Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1935

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Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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lin A .L I .., A, .. ,4 5 Q: I - ...,1' - f, -.. .', c-. ' " -.,, . Q -.fa -5. 4" ic. -I. -., .3 Y , ,,, , ,-.,f . , ,, ,lx ,LN .:.. ,-, mi .u V ..'. . A , , , , .I-1 .. I . .v Mx' .-tg.. . x, .. H. w 1 . . - , :Q , . 1 ,1:',,l J ,A,. . - 1 ,Q - '-.i'Z v -.141 , l. ., .,,x ,wi -A, f . ' - ' 1"" "s "-4 '--..f Q n '- .:'-fx'---.1 'fn g' '4:,m.' ' .4 xl N ,- ' lil' ' Jef. X 'hh-3 , ' ,, -, f 41-4 .Lv-' ' 1 JM. 1 .4 A .. Q :.4'.Tj ' f s - -J - " if ':-- ' -rg ' -- ., 4 ' -. ":n:.3.5, gg' -. J v -f' ffy'g,,,' ' i A- 'lf -' . 4" V Q, ,-Qgigu.: " -- -fp-3 .-1, 'a r.'f' ' 9:12 ' , . ' -'. if "'-.--f1.,.. .an L- - wi .U ,., iii. ' A- ,- x,.v y, .f -. xfifx' A U, . ' ' if - 4,1 'H' 'Q f ' 514 '1 .Q 7:33 ..-- J, E-Q'-' - X 'j ' Q.: JA .Qu , .. 'L .Q '.,, . .fy 5' -Af ' -1 lx, ' f 4 'S' ,A-. .. : J . .... x f- 1. ,:.,, .. , . .- 4 If . vp 1 , . .M 34: 44. I "4-.1 1 . F --: .J , gg I .J X --I ',.",i.'-Q, -, f , ' '- - lg' " ' 'fr - Q . . ,F 'flu 'I v rv v. . K . , - , '., 1, -LA 3 . 4 4 , 4: - . .. ' v '- V, f " U an-'A .i .' -V i - LIUJVI-. ., r. K tfifl,-,Q , l,,.'A 'flfrif-, A-1 , '-- ' -7' 1 i-. Q . ,I -,"1:'-'H' I-U. Afv. Vu. 1' 91' ' -' ,, -- -5-If . 'I' . ' ."I Y'- ..' ' A- n-1 V 1 fr' Av. f J If .,,. '81, 1 . -' x- - .-'rt l -I ni 11114. .- .. Q:-. : - . . nr, +L- .Q ,ur r .1 4b.-'IL ...4.n '537V' x The Nineteen Thirty-Five R A I N B 0 W 1' . Q gif ,E LS S- 32 "' X-.T 1 'I 5 . PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE of AUGUSTA IN COLLABORATION WITH STUDENTS OF THE ACADEMY of RICHMOND COUNTY VOLUME NINE AUGUSTA GEORGIA I' 'I CONTENTS PART ONE School of Administration PART TWO Faculty PART THREE J. C. A. Sophomores PART FOUR J. C. A. Freshmen PART FIVE Academy Seniors PART SIX Lower Classes PART SEVEN Superlatives PART EIGHT Military PART NINE Fashion 8: Beauty PART TEN Athletics PART ELEVEN Activities PART TWELVE Features in b N-1. l 5,4-gl, 'QVX7 2."-:"'-- ,. --Si 1.1- ,p.!,g if " , -- - ., lf? T ' . I. 1 X. ggi" .3 r '5 ll l ll f l A rr-L, v' 1, --,V lr lil" 4:51 - ' F R E R THE stattot"Tl1e Rainbow" isat- tempting to give to tlwe Graduating Classes a yearbook that adequately betits tlwe dignity ot our Une l-lundred and lzility -Two Year- Old Academy, and that illustrates tlwe prestige and ranlc ol: our Junior College. Our theme is that ol: School Lite as portrayed by our cover. We trust that our efforts will serve as a permanent source ot pleasure in re- calling to you, your Friends and activities ot lQ3l-L-5. I 1 ll il flbecllicatlon l yxflf. Ql1Cll'lSS t9qnSlDGl'I'7l Royslon WITH a Full realization ol tlwe invaluable services rendered to our sclwoolsg as a patient and lwelptul in- structor in tlwe classroom, as a tireless and etticient coaclw on the atlwletic Fields, and as a ready Friend at all times, tlwe student bodies ol: tl'1e Junior College ot Augusta and tlwe Academy ot Qiclwmond County gratefully dedicate- tlwis issue ot "The Rainbow" to Mr. Charles Asberry lQoyston. 'ip v v 1f3Y?i2.z l Mr. Charles Asberry Royston .Li,A .. 535, f a., r .gig '4-??7'i .fx E V4 ll II nm: 1' " rf! :SS 2 s 2 . nl' 1 ll Ill .knavas .V THE RAITJBCJVV I Direct View of Main Entrance I A ee me A Campus and Buifdinq in Backqruond L Vi I i I f"x O 0 F5 'Nw 0 ,psf- f'!"" Front View of Auditorium QJMJ.-.,,r1K: I . . In in 3 5, ,A,,M F -Ni"l4"'W':2f.f'0mar."""lQ..,' wgg--'gjwv -' JT' Jawa- V - ,'?'1T f-ig 'Q - H A new 11 - , -,.,r -iffy . ,K ',E"1 Y' 'L ' I -A N A- ,435 fi Q' f' .. 5 3.3.-1-L ':'F'fejfg,1. '.l",,f"'.f ' f. ., - .- Y .. Y , - . , "Il 'L 'd"f'i'tf' -g."-'1-.-ff ..,.. i'.?":.f:sZ,ff - ' ' i A ' 'V--7..J.T,,Ql NS: Q-, - V ' K ,Y V - - A , im Jw. Q.. " . ., V ,Q - -5, Q-,,. -.2 ,,, ' ' . ,f Aw. J, L, . ,,.t' 1, e J, .,..,."" .4 xgrr-1"21x,f3gy3e---Q P H- 5 , 4 '-- ' as - e i "'i"' ' x- -ff .-. -' - ' :M ' A' H-. 1. , 1 '-A ' .. L.-o-3i......-w ,W .,.,4,-,.,...-r Q. , --f., , W - .M . . -. , Front View ot Building in First Year ot Use u 3 5, . .-Q-...f.-......... J, Rear View ot Auditorium 'Tips 5. 9 l 'Z '1'I1'i1l RAIN BOW' 1935 -il"l6 lDI'GSlClSl'1l7S MSSSCl8S lo You libel lililiilk-'45 12131 To the boys and girls of the Junior College and Academy: My dear young friends: My message to you this year has been expressed by Charles E Whelan, in his poem . . . "What malces Lite." "Not length ol: days nor span ot yearsg Not vain regrets nor hopeless tearsg Not Faint heart when a storm appears- This does not rnalce lil:e. "Not easy drifting with the tideg Not halting when the visions rideg Not mourning For the gitts denied- This does not malce life. "To Fill the time with thought and deedg To Find in Faith the joyous creedg To lose oneself in another s need- These make life. "To strive where adverse currents holdg To make our dreams their truths untoldg To smile at Fate with courage bold- These malce lite." May you strive day by day to malce your lite worth while and to bring joy and happiness into the lives ol: those with whom you have daily Contact. This is my sincere wish For you Your Friend, J. Skinner THE RAINBOW 1935 President James Lister Skinner 'fr' ' V' A"2"'s3'51" l I -ir, . l pq Message l:rom Your Deon Pillflllllkilitlbillblllllll2.'P4 Dear Fellow-students: The totality ol: lite consists ol: a series ot alternate choices. This is an inescap- able tact in all human experience. You must choose between the sordid and the beau- tiful, between the False and true, between the selfish and the unseltish, between sham and sincerity, between hypocrisy and integrity. Out ol: these choices you will construct liinally For yourself a philosophy ol: lil:e and evolve rules ot conduct. The lcind of philosophy which you adopt and to which you adhere will determine the pull on your lilie, whether downward toward the base and con- fusion, or upward toward higher moral and intellectual levels. Where would you rather dwell? You must rnalce the choice. At least you may remember that what at the bottom ol: the mountain ot your opportunity seems prosaic and confused, when viewed From the heights above, lialls into patterns ot matchless beauty and symmetry. May you respond to the challenge ot the unscaled heights! lfaithicully yours, gric Qi' gfardq ITN P w -N-----L r-1 ' ' N ' ..... -.....--7. -..-- - L , 1 A 1111, 1'-.'x.f .. ' N t A ' ' . - 1-jfflv, , ' '?''i-irfrg. ,5i-fi.. l 1: , . - l 'f' v ' - 1 X 1 N i gf? 53 i E15 gf? 5 jeg SES 5 lb? Fry, 12. V. i 5 ' A Qi' .4 gli . a 1 N f 1 gif Z x , b N I ., T V' ' L ' Dean Eric W. Hardy --I'-1-'-'THE RAINBOW 1935 -' Board of Trustees BRYAN CUMMING .......,.. PRESIDENT JOHN PHINIZY . . . . . . VICE-PRESIDENT XVARREN BOTHNVELL . . . SECRETARY-TREASURER LANDON THOMAS E. C. Ii. DANFORTH. JR. - FERDINAND PHINIZY VV. MONTGOMERY HARRISON Otticers ot Board ot Education FREEMAN C. MCCLURE . . . PRESIDENT H. L. MURPHEY . . .... VICE-PRESIDENT S. D. COPELAND . . . SEC. AND SUPT. OF SCHOOLS High School and lunior College Committee MRS. BEN E. LESTER, Chairman MRS. JOHN YV. VVALKER MRS. GEO. H. UMECKER MR. J. T. FENDER MR, R. F. MooRE MR J. o. STALLINGS 3 FACULTY OUR FACULTY The annual staff wishes here to pay tribute to the members of the faculty who have untiringly labored to enhance the value and glory of our student enterprises. Our athletic teams, debating teams, and school publications have prospered very largely, we feel, because of the support and ever-ready cooperation of our teachers. ll-1 THE RAINBOW 1935 Ji. FACULTY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY KATI-ZARINE P. BOGGS. B. S. EDUCATION Graduate ot Birmingham Normal Training School5 B. S., Columbia University, 19235 Special Diploma, "Supervisor in Training Schools," Columbia University, 19205 Graduate Student, Columbia University, one summer session5 University ol Georgia, one summer ses- sion: Director, Training School for Teachers, Augusta, Ga.5 lnstructor in University of Ten- nessee Summer School, 1921-1922-19235 The Iunior Collage of Augusta 1926. IULIA A. FLISCH, A. ADVISOR OF WOMEN I-lisromf Graduate of Lucy Cobb lnstitute, A. M. llrlonoraryi University of Georgia, 13995 Graduate Studeut, Harvard University, one summer session5 University oi Chicago, three summer sessions: University of Virginia Summer School, 19315 A. M., University of Vlfisconsiri, 19095 Teacher- Georgia Normal and Industrial College, 1893-19055 Executive Clerk, Extension Division, University of Wisconsin, 1905-19075 Secretary, Economics Department, University oi Wisconsin, 1907-19085 Teacher, Tubman High School, 1908-19265 Teacher, University of Georgia Summer Session, 1905, 1912, 1913, 19235 The luni-or College cf Augusta- 1926. 4:4 4, , ff? 4 .. i 1 ,f , if I E . 9 6 6 5, ELENORA KAT1-ILEEN MERTINS Y- Tubman 1-ligh School, 1920-1923: Miss Funl:'s Business College, 1923-19245 Secretargf 1. Manager Augusta Ice :S Coal Company, 1924-19347 Secretary to President, Academy zz: luxior College, 1934. ERNEST MASON ALLEN, Pei. B. ENGLISI-I+FRENCH Ph. B., Erncry University, 19265 Student instructcr in Prerch at Emory University, 1925-267 Academy of Richmond County, 1926. A. EDVVIN ANDERSON ENGLISHJGERMAN rr?- A --n, A. B., Vanderbilt University, 19285 lvl. A., Vanderbilt University, 1929: Teaching Fellow in English, Vanderbilt University, 1929-1930: Assistant in French, Vanderbilt University. 1930-315 Instructor in French, Vanderbilt University, 1931-325 Graduate Student, Harvard University, 1932-335 M. A., Peabody College, 19345 Iunior College of Augusta, 1934-355 Member Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi IUSTIN A. H. BEGUE, B. S., B. A. FRENCH . B .S., B. A., Paris University, 19075 Instructor in Mathematics and Modern Languages, Cairo lEgyptl Col1ege5 Modern Languages, College of Quimper tPraifcel, 1913-19145 Modern Languages, College Leconte de Lisle, 1917-19205 Senior 1-ligh School- Mahanoy City, Pa.. 1921-1923: Academy of Richmond County, 1923-19265 The Iurior College of Augusta, 1926. zeifzgn..- -.', s 1---Y 5 l 'I' ll Ifl IQ A 1 N B O VV 193 5 -if--' FACULTY OF Tl-IE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY . .N Q , is 5 " ' 3' ga, ..,. G. L. BOLTON MATH AND SCIENCE ' B. S., Emory University, 19265 Cuthbert High School, 1926-19277 Principal, lesup High School, 1927-1928: Cartersville High School, 1928-19303 A. R. C., 1930-. MARION TURNER BRYSON, A. B. SCIENCE A. BJ Gordon Institute, 1909g Emory University, l911g Instructor, Hillsboro High School, 1909-10, Bostick High School, 1911-125 Buckhead High School, 1912-145 Tennille High School, 1915-17: A. R. C., 1917-. 1 IAMES MORGAN BUCKNER, B. S.- M. S. MATHEMATICS E. S., Clemson College, 1910, M. S., University ol Wisconsin, 19165 Principal, Rockville S. C., 1913, Principal, Brunson, Ga, 1910-12, A. Fl. C. 1922- O'NEAl.. W. CHANDLER, A. B. SCIENCE A. B., University of Georgia, 19225 Instructor, Waynesboro High School, 1923-24, The .Academy of Richmond County, 1925-. CHARLES GUY CORDLE, A B., A. M. ' I-Iisroiw AND GERMAN A. B., Trinity College IDuke Universityl, 19145 A. M., Trinity College, 1915, Summer School, Columbia University, 1917, Summer School, Emory University, 19305 Summer School University of Georgia, 1933, Student Assistant in Latin, Trinity College, 1913-1915, Graduate Assistant in German, Trinity College, 1914-19l5g Instructor, Baird's School for Boys, 1915-167 Instructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1916-19265 Director, Summer School, The Iunior College of Augusta, 1931-1932: Head ot History Department, The Academy of Richmond County, 1922-19265 The Iunior College ot Augusta, 1926. GEORGE M. DASHER Sr-roP Graduate at The Academy of Richmond County: Teacher of Carpentry in A. R. C., 1924-. IOHN THOMAS HAINS, B. S. in Education MATHEMATICS Graduate, Academy of Richmond County, 1910 and 19115 B. S., Education, University of Georgia- 19155 Graduate Student, University of Georgia, 1920-1921, also during one summer session: Instructor, Albany High School, Albany, Ga., 1915-l917g Commandant ot Corps ot Cadets and Instructor, Athens High School, 1920-1922, Superintendent, Swainsboro High. Swainsboro, Ga., 1922-19235 Cornmandant ot Corps ot Cadets, Academy of Richmond County, 1923-1926: Instructor, Academy ot Richmond County, 1923: The Iunior College of Augusta. . ..-. -. ,...... i ,., ... .,., - ., -,-. .-,-W-I-,.,. I IN '-9 II II I9 Fi I "I lil I W l--..,.....- x , ' ,, -.ig -C!" in 9 y si? FACULTY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY CHARLES MARTIN ETHEREDGE, A. B. ENGLISH A. B., Newberry College, 1923, Principal Waverly Consolidated High School- Waverly, Ga., 1923-1924, Superintendent, Cape High School, Cape, S. C., 1926-1927, A. R. C., 1927-. IOHN EVANS EUBANKS, A. B., A. M. LATIN-GOVERNMENT ' I A. B., Wofford College, 1916, A. M.- Wofford College, 1916, A. M., Columbia University, 1927, American Academy in Rome, Summer 1929, Instructor Textile Industrial Institute, Spartanburg, S. C., 1915, Instructor, Academic High School, Columbus, Ga., 1916-1917, ,I. leave of absence for graduate work, at Columbia University, session 1932-1939, Academy of Richmond County- 1919-1926, The lunior College of Augusta, 1926. WILLIAM D. EVE MECHANICAL DRAWING Biology Department, Graduate Work at Tulane University, 1934, Secretary, Boys Work In local Y. M. C. A., 1934, The Academy of Richmond County, 1934. GEORGE W. EWING MATHEMATICS B. Presbyterian College, 1933, Student instructor at Presbyterian College in Biology Department, Graduate Work at Tulane University, 1934, Secretary, Boys' Work in local Y. M. C. A., 1934, The Academy of Richmond County, 1934. NORMAN L. GALLOWAY, B. S. M. A. EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS Student Union University, Iackson, Tenn., 1919, Western Kentucky State Teachers' Col- lege, 1922, Superintendent of Schools, Farmington, Ky., 1922-26, E. S., Murray State Teacher's College, 1927, Supervisor OI Rural Schools, McCracken County. Kyf 1926-27, Superivisor Rural Schools, Graves County, Ky., 1927-28-29, M. A., George Peabody College for Teachers, 1929, Instructor Summer College lunior College of Augusta- 1929, Superintendent of Schools, I.a Center, Ky., 1929-30, Instructor, The Iunior College OI Augusta, 1930. ROBERT EMIL GRESSETTE HISTORY A. B,, University of South Carolina, 1931, A. R. C LUTHER ALFRED GRIFFIN, B. S. A.- M. S. BOTANY B. S. A., University OI Georgia, 1922, M. S., University of Michigan, 1931, Science In- structor, Waycross I-Iigh School, 1922-23, Head of Science Department, 'Waycross High School, 1923-1925, Science Instructor, Marietta High School, 1926-1927, Science Instructor, Academy ot Richmond County, 1927-1932, The Iunior College of Augusta, 1932. 1-I---'THE RAINBOW 1935---L'-"' ' FACULTY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY lOl-IN BURCHELL MOORE, A. B. ENGLISH ' Florida South Carolina, and North Carolina: A. Ft. C., 1929-. A' B., UmV'3fSity of South Carolina, Eight years of teaching experience in Georgia, 1. GEORGE MCDONALD, PI-I. B. MATHEMATICS Ph. B., Emory University. 1915, Prinicipal, Greensboro High School, 1915-1016, Lalcelfrnd lF.a.1 High School, 1916-1919, Kentucky Military lnstitute. 1918-1920, A. R. C., 1929-. DAVID FRANKLIN McDOWELL- A. B. A. M. SPANISH 3 1 f A. E., University of Florida, 1924, A. M., University of Florida, 1928, Summer School, 1,1I1VQl'S1lY of North Carolina, 1929-1930-1931, Traveled in Spain, summer of 1932, Teaching Fellow, University of North Carolina, 1999-1931, Teacher, Lake City, Fla., High School, 1924- 1925p Teacher, Miami, Fla., High School, 1926-1927, Teacher, lohn Gorrie lunior High S-:hoof lackscnville, Plan 1928-1929-1939, lnstructor in French and Spanish, Extension Divisicr, University oi Florida, 1928-1929, 1929-1930, The lunior College of Augusta, 1931. AUBURN G. OWENS, A. B. ENGLISH-HISTORY A. B., University ol Georgia, 1925, Graduate Student, University of Georgia, 1925-1926, lzstructzrt Wayresboro High School, 1925-1928, A. R. C., 1928. 5--in HENRY OSGOOD READ, PI-I, B., A. M. ENGLISH Ph, B., Emory Uriversity, 1916, A. M., Emory University, 1918, A. M., Columbia Univer sity, 19255 Special Diploma, "Supervisor of English-" Columbia University, 1925, Graduate Work, University of California, 1931, Fellow in English, Emory University Academy, 1917- 1918, Prinicipal, Dawson fGa.l High School, 1919-1921, Superintendent, Dawson Public Schools, 1921-1922, Head of English Department, Academy of Richmond County, 1922-1926, Head of Department of English, The lunior College of Augusta, 1926. GEORGE H. RIDGWAY, A. B. CHEMISTRY A. Bn University oi Georgia, 1922, Summer School, University oi Georgia, 1923-1933, Pensacola KFla,1 High School, 1923-1924, Gainesville Struby School, 1921-1926: A. R. C., 1927. 'f 'TA1i1.f.T'.'Y ..-'SS-L1 Il YSL-said ,,iX', ' 1"7" 'Vrrw 1-tlgklrtnlf ','yf1Y ik -1: S? :iv 1 ...L , . f f -. ' -"f FACULTY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY JOHN MARSHALL ELLIS, A. B.- M. S., PH. D. BIOLOGY A. B., Emory University, 19245 M. S., Emory University, 19261 Ph. D., University of California, 19347 Graduate Fellow in Biology, Emory University, 1924-19267 Professor of Biology, Southern College, Lakeland, Fla.- 1924-1926, 1Partial SessionsJ7 Graduate Work, Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., Summer 19297 Graduate Work, Uriversity of California, Summer 19317 on leave to the University of California 1932- 19337 The Iunicr College of Augusta, 1926. HUGH IOHNSON COMMERCIAL Graduate, Academy of Richmond County, 19307 Student lrstruztor in Czmmercrzl 'Jlc,:k 'ram 1930 to 19345 With Augusta Herald since 19207 A ' . R. C. 1994. W1LLlAM REDDING KENNEDY Commsrtcuir. GGecrgiaClErma1Cjo11egCe- 19047 Zanerian College, Columbus, Ohio, 19087 Professor, South neorgiar o ege. ro061o09, Rome Hign School, 1912-19107 Extension work at Georgia, 19,1-1935: A. R. C., 1913-. l. C. LUCKY 1-TATHEMATICS AB. S., Commerce, University cf Georgia, 1927, Summer Graduate Worlz, U.i'.'e'1i:y cf Georgia, 19327 Fourth District A. Gr 1-fi., Carrollton, Ga., 1927-19337 A, R. C. W1LL1AM LEROY 1VlADEN, A. B,, A. M. FRENCH A. B., 'lusculurri College, 19267 Assistant Principal, St. lames High School, Greenville, Tennessee, 19267 Principal- St. lames High School, 1927-19287 Graduate Student, Duke University, 1926-19297 A. M., Dulce University, 19307 The lunior College of Augusta, 1930. ANTON PAUL MARKERT, IB. S. in C. E., M. A. MAT1-rEMAT1cs AND DRAWING B. S. in C. E., Georgia School of Technology, 1921, M. A.- Columbia University, 19297 Graduate Student, University of Chicago, summer 19257 Instructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1921-19267 The Iunior College of Augusta, 1926 CHARLES HAROLD MITHCELL, A. B., M. A. ENGLISH--EDUCATION A. B., University oi Pittsburgh, 19187 M. A. University of Pittsburgh, 19317 Professional College Teachers Lite Certificate, State of Georgia, 19337 Holder of Honor Scholarship, Uni- verstiy of Pittsburgh, 1914-19187 Cadet Captain and Assistant in lnstruction, R. O. T. C., University of Pittsburgh, 1917-19187 Graduate of F. A. C. O. T. S., Camp Taylor, Kentucky- l9l87 Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery, U S. Army, 19187 Cross of Service, U. D. C., 19265 Roadway Accountant, Virginia Railway- 1919-19207 Student, Washington ard Lee University, 1915-19167 Graduate Student, Harvard University, one semester, 1922-192217 Graduate Student, Summer School, Universtiy of Pittsburgh, 1926-1929, 19317 Graduate Student, Summer School- Duke University, 19337 lnstructor, Academy of Richmond County Summer School, 1930-19317 Irstructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1920: The luriior College of Augusta- 1928. .-.-1- ... THE RAINBOW 1935 FACULTY OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY an 7 si 'NYU -nr IOE MAYS ROBERTSON, B. S. ENGLISH--CIVICS B. S., Clemson College, Principal and Instructor, Public Schools of PickensACounty, S. C., , 1921-1925, Superintendent of Schools at Saluda- S. C., 1925-1928, A. R. C., 1928-. CHARLES ASBURY ROYSTON. B. S. B. S., University of Georgia, 1922, Taught at Florida High School, 1922-1923, Louisville High School, 1923-1924, Marietta High School, 1924-1926, Cordele High School, 1926-1927, Gainesville High School, 1927-1929, A. R. C.- 1929-. GEORGE MILTON SCOTT, A. B., B. Lir., M. A. ENGLISH A B., University of Chattanooga, 1922, B. Lit. in Iournalism, Columbia University, 1926, M. A.- Duke University, 1934, Summer School, Columbia University, 1923, 1926, A. R. C., 1922-24, 1926, lunior College of Augusta, 1933-. CHESTER ARTHUR SCRUGGS, A. B. CHENHSTRY A. B., Mercer University, 1911, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Summer 1925- l926, Principal, Marshallville High School, 1911-1913, Principal, Round Oak High School- 1913-1916, Principal, Ashburn High School, 1916-1917, Director- Summer School, A. R. C., 1918-1924, A. R. C. 1917-: 1. C. A. 1926. CHESTER MCKENLEY SUTTON, A. B., A. M. ENGLISH A. B., Guilford College, 1918, A. B., Haverford College- 1919, A. University of North Carolina, 1924, Graduate Study, University of North Carolina, Summer of 1925, year of 1925-1926, Duke University Summer School, 1931, 1933, Principal- Manteo High School, 1919-1920, Principal, Bona Vista High School, 1920-1922, Principal, Leggett High School, 1922-1923, Principal, Mount Pleasant High School, 1924-1925, Duke University Summer School- 1931, 1933, 1934, Instructor in English, University of North Carolina, 1925-1926, Head of Department of English, Piedmont College Summer School of 1926, The Junior College of Augusta, 1926. BENIAMIN ROY SMITH Pr-wsrcs A. B., Wofford College, 1919, Taught at Carlisle Preparatory School, 1922-1924, A. R. C., 1924-, A. R. C., 1934-. lOSEPH LE CONTE TALLEY, B. S.- M. S. PHYSICS B. S., University of Georgia, 1923, M. S., Mercer University, 1925, Columbia University Summer School, 1928, Graduate Assistant in Physics and Mathematics, Mercer University, 1923-24, Instructor in Physics, Mathematics and Drafting, 1924-25, Head of Physics Depart- ment in Mercer University Summer School, 1926, A. R. C. 1926, I. C. A. 1926-. This Page is Dedicated in Loving Memory of a Member of Our Faculty Who Passed on Into the Great Beyond JAMES CHAPMAN SHERMAN ju1y12 1904 Seot 7 1934 2 S .. E E 5 E E 2 Q 2 v 2 ,, . I E g, 5155, E 5 2 5 S 1 S r i i 52 3 ' . if V' ,If . y 'wff 1 H l E Y 5 Z . E ix U 5 n I 2 . ! 1 I I I 1 ! , V I I 5 . 5 1 4 E E A , w gmunmnmmmnnnnnnxu mmmnnmLnn1as1111nunmummzlxuuml1nl1zzumfmrml11mlH11521451I5HIIIIHIiiiMitHH!IIIHUHHIIllEilillflwlilllllliiiillllliliilliillfliilllillIllHIE!!!IHIMillllIIIMPH!!IZHIIl5iiI?EIi5IU!flII!!?!Y!IIiIIIEIIIIJEHIIIIIIHIIIIIMIIIIIIIIITIIHIS!11ll!llf'3f1rz2mxl1J:1111nxzmsnzmmmmmW.f,,, I ALLEN O. C, AND I. L. HAINS SKINNER SCOTT EWING i GHESSETTE DASHER MCDQWELL E 'I 5-A .4 -H 5 dr .w ,v 557 RUM Lb EL J 5 J Y ii I 3-4 . C. v I 1? - - gmmxu. A X-3 4 ' Emi: xv P'gp-Elf". 5 V , in ' .Ll F , . ' . dl :M gy ' 5 1 sl is I :ff x,Q5.Qf' . Q A i 4,-i, .va , V r v - :I A y .mqmmnuznnulunnuul:!!1llIl!III!IIllllll ETHEREDGE EUB AN KS ELLIS . x ' ' -, , I 1 21II'IHHHIIHIIHIIHlllllllalllllllilllMMIIIlllfllllllllilillIiilllflllfffliflilllllllillllllulllmllllllslllIHIIHllIIHHIHMHHIllllllmmmfrfnllmm:muunmnmIInurazufzzvfrnmhmunuunmmm mmmmIIn.mQ.,..f,.,.,-..L... TALLEY CHANDLER READ MADEN lon right? GALLOWAY 'IA 5 I 1 j I f, If-J 5 fy -fu' 1 17, '4 QQ i:-"i.. .--- - . i 1 . s, A 1 i. , "- SOMETHING ON TEACHERS I crawled to the top of the hill and looked out across the field beyond, concealing myself, as I did so. from the view of any person that might be on the opposite knoll. About three miles to the front. I saw a man moving around. I shaded my eyes from the burning sun. Private McDunzy touched me on the shoulder and offered a pair of field glasses. I took them and adjusted the focus. The powerful binoculars brought the image of the man up to within thirty feet, He was equipped for playing golf and had a golf sack engraved with the name Chester Sutton swung over his shoulder, The man was about a hundred feet from the golf cup, He looked around ner- vously to see if any people were in sight: and since none revealed themselves to his vision, he sighed in relief and drew from the golf bag a broom, which he used hurriedly. with the air of a professional, to sweep the ball get-Q55 the intervening distance into the cup. This is the story of three wise scientists: Georgie. Chester, and josey. Q Georgie grew up in the foot hills of the Cherokee state, but the governor defies anyone to prove it. Any- way. Georgie grew up-we can regret that much-and became a great Chemist tThe world regrets thatl. He would have been greater. but his knife couldn't distinguish sodium from cream cheese. Chester was supposed to be a chemist, too, He became a renowned scientist early in life, but had hard luck: he got married. and his wife made him go to work. Despite this handicap, however, Chester rocked in Fame until he tried some of Georgie's synthetic sausage for supper-now Chester rocks in Glory. Nobody is acquainted with the place or way that Iosey arrived in this world. except a very reputable person who claims that the famed scientist fell. full grown. from a box car that was passing across Broad along Sixth St, The same reputable person exhibits, as proof. a dent in the sidewalk on the North corner of Broad at Sixth, where. deponent says further, Josey's head struck when the box car deposited its unwanted philosopher, ,losey became a master of Physics. but he died of remorse before his work was done, He failed a student for not turning in a complete set of laboratory papers, and ,Iosey's tender heart gave way under the grinding of his conscience, Now all three of the wise scientists reside in the land of platinum crucibles and forceps: Georgie makes a tooth paste that would take the paint oft a battle ship: Chester blows a left wing off of Paradise everv week or two: and Joey beats tuning forks and sends radio until the angels request him to either stop or take H traugfef- And they all are happy in the home where good scientists go. Niay eacepay aymay heytay esideray. tPig Latin for "In peace may they reside." I placed my knife and fork down, lit a cigarette. and glanced over the faces at the table. I seemed to reniem- ber seeing some of them before. A Mr. Eubanks on my right was telling his war experiences to a friend. The friend appeared bored. but listened on without interrupting, At the far end of the table sat one Mr. Hardy, who had 3 face capable of turning a rosy red every time someone cracked a joke, I sat back uneasily and listened. Some Mr, Cordle whispered to a Mr. Etheredge. Etheredge. in turn, retorted with a loud voice that everyone could hear: "But, Cordle, every tub sits on its own bottom." My mind suddenly flashed with unpleasant memories as the last utterance fell upon my ears and wedged itself into other incidents of the evening: so in order to relieve myself of these uncherished thoughts, I got up and walked with haste from the room. PQQICATED TO OUR ENGLISH TEAVHERS PRAYER TO ANY 'rEAcH151cf Well begin with a box, and the plural is boxes: But the plural of ox should be oxen, not oxes, Then one fowl is goose and two are called geese. Yet the plural of moose should never be meese, You may find a lone mouse or a whole lot of mice: But the plural of house is houses. not hice, If the plural of man is always called men, W'hy shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen? The cow in the plural may be cows or kine: But the plural of vow is vows, not vine. If I speak of a foot and you show me your feet. And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? If one is a tooth and a whole set is teeth, XYhy shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth? If the singular is this and the plural is these. Should the plural of kiss be nick-named keese? Then one may be that, and three would be those: Yet hat in the plural would never be hose: And the plural of rat is rats, not rose. XYe speak of a brother and also of brethren: But though we say mother, we never say methren. The masculine pronouns are he, his, and him: lfiut imagine the feminine she, shis. and shim. So the English, I think you will all agree, ls the most wonderful language you ever did see." Oft' in the even'tide when my work is done, And all your principles have proved but fine. My book I lay upon the mantle small And journey thence by foot into the hall. My weary legs from there carry me to bed And as upon the pillow soft I lay my head. l say a silent prayer for thy bread and keep And for the students yet to fail and weep. Ah! But wast so kind to see and feel And pray and hope and kneel For mine sake. That in mine hour of deliverance I would not show indifferance And lose the "cake." -By Ir:m:Mu-u-I ALEXANDER McDoNm.n . ' 4'i?'.2"l'.1.'5C3-"" -ft. f 9' ,Xp A MQ . 352 4 14 ? K V Vfiff Lf 11.1 .v.",.' 2 SQPHQMQRE LQI... .I ','!.,7.i, 1- 1 - '-- - - irvzi-wif-13,7 A 4 21-H , , a U! E 4. it 1: .l'. Y lu . gp a vw' -4 1 ' rp-" 'Vg P ian, .521 ! gs. E25 ...Y q ...,--.. , 1 o OFFICERS OF SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Donnon L51-3 Nowi:LL, IH. Lieutenant lg I-Ii-Y lg Sabre Club lg Football Letter lg Intramural Basketball lg Intramural Baseball lp Intramural Volley Ball ly Captain 2, Major 2, President, Sophomore Class 2, President, Student Council 2: President, Sabre Club 25 Treasurer I-Ii-Y 25 Varsity Bas- ketball Zg Assistant Coach "B" Varsity: Tennis Tournament 2. DICK DANIEL Major lg Colonel 2, Hi-Y 25 Sabre Club l, 2-5 Golf Team l, 25 Secretary of Sophomore Classy Military Editor of Musketeerg Business Manager of An- nual. HENRY W. HAHBHQ Rho Chi lp President, Rho Chi 2g Vice-President of Student Council lg Student Council 27 Chemistry Club 2 tPreside1itJg Vice-President Letter Club: Gold "R" Society. IOHN C. BELL President, Freshman Classy Member Student Council ly Company Rifle Team lg Gold "R" Society: Captain ly Major 25 President, Iunior College I-Ii-Y 2: Vice-President Sophomore Classg Editor- in-Clfiief of Rainbow 2: Rifle Team I and 27 Secretary of Officers Club I and 27 Basketball l and 2, Varsity Club. WILLIAM RANDOLPH DUNBAH Major lg Company Football lg Inter- class Basketball l lI.ur2cl'1 Roornfy Stu- dent Council ly Company Rifle Team lg Inter-class Baseball I tl-Ii-Yl: Inter-class Volley Ball I tl-Ii-Ylg Hi-Y l and 25 Gold "R" Society: Lieutenant-Colonel 2: Rifle Team l, 27 Varsity Basketball 27 Treasurer ot Sophomore Class: Law Club 2g Officers Club I, 2: Circulation Manager oi Annual Staff. LUTHER HANKINSON Srzu-'roam Captain lp Golf Team ly Captain, Golf Team 27 Cheer Leader l, 25 Liter- ary Society l,2p I-Ii-Y l, 2: Sabre Club l,2p Student Council 2: Business Man- ager of Annual 2: Volley Ball tHi-Y Teaml: Spanish Club: Varsity Club: Intramural baseball 25 Pre-Law Club Treasurer. - f -Q ......+..-...... 'l fa u- vu ,-A. ' 1 1 vvva.-. "1' 'filllliflfi' "'.4"ii it-RIEWA Bmixs CHARLES Gonooir BEARD WILLIAM BUTLER BLANDENEUR-3 First Lieutenant 25 Officers Club 2. ELIZABETH Bosricrc Hi-Y-W ly Basketball l, 25 Glee Club l,Z: Literary Society 27 Sports Editor oi Annual Staff 2: Sports Editor of Mus- keteer 27 Varsity Club Sec.-Treas. 2. ' HELEN BAHNARD Glee Club lg Hi-Y-'W l. IOHN ROBINSON BELL Glee Club l and 2. ANNA BOECKMAN High Honor 17 Literary Society 15 Vice-President, Literary Society 27 Glee- Club 2: Phi Theta Kappa. RICHARD CAMPBELL BRYSON Mayor l: Football lg Treasurer of Sabre Club lg Secretary Hi-Y 25 Presi- dent Hi-Y 27 Lieutenant-Colonel 25 Letter Club 25 Picture Editor of Annual Staff. -.--1:1--ui., PHOEBE CREEK Literary Society l, 2: Embryonic Pedaqoques 2. GRADY CANNON CORLEY Baslcet Ball l, 27 lnter-class Basketball lg lnter-Class Volley Ball 2 ll'li-Yip Member Hi-Y 2. HELEN DENNIS GRACE DYE Literary Society lg High Honor lg Teachers Club 25 Embryonic Peda- qogues 25 Phi Theta Kappa. 'Q' T' ve., . rl. A. I9 . 4-11 I t Q -.5 Aucusrus HARRISON CORLEY, IR.. Football lp lnter-class Basketball team l tLunch Roomlp Inter-class Base- ball team I tLunch Roomly Hi-Y 25 I. C. A. Basketball team 21 Letter Club 2. CHARLES SIBLEY DALEY Football l Warsitylz Basketball 1 Warsityl: Captain of the Staff lp Cap- tain Reqimental Adjutant lp Major 25 Officers Club l, 25 President Law Club 25 Hi-Y 27 Literary Law Club. IOHN DOYLE Dramatic Club lg Literary Society 1, 2g Glee Club 25 Secretary of Cervantes Club 2. IEWELENE EPPS Glee Club l. 27 Spanish Club 2. lANE EVE FAIR Hi-Y-W. GEORGE LITTLE FULLER Captain of Band lg 2nd Place in Battey Memorial Contest lg 2nd Place Rifle Team lg Director of School Or- chestra lg Glee Club lg Literary So- ciety lg Officers Club l, 2: Captain on the Staff 25 Captain of Rifle Team 27 Law Cluby Member Gold "R" Club: IUDITH CLARK GRACEY Literary Ssciety ly High Honor ly Activity Editor oi Annual 27 Phi Theta Kappa. WISTAR LAUN GRAHAM Chemistry Club. Loursr: FOURNACE Glee Club lp Literary Society lg Honor ly Orchestra 1, 2: Basketball l, 2g Varsity Club. HANNAH GILLMAN Embroynic Pedaqoques 23 Literary Society l, 27 Honor l. ANNETTE GERCKE I-Ii-Y-W 1. RICHARD FRANKLIN HALEORD Literary Society 1, 27 Rho Chi 27 Chemistry Club 2p Crlee Club 2, Rho Chi Volley Ball 2. ...R CHARLES PICKETT HARDY Captain 1, 2: Hi-Y 27 Dramatic Club lg lntereclass Basketball 1 tLuncl'I Roomlg Vice-President Law Club 25 Varsity Bas- ketball 2g Literary Society 2: Sabre Club 1, 2: Volley Ball 2, SARA HARRELI. Hi'Y-W 1. WYNONA HARRISON Honor 1: Glee Club 1, 27 Literary Society 1, 2, Embryonic Pedaqogues 2. KATHERINE SUMERAU HOLLEY High Honor lg Glee Club 1, 27 Y. W. C. A. Club 2. .,-...1-vw. 11.12-ra . . .a1'..... : , - IAMES WALKER HARPER Secretary of Chemistry Club 25 Lit- erary Society 2, Valley Ball 2 tDemonsl! Art Editor of Annual Staff. RUTH HARDEMAN HARRIS Hiqh Honor 17 Literary Society 1, 2, Y. W. C. A. 2. MARY HOLLAND Literary Society 1: Embryonic Peda- gogues 21 Y. W. C. A, Club 2. EMILE HUMMEI. Hi-Y 1, 25 Rho Chi 1- 27 Golf Team 1, 25 Football 27 Basketball 2 tHi-Ylg Valley Ball 25 Cheer Leader 2. 1 iff, l . 1 fs: N 5' AX ' . f i t 1 6. ' - YE fag .Q GLENN IVEY V ' up-QQ MQ ' - fl'-ws, Highest Honor lp Literary Society lg If' Treasurer ot Freshman Classy Embryonic ' Pedaqoques 25 Phi Theta Kappa. IULIA ELIZABETH IACKSON Literary Society l, 25 Honor Roll l, Qg Phi Theta Kappa. F'- 3 MARGARET lERNIGAN iff? Winner of Mixed Doubles Tennis , i Tournament lg Cheer Leader Z5 Chem- istry Club 2g Treasurer oi Chemistry Club 2. wb ELEANOR lOl-INSON Honor lg Glee Club ly Embryonic Pe-claqoques 2 tViCe-Pre-sidentl. I 1, SVN 93- X 'I WYKE CLEVELAND IVEY lst. Lieutenant Band l, 27 School Or- chestra l, 21 Officers Club l, 25 Glee Club 27 l-HAY 25 Captain 2. MIRIAM JAMES. Literary Society lg Glee Club l, 23 Embryonic Pedaqoques 2. FRANCES loE High Honor lp Literary Society l, 27 Glee Club 2g Y. W. C. A. Club 25 Phi Theta Kappa. WILLIAM lOPLlN Varsity Football lg Class Basketball ly Law Club 2. DOROTHY CHRISTINE KELLY Chemistry Club: "Y" Club. Doms LEVKOPF Glee Club l, 2: Literary Societ MARY DANIEL MEURER Honor l: Spanish Club 2. lOEL BERNARD Mrxexs Y ,al MARY FRANCES KENNEDY Honor lg President Literary Society 2, MARY LINSON Glee Club 1' 27 Literary Society 2: Secretary and Treasurer of Embryonic Pedaqoques Club 2. ELNA LOMBARD Hi-Y-W lg Literary Society lg Basket- ball 1, 25 Varsity Club 2. Amr-run ALLEN MARYOTT. Honor lg I. C. A. Tennis Team lg Tennis Tournament ly Winner of Boys Doubles in A. R. C. and I. C. A.: Gold "R" Society: Captain oi "Demons" Vol- ley Ball team 2: Phi Theta Kappa. ELITIIXPETH lflAYO Rc-GERS MCAULIFEE HELEN ELIZABETH OUZTS High Honor ly Literary Society 2 Glas Club 27 Phi Theta Kappa, EDMUNLN ALLEN l:'ENK'LETC'l-I, IR. Cfcrptuirl l, 27 lake Editor of Annual Stuff 2. MARY MULCAY MARION HAMPON MCLIN Chemistry Club. MARGIE PARDUE Embryonic Peduqoqufes 2. PAUL B. PRITCHARD, IR. Rho Chi l, 2: Literary Society 1, 2 Chemistry Club 25 Glee Club 25 Trecxs. Rho Chl. . ANGELO IOSEPH PUNARO Literary Society l, 2: Spanish Club A V1vrAN QUARLES Glee Club 1, 25 Honor lg Literary Society 2. RICHARD ARTHUR RUSSELL First Lieutenant lg Sabre Club, l, 2: Rho Chi 21 Captain 2. Vtf. A. STEED ITALA PUNARO Literary Society l, 25 Glee Club lf 2 ALBERT IULIUS ROESEL Football l. E. STUDLEY SMITH Volley Bcrll 2 tDemonsl. DOROTHEA STEFFAN Glee Club 1. Ei.ii1.'.' I-li-xrris STELLINS H - 1 L.. . -.-.-,. o f'-L in.r .5 nerdry Q -Het, l -r alw- Club 1. Z: VW. C. il.. Barry Tniivismz High Honor lg Glee Club 'lj Literory Society' 25 Annucrl Staff 2: Phi Tbetci Kcrppfr MARY WILLIS Secretory Freshnioii Clcxssg Literary Society 1, 23 Literary Editor of Annual l, FLEA: W. Vtfvim HLY Club 1, 2. GS' . Vrnorum Louisa Srzrrfrpiis High Honor ly Lxrer-lry Society 1, 25 Y. W. C. A. Ccbinet. N MARTHA WrLDER Honor l: Drcrmutic Club ly Y. Vif. C. A 2: President Embryonic Pedczqoques. VIRGINIA Wonsi-mm Honor lg Glee Club 1, 27 President Cervantes Club 2: Embryonic Pedo- qoques 2. CHARLES Prrrr-rALrsi:ri Letter in Sewing lg Ccxptcirz of Hockey Tecxrn 37 Hindu Club 3: Vlfinner of Eooby Prize -1: Pressinq Club 75 Vlinner of Soap Bubble Contest 8: Right Real Admiral of Punishment class 6. Ezvsnw WRAY Hooz: Spanish Club. HAMBY Mizz: Football lg Rho Chi 1, 25 Secretary, Rho Chi 21 Chemistry Club 25 Glee Club 2: Literary Society 1. E 1' -0 l ..llhx.hx lf Class Poem Again Class Day has rolled around. Qui' year is nearly done, 'XYe have had our ups and downs. Also our share of fun. The town clock gave' us trouble, Striking nine so much too soong And our trouble would be double. XVhen we missed our lunch at noon. But we have buckled down to business, And have tried to do our part, Each boy has kept his counsel. Each girl has kept her heart. Save one I failed to mention, XVho had trouble to decide. But let us hope she chose the right, For she's now a fair young bride. Some have lost much time in spooning, .-Xnd oft have neglected books, But what boy could keep from mooning, YX'ith girls of such good looks? So our class now stands together. On the threshold of new life, Hoping all for balmy weather, But not fearing storm or strife. So let us trust the coming years, Our class for the right will stand, Each girl wearing the womanly crown, Each boy becoming a man. -Libbo Bostick. l T 1 --:THE RAINBOW l935 -- Class Prophecy Augusta, Georgia- lune l, 1946. Now lane Eve dear, l sadly fear A good' time you have missed. The old crowd met and talked and kissed. But missed you iust the same. lf you could see how many came l"m sure you would confess. That our reunion was indeed A great and grand success. Not all could come, it was quite sad, But those who did were very glad To pass the news of all they knew So we have learned of quite a few Who in the class seemed marked for fame, But let us call them each by name. Anna Boeckman's thesis on straight fish hooks ls now being printed in high-brow books. She used to help us "flunkers" out And now's an authority on catching trout. Graham the chemist has reached the top He has invented a kind of bottled pop. Mary Willis has opened a school To teach the girls the golden rule. How they all may get their man And then may keep him if they can. Sarah Harrell, after thought profound, Runs an agency for the lost and found. Oh, here's some news l hate to tell, The sad- sad story of lohn R. Bell. I-le started out on a world wide cruise And from him there has been no news. Charlie Daley has trained some frogs To help him out in calling hogs. Iudith Gracey, although thrice wed. Has not a gray hair in her head, Augusta for lernigan was much too slow, When once she started she kept on the go. Paris is now where she has her shack, And it was too far for her to come back. The Corley brothers still look the same, Though in vaudeville they have charged their name. George Fuller runs a pop gun stand, And is the big-shot of the land. Martha Wilder's acting was so good, She couldn't be spared from Hollywood. Hummel is supposed to be raising rice, But makes his money by shooting dice. Dorroh Nowell has studied in foreign parts, And knows the ins and outs of hearts. Read Wynn. I know. You'd never guess ls teaching history at T. H. S. Betty Trimble, my dear, now don't say it out loud, Of her big family is very proud. Arthur Maryott has invented a wonderful hook That while playing tennis will hold his book. Hamby Mize is now a dancing teacher, He likes it better than being a preacher. Reunion l946 Did you hear about Hannah Gillman, my dear, While touring Europe she married a peer. And now lives in a castle grand, The Lady of all the near-by land. Now "Libbo" Bostick is a perfect dream Since she's been using freckle cream. Dick Daniels and wife are going to part. Since it's only Golf that fills his heart. Charles Hardy has invented an evening dress sk That can drag the floor and catch no dirt. Henry Harbin is teaching a German class Where you need not study, but still can pass. lohn C. Bell has deserted his books. And is seen in the company of high class crooks. Elna Lombard has many joys, The chief of these is her camp for boys. Billy Dunbar, fine and fat, Told me news of this and thatp He says that he is planting land. Making things grow in plain old sand. And then at the end of one long day We heard the famous Punaro play. On radio known near and far, ltala is now a very great star. Dick Halford, now this is news. Has invented a use for all old shoes. Emily and Virginia, for several years, Have had a business canning pears. Their brand is called the "Double S," For Stelling and Stephens you could guess. Vivian Quarles is raising flowers, irt She works in her garden for hours and hours. She crossed a rose with a garden pea, And the result is wonderful to see. lewelene Epps is running around With the richest bachelor of the town. It is said that they will soon be wed, When he gets enough money to buy her bread. Virgnia Worsham paused to say, That she is writing cr problem play. Of the problem she was not quite clear, But of success she had no fear. The loes in business have done very well. Frances can figure and William can sell, Helen Barnard, full of fun, Keeps her husband on the run. Walker Harper, always smart, Has done big things with his art. Dot Kelly, wore a thoughtful look. She was planning to write a chemistry book. Some of the boys were far away, These had jobs with the N. R. A. The rest of the class, reunions spurning, Were busy keeping home fires burning. You can believe as much of this as you choose, Yours for bigger and better news. -ANNET1-E Gsncrcz. -1? I sl V7 9 ,. , ,, I I ?.V:', , -W I I F r F1-' 4' I 5 "L riiimmm THE RAINBOW 1935 60 file gilekkmmz Realizing the importance ot the Freshman Class to be greater than that W shown to it in the past, the staff this year gives to you the prominence de- served by a group that has shown it- selt to be so ready to contribute to the success ot our yearbook. OFFICERS OF FRESI-IMAN CLASS EAMES G. BAL: Hi-Y: Student Councilg President, Freshman Class: Basketball. KATHERINE SAMILLE SAYE Literary Society: Girls "Y" Club. DAVID S. DALEY, IR. Captain: Assist, Coach "B" Varsityg Varsity Club: President, Varsity Clubg Basketball: Captain, Basketball Team: lunioi' College l-lifY: Gold "Hug Student Council: Officers Club: Major. MARGARET Horuwcswomi-r Girls "Y" Club. ELIZABETH SKINNER Treasurer of Freshman Classy Literary Society. A. DEAN NowELL Hi-Y-W lg Cheer Leader l, 27 Feature Section 27 Musketeer Staff 25 Secretary, Student Council Zp Student Council 25 Varsity Club. ,u -3 . .- Z.. ,.....-..1.i.. I it ...w.i.t. -+1 DOFOTHY ADAMS CLEO P, EACON FRANCES F. BAILEY Literary Societyg Glee Club. SUSAN BARNES Chemistry Club. Girls "Y" Club Cl-li-Y-Wig Glee Club. l,lARY ALICE EERCKMAIIS GLADYS EoDEi-:En Alernbic Chemistry Club, , , IOHN LLOYD ADAMS LOW Cluby 2nd Lieutenant. CHARLES BAILEY Rho Chip Chemistry Club. IOE BAIRD Chemistry Clubg Literary Society Rho Chi. ROBERT BARTON Rho Chi Club: First Lieutenant Bundy Orchestra. HELEN ELUM .fifernbic Chemistry Club. ALMA IUNE BOOZER Spanish Club. ---'l-THE RA1NHow stiff' it SARA FRANCES BOYD L. A. BRYANT, IR. Second Lieutenant: Rifle Team. KATHLEEN LUCILLE BYERS School Orchestra l. HAROLD B. CHANDLER First Lieutenant Bandp Rifle Teamg Chemistry Clubg Pre-Law Clubg Officers Club: School Orchestra: Company Foot- ball "E" Company. A. H. COOPER Literary Society 21 3, 4. Track '33p Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 47 Glee Club 47 Managing Editor of Mus- keteer 45 Corporal 3g Vice-President Feb. Class '35g Brevet 2nd Lieutenant 45 Company Football 3. FRANCES CURRY Chemistry Clubg Spanish Club. 4.-. ... ,..n.,,. ,f-f- .. .F ,XJ ,Hi Y ... .L DOROTHY BRACEY Literary Societyp lunior College Y. W. C. A. Cluby Alembic Chemistry Club. EUGENE HAMPTON BRYsoN I Gold "R" Societyg Varsity Clubp Rho Chi Club: Basketball Team. Q P I VICTOR CASELLA CHARLIE C. COLEMAN Captain Adjutant: Sabre Club: I. C. Hi-Y: Gold "R" Society. RUTH COWAN Literary Societyg Cervantes Club. I ' s I P. A l l , T 1 MARION NESBIT DASHER Circulation Manager Musketeery Offi- Y cers Clubg Captain Bandg School l Orchestra: Glee Club. 1 l 5 1 A 1 , . DIASQAFET 1139. ILA CHAFLES G, FAPF Literary Szfietyp Glee Club. LEQIIAIRQ GAHTEII Chemistry Club. ELAIIII: Gaoinson Exchange Editar of Iwlusketeer. TeII:LI.IA HARBIN Literary Society: Girls Y. VV. C. A Club. EDNA HARFELL Winner at Stunt Nighty lunior Col- lege Basketball Teamg Literary Society. l ' , ' M' "- AIIIII5 l'vlAUl'E EDMUNDS Literary' S: ciety. V.'ILL1AI.I B. FQRIIEY Battalion Admtanty Glee Club 2. l.'lARY QJIVENS Alernbil: Chemistry Club: Literary SocietYI l. C. A. Y. VV. C. A. Club. EDITH l-IALFORD Glee Clubg Girls Y. W. C. A. Club. FRAHCES VVALJDELLE HARDY Literary Society. WILLIAM HEFFERNAN 3-fl?-TTHA HERLIRN Cheer Leader: Girls' Basketball team. BEVERLY Hoax l.'.'rite-up found in Sophomore Class. lvlYF.TI.E HOWARI: Liierary Society. I.a:.IEs A. HUNGEHPILLAR Literary Societyg Law Club: Company U otzall. Lr.E'.-JELLYN R. Hu'r'ro SARA ELIZAEETI-I KIMERELL Glee Club. ,f-K '55 E' IEIINYE RUTH HILL Literary Society: Girls "Y" Club. JAMES Orro HOOVER Editor-iii-Chief Musketeerg I. C. A. Lit- erary Society: Secretary, Literary So- cietyg Captcring Glee Clubg Chemistry Club: Officers Club. CARL W. HOWARD President Law Clubg lnter-Scholastic Basketballg Ioseph Mullarky Oratorical ontestp Debating Team: Dramatic Club: Law Club: Captain R.O.T.C.7 State Pres. Hi-Yg Treas. Officers Club: Vice- Pres. Literary Society: Battey Memorial Conte-sty Business Mgr. Musketeerg Of- ficers Club: Company Football. KATHERINE HALL HURST Literary Societyp l. C. A. Club. MATTIE AVICE JAMES Literary Societyg Glee Club: Basket- ball Tearn tGirlsl. DONALD KIRIQPATRICI4 KATHHYN KITCHEN MOODY Emilio LAYFIELD, IR. First Lioutencmtg Officers Clubg Club. l-I-Y-W RALPH VICTOR LEVY L. Loud I-IAMBY M1zE SARA MORGAN Glee W1L.LxAM KITCHEN First Lieutenontg Officers Clubp Chip Rifle Tecxmg Varsity Club. EUGENIA LEE Literary Society: Glee Club Iunior VIVIAN SINCLARE LOGUE SARA MILLIGAN MARIE MIZE College Y. W. C. A. CA MILLA MoTEs 17 ' Rho C. MARGIE lVlUL!-IEPIIN Alembic Chemistry Club. VVILLIAM ROBERT MCLIN Literary Society. DOROTHY NEWMAN Basketball. NORMA PIRKLE Literary Society: Glee Clubp A. RALPH PRITCI-IARD Literary Societyp Rho Chi. PATRICK MICHAEL RI-:DD First Lieutenant Sabre Club. Y. W. LULA HALL MCCORD Glee Club. HARRY B. NEAL FRANK H. PIERCE Head Cheer Leaclerg "Demons Bas ketball Teamp Baseball Team Law Clubg Manager, Iunior College Golf Team. Varstiy Club. MARY POTTER DONALD H. RADPORD Rho Chip Chemistry Clubg Lrterary Society. KATHERINE REESE i f I R 1 I I r - 4 I l ELEANQE H, FUICKEH SARA NQAWQCD SA::c2:EN PAULINE SCAAEOEO Alembz: Chemxstry Club: Y. YV. C. A. GEORGE HAHJLD SEAGO THOMAS Z. SPFOTT Fxrst Lieutenant: Alembic Chemistry ub. EEF NICE STEOYJPE I-F . 4. F-Q G, ,-i ... ar IYQAETHA SAHCYEII IAMES TAYLQR SANJEAS Fnst Lieutenant Bcmdq Secretory, Alembic Chemxstry Club, School Or- chestra: Assnsifznt Business Manager Vusketeer. FRED SCOTT Pie-Law Club: Lztercxry Smiety. 4 f- ELEANOR BELLE QM1Tz-1 HARRY EUGENE STEADMAN Rim Chl. YVVILLIAM FRANCIS THOMPSON Ci Cl S WALTER F. Timm, IR. Fist Lieutera: t' S4 be C ubg Cagtaln, l.'lFtGlNlA VIJETTO Alembic Cliemistry Clubp Literary Society: Y. VV. C. A. Club. IAMES MARTIN WALLACE Glee Club: First Lieutenaritp Officers ub: Law Club. HOXVARD RAWCRTH WALKER Xkiff? President cf Alembic Chemistry ub. MYRTLE WRITAKER Literary Society: Alembic Chemistry ubg Cervantes Club. VJINIFRED VfOODWARD V t .. . . .. C. . W C 'mb FFtANKl.lIl Auuwsrivs TOGLE President of Alembic Chemistry Club Literary Societyg Cervartes Spamsl Club. CARQLYN LOUISE WALLACE Literary Society. MARY HELEN WALKER Literary Societyg Basketball Team lENNlE KATHERINE WRTTEREAD IVIARGARET IANE WLGGINS Assistant Business Manager of Mus lzete-er. IUNE WRIGHT 9, The Freshmen iWith Apologies to Lonqfellowl L'p the steps to -lunior College. hp that liroad and shining pathway, Came a hand of lowly Freshmen Half adyancing, half retreat'ng. Dark hehind them lay in waiting XYoes uf all the unenlightened. Ignorance that is not lilissful. Fear and dread of such a living. Bright hefore them rose the portals, Rose the lofty, gleaming archway Uf the entrance into learning. Of the door that leads to Knowledge. So they straightway entered in there. Full of courage and ambition. Confidence and hope and laughter. So was horn this class of Freshmen. Many mysteries were shown them lfre they trod the halls and staircases, Trod the length of .lunior College- Mysteries of Course of Study. Fearful wonders of the Schedule. XYhen at last these rites were finished, Then each small. expectant Freshman l,earned to know. each one. his Home Room Learned to hnfl his way to Chapel-- Grew with everything acquainted. From the Lunch Rtuulll In the Library- Stroll aclyanced the foothall season. Then the Freshmen swarmed the hleachers, Cheered their comrades on to hattle, Filled the air with lusty yelling. Everything' they did with vigor., Marehed on drill held. sang in Glee Cluh. lYent to meetings. went to dances. Thus they hlled their days together. Many things the teachers taught them From their wondrous stores of wisdom, Facts of history, language, science, Patiently, with skill they taught them. 'Til the heads of all these Freshmen lYhirled with such increasing knowledge. Dates of hattles, sides ot angles, Laws of physics, composition, Formulae, French Conjugationr- .-Xll of these they strove to master. Then confronted hy lixam Days Yaliantly they went to lmattle. XYrestled with each knotty prohlem, Strugglecl 'til at last they conquered. Now the year is nearly finished, Year of work and fun and friendship. llut each Freshman has a vision Of himself in rohes majestic As a Sophomore. Lofty station. Sophomore of the Junior College! -Elizaheth Skinner. Saunas ,i Q1 fe l , 1 - I ' T 'L + , " ' E'-' .1 fi? fs? V THE: RAINBOW 1935l--':-- From the Senior Class to Richmond By l. W. Peters It lifts its massive cloud-bound head. Above the eartl1's sweet ilower'd bed. D And gazes out in space afar. May nothing e'er its beauty mar. ' Its spirit stands for all that's good, Freedom fair, and brotherhood. Its halls hold laughing, serious throngs. Learning the best, and right from wrong. It stands for God. as it should beg It teaches His way to you and me. We'll fight for it. as man to many Forever may our Richmond stand. NVhen I..ife's hard. bleak game is o'er. May menrries lead us to that doorg And Pride our weak'ning hearts expand, As we embark from child to man. -I. NV. PETERS BOBBY MILLS . . CHARLES THOMPSON , VICE-PRESIDENT GEORGE RHODES . ALEX DOREMUS ELLIOTT MOR AN . PRESIDENT TREASURER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A. R. C. - I 'Nga I 'JI . SECRETARY . COUNCIL W. O. WHITE . BOBBY MILLS Football 2, 3, 4-Letter 3, 47 Company football 27 Hi-Y 3, 47 Vice-President 37 Vice- President Student Council 47 Lieutenant 47 President Senior Class7 Gold "R" 47 Musketeer Staff 4. V . COUNCIL CHARLES B. THOMPSON, IR. Literary Society l, 2, 37 Honor I7 Company football 2, 37 Lieutenant 47 Football Letter 47 Glee Club 37 "Roys- ton's Ramblers" 3: Varsity Club 47 Sabre Club 47 Rich- mord Hi-Y 3, 47 President 47 "ire-President, Senior Class. GEORGE THOMAS RHODES Honor l, 37 Hiqh Honor 27 Football 47 Class Officer 47 Glee Club 47 School Orches- tra 47 Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 47 Sergeant 37 Lieuten- ant 47 Sabre Club 4. Cr-IAR-Es ALEXANDER DOREMUS High Honor I7 Highest Hon- or 2, 37 Sergeant 3: First Lieutenant 47 Literary Society I, 2, 3, 47 Vice-President 37 Secretary 37 President 47 Business Manager, Musketeer 37 Editor-in-Chief Annual 47 Treas., Senior ClGSSf Student Council 37 Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 4, Scribe 3, President 47 Chemis- try Club 27 Sabre Club 47 Gold "R" 47 Valedictorian of l9357 Representative Of school in U. D. C. contest 2, 37 Elected "Best All-Round Sen- Ior. ROET. EDWARD ELLIOTT MORAN Literary Socety I, 3, 47 Company iootball l, 27 Foot- ball 3, 4, Letter 3j Coach "E" Company Football 47 Corporal l, Sergeant 2, Lieutenant 3, Captain 47 Sabre Club 3, 47 Student Council 47 Alternate Rifle Team 4. INILLIAM O'I'Is WHITE Freshman Literary SOCletYj Honor 1: Academy Literary Society 2, 3, 4, President 37 Rifle Team 2, 3,4, Medal 3, 47 Track Team 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 47 Hi-'Y' 2, 3, 47 Football Team 37 Gold "R" 37 Student Coun- cil 47 Lieutenant 47 Annual Staff 4. ADAMS ALDRIDGE ANDERSON ANDERSON ANTONOKAS l BALDOWSKI BARINOWSKI BARNARD DAVID LANDRUM ADAMS, IR. Corporal 27 Sergeant 35 Lieutenani 4g Band l, 2, 3, 4. CHRIS GUS ANTONOKAS Honor lg Basketball 3: Spanish Club 47 Literary So' ciety 4. CARLTON ALDRIDGE Curr HERMAN BALDOWSKI Zncl Lieutenant in R.O.T.C. lj Letter in Football 45 Com- pany Football 2, 3, 45 Rifle Team 2. H. H. ANDERSON WALTER T. BARINOWSKI Corporal 25 Honor 2, 3. Rurus OLIVER ANDERSON Sergeant 4. B. F. BARNARD Literary Society 2: Glee Club 31 Sergeant 4. lr l I -3 4 BARNES L I 1 BILLS 6 '53 1 BLAND BLANDENBURG ' ' 1 CARSWELL t cH1soLM it CLARK 'Z CLARY ' LINTON ANDREW BARNES Corporal lp Sergeant 25 First Sergeant 35 Lieutenant 4. IAMES I. CARSWELL, IR. Corporal ly Football 2, 3 ,4, Letter 2, 45 Literary Society 2, 45 Varsity Club 4. C. E. BILLS Football 45 Sergeant 3, 4. LELAND DELoAc.5 CHISOLM Corporal 25 Guide Sergeant 35 First Sergeant 45 Candi- date for Track 4. I. VVARREN REYNOLDS BLAND Brevet Second Lieutenant. VERDERY AUSTIN CLARK Literary Society l, 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Corporal ly Ser- geant 35 Vice-President Span- ish Club 45 Basketball 35 Football 3. of oak.: CLAUDIUS ELMER ABLANDENBUHG Company Football THQMAS Louis CLARY Literay Society 25 High Honor lg Honor 2, 35 Cor- poral 35 Sergeant 45 Brevet Second Lieutenant 4. IAMES ELMO Conn Sergeant 45 Honor 35 High Honor I, 2: Brevet Second Lieutenant 4. lc-uErT DAVENPORT, TR. 'QQ CAL COURTNEY Officers' Club, Musketeer Staffg Basketball EL, 45 Tracl: El, 47 Football 47 Captain 3, 4, Gold "R" 45 Glee Club 4: Varsity Club 4, Rifle Team 4. FRANK DAVID DEAS, IH. Hcnor 2, 31 Basketball l, 21 Corporal 2, 37 First Sergeant 45 Literary Society lg Track 47 Brevet Second Lieutenant 4, CORE COURTNEY COVAR DALEY 4 DAVENPORT DEAS DE WITT ELIXSON A, F. COVAR EUGENE lOSEPH DEVVITT, IR. ROBERT DALEY IAMES B. ELIKSON Richmond Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Seo retary 3: Honor 37 Annual Staft 4g Corporal 37 Brevet Second Lieutenant. EVANS FAUGHNAN FOLSOM FORBES - L FORTUNE, C. 3 FORTUNE, . FULLER, W. I FULGHUM I E Ld WILLIAM HENDERSON EVANS High Honor 27 Sergeant '37 Lieutenant 4. CHARLES KILPATRICK FORTUNE Honor l, 37 Corporal 37 Sergeant 47 Spansh Club 47 Candidate for Football 47 Can- :late for Track 47 Tennis Team 4. O jaw EDWARD Dorus FAUGHNAN Literary Society 47 Corporal 'J IACK CRANSTON FORTUNE Honor l, 2, 37 Sergeant 37 Lieutenant 47 Spanish Club 47 Rifle Team 47 Football 47 Sa- bre Club 4. g.-i , . .' ,.1 ALVA SPENCER FoLso1.4 GEoRGE Foaazs Sergeant 4. W. O. FULLER KASPER FULGHUM Band l, 2, 3, 47 Sergeant 2, 37 lst Lieutenant 47 Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4: Corn' pary Football 27 Varsity Club 47 Swimming Team 4. . . 1 T. GAVALAS ROBERT GRACE? Literary Society l, QF, 4, Presiclerit 25 HifY 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 2, fig Corporal 2, Ser- geant Q, Captain 4g Debating Team 27 Alternate Declarner 3g Glee Club 31 Annual Staff 4. GAVALAS GILLION GLICKERT GOLDSTEIN GRACEY GRIFFIN GRIZZEL HALL w l STEVENS IRVIN Grrrrorr H. GLrc1:En'r MEYER GOLDSTEIN Corporal l, 3g "B" Varsity Literary Society l, 3. F. E. GRIFFIN Hsu' A, C, GRIZZEL I. B. HALL Lrerary Society 2: "B" Co. Rifle Team 2, 37 Company Rifle Team 4: COTPOIQI 4. Ti--ztball "B" 45 Corporal 3, 4 Sergeant 4. r v 1 HARDIN HARDY HARRIES ' HATCHER HEATH HEEEERNAN 3 HENDERSON V HUTSON A WILLIAM WALTON HARDIN Honor 2: Freshman Literary Society, GEORGE HARDY Brevet 2nd Lieutenant 4, ALFRED STANLEY HARRIES Football Letter 2, 3, 47 Manager Basketball Team 4. ED HATCHER Corporal 3, Sergeant 4. IEROME LAWRENCE HEATH THOMAS IOSEPH HEFFERNAN Literary Society l, 47 Corn- pany Football 27 Sergeant 3, 4, Znd Lieutenant 47 Officers' Club 45 Honor l, High Honor 2: Richmond Hi-Y 4. HAROLD B, HENDERSON Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Sergeant 2, Lieutenant 4. WILLIAM MARKS HUTSON High Honor 1, 2, Staff Ser- geant 3: Academy Hi-Y 3, 45 lst Sergeant 45 Lieutenant 4, Rifle Team 3, 4, Sabre Club 4. I t .4 CHARLES IVEY Lieutenant 35 Sabre Club 3. WILLIAM KALI: Corporal l, C, Sergeant 3, 4g Fnatball 45 Company Rifle Team -1. HARRY lEFFCOAT, IA. Honor l, 2, 3: Sergeant 35 lst Lieutenant 4, Annual Staff 4, Musketeer Staff 47 Literary Snciety 45 Gold EAFILE Dawn' ICITCHEIIS LI'erary Society 2, -ly Glee Cub 4: "B" Varsity 4, Hi-Y ff -I, Track 4, Muslceteer Stalf -l. I I IVEY -' IEFFCOAT 2 IENKINS IORDAN - 2 . KALE KITCI-IENS l KLEIN KOCH it , ,l lVlILFOFtD CHARLES IENI-CINS IOHN COLEMAN lORDAN M. KLEIN Corporal I, 2: Sergeant 3, UUBAN THOMAS KOCH, III Entered from Sea Breeze High, Fla. Glee Club Operetta fl: Track 4, Swimming Team 4, Tennis 45 Literary Society 4- "Stunt Night," lvlusketeer Staff 47 Top Serqeanty Brevet Und Lieutenant, Secretary, Academy l-li-Y. KREWSON LAMBACK LONG LANIER LEMON LEWIS, E. LEWIS, l. 3 15 ai 'ffl 7--Q 'iid IOHN WALKER KHEWSON CHARLES LAMBACK C. A. LANG JAMES FARGO LANIER Sergeant 35 Lieutenant 4: Rifle Team 3, 4, Sabre Club 4. ,LANSING Btmaows LEE, IR Gold "H", Literary Society 1, 2: Academy I-HEY 2, 3, 47 Sergeant 3, Lieutenant 4: Vice-President Iunior Classy State U.D.C. Contest 2, Sec- retary Chemistry Club 25 Sa- bre Club 45 Annual Staff 47 High Honor l, 3: Highest Honor 2. - -.asus .....-. 1.-P., --+- Manager, Basketball 19345 Manager, Track 1933, Varsity Clubg "Royston's Ramblers", Baseball Letter l932. CECIL LEMON I. E. LEWIS SAMUEL IosEPr-1 LEWIS Company Football 2, 3, 47 Literary Society l, 45 Cor Track Taem Z, 3, 47 Sergeant poral 3. 3, 4, "B" Varsity 4. ,fun-. -, ...SF.m..-.-.-....-f.- J 3 4 P l MADDOX, A. 1 X MADDOX, E. I ' MARSHALL ' MOBLEY MORAN A MORGAN ' MORRIS, A. A A MORRIS, s. 1 15 1, AUDLEY lossm-1 MAD:-ox EARL SAMUEL MA1:tDo:-: GEORGE I. MARSHALL IAMES HARRY Mont.:-:Y Brevet Second Lieutenant. Spanish Club 43 Sergeant 45 Literary Society l, 27 Ser- S Hionor 3: iieilmsn Liter?-Y Brevet Znd. Lieutenant. qeant 3, 45 Lieutenant 4, An- PC1ety7A' ' ' letmry O- rtual Staff 4- Honor l 3' Glee New 2' 3' 4: Company Foot- Club 2, dimers. dim 4. bun 1, 2, Football 3, 4, Track Lccdomgy Hi-Y Sp Corporal l, 21 Sergeant 3, " 'A ' Lieutenant 4, sabre Club 4, Cervantes Club 47 Coach Company "H" Football 4. F. LJCFAIJ H. Ll. lX'lCRGAN E. A, MORRIS SIMEON DAWSON MORRIS, IR. lst. Lieutenant, Band, Lit- erary Society: Basketball 3 -'ly Sabre Club. Honor 3, High Honor l, 25 Literary Society 1, 2, Ser- geant 3, First Sergeant 45 Bre- vet Znd. Lieutenant. 1 'F Moss 5 , MURRAY 1 MCDONALD MCLARTY A MCILWAINE MCKIE NEWMAN NICHOLS GORDON THOMAS Moss Honor 2, 37 Glee Club 25 Literary Society 47 Corporal 27 Sergeant 37 Captain 47 Bas- ketball 3, 4: Football 27 Track 4. IAMES SPENCER MCILWAINE, IR. Entered from Dunbarton, S. C. High School, l932g Honor l, 35 Staff Sergeant 45 Brevet lst. Lieutenant 4. s"Q .,: l l FRANCIS IOSEPH MURRAY IERRY ALEXANDER MCDONALD Corporal 27 Sergeant 35 Debating Team 3, 47 Liter- Honor 2, 35 Lieutenant 4, Sa' ary Society 3, 45 Vice-Presr bre Club 4. dent 4, Staff Sergeant 3g ALBERT B. MCKIE RALPH 3. NEW-MAN Sergeant 35 Lieutenant 4. Honor 1: Corporal 4' ROBERT ALEXANDER MCLARTY High Honor 2: Literary So- ciety 2, 3, 4g Vice-President 3g Sergeant 3, 45 Candidate for Football 37 Declamation Cup 2, 35 Debating Team 3, 4, Glee Club 27 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Secretary 3, Representative in State Declarnation Contestg Candidate in Robt. E. Lee Es- say Contest. IOHN HAGERTY NICHOLS Company Football, Lieuten- antp Captain: Officers' Club. NORMAN ODOM OTTINGER PARDUE PEARRE PEMBER j PITTS POLLARD .l , h CHARLES M. NORMAN IACK HARTIN Onom luuus Orrrwasn JOHN F. PARDUE Corporal '.Z, 31 Sergeant 4y Literary Society 3- Sergeant Literary Society 3, 47 Ser -1-mek 4: Brevet Znd- Llguten, I. qeant 3: Brevet Znd. Lie-uten ant 45 Vtfrens Varsity Track ant 4g Track 4. and Football. CHARLES RAY PEAHRE Parzm-:mc PRATT PEMBER CHARLES H. P1'r'rs WARREN W. POLLARD Basketball Leiter 3, 4: Track Literary Society 1, 25 Glee COYHPCIDY FOOHDG11 1, 2. 3, 4: 2, Eg Sergeant 45 Brevet Zndv Club lg Sergeant 4: Brevet Literary Society 1, Lieutenant 4. 2nd Lieutenant. POPKIN PUNARO RADFORD ROUNTREE ROX SALLEY SAYE A SCOGGINS 1 X . MORTON HEHMAN POPKIN ANGELO B, PUNARO R. RADFORD MORGAN ROUNTRI-:E Spanish Club' Letter in Basketball 27 Let ter in Football 3. IOHN ALOYSIUS Rox, IR. RONALD SALLEY SAMUEL VVILSON SAYE, IR. R. SOOGGINS Chemistry Club 35 Corporal Literary Society 2, 35 Band Brevet 2nd, Lieutenant. 4, 5. 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant 4. fi" gy-V SHERMAN, Tom Glee Club 2, 35 Varsity Football 45 Company Football l, 2, 3g Serqeant 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Baseball lg Track Team 4 EDWARD L. STELLING, IR. Highest Honor lg Hiqh Hon- or 2, 3, 45 Literary Society 3. 4, Spanish Club '35, Annual Staff '35g Lieutenant '35. CHARLES ALLEN ICITINZF High I-lorifr l, 2, 3, Basket' ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 4, S'uc'ent Council 3: Literary So- ciety 2, 3, Corporal 25 Ser' geant 3, Lieutenant 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 A. R, C. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Gold "R" 3: Sabre Club 4: Chemis- try Club 2, f SHERMAN SKINNER SLATON SLAUGHTER STELLING TANENBAUM TAYLOR TEBOW IAMES E- SY-ATON BILLY SLAIJGHTER Tmfk Team 3? Colpfml 37 Brevet Znd. Lieutenant. I. L. TANRNBAUM C. F. TAYLOR IRMES EDWARD Trzsow, IR. Honor 3, Company Football 1, 2, 35 Football 47 Basket- ball 3g Literary Society 4: Spanish Club 47 Track 4. 4 I t TILLER THOMMERHAUSER I TURNER TYSON ! I l 1 WALLER WATKINS A W ILHEIT I WILSON ' FRANCIS E. TILLER Letter in Football 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3, 45 Captain B.O.T.C. 47 Literary Society 1, 2, 3. SAMUEL CARPENTER WALLER High Honor 1, 2, Highest Honor 35 Sergeant 37 Brevet Lieutenant 45 Golf Letter 35 Business Mgr. "Rainbow" 4: Business Mgr. "Musketeer" 4g Literary Society 1, 2, Treas. 3, Sec'y and President 45 Rich- mond Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Winner of D.A.R. 55.00 for highest grade in American History 3g Gold"R" 47 Varsity Club 4: Entrant in Sidney La- nier Contestp Entrant in R. E. Lee Contest. -q-.'-Li." " 'lv ' , .. E. . E . CRAs. I. TROMMERHAUSER ROBERT LANDER TURNER, IR. Sergeant 3: Lieutenant 47 Captain 4. Wirrrmvr MAR: Vt7AT..INS PHILIP ARTHUR WILHEIT Literary Society l, 2, 3, 47 Corporal l, 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. SAMUEL EUGENE TYSON Academy Literary Society 2, 35 Debating Team 25 En- trant in National U.D.C. Con- test l, 25 Sergeant 2, Corporal 17 Secretary of Academy Lit- erary Society 3. JOSEPH BUTLER WILSON Honor lg Literary Society 1, 47 Glee Club 3, Stage Man- ager 4g Football 25 Basketball 4. T-mf "f t -':2f:?2+:'Tt-115 nnirtisovv 1935 11+- Prophecy of Senior Class By Iererniah Alexander McDonald Ccurty Home, Atlanta, Ga., Iune 5, 1950. To His Excellency, Charles Alexander Dorernus: Governor of Georgia, Federal Penitentiary, Cell No. 2,678, Atlanta, Georgia. Dear Alex:- I went down toward Augusta last week just to see how all the old members of our class were getting along, since they took over the City. It's too bad that Pitts and Tiller raft everybOClY out of town 'fViTh PiTT'S V-8. bL1T YO11 know. ATGXI life is filled with bad mistakes-tlncidents, not peoplel. Even in spite of ev'rything that's happened, though, the little village still stands elegantly. Of course, it's hollow and deserted: yet when I thirk back cver the years, I marvel that it exists at all. If you can get two or three weeks' vacation this summer twarden permittingl, it will pay you to run down and look the old place over. Sometimes, Alex, little incidents come into our lives and remind us of past experiences: yet if I live a thousand years- which I doubt, with the weather so chilly and the coughs I'm ha ving-I believe I iiever shall spend a week so eventful as the week I spent in Augusta. During my stay there, I was reminded a million times ci tie peculiar charaderistlcs that Lna'y o' fur class had while in school. These characteristics, however, have enlarged to vast proportions. Oo dfiVTUQ' THTO The' CTTYI T Pfifked mY CCH OH The SGVGYI hundred block of Greene Street. The first thing I noticed as I walked down the boulevard was Theo Gavalas, lyirzg in the shade of an evergreen tree, scoring away to high heaven, while the contents of his apple cart baked under the heat of the noon-d ay sun. I was tempted to awake the fellow, but better judgment changed my mind as I thought over the situation. Not knowing exactly where to begin sight-seeing, I mtved in the direction of the courthouse, Where I arrived after a few minutes Walk. I went up the steps and passed through the door into the office section of the building. No one was thereg so I con- cluded that court was going on. Tiptoeirg irto the courtroom, I sat down among the spectators. Sam Waller was on the bench. I-Ie was staring out across empty space in an absent-minded fashiong and every now and then, as a fly or something interrupted his seance, he brought his gavel down on the desk with a mighty 'bang and charged the council that happened to be on the floor to limit his address to ten minutes, while all along, the innocent ICIWYSI WO1-tld OHTY be questioning Q witness. Not satisfied with his exhibition, his honor would roto upon the top of tho desk vigorously ond Coll for order in a loud voice, while the only rioise to be heard was the soft snoozing of the juryrnen. The prisoner, Ierry McDonald, was being tried for witchcraft, because he predicted the future of our class with such deadly accuracy. Stamping up and down the floor as he pulled his hair in woe, was the prosecuting attorney, Robert McLarty. He soon got his points straight, however, and walked over to the jury box, where he stood, glaring succeedingly at each juror with a look of scorn. Suddenly, there burst from his lips a mighty peal: "Gentlemen," he bellowed, "I cannot address you in flowery words of oratoryg but I can say as effectively as any man that this man is a scoundrelf' I-I pointed an accusing finger at the prisoner, Raising his clenched fist above his head, he brought it down toward the jury box rail with a mighty force, at the same time pro- nouncing the word "scoundrel"p but, unfortunately, his fast-moving hand missed its destination and continued toward the iloor where the disgruntled lawyer followed it until he lay sprawled out upon the boards, minus three teeth, his good will. a straight nose, and his dignity. Picking himself up, he Walked to his seat, grumbling something about the janitor leaving peas on the floor. There were three attorneys for the defense: Lee, White, and Tyson. They didn't seem to be very jubilant over praising their client: so naturally, the trial was very uninteresting. Tyson gave a long 'string of technical evidence totally irrelevant to 4Af,a'.s ..4Ad..A..- the trial, while Lee and White amused themselves by using words that nnne of the yury could understand. The jury consisted of farmers, mechanics, nut-inverttrs and has-been football players. They were as fnllcwsi Barnard, Brodeur, Carswell, Ccrr, lack Fortune, Charles Fortune, Fulqhum, Gracey, Hardy Kale. Lewis --all of whom you know quite well, Alex. I fiadn't noticed the clock on the wall, but apparently somebody else had, for as soon as the hcur hand rea:hed twelve o'clock, the judge set himself into an electric motion, and iumping over his desk, he rushed down the aisle. screaming "Lunch," at the same time strewing his legal robes behind, on the floor. The jurymen, counsel, prosecutor, spectator, and prisoner alike made cr wild dash for the entrance, producing a mighty clamor as they did so, and showing no respect whatsoever for rank or caste. With the exception of me and one other person, the courtroom was completely emptied in thirteen and one-half seconds flat. The other person was none other than "Manny" Klein. Looking around over the courtroom suspiciously, as it not wanting anyone to see him, and not noticing me, since I was sitting very low in my seat, he drew from his pocket three test tubes. He poured the contents of two into one and shook the single tube vigorously: then with an air of ecstasy, he turned the receptacle up to his lips and drained the gooey substance. Undoubtedly, years of confinement in a laboratory had got the best of pool old Kleinp and there he was, pitiful creature, loose in the head and broken in intelligent statusg for now, as it appeared, his chemicals were his food. Presently, I emerged from the courthouse, disgusted with the scenes I had so recently witnessed and walked around to the newspaper office. Not knowing what to expect, I walked in and up, innocently hoping to see some of my old friends with the same characteristics they had possessed years before. How disappointed I was to be! As I passed through the portal of the editing room, my ears were met by sharp metallic "clash" that issued from a type- writer in the corner every minute or two, and reverberated around the room like a mighty crash of thunder. Over the clacking machine leaned Alva Cooper, with his eyes fixed on the keyboard and his right hand raised far above his head, his index finger extended. I looked closer and beheld that he had a book open on his right called 'The Huntum and Pecke Typewriting System," by Urban Koch. At a desk in the middle of the room sat Willie Hutson, glaring down at a pile of manuscripts. I walked over to see if he would recognize me, but like all the rest of the old friends I had seen, he only glarde at me with blank eyes. I turned away-awed, brokeng for even William had weakened under the strain of environmental degeneration. You can imagine the rest of my story. Had I the power, had I the power, had I the command of sympathy-drawing English, I would quickly portray the balance of our comrades: but as I think of them all: Krewsori, Clark, Elixson, and the rest, words fail to picture and thoughts fail to resolve themselves on paperp yet, Alex, I must say a little more but only toward the termination of this, my sad narrative I left the newspaper office and walked outside. As I stepped through the doorway of the building on to the street, two policemen accosted me and told me that I was under arrest. For no reason whatsoever they did so, except, perhaps, because I was not a native of the city. These two men were Hardy and Glickert. I submitted to their demand and went with them to the police station, where the Chief, Allen Skinner, requested that I pay ten dollars and cost of refreshments for the entire force tthis was 558.753 or else. l I paid the money, left the police station as quickly as possible, and went with all haste to the place where I had parked my automobileg but my poor car, sorry to say, was about two blocks from where I had parked it, diligently wrapped around a telephone pole. Seeing that my vehicle was of no use to me, I started out on foot and arrived back in Atlanta yesterday after a seventyshour walk. I trust. Alex, that you will have a better reception, if you go down this summer than I had last week. With best wishes, I remain, HM. Class History XYHEN, in the course of human events, in September of the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and 1llll'ly, that we, a group of timid but aspirant freshmen knocked at the portals of the Richmond Academy.. we were admitted. To our juvenile and inexperienced minds, tha . first year was one series of horrors. W'e were herded into the auditorium Cwhich we afterwards found was called chapell, and told by a red-faced man with spectacles what to do and where to go until our mind was whirling with instructions. Then and there were our troubles started. Vkie were told by towering giants-whom we later learned were designated by the ponderous term "faculty"-that we had had all play and no work in our respective grammar schools, but now we were going to buckle down, as it were, to hard labor, so to speak. After a few days of being buffetted about in the corridors as a barque on an angry sea, we were instructed to go out on the drill field where some more giants, however, less towering than the first, instructed us to form into two lines, one behind the other. as rows of corn. VVe were then taught squads right. squads left, squads east and squads west and all the other things that Colonel Goodwin, who was then the commandant, could find in a large. awe-inspiring, blue book called the R. O. T. C. manual. ' After a few weeks our qualms of fear and uncertainty gradually began to be dissipated and by degrees we became accustomed to the general order of things. Exams!!! How well will those first exams stand out in our memory! Each morning an excited group would cluster in a knot outside of Mr. Mitchell or Mr. Eubank's door tensely awaiting him to post the results of the examination. "Did you pass?", "How did you do?". they would eagerly ask each other. VVe are now sophomores possesed of a gigantic conceit over those miserable little freshmen. How silly they act! How could we have ever been like that! VVe turn up our noses! Faugh! NVhat a disgrace to be seen talking to one of those wretched creatures. Yet upon sober reflection, each one of us secretly admitted to ourselves that others might have once regarded us in a similar light. It was in this year that Colonel Goodwin retired and Lieutenant Purswell came to take his place. Other notable additions to our faculty were Mr. J. H. Sherman, and Mr. Curtis Luckey. Juniors! A light is beginning to penetrate the consciousness of some of the less frivolous and more thoughtful of our number. "Vile are not here," they whispered to ea ch other behind closed doors lest they should be ostracized from society for heresy. "YVe are not here that we should be tortured, that our lives should be made miserable from day to day, but to glean knowledge and understandingg for knoweldge is power and knowledge is the basis of life." Thus the instinct of learning was slowly but surely developing in us. and new fields of thought, formerly untrodtlen. were gradually being opened. "Omnem quae nunc obducta tuenti Mortales hebetat visus tibi, et humida circum Caligat, nubem eripiamf' By degrees we were arriving at the age of discretion. The pranks that we perpetrated as sophomores and guniors on innoncent freshmen seem absurd and hardly wortlhy of our origination. Those persons whom we once regarded as giants have, in our changing perspective, assumed forms less terrifying. Slowly, we are commencing to realize that they are not present solely for the purpose of handing out demerits land breathing fire and smokel but for our own good. They have, all unknown to us, molded our character with deft fingers. They have instilled into us some of the knowledge and wisdom that is their by virtue of ma ny years of experience and hard work. They have sacri- ficed that we might gain. And we owe them an ever lasting debt of gratitude. The farther we progress in learning. the more we realize that we are just beginning. LANSING LEE. IR. ,.-''-.-,r- X1 C-3 H1 . f X gig X X N IQQWFR CLASSES I. X w a A ,T eff' x L-3+ .',. ..- 1 3:7-Ti 5 Y FRESHMAN CLASS Class of 1938 - - Freshman Class, Session l934-35, Richmond Academy ROBERT BAKER . Abernathy, L. Adams, C. Adams, H. Akins, L. Alridge, M. Allen, H. Amos, P. Arthur. I. Ashe, E. C. Athearn, lvl. L. Atkinson, I. Austin, H. VV. Avery. M. Avery, L. E. Averett, M. Bacon, I. E. Baggs, Bill Baggs, Ed. Bailey, Bill Bailie, R. C. Baker, B. Baker, F. Barber, A. Barbin, R. Barden, W. Bargeron, B. L. Barnes, C. Barnes, W. Bartlett, W. Barton, D. Bateman, I. Bates, W. T. Beard, I. T. Beazley, Doyle Belger, R. Beman, H. Beneteau, F. Bentley, W. Benton, I. Berman, S. M. Black, B. Black, L. F. Black, O. Blackwell, B. Blackwell, M. Blackwell, P. Blanchard, T. Bland, L. Boiter, A. Bolyard, F. Bonzo, M. Boozer, I. D. Boswell, I. .Boulineau, F. Bowers, H. Boyd, C. D. Boyd, E. T. Boyd, Neily Boyd, W. Bracey, I. Bragg, A. Braid, F. Brandenburg, W. Bray, H. Broadwater, R. Brown, W. T. Brucknec, A. Bruker, B. Brunson, Bob Bryant, Billy Bryant, Wade JACK HAINS . EVAN DAVIS IAMES CASON . ROBERT FARR . . EDWIN BAGGS . Buckley, L. Buford, C. Bugg, R. S. Bugg, Claude Bullard, F. Burgess, M. Busch, S. Bussey, M. Cantey, . Carpenter, H. Carr, C. Carroll, R. Carry, R. E. Carter, A. Cason, I. VV. Cason, R. Cater, l. Chalker, C. A. Chartcey, C. Chandler, H. Claffy. Owen Cliett, D. Cloud, A. Cloud, H. Coffield, P. Coleclough, W. B. Cook, I. C. Cooper, I. Cooper, Wm. Cope, H. I. Corley, W. C. Coursey, M. Creech- N. Crenshaw, I. Crozier, F. Culpepper, D. Daitch, I. Daley, I. ' D'Antignac, C. Davidson, I. H. Davis, E. Day, C. Deal.. H. Dean, I. Deas, T. Dennis, C. DeW'itt, R. O. Dickson, C. Dinkins, H. Dixon, L. Doughty, L. Drake, W. Dressell, R. Dudley, E. Duncan, I. B. Duvall, D. Dyches, H. Dye, C. Dye, Paul Easterling, W. Edelblut, C. Edward, I. DeW. Ellington, C. Ellenberg, C. Elliott, L. Elrod, H. Epps, I. Evans, I. C. Evans, VV. Farr, Ft. Fallaw, IHC. Fisher, R. Floyd, H. Ford, C. N. Ford, T. Forte, M. Free, I. Fuller, I. Fulmer, R. Gaines, B. Gibson, C. Gleason, T. Glover, I. Goldberg, S. Grariade, H. S. Grarnmer, H. Green, E. Griffin, L. Griffith, I. Gutierrez, M. Guy, I. Gwin, T. Gwyn, I. B. Hains, I. Hall, Earl Hall, H. Hall, Ias. Hamilton, H. Hamilton, R. Hamock, D. Hancock, I. Hanson, C. Hardy, W. Hargrove, Clifford Hargrove, D. Harris, F. Harris, T. E. Harrison, B. Harrison, Steve Harvard, H. Harverston, G. S. Harvley, I. D. Haynie, M. Heath, T. S. Herrington, I. Hicks, M. Hochmuth, M. Holley, I. L. Holsenback, O. I. Holston, W. Hooper, R. Hoover, I. Hornaday, L. Horne, R. Horton, L. Houck, T. Howard, Sam Howe, H. Howell, Hugh Huff, G. B. Hughes, A. L. Hughes, Max Hughes, W. Humphries, Geo. Hungerford, H. Ingram, A. lsdell, C. Iackson, L. Iennings, E. Ienny, F. Ioe, G. Iohnson, E. S. . . ?sr2srLrax:'r VICE-Pszstnsrzr . SECRETARY . TREASURER . Councrr . Councrt. Iohnson, R. McKenney, R. Iohnston, H. McLarty- Rufus Iohnston, I. O. Iones, I. L. Iones, VV. D. Iudy- Robert Iumper, I. Katylyncki, M. Kearns- I. Key, C. Key, I. Key, W. Kimbrell, C. King, P. Kitchens, R. Krafka, I. Krouse, R. Lamb, I. Lamback, G. Lawrence, C. Lazenby, Iames Lazenby, Iohn Lazenby- josh Lee, C. Lemon, T. Lemon, V. LeSeur, I. Lever, C. Levy,, M. Lewis, Edward Lines, I. Little, H. Little N. Long, R. Longeway, L. Luke, A. Luke, D. Marioni, V. Markwalter, Al Markwalter, C. Martin, C. Mason, S. Mauldin, W. S. Maxwell, A. May- H. Mayo, R. Meggins, H. Menger, Wm. Meurer, R. Meyers, W. A. Middlebrooks, C. Mills, T. M. Mitchell, C. Mitchell, E. Mitchell, L. Mitchum, B. Mobley, G. Moore' F. A. Moye, Chas. Mulherin, I. Mulligan, T. Murphy, Mose Murphy, C. E. M. Murray, Chas. Murray, I. E. Mutimer, G. McAlhaney, I. McCall, I. McCown, Dudley McCoy, I. E. Mclntosh, H. L. McLendon, Iohn McManus, V. A McNair, Marvin McTyre, G. Neal, Iohn Newman, Iohn Norris M. Ogletree, W. O'Hara, C. Owens, Robf. F. Page, H. Page, N. Palmer, L. Papas, C. Parks, H. Parris- H. Paulos, H. I. Pender, W. H. Pierce, P. Pinto- Robt. D. Pond, M. Powell, H. Powers, B. Pratt, R. Prouty, H. Purtaro, V. Purdy, T. Purvis, E. Purvis, Olen T. Rachels- Wm. Radford, R. Ramsey, M. Ramsey, I. Redd, H. Reed, Bill Reese, I. Reid, R. Rhodes, Vtfm. Rhodes, DeS. Rhodes, A. Rhodes, L. Rivers- I. Rickerson, V. Roberts, H. Roberts, S. Robinson, L. Roesel, I. Rosamond, W. Rosier, M. Rucker, l. Rusch, Wm. H. Rushton, L. Sanders, L. A. Sanders, Wm. Satcher, E. Scarrv G. Scott, V. W. Scoggins, I. G. Seats, M. Seigler, B. Seigler, M. Sexton, C. Shanahan, Thos Shaw, I. A. Sheehan, Al Shell, Ed Shoemaker, B. Silver, Ben Simon, C. Sims, R. S. Smalley I Smith, E. I. Smith, F. Smith, R. Srniti, W. Snellings, B. Stanford, L. Stark, R. Starnes, R. D. Steed, R. I.. Steele, B. Steward, Iack St. Iohn, E. Stone, L. A. Storey, S. Stoudemire, H. Stowell, C. A. Street-, T. Strother, C. Sumner, D. Sutherland, M. Swan, R. Taibert, L. Tankersley, L. Taylor, G. Teuton, Ed Terry, L. L. Thompson- Eddie Thompsont Edgar Thompson, Eugene Thompson, Guyton Timrnerman. Wm. T Thrift, Willie Tiller, Reese Tjovaras, Pete Toole, Geo. C. Toomey, Ioe Traylor, George Turner, Clyde Usry, Charlie Usry, Hubert Usry, Ira Usry- Tom Vaughan, B. Waagner, M. Waddey, M. Ward, A. Ward, T. Ware, R. Warr, F. Watkins, G. Weltch, L. West, Ioe Whaley, M. Whaley- P. Widener, I. Wilkerson, I. Williford, G. Wilson, Wm. H. Wingate, M. Wong, T. Wood, I. Woodruff, Vilm. Vfoodward, C. Woodward, A. Woodward, M. VV'ynrie- W. B. SCPHOMQRE CLASS Class of l937 - - Sophomore Class, Session 1934-35 Richmond Academy GR ADY MCR AE , . . . Pnzsizsxr CHARLES BRUCE . . , , NYICE-PRESIDENT CLARENCE BASTON . . . . SECRETARY JAMES STOVALL . . - TREASURER BILLY WHEELESS . - COUNCIL ALEX BARRETT . , . COUNCIL Adkins, Sam Amick. Iunius Andrews, I. I. Anqelakos, Gus Ansley, H. C. Archer, Tracy Bailey, Paul Baird, Wade Baker, Tom Baldowski, Iulian Balk, Theodore Barnes, Wesley Barrett, Alex Baston, Clarence Battey, Alfred Battle, Clifton Beckwonh, Clarence Belding, Lambert Belger, Philip Best, Iohn Bland, Richard Blanos, George Boeckman, Thos. Bradley, I. W. Branch, Eugene Britt, Elmo Brodeur, I. R. Brotherton, Chas. Brown, Chas. Brown, Reuben Bruce, Charles Bryant, C. C. Burch, Iames Burton, Ben Busbia, Eugene Butler, I. P. Byington, Bill Cape, Alfred Carrigan, Theo Cave, Leon ChClUSY. Lucian Chapman, William Clark, Robert clark, W. Claussen, Henry Cochrane, Billy Collins, Pat Corbett, Ioe Corry, Iack Covar, Abner Crawford, George Creed, Cleveland Crcuch, Iames Curtis, Ioe DaleY. Randolph Danforth, Ed DaVaney, Iames Dean, Ralph Dinsmore, Billy Durand, Vernon Dye, Charles Edenfield, Richard Edgy, Lester Elliott, Dick Ellis, Robert Eubanks, Iulian Evans, Frank Evans, Tracy Feutral, E. Fine, Neal Fitzgerald, las. Fox, H. E. Fuller, Marion Furman, lack Gardrer, 'W. C. Garrard, Iack Gercken, Arnold Glenn, Chas. Givens, Shelton Goddard, Whyte Goetchius, Gene Goodwin, Bland Graham, Sam Grealish, Lawrence Green, Archie Griffin, Herbert Griffin, Louis Guillebeau, Wm. Gulledge, lack Hadden, ,O Hamby, Otis D. Hamilton, David Hamilton, Wm. Hammett, Chas. Hanley, Richard Hannah, Sidney Hardeman, Lerov Hardin, Iack Hardy, Lamar Harrell, Iack Harrison, Parvley Heath, Frank Heggie, lack Henderson, Marvin Herlora, Milton Hildebrandt, Henry Hill, Claude Hollirgsworth, Earl Horton, Robt. Howard, Iulius Howe, Bill Howell, Lenwood Hudson, Leroy Hughes, Lorin Humphrey, Da: Hurr icutt. las, lrglett, I. lvey, l-l. Icnes, K. Ioplirig, Robert. Keels, Iames Kelley, Iack Kelley, Marvin Kerr. Eugene King, W. O. Knapp, Frank Knight, Alfred Lamar, Bernard Lamb, Iames LeSeur, Ben Levy, B. Lines, Wallace Linson, Palmer Long, Boyce Loyal, Raymond McLaughlin, Bremer Maddox, Roy Maher, Marion Mahoney, Billy Mahoney, Iohn Maloney, S Marioni, Frank Markwalter, Dick Marshall, Chas. Martin, Harry Mason, Dari Maxwell, Bobbie Mays, Wm. Meehan, Henry Meehan, Tom B. Merritt, Wm. Meyers, Iohn Miller, Roger Mills, I. C. Mitchell, B. C. Mise, G. Mobley, Russell Mcbley, Russell Mortgomery, I. Mcody, Edward Morgan, Ias. T. Morgan, Roy Morgan, W'm. Moss, Lamar Moye, Ben Murray, Robt. L. Murray, Walter McCauley, T. B. McGahee, Iack McKie, Cliff McRae, Grady Neal, Lester Neill, Wilfred Nixon, I. Norvell, Edward Nowell, Iimmy Ogilvie, Ioe Olive, R. L. Ouzts, Iack Owens, Iames Owens, Saul Palmer, Iohri B. Parker, Herbert Parrish, Charles Peterson, M. Petrea, E. Phillips, R. Philpot, DeS. Plagwitz, Wm. Pollard, Ioe, R. Pomerance, Leon Pond, Edwin Powell, "Tim" Pritchard, Harrison Purvis, H. Ragan, A. T. Rainbow, Earl Ramsey, Roy Routon, Iulian Redd, Al Reid, Raymond Reid, William Reynolds, I. D, Rhodes, Frank Rhodes, Iohn Richards, W. Richards, Marion Rinker, Frank Rinker, Gerald Roesel, Max Rollins, Emory Rosier, Iames Rox, Bill Rucker, Iack Rupert, Craven Saxon, Ice Schofield, Lester Sozggirs, W. Scott, Vernon Scurlcck, "Red" Seotgo, Vt7illiam Seigler. Ioe Seigler, Paul Seigler, William Sheppard, Iarrell Skinner, Edgar Smith, Coleman Smith, lack Smith, Roy Smitherman, Rudolph Speerirg, Fred Spires, Alex Stephens, Paul Stevens, Billy Stovall, Iames Stromeyer, David Sullivan, Iolin Summerall, Gene Summer, Gene Swain, Irvin Taylor, Earl Taylor, Robert Tebow, William Teston, Warren Timmerman, I. Trommerhauser, Clem Turner, Cecil Van Dyke, C. L. Vause, Cecil Velix, Iames Walker, Leon Walker, Melvin Walker, Willard Wallace, Allen Warr, Cooper Weathers, Herbert Wessinger, I. W'haley, Chas. Whaley, Lawrence Wheatley, Sanders Wheeler, Clinton Wheeless, Billy Wiggins, Iames Williams, Arthur Willis, Billy Wilson, George Wilson, I. S. Wolfe, Warren 'Womack Clyde Wood, 'William Woodward, Carroll Woodward, Wyman Woolf, Harley Woychowski, Stanly Wright, Nathan Yee, Lurn Youn, Ed Young, Billy Young, Iack Young, Iames Young, VVm. L. Youngblood, Leslie . 'HJ -- 5 Q" .5 .1-'52, V . ' . ,I ag -Sf""' fvffx '-4 , 'N ,-YA gy ' -wyn- g-f,f. 31" 531 Y' 1 fc- ' 1 -. fr 3 "liz ft --if my Eta? 3 , ,Al .I 'f . f.. X ,. ss- if A, at ' .K N J..V . .Q . fi . Qi xi .-4 W fi T59 .f .Ni xi .' 'f a ,. 4 , V 1 LASS JUNIOR -----l. TH I-3 RAIN B o I.-is I- fa-1 Class of l936 lunior Class, Session l934-35, A. R. C. BEARDEN, CARLOS . . . . PRESIDENT TI-IEVAOS, DENOS . . VICI:-PRESIDENT STULB, CHARLIE .... . . SECRETARY KELLEY, GORDON . . . TREASURER KENNEDY, NVILLIAM . . COUNCIL FRANKLIN, DAVID . . COUNCIL Allen, Ralph Anderson, I. C. Askey, Chas. Moore Atkinson, Iames Austin, Stewart Bearden, Carlos Bedle- Robert Ben, Munn Benson, Roy Blitch, Arthur Boatright, Arlis Boswell, Charles Bowles, Dan Brantley, Clifford Broome, William Bryans, Iverson Bryngleson, Tuggle Bryson- lames T. Buck, Clarence Calhoun, Billy Carstarphen, Frank Carter, Cecil Carter, H. L. Chandler, Brue Clark, Herbert Cleckley, lohn T. Cottield, Lester Corie, Lloyd Conlon- Louis Connell, lack Cooper, Duncan Corley, Paul Crawford, Harold Crouch, Leroy Cruinbley, lohn Cunningham, Barrett Cunningham, Mell Davenport, Iouett deMedicis, Herbert Dicks- Harold Dooley, lulian Drane, Steve Dunnaway, Robert Durst, Frank Eavenson, Charles Elliott, Robert Evans, Lyle E. Farr, Tom A. Flanigan, Douglas Fletcher, Autrell Fletcher, Wyatt Florie, Walter Fogle, Eugene Franklin, B. H. Franklin, David Fulqhum, Henry Gaines, Henry Garrett, Henry Garrett, Robert .' E ...b Gary, A. V. Gary, Edward Gillman- Stanley Granade, Raymond Greene, Ben Gwinn, Charles Hall, Carlyle Hall, Iohn E. Hall, lohn Hammond, lulian Hancock, Charles Hancock, William Hartley, lames Hayden- Ernest Hewett, l. Hill, Max Holley, Clifford Holley, Fred Hooper, Frank Houston, Charles Howard, Thomas Irwin, Clarence B. lackson, Arthur lakes, Bill lenkins- Carpenter lohnson, Tyler Kelley, Gordon Kendrick, Edward Kennedy, William Kerr, lohn Kirkey, Iames l. Kreisberg, Meyer Lackrnan, Iohn Leary, Robert Lee, Elvin Lee- Bothwell Lever, I. D. Levy, I. C. Lewis, Billy Logue, I. B. Lowe, Rogers Martin, Ed Martin, Gordon Martin, William Mason, lack May, Wm. W. Metts- Andrew Montgomery, Leck Moore, Ioe Morris, Leonard Murray, Maurice Myers, lulian McNair, Wallace Newton, Robert Norvel, Paul O'Connor, Arthur Owens- Donald Owens, Herbert Pardue, Billy Pardue, Harold Pardue, Middleton Paulk, Linton Peters, lrwin Pierce, William Pomerance, Elliott Popkin, Harry Powell, Lownell Rae, Lloyd Rainwater, Bernard Redd, Ben Riley, Frank Roberts, Lawrence Roberts, l. Roberts, Vincent Robinson, Frank Robinson, Robert Rupp, Charles Rush, I. Wm. E. Sancken- George Sancken, Herman Scarr, Billy Scheuler, George Shaffer, Louis Silas, Raymond Simon, L. Sims, William Smith, Conrad Smith, lack Smith, Mahon Smith- Robert Snelling, lohn Steed, Harrell Stelling, Carl Stelling, Herbert Stewart, Wade Stokeley, Meral Stulb, Charlie Sylvester, Iohn Thevaos, Denos Thomas, Arthur Tobin- lohn Towns, Preston Turner, Leslie Tyce, Lewis Uhl, Gordon Verdery, Orville Waller, Earl Ware, Forrest Waters, Woodrow Weinstein, Abe Wilhelm, Oma Williams- C. W. Williamson, Hugh Wright, David Wright, Sumner Young, Emory Young, Frank Young, Iohn I' Q Q '. I . . 1 ...Q - . K- """" Your Library One of the most beautiful rooms in your school building is your library. lt is centrally located, has a seating capacity ol eighty-eight, is well lighted, and is attractively decorated and equipped. ln it is found your state flag, pictures and busts ot some ol your most beloved countrymen and other leaders, and trophies won by your athletic teams. On the shelves are found books of every kind and description. There are books on almost every subject that you could possibly think about or want: biography and history, education and psychology, travel, science. vocations, recreations and hobbies, plays, useful and fine arts, and many volumes of adventure and romance. Many more new and interesting new books have been added this year than ever before because of the library fee paid by each student. A live and readable collection ot books has been bought with your tees, so why' not come in and use them for collateral, voluntary or professional reading? Always watch the bulletin boards for announcements ol, and advertisements about, new up-to-date books that are being added. Your library wants to help you in your school work by teaching you where to lind. the information that you need tor your studies and in your future work by creating in you a love and need oi good books. It desires to give to you through reading ' X a rich and varied experience and a strong motive for reading ard a perrnaiert ir terest in it. Therefore, "Be less concerned with the number of books you read, and more with the good use you make of them." MARGARET BAIUE, Librarian . . ,. Y , - ,.,-- ..,., - . . .gt 1 e.,g 1.-- ,., . v I Y., . - T ff, - -77 fs f- .1--.-1.. iiis in-..-j fx, vjJ,------1--- HTHE 5UPERLATIVli5 of 1934-35 BY ALEX DOREMUS. A. R. C. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The superlatives for this school year were well chosen. Three methods of selection were used to find our most outstanding students. The method which excited the most interest was "Stunt Night," a fashion show combined with a series of varied exhibitions of school talent. The performance was held in the auditorium and sponsored by the Annual Stott. From the girls in the fashion show, the large audience selected by ballots the three most fashionable and the three most beautiful girls. Entered in the contest were fifteen Iunior College girls and Tubman girls-five from each class. These girls had been previously selected by the vote of lunior College, Academy, and Tubman High School students. From each of the three groups of five girls were selected the most beautiful and the most fashionable. The three winners of the beauty contest have been awarded pictures in our beauty secton. They are: Margaret Iernigan, sophomore in Iunior Collegey Dean Nowellf freshman in lunior College: and Ermine Cater, senior from the girls' high school. Also from Stunt Night was selected another group of leaders. These came from the main show and were approved by the judges as the most skillful and talented entertainers. l. C. Anderson, trumpet soloist, tied for first place with "The Marionettesf' Mary Helen Walker and Edna Harrell, who presented some specialty dancing. Before making the decision, the judges first took into consideration the amount of applause received by the contestants. Another group of the superlatives was selected by vote of the A. R. C.- I. C. A. student body. These students were: Margaret Iernigan, most popular I. C, A, Sophomore: Bobby Mills, most popular A. R. C. Seniorp Dorroh Nowell, best all-round Sophomore, Alex Doremus, best all-round A R. C. Seniorg David Daley, best I. C. A. athleteg Mutt Bearden, best A. R. C. athlete. A third group won recognition, not by the vote of the students, but by their own ability to place themselves in the lead. They are: Glenn Ivey, I. C. A, Sophomore class valedictoriang Alex Doremus, Senior class valedic- toriang and Carlyle Hall, best-drilled cadet at the last prize drill. I I yy ,:' My , M -.7 4 ' 75 , " lfa A fff -Mb, I' G 3 7 nT:y,, fr , f' 'rf W' a ff -ff A .Zn -,- I 'fl JF 5 if i' The Swan has been chosen to grace our superlatives, and a good choice it seems to be. Superlative represenis the strongest degree of comparison. The Swan represents the zenith of grace and the maximum of flying speed. THE SUPERLATIVES of 1934-35 President of Student Body . Dorroli Nowell Best Drilled Cadet . . . . . . Carlisle Hall "Stunt Night" XYinners . Mary Helen Walker, Edna Harrel. -l. C. Anderson. Senior Class Yaledictorian . . , Alex Doremus Best :XII-Round Senior . . . . Alex Doremus Sophomore Class Yaledietorian . . Glenn Ivey Most Popular Senior . . . Bobby Mills Most Popular Freshman .... . Katherine Reese Best All-Round -lunior College Student . . Dorroh Nowell Most Popular Sophomore . . . . Margaret 'lernigan Best Junior College :Xthlete . . David Daley Best Academy Athlete . . Carlos lMuttJ Bearden Dorroh Nowell PRESIDENT OF STUDENT BODY 5: Sergeant Carlisle Hall BEST DRILLED CADET 7 K a 4959 'Q' Sjfunf Niglwjf Winners Miss Edna Harrel Miss Mary Helen Walker Mr. I. C. Andersen ALEX DOREMUS SENIOR CLASS VALEDICTORIAN BEST ALL-ROUND SENIOR 1 H if E N E fl W f SQ? 3 5 MISS GLENN IVEY SOPHOMORE CLASS VALEDICTORIAN THE RAINBOW 1935 BOBBY MILLS MOST POPULAR SENIOR ul:-1-v,.-f--:-Ia - - f- T 4 w i 5 . S 1 F u i I I "m-'THU HAINBCHN 193 Y 1 . -x .-1.1.1. 5 .-.....,..1. .. f MISS KATHERINE REESE MOST POPULAR FRESHMAN :??'S.' -113714-A V""""'7' -- "' E rt, DCDRROH NOWELL BEST ALL-ROUND JUNIOR COLLEGE STUDENT . 1 .1.5f1,fj ' 1-4 I ,1A-.4 .. MISS MARGARET IERNIGAN MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORE ----I-THE RAINBOVV 19373 ' ' c' ' 'T-iff' H E .M "7 4' ' ' 'N'EU WEA ' YA ., ..S, Q.. 1.4 1L,L4g...,iiL:.1g. ,.'. -'., Q -..L 5 '- , '-.,, - gg, - '- 1- npgqws ' -A 2 !g.g:fi.3:,s."??:,' ' ,5iEv7f?Li1j' , 1 ul , "Q:-S ' . , ',:p-a- -. ..k , '-':q,,, .-.VM wg- A ' . . .. v -Q , -, 1..--. N A. DAVID DALEY BEST JUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETE 4 ,zlklv fi ,, .. .'3f,1:4U'Q'S-i.-'M CARLOS BEARDEN BEST ACADEMY ATHLETE Q 1 VT A 1 N Ifi U UV I 9 3 1 Reserve Qfficers Training Corps Acansrvir cansrs A blast of trumpet piercing the air, A mass of color everywhere. A snapped comm and, the clash of steel As a stoneflilce army moves on the field They're the best of this freedom land, They stand tofgether, man for man. They move invincible, as colors fly. The Academy Cadets go marching hy! I. W. PETERS THE RAINBGW 1935?-L--'- Let me congratulate you on your success and extend tc you my best Wishes through the coming years. There is much ahead of you along the path of lite. SAM PURSWELL, Captain, Infantry, U. S. A. P. M. S. Gt T. Believing in R.O.T.C. training as a builder of strong American citizenship, I am truly proud of the Richmond Academy Cadet Corps in its ready response to all phases of military training. They themselves set a high standard of discipline. They play the military game hard. They do not relish laxness and pam- pering while in uniform. They have visualized military training as being precise, accurate, and demanding much in cz military way. Their attention to duty, obedience to authority, and love of order, are invaluable features oi their education. V IOHN A. LEIPOLD, Staff Sergeant. ,,,..-.,i.-11 ..i...ii- THE RAINBOW 1935 5-5 'UQ- WILLIAM DUNBAR, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL SARAH SANCKEN, Epowsza DAVID DALEY, MAJOR CReq. Adjutant? MARTHA SANCKEN, SPONSOR T. RICHARD DANIEL, COLONEL MARGARET ZERNIGAN, Spcwson I C. BI-IYSON, L:EuT:NAr!T-COLQNEL ELIZABETH TRIMBLE, SPONSOR .--li .illi- .il-1-11: THE RAINBOVV Ifi7fjVQ FRANK I-IOOPER, CAPTAIN fRegt. Staff! VIRGINIA KIRKLEY, SPONSOR DICK RUSSELL- CAPTAIN IRegt. Stcxfib CONSTANCE FRASER, SPONSOR .?. ,.,., CHARLIE COLEMAN, CAPTAIN lReqi, Stcxffb FRANCES BAILEY, SPONSOR GEORGE FULLER, CAPTAIN CReqt. Stuff? GLADYS EODEKER, SPONSOR .L D"'?Q'-'T 7' f fdrfgf' '1i'if'Y2 -e 7. , THE RAINBOW' 1935 l IO!-IN C. BELL DOFIOTHY HAINS WILLIAM O. WHITE MAJOF Spox-:sox ADIUTPINT "7. - IH IFSI Battahon CAPTAIN FRED TIMM . . ,,,, . , COMPANY "A CAPTAIN I. C, COURTNEY . . COMPANY HB' CAPTAIN LUTHER STAFFORD . . . COMPANY "C' ll-.l-11 1 """"--- THE RAINBOVV 1W'3'Zi""i"' L . L-.. ....I 'ag H Q-Q 'lil DEAN NOWELL FRED TIMM PAT REDD IACK KREWSON LINTON BARNES Sponsor Captain Ist. Lieutenant Znd. Lieutenant Znd. Lieutenant Company A FRED TIMM, Captain MISS DEAN NOWELL Sponsor PATRICK REDD, lst. Lie-ut. IACK KREWSON, Znd. Lieut. IST. SQUAD JORDAN, I. BARINOWSKI, VJ. DALEY, R. DEWITT, I. LAOICMAN, I. POLLARD, W. ROUNDTREE, C. 2ND. SQUAD GRIZZELL, R. BUCK, C. GLICICERT, R. HEWETT, I. POLLARD, I. STEPHENS, P. TANENBAUM, I. WILSON, I. .........nw- Y PEARRE, B. BLAND, W. IOHNSON, M. 3RD. SQUAD Rox, I. ASIQEYV C. COVAR, A. GOLDSTEIN, M. MORGAN, H. RUSH, W. SYLVESTER, I. 4TH. SQUAD HOLLEY, M. COLLINS, F. FAUGI-INAN, E. FARBES, G. IENKINS, C. PowERS,, W. WALLACE- W. SEIQGEANTS ALFRED BEAZLEY, First Sergeant 5TH. SQUAD THOMAS, A. BOLYARD, F. CLARK, B. LEMON, C. NORVELL, P. POPKIN, H. SLAUGHTER, B. BTH. SQUAD WILHEIT, P. BOSWELL, C. INMAN, O. B. KITCI-IENS, E. PITTS, C. THOMPSON- W. YOUNG, V. LINTON BARNES, 2nd, Lieut PEREYRA, I. KELLEY, G. LEWIS, I. 7TH. SQUAD NEWMAN, R. CHALKER, C. DAVISON, B. GARRARD, C. HARDY, G. OIBYRNE, C. REDD, O. SEAGO, W. 8TH. SQUAD ELIXSON, I. BENN, M. BLANDENEURG, C CAMPBELL4 H. IRWIN, C. IVIONTGOMERY, L. RADEORD, I. SULLIVAN, T. me ia., THE RAINBQVV 1935 1 1 . . C. E. IVEY DAVID FRANKLIN MARTIN WALLACE CAL COURTNEY MARGARET DAVIES Znd. Lieutenant Sid. Lieutenant lst. Lieutenant Captain Sponsor Company B I. C. COURTNEY, Captain MISS MARGARET DAVIES, Sprnsof I. M. WALLACE, ist. Lieut. D. F. FRANKLIN, Znd. Lieuf. C. E. IVEY, 2:d. Lieut. SERGEANTS DOOLEY. I. BARNARD, B, HAYNIE, W. H. BRODEUH- E. A. PEMBER, F. P. MCLARTY, R. A. SLATON, I. E. IST. SQUAD 3RD. SQUAD STH. SQUAD 7TH. SQUAD STELLING, H.' METTS, A. L.' S CHANDLER B. S.' SHERMAN, T.' ALLEN, R. FLETCHER, A. B. HOLLEY, F. W. GREEN. E. F. COOPER, D, L FLETCHER, I. W. IACKSON. A. HOWARD' T. HALL, I. L. GARRETT, R. H. REDD, B. W. LEE, E. IAKES, B. E. GARY, A, H. ROBERTS, L. B. TI"W.Ei'fWALTER, C RICHARDS, W. HUDSON, L. WARE, D. F. RUCZCER, I. T. STOKELEY, M. IVIEYERS' I. W. 'YOUNG. W. L. PONIERANCE, E. TEBOW- I. E. REDD, A. I. YOUNG- E. F. TYSON, S. E. ZND. SQUAD 4TI-I. SQUAD TH. SQUAD 8TH. SQUAD LOWE' GARDNER, W. C.' CARSTARPHEN, F.' BLITCH, A.' BRYANT BRYNGLESON, A. ATKINSON, I. CLIATT, D. D FRANKLIN, B. H. BEDLE, R. L. COFFIELD, L. IINAWAY G' GWIN, C. W. CONE, L. IVICNAIR- M. R. 'LLMAN' S' MARTIN' I. C. 'MAY, W. W. PUNARO, V. I. IOHNSON1 T- OWENS, D. A. PETERS, I. W. RILEY, F. C. LEE, I. B. SMITH, R. H. ROBINSON, R. WRIGHT, I. S. SMITH, I. L. WRIGHT, I. D. SIMS, W. ROBINSON, R. A 'CORPORALS I 1 I I I X FLORENCE BAILEY LUTHER STAFFORD HARRY MOELEY GEORGE RHODES GEORGE MARSHALL Sponsor CGPIGIH 1St Lieuienont 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Company C LUTHER H. STAFFORD, Coptcxin MISS FLORENCE BAILEY, Sponsor IAMES H. MOBLEY, lst. Lieut. GEORGE I. MARSHALL, Znd. Lie-ut. SEIQGEANTS SIMEON D. MORRIS, First Sergeant ALVA COOPER WILLIAM FULLER WILLIAM KENNEDY Ist. SQUAD 3rd. SQUAD CUNNINGHAM, M ELLIOTT, R. DICKS, H. FULGHUM, H. DRANE, H. HOLLEY, C. SCI-IUELER, G. INGLETT, I. SMITH, F. MAI-IONEY, B. STELLING, C. NEWTON, R. INILHELM, O. SANCKEN, H. WILLIAMS, C- WIENSTEIN, A. 21-ld, SQUAD 4th SQUAD S-1-ULB' C- MARTIN, E. CRAWFORD, H. BRYSON' I' CUNNINGHAM, B. HAMMOND' I' HAYDEN, E. EAVENSON, C. LOGUE' I. GRANADE, R. POPKIN, H. HALL. I. TYCE, L. IENKINS, R. IVVIGGINS, I. Sth SQUAD DURST, F. CARTER, C. CLARK, H. GAY, E. IVIURRAY, M. NEWMAN, L. PARDUE, M. PAULK, L. 6111. SQUAD BOWLES, D. BOATWRIGHT, CONNELL, I. HEATH, I. KHEISBERG, M. MARKWALTER, STEWART, W. WALLER, E. GEORGE T. RHODES, Znd. Lieut. A. C. CARLISLE HALL EDWIN HATCHER IOI-IN CLECKLEY 7th SQUAD LEVY, I. ALLEN, H. HILL, M. IVIORRIS, L. NORVELL, E. PETERSON, M. RAMSEY, R. SNELLINGS, E. 8th SQUAD SIMON, L. CLAEEEY, O. LEVER, I. POWELL, L. ROBERTS, W. TROMMERHAUSER, C. WHEATLEY, S. I9 WWW .qv-A an WS' Kr ff thx BILL FORNEY, DORROH NOWELL, ELNA LOMBARD, ADJUTANT MAJOR SPONSOR Second Battalion CAPTAIN ROBERT GRACEY . Y "F CAPTAIN ALLEN PENDLETON . . COMPAN CAPTAIN CHARLES HARDY . . COMPANY "G COMPANY 0 if Q., ?" LEWIS DAVIES, ROBERT GRACEY, ALEX DOREMUS. IAcIc FORTUNE, LANSING LEE Sponsor Captain lst. Lieut. Znd. Lieut. 2nd, Lieut. Company E ROBERT GRACEY, Ccxpicin MISS LEWIS DAVIES. Sponsor ALEX DOREMUS, lst. Lieut. IACK FORTUNE, Znd. Lie-ut. THEVOUS, D. BRODEUR, E. CLARY, T. Ist. SQUAD OUZTS, I.' HADDEN, 0. LAMB, I. MCKIE, C. OWENS, I. PLAGWITZ, W. WILSON, I. S. 2nd, SQUAD WOLF, W.' BELGIER, P. DYCI-IES, S. HARDEMAN, L. HOWARIS, I. SCOFIELD, B. 3rd SQUAD WILLIS, B.' BAILEY, P. BALK, T. EUBANKS, I. FENTRAL, E. IOPLING, R. KELLY, I. SPIRES, A. 4111. SQUAD HARRELL, I.' ANSLEY, H. CHAPMAN, W. HANLEY, R. ROESEL, I. SCURLOCK, B. SPEERING, F. YOUNG, B. SEIQGEANTS FRANK DEAS, First Serqeum. Sth SQUAD TEBOW, I.' GULLEDGE, I. KELLY, M. MIZE, E. PALMER, H. WHEELESS, W. YOUN, E. Sth. SQUAD CREED, E.' BALDOWSKI, I. BELDIN,G L. CHANCEY, L. GERRARD, I. GOODWIN, B. NEAL, L. RUPERT, W. LANSING LEE, Znd. Lieut ANDERSON, R. OTTINGER. I, SMITH, 7th. SQUAD RINKER, F.' BRITT, E. DEAN, R. HAMMETT, C. MERRITT, W. OGILVIE, I. PURVIS, H. 8th SQUAD MCGAI-IEE, I.' BATTEY, A. BROWN, B. CLARK, R. CROZIER, F. DINSSMORE, B. GIVENS, S, ROLLINS, E. C I I FRANCES DAN1ELs,, CHARLES HARDY, HARRY IEEECOAT, CHARLES THOMPSON, VVILLIAM EVANS, Sponsor Captain Ist. Lieut. Znd. Lieui. Zncl. Lieut. CHARLES HARDY, Captain Company G HARRY IEFFCOAT, IR., Ist. Lieut. CHARLES THOMPSON, 2nd, Lie-ui. SERGEANTS CHARLES NORMAN, First Sergeant MARTIN, W. MADDOX, E. FOLSOM, A. Ist. SQUAD 3rd. SQUAD WOODWARD, C.' HECGIE, I.' EDENFIELD, R. EASTON, C. ELLINGTON, C. BRUCE, C. KESLER, G. EVANS, F. MOYE, B. LESUEUR, B. RUPP, C. MOODY, E. Sl-CINNER, E. OWENS, S. TOBIN, I. TIMMERMAN, I. Znd. SQUAD 4th. SQUAD RHODES, I.' MALONEY, S.' CRAWFORD, G. ELLIS, R. HUMPHREY, W. GODDARD, I. I-IUNNICUT, I. HANCOCK, C. LOYAL, R. KING, W. MILLS, I. LINES, W. PHILLIPS, E. OLIVE, R. TOWNS, P. VAN DYKE, C. Sth. SQUAD IVIITCHELL, E.' BOECKMAN, T. BRYANT, C. DARANEY, I. EVANS, T, MOBLEY, I. RHODES, F. BRANCH, C. 6th SQUAD GEHRKEN, A.' CARE, L. GLENIJ, C. HOUSTON, C. LIIORGAN, I. PETREA, E. VVIALDEN, L. MISS FRANCES DANIELS, Sponsor WILLIAM EVANS, Znd. Lieut. WALLER, S. BAKER, T. BILLS, C. 7th SQUAD TAYLOR, E.' HEATH, F. KEELS, I. LEVY, B. MADDOX, R. MORGAN, W. N1xON, I. WHALEY, L. 8111. SQUAD WOODWARD, W.' CORRY, I. HARDIN, I. HANCOCK, I. HILL, C. MARIONI, F. MURRAY, R. -..-...fy . E- . .. Q .,.,, S, 3 E I V I N .' . .. .. . . -MSI ALLEN SKINNE,R CHARLES LAMBACK, ELMO LAYFIELD, ALLEN PENDLETON, EUGENIA LEE, 2nd, Lieut. Znd. Lieut, Ist. Lie-ui. Captain Sponsor "-1 Company I' ALLEN PENDLETON, Captain MISS EUGENIA LEE. Sponsor ELMO LAYFIELD, lst. Lieut. CHARLES LAMBACK, ZI-Id Lie-ut. SEIQGEANTS LELAND CI-IISOLM, First Serqeuni RAE, L. SHAFEER, L. CORR, ELNIO lst. SQUAD 3Id. SQUAD REID, R. LONG, B. COVAR. A. FITZGERALD, I. GRIFFIN' W' HILDEBRANDT, H. HOLLINGSWORTI-I, E. KELLY' W. KNIGHT, A. SMITH I RHODES, A. 1 ' ' SHEPPARD, H. VAUSE' C' STQVALL, 1, WILLIAMS, A. Znd. SQUAD 4th, SQUAD DURAND, V. RINKER, H. HARDY, L. ANGELAKOS, G. HARGOVE, C. AUSTIN, S. B. HUGHES, T. BENSONI R. MAHER, M. CARROLL, H. MEEHAN, I. CLARK, I. MEYERS, I. KERR, E. WHALEY, C. SIJMNER, T- Sth. SQUAD HOWELL, L. BLAND, R. CAPE, A. CROUCH, I. FOX, H. SCOTT, V. YOUNG, I. 615. SQUAD SWAN, I. DYE, C. DANFORTH, E. GRAHAM, S. IXKAYS, W. RAMBOVY, E. SMITH, B. R. CI-IAS. A. SKINNER, Znd. Lieut. PARDUE, IOI-IN F. HALL, IAMES KALE, WILLIAM 7th. SQUAD CARRIGAN, T. HAMILTON, W. HENDERSON, M. MCRAE, G. SEIGLER, W. TAYLOR, W. WARR, T, Sth. SQUAD BARRETT, E. MCLAUGHLIN, R. MURRAY, W. PRITCHARD, H. RICHARDS, M. SAXON, I. WRIGHT, N. BILL KITCI-IENS, ADIUTANT CAPTAIN FRANCIS TILLER CAPTAIN CARL HOWARD CAPTAIN ELLIOTT MORAN CAPTAIN IAMES I-IOOVER CHARLES DALEY, MAJOR Efs, ' 'NYT ,' Third Battalion MISS KATHERINE' REESE SPONSOR . COMPANY . COMPANY "I" . COMPANY "K" . COMPANY "L" CAPTAIN CHARLES TROMMERHAUSER . COMPANY "M" --... ,--,..,.. FF'-1T:'5iY'I13'i'7f " I 1 " Y' .I-uv -.A 4..I . I .f ' . ESTELLE BEAUFORT, FRANCIS TILLER, 'WILLIAM BLANDENBURG, LLOYD ADAMS, GAVALOS T Sponsor Captain lst. Lie-ut. Znd. Lieut. Znd Lxeui Company H FRANCIS TILLER, Captain MISS ESTELLE BEAUFORT Sponsor WM. BLANDENBURG, lst. Lieut. LLOYD ADAMS, Znd. Lieut. T. GAVALOS, 2nd Lteut ALFRED HARRIES, First Sergeant lst. SQUAD 3rd. SQUAD Sth. SQUAD 7th. SQUAD JOHNSON, E. S. BLACKWELL, P, RIVERS, If REID, R." WOODWARD, M. BATEMAN, I. ROBERTS, S. Q'I-IARA, C. UAUGHY' I- B- RHODES, B. MARKWALTER, A. HARDY, W. REDD' H' ABERNATHY, L.' ARTHUR, I. HERLONG, M, MASON, SAM R DINKINS' H. SCOTT GUY, I. SWAN, . WOODRUFF' W. ATKINSON, O. EASTERLING, W. CULPEPPER, D. LITTLE, W. H. SATCHER, E. B. PAULLIGAN, T. WILLIFORD, G. Znd. SQUAD 4th SQUAD 6th SQUAD 8th. SQUAD HARRISON' E- NEWMAN, I. THOMPSON, G.' DEAL' H" EEST' I' I AVERY, F. C. SEIGLER, I. M. PAGUE oovER, . DRAKE' W. CLAUSSEN, H. POWELL, T. Y, ZVONQTT' SRY, . SPARK' R- GREEN, E. GLEASON, T. M NIITCHELL, C. AHONEY' 1' MYERS' W' HAMILTON, H. BOYD, W. BUSCHV S. I-IOORE, F.' HOWELL, H. DRESSEL, R. WARD, T. WILLIAM HUTSON, HAROLD HENDERSON, BOBBY MILLS, CARL HOWARD, IUDITI-I GRACEY Znd. Lieut. Ist. Lieut. lst. Lieut. Coptcrin Sponsor Company I CARL HOWARD, Captain MISS IUDITH GRACEY Sponsor WILLIAM HUTSON, 2nd, Lieut. BOBBY MILLS, lst. Lieut. HAROLD HENDERSON, lst LIeut FURMAN CARPENTER IENKINS, First Sergeant lst. SQUAD 3rd. SQUAD Sth. SQUAD 7th SQUAD MARLDIN, W. S. HARRIES, I. I-IDWE, M. H. HUGHES' W' LESUEUR, I. E. DAY, C.. RAMSEY, M. BYE CARTER, I. SLIMNER, D. MEURER, R.. FORD, Cx LAWRENCE, C. POWELL, H. BAKER, B. BENETAR PURVIS, E. SCARR, G. FARR, R. TOOLE, G. TAYLOR, G. HARVARD, H. I. A-VERY, E- ALDRIGI-3, M, IENNINGS HOLSENBAKE, O IOHNSON, R. GARRETT, H, IYZITQLEBRDOKS, WHEELER, C. Znd. SQUAD 4th. SQUAD Sth. SQUAD 8th. SQUAD EDELBLUT, C. WARD, A. STANFORD, L. C WESSENGER' I" DEAN, I. YOHNSTON, H. PARRIST-I, H. MARANIV V. INORAM, A. TILLER, R. NORRIS, M. ADAMS, H. C. IACKSON, L. FLOYD, H. HORANDADAYI L- FULMER, R. ADAMS, C. WOOD, I. MCKINNEY, R. ELLIOTT, L. EPPS, I. SOUTHERLAND, M. THRIFT, W. DAVIS, E. LEVER, C. HALL, H. C. PRILPOT, D. FINE, N. BAREIN, R. M. I L. 5' I I I MARGIE MULHERIN, ELLIOTT IYIDRAN, EDVJARD STELLING, CLIFF BALDQWSHI, Lucius BRYANT, Sponsor Capiaix lst. L'eu1. 2nd, Lieut, 2nd, Lieut. ELLIOTT MORAN, Captain EDWARD STELLING, lst. Lieut. LUCIUS BRYANT, Znd. Lieut. AUDLEY MADDQX, First Sergeant lst. SQUAD ' 3rd, SQUAD Sm SQUAD BUGG. C- AMOS P. , HARVLY, D.' ' DANTIGNAC, C. Hom-QN L, PRATT, R. ' RQSIER, N. ,, DAITCH, I. , ULOVER. G. HARGRQVE, D. LAZENBY, I.' REED, C. BURGESS, M. JUDY, R, GWYNN. I. SILVER' B' GQLDBERG, S. BUCKLY, L. GEQWN, I. LINES' ji HERRINGTON, I. ELROD, H. LAZENBY, I. M. Znd. SQUAD 4th. SQUAD Sth. SQUAD MCCQWN, D.' PARKS, G. LUHR, F.' BEASLEY, I- LUKE, A, USRY, C. BLACKWELL, M. BoNzo, M. CRENSHAW, I. HUNGEREQRD, H. LAMBACK, GS' DALY, W. BEAUFORT. I. HUNCUFQRD, H. ISDELL, W. KEY, C. MAXWELL, B. STEWART, I. GRIFPITH, I. GERCKE, G. ST. IQHN MISS MARGIE MULHERIN, Sponsor CLIFF BALDOWSKI, 2nd, Lieut. 7th. SQUAD TEUTQN, E.' GRANADE, H. SMITH, R. GATNES, W. ASHE, E. BRAGG, A. KEARNES, I. 8th, SQUAD DEAS, T.' PAGE, N. FISHER, R. BRYANT, W. MCALHANEY, I. STREET, T. TESTQN, W. a"P ' '.I R-A IOI-IN NICHOLS, FRANCIS MURRAY, K. FULGHUM, EAMES HOOVER, HELEN BOARDMAN 2nd, Lie-ut. Qnd. Lieut. ISL Lieut. Captain Sponsor Company L TAMES HOOVER, Cclpicxin FRANCIS MURRAY, Znd. Liem. KASPAR FULGHUM, ISI. LI-aut. URBAN T. KOCH, First Sergeant ISI. SQUAD 3rd SQUAD Sth SQUAD ROESEL, I.' WRALEY, P.' WI-IALEY, M.' EVANS, I. BLACK, E. BLANCI-IARD, T. BRACEY, T- KXTCHENS, R. LEE, C. SEALS, M. DICIQSON, C. COLCLOUGH, W. PRQUTY, H. EBAY, H. ROBERTS, H. A. INTAXWELL, A. FORD, T. CASON, R. VVILSON, W. I-I. TURNER, MV. C. BARNES, W. SI-IOEMAKER, BU RUSHTON, L. Rox, B. End. SQUAD 4th SQUAD Sth. SQUAD MITCHELL, L.' IENNY, F. F.' SI-IELL, B' MCLENDON, I. W. CARROLL, R. V. KING, P. AIQINS, L. GRAMMER, W. T. DUDLEY, E. BROAD'NATER, R. BUSSEY, MARION CORLEY, W. C. HOUCI-i, T. R. HARRIS, T. LEMON, T. MAY, H. RHODES, D. C. WARE, R. COCHRANE, B. LEVY, M. BRYANT, B. NEAL, VV. T. SMALLEY, I. W. MULHERIN, I. MISS HELEN E-QARDMAN Sp IISCI TQHN NICHOLS, 2nd L1eu1 71h. SQUAD FULLER, If BROWN, W. T. GWIN, T. SMITH, VV. DENNIS, C. EAI-:ER, F. CLI. SQUAD DQUGHTY, L.' HJLSTON, W. LEI.-ION, V. PAPPAS, C. E1TrWE1.L, I. ELACKWELL, R. va Sl- 5-lp J IOYCE LAWRENCE, CRAs, TROMMERHAUSER, T. Z. SPROTT, JOE HEEPERNAN, IOE GOOD. Sponsor Captain lst. Lieut. Znd. Lie-ut. Znd. Lie-ut. Company M CHARLES TROMMERHAUSER, Captain MISS IOYCE LAWRENCE. Sponsor T Z. SPROTT, Ist. Lieut IOE HEFFERNAN, Znd. Lieut. IOE GOOD, Znd. Lieut. RICHARD SCROGGINS, First Sergeant lst. SQUAD 3rd SQUAD Sth SQUAD 7th. SQUAD BOWERS, H.. CARR, C.' CASON, I.' BAGGS, E, COURSEY, M. MOINTOSH, H. LONGEWAYI L- IXNAPP' F' YVYADDEY, M. HAYNIE, M. WINGATE' M' DUNcAN,, I. B. COOPER, I. IONES, XIV. HARRIS, F. IUMPER, I. WAGGNERI M. VVCILKERSON, I. HUMPHREY, G. HHOADES1 L. NICCALL, I. SEIGLEH, B. PENDER, B. HANBY' O' BARTLETT, W. STEELE, B. 8th, SQUAD Znd SQUAD 4III. SQUAD 6111. SQUAD BOITERI A'- SNIELLLING, B.' HOOPER' R., RUCKER! L, MENGER, W. HOLLEY, I. A BRUKER, B. HAMILTON, D. IX-OBLEY' G' RAMSEY' I' RADEORD, R. MULLIGANI T. BAILEY, B. WATKINS, G. WARR, C- BULLARD, F. STOUDENIIRE, H. SIMON, C. BEMAN, H. PALMER, B. SEXTON, C. MEGGINS, H. WELCH, L. MITCHUM, B. HALL, E. LUKE, D. ROBINSON, L. BAND . ' 4 i I 1 I i I 4 I Q 6 4 . I 1 l I A P t I . 1 5 4 I I. l l I I I i The Richmond Academy Bond i934-E935 2- 11 , are 'Y' fn I I I ..:,- L B. Moss, lVlARTHA OLIVER, MARION DASI-IER, ADA FRANCES DAVIDSON. Drum Major Sponsor Captain Sponsor W. C, IVEY, MARTHA WILDER, MR. LINCUI., Director of Band Captain Sponsor Band Instructor 1927-34. MARION DASRER, Captain H. CHANDLER, First Lieutenant T. SANDERS, First Lieutenant H, HENDERSON, First Lieutenant B. MOSS, Drum Major W. IVEY, Captain D.ADAMs, Second Lieutenant T. GAVALAS, Second Lieutenant K. FULGI-IUM, First Lieutenant B. MORRIS, First Lieutenant A. MCKIE, Second Lieutenant S. SAYE, Second Lieutenant I. ANDERSON, Top Sergeant H 5 MAYO, R. SERGEANTS: CORPOHALS: PRIVATES: BURCH, I. SHHEHANI A- RNDREWS I MCLARTY, R. HARTLEY, I, 'X ' ' HGCRMUTI-I, M. SANDERS' T' BATTLE, C. BECKWORTHI C- Y, CLOUD, A. S-I-RO-1-HER, C, MASON, A. F I LQHAFKA, I. URTIS, . Q W I . STEVENS, B, V BENTLEY W LOUD' B' OODWARD C GRIFFIN L ' ' KRAUSHI R' WYIWNE4 B. STEED, H. P A MOORE. I- IDE G OND, b. ' ' DEMEDICIS, H. BLANDENRURG, M MURRAY, C- lvlCl:ADDEN, D. YQUNGBLOQD, LA WooD, W. The activities of the Richmond Band were somewhat handicapped at the beginning of the year because of the late arrival of the uniforms. Despite this fact, the Band took part in quite a few noteworthy events. The Academy Band was in the line of march oi the Armistice Day parade on the night of November ll. local papers stated that the Schools Band was one of the foremost features of the parade. The Band was in regular attendance at the football games, and staged parades during the halves of the them. ln the line of football activities, the Band took two trips to Columbia, where our team played Columbia High. trip was to Athens. There the Band attended the Georgia-Georgia Tech game on December l. The Academy was among other schools from different parts of the State. One of the majority of The other represented Since it rained on the day oi the annual inspection of the R. O. T. C., the Band did not have the privilege ot tal-:ing part on this occasion: but we are always in line Memorial Day and at the Prize Drill. These last mentioned occasions will probably conclude the activities of what we consider a very full year for the A. R. C. Band. I. T. S. SABRE CLUB 'Tm' I I I . I MAJOR DORROH NOVVELI. COLONEL RICHARD DANIEL MAJOR IOI-IN BELL . CAPTAIN CARL HOWARD Sabre Club Members COLONEL: RICHARD DANIEL LIEUTENANTFCOLON ELS R. CAMPBELL BRYSON JOHN C. BELL CHARLES S. DALEY TIMM, Fred COURTNEY, J. C. STAFFORD, LUTHER GRACEY, ROBERT PENDLETON, ALLEN HARDY, CHARLES REDD, PATRICK WALLACE, MARTIN IVIOBLEY, JAMES DOREMUS, CHAS. A. LAYFIELD, ELMO JEFFCOAT, I-IARRY, JR BLANDENBURG, WM. MILLS, BOEBY KREWSOIJ, JACK BARNES, LINTON FRANKLIN, DAVID IVEY, CHARLES INIARSHALL, GEORGE RHODES, GEORGE FORTUNE, JACK LEE, LANSING LAMBACK, CHARLES MAIORS: C1-.PT AINS TILLER, FRANCIS HOWARD, CARL MORAN, ELLIOTT HOOVER, JAMES TROMMERHAUSER, CHAS. RUSSELL, RICHARD FIRST LIEUTENANTS: STELLING, EDWARD SPROTT, T. Z. GIOOD, JOSEPH R. WHITE, WM. O. KITCHENS, WILLIAM SMITH, COLEMAN MCILWAINE, JAS. S. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: SIQINNER, C. ALLEN THOMPSON, CHARLES EVANS, WILLIAM ADAMS, LLOYD HUTSON, WILLIAM MCDONALD, JERRY BALDOWSKI, CLIFFORD BRYANT, LUCIUS A. . PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER WILLIAM DUNEAR DORROH L. NOWELL DAVID S. DALEY HOOPER, FRANK FULLER, GEORGE' COLEMAN, CHARLES DASHER, MARION MOSS, GORDON T. BARTON, ROBT. CHANDLER, HAROLD FULGHUM, KASPER HENDERSON, HAROLD IVEY, W. C. MORRIS,, B. ALLEN SANDERS, JAMES T. SAYE, SAM W. MURRAY, FRANCIS NICHOLS, JOHN FORTUNE, CHARLES HEFFERIIIAN, T. J. FORNEY, VVILLIAM ADAMS, DAVID GAVALOS, THEO MCKIE, ALBERT B. 'intl l"'," iCC Rifle Team 5 a KNEELING: STANDING: Foarunz, I. BELL, I. C. DANIEL, D. DUNBAR, WM. GRACEY. R. Kircz-isns, WM. MORAN, E. Fur.i.i:R, G. Wi-im-:, WM. O. CLECKLEY, I. T. CHANDLER, H, LACKMAN, I. BAKER, T. Biwsorr, R. C. XYinners of Second Place, Corps .Xrea Cll2lll1lllI1l1Slll1H in the National XYilliam Randolph Hearst Match and First l'lace among -lunior Units in the Fourth Corps Area Gallery Match. which carries with it the honor to repre- sent the Corps .Xrea in the National Intercollegiate Match. In the National XYilliam Randolph Hearst Match, Team Captain George L. Fuller, scored 197 of a possible ZOO. the highest score in the Fourth Corps .-Xrea, and a "leg" on the National Individual Championship. He was also awarded "The lllajor Generali Leonard lYood Medal for Marksmanship" for the highest individual academy score during the school year 1934-35. This medal, awarded lay Mr. l.andon 'l'homas. is the property of the -Xcadezny and is competed for annually, .X rilulion pin accompanies the medal tu he worn by the winner in place of the medal itself. .Xt the time the Annual goes to press, ollicial results of the National Intercollegiate Match are not available. The team. however. showed con- tinued innnorelnent and should place well. Firing one stage weekly, 10 rounds in each of two positions. at a one-fourth inch luull's eye. distance 50 feet from the muzzle of the rifle to the target, their improvement over last YCZII' XYHS 215 if allows : Stage lhrsiliiilis linprovement First . .llrone and Sitting' . GO Second .Prone and Kneeling' SS Third . l'rone and Standing' 98 Fourth Prone and Prone . 37 233 , w v l THE 4 fv- , 1 5 4 , Q . ,J 4 , U, ' .- N X 1 li. I, -. KA Q ,A H v ? f ive' ' I f ii ' ' md. fiixm ly V if' 7 w ,5 , f --1...:h-PR 'T "E, Hx lf, f ,,,:C , . -,Ti 'EJ-.. I-:Q ff' k 1: I' 'H T -"- 9 3'-fax? :V " ' - . 'fzfL1.3 ,Af ,ai-L ,-ri-N P' ' .N ' . -'Y-f1ffm"bs '- .f",sM 5 af,-' . wg 5 i' -yr, 1 ---sfQ:'5,g,1 , ' , GAA I wifi V . ,:?5,.j. - a -' jpagffig Q-A .p.q-iff. ' f H f Tuff' we 3- X - gv-ef-A , . ,X-5' 4,.,c55w":- ' 5 , H vga' .-1.2,--' ' + , K 1 - , ,fm 1 k f ' ' ' 1, ' hv' -' ' 1' 5"'fi.g:., 7' ' ' ' 3 Jeqnffg-' ' ,, . , L - Ei? ' -, ' F59 - X f: .2 ' Wafggfufgygill ' . 2 1-' ' ,?-if K fi 5-.e ,air cgfm. xy 'gli 'ii 'fs' , - ' . pf '1 1 . 'Q - - jf .' y, l 9 fl-'Qg 'il , ..-' ', fi' '.. ' ' 1 7. 1 , 'T 'il 1- , ,wif , , , .gf - -:Q ,ff m Zi., 1712 - ww. ,. , f 4 4, - 1 , x -, ,-,J , -.iv . . F ,, - f: :f-if ,- Qs-A g .-1 - . .., ,, f' --:f1.,, ' ' ,' , 1n,'t,-':- ' .- .Q ,"' Q .1 :ff .9 "33?f',?rf " " ' , . I 1 3 1.9! , -fr ' .Q :, 1111.52-. , U: . . -1,Qff':1. bf? ,,,, 4, A , - - yu, X M 5453571 .Jzgf 1' 124. . .uf K , Q-ff 7511, ' ' 'T K -'1"fi'f'- 1 7,11 A.JQ'f- i"'7. 4' ' N14 "2 is-?5-1Z1?if'?"7 '11, V' iw- +-'R-:TA-:ea :V-1 ' f " f. g ' 3 11- 'f ' fu , 4 V M Z 552' 3. 'K ff ' 1 '1' l.,L3g5'f- X 1": , w r: , .' .' ""' 1 '-tx .. In -1-M, 7:5 in., Vw- NXT .YQ " ,-Ly, .Y,.X,,. . 4. Q 'gy ..p.,74y.-f.,4 .. H ,.f1v:.., x X 'f11.4x , .. x . 61:59 , A4-.iii ""'5I W ..l...........T ,. ...........,....--V , .-. A .. ....-..f........... .-,,... A 14... ,- Q5 EAUTI E5 -esm:ufcf,,s2...l, ' ..,:,g7- - - JL. s. .,.,,. , ,S Q X U ' mv I . . ' 'F 1,-.ze ..f:11:..1.'s Beauty Beauty glitters when suit sunlight plays iwer a Quill lake iu Springg ' lieauty tiruches us when mellow breezes kiss the daisy hlwssmu and the jouquil head. lieauty lives and flourishes as the days pass, one hy oueg Beauty thrives and will ue'er die 'til the world is dead. Un fi-re'er Beauty gues portraying the loved syiuhol uf nur heauty-loving race: XYIICII we feel depressed. the heauty in a child's word will ease our greatest suimwg The Beauty of the Simplest maid will make the weakest heud the harder ou his tnilsume way. And Beauty, like the crimson sunset, often gues at partmg dayg hut of this we feel assured: It'll Come agam tomorrow. Jeremiah Alexander McDonald. .gn- 4:.,..,' 'Y 11.1.-n-va-1. X1 1-i-11:-1-1 .-5... W V Q . , . 1 Confestonfs in Fashion cJr1dDeoufy Show Reading from left to right are Margaret Jernigan, Florence Bailey, Dorothy Kelly. Evelyn Whitlock, Dorothy Lackman, Dorothy Jarrell, Ermine Cater, Dean Nowell, Grace Dye, Martha Herman, Camilla Motes, Martha Sancken, Samille Saye, Margaret XViggins. and Betty Trimble. The Fashion and Beauty Show was held in the Academy auditorium in November. A packed house meant a fine start toward financing our yearbook. A hundred and txventy dollars net proht was made. The contestants won their right to enter the show through ballots voted by the respective classes. Five girls from Tubman, and five from each of the Junior College classes were entered. The most fashionable girl in each class was decided by an impartial committee. The msot beautiful girl in each class was decided by ballots voted by members of the audience. The winners may be found in this section. :z:e1--.2--:-.. 1-:. 1- ,um- C .. .. , .,,. ..A .- ..xL,J.L,4L , ,.,,,:.,: V 7' .1,...,, , Miss Margaret Jernigan MOST BEAUTIFUL SOPHOMORE ,., -Y,,.., ,...,., -. . - .:L- -..L.y-lg:-Swim 'lu a L Rl Q1 gqgnazmf: . Li: .-L . :1- 9' ef. ' W2m.'f..f- ' J' V-f j-Xi",'f" 7 racy . Q," unc " "'i"'-'i""'k' X Miss Elizabeth Trimble MOST FASHIONABLE SOPHOMORE .r . -...m,--r... ff:-4.-5:2 -nzfie q:1u,.z1n. . - . -3-.f-'fx .-.-:tr-1,3 -..MW fn V 1. Y A .521 fi, .gh , , 1 ' 'wx , N 5 X Af, P W . , Qs f K , T 12, ,yn ff . fy, in Tw 'S , .X 'Y 'N w., 'gi 'Hwy N 5- K, 1 Vi, , fx: ,W ' . if ., -gn . f -. M, v' , QS' 'I ,,-V 1 lim. 5,K,gs54,T N N ,V 5 .QW W, I. Miss Dean Nowell MOST BEAUTIFUL FRESHMAN T H E R A I N if: 5 we 3-igig.-gf . ' 1511-7: x 'ck' QV I Sr . V :cz -Vx Miss Samille Says MOST FASHION!-XBLE FRESHMAN :A 'M .,.....v ,,.,.,g:ge. pq' A1. .X LA . ? Q? - V . -ag, 4 -. 9 1 2 , - 2 4, mn, . - ' - , ' 0 , , A, ' 1 .4 "Lw.f'. 1 .... X 4' . 2,935 Miss Ermine Cater MOST BEAUTIFUL TUBMAN SENIOR 4s1g 1-nxrvfL'- ---Y'-f V- ' - -' hr-f :A 53, .H 12:-.- . -:Arai-152 22 2 , Q33 - I+ ' t,..v:,f,g: f :J ' V: 'zz -5 Q fwww G' W, ,Af 5 sf .-" .' :'.J?' ,. 'N ""1'f' IK? ' A34 , '.A:.,.,g, . 'ffrfii ' 'Rf' ' ' ,sg 1. IKKIWW' A. :Jie m' ' ' 4,mw.gmw5v Q -f . NSR, ,,Q+12,. wc +11 my ' -5 jf' .Q , QM X. , 1 Af? 4,51 ' . .npr 5 15,351 Q x e 3 ' 9 .E 1 9- 5 fa. , V Q- 4 f fn Q I l iw 5 sw ggi? Q gig I N ' X, 4 H5 , 3, t J L E 1 ' J sf 3, 1 , 55 A T , .1-3. 4 Q Qc , X . 5 3 W.: ,Q L gwmw, 'Z a Kill V 5 . .Q v kc ' , ' 5, - .xx 1 ' r--: " , I ' 1 ' 1 1 ,Q . ii, 1 Q' - 4 if , 1 ' rg? - " " "1 , . 5 , Vx, 3,5 --Q. , 'fl , ,K , N, . 2.11 ,' N . V Q. e 5 '. Lx y 2 ' .2 ' - A l. , 4- fb 15,1 Ez ' ,, 4 - iff Y -eff-fmmx w' -- --W.: bf Q ,wvgw 337Lj2Hi f f?Q q 22faA Jfumwy gsm:-1. 2: fr, 4- '-WY..,iaQ5Y7""'f" Miss Florence Bailey MOST FASHIONABLE TUBMAN SENIOR ... 'i ..Vz-9,1 1. ..,,?- Y mcg- --,.. . , ,gg T'fEE5""'T'7 " M . l'l1 . " -.- Xxx Wmg 'M x X 7' se' fn, ' f I K ffrfff' ix-S NX 0 x X A 4 , LWYFI f I N W x AW, ' 'X Y r' b I .Al N '. ' ,' r ff ' 3 Lf' Y ' Nj ,: -lQvFg1q.l , io' 1 ' 1 2 fi., ,,+ Q' 'EQSVT-.wgiglf if Ji! l 1, -4 .. ff .X .rf , l,4.,,:-LI . 1172. I .., ,X 4 ,..-v c,Q:L2 NW? 029' "lf ' Km V ' , 1.3. ix F' l X A "JV WY, M X XX my X5 .X iq. 'r ' f .Il I f r. l A ,, 1, ABL . ' I .':"3, f' LD FQQTBALL N ".'f':1-"3 ?,.fi , f-fr' -- 'l THE RAINBUVV :,'Z'.,':TLJ-3 J Cul' Doctor Friends' AGEE, M. P. LEVYv' M. S., AGOOS, B. S. MARRIOTT, E. BATTEY, W. W. ANDERSON, R. E. BRYANS, C. I. BRYSON' R. I. BUTLER, R. I. CALHOUN, R. H. CLARK, W. E. CRICHTON, R. B. FENNELL, S. W. HANKINSON. H. W. HOLMES, L. P. HOUSTON, W. R. HULL. I. M. KERSHAW, M. M. LEWIS, S. I. MCG-AHEE, R. C. MICHEL, 'H. M. - MULHERIN. F. X. Y MULHERIN, P. A. MURPHEY, E. E. PHLPOT, v.g',,1c. PLAXCO, I. S. ' I scHARN1'rz1cY, E, O. siLvEn, D. M. ' Q- IIOULE. 1. v. , THURMOND- I. W. ,E- VIDLHI. I. R. - ' . 'bmi WADE, A. C.. Q WOODBURY. G. M. f I .Q A ig.-5 f. . ' A . - 5.-ltlzwt 1. fe :T x 1. C. LUCKEY wt v:' R. E. Grtssszrrz S C. A. ROYSTON V 1-31. .Ya ,,.. Cui' Football Coaches Graduated at University of Georgia, 1926. Captain of Univer- sity ct Georgia Boxing Team 1925-26. All Southern Tackle in 1926, Athletic Director at Carrollton A, :Sf M. 1926f1932. Head Football Coach at A. R. C. 1933 and 1994. Graduated University of South Carolina in 1931. Captain of Game Cocks in 1931. Wearer of O. D. K. Assistant Football Coach of Academy-lunior College. Football 1931. Assistant Coach of 1. C. A. Football Team 1932. Head Coach of 1. C. A. Football Team 1933. Assistant Coach of A. R. C. Football Team 1934-. Graduated at University of Georgia in 1922. Basketball Coach at Florida High School 1922. Athletic Director at Louisville Academy in 1923. Athletic Director Marietta High School 1924 arid 1925. Athletic Director Cordele High School 1926. Basket- ball Coach at Gainesville High School 1928. Assistant Football Coach A.R.C., 1932, 1933, and 1934. Coach of 1. C. A. Girls' Basketball 1934. .F ...K 'V' rl ' ' 'Ties FQ . 'gtg-4, al . 'ff' ,f"'w ,:. , 1 YT on ov 1-4 '-Q-I o 73 uq 76 ,Q -4-4 O O LL' In GH GT Lett ndodadrrinzi 09:33 ERMANN SH RATS kle U U E-1 Mas PLUNKET1' KCapt.J IA Center Io!-IN K. LAcKMAN BEARDEN Mum' QIKD m E: 2 an M 0 .-..-1 .-M.-54 ou UU PE- GEOHGE KESLEH curl Gu BALoowsK1 LKPFORD C Ll ld DZ E- Z Z -c o D1 .9 2 'D O CE FULGHUM KASPAR IA C1 RL THOMPSQN TEVTY GHADY IE E 'O'U CC LLJ DJ HEY MILLS CARSWELL Bc Guard I I ucrd G FnANcxs TILLER 3.1-1QS3:i'.-L.. Y ',I..'-1 " 'Y ' ' L-4 OJ U1 ca C o E r Ll-1 ri E O 0 E F25 I-5 'U CI I-ll CAL COUHTNEY Gucx d BUD HARRIES TO RIGHT STANDINGALEFT TO RIGHT KNEELING - LEFT E U 3 :lilfiegg .4.-junio wiftiq- . 3: 7' gg-MUJOEIAJ z-Qgmwlrbf 5024553 wmmimmhm "i. -'U .'m5' mQ.zcf:gi- Ufgoiw EQZUOUN EPVEQE5 4220200 LC:-.Eimv-za E U F? Q 'nml.U2 m.'Q --.4 5.5.5-Ld g-.n::mL-1m- ugzzfrb- QMEEEB ldincivzvnl mi-OOOO Ufob-.OIZ2 :Z-Ad. ,..Cl'4. 2EE.," :u wa-- 252253 215-1032 Dqgglihlgq m...1rLu::11H .4 'TE' . ,A J- Emdg. :caE5Q7' zl-dUJo:C' :,.:m,,:-1 -llffldm a.z-Omlb O. .U. . z Lu- ag -U9 z . ED-4075 o'5':"1Z1'6' :OO-in Football Scene 'i Y . I ' ' v 1 A -- A - 1-. '- .qegai - -..-. A 5- .Agfa--e . l . ,.. ,ig -.-. 'Q T"Y. Yu- -i:i "' T- AY in ' 'N L , " ' "---Ja ' '-L11-,Q "ily-f.s'?": we-5 . Coach Luckey shows f fx sf' J. 14+ -X ,Sq .ri'kl'wa5,g,,., 1 2- ,Aint 3 egos QW- J . mga, W . AP X . fl" im- . A ' , 5- ' ' - Q- X 1 .,: L . J-54 ' -.n A- - . P 4.. . , V .,' 3' ' .712 i ' ' N15 1' .ye n -V . ,,- 4 - s an s ' ' 1 : fa-n M 357 -va' - . T Zi. A- .. . ,ra .i ,N ...L , -'-Emi - N 'Xa . .ff ' " 2 t. 1 -53:5 L .Q -'Me-, . h , fem ew- er ' ..,,, A .1 ., 4 M M . . :bu -ve G- 'Q-1. 1: --' . Y . -E k eg:,f:?v.e '- .1, 1-ff, - -ya,-v"1'1-541. f . L- ,A . .... . 's-.:.v.'. , K ...HF --Y A-I --T, '.. f,-yr 7, ' . 2 . -, A ,-ff L+, '15-e - -3-4-ex., :vase " x. 1--K.-1.3 i--. . ,Ln-g X' . 'frjf-??F5tr.'f-ffl "5 " -.. S Tiff f- fif-zajtg ff'3i:.-fr'-if-Q , 1:3-adfg '.: .ge ,,f.-2:"9Qsi,4ZQ. He- .-euqg J, 'rf f-fe..-:ee-ez w:w.:4:i-ff .sf .ca. 'w Football Schedule l934 A. R. C. Xlashington High . 26 Lanier High . - 6 Brunsxvick High . 21 Valdosta High . Z1 Savannah High . . 0 G. M. A .... 1-l Benedictine College . . 7 C.llllL1ll'llJlZ1 High . . . . . . O :?Rive1'5ide ......... 6 Carsxvell lin-xv! Opp. O l3 0 S 33 O l3 6 26 XThis game was forfeited to A. R. C. because Riverside p'ayerl several inelligihle players. This was done by G. I. A, A. ofticfal. The work of Coach Luckey in his two years as coach has proved highly satisfactory. The team has constantly improved. Next year's team should be among the best. ',Q!1-,-g-:-3-.,- '-1 5 COACH LUCKEY 3...- 1 y Q , 4 ' i e", ,E V Qm ' 'S 1 Pin- '-vat' . IR ' 5 .y i bl -,ff J .4 .,,-.iN,,.p. .f.,.-,. , , . , u,,. ,,, ff . 'jg-1" ,7 f rf ,,,-'ff 1 '- -'Y-' -11 -'- L 4, .. - .. ga., f. ff.wn ,f .", w -- - . -V i ' y Q :Lal mp, :, N f it .L ,- ,y , - ,-Lui. 1-.'-f: --.f, vt - .J ..-,ay ,' , '. - ww V of f- - PM 1""- 'A','t1'.,g- 'A : fp: -' "" xr-.-,,, L, 1 -, yr A, -yi,-,, s A , ii. tr, . , -.-A ,, V, . -, - - . , ' ' 'w . 1,-, ' -N ..s- "1- - 'Viv E ' --'m -5 Q 14, "'fn.'-vf"'f"12f . ' ' E W X' 1 Y-,16'Jv :L B L A 15-:Vw .u.- rf ,..w..u.,-,sf L. , y.,., 4.. -.. ,.. Le 4.0 ,. -' : .'Q.4Yf-'ff' ,..:f:"f,:1:.-9.5. - 1, 5:-4 -M1 ,p 5 f,' " 1 -f 'q 5,9 "-- " ' ... ' ' "- .'5":f5- -1 ,' ' 1 . ' 'N-f'!5f'?9' "'g5K.-nw . , 3 .- '- - whiff. iff' '1't""7 ' 'f a Q-" Q ' ..l'i-lL.1'Cq,-f 1 'bf -.Ag-" F" '- f" ' Ti' '. ' "".. .f f,"t,.7h'w?'-'g'i1.,Q- '. ', -f fi., .f, ww:'15':.I-- " I -fyfs'?-..,:23j,-5LQJ:--"...f-4912? ',x.,,.L,fs. 3 ga- , Q., N. " , 'wk-,Sr - 1-. :ef 1f-:.:f'.:.-of '45 - " '- ,11.-"Hf',",-blwsgewsgf' . "wifi-f. S "' ww -""'F'F4', ,JK : ' '. tg' iA,Q.'5"' r- ,f,e.w-13-hw - xl ' -his 'iv-31.1 Q, , - ' ' 'cg T' ' 1 2'1" '..' X ' Ez, '--.N-.1 .1-' ,sv "' , T- .-" 'Af' N' - " f " .E-'2?12:'Ni"'QZf'2',iQ."7f3zH5S'f: fr-riff.-ff-" - ws- ',V:ff',-f 4- :L -- neg 2 'Q-N -- ,Q SITTING1 STULB HOLLEY BOYD CUNNINGHAM BRODEUR CONLON LANIER LEWIS IOHNSON MVFCHUM CARRIGAN B Vczrsity E Vcrrsiiy B Vcirsity B Varsity B Varsity B Varsity B Varsity H ll - B Varsity KNEELING: KOCH RUOHEH STELLING BOSVVELL REDD CONE IAKES FORTUNE WIGGIPIS LITTLE NOWELL BILLS DUNNAWAY 12 Wcrrrenton 42 Langley-Both 32 Stapleton . 6 Moneitcz . 12 Grcmiteviiie 6 North Augusto . 7 Waynesboro STANDING: NOWELL, D. Asst. Coach IORDAN TJOVAROS BAKER, Captain CAVE SANCKEN ROYSTON, Couch CUNNINGHAM ALLEN BENSON HOLLINGSWORTH REED KALE KITCHEN DALEY,Asst. Couch O U O O O O . U 0 Roystonls Ramblers llfroln Toni lYall's Column in The .Xugnsla L'ln'onicleJ Seven victories for 151753 That simple statement is a true analysis of the feats of the 1934 Ramblers of Richmond Academy. It cost no more than S175 for the "B" varsity of the historic institution to turn back the challenge of seven opponents and at the same time to do the task so rnagniiiciently as not to allow the opposition to tally a single point. So impressive were the charges of Llwach L harlie Royston this year they came close to registering in those seven gaines a point for every dollor spent on the team, PF it Iii SAYS CHARLIE "l think that's pretty gourl... quoth Charlie as he reflected his teain's showing. "'.-X loss uf 3175" Further questioning of the Rambler mentor drew from him the explanation that when he spoke of "loss" he meant that Finan- cial retums allowed him to cut only S25 from the original expenditure of S200 for equipment. "You can't consider that a loss, can yon?" l asked the genial Coach. who has just rounded out his second year as leader of the l.ittle Musketeers. THE COST Then he went on to relate how the Academy treasury had to yield S200 for padded pants and purple pull-overs. But as the writer sees it, the school has taken a long-needed step in furnishing Coach Curtis CBig Sixj Luckey with youths who know a little more about football than just the fundamentals. Basic- ally speaking, to give him just such players is all right except that any experience they get will be at the expense of the Musketeers. The spelendid manner in which Charlie has carried this year's Ram- bler team forward heralds a new day in Richmond football. Next years eleven should be even better than the l93-1 Mnsketeer machine. Why? Here's the reason why: XYarrenton O, Ramblers 12, Monetta U, Ramblers 6. Langley-Bath 0, Ramblers 39. Graniteville 0, Ramblers l2. Stapleton 0, Ramblers 31. North Augusta 0. Ramblers 6. lYaynesborO 0. Ramblers 7. A grand total ot' ll3 points as compared with S1175 that was required to fit them for battle. "THE WHOLE D-- TEAMH To roll up such an impressive and convincing record required much time and thought on the part of the coach and even more action on the part of the players, They had to know more than how to take a toss from center. In the way of physical facts to support this contention we offer theRambler backfield, composed of Tom Baker, Shorty Boyd. and Pete Tjovaras, and Red Holley at a wing berth, all of whom will be eligible for next year's Musketeer team. Ot course. the five youngsters mentioned above were not altogether responsible for the Rambler's success this year. Several other members of the team distinguished themselves with just as much glory, but the fact remains that the quartet were the team's stalwarts. if PK if GLORY BE THEIRS The curtain has rung' down on the Ramblers of 193-l and glory is theirs. lVho knows but what the 1935 season holds the same worlds of joy for Coach Luckey after these same youngsters have been given their chance at hoiting the Musketeer banner higher, where it will wave majestically in the air currents of the G. l. A. .-if Company Football Champions Company "Bu Kneeling----Left to Right? Standing-Leh to Rvghtl B:.mmENauRG, E. CUNNINGHAM' B. ALLEN, R. Rama, B. CUNNINGHAM, M. STANFORD, P. lor-1NsoN, T. REDDM A HAHL, I, , Q COURTNEY, C. lCcpt. Co. "BU OTELLIEYLJ H, KITCHEN, E, TEBOW' I- DUNAWAY, R. BAKER, Tom fCoachJ SU PRES 1 Lhlllpzlxuy ll . 12 01111112113 G . 4,4lll'll11ZlI'lf' li . 13 Q'U!111lZ1l1f' If . , K-Hlllllillly H 24 C1I111l3Zll'liES K Ck I, . Ctrllllifllly H 25 Ll-111pa11y H , . Total . 7-1 Total . . t 'C A i . in on ' in-f 1- G- i,jCjj3NAL9y Chm- l. L. SKINNER VV. R. KENNEDY R. E. GRESSETTE 01,4 cv . 5 1' if . . 1 . 6 l 4. 0 I 'E C 1 is pp A - . y ic- g - - ...' is .ffl T My T- BRYSON G, L. BOLTON Ci A. ROYSTON It C. LUCKEY Athletic Committee The Athletic Committee has for several years been composed of the coaches of the two schools and four other members of the faculties of the two institutions. not otherwise connected with ath- letics. The President and the Dean are ex-officio members uf the Committee. The function of the Athletic Committee is. for the most part, to provide the ways and means for the athletic programs. It is their job to allocate the funds. f1'om whatever source derived, to the dilferent departments of our athletics. Tn some ca ses, revenue is derived from the games playedg in other cases. no revenue, or very little. is derived. It becomes then the problem of the committee to work out the equitable distribution of these funds. Funds for the program are derived mainly from two sources. Each semester a general fee of 31.00 is paid by each student enrolled in the Academy or the .lunior College- This is the most reliable source of athletic income. The other source is from our football games. The amounts from these games fluctuate widely from year to year., but in the last two years has been sufficient to carry most of the expenses of the football program. The revenue from basketball is negligable, while that from track. tennis. and golf is nothing. Another source from which athletics may draw is the revenue from the lunch room. This revenue does not go wholly to athletics, but is shared by all the different activities of the schools. Athletics may draw from this fund with the approval of the Board of Control. Other than the duties connected with the current athletic program. the most ambitious thing the committee has ey er undertaken was the construction of the football stadium. This was finished in the fall of 1930 at a cost of about 521.000, About 310.000 of the amount came from Board of Con- trol from funds saved from the lunch room over a period of eight yearsg another 35.000 came from profits from pervious athletic programs. The deficit of over 36,000 has been reduced yearly until it is now near the S-1.000 mark. This has been accomplished with no outside aid, but wholly from the incomes derived from within the school. XYhen this deficit has been paid. the athletic program can be enlarged to the benefit of all the students. Q Tn addition to the stadium. the Committee has just built a quarter-mile track. which. when hnally completed. will be one of the best high school tracks in the state. This track has already cost about S800 and will cost considerably more by the time it is finally completed with cinders. . It has ever been the purpose of the Athletic Committee to furnish the best possible facilities and equipment for athletics for the students of the Academy and the .lunior College- It will ever be the policy of the Committee to furnish to every student of the Academy and the ,lunior College. the means by which they may express themselves in any form of athletics that they desire. ll. G. MCDONALD, Chairman. -- THE RAINBOW 1935 'lil v Beautiful Academy Stadium Original Cost ,..,A,.,... ....,....., .,....., W - 321,000.00 Debts Qutstanding ...,, .....,.. 4 500.00 Yearly Upkc-ep ,w....,., ..., . 70 500.00 The Academy Stadium Is Une ot the Finest in the South. The Tradition and Glory ot Richmond is Enhanced by the Beauty ot the Field. QI. sh 5 '25 .. nd 1 A r J" ., Fr- 'P -kia Q' 5 JW., .s fEj fgg:,5,,mA 1 N B o W 1 9 3 5 1 Q., I 1 R i A 1 4 1 1 4 -I 1 -,L ' , JI YJ 1-45' 9-5 -I ., ff f-'3' 3 - 35 . L "1 Q ' -v . .-' 7, 1' - D. . +P W -x . V REM 1 4 X ' f .. b ,. f , ' - ' A .sd N ' ' Q, Q " 1 f -ig . Q X 3' 9 1 . u ' -'I' v' ' V li UP. r .' -' , " .V. 5 , V o ' . I J .h 4 ' 1 L4 ,. . J. 1.1, v 1 ' ' -gy. .Q-V 1 Q, . I QL , , i. iff ef . X ---1 , -5 V ,f bs f rt f ilk? , J n What Athletics Should Mean to A. R C. A iirst glance shows that such a sulmject is at least four-fold even to the less thoughtful. The four aspects are the physical, mental, morl, and religious. The religious. which passed out with the Romans. may lie dismissed at the lmeginning. :lxs to the physical. one immediately thinks of the opportunity to engage in athletics of all sorts for the sake of necessary play- The orderly development of the muscles here under competent coaches in all lwranches that we have, gives the greatest pleasure to the participant as calling forth his best efforts. It should be remembered that nothing is worthwhile without effort. for it is worth just what you put into it Physical exercise of whatever nature one prefers keeps the lmody part of him up to a high degree of efficiency, and forestalls a lmreakdown later in life. Now. for those who witness any contestg it is their way of helping carry out our program hy encouraging our teams with your presence. as nearly IOOQQ as you can. Those teams represent YOU. and the least they ought to expect from you is to HE THERE. VVe must not, though. thing this discussion ends hereg this i shut the beginning. XYhat of the mental side? -lust these ideas: first, of hahit-forming-a good thing anywhere. carrying out orders. "staying put," or moving around to meet any given situation. But what of the unexpected move? An eminent Englishman remarked that XYaterloo was won on the helds of Eton and Rughy. And why were the .Xmericans so successful 1,1 the XYorld XYar? They were taught by our system to THINK. Then you ask, "NYhy all of the eligibility rules .lust this: participation in athletics is your reward for class-room work well done. No lmoy who "Hunks" has a right to he a candidate, liecause he will be a drawback rather than an aid to his team. coaches, and fellowmen later in life. These are life processes and will reflect your mental status through your whole span of years. .Xnd, finally. the moral side of this topic. Dependability, "stick-ability." courage even in the face of sure defeat. a sense of fair play, loyalty to your grand old school ideals and traditionsg these are some of the most valualile lessons an athlete can gain. As he plays, so will he live "lVhen the Great Recorder comes to write against vour name, "He writes not that you won or lost. but how you played the gainef' ' s B , -- ., A.,-., Lffl I-11-fi . . '.'f'l'S' x 1 l. C. A. Basketball DUNEAE, W STULE, l. Bnvsou, H. STANDING-LEFT TO RIGHT HARDY, C BELL, J. C. DALEY, D PIERCE, F. CQRLEY, G Seasonls Schedule -l. C- .X. 26 llollingsworth . . 18 bl. C. .X. . . ll lflY3.11S . . . 13 nl. C. .-X. , . 20 .X. Z. .X. . 17 .l. C. .'X. . . 12 llarlem . . . 13 .l. C- .X. . . . . 19 Hollingsworth . . . . Sl The bl. C- A. boys deserve a g1'C2l.t deal uf credit for the way they developed themselves into a bunch of star players. The pass work was excellent andthe defense of the team clicked continuously. Team work was the outstanding achievement during the entire season. The quintet was led by Captain Daley, Bryson, Pierce. Bell, Xowell, while the first string substitutes are Dunbar. Syvearinger. Stulb, and Corley. The boys started their season by defeating Hollingsworth Candy C-2 They then journeyed to' Evans and were defeated. The .X. Z. .X.'s. the next victim, bowed to the hl. C. A. quintet after a hard-fought battle. In Harlem. the Harlem boys handed them a heart-breaking one point defeat. The Hollingsworth Candy Co. proved to be the next victim of the bl- C. .X. onslaught, but the college lads fell to a heavy defeat. The invasion did not prove a tremendous success. from the standpoint of games won and lost. but the boys played all games in a sportsmanlike manner. Lettermen ln Basketball A. R. C. l931l-35 Gsonsr: KEQLER CC'f1y.tD . CAL COLIHTNEY . ALLEN Srf:1NNr:H . lxloncmr ROUNTHEE CMARSHALL . . tom: LACMMAN Guard Guard Guard Guard Center Center lS.XS-lxlzl l1.XI,l. 5K Ill'.lJL'l,li IU 1.1-zrlrllrglr, . l ,K'Ill'3llQ lllgll ll-wllgrrg-xw1r1'tI1 I Izlrlcm llrglr 5111111611 tn High XX xlsllrngtwn lllglr S1lX'2lllI1illl lliglr llvrwflictilrc- Coll liwys' lliglr . L Ulllllllkll Illgh K, 1 vlunrlrm lllglr ll'l'L'llN High Slllllltlllll High , . . . lwmwllctrlrc' twllcqc XX :11'1'c11tw11 llrgh lJL'1ll"llQ,' llrgll SZlX2lllI1llll High XX :lrlrlxrgtlm I llQ'll 'll4 llllll . I fr. Rl. X. . llvmysl lllgll . lrfllllll I Illill ,Xu-1.lgv , . . . ,X4 li, if. XXX, lr l .X. ,X, 'llr111'rn1111crrt BOBBY GLICIQERT Forward CHARLES PEARRE Forward IOHN Torzm . Forward BUD Moss . Forward BUD HARRIES , Manager G. L. BOLTON . Coach 34-35 X, ll. 1 Opp. . . ZS 17 20 18 .ll lfm .311 15 ll 15 -47 15 35 JO 14 -17 30 37 .H 32 IS 42 Jr, 10 15 ll 24 IS 24 ll 32 33 27 34 . . 37 17 . 4 . 53.2 -H7 . . . . 30 JN 28 52 . , . SORT 927 . . . . . 30 27 n 13 g'ZllllL'N :xml larsl 1 A.. R. C. Basketball XYhen the call was sounded for candidates for basketball, only four letter men from last year answered it- They were: Morgan Rountree. George lies- ler, Hobby Cilickert. and Charles Pearre. However, the other material was the best that Coach Bolton has had in nearly seven years. .Xs a result of this. the "Musketeers" were the best team that has been placed on the gymnasium floor in nearly seven years. .Xfter five weeks of intensive practice. they made their debut. .Xlthough they played a ragged game, the Musketeers pulled through to win from Leah lligh School., 28-17. They seemed to gn on a winning streak from that and won six straight games. These were trom Dearmg High School, Hollingsworth Candy men. Harlem High School, and 1Vashington High School. They met their tirst and second defeats in Savannah. Ga-: to Savannlih lligh and Benedictine College, by scores of 50-35 and 47-2-l. respectively. Un returning to Augusta, we found a grim and determined hunch that ran out on the floor to meet Boys' High School of Atlanta. In spite of this determination, Boys' High managed to nose out a 37-30 victory. The Mus- keteers put up a real light for this game, however. Carrying this determination to Columbia. S. C... the Musketeers put on the best exhibition of basketball that has been seen in this section of the country. :Xlthough 1-l points behind at the half, the Musketeers got down To business, and took the game away from Columbia in an extra period. The score was 3-l-32. Columbia had the chance to seek revenge just three days later. They played a return game here and certainly did take advantage of this oppor- tunity. They won to the tune of 42-18. lt seemed as if they were going places in this tournament when they were defeated by Stapleton High School, 21-15. lt had been just exactly one month before that the Musketeers had won from Stapleton by the same score. XYhen Benedictine Collegehcame to Augusta to play their return game, the Musketeers outplayed and defeated them to the tune of 24-IS. Revenge war sweet to the local lads. The Musketeers next encounter was with Wfarrenton High School. They again brought home the bacon with a score of 2-l-12. On a journey to Dearing, Ga., the Musketeers ran up the highest score of the season. They defeated Dearing High, 52-33. Savannah High School was the next opponent. They were met by a group ot warriors that even looked fierce. However. they ended up at the big end of the score. which was 3-l-27. The next meat on the Musketeers' list was Wlashington High School. The boys from 1Vashington put up a brave scrap, but they weren't quite good enough. The score was 27-17. The Musketeers entered the G. I. A. A. Tournament in a very high ten- sion. The nervousness was not so great. however, as to prevent them from trouncing G. M. A. by a score of 30-28. The next night, Boys High School defeated them' for the second time to the tune of 52-28. This eliminated them from the tournament. As was stated before., the Musketeers were the best team that Coach Langston Bolton has turned out on the floor. This is shown by the very successful season, having won 13 games, and lost 7. I C. A. Girlxs Basketball L2TT.5AID1NG'fl.LEPT TO RIGHT7 Tm' Azmgts IJATTZE Avis IAME5 COACH CHARLIE ROY 7:m:'H'f NEWMAN LOUISE FURNACE KNEELING xI.EFT TO RIGHTJ A HARFELL Annexe IVIEHSHQ: Liam' HELEN 'xlvauzzy Uses EC SITTING- KLEFT TO RIGHTJ ELNA LQMBAEL NIARTHA Hsmvxmr -Hitt 'l' H li' YQ ' lbl V5 lil ' , I 1 4 -, - . l. C. A. Girls Basketball Review Coach Roystmrs basketeers managed to flash about the court in a big way this season, with lots of fast passing and shooting as well as stone wall defense. .-Xs for scorers, they had them. Dot Newman. the rangy center, shot baskets from every angle and piled up points. Captain Lombard and Herman had wonderful records also with their passing and fast floor wrn'k. The defense, led by Mershon, was a stumbling-block to every opponent. The guards worlqecl like well-oiled machinery, and passed the ball into their opponents' territory with a lightning-like precision. Bostick was on hand to hlrck any shots that might come her way. .-Xs first-string substitutes, vl. C. A. had Harrell, James, Fournace. and .-Xdams. The team started its schedule with six victories, gained over Evans. Dearmg, Langley, lx'lZ:l1'1'CI1tO1l, and Harlem. The tables turned and Harlem, Evans. and Meminger downed J. C. A. The -ll C. :X. girls redeemed thmselves by winning over Hollingsworth. XYrens. and Tubman. Season Schedule J. C. A-X. 19 Evans IS " 16 Dearing 15 " 40 Langley 30 ' 30 VVar1'enton 10 " 23 Dearing 17 ' Z1 Harlem 19 ' l5 Harlem lS ' 23 VVFCHS ll " 35 Hollingsworth 11 1-l Meminger 35 19 Evans Z0 ' 42 Tubman 13 i' 'W' ' 'ww at .1-l's Spacious A. R. C.-l. C. A. Basketball Court Basketball, whose emergence from a minor to a major sport, has been one of the phenomena of the past few years. has come forward rapiclily as a game which has many advantages. The elements of brute strength enter into it less than in football under the ney rules. Speed, headwork, and, above all, teamwork, are stressed in basketball as in no other sport. A team of baseball players who have never seen each other could play a good game after an inning or two! a team of good. well-coached football players assembled from various schools has been known to put up a creditable exhibition: golf and tennis are games in which individuals are the important things, but basketball is above all a team game. flvdclecl to this is the fact it can be played at a time when other sports are not practical: that it can be played at a time when nearly everyone has sufficient leisureg that the toll of injuries is less than in any other sporty and that it requires eondtioning so perfect that personal fitness is empha- sized constantly. TRACK Q 1 fw X Y Jf -- v ' 1' r-u ' INBWW 1411!-, I v . A,A 5 , Y I ' Xx . 9 ' .Lg ' . K . ' ,r Q 1 1 4 K D il 1- ' H, W my ' e , 1,. V 1 A D D I' T DAVID DALEY , CAL COURTNEY . W. O .VVHITE . U'-.MES SE-IANA!-IAN . ED SLATON . . TEUTY GRADY . M- A-.W .,4. ' W n ,ar ,1 , , i f v ' 'N " -gg 1. "" ' A . .. "- .1-' .. . 1-I' ' .-. x 4 . 4 x Q f .1 ' cy I Y gf x N A 2 1 11 X 2? . El i D 92' 2 1 ' 3 1 L f F , A ,A . 1 NP '1- -4 U J dll 5 Q L 9 in-5 kf J qi. 'R R V J s K xv at 1 rack Letter Men - -." L41 2, -' 1-' of X34 . SHOT AND Discus . . SPRINTS . HURDLES AND VAULTS . 220 AND 440 YARD DAS!-IES . BROAD IUMP AND VAULTS . SPRINTS A. R. C. Track For the tirst time in several years. there seems to be a great deal of interest taken in track. There are some thirty-live candidates out this year, and it appears that Coach Bolton will be able to mold a good team out ot this material. Although there are only two letter men of last year back, the other prospects are not limited. and are showing up very well. The track season has just started, and Coach Bolton has arranged for three meets so far . The iirst was with Wfrens High School. It had been a long time since the Academy had defeated XVYCHSC the team was centainly out tor revenge. It won by the score of 63 2-3 to 2-l l-3. The second meet was a triangular meet held with Athens High School and XYashington High School. This was the Hrst time that the track team had ever met Athens High School and we were delighted with our victory. Lanier High School is the third opponent. This is to be a dual meet. Lanier High School has been superior in football and basketball, but we are counting on a defeat to Lanier in track. The most important meet of the year is the G.I.A.A. meet. which is to be held in Augusta for the first time. This is also the first track team that the Academy has ever placed in a G. I. A. A. field meet, and there is a good chance that the team will "go places." I- wi-I mmf fmfffv - QT Richmond Academyxs 1935 Track Team STTTUNIG CARRIOAN LONG KENNEDY KAT'r'LYIIC'?fl BAKER WHITE SLATOI-I PEARRE SHERMAN MCNAIF BUCI: VIOSS KNEELING IVEY BR-IME NVZWELL I1fPEw3'1r: A THOMP5tI: IJ. :GARY ALLEN LACTMAN HOUSTON CHISOLM WOYCHOWSPII Buss-I HOWELL 7 ,X fi I . l'f7.XlfH Btllfl STANDING COACH BCWLT-TU MURRAY LITTLE PARDUE TAKES THOMPSON, C. IEFFCOAT WILSON N QRMAN KOCH MONTGOMERY KIRKLAND DUNAWAY LESUEUR MANAGER INMAN 'nl KX nm fAX 1 X V N I' 595 , MF, 513' I' ' ....,,. , J f X fl 1 f 1, 2 LUTHER STAFFORD EMILE I-IUMMEL IOE STULB DICK DANIEL lunier College Golf Team for Season 1935 Thif ya-:ir iiiflrlcw the lwegiiining nf what the gulfcrw wish tu lie called Illl'lIAUN4Yl'lllt'l'1l Twin" This tum' will incluclc matches with several culleges 11 Vzii'-iliiizx. LvlllYL'l'bltj' uf N-wth Cziiwfliiizi. llulcc Lvl1lX'Cl'Sltf', Daviclswii, and llurmzm. 'Um Nmtli :mil Smith Cniwrliiizi. sm-ine uf thcsc lveiiig' L'i1ix'ei'silty uf Smith lllulx thu-Q iimctlics plan-rl :lt time uf gluing' tu pressl. Aimuzll Fmii'-M1111 'll-:mi Mzitvlics with: Yule l'uix'ei'siti', Klzirch l31'1l, l. C. AX. Wg Yzilc '92 Klzirch 27th. l. C. AX, 1-llgi Yule 31, L'1iix'cr+itywfSmith K-Zlfivllllil, Xlz11'cl13lltl1i11 .XuguNt:1.xl. C, AX. 183 Smith lllflbllllll Hg Kpril llth, Lxllilmlmirl, Nfutli Lzmnlliizl. l'1iix'c1'eitx' :mf Nwrth hlflfilllllll :lt Clifllwl llill, Xpfil llth. :mil Vcturii match in .Xlli'llFlZl. .Xpril l7th. Duke lhixciwity. L'lllXL'l'fllf' ul- llwwgizl. S1PlllllK'ilNtl'l"ll lilti-1'-U1llQg'i:1tv fiulf Cliziiiipiwiiwliip :il Xtlicns. Xpril 2427. fv,.IS, I -Ty-' X Ll A, A. .x.44- A. R. C. Golf Team CHARLES WHALEY SAM GRAEIAM Gi-:ones SANCI-:Bri EARL WALLER IrMMn: LEE los OGILVIE Rosen? LEARY SAM WALLER IAcic GORDON The A. R. C. Golf Team is composed of eight men, all of whom are letter men of last year, At the present, the leading four are: Sam Graham, first George Sanclcen, second, Charles Whaley, third, and Earl Waller, fourth. The other four are Sam Waller, Robert Leary, loe Ogilvie, and liminy Lee, This does not mean that the last four are not as good as the first four, for these eight boys are kept in constant competition against ecah other. The first four leading in score Qust before a match is played are the four that will represent the Academy. Coach Charlie Royston has arranged for four meets. The first meet was with Columbia High School. This meet was played in Columbia, S. C, The Academy won by the score of l2 to 6. The second one was with Columbia High School. This meet was held here. The Academy won again by a score of l4 to 4. The third and fourth meets are to be played against Savannah High School. One is to be played here and one is to be played in Savannah, Ga. The golf team is planning on sweet revenge ior the terrible defeat that Savannah High School gave the football team last year. The golf team 15 also out for revenge in the G. l. A, A. meet, which is to he held here. Last year they were eliminated in the first round, but they are determined to stay in the running this year. NOTE: The first match with Savannah High School was a l2 to 6 victory. 1:51 1 I 1 V l t 4 1 i E Q i i ---fr: THE RAINBOW 1935 Io!-m BELL ARTHUR MARYOTT DAVID DALEY Dorroh Nowell BILL HEFFERNAN T. C. A. Tennis Team 1934 Tournament Winners PEGGY REDD . . GIRLS' C. A.. LEIPOLD ....... Boys' C. A. LEIPOLD AND ARTHUR MARYOTT . . . Boys' TOM SAUL AND MARGARET IERNIGAN . . . . MIXED -...--.-..,, ,. .- , ,QV -'-., SINGLES SINGLES DouBL1:s DOUBLES .- -gs.-- -lTHE RAINBOW 1935:-I-i! tlnlil' Lin: PAUL STANFORD AL REDD BILL KALE Richmond Academy Tennis Team The outcome of the first tennis match with Columbia shows, that the Academy has a real tennis team this year. Richmond defeated the Carolinians 4 to 2. "Wish" Redd, the number one man on the A. R. C. team, lost to his opponent, who was the South Carolina state champion. George Kesler, number two man, lost his set also. After some hard playing, Bill Kale- number three man, came back and took his set, while Bobby Glickert easily won over their number four man, 6-2, 6-0. Richmond won both of the doubles. Redd and Kesler defeated the number one doubles team 3-6, 6-4, 9-7. Kale and Glickert won the second doubles match 6-3, G-2. This gave Richmond two of the four singles and the two doubles matches. The results of the the meet were Richmond 4, Columbia 2. ln order to choose the players of the team, a tournament was sponsored in which the first eight men were eligible for the team to be composed of four men. Coach C. A. Royston' tennis and golf coach, announced the following schedule for the team: At the time of going to press, only one game had been played. March 30-Columbia in Columbia. April 6-Savannah in Augusta. April 13-Open. April 20-Open. April 27-Savannah in Savannah . May 3-4-G. I. A. A. in Augusta. May ll-Columbia in Augusta. Y NOTE: On the day of going to press comes the news that the tennis team blanked Savannah High 6-O. More power to Richmond. - J' 'Q VLN Y' i "hmmm" " li .4 -. .ix Y . 5 1 Y-e-1-M YIEM Plunkett, Koch, Becirden, Fulqhurn, Pitts, Kitchens, Young,Frc1nklin,Kreisberq,Blcndenburq,Cooch Ewing Swimming Team lYith the heginning uf spring uf this year. 1935. anwther inter-cullegiate spurt made its dehut in the Richmond Academy-Swimming. For swine time it has heen the desire of the .Xthletie Cuuncil to see this forni uf athlet- ics get a fmttlinltl in the Academy. Hwing tn a late start the team dives nwt have a cuinplete schedule. most uf the available cuiiipetitiiwii having full schedules, particularly members uf the G. I. A. .X. The fwrniatiwn nf this fnrm uf athletics makes it imssilmle fur the .Xcademy tw take part 1005? in the G. 1. .X. .fX. meet. which is to he held in .Xugusta in ,Xpril .X dual meet has been secured with Charleston High Schiml. The .X.ll.C. team will he represented in the Southeastern flpen Prep and Y.Kl.L'..'X. Swimming Cliziiiipitmsliips, which will he held in the .Xtlanta Y Kl.L'..X. Un .Xpril 19th and 20th. The team is using the Y.Kl.C..X. piml under the leadership ni lieu. liwing. Daxid lfranklin was elected captain uf this prugram. Uther memlwers uf the team, whit will see actinn are: Kessler. Kreisherg, Fughunip lllanden- hurg, Unilmi, Yuung, Pitts, Kitchens, Knch. llearden and Rux. The diving artists at present seem In he Yiruiig, lfranklin. Cmilnn, lilandenlmurg, and Fulghum. Un the lwreast struke. Fulghum, Yuung, Pitts, and lilziiitleiilaitig, Un the lvackstrirke, Franklin and Kreisherg. Shnrt dashes. Franklin and Kreisherg. Lung swims. Kessler. Kuch, Rnx. lt will. uf cuurse. take swine time ti, huild a swimming team. The ulticial prugrain is shown in the fulluwing events: 1. 400 yard relay. Fuur men. each une tu swim 100 yards. 2. llreast struke, 150 yards. 3. lflilck stroke. 150 yllfds. 4. Shurt dash. 60 yards. J. 440 yard dash. 6. 100 yard dash. 7. lfancy diving. S. 200 yard dash. U . Medley relay: hack stroke. hreast stroke. and free style. Three men im team. each swimming 100 yards. 10. Xiater P11111 mptimial for dual meets nn1y.J a... -,.xg,.- 'il Cheer Leaders FRANK PIERCE . ,.... HEAD CHEEH. LEADER EMILE I-IUMMEL MARTHA I-IERMAN MARGARET IERNIGAN LUTHER tBootsieJ STAFFORD In every institution of learning, the spirit and enthusiasm possessed by its students occupies a very important position. lt plays a paramount role in all its various activities. The youth possesses that dominant urge to excel, striving with tireless energy when properly stimulated. He applies himself in his work when an optimal condition exists. This fact has been proved both by the old Greeks and the Romans. Xlve feel quite fortunate this year in having a group of Cheer l.ea1lt-is. with the unusual ability to arouse this above stated incentive and build up that all important School Spirit. XYe wish to compliment highly the excellent leadership of Frank Pierce, to whom we are deeply gratefulg the co-operative spirit of Bootsie Stafford and Emile Hummel, who have in their masterly way, added greatly to the success of this groups effortsi and Martha Herman and Margaret Jernigan. who with their extraordinary charm and acomplishment, have contributed to a marked degree to the efforts which have meant so much to the ambition 1.f the student body. l THE RAINBOW 1935 -'T'-'Q' Members of the Academy Student Body who are Boy Scouts "l declare the Hoy Scout 1no'.'enit-nt to be the most significant educational contribu- tion of our time. The Naturalist may praise it for its success in putting the boy close to naturc's heart: the moralist for its splendid code of ethics: the hygienist for its methods of physical training: the parent, for its ability to keep his boy out of mischief: but from the standpoint of the Educator, it has marvelous potency for converting the restless. irresponsible, self-centered boy into the straight-forward, dependable, helpful young citizen. To the boy who will give himself to it, there is plenty of work that looks like play, standards of excellence which he can appreciate, rules of conduct which he mu t obey, positions of responsibility which he may occupy. as soon as he qualities himself-in a word. a program that appeals to a boy's instincts. and a method adapted to a hoy's nature. "The method of Scouting asks the boy to do something he thinks is worthwhile and that he wantr to do. Many of the tasks are self-imposed. because the boy chooses what he shall undertake: many of them require practice, which he must do alone. His best efforts are enlisted in the acquisition of the right habit. And for every success some reward is given, a testimonial that converts a universal weakness of human nature ino an element of strength. In Scout competition there are no losers: one Scouts gain is not another's loss. "Scouting gives no long lectures on vocational guidance. and yet it teaches the meaning of thrift: it maintains no jail, and yet it teaches the meaning of self-control: it does no preaching, and yet it teaches devotion to a cause and loyalty to a purpose: it is founded upon no religion, creed or sectarian doctrine and yet it emphasizes above all things the importance of religion. It is universal in its appeal, natural in its methods, progressive in its outlines. strengthened and cemented by the bonds of fellowship, and the idealism of the movement. Majestic in, its conception, it is neverthelefs simple and direct in itsl appeal. I belive in it so fully that I can truly say that I would rather have been its author than to have been the author of any other thing I can think of -,in the whole field of social theory and practice of my day and generation." t'l'he above is quoted from James li. Russell. "Scouting Education." Teachers' College Record, Yol. 18, 11-12, Januaryd :1r.:"':c ' ' jQ'!,.zg:"..r':-2 'fp - 2.""' W s,e":4 . R ' A 'Q E wif." 3 4-..' 4" .Q iixs.n ? 0' 'O O U' 'C I 'g' '9 l "0 I . ' 'x ' 191 :QA 1 THE RAINBOW 1:9 H 1.3 Tvmmv ' 3 g, 4-Y A As our section on extra-curricular' work will indicate, the activities ofthe Academy and Iulnior College are indeed varied. We are well represeiitecl in the Held of debate, oratory, literary societies, and declamation. Our Gold "R" and Phi Theta Kaplia are keenly alive in the thoughts of the students. Then, in Hi-Y, Chemistry, Spanish, and Law groups-as Well-as in publications, glee clubs, and drainatics-we constantly strifve to' get just a little more than may be gleaned from the ordinary course of prescribed work. Q Q . 4 cf 5 , I -H... - ax L95 n V-is-4, G J ' ' 'A 'Sgt 1'1"-. vw ' 4 i-it f-we-g 45, "1 A asf. " 2.1313 - .' b . ,f- . , , QP 'A 'lfbwf . . . H 14 i s' Heli '. 'V' Q Q Y u - fl s T ." nv-5. 44 ,Q 47 Wt" 16" The uRainbOW" ALEX DOREMUS CA.R.C.J AND IOHN C. BELL U. C. AJ . LANSING LEE IA.R.C.D AND MARY WILLIS II.C.A.3 . SAM WALLER IA.R,C.J AND DICK DANIEL fI.C.A.I . ROBERT GRACEY AND CHARLES HOUSTON fA.R.C.J . IAMES BAILIE AND BOOTSIE STAFFORD II.C.A.J . . ALLEN SKINNER IA.R.C.J AND LIBBO BOSTICK lI.C.A.7 . WILLIAM O, WHITE fA.R.C.J AND DAVID DALEY CI.C.A.J . LVERSON BRYANS CA.R.C.J AND 'WALKER HARPER U.C.A-I . JAMES ELIXSON CA.R.C.7 AND ALLEN PENDIETON II.C.A.7 . GEORGE MARSHALL IA.R.C.7 AND WILLIAM DUNBAR II.C.A.7 . HARRY IEFFCOAT, IR. fA.R.C.J AND CAMPBELL BRYSON CI.C.A.7 WILLIAM I-IUTSON IA.R.C.J AND IUDITH GRACEY fI.C.A.J . EDWARD STELLING IA.R.C.J AND BETTY TRIMELE U.C.A.J . MR. E. M. ALLEN . . ....,.. . 1'- Staff . EDITORS-INACI-IIEE . LITERARY EDITORS . BUSINESS MANAGERS ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS . SPORTS EDITORS . MILITARY EDITORS . ART EDITORS . . . IOKE EDITORS . . CIRCULATION MANAGERS . . . PICTURE EDITORS . ACTIVITIES EDITORS . ADVERTISING EDITORS . FACULTY ADVISOR 'I"f"' 3 'xr '."'11',7 1 !1'3V' lfwi-il' - I m F qw gl 3 iz' a.l.,' I r7.5 .gy -A Gr ld HR" S ' O Oclety Students who have eclmed Gold "RS" since orqcmizcxticn. TO eom U Gold "R" CI stucle nust show qenercxl all-round ability, and excel in ct least two 1939 BOYD, WELCOME FULTON, MORRIS SKXNNER, lAMES CURRIE, ERAINARD 1931 BAILIE, ANDERSON CASWELL, THEO CLARI-:, H. O. GRACEY, lX6ATT MULHERIN, FRAIII: 'VVADI-I, DICK VMVHXTNEY, IACI: ANDERSON, OLIVER 1932 KELLY ALEX SCRUGGS, BLAI-In CURRIE, IVIARIAN BOLGLAH IULIUS TRAYLOR, BOTI-IWELL BELL, IO!-IN C. STEPHENS, IACKIE SCRIVENER, ARC!-IIE 1933 BRYSON, HAMPTON COLEMAN, CHARLIE DUNBAR, WILLIAEI FULLER, GEZRGE FORNEY, KENNETH KRUPP, IOI-IN MARYOTT, ARTIIIIR BLIRNLEY, FRANK HARBIN, HENRY phases of school life. 1934 EEARQEN, '1vIuTT" DALEY, DAVID HOOVER, jAMEs KITCHENS, LZLL SPROTT, T. Z. SKINNER, ALLEN SANDERS, TAYLOR WI-IITE, W, O. 1935 COURTNEY, CAL DOREMUS, ALEX FORTUNE, 'Aci IEFECDAT, HARRY, IR. lVlILLS, BZBBY RHODES, GEORG: NVALLEH, SAM LEE LANSING Moss, GCRDLTJ Go1d "Ru Society Founded April 19, 1931 To stimulate the interest of the student at the .Xcademy wif Riclimonc LR unty in his school and to inspire and to insure recognition uf such an interezt, the following resolutions were respectfully submitted to the factulty and the student body by Mr. li. Rl. .Xllenz 1. That there shall be organized immediately an honor s ciety :it the .Xcarlcmy. 2. That the name of this society shall be The Gold lietter Society. 3. That the members shall Ire awarded gold letters as designation inf the hon r. -l. That each candidate for adm ssion shall meet the approval uf the Committee in regards to character. 5. That any student shall be eligible for this examination who shall have passed or earned forty points from the specified groups- 6. That at least ten points shall be earned in each of two groups and tive fn another. 1These points are not to be made in the character grouph. 7. That there shall be tive groupings of honors: Character, Scholar- ship. Military, Athletics, and School Activities. S That there shall be no regular meetings, but rather a simple initia- tion in chapel at the regular morning exercises. 9. That the 1n6111lW61'S themselves shall conduct the initiation ceremonies. 10. That the society shali have the right to present any member to the faculty commQttee for dismissal from its body because of failure to live up to standards of the group headed as Character! such a member dropped must suriender his Gold HR." ll. That amendments to these resolutions shall come before the ap- pointed committee cf the faculty. 12. That the candidate must have reasonable success in his studies at the time of application. 13. That at least three points must be made in the scholastic group, and that at least five points must be made in School Activities- 14. That the points for honors shall be made according to a scale supplied by the Committee. A student has many opportunities to show his ability. As many as fifteen points may be earned in one term in the scholastic group. These points are awarded for excellence in studies. The Student Activities Group includes such possibilities as being member or leader of various organizations. All boys who attain recognition in any of the school athletics are given points toward the necessary total. Credit may also be obtained by achievement ot the rank ,of officer in the Rf7.T.C. Since the found 'rj i f ale IU cety. Mr. .Xllen has devoted l'l1'Itl1'1l1f2,'ElTtll'tS to its devel pment and ma.ntenance, and has made 't the outstanding honour organization of the Academy. I l l I I l l l l I l Y I P u A E., F' ' ' T Phi Theta Kappa BOECKMAN DYE TACKSON JOE MARYOTT OUZTS STEPHENS TRIMBLE lNational Iunior College Honorary Scholarship Society. Approved by the American Association Iunior Colleges. Phi Theta Kappa corresponds lo Phi Bela Kappa ol Senior Collegesl. BETE XI CHAPTER AT THE IUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA. ESTABLISHED l932. 1932 CCharteI Members ELEANOR BEARDEN BRAINERD CURRIE MORRIS FULTON IOSEPI-IINE FRY LLEWELLEN GIBSON FRANK HARRIS AMELIA SHEFTALL IAMES SKINNER, IR. FRANCES GARTEN ALBERT WHITTLE 1933 HELEN DERRICK ELIZABETH ELICINS DEAN ERIC HARDY ll-lonoraryi EERDIE ELLA IAMES MORRIS IVIARKS PRES, I. L. SIQINNER CHonoraryl IIIIARTHA VVALKER IACI: VVHITNEY 1934 KATHERINE BISHOP LouISE BLACKSTONE FRANK GRADY IUANITA HAYNIE ROBERTA INGLE RUTH IONES ALEX KELLY ELIZABETH LEE NEAL O'SHEA KATHERINE RAWL5 CAROLYN WHITE IONNIE MAE 'VVITT 1935 GLENN IVEY ANNA LOUISE BOECKMAN HELEN OUZTS ELIZABETH TRIMBLE GRACE WINIERED DYE FRANCES JOE IUDITH GRACEY VIRGINIA STEPHENS IULIA E. IACKSON ARTHUR lN1ARYOTT iz: r-3: v 31 'bs- L...i..., il, -. , ,,,,A,A9,, ,EW DOBBOI-I NOWELL I. G. BAILIE BOBBY MILLS ' "Mu'rT" BEABDEN GRADY MCRAE BOBBY BAKER Student Council CRepreseutc1tives By Classes? JUNIOR COLLEGE SOPHOMORES LUTHER STAFFORD IUNIOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN DAVID DALEY ACADEMY SENIOBS ELLIOTT MOBAN ACADEMY IUNIORS WILLXAM KENNEDY ACADEMY SOPHOMORES ALEX BABBETT ACADEMY FRESHMEN ED BAGGS HENRY HABBIN DEAN NOwEI.I. WM, O. XNHITE DAVID FRANKIN BILLY VVHEELESS E. FARR Q1 -F- D The lunior College Pre-Law Club CHARLES DALEY CHARLIS HARDY FRANK PIERCE . MILTON LUCKEY CARL HCVWARD CHARLES HARDY CHARLES DALEY LUTHER STAFFORD . JAMES. HUNGERPILLEE lOl-IN C. BELL .FRED Scart VYILLIAM DLINBAR CAEL HDWARD Second Term Officers Members LUTHER STAFFORD FRANK PIERCE CHARLES DALEY CHARLES HARDY lfl.lLTON LCCIEY . :DRESIDEEJT w JICEEPRESIDENT SECRETARY . TREASURER . PRESIDENT 'J:cE-PHEsIDENr SECRETARY . TEEA LIRER WILLIAM lOPLIN R:c:aARD TOWILL HAROLD CHANDLER GEORGE FULLER LLOYD ADAMS MARTIN YJALLACS A pre-law club is primarily for the henefit of its members. so that they may delve into the fundamental points uf their chosen life-work. Our pur- pose is to inculcate in each lawyer-to-Le a l ve and a faseinatlon fir the career he has elected to follow. We frankly admit that we are almost totally ignorant of the laws and statutes of our state and union. But Iur goal is to alleviate the ignorance which is ours and the IIIYSLCYB' with which we are surrounded so far as law itself is concerned. Sad is the plight of the man who enters a profession with Iut nrst having at least a smattering knowledge of what lies before lllllll Uvhen the time arrives for our meml ers tn enter the higher schools of law, the -lun'or Col- lege Pre-Law Club will have gfven to us, even though it he lariell the smai- tering knowledge that will place us on a plane a mite higher. Our purpose has been establishedg our goal has been pursued and gained upnng but then-we liken our pursuit to that nf the Search for the "Holy Grail." -CHAR LES UALEY. ve: ., .P- 041 i - vw , xl - -v ' Tliii' l lllwif 11. ' Y, S, -J RHS CHI fx . Cffioers HENRY HARBIN . , PRESIDENT WILLIAM STEED . VYCE-PRESIDENT HAMBY IVHZE . Y SECRETARY PAUL PRITCHARD . . TREASURER Members CHARLES BAILEY CLYDE BARNHILL ROBERT BARTON HAMBY MIzE BILL KITCHEN EDWARD LEAPHART IOE BAIRD PAUL PRITCHARD HAMPTON BRYSON RALPH PRITCHARD BEN BURNS RICHARD RUSSELL KERRY FOSTER RICHARD I-IALPORD HENRY HARBIN DONALD RADFORD WILLIAM STEED HENRY STEDMAN The Rho-Chi was organized five years ago for the purpose of promoting friendship among the students interested in medicail science. The organiza- tion introduces, in an informal way, the Study of medicine. From the wide Held that is touched upon, the students are given opportunities for choosing the work in which they might wish to Specialize. Noted doctors from the Medical Department of the University of Georgia are among the splendid lecturers who speak to the Rho Chi. This organization Stands for character- huilding, the setting of ideals, and the preparing of the medical men of tomorrow. Faculty Advisors l fix I :ll ' Q-' QF ii' MR. H. O. READ DR., T. M. ELLIS MR. C. A. SCRUGGS ..-4... . . l i l l i I i . rl i l I I Debating Team TflCl.,ART'r', R, Tyson, SAM CHAr:tiLr:R, HAROLD MITCHELL, C, H. ,Conch TWTCDONALD. I. SCAVENS, MITCHELL Hoovzri, IAMES The T934 ARC. Debating and Declamation Team The sulwject fur the 1934 dehate was: "Resulved, that the United States shwuld adept the liritish system ufl'Zlrlim1Ccmtl'Ul and cqieratiemf' The affirma- tive side was ciriiipnsetl of Ruhert McLarty and Sam Tyson. the alterliate speaker lmeiiig' .Iames H r'rm' wer. The negative side was represented hy Harold Chandler and Mitchell Scavens. These were ahly secmided by -Terry McDon- ald. This team euiiipeted in the G. I. A. LX. meet held in Savannah, April 27 and 28, 193-l, in which teams fr-vm ,-Xtlauta, Savamiali, Macon, and .Xugusta were entered. Robert MeLarty represented the .Xeademy in declamatiun with his speech, "T.0uis Napoleon." Mitchell Scavens wmi the l7ehater's Cup for the year 1934. The team was coached hy Mr. Charles ll- Mitchell. EOR TERM BEGINNING SE ALEX DOREMUS IEREMIAH MCDONALD . . SAMUEL WALLER EDWARD STELLING Academy Literary Seciety ALLEN, R. ANTONAKOS, C. BAILEY, P, BARBIN, R. BARRETT, A. BOECKMAN, T. BRUCE, C. BYINGTON, B. BRYSON, I. CARRIGAN, T. CHANEY, L. CLAUSSEN, H. CRAWFORD, G. DOREMUS, A. ELLIOTT, D. ELLIOTT, R. FLETCHER, I. GARY, B. GOODWIN, B. GOETCHIUS, B. GRIZZEIL, R. HAMILTON, W. Gfhcers PTEMBER: I-'CDR TERM BEGINNING FEBRUARY: . President SAMUEL WALLER ...., President Vice-President IEREMIAI-I MCDONALD . . Vice-'President . Secretary SAMUEL TYSON . SQCYGICIIY Treasure: PAUL BAILEY . . Treasurer Members HAMILTON, D. Moss, G. I-IEPEERNAN, T. NORVELL, E. HILL, M. PARDUE, I. I-IOLLEY, M. RILEY, P. HOLLINGSWORTI-I, E. SRERIEAN, T. HOOPER, F. SIMON, L. IAKES, W. SMITH, B. IEFFCOAT, I-I., IR. STELLING, E. LAZENBY, I. STELLING, H. KENNEDY, W. STULB, C. KITCHEN, E. SULLIVAN, I, KCCH, U. ITEON, S. LEVER, I. VERDERY, O, LEVT, I. VYALLER, E. MARKWALTER. D. WALLER, SAM IVIASZN, A, WARE, C. II-ffA1-YWELI., B. VJEINSTEIN, A. IICDOI-IAL3, I. VVILHEIT, P. I'CRAE, G. WIIEELESS, B. I.'7CI..ARTY, R. VVILSON, I, MERRITT, W. MOELEY, I. MORRIS, A. WOODRUEE, W. SIMS, W. VYIHEELER, C. W Freshman Literary Society Qfficers FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: ED BAGGS ...... President IRVIN DAITCH ..... President GEORGE TRAYLOR . . . Vice-President RUSSELL CARROLL . . Vice-President IACK I-IAINS ,..... Secreicrry CARL SIMON ...... Secretary IOSEPH KRAFKA . Chairman Program Com. GEORGE TRAYLOR . Chairman Proqhom Com. Members BAOOS, E. GRIEFITH, I. LEMON, T. BEMAN, H. GWIN, T. LUKE' D. BLACKWELL, M. GWYNN, I. MARIANA, VA BOWERS, H. HAINS., I. BRUKER, B. HALL, H. MCCOWAN' D' BRYANT, W. HARVLEY, I. MCINTOSW H- CARROLL, R. HARRIS, F. MULHERXN, I. CARPENTER, H. HAYNIE, M. MURPHEY, M. DAITCH, I. HOCHMUTH, M. RHODES, L. ELLIOTT, L. HORTON, L. RUCKER, I. GAINES, W. IUMPER, I. SXMON, C. GOLDRERO, S. KRAFKA, I. TRAYLOR, G. 4, I r ,- . 1- 4- fs 5 ' 3 .os I. C. FIRST SEMESTER: A. Literary Society Cfficers SECOND SEMESTER: MARY FRANCES KENNEDY . . . President CARL HOWARD . . KATHERINE KRAEKA . EAILIE, FRANCES EANI-IS, FREDA BAIRD, I. D, BOECKMAN, ANNA CHEEKS, PHOEEE COWAN, RUTH DOYLE, IOHN EDMUNDS, ANN GILLMAN, HANNAH PARK, CHARLES FOURNACE, LOUISE HALEORD, DICK HARBIN, THELMA HARDY, YVADELLE HARPER, WALKER MARGUERITE KAY . . . . President V. P ld ANNA BOECKMAN . . Vice-President ' ICQ- Iesl em IAMES HOOVER . . Secretory-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer MARY LINSON . Assistant Secretary Members HARRIS, RUTH HILL, IENNY RUTH HoovER, IAMES HUNGERPILLER, IIM JACKSON, IULIA IAMES, MAT KAY, MARCUERITE KENNEDY, IVIARY LEE, EUGENIA LEVICOEF, DORIS LINSON, IMARY MARKS, BERNARD MULCAY, MARY OUZTS, HELEN PRITCHARD, PAUL PUNARO, ANGELO PUNARO, ITALA QUARLES, VIVIAN PIRKLE, NORMA SCOTT, FRED SAYE, SAMILLE SKINNER, ELIZABETH STEPHENS, VIRGINIA STELLING, EMILY TRIMRLE, BETTY WALLACE, CAROLYN WRITAKER, MYRTLE WILLIS, MARY WRIGHT, BETTY VVYALKER, MARY HELEN TOOLE, GUS 5 "1 " H F, Y. W. C. A. Qfficers MARGARET HOLLINGSWORTH . . . PRESIDENT DOROTHY BRACEY SAMILLE SAYE . SUSAN BARNES DOROTHY BRAGEY MARY CAVER MARY GIVENS EDITH HALFORD THELMA HARRIN RUTH HARRIS NORMA ELLEN HIGHS MARY HOLLAND .f VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY-TREASURER I. C. A - - Y. W. C. A. Roster KATHERINE HOLLEY MARGARET HOLLINGSWORTH KATHERINE HURST FRANCES IOE MARGUERITE KAY KATHERINE KITCHEN DOROTHY KELLY IVIARIE AAIZE SARAH MORGAN MARY MLVLCAY Sponsors Y. W. C. LA. NORMA PIHKLE PAULINE SCARBORO SAMILLE SAYE EMILY STELLING VIRGINIA STEPHENS LOUIS SYLVESTER VIRGINIA VIDETTO MARTHA ANLDER 'VIVINIFFRED WOODXNVARD BETTY WYRIGHT MISS EMMA TWIGGS . . MISS MARGARET BAILIE MRS. ROY SMITH . . MRS. C. A. SCRUGGS MRS. E. W. HARDY . . MRS. I. L. SIQINNER au., FIRST SEMESTER IOHN C. BELL . CARL W. HOWARD H. CAMPBELL BRYSON . DICK DANIEL . Junior College Hi-Y OFFICERS: . President Vice-President . Secreicrry . Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER R. CAMPBELL BRYSON IOHN C. BELL . DICK DANIEL . DORROH L. NOWELL . OFFICERS: . . President . Vice-President . Secretory . Treasurer CHARLES HARDY AUGUSTUS CORLEY GRADY CORLEY DAVID DALEY CHARLES DALEY EMILE HUMMEL LUTHER STAFFORD REED WYNN Members FACULTY ADVISORS: W. C. IVEY MARTIN WALLACE PAT REDD CHARLES COLEMAN W. C. STEED ALVA COOPER WILLIAM R. DUNBAR IOE STULB H. O. READ E, M. ALLEN C, W. EWINL, "3 I I Il' AIIIL ,x II, -ap' aw FIRST ALLEN SI-:INNER . ALVA COOPER . BILL WHITE GORDON KELLY SEMESTER: 'ex 'IV- :IQ Academy Hi-Y Qfficers . Presiderxi Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer SEC ALLEN SKINNER BILL WHITE . URBAN KOCH . WILLIAM HUTSON GND SEMESTER: President . Vice-Presiderxi Secretory Treasurer ROBERT GBAOEY IOHN HALI. WILLIAM HUTSON UBBAN KOCH WILLIANI IAKES EARL HOLLINGSWORTH ROBERT MCLABTY IACI: OUZTE MAI: ROESEL Members LANSING LEE FEANI4 ROBINSON ALLEN SKINNEB GORDON KELLY GUITON THOMPSON IAMES WIGGINS BILLY WILLIS COLEMAN SMITH O. B. VEBDEBY BILL WHITE U -A 'ba 1- mv Qi .' - 3. AEA' acl 0- - rx- 52 was Richmond I-IifY OFFICERS OF SECOND SEMESTER: OFFICERS OF FIRST SEMESTER: ALEX DOREMUS ..... President CHARLES THOMPSON . . ' . . President BOBBY MILLS . . Vice-President ALEX DOREMUS . . Vice-President EARLE KITCHEN . . Secretary EARLE KITCHEN . . Secretary IIMMIE LEE . . Treasurer SAM WALLER . . Treasurer SAM WALLER . . Scribe LEWIS NEVIMAN . , Chaplain FACULTY ADVISORS: I. M. ROBERTSON DR. I. M. ELLIS G, W. EWING CHARLES THOMPSON ALEX DOREMUS EARLE KITCHEN IIMMIE LEE GEORGE RHODES GEORGE SANOKEN HERMAN SANCKEN SAM WALLER TOM BAKER CHARLES, STULE SAM GRAHAM AL REDD Members GRADY MCRAE CHARLES BROTHERTON IIMMIE NOWELL LEWIS NEWMAN CLARENCE IRWIN CHARLES FORTUNE TACK FORTUNE IOSEPH HEEFERNAN IIMMIE ELIXSON TREUTLEN GRADY BOBBY MILLS DAVID FRANKLIN A. R. C. J. C. A. Crchestra A, E. ANDEFi?,'QTJ . . DIRECTOR PIANO: DRUMS. KATHLEEN BYER5 D. T'!ICFAiEII SAXOPHONE. VIOLIN: ICE C-.IET15 B. BRU'-TER LZAHIQN DA?-HEP BASS F. BARTON H. CHANDLER D. Km:-:PATR1f:tf T SAHDEQS BANTO L'::13E F-:wx1m:Af:E TRUMPET' I. C. ANDERSON C. PATTLE W, 'fl IVEY DAVID DALEY HENRY HARBIN LIBBO BOSTICK F. TILLER T. GRADY K. FULGI-IUM I. PLUNKETT C. BEARDEN S. WALLER E. WALLER E. XVIEJRAII I. I. CAHSVJELL Gus CORLEY Varsity Club Qfficers Members L. STANFORD IOHN C. BELL I. LACKMAN G, KESLER H. BRYSON C. COURTNEY UQ, ROUNTREE T. SHANAHAN R. GLICKERT ELNA LOMBARD C. PEARRE . PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY G. SANCKEN E. IOPLIN D. NOWELL BOBBY MILLS E. SLATQN BILL WHITE I. STULB B. KITCHENS T HUMMEL H REDD P STANFORD 'R 2 li RL kr-v . I kj' QA I V A 4 f' A f 'Ka , , A 1 ,Adu . 4 I , l U ., X , It ,V Snuseo if-Y ,A T -1 QE., A 'E' ' vi'-.Y 3. 4 I V . J' I ,4 f .L Gus TOOLE . . RAWORTH WALKER TAYLOR SANDERS MARGIE MULHERIN C. A. SCRUGGS BARNES BODEKEF BRACEY BLUM BAIRD t The Alemblc Chemlstry Club Officers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER . . . . President HENRY HARBrN , . . President . . Vice-President LAUN GRAHAM . . Vice-President . . Secretory WALKER HARPER . Secretcrv . . Treasurer MARGARET IERNIGAN . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor Members CURRY MERSRON SOARBORO Grvzrcs MCLIN SCOTT GOOD MIZE SPROTT Hrezcs PRITCHARW VZDETTO KELLY RZZESE WHITAI-:ER LEMON SEAGO WRIGHT CRAr::LER .r fl...'l:A3'L... . .,, 1,.2.:'L! -. '- 5 I Q a .E- Cervantes Club Spanish Club VIRGINIA WORSHAM VERDERY CLARK . IOI-IN DOYLE . A. E. PUNARO . D. F. MCDOWELL . ANTONOKAS, CRIS BOOZER, IUNE CLARK, XIERDERY COWAN, RUTH CURRY, FRANCES DOYLE, IOHN EPPS, IEWELI-:NE FORTUNE, CHARLES FORTUNE, IACK Members HOOK, BEVERLY LAMBACK, CHARLES LANG, C. A. MEURER, MARY MOBLEY, IAMES PEREYRA, IAMES POPKIN, HERMAN PUNARO, ANGELO WORSI-IAM, VIRGINIA ' ff?- I . PRESIDENT . . . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY AND TREASURER . . SERGEANT-AT-ARMS . FACULTY ADVISOR PUNAHO, A. B. RHODES, GEORGE TEBOW, IAMES TOOLE, Gus SANDERS, TAYLOR STAFFORD, LUTHER STELLING, ED. WHITAKER, MYRTLE .' --1 --1-1--. i'7llV VQ5tl"lTtttl5J lf' tw --- ' x . . A- . A... - n s ' x - I gl - 'l' 0. 95 f. '21 ' A I-'1 In E, . R -A x M., 6' " A Q K f ,X Z'-f"'igi'3 t I 5. l. I' - 1' I I ' I leg: AR A. I A , V 1 N ,., I . . J ' ,- . gg-5. 'T . I 'I , -, I , I 'gc .T . - ' 1 'QL l Lf . , 433 f A ' . ,J I I A Ke' . .6 . 1 A - ' if tTHE MUSKETEER is TAMES HOOVER . ALVA COOPER . URBAN KOCH . CARI. HOWARD . MILTON LUCKEY . ELIZABETH DULA . G. M. SCOTT A. G. lAMES HOOVER . ALVA COOPER . URBAN KOCH . SAM WALLER . . LIBBO Bosricx The Musketeers Published Monthly by the Students of The lunior C: and The Academy of Richmond Countyl. FIRST SEMESTER STAFF . . Editor-in-Chief . Managing Editor . Associate Editor Business Manager . Sports Editor . Exchange Editor DEAN NOWELI, . Dicrc DANIEL . TAYLOR SANDERS MARGARET WIGGl'1S MARION DASHER . EARLE KITCHEN Faculty Advisors llege ci Augusta . Humor Editor . Military Editor Asst. Business Mgr. Asst. Business Mgr. . Circulation Mgr. Asst. Circulation Mgr. O. W. CHANDLER OWENS A. E. ANDERSON SECOND SEMESTER STAFF . . Editor-in-Chief . Managing Editor . Associate Editor Business Manager . Sports Editor HARRY IEFFCOAT, IR . " -"f'PT.'IZ"' ' COLEMAN SMITH DEAN NOwEI.t. . Dicx DANIEL . BOBBY lt!llLLS , MARGARET VVXGGINS Asst. Circulation Mgr. Asst. Business Mgr. . . Humor Editor . Military Editor Circulation Manager Asst. Business Mgr. 1313. --fa-TL? rv, Y-, .., 1, -Sv.. x'l NY I 'I ' ITIL I.AlIulQx.y I l 4 PM ka A., J L. H, .hC.,.,., ,.. - - - A. R. C. - I. C. A. Glee Club BAILEY, FRANCES BAIRD, I. D. BANKS, PREIDA BELL, IOI-IN R. DOYLE, IOHN EPPS, JEWELENE FOURNACE, LOUISE GOODSON, ELAINE HALEORD, EDITH HARRISON, WYNOOA HOLLEY, KATHERINE HOOVER, IAMES HUDSON, LEROY IAMES, MATTIE AVICE IOE, FRANCES KING, W. O. KOCH, URBAN LEE, EUGENIA LINSON, MARY MIZE, HAMBY PRITCHARD, RALPH PUNARO, ITALA SANFORD, MARY DELL SANDERS, TAYLOR STEPHENS, PAUL WALLACE, MARTIN WORSI-IAM, VIRGINIA IOE WILSON, Property Mcmcxqer. MARTHA WILDER ELEANOR IOHNSON MARY LINSON . MR. C. G. CORDLE CREEK, PROERE DVYE, GRACE GILLMAN, HANNAH HoLL,AND, IMTARY IAMES, MIRIAM .. '. Embryonic Peolaqoques Qffioers Members ICIRIISON, ELEANOR Lmsozwr, MARY PARDUE, IWAHGIE WEEKS, GERTRUDE VVYILDEH, WIARTHA . PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY AND TREASURER . FACULTY ADVISOR HARRISON, WYNONA VVORS!-EAM, VIRGINIA Honorary Members: IMISS BOGGS MR. GALLOWAY fffv-V+, ' . .p :J E .,-KE I il, f 1 x .,.,. V , 1 um R!!! GLA Of ?'70"g"'? 1 lt' 'Lei O? like icleals cmcl lrrclclifioms jnlwe NCIS Soujfhw have come lflwese CZJNUSUGI Qcmclies 'vgnqgiw rv '-r' ' ,:".l.' "Y-f-i Q V ""' 1: I' 4 Q ' ' ". ' ' -",43-- .- ' V ,M ' ,J--'PL " '-yi".,-',-1 V . -by JM q, - - ,b .A '. ,, 4' Q, . I -Q -, A A. Q1 - " , f"a'i:9 -.4-1 -N "F'f"9.- Q A -Y l Q'. '1 0 , '- cv ' If L 5 , ',1 ' 1 v 4 ,Q . - ,' 'U L r .. . -- 1:1 ' ' sv- -,: V - 1 4' 153 ,i- 5 . MN S , ,-x',f-z- rg, ,- f .w- ll '- 1 t. ,'.f'f."l. -, -. -' ru?- , Y Y,,,A , X ,J I- .e-.- 'I-g - . -'Y A.- x . - -fa rg ' ' ','AP.-f, h V. ,'-Q", M. L 4- "' '1 C - ' -. A.. - I ,am ' . I -fi. .Q ... Y':.',g L -' 'U V vw'-li ,- V.. 0 F '- f-1. ""- , AA' .- 2" - 1 ,AQ ,-, . 4 - Q x , . QA.- -lE.1:.A-4 -.-AL 0 1 r ' - ..i", ,W pm 1-ff" F9 , I Q b In 4-45, K, ' .I .- V Y' 5.8 f3'1':" -, rg., , . .'3s . ., ,gun -1' "'u l R -l ... I' 1- I ' I ' , ,, I4 nv 4 f , W' . . 'F' 0 w , 'vi ' Q 'l Q 44, . -f ' 1 -' O ' 1 4 1 'I- - v-A 45- Y I , ,' 4 4 I 1 L. .,,,n. 7. "' ll'J. 1 4 I ' WIY-' N ba 4.r1 D1 . ' 4 P -9 1, ',4- - V .- F-- A ,L ' -n J'f-'- l,- 14- D x.. ' X lp k 15: L ji' Qlgffn-all ' 'Lvl fslii' ' ',1-JL? ' ""-1 ,Wm Qu?" ff""" '-"' , V X ,A A :-iq" Arn!-5. A 0 "SL , , f g A ,sv ' 1' . .5 :FH -- - +- Tlls I nv - , . . I 4851, Rl .gn pol 'Cl 'Ol 'Ol 10' 'O' '04 'O O O O O O O1 ,Ol 'Of 'O O O G:'O' 3 O O O POCD lg 9 O Q Saxon-Cullum Shoe Co O O 9 A L W A Y S B U S Y 6 C, . 6 WE REFER WITH PRIDE TO THE FOLLOWING .5 'I EDITORIAL, PUBLISHED BY THE AUGUSTA CHRO- 5, NICLE, THE SOUTH'S OLDEST NEWSPAPERQ ON if THE OPENING OF OUR NEW STORE. 6 0 , A THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE ---- 6 O . Q ui A Community institution WTS? ' Back in 1916 a very modest shoe store was be- vt N1 6 . - - , terclay, A K-O, gun in this city by two very progressive shoe men. in wud L 'Lu This tlimiutive establishment has grown into one in New ' of the greatest stores in the entire South and as Cglllggl Op 5 far as Augusta is concerned has become a com- Of UIC .- A 2300 munity institution. giggling? 53 A,A- 2501 The Chronicle is very happy to record the prog- ployers V ,, 2303 ress of Saxon-Cullum Shoe Company because in men as 9 ---- doing this we not only call attention to what two to the mide-awake progressive Augustans can do, but we Yerb' 9 use for also recording progress in the community. 'lead fllf 5 I F265 XVhen a store comes to be such an establishment fiatitilgt J HN C as the new home of Saxon-Cullum Shoe Company est in s 9 then it becomes a matter of community pride and as a rul w' know that there is not a single contemporary You fl' fi :mcg-li-O of this firm in the shoe business of Augusta that muff!! ii 'D will not gladly coincide with the statement of hem- 15 I V thi: newspaper in paying tribute to the great Interna' Q ii ypcifqngf sto,-E. ginning XYhen any store in any line attains the success WH? hi 'Q 'Sf .the and magnitude that Saxon-Cullum Shoe Company to--att! 6 Zigi: has in its shoe line, it means that such a store will after wi i that draw people to Augusta from a wide trading radius. 'CNS Tl' O 'IICYC Augusta has other stores in other lines of a similar te Ttefi A Ther character but at this moment we are drawing at- gakglgl Q 'I or tention to Saxon-Cullum because it will soon for- that thu Q nec- mvlly open in its magnificent new home in the that mig. 5' people lfeart oi Broadway's busiest shopping section. OU the V 11921951 The story of the growth of Saxon-Cullum Shoe 3228815 9 633312 "o"p'11Ey, headed by Messrs. G. Allen Saxon and K rfefq 6 ation. l St. julian Cullum, is a romance in the business life W plo-yers ' hings of Augusta and proof that there is opportunity here W Qlgkffia Q F the tor those who are aggressive. energetic, capalaleyghegtrez who and honest. l You X Q 6 love Messrs. Saxon and Cullum are too well known to be very H mmm- this community for us to elaborate on their person- 3551111131 9 hear :ii fr'1a'i iceticns. Suffice to say that they have by Xvgrletrm V 7 loveg hraiziy energy, business ability and character built ditiou tg 9 If me a creat store that is a community asset. making g 5 if Newspaper advertising has been one of the main almo mai ' Jn Off factors in the outstanding success of Saxon-Cullum these exi Q l0Wf1lg Shoe Company and both Messrs. Saxon and Cullum 1153622 and their large force of between thirty and forty when i 53 Xved- people all pay tribute to what the newspapers of is the fag V Order Augusta have done to make a small shoe business may be ol 9 Cq-O.p- lecome a shoe emporium of such size and dignity One of of U5 that there are none that can equal it in the entire WSWS ton' 9 .Q writ- South. is after a-. utuart. these bein E3 '1 the ut memb' t be i V either O C 20'l5O4"5OfTO1T5Ol'7O'3O' of for o- ,of :ol :of :of wo vol -0- -o ,of :oe ,of xo O-""'5Of"WOfl'-OC! OiOil'.7 C OCiO OCD O 0 fl, I 'J O V7 -ll O ' TE I II ' f 0 .fi V V L I 0 if A QQ O V 1 S+' o IJ 'Ive O A 9 5 0 oiroibociocy Oli? Oil lOl? ,foiiiiis X our Lviiirnxiuqe IQEAI. FOOD G IQEAL SEIQVICE CGRNPR OF Sth Si ELLIS STREETS 0 3 QDOK ,Q O ,Oi .04 ,CN ,Cu gi ,of o C ,oo OO, ,Cm NO. ,Of sc, Q o o o of io:Q U 42 9 COLLEGE MEN- C Q YOUNG lV!ENl l HIGH SCHOOL MEN- o 0 w 1 L 1, F I N n O O LEYITS CLUTIIES 5 3 0 S T Y L E D I 0 Up'To The Minule NOT Down To A Price 9 0 J. WILLIE LEVY Co., Inc. G ' 755 BROAD STREET u O 5 fl Q30 ,Q o o :of o o O C c C NDC! po. O O ,0. ,oi ,oi ,of 104 vol o of yccro U 9 9 O 6 Q 0 I,'i.,k4 , 9 O 9 O 5 0 9 O ,iw 5, O 1 ' if O 5 0 I I. 9 O - 6 0 . 5 Q . Serving all the nation, Atlantic Greylinunrl Iius O 5 service brings the finest attractions at vacation ' time within easy reach of the most inf-dest 5 Q lmrlget. ATLANTIC 5 O Greqhound LZL7L7DlZ"5-5' n .. N-Y-4. fs: A--xgr -,-'N3i1f,V,, -Y , , .- 001 o o- for :ol ro- -o fo- -o- o o- 'oc U o o . O C O M P L I M E N T S O O o O O F + O O o O C I G a u s s e n O O I L i 0 a w r e n c e 0 0 0 C ' O o n s t r u c t I o n 0 O O o C o m p a n y O O O o O BuiIder's oi the 0 O o ACADEMY STADIUM O O 1- 6 R Qso- v0 o o o o o c o o of ,od fo- fo o ,of ,ol fo- ,of fo- fo- -o o oc? O , V AUGUSTA comzera 5 O of COMMERCE O O 320-21-22 MONTGQMERY BUILDING O PHONE 2941-P, 0. Box 67 O Augusta, Georgia O O "THE SCHOOL THAT GETS RESULT" Z3 General Business Senior Accounting O Secretarial Courses lunior Accounting 5, Commercial School Stenographic 0 A Office Training Courses 6 Fi QDOf HO O O O O 20 O O O O1 'OZ T01 O O O O O O O O O O WC? 9 . 5 o O CoMrum:N'rs Or D O o 0 DR. HENRY 1. GODIN 0 o Oplomeirist O O o 6 3 Q30 ,DQ ,Oc O ,Oi ,O. ,fy .gn iw ,of fo ,od QDO- -o o o o o o o o o o- you D 1 rpg. ,0. ,gy ,Q. vo. ,0. ,Of ,of .pr ,0. ,Q. ,OC U A 5 , -112-"1-"7 uw- ,rf x "'1f"'f"u"' 1 '-N'-' b GQ. ,Q- Q 3 5 The Newest Style Clothing, Hats, Q and Furnishing tor Men, Young U O Men and Students at most Popular prices. Q Q "IF MEN WEAR Ill' WE SELL IT" U C. C. FARR at co. 5 0 . D 968 Broad Street Augushx. Ga. U 0 a 0 4 ,of ,Q. ,Qi , iq, -101 Compliments ot pdlfefiw ,, , mrs OUTFITCEF5 "The Store ot Better Values lO5LL Broad Street l 30. ,Qt ,gf ,of ,0g1,QCf Qpg. ,0. . ,gf ,of ,gf ,QQ .gf Q 231 l 690'-t5CfT5OfTO":DO"-101 :Or m 1 104 DO 1 0 COMPLIMENTS GF HULL BARRETT Sz WILLINGI-IAM Attorneys at Law - sg. ,K ,f ,1 , 1 ,Q 1 1 ,1 s. ,K 1. ,1 ,. tr.-.,,,,-,,- Q. - f .,..,-- v--,----Qtr-Q-r.q-.1 49:1 . .. ,. i 4 : ' I X fp OK , 4-10fiuQf-xo D Qooci Dnuq Stonaa . . Visit Any Une oi Cur Convenient Stores 'A-fimcnc ,QA Cnc Wlcan ou" tgjarzjelle is Broad at the Monument phone I5OO DRUGS U . g -' , I KODAKS CL- elvis ve N Broad at Tenth phone I775 CANDY Y Q PERFUMES ,QTX ings LM jay ,,gp!IG1'H1GCy Central Ave. at Kings Way Phone 7678 CIGARS ' FOUNT 0 5 C'Ol!ege JIIGTIHUCQ Walton Way at Crawford Ave. Phone 603 CIGAREITES TOILETURES !la7'll1UCy ILL32 Monte Sano Avenue Phone 6LL6I Accuracy . . . Prompt Service . . . Quality Reliable . . r1"uQeiaDr1'sOlt5 IC' "CN '0 1+ 6 Ll rf U 6 FCM C C C O O C O C 0 O1 'OCR ?Ol ff. O C O O O O O O C' fO"I6 9 V 9 W O "ALl.Bl'llN 1'0Al." g I O "c'llYss1'.xL lrl-2" Q 5. E 3 o f V ' 2, ca l'.fl Tl! 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WHAT EVER YCU ' UNDERTAKE DO IT WELL ln difficult times when there is not work for all, only the more expert find jobs. Those who are expert in school Work are generally most efficient in life. This Bank is an example of sticking tc the job and mak- inga success of hundred years in the business of loanking. Your account solicited Georgia Railroad Bank 8: Trust Co. 1 , 30. 19. l i 04:1 'J OlJUCiO'ClOlJOxl 'DO' 'G 3 O O D O O O1,?Of 'OK 70 '- Alfler llwe Dance or Alller llme Slwow lo glillys -l-lmey owoys 80 . DOA.-241 f J O 0 O C BO O O O O CHILI---BEEI2---SODAS SANDWICI-IES HILL'S CAFE 636 BROAD ST. .P CURB SERVICE HOC 1 4 I ILWOVTOCJ O or-1 Orly ofa of-1 U L O 0 QDOC -0 3 3 3 D J -D D J D O O O O O O O O O O O O O1 1043 ' ,tiff A ' f if fs C . 1 A I W f I I l +w- ,qtgx - 4' -,,q:',2?',3Q ' ' ' w fe as W T 'zw' 3 ., , 1 A A as A . 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Schlnerling "Quality Made Us Famous Service Made Us Grow" Trade with Auqustds Leading Ieweler och o 1 ,I 9 5 o o o o 9 5 1 9 if 5 fl ocloeioiocioioc! U FURNISHERS U U 910 Brood Street Phone 1101 U 5 1051 Broad Street Augusto, Georqicx 6 E E O E301 '01 lui '01 'Of O 0 'O' 'O' ,Of 'O' 'Dj EDO' 'O 0 O O 0 O O O O O' 'DCU Q01 'Of 'Of"'5D1 10 O O O O O 0 O O O 0 0 O O 'Of 'OCC' '01 O O 'Of 'UIQ Y 9 6 6 0 o 9 o ij . I 5 CQ. 0 9 ommm A tu LU 0 6 0 0 0 C, Portrait 8: Commerc1a1 Photographs 1 0 0 0 0 o D o 0 o O 737 Broad St. Phone 2314 O O V O 9 o F 9 1' ua 520- '01 O 0 101 -O-DO' 'O O O O C 0 O O 0 0 D C O O D O 0 0' '03 g?O' 'O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O Of WC? QDOK YO O O 0 O O D 0 0 Of 'CCE Q 0 .5 23 6 Southern lDe1c1inq COmpc1nq ,1 O Bicycles and Motorcycles 0 I. A. OUTZ, Proprietor tl o o O Enncrmc and Aczrvnsus Wsnnmc 1 P AY As You RIDE O Auto Axles Siruiqhtned Cold, cj O O 0 Wheels Aligned Accurately 0 O 9 O Auqusicr, Georgia J 0 R. L. S1.1ITI.eI"1"1J. 86 Son 6 . O , ' 830' 'O' 'Of' 'O' O 0 'O' 101 'Ol O 'DK 'OJ GDC' 'O O O 0 O O O O O 04 '05 , . , -,fy 10. .Q TI-IIS BOGK DESIGNED AND PRINTED IN AUGUSTA BY I CGIVIIVIEIQCIAL PRINTING COMPANY 0 Oriqinaters and Typographers 747 EIIis Street Augusta, Georgia Q .. .QW ,o. ,., I' Q0. C. Q4 .C. ,C. sg. ,Q. .of lo. U o 624 BROAD STREET Q TELEPHONE 151 g JEFFCOAT PLUMBING SL HEATING CO. flncorporatedj U PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS U REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY Exclusive Agents for 0 ELECTROL OIL BURNER QUALITY Augusta, Georgia SERVICE E Q30. -5 .g. 43. of vo: :of :Of fo- 'O 'cf fo' ,Of ,QI 630. yc- 4 lor ,O- fo- ,Of 1 10429 630. U I U O BOWEN BROS. O Q HARDWARE COMPANY , Q VADZS gfo rid I Q SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS G E ll Baseball Fwbffll Q O Flowers For All Occasions U Basketball and Tenms U O Supplies E 9 ll O il Phone 7231 Metcalf at IVz1ltOn IYav 6 905 BROAD STREET U O ' U O D QDOQ IO' 'Of IOC? 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"Your Friends Forever" AUGUSTA- GEORGIA lOl0lOl0 OlOJ I Q E301 SO O D O O O 0 0 0 'Of D03 6,301 DOI O 10' Of 204.20 O O O Of 'UIQ I Flint Sz Spires 6 Barber Shop 0 Q FOR SERVICE 0 5 C, ETTA SPIRES, Proprietor 0 6 207 Ninth Street 9 330- 'O O O O D O 'Of 'OC5 YW 'O' 'O '-5 1 ' O 0 O O 0' IOC? L Q lr COMPLIMENTS lg E OF D E Doctor Reynolds Q L H Q EDO- 'O O 0 O 0 0 0 'O' -ocg 630' 'O' O O 0 O 0 O O O O' iucg Q Q U Q O COMPLIMENTS 3 or cg all Reliable Transfer' Company Q J U J GDC' 'O O 0 O 0 0 O O O 'O' DOJ OC O irociovlociociociocb po- fo -0 0 O- O Of f0C,D Qoinofiocioiocioioclocb polorioclofinclaocioiboc- Q 2 fe E4 Q g X I o - t-4 . , O , -. N O . U3 w Z O A ' 9 wil o - o . O 9 5 I my N I 5 CI 0 Q og 3 Z 2 9 '5' .-. I-I O O U, O 0 O V sw sr' .U 5 U V . 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F1 9 6 f- S M U 5' 9 o 2 5 E 0 6 "' UO m rn W ' N' 'cs D m " 0 2 CW -, Q Q0 w 4 a - em , ' E 2 H 2 I, , if 9. Q 5 'I 5 ga 3 O WUI 9 0 Sn 0 111 3 fp 9 0 ' ' M 0 J A E. 3, "3 WZ2 2 5 r-3 S 3 9- F' 2. E 91 3, I O V 5 V -. V A 9 UQ G FU ,-. 8 U3 U O 0 S 5 g O 0 5 r-T1 O U1 UQ C: 53 E3 2 rn ' .1 ru , 5 -, nn E U3 9, 3 "' 'S 0 5 na 0 2 61 O 2 m gg H ' H mi O 5 : 0 ,4 Suv " Q 8 ra' 'D N' O 9 ff CDO 9' 6 O 5 E 0 ,. ,D . . . J V V 3 5 3 5 3 6 3 OKlJO42Oi:DO4JO OiiJOU QDOflO 0l?O:DO 0S5OC'IJOCJ QDOlOQ-O OlOQOQO'EC1Z QDOClO4I'OgfVO1Z 02. 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E , :iq-.ftY.,. . - -- 1 - -7...g.,.- A -4-....i...?:5. rr ,Q. ,QC Compl ments of LEAGUE. DUVALL 6 POWELL Real Esicte and General Insurance D U i . E Q 740-42 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA GA 6 Q . W 5 3 MERJEDMH E ea Optical Company 4? O of 9 . Optometrists ,of :ocb ij '2 8: Opt1c1ans Compliments of 91 Q i .3 LEE, coNGDoN as FULCHER fj Q Optical service that Sc'itiSfiGS Attorneys at Law cj 5 O Q DR. A. H. MEREDITH DH. H. W. ROPER Augusto Ge rqxcx E v PHONE 1765 o , f ,con 8301 ,of 'O- O -of Cb The Naftional Exchange Bank OF Augusta Georgia Stno no Sound! Ugnoofnalmlve We Cordially Solicit Your Business Q - 1 - CDO- fo- 7 1 ' o- CJ po. .0. . ,Q. , . B 7? 6 0 o Compliments of Z O 0 Woodward Lumber Company ,Cb 9 0 o o I o o o o o o 9 6 0 -od ocg O o o 0 0 o O 0 0 o 6 H o-C! Oi? 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E Z E M :D o 3 o 5 Q : 5 0 0 E E 3 0 O 1-I ng Dv "' 'D 0 0 Q E S O O E VJ U Pd O O Fd E2 lg on Q U2 3- C 0 0 6 O 0 lg. : 0 O I3 2' " o 9 o 9 9 Q L? 9 E be 6 3 6 E 5 3 fs Q ,o o o o o o o o o o ,oo Qociocioiociozaoc! 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' ' 9 WILLIFOIQD S CLEANERS Q 5 M WHITNEY CO O 6 E ' ' ' O Phones 3 and 4 0 CINCORPORATEDJ 0 A CLEAN PLACE To CLEAN CLOTHES O Q C O T T C N F A C T O R S O O BRANCH OFFICES AT YOUR DOOR 0 Q 1144 Broad Street ........................... ,,... P hone 800 5 O 0 616 Broad Street ....,,, ....... P hone 2500 ' 1510 Walton Way ......, o 18-20 JACKSON ST. AUGUSTA, GA. O 5 1857 Cemm1Avenue O O V 1907 Walton way ,...............,.........,. Phone 2077-w 9 ESTABLISHED 1868 A3 l122 9th Street ......,..........,..,...............,, Phone 9503 9 R 5 , Cash G Carry Delivery Service 5 8 0 o n '30 0 O 9 0 O 0 0 O 9 O' 'UQ Q30. ,Q 10. ,gf ,Of ,0. ,01 ,01 ,0. Q 0 ,QCJ CD01 'O O O O O O O O O Of 'OCD G01 10 O O O O O 0 ,O A20 Ol 'OCD H 9 2 9 5 O L O 0 O Q H. E. WINGARD C, 0 COMPLIMENTS OF Q Q DEALER IN o Q 1 STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES Q O A FIQIEND E Q 0 0 1531 CENTRAL AVENUE 0 O O L AUGUSTA, GEORGIA O ' r 6 3 E S 0:01 o OLJO- fo o o O O o Of :oo Qgo. ,O 0 0 0 O 0 O O O O ,OO 630- -o O o O wo- :of fo: ,Of fo- ,of o O o O o O O o o o O O O o- ,OD D 9 O WALKER-DuRANT MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. O o - D 0 O ' V C W i z o O A n A O O "WATCH THE-FORDS GO BY" O 0 Ford and Lincoln Sales and Service O Broad at Fourteenth St- Telephone 300 Augusta, Georgia O A 5 QC' 'O 0 -Ot ,of ,o:::o- fc: ,ot 0 0 Q ,o. ,Q. ,Q. ,Q. Q 0 0 .0. ,0. ,Q. ,g. 0 Ox .03 - l gg '----A in-fr' hs'-O' 'T' W" O1 ,OK 302 ,OCD 6254 Z 'J AG 'Ol 'OK X04 DOI D01 'Ol 'O Cb cf o if U Augusta Trucking '7 o ll U Company E O Daily Service Between Atlanta and O il Augusta via Greensboro, Crawfords- U E ville, Warrenton, Thomson and Har- O O lem. All points in eastern parts of . , U H South Carolina. R. E. GL SOD S O O CARGOES FULLY INSURED U U PICK-UP SERVICE O O Augusta Phone Atlanta Phonea Q li 3316 Walnut 6812 0 o Do- - you ' Qpof io- l -of fo' yo- - 'Of PO' 'Cl D01 IC' 'Cl '04 POC 'Cf P01 DCI 4 I 4.201 1 Staric-Empire Lcmndlry Cflecmzmg Dyeing Office 743 Broacl St. lmperial Theatre Building Plant: Druid park Ave. phone IBII GQ. xo U 01 101 ,QQ I ,Q. ,gf ,Qi ,gl .Of C--504 ,gf Cvvloclennige clllow with qua Jimnlianeea Georgia Public Utilities Company Your Gus Lxonlpany 1-'15, ,gf 1 ,Of ,Ol ,Of ,of ,of ,g- .gl -0. .01 . . , 4 ,gf .pf ...2D+ 101 936 B Q :of ,o1 :O' 'Of fC' DOG 4 101 " "' -'j lOl Collegiate Clothes J. B. WHITE and COMPANY ROAD STREET PHONE 3500 fl o o - - U M ' 0. ,Q. ,Q. ,0. ,0. ,0. ,o. ,Q. ,Q. .o- -of ,oc 0l0iDO4l0 O OlOCb OlOC'lDO OiPOCl0lOCj HARRY W. IERNIGAN AGENTS FOR Estate Heatrola ' Pee-Gee Paints 1039 Broad Streei Phone 219 U HARDWARE STOVES PAINTS U Q F1 QDQ. ,o- -of fo- o o- wo' ro- o ,of -of DOC! po- xc- o o 0 o o 0 o o 0- :och U 9 9 T 6 6 . 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Law, Jr., Agent I 0 o O lil? ilncorpotcxtedl O The National Life and Accident Insurance Co. Augusta, Georgia OCD fo. .0 o o o f if 6 E 9 o . I 9 0 . E 9 o E Q 0 'F Fl 6 0 ix r ff ' 9 o rm 6 Q . 0 fit 9 0 9 Q Q 6 Q3 +,oi,oQ,,oi.2 if 9 por -o o o U 5 o U 'U Q 9 ET D 5 0 'D . 1 X1 V J Ox 9 9 ON v I-I 1? 0 I3 U3 e 0 C Q '-S 9 DJ 0 5 6 58 O U 2? 9 o LD C . cn 0 rr . O Q, 9 O CD ' cn 5 . Q o od! Q3'of.11o'....poL.foL1 Ol' lx 0 27-28 Johnson Building O U O. D. GORMAN, SUPT. ' WILLIAM E. IAKES, MANAGER W. F. ADAMS, SUP1. Q U Ianie Mixon, Cashier Mary Callahan, Asst. Cashier U O H. A. Shurley H. P. Odom Q U V. E. Hamm w. A. smith U 0 P. C. Edmunds R. G. Iudy 0 U T. E. smy s. R. smash U K S. E. Milhouse C. M. Schweers E L: W. A. Bennett TUNE IN WSM EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM P. C. Barnard O Q30. ,Q .04 .01 .01 .0c3o- ,of -of fo- :of 10- 201-'Sol :of :of ,of :of -oc ,of .Or wo. .0 of ,O.--,OJ "c.',.'zz2Fff' , r R ' DQFQ f ' 1'lEw. , ivgfaixgffvuisxiu -3 MOWEKS "Z,uivwSE. ,. 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