Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1937

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5 I 5 K I I L 1 ' ' gf' 1 , - fl' Jpvwl Q. :init I 'A 'F' ' f .- 4 .1 O I F. "l. 1.1 4 S 5 3 , " uf 'C I I I, M B , 1. ' -, - H I, xv' X . . ' ,1 - 3 V f . z 'c - , A ' ' . if A V lf -I if Q " -Q ' '9 2 l ' y1+"' . b lv r ' Il ., , - . I, 4 K - :- . I 6 I' I' 'u f A ig. Y ' QU is O Cx h ' i Q' f go 1' 5 V L g Q 3 ' .. HY ,xmasnemg-gnrmgus, ' ' ' Auquigeqil G i'1 U -iuemviiras air C ugh: 'Y ,Q p . . ,lt A V. fg, ' is 4 J- ' 4ru if RAI 0 COPYRIGHT IQ37 ALEX DOIQEMLJS J. C. A. Business Manager LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD A. Q. C. Business Manager The Student Body of IUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA and the ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ' B - i fa 'Q A 1 K 1 . 1. f ! 1 I 5 'l':v'a ' fn 4 in 1 ,y DEDICATIO To Albert F. Simpson, the stall oi the l937 "l?ainbowH dedicates this volume a token of appreciation tor his tireless ettorts to pro- mote student activities, tor his inspirational instruction in the class room and on the athletic fields, and for his thoroughly whole- some tellowship with the students and colleagues. 0 - MR. ALBERT FRANKLIN SIMPSON 5 Z-'62 ga,-ef5' FOREWORD ln this volume the staff ot the 'Rainbowl' attempts to give an accurate picture ot lite on the campus of the lunior College ot Augusta and the Academy ot Richmond County. The task was great, with heavy responsibilities, lout we have tried to retlect credit on our school. lt We have tailed, our only compensation lies in the knowledge that We have done our best, We hope, as the years pass, that this lcoolc will be a source ot ever recurr- ing pleasure, as it recalls memories of student interests and activities during the year 1936-37. The military phase of our scliool is admittedly rich in achievement and tradition. The statf of the "Rainbow" has therefore attempted to set forth in this year's publication some of the liiglisliglits of the schools military history. 1Ye respectfully call attention to the chronological list of facts given below, as an aid to appreciation of the spirit of the 1937 "Rainbow," 1783-Chartered by General Assembly of State of Georgia. 1785 -Opened on Bay Street. 1791-Examination of students attended by President George XVashington. 1796 -98-1Vm. I-1. Crawford, later Secretary of VVar, a teacher at Academy. 1802-Academy moved to Telfair Street. 1863-Building taken over by Confederate authorities for military hospital. 1868-Academy made essentially a military unit. 1873-Military discontinued. ' 1882 1888 -Military department restored under Captain O. Clark. -Again discontinued. 1898-Military department resumed under Major George P. Butler. 1925-Military unit converted into -Tunior R.O.T.C. Unit by U. S. Government 1935-6-7-NVinner of Hearst Trophy for three consecutive years. CONTENTS if ADMINISTRATION if CLASSES if MILITARY if FEATURES if ATHLETICS if ACTIVITIES Book One ADMINISTRATION 1 "" in al , , A-A Q Q E-C U T I V E S -I U ,xi QW -x : T . N v I N v 9 ' 1 ' V ' ,X ' .X r' !l Q9 'v ' .50 X X If ,. ." ". 555 UJC39 39' 4 41 s 4' 5. '11 "fx A . 3 5 'Vr ..... ' .-5 - A '.f"'lQx -1 Q ' .15 mi si 47 -rg , 'fun . ,Ja - , . . w JG. , Jil , we V. 91 i I I i 1 91 2 N Is - ,J 2' '1 J .- 1 .J n 'lv' 5 'pu . 'S ,VJ ,cn Q 5 Q 1 l Wx, .4 F 1 I 1. u. - an ' 4 -.rn El' it!! ,,4- EXECUTIVES W I I by he fc CN x.,.f FIRM ' lames Lister Skinner, B. S., E. E. B. S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute, l908: E. E., Albama Polytechnic Ifstitute, l909y Columbia University Summer School, l92l, Assistant in Electric Laboratcry, Alakama Polytechnic Institute, IQU8-U97 Instructor in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1909-IO, Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, IQIO-ll, Superintendent, Electric Light, 'Water and Gas Plants, Eufaula, Ala., 1911-l5g Mathematics and Physics, The Academy of Richmond Ccunty, l9l5-265 Assistant Principal, Academy oi Richmond County, 1924-26: Dean, Academy ot Richmond County and The Iunior College :II Augusta, 19716-30, President, The Academy ol Richmond County and the lunictr Ccllege of Augusta, l93O-. EXECUTIVES "I" Eric West Hardy, A. B, A. M. A. B., Furman University, 1908: A. M., University ot Chicaqo, lQll, Graduate Student, University oi Cldicaqo, 1908-O97 Pi Gamma Mu: instructor in History and Economics, Ouchita Colleqe, i909-lUg Graduate Student, University of Chicaqs, l9lU-ll: Headmaster, Fork Union Military Academy, l9li-145 Dean and Actiiq President, Bessie Tift College for Women, 1915-185 Academy oi Richmond County. 1920-26, lnstrucioi, American Institute ot Banking, 1930-34g The Iunior College oi Augusta, l926-305 Dean, The Academy of Richmond County and The junior College ot Augusta, i930-. Vt . MCYVW Board of Trustees, The Academy of Richmond County BRYAN CUMMING ....-..... PRESIDENT JOHN PHINIZX '... . . . VICE-PRESIDENT XYARREN BOTHXYELL . . . - SECRETARY-TREA5URER LANDON THOMAS E. C. B. DANFORTH, JR. FERDINAND PHINIZY W. MONTGOMERY HARRISON Officers ot Board ot Education T. J. FENDER . . . PRESID1:ZN'1' H. L. MURPHEY . .... VICE-PRl151DliN'l' s. D. CoPELAND . . SEC. AND SUPT. OF SCHOOLS High School and lunior College Committee MRS. BEN E. LESTER . . , , CHAIRMAN E. M. GAY H. L. MURPHEY R. T. MOORE T. M. NICKLES MRS. F. MULLIGAN J, J, HARBIN . 5, 1? yu-uf.-'sul-Q,'r"'1' f-'W1-r 1 . 4' 'o fl 1 Q lv Q41 4 'PW J ,W -fm 3' l gf, mf' -5 gtg! J - N FACULTY a-1 1 1913 1915 1915 1917 1917 1919 Q ,M ERNEST MASON ALLEN N- Ph' B' SENIORITY lk -h.. FRENCH , C X- MR KENNEDY . I , 1 Q . gk Q9'Wfn ,, PRESIDENT SKINNER oo! , f MR. CORDLE . T 5, GU mgffz-1N5ERsoN . , -f M- A' MR, BRYSON . . ' C5-GERMAN, FRENCH A MR. SCRUGGS . MR. EUBANKS . K MARGARET BAILIE i .I ' ,117 5- 71' UJUQ' L KATHARINE P. BOGGS ED UCATION 'z X Y X1 GEORGE LANGSTON BOLTON Egg, - B, S. GT." CHEMISTRY fl af' N 5 ' MARION TURNER BRYSON 'V A. R. N 1 SCIENCE SENIOIQITY DEAN HARDY . MF.. MITCHELL . . f:f:DONA1.D . 11? IKARECERT . . 1. R. BUCKNEF1 . ICR. READ . 1920 1920 1920 1921 1922 1922 FACULTY Q- IAMES MORGAN BUCKNER B. S., M. S. 'H' MATHEMATICS I O'NEAL W. CHANDLER 7' B. S. 7 SCIENCE X 26? . '15 ELMO CLYDE ' A.B. L f MATHEMATICS ,' 1 'I lxw fwfr CHARLES GUY CORDLE - Q71 rf h A. B., M. A. I HISTORY :A . 7 I 1, 9 f :I "..:'1-xxz' . GEORGE MARTIN DASHER S. . WOODWORK, MANUAL TRAINING -- - . ' XX mfkl , :-f5:f'ii. I ELROY DU PUIS -3 3' , A. R., M. A. N YT ENGLISH 600'-J FACULTY if sy" S ff' QQ? . X r ,-s' a, . LOUISE DYESS B. S. ART IOHN MARSHALL ELLIS A. B., M. S., Ph. D. BIOLOGY 1 CHARLES MARTIN ETHEREDGE A. B. vz mgcs, EPYG1-ISH.'ECONOIvj1CS rj! fb jf if .ffw I 9727 I IOHN EVANS EUBANKS A. B., M. A. LATIN, GOVERNMENT, PSYCHOLOGY jiijmit GEORGE WAYNE EWING B B GY, MATHE ICS, GENERAL S NCE HERMAN MCDONALD FELDER A. B. ENGLISH M R M R M R M R M R M R SENIORITY SCOTT . HAINS . DASHER . . . B. R. SMITH CHANDLER ALLEN . 1922 1923 1924 1924 1925 1926 FACULTY NORMAN L. GALLOWAY 9' ,s SENIOQITY B' S" M' A' ' ?SYCI'IOI.OGY, EDUCATION, HISTORY, ECONOMICS .' ,f,."! ' ff X ' . I X If A , , MISS BOOOS . . 1926 . 'I I W X54 f if 'J DR. ELLIS . 1926 MR. SUTTON 1926 1 ROBERT EM11. GRESSETTE wr T? MR. TALLEY , 1926 A- B- ' HISTORY, c1T1z1:NSH1P 1"f A ' MR. ETREREDO12 1927 , 5 gg, , 1 f l ' 'V-"7 . 'Qi I I ! MR. ORIPPIN . . 1927 mf! I ' WW' LUTHER ALFRED GRIFFIN B. S., M. S. '- I, BIOLOGY, BOTANY 55 1,3 3 . I A , 2351 4' IOHN THOMAS HAINS B. S. MATHEMATICS FRANK MOORE HARRISS A. B. ENGLISH, H7 JOHN DAVID HUG Y, IR. B. A. N HISTORY, ITIZE .E - FACULTY Q: 1 WILLIAM REDDING KENNEDY ' COMMERCE DOMENICK MARION LINCUL Bond Master Degree MUSIC , - i ae. .J ,Qi , IAMES CURTIS LUCKY B. s. Wg, MATHEMATIC Mfwfef WILLIAM LEROY MADEN A. B., M. A. FRENCH aL,?i?2fwffW g s V' VERNON MADDOX B. S. it Q COMMERCE , ,A S me-WW .f I '.E1j1ff ANTON PAUL MARKERT A ., B. s., M. A. MATHMATICS J4, I . ' If - f 3 1 MH MR MR MR IU R N131 RIDGVVAY SIMPSON OVVENS . SENIGQITY ROBERTSON . MADEN . . .Cx,T,.I 19717 1927 1928 1923 1929 1929 MR. MR. MISS MR. MR. MR. MR. SENIOIQITY BOLTON . GALLOWAY . BAILIE . GRESSETTE . MCDOWELL . LUCKY . ANDERSON . 1930 1930 1931 1931 1931 1933 1934 FACULTY IOSEPH GEORGE MCDONALD , E Ph. B., C. P. A. A MATHEMAQCS - .?7ff A -I V .f ' I 'C . .' '25 as , DAVID FRANKLIN MCDOWELL . I A. B., M. A. 4-2- .iv SPANISH ' , WLLLIAM CLARENCE MCGEE Sergeant Ass"r. P. M. s. G T. CHARLES HAROLD MITCHELL 1? A. B., M. A. 1' ENGLISH ,- A W'-I V 1 , 1" ,Lf r J' AUBURN GABELLE OWENS A. B. ISH, HISTORY I IOHN WILSON O'DANIEL Major Infantry P. M, s. 5 T. FACULTY V! ,X , 7410.1 - J ' T771-1ENRY,OSGOOD READ My Ph. B., M. A. ENGLISH 7451 5 A I A X I GEORGE HO .GE R GWA A. B. - f CHEMISTRY sf? IOE MAYS ROBERTSON ,V B. 5.1, f 1, Ev!ATI-zz sg 4- 'E e 6' H LIE ASBURY ROYSTON 1- ' - B. S. C. Q-"Tl Q' gg' HISTORY ., th i Q' X1 GEORGE MILTON SCOTT .1 A. B., B. Lit., M. A. ENGLISH ff" '- xl' CHESTER A. SCRUGGS . ,ffl 4 A. B., M. A. A CHEMISTRY 1 if- ,Ju 4 fl 2 SENIORITY MISS DYESS . MR. EWING . MISS MERTINS . MR. DU PUIS . MR. MADDOX . SERGEANT MCGEE . MR. CLYDE . 1934 1934 1934 1935 1935 1935 1936 MR MR 1. .I-I MR MR MR SENIOIQITY . FELDER . . I-IARRISS . . 1-IUGHEY . . LINCUL . 'OR ODANIEL . . NORMAN SMITH . TEMPLETOIJ . 1936 1936 1936 1936 1936 1936 1956 IE- FACULTY ALBERT FRANKLIN SIMPSON Vff' GN' A. B.. M. A. ,il A HISTORY, GOVERNMENT "' BENIAMIN BOY SMITH 'I 'U' A. B. - ,- HISTORY, CIVICS fl , IN. VX! I I .I I NORMAN CARLOS SMITH B. S. DRAWING, MATHEMATICS CHESTER MCKENLEY KIJTTON QW A. B., M. .W f ' I I .1 4' I IH I lb- x ENGLISH ' 'A f7jJ"' J 1 ,1 If IOSEPI-I LE CONTE TALLEY PHYSICS MATHEMATICS I OU Ab A WILLIAM EIDSON TEM PLETON COMMERCE Md' 5 ff? ik? WU f - 'W' 2 ': U 1 f-fi r' , ,1J71,,N , ' IW " ' M I - ,. f ,,f.,1 1q""1fy,,?mnHmm N , ,w IfIHI1'Il1 'J S' - - xx. , N 1" Lg ,T f""'f'i-figif ri ' --1,-.., 14-lUwMIl!f,!QQlQ!!f,,,k f Q s , K 5-B-sb, ,N X, X WMM- Sw lwmwww igff f SHE 1 ,A v W rn. 1 - f1 Q1 1 N AA-kTAw F l"-1-'W' Ul'lNfl1 -'H-' , Q-' SA A "IMI ' V www-.f: U uv i x ' , 7 7?1'W!, ,!ffW-jyflfh Wpnrumj ,W A 'N U EH, MK W5F'QL 'l1i iIillIiMIii'iNIil'ill"1 H M Y :LJ ." ' fldf Q WV wif 1- aj f ALF M i A aw w W1Qw1ywy1Mf,HW31,Nimfigw,MWrg , ,,.. 1Umggm LFTq1U" Tiwyb'fTV" ' :H 'Q-M H M M E? gf 4 s .+,...... gl. Book Two LASSES -wa Q . ,un 1,- iz .L If df ' 4 A . .45 A A V A J ' n 4 .. u ,e 1. ,vi -n J' dr A ig ..' , . " 'U J' , ' ,Y 4 5' H ar 4 ' Qu .-. 1 lp 1,1 I 3 f Q Q I H -s E. 'HH I Zi.. "f"3'r U 1 " f .a I 3 , '75,-rv.: 'f",i":'fF':"' ' fW11sl - Xl' . lvff ' i- " "FK 1 fx ' I' 7--e, ' l ' . F 1 I 44' SOPHO GRES . S D ...X . ,-P1 1 1. ,2 . ' 1 c 1 u ,-J '-A 'JI' 1 'Z '-1 ! Y A l - ? K ., I I 'J . H - l 'ig : r W' " ' ' 1 I ' 4 . - - V N 1 As, , - V. , . is .af 1 A ' W I V - 0- ' ' - o ' 4 , ,., , 'fav v '1- 4. .n R4 Q' G y 11, X , .Q ' ' 4 1 1 ' ' . Q 1-, ' . V L- V .- , . V .1-3 " , " . . ,- . ,- ,rj V Q, , 4, . A f ' ' -- ,' I 6. . L7 5 , :-'-' -' - --- , ,N . 1' V w '., . , .sw ' rv . - -J - ' 51 v ' ' l.,' , v . . - ' A -, , ,e , " -fy. V I I I. . . 1 L ' , . 1 . 'ff ',' , M3 -V gr 5,1 ...V ' ' w '.e f - :,' ,,, ' " 5 ., J ' ,Q ty 1-, ,,: UT: .A . 1--v-tr, ' ' .Hi I 4 6 4'-1 Q. -A +5 ' 'L if P4, I PL: . A 'L - I 5.,p.L ,rf qw A ' '1 r.P 1. "-.- lol 11' J JWI , . S A I T , I .qw 4'- . w" rf 1 I V I I 'Q - dv I , -V ' V -..- Q ,N . 1-an 1 XA- Q 5 I.- 41" 150' 'l Z- o ' f Jw, . , ,, K 5 ' A, f 0 ' Q' .- "-1. "Af g 9 -V J 'RWSQ 4 - I , Q , 4 -, - ., -f-1-' ,-i.f:f :ju 'M aig , 2 - a -o -1 ' -q! Q ,Q . 3' ,. -3 v' -r. -Q' 1. -I' 9 ' - v . 9 hp- o P- ' f ff 1 U - , Q , u Ol . i rl- . Q v . .L 1 ,, . 69.53 1 144 v A , -if -n if rw , ,, , fi 1 0 'v , -, Q., 1 V' .Q I x ' ww- , -. .1 ..- 1, ' .t ,'R iw., 54 3 , 0 V - - 4 .. '- H - V 5 . '1L'ug- v v a - Q e u 4.4 . V v r 4 . fab Q L, ' IL I , C' L . sf g,c+' .,. . . , mn - - f S ' ,- 5. K V - .V tn N'- I J 'I ., , 1 .,. u , . , .C , V, x, .du 1 Q v -4 +1 5 H. . FE S w v an I S- Q ' A ' w , u ' we .Vg ,VOC -, 11 L 429.9 ' 1 al I. C. A. ALEX DOREMUS . . PRESIDENT Qfficers MOBLEY . . VICE-PRESIDENT ALVA COOPER . . SECRETARY IACK FORTUNE . . 'FREASURER CHARLES FORTUNE . . STUDENT COUNCIL HELEN BOARDMAN . . STUDENT COUNCIL A SOPHOMORE .N MARTHA BAILIE Chemistry Club lg Glee Club 2. WARREN BELL HELEN C, BOARDMAN Student Council Secretary 2g Editor-in- Chief "Rainbow" 25 Literary Society, Secretary 2g Glee Club Zg Chemistry Club lg Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa 25 Stunt Night l, Zg Elected 'lMost Fashion- able Freshman" 1. LENORA BROWN Valedictorian 25 Phi Theta Kappa 2, Vice Presidentg Highest Honor lg Mus- keteer Staff 25 Chemistry Club 2. BAILIE BELL BOARDMAN BROWN CATER CHISOLM CLARY COOPER ERMINE D. CATER Basketball l, 2g Varsity Club 2g Cheer Leader 25 Glee Club l, 2g Stunt Night 1, 25 Elected "Most Fashionable Sopho- m-:re 25 Spanish Club 1, 2. LELAND D, CHISOLM THOMAS CLARY Rho Chi l, 2g Treasurer 25 I. C, A. ALVA H. COOPER Secretary ot Class 25 Sabre Club 1, 25 Captain R. O. T. C. 25 I. C. A. Hi-Y I, 25 Vice-President lg Managing Editor Mus- keteer lg Hi-Y Basketball League lg Pre- Law Club 2g Chemistry Club 15 Glen Club 1, 2. 1. C. A SOPI-IOMORES CRESON DAVIDSON DAVIS DAVIS DAVISON DICKSON DOREMUS DUNAWAY CAROLYN CRESON Glee Club 1, 25 President 25 High Honorg Phi Theta Kappa Zg Literary So- ciety 2. ADA FRANCES DAVIDSON Orchestra lg Chemistry Club lg Liter- ary Society l, 25 Highest Honor lg Bas- ketball Zg Glee Club 25 Musketeer Staff 25 Phi Theta Kappa. GRACE DAVIS Glee Club 15 Chemistry Club 1. MILDRED DAVIS VINCENT DAVISON BELVA DICKSON ALEX DOREMUS President of Class 2: Treasurer ot Class lg President Student Council 25 Lieutenant-Colonel R, O. T. C. 2g Cap-J' tain lg VVinner of Sheridan Sabre lg Sa- bre Club lp Secretary 2g I. C. A. Hi-Y, Secretary lg Treasurer 25 "Rainbow" Statfg Literary Editor lg Business Man- ager Zy Gold "Rug Pre-Law Club, Vice- President ly President 25 Phi Theta Kappa Secretary. SARAH DUNAWAY Glee Club lg High Honor 17 Phi Theta Kappa 2. I WCM l C A SOPHOMORES m""'x3L ROBERT GORDON ELLISON Rho Chi l, 25 President 25 I. C. A. Hi-Y 2g Secretary 25 High Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa. President. IAMES ELIXSON First Lieutenant R. O T C. lg Sabre Club lg I C A Hi-Y 25 Pre-Law Club lg Glee Club l. WILLIAM EVANS Chemistry Club lg High Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa. CHARLES FARR Literary Society lg Annual Staff, Art Editor lg Pre-Law Club 2g Glee Club l, 2 ELLISON ELIXSON EVANS FARR WM FLORENCE FOLSOM FORTUNE FORTUNE NANCY FLORENCE Basketball l, 25 Literary Society 25 Secretary 25 Honor l. ALVA FOLSOM Chemistry Club. CHARLES K. FORTUNE Student Council, Vice-President 2g Captain, R. O. T. C. 25 Sabre Club 1, 25 Treasurer 25 Tennis Team l, 25 Basket- ball League. IACK FORTUNE Treasurer of Class 25 President of Class lg Treasurer of Student Council lg Gold "R" Societyg Captain R. O. T. C. 1, 25 Sabre Clubg Tennis Team 1, 2g Most Popular in Superlative Contest l, 2. FROST GEPFERT GLICKERT GRACEY GRIZZELL GUNN HARBESON HARDIN BARNEY FROST ROY GRIZZELL VIRGINIA GEPFERT Basketball I, 25 Tennis lg Spanish Club I. ROBERT WIN SLOW GLICKERT Hi-Y lg Tennis Team 1, 25 Winner Ten- nis Tournament Ig Law Club lg I, C, A. Lilerary Society. ROBERT GRACEY , Major R. O. T. C. 1, 25 Sabre Club 1, 21 Rifle Team I, 25 I. C. A. Hi-Y I, 25 Treasurer 25 Military Editor oi Rainbow I. l. C. A. SOPCDHMORES HARDY HARRELL HARRELL HIGHTOWER k N - HILL A EY ' V, HOWARD ' HUNGERPILLAR GEORGE HARDY MARY HILL EDNA HARRELL Literary Society 2. Basketball 1, 2, Winner ot "Stunt MARVIN HOLLEY Night" I, 2. lULlA HARRELL Literary Society 2g Chemistry Club l EDNA MARY HIGHTOWER Basketball l. H ,Q ELIZABETH HOWARD Basketball 1, 27 Stunt Night 1, 'Zi Elected "Most Beautiful Sophomore". IAMES HUNGERPILLAR Debating Team 2g Vice-President of Glee Club 25 I. C. A. Law Club, Pres- ident lg Winner Mullctrky Medal for Orc: tory lg Stunt Night 2g Male Chorus 2. Wsmwfll' at J. q6lEX1l.l5ciA?llflp1l1oREs W it l' ILDERTON lOE JONES IORDAN KELLY KITCHENS LACKMAN LAWRENCE EVA B. ILDERTON ELIZABETH IOE RANDOLPH IONES Pre-Law Club 1, 25 Treasurer 25 Sports Editor Musketeer l, 25 I. C. A. Basket- ball League lg I. C. A. Hi-Y 25 First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. 2g Sabre Club 2, IACK IORDAN I. C. A. Golf Team l, 25 I. C. A. Hi-Y. me af-1.-l-j walli .old f-mm W- N J2"Wx 620-L fag ,M . so I 6 'f MARGARET KELLY Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa 2, X WILLIAM C. KITCHENS Gold "R" Societyg Rho Chip Hi-Yg Sabre Clubg Major R. O. T. C.g Varsity Clubg Rifle Tearng Glee Club. DOROTHY LACKMAN Secretary of Class lg Basketball 1, 2g Cheer Leader Z7 Annual Staff 2g Glee W Club l, 2g Phi Theta Kappa 2. ' l IOYCE LAVVRENCE Basketball l, 25 Glee Club 1. I I i l I C A SOPHOMORES qs.. 'ls' ,f X LAZENBY MANDT MARSHALL MARTIN DOROTHY LAZENBY "Rainbow" Staff 1, 2g Art Editor lg Literary Editor 2g Glee Club l, Z5 Pub- licity Manager 2g Literary Editor Mus- lceteer lg I C A Literary Society 1, 25 Program Chairman 2g High Honor lg Pni Theta Kappag National Council Repre- sentative. VALERIE MANDT Basketball Manager 2g Glee Club l. GEORGE MARSHALL First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.p Sabre Clubg Chemistry Club lg l'Rainbow Staff MARION MARTIN High Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa. MCLENDON MOBLEY MORGAN MUSTIN MILDRED MCLENDON HARRY MOBLEY Cadet Colonel 25 Captain R. O. T. C. lg Treasurer Sabre Club lg President 2g Vice-President ol Class 25 I. C. A.: Pre- Law Club, Secretary Zg Basketball League lg Glee Club. SARA MORGAN MARGUERITE MUSTIN Stunt Nightg Elected "Most Fashion- able Sophomore." tilt? xltxr Pl-IOMORES MCELMURR AY MCFADEN MCLARTY POLLARD POPKIN PRESCOTT READ REDD LILLIAN McELMURRAY DAN MCFADEN Captain in Band 1, 25 Sabre Club 1. 25 Intra-mural Basketball League lg Ten- nis Team 1, 25 Pre-Law Club lg Orches- tra 1, 2. ROBERT MCLARTY Winner of Battey Medal for Oratory 15 Pre-Law Club 1, 25 Vice-President 25 Literary Society l, 25 Glee Club 2. WARREN POLLARD HERMAN POPKIN Glee Club 25 Literary Society 25 Span- ish Club lg Honor 1. ELIZABETH PRESCOTT OLA MAE READ PATRICK REDD Major R. O. T. C. 25 Vice-President Sabre Clubg President of I. C. A. Hi-Yg Law Club. Fi 32 51 E2 3 3' 14 Q1 '! V 11 F2 KE ll 3. -J S3 fi I3 F! F 2 x E5 5 n REID RHODES RICHARDS ROPER RUTHERFORD SAYE SHERIDAN SMITH CAMILLA RUTHERFORD Chemistry Club lp Spanish Club lg Glee Club Zg Literary Society 1, 25 High- est Honor lg Musketeer Staff 25 Phi Theta Kappa 2. SAM SAYE I Orchestra l, 25 Pre-Law Club 25 Lit- erary Society 25 Honor l. LIDDON SHERIDAN I. C, A. Literary Society lg Honor 1. CONRAD SMITH ft' E or QSM, SOTT STEED STELLING THOMAS TOOLE TYSON WALLACE WALLER PRED SCOTT I. C. A. Hi-Y 1, 25 Treasurer lg Pre- Law Club 1, 25 President ly Literary Sol ciety lg Glee Club, Librarian 2. ROY STEED EDWARD STELLING Cczptoin R. O. T. C. 27 Sobre Club 25 Honor lp Spanish Club lg Chemistry Club lp Pre-Law Club lg Literary So- ciety 2, LUCILE THOMAS l. C. A. SOPHOMORES 5 'a tt -,uvfg w XJ!! I Ili' MARY LOUISE TOOLE SAM TYSON Chemistry Club lg I. C, A. Literary Society l, 25 Pre-Law Club lg Business Manager Musketeer 1, 2. SARA WALLACE Glee Club 2g Spanish Club lg Chern- istry Club 1. RUTH WALLER Golf 1, 2g Treasurer Literary Society 2g Basketball l, 2g Glee Club l, 25 Chem- istry Club lg Honor l. l C. A. SGPHOMCDRES "'All-Usl ln Wonderland" lXYith .Xpologies to I,ewis Carrolll Une sunny morning when humming bees and warm winds made one drowsy, "All-us" lay in the shade of a great tree. Suddenly a dapper little rabbit with a slight moustache on his upper lip and an English book under his arm scurried past. He was looking at his watch and murmuring some- thing about nine o'clock on registration day. "All-uf." forsook the comforts and laxity of the summer day to follow this queer little 1'abbit into a massive building, down long corridors with many doors on each side. This building was found to contain the queerest sights that "All-us" had ever seen. and many days were spent there. Un the lirst floor was a room filled with all kinds of food. This food made one feel all out of shape. particularly the currant rolls. "All-us" discovered a very large room presided over by the Mad Hatter, who had a passion for puns, and the Dodo. a pink-faced bird with spectacles on his beak. These two made many announce- ments, which did nothing but confuse "All-us" terribly, and the Dormouse took full advantage of all opportunities to catch up on his public speaking practice lwhen he wasn't asleepj. Another silly sight was the wise and serious old caterpillar, who' sat on a mushroom lor was it a Musketeer?J smoking a pipe and asking questions that even he couldn't answer. Then there was the Duchess, who was found on the thi1'd floor, nursinv and "shushing" her noisv sneezing children. of 6 .' 'G "All-us" became quite angry. These people were so very queer and there was so much confusion. However. in two years, much can be, and was, learned. This nightmare, which came on the night of registration day, had little effect on the good record that "All-us" of the class of '37 helped to establish. V Prophecy Dear Ada: I ran over to Paris a few weeks ago to do some shopping and also to attend the European debut of Mme. Carolyn Creson in "La Boheme." Someone in the next box at the opera applauded as much as I, and when I tu1'ned, I was downright thrilled to discover Helen Boardman. She introduced me to her husband, Sheik Abbadalabba, who is ambassador from Arabia. Helen enthusiastically recommended me to her personal designer, lN'Iadame Mustin, who really designs quite striking gowns. In the "shoppe" I picked up a U. S. newspaper and saw that .lim Hunger- pillar and Robert McLarty are political candidates for the Presidency, and to think we "knew them when." Also on the next page I happened to see an article by The R. H. Lillian McElmurray, only woman senator. Across the street I discovered "Chateau De Henna," owned by another classmate of ours, Valerie Mandt. You would never recognize her with her brilliantly tinted curls! One of my fellow passengers on the boat home was VVm. C. Kitchens. that famous philanthropist. widely known for endowing orphan asylums. He told me that Martha Bailie and her army husband have been transferred to the Philippines. Wfhile talking, we stumbled over Bobby Glickert, who was scrubbing the deck. He announced he had joined the navy to see the world. The day after I arrived home, I rushed around to my interior decorating establishment to be sure all was running smoothly. On my new customers' list were several names from nllOlTl6.ll Among them were Robert Gracey. who is now "Uncle Ezra" on the Bedtime Hour for Herman Popkin's Kiddie Shoppe. Mrs. .-Xstorbilt, nee Mary Hillg Robert Ellison, world renowned physician, who discovered that the feet, rather than the heart, are the center of motion. Sara VVallace has been visiting me for several days, and seems intrigued with her work as Patsy Kelly's stand-in. Wlhile in New York, she ordered an emerald ring from Tiffany's. The salesman told her that Elizabeth 'loe is now modeling jewelry on her lovely hands. If you go through Augusta On the Way to Palm Beach for the winter season, don't forget to write me the news of the old home town. As ever. Camilla. P. S. Before Sara left we saw Joyce Lawrence compete for the VVoman's International champion- ship and win it. -Jasc 2-asa.:-fgis?y2g:fa.::11s:sf.s.m..zg 'f-x:, s '- f-- I C. A. SOPI-IOMORES Prophecy Dear Camilla: You asked for newsg here goes! I was l1lYltCtl to a "swanky" affair at tl1e Colonial home of the Socialite Hattie Mina Reid, last Tuesday night. There were n1o'rc than a few celebrities present. R11thie XYa.ler. tl1e second Dorothy Dix, with l1er "Advice To The I,HYL'ltll'II,H was in one corner co11- versing witl1 Alva Cooper, sophisticated man about town, and Grace Davis, wl1o discovered Ililllt the Fou11tain of Youth is giggling.A silence fell as Her Excellency, Lenora l,i1'llXYll, Goveriiess of Georgia, entered U11 tl1e arm of her press-agent, Ra11dolpl1 jones. At the table, I sat between "IR-tg" I1'1,vison. wl1o l1as take11 Mr. Allen's place as French professor, a11d George Ilardy, newly elected Dean of bl C. A. Across tl1e table sat Margaret Kelly, who is Gerinan professor at tl. C. A. S1llL'CAll'. .Xllf,lCl'S4J'lI liked C1er111a11 well e11o11gl1 to settle ClUXVlI there witl1 a fraulein. At l1er right was Barney Frost. taking animatedly about l1is botanical discoveries lIIElClC i11 tiuatainala, wl1icl1 puzze eve11 Mr. tirilfin. At l'lCl' left was George "Dust3"' Rhodes, the inventor of revolving da11ce floors. wl1icl1 save walking Zl.l'UUlNl between pieces, a11d l1is chief salesman XYZIITCU Pollard. Also at tl1e liarty were Mildred Davis, Sara Dunaway, Mary Hamilton, Mary Louise Toole, Ola Mae Read, and Mildred McClendon, who teacl1 at the Galloway-Eubanks Psychological Institute. Cl11ef topics of CO11YCl'S3.lQlUl1 were the 111arriage of Alex Doremus to a fabulously wealthy old widow, wl1o111 l1e vows to love for l1er 111oney a11d wrinkles, and tl1e 11ew hook, "How to Hold a XVife" by "live times married" Marvin Holley. Late arrivals to tl1e party were Dorothy Lazenhy, conimercial artist for tl1e lflearnosqueaks Bed-Spring Co., Liddon Sl1eri- dan. Baptist minister, wl1o is SlDUllSO1'll1g' a ca111paig11 to send Virginia Hall and hVllliZ1l1'l Hardin as n1issio11aries to Chinag Ed Steiling and Pat Redd, who 1'l1l1 a flLJL1l'lSlIll1g date-bureaug and Irene XVeath- ers, inventor of smokeless cigarettes and cl1ewless chewing glllll. Feminine l1earts fluttercd XYl'lCl1 Roy Steed, the second Clark Gable, Cl1'CEl'CCl with Fra11ces Roper. FI. C. A. librarian. Our hostess suggested that we all go to tl1e super-colossal show at tl1e Hippodro111e, recently erected by Alva Folsom. Un the way, Alva Cooper told me contidentialy that Harry Mobley may be co111111issior1ed as Major-General soon. Tl1e first act consisted of Conrad S111itl1 and l1is famous man-eating lio11s. Then ca111e Eva Ilder- ton in a breath-taking tight-rope da11ce. XVarren Bell on tl1e f.ylHg'tI'21lJCZC floated through tl1e air with tl1e greatest of ease. Mfilliam Evans exl1ibited l1is 'EXVO-l16ZlClCCl giant, wl1icl1 he discovered in Africa amid IIILICD admiration from the audie11ce. Tl1e former "Follies" beauty, Mary I-Iightower, sat i11 the box office, selling tickets. Tl1e climax of this Spectacular Entertainmeiit was tl1e "I Haunt U" Spook Show, chief spook of which was Fred Scott. Vera Gunn, ,Iane CO1JClZl11Cl, and hlulia I2lCl12l1'ClS were l1air- raising as headless triplets. Roy Grizzell rattled around as the skeleton. The 11ext morning I left for Palm Beacl1. Un the trai11 I chatted witl1 Elizabeth Prescott, tl1e world famous Lady Cop, who was o11 l1er way to spend a week with Sara Morgan and her husband in their 11lOClC1'11lStlC farm house. IYl1en I arrived i11 Palm Beach, I was astounded to find that Marian Martin l1ad instigated an intellectual revolution bv l1er refusal to speak anything but Latin, In tl1e station I 111et Chief .Iustice of the Supreme Court, the R. H. Samuel Eugene Tyson witl1 l1is private secretary julia Harrell. XVhile lunching witl1 the111, I saw Elizabeth Howard, whois known around the world as "the girl o11 the cover" of the 111ost elite 111agazi11es. One tires quickly of Palm Beachg therefore I decided to lI1OlIO1' to Davtona to see Belva Dixon, wo111a11 automobilest. defy death by driving 500 miles per hour. By the roadside was a huge sign wl1ich read, "Jack -Iordan's Deaf a11d Dumb School." Ed11a Harrell and Lucil.e Thomas, Physical Directors. Bv far tl1e 111ost famous night club i11 Daytona is ru11 by Charles Farr. I insisted upon going there. Ermine Cater witl1 l1er husky voice is making a big l1it as a blues si11ger. Tl1e orchestra leader winkedg a11d upon looking closely. I discovered that l1e was none otl1er than Dan Mcliaden. San1 Saye arose just then to perfor111 a saxaphone solo, which detracted my attention f1'O1Il Da11. At 1 o'clock tl1e Floor Show began. A lovely ballroom number was executed gracefully by-guess! jack Fortune, Nancv Florence, Charles Fort1111e, and Dorothy Lackman. Immediately afterwards, tl1at fa111ous vaude- vi.le team of Tl1o111as Clarey, Creorge Marshall. and Si111 Morris began their wise-cracki11g. Glancing at the next table I beheld Leland Chisolm, Daytona Fire Cl1ief, with his guests Virginia Gepfert a11d l1er wealthy fiance, whom I later met. There is nothing more to say, for I know you 111ust be worn out by this epistle. Should I discover any more interesting news, I will write. Love, Ada. -..,Y ,,,-it .,- -- .4 l , sid., 'LST .Q . N. x l xxit 'rl - 7- - rg, f af 'fe' Fx YN" Tvffzkl' i-- . ff' 5. , -' '- 'ff .' L ---.1 N5 Q I 1 O , Q 1 Q1 A A I 5 4' . ffm: ff 1+ " f X. . , . " '. . . Q' Y gi.. 1- - . 43 ', 3? nl'.-, Lxffli , . 5 ' v'r ,, nv 4 ir.-' - .yg J . D I 'J 5 h. 1,5 .4 ,,,.,. A -5 O Aw , , - "k J 4. p - V' .. , iff, - 'J +,. '- I, J 4 7 ,.,' , vu 5.. X Lf . 5.4 , l ' . ,A- Q 1 - v 4,1 N 'V'F. 'Y 0' ' J' 1 . , . a , K6 A' gfzfi- f ' ' ' ' ' -Viv, . . - 1 1. ' If ff' ' --iw - r C CT T'?h3.,, K . H tv .L - 4 "lt v ' 1 I , .A ..- .r -A Ali .V r - - H 4 V: , -, -.A -1 ,-x.-- ' A ,nl ,gf b ,, ni.- - .U ak ,Q A-V Ii .l- -Ya Ax' 'A .5-. 1. . ' - ' f' Q1 V -J . , 1 .,-, ,cw M f'-1-. gf- ,- 4, 4 17- " N. , Y I 7. lf! 'Vyl , - - ,, 1' .,. '. 9 ' M, J ,. , I -T:1P. , , i A T , ' o Ag F il-"?x V' . ,PJ '- VZ- "tif , 'f --"." A . tflrf,-.I-Al-, iff. , wl' K ' 'A . . " ,.' X. ,ff j . . ' .:- - 1135 v. - any W -fl' -, :fi D Afo - t -:Is ' Va'- 1 .ri ..-.TA gr f' .' 1"f :fl -' L .lib-" F W I' . "A frv'-' - . ,L ,Q 4 Q, E " -' ' - 10 I' 'ff' D till' Q -A ' - -9. :Q L+ 1 , 3 " ' 3"'3". Q. -...G ,, , , . ,.g,:'1' 0 I' tri. I n " .-X J: + ' - ' -,4.1.4 . JF v - Cf A, D: f"'Waj1R - AW1 wsta kfi ' ' xt 1-'f' '- ' -x 'qw- ' IU. f 5' -N 1 f 3. J . . . , '-1 . ni ' Q - -. .,.'Q. ,Tipp . ' - L -.- - 2' ' .- a51Lm-F ' Q 7- "f'Tif"3' . 4 --' J ' r 1 J 1- div I v. , . J ,iq ,gv-G5 r"j-,p 'fa A ,Y .-f c' r 1 , J--v . - - I4 It - 3' "4 o" r J 'K' u -1.-fl, gg., n -: 1 ' .cylidl . if .q" ,,... f if- U ' I 55. -,r . . , .r - xv 7 - I. C. A. Freshmen CH1 ers X .3 WILLIAM KENNEDY . . . PRESIDENT HAZEL IACKSON . . VICE-PRESIDENT FRANK CARSTARPHEN . . SECRETARY AL. MORRIS . . TREASURER GORDON KELLY . . STUDENT CoUNcn. CHARLIE STULB . . STUDENT COUNCIL 77' I i l I R I I. C. A. FRESHMEN M jjj? ff " MARGARET BROOME Literary Societyg Hi-Y-W. IVERSON BRYANS BRUE CHANDLER VIOLA BROWN T. BRYNGELSON MARTHA COOPER Literary Societyg Glee Clubq Musketeer Stuff: Hi- Y-W. FLORENCE ANDERSON Literary Society. MARY BARNES Literary Societyy Glee- Club: Hi-Y-W. LEOLINE BLACK Literary Societyy G1-ee Clubz- Hi-Y-W. KATHRYN BRYAN FRANK CARSTARPHEN Glee Club: Sabre Club- Znd Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ANNABEL CORLEY Literary Society: Glee Clubg I-li-Y-W. SARA BAILEY Liercry Society. FANNIE BATTEY Chemistry Club: Literary Society. LORINE C. BLACK ,Q BEN BARNARD Chemistry Club. MARK BAYNHAM SARA BOLGLA L"T?"Cf'Y Sicietyg G'ee ,N V C,LlD. ANN COTTER ANDREW COVAR Literary Society: Glee Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Club. HUBERT CRAWFORD ALLEN CUTTS Literary Society: Con. Literary Society: Athletic tributorto Musketeer. Editrr of Musketeerz BGS- ketball. ROBERT E. DALEY STEVE DRANE -' .fi c"l ' .Lf AMELIA CRAIG Basketball: Glee Club. ESTELLE DAITCH Glee Club. ELEANOR DUNBAR FRANK DURST Chemistry Club. 'la ' a CECILE EIELDER Literary Society: Glee Club. HENRY GARRETT lf 1. C. A. FRESHMEN ofgw-:Af A 1 ,5 A- 7 GENE EVANS AUTRELL FLETCHER ALBERT GARY Sabre Club: Lieutenani O. T. C.: I. C. A. Pre' Law Club. ELIZABETH FAHR Basketball: Glee Club VIVIAN FOSTER Literary Society. STANLEY GILLMAN I. C. A. FRESHMEN ww Q' 171. I-IAZEL IACKSON Vice-President of I. C. A. Freshman Class. IESSIE IONES Literary Societyg Glee Club. MEYER KREISBERG Sabre Clubg Lieutenant R. O. T. lf I I wirrizwi micss Captain, R. O. T. C.: Sa- bre Club: Rifle Team: I. C. A. Hi-Y: Pre-Law Club: Varsity Club. GORDON KELLY First Lieutenant R.O.T.C.: Sabre Club: Gold "R" So- ciety: Student Council: Pre' Law Club. IACK KREWSON CHARLES GWINN HENRY HAMMOND CHARLES HOUSTON Editor-in-Chief of "Rain- bow"p Pre-Law Club: Gold "R" Society: Literary So- ciety. LORENE IENNY Literary Society: I-Ii-Y'W. WILLIAM R. KENNEDY President, I. C. A. Fresh- man Class: I, C. A. Hi-Y: Pre-Law Club: Manager and Member of Golf Team: Gold "R" Society: Student Ccuncil. ELIZABETH LAMKIN Glee Club. IOHN R. HALL Captain, R. O. T. C.: I. C. A. Hi-Y: Pre-Law Club: Sabre Club. T. I. HEFFERNAN THOMAS HOWARD .IW MARGARET HALL MAX HILL Golf Team: Chemistry Club: Literary Society. CLARENCE IRWIN I. C, A. Hi-Y: Literary Society: Glee Club. C- IOSEPI-I LANSDELL IESSE LEVER Seccnd Lieutenant R. O. T. C. S. I. LEWIS V ELIZABETH MADDOX Literary Society: I-Ii-Y-W. ED MARTIN I. GORDON MARTIN Literary Society: Glee First Lieuterart R. O. T. Club: Pre-Law Ciub. C.: Sabre Club: Chemistry Club. . 'BW ml I' if-mt z?M5-ev .9 .C I. C. LEVY Gold "R" Society: Liter- ary Society: Pre'Law Club: Assistant Literary Editor 1937 "Rainbow," ELIZABETH MARSH Literary Society: Glee Club: Pianist for Orchestra: I-Ii-Y-W. IACK MASON Gold "R" Society: Sabre Club: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Captain R. O. T. C.: Pre-Law Club: Business Manager 1937 "RainboW." BETTY MORAN Literary Society : Glee Club. ELIZABETH MOSS MARY A, MCAULIFFE I. C. A. FRESHMEN Ariz' ALLEN Monrtis Captain of Band: Sabre Club: Treasurer of I. C. A. Freshman Class. GEORGIA MULHERIN Literary Society: Glee Club: Chemistry Club. CATHERINE MCKEOWN F' xl I s1MEoN MORRIS Rho-Chi: l, 2: Vice-Presi- dent 2: Secretary l: I. C. A. I-Ii-Y l, 2: Vice-Presi- dent I: President 2. MAURICE MURRAY LOUIS NEWMAN Pre-Law Club: First Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C.: Sabre Club: Gold "R" Society' UM swf O h 1. c. A. PRESHMEN , ,,,..J1,,, uf. A. I. REDD Pre-Law Club: I. C. A. Tennis Team: Varsity Club. EVELYN SHORT Literary Society: Glee Club: Basketball: Circula- tion Manager IQ37 "Rain- bowu: Varsity Club: Chem- istry Club: I-Ii-Y-W. HERBERT STELLING Gold MR' Szcie-ty: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Var- szty' Club: Pre-La '.'.f Club: I. C. A. Hi-Ty Sabre Club: Teziriis Team. VINCENT ROBERTS Glee Club: Chemistry Club. LEON SIMON Glee Club: Gold "R" So- ciety: Chemistry Club: Sa- bre Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ANN STULB Literary Society: Basket- ball: Chemistry Club. if ROBERT NEWTON LINTON K. PAULK First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.. First Battalion: Adiue tant: Pre-Law Club: Sabre Club. GEORGE POLATTY FRANK ROBINSON Gold "R" Society :Tennis Team: Pre-Law Club: Lit- erary Society. CARL STELLING Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Sabre Club. HER E ON EVELYN OGLESBEE Literary Society. EREDERIC PEMBER First Lieutenart R. O. T. C. '35: Captain R. O. T. C. '3'6: Sabre Club '35, '36: Chemistry Club '35: l. C. A. I-li-Y 36: Glee Club '3B. HARRY POPKIN Gold "R" Society: Bas- ketball '36: Managing Edi- tor Muslceteer '36, '37: Sa- bre Club: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Track Team '36 IANE PAQUETTE Literary Society: Sports Editor of 1937 "Rainbow": Basketball: Varsity Club. WILLIAM PIERCE LORAN POWELL T. C.: Sabre Club. .. A- - avi: f'ff?f: , J ,11!i, Second Lieutenant R. O. DENO THEVAOS Gold "R" Society: Presi- dent of Literary Society: Pre-Law Club: I. C. A. Hi- Y. ' LESLIE TURNER Rho Chi Club. MARGARET WALTERS Hi-Y-W. MILDRED THIOT Literary Society: Basket- ball. LEWIS A. TYCE First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Adjutant Second Bat- talion: Sabre Club: Scribe Rho Chi Club: Chemistry Club. EMILY WELLMAKER if it If EUGENIA TIMM EARL C. WALLER Winner I. C. A. Golf Tournament: I. C. A. I-Ii-Y: Golf Team: Gold "R" So- ciety. AVICE WELLS Literary Society: Glee Club. fffw ,WM I. C. A. FRESHMEN Lu-'-y'l Tl-IELMA WELMAKER IOSEPHINE WHEELER HELEN WHISNANT Glee Club. BETTY WHITE KATI-IRYN WILCOX PHILIP WILHEIT Literary Society: Activi- ties Editor of 1937 "Rain- bow." I. C. A. I-Ii-Y: Pre-Law Club: Sabre Club: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.: Mus- keteer Staff '37: Military Editor ot 1937 "Rainbow," HUGH WILLIAMSON IOHN VV. YOUNG W'ORTI-I ZEAGLER Glee Club: Literary So- Rho Chi, Ciety. - .M nf E if 1. xi f -5 N F 35- ,Vi In X X l 5 :rw v-1 Q-, It 5 4 ' .L-6.13- . .IA -- lx r - , 5 L I kv' It I r "5 a, 1 T t V- a. 03 - It r "rw 5-'L ,r Lp -u 1.1 gh 1 , . 5 I .- 2 L J LP Q' - . -Q i "' gf riff'- v W f Us 'I . .I U , .1 1 Sfvgit ' rf - 'L W ' I ' -I ,P .- R f F- -8 -n Am I fJf Wifi!! l I - XI WW r 4 Icy? 01049, B MI P H K UU A. R. C. Senior Orficers IACK OUZTS - PRESIDENT GEORGE S1-XNCKEN E- VICE-PRESIDENT PRESTON TOWNS -A SECRETARY WARDLAW MAY - TREASURER CLARENCE BASTON f STUDENT COUNCIL O. B. VERDERY W STUDENT COUNCIL N ,f f .1 cc-ff T ,ti f-f A. A. R. C. SENIORS ASKEY BAILEY BAKER BAKER BALDOWSKI BALK BARNES BARRETT CHARLES MOORE ASKEY North Augusta 1, 25 A. R. C 3, 45 Foot- ball 3, 45 Sergeant 35 Lieutenant 4. PAUL BAXTER BAILEY, IR. Highest Honor l, 2, 35 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 45 Sabre Club 45 Managing Editor Musketeer 45 Literary Editor Rainbow 45 Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 25 Sec- retory of Class 35 Debating Team 45 Stunt Night 45 Royal Society of "Hang- over" 45 Gold "R" Society 45 Class Vale- dictorian 4. HENRY KERSHAW BAKER Company Football5 B. Varsity5 Varsityg Football Letter. THOMAS MILTON BAKER President of Classg "B" Varsity Foot- ball 35 Varsity Football 45 All State Foot- ball Squad 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Vice-President of H-Y 2 and 45 Corporal lg Sergeant 25 First Lieutenant 35 Captain 45 Co. Rifle Team 15 Rifle Team l, 2, 3, 4. j x.f QS IULIAN PIERCE BALDOWSKI Literary Society 1, 2, 35 Stamp Club 45 Guide Sergeant 3, 45 Manager Track Team 4, THEODORE FLORENZ BALK, IR. Freshman Literary Society lg Academy Literary Society 2, 4g Alpha Lambda Sig- ma 45 Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 Honor 35 High Honor lg Highest Honor 25 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 45 Rifle Team 45 Debating Team 45 Sabre Club 45 Secretary Academy Hi- Y 4. WILLIAM WESLEY BARNES, IUNIOR ALEXANDER BRANTLEY BARRETT High Honor lp Honor 2, 35 Literary So- ciety l, 25 Business Manager of Muske- teer 45 Corporal 25 Sergeant 45 Second Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 45 Student Council 2. Q44 - .M-pf..- .1-qw M 4 l A. R. C. SENIORS EASTON EATTEY edu D552 agtffftf' CLARENCE EUGENE BASTON, IR. Highest Honor 1, 2, 35 Secretary and Treasurer of Class 1, 2, C5 l.It.1..ber of Student Council 45 Sergeant R. O. T. C. 4. ALFRED MANN BATTEY, IUNIOR Honor 1, 25 Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Literary Society 35 Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 Sergeant5 Member ot Winning Squad from Regiment 45 Member of Winning Platoon from Regiment 4, Royal Society of "Hangover" 4. CLIFTON LYLE BATTLE Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Sec- ond Lieutenant 4. CLARENCE EDGAR BECKWORTH First Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 45 School Orchestra 4. I 7 55.6" THOMAS VAUGHN BOECKMAN High Honor 1, 25 Honor 35 Literary So- ciety 2, 35 Sergeant 35 Senior Private 45 Track 25 Football 3, 45 Student Council 35 Starnp Club 35 Glee Club lp Company Football l, 25 Varsity Club 4. IOHN DAVID BOSWELL, IUNIOR Honor l, 2, 3. lOl-lN LOUIE BOWMAN IOHN WILBUR BRADLEY E -xTTl.E EE YWORTH BOECKMAN BOSWELL BOWMAN BRADLEY A. R C SENIORS BRENNAN BRITT BRODEUR BROWN BRUCE BURCH CALHOUN CARRIGAN f 4 ,dz forma f f, , ?f,dl'c24L2 1 T, fl-f' 14,6471- , -4 -'-',- IAMES IENNINGS BRENNAN Corporal 4. IACKSON ELMO BRITT, IUNIOR IOSEPH RENE BRODEUR, IUNIOR Sergeant 4. BENIAMIN RUBEN BROWN Honor 2, CHARLES HENLEY BRUCE, IUNIOR Honor 1, 2, Literary Society l, 2, 3 Sergeant 45 Cheer Leader 4, Vice Presi: dent of Class Z.' I My IAMES HARMON BURCH, IR. WILLIAM COZART CALHOUN Literary Society l, Z5 President Literary Society 1, Corporal 2- Top Sergeant 3 First Lieutenant 4, Sckire Club 47 Tennis A4A Team 3, 4, Winner Tennis Tournament, Varsity 3, 4. THEODORE STUART CARRIGAN Literary Society l, Z, 3, Track Team l, 2, 3, 4, Guide Sergeant 2, Platoon Ser- geant 3, 4, Academy Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 4, Manager B. Varsity 2, B. Var- sity 3. A R C SENIOI6 W LEON O'NEAL CAVE Academy Hi-Y 4, B. Varsity 2, 3, Var- sity Football 4, Letter Football 4, Honor 3, Sergeant 4, Basket Ball Manager 3, 4. LUCIN WERNER CHANEY High Honor 1, Honor 2, 3, Literary So- ciety 2, 3, Senior Private 4. WILLIAM CHAPMAN, IUNIOR High Honor 1, Z, 3, Sergeant 4. HENRY HERMAN CLAUSSEN High Honor I, 2, Honor 3, Rifle Team 4, Literary Society 2, Richmond Hi-Y 4. CAVE CHANEY CHAPMAN CLAUSSEN COCHRANE COOPER COVAR CRAWFORD IAMES WILLIAM COCHRANE High Honor I, Highest Honor 2, 3, Freshman Literary Society I, Academy Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Member Alpha Lambda Sigma 4, Vice-President Alpha Lambda Sigma 4, Literary Editor "Rain- boW" 4, Muslceteer Staff 4, Gold "R" Society 4, Sergeant R. O. T. C. 4, Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C. 4, Rifle Team 4, Sabre Club 4, Runner-up State Latin Tourna- ment 3. LUTHER DUNCAN COOPER Honor I, Literary Society 1, 4, Lieu- tenant 4, Sabre Club 4. ABNER L. COVAR GEORGE WASHINGTON CRAWFORD . x I H. J wi' I L! I, ent A. R. C. SENIQRS CREED CROUCH CURTIS DANFORTH DAVANT DEAN Dt-:MEDICIS DINSMORE l fylfj 4:14 aww! CLEVELAND EUGENE CREED, IUNIOR IAMES SANDERS CROUCH, IUNIOR Honor I, 35 Sergeant 4, IOSEPH LIMUEL CURTIS Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Football Team 3, 45 Literary Society lg Track Team 45 First Lieutenant 45 Stunt Night 2, 3, 45 Chaplain ot Hi-Y 45 Delegate ot Hi-Y Convention 3. EDWARD COURTNEY BULLOCK DANFORTH, III Honor I5 High Honor 25 Honor 35 Stamp Club 35 Sergeant 4, CHARLES DAVANT, IUNIOR Entered A. R. C. 1935. Honor 35 Ser- geant 45 Manager Track Team 4, RALPH MARION DEAN HERBERT HILTON DEMEDICIS IOHN WILLIAM DINSMORE Sergeant 35 Honor 15 Literary So- ciety I. V A. R. C. SENIORS ii-. .. MAQWW RICHARD IACK EDENEIELD Staff Sergeant. CARL RICHARD ELLIOTT Honor I, 25 Literary Society 2, 35 Glee Club 45 Corporal 4. IULIAN THOMAS EUBANKS Honor I, 2, 3. NEAL ALAN FINE Honor I5 High Honor 25 High Honor 3, Lieutenant5 Annual Staff 4 fArt Editorl, Sabre Club 45 Litcrary ffotiety 2, 3, 4, Sergeant 4. EDENFIELD ELLIOTT EUBANKS FINE GARDNER GEHRKEN GOETCHIUS GOODWIN WALTER C. GARDNER, IUNIOR Sergeant 4. ARNOLD RICHERS GEHRKEN, JUNIOR Lieutenant 45 Officers' Club 45 Sabre Club 4. EUGENE VAN NESS GOETCHIUS High Honor I, 35 Member Alpha Lambda Sigma 45 Highest Honor 25 Pres- ident Alpha Lambda Sigma 45 Literary Society 2, 35 Participant in Stunt Night 45 President Literary Society 45 Military Editor oi Annual 45 Musketeer Staff 45 Declaiming Team 35 Debating Team 45 Glee Club 45 Sergeant 4. IARRELL BLAND GOODWIN, IR. Honor l, 25 Literary Society 2, 35 Win- ner ot W. C. T. U. Essay 25 Eclitor-in- Chief of Annual 45 Associate Editor of Musketeer 4. A. R. C. SENIORS H . It ,iw l GRAHAM GRIFFIN GULLEDGE I-IADDEN HALL HAMBY HAMMETT HANCOCK 1. ,. , SAMUEL T, GRAHAM Golf Team 3, 4, Lieutenant 4 LOUIS GRIFFIN, IUNIOR Orchestra 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Second Lieutenant 35 Top Sergeant 2, Honor 1, 2 IACK DONALD GULLEDGE O'DELL HADDEN ' f Y, .we , 7 T Y. , ',1'i ,Z ff '7i'i'.+'7f4lt2V?"1.5'r"'5'f"1'!" ""' E CARLISLE DOUGLAS HALL Best Drilled Cadet 3, 45 Rifle Team S, Sergeant 4g First Lieutenant 5g Captain 6j Literary Society lg Sabre Club 5, 6. DAVID OTIS HAMBY, IUNIOR Senior Privateg Literary Society 3. CHARLES UNION IIAMMETT, IUNIOR CHARLES ALEXANDER HANCOCK A R C SENIORS LIDIJX' . Lv-"..'.2:L".' . . , .. ... IAMES FRANKLIN HARTLEY Literary Societyg Sergeant 35 Band 3g Company Football 3. MARVIN WILLIAM HENDERSON RICHARD THOMAS HENNIES MILTON HERLONG, IUNIOR HENRY HILDEBRANDT Honor 3. I-IARTLEY HENDERSON I-IENNIES HERLONG HILDEBRANDT HILL HOLLINGSWORTH I-IOOPER CLAUDE MONROE HILL High Honor I, 2, 3g Alpha Lambda Sigma 4g Stamp Club 3, 45 President Stamp Club 35 Academy Literary So- ciety 35 Senior Private Club 4. EARL CRISP HOLLINGSWORTH, IUNIOR Honor lg Company Football 1, 21 "B" Varsity 2, 37 Academy Hi-Yg Literary Society Ig President Literary Society lg Sec. Freshman Classy Top Sergeant 4. FRANK H. HOOPER Lieutenant Colonel 45 Sabre Club 45 Rifle Team 4. HUGHES IVEY KELLEY KERR LAMAR LAZENBY LEE LESEUER A. R. C. SENIORS fi f -61156140-J-' Qld I wjf , 5 , f if 29529731 B 'YFFRTF 'f I 2T?i3f'A ff' fflf?-G'!ii'??'5?2"6i73'573.'75!-ff-f Ll SNS FFFEUE THOMAS LORIN HUGHES HENRY FRANK IVEY, IUNIOR Highest Honor l, 2, 35 Corporal 4. MARVIN ISAAC KELLEY, IUNIOR Sergeant 4, EUGENE MURPHEY KERR BERNARD OWENS LAM AR Stamp Club 3, 45 Corporal 45 Company Football 2. l 1 ,S r X IAMES MILTON LAZENBY High Honor 2, 35 Sergeant 45 Lieuten- ant 45 Sabre Club 45 Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Alpha Lambda Sigma 45 Academy Debating Team 3, 45 Musketeer Staff 45 Gold "R" Society 4. IAMES BOTHWELL LEE, IR, Student Council5 Golf Team 2, 3, 4, 55 I-Ii-Y Treasurer 35 President 55 Captain 55 Literary Society 2. BEN HILL LESEUER Track 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant 45 Officers' Club 45 Honor 45 Sabre Club 4. Hwy, . - Y. .V .,,,,..,...-1 .. L-. - .--aa, . i ...A A ....-kal...,..4....,4,.,i..- -.- 1-L12 c,sEN1o12s , L 'W .2 new .Vip I g.1 12:'t.E,,14 'YQ' . WILLIAM LEWIS Track ly Band 3, 45 First Sergeant 45 Honor 4. SWEENY BOYCE LONG Corporal 25 Sergeant 35 First Lieuten- ant 45 Chaplain Hi-Y 3, 45 "B" Varsity S5 grack 2, 3, 45 Tennis Team 35 Sabre Club , 4. ROY DAVIDSON MADDOX Football 35 Fr. Literary Society l. MARION IOSEPH MAHER, IUNIOR Sergeant 3, 4. LEWIS LONG MADDOX MAI-IER MAI-IONEY MALONEY MASON IOHN IOSEPH MAHONEY, IUNIOR Literary Society 1, 4. ROBERT SHERON MALONEY Captain of Supplies 45 Sabre Club 4. CHARLES VICTCH MARKWALTER, IUNIOR FRANK DAN MASON MARKWALTER A . , I 3 Wifi SENIORS MAXWELL MAY MEEHAN MERRITT MIZE MONTGOMERY MOODY MOORE ROBERT IEEFERSON MAXWELL. IUNIOR High Honor 15 Highest Honor 25 Honor 35 Senior Private5 Literary Societyg Vice- President Literary Society 15 Annual Staff 4. WARDLAW WILLIAM MAY Treasurer of Senior Class5 Sabre Club 45 First Lieutenantg Member ol Tennis Team. THOMAS PATRICK MEEI-IAN Honor 2, 35 High Honor 1. WILLIAM EDGAR MERRITT Honor I, 25 Literary Society I, 25 Cor- poral l, 45 Stamp Club 25 Member ol Royal Society ot "Hangover" 4. EDWARD GUNNELS MIZE High Honor I, 35 Honor 25 Literary So- ciety 2, 35 Corporal 4. ALGERNON IEROME MONTGOMERY, IR. Honor 2. EDWARD ALBERT MOODY Company Football 25 "B" Varsity 35 Varsity 45 Letter in Football 4. IOSEPI-I WILLIAM MOORE Sergeant 35 First Lieutenant 55 Rifle Team 45 Sabre Club. l '- 3-ref: 'I -W!'1'T1'f1'?A!'Tnle:'Il!6B1?i I -.-Hg A. R. C. SENIORS WV 13981 new J -Pz:: A :A 4, MARION WALLACE MORGAN Honor 3. CLIFF HAMMOND MCKIE ROBERT LINDSAY MURRAY Honor 1, 2, 3. WALTER BEERY MURRAY Glee Club 45 Literary Society 25 Stunt Night 4. Q2-, ii L.,f if fi. .Tj QW ' MORGAN MCKIE MURRAY MURRAY MCGAHEE r MCRAE it 2 ' NEAL 1 NEILL n 'lb 1. IACK EZELLE MCGAHEE Honor 35 High Honor l, 25 Academy Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Freshman Liter- ary Society 15 President Literary Society lg Corporal 2, 4. GRADY MALCOLM MCRAE High Honor 1, 2, 35 Literary Society l, 2, 35 President of Sophomore Class5 Stu- dent Council 35 Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Richmond Hi-Y 4. LESTER EUGENE NEAL Honor Z5 Senior Private. WILFRED T. NEILL High Honor 1, 25 Literary Society 35 Stamp Club 3, 4. A. R. C. SENIORS NOWELL OGILVIE OLIVE OUZTS PETERSON PHILPOT PLAGWITZ POMERANCE THOMAS EDWIN NORVELL, IUNIOR IOSEPH IAMES OGILVIE Golf Team 2, 3, 4g Guide Sergeant 4. ROBERT LEE OLIVE, IUNIOR Platoon Sergeant 4. IOHN ANDREW OUZTS High Honor l, 35 Highest Honor 25 Academy Hi-Y 25 Secretary-Treasurer 35 Vice-President 4g President Senior Classg Most Popular Senior: Scrbre Club 45 Mem- ber Student Council 45 Gold "R" 45 Alpha Lambda Sigma 4g Corporal 25 Sergeant 41 Second Lieutenant 4g Asst. Business Manager Rainbow 45 Winner of D. A. R. History Contest 3. MILLEDGE MIDDLETON PETERSON Honor Ig High Honor 2, 3g Corporal 4 Alpha Lambda Sigma 47 Secretary 4 Literary Society 2, 3. DES FORD PHILPOT, IUNIOR High Honor 1, 3g Highest Honor 2 Sergeant 4. WILLIAM GUSTAV PLAGWITZ Honor l, 2, 3. ELLIOTT POMERANCE Corporalg Literary Society. I . R SENIORS Lf . t .mf 5 1110-ffl Q'M . . ..g...- 1 1 I I L 'T?.155I ' -4.31.125572-'auzgsgtrlaniisezmfgeg-1 .'-': Q nf-' 1111-ff ' jl W V7 EDWIN LINNELL POND High Honor 1, 25 Honor 35 Corporal 25 Sergeant 35 First Sergeant 45 Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club 4. HARRISON PRITCHARD High Honor 15 Honor 2, 35 Literary Society 1, 2. HARVEY PEARSON PURVIS, IR. Honor 1, 3. MILBUN KANEESE RATTEREE Letter in Football 4, 55 Letter in Bas- ketball 4, 55 Lieutenant 45 Richmond Hi-Y 4, 55 Literary Society 45 Musketeer Stalf 45 Best A. R. C. Athlete 45 Varsity Club 4, 55 Glee Club 4. POND PRITCHARD PURVIS RATTEREE RINKER ROESEL ROX SANCKEN .C"'z 1' TJ. 'F " .. bil: 4'H'T:.iIQ': FRANK AMIS RINKER Corporal 45 Runner-up as Best Drilled Cadet 3. IULIUS MAX ROESEL, IUNIOR Corporal 35 Sergeant 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM THOMAS ROX High Honor l, 2, 35 Sergeant 3, 4. GEORGE ALBERT SANCKEN, IR. Student Council 15 Vice-President Senior Class 55 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 55 President 55 B-Varsity Football 35 Varsity Football 4, 55 Letter 55 Golf Team l, 2, 3, 4, 55 Letter 2, 3, 4, 55 Intramural Basketball 45 "B" Varsity Basketball 55 Varsity Club. SCHOFIELD SCOTT SHEPPARD SILAS SIMS SKINNER SMITH SMOLEN LESTER BERNARD SCHOFIELD Corporal 4, Honor l, 2, 3, 45 Cadet of Best Drilled Squad 4. VERNON GARRETT SCOTT Guidon Bearer for Co. HARRY IARRELL SI-IEPPARD Honor lg High Honor 25 Literary So- ciety l, 2, 3g Top Sergeant 4g Corporal l. RAYMOND SILAS - ukk 4 3? AM FRED LEE SPEERING, IUNIOR Guidon 4. WILLIAM SHEPPARD STEVENS Second Lieutenant 45 Played in Band for Four Years5 Sabre Club 45 School Orchestra. IAMES BAILEY STOVALL Honor I, 2, 35 Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 45 Stamp Club 35 Treasurer Sophomore Class5 President of Senior Private Club. IOI-IN IOSEPH SULLIVAN, IUNIOR SPEERING STEVENS STOVALL SULLIVAN TEBOW TOWNS USRY VAN DYKE l WILLIAM IENNINGS TEBOW Corporal l, Z, 3, 45 "B" Varsity Foot- ball l, 2, 35 Member of Best Drilled Squad 4. PRESTON EUGENE TOWNS Honor 25 Secretory of Class 45 Hi-Y: Literary Society 25 Lieutenant 45 Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Captain Bas- ketball Team 45 Track 3, 45 Sabre Club 45 Elected Best All Around Senior. THOMAS HARRIS USRY CHESTER LEE VAN DYKE, IUNIOR VERDERY WALDEN WARR WATERHOUSE WHALEY WHEELER WHEATLEY WHEELESS 912054, ORVILLE BROWN VERDERY, IUNIOR Honors 1, 25 Student Council 45 Hi'Y 2, 3, 45 President 45 Lieutenant 45 Sports Editor "RAINBOW" 45 Basketball 3, 45 Sabre Club 45 Manager Tennis Team 45 Literary Society 3, 45 Varsity Club 45 Gold "R" Society 4. LEON COLQUITT WALDEN Top Sergeant 4. THOMAS COOPER WARR IOHN NORWOOD WATERHOUSE Corporal I, 25 Sergeant 35 Lieutenant 45 A. R. C. SENIORS 3' CHARLES WALKER WHALEY Golf Team, Z, 3, 45 Mcmczqer, Golf Team 45 Sergeant 45 Honors I, 35 High Honor 25' Literary Society 2, 4. CLINTON DAWSON WHEELER , Student Council I5 Honor I5 High Honor I5 First Sergeant 35 Sergeant '15 WILLIAM SANDERS WI-IEATLEY WILLIAM PINKNEY WHEELESS High Honor I, 25 Honor 35 Literary So- ciety I, 2, 35 Secretary 1, 35 Richmond Hi-Y 3, 45 Chaplain Hi-Y 45 Secretary I-Ii-Y 45 Glee Club5 Corporal R, O. T. C, I, 45 Assistant Business Manager 'lRainbow"5 Student Council 2. E! R A. R. C. SENIORS AL! MJ. wg,- .MOA- ,SX . ....,. .Q v' V , , IAMES EUGENE WIGGINS, IUNIOR Honors 15 Hi-Y 25 B Varsity 2, 35 Varsity 4. WILLIAM ALLEN WILLIS Honor l, 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Sergeant 4. GEORGE CALVIN WILSON High Honor 2, 45 Honor I, 3. , IOHN SCOTT WILSON Second Lieutenant 45 Sabre Club. W IGGINS WILLIS WILSON WILSON WRIGHT WRIGHT YOUNG YOUNGBLOOD 5 awww- I swift? IOHN DAVID WRIGHT A Sergeant 4. NATHAN ELLINGTON WRIGHT WILLIAM LAWRENCE YOUNG LESLIE LAWSON YOUNGBLOOD Honor 1, 35 High Honor 25 Corporal Z5 Top Sergeant 45 Lieutenant 45 Literary Society I, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Alpha Lambda Sigma 45 Treasurer 45 Business Manager Annual 45 Musketeer Staff 45 Stamp Club 35 President Club 3. Hi-Y 1, 2. A. R. C SENIGRS Last Will and Testament By mot BAILEY Georgia, Richmond County. XYe, the class of 1957, being of unsound and indisposing mind and mem- ory. do make. publish, and declare our last will and testament. Having for four years tor more! struggled through the long, hard grind, and having in the said period of questionable length accumulated certain memories. tradi- tions. individual traits of character. and material objects. do hereby generously bequeath the said accuinulaticns as follows: The inimitable Eugene Yan Ness Maricius Alexius Goetchius leaves to Milton Hochmuth his eccentric motions. striking posture and brilliant oratory. Neal Fine, Grady McRae, li. C. li. Danforth IH, and Linnell Pond will their honiespun wit to anyone who is in such desperate straits as to take it. Bobby Maxwell. Henry Claussen, and Leslie Youngblood pass on to some luckless undergraduate thousands of empty bottles of "Slickum Slimy and Smelluin Sweet Stacoinbf' Our handsome clzeer leader "Pretty Buy" Bruce, wills his megaphone to anyone who will take the thing. Thomas joseph Vaughan Boeckman bequeaths his brain to the science department, tu be used in microscopic work. Crunnels Mize transmits his uncanny gift uf predicting Physics tests to Carl Simon. Paul Bailey, the class 'iclopef' leaves numerous water pistols, picturesque garments. and his shy. angelic qualities for all the 'luniors to tight over. Jack Ouzts, our illustrious class president, decides that he has been too serious and has worked too hard these four years. and therefore he has noth- ing worthy of being left to our posterity. In continuance of our policy of generosity. we have obtained several items which will serve as substitutes for the departing members' of our class, and which, we feel sure, will preserve the glory of the class of '37 through the coming generations. They are as follows: A jumping jack that croons, replacing VVillie Merritt. An overripe tomato to remind our grandchildren of the delicate tint of Lucian Chaney's face. ,X pair of stilts in place of Preston. Towns. Two worn-out wire brushes to- take the place of H. jarrell Sheppards and DeS. Philpot's luxuriant hair. A leopard with the measles as a reminder of Jimmy Lazenby's chamtpion- ship freckles. As an effective substitute for the unparalleled B. Roy Smith, a phono- graph record containing dumb questions. Vvads of exhausted gum to remind posterity of Cooper VVarr and George Sancken, Armfuls of books to preserve the memory of tho-se two great intellects Billy Cochrane and Henry Ivey. Finally, in a more serious mood, we who are about to graduate fwe hopel bequeath the honor and high standards of the A. R. C. to all underclassmen, to be upheld by them, 'VVe leave to Mr. Skinner, Mr. Hardy, and the faculty our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the patience and care which they have shown us. VVe appoint as executors C. M. Askey, Alfred Battey. and John nl. Sulli- van ,who will prabably be found gracing the roster of the class of '38 next year. Signed: Class of 1937 of the Academy of Richmond County. VVitnessed: A. R. C. SENIORS Class Prophecy of 1937 Dear 'lack Ouzts, I'm writing' you. In hope that you will like this, too. Others have read it and thought it swell. So I hope you will like it just as well. The following list is of future events. Everything happens in nineteen lifty cents. Alfred Battey is on the vaudeville stage, lYith Roy Smith, they are all the rage. Paul Bailey makes striped dye for sox, Henry Claussen runs the Savannah River locks. Eugene Goetchius makes love on the screen, 'XYhile Claude Hill has found a way to keep lean. Charles lYhaley is still a golf amateur. But -lim Stovall fell for the radio's lure. Billy Cochrane is a gangster with a desire to kill, -Timmie Crouch is married to "Diamond Lil." DeS. Philpot is teaching in our dear old school, T. Balk is now managing "Kelley's Pool." Alex Barrett is in Atlanta with Al Capone, lVillie Merritt invented a new type of 'phone. Frank Rinker has inherited his father's store, And, Gunnels Mize has become a terrible bore. Eddie Danforth will be a major soon, lYhile Neal Fine at last has learned to spoon. Clarence Baston is pushing the plow, 'XYhile Lucian Chaney is learning how. Leslie Youngblood writes a novel of thrills, Jack McGee is soda-jerker down at "I-Iill's." Dick Elliott is a lolly-pop maker, And Harrison Pritchard is a carnivall faker. Billy XVheeless is the Chief of the Scouts. Tom Boeckman is refereeing boxing bouts. Lester Neal is a hen-pecked hubby, IVhile Henry Ivey earns the nick-name "Chubby." Billy lVheeless is breeding pedagreed collies, XVilliam Chapman is starring in "Zeigfeld lfolliesf Lester Schoiield is with the White Sox now, hlarrell Sheppard runs the .Xltamaha scow. Harvey Purvis is a doctor on a ship, Otis Hamby in the circus does the flip-de-flip. Max Roesel has joined the Marines. lYilf1'ed Neill tinkers with flying machines. Tom Baker still runs with Dorothy Lackman, Louis Griffin is owner of a popular hack-stand. lValter Murray writes prose and rhymes, Clinton XVheeler makes counterfeit dimes. -Ioe Curtis decided that he would buy Kress, Charles Davant helped him and made a big mess Billy Calhoun is an automobile salesman, Julian Eubanks has a route as a mailman. Carlisle Hall leads a military band. Tom Meehan sells canary-bird sand. Vernon Scott is the champion broad-jumper, David lVright has a patented auto bumper. Red Pond is called a "man about town," Billy Dinsmore is a circus clown. ,Iulian Baldowski owns a skating rink, Grady McRae is a gigilo, I think. O. B. Verdery has replaced Fred Astaire, Preston Towns sells shoes by the pair. Arnold Gehrken is known as "Billy the Rat," Boyce Long wrote a book called "Life is Like That Charles Bruce is a Latin instructor, Milledge Peterson is a street car conductor. Now Illl have to stop, To return to my shop. Donald Duck Porky Pig XVitness: Bob Maxwell. A. R. C SENIORS Class History In the year nineteen l1L'lllCl1'6Cl thirty-five. or thereabouts, a huge host of happy. hilarious freshmen entered the portals of Dear Old Richmond. From "grammar school" they had come to what was practically their Valhalla. Their joy knew no bounds when at last they were able to parade about in glittering uniform. Even a Yalhalla has its drawbacks. the freshmen soon discovered. If one of them could find his class in less than an hour. he was considered practically a mental wizard. The fearful schedule system was con- sidered as conceived by Satan himself. All in all, the poor freshmen were thoroughly disgusted with their first year. At last this enormous quantity of juvenile humanity reached the sopho- more stage in their metamorpliosis. so to speak. Some of their enthusiasm had been squelched while freshmen. but now it was replenished. These newly- hatched sopho-mores took great delight in acting important Iso they imaginedj before their "inferiors." Their worries we1'e now magnified a hundredfold. Demerits still flowed as copiously as ever in all directions. especially their own. The most exquisite torture to the beleaguered sophomore was the bear- ing of a rifle twhich. by the way. weighed eight hundred sixty-nine pounds, or something of the sort.l From the smoldering ruins of the bedraggled and war-worn sophomores arose. Phoenix-like, the junior Class. Thus far. their every aspiration had been hopelessly dashed. The only light which shone before them in the enshrouding darkness was the brilliant beacon of seniorship. To this guiding star every junior hitched his wagon. One cannot qor can one? forever remain a lowly under classman. Ergo. this body of aspiring youths. whose story we have followed since their freshman days, hecame seniors lor. rather. part of them did.l Those exalted beings, called seniors. stooped not to scorn the poor lower classes. They, the suns of their world, condescended to marvel at the small and yet increasingly small size of the freshmen. The senior. after four lor more? years of work, is complete. His predominant thought is. "Today I am a man l" F Finis, Eugene Van Ness Goetchius. Q A. R. C. SENIORS if tl we .JEL ma IV Cllfel' XVritten by Dean Eric NV. Hardy Chlusic-H:-1ydn's "Creation"J Our Alma Mater glorious stands By old Savannalfs turbid stream, Upreared by loyal hearts and hands. Fulfillment of her CllllCllAC1'1'S dream. Her noble sons adown the years. Have proved their courage. conquered fears On helds of glory, honor, tears, Inspired by Alma Mater. Her last-born sons go forth to prove, 'Mid scenes of joy, 'mid scenes of strife. The strength of her sustaining love, Her tested armament of life. They go at duty's stern command, On sea, in sky, or distant land. Led on by touch of spirit hand, Cf our dear Alma Mater. A gracious mother, fair and wise, Ten thousand sons she yet shall bear, XVith souls unseared in honor's eyes, XVith zeal to do, with will to dare. And when their well-spent days are told, From every deed of hero bold, YVeave thou a crown more rich than gold, For brow of Alma Mater. V1 w W 'I fu H x I I I P i 1 5 2 i - P r i9 vvv1W-1 15-Uv'-.H ,W-:ivy A H? Y LOWER CLASSES . If if-.H 19' 3.1. Lt , . fl' if .I 0 F J 'li -gl . Q ' ij, -i w- her 1 -ff, S . , . ,I ,1- .,. . Q7H1z'l5jl- in -ii 'WJ- IUNIORS -IUNIORS Adarns, Chas. Adams Henry C, Allen, Henry Andrews, I. I. Arthur, I. lr, Athearn, Mitchell Avery, Eugene Avrett, Milton Bailey, Billy KW E I Bailie, Bobt Barnes, Wayne A. Bernan, Hal D. Black, W, Bennett Blackwell, Maurice Blanchard, Torn M. Bolyard, F. Boswell, Chas Boswell, I. D, Bowers, Howard Bracey Iohn Bragg, Arthur ?1'Ci1'.'."1!eI HOLL l. OFFICERS GUYTON THOMPSON ALBERT lNGBAM . LLOYD STANFORD . RAYMOND LOYAL . Broome, W B. Brotherton, Chas Brown, W, T Bruker, Billy Buckley, L. I. Carpenter, Harry Cason, Iames W. Cason Bobt Cater, Idis Chalker, C A. Clark, H, F Clark, Robt Clark, Willis Cloud, A. L Cloud, H C,, Ir. Cooper, Iirnrnie Cooper, Wm, Corley, AN C. Crozier Forrest Culpepper, D, Daitch lrwin Daitch, Louis Daly, I. W. lunior Class . . Pnssinitrrr . MICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER D'Antignac, Cecil Davant, Douglas Day, Chas. Dean,I D, Deas .T C, Dickson, C. Dixon, L. Dixon, W. C, Doughty, LeGarde Duncan, I, B. Dyches, H, Dye, Paul Edelblut, C. M Elliott, L. T. Epps Iones Evans, Vlfarren H. Fitzgerald, Ias Fulghurn, Henry A Fuller, Ioey Fulnier Biley Gay, Ed Guy, Ias E Gavin, Torn I Gwynn, I, B. Hair1s,I. T. Hamilton, Billy Hardernan, L. Hardin, Iack Hardy, L. Hargrove, D. W. Hardy, Wallace Harris, Frank Harrison C. F, Harvley, I. D, Haynie, Mack Heggie Iack S. Henderson, Marvin Herrington, I. R, Hill, Fleton Hochrnuth Milton Horton, B I. Holston W. E. Horton, Lloyd Houck, Torn Howe, Henry M. Hughes, W. E. IUNIORS Hungertord, Hugh Ingram, Albert Iackson, Lloyd W. Ienny, F. F. Iones, W. D. Kelly, Iack H. King, G. P. Kimbrell, Chas. Kitchens, Ray Knapp, Frank Kratka, I. lf. Krouse, Roy Lazenby, Iohn Lee, Clinton Lemon, Vincent Levy, Benard Little, W. H. Longeway, L. W. Loyal, Raymond Luke, A. Marlcwalter, Al May, Hugh H. Menger, Wm. Messiry, Basil Meurer, R. H. Meyers, I. Middlebrook, Chas. Mitchell, Lawrence Morgan, Tyler lunior Class Moss, Lamar Moye, Ben Mulherin, Ioe L. Mulligan, Tom Murphy, Mose Myers, Eugene McAlhany, Ino. McCown, Dudley Mclntosh, Howard McLendon, I. W. Nixon, Ino. W. Nowell, Ias. H. Page, Nelson Pague, Harold Palmer, Lawrence Pappas, Chris Parks, Holstein Parrish, Harry Pomerance, L. R. Pond, Melvin C. Powers, W. l, Pratt, R. C. Prouty, D. H. Punaro, Vincent I. Parrish, Everett Radford, R. H. Ramsey, Ias. W. Ramsey, Mack Ready, W. A. Reed, C. W. Rhodes, D. C. Yee, Lum Rivers, Ioe Roberts, H. Roberts, Starling Robinson, Robt. A. Roesel, Ino. C. Rosier, Norris Rusch, Wm. H. Rushton, Luke Scarr, Geo. Scott. Vivian Shaclcletord, Mack Shell, Ed. Shirley, I. W. Shoemaker, W. S. Simon, Carl I. Sledge, Miss Helen Smith, F. Coleman Smith, Mahon T. Smith, Robt. Smith, W. H. Smitherman, R. Smolen, Perry Sneed, Wade H. Snelling, Bayard Stanford, L. A. Rhodes, Frank Richards, Marion K. Stark, Robt. F. Steele, Lloyd Steele, Wm. T. Stone, Iack Strother, Clinton Suhr, Geo. Teuton, Edward Thomas, Lonnie C. Thompson, Eugene Thompson, Guyton Toole, G. Trommerhauser, Billy Turner, W. Clyde Usry, Hubert Usry, lra P, Vause, Cecil Wagner, Max Iflffridey, C. Marion VVard, Albert F. Ware, Robt. M. Warr Carroll Whaley, I. Whaley, Paul Wolfe, W. Wong, Thomas Woodward, M. T. Woodward, W. Wynne, W. B. SOPHOMORES Kb, -1',1 X 1 iwiilv 'rt , l i - Adkins, Sam Akin, Lawton Allerton, Chas. Anderson, Fred Anthony, Edward Archer, Tracy C. Ashe, E. C. Atkinson, Archie Austin, Henry Bacon, Ioel Baird, R. L. Baird, W. Baker, Bobby B. Baker, Fred Balk, Billie Barnard, D. D. Barnes, Chas. Barnes, Geo. Barrentine, Elisha Bartlett, Wilder W. Bartley, I, L. Bateman, Haywood Battey, L. L. Battle, I. Z. Belding, Ioe Belger, Roy Bentley, Hubert Bentley, Walter Sophomore Class OFFICERS I. R. EDWARDS BOB KUHLKE CLIFFORD WOODWARD . MARION DENNY . . Best, Iohn Bland, Chas. Bolgla, B. Bonzo, Marvin M. Boozer, I, Boyd, Wm. Bradley, W. I. Brandenburg, W. M. Brechwald, Glenn Britton, Billy Brodier, W. D. Brown, Chas. Bruckner, Albert Brunson, Bob Bryant, Wade Bryson. Edward Buck, Clarence Buford, C, Burrell, A. A. Busch, Sol Bussy, Ben Calhoun, P. Capers, Frank Carr, Clyde Carroll, Philip Carry, Robt. Casey, Tillman Cawley, S. Caver, Henry Cliett, Dozier Cofiield, Prentiss Conlon, Bill Cook, Robley Cosby, Ray Cotter, L. F. Coursey, Marvin Coursey, Robt. Courtney, Howard Craft, Geo, Crawford, Iimmie Crouch, D. L. Daley, G. D. Dole-y, Randolph Davidson, Iohn H. Davis, Evans Darby, Sanford Davaney, Iarnes DeLong, Otis Dennis, C. C, Dennis, Marion Dolan, Billy Dressell,Robt. I. DeWitt, Robt. Dudley, Elmer H. Dunham, Chas. Eavenson, Wallace . . Pm-:siDENT VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER Edwards, I. R. Elliott, Sewell Elrod, Hugh Enderby, Howard Evans, H. T. Evans, I, B. Evans, I. C. Eve, Ioseph Farr, Robert Farris, Edward Fisher, Richard Fleming, T. C. Fletcher, Bill CW, H.I Florie, M. P. Ford, Theron Fort, Arthur L. Fonts, Fred Free, Iim Fulcher, Charlie Fulghum, Buford Garvin, Iulian Gatewood, Edward Gilbert, Eugene Gillman, Nathan Gingrey, Thos. Gleason, T, M. Glover, Ino G Hagler Ino C Goldberg, Sanford Granade, Hervey S Grayson, Robt. Greene, Woodall . Griffin, Wm. H. Gulledge, Lionell Hamilton, W. H. Hancock, Reginald Harrell, lack Harrison, Bernard Harrison, Billy Harrison, Harold Harvard, Henry Henderson, A. C. Hester, Rudolph Hines, Hugh Hitt, T. Hodge, Ias. Hoke, Gene Holley, Ino. L. Holston, Larry Hoops, Iack Hooper, R. C. Hoover, I. C. Hugg, Geo. Hull, Iim SOPHOMORES Humphrey, Geo. Hunnicutt, Ias. E. Huntington, Richard Ioe, Albert Ioe, George Iohnson, David Iohnston, Howard Iohnston, Iack Ioiner, Rube Iones, B. M. Iones, B. W. Iordan, Merriman Iudy, Robt. Iumper, Iulian Kearns, I. Keels, Iames Keenan, Frank Kennedy, H. King, C. H. Kingery, I. W. Klein, Louis Kuhlke, Bob - Lamb, Iudson Lamback, Gordon Lamkin, Walton Lawrence, Carl Lazenby, Iosh Lemon, Tom LeSueur, I. E. Levy, Marvin Lewis, Edward Sophomore Class Linton, Robt. Luke, Dozier Lynn, Malcolm Maguire, A. I. Mahoney, Robt. Manley, Clarence Marsh, Edwin Mauldin, Wm. Maxwell, A. Mayo, R. P. McA1hany, Dan McCarthy, Iacob McLendon, Thos. McMichael, Marion McMichael, Robt. McNair, Marvin Meyers, Walden Miller, E. M. Mitchum, Bernard Mobley, T. I. Morgan, Roy Moss, Fraser Mount, Donald Moye, Chas. M. Mulligan, Ias. E. Murphey, Ollie M. Murray, Chas. Nelson, Ralph Newman, Roy Noles, Robt. North, Burnette Norvell, Harold O'Connor, Robt. Overman, Lehman Owens, Milwee Owens, Robt. F. Parrish, Harold Patrick, R. H. Paulos, Harry Peebles, Carl Pember, Ioseph Pender, Ioseph Pender, W. Pierce, Geo. Pierce, Phillip M. Phillips, W. Pollock, E. B. Pond, Miles Pope, Ferrell Prather, Duluth Price, Iohn T. Pritchard, Harry W. Pund, H. C, Purvis, O. Rainwater, Lenwood Rankin, Geo. D. Ratteree, W. L. Redd, H. Reid, Robt. Reiser, W. A, Reville, E. B. Rhodes, Andrew Rhodes, McAlister Rice, Leo Robertson, Charlie Robertson, Heard Robinson, H. L. Rosamond, W. I. Ross, Louis Routon, I. Rox, Gerald Rucker, lsham Rucker, Iack T. Sanders, Leonard Scott, Leonard Seals, Marvin Seigler, Billie C. Seigler, I. M. Secton, Clyde Shanahan, Tom Shipes, C. E Smalley, I. W. Smith, Chas. I. Smith, Carroll Smith, Frank Steed, Eugene Steinberg, Maxwell Steinberg, M. K. Stelling, Osborne St. Iohn, Eugene W. Steward, lack Stone, L. A. Stone, Wm. E. Stoudemire, H. Stowell, Carleton Street, Tom I. Sturgis, Ioseph Tarte, Hugh Thurmond, C, B. Timmerman, Iames Todd, Lindell Tom, Geo. Tucker, I. H. Usry, Tom Wahl, Conrad Wallace, Wm. Waller, H. E. Waller, Iack Watkins, D. Webb, C. A. Weiss, Geo. Weltch, Lester Widener, Iack Wiggins, Ernest Wilkerson, Ino. Willingham, I. B. Wilson, I. S. Wingate, Marvin Woo, Edward Woo, Gambo Woodward, Clifford Wyatt, Wallace Young, W. R. Youngblood, H. FRESHMEN Adams, Iaclc C. Adams, Al G Allen, Chas D. Allgood, Chas, Amos, Paul A, Anderson, Mugar Anderson, Shivers T, Aslzey, Max Atkinson, Iack Avrett, Iaines Balkcum, Woodrow Bailie, Allston Bailey, Geo Baker, Fraril: Balzer, Bali ili W. Banks, L. A. Barden, Ino Barnes, A Leroy Barrentine, B, Barrett, Arnold Barrett, Iacl: Barton, Edward Beclcurn, Bill Eecl:um,Bi1rpee Beclcwortli, Claude Belding, Wm. E. Bell, Arthur Bell, Geo. M. Black, Iacl-1 Iitlarios Emanuel lioardrnan, Iack Llgliler, Iohn H, Bill' " Biinyon T. Freshman Class OFFICERS RALPH CI-IANEY . . . PRESIDENT ED BARTON . . VICE-PRESIDENT DAN MORGAN . . SECRETARY BILLY LEE . . , . . . . . 'TREASURER Bolgla, Abe CIBVITQY, Rudolph Elliott, Oliver Bowyer, Monroe I. Brodie, P. Athel Broome, E. H. Broome, Ias, E. Brotherton, Wm. Brown, Daniel A. Bicwre. Louis Bryant, Edward Bryant, Iasper Bryant, I. Marvin Burch, Earl A. Burnside, E H, Burroughs, Iohn Bush, William Bussey, Shaw Bussy, Robert Buttolph, Lyman Burton, B. Byran, B Calamas, Dennis Cantey, Otis B. Capers, Iacl: Capps, W H Card, Lance Carpenter, E. Carswell, Geo. W. Carter, Chas. Carter, Henry Cato, Wayland H. Cawley, Edw. Chance, Iimmie W. Chance, Paul Chaney, Ralph H. Chapman, Iohn Chavous, Andrew Choate, Iohn Cheshire, Ripley t. oy, Cassius Cloy, Marion Colclough, W, B. Coleman, First Coleman, Virgil Collier, Bernard Collins, Bernard Conlon, Theo. K. Cooper, B I. Corley, Chas. Cox, Gilbert Creech, Otis Daitch, Ioe Dales, Francis Daly, Iohn I. Davis, Baston Davis, Iulian Davis, W H. Davis, W. L. Dennis, Martin L. Derovanesian, Todd Doby, C. DuBose, Marvin Dunaway, Walter Durland, I. Archie Dyches, M. Dye, Aubrey Engler, Harold S. Ergle, Iames E. Estroff, Marvin D. Evans, Albert Earr, Marion Farr, Thomas Farris, H. Florie, Iulian Franklin, Patrick Freeman. Melvin Garrard, Boy i.,1d','.i.ig1a, Niol: 'F-?:vf:i'o-3, Tony Geter, Iames Giradot, Willie Glicliert, Iirnmie Godbee, Edwin Goldberg, Dick Goldstein, Stanley Gordon, Olin Gordon, Ollie Grammar, I. Grant, Ralph Greene, Spann H, Greene, Span I. Greene, Spann I. Gridley, Clarence A. Griffin, I. Gulledge, Earl Halford, I. B. Hamilton, R. Hammack, Paul Harman, Allen Harrell, Edward Harrell, G. Frank Harrell, Ioe W. Harris, Dan M. Harrison, M. Harrison, S. Harveston, Geo. Heath, Henry W. Heaton, Sammie A. Hixon, Clay Hogan, Billy CD. W.l Hogan, Ioe Billy Hoover, Iack S. Horton, W. H, Howard, Dorsey Howard, Sain, W. Howell, S Kilpatrick Hudson, Marion Hudson, Wm H. Hyman, Ias. A. Inman, Erank Irving, Eugene Ivey, Martin I. Ivey, T K. Izlar, Wm A. Iames, Buford E. Iones, Walter K. Iohnson, Edw. Iohnson, E. Iohnson, Iames D. I-Cahrs, Edward Kauffman, I. E. 1 N fxfiu n x uanuvw., 1--if-:rv FRESHMEN Keener, Theo. M. Kelly, Chas. C. Kennedy, Fred Kennedy, Iack Key, Walter King, Hubert Kitchens, L. Knight,Ardel Kreisberg, I. W. Krewson, Luther Lackman, Frank Lamar, Home-r W Lamb, Vernon Lamback, M. Lang, Ias. L. Laughlin, Bill Lee, Billy Lemrnons, Ino. A LeSeur, Ioseph LevrettDonald Levy, I. W, Lewis, E. H. Lewis, Guy S. Lewis, R. Livingston, D. A. Lowery, Marion Luke, Iames Macky, Robt. Markwalter, Wm. Marsh, Ierry Marshall, Otto W. Medlin, Calvin Meeler, Leslie Merritts, VV. A. Miller, Iohn Hain SS Mitchell, C. C. Mills, Carl Montgomery, A. T. Moredock, I. W. Morehouse, I. Morgan, Dan Morgan, Douglas Mulherin, Byran Mulherin, Pat Mulherin, Steve Mulligan Murphey , Iack I. , Carl W Freshman Class Patterson, Wm. Pearson, Sam. D. Perkins, Wm. T. Peters, Raymond Perry, Wyman Phillips, Iohn Phillips, Marcus Pomerance, Sanford Ponder, E. G. Popkin, Benj. Powell, Charlie Powell, Leonard Murphey, Wilbur Murphey, Wm. I. Murray, Ioe Myers, Chas. Myers, I. E. McAuliffe, T. E. McDowell, Bob Mclfeely, N. D. McGahee, Chas. McGraw, Alvin McKeown, Emmett C. McNair, I. L. McWee, Royce F. McKie, Wm. H. McLendon, Geo. P. Neesmith, I. Archie Nevin, Wm. Oglesbee, Tom W. Ogletree, Sam. L. O'Neall, Chas. K. Pague, Iames Palmer, Allen Partee, Iimmie Price, C. H. Prother, Clarence Purkall, Brennan Rachels, Iessie Rachels, I. M. Radford, Wm. Redd, Olee Reese, I. H. Reynolds, Talmadge E. Rheney, Samuel Rhoades, Iack Rice, Iohn W. Rice, P. W. Richards, T. E. Richardson, Walter Rickerson, Vernon Robertson, G. I. Robins, Iames Rogers, Iohn Rogers, Roy Ross, Ias. Rountree, Leon Rowland, Chas. Rupert, Iames M. Sanders, Gus Satcher, Iames Scoggins, Franklin Scroggs, Phil Seago, Harvey M. Senn, Roscoe Sherman, Robert Sheridan, E. C. Shirley, Clyde Sizemore, R. E. Smith, Euland I. Smith, Ioe Smith, Iames A. Smith, Wilbur Smith, Wm. Speering, Prank Spinks, David Stallings, G. Stearns, Richard Steinberg, M. M. Stevens, David Stoudemire, Ioe Stringer, Iohn E. Stulb, Geo. Swan, Walter Tankersly, I. Terry, Lawrence Thomas, Wales Tiller, William Timm, Theo Timmerman, T. L. Timmerman, W. P. Toole, Michael Toomey, Al Tullis, Wm. B. Turner, Woodrow Tubyiill, R. Turner, F. T. Twilley, Carroll F. Tyner, Grover Vidler, Arthur Wade, Iule Wallace, Iohn Warr, Robt. R, Waters, Ino. N. Watkins, Lamar Watkins, I. S, Weathers, Euley Whaley, Eldon P. Whaley, Walker S. Wheatley, L. P. White, Iack Wilkinson, R. I. Wingate, Virgil Witt, W. M. Wolff, Bernard Wolfe, Eugene S. Wood, Lindsay L. Woodard, I. G. Woodward, Harry Woodward, Theron Vx'right, Geo. Wylds, Chas. Wylds, Henry Youn, I. N. III! In 1 Ill: I I I I I llllm 1 1 1 3 i I 4 i I 1 W 4 I l I 1 I I l I E I t U r w N 'u r M wg 1 'W W ,P I 4-,gpm-f 21114. wx, -fi'w'SX,-,7-., .- 57: W 2hA-:fy ff ff' 5 -J I' xvhfy "I, 3 1, 'L ,I , - ,,.'y,,,.V '.g5j'g,.qI ig X "1 X-Xi 1 E 157 ,QNW wi1gf'.xX1!fvi X X -J ,. XK Q , . , , , L , NX x,..,L .. m ,-VA, , gh xv f 1 ,f .- V, 3' Book Three 9115 , 1, ' , I 11 ., 11 1 w , ILITARY a. 1, 9 MILITARY ' A 34 ' v - -Q un-QQ ,, wr ,. I , 5 Q Q , , . Q Q .QIQQQQ 1, , ' ' -N . . rg, , "G"--J:." ' "5"""'j7f,, YI. qfif -'-.7 'yfi SQ ' ' I I . -fklrv-"" A IA' I I I - if EA nu. Q QQQQI QQ Q? I .,,,. , A A -LQ Q Q - Q ' f,QQ fu-Q I ,- 'm..QQ:f.:,S..,---Q ., Q I H in . ,',' f' .fa-3.5 QQQQ-4 Q M , , QQ Q f J ,, -. . . .. -?,,QQAQue,Q Q v' , v. V Q ' .Xcademy Qfzulctw un IlZlI'Z1IIx' in 1917 IN REVIEW IIl1'l'L'w ll Ifurft ul m:11't1:1l lllllwlf. ,Xml tln: Imml stops wut 111111003 Thu wc1'1'icfl ranks :Irv lnmkcn. .Xml thu' rc xvlwclluq' mln plzlrc-. 'I'lu-11 ilu- Qfilllfl :mfl g'l4,1'i1,11s fun-ling' M the Ing' ls Illlhwlllg 115, XXIIIII in Stzlrw zmfl F-lripn-N In-fm'c yuu 'lxlu-rc IIQIIIHNI tlu- CIISIUTH sky, Xml thc wunll mf Illlll'L'IIII'lQ' wwI1lic-lx, Tha rI1xtI1min' t1'z1111pH1'I'cc-1. Milu-y'1'vNu-pl,i11gmlllivkly.111z11'cI1i11g' I11p:11':1-ly-,HI1w!wxx'11tI1cxt1'n-vt . .. Xml th-il' qw :wc 1v1'w111l :xml fu-111151 .XX lIlK'f"l'L' IPZKNNIIIQ. IHINXIIIQI pau: IIN-11' N rm-:www tm' thu-11' mz11't1:1l prulc. l1IlL'X'v1'l' RIl'IlIl1lll1lI in 1'afx'icxx'f KI:u'1l1:1 I,wu1w Lmflwli MILITARY Military History In August 1863, during the progress of the Civil VVar, the Academy was taken over as a hospital by the Confederate authorities. After Lee's surrender and the arrival of Federal troops, the Academy was used as military barracks by the Federal forces stationed in Augusta. School was reopened on January 1, 1868. The Academy was made essentially a military institution, the pupils composing a uniformed company which was regularly drilled. On the reorganization of the school in 1875, the military department was discontinued. In 1882, on recommendation of the faculty, the trustees of the Academy instituted a military department. One hundred muskets with bayonets were secured from the Great VVestern Gun Wiorks at Pittsburgh, Pa.. and seventy-hve sets of accout1'ements, consisting of a waist belt. a cartridge box, and bayonet, were ordered from Columbus, Uhio. An American play was donated by a group of Augus- ta ladies headed by Mrs. NV. C. Sibley. The upper west hall of the Academy was fitted up as an armory. The battalion was organized into three companies of single rank, the small cadets forming the third company. Captain Q. Clark was obtained as military instructor. The battalion drilled one hour, three times a week. The large open space to the east of the Academy building. which had been used as a garden. be- came the parade ground. This military department was discontinued in 1888. Ten years later, the military department was restored with Majoi George P. Butler as comniandant. On his retirement in 1919, Major E. C. B. Danf,.irth, a veteran of the XYorld lYar. was made com- mandant. lfnder Major Danforth extended order drill was added. Cp through 1920 the privates wore a tight blue jacket with brass buttons and a turned down col- lar, grey service trousers, black shoes, and a stiff l'ttle cap of the style of the 18603. For dress wear, the privates wore white duck trousers, instead of the grey ones, and white gloves. The officers wore a looser coat, hooked in the front, with shoulder straps and plenty of black braid. The rest of the offi- cers' uniforms was the same as that of the privates. In 1921 the privates' uniforms were made identical with officers' uniforms, except 'for the shoulder straps. In 1922 Major Danforth resigned and was replaced by Col. Charles 13, Xkhitney. ln Col. lYhitney's c-ne year of service a regiment was formed, composed of two battalions of three companies each, instead of the one battalion of four companies. Cn Col. XVhitney's resignation, Col. -I. T. Hains became commandant. llc drilled the companies into regulation platoons and organized a class in military science and tactics. XYhen the Academy was moved to its present site in 1926 a regular RX l.T.C. unit was formed, and the old uniform was replaced by the olive drab uniform. Major A. G. Goodwyn, Lf S. A. retired. previously commandant at the Citadel, and Sergeant A. Leipold were assigned by the X'X'ar Depart- ment as military instructors. In 1932 Col. Goodwyn was replaced by First Lieutenant Purswell and in 1935 Sergeant Leipold was transferred and Sergeant XVilliam C. McGee took his place. MILITARY ...-9. ., N ,1,.....m.4,4 v ww- -. . . HL, .1'm4rr5A1Iq.-41+ . --,. ,.r r. 0-. .Q 1-L . .431 ,X , p'f'W--,--ig, 'sb -3... " 2- " U .,A-.f.H '- 5: ""'x his , , 1,6 -5, rw .14-, g W is -z.. ' Xox' Mtg. wdi kt " ,Xncuhou to duty H dXscuwXuxe, mud Xhe MNKXXX5' to 'Xzxke , are esseuikzu ku the make-up ui u fend umm, uo xuuiief xx'Xx1xt pvoicaskou you deckdc Ko io",Xoxx'. Kohn NY , O' U mud, Nizxjor Xuinutfy, ' Couuumuhmt. 5. ZX, Be courteous. couskclemte. and cou- sckeutious Xu QM oi your uudeftzxkuxg You musi he due to take ordevs wel as give them. 'NNIux. C. KXCGee, ELL.. Asst. YY Lf. ' .- f u Sgt. DE. NX. 5. N x ,A ,L L ff K. MILITARY J, I KN MILITARY DUNCAN COOPER . . Cadet Captain CReq. Stafff MISS SARA BAILIE . . Sponsor SHARCIN MALOIIEY . . . Cadet Captain lReq. Staftl MISS FLORENCE ELLEDGE . . Sponsor Regimental Staff 1 HARRY MOBLEY . . Cadet Colonel MISS MARTHA BAILIE . . Regimental Sponsor ALEX DOREMUS . . Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel MISS HELEN BOARDMAN . . Sponsor 1 I 1 I MILITARY RegimenIaI Steffi I I I 1 I I N I I 1I FRANK I-IOOPER . . . C et Lie olonel , Miss VIVIAN FOSTER . . . ,L . sponsor I I I I 1' 3 WILLIAM KITCHENS . . Cadet Major meg. ACIj.I U II . ' I MISS NELI.. DANIEL . . . . Sponso 1 I Q I . I , . II ,I 'IX ' ' L' I -S ' Ib I 3. , 55. 6 Y Y IQ I3 4' I I I 3 FI I. II X Ii 1 C R3 f I1 FREDERIC PEMBER . . Cadet Captain U-Xsst. Req. Adj.J 1 Miss GRACE DAVIS . . sponsor 5 I L I I I , 1I. ILN I I1 I' CARLISLE HALL . . Cadet Captain IReg. Siaffl I MISS ALSIE IMOR BATEMAN . . . Sponsor I1 I. II I II 1I II I I MILITA RY Sta 1 t I V 3 1 ix I ,1 51 I E: il W 1'w ,1,':.::L.'. .LL 4.4. 1 fi 45 E li 14 I Qi I H 1. K 2 4 1 5: ,I Q1 I H . I , I 4 1 1 lx 'z 11 4 E 1 I 1 ri 1. i 1 1 4 i l r . I . 1 a 1 L EN if S 4 :U MILITARY PAT REDD MAJO LINTON PAULK ADIUTANT First Battalion FRANCES BUSSEY SPoNsoR Zi. MILITARY t A 3 t mf L MWWM 500W f Kyiv t L, T5 AL AMS FANNIE BATTEY Captain Sponsor Fi!-!AS. SKEY IILBURN ATTEREE EN E UEUR L, A N R B L S Znd Lieutenant lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant t Ccnmpauy "A" J wi? -J i'6?iif' MILITARY IACK FORTUNE Captain Boycz LONG LORAN POWELL BILLY Cocl-IRANE lst Lieutenani 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Company " " ERMINE CATER Sponsor MILITARY +p 5.41413 C'5-ZLL-Q-, IAMES B. LEE, I Captain LEWIS NEWMAN ALEX BARRETT ABRAHAM WEINSTEIN lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Company " " IVEY BAGGS Sponsor MILITARY ED. L. STELLING, IR. Captain GEORGE MARSHALL BRUCE CHANDLER C1-IAS. BROTHERTON lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Compan " " mfr: I ANNE HARRISS Sponsor MILITARY 3-127 z-' .'fT':f'1?3Zu'-Iff25fFff-Y . f- 'Pa-. Qutdoor Rifle Range KFEATURED BY FIRST BATALLION5 Y I i 9 f 1 I 5 5 , sr ll- f--+ -. A -, Ty.. -qlkgr-1' Q KV . , Qi- .. -' V- .hvyfm ' v' H- 'i if. gh.. U ,qi 1 ..- -1- Q: - N I 'f ' mi MW' it A fxi' if A "' 11, ' ., A, - -fr, - ff WML Ag-W. - ' - if MILITARY ROBERT GRACEY MAIOR ,, . 'JZ- x-. 1 LEWIS TYCE ADJUTANT Seccynd Battalion ' -4 LEWIS DAVIES SPONSOR ! .lb . ..:.. MILITARY Wxu.1AM Im-:ss Captain 6 , IACK HEGGIE HERBERT STELLING GUYTON THOMPSON lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Compan " " MARIAN MAXWELL Sponsor 1 1 N P 1 3 i I j, i I w I I 8 F n I i l f 3 ,, .ll '1 1 1 ll Li v L I w N L V 1 ll ,I on H li L xl Li .I E! ii QI 31 fl l. Q! 1: M V i i3 V 1 W I I Ei'E"L3siAl2.' MILITARY CHARLES FORTUNE Captain WARDLAW MAY BERT GARY IAMES LAZENBY lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutencmi 2nd Lieutenant Company " " CAROLYN HULL Sponsor QQ- "f"5' Lf- 1' 1-'. 55.14. - h MILITARY I I I I II WILLIAM YQUNG Captain IAMES Nowsu. CHARLES STELLING IOHN WILSON lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant 'Zrd Lieutenant Ccbmpan I' W 'I I 1 Il I I: I ,, I I I BETTY FERRIS Sponsor I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ee I I I I I I I I Ll'L I I wi M MILITARY TOM BAKER Captain GORDON KELLY GORDON MARTIN THEO BALK lsi Lieutenant Zrzd Lieutenant Zncl Lieutenant Compan " " DOROTHY LACKMAN Sponsor fs., Hillf Q' ' I I I I I 1 I I MILITARY E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ',-5.245 g5r3fQf95g5',g:fQ,gj555.g'g H1557 2,11159396Q.1M.TH1'! W I I I Prize Company I I I ITITLE WON BY COMPANY P OF SECOND BATTALIONJ I I I I I I I I I I I ' .,,.15:I I 'lil' 42.1.4 MILITARY ALEX DOREMUS LIEUTENANT-COLONEL .Sf W. C. CALHOUN ADJUTANT Third Battalion L r V U' At . fa .,1 A . LH HELEN BOARDMAN SPONSOR 1 I r F 1 f-7"' ' It MILITARY IQHN Hx Ca 'ati PRESTON TowNs IESSE LEVER PAUL BAILEY lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Company " " ELLEN POWERS Sponsor F MILITARY WILLIAM MARTIN Captain fm 'Wal' 5,4 HARRY POPKIN RANDOLPH IoNI:s ABNER COVAR lst Lieutenant lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Company " " IRENE HOPKINS Sponsor MILITARY I .ms ALVA COQPEH Captain ORVILLE VERDERY MEYER KREISBERG IACK OUZTS lst Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant 2rd Lieutenant Compzm " " EUZABETH H DWARD Sponsor I t Q . 55014 fx? "iii . :ns-21 , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II If I II II II W II I I I I I I II I I I I X I II I I , ' , - ' ' 1 G I 4 IBI 4 I9 JW, MILITA RY IOSEPH HEFFERNAN Captain PHILIP WILHEIT NEAL FINE BILLY POWERS lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Znd Lieutenant Compan 'C " 3 I FRANKIE KREPPS Sponsor MILITARY 7 i r Q Calisthenics QFEATURED BY THIRD BATTALIONJ !t'.--.Q T 5 - i np! '-.Qing 'Q -. Af's'f-ts... Kfmktwtyvmir af -QF! 5' -it ff' IQ' ff- 'iw of img. l K. 'g,i'w. tm-N' " :"'G 5 5 - 'Q . ' ,, ., ,. gf h L , ,nf 3,5 . wg? , , ....-'f--. ig' '-t ,X--1'-Q ,""-A'-1.--. : .v 1 :fn . '. .f . - ' E-Eta "rx r , . 7 . ff'-.--. In ' -1.5. Eti ggv 'Ag f ' 4-'il 'I-.' 'wvaf ' ' ' -Tv:-fi ' ' ' '4'.:,,1'g-,.', 1-irfn. 3 'l7,.'f-7gL"ll "gif ff " 1 . 326, si ,Q 1 in T ..., .- Q , A .:, ,,. 1 ,I I! 1 up "' . " ' L"1' fl . fi. 1. ,,. , JL 52' - V 'azefazftf A 1.. . -'"f'.-"' ef ffiar- f.. X- 5"":s -f -E: 1,-,-sg'-F'.ft.'.1i:1-z.5.- --qs .f . .,. - fy 3 . " at f -' -' iv ' .. , 7 " , 1 -- 1-.-,' 5 ,Lx . V x ,.- -V J -L4-. - .fgfy .ka vt.: l937 Rifle Team R. O. T. C. riile teams are normally composed of fifteen firing members. Matches fired annually are the Corps Area Matches, the Hearst Trophy Match, and the National lntercollegiate Match. Our rifle team finished sixth in the Corps Area Match this Spring. It finished first in the Hearst Trophy Match in this Corps Area, and the National Intercollegiate Match is being fired with a fine chance of winning it also as the annual goes to press. The outstanding feature of the team was not any one individual shot, but a well-balanced, consistentlyvshooting team with good morale. Much of the team's success goes to the hard work of Sergeant W. C. McGee. IOHN W. O'DANl'EL, Major Infantry, Commandant. Roster Standing, reading left to rightfBilly Cochrane, Theo Ballc, lack Hains, Henry Claussen, Carl Edelblut, Marvin Seals, "Teddy" Carrigan, Alex Barrett. Sitting, reading left to right--Tom Baker, Harry Mobley, Bill Kitchens, Frank Hooper, Bill lakes. MlLlTARY 'K pflhrsiz- ' ' ' MILITARY N X R. O. T. C. Band iwsrriie HF THIZ ILXND BOTTOM ROW xRea-iirg Left to Rightl Capt. A. Morris 3. T, Brake C. VV. Murphey E. M. B'anos lfergeait M. Hacltmuth Sergeart W. M. Blandenburg E. I. Mulherin W. Iores I. Beldirig Mr. D. lvl. Lincul, Director Capt. Louis Griffin G. F. Tyner W. F. Bentley D. I. Leverett A. B. Krause Sergeant I. R. Fulmer B. Purkall R. I. Wilkinson D. D. Barnard SECOND ROW iReadirg Left to Rightl 2rd Lieut B. S. Stevens 2rd Licut. E. D. Pord R. McWee Zrd L'eut. L. L. Youngblood D. Iennings R. Scoggirts F. Stringer C. H. Kirg lst Lieut. I. Moore W. Bakum H. W. Kennedy lst Sergeant VV. Lewis E. Harrell C. A. Prather W. Girardot VV. Turrer VV. Perl-:ins A. Bell Zztd Lieut. C. L. Battle lst Lie-ut. C. E. Beclcworth D. Stevers Capt. D. M-:Faclen THIRD ROW tlrteading Lett to Right? Sergcart H. Cloud Corporal W. H. Cooper Sergeant I. Andrews I. M. Kennedy C. E. Stringer A. C-IUC W. M. Richardson Cat. B. B. Wynne Sergeant C. F. Strother L. E. Palmer A. R. Bruckner W. H. Baird C. Woodward R. Cary Znd Lieut. I. Widener Capt. A. L. Mason I I I I l T1 I I II I: I II II I 5 , II I I I, II Il I, I ,. v I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I I MILITARY Qfficers of Band i 3 IX V, . BILLY WYNNE ELIZABETH MARSH ALLEN MORRIS IENNYE RUTH HILL Drum Major Sponsor Captain Sonsor Louis GRIFFIN ANNABEL CORLEY Captain of ihe Band Sponsor 6 4 5,0 6' DAN MCFADEN NANCY FLORENCE JACK MASON . MARTHA COOPER Captain Sponsor Captain of D,-um Corpg ' Sponsor ' 'tx-'5Ct'!S'+6?5-RZU' -fif-f- fi 'N-T'?'! 'TAL-iff -32-TFPREEUT' ,R .... .,g,.C, , , E' We MILITARY X Sabre Club OFFICERS CADET COLONEL HARRY MOBI EY . CADET MAIOR PARTRICK REDD .... CADET LIEUTENANT-COLONEL ALEX DOREMUS . CADET CAPTAIN CHARLES FORTUNE . CADET MAIOR WILLIAM KITCHENS . . PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . . TREASURER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS S53 SES COLONEL Mobley. Harry LT.-COLONELS Doremus, Alex Hooper, Frank MAIORS Redd, Pat Gracey, Robert Kitchens, Bill CAPTAIN S Pember, Fred Hall, C. V Maloney, S. Cooper, D. Adams, L. Fortune, I. Lee, I. B. Stelling. Ed. Iakes, William Fortune, C. Young, W. L. Baker, Tom Hall, l. R. Martin, William Cooper, A. Heffernan, I. Morris, A. Griffin, L. McFaden, D. Wynne, B. Edenfield, R. I. Mason, A. L. Members of Sabre Club l ST. LIEUTENA NTS Tice, L. Paulk, K. Calhoun, W. Ratteree, M. Long, B. Newman, L. Marshall, George Heqgie, I. May, W. Nowell, I. Kelley, G. Towns, P. Popkin, H. Iones, R. Verdery, O. B. Wilheit, T. Simon, L. Moore, I. Beckworth, C. E. ZND LIEUTENANTS Levy, I. C. Askey, C. M. LeSueur', B. Powell, L. Cochrane, I. Weinstein, A. Barrett, A. Brotherton, C. Chandler, B. Stelling, H. Thompson, G. Gary, B. Lazenby, I. Stellinq, C. Wilson, I. S. Martin, G. Balk, T. Lever, I. Bailey, P. Covar, A. Kreisburg, M. Ouzts, I. Fine, N. Powers, B. Vxlidener, I. Battle, C. L. Youngblood, L. Pond, E. Stevens, B. S. MILITARY I r.,':-:...Q.-.f..ig.'.1'L .,.f,',--.,.i,, ,, -.. , 3 ,,, r , ,172 x ff' , Book Four FEATURES u - I- K RY - s lr - . .-.-' 1 Q ,1 mg I Q . J f 3 0 . ' -. '-'-'I ' F ? I r v L 1 v ,s - . 4 r .IE 0 '61 5 'vu fiv- 1 l .p'---K.-Alai- - I RLAT 1 V E S I ' A 4 -1 H1 'H .-4 , N iz! . 5 fgnfv 1 3 , ' H ' a Q i I as L f' if 'vw Q f -' 1-- - ,qi-' " ' 5. fi.. ' ,Q ... .3,,.,w,'.... if 1 w The Superlatives I. C. A. Sophomore Valeciictcrian . Regimental Sponsor .... Best AlI'Rcurtd I. C. A. Student . . . Most Popular I. C. A. Sophomore Girl . Best AlLRou:d I. C. A. Student is President of the Student Bzdy S ' Most Popular I. C A. Sophomore Boy . Most Popular I. C. A. Freshman Boy . Most Popular I. C. A. Freshman Girl . A. R. C. Senior Valedictcrian . Best All-Round A. R. C. Senior . Most Popular A. R. C. Senior . Best A. R. C. Athlete . . Stunt Niqlzt Yfirrers . of 1936-37 LENORA BROWN . MARTHA BAILIE . HARRY MOBLEY HELEN BOARDMAN . ALEX DOREMUS . IACK FORTUNE . WILLIAM IAKES . FANNIE BATTEY . PAUL BAILEY PRESTON TOWNS . . IACK OUZTS MILBURN RATTEREE LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD PAUL BAILEY FRED ANDERSON IACK MASON BILLY POWERS MR. EVVING, Director N LENORA BQOWN I. C. A, SOPHOMORE VALEDICTORIAN REGIMENTAL SPONSOR MARTHA BAILIE if iff? ,A gg, MZMQWQMWM I-IARIQY MOBLEY BEST ALL-ROUND I. C. A. STUDENT HELEN BOARDMAN MOST POPULAR I. C. A. SOPHOMORE GIRL any ML 'GV' 'mffw Q1-1, J 5 W .AMW MM ALEX DOREMUS BEST ALL-ROUND I. C. A. STUDENT PRESIDENT OF STUDENT BODY QQ JACK FORTUNE MOST POPULAR I. C. A, SQPHQMOHE BO cf WILLIAM JAKES MOST POPULAR I. C. A. FRESHMAN BOY A .fb W , 0 f' fV0'Q'4' ff mfg FANNIE BATTEY MOST PQPULAR 1. C. A. FRESHMAN GIRL fl p"M My PAUL BAILEY A. R. c. SENIOR VALEDICTORIAN PRESTON TOWNS BEST ALL-ROUND A. R. C, SENIOR f ff .1 ' . f -,C 7 , Q lf' 4' Verb! v W rf 27570 'ef '10 ' .' 1 ,552 f W K X o 1 , T 'l 1 ,la his -Q . fLITi3I'5EL', 3'4- +5 K JACK OUZTS MOST POPULAR A. R. C. SENIOR MILBURN RATTEREE BEST A. R. C. ATHLETE Jn STLJNT NIGHT WINNEIQS LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD IACK MASON PAUL BAILEY? ' ' BILLY POWERS FRED ANDERSON MR. GEO. EWING, Director Y 'eval I 53115 - -.G 3 4, 7iQ'A'l Q A , U -1 ' lx a 'xx' -A ,-. '?W .. , L 1 Y r 4 ' F. 0' . 'nv Ldv LITERARY ' . L L v Fi . 1- F - A j, f fi , . Q' . Af'--48- f -72 E u..- TY Q x ' A 9 . I w !'r'. h' . g 1 ..- ":. ni i 1 J, +' J sf '1- i f ' - pf 4.- v '2- 'Jv .T ,. , 4 r .yi L M V . ..-K. Lg -..' an 'io.. CAMPUS CLOSEUPS UN COMING TO SCIIUHI.: Darn that guy! Ile wouldn't give yer a lift fer nothing, and me with my ears half froze. This wind is enough to-gosh, thanks fer stoppin'. Oh, I don't mind the rattles. just so I get there. You're a farmer, I s'pose. just guessed. All those chicken crates tied on the back, you know. Say, don'tcha think you got a flat-a trifle bumpy, huh? XVhat of it? Oh, nothin', I sorter thought you might be interested in knowin'. Most people are. XYhat makes you think I go to the .'Xcademy? My uniform ?-some detective, I'li say! No. sir, next corner. Sure, I see. You can stop better here. No. sir. I'm not hurt-just didn't expect that door to open so easy. XYell, thanks, old timer, So long! Hope you hold together 'til you get to town. Hey, Foozy, what's the time? Two minutes till? Thanks. Guess I better speed it up. Ilang this shoestringl Darn it all, dropped 'em again. Hooks are a nuisance, anyhow. XYonder where all these papers and stuff came from? Gosh. there's Sally! Hey. Sally, wait up-NVAIT! Don't then, snooty. See if I care, Miss Two-Timer. Girls can pick up some of the dumbest guys to associate with. Now wonder where she coulda-darn it, I'm NOT wandering in the hall. So! I'lIl locked out again, huh. just my luck. Open up, you mugs. It ain't no crime to be tardy. O. K., stare, you owl-eyed old bil,y-goat. I don't know, siremusta started out too late. Yes, sir, I'll bring an excuse tomorrow. UN BEING DISMISSEIJ FROM THE LIIZR.-XRY: Say, you can't do this to usl XYhy, we wasn't batting an eye. It's whole- sale injustice: that'swhat it is! You just always THINK we're up to something. You can't prove it. though. No, sir, she can't prove itg can she fellows? Sassing youi You ca.l a little self-defense sassing, I guess! VVe'1'e going. ain't we? Quit shovin', you fellows. IYhatsa rush, anyhow? No- body's scared of that little woman. She won't do nothin'. Last guy down stairs is a monkey's uncle! UN BEING UVERCOIXIE IN THE HALLS: Gosh, grab a handkerchief quick. Sara! Mr. Scruggs is frying rotten eggs again. It's spring, you know, and the chemistry students must express themselves in some way or other. Bet a girl could make a fortune on clothes pins around here at this time of year. Really, we should go into business. Of course, gas-masks would come in handy-but they would be rather extreme, don't you think? Look, an open window in Mr. Simp- son's room. Ah, it's already over-crowded! Say, make 'em move. wontcha? Oh, nothin', I reckon. Guess I shouldn't have eaten so many hamburgers for lunch. ON LUUNGING IN THE GIRLS' ROOM: Honey, did you notice that dress she was wearing? NYell, you musta been blind. Red and yelow. I'll have you know, It's like a slap in the face to look at it. No, Dot, I have not moved your lipstick. It's an ugiy color. any- how. Somebody reach up and open a window before we all smother. Hang it all, I coulda swore I hung my coat fifth hook from the mirror. IVho's seen my tennis shoes? The ones I play basketball in, foolish. I don't think she's one bit like Scarlett f'I'.Hara. She's too puny, don'tcha think? Say, who hroughtcha to the dance last night? I had all my no-breaks filled, tor 1-and let me tell you, gal. my fifth one was a honey. Cute! Gee. that's mild. Oh. I wore my rose satin. Say. are you trying to tell me after all these years that Columbus didn't discover Anierica? I don't care whatchoo read. IVe aren't arguing-we are just disagreeing, I did not lose your combl As I was telling you, he said, "Sure," and I said. "NVell, that's line," and then he said-. I love the way you tix your hair. IVait, I think I know it now. lfngand entered the L'rimean XX'ar because . . . Ruby. nail polish is just what you need. Darn, there goes the buzz. I'll finish tellin' you when I get back. ODE TO A GRAMMAR-SCHOOL TEACHER There they stood, like young globe batters. with no salary enriched IVaiting for the words momentous that the dextrous teacher pitched And she hurled the first one at them. like a nicely twisted ball, lVhile the catcher right behind them was the horny-handed wall. The first boy struck and missed. and his face was deeply vexed. As the teacher scowled a cyclone and yociferated, "Next!" Then a fair-haired maiden tried it with some sympathetic aid, And avoiding certain blunders that her predecessor madeg But she happened. too. to wander from the orthographic text. And the teacher smiled in pity as she softly murmured, "Next!" Then a cross-eyed boy struck at it, who to this day spells by earg And a red-haired girl attacked it with her pale eyes full of fear, And the word flew on till one boy, very ignorant. but sharp-eyed, Spelled it by the only method that had not as yet been tried. Then the teacher smiled approval, and with satisfaction said, "That is right, my studious scholar, you may go up to the head!" -Clarence Levy. JUNE The June-month, somewhere rhyming hours with sun, Dispatches southward May in mild invasion. Sends a prophet tongued with warm persuasion. Counsels May to treat of June's vacation- Interlude about to be begun. The campus drowses in a lazy glow . . . A period bell divuiges drifting hours . . . The restless student turns from books to flowers . . Delightful June approaching is so slow! The June-month, somewhere rhyming mirth with grief, Distills to perfect volume keen efation Wfith a weight of youthful contemplation, VVhence then this prolonged sweet-sad sensation- Now the time remaining is but brief. Comes June, these students strolling in each hall Must wear the cap and gown, take leave, endow To some true echo footsteps. voices now Alive-and not forey'r beyond recall. The June-month, somewhere rhyming hope with youth, Prepares a rose-jar in commemoration Of each precious, reverend association, Dedicated in the month of graduation To youth and hope-a psalm of lasting truth. -Lenora Brown. MISCHIEF IN THE MOON He held my hand-I know 'twas wrong- He kissed me. then he smiled, to wink, I told him, "Go away! For shame!" I meant it, too, I almost think. And then he laughed and looked at me, While both his arms closed 'round me tightg CThere's mischief in the moon. some say, I know there was that wondrous nightly And then I spoke, "Oh, let me go! You mustn't! Don't you know it's wrong?" But when he said, "I love you, sweet." The sin turned to a lovely song. -Martha Louise Cooper. -ulphur, chlorine, glue. -ry some other science, -eniember this is not for you. --ou see this human derelict? COLLEGIAN Lounger along campus paths, indolent Swaggerer in rough sports clothes, idler musing over curling smoke-rings, lover of the mellow smells of jacket wool and briar smoke in the xviney air. A varsity letter across his chest. Siow, loyal Listener at dull lectures, dreamer through dry lectures, whimsical dreamer ot dreams whimsical as breeze-driven smoke and brown leaves, An open book before him unread. Pencil-tapping Scribbler of love-runes to a star-eyed scribbler across the aisle. The brown leaves and the brown campus path and the scribbler across the aisle are responsible for the book unread. Vvhistler of jazz tunes, Biower of raucous jazz horns, Member of Rho Chi, Contributor to Musketeer and mouthpiece of student council. Blithe Dabbler in wisdom, laughing Painter of laughing fantasies, Composer of harmonies, rough and deep and vibrant with life. Squanderer of energy, free Spender of promised tomorrows, Answerer of unanswerables, fretting to answer where gray heads save breath. Challenger of a festive world, youth and strength and burning ideal impatient to try against age and cunning, and straining to taste the glory in the cups of old unyielding warriors. Reaper of stars, impatient to reap, and, in doing, to break free of the palsied old hand that seeks to count under the wrist the strong pulse, and that cannot count for feeling always its own slow pulse beats. Lover of whole life, ardent Defender of youth, the youth that is the tall proud lounger along the campus path. -Lenora Brown. CHEMISTRY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT -an you learn the names of elements? I've got to make a ninety-Eve -ave test tubes full of junk On this silly testg ixplode due to reactions of I've got to be a "sweet girl" -agnesium or some bunk? And try to do my bestg f you dislike the odors of I-ve Got to get 3 Good report Z3 b -5 By hook. or crook, or chanceg I've got to do it. Mother says, Or I can't go to the dance. Observe poor, gibbering me, Martha Louise Cooper And take this moral from the sightg 'Twas done by "Chemistree." FROM M E-TO YOU If a song were sung To the tune of love, And the words came out of the blue, If the song were sung By a whispering breeze, The song's from me to you. If a flower buds At the edge of a brook, Fragrant in scent and in hue, If the flower's plucked, Sacrificed to love. The fQower's from me to you. If an ode is composed By a Master's pen That seems to caress and woo XVith a rhythm that ripples And runs through your heart, The poem's from me to you. The song and the flower, The passionate rhyme. And add a heart that is trueg A love that's eternal, A love that is strong- All that-from me to you. -Martha Louise Cooper MEDODRAMA THE SCENE: Modest hamlet, sunny dell, Corner bar-room, village well: Rustic background, harvest crop, Painted on the canvas drop. CHARACTERS: City villain, moustached, mean, Lovely Nell, the village queen, Stalwart -Tack, whom she prefers. And several moss-backed villagers. PLOT: Lovely Nell's enticed away By a pretense one hue day, She spurns the villain, no availg The villain ties her tor the rail. CLIMAX: Stalwart -Iack, all out of breath, Snatched her from the jaws of death Villain gets an awful biff, And crashes off the card-board cliff. FINALE 5 Toward the village. then, go back Lovely Nell and Stalwart Jacky "Bless you, children," says her pop: Let the big green curtain drop. -Martha Louise Cooper WISDOM IN MY NURSERY Rl-IYMES Sing a song of six-pence, A pocket full of ryeg A brain that's crammed with Algebra, Theorems-and pi. IVhen the brain's matured. And knowledge ought to sing, KVhy, then is when you realize You don't know a doggone thing! "I fear youyll he forgetting me," He says in tones politeg I am, indeed. for getting him, That's why he's here tonight. I sat me down and thought profound, This maxim wise I drew: 'Tis easier far to love a man Than make a man love you. Your car it not as swell as Tom's, You dance much worse than Fred. You haven't got a line like Bill, Nor are you blond. like Ted: You aren't a football star, like Bob, Or a millionaire, like Lee- So you wonder why I love you- XVell, the others don't love me. Mark me as a worthless creature, Stupid, full of tricks, Void of a redeeming feature, Crafty, good for nix. Speak of me as being lazy, Brand me as a brute- But never, never, never Dare to call me cute! I sat me down and studied. Studied! Nay, I crammed My brain quite full of useless things, Before it was examined! IVhat's the use You'll die. XVhat's the use You'll cry. XVhat's the use He'll tell. XVhat's the use Oh, hell! of livin'? of lovinl? of kissin'? of anything? Martha Louise Cooper 3 S a I. I F 3 .1 J 3 1 5 i I ! I l 1 Y 1 l l .A- 1 "P+ qi, -I -- "' 1 T'-- ' 1.34 ' 35.573-f:'E,A .7 ' -r,. .vu Ck.. Q ' : A , i . I S 2374- f "ii, . Fi -, 1- V' ? 1 . Y " "1 v' C' m v S 'Hr- . fc " , 'P' asf-.I 1 A-" 'tx T f , I ga? f , A: if X f El f I , 'Yi -Vi Q Q ' , n EF' J, WI W- .5 z 4 Ae ' . K V N A s W QM ' Al 4 -.11 ' ' f , -Lmssls 2' . z , v LX rr' .-- Vx 54 ' 1' Y' !, . W . D -y-ws:-"' ' 'r-ii 4 '-'f,frQ if . ' r ' ,Fd f' a .. fl' 4 I .,' 4.1: Y W -1 A . ,Y e+ -. J , ,. ..,-1 J li Y wr -1' , '5 nl ,I n-' . ,Ng If l 1 9 'ix f. 19, rg, .I 'H ."'."f???:1 . gg fl' b .GJ- ff -- . QS -+- -.OO 'f1i7'v B C 'Fifi Younq Ladies Nominated for Beauty and Fashion Show ERMINE CATER BETTE PARR FANNIE BATTEY BETTE IRVIN HELEN BOARDMAN DOROTHY LACKMAN ELIZABETH HOYNARD KATHRYN WILCOX MARGUERITE MUSTIN LEOLINE BLACK MISS BETTY IRVIN MOST FASHIONABLE FRESHMAN MISS FANNIE BATTEY MOST BEAUTIFUL FRESHMAN MISS ELIZABETH HOWARD MOST BEAUTIFUL SOPHOMORE Nggrx Q Q ':'x.,, X 4 r ' y -v..:i--...4...:..-...,. :.,. ..-M ...,.-.-,g . 3-fw 3 A rw 4-'N M if z ff: 1 .2 .-if ,K , ,' '-2'5."sfH . ,:4,.,. .J - i siiwj' 57. , M ,.-0 f . V Vg . " 'z?9aQ:J, - 9 4, raft: . - 4. 5-an-, rw. -1.- ' 9.1 , H -:E'::fZ5ff2.-wi' 1- -K N -- 1 nm..-e.,L ' '-23 f ,, 2 'I , 5:-. :"' w.:!C' . : rifigz- .1 . 1 ,ffg1+,,. ,lj s.- ' 21? N WI, 4 ,..::z-ff ,--. gf, V I:aQ5"a ' fi' 5513 T -e 4' -- , wifi ,SV 192 1:-' E-E ff . 31 'ag fi-.f :Zac :M 1' ' . fa:,,g:,Qg MISS MAIQGU ERITE MU STIN FASHIONABLE SOPHOMORE M f cave-:p .. MISS EIQMINE CATER PASHIONABLE SOPHOMORE Ah-, ,z f ...fp ,f ' MISS CONNIE LANIEIQ ' f , SABRE CLUBS SELECTION AS ONE OF THREE MOST BEAUTIFUL i l E 4 MISS HELEN BOARDMAN SABRE CLUBS SELECTION AS ONE OF THREE MOST BEAUTIFUL f 'QW 9: s . - Dfw Q2 ?T 1. MISS DOIQOTI-IY LACKMAN SABRE CLUB SELECTION OF MOST BEAUTIFUL fd fr Z .- ,x I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I r, I ,I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I f'f"" ' ' A fs, V 1 -Y A "iffgi,gf 'jx ft.:-" , 1 , X- A, 1. ,..-H' 4, . 1 - 'Qf5'3"'L"" Boo FIVE I f ,,. ATHLETICS I I D F. I. I! 'Q L 5 I 4 ' vii r 1, ,gl 0 I H - 5 . 5 4. 'Un D l li I lv 1 i 1, .yi i l is a r I 1 l I it I. I l M ll Fi ll l Q 1 t Football Stadium l . George A. Sancken, Chairmaii I Harry Creamer D. F. Philpot Frank Miller, Sr. F. R. Miles A. Kilpatrick A. M. McAuliffe l I .cg au., Y..-M, "'lDli'vr'J 51- , .. '-xy' N- 5 - qzqmif Mg'."'efP'.A , .Q ---U. 1 . tw Q if .. W.-- M' f' ,Q,.-TF".L:- -wafri-A--3 -.nga-1 Mf":.' f -- A 'Z Q' ' Athletic Committee for 1937-1938 C. M. Ethredge. Traesurer james Harbin T. Fender W. VV. Barr I. L. Skinner A. P. Markert I. G. McDonald, Athletic Director l sl l k Q , mia. ink l.L'L'KY GRlfSSl'2'l"l'lf EXVING Football Coaches Head Football Coach . . Mr. il. C. "Big Six" Lucky Assistant Football Concll . . Mr. R. E. "Bob" Gressette "li" Varsity Coacll . . Mr. ll. XY. "George" Ewing .ii :F , .- ' lf - Aff' 1117, . , sflljf ' .. - --- f f ag J .....""': A M x g al lv. -1... ,FV -. ...?:-1 3 -"'--:."'.. , ' -1- -Q "-'-..."'.-n"- f ,Q 1 -: '--.11.:':?..- stssl -J 'N -'-.'.1,-,-- 1 . - s , . --.. lf A, M5 gg Lg - -5:55 , y wg: " +4 xxx A .. QE-- aw. I 5' Q 'Q'l"i'Q N' '. ' ,x N .. - N l ' K swaglo - l r Q: Cheer Leaders Dorothy Lackman Ermine Cater Charles Fortune jack Fortune Charles Bruce "A" Varsity Football lXIElXIl2-ERS Bottom row. reading from left to right-Laurens, P.5 Scurlock, B5 Epps, Curtis, 1.5 Ratteree, VV. L.5 Graham, 5.5 McNair, M.. Captain5 Caver, H.5 Cave, Q'Neal5 Thompson, G.5 Beckman, 1.5 Seigler, P. Second row, reading left to right-Powers, B., Manage-r5 Smith, E5 Moody, B5 Hardy T.5 1ohnson, E. 5.5 Buck, C.5 Ratteree. M.5 Baker, H.5 Young,1.5 Coles, S.5 Sancken, G.5 Avery, G.5 Boeckman, T.5 Marsh. A.5 Lucky, C., Coach. Top row-George Ewing, Coachg Tarte, T.5 Baker, H. K.5 Askey, C. M. Devanney, C.5 Cater, I5 Ivey, H.5 Nixon, 1.5 Towns, P.5 Messery, B.5 Daley, 1.5 Loyal, R.5 Ross. L.5 Gressette, R., Coach. G. VV. Ewing, 1. C. Lucky, R. E. Gressette, Coaches dz.. Football The 1937 football season went down as the worst season Richmonr .-Xcademy has ever experienced. Hut this is no fau tot the fellows that be oi 0 to the 1957 team. . xrdemy. it can bc 1 cl mt .Xlthough it was the wor.t sezron for the Xt has been said, that the 1937 team was the "hghti1mest" team .-X. lx L h N put on the held in many years. 1Yith only two lettermen back from the 1936 team, Coaches l utln and Gressette did a gold job as far as the coaching part goes. Richmond'enjoyed only two victories: over Langley-Bath Hivh School in a pre-season game. and ever Commercial High. But we held thiee Q lam pionship teams to less than 13 points apiece. The seasons results were as follows: Richmond 31 8 O O O 7 O O U U U ss Langley-Bath Glynn Academy Charleston High Spartanburg High Gaffney High Commercial High Savannah High Columbia High Tech High Lanier High Monroe Aggies The Musketeers will be on-the field in '38 with revenge in their hearts so look out S H. S., C. H. S., and T. H. S. 1 "Bu Varsity Football niixiiiims Bottom row, reading left to right-C. 'llwilley .Xssistant Manager, F. Johnson, E. XYiggins, B. Mitchuin, C. Hardy, C. Starr, Mac. Rhodes .'X. lYard. Marvin Bonzo, Joe Saxon. Second row, reading left to right4Coach Ewing, Manager XVade Stuart, Harry Paulos. O. Purvis, R. Nelson, Clifford Strother, C. Boswell, B. Coles, Joe Rivers, Carl Lawrence, Asst. Coach C. Stulb. Players not in picttlre-llohhy Baker, ll. Griifin, E. Gay, J. Fitz- gerald, Robt. Smith. Bill Broome, C. E. .Xdanis, J. Herrington, Albert Ingrani. vl. Tiinniernian, XVayne Barnes. Paul Plunkett. llarry Parrish, I. Daitch, A. Bruckner, Chas. Mitchell, O. Gordon. G. XV. Ewing. C. Stulh, Coaches. 'lid ft l936 "Bu Varsity Football Schedule Visitors A. R. C. Langley-Bath O O Louisville 20 IS 'XVaynesbo'ro O 6 Graniteville 6 19 xlCCf"1'lTllCli U 32 Linculnton 7 13 As in the past the "B" varsity again enjoyed a most successful season by winning four games from a six-game schedule. The usual material that covers such a page as this is brief sketches of the games played, usually giv- ing credit to' one or two players. In place of this, the coaching staff would like to take this opportunity to praise the spirit exemplified by each member of the squad in the games included on our schedule. It is in this branch of our athletic program that one sees real boys playing a real game for the pleasure that they all seem to receive from their participa- llfrfl. It is "on this side of the road" that we try to' train the younger boy in the fundamentals of the game so that he may be prepared. later to venture across the road and play with the "A" varsity. Each member of the squad who attended practice each day and who showed the well known "B" varsity competitive spirit was rewarded at the end of the season by being presented a certificate drawn up in a very' attrac- tive form. This is the first time that the boys have ever received any acknowl- edgement of their efforts There remains only one other point to' make: the splendid co-operation and spirit, The boys lost one of the best coaches that they ever had, one who had been untiring in his efforts and one who had for the past few years worked wonders for the "B" varsity. Yet, the new staff received the same co-operation that Coach Charlie Royston had received in the past. 3'F ww Q "A" Varsity Basketball Squad Bottom Row, reading left to right-I. Epps, P. Towns, L. Yee, T. Gleeson Top row, reading left to right-O. Cave. NV. L. Ratteree, Parrisll, C. Strotller. Coach Royston. LETTERS EARNED IN 1936-1937 SEASON Ratteree, M. McNair, M. Baker, H. K. Ratteree, XV. L. Sancken, G. Cave, L. Avery, G. Thompson, G. BOeCkII'la11. T. lloocly. E. Tarte, H. Hardy. L. Askey, C. Johnson. E. S. Ross, L. Buck, C. Basketball Season for 1936-1937 1Yhen Coach Charlie Royston called for basketball practice to begin, it was suspected by nicmhers uf last year's team. which included three letter- men, that prospects were exceedingly bright. The members of the teani elected Towns for the captain. The schedule called for the lirst games at Savannah. The half caught B. C. ahead 7-6, After that the lmys uf ,X, R. C. could not get going and 13. C. won. 26-12. Towns played best for Richmond. On the following night they were engaged with Savannah High. UH to an early lead. Savannah easily won. -13-23. Towns again showed up best. Then came the heart-breaking game with Columbia High. After co-ming from far behind to take a 28-27 lead with only twenty seconds to play, every- thing went wrong and Columbia scored tive points to win. Parrish scored 12 points, with every man playing well. Then Lady Luck changed her attitude and the Musketeers romped on the same Columbia team 26-20. The next night the Cadets got revenge for their loss to B. C. by giving them a sizeable beating, 25-15. Savannah came to' town and again got off to an early lead, winning 31-16. Then came the Sporters. city champions, and Avera. Both were beaten 19-16. with good guarding being seen rather than much shooting. Lum Yee played well. ' A trip to Anderson ended in a 33-20 defeat. In a return game. the Mus- keteers got off to an early lead, but were beaten in the dying minutes, 29-26. Milburn Ratteree and Parrish were the goal-getters for A. R. C.. Ratteree get- ting 7, and Parrish 9. Then came the journey to the annual G. 1. A. A. Richmond lost for the second straight year to Commercial in the First game. The score was 31-18. The Musketeers are now waiting for next year and a more enjoyable season. Richmond Academy 13 Benedictine College 26 " " 28 Savannah High 43 " " 28 Coiunibia High 32 " 26 Columbia High 20 " " 25 Benedictine College 15 " 19 Savannah High 34 " 19 Spartanburg High 16 " " 19 Avery High 16 20 Anderson High 33 " ' 26 Anderson High 29 18 Commercial High 31 N x , l 1 1 ' I ' 1 1 V 'iff BH varsity Basketball Squad MEMBERS Bottom Row. reading left to right- G. Gilbert, O. B. Verdery XV. B. Jones, and Cooper. Top row, reading left to right-Al Markwalter 4Mgr.j. C. Sancken, R. Krouse, J. Kearns. and C. Stulli, Coach Not in Picture-A. Ingram and XV. Barnes. i t 1 . i 43 4 1 .n ll J 1 v 5 E 1 -1 .I F 1 i Q j . I l 1 L l ti I 1 i i t . i, l 3 i l 1 l E 'fE.i4,- ffif "Bu Varsity Basketball For the first time in the histwry of the school, .Xcademy has been represented by a "B" Varsity team. in addition to the "A" team. Because ofthe large number of candidates that reported for practice, and their eagerness to show what they could do, it was decided to organize the "B" team. Although the men were inexperienced. they showed plenty of light, and shouid be the first team in the years to' come. The team consisted of Roy Krouse. centerg "Rubber" Verdery and Eugene Gilbert. forwardsg Jimmy Cooper and George Sancken. guardsg Barnes, jones and Kearns, substitutes. The team was coached by Charlie Stulb. who' did a very good job. The teams which they played were: XV1'ens, Dearing. Evans, "YH, Junior A. Z. Afs. Enterprise, Saint Luke. and Harlem. They were beaten by each of the teams but found revenge in return games with Evans. HY", A. Z. Afs, Enterprise, and Saint Luke. 1936-1937 BASKETBALL SCORES "B" Varsity 9 Dearing 27 " " 12 1Vrens 25 1-1 Evans 21 19 Y. M H. A. Junior 21 25 Y. M. C. A. Junior 19 ' 11 Harlem 21 ' 26 Saint Luke 67 25 May Park 10 22 Jefferson A. C. lgavannahj 34 ' 31 Sons of Pericles 9 " 16 Y. M. C. A. Junior 21 23 Saint Luke 19 32 Evans "B" Team 22 ' 43 Enterprise 32 ' 23 Y. M. H. A. Junior 20 l. C. A. Girls Basketball Team Coacli i- 7 limi X.I.b1 Valerie Manclt. Manager Ruth XValler Ann Stllili Allen Cutts Ada Frances Davidson Nancy Florence Vivienne O'l3yrne S011 Dorothy Lackman Evelyn Short Amelia Craig Betty Farr Edna Harrell 'lane Paquette Mildred Tlliot 1. C. A. Basketball 1937 The -1u11i11r College 11z:s1cet11a1 501151111 C11.1ll1'C11 1111e 111' its best l'L'ClJ'l'Ilb 111 yC2'l1'S,XY1I1l11l1g'1611111111:19 g'a111es1111 its SC11Cl11l1L' 111111 l11si11g'1111ly t11r1'e.'l'11ei1' only defeats were 11:1111le1l tll 1110111 twiee11y 1iXl1115,'1wl'Z1.KlC llistriet L1l1:111111i1111s, 111111 1111ce l1y Dll1117C'l'1'f', Tenth District L511Zl111111l1115, liven 111 er these te:1111s. -1. C. .-X, e11j11ye11 victory at 1111e ti111e 111' 21111 ther. Eve11 t11L11,1g'11 1'l11t Newnian, ,Xrtlene 31Cl'S111l11, 111111 Klartha 11Cl'1l1ZlI1, last year's stellar players, 1.1111 not l'C11l1'l'lQ 12111121 l1arre,1 :11111 lflizalneth l'111wz1rc1 were backt11l11111l1111w11 fl1L'1l'l'Eg'll1Z1l'fl1'1XX'2l1'l1 11 1siti1'ns. 211111 Vivienne 1li11yl'11L'. versatile star. w1111 is capable 11f tilling eit11er t11e guarcl 111' fHl'XYZ1l'f1. p11siti11n. Qther veterans hack t11is year were '11lyCQ 1,21XVl'C11CC. Dot 1.IlC1i1l1Zll1 ,Nancy F111re11ee, Ruth 1Ya1ler. 21l1C1 Er111i11e Cater. XYitl1 tl1ese SUIITC1-1J3'S plus tl1e i11c11111i11g Material, tl1e 1. C. .X. 11021111 reaches a l1iQ'11er peak this year than ever before. It developed a fo1'111i1la111e defense. as clisplayed by the fact that a fewer lll11'l11JC1' of points were sc11re11 on the team than i11 11revious years At no time cluring' the 54321517111 was tl1e a11111iti11us, C'11111J6'tlt1YC spirit an11 1621111 work of t11e jaguars ltetter tl1a11 at tl1e onset. After seven consecutive victories, t11e team received its first 11efeat at the hands llf Evans. 1-Xfter this tl1e team lost its n11'1111e11tu111, which it failecl til recover tl1r11ugl11,1ut 1116 remain- der of tl1e schedule. As a result of tl1e untiring efforts of Coach Simpson-the accurate shooting a11d careful fioorwork of Edna Harrell, Elizabeth Howard, and Anne Stulb, together with tl1e expert guarding of Vivienne U'Byr11e. contributed to tl1e success of tl1e entire season. 1937 SCHEDULE December -1, 1936 Junior College 27 Evans Academy 25 December 15. 1936 " " 35 Dearing 17 December 18, 1936 " " Viclette January 1, 1937 ' " Dearing January 9, 1937 VVrens ,lanuary 22, 1937 " ' Vidette January 23, 1937 ' ' Leah High january 28, 1937 ' ' Evans Academy -lanuary 30, 1937 " Savannah High February 5, 1937 " " Danburg February 9. 1937 ' " Bath, S. E. February 12. 1937 ' " Danburg February 16, 1937 " Wfrens February 18, 1937 " Hickman Park February 19, 1937 " ' Evans February 22, 1937 " " Bartow February 23, 1937 " H Bath February 27, 1937 " " Faculty March 2, 1937 U N Hickman Park -.mL- M A. R C. Track Team Bottom Row-.li1n111y Nowell, Bennie LeSueur. Richard Hennies, Henry Cave-r, Guyton Thcnnpsun, Bnyce Lung. Teddy Carrigan XYade Sneed, Charles Davant, Manager. Kneeling-David xxvflgllt, Edwin Harsh. Edgar Skinner. Louis Russ. -lack Atkinson, Rnlwley Cook, Hal Prouty, Bobby Baker. Standing-Coach Bolton, Sol Busch, Tom Boeeklnan, Preston Towns, Al Barnes, O'Xeal Cave, 'Innes Epps, George fProJ Sancken, Idis Cater, Thomas Harveston, lllgrj. H. B. Allen. lMgr.j ,- xg! 1- li, I A l 9 l l wwf, fm, A ayffllfw Z M Wfllf' l l ffl fi gl 'l ll i. ll l l l l 1 I l I A. R. C. Track Team 100-Yard DZlSl1'-CHl'flg'Hl1. Tllolnpsf-n. Cave. B1'ZlQllCY. Hines. Caver, and Epps. Shot Put-Prouty, Boeckman, Avery. High Jump-Towns. Sneed. Prouty. and Sanckeu. 220-Yard Dash-Long. Ca1'1'iga11. Cave. Tllompsou, and Bradley. Broad -lump-Baker, Caver, Marsh. and Burch. 440-Yard Run-Long, Thompson. 120-Yard High Hurdle-Towns and Sneecl. Discus Throw-Prouty, Avery ZOO-Yard' Low Hurdles-Baker, Towns. and Sneed. SSO-Yard Run-LeSueur and Hennies. One-Mile Rllll-LQSLICLIF and Helmies Pole Vault-Baker, Fuller, Lee, and Caver. Javelin Throw-Avery and Gleason. Half-Mile Relay-QU Carrigan,Baker.Tl1ompson,Lor1g, Bradley. Cave, Caver X ff l. C. A. Golf Team Cuaeh A-X. lf. Siinpsun Earl XYaller llerlmert Stelling blue llelifernan liil Kennedy lack lurrlan Patrick Redd 1957 SCHElDL' March IF-S. C. Cniversity at Columbia. March .20-Parris Island Marines here. March 27-,Xl'lllSll'lll1g ,luniwr College here. March 20fS. C. Cnirersity here. April lvliemgetmvii L'nix'ersity here. ,-Xpril 2-llaviclsnn Cnlfege here. .Xpril 3-Parriw lsland Marines at Parris Island .Xpril 9-l'reslmyterian College here. .Xliril 16--.X1'11ist1'img Vluninr Cwllege at Savannah. The scwres so far are as fnllmvs: I. C ,X. ..... Ng 5. C Lniversity . ll'Q 'I C .X ...,... lllg Parris lsland . . 1312 .Xt present, the players are: -lack ylurdan. "'l'ubliy" lYaller, Max Hi erhert Stelling, and llill liennecly, ilr.. Manager. ff --X X- X? A. R. C. Golf Team Coach A. F. Simpson Steve Mulherin Charles XVhaley .Toe Mulherin -Ioe Ogilvie George Sancken ,lack XValler Harcourt XVal'ler Jimmie Lee 1937 SCHEDULE Saturday, March 27-Columbia High in Augusta. Saturday, April 3-U. S. Marines at Parris Island Friday, April 9-Athens High in Augusta. Saturday, April I7-Columbia High in Columbia. Friday, April 23-Athens High in Athens. Saturday, April Z-l-G. M. A. in Augusta Friday, May 7 G. I. A. A. Golf Tournament in Macon. The Golf Team for this year is almost the same as last year's. The team is composed of jimmy Lee. Charles XVhaley, Joe Mulherin, Joe Ogilyie. Steve Mulherin, Jackie Wlaller and Harcourt XVal'ler. The Junior College and Aca- demy teams, combined, defeated the U. S. Marines of Parris Island March 20. The Golf Team should win all matches this year as there is very little competition. The team should also do much better in the G. I. A. A. Golf Tournament. lmrl Nt l. C. A. Tennis Team nizmfzicias F. R1-hinsnii I.. Newman G. lilimlus ll. Stclling .X. licclfl L. Klclfaclen ll. filickt-rt XY. Xliallace C. lfwrtunc llr. Siiiipsmi, Cnacli This year tl ie luninr Llillegt- iw Il1I'lllIlQ,'lPllT the strungest tennis team in the histwry uf this iiistitntinn. fJnl5' thrcc incinlwt-rs nf last yt-ar's team arc nww un thc squafl: Charles 'tuntx whit lilayt-fl at Nw, -l last yt-ar is unc :if tht- inust flepcnmlalilc men un the tt-am. llnliliy- Hlickcrt, the Nu. 1 man on last years team is hack, and In-ninist-s In lit- ext-n lictter than ht- was last yt-ar. The ntlicr man is Ilan Mc- atlcn, whit- alsn playcfl wcll last year. lnining' thcsc veterans are A'XYish" Reclcl, Rich1nnnd's No 1 man last -ar. and lfrank li-ilwinsnn, Nw. 2 man un last year's .Xcatlciny team. lluth of tht-st' lmys play yt-ry gwicl tennis and may must lmth Furtune antl Glickert tinm thc Nm. 1 anfl Ni. 2 lwsitiwiis. Lewis Xcwman. llc-rhert 5fCIllI1g', and XYalstt-in XYZlilZlCC will lm in thc running fur varsity pusts ln tht' fl-ful-lt-s. licflfl will pair up with lllickert, Riilwinstm with Stelling, tml lf' irtnnt' with lvcat in Cwliilwtitit Newman. .Xll thrcc uf these cninhinatinns will hc hard to rn. The sclicflnlt- fur this yt-ar is the must anihitiwtis t-vcr attempted hy the Nluafl. since thtl' will t-iwzn-'c l7I't'rlPX'tCl'lIlll Cnllcvtt' NYwtlw1'rl Ftirman .Krin- N , Y 5 . . . stimng llunii-r Cwllcgt- .intl tht- Lniycrsity ul i..1cm'g1a. eh. F' - M.. ' 'q . ii!"-'f fi' 'uf' 'iz .. . A 3f'g'f"1c " . 511 ,Hg . " -,. 1-,uf-s -5-Q W- ' L .V ' . I "" ' ' U 'fx , x' gli, iv 1 2 ,. , .0 Q -vfxlf' Q -' ' , I 1 r l l i l r i i i i l li A. R. C. Tennis Team Coach A. F. Simpson VVardlaw May Billy Calhoun Lloyd Stanford johnny Kearns Jim Daly Luke Rushton O. B. Verdery Nea! Fine Game! Set! Match! Richmond! These should be familiar words to the Richmond racquet wielders at the end of the season. Tennis felt the lost of last year's graduation rather keenly. Out of the five letterinen of the line "36" squad, only Billy Calhoun returned. The squad is composed of Calhoun, Daly, Kearns, Verdery, Gilbert, Stan- ford, Fine, and Rushton. At the time the Annual goes to press, Billy Calhoun. Jim Daly, John Kearns, and "Bubber" Yerdery are counted on for the first four positions, while Gilbert and Stanford are fighting it out for the fifth spot. Neal Fine and Luke Rushton are also making a strong bid for the team. The first match on the 1937 schedule, with Porter. Military Academy, on March 20, was ca.led off on account of rain. and two others played prior to publication of the Annual, with Anderson in Anderson, and Greenville here, were won by the locai team, 7-O and 5-2. respectively. The entire schedule follows: Mar. 20-P. M. A. here. Aprii IO-Greenville there. Mar. 26-Anderson there. April USP. M. A. there. Mar. 27-Greenville here. April 23-Savannah there. April 2-Savannah here. April 2-I-G. M. A. here. April 9-Anderson here. May 7-G.I.A.A. Tournament. Macon we N rl W' 1. 8 -5-1 1 .1 A S ,V ET! 1 .- XV, BookSiX ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES . N Q S' I R I I CHARLES HOUSTON HELEN BOARDMAN ALEX DOREMUS . IACK MASON . . DOROTHY LAZENBY CLARENCE LEVY . IANE PAQUETTE . PHILIP WILHEIT . DOROTHY LACKMAN PAT REDD . . . BETTY WHITE . . EVELYN SHORT I FREDERIC PEMBER I E. M. ALLEN . . I. C. A. "Rainbow" Staff . ASSOCIATE EDITORS-IN-CHIEF . . . BUSINESS MANAGER . ASSISTANT BusINEss MANAGER . . . . LITERARY EDITOR . ASSISTANT LITERARY EDITOR . . . . SPORTS EDITOR . . MILITARY EDITOR . . . ART EDITOR , PICTURE EDITOR . . ACTIVITIES EDITOR . CIRCULATION MANAGERS . FACULTY ADVISER ACTIVITIES 4. BLA ND GOODWIN . LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD JACK OUZTS I BILLY WHEELESS PAUL BAILEY BILLY COCHRANE BOBBY MAXWELL . ORVIILE1 VERDERY EUGENE GOETCI-IIUS NEAL FINE . . . ROY SMITH RILEY FULMER IOI-IN GLOVER . CHRIS PAPPAS . E. M. ALLEN . I ,,,. -.. - .A......:.4.,Ll:.., .-... .L , .. ,. Lil. , , I L, .,..-,...,L, L , L W. R. C. "RainbOWu Staff . EDITOR-IN-CI-III-:I-' . BUSINESS MANAGER . ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS . . LITERARY EDITORS . ASSISTANT LITERARY EDITOR . . . SPORTS EDITOR . MILITARY EDITOR I . . ART EDITOR . ACTIVITIES EDITORS . CIRCULATION MANAGER . . PICTURE EDITOR . FACULTY ADVISER N lF1"f?.".1 "Nl"' 'TF' ACTIVITIES 'IN Gold "R" Society 77 I QW X lil' PAUL BAILEY BILL KITCHENS FRANK ROBINSON ALEX BARRETT IAMES LAZENRY LEON SIMON TOM BOECKMAN CLARENCE LEVY HERBERT STEM-ING BILLY COCHRANE IACK MASON EIEIIQCQLEIESXEJBS ALEX DOREMUS LEWIS NEWMAN PRESTON TOWNS CHARLIE HOUSTON IACIQ OUZTS QRVILLE VERDERY GORDON KELLY HARRY POPKIN EARL WALLER WILLIAM KENNEDY "DUSTY" RHODES LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD MR. I. M. ELLIS, Faculty Adviser Since its founding in 1931, the Gold "R" Society has been recognized as the outstanding honor organization of the Academy. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate the interest of the student at the Academy of Richmond County in all phases of school activity, and to recognize such interest by election ot outstanding students to its membership. To be eligible for member- ship, a student must earn a total ot forty honor points distributed in at least three of the following phases of school life: Scholarship, Athletics, R. O. T. C., and Student Activities. Not more than half of the total points may be obtained in any one group. Although the Gold "R" Society is not a scholastic honor organization, no student with an unsatisfactory' scholastic record will be eligible for membership, because such a student is not considered a representative student of the Academy. Points are awarded in the Scholastic group for satisfactory completion ot school work, with extra points awarded for honor grades. Points are awarded in Athletics for participation in football, basketball, track, tennis, and golf, with extra points to members ot teams who receive letters or win tournaments. Points are awarded in the Military group for advancement in the R. O. T. C. and for membership on the Rifle Team. Points are awarded in the Student Activities 4 v 3 1 I 'lil 4 5 l: tl 5. H r,. 'lf -QQ ACTIVITIES : 'T' 'N .. ,.. ... r ,rw - Xwxxfl 1 A ...Ii .I '3 V G.: as: ' 'I S 7 'rg 1t-11. - 'fl I fi I ei i--' "-'f grunge.: ans-lr ' ' 12 ' YA I-1:1 - S wr-er' A W- f I-zz 'rfdnf-. S H' N 'Q ,. it gm me l Y- e. it ' ' f . . . JZQZ1.-'. ' TTT' f "i ' ' 't .. rf fr. I fig' xl' -.,.q,N.. . , I I Gold "R" Charter Members tI93Il WALTER BELL OLIVER ANDERSON IACK WHITNEY MATT GRACEY H. O. CLARK MORRIS FULTON IAMES SKINNER DICK WADE W. C. BOYD THEO CASWELL ANDERSON BAILIE FRANK MULHERIN MR. E. M. ALLEN, Faculty Adviser Group for work on school publications, for election to class offices or the Student Council, for participation in the Glee Club and Orchestra, the Debating Teams, Declamation and Orotorical Contests, and the Literary Societies, or for the winning of special contests reflecting credit on the school. At least five points must be made in this group. Elections are announced ai the close of each semester by the Honors Committee of the Academy faculty. This committee passes on all applications tor election to membership, and has the power to revise membership requirements to meet changing conditions in school activities. The committee is also required to pass upon the character ot any applicant before he is even considered for election to membership, and any member who tails to live up to the highest standards of character will be dropped from membership and required to surrender his Gold The Honors Committee for this year consists of the following members: Dr. I. M. Ellis, Chairman, and -Mr. E. M. Allen, Mr. I. M. Buckner, Mr. I. T. Hains, Mr. C. H. Mitchell, and Mr. G. M. Scott. ACTIVITIES Phi Theta Kappa fNational Honorary Scholastic Fraternityj HELEN BOARDMAN LENORA BROWN CAROLYN CRESON ADA FRANCES DAVIDSON ALEX DOREMUS SARAH DUNAWAY ROBERT ELLISON WILLIAM EVANS VERA GUNN MARGARET KELLY DOROTHY LACKMAN DOROTHY LAZENBY MARIAN MARTIN CAMILLA RUTHERFORD MR. C. G. CORDLE Ihonoraryl MR. E. M, ALLEN fhonororyl ACTIVITIES S-r Q.. E Student Council PRESIDENT . . . ALEX DOREMUS VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . CHARLES FORTUNE SECRETARY-TREASURER . . .,,, HELEN BOARDMAN FACULTY ADVISER . . MR. A. E. SIMPSON Members I. C. A. SOPHOMORES Alex Doremus Charles Fortune Helen Boardman I. C. A. FRESHMEN William Kennedy Gordon Kelly Charles Stulb A. R. C. SENIORS A. lack Ouzts Orville Verdery Clarence Baston A. R. C. IUNIORS A. Guyton Thompson Iimrnie Nowell W, Barnes R. C. SOPHOMORES I. R. Edwards Louis Ross I.. Battey R. C. FRESHMEN Ralph Chaney E. Wolie B. Cooper ACTIVITIES ,Xb 4, Rx Q 'N E QXLYQQJR5 PRO BONO PUBLICO Yay, I. C. A. Pre-Law Club First Semester Ctticers ACTIVITIES PRESIDENT . . . . . ALEX DOREMUS VICE PRESIDENT . . ROBERT MCLARTY SECRETARY . IIMMY HUNGERPILLAR TREASURER . . . , RANDOLPH IONES SERGEANT-ATARMS . . MARVIN HOLLEY Second Semester Officers PRESIDENT . . . MARVIN HOLLEY VICE PRESIDENT . . IOE HEEEERNAN SECRETARY . . HARRY MOBLEY TREASURER . . . . IACK HARTER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS . IIMMY HUNGERPILLAR FACULTY ADVISER . . MR. C, G. CORDLE Alva Cooper Alex Dorernus Charles Farr Bert Gary Iack Harter Ioe Heffernan Marvin Holley Charles Houston Iames Hunqerpillar Members Bill Iakes Randolph Iones Gordon Kelly William Kennedy I. C. Levy Ed. Martin Iack Mason Harry Mobley Dan Mclfaden Robert McLarty Frank Robinson George Rhodes Sam Saye Fred Scott Herbert Siellinq De-no Thevaos Al Redd Philip Wilheit ACTIVITIES " 35 if 'QL 5,1-. 1 PRL-MEDICAL CLUB ACTIVITIES ROBERT ELLISON . SIM MORRIS . IOE LEWIS . TOM CLARY WORTH ZEAGLER . LEWIS TYCE U Rho Chi Pre-Medical Club Officers PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER . SERGEANT-AT-ARMS SCRIBE . Members Charles Berry Tom Clary Robert Ellison Ioe Lewis Sim Morris Bill Pierce Robert Rice I. M. Snelling Herbert Templeton Leslie Turner Lewis Tyce Worth Zeoiqler ACTIVITIES I I I HSUY 'K PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER . . SERGEANT-AT-ARMS . Tom Clary Alva Cooper Alex Doremus Robert Ellison Iimrny Elixson Robert Gracey Iohri Hall Ioe Heffernan Clarence Irwin Bill lakes l. C. A. I-Ii-Y Cliicers Members ACTIVITIES . SIMEON MORRIS . HARRY MOBLEY , ROBERT ELLISON . ALEX DOREMUS . IACK IORDAN Randy Iones lack Iordan Bill Kitchens Harry Mobley Sim Morris Fred Pember Fred Scott Herbert Stelling De-no Thevoas Earl Waller Philip Wilheit ACTIVITIES I. C. A. I-li-Y-VV' Officers PRESIDENT . . . HELEN BOARDMAN VICE-PRESIDENT . . . ANN COTTEB SECRETARY . . ELIZABETH MADDOX TREASURER . . .... ........ A NN STULB ADVISERS . . MISSES EMMA TWIGGS AND MARGARET BAILIE Members Mary Barnes Leoline Black Helen Boardman Margaret Broome Annabel Corley Martha Cooper Amelia Craig Ada Frances Davidson Hazel Iackson Elizabeih Maddox Elizabeth Marsh Camilla Rutherford Evelyn Short Ann Stulb Mildred Thiot Margaret Twiggs Margaret Walters tNo' in Picturel Margaret Lofving Ann Cotter Vivienne O'Byme I I I II I II I i II II I II I ' I I I I I I I I I II I Ir I I I I I I ?. I I I I I I I I I If In I i . Q' ACTIVITIES Richmond I-Ii-Y George Sancken Iimmy Lee Tom Baker Charlie Brotherton Billy Wheeless Grady McRae Charles Middlebrooks Members Pat Calhoun Lucian Chaney Henry Claussen Ioe Curtis Iack Hains Marvin McNair Iimmy Nowell Billy Powers Harry Pund Melvin Ratteree Tom Usry Harcourt VIlalle1' Charles Whaley IIE 3 Il AS I xo ACTIVITIES Academy I-Ii-Y BOTTOM ROW: THIRD ROW lRefJdi ng Left to Riqhll Muck Rhodes Iirn Hull Icey Fuller O. B. Verdery T. Corrigan G. Thompson SECOND ROW Torn Gwin Ioe Mulherin B, Kuhlke. Iack Waller Alfred Butte-y Wocdall Green lvldc Rose! Bobby Boker Lewis Bcxitey lock Boardman Pierce King FOURTH ROW Earl Hollingsworth B. Willis I. B. Gwynn Clinton Lee Iumes Herrington 'Q grins lvl? BOTTOM ROW iReadinq Left to Right! Dorothy Lackman Ada Frances Davidson Ruth Waller Allen Cutts Elizabeth Howard Erniine Cater Betty Farr Amelia Craig Edna Harrell Vivienne O'Byrne Ioyce Lawrence Valerie Mandi Nancy Florence Ann Stulh 1 Varsity Club Members SECOND ROW O'Neil Cave Harry Parrish Bill Kitchens M. Kreisburg Torn Baker Dan Mclfaden George Rhodes Lewis Newman lack Fortune Billy Powers Iimmie Lee Milburn Raiteree E. Avery Tom Boeckman Billy Calhoun Iimmie Young W. L. Ratteree Charles Fortune loe Oqilvie Clinton Lee Lum Yee ACTIVITIES THIRD ROW Preston Towns C. Stroiher Herman Popkin Bill lakes lack Iordan Bill Kennedy Guyton Thompson P. Moody H. Baker T. Gleason P. Robinson Charles Whaley Louis Ross I. Epps Earl Waller Allen Morris O. B. Verdery "Sixty" Iohnson G. L. Hardy M. McNair ' -l ACTIVITIES FIRST TERM SECOND DENO THEVAOS WILUAM KENNEDY HELEN BJARDMAN ' RUTH VVALLER . MR. VERNON Florence Anderson Sara Bailey lvfary Earnes Farrie Eattey Helen ESC-ardnian lliarqaret Br-:iorne Alva Cooper II A." irtha Cocper Annabel Corley Arn Critter Carolyn Creson Ada Frances Davidson Fraril: Durst Cecile Fielder I. C. A. Literary Society Gfficers President LECLINE BLACK . . . . Vice-President RUTH VVYALLER . . Secretary NANCY FLORENCE . . . . Treasurer DENO Tr-rEvAos , . . MADDox ........ Faculty Members Nancy Florence Mary Hill Marvin Holley Charles Houston Iimrny Huriqerpillar Lorene Ienny Iesse Tones Bill Kennedy I. C. Levy Mary Mcltulitfe Robert McLarty Elizabeth Maddox Elizabeth Marsh Betty Mcran TERM . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Adviser Evelyn Oqlesbee I-larry Popkin Herman Popliin Hattie Mina Reid Camilla Rutherford Evelyn Short Ann Stulb Margaret Twiqqs Deno Thevaos Sam Tyson Ruth Vfaller Avice VVells Betty White ACTIVITIES Freshman Literary Society FIRST SEMESTER OFFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS RUDGLPH CHANEY ..... President IACK STRXNGI-:R . lst Vice-President STEVE MULHERIN . . 2nd Vice-President FRANK INMAN . . . . Secretary TONY GAVALAS . . . Treasurer MARVIN IVEY . . . Sergeant-at-Arms FACULTY ADVISER . Charles Allgood Allston Bailie Arthur Bell George Bell lack Black Manuel Blanos Bill Bush Lyman Buttolph Henry Carter Wayland Cato Ralph Chaney Rudolph Chaney Cassius Clay Bernard Collins Teddy Conlon Gilbert Cox Francis Dales Walter Dunaway Oliver Elliott Nick Gavalas Tony Gavalas Spann I-l. Greene Spann I. Greene Frank Inman Marvin Ivey Willie Girardot BRIAN MULHERIN . , CASSIUS CLAY ALLSTON BAILIE . . . President lst Vice-President . . Znd Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer FRANCIS DALES. . . . Sergeant-ateArms . . MR. DU Puts Walter Iones Hubert King lean Levy Guy Lewis Ierry Marsh Otto Marshall Iohn Miller Douglas Morgan Brian Mulherin Steve Mulherin Ben Popkin Leonard Powell Clarence Prather Brennan Purkall E, C. Sheridan Bob Sherman I. A. Smith Morris Steinberg David Stevens Iack Stringer George Stulb Woodrow Turner Bernard W'olIt Leroy Wood Theron Vlfoodward ACTIVITIES I I X , F I . I l I A 4 AIpha Lambda Sigma Cfficers EUGENE GOETCHIUS . ..... . . PRESIDENT BILLY COCI-IRANE . . VICE-PRESIDENT MILLEDGE PETERSON . . . . . SECRETARY Members Eugene Goetchius lcxmes Lozenby lack Heins lack Ouzts Claude Hill Milledqe Peterson Emlly Cochrane Leslie Youngblood a I . I I Z I 1 I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 if., ACTIVITIES , .1 Musketeer Sic-iff IUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA Ilst Terml LENQRA BROWN ..... Literary Editor ADA FRANCES DAVIDSON . . Associate Editor CAMILLA RUTHERFOHD . , Exchanges RANDOLPH IONES ' . . . Sports ALLEN Cu'r'rs HARRY POPKIN . . Managing Editor SAM TYSON ..... Business Manager CONTRIBUTORS-MGfIhG Cooper, Hubert Craw- ford, Ioe Lansdell, Deno Thevaos, Iane Paquette ACADEMY F RICHMOND COUNTY JAMES LAZENBY ..... Literary Editor PAUL BAILEY . . Managing Editor BLAND GooDw1N . . Associate Editor ALEX BARRETT .... Business Manager CONTRIBUTORS:-Eugene Goetchius, Leslie Youngblood, I. W. Cochrane. FACULTY ADVISERS G. M. SCOTT G. H. RIDGWAY A. G. OWENS F. M. HARRISS ACTIVITIES A. R C.-I. C. A. Orchestra MR. D. M. LINCUL, Director BOTTOM ROW IReadinq Left to Riqhtl Mr. Lincul Elizabeih Marsh Evelyn Scogqins Mary Mullins B. Saye W. M. Brandenburg M. Blanos Members SECOND ROW IBeadixq Left to Right! I.. Griffin C. Battle I. Curtis THIRD ROW CReadinq Left to Riqhtl B. Stevens H. Cloud ACTIVITIES PRESIDENT . VICE PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . . . PUBLICITY MANAGER . FACULTY ADVISERS BOTTOM ROW fReading Left to Right? Bette Farr Lamkin, Elizabeth Mary Barnes Helen Boardman Martha Cooper Cecile Fielder Betty Moran Carolyn Creson SECOND ROW Ermine Cater Ann Cotter Elizabeth Marsh Camilla Rutherford Evelyn Short Dorothy Lazenby Glee Club Officers . MR. GALLOWAY, Members THIRD ROW Amelia Craig Sarah Bolqa Martha Bailie Iessie Tones Avice Wells Eugene Goetchius FOURTH ROW Robert Mahoney I. W. Young Ada Frances Davidson Dorothy Lackman Ruth Waller FIFTH ROW Dick Elliott Leon Simon Marvin Kelly Robert Murray Charles Farr . CAROLYN CRESON . IIMMIE HUNGERPILLAR . . . FRED SCOTT DOROTHY LAZENBY MR. READ, MR. ANDERSON SIXTH ROW Clarence Irwin Herman Poplciri YV. I. Dunaway Howard Kennedy Fred Scott Peddy Srnolen Iimmy Hungerpillar Fred Pember Mr, Galloway SEVENTH ROW Harry Mobley Philip Wilheit Alva Cooper Alex Doremus ACTIVITIES I . C. A. Debate Team FACULTY ADVISEH ........... MR. GALLOWAY MANAGER ..... FRED Scow Members Robert Mfiorly Dem McFc1den Marvin Holley Sam Tyson Ilmmy I-Iunqerpillcr Robert Grocey .if 4 ACTIVITIES 7':"e , I l Academy Debating Team AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE Iames Lczzenby Eugene Goetchius Tlzecdcre Ball: Rcbley Cook G, Bell, Alternate Paul Bailey, Aherncie FACULTY ADVISER . . . . . MH. SUTTON ACTIVITIES -.f I . I. -ELLEAM-I ..I.EL.,--..,I. . -ELEM L- . Stamp Club Officers LESLIE YOUNGBLOOD PRESIDENT EUGENE GOETCI-IIUS . . VICE-PRESIDENT MCSE IVIURPI-IEY . SECRETARY MAC I-IAYNIE , TREASURER Members READING LEFT TC RIGHT NOT IN PICTURE Bcx1Iey, P. Hill, C. Younqbbod, L. Rusch, W. Murphey, M, Decxs, T. PIemir1q, T. I-Iechmuth, M. Goetchius, E, McIntosh, I-I. Horton, L. Reiser, W. Ccdhouu, W. Glover, I. I-Icxynie, IVI. ACTIVITIES Teachers Club Cfficers PRESIDENT . SARAH DUNAWAY VICE PRESIDENT . . . VIRGINIA HALLMAN SECRETARY TREASURER . . MIIDRED MCCLENDON Members Cecelia Brynglescn Grace Cheek Mildred Davis Belva Dickson Sarah Dunaway Evelyn Fulcher Virginia Hallman Mary Hightower lane Loflin Mildred McCle-ndcn Sara Morgan Lillian McElmurray Ola Read Iulia Richards Frances Roper Mary Louise Toole Irene Weathers Margaret Hall Margaret Walters ACTIVITIES Chemistry Club BOTTOM ROW lHeadinq Left to Riqhtl Fannie Battey Vivian Foster Evelyn Short Lorine Ienny Sara Bolqa Mary Barnes He.en Boardman SECOND ROW CReadinq Lett to Riqhtl Gordon Martin Harry Popkin Iimmie Elixson Ruth Waller I. W. Salley Leon Simon FAcu'r.TY ADVISER . Members THIRD ROW tReadinq Left to Riqhtl Gordon Kelly Robert Newton Herbert Stellinq Max Hill Abe Weinstein FOURTH ROW Reading Left to Riqhll W, L. Fletcher T. L. Howard Al Redd Harry Mobley Philip Wilheit . . Mn. SCRUGGS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I sv ACTIVITIES I I X , I I I I I NORTHWEST VIEW OF RICHMOND ACADEMY The Annual Stuff Takes This Opportunity to Express Its Grateful Appreciation to the Following Doctors Who Hove Helped Make This Yecir Book Possible. M. P. AGEE, M. D. B. S. AGOOS, D. D. S. R. E. ANDERSON, D. D. S. C. R. BATTEY, M. D. W. W. BATTEY, M. D. G. T. BERNARD, M. D. T. P. BROWN, M. D. R. I. BRYSON, M. D. I. F. BURDASHAW, M. D. I. H. BUTLER, M. D. R. H. CALHOUN, D. D. S. R. H. CHANEY, M. D. W. E. CLARK, D. D. S. W. I. CRANSTON, M. D. A. A. DAVIDSON, M. D. S. W. FENNELL, D. D. S. H. W. HANKINSON, D. D. S. L. P. HOLMES, M. D. LEE AND WEEKS, M. D.'s M. S. LEVY, M. D. S. I. LEWIS, M. D. I. E. MARRIOTT, D. D. S W. E. MATTHEWS, M. D. I. Z. MCDANIEL, M. D. R. C. MCGAHEE, M. D. H. M. MICHEL, M. D. F. X. MULHERIN, M. D. W. A. MULHERIN, M. D W. K. PHILPOT, M. D. I. S. PLAXCOI D. D. S F. K. RABB, D. D. S. I. V. ROULE, M. D. D, M. SILVER, M. D. A. H. STEVENS, M. D. C. E. TESSIER, M. D. L. P. TESSIER, M. D. A. C. WADE, M. D. G. M. WOODBURY, D. I. R. VIDLER, D. S. C. 1 , X ' " i i ii A' i i 5 it ' i .1 as P, ' ff . 1 to N fi gfmx s X ,: K A 9 S N ES' E I gg, it in r Hur x 'N ll FUN 'iw 5' NNN I u, Q5 1 E Hu-Q Q H A 'll m I 1 lui Yiymw "f1'w'w . , ,,,,, ra 1 Ill lg' im il .1 - ,, N The Steiff ot the 1937 "lQainbow" takes this opportunity bo request that, in scanning our snap- shot section, you note the business houses that have made our work possible. patronize them when- ever possible! 5000960 UOOOOQQOOOQQOQQOCQQOQQ ' Q 7 of I X -f 1 .0 0.0 O.: i'o 0,0 l.l 0.0 s.e 0' .-.I ...Q 0. 'O' .o. ' . .00 'o' .0 'U' .c I .V Elzl---fir,--j---fffif ,fit Aux U--it-M--4----:I-I-I I- 1.5! ,y g ' .Kb + X I I I I s , . . I O. I lfLZ?J III gg, , ,, 5 I I I ' I -. - ik ,Ig PRECIOUS LITTLE PIECES I I I . I Ir 5 - In '.L UNUSUAL CANDIES Iii 32 'A f 0 n 'I ' i 0 I ' , ,, ' ,, , ,ii , f ," QI' I Q ' .I EEEE Ig ,I I EE Eli Q 3 ' 0. -' ' ','. in I o E E U If-Q "' KI I' , - I J-- , . 1 WE -. mx- N 0' I ' Szozozeozozszozozorozeczozfzviozeibiao. ' . E l1.QgQ:4:o3h395183:ozQ19:Q:95i.9IQIQ:6gq gl I V . . o. 0. o' . o. . 0. . n 4 n 1 .s o. . . . o'0 o.o 0. o. 5TEVEN5 ENGRAVED ' ' 724 no-de Mo- we Sane 7ZZn75 1' J' wo, r wr' . if --1. L - 4 31. 9 I v a 'R sl .qw 4 4 a r E1 'Q v..,Q-75 .- ,I 'ian I ' , . fort- V 'V Qu J - ff 4 ,, U- Vlo .J+T1o ,' - --V ,ing 5. ,gl -9. ,Q. ,Q. ,QI ,gf ,gy ,0. ,QQ ,Qt IO. ,0- -QQ ,Of ,431 ,gqpcf .O. ,g. b UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BGNDS Georgia and South Carolina Municipais Local and General Market Securities Tohnsori, Lane, Space, St Company Inc. INVESTMENT SECURITIES 733 BROAD S'rm:r:'r TELEPHONES 3047-3048 AUGUSTA - ATLANTA - SAVANNAH Q 1 ,Q . 430. IQ- ,Q. 101 ,QQ ,QQ ,Qf 04 ,gf ,QQ CJ Q ro- -0- ,0. ,0. ,0. ,0. ,Q .Q. ot ,och po- 2 U U O 973 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GA. Phone 1728 9 6 GRAVES FURNITURE CO., IHC. if CQINIPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS Q "Your Home Should Come First" TERMS IP DESIRED O v ENTIRE ZND FLOOR USED FURNITURE 6 I o 9 I Q Q ,Q .04 ,of ,ol Ig. ,gf ,Q. ,QQ ,gy ,g. ,QQ ,adj QDQK 104 701146273 "A Store of Better Values" SMART APPAREL SPORTS WVEAR MILLINERY- ACCESSORIES 1 ,Of ,QQ ,QQ 104 t t 5 I fps- vo o o o o o o oQ...1of fo o- ,QCQ fpof o o o o o of -oQ..Jo- o fo? o ocQ LI 0 U o O O O O O O O O Phone 2886 0 O 9 HIDES SKINS TALLOW O 5 O 9 Wu Iw d5c1rJfon SCRAP IRON AND METALS 0 O 8 O O O Cll'l ' IS TC CS I'C1 O J 9-6' O L t .5 I433 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. 9 9 5 3 6 Q:og,,2o1 ,o o o o o o o o o of rod! QDO- o o o o o o o o o o o oCf QOH PO O O O O O O O O O Of lOCb QC' O O O O O O O O O O 0 O1 3 9 Q 5 7 O 5 - Compliments of O O O O 5 BARBER SHOP BEAUTY SHOP 0 A O 0 ALWAYS BETTER O 1 gufu-'naar Zum ez O Q PHONE seo PHONE 2112 6 O 5' O 0l71!Qfl'ly Q Hotel Richmond Augusta, Georgia 9 0 6 6 CU QZO' 0 O O O O O O 0 O 0 O 'Od QEOC 10 0 O O O O O O 0 0 O 0 o o o o o o o o o -oo-,ol ,o o oo o o c o o o o o o o o o o c I ,, ,, . 1. 1, po. ,O 0. ,O. ,0. ,Q. .0. ,of ,oL.,oe.Jox.:oL.1oCQ .101 , f fi BAILIE FURNITURE if j COMPANY 6301 fo o o -of lof me sol-'Hof 00.901 wo- vo: U o V Compliments of Z Blanchard Sz Calhoun Q I 2 Realty Company J I we game Qpfpiowzas 0 61 J Q A Qeal Estate, Loans and Insurance 0 E' I 712 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GA. L v i 9 MARION BUILDING AUGUSTA, GA. O . 3204 'Ol 04.202 O 0 O 0 O O O O1 H03 3207-301 'Og-20' 'O' PO 0 O Ol ,Ol DO' DO' ,OJ Q01 'O ,Of 20' '01 P04 YOK 'O' 304 ,Of O 904 AQCQ 04 DO O O 0 PO 0f'7O4 IO' O ,JOg,lO' 'Od I Q QD A B O W E N B ROS 5 ' if ' 9 O H D W A C O O coMPLIIvIENTS OF O O 1 O Sporting Goods Headquarters 0 JQSEDH E- BIQVSGN 0 0 Baseball F"0'b"u 6 O IUDGE OF THE MUNICIPAL COURT 0 Baskefbull 'md Tennis Q OF THE CITY OF AUGUSTA Q O 6 Supplies C? 6 ' 905 Bnom: STREET q ' O . ago. ,o. of--,0,1Q. ,0. ,o. ,Q Q o o of 203 asc- Iogoo- -I. o o o o o o 0 ol sod! 3 ,Q ,Ol-"-504 ,Oz O O 0 O O O O 0 0 C O 0 O 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O C , ,of CGMDLIMENTS MIIUEHN IN8UlAiIIlN X HIHIHNII llll. 646 REYNOLDS ST, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ,0. ,L-J. ,Q. ,o- ,of ,o- fm ,of fo- - ,oc fo 0. Q. ,0. .Q ,of .0 ,of Compliments OF HERMAN OELLERICI-I PLUMBING if HEATING Installation G' Repairing 305 9th St. PHONE 3401 ,of ,gl ,QQ 1 , T 1 ,ol ,Of ,of ,gf 201 DQ 1 ,0. ,Q. ,0. ,0. .0. ,och DRINK ORANGE CRUSH MADE FROM REAL FRUIT Orange Crush Bottling Co 116 - 6th St. PHONE 379 Qzof wo- fo- ,0. ,0. ,0. , Cy 60. ,o. ,o. ,och PHONE 171 1lHlHIHlE NIDNIE Sllllllfflliill llQllESZ1lVAIlU1IQAN1If GUS SMARAGDIS, Prop. Augusta's Most Up-To-Date Eating Houseg Reasonable Prices 915 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA GA U Va.,-U.,,,,,,,,a,,-, . , 3 X ,vi ,,,. 'l ll A . , Q ,Q . ,LL 69 .Q. , f noi? Tig- -0. ,O B With Best Wishes To The Q 9 A. R. C.- J. C. A. CLASSES OF 1937 TREM YOURSEEE 'TO THE EEST Woodward LL11'1'lbG1" CO. E Qlcryys Sonijcory Barber 5l'1oP I fbrly Years of Faithful Service E if S. F. C. Bldg Lobby Augusta, Ga Phone 1161 Augusta, Ga. Q 5 Q -0- -0- -og Qc- :o Q. 3 G9 ,0. , . .GCE gpg. ,0. ,0. ,Ogg Mflez- Qififfeimif ' CENTRAL GARDEN Q AUGUSTA,S OLDEST DIAMOND MERCHRNTS Cyyan.-ML We fnvffe Your Accounz' Q wma THE NEWEST IDEAS - 5, NVa1ton Way SL Heard St Phone161 862 Broad St. Q 6 Augusta, G3- M 'Of 'O' ,042 SDC' PO Of Q N11 f, Q A l l 6 ,U 1- mcg Toi ,Of AOA -OA ,OA ,OA -of -OA wo: Ao- ,Of :OA -Oc? A HERNDUN SUUA LUNEHEUNETTE A O C IL If 5 5 Q Omp Imen S O ll Tasty - Tempting Food 3 J Why Not Enjoy The B992 Q 3 "The Place Where Friends Meet" 5 A Q 3 1 A kj O 837 BROAD sr. PHONE 1283 5301 H1 vol fog 5:01 AOA fo- fo: :OA ,Of - for AO- ,of :of 103 pof AO- O 4 - :Ol AOCQ poc :Of A ,O .AOA ,Of A A - I-101 :Of -OCQ lg Q lg Q Q PHONE 202 5.12. C. , , 9 Q 1477 1 Q E gfczrbms gyoruf O H. Parks Hendee ' Flowers For All Occasions Insurance O 5' Lge, Accident, Health, Annuities Q PHONE 7231 METOALE AT WALTON WAY 330, ,O. O O O O O O. 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O O JACK R055 0 Cl 0 O CONEY ISLAND LUNCH O 3 "AUGUSTA'S MASTER Szmcr: S'rA'rxoN" O 0 j Broad an 12111 Streel Phone 2600 O Delicious Sandwiches O O O Q HILL BRANCH: Walton Way at Baker Ave. Phone 2737 93 il 9 O ll 6 227 Sth Sr. Phone 845 E O Fl 5 fl QlV"fi'Of"WOf-'i'Of AO' OLLOC O O O O4 'C 'Od Qffll iOL1JOfT5Ol.T O' O 0 O O O 'Ol O' 'OG D01 'O O O O O C O O DOH Oi IO '-501 PO O O C O O BCCM PO O O O O U YO' Q Q 5 d ll 9 O ar e e S O 5 ll 0 Q IilIlgS W a Pharmacy " V 0 O 0 Q Hlll Pharmacy 0 D O Q The Students, Drug Stores 9 3504 'O O O O O 'Ol VZPOC 'O O O O O O Of PO' O O O O O O 0 0 O O 'Oj I OI '04-'-504 YO O O O O 0 O O O D C3 O O O O O O O O 0 O 0 O C G 7' Y. .. +4 M f. XV if fl. -J , ga 1 4 1 630. ,0. ,Q. ,of , Q. 0. SQ. - ,Q -O . ,Ugg ot , U 5 1 fiW 4 5 o ' o The Augusta Uffice Supplq Q Q, and Equipment Co. Q BAILEY PRODUCE CO., Inc. 'lfvezythingjrom Pens to Sqfesn 600 RCYDOIJS Street THE YOUNG BUSINESS Augusta' Georgia MAN'S STORE . - .Make Our Store Your Headquarters - 5 Wholesale Fruits and Produce 306 Eight Street Phone 1497 5 Qzoc ,of ,of ,of ,oc ,of fo- So- -03 apo. ,0. ol G01 1 - 1 mcg 630' : . 4? 6 BE1NSON'S BELK-WHITE CO. Phone 12 Phone 13 5 DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, READY-TO-WEAR, GAS OIL TIRES BATTERIES CLOTHING, GENTS' FURNISHINGS - - - AND SHOES Open Day and Night 843-845-847-B49 Broad Street Broad and St' 6 AUGUSTA' GEORGIA AUGUSTA A A QDO. ,gl lg. ,431 ,0. , Q1 ,QQ 3301 ,QQ 9. - 1 Mig. ,Q , MQW' 44 1 I E f a fr- 5? L. ,, 8 t ,, W W.. k an Q . ,Lf J V Q 1 1 HS 5' v I L 'fav 53:43 . ,:,itg6L,b5yg,,:,.-e-x 6 , A , Q 0 C w c c o 9 o o oc? Kao- ro o o o o o o o o o o mcg O 9 L Q O Compliments of E O 0 Col. R L. Chambers, Sr. E Z Lawyer COMPLIMENTS Q L L Q Q 5 5630 'AiOg.7Of 'Of P07504 DO O O O 0 04 UCCQ OF A Q 9 5,01 :o o o o o 04 o o o o o focb O B 9 i A 6 F R I E N D Q . 0 0 Q Compliments of O O Collins Baking Co. tf O O 3 0 Q 226 5El1 Street Phone 96 f 0 A Q O O 0 0 O O O O O O O 0 ,og 3:01 wo o wo o o :o- o o o o o ,og e, , ,M .,,..,..w j I W V. 1 Upo- -o o o o o- -0- - -of - ,of cm o .-' ,QL-DO. ,CCE 1 S IQ E ' 1 L ta r - m pl re I E LEE BLUH, Owner Q t Laundry Cleaning 'yeing L Office 7143 Broad Sk. Imperial Theafre Building E, Plant: Druid Park Avenue Phone 1811 E' SITO' 0 O O O YO' 10304 UO 501 101 '01 'Of O O O O '04 04.104 DO O Oc woj ppm fo o o o o o o o ,o- loc: 630- fo o o o o o -oi mcg 9 COMPLIMENTS OF 6 1? COMPLIMENTS OF Q, EDELBLUT FURNITURE COMPANY Q O "The swfe of Quality and Origiruzliryu CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION 321 BROAD STREET R. L. CHAMBERS, SR. Q Between Modjeska Theatre and National Exchange Bank 320- 101 O O 0 0 O 0 D O O' 'O 20' 'OC 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 DI 1045 0 O 0 O OK '04-70C IO O' 'OCO4 'O 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O iOl 'OC 'Nw 69 5 620. ,o. 5 9 Q 6 Trade With Homefolks and 5 ' C lu f Be Loyal to Your Home Town 9 Omp lmems O Q INTERSTATE c:oTTTT Co Homefolks Cigar Store V 5 754 BROAD STREET ' Q 6 F1 0 Q3 ,qw ,of fod! Q :of - o- -0- U fp ,o. , Cyp: ,QQ , . 1 1 , 43,01 ,gf . .Q. . Q Compliments of HULL, BARRETT SL WILLINGHAM Q3 ,of ,Qc ,QQ Q -0- I O 0 O 0 0 0 S 0 0 0 O Ov 0 fo- - -QCQ p -0- fo- . I ,oi ,O. ,Ogg U U o o OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Kodaks, Films and Photographic 9 Q Supplies murphy Stationery Co. 720 Broad street Telephone 1780 f E . ,o. ,Q. . ,o. . .Q. ,O. ,0. ,0. ,og x 1 -QC? IYVIIIUIQIPIIHIIEY IDIPTUQ UD., DRUGS - SODAS - CANDY Broad at Twelfth Street O Augusta, Georgia Fi fo ,of vcd! Z0 E' J- Mllfllllb' S. P. Pilcher glmurphg 8a lililnher Ggarage AUTO REPAIRING AUTHORIZED NASH SERVICE Corner 9th 8: jones Sts. Telephone 2353 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA waitin 6f0z'Az'nf 60. Better Clothes for Less Money 982 Broad St. Phone 4471 Qzof fo -0- f CJ 1, I Q . ,Q ,Q. ,O. ,0. ,0. ,Q. .g. ,0. . C7 6901 . . ,ogg BO: :pot 10. ,QQ W. R. DAWSCDN SL CC. H. BURT5 TAYLOR, Mgr. 11S - Stlm Street Augusta, Ga. Y 1 L,-o lcf-'wa HENRY DEAL BARBER SHUP Four Skilled Barbers Always Busy 1013 Broad Street wx ,O fe-. ,O. ,Oy -od! 004 ,os fo- 1og.:of wccb o Q fl Q 9 Q U ll 2 ll U 1 Q V1 Q Maxwell Broltlwers Q FURNITURE Q 9 RADIOS - - FRIGIDAIRES - - DRAPERIES 6 5 933-35 Broad St. Phone 4000 5, l l if L5 gpm :of ,ol ,ogg I lk 1, x 3 Upo- .o. -0- -0- so. ,o. ,c- ,e. 10. - 10:2 501 wo- BEST WISHES 5 j - TO - A A. R. C. - l. C. A. Classes and Faculty of 1937 BENTLEY SL THOMPSON cl - O "Home F wrmsl1ers" I 901 Broad St. Augusra, Ga. Q 0 Phone 3266 5 O Q30- -of ,QQ ,Of .01 10- ,QQ ,gf ,O ,QI ,QL ,OCJ Q301 ,QL Tl-IE BUCKEYE COTTON OIL CO. lvlanutacturers of COTTON SEED PRODUCTS Augusta, Georgia Q. .gf . ,QCQ po, :of U K, 9 Q Compliments of 9 9 BURNYWS SHOE SFURE 9 Shoes for the Entire Family 9 BUllTllN'S Alllll STIIRAEE DXY OR NIGHT STORAGE Cars Washed, Greasecl and Vacuum Cleaned 910 Broad St- Augusta, GH- Q Phone 1238 824-828 Ellis street 3 a, QDO, ,o. ,o, ,o. , ,Q. ,0. .0. ,0. ,QU Qso- wo- ,ol of :of -0- :ol cg Q1 ,5- - .1 rw-Y Lf I IO' o- ,ocb . -50. .0. . ,QC o 6 1 THE SUUTHERN CUTTUN UIL CU. -xILillLlfZiCU.lI'SCl Of- HIGH GRADE FERTILIZER5 CHTTHN SEED PRODUCTS 6 RINKER PAINT Sz GLASS -9 CCDMPANY .-XUGUSTA, GEORGIA :Oc N Quality Paint Products COMPLIMENTS OF PIOIIIQ Cotton CUIIIIJFESS U0. I I-XUGL'ST.'X. GA. ' Q -5 H E 869 Br-Iacl Street Phmmes 7-1 and 75 cn apo- lo- -0- -0- -0- wo- bo- Q- ,of--vo -oi 7- -, ,oc po- wo- wo ro- -0- fo- -ocb E QUALITX QUALITY Q? Q GROCI-IRI I4 9 M EATS fs U hi' E Smlt s i 1286 Iam-I street Phone 793-794 COMPUMENTS Q A COMPLETE VARIETY OF FANCY . FRUITS AND VEGETAIILES 9 AT ALL TIMES OF , HOTEL I Q 0, 6 COMPLIMENTS OF 4 SIKES DUAL 81 WUUD CUMPANY A OUR Co.-IL AND COKE ARE CRAZY XVITH THE HEAT -if 5' 1498 xxII-igIIf5II0m R-Ind P11-me 4123 , , o o o o o :o o - - . . ,O. , O O O , , go O O O 0 0 0 O O O O O OC O O O OC? , Cumpmnmnscd O Q jlguarh nf GlU1lI11IIEi5IL'I1IBI5 0 Buahs mth eiaenues O Q RICHMOND COUNTY, GA. O 0 Edwin C. Martins Frank R. Miles 9 James M. Hvooddall Frank H. Hooper R. P. Mayo 5 apo- O O O O O O P06304 O O O O 'Ol '01 O' 'O T01 'O O O O O O O O O' focal po- -0- for o o o o o o of -o- -0- :oc po- o o o o o o o o o o ,ocb E E 9 ' A. COHEN L. 1. COHEN . A . 6 a 0 D O O O Q O ., 742 -Qniigue Ao-plea O 0 0 EARLYJKMERlCANQANTTQUES D 0 O aurffrrfns Fan Yaun any Q H Q O .73 602 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. 9 Y PHONE 4268 976 BROAD ST. 5 5 9 AUGUSTA, GA. 9 V 5 6 H Qzof -o o o o o o o o o o o- hoc? Qzof -o o o o o o o o o o 0- :od io' 'O O O O O O O O30 O O 0 O O O O 0 O O O O 0 0 O 0 O O O . Mr g a y 3153 . ..4.. . 'OH O 'Of DOI 101 O O O O ' 'Ol Q ,Q eglate otnes Q, C ll ' Cl ' J. B. WHITE and COMPANY 936 BROAD STREET PHONE 3500 9 3 'of -0- 'oc -:H of -nf -J : of fi-of wo of o o o yo- rod! AO' - ' ' QJW O' I VWIQ MDD' YO O O O O O 'Of SOCQ "Tho Hmm- .If CIPLIYICSN' amd Serum Q I SHIP VIA PLAN'FER'S A RELIABLE TRANSFER co., Inc. 5 BA R B li R S I-I OP Q DAILY OVER-NIGHT SERVICE 95912 Broad Street Augusta. Georgia 5 AUGUSTA' GA' ATLANTA, GA' i 'P Phone 3316 Wal. 6209 3 PO O O O O O 'Of 'OE ai-O1 104 1 P01 O O O Of JO' 'Of FO' ,DCU Q ,Of O O O C O O O O O O O O O O 'Ol D? WASH AT 0 5 5 I I-IUISFIAUNDRY 3 UJUST A GOOD ONE" 6871 ,.. PHONES... 513 LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 6 5 Q of ,f Io- , O 0 o o o o o o ,om :od , . , qygf ,Of Compliments of The Citizens and Southern j National Bank 5 No Account too Large---None too Small Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in i 1 'OCDO1 10 O IO- -OC Jlugiuata .spouting oocllb Company, EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUT ORS ACADEDIY and JUNIIDB C0l.LEGE ATHLETES WEAR SPALDINYG and li0LIlSNIITH A THLETIC EQITIPNIEIVT Golf, Tennis, Basketball, and Football Supplies Complete Fishing and Hunting Equipment zlo-iz Eighth se. Phone 3280 E O O O O O O O O O 101 woe!! .01 ,Q- O i ' 9 5 . " o RALLBUIIN COAL" "CRYSTAL ICE" 6 :Oz 1 Q 00 Lf JO' O O 0 :OID COMPLIMENTS OF SHERIFF Nl. GARY WHITTLE PATIIUNIZE abc: -of Q 0. ,Q Augusta Ice 8 fQO' -of . ,ogb Coal Company Q 6 6 10001, Ilome Industry A C Phone L15-l-Ili 1539 lillll St. Q V 0 O 6 Willifordys Cleaners 432-3-l-36 Eighth St. Phones 3 and 4 .X CI,EgXN PLACE TO CLEAN CLOTHES 6 6 Kim 'Of o- ,ov QDQQ ,of 0. ,QU "The Viotories of Life are won, noi on the fields where the decisive struggles take place, but in the obscure and iorgoiien hours of preparaiionfx Georgia Railroad Bank and Trust Company MUGUSTA, QEORGIA Member of Federal Depoais Izaeufansa kieig3s?x3iiBR Q 1 yoqof ,ol so. ,of ,QQ ,434 ,Q ,gf ,0. 3 Compliments of SINCLAIR REFINING CQ. 'OCS O 5 H. C. Gasoline -'- Motor Oil Q Oi fo- 105 fQ fo- :of 1 ,of ,o- wo- fo- mc? 6,301 io -GCE R. G. PLAKE 1. E. THOMPSON A 9 A Wm. Sclwweigerl SL Co. 221 Ninth Street 9 9 ALEX SPIRES, PROPRXETOR A 846 BROAD STREET Give Us A Trial and We Wm Make A JEWELRY - GIFTS - NOVELTIES Customer Out of You. 9 tg f fo- f c.1o1 vor' 1 :oi -of fo -0- focg apo- wo- L.1o- wot ,OCQ wo- o o -ocb Ice Cream For Grade AA Milk all Occasions Certified Sanclcen's Visit The Soutl'1's Most Modern Dairy OLD SAVANNAH ROAD GEORGIA-CAROLINA DAIRIES 6 0 U o o fo- ,od o- fo ,0. ,g. .0. ,Q. ,g. ,Q. ,0. ,g. .0. 10. , C of ,OK U B BEAR SYSTEM Axles and Chassis Straightened Cold in Cars -24-Hour Service- WRECKING SERVICE RALPH FENDERB GARAGE BODY AND FENDER WORK Phone 937 15th Street: and Milledgeville Road QDQ- -O1 of ,gpm fo. ug. 10. ,Q. ,of ,g. ,gf 10. ,of ,0. 19. ,gqym 6 1 101 0 H 1 1012 gg. ,ox 1 10435 . 5 ' DON' S COMPLIMENTS OF R. Sons "GOOD TASTE APPAREL " ALLEN ELLIOTT LESTER 1-'. ELLI011' CLOTHIERS AND S. HERBERT ELLIOTT HABERDASHERS I 5 724 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Q30. ,gf L-,Qi .91 ,og 6630. ,QI 1 ,of ,gf . ,Q. 10. ,Of ,Q 70 0 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O 1 r 101 I 1 . .QC 10 Q31 ,C-. 1 , rm . S04 ommlnlla .Stucllo Portraits and Commercial Photographs 737 Broad Street Phone 2314 QD ,ol ,o4 , 0 10. TEXACO PRODUCTS 5' ,, . XVITH SAVE OUR SHOES CERTIFIED SERVICE VERI BEST SHOE REPAIR i JOHN ALTOONTAN, Prop. FIVE POINTS O Q WE DELIVER ALL WORK GUARANTEED SERVICE STATION fe Q 5 1142 BROAD STREET 2101 Kings Way Phone 9416 V ' Phone 1966 3 6 n - Hof ,of :of fo- fo: :od QDO1 xo- - -ol ,of -o- -of f C! Compliments of Imperial, Modjeska, Rialto and Dreamland Theatres 04 ,Q 4 , 104 ,QT 1 ,Q Q4 ,QT I 4-10. 1 'QQ wiv 5304 ,O , - ,Gia U 690. ,Q Q o o o c o o o o- -of'-so -o o o c o on -ocw -o o o Q 0 0 ,0.-D 0 o 0 o 0 o Z Compliments of 0 o 0 City, at aququata i oooooo . , oooooooooooocooooo . fo. , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . mo. OQOOOO . 5 COMPLTMENTS GF g AUGUSTA FIRE DEPARTMENT Tj am. OOQOOD 1 W. , OOOQOOOQQOOOOOOOO O 0 D 0 -O1"1O1 20 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 O U' O O 0 D O O O O 0 0 O O O I 9 5 o o o o O o o o o o o o , OOOQOOOOQOOOOGOG C QQOOQOOOD, at ,wb j - DRI N K - it I Delicious and Refreshing O O AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA O O O O v 6 n f S301 'L O O O O O O ODO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Of 'OCIJ6 ?O4 504 O O 04-1101 'Ol O 3 'O T- ' 'T UIQ WO' POS O O O O O4 YO4.2O4 O O O' IOC? 5, , 5 Q O A COMPLIMENTS OF O O C' Q B. T. LOWE Sv. CO., Inc. O O O tg 1mxrES'1'IC cO'1"fON BROKERS FOREIGN 9 O O O Axu1L'sT.x, GEORGIA O O O O CABLE ADDRESS HLOWEH O O 6 Fi O Qbof ,o O O o o O O O O o v0 -od! I O 'An All Augusta Institution' get O O O O O O Q G O 'wg O O Q DODGE ef PLYMOUTH O O O Sales and Service 0 O IVEY MOTOR OO. O O O 521 BROAD Q O 5 lg PHONE 3427-28 it N'--'TOO f'i-'I"g4'31T-JT' 4 vtftai1Oai-Oalyoglgoci Qjot v 0 0 Q O 0 0 Q 0 0 ,Q rod! 5 Q. 0- fo: fpo- ,of 9 U C1 E. qennla 9 Company, Clothiers and Haberdashers For Men and Young Men 752 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Q ,QQ ,QQ ,ogy QZQQ Feedriqht Milling Co. "Your Friends Foreveru Augusta, Georgia 4 ,434 pg. .0. ,Q. ,Q. ,Q. ,Of ,gl ,Ol ,QQ ,Q , "YOUR FEET WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE " Daniel's Shoe Rebuilding 831 Broad Street PHONE 141 ,GK Lf: -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -cDo- -0- 0- -04:2 J 5l,URlGl'll'5 SANDWICH SHOP - J 1511 WALTON WAY 3 Hamburgers and Hot Dogs 6 for 25C j' - Open all Night - cj Hot Chili - Barbecue Hash - Oysters NVE DELIVER 9 l Phone 9246 5, a"P0- -0- - - Juno- -0 -0- -0- -0- -0- -0 o .0. ,gil 690- -0- 0- -oc? fo- -0- ,o- -oc? O O . 1? . 9 9 COMPLIMENTS OF STEEIJ CLOTHING CU. S' POPULAR PRICE CLOTHING- AND 6 BAGS, BAG-GING AND COTTON TIES - 51C1TlCIlC1l'CJ B08 COIT1PGl'ly Manufacturers of MENS FURNISHINGS 6 4? Phone 3143 Augusta' Ga- 9 if 863 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. . E . Qzsg. ,Q. .04 , -0- -0- ,Q. ,ggj QED' ,gf -g- -9- -0- -0- ,Q. ,0. .gg ,9 9 6 6 fl U 330. ,0. 0. -ocb po- -0- 0 0- -oqb c 9 . 9 . 6 .. O ' 9 H. E. Wingard Grocery STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS "RADIO SPEAKS YOUR MESSAGEM Q, Ph-me 466-467 1531 Oglethorpe Ave. 9 po, ,0. -0- -ocb A U 9 Q Bicycles 5 Motorcycles -,Pennzoil ENTERTAINMENT f INFORMATION O R. L. Surner-auf8c Son 6 , , 5 6 0 l 1? -5 O 0 ll Q 0 Qixil ,C 5, jg. -c -0- ,QQQ 9 1 -oc o- - ,Q. ,C ff' D 69 Cb The 9 o 5 I fglernfs Eeauig ,Shop -ALSO- C5Ienu'z Qezzutg Evrhnnl GHZ! MRS. J. P. GLENN, Pff.pfier01- . SPECIALIZED IN ALL BEAUTY XVORK Zuzmfuze 5 L Q 307 Masonic Bldg. Phone 2023 H cfmladny gmc i ,U gpm 3 f 1 wo B ' f 1010 BROAD STREET The DIXIC Plq 9 EAST BOUNDARY AND BROAD ST. Phone 2365 AUGUSTA SANDIVICHES AND SOFT DRINKS A ' OP ALL KINDS GEORGIA Q 1 'CCE 330- P04 4 D J O 1 Q ,o. , gfosfw- E..,oL.2ox-loQ,2og3 po- 10- ' -:Ol -01 B o 9 - 6 9 .. I. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. 624 BROAD STREET v ICE AND COAL COMPANY HOUSTON 6 gays gn QYIOP ,G':?tQem1ey's" btH0ME 5, 9 6 o .01 f--.0. ,of--wo,-,0. ,Of .cf 'od QDO- fo- fo ,Q. . , . 1 . , . lg. ,Q ,gf , 1 JUNIOR COLLEGE E1 ACADEMY SENIOR RINGS AND PINS FURNISHED BY Mfff-gone! eomjamzy WE ALSO SERVE A COMPLETE LINE OF Diplomaslnvitations-Cards Caps Sz Gowns-Trophies-Cupsflvledals -iq Qnfiefof geozfia pep. X560 lyo. pecdtuz M0406 -Qffdnfd K -Q4 0 po. ,Q o o o o o o o o o o- -OCQ po- ro o o o o for o o o o o- ,055 U 9 B 9 9 . 0 . 0 .4 4 unmrlque 532211110 Glullege 6 Lockhart, MCAU11ffG Sr Co. ' - E 0 I O A ED, O Q 433-435 Eiqhth sneer 0 ,INCORP H T 0 Q O "REcoGN1zED STATE or GEORGIA" 0 REAL ESTATE, FIRE AND CASUALTY 0 v o 0 A school with a background -- 26 years O 0 INSURANCE, SURETY BONDS 0 O experience O O 0 ,, . . . . , 9 0 870 BROAD STREET Indwldual Attentron makes lt possrble for O 9 9 you to enroll now" O 5 5 Qpo- o o o o o o o o o o 0- -OC! QDO- o o o o o o o o o o 0 ,QU Q. ,Q 0 0 Q Q Q 0 0 Q 0 Q ,pcb fpo- fo o o o o o o o o o o- focyj 5 Q 9 9 O 6 0 6 O COMPLIMENTS OF 0 O COMPUMENTS OF 0 0 0 Q 5 H S 0 Wm. F. Law, Jr., Agent O . . . o 0 0 INSURANCE 0 0 0 0 5c - IOC and 25c Store O O 0 0 O PHONE 2477 AUGUSTA, GA. Q 0 ' 0 o . 5 EDO- O C 0 0 C O O 0 C O C 'OJ 5304 0 0 0 0 O O O O 0 C 01 '02 20' 'O O 0 O O O O O 70 O O O 0 O O 0 O C O 0 O O O O O O U 0 5 o o o o o . ,ocmm , o o- -ocQ This Book Designed and Printed in Augusta by ommetciaf 2-7Zz'nZ'Znf omjadfzy COMPLETE PRINTING SER VICE 747 Ellis Sfreef Telephone 852 6 6 0 Q o o :of wo o o ,o- -oc? fo- o o o o o o o o ofrwof o- 20422 Uno- wo o o o o o o o -o'..Jo. 10. ,CCE 9 9 A O 6 O 6 V111 nl' ' 5 W' O Compliments of o 0 L1 1111 1111t11t 1 1 O O Q O M ll 1-1 d C ' HXWC HI' VVHYC 0 Don 0 Connor 0 O O' O Q O O 865 Broucl Street Clerk Superior and City Courts O 0 0 ghllg'I.'lStEl. Ga. 9 O 9 O a 2 5 QSO- -o 0 o o O o o o o 0 0 ,od QDO- fo 0 o o o o o o o 0 of ,QCU fpo- Io o o o o o"'fof o o o o focb fpo- -O 0 o o o o o o o o o. .OCD U 9 U o 9 9 ' 5 O 5 Compliments of O Q .ffefecffi Ogoficaf 60. 0 0 O 0 ' WZ J' 2 Z if 1 9 OPTICAL SERVICE THAT SATISFIES , 9 5' jej 5 ffm-if 4 Un 0 O O O 6 19-20 Johnson Building O if Dr. A. H. Meredith Dr. R. W. Roper ' 0 Optometrist Optometrist 5 O 5 0 MISS MYRTLE DANIELS, Prop. 9 0 Phone 772 9 9 740 Broad Street Phone 1675 - 6 ii 6 5 Qzbo- 'O 0 O O O 0 O O O O O 'Od QDO- 10 0 O O O O Q 0 0 O O1 'Od O O 0 U 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O O C13 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 C F 0. ,QI 9 6 fp 0 xo- -U GRADUATES - - QTL- We extend each and every one ,,h.q'i' ot you congratulations and best gs W 1 YV TI w1shes, may your future be one C ot happiness and success. SQXUYL - CIAQQILYYI O Q1 ,Qt ,QQ ,of IO. ,Q ,of -0. ,OI ,OK ,Qt ,Q ,Q- SHERMAN ak HEMSTREET, Inc. REALITORS INSURANCE CIDOK YO IO' I ng. ,gt ,gt ,Qt ,Qt IQ. ,QI fo. 10. ,Qt ,gf ,431 ,O SOUTHERN WELDING CU. J. A. OUZTS, prop. ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING AND CUTTING Auto Frames and Axles Alzlgned Accurately With Bear .System ELLIS STREET 'TELEPHONE 133 ,of ,of ,Q. ,Q. ,0. 43301 ,Q ,0. .g. ,QI ,0. ,o. ,434 IQ. ,OI ,Of ,QI ,OI ,0- ,gf ,oz ,Qt ,gf ,Qc Ig. ,QCI ,gl ,o. For Graduation or Gfhrcss-ups' The Young Man Who Knows What I-Ie Wants Chooses "jFasbion Eailorczo' Clothes sold Exclusively By sfkmi, nofsucn Ann co. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ,gf C? ,od Q Il Q II Q Q CQ Q, O o 5 'I ,I o Isl 'J E W J if 6 3 :ot ,of ,ot ,ox ,ol ,QQ ,QQ ,QQ ,Q- . , .--sod! po- o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Q ,Og-of O O O Q 0 O. ,Og Q U fs 9 - A gf-ET' O o -151 --.,., X, Q ' ,AH ...M Sal' v D o 0 1 .. L- 15 ff-1,1 1 3, .A X X yy' MOU gn Q X: Ag, Nj B1 ,f EORDM -I xnmous ,Slrx 9 O ll -Q , , Q: 'Z' P' J V K. gf: , MR' X ,-,,,,..,. S LBXRUNSWIQK O O ' - ' A PAQ .-:NEW -:R " 1 C' X R tg? E O Q Y X Cast1eberry's Food Co., Inc., Augusta, Ga. 5 aim- o o o-'-1o- o o Eoco- -0- fo- -0- -0- fo- bo- -0- ,o- fo- ,0. ,Q O 9 O O O O O, ,adn fo- fo- -0- o o o o o o -0- -0- wo- ,och 690- ,0. .Q. ,0. ,o. Q Q O. ,O.-JO. ,Q. ,0. ,DCB O 9 O Q T. D. CAREY WARREN Bon-:WELL V T Oigficer 209 Tenth St. Plz1ntg620 Broad St. 1 0 9 Q PHONE1-100 PHONE 2212 9 O O E21 O O ESTABLISHED 1910 O Q O O T D 8L Q 6 CENTRAL CLEANING ANU PHESSING CU. -3 ' O E. M. CROZIER, Prop, O O INVESTMENT SECURITIES 0 o O Q 9 O V A21 TVo1'k Guaranteed - All Garments Insured 5 O O ' TELEPHONE 918 138 EIGHTH STREET ' V 5 fi 6 Fi H DO O O O O O O 0 O O O YOU BO! O O O O O O O O O O O POC! O O O O O O O D O O O O O O O O D O O O O O O O O O O O i QC. ,O, . -. ,g. ,Ot ,Oi , . , mcg po- -o -of -of -0- fo- ,of -01 for -of ,of wof -ocg - I arrie Air Conditioning IF YOU ARE LONSIDERING- CAnd You Ought To Bel AIR CONDITIONING or AUTONIATIC HEAT CALL ON S. DONALD FORTSON CO. 564 REYNOLDS STREET A 9 SANIT.-XTILJN is TH15 FIRST j 9 6 THING IN HEALTH 9 Q I t Brown Sz Wi11iamson's r Sanitary Barber Shop Corner Sth 8: Broad Street ' 9 6 ' NYC NYU! iXpp1'eciate Your Patron:-ige , Carrier Air Conditioning - Combustioneer Coal Stoker 5, u 5 Q o QDOI ro- fOf 'Of 'O' 'O' fo' 'O' 'O' TU' 'O' 'O' '00 QSO: ,oi ,of -of -of -Of wo- 10- -of ,Qi ,Qi ,ogg Q. , - 2 a..2o- iocb poi fo ,ogg 9 U Q 9 . CQMPLIBI ENTS of Augusta Police Department CHIEF C. J. XVILSON 5 . 9 6 HULLEMAN-MILLER EUMPANY 5, "0jice Supplies and Equipmentw TELEPHONE 437.2 , t ,. M CAPTAIN GEO- R- FUI-'D5 f Q 103 Sth Street Augusta, Ga. 5' Do- fo ' 'OE 3:01 -0- - 1 -odfi l,U7'ZI7'Z6l' Seton! , I al' I i t9Qic1t.m0fzz2l Jycadenzy : junior Goffege Q t New and Repeat Courses in English, Modern Languages, Sciences, Mathematics, Education, History, etc. Six-Weeks-Course Beginning Iune 14, 1937 t O I ff. . i 1 -10. ,Q 4 1 :yor 101 - wg! U ggi ,O ,0. ,0. ,Q. ,0. ,0. ,Of ,Q. 0 Q. ,052 go- -o o o o o 4 :och 5 AFTER GRADUATION- 5 5 O COMPLIMENTS O Don't Forget to Go to 0 of 5 411' 6 SOdGS ' f 4 Cafe ? Q HOME FOLKS MARKET O i Augusta's Only Private Curb Service O O 0 O 1739 Fenwick St. Phone 2836 636 Broad Street 5 9 V . 820' 'O O O O O O O O O' ,OE 330- Y O O O O O O O O O1 'OJ Q04 DO' O O O O O O O ,Of DOCQ TO' XD O O O O O O O O O YOZ COMPLIMENTS OF '5 5 O ' ' . . . - - . 0 Hurst Business Colleqe VVe Specialize in Safety Service 0 O COMPLETE OFFICE TRAINING The best equipped shop in 6 East Georgia. O O S. F, C. Bldg. Augusta, Ga. O 565 Broad sr. P11666 2626 Q 5 830- ,Of 101 P04 YO4 O O 'Of YO' 'Of fodg 3:50 1 O O O O O O O O Of D03 O O O O O 0 O O O LICV Y 0 O O O O O V 9' -'Fx s'- - 6 f:7v'?3'j' 42 2 a-5 S- edit , 304 101 f 104 104 ,of The ,Q. ,QC National Exchange Bank Augusta, Georgia Stnonq - Solmcll - 0Dnag,na,a1Ua We Corclially Solicit Your Business Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation :of ,W ,of ,g. ,g. ,gf ,of ,0. YO' 'OCDO . .Q. ,O. . JO. ,o- 14 mcg po Swift 85 Company OIL MILL "Cotton Bloom Cottonseed Meal" - MODERN COTTON GIN - 1890 Savannah Road Augusta, Georgia ,QQ ,Q. 104 yo. 1 101 ,QQ ,QQ 101 101 ,of ,of 101 101 ,QQ 15-- RALEYS CAFETERIAS Quality Food - Excellent Service at popular prices T19 liI'U11n.l SI. AUGUSTA, QA. J- lx' L br. 1324 Main Sr, CHARLESTON, S. L.. COLUMBl1'X, S. C. O 9 o 5 0 l ,I Ll 1 . ,O. 10- ,QQ , ,gf ,0. -04 104-10. ,of ,Q U Q LINCOLN LINCOLN-ZEPHYI2 WAI.liER-DURANT MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. U I CJ l 5 . Z Sales and SGTVICE O Q "w1x'1' 1' 11 '1' II 1-2 If o R 111 s 13 o 13 Y" ii Broad at mth Sr. Phone 3oo Q1 Augusta, Ga. ,w Il , ' 1---------?,q.. .gf?,g,-.Q.i,Q.lO:,f Q:-0 -of oi wo- o- of 19. 1 10, , 4 10. 10. ,of . ,o, , 60. .0. .of -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -oib LBO- -0- -0- o c o o -0- C-"o-,.1o' -0- -oc O 9 I I ! : 2 - Q Q ! ! - H 9 Phone 3022 Open 7 .X. M. to .Z A. M -2 I 9 6 . IDEAL TILE CO. if O U U G Q l C. Y. ENDERBY, Prop. Y O 1 v Y v - ' -s v - Y Q I Estimates Furnished 0 GILX L IX if. Cl-IOP bl hh 9 I Tiles. Marble. TCHHZZO. LiH0leL1H1. 9 O American and Chinese Dishes Asphalt Tile, Rubber and Cork Tile , qta 316 and Fancy fI.UCe1.iek. 5 China and Chrome Bath Accessories 9 0 1 ' J N H I Clay and Concrete Garden Furniture 5 -Meat 3I3-l'kCf- 0 ' 9 A I 849-53 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. 6 rye Deliver L. W. Joe 6 ' iv I K I I I I I 1 I I I 5 V 801 Ninth St. Augusta, Ga. ago. ,g. ,Q. ,0. ,g. ,0. ,0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -062 330- -o-'wo-om -of'1oC.,o- -o o o- -og-0 -oc? po' 10 O O O O O O O 0 O O1 -och Q04 O 0 O O O O O O O O O DOC U Q U 9 9 v 5 v O O SHOP IN COMFORT O O O O COMPLIMENTS OF O D O O O ., Henry T. Chance, Ir. O Q 5c AND ioc sions O O O 1 4 v 0 -A1r-Cond1t1oned- O 0 6 F1 .- Qzo- o o o o o o o o o o o- -od! QDO- -o o o o 0 o o o o o o -03 I O O O O O O 0 0 O O O O 'Ol 'CP' 'Of O O O O O O 0 O O 0 0 O G il! If 1 Q04 VO O O O O O O O O O O4 1015 Q01 'O O O O O O O O O O O focm Q L2 U 9 0 Grmcl Luck and Best XYisI1esI O 0 5 O O O coMPz.1MEN'rs or O O Lou1s Lunch Room O 0 0 QHORT URI Q E i V V i N 0 LEAGUE, DUVALL af POWELL Q 0 L , JILRb - AXN DXX ICHILb V Q REALTORS f? 506 E1-.rad st, Phone 9263 ' O O 5 AUGUSTA, Gsoncm O O A o O CURB SERVICE NYE DELIYER 9 O 9 SDC' IO O O O tO O O O C O Oi YOCLI SET 10 O O 0 Q O Q Q Q O Q1 -.Og Q01 PO 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O 'OlOf 'O O O O O O Wig Q 9 CP Al COQQ O rg? O I, BOTTLING COMPANY O O 12TH STREET IN LOIVIBARD'S WAREHOUSE 0 O PHONE 3241 0 9 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 9 Q S QDOK 7'O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 0 OK YOCQ Q04 FO O O O4 DOL 105-TOOK 10 1-1204 70K ,OCD Q01 POW O O O O O O O O O O 'ocb Q ff I! 9 I-:EATING EJ I NSI 6 O O ""' and O O O O AIR CONDITIONING O 0 Q O y Complete Engineering Service At Your O 0 9 Disposal-Consult us before you purchase. O O O O O PHOENIX OIL COMPANY 0 0 0 Heating and Air-Conditioning Department O 9 6 ' o ' A PERKINS LUMBER CO. . P 1 , 5 6 Augusta, Ga hone 96 3 6 619 wth Street Telephone 371 H Qzof 'of ,of -0- o o o o o :of -0- ,of :ocy QDQ- fc- -0- ,of o o o o o fo- fo- 10- -OC? Q01 O Q. O 0 O O O O Q 0 O O O O O O O OK 10301 'O 0 O 0 O 0' IOC? lg . 6 6 COMPLIMENTS OF 0 O F' 9 0 flglzztte- 4 uneral 'I ume U ., o O I O 721 Crawford Avenue 9 O Augusta, Georgla 9 5 5 QEOI FO O O 0 O O1 'OID' 'O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O1 'Od Y po- -o- o o o U 4 , f D 9 F 5 . Compliments of i A g THE QUALITY SHOP X i Cor. Oth and Broad Sts. i I 1 Q l . n 1 Q30. ,of iw , . Q ,QQ ,QCU I 5 6,301 ,of ,QQ ,QQ fm ,QQ ,QQ , fo. ,Ol ,Ogg 1 9 ' 9 1848 1936 4 . 5 . I 9 9 i -SUBSCRIBE To- . i 0 The Labor Review I' WILLIE6 I-15'1EXvvYeTC0" Inc' E if THE LEADING LABOR WEEKLY 'P Q IN GEQRGIA V STYLE QUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL 9 AND COLLEGE BOYS EOR ' Subscription 31.00 per year NEARLY 90 YEARS' 330- fo ,o- '03 QQ- -of fo- fo 1 ,U i Q Q Q ' ,I A ' 1 I?-f' l V 1 9 , Jog CJ po- ,ol o o Q , . .pgs For , :Of cg Q o J 9 The Planters Cotton ' Oil Company, Inc. -Manufacturers of- COTTON SEED PRODUCTS 6 Augusta, Georgia MZQPBEH Qrutg Sfofes . nntfos XYITH .ix REPUT,xT1oN DO' Q ,.,. fl O ,Q Q A QQ- io. Ilroarl Street .'Xug'usta. friil. U Y V O PHCDNE -llllfi of HOWARD LUMBER CO. View ,Nia zoo 4 ,Q 1 6 fi mm. , M.. 533. . S , ASO. ,O ,On . :,O.A1CfiGfv,0fDf-of-of-loc 6 RliClI,77LOIld Academy Night School Specializing in Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, English, Business Law, Salesmanship, Arithmetic, and Spelling. MONDAY, YVEONESDAY, and THURSDAY EVENINOS 9 CSessions Same as Day School? apo- Y . ,4,:o- ,o ,cn ,0. 1 ,of-:wg goof wo -0- o- -0- . ,QLJW , 0. ,Q. ,Q. ,0. ,Ole - 2 4-om Q 6 z'Aey'2e Zfidjaez ana! more ffxuotfuf .f j Sunsiine KRISPY CRACKERS 'FROM THE THOUSAND WINDOW BAKERIES of LOOSE-WILES BISCUIT CO." 9 U , . . :of wo- - 5 THE INDEPENDENT DRUG STORES OF AUGUSTA O Our most valuable asset is the goodwill ot our customers and the physicians we serve. A feeling of confidence inspired by the knowledge that prescriptions and orders will he tilled completely and without substitution. Drug stores listed here are striving continuously to maintain and exceed the standards that are re- guired to merit a continuance ot this valuable asset. May We be ot service to you? DAVENPORT Q EDMUNDS DRUG CO. MARKS DRUG COMPANY 502 Broad Street 1298 Broad Street Phone 1197 Phone 633 HAXSBERGERS DRUG STORE MEYER X SMITH DRUG CO. 990 Broad Street 726 Broad Street Phone 2667 Phone 4077 KINGS XVAY PHARMACY, INC. PURVIS DRUG COMPANY 2107 Kings 7XVay 1268 Broad Street Phone 7678 Phone 2377 KNIGI-IT'S PHARMACY VVATSON'S DRUG STORE 1203 Troupe Street 1-198 NVa1ton VVay Phone 6323 Phone 43 LEXVIS 8 OLIVE DRUG CO. YOUNGBLOOD'S DRUG STORE 1002 Broad Street 608 Broad Street Phone 1774 Phone 618 Q Q o o o o o o cy AUTOGRAPHS AQ ,Zf,7,,, M, 4 f9'A"'6Z'?"Wf . ff ' f nf be ff? ff A Qfffffffwgf- JJ My QL x W, A ufbjjfzj pwpfmm -- JM Wd-1441 ... ffnyr-'ff C341 MMM? W . ynyfjyf,-543574341401 mzzffawfgfvw JJWQ- LJ ' we PJ" fi? 'KW' 4 vw, HSM 455213 VM ww 'WW 'WAV 1 1 I a ' - :e'vu.. '- 'Q 1 -V Y -L--L-Lnrv , ,.., ,:m..,4.av v -I,. , " '. ' - , .A N in V AU T O G R A P H S . in n u I A ' A '-Ee . Y." ji-'I -Z, 55:1-' "'7s. 's -if ,S V ef , . ci" ' - i 'N A -, . ' Agn: '. 1 5 - x 01, - - ' , U .5. A 5. I K - vu H X' f a V-, 5 K , . A A ' .- " 5 fs " ' 1 1 A 'L " , f '-Q 0 . ' 5. - , fu 1' ' ,T'f-',1y.. T Q , 1 ,,,:.-- I, , , ' . - U K 1 , f' A A13 +41 ' j A 1 :A :'- .4 5, . .p., ' , ,V . - 1 ,L if ,--, . . ,vv f F ' ' 4- 'J-' lx I ' v 45 . . ' 1 - , ijlq, 4 I Q .- , ,. us ,x L I , f ' - 4--':.'. " 1 1. 2 -if ' . Q 1 ' J V 1'- , - .gh W : A-.a .bu I 1 r -Q, , 5 !...e.A..V ,., ,

Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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