Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1940

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. .V - 4'-KV ' -fx. ' ,, " P. L ,..--w,- ' ' -gg 7 "iii, , 1- ' f EE' - A . ' .9 ' .'. '- "l'n, ' 5 . .gg-. . My -uf '. ,' ,T , l.'..' ri 'A :mx , 71 L,-.F f F. , T '. Z6-2 ':. ,1". n-' ,V . .Q " kin- n , I , Pg QL-LQQZVL H' -. ,fa -. ,,.. E':".' 3 ' .r V Q ,Q 'ff '1.: 'Hx , Z-. .., Litr- Qffi . .4 1.-,. Q V- V., 'V r-.1 -' ..- -' "-' ', ff. -JJ ffl PEZPL. l.- .. ,1,,-1-7? gy,-Q-1 V V V' 1-Bi, f ,L , ,f. -v.-y,.L.'. , A- ' l"J,,-., . 'A 1 . . 'J , x ' . ' gfzff,-5 -' ai -lf, av: . -V ,,fV.:f N, V114 . ,4 'ji-QV. 5 V-V1 ggi Q-EVVw"f.f 5 A 'i nv.. Kfvr V Z1-'Ng ' -J.-.3 1- ff:,wf'i.f.f+ H 751 I- ' fl "4-5: in, A an . -. . tin- -.nw-' 1 , :Lv T ',,'g , - ., 1 ' xi' H -- v-i' , "- . -5 .. : ,. ik, ' , r , . ' 211' . V V . 1.5 ' 1 'JF' " -" X 7-' 5. .L V .V,g1yV' A- . 1.71-4. ,. J-1.?'w',-' 2' f f . VU- V.:-, ..: . V VV.,g - ..!'5',4,F,'1 -za--'1 . ,. k ,M 1 . ,,-, ASV,-VV' 1- :VV ,' 4, J-.,.-. T' .I .V K ' JI ' '. V , 133. ' .:- 'aa-' if. i. '.3?J',-',-X.. . 1. ' 1-.--. V: v'-v , 1: ,rv " ,miie 1. 'vfffil :.' ixffgilf .aux - , 4,,,V-A , -.f' V a..,,',,. .HV I V. ,AVI . . .':" --'J . . gl., tm . V-V3 .3 V, 9, . , V Vw. . -, 35 fi V, . V . .5-F4 i"'-- . n-V,,qj- - V V' Z , x1-f-T.,-,. "'7f?'I2:3?l .T - -+ ,L . 1.,f. - ' Y". 3581 f' '- Q 11-rf n , -v Hi :,V-Eff- ". ,.p 5- - ' . . .- -5 ,Q .v -1.---V.: P4 ., - .- .e.. ,-hz f , ., ,VV - sr-Q..-L 'eg ,E V s-V '3 1. V "'- 4. -it .fc N, 51-1, , ' f i.:'11-1-.1 - -', ?.'1 ., , , . A . , . .-.H . wr., ff 1 -Z :.- -' .' -' " ' - f- :z - -. ' 3 0" .. VM, '. Q C .L ,J , 413- buf' fix , 1 ff if 'TQ-.' ' ' , - 5 .e', .,'- .---'Y' ig-Y A it-5: ba... fir: f QIQ . ,LQT :if fa .yn f 1' gs, e. rf. J., . f 4 - V 'E ET.-' -"L ' - . NLE' ' 'Q xr ,LH V -.- , vi- ,V . V . 1. ' 1s,.' '92 ' -Q! Jil-I ..?J'i ff T . . '-521.34 V .1 . "'vV-, EH- JH.: iv. wi. 112-9-5-3'f-' J 1 'M l 1 :fra 1 T-"..3.-'lv 41 fr: . -4,, V V , I-V '65, , 'I . ' :Wi 5 Fyf. gtg' . V, ugf, 1,-,RY . .. .ilu ' 'Q ' V.. Vi., 591' .,' LE, 1'- 5 : ' M- - ,T:.:' 3 A , ,Q. 32'f7I' ' -4, A 't . ' 9-,pr Y-Ev. V . .. , ' L'.w5't LL . W. - ',.W3g.:w,N .' Vf.-.,.3..3. Q' ' '1 v V. " x ff mfr,- 4L I - .- -,-j K ,--g -- I ',1'1'v-2 'T4".f P, VC' " .., 1. Mc 4 - 'I ," . ffzfj, .',,y. Q 3 4 ,, 5-3,6 ,nv L :QV p , - - ,LV Q. . . V I I V 7:9 . ' -'L "-'-4:--- -A-. . v - -. .- lv -1 , . 'K " xr.-' ,1 3 -4-ff' f .,,,,4,,f,:!Vp:F,. -VI .. ,.. ...j,,, T J.. I ,ffn ,, .V JV- 'K -Q .1 A -,1L'f,'. , g Q: ,,:'- H.,-V7-.T '7"f"',g-'71,-gf, T' ' '-L'iE,H:1,ghi'.J'E.5E1f:if ,-'5'fCff4!. ,-QL4.i11..?ff5:'1'EA.9,1!Q'5f"i"7ifEfg.fQ- fs W, 1 ll Q! w gl ff iff? Vw" HJ ig L A 1 n kv 'tx 11 f ' ii 3 2 ,. i lg ,' L -1 ' 1 11 I k I ' 1 M 1, r V r , 1 s W 1 1 Y 4 I 17W , Y "The I 940 RdZ.!Zb0ZW . ..- fx!! .P , P AA" -4' , ,. V- a , , ,nw-5,:,,fQv?44'Qr f"3if'f6f -MJ' -1 - ,J - - 4 .1 ., f .' ,-1,-1, 5,1 -Q - -J Q- v2f5Jf sc- ' , 5.,-A,A A., ' A Q5 ,., .4 1 w" ' : Hi- 5- H ' .pig-' 1--J .'IgJ:'f'. ' a"f1,5. .4 .. Z 3 Y?" 'Q " ,. . ' --,. , rx f . n f . , WEA , ' 4.15 if--5' . M' '4. W.',",g',-Af f' A 35.1231 :fri 'NJJ-f .W .1 .. ,...-,.. mb xx 'lv ,f if Q nl ' 9' . r- I' 74 '1 A11 l 1 I1-1:5 rgg- 1... '4cc',.1q9 05,1 5 27 ! .flip NVX i ,I MI :nuns ' 4 llll . L E cgi 1 I x9 ,U 54. 0 'x 5 OREWORD X uni! This year our annual is a symbol of the enthusiastic spirit shown by the entire student body in making this yearbook possible. If this book serves to inspire us to greater achievements and to arouse the spirit of those students who will g I ..,,.p-vw' Ill Ill Ill ll Ill lll' Ill' ll succeed usg if in later years it enables us to recall memories which will renew love and devotion to our Alma Mater, our efforts in trying to preserve the "atmosphere" of our campus life by compiling the activities of this year will be rewarded. May it justify the hope of those who have toiled in its making- CO TET Administration Classes Military Athletics Features . Activities Snaps and Ads -Q ---,rg r..-.P ,,,, .-L, Y ini To Elnora Mertins and Eliza- beth Lee, who have merited the sincere admiration of the facul- ty and students alike: whose loyalty, integrity, and frienclli- N ness fully exemplify the spirit ,vii E of these institutions: who have been untiring in cooperation, and efficient in service, we dedi- E ! 'f cate this our annual for 1940. R DEDICATIG 1 Miss Elnora Meitins l Registrar Miss Elizabeth Lee Secretary s 'f --:im iw- - H- --DM -- s --J-- -.- - zl-'-ifff-1-fa--es. , .'-.' 1-::,: THE SAY. .. We've worked together, We've worked apart, This annual to release. We've fussed and fumed, We smiled and said, "The labor shall not cease." We've done our job, Now you do yours- just praise this to the smnmit. And if you say this book's no good Well, if you don't like it- Lump it! a lv ir vvv fvvx XOC v The main entrance of our 15-year-old building is one of popularity as well as of beauty. X lTllll1Ntll1lXC I md X IY s fffz Ill' II-111 IDB AI IST U 11 1X1 1 L fnttll6'fC'1Ll16l IN to upcn N my neu x lxtl 1 U ntumtx mrl to le url t 1 r Nunn mu 1611111 ut outlook ind Omea C1 1lfXlNlHl1 1lAchL'11tuTth6 Lll'll16l'lSft. I xxuu to xou lx tml xuu Nhlilllf ICCI lclea vm tu 1th ul w t 111 N6 111 xnm lnmg and ten ne ut xu u mmq ltx mlnlnmmdnq NUl1L1t'1t1on 11 LQL xx un NU mm 1 un ll2lN1N1H1ll1t upwn IC nl and utllltzlucm xalues of hte lclewllsm Las rename ut 1C'l'I1lPtt11lNN .md lI1tZ1l'l0flbllltX an It 'Htl Xl5lllllLl'Xt1xI'l mx th1tlflNP16LlK-SIX tub n IIIZILQQNNI 71 ltx ll mex to ldG'lllN1l1 19 HQL tm tue- N nut ul xoutm It IN llke the ll ac 1 x 1 1 uugqcrl mounvmm peak xxhuh 1 tlu clexuc' to Lhmlm X'wOllE'lZll3UllUL1N1N axcendb ntlx xxlth tllfxfl luuwlex md ayhlnq IIIUIDN an xxlth the kmmleclgfn that 116 max nexer qlllte ltw 'wlllllllllt xX e .ue stlll exultant 111 spult fum We the ,1C'it xx nlcl it Ulll feet What xeemed a nglew tanql dk Seen tlom he-lou 9fetQ perf- Dec nd me mmq uhen Neem hom aboxe Thus the 1 x 1611 and Inoader hm nzon be-Qome the ren ard If Cd INT 1 telloxx tudent I pall upon 1011 tu make went of I lfp l6l'I'lClI1l3C1111Q.' that ullether you lt tmxaxd Heautx or Truth 01 Guodnexs the NHLLCWNIOI1 cf xteps ls t'1lxCl'l and 1116 name enev IN fllwloxed For the student xxhatex er :Qual ll1t9lCNt whether xt be Sclence or Ant or 1tu1e or Uomls he IN m 61611 aaxe wllclte 1 l1l1Nk'1lCd hexght u Nhuulcl ICIIICIUIJCI tlmt 111616 are moml Condi ui NLINIIZUIX qLhlQXC1'il6llt X NLhUlZ11 muxt benot LICZIUX 6 but xmne1e Rn undehled Lllaractm xuu not onlx 1 hnel l1lOlZllltX but '1 hner m X mul 61 es ale Qlvu because x num 1162111 IN pule Nhall lt 101116 to be xx 1th X ou EIN It IN xx I'lttCl1ll'I the ,W-xx 'I I 6 I 1116 111 healt Nhall we bod llxlk XX H XRDX Ilexlcen THE DE 4 4 l have been asked to write a brief message to you, but. because there are so many good things in life I want each of you to have, I End it difficult to formulate a message that will convev all mv desires for vou. In short. I shall simply wish for each of ,you happiness and success in your lives as you leave school. To achieve happiness and success, you must remem- ber that these attributes are not to be measured alone by the mere acquisition of material wealth and possessions. The man who places such homely, sterling virtues as character, honesty. perseverance, industry and thrift. and last, but not least, reverence to God, foremost in his life will be richly rewarded. The world now has a great and crying need for men and women of character. devoted to the service of their country and of their fellow men. The hope and salvation of our country lie in the hands of our youthg it is your privilege to lead onward and upward. It is my hope that you may happily combine the idealistic and the materialistic aspects of life, and achieve that measure of success and happiness that is your due. A. P. MARKERT, Dean. Anton Paul Markert, BS., M.A Dean A Faculty Appreciation In the dedication of this Yearbook, the student body has given its testimonial of love and respect for the two' grand ladies who have served them so beautifully and efficiently in our offices. No people appreciate them more deeply or hold them in greater affection than the members of the faculties of the Academy of Richmond County and the Junior College of Augusta. As the spokesman of the faculties, I respectfully dedicate the following simple lines to Miss Elenora Mertins and Miss Elizabeth Lee. just you, with each day's new dawning, just you, with each mornings good cheer, just you, who lighten our burdens, just you, so happy and near. just you, when our hearts grow heavy, just you, when we're lonely or sad. just you, when all others have failed us, just you, when the world's gone mad. Just you, how patient and kindly, -lust you, the fairest and best, just you, true friends, and so loyal, just you, with your life and your zest. Just you, how tenderly we cherish, So lovely, so brave, and so true- We pour out our daily libations, And thank God for the two-just you. -E. W. Hardy at , BOARD OF EDUCATIO 'T ' Seateil ifriiin Lt-ft iw Riulitz H. l.. Miiriilwy, T. M. Nickles, Mrs. H. T. Farris, Mrf. R. Lester, Tlionxas J. Fender Mrs XY, K. Iilliiitt, Mrx. hl. T. Mulligan, XY. A. XYatkin4, S, Ib. Copeland, Stilllfilllg lfriini la-ft lvi Right: rl. Vi. Mcllonalrl. E. H. Hutqlicenn, I.. E. Harrie, Jas. T. Plunkett, James Harbin, XV. R Brigham, limit- iiiwiivkcr lHcr.ilfl Rviwiirtt-rl. R. -T. Bt-attic. Xxvliiliilll P. LiOll4fiOll, XY. lf. Burton, XVebstcr Robinson I. L. Hrumiic, if. M. Kellt-y. Not in Picture: Hart Ren-fl, Claurlc lf. Sciiiiycri. Mri. ,lolin XY. XValkr. l bl. G. McDonald, PILB., CPA. Businuss Manager of the Board, 19374-lll. Instrnctrir at A. R. C. 1920-1937. Founder ot the .Xugnita Optimist Club. fi" ' 1-317151-4-r9?':41'L'?':.,"S "1-?EB!15 .....W .- -3 Thomas -1. Fender President of the Board of Education. lXX'hen elected fiur years ago, the youngest president ofa Board in the U. S. 1. Alumnus of Academy of Richmond County. Assistant Manager of Augusta XVater 1Yorks Dept. Member of the Chamber of Commerce. 320 Scottish Rite Mason. Member Alec Shrine Elks. T. M. Nickles Vice-President of the Board. Cashier of The Farmers Bank of Blythe. Member of the Kiwanis Club. Banker, Farmer, Operator of Gin, Insurance Agent, and various other activities. fEven 3 golferj. ,311--T: .- -rj ,, ca 1 'L :ii i.".' .111 S. D. Copeland Superintendent of Education of Richmond County 1934. Assistant Superintendent 1937. Principal of Houghton 1920. Richmond Aca- demy 1917. Secretary of the Board of Educa- tion. Member of Kiwanis Club. Horace Mann League, Ninety-six Club, National Education Association. President of the Young Men's Library Association: 'Vice-President of the Board of Trustees of the Character Chest. .- Y .A ,gawk ,. .,,-,.. . v... -..grnw -num E., , L -.,g,,.l s Qgdffr 'br WP. Quin if-., 'RSP' 76+ n R K BAILIE BOLTON THE lfrnest Mason Allen, Ph.B., M.A. English anrl French A. Edwin Anderson, A.B., A.M. English and German Margrwet Bailie, B.S., L.S. Librarian George Langston Bolton, B.S. Mathematics Allen Anderson Cordle Dasher Davis DeNoia Derrick B DuPuis Maj. Elliott Ellis l G 3... - BRYSON BUCKNER CARSON CHANDLER Marion Turner Bryson, A.B. Charles Guy Cordle, A.B., A.M. Jasper Otto Derrick, AB., M.S. Science History Science JHIUCS Morgan BUCk1'1C1', B-S-, MS. George M. Dasher Elroy DuPuis, AB., A.M. Mathematics Shop English J G1'0VCr W. Carson, B. MUS. Ed. james Treadwell Davis, B.S., M.A. Walter A. Elliott, Major Music History Miliary Science and Tactics O'Neal W. Chandler, A.B. John DeNoia, A.B., M.A. John Marshall Ellis, AB., M.S. Ph.D. Science Spanish Science wixyil' iff ACULTY Charles Martin Efll61'6Clg'C, A.B. Mathematics 'lohn Evans Eubanks, A.B., A.M. Latin and Government George VV. Ewing, B.S. Mathematics and Science Herman McDonald Felder, A.B., M.A English Norman L. Galloway, BS., M.A. Education and Economics Luther Alfred Griffin, B.S., M.S. Science John Thomas Hains, BS. lX'I.3'fllC1'll2itlCS VVillia1n E. Hardy, AB. Mathematics and Histnry Frank M. Harriss, A.l3. English gl. D. Hughey, A.B. History and English FACULTY Williain Redding Kennedy Commercial Elizabeth Lee, B. S. Secretary I. Curtis Luckey, HS. Mathematics NVilliam Leroy Maden, A.B., French William C. McGee, Sergeant Military Elnora Mertins Secretary Charles Harold Mitchell, A. B., M.A. English B., john Burchell Moore, A. History and English Joseph Rufus Moseley. BS., MA. Mathematics M A.M Auburn G. Owens, A.B. English and History ,en-., su.- 4' 'Uvi ROBERTSON ROLLINS HE Henry Osgood Read. Ph.B., M.A. English George H. Ridgway, AB. Science Joe Mays Robertson, BS. Mathematics Ray E. Rollins, BA., M.A. History and Economics Read Ridgway Smith, Norman Sullivan Sutton Talley Templeton Truan XYatkins Williams IV" si-l 4, 9 ROYSTON SCOTT SCRUGGS B. ROY SMITH Charles A. Royston, B.S. Norman C. Smith. B.S. in LE. XYillia1n E. Templeton, BA. Mathematics Drawing Commercial George Milton Scott. AB., B.Lit., M.A. ' VVilliam VVendell Sullivan, A.B. C. H. Truan, A.B., A.C.A. English History Commercial Chester Arthur Scruggs, A.B.,M.A. Chester M. Sutton, A.B.,M.A. NV. Parmelee Watkins, Ph.B. Science English History Benjamin Roy Smith, A.B. joseph LeConte Talley, B.S., M.S. John Williams History Science Vocation Guidance xt -ligne Ezfzzlzjf Refolzzfzblzf NOTE:-The following were found by our snoopervis nr on a crumbled piece of paper in the faculty room just after the first faculty meeting of the New Year. I, Ernest Mason Allen, do resolve to wear dark glasses while teaching my Junior College French classes in order to prevent any unnecessary diversion on the part of the feminine members present. I, Margaret Bailie. do resolve no-t to allow so much necessary whispering in the library and to resort to quieter tactics in so doing. I, john Marshall Iillis, do resolve never again to quake with fear and timidity because of the girls in my classes. From this time forth I shall look them square in the eyes instead of bashfully gazing at their feet. Yessir, I'll mow 'em down with stares! I, Eric XYest Hardy. do resolve not to invite the Board of Education to inspect the institution on lfVashington's Birthday fand incidentally, give them a good dinner in the lunch roomj with the sole intention of extracting an appropriation from them., 1. ,l0S91Jll R. Moseley, do hereby resolve. hereafter and forevermore, never to leave the subject of mathematics while conducting my classes. From this time forth, I will restrain, cease, and absolutely quit remarking about and discussing the European situation, my farming problems, domestic misad- ventures, and other peculiar subjects. I, Henry Osgood Read. do resolve to remain in my home-room after nine o'clock, and to leave the management of inane conduct in the corridors to other members of the faculty, in order that one of these might acquire my reputation. I, George Ridgway. do resolve not to waste any more time teaching school, but rather to spend that time resting. sleeping, and eating. U I, Chester Arthur Scruggs, do resolve that hereafter I shall cease philosophizing, restrain. my imagination from having such free range, dispense with advancing my impractical theories,and in short, try not to mesmerize my students. Rather I shall spend more time on the Essentials of Chemistry. I, Chester M. Sutton, do- resolve to require more work of my English classes. I am tired of students and faculty members' accusing me of offering "crip courses." I, LeConte Talley, do resolve to cease doling Out indefinite and impractical theories to poor. de- fenseless Physics students. 1 SfllKI,69lZf,,Y L150mff1b11 of fhe Pllfllllgf A's the teacher who gave us this lmnk l3's the lihrarian with the silencing look Cs the leader of our promising hand D teaches the language of a far away land E's too handsome to really he true F tells the camera cluh just what to do G and his glee cluh are really a riot H thinks the hall should be kept very quiet I-for idiots land there are quite a lotil fs a joke by George Milton Scott K's "Unkle Bill" who knows all the tricks L is the teacher who"s known as "Big Six" M is our dean and every students friend N is the nothing we've learned in the end O's the one with the MUSKETEER P's our politics-worse every year Q's the "big question" on a C.G.C. test R's the "Baron" and one of the best S knows his chemistry or so it is said T is the man with the hair that's so red U-for us who make up each class V is the victory when all of us pass W's for "Sergeant" who makes the boys drill X used to be unknowng I guess it is still Y is for no other person than you Z's for the zero which means that you're through i e :J ik' . -fl- W A L ' ' Lhulcl this dilkf heen real? N Snaps gent work have is-1 , LUIHIIE' sccmf very much intcresterl in the Halton, Cul. HZliIlS lfwes his "t1'if1'0" ff" ,,mb. I hiss, lie l 4 4 G -., President Caver, of the Senior class, takes an order for an Academy ring. It is tradition with us that the presi- dent of the Senior class should have complete Charge of the ring Contracts. 'Tim Mulligan is closing the transaction. i 'wi v 'Z V- . A 'Q f ' i I I 1 K' "w, Le. Nxssw. ..- fkaw lack Hains looks interestingly at Margaret Sheftall, while 4Xlfred liattey, lietty Andrews, and Tommy Houck seein to he very amused about something. Elle Carswell, the vice-president of the "sophisti- cated" class was ahsent. it seemsg inayhe she was just on the opposite side of the car. Alfred Battey President .C.A. The .T.C.A. Sophoinores had no trouble in the selection of their officers for this year's group of students. Alfred Battey, presi- dent, has steadily risen in popularity among the students. Elle Carswell is our own little ray of sunshine, cheering us up with a congenial word a day. Margaret Sheftall is typical of our vim, vigor, and yitalityg and she is very 1l'lL1Ci1 responsible for the success of our annual. Tommy Houck is a most efficient treasurer. Betty Andrews and Jack Hains are our popular student council representatives. Inciden- tally, Betty was voted the most popular El. C. A. girl and Jack, the hest all-round I. C. A. boy. 1 1 1 4 i l l Z W' Student Council Student Council Yice-President Secretary Treasurer ,lack Hains llc-tty .Xndrews lille Carswell Margaret Sheftall Thomas Houck I -ak 0 UPHQMQRES ALLEN, HAZEL Glee Club 1: Basketball 1, Z5 Liter- ary Society 1, 23 I.C.A. Y.VV.C.A. Z. ANDREVVS, BETTY High Honor lg Sigma Delta Chi 1, 25 Student Council 23 Phi Theta Kappa. BAILEY, VVILLIAM E. Yice-President of Freshman Class, Spanish Club 13 Pre-Law Club lg Captain lg Major 1, 23 Sabre Club 1, 25 Camera Club 23 Literary So- ciety 2. BATES, EVELYN Glee Club 1,23 Literary Society Z. BATTLE, HELEN High Honor 13 Winner of Louis L. Battey Memorial Medal 13 Glee Club 1, Z3 Literary Society 1, 2g J.C.A. Y.W.C.A. 23 Phi Theta Kappa ANDERSON, VIRGINIA Radio Dramatic Club 13 J. C. A. Y,W'.C.A. 2. BAILEY, JOANNE Literary Society 1, Z3 I. C. A. Y.NV.C.A. 25 Camera Club Z, BATES, ANNETTE Glue Club 1, 2, Literary Society Zg Sponsor 2. BATTEY, ALFRED Winner of Stunt Night, Secretary ot J.C.A. Hi-Y, Student Council 1,23 President, Hangover Club 1, 2,3 Cap- tain 13 Major Z3 Sabre Club 1, 23 President, Sophomore Classy Mili- tary Editor, "Rainbow" 25 President, J.C.A. Hi-Y 23 Pre-Law Club Z3 Rho-Chi 2. BEST, KATHRYN Honor 1, Spanish Club 15 Life Sav- ers 1, 25 I.C.A. Y.W.C.A. 1, Z: Camera Club 2. YT' tx t Q . I xx f- 3 ' V fx 7 I C il K . . 1' o J a 4 o Hllilxfilx. Clil.liS'I'li lil..Xlfli, XYIl,l,l,-XXI B. J. C. ,X. Y,XY.C,.'X. l. J. B U I 'I' li R. .-X L B li RT Hounr l: Glen Club 3: Literary Sfrcivty. HR.-XCEY, .HAH N Y. Zucl Lieutenant lg lst Lit-utcuaut .43 Sabre Club l, .23 Prt--Law 1, .43 Treasurer, Pre-l.:m' Club 2. BROXVN, MARIAN li RYANS. ELISA l2li'l'H .-Xuuual Staff l, 23 Prcsitlcut of Zeta lihu Sigma. BU XYER5, HUXYARD l'rc-l.:lw Club 1. BRG,-XIJXY.-X'l'liR. ROBliK'li BROXYN, XVILLIAM T., JR. High Hr-uor 13 .Zncl Lieutenant 13 lft Licutt-uant Z: Sabre Club 1, Z5 Ruiuziuic Pliilolugical Society lg Spanish Club Z3 Deumlay 1,21 Scribe tif lltlllullly Sucigty .23 Phi Theta lizzppg Kilt-c Club 2: Literary SOClCty 2 BCCKLEY, 1. L. Presitlcut of Pre-Law Club Z: lst 23 Sabre Club 2. .-11 1' W M' BL' I1 i X L 3- 'X 'w 1-5 s iw ,ft R 15' l I ?ff1f1wff,ffff,f 'f tl BYINGTON. XYILLIAM ,l.C..-X. Hi-Y 1, 23 Treasurer of j.C.A. Hi-Y 2: "Musketeer" Staff 1, 2, Sports Editor uf "Musketeer" Staff 2: Literary Society 2. CARPENTER. VIRGINIA junior College Y.XV.C.A.3 Varsity Club: Glee Club: Literary Society. CAVE. O'NE.-XL ,l.C.A, Hi-Y 1: Secretary of j.C.A. I-Ii-Y 25 Basketball Letter 1, 22 Sabre Club 1, 2: Treasurer of Sabre Club Z: Varsity Club l, Z. CHAPMAN, SARA JANE jr. College Y. VV. C. A. 1, Z5 Art Editor of "Rainbow" 23 Literary Society 1, 23 DAITCH, IRVIN Spanishe Club 13 Literary Society 13 Pre-Law Club 1, 23 President of Pre- Law Club 13 Vice-President oi Pre- Law Club 23 Captain 1: Major Z: Lt, Colonel 25 Sabre Club 1, Z5 Chairman, Sabre Club Dance Cont- niittee 25 Rifle Team 1, 25 Stage Manager. Stunt Night 2. C.-XIJERS, BIARI.-XX Zeta Rho Sigma .22 Literary Soeiety ll Junior College Y.XV.C.A. 3, CARSXYELL, ELLE Honor lg Secretary of Freshman Class: Literary Society lg Junior College Y.XY.C,A. 1, 23 President of junior College Y.XV.C.A. 2, Glee Lhzb 1, 25 Sigma Delta Chi 1, Z, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, CHANDLER, EYELYN High Honor 13 Literary Society 13 junior College Y,XV,C.A. 1, 23 Zeta Rho Sigma. COCLIN. MARGARET High Honor 1: Literary Society lg Junior College Y.W'.C.A.g Phi Theta Kappa. DE.-XS, THOMAS Camera Club 1. Z: Rho Chi 1, Z, X'iee-President Rho Chi 2, ' Y N M' .l. C.. IJCNBAR, ,LXXIS Highest Honor 1: Treasurer of Freshman Class: Zeta Rho Sigma 13 Romanie Pliilolwgical Society 13 jr. College Y.XY.C.A. l: Literary Editor wi "Raiiibmx"' .23 l'hi Theta Kappa. D UNCAN, JAM its B, Znrl Lieutenant 1: lst Lieutenant 1: 2: Sabre Club 1, .23 Leader of Best llrillell l'Iattifwi1 in R.U.'li.C. lg De- mivlay l, 1. ICXRR, MAXINE Fashion Show 1: Glee Club 1, Z: Bowling Team 1, Z: Junior College Y.XY.C,.-X. 1, Z: Cheer Leader 1, .35 Annual Stall' 2: Zeta Rho Sigma 1.2. GOLDSTEIN, MEYER Literary Swciety 1. HAIXS, ll, 'lf Lt, Culmiel lg L.OlUIlCl l, 2: Sabre Llub 23 Pres' of Sabre Club 1, 22 Stnrlent Council l, Z: l'res. of Stu- ifeiit Cnnneil l, lg -l,C..X, Hi-Y 1, .23 Rifle 'l'eam3 Hearst lropliy 'l'ea1n l, Z: Varsity Club l, 2: Iieta Club 1. 2: Cwlrl "R" Club. IDCNBAR, MARY HELEN lloiior 1: Literary Society l: Cam- ira Club 1.2: jr. College Y,NV.C.A. l. Z. ELLIOTT, CONSTAXCE High Honor l: Literary Society 1: Business Manager wt 'iRZllIllDt'rXYn lg lilee Club 1,23 -lr. College Y.XY.C.A. l. 2: Sigma Delta Chi 1, Z3 Presi- flent of Sigma Delta Chi 23 Phi Theta Kappa. HERCKE, KATE GXYIN, THOM.-XS 1. Stunt Night XYinner lp j.C..-X. Hi-Y 1, 2: Vice Pres. Hi-Y 1, Z: Ist Lieu- tenant 1. 2: Captain Z: Sabre Club l, 2: Dance Committee 2: C1I'Clll2i' tinn Manager of Musketeer 2: Lite Savers Club 1, 2: Cheer Leader lg Varsity Club 1: Hzmgnver Club 1. Z: Camera Club 23 Rifle Team: Hearst Triwpliy Team I, 2: Picture Editor tif "Rainbow" 2. HALLINAN, MARY Huwliiig Team 13 Literary Society ll Honor l, 23 Jr. College Y.XV.C..-X. l. Z. 1 U XJOXXIUIYZSD H.-XMM ETT, AN N li Glee Club 1, 23 Jr. College Y.W.C.A. 1, 2: Literary Society 1, 2. HILL, GEORGE FELTON lit Lieutenant 1, 25 Sabre Club 1, Z5 J.C.A. Hi-Y 1, 2: Drawing Club 1, 22 Secretary-Treasurer of Drawing Club 1, 2. HOLLEY, CELICSTE JACKSON, LLOYD JONES, SARA H.-XYNIE, MCDONALD C. Honor 1: Literary Suciety 1, Z3 De- inolay 1, 2, Pre-Law Club 1, 2. lllll.,I1l,lA 11 HOCCK, TOMMY Glee Club 1, Z: Pre-Law Club 1, Z Treasurer of Sophomore Class, JENNY, FRANCIS High Honor 13 Phi Theta Kappa KIMBRQELL, CHARLES v 1st Lieutenant Z5 Sabre Club 1, Z3 'Varsity Club: J.C.fX. Hi-Y 23 Pre- Easketball 1. 2: 2nd Lieutenant 1 Law Club 1. f V 2 l fvyf A a lp 1 o KING, HELEN Xl. KH H Junior Ufllcge Y.XY.C..-X. 2: Literary Lnmt 1 7 Sabre L Suqigty 21 Slu311i5I1 fluh l A l X 1 7 lllLI'd X Wax L LEMON' X" A' Nlxlxlxlflll J MARSH.DOROTHY VAIIHPWN uxkfaRFT5 Literary Society lg Haslcctlmll 1, .lg jr. College Y.XV.C.A. l, 2: Spanish Club Z3 Secretary of SpnniQh Club Z. M.-XY, RITA limior lffmlll-ge Y.XV.C.,-X. 1,21 Sigma IM-lta L'lii. MORGAN, FRANIQIE x ,lllllllvf College Y.XY.C.A. l. .Zi Zeta lliei lxio lilio Signing .Axllllllill Staff. llu l 7 X ar itx Llum i .L i 4 l I 4 i 'Ast U E9 I ifyJM1f'1f0f'm MURPHEY, KIOSE Honor 1: Drawing Club: Phi Theta Kappa. NEVIN. MARY CLAIRE Junior College Y.lV.C.A. 1, 2. OXVENS, MAE Junior College Y.XV.C.A. 15 Literary Society 1, PARKS, G. H. Basketball 1: Varsity Club: lst Lieutenant 1: Captain 23 Sabre Club l. 23 ,I.C..-X. HiAY: Gold "R" Society. PI ERCE. EDDIE PEARL Radio Dramatic Club 13 junior Col- zege Y.w.c.A. 2. KILRR.-XY. M.-XE-EL lla-lcetball 1, 21 -Ir, College Y.XY.C..-X. l, 1: Life Savers Club Z. NORVELL, T. E. Pre-Law Club A13 Tennis Club 1, 2. PAQUETTE, GEORGIA School Reporter 1, 2: Junior College Y.VV.C.A. 1, Z3 Zeta Rho Sigma 1, 25 'Varsity Club 1, 2: Bowling Team 1. 23 Musketeer 1, 23 Business Stat? of "Rainbow" 2. PAULK, MARY ELIZABETH High Honor lg Circulation Manager of "Rainbow" 23 Sigma Delta Chi 23 Phi Theta Kappa. POM ER.-XXCE, ELLIOTT Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Club 1, 23 Rho Chi 2. V" Y CN All .I. CJ. i . POPKIN, H. G. Basketball 1. 2: lst Lieutenant 1, 23 Sabre Club 1, 25 Varsity Club 1, 2: Literary Society Z1 Managing Editor of Musketeer 1: Assistant Editor of Musketeer. RO ESEL, JOH N C. Honor lg lst Lieutenant 13 Captain 23 Sabre Club 1, 2: Literary Society 23 filee Club 23 Stunt Night 23 Ronianic Pliilological Society lg llemolay 2, SENN, LUCY SlMON,C.'XRLjL7L1liN Highest Honor lg Radio Dramatic Club 1: lst Lieutenant lg Sabre Club lg Literary Society 1: Deniolay 1, 25 Business Manager of 'iR3il'lllt,!XYi' .23 fiolrl "Rug Phi Theta Kappa: Yale- flictorian Z3 Business Manager Stunt Night 21 Beta Club l, 2. ST.'Xl7l7ORD, MA R Y junior College Y.1Y.C..X, 21 Zeta Rho Siggnia 2. ROBINS, DORIS Bowling Team 1: Swimming Club 1, 23 junior College Y.XV.C.A. 22 Basketball Z. S.-XLLEY, FRITZ Musketeer Stat? 1, 23 President of Literary Society 1, 2. SHEFTALL, MARGARET Honor lg Glee Club l, 23 Literary Society 1, Zg jr. College Y,XV.C..-X. 1, 2: Vice-President of Jr. College Y.XY.C.A. 23 Radio Dramatic Club 11 Treafurer of Zeta Rho Sigma 23 Superlative 1: Fashion Show 13 Sponsor 1, Z1 Editor-in-Chief of "Rainbow" 2, Secretary of Sopho- more Class: Phi Theta Kappa. SM ITH, XVILLIAM H. lst Lieutenant 13 Captain Z5 Sabre Club 1, Z: Pre-Law Clubg Baehelor's Club. STANIPURU, LLOYD AL1iIiR'l' Tifiiltlfaill-C11l1L'f of "Rainbmy" 1: :Xtlyt-rtisiiig Manager of "Rainbow" Z: Business Manager of Musketeer lg Student Manager uf lfootlpgll Prograin lg Rho Chi l, lg Preriflent nl Rho Cbi 1, 2: Yarsity Club: Lieu- tenant lg Sabrt Club l. 2: Tennis leant l: Lite Savers L lub l, 21 t. am- era Club: Glee Club: lleniwlay 1, 23 'f it vv b'i1IS1f'I' Councilor of llenmlay 23 fnvltl R. 1 1 lnpffoffmfz lf S'l'IELI.ING, MARTHA Secretary of jr. College Y.XV.C..-X. SUHR, GEORGE Honor lg lst Lieutenant 1, 23 Sabre Club 1, 2. TEUTON. EDVVARD Rho Chi 1, 2: Secretary-Treasurer of Rho Chi 2. V TROXVBRIDGE, LAURA jr. College Y.XV.C.A. 1,21 Lite Savers Club. XVARR, COOPER, JR. Pre-Law Club l Z: Secretary of Pre-Law Club Z. STYLE, MXRY liaskt-tlmll 1, 25 Litcrary Socicty l, 2: Ir. College Y.XV.C..X, 1, 25 Var- :-ity Vlnlmg Life Savcrs Club. '1'.-XLBERT. M IRI,-XM High Honor 1: Literary Society 13 Jr. Cullcgc Y.XV.C..-X. 1, Z5 Phi Theta Kappa. TIMM, DOROTHY Junior College Y.XY.C..-X, 1, Z3 Bas- kvtball 1, 2. TUCKFIR, "TEENY" jr. College Y.XV.C.A.1 Bowling Tcanig Sigma Delta Chi. XYONG, THOMAS Zncl Lieutenant 1: lst Lieutenant Z3 Sabre Club 1, Z: J.C..-X. Hi-Y 1, Z. Poems By Margaret Sheftall AUTUMN No longer trees of dull, dark green, They're now a treasure red and gold. Natures splashed the woods with colors, XVarm enough to melt the cold. MUSIC Sweet music,-a haunting melody that brings thoughts too deep to understand. Music, that is gay and persuades your sad heart to skip a beatg Mad rhythm, that makes your feet humg Sad music, that brings tears and melancholy, Glad music, that merely brings a feeling of contentment and happinessg Stirring music, that makes you inwardly aflame. Music-VVhat is it? That strange tempo that stirs the human soul. Music, that reaches the innermost depths of a human heartg Music-mysterious, strange, beautiful. 'Is it a message of souls? NIGHT Night has fallen--dim, cool, stillness, Every sound has been hushed. The deep silence is a balm to my tired soul. 0, calm of night, come enfold meg Let me feel your coolness caress my fevered brow, Let your dampness seep into my heart, and cool the burning passion there. Wrap my tangled thoughts in your blackness. And let Day's turmoil fall shrieking into your deep abyss. O night, hear my thoughts and hush themg Know my fears and crush them. Let me drink deep of your solitude--so calm that its damp sweetness masters me. Let me for one instant feel your mysterious nearness! CLASS PI-IQPHECY CDF A40 I adjust all the lights, then I sink in my chair, All inspiration has vanished in air. The thoughts in my head have gone out for the night, And the prophecy or testament I never will write. Shall I pray to my Muse? That's what Milton would do. lint, gosh! I'm no Milton--and neither are you. So Sleep, gentle Sleep, the victory is yours. You may hold here full sway while my fantasy soars. But say! XYhat's this place? I've not been here beforeg And what's on this sign that is hung on the door? .l.C.A.'S GRADUATES DE '-lO WILL DINE AT A BIG CLASS REUNION THIS EVENING AT NINE. So, in I walked and down I sat. And listened to news of this and that. The more I listened, the more I learned, And here's the gist of what I discerned. Alfred Battey, handsome and tall, IYas selling tickets to the President's Ball. In some big city he was chief M. D., And his choice expressio-n was, "Now let me see." Eddie Pierce-so they say, XVent exploring in old S. A. She found some animals with yellow fur, And science still wonders what they were. Margaret Sheftall, tall and slim. XVas modeling clothes for the perfect femme, Until one day she tripped on her gown XYhen she saw a certain guy from her "ole home town". Cason Bruker, fiddle in hand, NVas the proud co-nductor of a concert band. He had promised to play his new composition- To write a hundred was his ambition. Betty Andrews, chic and fair, XVas wearing jewels in her hair. She introduced the "Riders Club Plan" And smiled as only Betty can. Virginia Anderson, keen and smart, VV'as a star detective right to the heart. She had cracked some tough cases not long before. And now she's guarding the Hardy's front door. .lack Hains, the "colonel", with a dame on his arm. VVas bemoaning the loss of his "model" Farm. He went on a cruise and mortgaged his land- He lost the farm. but the trip was grand. Elisabeth Bryans. in a new red dress, Had a new degree-M.R.S. She now could give up that burden she'd borne, Writing her column f'Advice to the Lovelorn". Sara jane Chapman, just back from "Paree", Where she told all the Frenchmen what fashions would be. Came to- the banquet and startled the class In her gown trimmed with feathers and woven of glass. Carl Simon, of XYall Street and linancial fame, Lost all his "dough" in a poker game. Now he's back in Augusta and resolved to stav, l'le'll design new lamp-posts for Akvlllton XYglv,' Celeste llignon. once a good nurse. llad a patient with measles, or something far worse. XYhen they asked her quite simply, "And did the man die?" She said. "'No, my goodnessl I married the guy." Constance Elliott, smart and keen, Designs for a leading magazine. She looks just like a fashion plate. Tall, beautiful, and so sedate. In town while on tour was "Romeo Bo" IVho'd given up medicine to be a golf pro, His 9:30 practice helped him achieve fame, Now even nut sundaes are bearing his name. Teeny Tucker has changed her name And though she hasn't achieved such fame, Still she's a happy and homeloving wife. My, how she's changed since her college life. Georgia Paquette and Maxine Farr Are now in a play in which they star. They love New York and there they'll stay. 'Cause their names shine brightly on Qld Broadway. Tommy Houck, long and lanky, Vyias selling equipment to every Yankee. His salesman's ability didn't go so far- Now he's writing a poem, "On A Star". A business executive was Mary E. Paulk, Her wonderful efficiency was all the talk. They made her chairman of all the committees, And her name was well known in all the big cities. A great engineer was Francis Jenny. Although his work cost a "pretty pennyfl He was the most popular contractor in town, And met all his problems with that dignified frown. Martha Stelling has a band The best "All-Girl" one in the land. Doro-thy Timm sings songs so blue, IfVe knew they'd never separate these two. Elle Carswell, tiny and gay Still laughing and talking as yesterday. Is in a large city hospital far away- And an efficient nurse she's destined to stay. -Iulia Hill. now teaching French. Says teaching this language is really a cinch. But since her life now is all work and no play, She's slowly but surely turning quite gray. ii F 'l 'I QI 51 :YE at :xx 551 gi T H E OFFICERS President . . . Walter Reiser Vice-President . . Jimmie Cooper Secretary . . . Dorothy Douglas Treasurer . . . Harry Pund Student Council . . Louis Battey Student Council . . Pat Calhoun Our Freshman officers are a carefree, intelligent group of students who believe that this year's Freshmen are tops. NVhen we notice who represents this class, we hnd it easy to believe that it would be hard to- beat. XX'alter "Sonny" Reiser is one of the most popular, and one of the most intellectual, boys in the school. His scholastic record is something for his classmates to aim at. Jimmie Cooper finds time to play some swell basketball and take part in school activities. The one and only girl in the group is Dottie Douglas, who is a good representative ofall Junior College girls. Dottie was unanimously voted the most popular Freshman girl. Harry Puncl is "one of the boys" in every sense ofthe phrase. He thinks the clubs in the school are very important for every boy 7-Pat Calhoun and Louis Battey make able Student Council members. Both 'of these boys are popular, intelligent, and active J.C.A. Freshmen. Next year's leaders xvill have to be superlative to pass these officers in any phase of Junior College activity. Walter Reiser l.ouis Battey l'at Calhoun -limmie Cooper Dot Douglas Harry Pund 41. 5, N- J.C.i . FREQHI IEI ADAMS. BARBARA MARIE ARRINGTON, RATHRYN Fashion Show. BAIRD, RICHARD L. lst Lieutenant, Sabre Cluhg Order of Demolay. BAKER, BOBBY lst Lieutenant. Sabre Cluh: Varsity Club: ,I.C.A, Hi-Y: Baske,hall, BARBIN, ROBERT President, Camera Cluhg Manager, Stunt Night: Fafhion Show: Annual Stal? Photograplier. BARNARD, DOUGLAS Captain of Banclg Sabre Club: Glee Cluh. BATTEY, LOUIS L. Rho Chi: Student Council: -I.C.A. Hi-Y. BEDINGFIELD, HUGH Band: Demolay Orchestra. BENTLEY. HL'l3liR'l Retl "X" Suciety, BLACKXVELL, LUCILLE Musketeer Staffg Fashion Slmw. BOLGLA, BENNIE Basketball. BRUCKNER, ALBERT ADAMS, BARBARA MARIE ARRINGTON, KATHRYN BAIRD, RICHARD L. BAKER, BOBBY BARBIN, ROBERT BARNARD, DOUGLAS BATTEY, LOUIS L. BEDINGFIELD, HUGH BENTLEY, HCBERT BLACKVVELL, LUCILLE BOLGLA, BENNIE A A BRUCKNER, ALBERT IRRCNKHVRST, .XCDRIQY , tyxLHOt'x, PA'1'1ut'1q 1 cARPENrER,uiuRY i C.'XRROl.l,. PHILLIP Cll.-XSE, HENRY H. COOPER. ,IIMMIE cosBY. RAY I' DEMORE, OTTIE DENNIS, FRANK S. DOUGLAS, DOROTHY DUNBAR, FRANCES ICLLENBURG, MINNIE BRUN KH URST, AUDR EY Literary Snciety: Y.XV.C.A. Glec Clubi, CALHOUN, PATRICK Stuflciit Council: Rbu Chi, CAR PEXTIQR. H,-XR RY lst lieutenant, Salsrt- Clubg Camera Club. CARROLL, NI. l'Hll.l.ll' Captain, Sabre Clubg Caiucra Club, In Il LHASE, HENRY H. COOPER. ,IIMMIE j.C.A. Hi-Y: Znrl Licutcuant. Sabru Club: Basketballg Life Savers Club: Varsity Club: Yicc-Prcwiiltnt, Fresh- man Class. COS-lf-Y, R.-XY H. Rnd Sociutyg Lilo Sztverf Club. DEMORE. OTTI E Y.XX',C..'X.: l.ll'?l"IlI'j' Snsicty. DENNIS. FRANK 5. DOCGLAS. DOROTHY Glsze Clubg Literary Society: Zeta Rho Sigma: Y.XY.C..-X.: Fashion Sliuw. DCNB.-XR, FRANCES Sigma Delta Clii: Y.XY.C.A.: Bas- lcutball. Iil,I.ENRCRG. MINNIE .l.Cl. FRE.SllrlI: ffl ELLIOTT, SE'XVEI-L EPPS, ,IONES Major: Sabre Club: Red So ciety: Gold "R" Society: J. C. A. Hi-Y. EVANS, H. T. Order of Demolay. FERGUSON, ETHEL lfI.EMINlS, MARTHA Zctw Rho Sigma. FKLCH ER, DOROTHY GEHRKEN, CATHERINE Glee Club GILLMAN, NATHAN Lieutenant, Sabre Club, Rho-Chi. GOLD BERG, JOE Mu-zketccr Staff, GOLD BERG, SANFORD Pre-Law Club. GOODVVIN, CATHERINE GRAHAM, ELIZABETH Spanish Club. I , ELLIOTT, SENVELL EPPS, JONES - EVANS, H. T. FERGUSON, ETHEL l , FLEMING. MARTHA FULCHER, DOROTHY GEHRKEN, CATHERINE GILLMAN, NATHAN GOLDBERG, ,TOE GOLDBERG, SANFORD GOODXVIN, CATHERINE GRAHAM, ELIZABETH I K3liIlll.liY. IJOROTHEA L1l'Rl.EY,K1iNN ETH H.-XL,I..IzR, J. L. HANCOCK, RELQINALD Htiur.xR1a.H.-xRR1ET'rE Html., HELEN HL'1.1., JIM HUNTER, HELEN HURLBUTT, MARJORIE JACKSON, ARTHUR L. JOHNSTON, HONVARD JUMPER, JULIAN GRIDLEY, DOROTHEA Zeta Rho Sigma. GL'RI-EY, KENNETH J,C.A. Hi-Y: Literary Society: Lt-tt- twcrsg Glee Club: Participant in XYinning Stunt on Stunt Night, H.-XGLER, J. C. Rho- Chi: Musketeer StaFf: Camera Chili. HANCOCK, REGINALD Captain: Sahrt' Club. 'T ffm w Hcmxtim, H.-XRRIETTE HURLBUTT, MARJORIE Literary Society: Spanish Club Y,XY.C.A Hflll-. Hlfl-EN JACKSON, ARTHUR L. Literary Society: J.L'..-X. Hi-Y. Assistant Editor, "The Musketeer. HULL, JlM I!l'X'i'liIQ, Hlil.l'QN JOHNSTON, HOXVARD lst Lieutenant, Sabre Club. JUMPER, JULIAN N Q 1 D N4 1 N T J. C. . KEMP. ,IANELLE Sigma Delta Chi: Camera Club. KESSLER, DORIS Camera Club: Y.XV.C.A. Basketball: Life Saving Club. KNAPP. FRANK Captain: Sabre Club. LAMKIN. ROB ERT XVALTON PRES I IEI LANDRUM, BILL LANVRENCE, C. li. file-e Club. Pre-Law Club LEXVIS, MARY Glee Club, Camera Club, Y.W.C.A. LIAGUI RE, ALFRED Spanish Club. vp Pw- -Q-N 3 E 5 Q?z T K -rl V MARRIOTT, C LA I IQ Basketball Team. MARTIN, H. B. MCDONALD, HAZEL Literary Societyg Spanish Clubg Sec- retary for International Student So- ciety from Augusta Y.VV.C.A. Glee Club. MCELMURRAY, JAMES KEMP, JANELLE KESSLER, DORIS KNAPP, FRANK LAMKIN, ROBERT XIVALTON LANDRUM, BILL LAXVREIYCE, CARL LEWIS. MARY MAGUIRE, ALFRED MARRIOTT, CLAIR MARTIN, H. B. MCDONALD, HAZEL MCELMURRAY, JAMES MELYIN. LILLIAN MILLIGAN. MILDRED MOSS. BEN FRASER MI'I,.LIN, MARY MURPHEY, MARGARET NEXVBERRY, BONNIE MAE NORYELL, HAROLD NOXVELI.. JIMMIE OELLERICH, LILLIE OLIVE. CONSTANCE OYERMAN. LEHMAN OXYENS, MILLXVEE MELYIN, LILLIAN Glee Club, Camera Club, Y.VV.C.A. MILLIGAN, MILDRED Camera Club: Basketball, Y.W.C.A., Life Saving Club. MOSS, BEN FRASER MULLIN, MARY Muskc-tear Staff M URPH EY, MARGARET NEXYBERRY, BONNIE MAE Zeta Rho Sigma: Basketball. NORVELI.. HAROLD Captain: Sabre Club. NOXYELI-. JIMMIE Glc-e Club: Camera Club: Leftovers: Muskctccr Statfg Animal Staff: Gold "R" Society: Varsity Club. fi' OELLERICH, LILLIE OLIVE. CONSTANCE Sigma Ufllta Chi: Y.VV.C.A. OVERMAN, LEHMAN OXVENS, MILLNVEE Spanish Club: Stunt Night. -A- ii J.C. . FREQHT lEi PATTERSON, FRANCES MAY Y.XY.C.A. PEEPLES, ELIZABETH Sigma Delta Chi: Y.XV.C.A. PEMBER, JOSEPH PIERCE, MARY EMMA Sigma Delta Chi: Y.XV.CA.: Bas- ketball. POLLOCK. EDAVIN Rho Chi: Camera Club. PUND, HARRY C. Treasurer of Class: Order uf Demo lay: Rho Chi. R EADY. XVI LLIAM A. REESE, AGNES Literary Soefety Officer: Y-W'-C-PM Feature Editor of Musketeer: Pic- ture Editfr of "Rainbow." 421- REISER, XYA l-'l'ER A. lst Lieutenant, Sabre Club: .I,C.A. Hi-YZ President of Class: Student Council: Glue Club: Editor of the "Musketeer"g Annual Stuff: Gold "R" Society: Literary Society: Life Savers Club. RHODES, MCALLISTER j.C.A. HiY-1 Spanish Club: Znd Lieutenant: Sabre Club: Order of Demolay. ROBERTSON, H EARD Camera Club. ROESEL, DOROTHY Y.VV.C.A.: Camera Club: Glee Club PATTERSON, FRANCES PEEPLES, ELIZABETH PEMF.ER, JOSEPH PIERCE, MARY EMMA POLLOCK, EDVVIN PUND, HARRY C. I READY, XVILLIAM A. REESE, AGNES REISER, XVALTER A. RHODES, MCALLISTER ROBERTSON, HEARD ROESEL, DOROTHY MAY i 3 wasps -sw.. wrfpu Jars ..-nv-:Q RCCIQ E R, I. A. SCOTT, Xl YRA SEIGLER, JOE MORGAN SHELL, J. iz. STALLINGS, MARGARET STARR, l'DOROTIrIY ANN STEINBERG, III. E. STEINBERG. M. K. STELLING, T. OSBORNE SUTTON, HELEN SYMMS, MARGUERITE TEAGUE, CLAIRE RUCKER, I. G. SCOTT, MYRA Spanish Club Reporter: Literary Society: Y.XV.C.A.: Stunt Night. SEIGLER, JOE MORGAN Basketball Team. SHELL. J. E, lst Lieutenant, Sabre Club: Recl "X" Society. at T 9' y 7-"' : - ,. t l Qin STALLI N4 LS. MARK SARET STARR, DOROTHY ANN Glee Club: Camera Club: Y.XV.C.A. Zeta Rho Sigma. STEINBERG, M. E. STEINBERG, M. K. Corporal: Spanish Club: Stunt Night, S'l'ELLING, T, OSBORNE Znrl I.i-gutenant: Sabre Club: Life SEIVCTIE Club. SUTTON, HELEN Literary Society: Glee Club: Stunt Night. SYMMS. MARGUERITE Glee Club: Secretary of Literary Society: Y.XV.C.A. Stunt Night: Life Srvvers Club. TEAGUE, CLAIRE 1 7 I J. C. A. FRRQ I Ihl THURMOXD. C. B.. JR. Captain: Sabre Clubl Glec Clubl Lcltovers: lYinner on Stunt Night. TOOLE. MARY ANNE Literary Society: Glee Club: Zeta Rho Sigma: Y.IY.C..-X. Life Savers Club: Musketeer Staff: Fashion Show. TORPIN, MIMI President of Spanish Club: Literary Society: Stunt Night. XVALLER, HARCOURT. E. lst Lieutenant, Sabre Club: Varsity Club: Gold "R" Society: Basketball: Literary Society. XYEISS, GIQORCE XYI-IITAKER, MIRIAIXI Literary Society. XYHITT, VIRGINIA Basketball Team. XYILLINGHAM. JULIAN Iwl Lieutenant, Sabre Club: Glee Club, 'GI 44- XYILSON, ANNE Literary Society: Life Savers Clubg Y.XY.C..-X, NVOOD, DORIS Y.XV.C.A. XYOODXVARD, CLIFFORD YOUNGBLOOD, HAROLD THURMOND, C. B. JR. TOOLE, MARY ANNE TORPIN, MIMI XVALLER, HARCOURT E. f XYEISS, GEORGE 2 XYHITAKER, MIRIAM 3 XVHITT, VIRGINIA l XYILLINGHAM, JULIAN NVILSON, ANNE XYOOD, DORIS XVOODXVARD, CLIFFORD YOUNGBLOOD, HAROLD THE JUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA Retrospect and Prospect The .lunior College of ,Xugusta was estalilished lay the Board uf Education in 1925. lts founder and original planner was the late Ur. George P. Butler. who liecame its first president. Unlike many educational institutions. it was no spurious growth, lint it came into existence in response to a genuine community need. and from the outset has had the enthusiastic support of the community which it serves. These considerations are its primary elements of strength and offer the principal assurance of its outstanding growth and perpetuity. The 'lunior College of .Xngusta was one of the list pulilic junior colleges founded in this section of the South. Many others have come into existence in this section since the date of its founding, but this institution has held a unique place of leadership among them from the very beginning. This has been due largely to the wisdom uf its founders in setting up curricula which were in every sense standard and the equivalent of the lirst two years in the liest four-year standard colleges and universities. In addition to this. its instructional staff has always lveen composed of men who represent the liest scholarship of many of the lwest American universities, and who have been carefully selected because of their rich experience and eminent success as teachers. AUINUST il1ll1l9fliHiCl5' Eiffel' the hlllllltll' College began to function. it was admitted to membership in the Southern .Xssociation of Colleges and Secondary' Schools, and the gXmerican .Xssociation of -lunior Colleges. It is also a memluer of the Georgia .Xssoqigition uf Colleges lseniorj and the .Xssociation of Georgia 'lunior Colleges. The strength of its example and the leadership of its Faculty have been strongly felt in the counsels of these associations. .Xs important as these things are in the life and standing nf an educational institution, the final measure uf its greatness must lie found in its product. That its product is good is evidenced by the eag- erness of the senior colleges and universities to get these products. The premiums they are willing to pay are shown hy the thousands of dollars worth of scholarships that have lieen made availahle to the graduates of the ,lunior College of .Xugusta By actual count these graduates have gone into more than one hundred different .Xmerican Colleges and Cniversities. The triennial reports on their success, which ?f'f r have to be made to the Southern .-Xssociation of Colleges, show that they have all been able tu do the work of the higher institutions not only with outstanding success, but in many cases with great dis- tinction. This holds true not only of those going to the Liberal Arts Colleges, but also of those who have gone into the schools of Law, Medicine and Engineering. The enrollment of the -lunior College has been steadily increasing. .The total for the present session, 1959-40. is 270 students. about equally divided between young men and young women. In its short life. the ,ll1UiOF College of Augusta has graduated approximately 700 students, approximately 60? of whom have gone on to higher institutions. The total saving to the community has been in round numbers around S2,000,000.00. There has been no enterprise of any kind which has yielded such a dividend in dollars and cents saved. to say nothing of the enrichment ofthe young life of the community through their contacts with men of line ideals and high scholarship. The ,lunior College of Augusta has the physical equipment with which to do high-grade work, No college in the state has better laboratories. One ofthe fastest growing features of the college is its splendid Library, housing now over eight thousand Carefully chosen volumes and hundreds of unbound publications. lt is receiving net accessions of approximately 1500 volumes each year. The greatest im- mediate need of the -lunior College is a special building to take care of its rapidly growing library. Here is the opportunity for some wealthy citizen to build for himself a monument that will outlast the stone and steel that may go into it. More important than physical equipment is the philosophy of education to which officers and teachers subscribe. The Faculty agrees unanimously that in the process of true education there is no place for sham or superiiciality. They subscribe to the proposition that the world needs only men and women of cultivated brains, but above all else of stable character. They believe that the Christian ideal is the linest thing in the worldg that there can never be true culture without Christian character. In the midst of a world of cynicism and change, they believe that there are moral values which are eternal and unchanging. Finally. it should be said that there is no place in the class-rooms or on the campus for the pro- pagandist of any creed or doctrine subversive to the spirit of America. The -lunior College of Augusta will maintain at whatever cost the traditions of patriotism and unspoiled :Xmericanism that belong historicallv to the Community that it will continue to serve. Q '4?fz1-S -v- v'--T--.?.T,ak1:.f -asv.: fra :::z:v...'-.,f- Q-733 - l' s F l Henry Caver The Senior Class officers this year combine brawn with brains to make outstanding officers. All of the buy5 have impressive athletic and scholas- tic records. Hur president. "Hank" Caver, illustrates what we mean by brawn. He started out as a freshman playing' real football. Since then, he has regularly been a member of the football and track teams, each year. His presidency climaxes his record of popularity among' his classmates. llubber Cole shouldnt be over- looked when anyone talks of "he- men", either. He has been a triple- threat ever since he joined the Richmond football team. liubber was recently voted the most popular Senior by the xl. R. C. student body. Ralph and Rudolph Chaney have records that should make anyone envious. lloth are honor students, very active in student activities, and both are excellent swimmers. A combination within gi combination. liernard Mitchum is an important member of the Academy Rifle Team and an even more important mem- ber of our football team. 'X l'fbllf0!lIll fffflllll ffgf SE l'resident . Yice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Student Council . IOR Oliicers . . . . . Hemi Cav er . Bubber Cole . Ralph Chaney . Rudolph Chaney . Bernaid Mitehum Student Council . . . Louis Ross 1 ... Bubber Cole Ralph Chaney l.ouis Ross is one of the "big" men in the ,-Xcademy. No one knows that better than the beaten football players who have had the misfortune to tangle with him. Louis won the honor of being named on the All G.l.A..AX. football team. XVith such a student government. the Senior Class can not fail to piogress. Rudolph Chaney Bernard lvlitchum Louis Ross 15 ps 15- in io' 6 ADAMS, AL G. ALLERTON, S. CHARLES Corporal 43 Sergeant 5. ANDERSON, FRED GORDON Corporal 1, 2: Sergeant Z, 35 Ser- geant-Major 45 Znd Lieutenant 45 Member of Best Drilled Co. 35 Sabre Club 4: Freshman Literary Society, Program Directorg Spanish Club 35 Bachelors Club 3, 45 XVinner of Stunt Niht l. ATKINSON, ARCHIE Sergeant 35 Corporal 55 Band 1, 2, 35 Track Team 3, 4, 55 Letter in Track 4, 5. AVERY, LESLIE EUGENE Sergeant -15 2nd Lieutenant 5: "B" Varsity Football 1: "A" Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, 5: Letter in Foot- ball 3, 4, 55 Letter in Track 3, 4, 55 Varsity Club Z, 3, 4, 55 Academy Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Chaplain 55 Voted Most Athletic Senior 5. Al.LlzX, L HARLES IJ. SCFRGHIH 11 Ci rporal 45 Frcslnnzin Literary Society5 Alpha Lambda Sigma 4. AMOS, PAUL A. Corporal 1: Sergeant 2, 3,-1, 55 Mem- ber of Prize Platoon 45 Company Football 25 Company Basketball 25 Red Society 5. ANDERSON, SHIVERS L. Corporal l, 2, 45 Member of Prize Platoon 35 Honor 2. AUSTIN, XVILLIAM DURDEN Corporal 2, 35 Sergeant 45 Company Football 2, 35 Company Basketball 35 Member of Prize Platoon 2, 35 Spanish Club. AYRETT. JAMES HYMAN "B" Varsity Football 3. 45 Fresh- man Literary Society: Alpha Lamb- da Sigma 2. SX, fjil' 1 " ggi I if R I C1 H Bl BAILI E, .-XLLSTON G. Corporal 5, -ll Sergeant -1: High Honor 1, 33 Honor 21 Beta Club 3, 4: Freahman Literary Society: Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3.4. Treasurer 2, 31 Richmond Hi-Y 4. BARRETT. 1XRNt BLD B. Member of Prize Platoon 2, 33 Swiinining Team 5: Ricbmonrl Hi-Y 3, 4. BARTON, RALEIGH ED. "B" Varsity Football 4: Honor 1, 35 Yice-Presiclent of Freshman Class lg Secretary of junior Class 3: Rich- mond Hi-Y 5. 4. BECKUM, XVILLIAM A. BELL, GEORGE IXIARSTON Corporal lg Banrl 3, 43 Debating Team, Alternate l, Z3 .-Xlpba Lambda Sigma Z, 3, Bachelorf Club 3, -1. WN: Oi ID BARNES.GEORGE Track Team -lg Letter in Track 4: Yarsity Club 43 .Xcarleniy Hi-Y -l. BARTLEY. JAMES L. Sergeant l, Z, 3, 4: "B" Varsity Football l, 2: liresliman Literary Society. BATEIXIAN, HEYXVARD BELDING, JOSEPH E. Corporal 4: Band 1, Z, 3 ,-lg Fresh- man Literary Society. BLACK,JACK Corporal 1, 4: Sergeant 2, 53 Mom- lwr of Best Drillerl Squad, Platoon, :intl Company lg Conipziny Football 1, Z: Freshman Literary Societyg Academy Hi-Y 4. 5 1 li -636-5' sq- ' A C A D E M Y BLANOS, EMANUEL N. Corporal 1, 23 Sergeant 3,43 Band l, 2: "B" Varsity Basketball Team 33 Freshman Literary Society3 Aca- demy Hi-Y 4: Orchestra 1.2: "Rain- bow" Staff 33 "Musketeer" Stat? 3, 43 Managing Editor 4: On Stunt Night Program 4. BRANDENBURG, XVALTER M. ' BROOME, EDGAR H. BROTHERTON, XVILLIAM J. Sergeant 13 Corporal 2, 3, 43 Best Drilled Freshman Cadet 13 Life Savers Club 3. BROXVNE. LOUIS D. Sergeant 2, 4: Honor 1, 2, 33 Aca- demy Hi-Y 3, 43 Secretary 4: Presi- dent 43 Tennis Team 4. BOXYYER, MONROE Smallest Cadet in Academy of Rich! mond County l, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant 2, 3, 4: Company Clerk 4: Student Council 33 "Musketeer" Staff 4: Mascot of J.C.A. Girls' Basketball Team Z, 3, 4. BRITTON. XVILLIAM L. Corporal 33 2nd Lieutenant 4g lst Lieutenant 53 Captain 53 Member of Prize Platoon 2, 3: Sabre Club 4, 5. BROGME, JAMES E. BROXVN, DAN ALLEN Corporal 1, 2, 3, 4. BULLOCK, E. V. High Honor l, 2, 33 Beta Club 4. RICIHt .L'SH, lX'lLl.l.XXl G. ir- ' l. S: l7re4bman Literary S0- 'R iillillii Liillllulfi Siuiyyi -lj Sef- i -J I-Arnie 4. CARD, LAXCE L. r "al 1. 2. 3: Sergeant 3, -lg Ser- a'1 Nlajor -li Member of Prize 'I il 2. 3: Glee Club -1. VARTER, CHARLES L. -"'u ' w 4All'.lx, IIJIN lu, -vrtil l, 2, 3, 43 Cinnpany Clerk lfinber -'if Prize Plat' Hll li "B" ity l"-wtball 'lieani l. 51 fty l-'twtball Team 2: Track , . . Y . 1 -, .wi Afiarlenly Hi-X J, 4. CAYER, HENRY P. wgmral -1: Stzitf Sergeant 5: UB" wity Football Team lg Yar- lv Fontball Team Z, 3, -l, 5: Track 'aim 2, 3, -lg Letter for Track 3, -lg li niber of G.I.A.A, Football Team Student Ci-nncil 3: Preaiwlent of 'iinr Class 5. lOt'D CALAMAS, DENNIS it-rpbral l. 2. nz Sergeant -1: Hantl 2, 3, -ll Klcllllrcr - f HCSI Drillwl Pla- twnn anfl Cwinpany l: Member All State Banfl 35 Honor 1: Alivbza l,:in1brla Sigma . CARRY, RQBERT Corporal 2: Sergeant 3, 43 Ca-let Buglcr 3, -lg Instructor in Bugle Corps -1. CARTER. HENRY H. Cwrporal -li Hwnor 1.2. 3: Freshman Literary Society: Beta Club -l: Span- ixb Club -l. CATO, XYAYLAND H. Alt-niber of Prize Platoon .33 HiQb llcmnr l. 2: Honi r 3: Beta Club 3: lfrexlinian Literary Society: Ricb- nnintl H1-X 7 4 CAXYLEY. SAM H. lfurpr-ral 33 Sergeant -1, 11...- Q7 ACADEJ Y CHAMBERS. RICHARD L. CHANCE. PAUL T. Sergeant 4: Member of Prize Pla- toon Z: Track Team 2: Glee Club 4. CHANEY, RCDOLPH E. Corporal 3: Sergeant 4: Swimming Team 3: 'Varsity Club 3. 4: Honor l: Student Council 2: Treasurer of ,lun- ior Class 3: Treasurer of Senior Class 4: Freshman Literary Society: President. Richmond Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Chaplain 3: President 4. COMLEY, ROBERT LEE Sergeant lg Corporal 2. 3: Honor 1: High Honor 2: Beta Club 4. COOPER, JONES XYILLIAM Corporal 1, 2: Sergeant 3, 4: Tennis Team 4: Student Council 1: Secre- tary of Sophomore Class Z: Treas- urer of Junior Class 3: Glee Club 4. CHANCE, ,IAM ES XY. Member of Best Drilled Platoon and Company 2: Tennis Team 3, 4: Aca- demy Hi-Y 3. CHAXEY. RALPH H., IR. Corporal 3: Sergeant 4: Swimming Team 31 Honor l, 2: President of Freshman Class ll Secretary of Sen- ior Class 4: Freshman Literary So- ciety: Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Yice- President 4. COLLIER. A. B. Corporal l. 4: Sergeant 2: Tennis Team 4: Golf Team 4: Yice-Presi- dent of Freshman Class 2: Bachelors Club Z: Academy Hi-Y 3. 4: Secre- tary 3: Chaplain 4. CONLON, THEODORE K. Corporal 1. 3: Sergeant Z: High Honor l: Honor 2: Freshman Liter- ary Society. CRAFT. GEORGE HENRY Corporal 2: Sergeant 3, 4. Rlfllli CR,-XXYIVORD, JAMES V, Corporal 3, 4. DALES, FRANCIS "Rainbow" Stal? S1 Freshman Lit- erary Society: Alpha Lambda Sig- ma Z, 33 Camera Club 2, 3. DUNAVVAY, XVALTER J. Corporal 4: Band Z, 3, 4: Freshman Literary Society: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: On Stunt Night Program 1, 2, 3, 4. ELROD, HUGH F. Corporal lg Sergeant Z, 63 Track Tram -13 Fresliman Literary Society: Bachelors Club 53 Camera Club 6. ERGLE. JAMES E. Co-op Club 5. O N D CROZIER, HAROLD E. DAVIS, XVILLIAM H. EAVEXSON. XVALLACE S. Corporal 1.2 1 Sergeant 3, 43 Com- pany Football 1, 5, -l, 53 'Spanish Club 3. ENGLER, HAROLD S. Sergeant 1, -l: Corporal 3, 4: Com- pany Football 41 High Honor 1, Z, 33 Beta Club 33 Spanish Club 3. EVANS, ALBERT C. Honor 1, 2, 35 Co-op Club 4. :grim 'S' 'Q N i . CADEJY FARRIS, H. T. Corporal 2: Sergeant33 Zncl Lieuten- ant 43 Member of Prize Platoon 3, Vice-President of Freshman Class l. FLORIE, MARION P. Sergeant 2. 3, 4. GAVALAS, NIC Corporal 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Member of Georgia All State Band 43 Freshman Literary SOCiCtyQ "Mus- keteer" Staff 43 Glee Club 4. GOLDSTEIN, STANLEY Corporal 23 Sergeant 3, 43 Honor 1, 33 High Honor 23 Beta Club 3, Freshman Literary Society. GREENE, SPANN J. Sergeant 33 Sergeant-Major 43 2nd Lieutenant 43 Freshniank Literary So- ciety. FLETCHER, NV. VAUGHN High Honor 2, 33 Award for Out- standing Wlork in Art. FULGHUM. BUFORD E. Corporal 43 Honor 33 Richmond Hi-Y 3. GOLDBERG, BENEDICT S., IR. Corporal 1, 3, 43 Sergeant 33 "Mus- keteer" Staff 43 Advertising Mana- ger 4. GRANT, JAMES RALPH GRIDLEY, C. ASBURY R I C I-I M O I' GULLEDGE, LIONEL "B" Yarsity Football Team 4: Letter for Football 4. HAMILTON, VVALTON W. Sergeant 43 Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3, 4: Richmond Hi-Y 4: On Stunt Night Program 3, 4. HARRISON, BILLY HEATON, SAMUEL A. Corporal 4: Alpha Lambda Sigma 43 Chemistry Club, Charter Member 43 Academy Hi-Y 4. HILL, JOHN H. HAMILTON, HUGH LAMAR HAM MACK, BENJAMIN PAUL Corporal 3, 4: Honor 2: Red "X" Club 3, 4: On Stunt Night Pro- gram 3. H EATH, ALFRED Y. HILL, JAMES J., JR. Corporal 4: Sergeant 43 High Honor lg Highest Honor 2, 3: Beta Club 3, 4: Alpha Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Aca- demy Hi-Y 4: Chaplain 4: Valedic- torian 4. HOGAN, XVILLIAM DUDLEY Q77 6 'J it A C A D E lil Y HOGAN, JOE BILLY Corporal 2, 3, 4: High Honor 2. HOOPS, J. R. Sergeant 2, 4, 51 HORTON, LLOYD Corporal 1, 2, Sergeant 35 Freshman Literary Society: Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, Stamp Club 3, 4. INMAN, FRANK E. Corporal l, 23 Sergeant 3, 43 Znd Lieutenant 43 Best Drilled Freshman Cadet lg Corporal of Best Drilled Freshman Squad 1: Sabre Club 43 "B" Varsity Basketball Team 25 "A" Varsity Basketball Team 3, 43 Letter for Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 43 Honor 1. Z: Freshman Literary So- ciety, Secretary: Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chaplain 2, Treasurer 3, Secre- tary 4, President 4: "Rainbow" Staff 33 "Musketeer" Staff 4, Business Manager 4: Gold "R" Society 43 Chemistry Club 4. JAMES, FREDDIE E. Corporal l, 3: High Honor l, Z, 33 Co-op Club 4. HOKE, EUGENE P., JR. Sergeant 2, 33 2nd Lieutenant 43 Sabre Club 43 Freshman Literary Society. HOOVER, JACK S. Corporal 1, 2, 3: Sergeant 43 Com- pany Football 2, 3, Red "X" Club 3, 4. HUMMEL. MICHAEL H. Band 2, 4, Swimming Team 3, 43 Richmond Hi-Y 4. JACKSON, EDMUND XV. Corporal 2: High Honor 23 Honor 3, Alpha Lambda Sigma 3, 4. JENNINGS, XV. D. Corporal 45 Honor lg Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 35 Sergeant- at-Arms 4. RICII-lt JOHNSON. FRED L. Sergeant 2, JONES. XYALTER K. Corporal 4: Band 1, 2, 31 Freshman Literary Society. JORDAN, MERRTMAN A. Richmond Hi-Y 3, 4, 5: Treasurer 5. K ELLY. JAMES ,-X. KING, HUBERT U. Corporal 3, 41 Sergeant 43 High Honor 13 Higheft Honor 5, Fresh- man Literary Society: President: Al- pha Lamtla Sigma 3, 43 President S, 4: Ionian Civics Chili: Charter Mem- her 3, Secretary 3: Acaflt-my Hi-Y 4, Treafnrer -1, Chili Reporter 43 "Mus- keteeru Stat? 4, Club Reporter 4, Pliotogrztpliur -li "Rainbow" Stati .-Xnt. Eclitor-in-l'hiet' 4: On Stunt Night Program -1: Heta tilnh 4: Yice- Presiflent -1: Savzinnzth High Selmol Z: Private lst Class Z3 Savannah High School Bimlouy Lilnh 2, I ON D JOHNSON. JAMES D.. JR. Sergeant Z: Honor 1, 2, 3. JONES, XYILLI.-XM M. Sergeant 1, 2, 5: Corporal 33 Honor 1: Freshman Literary Society. KEARNS. JOHNNIE Corporal 1, Z: Sergeant 4, 5, "B Varsity Basketball Team 3, 4: Swim- ming 1, ng Tennis Team 5, 4, 5, 6, 7. KENNEDY, FRED KREISBERG, XVILLIAM 'iff .v 3 W T ACADEMY KREVVSON, LUTHER LANG, JAMES L. LEVERETT, J. D. LEXVIS. GUY S. Corporal 1, 45 Member of Prize Pla- toon 2, 3: Track Team 3, 4: Honor 35 Freshman Literary Societyg Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 45 Vice-Presi- dent 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Richmond Hi-Y 3, 45 Chaplain 45 Annual Staff -1: "Musketeer" Staff 4. LOWERY, M. ROSCOE Sergeant 3, 45 Znd Lieutenant 4? Rifle Team 4: Sabre Club 4: Com- pany Football 4: Manager of "A" Varsity Football Team 3, 45 Letter for Football 4: Academy Hi-Y 41 Glee Club 45 Red "X" Club 4. I..-XMB, VERNON l.. Private lst Class S: Corporal 55 Sergeant 5. LAUGHLIN, VV. J. Corporal l: Sergeant 2, LEVY, JEAN NV. Sergeant 25 Company Football 2 Honor 1, Z: Freshman Literary So cietyg Alpha Lambda Sigma 3, 4 Secretary 4. LIVINGSTON, D. D. Corporal 15 Honor 1, 2. LUKE, JAMES F. Corporal 3, 45 Band 1, 2,1 3, 4. RICHTIOH MARKXYALTER, XY. I. M-XR5H. JERRY. JR- Lorporal l, Z: Sergeant 5. -li Coni- pziny Basketball 2: "B" Yar5ity Bas- ketball Team 21 MB" Yarsity Foot- ball Team 3: Manager 3: Freshman Literary Sveiety. MACLDIN, XYILLL-XM S. Sergeant 1, Z, 3, -11 lst Lieutenant -13 Captain 5: Major fi: Member of Best Drilled Platoon and Company 21 MCLENDQN' GEQRGE Sabre Club 4, 5, G3 Rifle Team 5, 65 Company F-iotball 1: Company Bas- ketball 4: "B" Varsity Football Team 13 Varsity Football 2, 4, 5, 6: Letter for Football 4, 5, 6: Var- sity Club 4, 5, oz Track Team Z, 3. MCMICH.-XEL, LEM E. MEDLIN. CALVIN B. MITCHCM, BERNARD RIOBLEX' 1.1, Sergeant l, Z: Captain 3, 43 Rifle Honor 1, Team 1, Z, 3, 43 "B" Varsity Foot- ball Team l, 23 Varsity Football Team 3, -li Stuilent Council 3, 42 :Xeadeniy Hi-Y 3, 4: Sabre Club 3, -l. MONTGOMERY, A. T. MQREHQLSE, J. H. Swiniming Team 32 Richmond Hi-Y 3. 4. ,...-,-41 AClADE.fl1' MORGAN, DAN B. High Honor 1, Z: Honor 3. ,, MULHERIN, P. R. Sergeant 1, 2, 3, 4. MURPHY, XV. A. Honor 1, S: High Honor 2: Beta Club 3. NEVVMAN, ROY O'CONNOR, ROBERT F. Corporal 2, 3: Sergeant 4, 5: "A" Varsity Basketball Team 4: Manager 4: Letter for Basketball 4: Rich- mond Hi-Y 2. 3, 4, 5: Chaplain 39 Treasurer 4: Secretary 5. MULHERIN, C, Cvfboral l, 3, 4: Sergeant 2: Golf Team 2, 3, 4: High Honor 1, 2: Honor 3. MULLIGAN, JACK J. Honor 1, 2. NEYIN, XVILLIA-XM A. High 1, 2: High Honor 3 NORMAN, JACK Asst. Manager "A" Varsity Foot- ball Team -1: North Augusta High Shoool 1, 2, 3: Science Club 1: Travelers Club 2, 3. OGLETREE, SAM Member of Prize Platoon 4. RlC1HllOf OXYHXS, ROBERT 1, rvrporal l: Sergeant 2, 3, 4: lfmn- pany lfnmtluall 2, 33 Compzmv lini- ketlmall 2, 3: Klemlucr uf Privy Pla- lwnn 2, 3. PATRICK, ROBERT H. Corporal 33 Sergeant -4, 5. PHILLIPS, MARCUS F. High Honor 2, 33 Chemistry Club 4. POPKIN, BEN Corporal 33 Sergeant "B" Varsity Basketball Team Z: "A" Varsity Basketball Team 3, -lg Honor 13 'Xlpl1aI-amlwla Sigma .ZZ "MuSkCtCCr" Staff 4. PRATHER, lQL.'XRENt'Ii Baud 2, 3, 4. A C D F II Y PURKALL, JAMES B. Corporal 2, 3: Sergeant 45 Band 1, Z, 3, 4: High Honor lg Honor 2, Freslnnan Literary Society: Alpha Lanibcla Sigma 2, 3, 4. REID, ROBERT RICE, ROBERT LEO "B" Varsity Football Team 45 Fresh- man Literary Society. ROSS, LOUIS GEORGE Corporal 1, Z: Sergeant 5, 4g Znd Lieutenant 5: Sabre Club 53 "A" Varsity Football Team 2, 3, 4, 55 Captain of Team 4, Letter for Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, 5: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, 5, All G.I.A.A. Team 4, 5: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Academy Hi-Y 2, . 4, 51 Sergeant-at-Arms 5. SCROGGS, PHIL Honor Z3 Beta Club 33 Academy Hi-Y 3, 4. 1 RANKIN, GEORGE D. Corporal 3: Sergeant 4: Varsity Football Tt-ani 3, 4, RICE, PAT XV. ROBINS, JAMES R. Corporal l, 4: Honor 1: Sergeant 4. ROUNTREE, LEON D. Corporal lg Sergeant l, 25 Member of Prize Platoon 3, 4, Freshman Literary Society, Glee Club 3. SEAGO, HARVEY M. Corporal 4. R I C H M O I I SEALS, MARVIN Rifle Team 3, 4, 5, 65 "B" Varsity Football Team 5: Varsity Foot- ball Team 6: Track Team 4, 5, 6. SHERMAN, ROBERT H. Freshman Literary Society? Rich- mond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. SIZEMORE, ROBERT E. SMOAK, DAN J. STEARNS. RICHARD SEXTON, CLYDE II "A" Varsity Football Team 3, 43 Yice-President of Junior Class 3. SHIELDS. HORACE H. SMITH, XYILLIAM HENRY Corporal 3: Sergeant 43 Member of Best Drilled Company Z1 Member uf Best Drilled Platoon 3: Company Fl'OllJ3ll 22 Co-op Club -l. STARR, ROBERT "B" Varsity Football Team 3, 4: "A" Varsity Football Team 5, STEINBERG, MORRIS Corporal 3, -l: Freshman Literary Society: Camera Club 3: Alpha Lambda Sigma 4: XYim1er Academy Declamation Cup -l. sh are 6 V-cvs. L. is 'E- ACADEJY STEVEXS,DAV1D B. Sergeant 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: High Honor 2, 33 Freshman Literary SO- eiety: :Xlplia Lambrla Sigma 2, 3, 4: Co-op Club 3, 4: Secretary-Treasurer 3: Glee Club 3, 4: "Muslceteer" Staff 4: Lieutenant 4. STRINGER, E. FORREST Znd Lieutenant 3: lst Lieutenant 4: Sabre Club 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 3, 4: Orchestra 1, Z, 45 Honor 1, 2. STROTHER, FORREST C. Sergeant 1, 2, 3: Band. 1, 2, 3, 4: "A" Varsity Football Team 3, 4, 59 "A" Varsity Basketball Team Z, 3, 4, 5: Varsity Club Z, 3, 4, 5. All G.I.A.A. Football Team 5: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. STURGIS, J. B. Corporal 1, 4: Co-op Club 3. TOOLE, M. G. STRINGER, C, E. COfIlO1'i1l 51 Sergeant 3, 4: Bancl 1, 2: Camera Club 3. STRINGER, JOHN E. Sergeant Z, 3, 4g Student Council lg Richmond Hi-Y 3, 4: Beta Club 4. STULB, GEORGE M. Honor 1, Z, 33 "B" Varsity Football Team 2: Manager Z3 Swimming Team 3: Letter for Swimming 3g Varsity Club Z, 3, 4: Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3. TANKERSLEY, J. P. Corporal 3. 4: Member of Best Drilled Company 25 Member of Prize Platoon 3: Company Football 43 Honor 2. TUCKER, 1. H. L l R I C1 r TURBYFILL. REEYES R. XVALLACE, XVILLIAM J. Corporal 1, 2: Sergeant 3, 4, 5: Best Drilled Freshman Cadet: Member of Best Drilled Squad 2, 3, 4: Member of Prize Platoon 3, -1: Company Football 2, 3, 4: Company Basket- ball 2, 3, -lg Honor 1, 23 Life Savers Club 4, 5. XVARR. ROBERT R. XYEATHERS, EULY Sergeant 1, 2, , -lg 2nd Lieutenant 53 Sabre Club 53 Red "X" Club 4, 5 NVEEMS, LOCKE ' ' T i IO. i TYNER, G. F. XVARD. RALPH CLIFFORD Corporal 39 Band 4: 'tMusketeer" Staff 4. XVATKINS, LAMAR E. Corporal 1, 21 Sergeant 3, 4: "B" Varsity Basketball Team 1: Honor 1, 3. XVEBB, C. A. Member of Prize Platoon 33 Honor 1, 21 Academy Hi-Y 3, 4. XVHITLEY, DONALD M. Sergeant 3: Corporal 4: Coinpanx' Football 3. l 'iT' gp. A Cl A D E il Y XVIGGIXS. ERNEST D. Sergeant, 2, 33 lst Lieutenant 4: Captain 5: Member of Best Drilled Company lg Member of Prize Pla- toon Z: Sabre Club 4, 53 "B" Varsity Football Team 2, 3: Cheer Leader -l, 53 Varsity Club 4, 55 Honor 2: Freshman Literary Society: Alpha Lambda Sigma: 2, 3: Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, -lg Treasurer 3: Hangover Club 4, 53 Glee Club 4, 5: Camera Club 55 "Musketeer" Stall 4: Circulation Manager 43 Business Manager 5: XVinner of Stunt Night 3, 4, XVILLIAMS, A. L. WILSON. CARL C. WOLFF, BERNARD Sergeant 2, 43 Corporal 33 Company Football 1, Z5 Company Basketball 23 Honor lg Freshman Literary So- cietyg Alpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 43 Vice-President 45 Checker Club 23 "Rainbow" Stal? 35 Debating Team 2, 33 On Stunt Night Program 2, 3, 4. VVRIGHT, G. S. Corporal 1, Z3 Company Basketball XYILKINSUN, ROBERT' J. Corporal Z: Sergeant 35 Znrl Lieu- tenant -1: Band l, 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 1,21 Freslmiau Literary Soeietyg blue Club 4: Camera Club -l. WILLIS, D. F. XVOLFE, EUGENE S. Member of Best Drilled Platoon and Company 33 Student Council 15 Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, WOODWARD, T. R. YOUNG, BILL Company Football lg Company Basketball 3, "B" Varsity Football Team 2, 33 "A" Varsity Football Team 4, Senior Class Prophecy nay, 1960. lust twenty years ago at Richmond .Xcademya yearbook was published which was called the "IQ-l0 Rainbow". Somewhere among the pages of that ponderous volume was a Senior Class Prophecy which was written by a certain -l.C..-X. Freshman whom we shall call Richard Ro-e. On the faculty of the school at that time was E. M. Allen, professor of French and faculty adviser for the H1940 Rainbow". XYhen the "Rainbow" was printed and Prof. .-Xllen saw the Senior Class Prophecy, he uttered a blood- curdling yell and tore out after poor Roe with bloody murder in his eye. This chase lasted for twenty long years over land and sea. Finally. just this morning, they happened to come back to .Xugustag and from the signs on Broad Street, it was evident that everything which poor Richard had prophesied had been realized. Accordingly, Prof. Allen decided to give up the chase, and he retired to the Hulherin Home for XVeary Professors. Steve and Pat, proprietors. Thus freed from his great danger, Richard strolled up and down Broad Street greeting his friends of the class of 1940. The first person he encountered was Ralph Chaney of the law Iirm of Chance, Chance. Chaney, and Chaney. Ralph said that their last client had been Leonard Powell in his suit against Major W. A. Elliott. Powell collected 3100.000 because his arches had fallen from so much extra drill back at the Academy. Further down the street was a sign which read thus: "Rice and Rice, Piano Tuners. Let Pat and Leo Put You Back on the Right Key." In the window of the Rices' store was a poster announc- ing the coming championship boxing match between "Slugger" Norman and "Bloody Butch" Wlatkins. The bout will be staged in Cliff XYard's new giant 3.1'CIlE1. and the third man in the ring will be that dean uf referees, Xvillie Wfallace. Un the directory of the old S.F.C. Building Know called "Cooper's Castle", since Billy Cooper and his partner, Bo Farris, added twenty more stories to itl the following doctors were listed: Baby Specialists-S. Pomerance. XY. H. Cato, and E. S. lYolfeg Dog Doctors-R. H. Patrick. R. L. Comley, ul. Kearns, and Francis Dales. Among the many law Firms listed was the hrm of Stringer, Stringer. Stringer, and Turbytill. The soda fount in the lobby was owned by Leon D. Rountree. and the chief soda-jerker was Nic Gavalas. As Richard passed through the building, Nic waved a greeting to him. At the back of the building was Medlin's Barber Shop. Seated in one of the chairs was Guy Lewis. a local bricklayer. Other barbers in the shop besides Medlin were Carl Willson, Lance Card. Charles Al- len, and ,lack Black. Richard turned around and came out of the building, and just as he got outside he happened to look up and see an airplane flying over with a sign announcing the coming of Robert NVilkinson and his famous orchestra to Bill Brotherton's new Supper Club on the XVashington Road. VVilkinson's musi- cians are Hugh lilrod and Xllalton Hamilton, trumpets: XValter jones and Marshall Brandenburg, clari- netsg George Mcl.endon, bazookag Luke Krewson. Washboardg .lack Hoops,jugg Herbert Collier,ocarinag David Stevens. drumsg and Clyde Sexton, vocalist. Also featured with the band are Brennan Purkall and Spann Greene, comedians. Glancing down again, Richard saw a row of pawn shops just below Sears-Roebuck. which, by the way, is under the capable management of George YVright and jimmy Lang. These pawn shops were all under the supervision of Stanley Goldstein, Morris Goldstein. Ben Popkin. and Lloyd Horton. They sold everything from straight pins to Nevin's all-steel airplanes. .lust below these shops was the old Miller Theatre. now the Hammack Opera House. which was closed for repairs. After leaving the Opera House. Richard was unable to find any more of his old friendsg so he went over to the editorial otfices of the .Xugusta Chronicle to inquire about them. The first person he met in the office was Marcus Phillips, reporter for the paper. XVhen Richard inquired about the rest of the class of 19-l0, Marcus replied. "XYell, they've all gone different ways. Of course, you've heard about Hank Caver? He's a cowboy in the movies. ldis Cater is also in the moviesg he's a leading man. Paul Amos and Charlie Allerton are radio announcers "ar CBS. Robert Reid, George Rankin, and Bob Stark teach ballet-dancing in Philadelphia. Freddie ,la is a deep-sea diver in the navy. Frank Inman makes dolls, and Mike Hunnnel demonstrates 1. "Chubby" Engler is manager of the San Fran- cisco Seals and sells buttons in the winter time. "Bill Young, jerry Marsh, and Roscoe Lowery are professional pretzel benders, and George Barnes is a wholesale dealer in beer mugs. Ed Barton kills cows in Chicago. and james Hill teaches school in the same city. Phil Scroggs is president of DuPont, and Sammy Heaton is Ylfk'-1Jl'k'Slflt'lllf in cliargc of vi-giste-lgaskets, Bill Austin is a tropical explorer. and Teddy Conlon runs :1 str-zunship line. .Xl Adams and T. R. Xlfoodxvard count sheep for the A. L. XYllllZllllS Uiool Company. and Fred .Xiiilt-i's.j,ii is a tax-collector in XVashington. Billy Bell is a street-sweepcr in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Robert O'Conuor is an undertaker's assistant. Bernard Mitchum is a pic-taster for Clausscifs Iflakcrv. and Tom Mobley is a Colonel in the Army. i "Ralph Grant is manager of Kress, Inc.. Dan Morgan is State Superintendent of Schoolsg and XVal- ter J. Dunaxvay is Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. liiallace Eavenson makes tooth-picks, and Bernard Collier is a taxi-driver in Atlanta. George Croft is Secretary uf Labor, and Duluth Prather is Professor Quiz, Robert Givens makes billiard balls,and Clarence Prather sells score cards at Yankee Stadium. D. M. NVhitley pitches for the Giants, and 'i,losh" Strother plays center for the Celtics. George Stulb runs a steam shovel for the R. C. Sizemore Construction Company, and Dick Goldberg is a time-keeper for the same concern. Jean Levy is a flagman on a lY.P.A. project, and Dick Cham- bers is a policeman in Omaha, Nebraska. "Shivers Anderson is a card sharp, and Bill Harrison is a street-car conductor. Cine of the foremost football coaches in the country is A. T. Montgomery at USC. Eugene Avery, chairman of the C.I.Q., is always at odds with Bill Jones, president of A.F.L. John Hill is a photographer for "Life", and Hoke is a member of the New York Stock Exchange. D. F. VVillis is warden at Sing-Sing, and quite a few members o-f the class have served time under him. James Phillips is editor of "College Humor", Bill Mauldin is a chiropractor, and A. C. Evans is a fireman on the Santa Fe Railroad. James Ergle is an aviator, and H. Parrish flies a Pan-American air-liner. Charles Carter exterminates termites, and Jim Mulligan has invented a fool-proof water pistol." "Billy Kreisburg is Ambassador to Germany, Fred Kennedy repairs watches, and "Digger" Jordan digs ditches. Alton Kelly is the singer on the Hit Parade, and E. YV. Jenkins is head of the Streets and Drains Department of Houston, Texas. Dick Stearns makes suits, and Jimmy Robins beats rugs. XV, A, Mufpliey teaches at the University of Georgia, and L. E. McMichael drives a truck. Clifford 'Webb grinds lenses for the Horace Shields Optical Company. Louis Ross sells hamburgers in Boston, and Bob Sherman is Professor of Chinese, Japanese and M35-011113153 at North ,Aug-ugta High Schogl. Dan Smoak draws cartoons for "Esquire" and anybody else who'll buy them. "Fish Wiggins is a call-boy in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Euly yVeathers sells ice cream in Central Park, and Grover Tyner is a guide at the Aiken Worldis Fair. Mike Toole makes sandwiches in South America, and Bob Warr busts bronchos in New Mexico. J. P. Tankersley paints white-walled tires, Dugie Jennings writes math books for Mr. Mosely, and Fred Johnson sells shoes in Baltimore. James Luke makes popcorn, and W. Laughlin sells cotton cloth. Sam Ogletree is a gentleman farmer, and Jim Morehouse runs a filling-station. J. B. Sturgis designs tuxedos, and Billy Hogon runs a novelty shop in Paris. Alfred Heath and Archie Atkinson build bridges, and Allston Bailie runs an alligator farm in Florida. Edgar and James Broome sell mops, and Louis Browne grows muskmelons. Robert Carry, Joe Belding, James Avrett, and Bill Beckum are officers in the Portuguese Navy. "Arno-ld Barrett writes dictionaries, James Bartley has an orchestra. and Locke VVeems imitates animals on the stage and radio. J. H. Tucker is a chemist, and Manuel Blanos is an acrobat. Monroe Bowyer is a giant in a circus, Sam Cawley teaches people how to fly. and D. D. Livingstone is a fire- man in Columbia. Vernon Lamb and Joe Billy Hogan make sound-effects for N B C, and Bill Smith makes piano stools. VV. J. Markwalter is a glass-blower, Marvin Seals is an electrician with TVA, and Donald Leverett designs ladies' hats. James Johnson grows cantaloupes, and Bill Britton sells flower pots. Vaughn Fletcher is a heavyweight boxer, Buford Fulghum is an archaeologist, and Harold Cro- zier is a philologist. Among the foremost geol0g1Sts of the world are Hugh Hamilton, Clarence Gridley, and Henry Carter. Columns for the New York Times are written by Lionel Gulledge, Bill Davis, James Crawford, Marion Florie, Dan Browne. and V21HCe Bullock, Dennis Calamas and Bill Bush run a fruit store in Kansas City. I think that accounts for everybody. If there were any more in the class, I guess they must still be in the Academy." "I think that takes care of all the students," said Richard, "but what happened to- all the teachers who used to be up at the school?" "Most o-f them went crazy, some of them i i. .fitted suicide, and some of them just got disgusted and quitf' answered Phillips. "But I'll have to be gi ing now. I've got to go see Mr. Hardy about writing an article on the joys of being president of a high school." With these words Phillips was gone. and Richard was left standing in the office and thinking about the time he faccidentally, of coursej hit Mr. Hardy with that rotten banana. Cnr Branch The tree of life has slowly aged, Yet trunk still Firm it ever stanilsg Forever strong when tempest raged. No mortal saw when life begang Nor does he know that r c"m ots may rend And mortal life to- meet its end. Each opened bough from ancient stem A branch of life on Earth today, And crumbled leaves and fallen limbs They are the past who went life's wayg But see the tender shoots that grow Replacing weary branches so. Oh slender twigs that are our youth, New leaflets there together clung, Each day the branches grow forsoothg Someday those limbs will not be young, But We, the leaves, in ev'ry class Will cling as long as branches last. -James Hill Last Will and Testament ofthe Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty of the Academy of Richmond County STATE OF GEORGIA. COUNTY OF RICHMOND. lYe, the class of nineteen hundred forty of the Academy of Richmond County, being of sound and disposing mindg realizing the imminence of the day upon which we shall be compelled to tear ourselves away from these pleasant surroundings to Fight for our existence in the cruel worldg under- standing that those whom we leave behind us are practically devoid of certain qualities which we possess and which are no longer of any use to usg and being anxious to' avail ourselves of this last opportunity to contribute something of value to those we love so well, do hereby make, declare, ordain, and publish this instrument as our last NVill and Testament ,TO-VVIT: ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM ITEM To "Duck'i Bailie, Bob Sherman leaves his uncanny knack for repairing streamlined automobiles. To some deserving Junior, Robert Sizemore leaves the position of Regimental Sergeant- Major, megaphone and all. To Paul Plunkett. Monroe Bowyer leaves four inches of his height so that Paul vvon't have to stand on his tip-toes to put his money on the lunch-room counter. To Asbury Gridley, NVoodall Greene leaves his fair face and beautiful hair, trusting that Asbury will be as much of a lady-killer as WVoodall was. To any who may need them, Hugh Hamilton leaves one bundle of unused excuses, with the hope that they will all be acceptable to the office. To Little Georgie Ewing, the entire Senior Class leaves one automatic paper-corrector, so that Georgie will have more time to spend with the debutantes. To Kessel Stelling and Arthur Mosely, Hubert King and Bernard Wolff bequeath the Alpha Lambda Sigma, trusting that Kessel and Arthur will be able to instill in the students of the Academy of Richmond County a love and appreciation for things literary. To Gene Evans, Junior Powell leaves his "Jitte1'bugging" ability, provided that Gene will agree to "swing out" publicly at least once a day. To the members of the "BU Varsity Basketball team, Frank Inman, Ben Popkin, and Josh Strother leave our perennial hopes for a GIAA title. To 'lOl' Man Mosew Moseley, his Math classes leave one brand new shiny tractor in the fond hope that his crop this season will be a huge success. To Julian Gwin, Eugene Avery bequeaths the position of center on the varsity football squad with the hope that Julian will hold down the position as ably, but not as long, as Gene did. To "Manager" Scott, Roscoe Lowery and jerry Marsh leave one water bucket, one roll of tape, and a wheelbarrow in order that Scott may be able to satisfy the wants of next year's football team. To anyone who will take them, Fish Wiggins leaves several megaphones and a lusty voice, hoping that said person will be able to put some pep into the cheering at next year's games. To all the lower classmen, we, the distinguished graduates, bequeath our ability to study, notwithstanding the fact that some Of us have been in the Academy for as many as seven years. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hand and seal this 22nd day of February, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty. ' Signed! THE SENIOR CLASS OF A.R.C. WITNESSES: I. Bee, M.D.g Oscar Q. Punchdrunkg and Confucius. "Full of spirit and life, but serious when it comes to doing their duty", characterizes the group of officers for the junio-r, Sophomore, and Freshman Academy classes for the year 1940. Although full of outstanding people, the classes are noted for the presence of the Reiser boys, especially, because both TH E unior Class Cfficers President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . . joe Murray H. D. Graves Theo Thevaos Treasurer . . . . Clarence Murphy Student Council . . . Student Council . . All of these boys have a certain quality of school spirit which lends itself to that of their R. W. Barton Ashby Taylor are presidents of their respective classes, and they fellow-Classmen' have a "big brother," Walter, who is president of J. C. A. Freshman class. The foo-tball team is well represented by Joe Murray and Julian Gwin, and 2 Ashby Taylor is a "star" on the A. R. C. golf team. J .1 xv' V. 9 i l ,Frei l5isc.75ib . ff" it ' F SRI-:me A fr' TX, !lIA31'f'x'sf" . fS1'l!if,l l if X ir 'k if i' i' 'k f X! K, f' .,' I 1 G LG ER CL SS S 2v --I' 'J "8-"-"fi -., gg 1---f.-.-7:-:gf Sophomore President . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Student Council Student Council X Q W.. .Lr--"Tllff--J- -'if' f' 'FS ii3,Shealey Reiser Carl E. Sanders . . Bennie Lucas . Clinton Lewis . . . . Billy Chandler Paul M. Thompson JUNIOR .-Xdanis, G I. .-Xgmtas, Mike .'xg'4flSfaS, XY. N Allgwofl, C. H. .-Xxx-ry. A. VV. .'Xyci1ck. M. If-ahcr, M. E. "ani-1, D. H. Branch, F, E. Brinson. Carnie Brittinghani, T, XV. Browiiiiig, nl. H. Bryan, R, D. Bryant, -I. E. Bryant. jasper Burgess, Charles Burroughs, John Bush, John R. Bnsscy, Hcnry S. Caldwell, joseph ners, J. D. ips, XY. H. Wills, :Xndrcw lValter lames thur rnard Crilwh, Marvin Crozier, Harold Culpepper. John Dantzlcr. Hubert Dicks, Edward Dolan, Billie A. Duvall, Carletvn Ellison. LeRoy Faddis, XYni, H. Fielder, Arthur Flc'-rie, Julian Ford, C. M. Ford, Theron Ge-cr, XYillian' Gibson, A. L! Godhee, Gvor Gordon, G. ' Grant, Ralf Graves. Hfl Hagler, G. B, Hardy, XVallace Hargrove, R. ll Harmon, -I. A. Harrell, E. S. Harison, XV ' Haynf CLASS Izlar, XXJITI. A. Jenkins, Charles Jennings, James Johnson, Freddie Jcinston, Howard Joiner, Dan Jopling, Richard Keener, Theodore Kessler, Robert Key, Lester H. King, XV. L. Kinsman, 'Wfalter Knight, Ardell Koger, Miles Krewson, Luther Landrum, Joseph Lang, James Lemmons, John Lewis, Ernest Mahoney, Jack Marriott, Tom Marshall, Otto Meyers, XValden Miller, Edward Miller, Harry Morgan, John Moring, Charles Morris, James Moseley, A. J. Murphey, C, C. Murray, J. Murrah, J. M. McGahee, Harvey McKeown, Jfehn McKie, Wfilliam McKinney, A. S. A. M cLendon, G. P. McNair, J. L. Ouzts, F. B. Overton. J- S. Phinizy, Charles Plunkett, P. K. Prontaut, L. S. Raehels, J. B. Reese, J. H. Reynolds, T, E. Rice, J. XV. Rosendaul, Geral Ross. J. E. Rupert, J. Sanders, G, Scoggins, F. M. Scott, J. D. Servant, L, F. Shockley, E. J. Short, VV, D. Sizemore, Rufus Smalley. Joe NV. Smith, James A. Speering, Frank Spinks, David Stelling. Kessel Stephens, James C Stourleinire, Joe Stowell, Carleton Strayhorn, XVilliam Taylor, John A. Thevaos, Theo G. Thompson, Lewis Tiinmernian, T. L, Toni, Bill Toomey, A. M. XValker, Jos. R. XVhaley, lVallcer XVhite, A, O. XVilliams. G. R. XYil:'on, Cecil Vllingate, Raymond XVitt, XNYIII. M. XYoerpel, Jack XYright, Lewis SOPI-IOMORE .XQ.1L'Y'- I. I.. .Xlflriilgm .Xllcn, H. Ii. .Xllcn. I. Q. .Xnir-rwn. H. .XllfITL'XX'5, .Y K. .Xiivlrm-xv, .X. R. .Xrnixtre Ing, XY. XY .XilllllL'LllI, lt, XX. .Xtkinsnn, tl. IXI. .XvcrL'tt, N. If. .Xu-rctt, XY. li. Baker, XY. R. Halk. R. S. Barrett. ll. liarimi, C. lf. I-izitciiiaii, -I. H. l-Zzituiiiziii, P. H. licaxlry. bl. l. I'IL'L'liXX'0I'tl1, ll. Ilwliligficlrl, XY. R IIIZICIQNIHIIU. H. I y InlHCliklUlln', ,I. I liraks, H. Ii. IIHWIUN. ,I. lf. lin-siializiii. VI. I. Iiriwrlic, P. .'X. Iirmlwl-ix, XI. IXI. Iwllriixzflc. UI. I. lfaiiip, Harry Kfarxwcll, tin-nrgv lzirtcr, -luck Cam, Iiflgar lfavc, Dewey Mil llialinurx, -Im: Llianiliurs, Ricliaril lflianillcr. Billy I.IlZlX'1I1lN, Riclizirnl Clicilcy, l':itricl4 I lark. lrnn 4 lanwuii. XYzn'vl Clny. XYilliznn Llilclrnigli, XY. li. Lhlu. l'arkcr Corfllc, lllzirk IHIIIUI' Iiillv Lratt, -lwlin Crznixtwii, I Craig ifrrccli, fltis Ihr UI. .Xllii-rt I DNN, Ylog lfiwiiicli. V. Lllllllllllllg, -Inc l. nirriu, Hn-rnian llalcy, ,lack llaley, Nlglrimi llanglcr. ,lf-lin lianii-IQ, Clixirlcs llavia. Hziistnii lilavix. ,l. lf. llzivix, XY. I.. llcax, Hzmilfl lk-nnif, li, S. lic-rmtim--imi, 'lim llixnn. H. Ii. IIIXUII, 'lf S. Dimlittlc-, .AY IXI, Dfirn, Li. B. lbrn-I, lfingcnc llnfllcy, li, P. lbnkc, If, .-X. llnnlvzir. li. H. Ilya. Y. l.. lfririn-Nt. ll. lf. l-fckcrt. XY. vl. Ifilwarils. Li, XY. Ifvniis, Lf If. lfanlkm-r, Lf U. IK-rfll. Henriqu- lfluniing, li. Fraser, ,I. KI. lfricrsmi. lf. M. I7nlClwr, Lf C. nlinur, nl. P harflncr, H, A. llirzirilnt. XY. -I. lmlfllwrg, Ira tinlfllicrg, T. lu fiwlr'SIcil1, .'X. lilnlllstciii, I.. Urcrlig. .Xllicrt lirci-ii, Marinn Gregg, Erl B. Gnrcn, ll. A. Hzirlxcn, XY1n. .X. Hargrwvn-. julian Hzirriy Charles Harrison, Utix Hartcr R. G. Hn-riiwlnn, XYillis Hi-slcn. Frank Hcstcr, QX. Hill, liclwarrl Holmlms, GeoI'gC liwlgw, Claude llulfiiiaii. B. rl. llnllry. .Xllpert Hulsl0l1.,IamE5 Ilnlstuii, VI. L. I'InuiX'L'I', ,I. Hnrnc, Earl Hnnck, K. T. Hunvk, Perry Hnwarrl, St. Peter Hnwcll, Lucian Hnrlsnn, XYillia1n lliigluw, Klintnn Hull. lnlin D. Hwlrick, Louis lvcy, XY. ll. ,lzirri-rr. I". B. vlcnkin-, .Xlln-rt .I linsnn, XY. C. ,livin-5 George E. ,lnncx R. S. -Innes, XX'illiam jnrilan, C. M. Inc. GL-urge liulluy, Cliarlcs KL-llcy, Glenn King, Robert XY. Knotts, Fly S. lingcr. XYillia1n J. l.ziirwl, ,lack Lamar, B. D. Lariscy, H. L. CLASS Laughlin, L. I. Lee, J. D. Leopard, Alonzo LeSeur, J. P. Levy, Harry Lewis, Clinton Lewis, XVil1iarn G. Long, Russell Loo, XYah Chow Lovett. H. C. Lucas, Bennie Luke. Charles Luke. Ed. C. Lynn, Billy McCarty. Chas. McCaslan, D. B. McGahee, Milo McLees, G. C. Martin. Fred Mass, Henry Masters, Roy Chas. Meggins. Curtis Merritt, XYalter Merry, Pierce Mertins, Otto Miegel, Irvin Miles, Jack Miller. Marion Mills, Frank L. Mills, Frank M. Mobley, Xyillign-Lt MooneyhamfLuther Moore, XVarren Morris, John Lee Murphy, Alex Murphey, Carl Mutimer. Howard Myers, C. C. Newton, E. S. Nowell, XVi1liarn Oakley, Dan Odom, Charles Oellerich, Alfred Ogleshee. Tom Ott, Aaron Ott. Angus Page. Albert Palmer, Allen Park, Howard Parker. Aquilla Parnell, B. S. Patterson, John Petrea, Ge rge Postell, Melvin Powell, C. E. Rahurn, D, M. Rabun, F. L. Rachels. I. C. Radford. G. Reiser, J. S. Rhoden, J. T. Richards, T. E, Roberts. I. XV. Roberts, M. L. Rogers, R. Roper, A. S. Rosier. C. C. Rucker, R. J. Rupert, D. M, Russell, C. D. Sanders, C. E. Scott, A. L. Scott, L. E. Scott, R. S. Searcey, C. XV. Seclherry, H. C. Setze. H. R. Shanklin, il. B. Sheffield, T. E. Sheridan, E. C. Sherman, Frank Smith, Dan I. Smith, Ernest E. Smith. Lathan Smith. Ralph Smith, T. H. Smolen. Victor Snipes, XV. S. Soltow, VVm. D. Stafford. james Stephens, XYm. H. Stevens, Donne Storey, Forrest Stringer, John E. Swan, 'XValter Swearingen, Chas. Tabb, John E, Thomas, Robt. Joe Thomas, Howard Thompson, Joe Thompson. Paul M Thompson, Phillip B. H. Thompson, XVilliam Thornton, Cecil C. Tinnnerman, Ben C. Tinley, Thos. VV. Toodle. G. M. Toole, R. Alton Twiggs, Y, Marvin Tudor. Alfred T. Tyner, R. E. XYalker, G. XY. XYall, S. E. XYallace. 1. ,l. lVatkins, H. P. XN'atkins,, P. A. VVatkins. XY. KY. XYeathers, J. L. lYeatherwax, F. G. XN'hite. J. B. lYhitehead. E. XV. XYhitton, Ben XYilder, P. L. XVilkerson, F. 'XVilkins. L. H. XYilkinson, J. C. XYil1iarnson. C. D. VVilliamson, C. I. lVilson. B. M. VVilson, I. O. XVolcott, E. H. VVolcott, VV. VV. VVong, B. L. XX'ood, Linsey XVoodard, I. G. Yarbrough, XV. M. Young. C. T, FRESI-IMAN Aaronson, P. A. Adams, Alex Adams, Julian Adams, Sam G. Aldridge, T. Allgood, Chas. H. Allen, Eugene Alsahrooks, Lamar Attaway, Bobbie Armistead, James Arnold, Boyd Arrington, Harry Atkinson, Albert Austin, Jack Bailey, Albert XX'. Bailey, Bernard S. Bailey, H. XV. Barnes, Robert Baughman, Herbert Baxter, Chas. A. Baxter, John Beazley, Jack Belding, Rufus Bennett, Jack Bennett, J. O, Benson, Calvin Best, Hilard Betts, H. VV. Betts, Marion Bilton, Ben Biven, Glenn Black, H. S. Black, James B. Blackwell, Marion Blasingame, XX'illiam Blease, Franklin Boardman, Clayton Boatwright, Emory Boggus, Harry L. Bolgla. Clarence I I . Bohler. XX'. C. Booker, Jerry ll. Bowers, John Bowman. Xxvllllillll Boyd, Robert Bradford, XX'illiam Brinkley, .-Xyery Brinkman, Paul Britt, Marion Britton. Xxvlllli-llll H Broker, Ken Brown, Clyde Bruker. Charles Brush, Forrest Bryngleson, James Buck, George Burfington, Claude Bugg. XX'illiam G, Burrell, Lansing Bussell, J. H. Bussey, Homer Byrd, Harmon Cadden, John Capers, Anderson Carswell. J. P. Carter, Ben Carter. Jessie Carter. Lloyd Casey, G. H. Cave, S. Chalker, Sterling Chambers, George Chaniblcss, Oscar Chandler, .Xrthur Cbayous, Joe Christian, Clifford Qhristie, F. E. L humley, John Clark, Jolm C. Clay, Harris Clay, Luther Coclin, Deno C. Comley. Jim Conner. Chas, Conselyea. Herbert Cook, Ronnell Cox, XX'illiam Craft. Ed. Crawford, Charles Creech, Bernard Crenshaw, Billie Crocket. Ben Croft. Jack Crozier, Traylor Culpepper, Flavius Cunningham, George David-on, Charles Davis. James E. Davis. Jervis Deas, George Deer, Richard DeL0ach, Calvin DeLong, Raymond DeXVitt, J. XX'. Dickens, XVlton Dickson, Alvin Dolan, Frank Douglas. Jack Dudley, Tom Dunbar, Frank Dunn, John A. Dyson, J. XX'. Eidson, XiX'yman Epps, Marion Etheredge, Billy Fiske, Julian Forster, Joseph Goucbe, Charles Fletcher, Herman Flynn, XX'illiam F. Garnto, Curtis Gay, Andrew H to A 1 ll sow s Gilliland, XVarren Gleason, Archie Glickert, James Glover, Charles C. Golnian, Ernest Goode. Ed Goodwin, J. XV. Granade, XV. O. Grealish, Oswald Greene, XV, T. . tireer. XX'illian1 B. Grimes, C. Guillebeau, XV. L. Gunter, Charles Guy, James Gwinn. Julian Hamilton, XV. Hancock, Clyde Harrell, Robt. C. Harrell, Sterling Harris, James H. Harris, XX'ilford Harrison, Edward Harrison, P. S, Harveston, Frank Heard, Bobby Herlong, John Herndon, P. H. Hightower, Riobert Hill, Boby Hobs, Leo Hodges. James C. Horhgkins, Jack B. Hodkins, Edwin Hoffffinan, T. S. Holland. XVilliam Holley, Rudolph Hollingsworth, XVilliam Hood, I. D. Howard, T. J. Howe. Richard L. Howland, Jimmie Hudson, Hudson, Delma Jack Huff, Frank Inglett. H, C. Ivey, Jas. B. Izlar, Jack Jackson, Jack Jackson, Jasper C Jackson, Lloyd Jackson. Thomas Jarrett. Brany Jettcoat, Henry Jeffcoat, Robert Johnson, Bennie Jolmson, Julian Jolmson, Marion Johnson, Rufus Johnston, XValter Joe, Harry J' nes, Arthur Jones, Clarence Jones, Clyde Jones, Ralph Jones, XV. XV. Jue, Teodore Keiter, XV. G, King, M. L. Kenny, Edward Kirkley, Carl Kirkland, Harry Lamar. Tracy l.alXIar, XVillian1 Lamb, Herbert Lamountt, Dan Landrum, XVhitEeld Lange, Douglas Lazenby, Sam Lee. John T. III Leonard, Barnard Levesque, Edward cmsssgtg fa Lever, Aubrey Lewis, Roy C. Lord, Edward Lotz, XV. J. Lloyd, Fred Luke, Gettis Luke, Ivan Mallett, Allen Manly, XValter Mann, Carl J. Mason, G. L. Mathewson, Tracy Mays, Fred XY. Maxwell, Thos. Menger, Earl l Miller, Norman Minor, John Mitchell, Bob Mobley, Clarence Mobley, H. J. Mock, Cleon Moore, James E. Moredock, J. XV. Morgan, L. Morgan, Thomas Morris, Lawrence Mosley, Robert Moss. John M. Morris, Carl Morris, C. XV. Muns, Lewis Murphy, George Murphy, Henry Murray, Otis Mc.-Xbeo, Ylfilliam McCall, George McDonald, James F. McElveen, Malcolm McFeely, Alyon McGahee, Roy McGee, Raymond McGraw, Richard Mcllhaney, Robt. Mt-Kie, XVm. T. McMichael, Leroy Newman, Alfred be Newman, George Nevin, John O'Hara, Jack Overstreet, George Owens, B. VV. Palmer, Lawton Parrish, Robert Patterson, Forrest Patterson, H. N. Payne. James C. Peacock, XValter Pearre, Jerome Pearson, Morris Pearson, Sam Peebles, C. C. Pendleton, Chas. Penfield, Lloyd Pereyra, Eugene Peters. Billy Phillips, M. E.. Plagwitz, Henry Powell, Jasper C. Pope, Fritz Pound, J. M. Powell, Ralph Poythress, L. T. Poole, Thomas Prescott, Harry Prescott, James Price, J. L. Pund, NVm. D. Rachels, Benny Rachelg, J. M. Radford, J. T. Reiser, XV. E. Reynolds, VValter Rhoden G. A. Rhoden Eddie Rhoden, J. O. Rhodes, J. L. Rhodes, Frank Rhodes, James Rigsby, Mack Rinker, John Rizer, V. H. Roberts, XV. O. Robinson, H. C. Roessler, XV. F. Rollins, J. L. Rowe. XVm. A. Royall, C. C. Rucker, B. S. Rucker Julius T. Rucker, J. F. Rugsell, John Sanders, R. C. Sands, Stephens Sauls, James Saxon, XV. G. Scarborough, O. Schulze, T. VV. Scoggins, Joe Scott, F. L. Scott, T. B. Scott, VV. S. Seago, C. Seago, John M. Seitz, Billy M. Sheip, Fred XM. Shield, Thomas Sidener, Chas. VV. Seigler, VVm. T. Sikes, Clarence Skinner, E. Skinner, Harold Slater, Garland Smith, David F. 'f 11.5. A-r-r vac' :. ::.-:-- V f - f,:t'. :slr 1 Smith, Edison M. Smith, Fernam G. Smith'. Robt. V. Smith, NV. H. Smoak, Marion Snooks, VV. D. Speerman, XV. G. Spradley, John Stanford, I. F. Starnes, C. Steinberg, Aren Stewart, Ernest Stone, Harry F. Stone, John C. Story, A. Straugs, Lern Strother, James F. Sturman, G. Swancy, J. H. Swint, Ernest Taylor, G. E. Taylor. Raymond Tebow, John R. Temples, Albert Thomas, Gordan Thompson, Edward Thomburg, C. Thurmond, Thomas Toole, Chas, E. Toole, XVxn. F. Trapnell, Edgar Tudor, Arthur Tudor, Jim M. Turner, Robert Tuton. Charles Vignati, Joe XVages, James M. NValker, E. C . VVard, Julian Warren, L. A. VVatkins, Ernest l t ' l l t XVaterston, Jack XVat5on, J. XYeathers, Milledge XYeathersbee, F. C. XVelch', H. C. XVelch, Tyler XYells, Linsey W, XVhaIey, C. B. XYheatley, Charles XVheatley, Edward XVheatley, M. XVheeler, Frank XVhitehead, Henry XYidener, D. XYidgeon NVilenski , George , Edwin XVilliams, Hugh XYilliams, Howard XYingo, Archie XYilson, XV. H. XYong, Robert XYong, A. XYren, Artemus XVright, Donald lYright, E. H. lVright, Howard lVrigh't, H. H. XYylds, Bert C. VVylds, V. S. lVylds, H. G. Yablon, Irving Yablon, Sanford Yarn, VVilbur Youngblood, Ralph if .K 1-x ...,,,g?. on ,,-,, .,.,.,, . L .,.,.... --..,... .. . L-, -Q32 . Ji, Academy Awards and Winners GEORGE P. BUTLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP A scholarship amounting to 35100.00 in cash to be paid as tuition for one year to the Junior College of Augusta, in memory of the late Dr. George P. Butler who served for many years as the efficient Principal of the Academy of Richmond County and who organized the junior College of Augusta. Awarded in 1939 to .... Carl Julien Simon Awarded in 1939 to . . VVa1ter Allen Reiser, -jr. FACULTY XVOMENS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP A scholarship for one year in the Junior College of Augusta, given by the Faculty WOmCI1iS Club amounting to- 95100.00 This award is made on the basis of need, conduct. and scholarship. Scholarship 8594, and Conduct 90721, or better. Awarded in 1939 to Cadet Edwin Barnett Pollock THE GEORGE TRAYLOR MEMORIAL MEDAL An endowed gold medal provided by Dr. and M rs. George A. Traylor in honor of their son, George Travlor, to be awarded annually to that member ofthe Sophomore Class uf The Academy of Richmond Couintv, who is of outstanding character and who has made the highest academic record. ' Awarded in 1939 tu .... blames -Ioseph Hill Awarded in 1939 to . . . Thomas Landerl-lutto CUP AXYARDED FOR BEST DECLAIMER This cup was given by the Senior Class of 1923 for the best declaimer of the school. The cup is to be held for one year and the name of the winner engraved on the cup. At the end of each year the cup is returned to the Principal to be re-awarded. Awarded in 1938 tn .... Irvin Joel Daitch Awarded in 1939 to . Harcourt Edmund VValler D. A. R. PRIZE Each year the Augusta Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, offer a prize of five dollars to the cadet making the highest grade for the year in American History. Awarded in 1938 to . . Mose Collins Murphey Awarded in 1939 to . . . James Joseph Hill, jr. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP MEDAL Presented to the Academy Senior making the highest academic average during the fourth year. Awarded in 1938 to . . John Riley Fulmer, jr. Awarded in 1939 to . . VValter Allen Reiser, Jr. SENIOR ACTIVITIES MEDAL Presented to the Senior voted the best-all-round Academy Senior. Awarded in 1938 to . . John Ri-leyj-Fulmer, jr. Awarded in 1939 to . . James Hairston Nowell SENIOR ATHLETIC MEDAL Presented to the Academy Senior voted the best Senior Athlete. Awarded in 1938 to . . William Hubert Goatley Awarded in 1939 to . . Harry Foxx Parrish, Jr. BAUSCH AND LOMB MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE Presented to the Academy Senior making the highest average in the four years of Science. Awarded in 1938 to . . . John Riley Fulmer, jr. Awarded in 1939 to . . . Louis LaGarde Battey FRIEDMAN CUP This cup given by the Friedman Jewelers to- the most valuable player each year on the football team. This year two names will be engraved on this cup. Awarded in 1939 to . . Lineman joe Rossbotham Awarded in 1939 to .... Back Bill Kincer Awarded in 1940 to ..... Eugene Avery Awarded in 1940 to ...... Henry Caver THE COURTNEY TROPHY This is cup provided by a former student of The Academy of Richmond County, Mr. Cal Court- ney, to be engraved each year with the name of the outstanding senior athlete. Mr. Courtney is pro- viding a replica of this trophy to be given as a permanent keepsake to the winner each year. Awarded in 1939 to . . Harry Foxx Parrish, -Ir. Significant Facts about Academy Compiled by C. G. Cordle July 31, 1783, Board of Trustees set up by the General Assembly of Georgia in session at Augusta. April 12, 1785. the Richmond County Academy opened in a building on Bay Street between the present Fourth and Third Streets. May 20, 1791, President lrVashington visited the Academy. End of 1798 the Academy closed because of impaired funds and dilapidated buildings. November 1, 1802, the Academy resumed operations in a new building on Telfair Street. July 1, 1816, a branch academy was opened by the Trustees on the Sand Hills. 1830's, the Academy had more than four hundred students. 1850, there was talk of raising the Academy to a college, to be named Tubman College. September 1, 1863, the Academy building was taken over by the Confederate government, and the grounds became the site of Georgia. Hospital No. 3. The Academy was, of course, closed. May 2, 1865, sick and wounded soldiers were removed to the Asylum Hospital. In a few days the Academy building became military headquarters of the United States troops. Fall, 1867, the Academy building and grounds were restored to the Trustees. January 1, 1868, the Academy reopened with four professors, all Confederate veterans, with Colonel George VV. Rains as regent. 1882, a military department was organized under Captain J. O. Clarke as instructor. After a few years this department was abolished. 1898, the military department was revived, and Major George P. Butler was made commandant 1909, the Richmond County Board of Education, by agreement with the Trustees of Richmond Academy, assumed responsibility for the operation of the school. 1925, The Junior College of Augusta was founded. 1926, the Academy of Richmond County was removed to its new site on Baker Avenue. 1926, unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps was established by the United States government in the Academy and Junior College. Fall, 1938, new wing of the Academy building was opened to classes. xg? 'M 4' 5' K. L r r FS 5 5 5 of ,..f.4-2-X.,vs:sf-1-:ar-mfr?-.S-1:?::1:few: z' . 11. "?'fF"1"':1 V ' B J' new . KY A llflfifvf SNAPS The cvcl'-pfqnllzll' Mr, lfuullc with ll1'UX'L'l'l1i1ll mznlm. ' , Tv . 5 -- M11 IM-1'x'ickR ChL'INirI1'Y lz1Im1'utu1'x' if mu' ' '1 1-I 1 lu 11 ltx r Jw ' H FH - .1 4, ff1x.N. ,, N ', T 1 Q , -5' eaA'n2,, ! -B . i f l. Q 'Rf 5.25 if X ax ,, . wi fi , . ' 1 if , 1 1- QA. , xi vi 1 11 - -as A - Z, . 1 I' '1 VV 'I h .: if: ' ' ' Q ' ' H 4 ,, in Imnrcl most carefully! vnu 92131-4-x':c f-' - - if A112-can ' --f-v-14-q A Isril er 5 ZLCUYV -' Gem-gc Dznsher, the lvcst-laelmfcl uf our teachers, gives Ylllllilhlt' inbtructiwu to his l1CH1ll'lj'11t'S Mr. .Xllcu muft lmvc cllcckccl thc French on Sergeant XVllliG1'S-011, filing military informarioii, and First Lieut. Donald Levcrett, Qtificer of the Day, in the office of Major Elliott. gfifmfy ,,:w!5v1',ff-1'4- evr- 1 lffiflifffljj' sponsons Each year the officers nf the Military Departinent clmme a fpoiistny These spcvnsf-iw are lioiimerl at several niili- tary halls cluring the year. The spniimix are prefenteml forinally at a lovely luan- quet given hy the Sahre Cluh. .Xfter the liiillfllltt. the lmrilliant Sponsors' Ball is helrl. Thiw is one nf the outstanrling furiiialf of the year. .Xn arch of sahres is iurmetlg anrl, as each charining' spon- sor. heautifully gnwnecl. cnnies through on the arni of an onficer. it is inrlcs-rl a 1llfjtl11't'SfIll6 fcene. 1Xt the l'rize Drill, held each year,the spcnisurs attend in a hody, to review the companies on parade. Mary Huffman Martha Su-llingf Tnla Hilty .Xgnt-S XY0ff11rtl I 1 . 1 .- , is 1 . y, ,v L iligsl. Y Annette Bates Maxine Farr Kathryn Best Margaret Sheftall Katherine Sheftield Dorothea Gridley Annette Batesfone of "the Hates Twins"-Charnr ing' voiceftllee Club star. Maxine Farr--a cheerf-stylish cl11tl1es-zigoncl time. Kathryn lglestfa lmokfa clancefancl Bill. Margaret Sheftall-stately lmeautygan annual in hcr hanrlfa llli'l'1'j' laughf-gi hriclle path-orchids. Katherine Slieffielrl-Asoft-accentecl speecli-a thrill- ing mlressvan viriginal style. ll1n'11tl1eaCrirlley-a Yaiikeehnyffa flash 1rfQ'Z1l6tj'- a new fashion ffraternity pinseunclerstantling. Mary l"lllllf1l1Z'll1f-l':g'ylJtlZ1lll3CZll1tj' -charm bracelet- a lmntire and 111:11'sl1n1allows. Martha Stelling'-clog nn a leash-lace and red rusesvgi multi-culoreml sashga lilting laugh. Tula Hilty-a quick 111'bYCI1lC1ltilOXYCl'Bfl eyes- elickinff heels-sweetness. l 5 .-Xgnes XYoPfurcl-lovely hands--hlue velvet-soft lights-a waltz-reverie. - fcnlcilsnfrsw T4-1-1--3,-3 ,,,,., L neu.,-5 '19 ,T - T ,., gp D it 1 il ' .. nfl S Bm ljin X- Q4 as L It ",7Ix..-war, jx- A 3 fr I Q' 9- 2 "' 4 ' . ' 1 'L' V Q 1 -M wi l S Elizabeth Bryans Clara Bracey Rita May Agnes Reese Dot Davenport Katherine Kearns Frances Hurt Mickey Talbert Jean Rae Dot Douglas Elizabeth Bryans-beautiful brunette-seen at all the dances-jitterbug-bright colors accentuate her dark beauty--gorgeous brown eyes. Clare Braceya-quiete-Dresden loveliness-sort mus- ic-an open Fire. Rita May-petite--lovely smile-surrounded by admirers-tinkling silver bells. Agnes Reese-gay laughter-twinkling eyes-white camellias-Spanish lace. Dot Davenport-athletefnew coiFfure-x'ix'aciou5- a flashing smile. Katherine Kearns-elfin mischievousness--gay chat- ter-carnivalsapopcorn. Frances Hurt-brown eyes-red dress-a rhumba- gypsy music-gold spangles. Mickey Talbert-starlight-cameo quuaintness-an unusual smile-cheerfulness. Jean Rae-blonde-cute smilem-smart clothes-pale blue pearls. Dot Douglas -laughter M noise - school dances- Fashion Show-pepetual motion. wif fvf x!NfV VK! xr Wie me nasnwwl 4 ii FIC' x CQLGRS 5 N X n 0 3 xx. ls Mv"' ' X,., 4 ,. K v"' f Q1 I C911 Prlmde! Sergeant William C. McGee 1917 Enlisted in the U. S. Army. 1917-Sergeant in U. S. Army. lVor1d XVar-Bayonet instructor. 19-5 D.E.M.L. R.O.T.C. at Colum- hus, Ga. 19.55 Staff Serg'eant at Richmond Academy. "Sergeant" has come to be the idol of the children, the "pal" of the students, and the "hail-fello'w-well- met" comrade of the members of faculty. Major Walter A. Elliott, Infantry U. S. Army 1917 Commissioned Ind Lieutenant Infantry. 1918 Commissioned temporary lst Lieutenant Infantry. 1919 Commissioned permanent lst Lieutenant Infantry. 1928 Commissioned Captain lnfan- try. 1937 Commissioned Major Infantry 1934 Graduate of Company Officers' Course. The Signal School. 1929 Graduate Company Officers' Course, The Infantry School. 13th Division during XVorld 1Var. During 22 years in the army, serv- ice in the 4-4th Infantry, Sth Infantry. 2nd Infantry and 57th Infantry. Instructor with the Iowa National Guard. Staff of Major Gen. Frank Bolles and of Brigadier Gen. Dana T. Mer- rill. Foreign service in France, Ger- many, and the Philippines. P. M. S. X T and Commandant at A. R. C. 1938. A Popular Commandant! i. I 3. r r jones Epps .lack Hains 1939 VVinner 1938 Vtfinner The Richard B. Sheridan Memorial Sabre One ofthe most heautiful ofthe numerous awards made at the JXCaclemy and Junior College each year is that of the Richard B. Sheridan Memorial Sabre. Cadet Sheridan graduated from the Junior College in June 1928 and iininediately went on to VV'est Point. He lost his life in a foothall game at Yale in 1931. ' V The Reserve 1 lliicers Association of Augusta con- ceived the idea -if making an annual award of a lieautiful salure to perpetuate not only the memory hut the outstanding character of Cadet Sheridan. The liasis of this award is broad enough to cover the general qualities that distinguish Richard B. Sheri- dan aniong' his fellow students. These considerations enter into the decision of a select committee from the Reserve Utficers .'Xssoeiatio'n. The student must lie of high scholastic achievement, outstanding as a military man, and interested in athletics and other student activities. ln other words, he must be a well-rounded man. The winners of this award have been as folloxx s Frank Burnley 1933 jackie Stephens 1934 Dorroh Nowell 1935 Alex Doremus 1936 Harry Mohley 1937 Jack Hains . 1938 jones Epps 1939 The winner for the current year, 1940, had not yet heen determined at the time this year book went to press. Accomplishments of the Freshman Battalion By Staff Sergeant XYm. C. McGee The Freshman Battalion, although not a part of the R.Q.T.C., functions independently in regard to the XVar Depart1nent's program of instruction. lt plays a very important role in maintaining the strength of the R.O.T.C. Freshmen are taught the fundamental principles of Military Science and Tactics. Individual instruc- tion and close-order drill of the squad are intended especially for the training of the men in the ranks. Teamwork is promoted, and training is afforded for leaders, squads, platoons, and guides. Preciseness is essential if the purpose of drill is to be achieved. Due to the drastic change in the Infantry Drill Regulations. much confusion was noticed for awhile. The Battalion responded very wellg and the difficulty, due to the' intricate movements, is now X a thing of the past. The cadet ollficers are selected from the Senior Class of the Academy and from junior Collegeg but the Non-Commissioned Officers are Freshmen. The officers are chosen for their merit. and they are the ones who have the responsibilty for carrying out our schedule. We stress leadership. To be respected as a leader. one must possess certain mental and moral qualifications. To have a good or- ganization, certain requirements must be adhered to: respect for superiors, a keen sense of responsi- bility, and ability to give and to obey orders. The officers must set a good example for those under their command. ' The battalion has taken part in several parades. and it has made a creditable showing. The majority have a good keen sense of l1L1H101'. and really try l hard. They perform their duties on the drill field in 1 a satisfactory manner. They change from raw re- cruits to well-trained cadets, able to march with heads up and chins in-a credit to the unit. So our ideal for the future will be to have the outstanding unit in the Fourth Corps Area, and to i uphold the grand and glorious prestige of the Army and of the Academy of Richmond County. To those two grand gentlemen. Mr. Hardy and Mr. Markert, a vote of thanks for their hearty cooperation in making it possible for us to' function one hundred per cent. lb. if . -A A I V K .Lark--iQ,f9'gf' Sergeant 'XVilliam C. McGee 'T' ' " I I U 0 -Luk Hainb Colonel fm Tl-IE REGIMENTAL 'fire my 8 1 lrxin Daitcli LientenanL-Colonel . 1 Qs Maxine Farr S vonsrvr Nell Daniel Nur cadet-colonel is werring his second year 215 coinmander of the corps. Colonel Hains is also president of the Student Council, member of the chainpion Hearst Trophy Rifle Team, 1938-1939, and XYll mer ofthe coveted Sheridan Sabre award, lle was National lnclivirlual Cliampion in the Hearst Vlilllllllf' Match in 19.38. ll v 5 ii is i l l L Q 3 i ,Xllwrt llruckner Dorotliea Griclley Katherine Sheffield Ernest Wiggins Captain Sponsor Sponsor Captain STAFF OFFICERS 1.1 l v I l .' r xr- Le Bill Bailey .Tones Epps Major Major Kathryn Best Margaret Sheftall Sponsor Sponsor 5 Luther Krewson Bill Balk lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Our regimental staff officers were selected for their sterling worth in military conduct and leadership. Almost invariably, these offi- cers are also leaders in all other phases of school life. . -N , , V- Q V b -sszixwl. 7. . .. - f ,, , ,sg .5 V, :..,,,Q?1',g-gf' ... L Q ,f . A V . L.- , ,..,- L . -.. H- , ,,,,.s... .w.,.::L-A, -,..' L... ,LL -,.- , - , .L -. rg, L Bailey Daitch Epps Hains Wiggins Krewson Balk A PLATCON ,1 3,f,'jf Platoon drill constitutes one of the essential parts of the training of the cadets. It is the training ground for our aspiring HIIOII-CUIHSV. and a source of never-ending interests for our numerous spectators. 1' I 1 1 ,' I . ,.,x 'XViIliam Mauldin Major Mary Hoffman Sponsor BATTALION STAFF Major Epps was succeeded by Major William Mauldin, who, in turn, was followed by Major Bill Bailey. The commander of the lst Battalion has one of the select assignments of the military unit. G. Felton Hill lst Lieutenant Major Epps Major Elliott V EJ COMPANY M Q- l V i HElI'L'fJl11't lYalle1' lst Lieutenant il Y Gene .Xvery Znfl Lieutenant G. Hnlstein Parks Captain K R1 lscoe l,mvet'y Znfl Lieutenant .Xnnctte Hates Spmtsur Captain Parks is an active member of the J.C..X. Hi-Y. The highly-prized Gold "R" speaks for his ext1'a-curricula work. He is a member of the Sabre Club and the Basketball Team. coMPANY l 5 Chm les lxnnbrell lst Lieutenant Eugene Hoke 43113 2nd Lieutenant ' ' Agnes Wolford Sponsor L Frank Knapp Captain Frank Knapp, captain of Company "B", is a popular member of his class. We feel that his eaptainey is well deserved. Hill Ilritton kA2lllt2lil'l COMPANY -Tune Swerlenherg Slwmisor Heyward Bateman lst Lieutenant .Toe Murray Ist Lieutenant .Iames Phillips 2nd Lieutenant The fact that Captain liritton earned his zllfpointinent while ftlll in the Academx lx SUHICICII Ll fmmendntion. A COMPANY Ed Shell I lst Lieutenant - 7 f Henry Farris ,7 H 2nd Lieutenant ' x ,. ar ,.9' -. gm. Ann Taylor Sponsor 1-'N Qi L, Tom Gwin Captain Captain TOIH GWiH, who left LIS t0 1'T15ltfiCU13-ff! at Clemson, has been succeeded by Captain Harcourt NVal1er. 421322 N - Major Hanswn was high in praise of the unit after making this inspectiun. Scenes from one of the Sabre Club dances. The social activi- ties of the unit are varied 'and interesting. lu., A I ' arf, .. Boys must keep busy in the R.Q.T.C. armory. Col. Hamm Qxpounds! Mr. Felder on the job. Drum Major Stringer "struts fur the Band. O'Neal Cave Major Martha Stelling Sponsor George Suhr lst Lieutenant mi BATTALION S T A F F Major Cave, an excellent battalion commander, is a versatile member of the cadet corps. He has earned letters in several sports. His ability has proved a decided factor in the success of the 1940 ,l.C.A. Basketball team. Lieutenant Suhr Major Cave llglin COMPANY n XYalter Reiser lst Lieutenant if-'IV ' linimie Coulmer N - . N Znil Lieutenant 5llllll1 'Q' f NT' ..,' 1 'J' "'fg,- v f,. ,cliff Xzxthan billmzin N Znrl Lieutenant Clare liracey Slnlllsuf Cztptziin llill Smith haf slifnvn inarkerl ability as a leader in the sclwwl, His initiative and spirit have wurlcetl nwvinleiw with his cfniipany. His worth has nrwt, furtnnatelv, been limited to militarv. n otherfn'g:1nizntiin1S. wuch as the l'1'e-Lan' Club, he has inerited similar praise. l K! If COMPANY Howard Johnston lst lieutenzint H 1 Y lol.n 'bullix an Incl Lieutenzmt 12" Iaincs Ilunum Liaplriin if 1 l 1 ml lninan Znd Lieutenant X 3. A' ,.,mw5-12-' Rita May Sponsor Company "F"-is grateful to Captain Duncan for his ellicient and sympathetic guidance. In 1939, he was the leader of the Best Drilled Platoon in R.O.T.C. ll wllll Ra wrvl COMPANY t t t ff" rv- i ,- Bolvhy Baker lst Lieutenant AJ els' J U' Luke Rushton ' Zncl Lieutenant .Xgnes Reese Slyullifrf A-Xu honor student, a leader in student activities, the captain of his companye-John Roesel is, indeed, an asset to the hattaliun. i COMPANY H. F. B. Koch lst Lieutenant vfsf' Thomas 'XVong lst Lieutenant I I I 4? f Mac Rhodes 2nd Lieutenant iii? Dorothy Davenport Sponsor 1 I w 1 l .YT 1 liernarrl Nitchum Captain Company "H" is fortunate in having for commander this outstanding member of his class. Bernard is a veteran of several years on our championship rifle teams. He has been a company com- mander for two years, and his athletic record is quite enviable. AT DRILL l A : X CllZ11'HCtC11Sf1C views of platoon and company drill W-ml 1 I I l 1 v I 4 ' s 1 1 u Alfred Battey Major Elizabeth Bryans Sponsor BATTALION S T A P F Major Alfred Battey is also the president of his class. His award this year of being the most popular Sopho- more eliminates the need of listing his long and impressive record of achieve- ments. F-, .Y , iw., Lawrence Buckley lst Lieutenant f A. ' , 'r YZMWM, Major Battey taking charge. P.. -, 1 I l x I l r .lxix Qc, 'Q 11 41531-ff? 'X P' .u P, AT .. A 31 W4 .W , Q VI-51 1 . 'S 1, .5 1 1111111 Lz11'1'u11 Captain COMPANY S , 'Cf' ga -1111111 111:1ce5 lxt llklllxlldlll Igulcv NX cuthers 21111 1.11-1111-1111111 : 1iz1t11c1'i11c Kearns 511111151 -r 1111 lll111'1fiL'1 1111111111:-111c11t 111 tvl1l11llz111?' "I" his 111111 Im-11g11t :1111111t lurgrly' t11I'flllg'11 1111- u11ti1'i11-1 vftwrtx ul ltx lllrllll . ,.. N 1'-1' c:111t:1111, 11111111 L:11'1'u11. w ' coMPANY Fred .Xndersou Znd Lieutenant .5.. . 'M Q ji K, Spann Greene 2nd Lieutenant Fannie Hurt Sponsor Note :iCaptain Dick Baird is now in charge of Company "K", his predecessor, Harold Norvell. having left us to attend Clemson. l Qi. N w Ham dd X U1 X Q ll Captain Rcginzllrl Nanci ,C Cnpndn Kliriam Tzlllm SIIOIIQOI' CGMPANY ert ug' FF 2 Lrg: Dick Baird lst I,iciitc11a11t julian 'XVillingliam Zud IJeutenaut Osliorlie Stelling Zud IJeutenaut Regiiialcl Ilzuicuck, Captain of Company "L" and "right-haiirl man" of DQ 1 Markcrt. is we-ll liked by the members of his company. XVQ predict further success fur him. VCOMPANY if l Harry Carpenter I lst Lieutenant , i . l I l Harry Popkin ' lst Lieutenant George Mclsendon 2nd Lieutenant .lean Rae Sponsor Q. 5- i I si L. I3 'llhurinon Lliptaiii The winner of the 1938 Individual Drill Prize has ctfntinued his excellent work in military as the cmnmander of his company. His sparkling performance in this branch of student life is matched by his aceoniplishinents in the others. He is the winner of the l9-LO Stunt Night. A CLUB lst Row Rlitrhuin. H. lam--.-ry, R. Dlulmston, H. Cave, O. Epps. bl. Kwch, H. Farris, H. T, Bairrl, R. Kimhrell, C. Bailey, XV. Shell, lf. Smith, XV. Stclling, O. Hoke, G. Biiilvy. rx. llrwscl, -l. lJl1illi1'vS, l'lill, G. Xvaller, H, lflliutt. Maj Haine, J. XV. A. Suhr, G. Hruwn. XY. T Brace-y, -I. Hancuck, R. Murray, J. Carroll. P. Parks, G. H. Stringer, F. Daitch, I. NVQ-atliers, E. Branclenherg, M Klaulrlin, XV 3rd Row 4th Row .-Xnclcrson, F. Barnard, D, Bruckner, A. Rc-iscr. NY. XVilkerson, R. Znd Row Britton, XY. YTlllllI'lllOI'lfT, C. B. Sth Row Popkin, H. liwin, T, Lhnpcr, Fl. Key, L. Krcwson, L. Xvllllllgllkllll, J, Nwrvcll, H. Bateman. H. Inman, F. llnncan, J. B. Rhodes. M. XYiggins, E XX'ong, T. Buckley, L. Baker, B. Leverett. l-J. .Xn urgauizatimi which has been in cxistcncf' Sabre Club, This urg'anizatif:n has a history wliivh firmly cntrcnclicfl in the schtinl life that thcy will when thc .Xcacleiny instituted military training, anrl in tl1e.Xcaclc1ny since before any uf us can reinembel ix 110 Other gruiip in the school can 1natch,ancl its traditionx ue 0 exist fur years anfl years. The club was urganizcrl xx ax ba it l1Z1S grwwii in size frrnn about ten members to inwff? fl1'lIl K-INN The iviirpusc uf thc Club ix the 171'4lYl5l4lll of entcrtainmcnt or recreation, mcial wr otherwise, fur the mem new tif the club ancl any fwrin uf bcttcrinent uf the military cle-partinent of thc junior Llillege of .'Xug'usta and the Aca- tluniy uf liicliinwml KAULIITKX. Bleinlvcrsliip in the Sabre Club isl'CSt1'iCt4:fl to the cwliiiiiisbiomwl officeiw of the corps of Carle-ts, and all these wtticers are rcfluirccl by army tradiiiin tu join the club. .Xt thc beginning ul- the tirwt scincstcr last fall, the lncinbcrs of the club elected titjficers for the Year. Col. Jack Hainf was 1-lcctc-tl prcsiclent, Maj. llattcy, vice-presiflent. Licut, Harcourt NValler, secretary, and Maj. 0,Neal Cave, treasurer. During' the hrst seuicstcr two dances were presenturl under the clircctimi uf the Club dance cuininittee. The :lance rmnmittcc was cmiipnsecl of Cul. lrvin Daitch. Capt, A-Xlbcrt liruckner, Lieut. Tom Gwin, and Lapt. lfrncst XYig'gi11s. Slifwtly after thc Cliristniax hwliflays were over, the incinbers cleciclerl that the club was too large to be gov- 1-rnc-cl by unwritten law aml traclitiuu, and Z1 connnittce was aplwintccl tn draw up a constitution. This Committee i l r 1 l A i F f l I ! was composed of Lieut. Harry Popkin, Lieut. Roscoe Lowery, Maj. Alfred Battey, Maj. VV. T. Brown.'and Capt. John Roesel. The committee drew up a very laudable document, which, after several corrections and adjustments, was unanimously accepted by the members. The constitution provides for four administrative officers fpresident. vice-president, secretary, and treasurerj, to be elected at the beginning of each semester of the school year. Under the constitution the meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each calendar month, at the beginning of the seventh clock period of the school. All members must attend the meetings, and any member who is absent without excuse from two- meetings in one semester is subject to expulsion from the club. All the meetings must be conducted according to paliamentary pro- cedure, and Robert's Rules of Order will be the final authority on all questions of parliamentary law not covered by the constitution or the by-laws. Under the constitution the committees set up were Advisory, Appeals, Finance. and Entertainment. The presi- dent appoints a chairman for the Finance and Entertainment Committeesg then he and the chairman together appoint the remaining committee members. The duties of these two committees are explained by their titles. The Appeals Committee consists of three members: one is appointed by the president. one by the Advisory Committee, and the other is elected by popular vote. The Appeals Committee acts as a sort of "Supreme Court" for the club. and its decisions are superior to any except those of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is composed of the commandant of the cadet corps and any o-ther person he may appoint to act with himg its duties are to advise the club in all matters. Under the new regulations the following officers were elected for the second semester: Col. jack Hains, presidentg Maj. O'Neal Cave. vice-presidentg Lieut. Harry Popkin, secretaryg Maj. jones Epps. treasurerg and Lieut. Charles Askey. sergeant-at-arms. Capt. Bill Smith was elected by the members to serve on the Appeals Committee. Also on the Appeals Committee are Maj. Alfred Battey, appointed by President Hains, and Col. Irvin Daitch, appointed by the Advisory Committee. Col. Daitch was also appointed by the president to act as chairman of the Entertainment Committee. Under this new "regime" the Sabre Club is looking forward to greater accomplishments than ever before. The Sabre Club dance on March 29. the first entertainment presented by the new committee, proved to be one of the most successful social functions of the yearg and the members of the club and the entire school are looking forward with great interest to the Annual Sabre Club Banquet and the Sponsors' Ball. These will be held shortly before the end of school, and the Entertainment Committee declares that this year these two events will be the most gala affairs ever presented by the club. And that's saying a mighty lotg for the Sabre Club is noted for its wonderful social events. The club has indeed had a busy year. There was never a dull moment in the life of the organization, and the officers feel that the club accomplished its purpose in the fullest sense of the word. Always a center of activity. this tradition-laden organization held its reputation of being in the front ranks among student organizations. and we feel sure that 50 or 60 years from now, the Sabre Club will still have an important part in the life of our school. Jack Hains, President of Club Members Present at a December Meeting TI-IE I.CYC1'L'tt Blzlrflmll l:1'ZlI'lflL'lllYL1l'Q' Rlvlrert 'XVilkins0n I t lnlltmmzilmt ht A Ind LiCllfCll3I1f V? ry. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1- -1- The Greater Richmond Academy Band The Academy Band has been one of the most important organizations on the Campus for many years. The late D. M. Lincul, who brought it to a high state of proficiency, had been its director on a part time basis since the acceptance of the Cadet Corps as a .lunior R.O.T.C. unit by the XVar Depart- ment in 1925. As a musician and director, Mr. Lincul was devoted to his work and untiring in his efforts to develop an outstanding musical organization. XYhen our new president, Mr. Eric W. Hardy, took over the administration of the schools in 1938, he at once announced his purpose to build a great band of one hundred pieces, which should be properly uniformed and equipped. As a result of efforts among alumni and friends, and particularly the sponsor- ship ofthe Junior Chamber of Commerce, by the spring of 1939 nearly two thousand dollars had been raised fo-r the purchase of uniforms. The band got into their snappy uniforms before the close of that session, and upon their first public appearances captured the interest and enthusiasm of the people of the community. The next step was to procure a full-time Director and Music Instructor. Mr. Grover VV. Carson was brought to the Academy after successful experience in Illinois, Kentucky,and Missouri. Mr. Carson is devoting his talents and energies not only to directing the present Band, but to training the younger students in the use of wind instruments in preparation for their absorption into the greater band of the future. We are building slowly, but sanely, toward the "Greater Richmond Academy Band", and the complete realization of the dream of our President that we should some day have the greatest school band in the South. We are definitely on the way. BAND ROSTER CAPTAIN SERGEANTS PRIVATES Lassiter, VV. Barnard' D' 1ggffeQ'A Aldridge, J. Lamar, H. IST LIEUTENANTS Duuawgyy 'VV' Balkman, W. Leonard, H. Stringer, F- Luke, I, Beckworth, C. Lewis, C. Bfandenbufgf W- M- Purkall, B. Bedingheld, H. McMichael, L. ZND LIEUTENANTS Tyner- G- Black, H. Palmer, A. Wilkmson- R- CORPGRALS Chalmers, J. sanders, R. Stevens, D. B - - - - eldmg, I. Cummings, J. Stellmg, K. ANT Bell, B. D l'ttl ,, A. St ' , J. gfmw Hi-5.3.5 T55-im... STAFF SERGEANT Tudor, A. Hafveston- F- Tyner' R- Kennedy, J. Turner, XIV. Hummell, M. VVard, C. Freshman Baind and Bugle Corps SERGEANT Florie, I. - Mass, H. Carry. R. Jones, A. Payne, J. PRIVATES VVQ1-d, J. McElvecn, M. Best, VViI'lgO, G. W. Carson, Director Douglas Barnard Dot Douglas Forrest Stringer Tula Hilty Captain Sponsor Drum Major Sponsor MARKSMEN IQLLO Team In 4th Corps Area Match Seals, 31. . . . .,,7 .9-1.00 Iilrorl, li. . . 91.97 l'Sz11'rett. 71. . .,,, 91.50 XYCIl1l1L'1'XYflX, F. . 91.50 1'i1'OXYI1C, 1.. D. 191.00 linker. T. .. 90.75 llzilk. XY. .X. 90.30 Mitchinn, ll. .. 987.00 Smith. C. . 86.50 iiains. ul. HS-1.75 Sneefl. XY. ... 83.50 Caldwell. bl. . ..... . .. 181.00 liurrouglis, bl. .. ...79,75 l.rrwery. R. ..... . .7825 Jack Hains getting "pointers" from Sergeant XVilkerson Pictures Below: Hugh l':l1'0fl 9Y9.-- V.7,,--V.-'---.-,-..,........-..... 5 tancling position Hugh Elrod ........ ....... S ming Pggition Hill lifllk 9-Y.77.r.Yf.VV .. .Sitting position TROPI-HES Hearst Trophy fNationa1 Championsj 1938-39 , Fourth Corps Area Trophy 2nd Place. 1935 Fourth Corps Area Trophy, 1st Place, 1936, 1937. 1938. 1939. 1938 Hearst Trophy National Championship Team 1. John T. 1-Iains, National Incliviclual Chainpion 2, Tee Hulk 3. Abner Covar. 4. xvvilliillll fakes, Jr. 5. John R. Fuhner, Jr. 1939 Hearst Trophy National Championship Team 1. Toni Baker, Znd in Nat- ional lnfliviflnal Scoring. 2. Ed SCl'lLllEI' 3. Carl Ifclelblut 4. John T. Hziins 5. Tee Balk i ,A A 5 '-LL' I ' 'Ft 'I 5511-5 .' '1 ' ' lm . . ' V5 . 'K Ry? a , . - 1.-4,1 fx: J, v'-55 V" ' A .- ..' I 4 1 I -. - if rw '- ,I Jvilf' QL b ,:,,u' 5x 'L 3,-.. .M Q, 'lfaxf ' Q " w l if F 'V l' 1. -X f - ' I ,S I D N' --- X 5' 1 'W 5'-" - , 5 Clialnpicms in Their Respective Fields Ml I 4 i CGACHE Coach VVendell Sullivan arrived at the Academy in September. 1937. from Decatur High School, where he was instructor and coach. The First year here he was backheld coach. and the follo-wing year he was appointed head coach. At once he began to show definite results in the building of a great football team. The success of Coach "Sully" is due oth to the fact that he knows the game and also to the fact that he is every inch a gentleman in his relations to his assistants and players. The boys love to work for him, simply because they love him. NVith our enlarged football program under the direction of Coach Royston, by which we are trying to give elementary instruction on the fundamentals of the various athletic games to the grade school students. Coach Sullivan hopes to build greater teams in the future. THE FRIEDMAN TROPI-IY ' Coaches Sullivan and Rollins congratu- late Caver and .AXvcry, the winners of the prized Friedman Trophy, presented each year by Friedmans Jewelers to the football back and lincsman showing the most sportsmanlilce spirit. XYINNICRS 1938-39 Back-Hill Kincer. Linesman-'loe Rossbotham 1939-40 Back-Hank Caver. Linesman-Gene Avery ua.. V zmzf 3. - Scene below from the Rick Hill ban- quet, given annually to the coaches and members of the "A" Varsity foot- ball team. Rick Hill is a former A.R.C. student and one of the most ardent followers of Academy athletics. A. .afhf C. M. Etheredge Athletic Director Coach C. A. Royston J.C.A. Girls' Basketball Intramural Sports Coach G. L. Bolton "B" Varsity Football Track Coach R. E. Rollins Football I.C.A. Basketball Track Coach G. W. Ewing "B" Varsity Football Minor Sports I 'wg f. ci. -T.. . lb H : , 41 , W?"i na- 'Q--.1 -fE:.4f.,---a..... ,.,-, .7 .,,--.,,,:,:,, 3,1553-,-'73-1 3 3- -53 - ' ,V I V-V - -- 'if wi' 11- .live Rll1l'l'il.f.' nzigs zi pass Ends Strotlier. Clintnn lX'illis, Ilmrarcl Klarsli. Ed. XYils0n, Carl Tiniinernian, Toni Seals. Marvin Tackles Ross. lmuis Plunkett. Paul Klaulclin, Bill Rankin. George Lainar. Barney l.ZlllCll'lllll, Joe Guards Culpepper. Jack Sanders. john Bryant, Ed. Rogers, Roy Hudson, Marion F00 Louis Ross Backs Mitclium, Bernard Young, Bill Caver, Henry Cole, Edward Murray, Joe johnson, XVellsman Sexton, Clyde Stark,Bob BALL Clinton Strother Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Qs.. . The Boys in Huddle Mauldin, No. 33, seems to be asleepg but donlt be misled. He has come out of huddles always awake enough to be a power on the team. SCORES Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy CLeft to Rightj 33 Bolles School O 18 Commercial High 7 O Savannah High 0 13 Benedictine 7 6 Tech High 27 6 Marist School U 6 Monroe Aggies 7 Z7 Carlisle 0 6 Lanier High 7 Hank Caver Bernard Mitchum Gene Avery Wellsman Johnson Bubber Cole ? I i I' Varl Xlvilson l' nd lloli Stark. liaek George Rankin. Tackle Xkvellsman Johnson - V y 77 lfullhaek f xx .im IC Murray Fullhaek John Sanders Guard Louis Ross Taekle The ,Xeademy opened the season on September 29 with llolles High School of Jacksonville, Florida. The cadets started In work on the llolles eleven at the opening whistle and eont-inued to run roughshod over them until the tinal gun. Henry Caver grabbed the limelight with his exceptional hall toting, ac- counting for eighteen uf the ,Xeademy's thirty-three points. -lohnson and Sanders cleared the path for Caver's long runs with their excellent blocking. The team's splendid playing proved that the Acad- emy hadn't graduated all its good football players. Score: Richmond S34Bolles 0. The next game was with the Commercial High from .Xtlanta on Uetoher 6. The Musketeers showed that it hadn't lmeen all luek with llolles. They dis- played hoth power and speed in downing a favored Commercial High team. .-Xlthough outweighed, the scrappy Riehmond team, led hy Caver, gathered three touchdowns to their credit. iStrother was the sivotlight-graliher with his line blocking. tackling, and pass-snagging. Sullivan was indeed proud of his fighting eleven. Seore: Richmond l84Connnereial 7. The cadet eleven invaded Savannah for an en- counter with the tieeehees the following Saturday. liernard Klitehum. ljuarterhziek Qlllllliu Hardy, Back Olin Gordon, Center Rox Rogers Gllild Y ARSI l Y CHEDULE M16 October 13. Tough luck and hot weather proved too much for the Musketeers. Sad and disappointed, they returned home with a scoreless tie on their record book. Richmond made the only threat when they backed the hard-pressed Savannahians up to their own 4-yard line. There a fumble prevented a score. At this game we recognized Sanders as the line tackler that he really is. After a weeks layoff the rejuvenated Academy lads met the Fighting Irish from Savannah on October 27. To the joy of Coach Sullivan and the entire student body the record book showed a win for the Musketeers. It was a hard-fought game from beginning to end. Avery was too much for his heavier opponentsg while Johnson, Caver, and Cole were too fleet to be stopped before gain was made. This game proved that the Musketeers were still in the running for the G.I.A..-X. title. Score: Richmond 13-Bene- dictine 7. November 3, at Atlanta ------ Richmond 6- Tech High 27 ----- Oh well, we all have an off day. From "Atlanta way" on November 10 came Marist College to engage an underdog A.R.C. team. Mitchum's brilliant quarterbacking and Murray's Caver Murray Cole Johnson 451535. stain "llulmber" Cole. lilack "tiene" .Xvery, Center "Hank" Caver. Back 1Vl'ffffff0F wr' VAR ITY CHEDULE hard running sparked the team to one of the best performances ofthe year. Strother. Vklillis, Ross. and Sanders were the defensive aces that kept the Irish lads back on their heels. Score: Richmond 6- Marist O. The highly-rated Aggies came to the Cadet Stadium on the night of November 17, only to be outplayed. The Musketeers showed themselves to be superior in every phase of the game, but lacked the necessary punch in the third quarter when the ball was O11 M0nr0e'5 two-yard line. Missing their chances, the Cadets lost to Monroe and were toppled from the running in the G.I.A.A. "Bubber" C016 took the limelight with his "spot" passing and splendid running. It is interesting to note that this was the lirst game that the Academy team had lost in their stadium in 2 years. Score: A.R.C. 6- Monroe 7. Carlisle came to Augusta on November 23 to get revenge for the lashing the cadets gave them the year before. The Musketeers were too much for the Bamberg eleven. After live cadet plays, blood was drawn. From that time on, the Sullivan eleven dominated the Turkey Day game. Sully loosened up and gave some of the bench boys their chance. A combination of the second and third teams continued the march, crossing pay dirt territory for the second time in the first quarter. and once each in the second and fourth. Score: Richmond 27-Carlisle 0. To end the season an inspired Lanier High team came to Augusta to administer to the cadets a very bitter defeat. The one point margin which defeated the Academy was the only point after touch- down scored by the Lanier team during their season. Score: Richmond 6-Lanier 7. l l . ulllg. Complete "A" Varsity Squad "Bn VARSITY oofiflff S C O R E S CA Moral Victory! XVarrenton 19 Thomson O Graniteville O North Augusta 6 HB" Varsity 0 "B" Varsity 13 "B" Varsity 20 "B" Varsity O lst Row 2nd Row Sikes Inglett, Robt. Cox Algood W'hite VVi1son Gulledge Inglett, Richard Witt Adams Manly Crouch Parker Vllheatley Hudson, M. Barton, Ed Bradford Davidson Miles Deas q 1 Coach Ewing Coach Bolton Julian Gwin. Captain XVhatley Scott, Mgr 3rd Row Sanders Scott Foster Gwin Fouche Mahoney Johnson McCarty lVilson Carter Prescott Strayhorn Carter Lovett :Xvrett Rice Andrews Peters Miller MCCaslin C i .MAQLA ...,,-,..g3-41?-grrrp.--.n4v a 'af -- it Y- ,, , I o ,gg-. BASKETBALL "A" Varsity The Wil?--10 basketball season opened December 14, 1939. against XYarrenton with a victory for the Academy. Iinthusiastic fans saw re- turning tu the court four lettermen: Center, Clinton Strotherg Forwards, Ben Popkin and Frank Inmang and Guard. ,lohn Burroughs. These boys had bowed out ofthe G,I..fX..AX. finals of the previous year only after giv- ing the strong Lanier Poets of Macon a severe test. The big problem for Sullivan and the handicap for the players was the lack of height. Clinton Strother, center, and actually the only tall member of the cadet team, had only Howard XVillis to assist him on the snatch of loose balls oft the back- board. In other qualifications, the boys of this year's team could have held their own on any court. Imnan and Popkin, fO'F 6X?lInple, were unquestionably the best combination of forwards produced at the school in recent years. "Chink" Hardy, small in stature, was "large" in playing ability. This year Sullivan developed the best set of reserves in many years: indeed, the second string was really a substitute string, their combination usually proving as effective as the hrst, The second string was composed of Burroughs, Atkinson, Culpepper, Wil- son, and Plunkett. In G.I.A.A. games played the Academy won three and lost fourg however, they were highly successful in defeating such teams as S. C. Freshmen, Bishop England, and Junior College. 19311-llfl T li.-X BI lkneelingj Frank Imnan Jack Ctilpepper John Burroughs Ben Popkin "Chinlc" Hardy rstandingb .lack Atkinson Clinton Strother Paul Plunkett Carl Xafilson Howard Willis "-- L,-, 11 , 1 'a-Ltx,QL4x., s- craxwar.-f ' e ww of ffm S6!ZFHI!lfK ' . Ben Popkm l "Chink" Hardy Plunkett makes one N lb OPPONENTS A. R. C. OPPONENTS A. R. C. Warrenton 15 414 Benedictine 32 28 Warrenton 15 63 ' Tignall 35 33 "' "' Wrexis 18 42 6 Benedictine 32 31 Carlisle 15 55 Savannah 40 22 Clinton Strother iMonroe 28 23 Tignall 23 45 ' Bishop England 27 41 Ellenton 30 52 Commercial 36 44 Bishop England 23 56 Savannah 34 41 S. C. Freshmen 40 43 Ellenton 21 44 Monroe 41 33 Q Carlisle 26 52 J. C. A. 27 35 A Q Coach Sullivan has made a new kind of basketball history for the A.R.C. His teams have been very ' successful through the years. and the 1939-40 team I A was certainly no exception. The boys really co- operate with Coach "Sully," The team work and fine play of the members of the team reflect the finest type of coaching. Frank Inman Howard Willis K 72.19 1940 mrmaow ii: A ... iw, .An ,W4 . ..1, l.4i Bennie Bolgla and Harcourt Wialler jumping center 1939-40 SCHEDULE OPPONENTS ,l.C.A. Hav-a-Tampa 18 47 Sporters 24 35 Ellenton 19 63 Friedmans 30 19 S. C. Freshmen 21 16 Brewton-Parker 28 31 Hav-a-Tampa 32 30 G. M. C. 5-1 -l-5 Gordon 35 31 Sporters 31 28 Xlfrens 17 -15 Friedmans 23 26 Brewton-Parker -l-1 45 G. M. C. 34 39 Hav-a-Tampa 21 3-l Sporters 30 26 Ga. Freshmen 36 17 Friedinans 30 32 Ellenton 25 2-l Hav-a-Tampa 35 -I4 Newberry 33 50 A. R. C. 35 27 ,-Xrmstrong -ll 24 Totals 731 70-l J.C.A. BOY Much credit for the success of the 19-10 team should be given to Coach Rollins. He took an inexperienced team and developed it into a well-organized and hard-playing aggregation. Although many of the boys had never played basketball before this season, the team excelled in spirit, team work, and sportsmanship. lVhat they lack- ed in experience. they made up by their hard work and diligent practice. The team was built around the three most seasoned players: Popkin. Cave, and Askey. LX new star who became the spark of all plays was .lack Bishop, a forward. Popkin and Cave were excellent as guards, using their talents to the best enfect. Charles Askey and Harcourt- lValler were the pivot men for many well-developed and well-perpe- trated otiensive plays that were found use- ful many times, XVhenever the need for substitution arose, Cooper, Krouse. Bolgla, Parks, and Kimbrell were present to step into the shoes of the regulars. .-Xlthough the team lacked experience and therefore failed to repeat the banner successes of last year, the season was by all means a good one. The team entered with the faster and stronger teams in the City League and Gold Medal Tournament and made a creditable showing in both. Their schedule for the season paired them with some of the strongest college teams in this section. The inspired junior Popkin and Askey guard Cave College boys played their best games against these teams, licking G.1I..-X., always a strong team. to the tune of 39-3-l, and Brewton- Parker by 45--l-l. Good passing and hard play gave our boys a win over Gordon Military College. In the game with Newberry, the I.C.A. quintet got the jump on the South Carolinians and smothered them. The Rollins live dropped from the lead early in the City League, but their fighting spirit and their never-say-die determination kept them in the running until the end. Although not victorious, our boys will be remembered by their op- ponents and by witnesses of the games to-r their splendid team work and sportsmanship. In the Gold Medal Tournament the college lads failed to reach their usual stride and were eliminated early. VVhen I.C.A. ventured to Doug- las for the opening round of the Iunior College tournament, they were handicapped by a long trip and by the fact that their first game was with one of the strong- est of the college teams. This prov- ed too much for them, and they were eliminated in the Hrst round. -, ,. ss., me 1939-40 TEAM Kneeling Bennie Bolgla O'Neal Cave Jimmie Cooper Ho-lstein Parks Charles Kimbrell Standing Roy grouse Charles Askey Harcourt Waller Harry XValler jack Bishop SffZc'd1lf e OPPONENTS VVarrentun 15 XVZil'l'Cl1tOl1 21 VVrens 15 Shmerling 45 Savannah 36 Thomson 14 Ellenton 27 C. Y. O. 10 Dixie Pig 14 Newberry 23 Friedmans 2-l Savannah 33 Charleston 29 5l'll11C1'lll1g 38 lillentrin 17 Newberry 30 C. Y. O. 14 Dixie Pig 17 Charleston 22 Teachers 16 Shmerling 34 Cifflf BA KETBALL The Vlnniiir Cnllege Girls' Basketball Team of this year has retained the imputation for success and per- fifrmance that has been nwaintainecl thrnughout the years. As a defensive team. they have slimvii unusual abilityg their Uppmiviits have liacl to work extremely hard for everv lmint scored. .Xs an offensive team, their outstand- ing virtue has been in tlzeir clever handling of the ball. The spark plug for the 1940 team was the tricky and s z ' q ' N int fulcher, who averaged better than txventyflive pfrints per game. Her sense of timing and slmrtslnzlnlike team play were a :Source of Wunder to her fans and aclmirers. A QQ GA:-f C A 1 A5 it JCAUVJCAJ JCA NJCA it PJ I ' Jen C 1 Q39-40 TEAM Kneeling Standing Y ir mia Xvhltt Dorothy Fulcher Mabel Murray Dorothy Timm Marx Emma Pierce Mildred Milligan Hazel Allen Doris Robins Dorothy Marsh Frances Dunbar Betty Marriott Virginia Carpenter Mary Stulb Doris Kessler Bonnie Newberry Clair Marriott The girls of the 1940 basketball team are gratefully appreciative for the loyal and syrnpathic help and instruction of Coach Charlie Royson. His teams, all through the years, have been wonder- fully successful. His reputation as a referee is just as fine as that of his coaching. Among many other tourna- ments this year, he was selected to referee the G.I.A.A. C728 mo mnnmw lqI16L'll11g"'RUl1611 l'arrisl1. l'M-xyziynic Gurcii, Hell Xycwck. llilly Fleming. Rwlwrt Ivey. and liilly Liliaiiillsr. Staiitliiig'--Coacli Rollins, Slowly lYilso11, Carl Samlt-rs, Adam An- drews. .Xrtliur Gibson, and .Xllmert .-Xtkiuson. ARC 4' " BA KETB LL l Xarsity .Xllwert iXtkinsmi receives iiistructitm frmii his Yarsity lirfvtlier 1939-40 SCHEDULE .-X.R.C. Freshmen Y Intermediates .X. Z. .X. '1'lumisf 111 Y Juniors Aiken Graniteyille Y Ramlmlers 'l'lwuisou .X,R.C. Fresliuien .Xilit-11 .Y Z. .Y tlranitcyille Y Intermediates Y juniors Y Ramblers 11 24 21 76 16 23 13 19 22 11 29 17 24 38 12 13 Varsity Varsity Varsity Y arsity Varsity Y' arsity Varsity Yarsity Yarsity Varsity V X arsity Varsity Varsity Yarsity Varsity arsity Front Row, Left to Right-Maxine Farr, Monroe Bowyer, Georgia Paquette. Back Row, Left to Right-Tom Gxvin, Ernest Wiggins, julian Baldowski. Leading the students in cheers at the football games this year are these students. Their lead- ership does much toward build- ing up school spirit and in cheering our football team on to victory. Mascot for the cheer leaders is Monroe Bowyer, who really does his part in leading cheers. Ernest XViggins is head cheer leader and he has helped compose many pep songs and cheers. ,. Tse "' L., A - p N - Coach Langfston Bolton L, C Head Track Coach since l93O ' H X i . ' ...Y xg' xAi"' ' "'A in P l ...W i BUF' 1- l . -. H1--- M. , ., :agQ"L3.i.i:' .. . if-Fifi'-" , Q, N v SN K .S Nb' C. " V ., Q Wi W N, 5 A 'a ity -,g,',4,5,.,Q A 3 M :Qi . . 'l an - 1-wWM. 1 " if-v. R 19-PO TR .Xl'l'lllQ'tHl1, H. .Xtkinson, .X. Atkinson, ml. Avery, E. Barnes, A. Barnes, G. Bateman, H. Brittingham, T. B urroughs, I. Camp, H. Carter, I. Caver. H. Chance, I. Chaney, Ralph Chaney, Rudolph Collier. ll. Cooper, B. Cumming, I. Graves, D. Huininel, RI. .X CK TE.-XM llllttu, lnman, F. Jennings, D. Krewson, L. Lang, Lewis, G. Marriott, T. Marsh, E. Norvell, B. Popkin, B. Powell, L. Reiser, VV. Sanders, J. Sexton, C. Smith, C. Thompson. P. Tooiney, .-X. Young, B. Stelling, K., Manager Cranston. C., Asst. Mgr . xv .-V 'L X 5 A l .fy,,,,g'q+5L 59.4 ,gm X l I -if P- ,SW ' le- X HX 7' SCHEDULE FOR 19-10 1. March 29 .. April 5 . April 13 ,,,, . April 19 ,.,,,, April 26 77,, . May 3 .. May 11 . ,,,,,, 1VrenS ...............Columbia .......P. C. Freshmen Lanier High ......Boys High School .................Sax'annah High ..........G,I.A.A. Tournament ACADEMY RECORDS SET IN 1939 Shot Put Discus -Tavelin Broad .lump A. R. C. 71 A. R. C. 62 Duke Relays -16 ft. 5 in. Hal Prouty 129 ft. 10M in. Hal Prouty 159 ft. 11 in. Gene Avery 22 ft. -l in. Harry Parrish SCORES 1939 Columbia High 51 Savannah High 60 7th Place out of 2-l Teams A. R. C. 63 VVrens 27 A. R. C. 37 Lanier High 89 A. R. C. 58M Boys High 632 ! 4 c -9. l. 'fi i s if Pl"'1 .. - -xq - ri H P 'I V Y N 5 '. u. . . 1, ' -A - lx. .L ' F ' "' l i -, ... I """E""- ' -4' ' "'- "-a-sq'-iilgr ' 015 V I, - - 1, 1 .1 - . - . x -vi AQ' -... I v Q r an 9" f ig,-,""'Q gag. ma-LR. RETURNING LETTER MEN Gene Avery .... Javelin. Discus, Shot Hank Carer ................ Vault, Dashes Archie Atkinson .... .ara B Tile, Half-Mile Bill Barnes ................ Mile, Half-Mile Heyward Bateman ........... ...... D ashes Edwin Marsh ................ Broad Jump 1940 Track Manager Kessel Stelling CT77! fx. l, -. A 5 T "E 'fl if'N "T" 1940 TERM 'lzrckie XYaller -loc Mulherin .loey Fuller llzrrcourt XYaller l'z1t Calhoun vc Blulherin "blasting out March 30 April 11, 12, 13 .Xpril 20 .Xpril 27 May 4 May ll Informal Pictures at The .Xugusta Country Club 1940 SCHEDULE South Carolina G.I.A.A. South Carolina Georgia Freshmen Citadel Georgia Freshmen Columbia Athens Augusta Athens Augusta Augusta LOXV SCORES OF TEAM MEMBERS O6 at 70 at 71 at 77 at 78 at Augusta Country Club ,7....,l .,7,.e,, I oe Mulherin Augusta Co untry Club .7,7,.,v,....,.ee, Jackie Waller Augusta Country Club e,e..,.,,,,. Augusta Country Club ,,e,,,e C Athens Country Club ,,., oHarcourt Waller uE,un'Ioey Fuller o,o Pat Calhoun 1940 TE.-XM George Suhr Lloyd Stanford Tommy Houck Francis Jenny Bob Swan C. K. Lawrence Gene Gilbert Alfred Battey Johnny Kearns Louis Battey Lloxd Stanford in action at Augusta Country Club T .C. .TEH 5 ,,....,,, ., 5 fi jf 55 If INDIVIDUAL TOURNAMENT VVINNERS Augusta Trade District, Boys' Singles 1939 ,,a.......,,,, Francis Jenny Augusta Trade District, Boys' Singles 1937 .i,.,,,e....,. Johnny Kearns Augusta City Tournament, Boys' Singles 1937 ,....... Augusta City Tournament, Boys' Doubles 1937 ..,,, johnny Kearns johnny Kearns Academy of Richmond County Singles 1936 eI......... Johnny Kearns Augusta City Tournament, Boys' Doubles 1937. ,...,.,a. Gene Gilbert SCORES XVofford College 3 -I.C.A. 1 XYofford College 2 I.C.A. 2 Emory at Uxford 3 .I.C.A. l Wir 1Q4o Pmunef: lil-lt? 'l'lf.XM Stex e M ulherin, Captain fiummy I larison 'aul Hammock Xshliy Taylor 'hil Harison leo, XV. Ewing. Coach 119 Scene at Augusta Country Club Golf is one of the more successful minor sports in the .Xcaclt-my. I-Zolsterecl from way back by such families as the llummels, the Zimmermans, the Mullierins, the Ogilvies, the XYallers, and the llarisons, the .-X.R.C. golf teams have been successful in their quest for victories every year. This year, with ,Xshhy Taylor, Steve Mulherin, Gummy and Phil Hari- son. and l'aul Hammock all contributing to' make one of the finest golf teams ever produced at the Academy, We hope to have the most successful season yet. VVith these boys under the capable leadership of Coach George Ewing, we need have no fears over the 1940 Academy golf team. I 19 l 73 7 S SO 8.2 LQW' SCORES OF TEAM MEMBERS at Augusta Country at Augusta Country at Augusta Country at Augusta Country at Augusta Country Club Club Club Club Club .t.r Steve Mulherin on the 18th Green of the Augusta Country Club W......Ashby Taylor Gummy Harisou 7 Steve Mulherin s.,..W.Pl1il Harison .Paul Hammock 1940 TEAM Jimmy Glickert Walton Hamilton Jack Bush Louis Browne jimmy Chance James McNair A. R. C. TENN Q Tennis has proved to be one of the most popular of the minor sports at the Academy, and its popularity has increased with each passing year. . ,,, . 1 ames McNair in action on the A. R. C. courts. nw Hifi' We mo FzAE!'mEfCw F zz - .all 1 FACTS ABDUT 0UR to ff1f1'1'1f111 The Stadium of the Academy of Richmond County was erected by the Athletic Committee during the summer of 1930. It cost approximately 321,000.00 and was built with money saved by the Athletic Committee and the Student Activities Committee over a period of some fifteen or more years. The Sta- dium seats over 3,000 people and provides adequate dressing and training rooms for the athletic teams. On October ll, 1930, the dedication ceremonies were held in the Stadium, our team playing their traditional rival, Riverside Military Academy. The 'ledication exercises presented a colorful spectacle. The Riverside student body and band, as well as Richmond's student body and band, participated in the ceremonies. Mr. M. T. Bryson, the chairman of the Athletic Committee, formally presented the Stadium to the Board of Education through the Boards president, Dr. George Woodbury. As a climax to the ceremonies, Richmond defeated their rivals by a score of 12 to 0. Tatum Gressett was head coach at that time. During the years follo-wing the building of the stadium. it became increasingly evident that we needed to have our Stadium lighted for night games. In 1936, through the assistance of the City Council of Augusta, adequate lights, were installed. thus greatly increasing the usefulness of the Plant. Hur Stadium is used by many and varied groups. The A.R.C. football teams. of course, play and practise there. The Roy Scouts hold their Annual Circus in the Stadium. The past three years have seen the Reserve Corps of the Marines use the held one night each week for drill. Qui' own Military Depart- ment holds the annual Prize Drill and the exercises for presentation of honors and awards in the Stadium. presenting a colorful and romantic climax to the year's activities. f fur Stadium is an important asset to our school and to the City of Augusta. The Board of Educa- tion, the .Xthletic Association, the students of the .Xcademy and junior College. and the citizens of Augusta have made possible this valuable addition to 11111' sehoolg we are indebted to all who have participated in giving us the Stadium. f-' , ACTIVE LIFE 0N 0UR WVhen the Richmond Academy building was erected in lA925. the Building Committee uf the Board of Education. recognizing the need of an adequate gymnasium. had the architects include the present gymnasium and dressing and sliowei' rooms in their plans, From thc be- ginning the gym has proved itself an important part of our school. and has become increas- ingly important in the life and activities of the school. There is scarcely any time during the year when the gym is not in use. During the entire school session some form of athletic activity is taking place. from drill for the football team on rainy days in the fall of the year to the climax of basketball games of the .-Xcademy. junior College, and Grammar SCl'100'l League in the spring of the year. The gym has been used for I'6gUlE11' gym CIHSSCS, 21lfl1OUg'l1 at 1D1'6SC11'C, lJ6C21use of nuances, this part of our school curricu- lum is temporarily suspended. In particular. the gym is adapted to basketballg it has one of the finest basketball courts of any gym in the State, and has been the arena of many hard fought and important games with Richmond'S G.I..-X.--X. rivals. The gym is unusually well adapted for dances. It has been the scene of many colorful and picturesque Student Council dances. The climax of the social season of the school. and the last ofthe dances held here is the Annual Commencement Hop. Many a sweet conquest has been made at the school dances, and perhaps it is as the scene of such activities as these that the girls, and boys too, will best remember in the years to come our Gymnasium. anna : -..,, 4,-xii,--5-hi A Y THE 7 ?1f1'f'1jJ CLUB lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row Xlnry Stulb l'zu'I I,3w1'uuce fwwrgu lislrucb ,Inc Rlulhurin '1Q'Hl'Qi2l Vaqucttc -lwlm Ighzrnmglms Mummy lluriwu ,lucy Fuller xI1lXi!lU Farr -liwmy Xuwcll ,Xruhic .Xtkinsm1 Lwllix Rww Unit Timm Hurry T'-flwlqiu H-yyxx'-'ml Ufllkilllll Hulylwr Cuh- H.4zul .Xllcn IQTIIVNI Vfigqilms lhlwrm- Stlylliumg Hzml-, Cfrucm' Yxrgiuizl lfarpunter ,Iulim Ilaflfl' vwki 'IM111 1i',vi11 l'ill'l Snmlurx Hfuwfrllft XY4ulh-r K4-lwrl XYiIki11w11 Huy lx! gi,-mx ,lillllllfc l,.1ux11E'!' l5iIK'i4l SIUVQHS I,uWL'lN Ifrzvulv Inmzm lllllflkw liimlnwll Ihflmlmy Baku' Luke Ruilmton H'XL-:xl Lfxux- .Tuck Hain, l'V1.u'1f-x .Mlm-3' ,I-nu-5 lfpps Iifl lkrymwt Sth Row 6th Row I-14-lu-rt U'l'w1111m' Ifilmrt l'H1m-1'.:1xm- 'Hmm' iiilfuvt Fin-11 TVN-pkin XY:eyl:-g llwmw '14-fry Nlzu'-ix 1 WH XI:mlv!m ,l,u'k.XtkinNm1 IQU-.ww lwxuwy Rlikv Hmmm-I lzwlm- XX"1l1vr fQ'w14g1,- Slulh luliqm XYilImglx:1111 Ralph CQIIIIIMJX Hill 'xN111m lkiiut H Strwtlwr I14'I'I1ILT'll KIIIVIXHIH Ha-llv .Xxwry I'lUl1S1z11'k I.luyrl Sl11I1IHu'4l I 111111-ml N v -Im' Xlurrny 'wil Lum- X X1 L Xzm' ! iii? endures -,D ,f Qi K' ,Q 5455 1. JAMES HILL Senior Valedictol fan W CARL SIMON Sophomore Valedictorian Wh HENRY CAVER Best All-round Senior Q7 9 I BUBBER COLE Most Popular Senior "'l'.."" R EUGENE AVERY Best Senior Athlete 7 is ,X X 'G WALTER REISER Best All-round Freshman WL",,'V ' 2 1-unc . A Q .- .g.-I ' r ,Q-!,,.,,' I . DOROTHY DOUGLAS Most Popular Freshman Girl QQOAAD JIMMY NOWELL Most Popular Freshman Boy 1 MARGARET SHEFTALL Best All-round Sophomore Girl L S 392' A L' ,V V oooV . -S JACK HAINS Best All-round Sophomore Boy Contestants in 1940 Fashion Show C. A. Sophomores J. C. A. Freshmen Tubman Seniors Maxine Farr Betty .-Xnclrews Georgia Paquette Teeny Tucker Margaret Slieftall Dot Douglas Mary Emma Pierce Lucille Blackwell Mary Anne Toole Kathryn Arrington .1 ,ffl l 5 E, E u i X Alice Grady Corinne Elliott Neville Cumming Frances Capers Gloria XYright l I f ,.v, K MISS MAXINE FARR Fashionable Sophomore f' H' ,ff 1' 1 X W, ff Jf' . Z7 , , ff' Z rt. ,ff Beauties MISS TEENY TUCKER S tag, MISS MARGARET SHEFT ALL iw 4-'fo-N, 5 MISS BETTY ANDREWS Most Beautiful Sophomore Beauties MISS MARY ANNE TOOLE X .N-Hurry 'M-...NWNNM1 gwww S 92-., s ,X f MISS LUCILLE BLACKWELL MISS DOROTHY DOUGLAS Most Beautiful Freshman Most Fashionable Freshman Beauties MISS FRANCES CAPERS MISS NEVILLE CUMMING Elizabeth Bryans and Donald Bailie are two of the most popular dancers in Augusta. This picture was taken at the Tlianksgiving Dance for bene- fit of the 1940 'KRainlJoW.,' ...-ll x X 5 , L 'G KI:11'gA:11'ct Sheftull Girl Sinifin ifwlitm'-iii-l liirf lin invw Xlanzigut Ilulwcrt King' -lzinix llnnlun' XY:1lte1' Reisei' X L iifiiilll'-ill-l Inef I.iti-rary Ifflitnr .Xww I.iur.iry Ifrlitnr I lizzilictli Ifliyziiis Sum blanc Lilmpinzni Maxine Farr itcrziry Eflit-fr ,-Xrt Erlitm' Activities Edimr The 194 blimvn vented, selecting the Cover for tlic 19-10 "Rainhow". iLeft to rightb. Ifisli XYiggins RIILl'Q'Z11'Ct Slieftall Carl Simon Hubert King 'YN B'- 7'W Alfred Battey Military Editor Agnes Reese Picture Editor Robert Barbin Staff Photographer li. 'Wx y - 1-g Lloyd Stanford Mary Elizabeth Paulk Advertising Manager Subscription Xianager Georgia Paquette Ernest VV1ggins Business Stal? Asst. Business Manager jimmy Nowell Sports Editor Tom Gwin Picture Editor Mac Rhodes Snapshots Editor Frankie Morgan Mr. E. M. Allen Business Staff Faculty Adviser 4-X -'Si .,,.,...,.w,:.,.,.- ., NEW MEMBERS pf Hank Caver Frank Inman Bernard Mitchum Louis Ross Z A as Q GOLD CLUB The Gold "R" Society, founded in 1931, is recog- nized as the outstanding honor organization of the Academy. Its purpose is to stimulate the interest of students in all branches of student activity. Points counting' toward the forty required for election to membership may be obtained in scholarship, ath- letics. R.O.T.C.. and general student activities, in- cluding work on publications, declamation, and debate teams, glee club, and orchestra. and special contests that reflect credit on the school. Points in leadership are awarded to class officers, members of the student council, and captains of teams. Stud- ents are not awarded a Gold "RH unless they live up to the highest standards of character and maintain a satisfactory scholastic record. Ol.l'J MEMBERS iw G. Holstein Parks Carl I. Simon Lloyd X.. Stanford XYalter .-X. Reiser jones lipps ,Iimmy Nowell Harcourt VValler Jack Hains '7 F 71211 1940 nmnisow 4 THE Sffllllfllf CO UN CIL I.C..X. Si1pli-mio1'es-.Xlf1'ed Battey, Jack Haius, Betty .Xndrews DLC..-X. Freshmen-XValter Reiser. Louis Battey, Pat Calhoun. A.R.C. Seniors-Henry Carer, Bernard Mitch- um, Louis Ross. .eX.R.C. Juniors-joe Murray, Edward Barton, Ashby Taylor tnot picturedl. A. .R. C. Sophoniores-3 Shealy Reiser, Billy Chandler, Paul Thompson. A. R. C. Freshmen Knot picturedj-NVilliam Reiser, Clarence Mobley, Howard VVillis. President of Student Council-,lack Hains. S Ml 1 r C- ' 1 Q I .ix i.. ,J rl e' Q? 5 4' F S 1 ra. , , QLJ: .Lai 'A ' X if-. sa-N. H, ,,. "KM 2 ' , "S L- ' , -x. V , f 1 . Y- f rl., :Isa Z Q 1 i ' S 4 '-'V i . ' EW?-Zigi' , "5 . L " 33. 1 at Q' fil l ? L X w,t'.i2f'?:ig-- 5 h ' 2 '. 7 1. gs i t le v .. nk.. : N 'Q 5 21, CL' i' '-H" fp g The Student Council is composed of eighteen members: the class president and two representatives from each of the six classes. The council sponsors all the school dances. The members of the Student Council cooperated with the Annual Staff in raising the required number of subscriptions for the 1940 "Rainbow", and they had a large part in the success of this yearbook. i t Q if if WJ V VY . .,.,, ,,.. . Betty Andrews A' Helen Battle G W. T. Brown s Margaret Coclin A Y' Y. Alanis Dunbar lg a Q x Constance Elliott 6-3 as Francis Jenny . L - uv '-A Margaret Matthews y 'AT' If we Mulherin Y Mose Murphey Mary Elizabeth Paulk X Maragaret Sheftall 'N . QF Larl Snnon Miriam Talbert PHI TH ET PP I'hi Theta Kappa is a non-secret honorary organization. A student must have a general average for the first three semesters in all work scheduled of 9092 or above. The object of this fraternity is to prom-ite scholarship. tu develop character, and to cultivate fellowship among the students of both sexes of the 'lunior Colleges of the United States. The l'hi Theta Kappa Key is a symbol for the high idealism uf the members of this select group. This key is a golden slab keyed at the top and bottom, The gold held reters to the golden opportunities abonnding on every hand. Across the slab is a black hand which stands for the three ideals that band us together and for self-control which is the foundation of XYisdom. fxspiration, and Purity. Shining tlirough this black background are the three Greek words meaning XYisdom. Aspiration, and Purity. Hn one side is a wreath of oak leaves, standing' for stability and strengtli characterized by the oak. The other side if the wreath has the leaves of the laurel sigwiifying' achievement and successg all of these attributes 'ire necessary for membership in this fraternity. Above the band is the head of Minerva, the goddess uf Learning. Honorary Members Ji.-'il' OFFICERS E' M. Allen 1,54 in President . . . Carl Simon 1 Yice-President . . Joe Mulherin C- G- Cofdle 'gif t secretary . . . . Mary E.Pau1k Council Member . . . Janis Dunbar Qfmt 1555 Honorary Member . Mr. J. T. Hains N. L. Galloway f ...H . H. O. Read Sfldlllisf CLUB CDHicers Pre ident . . A Constance S. Elliott X ite President . . . Teeny Tucker Secietary . . Elle Carswell Tre'i urer . Betty Andrews The Spanish Club was organized at the beginning of the school year. The purpose was to create better feeling among the Junior College students taking Spanish, and to increase these students' Spanish-speaking ability. Meetings are held bi-monthly at the homes of the various members. and a period of recreation is held after each meeting. The small dues paid each week are held in reserve for at least two social functions which take place annually. The club belongs to the International Student Society, a national organization, from which it received a charter and pins. TT' S E", At the end of the first semes- ter, all high school boys making an honor grade were permitted to join the Spanish Club. ROSTER lst Row-Dot Marsh, Myra Scott, Hazel McDonald, Marjorie Hurlbutt. Znd Row-Blillwee Owens, Elizabeth Graham, Mimi Torpin. M. K. Steinberg. 3rd Row-Albert McGuire, Mac Rhodes, Prof. John Debfoia. PRE-L W .7116 President . . . . l-aw1'ence l-luckley Yice-Presirlent - . . Irvin Daitch 0- Secretary . . . Cooper XVarr 'lil'L'Zl5l11'CX' . . .lohn Bracey , 1940 iminiaow 'K qi... Battey, A. Goldberg, S. Chase, H. Haynie, M. Hull, Smith, YV. H. Houck, T. Cordle, C. G. Read, H. O. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President . . . . . lim Hull Vice-President . . Tommy Houck Secretary . . . . Bill Smith Treasurer . . C. K. Lawrence The Pre-Law Club is one of the oldest clubs in the school. It was organized for the purpose of acquainting interested buys with the profession of law. The club meets every Wled- nesday night at 7:30 P. M. at the Y.H.C.A. During the past year. the club has sponsored numerous social and educational events, among them being "steak fries". trials. banquets. and many interesting lectures from prominent local attorneys. As a result of the work uf this club. many of the past members have been helped to become well-known lawyers. Scene from 1939 production The Glee Club Catherine Gehrken Anne Hammett XYalter Reiser Virginia Carpenter Constance Elliott Evelyn Bates Annette Bates Helen Battle john Ball Burroughs Mary Anne Toole Dorothy Roesel Helen Sutton Margaret Sheftall Osborne Stelling Robert Jeffcfiat Leonard Powell Julian XYillingham Paul Chance Carl Lawrence Jim Hull XYarren Hamilton Billy Cooper XY. T. Brown John Roesel ,lay Dunaway Elle Carswell Maxine Farr Leon Rountree Audrey Brunkhurst Jimmy Nowell Thomas Houck E. XY. XYiggins 1940 was a big year for Mr. Galloway's Glee Club mem- bers. First, they produced a Gypsy operetta "Choquita", which was a real success. Then, the boys and girls had so much fun together and cooperated so well with their vocal talents, that Mr. Galloway decided to take them on several out-of-town trips. NVith this promise as an incentive, the membership of the club increased. And with Mr. Anderson as pianist, and Mr. H. O. Read. as adviser, the club reached a new high in A ulam Session" with Maestro Skill and fCC1'93'fi0U- ' Galloway conducting. by PRE- EDICAL FRATER ITY K' lr e Blulherin Alfred Hattey James Klclilmurray ,lack Hagler Flhott Pomerance Nathan Gillman Max Steinberg ,li-nes Epps louis Battey H. U. Read il. Rl. Ellis C. A. Scruggs Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser OFFICERS President . Lloyd Stanford Yief:-l'i'i-sicleiit . . . Tom Deas Seer:t:1ryfl're:1s, . liclwarcl Teu lQ4O RAINBOW The R ho Chi is an organization made up entirely of pre-medical students. The object of this organ-ization is to bring together the pre-medical students and to create interest in the pre-medical work in junior College. The Rho Chi holfls its meeting every other Tuesday night at the Y.M.CA. During the year many pr-iniinent medical men talked at the meetings. Yarious medical subjects were discussed. Also of great interest were the movies uf surgical operations that were shown a number of times this year, Several trips were taken to the ln rspital where lectures on pharmacy were given and exhibitions of surgery were shown. Soeials were also given tlii-oiigliririt the year. These included steal-1 fries. parties. and banquets, which were attended and enjoyed by all. yn- Er' V. . THE rZ'f,SikI7fI7IQf' Campus Newspaper "The Musketeei '." official newspaper of the .eX.R.C.-'l.C..fX. student body. was published four times a semester by the staff under the direction of Mr. XY. P. NVatkins. The members of the editorial staff were handicapped by lack of experience, but they stuck to their guns and turned out a wonder- ful job. l 1 THE MUSKETEER xllhmuotions. Schdlarsliips l-'ashion Show and Valedictorians and ' Tl1llSfCIS.ElC.hl8dE To 1940 Graduates Beautyfonlestfhld Ilonorssxnnounced i ...r a.. in.. ,-1 -rf. . .W-. .,. ..-...f- ff V V- .g.,,...,. .. , MiE"Q..11 , ,. ..,,.t. Cadets to Parade: f Inspeclnrfoming A , ., .. ...QQIQI I L-.1,, ,Mt ite, V . -f 1- i t..x.-s-c......l.,.,....,.,,gUj, 1 -.:..,.-r..l.-.Q .. - 1 ' t" my W. , .... V . . , - ef-Y .- , . 1 r-1 s-a..A.-es-i ., .. :Y-5--H-2-me ,ps q:.:1g':: I . samiubmvrun ' , umm Lrunluuqdvftuvvv 'i"."tA 'Li' . Q-was .4 vi , ux PV. 1 "N"4s .n. uh n ,es . n ' ' K -1--' 5-.. ms. fl.. J.1.t,...1, ..s.w.- ' of Actmty. Books .........:.,...,.,.,,..N. -au. ,.. - - -M-3-s.-.i,....,.,.ss..,,.cl.s.. .. ,. . . Y.,. --.,... g,,, .,u. ......,...4.-....-i-. -,W Ist Row-XVard, C.g King, Hg Bowyer, 2nd 5rd 4th - "The Musketeeru of February 13 M4 Inman, F.g Evans, E, Row-Blanos, M.g Reiser, 5.3 Gav- alas, N. 3 Agostas, M. g Agostas, VV.g Marriott, T.g Popkin, B. Row--Byington, B.g Salley, F4 Paquette, G.g Toole, M.g Black- well, L.g Mullin, M.g Nowell, 1.3 Reese. A.g Goldman, E. Row-Stelling, K.g Phinizy, C.g Gwin, T.g Goldberg, O.g Johnson, l.,.g Reiser, W.g Popkin, H., Bur- roughs, I. Here are the editors discussing the make-up of the school paper. Left right, they are Lane Jackson, Ufalter Reiser, and Harry Popkin. . The purpose of "The Musketeeru is to give the students a picture of the important happenings around the campus and to promote the interests of the school in any way possible. Each member of the start is assigned to several different clubs, and it is his duty to report all the important happenings for the paper. News outside of the clubs is gathered by special reporters. There are also several column- ists, who write the featured columns such as "XVhispers", "Gems From Other Mines", etc. tx: it at THE 1.0-A. YAY. C. . Oijlicers President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Vice-President . fLeft to . Elle Carswell Martha Stelling . Dot Douglas . Margaret Sheftall Righty K tl-ff! S lt.-l lf, 17 V2 'till VHCPVV :A-fi A Hazel Allen Helen Battle Joanne Bailey Katherine Best Audrey Brunkhurst Virginia Carpenter Evelyn Chandler Sara -lane Chapman Margaret Coclin Ottie DeMore Frances Dunbar Mary Dunbar Constance Elliott Maxine Farr Kate Gercke Anne Hammett Mary Hallinan Helen Hull Doris Kessler Helen King Dorothy Marsh Nita May Lillian Melvin Frankie Morgan Mabel Murray Mildred Milligan Mary Claire Nevin Constance Olive Georgia Paquette Frances M, Patterson Elizabeth Peebles Mary Emma Pierce Agnes Reese Doris Robins Dorothy Roesel Dorothy Ann Starr Mary Stafford Marguerite Synims Miriam Talbert Dorothy Timm Mary Anne Toole Laura Trowbridge Helen XYalker Anne lYilsun Doris XYoocl Alfred Battey President Tom Gwin Vice-President O'Neal Cave Secretary Bill Byington Treasurer J. M. Ellis Faculty Adviser J. C. l Louis Battey Jack Hains 'XN'alter Reiser Billy Cooper Bill Balk Luke Rushton Tom XVong Bobby Baker Holstein Parker Charles Kimbrell Mac Rhodes Kenneth Gurley SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS O'Neal Cave . . . President Bill Byington . . Vice-President Walter Reiser . . Secretary joey Fuller . . . Treasurer The J.C.A. Hi-Y, one of the most outstanding organizations among the members of the student body, is composed of the most prominent boys in C. A. Before a boy can be elected into the club, he must be unanimously approved by all the members. 'T The purpose of the Hi-Y is to instill in the youth of today the principles of Christian character. Each year the .T.C.A. Hi-Y conducts a Bible study course which is prepared by the State Hi-Y headquarters. The j.C.A. group is affiliated with the state and national Hi-Y organiza- tions, and I.C.A. representatives attend all the statewide conferences and conventions. A secondary purpose of the club is to provide entertainment for the members, and this purpose was indeed realized this year. The out- standing social events were the semi-monthly joint banquets with the girls' Y.W.C.A. Club. These banquets were an innovation this year, and their success insures their continuance. In every way. the I.C.A. Hi-Y had a very successful year, and the retiring members look forward to an even better year in 1941. A. HI-Y xii 19 1 .if ACADE ' llie .Xezi-l'.'iiix lli-Y has as its purpose: To ereate. maintain. and extend throughout the Nellcnml and connnunity. high standards of rhristian CllSll'ZlClL'l'U. 'lihe club is made up uf twenty-live boys selected from the three upper classes of the liielnnond .Xc:nltni5'. These boys are selected on the basis of their character, scholarship, and l'Xll'Il'Clll'l'lt'!llIl activities. l Meetings of the club are held every Monday l Hlxllt flf Tlll' X -M-9-Pls llliflw' the Sllllewlslon Uf Louis Rroxvne Frank Inman laines Hill Roscoe Lower Rliljlbl' XY. .X lfllllvtt, filtllltj' Zlrlviief. President Secretary i Chaplain Yiqg-PrQ5iLh-nt 1 Prfieers .if the club are elected semi-annually at the first meeting of each semester. Officers for the first semester of the 1959-40 school year were: Frank Inman, President: Haywood Bateman, Vice-Presidentg l.ouis llroxvne. Seeretarvg john Burroughs. TI'61lSurer3 Gene .'Xverv, Chaplain. and Louis Ross. Sergeant-at-Arms, The otiticers for the second semester were: Louis Browne, l,l'QSiClCl1tQ Roscoe Lowery, Vice-President: Frank In- man, Seeretaryg Hubert King, Treasurerg James Hill. Chaplain. and Gene Avery. Sergeant-at-Arms. ,X few of the important speakers to address the Club recently have been Dr. Leonard Knowles. Dean A. P. Klarkert. and XYild Life Ranger lid Friend. .Xniong the more important jrojects of the Club have been Cliristmas and Thanksgiving oiterings for distribur- tion to the needy. The present club hopes that the high ideals of the Hi-Y may be maintained in the Academy during the ensuing years. lst Rowe-Phil Scroggs, Haywood liateman, Hubert King, Jack Bush. Raymond Hargrove. Ind Row-Tlieo Thevaos, ,Terry Marsh, l.ouis Browne. Jack Capers. - Srd Row-Frank Inman. John liurroughs, Sanimy Heaton, Carl Sanders. and 'lames Hill. Not in Picture-l.ouis Ross. Gene .Xvery llernard Collier. 'lack Croft, Toni Hutto. Clarence Sikes. "Duke" Newton. Man- uel lllanos. .Xrthur Mosely, Shealv Reiser, -lack Black. Roscoe Lowery. RICHMO D The purpose of the Richmond I-Ii-Y is to create. maintain. and extend throughout the school and community. high standards of Christian character. There is a total of thirty members in the club. The boys in the club are se- lected from the three upper classes of the Richmond Academy. They are se- lected on the basis of their character. and extra-curricula activities. The meetings are held every Tuesday night at 7:30. The faculty advisers are Mr. G. L. Bolton. Mr. A. li, Anderson. and Mr. F. M. Harriss. These line ad- visers are assisted by Mr. Parker. who is the Boys Secretary of the Y.M.C.A. The officers are elected at the begin- ning of the semester. For the tirst sem- ester they xvere: Rudolph Chaney, pres- dentg Ralph Chaney. vice-presidentg Robert O'Connor. secretaryg "Digger" Jordan, treasurerg Bob Sherman, chap- laing and Dugie Jennings, sergeant-at- arms. The officers for the second semes- ter are: XYayland Cato. presidentg Bob Sherman, vice-president 3 Allston Bailie. secretaryg -limmie Morehouse. treasur- erg Guy Lewis, chaplaing and Ralph Chaney. sergeant-at-arms. Among the most important projects of tlze club have been the giving of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the needy-and the presentation of the National Hi-Y picture to the school library. During the second semester, the club selected gt fine program committee. This committee came forxvard with a program on vocations and hobbies. Interesting program: hlled the whole semester with entertainment and edu- cation. Mr. F. M. Harriss Mr. A. li. Anderson Phinizy. C. .Y Barrett. A. Lewis. G. Morehouse. bl. Barton. Bill Barton. Ed Murray, J. Cato. XVayland liailie. Allston Jennings, D. Graves. D. Aycock, M. Ross. Cato. Edgar Hfsgler. G. Dolan, B. Gibson. A. Thompson, P. Rudolph Chaney Ralph Chaney Robert O'Connor Digger -lordan President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR COLLEGE SGCIETY 'lst Row 'l'imle. Mary .Xnne Douglas, Dorothy Bates, Annette Salley. Fritz Syninis, Marguerite lflull, Helen Reese, .Xgnes Hates, Evelyn llainnieit, .Xnne Chapman, Sara lnrl Row King. llclen Reiser. XYalter Stullv, Mary Rnesel. 'lolin Brown, XY. T. Slieftall, Margaret lincll. llernard liailcy, hlifanne Carpenter. Virginia Srfl Row jackson. Lloyd Bruckner. Albert Sutton, Helen Haynie, Mack Coclin. Margaret Battle. Helen Turpin. Mimi Allen. Hazel Curley, Kenneth A -ltli Row Byington, Bill XYaller. Harcourt Nowell, hlilnmy Boiter. Albert Moore. Mr. B. XYliitaker. Miriam Scott. Myra Wilson, Anne DeMore, Qttie OHicers l're4iclent . . . . Fritz balley Vice-President . . . Helen Sutton Sec'y-Treas. . . Margueiite Ssmms Prograin Chairman . . Helen Hull Pumicitx, . . l .-Xnne Hammett ' l Agnes Reese Freshman Literary Society Presiclent . . XvlCC'-PI'C5lfQllg'llt . , . . Carter Robinson Secretzmrv and 'l'reusurer . . Forrest Patterson ,liulius Rucker lst Row Julius Rucker J. G. Clark Allen Maxwell Julian Fiske Clifford Christian Calvin Benson 'T-5S !hTiiLif f3 ""' Members of IQ4.0 Society 2nd ROW VVilliam Rowe Albert Bailey Harris Clay Henry Bailey james Rhodes Forrest Patterson Faculty Supervisor Mr. Frank Harriss Meetings every Friday at the end of the Fifth period. 3rd Row Charles Pennington Stephen Sands Carter Robinson Elwood Miller Lawrence Morris Marion Blackwell Yfr:s::f'.TJr7::T.ifr:-:.g--:.-r1-.n:-f-w-- :gr L :L .1 get Phil: has pziwucl zu cmiixc in l,ifc Szlving llll Iusptllll lXY11llUll1'Slll thc watu1'rlz1ilx', thcv W RED CROSS LIFE SAVERS CLUB llzirlnn, lQ+1l1cI't Iicsslcr. Doris Host, Kathryn Klurrziy, Mnlmel Stulli,Ma1'y L'uopc1', -limmic Melvin, l,illizm lfucli IIICHIIICI' nl thc RQ-rl Lima Life Savers Z1 llualiliccl lIlwll'llL'lIbI'. ,Xt the L-ml uf tww- wcc fluring' which thc lmys :incl girlw wore rcquircfl QlX'L'll :ui cxfim. in which Cach lifc saver hurl to fln-iiimiftrzllv his zllvilitx' tu save :1 life. The vii-Linn-s we-i'c gin-ii at lwcul hutliing- pimrls. I ' " 1 l . xi if clei' ere 'lliiilp-. Mary Amie Rciser. xXYIlltCl' Douglas, llorutlly Milligan, Milclrccl Xuwcll, jimmy lialclowski, -Iulizm XYils1.n, .Xmie XYigg'ins, lirncst rlll'OXX'l1l'lllgC, Laura XY21?lg'llf.'l', 3lI11'g'Z1I'Ct lilliwtt. Llriistance ll2ll1L'HL'li, Reginald lizllk, lflill liwiu, 'lil'lOlllZlS Lifrslvy, Kay lqQ I I r l i I i I r l ,, . l r z: l ALPHA LAMBDA SIGMA :Xlpha Lambda Sigma was founded by several of the prominent members and literary leaders of the class of 1937, namely: Claude Hill. Eugene Goetchius. Leslie Youngblood. Bill Cochrane. and Paul Bailey. This group of young' worthies threw out bodily the old Literary Society which used to meet once a week at the end of the sixth period. They then proceeded to draw up a constitu- tion, and, in fact, formed a totally new Literary Society. Officers are elected at the lirst meeting of each sem- ester. Great rivalry was shown between the opposing sides in this affair, and the club quickly split into opposing political parties which wielded great influence in the elections. At the hnisli, however, all the members pro- fessed to be thoroughly satisned with the results. Meetings are usually held in a prevailing atmosphere of parliamentary procedure, but at times unwarranted outbursts of some of the members lend meaning to the oft-quoted proverb. "Boys will be boys." The programs, which are constantly improving, are usually very interesting. The participants in the programs gain valuable experience in the arts of public speaking. declaiming, debating, etc. Several interesting debates have been held, news has been aptly summarized and edited for the beneiit of the members, and jokes told. The only thing upon which all the members have agreed is that they have the best and most dependable f3Cl.1lt5' advisers of any club on the campus. They are Messrs. Hughey and Hardy. lst Row-liailie. .X.g Levy, lg XYoltf, XNQQ King, ll ltxl 4 lllll l lex ll . ,.x . . ., .v ., J., ,-,, Ind Row-'l'l1evaos. T.: llamilton. XY., Hush, Xlfg jackson, li.: Llinlpton, l,.g Marriott, T.: llouck, li, Srcl Rowgiiteinlit-rg. 31.3 Heaton, S., Hutto, T. 3 Xgostas, XY., Stelling. Kg Moseley. Ag, 'l.3 llurphey, ,X. -lth Row-Houck, lj., Purkall. l1.g Stevens, D.g Hull. X.: Sherman. tl. FIRST TERM flFlflCliRS President . Yice-Presidezit . Secretary . Treasurer . SECONID TERM UF President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-.-Xrms . Q' 0 U B . Hubert King Bernard lVoltt . Jean Levy Allston Bailie FICERS Bernard XVoltt Allston Bailie . . Jean Levy Kessel Stelling Theo Thevaos -xii A --ni QTY? ff ,JM .lx A S53 '97 1 aw- ' ?'.,1Y an I 5 , .I 1" I' M 'A" A I :CJ T I Q-lllllIIL' lilliwtt rllCCll5' IIIUCIQCI' Rita M111 LIHIISIZIIIUL' Ulivc llI'l'fl4lL'lll . . Yifc- l ,l'L'Nl1lCllt Sccim-l:11'y . , 'll1'c:1si11'c1' . I ah. X .. :I 1: ,z 11 l l , M Ill I X A , VIlb.q,, Z " ' -' 'B 1 fi , 4. ?' -luliu Hill 'y I2111111z1 Pierce ,gf ... I I . !"' Ei: S ' -. 'A ' -0- 4 fig:-3' ' W , '33 ' Z 1:5g1:Q5:5E,,A' V V 5- . , 'E5' ' ' ,' lille CZIIASXVCII llctty .Xiiclrcxvs Mary lClizz1l1etl1 I'aulk Iilizzlbeth Pecples KIIII . 011151111100 S. Iflliott . 'lICCI1j'FllllCliCl' . Elle L'z11'swell Getty .X11cl1'i:ws THE SIGMA DELTA CI-ll is the oldest SOI'Ul'Itj' :it rl. C. .'X. It was u1'g':111izecl for the purpose Of e5tabliSl1i11g' pc-1A111z111u11t :mil sincere f1'ie11rlsl1ips. SIGMA DELTA CHI SORORITY INITLXTIK JN XYEEK The Ruta: Olive, linllc, May, Pierce, Peeples Standing Kate Gercke Mary Anne Tocle Bonnie Newberry Mary Staiford Martha Fleming lJeKlol:iy initiations is their "Clean L'p'l Cztliipztigii. Five "rats", Morris Stein- ll. T. luxzins. :intl llillv .'XQ'ost:ts. pu- trioticully spent :tn afternoon cleaning lioaril Street from 7th to 9th Streets. lihe "rats" then sung. clztncecl, and end- efl the evening lny lit-ing arrested for x':1grzim'y. .Xll in lun, of course. This is known in l,JeNlol:iy :ts the Sliortsrnan- ship liegree, :mtl is :ln essential part of the initiation of all lit-Molziys. X, 5 5, xvzmf x K C C OLAY ff- 1 L KQ Q l L21 I x f L The Urcler of Dellolay is one of the finest and strongest orgunizzitions for youth in America lurliiy. In its hulls :ire taught inyalualile lessons whit-li prepare its youth fur gilmprozteliing manhood, llehlolity encleztvors to lmrirlge the gap lfetween this youth and mztnhoofl. Some of the more important principles ure: Cleztnness in thought. word. hotly. and fleeclg Rererenee for all things sucredg Courtesy toward all with whom the l7eMolzty comes in eontaetg lficlelity In his ideals, to his comrades. and to his ohligzttionsg Vzitriotisnifu lore of country which niztkes him live worthily in time of peace or die lvrzlrely if the need ztriseg Filial Love that is so often lacking in the young man of todayg and Comrade- ship that enriches and ennohles his life. These. and niziny more are the lessons taught hy the Urder of Dellolay. The .Xugusta Vhzrpter, Order of Deklolay. is notecl for its dances and soeials. The dances it Spon- sors are rated hy many the hest in Augusta. One of the nizxny features of the verg, Kessel Stelling. Sewell lilliott. ' N ' Q. t F x T i , 1 .H , , ' I I ' -' ' ' ' l l ' -' 1 .4 - ,-, ,, , 1-7 .- .i if-,,,,s -1 la. -is 11" l Lloyfl St21l1fo1'fl . Betty Andrews J. D. Hanley, Jr. Leon Simon. jr. W. T. Brown. .lr David Stevens Deiloluy Ollicers Master Councillor DeMolay Sponsor Senior Councillor junior Councillor . Scribe . Treasurer I.. , d of boys wh . Q-sted both fro ring afternoons nbers present. Club O IT1 S iw 5 u "r , - . . OW ' . 5123 . ' . M'-XE' Q. . fu' N 4 ff' fir V 1. f ' 'Zh . 'A M, f' .v M r ' 4 - - , Wil 1' " A I J 'KYB .. , A WL.. . 4'- - 1. Bailey. XV Calhoun, P. Bruker, C. Roe-sel. Haynie, M. Purkall, B. Carter. H. Evans, H. T. Agostas. XV. Jumper, bl. VVillingham, Webb. C. I. Rountree, L. Stelling, K. Broome, E. Vlfilkinson, R. I. Duncan, I. B. Simon, C. Barbin, R. Pund, H. We 1940 RAINBOW Cllmrter Cllnh Nlemhers 1 ,- ,f A is , O O Y- 1' K7 ,592 klffdg, --my fm 1,17 33:8 :fie:1"lllxT , 5'5- "1,-zrqftx Mrff YW T7 ll ,' rj . ,,.-, Q-1, - 1 " 1- .- lt' .1 5 fir V fl fi 'Q ,Ll il .1 up gl.-f 6 I Rl CY , 'lll1l'i'f' years ag'-1. :1 g'l'4'lll1J of limys 1'111111fl,-tl the nfmxy' well-k1111yx'11 "Hang- ' 41ye1' Vlnlvf' lts llllfllllit' is tw UL'1'CZlfCu. llllllllllllll, :mtl execute It 1'ez1l schuol 'ritf' The clmrtel' lNLtlNlJCl'S have ac- t 1111:lisl1t-tl this lll1l'1NlrC. znnl they fur- 1 A 1' Um PUu"S"'l'l-sl'l14111l slllfli ffll' Zlll Hllt' 2'tClZlYltl65. e"f111"l Nlillhllllg' ll:111gm'e1's' stunt in Stunt Night 11.,11ef11-.1 111-1111..,11 1,1115 1x'11t-t-1t-ss 1' 1' W' f"11T'f11Uf'1' PQfff11'e-17110 -1m.,.,k.11 g1M.l,l,m-11 HEX lgmf,-mt mer uf DQMUM5.. nl.11:ne 1116111 1e1s 111 th1s elu 1 are Xlfrwl lhttm. I:l.m,Xt yyi.,,,,.mQ lJlIlCllt lllL'lUl1Ql'b Zlllll nu nthel' hoys l K ' 4 N5 L 1' - . ' ' , '.- . ' - -l:1t'l4 lSa1:11'fl111z111 -lnliun lizlltlmyskl its dances and ,1,,L"lXUl ln' ,lglL"X'H"llD J lot of ltb ,mx Hmulm. 1' RM, gmith t tty these pals yvlm really hang 'l11'lll lixyin lllm" l HE RED Y OCIE I Y L lhe Refl X Society was forn1ecl hy 'ltmcs lipps. llL'l'llllI'4l Knch, and Hubert Bentley. Its main p111'1111se is une of 1'ec1'e:1ti1111 and fellmx'sl1ip, The 1nr1nl1e1'sl1i11 is limited to fifteen boys, and these boys 'ire chnsen with l'Cg2l1'Cl tu 4lm1'ts111z111sl1ip. l mul l llllll lllZlCl'i mn-s lipps l ll1l1l'I'l llentley l tl'Il2ll'4l l':1nl .X .luck llmmy' 11105 lit wh lnllj' ll1'itl1 Ill lznlt-y XXt'Iltl1E'l'S llill lQ:1yt'nsl1y R e Z1 tl y T' CLUB T'resident and Treasurer David Stevens Entertainment Committee :Xlbert Evans Robert XVilkinson David Stevens lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th ROW Lamar XYatkins Robert Wfilkinson Marshall Brandenburg Billy Harrison Harry Pritchard Albert Evans Hinton Stoudemire Vaughan Fletcher Thomas Mobley Donald VVhitley Fred James Ralph Grant Joe Belding Allen Harmon Curtis Ford Bennie Lucas Joe Sturgis XYillie Phillips VVilliam Smith David Stevens Y T F Faculty Adviser . . . . Mr. Jack Williams Qur club is composed of boys who have the Same idea in mindg namely: to study the trade in which we are most interested both from a theoretical and from a practical standpoint. We enjoy our contacts on the "job" during afternoonsg then bring our problems to class where we discuss them to the advantage of all members present. The Vocational Conference Club provides a means for expressing our talents through the medium of our head. hands, and heart. .lack VVilliams, Coordinator. ,....,. 1 ,,.,' J l Left to right? Kenneth Crurley Harcourt lValler Reginald Hancock C. B. Thurmond Robert Harbin 'lay Dunaxvay The Leftovers proudly point out that l they took the title uf "Stunt Night VVinners' away from the Hangovers ' this year. 1 6' s.. r" 1 i .,- . . e... . W4-X' ' L . . L'.XMliR.X CLUB MEMBERS ,lam-lle Kemp llelen Hunter Robert llurlmin llot Rot-sel l.illi:1n Melvin Kathryn liest lint Starr Ioztnne Bailey -linnny Nowell liilly Seigler Mac Rhocles Parker Cole XYalton Hamilton Arthur Cole Guy Lewis ,Xnderson Capers .loseph Caldwell Clayton Boardman Harris Clay Alex Murphy Toni Hutto Uliver Granade 1 elfler, faculty uflvisei' of the K unc 1 Clnlm, tu whom we give our 1 N nccrc tllillllih for his many pic- lt th It :ulorn our annual. Engler Inman Gibson Ayeock Bates Heaton Murphy Clark Marriott Purkall S. O. S. CLUB President . Vice-President .... Secretary and Treasurer . "Musketeer" Reporter . Faculty Adviser . . S.0.S. stands for.Students of Science. This is the only high school science group with a national organization. Members of this national organization publish "The Science Leafletf, This magazine contains articles written by high school students. The 5.0.3. Club was organized near the end of the first semester of this past year under the supervision of Mr. Derrick. To be a member of this club. a boy must be a chemistry student and have an average of SO. The club meets every other XVednes- day at the seventh period. Two boys have charge of the program at each meeting. They choose their own experiments, and Mr. Derrick helps them carry them out. The object of the club is to learn more about Chemistry. Mr. Derrick is planning a trip to Savannah with the club. They will visit the sugar refinery. oil refinery, and paper mill. . lid Barton . Mel :Xycock . Sammy Heaton . Tom Marriott . Mr. Derrick 'pm 'Viv . Mr. Derrick C7129 1940 mrnaovt TI-I E BETA CLUB The National lietzx Lilulw is zz non-secret. leadership organization for high-school stllfltllts. Hrgztnized in 1953. it has at present I1 ineinlnership of over fourteen thousand students in over nine hundred chapters. Its ohjects ure: to encourage etlort. to prolnote character, and to stimulate achievement ffl , zunong its int-mlmers. lfligihility for election to lnemhership is hased upon B ,fl scholzu'ship and chzu'z1cter. The requireinc-nts for election to the Richmond ly Clnlm include an honor averztge for three years in the Kcadeiny. The local li chapter XYZH installed three years ago and :lt present includes twenty active fsittingy Grover Tyner .lean Levy Roscoe Lowery David Stevens Harold Stevens llenry Carter Allston Bailie ineinliers in zirlflition to the alumni now in Members lSIZll'lCll1'lg'l Yzmcc Bullock vlzunes Hill black Stringer l-Zrennan l'urkall XYayland Cato llulvert King Harold lingler lluhert King . Allston llailie . Yance Bullock nf. -1. M. rims the ,lunior College. . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer lfaculty Adviser .a 'ul Jlll ml .- ln V -. n if 1' . 'Q L Lloyd Stanford, genial Advertising Manager of the "Rainbow", starts out to close another contract. To him we owe credit for most of the ads contained in this section, the largest in the his- I' X Q tory of our school. Patronize the .f" advertisers, for they have helped make this annual possible. " f11 We a MW X Academy Graduation of 1939 Ingwgiql uf giving the iiziiiicf nf the g'racli1:1tes of last year, tlie .'Xl1Ull'll xrislics til utilize this slizicc iii grateful clcclication to nur friends in the clen '1 and medical pmfcssioiis, who have contriliuted Hnaiicigilly tg the guqqebg of the 1940 "RainlJow". R. lf. .-Xmlcrsim, IXUS. XYW' ' ' . la. Llzirk. lJ.lJ.5. S. XY. Feiim-ll, D.D.S. C. 'lf llall. HDS. XY. XY. I-latter, Kl.lJ. ,I. NY. lflrittiiiglizuii, M.lJ 'l'. l'. Iii-iiwii, MII. R. l, lirysfm. M11 .X. .X. Dnviclsoii, MIX 'lf XY. Guivclwin, M.D. bl, IJ, Gray, BLD. ll. 'lf llzirlmcr. Kl.lJ. rl. l'. llitclicuck, M.D. if Bl. Kilpatrick, M.D. lin. l.ce :md XVQQ-ks R. l.. llcnry. D,D.S. H. XY. Hzuikinsrm. D.D.S. V, l., Maxwell, D,D.S. ll. S, lllaxco, D.D.S. S. bl. Lewis, M.D. .-X. lf .Rlzixwell, NLD. H. M. 1licl1el,lX'I.l'J. XY, .X lllullierin, M.D. XY. li. Pliilpot. M.D. rl. Y. Ruulc. M.D. IJ. Bl. Silver, BLD. Skillllllllll'liZlI1UlllDZll.ll11,IXLD Geurgc 'llliurmmirl, MID. L. ll, Warrl, BLD. li, XY. Wvriglit, M.D GG K i L X. I hen Words ai1ii--- iw as 1 :vj.mV.1 jgbcj'N MN 'W' 'S ' X V N X U ' N ffff Y Hs- f if ,A N55 I' f i XR ,u 5 If ii 'Qfx - I gp il Q F 'E 2 ff , 1' i i i 0 i i is f X :- PQ A ' X i if i Q 4 i X I-U 1. f " .4 ' X h 3 U 5 i" i in i f 1 i f fi - , 1 W , N ZW E i gf i 1 i i M69 E Q X Q ' --if--M-an UNUSUAAL CANDIES E ',',," if -'fffff R ONE POUND NET g - U A QZAA U i n An Augusta Contribution to the Worldis Fine Things. f I UNUSUAL CANDIES . 2?,5.-9 fl A 'T M f, 5' 1 5 A 0 1, . 1-.R E X x A . Q, . 4 , . . 5 gt X' X S0 YEHHB00 V x?'f. , ' ' QA I TIFI ' V U H S P OTO-PGH CESS ENQRAVIN6 CO. X ATLANTA 1...Ei.,9 RAG.,l, A , THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK AUGUSTA, GEORGIA STRONG, SOUND, PROGRESSIVE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION x if J' L , 1,2 ., , k - Zu: J. R. I 3 ,V Y ,XAI i 0 A I I , 9 K W if o WE'RE ALWAYS BUSY AT Buy If T f Dan's Shu Fix I RY IT.. BECAUSE We Use The Best Leather Perfect Workmanship i -TRY Us- nnmns suof sum' COMP-IMENTS UF SUNSHINE Crispy Crackers CLASS OF 1940 -.-- UQ? 0m9l'V170Zl our !7C9lIl'1LltJ,ff f0lIglYIfZlllIflblI.Y 2 Your life has just begun. Many of you will seek higher educational advantages, while others of you will begin your life work immediately. Yet, no matter where you are, or what type of work youare engaged in, all of you are sure to have a home some day. Therefore, whether home to you will mean an apartment for two, or simply "a room with a view", we urge you to start the practice early in life, of shopping and saving on all personal and home needs, at SEARS, ROE- BUCK 8: COMPANY, "Your Family Store in Augusta". IAVI IONIY ON 50 OOO Ylli IN SIA!! CAYALOO USI OUI CATALOG OID!! Sll ICI suns, izoisu in AND cb. a Sllli Illl ANYYNINO AND IVIIYYNINO YOYALINO IO Ol MOI! ON VN! IASV PAYMINT PLAN Broad Street at the Monument PHONE 2-7575 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Tl-llE QUAlLllTY SHOP , FoR MEN Frank Renlck CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, . FURNISHINGS EXCIUSIVG Men's Wear 874 BROAD STREET Augusta: Geargia Satisfied with Small Profits Augusta, Ga ll nu i nu 1 n-I 1-iml - -' - - --W Compliments of . 1 . Mchlmurray Sandwleh Co. - 0 POTATO CHIPS 0 DELICIOUS PASTRIES 9 CAKES 0 DOUGHNUTS 9 TARTS 9 PIES E. W. McELMURRAY, Prop. 455 Georgia Ave., North Augusta Dial 2-5151 - .. - - I Compliments of Compliments of Bol ard's Barb I' h y 6 S op euaqfz Ba21,Z'on'4 IN HOTEL RICHMOND 0404056 "The Best Brick for 40 Years" 40? GEDRGIA-Cl-lROI.INA BRICK 8: TILE C0 Aucusrn, nfonnm fc-:At Mau qoncjet Augusta's Leading Industries Are Served By Our Presses YOU TOO C E 1 y Th Q 1 ty P g At P 1 C Af I T P y C OMMILRCIAL PRINFI ING CO Dl264l6 26417 Ag G 1 l 1 1 I 1 1 STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURN1'I'URE - STEEL LETTER FILES FOUNTAIN PENS - MECHANICAL PENCILS Mmphq Sialianmffe 720 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. DIAL 2-2122 F. f. ffkklf 5 C'0MPv4N,V Hezaum We ,mwewfmff Under-Grad Clothes Fashioned for Youth 752 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Augusta Spoz ting Goods Co. Zxcfauue .'25MDu16u,Z'af14 ACADEMY AND IUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETIC WEAR Spalding ancl Goldsmith Athletic Equipment GOLF, TENNIS, BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL SUPPLIES Complete Fishing and Hunting Equipment 210-12 Eighth Street Dial 2-6007 111' i ALFRED M. BATTEY Irzrextmeni Securities REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE Southern Finance Building WM. SCHWEIGERT CO. 946 BROAD STREET IEWELRY - GIFTS - NOVELTIES Buildyauakauuonawckx 'Character or Good Materials PERKINS LUIVLBER CO. 619 - 13th Street Dial 2-2429 Compliments of BLANCHARD 8: CALHOUN REALTY COMPANY Real Estate, Loans and Insurance johnson Bldg. Augusta, Ga. AAA HIGHWAY EXPRESS Daily SERVICE Between Augusta, Athens, Atlanta, Columbus and Greenville, S. C. Also Tennessee and Alabama. Pickups and Delivery Service at no extra cost Dial 2-2231 Wl707"0f0'fS' fleaners 432-34-36 Eighth Dial 2-5775 "iq efean place fo efean elofiel' -I May good luck in the future be yours. We sincerely appreciate your past patronage and are looldng forward to many years of pleasant business with you. soda Jldii egg.. 636 Broad St. Curb Service 7 l 1 Compliments of HENRY CHANCE, JR. Ailorney at Lau' For better values in D' d t h d J ly t xamon s, Wa c es, an ewe 1 visi 'EXW' users: Q Jzmm PRUUUITS MA. M Better Prices Repairing, Engraving 0 . BUHRDHIHII OIL EUITIPHHU CGMPL5gENTS ' 'fan nu nunusm IIISTITUTIUIT' C InsuranR afi? Phone 2-5571 GRADUATES WE CONGRATULATE YOU! MAY YOUR FUTURE LIFE BE 'ONE OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS SAXON-CULLU1V1'S YOUR S 1 ORE Phone 2-6811 864 Broad St. - i l - MEET THAT TOUGH CLASS FEELING FIT With an Ice-Cold R. C. Cola you can meet that class refreshed. Royal Crown is a delicious, wholesome blend that will do Wonders in restor- mm . Y fm! mg that lost pep. w,,:i,,,W f is -o:'g1'gf??'-'utlix ' -a 1 if WZlIll lllW7l' l JZGWAI: . l"'f0ffu , R1CHMoND's CHo1CEz RoYAL CRoWN Com fgglzg w H J A . ff ll fm 5 A ll W f ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. DIAL 2-6793 114 6th St -1 I Compliments of MM I Compliments of CHIEF C. I. WII.SON CAPTAIN C. R. F OLDS I I ' rqagudfa, Qa. I SOUTHERN WELDING CO. J. A. OUZTS, Prop. ELECTRIC and ACETYLENE WELDING and CUTTING Auto Frames and Axles Aligned Accurately with Bear System I 623 Ellis St. Phone 2-4981 , -,-ggi? ,vi .'A VZ, ,E :N A j 5 ff. I gk... W 1 2 V N W CAMERA EXCHANGE PHOTO SUPPLIES AUTHORIZED DEALER for Eastman, Agfa, Argus, Bell X Howell The Only E.X't'fI15il'6 Cauzem Slmp 214 8th St. DIAL 2-4057 All photographic supplies for 1940 "RAINBOXY"' furnished by us. The Game Is Never Lost Vlfhen You Eat At S 8: S COFFEE SHOPPE "Augusta's Best Place to Eat' All Electric and Air-Conditioned WESTERN STEAKS SEAFOOD A SPECIALTY Comer Sth and Ellis Street Open All Nite Compliments of BELK-WHITE Cll. 845 BROAD ST. nR6'IlIL'Nlbt'l' you .mre nl Bell?-ll"lJire" THE STUDENTS STORE f. C'.Penney Co., In 840 BROAD ST. "It Pays to Shop At Penney's" C MAKE YOUR HOUSE YOUR HOME THE JONES FURNITURE COMPANY 1010 BROAD STREET DIAL 2-5551 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of EPPS Fll7'1Zifll7'6 Company 1023 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Dial 2-8112 I HANSBERGER'S DRUG STORE DRUGS. TOII.ET ARTICLES and CANDY I Broad at Tenth Dial 2-5745 Augusta, Ga. 1 1' "We Invite You to Visit Our New Shop" CENTRAL GARDEN FLORIST Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Anderson, Props. MRS. JAMES GARDINER Walton Way at Heard 1, 1 . . 'X' ff! '25 'wi H 'H W' . Q 13 its MISS ANNIE ANDERSON Phone 3-4464 - 14 4' VA 'T h,.H4-J "A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned" THE CITIZENS AND SUIITHERN NATIONAL BANK No Account Too Large . . . None Too Small Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FLINT'S BARBER SHOP Wuendfi Meal 741 "fl0Mf F0116 " 214 9th Street Smokes, Lunches, Billiards B. L. FLINT. Manager News Stand We Will Appreciate Your Business Dial 2-7579 754 Broad St. The Planters Colton Oil Company, Inc. Ma fzff far ffff -eff of Cotton Seed Products Augusta, Georgia BAILIE FURNITURE CII. We Qzaame fbiplamad 712 Broad Street Augusta, Ga DRINK C 6 if ' Denicious and Rqfresbing AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ai 4 . xi . .A 5? , ' x E 4 1 i l I is I K fi A w O We X Me daahry 6roup G of e floral in n I -ll F I r U " . . fiffencwuf James G. Ballie Mrs. Julia A. GWIII Compliments of FRIIITLAND NIIRSERIES The finest of Plants Walker-IJuRant Motor Co., Inc. Broad at 14th Streets Phone 2-5371 "7Ae SWIM GMM! Www," A. ROY KROUSE THE SOUTHERN 8 I H I co1-'ron on. co. W' RWM? Located ' Augusta Sporting Goods Co. Phone 2-6007 Augusta, Georgia Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS COTTON SEED PRODUCTS O Augusta, Georgia DeLuxe Paint 81 Body Shop Fenders and Bodies Repaired and Painted 836 Reynolds St. P Augusta, Georgia Dial 2-6757 Compliments of Compliments of SERVICE STATION GAMPB ELL BLDG. We Specialize in Safety Service Offfef for Rent The Best Equipped Shop in East Georgia W. M. HARISON 565 Broad Street Dial 2-5751 I I - I 973 Broad St. Phone 2-2452 I DODGE GRAVES FURNITURE SALES and SERVICE CODIPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS CQ, TERMS IF DESIRED Dial 2,7761 A Augusta, Georgia 523 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. I L .,.1 ,lp ,- L-,gd '.,dh-I ve' ... I ' Y,,,4"' ' ' 'Q' . 674-4-- MERRY BROTHERS BRICK 8: TILE COMPANY Manufacturers of FACE BRICK COMMON BRICK HOLLOW BUILDING BRICK THE SOUTH'S LARGEST - ESTABLISHED 1899 415 Masonic Bldg. AUGUSTA, GA. "cfyfm1fce" Feedrgfzf M170hg Co. " lib C' I" A urn on 'Qaua queued! 4af1.eae'a" "Supreme Stoker Coal" fqufwfaf Gmw fjaiaaniye Augusta Ice 8c lVitlJ Best Ilnisbes To The A.R.C.-J.C.A. CLASSES OF 1940 100 '70 Home Industry Woodward Lumber Co. Dial 2-7721 13th St. Forty Years of Faithful Service Dial 2-4611 Augusta, G , I .. .. .. I' C om plimenls 0 f BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS ROADS AND REVENUES Richmond County, Ga. VZ Edwin C. Mertins Frank H. Hooper james M. Wooddall Frank R. lviiles 1 I P 4 P CASTLEBERRY'S FOOD CO., INC AUGUSTA, GEORGIA P Jin. M322 P5 .1 1 ' 'F' ,Q - .. 1940 G1'fm'11fz1'e5 - - Une exlwzd I0 enrlr of you C!ll1gl'zIflI1tIfi0lI5 and Best Ilnixbex for 11 future of H a 117 jziuesy and SIILTEXX J. R. Lllihfs Colleglbfe Uoffzes 956 Broad St. Phone 2-6651 SUPERIUR LAUNDRY LAUNDRY SERVICE DRY CLEANING Pnnnf 2-5511 Compliments oi JOHN C. HARPER Ordinary, Richmond County Mulherin Lumber Co. 625 Thirteenth St. Phone 2-4996 "Large enough to satisfy your every Lumber need-yet small enough to give you personal fervice. Compliments of GENERAL TIRE AND SUPPLY CO. "A11g11sta'5 Masler Serrite S1m'i0f1" Broad at 12th Street Phone 2-6641 Hill Brunch: XXLQILIOI1 Why at Baker Ave. Phone 5-7577 Compliments of LEE, CONGDON :Si FULCHER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Augusta, Georgia The None Such Restaurant Gus A. Smaragdis 915 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA Newly Remodeled Booth, Counter and Table Service Wfestern Steak ---- Sea Foods Mill Supplies and Industrial Specialties S. Donald Fortson 1553 Broad St. Phone 2-5536 We Specialize in Home Heating Residential and Commercial Air-Conditioning Oil-O-Matic Burners Iron Fireman Stokers Westinghouse Oil Company PHOENIX OIL CO. fewelea Diamonds - Watches Cash or Credit 910 BROAD ST. PHONE 2-5551 700 Twiggs St. Phone 2-5321 .V 1 E5 af I 2 l lx! -..-... ' tx 1 -a wsu- ,L M 4 - - , . is .J C onzplimeizts of i HIILL, BARRETT, WILLINGHAM 81 TOWILL nunusm HIDE company ' of 'ML R. E. Elliott e som HIDES - SKINS - TALLOW SCHIP 11011 and Mefa1S R. ALLEN ELLIOTT LESTER E. ELLIO T . oTT REYNOLDS ST. AUGUSTA. GP.. compumfmrs' 0F 077 01" 140605714 ' ' ' ".5f"V'i': U l'f':f" 'x' r f A I Al ' ff. . is .ziw??23v-fifaxQf 'z m'1211X1 f' " M iki-A5!2i'xg?. f4f1'2'3'sXa S' ' L, lf. M :gf - ' "" V1 X ,. --14 . A A - - -wa-if - . ., -: ' . ,,v,S4QC2:Q5E,fr,, 'gil - '-x '4"":3??', '-"-9' 1+-'3Q+3"'4"'N'?' A . . 5 -. 5' A V5 2 , , --wx as '--' ia."fwexf'sZ,iMvf1-.'q,, -- vi '-,, N , g ,,,. A -Aw' I 'ae V- qi -,.f. "PQ 1..Y1.MC",a 9,.,.,.f'fw.- .bb ,. 1914, ,gnu 'ffj-'Q,z2fg.1ng. . , ,. p ,,..3 if ' 0515.1 ,M . Pfzofograpfzs 171 The 1940 R14 I N BOW W HEEHA 'I'UDl0 Hwwuaffzsu ff 722 Broad St. Dial 2-2315 N, I , 'uv ., A sl , ., y af 112 fu, 1 , A 4 l. ' T' "" 'Sim A K, j , ,M 1- -cw X, ,j i s : STUDENT DRUG STORES .... Visit Any One of Our Convenient Stores Cfflhere Is One Near You" Ga1'delle's 702 Broad St. Dial 2-6611 DRUGS KODAKS Lewis Sz Olive Drug Co. 1002 Broad St. Dial 2-6426 CANDY PERFUMES King's Way Pharmacy 2107 Kings Way Dial 3-4456 CIGARS FOUNTAIN THE HILL PHARMACY 1432 Monte Sano Ave. Dial 3-3621 CIGARETTES TOILETRIES COLLEGE PHARMACY 1801 Walton Way Dial 3-3637 f4L'C'0Rf4C',V. .. PROMPT 5'fRVlL'f... 00141177 Rfllv4BZf. .. ll 0 lg lg 9 S Compliments oi NG0061 Tflife APPdf'61" SIKES COAL 6: WOOD COMPANY Clothiers and OUR COALS AND COKE ARE H b d h CRAZY WITH THE HEAT 3. CI' HS efS 724 Broad St. Augusta Ga' 1498 Wrightsboro Road Dial 3-3626 THOMAS P. DORIS EDWARD I. DORIS DORIS JEWELRY STORE , . - 7 DIAMONDS xx . 913112 BROAD STREET WATCHES Ceflmkd Waighmakqp AUGUSTA, GEORGIA CLOCKS -HOROLOGICAL-INSTITUTE'OFAMERWA' ACCURATE TIME PIECES SILVERWARE AWASHINGTON 'D-C- DIAL 2-2972 CRYSTALS UPVIIIGNT NDWGLDULIL UISTITUTY UAMEFILA INS SPECIALIZING IN ALL TYPES OF REPAIR WORK - Vi. 'X ,1 , 1 -4 x 2 t 1 -, w Q 43 'L 7. 1 1 A 'Q 4 51 I . 5' 1.-1. A., I ,-, .,.f,, ,N115 f "'4 FE 6 l 1:1 leak: I -' 1- :b If B, if xgfa 4 Rm "' ' 'Q A 23 , H I ' -If - -, -:gen - -. ' ..- ,Qtfyx L A' ",'.,:s ju. I-.D I - I , " ,,-.1 " , -...-.. A... . . . ' ' '-1 I as 1. . ' I In ll in an mann .4 .5 ' 5,1 :lf f '. f f J W I A 1 4 .I I R 'I 'S I..-,.,,,L-,, , -' I Compliments of AUGUSTA AMIISEMENT 00. MILLER THEATRE THE SOUTH'S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MODERN IMPERIAL - MODJESKA - RIALTO and DREAMLAND THEATRES S UWNDRY PLANT DRUID PARK AVE.-DIAL ARK - EMPIRE LEE BLUM, 0wner 3-3611 C'lfv4fWlV5' DYHN6 BRANCH 743 BROAD ST.-DIAL 2-4733 AUGUSTA, GA. Compliments of FAIIIIH' llL0'IlIlEIiiS ww, A-aww we eeizff STUDENT CLOTHES OLR SPECIALTY Dial 2-T002 S323 Broa eamfxlinzenft of rqaqudfa fbahied inc d St. Sanitation Is the First Thing in Health Brown G Wi!lid7l2507ZiS Sanitary Barber Shop CORNER 8th S BROAD STREETS We Will Appreciate Your Patronage Compliments of JOSEPH E. BRYSON Iudge of the Municipal Court ofthe City of Augusta BUSY BEE CAFE 'team' Mace M vmf' WESTERN STEAKS OF ALL KINDS Very Best of Foods Served Newly Remodeled 658 Broad Street Dial 2-6256 Bicycles - Molorcyfles - Penrzzoil R. Z. Sumerau 1248 Broad St. Dial 2-5301 Compliments of W. C. IVEY COAL CO. COAL - COKE - STOKER COAL Dial 2-8218 Augusta, Ga. LUMBER CO. Manufacturers and Exporters S. F. C. Building DIAL 2-5317 STANDARD PAPER CU. 'WVHOLESALE PAPER" 628 SEVENTH ST. Augusta, Georgia H. B. Martin Grocery Plate Lunches - Sandwiches 802 Fenwick St. Dial 2-9281 Compliments of AUGUSTA ROOFING 6: METAL WORKS Everything in Roofing and Sheet Metal Work 623-625 Reynolds Street Dial 2-23 18 .Allen Cohen Life - Fire - Casualty Iusurarzce Lloyd A. Stanford Dial 2-7787 517 S. F. C. Bldg. Q3urny's Shoe Store Headquarters for Academy Drill Shoes 912 Broad Sr. Augusta, Ga. Hnfoy Dffnkfng HAGLEH Tn mc so R E D R 0 C K Augusta, Ga. zu, vmxzf' C O L A Phone 3-6271 PEE GEE ESTATE VPAINTS HEATROLAS BUU-DERS WHOLESALE and RETAIL KITCHEN HARDWARE HARDWARE A s'rovEs IZ PAINTS UTENSILS MAIESTIC WOODWORKING 1033-39 Broad St. PhoneE2-6818 RANGES MACHINERY 514' fagfa EJ. yi -, W-ik X., fl U "-Q A If Ya Gmlwwf 05 BensOn's for Service I Dial 2-4748-2-8887 Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries BA I 836 Ellis Broad X 15th Street- - - I We Specialize in Lubricating, Washing and Polishing Compllhrenfs 0f TIRE REPA1B1Nc:. POWEl.I.'S "SERV I C E" STATIUN HarIey,S GI"0CeI"y WALTON WAY and BEMAN ST. DIAL 3-7037 I. D. POWELL, Prop. Augusta, Ga. Compliments of Maxwell Hardware Company 865 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GA. BOWEN BROS. Martin Clothing CO. HARDWARE C0- Sporting Goods Headquarters Better Clolbes for Less Money BASEBALL FOOTBALL BASKETBALL and TENNIS 982 Broad Street SUPPLIES 905 BROAD STREET , SHERMAN ' ' INTERSTATE 00FFEE 00. AND AUGUSTA'S FASTEST GROWING INC. I COFFEE ROASTING PLANT . Realtors AUGUSTA' GA- Over a Million Pounds Roasted Annually AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 'MTM' T 5 '9"12,If1v-.,.i',fiF,. .'a:aRa-fm. ,. , --, .,,., 5 -L--N 4- Fin . f'- . xx 1, up N :TA Mm 'ill I WASH AT I HULSE LAUNDRY ' "JUST A noon ONE" 3-4451 - - - PHONES - - - Z-2460 L LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING ' United States Government Bonds Georgia and South Carolina Mznzicipals Local and General Market Securities luhnsun, Lane, Space 8. Company Inc. INVESTMENT SECURITIES AUGUSTA - ATLANTA - SAVANNAH Ii 1 1848 1940 TREAT YOURSELF TO THE BEST ' I Willie Levy Co., Inc. - 756 BROAD ST. Clary Cv Sanrtary Barber Shop STYLE QUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL L AND CCLLEGE BOYS FOR S. F. C. Bldg. Lobby Augusta, Ga. ' L11- NEARLY 95 YEARS TUWN TAVERN 21 2 73 , Broad near Seventh Street -Specializing In- STEAKS AND CHOPS Paid on Saving Accounts- , SEAFOODS Deposits Insured 24 Hour Service Phone 2-2327 . -I 1 K Office Supplies and Equipment B1'Oad Sf. PhOI'1e AUGUSTA' GEORGIA Y .,, K A V r :.,,,.,,,, '- 'agygae' f, - H' i. nxt' ,kvx C A . T 5 'I 5 Q41 , e'. F Sq. ' Shop in Comfoff Meredith Optical Co. I I 9 1 Oplifal Servife Tlmt Safisfes I 6 A A Dr. A. H. Meredith Dr. R. W. Roper Optometrist Optometrist STORE AIR-CONDITIONED 740 Broad St. Phone 2-2480 FOR COMPLETE NEWS READ THE AUGUSTA HERALD DAILY EVENING SUNDAY MORNING "Evening Hours Are Reading Hours" A. COHEN L. I. COHEN Relfklble frucklhg Co., Inc. 978 W Phone Broad 7-7985 DAILY FREIGHT SERVICE St. - 4,-,,, BUY UUTFITTIRS FUR YUUR Exclusive Outfitters for Students and Boys Augusta Atlanta Your 0 My Pontiac Dealer PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY PQNTIAQ MASTER AUTO SERVICE 869 Broad Street Augusia'Ga. Exclusive Sales and Service 944 Ellis St. Phone 53841 C mplirnents of Margaret Lotz Specialty Shop THE AUGUSTA BASEBALL CLUB DIAL 2-5937 827 Greene St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments of MoEImurray -- Phillips Furniture Company 92 3 Broad Street Furniture that Endures Dial 2-4787 .. l - . 1, - ,,-1 I Compliments of Compliments of ffepflellfi' gdfbff .ffI0,D Sturgis Service Station I 217 7th Street 7th 6 Ellis Streets li. . -1 1 -I I 1 - - I KEEUS SEIIIIICE S'I'A'l'IIIN 2 I 1924 Walton Way I "" """-I ' Compliments of Dc-:Luxe Cleaners D,a1 3 9194 , C. F. Hightower, Prop. 1 - I 515 8 h S et Dial 2-4325 I LOCKHART, BICAULIFFE 84 CO. flncorporatedj HER DRESS IS NOT COMPLETE Real Estate, Fire and Casualty Insurance XVITHOUT A Surety Bonds CORSAGE 807 BROAD ST. , I from aaliwi Zllafuzl Compliments of l METCALF AT WALTON WAY LEAGUE DUVALL 5: POWELL , Real Estate and General Insurance Dial 3.4406 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I The victories of life are wont not on the fields where the decisive struggles take place, but in the obscure and forgotten hours of preparation. GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK and TRUST CUMPANY Member Federal Deposit insurance Corporation Mein Office Uptown Branch 701 BROAD STREET 1109 BROAD STREET Ci Tailorin Com an Compliments of W 8 P Y , JOHN ALFIERI, Prop. Experienced Custom Tailors and Designers - 0 H0 K Y A11 Work Cut, Fitted, and Made in Augusta ' 5c - 10c - 25c STORE 408 Jackson St. Dial 2-6167 AUGUSTA, GA. 834 Broad Sireez Augusta, Ga I I 5 - - Willingham Automobile Finance Corporation '14 Afame eanuwnq fm Afome 4oZfu" Broad at Eighth Street Augusta, Georgia 4: Compliments of Q Bread 8: Cake DIAL 2-6881 AUGUSTA, GA Compliments of H0751 RILWMOND W. R. DAWSON 6. CO. I 0UR CUVER By H. BURTS TAYLOR. Mgr. D I Amerlcan Beauty Cover Co. 8th sffeef ALlgllSfa. Ga. C omllzlinzents Of he Augusta Chronicle THE SOUTH'S OLDEST DIAL 2-6464 Compliments of Compliments of Walgreen's F I G Ml Whatever You Need in I all X 0 361 DRUGS AND SUNDRIES ".L'adza' 0u.4dlm4" At Lower Prices Prescriptions Filled and Delivered 1054 Broad St, Dial 2-6491 DIAL 2-7177 COMPLIMENTS OF R. C. PAULK, ASS'T SUPT. AGP FOOD STORES H. B. DUPREE, MGR. AGP SUPER MARKET 1025 GREEN ST. S. C. READ, MGR. AGP SUPER MARKET 2111 KINGS WAY Compliments of Compliments of HERNDON CAFE - S ODA Valley Coaches "Where Friends Meet" Augusta, Ga. 837 BROAD ST. -1- PHONE 2-5339 Compliments of Ga of .fo-14191 funcfz Room SHORT ORDERS FRANK A 'PIN SAN DWICHES Dial 2-9309 506 Broad st. Compliments of I Otiice: O9 T h - d 5 D l 066 S . Pl . 608 B FRIEDMAN 'S IEWELEBS I 2 Dial 2-89 6 828 Broad St .... Augusta, Ga. South's Greatest Credit Iewelers CENTRAL CLEANING Diamonds - Watches - Silverware AND PRESSING CO- Radios 12. M. CROZIER, Prop. Optical Department in All Stores DIAL 2-6851 W1 Good CI Q is Not Elvpensive' McDONALD' S 42 YEARS ESTABLISHED DIAL 3-4481 IUNICR CCH .EGF Sz ACADEMY SENICR RINGS and PINS Furnished by Jfeah- fauna eampany We Also Have a Complete Line ot DIPLQMAS - - INVITATIQNS - - CARDS CAPS Sz GQWNS - - PRQPI-HES ' - CUTS - - MEDALS H. S. Canfield, Georgia Rep. . 1560 No. Decatur Rd., Atlanta . .V - 4'-KV ' -fx. ' ,, " P. L ,..--w,- ' ' -gg 7 "iii, , 1- ' f EE' - A . ' .9 ' .'. '- "l'n, ' 5 . .gg-. . My -uf '. ,' ,T , l.'..' ri 'A :mx , 71 L,-.F f F. , T '. Z6-2 ':. ,1". n-' ,V . .Q " kin- n , I , Pg QL-LQQZVL H' -. ,fa -. ,,.. E':".' 3 ' .r V Q ,Q 'ff '1.: 'Hx , Z-. .., Litr- Qffi . .4 1.-,. Q V- V., 'V r-.1 -' ..- -' "-' ', ff. -JJ ffl PEZPL. l.- .. ,1,,-1-7? gy,-Q-1 V V V' 1-Bi, f ,L , ,f. -v.-y,.L.'. , A- ' l"J,,-., . 'A 1 . . 'J , x ' . ' gfzff,-5 -' ai -lf, av: . -V ,,fV.:f N, V114 . ,4 'ji-QV. 5 V-V1 ggi Q-EVVw"f.f 5 A 'i nv.. Kfvr V Z1-'Ng ' -J.-.3 1- ff:,wf'i.f.f+ H 751 I- ' fl "4-5: in, A an . -. . tin- -.nw-' 1 , :Lv T ',,'g , - ., 1 ' xi' H -- v-i' , "- . -5 .. : ,. ik, ' , r , . ' 211' . V V . 1.5 ' 1 'JF' " -" X 7-' 5. .L V .V,g1yV' A- . 1.71-4. ,. J-1.?'w',-' 2' f f . VU- V.:-, ..: . V VV.,g - ..!'5',4,F,'1 -za--'1 . ,. k ,M 1 . ,,-, ASV,-VV' 1- :VV ,' 4, J-.,.-. T' .I .V K ' JI ' '. V , 133. ' .:- 'aa-' if. i. '.3?J',-',-X.. . 1. ' 1-.--. V: v'-v , 1: ,rv " ,miie 1. 'vfffil :.' ixffgilf .aux - , 4,,,V-A , -.f' V a..,,',,. .HV I V. ,AVI . . .':" --'J . . gl., tm . V-V3 .3 V, 9, . , V Vw. . -, 35 fi V, . V . .5-F4 i"'-- . n-V,,qj- - V V' Z , x1-f-T.,-,. "'7f?'I2:3?l .T - -+ ,L . 1.,f. - ' Y". 3581 f' '- Q 11-rf n , -v Hi :,V-Eff- ". ,.p 5- - ' . . .- -5 ,Q .v -1.---V.: P4 ., - .- .e.. ,-hz f , ., ,VV - sr-Q..-L 'eg ,E V s-V '3 1. V "'- 4. -it .fc N, 51-1, , ' f i.:'11-1-.1 - -', ?.'1 ., , , . A . , . .-.H . wr., ff 1 -Z :.- -' .' -' " ' - f- :z - -. ' 3 0" .. VM, '. Q C .L ,J , 413- buf' fix , 1 ff if 'TQ-.' ' ' , - 5 .e', .,'- .---'Y' ig-Y A it-5: ba... fir: f QIQ . ,LQT :if fa .yn f 1' gs, e. rf. J., . f 4 - V 'E ET.-' -"L ' - . NLE' ' 'Q xr ,LH V -.- , vi- ,V . V . 1. ' 1s,.' '92 ' -Q! Jil-I ..?J'i ff T . . '-521.34 V .1 . "'vV-, EH- JH.: iv. wi. 112-9-5-3'f-' J 1 'M l 1 :fra 1 T-"..3.-'lv 41 fr: . -4,, V V , I-V '65, , 'I . ' :Wi 5 Fyf. gtg' . V, ugf, 1,-,RY . .. .ilu ' 'Q ' V.. Vi., 591' .,' LE, 1'- 5 : ' M- - ,T:.:' 3 A , ,Q. 32'f7I' ' -4, A 't . ' 9-,pr Y-Ev. V . .. , ' L'.w5't LL . W. - ',.W3g.:w,N .' Vf.-.,.3..3. Q' ' '1 v V. " x ff mfr,- 4L I - .- -,-j K ,--g -- I ',1'1'v-2 'T4".f P, VC' " .., 1. Mc 4 - 'I ," . ffzfj, .',,y. Q 3 4 ,, 5-3,6 ,nv L :QV p , - - ,LV Q. . . V I I V 7:9 . ' -'L "-'-4:--- -A-. . v - -. .- lv -1 , . 'K " xr.-' ,1 3 -4-ff' f .,,,,4,,f,:!Vp:F,. -VI .. ,.. ...j,,, T J.. 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'-gif. - ...GAL- I ,V . :."' . .g,. -1L, ,,.I ,W . :I',"- .1' 'ygcu af A , 1 1 v . I F I A . if ' -4,3 " .. Y 1. f I -,QP7 .., . A,. . Y. YQ ? YJ. . Q .QQ . . . . , . x . - l. Y" . ' nh .1 .Ku ,, Y '-'e5,-755' -.1 fb , 'N QL-,. . - - .nt -.- U. . 'gn ,F Qggfwf. 34: ' w.Af,,.' ,ggi C.. v. r wt . Ag... ,AI . III -'. .. I: 'Q J.: .ng . , fi f"?-5153 ' 'Ii ,.-gr, pwn ,--,. 5:-' G1

Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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