Fashionable Mt. St. Joseph Senior KATHERINE ANNE EDELBLUT. Most Fashionable Tubman Senior tfask ions Contestants Mary Hatcher Mary Markwalter Clara Mathewson Roberta Phillips Beulah Barber Dorothy Kelly Alice Grady FrankieMARY EMMA PIERCE Most Fashionable J. C. A. Sophomore Frances Cater Lula Fowlkes Charlotte Mills Cary Greene Contestants Jane Cosgrove Mary Emma Pierce Anne O’Connor Dorothy Douglas Mary Anne TooleFAVO R HELEN HULL J. C. A. Valedictorian t 34 HAYWARD BATEMAN Most Popular Senior ■ •. ; . ■; .. . ? ITES BILLY BARTON Best All-Round SeniorFAVO R FRANK INMAN Best All-Round Freshman MARION HUDSON Best Senior Athlete FAVOR ROBERTA PHILLIPS Best All-Round Sophomore Girl WALTER REISER Best All-Round Sophomore Boy Stunt Night Winners Scene from the 1st place winners, who presented the “Keal- lydaffier Story.” The 1941 Stunt Night was a decidedly better performance than usual. A combina- tion of real talent, rollicking comedy, and unusual beauty, featured our show this year. The Triangle Club and the Y.W.C.A. teamed together to present their “Reallydaffier Story”, easily the first prize winner.Be Prepared' Hooked Sadie Hawkins Day A change in style for George Mrs. Smith thins the soup  THE J.C.A. Frances May Patterson.............Business Manager Agnes Reese..........................Editor-in-Chicf FRANCKS MAY PATTERSON AGNES REESE Catherine Gehrken Mac Rhodes . . . . Ernest Wiggins . . . Margaret Waagner . . . . Literary Editor Staff Photographer .... Circulation Manager . Asst. Circulation Manager CATHERINE GEHRKEN MAC RHODES ERNEST WIGGINS MARGARET WAAGNERRAINBOW STAFF Jackie Tankersley )...........Assistant Literary Editors Sara Gatlin ) J Walter Reiser )..........Assistant Business Managers Henry Chase ) Jack Hagler........................Advertising Manager Walton Hamilton..........Assistant Advertising Manager Frank Dennis.............Assistant Circulation Manager Frank Inman.....................Assistant Sports Editor Eileen Stulb............................ Sports Editor Dorothy Ann Starr...................Activities Editor Charlotte Mills...............Assistant Activities Editor Bobby Lansdell......................................Art Editor Constance Olive...................Assistant Art Editor Hubert King..........................Military Editor Guila Stanford................Freshman Picture Editor Mary Anne Toole...............Sophomore Picture Editor Roberta Phillips......................Feature Editor E. M. Allen.....................................Facultv Advisor Frank Dennis Eileen Stulb Frank Inman Dorothy Ann Starr Charlotte Mills Bobby Lansdell Constance Olive Hubert King Guila Stanford Mary Anne Toole Roberta Phillips E. M. AllenTHE A.R.C. Donald Bailie.............Picture Editor Arthur Gibson..............Editor-in-Chiet DONALD BAILIE ARTHUR GIBSON Joe Caldwell......................Picture Editor Robert Barbin................Staff Photographer JOE CALDWELL ROBERT BARBINRAINBOW STAFF PIERCE MERRY TOM HUTTO Pierce Merry . . . . Tom Hutto......... Billy Barton . . . . Clayton Boardman . Clayton Lewis . . . Pierce Bates . . . . M-ell Ay cock Kessel Stelling . . . Joe Lee .......... Raymond Hargrove .... Circulation Manager ..............Literary Editor . Assistant Literary Editor . . . Asst. Business Manager Assistant Business Manager .... Advertising Manager ................Sports Editor ...........Activities Editor . Assistant Activities Editor ..............Military Editor BILLY BARTON CLINTON LEWIS MELL AYCOCK JOE LEE CLAYTON BOARDMAN PIERCE BATES KESSEL STELLING RAYMOND HARGROVEPRESIDENT’S CLUB O F F I Jones Epps ............... Kenneth Gurley .......... Roscoe Lowery............. E. M. Allen............... C E R S .................. President ..............Vice-President . . Secretary and Treasuurer ...........Faculty Advisor MEMBERS A. R. C. Annual Staff.........................A. L. Gibson Pre-Tech Club............................M. K. Steinberg Beta Club................................Theo Thevaos Senior Class.................................Billy Barton Richmond Hi-Y...............................Doug Graves Academy Hi-Y.............................Raymond Hargrove Freshman Literary Society................... Ben Moseley Academy Literary Society...............Kessel Stelling Sophomore Class..........................William Reiser Sigma-Delta Chi........................Mary Emma Pierce Richmond Wildlife Conservation Club .... Howard Bowers Pre-Law Club..............................Albert Bruckner Order of DeMolav.............................Robert Barbin Leftovers..............................................Ken Gurley The Triangle and J.C.A. Sophomore Class . . . Walter Reiser Zeta Rho Sigma.........................Mary Anne Toole Editor of Musketeer and of “The Rainbow” . . . Agnes Reese Rho Chi ...................................Louis Battey Captain Tennis Team..................................James McNair Spanish Club...........................Marjorie Hurlbutt Y. W. C. A...............................Dorothy Roesel Glee Club................................Dorothy Roesel Literary Society .............................Myra Scott Junior Officers (J.C.A. Freshman Class) . . . Roscoe Lowery Fashion Show and Stunt Night.............Roberta Phillips Cheerleader.......'.................... Hayward Bateman Hangovers ................................Ernest Wiggins Varsity Football.......................................Joe Murray Jones Epps Roscoe Lowery “Bert” Phillips was greatly responsible for this club’s organization. This year a new organization was founded, the membership consisting of the presidents of all the school organizations. The purpose of this club was to coordinate the activities and organizations of the school. In numerous undertakings, such as Stunt Night and Fashion Show, their efforts have proved invaluable.STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has the difficult task of administering the social and organization activities of our schools. The membership, well-elected this year, consists of the presi- dent and two other representatives from each class. Shcaly Reiser, Julian Gwin. Paul Plunkett. William Reiser, Howard Willis, Walter Reiser. Louis Battcy and Frances Capers seem very interested in Joe Murray’s magazine. Walter Reiser—Sophomore. J.C.A. Louis Battcy—Sophomore, J.C.A. Roberta Phillips—Sophomore, J.C.A. Roscoe Lowery—Freshman, J.C.A. Bernard Mitchum—Freshman, J.C.A. Frances Capers—Freshman, J.C.A. Paul Plunkett—Senior, A.R.C. Ashby Taylor—Senior, A.R.C. Billy Barton—Senior, A.R.C. Joe Murray—Junior, A.R.C. Shealy Reiser—Junior, A.R.C. Paul Thompson—Junior, A.R.C. Howard Willis—Sophomore, A.R.C. Julian Gwin—Sophomore, A.R.C. William Reiser—Sophomore, A.R.C.Election to the Gold "R” Society represents the highest honor that can be won by a stud- ent in the Academy of Richmond County. The society was founded in 1931 for the pur- pose of recognizing leadership in all phases of school life. Membership is open to any student who meets the requirements of mem- bership set up by the Honors Committee. Points are awarded for any outstanding con- tribution made by the student in Scholarship, Readership, Athletics, Military Science, or Literature and Arts. The last group includes work on school publications, debate and dec- lamation teams, glee club, and orchestra. Students are required to have a satisfactory scholastic record, and to have outstanding records in one major activity and two minor activity groups, before they are eligible for election to membership. The wearers of the Gold "R are the best all-round students in the school. Billy Barton Tom Hutto Ben Popkin Kcsscl Steliing Dr. Ellis Checks Requirements tne iQ4i n bo it) V Jones Epps I'rank Inman Walter Reiser Ashby Taylor Harold Engler Roscoe Lowery Wade Sneed Theo ThevaosTke B CLUB OFPMCERS President.......................................Theo Thevaos Vice-President................................Billy Chandler Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . . Tom Hutto Agostas, YV. N. Dicks E. P. Hull, D. Sedberry, H. C. Ay cock, M. Duvall, C. L. Hull. N. A. Sherman, F. W. Bates, G. P. Dangler, J. H. Hutto, T. L. Taylor J. A. Blackwell, J. P. Dunbar, E. H. Jennings, J. R. Thevaos, T. G. Burgess, C. W. Dye, V. L. Kelly. T. G. Thomas, R. J. Bresnahan, J. J. Goldberg, I. Lewis, C. Thompson, L. Brooks, M. M. Goldstein, A. J. Marriott, T. E. White, A. O. Chandler, W. C. Goldstein, L. R. Moring, C. E. Wilkinson, J. C. ( lausscn, W. S. Hargrove, R. W. Moseley, A. J. Williamson, C. D Caldwell, J. L. Hill, E. H. Murphey, A. T. Williamson, C. J Conant, F. Houck. K. T. Reiser, S. Wolcott. W. W. National Beta Club is a non-secret organization of senior high school students of America. There are now approximately 18,0C0 members in 1068 chapters in fifteen states. The qualifications for membership are creditable achievement, superior mentality, good character, and commendable attitude. Each local chapter fixes its own require- ments for election. Students in the Academy are eligible for election after completing two years with honors in scholastic work.PHI THETA KAPPA OFFICERS President........Miriam Whitaker Vice-President.........Louis Collins Secretary and Treasurer.Jane Martin 1941 ELECTIONS Louis Collins Marie Marriott Lillie Oellerich Dorothy Roesel Helen Hull Jane Martin Walter Reiser Mariam Whitaker Anne Wilson MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. M. Allen J. M. Ellis J. T. Ha ins A. P. Markert C. G. Cordle N. L. Galloway E. W. Hardy H. O. Read C. A. Scruggs Phi Theta Kappa is a national Junior College honor society. Re- quirements for election to mem- bership are patterned after those of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest scholastic society in senior col- leges and universities. Students who have maintained a scholastic average of 90% or better are eligi- ble for membership at the end of their third semester in the Junior College.TRIANGLE CLUB OFFICERS President...............Walter Reiser 1st Vice-President . . . Jackie Waller 2nd Vice-President . . . Louis Battey Secretary................Frank Dennis Treasurer........................Joey Fuller Allston Bailie Ed Barton Louis Battey Louis Browne Jimmy Cooper Frank Dennis Harold Englcr Jones Epps Joey Fuller Ken Gurley James Hill Frank Inman Harry Parrish Walter Reiser Phil Scroggs Osborne Stelling Jackie Waller Harold Youngblood Dr. J. M. Ellis Mr. W. G. ParkerTHE J. C. A. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS President..............................Dorothy Roesel Vice-President................................Lillian Melvin Secretary......................... Mary Anne Toole Treasurer.................................Myra Scott The Junior College Y.W.C.A. is an organization having a voluntary membership of all J.C.A. girls. Its twofold purpose is to enforce Christian teaching and fellowship among the girls of the school. Bi-monthly the girls entertain the boys of The Triangle Club with a supper and program. These get- togethers have become a tradition and are looked forward to by the members of both organizations with much eagerness; the boys then return the compliment and try to outdo the girls, and the fight is cheer- fully carried on for the remainder of the season. Imogene Adams Beulah Barber Clara Brcsnahan Audrey Brunkhurst Blanche Crocker Dorothy Douglas Prances Dunbar Sara Gatlin Catherine Goodwin Elizabeth Graham Helen Hull Marjorie Hurlbutt Betty Johnson Doris Kessler Betty Klinck Marian Knuck Rachel Longshore Jane Martin Hazel McDonald Betty Melvin Lillian Melvin Mildred Milligan Charlotte Mills Margaret Murphy Mary Lewis Claire Marriott Bonnie Newberry Dorothy Newberry Constance Olive Roberta Phillips Prances Popkin Plizabeth Peeples Mary Emma Pierce Agnes Reese Dorothy Roesel Guila Stanford Dolores Shmerling Myra Scott Dorothy Ann Starr Helen Sutton Marguerite Symms Mary Ann Toole Anne Waimvright Mjriam Whitaker Ida Hall White Betty Wheeler Rozzie Vaughn President Meli Aycock Kcsscl Stelling Harry Miller Charlie Phinizy Secretary Treasurer Chaplain 'Phe name Ili-Y indicates the relationship between a group of High School fellows and the Y.M.C.A. movement. The purpose of the Richmond Ili-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. The club stands on the platform of Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living. There are over 300 Hi-Y Clubs in the state of Geor- gia, and this year marked the twenty-first anniver- sary of Hi-Y in Georgia. The Anniversary Supper was held in Atlanta this year, and a group of Rich- mond boys had a very interesting time there. The Richmond Hi-Y ranked 6th in the Club Standings in the May 1940 to December 1940 records of all clubs in Georgia. The Richmond Hi-Y meets every Tuesday night at 7:30, aided by their faculty advisor. Mr. W. P. Watkins, and Mr. Parker, who is Boys Secretary of the local Y.M.C.A. There is a total of thirty mem- bers in the club. The boys selected for membership are from the three upper classes and are selected on a basis of character, student activity, and scholar- ship. The officers are elected at the beginning of each semester. For the first semester the following boys were named: Douglas Graves. Jr., president; Kesscl Stelling, vice-president; Mell Aycock, secre- tary; Edgar Cato, treasurer; Josh Sherman, chap- lain; and Jimmy Ross, sergeant-at-arms. For the second semester the following officers were elected: Mell Aycock, president; Billy Lee, vic-president; Kessel Stelling. secretary; Ilarry Miller, treasurer; Charlie Phinizy, chaplain; and Herbert Thompson, sergeant-at-arms. Pierce Bates Joe Chalmers Doug Graves Billy Seitz Harry Camp Frank Conant Gummy Harison George Rushing Edgar Cato Arthur Gibson Pierce Merry Paul Thompson€7« ACADEMY Hl-Y OFFICERS 1st Semester President . 2nd Semester President Faculty Advisor .... Y.M.C.A. Advisor . . . . . . . Raymond Hargrove ..........Theo Thevaos , .... Mr. H. O. Read .... Mr. W. G. Parker Members of this club are chosen from the three upper classes of the Academy. The selections are based on scholarship and high standards of character. Every member of the club tries to live up to its purpose, which is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. William Agostas Neal Avrett Dewey Cave Blakely Chandler Billy Geer Julian Gwin Tom Hutto Glenn Kelly Theodore Keener Clarence Mobley Arthur Moseley Shealy Reiser William Reiser Dan Smith Clarence Sikes Bobby ThomasCason Bruker, Arthur Cole, Alvin Dickson, Leslie Funk. Frank Harveston, Frank Heslen, Helen Hul Noble Hull. Jr.. Clinton Lewis, J. B. Purkall, Dorothy Roesel. Grover Tvner, and John Wilson. Mr. A. E. Anderson, Director ORCHESTRA Quietly, inconspicuously, and without fanfare, a group of Junior College and Academy boys, all talented, prodigious musi- cians. gathered together under the benevolent direction oi Maestro Anderson for the specific purpose of producing melodic harmonies through orchestral cooperation. Notwithstanding their unique abilities, there was a missing ingredient—a lost chord, as it were. The somewhat harsh tones of the heavy brass choir and the dull thumping of the percussion instruments necessitated a smoother, lighter touch. Where better could this be obtained than from some members of the fairer sex? Therefore, two lovely young women added their graces to the combination. This delicate touch transformed the orchestra. And thus came into being what is commonly known as “Anderson's Xo-Jive Orchestra." The string choir consists of violins so dextrously played that they bring tears to the eyes of even the most heartless members the faculty (of which there arc a goodly number). The blaring brasses keep the effects balanced with their contrasting “oomp- pah s’. Background is furnished by the capable percussion sec- tion. Altogether the school orchestra is to be commended for its incomparable and artistic arrangements, smooth flowing melo- dies. sympathetic interpretations, and. especially, for starting and stopping at the same time.SI0MA DELTA CHI Sorority This, the oldest sorority at Junior College, was organized for the purpose of establishing sincere and permanent friendships among the girl students. Last year, the following officers were slated: President, Connie Elliott; Vice-President. Teeny Tucker; Secretary. Elle Carswell; Treasurer. Betty Andrews. The 1940-41 members of the Sigma Delta Chi have seen these officers off to senior college and new officers elected. One of the outstanding attractions of this year was the football game between the rival sororities. This friendly feud was not even settled by football because the game ended in a scoreless tie. In November, the annual Sadie Hawkins dance was held. So successful and popular was this oppor- tunity for both showing one’s originality in selecting costumes and for displaying one’s Tersichorean abil- ity that some of the members’ pictures were publish- ed in a college magazine. Initiation week is an occasion for oral merri- ment on the part of everyone but the downtrodden pledges. This year the new members were forced to wear a red dress, a red bow in their rolled-up hair, tennis shoes, and no makeup for a week. If a pledge failed to come to school dressed to comply with the rules, she was compelled to array herself in this fashion an extra week. The Forlorn Little Rats OFFICERS President................Mary Emma Pierce Vice-President.......................Frances Dunbar Vice-President.............Elizabeth Peeples Secretary....................Janelle Kemp Treasurer.....................Connie Olive MEMBERS Beulah Barbin Jane Mulherin Claire O’Connell Eileen Stulb Marguerite Symms Jackie Tankersley Mary Jane Trimmier Martha Van Deusen Gloria WrightFRESHMAN LITERARY Society OFFICERS President........................Ben Moseley Vice-President........John Cochrane Treasurer...............James Drain Secretary......... Wallace Blackwell Chaplain...........Clayton Robertson 1st Row— Donnie Davis Hinton Pierce Grover Maxwell Donald Boardman Lee Willingham 2nd Row— Ben Moseley Wallace Blackwell Henry McGowan John Cochrane 3rd Row— Clayton Robertson Mike Calhoun John Smith Douglas Allen 4th Row— Shelton Cohen James Drane Bob Sanders Webb Skelton Mr. W. P. Watkins Advisor There is no better way of understanding the people of a nation than by studying their literature and music. In these days of unrest it has been the a m of this society to try to follow the growth of the principles of democracy in American literature so that we shall more fully appreciate the cost, and so that we may betteijf preserve a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. A secondary aim has been to train each member to understand the principles of debate, to be able to speak extemporaneously, and to speak more forcibly before a crowd. Also, we add to our culture by studying the works and actions of our leaders, whether they be poets, journalists, statesmen, or humorists.Junior College Literary Society The purpose of the Junior College Literary Society is to instill within its members a higher sense of value for the development and also for the discovering of any talents which they might possess. It seeks to accomplish this purpose by having members give impromptu talks, debates, and book reviews. Many outside speakers have lent their influence toward helping the society reach its goal. This organization has also presented a series of radio plays under the direction of Mr. George M. Scott, Professor of English at the Junior College and Academy. The Literary Society is a truly worth while organization and is worthy of the sup- port of all Junior College students.ALPHA LAMBDA SIGMA Under the able leadership of Mr. Frank Harriss, the Alpha Lambda Sigma has made great improvement in the speaking of its members. Formerly, a large amount of time was wasted in arguing upon three comparatively unimportant factors: the constitution, the dues, and the initiation. To start the new term right, these three fac- tors were voted as abolished by a large majority of the membership. Next, officers were elected, the meetings were changed from bi-monthly to weekly, and the club was ready for serious work. These changes, as it has been proved, were made to good advantage. Since the first meeting, each member has voluntarily taken an active part in the programs. Members are encouraged, not required, to participate in these programs. Encouragement has shown itself to be the best policy. The spirit shown by the boys is remarkable in itself. Instead of being driven to take part in debates, declama- tions. and other activities, the members actually put forth a great amount of effort to secure a place for themselves upon the team. Several declamations, debates, and plays have been presented to the club. One of these. “David Harum”, was one of the first student productions of Richmond Academy to be broadcast over the radio. The declamation and debating contests, sponsored by the society, brought together a large number of con- testants, one of the largest in the history of the club, to compete for these honors. It is keen competition of this kind that is needed to bring out good speaking qualities in an otherwise commonplace speaker. It is hoped, that out of this constant striving for better more effective speech, there will come young men who will have the ability to stand on their own feet and tell the world what they think without that clammy feeling of unp repared ness. Albert Bailey Clayton BoardmanJ. C. Cranston Donald Hull Henry Bailey Edgar Cato Kenneth Gurley Noble Hull Marion Blackwell Frank Conant Perry Houck Toni Hutto Marvin Ivey Joe Lee Clinton Lewis Arthur Moseley Billy Seitz Kessel Stelling A. O. White Edwin Jones Harry Levy Tom Marriott Alex Murphy Bob Sherman Theo Thevaos Carswell WilkinsonSeated—Elizabeth Peeples. I.illian Melvin. Mary Emma Pierce. Margaret Gallagher Frances Dunbar, and Eileen Stulb. Standing—Lance Card. Alfred Maguire. Jack Hagler, Mac Rhodes. Robert Barbin, Robert Wilkinson, and Jack Kennedy CAMERA CLUB Two years ago, through the generosity of the Science Department and the administration, enough photographic equipment was purchased to furnish adequately a school dark room. Many camera fans who had no dark rooms of their own. and who dared to use the family kitchen or bath room no longer began using the school’s equipment. These persons, and others similarly interested, organized them- selves into several camera clubs, one for freshmen and sophomores, one for juniors and seniors, and another for J.C.A. On various rather irregular occasions, the groups assembled to take pictures together, discuss their problems, or compare results. Bottom Row—Tom Hutto, Arthur Cole. Clarence Mobley, Ben Parnell. 2n:l Row—Dan Oakley, Joe Caldwell, Arthur Fielder, Wade Bedingfield 3rd Row—Frank Conant Leroy Wood, Parker Cole. Douglas Allen. PRE-TECH CLUB The Pre-Tech Club was formed last year as an aid those boys interested in scientific and techni- cal subjects. Membership is limited to students in the Junior and Senior Classes of the Academy and Junior College. Most of the members hope to become engineers; therefore, studying engineering is the club’s purpose. The two faculty advisors. Mr. X. C. Smith and Mr. J. L. Talley, have both studied en- gineering in one of more of its phases. The club’s constitution provides for election of officers each semester and for frequent plant visita- tions to study manufacturing processes. Although it is one of the youngest clubs in the school, the Pre-Tech Club has already taken its place among the most active of school organizations. M. K. Steinberg Ben Popkin President Secretary Jerry Marsh Pierce Merry Vice-President Treasurer A. O. White Reporter Mr. J. L. Talley Advisor Parker Cole Reporter Mr. Norman Smith Advisor Maurice Baber Pierce Bates Hugh Bedingfield Jennings Blackwell Harry Camp Frank Conant J. C. Cranston Joseph Daitch J. D. Harvley Gene Levy Victor Sniolen Charles Stringer Harold YoungbloodDE MOLAY OFFICERS Leon Simon......................Master Counselor Robert Barbin.............................Senior Counselor David Stevens.............................Junior Counselor William Agostas...........................Scribe The Order of DeMolay is one of the finest and strongest organizations for youth in America today. In its halls are taught invalu- able lessons which prepare the youth of this order for the approaching years of manhood. DeMolay endeavors to bridge the gap be- tween this youth and manhood. Some of the more important principles are Cleanness in thought, word, body, and deed; Reverence for all things sacred; Courtesy toward all with whom the DeMolay comes in contact; Fidelity to his ideals, to his comrades, and to his obligations; Patriotism—a love of coun- try which makes him live worthily in peace or die bravely if the need should arise; Filial Love that so often is lacking in the young man of today; and Comradeship, which en- riches and ennobles his life. These, and many more, are the lessons taught by the Order of DeMolay. The Augusta Chapter, Order of DeMo- lay is especially noted for its dances and so- cials. The dances it sponsors are rated by many as the best in Augusta.Robert Wilkinson Kenneth Gurley Kessel Stelling Brennan Purkall Henry Carter James Robins Jerry Marsh Harold Youngblood Clifford Webb Gene Levy Xeal Avrett Ashby Taylor Theo Thevaos Joe Caldwell Carswell Wilkinson Duke Xewton Raymond Hargrove R. C. Bailie, P.M.C. J. D. Harvley, P. M. C. Lloyd Stanford, P. M. C. Leslie Youngblood, P. M. C.J. C A. - N. Y. A. CLUB The National Youth Adminis- tration has a two-fold purpose in its student work program: First, to help worthy students better to receive the education desired; and second, to train these same stud- ents to be more efficient in their work habits. Margaret Waagner Absorbed in Her Work First Row Knimct Gresham Jack Kennedy James Robins Clarence Prather Otis DeLong Second Row Roscoe Lowery Rill Nevin Wilbur Murphy Shivers Anderson Fraser Moss Third Row Frank Harris Osborne Stelling J. C. Browngke MUSKETEER OFFICERS A.R.C. OFFICERS Editor.................Ben Popkin Military Editor . . . Billy Geer Business Mgr. . . . Harry Levy Advertising Mgr. . Shealy Reiser Asst. Adv. Mgr. . Dennis Stone Circulation Mgr. . . Dan Oakley w ... i-ii ( Lee Morris Mailing Clerks . . ( Arthur Ficider I.C.A. OFFICERS Editor........Agnes Reese Asst. Editor . . Managing Editor . Exchange Editor . Sports Editors . . . James Hill . Walter Reiser Evelyn Andrews ( Frank Dennis ( Frank Inman Subscription Mgr. . Marian Knuck Circulation Mgr. . Dorothy Douglas Agnes Reese and Mr. Scott The Musketeer took a new part this year when it became a “laboratory” for the members of the Journalism Classes of the Academy and Junior College. The Musketeer also tried to help the school and its officials in all its undertakings. Both staffs worked very hard to please their excellent staff advisor, Mr. George Scott. A very important part of the staff is the host of reporters who contribute many and interesting stories of life and affairs around the two schools. The entire staffs of the two schools pose proudly for their picture.RHO CHI Pre-Medecal Fraternity OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Louis Battey ......President Jack Hagler...Vice-President Nathan Gillman.....Secretary Jones Epps ........Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER Brannon Sell . . Sam Heaton . . . Hubert King . . Duggin Jennings . . . President Vice-President , . . Secretary . . . Treasurer I he purpose of the Rho Chi is to acquaint the members with some of the problems which must be faced after leaving Junior College. Prominent doctors are called in to speak, movies and slides are shown, tours of the Medical School are made. Everything is done to promote a keener interest in medicine as a profession for its members. Sammy Heaton Fred Johnson Hubert King Ray Phillips Brennan Purkall Brannon Sell ihe 1941 12ai n boh) VZETA RHO SIGMA SOROITY Mary Ann Toole Dorothy Ann Starr Roberta Phillips Charlotte Mills President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Purpose: To uphold the traditions of the Zcta Rho Sigma Sorority—to keep sacred the friendships I shall make and strive to keep—to take my part) in the activities when 1 shall be re- quested to cooperate—to remember loyalty and friendship as the foundations upon which honor is built—to respect others’ privileges as mem- bers—to do my best to uphold the present stan- dards, yet always seek to improve for the soror- ity’s sake—to make myself worthy of the pledge and pin of the Zeta Rho Sigma Sorority. Zeta Rho Banquet for Their Pledges Frances Capers Dorothy Douglas Lula Fowlkes Helen Gartner Cathervn Goodwin Betty Klink Mary Lewis Mary Ann Mcll Bonnie NewberryGLEE CLUB Air. N. L. Galloway Director Mr. Galloway Shows the Girls OFFICERS President....................................Walter Reiser Vice-President.......................Dorothy Roesel Secretary.........................Osborne Stelling Director of Music..................X. L. Galloway Director of Dramatics.................II. O. Read Pianist............................A. E. Anderson Acree, Elizabeth Melvin, Betty Baird, Dick M orris, Lee Bond, Sarah Newberry, Bonnie Brunkhurst, Audrey Norman, Dorothy Burgess, C. W. Olive, Constance Burroughs, John Owens, Mill wee Chambless, Vernon Reiser, Walter Conant, Frank Roesel, Dorothy Cooper Billy Rucker, Ben Crocker, Blanche Rucker, I. G. Deusen, Martha Van Shmcrling, Dolores Douglas, Dottie Starr, Dorothy Ann Gatlin, Sara Stelling, Osborne Gchrken, Catherine Stevens, David Gibson, Emmie Stokely, Meral Goodwin, Catherine Symms, Marguerite Harris, Frank Thevaos, Tlieo Hill, James Toole, Mary Anne Katz, Ruth Vaughn, Rozzie Lee, Joe White, Ida Hall Lewis, Mary Willetts, Mary EllenCLUB President........................Marjorie Hurlbutt Vice-President....................Harold Engler Secretary.......................Elizabeth Graham Treasurer......................................Mac Rhodes Faculty Advisor...................Mr. Fishburne Elizabeth Graham. Marjorie Hurlbutt, Harold Engler A very successful club and quite new is this Spanish Club. The members have or- ganized into a very gay but compact group for the purpose of increasing their Spanish- speaking ability. The club’s meetings are held bi-monthly at the homes of its various members. Spanish proprams are given and customs are studied. Twice a year they give a great banquet which is looked forward to by all. Hetty Allgood Harold Engler Sara Gatlin Emmy Gibson Elizabeth Graham Claire Higgins Marjorie Hurlbutt Frank Inman Alfred Maguire William Nevin Mac Rhodes Myra Scott M. K. Steinbergr fe JL Cff -op % The boys interested in studying a trade have united in this club for the purpose of studying both the theoretical and practical stand- point of their chosen professions. In the afternoon the boys have jobs which allow them to practice and see all sides of a position. Through discussion among them- selves the boys also learn aspects of other professions. Louis Servant with Byrd l ire anti Battery Co. j. nu oancry . y Walker Tinley at Southern Bell Telephone Co. Louis Muns at Henry Darling, Inc. Cecil Burnside at F. E. Ferris Co. Janies Lang with S. Donald Fortson Co. CO-OP CLUB Allen Harman with Mills Coal Transfer Co.Marion Menger with Electrical W. T. McKie with Henry Barrett with Equipment Company Harbins Florists Rhodes Furniture Co. Aubrey McKinney with Augusta Neon. Co Charles Moring with Southern Radio Co. Mr. “Jack” Williams has done an excellent job as co-ordinator for the boys wishing to get business and trade experience. He is a tireless worker, and he has put his whole heart into the work. Mr. John Williams Hubert Dantzler with American Appliance Co.PRE-LAW CLUB Among the oldest clubs in the school is the Pre-Law Club. This organization was created for a manifold purpose. Primarily, it was organized to familiarize interested students with the general aspect of law However, it is intended, also, to acquaint the student with parliamentary procedure, and to give some training in public speaking—an excellent asset in these times. Behind these aims is the desire for friendship and closer association between students. ■ Henry Chase Sanford Goldberg Ernest Wiggins Spann Greene Frank Capers Gerald Rox Alfred Maguire Frank KeenanRichmond Academy in 1804 As old as the tradition of Richmond Academy is the friendship and loyalty of our friends of the medical profession in the city. R. E. Anderson, D.D.S. Thos. 1’. Brown, M.D. J. H. Brittingham, M.D. R. I. Bryson, M.D. J. H. Butler, M.D. W. E. Clark. D.D.S. S. W. Fennell, D.D.S. J. D. Gray, M.D. H. W. llankinson, D.D.S. II. P. Harrell, M.D. R. L. Henry, Jr., D.D.S. L. P. Holmes, M.D. Lee and Weeks, M. D.’s S. J. Lewis, M.D. Reginald Maxwell, D.D.S. R C. McGahee, M.D. W. K. Philpot, M.D. J. V. Roule, M.D. Solomon Tanenbautn, M.D. C. D. Ward, M.D.In the Class Room Believe It or Not! Faculty Banquet Good “Forms” in the Huddle. What Are The Books For? SNAPS Faculty At Lunch Sadie Hawkins Day- Looks Like the Dancing SchoolCOMPLIMENTS OF Sherwin-Williams Paint and Wallpaper Headquarters IN AUGUSTA 859 Broad St. Phonee 2-7596 George E. Weiss COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Airplane Views Legal Industrial Copying Phone 3-6788 ECONOMY PRICESCOMMERCIAL PRINTING COMPANY Complete Printing Service Augusta, Georgia 747 Ellis StreetMerry Bros. Brick Tile Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Face Brick Common Brick Hollow Building Tile THE SOUTH’S LARGEST —- ESTABLISHED iS99 415 Masonic Building AUGUSTA, GA. COMPLIMENTS OF LANSDELL’S FLORIST BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Carter Electric Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Phone 2-8187 625 Ellis St. Augusta, Ga. COMPLIMENTS OF AUGUSTA AMUSEMENT CO. MILLER THEATRE The South’s Most Beautiful and Modern IMPERIAL - MODJESKA - RIALTO AND DREAMLAND THEATRESG RADUATES WE CONGRATULATE YOU MAY YOUR FUTURE LIFE RE ONE OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS SAXON-CULLUM YOUR STORE Phone 2-6811 864 Broad St. COMPLIMENTS OF Cltty o|j AuLtyUktCLBYRON PHILLIPS HOME MADE ICE CREAM 2420 Central Ave Phone 3-4492 THE NONE SUCH RESTAURANT GUS A. SMARAGDIS Sherman Hemsireet r Realtors Augusta, Ga. 91S Broad Street Dial 2-6287 NEWLY REMODELED AIR CONDITIONED Western Steaks Sea Foods Booth, Counter and Table ServiceLockhart, McAuliffe Co. “THE SOUTH’S OLDEST NURSERY” Real Estate, Fire and Casualty Insurance, FRUITLAND NURSERIES SURETY BONDS 250 ACRES Specializing in Automobile Insurance MRS. THOS. J. GWIN JAS. G. BAILIE 807 BROAD STREET COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THOS. E. NORRIS TAX COLLECTOR RICHMOND COUNTY, GA. Q Z ouUh, TT77i FRESH MEATS — POULTRY SEA FOODS Dial 2-4811 or 2-4812 313 8th treet COMPLIMENTS OF BLANCHARD CALHOUN REALTY COMPANY COMPLIMENTS WILLIAM N. DAVIS, Clerk J. B. BOWDEN, Sheriff REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE MUNICIPAL COURT Johnson Bldg. Augusta, Ga. City of Augusta COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF cVKl. Qani c14 h.ltt£e A. cC. nanMlri DODGE PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF SALES AND SERVICE HERNDON’S CAFE Sodas - Lunches - Sandwiches Magazines STARK SMITH MOTOR CO. 837 Broad Street Dial 2-5339 DIAL 2-7761 523 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. COMPLIMENTS OF STEPHEN’S BARBER SHOP 217 7th Street SHOP IN COMFORT SILVER’S 5c and 10c Store Air-Conditioned SOUTHERN WELDING CO. J. A. OUZTS, Proprietor ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING AND CUTTING AUTO FRAMES AND AXLES ALIGNED ACCURATELY WITH BEAR SYSTEM 623 Ellis Street Phone 2-4981 COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH E. BRYSON Judge of the Municipal Court of the City of Augusta BICYCLES — MOTORCYCLES PENNZOIL W. L. SUMEHAU SON COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN C. HARPER 1248 Broad Street Dial 2-5301 Ordinary, Richmond County COMPLIMENTS OF THE COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY SHOP FOR MEN FRANK RENICK CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, FURNISHINGS 874 BROAD STREET EXCLUSIVE MEN’S WEAR Satisfied With Small Profits AUGUSTA. GA. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I) I) u We Offer You Our Heartiest Congratulations Your life has just begun. Many of you will seek higher educational advantages, while others of you will begin your life work immedi- ately. Yet, no matter where you are, or what type of work you are engaged in, all of you are sure to have a home some day. Therefore, whether home to you will mean an apartment for two, or simply “a room with a view”, we urge you to start the practice early in life, of shopping and saving on all personal and home needs at SEARS, ROEBUCK CO., “Your Family Store in Augusta”. Sears, Roebuck and Company BROAD STREET AT THE MONUMENT DIAL 2-7575 AUGUSTA, GA.COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL TIRE SUPPLY CO. “Augusta’s Master Service Station” Broad at 12th St. Dial 2-6641 Hill Branch: Walton Way at Central Ave. Dial 3-7377 THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL CO. MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS COTTON SEED PRODUCTS AUGUSTA, GEORGIA GEORGIA TRUCK EQUIPMENT CO. Trucks, Trailers and Equipment Cadillacs and LaSalles Augusta, Georgia 119 9th Street Dial 2-6876 COMPLIMENTS OF OF Hugh Barton’s Orchestra PEE GEE ESTATE PAINTS JERNIGAN HARDWARE COMPANY HEATROLAS BUILDERS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL KITCHEN HARDWARE HARDWARE - STOVES - PAINTS UTENSILS MAJESTIC 1033-39 Broad St. Dial 2-6818 WOODWORKING RAwGKb MACHINERY H. SHMERLING JEWELER COMPLIMENTS OF DIAMONDS - WATCHES CASH OR CREDIT 910 Broad Street Dial 2-5551 COMPLIMENTS OF CHIEF C. J. WILSON CAPTAIN G. R. FOLDS COMPLIMENTS OF J. D. CURTIS PLATT'S FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPBELL BLDG. OFFICES FOR RENT W. M. HARRISONHENTLEY THOMPSON FURNITURE 901 Broad Street Dial 2-6508 Augusta, Ga. Home Folks Cigar Store SODA — LUNCHES — NEWSTAND BILLIARD PARLOR 754 Broad Street CRYSTAL ICE” “ALLBURN COAL” “SUPREME STOKER COAL” Patronize AUGUSTA ICE COAL COMPANY 100% HOME INDUSTRY Dial 2-7721 639 13th St. Willingham Automobile Finance Corporation “A Home Company For Home Folks” BROAD AT EIGHTH ST. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERSJUNIOR COLLEGE ACADEMY SENIOR RINGS and PINS FURNISHED BY We Also Have a Complete Line of DIPLOMAS - - - INVITATIONS - - - CARDS CAPS GOWNS - - - TROPHIES - - - CUTS - - - MEDALS 1560 No. DECATUR ROAD, ATLANTA. GA. H. S. CANFIELD, Georgia RepresentativeCurb Open Daily and Service Sundays Fried Chicken —Buy It By The Pound— Take Some Home — Pick “Yo” Pieces SANFORD’S CHICKEN COOP 1326 Greene St. Opp. Doctors Bldg. COMPLIMENTS OF G. R. Kinney Co. Shoes For All the Family YOUR SAVINGS WITH FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF AUGUSTA INSURED AS TO SAFETY by the FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION AWNINGS ANTIQUES RESTORED EDMUNDS AWNING and UPHOLSTERING CO. FURNITURE Repaired - Refinished - Upholstered 1569 Walton Way Phone 2-5576 hini s Wav Pharmacy n • •' 2113 Kings Way Augusta, Ga. DIAL 3-4456 COMPLIMENTS OF Valley Coaches AUGUSTA, GA. N. W. CAMERA EXCHANGE COMPLIMENTS OP The Only Exclusive Camera Store in the City Augusta’s New Store PHOTO SUPPLIES Authorized Dealer For EASTMAN, A.G.F.A., ARGUS, BELL AND HOWELL, KEYSTONE 710 Broad Street (Near Monument) AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 220 8th Street Dial 2-4057 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA RADIOS PIANOS RELIABLE TRANSFER CO. Inc. Tompkins Music Co., Inc. Daily Freight Service Electrical Appliances - Refrigerators ATLANTA - ATHENS - AUGUSTA Ranges - Fans - Irons MACON - MILLEDGEVILLE Service and Parts for Electrical Equipment SAVANNAH 735 Broad Dial 2-8281 WHEATLEY MOBLEY AAL5TE.DT MAR5CHALK GENERAL CONTRACTORS FEED AND GROCERIES 718 Reynolds Street 1701 Twelfth Street PHONE 2-6722 116 Thirteenth Street Augusta, Ga. AUGUSTA. GA. THE National Exchange Bank AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Strong-Sound—Progressive MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONThomas P. Doris Edward J. Doris DORIS JEWELRY STORE I Certified Watchmaker Hotoiccm institute of America 586 913] 2 Broad Street AUGUSTA, GA. Accurate Time Pieces DIAL 2-2972 Diamonds Watches Clocks Silverware Crystals Jewelry SPECIALIZING IN ALL TYPES OF REPAIR WORK COMPLIMENTS OF THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE The South’s Oldest DIAL 2-6464 ftlottyqtCLpill in tie 1941 ? a.inly yvu £ SHEEHAN STUDIO “ ftotitdiii of TPi tinction 722 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-23 1 5'A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK No Account too Large — None too Small MEMBER Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  QUALITY SERVICE MARTIN CLOTHING CO. GOODRICH SILVERTOWN STORES BETITR CLOTHES FOR LESS MONEY OF THE B. F. GOODRICH COMPANY 982 Broad Street 815 ELLIS ST. AUGUSTA, GA. Dial 2-5434 Compliments of MULHERN LUMBER CO. 625 13th St. Dial 2-4996 FRIEDMAN’S JEWELERS 826 Broad St. Dial 2-6861 South's Greatest Credit Jewelers "Large enough to satisfy your every Lumber need—Yet DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVERWARE small enough to give you personal service.” RADIOS Optical Department in All Stores Compliments of HULL, BARRETT, WILLINGHAM TOWILL Compliments 'ltdsuj, Sesuuce Station Hickman Road and Kings Way INSURANCE - LOANS REAL ESTATE Dial 3-9106 Dial 2-5571 F. E. FERRIS COMPANY "Clothes of the better kind for men, and fashions for youth. 752 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GA. MEREDITH OPTICAL CO. Optical Service That Satisfies DR. A. H. MEREDITH DR. R. W. ROPER Optometrist 740 Broad St. Optometrist Dial 2-2480 TREAT YOURSELF TO THE BEST CLARY’S SANITARY BARBER SHOP S. F. C. Bldg. lobby Augusta, Ga.FURNISH YOUR HOME AT CULPEPPER-WALKER-GREAR, INC. Furniture 1204-06 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-4142 Compliments of McDonalds 42 Years Established Dial 3-4481 May good luck in the future he yours. We sincerely ap- preciate your past patronage and are looking forward to many years of pleasant business with you. SODA JkUl CAFE 636 Broad St. Curb Service Compliments of QgaaX, GlotltiesiA, "Buy 'FARR’ the Best” STUDENT CLOTHES AND UNIFORMS OUR SPECIALTY Dial 2-7002 833 Broad St. Compliments of HENRY T. CHANCE, JR. Attorney at Law BOWEN BROS. HARDWARE CO. SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS BASEBALL FOOTBALL BASKETBALL and TENNIS SUPPLIES 905 Broad Street Compliments of R. E. ELLIOTT SONS R. Allen Elliott Lester F. Elliott Sherbert Elliott Compliments of Frank Goldberg "Ladies' Outfitters” 724 Broad St. Dial 2-6491WASH AT HULSE LAUNDRY “Just A Qood One” 3-4451 DIAL 2-2460 A Service to Fit Every BudgetThe Most Complete Stocked Boys' Department in Augusta SKINNER AUTO SUPPLY CO. The New 5G4 Broad Street (Cor. Monument) BELK-WMTE LUKE CO. Augusta, Georgia 845 Broad Street WALL'S Compliments Cleaners and Dyers of SPECIAL PRICES ON A. R. C. UNIFORMS CASH AND CARRY AIKEN STORES, INC. Enjoy MAXWELL BROTHERS RED ROCK FURNITURE COLA PHILCO RADIOS FRIGID AIRES At the Academy Lunch Room and Your DRAPERIES Favorite Store 933 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. STANDARD PAPER CO. "WHOLESALE PAPER" Compliments of 628 7th Street Augusta, Georgia LEE, CONGDON FULCHER ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AUGUSTA BROOM WORKS (Subsidiary) Augusta GeorgiaAUGUSTA HIDE COMPANY DIAL 2-8249 HIDES - SKINS - TALLOW SCRAP IRON AND METALS 1433 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. "Where Quality, Accuracy and Fair ''Policy Prevail” TWIGGS PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS TO EYE PHYSICIANS 423 S. F. C. Bldg. Augusta, Ga. MEET US AT GARDELLE’S or COLLEGE PHARMACY ACCURACY PROMPT SERVICE QUALITY RELIABLE Cash Carry Delivery KYSO H S THE CLEANEST CLEANERS BURNER OILS FURNACES CIRCULATORS J. C. COLEMAN Commission Agent HOME OWNED 1282 Broad St. Dial 2-8643 STANDARD OIL CO. Dial 2-8851 1393 Gwinnett St. Compliments of YOUR PONTIAC ' DEALER y BUSSEY FULCHER Attorneys at Law Augusta, Georgia PONTIAC MASTER AUTO SERVICE Exclusive Sales and Service 944 ELLIS ST. DIAL 2-8841 Compliments of BAILIE FURNITURE CO. BOLYARD’S BARBER SHOP WE FRAME DIPLOMAS and BEAUTY SHOP 712 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. in HOTEL RICHMOND Chas. W. Holloway S. A. Cowart, Jr. HAGLER TRUCK CO. Augusta, Ga. "SHIP BY TRUCK” HOLLOWAY-COWART TIRE CO. 811 Ellis St. Dial 3-6271 COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE TIRE RE-CAPPING Compliments of HOARD OF COMMISSIONERS ROADS AND REVENUE RICHMOND COUNTY, GA. EDWIN C. MERTINS FRANK H. HOOPER R. P. MAYO FRANK R. MILES J. BLAND GOODWIN 2 % INTEREST Compliments of PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Deposits Insured GEORGIA HARDWOOD LUMBER CO. • MANUFACTURERS and EXPORTERS REALTY SAVINGS BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 827 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-8815 S. F. C. Building Dial 2-5317 NEWTON’S SERVICE STATION 1601 CENTRAL AVENUE Augusta, Ga. DIAL 3-7471 BUSY BEE CAFE "Oldest Place in cuan” Western Steaks of All Kinds Very Best of Foods Served Newly Remodeled 658 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-6256 973 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-2452 Compliments of GRAVES FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. C. M. HILL SERVICE STATION COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS Terms If Desired We Specialize in Safety Service The Best Equipped Shop in East Georgia AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 565 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-5751 TEXACO PRODUCTS BOARDMAN OIL COMPANY "An All Augusta Institution" Compliments of LEAGUE. DUVALL POWELL Real Estate and General Insurance AUGUSTA. GEORGIA Compliments of SIKES COAL WOOD COMPANY %,Our Coals and Coke Are Crazy With the Heat" 1498 Wrightboro Rd. Dial 3-3626 1941 GRADUATES... MAKE YOUR HOUSE YOUR HOME We extend to each of you congratulations and best wishes for a future of THE JONES happiness and success FURNITURE J. B. WHITE’S COMPANY Collegiate Clothes 1010 BROAD STREET Dial 2-5331 936 Broad Street Dial 2-6631 Augusta, Georgia For Better Values in DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY, Visit HER DRESS IS NOT COMPLETE |JECKUM jn TONES Better OC Jewelers WITHOUT A M. A. Beckum W. C. Jones Better Prices . . . Repairing . . . Engraving from 1848 1941 I. WILLIE LEVY CO., INC. 756 BROAD STREET METCALF AT WALTON WAY Style Quarters for High School and College Dial 3-4406 Boys for Nearly 95 Years HOLLEMAN-MILLER CO. Office Supplies and Equipment AUGUSTA, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES from JOHN T. CHESSER, JR., and RICHARD E. ALLEN, JR. Real Estate — Insurance — Loans 136 8th St. Compliments of McELMURRAY SANDWICH CO. E. W. McELMURRAY, Prop. • POTATO CHIPS • CAKES • TARTS DELICIOUS PASTRIES • DOUGHNUTS • PIES 435 GEORGIA AYE., NORTH AUGUSTA DIAL 2-5121RECAP YOUR TIRES NOW! Compliments EXPERT VULCANIZING of AUGUSTA TIRE RECAPPING CO. W. F. LAW, JR., AGENT J. P. Gatlin, Mgr. GENERAL INSURANCE 629 Ellis St. Dial 2-6311 Masonic Bldg. Dial 2-4228 A. ROY KROUSE JEWELER Compliments of Expert Clock and Watch Repairing DeLUXE CLEANERS Located AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS CO. C. F. Hightower, Prop. 315 - 8tit Street Dial 2-4325 Dial 2-6007 210-8th St. THE STUDENT’S STORE Compliments °f PARKING LOT 736 Reynolds St. 1. C. PENNY CO, Inc. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 840 BROAD ST. THE PLANTERS COTTON OIL CO., INC. Augusta, Georgia Sells Cotton Seed Meal—The best Lawn Fertilizer to use. "It Pays to Shop at Penny’s” Also Gins Your Cotton and Buys Your Cotton Seed. Dial 2-4816RINKER PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY 869 Broad Street Dial 2-5367 Augusta, Georgia W. R. DAWSON CO. H. BURTS TAYLOR ... Mgr. INSURANCE 118 8th Street Dial 2-5935 Compliments of DANIEL'S SHOE RE-BUILDING 909 Broad Street Dial 2-7545Augusta Sporting Goods Co. Exclusive Distributors Academy and lunior College Athletic Wear Spalding and Goldsmith Athletic Equipment Golf, Tennis, Basketball and Football Supplies COMPLETE FISHING AND HUNTING EQUIPMENT 210-12 EIGHTH STREET DIAL 2-6007 Compliments of McELMURRAY PHILLIPS FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE THAT ENDURES 923 Broad St. Dial 2-4787 STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Office Furniture — Steel Letter Files Fountain Pens — Mechanical Pencils Musiyiliij, Statlanen Gojnpatuf, 730 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. DIAL 2-2122WESTOVER MEMORIAL PARK PERPETUAL CARE "Where the Memory of Beautiful Lives will be Kept Beautiful Forever” FOR COMPLETE NEWS READ THE AUGUSTA HERALD DAILY EVENING SUNDAY MORNING EVENING HOURS ARE READING HOURS Compliments CONEY ISLAND SANDWICH SHOP 227 - 8th St. Dial 2-2236 W. R. DAWSON CO. H. BURTS TAYLOR, Mgr. INSURANCE 118-8th St. Dial 2-5935 iimiiBuild Your House On A Rock GOOD MATERIALS PERKINS LUMBER CO. 619—13th Street Dial 2-2429 Compliments °f A Friend SHIP BY AAA MILL SUPPLIES AND INDUSTRIAL SPECIALTIES HIGHWAY EXPRESS DIAL 2-2231 AUGUSTA, GA. S. DONALD FORTSON Connections For All Points 1553 Broad St. Dial 2-5536 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SUPERIOR LAUNDRY Compliments of LAUNDRY SERVICE Augusta Lumber DRY CLEANING Company DIAL 2-5511 Com pit merits of AUGUSTA GARAGE SUPPLY CO. Dan J. O'Connor Distributors Clerk Superior and FAMOUS U. S. ROYAL TIRES City Courts 'THE BEST liltll'k Fill! 411 VEIS” THE CAROLINA BRICK TILE CO. AUGUSTA, GEORGIAThe victories of life are won, not on the fields where the decisive struggles take place, but in the obscure and forgotten hours of preparation. GEORGIA RAILROAD DANK AND TRUST COMPANY MAIN OFFICE UPTOWN BRANCH 701 BROAD STREET 1109 BROAD STREET MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BONDS GEORGIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA MUNICIPALS LOCAL AND GENERAL MARKET SECURITIES JOHNSON, LANE, SPACE COMPANY, INC. 733 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-7741 INVESTMENT SECURITIES AUGUSTA ATLANTA SAVANNAH Compliments of EUBANKS BROTHERS Compliments of FURNITURE RIVERSIDE MILLS "If It’s For the Home, We Hare It” AUGUSTA, GA. 1005-1007 Broad St. Dial 2-8878 Compliments of HOTEL RICHMOND GEORGE C. BAIRD CO. Certified Public Accountants AUDITS ... SYSTEMS ... TAXES 1501-06 S. F. C. Building Augusta, Georgia Compliments of ROGERS CREDIT JEWELERS THE HOUSE OF DIAMOND VALUES 831 Broad Street Dial 2-7447 Compliments of ED. L. STELL1NGCompliments of AUGUSTA ROOFING AND METAL WORKS 623 Reynolds Street This is where permanent waves are a success. Leaving the hair soft with all its softness, sheen and beauty. Wcddosif fcecvuty 926 Broad Street cZlt pspjZ Dial 2-8178 Office : 209 10th St. Dial 2-2066 Plant: 608 Broad St. Dial 2-8926 Central Cleaners E. M. CROZIER ... Prop. “Where Good Cleaning Is Not Expensive' PUG'S BARBECUE EATS None Better FAMOUS FOR STEAKS AND CHICKEN If It's a Party . . . Call Pug PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Dial 2-7023 Peach Orchard Road Augusta, Ga. S. R. KELLY (Sr SON ALEX R. KELLY ... Prop. MARBLE AND GRANITE MEMORIALS Estimates Cheerfully Given PRICES REASONABLE Dial 2-4522 Ninth and Fenwick St. Congratulations and Best Wishes t o A Fine School from An Interested Friend Dial 2-8816 McMICHAEL’S MARKET I. P. McMICHAEL, JR.... Prop. FRESH MEATS—SEA FOODS—FRUITS—VEGETABLES COLD DRINKS 401 GREENE STREET Wm. SCHWEIGERT CO. 846 BROAD STREET JEWELRY GIFTS NOVELTIESWe Specialize in Home Heating, Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Oil-O-Matic Burners Iron Fireman Stokers Westinghouse Air Conditioning PHOENIX OIL CO. 100 Twiggs Dial 2-5321 Compliments of KEELS SERVICE STATION Compliments GEORGIA IRON WORKS of Manufacturers of W. INMAN CURRY RICHMOND COUNTY, GEORGIA Phosphate Mining Machinery and Hydraulic Equipment AUGUSTA, GA.Compliments of FERRIS AUTO STORAGE 816 ELLIS ST. TOWN TAVERN Broad near Seventh St. SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND CHOPS SEA FOODS 24 HOUR SERVICE DIAL 2-2327 MARGARET LOTZ Specialty Shop Dial 2-5937 827 GREENE ST. AUGUSTA, GA. Compliments of THE C HARM DRESS SHOP 870 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GA. Compliments of GEORGIA POWER COMPANY GENERAL OFFICES — 713 BROAD ST. DIAL 2-4841SOUTHEASTERN FUR CO. STORAGE — SALES — REPAIRS 1046 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. STANDARD FINANCE LOAN CO. of Augusta Ground Floor Southern Finance Bldg. Augusta, Ga. H. H. MOSS, Secretary-TreasurerHARPER BROTHERS PICTURE FRAMES ART MATERIAL PICTURES 426 - 8th St. Dial 2-6907 BURNY’S SHOE STORE Headquarters for Academy Drill Shoes 912 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments °f AUGUSTA SHOE REPAIR CO. 931 Broad St. Dial 2-7505 Compliments of WALGREENS Whatever You Need in DRUGS AND SUNDRIES at Lowest Prices Broad at Ninth S. ALLEN COHEN LIFE - FIRE - CASUALTY INSURANCE LLOYD A. STANFORD Dial 2-7787 317 S. F. C. Bldg. ALFRED M. BATTEY INVESTMENT SECURITIES REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE Southern Finance BuildingCOMPLIMENTS OF INTERSTATE COFFEE CO. R. J. BATES SMITH CURTIS E. SMITH, JR. Compliments of STURGIS SERVICE STATION 7th and Ellis Streets Compliments of S. H. KRESS S COMPANY 5c - 10c - 25c STORE 834 Broad Street Augusta, Ga.SEE THE NEW 1941 FORD NEW Massive Beauty - NEW Interior Styling - NEW Room Throughout - NEW Vision All Around - NEW Fast Acceler- ation - NEW Strong Rigid Frame - NEW Longer Wheelbase - NEW Longer Springbase - NEW Soft Slower-Action Springs - NEW Seat Cushions - NEW Ride Stabilizer. Walker-Durant Motor Co. "Get the Facts and You'll Get a Ford" Broad St. at 14th St. Phone 2-5371 FEEDRIGHT MILLING COMPANY "Your Friends Forever" Augusta. Georgia THE BUCKEYE COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufacturers of COTTONSEED PRODUCTS Augusta, Georgia Compliments of otiaiel ( icluwo+ui G. D. Hardy, Mgr. Compliments oi CAROLINA SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Augusta, Ga. Barnwell. S. C. STAR MUSIC CO. Agency Conn — Pan-American — Cavalier Band Instruments — Leedy Drums 218 8th Street Dial 2-8010 Wo Specialize in Ropairing and Overhauling InstrumentsWith Best Wishes to the ARC-JCA WOODWARD LUMBER CO. CURTIS MILLWORK MASONITE PRODUCTS DIAL 2-4611 AUGUSTA, GEORGIAST ARK-EMPIRE LICENSED USANITOIVEJ CLCANt LAUNDRY CLEANING DYEING PLANT—DRUID PARK AVE. BRANCH—743 BROAD DIAL 3-3611 CASH CARRY SERVICE DIAL 2-4733 Compliments of BENSON FELL MOTOR CO. LINCOLN ZEPHYR MERCURY Sales and Service USED CARS STOTHARD'S DRUG STORE Partridge Inn Augusta, Ga. Dial 3-5832 DeLUXE PAINT BODY SHOP FENDERS AND BODIES REPAIRED AND PAINTED 836 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. Dial 2-6757 EDMUNDS DRUG COMPANY "In Business For Your Health” Phone 2-6855 502 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GA. Prescription Specialist Compliments of EPPS FURNITURE COMPANY 1023 Broad St Augusta, Ga. Dial 2-8112COMPLIMENTS OF Partridge Inn COME AND SEE US Compliments of Strauss EngineeiDg Co. AUGUSTA, GA. Thomson Motor Co. 824 Reynolds Street AUGUSTA, GA. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF Sam Lzq cd I cj Ir? s r eg cs. 960 BROAD Augusta’s Fashion AuthorityMeet That Tough Class Cfeeling Of it! With An Ice-Cold R. C. Cola, You Can Meet That Class Refreshed. Royal Crown is A Delicious Wholesome Blend That Will Do Wonders in Restoring That Lost Pep! Richmond’s Choice ROYAL CROWn M COLA Royal Crown Bottling Co. Dial 2-6793 1 14 6th St. 

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